"Welcome to Breakdown"

The city sleeps in the nighttime sky. As the time lapses, lights burn out, the streaking of cars becomes less apparent, and it becomes like a vacant iron jungle.

BREAKDOWN, screamed Ben Burnley from Breaking Benjaming as their song "Breakdown" hit the video feed. When BREAKDOWN was screamed, the city simulatenously collapsed into a pile of rubble. The dust cloud expanded over the waters of a surrounding channel. When the dust cloud hit the screen, we were transitioned into the arena with the song still playing.

The stage looked simplistic, yet detailed. There were two big grey brick walls to the left and right of the jOltvision. The Breakdown logo was spraypainted in grafitti style on the walls. The walls themselves were jagged and broken with randon bricks missing. The broken bricks laid at the foot of the walls in crumbled piles. Sticking out of the walls were iron poles and some even had wires hanging and dangling from them.

The wires began to spark and crackle on each side of the jOltvision. After enough sparks, the metal, jagged poles started to spark with pyro randomly. Then, pyro exploded on each side of the jOltvision from the top going down and from the bottom going up. When the pyro met in the middle, it switched directions.

Finally, one big pyro explosion hit on the main stage and the camera zoomed around the arena at the cheering fans. 20,000 strong were on hand for Breakdown tonight as we wasted no time in getting to the opening contest.

The House vs Trouble

Now was the time.

After weeks of hype and for the first time since January, The House would be making their triumphant return to jOlt. The former two time Tag Team Champions had been laying low ever since a personal spat involved Adam Roebuck permanently injuring their former adversaries, Red and Ted. Charlotte was last seen when her own rival, Sarah Winterton, slammer her arm in a car door and made her miss several months.

The boys (and girl) were back in town!

The members of Trouble – Duzza, Khadafi, and Statuz Quo – were all incredibly pissed off that they felt they were ignored in favor of the former champions return and made it their mission to spoil their return. Nobody had seen hide nor hair of the House and nobody knew how they would react upon their return. Had their issues been hammered out or were they still showing any sort of tension?

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg played. The mock police car flashes continued to move as the jOltvision screens offered a literal collage of Street Brawling & Guerilla Tactics waged against both the unwary & unworthy. The masses booed heavily as the tandem of Khadafi & Statuz Quo took command of the entrance staging area. The Hawaiian Holocaust adamantly beat his chest with a lone fist as A-Town Assassin flashed “Peace Up. A-Town Down’ with his hands, the unsavory stepped aside as their incomparable manager, Duzza, strutted out from the back to make his presence known.

“Cut that music!” Duzza shouted vociferously.

The crowd was booing while Khadafi and Statuz Quo walked slowly on either side of him yelling separate obscenities to the crowd.

“All we’ve been hearin’ about for weeks are these dumb-ass mothafuckas called The House… two more overweight, roided-out middle-aged pricks trying to relive their glory days! For months, my boys and I have been ignored, but we aren’t goin’ to sit on the sidelines! From what I hear, Adam Roebuck got extra gross and he’s floatin’ ‘round eight thousand pounds or some fuckin’ shit! He ain’t nothin’!”

His boys shared a laugh as he dapped fists with one another.

“That musclebound retard, Derrick Huber, he’s a fuckin’ joke, too! Comin’ out here, tryin’ to be everybody’s friend when he can’t even save his friend from gettin’ whacked or saving his wife from getting’ her arm broken by Sarah Winterton! Last I remember anyway, Roebuck was hulkin’ out and shit, cappin’ everybody in his path fightin’ with his friends! Ain’t no way they’s gonna get in our way! Khadafi and Quo got this shit, then we’re comin’ after them Tag Team Titles! We gonna TAKE our shot tonight and take out these old pieces of shit!”

Quo and Khadafi each stepped into the ring while Duzza hammed it up for the crowd a little more right here tonight at Breakdown.

“House, this is a young man’s game now and y’all mothafuckas ain’t playin’ with a full deck if y’all think you gettin’ past my boys tonight!”

He tossed the microphone aside and he motioned to his allies. Quo was doing some shadow boxing and Khadafi was hopping in place. He was ready for a fight and if The House was coming back he would definitely be getting one.

The crowd came alive with anticipation. The House had been among some of the more beloved groups in wrestling demonstrating a true bond between husband and wife as well as best friends through thick and thin. Did the problems that leave The House crippled when they vanished in January go away or would they be competing as a House divided?

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

It was time to find out.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

“The Queen of Hearts” Charlotte.

A VERY LOUD ovation was given to the former two-time Tag team champions as they appeared on the stage for the first time in months and if there were any cracks in the foundation of The House before, they didn’t appear to be here now.

The obese fan favorite Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the former jOlt Starlets Champion Charlotte had her hands raised by both men.

< Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!.. They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

The viewing crowd in attendance were loud for Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck each shared a passing glance and a silent nod. Whatever issues the two men had several months ago appeared to have been worked out between them. Charlotte looked to be in good health as well despite having her arm repeatedly slammed in a car door several months ago by Winterton.

“Baby, you got this!”

The Huber family shared knowing winks with each other and Roebuck turned his attention to the task at hand. An apathetic Khadafi was up first for his team while Derrick Huber looked eager for a fight.


The chants were deafening for the returning former two-time Tag Team Champions as they waited for Khadafi to make the first move. Adam Roebuck started the match for his team against the brawler from Hawaii. When he tried to grab Roebuck the Las Vegas Leviathan simply shoved him backwards. Roebuck was in the same mood that he always was – surly and not to be messed with.

Khadafi stood up and second time and dusted himself off before bumrushing the giant this time around. He swung at him with more right hands but they only seemed to incense him even further. Khadafi foolishly tried to whip the monster but The Big Bucks was just too strong for that and he whipped Khadafi right over the ropes and sent him crashing hard onto the floor below.

The Hawaiian Headhunter was now doubled over in pain holding his ribs while Duzza shouted profusely at his man to get back up and represent his team. The Jury had told the world they were not fans of the big monsters coming back and wanted to spoil their reunion with a win over the former multi-time tag champions here at Breakdown.

Khadafi regrouped and headed into the ring just as Statuz Quo made a quick blind tag behind him so he could blindside the Las Vegas Leviathan. Khadafi charged with a boot to the sagging gut of the monster and Quo followed up behind him two stiff fists to the jaw. He continued landing body blows to the monster before both men whipped him to the ropes. Roebuck bounced off the ropes and broke right through their double clothesline attempt so that he could come back and completely bulldoze through them with two clotheslines of his own! Roebuck roared aloud and the crowd was loving it.


More chants echoed loudly as Khadafi cleared the ring while Quo was yanked to his feet by Adam Roebuck. The Big Bucks growled and tagged into Derrick Huber allowing the Las Vegas Strongman to get some action in the ring. Derrick Huber had grown himself a nice thick mustache since he was last seen about three months ago and rubbed hands through it before Quo was launched into the strongman. Quo was about two-forty but lifted easily by the three-hundred pound gorilla and paraded around the ring. Huber then fell backwards as he launched The A-Town Assassin with an incredible overhead belly to belly suplex!

Huber dusted himself off now and got back to his feet while a hurt Quo rolled back to the corner. Huber charged at him and nearly broke the brawler in half with a running spear in the corner that drove the wind right out of him. Quo fell to his side and the crowd knew what was coming next. Derrick had a big shit-eating grin on his face and charged from one side of the ring and headed right back to Quo in the form of a cannonball senton…


The weight of Derrick Huber nearly crushed Quo. He was feeling the pain now when Huber pulled him away from the corner. He attempted a quick cover now…



Quo with the shoulder up!

Derrick and Adam weren’t showing any signs of ring rust so far. Derrick forced Quo back into the corner where Roebuck tagged in again. The monster of a man climbed into the ring while Derrick held Quo up against the ropes. Roebuck got his hand ready and the fans were cheering for another move about to come next…


Four amazingly brutal open handed chops each connected with the chest of Statuz Quo and the impact brought him to his very knees. He limped across the ring while an angry Duzza remained on the outside muttering more obscenities under his breath. His boys were getting shown up by the returning brutes from Las Vegas! Charlotte was playing to the crowd and keeping them engaged with a wave of the hands. It also helped that she was dressed in a skimpy black and blue costume (that was a black leather top with blue floral patterns and black leather shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination.)

The Las Vegas Leviathan now rolled Quo over to the corner and was looking to set him up for some kind of Vader bomb splash in the corner. The big beast from Las Vegas got himself ready to jump when Quo rolled out of the ring. The A-Town Assassin rolled out underneath the ropes, but Roebuck simply stepped off the ropes and grabbed him by the neck in order to toss him back inside the ring.

Trouble was looking like they were very much in trouble as Roebuck ran forward and crush him with a big splash against the corner. Quo was hurt Roebuck let him fall to his knees again. He seemed to be taking his time laying some hurt on the men who had been talking trash about them for weeks prior to this match. Roebuck picked him up and the Irish whip led to him ducking down too early which allowed Quo to finally get one up on the Big Bucks with a sliding uppercut to the jaw. Quo rolled away from him and tagged Khadafi back into the fight.

The Hawaiian Headhunter was all over Roebuck like a dog on a freshly-cooked slab of steak. He laid into Adam with some big right hands only for Adam to push him back into the corner of Trouble. Roebuck charged again only this time, Khadafi was ready for him. He landed a big kick to the face and the tag was made again to Quo.

Statuz Quo and Khadafi were a united front against the monster from Las Vegas. Quo jumped onto his back and applied a sleeper hold which allowed Khadafi to chop the big man down to size with a running football tackle to the knee. Roebuck let a howl of pain out of his mouth as he doubled over to the ground while Quo adjusted himself and drove the Big Bucks down with a sharp Double Arm DDT.

Derrick Huber and Charlotte didn’t appear to be having fun any more as evidenced by the looks on their faces while Statuz Quo stood over the fallen giant now. The beast that stood six-seven and over four-fifty got chopped down to size by Trouble and now they were controlling the match. Quo tagged out to Khadafi once again and the two men started taking turns stomping the life out of Roebuck. The Big Bucks tried to sit up and shake them off only for the two men to run off opposite ends of the ring and connect with a pair of kicks to either side of his head. Adam slumped over and Khadafi covered the Big Bucks.



Roebuck pushed Khadafi right off him and Khadafi was no small man. The beast wasn’t taking things lying down in the most literal of terms, but the Hawaiian Headhunter wasn’t going to sit back and let him. He went right at him some more with a series of crossface-like punches to wear the Las Vegas Leviathan down and then followed it up with a big jumping knee drop to the top of the bearded man’s head. Huber showed some concern for his long time best friend as the brawling continued. Khadafi had one arm wrapped around the large Roebuck’s throat while he reached over and tagged out to Statuz Quo.

The moves that were used by Quo and Khadafi more represented a straight-up mugging than much wrestling acumen but as a duo who had given headaches to the Heirs of Wrestling and others in the past, they could definitely get it done in the ring. Khadafi charged and hit the running big boot to get The Big Bucks on his back and Quo followed that up with a flying double stomp that he affectionately called THE A-TOWN STOMP~!



Close, but no cigar!

Trouble had been working over Roebuck in the last couple of minutes and Derrick Huber was itching to get himself into the ring to start taking care of some business. Charlotte was running around the outside area near The House’s corner continuing to get the crowd going. Even if she weren’t there, the fans had respected The House for all they’d achieved in the tag ranks as two-time champions who had even main evented shows and PPVs with the belts.

Despite all the punishment he had eaten, the Las Vegas Leviathan sat him back up and fired off two big forearms to the head of Quo that knocked down the A-Town Assassin. Roebuck stood up and charged off the ropes looking to connect with a running splash that would’ve spelled curtains for him had Quo not rolled out of the way! Quo rolled over and yet again, the tag was made out to Khadafi who jumped to the second rope and flew off with a diving headbutt that surely rocked Roebuck. The Hawaiian Headhunter covered the big man for the third time in the last few minutes.



Only to get thrown off again. Roebuck knew he needed to get to his tag team partner and Khadafi knew he couldn’t let that happen. He picked him up off the ground and elbowed him a few more times in the face. He then set him up as he was going for his finishing move called Break Yo Neck, an inverted overdrive. Khadafi had him in position when Roebuck suddenly found a burst of life and pushed him away. Khadafi came running back at him when Roebuck scooped him up and connected with a spine-jarring running powerslam!

Roebuck had crushed Khadafi with the big move and that was now allowing him the time he needed to get to the corner. Charlotte was slapping the apron in hectic fashion while the Sin City Strongman was ready to get into action. He held out his hand and reached out to Roebuck who crawled over to his corner and extended a hand of his own. The tag was made!

Tags were made on both sides of the ring for both men. Khadafi made his own last-ditch effort to make it over to Statuz Quo and now Derrick Huber was in the ring. The strongman from Sin City wasted no time in bulldozing right through the smaller Quo with a running shoulder block that knocked him several feet away just from the sheer impact. Huber grabbed the top cable and stomped down on the ground as the fans started to chant loudly for The House now!


The fans made some noise as Huber picked up Quo by the legs and scanned the crowd. They knew what was coming next and if he could hit this next move it would not be good for Quo or Trouble as a whole. He grabbed him by the legs and started to make with the giant swinging goodness in a move called


He kept on swinging Quo around in multiple rotations!

He reached five….

And then he reached ten…

And then FIFTEEN!!!

He let Quo fall on the canvas and now he was hurt in a very bad way! He went over to pick up Quo off the ground after recovering from spinning around so many times and looked to set him in the corner for his signature muscle buster called the Odds Are Against You only for Khadafi to jump back into the ring and blast him with a running elbow to the skull. He dropped Quo and now all parties were in the ring trying to get the drop on each other.

Roebuck headed back inside the ring and gave Khadafi hell by charging at him and flattening him with a right hook. Khadafi was stunned and that’s when Huber and Roebuck each set him up for a running double splash! They crushed him in between seven-hundred and seventy-seven pounds of force and he dropped like a bad habit. Quo charged back at Huber and went for a few right hands. He tried to connect with his modified STO that he called the Ether, but Huber stopped him cold with a few elbows to the back of the head. Both Huber and Roebuck nodded to the crowd and they knew what was coming next. Roebuck powered him up with a full nelson and Huber caught him in the powerbomb position before they finished things.


The innovative double team powerbomb nearly shook the ring from all of that impact! Roebuck kept watch for any more dirty tricks that Trouble could pull off as Huber covered Statuz Quo.




This marked a triumphant return to active duty in jOlt for The House! Charlotte jumped for joy at ringside and climbed into the ring to jump right into her massive husband’s arms. The referee raised Huber’s free arm and Roebuck’s arm to signify the winners of this hard-fought return for The House.

Duzza was beside himself on the outside of the ring tending to Khadafi as he patted him on the shoulders. Quo was hurt and didn’t move after taking BUST and nearly having his spine rattled.

The former two time tag champions celebrated with the cheering fans. Huber set his wife down on the ground and the threesome raised each other’s arms while Derrick had a loud message that would surely reverberate through the locker room.

“We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!”

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Reintroduction to Mayhem"

The opening match had just concluded and The House had made their triumphant return to jOlt Wrestling! And in just moments, the fans would be treated to even more action in the form of Jesse Ramey facing "The Colossus" Spike Saunders in a steel cage. But standing backstage right now was the always gorgeous Dawn Cassidy standing in front of the jOlt interview backdrop. She was standing near a computer conveniently placed on a pedestal.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us here in the arena and those of you watching at home for our Breakdown event! You have been loud all evening and you have been sending in your thoughts on the jOlt Wrestling Facebook and Twitter pages! It’s very good to have The House and Charlotte back in jOlt wrestling and..." She stopped to look at the laptop. "Yes! If you check it out, we’ve got THE HOUSE trending right now!”

Another cheer from the crowd in attendance for the return of the super heavyweight tag team.

“For those of you who haven’t had the chance to do so just yet, if you aren’t at home or just have to step away for a few minutes, you don’t have to miss any part of this action! You, too, can still join in the conversation and don't have to miss a second of this PPV by getting your hands on the jOlt Wrestling app for your Android or Apple device!”

Dawn held up her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for the camera.

“On this handy-dandy device, all you have to do is go click on the Google Play Store and go download the jOlt Wrestling app! Just go he…”

The gorgeous interview clicked on the link and held it out for the camera, but when she did, a meaty hand grabbed her by the wrist. She dropped the phone on the ground and watched it smash into tiny pieces as the camera moved over…


The crowd reaction got dark in a hurry and the fans booed loudly for the man calling himself jOlt’s Last Real Man as he stopped Dawn Cassidy in her tracks.


Cassidy hesitated out of fear as Ryan took another step closer.


She let out a scream and took off in the opposite direction leaving jOlt’s Last Real Man all alone on the set.


He took the laptop and SMASHED that shit on the ground like it was his version of a Lonely Island video! Ryan kicked over the stand that the laptop had been placed on before he stopped to pick up the microphone that Dawn had left behind. The booing only got worse the second that he placed the mic to his lips. Jeremy gritted his teeth and gave a once-over to the set he just destroyed.

“In case you didn’t see Countdown, I’d like to reintroduce myself. My name is Jeremy Ryan. I am the Last Real Man in jOlt…”

One more glare of the set he just crushed.


He let the microphone drop at his feet before he walked away.

Message received.

Jesse Ramey vs Spike Saunders

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood outside of the ring, instead of his typical position in the center. A stage cage lowered from the ceiling and surrounded the ring. Ring technicians began putting locking it in place as Arnold continued, “the following contest is a cage match, and the only way to win is by either escaping the cage by going over the top rope and both feet touching the ground or escape through the cage door.”

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown blasted throughout the arena, the fans all came to their feet as the Anti-Star quickly emerged from the backstage area and burst toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey quickly stopped as he got to the ring; he looked the steel structure over, before making his way to the entrance steps. Ramey slowly made his way up the steps, and entered the ring through the cage door. Ramey stood for a moment in the center of the ring, before making his way to a corner and his music began to die down.

The fans in the arena buzzed with excitement until “The End is Coming” by Sevendust began to haunt the airwaves within the arena. The lights dropped out completely and a dimly lit spotlight shined down on the center of the entrance stage as Citizen slowly emerged from the backstage area, walking closely behind him was the colossal giant, Spike Saunders.

Citizen stopped at the top of the stage and produced a microphone from within his trench coat. He brought the microphone to his lips and waited for the music to die down, and then the familiar vocalized voice began to ring throughout the arena causing chills to pop up on the fans arenas from wall to wall.

“Brad Arnold,” Citizen may have very well been the first person to ever address the Jolt ring announcer, “we’ll take it from here.”

Citizen and Saunders began slowly making their way toward the ring.

“Weighing in tonight at,” Citizen paused, “you know it doesn’t even matter. Spike Saunders, the colossus of the ring, is bigger, stronger, and will easily defeat you inside of that ring, Ramey.”

“This man has been held down in this business for far too long,” Citizen continued, “always held down by the likes of men like you, Ramey. You could have easily given him a break many times over, in the various companies that the two of you have been involved in over the years. Tonight is a culmination of years of pent up rage and aggression, and the total destruction of the Anti-Star.”

Citizen lowered his microphone, dropping it to the mats surrounding the ring; Saunders had made his way up the steps and into the ring. An official outside of the ring chained and locked the door to the outside, and the bell quickly rang signaling the beginning of the match.


Saunders quickly rushed toward the corner where Ramey was standing, but the Anti-Star sidestepped the bigger man sending him chest first into the turnbuckle. Saunders quickly turned, only to catch several stiff sidekicks to the side of his right leg.

Saunders reached out, placing the palm of his hand on Ramey’s head, and shoved him backward into the ring. Saunders went to approach, but Ramey quickly darted toward him nailing him in the right leg with a falling dropkick. The move caused Saunders’ leg to buckle as he dropped to one knee.

Ramey quickly jumped back to his feet, and found his way to being right in front of Saunders. Ramey then began driving sidekicks into his arms. Ramey delivered one stiff kick into the side of Saunders’ head, causing him to raise his arms in defense, and then Ramey began driving stiff kicks into Saunders’ sides. As Saunders lowered his arms back down Ramey darted toward the ropes, coming off, and jumping over Saunders’ head, catching it on the way down dropping him to the mats with flipping neckbreaker variant.

Ramey took little time jumping back to his feet and darting toward the nearest turnbuckle. Ramey scaled his way to the top of the turnbuckle turned, took a moment at the downed body of Saunders, and then leapt from the turnbuckle. Ramey landed square on his back in the center of the ring, Saunders rolled out of the way of his senton dive attempt.

The fans all groaned as Ramey hit the canvas, but Saunders pushed his way up off of the mats. Saunders shook off the onslaught of kicks that Ramey had landed on him, grabbed Ramey by the hair, and lifted him back to his feet. Saunders picked Ramey up and tossed him over his shoulder. The colossus ran toward the ropes and smashed Ramey’s face off of the steel cage.

As Ramey’s face connected with the steel Saunders released him, Ramey shot backward off of Saunders’ shoulder and landed a few paces behind the big man. Saunders quickly turned a few times and brought Ramey back down to the canvas with a discus clothesline. The move looked as though it would have taken any normal man out of his boots, but Ramey’s back planted with the ring and Saunders sauntered over toward the door in which he had entered the ring.

“Open the door!” Saunders shouted, and an official jumped onto the ring steps and began unlocking the chains.

Saunders waited impatiently as the official finally pulled the lock from the chain holding the door closed shut to the cage. As the official was pulling the chain from the door, however, Saunders was blindsided from behind with a clothesline. The maneuver didn’t do much, other than look like it pissed off the giant of a man. Saunders quickly turned swinging his elbow back in the direction that the clothesline had come from, but Ramey ducked under the attempt.

Ramey quickly ducked between the ropes and made his way through the steel cage door and out onto the ring steps. As Saunders turned to see Ramey had exited the ring, he quickly tried to follow pursuit. Ramey had no intentions of winning the match though; he waited until Saunders’ head was positioned perfectly between the door to the cage and the cage itself. Ramey grabbed hold of the steel cage door and slammed it shut on Saunders head.

Saunders staggered back through the ropes clinching his head from the pain of the blow. Ramey entered back into the ring and began climbing the turnbuckle as the official locked the door back shut. Saunders had made his way back to the center of the ring, and as he turned back around he saw Ramey flying at him. This time the Anti-Star was able to hit his mark, as he landed a perfectly missile dropkick right to the face of Saunders.

The fans were beginning to lose their shit at this point. Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet and shot toward the ropes. Ramey dropped into a roll, came back up to his feet, and planted a rolling senton across the chest of Saunders.

Stroke of Attitude!

Ramey wasn’t finished though as he hit the move, he quickly got right back to his feet, and jumped into the air once more planting Saunders with a standing moonsault. The fans in the arena continued to cheer excessively until Ramey tried to lift the much bigger man back to his feet, a look of rage shot across the face of Saunders, as he grabbed Ramey by around his neck in a headlock, then brought a huge knee lift up into his midsection.

The fans could see the wind exiting Ramey’s body, but Saunders wasn’t ready to stop, he grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm and shot him across the ring. Ramey bounced off of the ropes, and upon approach Saunders swung a huge clothesline in his direction. Ramey ducked under the clothesline attempt and then continued on toward the opposing ropes. Ramey bounced off, but as he came back through he was dropping back down to the canvas with a huge big boot from the monster of a man.

Saunders stepped over Ramey’s body and yelled for the door to be opened once more. As the official was making his way onto the steel steps, however, Ramey locked onto his leg. The official waited seeing this, and then dropped back down the floor as Saunders turned his attention back to Ramey. Saunders reached down, grabbing Ramey by the hair and pulled him back to his feet.

As soon as Ramey was back to his feet though, he shot his arms up between Saunders and jumped to deliver a stiff forearm shot to the side of Saunders head. Ramey quickly turned and jumped nailing Saunders in the face with a backflip kick to the head. Saunders looks staggered as Ramey did his best to get back to his feet as quickly as he could and ran toward the ropes.

Saunders took a few steps forward, but Ramey leapt onto the ropes, spring boarding back and planting Saunders down to the canvas with a tornado DDT.

The Hangover!

Ramey slowly made his way back to his feet as the fans in the arena continued to cheer for him. Ramey looked at the downed Saunders, then toward the steel cage, and then the eruption happened. Ramey groggily made his way over to the steel and began climbing. Ramey inched his way toward the top of the cage, all the while the fans in attendance continued to cheer as Saunders lay motionless inside of the ring.

Ramey straddled the top of the cage, and the fans were all chanting wanting to see him exit the ring, but Ramey looked back into the ring at the downed body of Saunders and a smile crossed his face. Ramey perched himself on the top of the steel cage, balanced himself, and then flipped back into the ring. The arena grew silent.


Culture Development!

That was the sound of the Anti-Star’s body crashing down on top of the colossus with an asai moonsault. The hush in the arena turned back to cheering loudly.


Both Ramey and Saunders lay in the moment for a large amount of time motionless. After that time passed though, both men began stirring. Slowly making their way to their feet, Ramey swung a punch toward Saunders’ midsection, but a brawling contest was not something the Anti-Star wanted to get into with Spike Saunders.

Saunders grabbed Ramey by the hair and delivered a devastating headbutt that rocked Ramey to his core. Saunders then lifted Ramey into the air in a gorilla press; Saunders pumped Ramey into the air a few times, before turning toward the steel cage. Saunders launched Ramey toward the steel cage like a javelin.

Saunders was stunned at what happened though, and so were the fans. Ramey grabbed hold of the cage, only mere inches from the top of the steel structure. Saunders rushed toward the cage, but it was too late. Ramey was already at the top and making his way over to scale down the side of the cage.

Saunders then rushed toward the steel cage door, yelling at the official to open it, but by the time he had the lock undone Ramey’s feet had already planted outside of the ring. Citizen had already made his way up the entrance ramp as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown blasted throughout the arena once more, and Saunders was left inside of the ring kicking himself for the move he had just pulled.

“The winner of the match via escaping the cage, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY” Arnold announced as the fans in the arena were buzzing once more. The steel cage began being lifted from around the ring, when the microphone that Citizen had dropped before the match started caught Ramey’s eye.

Ramey tapped the microphone, and hearing that it was still active, he quickly rolled back into the ring.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Escape

"Unscripted Chaos"

With the cage fully lifted from around the ring Ramey made his way to the center of the ring, and sat down in the center Indian style. A few ring techs outside looked confused at what was going on inside of the ring, while the commentators were setting up for the next match, while being confused as well at why Ramey was still in the ring.

“That’s the bad thing about leaving an open microphone just laying around for anyone to pick up.” Ramey stated with a chuckle, “As you can tell from the weird looks I’m getting around the ring right now this wasn’t planned, wasn’t on the script for the evening.”

“It’s a stacked card this evening; a lot of us weren’t allotted an amount of time to cut a promo before our matches.” Ramey paused for a minute, still trying to catch his breath. “Thing is though, they’ll make time for other people to get air time before their matches.”

“Like Aran Thompson,” Ramey laughed, “he’ll definitely get some air time tonight. They have to give him air though, so that they can make sure he is truly over with you guys before he steps foot into the ring with Landon Stevens this evening.”

“Lord knows they couldn’t put an already viable face in the ring with Landon Stevens to defend his championship on a pay-per-view. They had to take a heel and do their best to turn him face hoping that all of you would buy into their little song and dance.”

A few men at ringside holding clipboards with papers on them and wearing headset were shouting inside of the ring.

“Guys,” Ramey turned his attention to the men around the ring, “calm down. Everyone here knows this is a live pay-per-view. They are paying for a three hour live show, and know they are going to get cut off fifteen or twenty minutes early. I’m making sure that they get that time instead of feeling like they’ve wasted their money.”

“Oh, and so help me, if anyone in the backstage decides they want to cut my microphone off before I’m done I’ll walk out on this company right here tonight. I don’t care how much you’ll sue me for because of breach of contract, you know you don’t want me walking out because of all of the merchandise I’ve been pushing in the sales department.” The fans in attendance all cheered at what Ramey was spouting.

“I’m sorry,” Ramey turned his attention back to the fans, “but yeah, I’m a little bit pissed off right now. What you, the fans, don’t know is that it doesn’t matter how much of your heart and soul you leave inside of this ring. When it comes to getting booked in matches that are going to be considered top of the card, it’s all about who you know and how many dicks you’re willing to suck in the backstage area.”

“I’ve paid my dues inside of this ring more than anyone else in that backstage area.” Ramey paused, “The match you just witnessed is probably going to be the best match you’re going to see tonight too. Do you think it matters to anyone in that backstage area though?”

The fans within the arena all began chanting, “No!” over and over and over. Ramey held out the microphone, just in case their opinions weren’t being picked up.

“I know for a fact that none of you are mindless drones.” Ramey continued as he pulled the microphone back close to his lips. “We don’t live in the 1980s anymore, this is a digital, streaming, era in time and the fans that fill these arenas know more about what’s going on backstage more than the men who write the scripts for the shows know. That big swerve maneuver that was pulled when Landon Stevens won the Jolt Championship from Aran Thompson, turning the Faction on Thompson, and turning Thompson into a giant face character; none of you saw that coming did you?”

The fans began all chanting, “Yes!” over and over and over. Ramey once again held out the microphone and chuckled.

“You know,” Ramey continued, “I used to get in a lot of trouble in All Star Championship Wrestling, because I just don’t give a shit anymore. I’ve been held down most of my career despite coming out here and working every single fucking program that I’ve ever been told to do, and making that shit my own. I’m sick of seeing people stepped on and stepped over in the backstage area that get treated the same way I used to be done just because they didn’t fit a certain mold that the cocksuckers in the back were looking for.”

“Men like Spike Saunders…” Ramey paused as the fans all began to cheer.

“The Heirs of Wrestling…” The fans once again began to chant.

“”Superstar” Vince Jacobs…” The fans continued to cheer.

“Men who have spilt their blood, sweat, and tears inside of this ring to be the best that they could. Men who brought an excellent resume into this company, only to be told they were just here to help put over people who weren’t even on their level.”

Ramey paused, “I’ve been doing it since I signed my contract here in Jolt. I’m surprised the booking committee has actually let me pick up wins on the past two pay-per-views. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do with this company, getting ahead isn’t something they are going to let me do. Over the past few months, I’ve done exactly what I’ve been asked, be more active on your Twitter account and it’ll get you ahead.”

Ramey laughed, “When these shows go live, and I step inside of this ring, you know what one of the biggest trending things on twitter is? #Anti-Star, each and every time we put on a live show. When you see me posting things on Twitter it isn’t some person hired to do the work for me, I’ve actually been getting in trouble backstage because I’ve been calling out the pieces of shit in this company on Twitter.”

“Oh, Ramey, you’ve got to calm your jets. You’re not in line to be going up against the Jolt Champion in the near future. We aren’t going to put you in a feud with him just because you’ve garnered some heat and buzz on the internet with the Twitter battles you’ve been having.” Ramey paused.

“Oh, Jesse, we can’t put you back in a match against Diamond Jewelz despite the fact that you’ve called him out several times on Twitter. You know we can’t put you over him in a match because it’ll ruin the buzz he’s got going into his number one contenders match tonight.”

“The biggest thing that pisses them off though is the fact that I’m not going to stay inside of a boxed character that they want me to be when I’m on my Twitter account.” Ramey chuckled, “I’m sorry, I’ve had this personal Twitter account for a long time, you’re not going to shut me up and keep me from speaking my mind on it. The fans are smart too, they know what I’m tweeting is the truth.”

“If it wasn’t then you would hear the individuals I’ve been calling out making reference to it on live shows,” Ramey paused as a the fans continued to cheer, “it doesn’t happen though because the writers want you to forget about it. They don’t want you to hear what I’m spouting off on live television, but tonight they don’t have much of a choice do they?”

“You want to know what their big solution to all of this is, since I won’t let it die, and all of you continue to hear about it on my Twitter?”

Ramey paused as the fans once again began chanting, “Yes!”

“On the next episode of iNtense, you’ll get to see Jesse Ramey step inside of the ring against Landon Stevens for the second time in Jolt. Only this time it’s going to be a main event level match, with the Jolt Championship on the line, but don’t except Jesse Ramey to walk out of that ring with the Jolt Championship wrapped around his waist. No, I’m sorry to disappoint you right now, but Landon Steven will retain his championship. The only thing I can promise you is that for once, you’re actually going to have a main event match on a free televised show that is going to be worth watching.”

“Because that’s exactly what Jesse Ramey does when he steps inside of the ring,” Ramey smiled. “He does the best he can to put over and make sure that everyone he steps foot inside of the ring with looks good. Despite how fucking awful they really are inside of a ring, on a microphone, or on a Twitter account.”

Ramey stood back up inside of the ring, dropped the microphone to the canvas causing it to make a huge thud throughout the arena. Ramey’s music didn’t cue back up after he was done, prompting even more that what had just transpired was not scripted for the show, and the scene slowly faded.

Sarah Winterton(c) vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Alyssa Corliss gained some confidence when she pinned the Starlet Champion, but in the rematch, she fell just short, failing to capture the title. Not liking to see a friend get mistreated at the hands of Winterton, Amber Ryann challenged Sarah Winterton to a rematch for the title, however, Winterton had nothing to prove since she had already defeated Ryann on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlecade. Tonight, however, the challenge was accepted and this time, it was going to be in a ladder match. Winterton really has her back up against the wall and could this be the beginning of the Dragonfly era?

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

As the guitar ramped up, the jOltvision started off as static and then became clear with Amber Ryann's logo on it. It transitioned into wrestling clips as the main beat kicked in. The lights in the arena flashed red, blue, green, and yellow.. the same colors in Amber Ryann's hair. Ryann darted out from the backstage area, wearing her dragonfly wing in her hair. She stopped just past the top of the stage at the top of the ramp.

Ryann started feeling the beat of her song and then made a fist, raising it into the air. She then slammed her fist into the ramp, falling to a knelt position. When her fist struck the stage, a wall of red, green, yellow, and blue pyro exploded. She looked up from the knelt position and focused on the ring through her dragonfly mask and took off at top speed, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getitng to her feet quickly.

She turned and grabbed the ropes on the hard camera side, stepping onto the middle rope and raising her fist into the air. She then backflipped off the ropes, landing on her feet, once again, pounding her fist into the canvas, setting off pyro from each of the four corners. Red, green, blue, and yellow respectively. The song died off as she removed the wing from her hair and passed her mask off to ringside.

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area. She feels she has ascended to the Queen position.. especially since she was holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. It was no secret that Sarah thought it was unfair for her to defend her title for the second time in such a way and the look on her face backed up those claims.

Sarah walked down to the ring with a certain swagger about her. Her high society and posh attitude was displayed perfectly as she walked around ringside toward the announce position. She walked up the ringsteps and stayed in the corner. She beckoned the referee over to her to give up the Starlet Championship as if she were nothing more than a mere servant. Simon Boulder took the championship and fastened it to the hook hanging in the center of the ring. The title was raised up and when it reached the height it needed to be, Boulder called for the bell.




Ryann and Winterton circled each other in the ring. They looked ready to lock up when Winterton changed directions and exited the ring to boos from the crowd. She flicked her hair back and gave off a snobbish smirk as if she felt she was too good to be doing this kind of match. Winterton then leisurely walked over to the time keeper's position and demanded her championship back. The time keeper said he had no authority to have the belt lowered back down. She demanded that he get someone to retrieve her championship and present it to her.

Winterton had every intention of leaving, but Amber Ryann wasn't going to let her do so. Ryann exited the ring as Winterton continued to argue with the time keeper.. Ryann grabbed Winterton by the shoulder, but Winterton spun around, grabbing the ring bell away from the time keeper and slammed it into her face!!

"Such a common way of thinking, darling" said Winterton as she smirked and tossed the ring bell aside! She had no intention of leaving at all, but she tricked Ryann into taking the initiative and her risky plan paid off! Winterton walked over to ringside and lifted up the ring apron and peered underneath. She scoffed at the thought of pulling the ladder out herself so she asked the referee to do it for her, claiming she was too frail and delicate to be bothered with these kind of matters. Simon Boulder shook his head and exited the ring and grabbed the ladder out from underneath. She instructed Boulder to slide the ladder into the ring and set it up for her.

Boulder didn't look pleased to be transformed into a makeshift servant, but he did it anyway. He set the ladder up directly underneath the Startlet Championship. Winterton rolled back into the ring and flicked her hair back as she gingerly climbed the ladder, confident that Ryann was still out cold and this was going to be an easy and early victory for her, but Ryann was more tenacious than Winterton gave her credit for as Ryann got back up and rolled into the ring!

Winterton was about 3/4 of the way up when Ryann grabbed her by the waist and pulled her off of the ladder, much to Winterton's surprise! Her plan didn't work out and now Ryann was laying in big right hands to her head! Ryann whipped Winterton to the ropes and hit a spinning heel kick, sending the champion down to the canvas where she rolled out to the floor.. Ryann wouldn't let her get away this time as she immediately poured on the speed and flipped over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo, taking Winterton out!

Ryann quickly got back to her feet as the crowd cheered her on. Ryann pulled Winterton up to her feet and hit a knife edge chop across her chest, staggering her back. Ryann gave chase and simply just shoved Winterton right into the steel ring post! Winterton collapsed down to the floor, but Ryann wasn't finished with her yet!! Ryann grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up to her feet once again. Ryann picked up Winterton and dropped her chest first across the top of the barricades!!

Winterton fell to her hands and knees. She tried to crawl away with a look of desperation on her face, but Amber Ryann ran in and dropped an elbow into her low back, collapsing her down to the ground. Ryann stood and dropped another elbow...

Then a third...

Then a fourth...

A fifth!!

A Sixth!

A Seventh!

An Eighth!!

A ninth!!!!

Amber stood and wound up her elbow as the crowd warmed up with her. She then dropped elbow number ten into Winterton's lower back!! Winterton was incapacitated on the outside and Ryann saw her chance. She rolled back into the ring and grabbed the ladder. She stepped up onto the bottom rung and struck a pose for the crowd as they cheered her on! Ryann began to climb, but Winterton showed her own tenacity by grasping the ring apron to pull herself up!!

Ryann was nearing the top as Winterton gritted her teeth and rolled back into the ring!! Winterton knew she wasn't going to make it in time if she climbed, so she scrambled to her feet and simply shoved the ladder over!!


Ryann fell off the ladder and slammed back first into the canvas from high up. Winterton sat there on the canvas, trying to catch her breath, grasping her left arm which slammed into the ring post earlier. Winterton stood while still grasping her arm with a not-so-happy look on her face. She walked over to Ryann and knelt over.

"A HARLOT LIKE YOU SHALL NEVER BE CHAMPION" she yelled right before she slapped the downed Ryann in the face!

"YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT I AM THE QUEEN OF THE STARLETS!", yelled Winterton before slapping Ryann again!

Winterton grabbed Ryann by her multi-colored hair and pulled her up to her feet. Winterton grasped the hair so tight it jarred Ryann's head back. Winterton smiled and simply laughed in her face right before she hauled off and slapped her again!! Ryann held her face as she stumbled away. Winterton stepped in to turn Ryann around, but Ryann spun and leapt up with a CCS Enzugiri, catching Winterton in the side of the head!!! Winterton hit the canvas as Ryann backed up and used the turnbuckles to keep her vertical. Ryann still held her face from the harsh slap, but turned and ascended the turnbuckle pads

Winterton got up on all fours as Ryann looked back and hit a moonsault, grabbed Winterton by the head as she landed, looking for a moonsault DDT, but Winterton used her leg strength to jump up and over Ryann. When Winterton landed, Ryann was the one in the inverted face lock! Winterton then spun her down to the canvas with a Hero's Welcome-like maneuver!! Winterton then stood and began to stomp on Ryann over and over again.

Winterton then grabbed the ladder and folded it up. She waited for Ryann to get back to her feet and when she did, Winterton charged in and...


Winterton ran right into Ryann with the ladder and Ryann hit the canvas! Ryann was on her back as Winterton placed the ladder on top of her. Winterton then took off to the ropes and went for a body splash but...


Ryann threw the ladder up into the air and it crashed into Winterton as she went air bound!! Winterton hit the canvas hard as Ryann rolled out of the ring to avoid the ladder falling on her!!

"OOOH!!!!" groaned the crowd

Ryann quickly hopped back up onto the ring apron as Winterton tried to pull herself together. Ryann made her way up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim. Winterton faced the corner and Ryann leapt off with a Seated Missile Drop Kick and caught Winterton in the chest with it! Ryann kipped up to her feet and pointed up at the Starlet Championship!

Ryann grabbed the ladder and unfolded it in the center of the ring. She began to climb it, but Winterton got back to her feet and started to climb the opposite end. Ryann reached up and grabbed the Starlet Championship, but Winterton made it there in time and punched Ryann in the mid-section. She then hit a pair of forearm shots that caused Ryann to unstabilize on the ladder. Winterton saw her shot, but Ryann jumped up and grabbed the cable that held the title. Winterton socked her in the stomach and Ryann rocked backwards, hanging from the cable a little.

Ryann tried to kick away at Winterton, but Winterton grabbed Ryann by the leg and shoved her away!! Ryann began to swing from that cable like a pendulum and there was enough momentum to where Ryann came back and stuck her legs out. One leg kicked Winterton right off the ladder while the other leg kicked the ladder over where it fell near the ropes!


Winterton landed with a sickening thud on her back, but Ryann was still hanging onto the cable and swinging back and forth slowly. Ryann began to shift her weight so that she swung back and forth a little faster. Ryann had enough momentum going where she was going to try something.. It was risky, but knowing her, risky was right up her alley.

As she swung toward the entrance ramp side of the ring, she judged her distance to where Winterton was laying. Ryann kicked her feet into the air for more momentum and let go of the cable!! The momentum flipped her over and Ryann fell some fifteen feet to the canvas, slamming on top of Winterton... SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE CABLE!!!!!!!!!!

"HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!" yelled the crowd as they all hit their feet in a standing ovataion!

Ryann held her stomach in pain as she kicked her feet into the canvas. That landing was harsh and she felt it, but so did Winterton as Ryann's frame slammed into her from fifteen feet in the air!!

Winterton and Ryann were down as the crowd continued to give her a standing ovation!! The referee could only stand there and wait for one of them to recover from that breathtaking spot. The person to recover first was Ryann. She slowly rolled onto her back and sat up, grasping at the ring ropes for extra leverage. Ryann slowly got back to a vertical base and used the ropes to lean against as she tried to regain some composure. Even though she made it back to her feet, she soon fell to a single knee, still grasping her stomach in pain. Winterton rolled over onto her stomach and tried to push herself up off the canvas, but she collapsed back down, too.

Ryann stood up once again and began to walk off the effects. The referee asked her if she could continue and Ryann nodded "yes". Winterton attempted to get back up again and she made it to a single knee. She reached out and grabbed the ropes and used them to stand back up. Winterton staggered to the corner where she propped herself against the turnbuckles. Ryann saw this and hobbled into a slow run, but she built up momentum, looking for a back elbow strike, but Winterton moved out of the way and Ryann slammed back first into the turnbuckles!

Winterton then hit a few front kicks while grasping the ropes for balance. She then stuck her leg out, pressing it against Ryann's throat, trying to choke the life out of her. Ryann grasped at Winterton's boot and tried to pry it off, but Winterton had too much pressure applied. Ryann fell limp and into a seated position as Winterton took a single step back. Winterton then lunged in with a knee strike, connecting with Ryann's face!!

Ryann looked to be out cold.. .again... as Winterton gingerly walked away and grabbed the ladder from near the ropes. Winterton dragged the ladder over to where Ryann was and placed the top end of the ladder down upon her chest, making a ramp. Winterton then walked away and got a running start. She ran up the ladder and grabbed the top ropes! He leapt up and kicked her legs straight out. She then swung them in and kicked the ladder right underneath Ryann's chin!!!!!

"OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" groaned the crowd loudly!

Winterton landed on the ladder, which then pressed down onto Ryann's chest! It was a one-two combo hit in Ryann's world and Ryann took the full brunt of that attack!

Winterton got off the ladder and we could see blood coming from Ryann's mouth. We dont know if she lost a tooth, bit her lip.. bit her tongue.. it's unknown, but there was color and it began to drool down Ryann's chin from her mouth!

Winterton pulled the ladder off of Ryann and then set it up underneath the Starlet Championship. Winterton grabbed onto the ladder and began to climb up, slowly. After the hits she's taken, each step was filled with pain, but her determination to remain Queen of the Starlets pressed her forward to try and retain her championship.

As Winterton neared the top, Ryann grabbed the ropes and pulled herself up to her feet! Ryann had a hard time keeping her balance, but she used the ropes and stumbled over to the otherside of the ladder. Ryann grabbed the ladder and began to climb as well, but Winterton was too far up towards the top and Ryann knew she wasn't going to make it in time. Ryann then hopped off from the second rung and almost lost her balance. She stumbled back into the ropes and used the them as momentum as she simply lunged forward and pushed on the ladder! The ladder wobbled, but it didn't go over. Ryann was that weak from the damage she sustained, but it was enough to get Winterton to lose her balance and grab the top of the ladder to hold on.

Ryann circled around to the other side and pushed on the ladder to tilt it over. The ladder was beginning to topple, but Winterton turned and leapt off the ladder, clotheslining Ryann down to the canvas as Winterton crashed down as well!!


The ladder tiled over and fell across the top rope, creating a 45 degree angle. Winterton semi-landed on her feet from that clothesline and was able to stand back up. Winterton grabbed Ryann and pulled her up to her feet. She walked Ryann in front of the tilted ladder and whipped her to the ropes, opposite from where the ladder was. Ryann bounced back and Winterton looked for a back body drop into the ladder, but Ryann kicked Winterton in the chest and blocked it. Ryann swung with a clothesline, but Winterton ducked underneath it. Both turned around and Winterton kicked Ryann in the stomach, doubling her over.

Winterton set Ryann up between her legs and lifted her for a powerbomb, Ryann flipped over and countered with a Sunset Flip, but Winterton rolled through and went for a seated drop kick, but Ryann rolled backwards up to her feet, causing Winterton to miss! Winterton was in a seated position when Ryann swung her leg, looking for a roundhouse kick, but Winterton leaned forward, ducking it. Winterton stood up as fast as she could and grabbed Ryann in a waist lock, possibly looking for the Beauty Queen Suplex, but Ryann hit a pair of back elbows and broke free from the hold. Ryann then leapt into the air, turning, hitting a Pele Kick that staggered Winterton into the ropes.

Ryann charged in, but Winterton lifted her up and over to the apron where Ryann landed on her feet. Ryann went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Winterton side stepped and kicked Ryann in the chest! Winterton then took a few steps back and ran in. She then hit a Shotgun Drop Kick to the top of Ryann's skull, sending her to the outside where she hit the ground hard!!!

Winterson saw her chance. She scrambled to her feet and walked over to the tilted ladder. She grabbed it and stood it upright, but it wasn't in the right position. She took some time to adjust it to a position she liked. She grabbed the ladder and let out a heavy sigh before she began to gingerly climb up. Meanwhile on the outside, Ryann had begun to recover as she used the apron to pull herself up. She looked into the ring and saw Winterton just beginning her climb to the top. Ryann had another idea inside her crazy head of hers as she pulled herself up onto the apron.

Ryann stood and grabbed the top rope. Winterton made it about half way up when the sight of Ryann caught her eye. By the time she saw Ryann, however, it was a tad too late as Ryann had already leapt up to the top rope and flew off at Winterton, hitting the Double Palm Strike right into her chest and knocking her off the ladder!!! I guess we'll call that..


Ryann, somehow, landed on her feet while Winterton landed hard on her back! The crowd stood up as they were in a prime position to see a new Starlet Champion crowned!! Ryann grabbed the ladder and began to climb... the people were on their feet, but after what they went through in this match so far, doing something as simple as climbing a ladder is a daunting task. Ryann made it about half way up when Winterton sat up, gasping for some air. Winterton looked up and saw her reign as champion in jeopardy and that was enough to will her back to her feet. Winterton stumbled over and placed her foot on the bottom rung for leverage as she reached up and clubbed Winterton in the back with a forearm shot.

Winteton stepped down and turned, setting up Ryann for a powerbomb. Winterton pulled Ryann off the ladder, but Ryann punched away at the top of Winterton's head. Winterton staggered forward and Ryann rode that momentum...


Both of them flipped over the top rope and crashed down on the floor!! The ladder remained standing in the middle of the ring after a hit like that, whoever could recover first would have a good shot at grabbing the championship!

Ryann took the lesser amount of punishment and she showed that by pulling herself up to her feet first. She slid back into the ring, but felt a tug on her leg as Sarah Winterton grasped onto it! Winterton pulled Ryann back to the outside and took a shot with a clothesline, but Ryann ducked underneath! Ryann stopped and reached back.. she grabbed Winterton by the head and placed her into an inverted facelock.. she was looking to hit Reaper of Souls on the floor, but Winterton tiwsted her around and lifted her....


Ryann fell to her knees in pain. Winterton shuffled back and then...



Ryann is out!! Winterton knew this was her shot. She slid back into the ring, but... NO!!


Despite being Super Kicked, Ryann grabbed Winterton's legs! Ryann couldn't even stand.. she laid there on the floor just holding onto Sarah! The will and determination was insane, but with very little energy left, Ryann had a grip that got looser and looser the long she tried to hold on. Winterton kicked away at her and easily got free!

Winterton made her way toward the ladder then stopped. She turned back and looked for Ryann and sure enough, Ryann was using all of her might to pull herself onto the apron. She had a glossed over look in her eyes... it's possible she was out on her feet and her body was simply moving on instinct. Winterton could easily climb the ladder and retain, but it wasn't enough for her. This had to end and it had to end now.

Winterton went back and grabbed Ryann by the hair, pulling her up onto the ring apron, but Ryann grabbed Winterton by the head and hotshotted her across the top rope! Winterton staggered away as Ryann got back up on the apron slowly. Winterton turned around and immediately charged in. She grabbed Ryann by the hair and flipped her into the ring. Ryann sat up as Winterton kicked her right between the shoulder blades. She kicked her again, and again, and then a fourth time, completing a modified version of Three Times A Lady! Winterton scoffed at Ryann before placing her into a Dragon Sleeper hold and pulling her up to her feet. Winterton lifted Ryann up for an inverted suplex, but Ryann flipped over and landed on her feet behind Winterton.

Ryann staggered back and when Winterton turned around, Ryann wrapped her arm around Winterton's neck and pulled her face first into the canvas with a Flatliner.. She then brought her legs up and locked in a Koji Clutch!

TO ARU RESURA E NO KOIUTA!!! (Love Song of a Certain Wrestler!)

Winterton was trapped and had nowhere to go! Submissions didn't count in this match, but Ryann wanted to wear down Winterton enough to have a shot at the title! Winterton did fall limp and Ryann felt that Winterton may have passed out!! Ryann let go of the hold and sat up.

She looked up at the Starlet Championship and a tear rolled down her cheek. Her dream was about to be realized as she stood and began to climb the ladder. The fans were on their feet. Amber was just mere inches away from touching the title. Then, as if her world went from colors to monochrome, a sudden jolt came over her.


Winterton had gotten up and nailed a German off the ladder!! Ryann landed hard on the back of her neck to the point where the referee had to rush over and check on her. Winterton popped back up and and walked to the otherside of the ladder. She climbed up slowly, rung by rung. Amber wasn't moving at all. Winterton got to the top of the ladder and looked down on Ryann. She blew her a kiss and waved "goodbye" as sarcastically as possible. She then reached up and unhooked the title.

The bell rang.

It was over.

Sarah Wintertain retained her championship. She held it high into the air as she tossed her nose up at the crowd. The people booed, but it really looked as if Amber Ryann is hurt as she hasn't moved and the referee is showing some concern.

Winterton climbed down the ladder with her championship and hopped out of the ring, not even caring about the health and well-being of Amber Ryann. She just walked to the back only caring about the fact that she retained her championship.

After Winterton left, the crowd fell a bit silent as Ryann still had yet to move. The referee was about to signal for help when Ryann shooed him away with her hand. The referee took a step back and Ryann turned over and sat up, holding her neck. The referee wanted to make sure she's fine and she muttered "Yeah yeah, I got this".

Ryann slowly got back to her feet and the crowd gave her a standing ovation. Tonight, she came within inches of her dream, but she was defeated soundly by someone she had no choice to acknowledge as being better than her.

Ryann slowly walked out of the ring and headed to the backstage area. The crowd continuing to show their support and respect for the performance she gave tonight.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Retrieving the Championship


The camera focuses in on the repetitive motion of one black hand wrapping purple athletic tape around the other hand’s wrist. The athlete’s identity is masked in anonymity until the camera reaches a depth to where the purple tights and yellow logo reveal clearly that the strong, veined laced hands belong to one Diamond Jewelz. The camera continues to pan out until the dressing room can be seen in full. Latrell Samuel smokes on what looks to be a blunt in the corner of the dressing room while on his laptop, and Khalil Straightgully sits reading a magazine on a chair next to Jewelz. Ruby Rocks, her cleavage wrapped around DJ’s head, stands behind Jewelz giving him a deep massage

“My nigga? You this niggerish though bro? Go outside with that shit,” Diamond commands.

“Fuck you hoe,” Samuel says, stone faced; Diamond peers back at Samuel stone faced; his scowl is quickly broken by the twinkle and glisten of a wide grin.

“That’s why I recruited you my nigga.. Straight goon.. I seen the hood in you bro… Had to have that on my team… You can take the nigga out the hood, but can’t take the hood out the nigga. Mad niggerish bro.”

Samuel smirks; Khalil smiles; Ruby blushes; Diamond and his goons share a form of honor amongst thieves!

“Chinaman fell into my trap. There was no way that bunk ass Damien Lee was gonna a give me my just due and give me a title shot! He don’t wanna see a nigga come up in this motherfucker. He figure Aran one nigga too many anyway… But we straight trapped Lee and this tight-eyed motherfucker. U feel me..”

“Right, Right,” Khalil interjects. Samuel gives a nonchalant nod, not taking his eyes off of his laptop. Ruby Smiles.

“Tonight’s the payoff.. Ehh, but quick audible…”Jewelz says sharply.

Latrell and Khalil take their attention off of their preoccupations and focus on Jewelz upon his command. Jewelz reaches into a bag by his chair, as both of his goons stare on. Samuel contorts his neck to see what Jewelz is reaching for. Ruby continues her massage

“Tickets.. My niggas.. I got ya’ll front row seats to this shit tonight… Be on your toes… And in all seriousness.. Have your popcorn ready.. You jOlt’s gulliest fans tonight my nigga..”

Khalil and Samuel are both taken aback by Jewelz’s proposition.

“You sure about this DJ bro? I mean, this shit could cost you your career. But if these your orders.. We down,” Khalil says nervously.

“You might be banned from being my security detail, but who said you were banned from the arena. LOOOOOOOPPPHOLEEEE!!!! These tickets,” Diamond says pointing to the tickets,

“Is the loophole.. Be on your game too my niggas.. Do what you do.. Put in work all night,” Jewelz laughs villainously, inferring that, through the ticket loophole, Them M’fn Goons will indeed be a factor in tonight’s match..

Hands of the Cause (c) vs Crimson Order vs The Faction vs Heirs of Wrestling

The current champions, the Hands of the Cause had held onto the Tag Team Titles for several months with no signs of slowing down. To that end, a triple threat tag team match was held on iNtense 97 between the former champions The Heirs of Wrestling, The Crimson Order, and the Faction. The three teams battled tooth and nail only for bedlam and mayhem to break out, resulting in a no contest. Damien Lee decided to stick all four teams into one match and the result would be what occurs in a few moments.

The Faction – twins Eli and Ezra Conway - had been on a roll with jOlt Champion Landon Stevens motivating them every step of the way. The Crimson Order – Heido and Takeshi – had destroyed all in their path the last several weeks in search of their first taste of gold. The Heirs of Wrestling – possibly jOlt’s most prolific tag team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway – had been on the hunt for several months looking for their record-setting third reign only to be stopped by the Hands at WrestleCade. Tonight, four teams would start and be whittled down one by one until only one was left standing to be the Tag Team Champions.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Four Corners Elimination match!” Brad Arnold yelled as the crowd continued to stir. “The winning team at the end will be the jOlt Tag Team Champions!”

“Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

Seemingly wanting to buck tradition, the Champions hit the scene first! After Henry Dylan’s mysterious drunken escapade two weeks ago, he was nowhere to be found, but tonight it was the British Brawler Frank Hendrix and the big tank of a man called Brone Haggard wearing the gold proudly. The two men looked confident as ever and headed to the ring with a confident gait.

“First, making their way to the ring, they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions! At a combined weight of 545 pounds, they are the team of Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard… THE HANDS OF THE CAUSE!

Once the two men reached the ring, they both raised the titles high overhead to show off what was on the line. They had defeated the Heirs of Wrestling twice in the recent past and now they were set to fight against three teams at one time. Haggard and Hendrix nodded to one another silently before taking their place in one of the four corners of the ring.

‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin.

The soug acoustically banged its way out from the PA system with the jOltvision screens offering a cadre of foreboding footage to briefly dance across them before the intentionally brief silence siphoned the limited light away. The smoldering overcast beared the rhythmic hues of Red & Pearl, revealing a quartet of clan affiliated silhouettes...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied by their manager Mamoru...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Heido and Takeshi had been thought of as perhaps jOlt’s best team to have never worn the gold, but tonight that could all change. Mamoru led his men and the crowd gave the two monsters from Japan a mostly favorable reaction just by association with the highly respected Ninja K and the former jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari. The two monsters stepped into the ring and stood toe-to-toe with Haggard and Hendrix. This was the first time the two big teams would be involved and tonight would no doubt have the chance to be a show stealer.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H” “O” “W”

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in..

I'm ready for the...

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists. Tonight, they could make history by going for three Tag Titles reigns and with their championship expertise in big time tag team matches, they could very well do it!

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Silver and Gallway had the full support of the crowd before they jumped off the turnbuckles simultaneously. They looked at The Crimson Order – another team they had previous beef with – and The Hands of the Cause who lorded their belts.

The arena goes black.


Spotlights shined up at the top of the entrance ramp as “Believers” by Mayday echoed throughout the arena. The crowd erupted in boo’s as The Faction emerged at the top of the entrance way. Eli and Ezra came out first with jOlt champion, Landon Stevens not far behind. The flickering of strobe lights filled the arena.

YOU SUCK…. YOU SUCK…. YOU SUCK… the fans chanted as The Faction made their way from the top of the entrance way.

The Faction stop at the top of the entrance way as Landon raised the jOlt champion up in the air. Stevens dropped the title down to his shoulder as the trio looked around at the attending crowd. Landon and the twins continued their way towards the ring with screaming fans reaching their arms out wanting a chance to touch the most prized championship in wrestling today.

“And the final team, being accompanied to the ring by the jOlt Champion Landon Stevens… they weigh in at a combined weight of 490 pounds… ELI AND EZRA CONWAY… THE FACTION!

The teams collected inside the ring before the bell sounded. The tensions rose as each member climbed inside the ring. The fans grew louder with every trash talking word exchanged between the teams. Finally the bell sounded and the teams moved to their corners.

Ding... Ding... Ding

The sound of the bell echoed throughout the arena as the two men starting the contest stepped into the ring. Selected was Frank Silver and Eli Conway. Almost immediately after entering the ring Silver clobbered Eli with a forearm to the side of the head and whipped him into the ropes. Eli ducked under a clothesline attempt and once again bounced off the ropes. Eli met Silver with a dropkick that sent him back into the ropes. Eli quickly moved to his feet and ran towards Silver attempting a clothesline only to be flipped over the top rope and onto the ring side floor.


Eli slowly moved back to his feet as Frank Silver controlled the ring and reached over to high-five Ryan on the ring apron.


The crowd seemingly chose a favorite, but that could just as easily have been because they hated Landon Stevens and The Faction that much. Frank climbed through the ropes and jumped off the apron onto the floor. Silver rolled Eli back into the ring before sliding in under the ropes. Eli moved to his feet. Silver came in with a right hook that staggered Conway. Conway returned the favor with a right of his own and quickly followed up with a left. The two began to exchange blows until Eli connected with a kick to the gut and slammed Silver head first onto the canvas with a DDT.

Eli rolled to his feet and made his way to the corner where The Hands of Cause stood and tagged in Brone Haggard. Haggard entered the ring to a negative reaction from the fans. They hated the Hands and the Hands hated them right back; they hated perennial thorns the Heirs also, which made Big Brone happy to enter the ring. Haggard made his way over to the downed Silver and bent down to pull him to his feet when he was met with a punch to the gut. Silver moved to his feet and connected with an elbow to the back of the head of Haggard. Brone staggered back. Frank whipped Haggard into the corner of The Heirs before following up with a huge body splash in the corner. Silver stepped back as Haggard stumbled out.


Frank Silver connected with a huge uppercut that forced Haggard back into the corner. Silver connected with a hard knee to the kidneys before tagging in Ryan Gallway. Gallway jumped over the top rope as Frank took over and whipped Gallway right into the big main in the corner with a Running Dropkick! When he fell out, Frank followed up with a Running Big Boot to the face! Haggard fell to his knees as Gallway came out to the apron and yelled to the crowd before jumping and connecting with a Springboard Missile Dropkick to the back of the head! Brone was down and he went for a cover.




Gallway was tossed right off Haggard with a big push. The big man started to sit up and the combination of moves from the Heirs looked like it only pissed him off some more. Gallway came at him and STIFFLY blasted him with a flurry of kicks to the chest. The Intergalactic Space Cowboy threw another kick at Haggard only for the big monster to catch his leg! He pulled Gallway in and grabbed him by the throat.


Nothing pretty about any of that! Haggard slammed Gallway to the canvas and followed up with a quick cover.




Not enough damage was done as Gallway got the shoulder up. Haggard moved to his feet and picked Gallway up off the canvas. Haggard set Gallway up in a front headlock. Gallway tried to counter but Haggard was too much for him to pick up. Haggard slammed an elbow down to the back of Gallway before putting his arm over his head. Haggard picked Gallway up and held him up in the air with his legs straight up.


Haggard slammed Gallway to the canvas and rolled back to his feet. Haggard picked the downed superstar up off the canvas and whipped him into the corner where Ezra and Eli stood waiting. Ezra slapped his hand on the chest of Gallway tagging himself in. Ezra bounced off the ropes and connected with a leaping lariat on Haggard that sent The Hands member to the canvas. Haggard rolled back to his feet only to be met with clothesline. Haggard once again moved back to his feet as Ezra went for another clothesline. Haggard ducked under and bounced off the ropes.


Brone Haggard sent Ezra Conway to the canvas as he connected with a boot to the face of The Faction member. Haggard went for the cover.




Ezra quickly kicked out of the attempted pin. Haggard moved back to his feet before grabbing a handful of The Faction member’s hair and pulled him to his feet. Haggard whipped Ezra into the ropes before slamming him to the canvas with a hard powerslam on the bounce back. Haggard once again moved back to his feet. He grabbed the downed Ezra by the arm and dragged him to the corner where he tagged in Frank Hendrix. The two of them began to punish Ezra in the corner as they stomped down hard with their boots. Hendrix grabbed Ezra by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Hendrix went for an irish whip but the resilient Ezra countered and whipped Hendrix into the corner of The Order.


Heido tagged himself in and immediately ran towards a scampering Ezra. Ezra crawled to the nearest corner and slapped the leg of whoever was there.

Ezra looked up and it was Frank Silver. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights entered the ring and immediately connected with several kicks to the downed Faction member just because he could before pushing him out of the ring and flipping off Stevens as well. The jOlt Champion didn’t look happy with how his boys were being treated right now, but the action kept going. As Silver turned around Heido met him with a hard clothesline! Heido hadn’t forgotten about any of the previous transgression of the Heirs even after they had grown into favorites of the fans! A big positive reaction was given for Heido as he bounced off the opposing ropes.





Heido moved back to his feet and grabbed Silver in an attempted to pull him up, but Silver connected with a shot to the midsection. Silver followed up with a hard forearm to the side of the head. Silver forced Heido into the ropes before connecting with another hard forearm and sending him into the opposing ropes. Silver went for a clothesline and Heido ducked under. Heido bounced off the ropes and connected with a flying lariat sending Silver to the canvas. The fans went nuts as Heido moved back to his feet and picked the down Silver up. Silver went to throw a punch, only to have it blocked by Heido. The two began to exchange blows. Rights and lefts flew with a frenzy until Silver connected with a kick to the gut but Heido fought back and kicked him into the ropes… a big mistake by him…


Silver slammed Heido to the canvas with the Pendulum Lariat. Silver backed into his teams corner and tagged in Gallway. The two of them went to work on Heido. Takeshi darted in the ring and began to exchange with Silver as Gallway picked Heido up off the canvas. The official moved in between Silver and Takeshi. The official forced Takeshi back into the corner as The Heirs went back to their assault. Silver and Gallway set Heido up before hoisting him up in the air.


The Heirs dropped Heido down onto their knees and Gallway followed with a Double Stomp to the chest. The official turned back around and Silver threw his arms up before exiting the ring leaving Gallway to go for the cover again.




Heido powered out this time around. Gallway then pointed to the corner and ran off the ropes before coming back to look for one of his big moves…



Heido got his knees up to his chest at the last minute and Gallway crashed down on them. Gallway rolled off holding his chest as Heido slowly moved to his feet using the ropes to pull himself up. Heido began to back away.


Eli tagged himself in by slapping the shoulder of Heido. The Order member looked back and clocked Eli with a quick headbutt before he could enter the ring. Eli grabbed the top rope to keep from falling. Heido connected with a shoulder to the gut on Eli that pushed him to the outside. Heido exited the ring and picked Eli up off the floor. Ezra dropped down to the floor and hit Heido with an axe handle from behind. The official began to count as Eli was the legal man.




The fans began to count with the official.


The Faction began to team up on Heido and Takeshi jumped off the apron only to be met by none other than Landon Stevens.


Stevens nearly cracked the skull of Takeshi as he clocked The Order member with the jOlt championship!


The fans showed their distaste for Steven’s dirty tactics.


With the official confused on who is who between Eli and Ezra, Ezra slid into the ring. Gallway, after having time to recover was quick on the attack. Gallway immediately connected with a Flying Knee that sent Ezra into the corner. Gallway jumped up to the second rope and quickly began to register with punches to the head of Ezra as he waved to the crowd!

“One…. two…. three.. four… five… six… seven… eight… nine……. TEN!!!”

The Prince of Precision jumped back off of the rope and Ezra stumbled out and staggered before falling to the canvas. Gallway grabbed a handful of hair as he pulled Ezra up to his feet. Gallway connected with a knee to the midsection.




Ryan Gallway went for one of his signature moves only to have it countered into a powerbomb from Ezra. Ezra stumbled back into the ropes before being tagged out by Frank Hendrix. Hendrix entered the ring and tossed Ezra through the ropes before making his way over to the downed Gallway.


The official got distracted by Silver trying to enter the ring and Gallway caught Hendrix by surprise! Granted, this move may have been more from the playbook of the old Heirs of Wrestling, but the fans hated The Hands of the Cause also and let it slide. Silver crawled into the ring and scooped Hendrix on his shoulders as Gallway headed to the top rope. The two men had been adept at creating double-teams and here was a new one…


The Front Powerslam by Frank Silver combined with the Flying DDT from Ryan Gallway nearly caved Hendrix’s head into the canvas! Silver rolled away from the scene of the crime and watched as Gallway went for the cover now with the official back in play!


Frank Silver entered the ring behind the officials back and caught Haggard just as he tried entering the ring.




The Hands of Cause had a look of disbelief draped across their faces as they had just lost their tag team championships! Haggard and Hendrix had rolled themselves out of the ring! The fans were cheering now as they knew now that new tag team champions would be crowned and the Heirs were feeling good, knowing full well they had just eliminated their longtime rivals and got themselves some payback.

“SUCK ALL THE DICKS!” Gallway laughed as he waved bye-bye to the Hands of the Cause. Gallway tagged in Silver as the two shared a celebratory high five. Takeshi entered the ring with a small gash on the side of his head from where Landon hit him with the championship earlier. The official signaled for the restart of the match.

Silver moved in towards Takeshi and threw the first punch. Takeshi returned with an elbow to the side of the head that caught Silver off guard. Silver staggered back and Takeshi sent him to the canvas with a hard clothesline. Silver bounced back to his feet. Takeshi bounced off the ropes.


Takeshi sent Silver to the canvas once again with a shoulder tackle. Takeshi grabbed Silver up off the canvas and hoisted him up in the air.


Takeshi slammed Silver to the canvas with an over the head press power slam and quickly went for the cover. It was time to strike for the Crimson Order while the iron was hot!




Silver managed to get his foot onto the bottom rope just barely and the official stopped the count. Takeshi dragged Silver away from the ropes and once again went for the cover.




Silver kicked out of the second pin attempt. Takeshi grabbed Silver by the hair and started to move to his feet. Takeshi pulled Silver up with him. Silver threw a desperation right. Takeshi responded with a swift kick to the knee. Silver wrenched down, Takeshi took advantage of his position as he pulled Silver in and set him up between his legs. Takeshi went to hoist him up but Silver pushed all his weight down trying to stop Takeshi, but The Order member managed to get him up in the air. Silver fought for his life as he connected with several hard shots to the top of the head before he managed to break free only for Takeshi to catch him and SLAM him hard by catching him in mid-air and catching him on the way down…


The big Flapjack Lift into the Palm Strike to the jaw cracked him good! Stevens and The Faction watched along with Ryan Gallway off in his corner as Takeshi dragged The Margrave Digger over to the corner. He tagged over to Heido and the two monsters went to work. As much as the Heirs were popular, the fans of jOlt loved a good shit-kicking almost as much as he held him over head, allowing for Heido to run off the ropes to connect with a WICKED Hart Attack-like Clothesline! Heido turned over and went for the cover on Silver again.




The Faction were happy with watching the competition pick off one another, but The Prince of Precision wouldn’t watch his best friend get beaten by The Crimson Order. Mamoru remained silent on the outside as he watched Heido stand in the ring over a hurt Silver and BEAT him half to death (not literally, but it still didn’t feel good) as he got waylaid with a barrage of Palm Strikes.

Silver weakly tried to fight back as he plastered Heido with a couple of big Uppercuts underneath the jaw only for the big man to fight back and land a stiff barrage of elbows and knees into the corner. Heido made the tag back to big Takeshi and the tow monstrous men elbowed him viciously. Frank was down when Takeshi pulled him back up and lifted him up…


Takeshi lifted him up and DROVE Frank into the corner with a big Double Leg Slam before simply chucking him up and over, sending him crashing to the ground now! The Crimson Order were looking very dominant now as Takeshi rolled over and hooked the leg of the former two-time Tag Team Champion.




The Crimson Order were picking Frank apart now and had control of the pace. A faint “HEIRS!” chant kept on going. Silver was tossed into the ropes when…


Eli Conway slapped the back of Silver tagging himself into the match. The Heirs member turned himself around and went to attack Eli but was met with a shoulder to the gut. Eli climbed in through the ropes and immediately went towards a slightly dazed Takeshi but was met with a hard clothesline. Takeshi picked the downed Conway up off the canvas.


Frank Silver leaped off the top rope and connected with a flying clothesline that sent both Eli and Takeshi to the canvas! With a last gas by the Heirs member, he dropped both men and was wheeled back to his corner. Both Eli and Takeshi laid flat on the canvas, both trying to regain their composure. Eli was the first to his feet and he tried his best to capitalize only for Takeshi to grab him by the throat and TOSS him into the corner!

With Mamoru’s guidance, he twirled a finger around as the big man nodded and locked Eli Conway in a Full Nelson. What was coming next was not going to be good for him…


Love them or hate them, you damn sure had to respect the big monster! The Spinning Full Nelson sent him twirling before he crashed to the mat in a very bad way! The crowd was on their feet for the dominant monster as Mamoru ordered him to go in for the kill. Takeshi towered over Eli and was ready to finish things off when Landon slid in the jOlt championship before jumping up onto the ring apron to distract the official. The Heirs and Heido were trying to get the officials attention, but it was all too late as Takeshi tossed Eli away to take a swing at Landon. The champion moved, but Eli picked the jOlt championship up off the canvas.


Eli cracked Takeshi in the head with the jOlt championship before sliding it out of the ring! Takeshi was dropped to one knee while Eli had a smile on his face, ready to take advantage. He swung off the ropes…


The SICK Lariat classically done by so many others in the heart of Texas brought Takeshi down! Mamoru ordered Heido to get into the ring and he climbed in through the ropes as Eli went for the cover.


Ezra met Heido with a spear!




The fans began to erupt in roars as The Order were now forced to leave ringside with an angry Mamoru protesting with the referee. Heido rolled an unconscious Takeshi out of the ring as medical staff was there to meet them and escort the two monsters out of the ring. The action continued immediately as Gallway entered the ring. Gallway met Eli with a hard Forearm Smash that staggered the twin backwards. Eli returned with a right of his own. Gallway tried to swing another but Eli blocked it and kicked Gallway in the gut. Eli turned Gallway around and threw him into the corner shoulder first.


The shoulder of Ryan Gallway bounced off the steel ring post before he fell to one knee in the corner. Eli smelled blood and went in for the kill. Eli came up from behind and grabbed Gallway by the arm pulling him away from the ropes. Eli locked in a simple arm bar to apply pressure to the injured shoulder of Gallway. Eli continued to apply pressure as Gallway wrenched in pain. Gallway tried to inch closer to the corner in which Silver stood reaching his arm out for the tag.


Eli released the armbar and pulled Gallway in and dropped him to the canvas with a short arm clothesline. Eli once again peeled Gallway off the canvas and pulled him to his feet. Eli smiled a devilsh grin as he bounced off the ropes. He was going to go for one more and was just one Lariat away from bringing home the Tag Team Titles…


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO…… the crowd echoed as Ryan Gallway ducked under the attempted clothesline from hell.


Gallway connected with a flying double knee as he bounced off the ropes and leaped into the air. Both men crashed to the canvas. They laid on the mat motionless as the crowd began to chant.


Gallway crawled himself over and jumped on Eli’s chest before pulling back on the leg!




A resilient Eli Conway got his shoulder up just before the three count. Gallway slammed his fist down on the canvas as he popped up, waiting for Eli to get back to his feet. From behind came Ezra with a forearm. Silver darted into the ring to save his partner as they went for a big move again. They were looking to set up one of their new finishers in the Bow To HoW…


Eli tripped up Silver as he reached out his arms and grabbed the leg, pulling him away from the ring! Ezra turned Gallway around immediately pulled him in as he set him up between his legs.


Ezra Conway slammed Gallway to the canvas with a VIOLENT Sit Out Powerbomb! Ezra rolled over to the ropes and pulled himself up as Eli crawled over to Gallway to make the cover. Silver began to move back to his feet.


Ezra laid out Silver with his brothers finishing maneuver just before he could break up the pin.

Eli hooked the leg of Gallway.




The sound of the bell echoed throughout the arena as the crowd had gone silent after The Faction’s unlikely victory.


The crowd was in utter shock over this turn of events, but thanks in part to some… ahem… “coaching” by the jOlt Champion, we had BRAND NEW jOlt TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!



The fans in attendance began chanting as the official handed Landon Stevens over the championship belts.

The jOlt champion handed each Eli and Ezra one of the tag team title belts. They each smiled as Landon shook both of their hands. The Faction now controlled the majority of the championships. The trio of champions looked on at the Arena of Champions as they raised the championships high in the air.


“Believers” by Mayday began to play throughout the arena, it was quickly drowned out with the sound of boos from the crowd.


The arena filled with chanting as The Faction stood tall in the ring with their championships in tow. The trio made their way out of the ring with huge grins across their face as Landon headed into the Main Event to try and capture one more championship for the most decorated faction in wrestling today.

Winner: The Faction via Pinfall

"It's a Celebration... or Not"

The fans had just witnessed a spectacular showing on display from two of the top female wrestlers in the world today. The first-ever Starlet Title Ladder Match had surpassed all expectation… except for the part where despite her best efforts, the demanding and arrogant Sarah Winterton had pulled it out in the clutch once again and retained her championship against “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. So needless to say, the crowd was not happy.

And backstage to greet the winner was none other than Dawn Cassidy with a microphone in hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am here now with the winner of tonight’s first-ever Starlet Ladder Match! With me now is the winner and still champion… please welcome “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton and her personal assistant, Desta!”


Stepping into view from either side now were the two malcontents who were still very much happy that The Queen of the Starlets was still holding onto her gold. To Dawn’s left was the portly woman called Desta. And to her right…

“GAZE UPON MAJESTY, DAWN!” Desta shouted.

In full view, the Starlet Title was held up by a sore and hurt, but still smiling Sarah Winterton. The Queen of the Starlets held her title up high and laughed.

“I want you to LOOK at this title, Dawn!” Winterton preached. “I have taken this title and raised it to heights that this belt could never achieve with lackluster champions like Aria Murphy! I have achieved more in seven months with this belt than she EVER DID when she sat on it and did nothing in between LoC and jOlt! Persephone was a flash in the pan with this title and Charlotte? HAH! Don’t even get me started on her!”

Dawn looked a little uncomfortable while Desta forced her to keep looking at Winterton’s prized possession.

“Say it loud and say it proud, my Queen!”

“Oh, don’t you worry, my darling, I fully plan to!”

Winterton continued to beam while Desta snatched the microphone from Dawn Cassidy and proudly held it so that way Sarah could continue to pontificate her snooty little ass off.

“I am the LONGEST-REIGNING Champion in jOlt today! Longer than Omega, longer than The Hands of the Cause, and yes, longer than even our World Champion, Landon Stevens! I possess a fighting spirit that cannot be matched by any gender! Charlotte thought that she had my number back at Wired, but I proved that I can beat her and I did just that! I am UNDEFEATED in Underground Rules matches!”

…The only one she’d ever competed in to win that title back at Wired in December, just for those keeping score.

“I am the Queen of the Underground, I am Queen of the Squared Circle and I proved tonight that I can add Queen of the Ladder Match to my list of amazing monikers! That little rainbow-haired wretch, Amber Ryann, thought that she had my number, but I am a strong, independent woman and above all else, I am a warrior! I am a Warrior Queen who can overcome any hurdle or obstacle coming my way! I have shined and EXCELLED as a proud representative of the Starlet Division and I have given these people a heroine that they can tell their children about!”

The Queen continued to pat herself on the back as the look on Desta’s face grew more nervous.

“Um… Your Highness…”

“Desta, please! It is rude to interrupt me! I left Amber Ryann a broken Starlet who will think twice before challenging me! I have defended this title in ladder matches, against rookies, legends, and against multiple women at one time! There is no one who can stop me!”

“Your Highness.”


Dawn and Desta both started to back up when Sarah Winterton finally noticed.

“What? Do I have something on my face? Ugh… I probably got some rainbow bug on me. Gave her a pretty good squishing though…”

By now, Dawn Cassidy had left the scene entirely as Desta started to turn ghostly white at something behind her boss. She gestured behind her…



Desta stumbled backwards as she watched her boss nearly get broken in half by the valet of the House and the woman that Sarah Winterton injured several months ago! The House and Charlotte had come back to the fold and Charlotte did NOT forget about all the horrible things that Winterton had said and done to her!


The Queen of Hearts was PISSED and she drilled right hand after right hand into the head of Sarah Winterton! Desta tried to stand up and defend her boss only for Charlotte to stand up to her full 5’11” height and scare the living daylights out of her!

Winterton tried to defend herself against the woman whose arm she broke in a car door back in February, but Charlotte was back with a fiery vengeance! She grabbed Sarah by the head and SLAMMED her against the interview backdrop and the crowd was loving it!

The crowd was buzzing loudly and CHEERING that somebody was giving the self-professed Queen of the Starlets exactly what she deserved, but that party was dampened quickly when security broke things up! It took three men to pull the former Starlet Champion Charlotte off of Winteron and she continued to kick and scream!

Charlotte had returned and just got some much-needed payback and in the process, finally gave The Queen some of the punishment she’d deserved along with a powerful message.

She was back. And she had The Queen in her sights.

reVolt & The Backbone vs The Rebellion

The arena was silent when Dean Carrington stood in the middle of the ring and made an announcement.

Carrington: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. the following contest is a Sixteen Man Elimination Tag Team Match"

The crowd rose to their feet and turned their attention to the entrance ramp.

"Machine" by Downstait

The guitar warmed up as the lights cooled off. When the main melody kicked in, spotlights in the arena began to swirl. Out from the backstage area came Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Nate Quartermaine, Machida Hood, Jackson Cross, Seraph, Sayber, and Raevynn. Together, known as The Rebellion.

It was seven weeks ago at Wrestlecade. Landon Stevens had just won the world championship from Eiji Kugasari. That's when these eight individuals hit the ring and staked their claim. Since then, they've terrorized Damien Lee into giving them what they wanted. They destroyed Jon Le Bon.. they incapacitated Reno Davis, severing the head of the group that stood against them. Now they marched to the ring in unison looking to end the blockade in their path... their conquest... to eventually take all the top spots in jOlt and show the world that they belong among the elite.

One by one they piled into the ring and began to talk amongst themselves. They then turned their attention to the ring where the first of the two groups that opposed them was about to make their entrance.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the backstage area, to cheers for the very first time on PPV, came Mattock, Sanchez Cano, Sephiroth Du Luc, and Persephone.. together known as reVolt. After Wrestlecade, Mattock found a new sense of respect for Sanchez Cano. Cano insisted they could add to their group if they paid a little kindness. When reVolt came to the aid of Total Conquest as they battled The Rebellion, the respect was earned and reVolt's numbers grew for the first time since they debuted over a year ago.

reVolt collectively made their way about half way down the ramp and stopped. They waited.

"Melancholy" by Iced Earth

Mike Extreme.. Bane Loneheart.. and BIG Little Italy made their ways out from the back. Reno Davis was still missing, but Mike Extreme had a microphone in his hand. His music died down as The Rebellion and the audience simply waited with baited breath for what Extreme had to say.

"Two weeks ago on iNtense 97, I admit that you got us. You took out Reno Davis and for a bit we were lost. That was your goal, wasn't it? To shatter our bonds in hopes you can take us out? Well, for a little bit.. that worked.. until we realized that we could band together. We received a text message from Reno... he found a man that would band us together... "

The crowd cheered. The rumors.. could they be true?

"We found a man who is no stranger to rising up against a machine."

The crowd got even louder! Was it possible?

"We found a man.. who gave us.. a BACKBONE"

The crowd erupted!! All that was left was the confirmation!

The jOltvision illuminated with the logo of The Backbone!!

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera!!

The crowd erupted even louder!!

A man stepped out from the back!! HE WAS HERE!!


Titan stood tall side by side with Extreme, Italy, and Loneheart.. The four of them walked up to reVolt and joined them as one collective group! Titan and Mattock shook hands and the eight of them walked to the ring.. the crowd was chanting Titan's name over and over again. The collective group piled into the ring. The lights returned to normal and all that was left to begin this war was to decide who would start.

The Rebellion came up with an ingenious plan. This wasn't an intergender tag. they knew it would be seven on seven eventually. They elected to have Raevynn start out the match, forcing Persephone to start as well. Since it wasn't intergender, whoever got the win here would also be eliminated and things would settle into an all our battle for survival and supremacy.

The Backbone and reVolt decided that they would follow suit and elected Persephone to start. They all piled out of the ring and it was a sight to see fourteen people on the ring apron as two Starlets started the match out.




Raevynn and Persephone started out in the middle of the ring. They circled and locked up with Persephone going into a side head lock. Raevynn backed her into the ropes, but Persephone responded with a shoulder block off the rebound. Persephone took off to the ropes again as Raevynn flipped to her stomach. Persephone stepped over and bounced off the ropes once more as Raevynn performed a leap frog sending Persphone on her way. Persephone bounced off again as Raevynn looked for a version of a Monkey Flip, but Persephone grabbed her by the legs and rolled her up to her feet!

Persephone placed Raevynn in a waist lock, but Raevynn countered with back elbows to the head. Raevynn then took off to the ropes, but Persephone shook off the striked and followed her in. Raevynn bounced off and didn't see Persephone anywhere in sight! She had already passed her, hit the ropes and..


Lariat to the back of the head!! Raevynn hit the canvas chest first! Persephone pushed her over and into the first pinfall of the match, looking for the quick elimination..



Kick out!

Persephone didn't allow Raevynn any chance to breathe. She sat Raevynn up, then Persephone proceeded to wrap her legs around Raevynn's neck, cutting off the air suppply! Raevynn and Persephone have waited and waited to get their hands on each other. This may not technically be a singles match, but because of the rules and nature of this complex matchup, a singles match was built into this war and Persephone will take it whole-heartedly.

Raevynn began to pry Persephone's legs apart, creating enough space to escape. She got on all fours as she gasped for air, but Persephone stood and dropped an elbow right into the lower back of Raevynn, collapsing her down to the canvas. She then floated over and placed Raevynn into a front chancery, keeping her grounded, but rather than just lay there, Persephone kicked her leg up into the air and drove her knee right into the top of Raevynn's head!! Persephone did it a second time and then a third. When she sensed that Raevynn could have been knocked out from those strikes, she turned her over and pinned her, hooking the leg.



Kick out!

Raeynn still had signs of life left in her. Persephone headed to the corner and climbed up to the very top, waiting for Raevynn to stand. Slowly, but surely, Raevynn got back up to her feet and Persephone leapt off with a Flying Cross Body, but Reavynn countered in mid-air with a Drop Kick! This caused a bit of separation as Raevynn knelt there on both knees, catching her breath and shaking off the cobwebs. She eventually stood and walked over to Persephone, pulling her up off the canvas.

Raevynn hooked her in a front face lock, but when she lifted Persephone for a suplex, Persephone floated up and over, landing behind Raevynn with a waist lock. Raevynn charged forward, bringing Persephone with her. Raevynn grabbed the ropes and Persephone rolled to her back and then up to her feet. Raevynn then charged in, but Persephone ducked the clothesline. Raevynn continued on and leapt to the middle rope, twisting off with a Cross Body Block of her own, but Persephone handed Raevynn a receipt and drop kicked her out of the air!! Raevynn hit the canvas and rolled to the outside where she fell to a knelt position.

Persephone measured her up and got a full head of steam. Persephone looked for a suicide dive through the ropes when Raevynn leapt into the air and hit a front roundhouse kick to the top of Persephone's skull! Persephone fell limp and out of the ring, down to the floor! Raevynn brushed back her hair and chuckled as she pulled Persephone to her feet. Raevynn then rammed her back first into the steel ring post and Persephone just crumbled down to all fours.

Raevynn walked away to the other ringpost and turned her attention back to Persephone. Raevynn got a full head of steam, looking for a running knee strike to Persephone's face, but Persephone dodged and shoved Raevynn knee first into the top of the steel ring steps!! Raevynn flipped over the steps and landed hard on the floor on the other side!!

Raevynn grasped her knee in pain as Persephone quickly rolled her back into the ring. Persephone slid back in made the cover, hooking the injured leg!



Raevynn kicked out!!

Persephone stood and went back to her corner. She crouched down and waited for Raevynn to stand. Raevynn got back to her feet and Raevynn lunged in, looking for the Leaping Leg Lariat.. the Below the Heavens Path, but Raevynn grabbed Persephone by the legs in mid-air and countered!!!


Raevynn then flipped over into a Jackknife pin!!



Persephone got the right shoulder up. Raevynn rolled back onto Persephone's shoulder and pinned her down to the canvas again.



Persephone got the left shoulder up. Raevynn, once again, rolled over and pinned Persephone.



Persephone bridged up and spun around where she hooked Raevynn for a backslide, but Raevynn flipped over and landed on her feet! Raevynn then kicked Persephone in the face and grabbed her by the head. She lifted Persephone up and twisted her, sitting out with a Falcon Arrow!!



Persephone kicked out once more time!

Raevynn stood and grasped at her long black hair. She wanted to end this once and for all. Persephone was staggering to her feet and Raevynn saw this as her chance! She charged to the ropes, bouncing off of them for momentum. She then came back and rode up Persephone with the headscissors, looking for Seconds to Midnight, but Persephone grabbed her and threw her down face first into the canvas!!!!

"OOOOOHHH!!" exclaimed the crowd!

Raevynn held her face in pain as she tried to get up, but by the time she had gotten to a knee, Persephone had already taken off. Persephone came back with a full head of steam and she caught Raevynn right in the face...






Dean Carrington: Raevynn has been eliminated, but Persephone must now exit the match as this is not being contested under intergender rules.

The people's cheers turned to boos for the announcement of Persephone's departure from the match, but The Backbone and reVolt were still celebrating the fact that Persephone just eliminated Raevynn! Even though it seemed like a moot point, the reason why this elimiantion was so important was that it was a moral victory. It not only settled the score between Persephone and Raevynn, but it also just gave The Backbone and reVolt momentum here tonight as they just scored a victory against The Rebellion!

Persephone walked to her corner and slapped hands with all her teammates, except for Sephiroth Du Luc. She gave him a hug and then made her exit to the back to applause from the crowd! Raevynn slowly rolled out of the ring, not even wanting to hear it from any of the other Rebellion members, She simply walked the walk of shame all the way to the back by herself.

Now it was time to decide who would start for each team. It looks as if Machida Hood was selected for The Rebellion.. and from reVolt, Sephiroth Du Luc stepped in, trying to ride the momentum of Persephone's victory.

Du Luc, being 280lbs, would intimidate any normal man, but Machida Hood showed no fear as he walked right up to Du Luc and stood there face to face with him. Hood slung some yang his way, but Du Luc shut him up with a big right hand! Hood's head rocked back with each punch as Du Luc backed him into the ropes. Du Luc shot Hood across the ring and then put him down with a Big Boot! Du Luc took off to the ropes and came back with a running Leg Drop that connected! Du Luc went for the cover!



Hood kicked out!

Du Luc stood and then placed a kick right between the shoulder blades! The thud echoed throughout the arena and Du Luc went for it again, connecting! Du Luc then pulled Hood up to his feet, but put him back down again with a scoop slam. Du Luc to the to the ropes and came back with a running elbow drop, but Hood rolled out of the way! Du Luc stood and went for it again, but Hood rolled out of the way a second time! Hood stood back up as Du Luc was getting to his feet. Hood hit a Yakuza Kick that almost knocked Du Luc down, but Du Luc stuck his arm out and braced himself. Hood backed into the ropes and hit another running Yakuza kick that, this time, put Du Luc down! Hood backed up into his corner and made the tag to his partner, Jackson Cross.

Cross came in and the two of them pulled Du Luc up to his feet. They sent him to the ropes as Hood hit a spinning back heel kick to Du Luc, doubling him over. Cross then hit a swift kick to the back of Du Luc's leg, dropping him down to a single knee. Cross the Hood then took off the ropes, one on each side. They came back with stereo shotgun drop kicks, each to a side of Du Luc's face!!

Hood rolled out of the ring as Cross shoved Du Luc onto his back and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Du Luc kicked out!

Cross pulled Du Luc up to a seated position and then knelt down behind him. He then laid into Du Luc with cross face strikes, dazing him. After a few strikes, Cross laid him back down and made another cover.



Du Luc with the shoulder up again!

Cross stood Du Luc up, but Du Luc countered with an Inverted Atomic Drop! Du Luc backed into the ropes and nailed a running Big Boot, putting Cross down! Du Luc headed to the corner and hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle pads as he waited for Cross to get back up, but Machida Hood ran along the apron, but got stopped by the referee. This served as a distraction so that Hood could run up to the corner. Hood leapt onto the middle rope and nailed an Enzugiri kick to the side of Du Luc's head!! Cross then turned his back to Du Luc and wrapped him up into a backpack hold. He then ran forward and fell to his seat...


Jackson Cross hit the Backpack Stunner and made the cover!!




Dean Carrington: Sephiroth Du Luc has been eliminated!

We were down to six on seven as The Rebellion just scored one back for Persephone's victory over Raevynn, but since we restarted on even ground, this actually put The Rebellion ahead! Jackson Cross looked ready for anyone to come forward so Mike Extreme was the one who volunteered to step forward. Cross just took out the powerhouse of reVolt.. he felt he would have no trouble taking out the powerhouse of The Backbone!

Extreme and Cross circled each other and the locked up, but Extreme didn't play around. Extreme hit quick alternating knee lifts to Cross, backing him into the corner. He whipped Cross across the ring to the opposite side where he hit hard against the turnbuckle pads. Extreme followed him in and nailed him with a huge running body avalanche in the corner. Extreme backed up as Cross staggered away from the turnbuckles. Extreme kicked him in the stomach and then placed him between his legs. He lifted Cross and tossed him...


Cross fell into a seated position in the corner as Extreme gained some distance. Machida Hood came into the ring and stepped into Extreme's path, but Extreme didn't care..


Extreme stood up, but this allowed Cross to pull himself to his feet and charge in. Cross leapt over Hood and began to wildly throw punches at Extreme, but each punch had little effect. Extreme pie faced Cross and staggered him back. Cross turned and charged at Extreme, but Extreme threw Cross into the air, catching him on his shoulder and then nailing a front powerslam onto the canvas!

Extreme pulled Hood up off the canvas and sent him to the ropes. Extreme lifted Hood up into the air, catching him on his shoulder and nailing a front powerslam on top of Jackson Cross! Extreme immediately pulled Hood up to his feet and threw him to the outside. Extreme then bent over and grabbed Cross in an inverted face lock, pulling him up to his feet. He lifted Cross up over his shoulder where he fell to a seated position, nailing an over the shoulder gut buster!!


Extreme made the cover..



Broken up by Seraph!!!

Seraph immediately grabbed Extreme by the neck and lifted him into the air!! He then sit out with him...


Seraph hit the sit-out chokeslam and then pulled Cross on top of Extreme!




Dean Carrington: Mike Extreme has been eliminated!

We were down to five on seven and The Rebellion had eliminated both of the powerhouses on the opposite side! Bane Loneheart decided he was going to step into the match next. Loneheart came in as Seraph stepped back out. Loneheart grabbed Cross in a waist lock and tossed him for a German Suplex, but Cross landed on his feet, but staggered to the ropes. Loneheart turned and clotheslined him up and over to the outside!

Instead of chasing cross out, Loneheart turned his attention to The Rebellion and charged their corner. He knocked Seraph off the ring apron! Then Micahel Donavan! Then Nate Quartermaine until Sebastian Saje fired a big right hand. Saje, Machida Hood, and Sayber entered the ring and began pummeling on Bane Loneheart! This caused Mattock, Sanchez Cano, Chris Titan, and BIG Little Italy to storm the ring.. and here we go! It has broken down!

It was only a matter of time before this happened! Chris Titan and Sebastian Saje squared off... Sanchez Cano and Sayber.. Mattock and Machida Hood. Chris Titan knocked Sebastian Saje over the top rope to the outside where Michael Donavan, Seraph, and Nate Quartermaine helped him up to his feet. BIG Little Italy talked to Titan and Titan nodded.

Titan picked up Italy and put him into a military press. Titan, then with all of his might, threw Italy to the outside where he crashed into the four members of The Rebellion down there and took them all out!!


Titan then joined in on the beatdowns of Machida Hood and Sayber. Jackson Cross slid back into the ring and made it three on three again, but Seraph recovered on the outside and here came God's War Machine back into the ring!

Headbutt to Titan..

Headbutt to Mattock

Headbutt to Cano..

Loneheart was still down from the three on one attack, Seraph then began to toss them out of the ring one by one and one by one they fell at the feet of Saje, Quartermaine, and Donavan. Saje picked up Titan and threw him over the announce table sending Burhman and Powers running. Quartermaine grabbed Mattock and hit a belly to belly overhead release suplex into the barricades!!!


Michael Donavan grabbed Sanchez Cano and rammed him back first into the steel ring post! Cano collapsed to the canvas as Donavan walked up the steps and moonsaulted off of them, landing on Cano!!


BIG Little Italy had recovered. He hopped up onto the announce table and ran along it, leaping off with a drop kick and caught Sebastian Saje with it, taking him down!! Italy then stood as Donavan tried to grab him, but his small size allowed him to slip past! Italy hopped over Cano and up onto the steel ring steps. He turned and flew off, wrapping his legs around Donavan's head and sending him chest first into the announce position with a Flying Head Scissors!

The crowd was going nuts as Italy stood and dodged a charging Nate Quartermaine! Italy hit swift kicks to the side of Quartermaine's legs to soften them up, but Quartermaine simply reached down and grabbed Italy by the arms and threw him up onto to the ring apron, but Italy grabbed the ropes and clung to them like spiderman! He then used the middle rope and flipped off...


Italy crashed into Quartermaine and took him down!!!

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Seraph, Cross, and Hood picked up Loneheart, but Loneheart began to battle back!! A forearm shot to Cross.. one to Hood... but Seraph stopped him with a headbutt, but Italy got back onto the apron and grabbed the top rope! He leapt to the middle rope, then to the top rope before flying off with a shot gun drop kick, hitting Seraph right in the face as he turned around!

Seraph lost his balance and hit the canvas! The distraction allowed Loneheart to clothesline Hood over the top rope, but Cross came from behind and hit him with clubbing blows! Italy ran up behind Cross and bit him on the thigh muscle! Seraph got back up as Cross shoved Italy off of him and right into the hands of Seraph! Seraph lifted Italy for Divine Destruction, but Loneheart shoved Cross right into Seraph!! Italy fell and landed safely on his feet as Seraph hit the canvas! Cross turned around and staggered right into a Sit Out Spinbuster...






Dean Carrington: Jackson Cross has been eliminated!

It's now five on six, but Hood came back into the ring. He immediately hit a Yakuza Kick to the back of Loneheart's head. Hood pulled him up to his feet and doubled him over with a toe kick. Hood backed into the ropes and charged in,looking for Project 347, but Loneheat caught him, too with another one.. THE INSURRECTION!!!!





Dean Carrington: Machida Hood has been eliminated!

Bane Loneheart just eliminated Cross the Hood!

Seraph was still in the ring though.. the Rebellion, reVolt, and The Backbone were still recovering on the outside. Seraph gets back to his feet as Italy tries to pummel away on him.. but when you have a 3 footer trying to pound on a 7 foot, 335lb monster... things don't go exactly as planned, but the distraction was worth it as Loneheart came in and clubbed Seraph before he could do anything to Italy. Loneheart went for the irish whip, but Seraph reversed it and sent Loneheart into the ropes. Seraph lifted Loneheart high into the air and nailed him with a High Elevated Spinebuster..


Seraph let out a beastly roar. He wanted to finish this, but BIG Little Italy once again started to kick away on Seraph's legs. Meanwhile on the outside, Sanchez Cano recovered and helped Mattock to his feet. Chris Titan was also up. Back in the ring, Seraph grabbed Italy and iwth one arm, tossed him to the outside, but the three of them caught Italy! Loneheart then recovered just enough to roll up Seraph from behind!



Seraph kicked away!

The Backbone and reVolt got back up on the ring apron and came into the ring. It now became a five on one attack on Seraph, but Seraph wouldn't go down easy..

Headbutt to Cano.

Heabutt to Mattock..

Headbutt to Titan...

Headbutt to Loneheart...

MASSIVE kick to Italy that took him off his feet!! Italy went down hard! Sebastian Saje reached in and pulled Italy out of the ring. Saje then grabbed Italy and tossed him over the announce table and into the seats, once again sending Burhman and Powers running. Poor announcers...

Back in the ring, Seraph was continued to keep four men at bay by himself as Donavan, Quartermaine and Saje slid back in. It now broke down to a five on four brawl between nine out of the ten remaining members in this match. The referee was trying to restore order, but nobody was listening. Normally, a referee would just throw the match out, but he knew the importance of this match and let what was happening slide.

As they continued to brawl, Italy recovered on the outside and headed back to the ring. He climbed up onto the apron and then up to the top rope. He took aim on Sebastian Saje who was brawling with Chris Titan. Italy leapt off and hit a drop kick to the back as Titan took a step backwards. Saje staggered forward and Titan hit his version of the Lights Out....


Saje rolled out of the ring! Titan then grabbed Michael Donavan after he took a punch from Mattock and leapt up...


Donavan rolled to the outside. Sanchez Cano was battling with Nate Quartermaine while Seraph and Loneheart were still brawling. Seraph hit a headbutt to Loneheart and staggered him away and then charged in, drilling Loneheart and Cano with a double clothesline, but this allowed Titan to grab Seraph and hit him as well..


Nate Quartermaine grabbed Titan as he stood and hit alternating knee lifts, backing him into a corner. Quartermaine then grabbed Titan and hit a Pivoting Belly to Belly Suplex on him. Quartermaine then put his straps down and climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Quartermaine took aim and leapt off the top with the No Quarter senton, but Titan moved!!! Quartermaine staggered up to his feet and got nailed as well...


Quatermaine rolled to the outside as Titan helped Mattock, Cano, and Italy regroup. Now that The Rebellion was thinned out, they headed back to their corner. Loneheart recovered on his own and he noticed that Seraph was starting to recover from Chris Titan's godly equalizing abilities. Loneheart grabbed Seraph and scooped him up onto his shoulder, looking for an Emerald Flowsion, but Seraph slipped off and behind Loneheart where he picked him up into an Inverted Fireman's Carry nailing a Burning Hammer...


Seraph made the cover, hooking the leg...




Dean Carrington: Bane Loneheart has been eliminated!

It was now four on five as Mattock volunteered to step in. Mattock quickly went right to work, kicking away at Seraph, but Seraph used both hands and shoved Mattock backwards. Mattock took the momentum and hit the ropes. He charged in and spun in mid air and he lunged himself at Seraph.. a rebound attack he didn't see coming! Mattock connected with the Corkscrew Spear!


Mattock quickly got to his feet and headed to the neutral corner. He had his back to Seraph as he twisted off with the Phoenix Splash, but he stuck his leg out and drove the heel of his boot into the top of Seraph's head!


Mattock went over and made the tag to Sanchez Cano. Cano immediately went up top.. Seraph was a good distance away, but Cano leapt off the top anywa...


Cano then made the tag to BIG Little Italy! Italy ran to the corner and climbed all the way to the very top! He took aim and flipped off...


Italy had the cover...




The crowd went ape shit!

Dean Carrington: Seraph has been eliminated!

Sebastian Saje immediately came into the ring as Italy was celebrating a monumental elimination. Saje simply hit a running knee strike to the side of Italy's head. He pulled him back up quickly where he scooped him into his arms hitting a front falling powerslam. Mattock came into the ring to try and come to his aid, but Saje stood up and hit a Dropsault off of Mattock's chest onto Italy...


Saje had the cover..




Dean Carrington: BIG Little Italy has been eliminated!

The people booed as Saje stood up, grinning. Saje wasted no time since Mattock was in the ring. He grabbed Mattock, pulling him to his feet and sending him to the ropes, but Mattock front flipped against them and came back with a leaping roundhouse kick that caught Saje upside the head! Mattock ran to the ropes, getting a running start, coming back with a Running Shooting Star Press!! Mattock then made a cover, hooking the leg..



Saje kicked out.

Saje reached out for a tag instinctively, but he was a far ways away from his corner. Mattock pulled Saje to his feet and sent him into The Backone/reVolt's corner. Mattock charged in and hit a Tiger Wall Kick off of Saje's chest! When Mattock landed on his feet, he backflipped again and brought both feet underneath Saje's chin!!


Mattock stood and took off to the ropes. He came back with a running Face Wash in the corner, trying to damage and disfigure the pretty boy face of Sebastian Saje! Mattock made a tag to Sanchez Cano as reVolt pulled Saje back up. They walked him to the middle of the ropes and sent him across the ring. Cano hit a drop kick to Saje's legs, causing him to fall face first to the canvas. Mattock then front flipped over Saje, hooking him by the head on the way over, landing in a bridge position. Cano took off to the ropes and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to Saje's face! Mattock then backflipped over, landing in a front chancery position. He pulled Saje up to his feet and lifted him up, nailing a Tornado Brainbuster. All the while, Sanchez Cano went to the top rope and leapt off, nailing a Sadistic Spike on the leader of The Rebellion!!! Mattock went for the cover, but Michael Donavan had already gone up top.




Michael Donavan broke up the pinfall! Sanchez Cano immediately attacked Donavan, but Donavan stood and hit a quick jabbing uppercut under Cano's chin. Donavan then picked up Cano onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry and then flipped him over into a Sit-Out Powerbomb!!

Donavan stood as Cano rolled out of the ring. He pulled Mattock up to his feet and then kicked him in the stomach. He lifted Mattock for the Phantom Driver, but Mattock countered with a Hurricanrana! Mattock stepped out onto the ring apron and took aim. He grabbed the top rope as Saje and Donavan got back to their feet. Mattock leapt to the top rope, pivoting on the way up. He then hit a springboard sky twister moonsault, but Donavan and Saje merely sidestepped. Mattock staggered to his feet as Saje flipped off Chris Titan and leapt up, hitting his version of the Code Breaker..


Mattock stumbled and turned around as Donavan kicked him in the stomach. He hooked both arms and lifted him, nailing the Snap Double Underhook Piledriver...


Donavan exited to his corner as Saje made the cover.




Dean Carrington: Mattock has been eliminated!

It was down to Sanchez Cano and Titan versus Saje, Quartermaine, Donavan, and Sayber. Saje taunted Titan to come into the ring, but while he had his back turned, Sanchez Cano slid into the ring behind Saje. He leapt up onto Saje's shoulders and...


Cano just dropped Saje on the back of his head and neck!! Cano made the cover, hooking the leg..



Broken up by Sayber!!

Sayber pulled Cano to his feet and quickly hooked him by the head. He lifted Cano high into the air for a suplex, but tilted to the side, nailing the Sideswipe Brainbuster...


Saje sat up, holding the back of his head, grinning the entire time. Sayber exited back to the ring apron as Saje made the cover.




Dean Carrington: Sanchez Cano has been eliminated!

It was now one on four. Sebastian Saje taunted Titan to get into the ring. Titan didn't have a look of shame, regret, or impossibility on his face. He had a look of rage and determination!! Titan stepped into the ring and immediately, Saje backed off and tagged Sayber into the match! The people booed Saje's cowardice as Sayber stepped in and took Saje's place.

Titan cracked his knuckles as the two of them locked up in the center of the ring. Titan then hit alternating knee lifts, backing Sayber into the corner. Titan whipped Sayber across to the other side, but Sayber reversed it and sent Titan into the turnbuckles instead. Sayber charged in, but Titan made Sayber eat a boot to the face. Sayber staggered back and Titan came out of the corner with a running bulldog!

Titan went into The Rebellion's corner and knocked Donavan and Quartermaine off of the ring apron. Saje immediately hopped down and Titan shot him a death gaze. Sayber had recovered though and when Titan turned around, he was met with a toe kick from Sayber! Sayber hooked Titan around the neck with his arm, looking for the Uranage Slam that he called the Sayber Driver, but Titan hit a pair of elbows to the side of Sayber's head and broke free! Titan took off to the ropes, but Sayber leapt up and hit a Leaping Leg Lariat and knocked Titan down...




Titan kicked out!

Sayber sat Titan up and hit a stiff kick to the chest. He hit another kick, then a third kick before taking off to the ropes, but Titan quickly kipped up to his feet and hit a Deep Arm Drag, taking Sayber over! Sayber got back up and was taken over by another deep arm drag! Titan then held on and barred the arm as Sayber winced in pain.

Sayber fought back to his feet and hit a headbutt with his hard mask that staggered Titan back against the ropes. Sayber then got a running start, but Titan made Sayber eat a back elbow! Titan then quickly grabbed Sayber by the head and fell forward, driving Sayber face first into the canvas with a Snapmare Driver!!


The crowd came alive as Titan made the cover...



Sayber kicked out!!

Titan pounded his fist on the canvas as he stood and stalked Sayber. He wanted to hit Titanium on Sayber and all he had to do was wait for the moment that Sayber stood. That moment soon came and Titan spun Sayber around, leaping up, but Sayber caught him and charged forward, throwing him into the turnbuckles..


Mike Extreme wasn't the only one who could use that move as Sayber just nailed Titan with it! Titan slouched in the corner as Sayber raked his nails across Titan's chest. Sayber did it over and over again.. it was the Saber Rage and it even broke Titan's skin on his chest as he was bleeding a little bit. Sayber then hoisted Titan up to the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up. Sayber hooked Titan for a suplex, but when he lifted him, he twisted and leapt off...







Sayber stood and grabbed Titan, pulling him up to his feet. He hooked him for Korosu, but when he lifted Titan, he floated over and landed behind Sayber. He spun him around and leapt up...


Titan crawled into the cover...




Dean Carrington: Sayber has been eliminated!

Titan staggered to his feet and backed into his corner so he could rest as Sayber rolled out of the ring. After some discussion, Nate Quartermaine elected himself to come into the match. Nate talked some trash to Titan and dared him to come out to the center of the ring and fight like a man, but Chris Titan is a former jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.. he was going to stay there in that corner and let Nate Quartermaine come to him. He was going to take all the time in the world he needed to rest and regain some energy.

Quartermaine also knew that Titan was waiting for him to charge in. He wasn't about to make a mistake either, so he figured he would play some mind games to try and lure Titan out of the corner. Quatermaine turned his back on Titan and yelled out.. "COME ON! TAKE A FREE SHOT", but Titan, still refused to budge. Saje ordered Quartermaine to go get him. Quartermaine knew better and tried to object, but Saje said just be careful and to go get him. Quartermaine sighed as he turned to Titan and started to advance toward him.

Nate then stopped a decent distance away and asked Titan to lock up with a Test of Strength. Titan grinned and was about to interlace his fingers when he knew the old trick to such a challenge. Titan retracted his hand and caught the leg of Nate Quartermaine! Nate hopped up and down on one leg to try and keep his balance, but Titan tossed him, back-first, in the corner!

Titan opened up with lefts and rights, combination blows, to Nate's mid-section. He then switched up and started throwing punches at his face. He walked Nate over to the ropes and attempted an irish whip, but Quartermaine reversed it and sent Titan into the ropes instead. Quartermaine went for a leap frog, but Titan stopped and coverted it into an Inverted Atomic Drop! He then immediately leapt up...


Titan made the cover as the fans erupted!




Dean Carrington: Nate Quartermaine has been eliminated!

It's just now a one on two match! Sebastian Saje sent Michael Doanvan into the ring and now Titan had to contend with a 6'10" man who moves like a Flyweight. Titan regained most of his energy, which is a good thing because he was going to need it here against one of the hardest working people to come out of The Hype.

Doanvan cracked his knuckles and smiled as he charged in at Titan. Titan dodged and when Donavan turned around, Titan leapt up, looking for Titanium, but Donavan expected it and caught Titan by the legs! Donavan then hooked Titan's legs and draped him across the front of his body. He let go of Titan's right leg and hooked his arm.. he then let go of Titan's left leg and hooked his other arm.. and just like that.. Titan found himself in the Phantom Driver position!!!

Donavan adjusted Titan to get him into perfect position, but Donavan took too much time and Titan shifted his weight and landed back on his feet! He then pulled Donavan up onto his back and dropped to his knees..


Titan turned and made the cover on Micahel Doanvan!!




Michael Donavan kicked out of it and the people booed heavily!

"LET'S GO TITAN" *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
"LET'S GO TITAN" *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
"LET'S GO TITAN" *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
"LET'S GO TITAN" *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
"LET'S GO TITAN" *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*

The people rallied behind Titan as Donavan staggered to his feet. Titan turned his back to Donavan, looking for Titanic, but Donavan hit a headbutt to the back of Titan's skull! Titan staggered forward and Donavan stepped in and turned Titan around. Donavan turned so his right side was facing Titan. He hooked his arm around the back of Titan's neck and with his left arm, reached down and hooked Titan's left leg. He lifted Titan up so that he was laid out across Donavan's back.

Donavan then tilted to the side and drove Titan's head and neck into the canvas, landing with the leg hooked with an Inside Cradle Pin..




Thre.. NO!!!

Titan kicked out of it!!!

Michael Donavan pounded his fist on the canvas and stood. He backed up into the corner and looked ready to charge the moment Titan got back to his feet. Titan did eventually stand and Donavan charged in, looking for a running big boot, but Titan dodged it!! Donvan turned around and Titan leapt into the air for Titanium, but Donavan wouldn't be caught with it! He grabbed Titan and positioned him onto his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry!!

Donavan then spun Titan around feet first where he caught Titan in a Wheelbarrow hold. He then took Titan up and over with a Wheelbarrow Suplex!! Donavan quickly stood and walked over, grabbing Titan by the neck and pulling him up to his feet. He lifted Titan for a Choke Slam, but fell backwards with it, driving Titan's face into the mat..


Donavan turned Titan over and made the cover as Saje stood there knowing it was over.



Thre.. NO!!!!


Donavan stood and grasped at his hair.. he wanted Titan to die as he was the only thing standing in The Rebellion's way of claiming victory. Donavan waited for Titan to stand. Donavan went for the toe kick to double Titan over, but Titan grabbed the leg and spun it Donavan around...


Donavan hit the canvas and went to all fours. He went to stand, but Titan stepped in front of him and hooked him by the head...






The crowd erupted! It was one on one now!!!

Dean Carrington: Michael Donavan has been eliminated!

Titan staggered to his feet. He looked like he was running on fumes, but all he had was one person left.. Leader versus Leader.. Titan vs Saje...

Saje looked around as if he didn't know what to do.. All of the confidence had slipped away when suddenly..

The lights turned off!!

The ring became basked in a purple hue and there was a cloaked figure standing in the middle of the ring! Black feathers began to rain down, but Titan was about to approach the figure, but the referee was in the way, telling the figure to leave. That's when someone slid into the ring..


Seraph had come back out. He got behind Titan and spun him around, grabbing him by the neck..


Seraph then rolled out of the ring and the cloaked figure exited as well. The lights went back out and when they came back on, the ring and Titan was covered in black feathers and no one was seen except for Sebastian Saje.

Saje casually stepped into the ring with a grin on his face. He sauntered over cockily as he slowly knelt down and went into the cover.

No.. not this way...




The Rebellion wins it.

The people booed heavily as "Rescue Me" by Coldrain, Sebastian Saje's personal theme, struck up over the PA system. Chris Titan put up a valiant fight.. as did everyone else in the match, but in the end, The Rebellion used shady tactics and got the win here tonight.

You know this isn't going to sit well with Chris Titan or any members of The Backbone or reVolt for that matter. Needless to say, this issue is far from over between the two groups!

Winner: The Rebellion via Pinfall

Mack Brody vs Ninja K

Sometimes in the sport of professional wrestling, it is not always about a title. It’s not always about settling a grudge or evening a score. Most often, it can boil down to simple competition. In a sport dominated by men who fight night in and night out to be the very best in their profession, it can come down to who wants it more. Such is the example of the next match that would pit the Hall of Fame-level athlete and decorated veteran in Ninja K against one of the Heirs of Wrestling and a man who spent the last several months racking up victories and trying to forge a path for himself.

This all started with a simple challenge back on iNtense 94 by Mack Brody to Ninja K, riding high off a huge victory over “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan at WrestleCade. On 95, the challenge was accepted by Ninja K and on 96, the match between the two men had ended in a no contest after a misunderstanding between the other Heirs and the Crimson Order led to a big ringside brawl. On 97, both men agreed to a rematch but not before they picked the other’s opponents for the evening in a Pick Your Poison series. Brody was given the monster Grendel in a Tables Match and managed to overcome the beast. Meanwhile, Ninja K was given his long-time rival Derecho in a match that involved no finish thanks to interference from Derecho’s own rival, the jOlt Undeground Champion Omega.

Tonight, it was this - one fall, thirty-minute time limit and with all parties banned from ringside in order to ensure there would be a victor. Would Mack Brody finally get the victory he wanted to ascend to the next level of his career or would the crafty and well-versed Ninja K give Brody a rude awakening that he was far from being anybody’s stepping stone?

“The following contest is a grudge match with at 30-minute time limit! The Heirs of Wrestling and the Crimson Order are all banned from ringside for this match!”

“What You Know” by T.I.
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“First, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

The man nicknamed SuperMack pensively approached the ring, but played up for the fans nonetheless. He did all of this not just because he loved the sport, but because he loved them. While his flashy and bombastic personality was the opposite of the always stoic Ninja K, Brody was still a competitor first. HE entered the ring and slammed a fist into the mat in emphatic fashion, sparking up an explosion of golden-hued pyro from all four turnbuckles. Brody was ready. He and the Heirs were no stranger to high profile matches. They had main evented various editions of both iNtense and Warriors and defended the Tag Titles against a bevvy of different opponents, but tonight this match was the biggest test of Brody’s thus-far successful singles career. Could he do what he set out to do and defeat Ninja K?

The abrupt submersion of darkness brought forth a rousing response. The random sources of incandescence perforated the blackened landscape for several brief moments...

”Vicarious” by Tool.

Entrance 105 D became the strobe lit smoking portal of choice as the former Underground Champion sauntered forward and casually scanned the horizon. Shrouded in the hues of Crimson & Onyx, the former Xtreme Wrestling Federation Champion began his march toward the ringside area. The crowd was very responsive to the man known by many as the Athletic Freak of Nature. He was an island alone tonight as he walked towards the ring with his unchanging stone-faced gaze.

“And his opponent… from The Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan… he weighs in at 245 pounds… he is the former Underground Champion… Kenshiro Inogami… NINJA K!

Ninja K walked up the ropes and the few lights left in the arena focused on the multiple-time champion as he stood on the top turnbuckle, perched with perfect balance as he gazed at his gargantuan opponent. Kenshiro was no stranger to wrestling against some of the biggest and baddest. Between the two men there was a measure of respect underneath the surface. But there was room for only one man to call himself the best tonight and we would find out who that was. Inogami approached Brody in the center of the ring as the referee in the middle – Ian Nguyen – called for the bell.


The disciplined Ninja K stood face to face with the man called SuperMack now and to his credit, Brody appeared to be taking this match very seriously. He was a man that was proud of his very appearance and quite possibly the biggest metrosexual in the jOlt locker room. However, if looking good was his number one favorite thing to do, then competition was like… 1A or something. Brody had a smirk on his face as Ninja K said something that only he could pick up.

“Are you ready?” Kenshiro asked.

“Born ready… seriously, I was a sexy-ass baby when I was born.”

SuperMack went to lock up immediately only for Kenshiro to duck under the grapple and fire off a series of attempted Palm Strikes and a couple of targeted elbows. Brody was doing the best he could to block the shots that he could, but Kenshiro had the speed advantage and was possibly one of the best strikers in wrestling today so naturally, Brody would have a hard time. Brody eventually backed off, but Kenshiro proved his point. He was even more ready for this match than their first encounter.

When Kenshiro went in for another kick, he landed a simple Round Kick but the second attempt proved to be a mistake because Mack quickly grabbed the leg and spun him around to lock him up in a quick Rear Waistlock. He grabbed him by the waist and threw him down with a quick takedown before maneuvering into a Front Facelock. Truth be told, Brody knew some classical wrestling but was more a fan of just trucking through everybody. However, Kenshiro was not somebody to take liberties with and wasn’t somebody you could simply overpower. One would need a good gameplan if they wanted to take on Ninja K.

Impressively, he had Kenshiro trapped for a few moments but the quick-footed ninja wasn’t going to be stopped that easily. He started to elbow Brody in the gut with a few good shots in order to free himself before throwing two more Round Kicks to the left leg of Brody. Instead of just getting defensive now, Brody simply powered him up and LAUNCHED him into the corner before he unleashed a trifecta of Shoulder Thrusts to the rib cage of the former Underground Champion. Brody backed off at the behest of Ian Nguyen and kept his eyes locked on his opposition.

“I told you I was ready, Kenny.”

Inogami remained silent and watched as SuperMack took a few seconds to compose himself. When they were finished with their standoff, Inogami launched an even quicker attack as he caught Brody off-guard with a wicked Palm Strike to the face followed by a kick that was powerful enough to back him to the ropes. Kenshiro fired off a series of Mid Left Kicks to the chiseled abs of SuperMack and continued teeing off on him before landing a big Uppercut underneath his chiseled chin. In case you didn’t know, Mack was all chiseled and shit. So that was a thing.

He tried an Irish whip on the big man only for Brody to stay in place, making sure Kenshiro didn’t pull him anywhere and instead, Mack pulled him into a HARD Clubbing Forearm to the head and landed about three or four more to either side of Kenshiro’s head in an effort to show that he could throw bombs despite not having the precision that Kenshiro had.

Inogami took the message loud and clear as he looked for a kick. Last time they fought, Kenshiro went all in with a salvo of precise kicks, but Brody blocked one shot and went to… a Headlock?

You bet your ass he did. If he could control Ninja K’s neck and head, he could control the rest of the body so that’s what he did. SuperMack was changing up his gameplan instead of going for pure power and it was throwing Kenshiro off a little bit. SuperMack was taken to task with a few elbows to his chiseled abs (they were nice, so I bother to point them out) before Ninja K maneuvered him into the ropes. He ran off one set of ropes and came at Mack when he swung for a Lariat that missed. Kenshiro came back off the rebound looking for something big, but all he got was a MASSIVE Shoulder Tackle from SuperMack!


This time, it seemed Brody was ready for Ninja K and he went all in himself with a big move that sent the former Underground Champion sailing across the ring! He hit the mat with a hard impact when he went in for the cover on Kenshiro.



Kenshiro kicked out right at two. Only about three minutes into the match now as Kenshiro got back to his feet. This time, he waited for Mack to come to him as he grabbed him a second time. He kicked him in the gut and hoisted him up looking for the Midas Touch… NO!

Kenshiro slipped out the back! He hooked Mack Brody by the neck and he tried to power up the big man looking for one of his own key moves in the Japanese Skull Splitter! The Full Nelson Neckbreaker never came to be though as Brody maneuvered himself quickly and simply TOSSED Ninja K to the side! Ninja K rolled with the momentum and managed to get to a knee, but the point had been proven now by both men. They had taken the time to study each other’s key moves and they each glanced out to an appreciative crowd enjoying the match going on.

Brody had enough of that shit and decided to take a different approach now as he came right at Ninja and assaulted him with two stiff body blows to the gut. Kenshiro fired back immediately.

Kick from Kenshiro.

Body shot from Brody.

Kick from Kenshiro.

Body shot from Brody.


Body shot.


Body shot.

Kenshiro got nasty and blocked a shot before he took Mack by the head and FIRED a hard barrage of upwards knees to the chest and head of the big man! Brody was normally worried about his looks, but tonight this was a different story entirely. He needed to suck it up and take his beatings like a man tonight if he wanted this win.

Eventually, the series of blows had staggered SuperMack back into the corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table as he let loose a series of VIOLENT Palm Strikes!






FIVE brutal strikes managed to actually stagger the big man a little as Kenshiro continued to fight. Before he could even try getting to his next move, Brody had already BLASTED him with a big Headbutt of his own to stagger him. Kenshiro felt a little bit groggy himself but came back with a jumping kick to the face that rocked SuperMack and sent him staggering back into the ropes. Kenshiro ran off the ropes in hope of coming back with something big to finally rock the big man…



SuperMack managed to throw some decent suplexes and that was one of them! Ninja K hit the mat in a bad way and managed to stumble back to his feet when Brody came back at him again. He took Kenshiro by the waist…


For a second time, Mack Brody threw him halfway across the other side of the ring where he originally started! The crowd was definitely impressed with the strength of Brody as he scooted over and picked up Kenshiro again. This time, the Suplex of choice was a Double Underhook! Last time he tried the regular one, Kenshiro elbowed and kneed his way free. Brody was onto him and simply took him down with tremendous force! After the Double Underhook Suplex, Brody threw him over and went for a cover now.




The former Underground Champion shot the shoulder up at two and a half which didn’t seem to surprise Mack all that much. Ninja K was not the type of man that founded his career by being a pushover.

Brody scooted him up and immediately gave him no room to breathe as he engulfed him in the corner with a Running Corner Splash! Ninja K was sore when Brody took him by the body and launched him across the other side of the ring to repeat a second Running Corner Splash from the other side! He threw Ninja K down on the ground and went into a big lateral press.




The pain threshold of Ninja K was famously high and that was on full display here after surviving three big Suplexes and two Corner Splashes from SuperMack. Mack switched up his gameplan and started to go for the submission game now, working in a big Rear Waistlock. No fancy suplex this time, he was simply trying to wear Ninja K down while he thought of his next big strategy.

About nine minutes into the match now and Mack Brody was dictating the pace right now. The former two-time Tag Team Champion held him in place and shook him around now as the crowd continued dueling chants for both men.


The former Underground Champion didn’t see any recourse for getting out of the Reverse Bearhug other than by firing back a couple of stiff headbutts and elbows into the stomach in order to fre himself, but a few of those did the trick. He ran off the ropes and collided with a big shot to stun Brody now and the blow only seemed to rock the big man while keeping him on his feet. Ninja K rushed off the ropes again and fired off something big…


The extra STIFF Bicycle Kick to the head finally brought the big man down! Ninja K didn’t honestly foresee this coming with Mack Brody trying to control the pace of the match his way, but now it was time for Kenshiro to get the ball back in his court. He crawled over and went for the cover on SuperMack.




The powerful Philly native pushed Ninja K’s entire body off of his own and tossed him back several feet. Despite the show of strength by Brody, Inogami didn’t appear to be too thrown or disturbed by the show. It was now just a bit over ten minutes into this match with Ninja K looking to control things now. He came right at Mack and unleashed a flurry of targeted kicks to the small of Brody’s back and unleashed some elbows in order to weaken him some more. He grabbed one arm of Brody and looked for a submission, but Mack tried to stop that by firing a back elbow with his other hand. Instead, Brody had his arm grabbed and Ninja flowed right into a Cross Arm Choke!

This was a good mat game that Ninja K was displaying now. Take out the air of the big man; he needed air to move those muscles of his around and if he didn’t have that, he was going to be easy pickings for Ninja K. Ian Nguyen continued to press him with a question.

“Brody, do you give up?”


Brody instead fought his way back up as the crowd cheered some more. The heavy for the Heirs of Wrestling started to position himself up to a knee despite Kenshiro’s best efforts as he took a page from his own book and elbowed his way back out. He continued to fire back elbows to his gut and fought to his feet before twisting himself around. Brody was just too strong!

He delivered a series of knees into the gut of the former Underground Champion and elbowed him upside the head, but Ninja K stopped that with two big Palm Strikes followed by a Spinning Backfist! Mack looked to be out on his feet when Ninja K tried a whip, but surprisingly Brody was STILL alive and whipped him off to the corner. Mack charged only to eat a Jumping Double Knee Strike by Ninja K! Brody teetered to a knee so that way Ninja K could head to the second rope. He jumped at Brody…




The crowd winced from the impact of Kenshiro getting caught in mid-air once again and getting lobbed overhead with a Release Exploder Suplex! Brody was controlling the match here now and that impressed the hell out of the crowd as he slid over and rolled Kenshiro over and hooked a leg with it.




“Damn it!” Brody shouted. He thought that was all there, but Ninja K was a survivor. We’re pretty sure that Destiny’s Child wrote that one stupid song about Ninja K’s exploits, and changed the independent woman part just to avoid copyright infringement, but we’ll investigate that another time.

Plotting out his next course of action, he came back and he threw Ninja K over the top rope only to hold him over the ropes on the apron. The fans knew what was coming next as Brody played up for the crowd and flexed his muscles…


All that hot dogging just came back to bite The Bronze Bomber in the ass! Ninja K grabbed the arm and blocked a shot before leaping up and delivering a NASTY Pele-like kick from the ring apron, popping Brody between the eyes! He turned around and now he grabbed onto Brody…


The Dragon Clutch in the ropes! The big man was trapped, but it wasn’t going to be for too long! Ian Nguyen started the five-count to make Kenshiro release the submission hold, but again he was trying to wear out Mack Brody.


He released the hold and let Brody go but Ninja K moved quickly and went to a jumping Knee Strike that stunned Brody! A second and a third finally dropped SuperMack before he went back to the choke again! It was now about thirteen minutes into this back and forth contest with Kenshiro now trying to rule the pace over SuperMack. He continued to apply pressure in the former of an almost Rear Naked Choke-like sleeper hold as Brody kneeled over.

Brody continued to struggle and fight against Ninja K, but the series of blows and shots to the head was starting to take its toll on the big man as the match continued to swing back in the favor of his newfound adversary. Mustering all the power that he could in his body, Mack Brody slowly rose to a knee again and managed to even get Ninja K on his back!

Impressive strength on display by the Philly Powerhouse as he backed up into the corner and slammed Ninja K into the buckles to make him release! Unfortunately for him, he did no such thing and held onto the choke. Brody swung back a second time and crushed him even harder in the corner before he flung him off with a crude over-the-shoulder throw!

Ninja K was surprised still by the fight in the 28-year-old, but there was a lot of fight left in the big man as he was a little slow to get up, but still ready to fight. He fired off a knee into the chest of Ninja K and grabbed him by the arm before sending him into the ropes. Mack Brody had his signature Discus Punch ready to go but Ninja K ducked that. Off the rebound he came right back when Brody launched him into the air, only for Kenshiro to turn around and land a Dropkick in mid-air! The shot rocked Brody off the ropes and when he came back into the clutches of Ninja K, the former Underground Champion was ready…


INCREDIBLE strength to take the 300-plus pounder over, but that’s why the called Ninja K the Athletic Freak of Nature. His only limits in the ring were his own imagination. He held on the Northern Lights Saito variation and segued himself right into the pin!




Much to the chagrin of the patriarch of the Inogami Clan, Brody still powered out despite his best efforts. Ninja K sat him up and connected with another flurry of hard kicks this time they were aimed right at the head. The blows were starting to take their toll on the big man, but he still continued to fight.

“Come on!” Mack shouted.

Inogami looked on at the impatient Brody as he waved his hand.


He nodded a fired off a few more good shots to the head and chest!





A particularly SICK Thrust Kick to the jaw rocked Brody back to the mat once again. The kid was trying to prove himself against one of the absolute best in the game and he may have paid for it! Ninja K crawled over and went for a jackknife pin.




Brody grabbed him by the waist with both arms and rolled over! Brilliant, he was playing possum and suckered Ninja K in as he clutched him and rolled through to his feet with Ninja K in his grip! He took Kenshiro up and tried to land his big finisher this time…


A very clever ploy on the part of SuperMack, but Ninja K slipped out a second time. When Brody turned around, he went for a big kick that he blocked. He threw Kenshiro’s leg over to the side, but he rotated with the spin and CLIPPED The Bronze Bomber upside the head with a big Dragon Whip Kick! The shot rocked him something fierce and that’s when Kenshiro snuck up behind him and tried to roll him pu with a simplistic School Boy pin!




Now Kenshiro was putting even more pressure on Brody. He knew what he was doing and it looked like his rope-a-dope strategy he’d employed through the contest was starting to work to perfection. Brody had kicked out but Ninja K stayed right on him. Before Brody could even start to get back up after the kick, the Athletic Freak of Nature was already on top of him again…


The Leaping Double Foot Stomp to the chest got all of it! 245 pounds of Ninja K DROVE violently into the chest of The Bronze Bomber! That move could’ve very well finished him off and now Ninja K had his sights set on victory.




The shoulder was up once again and that’s when Ninja K was starting to sense a little bit of disbelief. This kid had a lot of fight in him… a LOT of fight. The match had crossed the fifteen-minute mark at this time and despite his best efforts, he was giving it all he had. If there had been any doubts about how much Mack Brody wanted this victory – nay, NEEDED this victory as much as he said – they were quashed after his performance so far.

Ninja K was no stranger to wrestling matches of iron man-like proportions in his career, but Mack Brody had spent the majority of his career as a successful tag team specialist and already he was looking like he was starting to tire from the combination of wear and tear and wrestling at the hectic pace that he had.

Standing at his full height now, Brody headed over to the corner, but Ninja K was already on him. He locked and loaded up a Corner Big Boot that had Mack’s name on it, but Mack wasn’t a fan of eating shoe and caught him in mid-air in the Powerbomb position! Ninja K elbowed him in the head to wear the giant down and slipped out the back trying for a Sunset Flip. Instead, Brody ducked down and grabbed him by the head with a Front Face Lock. Kenshiro tried to squirm free, but Brody actually DEADLIFTED him from the grounded position!


He SPIKED Kenshiro down with a Deadlift Vertical Drop Suplex, nearly shaking the ring from the impact! He had him and crawled over, throwing Ninja K over before hooking both legs this time.




The crowd nearly bought that one and Brody was shocked that didn’t do it. Sure, it had been rudimentary suplex variation, but he had thrown a LOT of force with the move! He was running out of tricks, but the confidence in the young Philly native didn’t waver. Brody forced Kenshiro up again and threw him into the corner and charged… NOBODY HOME! Ninja K ran up the ropes, did a backflip and landed behind Brody before heading off the ropes. Brody turned around and swung with a Big Boot but Ninja slid underneath and kept running. He turned around and connected with a Gamengiri Kick to the chest that sent him stumbling backwards into the opposite corner now! Ninja K was back to his feet and ran at him, this time landing with…


Another kick varation, this time in the form of the Double Flying Mule Kick to the chest! Brody hunched over in the seated position after such a strike and crawled over to roll him over and placed a forearm into his throat.





The crowd could not pick a favorite between the two right now as the two proud competitors each gave the other everything that they had! Ninja K was starting to switching up his game once again and went back to working the head and neck of Brody, this time with a Buffalo Sleeper-like submission hold! He was cranking back on the arm and also applying pressure tot eh neck in order to try and ilicit a tapout!

“Brody… do you give up?” Ian shouted.


The hold was tighter still, but unlike earlier when Mack still had a lot of fight left in him he was now looking like he would falter just a little bit. Still, as achy as Mack Brody felt, he still wasn’t going to give in or give up.


His arm was constrained again, but Brody STILL just wasn’t going to stay down as he started to kneel again. When Ninja K saw that this strategy was starting to be harder than it looked, he released the hold only to land another flurry of elbows to the top of the head of Brody. Brody blocked one shot and fired back with a big haymaker to the stomach of Kenshiro. He elbowed him again and shoved him into the ropes and when he came back, he THREW Ninja K up in the air, spun him around and he nearly SPLATTERED him into the canvas with a big Front Powerslam! Brody hurried over and hooked the leg with his good arm.




The fall was close enough that Ian Nguyen was about to call for the bell when he quickly waved it off to cancel it out. SuperMack held up three fingers to the referee but he came back with only two letting him know this match was still going on.

Wiping a big bead of sweat off his forehead, The Bronze Bomber pulled him back up and nailed a nasty Clubbing Forearm to the side of the head. Ninja K was stunned, but he fired back with a big Elbow Smash of his own!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Brody blocked one more from Kenshiro and fired back with a left, a right, antother left, and another right! He spun around and he LEVELED Inogami with a big Discus Punch he’d looked for earlier in the match! The shot stumbled him and knocked the former Underground Champion on his ass while Brody started to beat on his chest emphatically!


He was firing himself up as he started to kick things into another gear! He grabbed Kenshiro and violently threw him outside the ring, sending him outside the floor right in front of the announce table! Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers were each debating Mack Brody’s choice of attack whether he was running on fumes or starting to get a big frustrated at his lack of ability to put Ninja K down for the count. The crowd started to buzz when Mack went outside and emptied the contents of the announce table and scattered it all along the ringside area. Whatever he was planning now was going to have to wait because when he turned to pick up Ninja K, he shocked him with a good pair of shots to the throat!

Ninja K slid back into the ring and he jumped off the ropes before he measured up his target on the outside and came down on him with a SWIFT Suicide Dive through the ropes! The blow sent Mack Brody stumbling backwards, crashing into the announce table making Nathan and Michael scatter!

The crowd was even louder now as Kenshiro picked himself up off the mat and started to maneuver Brody so the big man was sent back into the ring underneath the ropes. Kenshiro headed to the top rope in one fell swoop as he waited for his target. He turned around and landed a big Front Missile Dropkick to the Bronze Bomber! He was down! Ninja K laid on the canvas for just a second before he kipped up to his feet! The Athletic Freak of Nature finished off his combination by heading off the ropes to set up for…


Incredible agility on display by the man called The Athletic Freak of Nature! The Underground Champion landed an INCREDIBLE Standing 450 Splash! He stayed on top of Brody and hooked both legs and went to win!




That sequence of incredible aerial moves from the patriarch of the Inogami Clan still wasn’t enough to get the job done against a man that wanted to fucking win here tonight. Just a little over twenty plus minutes into this match and Ninja K showed no signs of stopping. He went to Brody and helped the giant back to his feet before unleashing a stiff barrage of Uppercuts intent on dazing the big man from Philly.

He tried to lock in the big Full Nelson once again looking for the Japanese Skull Splitter, but SuperMack stopped him him in his tracks with a trifecta of elbows to the side of the head. Ninja K caught him with a low Spinning Kick to the chest to double him over and ran off the ropes to come back for a bigger kick when Brody lunged forward and stopped him with a Kitchen Sink Knee Lift! The Athletic Freak of Nature landed on his stomach as a heaving and panting Brody started to wait. He charged again at the big man when this time, Kenshiro got up a boot to the side of the head that rocked him. This time, it was Kenshiro’s turn to head to the ropes with a Handspring into someTHE GOLDDIGGER!

No way!

Mack Brody STOPPED him by catching him over his shoulders and DROPPING him hard with an Argentine Backbreaker! The crowd was amazed at the timing and execution of the counter, but the big man did it! He still had a few tricks left in his sleeve as he hunched over and rolled into a cover by laying his body over Inogami’s and hooking a leg.




Timing was everything and on this occasion, the timing just wasn’t enough! Just barely, Kenshiro eked a shoulder out from under the big man and the match had gone on about twenty-five minutes now! There was not much time for either of these athletes to get something going and a counter appeared on the jOltvision to let the fans know how much time was left!

Brody had to think of something quickly if he wanted this win. He wanted the opportunity to prove that he could succeed on the biggest stages and among the upper echelon of jOlt’s elite and there were few in that class quite like Kenshiro Inogami. He slammed a fist down into the canvas in exaggerated fashion to let the crowd know what was going down as they started to cheer some more.

“You’re done, Kenshiro!”

He picked up The Athletic Freak of Nature off the canvas and booted him in the chest. This was his third time going for it and hopefully this could be the charm. He snagged him up and set him up in the Gutwrench position when suddenly, Ninja K sprung to life and landed a chop block to the leg! Brody yelled out in pain as Kenshiro rolled away and gathered speed off the ropes. Brody swung at him with a Clothesline that missed, but off the rebound the gigantic Gamengiri kick to the face did not! With all that speed behind him, he rolled over seamlessly into cover on The Bronze Bomber!




Brody was NOT going to quit as he got the shoulder up, albeit weakly this time. Kenshiro, even after all this time, remained undeterred as he kneeled forward and connected with an alternating series of extra-STIFF Round Kicks to the head! The fourth blow got him into the position he wanted when he took off to the ropes and a Buzzsaw Kick clipped him in the side of the head! He fell on top of the cover!





The shots just weren’t going to stop, it seemed! Both men wanted this badly. Kenshiro and Mack Brody both wanted to follow up on the momentum of the other’s respective wins from WrestleCade, but that’s where their similarities ended. Brody wanted this to get to that next step in his singles career. Ninja K wanted this in order to preserve his current legacy and show any other interested parties that he was not to be anybody’s stepping stone.

Ninja K picked him up off the canvas and tried for a kick that just barely missed, but he adjusted himself and stunned Brody with a sharp Palm Strike. Brody ELBOWED him with an extra-vicious shot of his own! Now the two men were trading strikes yet again as they looked to finish things! Brody charged in with THREE more hard Clubbing Forearms to the sides of the head as he tried to maul Kenshiro like a golden grizzly. Kenshiro still fought back defiantly with elbows of his own and the strike party went on again.

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Forearm! Forearm! Forearm!

The blows stunned Ninja K long enough for Brody to grab him by the side and HURL him overhead with a rugged thrown reminiscent of a big German Suplex! The move wasn’t exactly something stylistic, but it did its job of stunning Kenshiro long enough for him to run off the ropes and MOW right through him…


Normally, Brody would have followed this up with The Midas Touch, but with the timer reaching just under three minutes now, Brody wasted no time in scurrying over to hook both legs back of the former Underground Champion and held on for dear life!




“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap-clap-clapclapclap

It was indeed for the fans watching at home, but not for Mack Brody who still had given Ninja K everything he had, and yet the veteran survived while Brody didn’t look to be able to hold out much longer. He slashed a thumb across his throat to tell the crowd that things were going to be over in a hurry. All he needed was one opportunity to hit the Fire Thunder Powerbomb that he called The Midas Touch and this would all be over so that’s what he did.

The crowd was watching with baited breath as he hoisted Ninja K back upwards in the powerbomb position… TRIANGLE CHOKE! Ninja K’s endless bag of tricks was just that! Ninja upped the ante with some sharp downward elbows, but their impact is heavy on the "slow him down" and light on the "stop him." In seconds, Brody wildly swung back to his feet, and Ninja K resorted back to the body shots that revived him earlier in the match.

Brody was sagging now and fell to the ground as Ninja K secured the choke, locking his legs in a figure-four position around the head and arm. SuperMack roared, fighting back as best he could. Using what strength he could muster, he squatted and lifted Ninja K into the air, standing up to his full height with the former Underground Champion hanging off of him. He turned toward the nearby turnbuckle and the crowd oohed and ahhed at what they're seeing.



SuperMack charged toward the turnbuckle as he looked to finish this battle once and for all. The one wrinkle he hadn't quite resolved in the heat of the moment was how to finish the move. He looked to be going for a Turnbuckle Powerbomb variation, but like a pit bull going for the jugular, Ninja K gripped the broad neck head and arm with every ounce of energy left in his body, and Brody was slowly losing consciousness as the hold constricted his air flow!

At the end of the running, Mack Brody THREW Ninja K forward, and Ninja K pulled the two-time former Tag Team Champion with him. The two of them both collided with the turnbuckle, and while Ninja K's back hitting it was kinda painful, it wasn’t as bad as the impact that Mack Brody hit the turnbuckle face-first with! Kenshiro’s choke loosened slightly on the impact, but as the smoke cleared he locked it back in, rolled the big guy over to his back and left himself seated on the chest, slowly forcing any remaining energy and breath out of the big man as he rolled over now…


The damage from the Triangle Choke had done a lot of the damage and now there was nowhere for him to go!


The submission had his neck constricted in a very bad way and to make matters worse, Brody was in the center of the ring with nowhere to go! All he had to do was hold out in the submission for a few more seconds and things would be going to a draw. Brody had fought valiantly against Ninja K and he kept trying to get to the ropes… but between the match, the choke, and the Imploding Star Submission, he was done.

Brody hadn’t moved in several seconds and it was close to about ten seconds left now! Ian Nguyen lifted Brody’s arm and it went limp once…




Three times…

And it was over.


Ninja K released the hold as the crowd buzzed, trying to figure out exactly what happened. Mack Brody was motionless in the ring now as a worn and weathered Inogami fell flat on his back on the canvas and watched as Ian Nguyen made the decision and waved Brad Arnold over. When he did so, Arnold nodded and made the announcement.


The camera panned over to the prone bodies of the battle-weary Ninja K and Mack Brody…


The crowd reaction was somewhat mixed! But the fact of the matter was that Brody’s arm had hit the canvas right before the time expired which gave Ninja K the victory! “Vicarious” by Tool played loudly as Ninja K rolled over and used the ropes to slowly rise back to his feet. While Kenshiro was a very proud athlete of the highest caliber, he felt that perhaps he had underestimated Mack Brody just a bit. He had fought him tooth and nail and mauled him several times over. The kid really did want to succeed, but this just was not his night. Ninja K simply rolled out of the ring as quietly as he arrived and gave a nod to the now-rising Mack Brody before he disappeared behind the curtain, proud of his victory on this night.

Brody was just now coming around and he was PISSED. He had come close… SO damn close. This was his first loss since he had set out on the path of a singles wrestler, but it was a loss that stung. The crowd – just as they had done for a very game and proud Amber Ryann – gave an appreciative show of respect to Mack Brody for his finest match to date in jOlt Wrestling.

The man that had started out as nothing more than a bodyguard for the Heirs of Wrestling but had proven his worth in the singles ranks. Brody started to rise yet again to his knee, but the camera caught some words from SuperMack.

“We’re not done, Kenshiro.”

Winner: Ninja K via Submission

Diamond Jewelz vs Eiji Kugasari

The masses were both seen and heard resonating with a lulling roar before the jOltvision screens afforded the masses with opposing signature screen shots of the characters in question. A highly volatile cauldron of crowd heat. Pure venom for the promotional bad boy. Rising adulation for the recently dethroned jOlt Heavyweight Champion. Another casual pan across the turbulent sea of humanity was granted before Camera 10 centered itself onto the source of the growing disturbance from the crowd; both Latrell Samuel & Khalil Straightgully were in their respective civilian attire. Khalil was seen donning a Royal Purple Ski Mask, trailing Samuel who was leading the way down the stairwell. Both miscreants were arrogantly brandishing their purchased tickets. Reluctantly, a quartet of jOlt Security would segregate the troublesome duo from the angry civilian mob as they remained standing in front of their seats in the front row. 4 middle fingers were extended to further agitate the masses for several moments before they seated themselves. Shortly after, the focus was set upon Dean Carrington whom was standing by at the ring’s epicenter...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans; the following contest is schedule for 1 Fall and it is a No Disqualification Match...The winner, by way of Pinfall, Submission, Knockout or by Referee’s Decision will become or remain the sole possessor of the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship rematch challenge the current & reigning champion at their personal digression...”

”Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle

A heavy chorus of animosity swirled heavily as the signature #sOdAmsErious was etched in cursive, followed by the emoticon serious face logo, were impressed upon each screen. On cue, the notorious megalomaniac stepped out from the back with a smug expression across his face. Accompanied by his female liege and a leashed German Shepard puppy in tow, the defiant wunderkind arrogantly scanned the horizon in his high ended Royal Purple & Pearl Jogging Suit. The top remained flared open to set his shimmering collection of expensive jewelry on full display.
Carrington: “Introducing First; He hails from Sin City, Nevada...Weighting in at 230 pounds....DIAMOND!! JEWLEZ!!!

Ruby Rocks draped herself along her man’s left side as he extended each arm outward to further agitate the masses. Khalil was seen & heard laughing out loud as Samuel began belting out words of pure disdain to the fans in the front row. Rolling both shoulders, Jewlez began to lead his lady defiantly halfway toward the ringside area when the streaming musical feed was abruptly cut. Brandishing a mic in his hand, the unruly duo halted in their tracks. A prominent sneer radiated from the Nevada native’s visage as he allotted the crowd’s animosity to linger..

“Look at me...” Jewelz bellowed as he extended his free hand outward. “Take a long my gear. My shine. My bitch...” The crowd angrily booed DJ was Ruby Rock held her man’s hand and happily pirouetted before holding him close. “She’s literally shitting on all of you fat...bloated...ill-built...menopausal moustache wearing...pregnant-necked...knee, thigh, back, pinky cleavage having bitches!”

Jewlez ordered Ruby to hold the puppy’s leash before aiming his focus onto the camera. “Now, since I am going to be the new Number 1 Contender for the jOlt Heavyweight title, I figured that I’d be a ‘nice guy’ for a change. That I would actually treat my new slanty-eyed best friend with a free dinner to thank him for helping me get that much closer to become the NEW jOlt World Heavyweight Champion!”

Ruby picked up the squirming canine, allowing Jewelz to pet him as the crowd heat rose to a tangible boil. “I know you’re watching, Eiji. You’re probably licking the screen right now thinking there’s some Saki and Wasabi sauce would make this night complete so how about this; you save yourself any further embarrassment by just handing me the Number 1 Championship Spot, I hand you Lil’ Cujo here and we’ll call it even? How bout’ it?

The turbulent tsunami of jeers immediately shifted to an volley of guttural cheers. Both Jewelz & Ruby were readily searching for the cause of the disturbance when the rising roar of the crowd lured Diamond’s crew to train their eyes onto the jOltvision monitors with Damien Lee broadcasting live from the Skybox Office...

“Well...well...well...” The jOlt Wrestling Chief Executive Office hissed while resting his forearms atop his desk and leaning forward. Fingers interlocked briefly before running his Right hand over his lips and chin. “Apparently, you seem to be an individual who is apparently either hard of hearing or..Honestly believes that not only that he’s this self professed ’badass’...Well, actually, I did anticipate this so given your unsavory behavior, allow me to personally remind you that I sanctioned this match to ensure that no interference will be tolerated. Now, with your little ’ticket’ stunt, that was ’cute’...Just remember that thanks to your international antics, I want your cronies to test my authority. By all means, try me...All I need is 1 mere reason to legislatively, physically and financially unleash the Wrath of God himself upon all of you...”

A rousing response as Jewelz scowled back at the screen. “Oh, by the way, Mr. Jewelz...” Lee continued. “If you haven’t noticed, there’s an apparent warring of rival factions, as of late...Now seeing that your lady friend would be an unsuspecting target of choice to both the opportunistic and depraved, I’ve have taken it upon myself to enlist some necessary ’protection’ to escort her safely to the back...Gentlemen, if you’ll please....? Good luck you both....*Angry Static*...”

Ruby inaudibly bitched and complained to Diamond Jewelz as he & his entourage adamantly voiced their protests amidst the roaring masses as darkness abruptly overwhelmed the arena. Camera flashes, throughout the arena, at random along with the rise of incandescent lighting. Prominent strips of a red hue began to grow in number several feet before & behind both Diamond Jewelz & Ruby’s location. The arena lighting returned revealing a dozen Crimson Elite to slowly ascend to their feet and display an unsettling show of force. The crowd continued clambering as Jewelz & Ruby were shifting their attention to watch the motionless guard. Both Khalil & Samuel hurdled the barricades and launched a preemptive strike only to be eventually overwhelmed by the assembly of ninjas. Jewelz quickly removed his jewelry, placing into Ruby’s hands as the remaining 6 slowly made their advance forward. The Nevada native gnashed his teeth. Literally torn between aiding his crew versus staring at his reflection, etched across the blackened visor before him. A gloved hand was extended to Ruby, who reluctantly, Ruby reached out to take the ninja’s hand.

Shifting his focus, Jewelz immediately lashed out at the attacking party that had his comrades overwhelmed. DJ flung one of the biker helmeted ninjas away sternly before kicking another one violently in the chest. A wild brawl began to ensue before one of the ninjas staggered Jewelz wildly away with a stern Headbutt! As both Khalil & Samuel were forcibly dragged away to the back, Ruby’s screams were virtually muted out as the enigmatic Crimson Guard member removed his helmet. The Arena of Champions roared as The Blood Raven whipped his hair back with his enemy crawling away slowly on all fours. A muffled thud was heard as Eiji chucked the helmet between the arrogant jeweler’s shoulder blades! The ongoing audible melee left the reeling anarchist reeling, staggering back to his feet. Superman Punch by Kugasari! The disrespectful Nevada native collapsed against the barricades, allotting the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion angrily peeling away his camouflage, slamming the Onyx Leather Jacket atop his disoriented rival as he was trying to use the rails to stand...

Crimson Sword Dance - [sequence] Snap Kick to Thigh. Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. Spinning Back Fist. Open Palm Strike to Jaw.

Jewelz again careened against the barricades, desperately seeking to reclaim his equilibrium with the young clan lieutenant in hot pursuit. A stiff Kick to the lower back jettisoned Jewelz forward to collapse before the ring apron as Darius Underwood was waved off by the embittered ninja. The dreadlocked villain quickly used the diversion to delve under the ring as a rest haven to recollect himself. Kugasari knelt down and flung the ring apron away to unsuccessfully drag his enemy from underneath the ring. The masses were overheard booing angrily yet Underwood quickly fled around the ring post for safety as Eiji held out a cylindrical grenade. Sweeping his hair back, the Prince of Puroresu pulled the pin and chucked the object underneath the ring apron. Seconds later, a brilliant flash flooded the ring’s underbelly & a wild fit of screaming rang out before Jewelz scurried out from under the ring apron. Face buried in both hands.

Crowd:”...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)......FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)...FUCK HIM UP, EIJI!!! FUCK HIM UP!!! (Stomp 2x)....”


Jewelz violently careened into & over the unforgiving ring steps before laying sprawled out along the padded earth briefly. The ravenous Blood Raven grabbed his enemy by the braids back to his feet, flung soundly against the nearby barricades before sending him tumbling over with a stiff Lariat! A number of fans were seen patting the ninja across the back & shoulders as Eiji climbed after his foe and send him tumbling away with a strong Open Palm Strike across the Jaw! Kugasari convinced a fan to offer him his chair, which was quickly folded and soundly slammed across DJ’s back before hurled atop of him. The Blood Raven rewarded the fan with a High 5 before swimming through the active sea of humanity. Grabbing the proud pyromaniac by his hair once more, Kugasari led the street savvy hoodlum deeper into the crowd. Cameras 19 & 23 followed the brawling duo with Diamond Jewelz was blasted in the face with a fan’s large drink before he fell out of view. Several moments elapsed before Diamond Jewelz was beginning to regain ground violently. However, Eiji staggered him backwards with a European Uppercut. Eiji with the Irish Whip. DJ with the Reversal and a Snap Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex sent the ninja careening against the cold concrete floor!

The Prince of Puroresu grimaced sternly as the arrogant wrestling prodigy eventually sat up, favoring his back before drilling the former jOlt Champion with several Mounted Punches. Diamond looked around briefly before dragging Eiji back to his vertical base, inaudibly berating him before cold cocking him across the jaw. The blow sent Kugasari stumbling backward before landing in an empty seat. Panting for air, the Blood Raven was notably dazed before a Running Yakuza Kick by Jewelz sent him sprawled out along the floor! Painfully standing himself erect, Jewelz smoothed out his locs before slowly raising his fist upward to further aggravate the masses. Still bracing his Left Forearm against the small of his back, Jewelz plodded after his crawling enemy while disrespecting him with a few Kicks. The leader of the MFG clique dragged the chair alongside him, nodding his head before planting his foot atop the ninja’s Right Leg and methodically blasting him with a 2 Chair Shots! Kugasari angrily recoiled from the blows yet Jewelz angrily slammed the metal seat across the ninja’s chest before wedging it against the Blood Raven’s throat for several moments.

The slightly bent weapon was seen sailing high over the barricades, careening against the top ropes before hitting the floor soundly. Camera 8 backed away, viewing the Jewelry Baron dragging Eiji toward the barricades before losing his footing and landing along the floor. Undeterred, DJ reclaimed his footing to batter the ninja with a hard Irish Whip against the barricades before laying in a volatile hail of Boots & Punches. A Drop Suplex unceremoniously reintroduced Eiji to the other side of the barricades as Jewelz continued to lean over the rails and berate the Ibara import before following suit. Clearing the rails, the Resident Asshole played to the disgruntled legions before taunting his ailing opposition. An Upward Kick to the Face backed Jewelz up, allowing Kugasari to stagger himself upward and lay in a pair of Snap Kicks to each rib. However, DJ caught the ninja’s leg and drove him spine first against the ring apron. Eiji groaned audibly before being whipped against the rails. Kugasari staggered forward from the impact...

Diamond Bling- A Snap Frankensteiner

Again, from his knees, the malevolent megalomaniac began to celebrate & praise himself before casually standing over his fallen rival to pull down the partial thermal mask & taunt him. However, the Blood Raven’s response was to defiantly spit in the jeweler’s face. The opportunistic ninja drove his heel upward into his enemy’s midsection. In reclaiming his vertical base, his momentum was sternly aborted with a swift Alabama Slam against the thinly padded floor! Holding the ninja’s leg ajar, Diamond Jewlez methodically stomped on the ninja’s stomach, leading him to roll over in anguish...A Wheelbarrow Suplex slammed Eiji skull first against the ring apron!!

The Blood Raven was left angrily clutching the back of his head as Diamond’s bravado got the better of him...


Grabbing the ninja by the hair, Jewelz dragged Eiji back to his feet, rolled him underneath the ropes. Jewelz promptly retained & hurled the slightly bent Chair over the top rope before following suit...


Jewelz chuckled inaudibly to himself before covering Eiji with the Lateral Press...



Kugasari jerked his shoulder off the mat, infuriating Jewelz to retaliate with a battery of Mounted Punches before pacing about and waiting for the ninja to recollect himself. A textbook Gutwrench Suplex ripped the ninja off the canvas and planted him soundly into the mat yet DJ held on and connected with another. Still holding on, DJ briefly yelled obscenities to his detractors before displaying his power with a Delayed Gutwrench Suplex! DJ rolled his neck before dropping to both knees and hooking the leg deep...1! ...2! Another kickout left the Nevada native sitting up in noted frustration briefly before hovering over his crawling rival and berating him with both verbal taunts and intentional Paint Brush Slaps to the head. Snatching the ninja back to his feet, DJ hurled the ninja soundly into the distant turnbuckles. Staggering forward, Eiji was wiped out with a Running Knee Trembler to the Jaw! Arrogantly, Jewlez draped himself over the top rope & flashed a cavalier smile that set the crowd’s teeth on edge...

Crowd:”...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)....”

DJ’s inaudible ranting was followed by him grabbing his crotch & shaking it back at them before hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! ...NO! Jewelz angrily slapped the canvas and argued with Referee Underwood briefly before stomping on the ninja’s chest 3 times. The embittered promotional terrorist stormed over toward the prone chair, noisily slammed it against the mat nearby before sandwiching Kugasari with a Scoop Slam atop of it! The former jOlt Champion remained motionless as the dreadlocked risk taker began scaling the turnbuckles. Openly signaling to the masses that end was near, Jewelz slowly stood himself erect from the lofty heights before taking flight...

3,106.75 Carats - A Phoenix Splash


DJ bounced soundly off the prone Steel Chair, loudly screaming in anguish from the impact as he was left clutching his stomach, keeled over onto his side. Meanwhile, the masses began rallying behind the ailing ninja was dragging himself back to all fours. Staggering back to his vertical base, Jewelz wobbled his way back to his feet...A Steel Chair Uppercut sent dread locks everywhere as Diamond was spun about and staggered away several paces toward the opposing corner. A Running Pump Kick between the shoulder blades sent the jeweler careening soundly against the turnbuckle padding. A barrage of Martial Arts Kicks to the Ribs & exposed Back before being spun about and leaned back with a Back Fist Uppercut. A stiff Leaping High Knee further stunned the ailing Jewelz before drilling him with a Short Armed Forearm Strike. An immediate Northern Lights Salto Suplex...


A hardened Stomp to the Face left DJ reeling from the attack before Eiji dropped down and hooked the leg deeply...



Jewlez shot the shoulder up, leading Kugasari to immediately roll through and cinch him into a Figure Four Death Lock! Fingers digging into the canvas, DJ adamantly warded off the referee while trying to drag himself gradually to the ring ropes. Successfully latching onto the bottom ropes, Darius Underwood continued waving off the rope break, leaving a screaming Jewelz to improvise and drag himself out onto the ring apron to inevitably free himself. However, Eiji spied the intent, leading to release the hold and crushed Jewelz with a Slingshot Ring Apron Knee Drop! Both arms & upper body left draped over the ring apron, the Blood Raven punished his enemy with a Double Underhook Knee Strike...


A Double Underhook Ring Apron Gut Buster left both men sprawled out along the outside before Eiji began reclaiming his vertical base...

Crowd:”...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...EIJI!!! ...”

A stern Hammer Throw against the barricades left DJ lurched over the rails before Kugasari utilized a swift Reverse STO against the rails to knock Jewelz soundly face first onto the floor. Slightly panting while resting against the barricades, Eiji stared at his enemy and noticed he was beginning to bleed from his brow in peeling him off the ground. The ensemble of cheers poured forth while the former jOlt champion floored DJ with a High Kick across the Chest before angrily prying a portion of the barricades apart. Slightly cumbersome with the barricade section, Eiji turned about to bludgeon his foe...



A Running Surfboard Dropkick toppled the steel obstruction atop of the ninja clan lieutenant with a angered Jewelz using the back of the chair to stand himself erect before briefly collapsing back to the floor. A fresh Crimson Mask continued to run along his face as he staggered about before regaining his equilibrium...







Panting, a maddened stare radiated from the arrogant high flyer as he cast the heavily damaged chair aside before flinging the barricades off the former Heavyweight Champion. Wrought with pain, DJ staggered & collapsed near Eiji in trying to pull him up to his feet before successfully regaining his vertical base and pulling the kneeling ninja upward into position...
Moissainte Tester - A Swinging Leg Hook Fireman's Carry Slam


A lingering fecal chant echoed overhead as Eiji’s body collapsed in a heap atop the battered railing. Meanwhile, the Nevada Blood Diamond was christened by hardcore ambition and blood. Writhing while bracing his forearm against his lower back, DJ gradually peeled himself off the bent barricade, crawling over to the rails before standing himself erect. Fueled by the lure of prestige and power, Jewelz willed himself to drag the ailing ninja by the arm back toward the ring. Having fallen twice, DJ finally hoisted Eiji upward with a Rear Waistlock before slamming Kugasari head first against the ring apron with a muffled thud. Eiji collapsed back first along the padded earth before being pulled back to his feet and hurled away toward the unforgiving Ring Post! DJ dropped to his knee beside the ring apron to regain his health before pulling himself back inside the ring. In the mean time, the Blood Raven managed to crawl over to the nearest rails to fight for his proper footing as DJ lurched forward before shooting toward the opposing ropes...A Tope’ Suicida violently crushed the ninja spine first against the rails before both men collapsed atop each other...

Crowd: ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...

Camera 3 followed a staggering Diamond Jewelz dropped to a knee to fish underneath the ring apron and summoned a Hardcore pop in brandishing a fresh Kendo Stick. Visually enamored with both its availability & malicious intent, DJ soon turned and stared at the recovering ninja...



The young clan prodigy recoiled from the attack...







The ninja initiated a staggering retreat in rounding the ring post...





Kugasari desperately sought to pull himself back in the ring yet was snatched off the ring apron, hitting the floor hard...











The weapon was considerably broken yet Jewelz was deep into his maddening state...





DJ angrily slammed the shattered weapon of destruction along the ring apron before resting both arms against it. Panting notably, Jewelz dropped to a knee over his now bleeding rival’s brow. DJ smeared his fingers with Eiji’s blood before standing and wearing it as war paint across his chest. Grabbing the ninja by the hair, DJ arrogantly played to the crowd before hurling him away toward the ring steps, violently separating them from each other. A fit of coughing and spitting crimson beset Kugasari as a noted disturbance drew the attention from within the crowd. The Arena of Champions openly jeered the return of both Khalil Straightgully & Latrell Samuel. Both brandishing the earned scars from the ninja assault as they openly rallied their leader, who was holding up the upper portion of the ring steps...



A distinct splatter pattern remained etched along the ring’s cold surface as both the steps & the ninja collapsed in unison. In return, Latrell tossed a bottle of water to Jewelz who ingested a hearty swig of water before casting it aside. The unwelcomed trinity would gregariously converse amongst each other briefly before DJ rolled Eiji back inside the ring. Pulling himself onto the ring apron, the entire assembly angrily booed the disdainful Diamond before he passed through the ropes and lazily covered Eiji for the pin...






The legions openly cheered as DJ looked in glaring disgust. 1st at Referee Underwood before down at Kugasari. The rising chants for the ninja further agitated both the jewelry hustler, urging him to snatch him up to his feet, bouncing him off the ropes with an Irish Whip before seizing him into an Abdominal Stretch. A writing Kugasari extended his free arm outward as the referee diligently monitored his condition. The genuine heel was on display as DJ latched himself onto the top ropes to apply more torque. The ninja defiantly shook his head as he fought on. The ninja’s resistance quickly led Jewelz to start battering Eiji with a hail of Clubbing Forearms across the sternum before humbling the ninja with a textbook Rib Breaker! Cover...






DJ violently threw a tantrum by slapping the canvas before rolling off the ring apron, hobbling over to the time keeper’s table to shove him off his chair and arming himself. Sliding the weapon underneath the ropes, DJ pulled himself back onto the ring apron before leading Eiji away with an Irish Whip toward the ropes. The Blood Raven with the Reversal...

Tenzo Ken - A Rolling Iron Claw STO

The momentum set Eiji out of position to make the immediate cover as he reached out, willing himself over to finally make the Lateral Press...



The audience groaned as Jewelz strongly kicked out, leaving both men to gradually pulled themselves back to their feet. A punching exchange exposed the crowd’s respective allegiance & rebuke of the warring parties before Jewelz stole back the momentum with a hard Knee Lift & a stiff European Uppercut before obliterating Kugasari with a hard Atomic Whip!! Resting on all fours, a slow chuckle was heard, supported by both Khalil & Samuel. Staggering back to his feet, DJ grabbed the prone chair & arrogantly laugh onto himself before dropping the chair into its appointed destination. Staggering after his prey, DJ grabbed the ninja’s hair with both hands up to his feet. Methodically cursing & insulting the ninja lieutenant before hoisting him onto his shoulder. Walking to the opposing end to gain some running room, Jewlez pissed off the crowd by pointing toward the corner before initiating an Oklahoma Stampede. Eiji somehow managed to slither away, allowing Jewelz to careen chest first against the turnbuckles. The Goons were adamant in their disgust as their leader was seen staggering backwards...



A Dragon Suplex atop of the prone Steel Chair!”






The audience groaned openly as Jewelz jettisoned himself upward into a supine position as Eiji remained keeled over onto his side in both frustration and anguish. The ongoing crowd chatter nearly drowned out the supportive goons as both Eiji & Jewelz struggled to recover. The Blood Raven was the 1st to his feet to utilize a stiff Soccer Kick to the exposed ribs staggered the dreadlocked degenerate upward and into the nearest turnbuckle. Left Hook. Right Hook. Left Forearm Strike. Right Forearm Strike. A stiff Bell Clap shattered the Nevada neophyte’s equilibrium before Eiji hurled him away toward the opposing corner. The sinewy ninja strode after his enemy yet an uplifted Boot was driven sternly against the clan lieutenant’s jaw, knocking him back several paces. DJ with the Hammer Throw toward the corner yet Eiji shifted gears to retaliate with a Short Armed Headbutt against Jewelz’s teeth! A strong Spinning Roundhouse Kick spun Diamond Jewelz about before a Running Yakuza Kick to the Back propelled him violently into the corner followed by a Running High Knee to the Back for added measure. The masses began roaring as all 230 pounds of Diamond Jewelz was stretched out in an Argentine Bow & Arrow submission!

The ninja grimaced in seeking to plod his way from the turnbuckles & ropes before broadening his base, applying more torque to the hold. The Goons were overheard yelling & screaming as their leader writhed in anguish at the neighboring referee. Grabbing a handful of the referee’s collar, DJ continued fighting against the pressure before Underwood managed to free himself from his desperate grasp. Shortly after, Eiji allowed DJ to collapse soundly against the canvas. Standing Moonsault Press for the cover...



NO! Both of Jewelz’s cohorts breathed as open sigh of relief as he managed to kick out. Now it was Kugasari who was desperately seeking to temper his simmering rage within before climbing up the turnbuckles, reeling his enemy back to his feet. However, the pair of degenerates briefly diverted the ninja’s attention before he took flight...

Hanzo’s Comet - A Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round)





NO!! An adamant Eiji slapped the canvas in frustration before staring at his recovering opponent and displaying a throat slashing taunt to the hype out the crowd. DJ was drunkenly back to his feet when Kugasari hoisted him upward...

Event Horizon - A Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Back Breaker

Unexpectedly, Jewelz managed to slip free, land and humble the ninja with a Football Kick to the Groin before dropping to a Knee! The audience groaned angrily as Referee Underwood grimaced from the impact. Laughing with a blood-caked face, Diamond Jewelz mocking laughed at the struggling to reclaim his footing before drunkenly shifting his position behind the ailing Blood Raven and drilling him with a tandem of measured Forearm Strikes to the back of the Head...

Iced Out - A Crossed Face Chicken Wing Submission

The former jOlt Champion flailed his arm out wildly, struggling to free himself. Relying on his ring awareness, he desperately back pedaled to sternly sandwich his captor in the corner yet to no avail. Jewelz was determined to win as the staggering Eiji soon fell backwards into a complimentary Body Scissors to further restrict him mobility. The masses began rhythmically clapping in order to will the ninja to fight his way out. Using his forearm as a sturdy base, Kugasari remained on all 4's for several moments before spying the tattered Kendo Stick several inches away. Pawing at the weapon, he managed to roll it towards his anxious hands as Jewelz rolled himself onto his back once more. Desperately warding off the urge to pass out, Eiji finally laid siege to the fractured cane before repeatedly smacking it 4 times across his captor’s skull to free himself. Jewelz howled in utter anguish as he rolled away toward the ropes. Panting briefly, Eiji crawled back to his feet, planted his knee between DJ’s shoulder blades while choking his enemy with the battered cane across his throat! Seconds later, Underwood interceded to pry the ninja off of him before Eiji returned to pursuit the rising Jewelz along the ring apron...

A Snap Ring Apron Suplex by Eiji led him to spill outside of the squared circle, much to the crowd’s delight! Mouth agape, the busted pen jewelry expert reached up and latched nto the middle ropes to steady himself. Meantime, the Prince of Puroresu staggered back onto the ring apron yet was stunned with a sudden Back Elbow to the Face. Another found its mark yet an expedient Hanging Soccer Kick leaned Jewelz against the ropes, allotting the ninja to climb onto the middle ropes...

The Burning Sands Submission - A Figure Four Neck Lock

His enemy was angrily howling in pain as the referee’s presence further infuriated him before being released with Jewelz collapsing soundly along the floor below. Back inside the ring, Eiji laid prostrate along the mat to catch his breath before gradually standing himself erect. Along the outside, Jewlez low crawled himself back to his feet as a running ninja caromed off the opposing ropes...

The Screaming Eagle - A Running Arabian 1 to an Arabian 3/4 OTR Corkscrew Senton

Crowd: ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...jOlt!!!...

Jewelz was left sprawled out along the as his partially masked enemy rolled over to his side and struggled to reclaim his footing. The Goons were adamantly barking insults at the ninja who sternly extended the middle finger to them as he focused on knocking off the top of the opposing set of ring steps, casting it aside before being hit with a Clubbing Forearm by Jewelz. A haggered Jewelz would grab Eiji by the back of the head before being doubled over by a Back Elbow to the stomach!



A Snap Suplex atop of the Ring Steps Base!”

A stern grimace remained painted on the bloody face of one Diamond Jewelz as Eiji was left clutching the back of his head from the impact. Angry & ailing, the Blood Raven swivled about drunkenly to his feet before pulling his opposition up to both knees by his locs. With both hands, filled with dread locks, an embittered Kugasari inaudibly screamed his frustration in his native tongue...

Tenzo Ken - A Rolling Iron Claw STO

A sickening thud rang out as Eiji hovered the fallen thug on all fours for several moments before dragging him off the flattened obstruction and forcing his motionless body to be stood erect. Leaning him against the ring apron, Kugasari dropped down to fish underneath the ring apron before garnering the legion’s favor in displaying Steel Handcuffs before them. The ring savvy of Jewelz came into place as he staggered himself around the steel turnbuckle post before leaning near it along the ring apron. 1 cuff was quickly fastened onto DJ’s right wrist, alerting him. The sudden jolt of adrenaline led Jewelz to pull back, slamming the ninja’s face into the steel post! Weary from the accumulated damage, DJ staggered around the ring post and began promoting more blood flow with a methodical series of Mounted Punches, driving the metal cuffs across the ninja’s brow. Khalil proudly yelled at his brother at arms as Jewelz wobbled back to his feet, leaned against the ring apron before push Kugasari back inside the ring. Standing up, DJ landed shoulder first against the turnbuckle padding to catch his breath while willing his enemy to stand. A Hard Right landed with precision to floor the bleeding ninja back first.


A maniacal smile formed across the degenerate’s face as he reared his head back, laughing to himself amidst pants before cinching the former Heavyweight Champion into a Step Over Arm Lock Camel Clutch. The bleeding miscreant barked at his prey to submit. Referee Underwood noted that the ninja’s life signs were weakening. The left arm was raised once and dropped. A 2nd time it warranted the same results. Both Khalil & Latrell were geeked up as DJ was adamantly nodding his head. The crowd volume rose as the ninja’s hand trembled over the ring apron into a balled up fist. Jewelz shook his head in reluctance as Eiji began pawing away the his captor’s hands. The crowd cheered as Kugasari sunk his teeth into his rival’s bicep, prompting Diamond Jewelz to scream in anguish! The hold was broken, leaving DJ to clasp onto his injured arm. Staggering away to the opposing end, Jewelz angrily reeled the ninja back to his feet before sprinting after him...

Crown Jewel - A Busaiku Knee Kick

Kugasari caught his airborne rival, staggered backwards before slamming him jaw first against the turnbuckles! Each arm was draped over the adjacent middle ropes as Eiji watched Jewelz stagger backwards wildly and collapse along the mat. The crowd momentum was pulsating, willing him to fight his way back to his vertical base. His eyes readily monitored Jewelz’s cumbersome inability to stand quickly before quickly staggering after his rising foe. A Discus Elbow spun DJ away 180 degrees...

The Shinobi Sunset - A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver

The masses rose from their seats as Jewelz eerily rose to a lurched posture before falling soundly onto his side! The Blood Raven remained face first along the canvas, shaking his head before maneuvering his body around to finally make the cover...






The ninja slumped over to his side, eyes widened in sheer disbelief as a battered Jewelz dropped his cuffed wrist back against the mat...

Crowd: ...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x) ...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x) ....

Shaking his head and cursing under his breath, The Prince of Puroresu pushed off his feet, staggered waywardly after his recovering foe and flattened with a stiff Knee Drop to the Skull! Another! And another. Jewelz’s comrades were heard venting their frustrations at the revengeful ninja...

Crimson Dynasty - A Double Wrist Clutch w/ both arms held followed by multiple Stomps to Chest, Face & Head

The bloodthirsty legions welcomed the ongoing barrage that was concluded with yet another Knee Drop to the Face! Referee Underwood scrambled out of the way as Eiji used a Bear Hug to pull DJ upward to his weakened base before snapping him over with an Northern Light Hammerlock Suplex! Rolling through, the audience roared favorably as Eiji successfully used the handcuff to apply a Combination Hammerlock/Leg Scissors submission to Jewelz! Arching his back, DJ was adamantly pawing his captor’s legs to free himself. Desperately hugging the ninja’s leg with his free arm, Jewelz keeled over onto his side helpless. The insistent screaming & clawing of Eiji’s leg began to cease until his free arm collapsed onto the canvas.

Referee Underwood hovered near before immediately signaling for the bell, igniting the entire assembly to audibly explode. Camera 4 trained itself onto the appalled expressions made by Jewelz’s partners in crime as Underwood forcibly pried the ninja off the unconscious Diamond Jewelz...


Jewelz was promptly being attended to by ringside personnel as an seemingly exhausted Kugasari has finally exacted revenge. Heavy sighs of relief were in celebration in the restoration of lost face as he gradually rolled over onto his hands & knees to bask in the moment. ”Dawn Awaits by Cliff Lin escaped from the overhead PA system as the victorious ninja leaned back on both knees. However the celebration was ruined by Khalil being the first to violently run Kugasari down with a Running Boot to the back before both goons began waling away at the Blood Raven...

Roid Camel - A Camel Clutch

The turbulent tsunami of crowd heat flooded the vast assembly as the ring bell continued ringing as a sprinting Samuel caromed off the opposing ropes and drilled Eiji with a Basement Dropkick to the Face! Straightgully arrogantly inflicted pain on the victorious ninja before using a Scoop Slam several feet away from the turnbuckles where Latrell was seen perched atop, ready to add more insult to injury yet the audible shift drew his focus on numerous sets of flashes & smoke that produced Kugasari’s reinforcements with Shoji leading the charge. Three Crimson Elite dove into the ring and ran the unrepentant duo who managed to barely escape the ring with a bloodied Jewelz safely in their charge. Takeshi & Heido angrily scowled at the retreating party who left the ninja clan to dominate the ringside area. Samuel was the loudest protestor in their unified retreat as ”Dawn Awaits by Cliff Lin rang out once more with a bloody Jewelz being Fireman’s Carried across Khali’s broad shoulders. Eiji kneeling beside the Mute Mountain Splitter, staring coldly at the fleeing pack of jackals...

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Submission

"Believe in the Faction"

The camera's caught up with Landon Stevens and The Faction after the twins pulled off a tremendous upset as they beat three other teams to claim the jOlt tag team championships.

"TAG TEAM CHAMPS!!!!" Eli and Ezra exlclaimed as they hugged.

"That's what I'm talking about. Fuck the haters." Landon said as he came up behind the twins and draped his arms over the shoulders of the twins.

"See, this is what we have been working for. This right here. We are on top of the fucking world boys. The Faction not only holds the jOlt championship, but now. Now we have the Tag Championships as well. Later tonight I will finally get my hands on Aran's prized Relentless Championship. No one wanted to believe me when I said The Faction doesn't fail. BELIEVE IN THE FACTION!!!"

"LANDON!!! LANDON!!!! LANDON!!!!" a voice echoed from down the hallway.

Landon looked up to see it was Donnie Layne.

"The hell you want?" Landon questioned.

"I was hoping to get a few words with the most decorated faction in jOlt history."

"You got questions? Ask away, that is your job anyways."

"Well, what do you have to say about the victory tonight?"

"Tonight, the boys did exactly what I knew they could. They believed in themselves and said fuck the haters. Tonight The Faction has reached a level that no one can match. I told these two months ago that this was in our future. I told them that we deserved OUR TIME and that Aran was doing nothing but holding us back. Look at us now."

"There is no doubt that you three have been on a rise ever since you dropped Aran Thompson."

"Damn right there's no doubt Donnie. Landon showed us the way. Landon showed us exactly how Aran was. Landon might have alot of the qualities we hated, but Landon has pushed us to the edge of insanity and now we are the tag team champions. What else can I say? If it wasn't for Landon who knows where we or even jOlt for that matter would be." Ezra explained as Eli grabbed and pulled the arm of Layne towards him.

"This was our childhood dream and all Aran ever did was tell us he believed in us and that we could do anything, but all we ever did was clean up his messes. Landon is the jOlt champion, he beat Waymoth, Aran, and Eiji to earn that. How can we not believe in him? He has proven time and time again that he is the best." Eli continued.

"Tonight though, Landon. You will go one on one with Aran Thompson for the Relentless Championship."

"That Relentless championship is as good as mine. Aran can't beat me. We have already proven that fact at WrestleCade. Tonight I shut up all the critics and silence all non-believers. The fans out there can chant all they want about how I suck, how I'm a pussy, hell they can call me a chump for all I care. They feel sorry for everyone, they feel sorry for Aran and that's why they cheer him. They have no pity for me like they do him. Tonight the era of of Aran Thompson ends and the Year of The Rising Star continues."

"Just as confident as ever Landon."

"When you're as good as me, there is no second guessing yourself. When you're the jOlt champion and you accomplish it in the way that I did, you know you're the best." Landon said.

"You did win the championship in dramatic fashion."

"Dramatic fashion? I won this championship in a way many could only dream of. I beat the best time and time again on my journey to becoming champion. Now it's time I end the dreams of Aran Thompson as he too will learn The Faction doesn't fail. Tonight every one will... BELIEVE IN THE FACTION" Landon exclaimed as he shoved Layne up against the wall and out the way as The Faction began to walk on towards their locker room.

"What an asshole." Layne stated as the scene faded.

Omega(c) vs Derecho

Before Wrestlecade, Derecho made a bold move and challenged the Underground Champion, Omega, face to face. It looked like jOlt's two current monsters would collide until Spike Saunders showed up and intervened, wanting to settle an eight-year score with Derecho. Omega went on and defended the Underground Championship successfully in its first ever Handicap Match in a display of absolute dominance. Now that their issues have been cleared, Derecho once again challenged Omega for his throne and Omega accepted. The clash was about to begin... was the world ready?

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The lights in the arena went dark before it bathed the arena in a crimson hue. A moderately-sized ring of fire ignited on the stage as Derecho rose up from within as the song ramped up. When the drums hit, he had fully ascended, wearing his black trench coat and black skull crown.

The music kicked up faster as the vocalist began with the lyrics. Derecho stepped out of the ring of fire and made his way down to the ring. Tonight, he wanted to become a two-time Underground Champion, but he would have to go through a monster to do so. He fought and defeated Sylo before, but Omega was tearing a path of complete carnage and destruction much like Derecho did, but with the size and power difference between the two, Derecho had his back against the wall in this one.

Derecho stepped into the ring and removed his cloak and crown, passing them off to ringside. The arena returned to normal and his music died down. Shortly thereafter...

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Derecho stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to Simon Boulder as the fans jeered the champion. Derecho turned to look at the monstrous Underground Champion, but wasn't moved in the least bit by it.

Instead, Derecho simply grinned and even had the nerve to applaud Omega for his entrance. The arena returned to normal as Simon Boulder held up the championship. He passed it along to ringside and then called for the bell.




With the sound of the bell, the much-anticipated clash of these two monsters had begun. Derecho and Omega walked up to each other and stood there face to face.. both with serious looks on their faces. Derecho was the first to crack a grin and shove Omega back!

The crowd felt the tension in the air as Omega looked down at his chest and then back up at Derecho where he simply smiled. Derecho taunted Omega to bring it, but Omega wasn't a rookie off The Hype.. he knew exactly what Derecho wanted to try and do and that was lure Omega into a lock up where Derecho would try and counter with a cheap shot. It was something people had seen Derecho do before and it was something that Omega wasn't going to fall victim to.

Omega returned the challenge and taunted Derecho to come at him so Derecho did. Omega went for the toe kick, but Derecho grabbed Omega by the leg when he stopped short. Derecho smiled and tried to taunt Omega, but...


Omega hauled off and punched Derecho right in the head with his extended reach! Derecho didn't expect Omega to react that quickly and he stumbled away, holding his face in pain. Derecho's anger got the better of him as he immediately turned and charged Omega, but Omega countered by lifting Derecho up and over the top rope and out to the ring apron where Derecho landed on his feet.

Derecho grasped the top rope and went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Omega side-stepped and kicked Derecho in the chest! Omega immediately grabbed Derecho and tried to hit a rope-assisted DDT, but Derecho crawled through the ropes and got onto his feet.

Derecho tried to back drop Omega over the top ropes, but Omega's size prevented Derecho from doing that. Omega pounded away on Derecho's upper back with forearm shots that brought Derecho down to a single knee while still being in the front face lock hold. Omega pulled Derecho back up and went for a Verical Suplex, but Derecho floated over and landed behind Omega with a waist lock. Derecho attempted a German Suplex, but Omega stood his ground and used his strength to break Derecho's grip. Omega turned, but Derecho buried his shoulder into Omega's mid-section and forced him back against the ropes where he opened up with shot after shot to Omega's mid-section.

Omega was getting tired of this so he grabbed Derecho by the waist and by using sheer power, he swung Derecho through the middle and top ropes, tossing him out to the floor at ringside!

Omega stepped through the ropes and hopped down to the floor where Derecho was getting back up to his feet. Omega grabbed Derecho by the head and slammed it into the top of the announce table. Derecho staggered away to the left of teh tabels and Omega gave chase. Derecho rounded the corner when Omega picked up speed and laid him out with a Running Lariat from behind!

Omega turned and pulled Derecho back up, giving him no time to recover. Omega lifted Derecho up and dropped him chest first across the top of the barricades. Derecho staggered back toward the announce tables, but stopped at the ring steps, using them as a brace to keep himself up. Omega charged in toward Derecho and nailed him with a Running Knee Lift that slammed Derech's back into the steps!

Derecho dropped to a seated position as Omega took a few steps back. Omega licked his lips at the delight of inflicting more pain and charged in again, looking for a second Running Knee Strike and he hit it... too bad Derecho moved and Omega slammed his knee into the steps!!

However, Omega didn't go down. He hobbled away, but grinned as if he accepted and enjoyed the pain! Derecho charged in from behind and hit a chop block on the back of Omega's right knee, taking him down to the mats. Derecho then turned and grabbed the top half of the ring steps, pulling it off. He set them off to the side and grabbed Omega, pulling him to his feet. He backed up and positioned hismelf right in front of the steps where he hooked Omega for a suplex!

Derecho tried to lift Omega, but Omega blocked and it lifted Derecho up instead! Omega then slammed Derecho stomach first across the bottom half of the ringsteps with a modified Gordbuster! Derecho popped up a bit and held his stomach in pain. Omega took a step back and took to the air with a Running Big Boot that caught Derecho straight in the face, knocking him off the steps and flat onto his back in front of the announce position!!

Derecho turned to his stomach and began to crawl away, but Omega caught up to him where he grabbed a fist full of Derecho's hair, pulling him back up. Derecho tried to counterd with a pair of elbows into Omega's mid-section, but Omega shrugged them off and hit a headbutt to the back of Derecho's head. Omega dragged him over to the announce table and laid Derecho on top of it. Omega turned his attention to the ring apron where he hopped up onto it and took aim, but Derecho quickly rolled off the table and used his arm to sweep Omega's legs out from underneath him. Omega then hit back first on the ring apron and fell to the floor!

Derecho quickly went down and grabbed Omega in a front face lock. He then hit knee strike after knee strike to the top of Omega's head to soften him up. Derecho stood once he felt Omega was fairly incapacitated and headed to the time keeper's position to retrieve his best friend... the steel chair.

Derecho readied the chair as Omega pulled himself up. Omega turned around and Derecho swung, but Omega put his hands up and blocked it! He grabbed the chair out of Derecho's hands and jammed it into Derecho's stomach, doubling him over. Omega then unfolded the chair at ringside and then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders! Omega was looking to put Derecho away early with The End, but Derecho wriggled free and landed behind Omega where he low blowed him with a Mule Kick!

Derecho quickly turned Omega around and showed us his power by lifting Omega up onto his shoulders, looking for A Forever Remidner onto the chair, but despite being hit between the legs, Omega slipped off Derecho's shoulders and landed behind him with a waist lock. Omega grabbed Derecho by the waist and lifted him up off the ground. Omega then spun Derecho around and nailed a Twisting German Suplex on top of the unfolded chair!!!

"OOOOHHHHHH!!!!" groaned the crowd!

Omega looked down and smiled as he witnessed his own handiwork. He knew he couldn't pin Derecho there so he pulled him off the broken and twisted chair and rolled him back into the ring. Omega rolled in after Derecho and made the cover, hooking the leg...



Derecho kicked out!

Omega wasn't surprised at this.. in fact, he was happy! He could inflict more pain and punishment! Omega rolled to the outside and lifted up the ring apron. He knew that Derecho liked steel chairs so he started pulling chair after chair after chair after chair out from under the ring and tossing them one by one into the ring. There were six chairs that were tossed in before Omega came back. He grabbed two of the steel chairs and unfolded them, placing them to where the seats were facing each other, but not touching each other. He grabbed a third steel chair and placed that on top of the two unfolded chairs, forming a mini-bridge between them.

Omega saw that Derecho was getting back to his feet so he immediately walked over and grabbed him by the head, placing him into a front face lock. Omega tried to lift Derecho for a suplex, but Derecho blocked it. Omega tried again, but again it was blocked. Omega pounded away on Derecho's upper back and this time succeeded in lifting Derecho high up into the air, but Derecho hit a knee strike at the apex of the lift and Omega dropped him back to his feet.

Derecho then used all of his might to lift Omega up off the ground. Derecho simply lunged forward and...



Derecho was cushioned by Omega, but still, the energy it took to lift Omega took a lot out him. Derecho staggered to his feet as Omega winced in pain in the rubble of those chairs. Derecho looked around the ring to see three other chairs scattered about. Derecho grinned as he picked up a chair and unfolded it. He placed it up against the turnbuckle pads with the seat facing toward the ring. Derecho then took another chair and propped it against the turnbuckle pads at a 45 degree angle. The bottom of the chair was leaning on the unfolded chair.

This was an odd contraption, but Derecho had a plan. He grabbed Omega and pulled him out of the rubble of the chairs. Derecho used his might to pick Omega up into his arms.. just like he did before. Derecho gritted his teeth as he turned toward the corner and charged forward...



The chair was bent, but Omega landed on the unfolded chair in a seated position! Derecho backed up and quickly ran to the corner opposite of Omega. Derecho charged in and..


Running Yazkuza Kick!

Derecho quickly charged back to the opposite corner. He charged in again and...

Shotgun Drop Kick to the face!

Omega was helpless at this point! Realizing this, Derecho then quickly grabbed the sixth and final chair in the ring and got running start from the opposite corner once again...


Derecho jumped up and placed the chair at his feet, drop kicking the chair right into Omega's face!! Omega couldn't fall because he was seated on that chair. Omega looked to be out cold from that last strike, which is unfathomable for somebody like him.

Derecho grabbed Omega by the head and pulled him off of the chair. He walked him back over to where the broken chairs were in the middle of the ring and scooped him up onto his shoulder, but Omega got free and landed behind Derecho!! Derecho couldn't believe it and when he turned around, Omega grabbed Derecho by the neck...


Omega looked to be unphased by the punishment he just sustained. The pure shock of seeing that caused Derecho to wind up on the receiving end of a Choke Slam! Omega simply chuckled to himself as he knelt down next to Derecho's broken body. Omega gently stroked Derecho's hair before viciously grabbing a fist full of it, pulling him up to his feet. Omega grabbed Derecho by the neck again and...



Derecho's body twitched from the impact as Omega licked his lips, but then Omega's eyes lit up with joy when he saw Derecho sit up!! Derecho beckoned Omega over as if Derecho wanted more!!

Omega obliged as he grabbed Derecho and picked him up once again. Omega grabbed Derecho by the neck and...



Derecho felt the impact, but he began to painfully laugh. Derecho rolled over onto his stomach and pushed himself up to his feet. Derecho continued to laugh as he staggered around the ring as if he were punch drunk. He turned and faced Omega and yelled out "GIVE ME MORE!" Omega obliged as he charged in with a lariat, but Derecho ducked. They both turned around and Derecho hit a drop kick, sending Omega up against the ropes. Derecho hit the canvas and staggered to his feet. He grabbed the bent chair that bridged between the other two chairs that he initally slammed Omega on.. Omega looked up and...


Derecho smacked Omega over the head with the bent chair.. with the bent side facing out! Omega was immediately busted open on the forehead from the vicious shot! Derecho dropped the chair, bent side pointing up, on the canvas. He swiftly kicked Omega, who was using the ropes to himself up. He then grabbed Omega and then..


That was it! The King of Hell was about to regain the Underground Championship! He rolled Omega over onto his back and made the cover, hooking the leg deep...




Omega kicked out as if nothing happened!

We knew Omega was a monster, but to kick out with such energy after taking those shots was unreal! Derecho knew he had to go further than just steel chairs to get the job done now.

Derecho stood and put the boots to Omega to make sure he stayed down. Derecho then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. He pulled out a ladder that was wrapped on both sides in barbed wire! Just what the hell was something like that doing under the ring in the first place?

Derecho slid the wire wrapped ladder into the ring and then rolled back in. Omega was getting to his feet, but Derecho placed the boots to him once again. Derecho grabbed the ladder and leaned it against the corner opposite of where the chairs were still set up. Derecho grabbed Omega and pulled him up, but Omega counted with an inverted atomic drop!

Omega quickly scooped Derecho onto his shoulder and charged the corner, but Derecho slipped off and landed behind Omega. Omega turned around and Derecho kicked him in the stomach, doubling him over. Derecho hooked Omega by the head and switched positions so that Derecho's back was to the ladder leaning in the corner. Derecho attempted to suplex Omega on top of that ladder, but Omega blocked it. Derecho was unsuccessful earlier in the match with a suplex and he didn't learn his lesson.. a lesson he should learn after this counter...


Omega lifted Derecho up and slammed him front side first onto the barbed wire wrapped ladder!!! Derecho slid down the ladder since it was at a high angle.. the wire tearing at his flesh as he flopped onto the canvas!! Numerous cuts and scratches could be seen on Derecho's chest as he was bleeding in many places after that landing!

The crowd cringed at the damage done to Derecho's body. Some even vicariously felt Derecho's pain after that, but Omega was not one of them. Omega continued to look overjoyed at the pain and punishment he was inflicting.

Derecho rolled onto his back as Omega walked over and added insult to injury by pressing his boot against Derecho's neck in an attempt to choke the life out of him. Omega released it after a few moments and walked away knowing that Derecho was now his to toy with as he pleased.

Omega scooped Derecho up off the canvas and then hoisted him onto his shoulder. Omega kicked the bent chairs out of his way for more running room. He charged in and then dove at full speed at the ladder...



This time, the ladder bent and Derecho was pinched between the folded ladder with all those barbs sticking into him!!


Omega stood and smiled. He looked down at Derecho and yelled out to him.


Omega then grabbed Derecho by the leg and yanked him with force out from the bent ladder. That didn't help Derecho any as those barbs tored away at the flesh on his back! Omega then covered Derecho in the middle of the ring, hooking the leg.



Th.. NO!!!

Derecho kicked out. Omega didn't really care... he was happy still.. the crowd, however, couldn't believe the Derecho was able to sustain that punishment and still get the shoulder up in time.

Omega stood while Derecho remained on the canvas, trying to regain his energy. Omega walked over to the corner where bent ladder was and he grabbed it, pulling and twisting it upward until the ladder snapped!!! Omega just broke off a piece of that ladder that was wrapped in barbed wire!

Derecho rolled over onto his stomach and tried to push himself up off the canvas. Omega smiled as he waiting happily and patiently for Derecho. Derecho eventually got back up to a vertical base as Omega took that segment of broken ladder and swung...


Omega swung it right into Derecho's face.. and the one part of Derecho's body that wasn't bleeding.. his forehead... now was! Derecho was down on the canvas once again as Omega dropped the ladder segment in the middle of the ring and pulled Derecho back up. Omega then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders with an inverted fireman's carry, but Derecho kicked and kicked until he slipped off Omega's shoulders, landing behind him. Derecho bent over and grabbed the segmented ladder piece and when Omega turned around, Derecho lunged forward in a move that didn't look pretty, but it worked as he slammed the ladder piece into Omega's head and promptly fell on top of Omega.

Derecho had no energy to move, but luckily, with the way he fell, he fell right into a pinning combination on Omega!



Omega kicked out!

When Omega kicked out, we saw that the cut on his forehead opened up even more and he began to bleed a little more heavily. Derecho rolled to the ring ropes and used them to pull himself up while Omega simply sat up and got back to a vertical base. He noticed that Derecho was almost to his feet when he charged in, but Derecho surprised Omega by showing how much energy he had left by lifting Omega up and over the top rope and down to the floor at ringside!! Omega hit wtih a sickening smack on the ring mats. He laid there on his back,

Derecho grabbed the steel chair from the corner that was unfolded and folded it back up. Derecho took it with him to the outside where he jammed the top of the seatback into Omega's sternum. He jammed it in there a few more times to make sure Omega stayed down. Derecho then laid the chair on top of Omega's chest and hopped up onto the ring apron. Derecho made his way to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. This was probably a bad idea, but the crowd rose to their feet anyway. Derecho took aim and flew off..



Derecho slammed down on top of the chair and Omega!!! Derecho bounced off Omega and cringed in agony as he held his bloodied ribs. Hell, everything on Derecho was bloodied at this point. Needless to say, Derecho couldn't capitalize as the pain was just too great. Omega, for the first time in this match, even showed some signs that the pain may be getting to him, but knowing Omega, it would only fuel him further.

As Derecho laid there, he knew in the back of his mind that even if he were to stand, he'd have to get Omega back into the ring. Even if he were to do that, Omega would simply kick out. Derecho just knew this match was far from over and he needed to come up wtih another way to inflict more pain and punishment. Derecho pulled himself up and looked around and saw the announce table. He then looked into the ring and saw the ladder, but realized it was no good. So he lifted up the ring apron where he pulled out another ladder that was. While this one wasn't wrapped in barbed wire, it would still get the job done.

Derecho brought the ladder over to the announce table and made a bridge with it between the table and the ring apron. Derecho walked back around ringside to where Omega was and pulled him up off the floor. Derecho slammed Omega's head off the barricades to stagger him. He then walked Omega around ringside over to where the ladder was bridged. He placed Omega on top of the ladder. Derecho then headed to the ring apron where he climbed the corner to the top of the turnbuckle pads, but as soon as Derecho situated hismelf, he saw that Omega had rolled off the ladder and was already climbing onto the ring apron!

Omega punched away at Derecho, but Derecho punched back. The two exhanged blows, but Omega's were a bit heavier and were winning the battle. Derecho began to teeter up top and Omega capitalized by turning Derecho and placing him in an inverted fireman's carry. Omega positioned himself and then spun Derecho off his shoulders...


Omega hit the ground and laughed. He sat up, continuing to laugh while Derecho laid there, once again, among a bent ladder frame!

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" chanted the crowd

Omega got back up, albeit a bit slower this time. He grabbed Derecho and pulled him out of the bent ladder. He tossed Derecho back into the ring and then climbed back in. Omega went for the cover, feeling that he had bested The King of Hell...



Thre... NO!!!

Derecho popped the shoulder up and the crowd couldn't believe it. Omega even seemed a bit surprised, but still, mostly, unphased.

Omega simply stood and called for The End once again. He pulled Derecho to his feet and lifted him up onto his shoulders, but Derecho slipped off and when Omega turned around, Derecho quickly scooped Omega up onto his shoulder and dropped him...


Derecho hit it out of nowhere, but Derecho was laid out on his back! He had no energy left to cover Omega as all his reserves were spent hitting the maneuver!! Both Derecho and Omega laid there on the canvas gasping for air as they are both bloodied, weakened, and spent. The seemingless unlimited energy of Omega was starting to fizzle, which would have been good news for Derecho had he not be completely out of energy at this point.

After several moments, Derecho sat up. He slowly got himself back to his feet while Omega was still down. Derecho stumbled over and reached down to grab Omega, but Omega reached up and grabbed Derecho by the neck!! Derecho fought to break the grip, but Omega held on tightly. Omega stood, looking for another Choke Slam, but Derecho stomped on Omega's shin and then hit a toe kick to the mid-section. Derecho then scooped Omega up onto his shoulder, but Omega slipped of, falling behind Derecho. Omega hoisted Derecho onto his shoulder in an inverted fireman's carry, but Derecho slipped off and charged toward the ropes. Derecho bouned off and ducked a clothesline from Omega. He hit the opposite side and came back with a Flying Shoulder Tackle that took Omega down!

Derecho got back to his feet and went to the ropes. He came back, slicing across Omega's neck with a Running Leg Drop. Derecho stood and hit the ropes again. He hit a second Running Leg Drop. Derecho kept riding this second wind as he stood up and went to the ropes a thid time. He came back and nailed a Running Knee Drop into Omega's chest and went for the cover.




Omega kicked out!

Derecho stood and knew it was now or never. Derecho went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took a moment to take aim on Omega and leaped off...


Derecho hit the top rope leg drop and came crashing down atop Omega's neck and chest with it! Derecho made the cover, hooking the leg...



Thr.. NO!!!

Omega kicked out again!

A Forever Reminder... Show Stealer... both failed to get the job done. Derecho may have to reach down deep and pull out the rare finisher. That's what was on Derecho's mind as he stood and pulled Omega to his feet. Not knowing how much energy Derecho had left in him, he had to end this match right here, right now.

Derecho turned Omega around and placed him in a half nelson. He then hooked the leg, but Omega fired a pair of back elbows and broke himself free from Legends Get Forgotten. Omega turned around and kicked Derecho in the stomach. He set Derecho up between his legs and butterflied the arms. He flipped Derecho up and over, slamming him down hard to the canvas...


Omega made the cover, hooking the leg...



Thre.. NO!!!

This time it was Derecho that would not be denied! Now Omega was starting to wonder what he had to do in order to put Derecho away!

From the looks of Derecho, it didn't look like it was going to take much at this point. Omega made his way over to the corner and wound up his arm. Derecho scratched and clawed his way to the ropes where he used them to pull himself up. Omega charged in and nailed Derecho with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope and down to the floor! Omega quickly followed to the outside. He grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. He then whipped him into the barricades a little ways up the entrance ramp.

Omega gave chase as he grabbed Derecho by the back of the head and hip tossed him up the entrance ramp... Derecho's back hitting against that cold steel. Derecho arched in pain as his back hit the hard surface, but he had no time to recover as Omega quickly grabbed Derecho and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. Omega turned toward the ring and charged forward. With full speed...



Derecho was done for. Derecho flopped to the floor in a lifeless manner. Omega, however, wanted to put the exclamation point on it. Omega rolled back into the ring and grabbed the bent steel chair from out of the turnbuckles that he was slammed into earlier in the match. He walked to the opposite side and grabbed the bent and broken ladder wrapped in barbed wire. He dropped both in the middle of the ring. There was the dented chairs that were used earlier strewn about in the corners of the ring, palced there by the referee to give them space to fight. Omega collected all of them and dropped them into the center of the ring as well.

Omega walked to the ropes where he reached down and grabbed the bent ladder, pulling that into the ring. Every weapon minus one chair, used in this match was piled into the ring. Omega took both bent ladders and laid them on their sides. He then took the bent chairs and used them as a bridge between both ladders. It was, literally, a twisted structure in the center of the ring!

Omega exited to the outside and claimed Derecho, tossing him back in. Omega rolled back into the ring and pulled Derecho up to his feet, but Derecho surprised Omega with a Jaw Breaker!! Omega staggered back toward the corner as Derecho stepped in and opened up big right hands. Each punch was out of pure desperation. Derecho switched to alternating knee strikes, pulling Omega's head into each one. He then switched to a barrage of forearm shots to the face and finally ending the flurry with a European Uppercut.

Derecho made a beeline for the corner, running along the ring ropes since that structure was in the middle of the ring and in his way. Derecho came charging along, hitting a corner clothesline! Omega staggered out of the corner and Derecho delivered a toe kick. Derecho then set up Omega between his legs... There was no way in this condition that Derecho would be able to hit the Vortex Powerbomb, but he was going to try, but Omega simply pulled his head out and hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry. Omega tossed him into the air and fell back, causing Derecho to fall across his knees with a Gut Buster.

Omega got back to his feet as Derecho staggered away holding his stomach in pain. Omega got a running start, but Derecho ducked the lariat. Both turned around and Derecho planted his foot into Omega's chest and nailed a Step Up Enzugiri!

Omega dropped to a knee... Derecho went to the ropes.. he came back...


Derecho wasted no time. Bloodied, broken, and tired. He was on the verge of collapse. Derecho grabbed Omega. He pulled him up and and hoisted him onto his shoulder. Derecho took aim at the structure in the middle of the ring. He ran forward and dropped Omega..


The crowd stood. This was it.. it was over

Derecho landed in that mess as well and was hurting.. but all he had to do was turn over. Turn over on top of a barbed wire ladder.. on top of bent steel chairs... just turn over and drape an arm.. and Omega's reign as champion would be over.

The will and determination to reclaim the throne kicked in and Derecho slowly turned. About half way through the turn, Derecho's body gave out and he went limp. Derecho's arm barely fell on top of Omega, but it was a cover.

Derecho was about to regain the title and he wasn't even aware he was going to do it!








Among the pain.. among the sweat.. among the blood.. there was a smile on Omega's face.. he body put through absolute hell.. and he could smile about it!!

Omega got to his feet, but when he stood, he may be a beast, but he was only mortal. Omega stumbled and fell to a single knee. He shook his head, trying to get back into it, but Omega was having a hard time maintaining his balance. Derecho was still out cold. He wasn't moving at all.

From the knelt position, he looked over at Derecho and smiled. Omega stood and wobbled his way over to Derecho. He looked almost like a zombie staggering along to its next victim. Omega reached down and pulled the lifeless Derecho up out of the rubble. Omega then hoisted him up onto his shoulders in the inverted fireman's carry.. Derecho's body as limp as a rag doll...

That extra step always taken by Derecho to make sure that his opponent wouldn't get up. To possibly put an end to their career. To know decisively that you would win... was about to be done to himself.

Omega spun him off...


Derecho was already so unresponsive, that all that was seen was his lifeless body bouncing unnaturally off the steel. Omega turned and crawled on his hands and knees. Omega stopped in a knelt position right in front of Derecho's head. Omega pulled Derecho over to him and rested his head on his lap. Omega gently brushed Derecho's blood-stained hair and said to him...

"Shhhh. We know it hurts.. but your misery is over"

Omega then stood and grabbed Derecho, pulling him up.... He hoisted Derecho onto his shoulders..



Omega turned over and climbed on top of Derecho hooking the leg as the crowd fell silent...




The bell rang. Omega stumbled to his feet. He was handed the Underground Championship. For over a year straight, Derecho dismantled every opponent put in front of him. He was able to even defeat Sylo to call himself World Champion in one of the most brutal matches in jOlt History. It was virtually unthinkable that someone would come along and do the very same to Derecho... but here tonight at Breakdown, Omega did just that.

Omega.. a man who has carved his own path of sadistic destruction, was pushed to his absolutely limit. This was, indeed, the toughest match he has ever had to deal with so far in jOlt. To come into a championship match against the man who defined the Underground Division.. against the man who symbolized what The Underground stood for, and to leave him in a broken state.. to deal to him the same punishment he dealt to others for over a year, was not only the most satisfying feeling, but the biggest feather in his cap.

There are matches that define one's career. This was one of them

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.. Omega isn't just the Underground Champion..

Omega was THE Underground itself.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

Aran Thompson (c) vs Landon Stevens

The lights dimmed until the arena was pitch black strobe lights of pink and white flickered and flashed all around the arena.

The hard riffs of "Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the building as the fans erupted in jeers as the music only signafied that the most hated man in jOlt was about to make his way to the ring.


The jeers echoed throughout the building as three spotlights shined brightly at the top of the entrance way. The Faction stepped out into the spotlights. Landon raised the jOlt championship up in the air. Eli and Ezra followed suit as they raised up the tag championships.

CHUMPs... CHUMPs... CHUMPs... The fans erupted in a chants as all three members of The Faction lowered the belts to their shoulders.

The champions strutted down to the ring pointing at their championships and smiling as they passed by the crowd reaching out just to get their hands on one of the wrestlers. The fans once again erupted in chants.


The crowd's chanting continued to echoe throughout the arena as Stevens and the twins slid into the ring. The Faction rose to their feet and once again raised their championships high in the air.

The lights brightened and the music faded.

The jOlt champion stood in the corner with the twins as the fans once again rallied together and chanted in unison.

LANDON SUCKS... (5x clap) Landon Sucks... (5x clap)

The Rising Star raised his jOlt championship in the air once again before handing it over to Eli. The twins exited the ring as Stevens leaped up and sat down on the top rope as he awaited his former mentor to come to the ring.

Lights Out.

The fans in attendence of the Arena of Champions blew up as they recognized the semblent beginnings of the entrance of Aran Thompson. White lights began to strobe as the sounds of metal reverberating throughout the arena echoed.


The War Call of the Relentless Champion, Aran Thompson, shouted through the speakers as the fans began chanting and cheering for the Relentless Champion. Aran walked out from the entrance curtain backwards as the Relentless Championship rest across his shoulders and against the back of his head, while holding a microphone in his right hand.

As Aran rotated around he grabbed ahold of a strap of the championship with his free hand as not to drop the title and flashed a bright smile on his face before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Aran had something to say..

"Oh Landon...Landon...Landon...have you not learned anything? Did you forget that I get to make a stipulation in which to defend my Relentless Championship under?" Aran asked as the camera zoomed over to Landon who demanded Aran tell him what it is.

"Well since you asked so kindly..." Aran began.

"Mister Referee, if you would be so nice and to ban the wanna be Tag Team Champions from ring side; this match is standard rules...that means..if The Faction interfers...I win. If The Rebellion interfers.....I win." Aran said as he approached the ring apron and waved at Eli and Ezra Conway as they complained to the referee.

"Landon, you'll have to actually wrestle a match to win! Congrats! me!"

Aran grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up.


Landon charged after Aran but Aran side stepped on the apron causing Landon to crash to the outside and Eli and Ezra ran up to him but the referee reminded them that they were ejected from ringside and they backed away from the World Champion.

Aran handed the referee the Relentless Championship and stepped into the ring with a smile on his face and pointing at the World Champion embarassing him.


The entirety of the Arena of Champions bellowed in disgust as the familiar voice of Damien Lee was heard and he walked out with a microphone. Aran questioned Damien's motives and Landon turned around with a smile of his own.

"Wait just one damned minute!" The boss continued.

"Both of you have a history of your matches not coming to a conclusion, so I will be the SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE TO MAKE SURE THIS HAPPENS!"

The Arena began booing even louder and Aran shook his head in disbelief as Damien helped the World Champion to his feet and Landon quickly climbed the ring apron. Landon sat on the ropes and assisted Damien into the ring with a smile growing even larger as Aran began to realize that this was the plan all along.

Damien removed his spots coat to reveal a referees shirt and demanded that Referee Boulder remove himself from the ring and he called the for the bell.


The match had officailly begun and Aran was quick to the attack slapping Landon across the face before turning his attention to Damien Lee who reminded him that he was a the referee and would disqualify him if he laid a hand on him.

Aran snarled and whipped Landon across the ring and levelling him with a hard lariat but Landon ducked under and hit the ropes again but Aran jumped over Landon. As Landon hit the ropes again Aran jumped again attempting a drop kick but Landon grabbed ahold of the ropes stopping him and Aran crashed down to the mat. Landon quickly rolled Aran up.


Landon jumped to his feet and Aran looked at Damien who counted tried to count him down with a fast count but Landon continued with the assault and slammed his boot into the side of Aran's head. Landon looked around the Arena of Champions as they began booing once again before bending down at Aran and shouting at him.


Aran surprised Landon with a thrust to his throat and Landon staggered back holding his neck as Aran quickly regained his verticle base and thrust his foot foward.


Landon dropped the to mat and Aran, in turn, rolled Landon up for a pin but this time Damien slowly bent down to the mat and closely inspected the pin to make sure Landon's shoulders were down.


Aran snarled as the booing continued and Landon rolled out of the ring holding his head. Aran rose to up to his feet and began an inaudible arguement with Damien Lee who was slowly backing up into a corner as Aran approached.


Landon shocked Aran with a quick kick sending Aran down to the mat and quickly mounting up next to Aran pummeling him with fast slams of his fist and elbows to the head of Aran before grabbing him by his head and sliding him to the center of the ring and quickly hitting Aran with a short leg drop and catching Aran's leg pinning him to the mat, Damien again went for the quick count.


Aran reached for Damien as The World Champion kicked Aran in the small of his back and following it up with slamming his knee into the side of Aran's head. Landon popped back to his feet and quickly spread his arms out as the fans continued to boo him and his very own relentless assault.

"IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE "RELENTLESS"?!" Landon bellowed as he smiled while watching the fans in the Arena of Champions and listened to their constant booing.

Landon turned around...

KICK TO THE MID-SECTION! - Aran grabbed Landons head and whipped him into the ropes - LANDON WITH A HEEL KICK! - ARAN SIDE STEPPED IT! - Landon popped up to his feet but Aran ran by kicking the back of his leg and sending Landon slamming down to the mat - Aran ran from each side of the ring stomping on the mid-section of Landon as he passed by him before leaping up and - DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE CHEST!

Aran quickly rolled up Landon who was searching for his breath.


Damien slide to the other side inspecting the pin.


Damien slide his hand into the shoulder Landon to make sure there was no space inbetween Landon and the ring


Landon pinned Aran.


Aran popped up to his feet and quickly charged after Damien Lee who looked scared before Landon popped up and wrapped his arms around Aran's neck with a taut sleeper hold. Aran flung his arms forward trying to find some leverage from the hold and Landon berated Aran telling him to give up. Aran dropped to one knee still trying to fight on and Damien looked at Aran and asked him if he was okay and Aran locked eyes with Damien snarling before grabbing Damiens shirt and pulling himself up causing Landon and Damien too head butt each other freeing Aran from the sleeper hold.

Aran looked at both Landon and Damien unsure what to do next as they both staggered back holding their heads.


Landon dropped to the ground and Aran grabbed Damien by the collar and told him to count right to he was next.




Aran sat up and snarled once again before shaking his head trying to figure out what he has to do to put the World Champion down while he has to get Damien to count his pin attempts properly.

Aran rolled to his feet and when he turned around Landon had rolled out of the ring holding his head and leaning up against the ring apron, Aran quickly took the chance and charged after him


As Aran Thompson dove toward Landon Stevens, Landon smacked Aran with a chair he had pulled out from thin air and shocked everyone including Damien Lee who looked around the ring and the Arena of Champions trying to figure out what he could do next.

Aran's body hung on the bottom rope with his head sticking out of the ring and the crowd was going insane with their hatred for the World Champion as he admired his handy work and then pointed at Damien Lee.

"JUST LET ME FINISH THIS!" Landon screamed at Lee who still looked shocked that Landon would even go to that length and risk the match.

Landon walked over to the time keeper and grabbed the Relentless Championship from the table it was perched on and climbed the ring apron as the fans realized that he was about to do the exact same thing he did when he beat Aran at Wrestlecade. By this time the fans had begun chanting at Damien Lee:


Damien looked around trying to the ignore the fans but the chanting was too loud. Landon climbed to the top turnbuckle and strapped the Relentless Championship around his thigh as the fans stopped chanting and booed even louder.



Aran quickly moved back into the ring and Landon smacked the edge of the ring apron as the metal of the main plate and the made the impact harder. Landon bellowed out in pain as Aran rolled out of the ring and unhooked the Relentless Championship from Landon's leg and threw it behind him knowing he would be Disqualified in a heart beat.

Aran grabbed Landon by the back of the head and slammed his head into the ring apron as Damien Lee continued to look confused. Aran followed up by slamming the side of Landon's head into the ring post before rolling Landon back into the ring and pointing at Damien telling him to back off.

Landon kicked at Aran's feet causing him to drop and slam his head into the ring apron and the fans marveled at the sound of the impact while Aran just looked around dazed. Aran turned around snearing in pain with his forearm across his face and looking for blood before turning back around...


Aran's back slammed against the guard rail after Landon's body pushed into him and the fans booed Landon as he stood up coercing him to turn his attention to them but he quickly slammed his knee into Aran's head and got into a screaming match with the fans. Damien Lee slid out of the ring and got Landon's attention after putting his hand on his shoulder.

"You gotta take it back into the ring!" Damien told Landon

Landon looked at the ring and back at Damien before he turned his attention back to Aran and grabbed The Relentless Champion by his jaw and head pulling him back to his verticle base. Landon tossed Aran back into the ring apron like a rag doll and pointed at Damien.

"You better count him down right this time!" Landon told Damien who raised him arms in the air trying not to argue with the World Champion.

As Landon and Aran were back to their feet, Landon put Aran on his shoulders and taunted the crowd.


The fans all in unison sighed in disappointment as Aran laid on the mat lifeless and Landon sat next to him with a huge smile on his face looking at the crowd. Damien Lee yelled at Landon to pin Aran and Landon slowly hooked the leg of Aran and made the cover as Damien, who was sure of Aran's defeat, counted normally.


Aran didn't react at all.


Landon applied his forearm to Aran's head making it harder for Aran to have a chance of kicking out.


The Arena of Champions erupted as Landon and Damien looked at one another with shock and awe. Landon began arguing with Damien who had a sudden realization that if had continued to fast count he would have been apart of taking literally everything precious away from Aran Thompson.

Aran tried to roll away but Landon caught him and screamed at Damien to count again.


Landon threw a fit punching the mat and Damien Lee looked at Aran with confusion as Aran looked around in pure daze. Landon snarled and kicked Aran in the stomach before bringing him back to his feet and whipping him into the ropes as Aran came back stumbling Landon reached out for him


Once again the Arena of Champions erupted as Aran shocked everyone and slammed Landon's shoulder into the mat after performing a modified tornado plancha and locking the exposed arm into an armbar.

Landon Stevens screamed out in pain as Damien Lee tried to pull Aran off of Landon but Aran had the armbar locked in. Landon began tapping feverishly but Damien Lee continued to ignore the fact that Landon was tapping out and the fans too offense.

Damien Lee turned his attention to the crowd and began yelling.


Aran released the hold quickly got to his feet and stood behind Damien Lee who stopped screaming at the fans after he realized the fans had began cheering once again. Damien turned around and Aran smiled as he and Damien made eye contact. Aran backed Damien into a corner once again and gave him a tongue lashing that any fan would of paid any amount of money to got to actually hear but one could of safely assumed it was him telling Damien to call the match properly.

Damien finally agreed to whatever it was that Aran was yelling at him, and his eyes changed focus to behind Aran who saw the change and quickly stepped to the side.


The World Champion's face expressed pure shock and he tried to apologize to Damien who was holding his chest in agony.


Aran, from out of nowhere, hit Landon with his fluid motion springboard reverse DDT finisher and everyone jumped off of their feet as Aran quickly pinned Landon and waved to Damien who feel to his knees next to them.


The fans cheering got louder.


Aran yelled at Damien as Damien raised his hand up again.


ARAN THOMPSON HAD SUCESSFULLY DEFENDED HIS RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP! HE HAS DEFEATED THE WORLD CHAMPION! Aran rolled away from Landon and was handed his Relentless Championship from a stage hand and the fans were going insane as they celebrated Aran's victory. Damien shook his head holding his chest in pain. Aran smiled and celebrated in the ring before walking past Landon Stevens who was still laying down on the mat seemingly lifeless.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"It's Not Over Yet!"

Aran stopped in his tracks.

The Relentless Champion looked at Landon Stevens who wasn't moving after Aran hit him with his finisher from seemingly nowhere and he smiled. Aran raised the Relentless Championship to his face and kissed it as Damien Lee began to leave and Aran stopped him. Damien backed up as Aran grabbed him by his shirt and shook his head pointing at Landon who had yet to move.

Damien tried to beg Aran for mercy but Aran just walked Damien backwards until they were next to the downed Landon Stevens.

"DO YOU REALLY WANT MY TITLE THAT BAD?! HUH?!" Aran demanded of Damien who continued to plea with him.

Aran looked back down at Landon and then back to Damien.


The Arena of Champions erupted as Aran who has held the Championship for over a year had finally cashed in his right to a World Championship match. But Damien wouldn't allow it, he began to argue with Aran.

"No! It's not right! Look at him!" Damien said of the downed Landon Stevens.

Aran shook his head and pointed at Damien.

"I'm cashing it in now, and you're a referee! DO YOUR JOB!"

Landon Stevens (c) vs Aran Thompson

Aran forced Damien down to the mat and stepped into lift Landon up.

"Just remember...I KNOW!"



Damien fast counted Aran again and Landon quickly slid out of the ring as "Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch began playing and the Arena of Champions began booing. Aran was watching Landon Stevens walk up the entrance ramp with a look of horror on his face. Aran turned his attention back to Damien Lee who was outside of the ring with the Relentless Championship clutched to his chest and pointing to his head.

"I'm the boss! Nobody outsmarts the boss!"

The scene faded as Aran Thompson just realized he had handed over his Relentless Championship and was screwed over, he had effectively cost himself literally his last piece of glory in his career as Damien met up with Landon at the top of the entrance ramp and Landon raised the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship high in the air while Damien Lee admired the now vacant Relentless Championship.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall