"Welcome to Cataclysm"

The jOltvision illuminated with the scene of a deset wasteland with a red hot sun rising in time lapse.

"All things must come to an end", said a voice over.

The scene was then illuminated by a brilliant flash. We transition to outer space with an above view of the Earth. A wave of fire washes over the planet, leaving behind a wasteland of hell itself.

"But there is chance one may survive." said the voice over.

The camera zooms into the inferno that once was Earth to see the silhouettes of men and women walking the blazing wasteland on the horizon.

"How they will survive is up to them"

"Victim" by Eighteen Visions

As the song cranks up, the camera pans up to reveal members of the jOlt roster, sweaty, covered in dirt and ash, with the look of no fear and determination on their faces. We switch to inside the Arena of Champions.

We see the jOltvision screen dead center with the sorched Earth behind it, acting as a backdrop. The steel holding up the jOltvision is painted black to resemble scorch marks. To the left and right of the screen is a random assortment of steel.. either standing up with the top broken, leaning on their sides, or sticking up out of the stage diagonally. All of the steel is also painted black to resemble scorch marks as well.

Even the jOlt logo at the top of the jOltvision is cracked and broken, flickering with a red light.

From above the ring, a massive red pyro zips along a line toward the entrance stage, symbolizing a meteor striking the Earth. When the pyro lands, random explosions of red pyro go off on stage as the lights in the arena turn red as well to aid in the ambiance. Pyro also randomly fires off from the sides of the jOltvision until one big final explosion takes place with a wall of pyro on stage and every side of the jOltvision also blowing its stack. When the pyro subsides, we notice that all the broken pieces of steel on the left and right sides of the stage are on fire!

The crowd applauds the amazing display as the arena lights return to normal and the flames on the steel die out. The camera pans around the arena at the cheering fans.

Burhman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to Cataclysm right here on Pay-Per-View! This promises to be an amazing show as every championship will be decided.. personal issues will get settled.. and the Underground will take center stage in tonight's main event, but I understand we are going to go backstage to witness the arrival of the challenger for tonight's jOlt Championship match. Derecho is here, ladies and gentlemen!

Aran Thompson (c) vs Derecho
Adam lazarusJason Rau
We open to the Arena of Champions. The first scene of the Pay-Per-View after that spectacular opening is Derecho arriving at the building. The crowd cheers as Derecho walks right into the front doors and into the main vestibule. With bags in hand, Derecho takes a few steps into the arena when something caught him in his peripheral vision!


Derecho was just blindsided by Aran Thompson! Aran Thompson just slammed the jOlt Championship right into the side of Derecho's head!

Derecho dropped his bags as he stumbled a step or two before falling to the floor. Aran then mounted Derecho and began to rain down heavy punches to the head! Aran stood and taunted Derecho to get up.

"Come on! You call yourself a God!? You're pathetic!"

Derecho got up on all fours as Aran looked ready to punt Derecho right in the head. Right when Aran was about to charge forward, a team of security agents rushed in and grabbed Aran. Some of them stood in front of Derecho.

"Let me go!" yelled Aran, but the security force refused to listen.

"This isn't an attack you idiots.. THIS IS OUR MATCH!", yelled Aran.

When Aran yelled that, a referee ran into the scene.

"Let him go, it's true. This is the start of the Falls Count Anywhere match which will decide the jOlt Championship. RING THE BELL!"

In the arena, the bell was rung




Security let Aran go, but as soon as they did, Derecho charged in and nailed Aran with a massive Spear that knocked him to the ground. Derecho was now on top of Aran as he grabbed Aran by the head.

"This is for torturing my friends" yelled Derecho as he laid in a heavy right hand to Aran's head.

"This is for torturing my family" yelled Derecho as he laid in a second heavy right hand.

"And this is trying to ruin my life!" yelled Derecho as he headbutted Aran and could have knocked him out cold! Derecho made a cover thinking it was over this early.



Aran kicked out.

Derecho grabbed Aran and pulled him up to his feet. He walked him over to the wall where there was a door. Derecho grabbed Aran and threw him into the door which gave way. Aran was sent into a small room which looked to hold janitorial supplies. The crowd could be heard cheering in the background as Derecho walked over to the fallen Aran Thompson.

When Derecho got close, however, Aran had grabbed an item from the closet. The spray of white smoke and foam could only mean that Aran had found a fire extinguisher and had used it to blind Derecho! Derecho staggered away a few steps as Aran pulled himself back up, fire extinguisher still in hand. Aran then jammed the extinguisher into the stomach of Derecho and doubled him over.


Aran jammed the extinguisher, vertically, in the upper spine of Derecho that dropped him to his knees. Aran then dropped the extinguisher and then planted both boots right into the face of Derecho with a seated drop kick. Aran got up and smirked as he walked back over to the janitor's closet and grabbed a rather large push broom. He placed the bristled end of the broom against the throat of Derecho and began choking him with it!

"How does it feel? How does it feel to know that you're about to truly die!?" yelled Aran

Derecho struggled, but he eventually grabbed the broom by its long handle and pulled it off his throat. He then kicked away at Aran and got him to stagger back a step or two. Derecho got back up, but Aran had enough time to recover and did so by jamming the bristled end of the broom into Derecho's stomach. While doubled over, Aran swung the broom upward into Derecho's face! Derecho took the full brunt of the hit to the mouth and fell backwards onto the hard tiled floor.

Derecho held his mouth in pain as there was blood drooling from it. Aran could have lacerated the gums or broke a tooth with that swing of the broom. Derecho wiped the blood from his mouth as Aran walked over and began to stomp away at the former jOlt champion.

Aran dropped the broom and pulled Derecho back up to his feet. He placed Derecho in a front waist lock and shoved him back into one of the decorative pillars in the main lobby of the arena. On that pillar was a "You Are Here" sign that Aran grabbed and ripped off the pillar. Derecho was propped against the pillar in a dazed, yet, standing position. Aran took the sign and swung for Derecho's head, but Derecho moved out of the way and thankfully so because when the sign collided with the pillar, the glass which covered the map shattered and rained down onto the floor. Had that been Derecho's head, it could have been a serious situation.

Derecho took the moment of distraction to deliver a toe kick to the stomach of Aran. Derecho then hit alternating knee strikes to Aran's head as he held it in his hands. Derecho finished off the knee strikes with a heavy knee lift that knocked Aran back a few steps. Derecho then charged in and drilled Aran with a clothesline that knocked him down to the hard floor.

Derecho looked down at Aran and then spat a large amount of blood onto him. Derecho then pulled Aran to his feet and whipped him into the turnstiles in front of the entrance doors. Aran hit them and flipped over onto the floor as Derecho walked toward them. When Derecho got to the turnstiles, he noticed Aran flat on his back. Derecho then hopped over the turnstiles and landed on top of Aran Thomspon with a leg drop! Derecho held his tailbone as maybe it wasn't a smart idea to do a leg drop on a hard tiled floor, but alas, Derecho did it. Derecho called for the referee as he made a cover on the jOlt Champion.



Aran got the shoulder up.

Derecho got his feet and walked off the twinge in his lower spine from that leg drop, but he eventually circled back and picked Aran up off the floor, but Aran countered with a knee lift with stunned Derecho momentarily. Aran then fired a series of right hands into the head of Derecho before he grabbed him by the arm and went for an Irish Whip, but Derecho reversed the Whip and sent Aran right into the front doors of the arena and into the Parking Lot. Derecho stood there side by side with the referee and grinned as the scene faded to black.

Winner: To Be Continued

"I Can Go it Alone"


The camera is has a full view of Jim Johnson’s office.. Knock… Knock.. Knock, his door thuds.

"Come in," Johnson exclaims.

The knob twists open and The gargantuan figure of Diamond Jewelz, his tight, muscular upper-body draped in his trademark #sOdAmNsEriouS purple t-shirt, his lower body, fitting jeans and his neck, and wrists various articles of shining and gleaming jewelry.

"Hey Diamond." Johnson exclaims in a comforting tone, well aware of the gruesome injuries suffered by his tag partner Jameson Lennox; "How’s it going? I been getting all your texts and phone calls and wanted to bring you in here to talk to you face to face about this match tonight,"

Diamond grins and walks up to Johnson embracing him in a handshake/hug combination.

"I’m good dude," Diamond half-heartedly responds, the platinum and diamonds from his grill gleaming with every word and his voice weighed down by a tinge of sorrow.

"Listen, the word around the camp fire is that you and Lee been talking about cancelling this match tonight. Don’t do that bruh. I can go it alone."

Johnson sits calmly in his office chair as Diamond continues to stand.

"Alone ehh? That’d make this a handicap match and I need a preliminary tag match to get this crowd hot tonight before the title match," Johnson responds contemplatively as he fiddles with his smart phone.

"Listen, them dudes ain’t nothing. You’re looking at a future jOlt champion here. I’m more than 2 times more talented than them dudes. And I’m fired up about what they did to us on Warriors. They straight treated us like some old mark ass bitches. All that fuel, my nig, I’m read to go," Diamond exclaims passionately at Johnson pounding his fist on the desk. Johnson is unmoved by his diatribe and calmly responds.

"I understand you don’t want anything to get in the way of the progress you and Lennox have been making, and you want revenge on those guys for what they did on iNtense but first things first: Have you heard anything about who might be behind Lennox’s attack?"

Confusion and anger flood into Jewelz’s face; "I have no clue bro! I was doing an interview when it happened! What I need to know right now though is, do I have a match tonight with rEvolt or not?"

Johnson fiddles with his mustache and maintains his composure. "Find a tag partner and it’s a go. If you can’t find one, text me and I’ll try and find one for you. But if a tag partner can’t be found, the match is scrapped."

Jewelz stares at Johnson in a raging fury, "So you got no confidence in me to hold my own bro? What you sign me for then? When I sat in your office before I signed, you told me you saw me adding a couple belts to my jewelry collection, but you don’t trust me to hold me own in a handicap match?"

Johnson stares intently into Diamond’s eyes, "Find a partner, and it’s a go, but I’m not letting you go in there against those two guys alone! I got you pegged in a tag slot, and it’s tag or bust. My formula for this show is perfect; you’re in the preliminary tag slot, and you’re going to fill that niche or be off the show," Johnson asserts sternly.

"Whatever dude," Diamond huffs angrily as he storms out of the office.

"Romeo" Ruster Reno vs "The Flyin Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins
Adam lazarusJason Rau
After that segment, we heard Bryan Dawnkins' music playing in the background as "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins in the ring, warming up. The fans are cheering him as he makes his jOlt Pay-Per-View debut here in the Arena of Champions in Orlando, FL. The lights then go low.

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

Out from the back came Romeo Ruster Reno to a chorus of boos from the crowd. This all started when Romeo Ruster Reno came to the aid of Bryan Dawkins when it looked like he was going to get attacked by reVolt, but instead, Reno ended up beating Dawkins down all over the simple fact that he felt that he was better looking than Dawkins. Dawkins would go on to defeat Reno on iNtense 78, but Reno pulled out some heel chicanery on Warriors 23 and took the win there. iNtense 79 was the stage for their rematch, but it ended in a double countout and now it's all come to a head right here on Cataclsym!

Reno rolled into the ring as his music died down. The two of them came face to face in the center.. Dawkins looked a bit serious while Reno had a grin on his face. You could really feel the tension here, knowing that this would be the definitive match between the two of them! The referee separated them and then called for the bell.




And were off! Reno and Dawkins circled each other in the ring. They locked up and immediately Dawkins twisted the arm with an arm wringer. He backed Reno into the ropes and shot him across with an irish whip, but Reno came back and hit a shoulder block knocking Dawkins to the mat.

Reno sneered a bit and then took off to the ropes. Dawkins flipped to his stomach and Reno stepped over only to bounce off the opposite end. Dawkins was back up and attempted a hip toss, but Reno blocked it and hit a knee to the stomach which doubled Dawkins over. Reno hooked the leg over the back of Dawkins' head and flipped out to his feet. Dawkins with the clothesline, but Reno ducked. Reno immediately reached back and went for a hangman's noose neckbreaker, but Dawkins spun and got underneath Reno's arm. He lifted Reno for a back drop suplex, but Reno flipped and landed on his feet.

Waist lock by Reno, but Dawkins charged in toward the ropes and clung to them. Reno rolled on the ground and back up to his feet. Super kick from Dawkins side stepped by Reno. Reno then hit a toe kick to the stomach that doubled Dawkins over. Reno to the ropes and he came back with an axe kick, but Dawkins stepped back and avoided it. Waist lock by Dawkins and a German Suplex attempt, but Reno flips and lands on his feet. Reno charged in and got caught in an arm drag by Dawkins.

Reno got back up as Dawkins charged in and got caught with an arm drag of his own. Both men got to their feet and stood off to a round of applause from the crowd!

The match was starting off hot and heavy here at Cataclysm!

The round of applause was cut short when Reno spat in the face of Dawkins and grinned about it. Dawkins swung with a haymaker punch, but Reno ducked. When Dawkins turned around, Reno kicked him in the stomach and set him up between his legs. He lifted Dawkins for a powerbomb, but Dawkins continued the momentum to the other side and rolled up Reno with a Sunset Flip!



Reno leaned forward and now Dawkins found himself in the pin!



Back the other way!



Reno rolls backwards to his feet and then front flips into a bridge pin on Dawkins!



Left shoulder up by Dawkins.



Right shoulder up by Dawkins.



Dawkins bridged up along with Reno and Dawkins twisted it into a backslide pin!



Reno kicked away and then flat out kicked Dawkins right in his face!! He then pulled Dawkins over with the small package!



Dawkins kicked away and both men got back to their feet with another round of applause from the crowd and this time it was Dawkins that spat in the face of Reno! Reno then got pissed and charged in with a clothesline, but Dawkins thought Lariat at the same time and then both collided and went down to the canvas!

The referee checked on both men and began his mandatory ten count. As we could tell that this was going to be a chess match here in the opening contest!

1...... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5..... 6....

Both men began to stir...

7... 8.... 9....

Both got up to their feet.

Right hand by Dawkins... Right hand by Reno... Right by Dawkins... Right by Reno... Right by Dawkins, but Dawkins sped up the tempo and fired more and more right hands into the face of Romeo Ruster Reno. He backed Reno into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Leaping Leg Lariat by Dawkins up Reno down and Dawkins was immediately back on his feet. Dawkins charged to the ropes and nailed an Asai Moonsault inside the ring onto Reno. Cover!



Shoulder up by Reno!

Dawkins then brought Reno up to a seated position and placed him in a rear chin lock with the knee placed into the upper back of Reno. Dawkin wrenched back on the head of Reno, but Reno stood and hit a jawbreaker to Dawkins which broke the hold. Reno then leapt onto Dawkins shoulders and flipped him over with a huracanrana! Dawkins staggered up to his feet when Reno grabbed him from behind in a half nelson. He lifted Dawkins and flipped him over with a Half Nelson Pancake! He went for the cover off the high impact move!



Thr... NO!

Dawkins shot the shoulder up and the crowd cheered in approval!

Reno got to his feet and measured Dawkins up. Once Dawkins stood, Reno lunged at him with the jumping cutter he calls The Makeover, but Dawkins shoved him off. Dawkins quickly ran up behind him and nailed a backstabber to Reno, putting him down hard! Dawkins then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, taking aim on Romeo Ruster Reno. Dawkins flipped off with his Shooting Star Press, but Reno rolled out of the way and Dawkins ate nothing but canvas!

Reno then pulled Dawkins to his feet, grabbed him in a waist lock, pivoted and planted him with a Spinebuster right in the middle of the ring! Cover!





Kickout by Dawkins at 2 and 9/10!

Romeo pounded his fists into the canvas in frustration and grabbed Dawkins by the head, forcing him up to a vertical base. He then scoop slammed Dawkins on the canvas and headed to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckles, but Dawkins got up and fell against the ropes, causing Reno to get crotched up top. Dawkins then staggered over to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles, meeting Reno. Dawkins hooked Reno for a superplex and then lifted him up, but Reno hit a knee to the skull at the apex of the lift and Dawkins put him back down on top of the turnbuckles. Reno stood on the middle ropes and knee'd Dawkins right in the face and Dawkins fells off the top!

Reno then leapt off the top rope with a hellacious double stomp, but Dawkins moved and Reno planted his feet into the canvas. Dawkins then did a quick school boy rollup from behind...



Reno kicked out and staggered up to his feet. Reno then rolled out of the ring and collapsed to a knee near the bottom of the entrance ramp. Reno still couldn't believe he almost succumbed to a flash pin. In his mind, he was still better looking than Bryan Dawkins and we had a feeling that this match was far from over.

The referee began a ten count on Romeo Ruster Reno

1...... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5..... 6....

Bryan Dawkins wasn't going to let Reno take the countout road and escape. Dawkins hit the ropes and flipped over with a Tope Con Hilo, but missed as Reno rolled under the bottom rope making Dawkins eat the floor!


The referee then started another ten count.. this time for Bryan Dawkins

1...... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5..... 6.... 7.... 8.... 9....

Dawkins slid back in right before the ten count!

Romeo placed Dawkins into a seated position and then drove the point of his knee into his upper back. Romeo stood and dropped another knee into his back and then slapped on the rear chin lock. Dawkins rallied the crowd behind him as he got back to his feet. Dawkins then fell back down and nailed a jawbreaker that stunned Romeo. Dawkins stood and then hit a clothesline that knocked Romeo down, but Romeo got right back up only to get hit with another clothesline. Romeo staggered to his feet as Dawkins hit him with the toe kick to double him over. Dawkins set Romeo up between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height. Dawkins ran forward and nailed a Ligerbomb!



Romeo kicked out!

Dawkins stood as Romeo struggled to get to his feet. Dawkins backed Romeo into the corner and hit him with a couple of shoulder blocks to the stomach. Dawkins with the arm twist before the whip that sent Romeo to the opposite corner. Dawkins charged in and nailed a running high knee to the jaw of Romeo. He then hooked the head and went for a running bulldog, but Romeo stopped him short and lifted him into the air...


Romeo nailed a back drop suplex, but the upper back of Dawkins slammed down on top of the top turnbuckle pad!!

"OOOOHHHH!" shouted the crowd

Romeo wasted no time going to the corner, ascending to the top. Romeo then spun 180 degrees and sat on the top ropes, bouncing off with a split-legged moonsault that connected down across the chest of Bryan Dawkins! Romeo then went for the cover!



Dawkins kicked out!

Romeo couldn't believe and then mounted Dawkins, raining down right hands to the face as Dawkins tried to cover up. The referee admonished Romeo and then counted to about four before Romeo got up off of Dawkins. Romeo jawwed with the referee for a few minutes, but Dawkins took advantage as he grabbed Romeo from behind and pulled him into a schoolboy roll up!



Romeo kicked away, stood and then started to rapidly stomp on the felled Bryan Dawkins. The referee, again, forced Romeo to get away from Dawkins so he could get to his feet, but Romeo shoved the referee aside and walked in toward Dawkins, but that proved to be a mistake as Dawkins grabbed the front of Romeo's tights and threw him face first into the middle turnbuckle in the corner! Dawkins stood and grabbed Romeo in a waist lock, quickly hitting German Suplex wiht a bridge pin!



Romeo kicked away!

Dawkins quickly stood and grabbed Romeo, pulling him up to his feet. Dawkins lifted Romeo for either a brainbuster or a suplex... we wouldn't know as Romeo used his knee and struck Dawkins in the head at the apex of the lift. As Romeo was being put down by Dawkins, Romeo wrapped his legs around Dawkins and pulled him over into an inside cradle!



Dawkins kicked away!

Both men staggered to their feet. A chop by Romeo.. a punch by Dawkins.. chop again by Romeo.. a punch by Dawkins.. another chop by Romeo.. another punch by Dawkins.. then another punch, and another and another. Dawkins built momentum as he backed Romeo into the ropes. Irish whip by Dawkins, but reversed by Romeo. Dawkins leapt to the middle rope and twisted off with a body press, but Romeo leapt up and drop kicked Dawkins out of mid-air! Dawkins crashed hard!

Romeo quickly pulled Dawkins up to his feet and hooked him for The Makeover, but Dawkins shoved Romeo off. Romeo turned around as Dawkins kicked Romeo in the stomach and then nailed a hook kick to the back of Romeo's neck! Romeo rolled over onto his back as Dawkins ascended the turnbuckles and climbed to the very top...

Shooting Star Press...


Dawkins crashed and burned on the canvas. As Dawkins staggered up, Romeo flipped over him and hit a modified school boy, but he grabbed a fist full of tights that was out of view from the referee as he counted.



Thr... NO!

Heel chicanery would not work this time as Dawkins kicked out and the crowd erupted!

The two of them staggered up to their feet and came face to face in the center of the ring. Reno shoved Dawkins back and smirked. Dawkins came back with a vicious foream to the face. Reno answered back with a forearm of his own! The two of them traded forearm after forearm in that strong style as the crowd rose to their feet in approval! Dawkins finally put some weight behind his forearm shots and it caused Reno to stagger back toward the ropes. Dawkins charged in and clotheslined Reno up and over to the outside where he landed on the floor.

Reno got back to his feet as Dawkins hit the ropes...


Even though he was exhausted, Dawkins went high risk and took Reno out in the process! Dawkins got back up and was clearly fired up! His will to win this match and settle the score has driven him foreward! He grabbed Reno and rolled him back into the ring. Dawkins then hopped onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top. Reno staggered back up as Dawkins leapt off the top with a flying cross body and collided with Reno! Dawkins landed in a pinning combination!



Thre... NO!

Another nearfall!

Reno kicked out and quickly rolled back to the outside where he slumped against the barricades and kept a watchful eye on Bryan Dawkins. Dawkins fired up the crowd even more as he dared Romeo to get back into the ring. Romeo took a short walk around ringside, staring back into the ring, making sure Dawkins doesn't take flight again. Romeo slowly climbed up onto the ring apron and Dawkins charged, but Romeo hopped down and Dawkins put the brakes on. Romeo complained to the referee about not being able to be let back into the ring.

The referee then told Dawkins to back it up. Romeo slowly got back onto the ring apron and Dawkins shoved the referee aside and charged in with a shoulder block between the ropes, but Romeo side stepped him and nailed a huge kick right to the face! Dawkins grabbed his face and staggered away from the ropes. Romeo then grabbed the top rope and nailed a springboard seated drop kick to the back of Dawkins that sent him into the ropes chest first where he laid there. Romeo then charged to the corner and leapt onto the middle turnbuckle. He then pivoted and front flipped over the top rope, nailing a springboard summersault leg drop to the back of Dawkins head!!


Dawkins bounced off the rope and landed back first on the canvas. Romeo then ascended the turnbuckle pads and flipped off Dawkins before he leapt off with Dawkins' own finisher, the Shooting Star Press and connected with it!



Thre... NO!

Dawkins got the shoulder up in time to a huge pop from the crowd!

Romeo pulled Dawkins to his feet and nailed a knife edge chop across the chest. He fired a second chop and then a third as Dawkins staggered back. Romeo grabbed his arm for an irish whip, but Dawkins reversed it and sent Romeo to the ropes. Dawkins with a drop kick, but Romeo held onto the ropes and Dawkins landed on his back as a result. Romeo then ran in and front flipped into a bridge pin..



Both of them bridged up and twisted around... Dawkins with a backslide, but Romeo wouldn't even stay down for a one count. He immediately rolled through and went for a kick to the head, but Dawkins grabbed him by the leg. Romeo hopped up and down on one foot as Dawkins got back up to a vertical base. Dragon Screw by Dawkins took Romeo down. Romeo sat up, but Dawkins lunged in with a Shining Wizard and caught him in the face! Cover!



Romeo kicked out.

Dawkins pulled Romeo to his feet and hit a series of forearm shots to the face. Whip to the corner where Romeo hit the buckles hard. Dawkins charged in and hit a running knee lift to the chin. He then placed Romeo up onto the top turnbuckle pads and climbed up. He hooked Romeo for a superplex, but Romeo held onto the ropes and blocked it. Romeo then hooked Dawkins for a superplex with the floor as his target, but Dawkins floated over and landed on the ring apron.

Upward palm thrust to the face of Romeo staggered him. Dawkins then climbed back up onto the turnbuckles and grabbed Romeo. He was looking for that Superplex to the floor.. the move that resulted in a double countout on iNtense 79, but Romeo sensed it this time and blocked it! Romeo then reversed it and hit a Superplex into the ring instead!

Both men were down. Both men were exhausted! What an opening contest here at Cataclysm! The referee had no choice but to start the count!










Both men got back up! There would be no double countout this time! Both men staggered to their feet. Dawkins and Romeo pressed against each other.. forehead to forehead. The two of them jawwed back and forth until Dawkins went for a huge haymaker punch, but Romeo ducked it! The momentum spun Dawkins around slightly. By the time Dawkins turned to face Romeo... Romeo saw his shot.


A simple mistake, but it was made.. was it enough as Romeo went for the cover!?




The bell sounded. The people booed, but they also stood and gave an ovation to the two of them. The excitement of this opening contest was only a measure of things to come at Cataclysm! Romeo, exhausted, sweaty, and tired, rolled out of the ring and staggered to the back as Dawkins laid there on the canvas.

Winner: Romeo Ruster Reno via Pinfall


HOW The scene opened on the backstage area, Jim Johnson fixed his suit before entering an anonymous locker room door. It was very dark within the room, but the silhouette of a man could be made out. The mysterious figure was seated in a metal folding chair taping up his wrists.

Johnson grunted a bit as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his vest, "I know you’re new here, but normally when I summon someone to my office I expect them to make the effort in coming. Not leave it up to me to track them down."

"So why make the effort on my behalf?" The mysterious figure questioned, "Couldn’t you have just sent someone else to tell me what you wanted and I already know?"

Johnson smiled, "I don’t care where you’ve come from, that’s of no concern to me, and obviously of no concern to you anymore considering their doors closed. Our doors are wide open and we welcomed you in here with open arms. We gave you a contract when your former company couldn’t even afford to pay you off the remainder of what was owed to you. Where would you be without us, without me reaching out to you?"

"I don’t care how big you were with your former company," Johnson continued, "and I don’t care if you were a champion. If you brought in money for that company, or any other history you had with them. You’re in my company now. You don’t get away with doing whatever you want here, when you’re requested you had been jump and run to my office from here on out."

"And what you need to understand is that this isn’t my first rodeo." The mysterious figure chimed in, "I get the run down here. I’m new to the company and it doesn’t matter what I’ve done anywhere else. I’m starting at the bottom of the pile and I’ve got to work for what I want in this company."

"That’s all well and good," the figure continued, "been there and done that before. I don’t need a lecture from you about it; I’ve heard it all before. You can try to make my climb to the top here as hard as you possible want, but I can guarantee one thing. As soon as I step through those curtains it’s not going to be a long walk to the top; those fans know me. Those fans know what I bring to the table and they are going to want to see me bring it to them every chance I get to step inside of that ring."

"You want to talk about all of this money I brought in for that other company," the figure scoffed, "that’s the reason you hired me to this company. You had dollar signs popping up in your eyes as soon as you saw I was on the market. That’s fine, because it’s that kind of mentality that keeps me in a job and keeps those fans entertained. I could have gone to any other company, period. Don’t act like the offer you put on the table for me was the only one available for me. Now, who do you want me to fight tonight, because we both know that’s what you wanted to begin with?"

"Unforeseeable circumstances have left me one man down for a tag team match tonight." Johnson stroked his mustache with one hand, "Jameson Lennox will not be able to compete tonight, but there has been too much build placed behind this tag team match for me to just scrap it from the show. You’re going to be replacing him tonight."

"No problem, it won’t be the first time I’ve done the tag team thing." The mysterious figure chuckled, "You just keep the matches coming if you want to continue to see that revenue shoot through the roof; as long as I’m in that ring those seats will be filled."

Johnson grunted around a bit before finally leaving the locker room; he stood outside of the door for a moment before heading off in the direction of his office.

Aran Thompson (c) vs Derecho
Adam lazarusJason Rau
The scene opened back up in the Parking Lot. Aran and Derecho were seen brawling outside amongst the benches and tables set up in front of the arena for people to rest and wait for the doors to open to major events.. such as jOlt Cataclysm!

Derecho grabbed Aran by the head and walked over to one of the tables.. he went to slam Aran's head into it, but Aran put on the brakes. He then elbowed Derecho in the ribs a few times and it was Derecho's face that ended up bouncing off of the table! Derecho held his face in pain, his mouth still bloodied from the broom attack earlier in the night. Aran then charged in and nailed a running drop kick! Both of them landed on the unforgiving concrete!

A normal drop kick in the ring has little consequence to the one who executed it, but outside on concrete, it was a different story. Aran held his right knee in pain as he landed on it after executing the drop kick, but Derecho landed flat on his back and seemingly had the air driven out of his body.

Aran got back to his feet as he favored his knee a bit as he hobbled over towards Derecho. Aran bent down and pulled Derecho up to his feet before walking him back over to the tables. Aran then sat Derecho down in one of the chairs, his back up against the table. Aran then gained some distance and charged in.


Despite the hard landing on the concrete earlier, Aran ran in and nailed another drop kick.. this time with momentum behind him! Derecho slumped forward in the chair and eventually fell off onto the ground. Aran landed, once again on that right knee as he held it in pain, but Aran fought through it as he pulled Derecho over onto his back and made a cover.



Derecho kicked out!

Aran slowly staggered to his feet and pulled Derecho back up. Aran went for a whip on Derecho, but Derecho reversed it, sending Aran right into a garbage can that did not budge as it's bolted into the ground. Aran hit the garbage can stomach first and he flipped over it, landing hard on the concrete on the other side of it!! The referee rushed over to check on Aran, telling Derecho to stay back, but Derecho did not heed the referee's advice.

Derecho shoved the referee out of the way and grabbed Aran Thompson, pulling him up to his feet. Derecho grabbed Aran by the head and placed him in a front chancery. He lifted Aran up for a suplex, but he dropped Aran stomach first across the top of the garbage can instead!!! Aran just simply laid there on top of the can, staring at the ground!

Derecho took a few steps back and charged in, driving his knee right into the side of Aran's skull!!! Aran was knocked off the garbage can and onto his back on the concrete! Derecho went down and made a cover on Aran!



Thre.... NO!

Aran kicked out! Even Derecho couldn't understand how he was able to do so!

Derecho grabbed Aran, who seemed lifeless, and pulled him back up. Derecho saw something off in the distance and grinned. The camera panned over to the ticket booth next to what seemed to be a side entrance into the building, presumably for staff members. Derecho then grabbed Aran and hoisted him onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry. Derecho then walked toward that ticket booth, but when he got there, Aran wriggled free and landed behind Derecho. He placed Derecho into a waist lock and rammed him into the window of the ticket booth.

Derecho staggered backwards as Aran once again placed him into a waist lock. He rammed him into the window a second time, this time a bit harder. Derecho bounced off of it and fell onto his back. Aran then grabbed Derecho by the legs, making sure he had enough distance. Aran then fell backwards, catapulting Derecho face first into the ticket booth window!! Aran grabbed Derecho after the impact and pulled him over into a school boy roll up!



Derecho kicked away and Aran couldn't believe it!

Aran stood and grabbed Derecho by the leg. He began to drag him across the ground over towards the secondary entrance. Aran opened the door and then maneuvered Derecho so that his head was in the doorway! Aran grinned sadistically as he swung the door shut as hard as he could, but Derecho moved ouf of the way just in time to avoid his head being crushed!!

To give an idea of how hard Aran had swung the door, the glass in the door actually cracked from the impact of it slamming shut. Derecho tried to stagger to his feet, but Aran grabbed Derecho, noticing the cracked glass, and threw Derecho head and shoulder first through the window in the door!


The glass shattered as Derecho tried to put his hand up to protect himself, but the imact happened nevertheless. Derecho fell backwards and we could see that his forehead was now also cut open and bleeding. There were also some minor cuts on his right arm which he tried to use to protect himself from the impact. Aran made another cover.



Thre... NO!

Derecho kicked out and we could hear the audience inside the arena pop!

Aran told the referee to get the door. The referee was a bit hesitant, but he did open the door as Aran grabbed Derecho and brought him inside the arena. The scene faded to black once again.

Winner: To Be Continued

reVolt vs next Generation superstars
Adam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarus
The next match here on Cataclysm stemmed from yet, another failed recruiting attempt by the team of Mattock and Sanchez Cano, otherwise known as reVolt. After seeing them rack up win after win after win, reVolt thought that the next Generation superstars would make great additions to their cause, however, Jameson Lennox and Diamond Jewelz turned down the offer. They then set this match up for Cataclysm in order to teach them a lesson they have yet to teach... that if you stand in reVolt's way, then you are nothing more than a mere object that needs to be removed.

However, just when things were about to come together for the nGs, Jameson Lennox was attacked outside of a bar in downtown Orlando, FL, just a mere couple of blocks away from jOlt's Arena of Champions. Doctors stated that Lennox would not be able to compete at Cataclysm, leaving Diamond Jewelz by himself. Rumor has it that he found a new partner for his match tonight!

The ring bell sounded as Brad Arnold stood center of the ring, "Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a tag team match with a fifteen minute time limit and will be one fall to a finish."

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The crowd boos as Mattock and Sanchez Cano, collectively known as reVolt, make their way out from the backstage area. In typical fashion, the march single file down to the ring, entering one after the other. The two of them stand side by side and ball up their right hands into a fist, placing them over their hearts in their faction-style salute. The music died down as they both turned toward the entrance ramp to await the arrival of their opponents.

"Gotta Take It' by Nipsey Hussle

Out from the back stepped Diamond Jewelz. He made his way to the top of the ramp and then stopped. He pointed down to the ring at reVolt and then pointed to the entrance way. A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

Out from the back, to a massive pop came the former "Spirit of ACW" himself, Jesse Ramey!!

Ramey was fired up as he and Diamond Jewelz high fived each other and made their way down to the ring. Mattock and Cano bailed as the two hit the ring and took command of it. Ramey ascended the top turnbuckle pads and received a huge ovation from the crowd. He hopped down and talked strategy with Jewelz. They both agreed that Jewelz would start the match off against Sanchez Cano, who Mattock selected to start the match.

Cano entered the ring as Mattock got back up on the ring apron. Ramey stepped out and when the referee saw that everything was decided and set up, he called for the bell.




Jewelz and Cano slowly circled the ring, Jewelz with a smile on his face and Cano with an emotionless gaze, both tried to find the opportune moment to strike. Jewelz drove in trying to capture Cano with both arms, but the smaller agile man dropped to a knee and ducked under the attack. Cano twisted and came up behind Jewelz and caught him with a waist lock.

Cano attempted to lift Jewelz up for some sort of suplex, but Jewelz wrapped his leg around Cano’s blocking the attempt. Jewelz then continued by wrapping one arm around the back of Cano’s neck and flipped him over with a snapmare. Jewelz came back to his feet quickly and darted toward the ropes. He bounced off and came running back in the direction of Cano.

Cano rolled onto his stomach and forced Jewelz to leap over him. Jewelz continued on toward the ropes getting more force behind him. In that time Cano quickly jumped back to his feet and attempted to leap frog over Jewelz as he ran through, instead Jewelz was able to catch him in motion and drive him down with a running powerslam followed by a pin attempt.



Jewelz smiled as he lifted Cano back to his feet and shot him off into a turnbuckle. Ramey stood perched on the middle rope extending his arm for a tag, but Jewelz ignored it. Instead he rushed toward Cano in the corner, only for Cano to shove a boot in his face. Jewelz staggered back a few steps. Then in a fit of blind rage attempted to charge in once again; only this time lifted his legs up into the air above Jewelz’ head. Cano then twisted his legs around the body of Jewelz and flipped him over onto his neck and compressing his body into a roll up pin attempt of his own.




Jewelz shoved Cano off of his body with his legs, but as Jewelz tried to turn onto his hands and knees Cano was already diving toward his corner. Cano was able to smack the outstretched arm of Mattock for the clean tag. Mattock quickly entered the ring and before Jewelz could come to feet was caught in the face with a running low dropkick. Mattock smiled as he slowly pushed his way up off of the mat, bragged Jewelz by the hair, and proceeded to lift him up as well.

Jewelz looked to be out of it, which made Mattock very happy until a spark through Jewelz. Jewelz hit Mattock in the side of the head with a closed right fist, the fact that Jewelz was coming back had Mattock rocked. Jewelz connected with a chop across the chest, and then a stiff boot to the midsection. Jewelz rushed toward the ropes coming back toward Mattock with a great amount of speed.

Snap scoop slam. From Mattock to Diamond Jewelz; and with Jewelz incapacitated once more Mattock slowly stood back to his feet. Mattock turned back toward his partner, but quickly turned right back around and drove one more foot into Jewelz ribs. Then Mattock slowly made his way toward his corner and tagged Cano back into the match.

Cano jumped over the top rope and made his way over to a crawling Jewelz and lifted him back to his feet. Cano grabbed hold of Jewelz’ arm and tossed him off into the nearest turnbuckle. Cano paused for a moment, and then darted toward the corner nailing Jewelz with a clothesline. The maneuver caused Jewelz to stagger out of the corner, and Cano climbed onto the apron and up the turnbuckle.

Cano now perched on the top rope waited until Jewelz began to turn back around in a daze, but just as the two were about to connect, Jewelz dropped to his knees. Cano’s attempt at a cross body block missed only by a few inches, but instead of connecting with Jewelz he connected with the canvas. Cano now writhed in pain in the center of the ring, and Jewelz finally turned to acknowledge the man in his corner; his partner for the evening. Jewelz slowly began crawling toward his corner, using the middle rope as his aide along the way. He was about to make the tag when he felt a tug on his leg...

Cano had grabbed onto Jewelz' leg and prevented him from making the tag to boos from the crowd!

Cano stood and dragged Jewelz back toward the center of the ring. He then tied Jewelz up into an inverted Texas Cloverleaf dead center in the middle of the ring. Cano looked on to the corner where Ramey was impatiently waiting for the tag. He felt he had to do something otherwise this match could be over early. Cano applied more pressure as Jewelz reached out toward his corner. Ramey decided he was going to step in to help Jewelz and entered the ring, but the referee saw the illegal entry and stopped Ramey from intefering. The referee received some heavy boos from the crowd for that.

Meanwhile, Mattock entered the ring and dropped an elbow onto the lower back of Diamond Jewelz. He then applied a Crossface submission hold as Cano released his. Cano made the sound of a tag as he stepped out. When the referee turned around and saw that they had switched, he asked if there was a tag and Mattock said, "You heard it, didn't you?" to the referee. The referee nodded and allow the match to continue as Mattock continued to have Jewelz in the Crossface submission hold.

Sensing that Jewelz wasn't going to tap to this, Mattock stood up and pulled Jewelz back to his feet. He whipped Jewelz to the ropes, but Jewelz came back with a flying forearm shot right between the eyes that took Mattock down! With both men down, Jewelz had his opportunity to make a much-needed tag out of the match. Jewelz began to crawl to his corner, but Mattock prevented Jewelz from going any further as he grabbed Jewelz by the leg. Jewelz decided he had enough of this and nailed an enzugiri to the back of Mattock's head!

With Ramey once again perched on the middle rope extending his arm it didn’t take much effort from Jewelz to finally tag him into the match!!

The arena once again erupted into a chorus of cheering as Mattock slowly made his way to his feet. Mattock turned to where he thought Jewelz would have been located only to find Ramey flying into the ring at him. Ramey brought Mattock back down to the mat with a massive springboard clothesline. Ramey bounced back to his feet and shot off toward the ropes, coming back through and landing a flipping leg drop across the throat of Mattock and then rolling him up for the pin attempt.




Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet ready to continue on his attack only to see Underwood rushing toward Ramey’s own corner. A commotion caught Ramey’s eye and drew him toward the corner. Ruby Rocks Jewelz had made her way onto the apron checking on the still downed Diamond Jewelz. Ramey looked very confused at everything that was going on, Underwood doing his best to try and get Ruby off of the apron.

Ramey shock his head and was ready to turn back around when he found himself caught in a dragon sleeper, quickly lifted up and smashed back down to the mat with a rolling cutter.

Transient Silence!

In the midst of all of the commotion, Mattock had managed to get back to his feet. Mattock had then quietly slipped behind Ramey with the perfect moment to strike. Ramey now found himself lying on the mats looking up at the rafters and Underwood turned his attention back to the center of the ring where Mattock quickly dropped in for the cover hooking a leg.



3? NO!

Kick out by Ramey and the people cheered!

Mattock pulled Ramey to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Ramey leapt to the middle rope and moonsaulted off of it, landing in a Reverse DDT position, but Mattock impressively backflipped up and over Ramey, placing him in the Reverse DDT position instead. Mattock lifted Ramey into the air, but Ramey twisted out of it and nailed an arm drag counter, lucha style! Mattock flipped over and landed on the canvas, but quickly staggered to his feet. Ramey charged in, but Mattock tossed him over the top rope, but Ramey was able to keep his balance and land on the ring apron.

Mattock turned around and was met with a shoulder block between the ropes that doubled him over. Ramey then flipped over with the Sunset Flip!



Kick out!

Ramey stood as Mattock was still on all fours. Ramey with a kick to the head! He then set Mattock up for a suplex, but when he lifted Mattock, Mattock drove the knee right into the top of Ramey's skull! Ramey released Mattock and Mattock grabbed Ramey and hooked him for a suplex instead. Mattock lifted Ramey, but at the apex of the suplex, Mattock dropped Ramey backwards as Mattock fell forward, catching Ramey with a neck breaker that he calls the Atheist's Blessing! Mattock then turned and made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Kickout by Ramey!

Mattock pulled Ramey back up and lit him up with left and rights.. combination blows. He tried to finish the combination with a discus lariat, but Ramey ducked underneath and reached by for a Hangman's Neckbreaker, but it was a feint as he turned and nailed an elbow smash right into the back of Mattock's head! Mattock staggered forward and turned around, only to be caught by Ramey's Jumping Heel Back Kick.. the Extreme Measures!

Ramey wasted no time in going to the ropes, hitting his Asai Moonsault... the Culture Development! Cover!



Shoulder up by Mattock!

Ramey stood and happened to look toward the corner. He saw that Diamond Jewelz was being helped off the ring apron by Ruby. Ramey questioned what was going on. Ruby yelled back "He's hurt!" toward Ramey. Ramey nodded, but was met with a surprise school boy roll up from Mattock!




Kick away at the last moment!

Both men stood up as Mattock gave a nod toward Cano. Right hand by Ramey. Right hand by Mattock. Right hand by Ramey.. Right hand by Mattock. The two traded blows until Ramey got the upperhand. He whipped Mattock toward the ropes.

Blind tag by Cano

Mattock twisted, going for Direct Damage.. the cork screw spear, but Ramey saw it and nailed a seated drop kick right into the head of Mattock, knocking him out of the move mid-air!! When Ramey stood, he didn't realize Cano had the tag.

Cano leapt off the top rope with a flying head scissors-style rana that flipped Ramey onto his back! Ramey staggered up and back into the corner as Cano came charging in with a double knee strike to the chest. Ramey slumped down as Cano took off toward the ropes and nailed a running knee in the corner to Ramey's head. Cano went to the ropes again and this time planted both feet right into the face of Ramey!!

Ramey could be out cold as Cano dragged him to the middle of the ring as Mattock rolled out of the way, still holding his face in pain!




Ramey kicked out and the arena erupted!

Ramey needed a tag, badly, but Jewelz was on the floor with Ruby, being tended to. Cano waited for Ramey to sit up and when he did...


Roundhouse kick to the side of his head!

Before Ramey could lay back down, Cano pulled him up to his feet. Mattock staggered back up as Cano shot Ramey to the ropes. Cano lifted Ramey up into a flapjack as Mattock leapt up and planted both knees into Ramey's chest...


Mattock rolled out of the ring as Cano made the cover...




The fans in attendance all booed as Mattock and Cano quickly exited the ring with a smiles on their faces. Mattock nodded toward Cano as "The Northern" by Alexisonfire began to play again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your winners of the match via pinfall, reVolt!" The sound of Brad Arnold’s official announcement of the finish of the match echoed through the arena.

Ruby helped get Diamond to his feet, as she looked into the ring with disgust at Ramey. The look perplexed the man inside of the ring as he had now come to a seated position. He looked around at the crowd who was now giving a mixture of cheers for the fact that he had sat up, and also still booing as they watched the other competitors leaving the ring.

Ramey hung his head for a moment, and then wiped the hair away from one side of his face exposing the disgusted smirk on his own face. Many wondered what the bigger story was here. Diamond Jewelz' "injury" or the fact that reVolt finally won a match in jOlt. Whatever it is.. you could be sure that this was only the beginning of a long road ahead as there are still many questions than answers.

Winner: reVolt via Pinfall

"I Want My Two Minutes!"

HOW We're in the backstage area with Donny Layne standing side by side with jOlt's most loved ego, "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon. Layne brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Jon.. we have to wonder... now that you, though nefarious means... made your way onto the main roster... how does it feel to not be booked here tonight on Cataclysm?"

Jon took a moment and scratched his chin as he looked down at the floor. After a moment or two, he stuck his finger in the air.

"I GOT THE ANSWER! I feel unwanted like a girl after prom night. SERIOUSLY.. I do! Here I am.. the world's greatest talent.. with tens of Twipo followers at my beck and call and yet.. I am left off of one of the biggest shows in jOlt Wrestling and for who and for what? For a dead guy and a slave owning Korean? For a bunch of flippy floppy ninjas who've never heard of a condom? No no no... this is INJUSTICE! THE greatest Rockstar in the history of pop culture and THE greatest revenue stream in ALL of jOlt Wrestling needs to be in a match.. TONIGHT!"

Le Bon placed his hands on his hips because he meant business!

"In fact, Danny... I'm not leaving this arena until I am involved in a match!"

No sooner did Le Bon say that, Derecho was thrown into him by Aran Thompson! Le Bon and Derecho crashed to the floor. Aran stepped into view and pulled Derecho to his feet, not even caring that Le Bon was just ran over.

Aran fired a big right hand into the head of Derecho, staggering him back. Aran then grabbed Derecho in a waist lock and shoved him back into some staging equipment that was further down the hallway.. while the camera wanted to follow the action, there was a scheduled match that was to take place.. a shooken up Donny Layne called for the camera to swing back to him.

"While that wild match for the jOlt Championship continues, I'm afraid we have to send it down to ringside where we are set to decide the Starlet Championship!"

With that, the scene faded to black.

Charlotte vs Desiree
Adam lazarusAdam lazarus

It was now time for the conclusion of an eight-woman tournament to crown the newly vacated Starlet Championship. The belt that had been primarily dominated by the likes of Aria Murphy since its inception would now have a new holder tonight.

One such woman was Charlotte – the bubbly red-headed fan favorite and the valet of former jOlt Tag Team Champions The House. She had previously managed her husband Derrick Huber and friend Adam Roebuck. Even though currently her contract was being owned by the bastard known as Craig Thomas (a situation that would be rectified later when he fought her husband, Derrick Huber, for her very contract), right now was about her winning the key title of the Starlets. She had defeated Alyssa Corliss and Daryn Thompson to get here tonight.

The other was Desiree. She started from humble beginnings, wanting to join jOlt Wrestling to be just like her idol, the former Starlet Champion Aria Murphy. When Aria named the names of the eight woman selected for this tournament she handpicked Desiree and she didn’t disappoint. With training by X3, she had gone on to defeat not only Hype standout Starlet Vogue Gonslavez, but also the odds-on favorite to win, "The Heiress" Sarah Winterton. She had pulled out a couple major upsets on her way here… could she do one more and win the Starlet Championship?

The Starlet Championship was laying on a pedestal outside the ring waiting for its newest holder. It would be either the experienced Charlotte or the young rookie Desiree.

"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue.

The crowd cheered as out from the back came Desiree. She was a proud up-and-comer in The Hype with the opportunity of a lifetime. She had pulled an upset over Hype standout Vogue Gonslavez and "The Heiress" Sarah Winterton. One more win would make her idol, Aria Murphy, proud.

"Turn the Page" by Metallica

The fans cheered as Charlotte made her way out from the backstage area. In the first round, she defeated Alyssa Corliss, a starlet from The Hype and powerhouse Starlet Daryn Thompson in round two to get here. Despite all the extra circumstances she had going on with Team EGO, she wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass her by.

The two Starlets came face to face and actually shook hands to a respectable pop from the crowd. Both were fan favorites and this match meant big things for the future of the division.

The bell rang and both ladies locked up immediately trying to get the early advantage over one another. Charlotte stood five-eleven and had the height advantage over the five-four Desiree and quickly went after her arm before twisting it around into an arm wringer. She continued to keep the pressure on the Hype rookie early and twisted the arm around.

With some quick thinking, Desiree quickly rolled across the canvas and quickly turned the tides on her taller opponent in order to hook the arm. Desiree got a little bit cocky and enjoyed the advantage over Charlotte for a few moments until she flipped over with a cartwheel. Quickly Charlotte tossed her around and whipped her across the ring with a snap arm drag.

The fiery redhead got some pops from the crowd as she waited for Desiree to stand. She came at her and took her down with a hip toss sending the rookie across the ring. Desiree tried to stand again when Charlotte grabbed her with a leg trip and went for a jackknife pin.



Desiree kicked out at two. The Hype rookie stood up again when Charlotte came at her but impressively Desiree caught her and dropped the taller Charlotte with a scoop slam. She went for a cover of her own.



And a kick out from Charlotte this time. Desiree snuck up behind The House’s valet as she started to stand when the Hype rookie rolled her up from behind with a modified leg roll-up.



Another kick out from Charlotte. The former Vegas showgirl stood up at the same time Desiree did and both tried for dropkicks which whiffed in mid-air. The two were thinking the exact same thing and now faced one another in the middle of the ring again.

"Good one," Charlotte commented.

"Yeah," Desiree nodded.

Desiree offered a handshake and when Charlotte took it she snuck up behind her again and tried a schoolgirl pin… no! Charlotte rolled right through the move and landed back on her feet before delivering a nice kick to the chest for her trouble. She ran off the ropes and connected with a running one-armed neckbreaker called THE ONE-EYED KING~!



Close, but no cigar!

The first big offensive maneuver by Charlotte was a good one and she caught Desiree off guard with it. She picked up Desiree off the canvas and whipped her into the corner. When Charlotte attempted the charge, some quick foot work by Desiree took her leaping through the ropes to send the House’s valet crashing into the corner. When she turned Desiree slid underneath the bottom rope and caught her with a sliding sunset flip pin from the apron back inside the ring!



And another close on by Desiree!

The rookie had been taught some cool moves by her trainer, X3, and she was ready to become the Starlet Champion here tonight. Charlotte kicked herself away and got into the corner where Desiree was waiting. She charged right at her but this time it was Charlotte who caught her by the legs and tied her up in the ropes…


A nickname for the card representing the Jack, she had Desiree trapped in the ropes now with the tarantula submission! IT seemd that Charlotte had an extensive bag of tricks that she hadn’t busted out until now! Desiree was trying to fight her way out of it but by virtue of the rules Charlotte would only have four seconds to break the hold or risk losing out on the title.

Charlotte let go and watched as she collapsed to the ground in pain. Desiree was in a bad position now when Charlotte went on the attack. She peppered her across the face with some nice forearm shots and continued to drill her back against the ropes until she came to a stop. She rolled Desiree over and blew kisses to the fans before dropkicking her in the back. Desiree flinched in pain and Charlotte went for the pin.



And another kick out from Desiree!

The fans were cheering on both Starlets fighting for the chance gunning for their first-ever gold in jOlt. Despite the outward circumstances of Charlotte’s own contract being owned by Craig Thomas this was not an opportunity that she would pass up.

She continued to drill her slowly with a few kicks to the back before taking hold of Desiree again. She hoisted her up and took her over with a snap suplex. When she stood up to her feet again she ran off the ropes and delivered a rolling senton across the chest of Desiree. Another cover followed.



And another kick out by Desiree!

Charlotte was surprised by the fact that Desiree kicked out, but she wasn’t giving up. She kicked Desiree in the chest and went for a quick powerbomb. When she went up for the move at the apex, Desiree fired back suddenly and snapped the taller Desiree over with a huricanranna.

The crowd was fired up when Desiree started her path down the comeback trail. She ran right at the House’s valet and took her down with a leaping clothesline that took her right off her feet. When Charlotte stood up again and tried to get back at her she ducked the oncoming boot and bounced back into a big hip toss from Desiree. She grabbed Charlotte by the head when she stood and ran forward in order to plant her on the ground with a bulldog.

Desiree was now finally back with the momentum going and headed to the apron before climbing up top. When Charlotte turned around she jumped off the top rope and connected with a diving cross body!



Close, but no cigar again!

Desiree was fighting back and felt like she was closing in on the Starlet Title. The Hype rookie got some cheers going from the crowd and waited to finish this. She landed a couple more forearm shots into the head of Charlotte and tried to quickly whip her to the ropes only for Charlotte to snap the arm and nail a kick to the head. She was grabbing her by the head looking for the move called The Queen of Hearts – The ace crusher, but Desiree pushed her off the ropes and into the corner before landing a big kick to the chest in the corner. Charlotte was dazed as Desiree headed to the second rope…


The reverse tornado DDT that was a staple of Aria Murphy’s moveset landed! The crowd popped for the move of the former champion that Desiree idolized and now she was going for broke!



foot on the ropes!

Desiree had made a rookie mistake when she didn’t pay attention to where Charlotte was laying, which allowed her to get to the safety of the ropes. She though that was all but it wasn’t when the referee protested.

She pulled Charlotte back by the arm and tried to quickly set up the triangle choke submission called The Desire that won her first-round match. Charlotte was looking for it and pushed Desiree away before she could lock it in fully. Desiree stood back to her feet but that turned out to be a huge mistake on her part…


The name represented the Ace of Spades was a discus big boot that knocked Desiree off her feet! The move was also a tribute to her husband Derrick Huber’s Moneyline discus lariat and she clobbered her good with the boot. The crowd applauded the move as Charlotte stood over Desiree and pulled her back up. With a roar of approval from the crowd she jumped off the ropes…


Desiree had dodged the first one but not the second! The flying ace crusher landed and planted Desiree on the canvas now as Charlotte rolled over and hooked both legs of Desiree.




The crowd came alive! We had a new Starlet Champion and it was Charlotte! Despite everything that she had been put through being forced to be separated from her husband thanks to Craig Thomas and everything around her she had become the new champion!

The lovely valet of The House had garnered some major popularity for her never-say-die attitude and her good looks but now she could add champion right to that list!

"I Get Off" by Halestorm

The crowd erupted in cheers as Aria Murphy herself walked out from the back, applauding. Charlotte looked on as Desiree was still down and out in the ring. Aria made her way down to ringside and took the Starlet Championship out of the display case. He held it in her arms as she walked up the ring steps and entered the ring.

Desiree was beside herself as she held her neck in pain. She had defied all expectation of her as the least experienced Starlet in the entire tournament, but she had upset two of the favorites in Vogue Gonslavez and "The Heiress" Sarah Winterton to get to where she was now. Thanks to Charlotte, her Cinderella story was over.

Charlotte had tears well up in her eyes as she met Aria face to face in the middle of the ring. Aria gave Charlotte a hug and then handed her the Starlet Championship as the crowd cheered! Charlotte held the title close to her chest. She looked right the belt and smiled at the reflection as Aria stood back and applauded the new champion. This had been one of the few times that she could remember being happy in recent memory. She looked over to Desiree and offered a hand.

"Hey… good match, hon," Charlotte smiled.

Desiree looked at the hand for a moment as she looked at the crowd. She looked back at Charlotte and Aria. Aria smiled as she wanted Desiree to take Charlotte's hand, but tears welled up in Desiree's eyes as she shook her head no. The audience booed as Desiree slowly backed away, mouthing "No... No.... No..."

Desiree exited the ring as Xin Xin Xiong came out from the backstage area. He confronted her demanding to know why she didn't shake the hand of the woman who just beat her. Desiree ignored Xiong and just walked to the back. Xiong looked at her for a moment and then followed her to the back, yelling "HEY! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU", but Desiree continued to walk to the back, completely ignoring Xiong's words.

Just when the crowd thought it was over.. Just when Charlotte was about to have her moment... she saw a figure appear on the aisle. The crowd booed when they saw the form of her very tormenter, the man that owned her contract and would have a chance to get rid of her husband if he won the Loser Leaves jOlt match later today.

"Monkeys, give a big hand for Charlotte!" he yelled over the microphone. "Your… correction… MY new Starlet Champion! After I run her monkey-ass bitch of a husband out of jOlt later tonight then she will be mine and mine alone!"

Desiree looked to Charlotte and patted her on the back before taking her leave of the scene while the new Starlet Champion stood in the middle of the ring. She scowled at Craig Thomas as he motioned for her to join him on the ramp.

"Do it, Charlotte!" Craig said. "I want you with me later tonight when I beat that bitch, Derrick Huber! Don’t worry, though. After I beat Derrick Huber and The House crumbles at my feet… you can still sleep in my home!"

He winked at her and the crowd continued to boo her while Charlotte reluctantly walked out of the ring to join him. Her contract would go to the winner of tonight’s match while the loser would be forced out of jOl, but for right now she still belonged to Thomas.

The new Starlet Champion had her moment – like so many before – ruined by Craig Thomas as she headed back up the ramp to listen to his request. She glared once at Craig and walked up the ramp while Thomas checked her out.

"Sweet. That’s gonna be allllllll mine now!"

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

Aran Thompson (c) vs Derecho
Adam lazarusJason Rau
We are taken back inside the arena. We could see down a hallway, the scene of tipped over tables, chairs strewn about, equipment cases not where they were supposed to be. It looked like a war zone, but what was missing from all of that carnage and destruction were the two men who were still embroiled in a jOlt World Championship match... Derecho and Aran Thompson.

The cameras picked up a commotion coming from around the corner. As they raced over to the intersection in the hallway, they were stopped short by the sight of Aran Thompson's body flying through the air and onto the floor. An enraged Derecho then stormed into view as it was assumed that Derecho had used a Biel to toss Aran onto the tiled floor.

Derecho brought Aran back to his feet and then rammed him against the wall. He then began to punch away at Aran's kidneys as he held him pinned against the wall. Aran countered by grabbed Derecho's head and biting his forehead, which had blood caked on from their brawl through the parking lot earlier in the show. Derecho staggered away as Aran lunged in with a shoulder block that knocked Derecho onto the ground.

"You look a little worse for wear, God. Perhaps you need to clean up." said Aran.

Aran then grabbed Derecho and threw him into a door which lead to the public men's room. The camera rushed over as Aran grabbed Derecho and pulled him off the floor. He then placed Derecho's bloodied head in a sink and turned on the cold water.

"Here... cool off" said Aran as he walked away to presumably find another weapon to use. Aran then noticed one of those hand dryers on the wall. Aran grabbed it and yanked on it with his might, ripping it straight off the wall itself. Aran then waited for Derecho to stand. When Derecho stood, Aran charged in, but Derecho had a fist full of water that he threw into Aran's face.

Aran stopped short as Derecho drove Aran up against a wall. The force from the impact caused Aran to drop the hand dryer onto the ground. Derecho opened up with heavy rights and lefts, combination blows, to soften Aran up. Once Aran was in a daze, Derecho bent over the picked up the hand dryer off the floor. He then jammed it into the stomach of Aran Thompson! Aran doubled over and dropped to one knee. Derecho then tossed the hand dryer aside and took a step back. He then lunged in...


Derecho got all of it, but he didn't go for the cover. Derecho wanted to not only punish, but injure Aran Thompson. That sick sadistic grin, reminiscent of his days as The King of Hell, surfaced over Derecho's face. He grabbed Aran, pulling him up to his feet. He walked him over to where the urinals were and wasted no time slamming Aran's head against it!


Aran fell lifelessly into the bowl of the urinal. You knew it was serious because there was a streak of blood that ran down the urinal itself from where Aran slid down. Derecho turned Aran over to expose his face and indeed it has finally happened...

For the first time in Aran Thompson's career... he has been BUSTED OPEN!

Derecho grabbed Aran by the head and leaned in close.

"For someone who claims to be a God Slayer... you bleed like a mortal just fine" said Derecho right into the ear of Aran Thompson.

Derecho then pulled Aran out of the urinal and then whipped him across the bathroom into the door of a stall. The door want's shut so Aran went right through that and ended up going chest and stomach first into the toilet!

Derecho took a moment to measure up Aran and then charged into the stall. Derecho leapt into the air and drove both knees right into Aran's upper back! You could hear the impact and the air being driven out of Aran's lungs from the impact of that move. Derecho saw this as his chance as he grabbed Aran by the leg and pulled him out of the stall.. right to the middle of the men's room floor. Derecho then made the cover, hooking the leg.




Aran Thompson kicked out!

Derecho was beside himself... "After sustaining that much damage, how could someone like Aran Thompson kick out!?" Those were the thoughts running through Derecho's mind as he knelt beside Aran in bewilderment.

Derecho then grabbed Aran to throw him into the door of another bathroom stall. Derecho walked into the stall, but they were ready for the next match so the scene faded to black.

Winner: To Be Continued


HOW The scene faded to the backstage area, Jim Johnson’s office to be more precise. Johnson sat behind his desk with a huge smile on his face. The camera panned around, exposing the nature of his smile. Seated directly across from his desk was the Anti-Star.

"I guess all it took for you to come around was throwing a little bit of humility your way." The smile grew as Johnson folded his arms across his chest and looked like a child in a candy shop. "What happened to your statements of not being worried about being put in a tag team match because you’ve done those before?"

Johnson waited for a response, but no reply came from Ramey’s mouth, he only sat.

"The almighty has come through these doors to save this company," Johnson quirked, "a big name from another company has come to save my company from all of the mediocrity that I put our viewers through. You were put in the ring tonight with men who probably don’t have the amount of time in that ring combined as you have in your entire career."

"That’s your problem though," Johnson turned the volume down a notch, "here we are the big leagues. You were a big name draw in the minor league companies. What big name companies can you ever say you really worked for? Or were you ever a champion of for that fact?"

"I hate to beat the reference like a dead horse, as so many other places have done in the past," Johnson leaned in and smiled, "but you’re nothing more than an internet darling. We have established big name stars in this company, legends in their own right, and you couldn’t tread the waters with any of them. As a matter of fact, you have been in the ring with one of them before and what did that outcome look like?" Johnson waited for a response, "If memory serves me correctly, he beat you, in your very first big event with that company you cherish so dearly."

"You could have had a decent career here Jesse," Johnson continued, "but earlier tonight you disrespected me. I can’t have people going around doing those kinds of things. A weaker man would probably have just let that slide, but I’m not a weaker man; I have the power. I don’t know what kind of men you’ve worked under in the past, but you sir have truly sealed your own fate here in this company with me."

Johnson leaned back into his chair, "Now as far as your tag team is concerned I did enjoy the chemistry that you and Jewelz shared with each other earlier this evening. So, for the time being this is going to be a permanent pairing and on Intense I look forward to seeing the two of you in the ring again in a match against, Araknis and Wolf Spider, the Widow’s Nest. Now, if you’re just going to sit there and you’ve got nothing to say, I’ve got a show to finish running."

Ramey stood from his chair, no words leaving his lips, as he just turned and left Johnson’s office. The smile still rested on Johnson’s face as the scene faded.

Derrick Huber vs Craig Thomas
Adam lazarusAdam lazarus

After months and months of "Ego" Craig Thomas doing everything he could to manipulate The House into doing his bidding and ruling the contract of their valet, Charlotte, her husband Derrick Huber finally had the chance to get his hands on the man who conned his way into possession of her.

What had started as a feud between both of their respective tag teams – The House and Team EGO – had boiled down to a man fighting for his wife while another sought revenge for a string of losses. The winner would have possession of Charlotte’s contract and the loser would have no contract at all. And to make sure that there was no shenaniagans Jim Johnson barred all parties from ringside except for Charlotte herself. Huber’s tag partner Adam Roebuck and Thomas’s partner The Strangler were each involved in the main event of the show so there would be no aid and no allies.

Two men fighting to be rid of the other once and for all.

"Voodoo Child" by Stevie Ray Vaughn played up first as the lights started to dim to a crimson red hue. Lots of flashing cameras in the crowd tried to light things up and as the music came about, Craig Thomas was making his way out from the back ready for a fucking fight. Charlotte was the brand new Starlet Championship and she even had her new belt out with her now, but tonight she was the property of Craig Thomas. Reluctantly, she shook her head while Thomas walked down to the ring with her in tow.

He gestured to a seat near ringside and motioned for Charlotte to sit.

"I’m not doing it. You can go fuck yourself." Charlotte shouted.


It was true.

"I hope Derrick kicks your fucking ass."

She sat and had the Starlets Title with her as Craig had a microphone.

"Cut the music, monkeys!" Thomas shouted at the top of his lungs. He rolled inside the ring and looked right to the new Starlets Champion. "First of all, I want every single monkey in here to pay attention to what happens to those who get in my way. Charlotte, I am ordering you to sit right there. If you move from that spot, your contract that I own is null and void! Do you got that?"

Begrudgingly she complied with his request. She clutched the new title to her chest while Craig looked at ringside.

"Huber, while Strangler goes onto win Open Season tonight and takes out your fat buddy Adam Roebuck in the process, I’m going to enjoy running you out of jOlt! You and The House took away the chance for me to win the jOlt Championship and now I’m going to take it out of your ass! And I’m gonna have your wife, Charlotte, our new Starlets Champion sit right there and watch it all happen!"

He dropped the microphone while the crowd booed the arrogant young punk that had been disrespectful and cunning. He waited patiently for his opponent to get out there.

"Turn The Page" by Metallica hit and the crowd went crazy! The former jOlt Tag Team Champion stood six-four and over three-hundred pounds. Craig was no small man himself at the same height and two-sixty, but this was going to be a brawl!

Derrick Huber came out from behind the curtain and marched right to the ring. This match would be no disqualification, no countout and there must be a winner decided by pinfall or submission in the ring only. They were going to settle this once and for all.

Thomas didn’t wait and he rolled out of the ring to try and jump Derrick Huber at the aisle, but this turned out to be a huge mistake. He blocked a punch and The Oddsmaker fired back with one of his own! He fired back with about three or four more while his wife Charlotte clapped and cheered for her husband!

He palmed the back of Thomas’s head and smacked him hard into the barricade. A few fans patted the big Oddsmaker on the back while he went to work on Thomas, burying his shoulder into his ribcage with some good shoulder tackles against the barricade. From there he grabbed Thomas by the body and slammed him with an unrefined side slam right on the ramp!

The Ego arched his back in pain while the crowd got fully behind the former jOlt Tag Champion Derrick Huber. Derrick didn’t forget how Team EGO had cost him the jOlt Tag Titles a few weeks back among the list of things Team EGO had done to them. He picked up Craig off the ground and then barreled him hard right into the ring apron! Thomas arched his back in pain again and Huber didn’t finish his assault. He merely drove him backwards into the apron again and again and again until he was satisfied.

While Craig Thomas fell to his knees, Huber walked over across the ring and stole a kiss from his wife, Charlotte.

"Kick his ass, baby! You can do this!" She said, clapping.

The Oddsmaker walked across the ringside area back to Thomas and tossed him back inside the ring where he could finish this once and for all. He hurried over and went to finish the job with a quick cover.



But Craig kicked out. Huber went to grab him by the head and slowly pulled him back to his feet when Thomas suddenly sprang to life…


The crowd was caught off-guard completely! Thomas had no other choice but to bust out one of his heavy-hitting moves right off the bat! Both men were literally fighting for their careers and nothing could be held back! Once Huber had fallen over Thomas jumped right on top of him.



Close but no cigar!

Thomas’s eyes went wide in a fit of rage that his sneak attack hadn’t gotten him the fall. He rolled Huber over again and tried to pim him a second time.



And again with the kick out!

Thomas was beside himself and tried a third time again. He made sure to hook both of Derrick Huber’s legs as he tried to put and end to his rival for good.


2… No!"

"Three, monkey!" Thomas screamed at the ref. "One, two, three!"

The crowd booed the Ego as he rolled out of the ring next. He was halfway on his way to grab a weapon that he could use against Derrick Huber and put an end to this nonsense. He pushed commentator Michael Bhurman out of the way and took his steel chair before folding it up. He was about ready to turn but didn’t see Huber right behind him kicking the chair out of his hand! Huber was fueled by rage here tonight and wasn’t about to let The Ego get the advantage.

"Not this time, asshole," Huber scowled.

He palmed the back of The Ego’s head once again and smacked him viciously into the announce table to the delight of the crowd and his wife Charlotte. She continued clapping while Huber threw Thomas back inside the ring. As he went to follow him inside, Thomas quickly caught him with a kick to the head and pulled him back inside.

The Ego went for a piledriver or a powerbomb of some kind and tried to muscle the bigger Huber upwards, but he was too strong and full of fight so he back dropped him over onto his back. Thomas was then pulled to his feet and rammed into the corner where Derrick Huber unloaded on him with a series of vicious clubbing clotheslines to the chest.

He swung again but Thomas caught him in the face with a couple of headbutts intended to stun the Oddsmaker. He followed up with a couple of punches and a solid uppercut to the jaw that stunned him. Once he did he managed to get to the ropes and come back…


The discus clothesline of Derrick Huber had turned Craig Thomas inside out and sent him spinning to the canvas! The crowd cheered for Huber again when he rolled over and tried to put an end to Thomas with a pinfall.



Another second and his career would’ve been over! The Ego kicked out and had some fight left him him as well, but rolled outside of the ring to give himself some space. The Oddsmaker wasn’t’ going to let him have any of that and followed him. Thomas went underneath the ring to grab another chair but he didn’t see Huber coming to knock him over with a flying shoulder tackle off the ring apron!

The three-hundred pound Derrick Huber was no run-of-the-mill superheavyweight and had a few other tricks in his arsenal aside from just muscling people around and had dove right on his rival to prove it.

"You’re fucking done Craig, you hear me?"

Derrick took a second to talk some more trash to The Ego before he pulled him up by the neck. He rolled him back inside the ring again and followed him back inside to try for another cover.



And another kickout by Thomas!

The Ego had plenty of tenacity himself and would stoop to any low to get what he wanted; a fact The House knew all too well. Huber went to pull him up again when an errant thumb caught him in the eye! More dirty tricks from the book of Craig Thomas and that was quickly followed up…


His version of a Double A spinebuster drilled the big Huber and it took a bit out of Thomas at the same time. After taking a couple of moments to compose himself, he used the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, still winded from Huber’s earlier attacks.

He walked across the body of Huber and threw in a series of stomps to whatever limbs he could target. Thomas aimed a few at the head, the body and the arms and legs before he backed off only to head to the second rope to deliver a nice driving elbow strike to the head.

"I got you now, monkey!"

He cackled to himself some more as he hit the second rope again. The focused Ego jumped off the second rope and delivered the EGOFIED leg drop across the throat of Huber. The Oddsmaker was in a very vulnerable position now as he went over and tried to finish things off with a tight cover.




Huber powered out at the last second which set off Craig Thomas. He protested with the referee by holding up three fingers. When the referee only flashed two, Craig came back at him with one finger raised. I’ll let you use your imagination to see what finger it was.

The angered former pupil of Superstar Vince Jacobs stood to his feet again and was able to grab a chair from ringside before heading back in. Charlotte was starting to worry about her husband as he was the recipient of a vile chair shot to the back!

Huber was in pain again while the angry Thomas laughed. He swung again and smacked Huber across the back with three more shots! By now this brought Huber to his stomach on the canvas. The Ego kicked him over and pressed the chair down into his throat, trying to choke the life right out of him.

"You’ve crossed me for the last fucking time, Huber!"

The Ego didn’t relent and continued to try and choke him with the broad end of the chair. Huber did his best to try and push him away but after he did that, Thomas brought the top of the chair down twice into his rib cage before tossing it aside. He gestured to the referee to get over and make the count.




Again Thomas managed to not get the duke just yet! The crowd cheered everything that Huber was going through while The Ego only took his time to deliver a couple more fists to the head of his rival.

He rolled outside the ring again and the crowd went nuts for the appearance of a large table! Thomas had evil intentions in mind and pulled the table out from underneath the ring carefully. He slid it underneath the bottom rope and tossed it inside before he reached under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick.

The Ego also pushed the half of the steel steps over and tossed it right inside the ring with all the strength he could muster!

With some weapons in place now Thomas rolled back inside the ring and went right to work by grabbing the kendo stick to deliver a few painful shots to the back of Huber. The shots echoed all the way out into the nosebleeds in The Arena of Champions. Charlotte shook her head in fear for her husband’s safety while Thomas reeled back the cane and fired off a couple more stiff shots with it.

Once Huber was flat on his back after about three or four shots, Thomas took the table and propped it up in the corner for him to use. He patted it down and pointed that somebody was about to go through it and the crowd booed him.

"Shut the fuck up, all of you!" The Ego barked at the masses.

He took Huber by the arm and led him to his feet before showing every intent to put him through the table in the corner! He whipped him but suddenly Huber reversed and tossed him over to the corner! Thomas stopped himself quickly and saw Huber coming with intent to spear him so he fired off a kick that caught Derrick upside the head.

The House member stumbled across the ring so that Thomas could try and swing for the fences with the cane he now had in hand. He caught Huber upside the head with the cane!

The Oddsmaker looked like he was out on his feet and Craig laughed like an evil genius whose grand plan came to fruition. He grabbed the steps from earlier and propped them up in the center of the ring while the fans started to boo him. The Ego had grabbed Derrick Huber by the arm and powered him off the canvas looking for something deadly to finish him off once and for all. He looked like he was going for the Ego-Slam, his patented Side Slam finisher…




Three elbows to the back of the head from Derrick Huber caught him upside the head and broke his grip. Unfortunately for him, he was not going to be so luckly…


The Ego was in severe pain now after the fireman’s carry into the thrust spinebuster landed him right on top of the flat steel steps! He arched his back in pain and collapsed to his side while Huber did the same as he felt the effects of this quickly but very hard-hitting match take its toll on him.

The crowd was on fire now and cheered the big time move while Thomas rolled off the steps and fell to the outside once again trying to get the hell away from Derrick Huber. He wasn’t moving while back on the inside of the ring, The Oddsmaker was just getting back to his feet.


Huber was getting himself psyched up now as he turned his attention back to Craig Thomas on the outside. He took the cane in hand and went to the outside where Thomas was trying to crawl away.

"No! No!" he shouted to try and save himself.

The angered Huber put his boot down in his throat and continued to choke the life out of him now, giving The Ego a taste of his own medicine like he had done to him before. He continued to press down and swung the cane multiple times trying to beat the living crap right out of him with the weapon.





The brutal cane shots caught Thomas across his back leaving various ugly welts on his skin in the process. Charlotte and the fans were cheering Derrick Huber on with each swing as he continue to bring the pain to his tormentor.

Pulling him back up again Thomas was groggy and dazed on his feet when Huber jabbed the end of the cane into his throat. He toppled him over and knocked him silly with another good shot before he grabbed him and tossed him across the ringside area to collide with the barricade right by where Charlotte was sitting!

Charlotte continued to clap for what her husband was doing now and the fans were too as he waited for Thomas to move. He was groggy against the barricade when he saw Derrick Huber come running…


Thomas just barely moved and the angry Derrick Huber had crashed hard into the guardrail in a nasty manner! The Oddsmaker had slumped over onto his knee while Thomas limped to his feet to see what Huber had done.

He grabbed Huber by the head and shook him around now against the barricade while Charlotte continued to watch with concern for her husband’s well-being. Thomas pressed a boot into him and laughed about it the whole time he was trying to choke out Huber.

"I’ve got your number, monkey!" Thomas cackled. "I’ve taken your titles, I’ve taken your wife, now I’m going to take your career! And there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!"

He turned to face Charlotte and muscled Huber over to his wife. Whatever The Ego was doing next, he was going to make her watch.

"You’re gonna have a lot of fun with me once you forget about this stupid gorilla! I’ll take you places you’ve never been… like my bed!"

Charlotte heard enough and reeled back to slap The Ego, but he let go of Huber and caught her hand. She was powerless to move because of Thomas’s pre-match edict about her contract, but at this point she may not have cared. She was ready to stand when Huber came out of nowhere and barreled right into him!

The Oddsmaker had come to his wife’s rescue and nailed Thomas with one hell of a spear on the ground! The Ego was sucking in air now while the angry Huber stood up once again with intent to hurt somebody. He checked on his wife who gave him a silent nod to finish the job. Huber then pulled Thomas up by the head and pulled him right in front of Charlotte…


A big open palmed slap from jOlt’s Starlet Champion caught him in the mouth! Huber was far from done with him and rolled him back inside the ring to finish the job. Thomas weakly tried to crawl over as Huber hit the ring and tried grabbing a chair only for Huber’s foot to press down on his hand. Thomas yelled out in screams of pain while Huber continued to grind his heel into his hand.

"I told you we were done!"

The Oddsmaker grabbed a second chair off the ground as Thomas tried to limp to his feet. When Craig tried to do so…


A loud chairshot landed right on top of his bald head! The crowd gasped from the impact of the chairshot as Thomas was hurt now and started to bleed from the top of his forehead.

The Arena of Champions was on fire now while the angered Huber was about ready to finish things. Thomas got whipped into the corner and it was Huber who closed the chair and landed close to a dozen more brutal chair shots to the body! Thomas had no escape. He was paying for messing with The House’s career and Huber’s family!

He limply slumped across the corner, looking like a bleeding mess when Huber ran a thumb across his throat to end things. He pulled Thomas to the second rope and hooked him over his shoulder. Huber pulled him out of the corner and ran towards the other side of the ring where the table was…


The table had exploded into thousands of little pieces now and The Ego was nearly unconscious in the wreckage! Huber dragged him out of the mess of lumber and simply dropped all his body weight into a cover. The crowd counted along with the referee.




Huber was beside himself with emotion now as the crowd jumped up and roared in approval. They hated The Ego ever since he set foot into jOlt and threw his weight around, trying to scheme and connive his way to ultimate glory. His greed came back to bite him and now not only did possession of Charlotte’s contract to back to the House, but Craig Thomas had no contract at all!

The Ego is done with jOlt effective immediately!

Charlotte jumped out of her chair in a fit of joy as she took her Starlet Title with her to the ring. Huber had worn a few scars of war on this night but he had followed through on everything that he said he’d do. He got his wife back and The Ego was no more in jOlt Wrestling.

The husband and wife tandem met up in the center of the ring while the fans started a chant for the happy couple.


Huber looked at his wife. "Well, should we give them what they want?"

"I can do that," Charlotte smiled.

The husband and wife embraced in the center of the ring and shared a passionate kiss while the fans clapped and cheered. After having his wife’s contract stolen out from under them by Team EGO, Huber fought for his wife and got her back. The winner of the Loser Leaves jOlt match and his wife – now the new Starlet Champion – raised their hands for the crowd before they left the ring.

Thomas was still on the ground unconscious after the brutal beating that he’d taken in the final moments in the match when trainers came out to help him. When he woke up, he would find out that his trip to the hospital later would be a very expensive one. No health insurance. No job. No more Ego.

That thought put a bright spot for the jOlt fans!

Winner: Derrick Huber via Pinfall

"Burning Butterflies"


The sound of water being manually sifted through was heard as the camera continued its gradual pan eastward. The muscular form of Takeshi was brought into view with him quietly hovering over a large ceramic bowl of water. A lone light from overhead displayed small portions of a large square ottoman, positioned before one of the elongated wooden benches. Eyes drawn together in silence while allowing the cool water to purify his restless spirit. A lump formed briefly in his throat before cupping both hands together to baptize himself once more. A private ritual unique amongst his peers.

“You seem troubled, brother.”

A voice within the virtually blackened landscape drew his ear yet yielded to the comfort of familiarity. Condensation danced freely from his nostrils upon exhaling form his nostrils while reaching for the hand towel neatly folded along the bench.

“Lord Kenshiro’s expectations are warranted for they are but bold reflections of his confidence invested within us all.”

The Mute Mountain’s shoulders sank & rose in succession before a subtle nod was given as a response.

“The Heirs remain sorely dependent upon the established legacies of their forefathers & wrestling bloodlines. Hubris stands among the greatest of their weaknesses. Focus on what has brought us here. Concentrate on why this opportunity stands before us. The fear of disappointment is the catalyst for the cruelest of failures.”

A partially tapes hand was placed gently atop the large ninja’s shoulder. The Crimson hue of a hakama & gi were brought into view, revealing the familiar tattered coolie hat and the its bearer’s identity. Head downcast.


Takeshi balled up both fists, unleashing a crescendo of knuckle pops to be heard while rising to his feet. Popping the bones in his neck, the menacing Kendo Mask was risen & placed atop his crown with both hands. “It’s time...”

Superstar Vince Jacobs vs Dallas Griffin & Duzza
Adam lazarusAdam lazarus Adam lazarus
"Excuse Me" by Koffee Blakk blasted over the PA system as the leader of Trouble made his way to the stage with Duzza. Both men did not look very happy as they knew that the rest of Trouble will be banned from ringside. Duzza had been upset all week as he looked around the stage peering over his shoulder. Dallas grabbed Duzza by the arm and motioned for him to go to the ring. Duzza did so reluctantly as the crowd jeered these two superstars.

They both made their way into the ring as the fan noise died down.

The ever-familiar voice of the Icon echoed throughout the arena.

"I didn't have to come to jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The mixed reaction would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the jOltvision one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend ' The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar 'Ring Superstar' reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs made his way out to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go? 'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

He stood on the stage with his lovely manager, Natalia Simunek. The Russian bombshell stood next to Vince as they slowly made their way down the ramp with Natalia wearing a nice Vera Wang dress. The Russian beauty made her way up the stairs and held the bottom and middle rope open for Vince. SVJ climbed into the ring and returned the favor to Natalia by holding the ropes open for his leading lady.

The crowd cheers grew as Jacobs extends both his arms as he was ready for this match. Jacobs stood in the middle of the ring as Natalia made her way to the floor. Duzza and Griffin moved to the middle to meet Jacobs.

"You know your time is up Jacobs." Griffin said.

"Yo playa you gonna leave this ring in a body bag." Duzza added.

"It’s funny, your boys Khadafi and Quo said the same thing and in the end I kicked their freaking heads off."

The tag team handicap match was about to be underway as Griffin attacked Vince as he turned his back. Griffin drilled Vince in the back of the head with a clothesline that sent Jacobs to the mat. Griffin started to stomp Jacobs in the corner as Boulder looked on helpless. The match was a No DQ match and Griffin was taking advantage of this stipulation.

Griffin smiled as he looked down at Jacobs.

"Bet you weren't ready for that. This match is basically a legalized asswhopping you are about to take, old man."

Jacobs quickly shot a right back at Griffin which staggered the leader of Trouble. SVJ tackled Dallas to the mat and started to go to work on the former RingRats graduate. Jacobs picked up Griffin and whipped him into the corner. The icon raced into the corner but Griffin was ready for Vince.


Griffin picked up SVJ and drove him into the mat with a big DDT. Griffin was not done as a sick smile came across his face. He rolled Jacobs to the floor and followed him out. Dallas went to pick up SVJ who nailed him with a low blow to the delight of the fans. Jacobs knew what type of match this was as he tried to roll in the ring but Dallas clipped Vince before he could get in there.

Dallas grabbed SVJ and whipped him into the steel guardrail. Jacobs screamed in pain as Griffin and Duzza smirked. Griffin walked over and pushed the timekeeper out of his chair and folded it up. He slowly walked over to SVJ and tried to nail him with the chair but Vince just moved and Griffin connected with the guardrail. He dropped the chair as Jacobs tried to rush at Dallas but Griffin was quick and caught Vince with a boot to the face.

Dallas grabbed the steel chair and threw it into the ring. He picked up Vince and threw him into the ring also. Griffin walked over to his corner and tagged in Duzza. Duzza slowly walked into the ring surveying the damage that Griffin set forth for him. Duzza posed for the crowd as the jeers continued. He hooked the Icon's leg for the cover.




The Ratings Grabber was still in this match and Dallas knew he was going to hurt the veteran a little more. This was a huge match for Dallas and Duzza as they both knew where this could lead in their hierarchy of jOlt. Dallas was going to show Jacobs, Lee, Johnson and the rest of jOlt that Trouble was here and they are going to take what they want in this company.

Duzza looked down at Jacobs before pointing to the Icon. He bounced off the ropes and dropped and elbow on Vince but he missed. Duzza tried another and Vince moved again. Duzza held his elbow as Jacobs pulled himself up with the help of the ropes because he knew this was his shot to do something in this match. SVJ raced over toward Duzza who was getting to his feet and clotheslined him down to the mat. Griffin was yelling at Duzza to get a tag so he could get into the ring. Duzza was down as Jacobs was now getting encouragement from the fans. Natalia started to slap the apron as Jacobs picked up Duzza and slammed him down hard to the mat.

Vince was on fire as he nailed Duzza with a right hook that sent the manager flying into the corner. He started to nail Duzza with big right hands until the manager crumpled to the mat in pain. The fans were behind Jacobs because they loved to see Duzza suffer. Jacobs grabbed Duzza by his head and dragged him to the center of the ring. Duzza nailed Jacobs with a low blow to stop any type of momentum that Vince was trying to gain.

The crowd erupted in jeers as Duzza reached over and tagged in Griffin. Jacobs kicked Dallas in the stomach with a huge boot that doubled him over. Jacobs was looking for a big move. He picked up Griffin and had him ready for a Side Russian Leg Sweep but Dallas fought his way out of the hold and nailed Jacobs with a belly to back suplex.

Griffin went on an onslaught with rights and lefts to the Icon driving him backwards to the corner. Dallas grabbed SVJ and tried to whip him into the far corner but he held on. Griffin tried once more but SVJ held on again. Vince turned Griffin around and threw him into the corner. He began to trade fist with Dallas in the corner.

SVJ whipped Dallas into the far corner. He raced into the corner after him and nailed him with a big dropkick that shook the leader of Trouble. Vince pulled Griffin up by his hair and drove him down to the mat with a snap suplex. The chant from the fans bought a sudden smile to the face of Jacobs as he picked up Griffin once more looking to drive him down with a snap DDT.




Both men made it to their feet as Dallas poked Vince in the eyes with his thumb. That did it. Jacobs held his eyes trying to get his vision back. Dallas stood to his feet and ran and nailed him with a running knee that sent Jacobs sprawling to the mat. Dallas kicked the down SVJ in the face. Griffin knelt down and grabbed him by the head and started to scream in him face.

"You are a fuckin' joke, bitch. You are ancient in this business. It’s time for dinosaurs like you to shrivel up and die while the young guns like myself step into the spotlight. I told you we would destroy you and look at you now, crawling around the mat like an insect."

Griffin dropped his head to the mat as Jacobs started to try to make it to his feet. Duzza laughed at Jacobs trying to get to his feet and spat at him. He started to hear it from the crowd for that little display.




Dallas waited for Jacobs to slowly get up. Dallas picked up SVJ and drove him to the mat with a T-Bone suplex. Griffin quickly went for the cover on Jacobs. It was definitely over now.




Griffin slammed his hands on the mat because he thought the match was over. He got to his feet and waited in the corner for Jacobs to get to his feet. He was slow to get to his feet but he made it. Dallas went for the spear when Jacobs turned around to face him but Jacobs leapt over him. Griffin turned around and SVJ kicked Dallas in the get. Jacobs hooked Dallas in a front chancery.


Natalia tried to get the crowd behind Jacobs as Duzza was trying to quiet the crowd down. Duzza did not want to go in that ring when Jacobs was getting momentum. The crowd once again got behind SVJ.




Jacobs went for the cover on Dallas.




Jacobs got to his feet and looked at Duzza. Duzza looked around before racing out of the ring. Jacobs got up and gave chase. Duzza ran around the ring as Jacobs followed. Natalia tripped Duzza who fell face first to the floor as Jacobs slowly stalked the manager. Jacobs was looking to do some damage on the manager of Trouble. The fans continued to cheer as Jacobs grabbed Duzza by the throat. Suddenly Dallas came from out of nowhere with a spear but Jacobs caught Dallas out of the corner of his eye and moved at the last second. GRIFFIN SPEARED DUZZA ON THE FLOOR

Dallas Griffin was now beside himself as he looked down to see his manager on the floor. However he did one thing that you never do in a match with a veteran. He took his eyes off of Jacobs. Dallas turned around. SUPERSTAR KICK TO THE JAW!!

The fans erupted in cheers as Jacobs reached down and picked Dallas up and rolled his limp body into the ring. Jacobs rolled into the ring and went for the cover. ONE…



It was over Jacobs had survived the handicap match. Vince looked down at Griffin and pointed to his temple. Khadafi and Quo suddenly raced from the back and slid into the ring Jacobs quickly slid out as the two men looked on. Jacobs grabbed Natalia and slowly went back up the ramp pointing to the men in the ring.

Jacobs one again showed the world why he is the best on the biggest stages.

This definitely not the end of Trouble as they looked at Jacobs getting his arm raised on the stage by Boulder and Natalia to the ovation of the crowd.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall


HOW We're in the backstage area once again with Jon Le Bon. Le Bon is walking down the hallway whistling to himself. He comes across the men's room door and opens it up. Once it opens, he stops dead in his tracks. He sees the carnage and destruction.. the blood stains and water all over the walls and floors.

"Wow... sounds like someone really had to pinch one off in here." said Le Bon

As he said that, he could hear grunting and groaning coming from one of the bathroom stalls.

"Apparently they're not finished yet."

Le Bon walks over to the stall, but stays off to its side, not wanting to witness the miracle of fecal depositing. Le Bon leans against the stall divider and puts his head down.

"Look.. I know it's tough, but we'll get through this.. I'm here for you! Just grit your teeth and bear down. Use those sphincter muscles and squeeze! Squeeze it harder than a British Nanny squeezes a small child!"

As Le Bon coaches, more grunting and the vibration of some slams is heard from inside the stall.

"That's it! Continue to fight! Don't give into the demonic fiber! PUSH! BEAT IT INTO SUBMISSION!"

All of a sudden, it got rather quiet. Le Bon got worried.

"Say... you okay in there?" asked Le Bon

After no response, Le Bon decided to be brave. He stepped around the corner and looked into the stall.. all of a sudden, he was bowled over by Aran Thompson as Derecho threw him out of the bathroom stall!

Derecho quickly stepped out and grabbed the busted open Thompson, bringing him back to his feet. He drug Thompson over to the door and opened it. Derecho threw Thompson into the hallway and stepped out.

Meanwhile, back in the restroom, Le Bon sat up.

"All this getting ran over is making me hungry.. screw the match.. I'm just going to go get food." muttered Le Bon as he picked himself up off the floor, the scene fading to black.

Red & Ted vs Ken Kaze & George
Adam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarus

This was it. After weeks of minimal hype and maximum confusion, the Phoenix Rose Invitation was moments away from crowning its champions. The crowd was already warm from the previous bouts, and they were all too happy to cheer as the PA kicked back to life.

"Where's your head at!?" it shouted, and they shouted back. This was exactly the type of welcome the man from Stab City, Ireland thrived from.

The cheering upped their dBs as Ken Kaze stepped out from behind the curtain and held his tag partner, manager and garbage can, George, above his head. And while the crowd cheered jOlt's Resident Moron, few were brave enough to try to slap hands with Kaze, and doubly afraid of the barbwire encased garbage can. Making it ringside, Kaze sat George in the corner, or on top of the stairs, to be more specific. Kaze bent his head, like he is listening to the last pregame instruction that George would be giving. It's a thumbs up and a roll underneath the bottom rope before Basement Jaxx is cut from the PA.

The house lights dim and the spot lights focused on the curtain. This is where a brief flash of warning appeared on the broadcast. "The following few moments will included flashing lights. If you are prone to seizures, the flashing colours of this warning probably didn't help you any, either."

"My Reward" came ripping through the Arena of Champions. It wasn't too long into the rapid drums and thrashing guitar that Grady Patrick strode onto the stage, this time without his signature cane. With an ever so slight limp, he made his way half-way down the ramp. Next out was a smiling Teddy Jacobs, wearing the greatest selling T-Shirt in GCW history. He scanned the crowd, hoping that some people had taken sharpies to the back of their signs to some him some love. Little was there, but he was stoked to see one convert. Last from the back was Alexander Redding, Joker grin on his gear and that grin on his face. The one where he looks like he knows more than all of you? That one.

As the trio made their way ringside, they couldn't help but notice the numbers game, so solidly in their favour. While Ted and Grady made their ways around to the far corner, Red was certain to first stop in a stare down(?) with George. That was just the thing to get Kaze's attention.

From behind rushed in Teddy Jacobs and met Kaze with a forearm shot to the back of the neck. Unrelenting, Ted pushed Ken Kaze back into the corner and unloaded. Right and left. Right and left. Closed fists were aimed right for the kidneys, Ted working a brawling style.

Somewhere during that barrage the house lights came back up and Hail the Villain had been cut.

The referee tried in vein to pull the two apart. When Teddy finally listened to the man in the zebra stripes it was with a parting kick to the back of the knee, crumpling Kaze.

"Ring the bell, already!" Grady Patrick encouraged from the floor.

With Ted back in the centre of the ring, our ref took a moment to check on Kaze. Defiantly, Kaze would shove the ref back, motioning for the match to start. He walked a few steps forward, shaking out the knee. Another time, telling the ref to start the match, and this one was finally underway.




Around the ring, the two circled one another. Seeing an opening, Ted darted in and cinched in the waist lock. It was an awkward few seconds of each man trying to out position the other before Kaze used his head, literally. A series of headbutts with the back of his head had Teddy Jacobs reeling toward the ropes, but still holding on to the waist lock.

Backing into the ropes, Kaze built enough momentum to move the two back toward the opposite side of the ring. Three quarters of the way across, Kaze dropped to his knees and sent Jacobs skidding toward the outside. It was only a last second grab of the bottom rope that stopped him from crashing to the mats outside.

Ted was given little time to gather himself, Kaze storming over to lift him to his feet, beard first. Trapped in a vice-like facial hair pull, it was quick thinking on Ted's part to avoid the otherwise certain forearm-to-the-nose attack Kaze had wound up for: by stomping on the toes. Kaze took a moment to jump around on the not crushed foot and Teddy tried to groom the ginger beard.

Kaze again tried with the overhand strike, just to be met with a shoulder to the gut. Flipping over the top, Teddy Jacobs tried to take Kaze down with a Sunset Flip - but Kaze had grabbed the second rope. Before Ted was really able figure out what went wrong, a sickening "THWACK!" sound echoed throughout the Arena of Champions. That was the sound of Kaze lighting Ted up with a kick to the back.

Kaze flashes a thumbs up to George while lifting Teddy Jacobs up with the other hand. Ted's shoulders were arched in pain, still. A few quick jabs to the chest backed up Ted. In a quick and violent motion, Kaze pulled Ted forward by the arm and dropped him throat first against the second rope with a drop toe hold. Teddy Jacobs was left draped across the ropes as Kaze walked backward toward the opposite rope.

The crowd cheered with anticipation. To meet their applause, Kaze ran toward, and then stepped on and over Teddy Jacobs. In perhaps the most graceful thing that you will see tonight, Kaze had landed on the floor outside, and bowed down to the jOlt faithful. Once. Twice. Then turned around with an open palm to slap Ted silly.

"Come on ref! That is illegal!" Grady Patrick yelled from across the ring, then up on the apron. The ref walked over to take a little abuse from Grady, or probably just to tell him to get off the apron. Oblivious, Kaze had began an Irish jig for the crowd. With the referee dealing with Grady, Red then rushed Kaze, driving him into the steps - and knocking over George!

Alexander rolled Ken Kaze under the bottom rope just as the ref was turning back to the action. Red pleaded innocence of any wrongdoing, blaming George the Trashcan. Behind the ref, Teddy Jacobs was getting back to his feet. Kaze was, too. Up first, Ted was waiting with a cocked fist. The closed fist rocked Kaze's jaw, but he just returned a jab in response. Back and forth these two traded rights and the crowd was really getting into it. The loved when Kaze got the upper hand and unleashed a barrage for rights, staggering Ted back the ropes. The cheers quick faded to boos.

As Kaze walked in, Ted dropped him with a cutblock. Grady pounded at the mat with words of encouragement as Ted got back to his feet. With Kaze still down and grasping at his knee, Ted took the time to shake out the cob webs and talk a bit of strategy. Ted, Grady and Red huddled and broke the huddle just as fast. Ted walked over to pick of Kaze while Red walked around the ring to re-set George. The plan blew up when Ted jumped back after trying to pick up Kaze.

"He fucking bit me!" he shouted to the ref, holding up his red and purple thumb.

The ref had little chance to respond before Kaze bounded but to his feet and launched into a series of european uppercuts. One after another, he drove Ted back toward a neutral corner. Faking his last uppercut had Ted jumping, just for Kaze to hit him with a dropsault that sent him into the corner.

Kaze walked back to the centre of the ring. He gave a thumbs up to George, a middle finger to Red and ran in to give a leg lariat to Ted in the corner. Ted fell to the ground, but was sitting against the bottom ropes. Looking to inflict more damage Kaze charged back in looking to cave in Ted's head with a pair of knees. At the last second Ted was able to roll out of the way, and Kaze dropped back down, holding the knee again.

Exhausted and maybe concussed, Ted made a slow crawl back toward the outstretch hand of Red. Red just seemed to stretch out even further when Kaze grabbed the left ankle of Ted. Ted's fingers were inches from Red's before Kaze yanked Ted back toward the centre of the ring. Once again Ted got up, hopping on his free leg. A left missed. A right missed. Finally Kaze whipped Ted around in circles and eventually to the ground.

Dizzy, Ted stood back up to see Ken Kaze standing in the middle of the ring, one hand raised up in the air and looking at it. It took a second for Ted to recognize what was happening, the crowd, too. When was the last time you read about a test of strength?

Not one to back down from the challenge, Ted stutter stepped over and met Kaze's hand. They joined the other and the struggle was on. There was a brief back and forth before the larger, stronger Teddy Jacobs gained the advantage. Riding the momentum, Ted forced Kaze to the mat.


Kaze caught on to the count and rolled over. It also broke the finger lock. Getting back to his feet, Kaze is met with a knee lift from Ted and it is back again to the mat.

Tiredly and slow, Ted made his way over to make the tag with Red. The second he did, he got a shot to the back from Kaze. Kaze was unloading with shots before the ref dragged him off, Kaze not knowing a tag had been made.

Alexander Redding's whistling might have changed that.

And if not that, the diving charley horse that Red calls Air Canada would have.

As Red rebounded off the ropes, rolling through the landing, Kaze had just enough time to duck under the otherwise stiff kick that was coming. Thinking one good try with worth another, Red kept the pace and came back looking for another kick. Only he is dropped when Kaze sprung up with a flying crotch to the face! I mean, a hurricanrana.

Red picked his head up just in time for Kaze to unleashing a wicked looking shining wizard kick. He looked almost limp when he crashed back to the mat, face first. He was certainly dead weight when Kaze was trying to roll him onto his shoulders.

Kaze with the cover.




Kaze seemed a little surprised to see Red get up, but he didn't get frustrated. He counted on Red making an awkward attempt to get back to his feet. And Red obliged, first crawling up on his knees, than just one and then...

Bicycle Knee Strike

Just like that, Red was knocked back down and maybe out. Kaze took a moment to shake the damaged knee that he seemed determined to further punish. Crawling on his ass, Kaze made the pin.



Teddy Jacobs started into the ring.

3! No!

At the last second Alexander Redding shot up a shoulder. Ted ducked back to the apron. Kaze was against surprised and maybe a little frustrated this time. He looked to the crowd to get him pumped up. They were just excited to see what offense Kaze would break out next. Stalking back to the slow to his feet Redding, Kaze grabbed him by the hair. But with both hands grabbing at his hair, Red saw an opening and struck with deadly precision, dropping Ken Kaze with a shot to the throat.

With one hand behind Kaze's head and the other behind his own, Red moved toward his corner. His legs looked like wet noodles, but he was able to drag Kaze far enough that Ted could reach in and make the tag. Perhaps as a sign of Red's confusion, he sat on the top rope rather than making his way to the apron.

Ted made his way into the match and beat down Kaze with a few shots before lifting him back up. In one fluid motion Ted had lifted Kaze up for a powerbomb. But rather than drop Kaze immediately, he turned so that Ted was facing Red, sitting on the top rope. Nodding his head, Red sprang up, grabbed at Kaze's shoulders, placed one knee into his spine and jumped at an angle off the top rope with his other leg.

Blow It Out Your Ass!

The powerbomb/backstabber combo left a scene of carnage in the centre of the ring. Red quickly rolled out of the ring in pain while Kaze arched his shoulders on the ground in obvious pain. Digging a forearm into Kaze's jaw, Teddy Jacobs made the pin.



George looked on in horror?



A look out frustration painted Teddy Jacobs an ugly shade of red. That was turned toward confusion when he felt Red reaching over the ropes and tagging himself back in. The two shared some words, with Redding pointing to his chest a few times getting between the ropes. He wanted to finish it.

In the meantime, Kaze had regain his whereabouts and started to make the long hall back to his corner and his partner, the trashcan. He made it half way across the ring when he felt the presence of Alexander Redding ready to pounce. Ken Kaze hopped to his feet and then quickly into an enziguiri that Red ducked. Just as quickly Red rode Kaze to the mat with a standard backstabber.

Red sat on the ring mat, looking out to a capacity crowd firmly against him. Kaze had been in this fight for too many big blows, a tag had to be made, but what could a George do other than confuse the opponents? Before he could finish thinking a fresh chorus of boos cued up, Red sinking in a Regal stretch.

Kaze was made into a pretzel; a pretzel crawling toward the ropes.

Every time he shifted his weight, for every inch forward the crowd just got louder and louder, until he finally made it to the bottom rope. The ref peeled Red away before even a five count.

Ten minutes deep and the former jOlt Ambassador Champion continued to find new reserves. Before Alexander could side step the ref and make it over for a pin attempt, Kaze was to his knees and shoving Red away. Once back in and once pushed back.

Kaze made it back to his feet just to be knocked on his ass, again.

Grady Special No. 2!

The running STO had Redding all fired up. He fed off the boos and looked to see just how loud this crowd could get. He dragged Kaze a few feet toward the centre of the ring and made a gesture of a Christian blessing themselves and a throat slash at the down and dazed Kaze. Taking the offense further, Redding began climbing the ropes, back toward the middle of the ring. He leapt off, twisting into a corkscrew moonsault.

Everyday Oktoberfest!


Kaze had rolled out of the way, and Red hit the mat, hard. If Red had wanted to see just how loud this crowd could get, he might have been knocked out when the biggest pop of the match came with the hot tag to George!

Making his way to the apron, Kaze threw George into the ring, at Red. The barbwired trashcan bounced off the ground just in front of him.

The next minute was full of anticipation as Red laid motionless and George did too. The ref had no choice but to begin the ten count.







Before seven, Redding had made his way back to his feet, as wobbly as that was. He looked sore and stiff, entirely unhappy. That changed when he saw George in the ring. He took a moment to himself to openly laugh the ridiculousness of a garbage can as an opponent. Then he laughed when he saw the win all but guaranteed. He stopped laughing when he couldn't find a way to secure the victory. The barbwire and sporadic nails embedded into the steel meant it was unfavorable to pin and how does a steel garbage can tap out?

Kaze had his hand stretched over the top rope, expecting a tag?

"Count out. Throw it outside!" came the sober thought of Grady Patrick.

Red obliged, picking up George above his head.He slid the thing to the outside and demanded the referee start his count. Before the referee had gotten to one, Kaze stormed the ring and threw Red over the ropes, too.

Anything that looked like order in the match broke down at that point. Teddy Jacobs had entered the ring to meet Kaze, but a wicked clothesline from the Mad Man from Ireland sent them both crashing over the top rope.All four participants were now on the outside and the ref had no more power than to start another ten count.


Ted was the first to his feet, and rocked Kaze with a right hand to the jaw. A left knee followed quickly behind.


Grady Patrick had his intention split between the brawl ringside and Red, the legal man on the floor getting counted out.


Looking to get inventive, Teddy picked up George and lay him down twelve feet in front of Kaze, making it back to his feet.


Ted tried to suplex Kaze onto the trashcan, just to have his first attempt blocked. He tried again.


Again Kaze blocked the suplex, this time reversing it into a snap suplex onto the thinly covered concrete.


Redding was back to his feet, with Grady Patrick giving him an earful and pointing to get back into the ring. Red just shoved away his manager.


From the other side of the ring, Red began stalking Kaze, moving faster the closer he got. With a full head of steam he dove between the bottom and second ropes of the ring, cutting the corner with a suicide dive.


Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

At the last second, Kaze had his trusty teammate and manager up in time for Red to get a face full of barbwire. Behind Kaze Teddy Jacobs was getting back up.


Grady was shouting loud enough for the folks in the cheap seats to hear his frustration loud and clear.

Teddy Jacobs dove at the back of Kaze's leg with another chop block. This forced Kaze to lose his grip of George. George went sailing as Kaze went to the ground.



By some miracle, George landed back inside the ring just before the ref shouted ten. The trashcan had won the PRI Tournament for himself and Kaze!

The crowd loved every moment as "Where's Your Head At?" kicked over the PA system.

Winner: Ken Kaze & George via Countout

Aran Thompson (c) vs Derecho
Adam lazarusJason Rau
We were backstage once again. It seems as if the match for the jOlt Championship has made its way into the catering area! Various superstars were in there, just trying to enjoy their mahi mahi when Derecho came crashing through the catering door.

"OH WHAT THE HELL!?" yelled Jon Le Bon as he sat in the back of the room with a fork full of salad.

Aran stepped into the catering room as Derecho tried to climb up to his feet. Aran charged in and dropped an elbow into the back of Derecho, collpasing him back down to the floor.

Aran stood and grabbed an empty serving tray from off of the cooking line. He walked over to Derecho and...


Thomspon smacked the try over the back of Derecho.




"Stay down!" yelled Aran, but Derecho continued to try and get back up.




Three more times, Aran slammed the serving tray into Derecho's upper back. All of a sudden, something caught Aran's attention.

"SCREW THIS! IT'S PAYBACK TIME!" yelled Le Bon as he charged toward Aran, but...


Aran cracked the serving tray over the head of Le Bon. Le Bon staggered back a few steps and muttered...

"I can see the lights from my latest concert" before he tumbled over onto his back.

Aran grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. He then walked Derecho over to the buffet table and went to bounce his head off of it, but Derecho put the brakes on. Derecho fired a pair of elbows into the side of Aran Thompson, breaking free. Derecho then used a few forearm smashes to the face to retaliate!

Derecho then grabbed Thompson for what seemed like an irish whip, but Thompson swung with a clothesline to try and counter, but Derecho ducked the clothesline and got underneath Aran Thompson...


A big receipt from earlier when Derecho felt the wrath of being suplexed on the men's room floor! Once again, both men were down, but Derecho was squirming. He used all of his might to turn and crawl over to Aran Thompkins... he then collapsed on top of him with a cover!!



Thre... NO!

Aran kicked out again and again Derecho didn't know what to make of it!

Derecho slowly staggered back to his feet. He then took a look around the now empty catering hall... well.. except for the body of one Jon Le Bon... and noticed that the room was filled with familiar friends....

Steel Chairs.

Derecho's eyes widened as a grin came over his face. Derecho walked over and grabbed one of the, what seemed like, hundreds of steel chairs and folded it up. He tapped it on the floor and dared Aran Thompson to get back to his feet.

Aran did so slowly. He first got to his hands and knees, his feet almost slipping on wasted food, but he did end up pulling himself back up to a vertical base. Aran staggered as he turned around as Derecho swung for the fences, but Aran played possum and ducked out of the way! Derecho's swing was so hard that when he missed, it caused him to stagger forward. Aran shuffled back and when Derecho turned around...



Aran just super kicked the chair right into Derecho's face! Derecho was down! Derecho was out! Aran Thompson saw his chance to retain the jOlt Championship!





Another very close nearfall as Derecho kicked out!

Aran had had enough! He had a surge of adrenaline as he pulled Derecho back up to his feet.. he then placed Derecho in position for the Icarus Switch, but Derecho had enough strength to counter that with a hip toss! Aran smacked hard on the floor and then tried to get back up, but Derecho leapt into the air and caught him with a CCS Enzugiri!

It was now Derecho who had the cover!




Aran kicked out and now Derecho had a surge of adrenaline. He grabbed Aran and pulled him up. He then lifted Aran and Flapjacked him right on top of one the tables, but like a Japanese table, it just sat there and laughed at Aran, refusing to break. You could hear the loud and audible "UGH" as Aran slammed down onto the table. Derecho then had an idea as he went over and hopped up onto an adjacent table.

The table was sturdy enough that it wouldn't tip, giving Derecho confidence. Derecho then took two good steps forward and he leapt from the top of one table to the other...


Since the other table didn't break, Derecho and Aran's bodies just kind of slid off the table and onto the floor from the force of the impact. Derecho and Aran laid side by side once again, both in tremendous pain and both with their adrenaline rushes subdued. The referee checked on both men as again, the scene faded to black.

Winner: To Be Concluded

Omega vs Landon Stevens
Adam lazarusAdam lazarus

The lights in the Arena of Champions started to flicker out before fading to black.


A series of strobe lights flickered throughout the arena as "Your God" by Stone Sour blared through the speakers in the arena. The fans erupted in jeers as Landon Stevens emerged at the top of the entrance way. The fans could be heard clearly over the music.


They hated Stevens for his cockiness and his demeanor. The undefeated Stevens made his way towards the ring but stopped in the middle of the ramp before running full speed and sliding in under the bottom rope as he entered the ring. Stevens leaped to his feet and made his way to the corner where he awaited his opponent.

The Arena of Champions grew silent as Steven’s music faded out.

The lights in the arena faded to black as "Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the big man Omega made his way from backstage. The fans in attendance jeered him as his made his way to the ring. Omega entered the ring as he looked over at Stevens and the two men met in the middle of the ring as the lights flickered and came back on.

Omega and Stevens stood in the middle of the ring staring each other down just waiting for the other to make a move. These two men have hated each other for years, ever since Landon Stevens was the Scorpion Fighting champion in ACW. Stevens had something to prove, he is not the same person he used to be.




The bell sounded and Stevens went to town as he connected with a hard right hand to the face of Omega. Omega responded with a shot of his own as the two began exchanging blows like it was a Brett Favre and Peyton Manning touchdown competition. Omega tried to take control as the two locked up and he whipped Stevens into the ropes. Stevens ducked under a clothesline attempt only to be dropped to the canvas by a spine buster on the second bounce back.

Omega moved back to his feet and grabbed Stevens by his hair and pulled him off the canvas. Omega whipped Stevens into the corner so hard that Stevens bounced off into the middle of the ring. Stevens slowly moved to his knees holding his back in pain. Omega moved towards Stevens and went to pick him up only to be knocked down as Stevens swept his feet from under him. Stevens immediately moved back to his feet and went for a standing moonsaulte only to be met with Omega’s knees to the sternum. Omega rolled back to his feet and smiled as the downed Stevens before picked him up. Omega grabbed Stevens by the throat for a chokeslam only to be met with several kicks to the ribs. Omega still wouldn’t let go of Stevens. Stevens continued to fight until he finally connected with a kick to the side of the head on Omega. Stevens gasps for air as he backed away. Omega came running at him and connected with a clothesline, Stevens jumped back to his feet only to be met with another clothesline and once again Stevens wouldn’t stay down as Omega lunged at him for another only for Stevens to duck under and bounce off the ropes.


Omega connected with a devastating big boot to the face of Danger Red. Omega wasted little time as he picked the downed Stevens up off the mat and once again grabbed him by the throat.


Omega wasn’t playing around and wanted to end this contest as soon as he could. Omega went for a rare cover.




Stevens managed to get the shoulder up before the final slap of the canvas. Omega was shocked and moved back to his feet grabbing the downed Stevens by the hair. Omega picked Stevens up in the air with a Gorilla Press and tossed him to the outside of the ring.


Stevens bounced off the lightly padded floor on the outside.

Omega quickly followed and picked the beaten down Stevens up off the floor. Stevens found a little bit of energy and connected with several martial arts kicks to the ribs of the bigger Omega. Stevens ended his fury of kicks with a round house kick to the side of the head of Omega, but it only staggered the beast. Stevens in shock followed up once more with a hard super kick to the jaw forcing Omega to his knees. The quick and talented Stevens wasted no time as he connected with a shining wizard to the fallen Omega. Stevens made his way up the ring steps before climbing up to the top rope as Omega slowly moved back to his feet.


Omega made it back to his feet as Stevens leaped off the top rope with a crossbody splash only to be caught by his foe. Omega rammed Stevens back first into the steel ring post before kicking over the top ring steps and slamming Stevens down onto the second set with a power slam.


The crowd wrenched at the sound of flesh meeting cold hard steel. Omega stood tall as the official ran to the outside to check on Stevens only to be pushed away as he asked him if he was ok. Stevens rolled off onto the floor and tried to crawl over to the guard rail only to be pulled back by Omega as he grabbed one of Steven’s feet. Omega laughed as he pulled Stevens up to his feet and set him up in a headlock as he went for a DDT, but Stevens blocked it as he connected with a knee to the midsection of Omega and grabbed him by head and set him up for a DDT of his own. Stevens quickly snapped back and slammed Omega headfirst onto the outside floor. Before Omega even had time to recover Stevens moved to his feet and connected with a standing moonsault. Stevens then held his midsection as he rolled off his fallen foe. Stevens then moved over to the time keepers table and grabbed a steel chair.

Stevens moved around the official and moved towards Omega only to be met with a hard clothesline sending him crashing to the hard ringside floor. Omega picked up the down Stevens and went to hit him with a short arm clothesline only for Stevens to duck under and connected with a devastating super kick that only staggered Omega. Omega smirked and went to attack Stevens with a spear only to be met with a drop toe hold that sent Omega face first into the ring steps. Stevens leaped back to his feet and grabbed Omega by his fucked up hair cut and pulled him to his feet. Stevens attempted to slam Omega head first into the steel ring post only to be met with a hard right punch. The two then started to exchange blows.

Right from Stevens.

Left from Omega

A left from Stevens

Another right from Omega.

The two started to move around the ring as they exchanged blows. Finally Omega grabbed Stevens and threw him over the guard rail into the crowd before climbing over. Security started to push the fans away as they circled the two stars.

Stevens connected with a hard kick to the groin of Omega as he moved in closer. Stevens then set Omega up in a headlock.


Stevens connected with hard DDT onto the concrete flooring. Stevens went for the cover.




Omega threw Stevens off of him with all the strength he could muster up. Omega slowly rolled to his feet as Stevens hunched over on his knees in pain as he face planted the concrete floor. Omega punt kicked Stevens in the ribs forcing him to his back. Omega then connected with a fury of stomps until Stevens finally rolled out of the way. Omega grabbed the mid length hair of Stevens and pulls him to his feet. Stevens held his ribs in pain as Omega took a swing only to have it blocked by the quick Stevens. Stevens connected with a blow of his own as the two once again exchanged punches.

Rights by Stevens

Lefts by Omega

Right by Stevens

Left by Omega

The two battled through the crowd and back towards the ring. Omega gained control and whipped Stevens hard into the steel guard rail once again. Omega went for a big boot only to have Stevens duck under and Omega railed himself between the legs.

With Omega’s leg draped over the guard rail, Stevens connected with a beautiful spinning heel kick as Omega tried to free himself. Omega fell to the concrete floor. Stevens grabbed a chair from one of the fans and began to beat Omega senseless. The camera zoomed in on Omega to see a smile on his face as he was laughing. Stevens continued his onslaught.




Omega continued to laugh as Stevens connected with heavy chair shots. Omega finally grabbed the chair and ripped it out of Steven’s hands. Omega kicked Stevens away from him and moved back to his feet. Omega whipped back the chair in hand.


Omega connected with a hard shot to the skull of Stevens. The Rising Star fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Omega wasn’t done with Stevens as he dragged him across the floor through the crowd over to the pyrotechnics station by the stage. Stevens still laid motionless as Omega picked him up off the floor. Omega whipped Stevens hard into the side of the stage. Stevens was unresponsive to anything from the official.





Omega grabbed Stevens up off the floor as the official was counting Stevens down, obviously Omega didn’t want this match to end just yet. Omega picked Stevens up and hoisted him up onto his shoulders into an Argentine backbreaker.



Stevens countered with a head scissors take down as Omega went for The End.




No one in the Arena of Champions saw this coming, everyone thought Stevens was done for. A look of shock was found on every face in the building, even the official wasn’t sure what the hell just happened. Both men laid motionless as they caught their breathe. Stevens was the first to his feet as Omega and his body were in shock as to what just transpired. Stevens grabbed Omega by the arm and guided him to his feet. The big man though pushed Stevens away from him. Stevens ran at Omega only to be caught and slammed to the hard floor with a powerslam. Stevens body smacked against the concrete floor and Omega went for the cover.




Stevens managed to kick out of the pin attempt from Omega. A frustrated Omega grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Omega went to once again hoist Stevens up in the air but Stevens connected with a hard knee to the face of the big man. Omega staggered and Stevens connected with a quick uppercut that forced the big man back even more. Stevens didn’t waste any time as he drop kicked Omega into the side of the stage. The sound of Omega’s back and head bouncing off the hard steel echoed throughout the arena. Stevens grabbed an electrical cable and wrapped it around the throat of Omega.

"Didn’t think of this one did you? Didn’t even think I would either… did you? You say the days of ACW are in the past… You think this about that? This is about proving I am the best. I AM THE BEST!!!!!" Stevens spoke into Omega’s ear as he choked him.

Omega grabbed the cable from around his neck and tugged on it just enough to force Stevens closer, Omega grabbed Stevens and flung him over his back. Omega then began to stomp the hell out of Stevens. Omega then grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. Omega whipped Stevens into the side of the ramp way. Stevens wrenched in pain as he bounced off and fell to his knees. Omega wasted little time continuing his attack as he connected with a huge big boot to the downed Stevens. The big man stood over Stevens and laughed as he bent down and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Omega went to hoist Stevens onto his shoulders but Stevens connected with a knee to the face, Omega dropped Stevens and staggered back. Stevens then connected with a spinning heel kick. Stevens went for a cover.





Omega powered his way out of the pin attempt. Both men moved back to their feet, the two started exchanging blows they battled back through the crowd. Both competitors were swinging with all their power trying to gain control. Finally Omega connected with a hard right that staggered Stevens back into the crowd and onto a chair. Stevens smiled and wiped the blood from his lip and moved back to his feet. Both men continued to exchange lefts and rights all the way up the stairs to the next level of fans.

Right by Stevens.

Left by Omega.

Right by Stevens

Left by Omega

Right by Omega

Left by Stevens

Both men continued the assault on each other until they were right near a railing. Stevens connected with a clothesline and both men fell over the railing onto the hard concrete flooring on the bottom level of fans.

The official quickly ran down and checked on both competitors.

Neither of them were answering the official. He signaled for the bell as paramedics rushed to the area.

This battle has ended in a double knockout. These two competitors came to fight and a fight they brought as once again the match ended in a no decision.

Winner: Double Knockout

"When Reality Hits"


Backstage, Xin Xin Xiong finally caught up with Desiree. He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around.

"Just what the hell was that out there!? What exactly are you trying to pull!? I taught you better than that. You are going to go find Charlotte and apologize for showing her that kind of disrespect."

Desiree shook her head..

"No", she muttered.

Xiong stood there in shock.

"I am not accepting no as an answer from you. I taught you discipline.. I taught you about respect. You WILL show....

Xiong was cut off by Desiree.

"You taught me NOTHING" yelled Desiree in his face.

"All you did was fill my head with hopes and dreams.. saying I could be the next Aria Murphy. You taught me basics.. you taught me strikes.. but you didn't teach me ENOUGH to win. If you had done your job as a teacher, I would be the Starlet Champion right NOW! Instead... I'm just a loser with no gold... and it's all YOUR FAULT"

Xiong did one of the most controversial and questionable things on broadcast television.


Xiong just slapped Desiree across the face.

"Far be it for me to hit a woman, but contrary to political correctness, there are times where it is justified. Consider that disciplinary action for your disrespect to Charlotte.. your disrespect to Aria Murphy who is supposed to be your idol.. and moreso.. disrespect to ME for dedicating all of my time molding you into a professional wrestler."

Xiong took a brief moment as Desiree held her face.

"Let me remind you that you almost caused this company to have a lawsuit by not only LYING on your application that you were a trained wrestler.. but you legitimately pissed off Vogue Gonsalvez by almost killing her in your debut match. Vogue plays a tough character on television, but backstage in real life, she's a sweetheart.. and you almost cost her a job because if you had injured her, she wouldn't be able to work.. she wouldn't be able to feed her family.. NONE OF THAT."

Xiong paused and continued as Desiree looked away from him.

"I came to The Hype in order to have a match. I was invited by Shayne Anderson for a one time appearance, but I saw something in you when I got there.. I truly saw the next Aria Murphy inside of you. I called off my payday.. I threw away MY paycheck and decided to train you.. on my OWN TIME.. and my OWN MONEY. I gave months of time and dedication to YOU.. not anyone else... to YOU. Now this is the thanks I get?"

Xiong sighed as he took a step back.

"I understand losing after the run you had is tough... but I'm going to chop this up to immaturity and inexperience. I'm going to be at The Hype on October 7th... if you show up.. I know you'll be sorry for the things you've just said to me. If you don't.. then I hope that what I am about to say will weight heavy on your conscience."

Desiree looked at Xiong out of the corner of her eye.

"You were only LUCKY to have made it to this part. You are far from a true professional wrestler and, to be honest, you are nowhere near good enough to hang with anyone. You can accept the loss, come back and do more training.. or you can take that ego of yours with you back to the ring and enjoy a nice losing streak until jOlt feels that you're not worth a damn and tosses your ass back out onto the streets."

"The choice is yours"

Xiong walked away as Desiree stood there, the scene fading to black.

The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs The Crimson Order
Adam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarusAdam lazarus

Coming up next was a battle for the prestigious jOlt Tag Team Titles that had been many weeks in the making. After making bold proclamations and defending their titles twice on one week after winning them at Theives Honor, The Heirs of Wrestling had proclaimed dominance over the tag team division. That was until a new force decided to step up to the plate and make their names known.

The Crimson Order – Takeshi and Heido – were pupils of Ninja K who had been on the hunt for gold following their master’s win of the Underground Championship. They haven’t taken too kindly to the bold words of the cocky young champions and for weeks, stalked the champions who ducked them at every turn. When a sneak attack failed, a six-man tag was booked on the last edition of Warriors that saw The Crimson Order and Eiji Kugasari hand The Heirs a RARE loss in six-man tag team matches. With the momentum fully on their side, could The Crimson Order finally follow Ninja K’s lead or will The Heirs of Wrestling finally have an answer for their dominant challengers?

Brad Arnold was in the middle of the ring getting ready to read off the introductions as the jOlt Tag Team Title graphic appeared in the middle of the screen for those folks at home.

“The following bout is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and this is for the JOLT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

The crowd cheered for the announcement as the ring lights started to fade out.

’Rise of the Young Guns’ by Cliff Lin

The music triggered the downcast of luminescence & the billowing overcast throughout the entire entrance staging area. The masses responded with a turbulent mixed reaction as both the jOltvision monitors displayed visual ballad of Japanese precision, martial arts technique & violence. Camera Ten panned back to reveal the entire entrance staging area encompassed in billowing smoke. A notable pop was heard as Mamoru was seen standing with a broad stance while igniting the ass end of a cigarette. A few expulsions of smoke before slowly raising both hands upward, prompting two rising spires of rolling smoke.

The image of both Heido & Takeshi standing erect on the opposing sides of the staging area. Takeshi donned the elaborate Kendo Mask & brandishing his Kanabo along side him. Heido stood stoically with his tattered Coolie Hat lowered at an angle. The dancing lights overhead continued to stir the masses as The Order pivoted casually in unison & made their way behind Mamoru towards the squared circle. Heido held his ground near the ring steps as the Mute Mountain set his weapon against the steps before making his ascent to casually remove his mask & set it atop the turnbuckle. The shadowy assassin gradually made his way onto the ring apron to face the crowd. Mamoru was carefully to remove his coolie hat, Heido’s black mane descended as his hat was taken by Mamoru before musical introduction fell out of earshot.

The 6’5” and 270-pound Heido combined with the 6’10” and 320-pound Takeshi made them an incredibly deadly force in the ring. While reactions to the Crimson Order as a whole had been mostly mixed at best, they were set to be the favorites tonight especially because their opponents were… well, they were complete dickheads.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

Mack Brody was there only briefly and patted his teammates on their shoulders before hesitantly leaving to the back. Mack Brody had a big match ahead of him, getting to be in his first main event competing in the Open Season match for a future title shot at The Underground Championship.

The Heirs hit the ring while Sarah Winterton stood proud and watched her boys. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway raised the tag titles high overhead for all to see and they even made sure The Crimson Order could see it. They handed their belts to the referee Darius Underwood who raised the belts for all to see. The bell rang so Brad Arnold could begin the intros.

“Introducing the challengers in the corner to my left. Being led by their manager, Mamoru; weighting a total combined weight of 605 pounds...From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan... Heido and Takeshi… THE CRIMSON ORDER!”

Heido raised a solitary fist in the air to some cheers from the crowd while the giant Takeshi stood silent. The Mute Mountain was ready for a fight.

“And their opponents, they are accompanied this evening by “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton…” The crowd booed as Sarah Winterton waved to the crowd. “…at a combined weight of 441 pounds… They are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… They are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Frank and Ryan were hesitant to get into the ring but they mustered up the confidence amongst themselves that they could win this match tonight.


Underwood had picked up the Tag Titles while The Mute Mountain stood his ground unwavering in his abilities. The Crimson Order already notched one victory over The Heirs but could they do it again?

Ryan Gallway was starting things off which seemed a bit odd considering the size difference between the two competitors. As Darius crossed by him, he suddenly snatched one of the Tag Titles and went to smack him with it!


Just like The Heirs had done to get themselves disqualified against The Crimson Order back on Warriors 23, The Hipster Heartthrob tried the trick again only this time Takeshi was ready for it. Mamoru was on the outside shaking his head that the cocky young kids would stoop to such tactics despite their great abilities as a team.

The crowd was firmly behind The Crimson Order here tonight as Takeshi advanced on Ryan Gallway. He yanked him up to his feet and pinned Gallway in the corner before firing off a series of alternating back elbows to the face of the Prince of Precision. After he was done getting mauled in the corner, the Mute Mountain quickly grabbed Ryan by the head and straight up THREW him halfway across the ring!

The freaky strength of the 6’10” and 320-pound Takeshi served him well. Frank Silver and Sarah Winterton were each sweating bullets that their opening salvo had backfired.

Takeshi stood his ground while Ryan tried getting to his feet. Takeshi moved with surprising speed, but the Prince of Precision was just a little bit quicker as he ducked under a grapple attempt only to fire off a succession of quick Shoot Kicks to the leg of the giant. He then jumped upwards…

20422 SPECIAL!

It really wasn’t anything but a slap to the face… not a figurative one. Gallway had literally jumped up and slapped the giant in the face if nothing else than to be a dick. Gallway flashed a toothy grin to the booing crowd then glanced to Mamoru and thrusted in his general direction.

“Suck these intergalactic nines, Pat Morita!” Gallway laughed.

He turned around to face the angered Takeshi as he came barreling towards him a second time. Once again Gallway had moved out of the way…

20422 SPECIAL!

“Ry-no, what the FUCK are you doing?” Frank asked his partner.

The Crimson Order had given their share of headaches to the Heirs of Wrestling and agitating the giant by slapping him twice was going to do him no favors. Gallway seemed to think different and held two fingers up to the crowd to show that he had just done it twice. Takeshi was all sorts of pissed now and charged again when Gallway went low and caught him by the leg with a Front Dropkick! The giant was stopped when Gallway connected a second time finally bringing Takeshi more to his level.

The Mute Mountain was on his knees when Gallway bounced off the ropes trying for something resembling a Shining Wizard. Whatever it was was not good because Takeshi CAUGHT him in mid-move and now paraded Ryan around the ring. The Heiress could do nothing but shake her head while Frank buried his face in his palms.

Gallway was dropped HARD across the knee of Takeshi with a Rib Breaker but the Mute Mountain wasn’t done. He held Gallway in place and simply TOSSED him over his shoulder until he collided with the canvas with a modified spinning slam. The Prince of Precision crashed and burne the hard way while Mamoru clapped and supported his pupils.

The massive students of Ninja K had been waiting for this opportunity and would not squander the opportunity to bring more gold into their camp. He picked up Gallway off the canvas like a small child (easy to fucking do considering the size difference) and paraded him around the mat with a Gorilla Press. He held up Gallway for a good while as the crowd was impressed with the giant’s strength. He even let go and held him ONE ARMED before he simply dropped him to the canvas with a splat!

The Prince of Precision was in a very bad place now that The Crimson Order’s dominant mountain had completely overpowered him. Ryan was coughing up air when Takeshi picked him up again. The giant had a broad smile across his face when he raised his arm up and raked his taped fist across Ryan’s jawline until he really felt it. After he was done with that, he grabbed Gallway by the arm and simply hoisted him over with a big thunderous Release Suplex! He turned over and went for the cover on Gallway.




The first fall attempted in the match was a very close one! Frank and Sarah each watched on as Gallway was grabbed by the throat and tossed into the corner. He reached to the outstretched hand of Heido and tagged the 6’5” 270-pounder into the ring. The two giants showed some good tandem work as Takeshi whipped his own partner into a Running Back Elbow in the corner followed shortly by a running Corner Clothesline by Takeshi! Gallway went splat once again on the canvas while the warrior Heido went into action.

Heido locked on a cravate submission and continued to keep the neck of Gallway in place until he added some moves to it and fired off a few upward knee strikes to the head of the Prince of Precision. The fans continued to cheer as Heido brought them up before he threw Gallway up and over with a Cravate-style Suplex! Gallway went flying and Heido quickly went in for another cover.




Gallway kicked out again but this time the pace was being completely dominated by The Crimson Order.

“Keep on him,” Mamoru ordered.

Heido nodded and slapped on a claw-like submission going right into the neck of Gallway. Ryan struggled to free himself when he was being kept down. He took Ryan to task and continued to barrel a series of knees right into the gut before going for another Suplex variation. When he tried to lift Gallway up at the apex of the move, Gallway brought down a harsh pair of knees to the face to make him let go. Gallway scurried away and made the tag into Frank before leaving the ring.

Silver leapt into action and went right at Heido with a stiff volley of Knife-Edge Chops to the chest of the warrior. He then turned Heido around and muscled him into the corner of the Heirs when Frank started unloaded on him with a series of stomps to the chest. Heido tried fighting back against the numbers of Gallway and Silver by hitting both men with elbows and kicks of his own.

He managed to fight his way out of the corner just barely when Frank clocked him underneath the jaw with a Running European Uppercut! The Sovereign Superman then muscled Heido back into the corner and fired off about three more EuroCuts underneath the jaw in an effort to weaken him.

“YOU’RE IN OUR WORLD NOW, ASSHOLE!” Frank yelled right into Heido’s face.

He then charged back a few steps before the Margrave Digger followed up with another big kick to the chest. The wind was knocked out of Heido’s sails while Frank walked over and high-fived Ryan and then took a kiss on the cheek from Sarah Winterton.

Frank turned back to Heido, but to his surprise the battle-tested Ninja K pupil fired back with a HARD Knife-Edge Chop of his own that was hard enough to debilitate the bigger Silver. Ryan tried to grab Heido by the arm but he turned around and ate a kick

to the chest that knocked Ryan off the apron! Heido was fighting back yet again when the Baron of Ballistics approached him and clocked him with a right before going for the Irish whip. He reversed that and sent Frank off the rope when Ryan reached out and made the blind tag to get into the ring. The attempt at a quick clothesline missed, but when he came back the big Head and Arm Suplex did not…


The crowd supported Heido as he stood his ground with Mamoru and Takeshi watching. The Hipster Heartthrob jumped into the ring and tried to catch Heido from behind with a Leg Lariat but the bigger man shoved him away. Gallway tried to stand and when he did, he got ROCKED with a tooth-chipping Roaring Elbow to the face!

A few replays showed the high-impact move from many angles, including one in slow motion where Ryan got socked by the oncoming elbow from Heido. Once Gallway was knocked silly from the shot, Takeshi raised an arm and gestured for the tag which he got.

Gallway was at the mercy of the merciless monsters (see what I did there?) and ate stereo headbutts against the ring ropes. Takeshi and Heido had been dominant so far and continued their assault as Takeshi made the tag back to Heido. He tried set up Gallway for a move in the corner and looked for a running Face wash…


But Sarah Winterton had pulled Gallway out of the ring! The Heiress had helped her guys by getting The Prince of Precision out of danger. Heido didn’t take kindly to the interference and gave chase to the Tag Team Champion. Gallway and Winterton tried to run from the bigger Heido…


They didn’t see Frank Silver come to the aid of the big man and he got clobbered big time! The crowd was all over Frank Silver for what he had done, but he stood his ground and got back to his feet. The Heirs had finally found their opening and once they had capitalized on that, they were as dangerous as they come.

“YEAH, BITCH!” Ryan screamed in his best Jesse Pinkman impression.

Ryan tagged back to Frank Silver and the de facto leader of the Heirs casually stood over Heidlo. He turned over and flashed a quick fangul over to Mamoru and Takeshi before ramming his boot right down on the head of Heido. Takeshi wanted so bad to come over there and take the Heirs out, but Underwood was keeping the rules fair for both teams.

Heido tried standing up when Frank grabbed him by his neck. He forced him back to the Heirs’ corner and began to unload a flurry of European Uppercuts that were an eight on the Cesaroian Uppercut Scale. Four shots caught him underneath the chin and Silver even threw in some stomps to the chest for good measure.

The Baron of Ballistics tagged into Ryan and the two men quickly went to work with some of their famous double-teaming. Frank kicked him in the chest while Ryan ran off the ropes to deliver a Running Front Dropkick to the knee. Silver held him in place with a Camel Clutch while Ryan ran off and landed a Handspring backflip before jumping right into a HARD Dropkick to the exposed face of Heido!

The warrior was down now while Frank and Ryan patted each other on the back over how cool their moves were… no, seriously, they did just that. Frank ran over and delivered a running forearm to Takeshi on the apron while Ryan covered Heido.




Heido powered out and brushed Gallway off of him, so he headed to the ring apron. The Japanese warrior was trying to rise when Gallway was heading up top. As he stood there, Frank tagged in and then Ryan jumped…


Flying Double Knee Strike to the seated Heido knocked him down as Frank hit the inside of the ring. He looked out to the crowd and then turned to Mamoru and Takeshi to extend his royal pinky.


The Margrave Digger raised the hand in the air before he DROPPED a Flash Elbow across the chest of Heido, completing the YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE! After connecting with the move, Frank rolled over and casually went in for the lateral press.




Heido wasn’t going down and he wasn’t going to stop; not when they had a chance to become jOlt Tag Team Champions. Frank furiously dropped a volley of right hands into the face of Heido until Underwood ordered him to back off.

Frank stood up and grabbed Heido by the waist before he struggled. He tried lifting Heido… he did it! He managed to get the 270-pound warrior off the canvas and DEADLIFTED him over into a Gutwrench Suplex!

Impressive strength on display from Frank Silver and the crowd even responded to it with a few cheers. He had once done the same to a 330-pound Sam Sweet. Frank had power behind his moves. Those cheers were quickly drowned out by booing when Frank stood up and yelled to the crowd.

“Hold your fake applause, bitches!”

Silver turned over and pressed a boot down on the jugular of Heido while he reached over and once again tagged Ryan Gallway. The Pirahna of the Heirs quickly slingshotted over the ropes and delivered a stomp right to the exposed face of Heido! He rolled and held his face in pain while Frank left the ring, allowing for Gallway to continue his assault.

He pulled Heido up by the hair only for the warrior to fire back with a series of jabs to Ryan while he was on his knees. Gallway fired back and BLASTED him in the chest with a vicious kick. Ryan vicious fired back with three more kicks until he headed out to the ring apron again for a big Springboard Splash! Gallway was now gunning for the win again!



THR…. Takeshi with the save!

A quick stomp to the back of the head from Takeshi caught Ryan Gallway upside the head and stunned him after breaking up the cover. One third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions rubbed the back of his head in pain while Heido tried to get away to his corner.

“Ryan… TRIPLE CROWN!” Frank shouted.

Ryan nodded as the Heirs looked to finish things for good. Ryan made the tag to Frank and both Heirs sent Heido flying into the corner as they prepared themselves for their double-team finisher. Ryan tried going forward with the first part—a running dropkick – but Heido blocked it by swatting him out of the way! Frank got pissed and ran at him, but Heido was ready…


The Running Knee to the jaw caught Frank Silver and now both men were down. Heido was a tough, tough man but now he needed to make the tag in a very bad way.

“GO, TAKESHI! Clap clap clapclapclap!

GO, TAKESHI! Clap clap clapclapclap!

GO, TAKESHI! Clap clap clapclapclap!

GO, TAKESHI! Clap clap clapclapclap!

GO, TAKESHI! Clap clap clapclapclap!”

The Heiress would’ve bit her nails if she didn’t think that was gross. But she was panicking nevertheless while Heido crawled over to the corner. He charged at the corner while a very groggy Frank made the tag over to Ryan. Ryan got into the ring first just as Heido was about to get to the corner, but the cruiserweight got kicked away! Heido was almost there…


The near seven-footer was in the ring now and the complexion of the match was about to change in a very bad way for The Heirs of Wrestling.

The Mute Mountain had rushed right into the ring and charged at him with a Running Back Elbow to the face of Ryan Gallway that sent him spinning around before he hit the canvas in a big mess! Takeshi kneeled over and went right into the cover!




Ryan Gallway just BARELY kicked out of the move! Takeshi was far from done as the Mute Mountain went right to work with the crowd cheering them on. He grabbed Ryan by the arm and launched him across the ring into the Crimson Order’s corner. Frank snuck up behind him and clobbered him with a forearm to the back. When he tried the whip himself Takeshi reversed it and sent Frank Silver into the other side. Both Heirs were stacked up…


Takeshi then motioned over to the other side of the ring and charged right at Ryan Gallway…


Gallway slumped over into the corner while Takeshi stood tall in the center of the ring with the fans on their side. He ran off the ring ropes when Frank tried to get up back from the onslaught only to eat a nasty Push Kick right to the chest! He picked up Gallway now and set him up in his arms for something big. He hoisted him up for the Powerbomb only for Gallway to slide out the proverbial back and land on his feet. When Takeshi turned around…


The Springboard Gamengiri was strong enough to at least stun the monster as he wobbled around the ring. Gallway stood back up again and ran off the ropes a second time looking for a second Quasar Kick to put him out of his misery…



The Release Buckle Bomb sent Ryan Gallway colliding HARD into the turnbuckle! That had to do it! Takeshi pulled The Intergalactic Space Cowboy out of the corner and went into the cover. That had to do it!




At the count of what had to be two-point nine-five, Frank Silver just barely dropped the elbow across the back of The Mute Mountain’s skull. Frank looked on proudly as he stood up only for Heido to go out of the ring and push the Tag Team Champion through the ropes!

Heido went after Frank Silver when Sarah Winterton jumped on the ring apron to distract them. He went for Winterton and showed no hesitation in being rid of her when Frank Silver struck back and chopped the leg out from under him, sending him crashing hard on the ring apron!

Back inside the ring Takeshi was about to finish off Ryan Gallway as he went for something big. He was looking for his finishing move that he called the Hanzo’s Hammer and the fans knew it was coming…


Frank had snuck into the ring while the referee was disposed with Heido and Sarha Winterton on the outside! The crowd jeered after the brutal belt shot collided with his skull. Frank cocked the belt back and blasted him in the face a second time! The two shots were strong enough to bring The Mute Mountain to his knees while the crowd continued to boo the Heirs!

Frank ditched the evidence when the woozy Gallway made the tag over to his partner. He ran inside the ring to finish the job that he started on Takeshi as the groggy Gallway made it to the corner. Frank grabbed Takeshi by the arm…


The Springboard Missile Dropkick by Gallway led into the Snap Reverse STO by Frank! Silver took some effort but he got the mountain called Takehsi over and hooked the leg.


Heido was starting to come around…


He made it into the ring…


One second too late…

Frank rolled away from the wrathful Heido and headed outside the ring as he, Gallway and Sarah Winterton snuck away with the Tag Team Titles in tow! By hook or by crook, The Heirs of Wrestling had been through a virtual war with Ninja K’s finest warriors but had somehow lived to tell the tale.


Frank had collapsed on the ramp in a heap while Sarah Winterton and a limping Ryan Gallway made it to safety heading up the ramp. Mamoru was incensed that The Heirs had managed to steal away the victory tonight when the titles had been close to becoming theirs on several occasions.

By now Takeshi had sat up, nursing a throbbing head after the repeated headshots from the Tag Title belt had done him in. The expression of pain and frustration was clear on his face while Heido and Mamoru tended to their ally.

The Tag Team Champions had survived their fourth defense of the belts since winning them at Theives Honor, but after a very close battle like tonight, one had to wonder just how much more luck The Heirs could have and when their time could run out.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Open Census"

The Arena of Champions quickly became filled with the enthusiastic cheers from the masses as the lulling beat, thumbing rhythmically from the PA system was accentuated by the intentional flashing of strobe lighting. Cameras Twenty through Twenty Seven took turns offering several angles as the notable mechanical sounds triggered the gradual descent of the double tiers cage.

Buhrman: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this is a promotional first. A two tier cage, weighting in over 6.5 tons of unrepentant steel & mesh. As we can see the infused cages being lowered as we speak.”

Powers: “I’m actually looking forward to this, Buhrman; I managed to find some archived footage on this match on the eWrestlingtainment channel...Mike; it was crazy. Nothing like I’ve ever seen in all my years in this industry.”

Buhrman: “Indeed. Thankfully, we have the pleasure of calling this match at a respectable distance as well as our esteemed colleagues, Carlos Pena & J. Martinez II”...

The elder commentator in Carlos Pena was wearing a Black tailor made suit with a Gold Silk Tie as J. Martinez II is seen removing his Black Pin Stripped Zoot Suit Jacket to reveal his Red Long Sleeve Pin Stripped Shirt with a Black Silk Tie.

Pena: “¡Bienvenido! Llegamos a su casa para presentar Cataclysm con la Open Season temido Partido por el número uno contendiente para el Campeonato de Lucha Libre sacudida Underground!”

Martinez II: “¡Sí! Mira esta multitud capasity listo para la jaula de doble capa de la violencia para demostrar que está listo para desafiar al actual campeón del metro, Ninja K, pero el número uno es ahora forman seguro incluso si encuentran una manera de ganar este partido...”

Powers: “As mentioned, things will not be easy for the winner of this contest as they much defend their right to remain the Number One Contender.”

Buhrman: “That’s right, Nate. An interesting twist in the Underground Championship division which has been keeping many talking. Others anxious for the opportunity to stake their claim at such a great yet risky opportunity.”

The innovatively elaborate wire & pulley system ensured the massive cell remained steady before its descent was intentionally halted. Several air horns were overheard blaring within the stands at random as the cage walls were pried apart to set the massive cell erect before initiating Stage 3 of the cell fortification process.

Buhrman: “Gentlemen, I got to ask before this match gets underway; Who is your respective choices to come out as the winner of this contest? Starting with Carlos...”

Pena: “I choose Tyke.” The talking heads nodded in response as Nate Powers scoffed at the possibility. “Many underestimate him. This isn’t the Tyke we have been used to seeing for many years. He’s more edgy. There is a that sense of ruthlessness and I see him as the dark horse favorite to catch everyone off guard. I argue that he definitely has a point to prove and walk out of here the winner tonight.”

Buhrman: “Now Nate, we noticed that you don’t agree with his choice. Why is that?”

Powers: “Yeah. Because Pena’s choice sucks. Tyke is not remembered as an Underground nor Hardcore type of wrestler. He’s an established Technical & High Flying hybrid of a wrestler and slamming a He-Man lunch box on top of a man’s head doesn’t make you Hardcore overnight.”

Pena: “I disagree, Powers. The Tyke Shot has a significant body count throughout Tyke’s career and his move set alone makes him more than capable of being a strong contender in this contest and the Underground division itself. Tyke is quick on his feet, in spite of being in the best shape of his life and his no nonsense approach makes him all the more lethal.”

J.Martinez II: “Yeah. It’s pretty hard to argue with that. Dude has a lot of weapons that will help him cut down anybody competing for the Number One slot on any given night, bro.”

Powers: “Meh. Ok. You may have a few points but here is why I can’t pick him. Personally. He’s more of a finesse type of grappler. He can hurt you in a number of other ways. True yet that sadistic violence streak is NOT in him. Now if you really want a certified choice, you got to pick The Strangler...”

J. Martinez II: “The Strangler?”

Powers: “Hell yeah! The Strangler is on a mission. He’s a literal beast out there. The unquestionable enforcer for Team EGO. He’s got a legitimate chip on his shoulder and even the Underground Champion better keep an eye on that man especially. Adam Roebuck will no doubt be in his sights on the behalf of Craig Thomas. The Strangler in my choice. Who’s better than him?”

Buhrman: “You can’t possibly dismiss Roebuck...”

Powers: “Uh...yes we can and will.”

Pena: “Speak for yourself, Powers.”

J. Martinez II: “Yeah, bro.”

Buhrman: “How?”

Pena: “The House have displayed that they are easily distracted, which has cost them the jOlt Tag Team titles and that Team EGO hold the psychological edge over them at this point. The Strangler is going to use that to play with Adam’s head. No clear focus will no doubt spell doom for Roebuck. Especially tonight.”

Buhrman: “Respectfully, I beg to differ as that might actually empower Roebuck. He’s a thinking man’s wrestler in a powerhouse built. Most definitely, I honestly believe that Adam will not only have his head straight heading into this match but will find a away to walk out of here with that briefcase.”

Pena: “That’s not a bad pick there.”

J. Martinez II: “He’s got a legitimate shot in this event.”

Powers: “So is he your pick?”

Buhrman: “No. I am merely making a case out here with everybody explaining their respective choices. I’ll get to my pick in the end.”

Powers: “Yeah. Whatever.”

J.Martinez II: “What about Waymoth Turnbull, bro?”

Powers again balled his face up at the choice, begrudgingly listening to the suggestion. Buhrman & Pena were seen approving of the selection.

J.Martinez II: “Check this out, bro; ’The West Indian Nightmare’ has been on a tear since Day One, Powers. Former Relentless Champion and is a virtual problem for opponents in that ring. He’s my pick because he’s ruthless and has the backing of the World Champion, Aran Thompson. It gets no better than that.”

Buhrman: “Jay does present a strong argument.”

Powers: “Come on, man. He’s a soft pick for the wanna be ‘smarks’ out there but you have to look at this realistically; Look in that cage. There’s 8 Trap Doors. 8! Not to mention, there are is another cage he has to navigate and with all that girth, all of that power can only go so far. Another point is the Numbers Game. Sure, he can kick some serious ass one on one but one on five? It’s NOT happening. His mobility also presents more of a liability in this one b let’s take this back to Buhrman; who do you have?”

Buhrman: “Kayden Paulton

The remaining trinity of announcers burst out in an audible response in unified dispute.

Buhrman: “Now what’s wrong with my pick?”

Pena: “Respectfully, I see why you made your pick, Buhrman; Paulton has been on a profound winning streak as of late. The People’s Underdog for obvious reasons yet all great things do come to an end. I like the guy. More than likely tonight. I really do want to go with the longshot yet his peers tonight are not dismissing his abilities nor looking to take a loss to the ’Nicest Grappler in the Business’...

J. Martinez II: “I have to agree, Buhrman. I figured you’d take Brody Mack. That guy is oddly not being mentioned as he should which is bad for the other competitors as nobody is content with being overlooked. B. Mack is another dark horse and you seriously must consider that the current Tag Team Champions, the Heirs of Wrestling will no doubt help their boy out. Paulton has no help. He has no killer instinct like the others do so you have to seriously consider these things in this environment. Brody ain’t no dumb muscle out there in that ring.”

Buhrman: “Well, gentlemen, as much as we could easily argue about this to the very wee hours of the morning, it looks as if we are ready the debut of the Open Season match in a matter of moments, folks. The Arena of Champions is ready as well as this capacity crowd as we will hear from Dean Carrington, who is heading down to ringside....

Open Season Match

The jOltvision screens were busy running promos pertaining the Open Season match as the masses cheered the giant cage finally touched the ground. A secondary tier of pulleys & reinforced steel cables moved to their assigned directions in raising the upper yet slightly smaller cage erect before completion. The legions continued buzzing as the strobe lighting quickly ceased. Cameras One through Eight traded angles of the majestic abomination of unforgiving steel & mesh. An erected ladder remained affixed to the cage’s roof. The pair of ringside teams were promptly finished with their last minute preparations with the final adjustment of a battery of tables, set erect along 3/4ths of the exterior of the cell walls sans the one leading toward the gorilla position.

The audience quickly responded with a heavily mixed reaction as current Underground Champion, Kenshiro Inogami sauntered into the arena skybox. Mamoru was seen expelling smoke from his lips while fanning out from the entrance as Eiji Kugasari was seen ordering 4 of the Crimson Elite to set up a defensive perimeter. Damien Lee was seen extending his hand to the champion in greeting as Ninja adjusted the championship over his shoulder. Kenshiro strolled over toward the overhang to scan the horizon while handing off the belt to the geisha beside him. The Osakan native swept the bangs free from his face before eventually taking his seat with his court.

Camera Two trailed esteemed ring announcer Dean Carrington inside the massive cell, past the assigned medical personnel. Referees Darius Underwood, Ian Nyugen, Simon Boulder, Jack Mehough & Kirk Hampton were being consoled by Senior Referee Mike Hunt along the outside of the cell before separating as Carrington took a moment to listen to the masses respond warmly for the main event.

Carrington: "Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans, both home & abroad, this is your MAIN EVENT!"

Cameras One through Five transmitted the animated response from the packed house before returning inside the cell.

Carrington: "This contest is scheduled for one fall and it is inaugural OPEN SEASON Match! This contest will start with 2 participants as the remaining contestants shall be allowed to enter respectively between 2 minute intervals. Any contestant that can successfully ascend both cages via a total 8 steel mesh doors, situated in specific locations in the ceilings of both cells. By way of either ladder, any contestant must make their way upward and unsecure the braincase, suspended overhead..."

Camera Eighteen zeroed in on the Black hardened suitcase with the Underground logo affixed onto its surface before returning the focus back onto the ring announcer.

Carrington: "There are NO Countouts! NO Disqualifications! This contest cannot be won by neither Pin Falls nor Submissions. Inside that briefcase contains a 90 day contract; A viable contract permitting tonight’s winner the right to challenge the current Underground Champion himself within a 90 day period. The lone individual who manages to cross that Yellow & Black barrier, with the briefcase in hand, shall be named the winner of this contest. However, ANYONE has the right to challenge tonight’s winner for sole possession of that briefcase. Anytime. Anyplace..."

’Less Talk, More Rokk’ by Freezepop (Kayden P. Remix)

The Arena of Champions was sent into a cheering frenzy as the jOltvision screens began flashing the humanitarian & high flying exploits of the ’Nicest Grappler in the Business’. The infectious techno beat drove the frequency of the Pink & White strobe lighting. Camera Ten zeroed in briefly on a fan, brandishing a homemade sign with a large smiley face with a pair of band-Aids in an "X" formation over the right eye. Camera One trained itself on the first entrant, standing atop the small flight of steps in front of the entrance. Amorously taken aback by the resounding response, he placed his hands onto each hip briefly before clapping his hands & pointing back at the masses.

Carrington: "...Introducing First; Making his way to the ring...He hails from Dothan, Alabama...Weighting in at 230 pounds..He is ’jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler!’...KAYDEN!!! PAULTON!!!

PA System: The music is loud
The kids are so young
All over the world
They wanna have fun
The music is so loud
It drowns out the talk
All over the world
Just give us more rokk
The music is loud
The night is so young
All over the world
We wanna have fun
The music gets louder
Please don’t call the cops
All over the world
We just wanna rokk!

Crowd: ROCK!!!

Bearing a Black & Pink ‘Softcore Saints’ T Shirt, Kayden took his time to personally interact with as many fans en route to the Open Season cell. Handshakes & High Fives were the order of the day before Paulton took a few moments to stand in awe of the massive structure set before him. Hands back on his hips, Kayden exhaled deeply before nodding to himself and reassuring the masses with a genuine smile. Throwing both fists upward with each thumb extended, he continued to lead the momentum of the crowd before thanking the stagehand for opening the cage door for him. He would steal a few moments to claw the mesh wall & look upward before making his way up the ring steps. The PIW alum would stand atop the middle ropes & wave at the public before doing the same atop the adjacent turnbuckles. His them music would dissipate with Paulton’s faithful rallying behind the People’s Underdog. The Alabama native would breathe deeply as reality began to set in before executing a brief set of calisthenics.

Darkness quickly overwhelmed the Arena of Champions, leaving the stirring masses to cheer aimlessly in defiance. Camera Twenty Five offered a casual pan toward the entrance staging area just as the jOltvision screen flickered to life...






Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


’Bullets’ by Creed

jOltvision - {The jOltvision monitors were quick to flicker to life, depicting the hastened descent of the sun along the angled view of Big Ben itself. The scene shifted to a man, standing atop an elevated ledge. The winds at that height tugged angrily at the individual’s jacket during the camera’s approach from behind. A sizable garrison of state authorities frantically assembled and set themselves into position, training their weapons towards that individual’s direction. Inaudible commands from a bullhorn were cast out as the scene captured the brief gnarling of the man’s knuckles. Shots by the dozens were fired upon command initiating a immediate slowing of time of many rounds. The brief side view of the mark brandished the incoming army of metal rain approaching across his shades. Immediately, the screen was overtaken by the symbolic Union Jack flag, unfurled. The hues of Grey, White & Black adorned the flag before TYKE was intentionally burned across the screen center.}

Carrington: "And his opponent...; weighting in at 227 pounds...From Leeds, England ...He is ’The British Lion’...This is TYKE!!"

The barrage of strobe lighting assaulted the eyes of millions as ’The British Lion’, Tyke stood, back facing the masses before slowly turning about and casually assessing his surroundings. Behind the blackened shades, a calloused stare radiated toward the legions before the Tornado Wrestling alum sauntered his way forward. Ignoring the cascade of negative heat, the British Legend stopped several feet before the ominous structure, slowly removing his shades. A stoic expression remained fortified as Tyke eventually entered the cell. Making his way up the ring steps, The British Lion paused atop the steps to burn a hole through the smiling Paulton before casting off his customized jacket & passing through the ropes.

Popping the bones in his neck, the seasoned grappler shifted his jaw before wringing out his shoulders & extremities. The angry musical theme subsided allowing the fans to audibly dominate the background as referees Kirk Hampton & Simon Boulder checked both men respectively before Boulder called for the opening bell before giving the wrestlers a wide berth. An audible exchange of cheers were overheard for the respective wrestlers, leading both Tyke & Kayden to briefly look out into the stands. Paulton strode forward to the ring’s epicenter and warmly offered a respectful handshake from his opponent. Tyke’s jaw shifted as he looked out to the stands once more before chucking to himself. Inaudibly, Paulton conveyed words of encouragement to the Englishman who merely stared at the extended hand before casting a vacant stare back at Kayden. The audience responded loudly as Tyke arrogantly extended his middle finger at the ’Nicest Guy in Pro Wrestling’.

Kayden briefly became slack jawed at the gesture, allowing Tyke to lower him with a stern Front Kick to the mid section. A tandem of Clubbing Forearms battered the Alabama native before another dropped Paulton to his knees. A hard Knee Strike to the Face floored the Grappling Gentleman with Tyke drawing heat form the crowd by staring back at them as Paulton was left holding his jaw. Snatched back up to his feet, Paulton was cast toward the ropes with an Irish Whip. Paulton dove over to pull Tyke over for a Sunset Flip with the English stalwart swinging his arms to avoid being taken over before countering with an intentional Boot Scrape across the Forehead. Tyke absorbed the audience’s fury as he unleashed a unmerciful hail of Stomps on the perfectly flawed good guy before careening against the ropes and connecting with a measured Knee Drop across Kayden’s head. Tyke ground his Forearm against Paulton’s ear, prompting the Alabama native’s legs to kick wildly before being released. Tyke stood over him arrogantly, hampering the crawling underdog with measured Paintbrush Slaps across the Head & Neck before knocking him face first to the canvas with a Kick between the Ass Cheeks. The British Lion extended his arms outward proudly amused at The Good Guy’s expense. Rubbing his hind quarters, Paulton sought to retain his composure before being hurled away with an Irish Whip. Kayden strode underneath the Clothesline to cinch in a Rear Side Waist Lock. Tyke with a Standing Switch. Paulton nimbly flipped free from Tyke’s Back Drop Suplex to lurch him forward with a Discus Enziguri! The British Lion wobbled upward before being taken over with a Rolling Snap Russian Leg Sweep to a Discus Clothesline!

Clutching the back of his head, Paulton staggered to his feet from the kneeling. The cheering masses encouraged Kayden to apply more pressure as Alabama native wobbled about before getting his hands on his opposition. A Hammer Throw into the corner. A groggy Tyke with the Reversal, allowing Paulton to Tiger Walk Flip himself overhead as The British Lion hit the brakes against the middle turnbuckle. Kayden soared with a High Running Lou Theze Press, catching himself onto the ropes as Tyke forward somersaulted underneath to a vertical base...

Positive Thinking - (A Spinning Sleeper Slam)

The Softcore Saint enthusiastically expressed his current standing in the match with the fans as Tyke angrily clutched his head. Repetitive chants of his name led Kayden to set Tyke against the nearest turnbuckle, look out into the masses with a balled up fist...








The audience groaned audibly as The British Lion off the middle ropes before connecting with a stern Inverted Atomic Drop to humble Paulton. Tyke quickly shook the cobwebs free before spiking Paulton into the mat with a Textbook Gutwrench Suplex! The transition was complete with Tyke cinching in a Reverse Chinlock. The crowd initially willed Kayden to fight on as they began counting down in unison...












"Halo" by Soil"

The frenetic pulsation of lights & intrusive beat ushered the towering 7'1" titan down the entryway steps. The barrage of jeers filled the arena as Kurt Thomas aka The Strangler. Tongue exposed while flashing a rock gesture sign with his hand, Thomas soon plodded his way forward toward the double tier cell. The British Lion flung the Softcore Saint aside & readied himself as The Team EGO Enforcer cast the noose aside before snatching the cell hatch open...

A Running Over The Top Rope Senton by Tyke!

The masses emitted an Hardcore pop as both giant & Englishman spill out of the cell along the floor. The Tornado Wrestling legend took several moments to push himself up to this feet before staggering about. A nearby fan has a Steel Chair snatched free from his hand where Tyke bangs is against the barricades as The Strangler claws the cell wall to pull himself erect. The masked monstrosity howls & slinks quickly away as Tyke soundly sandwiched his hand against the steel mesh wall! Another audible smack was heard as the chair careened against his exposed Left Leg. The hobbling holocaust stumbled away for safety as Paulton intervenes by trying to pull the chair away from Tyke. The Tug of War between Kayden & Tyke proved costly as The Strangler smashed the Steel Chair into Tyke’s face with a fierce Haymaker before clutching Paulton by the throat...

Supression - A Choke Slam Against The Steel Cage!

The audience continued with a bloodthirsty roar as the Softcore Saint bounced off the cell wall & thinly padded floor in succession. The Strangler remained on a single knee to recollect himself as his opposition were faintly stirring about. The masked submission expert faintly hobbled over to his noose to wrap it around Paulton’s throat before dragging Kayden along the floor kicking and gasping before falling backwards onto the floor. Kurt angrily snatched Paulton to his feet before using the noose to fling him over the barricades into the crowd! Camera Six hovered over the coughing Paulton as he weakly pawed at the rope set around his throat. The Strangler was seen hurling The British Lion toward the barricades with an Irish Whip. The deft Englishman retaliated with a Vaulting Spinning Tyke Kick! The black haired leviathan stumbled backwards and careened against the barricades as Tyke lost his footing and fell onto his side. Having regained his footing, Tyke backed up several paces to measure up his opposition before hauling off with a Running Front Kick which slammed angrily against the barricades. The masses cranked up the volume as Tyke was bundled up for a Capture Suplex as Thomas stood himself erect. The masked psychopath flashed his teeth as Tyke swung his free arm about...

A Release Capture Suplex over the Barricades

Crowd: ...10!!!







"Turn The Page" by Metallica

The Arena of Champions exploded as a barrage of colorful lighting reminiscent of a casino. Team EGO’s enforcer’s teeth were set on edge as the rotund former jOlt Tag Team Champion lumbered proudly from the backstage area. Standing several feet from the entrance stairs, Adam Roebuck took a brief moment to bask in the adulation before power walking his way towards The Strangler. Thomas shoved Paulton backwards to intercept the Las Vegas Leviathan who blocked his punch & began wailing on the massive Thomas. Roebuck & Thomas continued exchanging punches before Adam’ Headbutt to The Strangler’s chest staggered the giant backwards before lumbering after him. The Team EGO enforcer connected with a hard Front Kick causing the former Tag Team Champion to wildly stumble forward, landing on all fours. Camera Three captured Kayden Paulton clearing the barricades to sprint off Roebuck’s back with a Flying Cross Body Attack. The audience reaction responded in the reality the larger Thomas held the squirming Paulton sideways before crushing him with a Rib Breaker. Adam sought to reclaim his footing yet The Strangler floored him with a stern Front Kick to the Face before Thomas stepped back a few paces. The look of madness radiated across his visage in suspending The Softcore Saint across his body for a Fallaway Slam...The sight of Tyke scrambling up the cell wall prompted The Strangler to fling Paulton aside and quickly grab a hold of his Right Foot. The British Lion desperately sought to ward him off when Roebuck cinched in a Rear Waist Lock. Making a hasty decision, The Strangler reared back to slam Tyke’s Knee against the cell wall, leaving him dangling in sheer anguish before driving his foot against the cell to pivot and humble Roebuck with a set of Clubbing Forearms. Adam was knocked backwards a few paces with a Knee Lift before a succession of measured Punches by Thomas were cast out, wobbling the Vegas Bulldozer backwards. The British Lion was seen gnashing his teeth before seeking to support himself against the cell wall. Meanwhile, Kayden Paulton was seen climbing after Tyke before both men exchanged punches & kicks, jockeying for position while The Strangler & Roebuck were still battling below.

Hammer Throw by Roebuck and the 7+ foot nightmare in The Strangler was seen careening against the barricades before being followed up by a set of measured Clubbing Forearms. In the meantime, Kayden managed to gain the upper hand with the fans cheering behind every punch landed along the cage wall. Tyke was clinging for dear life nearly taking a heightened spill yet swung away with the aid of both of his Left Foot & Hand to retain his lofty perch. The Softcore Saint extended his trembling fist outward to garner amassed support before he carefully inched his way into position to face toward the entrance. Pointing toward the brawling titans, Paulton was egging the masses on with the intentions of executing an aerial assault below yet Tyke swung back slammed a hard fist into Paulton’s mid section. Another connected, allowing him to shimmy in closer before palming Kayden’s face and slamming the back of his head against the cell. The Strangler managed to sneak in a Underhanded Throat Jab to ward off the Lovable Leviathan to catch a breather as Tyke quickly looked back to reassess the situation below before taunting his prey and slamming the back of his head into the unforgiving cell wall...

Crowd: ...10!!!











"Money" by D/R Period

A hail of negative heat was cast as Mack Brody sauntered down the short flight of stems, holding the Freebird jOlt Tag Team Championship in his right hand to his side. A look of business was hardened across his face before he power walked forward toward the caged madness. The championship belt was cast aside to the referees before sprinting forward and assaulting Adam Roebuck from behind. A Front Kick by King Midas stumbled Roebuck backwards before The Strangler connected a Short Arm Clothesline, knocking Adam against the barricades. The fans jeered as the notorious heels made a tentative partnership attempting to use a Double Team Suplex on Roebuck. The 1st attempt failed as with the 2nd before both men were almost taken over by the surly giant. However, both Mack & Thomas countered with a mutual set of Knee Strikes, followed by a set of Clubbing Forearms. Meanwhile, Tyke draped his arm over Paulton’s chest while quickly looking behind him before ripping Paulton off the cell wall...

An Elevated Moon Sault Slam by Tyke!!!

The tandem of Paulton & The British Lion crushed all 1100+ pounds of humanity below in dramatic fashion, leading the masses to explode audibly. Cameras Two & Four visually assessed the faintly moving piles of bodies with Tyke seen clutching his stomach before rolling against the barricades. Paulton was left laying across The Strangler & Roebuck as Brody was laying against his side along the padded earth. A resounding fecal chant resonated as the referees hovered in close, assessing the condition of the fallen. Tyke shoved the referee’s hand away, wedging his forearm against his rib cage before using the barricades to eventually pull himself up vertically. Fans were patting his shoulders before he staggered away from the wreckage before stepping over the giants, dragging Paulton to his feet before leading him back into the massive cell. Meanwhile, the trinity of heavyweights struggled to regain their footing before Brody & The Strangler used a Double Team Hammer Throw to bounce the former Tag Team Champion against the cell soundly. However, The Strangler seized the advantage by clasping his hands around Mack’s throat, setting him up for his patented Choke Slam. Front Kick by Brody before cinching The Strangler up & shifting his position. A primal scream was emitted by Mack before connecting with the Gold Digger - {Release Exploder Suplex} soundly against the thinly padded floor!

Left sprawled out along the floor, The Strangler clasped his head as The Bronze Bombshell sought to start making his ascent up the cell wall. Tyke has rolled Paulton back inside the ring before adamantly kicking at the wall to halt Mack’s ascent. Brody angrily screamed at his assailant when Roebuck managed to grab a Steel Chair and smack the Freebird Champion across the spine soundly! A Chair Shot landed flush across The Strangler’s stomach to send his stumbling backward & landing against the barricades. Another Chair Shot on Mack left him panting & screaming in anguish...

Crowd: ...10!!!











"Emegency" by Mavado (feat. Ace Hood)

The entire entrance staging area was assaulted with a barrage of Gold, Crimson & Emerald lighting as the Jamaican Juggernaut lumbered out from the back with a heart, brimming with sheer resentment. The Arena of Champions swelled with unrepentant resentment as The Black Family enforcer stepped away from the entrance brazenly. Pawing at his mangy beard, Waymoth Turnbull readily made his way toward the erected monstrosity. Camera One set itself onto Adam Roebuck holding the chair by his side, burning a hole through Turnbull. Seen wringing his arms & hands, the dreadlocked powerhouse was seen maniacally smiling with Roebuck readying himself for war. Meanwhile, Tyke climbed up from the interior and hammer fisted Mack’s fingers, forcing him to fall onto the floor hard. As the rotund Adam turned his focus onto the encroaching Turnbull, Kayden clutched the back of his head while he staggered his way upward. The Softcore Saint quickly caromed off the opposing ropes...
The Happy Smiles Dive - A Running Springboard Suicide Dive!

The aerial assault soared over the top rope and sandwiched Tyke against the cell wall before both men collapsed onto the floor below. The impact knocked Mack off the wall, bouncing him back first against the floor. The masses cheered wildly as Tyke was clasping the back of his head as Kayden was balled up in a fetal position. Meanwhile, Turnbull was displaying his boxing acumen by knocking Adam on his ass with a stiff Right Hook before quickly hitting The Strangler with The Red Hook Combo, spinning him about to drape himself atop the barricades upon completion. Stepping over the fallen Roebuck, Waymoth stormed his way into the massive cell. Camera Five followed the British Virgin Island Bully as he snatched Tyke up to his feet before rotating about and slamming him face first against the cell wall. As The British Lion staggered backward before collapsing & palming his face, Turnbull grabbed Paulton to club him with a Forearm. Dropping the Alabama native to his knees, Waymoth yelled to the masses arrogantly before Gorilla Press Paulton overhead. Kayden shook his head in protest as Waymoth nodded while turning about...

Heart of Gold - A Stiff Heart Punch!

The blow decimated Turnbull’s footing, allowing Paulton’s weight to apply more damage upon impact. Waymoth was left gnashing his teeth as Brody began scaling the interior wall of the cell. Meanwhile, The Strangler lurched his way into the lower tier of the cell before spying Mack making the climb. Out from the corner of his eye, he noticed Turnbull using the ring apron to stand himself back erect. Thomas was prompt to rip the ring steps apart and hold it to his side before soundly running Turnbull down. The Black Minotaur collapsed and rolled over & laid prostrate along the floor. The bloodlust from the stands fueled The Strangler as he turned about and measured the gradually ascending Tyke. Mack briefly traded glances with The Strangler before reaching the cell apex and seeking to ready himself to swing his way toward the trap door hatch. The embittered Strangler returned his attention to Tyke before gaining a full head of steam...


The British Lion’s Leaping version of his patented Super Kick sandwiched the Steel Steps into the masked madman’s face! Left crumpled into a battered heap, The Strangler was left virtually lifeless. Ignoring the ongoing crowd pop, a resurgent Tyke rounded the cell and began his hastened ascent up the adjacent wall of the cell. Mack was seen pawing at the trap door hatch when the sight of Tyke approaching prompted him to ready himself. Camera One offered an angled view of both Tyke & Mack using their feet to try and unhinge the opposition. The exchange went back & forth as Adam Roebuck centered his focus on resetting the ring steps. Kayden was busy scrambling his way upward when a hard Kick by Mack left Tyke dangling by one arm. Kicking his feet about in order to aid him to restore his position, Tyke managed to regain his standing while Mack managed to scramble forward & holding onto the trap door for leverage. A Hard Kick in the Face stunned Brody before another was landed against his forehead, leaving him dangling by one arm briefly. The British Lion began swinging to start kicking away at the hatch. Brody adamantly protested while trying to swing his feet up at Tyke. The latch gave away, allowing the trap door to sing open. Mack screamed as he soared upward, swinging his arms in mid air before bouncing off the cell ceiling and plummeting soundly against the canvas spine first!

The look of sheer anguish radiated from Mack’s face as he was left draped over the bottom ropes. An aggressive fecal chant flowed in hindsight as Tyke sought to take advantage of the moment yet Paulton was on the scene, kicking Tyke’s ribs in succession. Tyke sought to swing away toward the cell wall yet Paulton was in hot pursuit & stalling him with a set of Kicks between the shoulder blades. Below, Turnbull & Roebuck were busy brawling underneath them when Paulton scissored his legs around Tyke’s mid section from behind to land several rabid Punches on his opposition before both men fell atop Waymoth & Roebuck to the floor! The atmosphere was saturated with pure insanity as fans were seen slapping the barricades and stomping adamantly. The Strangler groggily pulled himself erect via the assistance of the cell wall before landing back first against it. Still reeling from the Tyke Shot, he stumbled forward to the ring apron before painstakingly shaking the cobwebs free from his head. He eventually spied Mack, draped over the ropes and began to club the Freebird Tag Champion with a trinity of Forearms across the back before dragging him out to hit the floor. Still wobbly, The Strangler dropped to his knees before fishing underneath the ring apron. A hardcore pop arose as the Team EGO enforcer retrieved a Ladder to present to the crowd. Thomas tossed the ladder over the top rope as it landed head first before leaning against the ropes. The masked psychopath managed to stand the ladder erect before gradually making his way upward. The fans cheered as both Tyke & Paulton were seen crawling into the ring from adjacent sides. They began trading punches before realizing The Strangler was halfway up before dissolving their differences and chasing after him. Tyke scaled the ladder after The Strangler with Paulton climbing the other side yet The Strangler shoved Tyke away forcibly with his foot before wailing on Kayden with Punches before knocking him down to the mat.

Their advances drew the attention of the recovering titans along the outside as Tyke & Paulton banned together to tip the ladder over onto the canvas. However, The Strangler managed to dangle from the hatch opening with both hand. Paulton & Tyke seized each leg and began tugging away yet The Strangler desperately fought them off yet both Roebuck & Turnbull reentered the ring and Turnbull flattened Tyke with a Running Clothesline as Roebuck send Paulton rolling wildly backwards with a Running Shoulder. The crowd responded nosily as Turnbull & Roebuck looked upward at The Strangler, who shook his head in protest. The Brothers Girth grabbed both of Thomas’s legs and attacked The Strangler before seeing he was reluctant to let go. Turnbull began punching The Strangler’s legs while Roebuck picked up the ladder and slammed it soundly against a recovering Tyke, who fell over toward the opposing turnbuckle. Roebuck chucked the ladder at an incoming Paulton who forward somersaulted to his feet to avoid the ladder that sailed over toward the ring apron. Paulton swung & missed the giant...

The Turn - (A Fallaway Power Bomb)

Paulton was left laying along his side near the ring ropes as Turnbull continued to tug away at the suspended 7 footer, who was dangling by one arm. Adam screamed something inaudible to the masses before lumbering quickly to the opposing ropes and shoving The Strangler forward, crotching him atop the ring ropes! The Strangler hunched over painfully while trying to support himself in spite of precarious situation. Turnbull immediately turned on Roebuck, wailing away with a barrage of punches as Brody Mack was seen pulling himself back inside the ring. Red Hook Combo on the massive Adam left him at the mercy of the Jamaican Juggernaut. Mack Brody entered the scene by violently knocking The Strangler off the ropes to the outside. A Running Clothesline by Mack staggered the Man Mountain backwards with both arms flailing. Waymoth yelled at Brody in his thick Jamaican accent to step aside as he caromed off the ropes and his Clothesline offered a notably similar effect. The Bronze Bombshell shoved Turnbull in the chest and yelled back before his Clothesline left Roebuck leaning against the ropes before both rivals looked at each other and send Roebuck spilling over to the outside with a Double Team Lariat! Turnbull & Mack stood nose to nose in the middle of the ring, jawing at each other before engaging in a pushing exchange before Mack extended his arms outward and challenging Turnbull to bring the fight to him. Waymoth whipped his head back to answer the challenge before both men looked at Tyke, stumbling away from the corner & collapsing and Paulton pawing at Turnbull’s boot. Double Leg Slams in Stereo by Turnbull & Mack before Brody yelled ay Turnbull to follow his lead. The legions raised the crowd volume as Big Swings in Stereo were set on both Tyke & Paulton. Inch by inch, the revolutions led toward the ring’s epicenter where Brody’s Swings sailed over a rotating Tyke’s Head dangerously close before both Turnbull & Mack intentionally slammed both Paulton & Tyke soundly into each other! Both flyweights collapsed in broken heals as Turnbull & Mack stormed over to their respective corners, screaming while basking in the hardcore ambiance! An amped up Mack stomped around toward the ring’s epicenter, flexing his muscles while flashing his teeth before Turnbull hauled off on Mack with a Left Hook. A boxing combination stunned King Midas before the inevitable took place...

Who Don’t Hear, Must Feel!

The combination Uranage Slam/T Bone Suplex ground the Golden lord into dust. The masses booed as the 276 pounder knelt over his opposition before reclaiming his footing. Turnbull stepped over the fallen Mack to secure the ladder and begin his climb upward as The Strangler flopped his arm onto the ring ropes, seeking to reclaim his stake on the Underground Championship contract sweepstakes. The opposing trap door hatch was unsecured, allotting Turnbull to be the first to eventually enter the upper tier cell. Camera Seven trained itself onto a recovering Roebuck who grimaced while leaning against the ring apron. Both Paulton & The British Lion sought to reclaim their footing before seeing Turnbull beginning to pull the ladder upward through the trap door. Tyke began tugging away at the ladder as Paulton sought to scale his way up the turnbuckles before leaping onto the cell wall and scaling upward. Roebuck was seen on the outside gnawing on The Strangler’s forehead before hitting him with a hard Forearm Shot! Waymoth broadened his stance, urging Tyke to walk up the turnbuckles before jamming the ladder into Turnbull’s mid section several times. Tyke shoved the weapon into Turnbull’s face, knocking him backward against the 2nd tier cage wall.

Gnashing his teeth, The Softcore Saint maneuvered the cell’s ceiling nimbly as Tyke fought off the pain to fold up the ladder and make his way over toward the opposing end of the ring. Brody began to stir about along the canvas as both Roebuck & The Strangler continued brawling along the floor with Roebuck bouncing The Strangler off the cell wall with an Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex! The legions responding in kind as the Alabama native careened against the unforgiving cell wall before collapsing against the padded earth like an accordion. The Vegas Mammoth laid onto his side, panting while brandishing blood across his Right Shoulder. Overhead, Turnbull staggered to his feet to try and seal the trap door yet Kayden swung himself forward & kicked the door, thus slamming it soundly against the Jamaican’s hand! Waymoth staggered away while favoring his hand as Tyke managed to unsecure a free hatch in the ceiling, gaining unimpeded access to the 2nd tier cell. Laying prostrate briefly along the 6 foot ledge, Tyke was quick to regain his footing to open the cell door before pouncing on the ailing brawler. As Kayden worked to pull himself pull himself through the opened hatch, Brody Mack was seen pulling himself off the adjacent ring apron, staring at the recovering kneeling Roebuck while fishing underneath the ring apron. Adam managed to stand himself and setting the groggy Strangler against the corner of the massive cell. Looking overhead, the sound Waymoth Turnbull bouncing off the cell ceiling via a Double Team Back Body Drop briefly drew Adam’s attention before egging on the crowd with his hands while gaining some running room...

Bottom Dealing - (A Running Hip Attack)

The Strangler’s head wobbled lowered after the impact as Adam balled up his fists while roaring to the masses. Chants of ’One More Time’ began to gain steam, leading the former Tag Team Champion to cup his ear in response. Gaining more running room, Roebuck extended his arms outward while slowly nodding his head before barreling forward with a guttural roar...

Bottom Dealing - (A Running Hip Attack)

The 7 footer keeled eerily over onto his side with blood running from underneath his mask & dripping from his upper lip. The bearded behemoth looked up to see Kayden slam his foot against the wall before swiveling about yet Tyke flipped out of a Back Suplex attempt before focusing on the masses to decide The Strangler’s fate. The legions beckoned for more blood, which brought a hearty smile across Roebuck’s lips before complying with their wishes. Slamming his fist against his Left Breast three time before giving a Fist Pump, Roebuck barreled forward to destroy his opposition. From out of nowhere, Mack blind sided Roebuck with a swift Chair Shot to the Face! The big man’s momentum continued leading him to slam face first into the cell wall before bouncing off the adjacent wall and collapsing onto the floor. Camera Three set itself on the small pool of Crimson beginning to run freely from Adam’s brow as Mack leaned against the cell wall before slamming the dented chair against the floor while talking smack to the fallen hero. Adam began pawing the cell wall The Strangler was resting himself against the wall as Mack stared up at the meshed ceiling before staggering his way toward the ring apron. Overhead, Turnbull was knocked back down with a Double Team Dropkick, slamming the Jamaican through the swinging chain linked door. The audience responded as Turnbull’s head was draped over the ledge upon landing along the 10 foot mesh awning several feet above the sea of humanity & tables below. An exchange of Knife Edge Chops by both Flyweights before The Softcore Saint regained the momentum. Leading Tyke by the head, she sought to slam him face first into the wall yet the nimble Englishman executed a Tiger Wall Flip overhead. Paulton swung with a Back Elbow that sailed over head and was countered with a European Uppercut! Hoisting Paulton upward into a Gory Special, nodding with a menacing sneer before crushing Kayden’s face with a Swift Gory Special Complete Shot!

The lifeless frame of the Alabama native was left next to a seated Tyke, who basked in the wake of a notable chanting of smarks. Standing to his feet, Tyke arrogantly stood over his fallen foe to taunt him before using his foot to shove the Softcore Saint aside. The British Lion stood up only to be shoved violently through the opposing chain linked door and an brief audible gasp was heard as the impact bounced Tyke forward, leaving his feet swung freely as one arm barely kept him from going over the ledge. Only the band of referees and assembling ring side personnel were the only means of possibly breaking his fall. The door slammed against the 2nd tier cage wall, leaving Tyke to roll over to the ledge. The Virgin Island native’s approach led Tyke to desperately scrambled over the ledge and rolled himself back near the cage wall. Seemingly disturbed by the lofty heights, Turnbull carefully navigated the ledge while rounding the corner as Tyke halted his progress with several Front Kicks to keep Turnbull at bay. Meanwhile, Mack finally managed to begin pulling himself up through one of the trap door hatches. Waymoth shoved Kayden aside to turn his attention to the incoming threat. A Clubbing Forearm dropped Brody to all fours before Kayden pounced on Turnbull from behind, applying a Body Scissors Sleeper Hold. Stumbling about, Waymoth’s arms reach up and around yet were unable to catch his slippery opposition leading the Jamaican to shuffle backwards and sandwich Paulton against the mesh wall. Mack Brody crushed the Jamaican with a Thrust Spine Buster before dropping to his knees for several moments. Back in the main cell below, The bloodied duo were intertwined by The Strangler laying in a hail of Punches onto his obese opposition before pulling himself up by the cell wall before bracing his knee against Roebuck’s throat. Adam clawed his assailant’s leg before stepping away to wiping his mouth free of blood...

The Stranglehold - (A Guillotine Choke)

The rotund hero struggled against the submission hold before The Strangler retaliated with a barrage of measures Cross Face Punches before both men collapsed along the padded earth. Seen low crawling away from his rival, the 7 footer was seen heaving along the floor while Turnbull was busy tussling inside the 2nd cage’s cell interior as Tyke focused on standing the ladder erect along the narrow ledge as Kayden used a Running Dropkick to slam the ladder atop of the Englishman. The masses continued cheering as Kayden willed himself upward to stand the ladder up, unfold it before beginning his climb upward step by step. A cut set above Tyke’s Left eye was beginning to seep blood, evidenced by Tyke dabbing his hand against the wound before becoming enraged. Staggering to his feet, Tyke followed behind the Alabama native before assaulting him with several Punches & Forearms to the back. Meanwhile, Turnbull planted his foot against the adjacent cell wall to avert having his face kiss the steel mesh before staggering Mack with a Back Elbow. A Blocked Punch by Brody led to a Heavy Right Hook to the Jaw! Turnbull fired back with a Left Hook of his own, staggering opposition back a few feet. Turnbull connected with an series of Boxing Punches before using a Gut Punch to humble The Heirs of Wrestling muscle. Waymoth hauled off with a Running Yakuza Kick yet Mack side stepped the blow, allowing the cage to be rattled.

The impact led Tyke to cling to the cage’s outer wall in order to keep the ladder from spilling over. Paulton used the small window of opportunity to laying a bevy of Punches into Tyke’s forehead. The sight of protruding blood prompted Paulton to bite his lip before continuing with his Softcore barrage. The Softcore Saint shoved The British Lion off the ladder backwards to crash soundly against the cell ceiling. Panting for several moments before taking a brief look at Mack & Waymoth raising hell several feet away. Below, the swirling heights led him to cling to the mesh wall before looking below to witness a bloodied Strangler connect with a counteroffensive Irish Whip, sending The Strangler violently over the ring steps before dropping to a knee. The legions willed the Friendliest Underdog to grab the brass ring. Nodding in response, Paulton carefully scaled the heights before staring face to face with an pissed off Tyke. A calloused exchange of Punches were cast between both Paulton & Tyke as Roebuck was below, looking through the meshed heavens and cursing audibly on his inability to scale the heights. He pondered the risk with the urging of the masses, roaring in hindsight before Adam slapped the ring apron, pushed the cell door open and defiantly heaving his girth up the cell wall. The struggle was evident yet he continued onward as The Strangler stumbled over toward the cell hatch after the burly wrestler. Tugging away at the monstrosity’s leg, the double team of gravity force Roebuck back to the floor to his feet. Adam staggered backwards from the impact before backing The Strangler away with a series of Knife Edge Chops & Forearms Strikes before The Strangler bought himself some breathing room with a Low Kick to the Knee, dropping Roebuck to the floor.

Up above, the brawling continued between The Bronze Bombshell & Turnbull with Mack spitting blood into the Jamaican’s face before grabbing his dread locks and pummeling his miscreant counterpart. Meanwhile, Tyke slammed Paulton’s face against the ladder seat. Again for good measure as the PiW alum remained lurched over the top of the ladder before Tyke stood on his back to gain better leverage to get to the top of the 2nd tier cell. However, the rattling of the cell wobbled the ladder, prompting The British Lion to quickly clasp onto the mesh wall for balance. Back to the floor, both The Strangler and Roebuck took the fight up the aisle way before Adam connected with a Bell Clap on his masked rival. The masked titan leaned against the barricades before a bloodied Roebuck stepped back a few paces, extending his arms upward, flashing 4 fingers from each hand before engaging his opposition...





Four of a Kind - (A Quartet of Crowd Motivated Shoulder Blocks)

The Strangler slumped over as Adam stooped over, planting his hands over his knees before looking at the ongoing war taking place above. The titan scowled while making his exit toward the left side of the entrance staging area before eventually disappearing into the back. Camera Ten returned to the sight of The Strangler seeking to recover, stumbling his way back to the cell before gradually making his climb up the side of the massive 1st cell. The action returned to Turnbull grinding Mack’s forehead against the mesh wall’s interior before flinging him backward to the cell floor. Both Tyke & Paulton noticed Turnbull kicking the 2nd cage mesh door open. A wicked sneer flashed across his face as he reached for the ladder. Shaking the ladder toward the ledge, both Paulton & Tyke clung to the fence & the ladder for dear life before Waymoth cast the ladder over, sending referees & officials scattering as it banged angrily from the heights. Turnbull turned to see both men clinging to the 2nd tier cage like Spiderman’s kin. The Flyweight duo quickly shimmied along the wall to the side facing the western section of the arena. Turnbull quickly snatched Paulton to the cell ceiling before Tyke was the unfortunate target of the Jamaican’s shit list by him tugging him free from the cage wall. The audience groaned audibly as The British Lion kicked him squarely in the nuts, dropping the Bohemian Bully to all fours. As Tyke began wailing on the humbled brawler, The Strangler managed to drape his arm over the cage ledge before pulling himself upward. Mack Brody was seen recovering his lost footing when he spied Paulton staggering in proximity of the cell door. Mack initiated a Pump Kick against the cell door...BAM!! The masses jeered the burly opportunist as Kayden staggered sideways before landing onto his side. The repetitive sound of beeping was heard, drawing the attention of all before the masses roared in delight of seeing Adam Roebuck, balancing himself atop a wooden pallet that was connected to a construction fork lift. The vehicle was driven by his comrade at arms, Derrick Huber!

The burly Roebuck continued shouting & pointing at The Strangler, who’s stunned expression was matched with the oppositions’. Chants for the promotional organization rattled the arena as the lift angrily whined during its steady elevation upward toward the massive cell’s ceiling. Tyke was the first to intercept the big man yet his Punch was caught and led to a hard Body Slam onto the pallette. The Englishman offered a stern grimace as Roebuck landed a short Yakuza Kick on Waymoth Turnbull before clubbing Mack Brody before shoving back inside the 2nd cage before setting his sights onto The Strangler. Huber stepped out of the vehicle and encouraged his partner to exact revenge on the towering masked man before continuing his cheering tirade from the comfort of the vehicle. The masses rallied behind The Strangler trading blows along the moderately narrow aisle way above the sea of tables below. Meanwhile, Mack was seen recovering from the assault before seeing Turnbull in position to catch a door to the mesh door to the face. Gaining some running room, Brody’s Pump Kick connected with the door, which was abruptly caught by the angry dread head. A look of resentment remained etched on his face before turning to see Roebuck brawling with The Strangler attempting to each other over the edge respectively as Tyke low crawling off the elevated pallet before being floored by the door banging across his face. Turnbull grabbed Mack by his tights and connecting with a Hard Forearm Strike to the lower back.

The audible slamming of the cell door was caused by The Strangler & Roebuck continuing their brawl before taking it back onto the dangerous ledge. Meanwhile, Mack & Paulton began their gradual climb upward on the opposing eastern wall of the 2nd tier cell. However, Turnbull made his exit of the cage interior to rip Paulton off the side soundly onto the unforgiving mesh floor. Refuting the flurry of Brody’s active feet, kicking his direction, Turnbull began taking Paulton’s place to make his ascent to the 2nd cage’s roof. Down below, Huber ordered some of the ringside personnel to begin setting up 2 stacks of tables to seal off or slow down any further interference, in which The Strangler extended his middle finger at a laughing Huber before angrily reentered the 2nd cage when he was assaulted by Roebuck. Tyke joined in to get the jump on Roebuck, allowing The Strangler to regain his footing before beating the breaks off Adam Roebuck, dropping him to a knee. The fatigue made itself evident due to the plodding pace both Waymoth & Mack made along the cage wall as Paulton reentered the cage interior as he aided in hoisting Roebuck upward for a Triple Team Power Bomb. Both Mack & Turnbull sought to hasten their climb upward when the impact unhinged the cage wall. The wall slammed against the elevated pallet where Waymoth Turnbull’s brief screams diminished as massive frame smashed the stacked tables below!

The sprawled out Roebuck kept the wall from going over as Mack Brody angrily screamed while hanging onto the fallen wall with a death grip. Referees motioned for the EMT’s to hustle to the ring as Turnbull remained motionless within the debris. Huber placed his hands behind his head in shock as white coats scrambled down the aisle as a resounding fecal chant bellowed within the Arena of Champions!


Fingers bleeding, Mack struggled to hang on before willing himself to start making his way toward the cell wall. All the while, The Strangler seized the advantage by humbling Tyke with a Knee Lift to the Stomach before slamming Paulton against the cage wall face first before dropping to his knee briefly. The Strangler regained his bearings before exiting the rear door and began his climb upward toward the briefcase. The TEAM EGO enforcer used his height to shorten the distance in his climb upward before commandeering one of the erected ladder atop the cage’s roof. Camera Thirty followed a recovering Paulton who began his ascent on the eastern wall as Tyke was halfway up the southern wall. Thomas heeded the approach of his opposition, leading to him to climb back down to engage them. The Strangler stood over the dumbfounded Paulton with a menacing sneer before gently grinding his boot heel against The Softcore Saint’s fingers. The British Lion managed to drape his leg over the cage ledge of the roof before pulling himself upward. As Mack managed to cling to the side of the massive 1st cell wall, he painstakingly made his climb upward to sit next to Roebuck as Huber lowered the palette away from the cell before allowing EMT’s to attend to the faintly moving giant. Mack scowled at Huber as he ordered the medics to begin taping his hands & fingers.

Paulton wasn’t able to hang on before falling and bouncing off the 1st cell roof several feet below yet the Englishman humbled the giant by stomping on the back of his knee before kicking the side of knee to leave him laying atop the cage roof. A battery of Rabid Punches were beset onto The Strangler’s skull as a resurgent Mack Brody lumbered back toward the cage, walking atop several tables before quickly scaling the mesh mountain. The fans rallied behind a determined Roebuck as he fought off the medical personnel, angrily heft the separated mesh wall aside before ordering his partner to drive him back to the action. Shaking his head, the caked Crimson Mask displayed the determination of the hefty underdog. A metallic clang was heard as Tyke slammed the 2nd ladder atop a prone Strangler before erecting the other ladder and making his way up when Brody was seen pulling himself onto the 1st cage roof. A gurney was used to usher Turnbull carefully to the back by a quartet of medical staff as The Softcore Saint was seen making the climb upward as well toward the 2nd cage ceiling. Roebuck caught Mack slipping and drove a shoulder against his ribs to knock him off the cage wall to the cell roof as Kayden made it to the upper tier. Tyke made it a point to drop back down and humble Paulton with a Front Kick before hurling him off the roof of the 2nd cage. The masses clambered about loudly as the nimble Paulton desperately wrapped himself around the cable, suspending him over the unsettling depths below. Fans were seen scattering out of harms’ way as Tyke cursed to himself before making his way back up the ladder. The hobbling Strangler attacked The British Lion with a battery of measured Punches before Paulton began working his way back to the cage roof.

Huber cranked up the motor to raise the pallet up further to hit fullest extend, falling several feet short of the 2nd cage roof. Ordering the ringside staff to move the tables to allow him to drive the vehicle and park it against the cell door. Roebuck grabbed the ladder, angled it against the cage before making his measured ascent. Brody was quick to make his descent down the same ladder and boot the burly competitor’s face before Adam climbed back down and began shaking the ladder side to side until Mack managed to cling to the wall as the ladder aimlessly fell and speared through one of the tables below. Roebuck was seen slapping the wall of the cage with Mack arrogantly laughing at him yet the cheers were hear as Paulton was seen scaling the ladder. Mack scrambled up after him as The Strangler sought to reclaim his footing. Paulton managed to kick The Strangler’s hands away as Mack began brawling with the TEAM EGO enforcer. Both Tyke & Kayden were seen pawing the briefcase in unison before trading punches between each other. Paulton managed to gain the advantage with Tyke leaning back, almost losing his balance before stunning Kayden with a Stern Punch to the Face. The British Lion grabbed the suitcase and swung it into the Softcore Saint’s face, sending Paulton sailing off the ladder and landing atop the burly Roebuck atop the elevated pallet! Tyke unhinged the briefcase free and a series of air horns sounded adamantly as The British Lion straddled the ladder, raising the suitcase overhead. The Strangler collapsed onto his side along with Brody resting his hands on his, dropping to both knees in disgust. Huber slapped the wheel in anger as Tyke inaudibly remained caught up in the moment before lowering the pallet back to the ground level. A mixed reaction continued brimming within the stands as the Englishman started to make his way down when the jOltvision screens angrily began flickering to life...

jOltvision: {The image of the reigning Underground Champion, Kenshiro Inogami, fell into view. A prerecorded message made by the ninja was seen transmitted from the Inogami Clan Locker Room.}

Kenshiro Inogami: Congratulations should be in order to the individual who was successful in retrieving the secured contract to face me for the right to challenge me as Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship....However, as the bearer of bad news, in spite of rigorous efforts, the ‘easy’ part is over. It is in your best interest to fully grasp exactly what you are currently holding in your possession. What you hold is but a tangible symbol as to what it is like to faintly experience the challenges of my position. This promotion and the wrestling world abroad will witness the dark nature of not only leadership but the human condition itself. As of now, YOU bear the scent of success and let’s just say I suggested some incentives should they prove themselves successful...the predators will naturally seek to pillage the successful of the spoils...starting now...

The joltvision screens flickered off abruptly, leaving Tyke with an unsettled look as his opposition looked upward at him. The British Lion assumed a partial defensive stance as Mack & The Strangler reclaimed their footing yet the upheaval of crowd noise drew the attention elsewhere as Cameras Thirty through Thirty Seven with Khadafi & Statuz Quo of The Jury making their way down from Exit 115 with Dallas Griffin following suit as Harbinger was seen exiting the ground level exit from the south with The West Texas Terrorists, Ezra & Eli sauntering forward behind him from the southwest. The Crimson Order in Heido & Takeshi made their descent from the east as Bane Loneheart led the pack of hounds including several Hype competitors from the back featuring Seraph, Sephiroth De Luc & Jason Rau down the aisle as Grendel caused the fans near the northeaster exit scattering form his path as he lumbered quietly toward the cell. The House were the first to assume a defensive stance as the horde rushed the cell. The House began wailing on Loneheart & Jason Rau as the vast majority stormed the gate and flooded the cell before turning amongst each other. Others gingerly traversed the tables before scaling the walls. Brody was quick to descent to the 2nd cage floor before going toe to toe with Statuz Quo and Seraph as The Strangler was engaged in a kicking match along the main cell eastern wall with Sephiroth de Luc. Kayden Paulton was knocked over the barricades by Harbinger before the masked monstrosity floored Jason Rau with a Big Boot. From out the back, Shovel was seen pushing a Target Shopping Cart with Mad Morgan ready to pounce slamming Roebuck in the stomach, jettisoning Mad Morgan airborne to floor Khadafi with a Diving Senton.

Tyke was seen slamming the briefcase into Latrell Samuel’s face, knocking him onto the mesh floor before pivoting about to toss at Jackson Cross who caught the briefcase...TYKE SHOT!!! The maneuver sent the Brooklyn native sailing off the cage and through the tables below! The British Lion laid claim to the briefcase in which Seraph snatched the case for himself before slipping into the 2nd cell interior. A feverish brawl continued within the middle cell’s interior as a similar war was waged in the massive cell below. Bryan Williams was seen trading punches with Wolf Spider near the main cell hatch as Sephiroth de Luc was seen crashing through the tables below. Grendel snatched Shovel off the top ropes and sent him careening against the norther cell wall with a Running Release Gorilla Press Slam! Shovel and Eli continued brawling as Bane Loneheart humbled the big man with a Lead Pipe Swing to the Calf, allowing the hounds to overwhelm him before being tackled by Roebuck. The House stood at the defensive with their backs toward the entrance when The Heirs of Wrestling were seen sprinting from the back & blind siding both Huber & Roebuck from behind before Takeshi & Heido took the fight to both Gallway & Silver! Jason Rau was busy taking cheap shots at Kayden before Paulton countered with a Vaulting Heel Kick!

Back inside the cage, Tyke was seen dangling off one of the trap door hatch. Swinging his legs several times before executing a Shooting Star Press atop both Gabriel Gold & Mack Brody! The Strangler spied the briefcase and dove at it yet Bryan Williams kicked it away while tussling with Wolf Spider. Resting on all fours, The Strangler looked over to see the case resting before in the middle of the ring with the hulking Grendel standing at the opposing end. Standing himself erect, the Team EGO muscle fought and shoved his way toward the prized possession as Grendel & The Strangler clashed head on, tussling about as Jon LeBron dove at the case but inadvertently shoved it off the ring apron. Trying to low crawl after the case, Harbinger grabbed him by the legs & dragged hi away. The masked demon ripped him off the canvas & flinging him over the top rope with a Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex atop several wrestlers outside. Bane Loneheart was seen creeping near the ring apron amidst the chaos as he noticed several wrestlers fighting over the briefcase before retrieving a similar case from underneath the ring apron. Escorted from the massive cell by Jason Rau, Loneheart flashed a wry smirk as he cradled the ‘case’ against his side. The tandem fended off the advances of The Jury and Seraph before sprinting toward the line and crossing. The celebration was cut short as the referees reprimanded the adamant trickster using a counterfeit case. Loneheart slammed the case onto the floor before the ring officials before fighting their way down the aisle to bring back the real one. A literal bottleneck was former along the aisle way as the crowd volume rose immediately. Camera Twenty Seven trained itself on a figure, standing atop the extended arm of the massive ‘faux demon’ above the entrance gaining a running start as Adam Lazarus created a domino effect of bodies with a Diving Senton Press!!!

The brawling continued within the cell as The Air Apparent sifted through the crowd and assaulted Loneheart with a battery of Kicks before leveling Rau with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick! Bane cracked Lazarus across the Jaw before being tacked by Eiji Kugasari. Camera Thirty One followed the disturbance from the lower southeastern decks of the arena where Derecho was seen tossing the jOlt Champion Aran Thompson into the food cart, spilling its contents along the floor before being handed a cold beverage from a fan and dousing the champion with it. Mr. Relentless crawled away in desperation from his assailant before humbling him with a Front Kick to the mid section before kicking Derecho in the face, leaning him back before flooring him with a Clothesline. Back in the cell, Grendel & The Strangler both spill over the top rope to the outside as Mack Brody managed to meet up with both Gallway & Silver near the cell hatch. Armed with the briefcase, Brody & Silver held the hatch closed as Gallway sealed a portion of the horde in with a thick chain & padlock. The embittered mob banged at the sealed portal with The Heirs mocking both Tyke & The Strangler, who were shaking the cage from within. The Heirs was quickly assaulted by both The House & The Crimson Order before the attacking teams turned on each other. Eiji used a kneeling Rau to execute a Springboard Lariat to floor Gallway as Frank Silver & Mack Brody sought to clear the path to glory. Adam Lazarus spun Bane Loneheart with a Standing Roundhouse Kick...

Bundle of Joy - (An Olympic Slam)

Derecho was seen tumbling over the barricades with Aran Thompson climbing over the barricades to ward off Eiji Kugasari with a European Uppercut before hurling over the barricades into the crowd. Takeshi became the unwitting recipient of a Running Splash made by Adam Roebuck, sending the case airborne as Heido was engaging Frank Silver before Gallway landed a Dropkick between the ninja’s exposed shoulder blades. The case disappeared into the crowd. Derecho was seen using a Vertical Suplex atop a fallen Takeshi before rotating his hips to follow through with a Snap Suplex against the floor to rattle Aran’s spine before finishing the F3 with a stern Split-Legged Gordbuster Suplex against the floor! Jason Rau sought to catch Derecho off guard with a Running Bulldog yet Derecho send him landing ass first against the barricades before landing head first against the hard floor! Derrick Huber managed to wrest the case free from Silver’s grasp before handing it over to his tag team partner. Fighting their way gradually through the mob, The House used the case to bean would be thieves before Heido disarmed Roebuck with an Underhanded Jab to the Throat! Derrick was quickly crowd upside the head by the stoic ninja before being tacked by Seraph. Aran Thompson braced his boot against Heido’s chest before wresting the case from Heido’s grip before swinging it at Derecho’s head. The former jOlt Champion countered with a Snap Scoop Slam!

Camera Twelve watched as a screaming Jon Le Bon was used as a battering by Grendel to break the sealed hatch down in dramatic fashion before being cast aside yet the human flood overwhelmed the masked leviathan. Tyke was seen hurdling the barricades to avoid the brawling masses before leaping off the barricades and flooring Bryan Williams who was holding the briefcase. Tyke jammed the briefcase into Mack Brody’s stomach before ducking underneath Frank Silver’s Clothesline that inadvertently briefly knocked Mack out of commission. The British Lion spun away from Grendel’s grasp before he was pounced on by Roebuck & The Strangler before slamming back to back with Aran Thompson. The World Champion & Tyke turned to face each other when Thompson ducked under, allowing Derecho to floor Tyke with a Straight Line Strike Flying Clothesline! The case tumbled right before Kayden Paulton who bent down and picked it up, right as he was tackled by The Strangler over the line!

The lights on the aisle way flanks flashed as the ring readily rang, leading the Arena of Champion to explode audibly! Seen cradling the case against his chest, The Softcore Saint was surrounded by ring officials as ’Less Talk, More Rokk’ by Freezepop (Kayden P. Remix) played proudly from the overhead PA system.

Carrington: "Ladies & Gentlemen; your winner of the Open Season Match....He is the Softcore Saint...KAYDEN!!!! PAULTON!!!!!"

Cameras Thirty & Eleven displayed the cheering legions celebrating as the Aran Thompson was seen jogging away toward the side of the entrance staging area with Derecho not far behind. The look of several dejected wrestlers were beginning to file out of the arena toward the back with Derrick Huber comforting his obese tag team partner in the loss. Roebuck tighten his lip while plodding forward as security worked to usher a pissed off Strangler to the back. Both Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver assisted Mack Brody to the back to lick their respective wounds as tears of joy ran from the Softcore Saint’s eyes. Cradling the case, Kayden looked toward the heavens. Speaking inaudibly, he was eventually assisted to his feet where Adam Roebuck displayed a bold measure of sportsmanship in shaking his hand and congratulating Kayden on a well deserved win before patting him on the back and leaving. Bryan Williams and a number of faces were the first to hoist Paulton onto their shoulders, allowing him to rhythmically raise the case over head in victory. Takeshi was seen aiding Heido back to his feet before nodding at Kayden during their egress.

PA System: The music is loud
The kids are so young
All over the world
They wanna have fun
The music is so loud
It drowns out the talk
All over the world
Just give us more rokk
The music is loud
The night is so young
All over the world
We wanna have fun
The music gets louder
Please don’t call the cops
All over the world
We just wanna rokk!

Crowd: ROCK!!!!!!

PA System: We just wanna rokk!

Crowd: ROCK!!!!!!

PA System: We just wanna rokk!

Crowd: ROCK!!!!!!

Shirt tattered, blood splatter patterns were etched across his clothing and body, The Nicest Guy in Professional Wrestling asked his peers to let him down to climb over the barricades and share the celebration with the masses. Meanwhile, Camera One set itself onto the highly disappointed Tyke, who was resting his hands on his hips. Face partially coated with blood & sweat with victory wrested from his grasp. The feeling of coming up short was displayed in him seething publically to himself. The Englishman’s jaw shifted & drew tight as he watched a barrage of pyrotechnical explosions danced along the massive extended arm before the heavens rained Pink & White confetti. Kayden basked within the moment before yelling happily while throwing his fists toward the heavens.


The music ended yet the cheering continued as Paulton pointed at a fan’s homemade sign that encapsulated the entire moment; Nice Guys Eventually Finished Last!...

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Crossing the Line

Aran Thompson (c) vs Derecho
Adam lazarusJason Rau
Derecho caught up to Thompson with a double axe handle to the back of the head. While everyone was filing out of the arena at the conclusion of Open Season and while the people were still buzzing about the incredible win from Kayden Paulton, the soon remembered that the jOlt Championship match that had begun at the very top of this show was still going on!

Derecho grabbed Aran by the arm and whipped him into the side of the entrance ramp where he slumped down. Aran, battered and bloody... Derecho battered and bloody.. had been brawling all over this arena for nearly three solid hours. Their bodies exhausted, but their will to compete for the richest prize in jOlt feuled them forward.

Derecho staggered over to Thompson and pulled him up off the floor. He then walked him along the side of the entrance ramp and then rolled him on top of it. Derecho then climbed up on top of the barricade and took aim on Thompson...


Derecho bounced off Aran and fell off the side of the entrance ramp down to the floor, but the damage had been done to Aran! If Derecho could just climb back up onto the ramp, he could make a cover and become jOlt Champion for the second time, but that scenario seemed unlikely. Derecho couldn't even move. That elbow took the last of his strength, but the good news was that Aran wasn't moving either. The referee checked on both men as the Open Season structure remained, but everyone else had finally exited. The lights and center stage was now on the conclusion of the jOlt Championship match.

Derecho slowly began to stir. He grabbed the barricades and used them to pull himself up. He leaned against them once vertical to catch his breath and to try and resummon some energy. Derecho then hopped up onto the ramp, gingerly, but when he went to pick up Aran...


Derecho went down in a heap as Aran got back to his feet. He grinned as he grabbed Derecho by the right leg and proceeded to drag him down towards the ringside area. Noticing the door open to the Open Season double cage, Aran bent over and pulled Derecho back up, throwing him inside of the ring. The referee slid into the ring as Aran looked at the referee and with a sadistic grin yelled out.


The referee did just that and sealed the two of them inside the war zone which was once Open Season. Aran taunted Derecho to stand, looking for possibly the Icarus Switch to put this match to bed. When Derecho got back to his feet, Aran, indeed, went to hook Derecho for it, but Derecho countered with a deep arm drag before Aran could even touch him! Aran sat up as Derecho charged in...


Derecho knew that this was it. He called out to the fans in attendance that it was going to be over. He grabbed Aran by his bloodied head, pulling him up to his feet. He then scooped him up onto his shoulders, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Aran slipped off the shoulders and behind Derecho. He quickly placed Derecho in the abdominal stretch...


Aran immediately released the cover, though. The people were shocked.

Aran grabbed Derecho and pulled his lifeless body back up. He placed Derecho in the abdominal stretch once again...


Aran released the cover AGAIN!

Aran then dragged Derecho over to the ropes and positioned him there. Aran then grabbed onto the top rope and looked to have missed hitting the middle rope with his feet as he slid through, but, this was actually Aran's plan. He skinned the cat up and over the top rope, flipping and nailed a leg drop across the throat!

This was a special finisher he developed just for Derecho

This was the GOD SLAYER

Aran then made the cover and hooked the leg.. the people booing at the top of their lungs...




It was over.. nearly three hours of brawling.. from the backstage.. to the parking lot.. to the men's room.. the catering.. throughout the show, interrupting people's promos.. to invading the Open Season match.. to this very moment.. this wasn't a match.. this was a WAR between two men with personal issues so deep that it turned the company upside down.

But the man who stood atop of the world was not Derecho... it was Aran Thompson. After everything that he has done in the past two months... all of the claims of being The Future.. this definitive win cemented those claims. While people can't stand him.. while Aran Thompson was a man who would stoop to new lows to prove his point... he has persevered and has rightfully proven that he belonged at the top.

Aran was handed the jOlt Championship. He then grabbed Derecho by the leg and drug him to the center of the ring. The final scene of Cataclysm was Aran Thompson with his foot placed on Derecho's chest, holding the jOlt Championship high into the air.

Take a good look.

Aran Thompson IS The Future

Cataclysm fades to black.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall