Sweet, Sweet Lovin' vs. The Reckoning
Sweet, Sweet Lovin'The ReckoningThe Reckoning

Sweet Sweet Lovin' have been the unlikely duo over the past month. Ever since they upset the Heirs of Wrestling and captured the jOlt Tag Team Championships, they have been criticized as being in the right place at the right time... that they are nothing but flukes or paper champions. One month later, they are STILL the jOlt Tag Team Champions and tonight was another defense for the unlikely duo!

"Weak and Powerless" by A Perfect Circle (Tilling My Own Grave Remix)

Sven Deadly and Harbinger, one of jOlt's newest and most impressive tag teams made their way out from the back being accompanied by Jade. The trio made their way down to the ring and hopped up onto the apron one by one. They each entered the ring and soaked up the animosity from the crowd. Sven crouched down while Harbinger stood by him. Jade tantalized Sven a bit who didn't flinch as they awaited their opponents.

"Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith

The crowd's boos turned to cheers when the jOlt Tag Team Champions made their way out from the backstage area. Being accompanied by Jon Katz Jr, the duo of Lennox Love and Sam Sweet stepped out with the Tag Team titles slung over their shoulders. They all made their way down to the ring. Love slid in under the bottom rope as Sweet got up on the ring apron and stepped into the ring. They raised their championships into the air and passed them off to the referee.

The referee held the titles up high as the steel cage began to lower down. Soon, the cage encompassed the entire ring as the ring crew worked to fasten the cage to the ring posts. Once the cage was in place the referee called for the bell!




Harbinger and Sam Sweet both went to their respective corners and stepped out onto the ring apron. It was a tight fit for both competitors, but they managed. Sven and Love would start off as they encircled each other. At ringside, Jade grinned.

"Sven... WRATH"

Sven did as he commanded and charged in with a vicious clothesline to Lennox Love! Love popped back up and Sven dropped him with another clothesline. He then grabbed Love and sent him to the ropes.

"Sven.. GLUTTONY", yelled Jade

As Love bounced off the ropes, Sven hit a headbutt to the stomach of Love when knocked him down onto his knees.

"Sven... GREED"

Sven turned and looked at Jade who had apparently fetched a kendo stick from under the ring and was passing it through the openings in the cage. Sven grabbed the Kendo stick from Jade and turned to smack Love with it, but Love had another idea and placed a boot into the stomach of Sven. Love then grabbed the Kendo stick out of the hands of Sven.

"Sven... SLOTH!"

Sven dropped to a seated position as Love swung with the cane and hit nothing but air!

"Sven... WRATH!"

Sven, from the seated position, lunged at Love and took him down to the canvas and then pummeled him with big right hands to the side of his head!! Love lost his grip of the kendo stick as Sven then stood and pulled Love up to his feet. He sent one half of the tag team champions to the ropes.

"Sven... MMPHHH!"

Jon Katz had enough of it and covered Jade's mouth to a big ovation from the crowd.. especially from the people that were sitting directly behind her! This lack of command confused Sven as Love hit a flying shoulder tackle that took him down! Sven staggered up to his feet, still awaiting his next commend! Love bounced off the ropes and hit a leaping calf kick to the back of Sven's head that staggered him forward and down to his knees! Love then hit roundhouse kick to the side of the head and it dropped Sven face first into the canvas! Love brought Sven back to a seated position and took off to the ropes. Love then dropped the point of the elbow on top of Sven's head! Jade continued to struggle on the outside to break free from Jon Katz' grip, but Katz held on so she couldn't shout the sins at Sven. Love went to the ropes once again and bounced off. This time he used a well-placed drop kick to the back of Sven's head!

Love then brought Sven back to a seated position and placed him into a rear chin lock to try and wear him down. Jade had enough and chomped down on one of Katz' fingers as hard as she could. Katz released his grip long enough for Jade to break free. Jade then pulled out a lighter from her pocket as Katz looked on with a worried look on his face. Jade lit the lighter and shot a fireball downward onto Katz' leg! Katz quickly patted the fire out and then got his distance from Jade as fast as he could.

"DAMN! This is why I don't dance no more!", shouted Katz

Jade finally rid herself of Katz' interfering and shouted a command.

"Sven.. PRIDE!"

Sven began to muster up strength as he powered his way back up to his feet. Love tried to hold on, but Sven used a pair of elbows to break free from Love's grip!

"Sven.. WRATH!"

Sven then turned and went to punch Love, but Love blocked the punch and fired back with one of his own! Love hit another punch and a third before doing a bit of a dance and nailing a discus lariat which took Sven off of his feet! Love then pulled Sven back up and shot him off to the ropes. Katz, thought about going over to cover Jade's mount, but he rubbed his leg and shook his head. Obviously the more intelligent choice.

Love then hit a deep arm drag on Sven. Sven staggered back to his feet and Love hit another arm drag on him! Love then pointed toward the cage wall and the fans began to cheer! Love then grabbed Sven and began to rub his face against the chain linking of the cage right in front of Jade!

"Sven... GLUTTONY!"

Sven then elbowed Love in the stomach and repeated to do so until Love no longer had Sven in his grip.

"Sven.. SLOTH!"

Sven ceased his attack and sauntered over to his corner where he fell and sat against the turnbuckles. Harbinger reached over and tagged himself into the match. Harbinger stepped into the ring as Love backed off a bit. Love backed over to his corner and tagged in Sam Sweet!

Sweet came into the match, but was immediately met with a massive clothesline from Harbinger... The Reaping! Harbinger then pulled Sweet up to his feet and hit a belly to belly suplex on him! With Sweet down for the moment, Harbinger looked toward Jade and gave her a nod. Jade then lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a pair of steel chairs. Jade was about to toss one over the top of the cage when Jon Katz, despite being set on fire earlier, ran over and grabbed a hold of it. A tug of war ensued between the two of them, but Jade jammed the chair into the stomach of Katz which dropped him to his knees. Jade, using some impressive arm strength, tossed not one, but both of the steels chairs, one at a time, over the top of the cage! They bounced into the ring and Harbinger picked up one of them. What Harbinger didn't notice was that Sweet found the Kendo Stick that his partner had previously dropped.

Harbinger waited and swung down with the chair, but Sweet held up the Kendo stick like a bar and blocked the chair shot!! Harbinger reared back for another strike when Sweet swung the kendo stick into the left leg of Harbinger! Sweet swung a second time and caused a painful sting to ride up the side of Harbinger's leg. Sweet got back to his feet and then aimed for the rib section as he swung away with the kendo stick once again.




Sweet was relentless with his assault on Harbinger! He continued to whack away, but Harbinger had had enough and trapped the Kendo stick underneath his arm! Sweet yanked yard and pulled it free, but it opened up enough of a time gap for Harbinger to swing the chair...


Right over the skull of Sam Sweet!

Sweet fell over in a heap and blood even began to trickle down his face! Harbinger then brought Sam up to his feet and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. Harbinger charged in and launched the portly Sam Sweet like a dart into the steel cage! Sam's face hit the cage wall hard and he bounced off and landed on his back hard. Harbinger then picked up one of the steel chairs and unfolded it in the middle of the ring. He picked Sweet up off the canvas and hoisted him back onto his shoulder. Sam.. somehow, wriggled free and landed behind Harbinger.

When Harbinger turned around, Sweet tried to send him off to the ropes, but Harbinger held his ground. Harbinger then pulled Sweet back into him where he picked him up, pivoted and planted Sweet right through the steel chair with The Fall of Babylon.. and massive Anderson-style Spine Buster!!

Love perched himself up on the top rope. Harbinger didn't notice it until he got back to his feet. Harbinger then took notice right when Love leapt off with a cross body block! Harbinger caught Love in mid air and in one fluid motion, spun and drove Love right on top of Sam Sweet and the broken chair with a powerslam!!!

With both of the Tag Team Champions down, Harbinger decided it was time to escape the cage. Harbinger made his way to a corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He got to the very top and then reached up to grab the top of the cage wall. He was about to pull himself up when there was a roar from the crowd! Lennox Love was able to get back to his feet and he pummeled away at the lower back of Harbinger!

Harbinger used his foot to kick Love away. Love got back to his feet and charged back into the corner where he hit a leaping forearm to the lower back of Harbinger! Harbinger tried another kick, but Love side stepped and hooked Harbinger between the legs! Using Harbinger's moment, he pulled him off the top turnbuckle and nailed a powerbomb!!!!!!!!


Whether it was assisted by Harbinger's own momentum or not, the fact of the matter is that Harbinger hit the canvas HARD! Love then picked up the other steel chair and readied it.

"Sven... WRATH", yelled Jade

Sven got up from his seated position in the corner and charged in at Love, but Love jammed the chair into the stomach of Sven and doubled him over. He then swung the chair...


Love cracked the chair right over the back of Sven Deadly! Sven dropped to his knees, but staggered back up to his feet. Love then swung again..


Another stiff shot to the upper back of Sven put him back down to his knees. Again, Sven staggered back up and Love readied the chair once again.


This time it was the knockout shot! Right over the Skull!

Sven fell backward and looked to be out cold! Harbinger staggered back to his feet and Love swung the chair once again!


Love swung the chair and cracked it over Harbinger's head so hard, the seat portion of the chair broke off and went flying!!! Harbinger lost all balance and fell face first down to the canvas! Love saw his chance! He headed toward the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top! Jade knew that no command would reach Sven at this point. She lifted the ring apron and quickly brought out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire! She ran over to where Love was trying to climb over. When Love swung one of his legs over, Jade swung the bat and came very close to hitting him. Love was hesitant about making that decision of climbing over because of it. He took a bit too much time as Sven had regained his senses.


Sven charged the corner and leapt onto the turnbuckles. He climbed up and grabbed the leg of Lennox Love. Love tried to kick away, but Sven held on.


Sven then sunk his teeth into the leg of Lennox Love!! Love yelled out in pain, but Sven wouldn't let go! Love had no choice but to swing his leg back over and climb back down into the ring. Sven then grabbed Love in a waist lock while standing on the top turnbuckle pad.


Sven popped the hips...


Love flipped over completely and landed chest first onto the canvas!!! Sven staggered to his feet as did Harbinger. The two of them looked around and saw both Sam Sweet and Lennox Love down. Katz began to rattle the cage wall to try and shout some encouragement toward them, but they were both down and out for the count. Harbinger walked toward the corner and began to ascend the turnbuckle pads while Sven stood watch over the tag team champions. As Harbinger began to climb the cage, Sam Sweet began to show signs of life. He slowly staggered to his feet. Sven walked over and dropped an elbow, but Sweet continued to stand! Sweet then nailed Sven with a headbutt that knocked him down to the canvas! Sweet then staggered over to the corner and pulled Harbinger down off the turnbuckles. Sweet hit a forearm to the face of Harbinger, but Harbinger fired with a knee to the stomach of Sweet.

Harbinger then picked Sweet up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Harbinger, in a tremendous show of power, military pressed Sweet above his head and tossed him into the cage wall!! What happened next wasn't expected...


The cage collapsed onto the entrance ramp and Sam Sweet started to roll down it and stopped about half way! Sweet realized what had happened and began to crawl down to toward the floor!


Sven sat up and just remained in that position. Harbinger then picked up Sven and military pressed him above his head! Harbinger then ran toward the ropes and threw Sven!! Sven got some distance and landed on top of Sam Sweet! The momentum kept Sven going as he rolled down the cage wall and onto the floor!!





The arena couldn't believe it! The Reckoning just dethroned Sweet Sweet Lovin' and became the NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions!

Winner: The Reckoning via Escape

"All or Nothing"

Sylo "Ladies and Gentleman please help me welcome my guest at this time, The SuperBeast, Sylo!" Dawn Cassidy was wearing her best outfit for this special occasion. The camera panned over to show Sylo who was already in his ring gear.

"Sylo, tonight you finally get the man that started all of this and end this rivalry with the Backbone once and for all," Dawn remarked holding the microphone up to Sylo. Sylo paused letting out a huff of breath as he started down at Dawn.

"All or Nothing," Sylo began as he moved his glance away from Dawn and rubbed a hand down his mouth. "The night where you win it all or you gain nothing. See I pride myself on one thing and that one thing is being on the top of my game every time we have a special night like tonight. Last time I beat the t-total fuck out of Vince Jacobs and proved to the world once and for all he couldn't beat me but in return he snapped and then, like the parasite he is, Chris Titan came out and pinned me while I was unconscious. I pinned him a week later and took what was mine back," Sylo held his title up to the admiration of the fans.

"So tonight not only do I beat Titan again but I'm going to beat him so bad that he wakes up screaming at night because after tonight he'll know that I am his own personal god damn NIGHTMARE! Last man standing at All or Nothing but the truth of the matter is there won't be a man standing at the end of tonight, no, because it'll be the God Damn SUPERBEAST standing tall!" The fans roared in the background as Dawn looked up at Sylo.

"And what about your surprise you promised?" Dawn asked.

"Oh it's here and Titan won't know what hit him," Sylo grinned showing those sharp canines.

"Can we know what it is?" Dawn asked.

"You and the rest of the world will find out later tonight," Sylo chuckled and walked off.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Cordova vs. Sanchez Cano
Jimmy B. MartinezCordovaSanchez Cano

All or Nothing has truly been about that. The following match symbolized that as the jOlt Flyweight Championship will be defended in a triple threat match. In order to prove his worth as champion, the match will be contested under Tables, Ladders, and Chairs rules. It truly was All or Nothing for Jimmy B. Martinez as with a loss here, he would no longer be Flyweight Champion, and a win here would cement his legitimacy to the championship.

"Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill

The people booed as one of jOlt's legendary high flyers in the form of Cordova stepped out from the backstage area. Cordova... a former Flyweight Champion himself... looked at this opportunity to regain the championship he once held when he defeated Phoenix Riktor. Cordova entered the ring and looked ready to go.

"What Comes Around" by Ill Nino

The boos didn't change to cheers at all. They remained as boos as Sanchez Cano stepped out from the backstage area. Cano, who has never held the Flyweight Championship, knew that this was his proving ground. He wanted it and with Jimmy Martinez being a thorn in his side at the Rock the House shows, this victory would not only mean his first reign as champion, but a removal of a thorn from his side at the same time!

Cano stepped into the ring and kept his distance from Cordova as his theme died off and was replaced by JBM's theme whose lyrics echoed through the arena!

Uh, This is how it go down. I have the black-pound-silencer,so it dont make sound. About 150 outta town, aint nobody around.Im in the back seat breakin it down. My love has been a past weekdawg, lately i found our press made us turn the radio down. But godbless they talking about layin me down.

The jOlt Flyweight Champion, Jimmy Benjamin Martinez, stepped out from the backstage area with the championship around his waist and apparently blue dye in his hair... obviously influenced by the jOlt Champion, Sylo. The crowd cheered as the newest addition to the roster who became an overnight sensation made his way down to the ring.

Martinez had only been around for a couple of shows here in jOlt so far, and he had been able to capture the Flyweight Championship! He passed his championship off to the referee who hooked it on the cable which would suspend it high above the ring. The championship was then raised above the ring as JBM kept himself loosened up. The referee then called for the bell and this high octane match was underway!




The three of them circled each other, but Cordova stopped in his tracks as Cano and JBM went right for each other. There was no love lost here between the two of them as they hooked it up immediately in the ring. Cano with the head lock, countered by JBM into a hammer lock, countered by Cano with a snapmare and then a stiff kick to the upper back.

JBM stood and fired a knife edge chop across the chest of Cano. Cano fired back with a chop of his own, but Cano's chop was vicious and the impact echoed through the arena! Cano then sent JBM off to the ropes, but JBM countered and whipped Cano to the ropes instead. Cano then leapt to the middle rope and twisted off with a cross body block, but Martinez grabbed him and forced him down across his knee with a gut buster!

JBM then grabbed Cano by the head as he was doubled over and spiked him hard with a DDT onto the canvas! JBM had his attention solely focused on Cano for the entire match thus far, but was instantly reminded of Cordova's presence as JBM turned and was met right under the jaw with a Super Kick from Cordova!

The crowd booed as Cordova looked for praise for his intelligent efforts, but received none. Cordova took this opportunity to roll out of the ring and grab a ladder from underneath it. Cano was the first to his feet and as soon as Cordova slid the ladder into the ring, Cano got a full head of steam and nailed a baseball slide drop kick into the ladder which sent Cordova back into the announce position. Cano then grabbed the ladder and turned around with it only to be met with a drop kick by Martinez!

Cano dropped the ladder and rolled out of the ring as well. Martinez then set up the ladder against the ropes to create a ramp-like structure. Once Cano and Cordova were up to their feet... Martinez got a running start and ran up the ladder where he nailed a Tope Con Hilo to the outside, taking out both Cordova and Sanchez Cano!

The crowd came alive as Martinez staggered back to his feet. Martinez rolled back in and grabbed the ladder, pulling it off of the ropes. Martinez walked to the center of the ring with the ladder and then set it up underneath the Flyweight Championship. Cano got back to his feet first and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. Cordova saw him grab the chair and began to get into a tug-o-war match with him for it. Cano used Cordova's momentum and jammed the chair into his stomach which caused him to double over. Cano then cracked the chair over the back of Cordova and then made a bee line for the ring where Martinez was about half way up the ladder!

Cano slid in quickly and then slammed the chair into the lower back of Martinez! Martinez clung onto the ladder for dear life as he didn't want to let go. Cano then unfolded the chair near the base of the ladder and got underneath Martinez in the powerbomb position!

The crowd rose to their feet as Martinez fought and stomped away at the top of Cano's head. Cano released Martinez and staggered toward the chair. Cano grabbed the chair as Martinez twisted off the ladder with a cross body block, but Cano threw the chair at Martinez!


The chair made a sickening sound as it smacked into Martinez and knocked him out of the air! Martinez crashed on the ground hard!

"OOOOHH" moaned the crowd.

On the outside, Cordova reached in and tripped up Cano as he pulled him to the outside. Cordova then grabbed Cano and threw him into the barricades! With Cano incapacitated and Martinez down, Cordova saw his opportunity!

Cordova slid into the ring and began to climb the ladder. Martinez was still down and hurt from having a chair thrown at him. Cano, on the other hand, recovered a bit more quickly and ran back into the ring. He grabbed Cordova from behind and yanked him off of the ladder. Cano then opened up with a right hand, but it was blocked by Cordova. JBM made it to his feet and immediately hit a drop kick on both of them! Cano rolled back out of the ring as Cordova hit the canvas.

Martinez then grabbed Cordova and sent him off to the ropes. Martinez leapt up for a leap frog, but Cordova caught him and drilled him with a spine buster right on the canvas! Cordova then picked up the chair and folded it back up. He placed it on the chest of Martinez and headed toward the corner.

Meanwhile on the outside, Cano had grabbed a second chair and leapt up onto the apron right as Cordova made it to the top turnbuckle pad. Cano swung with the chair and connected with Cordova which sent him over the edge and down to the floor!! Cordova hit very very hard as he yelled out in pain from the impact!

"HOLY SHIT" started to ring from the crowd after Cordova's landing.

Cano then took Cordova's place on the top turnbuckle pad and leapt off, chair in hand! Martinez moved out of the way and what was going to be a "side slam" with the chair on top of Martinez turned into a crash and burn for Cano! Martinez then readied his chair and waited for Cano to get back to his feet. Martinez then swung with his chair and connected with the skull of Sanchez Cano! Down went Cano hard!

Martinez saw another opportunity and began to climb the ladder. On the outside Cordova somehow managed to get back to his feet. He rolled back into the ring and knew that he wasn't going to have the strength to get Martinez off the ladder so he did the second best thing. He tipped the ladder when Martinez was just mere inches away from reclaiming his championship! The ladder tipped over and Martinez took a big spill over the top rope and down to ringside where he rolled right into the announce position!


The second fecal chant of the evening at the expense of the champion was heard throughout the arena! Cordova needed to make sure Martinez was truly incapacitated long enough for a shot at the title so Cordova rolled out of the ring and scooped up Martinez off the floor. He then slammed him face first into the announce table and rolled him on top of it. Cordova then hopped back up onto the ring apron and began to ascend the turnbuckle pads, but Sanchez Cano got back to his feet and ran toward the corner. He leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and nailed an elevated enzugiri to the side of Cordova's head! Cordova barely managed to hang on as Cano got back to his feet and ascended the buckles once again. Cano then grabbed Cordova and placed him between his legs. The crowd rose to their feet as they held their breath.


Cano then lifted Cordova up onto his shoulders and leapt off the top rope to the outside!!!


The announce table exploded!!!!!!!!!!!!

All three men were down!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd had no idea how to react!!!!!!!!!!

The referee immediately hopped out of the ring and checked on the three participants! Each one seemed to be okay enough to continue although it would take a while for them to recover from this. Several moments passed and it was the man who took the least amount of punishment from that... Sanchez Cano... who was able to get back to his feet first.

Despite being hated by the crowd, they gave him a round of applause as he rolled back into the ring. This, however, didn't stop Cano from flipping off the crowd which gave him his typical boos. Cano grabbed the ladder and stood it back up. He positioned it underneath the championship and began to climb the ladder... albeit a bit slowly.

Back on the outside, both Cordova and Martinez began to show signs of life. It was almost as if the two of them were using each other to get back up. Once they were back to a vertical base, Cordova used a knee to the stomach to drop Martinez down to one knee. Cordova then hobbled to the ring where he rolled back in.

Cano had gotten dangerously close to the championship when Cordova grabbed him by the leg and yanked him off the ladder. Cano landed on his feet and then laid in a big right hand to Cordova which dropped him back down to the canvas. Cano then began to climb the ladder once more, but Martinez had gotten back up to his feet. Cordova staggered back to his as Martinez climbed onto the apron and then up to the top turnbuckle pad.

Cordova has his eyes on Cano, but he noticed Martinez out of the corner of his eye. He turned to face him as Martinez leapt off the top rope and nailed Cordova with a drop kick which, in turn, caused Cordova the fall into the ladder, which, in turn, caused the ladder to tip over and sent Cano flying over the top rope and to the outside, landing at the base of the entrance ramp!

Martinez was slow to get up, but he knew he had to separate and eliminate one of them to even have a chance at this. Martinez then grabbed the ladder and folded it up. He then picked up the ladder and lunged it over the top rope where it came crashing down on top of Cano who was still laying on the floor from the hard landing! Martinez then laid in a couple of stomps to Cordova for good measure before Martinez exited the ring. He then pulled Cano up to his feet and nailed a standing drop kick which put him back down onto the entrance ramp. JBM picked up the ladder and brought it with him to the entrance where he unfolded it and stood it up on the stage.

Martinez then walked back down the ramp and grabbed Cano and brought him up the ramp with him, but when they got near the entrance, Cano opened up with punches to the ribs of Martinez. Martinez loosened his grip a bit, but didn't let go of the hold completely. Cano then used his might to lift up Martinez and drop him with a back drop suplex on top of the steel grating! Cordova rolled out of the ring around this time and lifted the ring apron up where he pulled out a table!

The crowd cheered as Cordova dragged the table with him to the entrance ramp, but he walked along the ramp's side and began to set the table up on the floor instead. Cordova saw that Martinez and Cano were down, but Cano was stirring. Cordova hopped up onto the stage and pulled Cano back up to his feet. He then pulled Cano over to the edge of the stage and placed him between his legs for a powerbomb! Cano then grabbed the legs of Cordova and tripped him up!

Cano then positioned Cordova for a slingshot off the stage! Cano dropped down and did just that as he launched Cordova off the side of the stage, but the distance was too great and Cordova missed the table and crashed hard on the floor below! Cano turned and looked down at Cordova and then felt the impact of a running drop kick from Martinez from behind! Cano, too, missed the table and crashed down on top of Cordova on the floor!

Martinez hopped down and grabbed Cordova. He placed him onto the table and then bent down and grabbed Cano. He then placed Cano on top of Cordova on the table and hopped back up onto the stage. Martinez then ignored the ladder and instead grabbed the metal scaffolding which housed the jOlt Vision Screen!

Martinez had begun to ascend the actual screen itself! The crowd rose to their feet and held their breath as Martinez perched himself on top of the jOlt Vision! Martinez looked down and made sure his aim was correct and then leapt off with a splash!





One of the loudest HOLY SHIT chants in the history of jOlt rang out throughout the entire arena!! To say that all three men were down was an understatement... all three men... WERE DEAD!

There was no movement and right away, trainers, officials, and medical staff rushed to them to check on their condition. They were in pain, but they were, if you could even use this term to describe them... "fine"

The fact that they weren't able to move because of the pain they were in was a given. Martinez, especially, who fell some twenty feet and landed on two grown men, a table, and ultimately, the floor! A huge risk taken, but the long term payoff is still in question. While the divide and conquer plan may have worked, will Martinez be able to sustain enough energy to get back to the ring with the ladder in order to claim his championship!?

Martinez slowly began to move. He clawed and scratched his way across the floor until he reached up and grabbed the top of the stage. He used all his might to pull himself up, but when he got on top of the stage, he laid there for a moment to catch his breath and regain even more energy. A few more moments had passed as he stood back up. Cano and Cordova were still down and out.

Martinez staggered over to the ladder, but didn't have the strength to fold it and carry it so he tipped the ladder over onto its side and then dragged it with him down the entrance ramp. Martinez was thankful that the ramp was going downward as the momentum helped carry him back to the ringside area. Martinez had no choice but to fold up the ladder. You could see the pain on his face as he lifted the ladder, barely getting it onto the ring apron and back into the ring. He took a moment or two to stretch out his back at ringside before he rolled back into the ring.

Martinez then grabbed the ladder and set it up directly underneath the championship. He grabbed the rungs of the ladder and then paused as he looked around the arena. The people were on their feet... they were cheering.. some even chanting "J-B-M"

This gave him the strength to begin his ascent.

Step by step.. rung by rung... it was probably the slowest you've seen anyone climb a ladder, but he continued to climb. Then, from the side of the entrance ramp... Sanchez Cano could be seen hobbling alongside it toward the ring. By the time Martinez had made it within a fingertip's distance away from the championship, Cano re-entered the ring. Cano then hit a forearm shot to the lower back of Martinez and then walked around to the other side of the ladder and began to climb as well!

Martinez and Cano were at the top of the ladder as Cano fired a forearm shot to Martinez. Martinez answered with a forearm shot of his own. Cano then hit another forearm shot which really dazed Martinez, but Martinez answered back with a big time headbutt that rattled Cano to the point where he fell off the ladder and landed with a loud thud on the canvas!

Martinez used one last burst of energy to reach up. He grabbed the championship and ripped it off the hook! The bell rang as Martinez retained his Flyweight Championship!




The crowd hit their feet in a massive ovation as Jimmy Benjamin Martinez emerged the victor! If there was anything that JBM proved tonight was that not only was he a fighting champion, but an insane one willing to take any risk to retain it!

From the crowd's standpoint, JBM won them over and he now has their undivided respect!

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Retrieval

"Parking Lot Bonanza"

Aran Thompson "Yeah...I understand...."

The scene opened up on Aran Thompson in a sleeveless shirt and athletic pants with a duffle bag draped over his shoulders while talking on a his cell phone.

"Yes, sir." Aran continued his conversation with his phone.

"Yeah, I'm focused. The straps coming back home."

Aran smiled and nodded his head before continuing, "..absolutely!" he said with confidence and a grin.

"I'm glad you'll be rooting for --"

Aran was interrupted by the sound of tires squealing and it grabbed Aran's attention. Aran looked behind him and looked worried and dove forward as a car slammed into the pillar Aran stood in front of and a who's-who cast of people quickly surrounded Aran making sure that he was okay.

Aran sat up and looked shocked at the crashed vehicle in front of him and the lack of a driver behind the wheel.

Aran ran his hand over his head and looked around before muttering something to himself.

Persephone vs. Aria Murphy
PersephoneAria Murphy

"Now it's time for a little Starlet action!" Buhrman announced as his partner in crime Powers sneered.

"Aria Murphy hasn't been in the ring since Persephone took her out and now she gets a rematch? You can see the obvious biased of the powers that be in jOlt! A loser can get a rematch?" Powers was obviously feeling foul tonight.

"Well Aria never did get her rematch for the Starlet title, Powers. It's always an option to cash in your rematch clause and Aria Murphy has done that tonight at All or Nothing," Buhrman pointed out.

"Fully Alive" – Flyleaf.

The fans were on their feet in the Arena of Champions as the lights dimmed and various hues of blue swirled as Aria represented not only herself but her fiancé with the color change. Aria came running out on the stage playing up to the fans as she dawned her new blue and black attire slapping hands with the fans as she made her way to the ring and leapt into the ring with grace before asking for a microphone.

"Before we do this I've got something I want to say," Aria looked out to the fans. "Since Warrior's eight I've been sidelined and I've had to watch as The Backbone tried to take out the love of my life. I've had to watch as they schemed and plotted against Sylo. I've had to watch them attack a man that's become like family, like a little brother, in Jimmy ever since Sylo took him under his wing. Tonight though I actually do something about the Backbone rather than talk. Tonight I take back my title and I don't care how many of you come down here because I'm ready for a fight," The fans popped as Aria yelled at the stage to "come on."

Johnny Cash.

A blinding white explosion.

"Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)" by Nonpoint.

Aria smirked as the fans roared. Sylo came darting through the explosion and smirked at his fiancé.

"What's he doing here?!" Powers screamed.

"It's called support," Buhrman sneered at his partner.

Sylo took off down the ramp and slid in the ring smiling at Aria before leaning in to the mic. "And I'm here to make sure it goes down clean."

"Infected" by Bad Religion.

The fans booed as Persephone and Du Luc came strutting from the back. Persephone tapped the Starlet title and pointed at herself as the duo was showered in sparks. Sylo snarled at the two and asked the Starlet champion how her jaw felt. Neither Du Luc nor Persephone was amused but Sylo was as he kissed Aria and slid out of the ring beckoning for Persephone to step in.

Persephone stepped past Sylo, leery, watching the big man to see what he might do but Sylo let her pass. Du Luc on the other hand found himself crashing into Sylo's chest. Sylo stared down at him and the two began to jaw back and forth. Referee Mike Hunt made both men take their respective corners or be ejected as Sylo shouted "I'll be watching you" at Du Luc.

The bell sounded and both women circled each other. Aria shot forward and the two locked up. Persephone was on the wrong end of a hip toss as Aria hit the ropes and drop kicked her in the back of the head. Aria jumped up to her feet feeling pumped as the fans exploded. Meanwhile Sylo eyed Du Luc but clapped for Aria.

"That's it Aria! Keep the pressure on!" Sylo shouted. Aria looked over long enough to wink at Sylo and then picked Persephone up.

Persephone wouldn't be kept down as she sent shot after shot into Aria's gut. She got back to a vertical base and grabbed Aria by the hair slamming her head first into the mat. Sylo roared from ringside at the referee signaling she grabbed the hair. Hunt walked over to argue with Sylo as Du Luc held Aria in place for Persephone to get some cheap shots in. Sylo tried to point it out but Du Luc let go as Hunt turned around.

Persephone moved to a camel clutch. Aria reached for the ropes but as Mike Hunt looked away Du Luc slapped her hand off and moved back. Sylo roared and charged around the ring chasing after Du Luc. Meanwhile Aria grabbed the ropes and Mike Hunt started the five count. Persephone let go just in time and got back to a vertical base stomping on Aria.

Aria rolled around in pain as Persephone went to the top rope and shot herself off only to land on Aria's knees. The crowd popped again as Aria stood and began delivering vicious kicks to Persephone. Each one popped like a gun shot. The fans "ohh'ed" with each one until Aria kicked Persephone directly in the head.

Meanwhile Sylo was still giving chase to Du Luc. Aria saw and took off hitting the opposite rope and went flying delivering a flying shoulder block over the top rope knocking Du Luc into the guard rail. Sylo caught Aria from falling and smirked. "I've got it from here," Sylo smiled again. "Now go beat that bitch," Sylo nodded to the ring and Aria nodded back.

Sylo picked up Du Luc and sent him crashing head first into the steel steps. Du Luc crumpled on the floor nearby. Back in the ring Aria was getting up as Persephone jumped up and kicked her in the face sending her crashing. Persephone climbed to the top rope looking to put things away but suddenly felt a force sending her flying off the top rope and almost out of the ring.

Sylo had used Du Luc as a projectile to nail Persephone!

Hunt looked at Sylo and Sylo just shrugged acting like he didn't know what happened as Persephone tried to push Du Luc off of her. Persephone finally got to her feet only to be nailed by a reverse Tornado DDT!


Aria went to the top rope and nailed the Asai Moonsault!


Aria hooked the leg and made the cover.



Du Luc went to break up the count but was rocked as Sylo exploded out of nowhere.



The bell sounded and Aria was announced the new Starlet Champion. Sylo grabbed the belt and put it on her shoulder as she jumped up in his arms. The two looked back at the fallen Persephone and Du Luc then turned to the camera and as a couple they looked right at Chris Titan through the camera and held up 5 fingers before sliding a thumb across their throats.

Sylo hoisted Aria up on his shoulders as the two exited and carried out the new Starlet champion! The Backbone had taken yet another huge loss.

Winner: Aria Murphy via Pinfall



A tall man came out of the shadows and into focus. He was in a dimly lit room, what looked to be a office. He was made apparent but the strands of light that came in through window blinds beside him. He was a tall slim figure, well dressed, ruggedly handsome. His clothes obviously custom tailored, Shiny black slacks, a tight fitted white button up shirt with black buttons that was covered by a two tone black vest, covering it all a back coat that matched the vest and pants.

"Change, its evolution, to be better, you must become better."

He stepped closer to the window and pulled the string to lift the blinds. The window provided a view of a well lit city in the middle of the night, the room was obviously in a tall building as the lights that shined were distant and far down. He leaned against the windows border and looked out, he face now clearly revealed.

"We all must put down our childish ways, and to become successful we must learn from our mistakes..."

He was bald and clean shaven, he wore glasses with a thin silver frame that reflect the outside lights towards us.

"I learned from mine and soon..."

He paused, the sound of rain drops tapping against the window had caught his attention, he smiled, his left fist found it's way under his chin as he used it to prop his head up as he leaned elbow first against the ledge. The room lit bright as lightning flashed and thunder roared.

"Soon, everyone else will too"

The room disappeared, he had disappeared, all that was left was blackness, and a word, no a name appeared in grunge style cursive.


Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Aran Thompson
Jonathan ConspiracyAran Thompson

The lights in the arena cut off and in the darkness of the Arena of Champions a buzz began to build. The power outage was definitely done on purpose and in the silence of blacked out ring area cameras flashed to make light and try and steal a moment that could possibly be happening in the darkness.


The lights popped on immediately as the fans exploded out of their seats and Aran Thompson stood at the top of the aisle leading to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

"After officially challenging for my vacated Relentless Championship after Jonathan Conspiracy failed to cash in on Sylo on the last Warriors show, Damien Lee thought it would be cute to put me in a two out of three falls match for a championship that I never should have lost. Conspiracy needed help to dethrone me as the Relentless Champion...."

Aran stopped and looked around at the crowd on either side of him only a matter of feet from reaching distance.

"....Now I have to beat him twice. He puts a double jeopardy stipulation on his title reign, and finds a loop hole around the rules."

Aran smile and nodded still standing just before the ring and addressing the crowd.

"I admit, it's intelligent."

"What wasn't intelligent was getting Backbone involved. If Jonathan Conspiracy thinks that me having to defeat him twice in a row is going to be some sort of punishment?! ....he is in for a whole world of hurt."

"When Damien Lee said the match will be two out of three falls. I smiled because it doesn't matter if it's Derechode...Sylo...Adam Lazarus...Jason Rau, or Jonathan Conspiracy."

"...I'm walking out of this arena the Relentless Champion for a third time."

"I'm already one championship better than JCON. It's only fitting that I have to beat him twice to become two championships better."

Aran dropped the microphone, entered the ring and posed for the crowd who backed him up one hundred percent.

Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

"No Church In The Wild" began to blare threw the Arena Of Champions, as the former Relentless Champion; Jonathan Conspiracy emerged out the back to a chorus of boos, but he wasn't phased by the crowd's response in the least. His failed cash-in attempt and regaining the jOlt Relentless Championship were the only things on his mind at this point and time. His attempt to get a stipulation approved by the board of directors, that would allow him to remain champion had also backfired. However he was able to get another title match, to the chagrin of Damien Lee... and Adam Lazarus.

He stood before the Arena of Champions with a microphone in a hand, and his wife Sweet Aroma at his side, while Aran Thompson and the referee waited in the ring.


Those three words sent the crowd into a frenzy. As much as they hated to watch Jonathan Conspiracy wrestle, they HATED to hear him talk even more. Sweet Aroma covered Jonathan's ears until the boos subsided.

"Look at poor little Aran in the ring, a man with no goals, no ambition and sense of urgency. You have won the Relentless Championship twice Aran..."

Aroma held up two fingers and moved her hand around to give the fans a good look at her manicured hands and acrylic nails that she painted in JCON's trademark black & gray colors just for this event.

" never took your shot at the Legacy, jOlt or Underground Championships but I know why that is Aran. First off your 'legacy' will also be as the adopted little brother of Corey Thompson, which tells me your real family never wanted you, second you've never provided a 'jOlt' to any wrestling promotion you've ever been involved in, and you're too pussy to ever be considered 'Underground'. But you want another shot at proving how 'Relentless' you are. Lucky for you Damien Lee is in love with you, otherwise I'd be passing Adam Lazarus off to the janitors tonight to get the arena cleaned and ready for iNtense when tonight's festivities conclude."

JCON looked out into the crowd and started to make his way to the ring, with Sweet Aroma by his side moving with his every step.

"So Aran Thompson before I enter this ring and pin your shoulders to the mat, or make you submit, OR BOTH!... I must ask you something."

'One Letter Better' climbed up the ring steps and ducked between the top to middle ropes to enter. He walked to the center of the ring where Aran Thompson awaited, as the ref came between the two to keep things from getting out of control before they even started.


He pointed at 'Mr. Relentless'.

"YOU???, of all people, wanna be a champion?"

Conspiracy backed away from Thompson and headed for his corner, while the ref instructed Aran to do the same. Conspiracy passed his microphone off to Sweet Aroma for her to return it, as the bell sounded to start this 2 out of 3 falls match for the jOlt Relentless Championship.

Suddenly the arena filled with constant booing as The Jury; Duzza, Stat Quo, and Khadafi walked out from behind the curtain and everyone took notice with the exception of Jonathan Conspiracy. Aran looked at the group as they slowly made their way to ring side and then back at JCON.

"So that's how it is?" Aran mouthed to Conspiracy.

JCON smirked and motioned for Aran to bring it.

The referee took notice of the group as well but after Aroma and Duzza assured him that they were simply just there to watch the referee called for the bell and for the match to begin. The Jury circled the ring and Aran was clearly distracted. Aran turned his attention back to JCON who had a very confident look on his face and it began to change as the fans began chanting Aran's nickname.


Aran smiled now with JCON clearly upset.

Aran stepped in closer to JCON and yelled "You brought your crew?! Mine paid to have my back!"


JCON didn't like Aran yelling at him and attempted to slap the taste out of Aran's mouth but Aran was quick to counter and the match was officially under way. Aran and Conspiracy taking turns hitting one another with a flurry of punches as they circled the ring. The flurry continued these two weren't wrestling a match they were fighting. After one last punch by JCON Aran finally rocked backward and JCON tried to follow up with a clothesline but Aran was quick to counter again and used JCON's own momentum to force JCON over the ropes. Ali Khadafi stood defiant on the outside of the ring and managed to cushion the drop to the floor. Aran mouthed off to JCON and Khadafi as Duzza and Stat Quo stood up on the ring apron and Aran immediately took notice and stepped back turning his attention to his potential attackers.

Aran looked at the referee and demanded that he do something about The Jury and the referee tells him that they haven't done anything wrong.

"You have to remember Nathan, Damien Lee said the only way to win is by Pinfall or Submission. That means that anything else can happen."

JCON slid into the ring while Aran was distracted and pounced at the opportunity to attack Aran from behind with a forearm to the back of Aran's head dropping Aran.

JCON mounted up and began pounding Aran repeatedly who couldn't defend himself from behind and then JCON jumped up to this feet and show boated to the crowd a bit as he stepped and then quickly kicked Aran in the side of the head and the crowd reacted as Aran rolled out of the ring and was surrounded by The Jury.

The fans booed the group as they grabbed Aran but only rolled him back into the ring. JCON lifted Aran up by his head.


Aran hit JCON with a quick uppercut and JCON staggered back. Aran quickly collected himself and took off after Conspiracy to the displeasure of Jonathan's wife, Aroma. Aran dropped JCON with a heel kick but JCON popped back up to his feet and Aran dropped him with a clothesline, again JCON popped back up to his feet. Aran using his momentum lifted JCON up and balanced him on his shoulder as he spun and dropped JCON on his face and this time Aran was the one who popped up on his feet. The crowd loved it.

JCON started to get to his feet slowly Aran looked to the crowd who cheered and began firing Aran up. Aran took off running to the opposite side of the ring and leaping forward toward the ropes.



As soon as the feet of Aran touched the ropes, Khadafi quickly grabbed at Aran's ankle causing Aran to crash down to the mat and the referee could do nothing about it as the pinfalls in the match could only be decided by pinfall or submission.

Aran held the back of his head and reeled in pain as Conspiracy got to his feet and and didn't waste this opportunity as he pinned Aran.



Thompson kicked out.

The Jury, Sweet Aroma and Conspiracy all couldn't believe Aran kicked out. Conspiracy looked around and pointed at Duzza commanding him to do something as Aran slowly raised to his feet behind the oblivious Jonathan Conspiracy.

The fans erupted and The Jury freaked out as Aran quickly shocked Conspiracy and locked him in an abdominal stretch and JCON tried with all his might to get free as Aran signaled for his finisher The Icarus Switch.


Jonathan Conspiracy managed to reverse the attempt with a hip toss but Aran landed on his feet and held onto Conspiracy's wrist and Aran tried to counter back into the Abdominal Stretch but JCON was "one step better" as he put Aran in the Abdominal Stretch.


Conspiracy hit Aran with his own finisher and the referee made the count.




The arena filled with booing as Conspiracy scored the first pinfall and Aran managed to roll out of the ring.

Conspiracy commanded his unit of thugs to bring the dazed Aran Thompson back into the ring but Duzza stopped Quo and Khadafi for a moment and grabbed a chair from under the ring announcer giving it to Quo who menaced over the downed Aran.


Quo slammed the chair into the leg of Aran who immediately screamed out in pain. Aran pleaded with Quo and Khadafi as Conspiracy talked to Duzza and Conspiracy liked what Duzza was telling him as Aran slowly backed up.


A second hit to the leg and Aran was almost in tears and Quo looked pleased with himself. Quo and Khadafi forced Aran back up and rolled him into the ring and nodded at Conspiracy.

Conspiracy brought a limping Aran back to his feet and slapped Aran's chest, clearly prepared to toy with Mr. Relentless. Aran staggered backwards and JCON kicked Aran's good leg causing Aran to collapse to the mat. The fans booed as JCON smiled and slowly approached Aran pointing at himself.

"I'm better than you!" Conspiracy yelled as the booing grew louder.

Aran reached for Conspiracy and JCON brought Aran to his knees.


Aran slapped the taste out of JCON's mouth and JCON turned around infuriated and shocked as Aran was still fighting back.


Aran again slapped JCON as Aran approached him and JCON shook his head and and with fury kicked at the kneeled down Aran.


Aran caught the leg of JCON and JCON hopped and pleaded as Aran kept hold of Conspiracy's leg. Aran limping to keep balance and the fans were ecstatic as Aran tried to fight back. JCON tried to surprise Aran with an enziguri but Aran ducked and released the hold.

Aran mustered some strength to charge after JCON but JCON side stepped Aran.


Out of nowhere Aran hit JCON with his springboard reverse DDT finisher and the arena exploded as Aran slowly draped his arm over JCON.




Khadafi and Quo pulled Aran off of Conspiracy and Mr. Relentless was hot. Adrenaline pumping and not a care in the world Aran took the fight to The Jury. Hitting Quo in the face and kicking Khadafi in the stomach.

Aran hit Quo with a low blow and dropped Khadafi with a DDT to the outside and he turned his attention to Duzza. Duzza backed up obviously not in a position to defend himself without his two colleagues. Unknown to Aran, JCON had gotten up and slowly climbed to the top rope and without looking Aran rolled into the ring.


The fans blew up as JCON hit Aran at that perfect moment with his guillotine leg drop finisher and pinned Mr. Relentless.





The numbers game was too much, and Aran tried to with all his might to fight back but he just can't beat three men by himself. Sweet Aroma screamed in celebration, and took the Relentless Championship away from the time keeper as she handed the championship to her husband. Aran rolled around in pain and brought himself to his feet as he noticed Conspiracy holding the Relentless Championship.

Aran shook his head and wiped sweet from his forehead. Conspiracy watched as Aran stared at him and the Relentless Championship. JCON handed the title to his wife and prepared himself for a fight as Aran winced in pain and turned his attention to his leg, again Aran shook his head.

Aran and JCON stared at one another as Sweet Aroma raised the Relentless Championship high in the air behind Conspiracy.

Aran nodded and at him and reluctantly offered his hand to Conspiracy who looked at it and then at the fans and the fans cheered and cheered louder when Conspiracy smiled at them.


JCON slapped Aran's hand away and rolled out of the ring screaming him.


Aran closed his eyes and grimaced in the middle of the ring as "No Church" by Kanye West played and the cut away.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"Plan A"

Chris Titan "Shunna they be here by now?"

"Shut up, Bane, you don't even know who they are."

"Neither do you, Rau, so I winnae run my mouth unless I wanted a mouthfull of boot."

"Will both of you please stop your crap. I just lost the Starlet Championship because of Sylo, so the only thing we should be worried about is what we're going to do to that giant smurf! Not whether some mystery army is, or is not, going to show up to do our job for us!"

"That's exactly right, Persephone."

Chris Titan entered the Backbone's locker room just in time to witness his group of faithful allies wondering if he'd make good on his promise of an army. He would not divulge that information at this time, however.

"What are you going to do tonight? Let's face it, sweetheart, you're not off to a great start. You lost your championship already and SDL is on his way to a hospital, probably concussed thanks to that bastard Sylo. And ... where the hell is Grendel?! Why is no one looking for the guy that was hand-picked to take down the Superbeast?!"

Jason Rau stood up and offered a genuine response. "We thought he was with you."

"Why the hell would he be with me?!"

"Because he's always with you..."

"Rau," Titan frustratingly began, "you have been here for a cup of coffee. You have no way of knowing what always happens around here, so let's keep our mouth shut. You helped out and I appreciated that. In fact, I gave you a spot in the group because of that. But don't think for a moment that I won't take that away as quickly as you received it."

"Ha! Ye dumb bastard."

"Oh yeah, Bane? You're going to ridicule someone? You? The guy that fucked up so many times over that if it wasn't for your own personal incompetence I would probably be jOlt Champion right now?!"

"How do ye figure...?"


While the three Backbone members rushed out the door, another member walked in. Mike Extreme, flanked by Violet and Misty Gold, entered the locked room on a clear mission.

"Nothing yet," he said, "what do we do if Plan A fails? I mean, your arm is still in that sling."

"That's not an option. Plan A does not fail."

"All I'm saying, Chris, is it's not looking so good right now. It's tough enough to beat Sylo on your best day, how are you going to do it with one arm tied behind your back?"

"I'll figure it out. I want you to get to the parking lot and, as soon as you make contact, you make sure that everything runs according to plan. Plan motherfucking A. You got it?"

"I got it. One way or another, I'll make sure this happens."

"Good. Then as soon as this is over and I'm jOlt Champion again, we'll get that Underground Championship around your waist. We'll rule this company."

"Title to the Whip"

Jonathan Conspiracy The NEW Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy, walked with a stride of urgency and confidence as his wife kept up the pace and held on to Conspiracy's freshly re-acquired championship.

"Can you believe the nerve of Aran? Tryin' to shake my hand?! I'm a two time Relentless Champion, what does he have over me that says that I owe him anything?! I won back the title without bending the rules, and now...I'm once again just one letter better than that piece of --"

Conspiracy was in the middle of a complaining Aran Thompson trying to shake his hand after their match when a voice yelled out to him and grabbed his attention.

"Ay, J-CON?!"

Jonathan looked up and put his hand in the air as a set of keys flew at him to which he caught them effortlessly.

Conspiracy looked at the keys and then forward again.

"Good lookin' out."

Aroma smiled devilishly as JCON gripped the keys and they continued their path forward.

Derecho vs. Ninja K
DerechoNinja K

Here at All or Nothing, the crowd waited in anticipation as they knew the Underground Championship match was just moments away. It's been ten years since these two met. Ever since that first meeting, for ten long years, they've been friends, but mostly enemies. Kenshiro Inogami, otherwise known as Ninja K and Jason Roberts, otherwise known as Derecho, literally have battled all over the world. Tonight it would be another chapter in their history, but the question remains, would this be the final chapter? Derecho wanted it to be so, but many felt that those were empty words. That there would be a future between these two.

For now... we'll call this.. The Latest Chapter.

The arena lights dimmed and a video lit up the screen. It showed clips from Ninja K's past in X Wrestling. Some of the biggest moments in Ninja K's time there from getting German Suplexed off the top of a steel cage by Mike Patterson... to becoming the 2001 King of the Cage champion... to his Xw World Championship win.

Through shades of grey, Ninja K's past flashed before everyone in the world watching tonight. The screen goes completely to black and then the words....

"And so it begins again..."

...appeared on the screen. They fade away into black.

"Vicarious" by Tool

The people who were cheering mildly through the clips hit their feet in a standing ovation. Out from the back came Kenshiro Inogami. He looked poised and ready to take on this challenge tonight. He knew that this wouldn't be just an ordinary Underground Rules match. This was going to be a war like no one had seen before.

With that in mind, Ninja K headed down to the ring and slid underneath the bottom rope. He then perched himself up on the turnbuckle pad and looked out into the crowd as they all continued to give him a thunderous ovation. Ninja K then hopped down and stood there and stared at the entrance way. His fated and long time rival was next.

The arena lights dimmed..

"I Disappear" by Metallica

As that theme played, we saw scenes from Derecho's past as well display on the screen. It was clips of his match in xW when he tagged with Damien Michael against Ninja K and The Blazer. That screen faded out with the music.

"Live Again" by Sevendust

As that theme struck up, the screen illuminated again with scenes from the Two out Three Falls match from 21w's Immortal PPV where Derecho defended his United Championship and Millennium Championship against Ninja K who had defended his Hardcore Championship in that match as well. The lights went out again along with the music.

"Killing You Now" by Fear of Sound.

The screen illuminates again to Legacy of Champions where we see Derecho and Ninja K clash over a few time limit draws over the Legacy Championship. It was apparent that Derecho's entrance was a journey through their entire history together.. perhaps as a message to Ninja K himself. The scenes finally disappeared and the screen changed to a shot of Ninja K in the ring... a live shot if you will.

Then darkness soon replaced by a crimson hue.

"One Reason" by Fade

The people boo as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area with the Underground Championship around his waist. The animosity shown toward Derecho here tonight was unparalleled to anything they have given to him in the past. Have to love that PPV crowd feel!

Derecho kept his eyes locked on Ninja K as he made his way down to the ring. Derecho knelt up onto the ring apron and then slowly stepped into the ring. He didn't want Ninja K to make any sudden movements. Derecho made it into the ring where he unfastened the Underground Championship from around his waist and just casually passed it off to the referee. Derecho stood there and continued to stare a hole right through Ninja K.

The referee held the championship into the air and then passed it off to ringside. He then called for the bell everyone had been anticipating.




Derecho and Ninja K stood there and stared at each other in the middle of the ring. You could sense the tension between the two, but with Derecho and his instability.. he couldn't take the staredown anymore and pie faced Ninja K. Ninja K just got right back into Derecho's face and shoved him back. Derecho answered with a toe kick to the stomach of Ninja K!

Derecho then grabbed Ninja K by the arm and went into an arm wringer, but Ninja K reversed it into an arm wringer over his own! Ninja K went for a front roundhouse kick, but Derecho ducked and Ninja K ended up in a Pumphandle Submission position.

Derecho then lifted Ninja K up, but Ninja K floats over and lands behind Derecho where he applied the Full Nelson! Ninja K went for the Japanese Skull Splitter this early in the match as he hoped to catch Derecho off guard, but Derecho broke free and went into a standing switch right into the waist lock! German Suplex attempt by Derecho, but Ninja K landed on his feet!

Ninja K then charged in, but Derecho took Ninja K over with an arm drag. Both men got up and Derecho charged in, but this time it was Ninja K who hit the Japanese variant of the Arm Drag to Derecho. Both men popped back up... Derecho the slower of the two. Ninja K went to pull Derecho up, but Derecho swept the legs out from underneath Ninja K and went for the cover..


Ninja K immediately kicked out and when Derecho stood, it was Ninja K's turn to sweep the legs out from underneath Derecho. Ninja K then went for the cover on the Underground Champion!


Derecho immediately kicked out. Both participated kipped up to their feet and came face to face in the center of the ring again to a round of applause from the crowd. Derecho nodded at Ninja K as if there was some resemblance of respect there... or perhaps he was nodding because he knew that Ninja K was going to be his toughest challenge to date.

The two of them began to encircle each other in the ring slowly. They both made about a half circle when they charged in and locked up. Side head lock by Derecho, but Ninja reversed it into a hammer lock. Derecho reached back and snapped Ninja K over with a Snapmare Takedown. Derecho then aimed for Ninja K's face and swung in with a kick, but Ninja K leaned back and avoided it. The momentum spun Derecho around and Ninja K capitalized with a school boy roll up!


Derecho kicked away and got back to his feet quickly as did Ninja K. Derecho powered Ninja K back into the ropes and shot him off with an irish whip, but Ninja K reversed it and whipped Derecho into the ropes instead... as we thought.. Derecho then reversed the reversal and sent Ninja K to the ropes!

Ninja K bounced off the ropes as Derecho telegraphed a back body drop. Ninja K then rolled off of Derecho's back and landed behind him. Derecho turned around and was met with a toe kick to the stomach. Ninja K then whipped Derecho to the corner and charged in after him, but Derecho leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and pushed off. He flipped up and over Ninja K and landed on his feet.

Ninja K immediately leapt to the middle turnbuckle the moment Derecho landed and twisted off with a cross body block, but Derecho took a step back and knelt down. Ninja K then crashed down stomach first over Derecho's knee! Ninja K flopped to the canvas as Derecho then went back and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He got to the very top and flipped off with a Moonsault, but Ninja K rolled in toward the corner and Derecho ate nothing but canvas!

Ninja K then ascended the turnbuckles to the very top next. Ninja K then twisted off...


Ninja K got all of it and made the cover on Derecho!



Derecho kicked out!

So far, this match didn't even go extreme. It had been a can-you-top-this style of wrestling match. I believe the people are a bit surprised that they've began this way.. but at the same time, they didn't care because the action was amazing!

Ninja K pulled Derecho back to his feet and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. Derecho then fired back with a big right hand. Ninja K answered with a knife edge chop, but Derecho fired another big right.. then another and another! As he hit those in succession, the head of Ninja K rocked back with every blow. Derecho then grabbed Ninja K by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Ninja K bounced off and Derecho tried for the Arm Drag again, but Ninja K cartwheeled out of it in an impressive counter!

Ninja K immediately went into a full arm twist and locked Derecho in a prime position. In rapid succession, Ninja K hit quick front kicks to the chest of Derecho and then finished it off with a leaping back kick right underneath the chin of Derecho with put the Underground Champion out flat on his back!

Ninja K then turned his back to Derecho and went for a Standing Moonsault, but Derecho put the knees up and they were driven right into the stomach of Ninja K. Derecho then immediately reached up and pulled Ninja K into an inside cradle roll up!



Ninja K kicked away from it!

Derecho then quickly stood and as Ninja K got back to his feet, Derecho swept the leg of Ninja K and put him onto his back. Derecho then dropped the elbow across the chest of Ninja K, stood, then dropped a second, and then finally a third elbow. Derecho then went for the cover and hooked the leg.



Ninja K kicked out once again.

Derecho pounded his fist on the canvas as he pulled Ninja K up to his feet. He then twisted Ninja K's arm into an arm wringer and stole a page out of Ninja K's playbook and hit a stiff series of kicks to the chest of Ninja K and then one big stiff kick to the stomach which doubled Ninja K over. Derecho then hooked his leg over the back of Ninja K's neck, but Ninja K twisted out of it and hooked and arm wringer of his own and then immediately the hammer lock.

Derecho reached back for the snapmare counter, but Ninja K got underneath Derecho's arm. He lifted Derecho and dropped him with a hammerlock back drop suplex! Derecho landed hard on his bent arm and he held it in pain on the canvas as a result. Ninja K noticed that Derecho is in prime position and took off toward the ropes.

Ninja K tucked and rolled on the canvas back to his feet and then flipped into the Rolling Thunder Senton Backsplash! Ninja K pulled Derecho away from the ropes and then made the cover with the leg hooked!



Derecho kicked out!

Ninja K dragged Derecho over to the corner and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top, but as Ninja K placed his foot on the top turnbuckle pad, Derecho quickly got back up and knocked Ninja K off of his perch! Ninja K landed in a precarious position on the top turnbuckle pad and Derecho now had him right where he wanted him. Derecho ascended to the very top and hooked Ninja K for, perhaps, a superplex, but Ninja K fired shots to the rib cage of Derecho to try and break free.

It did the trick as Derecho loosened his grip over Ninja K. Ninja K then bent Derecho over as he stood and then flipped over Derecho and in one fluid motion...

Sunset Flip Powerbomb!

Ninja K planted Derecho hard and then went back to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads once again as he didn't give up on his original idea. Ninja K got to the very top and this time, Derecho wasn't moving. Ninja K then took to the sky...


The corkscrew shooting star press connected! The title is in jeopardy as Ninja K went for the cover!!




Derecho kicked out of it as the Underground Champion still had a lot of life left in him! Ninja K then pulled Derecho up to his feet, but in mid-lift, all of Ninja K's actions were halted...


Derecho just used a low blow to equalize Ninja K! The referee had to let it go as there were no rules in this match. The audience erupted in a sea of hatred, but the look on Derecho's face told it all. Derecho had enough of this pure wrestling nonsense. The level of frustration on Derecho's face was apparent. He knew that if it continued like this.. it wouldn't end until one of them became exhausted to the point of collapse.. and with these two.. that could be a very long time.

Derecho grabbed Ninja K and hooked him under his arm. He lifted Ninja K up and dropped him with a vertical suplex. Derecho held on, turned over and brought Ninja K with him. They both stood where Derecho hit Ninja K with a snap suplex. Derecho continued to hold on as he turned Ninja K over, pulled him up again and lifted him. Derecho then sat out with the Split-Legged Gordbuster and completed the F3 Combination!

Derecho then rolled out of the ring because he knew going for a pinfall against Ninja K at this point wouldn't get the job done. Derecho lifted up the ring apron and pulled out not one, not two, not three, but FOUR steel chairs! He began to toss each one of them into the ring.

Derecho continued to search underneath the ring and he pulled out a ladder! The crowd actually cheered that one! Derecho slid the ladder into the ring and then climbed back up onto the ring apron. Derecho noticed Ninja K staggered into his feet. Derecho remained on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope.

Once Ninja K got back up, Derecho leapt to the top rope and flew off with the clothesline!

Straight Line Strike!

The clothesline connected and Ninja K went down a second time! Ever since that low blow, Derecho had firm control of this match up! Derecho then grabbed the ladder and walked it over to the corner where he propped it up against the turnbuckle pads. Derecho then turned and collected the steel chairs and placed them in the opposite corner in a pile. Meanwhile, Ninja K staggered up to his feet which caught the attention of Derecho. Derecho turned around and walked over to deal with Ninja K, but Ninja K returned the favor!


Derecho dropped to his knees as a look of anger was seen through the mask of Ninja K! The people cheered as Ninja K delivered a receipt in a big way. Ninja K noticed all these nice weapons Derecho had brought into the ring. Ninja K went over and picked up a chair from the stack that Derecho made in the corner. Derecho got back up to his feet and Ninja K jammed the steel chair right into the stomach of Derecho which doubled him over. Ninja K then took a massive swing!


Ninja K slammed the chair over Derecho's back which caused him to collapse down to the canvas. Derecho got back on all fours and tried to stand but...


Ninja K slammed the chair across Derecho's back a second time! Derecho refused to give up as he got on all fours once again, but when Ninja K lifted the chair for a third strike, Derecho pushed with his feet and wrapped his arms around Ninja K's legs and brought him to the canvas with a take down!

Derecho mounted Ninja K and began to pummel him with forearm after forearm after forearm shot. The blows caused Ninja K's grip on the chair to loosen. Derecho then grabbed the chair out of Ninja K's hands and with a sadistic look in his eyes and an evil grin on his face, Derecho placed the chair right against Ninja K's throat! Derecho stood and threatened to crush the throat of Ninja K with the chair!

The audience held their breath as Derecho lifted chair up high. With a quick downward thrust, Derecho jammed chair into the canvas as Ninja K leaned to the side and it narrowly missed him. Ninja K rolled onto his back as Derecho tired to jam the chair into Ninja K a second time, but Ninja K put his hands up and grabbed the chair! Derecho tried to yank the chair out of Ninja K's grasp, but Ninja K continued to hold on.

While holding onto the chair, Ninja K got back to his feet and a tugging war for possession of the chair ensued! In the end, Ninja K built up enough momentum to jam the chair into Derecho's stomach. This caused Derecho to lose his grip on the chair which allowed Ninja K to take it away from him. With Derecho doubled over, Ninja K took a page out of Derecho's playbook and swung the chair upward right into the face of Derecho!


Derecho's head snapped back and immediately we saw blood that began to pour out of Derecho's nose!! That injury that Derecho sustained almost two months ago against Sylo had reoccurred thanks to the efforts of Ninja K!

Derecho held his face in pain as Ninja K unfolded the steel chair and placed it in the middle of the ring. Ninja K then grabbed the arm of Derecho and whipped him into the ropes. Ninja K then stepped onto the unfolded steel chair for height and leapt right at a rounding Derecho with a front roundhouse kick right into the face! The blood flew from Derecho face from the impact of that kick and Derecho looked to be down and out.

Ninja K knew about the toughness of the Underground champion so he knew he had to go one step further in order to achieve a pinfall. Ninja K then folded up the steel chair and then placed it on top of Derecho. Ninja K then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads once again. Ninja K took aim and flipped off!


It connected as Ninja K slammed down on top of Derecho and the steel chair! Ninja K held his ribs and stomach as he rolled back over onto Derecho for the cover!!



Thr.. NO!!!

Derecho popped the shoulder up at the last second!

Ninja K shook his head in disappointment, but he knew that Derecho wouldn't go down so easily. The man who had left nothing but destruction in his wake would take much more to get pinned to the canvas. Ninja K grabbed Derecho and pulled him back to his feet. Ninja K then hit a stiff knife edge chop across the chest which staggered Derecho back. Ninja K then stepped in and hit another knife edge chop across the chest. Ninja K then grabbed Derecho and whipped him to the ropes.

Suprisingly, Derecho held onto the ropes which caused Ninja K to charge in. Derecho then lifted Ninja K up and over to the ring apron where Ninja K landed on his feet. Derecho turned around and Ninja K dropped down with a hot shot across the top rope. Derecho staggered back and dropped to his knees. Ninja K then climbed up to the apron once again and then grabbed the top rope. He leapt to the very top and springboarded off with a flying thrust kick which caught Derecho in the chest and took him down to the canvas! Ninja K then looked to the corner and spied the ladder!

The crowd began to cheer as Ninja K grabbed the ladder and threw it out of the ring. Ninja K slid out and then propped up the ladder between the ring apron and the barricades, forming a bridge. Ninja K then slid back into the ring where Derecho tried to pull himself back up. Ninja K then helped Derecho up to his feet and then sent him off to the ropes, but Derecho surprised Ninja K and reversed the whip! Ninja K sensed the reversal and then did a handspring against the ropes into a back elbow, but Derecho countered by grabbing Ninja K in a full nelson.... He then took him over!


Ninja k hit hard on the back of his head. Derecho saw the ladder bridged and got an idea in his head. He then walked over to the corner and grabbed the three remaining steel chairs he stacked neatly in a pile. Derecho then rolled out of the ring and jammed the steel chairs in between the steps of the ladder so that they were stuck in the ladder vertically. The crowd cringed at the site of that... contraption.

Dercho then rolled back into the ring and staggered over to Ninja K. He pulled Ninja K back up to his feet and whipped him hard into the corner. Derecho chased in after him so as soon as Ninja K's back hit the turnbuckles, he was met with a big corner clothesline from Derecho. Derecho then grabbed Ninja K and perched him up on the top turnbuckle pad.

Derecho then stepped out onto the ring apron and climbed the turnbuckle pads from the outside. The turned Ninja K toward the direction of the ladder. Immediately, the audience rose to its feet, but silently as they all held their breath. Derecho hooked Ninja K for a superplex, but when he went to lift Ninja K, he hooked his feet under the ropes and blocked the superplex attempt. Ninja K then fired a couple of shots to the ribs of Derecho to loosen the grip, which Derecho did, albeit temporarily.

Derecho returned the favor and used his bloody face as a weapon as he headbutted Ninja K right in the head. This staggered Ninja K and Derecho then rehooked him for the superplex, but Ninja K, again, held on for dear life. Ninja K returned the favor and hit a couple of headbutts to Derecho. Ninja K then grabbed Derecho and lifted him up for a superplex of his own, but half way through the lift, Ninja K released Derecho and let him fall!!





Ninja K looked down on the ground and saw Derecho on his stomach among the rubble! Ninja K knew this was it.. after a hit like that... there's no way Derecho would be able to kick out! Ninja K hopped off the turnbuckles to the floor and made his way over to the twisted metal that once was a ladder. He pulled the lifeless Derecho out of the rubble and rolled it back into the ring. Ninja K slid in and made the cover as he hooked the leg!

This was it!

The reign was over!

New Champion!







The damage had been done through.. not only did blood pour out of the nose of Derecho, but now it appeared he had coughed up blood as well. There had to be internal injuries! How far would Derecho go to retain his title?

Perhaps it wasn't about the title.. Perhaps it was the ten years of history that Derecho needed to end. He felt a sense of purpose here. He couldn't let ten years of history just vanish just like that.

Ninja K stood up and went to pull Derecho up, but Ninja K saw something he couldn't believe. Derecho using any ounce of energy he had to crawl away from Ninja K toward the ropes. Ninja K just stood there and looked on. Perhaps he looked on from awe... from shock.. or perhaps it was out of respect... maybe even pity... but Ninja K just stood there. Derecho crawled and clawed until he reached the bottom rope. He coughed and gagged as he pulled himself up. It was very apparent that there were, indeed, internal injuries and Derecho was suffering from them as we spoke.

Derecho used the ropes and pulled himself up to his feet. He then stared across the ring at Ninja K and dared Ninja K to bring it. Ninja K shook his head as he knew that nothing would stop Derecho. Derecho began to get pissed as Ninja K just stood there. Derecho motioned to Ninja K to bringing.

"I'M NOT.... DONE YET...." Screamed Derecho amongst the agony his body had to have been feeling at that moment. Ninja K walked over to Derecho and stared at him in the face. Derecho grinned, but dropped to a knee before Ninja K. Ninja K pulled Derecho back to his feet, perhaps as a sign of respect, but the people wanted more. They wanted to see Derecho come to a permanent end here tonight. Ninja K shook his head and then cocked his fist back. He fired a right hand, but Derecho side stepped!?

Derecho then grabbed Ninja K who fell into the ropes and dumped him to the outside!

Derecho then fell to the canvas as it was apparent that it took all of his energy just to do that. Perhaps a desperation move, but Derecho laid there on the canvas and he now had time to recover a bit. Ninja K landed on the outside and he laid there for a moment as well. The scene had the very makings of a war zone and if this is what the audience had witnessed thus far.. what would we see once these two got their wind back!?

Ninja K began to stir on the outside as did Derecho inside the ring. Ninja K climbed back up onto the ring apron as Derecho, again, used the ropes to get back to a vertical base. Derecho staggered over to the ropes and fired a right hand, but it was blocked by Ninja K. Ninja K then fired a right hand of his own. That single strike was enough to cause Derecho to turn and stagger toward the center of the ring. Ninja K then grabbed the top rope and springboarded off. Derecho leapt into the air and caught Ninja K with a drop kick that knocked him out of the air and down to the canvas!

Derecho held his stomach as he landed from the drop kick, but when Derecho landed he took notice of the lone steel chair that was left in the ring. The steel chair.. the personal weapon of choice of Derecho that had aided him in almost every single match he's had so far in jOlt was within his grasp. Derecho grabbed the chair and used it to pull himself back to his feet. Ninja K staggered back to his and when Ninja K was up to a vertical base, Derecho lifted the chair high and swung!



Ninja K fell to the canvas and Derecho collapsed on top of him!



Thr... NO!!

Ninja K kicked out of it!! Ninja K just took a blatant chair shot to the head and kicked out!

It looked as if the damage had been done to Ninja K as blood began to pour from his forehead! Derecho unfolded the steel chair and then placed it near the corner with the seat facing the turnbuckles. Derecho then pulled Ninja K to his feet and walked him over to the corner. He put Ninja K's back to the corner and reared back his fist for a big right hand, but when he swung, Ninja K evaded the punch!

Ninja K then leapt to the middle rope and high kicked Derecho in the back of the skull! Derecho then slouched forward against the corner as Ninja K hoisted him to the very top of the turnbuckle pads.. Ninja K then ascended to the middle turnbuckle and placed Derecho in a waist.

Good god... no....

Ninja K hooked his legs under the top ropes and nailed it!





Ninja K used his strength to sit up in the corner and free himself. Ninja K did and looked down at Derecho. Through a ladder with steel chairs embedded in it.. and now through an unfolded steel chair. This had to be it!

Ninja K hopped off the corner and dropped to his knees!

This was it!

Ten years came to an end!


The crowd counted along!!



THREE!!!!!!!!! ---- NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"WHAT THE FUCK!?!" was the only thing going through Kenshiro Inogami's mind right now! Ninja K took some serious hits, but none of them compared to what Derecho had gone through so far in this match and yet, the will of the champion continued to allow him to kick out!

Ninja K was beside himself, but he knew at this stage.. he was one move away from ending it all. One move away from putting ten years of history behind him... one move away from dethroning the Underground Champion and claiming the title as his very own!

The mid-section of Derecho had been ultimately destroyed and he knew this one move would end it all. Ninja K stood back up and reached down and grabbed Derecho's legs. He tied them up, but as soon as he did, Derecho reached up and pulled Ninja K over into a small package!!



Thre... NO!

Ninja K kicked out! He was taken completely by surprise as he didn't expect Derecho to counter Hiroshima's Revenge! As Ninja K kicked away, Derecho rolled out of the ring to the outside. Derecho used anything and everything within an arm's reach to prop himself up. It was apparent that the Underground Champion was it horrible shape and that it could all end at any moment.

Derecho took this time to try and walk off the pain.. to try and regain some strength. Ninja K however, got back to his feet and saw Derecho hanging onto the guard rail, not even paying attention to the ring. Ninja K got a running start and flipped over the top rope...


But, Derecho had been paying attention! Derecho rolled forward and Ninja K missed! Ninja K, in fact, overshot it and landed back first across the top of the guardrails and into the front row of the crowd!


A very nasty crash and burn on Ninja K's part, but Derecho used the energy he had stored from rolling to the outside to avoid that collision. Derecho was down at ring and Ninja K was down in the front row! The referee leapt out of the ring and checked on the condition of both men. The referee had to think about stopping this match at this point, but both Derecho and Ninja K said that they would continue!

Both men laid there in their respective spots on the floor for what felt like an eternity. Indeed, it had been several minutes since they had moved, but this was all about conserving and restoring energy. Perhaps to let the pain subside a bit because they knew this war was far from over. The crowd didn't even chant "boring" nor did they send any negativity their way. They knew they had been through hell and out of respect, they stood on their feet and waited with baited breath to see what would happen next.

Ninja K began to stir in the crowd. A good five or six minutes had passed until Ninja K had the strength after landing back first on those guard rails, to make an attempt to stand. Meanwhile, Derecho was still down at ringside with his eyes closed. He hadn't passed out, but he laid there with this golden opportunity to regain some strength and energy.

Ninja K grabbed the top of the guardrail and used it to pull himself back up to his feet. He looked over and saw that Derecho hadn't moved either. Ninja K, whose face had become a crimson mask, looked over at Derecho, whose face was also covered in blood from the nose down, as he stepped over the barricades back to ringside. The crowd began to applaud Ninja K and cheer him on as he walked over to Derecho and pulled him back to his feet.

Ninja K then walked Derecho over to the announce position. Ninja K then laid Derecho on top of the announce table and then fired a couple of hammering shots to the stomach of Derecho to make sure he didn't go anywhere. Ninja K then headed over to the ring apron where he gingerly climbed up onto it. He then slowly grabbed the turnbuckle pads and ascended them. Step by step Ninja K slowly made it toward the very top, but Derecho rolled off the table and hobbled over toward the ring.

Ninja K saw it, but still sapped of his strength, he just looked on. Derecho climbed up onto the ring apron and Ninja K tried to throw a punch to try and stave off Derecho, but Derecho blocked it and countered with an upward palm thrust that caught Ninja K under the chin! Derecho then grabbed Ninja K and tossed him off!!



A move that took little effort sent Ninja K airborne and caused him to crash on the mats at ringside with a sickening thud! Derecho grinned as he sat down on the edge of the ring and just looked on at Ninja K with a sadistic look on his face. Derecho carefully stood up and turned to lift up the ring apron. Underneath, Derecho looked for some more weapons of choice and then he found them...

Good God did Derecho find them...

A large glass pane and some barbed wire!!!

Derecho propped the glass pane up against the edge of the ring as he laid a massive wad of barbed wire between the ring and the announce table. Derecho then grabbed the pane of glass and placed it like a bridge between the ring apron and the announce table right over that entangled mess of barbed wire! This was shades of Crystal Nightmares... a match Derecho had invented back in X Wrestling! He had brought a taste of that with him here tonight!

Once this diabolic structure had been set up, Derecho walked over and pulled Ninja K up off the floor. Ninja K had the wind knocked out of him from that hard landing and he had been gasping for air and doing what he could to get some wind back in him. Derecho didn't care about any of that as he rolled Ninja K up onto the ring apron. Derecho then stepped up onto the ring apron as well and pulled Ninja K back to his feet. Derecho grabbed Ninja K by the hair and screamed into his face...

"I......... AM............ KING!"

This could only mean one thing...

Derecho hoisted Ninja K up onto his shoulder and then turned toward the glass pane....

Holy shit no....



The crowd paid tribute to X Wrestling with its most famous chant!


Derecho.... DOWN

Ninja K.... DOWN

Ringside was filled with shattered glass, twisted barbed wire and two dead bodies!

You could see cuts and lacerations on the arms and chests of both Ninja K and Derecho. The level of brutality in this match went beyond anything jOlt Wrestling had ever seen and the sad thing was... it wasn't over yet!

Again, both men showed no signs of life. At this point.. the match could reach the one hour mark just from them sitting there trying to fight through the pain and find the strength to continue. The crowd was still chanting that very obscene chant a good two minutes after the impact. The chant died down and was replaced with...

"THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*" "THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*" "THIS IS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*"

Two men were putting their very lives on the line and the crowd thought this was awesome. Perhaps Derecho was right about them all along.

After several minutes, Derecho began to show signs of life. As he turned over, the barbs from the barbed wire ripped at and pricked his flesh as they dislodged from his body. Derecho did his best to crawl away from the rubble toward the guard rails where he used them to pull himself up. His face bloodied.. his body scratched and lacerated.. his physical limits reached and perhaps exceeded, but he knew it was over. He just had to get Ninja K back into the ring.

Once to a vertical base... Derecho hobbled over to Ninja K slowly and pulled him out of the wreckage. He then rolled Ninja K back into the ring and then slid in behind him.. albeit all in what seemed like slow motion. Derecho crawled over slowly and collapsed on top of Ninja K.

This was it!



THRE... NO!!!!

The crowd erupted!

Ninja K kicked out!

Ninja K kicked out!

Ninja K kicked out of an A Forever Reminder through a fucking glass pane and barbed wire!

Derecho sat up as he screamed out in agony. Perhaps it was tears of frustration.. perhaps it had to be the mind-numbing pain his body was going through. He knew this match wasn't over just yet. Derecho then rolled back out of the ring and slowly bent over to lift up the ring apron. He pulled out a table from underneath the ring!

Derecho barely had the strength to lift it, but he somehow got the table into the ring. Derecho rolled back into the ring as Ninja K continued to lay there. Derecho used the ropes to pull himself up. Once to a vertical base, Derecho grabbed the table and propped it on its side. He unfolded the legs of the table and then used all his might to stand the table up. To display how weak Derecho was, Derecho actually fell backward against the turnbuckle pads after setting up that table!

Derecho gasped for air as he slowly hobbled over to Ninja K and pulled him up to his feet. Derecho then made the slashing motion across his neck and the people began to boo, but some just sat there and wondered what the hell he was going to do next! Then it happened...

Ninja K broke free from Derecho. Derecho instinctively went for a clothesline, but Ninja K ducked, turned and hooked Derecho from behind with a full nelson.

The crowd gave Ninja K the biggest pop in jOlt history!!

Ninja K lifted.....






Ninja K laid there as the crowd made as much noise as possible to rally Ninja K.

"COVER HIM! COVER HIM! COVER HIM!" they chanted!

Ninja K slowly rolled over onto his stomach and draped his arm across Derecho!



THRE!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Both men laid there on the canvas... the crowd couldn't believe it. Ninja K couldn't believe it. Not even the referee could believe it! Both men were down once again. You could hear the groans of anguish coming from Derecho. To be able to continuously kick out... what did this match mean to him? What did the championship mean to him? What did ten years of history mean to him? Derecho wouldn't let it go..he wouldn't let it end Ninja K's way!

Derecho and Ninja K were still down, but Ninja K showed signs of life. He got back to his feet and then pointed toward the table and made a slashing motion across his throat, mimicking Derecho. The people cheered Ninja K on as he pulled Derecho back up and brought him over to the corner . He then perched Derecho onto the top turnbuckle pad as he faced the ring. Ninja K took it one step at a time as he ascended the turnbuckle pads.

The crowd wished he had gotten up there faster, but what could they do? No normal human being could ever move after what these two had put themselves through. Ninja K grabbed Derecho and hooked him for a superplex through the table, but Derecho countered with a headbutt to the shoulder and neck of Ninja K. He hit another and another which dazed him. Derecho then, while in a seated position up top, hoisted Ninja K up onto his shoulder.

The crowd rose to their feet as Derecho leapt off the second turnbuckle...


The crowd was stunned silent! Derecho and Ninja K both went through the table and both crashed and burned on the canvas below. Derecho and Ninja K laid side by side but neither had an arm or anything draped on top of each other... they both just laid there unable to move.

A good minute or two passed before Derecho slowly... and I mean slowly, rolled onto his side and collapsed on top of Ninja K.

It had to be over.



Three.......... NO!


The crowd didn't know whether to cheer or be stunned! Ninja K felt the same way as Derecho. Ten years of history... he couldn't let it end Derecho's way! Not now! Not ever!

Derecho screamed out in frustration. He pounded his fist into the canvas.. into the rubble and summoned the strength to stand. How Derecho could stand that easily after all that was beyond us all. Derecho was heaving in and out as if he couldn't get enough air into his body. He looked like he was hyperventilating.. a look of fear, perhaps insanity came over his face. Derecho noticed the mangled steel chair in the middle of the ring where he was Spider Suplexed on earlier in the match. Derecho's eyes widened as he breathed more deeply. He laughed out maniacally as well as he grabbed the steel chair and dropped it dead center in the middle of the ring.

Derecho hobbled over to Ninja K and pulled him out of the rubble. Both men, barely able to stand.. .Derecho looked into the eyes of Ninja K and saw a man who wasn't going to quit... a man...a thorn in his side for so long. He looked at Ninja K and screamed at him.



Derecho kicked Ninja K in the stomach and placed him between his legs. Derecho's back was to the mangled steel chair. Derecho then lifted Ninja K up and pivoted 180 degrees and sat down...


Derecho's original finisher!!!!

Derecho sat there in the pinning hold.. his face showing massive strain as if it took herculean amounts of energy just to hold that pinning position.. The referee counted.







It was over!

The moment the three hit the canvas, Derecho collapsed backwards. The referee immediately checked on him... Derecho had passed out cold!

Ninja K didn't move either.

No music played, however, the referee signaled for any trainer.. .any official to come out from the back. Hordes of men made their way to the ring.. each attended to both Ninja K and Derecho.

What happened here tonight was personal... it was more than a war... it was brutality incarnate. What these men went through was symbolic of not only the Underground Championship, but their will to end ten years of history between them. The will and determination to let that much history end on their terms drove them forward to the brink of collapse.

After tonight.. it was obvious that these men would never be the same ever again.

Several moments passed as the officials had gotten Ninja K to be revived. They helped Ninja K to his feet who received a standing ovation from the crowd. Ninja K looked down at Derecho who had also finally come to. Derecho requested that the officials help him up.

They were cautious, but they helped Derecho up to his feet. He had to use the officials to stand otherwise he'd just collapsed to the canvas. Derecho and Ninja K inched toward each other and came face to face once again.

The look in their eyes showed fire and determination, but then.. something very uncharacteristic of Derecho happened. Something we thought we would never see out of him..

Derecho extended his hand.

King of the Underground didn't matter.. Underground Champion didn't matter... the man who was recognized as a monster of jOlt didn't matter. This wasn't about story.. this wasn't about gimmicks... this was closure...

This was ten years of history coming to an end. Derecho put everything aside and extended his hand to arguably, his biggest rival.. and perhaps, he hated to admit it.. the man who completed his career and the man he respected out of anyone he had ever faced.

Ninja K looked down at the hand of Derecho and grasped it. The two of them shook hands in the middle of the ring. Derecho was handed his Underground Championship and then he collapsed back down to the canvas. The officials checked on him but Derecho slowly rolled out of the ring. The officials walked with him as Derecho staggered in a broken pattern to the back and left Ninja K alone in the ring. Ninja K continued to receive a standing ovation from the crowd even though tonight he came up short.

With that...

The feud was possibly over.

Ten years of history had concluded..

Will a new chapter be written or would this really be the end? Only the future would tell.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"It's Been Revoked"

Mike Extreme "I don't get it, Mikey baby, who are we supposed to be meeting out here in the parking lot?"

Mike Extreme, Misty Gold, and Violet had been patiently waiting in the Arena of Champions' parking garage ever since Chris Titan gave them the order to do so. But Misty's patience was running out, and she wasn't alone.

"I don't know, okay?! Titan told me to come out here and find ... whoever he wants me to find! So, no, I don't know how long it's going to be but maybe you can stop asking me the same damn question for five damn minutes!"

"O ... M ... G," Misty replied nonchalantly. "Get over yourself already. You know, like, you shouldn't be taking orders anyway! You're Mike freakin' Extreme, babe! You should be, like, leading the Backbone. OOOH! You should be jOlt Champion!"

The words hit Mike Extreme's ears like a thunder clap. They were the same words he had been thinking himself. Why should be play second fiddle to Chris Titan? That guy was nothing but a tag team specialist before and now he's named himself the leader of the jOlt originals? Mike Extreme was a living legend in the business. A hardcore icon. He should be the leader of the Backbone. He should be jOlt Champion.

"Misty," Violet said cutting right through the tracks of Extreme's train of thought, "why don't you and I go back inside and let Mike meet whoever he's supposed to meet? I hear they have Skinny Girl drinks in the Skybox and Damien Lee could probably use some pushing around tonight. How about you and I go see if we can get Mike that title shot?"

"OHMIGOD! You, like, totally read my mind just now! We're pretty much BFFs and I am, like, super excited about that! I love Skinny Girl!"

Turning back to Mike Extreme, Violet nodded and lead his girlfriend towards the back entrance to the Arena of Champions.

Suddenly, however, the Skinny Girl drinks became slightly less important as they two women turned back to the sound of a lead pipe smashing into Mike Extreme's temple. They witnessed a trio of hooded and masked assailants pounce on Mike Extreme in unison, the hardcore icon attempting to fight them off but the numbers game was just too much for him. It was an ironic setting for a man that routinely ran with a pack of wolves himself, being alone and outgunned was not something the Backbone was used to.

After a barrage of boot stomps and kicks to Mike Extreme's ribs, the trio halted their attack. Violet and Misty Gold were still standing silently in shock. One of the men, a rather large individual, looked up at them.

"You can inform Mr. Titan that any army he has waiting to take over jOlt will be destroyed. Tell him that he is not jOlt's savior. Tell him that tonight the Backbone ... will be broken."

The trio each gave Mike Extreme one final stomp before walking away from the Arena of Champions. Misty immediately darted for her injured boyfriend while Violet removed her high heels and sprinted towards the arena's back door.

"Stay with him! I'll go get help!"

All or Nothing. It looked like nothing for Chris Titan ... and the main event was next.

Sylo vs. Chris Titan
SyloChris Titan

All or Nothing returned to ringside for the last time that evening and to the announce table where Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers prepared themselves for the Main Event of the evening. The Last Man Standing match between the Backbone's Chris Titan and the jOlt Champion ... "The Superbeast" ... Sylo.

"The challenger in this match, Titan has spent the last month trying to wear the jOlt Champion down," Michael Buhrman began recapping, "since losing the belt to Sylo a week after he won it."

"Well," Nathan Powers replied, "to be honest it was mostly the Backbone that wore down Sylo. With Chris Titan pulling the strings."

"Good point, Nate, but the point is Chris Titan has been taking it to the champion for the past few weeks. The constant assault peaked just on this last Warriors broadcast when Grendel pinned the jOlt Champion in a gauntlet match."

"And you're right, Mike, it may have peaked at Warriors. That would mean tonight is the beginning of the decline for Chris Titan. I think that's why Titan has decided to call in the calvary tonight if Sylo doesn't lay down."

"What about this supposed army Chris Titan has threatened both Sylo and Damien Lee with?"

"I just said," Nathan Powers replied, "it's going to be the difference maker in this match should Titan be telling the truth."

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera.

For the first time in a long time Chris Titan emerged from behind the curtain alone, without his usual Backbone mercenaries. Something that Michael Buhrman instantly took note of. That along with the fact that Chris Titan's arm was still comfortably resting in a sling.

"Now," he said, "this is unexpected. The Backbone technically is not barred from ringside. If Chris Titan wanted them to surround the ring like the pack of hungry wolves they are, he could do that. I'm honestly not sure what his game plan is here."

"Forget that, Mike, what is the deal with that sling still being on his arm? Is Titan still hurt?"

A question that was about to be addressed by Chris Titan himself.

"I'm sure everyone is wondering why my arm is still in a sling. Well, the fact of the matter is that my shoulder was seperated and is still very much injured. In fact, I am currently not cleared to wrestle this evening. Which is why I, unfortunately, have to postpone my rematch for the jOlt Championship until further notice."


"OH NO! Sylo apparently did not like that, Mike!"

"No, Nate, it appears that the Superbeast most definitely did not like hearing that he would not be facing Chris Titan tonight!"

Johnny Cash did not follow.

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!

And there lay the steed with his nostrils all wide,
But through it there rolled not the breath of his pride:
And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf,
And cold as the spray of the rock-beating surf.

And there lay the rider distorted and pale,
With the dew on his brow and the rust on his mail;
And the tents were all silent, the banners alone,
The lances unlifted, the trumpet unblown.

And the widows of Ashur are loud in their wail,
And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal;
And the might of the Gentile, unsmote by the sword,
Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord!

A soft melody, just as eerie, played in the background as the child finished. She laughed before her whisper could be heard: "The SuperBeast comes" and with that the lull was broken by the voice of M Shadows:


"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold.

The explosion of hell itself rocked the Arena of Champions as Sylo came charging through the smoke holding both the Legacy and jOlt title respectively. He hopped up and down a bit before slamming both fists on the metal stage causing another explosion of hell fire. Sylo jumped to a vertical base and smirked demonically at Chris Titan.

"Hold on, hold on! CUT HIS MUSIC!"

It took a few seconds but the production team did just as Chris Titan demanded. Meanwhile, Sylo stood atop the entrance ramp with the jOlt Championship slung over his shoulder and the Legacy Championship around his waist. He wanted a fight ... and he wanted it with Chris Titan.

"Sylo," Chris Titan addressed the jOlt Champion, "as much as I would like to compete tonight. As much as I would like nothing more than to beat you within an inch of your life and take my jOlt Championship back, the fact of the matter is I'm severely injured and I just cannot risk further injury to my shoulder. So, this match will have to be postponed. I have a letter from the Board right here with me," saying this Titan reached into his sling and pulled out a folded piece of copy paper, "and it states that our match will take place as soon as I have fully recovered from my injury and not a moment after that."


Titan shot Sylo a look of confusion. "Stop what?"

"Talking," the Superbeast growled. "You've sicced your dogs on me for a month now and I have put each and every one of them down. Now it's your turn to finally get in the ring with me one-on-one and you pull this bullshit?"

"You know, what you said wasn't entirely true ... you haven't put every single one of them down. There was one member of the Backbone that put you down ... twice. Granted, the second time I had a little bit of help from a certain monster."


Grendel leapt out from the backstage area and drove a hard double axe handle into the base of Sylo's neck, sending the jOlt Champion stumbling down the entrance ramp. Immediately, Chris Titan ripped off his sling and slid out to join in on the attack. Sylo turned around to take the fight to Grendel but the Backbone's monster was prepared and he shot a boot right into Sylo's chin. The Superbeast was spun around and found himself receiving a clothesline from Titan's supposed injured arm for his trouble.

"It was all a ruse!" Michael Buhrman said, stating the obvious. "And now the referee is calling for the bell! Is this really how the jOlt Championship match is going to start?!"

It was indeed how the jOlt Championship match was going to start. A Falls Count Anywhere match, which was basically a fancy way of saying the jOlt Championship was being contested with Underground Rules in play. The match began on the entrance ramp with Sylo taking on the two most prominent members of the Backbone, one of which was physically the Superbeast's equal.

"Pick him up!" Titan yelled to Grendel, demanding he lift the jOlt Champion back to his feet. The monster obliged. Chris Titan took his sweet time lining up his next shot, a hard overhand punch to Sylo's forehead. But the Superbeast was far from beaten. He swung Grendel around and right into Titan, the Backbone members colliding and dropping onto the steel ramp themselves.

Sylo sifted through the carnage to find Chris Titan and brought the former champion to his feet. An Irish Whip sent Titan flying into the nearby guard wall, which Sylo followed up by charging and driving his huge elbow into Chris Titan's face. The challenger fell flat on his ass. The champion finally removed his Legacy Championship and handed it to the referee, whom already had his jOlt Championship in his arms.

Turning back to Titan, Sylo grabbed the challenger by the back of his neck and began leading him towards the ring.

Not so fast, Sylo.

The champion overlooked the fact that the monster Grendel was still very much involved in his match with Chris Titan. Grendel grabbed Sylo's leg, attempting to halt the march to the ring. The Superbeast kicked his leg out to try and break the hold but to no avail. Grendel sat back and pulled Sylo's leg even harder, causing him to hop on one leg and allowing Chris Titan the opportunity he needed.

"OOOOH! That was a hard low blow by Chris Titan!"

Nathan Powers agreed, "You're not kidding. That donkey kick may have ended Sylo's dreams of the pitter-patter of little Superbeast feet running around."

Sylo dropped to his knees with Grendel still holding on to his ankle. The monster rose to his feet, still refusing to let his grasp slip. He slammed Sylo's leg down onto the steel ramp and then delivered a huge stomp to Sylo's inner knee. Chris Titan was back directing traffic.

"Get him up! Take him to the back!"

Grendel once again lifted Sylo to his feet.

HUGE uppercut by the champion!

Grendel dropped to the ramp like a sack of potatoes and now Chris Titan was left to fend for himself. Clearly, he did not want to do that at all and instead ran up the ramp towards the backstage area. There were no count outs in this match, there was no escaping. With that in mind, Sylo gave chase.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Michael Buhrman said, "we are going to try and get some cameras back there to see what's happening between these two! Wait! I'm being told that Sylo has gotten to Chris Titan and he's -- OH MY GOD!"


Sylo had just carried Chris Titan back through the curtain and tossed his challenger into the top of the jOltVision. Titan's spine bent backwards around the steel scaffolding and he plummeted a good ten feet onto the stage.

And still, The Superbeast had even more evil intentions on his mind. As he looked at the large metallic jOlt logo spinning atop the stage a smile overtook the champion's face. He snagged a reviving Chris Titan by his left forearm and pulled him into an inverted Fireman's Carry position. The entire world knew what was coming next, there was no need for Michael Buhrman to tell them but he did so anyway.

"Oh no ... oh no! He's going to hit the Systematic Shutdown onto that jOlt sign! Sylo, no! Don't do this!"

Sylo wouldn't do it, but not due to Michael Buhrman's pleads. Chris Titan managed to drive repeated elbows into the side of Sylo's face until he released the hold. Titan slipped off Sylo's shoulders and dropkicked the champion face-first right into the jOlt sign.

"HOLY HELL, MIKEY! Sylo's face just bent the jOlt logo!"

That it did, and as the champion laid on the stage recovering the crimson mask began trickling down his face. Sylo was busted open and, like a bull, the red he was seeing was only fueling his anger.


Chris Titan's lips clearly uttered the words "oh" and "shit" upon seeing the jOlt Champion climb back to his feet and lunge at him. Titan tried to block the flying lariat but it nearly took his head off anyway. Sylo was now in the driver's seat and that meant that "Plan A", as Titan put it earlier in the night, was not running smoothly.

Plan B would indeed need to be called into play, and it was with the arrival of the rest of the Backbone through the curtain. Bane Loneheart, Jason Rau, and Persephone surrounded the jOlt Champion. Sylo surveyed his surroundings and laughed. He was not impressed by the odds against him.

However, Sylo once again forgot the Backbone's great equalizer in Grendel. The stable's resident monster wasn't going to be put down by a single uppercut, regardless of what type of force was behind it. The masked behemoth closed in around Sylo as well, and now the numbers game was looking a lot better for the Backbone.

Suddenly, the jOltVision came to life with Damien Lee sitting behind his desk in the Skybox.

"GENTLEMEN! ... LADY! PLEASE! I have an announcement to make."

Chris Titan quickly found himself a microphone. "Lee, you stay the hell out of this! This is between me and Sylo!"

"I see," Damien Lee replied, "and it's also between Sylo and Grendel and Bane Loneheart and Jason Rau and Persephone and whoever the hell else it is that you call into play tonight ... isn't that also correct? It's rhetorical, Chris, no need to waste too much brain power on it.

"Here's the situation, as I see it. What's happening here right now is technically legal for this type of match, however, it slipped my mind that I had agreed to allow Sylo to use the Champion's Choice in what match type he would like to compete under. With that in mind, I pose the question to the champion now ... what do you want to do?"

Still surrounded by the Backbone, Sylo smirked at Damien Lee.

"Ah, that's right. I apologize for my lack of memory. You see, Sylo already told me what stipulation he wanted for this match. Starting immediately this match has now become a handicap match, Sylo versus the Backbone. Should ANY member of the Backbone pin or submit Sylo then Chris Titan will become jOlt Champion, HOWEVER, should Sylo pin or submit ANY member of the Backbone then the Backbone will be disbanned!"

This didn't seem right, both Chris Titan and Sylo were happy with the ruling but the odds were now stacked even higher against the Superbeast. The Backbone knew this and they sprung right into action. Arms swung wildly around the head and shoulders of the champion, now hunched over and trying to cover up his face. Chris Titan sprinted into the fray with the microphone still in his hand.


Titan bounced the microphone off the back of Sylo's head and the champion dropped to one knee. Next came the boots.

"To steal a famous quote the Backbone is stomping a mudhole in Sylo and walking it dry," Michael Buhrman exclaimed.

"Really?," questioned Nathan Powers. "Really? Really? Really? REALLY?"

Chris Titan motioned his compatriots to take a step back and covered the jOlt Champion.




Once again the Backbone bombarded Sylo with boots and fists while the champ tried to get back to his feet. Suddenly, the Arena of Champions erupted with the sight of Aria Murphy charging out of the back, along with Jimmy B. Martinez and Aran Thompson following close behind her. Sylo's allies were now joining in the fray.

Aria was quick to grab Persephone and the current and former Starlet Champions began rolling down the entrance ramp, trading punch after punch when either of them managed to gain the mounted position. Aran Thompson, who came up just short of winning the Relentless Championship for a third time, took on Bane Loneheart. Jimmy B. Martinez, luckier than Aran Thompson in his Flyweight Championship match, squared off with Jason Rau. That left Sylo to take on Grendel and Chris Titan, odds he very much favored to what he was just offered.

"This is complete anarchy!" Michael Buhrman was just as shocked as the rest of the Arena of Champions observers.

Sylo sent a straight punch directly into Grendel's mouth, jerking the monster's head back. But Grendel replied with a punch of his own and now the two behemoths were going punch-for-punch while Chris Titan looked on in amusement. The challenger to Sylo's jOlt Championship headed towards the crowd. He leaned over the guard wall, shoving fans out of his way, and grabbed a folding chair from a child that was seated in the front row. The young boy's father began yelling at Titan, which the Backbone leader laughed off ... right in the man's face. He threatened the protective parent with a chair shot but decided to save that idea for the champion.

Back on the stage, the melee had remained paired off into twos. At this point, Persephone and Aria Murphy had managed to brawl their way to the curtain and the two Starlets disappeared backstage. Bane Loneheart gained the upper-hand on the already battle beaten Aran Thompson, a man that had faced his own impossible odds against Jonathan Conspiracy when The Jury aligned itself with the new Relentless Champion. Loneheart dropped Aran onto the stage with a vicious DDT and immediately ran at Sylo. The mission was clear, at all costs Chris Titan was to win the jOlt Championship.


Sylo managed to shove Grendel back with his big boot and launch Bane Loneheart into the air, cathing his head on his way down with a huge knee. Bane Loneheart was out cold.

But Grendel wasn't and he drove a hard elbow right into Sylo's jaw, rocking the jOlt Champion and allowing Chris Titan to slam that steel chair he was wielding right into Sylo's forehead.


The blood that was trickling down Sylo's face after being driven into the jOlt sign was now pouring out thanks to that chair shot. Busted wide open, the jOlt Champion was dazed and it was time to strike. It was time to enact "Plan A" and Chris Titan began wildly waving to the back.

"This is it, Mike, Titan's army is about to take over jOlt! What are we going to do?!"

"Never Scared" by Bone Crusher.

Chris Titan was overjoyed, a rare emotion to see the Backbone leader emit. His army had arrived. His army was here to overtake jOlt and make Chris Titan the king. His army was ... one man.

That man.

Michael Buhrman said what everyone else was thinking. "Is that ... is that Lusus? Lusus is back in jOlt?!"

Chris Titan's jaw dropped. Someone must be playing some cruel joke on him. His army couldn't have been Lusus. At least not just Lusus. He had been promised an army of invaders and while Lusus was definitely more than most men in girth alone, he was no army. That's exactly what Titan said to him when he asked Lusus where the rest of the guys were and his reply was simple.

"I'm the Lusus Army."

"You're the bacon army," Titan snidely replied, "You're walking diabetes, where the hell is MY ARMY?!"

"I AM YOUR ARMY! Let's kick some Superbeast ass!"

Sylo was now getting back to his feet, although he was still a bit groggy from the chair shot. The Superbeast wiped blood out of his eyes ... then wiped again because he clearly thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He soon found that no tricks were being played, there was a large and rotund man barreling towards him. Sylo drove a heel into the big man's ample midsection and then set him up in a powerbomb position. After a signature hand motion the whole world knew what was coming next.




"Well," Nathan Powers stated, "that didn't last long."

"Sylo just powerbombed the debuting "Lusus Army" straight to hell!"

"Yeah," Nathan Powers interjected, "three damn times."

The Superbeast was amped up and catching his second wind, this did not bode well for Chris Titan.

Titan, chair still in hand, began directing traffic again and ordered Jason Rau and Grendel to stop Sylo. The two Backbone members instantly sprung to action, coming in between the jOlt Champion and his challenger. But this did nothing to deter the Superbeast. His next victim was Jason Rau ...


The sheer force with which Jason Rau hit the stage made it seem as if the jOlt Champion had snapped the Backbone member's neck in two. Next up was Grendel. He had been the only man to slow the Superbeast down thus far and was looking to do the same again. The two mammoths began to trade huge right hands once again, brawling down the ramp towards the ring where Chris Titan had just retreated.

Now at ringside, Grendel managed to get the advantage and drove Sylo's face into the ring post. The Backbone's monster rolled the Superbeast into the ring to a waiting Chris Titan.

"PICK HIM UP!" Titan shouted while readying the steel chair.






Out of nowhere a switch flipped in Sylo and he violently shoved Grendel away. Chris Titan, just about to drive a chair into Sylo's face once again, took a step back in awe.

Titan then charged the Superbeast with the steel chair but Sylo ran right at the Backbone leader himself.


"It's over, Mike! It has got to be over!"

"Sylo is going for the cover!"




The pinfall attempt was broken up by Grendel at the last possible moment and Chris Titan's jOlt Championship dreams were saved. The Superbeast was livid. A wild and unyielding attack caught Grendel off-guard and allowed the jOlt Champion to snatch the monster's arm.


"Sylo has Grendel locked in the No Escape! If Grendel taps out then Sylo retains the title!"

But Grendel wouldn't tap out ...


Because Jonathan Conspiracy emerged from the crowd with his Relentless Championship in-hand and drove it directly into Sylo's temple. The battle weary Superbeast slouched over onto the canvas, releasing his hold on Grendel. JCON saw his opportunity and went for the pinfall.

"NOOO!" cried Chris Titan, charging Mr. One Letter Better. Having done the exact same thing to Sylo at Divide & Conquer, Titan knew how devastating it could be to the man that just battle his heart out against the Superbeast. Seeing Titan coming at him, JCON quickly slid out of the ring and headed up the ramp to the back.

"What are you doing?!" Titan screamed. "We're supposed to be on the same side!"

"Ain't no sides when the title is on the line," JCON replied. "Only one man on top of the mountain!"

The words rang through Titan's head and he realized that there was a semi-unconscious Superbeast laying just inches away from him. He instantly dropped for the cover.




"This is incredible," Buhrman exclaimed, "just how much punishment can Sylo take?! Is he even human?!"

"He's not human ... he's the goddamn Superbeast, Mike!"

Chris Titan could not believe it. There he sat next to Sylo, who was still lying on his back in the middle of the ring after sustaining an attack from a half dozen people. Titan sat there next to the jOlt Champion in frustration, wondering just what it would take to keep the Superbeast down. Watching Sylo slowly get to his feet, Chris Titan measured the jOlt Champion up. He had to pull out all the stops now. He snagged Sylo's head in a snapmare position and swung forward, sweeping the champ's legs out from under him an ddriving him face-first into the canvas. A snapmare driver that Chris Titan had dubbed ...


He dropped down over Sylo with barely enough strength to hook the champion's leg.




Titan closed his eyes and shook his head, utterly confused and physicaly drained from battle. Sylo rolled out of the ring in an attempt to regain his breath and dust out some cobwebs from his head. Titan, meanwhile, slid out on the opposite side of the ring and went directly for the time keeper's table where he picked up the Legacy Championship. With the title belt in his hands, he slid back into the ring and walked across to where Sylo was hunched over at ringside. Titan slid back out and lined the jOlt Champion up. He was going to take Sylo's most coveted treasure and use it to defeat him. The plan was brilliant if only for the shot to Sylo's pride and not the face full of gold and precious gems.

But it backfired. Sylo saw the Legacy Championship in his peripheral and something inside him ignited. He caught the title just before it caught his face, and he ripped it out of Titan's hands. The challenger quickly protected his face in expectation of a championship belt being driven straight through it ... but that did not happen. Sylo refused to sully the Legacy Championship. In fact, he placed the title belt on the nearby ringsteps and instead grabbed Chris Titan by the scruff of his neck. He launched the Backbone's leader into the guard wall, then grabbed him again.

All the way up the entrance ramp Sylo slammed fists and elbows into Chris Titan's neck and back. Now, back on the stage Sylo had Titan hooked in a suplex position at the very edge. He called out to the Arena of Champions. "S! S!"

Two letters that meant so much more than the sum of their parts. The Superbeast lifted Chris Titan high into the air and that's when it happened.


Sylo tossed Titan off the side of the stage with the most devastating of his manuevers. This match was over. All that was left was for Sylo to hop down and cover Chris Titan for the three-count. But ... he didn't. Instead, the Superbeast surveyed the entire stage area. His eyes stopped at the jOltVision and the fans went ballistic.

"I can't believe this," Michael Buhrman said, "he's climbing the jOltVision. Sylo is climbing up the side of the jOltVision!"

"What in the hell is he thinking?!"

With the jOlt Champion halfway up the tron his challenger began to pull himself up using a nearby equipment box. He looked around for the champion, going as far as to ask the referee if he had lost the match. Darius Underwood assured Titan he had not lost but that he should look up. So Titan did ...

... and with the Arena of Champions he shared a collective gasp.



"OH MY GOD! Sylo just Moonsaulted off the jOltVision and onto that high voltage equipment where Titan was laying! We need to get somebody out here to make sure both these men are still breathing!"

The electrical boxes popped a few more times as referee Darius Underwood attempted, and failed, to navigate the sparking wires. jOlt's head referee gave up his quest within seconds, not wanting to get electrocuted himself. Meanwhile, Grendel had hopped down into the wiring himself and was attempting to dig Chris Titan out of the mess. He lifted the Backbone leader onto his shoulders and began carrying him back up the ramp and towards the back.

"GRENDEL!" Sylo screamed while tossing wires off of his huge frame, "THIS IS NOT OVER!"

The jOlt Champion climbed back on top of the stage, blood running down his face and limping a bit from the fall. He pointed at Grendel. "Put him down. NOW! This ends tonight!"

But Grendel has made his decision and continued to walk towards the curtain with Chris Titan still slung over his shoulder. Sylo wasted no time and immediately ran after the duo. The carnage around the entrance stage looked like a warzone with bodies laying everywhere.

Just as the last two semi-standing members of the Backbone had gotten to the curtain, however, the jOlt Champion had caught up with them. He grabbed Titan and yanked the Backbone leader off of Grendel's shoulders. Titan's body hit the stage with a loud thud and the two monsters shared a staredown.

"He doesn't leave here until this match is over," Sylo told the monster Grendel but he would receive no verbal response. Grendel looked upon the man he was now following as a Backbone member and noticed that Titan was stirring. Knowing what he had to do next, Grendel stepped right into Sylo's face so close that the blood still flowing from Sylo's forehead smeared across Grendel's brown leather mask.

"This is it for us," Sylo said matter-of-factly. "Now we see who is the better monster."

Grendel smiled. Titan lunged forward with all the strength he had left.



The Backbone's monster looked on, as even Sylo was taken aback by his actions. However, the Superbeast still knew what was on the line and while Titan tried to tamp out the fire that was still flickering on his face, Sylo made the cover.




EMTs and jOlt workers rushed Chris Titan and put him out with fire extinguishers. Sylo turned back but found that Grendel had vanished. The Superbeast was handed his jOlt and Legacy Championships, which he sung over each shoulder but never took his focus off of Chris Titan.

Sylo had fought many, many behemoths in his day and many, many cunning strategists. He had not, however, ever faced a man that brought the fight to him as much as Chris Titan did. He put the Superbeast through hell and back, unleashing a small army against him. He busted Sylo wide open and nearly defeated him more than once. And so Sylo looked on at a man whose own monster turned on him, something Sylo himself was very familiar with if only internally. He had won and he had forced the disbanning of the Backbone. The ominous warning Mike Extreme received was now prophetic ...

... The Backbone was broken. And the Superbeast still reigned supreme. On a night where titles were retained and lost, The SuperBeast had come up with it all and Chris Titan was left with nothing.

All or Nothing faded to black.

Winner: Sylo via Pinfall