"Welcome to Breakdown"

The scene opened up to a greyscale filter. Scenes quickly flashed that depicted closeups of jOlt superstars. A voiceover boomed over the speakers.

"Everybody at one point is sane."


Still shots are seen of people like Jeremy Ryan, Omega, Diamond Jewelz, The House..

"But at some point in our lives... we all reach... a breaking point"

The sound effects, which sounded like screeching, became more intense as the screen shook. Omega hitting The End, Jeremy Ryan giving the piledriver to Damien Lee, Adam Roebuck hitting Four of a Kind, Seraph hitting Divine Destruction.. all these scenes flashed one after another.

"Sooner or later.. we all have a Breakdown"

The last scene showed Jeremy Ryan viciously attacking Jesse Ramey, throwing him down a flight of stairs.

"Tonight, those with those instabilities will clash!"

The screen shatters and we are taken inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California as "Breakdown" by Tantric plays over the PA system.

The set showed the regular jOltvision with two bars above and below it with their opposite ends beveled, much like the Breakdown logo. Behind the jOltvision were more of these beveled bars, but they were bent, curving out making a half circle

To the left and right of the entrance ramp we had two rectangular screens embedded into those beveled bars, except the points were facing each other.

Pyro began to explode from the sides of the curved beveled bars. The left side started at the top and went down.. the right side started at the bottom and went up. When the pyro reached the bottom and top respectively, it changed directions and went back the way it started from. After that sequence, it repeated, but this time pyro blew at the top of the jOltvision in the middle, spreading left and right, all the way around the edge until it met in the middle at the bottom. Finally, all the curved bars blew at once along with a wall of pyro in front of the entrance way!

The camera pans around the arena to the cheering fans as we send it to commentary!

Michael Burhman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to Breakdown LIVE here on Pay-Per-View and the WrestleNet NOW Network! Why pay $34.99 when you could just pay $8.99 a month and get all this great action!? I'm Michael Burhman alongside Nathan Powers and we have an amazing show in stor for you tonight!

Nathan Powers: Indeed we do. After the injury to Jesse Ramey, Jeremy Ryan shocked the world and won the jOlt World Championship. The man who came close in that match four weeks ago gets another shot as The Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz will challenge for that world title!

Michael Burhman: And what can be considered a dream match.. a clash between two of the best big men in jOlt... the unstable Omega will defend the Fearless Championship against the one with the Midas touch himself.. Mack Brody!

Nathan Powers: Mack Brody, a part of the Heirs of Wrestling which seem to be imploding thanks to Frank and Sonny Silver. Nevertheless, they will need to remain on the same page tonight as The Heirs step foot into the ring against one of the most promising tag teams to come out of The Hype.. Cori Albirght and Terry Massimo.. the Natural Athletes

Michael Burhman: One of the longest rivals of the Heirs was The House.. and tonight The House will defend the tag team titles against the winners of the Sin City Series.. Alfie Button and Darren Best, The Entertainers. This new team found their way to jOlt and took the world by storm by winning the Sin City Series.. tonight, we'll see if they can continue that momentum and take home the tag team titles!

Nathan Powers: Plus, things are coming to a head between these two to the point where only blood can settle their differences. Charlotte will defend the Starlet Championship against a woman who not only stole, but tried to defend the title that wasn't even hers, in Tammy Lynn Foster.. you know that's going to be a good one!

Michael Burhman: We have a lot more in store for you, including our opening contest. Each man has one victory a piece and tonight we will have the rubber match to determine who is the better man.. We now send it down to the ring where Gabriel Gold is set to take on "Mr. Magic" Jack Dawn!

Jack Dawn vs Gabriel Gold

Tonight’s opening match for Breakdown was set to be the rubber match between two of the more talented members of the Hype graduating class. Gabriel Gold was a former LoC Flyweight Champion and took his craft to The Hype and became one of the top talents. “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn had less success, but was a member of The Hype’s original class. The two men were allies against Shayne Anderson’s X Movement and then eventually grew to become long time rivals.

Fast forward to tonight. The last few weeks would pit these two men against one another. Jack Dawn defeated Gabriel Gold on Countdown while Gold had defeated Jack Dawn on iNtense 124. Now, tonight would be the rubber match. Gold was so confident that he could defeat Dawn for a second consecutive time that before match time, he allowed him to make the stipulation and chose something called a “Mindfreak Street Fight.” Whatever the hell that was. Tonight, two men would be involved in a street fight and try and put this feud to bed. The camera turned over to Dean Carrington as the crowd in The Honda Center went nuts!

“The following contest is your opening match of Breakdown! This match is scheduled for one fall and this will be a Mindfreak Street Fight! No Countounts, No DQs, and the match can only be won by pinfall or submission in the ring!”

The camera panned over to the ringside area that had various knick-knacks that would be of the magician’s persuasion: Several big boxes, a podium with a black hat, several kendo sticks that were taped up to look like black-and-white Magician’s wands, and various other sundries one may find in a magic shop.

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel.

The second that the music hit, the crowd started to jeer as the technically-skilled and talented Gabriel Gold made his way out from the back in a jOlt Wrestling t-shirt and his typical wrestling tights. When normally this type of match called for something a little more street-wise, Gabriel Gold came out with a scowl on his face.

“Making his way to the ring, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 214 pounds… GABRIEL GOLD!

The Wrestling Elitist walked towards the ring and took note of the various magic-themed items near ringside and shook his head before he climbed into the ring. He pulled a microphone out and yelled…


The music faded out and was replaced by booing from the crowd as Gabriel Gold looked out to the sea of fans in The Honda Center.

“You are all about to bear witness to something so… STUPID, it’s unfathomable… so, basically, it’s going to fit right here in Anaheim with the rest of you star-obsessed idiots!”


“I don’t know what in the HELL a Mindfreak Street Fight is, but I’ve already proved that I can beat Jack Dawn in the ring decisively just like I did on iNtense. He and Quartermaine won on Countdown, but neither one of them pinned me, so that doesn’t count! Tonight, I let Dawn pick the stipulation to prove that I can beat him anywhere, anyplace, anytime! So despite the fact that he’s got all these weapons out here, the only weapons that I need are my superior skills! So get out here, Dawn, and let’s put an end to this!”

Gold waited for a few moments and paced around the ring as he waited…

But the music wasn’t “Magic” by B.o.B. as it normally was. Nope, tonight, there was something special for the occasion…

“The Final Countdown” by Europe!

The crowd came to life now and the music played as spotlights start to shine on the stage! The familiar box that was used for all of Jack Dawn’s entrances was front and center on the Breakdown set and the crowd gave a nice cheer to The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy! The crowd played along…

“…And introducing his opponent, from Los Angeles, California… being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy, weighing in at 244 pounds… ”MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!


Blue-colored flames erupted from the stage and the box opened, revealing Jack Dawn! With a knife in his mouth and a deck of playing cards in either hand, the man called Mister Magic may have been paying homage to a wonderful man by the name of GOB Bluth from Arrested Development!

“Anaheim, feast your eyes!” Dawn yelled to the crowd with the use of a headset attached to his ear. “Watch as I come down to this ring and use my wonderful powers to hand Gabriel Gold his boring ass!”

“CUT THIS CRAP AND LET’S FIGHT!” Gold screamed, picking up his mic again. “ENOUGH OF THESE STUPID TRICKS!”

“Hey, hey, hey, Goldilocks!” Dawn yelled. “What I do are called ILLUSIONS! Tricks are something your mom does for money!”

Burn. And the crowd loved the nod to one Mr. Wil Arnett’s character as Dawn approached the ring. His choice for Mindfreak Street Fight clothes were a pair of blue jeans, taped fists, and a white button-up shirt! The music was STILL playing as Dawn and Gold met up in the aisle and Ian Nguyen called for the bell!


The two men fought right in the aisle as Dawn ditched his props immediately and came to blows! Dawn had the size and strength advantage over Gold and the fight quickly went his way as he grabbed him in a Headlock and popped him in the mouth with a right! Gold was stunned and tried to rush at Dawn when the man called Mister Magic flicked his wrist and sent exploding confetti everywhere!

The distraction was enough for Jack Dawn to take over again as the crowd cheered jOlt Wrestling’s only magician. He grabbed Gold by the head again and led him over to the ring apron before SMACKING his head right into it! Gold was stumbling around and left punch drunk, but Dawn wasn’t done with him. He grabbed him by the arm…


An Irish Whip sent Gabriel Gold SMACKING right into the barricade! The barricade almost moved back a couple of steps as Dawn did it again to the adjacent corner over by the timekeeper’s section…


A second time, Gold was sent flying right into the barricade at high speeds! The Wrestling Elitist was still limping around the ring as Dawn grabbed the back of his neck. It seemed he was about to go for another ride….


A third time into the barricade! Gold was looking punch-drunk now, but just when he thought the worst was over, he was dead wrong. Dawn smiled before he whipped him a fourth time…


Dawn had taken Gabriel Gold on a round-trip of the ringside area now and this brawl was definitely getting underway. Bobbi and Breezy remained at the top of the ramp for their own safety and cheered Dawn from up there as he ducked under the ring. His hand reached out and picked up one of the magic “wands” (canes) near ringside before he pulled it back under the ring with him. Gold was hurt and was searching around for his attacker, not seeing him at all…


Dawn rolled out of the ring behind Gold and he cocked the wand back like he was pretending to be a baseball player…


Five stiff shots caught Gabriel Gold across his back and now Dawn was firmly in control as he picked up The Elitist and rolled him inside the ring. Dawn then reached over and grabbed the top hat and cane from the ringside area and headed inside. Gold was writhing about the ring in pain now while Dawn reached into the hat…


He pulled out a handkerchief and it kept on going… and going… and going… until he reached the end where it was tied to a pair of brass knuckles! Dawn put on the knucks and waited for Gabriel Gold to stand again. He swung…

And missed!


When Jack Dawn had turned around, The Master of Dropkicks saved himself with his bread-and-butter strike, catching The Magician underneath the chin! He then took off his jOlt Wrestling t-shirt and started to use it as a weapon, now strangling Jack with it as Ian Nguyen was helpless to watch on – like many of these fights, he was here to count a fall or register a submission. Beyond that, he was a spectator.

Gold continued to choke the life out of Dawn as The Lovely Assistants showed concern for their paramour from the top of the ramp. Gabriel tossed the shirt aside and was left in his wrestling attire, showing a few welts on his back from where Dawn had caned him previously. He grabbed Dawn’s arm and pulled him up to his feet…


Right into the ringpost! Jack Dawn’s shoulder hit it at a bad angle and he went limp through the ropes and fell out to the ringside floor below. Gabriel Gold confidently stood up in the ring and laughed at the misery of his opponent, now writhing in pain. Dawn was favoring his left shoulder now, which was where Gold wanted him. He could weaken the arm and shoulder and set him up for Gabriel Gold Wins! A submission move that beat Dawn in their last singles outing.

Gold rolled out of the ring as Dawn tried to get back up. Gabriel grabbed him by the head, only for Jack to fight back with a flurry of open punches to the rib cage. Gold blocked a shot and fired off one to the knee again, but Dawn fought back with a Headbutt of all things! He grabbed Gold by the head and started to walk up the ring apron. He picked up Gold by the head and was thinking his finisher off the ring apron… no!

Dawn was tripped up and Gold slipped up behind him on the ring apron. When Dawn turned around, Gold jabbed a thumb right into his eye and then grabbed the arm, dropping off the ring apron to the floor while SLAMMING Dawn’s arm right into the apron!


A sickening Arm Dragon Screw variation on the ring apron dropped Dawn hard and now his arm was even worse that it was before! Gold kneeled over the limping Dawn who was now favoring a bad arm while he laughed.

“Come on, Mister Magic! Do something!”

He lightly kicked him in the side of the head not so much that it hurt, but in a way meant to clearly insult a man who he insisted wasn’t a wrestler, but a complete joke. He rolled him back inside the ring again and he headed to the top rope as he looked out to the crowd…


Somewhere, 21W Legend, “Golden” Glen Miller was out there, ‘bout ready to sue somebody’s ass, but the Frog Elbow from Gold caught Dawn right in the chest, allowing Gold to go for a rare pinfall cover in this match!




While Dawn kicked out, he used his bad arm to do so and it was in worse shape –exactly where Gold had wanted him. Jack Dawn was led up by his arm and Gold continued to stomp down on the arm. He sat Dawn up and ran off the ropes before he came back, landing a HARD Front Dropkick right to the bad arm again! Dawn was now writhing about in pain and after a very hot start, now Gold was in complete control of the match-up.

He kicked Dawn outside of the ring and sent him packing to the floor before smugly glancing out to the fans in the Honda Center. Gold took notice of where his target was and prepared to launch an aerial offensive as he rushed through the ropes…


Dawn had stopped Gold in his tracks with a surprise deck of cards hidden in his sleeve, blasting them out all over the place! Dawn saved himself from a pretty brutal dive and then headed back inside the ring himself. One of the cards caught Gold in the eye and he grimaced as he watched Dawn try and stand. He rushed at Dawn, but he blocked with an elbow from his good arm and then charged…


The Running STO nearly broke Gabriel Gold in half! Dawn slid over to go for a cover on his rival, trying to end this match once and for all!




Gabriel Gold kicked out, but Jack Dawn now finally had a chance to fight back again as he shook the feeling back into his arm. Dawn waited for Gold to stand and when he did, he charged right into him with a Running Clothesline that put him on his ass. Mister Magic waited and caught him with a second Running Clothesline again, sending him falling to the mat. When he tried to stand, Jack ran at Gold. He ducked a Clothesline from Gold and rushed back with a Flying Shoulder Block using his right shoulder, catching Gold and dropping him down!

Dawn was back on his feet and ripped a few of the buttons off shirt, exposing his chest and getting a loud series of cat-calls from both The Lovely Assistants and the ladies in attendance! Dawn waited for Gold to get back up as he headed to the second rope. He jumped off the ropes and connected with a Flying Leg Lariat off the second rope! Gold was down when Dawn rolled over to his fallen body and hooked a leg using his good arm!




Mister Magic’s flurry of offense was good, but not good enough to keep down Gold just yet. Dawn slapped a fist on the canvas before he rolled out of the ring and reached under the ring to grab a table. The table in question had a special design on it – that of several designs of moons and star patterns like that magic hat from Fantastia – and Dawn grinned. He tried to slide the table into the ring, but the Master of Dropkicks rushed off the ropes and connected with a Hesitation Dropkick through the ropes, smacking the table right into Dawn and sending him crashing and burning on the floor!

Gold had just saved himself from something awful as he once more rolled out of the ring to give himself a little breathing space. Gabriel Gold reached over and picked up the table, sliding it into the ring himself before he grabbed Dawn and did the same. When he stood up, Dawn grabbed him by the arm again. The table’s legs were folded shut and it was laying flat on the canvas as Gold reached over to pick Dawn up again. He dropped him across his knee with a Dragon Backbreaker…


Gold got a little of the impact and rolled around in pain, but Dawn was dropped viciously with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on the flat table on the canvas! Gold rolled over and hooked the leg without hesitation!




“WHAT!” Gold screamed.

Ian Nguyen held up only two fingers, but it was close enough that Gold thought he had the win. Dawn had taken a lot of punishment, but he was very much in the game and that angered Gold to no end. He pulled Gold up by the arm and dropped him mid-ring with a Half-Hatch Suplex before rolling right over into a flurry of punches. Gold wasn’t a brawler by trade, but he was capable of throwing down when he needed to.

Gold then set up the table mid-ring while Dawn was still down and he kicked the legs up. With a little bit of effort, he had the table up in the ring. He then pushed Dawn all the way back to a nearby corner and he set him up on the top rope. He was thinking Superplex through the table and if he could hit this, then that would be the end of the story for one Mister Magic. He was on the top rope and grabbed him, but Dawn blocked.

“Come on! Go over!” Gold screamed.

He tried a second time when Dawn stopped him with a right hand. He fired off two or three more to stop Gold… He tried and was looking for something of a Fireman’s Carry off the top rope. His arm hurt like hell still, but he had Gold…



The crowd went NUTS as Dawn flipped him forward off the top rope and landed on his feet while Gold got PASTED right through the magic-themed table, breaking into a million pieces! Sore arm and all, Dawn pulled Gabriel Gold from the wreckage and went for the cover with the crowd counting along.




Jack Dawn just did it! Right here at Breakdown, he not only proved that he was no joke in the ring despite… you know, the whole GOB tribute and his general jokey demeanor… but he got serious, and shut Gabriel Gold the hell up!


Dawn rolled back to his feet and The Lovely Assistants both rolled into the ring to celebrate! His arm was sore, but tonight, the taste of victory made it all worth it… that, and the two hot chicks parading around him to enjoy the moment! “The Final Countdown” played as Dawn celebrated with the ladies and the cheering fans of The Honda Center!

“PRESTO!” Dawn shouted.

Winner: Jack Dawn via Pinfall

"Wishing You Good Luck"

It was going to be a very busy night for two of jOlt’s longer-reigning champions tonight. Charlotte had to defend her Starlets Championship in the first-ever First Blood match for the Starlets division against her long running and deadly rival, Tammy Lynn Foster. At Wrestlecade, Charlotte just barely managed to defeat her. This time, she couldn’t use a roll-up to defeat her. She would have to make her ultra-tough opponent bleed to win.

On the other side of that, the Tag Team Champions The House were all set to defend the Tag Team Titles against the winner of the Sin City Series, the Entertainers. The winners of the first-ever Sin City Series made things personal by costing Roebuck his chance to win the jOlt World Championship and avenging Jesse Ramey. Now they were out for blood.

“Guys, guys!” Dawn Cassidy said as the camera opened up to her following The House and Charlotte coming out of one of the locker rooms together.

“Lemme guess,” Huber said, “You would like a word about tonight’s match with the Entertainers, yes?”

Dawn nodded as he held the microphone out closer to the very angry-looking Tag Team Champs. Derrick faced Adam Roebuck and nodded towards her.

“Here’s a couple … hurt. Entertainers. Body bags. Death warrant. Does that paint enough of a picture for you, Dawn?”

The host of the Dawncast nodded in agreement. They were not in a talking mood and it was best to just leave things at that tonight. The Entertainers had done everything to get under the skin of the champs and tonight, they would regret it if the House had anything to say about it. She faced Charlotte now.

“And as for you, Charlotte, you’ve heard what Tammy Lynn Foster has had to say to you about the Starlets Championship match tonight. Any rebuttal for her words from Countdown?”

“Yeah, hon, I do … she can say whatever she wants about how tough she thinks she is. I will tell it to her like this. She’s quite possibly the toughest opponent I’ve ever faced. Even more than Sarah Winterton. Any respect for her after that don’t exist. She took me out a few times, she stole my championship and had the nerve to try and ‘defend’ it against Monica. What she doesn’t realize is that this ain’t my first first in jOlt if you get what I mean. I was part of the first Starlets Underground match. I was part of the first-ever four corners match for this belt. I was part of a two-out-of-three falls match. If there’s been a first in this division, I’ve been part of it. Nobody has been able to duplicate what I’ve done in the three times I’ve had this belt in the last year and a half. I won’t give this up without a fight tonight and there is NO way that I’m letting Foster get the better of me.”

“Thank you all for your time and good luck in your matches …”

Dawn was about to disappear when a voice could be heard off-screen.

“My ears are burning, you know!”

The crowd that followed the Hype (shame on you if you haven’t) started to voice some negativity for the man that now stood next to The House. He was Adam Roebuck’s own son, the young rookie called “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck.

“Dad, Uncle Derrick, Auntie C …”

“Hey!” Charlotte growled. “I told you, hon, that I hate that name! I’m only eight years older than you.”

Zane chuckled at the Starlets Champion.

“Look, Dad, I know that you and I haven’t gotten along that much lately on account of the whole … you know …”

“The thing where you’ve publically insulted your lineage?” the elder Roebuck said.

Zane grinned sheepishly. “Yeah … that. Look, Dad I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I’ve been a pretty big dickweed lately and whatever happens on the Hype despite being screwed out of multiple title matches where I could’ve beaten Mike Patterson … I wanted to say what the Entertainers did by costing you the jOlt Championship was bullshit and I hope they get theirs tonight. I wanted to say good luck.”

“Aww … right in the feels,” Huber said as he patted his chest.

“Shut it,” Big Bucks said to his tag partner. “We’ll talk later, son, but … thank you.”

“And Auntie … sorry, Charlotte, kick Tammy Lynn Foster’s ass. You beat her once and you can beat her again.”

Charlotte smiled. “Thanks, sweetie.”

She kissed him on the cheek and she walked off with her husband and best friend. Meanwhile, another grin formed on the face of Zane Roebuck. This time, it seemed a little more of a mischievous one than anything.

Draconian vs Seraph vs Michael Donavan

Seraph and his manager Shiloh have made a statement that they were on a new path towards success here in jOlt. Meanwhile, Michael Donavan was kind of lost in the shuffle after the disbanding of The Rebellion. These two had a standard match on iNtense where each man desired to increase their stock’s worth here in jOlt, however, fresh off his first loss at the hands of The New Breed, Draconian came interfered and made a grand statement of his own. On Countdown, Seraph and Donavan both wanted to face Draconian at Breakdown, but they, too, had their own differences to settle. Damien Lee made it a triple threat match and now it is a unique match where all three men had something to prove.

For Michael Donavan, it was Relevancy, for Seraph it was Dominance, and for Draconian, it was Redemption. One man would walk out of this match with their goal obtained.. who would it be?

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

Out from the back first came “God’s War Machine” Seraph and his manager Shiloh. Seraph, named after an angelic being of the highest order and associated with light a purity… a man who is set to deliver God’s justice.. and Shiloh.. named after peace and harmony in order to keep the wrath of God in check, made for a pretty interesting combination.. a yin and yang if you would.

Seraph stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and stared down at the ring. Shiloh motioned for Seraph to make his way down and he did so. Shiloh remained at ringside while Seraph climbed up onto the ring apron and stepped over the top rope, entering the ring. Seraph cracked his neck and stared at the entrance ramp, awaiting the opposition.

“Demon Cleaner” by Kyuss

The cheers turned to boos as Michael “Phantom” Donavan made his way out from the backstage area. Donavan got the nickname due to his incredible speed and agility for being man of his size. Donavan has been carrying a chip on his shoulder his entire time on the main roster… once a loyalist to Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion, now he feels a bit shunned by the disbandment of the group.

Donavan slid under the bottom rope and stood, keeping his distance from Seraph in the process. The two of them had a staredown with one another, but that was interrupted with the theme of the third and final participant.

“Scheme” by STS9

7’2’’ of white muscle, blue hair and black eyes walked out quicker than normal. Never taking his eyes of the ring and his opponents, the dreadnought known as Draconian stomped his way down.Before entering the ring, Draconian stopped at the ropes and glared across the sea of people. Even to the oblivious, it was a sign of judgment and disapproval. The lights came back up to full strength

Everything looked set to go in the eyes of the referee and he called for the bell.

Three monsters stood in a triangle formation in the ring, each staring at each other, watching and waiting for someone to make a move. Seraph and Donavan glared at each other for a moment and then they turned and clotheslined Draconian over the top rope and down to the floor! Even though they hated each other, they could not forget that it was Draconian that interrupted their match two weeks ago on iNtense!

Once Draconian was sent to the outside, the two of them turned and looked at each other. Donavan fired the first shot with a right hand.. Seraph retaliated with a headbutt that staggered Donavan back. Seraph whipped Donavan to the ropes and went for the Big Boot, but Donavan dodged it and bounced off the opposite ropes. Donavan came back with a running Big Boot to the face of Seraph, but it didn’t knock him down! Donavan backed into the ropes again, but Seraph caught him by the neck, looking to end things early with a Divine Destruction, but Donavan grasped at Seraph’s wrist and slowly pulled Seraph’s hand off of his neck!

While Donavan and Seraph were distracted in a battle of strength, Draconian rolled back into the ring and hit Seraph with a quick jab under the chin. He turned and grabbed Donavan with both hands and planted him with a Double Choke Bomb. Donavan rolled out of the ring as Seraph regained his composure, delivering a toe kick to Draconian’s abdomen. Seraph hoisted the big man onto his shoulders, but Draconian slipped off and landed behind Seraph. He stepped to the side of Seraph and picked him up by the waist, planting him into the canvas with a Side Slam! Draconian hooked the leg, looking for the early victory.



Seraph got the shoulder up.

Donavan pulled himself back up onto the ring apron as Draconian stood. Donavan came into the ring, but Draconian hit him with a knee to the stomach as he stepped through the ropes. Draconian whipped Donavan into the corner where he hit the buckles hard. Draconian charged in at full speed, but Donavan made him eat a back elbow. Seraph began to get to his feet as Donavan hopped up onto the second turnbuckle. Donavan flew off with a Cross Body Block, but Draconian caught the 6’10”, 265 pounder in mid-air like it was nothing! What freakish strength! Draconian looked back as Seraph got up to his feet fully then...


Crowd: OOOOHH!!!!

Draconian tossed Michael Donavan over his head and Donavan collided with Seraph and the two of them crashed down onto the canvas!! Draconian sat up and turned to see Donavan rolling back out to the outside once again. Seraph was attempting to get back up, but Draconian rushed over and grabbed Searph by the head, pulling him up to his feet. Draconian hit a couple of quick jabs under the neck before backing Seraph into the ropes and shooting him across the ring. Draconian backed into the ropes and charged in, colliding with Seraph in the middle of the ring with a Flying Shoulder Tackle.

Draconian stood and pulled Seraph back up. He hooked Seraph in a front face lock and took him over with a vertical suplex.. the impact shook the entire ring! How strong was Draconian to be able to toss someone the size of Seraph like that with ease!? Draconian went into the cover, hooking the leg.



Seraph kicked out

Donavan got back onto the ring apron, but Draconian stood and made his way over to meet him, but this time, Donavan hit a forearm smash to the face, staggering Draconian back. Donavan went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the top where he took aim on Draconian. Donavan leapt off with a Missile Drop Kick, showing off that agility, and it connected, but Draconian didn’t go down! He staggered back towards Seraph who saw him stumble. Seraph quickly grabbed Draconian from the canvas and pulled him over with a School Boy Rollup!



Draconian kicked away!

Both Seraph and Draconian got up to their feet as Donavan backed into the ropes. Donavan charged in, but both Draconian and Seraph grabbed Donavan by the neck! They lifted him high into the air and planted him with a MASSIVE Double Choke Slam!! Seraph and Draconian both looked at each other as to who was going to go for the pinfall attempt, but as they stared at each other, Shiloh ordered Seraph to attack Draconian, so he did with a heavy right hand. Seraph stepped over Donavan and continued to lay in the right hands, backing Draonian into the corner. Seraph hit a pair of shoulder blocks to double Draconian over before hoisting him up to the top turnbuckle pad in a seated position.

Seraph climbed up to the middle turnbuckle pad and grabbed Draconian in a waist lock. Seraph popped the hips and...




Draconian wasn’t the only one with scary power… Seraph showed us a bit of that power right here and now with that suplex! Draconian rolled off of Donavan and Seraph knew The Phantom was done. He crawled over and made the cover, hooking the leg..



Somehow, Draconian had the power to jump in and break up the pinfall, saving the match!

Seraph stood back up and helped Draconian to his feet. Seraph walked him against the ropes and went for the Irish Whip, but Draconian reversed it and sent Seraph into the ropes instead. Draconian swung with a clothesline, but Seraph ducked underneath and bounced off the opposite end. He leapt into the air and slammed his clenched fists into Draconian’s face, knocking him down with the Leaping Double Axe Handle Smash...


Seraph continued the momentum, using the ropes to stop himself. Shiloh ordered Seraph to finish it as Draconian was starting to sit up. Seraph walked over and stayed behind him, waiting for Draconian to get back to his feet. Seraph then grabbed Draconian by the neck and set him up for the Divine Destruction, but Draconian elbowed his way out of it and then grabbed Seraph by the neck! Draconian wanted to hit his version of the choke slam.. the Death From Above, but Seraph stomped on Draconian’s shin, backed into the ropes and leapt in with another Hammer of God, but Draconian side stepped and Seraph missed! Seraph staggered forward, but Draconian turned, charged forward and slammed his arm into the back of Seraph’s head with a Reverse Clothesline!!

Michael Donavan was finally starting to show signs of life as he rolled towards the ropes where he used them to pull himself up to his feet. Draconian saw this and charged in, but Donavan surprised him and lifted him up and over to the floor where he landed with a hard thud! Donavan fell back to his knees as he was still feeling the damage of a double choke slam followed by a 325 pound man getting slammed down on top of him from the top rope. Seraph began to get back to his feet when Donavan stood and shook it off. Donavan walked over to Seraph to pick him up, but Seraph fired a punch to Donavan’s stomach, stopping him in his tracks. Draconian began to get back up on the outside as Seraph whipped Donavan to the ropes. Off the rebound, Donavan ducked the clothesline and then dove through the ropes to the outside with a Suicide Dive!!

Draconian was taken back down as Donavan got back to his feet. He climbed up on the ring apron as Seraph made his way over, but Donavan grabbed Seraph by the head and hot shotted him across the top rope! Seraph staggered away as Donavan stepped inside the ring. He grabbed Seraph by the arm and whipped in into the corner. Draconian got back up on the outside as Donavan charged in and twisted his body as he leapt into the corner, hitting a flying back elbow to Searph!

Draconian re-entered the ring and was in the process of getting up when Donavan charged out of the corner and nailed a running knee strike to the side of Draconian’s head! Donavan dragged Draconian into the opposite corner and placed him there in a seated position. Donavan turned towards the corner with Seraph and charged in. He nailed a running knee strike that caused Seraph to fall to a seated position. He charged back to the other corner where Draconian was already sitting. He twisted his body and slammed into Draconian in a perpendicular fashion with the Side-Cannonball Splash..


Donavan quickly rolled out of the corner and got back to his feet. He charged back into Seraph’s corner and hit another Side-Cannonball Splash...


Donavan grabbed Seraph by the leg and pulled him out of the corner. Donavan climbed up the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He flipped off with a Moonsault and slammed down on top of Seraph..


Donavan had the cover, hooking the leg, but as he covered him, Draconian grabbed the top rope and pulled himself up to his feet.



Draconian charged in and made the save!

Draconian stood, then bent over to pull Donavan up, but Donavan shocked him by hoisting Draconian up onto his shoulders!! Donavan was pretty strong himself and he showed that flipping Draconian over his shoulder, landing with the Sit-Out Powerbomb!!!


Michael Donavan would not be denied as he held Draconian down with the cover...



Seraph turned onto his knees and lunged in, breaking up the pin!

Seraph and Donavan stood and Donavan was the first to react with a kick to the stomach. He grabbed Seraph by the neck because he, too, had a variation of the Choke Slam that he wanted to use, but Seraph reached over and grabbed Donavan by the neck in another Choke Slam stalemate. Draconian got back to his feet and reached over, grabbing both Seraph and Michael Donavan by their necks… Donavan and Seraph then grabbed Draconian by the neck and now we had a three-way Choke Slam standoff!!

Both Seraph and Donavan stomped on Draconian’s shins and he let go of both of them. Donavan quickly kicked Seraph in the stomach right afterwards and it caused Seraph to let go. Donavan lifted Seraph up for the Choke Slam, but fell backwards, slamming Seraph’s face into the canvas!


Donavan stood up, but Draconian hit a knee to the stomach. He then quickly grabbed Donavan by the neck and lifted him high into the air. He then slammed Donavan down on top of Seraph!!!


Draconian then knelt down and pressed his hands on Donavan, holding both him and Seraph down on the canvas.. it was double pin!!




Michael Donavan had a tremendous burst of energy there at the end, but Draconian was the one who ended up with the pinfall, claiming his redemption for the loss he suffered against The New Breed three weeks ago on iNtense. Draconian stood up and looked down on both men as the crowd gave him and the other two a standing ovation. Usually big man matches are slow and boring, but these three turned it up and showed that awesomeness does and can happen with the giants of jOlt!

Winner: The Draconian via Pinfall

"A New Breed of Real Men"

Dawn Cassidy, clad in trademark denim jeans, looked right at home as she sat on a bar stool backstage by teo guys that were also dressed down tonight - Keegan and Hank Wright.

"Donny, I've gone and done it again. Another exclusive. Hank, Keegan, thanks for giving me the scoop. I guess what everyone wants to know is - what are you really doing here?"

Before Hank could pipe up, Mike Patterson and Bryan Williams, otherwise known as the New Breed, wandered into view. Immediately, Hank and Keegan stood up to address the young blood.

"We were gonna come and see you," Hank, hands on hips, stated.

Patterson nodded his head: "To see the ghosts of Christmas future?"

Keegan chuckled: "Hank, he's worked our gig out."

Williams was almost nose to nose with the Newcastle native, but he turned to the host at the last possible second: "Dawn, we promised you an exclusive last week and here it is. We've been surveying the landscape, and apparently it changed when these guys came in."

Patterson started straight at Wright, who wasn't flinching: "We want to make a statement and we want to start with the pair of you," he said, his index finger pointing at the experienced pairing.

Hank weighed up the offer and looked straight up at Patterson, and then down at the hand that was awaiting him: "You're on."

Likewise, Keegan shook Williams' hand and then they changed dance partners, Wright respectfully accepting Brian's invitation and Keegan acknowledging Patterson's invitation in the same fashion.

As quickly as they'd come, they fled - and you can bet it wasn't out of fear. Then, Hank, readjusting his tights, shrugged his shoulders: "There's your exclusive, Dawn."

Keegan patted the interviewer on the back. Not much had been said. Then again, it didn't need to be.

The two guys who'd stolen the show at Wrestlecade, reigning Hype champion Mike Patterson and his powerful predecessor, Bryan Williams, were going to build on their budding reputation by taking on the hard-hitting duopoly of Keegan and Hank Wright.

When it happened, respect, as it had been shown tonight, would be thrown out of the window.

And that wouldn't be the only thing.

The New Breed v The Old Guard.

Charlotte(c) vs Tammy Lynn Foster

The next match epitomizes the term “bad Blood” as the two biggest starlets in the division will once again go toe to toe in the middle of a jolt ring. This time however, they will be settling their difference in a First Blood Match for the Jolt Starlets Championship. This war has been raging for months between the two with Charlotte staking her claim as the greatest Starlets Champion ever and Tammy Lynn showing why she was the most vicious starlet on the roster. For months Tammy stated that she should be the Starlets Champion after beating Charlotte and Sarah Winterton in matches. Tammy Lynn got her chance at Wrestlecade two which she came up a little bit short. Now was the time for Foster to show the world why she is the best starlet in Jolt. This was not going to be a match, this was going to be a fight.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She reveled in the jeers she was receiving tonight. TL slowly walked down the ramp to the ring as she looked on at the fans who continued to give her hell. The fans were not thrilled with how Foster turned her back on them and attacked the popular starlet Charlotte. Tammy did not care as she rolled into the ring. Her main goal was to become the Starlets Champion and in order to do that she would have to make the champion bleed first. TL made her way to the far corner as she looked over at the entrance way, waiting for her opponent.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to run towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She wore a bright pink bustier and pink leather shorts. She bolted and slid into the ring dropping her title to the mat and tackling Tammy Lynn. Charlotte was a woman possessed as started pounding on Tammy Lynn with rights and lefts. Foster tried to cover up but Charlotte continued the onslaught. The champion stood to her feet and kicked Foster in the midsection. The challenger held her midsection in pain as Charlotte looked on. Charlotte drove another boot into TL’s midsection. The challenger was able to roll under the bottom rope to the floor.

Or so she thought…

Charlotte was not going to let her escape that easily. She grabbed Tammy Lynn by the hair and drove a forearm into her chest. The challenger held on to the top rope as Charlotte drove another forearm into the challenger’s chest. Tammy Lynn held on for dear life as Charlotte hooked her and snapped her neck with a neck breaker on the top rope. TL fell off the apron to the floor as Charlotte raised her arms high in the air. The fans ate it up as she climbed through the ropes to the floor. Tammy was crawling on her knees as she was trying to get away from Charlotte.

“Where you going, hon? I thought this was what you wanted.” Charlotte spoke as she followed Foster. Charlotte bent down and picked up the challenger and drove her back first into the ring apron.

“Charlotte get her back in the ring.” Kim Adams told the Starlet Champion.

Charlotte knew there was no count outs in this match as she grabbed Foster and whipped her into the guardrail but Tammy used her leverage to reverse the move and send the champion flying into the guardrail. Tammy fell to a knee from the throw as Charlotte held herself up with the help of the guardrail. Foster got to her feet and walked over to the Red Queen, drilling her with knees to the gut. The fans at ringside was giving the challenger hell but she just smiled and went back to work on Charlotte. Foster pulled the Red Queen from the guardrail and hooked her in a front chancery. SNAP SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR

The impact of the move made a loud thud on the ground as Charlotte writhed on the floor in pain, holding her back. Foster held the back of her head as she rolled to her knees before climbing to her feet. Adams continued to yell out to the floor at the two women.

“Get in the ring now.” Kim yelled.

Tammy Lynn grabbed Charlotte by the hair and threw her into the ring but leaving her head and chest hanging under the bottom rope. Tammy climbed onto the apron, jumping into the air and landing a leg drop across Charlotte’s chest and neck area. The move sent the champion to the floor once more as TL sat on the apron looking around. She jumped down to the floor and stalked the champion who was pulling herself to her feet. Foster nailed Charlotte with a big forearm shot to her back staggering the champion toward the guardrail. The challenger moved the champion to the ring and threw her under the ring ropes.

TL grabbed Charlotte and whipped her into the corner. She raced into the corner and drilled the champion with a big clothesline that shook Charlotte in the corner. Tammy Lynn started to smile as she bent down and pulled the champion up by her hair. The Red Queen nailed TL with a big right hand that sent the challenger backwards. Charlotte made to her feet and raced across the ring.


The running one-armed neck breaker caught Tammy Lynn by surprise as she went down hard. The fans went ballistic after that move from the champion.


Charlotte rolled to the floor and pulled the ring apron up. She grabbed a steel chair, a trashcan lid and a kendo stick and threw them all in the ring. The Starlets champion was about to go hardcore on one of her biggest enemies.

Charlotte rolled into the ring and looked at TL. “You are about to bleed bitch.”

The Red Queen picked up the kendo stick and nailed Tammy Lynn over her back. However the champion was not done as she continued to demolish Foster’s back as the fans counted with every stick shot.






Tammy Lynn writhed on the mat in pain as Charlotte held the kendo stick high in the air to the adulation of the fans. Kim Adams checked Tammy’s back to see if there was any sign of blood. The champion dropped the stick on the mat as she grabbed the challenger by her hair and whipped her into the ropes. TL bounced off the ropes as Charlotte was ready for a back body drop but the challenger stopped, dropped to his knees and drilled Charlotte with an uppercut. Charlotte staggered backwards as Foster got to her feet and made a beeline toward the champion. However, Charlotte caught Tammy Lynn and drove her down with a big power slam. Tammy’s back was already broken from the Kendo sticks and no she just ate a power slam.

The champion grabbed the steel chair and lodged it in the corner between the top and middle rope. Charlotte picked up the challenger and whipped her into the corner but Tammy Lynn reversed the move and sent the Red Queen barreling into the chair back first into the corner. Tammy held her back as she made her way over to the champion. Foster knelt down over top of the champion and drilled her with massive right hands, giving the champion hell with each shot.

“You are going to bleed tonight.”

“You are beneath me bitch.”

“You don’t deserve that title. It will be mine.”

“I am going to end you tonight.”

Tammy grabbed Charlotte by the hair and drove her head into the bottom turnbuckle. The Blonde Bomber stood to her feet, searching for a weapon as Kim Adams looked on. TL walked over to the ropes and picked up the trash can lid and moved over toward the champion. TL picked up Charlotte and planted her on the trash can lid with a tremendous power bomb. Kim looked down to see if there was any blood from Charlotte. Kim motioned for the match to continue as Tammy picked up the champion and hoisted her up and sat her on the top rope. Tammy Lynn nailed her with a forearm shot to keep her on the top rope. The crowd gave the challenger some heat for that shot to Charlotte. TL looked out into the audience and gave them the middle finger before starting her climb to the top.

The challenger made it to the top ropes and hooked Charlotte in a front chancery. The challenger was looking for a high impact move but the champion had other ideas in mind. Charlotte nailed Tammy with a head-butt that threw TL off balance. Charlotte held her head as Foster fell off the ropes. The challenger staggered back toward the corner as Charlotte hooked her by the head.


Both women lay on the mat as Kim Adams checked Tammy Lynn’s head for blood. The fans erupted in cheers for the champion as they tried to get her back into the match.


The champion picked up Tammy Lynn and threw her over the top rope to the floor. For weeks we have seen how aggressive Charlotte had become and it was on display here again tonight. The Red Queen slowly rolled out of the ring to the floor. Tammy started to get to her feet but was quickly met with a dropkick by Charlotte that sent her back to the floor. Charlotte slapped a couple of hands of the fans at ringside before burying a boot into Tammy Lynn’s midsection.

The crowd roared in approval as the Red Queen picked up the challenger and whipped her into the steel steps. The impact was so great that it loosened the top part of the steps. Foster’s rolled to the floor holding her back again. Her back had taken so much punishment especially earlier from the Kendo stick beat down at the hands of the champion. Charlotte picked up Tammy Lynn and tried to slam her head into the steel steps but the challenger showed what strength she had left as she blocked the attempt. Charlotte tried to slam her head again but Tammy Lynn blocked it again and threw a back elbow to try to free herself.

Charlotte moved backwards just enough for Tammy to break free. Foster quickly turned around and nailed the champion with a vicious clothesline that sent both women to the floor once more. Both women slowly made their way to their knees where they started to trade blows.






The crowd was into each shot by these two starlets hell-bent on destroying each other. Tammy Lynn jabbed Charlotte in the eye with a thumb that broke the slugfest for a few minutes as the fans erupted in jeers. Foster stood to her feet and nailed Charlotte with a big boot to the side of her head. The challenger lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table. She started to put the table up near the ramp as the Red Queen tried to get to her feet. The Blonde Bomber grabbed the champion and placed her between her legs in a power bomb position near table.

TL was looking to cause some damage with this table as she raised her arms high in the air. They may have been a mistake as Charlotte stood up and broke free from what could have been a devastating move. Charlotte sent Tammy Lynn over with a back body drop through the table on the ramp. Charlotte dropped to her knees as the fans erupted in cheers. The Red Queen may have just saved her title with that move. Kim Adams bolted out of the ring to the floor to check on both women. She looked at TL to see if she was bleeding through the rubble of the table.

Kim made a motion that the title match will continue. Charlotte made her way to her feet as TL started to move through the rubble. Charlotte slowly got to her feet and walked over to the rubble pulling Tammy Lynn out.

“Give up bitch, you are not taking my title from me.”

Charlotte picked Tammy Lynn up and quickly drove her back down with a DDT on the floor. The champion knew she had to finish this match and make the challenger bleed. Charlotte grabbed Foster by the hair and started to drag her back to the ring. Tammy Lynn nailed the champion in the midsection with an elbow but Charlotte shot a right hand right back at TL. Charlotte drove Tammy Lynn head first into the ring post and then rolled her into the ring. Kim looked on to check Tammy Lynn to see if she was busted open but she was not and Charlotte was getting frustrated.

Charlotte pushed Tammy Lynn back into the corner and climbed onto the second turnbuckle and started to drill the challenger with right hands. The crowd counted in unison with every punch.





Before the last punch Tammy Lynn grabbed Charlotte and slammed her down to the mat with a big power bomb. The fans gasped at the sound of Charlotte’s head hitting the mat.


Both women lay on the mat as Kim checked on the exhausted ladies. The fans tried to get the champion to her feet.


Charlotte slowly made it to her feet but Tammy Lynn was up first. Tammy grabbed the Red Queen from behind seeing as she was still a little woozy from the power bomb.


Tammy Lynn connected with the rolling German suplex. TL picked up Charlotte…


The fans jeered the challenger but she could not win the title this way and TL knew it. Tammy Lynn grabbed the steel chair and the trash can lid and set both in the middle of the ring. Charlotte was a fighter and she crawled over to Tammy’s feet trying to pull herself up from the mat. The Blonde Bomber smirked as she grabbed Charlotte by her head.


Tammy was not done as she held on to Charlotte and picked her up again.


Tammy Lynn looked down at the Starlets Champion as Kim knelt down next to the Red Queen. Kim signaled for the bell as she looked at the back of Charlotte’s head to see blood flowing.

Charlotte was out of it as the blood flowed. She was out of action for a week after Tammy Lynn busted a beer bottle over the back of her head and she received stitches. Kim looked worried as she held up the X sign for the EMTs to come out to the ring. The EMTs rushed to the ring to attend to Charlotte as Kim gave the Starlets title to the new champion Tammy Lynn Foster.

Tammy Lynn held the title high in the air as stood over top of Charlotte who was being attended to. The EMTs placed a bandage on the back of Charlotte’s head and a neck brace on her because they were more concerned with her neck. Tammy Lynn rolled out of the ring and made her way up the ramp to a loud chorus of jeers from the fans. She smirked as the EMTs placed the former Starlets Champion on a gurney to get her quickly into the ambulance. Derrick Huber raced to the stage to be by his wife’s side as she was escorted to the back.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Drawing Blood (NEW Starlet Champion)

"All Hope is Lost"

We open up to the backstage area where we see one of the new starlets on The Hype, Sarkhaya. The crowd in the background cheers as she is seen lacing up her boots. Was she going to be in a match tonight?

Just when she had finished lacing up, Monica, also from The Hype, stepped into the scene with a smug look on her face. She stood there and folded her arms as she glared at Sarkhaya.

"Something you need?" asked Sarkyaha to Monica who was still in street clothes. Whoever Sakhaya's opponent was tonight, obviously wasn't Monica.

"Nah.. I'm just takin' a good look at what dead meat looks like." said Monica.

Sarkhaya stood up straight and gave Monica a puzzled look.

"What do you mean by that, exactly?" asked Sarkhaya

"Pssh.. girl.. you got some freak who don't believe in no Lord runnin' after y'all.. on top of that.. you got Desiree trying to get in your Kool-Aid, girl.. and trust me.. I know Desiree.. she a lying bitch! She be talkin' about teachin' and preachin' her own ways onto you but she don't understand anything about this business. All she tryin' to do is repeat everything Xin Xin Xiong taught her an' you just standin' back lettin' all this pass you by without doin' NOTHIN'" said Monica.

Monica laughed to herself slightly.

"That's why tonight.. you gonna fail in your match and when you face Desiree and Fayth.. you gonna fail again. That's why I'm lookin' at some dead meat here. Savior? Arbiter of Justice? Nah.. you just some pretender who gonna get their ass whooped 'cause you don't know any better."

Sarkaya stood nose to nose with Monica after that remark.

"You know.. I can easily go to Damien Lee and get my opponent changed tonight. If that's the way you feel about me.. then maybe I'll just have to beat my beilefs right into you because I... for one.. am getting SICK AND TIRED of being looked down upon just because I'm the new girl on the roster. If I remember correctly, you haven't been here that long either.. and what's your track record look like?" asked Sarkhaya.

Monica suddenly stopped smiling as she realized her career wasn't as illustrious as she was making it out to be.

"Yeah.. that's what I thought. Maybe I'll put another hash mark in your loss column tonight." said Sarkhaya.

Monica was about to say something, then she became wide-eyed.. just then...

Like a kunoichi, the lone female of the Dead Cell lowered herself down from the shadowy rafters and landed without a sound behind Sarkhaya.

"Oh crap," Monica said to herself and slowly started to backpedal.

"That's right," Sarkhaya spoke confidently, crossing her arms. "Walk away like the coward you are."

She had no idea that Magdalena was quickly approaching with nothing but rage in her eyes. It looked as if Ezekiel was going to show that not even the Starlets were safe from the Dead Cell's wrath. Magdalena was ready for battle. Sarkhaya noticed the lights begining to flicker, while the DC's female assassin about to strike. Magdalena leapt into the air for a leaping sidekick that surely would have connected with the back of Sarkhaya's neck. However, in the blink of an eye, a massive figure positioned himself in her way. Her kick struck him square in the chest, but had zero effect. Magdalena fell to the ground and immediately began to scurry backwards like a frightened child.

"Nein nein nein," Magdalena cried out with the Revenant standing over her. "Shou get avay from me, demon."

She was so stricken with fear that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get her footing. Monica and Sarkhaya put a ton of space between the monstrous Revenant and his prospective prey, allowing them to handle their business. Magdalena found herself with no where to go with her back being pressed up against a dead end wall of the backstage area. A look of pure horror could be seen on her face even with her mask, as she looked up at the Revenant. She covered her face with her arms in an act of defense. She hoped he would make it quick and painless.

However, the Revenant lacked the unholy anger that usually could be seen burning in his eyes. Through the bandages that engulf his face, a set of soft blue eyes looked into hers and he knelt down before her. He pulled a baby blue ribbon from the pocket of his ragged camo jacket. He laid it across her lower abdomen and closed his eyes.

For the first time, he began to speak...

"It must be very difficult

To be a man in grief,
Since "men don't cry"
and "men are strong"
No tears can bring relief.

It must be very difficult
To stand up to the test,
And field the calls and visitors
So she can get some rest.

They always ask if she's all right
And what she's going through.
But seldom do they take his hand,
"My friend, but how are you?"

He hears her crying in the night
And thinks his heart will break.
He dries her tears and comforts her,
But "stays strong" for her sake.

It must be very difficult
To start each day anew.
And try to be so very brave-
He lost his baby too."

Magdalena lowered her defenses, as he gently spoke and looked down at the ribbon draped across her torso. She pulled it to her chest and locked eyes with him. Her eyes began to water. Despite her trying to stop it, tears began to streak down her face.

"Ve knew it vas shou," she said aloud. "I prayed zhat it vas not, but zhere vas no vun else it could be. Ezekiel said shou vould not dare delcare var on us, but I knew shou vould. He does not know the pain zhat lives in shour heart. I am truly sorry for vhat has become of us, beloved."

"Your knowledge of my heart was never in doubt," the Revenant replied and drew a knife from the inside of his right boot, "as you took it, still beating, and brought it to an abrupt stop. Now, you, as much as he, deserve the vengeance I look to claim..."

Her eyes became as wide as they could be upon seeing the massive blade of his weapon. The Revenant rose up to his feet.

"I lost more than a child that day when you chose to run to him instead of me."

Suddenly, the lights went out.

"For that, you shall be eternally haunted by rage."

The woman's blood-curdling scream echoed through the entire arena.

The lights flickered once more before coming back up to full power. Magdalena's motionless body lay on the floor with blood flowing from her mouth. Just like her massive ally Azrael before her, she had a word sliced into the chest of her attire.

Her word was "LOST".

Monica and Sarkhaya both stood silently, shocked by what they just witnessed.

Monica slowly backed away, turned and took off running, seeing her chance to escape. Sarkhaya had no idea what just happened here. She went to take a step backwards to make her retreat when..



Sarkhaya fell forward and landed next to Magdalena. The pipe was dropped to the floor and a figure stood over her. The camera panned up...


With a grin on her face she knelt down next to Sarkhaya.

"Revenants... Prophets... Sermons... the lot of them are nothing more than the puppeted personal lambs of God. I have no interest what happened to that woman.. but here you were.. with your crimson angelic wings open and shining in the light. Like a moth to the flame it drew my attention. My intent was to watch your match here tonight closely, however.. that so-called thing you believe in.. fate... has unraveled itself in front of your very eyes now, hasn't it."

Fayth grabbed Sarkhaya by the hair and lifted her head up off the floor.

"You see... there are two types of lies: Lies that hurt, and lies that don't hurt. The most hurtful lie in the world is a faith that people believe in. Just like the justice you believe in. The pain coursing through your head right now is proof that the truth of your beliefs really do hurt."

Un-Fayth let Sarkhaya's head fall back to the floor as she stood.

"Now that one of the insects has been removed.. all that's left is the other."

Fayth looked down at Sarkhaya one last time before walking off..

"Suffer well.." she muttered as she stepped away. The scene faded to black.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Natural Athletes

Things had become very personal between two teams that had previously wrestled out of a game of sportsmanship. The lead-up to this match started when The Natural Athletes made a HUGE impact right off the bat, defeating the Heirs in the Sin City Series qualifier, 2-0 in an Elimination Rules match! From that point, Frank Silver had been going on the warpath while his tag partner, Ryan Gallway, had tried to apologize for his antics.

With Frank’s trainer and Godfather, wrestling legend Sonny Silver getting into his head, Frank got retaliation by costing The Athletes the finals of the Sin City Series, allowing The Entertainers to pull out the spectacular upset earning them their Tag Team Title match a bit later tonight. The Natural Athletes teamed with House member Derrick Huber to defeat The Entertainers on iNtense 124, but nothing was settled. Tonight, The Natural Athletes wanted payback. The Heirs were seemingly in a bit of turmoil themselves, but Ryan and Frank agreed to put their differences aside for victory tonight.

What team would win in this battle of the kingpins of tag teams against a team that many are calling the future of the hot division? Let’s find that shit out, shall we?

The lights in the arena went dark and as the rowdy Anaheim crowd made some noise, a voice could be heard throughout the arena…


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of three men that were turning heads by the week! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo! They were accompanied by their third member, “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine and the crowd gave them a great reception!

“Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 565 pounds, being accompanied by Nate Quartermaine… they are the team of Cori “The Striker” Albright and Terry “Mass” Massimo… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

The crowd went crazy for the inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions as they each stood on the ramp with a massive explosion of red and yellow erupting from the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd before the music finally faded out.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. Another curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they slowly walked down to the ringside area with Sonny Silver at their side. Frank Silver marched to the ring with a look of intent to hurt someone while Ryan kept pace, looking focused as well.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Sonny Silver… they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Frank looked like he couldn’t spare a fuck, let alone rent one from the crowd response as he surveyed the scene. The multiple time Tag Title holders and former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions stopped on the turnbuckle and paid the crowd no mind. Tonight, it was a matter of pride on the line and all four men were in the ring when Ian Nguyen called for the bell.


The match was going to start off with the high flyer, Cori Albright, tangling with Ryan Gallway while Frank Silver leaned back and watched the events unfold. Both members of The Natural Athletes had no love lost for Frank especially after he single-handedly cost them the finals of the Sin City Series, but they seemingly had no issue with Ryan.

The Striker and The Prince of Precision locked up in the middle of the ring and it was Ryan who got the advantage quickly. He grabbed him by the arm and twisted it around in an attempt to work over the arm, but the taller and more agile Albright flipped his way out of that before snapping him over with a Snapmare. Cori leaped over the ropes and came back with a Sliding Dropkick only for Ryan to lean back and watch Cori keep on flying.

Both men were back on their feet and it was Ryan who connected with a low Spinning Sole Kick to catch him in the chest. Ryan was all physical today as he came back with a kick to the chest that snapped Cori upwards. Ryan headed off the ropes now and when he came back, he was looking for something big…


Cori shoved him off the ropes and sent Ryan packing, but he didn’t see the bling tag made by Frank Silver right off the bat. Cori tried to catch him with a Scoop when Ryan leaped right over him. Cori turned around…


Running European Uppercut to the jaw!

Frank Silver ran forward and he CLOCKED Terry Massimo with a Running Big Boot that knocked him clean off the ring apron! Ryan showed even more shock as he reached over to Cori Albright and picked him up of the mat. Now that he was the legal man, he landed one of his sickening European Uppercuts and sent The Striker flying backwards to the ropes.

“Come on, Ryan, let’s finish this!”

Ryan nodded reluctantly and a happy Sonny Silver watched the Heirs of Wrestling try and pick him off. They continued to work over Cori Albright in the corner before they both whipped him across the ring. Frank Silver whipped Ryan right at Cori in the corner only to catch him with a pair of leaping knees to the head.

Frank was in shock when he shook his head, but that allowed for Frank to try and charge at him with a big move. Instead, all he got was both pairs of feet from Cori Albright…


He put up both feet to the chest of Frank Silver and dropped him with a Double Foot Stomp out of the corner! Both members of the Heirs of Wrestling were down already as he reached over and tagged into Terry Massimo! The Mass was waiting for Frank and Ryan to stand when they did so, he ran right through both of them with Stereo Clotheslines!

The crowd was impressed with Terry recreating his days on the gridiron and mowing through people! He stood back up to his feet and let out a roar as Nate Quartermaine cheered on his stablemates from the outside! The Big Hitter charged and he leveled Ryan Gallway with a big Clothesline and when Frank tried to get up, he did the same and knocked him out with a big Clothesline.

With The Natural Athletes back in control again, Terry Massimo kicked Frank in the gut and he lifted him up by the side, elevating him with a big over-the-shoulder position. Ryan Gallway was trying to stand when Cori Albright leaped up and he caught him with a Suplex position. He elevated Gallway and lifted him up so that way Terry now had BOTH Heirs of Wrestling members over his shoulders…


That was INCREDIBLE strength by the big man and both members of the Heirs were cleared from the ring. Cori Albright started slapping the mat and he focused on the outside where The Heirs of Wrestling had just been sent packing. He then got himself a running start as he headed to the top rope and fuckin’ WALKED a few steps across the ropes…



The crowd was on fire now! The Heirs of Wrestling were packing after Frank’s vicious opening salvo and now The Natural Athletes were in complete control! Cori was slow to get back to his feet on the outside at first, but he eventually got back up and he stomped around on the outside now, getting the chance to celebrate with the crowd. Sonny Silver shook his head with disgust on the outside as Cori threw Frank back inside the ring and into the waiting arms of the 324-pound Massimo. Albright was in the ring…


Terry Massimo picked up Frank and he hit a Body Slam before he egged on Cori Albright to head to the ropes. Albright ran full speed ahead and caught him in his arms, holding him in place before he effectively Powerbombed his own partner right across the chest of Frank! Albright recovered from the landing after a couple of seconds and tried to pin Frank.




Cori Albright tried to pull Frank back up only for the Baron of Ballistics to Uppercut him and then head back to the corner to tag in the groggy Gallway. Gallway didn’t expect the tag, but he snapped out of his funk and charged the ring to come at him. The problem was that Cori saw it coming and took out Gallway’s legs from under him with a Leg Sweep and then followed that up with a lightning-quick Leg Drop!

Things went from bad to worse once again for Ryan Gallway as he reached over and made the tag back out to big Terry Massimo. The Big Hitter was in the ring and he begged for The Prince of Precision to stand. As he tried to do so, Gallway could be heard uttering “oh crap!” as Massimo picked him up and launched him as hard as he could right across the ring. Gallway was about ready to stand when Terry Massimo charged…


Gallway sidestepped and Massimo hit nothing but the corner, which allowed for Gallway to run off the ropes for something big. He tried…


He ran off the ropes with a Handspring only to be caught him the grip of Terry Massimo! The Big Hitter headed back to the corner with Ryan still in his grip, giving Cori Albright the chance to tag right back into the ring. He DRILLED him across the mat with a Body Slam and that allowed Cori Albright to jump over the ropes with a Slingshot right into a Double Foot Stomp! Gallway was sucking in air as Cori went for another cover!




The Intergalactic Heart Throb just barely kicked out, but once more the tag was made right back to Terry Massimo. Terry pulled him back up again and now Ryan Gallway was up in the air! He held him in place now as he elevated him with a huge Vertical Suplex. Frank tried to get back in the ring to save his partner when Cori kicked him and connected with a Vertical Suplex of his own! He pulled Frank up and hit a second one WHILE Ryan was still in the Suplex hold! Cori completed the hat trick on Vertical Suplexes while Terry Massimo JUST dropped Gallway!

Things were not looking good for the Heirs right now as The Natural Athletes were showing great cohesion from their months of working together and coming up through The Hype as perhaps its best ever tag team! Terry rolled over and tried to pin Gallway again.




Terry Massimo reached over just as Cori Albright returned to the corner and tagged to his partner. Nate Quartermaine continued to watch his friends while Sonny Silver watched on, hoping for some kind of an opening. Cori Albright was about to try for something big when Sonny Silver climbed on the ring apron. He took a swing at the PRIME Hall of Famer only to jump off the apron at the last second. That gave Frank an opening to SNAP Albright’s head across the ropes!

Gallway rolled away from The Striker and he tagged out to Frank who was now back in the ring. He pulled up Cori…



He delivered a vicious volley of harsh right hands to the head of the fallen Cori Albright now and mean-mugged the crowd as he did so.


Frank picked up Cori Albright by the head and pushed him back to the ropes before SMACKING him right in the jaw with a nasty European Uppercut, of which he had many. He nailed about three or four more before tagging Gallway again. He grabbed Gallway by the arm and whipped his own partner in the corner, connecting with a HUGE Corner Dropkick! The blow would’ve been enough to knock him down, but Frank pulled him out of the corner and right into a HARSH Spinebuster! Frank moved out of the way and Gallway rolled him up by the legs into a Jacknife pin!




Cori’s shoulders were up, but Ryan Gallway wasn’t finished with him. Seeing that they needed to win this match, he KICKED him hard with several sharp Shoot Kicks to the chest to wear down The Striker before he forced him back to his feet. Gallway made with the quick tag and he tagged back into Frank Silver again.

Both men worked him over with blows in the corner and the crowd booed The Heirs as they whipped him off the ropes. When he came back, Frank buried a knee into the oncoming Albright, doubling him over so Gallway could run off the ropes again…


It failed once for Ryan Gallway, but not the second time as he beaned him with a stiff Springboard Gamengiri to the face! Gallway left the ring and shook his head as Frank Silver started to stand, raising his hand to the corner. Sonny Silver climbed onto the apron a second time and tried to get Ian Nguyen’s attention.

“So uh… ref… you fucking suck and you’re a failure at life.”

Ian Nguyen looked at him incredulously, but it was Frank Silver who threw him out to the floor and roughed up Cori Albright some more. He picked him up and SPIKED him right into the ring apron. He turned around and then slammed him HARD into the barricade!

Ring apron!


Ring apron!


Cori Albright was slumped over and would’ve fallen, had Frank not still held him in place. Frank Silver then forced him back into the ring. Again, Ryan Gallway was frustrated with the shape of things happening before him as Frank threw Cori Albright back inside the ring. He crawled over and went for a cover.




An enraged Frank pinned a knee down on the throat of a frantically kicking Albright, earning him the ire of the official. Ian Nguyen told him to back off or risk disqualification, so that’s what he was getting. Frank reached over and he made the tag to Ryan Gallway who leaped over the ropes to enter the ring. He charged over as Frank hit a Drop Toe Hold and Gallway connected with a Dropkick. Frank quickly then held him in place with a Camel Clutch-style hold, allowing Ryan to connect with a Front Dropkick to the face! Some rapid-fire teamwork when the Heirs were on their game and tonight, they were on it. Gallway hooked both legs of Albright now.




“LET’S GO, ATHLETES!” clap x5
“LET’S GO, ATHLETES!” clap x5
“LET’S GO, ATHLETES!” clap x5
“LET’S GO, ATHLETES!” clap x5
“LET’S GO, ATHLETES!” clap x5

Cori Albright needed to get to his corner and made the tag to the eagerly-waiting Big Hitter Terry Massimo. The inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions waited for the chance to get back into things as Gallway looked over to Frank.

“Finish it.” Frank snapped.

Ryan Gallway started to pick him up again and was looking for something big to finish him with. He scooped him up for a Back Suplex when Cori flipped out behind him and landed on his feet. Gallway turned and tried to swing…


This was the EXACT opposite of what both Silvers wanted as both Sonny and Frank were both looking incredibly pissed-off of what what just happened! Ryan Gallway was hurt and holding his head as a bewildered Frank started to grow incredibly impatient. He charged towards him…


Gallway was just trying to stop him when he got mowed down with a big shot from Massimo and then to get himself some payback, he charged right at Frank Silver and rammed him off the apron!

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it!" Massimo screamed.

He turned to Ryan Gallway and tossed him into the corner again before attempting a charge. Gallway moved and kept on running to the ropes and when he came back...


The Big Hitter got taken down by Gallway's Tornado Single Arm DDT! Gallway had to exert some effort to get the big man over, but when he did, he tried going for a cover.


TWO... NO!

Massimo was still fresh and he powered out of Gallway's cover like nobody's business! The Big Hitter sat up while Ryan was about ready to try something different. He leaped off the ropes a second time and tried for a standing variation on the Falling Comet Crash when Massimo caught him and took him down with a huge Scoop Powerslam! Terry pinned Gallway down and went for a cover…




The elbow came down across the top of his head to break up the cover again! The Baron of Ballistics stayed on top of him and drilled him with a series of vicious rights before trying to halt the massive powerhouse. He managed to power Massimo backwards into a corner and tried to help Ryan Gallway to his feet before he ran right at Terry to deliver a sick Running Big Boot! Gallway shook out the cobwebs and followed suit, landing a huge…


The knees to the head stunned Massimo and now Frank pulled him out of the corner to muscle him into a HUGE Spinebuster! Frank held onto his back for a few moments before he rolled over. The trifecta of big moves had to be the end right here.




The Striker caught him with a big move and may have saved his partner from the beatdown by the Heirs! Frank tried to shove Cori Albright aside and threw him over the ropes, but Albright skinned the cat. Frank took notice and tried to stop him when Cori snapped him by the head and Headscissored him through the ropes and out to the floor!

Gallway was standing over Terry and connected with some more kicks before as Sonny Silver grew tense on the outside, watching the fight before him. He continued to attack him again and looked to finish things for good when Cori Albright came out of nowhere…


The Flying Headbutt whacked Gallway right in the chest and the blow staggered him just as Terry Massimo started to tower over him again. He picked up Gallway and pushed him towards the ropes, catching him on the return…


The crowd GROANED after the Pop-up Powerbomb that had Gallway down hard. The Big Hitter bounced off the ropes…


Massimo crushed him with the Running Senton and hooked the leg of Gallway as the fans cheered!




They had done it again! They had proven that The Sin City Series was no fluke! The Natural Athletes had just defeated one of the best running tag teams in jOlt history tonight and proved that they were definitely here to stay!


Sonny Silver was beside himself, PISSED off that they had been bested by the upstarts from The Hype! Nate Quartermaine rolled inside the ring as he celebrated with Albright and Massimo! This was the biggest win of their careers tonight and one would think that soon, it would only be a matter of time before The Natural Athletes got to challenge for the jOlt Tag Team Titles sooner than later!

The threesome left the ring and celebrated with the cheering crowd before they headed back up the ramp, happy with this huge victory here tonight! But as the camera panned back to the ring, it was clear not all things were good in Whoville...

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall

"Make Your Choice"

Back inside the ring, once the victors had left, Frank and Sonny Silver both stood in the ring, looking very very pissed off as Ryan Gallway held onto his ribs in pain. Sonny headed towards Ryan when Frank got in his way.


Frank’s arm came out, stopping the PRIME Hall of Famer in his tracks. Frank reached down to help his long-time tag team partner back up to his feet. Ryan ripped away from the Silvers and rolled down to grab a microphone. Frank shook his head while Ryan huffed…


He was obviously fed up with the treatment that he had been taking for several weeks with Sonny clearly trying to manipulate Frank Silver. With a bit of effort, he used the ropes to pull himself up while Frank looked to Sonny as he took the microphone from Gallway.

“Sonny…” Frank said, “you know that I owe everything to you. You gave me my start in this business, you took me under your wing when my parents passed. I owe everything that I have to you…”

Frank then turned to Ryan, who was unsure of what was about to unfold.

“But Ryan… Ryan has BEEN there for me. Thick as thieves. We’ve achieved so much in this business. So, Sonny, I need to say that I’m sorry… we’re through…”


Sonny gritted his teeth as Frank Silver raised the arm of Ryan Gallway and the crowd roared! It seemed whatever hold Sonny Silver tried to get on Frank was not going to take any longer…


…NO! Frank Silver lifted his leg up and KICKED Ryan Gallway right in the nether regions! He suckered him in only to attack his tag team partner! The crowd booed as Frank picked up the microphone again and stared down at his tag team partner.


Sonny LAUGHED. The PRIME Hall of Famer watched with delight now as Frank Silver picked Gallway up off the mat and SPIKED him with a SICK Belly to Back Piledriver that he had been using recently! Gallway was done as Frank Silver laid him out on the canvas.

“NOW WE’RE DONE!” Frank screamed.

He was about to do worse when Mack Brody came making a bee-line towards the ring! He was in action later tonight against Omega for The Fearless Championship, but the stablemate of the now-former Heirs of Wrestling came barreling towards them. Both Silvers cleared out from the ring and they headed towards the back while Mack went to check on the fallen Gallway. He looked out towards the departing Silver clan and they both looked ready to fight again.

“Come on,” Sonny said to Frank, “we still have some business to attend to tonight.”

Frank nodded and the two disappeared from sight as Brody checked on his friend. They had been friends for close to seven years…

And like that, it was all gone and the Heirs appeared to be no more.

The House(c) vs The Entertainers

In the build-up to our previous extravaganza, Wrestlecade, The Entertainers made a splash - figuratively and literally - to con their way into a non-title contest with The House.

It didn't last five minutes.

If anyone had told you The Entertainers would be back the following month by rights, having taken The Freak Show's unbeaten streak and outlasting three teams to claim the Sin City Series, you would have taken whatever money they offered you on that not coming true.

Tonight, against all odds, The Entertainers are going to attempt to do what few teams do and beat The House.

To add fuel to the flames, the newcomers cost Adam Roebuck in his rematch with Jeremy Ryan, the heavyweight championship at stake, and interfered with the tag team champions' chance at redemption on the injured Jesse Ramey's behalf.

"I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire, You come to me, come to me, wild and wild."

Surely, their pulses were racing, both out of fear of the monumental task that awaited him yet at the same time, the reward was obscene and outrageous as well - the right to call themselves THE BEST, what Darren in particular lived for, in a talent-saturated division.

Darren Best had opted for yellow tights with his forename running down the left leg and all-important surname on the right side. Reflective of their streak?

Meanwhile, Alfie had a gold top and pants on. Sorry, Gabriel and Glen Miller. Reflective of what they hoped to walk - or even run - out of here with?

They stood side by side, looked at each other with a knowing smile on their face as Turner's chorus kicked in..

"You're simply the best - better than all the rest."

Fireworks were set off behind them. This is what both of them had always dreamt about and it was an entrance befitting of their terribly tacky taste.

As Darren focused on the ring walk, ignoring any boos or negativity with a stern and steely look, Alfie also blocked everything out, albeit by taking his rather expensive cell phone out and punching a plethora of characters in hurriedly.

"Wait," Button said, holding Darren back as he was about to ascend the stairs. He pointed back at the jOlt vision screen:


A high-five got the juices flowing and going as Darren resumed his journey into the ring. Alfie opted for a flashier route, scaling the top turnbuckle and performing a picture-perfect backflip, landing like a feline, which got him heat from the crowd for doing so. One of our cameras zoomed in on the showman, who unashamedly shouted: "Right fackin' 'ere."

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Top of the ramp, jOlt Tag Team Titles raised high!

The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! Huber was thirty-eight with Roebuck a little over forty years of age, but the cheers and support from the crowd always seemed to turn back the clock! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring;...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighing in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the reigning Tag Team Champions … ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!.. They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!”

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. His mind was also with his wife who had lost her Starlets Championship in a downright violent affair and was worried about her well-being, but he had business to attend to first before he could truly be at her side. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Once The House got into the squared circle, Best and Button stepped through the ropes, and they're not so sporting to suggest it was to vacate the spotlight.

Roebuck and Huber were ready. Alfie ordered the official to do his job properly and restrain these lumps, who were ever so eager to hurt their cocky challengers, much more than the humiliating defeat they inflicted on them at Wrestlecade Xperience. Huber reasoned with Roebuck, who was a difficult customer, though if he listened to anyone, it was his loyal and able partner.

He patted Adam on the back as Roebuck exited left, assuring him he had this. Darren, the more seasoned and rounded of the two upstarts opposite the ring, was undeniably nervous, wiping his sweaty palms on his tights, getting ready to do battle with Derrick...

Or was he?

The bell sounded. And, just as Darren started to walk towards the calm and hushed Huber...


No, not The Amazing Gabriel

Incredibly, Button took his buddy out of the firing line, and walked straight into by going over to the neutral corner at the top left-hand side of the ring. I'm sure Adam was begging Derrick to step aside, though Huber indulged the obnoxious Englishman instead and was closing in on the Cockney.

Button, incredibly confident, invited Huber in. Within range, Derrick threw a right, only Alfie wasn't there.

Left, right, left.

Three shots came back from Button, who was dancing around like a dipshit. As Derrick walked forward, a fourth arrowed his way with alarming accuracy, though it was Button who was worried when he sharp realised Derrick was able to move forward with no problems, resisting Alfie's strength.

The Brit backed into the other neutral corner and goaded the muscleman into trying his luck again. Once again, Huber was found wanting as Button sidestepped him at the last moment and getting on his bike, he stung Huber with two lovely left-handed shots. This time, he felt he'd had more joy and raised his arms in the air...


ONE knife edge chop let him know he'd overrated his own potency and put him flat on his arse as they like to say in Alfie's homeland.

That one had landed, and with it, brought Button's confidence and ego down too. However, as Huber lifted Button up, encouraged by Roebuck, who had enjoyed that, Alfie escaped again.

Doing a 360 of his own accord and not as a victim of a lethal lariat, Button skinned the cat so to speak and stood on the ring apron. Huber, surprised by Alfie's off-the-cuff counter and athleticism, ran towards the cheeky terrier, though he didn't find him there either.

Like a few minutes ago, Alfie nonchalantly executed a backflip onto the floor, landing on his feet, and took a bow before our rafter-jammed audience. Most booed, born out of disdain towards Alfie's arrogance and reluctance to wrestle, though some appreciated the gamesmanship, showmanship and one-upmanship Button was deploying.

"If you can't catch me, what 'ope 'as that fat bastard got, eh?"

Cue 'oohs' from those who could hear it. Unsurprisingly, Roebuck was raging on the side. Huber appeared to be perplexed first, but he'd been around the block and wouldn't let the Briton bother him. The referee started the count, and just when it seemed the Sin City Strongman was going to force the issue and meet Alfie on the outside, the television wannabee popped up onto the apron invitingly and hung Derrick out to dry, throat-first, on the top rope, though the powerhouse didn't go down, not even to a knee.

He wasn't done there.

While Derrick didn't have any hair, it didn't stop the loudmouthed Londoner from taking control of Huber's bald bonce and repeating the feat on the other side, courtesy of a no hair-pull hangman, otherwise known as a cliff-hanger.

Alfie slid back in beautifully and Derrick, warned by everyone in attendance to turn around, walked straight into three left hands. Again, he withstood them easily and when he came towards Button, the little bastard infuriatingly held a hand out and tagged Best in.

It was harder to say who was more pissed: Huber or Roebuck, who was beside himself out in the cold.

Needless to say, Darren was shitting it. Alfie had only served to incense The House even more, hadn't gained a genuine advantage and Best was back at square one in exactly the same position before Alfie selfishly and unpredictably ejected himself into the action, only Derrick was even more irate.

Best wasn't sure what to do, unlike Alfie, and negotiated a collar-and-elbow that he managed to squeeze an arm wringer out of...

What next?

Clothesline with the free arm!

In frustration, Alfie stamped childishly on the outside as it was usually him who committed those cardinal mistakes at this level, inciting his more experienced partner, who looked like a rabbit caught on the motorway.

Derrick picked Darren up like a crisp packet and unceremoniously hoyed him away like one with a fallaway slam.

The first cover of the contest garnered a two and a half. Best was winded. Huber tagged out to Roebuck, whose arrival was acknowledged with a heartfelt ovation, and if his elbow drop landed, any oxygen the New York native had would surely leave his 223-pound frame in a rush.

Fortunately, it was telegraphed and he rolled away before disaster struck. Darren inched towards the corner, but Button, scared shitless of Roebuck on the rampage, didn't exactly stretch to assist his partner. When Best stood up, he could feel Adam's breath on his neck. He stared at Alfie, shaking his head, and was dismayed when Button confirmed, in pure theatrical style...

"Yep, 'e is be'ind ya!"

That means he's behind you for anyone whose eyes hurt after reading that.

Darren was scooped up...


No cover.

Watch out...

Roebuck leaned back towards the ropes and returned with a high interest rate...


The crowd gasped as the ring shook, barring Best, who didn't move. Alfie's open-mouthed, hands-on-heads stance summed the story up.



Roebuck dragged Darren up, unmercifully, and couldn't give a fuck about the referee's complaints for doing so.

This wasn't just about the tag titles for The House. Not after what the Entertainers prevented Adam Roebuck from doing on Intense.

Adam again got Darren back on his feet and shot him into the corner, back-first. DB was there for the taking, though Big Bucks was just finding his rhythm. We'd had pain, now let's have some pleasure, well, except for Best that is...



A quartet of massive chops threatened to tear Best's chest apart. The gruff Roebuck even looked like he might crack a smile. Instead, as he went for BOTTOM DEALINGS, pun absolutely fucking intended, Darren had the presence of mind and the fear of every Roman and Greek God in him to get out of the way, and leave Roebuck with a rather sore bottom.

Seizing the chance, Best crawled to safety, and Alfie had his hand outstretched this time to make the tag.

Button came out of the traps like a bulimic greyhound, turning the corner on the apron, and walking along the far side of the ring to skin the cat and come in via a double foot stomp, adding insult to frustration...


Yes, that was Alfie shouting those words. Honestly, this boy was fast, he was already back out on the apron by the time you read this, and is now en route to the penthouse suite...


Sorry Gabriel Gold, you're not the only one who can execute a frogpump elbow.



Unlike the aforementioned individual, this wouldn't win the match for the challengers nor secure gold in the process.

While the Cockney contested the count, seeing Adam was on his knees and heading north, Alfie figured he'd cut him off...

The Weakest Link!!!

The punk's patented DDT to a kneeling opponent...



And only two.

'FACK' reverberated around the first few rows. You couldn't call Alfie Button a role model, well not in terms of his language or behaviour. As far as athletes go, it was another tale altogether.

He hop-scotched over towards Darren, who was faring better than a few minutes ago, and Alfie came over to distract Derrick, who standing idly by, wanted to get his hands on Button in a bad way.

Aiding Best, The Entertainers got Roebuck on his back and Alfie flagrantly drilled Adam with his hardest punch of the night thus far - a low blow.

Wait a minute...

Derrick, who is spitting at this point, is desperately trying to reason with the ref. Alfie antagonised Huber further as Darren Best steps through...




Glowing, grinning, beaming, Button waved goodbye to Derrick, who was still in vain, trying to get in there. Taking the opportunity, Alfie slapped Roebuck, who was down but nowhere near out, a couple of times and that served as a wake-up call...

Well, almost!

Taking one step back and delivering an audacious parting shot, with Darren's scorpion armlock cinched in, Alfie unleashed a sensational superkick that found its mark.

Noticeably, just as Alfie cheekily shouted 'SEE YA' to Derrick, who knew he was only harming his huge team-mate's chances as well as his own obviously, reluctantly stepped out, and by the time the referee turned around, Alfie mirrored him on the same side, holding his hands up when the official questioned his whereabouts on the night of the crime.

Damage done though, the authority figure's attentions turned to the fading Roebuck, who was locked in a fatal submission hold, not to mention being clicked right on the button, and you know the drill by now because that pun was meant wholeheartedly...

And so was the crowd's support.

As the official raised checked on Roebuck, asking him if he wanted to give up, Big Bucks, buoyed by everyone in here including Huber, stirred. Best Submission Ever was still in and it was critical. Roebuck had to make a recovery, and double quick, or the Las Vegas outfit would surrender their coveted straps to the new boys in town and they'd never be able to live this one down.


The fans were calling out for The Las Vegas Leviathan to fight back and he tried his best as he struggled in the submission hold. Roebuck twisted his body around and Alfie Button was in a complete panic now as the larger half of The House tried to get back to his feet again. Darren Best continued to hold the submission in place until Huber managed to come in and slug him in the back of the head!

It was a crude, but very effective way for them to avoid any chance of a submission attempt, but the official was all over Huber to return to his corner. While he avoided that, Alfie Button slapped his hand as loud as he could to make a phantom tag that the official declared as legal! Some more cheap tactics by the challengers as they both came into the ring and they took turns stomping the life out of Roebuck.

The crowd was getting all over the entertaining Entertainers, but they were sitting pretty right now. They’d been all about throwing the powerhouses off their game and that’s exactly what had made them successful in both the lead-up and during this part of the match. The official turned and Alfie Button was back around as Roebuck tried to stand again only to crack him upside the head.


The kneeling Roebuck got wasted again after the overhead pele kick and that allowed Alfie Button the chance to try and get the win and the Tag Team Titles!




Alfie was stunned, but he had plenty more moves where that came from. He started to climb to his feet again and stomped his foot on the mat, waiting for the large Las Vegas Leviathan to stand. The Sin City Strongman was in his corner waiting for any opportunity for Roebuck to save himself as Alfie Button leaped from one rope to the top. He felt like getting extra fancy as he tried for the move that cost Adam Roebuck the jOlt Championship.


Roebuck caught him in the powerbomb position and turned that into a little ditty he called


Alfie was sent flying nearly the length of the way across the ring and crash-landed after the epic fallaway powerbomb! The crowd was on their feet and now Darren Best looked like he was about ready to shit a brick himself. They were close to the Tag Team Titles only for one big move to change the landscape of the match. Roebuck was trying to get to his corner as a frantic Best reached in and let Alfie tag him. The Brits tried to stop Roebuck, but it was too late!

Darren Best ran straight underneath a lariat attempt from The Oddsmaker and tried to catch him with a big shot off the rebound, but Huber had wised up to their crap and smacked him with a feint into a real lariat from his left side! Not as much oomph as his right-handed lariat, but with arms as big as his, he still had enough strength to knock him down.

Best’s clock may have been cleaned already, but that didn’t mean that Roebuck was done with him. He picked him up by the hair and delivered a series of jabs meant to get the crowd going before he spun his fist around in exaggerated fashion and smacked him upside the head. Best was the very definition of punch-drunk and waited as Huber charged at him. Best managed to move and Huber stopped himself from making a mistaken. Best charged off the ropes, but Huber exploded out of the corner and caught Best with an amazing shoulder block!

He didn’t forget about Alfie Button in the corner who was trying to intervene. Alfie didn’t learn his lesson from when he first dove into the ring at Roebuck and tried to do the same to Huber, but the Sin City Strongman held him and threw him right overhead with a belly to belly suplex! That left Darren Best all alone as Huber picked him up and slammed him down with a big thrust spinebuster. He held his legs in place and the crowd knew what was coming next as he twirled a finger around.


The giant swing was a real crowd-pleaser and tonight, it couldn’t happen to bigger bastards than The Entertainers! Alfie Button was still down near his corner and Best was being spun around.

”1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10!”

The crowd counted along with the multiple rotations before Derrick Huber threw him out of the corner and let him fall to the mat. He was discombobulated and Huber ran off the ropes to deliver a running splash!

Despite all the punishment that Huber had rained down on both members of The Entertainers, these men were a far cry from getting crushed at the Wrestlecade Xperience. They came to play tonight and to win their first gold in jOlt Wrestling. Huber got to his knees and flexed his muscles, calling for the muscle buster called The Odds Are Against You!

He stood up and he took Darren Best with him as he chucked him right at the corner. He pulled him back to his feet and he tried to set him up in the corner trying to stand as he tried to finish him off when Best’s trick thumb acted up. The blow caught him in the eye when he stood all the way up to his feet. He leaped off the top rope when Huber moved, but Darren rolled through the landing and managed to stand. He took a bow and then turned around to lunge at Huber, which was a big mistake.


The move was a swinging side slam backbreaker and Best’s spine may have been readjusted after such a move was executed! He got down and hooked the legs.



Close, but no cigar!

Huber was completely shocked that Best took one of his best shots and still kicked out! The Sin City Strongman continued his one-man rampage and he tried to pull Best up, but once again, Alfie continued being a real nuisance when he re-entered the ring and saved his partner with a running enziguri to the side of his dome. Huber was groggy on his feet when Darren Best managed to limp to his feet. He saw Roebuck starting to get back up and ran at the ropes which allowed Alfie to get back in the ring. He rushed passed Huber and went to catch Roebuck with a slingshot corkscrew plancha on the floor, but Roebuck caught him and tossed him away with a DOUBLE ACE FLUSH~!

As that was happeing, Alfie Button snuck up behind Derrick Huber and tried to sneak up on him with a school boy while using the tights!




Huber shoved him and the force sent him flying into a hard right hand from Roebuck! A groggy Huber walked over and tagged right to Adam Roebuck and the two men waited as Alfie Button tried to stand. When he realized that he was trapped between a proverbial rock and a hard place, he was CRUSHED between both men with standing body attacks!

The blow was enough to crush Alfie Button and send him toppling to the mat as Huber and Roebuck both exchanged huge grins with the crowd popping along. Huber charged off one set of the ropes and he landed right across the body of Alfie Button with a running senton splash. He moved and gave Roeubck the all clear for The Big Bucks to charged forward and throw all his body weight into a MASSIVE gut-crushing splash!


Adam Roebuck hooked a leg and snarled as the official counted the fall!




That was all she wrote! The Entertainers had given The House more of a fight than anybody originally anticipated. They had stuck to a great gameplan of outrunning and getting under the skin of their massive opponents, but tonight, experience and power persevered. The crowd cheered the veterans as the official announcement was made tonight that they had retained their titles in their toughest challenge to date.

They had their double-team powerbomb called the BUST, but Roebuck and Huber also had their tandem splash finisher for the peskiest of opponents and since they had been champions, there were few peskier than The Entertainers. The outspoken and talented podcasters had won the Sin City Series and proved they belonged at the top of the heap, but tonight The House prove that they were not ready to be knocked off the top of the mountain just yet!

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Ground Control to Agent Sullivan"

One thousand things were going on. There was only one man that could pull it off. He was Damien Lee and boy was he busy tonight. Between the matches, the drama and the operations, he was being pulled in a million different directions. This was why when he saw FBI Agent Sullivan waiting around the corner for him in the hallway he stopped and sighed.

For over a month the FBI agent had been dogging Lee with questions aboutDraconian. The questions started out benign, but then Agent Sullivan’s scrutiny increased to the point where he had Lee’s heart racing as he scraped for obfuscation. Fortunately, Lee was called by an FBI director who undercut Sullivan’s authority and informed Lee that Sullivan was acting without jurisdiction. Director Fairchild pointedly told Lee that he was under no duress to speak to Agent Sullivan. But that didn’t mean Lee didn’t still have to deal with him.

“Hello there, Mr. Lee. Quite the show you having going on tonight,” said Sullivan, confident as ever. The FBI agent routinely acted like he always knew something that the other did not.

“Agent Sullivan, so good to see you.” It was wry and sarcastic, but Lee put it out there.

“I saw Draconian’s match earlier tonight… impressive stuff. Seems stronger than your normal person?”

Lee smiled. “Well, we’re fortunate to have a specimen like him on the roster. Now if you’ll excuse me I must be getting back to my business.”

Before he could turn and walk away, Agent Sullivan managed to get another comment in.

“I do have a couple more questions for you, Mr. Lee.”

This did it. It was too much for Lee. Between the work, the stress, the phone calls, the inept staff, Jeremy Ryan and a host of other issues he finally had reached a breaking point. This rogue FBI agent was the lastthing Lee wanted hanging over his head so he decided to put an end to the dialogue once and for all.

“Agent Sullivan, I have a question for you.”

“By all means…” replied the FBI agent.

“Why are incessantly harassing me when you have absolutely zerojurisdiction in the pursuit of illegal aliens?Draconian’s documentation has been filed and all is in accordance with the law.” Lee’s contempt was palpable but he continued. “And so you know, I was contacted two weeks ago by an FBI Director who explained your situation to me. I was told you have no official capacity in this… investigation.”

There was an awkward silence, but then Sullivan cracked a devilish smile and replied.

“Let me guess… this FBI director’s name was Fairchild, and a woman?”

This caught Lee off guard… Agent Sullivan should have been rattled at the very least, and definitely not smiling with a retort.

Sullivan continued. “Mr. Lee, I think you will want to hear what I have to say, and listen to me very carefully. You are caught in the middle of something you are not prepared to be a part of… the position that the Draconian has you in isn’t unique. You are one of many powerful people across the United States and across the world that are beholden to individuals like your wrestler.”

Lee’s face was straight, but his head was spinning while Agent Sullivan went on. The agent’s face was no longer smiling and was replaced with intense, grim look.

“There is a struggle going on that is not seen by many, at least not as visibly until Draconian’s arrival. This ‘Director Fairchild’ plays for the proverbial ‘other team’, and one day you’ll have to make a choice of who you work with. Now, that decision is only yours to make but I will offer you a piece of advice: work with us and we will protect you. Your career, your wellbeing, your money, and jOlt itself will all be safe. All I ask is that you work with me.”

Damien Lee held his face calm while he processed all that was going on.

What had he gotten himself into when he made the agreement with Draconian?

Before he could reply the lights in the hallway began to flicker… down the hall Sullivan and Lee heard a door creak open. Slowly Draconian emerged from the doorway and looked down the hall with a strong scowl.

Draconian’s blue hair was at his shoulders, his white muscles were still flexed and strained from the match, and his temperament was foul at the very best. After looking toward Lee and Agent Sullivan, Draconian turned and walked back into the locker room leaving the door open behind him.

Lee looked back at the FBI agent and smiled. He was going all in with Draconian.

“Agent Sullivan, I appreciate your concern but I am not in any ‘situation’ like you’re suggesting. I’m a business man with a talented, albeit strange wrestler. If you wish to know more, you’re welcome to go ask Draconian any questions you have.”

Agent Sullivan paused for a moment and thenreplied without smiling.

“I will take you up on that offer.”

Sullivan moved past Lee ignoring him and walked down the hall to the room Draconian was in. Sullivan got to the doorway and looked in cautiously. The light in the room was off, as far as Lee could tell, but from it a flickering blue flashed into the hallway.

Agent Sullivan stepped into the room.

Lee heard the door slam behind Sullivan.

In the hallway the lights went completely dark and the hallway began to shake. The shaking became violent to the point where Lee braced himself against the wall, and down the hallway he could see blue light flashing through the edges of the closed door. Finally the shaking ceased and the lights came back on but Lee’s hair was a mess and overall he felt a little disconcerted.

The door to the room slowly opened and Agent Sullivan emerged appearing none worse for the wear. In fact, Sullivan looked completely fine… not a hair on his head was out of place. Sullivan turned and walked toward Lee with a blank expression.

“Did you get the answers to the questions you had?” asked Lee.

Agent Sullivan didn’t reply, let alone look at Damien Lee. Sullivan’s was in another place… like he couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. He just simply walked past Damien Lee, down the hall and out of sight.

Lee knew now that he was a part of something bigger than he had ever been before, and he knew that he felt better being on Draconian’s good side than bad.

With Sullivan gone, Lee shuffled his feet and got back to work with Breakdown.

Omega(c) vs Mack Brody

The next match was going to be for the Fearless championship. For weeks Omega and Heirs member Mack Brody have been going at it tooth and nail with a game of one upmanship. Omega issued the challenge and Brody accepted. Their match will be at Breakdown and we get to see if Brody can take the Fearless championship from the monster. Tonight Omega will be taking on another member of the Heirs of Wrestling in Ryan Gallway. Earlier this week Omega wanted to defend his title tonight and by attacking Gallway earlier in the night, Ryan wanted the match.

“What You Know” by T.I.

The row of ten dancers started keeping in tune with the music and earning themselves flurries of cheers from the normally quieter and respectful Japanese fans who were cheering.

One by one, the girls separated until the crowd started to cheer…


A SHOWER of golden pyro erupted from the stage now as the man called SuperMack stood at the top of the ramp with a big grin on his face. The gOlden bOy Champion held his title overhead as a large Superman logo with a big sparkling “M” shined brightly at the top of the ramp. Brody stood forward and took a peck on the cheek from each of the dancers on his march towards the ring. At ringside, Brody’s personal ring announcer, “The Juice” O.G. Simpson stood at the ramp. He was looking a little more dapper this week in an all-white suit, but with various gold chains, rings and other jewelry just for this occasion.

“First, making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds... he is being introduced to the ring by them FINE-ASS Golden Girlz… with a


Mack Brody made the long trek down the ramp in his “KNOW YOUR WORTH!” t-shirt and walked to the ring with a major purpose to dethrone the Fearless Champion, Omega. SuperMack looked confident as ever, but tonight, he would need to bring it like he never has brought it before if he wanted to beat the dominant monster of the Fearless division, the enigma, Omega. He waited in the ring for the champion...

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Ryan Gallway stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

Carrington: “Introducing Next; From Somewhere in Missouri...weighing in at 340 pounds...He is the reigning Fearless Champion. Here is OMEGAAAAAA!!!! A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Fearless Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the championship to Boulder as the fans jeered the champion.

Simon Boulder called for the bell...

Mack Brody immediately came charging at Omega, taking down the self-proclaimed boogeyman.


Mack Brody decide the only way to beat Omega was to do everything unconventional and throw the Fearless champion off guard. The crowd loved what the gOlden bOy champion was doing against the enigma. Breakdown had lived up to its billing so far and the fans knew that this match would not disappoint as well. Omega was bewildered and didn't see that move coming, which was why SuperMack was right on the attack ramming a series of right hands into the head of Omega in an effort to hurt the champion as swiftly as possible. Brody continued to drill right hands into the side of Omega’s head as the crazed one smiled with each hit.

“You don’t scare me Omega.“ Brody said after the last punch.

“We will change that.” Omega responded.

Brody grabbed Omega and threw a pair of well-placed elbows to the head as he tried getting to the corner to protect himself from the onslaught of the Mack-Daddy. Omega tried to get his arm up to block as many shots as he possibly could, but Brody was coming in hard and fast and he continued to pummel him with every last blow trying to get Omega on the defensive, a position he was almost never in. Boulder watched as Brody continued to lay haymakers at Omega with such fervor. Mack raised his arms high in the air as the crowd serenaded him with cheers. Omega positioned himself in the corner waiting for the challenger to bring the pain. The fearless champion loved feeling pain and Brody was happy to give it to him.

SuperMack returned to the corner, but Omega's was playing possum caught him by surprise. Brody was absorbed by two big palms and tossed into the corner where Omega began to throw some hard shoulders into the stomach of the gOlden bOy champion. Mack-Daddy was now on the defensive as the boogeyman unleashed hell upon him with a vicious bombardment of shots that had Brody reeling in the corner. Massive forearm shots by the Fearless champion continued to blast Brody over and over and over again in the corner. Omega finally pulled Mack from the corner and drove him down with a big belly to belly suplex. The fans started a chant to the dismay of Omega.


The boogeyman smirked at the chant from the crowd and slowly pulled Brody to his feet. Omega whipped SuperMack into the ropes and nailed the big man with a clothesline that staggered the challenger toward the ropes. Omega was not done as he raced over to Brody and drilled him with another clothesline that sent both men over the top rope. The two men tumbled to the floor as the ringside fans went crazy. Omega was the first to get to his feet as he drove a boot to the side of Brody’s head. Brody tried to get to his feet but the Fearless champion kept him down on the floor with another boot to the head.

Omega turned to his right and saw something out of the corner of his eye. He walked over to the timekeeper’s table and grabbed the ring bell. He slowly stalked the challenger on the floor. Omega held the bell in the air, looking to blast Brody with it but SuperMack was able to nail him with a back elbow to the stomach. Omega was not going to be deterred from bashing Mack’s skull in, tried again. However, Brody raised up and nailed Omega in the stomach with a head butt. The boogeyman took the hard shot and dropped the bell on the ground. Brody grabbed the bell and drove it into Omega’s stomach. SuperMack dropped the bell, grabbed Omega and sent him back first into the side of the ring.

Mack drilled a couple of shoulder blocks into Omega’s midsection trying to knock the wind out of the bigger man. Mack-Daddy pulled the Fearless champion from the side of the ring and flung him into the ring. Brody rolled into the ring and dropped and elbow across Omega’s chest. Brody quickly went for the cover on Omega as Boulder dropped down for the count.



Omega was not even down for a full two count and Brody knew he had to make sure he did more damage against this monster. Brody took hold of Omega's arm and whipped him into the opposite corner. Brody pointed to the corner before he came running in with a big body splash. SuperMack pulled Omega from the corner…


The Release Exploder Suplex was right on target as Omega lay in the middle of the ring. The fans were in awe of the strength that Brody possessed. Mack-Daddy was on point tonight against the monster. The boogeyman was in trouble early and Mack Brody had no intention of letting up. Brody pulled the champion to his feet and sent back down with a vicious DDT. Brody went for another cover on the champion.




Omega still had a lot of fight left in him and actually powered out right after the second slap of the referee's hand. The Fearless champion was back on his feet and started to try and create some distance between he and SuperMack, but Brody was not giving the champion any space. Brody continued with the pressure on Omega as he whipped him into the corner. Brody again raced into the corner but this time he met a huge boot from the boogeyman. Mack stagger backwards as Omega exploded out of the corner…


The champion was not done as he picked up the big Mack Brody and held him in the air showing his massive strength before driving him into the mat with a huge vertical suplex that shook the ring. The fans responded in kind after seeing Omega’s feet of strength.


The boogeyman grabbed Mack and started to pound on the challenger with big right hands in the middle of the ring. Omega grabbed Mack by the hair and drove him to the mat with an Overhead Belly to Belly suplex that took the challenger out of the ring to the floor. The enigma slowly made his way to the floor and picked up the challenger.





The two big bulls continued to trade punches on the floor as the fans ate it up.


The two men appeared to be at a stalemate as they continued to wail on each other with punch after punch. Brody was the first man with the advantage as he took Omega by the head and rammed his skull into the ring apron to try and confuse the boogeyman. Omega got rocked with two more headshots into the ring apron to the fans delight. Omega was a little woozy with a sly smirk on his face as SuperMack grabbed him by the arm and whipped him hard into the steel steps on the outside. The placed sounded like it exploded after Omega hit those steel steps. The champion dislodged the top of the steps from the impact.

The fans were one-hundred percent behind Brody as he slowly walked over to the fallen Fearless champion. Brody went to grab for Omega when the champion nailed Brody with the steel steps in the knee. Mack-Daddy fell to his knees as Omega almost kicked his head clean off his shoulders. The crowd gasped at the site of the vicious kick. The boogeyman dropped to his knees as well trying get a breather from his challenger. These two bulls have been going at it non-stop and they both had to be extremely exhausted. Omega looked under the ring and pulled out a sledgehammer and a bat and threw them both into the ring. The champion peered under the ring once again and pulled out a long wooden table.

A very sly smirk formed on Omega lips as he took the table and set it up on the side of the ring. The boogeyman grabbed Mack-Daddy by the hair and pulled him into the ring. The fans started clapping to try and get Brody up. But that was stopped quickly as Omega drove the gOlden bOy champion into the mat with swinging neck breaker. Omega dropped down for the cover on Brody.




It seems that Brody was not going down without a fight as well.

Brody looked up at Omega. “It’s not going to be that easy.”

Omega smiled. “Thank you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Omega made it to his feet first and motioned for SuperMack to get to his feet. Brody pulled himself up with the help of the ropes. The boogeyman grabbed Mack by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Brody bounced off the ropes, ducking under a clothesline. He bounced off the opposite ropes and nailed Omega with a dropkick that took everyone by surprise, even Omega. Mack-Daddy still recovering from the earlier onslaught grabbed Omega and sent him spiraling to the mat with a T-Bone suplex. The challenger was back on the attack with forearm shots to the back of Omega’s head. The champion tried to cover up but to no avail as Brody continued.

SuperMack picked up Omega and tried to put the monster in a full nelson but Omega fought the hold and Brody could not get his hands locked in. Brody tried again and again Omega would not let him close his fingers. The Fearless champion moved backwards and drove Brody into the corner. The boogeyman nailed Mack with a back elbow that got a bad reaction from the crowd. The champion was oblivious to the crowd reaction as he nailed Brody with another back elbow. The boogeyman grabbed Brody by his arm and whipped him into the corner but SuperMack reversed it and sent the champion into the corner hard. It must have been the adrenaline coursing through Mack-Daddy’s body as he raced into the corner after Omega.


Mack Brody drove some massive forearm shots to Omega’s face in the corner. He pulled Omega from the corner and took him down with…


Brody went for another cover on Omega.




And again, it was very close for Mack Brody, but Omega was too tough to keep down in the match and kicked out with authority again. Mack Brody meant business and stayed on the offensive as he continued to punch Omega upside his skull several times in an attempt to wear him down even more. Brody ran off the ropes and walked smack-dab into a boot to the chest. The glancing blow sent him back into the ropes but Brody came back with a big time vengeance and cracked Omega with a stiff running lariat that actually got the big man off his feet. The fans were with Brody every step of the way as he tried to finish the match again. ONE…



Brody never heard that ringing of the bell since Omega kicked out once again. SuperMack picked up the champion and tried to fight with him again in the middle of the ring, but this seemed to only infuriate the boogeyman as he came firing right back with two big right hands that had Brody reeling. Mack-Daddy came right on back though and delivered four big right hands. The challenger pulled the staggering champion and nailed him with an Atomic Drop. Brody nailed Omega with a clothesline that sent the big man to the mat again. Brody lifted Omega back to his feet again, but Omega stopped him from his knees by delivering a hard right hand. From his knees he continued to pound away at Brody's stomach before ending the combination with an uppercut that rocked him backwards. That was exactly what the enigma needed to get back in the game as he stood back to towering frame and continued to pummel SuperMack. The shots rang out loudly through the arena as he rattled Brody and the fans who sensed something was about to happen. A head butt from Omega stunned Mack and gave him enough time to throw Brody across the ring and into the corner.

Omega was on the opposite side of the ring and carefully took his time before he came charging right at Brody, crushing him with a running spear. Mack Brody was now slumped over in the corner using the rope to try and pull himself up, but this left him wide open for a boot to the throat in the corner. Omega was not done as he scooped him up and carried him to the corner where he dropped him face first onto the turnbuckle with a snake eyes. Omega raced off the ropes and drilled Brody with a big clothesline that sent SuperMack to the mat. The fans gasped from the stiff shot and Omega was not done as he nailed Mack-Daddy with a standing splash.




Brody powered himself free and was able to stay in the match. Omega looked like he was having the time of his life as he was able to continue inflicting pain on his challenger. The boogeyman pulled Brody up again and fired off a couple knees into his chest. He doubled Brody over with a pair of clubbed giant blows to the small of his back before he tossed him into the corner. It was another charge this time with a splash and Brody had no time to try and block it as Omega was too fast. Brody was nearly out on his feet now as Omega raised a big hand into the sky, possibly calling for the chokeslam. He reached out and tried to grab Brody by the neck, but the Mack-Daddy was able to get both arms up and deny Omega the satisfaction of drilling him through the ring.

Omega grabbed Brody by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. SuperMack was able to stop himself and hold onto the top ropes. Omega saw this and raced across the ring but he was dropped…



The fans enjoyed every minute of these two bulls going toe to toe. Brody was still in the ring holding onto the ropes as Boulder was checking on Omega through the rubble of the table. Brody slowly made his way to the floor, looking down at the fallen Fearless champion. Brody reached through the rubble and pulled Omega from the shards of the table. The fans gave Mack and Omega a rousing chant that signified this title match.

*clap x5*
*clap x5*
*clap x5*
*clap x5*
*clap x5*

SuperMack pulled Omega up to his feet and whipped him into the guardrail. The challenger was still on the attack as he grabbed a steel chair from the crowd. Brody pulled back and drove the chair right into Omega’s head. SuperMack dropped the chair as the champion slumped to the floor.

“You’re reign of terror is over.” Mack said.

“It’s only just beginning for us.” Omega replied with a smile on his face and blood trickling down from his head.

Mack pulled Omega to his feet and shoved him into the ring under the bottom ropes. Brody rolled into the ring and went for the cover on Omega.




Brody was not done as he hooked Omega’s leg this time as Boulder counted again.




Brody was close again at becoming the Fearless champion. He slammed his hands on the mat as he knew that should have been a three count.

Mack was spent…

Omega was spent…

And no one had the upper hand at winning this match and the title. Brody back to his feet again as he looked out into the crowd before picking Omega up once again.


The crowd blew the roof of the arena as Mack Brody just planted Omega with the Midas Touch in the ring. However, it was too close to the ropes as the boogeyman was able to roll to the floor after that brutal move. The champion held the back of his head as he crawled over to the ramp way. SuperMack rolled to the floor like a lion stalking his prey. Mack went for the cover on Omega on the floor. Boulder slid under the ropes and dropped to the floor for the count.




Mack started to look frustrated as the champion kicked out once again. Brody grabbed Omega by the arm and pulled him to his feet. He whipped Omega into the steel steps but the champion reversed the move sending Brody spiraling into the steps.

Taking the fight to floor once again, Omega took hold of Brody by the back of his head and rammed his face into the same steel steps that Omega himself had been introduced to previously. He dropped him into the steps a couple more times and rolled him underneath the bottom rope, but left Brody's head exposed just over the ring apron. The champion smirked as he looked at the fans ringside before he got himself some room and charged forward, kicking Mack Brody square in the temple. The shot was very nasty and echoed loudly through the arena again. He stepped back a few feet and walked forward again, conveying another boot to Brody’s temple.

Brody fell to the floor with a daze look on his face as he motioned for Omega to continue to bring it. That was just a really bad invitation for the boogeyman as he nailed Brody with another straight kick to the side of his head. Omega reached into the ring and pulled the sledgehammer to the outside of the ring. The champion took the head of the sledgehammer and rammed it into the side of Brody’s head as the fans in the arena gasped from the sight. They started to jeer the champion as he looked around be blasting Brody again with the head of the sledgehammer.

Omega dropped the sledgehammer on the ground and turned Brody over for the cover as Boulder counted. This match was over.




How in the hell did SuperMack kick out of this? There was blood dripping from Omega’s face and now Brody’s face was bloodied from those sledgehammer shots. Omega grabbed Brody and drove him face first into the steel ring post with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep

. The champion was not done as he picked up Brody on the floor, exhausted but still managed to lift the big man.


Omega went for the cover again.




Omega was in shock. He could not believe that Mack Brody kicked out once again. Brody would not die in this match as the fans let him have it.


The crowd was really trying to help Brody get back into the match. However, Omega was not having it. He picked up Brody once again.


Omega went for the cover again.




Omega retained the Fearless championship against Mack Brody. These two men went tooth and nail and almost killed each other to walk out the Fearless champion. In the end the champion prevailed but Brody put up more of a fight then Omega thought he would. Simon Boulder handed Omega his title and Omega collapsed on the ground.

After this match neither one of these men will ever be the same.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL Fearless Champion)

"Tag, You're It"

The tag team division was among the hottest it had ever been, but after heinous actions by Frank and Sonny Silver, jOlt’s ultra-competitive division would continue on without the legendary Heirs of Wrestling. Part of that was thanks to their second consecutive loss to the men that were now standing by with Donny Layne at this time…

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Donny Layne… better than Dawn Cassidy…” He stopped and got some laughter from the fans for his friendly little rivalry with Dawn Cassidy. “And tonight with me at this time, I have three men that made a COLOSSAL impact earlier tonight against the now-former Heirs of Wrestling. Please welcome at this time… Nate Quartermaine, Terry Massimo, and Cori Albright… The Natural Athletes!”

The crowd showed some love to all three of jOlt’s quick rising stars as they appeared on camera. Nate nodded to the camera, Terry looked mean as fuck and California’s own Cori Albright got a nice ovation from the crowd!

“Donny, what’s good, my man?” Terry said, holding out a fist that Donny actually dapped.

“Doing well, thanks,” Donny said. “So, first off to the three of you, congratulations on your HUGE victory earlier tonight.”

“Congratulate these guys,” Nate said, jerking his thumbs at Cori and Terry. “This was their show tonight! But you can be your ass that I’ll have my opportunity soon enough.”

“You got that right,” Cori said. “We wanted this time tonight because we wanted to first off, wish Charlotte a speedy recovery. She didn’t deserve what happened to her against Tammy Lynn Foster and I hope that she’ll be back soon enough.”

The crowd cheered with approval as Cori continued.

“But that’s a sidebar to what we’re here tonight for. I want to take a second to look at our track record since we came up from The Hype, Donny. We debuted AT Wrestlecade in the Tokyo Dome! One of the biggest wrestling arenas in the WORLD! And we defeated former Tag Team Champions The Conways!”

“Yup,” Terry added.

Cori held a finger out. “We beat The Heirs of Wrestling two-to-zip in the Sin City Series qualifier.”


Another finger. “We WOULD’VE won the Sin City Series had it not been for Frank sticking his whiny entitled ass where it didn’t belong.”

“Yup.” Terry was a little angrier.

“But we got our payback when we beat them tonight. Now, I don’t know about you, Terry, but aren’t you tired of just BEATING former Tag Team Champions?”


“So that’s why we’re proposing a challenge tonight for the next iNtense… we want Charlotte to get better because we don't want anything else on your mind but the Tag Team Titles. Tonight, we’re issuing a challenge… TO THE HOUSE! TAG TEAM TITLES!”


“We’ve all done heard the talk,” Terry said, “We've been called the best tag team on The Hype! But we done talkin’ and we done hearin' about being one of the best... we didn't come here to settle on bein' one of... we wanna be THE BEST! And we done talkin'. We all about that action and on iNtense, we want an answer.”

All three nodded before they took their leave.

“Thanks guys, for your time tonight!"

Jeremy Ryan(c) vs Diamond Jewelz

After some complete chaos and incredible moments to be had at tonight’s Breakdown Pay-Per-View, it was now time for the main event of tonight’s show, pitting the #1 Contender and Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz going up against a man he had problems with going back several months in the new jOlt World Champion, “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan.

Ryan had pulled off what many had referred to as jOlt’s Crime of the Century in Seattle. He had been suspended indefinitely for dropping jOlt CEO Damien Lee on his head with a Piledriver. What was supposed to be a Ramey title defense against both Diamond Jewelz and one-half of the Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber, turned into Damien Lee’s worst nightmare. Ryan tossed Ramey down a stairwell and busted his ribs with a lead pipe and threatened to torch the jOlt Championship on live TV, blackmailing Lee into vacating the belt and taking Ramey’s spot in the match. What followed was considered to be one of the darkest days in history when the renegade that nobody wanted as champion… became champion.

His opponent for the evening was the last man of that Championship equation. Ryan had just barely survived battles with The House while The Relentless Champion had been gunning for the belt. He had a victory over Ryan back at Wrestlecade – could he do it one more time tonight, this time with the jOlt World Championship on the line?

“Please Let Me Floss My Jewelrrrryyyyyy”

The hook to “Jewelry” by Gucci Mane bangs through the PA system of the kEy Arena as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the jOltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#gOldenbOy" logo and a grilled out, blinging serious face emoticon logo. A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. The fans in the Moda Center begin to sing along with the Gucci Mane anthem.

"Please let me floss my jewelry

So much ice make ya eye sight blury

Jewelry, have on too much jewelry

Neva too much neva too much so much

Jewelry, this ant even half my jewelry

It's gettin kinda cold n here i'm serious

Jewelry, please let me rock my jewelry

Everybody starring cuz we rockin' big jewelry”

The Honda Center is rocking. There's no split or division amongst the fans tonight; everybody is a cUstomer, everybody is behind Jewelz to serve as a savior from the maniacal reign of the devilish and demonic Jeremy Ryan, even though in the past, Jewelz has been as ruthless or more than Ryan in his pursuit of gOld. The sins of Jewelz are forgiven and forgotten at least for one night in the heat of the fans passion to see Ryan unseated from his throne. Jewelz,vcovered in the gleam of diamonds and gold, chiefly his Relentless Title, burst through the curtains, and wore an obnoxious, huge blinging grin. He knew that kind of thing pissed off Jeremy Ryan, and he was happy to do so.

He reached out and actually handed off one of his chains to a young lady in the crowd who was happy to receive it! The Relentless Champion had the chance for Double Gold tonight as he stepped to the top turnbuckle, holding his hands out for a huge reaction! Diamond Jewelz leaped into the ring and he waited for his rival.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, defending his jOlt Championship for the second time after a successful first defense against House member Adam Roebuck. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and who he did things to. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee and his “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Bloody Knuckles logo. Diamond Jewelz leaned back against the ropes and eagerly awaited his opponent for tonight’s proceedings.

Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion stepped into the squared circle. He raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and cackled like an asshole as he waited for the in-ring introductions. His music faded out and Dean Carrington made with the in-ring intros.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this is your main event of tonight’s Breakdown Pay-Per-View! This match will have no time limit, it will be for the jOlt World Championship, and there MUST be a winner!”


The crowd was in for a treat tonight as Diamond Jewelz looked ready for the biggest opportunity of his career. He had his chance to defeat Jesse Ramey at Wrestlecade only to come up short, but now the chosen hero for tonight’s World Title match was getting an honest one-on-one shot.

“Introducing first, he is the challenger! From Sin City, weighing at 230 pounds… he is the jOlt Relentless Champion and the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Championship… DDDDDIIIIIIAMMMMMMMMOOONNNNNDD JJJJEEEWWWWWWWWLLLLLEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!


He was very receptive to the crowd as he raised the Relentless Championship over his head. The belt, as coveted as it was, wasn’t at stake tonight but the biggest title in jOlt today was. jOlt’s only certified jeweler handed his own belt to the referee Simon Boulder before the camera turned to the scowling Jeremy Ryan.

“And his opponent, in the corner to my right, from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… he is the reigning and defending jOlt Champion… this is… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!


The Bad Man from Bangor raised the jOlt World Championship over his head as he tapped the faceplate. He walked forward and brought the belt right up to Diamond Jewelz’s face.


Diamond Jewelz shoved the belt out of his face as Simon Boulder tried to break things up! Ryan backed off with a sneer on his face as he reluctantly forced over the jOlt World Championship over to the official. With it out of his hands, he called for the bell…



Per decree by Damien Lee, this match MUST have a decisive winner, which meant that all DQs and countouts were out the window. That gave Jeremy Ryan a chance to take the belt and he swung right at Jewelz…


Jewelz ran off the ropes and when he came back…






It was SO fucking close right at the jump, Diamond Jewelz was about to roll off of Ryan and celebrate, but the crowd was deflated as Ryan’s shoulder popped off the mat. Simon Boulder had to calm down Jewelz and told him that Jeremy’s shoulder was up right before the three. It would’ve been the most humiliating title loss in jOlt history if it had gone down like that, but this match was STILL on!

Still, Diamond Jewelz had a grin on his face! He admittedly wasn’t the nicest person in the jOlt locker room and made his fair share of enemies as the Relentless Champion, but tonight he was the folk hero that people were wanting to see dethrone jOlt’s Last Real Man here tonight!

While Jeremy Ryan was still groggy, he pulled up the Bad Man from Bangor to his feet and stunned him with a series of non-fancy rights that rocked the jOlt Champion back towards the ropes. When he launched him off the ropes, Ryan reversed that and sent him flying. He rushed right at Diamond Jewelz with an elbow, but the highly athletic Relentless Champion LEAPFROGGED right over that and when he came back, he caught him flush with a Spinning Heel Kick! With no time wasted, he crawled over to try and catch Ryan again!




Not as close as the first one, but this was the best way for Diamond Jewelz to take down the heavy-hitting Ryan – up the tempo of the match and throw the jOlt Champion right off his game. Just as Ryan tried to stand again, Diamond Jewelz went back on the attack with a kick to the gut. Off the ropes he went again, this time leaping out of the corner and jumping right over Ryan into a Slingshot Sunset Flip!




THAT one was almost as close as the first fall! It was clear that Ryan was still disoriented from the opening Crown Jewel shot to the face! Jewelz rolled back to his feet and jOlt’s only certified jeweler had a HUGE reaction from the crowd as he raised a hand! They loved him tonight!

He reached over to grab Ryan by the hair again only for the jOlt Champion to slam an extra-stiff right into the gut to double him over. With that opening he very much needed, Ryan grabbed him by the head and took him over into a Snapmare, propping up DJ in the seated position. Ryan scurried off the ropes and when he came back, he was thinking a Sliding Lariat of some kind, but Jewelz reared back, making jOlt’s Last Real Man miss his target.

Both men quickly rose to their feet again and when he got there, Jewelz was quicker on the take as he snapped Jeremy right over with a Japanese-style Arm Drag. The show-off kipped back to his feet to a nice pop from the crowd before he once again in the head with a Dropkick, sending him packing from the ring and tumbling out to the floor!


The crowd was hanging on his every move tonight. A lot of what Ryan had said during their Countdown interview had a few kernals of truth to it, but the way he said and the way he conducted himself was an aberration to anybody who held the championship before. There were champions who fought on the side of good and some not so much, but none had committed the atrocities against the company and against highly-respected men just for the sake of wearing the gold as Ryan had.

Waving his hands out to the crowd, Diamond Jewelz was prepping something big just as the discombobulated jOlt Champion was trying to still stand. When he rose back to his feet, The Relentless Champion was about to show off more of his aerial prowess…


He CLEARED those ropes like it was easy and in a move that would surely be featured in his entrance video for months to come, The Relentless Champion dove right out onto Jeremy Ryan in front of the ring! It took a few seconds for either man to register movement, but Diamond Jewelz eventually used the ring apron to pull himself back to his feet. From there, he nodded in approval of the crowd before he grabbed Ryan and threw him back into the ring again. The Relentless Champion tried to make history by being the first man to hold both the Relentless and jOlt Championships simultaneously! The cover was on!




Other than a brief flurry, Ryan hadn’t mustered much offense all due to Diamond Jewelz coming at him with a high-octane flurry. That was not working out for The Bad Man from Bangor, so he rolled away from Jewelz at a moment’s notice and headed back out to the floor.


The fans continued to jeer Ryan as he tried to head for higher ground in order to regroup, but Diamond Jewelz wasn’t having any of that shit. He followed Ryan right out…


…But Ryan had perhaps suckered in the challenger and CLOBBERED him with a stiff Short-armed Lariat, knocking him right out on the floor! Ryan took a few steps back to give himself a much-needed reprieve before he went back on the attack. There were going to be no count-outs or disqualifications in this one. There MUST be a winner tonight. Damien Lee wasn’t going to let Ryan walk out of his match like he had in his first encounter with Adam Roebuck a few weeks back.

Ryan pulled Diamond Jewelz up by the hair and SMACKED him with a stiff Elbow Smash to the face. He whipped Jewelz with every intent of having the challenger collide with the ring steps, but Jewelz showed some fancy footwork and leaped right on the steps before jumping off to the other side! This shocked Ryan and when he rushed forward, Diamond Jewelz pulled himself a Kofi Kingston by jumping on the steps and leaping right at him with a Flying Clothesline!

It seemed whatever trick the jOlt Champion could think up, Diamond Jewelz had an answer for! He wasn’t a dummy especially when it came in between the ropes, which was why he reigned so long as the coveted Relentless Champion. Now he wanted to add THE jOlt Championship to that list.

He pulled up Ryan and then body slammed him right onto the aisleway! He was looking upwards at the ramp and apparently had something big in mind as he started to walk up the length of the ramp until he was at the entrance. He charged full speed ahead…


Out of NOWHERE, Jeremy Ryan had a pair of feet with plenty of extra velocity catch him right in the chest like a shotgun blast, sending him tumbling all the way backwards on the ramp! It was an incredibly risky move and Jewelz hurt himself a bit from such a high-risk move as he clutched his back in the ramp, but Ryan looked much worse than he did as he cradled his chest in pain!


Even MORE chants were coming out for the dominating challenger now as he took a few precious seconds to recover from the shock of his own landing. Jewelz eventually hobbled back to his feet and caught Ryan by the back of his trunks, throwing him back into the ring a third time in this bout. He slowly crawled over and hooked the legs!




Ryan’s shoulder popped off the mat quickly, but Diamond Jewelz could hit one or two big more moves, we could be looking at a new champion…


FUCKING AGAIN, Ryan rolled away from Diamond Jewelz and he headed back out to the floor. The Relentless Champion shook his head incredulously.

“Last Real PUSSY is mo’ like it!” Jewelz quipped to himself.

jOlt’s Last Real Man was sucking in air, but Diamond Jewelz stayed on him anyway as he rolled out of the adjacent corner. He was back on his feet and once more ran right at Diamond Jewelz. Ryan tried another surprise Clothesline, but The Relentless Champion ducked! He then leaped at Ryan and attempted some sort of Hurricanrana on the outside…



All it took was one huge move to change the complexion of the match and Jeremy Ryan may have just done that! Diamond Jewelz thrashed about in pain on the ringside floor now while the groggy Ryan took a few steps back once more to give himself some room to breathe. The highly energetic crowd that sold out the Honda Center tonight got deflated more than a kid’s party balloon. Ryan then stood over him with a sadistic look on his face.

He forced Diamond Jewelz back upwards and threw him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Ryan followed shortly thereafter and The Bad Man from Bangor finally had an opportunity of his own to go for a cover.




Much to his surprise, Diamond Jewelz kicked out! However, any energy he had was sapped out the second he got Powerbombed across the ring apron. After a desperate attempt, Jeremy forced his shoulders down a second time and tried to pin the challenger.




And a third pinfall attempt now!




The shoulder of the Relentless Champion rose off the canvas defiantly, but surprisingly Jeremy Ryan didn’t look horribly concerned even after a rocky start to the match. He even seemed to revel in the fact that he could punish him some more.

The Bad Man from Bangor grabbed him by the neck again and forced him to a knee only to SMACK him underneath the jaw with a stiff Palm Strike. He fired off about two or three more good shots before he rushed Diamond Jewelz back into the corner. He backed him up…


His alternating series of Chops and punches to the face wore down Diamond Jewelz even more than he was. He then turned Jewelz around in the corner and unleashed HARD Elbow Smashes to the head before he took a run to the opposite corner of the ring. When he came back, he CRACKED Jewelz right in the head with another sickening Running Elbow before tossing him away from the corner! Jeremy Ryan let him fall before he casually walked in and covered him.




Diamond Jewelz kicked out again, but Ryan continued the pressue. The Last Real Man of jOlt zeroed in on the midsection and back as Ryan quickly went to the ribs and let loose with a flurry of stomps to the exposed area. The Relentless Champion tried to cover up and protect himself, but the former Hype standout continued his relentless assault on the ribs. He then shot a glance out to the crowd.


The crowd booed the classless remarks but he gave an exact amount of < zero fucks about anything they had to say. He clamped down on the neck and locked in a modified Camel Clutch with a knee going right into his side, cranking back on the injured area as he continued to sneer at the crowd. They were trying to get behind jOlt’s only certified jeweler, but he wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

With all of his might, DJ started to get up and tried to fight his way back to life despite how much pain he was already in. The Relentless Champion elbowed him in the chest several times and continued to fight his way out when Ryan stopped him in his tracks with another quick knee strike. He shoved him into the ropes and when he bounced back, Ryan caught him across his shoulders…



Diamond Jewelz was dropped VIOLENTLY with a Spear that was shifted into a lifting Spinebuster that nearly rattled the ring! After the big game-changing move, Ryan kneeled by Jewelz and hooked the leg.




Diamond Jewelz escaped defeat and he was hoping for Ryan to make a mistake, but he wrestled a perfect game since taking back control of the match. He shot an angry glance at referee Simon Boulder who held up two fingers.

“Learn to count, you inbred retard!”

After that classless remark, jOlt’s Last Real Man quickly snatched DJ off the mat via a deadlift and held him in place. Despite the fact that Diamond was a good solid 230 pounds, Ryan made it look easy as he deadlifted right into a Delayed German Suplex! The fans cringed as the challenger was dumped on his head and shoulders as Ryan bridged right into the pin!




An even closer fall than before, but The crowd cheered Jewelz’s resolve but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t hearing any of it. He pushed Jewelz and shoved him back into the corner again and drove a series of hard Turnbuckle Thrusts into the chest of The Relentless Champion to soften him up some more. DJ yelled out in pain as Ryan continued his attack only for him to fight back. He then started to hold out his hand an unleashed a STIFF series of open-handed Palm Strikes! The shots were swift and brutal and they didn’t want to believe it, but Ryan was having his way with Diamond Jewelz who was a world-class competitor in between the ropes.

Diamond looked disoriented when Ryan kicked him in the gut and took him over with one HARD Snap Suplex. Ryan wasn’t done and rolled him up a second time. He adjusted his position and then dropped him again with an even harder Back Suplex! The fans cringed from the impact as Jewelz writhed around the mat in agony. His back felt like it was on fire and each big blow that Ryan was hammering down on him was making this match slip away from him.




The shoulder was up again!


He kept on fighting through the pain he was in, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Ryan from imposing his will. He stood up and soaked in the reaction of the crowd as he ran off the ropes and delivered a hard Running Senton to the chest! Jewelz was definitely hurt now and kicked his legs frantically around the mat as Ryan had picked him off very well.

“Where’s your smile now, Diamond?” Ryan slapped the back of his head. “Where’s your smile, asshole?!”

And another cover followed.




It was close to two and a half, but Jeremy Ryan still hadn’t gotten himself the win. Jewelz was a fighting champion with his own Relentless Championship, and he had no doubt proved he belonged at the top of the card, but Ryan had proven himself equally ruthless in the ring. Ryan angrily glared at Boulder, but he wasn’t going away just yet. Ryan calmly walked over and tried for another Suplex, but this time Diamond was ready and he adjusted his body weight to trap him in an Inside Cradle!




That was exactly what Diamond was good at, speed and countering! He stood up only to have his clock cleaned with another STIFF Palm Strike to the temple that sent Diamond stumbling backwards into the corner. Ryan took a second and backed up as he went looking for his Spearbuster…


The challenger sidestepped and pushed Ryan right into the rinpost, eliciting a dull smack, shoulder first! The blow was enough to finally give the challenger a much-needed opening for himself after Jeremy Ryan had spent a considerable amount of time taking him apart. Instead, however, he took the opening that was presented to him and rolled him up with a School Boy!




jOlt’s Last Real Man kicked out again and when both men stood up, it was Ryan who stopped Jewelz right in his tracks with a big knee to the abdomen. Jewelz reeled from the shot when Jeremy tried to set him up…


The Relentless Champion frantically kicked and shook his body until Ryan had to let go of his attempt to land his finishing Jumping Piledriver. Jewelz flipped out of the move and BLASTED him right in the side of the head with a stiff Enzuigiri that sent Ryan stumbling back to the nearest corner! Ryan looked glassy-eyed when Jewelz propped him up on the top turnbuckle and scanned the crowd who was waiting for his next big move. He was on the top rope…


The incredible Top Rope Frankensteiner was expertly pulled off and Ryan went FLYING off the top rope, crashing right down to the canvas! Diamond Jewelz frantically crawled over now with a chance to finish things for good, trying to get the biggest title win of his jOlt career tonight in Breakdown’s main event!




Diamond Jewelz’s cover wasn’t the best just by virtue of the punishment that had been inflicted upon him, but both men were down just as Ryan powered his shoulder off the mat. Neither man moved for the next few seconds and when that happened, Simon Boulder started the ten-count…






It was Jeremy Ran that managed to stand first and got back to his knees.



Diamond Jewelz finally started showing signs of life and started to get back up as well, until both men met up…

Right hand by Jewelz!

Right hand by Ryan!

Right hand by Jewelz!

Right hand by Ryan!

Right hand by Jewelz!

Right hand by Ryan….


He followed up with a STIFF Headbutt that rocked Diamond Jewelz backwards. Eventually, Ryan starter to rise to his feet again and dared The Relentless Champion to make a move. Diamond Jewelz responded back with a pair of HARD haymakers to the stomach of jOlt’s Last Real Man. Ryan was the better striker from a technical standpoint, but DJ could throw hands when the moment called for it.

“COME ON, MOTHAFUCKA!” Jewelz shouted.

Jeremy Ryan seethed and DARED him to get back up, which Jewelz was more than happy to oblige with a stiff right hand followed by a Kneeling Jawbreaker! He was stunned from the shot when Jewelz got back up…


The STIFF kick sent Ryan bouncing back into the ropes and when he came back a second time, Jewelz CRACKED him in the chin again with a second Superkick! Ryan was nearly out on his feet when Jeremy Ryan took him by the arm…


The crowd was losing their shit! An INCREDIBLE combination of moves may have just spelled the end of Jeremy Ryan’s title reign and that’s when Diamond Jewelz collapsed on top of him, just barely having the strength to go for a cover.




It was so damn close, Simon Boulder was about ready to call for the bell, but it was only a two-point nine nine nine nine nine! He was about to call for the bell, but then waved off the decision quickly!


The crowd was telling Simon Boulder and Diamond Jewelz exactly what they thought of that, but Jeremy Ryan was completely fucking glassy-eyed right about now. The Relentless Champion was just able to stand and get in the face of jOlt’s largest referee, but Simon Boulder only held up two fingers.

He let out an audible groan of frustration before he pointed towards the turnbuckle, now feeling that the end was near still. Jeremy Ryan hadn’t moved at all since his last kickout and even delivered a few vicious stomps to the chest and head of the jOlt Champion to make sure he’d stay the fuck down. With that in mind, it was time to end things…

Making the slow climb, The Relentless Champion hurried to the top rope and was about ready to fly. When he managed to get back to the top rope…

3106.75 CARATS… NO!


Diamond Jewelz CRASHED and burned right after the sickening miss of his tried-and-tested Phoenix Splash! But Jeremy Ryan was now back to his feet, finding himself a third wind…


The STIFF Side Death Valley Driver was the very move he used to retain his title on iNtense over Adam Roebuck! Granted, there, he had a little bit of help when The Entertainers interfered to further their own agenda, but tonight, it was dead on and after the bad landing and the big power move, this had to be all!





He nearly punched a hole right through the fucking canvas, the second that his arm was thrown in the air. The Bad Man From Bangor punched it three more times it a fit of rage before he rolled over and just started to BEAT him with a series of hard Elbow Smashes while he was down.

“BACK OFF! BACK OFF NOW!” Simon shouted.

Ryan restrained himself for the moment, but he was not done yet with punishing Diamond Jewelz for his outright defiance. He picked him up by the arm and even though both men were fairly spaghetti-legged, Ryan was still able to launch attack as he PULLED Diamond Jewelz right into a HARD Short-arm Back Elbow! The Relentless Champion was still groggy on his feet as he fired off another NASTY Short-Arm Back Elbow! A third one followed before Ryan simply THREW Diamond Jewelz out to the ring apron.

“We’re fucking DONE, do you hear me?” Ryan yelled in his direction.

The crowd booed as Jeremy Ryan then tried to stand on the second rope with every intention of going for one of the bigger moves in his arsenal, his deadly Deadlift Superplex that he called Man Up! He was trying to lift him up and ALMOST had him, but Jewelz surprised him with his OWN third wind…


He slipped out of the hold and tripped up Ryan as he stood on the second rope, sending him CRASHING down hard! Diamond Jewelz climbed back into the ring and then slowly stepped up to the top rope a second time! The crowd was ready to lose their collective shit…

3,106.75 CARATS!






That’s what I’d be saying to you, had his foot not been propped up on the bottom rope, once again making Simon Boulder STOP in his tracks!


Standing suspiciously by the corner was a face that had been seen once earlier tonight with the Heirs of Wrestling…


There they were – the former wrestler-turned-manager in jOlt Wrestling and the now-former Heir were present at ringside! Frank had pulled Ryan’s nearby foot on the rope! An IRATE Diamond Jewelz thought the match was over when he saw the Silvers standing at ringside.


He leaped right at Sonny Silver with a Slingshot Slide Dropkick! Frank shoved Sonny out of the way and took the bullet for his Godfather, sending him FLYING right into the barricade! Frank was dropped right where he stood and then to make matters worse, Them MF’N Goons were coming down the ramp! They hurriedly marched towards the ring and went right after Sonny Silver – to make this even more historic, this may have been the first time Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully cheered the crowd!

Sonny helped Frank to his feet and the two booked it around the ring and headed up the ramp with Latrell and Khalil about to give chase! Back inside the ring, Diamond Jewelz turned around and tried to pull jOlt’s Last Real Man back up to his feet…


Ryan suddenly surged to life and he kicked him in the knee with a cheap shot! Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and picked him up without hesitation!


He cradled the legs and the crowd BOOED to fucking hell as he SPIKED Diamond Jewelz’s head into the mat! Khalil and Latrell heard the crowd’s reaction and they turned around and made a beeline back towards the ring!


Latrell was the quicker of the two and was almost there…


He slid into the ring…


…One second too late!

Latrell tried to grab Jeremy Ryan, but the champion got the hell out of dodge as the crowd screamed and called for the head of jOlt’s Last Real Man…



Ryan didn’t waste any time as he crawled out of the ring, picked up the jOlt World Championship, and headed up to the top of the ramp with Sonny and Frank Silver there greet him! Jeremy Ryan had mentioned on Countdown that he had been trained by one of wrestling’s most ruthless and cutthroat individuals in Sonny Silver. Sonny himself had also mentioned something to Frank earlier after his heinous assault on his best friend of seven years...

Did this mean these three men were in cahoots?!

It was definitely a reasonable assumption considering at the top of the ramp, the PRIME Hall of Famer raised the arm of Jeremy Ryan as he held up the coveted jOlt World Championship over his head for all to see… still lording it over the crowd like the smug and sadistic bastard he was. Diamond Jewelz by all rights, had this match won, but the interference from Sonny and Frank had led directly to his downfall. Jewelz hadn’t move and was being attended to by Latrell and Khalil while at the top of the ramp, a new unholy alliance had been formed.

With Sonny Silver’s dearth of wrestling experience, Frank's unwavering loyalty to that man, and Jeremy Ryan willing to do ANYTHING to attain victory, what did this mean for his stranglehold on the jOlt World Championship?

The final horrible scene was Jeremy Ryan raising the jOlt World Championship in one hand while Sonny and Frank Silver each raised the arm of his possible new charge, signifying what could be the start of a very lucrative and very dangerous alliance between these men.

Good night, everybody.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Heavyweight Champion)