"Welcome to Death Wish"

The screen is black. Suddenly it illuminates with an aerial view of jOlt Arena in Miami, Florida in full color. Then a heartbeat could be heard. The noise, once natural, warps and slows down as the screen converts to black and white.

"Time can slow and stand still in an instant, but it is the feeling one gets from that moment that can last a lifetime"

The heartbeat pounds once again as the pyro explodes on the set of Sunday Night iNtense. Again, a heartbeat pounds and the scene fades to black and white and slows down.

"It is this rush... this feeling of excitement that we all live for. That we wish to etch so fondly upon our hearts"

The heartbeat pounds again and the scene speeds back up. We then see in rapid succession jOlt Superstar after jOlt Superstar making their individual entrances in clips that are assembled one after another. Another heartbeat pounds and we are once again back to slow motion grayscale

"It is these moments... these feelings which drive us forward. To live for that rush means we would do anything to achieve it."

We then switch to random scenes of action. Mike Patterson hitting a Spear, Omega hitting The End, Jeremy Ryan hitting A Real Man's Finisher, Alyssa Corliss driving Raevynn's face into a glass pane... on that scene, once again, a heartbeat followed by slow motion and greyscale.

"Sometimes we go to far to experience that feeling. The boundaries of sanity are broken and we all push ourselves beyond our limits."

The heartbeat pounds faster. Close ups of the faces of the men and women on the jOlt roster fade in and out as they all look towards the camera in succession.


Black screen...

And silence.

"In order to achieve the feeling... many believe that they all must have..."


"...A Death Wish"

A spininng object with a red outline swirls onto the screen and slams down in the center. It is a black skull and the eyes glow red. A red swish comes up behind it and the Death Wish logo fades into view.

"And now... Legacy of Champions presents... the final show in jOlt Wrestling's history... DEATH WISH"

We are taken inside of the jOlt Arena. The big jOltvision is in the center of the entrance way and to the left and to the right of the screen are two curved rectangular screens. There are large metal pikes, three on each side, that stick up and behind the two curved screens. Above the jOltvision is a large black skull with glowing red eyes, resembling the Death Wish emblem.

Red smoke jettisons out from the mouth of the skull, covering the entrance and the stage. The entire arena then glows red and moments later, the tops of the pikes ignite in fire, resembling demonic torches. A wall of fire then billows up on the stage as well! At the top of the jOltvision, red pyro explodes and splits left and right, traveling along the outer frame of the main screens as well as around the outer frame of the side screens, but as the pyro blows, it leaves behind a small flame.

After the pyro meets back in the middle on the bottom of the jOltvision, the entire set is on fire! The fire then goes out and one final pyro explosion goes off on stage!

It was a unique pyro display and the crowd applauded it despite the fact that it got REALLY hot inside the arena for a few moments. The camera panned around the crowd and cheered as we sent it down to ringside.

Michael Burhman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. welcome to the final show.. welcome to Death Wish! It has been a long trip for all of us, but the ride isn't over yet because tonight.. it's champion versus champion with both titles on the line.. Jeremy Ryan and Omega will do battle inside of a steel cage and the winner will leave jOlt Wrestling as the man to hold both top titles!

Nate Powers: Indeed, Mike. Either Jeremy Ryan or Omega will become a double champion tonight and will close out jOlt Wrestling as THE man.

Michael Burhman: It also started as a competition-based rivalry and tonight.. the two most hard hitting teams on the roster will collide over the tag team titles.. The Natural Athletes of Cori Albright and Terry Massimo will defend against The New Breed of Mike Patterson and Brian Williams.. I can't WAIT for that one!

Nate Powers: The Starlet Title will be on the line too as Tammy Lynn Foster executed her rematch clause. She will take on the Starlet Champion Vogue Gonsalvez who looks to cement her legacy here tonight as The Real Deal of the Starlet Division!

Michael Burhman: Also, Alex Reyn.. a man who has been a thorn in the side of The Entertainers since arriving here, looks to taken on Darren Best here tonight. Darren Best had to face Alfie Button on Countdown to see who would earn the right to face the undefeated Alex Reyn. Best won that match and later tonight, we will see the final clash between these two!

Nate Powers: Also, it's a family feud with plenty of bad blood. Zane Roebuck caused The House to break apart and now they collide tonight to determine who will walk out of jOlt with the rights to The House name. It's Zane and Adam Roebuck against Derrick Huber and Charlotte. That one is going to be emotional!

Michael Burhman: Speaking of emotions... they ride high tonight as Mack Brody takes on MONARCHY's Frank Silver in a Last Man Standing match. The Heirs of Wrestling disintegrated thanks to Sonny Silver and after Frank Silver drove Ryan Gallway out of jOlt, it just never sat right with Mack Brody. He looks to end Frank Silver and avenge Ryan Gallway here tonight!

Nate Powers: Up first, though... jOlt may be coming to an end, but for one person, their entire career will as well. It's a rivaly that has gone on for nearly two years. Tonight... in a Fearless Rules match, Alyssa Corliss will take on Raevynn one last time where the winner doesn't just lost their job with jOlt.. they lose the right to ever lace up a pair of boots in this industry again! Let's send it down to the ring where Dean Carrington will intro us into that match!

Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn

The smoke from the opening pyro was still settling and were going to jump right into the action.

Carrington: “The following is your opening contest and it is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under Fearless Rules. Whoever loses this match must permanently retire as a professional wrestler.”

“Where is the Edge” by Within Temptation

The people booed as Raevynn stepped out from the backstage area. At Countdown, it was suspected that Raevynn stole an engagement ring from Alyssa Corliss that was meant for Sebastian Saje. It was more mind games by Raevynn to try and gain the upper hand in this match tonight which had serious consequences for the loser here tonight.

Raevynn made her way down to the ring, fully prepared to do whatever she could to come out of this match on top. Raevynn hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring where she made her way over to the corner and knelt down. She rested her arm on her knee as she stared at the canvas. She then pounded her fist into the mat and stood up, stretching out her arms and letting out a battle cry. Raevynn was fired up for this final confrontation.

Her music faded out and was replaced by...

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

The crowd cheered as Alyssa Corliss came out from the backstage area alone. Sebastian Saje was not with her as it is assumed that she elected to go this alone tonight. Alyssa’s face said it all… all of the pent up rage, anger, and frustration that she held inside of her became a mask to display for the world to see.

Alyssa power walked down the ramp and hit the ring. She lunged at Raevynn and took her down to the canvas with a Double Leg Takedown and referee Kim Adams called for the bell immediately.




Alyssa was on top of Raevynn, but Raevynn clinched Alyssa and punched away at her kidneys. Alyssa rolled towards the ropes and out to the ring, taking Raevynn with her as the two of them spill out onto the floor! Right away, Alyssa, began to knee Raevynn in the face… trying to knock her out immediately which was the way she beat Raevynn at Thieves Honor, but Raevynn blocked one of the shots and scrambled up to her feet where Alyssa stood and met her, but Raevynn decked Alyssa with a forearm shot to the face, rocking her back. Raevynn decked her with another forearm and it spun Alyssa around, causing her to stagger away. Raevynn then put her hands on Alyssa’s back and tried to shove her face first into the ring post, but Alyssa put out her hands and stopped it and hit a back thrust kick to double Raevynn over! Alyssa quickly turned and placed Raevynn between her legs. She lifted Raevynn up to shoulder height and ran at an angle towards the other side of the ring..


Alyssa Corliss threw Raevyn into the bottom turnbuckle and the impact caused Raevynn to land on the edge of the ring apron and flop face first onto the floor at ringside!!


Just a minute or two into this match and we already have the first fecal chant of the evening!

Raevynn got up to her hands and knees as Alyssa stepped back and charged in.. she hit a field goal kick right into Raevynn’s stomach that spun her over into a seated position. Raevynn reached out for the ring steps and began to use them to pull herself up, but Alyssa backed up and charged in again, driving a knee right into Raevynn’s upper back, sending her chest first into the steps!!

Alyssa was absolutely relentless in the opening moments of this match. If this keeps up, Raevynn is going to get slaughtered!

Alyssa grabbed Raevynn by the waist and pulled her off the steps. She clasped her hands tight then popped her hips, nailing a German Suplex out on the floor! Raevynn already looked like she was done and Alyssa sensed it. She grabbed Raevynn by the hair and rolled her back into the ring. Alyssa rolled back in and made the cover, hooking the leg… Raevynn’s career could be over in the blink of an eye here tonight at Death Wish!




Raevynn kicked out and the first fall of the match was a nearfall that had everyone on the edge of their seats!

Alyssa stayed on the attack, pulling Raevynn up to her feet. She grabbed Raevynn by the arm and whipped her into the corner. Alyssa charged in, but Raevynn put her boot up, connecting with Alyssa’s face. Alyssa staggered away as Raevynn continued to regain her composure, but Alyssa immediately turned and charged back in, connecting with a flying forearm to the face!! Alyssa backed out and ran to the opposite corner. She turned and charged full speed, looking for another leaping forearm, but Raevynn moved out of the corner and Alyssa ate it on the top turnbuckle pad.

Alyssa fell to her knees while facing the corner as Raevynn walked away, trying to shake off the effects of the punishment she endured so far in the match. Raevynn staggered over to the corner as Alyssa was pulling herself up, but Raevynn kicked her in the back of the knee and put her back down to a knelt position. Raevynn then placed her boot on the back of Alyssa’s head and began to repeated stomp Alyssa’s face into the middle turnbuckle pad without mercy! Raevynn then backed out of the corner and hunched over as she was still reeling from the punishment she took, but she sucked it up, turned and charged in and...


Alyssa’s face SLAMMED into the turnbuckle pad and her nose began to bleed as a result of it!!! It was a receipt and a half for being driven into the ring steps a few minutes ago! Alyssa looked to be out cold as Raevynn grabbed her by the leg and pulled her out of the corner to the center of the ring where she turned her over and went for the cover...



Thre… NO!!!

Alyssa kicked out at the last possible second and so far, both pinfalls in this match were close enough to end a career!

Raevynn rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. She reached underneath and pulled out… a railroad spike!? What the hell was a railroad spike doing underneath the ring in the first place!?

Raevynn rolled back into the ring and gripped the spike with her right hand. She taunted Alyssa to stand and she did, albeit slowly. Alyssa wiped the blood from her nose and mouth and turned to face Raevynn. Raevynn lunged in with a stab that would surely pierce Alyssa’s skin in a dangerous way, but Alyssa ducked out of the way! Raevynn stumbled forward from the momentum of that attempted stabbing and when she turned around, Alyssa caught her in the stomach with a toe kick. Raevynn dropped the spike as Alyssa grabbed Raevynn and placed her in a front face lock… she was looking for The Corliss Effect, but Raevynn twisted out of it, grabbed Alyssa by the arm and drilled her with a Short Arm Clothesline!

Raevynn walked over and picked up the railroad spike and then walked back over to Alyssa where she knelt down on top of Alyssa. Raevynn then placed the business end of the spike on top of Alyssa’s forehead then quickly scraped it across!!

Crowd: OOOH!!!!!

Blood now began to flow from Alyssa’s forehead from the laceration caused by the railroad spike. Raevynn went to do it again, but Alyssa grabbed Raevynn by the ears and pulled her face down… at the same time, Alyssa lifted her head and, bloody forehead and all, headbutted Raevynn! She did it a second time, then a third, then a fourth until Raevynn flopped over onto her back, holding her head in pain. Alyssa turned to her side and reached for the ropes, grabbing them and using them to pull herself back up to a vertical base.

Raevynn started to get back to her feet and that’s when Alyssa charged in and ran her over with a clothesline. Raevynn popped back up and was met with a second clothesline. Alyssa aided Raevynn to her feet as she backed her into the ropes and whipped her across the ring. Alyssa leapt up and took Raevynn down with a Leg Lariat.

While Raevynn was incapacitated for a moment, Alyssa exited the ring and lifted up the apron. She pulled a table out from underneath the ring which garnered a favorable reaction from the crowd. Alyssa unfolded the legs and set the table up at ringside. She then rolled back into the ring where Raevynn was starting to get back to her feet. Alyssa grabbed Raevynn and whipped her into the ropes, but Raevynn grabbed the ropes and held on to block the whip. Alyssa charged in and Raevynn lifted her up and over the top rope on the side where the table was. The crowd held their breath, but Alyssa landed safely on the ring apron! Raevynn turned around and was met with a forearm by Alyssa that caused her to stagger away.

Alyssa grabbed the top rope and leapt off with a Springboard Clothesline, but Raevynn ducked it and jumped to the middle rope. When Alyssa turned around, Raevynn hit a Springboard Roundhouse Kick to Alyssa, dropping her to her hands and knees! Raevynn then rolled out of the ring to the apron and now it was her turn to take aim by grabbing the top rope. Alyssa stood and turned to see Raevynn leaping up to the top rope and Alyssa put her foot on the gas and charged in, hitting a Palm Strike to Raevynn mid-leap! Raevynn landed on her side on the ring apron, gripping the ropes to make sure she didn’t fall through the table. Alyssa stood and measured Raevynn up. As soon as Raevynn began to get back to her feet, Alyssa took off to the opposite side. She bounced off of the ropes, charged in and...





Both women laid there motionless as referee Kim Adams exited the ring to check on their condition. Both were hurting and in pain from the punishment that they put each other through so far. This wasn’t a match where a typical chair shot would settle things.. these two women were doing whatever they could to injure and end each other permanently!

Alyssa was the first to show signs of life. She slowly rolled off the table and against the barricade. She reached up and grabbed the barricade to pull herself up to her feet. She walked it off for a few steps before turning back and grabbing Raevynn by the hair, pulling her up to a vertical base. Alyssa then placed Raevynn between her legs and went to lift her up for a powerbomb, but Raevynn kicked her feet and blocked it. Alyssa went for it a second time and Raevynn, again, blocked it. Raevynn then countered it...




Alyssa immediately grabbed her leg and screamed in pain. The point on the edge of the steps punctured a hole in the back of her calf!!! Blood was now coming out of Alyssa’s forehead, nose, and now the back of her left leg!! Alyssa gripped her leg in pain as she laid there on the floor in the fetal position. People at ringside covered their mouths in shock at what they just saw. Raevynn grabbed a chunk of the broken table and walked over to Alyssa..


She slammed the chunk of table into that injured leg!





Five times total she slammed the table piece into that injury and each time, Alyssa cried out in pain! Who knows if she’d even be able to put pressure on that leg from this point on. Raevynn grabbed Alyssa and pulled her back up to her feet. She went to whip Alyssa into the barricades, but Alyssa immediately collapsed as soon as pressure was put on that injured leg! Raevynn, like a shark, smelled the blood in the water as she walked over and grabbed that injured leg, but Alyssa knew she had to preserve whatever strength she had left in it. She turned to her back and began to kick away at Raevynn with her good leg. Raevynn staggered away as Alyssa grabbed the barricades and tried to pull herself up, but it was a herculean task to do so for her. Raevynn turned and charged at Alyssa, but right at the last second, Alyssa pushed off her good leg and darted out of the way and Raevynn went shoulder first at full forced into the barricades!

Alyssa was on her hands and knees as she crawled over to the ring apron. She used it to pull herself up and then the ring apron became a crutch for her. She was by the entrance ramp and had to make it to the other side of the ring to where the ringside doctor was. She motioned for the doctor and yelled out “TAPE” to him. She hobbled around the corner, trying not to put pressure on that leg. The doctor met her and she told him to tape up her leg. The doctor advised that she just call the match and that this wasn’t worth it, but Alyssa screamed “TAPE IT, GOD DAMMIT” at the doctor.

The doctor shook his head and abided by her wishes. He wrapped the puncture wound up with a gauze bandage and then wrapped the bandage with athletic tape. Meanwhile, Raevynn was getting back to her feet and she saw what was going on. Raevynn made her way over to where Alyssa was and just as the doctor finished taping the leg, Raevynn came from behind and hit a Chop Block to that bandaged area, which now became a bullseye!

Alyssa fell to the floor in a heap as Raevynn stood and stomped down on that injured calf. Alyssa cried out in pain with each stomp as Raevynn enjoyed each and every one of those stomps. While Alyssa writhed in pain on the floor, Raevynn stepped over her and headed to the timekeeper’s table where she grabbed a steel chair. She folded up the chair and walked back over to Alyssa. She unfolded the chair and wedged Alyssa’s leg between it. Raevynn then hopped up onto the ring apron and jumped down...


Forget about a puncture wound.. that leg could be broken right now!!

Through the blood and sweat, tears were flowing out of Alyssa’s eyes from the amount of pain she was in. There is no way she could stand now and it looked inevitable that Raevynn would go on to win this match and end Alyssa Corliss AND Sebastian Saje’s career. Lest we not forget that Sebastian Saje agreed to end his career as well should Alyssa lose here tonight.

Raevynn placed Alyssa back onto her stomach and then hopped back up onto the ring apron. Raevynn jumped off, looking for another double stomp, but Alyssa rolled out of the way and up against the barricades!! Raevynn landed on her feet and gritted her teeth. She bent over to pick Alyssa up and even though it hurt like all hell, Alyssa swung with her bad leg… Chair still connected to it and...



Raevynn staggered back and fell to a seated position… planned or not planned, the back of Raevynn’s head smacked against the edge of the ring apron and that was it.. she was out cold!

Raevynn slumped over and fell onto her side on the floor motionless. She was still breathing, but the lights were out and nobody was home. Alyssa unwedged the chair off of her leg and used the barricades to stand, but she couldn’t put any pressure on that leg and immediately collapsed. her mortal enemy, Raevynn, was right there in front of her, out cold… all she had to do was get her back into the ring and pin her, but with a leg she couldn’t stand on… a task as elementary and as simple as that became one of the world’s most difficult things to do.

Alyssa tried so hard to get back to her feet, but each and every time, she failed and fell back down. The knowledge that a victory was right in front of her and she could do nothing about it began to drive her insane. She slammed her fist into the floor and cursed her own legs as she was powerless to capitalize on the situation.

Alyssa took a few deep breaths and tried again. This time, putting all of her weight on her good leg and pushing up. Using the barricade as a crutch, she finally got to her feet and the crowd applauded her efforts. Through the crimson mask on her face, she shot a death glare at Raevynn, but she knew that even though she was on her feet, there was no way she could walk the two steps required to get to her. Alyssa braced herself and put weight on that back leg. You could see it in her face that she knew there was no way she could walk right now. Instead, she turned back towards the time keeper’s position and looked at the doctor.

“Give me a local” she said to the doctor.

The doctor looked at Alyssa with a puzzled look.

“A SHOT.. A LOCAL.. ANESTHETIC! GIVE IT TO ME!” she yelled at him.

How far is she willing to go to beat Raevynn!? Was Alyssa really that desperate!?

The doctor reached into his first aid kit and found a needle and a vial of anesthetic. He walked over and stuck the needle through the bandage and injected the anesthetic into Alyssa’s calf.

“It’s not long lasting.. you’ll be good for about fifteen minutes and it won’t take all of the pain away” said the doctor.

“I don’t care.. that’s more than enough time..” said Alyssa

The doctor finished giving her the shot and Alyssa immediately felt its effects. She put pressure on her bad leg and while the muscles were tight and there were twinges of pain, she could finally tolerate standing on it. Even still, she couldn’t walk normally and hobbled over to Raevynn who was still out cold. Alyssa held onto the ring apron and bent over, grabbing Raevynn by the hair. She pulled Raevynn up to her feet when...





Raevynn was playing possum the entire time!! Alyssa turned and her leg gave out, she fell to the canvas and she held her face in pain!! What lengths were these two going to go to just to win a damn wrestling match!?

Raevynn got back up as Alyssa rolled on the floor, clutching her eyes, moaning in pain. Raevynn pulled Alyssa back up and then rammed her back first into the steel ring post. Alyssa fell to her knees and then to all fours. What more could be done to her to make her just give up!?

Raevynn walked over to the announce table and grabbed another steel chair from that area. She brought it back over to where Alyssa was on all fours and...












Ten VICIOUS chair shots across the back and Alyssa was done. Lacerated forehead.. possible broken nose.. punctured calf on borrowed time, and now damage done to her back. The fact that she’s still awake is a miracle in and of itself. Raevynn pulled Alyssa back up to her feet and then rolled her back into the ring. Raevynn lifted the ring apron and pulled out a ladder out from underneath the ring. She slid that in and then re-entered. She rolled Alyssa onto her back and then placed her bad leg in between the ladder. Raevynn lifted one half of the ladder and slammed it shut down across Alyssa’s leg. No local, temporary anesthetic in the world is going to deaden that! Alyssa cried out in pain once again as Raevynn went to the turnbuckles, ascending them to the very top.

Raevynn took aim on Alyssa and then leapt off as the crowd held their breath...


Raevynn bounced off and held her stomach in pain. She even coughed and gasped for air after that landing, but Alyssa immediately gripped her leg and pulled it out from between the ladder. Alyssa was in so much pain, she wanted to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth. The pain left her speechless!

Finally, Alyssa took a deep breath and the next sound out of her mouth as a scream so loud, it echoed throughout the arena. The leg was done.. there was no way she would be able to continue this match. The referee immediately ran over and told Alyssa that she was stopping the match. The referee went to signal for the bell when Alyssa grabbed Kim Adams’ leg and yelled.

“NO!!! DON’T!!!”

The referee said to continue would be madness, but Alyssa begged her not to call for the bell.. to do so meant that Alyssa would have to give up her life as a professional wrestler.. Sebastian Saje would have to as well.. .Alyssa couldn’t live with that on her conscience and begged the referee not to end it. Kim Adams let out a heavy sigh knowing full well that this was the wrong decision, but she opted to let the match continue...

Alyssa scooted back and sat in the corner. She had enough battle to get back to her feet. It’s been about five minutes since the ringside doctor gave her the local and while it was working to deaden the pain she just sustained, the leg didn’t feel good by any means. She knew her time was running out and she had to put Raevynn away somehow.

Alyssa got to her feet, slowly, but surely, and could barely put any pressure on that leg. If it weren’t for that local, she wouldn’t even be vertical right now. Raevynn recomposed herself as well as she landed awkwardly on that ladder. She, too, may have suffered some sort of internal injury from that move. Raevynn, however, saw Alyssa up in the corner and staggered over to her, but Alyssa fired a right hand and stunned Raevynn for a moment. She planted her weight on her right leg and fired another right hand, then a third, and then finally a fourth which was a haymaker punch! Raevynn staggered away as Alyssa slowly hobbled out of the corner. She grabbed Raevynn by the hair and...


By no means did it look pretty. in fact, the entire move looked like it was in slow motion… Alyssa hopped as much as she could off of her right leg to hit the move, but she hit it nonetheless. Alyssa landed on her right hip as well in order to protect her left leg so that it took very little of the impact when landing. Alyssa turned on her right side and crawled over to Raevynn who had rolled onto her back and looked to be out. Alyssa crawled over the ladder and collapsed on top of Raevynn with the cover..





Raevynn kicked out at the last possible second and Alyssa had zero clues as to what to do next.

Alyssa rolled across the canvas and under the bottom rope. She stuck her right leg down first and gently exited the ring on the side where Raevynn slammed that chair into her back numerous times. Alyssa held onto the bottom rope for stability as she hunched over and picked up the chair. By this time, Raevynn was recovering and getting up to her feet. Alyssa had the chair in hand and then slowly turned to face the ring. Raevynn got a full head of steam and..


Raevynn kicked the chair right into Alyssa’s face! Alyssa flew backwards and landed in a seated position up against the barricades!! Alyssa dropped the chair at ringside and Raevynn rolled out of the ring and picked it up immediately. Raevynn got up on the apron and face Alyssa who was just sitting there against the barricades, helpless. Raevynn leapt off, holding the chair in front of her and..


There was nowhere for Alyssa’s body to go.. it was already pressed against the barricades. The full force of impact went right into her face. Raevynn stood and wouldn’t even let the referee check on her. She immediately pulled Alyssa to her feet and threw her back into the ring. Raevynn grabbed the chair and rolled back in. Raevynn kicked the ladder out of the way and unfolded the chair in the middle of the ring. Raevynn then turned and grabbed Alyssa, pulling her up once again. Raevynn then locked in a Cravat as Alyssa just dangled there in Raevynn’s arms. Raevynn positioned herself on one side of the chair and then front flipped.


The Cravat into the Front Flipping Neck breaker connected and the back of Alyssa’s head slammed into the seat of the chair!!! The seat bent downwards from the impact and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Alyssa was done for. Raevynn crawled over into the cover and as she did...


Saje bolted out from the backstage area..


Saje hit the ring.. Two...

Saje dove in...




Raevynn turned to see who hit her and when she saw Sebastian Saje, her androphobia kicked in and she looked as if she saw a ghost!!! She tried to back away when Sebastian Saje grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. Raevynn screamed out in fear.. but all that would soon change when...


The crowd erupted as Saje hit the Lights Out to Raevynn!! Saje wasn’t done, though… he stood and grabbed Raevynn.. pulling her back up.. the crowd sensed it and began to chant..


The crowd got their wish..


A second lights out to Raevynn!!!

The crowd was going ballistic! Saje walked over and checked on Alyssa. He helped Alyssa up to her feet and made sure she was okay. He pointed at Raevynn and said that all she needed to do was pin her. Alyssa tried to take a step forward, but she almost collapsed. Saje braced her though. Alyssa wrapped her arm around Saje and used him as a crutch as she hobbled towards Raevynn. Alyssa got near Raevynn and Saje asked if she needed help pinning her. Alyssa said she could do it so Saje let her go.

Alyssa took one step and stumbled, but when she fell.. she fell into the cover.




It was over.

Alyssa Corliss and Sebastian Saje kept their careers and Raevynn’s wrestling career was officially over.

Saje helped Alyssa up to her feet. He walked her over to the turnbuckles and propped her up in the corner. Saje exited the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside. He rolled back in and looked down at Raevynn.

“Someone help her up.. I have something to say to you as well.” said Saje.

Referee Kim Adams helped Raevynn up to her feet. Raevynn was groggy, but she looked at Sebastian.

“It’s been about two years since I met the two of you. All I wanted to do was come to jOlt.. be a wrestler.. maybe win a few championships, and make a name for myself… but in addition to that path I chose to walk, something unexpected happened… the two of you entered my life.”

Saje turned to Raevynn.

“Raevynn… you were cold to me from day one when I introduced myself to you.. not as someone who wanted to go out with you.. but as a simple colleague. It was my first day on The Hype and I wanted to make a good impression with everyone.. you included… but I didn’t know about your androphobia. I want to say I’m sorry that we got off on the wrong foot.”

He turned to Alyssa.

“Alyssa.. you were the one who recognized that Raevynn actually liked me and you put forth a lot of effort to being just a friend and giving me advice on how to make Raevynn come around and overcome her fear. Sadly, Jeremy Ryan didn’t take too kindly to that, but because he didn’t.. I ended up becoming the second-ever Hype Champion when I beat his ass in the middle of the ring.”

The crowd cheered at that statement.

“Sadly I couldn’t do it for the world title and it’s kind of maddening to know that I won’t get that chance ever again with this being our final show, but it is what it is and I can’t do anything to change that.. I just have to accept the fact that I came close.”

“When Amber Ryann injured you, I was part of The Rebellion. I had let Raevynn take advantage of my emotions. I was frustrated over the fact that Shayne Anderson was trying to force me out the door… even though I was his champion. I felt like I wasn’t appreciated and Raevynn got in my head and it lead me to one of the worst decisions of my life in joining The Rebellion. I thought that after The Rebellion was over that I could be happy and move on, but then you re-entered my life, Alyssa, and because as such, it showed Raevynn’s true colors.”

Saje turned back to Raevynn.

“You overcame your fear while in The Rebellion.. but as soon as it broke up it returned. I could have been there to help you through it. I could have been that one loving, trusting person in your life to help you overcome that fear… I could have been your rock to lean on when you needed it, but you threw it all away just because Alyssa wanted to rekindle our friendship. It was you pushing me away that lead us getting back together. It didn’t have to be this way… it really didn’t.. but you made it that way because you overreacted. I would have gladly stayed by your side through thick and thin, but you ruined that moment and it made me realize that I should have never given up Alyssa in the first place.”

Saje walked right up to Raevynn.

“You tormented me… you tormented Alyssa to no ends… you did everything in your power to get rid of the two of us and all because you overreacted and misunderstood a harmless situation. You were jealous of Alyssa back on The Hype and it seems that two years later, that hasn’t changed one… single… bit. I can tell by the look on your face right now that you’re still jealous.. that if given another chance.. you would do whatever it takes to rid this world of both Alyssa and myself… I just can’t believe you can continue to live with yourself thinking that way.”

Then Saje said the one thing that shocked even Raevynn..

“For everything you’ve done… I hope you end up alone for the rest of your life because someone like you deserves a fate like that.”

That was cold.. and it stung.

Raevynn’s face actually changed to one of shock as she couldn’t believe Saje would say something like that.

“To show you what you could have had.. I’m going to this right in front of you because even though I want the whole world to see this.. I want you to see it even more.”

Saje reached inside his pocket and pulled out Alyssa’s engagement ring.

“I found this in your locker room tonight. I promised Alyssa I would find it and I did. “

Saje walked over to Alyssa and put the ring on her finger.

“You don’t even have to ask the question, Alyssa.. the answer is, was, and always will be…. YES!”

The crowd cheered and applauded. Saje gave Alyssa a hug and even though she was bloodied, he gave her a kiss! Saje then turned and looked at Raevynn.

“I hope you took a good look at that.. because this is what you threw away because of jealousy. Now you have the rest of your life to think back on this moment.”

With that, Saje dropped the microphone and exited the ring. Alyssa slowly knelt down and rolled out. Sebastian helped her stay vertical and Alyssa used Sebastian as a crutch as the two headed to the backstage area. Raevynn fell to her knees in the center of the ring and hung her head low. Saje and Alyssa made it to the backstage area slowly, but surely, never looking back at Raevynn who was left, just as Saje said, alone.

Kim Adams tried to nudge Raevynn to get her to leave the ring, but Raevynn waved her off, telling her to leave her be. Adams exited the ring as Raevynn stood up and took one final look around the arena. As the audience on hand began to chant..


Raevynn gritted her teeth as she looked around the arena. She then demanded a microphone.

“It it means never having to see each and every one of you ever again… if it means not having to come out here and put on a show for you ungrateful pieces of trash.. then I will take being alone in this world ANY day of the week! Every single one of you in this audience.. everyone watching at home.. and ESPECIALLY every person backstage that’s apart of this three ring circus can all kiss my ass and go to hell.”

Raevynn flung the microphone out of the ring and she stormed out. Sorry, beaten, and tired, she still marched up the entrance ramp and instead of exiting backstage, she took a left turn and exited directly into the locker room area.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall

"Dawn of the Best"

Dawn Cassidy, looking absolutely divine in a white dress and white gold earrings as you might expect for this federation's farewell, was standing by to interview someone who was set for a career-defining evening - Darren Best.

"Donny Layne, it's been a pleasure, but now more than ever, it's important to get an exclusive and I'm proud to be here with Darren Best. Darren, you've had three matches with Alex Reyn and lost every single time. What makes tonight any different?"

Best got a great reception fro the audience as he stepped forward and he'd have to do that in more ways than one: "Every time, I've learned something and the last time I faced Alex Reyn, I was this close (gestures with a small gap between his thumb and index fingers) to doing it. This close," he said reaffirming the tiny margin between the two competitors.

"I'm honest with myself. When your name is Best - no relation - you've got an ego and I have. Against Alex, I haven't been at my best and he's been better than me. Dawn, you've got no idea how hard it is for me to admit that, especially in front of a beautiful woman like you, but it's true. Alex has been that bit smarter and bit better than me, but not by much. I've closed the distance and tonight, I'm going to put everything into this - there'll be no excuses."

Cassidy took Darren's point on board and then issued another question: "How did it feel to face Alfie last week? We spoke before the match and you seemed to be saddened by the whole situation - sorry even. What was going through your mind during the match?"

Sombre, Best spoke frankly: "Like I were wrestling my best friend. Which I was. I know...I know Alfie was trying to help me and I shouldn't have punched him in the face, but I want to do this - I need to do this - for me. It's a shame we've not made up, neither of us has made contact, but I've been on my own every time I've got in the ring with Reyn so it won't have any impact on this match at all. This started off about Alfie, and it's still about him in a way. I'm doing this as much for him as I am for me."

Cassidy squeezed in another question: "Would you be receptive to talking to Alfie about your problems?"

Without hesitation, Best nodded: "Absolutely. It wasn't my decision, Dawn. Hopefully, after I beat Reyn tonight..." Darren couldn't finish right there, due to the amount of cheers that succeeded that sentence.

Dawn broke a cracking smile as Darren let it die down, giving a thumbs-up for the support: "Alfie and me can get together, have a beer and work something out."

Cassidy put her puppy dog eyes on, though not for Best's benefit: "Darren, as you know, this is the final night in jOlt history. Any plans for the future? Do you have a final message for the fans?"

Best released a perplexed sigh and shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know. It's a damn shame jOlt is closing and I wanted to achieve my dreams here. If we had beaten The House for the tag team titles, that would've been pretty sweet and I don't think any of this stuff would've happened. But, like jOlt's future, it wasn't meant to be.

"As for the fans, whether you've cheered or booed me, turned on or turned off when I've appeared, it's been a pleasure to perform in front of you guys and I ask you to stick with wrestling rather than turning your back on it completely, as some often do when their favourite company closes. It sounds so clichéd, like a reality television show, but I've been on a heck of a journey ever since I got here, especially in the last two to three months. Thanks for the backing you've given me, and the same for tonight. I can't speak for Alfie, but away from it all, he gets a massive kick out of being a man you can love to hate and the fans smile while they're booing him. I just thought you should know that. And Dawn, good luck wherever you go," Darren said, loosely shaking the hand of the interviewer who seemed to get the majority of interviews with him.

Cassidy reciprocated: "Good luck to you too, Darren."

Best nodded and had a ready-made reply: "Thanks Dawn, but it isn't about luck. Tonight, the BEST man will win."

The Roebucks vs Derrick Huber & Charlotte

jOlt’s most decorated tag team and record-breaking four-time jOlt Tag Team titles, the House, had been at odds ever since Adam Roebuck helped his son, Zane, to a win over Adam Roebuck. In the last few weeks, Derrick and Charlotte Huber had been fighting with the Roebucks and that battle was going to lead to tonight. The winning family of tonight’s mixed tag team match was going to win the rights to the House name. Brand, music, merchandising rights, and all the perks that came with it. It would mean whoever won the match would have the rights to continue using the House name after jOlt’s closure while the losing team may not have an identity to speak of.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played first and out came the former four-time Tag Team Champions! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive negative reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

No, wait. It was the father and son team of Judases that stabbed Derrick Huber and Charlotte Huber in their backs.

“The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck!

“Good Luck” Zane Roebuck!

They were coming out to the House’s theme song and stage entrance and the crowd was livid! The Roebucks looked like they were having the time of their lives at the expense of Adam’s former best friend and Zane’s surrogate uncle. The two stepped into the ring and soaked in the negative response of the crowd.

“House of the Rising Sun” played a second time and the crowd was going wild! The Hubers – husband and wife – were at the top of the ramp now. Enough was enough of the Roebucks talking a whole lot of not. Zane and Adam Roebuck were in the ring and watched as Derrick and his wife Charlotte, both came out and celebrated with the crowd for one final time tonight before they walked out to the ring, hand in hand.

“Blechhhhh!” Zane said disgusted.

“He’s dead,” Adam Roebuck snarled.

The Hubers walked down the ring and entered. Roebuck wanted to attack his partner right then and there, but the official in charge held him back which allowed both Charlotte and Derrick to enter. Derrick looked at his former tag team partner as he entered the ring.

“I’m gonna beat your ass, you fat fucking turncoat!” Huber screamed at him.

“Try it!”

Derrick and Charlotte Huber shared a glance at each other.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Derrick asked her.

She looked over to see Zane waving and blowing kisses at her like a jerk.

“Yeah, hon, let’s do this.”

“Okay, then … we will.”

Zane was going to start the match for the two of them while Derrick Huber would start for he and his wife. The official called for the bell and with that, this battle was going to begin. Derrick Huber and Zane Roebuck were about to fight …


Huber motioned to his former tag team partner Adam Roebuck.

“Get the fuck out of the ring, junior … I want him.”

Zane looked over at his father to see if it was okay. Adam Roebuck shook his head and he extended a hand to him. He wanted the tag and he wanted to fight with his partner in the worst way. The crowd was cheering them on because they were going to get a big time fight! Zane tagged the elder Roebuck and Adam stepped through the ropes.

“At least you had the courtesy to do this to my face, you bastard,” Huber shouted.

“Bring it, fucker …”

Roebuck and Huber – the original House – were ready to fight with each other and were about to throw fists. Huber threw the first punch …

… but instead, he poked him in the chest with a finger! The large Roebuck fell to the ground and the crowd was in shock! Derrick Huber suddenly laughed as the crowd watched on with shock! What was going on? Huber pointed to the official as he put a foot on Roebuck’s chest.

“Count,” Derrick commanded.

“What?” the official asked.

“COUNT!!! NOW!!!”

The official shrugged and then counted.

1 …

2 …


It was … over?


The laughter among Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber was deafening, but now the crowd had turned on both men completely! Derrick waved at his wife while Adam waved at his son and both family members came into the ring and joined the two. The ring announcer looked disturbed by the events that transpired and was about to announce it …

“… Uhh … here are your winners …”

Huber climbed out of the ring and shoved down the ring announcer as he took his microphone.

“Shut the fuck up and get outta here! NOW!!!”

The ring announcer jumped and scurried behind the announce table with Powers and Burman. Derrick climbed into the ring with the microphone.

“Yeah, yeah … I won. This whole thing was a joke. It’s a fucking joke! All of it!”

The crowd was confused, so Derrick Huber explained it.

“Let me tell you people a story … Roebuck and I? We’ve been a team for fifteen fucking years! In a fucking business where they stick two fucking idiots that don’t know what they’re doing together and call it a team … that’s an insult to us. The House is tag team wrestling! And what do the fucking idiotic brainchildren in management do when they hire my nephew-in-law, Zane … yeah, Zane! One of the most talented young men this business has ever seen and they try to break us up? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Even more angry at this point, Huber was continuing his tirade.

“Instead of us all coming together as a family those fucking idiots in management – the same management behind such great ideas as the fucking Rebellion and whatever the fuck the Dead Cell was supposed to be – wanted to split Roebuck and I up for what we were told were “reasons for change.” What the hell does that even mean?! So they drafted up this whole make-believe feud that you idiots bought into hook, line and sinker! I mean come on – the rights to the House? What the fuck? We’re the House? Roebuck and I! Sure, on paper, I won this match, but we're going to keep being the House whether management or anybody else likes it or not!”

Adam Roebuck took the microphone now and said his peace.

“Here’s what they didn’t want you to know – Charlotte here, Derrick’s wife… her maiden name is ROEBUCK! She is my younger sister, but the management thought it was a great idea to hide that fact. They didn’t want you to think that somebody that looks like her would ever be related to somebody that looks like me but we’re family! Huber isn’t just my brother in arms … that’d make him my brother in law! And they wanted us to split apart so som other fuckers they brought up from the Hype can shine? The Natural Athletes and the fucking New Breed couldn't draw money like us if we gave those little shitheads nothing but green crayons!”

Roebuck gave the microphone to his son, Zane.

“The Hype? The Hype was a joke! I should’ve been up here with my dad, with my aunt and uncle! This is a family full of talent and there isn’t a group of people who could say otherwise! What you see here is the real past, present, and future of professional wrestling …”

And now Charlotte had a turn to say her piece.

“… or you know, it would’ve been if Damien Lee wasn’t such a complete fucking idiot that he’d run Jolt wrestling into the ground.”


Huber asked for the microphone back and Charlotte took it.

“You’re all just mad because the only way you could even LOOK at a lady as fine as this is if you google it, you retards. So while you morons have to stick around to watch some guys try and even pretend they’re worth the tag team titles we helped make and you watch Omega and Jeremy Ryan wrestle for the millionth fucking time, we’re getting the hell out of here! I mean this from the bottom of my heart and there’s no writer back there telling me to say this … WE HATE JOLT WRESTLING AND WE HATE EACH AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU IDIOTS FOR CHEERING THEM ON WHILE THEY FORCE US TO FIGHT!


“It doesn’t matter where we end up … Legacy of Champions … No Brand Wrestling … hell, maybe we’ll show up for that other company with that stupid wigger rapper that loves granting wishes to dying kids. I’ve always wanted to go over there and teach that piece of shit what a real wrestler can do! Wherever you find us after this shit heap closes tonight, you’ll know that all four of us … we are the House and we are wrestling!

The Hubers and the Roebucks all flipped off the camera and all of them walked out of the ring with an angry crowd and probably an even angrier locker room now scorning them. They wasted jOlt’s precious final hours by talking a whole mess of shit about the roster and everybody in it before they disappeared. It was a classless act by all four of them to taint an otherwise great evening of wrestling.

So long to the House.

Winner: Derrick Huber & Charlotte via Pinfall

Frank Silver vs Mack Brody

It was now time for one of the more personal feuds on the final jOlt card here tonight. The Heirs of Wrestling were one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling history, but those days were long gone the moment that Frank Silver sold out both his ex-partners, Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody in order to go solo. Silver would ride a huge wave of success after the fact by defeating Gallway in a Loser Leaves Town match and winning the annual Thieves Honor match for a future title match… obviously, that sort of thing was out the window with jOlt’s closure, but tonight, it was about two men settling a long-standing grudge.

Either Mack Brody would finally get his revenge against his tag team partner or Frank Silver was going to get away with his crimes scot-free. And to make matters worse, this was Last Man Standing – this match was going to continue until one man could not answer the count of ten.

“THE FOLLOWING CONTEST IS A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH!” Dean Carrington yelled for the cheering audience.

The fans started to wait in anticipation as a ring bell started to sound over the PA in tune with some slow music. It was apropos music for the mood that Mack Brody had been in and it seemed a new theme was in order…

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.


Loud explosions of golden pyro erupted from the stage! And walking through the sparks was none other than the man himself…

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 299 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! Golden taped wrist bands, thigh-length dark blue trunks and dark red wrestling boots. Brody stood his ground at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring as the lights began to pulsate and flash in colors of red, gold, and blue for several seconds at a time. Mack headed up the steps and then climbed into the ring before he ascended a turnbuckle, slapping his chest with his hand and letting out and energetic roar. After feeding of the energy from the tremendous fans in the jOlt Arena, Brody hopped off the turnbuckle and scanned the crowd. Brody waited for his opponent.

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The entire arena was bathed in darkness with the sole exception of a single spotlight. In that spotlight… The man. The myth. The traitor himself. With his godfather and manager right behind him, Frank Silver raised his fists in the air as he soaked in the adulation of jeers from the crowd.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and forty-seven pounds… he is representing MONARCHY… The 2015 Thieves Honor winner… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

With a blue “FS” logo and a sword through a new family crest, the MONARCHY member started to make a mad dash for the ring… then he stopped and flipped off the crowd before calmly walking up the steps and heading into the ring without incident. As the self-professed Fortunate Son stood in the ring, he threw off his MONARCHY shirt while Sonny Silver stood proudly of his godson. Brody didn’t move from his corner. Brody had pinned Frank during the big eight-man tag finale at iNtense two weeks ago, but now could Brody do it again?



Frank launched an early offensive, but Mack Brody swatted him out of the way! Frank had been winning all sorts of matches with cheating, bullshit, and early attacks, but Mack Brody had seen it coming and was obviously expecting such a move. He waited for Frank to pick himself up and went barreling right into him with a HARD Running Shoulder Block that knocked his ass right over.


Sonny watched on worried as Brody sent Frank packing from the ring. When The Fortunate Son tried to get back to his feet, Mack Brody waited for the chance to punish him some more. Brody waited for Frank to get back up and when he did, he kicked him in the gut. He locked him in a Front Facelock and held him up for several seconds, wowing the crowd…

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…



The Man called SuperMack was NOT fucking playing around tonight as he THREW him over the ropes, and landing all the way out on the floor! Sonny was in shock, but the crowd was loving every second of this!


Frank Silver was down and out, which meant that referee Ian Nguyen was now set to make a count.






Frank was starting to get back up onto his knees and by the count of six, he was up on his feet by using the ring apron. That still didn’t stop Mack Brody from wanting to kick the shit out of him.

“Motherfucker, I’m gonna end you!” Brody screamed.

He lifted Frank up by his neck and tied him up in the ropes as he raised his hands. The crowd was buzzing and they knew what was about to come next as he flexed one of his arms for the crowd.


He stopped to flex his arm and kiss his bicep…



Frank’s chest may have bene caved in after such a brutal shot, but that wasn’t it for him as far as punishment was concerned. Brody was about to take a page out of Jeremy Ryan – Frank’s stable mate and jOlt World Champion – playbook and stood on the second rope now. He elevated Frank and DEADLIFTED him over the top rope, DROPPING The Fortunate Son flat on his ass! Brody took a couple fo seconds to try and stand up, but now the count was ready and Ian Nguyen was going to start again as Frank lay prone on the mat.







Frank Silver was still groggy as fuck, but he was starting to stir again and used the ropes to climb his way back to his feet, but before he ducked back out of the ring. Frank Silver started to slide out of the ring again and headed to the corner before he waved at Sonny.

“Come on, let’s get the fuck outta hera!” Frank shouted. “What are they gonna do, fire us?”

Sonny laughed and then joined his godson as Mack Brody looked on angrily.

“Deuces, bitches!” Frank laughed.

The Silver family members both walked up the ramp and they were both turning tail and running tonight, but Mack wasn’t about to let that happen. Brody slipped out from the ring and charged up the ramp looking to attack his ex-tag team partner. He BLASTED Sonny Silver in the back of the head with a hard Forearm shot, taking out the former wrestler and Hall of Famer…


Frank Silver kicked him right where the sun didn’t shine! Al it took was one distraction and Frank Silver finally gave himself an advantage. Wit Brody doubled over, he kicked him in the head and DROPPED him down on the hard metal ramp with a vicious DDT! Frank was a little shaken up from the impact, but he got back up and skedaddled back toward the ring and slid inside as Ian Nguyen started counting for Mack.




Mack cradled his neck in pain, but he was already starting to move…






Using the barricade, Brody was able to get himself back up! Frank took a shot and panicked, but Brody was already back up and he was coming towards the ring once again. Frank decided that enough was enough and needed to do something big to turn the tide for himself. Brody was running towards the ring, but Frank was bouncing off the ropes for something big of his own…


Frank was a tall and strong man himself, but he sailed right THROUGH the ropes and landed right on Mack Brody with a Suicide Dive! The Fortunate Son got back up after a few moments and stood back up. Ian wasn’t counting because Frank jumped right on Brody and stated to stomp the life out of his ex-tag team partner and best friend repeatedly. He continued to stomp away at him over and over and over again before muscling him back up and threw him back in the ring. Frank Silver slid back inside and waited for Brody to get back up. He ran off the ropes…


He SMACKED Brody upside the chin with a Sliding variation of one of his many European Uppercuts. Brody was laid out, but he was still trying to get back to his feet, so Frank charged off the ropes again…


He caught him a second time with an even STIFFER shot to the jaw, sending Brody back to the canvas a second time. Still, Brody was trying to get back to his feet which only angered Silver even further. He waited for the chance to attack and grabbed Brody by the back of his head. He cocked an arm back and SLUGGED him with a European Uppercut and then DRILLED him with a Kneeling DDT! Brody was laid out again and now the official started another count.




Frank was counting along with the referee on each number as Sonny Silver started to finally stand and hobble back to the ringside area. He watched as his godson was taking the fight to the big man.







Frank went right on the attack yet again and bumrushed Brody backwards into the corner. From there, he went NUTS with another flurry of hard European Uppercuts, trying to keep SuperMack down but he blocked a shot and turned the tides…





FOUR hard Knife-Edge Chops landed right across the chest of Frank Silver as Brody grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring. He rushed in and CRUSHED him with a hard Body Avalanche, but he wasn’t done yet. He whipped Frank across the ring again and CRUSHED him in the corner!





SIX fucking Body Avalanches may have turned Frank’s insides into a fine powder, but Brody wasn’t done as he hooked Frank Silver…


The Argentine Backbreaker dropped Frank Silver like a bad habit and now Brody had the chance to win here with The Fortunate Son down. Brody waited in the corner and held the back of his head while Ian Nguyen counted.








But Frank Silver was up once again in the corner. SuperMack tried to charge at Frank in the corner, but he grabbed Ian Nguyen put him in between, making Mack stop in his tracks! Mack pushed Ian out of the way and Frank tried to go low a second time, but this time Brody was ready and caught the foot. He pulled Frank in by the leg and SLUGGED him with a stiff Clothesline! Frank hit the mat hard and slinked away to the ring apron again. Brody charged and waited…


Brody was a big man, but he managed to somehow slip through the middle rope, SPEAR Frank Silver and now both men were fucking down on the outside! The crowd came unglued from their seats and started to roar!


Frank clearly got the worst of the Gold Rush through the ropes, but neither man was moving now and Brody was willing to take any risk necessary to take down his former partner once and for all! Frank Silver was holding his ribs in pain and didn’t move, but neither did Brody at that point, so Ian was bac to the count again.






Neither man was moving still! It would be a shame if this ended in a draw on tonight of all nights, the FINAL show for jOlt Wrestling before they were absorbed into LoC.



Frank Silver was trying to roll away while Mack Brody was using the ring apron to try and get himself up.


Brody was up to his feet now, but Frank Silver was almost done…


But Sonny helped him up!


The crowd hated that decision, but there was no rules here tonight! Frank was allowed to have his manager at ringside and he helped his godfather back up. Mack Brody angrily charged and he nailed Sonny upside his head with a Big Boot, knocking him down for the second time in this contest! Sonny Silver was laid the hell out, but Frank caught Brody one again, this time with a hard SUPERKICK!

Mack Brody was leaned back against the apron after the Superkick, but now Frank rushed him back inside the ring. He rolled his partner back in with some effort and with Brody laid out, The Fortunate Son reached under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. It was now time for Frank Silver to go for broke as he took the weapon and headed to the top rope… Mack was trying to stand…


Brody tried to get his hands up and block the shot, but fuck concussion policies and all that crap… the only thing Frank cared about was winning at all costs! Brody was down and Frank tossed the chair aside, ordering him to count. Frank was still reeling from the Gold Rush through the ropes, but he leaned back in the corner and rested as the referee counted yet again.






No movement as Frank counted with each move.






Brody raised a hand and flipped off Frank Silver, actually LAUGHING at Frank Silver.

“You hit like a pussy!” Mack shouted.

Frank Silver got angered quickly and charged in, burying the steel chair’s top end right into his rib cage! Mack gasped for air after the shot, so Frank pressed the chair into the neck.


He got the chair back and WHACKED him in the back with it over and over again!


A succession of five nasty shots finally brought Brody back down to the ground! Frank tossed the dented chair aside and let it fall to the floor as he rolled out to go check on Sonny. He helped his godfather up while Ian Nguyen counted the fall on Brody.





Frank counted along smugly again.



…But Brody was starting to move yet again…



…And he was starting to use the ropes to get back up again…



The very second that Brody was back up on his feet in the corner, Frank Silver charged in and WHACKED him with a Running European Uppercut! Brody was stumbled over in the corner when Frank Silver took off towards the opposite side of the ring. When he came back, he WHACKED him again with another vicious Running European Uppercut! Frank then turned Brody around and dropped him into the middle turnbuckle with a Reverse STO! Brody was down and now Frank headed to the top rope. He started to head back up and get to the top, measuring his target…


The 2015 Thieves Honor winner clocked him good and dropped Brody yet again while the referee counted.





Brody was STILL trying to get back up, but Frank Silver wasn’t concerned. He was already on the outside floor, but carefully waiting for something to happen with Brody.




Brody inched his fingers to the ropes again…


And Brody was BARELY able to beat the count, but he slumped back over. Frank’s previous attacks were doing a number on the Philly Powerhouse while Frank was on the outside, propping up a table! He set it up on the ground and kicked the legs out before turning it over and propping it up. Brody climbed out to the apron to try and get at Frank, but he jumped up and CLOCKED him in between the ropes with yet another European Uppercut!

With Mack standing on spaghetti legs, Frank had him dead to rights on the ring apron and was now going to prop up Brody. Frank tried to catch him and the fans were going nuts as he tried for a Death Valley Driver from off the apron…


Brody elbowed him repeatedly, making Frank Silver loosen his grip on what could be a match-ending maneuver. Brody turned him around and hooked the body…




The crowd was losing their shit! Brody had just fucking THROWN his ex-tag team partner through the table at ringside and now both men were down and out! Neither man was moving and at this point, it would be completely shocking if somebody were to actually make it upwards!





Neither competitor was moving still in the wreckage of the table! Both men were laying it all on the line for the sake of revenge tonight, but only one man was going to get that.


Brody was starting to move first…


Brody used the ring skirt to try and get himself up again…


Frank was up next now, but he was BARELY able to move after getting driven through the table. Sonny Silver watched with baited breath.




Ian Nguyen waved off the count when Frank Silver just barely managed to get back to his feet also using the ring apron. However, he fell right back down after the fact! He was up by ten, but down by eleven! Brody furrowed his brow and then approached Frank Silver. Ian was going to start his count, but Brody picked up a broken piece of the table and WHACKED Silver in the back with it!


Just like the chair before him, Mack bashed the big broken piece of table over Frank’s back and then let it fall to the ground. Brody tried to finish off Frank Silver as he picked him up by the back of the head. He pulled Frank up…



Brody picked him up and THREW Frank Silver back into the ring before following him in. He raised both arms out to the crowd and now they were going completely apeshit as he looked to finish things off. SuperMack reached out his hand and grabbed The Fortunate Son by his hand before leading him up to his feet. He turned him around…



The crowd WINCED at the impact of the move as Frank Silver got turned inside out! Frank was down and not moving at this point as Mack Brody leaned back against the ropes, hoping that his latest offensive salvo would be enough to end this once and for all!




“Get up, Frank! Get the fuck up!” Sonny shouted.




Frank Silver STILL wasn’t moving after the HELLACIOUS Short-Armed Lariat by Brody. Brody continued to watch.



Frank started to roll…



Frank slipped out to the floor and used the ring apron to cleverly prop himself up, but he fell back down a second time and he was nearly out cold! SuperMack was angry and slammed a fist on the top turnbuckle out of rage that he thought he had Frank done, but The Fortunate Son was a resourceful motherfucker. The 2015 Thieves Honor winner had collapsed in front of the ringside announce table and now Brody was going after him.

Brody slipped between the ropes and Frank was hiding underneath the ring, almost trying to get away from Mack Brody. He slipped out to the floor and tried to grab Frank Silver’s leg, dragging him back out! He threw Frank back underneath the ropes and tossed him back inside.

Mack climbed into the ring while Frank was about to stand over. She


The crowd GASPED when Frank picked up a weapon from underneath the ring and CAUGHT Brody in the face with a brutal shot! The Fortunate Son gasped and then WHACKED Brody in the knee with the weapon! Two brutal shots caught him and now Frank was able to get back to his feet, but albeit very weakly. He hoisted Brody up…


The blow DROPPED Brody on the top of his head following the Axe Guillotine Driver and now Brody was out cold with his feet near the ropes! Frank gestured to the ropes…


Sonny nodded and reached into his jacket pocket to procure a giant roll of duct tape! The crowd was BOOING to all fuck as Sonny frantically reached over and taped up his legs! Frank continued to stop away at Brody’s head and CLOCKED him in the chest with the wrench again to make sure he STAYED down! Frank Silver watched as Sonny duct taped Brody’s feet to the bottom rope and kept him there.






Mack was still coherent enough to TRY and get up, but Brody’s legs were restrained! Frank laughed at him as Brody tried to swat away at him…



“SUCK IT, MACK! AHAHAHAHA!” Silver shouted.


He tried to get at Frank weakly, but he couldn’t break free! He was trapped!






Frank and Sonny Silver both cackled like a group of fucking assholes! Mack Brody had Frank Silver beat until Frank cheated his way back to victory! Brody was PISSED with the end result and continued to try and frantically free himself from the duct tape, but he was trapped where he was, ANGRY that his final chance to get revenge for months of Frank Silver’s heinous acts had just gone out the window.

Sonny helped Frank Silver back up the ramp, but Frank laughed as he continued to hobble up the ramp, happy with this huge victory! Despite Brody wanting revenge in the worst way possible, Frank had denied his former best friend just that! This was supposed to be jOlt Wrestling’s final night, but tonight, Frank Silver had just proven that despite all things coming to an end…

…That didn’t mean that they were all going to be HAPPY endings...

Winner: Frank Silver via Mack Brody not Answering the 10 Count

"Made Up"

Darren Best was rotating his neck and listening to music. We'd already seen him discussing his chances against Alex Reyn with Dawn Cassidy and now, just moments away from the fight of his life, we revisited the New York native.

The next thing you knew, Alfie Button was up in Best's face, wagging his index finger at Darren's nose. Best stood up sharply, took his earphones out and glared at his former partner, who he'd beaten to earn the right to face Reyn for a fourth time.

Button stared at Darren and Best didn't back down - not even for a moment. Suddenly, Alfie, who's just as quick out of the ring as he is in it, made a swift movement and seemed to have his right hand cocked to hit his former partner. Is this what it had come down to?

Instead, common sense prevailed and Button offered his hand in friendship. Darren stared down at it and then looked the Englishman in the eye. These men had shared thousands of miles and words together, went way back and yet they didn't need to utter a word. Best nodded and accepted the apology.

Alfie afforded himself a wry smile and confirmed they were cool: "Mates?"

Best grinned as well: "Friends."

With that, they hugged and Button smacked Best on the back. The Entertainers had made up.

As Alfie exited, all that was left for Darren was to go out there and kick Alex Reyn's ass all over the building - for him and his partner.

Vogue Gonsalvez(c) vs Tammy Lynn Foster

The Redneck Starlet known as Tammy Lynn Foster proved to be a dominant force in the Starlet division, defeating Charlotte to capture the Starlet Championship. Then along came a veteran who turned over a new leaf… a veteran who wanted to prove that she was “The Real Deal.” Vogue Gonsalvez did just that by shocking the world and capturing the Starlet Championship last month at Thieves Honor. Tonight, Tammy Lynn Foster will cash in her rematch clause and the world will have a chance to witness whether or not Vogue truly is The Real Deal.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

The crowd jeered as Tammy Lynn Foster walked out from the backstage area. She stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and surveyed the crowd with a smug look on her face. She cared not for the opinions of the masses… she had one thing on her mind and that was reclaiming her Starlet Championship. Foster made her way down to the ring and circled around to the steel ring steps. She stomped up them and then entered the ring.

Upon entering, she mouthed to the crowd that she was going to take back the Starlet Championship here tonight which garnered every more heat from the sea of humanity on hand here tonight. Her music died down and was replaced by...

“My Time” by Fabolous

The crowd popped when “The Real Deal” Vogue Gonsalvez darted out from the backstage area with the Starlet Championship firmly secured around her waist. She unfastened the title and hoisted it up into the air, standing tall and proud at the top of the entrance ramp. Vogue then made her way to the ring, not taking her eyes off of her opponent here tonight. Vogue slid into the ring underneath the bottom rope and got right into Tammy Lynn Foster’s face, holding the title up in front of her.

Foster only grinned as she stared into Vogue’s eyes. Vogue mouthed the words “Yeah.. I’m gonna wipe that grin off your face!” to which Foster simply chuckled. The referee asked for the championship and Vogue handed it over. The referee got Vogue and Tammy to separate before holding the title up for everyone to see. The referee passed the belt off to ringside and then called for the bell.




Vogue and Foster came face to the face in the center of the ring. Foster continued to grin at Vogue who decided to test Foster and shove her back. Foster looked out to the crowd with a “really?” look on her face. She then stepped in and swung with a lariat, but that was what Vogue wanted her to do. Vogue ducked out of the way and quickly turned, hitting kick after kick to Foster’s knee. Foster relied a lot on power moves, but if you took away her ability to stand, she would be inhibited from using a lot of what is in her arsenal.

Foster, however, didn’t really feel much from those kicks as she turned and pie faced Vogue away from her, showing blatant disrespect for her opponent. Foster then charged in and they locked up. Foster immediately drove Vogue back into the corner and then stuck her hand up in Vogue’s face, pressing her head and neck back against the turnbuckle. Referee Kim Adams made the five count and Foster backed out of the corner at four and immediately hit toe kick after toe kick to Vogue, stomping her down into a seated position in the corner.

Foster backed away from the corner and got a running start. She landed a hip attack into the corner that dazed the Starlet Champion! Foster grabbed Vogue by the leg and yanked her to the center of the ring where she went for the first pinfall of the matchup...


Despite taking that big hit, Vogue gave Foster a fleeting one count!

Vogue was a lot tougher than she looks, but like Vogue knows to try and weaken a body part, Tammy knows that Vogue is a high flyer and she wanted to keep her grounded. She sat up Vogue and placed her into a Sleeper Hold. While Vogue was still relatively fresh, she quickly battled up to her feet, but Tammy hit a headbutt to the back of Vogue’s head and immediately reapplied the sleeper. Tammy then began to move in a circle and she ended up picking Vogue up off of her feet, swinging her around while leaving the Sleeper Hold locked in! Foster let got and Vogue went swinging through the air, landing hard on her back.

Crowd: OOOH!!

Foster simply stood there with her hands on her hips, grinning, as Vogue held her lower back in pain. Vogue pulled herself up and Foster charged in, taking her up and over the top rope and to the outside with a lariat! Vogue fell to the floor and got up on her hands and knees as Foster stepped out onto the ring apron. Vogue stood up and turned her attention to Foster to hopped off the apron with a Double Axe Handle Smash, but Vogue side-stepped and kicked Foster right in the stomach! Foster hunched over and Vogue took a step back. She leapt up and delivered an Axe Kick to the back fo the head, driving the challenger face first into the mats at ringside!

Kim Adams was up to the count of three when Vogue rolled back into the ring. Adams continued to count as Foster began to pull herself up. She checked her mouth to see if she was missing any teeth in the process. Foster stood at the count of six, but Vogue had already taken off to the ropes. Vogue then soared up and over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo, colliding with Foster on the outside and taking her back down to the floor! Vogue stood up and leaned against the barricades, high fiving some of the fans at ringside!


Vogue grabbed Foster and pulled her back up to her feet. She went to throw Foster back into the ring, but Foster reversed and sent Vogue side first into the edge of the ring apron! Foster then opened up with knee strike after knee strike to Vogue! She relentlessly drilled those knees into her side until Vogue crumped to the floor. Foster pulled Vogue up and then scooped her up into her arms. She lifted Vogue up slightly and then...


Vogue immediately arched her back up upon impact and gritted her teeth. Foster pushed Vogue and rolled her back into the ring. Foster rolled in after her and quickly made the cover, hooking the leg...



Vogue got the shoulder up.

Foster would continue the attack by sitting Vogue up and dropping a knee between her shoulder blades. Foster stood, backed up a couple of steps and then dropped another knee between the shoulders. Foster was working both her lower and upper back which would, indeed, keep Vogue from flying around the ring. Foster then placed both knees into Vogue’s back and pulled back on her arms. Foster rolled onto her back and elevated Vogue up off the canvas.. it was a modified version of Hogtied… the surfboard submission hold!!

The referee asked Vogue if she wanted to give it up, but Vogue refused to do so. She gritted her teeth and began to shake her arms. She got one arm free, then the other. She rolled forward and landed on her hands and knees. She began to stand, but Foster immediately got up and grabbed Vogue in a waist lock.. she popped the hips and...

German Suplex!

Foster held on, turned over and pulled Vogue up to her feet. She kept the waist lock locked in and popped the hips a second time...

German Suplex!

Again, Foster rolled through with it and pulled Vogue back up to a vertical base. She popped the hips once more and this time let go..

Release German Suplex!


Foster immediately turned over and crawled into the cover, hooking the leg...



Vogue popped the shoulder up once again!

“SUPLEX CITY” clap clap clapclapclap
“SUPLEX CITY” clap clap clapclapclap
“SUPLEX CITY” clap clap clapclapclap
“SUPLEX CITY” clap clap clapclapclap
“SUPLEX CITY” clap clap clapclapclap

“SHUT UP WITH THE CRAP” yelled Foster to the crowd.

Foster pulled Vogue back up to her feet and perhaps it was that momentary distraction that she needed, but she fired a right hand into Foster’s stomach. She fired a second, then a third before lifting her head up and firing a forearm to the face! Vogue then backed into the ropes and Foster went for a lariat, but Vogue ducked underneath and leapt to the the middle rope. She moonsaulted off and caught Foster, taking her down to the canvas. Vogue was a bit slow to get up, but she made it to her feet and waited for Foster to stand. Vogue took off to the ropes as she was thinking Busaiku Knee, but Tammy turned to her side and picked up Vogue off the rebound. Tammy spun Vogue around almost a full 360 before dropping her across her knee with a Tornado Backbreaker!!!!

Another cover!



Vogue kicked out again!

Tammy immediately went back to the sleeper and then grounded Vogue on the canvas. Foster grinned because she was in complete control of this match and had Vogue right where she wanted her.. in the middle of the ring with no place to escape to. The fans began to clap and rally behind Vogue and Vogue fed off of that energy. Vogue sat up and began to stand, pulling Foster up with her. Vogue fired a pair of elbows into Foster’s stomach and when Foster loosened her grip, Vogue flipped backwards and nailed a Pele Kick right into the side of Foster’s head! Foster dropped to her knees as Vogue stood up and took off to the ropes. She bounced off and nailed the running knee right into Foster’s face!


Vogue went into the cover, hooking the leg...



Foster kicked out!

Vogue let out a sigh as she sat there for a moment. SHe gingerly got back to her feet and she held her back in pain as it was still twinging and giving her some problems. Vogue walked it off a bit until she saw Foster starting to get back up. Vogue walked over and stomped on Foster, in an attempt to keep her down. She stomped on her again and then brought her back up to her feet. Vogue fired a knife edge chop across the chest, followed by a second chop. She backed Foster against the ropes and went to whip her across, but Foster reversed it and sent Vogue on her way. Vogue bounced off and ducked another lariat attempt by Foster. She bounced off the ropes and rode up onto Foster’s shoulders with a satellite head scissors, but she converted it into a DDT and spiked the challenger’s head right into the canvas!


Vogue then stood and dragged Foster to the corner. Vogue headed to the turnbuckles as she was looking to end this match up right here and now! Vogue climbed to the very top with her back to the ring. Vogue twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault...



Foster rolled out of the way and Vogue slammed down front-side first into the canvas. Foster stood up in the corner as Vogue got back to her feet, holding her stomach. Vogue lifted her head just in time to see Foster’s boot come flying into it. Foster connected with a Running Big Boot and laid out Vogue! Foster quickly turned and pulled Vogue back up. She placed Vogue between her legs and then lifted her up over her shoulder and into the Gory Special! Foster wanted to hit the Trailer Hitch, but Vogue wriggled free and fell behind Foster. She reached back and hooked Foster by the arms, trying to pull her over into a Backslide Pin, but Vogue’s back gave her problems and she couldn’t pull off the maneuver! Foster broke free, turned, and nailed a Roaring Elbow right into the back of Vogue’s head that sent her face first into the canvas!! Foster quickly turned Vogue over and made the cover, hooking the leg...





Vogue popped the shoulder up and the people cheered!

Foster wasted no time pulling Vogue up to her feet and placing her into a front face lock. She then hit knee strike after knee strike to the face while her head was trapped under the arm. She then hooked her for a suplex and at the apex of the lift, Vogue surprised Foster with a knee to the top of the head! Foster tried to lift her again, but Vogue hit another knee to the top of the head! Foster let go and Vogue hit a low drop kick, knocking Foster’s legs out from underneath her! As Foster lifted her head, Vogue took off to the ropes and came back, connecting with a Shining Wizard to the face! Vogue quickly made the cover, hooking the leg.



Foster powered out of it and still showed that she had a lot left, but Vogue quickly sat her up and trapped her head. She then began to repeatedly elbow Foster in the side of the face as the referee asked her if she wanted to give it up, but Foster was adamant about not doing so. Vogue threw Foster onto her back and then stood. She backed into the ropes and dropped a knee across Foster’s temple. Vogue stood, and dropped another knee across the temple. She stood and this time hit a leg drop. She cringed as that affected her back, but she sucked it up and floated over into the cover for another pinfall attempt.



Foster with the shoulder up again!

Vogue stood and headed to the corner. She hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and waited for Foster to stand. Foster got back to her feet as Vogue stepped up onto the top turnbuckle. Foster turned and faced the corner and Vogue front flipped off, landing on Foster’s shoulders! She went for the Dragoncanrana into the Pin… the Hood Rat Special, but Foster held on!!



Foster continued to hold on! She pulled Vogue back up and..

Another Powerbomb!!

She held up and pull the Starlet Champion back up once again..Foster then ran forward and threw her into the corner with all her might..

Buckle Bomb!!

Vogue staggered forward, but her back gave out and she fell to her knees. Foster then lunged in...

Super Kick!

Vogue fell over and Foster dragged her to the center of the ring where she made the cover! This was for the title!!



” Thre.. NO!!!!



The crowd was fired up, but even though she kicked out, Vogue wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Foster didn’t look annoyed one bit… She was smiling as she was enjoying this because she knew that it would only take one good move to end this match and reclaim her championship. Foster walked over and cockily prodded Vogue with her boot. She looked out to the crowd and laughed which garnered boos from the fans on hand here.

Foster bent over and placed Vogue into a front face lock. She began to bring her up when Vogue shocked her with an Inside Cradle rollup!



Thre.. NO!!!!!!

Foster kicked out and immediately confirmed it with the referee that it was indeed a two count. The referee acknowledged that it was a two and Foster breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to see Vogue slowly getting back up. Fueled by anger for being shown up, Foster charged in and hit a running knee strike to Vogue’s head, knocking her back down to the canvas. She then stomped down on Vogue over and over and over again until Vogue was motionless. Foster walked away and headed to the corner where she hunched down and dared Vogue to get back up.

Vogue slowly pushed up off the canvas, but then fell back down as she held her back. Tammy was now becoming impatient and yelled at Vogue to stand. Vogue began to get back up again and Foster rolled her eyes. She charged in and dropped an elbow into Vogue’s lower back while she was on all fours, dropping her back down to the canvas.

“Give me back my title!” said Foster as she tapped Vogue on the side of the cheek with her boot.

“Ya hear me!?” asked Foster as she once again tapped the side of Vogue’s face with her boot.

Foster went to do it a third time, but Vogue reached out and grabbed Tammy’s boot to a roar from the crowd. Vogue then began to get back to her feet as Foster tried to balance herself on one leg. Vogue got to a vertical base while she had Foster’s leg trapped. Foster was still trying to maintain her balance when Vogue yanked Foster by the leg, cradled her, and popped the hips, nailing a Capture Suplex on Foster!!! Vogue hit the canvas after the move and held her back in pain. She then rolled out of the ring and down to the floor where she needed a breather to try and get some feeling back into her lower back. The referee began the mandatory ten count.

Vogue continued to slowly walk around the ring as Foster reached over to the ropes and used them to pull herself up. Vogue did some back stretches on the outside and little by little she was getting some better movement back into her legs. The referee was up to the count of five when Foster got back to her feet completely and looked around to see where Vogue was. She spotted her on the outside and while Vogue’s attention was diverted by stretching her back, Foster slipped out of the ring and began to circle around behind Vogue. Foster charged at Vogue with a full head of steam, but Vogue had lured Foster in as she spun around and DRILLED Foster with a vicious lariat! The thud that Foster made on the floor echoed throughout the arena and the fans groaned at the sound of her flesh smacking against the protective mats.

The referee had to restart the count since Foster exited the ring and was back up to three. Vogue grabbed Foster and then sent her shoulder first into the corner of the barricade by the entrance ramp. Vogue walked away and seemed to be walking a bit better. She turned and tested her back by charging in. She picked up speed and like a heat-seeking missile, flew into Foster with a running missile drop kick! Foster looked to be out as Vogue stood and headed back into the ring and the referee was up to the count of five.

Vogue stood up and continued to warm her back up. It didn’t matter if Foster made it back into to the ring.. she was trying to buy herself some time to try and limber up her back some more. The referee was up to seven as Foster used the barricades to get back up. Foster stumbled around, trying to find out exactly where she was. The referee was up to eight when Foster finally located the ring and staggered over. The referee was at the count of nine when Foster rolled back in to boos from the crowd.

Vogue immediately went over and grabbed Foster in a front face lock. She pulled Foster up to her feet, but Foster exploded from that position and picked up Vogue and charged the corner, ramming her back first into the turnbuckle pads! She then turned Vogue around and hit shoulder block after shoulder block into the lower back! She then grabbed Vogue in a waist lock and rolled out of the corner, up to her feet, and then nailed the Rolling German Suplex...


She held Vogue with the bridge pin!



Thr.. NO!!!!

Vogue kicked out!!!

Foster got up and backed into the ropes as Vogue was getting to her. Lariat ducked by Vogue. Vogue quickly reached back and tied up Foster’s arms. She couldn’t hit the Backslide earlier in the match, but Vogue let out a war cry and snapped forward..


Foster rolled over onto her knees and was on dream street! Vogue stood and took off to the ropes. She came back with the Busaiku Knee...


Vogue staggered to the corner and climbed up top. You could see the strain on her face, but she knew that if she hit this.. it would be over and she could rest. It was all or nothing time as she twisted off the top rope… AND CONNECTED!!


Vogue bounced off of Foster and scooted over to her, leaning onto her with her back. She hooked the near leg as her face told how much pain she was in!






Vogue didn’t take into account how close to the ropes Foster was and she was able to stick her far leg onto the bottom rope in time! Vogue just gave Foster everything she had in a last ditch effort and Foster still found a way out of it!

The crowd rallied behind Vogue as she crawled over to the ropes and pulled herself up. Foster was still down, though. If Vogue could hit one more move, it could be the end of the match. She stumbled over and dragged Foster away from the ropes. She then headed back to the turnbuckles and slowly climbed up. It seemed like an eternity, but Foster was still down. Vogue looked back and then twisted off once again...




Vogue slammed down hard on the canvas.. She popped up and fell into the turnbuckles. She turned around as Foster got up and charged in… She hit a Body Avalanche in the corner and Vogue staggered forward. She was about to fall when Foster shoved Vogue between her legs. She lifted Vogue up into the Gory Special and then fell out with the Neckbreaker..


The crowd was booing as Foster turned and made the cover, hooking the leg..




The bell rang…Vogue gave it her all, but Tammy Lynn Foster had just a bit more than Vogue had to give and she reclaimed her Starlet Championship, much to the chagrin from the crowd on hand. Foster staggered up to her feet as referee Kim Adams raised her hand and gave her the Starlet Championship. Tammy forcefully took her arm back from the referee and walked over to Vogue. She stomped down on top of Vogue’s stomach and then hoisted the championship high into the air as the crowd in the jOlt Arena booed the hell out of her… the entire time.. a smile was on Tammy’s face, grinning from ear to ear.

Vogue came into this match to try and prove to everyone that she truly was The Real Deal… she wanted to cement her legacy in the Starlet Division much like Sarah Winterton and Charlotte did before her, but Tammy Lynn Foster wasn’t done building her legacy. Now a two-time Starlet Champion, she will go down in the history books as the final Starlet Champion in jOlt’s history.

Foster exited the ring and walked up the ramp with the title slung over her shoulder. She disappeared behind the curtain as Vogue sat up in the middle of the ring. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood came out from the backstage area clapping for Vogue. The audience showed their appreciation for her as well...


Cross and Hood entered the ring and Hood gave Vogue a hug while Cross patted her on the shoulder. Hood said something in Vogue’s ear that brought a smile to her face. Cross walked over and held the ropes open and Vogue gingerly stepped through them. Hood hopped off the ring apron and grabbed Vogue, helping her down. Vogue felt the pain in her back from landing, but she recollected herself. Cross and Hood helped her to the backstage area as the crowd continued to cheer her for her efforts here tonight.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall (NEW Starlet Champion)

Alex Reyn vs Darren Best

Even after the surprisingly violent assault had come out of leftfield, fans were asking themselves and one another: "Who is this guy? Alex who? Why did he go after Darren Best?"

Best was a tag team wrestler, and nothing more. Sure, he and Alfie Button had challenged for the tag team titles a month before, but there was no sign of him becoming a solo star anytime soon.

That was reaffirmed when he fell to Alex Reyn in just four minutes in their first duel. At that point, it might've seemed like Reyn had gone after the wrong foe, given the easy work he made of Best. It must have been humiliating for a man who prided himself on his surname - no relation.

Alas, he didn't give up. If anything, he became more determined and despite a trilogy of defeats to Reyn, this series had been the making of them both.

The straight man in the Entertainers and the newcomer had been a pillar of consistency during a crisis period for this promotion.

Alex has also dealt with Alfie Button and his record remained immaculate and unblemished with four victories out of four in singles competition. Plus, on the final iNtense, Reyn and Best combined to make an excellent unit and dealt with the potential threat of Alfie and Monarchy's Freddie Rich with ruthless efficiency and impeccable style.

Button, who Reyn removed from the equation at Rise of the Legends to get to Best, came back and actually gave it a better go against Alex than Darren had fared in his initial appearance against the East Wind.

A week ago on Countdown, the Entertainers met for the first time in singles competition to determine who would earn the right to rematch with Reyn.

Best, for the fourth time, will go one-on-one with Alex. Can Darren buck the trend and do something differently to alter the outcome?

He's got one last chance. There is no tomorrow. After this pay-per-view, this great promotion will close its doors. Will Darren get the better of his antagonist or will Alex reign supreme once again?

‘Messing With The Best’ by Miracle of Sound blared out from the speakers to an explosion of cheers. The fans had been on the edge of their seats during this brutal rivalry and now they were about to witness the final chapter. To say the tension was high would be an understatement, it was strong enough to be a physical presence! It was time for this battle to begin!

...Something was wrong.

Best’s music had been playing for a full minute now but Darren Best himself was nowhere to be seen.

Buhrman: Uh… Ladies and Gentleman, we apologise for the inconvenience. We’re going to send someone backstage to see what’s happened to Mr. Best. In the meantime, let’s have Reyn come out.

‘Sacrifice’ by Jeff Williams played on the PA. The arena darkened, smoke began filling the place….

No one came out.

Buhrman: Ladies and Gentleman, I have just received word that there is some commotion going on backstage. We’re bringing a cameraman down there right now.

The feed on the jOltvision cut to the footage from a cameraman racing to a backstage hallway-


Coming out of nowhere, Darren Best just avoided crashing into the camera as his back impacted the wall hard. He only had a few seconds to move again as he narrowly avoided eating a hard kick from Alex Reyn.

Darren Best came in with all guns blazing. Attacking Reyn with a furious combination of strikes that the East Wind still managed to dodge. Head and body twisting and pivoting at an insane speed to evade the blows.

A hand suddenly grabbed the camera and pulled it to face one of the referees who had followed them backstage. The camera was clearly able to pick up him speaking and he shouted for the timekeeper to ring the bell!


The arena promptly exploded with cheers.

Powers: YES!!!

Buhrman: WHAT?! They’re starting this match NOW!? They’re not even in the ring yet!

Powers: Who cares Michael?! This is Fearless Rules, where ANYTHING goes. These two men obviously can’t wait to start this match, and neither can I! Let them fight!

‘Fight’ was exactly what Best and Reyn were doing as Alex took control of the match with his patented combo of lightning fast strikes, forcing Darren Best back.

Although Darren was giving ground, it seemed to carry a purpose.  As he retreated backwards, Best suddenly kicked open a door behind him, his reasoning became apparent as a room full of trapped steam suddenly burst out the room directly into Alex Reyn’s face, throwing the East Wind off guard and blinding and choking him.  Best had obviously prepared the room beforehand and his premeditated trick worked a treat as he had now gained a distinct advantage over his greatest rival.

Unsurprisingly, Alex was coughing and spluttering as they made their way into what was apparently the arena’s kitchen.  To make matters worse, Darren grabbed Reyn by the back of the head and threw him back-first into one of the counter-tops.  

The crowd cheered, presumably giving the New York-er the seal of approval.  Hey, anything goes in this environment, and they wanted to see Darren finally get the better of that smug bastard.

Darren wasn’t done yet.  Reyn’s flailing arms were promptly punished by a sizable right arrowing towards the East Wind’s forehead.  


While Darren’s  right hand in kind had found its mark, that didn’t compare to the thud of Reyn’s head being rammed onto the bottom hub of a cooker.

Best had imposed himself on this encounter in a way he had failed to do so in previous battles with Reyn.  Now, he had more ideas.  He opened up a nearby cupboard and unearthed a frying pan which literally rang Reyn’s bell once he’d cracked him over the noggin with it!

Going a bit barmy here, Best starting ridding the cupboard of its contents in the following order:  A bowl, a pasta pan and a smaller frying pan. Without a care in the world, he dropped them ALL on Alex's head, one by one! I reckon the last one did the most damage.

Meanwhile, Darren was about to really light a flame under this contest (I did contemplate saying match) by turning the cooker on. The moment the flame came on however, Reyn was able to to turn the tables with a timely dropkick that knocked Darren face first into the fire!

Buhrman: OW! That’s gonna sting!!.

With Best reeling back in pain, Alex immediately attempted an East Wing Cutter, looking to end this early.

However, the enclosed space worked in Darren's favour here and he was able to get his feet up onto the bench and use that for leverage, pushing Reyn away to cause some separation. These two had been joined at the hip and head since Reyn's statement on his debt at Rise of the Legends. It was clear now that the trials were over and both men were holding nothing back tonight.

Standing up on the bench now, the ex-Entertainer steadied himself and delighted the crowd with a wonderful diving---SPEAR!!!

What on earth and from which corner of the globe did it come from? Alex had taken Darren out of the air - and his boots - with a hellacious spear that sent both men crashing into the fridge.  The crowd went WILD.


With the fridge now on the floor, Alex opened up the door and placed Darren’s head in the gap with his throat against the door frame before kicking the door shut onto Darren Best’s head.

Darren reeled back, clutching his throat, only to be sent crashing through the back door of the kitchen via a leaping Tornado DDT from Alex Reyn.

The two wrestlers now found themselves at the top of a stairwell and Alex locked in the Dragon Sleeper that had been so effective for him during the past few months but a few hard knees from Best knocked Alex back and caused separation.

With Reyn stumbling back a tad, it was all the room Best required to pay homage to his ex-partner, Alfie Button, who he overcame a week ago to earn the right to be here...

Match of the Day!

Overhead kick to me; Pele kick to most of you.

Double WHAMMY to quote Coach: it also happened to knock Alex down the flight of stairs they were next to.

It hadn't worked earlier and had led to an almighty crash landing. Would fortune favour the brave Best at the second time of asking?

Flying clothesline from the top of the stairs!

It worked, and Best was back in control, handing out a beating with a barrage of fisticuffs to the head; probably half a dozen.

The two combatants had entered a warehouse by the looks of it. Yes, indeed. That was confirmed when Darren picked up a wrench from a desktop and was hell-bent on causing legitimate damage. Fortunately, and even the most ardent fans would surely say that, Reyn took the sting out of the situation with a one-two combination; the first shot found its mark in the sternum and a pretty tasty palm strike to the jaw got Alex out of a serious spot of bother.

Alex's attempted legsweep was thwarted by Best back flipping out of harm's way and landing immaculately on his feet. From there, he grabbed Reyn and countered with a sound arm drag.

With a bit of distance caused upon completion, Darren closed the range by mowing Reyn down with a stiff clothesline.

Darren led Alex to another worktable and proceeded to slam Alex's arm down onto the counter on a couple of occasions. Best didn't let up though. He was on point with an arm wringer and repeated, relentless, rapid and rock-solid right hands to Reyn's shoulder.

Best then guided Alex towards a crane. I'm not sure if he's got a permit, but Best felt he could step up into the cockpit. Nobody else was using it after all.

Darren delayed driving it, for the time being at least, and took a leap of faith with a single arm Tornado DDT...

SPINEBUSTER onto a pile of crates! What a counter by the East Wind!

It was hard to tell whether Best was in greater pain or shock; he slowly started to move, which ironically was a bit too briskly for a paramedic's liking, and courageously (stupidly?) stood, nursing his spine.

Reyn wasn't about to let Best rest for a second longer and a crucifix headscissors took Darren down again. A change of pace awaited Darren...

Dragon sleeper.

Nonetheless, the plucky upstart (we WERE calling him annoying, along with Alfie prior to this series) had seen - and been in - this before and it turned out to be an error on Alex's part.

Especially when Darren used his OWN Dragon Sleeper in return. As always though, before Best could wind it up tight, Reyn rammed his knee into Darren’s face. It served its purpose perfectly, bloodying Darren’s nose and forcing Best to relinquish the debilitating move.

Darren reeled back, clutching his bleeding nose, but Alex was right on top of him with another Spear.

Or at least he WOULD have been had Darren not anticipated the move and immediately ducked flat, sending Alex flying over his head. Reyn hit the floor hard and rolled to his feet

Once again, Reyn ran towards Best. However, Darren managed to get his hands up, clutch them around Alex and dump him unceremoniously and sensationally with an outstanding overhead belly-to-belly suplex through the DOOR!

Where were they now?

The parking lot awaited.

Best took charge of Reyn, via the head, and rammed his head onto the bonnet of a 2015 Chrysler 300. Come on boys, this might be a fan's property. If it's Damien Lee's, forget what I said. The prick.

Darren stood up onto the Chrysler...

A SECOND Spear from Alex Reyn!

Into the front windscreen - fuck me.

The windscreen cracked; it did not give way completely and break. Praise be for the lads in the factory. Give them a raise. At this rate, we could get this sorted out at a local garage. No problem.

Perhaps I spoke too soon: Alex had grabbed Darren by the head and begun smashing it against the glass, trying to break it and force Damien to dig deeper in those pockets to get rid of the mounting debts.

Darren, again, ushered a knee into the abdomen and fought back in a fit of rage, the first moment he had lost his composure in this clash so far. He hadn't heard Jose Mourinho discuss emotional control when it came to partaking in football derbies, evidently.

It was working though. The adrenaline fueled fists forced Alex to back up against another vehicle and busted his bottom lip open.

When Best got ahead of himself, looking to extend his initiative, he ate a superkick for his efforts. "Idiot," Alex remarked, no remorse nor malice in his voice, as he wiped the trickle of blood away from his lip.

"Never let your guard dow-" Alex never finished his sentence as the running punt went awry, blocked by a grapevine ankle hold.

Darren, levying for more pressure and leverage, couldn't resist a dig: "I'm sorry, what? I couldn't hear your bullshit over the sound of me owning your ass at wrestling."

The ankle lock was on tight and cinched in. Reyn missed with the free leg, Darren was starting to get to grips with that, but as Darren dodged, it did mean Alex had got his way and escaped the situation.

Alex once again rolled back to his feet. But this time, he didn’t charge back at Darren like he had in previous matches. For the first time since his debut, Alex Reyn was WARY of his opponent. Darren had shown just how quickly he could lock in a submission hold. Alex Reyn, would have to be careful.

Darren Best also rose to his feet. And he too hesitated. Alex Reyn’s strikes were lethal and could come out of nowhere. It seemed the two men were at a stalemate.

They began to circle.

Slowly, keeping their gaze firmly on each other, turning to avoid being flanked or to attempt a flank of their own. The motion like two gladiators in an arena, two wolves competing to be Alpha.

Alex was the first to speak.

"Well...I must admit,” he said “you’ve improved significantly since our first battle."

Darren's upwards tone might have been a poor guise for a smile:

"Yeah? Still glad you chose me as your piece of meat?"

That only made Reyn smile.

"Glad? My dear Darren, I am ECSTATIC."

Best had no real riposte:

"You're WEIRD."

It made some spectators laugh at least.

Nevertheless, Alex was in command, and not only verbally. He knocked Darren back with a couple of palm strikes, not the kind that would do grave damage yet enough to send Best reeling back a bit.

"You know, a small thank you wouldn't go amiss," Alex suggested,

Incredulous, Best shrieked.

"Thank you?! Thank you for WHAT? For crippling my best friend? For ruining our team?! For tormenting me for MONTHS?! For trying to KILL me?! Yeah, I still haven’t forgotten about that you psychopath! My life was PERFECT before you came along!"

“Really? You were comfortable wasting away in the midcard? You were comfortable with only fleeting moments of miniscule glory? I told you from the start Darren, this was not some random attack. I CHOSE you. Out of everyone in this organisation, from champions, to newcomers, to your OWN PARTNER, I chose YOU. Why? Because I saw you had a drive, and I saw you had potential. You truly wanted to live up to your namesake, you truly wanted to be the best, but there was always something holding you back. Fear. You lacked the courage to truly test yourself, the motivation to step outside your comfort zone. You needed something to push you, to drive you beyond your self imposed limits, and THAT is what I gave you.”

“Misery builds character Darren. Would you truly be at the level you are now had I not attacked your partner? If I hadn’t stood against you for all these months, you would still be the same SHAM of a warrior you were when this all started. I am not Jeremy Ryan, Darren, The “East Wind of Adversity” is not some fanciful title I use to preen to my colleagues like some variety of peacock, it is what I AM. I am the wind that sweeps away the unworthy. I am the force that divides the great from the small, the high from the low! I am darwinism incarnate! Natural Selection in a mortal form! The first Gods feared me and the last God shall fall to me!

I AM the East Wind Darren. And you have made me proud.”

Upon hearing this, Darren nodded and begrudgingly gave in. He knew, as well as anyone, Alex had a point:

"I guess what you’ve said is true. You met me at a very strange time in my life. You’re exactly what I needed to go to the next level, not only in my career, but in my life. You’re right about my current ability and my potential. That gap has been bridged and it’s because of this, because of my drive and desire to be better and to beat you.”

Powerful stuff.

So was that lariat...

Or it would have been had Alex not ducked.

Darren anticipated that though, and drove Reyn's head downwards with a devastating DDT!

Best gazed down and now nodded:

"Thank you."

Quite a way to show your gratitude, Dazza!

Best got down on the ground beside Reyn and then readjusted his position to be seated directly behind the East Wind. He applied a full nelson of sorts from a sitting position, though Alex put paid to that with an elementary yet unquestionably effective elbow.

Again, that caused a bit of space between the duo and Alex is deadly when he's got any kind of room. He had more than enough here to get off a roundhouse kick, but Best dodged and then frustrated Alex by backing further away. He wasn't about to let Reyn do exactly what he wanted; Darren was out of range. The lad was learning.

However, Reyn had some more tricks up his sleeve. As he charged at Darren Best once again, he suddenly flanked to Darren’s right, running up onto the roof of a large Toyota before launching himself off the top with a flying crossbody that took Darren down!





In a sudden turn of fortune, Darren Best suddenly caught Alex around the neck in one of his own submission moves!!

Alex struggled in the guillotine as Darren locked the move in tighter. Suddenly however, Alex began to rise to his feet. Holding Darren Best in a suddenly familiar position. Could it be…?


In a scene mirroring one at Thieves Honour however, Darren Best landed feet first on the roof of a car upon completing a flip. A second later, it was Alex’s turn to be taken down courtesy of a corkscrew reverse elbow of the top of the car!

The brawl had taken the two men close to the front entrance of the arena and Darren looked to keep his momentum going by Irish-whipping Alex into the glass wall. Alex’s back hit the wall with a hard thump, causing a web of hairline fractures to spread across the thankfully still intact glass.

Best wasn’t done yet though, charging towards Alex, he leapt into the air to strike Alex in the face with a leaping Reverse Elbow-

Reyn ducked!

And Darren Best just crashed through the glass wall!!

Another raucous cry echoed around the arena as the crowed watched the glass wall shatter from the impact of Darren Best crashing into it. Broken glass now littered the carpeted hallway where Darren best now lay.

However, Darren had something far more dangerous than broken glass to worry about as Alex Reyn was right on top of him. Brutalising Best with surgically precise strikes. Darren was lifted to a kneeling position before Alex force fed him two extremely painfull knees to the side of his ribs.

Darren’s ribs weren’t the only part of Darren’s anatomy scheduled for a heavy bruising, as Darren found himself whipped headfirst into a vendor before being dropped on the broken glass once again with a high-octane Spinning Neckbreaker.

Even with all that punishment, Alex STILL wasn’t done, no sir. Not two seconds after Darren had been dropped on his neck, he found that exact same neck being wrenched back in Alex Reyn’s modified camel clutch.

Darren Best screamed out in pain, feeling the agonising torque on the back of his neck. The referee was kneeling down asking Darren if he was ready to give up. if this was too much for him.


A firm statement from the former Entertainer, he had fought tooth and nail for this moment and he would NOT let it slip him by.

But that tenacity could only do so much. Alex Reyn’s grip showed no sign of loosening. IF anything, it seemed to be getting TIGHTER.

“You sure you don’t want to go home Darren?! I could end this right now.” The referee was doing his job once again.

Darren pressed his hand s onto the ground, ignoring the glass that cut into his palms as he used the leverage to slowly rise to a standing position Alex Reyn still holding on.


His hands suddenly gripped the back of Alex Reyn’s head.



Alex crashed and burned in a heap as the vending cart collapsed from the impact.

With Alex lying flat on his back, it was time for Best to once again pay tribute to his partner.




Not quite!!

Keen to keep Alex down, Best booted Reyn in the ribs twice. Both blows were measured, accurate, controlled and damaging. Darren was displaying the aforementioned emotional control Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho spoke of in the aftermath of his club's recent London derby with Arsenal.

He followed up his work with a hard elbow to the neck. Nevertheless, a concurrent legdrop went astray as Reyn simply rolled out of the way. This fixture had had more ups and downs than the Himalayas.

Reyn then dived on Darren with a forearm smash and that was the gateway to a dragon sleeper, one of Alex's patented holds and a device he'd employed to great effect throughout this saga with Best and this time, after being denied earlier, he was able to rely on it.

Not for long.

Best got to his feet, and was poised to not only counter it, but give Reyn the biggest two fingers to the face...


No, no, no!

Reyn, the master of that move, was too quick in mind and in body for that. He countered with a move that hadn’t been seen since his first match, a terrific Front Flip DDT!

From the sudden impact of the DDT, Reyn looked to establish supremacy by shifting gears and slowing things down with a reverse chinlock, not that it would be a good, old-fashioned rest hold in this young charge's capable hands.

Indeed, it wasn't.



Let's press the rewind button for a second: As Alex had Best in the cutter position, all systems go, Best swung his feet forward and converted the move into a reverse DDT! What's with all the DDTs?

Hey, they work.

Speaking of work, and in a different context, the referee had been final coaxed into some graft and started a count. These two had hardly stopped since this one got underway, and before it should have as they couldn't wait to settle the score once and for all. By contrast, the referee had followed them around from the kitchen to the warehouse, out into the parking lot through the foyer and now we were not far away from coming full circle and bringing it into the arena. I reckon he's got a pretty plush deal; watching a brilliant battle up close and personal, only required to count the shoulders to the floor. That's probably just as well given the reputation Reyn has garnered in his disdain for match officials.






They were up. It was going to take an awful lot to keep these guys down on this evening, let me tell you. Alex again appeared to seize the lead by running towards Darren, intentionally diving over the ex-Entertainer's head in the process. Reyn rolled to his feet and waited, anticipating Darren closing the gap as he had done before. When Best compiled, as Alex thought he would, the East Wind whacked him with a SUPERkick...

Only he didn't. Darren dodged a bullet himself and caught Alex's leg, taking the other one from underneath him with a single leg takedown before Reyn could do damage with the free leg.

Best had Reyn by the legs...


The wall on the side of the entrance to ringside, meet Alex Reyn. Alex Reyn, this is the wall. It's safe to say the wall had a better impression of Alex.

There was no tomorrow and Darren's running dropkick to the back of the head, thus cracking the plaster on the wall, meant he realized the importance and urgency of the occasion.

Darren then deposited Reyn through the entrance tunnel with an Irish whip and Alex ended up hurtling, unable to stop himself, into one of the barricades. Remember Darren doing that constantly during one of their tussles on iNtense? It seemed Darren had.

The two men were now fighting it out inside the jOlt audience. The barricade that Alex had hit was the only thing stopping him from falling off a ten feet high balcony.

As Darren came down the tunnel to meet his opponent head on, Alex climbed over onto the other side of the balcony fence. Was he about to take a serious risk and attempt an arial move of the barricade?

Apparently not.

Perhaps realising that the dangers of fighting in such a precarious environment where one well placed kick from his opponent could send him to his doom, Alex Reyn instead opted to LET himself drop. Landing safely at the bottom of the balcony. I say “safely” very loosely because...

Mark Zuckerberg once said that the biggest risk wasn't taking any risks at all. You had to against Alex Reyn, I refer you back to emotional control, and Darren decided Reyn wasn't in the luxury of a safe haven, not by a long shot. Best adopted a 'screw it' attitude and flew over the fence with verve, velocity and no consideration for the consequences. He just wanted to beat his tormentor for the last two months SO. FUCKING. BADLY...



That was gorgeous, a true of act of bravery and beauty, and it had paid dividends for Darren. Yet again, Alex went careering into a barricade - this time the one at ringside - and what I said above stood. Another person who hadn't forgotten was the gag man himself, Mr. Nathan Powers:

"It looks like the barricade just isn't Alex's friend tonight."

Yes, he had used the same quip, merely changing the name of the victim in his punch line.

Mind you, that still didn't have the same power and explosiveness as Darren's running knee smash to the face! Ouch.

Best picked Reyn up and pinned him against the barricade. He had Alex where he wanted him, for once, and even then you never really do as we've seen throughout their four battles, this one included, thus far. Nevertheless, Darren wasn't worried about any of that when he wailed away at Reyn with three superb knife-edge chops that could be heard up front and in the backstage area as well.

A few members of the roster were probably wincing in the locker room, glad they were there and not putting it all on the line in this hard-hitting, anything-goes, topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride that Reyn and Best had embarked on since Rise of the Legends. It wasn't over yet.

Anyway, back to the action. Best wasn't having a rest, I'm a poet, and he moved in the opposite direction, only to come back with extra interest.

Alex's kick to the gut showed you cannot ever relax against this man. Best hadn't, in fairness, though he had given Reyn a moment to recover and paid the price for it.

Reyn scaled the barricade he had been backed up against just moments ago, indicative of how quickly things can change between these two. He set off, seeking a diving hurricanrana and was rewarded with a...


In the blink of an eye, Best had turned things on its head again. The majority of our capacity crowd exploded on seeing and hearing the impact of the 'barricade bomb.'

Best fell on top of Reyn, no hooked leg and quite a lax cover, but he couldn't muster any more. Would the sheer force of the powerbomb be enough to record a long-awaited win?




Best may've been disheartened by not getting it done, but he had to be encouraged by the nearest of near-falls in this contest and the roar of the crowd imploring him, as he had to know by now or he'd never learn his lesson, to stay on Reyn or taste defeat for a fourth consecutive defeat, courtesy of this highly-impressive newcomer.

Instead, Darren climbed over Alex and ruffled around underneath the ring, seemingly looking for something specific. What he unearthed could be best described as a...

MASSIVE fuck-off ladder!

Darren set it up carefully, and then set his attentions back to Alex. He wanted to make sure Reyn wasn't completely with it before he brought the leggy ladder into play. The last thing he wanted was to be caught by Alex in a predicament that could lead to a fatal fall.

And, as Best walked over to Alex, he received a reminder of why he headed over there in the first place as Reyn caught him coming in with a swift side kick to the knee, causing the knee to sharply bend sideways for a brief, painful second.

No wasted motion by the East Wind, who tripped Darren and then took him aback with a small package...



Nice try!

Both combatants returned to their vertical base, Best slightly afterwards due to the recent damage that had been done to his knee. That money in the bank if you will served Reyn well as the split second between them getting up gave Alex just enough time, and he didn't need much, to perform a marvellous modified DDT in which he looked to be going for a jumping variant before bringing Best down AND swinging his feet directly into Darren's knee at the same time. Talk about bad to worse for Best.

The torture would continue for Darren Best as Alex immediately grabbed the injured leg and locked in a kneebar on the outside. hyperextending the ligaments and causing Darren to roar in pain.

The referee came down, asking Darren if he was ready to quit, but despite having to hold his head in his hands to block out the agony, Darren STILL refused to submit to his rival. He was NEVER going to give this match up.

Fighting through the fog of agony, Darren slammed his free boot into the back of Alex Reyn’s head, over and over again in an attempt to cause separation.

It worked, but Alex Reyn went right back to the knee like an attack dog with a bone. Fortunately for Darren however, his desperation gave him strength and he was able to block an Indian Deathlock attempt and throw Reyn back first into the ladder.

Getting to his feet, Darren tried to suplex Alex, but a swift kick to the bad knee was all Alex needed to slam Darren face first into the ladder.

.With Darren dazed and stumbling back, Alex was able to grab Darren’s leg and force-feed it foot first between the ladder rungs. Trapping Darren one one leg with his bad leg caught in the ladder

Powers: “Is that ladder welded into the ground? How the fuck is it still standing?”

With his opponent trapped, Alex headed up onto the apron and leap of with a Diving Double Foot Stomp To The Kne-


At the last second, Darren managed to tip the ladder and smack it face first into Alex Reyn who landed hard on the apron. And let’s thank God that he had or else Alex’s move would have snapped Darren’s leg in half.

Darren moved to capitalise. Grabbing Alex Reyn, he lifted him up and dropped him back first on his good knee. For a second, Best looked like he was going to attempt a Backbreaker hold but, perhaps remembering how it was countered in their first match, he instead opted to drop Alex with a second backbreaker before hammering his spine with repeated double axe-handles.

Today was a day for imitation it seemed, as Best grabbed Alex by the chin and locked in Alex’s own Modified Camel Clutch! But Alex countered the move by doing what Best had done in their second ever match and rolling the hold into a pinfall.




Both men where back on their feet, but Alex was just that little bit faster and slammed Darren Best into the barricade corner with a spear.

With his opponent down, Alex became the first man to climb the ladder. Ascending to the top and balancing up there. And what an appropriate choice of words that was because:


BOTH men where down after that, and the referee began the count.








They where starting to stir now.



Slowly, trying not to put too much weight on his injured knee, Best made it up in time. Trying to get some feeling back into his leg, he began massaging the injured joint. He knew that trying to face Alex Reyn with such a handicap would be suicide.

Alex was back to his feet as well now, but the hesitance allowed Darren to strike him once again with a backstabber.

The momentum had now carried them up onto the stage and Best charged in with a running clothesline that Alex just managed to duck. Running back to get some momentum, Alex attempted a running hurricanrana that was almost countered with a powerbomb until a flip allowed Alex to land on his feet.

Both men now stood facing each other at opposite ends of the stage. Once again they stared each other down. Each man waiting for the other to make a move.

Then Alex looked up, and Darren followed his gaze. The fans exploded as they realised the two of them were staring at the top of the jOltvision.

Their gaze shifted back to each other, then back up top, then back to each other.

With a subtle nod of acknowledgement, the two began to climb.

The roar of the crowd was now deafening as the two climbed higher and higher off the ground. thirty feet, fourty feet, FIFTY feet high above the stage they stepped onto the narrow, fenceless catwalk. This would be the setting for their final battle. Winner takes all.

The crowd was silent now, waiting with baited breath for the two men to attack. It was like an old samurai movie, both warriors waiting for the perfect opportunity to draw.

Alex charged first running across the catwalk with the grace of it’s namesake to mow Darren down with a Spear but Darren Best dodged out the way and..

A collective gasp issued from the crowd’s mouth. Aex Reyn had overshot his target. He was going too far, sailing off the edge, falling to his-

At the LAST second, Alex managed to grab a hold of the frame underneath the catwalk saving himself from plummeting fifty feet straight down.

Alex was now in a very precarious position as he hung dangling from the catwalk. With impressive agility, he swung his legs up and hooked them round the frame. Using the extra leverage to pull himself back up. Best was hesitant to attack him. He knew how easily Alex Reyn could catch him off guard. And in this environment, one wrong move would be all it would take.

Suddenly Darren let out a gasp of pain as his injured knee suddenly spasmed.

That was all the opportunity Alex Reyn needed.

The East Wind charged in, but Darren best suddenly stepped back to avoid the first strike. His ruse had worked perfectly and he had now drawn Alex into a close-quarter’s environment.

That may have been a mistake however as Darren Best was just barely able to avoid Reyn’s strikes. The two of them were moving so fast that even to the HD camera, they looked like a blur.

A sudden kick to the gut by Best!

Alex Reyn was caught of guard, and Best capitalised. Wrapping his arm around his rival’s chest.

Was it time?


Alex SLAMMED his knee into the injured knee of Darren Best, causing the other man to stumble back in pain. Suddenly Alex Reyn was behind him. Chinlock, no wasted motion..


Time seemed to freeze.

Noise was gone. Everything fell away, except the sight of two men, suddenly going of the top…

Then came the crash.

A loud, violent impact as the two men slammed down onto the stage, their bodies crashing THROUGH the metal. The arena was in shock. No cheers, no boos. Just dead silence.

Powers and Buhrman had taken off their helmets. They were running to the aid of the two wrestlers. EMT’s were coming out, security, the other referees. All crowding around Alex Reyn and Darren Best.

Buhrman moved closer for a better look, trying to see past the throng of referees surrounding the two.

Then he froze.

Something was happening, causing the referees and EMTs to step back in absolute shock. Faces pale white, eye’s wide. They moved back like they were watching the dead rise and Buhrman’s jaw dropped as he saw the reason.

Best was standing up.

His face was covered in blood, his eyes seemed unfocused, his leg could barely support his weight, his entire body must have been filled with unbearable agony. But slowly, steadily, refusing to give in even now, Darren Best was getting too his feet.

The crowd had been deafening before. Now they were breaking the sound barrier. The screams were willing Darren Best on, urging him to finally take this moment, to FINALLY have his victory!

And Darren Best was listening. For his partner, for himself and for all those who had stood by him during the months.

He grabbed Alex Reyn, hoisting his rival to his feet. Alex Reyn was almost completely limp. Only just starting to stir. Best was about to take it all! He wrapped his arm Around Alex Reyn’s chest, gripped the tights, his moment had come now!

It was time for Best of Both!!

All Darren had to do was lift Alex Reyn.

All Darren had to do was lift him…

All he had to do was…

All he had to do…

His vision swam, pain burning through him…

Blood dripped from his head wound, pooling on the ground…

His knees buckled, eyes rolling up into his head…

A final thud echoed around the arena as Darren Best collapsed on the stage.

Alex Reyn hit the ground too, lying inches away from Darren Best’s prone form. Only now was he starting to stir. Slowly, fighting of the agony in every movement, Alex Reyn drapped one arm across Darren’s chest before fading back into unconsciousness.

The referee saw the arm. Best wasn’t moving, it was still a legal pin..




The referee hesitated. He didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to be the one to end Best’s dream. Not after what he’d just seen. Not after Best had poured his heart and soul into the match and showed more tenacity than anyone would have believed possible.





There was one last chance. One chance for Darren Best to make a miracle happen once again.

But it was not to be, and the referee’s hand came down one final time.



There was no bell, no cheer from the audience, no excited declaration of the winner. As the EMT’s began dragging both bodies onto stretchers, there was nothing but silence.

Winner: Alex Reyn via Pinfall

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The New Breed

Two teams.. their origins were The Hype where they each dominated in their respective divisions. The Natural Athletes.. the first-ever Hype Tag Team Champions… Mike Patterson and Brian Williams.. both men who have held The Hype Championship. All four made their way to the main roster and now their paths collide. Out of mutual respect, Williams and Patterson formed a formidable team and have stood toe to toe with some of jOlt’s best. The Natural Athletes became the first tag team in history to hold both the Hype and World tag team titles in their jOlt careers.

The accolades have piled up… the history of their respective careers launched these two teams on a collision course. Now, an epic battle between two of the hardest hitting teams in jOlt’s history was about to occur with the World Tag Team Titles on the line!

“Symphony of an Empty Hope” by Nightwish

The hybrid theme, combining Symphony of Destruction and Yours is an Empty Hope, hit the PA system. The fans rose to their feet as Mike Patterson and Brian Williams, once bitter enemies, now respected allies, stepped out from the backstage area. The two of them stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and surveyed the crowd in the arena. They then looked at each other and bumped forearms before taking their trip down to the ring.

When they got to ringside, Williams and Patterson split to the left and right respectively. They each got on the ring apron on opposite sides of the ring and raised a single fist into the air. They entered the ring and met in the middle where they bumped forearms once again. They then made their way to their corner and began to talk a bit of strategy as their music died down.

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic and Nazareth

The crowd continued to cheer as the jOlt World Tag Team Champions, Terry Massimo and Cori Albright came out from the backstage area. Nate Quartermaine wasn’t with them tonight as they chose to come out here and face them alone out of respect. They both made their way down to the ring where Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and raised their Tag Team titles in the air.

They handed their belts over to the referee who held them high into the air and then passed them off to ringside. It was decided that Cori Albright and Brian Williams would start this match. Once the referee saw that both teams were ready, he called for the bell.




Albright and Williams circled each other slowly as the fans clapped along to the pace of the match. The two of them locked up in the middle of the ring and Williams went into a side headlock, but Albright escaped into a hammerlock. Williams reached back and grabbed Albright by his head and then knelt down for a snapmare, but Albright, in an impressive athletic feat, flipped over completely and landed on his feet!! Williams stood and Albright caught him with a back thrust kick to the stomach! Albright took off to the ropes, but Williams charged in and hit a knee lift, driving Albright up against the ropes!

Williams walked Albright over to the corner and whipped him across the ring to the opposite neutral corner. Williams charged in, but Albright moved at the last second and Williams went chest first into the corner. Albright leapt up and nailed a Gamengiri to the back of Williams’ head and rolled him up with a school boy from behind!



Williams kicked away and got back to his feet. Clothesline by Albright ducked. Williams went into the corner and leapt to the middle turnbuckle…


Albright never expected that and got flattened by Killer B! Williams rolled up to his feet as Albright dazily got back to his. Toe kick by Williams doubled Albright over…. Williams placed Albright between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb, but Albright flipped over into a Sunset Flip, but Williams rolled through and up to his feet! Running kick by Williams was blocked by Albright! Albright held Williams leg and got back to his feet. Albright with the back heel trip…. elbow drop…. missed! Albright got back up… Williams got back up. Williams with the front waist lock… Belly to Belly Suplex on Albright! Albright rolled out of the ring to recollect himself, but Williams hit the ropes...


Williams took Albright out on the floor and nobody expected Williams to pull out some agile moves like that, but people do forget that despite his size, Williams is very flexible and can move with the best of them!


The opening minutes of this match were incredible as Williams and Albright were countering each other and laying it all on the line here in the final tag team title defense in jOlt’s history!

Williams grabbed Albright and pulled him back up to his feet. He rolled him back into the ring and Williams got on the ring apron and headed to the neutral corner where he climbed the turnbuckle pads to the top. Albright got back to his feet as Williams came off the top with a seated missile drop kick, but Albright side-stepped out of the way and Williams crashed hard on his lower back! Albright quickly turned his back to Williams and backflipped, hitting the Standing Moonsault Double Stomp!!


Albright went into the cover..


Not even a two count as Williams powered out of it!

Albright stood and backed up a few steps! Williams got back to his feet and Albright hauled off and kicked Williams in the ribs. He hit a second kick, then a third, and a fourth, but the fifth one got caught as Williams captured Albright’s leg under his arm. Albright hopped up and down on his left leg then launched himself into the air with an Enzugiri, but Williams ducked and Albright landed on his stomach and right into an Ankle Lock!!!

Williams wrenched on that ankle as Albright scurried to the ropes after realizing the situation he put himself in. He was a fingertip’s distance away when Williams dragged Albright back to the center of the ring and fell to the canvas. He tried to scissor Albright’s leg with his own, but before he could do so, Albright immediately turned to his side and used his free leg to kick away at Williams, connecting several times in the face! Williams broke the hold and both men got back to their feet and came to a stare down.

The crowd gave both men a standing ovation that even after move after move was countered and/or connected, these two men were still at a stalemate!

Albright and Williams gave each other a nod to acknowledge each other’s skills. They began to circle each other in the ring once again. They went for a lock up, but Albright avoided it and went into the waist lock. Williams tried to break the grip, but was unsuccessful. He opted for back elbows, but Albright loosened his grip and the momentum caused Williams to spin around. Albright hooked Williams and returned the favor from earlier and nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex, but he held Williams down with a bridging pin!



Williams popped the shoulder up in time!

Albright stood and grabbed Williams back the leg, looking for an ankle lock of his own, but Williams quickly scurried to the ropes and grabbed the bottom rope and broke up the hold before it could even be locked in. Albright backed away and allowed Williams to get back to his feet. The two circled for a third time and when they went to lock up, Williams made an unpopular decision and hit a knee lift to Albright, doubling him over. Williams then pounded away on Albright’s upper back with a pair of stiff forearm shots.

Williams pulled Albright back to his feet and backed him into the ropes. He went for the irish whip, but Albright reversed it sending Williams to the ropes instead. Albright went for a leap frog, but Williams grabbed him in mid-air and SLAMMED him HARD to the canvas with a vicious powerbomb!!!

Crowd: OOOOOHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Williams then grabbed Albright’s legs and front flipped into a jackknife pin!



Left shoulder up… Williams pressed him back down...



Right shoulder up… Williams pressed him down again.



Both men bridged up at the same time and spun around, but Williams wouldn’t allow Albright to try for the backslide. He freed one arm and used his other arm to swing Albright around. Williams pivoted and nailed a Discus Lariat, taking Albright right out of his boots!! Williams immediately took off to the ropes and dropped down on top of Albright with the Running Senton! Williams quickly turned over and made the cover, hooking the leg..



Albright kicked out!

Terry Massimo was calling out to his partner to come and make the tag, but after a few high impact moves, it took the speed and energy right out of Albright. Williams had slowed the pace down and did so some more by sitting Albright up and placing him into a Sleeper Hold. Williams was in control and he wanted to make sure that Albright couldn’t get off anymore high octane offense.

The crowd began to rally behind Albright, though, and he fed off that energy and began to battle back to his feet, but Williams placed his foot into the back of Albright’s knee and put him down to a knelt position, adding more elevation to the Sleeper Hold, making it a bit more effective. Williams shook his head “no” as if to say that Albright was going nowhere. Albright clawed away at Williams’ arm, trying to break the grip, but Williams had the sleeper hold locked in tightly. The crowd continued to cheer Albright and he began to stand again, but once again, William stuck his foot into the back of Albright’s knee and forced him back to a knelt position.

Albright needed to find a way out of this and get to his corner. Albright reached up and grabbed Williams by his ears. Albright then got up to one foot and used that leg strength to leap upwards. Albright fell to his seat and nailed a Jaw Breaker on Williams which got him to release the hold! Albright shook his head to shake off the effects and then looked to his corner where Terry Massimo had his hand stretched out. Albright went to get up and make his way to the corner when Williams recovered and put on the speed. He ran up behind Albright, and in one fluid motion, grabbed him in a waist lock and tossed him with a Release German Suplex!!!

Albright flipped over onto his stomach from the momentum and he dazily rose up to a knelt position by the ropes. He used the ropes to stand and Williams charged in, knocking Albright up and over the top rope and down to the floor! Williams walked over to his corner and made the tag to Mike Patterson who immediately ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Patterson turned and took aim on the outside as the crowd stood up and held their breath. Patterson leapt to the outside and...


The thud was sickening, but Patterson NAILED the Frog Splash from the top rope to the floor and crashed down on top of Cori Albright!! He was crushed under the 300+ lb frame of the former Hype Champion!!


Patterson stood up and grabbed the lifeless Albright, rolling him back into the ring. Patterson got up on the ring apron and went to the corner where he climbed up the turnbuckle pads once again. He took aim and leapt off and for the second time...


This time he could pin Albright! This was for the titles!!




Massimo dove at Patterson and connected with a double axe handle sledge! It broke up the pin, but it pissed off Patterson at the same time. Patterson stood up and looked pretty intimidating, but Terry Massimo.. a man who was built for power himself, stood up to Patterson! The two of them were nose to nose, each giving off a look that just screamed murder. The crowd went wild at the thought of these two going at it… Massimo acknowledged that and said some words to Patterson.

“You hear that!? They want it… let him tag me and let’s do this!” said Massimo.

Patterson simply grinned and nodded. He backed away and allowed Massimo to pull Albright up to his feet. Massimo helped Albright to the corner and stepped out. Albright then tagged him and Massimo immediately came back in as the crowd went wild. The New Breed may have wanted the tag team titles, but they respected The Athletes just as much. Patterson saw this as a test and he wanted to get his hands on Massimo as well!

Again, the two of them came face to face in the middle of the ring.. .the crowd was as hot as ever as these two stood there nose to nose. Massimo, who asked for this confrontation, took the first shot with a right hand! Patterson retaliated with a right of his own!

Right by Massimo!
Right by Patterson!
Right by Massimo!
Right by Patterson!
Right by Massimo!
Right by Patterson!
Right by Massimo!
Right by Patterson!
Right by Massimo!
Right by Patterson!

Back and forth, the two of them traded blows in the center of the ring with no signs of slowing down! It was a good ol fashioned slugfest and the crowd was going apeshit over it! Massimo actually picked up the speed of his punches and hit two of them in succession! One half of the World Tag Team Champions was gaining the advantage as he began to rock Patterson back into the corner, but Patterson blocked a punch and now it was his turn to open up with rapid fire rights to Massimo, backing him up towards the center of the ring, but Massimo broke through the punches and hit a knee lift! He then immediately plowed Patterson back into the corner and hit shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust, but Patterson grabbed Massimo in a waist lock and then the unthinkable happened...




Patterson wasn’t done… he was going to fly!!!

Massimo staggered up on the outside.. Patterson had already hit the ropes...


Patterson collided with Massimo and took him down!!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Frog Splashes and Planchas… something you would never expect out of someone that was 6’10” and 337 pounds, but Mike Patterson has power.. he had strength.. but he had super human-like agility to compliment that. However, taking a fall with his frame did some damage to him as well and the two of them were laid out at ringside. The referee had to start his mandatory ten count. For the first four counts, both men remained down. At the count of five, Patterson began to show signs of life. At six, so did Massimo. Patterson got to his feet at seven and pulled Massimo up. He went to roll Massimo into the ring, but Massimo blocked it and slammed Patterson’s face on the ring apron!

At eight, Massimo stuck his body under the bottom the rope and came back out, resetting the count. Massimo the hit a forearm to Patterson’s face, rocking him back. Massimo then grabbed Patterson by the arm and whipped him shoulder first into the steel ring steps! Albright walked over and pulled Patterson back up to his feet. Now Massimo rolled him back into the ring and then rolled back in after him. Massimo stood and signaled he was going to put Patterson away. Massimo backed into the ropes and went for that running splash...



Patterson put the knees up and Massimo slammed down on top of them stomach first! Patterson stood and grabbed the hunched over Massimo and drilled him with knee strike after knee strike in an attempt to knock him out. Patterson then grabbed Massimo and hurled him into the corner where he went side first into the turnbuckle pads, falling to a seated position. Patterson walked over and tagged in Brian Williams.

Williams stepped into the ring and Patterson backed him into the corner. He whipped Williams across and Williams flipped into the corner...


The cannonball into the corner connected! Williams moved out of the way and Patterson charged in..


Williams ran into the opposite corner and charged in..


Patterson exited the ring as Williams dragged Massimo out of the corner. Williams made the cover as Albright climbed up top




Albright stood and pulled Williams up. Left kick to Williams.. then a right kick, then a left kick.. then a right kick.. then he pivoted… PELE KICK!! Williams stumbled backwards and Massimo recovered just enough to pull Williams over with a school boy roll up!



Williams kicked away!

The referee ordered Albright out of the ring and he exited back to his corner. Williams and Massimo got back to their feet and when they stood, Williams was just a little bit faster and hit a knee lift, doubling the big man over. Williams then shoved Massimo between his legs… No way...

Williams tried to lift Massimo for The Downfall.. the Cradle Piledriver, but Williams was unable to lift him. This allowed Massimo to counter with a Back Body Drop! Massimo staggered to the ropes and looked back at Williams who was slowly getting back to his feet. Massimo walked over as Williams stood back up. Massimo placed Williams into a front waist lock then lifted him up into a Bear Hug. He squeezed the life out of Williams who had nowhere to go. The referee asked Williams if he wanted to give it up, but Williams repeatedly said “NO!”

Massimo continued to squeeze Williams until Williams had had enough of this. Williams used his hands to box the ears of Massimo getting him to let go of the hold. Williams then took off to the ropes, but Massimo charged in and just ran right into Williams, body on body. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Massimo pulled Williams up and placed him back into that Bear Hug, but this time, he converted the Bear Hug into a Side Slam...


Massimo sat there and elected to not go for the pin. He knew something like that wouldn’t be able to beat Brian Williams. Instead, he went to his corner and made the tag back to Cori Albright.

Albright hopped over the top rope as Williams turned onto all fours. Albright jumped high into the air and nailed a Double Stomp onto Williams’ lower back, collapsing him back down to the canvas! Albright continued to the corner and flew into it with a Missile Drop Kick that knocked Mike Patterson off the apron and down to the floor! Albright turned his attention back to Williams who was getting back up. Albright saw his opportunity while Williams was hunched over and he lunged in...



Williams side-stepped and grabbed Albright in a Half Nelson..


Albright flipped to his stomach and looked to be out… Williams, however, wasn’t done! He grabbed Albright, pulled him up and placed him in the pumphandle. He lifted Albright up and dropped him neck first across the knee...


Williams stood and headed for the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Terry Massimo ran along the ring apron, but Williams saw it and kicked Massimo in the chest!. It only stopped Massimo momentarily, but Patteson, who was already on the floor, got up and ran around ringside. He grabbed Massimo’s leg and yanked on it… Massimo faceplanted into the ring apron!!

Crowd: OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Williams stood back up, took aim, and flipped off with the Senton Bomb...


It connected!! Williams covered Albright! This was for the Tag Team Championship!!






Brian Williams sat there with his hands on his head in complete shock! A Half Nelson Suplex.. the Pumphandle Neckbreaker.. AND a Senton Bomb and Cori Albright kicked out of it all!!


Williams stood and pulled Albright up, but Williams was shoved back and..



The super kick connected, but Albright collapsed to the canvas as did Williams! It was a desperate move, but it paid off as it bought Albright some time to recover. Mike Patterson had made it back to his corner and was calling out for Brian Williams to make it over. Terry Massimo was just starting to get up on the floor as Williams turned towards Patterson and began to crawl i his direction. Albright had nobody to tag, but he turned and made his way over to his corner as well. Williams crawled closed and closer as Massimo made it to his feet. Massimo shook off the pain and looked into the ring and saw his partner needed him. Williams dove to the corner.. Tag to Patterson!

At the same exact time, Massimo ran up the steps and Albright lunged into the corner… Tag to Massimo!!!

Massimo came in as did Patterson! Massimo leveled Patterson with a lariat, but Patterson popped back up. Massimo leveled him with another lariat, but again, Patterson got back to his feet. Massimo went for the whip, but Patterson grabbed Massimo by the arm and pulled him into a Short Arm Clothesline instead! Patterson quickly made his way to the corner, turned, and hunched down, waiting for Massimo to get back up!

Massimo staggered to his feet and Patterson charged in...





Patterson stood upright and stumbled backwards all the way into the corner. Massimo charged the corner and leapt into it with a Body Avalanche! Massimo ran to the opposite corner, turned and charged in again with another Body Avalanche! Patterson staggered out of the corner and Massimo picked the big man up in his arms and tossed him over head with the Fallaway Slam!! Massimo stood, hit the ropes and leapt into the air...







Massimo, stunned, tried to put what just happened out of his mind.. he took off to the ropes and went for another splash, but before he could finish rebounding, Patterson got to his feet, popped the 354 pounder into the air and PLANTED him in the middle of the ring with a Spine Buster!!! Patterson stood up and let out an inhuman bestial roar as he signaled for the end. He grabbed Massimo and pulled him to his feet, shoving him between his legs. Williams couldn’t hit the move earlier, but a man of Patterson’s caliber could. He lifted Massimo up for the Trailervision, the Cradle Piledriver, but he couldn’t hook Massimo’s leg as Massimo kicked and reversed the momentum!

Massimo landed on his feet and lifted Patterson up into the Alabama Slam position! Massimo then turned his back to the corner and ran backwards, slamming Patterson’s back into the turnbuckles. Massimo then walked forward and flipped Patterson over his shoulder in a display of raw power.. nailing that Alabama Slam! Massimo made his way to the corner and tagged in Cori Albright. Albright climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim on Patterson...


The headbutt connected and Albright went back to his corner and tagged Massimo back in..

Massimo came in and backed into the ropes. He charged in and leapt up..






Albright came back into the ring and as Williams was getting up from breaking up the pin..



Williams rolled to the outside, but Albright was hot on his trail! Williams staggered to his feet as Albright leapt up to the middle rope and front flipped over the top to the outside, crashing down into Brian Williams!!

Back in the ring, Massimo pulled Patterson up and hoisted him up onto his shoulders.. Albright got up and hopped up onto the ring apron. He climbed up top and turned his back to the ring. Massimo turned his back to the corner...


Albright flipped off..


Massimo went into the corner.. he charged in...





THR… NO!!!!



Williams slid into the ring, but Albright was there to meet him with a stomp to the upper back. Albright continued to stomp down on top of him until Massimo came over and the two of them pulled Williams up to his feet. Double Team Whip across the ring by The Natural Athletes.. Williams hit the opposite side and exploded through both with a double lariat!! Albright went down, but Massimo turned and staggered away! Williams then picked up Albright and then hurled him shoulder first into his own tag team partner! Massimo and Albright went down and the referee had completely lost control of this one!

Williams assisted Patterson up to his feet and the two of them talked about what to do next, briefly. As Albright was getting up, he staggered backwards and ran right into both Patterson and Williams. He turned around and Williams hit a knee lift. He backed Albright into the ropes and sent him across the ring. Patterson hit the same ropes that Albright bounced off of just as Albright rebounded off the opposite side and...



The two of them turned their attention to Massimo. They pulled him up and it looked to be round two of the same move. They sent Massimo across the ring and just as Massimo bounced off the opposite end, Patterson charged in, but Patterson forgot what happened the first time..


Massimo landed and lunged in..


Patterson turned over and tried to get up, but he was slow to do so. Massimo grabbed Williams and pulled him up. He cradled Williams in his arms and when Patterson stood...


He threw Williams into his own partner and the two of them collapsed down to the canvas! Albright had rolled out of the ring and Williams followed suit, leaving the two legal men in the ring. Patterson was down.. Massimo walked over and grabbed Patterson, pulling him up to his feet. He hoisted Patterson up onto his shoulders, but Patterson, shockingly wriggled free and landed behind Massimo! He lifted Massimo up into an Inverted Fireman’s Carry, but Massimo slipped off and landed behind Patterson! Massimo turned around and placed Patterson in a waist lock. Back elbows by Patterson caused him to break free and he took off to the ropes. Massimo swung with a lariat, but Patterson ducked, hit the opposite ropes and at full speed, FINALLY connected!!


Patterson stood and said “THAT’S IT!” He grabbed Massimo and shoved him between his legs. He lifted Massimo up and dropped him right on his head...


Patterson made the cover, hooking the leg...




Albright hit the ring and pounded on Patterson with punch after punch, trying to keep the powerhouse down, but Patterson got back up anyway and forced Albright back into the corner. Patterson opened up with rapid fire rights before hoisting Albright up onto the top turnbuckle pad. Williams rolled back into the ring and got up on the middle rope alongside Patterson. The two of them hooked Albright for a double team superplex, but Massimo got up and staggered to the corner. He got under Patterson and Williams and it was the Tower of Doom!!

Superplex on Albright!

Powerbombs on Patterson and Williams!

All four men were down!!!

“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The referee began the mandatory ten count.







Everyone began to stir...


Patterson up to a knee..


Massimo and Williams up to a knee..


Albright up...

All four men were up...

Albright lunged in immediately..


It connected with Brian Williams!! Patterson grabbed Albright from behind..


Massimo grabbed Patterson… he hurled him shoulder first into the corner and Patterson’s shoulder slammed into the ring post. Patterson staggered out of the corner and Massimo lifted him into the Bear Hug.. he then nailed the Side Slam...


Massimo stood.. he hit the ropes… he came charging in..



Patterson got up… he hit the ropes...


He quickly pulled Massimo up.. Albright got up, but so did Williams. Albright was about hit Patterson from behind when Williams spun him around and nailed the toe kick! They both had them set up...




Patterson with the cover on Massimo!!





Dean Carrington: Here are your winners and the NEEEEEW jOlt World Tag Team Champions.. Mike Patterson.. Brian Williams.. The New Breed!

Nothing short of a standing ovation was given to these four men. Patterson and Williams were given the World Tag Team Titles and they hugged each other in the middle of the ring. From The Hype.. to their amazing match at Wrestlecade… to the forming of their team… their goal was achieved on the final show. They will go down in history as the last Tag Team Champions in jOlt.

They continued to embrace each other in the ring as it was a surreal moment for them. Albright and Massimo both sat up holding their heads and necks in pain. The two of them always sought competition. They always looked to find the best of the best to test themselves each and every night. They found The New Breed and on this night, they came up just a bit short, but The Athletes gave it everything they had and then some.

The Athletes got back to their feet and came face to face with The New Breed. Massimo and Albright each extended their hands to Patterson and Williams respectively. Hand shakes were not enough. They embraced each other in a showing of sportsmanship to a raucous standing ovation from the crowd.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap


All four men raised each other’s arms into the air as the crowd continue to chant thank you at both teams in the ring. Massimo and Albright told them that this was their moment and exited the ring as a show of respect. They headed to the locker room to another chant.

“THANK YOU ATHLETES!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THANK YOU ATHLETES!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THANK YOU ATHLETES!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THANK YOU ATHLETES!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THANK YOU ATHLETES!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

They disappeared and the chant died down. Patterson and Williams each took a turnbuckle and climbed up top, hoisting the jOlt tag team titles into the air. They hopped down, met in the middle of the ring and bumped forearms once again before holding the titles up high one final time.

Patterson and Williams exited the ring and headed for the backstage area. The crowd was still buzzing after the performance they just saw in front of their eyes.

Winner: The New Breed via Pinfall (NEW World Tag Team Champions)

Jeremy Ryan vs Omega
It had been one hell of a night as the final pay-per-view in jOlt history was almost coming to an end. The main event and final match of the night was the biggest match in jOlt’s history. After several long months of battling back and forth, Jeremy Ryan and Omega will go one on one for the final time in a steel cage match as both titles will be on the line. Both men wanted to be the first man in jOlt history to hold the two top title at the same time and tonight one man will have that honor.

The first time these two men met in a match was for the Fearless championship and Omega prevailed in a Boiler Room brawl. The second time was for the World title and Ryan won with a little controversy as Monarchy gave him an assist. Now the rubber match will be contested in this fifteen foot high steel cage as both title dangle high above the cage. Since the cage will be enclosed so no interference occurs, the only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission.

“The following contest is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced. “This match will be a title versus title where the winner of the match will become the undisputed jOlt World Heavyweight and Fearless Champion. This match will also be contested in a steel cage!”

The roof blew off as the fans waited for the first man to come out. The jOltArena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A mixed reaction from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain
we are one with pain

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps and stepped between the ropes. He made his way into the ring as the fans continued to cheer the boogeyman. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he looked out to the crowd. He chucked his hoodie right off and tossed it to the floor as he waited for his opponent

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, this will be very different then his other World title matches as he got the opportunity he wanted for months and that was to become a double champion. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, looking up to the ceiling to the two titles hanging over top of the steel confinement that will be placed around him and Omega.

Not far behind was “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver as he kept pace with a very focused champion. Jeremy Ryan entered the ring as he looked at the Fearless champion w=for what he hoped would be the last time. His music faded out and Dean Carrington made with the in-ring goodness.

“Introducing first, in the corner to my left… from parts unknown, weighing in at 345 pounds… he is the current Fearless Champion and the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship… THIS… IS…. OOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEGGGGGGGGAAAAAAA!!

Omega remained stoic while the fans gave him a mostly positive response! The camera then cut to Jeremy Ryan.

“And his opponent… being accompanied to the ring by MONARCHY’s manager, SONNY SILVER… he is the co-leader of MONARCHY… weighing in at 264 pounds, he is the reigning and defending jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Both men had won a match apiece and now in jOlt’s final pay-per-view, they will have their final match, this time for both titles. Omega has always wanted the matches to be one on one without Monarchy’s interference. He knew he could beat Ryan one on one once given the chance. Simon Boulder had the inevitable task of being locked in a steel cage with these two men. The cage slowly lowered down over the ring as the two men watched and the fans erupted in cheers. Sonny looked on from the outside as his client was about to be locked in a steel cage with one of the most dangerous men in wrestling and he was not happy about it.


Both men did not waste any time as they went toe to toe in the middle of the ring. These two men did not like each other one bit and the force behind each shot represented that. Omega being the bigger of the two men gained the upper hand but Ryan was not going to fold that easily. Omega nailed Ryan with a huge uppercut that sent the world champion’s head back. The Fearless champion quickly grabbed Ryan and slammed him to the mat with force.

Omega started to drill Ryan with vicious kicks to his side as the fans loved every minute of it. Sonny did not like it as he yelled at Jeremy to get to his feet. Omega did not let the world champion get to his feet. The boogeyman grabbed Ryan by the head and pulled him up to his knee. Ryan was not done as he nailed Omega in the family jewels with a low blow.

The crowd moan. However it was all legal in the steel cage.

Sonny smiled as Ryan started to make it to his feet. Omega was on both knees as Ryan stood over top of him and drove several right hands into Omega’s head. The madman took every shot from Ryan and did not flinch, he actually smiled. That made Ryan even more incense as he continue to drive right hands into Omega’s skull.

The big man’s head went backwards as Ryan nailed him with a quick forearm to the face that sent Omega sprawling to the mat. The challenger tried to get to his feet as Ryan was still all over him. The world champion grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled him to his feet. He whipped Omega into the corner. Ryan raced into the corner and was drilled by a big boot from the boogeyman. jOlt’s Last real Man grabbed his jaw and turned around.


Ryan hit the mat hard as Omega went back on the attack. The Fearless champion picked up Ryan and drilled him with a DDT. Omega went for the cover.




Jeremy was about to stand but was grabbed by Omega’s massive mitts around his throat. The big man stood to his feet still clasping Jeremy by the throat. Jeremy drove a stiff kick into Omega’s massive thigh trying to break the hold. The Fearless champion shoved the world champion backwards into the corner. Omega grabbed Jeremy by the arm and whipped him into the steel cage as the crowd let out a big groan. Omega was not done as he grabbed Ryan’s face and started to rake it across the steel cage.

Omega smirked as he looked at the world champion. The fans in the arena continued their chants as the boogeyman continued to make Ryan’s face into mush.


Omega pulled Ryan from the cage and let him fall to the mat. Silver started to grab the cage trying to get Jeremy to his feet. Ryan nailed Omega with a quick thrust to the throat as the Fearless champion tried to pick him up. Omega grabbed his throat as Ryan hooked the boogeyman and drove him to the mat with a snap suplex showing his power.

Ryan moved toward Omega nailing him with a back elbow. jOlt’s Last Real Man pulled Omega up to his feet in the corner nailing him with an European Uppercut. Omega gasped for air as the world champion reveled in his dissection of the so called boogeyman. Omega coughed as Jeremy grabbed Omega by his locks and pulled him to his feet looking to finish the big man off but Omega had something else in mind as he nailed Ryan with a big right hand. Ryan staggered backwards to the middle of the ring as Omega was now at a vertical base.

The madman yelled to the top of his lungs as he rushed at Jeremy and took him down with a big vicious spear. Jeremy was now down on the mat as the Fearless Champion stood over top of him. Omega reached down and grabbed the world champion by his hair pulling him to his knees. The big man hooked Ryan between his legs and with one big motion had the world champion in the air. Omega viciously drove Jeremy down in the middle of the ring with a huge power bomb that sent chills down everyone spines.

Omega smirked as he looked down at Sonny Silver who was covering his eyes from the floor. The fans in the arena chanted again.


Omega looked at Simon with a smirk before he reached down and grabbed Jeremy, slowly pulling him to his feet. Omega violently whipped Jeremy into the corner. The big man raced into the corner with a vicious clothesline that sent the World champion to the mat to the delight of the fans. Omega stood in the corner looking out into the sea of fans who continue to cheer the violence that was seen in the ring. The boogeyman smirked as he reached down and grabbed Jeremy again before easily lifting the champion onto the top rope. Omega climbed to the middle turnbuckle and hooked Jeremy who sat on the top rope still a little groggy.


Omega almost threw Jeremy into the steel cage with that huge belly to belly throw. The madman turned to his knees and crawled slowly over to the champion. He smirked as he laid his head next to Ryan.

“You’ve awoken the beast, and now you have no Monarchy to save you.”

Ryan was not going to give in that quickly.


The Fearless champion just smiled at the Ryan retort.

Omega grabbed Ryan and whipped him into the ropes. Ryan bounced off the ropes and ducked under a clothesline attempt by Omega. Omega turned around and was grabbed by Ryan.


This finally got a reaction from jOlt’s Last Real MANager, Sonny Silver. Sonny yelled at Ryan from the floor.

“Stay on his ass Jeremy. You got this.”

Jeremy’s confidence was growing now as he pulled Omega to his feet and drove him back down with a swinging neck breaker. Ryan dropped down next to Omega and started to choke the Fearless champion in the middle of the ring. Simon looked on knowing he could not disqualify the champion.

Ryan continued to choke Omega as the crowd started to jeer him.

“You can’t do any damage if you’re dead, you fuck.”


Ryan stood to his feet and looked out to the crowd from the cage. The world champion then slowly raised his head to the ceiling to see the two titles dangle from the hook. Omega was starting to get to his feet as Jeremy drove a big boot into Omega’s midsection. The madman was now doubled over as Jeremy reared backed and drove a double axe handle across Omega’s back, sending the Fearless champion to the mat.

Omega smiled as he dropped to one knee. The world champion grabbed Omega by his locks but the big man drove Jeremy backwards into corner. The big man pulled Ryan back and drove him once again into the corner. The boogeyman slowly stood to his feet as Ryan slumped in the corner.

The Fearless champion pulled Ryan to his feet as the world champion jabbed the boogeyman in his good eye which temporarily blinded him. Ryan quickly grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes…


Jeremy Ryan just showed the jOltArena his awesome power once more by taking down the big three hundred fifty pounder to the mat. Ryan was not done as he went for the cover in the middle of the ring.




The world champion hooked Omega’s leg once more.




Ryan slammed the mat hard as Silver grabbed the steel cage in frustration. Omega was not going to stay down and Ryan knew more was to come against the Fearless champion. He had to outsmart him not out brute him in this match.

Ryan picked up Omega and whipped him into the side of the cage. Ryan raced over to the madman and nailed him into the cage with a big spear. The Fearless champion dropped to one knee as Ryan stood over top of him. He drove several elbows into the top of Omega’s head as the boogeyman could do nothing but take each shot. The fans tried to get Omega back into the match as they looked on.


Ryan fumed at the fans chanting Omega’s name. He picked up the madman and whipped him into the ropes once again. Omega bounced off the ropes as Ryan was looking for a back body drop. Omega stopped and hooked Ryan in the middle of the ring.


With Jeremy at his mercy, he looked out into the crowd and slashed a thumb across his throat before he climbed to the middle ropes and tried for a big leg drop across the throat of the World champion...


Omega's leg hit nothing but the canvas. The Crazy Bastard in Wrestling was holding the ligament in pain. Jeremy shook out the cobwebs as he continued to get back up. Omega continued to grab his leg from the earlier move. Ryan looked around and saw his opportunity as Omega had his back turned. The chief retainer bounced off the ring ropes and came charging right at Omega with a kick to the back…

Omega dropped to his knees as Ryan bounced off the ropes once again.


Ryan drilled Omega with the double knees as the Fearless champion fell to the mat. The world champion went for another cover on Omega.




The fans erupted as Omega was still in the match.


Jeremy grabbed Omega by the head but the crazed man shoved the champion away and nailed him with a big right hand. Jeremy wasn’t going to be outdone as he retaliated with a big right hand himself. The two men exchanged big rights in the middle of the ring as Jeremy tried to stand toe to toe with the monster showing no fear. This was probably not the best idea as Omega was starting to win the battle just like earlier in the match. Jeremy with a kick to Omega’s bad thigh that sent the boogeyman to one knee.

jOlt’s Last Real Man picked up Omega again with all his strength…


Jeremy nailed Omega flush with that Death Valley Driver and quickly hooked his massive leg for the cover.




Jeremy was not happy as the World champion went for another cover on the massive man.




The arena gasped as Ryan held his head as he had been through this before. He had to keep Omega down in order to gain that ultimate prize that was hanging over the cage. jOlt’s Last Real Man turned his attention back to The Boogeyman before bouncing off the ropes…


Ryan dropped 264 pounds of his frame right across the chest of the Fearless Champion! The crowd cringed from the impact, but he ignored the crowd and kept going. He hit the ropes a second time…


He dropped down across Omega’s chest again, but the third time was going to be a charm! Jeremy Ryan hit the ropes for the third time, but this one was a little bit different…


Ryan wasn’t particularly known for his aerial prowess, but this was the very last ever for jOlt Wrestling! Ryan had sprung off the ropes and flipped forward into an even more impactful Senton variant! There wasn’t any time for holding back or getting cute, especially with an opponent like Omega! The burly Ryan rolled back over and hooked the far leg of The Fearless Champion!




“NO! THREE, FUCKER, THREE!” Ryan screamed at Boulder.

The referee ordered him back off, but Jeremy Ryan wasn’t going to listen to him. No rules in the cage. Jeremy then started heading to the top rope… it wasn’t that hard now with the cage to support him, but with a cover over the top of the cage, Ryan’s next move was going to have to be a careful one. But much to his shock, Omega was already trying to limp upward to his feet and tried to stop Ryan from whatever he had planned…


THREE stiff Headbutts from Ryan caught Omega in the head and dropped the big man off the top turnbuckle, sending him back down to the canvas! Ryan was now busted open in the face from where he’d struck Omega and had a gash on his forehead, but he didn’t care. Ryan was going airborne…


The Top Rope Splash! Another AMAZING move from Jeremy Ryan, this time flying off the top rope and dropping all his weight across the chest of Omega yet again! Ryan scurried over and hooked both legs this time, trying to secure both titles up for grabs!




NO! NO, DAMN IT, NO!” Ryan shouted.

They had thrown their best moves back and forth at one another and neither Ryan or Omega wanted to give the other man the satisfaction of being the loser – most importantly when this was the toughest test to date for the jOlt World Tile reign. Ryan slashed a thumb across this throat and told the crowd what was coming up next…


He kicked the big man over onto his back and hooked the neck…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch submission was locked in and the crowd was in a frenzy now! For a period of time before using A Real Man’s Finisher, Ryan had won EVERY match that he was in with this very submission hold and nobody had yet to break the hold once it was fully locked in! The hold was as good as it was going to be and now he was ready to finish things off for good here now.


Indeed that looked to be the case as he fought back in the submission hold! There was no way for him to get out of this hold as he was in the center of the ring and far away from the ropes. Ryan’s game plan was perfect!

The crowd continued to shout and yell for Omega as The Fearless Champion was now looking very vulnerable in the position he was in –a position he was very much not accustomed to! Omega raised a hand and looked like he was about to tap out to Jeremy Ryan’s key submission move in his arsenal and continued to struggle.


The referee held the hand up as Omega was fading fast with what looked to be no hope of fighting back. He raised the hand of Omega and watched it fall once…


Ryan was practically frothing at the mouth as he continued to have the hold locked in. Boulder raised the hand a second time and continued to wait as the hand went limp a second time.


The man called The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling wasn’t moving now as Ryan laughed at his opponent’s misery. The Fearless Champion had nowhere to go as he let the hand go a third time…

“THR… NO!”


Omega was STILL going to fight! Ryan was in shock as nobody had survived the submission this long, let alone get to this point of the hold! Omega fought back and started to even get to one knee as he let out LOUD roar… HE WAS UP WITH JEREMY RYAN ON HIS BACK!

Omega started climbing the corner and walked upwards…

First rope…

Second rope…

Soon, he had Jeremy Ryan…


If there was ONE way to break out of The Dead Man, it was that!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” clap x5 “THIS IS AWESOME!” clap x5 “THIS IS AWESOME!” clap x5 “THIS IS AWESOME!” clap x5 “THIS IS AWESOME!” clap x5

Omega CRUSHED jOlt’s Last Real Man underneath his near-350 pound frame and now, neither man was moving! It took a hell out of a lot out of Ryan, but even Omega had his limits for how much punishment he could endure and Ryan had certainly done that! Ryan’s gash was even worse now and he was bleeding badly as Simon Boulder looked down at both men, checking for any sign of movement.

Several tense moments passed between the two without any movement before Jeremy Ryan and Omega both started to stir. The jOlt Fearless Champion was on his knees and soon tried to get back up, but Jeremy Ryan limped upwards also…


STIFF Elbow caught Omega in the face, busting his lip open! Omega grinned….


Omega caught him flush in the face and the blow staggered Ryan. Still, jOlt’s Last Real Man took the shot…


Ryan fired back again, but Omege blocked it and BLASTED him with a stiff right of his own! Soon, sSonny Silver was starting to move into complete panic mode because The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling was back on his feet again!


But Sonny’s words were all for naught. Omega grabbed Ryan by the back of his head and seethed as he picked him up…


Ryan got CHUCKED face-first right into one end of the cage! The wall rattled from the sheer force and jOlt’s Last Real Man was nearly out on his feet. But Omega wasn’t done with him…


For the second time, Ryan was THROWN into the opposite end and sent flying right into the cage! Ryan stumbled back into Omega’s waiting grip…


The third time was most certainly NOT a charm for Jeremy Ryan as the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion got sent face-first into the cage! It rattled again from the impact, but there was only one side left that he hadn’t been struck against…


All four corners of the cage had been greeted by Jeremy Ryan’s facial features! The crowd loved every minute of the action as Omega booted the jOlt World Champion in the gut. He doubled him over and kicked him…


The move RATTLED the ring! Ryan was dumped right on his shoulders and now Omega stacked him up right into the pin! There was no way that Ryan was kicking out of things!




Omega let out a LOUD roar when Jeremy Ryan KICKED out of the Double Underhook Powerbomb, but now The Fearless Champion had him right where he wanted him. Omega got back to his knees and slashed a thumb across his throat, signaling for the end of it all. He waited for Ryan to stand and then delivered the boot! He hoisted him up over his shoulders and now locked him in the Argentine Backbreaker position… this was done….



Ryan latched in another choke, but Omega ran backwards and RAMMED Ryan into the cage while he was on his back! Ryan relinquished his grip on the choke…







If there was a very rare time that Omega showed any kind of worry, it was now! He’d beaten countless opponents in both ACW, jOlt, among others with The End, but Jeremy Ryan kicked out of The End! jOlt’s Last Real Man had done the near-impossible, kicking out of things like Mack Brody’s Midas Touch, Pietro Geist’s killer lariat, but now he could add The End to that list!


Omega growled at Simon Boulder and Boulder even had no choice but to back up a little bit. Jeremy Ryan may have used all of his remaining fight kicking out of The End, because he was dead on the mat. Omega picked him up again and tried to hoist him up for another one, but…


Ryan was STILL fucking going! Ryan caught him in the face with another NASTY Headbutt! With Omega stunned, Jeremy Ryan jutted backwards…


He caught Omega in the face and he didn’t go down, but Jeremy had him right where wanted him. He backed up…


Omega STILL didn’t go down, but Jeremy Ryan doubled him over. He had to work double time, but he powered all 350 pounds of Omega upwards…


Surely that was enough! Jeremy Ryan DROPPED him right on his dome with perhaps his most gruesome variation on a Piledriver ever! Sonny Silver laughed and pumped his arm.


Ryan didn’t even pay attention to Sonny as he rolled him over and hooked the leg.





Ryan grabbed Simon Boulder by the leg and KICKED him right in the knee!


Ryan turned over and went to hook the leg of Omega again!




And again!




Jeremy Ryan scurried over and yelled right at Simon Boulder again, threatening violence to the former wrestler. jOlt’s Last Real Man looked ready to hurt him, but Ryan looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Omega starting to slowly rise. Omega charged at Jeremy Ryan, only for Ryan to sidestep the move and CRASHED into the cage! Ryan then rolled him up from behind!




Omega powered out, but Ryan then CAUGHT him under the chin with another vicious Elbow Bat! Ryan doubled him over with a kick to the chest and set him up for a big move…



Omega then set him up again and had Ryan struggling on his shoulders! He climbed to the first rope…

And then the second…



Omega FLEW off the top fucking rope and delivered a SUPER version of his deadly finisher! Ryan was out fucking cold and Omega weakly rolled over…

This was it…




It was FINALLY over.

The final match of jOlt Wrestling history and Omega would go down as it most dominant force and its most dangerous here tonight!


The fans had witnessed a goddamn classic in the final match between two of jOlt’s toughest and deadliest men! Omega had just barely had the strength to make it to his feet when the cage started to raise! Simon Boulder handed him both his Fearless Championship and now the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship! Omega was now going to go down in history as jOlt’s only double champion, holding both the Fearless and the jOlt World Championships up for all to see!

Sonny Silver headed into the ring and tried to help the bloodied and beaten Jeremy Ryan back up to his feet, but Ryan SHOVED Sonny away… he then started to use the corner to climb back up to his feet. Ryan limped towards Omega…

The two locked eyes one more time…


jOlt’s Last Real Man and The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling had one last staredown… until Ryan nodded. There was going to be no handshake between the two, but Omega offered up his own nod of respect as Ryan was helped by Sonny of the ring. After all the wars they had between the two and with both men heading out of the doors, they at least appeared to show SOME sort of respect… and that was that.

The two leaders of MONARCHY headed out of the ring and started limping towards the back, which left Omega the chance to finally get his moment in the sun. Omega looked out to the cheering crowd and held up one title, one in each hand.


The show was coming to a close for the final time and now, Omega looked out to the crowd and raised his hands in the air…

Good night, everybody.








It was true! Frank Silver had won the 2015 Thieves Honor match and thus, still had a banked title shot! Frank Silver laughed as he dropped the dented chair! Omega tried to get back up, but after the cage match, he was spend. Frank was still battered from his own Last Man Standing match, but he was at least an hour or more fresh than Omega…


He CRACKED Omega with the jOlt World Championship across the face! Omega went down and the crowd was all over Frank! He laughed at the crowd while Frank pointed to Simon Boulder…


The referee had no choice…

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Fearless Champion and NEW jOlt World Champion)

Omega(c) vs Frank Silver

The bell sounded and now the crowd was at a fever pitch as Frank Silver stood right over Omega and jumped at the chance to go for the cover!




Omega kicked out at two and nine-tenths! Just like Jeremy Ryan found out just moments ago in their hellacious cage match, it was much easier said than done to keep Omega down! Frank rolled over into a deeper cover now.




“Oh, fuck this shit…”

Frank stood up to his feet and ran off the ropes…


He doubled over Omega with a gruesome stomp right to the chest! Frank had one of the few distinctions of once defeating Omega before, but now he could do it with the jOlt World Championship – AND the Fearless Championship on the line!




Frank was freaking the fuck out now and the crowd was in full support of Omega at this point! The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling was hurt from the steel cage match and Frank’s post-match attack, but now he wasn’t going to go down – not without a massive fight. Frank waited in the corner and now was gearing up his arm for what was no doubt going to be one of his signature European Uppercuts.


Omega weakly sat up from his grip and Frank charged.


Omega clutched him by the throat with an arm! The beast was back up on his feet and he tried to elevate him…


Frank laughed and Omega stumbled around the ring, after having a thumb jabbed into his one good eye! Omega stumbled around the ring and Frank ran off the ropes, CRACKING Omega in the face with a Running European Uppercut! Frank charged off the ropes and SMACKED him a second time! The blows both stumbled Omega back and Frank now went to the corner…

He hoisted Omega…


The crowd GASPED after Frank DROPPED Omega on his head! That had to be all! Frank rolled over and put all his body weight across the chest of Omega…





No fucking way.



Frank was jumping up and down with excitement and did a pelvic thrust just because he could!

“In your face! In your face! In your face! In your…”

His face turned white when he looked over and saw something that horrified him.


Foot on the rope.


Frank reached over and dragged Omega way from the ropes as quickly as he could, trying to pin Omega again!





Frank waved his hands and out form the back came the other members of MONARCHY.

The Law – Brady and Strauss.

“The First” Freddie Rich!

All three men ran towards the ring and Freddie jumped up on the ring apron, trying to distract the official as Brady and Strauss ran towards the ring…



Brody came running out from the back with a chair and charged towards the ring! He’d lost his Last Man Standing match earlier tonight due to Frank and Sonny Silver cheating to win, but Mack wasn’t done, either! And he wasn’t alone!

The Natural Athletes – Terry Massimo, Cori Albright, and Nate Quartermaine!

Cross the Hood – Machida Hood and Jackson Cross!

The New jolt Tag Team Champions, The New Breed!

“Mister Magic” Jack Dawn!

Kayden Paulton!

Sebastian Saje!

They were charging down to ringside! With Mack Brody leading the charge, the group of some of jOlt’s most beloved faces charged and took out The Law, leaving them lying! Brody shot a smirk at Frank Silver, the man he’d sworn revenge on the last several months for breaking up The Heirs of Wrestling.

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Frank screamed.

Frank turned…


OMEGA WAS BACK UP! Brody and the rest of the group had cleared MONARCHY from ringside and now Omega grabbed Frank Silver…


Silver was out cold and Omega went for the pin!




Brody smirked… he’d lost his battle to Frank earlier on in the night, but thanks to he and some of the roster, they kept things fair and Omega prevailed! He and the other roster members left the ringside area after leaving the members of MONARCHY lying, leaving the rightful champion to have his moment in the sun.


Not ONLY had Omega managed to make HUGE history by becoming the first and final talent to have held the jOlt World and Fearless Championships, he managed to overcome the greedy little asshole of MONARCHY and stick it to Frank Silver in the process, raising both his championships over head!

Omega was as exhausted as he could ever be…

But tonight…

And for one final time…

The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling had proven himself to be among its most dominant!

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Champion)

"Into the Night, We All Fade Away"

The backstage hallways were silent. Footsteps could be heard echoing through the halls. The camera panned up as we saw Damien Lee with his hands in his pockets walking down the hallway. Lee looked sorrowful as he knew the final bell for the evening had rung and with that, Death Wish had come to an end as did jOlt Wrestling.

As Lee was walking down the hall, a figure stepped in front of the camera, completely blocking everyone’s view. All we could hear was Lee’s voice.

“So you came, afterall..” said Lee

The camera changed and there he stood.. former jOlt World Champion, former two-time jOlt Underground Champion, former jOlt Relentless Champion, former jOlt World Tag Team Champion, and jOlt Hall of Famer Derecho.

The crowd actually gave a tremendous pop for Derecho as he stood there in the halls with Damien Lee.

“Yeah.. I showed up. After all, you took the liberty of calling me two weeks ago, but you never said what you wanted to talk to me about. So… since I’m currently not doing anything with LoC thanks to Jonathan Conspiracy not giving me the Legacy Championship, I decided that I’d entertain my curiosity and come here to see just what in the hell it was that you wanted.” said Derecho.

Lee laughed to himself.

“You never change, do you?” asked Lee.

“Why should I?” retorted Derecho. “If things work, there’s no need to change them. Only those who change when they don’t need to are weak and as you’re well aware of, Lee, I am far from weak.”

Lee laughed to himself again.

“Yeah.. you’re right about that.. so… I guess I should get down to business because if I know you, you don’t like your time being wasted.” said Lee

“It’s like you’re reading my mind” said Derecho.

“I asked you here so I could borrow a dollar. I want to go get a soda and I haven’t had a dollar in my wallet for over a month.” said Lee.

Derecho almost burst out laughing.

“You’re shitting me… you called me all the way down here to ask me for a dollar!?” asked Derecho.

“All the way down here? You live like ten minutes away from the damn arena!!” shouted Lee.

“Twenty five actually.. I live in the suburbs.. think I want to live in this left turn only city? Screw that.” said Derecho

Derecho reached inside his pocket and pulled out his wallet. he pulled out a dollar and gave it to Lee.

“You’re quite lucky that I’m giving that to you. You know how much I hate to have my time wasted.. you even reaffirmed that mere moments ago.. but if there’s nothing else…” said Derecho as he begun to walk away.

“Wait..” said Lee

Lee reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He wrapped the dollar around it and handed it over to Derecho.

“I’m not thirsty anymore.. but.. I heard jOlt is having a special on arenas. I guess you just happened to walk through here at the best possible moment.”

Derecho looked down at the paper.. it looked oddly familiar.

“Is this what I think it is?” asked Derecho.

“Hey… I know you and I never saw eye to eye, but don’t be a stranger. Call me sometime.” said Lee

Lee turned and walked away as Derecho called out to him.

“Lee…. what is this about? LEE!!!” shouted Derecho.

But Lee didn’t answer. When Lee was out of sight, Derecho opened up the piece of paper.

“Majority of ownership transfer. jOlt Wrestling hereby transfers full ownership of the jOlt Arena, formerly known as the X Wrestling Arena to Jason Roberts for the amount of one dollar and zero cents. Full ownership of the aforementioned arena will be fully recognized with Jason Roberts as the sole…..” said Derecho as he shook his head. “Damn fool just gave me my building back… Lee… you idiot…”

Derecho shook his head and took off after Lee hoping to catch up to him. Derecho turned the corner and arrived at Lee’s.. well… technically his… office. Derecho knocked on the door.

“Lee… open up! LEE!!!”

There was no answer. Derecho never thought of trying the doorknob and so he turned it. It was unlocked. Derecho opened the door and darted inside. Derecho looked around and there was nobody in the office.. it was completely empty as everything was cleaned out except for Lee’s desk. There was a piece of paper with some writing on it. Derecho approached the desk and picked up the paper and read it aloud.

“These are my final words to the roster of jOlt Wrestling. I did everything I could for you to try and make this a better place. Sometimes I had to make hard decisions, but I felt that everything I did was with best intentions for everyone that has ever worked for me. This night was supposed to be a glorious night but instead, it ended up being our swan song all because of my errors. I hurt those whom I’ve laid down everything to protect and you don’t deserve to hear or see my face in your final moments with the company. Please understand that I am not running away nor am I hiding… I just felt that you all deserve to be together as a family and the person who drove that family apart has no right being included in that moment.”

Derecho paused and read on.

“I wish you all luck in whatever the future holds and I hope that you all find places in this business that you can call home. As for me… who knows what the future holds. As long as you don’t suffer because of my errors, I’ll be happy. If we never cross paths again, just know that I will always be thinking of each and every one of you and will always be wishing for nothing but the best for you and your families.. Your boss and your friend… Damien Lee.”

Derecho slammed the paper down on the desk.

“That damn coward…” Derecho muttered under his breath.

The scene then faded out for a moment and then faded in to the Sky Box location in the jOlt Arena. The camera showed the fans piling out of the arena. There wasn’t many left in the arena, but there was a man standing in the Sky Box looking out over the people leaving. It was Damien Lee.

When the final people exited the arena, he saw the crews come out to start taking down the ring. At that moment, Damien Lee knew it was finally over. Lee turned and exited the skybox. The final scene of jOlt Wrestling was an aerial view of the jOlt Arena with the crew taking down the ring for the final time.

The scene faded to black with the jOlt logo and the words..

“Thanks for the memories”

Those, too, faded and just like that…


It was over.