Chris Titan "Tonight is our night."

Chris Titan wasn't trying to pump anyone up. In his twisted mind, he was simply stating a fact. The Backbone had become stronger over the past few weeks. They gained members, Mike Extreme was back with his entourage and the monster Grendel had taken up the cause. They were stronger than ever before. Chris Titan stood in the midst of his growing army of rebels and he told them what was going to happen on this night.

"We will destroy anyone that stands in our path to retribution. We will take Damien Lee's house of cards down around him. Tonight, we show the world that we are the most dominant force in jOlt and that we are taking over."

An echo of agreement rang through the locker room while Grendel simply nodded in approval.

"The glory will be ours! And it begins right now! Bring him out!"

Grendel abandoned his post, heading towards the bathroom. When he opened the door the tied up, bloodied body of Rune Winters came crashing into the locker room. Chris Titan smiled.

"You've done well, big man," he said patting Grendel on his massive back. "How did you do it?"

Grendel went back to the bathroom and returned with a blood stained shovel.

"You did this to him with his own shovel?"

The monster nodded, handing the shovel over to his leader. Chris Titan examined the shovel's spade, running his fingertips through the blood and bringing them up to his face.

"Ah, Rune," Titan said while wiping his fingers off on Rune Winters' forehead. "Look at you. You're one man fighting an army. You backed the wrong horse in this race, Rune. Your shovel-swinging days are nearing an end and you are looking ... old."

Chris Titan dropped to one knee in front of his adversary. Rune looked dazed and had clearly lost a lot of blood from the looks of his mouth and chest. His head was split open above his right eye, the blood channeling through the scar that ran from his right eyebrow down to the left side of his chin that was a reminder of his battles with the Superbeast. Titan looked into Rune's glassed over silver eyes, holding the man's chin steady in one hand while leaning on the shovel with his other one.

"Grendel, you stay here with me. Everyone else ... give Mike Extreme a nice welcome to the clan."

Chris Titan rose back to his feet while the Backbone members left the locker room, guiding Mike Extreme down the hallway towards the ring where he would meet Gregg Scott Vincent inside a cage. As the door closed, Grendel lifted Rune Winters to his feet and Chris Titan brought the shovel high above his head.


"In All His Glory (or Retirement Speech???)"

Jonathan Conspiracy "No Church in the Wild" started to play throughout the arena to announce the arrival of a man that was not booked in a match this evening. Over the past month or so he had unsuccessfully wrestled for every title jOlt currently sanctions - except the Starlet Championship of course, he has his wife for that - and it seemed as if his "Glory" days were behind him.

Jonathan Conspiracy appeared from the gorilla position and out into the open for all to see. Sporting his "One Letter Better" t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans and black & grey Timberland boots. The crowd popped at the sight of him, but many wondered why he was at the event.

Rumors had swirled about a possible retirement. The "Gold Digger" did not strike gold here in j0lt, with the exception of the International Championship which was dissolved into the Relentless Championship following his loss to the Nashvillian at Divide & Conquer.

Conspiracy ever so cautiously made his way down the aisle, as he soaked in the crowds admiration, but he clearly looked dejected as he requested the microphone from ring announcer Brad Arnold. Once received he made his way up the ringsteps and ducked between the middle and top ropes to enter.

"The glory... it's what we all fight for, no matter what you say you fight for. Since the time that j0lt opened I was on a quest to prove that I am championship material, but just never seemed to be better than the man across the ring from me on any given night, except Rush of course but he wasn't in any condition to face me in his current state. But what else was I supposed to do when faced with an opponent that had championship gold around his waist.. Yeah, I might have went a little overboard in an attempt to add a new move to my repetoire nearly killing the guy, but I was doing what I had to do to entertain you. Lately, I have failed to do such a thing, and many feel that I peaked when I won my World Championship in Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, prior to my first appeareance for Jolt Wrestling or Legacy of Champions."

A "Don't Go JCON!" chant started to break out amongst the crowd.

"And many might be right considering the fact that I only have two International Championship reigns in Jolt and no title reigns in LoC to show for the big debuts that I was given. You know I think it's time..."

Conspiracy went to put the mic down in the middle of the ring as "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" showered down on him. It was at that moment that Jonathan Conspiracy brought the mic back up to his mouth.

"...it's time to show you all why I'm "ONE LETTER BETTER!" It's time to show you why I was the "Franchise Wrestler" in PIW, why I was brought in Legacy, why I was brought into Jolt. Show you why I am Jonathan Conspiracy. So the next time you see me step into an Arena of Champions ring, be it on iNtense, Warriors or a Pay Per View, when you see Jonathan Conspiracy versus insert name here, you will know you are getting your money's worth. And once I do that there will be no doubts about Jonathan Conspiracy verses insert name here for insert championship here that I didn't earn my shot. And on that night Jonathan Conspiracy will add to a collection that hasn't been added to in a major way in quite some time. So all you boys in the back, from Sylo, to SVJ, to Aran Thompson to Reno Davis to Ray Chavez, to the Nashvillian, Heirs of Wrestling, Avispa Ultima, Citizen, Derecho, Greg Vincent, Ninja K, Jason Rau, Kenjiro Ito, Rune Winters, Phoenix, One Eye, Grendel, Demon of Dublin, Bane Loneheart , Team VIAGRA, Chris Titan and any and all in between that I may have failed to mention... or don't deserve to mention... I'm talking bout you West Texas Terrorists... if you see my name on the card and there's a versus in between yours and mine, best believe you will be in for a long night."

The crowd was in an uncontrollable frenzy, as Jonathan Conspiracy announced his intentions to be better than the "One Letter Better" of old. And he had the crowd's attention.

"Do I have your attention?!"

Conspiracy dropped the mic as "No Church in the Wild" played once more on the evening. He exited the ring and slapped five with the various hands that extended towards him as he made his way back up the aisle. Once at the top he turned back towards the ring and soaked in what it means to have...


Mike Extreme vs. Gregg Scott Vincent
Mike ExtremeGregg Scott Vincent
The jOlt cameras focused on the cage enclosing the squared circle, with the crowd stirring around in their seats, anticipating the opening match for Glory. Everyone stared at the entrance, as Michael Burhman and Nathan Powers reviewed Gregg Scott Vincent and Mike Extreme’s history over the past month that involved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

“Finally, we get to see GSV take on Mike Extreme! It’s been almost one month since these two men have been face to face with each other and MAN I’m excited to see what happens TONIGHT!” Michael yelled into the microphone, being one of many, anxiously waiting for the match to began.

Nathan looked over at Michael, a smile glistened in the spotlight, as he too added some input.

“Mike Extreme certainly has the advantage here! He’s well rested, after being suspended for almost a full month, and GSV has been beaten into a pulp during that time. I just don’t see GSV walking out on his own free will tonight!” he stated, rubbing the sweat from his face.

“Well Nathan, the cage is lowered, and it is now time for our first match tonight! And what a way to kick Glory off, in a CAGE FIGHT!” Michael’s eyes glared at the entrance, as the lights dimmed to black.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Warriors by Volbeat had the fans standing at attention, ready to explode, waiting for The Resilient Warrior to push past the curtains. GSV made it through the curtains and the crowd showed their appreciation, as they cheered for him with an enormous amount of praise. He power walked down the aisle with a new attitude on display and confidence echoed throughout the arena, as he entered the cage.

“Is it me, or does GSV look…different!?!” Michael asked Nathan, looking at GSV in the ring.

Nathan replied, “He looks…bigger!”

Indeed he was, with his chest perked out ,and his well defined muscles sending ripples through his dark toned skin. The Resilient Warrior looked to have gain at least fifteen pounds of solid muscle, over the past month. It was obvious the dismantled smoking habit, contributed to the recent weight gain. Gregg Scott Vincent was proof of that, as he slid into the ring and stood in his distinct corner, awaiting the arrival of his nemesis, Mike Extreme.

The lights flashed simultaneously, followed Melancholy by Iced Earth. The arena began to roar with a massive amount of jeers. The jOlt Original, The Extreme One, Mike Extreme eased through the curtain, for the first time in almost a month, with Misty Gold, Violet and the rest of the Backbone walking behind him. Mike stared through his black sunglasses as he lead his entourage to the Cage.

“OH! I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR THAT BELL TO RING!” Nathan announced, with his jaw sagging towards the announcer’s booth, as he watched Extreme step into the cage.

Michael would also reply, while Mike entered the ring, “HERE WE GO!” he shouted.

Mike Hunt would not even signal for the bell, because Gregg Scott Vincent quickly began striking The Extreme One with some overhand punches, that drove him backwards into the ropes. Gregg was relentless, as he connected with a flurry of punches. Mike had his guard up, trying parry some blows, but it wasn’t happening tonight. GSV was precise with each punch thrown, but Mike was poised to end the onslaught of rights and lefts.


Mike lunged with his head, busting GSV’s nose wide open. Blood spewed from the openings, as well as the newly formed gash at the crease of his nose. Gregg stumbled backwards and Extreme retaliated with a right punt kick to the face of his opponent as he was slightly doubled over, sending GSV flying across the ring, and onto his back. He rolled out of the ring, in-between the it and the cage, and pounded his fist on the edge of the ring.

GSV wiped his nose and shook away the cobwebs, he had been training to hard to let such a blow cease the moment of his redemption. So, he slid back into the ring, and stood in his orthodox fighting stance where he motioned at The Extreme One to, ‘bring it on.’

“GSV is TOUGH!” Michael stated.

Extreme stepped forward, as did Vincent. Mike attempted a right haymaker, but GSV slid under it and sent a powerful right fist to the body of Mike Extreme, followed by a precise uppercut, and then a spinning elbow. He continued the assault with more overhand rights, driving Extreme into the turnbuckle, and then whipping him across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle. Gregg bounced into the ropes, as Extreme repelled off the turnbuckle, attempting to bulldog Extreme’s face into the mat, but it did not go as planned.


The Extreme One caught GSV off guard and buried his arm into GSV’s throat. Gregg popped up off the mat, as soon as he hit it, and was met by another clothesline.

Followed by another…

And another…

Finally, Gregg rolled out of the ring again to slow down the pace of the match. Extreme smiled down at GSV, knowing he was in control of this match as Misty Gold and Violet cheered him on from beyond the cage, who just happened to be right behind Gregg Scott Vincent when they were cheering on their partner.

“WHOOP HIS ASS, MIKE!” proclaimed Violet, as she pounded on the cage in front of her causing GSV to turn his attention on her.


Violet fell over like a limp dick, in a fat chick, and Misty hovered over her to see if she was still breathing. Mike quickly rolled over the top rope, as Gregg turned around with a grin, flashing his satisfaction, noticing The Extreme One approaching him.

“You little son-of-a-bitch!” Mike yelled, swinging at the Resilient Warrior who demonstrated his elusiveness, dodging another blow.

Extreme turned around.

Stiff Kick.



Mike pushed Gregg into the cage and smeared his face in it. Misty grabbed an unoccupied steel chair and…


Extreme used the momentum of the chair shot and sent GSV up and over with a German Suplex. Gregg’s neck cracked, as it hit the edge of the ring. Referee Mike Hunt leaned over the top rope, to check the status of Gregg Scott Vincent because it seemed for a moment, that he wasn’t moving. Even Extreme thought it was over, as he and Misty were laughing amongst themselves, deeming The Extreme One the victor but what they didn’t realize, was that GSV had his palms on the black rubber mat, forcing his weakened body off the floor.

“NO WAY!” bellowed Nathan Powers with awe in his tone, “HOW IS HE GETTING UP FROM THAT!”

“I thought his neck was broke, after that!” replied Michael, “But once again, GSV demonstrates his toughness. I don’t think anyone can keep this man down!” Michael stated, as he watched GSV lift up off the ground.

But Misty spotted the Resilient Warrior on his knees, she motioned at Extreme who turned around, and looked confused. He’d never seen such effort from one man, not like this. Gregg was doubled over, on his feet, smirking, and motioning at Extreme, instigating the situation. Mike snarled and approached him. Gregg sent an elbow to his midsection, followed by another, but The Extreme One was not affected, and sound a forearm to Vincent’s back. Gregg continued with elbows, as Extreme fought back with more forearm shots leading to an onslaught of rights and lefts from both men. The fans clapped their hands and cheered, as the action unfolded before their eyes.

“Extreme is bleeding!” Michael announced, noticing blood seeping from a small cut on Mike’s mouth.

Finally, Mike took over, and GSV was forced, with his back to the ring, by a hard left haymaker. Extreme stepped closer and attempted a right hook, but GSV dodged it. Misty was watching with her fingers wrapped around the links of the cage, shouting for Extreme to finish off GSV.

Vincent took advantage of the opportunity.


Now, Misty Gold laid next to Violet, and both women were still unconscious. Gregg extended his middle fingers in their direction, grinning as Extreme wrapped his enormous arms around his waist. GSV sent precise elbow strikes, freeing himself from Extreme’s grasp. Mike stumbled back a few steps, as Gregg turned around. When he did, Extreme missed a clothesline, allowing Gregg to slide under it, and back into the ring.

Gregg Scott Vincent bounced around in the ring, “Let’s go bitch!” he then motioned with his hand, signaling for Mike Extreme to reenter the ring. Once he did, Vincent unleashed more punches as Mike overpowered him, as he rose to his feet, slapping his right hand around GSV’s throat.




What The Fuck!?!


Because its Gregg Scott Vincent!

And he puts mother-fuckers to sleep!

The Backbone watched on from just outside the cage as The Extreme One’s eyelids slowly closed shut. They were frantically trying to pry the cage door open any way they could. The fans were ecstatic, waiting for the referee to call for the bell but he was preoccupied watching Bane Loneheart attempt to scale the cage wall to get inside. Extreme tried fighting through the pain, but the Triangle Hold was locked in at full force. Gregg screamed out loud, applying more pressure, and eventually, Mike Extreme was unconscious. Just as Loneheart hit the canvas, referee Mike Hunt peeled GSV off of Extreme and quickly signaled for the bell. Gregg Scott Vincent had won the third match of his jOlt career, but would that matter now that Sepiroth Du Luc and Persephone had joined Bane Loneheart in surrounding GSV inside the ring?

The trio pounced on Vincent, who attempted to fight them off with a flurry of rights and lefts. It was no use. The numbers game was always in the Backbone's favor and they quickly overwhelmed the jOlt rookie, taking him to the canvas and stomping his face and abdomen repeatedly. SDL snatched Mike Hunt up and held him for ransom in front of Darius Underwood, who was outside guarding the cage door.

"Open this door, cretin!"

Underwood obliged, allowing Violet and Misty Gold to enter while Mike Hunt's body took a face-first dive into the guard wall from the ring. Mike Extreme's manager and valet tended to their man in the ring, dragging him to the corner to avoid the violence that was transpiring around them.

GSV swung wildly with a front roundhouse kick that caught a whole lot of air and nothing else. Persephone swept his standing leg out from under him and proceeded to rearrange his face with the heel of her boot. SDL and bane Loneheart joined in on the carnage as Glory moved backstage.

Winner: Gregg Scott Vincent via Submission

"A Fresh New Start"

Jimmy B. Martinez "Is he here yet?” Dawn yelled out.

”Who?!” The stage hand replied.

”The new guy.”

”No, I didnt see him.”

”Good!” She said as she slowly exhaled. ”I want to be the first one to welcome him.”

Just then the door leading to the parking lot swings open. And who steps in? None other than newly signed superstar Jimmy Benjamin Martinez, with a black duffle bag and determined look upon his face.

”Hey, there Jimmy. It's good to have you here.”

Dawn Cassidy said, as she got in front of JBM making him stop in his tracks.

”Who are you?” He answered back.

”Im Dawn, and I do all the interviews here. I just wanted to welcome you.” She explained to Jimmy.

”Yea, well thank you, I suppose you want a quick interview from me. You're probably going to ask me, how does it feel to be apart of j0lt or do I have anything in store for you guys. Well im going to make you're job a little easier for you. Im here because the last fucking wrestling promotion I was apart of had no talent or competition. I felt like I was wrestling in someone's back yard, for drunk hillbillys getting paid peanuts. It was time for me to move on. Move on too bigger and better things. I've been wrestling only for a couple years, but I always had a fighting background. I grew up, spending most of my childhood in and out of the boxing gym. I remember those days like it was yesterday. black eyes, bruised ribs, bloody nose you name it, i've been threw it. im not gloating claiming to be the best, im just stating I have alot of heart and a never give up attitude.”

”Am I excited to be apart of j0lt? Of course i am. This is the place to be, if you're trying to make a name for yourself. I mean come on, I will be wrestling in the same ring where Sylo, SVJ, Derecho, Statuz Quo and other big names wrestle. So yea, Im pretty much excited you can say."

"Do you think, you have what it takes to make it in jOlt?" Dawn asked.

Jimmy looked at Dawn Cassidy as his eyebrow raised, in disbelief to the question she had just asked him.

"Are you doubting me Ms. Cassidy? Are you saying, that i will not make it in jOlt. That i will just be another failed wrestler trying to make a name for himself?

"No, not at all. Im just saying we have some pretty big names here, and this is one of the biggest leagues in wrestling." She explained.

"Yes, I know. You're pretty much stating the obvious, that's okay though because I plan on showing you and everyone in the back, that im just not another mediocore wrestler."

"Mmhmm... I heard that before."

Jimmy shaked his head side to side, as he took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled.

"Is this the type of hospitality you show the new guy? Oh wait, i guess i have to earn my respect here just like any where else. That's fine by me." He said.

"Pretty much Jimmy."

"Yeah. Well that's what i plan on doing, so keep an eye on the new guy."

He said as he walked away from Dawn Cassidy, and continued to walk up the corridor looking for his locker room. Leaving Dawn Cassidy standing there, with the camera man.

"I guess, that went well." She said.

"So Far ... So Good"

Sylo Damien Lee had seen Glory go, for the most part, smoothly. Nothing could bring him down tonight. That was until the 7’1” 335 lb SuperBeast stepped into his office. Lee’s heart fell to his stomach as he looked up. This could potentially be the thing that ruined his night.

“Sylo! What a surprise. How can I help “The Golden Beast”?” Lee chuckled. Sylo did not. Sylo hardly moved.

“I’m not a fan of that name.” Sylo replied.

“Oh. Uh well--”

“Just listen. That’s why tonight after I beat SVJ to death I want you to come get three of these titles. I have the two I want and the other three should be in a wing of the jOlt hall of fame. I want you to come get them and put them there. Deal?” Sylo eyed Lee.

“Uh, yeah! Actually that’s perfect and I love that idea. You have a deal. I’ll come down and get them tonight and good luck champ.” Lee smiled. Sylo, again, did not. Instead he just turned and walked away. All five titles clanking as he did. Lee let out a sigh and leaned back in his chair.

So far...So Good.

Ninja K vs. Phoenix
Ninja KPhoenix
Camera Eleven opens up with a gradual pan shot from the Glory pay-per-view banner before descending unto the southeastern section of cheering fans. Overheard in the background, the lead commentary tandem of Buhrman and Powers, began discussing the primary talking points of which led to the pending confrontation ahead. The random music selection waned before allotting a momentary lull within the arena as Brad Miller, passed through the ropes and stood at the ready...

Miller: Ladies and Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall...and its an UNDERGROUND RULES MATCH!

An upheaval of hatred simmered throughout the arena as “Machu Picchu” by The Strokes bellowed freely from the state-of-the-art PA system. The carefully constructed medieval fortress montage cast an eerie yet methodical cycle of fire-based hues as the jOltvision set affixed above the gated maw flickered to life…

Miller: “Introducing First; Set to make his way to the ring…Weighting 229 pounds -- THIS IS PHOENIX!!!

Camera Four would offer a clear shot of the infamous Bird of Prey as he stood silently before the angry mob. Donning the colors of Black, Orange, Red & White, Ito’s admitted partner in crime arrogantly nodded while setting himself at the apex of the ramp way. Phoenix lowered his head while crossing his arms over his chest briefly before flinging them outward, commanding a volatile expulsion of flames throughout his immediate area. The masked enigma sauntered his way towards the squared circle before scaling his way atop the nearest turnbuckle. Literally basking within the virtual cauldron of animosity, Phoenix eventually leapt inside the ring and began casually prepping himself for war. Senior Referee Boulder stood stoically with arms crossed over his chest as the musical interlude faded out of earshot.

Vicarious by Tool angrily crept out from the PA system setting the Arena of Champions crowd ablaze. The anticipated darkness gradually enveloped the Arena of Champions and granted the jOltvision to commence with its presentation of synchronized anarchy…

Miller: “…And his opponent; From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan…Weighting in at 245 pounds -- KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Camera Twenty trained itself before the strobe lit overcast of smoke, belching forth from Exit 87. Swathed in the colors of Obsidian, Pearl and Royal Blue, Ninja K sauntered forward to visually embrace his surroundings. Knuckles gnarling lockstep with a heaving chest, the Ronin silently seethed from within. However, as the darkness retreated, the audible storm of adulation and theme music provided the perfect cover for the Man on Fire, who was perched along a railing overhead. Kenshiro scanned the area for his opponent’s location only for both men to fall out of view as Phoenix connected with a Corkscrew Asai Moon Sault!

The incessant yelling from the fans fell in hindsight as the masked malefactor ascended to his feet and began pummeling the Osaka native before grabbing him by the hair and leading him through the swelling sea of humanity. Camera Nine trained itself from a distance to catch the embittered rivals trading blows within the crowd before Phoenix used a stern Forearm to reclaim the advantage. The transition to Camera Ten allotted the world to see Phoenix rattle the ninja’s spine with his patent Dust to Dust Fisherman’s Suplex along the exposed concrete. Kenshiro howled in agony as Phoenix stood overhead and stalked after his prey.

Phoenix snatched a beer from the fan’s hand and steadily emptied its contents atop Kenshiro’s head. Ninja angrily scrambled to regain his footing but fell prey to a Running Knee Lift by his adversary. The Ronin stumbled away yet was led away with an Irish Whip. Kenshiro shifted the momentum and sent the Phoenix careening against the barricades. Phoenix used a Front Kick to halt the advancing ninja’s progress before using an blistering Knife Edge Chop to grant him space. The masked madman shoved an over exuberant fans out of his seat and folded it yet Ninja slapped it away with an Overhand Palm Punch sent Phoenix reeling with an equally swift Backhand Punch. Having left Phoenix leaning against the barricade, Kenshiro gave himself a running start yet was quickly ejected over the barricades by Phoenix’s impromptu Hurricanrana!

Reverse somersaulting himself to his feet, the masked marvel swiveled about and flung the ring apron curtain aside and found nothing to his liking and pried the upper portion of the ring steps and hoisted it overhead. However, a Buzz Saw Kick across the stomach forced Phoenix to drop the steps, stumble backwards and collapse over the bottom portion of the steps. Kenshiro angrily heaved the ring steps at Phoenix, who quickly rolled out of harm’s way. Ninja gave chase, grabbed Phoenix by the head and slammed him against the distant yet adjacent barricades. Ninja began pummeling his opposition before knocking his off his feet with another Snap Kick to the back of the Right Thigh. Wresting the barricades from their original position, Kenshiro set a portion against Phoenix’s neck - prompting the masked man to kick his legs about wildly.

Referee Boulder stepped outside the ring to urge both combatants to help him start the match but to no avail as Ninja stormed past him. The referee anxiously elevated the steel obstruction off Phoenix’s throat, who audibly gasped for air. Meanwhile, Kenshiro was busy hurling a set of Chairs over the top rope before brushing the referee aside and leading his ailing counterpart toward the ring. Ninja sent Phoenix rolling underneath the ropes before sliding in after him. Referee Boulder followed suit and quickly signaled for the opening bell while Ninja began dropping several Knee Strikes against Phoenix’s skull before cinching in a Grounded Side Head Lock. Visibly grimacing, the Man on Fire worked his way back to one knee before connecting with 2 Elbows to the Sternum. An Arm Wringer by Phoenix became the prelude of a Rolling Russian Leg Sweep. Phoenix’s fluid offense was displayed by vaulting and connecting with a Asai Hurricanrana! Phoenix‘s momentum placed him in position to execute a Front Flip Bridge Pin!

…1! …2! …Kenshiro jerked himself off the canvas, leaving the Bird of Prey heaving on all fours. Shaking his head, Phoenix used the prone chair near him to stand himself erect. The masked malcontent sighted his target and swung for the fences. The weapon sailed overhead. Phoenix took flight with a Spinning Leg Wheel, deftly rolling off the ninja’s shoulders back to his vertical base. However, an Open Palm Punch to the Jaw disarmed the malevolent Bird of Prey, allowing Ninja to overtake him with his patented Osakaplex - (Northern Lights Overhead Salto Suplex). Arching himself back to a vertical base, Kenshiro seized the prone chair in front of him, leapt toward the heavens before crushing Phoenix’s midsection with a Chair Assisted Double Foot Stomp - Seppuku!

A notable yet repetitive promotional chant perforated the wall of cheers as Phoenix’s muffled screamed in agony were nearly muffled out. Kenshiro with the cover…1! …2! …Kickout! Ninja left his opponent balled up in the fetal position while stomping the significant dent in the chair out before firmly wedging it between the turnbuckles. Meanwhile, the resilient yet battered Golden One edged himself closer to the adjacent ropes before Kenshiro returned to drag him away by his leg. However, Phoenix wisely clung to the ring ropes before rolling off the ring apron & collapsing along the outside. The LoC legend followed him to the outside as Phoenix crawled underneath the ring apron. Kenshiro crept after him yet scrambled wildly away from the ring’s underbelly amidst a powerful expulsion of a Fire Extinguisher.

Ninja remained hunched over against the large turnbuckle post while Phoenix used the flame smothering device to stand himself erect. Still favoring his midsection, Phoenix looked at the weapon, looked at Kenshiro before hurling the extinguisher toward his skull. Ninja ducked, allowing the nozzle to slam against the pole, violently projecting its contents throughout the immediate area. Fans in the front row scurried away from the immediate area while obscuring Camera Three’s view. Ninja’s frame became enveloped within the billowing exhaust. Faintly clutching his stomach, Phoenix approached the simmering overcast when the ring steps broke through the haze and careened soundly off Phoenix’s upper body. The audience groaned while Kenshiro dropped the metal obstruction as Phoenix drunkenly staggered away and collapsed onto his side.

Ninja stalked after his prey and methodically blasting the Phoenix between the shoulder blades with a occasional blistering set of kicks. Crawling away on both knees, Phoenix was kicked again, standing him up - only to stagger and collapse atop the ring steps base. Camera Five captured the reddish hue adorning Phoenix’s heaving back as Ninja stood atop the hardened structure and scanned the upper decks of the arena before setting Phoenix up for a Cradle Tombstone Pile Driver. Against Referee Boulder’s pleas of restraint, the legions rallied for bloodshed as Ninja lifted Phoenix into position yet the masked marvel wiggled free and bounced Kenshiro’s head against the platinum base soundly with an Inverted Face Lock DDT! The Ronin laid out, clutching his head as the Phoenix began catching his breath on both knees.

Readjusting his elbow pad, Phoenix grabbed Kenshiro by his grayish mane and peeled him off the obstruction. The mystical masked man rolled the ninja into the ring, setting his head out to dangle off the ring apron. Pulling himself along its narrowed place, Phoenix used the ropes as leverage to plant his knee across the ninja’s throat before connecting with a Slingshot Guillotine Knee Drop! The Golden One cinched in a Front Face Lock on the former Legacy Champion nodded at a screaming referee...IMPACT DDT! Kenshiro was left in a crumpled heap while Phoenix began digging underneath the ring and began casting several items; An Aluminum Trash Can. A Kendo Stick. A Staple Gun and an Extention Cord. The proud puroesu expert happily twirled the Kendo Stick about as Kenshiro groggily stood himself erect...


The ninja staggered away quickly while favoring his mid section...


Kenshiro collapsed against the barricades...










The wooded weapon of destruction fell apart, prompting the Phoenix to grind the splintered end into the Ronin's collar bone before attempting to lock in a Cross Arm Breaker Submission Hold! Interlocking his fingers, the Japanese export warded off the masked man's advances. The crown of the ninja's head began dripping crimson onto Phoenix's stomach and forearms. The Bird of Prey extended his left hand outward to try and latch onto the Extension Cord when Kenshiro maneuvered himself to a kneeling posture and began dragging Phoenix a few feet away.Rising slowly into a hunched over posture, The Midnight Assassin buckled down and forced Phoenix onto his side and began methodically driving his heel into Phoenix's exposed hip until his efforts proved futile. A reluctant Phoenix was eventually dragged along before Ninja was able to commandeered the use of a Staple Gun...


The muffled screams of the Phoenix pierced the air as pointed metal punctured his hip...


The 2nd shot broken the hold with a retreating Phoenix scooting away from his attacker. The bloodthirsty collective roared as Ninja trapped his enemy's leg against his rib cage...




Phoenix's arms clasped onto the barricades, desperately attempting to pull himself away as Ninja continued to bury staples within his rival's thigh and calf muscle...






The Staple Gun continued to click, hinting the weapon was out of ammunition. The ever resourceful assassin opted to repeatedly pummel Phoenix's stapled skin, drawing forth more blood before grabbing Phoenix by the arm and bludgeoning his across the forehead! Attempting to flee for his life, the Phoenix hobbled and collapsed onto the ring steps base before crawling away. Ignoring the voracious appetite from the jOlt wrestling mob, a bloodied Ninja cradled his arm and stalked after his masked counterpart. The wounded Bird of Prey hobbled to his feet with the aid of the barricades, hopped over to the ring apron and pulled himself inside. Kenshiro was seen dragging the Aluminum Trash Can a few feet before hurling it over the top rope. The Extension Cord was quickly unfurled and raised overhead to add gas to an audible fire....

A screaming Phoenix rolled away, extending his hand outward to petition a motion for mercy...


The Phoenix howled in sheer anguish when Ninja wrapped the cord around the Bird of Prey's neck and sent him away with an Irish Whip and yanked him off his feet. A lethargic luchador bounced off the mat with Kenshiro quick to wrap the cord over his fist and pounding Phoenix's temple repeatedly before being pried off by Referee Simon Boulder. An angry ninja began arguing with the in ring official before waving him off and grabbing the cord again. Ninja with another Irish Whip. Phoenix would hit the breaks. Kenshiro's Snap Kick was countered with a Dragon Leg Whip by Phoenix; the perfect prologue to the Devestator (Texas Cloverleaf Submission)!

Visibly grimacing from the accumulated injuries, Phoenix wrenched back to apply more torque. Referee Boulder knelt down with Kenshiro frantically dismissing the urge to submit. Nodding his head adamantly, Phoenix began punching the Ronin's shin until frustration set in, breaking the hold. Hobbling away in disgust, Phoenix seized the Trash Can and slammed it twice against the ninja's head before casting it aside. A stiff barrage of precision Elbow Strikes trained at the crown of Kenshiro's skull worn the ninja down before dragging his rival to his feet, seating him backwards atop the turnbuckle. Phoenix hoisted the Athletic Freak of Nature towards the heavens...


Phoenix's Seated Crucifix Power Bomb prompted him to fall back upon impact as the ninja's carcass laid strewn atop a flattened garbage can. Taking a moment to catch a breather, Phoenix continued heaving before standing himself vertically. A barrage of heel heat boiled over the barricades as Phoenix extended his arms outward before dragging Kenshiro away from the ropes, committing with a Lateral Press…1! …2! …Ninja shifted to his side. Phoenix sat up and angrily nodded to himself before reclaiming his footing. A matter of seconds elapsed until the completion of his Mexican Surfboard Stretch!

Adamantly, Kenshiro shook his head in rebuke of submission. Phoenix used his weight as leverage to grind the ninja’s exposed abdomen against the canvas and suspend him into the air once more. Unsatisfied with the results, the agile assassin transitioned to a Inverted Face Lock variant of the Surfboard. Actively waving his arms, the frantic ninja rapidly scrapped his fingertips against the ropes before managing to latch on tightly. Phoenix finally relented after the referee’s count of 4 and dragged the weary ninja toward the nearest turnbuckle. The masses echoed the Knife Edge Chop with an audible Ric Flair tribute. Again. The third left the Phoenix confident to attempt an Irish Whip to the opposing corner. The impact prompted the former Legacy Champion to stagger forward as Phoenix charged past him, vaulted into the air for a Tornado DDT! However, the crowd responded in kind as Ninja abruptly bounced Phoenix off his back with the Spirit Breaker! The fallen Bird of Prey writhed in pain while Kenshiro remained kneeling for a few moments before committing himself with the Lateral Press! …1! …2! Phoenix with the strong kick out!

The Ronin sat up and stared at the referee before pulling the Phoenix back to his feet and initiated a Hammer Throw towards the opposing corner. The Phoenix stopped short and sent Kenshiro reverse somersaulting to his feet & staggering into the corner with a Drop Sault. Hobbling a bit, Phoenix broke into a dead sprint and executed a high Tiger Flip Kick off Kenshiro’s chest before pounding forward. Kenshiro somersaulted underneath to his feet as Phoenix landed and connected with a Flying Cross Body. Kenshiro rolled to his feet with Phoenix, draped across his chest before hoisting him onto and across his shoulders yet the Phoenix slipped off and latched on with a Rear Waist Lock. Standing Switch by Ninja with a Clubbing Forearm to double Phoenix over…

GEMINI SUPLEX -- (Rolling Dragon Suplex + Release Cobra Clutch Suplex )

The impact of Phoenix’s cranium careening against the wedged steel chair left him into a near motionless heap, much to the fans’ delight. Taking a moment to recollect himself, Ninja eventually stood erect over the fallen Bird of Prey and began pummeling him with a measured series of Back Mounted Cross Face Punches until Phoenix collapsed chest first atop a chair. Standing overhead, Ninja snatched the hair band free, allowing his hair to descend before kicking Phoenix in the stomach to set him on fours. Ninja stepped atop Phoenix’s back…

NORTH STAR PRESS -- (Standing 450 Splash)

The audience roared as Ninja rolled to a kneeling posture against the ropes while Phoenix curled up in a ball writhing in sheer anguish. Cue Adrenaline Surge. Whipping his hair back, Ninja sauntered forward towards his prey. Nestled on both knees and clutching his mid section, Phoenix was at the mercy of one capillary- busting Buzz Saw Kick after another. The fourth Kick uprooted Phoenix to reclaim his unevenly vertical base. Spinning Phoenix about, Ninja set him up for a Full Nelson Pancake Lift. However, Phoenix humbled him with a Low Blow Back Kick to the Groin before dropping to back down to a knee. Quick to reclaim himself, Phoenix grimaced visibly while suspending Ninja in the heavens…

PHOENIX RISING -- (Stalling Brain Buster Suplex)

The Bird of Prey emitted a muffled scream of agony as the fallen ninja remained sprawled out along the canvas. The screams of anguish morphed to fits of maniacal laughter. Several moments of muffled dialogue was cast onto the ninja’s flattened carcass before hooking the leg deeply…1! …2! ….Shoulder! A partisan audience cheered in kind. Camera Fourteen trained itself on the smoldering hatred, radiating from the Phoenix. Kenshiro rolled over onto his stomach while clutching his head before an incensed Man of Fire grabbed Ninja by the hair and dumped him over the top rope. Draping himself over the ropes, Phoenix began arguing his case of a potentially slow count by Boulder. The senior referee held firm and urged the Phoenix to continue the fight.

Phoenix fell to the canvas and rolled after his now opposition. Seeing one of the dented chairs within reach, Phoenix armed himself and stalked after the Resident Anti Hero. A crawling Kenshiro used the Spanish Announce Table to gradually regain his footing before Phoenix smacked the ninja across the back soundly. Stumbling wildly to a knee, Ninja extended his hand outward yet failed to block the chair hurled at his face. The audience groaned in rebuke of Ito’s partner of crime as he flipped the ring apron upward and garnered a hardcore centric pop with the retrieval of a Kendo Stick. Holding it out before him, Phoenix shifted his focus between the weapon in hand and his adversary. Phoenix shook his head in disappointment, leading him to retrieve a squeezable Water Bottle from the ring’s underbelly.

Camera One adverted its attention on the seepage of crimson, running from over the ninja’s right eyebrow while resting on all fours. An abrupt pop was overhead, luring Camera Five to capture the image of an ignited Kendo Stick. Phoenix began motioning Ninja to stand himself erect with his free hand. Kenshiro defiantly complied and Phoenix connected, knocking the ninja over the barricades. A rush of arena personnel and security closed in as Kenshiro leapt up to his feet - the upper left arm of his attire set ablaze before being tackled by the stampede of stagehands. A torrent of fire extinguisher exhaust enveloped the ninja, smothering the flames. An embittered Phoenix hurdled the barricades and quickly cleared the hired hands away by swinging the burning weapon.

An over zealous security hand tried to disarm the masked man and earned the wrath of the Phoenix. The guard’s back was set on fire and began barreling towards the nearest exit. Kenshiro blindsided Phoenix with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick, sending both assailant and the flaming stick sliding along the floor. Clutching his arm, Kenshiro casually retrieved a weighted chain from his arm brace and wrapped it around the neck of Phoenix. Dragging his reluctant prey along within the crowd, Ninja removed the chain from his foe’s throat, wrapped it around his fist and began landing precisioned punches against Phoenix’s skull. A notable amount of blood began to seep down the Bird of Prey’s neck as he collapsed along the cold concrete. Chest heaving, Ninja stood over him amidst the animated masses.

Camera Nineteen followed the ninja on his trek toward the erected castle montage and disappeared through the elongated curtain alongside the entrance staging area. A moderate transition to Camera Four followed referee Simon Boulder attending to the bleeding Bird of Prey, drunkenly crawling along the floor on all fours - blood dripping from a partially drenched mask. The jOltvision brandished the image of a returning ninja, riding along with an operator, driving a vertical forklift that was carrying a set of wooden tables. The raucous crowd volume nearly drowned out the repetitive beeping of the vehicle in reverse before stopping - allowing Ninja to unload its bounty. A resounding promotional chant ascended while Ninja struggled yet continued to set both tables erect.

The defiant ninja ignored Boulder’s reprimands and led Phoenix towards his demise. Upon reaching the set of erect tables, Phoenix slapped away the ninja’s hand and clocked him with weighted chain -wrapped around his wrist. Kenshiro collapsed atop the wooden obstructions as a resurrected Phoenix staggered to his feet and cast the weighted object aside. The angry masked marvel order the operator to help him set his adversary out properly along the tables before sauntering onto the wooden pallet and making their audible yet gradual ascent.

The lead announce team were overheard offering their respective views at what was about to unfold as Phoenix stood overhead of his opponent at the apex of the lift’s capabilities. All eyes laid on the bleeding yet defiant Bird of Prey, who positioned himself along the pallet’s edge and gradually extended his arms outward…

The battered Seraphim made his dramatic descent via a Super Phoenix Splash…


Complete anarchy reigned within the Arena of Champions. Several camera transitions offered their bounty of splintered wood and two seemingly motionless bodies. Amidst a deafening fecal chant, Buhrman made note of Kenshiro, rolling off the table mere seconds before impact. Camera Sixteen monitored Kenshiro, stirring about next to the wreckage as the referee continued his mandatory count….


Phoenix remained motionless…



Kenshiro pushed himself up slowly to both knees…


The operator maneuvered the lift away from the wreckage and began his gradual descent…


Kenshiro stumbled nearly to his feet but lost his footing…


Phoenix‘s foot faintly moved…


The fingers of the Phoenix moved slowly as Kenshiro latched onto the approaching lift…


The crowd anxiously counted along as Kenshiro, pulled himself upward and leaned against the lift‘s battery housing compartment…


Referee Boulder signaled for the bell, promoting the masses to food the arena with a cheers and applause. The PA system immediately summoned ’Vicarious’ by Tool’ to consummate the ninja‘s survival. Planting both hands against his hips, Kenshiro ignored Brad Miller‘s announcement and ordered the lift operator to raise them both upward. Latching onto the dangling safety rope, Ninja silently scanned the arena before nodding in confirmation. Meanwhile, medical personnel made their return to attend to the fallen Bird of Prey. A stretcher was brought forward and the medical procedures were set in motion. The lasting parting shot was of Kenshiro, extending his fists outward, basking in the moment of victory…

Winner: Ninja K via Knockout

"Relentless Attack"

Reno Davis Just inside the curtain Reno Davis, the Relentless Champion, was doing his customary pre-match warm up. A few ballistic stretches, some neck rolls, ... and a chair to the back of his skull?


Chris Titan, his challenger for the night and the man responsible for a repeated string of attacks on the Relentless Champion, was on the other side of the steel chair. He laughed as Reno's face collided with a nearby cement wall.

"Grab him!" Titan screamed at the monster Grendel, Reno's former tag team partner and friend. "Hold him up!"

Grendel lifted Reno Davis off the ground with a bear hug and held the champion, his feet dangling as he tried to thrash his way free.

"Reno Davis," Titan began, "We seem to keep meeting each other this way. But, you know what? I should thank you. Without your little wake up call so many weeks back none of this would have happened. I would probably still be complaining about my luck having that loser Register as a tag team partner. We'd probably still be o-for-the-century and you ... well, you'd probably still wind up Relentless Champion. The difference you're facing is that before you tried to "light a fire" inside me you wouldn't have had to worry about me beating the shit out of you and taking your belt. But that's not how the hand played out, was it? You stuck your nose in my business and now my business is making you hurt."




The entire right side of Reno's face had become purple, pulsating from the repeated smacks from Chris Titan's hand.


Grendel immediately tossed Reno Davis' body into the wall, tilting his head while he watched it slide to the ground. Chris Titan, meanwhile, picked his chair back up ... and handed it to the monster.













Reno attempted to crawl away with his Relentless Championship but Titan dropped a massive work boot on top of his coveted title.

"Take a good, hard look at it ... because it's about to be mine. Grendel! Carry this sack of shit to the ring."

Reno Davis vs. Chris Titan
Reno DavisChris Titan
"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

Chris Titan stepped out from behind the curtain, receiving the loudest anti-pop of the night. Behind him, carrying the Relentless Champion and his title belt over his shoulder, was the monster Grendel. The duo had just beaten Reno Davis senseless with a steel chair in the back and now Titan would face Davis for his Relentless Championship in the ring. Not exactly the most even of odds but there was one unavoidable fact for Reno Davis this evening, no Relentless Champion can ever deny a challenger a shot at the title. Should a champion be unfit to compete he would be forced to forfeit the title and two new contenders would then compete for it. Needless to say, Reno Davis was going to defend his championship belt whether he wanted to or not.

Grendel tossed Reno Davis over the top rope from ringside and then rolled into the ring to meet Chris Titan, the leader of the Backbone. Titan was arguing with referee Darius Underwood, demanding he start the match with his monster still in the ring.


The bastard was right. Reno Davis had one rule and one rule alone as Relentless Champion. If you can beat him in under five minutes then you can have his title. Simple ... and easily exploited. It just so happened that none of his previous challengers even attempted to do so.




Grendel once again lifted Reno Davis to his feet, leaving the delirious champion wobbling while trying to maintain his equilibrium. Titan hit the ropes and came flying across the ring.


A boot driven right into Reno Davis' skull was a knockout blow and Chris Titan knew it. Still, he wasn't here to just win. He was here to send a clear message to Reno Davis and Rune Winters and Damien Lee and ANYONE that would even entertain the notion of trying to defat the Backbone. Here he was with only one member by his side and he was dismantling a champion.


And again Grendel obliged his leader. Meanwhile, Chris Titan left the ring to take the Relentless Championship off the announce table. Michael Buhrman attempted to protest this, even going so far as to grab the title from Titan, but a quick slap to the face from the Backbone leader put Buhrman right back on his ass in that leather chair.

"This is unbelievable," Buhrman exclaimed. "Is no one going to help Reno Davis here?!"

"Would you?" Nathan Powers questioned his partner, "After what Titan just did to you, would you get in there and try to stand up to him and Grendel?"

The answer was no. And for anyone with a brain that was the same answer they would have to the question. No, you would not stand up to Chris Titan and Grendel to save Reno Davis. You wouldn't because doing so would both make you Grendel's latest victim, as well as paint a big red target on your chest for the Backbone to aim at each and every week. So, no, no one was helping Reno Davis.

Back in the ring, Relentless Championship in hand, Chris Titan checked the clock.


Grendel, still holding his former tag team partner in his massive meat hooks, stabled the champion. Titan lunged across the ring, driving the Relentless Championship square into Reno Davis' chin.

Lights out!

Titan hooked the leg, as if it was even necessary at this point.




"Ladies and gentlemen, your winner ... and NEW Relentless Champion ... CHRIS TITAN!"

Winner: Chris Titan via Pinfall

"Preparation for Destruction"

Derecho Donny Layne caught up with Derecho backstage who had been taping up his wrists in preparation for his Underground Championship match here tonight.

“Derecho… you’ve been beaten and battered this entire month. Sylo nearly did you in and you had to defend your Underground Championship against Jonathan Conspiracy all while Citizen awaited you here tonight. Do you think you’ll be physically able to compete at your fullest level here tonight?” asked Donny.

Derecho stopped taping up his wrist and then stood and stared at Donny Layne.

“Are you questioning my ability, Donny?” scowled Derecho.

“Well.. n.. no. I’m not. I was just merely wondering because you did go through hell and those injuries did catch up with you on Warriors 6 where Citizen pinned you to earn this championship rematch here tonight.”

Derecho grabbed Donny by his shirt and pulled him in close.

“Let’s get one thing straight. I didn’t lose because of my injuries, Donny. I was SCREWED by the officials because it’s obvious that I’m too much for the Underground division to handle. They must feel that the best way to deal with a problem is to try and remove it as quickly as possible. I will not let them nor you intimidate me about what happened on Warriors 6. Got it?”

Derecho released Donny as he tried to collect himself. Derecho then startled Donny further as he ripped the microphone out of his hands.

“As for my “injuries”… to me.. they are nothing but battle scars. A king fights to protect his throne and his kingdom. I am the King of the Underground and these injuries.. this rib tape… nothing more than reminders of all that I have left in my wake. If you think this will stop me here tonight.. then you would be dead wrong. People underestimate just how tenacious I can really be.”

Derecho stepped in toward Donny as Donny took one step back.

“You want to know what will happen tonight? Simple. I will go out there and I will do what I have been doing for the past two months. I will take Citizen’s life into the palm of my hands and I will dictate it as I see fit. Furthermore… WHEN I defeat Citizen… again… and prove to him and everyone else that he is not worthy of my time.. that he had his shot at Divide and Conquer and failed… I will finally get to see what’s underneath that mask. Then we can all etch his identity into our minds as we convert it to a memory… because after tonight.. that is all that Citizen will become.. a memory.”

Derecho then shoved the microphone back into Donny’s chest and then walked out of the dressing room. Donny took a deep breath as a sigh of relief now that he was alone. With Derecho’s frame of mind here tonight… could Citizen use that to possibly manipulate Derecho into a loss? It all could boil down to one mistake by the champion!

Heirs of Wrestling vs. Team VIAGRA
Heirs of WrestlingTeam VIAGRA
Last month at Divide & Conquer, the Heirs of Wrestling left their mark on jOlt as they captured the Tag Team Championships and were recognized as the first tag team champions since jOlt’s return to mainstream wrestling, however, that victory came at a price.. and the price tag was Team VIAGRA.

Right when High Flyer and Tony Davis were about to pick up the win, The Heirs, using questionable tactics, cheated them and ruined their huge return to jOlt. Now, over the past month, all of this animosity had built up and was ready to explode. The fans in attendance were ready for the match they wanted to see.

“I Hope You Die” by The Bloodhound Gang

The arena stood up and cheered as one of the most iconic teams in our era of professional wrestling, made their way out from the backstage area! Accompanied by Mary-Lynn Mayweather, the duo of High Flyer and Tony Davis stepped out from the back. Known collectively as Team VIAGRA, all three of them made their way down to the ring. Mayweather cheered them on as Davis and Flyer stepped into the ring and soaked in the admiration from the crowd.

That admiration soon turned to disdain when VIAGRA’s theme died out and was replaced by…

“Forever (Travis Barker Remix)” by Drake

The arena erupted into a chorus of boos as the jOlt Tag Team Champions made their way out from the back! Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway, collectively known as the Heirs of Wrestling! Each one had their own Tag Team Championship and the pretty much live by the Freebird Rule when it comes to defending the titles.

The three of them made their way to ringside where they each engaged in a game of rock, paper, scissors. It seemed that Mack Brody and Frank Silver won and would defend the championships. Ryan asked for a best two out of three, but Silver and Brody just patted him on the shoulder. Brody and Silver stepped into the ring and unfastened their tag team titles. Each of them ascended the turnbuckle pads and showed off their belts to the crowd, which, didn’t really seem to care and booed them regardless.

They both hopped down and passed the titles off to the referee who held them up high. High Flyer would start out for Team VIAGRA and Frank Silver would for the Heirs. Once that was decided, the bell rang.




Silver and Flyer circled each other in the ring and then locked up. Silver applied a side headlock to Flyer and wrenched away on it. Silver cracked a grin on his face, but Flyer had a different plan. He lifted Silver up and dropped him with a back drop suplex!

Flyer got back to his feet and snubbed his nose with his thumb and then crouched down to measure Silver. Silver looked at Flyer as if he wasn’t supposed to do that and got back up to his feet. Silver brushed himself off and encircled Flyer once again. The two locked up, but Silver went into a waist lock. He took Flyer up and over with a takedown and then floated over into a front chancery, but Flyer twisted out of it into a front chancery of his own.

Silver powered his way back to his feet, but Flyer stopped that by lifting Silver with a vertical suplex, but Silver shifted his momentum and landed back on his feet. He then lifted Flyer up and dropped him with a Vertical Suplex instead. Silver then mimicked Flyer by snubbing his nose with his thumb and crouched down to measure up High Flyer. The people booed the actions, but Silver cut a grin on his face despite the admonishment from the fans.

Flyer got back to his feet and they locked up once again, but Silver placed a knee into the stomach of Flyer and then clubbed him over the back with a forearm shot. Silver hit another and this brought Flyer down to a knee. Silver then took off toward the ropes, but when he rebounded, Flyer had already gotten back up and leapt up with a leaping calf kick that took Silver down!

Flyer then pulled Silver back up and shot him into the ropes. Flyer telegraphed the back body drop and Silver kicked him in the chest. Silver then backed into the ropes for momentum and charged back in, but Flyer hit a nice arm drag on Silver. Silver got back up and ate another arm drag courtesy of High Flyer. On the second arm drag, Flyer held onto the arm and placed him in an arm bar submission hold. Silver sat there in a seated position in pain as Flyer yanked up and trapped his arm under his own. Flyer then pushed Silver’s head to the side and began to pound away at it with elbow shots which got the crowd chanting along!

1!.... 2!....3!....4!.... 5!.... 6!.... 7!.... 8!... 9!....

Flyer stopped at nine and pulled Silver back to his feet. With Silver staggered, Flyer drove the point of his elbow into his face!


Flyer then went into the cover and hooked the leg.



Silver kicked out and even Mack Brody attempted to step into the ring to break up the pin but saw that he didn’t need to.

Flyer then stood up and dropped an elbow onto one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions. He stood and dropped another elbow, then a third before he made another cover with the lateral press.



Silver kicked out again. Flyer then pointed toward the neutral corner and the people came alive. Flyer dragged Silver toward the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Silver still had energy in him as he got up and knocked Flyer off balance! Silver then climbed up top and hooked Flyer for a superplex, but Flyer blocked it. He hit a few shots to the kidneys and that caused Silver to fall backward off of the top rope. Flyer then took aim and leapt off!


The Frog Splash connected as Flyer went immediately into the cover…



Brody came in with a double axe handle to the back of High Flyer and broke up the pin! Brody was ordered back to his corner by the referee as Silver and Flyer began to stir on the canvas. Flyer staggered up to his feet and made his way to his corner where he tagged in Tony Davis.

Mary-Lynn Mayweather clapped her hands as Davis stepped in and Flyer stepped out. Silver crawled over to his corner and dove in for the hot tag to Mack Brody.. only.. it got the opposite reaction that a hot tag normally would!

Brody came in and charged at Davis with a clothesline, but Davis ducked it! When Brody turned around, he was met with a clothesline by Davis! The crowd actually cheered that one! Brody got back up and was hit with another clothesline by Davis that knocked him down again. Davis pulled Brody to his feet and sent him off to the ropes. This gave Brody a full head of steam and that could prove to be a major mistake as Brody ran right over Tony Davis with a massive shoulder block!

Brody waited for Davis to get back up as he backed into the ropes and actually left his feet this time for another shoulder block, flying style! Getting hit by a 320lb flying shoulder block was not well received by Tony Davis as he hit the canvas and flipped over onto his stomach from the impact!

The crowd cringed, but Brody wouldn’t let up his relentless attack. He pulled Davis back to his feet and hooked him for what appeared to be an Exploder Suplex.. one of his signature maneuvers, but Davis elbowed Brody in the side of the head and broke free from his grasp. Davis then hooked Brody for a suplex of his own and in a display of power, he took Brody up and over with a T-Bone Suplex!

Brody staggered up to his feet and over to the ropes from the impact. Davis then charged in and clotheslined Brody up and over the top rope and to the floor! Brody landed on his feet, but dropped to a knee. Davis then rallied the crowd behind him as he got a full head of steam and leapt through the middle and top ropes with a suicide dive, but Brody caught him in mid air as he used the momentum to throw Davis back first into the announce table!!

“OHHHHHHHHHHH”, exclaimed the crowd

Brody then pulled Davis back up and rolled him back into the ring. Brody rolled in after him and looked on at High Flyer as if to say “What are you going to do?” This tempted Flyer to step into the ring which got the attention of the referee. With the referee’s back turned, Brody split the legs of Davis and stomped down on the nether regions. When the referee turned around and saw Davis, Brody insisted it was a shot to the lower abdomen.

Brody then pulled Davis back to his feet and hooked him for that Exploder Suplex. Brody popped the hips and took him over with ease this time!

The Gold-Digger!

Brody went for the cover on Davis as Flyer ascended the turnbuckle pads.



The pin was broken up as Flyer flew off and dropped an elbow right into the back of Mack Brody! Flyer headed back to his corner where he urged Davis to come make the tag. Davis began to move toward his corner, but Brody grabbed Davis by the leg and dragged him all the way over to his corner where he tagged Frank Silver into the match.

Silver came in and dropped an elbow onto the lower back of Tony Davis. He then taunted Davis to go to his corner and make the tag. Davis crawled toward his corner and was met with another elbow drop into his lower back. Davis again tried to crawl toward his corner and was again met with another elbow drop. Davis began to get frustrated as he laid there for a moment.

Davis then began to move toward the corner again and he knew the elbow drop was coming. He already felt three of them and had the timing down because he moved out of the way and it caused Silver to elbow the canvas! Davis then got back to his feet and charged over toward his corner where he made the tag to High Flyer!

Flyer leapt over the rope and into the ring. He charged in with a leaping calf kick to Silver that knocked him down. He then hit a forearm to the side of Mack Brody’s face which dazed him momentarily. Silver had gotten back to his feet and Flyer grabbed him by the arm and whipped him into the corner. Flyer got a full head of steam and nailed a running drop kick into the corner! Silver staggered forward as Flyer went to the ropes once again.

Flyer bounced off and went for the running Yakuza Kick… The Locomotive, but Silver ducked underneath it and took off toward the ropes instead. He came back and hit High Flyer with a shoulder block as he turned around. Silver then stuck his pinky in the air which drew some displeasure from the crowd. He then took off toward the ropes as he looked to deliver Ye Olde Elbow Drop, but Flyer got back up to his feet and hit a nice drop kick that knocked the momentum right out of Frank Silver!

Flyer then nailed a quick leg drop across the throat and made the cover!



Silver kicked out. Flyer then pulled Silver up to a seated position and charged in toward the ropes. He bounced off and came back with a seated drop kick right into Silver’s face! Flyer went for another cover with the leg hooked!



Silver kicked out again. Davis wanted back in so Flyer went over to the corner and tagged Davis. Flyer pulled Silver back to his feet and hit an inverted atomic drop. Flyer then side stepped as Davis charged in with a clothesline, kept going and knocked Mack Brody off the ring apron with a massive forearm shot that caused him to fall off and collide with Ryan Gallway! Meanwhile, Flyer had bounced off the ropes and hit a flipping senton back splash on top of Frank Silver. Flyer exited the ring as Davis came over and made the cover!



Three.. NO!!!

Silver popped the shoulder up just in time!

Davis brought Silver up to his feet and then signaled for the end! He kicked Silver in the stomach and placed him between his legs where he butterflied the arms, but Silver still had fight in him as he twisted out of it and hit a forearm shot to the face. He hit another and another as he rocked the head of Davis back. Silver then took off toward the ropes, but Davis shook it off and drilled Silver with a massive clothesline.

Meanwhile, Brody ignored the referee’s warnings and got back into the ring. Right as Davis looked down at Silver he got blindsided from behind with a massive clothesline from Mack Brody. However, Brody didn’t see Flyer perched up top. He leapt off with a leaping side kick that caught Brody right in the face!

Brody hit the canvas hard and rolled out of the ring. Flyer then got a running start and flipped over the top rope to the outside with a Tope Con Hilo that took the big man off of his feet!

Back in the ring, Davis and Silver were staggering back to their feet. The referee had his back turned to the action as he was admonishing Flyer and Brody for entering the match illegally. Mary-Lynn Mayweather then rolled into the ring and snuck up behind Frank Silver as the crowd went nuts!

When Silver turned around, Mayweather did the unthinkable…

She KISSED Frank Silver!

Davis wanted to know what that was about, but Mayweather responded with a swift kick between Davis’ legs! She then hooked the leg of Tony Davis and spiked him with a DDT on the canvas! Mayweather then blew a kiss to Silver as she stepped out of the ring. The referee turned around in time to see Davis laid out and Silver standing on top of him.

Silver then picked up Silver and quickly hooked him in that cradled style’s clash move. He fell forward and drilled Davis with it!


The crowd was livid as Silver made the cover!




The Heirs of Wrestling had done it, but they did it with a little help! Mary-Lynn Mayweather had turned her back on Team VIAGRA and helped the Heirs of Wrestling retain the jOlt Tag Team Championships here tonight!

High Flyer looked at Mayweather from ringside as she rolled back into the ring and gave Frank Silver a big hug and a kiss. Ryan Gallway entered the ring as did Mack Brody. All four of them raised their hands up high and it was very obvious that Mayweather had joined the Heirs of Wrestling!

Flyer couldn’t believe what he was seeing. All four of them left with the Tag Team Championships and after the ring was vacated, Flyer slid in and reunited with his partner Tony Davis who was just as confused as he was.

No matter what answer she gave.. one thing was certain. She was done with Team VIAGRA and now the only question left was “Why?”

Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall


Chris Titan "Don't worry about what happened inside the cage tonight, Mike. We will get our revenge on Vincent. I promise you that."

Chris Titan spoke to a war torn Mike Extreme, nursing a serious headache after passing out to Gregg Scott Vincent's GSV hold. Extreme was flanked by his ever adoring and attentive manager and valet/girlfriend, Violet and Misty Gold. The other Backbone members were also present, seated in various positions in the "official" Backbone locker room. Chris Titan was standing, however, and brandishing his newly won Relentless Championship.

"We have gold now and that means they must respect us," he said. Persephone, whom had won the Starlet Championship just a few short days ago looked on puzzled as it seemed like Chris Titan was only referring to his Relentless Championship.

"With this power, we take our first steps to bringing the system down from within. With this Relentless Championship we have elevated ourselves from a thorn in Damien Lee's side to his main opposition. His archenemies."

Everyone inside that locker room was pleased with that revelation. Overlooked, according to themselves, since jOlt returned and now they were center stage. Together, they had put the entire jOlt orginization on notice. The Backbone was for real and they needed to be paid attention to.

"There is no turning back for any of us now. We are in this war for th elong haul. Damien Lee will no doubt throw his appointed champions at us ... and one-by-precious-one we will take them down. We will make them bleed, just like we did to his attack dog. Just like we did to Rune Winters tonight. Just like we did to Gregg Scott Vincent and Reno Davis, the traitor that he is. No one can stop us ... no one.

"... NO ONE."

Derecho vs. Citizen
It all began with the tournament to crown a new number one contender to Derecho’s Underground Championship. The man that made it out of that tournament was the one known as Citizen. Citizen took center stage at Divide & Conquer as the biggest threat to Derecho’s championship since jOlt reopened its doors. Citizen also came the closest out of anyone to defeat Derecho, but sadly, Derecho pulled it out at the end and retained the title, but at what cost?

Since Divide & Conquer, Derecho had been battered, bruised, and injured. After his match with Citizen, he coughed up his own blood from internal injuries. Then, just a few days later on iNtense 39, Derecho went one on one with the jOlt Champion Sylo in a brutal match for the ages. There, his head was damaged as Sylo drove his knee right into Derecho’s skull and through a table. Citizen saw his opportunity and wanted a rematch.

Derecho, still injured, came out and was provoked into giving Citizen that rematch. Derecho felt that even injured, he could still beat Citizen, but in the slim chance that Citizen could beat him, he would grant him the rematch he wanted. Then it happened on Warriors 6.

Citizen, with a flash pin, after exploiting the injuries of Derecho, pinned the Underground Champion and earned the right to face him again at Glory for the Underground title. The victory, however, made Derecho snap.

Consumed by beliefs that he was screwed in that match, Derecho sent a message to any official by attacking the time keeper, the referees, even the security. Derecho’s mental stability turned to paranoia as he clutched his Underground Championship as if it were his lifeblood. Then, just as we all thought Derecho had gone as far as he could, he attacked Citizen and tried to take the mask right off his head. Derecho wanted to know the identity of the man he believed he would defeat at Glory. Derecho became obsessed with knowing Citizen’s identity. So much that Citizen responded and agreed to put his mask on the line against Derecho’s Underground Championship.

The match the fans had been waiting for had arrived. Title versus Mask… would a new King be crowned, or would a man lose his identity?

The answer was now.

“The End is Coming” by Sevendust

The lights in the arena dimmed to black and the fans erupted. The arena came back to a faint glow and when they did, Citizen stood atop the entrance ramp. The man who demanded the rematch and pinned Derecho… the man who got into the mind of Derecho, had an even greater chance of succeeding here tonight. With Derecho’s injuries, his mental stability… if Citizen could keep himself calm and collected, he could very well walk out of Glory here tonight as the new Underground Champion.

With those thoughts in his head, Citizen made his way down the ring. Citizen slid underneath the bottom rope and then ascended the turnbuckle pad. The crowd cheered loudly as he hopped off and awaited the arrival of his opponent.

The music faded as did the lights in the arena. A low rumble filled the arena with pitch blackness. A new, dark, cold theme struck up over the speakers. The tron illuminated with a beautiful sunset that in, time lapse sets.

"Daylight's End" by Saiyaka

Ask not the sun why she sets

A close up of Derecho's face tansitions into view and turns to greyscale.

Why she shrouds her light away

Derecho's face fades away into darkness. A view of night scenery is then displays and turns to greyscale and then fades to red then black

Or why she hides her glowing gaze
When night turns crimson gold to grey

A pivoting close up of Derecho's waist fades into view to display the jOlt Underground Championship. As the camera pivots, light reflects off the championship title.

For silent falls the guilty sun

The scene transitions from the championship view to a distanced view of Derecho wearing the Underground Championship with his arms folded. The camera pans away then fades to black

As day to dark does turn

The scene then transitions to a close of up Derecho's eye. You see a drool of blood run down from above his eye, over it and then it continued down his cheek.

One simple truth she dare not speak:

Derecho's eye closed as more blood flowed down his face and covered his eye.

Her light can only blind and burn

This faded into scenes from Derecho's battles against Rune Winters, Jason Rau, Sylo, and Citizen, each showed him broken and bloody

No mercy for the guilty
Bring down their lying sun
Blood so silver black by night
Upon their faces pale white

After the scenes slowly fade in and out, they finally come to a close and the screen goes to black. Only the empty lyrics of the song are displayed on the screen as the music had become silenced.

Cruel moon, bring the end
The dawn will never rise again

The screen fades completely to black and then the arena glows a crimson hue

“One Reason” by Fade

Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. His mid-section still wrapped up in bandages, but they were covered by the Underground Championship around his waist. Derecho sported red facepaint over the right side of his face to represent the blood in the video package before his entrance. A symbol of all he had sacrificed as King of the Underground during his reign as champion. Derecho kept his eyes locked on Citizen as he made his way down to the ring. Derecho slid in and immediately went right after Citizen with a takedown and big right hands!

The lights in the arena came back on as the referee called for the bell!




Derecho pummeled away on Citizen as Citizen attempted to cover up on the canvas. The referee tried to pry Derecho off of Citizen, but Derecho wouldn’t let up! He continued to fire those stiff right hands into Citizen’s head without any remorse or signs of letting up. Eventually the referee had to step in and pull Derecho off of Citizen.

That proved to be a big mistake

Derecho then grabbed the referee and threatened to elbow him right in the face! The referee screamed at Derecho that if he did, he would end the match and hand the belt over to Citizen! Derecho couldn’t believe what he had just heard and decided to let the referee go. The crowd cheered as Citizen got back to his feet and when Derecho turned around, Citizen lunged in with a splash in the corner! Derecho sagged down in the corner after the impact, but Citizen pulled him back to his feet. He whipped Derecho across the ring where he slammed back first into the opposite corner.

Citizen got a full head of steam and drilled Derecho with a corner clothesline! Derecho slouched down in the corner, but Citizen wouldn’t let up on the assault. He pulled Derecho out of the corner and whipped him across the ring, but Derecho grabbed the ropes and pulled himself to the outside. Citizen had seen how Derecho baited Jonathan Conspiracy and decided that he wouldn’t allow Derecho to do the same to him. Citizen immediately got a full head of steam and flew through the middle and top ropes with a suicide dive to the outside where he collided with the Underground Champion and took him off of his feet!

The crowd erupted!




Citizen then reached down and unfastened the Underground Championship which had still been secured around the waist of the champion, Derecho. Citizen held the championship up high as the people cheered at the sight of Citizen becoming the next Underground Champion. Citizen then tossed the championship aside and pulled Derecho back to his feet.

Citizen measured Derecho and nailed a Thrust Kick into the stomach of Derecho which caused him to drop to a knee in pain. It’s no secret that Derecho’s mid-section was damaged from their first match a month ago at Divide & Conquer and constant matches between then and now kept that injury fresh.

Citizen then hooked Derecho by the head and fell back as he spiked Derecho’s head with a DDT into the ringside mats from that knelt position!

This was uncharacteristic of Derecho as most of his matches showed him in firm control. The audience sense that the champion had been weakened by his reckless style and this could ultimately be his downfall.

Citizen pulled Derecho back up his feet and delivered another Thrust Kick into the stomach of Derecho. Citizen then grabbed Derecho by the shoulder and waist and heaved him stomach first into the steel ring steps. Derecho flipped over them and landed on his back on the other side! Derecho held his mid-section in pain as he writhed in agony down on the floor at ringside. Derecho also landed right next to the Underground Championship that Citizen had tossed away after ripping it right off of Derecho’s own waist. Derecho slowly reached out and grabbed his Underground Title.

As Citizen neared Derecho, Derecho clung onto the championship and held it close to him as if her were a mother holding his child close in a state of desperation. As Citizen drew closer to Derecho, Derecho dropped the title and grabbed Citizen by the front of his tights. He then yanked him chest first into the barricades at ringside! Derecho the staggered to his feet and picked up the Underground Championship. When Citizen turned around, Derecho swung for the fences with the belt and slammed it right into the face of Citizen!

Citizen hit the ground with a loud thud as Derecho then, once again, held the championship close to his body as he staggered away toward the announce position. Derecho then placed the Championship on the time keeper’s table and in vintage Derecho fashion, stole the chair away from the time keeper. Derecho then staggered back over to where Citizen was using the barricades to get back to his feet. Derecho swung the chair..


Derecho slammed the chair into the upper back of Citizen. Citizen dropped to a knee as the shockwaves rippled through his spine. Derecho reared the chair back and swung again.


Another vicious shot from the Underground Champion to the #1 Contender! Derecho then tossed the chair into the ring and then lifted up the ring apron. He then pulled out a ladder and slid that into the ring as well. Derecho then walked back over and drove his knee into the side of Citizen as he attempted to get back up to his feet. Derecho then pulled Citizen up and rolled him back into the ring. Derecho then got up on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope as if he were ready to fly!

Citizen staggered up to his feet and Derecho leapt to the very top and connected!


Derecho nailed the springboard clothesline and he took Citizen down with it. Derecho staggered back up to his feet and held his mid-section in pain after that move. Derecho then unfolded the steel chair and placed it near the center of the ring, but the seat back pointed toward the corner. Derecho then placed the ladder’s top end over the seatback of the chair and then draped the bottom portion of the ladder on top of the top ropes/turnbuckle which created an elevated bridge.

Derecho grinned as he pulled Citizen back up to his feet. Citizen knew something big was coming, so he put his foot to the proverbial pedal and grasped Derecho In front waist lock. He charged with Derecho toward the ropes and the two of them spilled through the ropes to the outside and down to the floor once again!

The crowd rose to their feet where the two had crashed. Citizen knew that he couldn’t allow Derecho to have his way. With that diabolical structure in the ring, Citizen knew no good could come from it… especially since it was a ladder that did him in during their first encounter at Divide & Conquer. Citizen staggered back to his feet and then got an idea. Citizen walked over the dislodged the top half of the steel ring steps and and held them up as he waited for Derecho to get back to his feet.

Derecho took his time, but he did manage to get back up. Citizen saw his opportunity and charged in with the ring steps, but Derecho, excuse the pun, was one step ahead of Citizen and used a drop toe hold which caused Citizen to fall with the steps and land face first right into them!

Derecho stood and then kicked Citizen in the abdomen as he laid there, face buried into the ring steps. Derecho followed it up with another kick to the abdomen before he pulled Citizen out of the steps. Derecho then grabbed the steps and thrusted downward with them. The steps jammed right into the abdomen of Citizen! Derecho repeated it once again for good measure and then screamed at Citizen.


Derecho then jammed the steps into the abdomen of Citizen for a third time and then looked at his contraption in the ring. Derecho gained a sinister grin on his face as he slid the ring steps into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Derecho then turned his attention to Ciziten and pulled him back up. Derecho rolled Citizen back into the ring and then slid in after him. With Citizen down, Derecho grabbed the ring step half and placed it down in front of the steel chair, which created a nice step to the bridged ladder. Derecho grinned as he looked back in the direction of Citizen.

Derecho knew that he wanted to end the match in almost the same fashion as the first. He pulled Citizen up to his feet and dragged him over to the steel ring steps where he stepped up on top of them, pulling Citizen with him. Derecho then placed Citizen between his legs as he faced the ladder… Derecho wanted to powerbomb Citizen right through his demonic structure!!!

Derecho attempted to lift Citizen, but there was life still left in him! Citizen countered as he attempted to lift Derecho up and over, but Derecho pushed off of Citizen’s back and shoved himself away! Derecho took a hard bump on his ass, but he didn’t case.. he just saved himself from getting back body dropped through that ladder.

Citizen stared at Derecho and Derecho could feel a killer intent from underneath that mask. Derecho backed off a bit as Citizen stepped down off the ring steps. He approached Derecho and again Derecho grabbed the front of Citizen’s tights and tried to toss him through the ropes, but Citizen sensed it coming and he held onto the ropes and prevented Derecho from doing so! Citizen then answered with a well-placed knee into the side of Derecho’s head! Citizen then pulled Derecho back up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Citizen then hit a deep Japanese Arm Drag that flipped Derecho over!

Normally, Derecho could get back up after a move like that, but his mid-section kept him writing in pain. Citizen got back to his feet and his mid-section gave him problems as well. Three shots to the stomach from 100lb steel ring steps would do that.

Citizen then had an idea come across his mind as well. He pulled Derecho back to his feet and this time, it was his turn to drag Derecho over to the steel ring steps. Citizen ascended them to the top and then placed Derecho under his arms. He then butterflied the arms and the place came alive! Citizen looked to hit Merciful Judgment on top of the bridged ladder, but Derecho wriggled free! Once Derecho freed himself, he picked up Citizen in a bear hug like position, pivoted and dove of the ring steps!



Derecho was still on top and he had the cover!!!



Thr… NO!!!

Citizen popped the shoulder up and the place erupted in cheers!

Derecho slammed his fist into the canvas and then staggered back to his feet. He signaled for the end, but as he bent over to pick up Citizen, Citizen grabbed Derecho into a roll up!






Derecho kicked out at the very last second and this time, he frantically crawled to the referee and asked if it was three. The referee assured Derecho that it was only two. Citizen then once again grabbed Derecho from behind and got the Schoolboy Rollup!!!





Derecho kicked away a little more quickly that time!

Derecho got back to his feet and met Citizen there as well. Derecho fired a right hand and it connected, but Citizen retaliated with a knife edge chop. Derecho then fired another, but Citizen answered with another knife edge chop. Derecho then swung with a huge clothesline, but Citizen ducked and hooked Derecho with a back slide!!!



Derecho kicked away!

Derecho gritted his teeth and rolled back to his feet. He then kicked Citizen dead on in the face! Citizen was dazed from the hit as Derecho pulled him back up to his feet. Derecho hooked him in a front chancery and lifted Citizen for a vertical suplex. He nailed, but as soon as he did, Derecho felt the pain in his mid-section. Not wanting to give it up here now, Derecho fought through the pain and turned Citizen over. He pulled him back up to his feet where he let out a bestial roar and tossed Citizen over with the Snap Suplex.

Derecho really felt that one, but he had to finish his F3 Combination. He turned over and slowly pulled Citizen back to his feet. Derecho lifted Citizen up for the Split-Legged Gordbuster, but the pain was too much and Derecho couldn’t maintain the lift. Citizen hooked the head of Derecho and used the momentum to roll him up into another flash pin!!!



THREE… NO!!!!!!

Derecho barely escaped that and once again, Derecho frantically asked the referee if it was three, but again, the referee assured Derecho it was only two.

Paranoia had begun to settle into Derecho’s mind. He knew that the Underground Championship was slipping away from him. Citizen got back to his feet and pulled Derecho up, but Derecho became desperate and settled for the cheapest trick in the book…


The crowd booed Derecho heavily as Citizen dropped to his knees. Derecho took this opportunity to roll out of the ring and lift up the ring apron. From underneath he pulled out a second steel chair. He then rolled back into the ring with it and dropped it near the steel ring steps. Derecho then grabbed Citizen and dragged him over to the steps where he draped his body across them. Derecho then grabbed the steel chair and raised it high into the air!

This could spell disaster for Citizen!

But right before Derecho was about to bring that chair down………


A major receipt and the crowd erupted in cheers! Citizen stood and grabbed the chair right out of Derecho’s hands. He then lifted the chair and…


Citizen smacked the chair right over Derecho’s skull! Derecho staggered backward and fell out of the ring to the ringside area!!! The thunderous smack caused Derecho to stagger and he lost his balance. Falling out of the ring was the greatest outcome because if he hadn’t, we would be looking at a new Underground Champion right now!

Derecho got on all fours at ringside. He began to crawl away toward the announce position. Citizen saw this and gave chase as he slid out of the ring. Citizen charged in and dropped an elbow onto the lower back of Derecho. Derecho collapsed at ringside as Citizen got back up. Citizen then grabbed Derecho by the arm and dragged him over toward the announce table. Citizen cleared off the top of the table and then hoisted Derecho up on top of it. Citizen then drove the point of his elbow into the face of Derecho and then headed toward the ring apron.

Citizen climbed up onto the apron and then ascended to the top of the turnbuckle pads. This was very reminiscent of their first match. Citizen took aim and leapt off!




Derecho simply had rolled off the table just in time! Citizen crashed and burned right through the announce position and the table collapsed on impact!!!




Derecho sat there at ringside as he held his mid-section in pain. He just looked over at the body of Citizen as it laid there inside the rubble and all Derecho could do was think back to their first match. Derecho realized that in the first match he was in that pile of rubble, too, but he escaped fate and made it out of there in one piece.

Derecho pulled himself up, but he winced in pain as his head was in pain as well from taking that chair shot from earlier. Derecho slowly hobbled over and pulled Citizen up out of the rubble. Derecho realized that Citizen was incapacitated. He wasn’t going to wait until the end of the match to see what lied beneath the mask. Derecho bent over and had begun to untie the strings of Citizen’s mask, but the referee hopped out of the ring a stopped Derecho.

“NO! If you beat him, then you can take his mask off… not before”, said the referee to Derecho.

Derecho gritted his teeth and then hoisted Citizen back to his feet. Derecho, with aggression, threw Citizen under the bottom rope and rolled in. Derecho immediately went into the cover and the referee counted from standing at ringside as he didn’t even have the time to roll in.



Citizen kicked out!

The place erupted in cheers once again as they saw that Citizen shot his shoulder up into the air! Derecho couldn’t believe it and went for the cover once again!



Citizen kicked out once again!

Derecho buried his hands in his face and then let out a bestial roar as got back up to his feet. Derecho pulled Citizen back up and screamed out at him.


Derecho hoisted Citizen up onto his shoulder for the A Forever Reminder!

Citizen wriggled free and landed behind Derecho! Citizen spun Derecho around and delivered a toe kick to the stomach! He hooked Derecho for the Merciful Judgment, but Derecho countered and in one fluid motion, scooped Citizen up onto his shoulder and nailed it!!!


The people began to heavily boo as Derecho laughing maniacally leaned into the cover and sloppily hooked the leg!



THRE!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Derecho was beside himself!!

He didn’t know what to do!

Derecho then lost it.. he completely snapped! Derecho turned over onto his knees and then just began to elbow Citizen in the head! Derecho then drove knee after knee after knee into the head of Citizen. Derecho wouldn’t stop. Five… Six… Seven times he drove the knee into the skull of Citizen.

Derecho staggered to his feet with a sadistic smile on his face. He pulled Citizen up to his feet and dragged him over to the steel ring steps. Derecho placed his back to his diabolic contraption an then placed Citizen in a half nelson.

The crowd rose to their feet.

Could Derecho actually go his far!?

Derecho then bent down and hooked the leg of Citizen…

Derecho stepped as close to the edge of the steps as possible to the point where his foot had touched the seat of the chair.





Derecho used all of his might to lift Citizen up and over!!





Derecho was down

Citizen was down

Citizen laid in the rubble of what was once a ladder… Derecho laid to the side of ground zero. Derecho slowly stirred and in one final exertion of effort, he flopped his arm over on top of Citizen..




“One Reason” by Fade

It was over. Derecho had somehow survived yet again and managed to retain his Underground Championship. As the music played, the referee checked on both Citizen and Derecho. Derecho showed signs of life… Citizen simply laid there, but somehow, he told the referee that he could move. The scene was absolute carnage…

Another war for the Underground Championship just took place. Derecho came out the victor once again. After all the punishment Derecho had absorbed over the past month. One must wonder if this monster was truly human.

Derecho was helped up by the referee and then the Underground Championship was passed to the referee from ringside. The referee handed Derecho his championship title. Derecho grabbed onto the championship and held it dearly near his chest. He then staggered back and used the corner of the ring to prop himself up. Derecho had no intentions of going anywhere.

There was business that still needed to be settled

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"The Unmasking"

Derecho As Derecho leaned up against the corner, his music continued to play. The referee continued to check on Citizen. After a few minutes which seemed like forever, the referee was able to help Citizen back up to his feet.

Derecho staggered out of the corner, but the referee told him to stay back.

Citizen held the back of his head and neck in pain. Derecho wanted a microphone. The referee received one from ringside... possibly the only thing at ringside that was still in working order.

The referee handed the microphone to Derecho.


Derecho said as he tried to get his breath

“Now… you will…”

Derecho continued to gasp for air. He doubled over in pain, but brought his head back up.

“You will reveal to me….”

Derecho paused again

“Reveal to everyone…. So they can… covert your face…. To memory…”

Derecho dropped the microphone.

Citizen slowly stood to his feet; the fans within the arena were at a hush. They all watched as Citizen slowly lifted the hood covering his metal mask. Derecho looked over joyed as Citizen began undoing the straps.

The metal mask clanged to the ground at Derecho’s feet, and a shocked look shot across his face. There was also a gasp from the fans, and when the camera panned in Citizen’s face…

Citizen promised Derecho that he would give him his mask, but never said anything about what would lie beneath the old one. Derecho was beginning to looks pissed, and with a nod of Citizen’s head the lights in the arena went black for a brief moment. When the lights came back on Derecho was left in the center of the ring, alone. Citizen was nowhere to be found.


Phoenix clap



Bloodied hands applauded, clapping almost mockingly, as tattered tape on the wrists whipped back and forth with each slap. As the camera panned out, you could see that the forearm not covered by a golden arm guard, was bruised. Already black and yellow.

Phoenix was slumped against a wall, still somewhat half-conscious backstage. It seemed he hadn’t been looked after since he had lost the fight for himself, against Ninja K, earlier in the night. The Embodiment of jOlt’s Rebirth liked it that way, the shape his body was in, it reminded him. It reminded THEM, of his sacrifice. He knew they must be happy that he was wearing a mask, since the dried blood around the mouth and nose signified some heavy damage just out of sight that made Phoenix’s forearms look like a skinned knee.

I mean, gaaahd, the Super Phoenix Splash on concrete? It was luck that he was still alive! And he was not only alive, but applauding! Was his applause for the continued Underground title reign of Derecho? No.

Phoenix instead was applauding what had just happened after that.

“The man in the Iron masked proved that he had other… aliases,” the oddly charmed tone in Phoenix’s voice slipped into a growl for a moment, “Bravo Citizen, in outmaneuvering our King of Hell, you’ve made me look transparent by comparison.”

Phoenix looked down and shook his head for a moment, laughing, “Like Ninja K, and like the original man who wore that metal mask… what do people think you’re him? He’s a bit of a whore for the spotlight though isn’t he, wouldn’t he have unmasked himself by now? Or, I don’t know, have been able to WIN the Underground Championship?”

“But no,” Phoenix chuckled, which was still damn creepy because of all of the… blood, “this isn’t about you. You’re simply… distracting me.”

Phoenix pointed to the camera with what was potentially a broken index finger on his left hand, “There’s something about you Citizen… something about you and your machinations that I plan to dissect.”

The Embodiment of jOlt’s Rebirth then balled that same hand into a fist, at least, as best a fist that he could make… verifying that yes, his finger was broken.

“There’s the matter of Ninja K however. Ken… you did it, you bested me again. I’d applaud you, but you know what? Shit. I’m fresh out.” The charmed tone was lost in the Seraphin’s voice, and had been replaced by a drawl bitter tone. “Though this wasn’t a case of Kenjiro Ito somehow underestimating Sylo, and losing his neck because of it, no I had learned from my mistakes the first time we fought… and this time? We left our blood, our sweat, and even a few drops of beer at ringside. And then you weren't even left standing 'cause of your actions, oh no... You simply survived.”

“Do you hear me, Ken? No matter where you decide to go from here, doll, you’ll know in the back of your head… next time we cross, next time you won’t be nearly as lucky. I know you, soul deep.”

The sick laughter once again rose from Phoenix’s chest.

“You won’t survive, and then you’ll truly be free of this sad sad sad world that you call home. You’ll be free because of me.”

As the camera crept closer to get a distinct look at his bloodied and, honestly, disgusting mask… yes, the second pay-per-view in a row that this final four finisher of the Divide & Conquer Match had fucked up his facial wear, Phoenix rocked the camera away from him.

“Now get the fuck out of here, will you? I want to see useless men die in an old forgotten war…”

"Back to Black?"

Damien Lee “I understand your point of view, I really do, but I just can’t see myself making that call at this point. We’ve been hiring a lot of talent as of late but don’t you think that the best situation is for you to just go home and stay by your fathers side?”

The scene had opened with Damien Lee talking straight forward and as he finished saying what he felt needed to be said the camera panned over and it was none other than Laurie Williams. Laurie looked different, no longer wearing her cowgirl hat and boots. She was wearing a nice sun dress that revealed her “assets” as well as made her long straight hair shine brighter than normal.

“I understand what yer sayin’ mister Daymein, sir.” Laurie responded in her think southern accent over accentuating the vowels in his name.

“But I know how the road works, I’ve traveled with it with my paw and with my brother. I’ve got more insight in the goings on in a company like this than the rest of those other Starlets and alls I’m asking for is a spot.” Laurie pleaded her case some more, obviously looking to be on the roster in some capacity.

Damien Lee looked a little hard pressed and nodded his head a little.

“Okay. I’ll think about it, but right now I have a main event that needs all eyes on deck. You’re more than welcome to join me and watch.” Damien continued with a gentle smile.

“Sorry, sir, but he likes it when I surprise ‘em.” Laurie hopped up to her feet with some extra bounce.

“It’s so hard to keep a good man happy these days.” She continued before smiling and leaving the office.

“God help that bastard.” Damien Lee said before the scene faded.

Sylo vs. Superstar Vince Jacobs
SyloSupertar Vince Jacobs
“And the talking is over, folks! It’s time for Sylo vs. Jacobs TWO!” Buhrman yelled over the crowed.

“And this time Superstar Vince Jacobs will have his vengeance!” Powers followed up.

“This match could potentially be more violent than their last encounter because for the first time in jOlt history, more Legacy history is brought back, as we see THE PIT!” The fans exploded in cheers as the lights dimmed and strobe lights swirled around the ominous octagon dubbed The Pit.


“What is this?” Powers asked confused.

“No clue.” Buhrman replied.

The white explosion that symboled Sylo went off and the man walked out covered in gold. The Golden Beast as he had been dubbed nodded his head coming out nodding his head to the music. He even sang along with the line “WITH A CRIME RECORD LIKE CHARLES MANSON!”

The fans loved the change of pace as Sylo jumped up and down rolling his neck, the bones and tendons in his neck cracking as he put the mouthpiece in. Sylo charged down to the Pit and stood at the entrance, shaking the cage to check how sturdy it was before nodding in approval. Sylo charged in and ran around the octagon like a raging bull even with all the gold on him before unstrapping all five titles and holding them high.

“This match is scheduled for THE PIT! The only way to win is via KO/TKO or Submission! Introducing first from Atlanta, Georgia he is The Perfect Predator, He is the Harbinger of Destruction, He is the Human Natural Disaster, ladies and Gentleman he IS THE SUPERBEAST! HE...IS...SYLO!” The announcer yelled to a massive explosion of cheers. Sylo took his corner nodding his head to the music some more as it finally died down. He began to stretch as the lights dimmed again.

If Sylo could play mind games with music...so could SVJ.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

Except instead of “Villain” the sounds of “Ring Superstar” began except instead of ring it was replaced with “Cage”. SVJ came walking out with his hands extended, The Russian Bombshell behind him, as he moved out wearing MMA gear that sported the same colors as his normal gear. SVJ even mimicked Sylo singing some of his own lyrics as he grinned and made his way to the cage. Behind him the cage door was slammed shut and there would be no escape.

“And his opponent from Hollywood, California! He is Pro Wrestling’s Phenomenon, he is the Icon! He is THE living Legend! Ladies and Gentleman he is “THE SUPERSTAR!” He is....VINCE....JACOBS!”

He was met with nothing but boos but that didn’t matter to Vince. He only had one goal tonight; take his title back. A special referee had been brought in and he explained the rules. Jacobs pulled out two pairs of brass knuckles and put them on with a grin as the referee began to try and take them.

“No, let him keep them, he’ll need them.” Sylo grinned. The referee gave up but Sylo wasn’t going to hold back either. He used his teeth to loosen the velcro on his gloves and yanked them off, going bare knuckle.

The bell rang

And the explosion began

Sylo charged Vince and caught him off guard pushing him against the cage driving knees in his gut over and over. Vince doubled over and Sylo drove a knee up in his face before following it with a right hook that sent Vince to the mat. Sylo backed off and shook his shoulders, losing them up as he grinned.

“You’re out of your league, little man, but I promise this’ll be as slow and a painful as possible. This is for Aria.” Sylo charged and punted SVJ in the head making it slam into the cage wall. Sylo turned his back and roared to the fans approval. The referee asked SVJ if he wanted to throw in the towel and SVJ shoved him away.

As Sylo turned he was met with hard shots from SVJ with the brass knuckles. Sylo was rocked back to the cage as SVJ worked the face and ribs until Sylo was against the cage. SVJ jumped, impressive to say the least, and kicked Sylo in the side of the head taking him to the mat. SVJ charged in and began raining blows down on Sylo splitting him open.

SVJ jumped to his feet and gloated to the fans.


“Slow and painful, just the way I like it!” SVJ shouted but as he turned around a pissed off Sylo picked him up and slammed him into the mat. SVJ covered his face knowing the hammer fists were coming but Sylo changed his position moving to SVJ’s side before throwing hard knees in SVJ’s ribs that knocked the wind out of him and a few stiff elbows in his face busting his nose, probably breaking it, before getting to his feet.

“C’mon, get up Vinnie,” Sylo spit blood to the side and went into an unorthodox stance. Jacobs pushed up to his feet and checked his ribs and nose before coming forward. Sylo swung but Jacobs ducked and threw a few more shots to the ribs. The air escaped Sylo’s lungs before SVJ threw a stiff right hand right to Sylo’s jaw. Sylo hit the mat and SVJ went into a full mount throwing stiff lefts and rights before dropping down and showing a lot of skill by locking in a perfect arm bar.

Sylo roared in pain as Vince cranked back but Sylo rolled through and got to a vertical base and threw a superman punch straight down that made Vince release the hold.

“This is a straight fight!” Buhrman yelled.

Sylo picked Vince up and locked him in a Muay Thai clinch and began throwing sharp knees in Vince’s face. Sylo backed Vince against the cage and began throwing more knees, blood began flying everywhere as Sylo kept driving knees straight into Vince’s face. Sylo released him and threw him to the mat. Vince landed with a thud.

“Get up Vince! I’m not done!” Sylo roared.

Vince used the cage to get up. He spit blood this time and the mat was beginning to resemble a horror movie from all the blood. Sylo charged in for a slam again but Vince was ready and threw a knee making Sylo stumble back and then...


“THERE YOU GO VINCE!” Powers yelled.

“That was impressive, indeed,” Buhrman agreed.

Vince launched off the cage and with full momentum hit Sylo with a roundhouse that sent him to the mat. Vince gloated with a grin.

“Didn’t see that one coming did you “Perfect” Predator?” Vince laughed and ran forward hitting Sylo in the head with a soccer punt.

Sylo was down and Vince dropped down, rolling Sylo with him and locked him in a triangle choke using Sylo’s own move against him.

“Jacobs has Sylo in the triangle choke! The move Sylo calls “No Escape”!” Buhrman yelled.

“That’s it Vince! End him! Choke him out! Break his neck!” Power yelled.

If Vince had time to train more, he’d have this match won, but Sylo picked him up and slammed him breaking the hold. Sylo shook his head and before Vince knew it hammer fists were flying in his face before he could cover up.

“THIS IS FOR ARIA!” Sylo roared.

Fist after fist covered the mat in more blood. The referee tried to pry Sylo off but couldn’t as Sylo continued to rain down hammer fists. Sylo stood up and picked SVJ up and slung him against the cage, and followed with a knee to the ribs before unloading on SVJ.

The Onslaught!

Sylo ended it with a right hook and Vince’s face hit the mat as he was out cold.

The referee ran to Vince and waved his hands.

The fans exploded.

“Ladies and Gentleman your winner by KO and still jOlt Champion! SYLO!” The announcer yelled as the roof came off The Arena of Champions. Sylo was handed all five titles as Damien Lee came in to congratulate Sylo. Sylo looked at three of the titles he held and handed them to Lee.

“Add them to the jOlt hall of fame.”

Lee nodded and took the titles out of the cage clapping for Sylo as he made his exit. Sylo looked to Natalia and smirked but her eyes widened. Sylo turned and SVJ came forward hitting Sylo with the brass knucks over and over. He got on top of Sylo and kept hitting him. The referee tried to pull Vince off but Vince knocked him out and went back to Sylo raining lefts and rights again well after Sylo was out. Vince stood up with a grin full of malice before moving back over to Sylo stomping on his skull.

“This is sick! Vince has snapped!” Buhrman yelled.

Vince stopped stomping and began dropping knees into Sylo skull before backing up and kicking him in the skull.



Sylo was hurt; bad. Vince spit on The Superbeast before shooting a bird at the fans. He walked out of the cage as Natalia looked at him in horror. He left as the EMT’s came and actually carried Sylo out on a stretcher for the first time in his career. SVJ came back, Legacy and jOlt titles in hand and threw them on the stretcher.

“Don’t forget those, champ” SVJ said, his malicious grin still spread across his face. SVJ finally left as security pushed him back. Sylo was out and taking a ride in an ambulance tonight. Sylo may have won the battle again but it looked as though Vince Jacobs may have won the war. Tonight the Glory really was his.

Lee rushed out to check on his champion, who for the first time in his jOlt career was the one laid out unconscious in the middle of the ring and not the one who laid someone else out.

The fans let out a collective gasp. Damien Lee quickly turned to find Chris Titan barreling down the entrance ramp, clutching his newly won Relentless Championship while in dead sprint. Behind him came a stampede of Backbone members. Lee stepped outside the Pitt, telling the group of jOlt originals that they had no place coming out here and that he would take action. And then he realized what was happening.

Chris Titan entered the Pitt and commanded his Backbone members to surround it. He was cashing in his Relentless title shot!

Winner: Sylo via Knockout

Sylo vs. Chris Titan
SyloChris Titan
With the jOlt Champion still lying prone in the Pitt, Chris Titan tossed head referee Mike Hunt his Relentless Championship and hooked Sylo's leg while his fellow Backbone members continued to barricade the Pitt door from any would-be saviors. De ja vu from just earlier in the evening when Chris Titan and Grendel dismantled and defeated Reno Davis to steal his Relentless Championship in just under two minutes. Mike Hunt's count began ...

One ...

Two ...

Three ...

It was over. The reign of the Superbeast had come to an anticlimatic end. He had survived the backstage attacks. He survived the cunning attempt to trick him out of his title. He survived the Pitt.

"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

But he did not survive the perfect storm of luck that was raining down on Chris Titan this evening. The leader of the Backbone demanded a microphone, which was given to Bane Loneheart and then handed to Titan.

"Glory ... is ... MINE! Now bring me my championships."

Damien Lee attempted as best he could on his own to not allow the Triple Crown Championships to be taken from him, as he had no choice but to hand over the jOlt Championship, but when Grendel stepped in there was nothing he could do. A defeated Lee handed the title belts to Mike Extreme, a man just coming off a suspension handed to him by the jOlt CEO, and looked on as Chris Titan held four jOlt Championships high above his head.

The Backbone had won. Damien Lee had lost. Sylo had lost. jOlt had lost.

And nothing would be the same.

Winner: Chris Titan via Pinfall