"Welcome to the jOlt Hall of Fame"

The scene was Century Link Field.. the home of Wrestlecade. The stadium was jam packed from the floor to the nosebleed section. In the middle of the stadium we saw the ring donning the Wrestlecade apron skirts. The set and stage for Wrestlecade was hidden behind a series of massive black curtains. What would be the entrance stage for the talent, stood a lone podium. The jOlt Hall of Fame logo hung from a scaffold providing a graphic against the black backdrop. Smaller versions of the logo hung to the far left and far right of the main set up.

We were missing the entrance ramp to the ring, however, that would be installed overnight after the conclusion of the Hall of Fame. In its place were more chairs where jOlt superstars and some lucky fans took their residence.

"Hall of Fame" by The Script

The people cheered as the official theme song blared over the speakers. Damien Lee came out from the back in a black and white tuxedo. The people rose to their feet and stood there, cheering as Lee approached the podium.

Lee: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. it is my honor to welcome you to a first for jOlt Wrestling. jOlt has such a rich history, dating back almost a decade and in an era where you either succeed or bust, that is an amazing accomplishment. There have been some bumps along the road, but we are still here and we are still prospering as an organization and its all due to the support of you, our fans, and the wrestlers who have and continue to sacrifice normalcy for the sake of our own entertainement.

Lee: "This is night about honoring those who have made a lasting impression on us and while there have been many that have and are very deserving of this honor, we wanted to pick five individuals from the past and the modern era who represented such sacrifice and greatness. Next year we will induct five more.. and five more the year after that and so on and so on. Everybody's time will come.

Lee: "So with that.. I want to officially welcome you all to jOlt Wrestling's first annual Hall of Fame, and we will begin tonight with an induction from jOlt and Wrestling's past."

The people cheered as the lights in the arena dimmed..

"Kodiak Vic Creed's Induction"

As the lights in the stadium dimmed, the Hall of Fame logos which were hanging from the scaffolding were actually jOltvision screens. They turned on and a tribute video to the first inducee fired up.

The jOltvision fades into a silhouette of a rather built individual as a voice narrates.

"Known for his power and size, he captivated audiences all across the globe."

We see the silhouette of the man warming up.

"He dominated everywhere he went, including jOlt wrestling."

Some quick flashes of opponents beaten and laying on teh canvas were seen.

"Sadly, however, before he could realize the full vision of his dream, his life, tragically came to an end, however, even in his stead, his name was still chanted by crowds throughout the arenas of the world."

A black and white scene of an audience chanting was shown. It was apparent who was the inductee when the audio faded in..


The next scene showed him. The man known as "Kodiak" Vic Creed. His massive physique which captivated all was shaded menacingly in the light.

As scenes from his career were shown, the narrator continued..

"Vic Creed was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Because his mother, Cynthia, was Canadian and his father, Victor Sr., was American, Vic enjoyed dual citizenship. This would definitely help him in his future career as a professional wrestler."

"In high school, Vic tried out for the varsity wrestling team. At 16, he was already a huge 240 lbs, and that was before ever touching a weight! By his graduating year, he had really come into his own: a muscular 260 lbs, and power like no one had ever seen before. He went undefeated his senior year, and many colleges and universities came out to see the young man from Kodiak, Alaska."

"That summer, Vic became a local legend. It took place at a bench press contest, and he wasn't even a contestant! It was an open meet (anyone could enter it.) At the end, there were only three men left. The first two failed at a lift of four hundred seven pounds. The third men got underneath the bar. His face turned reddish purple, his eyes bloodshot, but with a mighty stuggle he benched the weight. His family and friends flooded the stage, congratulating him. No one noticed the young man with the red bush jacket, jeans, and work boots walk out of the crowd and lie down on the bench. With the weight still on, the young man lifted the bar and began doing repetitions with it: one, two, three..."

"People turned around, and watched awestruck as the young man, without any warmup or weightlifting support, continued doing repetitions as if the bar was empty! The winner of the contest, who was just moments ago the center of attention, was completely ignored as the young Creed finished nineteen repetions with the same weight the winner had barely been able to press just once! He put the bar back in the rack, sat up, and walked out of the building without saying a word."

"The rest was history. Competing in companies across the globe, Creed made his way to jOlt Wrestling where he defeated Brandon Blade to become jOlt World Heavyweight Champion on iNtense number 42. He will always be cemented in our minds as one of the greatest of our time."

The video then faded and we were brought back live to the Hall of Fame. The lights in the stadium illuminated as the people were already cheering and clapping. Damien Lee remained on the stage at the podium.

Lee: "There haven't been many in our industry that have captivated us like Vic had. His size, power, and athleticism have tried to be matched by many and while some have come close.. no one has been able to duplicate or capture the magic that Vic did throughout the years. Whether it was working for the fWo.. or jOlt Wrestling, Vic gave it his all each and every time he stepped out from behind that curtain. It is with a proud, yet heavy heart, that I get the honor of being the man who inducts Kodiak Vic Creed into the Hall of Fame."

Lee: "This award plaque.. I accept on his behalf, but I would like to present this, however, to two people that I know are in attendance. Those two people are Cynthia and Victor Creed, Vic's parents."

"Walk" by Pantera

KVC's theme hit as Cynthia and Victor walked out. The audience stood and cheered as they came out and shooke Damien Lee's hand. Victor, accepting the plaque from Lee as Cynthia stood in front of the microphone, tears in her eyes.

Cynthia: My son would have been proud to stand here to accept this heartwarming honor. The fact that he's not with us anymore is surely a tragedy, but as a parent, I ask that we all keep him in our hearts because if we do, Vic will never truly be gone.

The people cheered

Cynthia: I know he's looking down from above and he's probably watching this.. so I want to say Vic.. we love you, we miss you, and I hope you can see the smiles and joy on everyone's faces as your fans are here to support you. Thank you!

Victor held up the plaque as the two of them walked off the stage and behind the curtain.

"Superstar Vince Jacob's Induction"

As The Creeds and Damien Lee made their way off stage...

“Circles” by Incubus.

The reaction from the fans was astounding, the sold out crowd blew the roof off the joint. It had been a long time coming but Scott Riktor had returned to the Arena of Champions … just not in a role that anyone would expect him to be in. Tonight he wasn’t wearing a red trenchcoat or his tights. Tonight he was in a classic tuxedo and looking dapper, carrying a single sheet of rolled-up paper in his hand and walking up to the jOlt Hall of Fame podium.

“It’s good to be back home,” Scott said to an insane crowd that was equally appreciative of his homecoming. “Thank you.”

“Now, let’s get to it. Tonight I have the privilege of inducting one of the most self-centered, egotistical, bull-headed, pompous, and arrogant men to ever step foot inside the squared circle into the jOlt Hall of Fame. I know, I know … there’s so many to choose from.

“So many cookie-cutter narcissists. So many run-of-the-mill playboys and egomaniacs. But there is only one Superstar Vince Jacobs.

“And I know this … first hand, or should I say foot. I have battled SVJ many times over and he remains one of the toughest sons of bitches to put down for the one, two, three. The best, and worst, part about Vince Jacobs is he doesn’t just talk the talk. SVJ walks the walk. He backs up his claims with incredible in-ring ability and that is why he has been a champion in literally every organization he has ever competed in. No matter where he goes, the name SVJ is always used in the same breath as “World Champion” and with good reason.

“In this business there are very few performers that can carry an entire company on their shoulders. Vince Jacobs has lifted that burden on more than one occasion and for more than one company. I have come to respect Vince first as a total professional during my time as LoC Commissioner, I have come to respect him secondly as an opponent, and last I have seen SVJ in a light no one on the other side of the curtain has ever seen. Everyone has seen SVJ when he’s on, but very few have come to know Vince when the lights and cameras are off. This man is a living legend, a true warrior of the ring, and someone that I am happy to count amongst my friends … even if it took quite a few Superstar Kicks and Riktor Scales to get us there.

“So, put your hands together for a man that is most deserving of this Hall of Fame honor. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for SUPERSTAR … VINCE … JACOBS!”

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

‘Villain” by Theory of Deadman erupted throughout the Arena of Champions as the Hall of Famer, Vince Jacobs strolled out to the stage wearing a blue custom made Armani suit with Gucci sunglasses. He was escorted to the podium by Faith Hines from Hype. Jacobs posed for the audience as the fans erupted in cheers for the Legend. Riktor continued to applaud as Jacobs made his way over to the podium and shook Riktor’s hand.

Jacobs stood at the podium with a smile on his face as his peers and the fans in attendance gave him a standing ovation.


“Thank You, thank you. It’s funny that this is the third Hall of Fame I’ve been inducted into and each time I get nervous. I know what you all are thinking, how can SVJ get nervous. I’ve been in this business for over twenty years and I’ve been in many huge pay-per-view matches, cut some of the most entertaining promos on people like Scott here and Jay in the front row. But it seems that this moment right here is the most nerve wrecking of them all. This has been one hell of a ride for a spoiled kid living in Beverly Hills who had dreams of becoming a professional wrestler to the dismay of his parents. If my parents had their wish you people would not have “Superstar” Vince Jacobs the eighteen time world champion but would probably had Vincent Jacobs the accountant.”

A few wrestlers in the front row started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing? I would have been doing most of your taxes. At least I would have been able to get Jay a tax break on all that blue dye. ”

Jacobs smirked as the fans laughed. Jay Edward Sylo stood to his feet in a mocking fighting stance. Vince threw his hands in the air as to say he didn’t want to mess with the beast.

“Seriously I am honored to be inducted into the 2014 jOlt Hall of Fame. I was very hesitant when I came to this place because I did not know what I was getting myself into. I want to say this egotistical son of bitch made sure that all you fans were entertained each and every night. I have been called the ultimate bad guy that people seem to flock to. It doesn’t matter if you hate me or love me; SVJ made sure you knew that he was the best wrestler in the business on any given night.”


“All the hard work, long nights, long days traveling on the road and you adoring fans have made tonight that much special. I would like to thank Scott Riktor for being the guy that kept me from going insane on many occasions. I may have paid a couple of dentist bills by kicking his teeth in the front row a few times but this man has been a good friend to me and for that I thank him. I would like to thank my love, Natalia Simunek. Scott introduced us and for that I’m grateful because she has been the world to me for the past few years. I love you baby.”

Natalia Simunek smiled and blew a kiss to Vince from the front row

“I have so many people to thank but I know my time is short so I’ll make it quick. I want to thank my best friend in this business, Christopher Sheffield better known as Alias. I know you fans are a little shocked by that announcement but this man has been my brother ever since we came into the business together. He is the only person in this business that knows everything about me and he knows to take it to his grave or I’ll hunt him down.” Vince said with a smirk.

“I want to also thank Jay Edward Sylo. He and I made jOlt’s return something to behold. We tore this place down and made sure that everyone in this company knew I was number one and he was number two. I’m kidding big man. You and I did things in that ring that will not be duplicated. You brought the best out of me every night and for that I thank you. To the guys that are carrying jOlt right now, keep doing what you guys are doing because you are showing the world that no one can beat the talent that jOlt has on its roster. “

“I like to thank my ex-wife Victoria Jacobs and my kids Jasmine and Vincent Jr. Without you three I may have given up this business a long time ago. Last but certainly not least I lie to thank the fans, without you there would be no SVJ.





Jacobs smiled at the chant from the fans. “Never say never. As I was saying I wouldn’t be who I am today without you fans cheering me and booing me. I am proud to be a part of jOlt’s history and I will carry this Hall of Fame plaque with honor and dignity. Thank you all once again for the jeers and the cheers, you do not realize how much both mean to me.

Thank you.

Jacobs waved his hand to the fans as everyone stood to their feet once more to salute the second member into jOlt’s Hall of Fame, ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs.

"Sylo's Induction"

After the stage cleared and there were a few moments of silence...

"King of Hell" by Helstar

Out from the back stepped not Derecho.. dressed up in a very sharp looking suit and tie. He walked out and stepped up to the podium as his music died down.

Derecho: "The next inductee to the Hall of Fame is somebody that I have been friends and enemies with in front of the camera. When the cameras stopped rolling, we were never enemies.. just simply good friends. You know him as Sylo.. I know him as Justin Edward Sylo, or simply Justin.."

Derecho turned to the jOltvision as the lights in the arena dimmed.

The heads in the stadium collectively turned their attention to the jOltvision screen and the screen illuminated to show a graveyard. There was heavy fog in the moonlight an in the distance, the slihouette of a figure could be seen.

"And I heard.. as it were.. the noise of thunder...
One of the four beasts saying "come and see"
and I saw and behold a white horse
and his name it said on him was death
and hell followed with him

"Miracle" by Nonpoint

The figure came into view and it was "The Superbeast" Sylo

The music faded away as clips of Sylo's time in jOlt was shown. His matches with a man who was just inducted before him, "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, Chris Titan, Derecho, Ninja K, among many others. The narrator kicked in.

"Not many in this business possess the size, power, and speed that "The Superbeast" does. He unmercifully carved a path of destruction throughout his entire career. From Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, to Legacy of Champions, to right here in jOlt Wrestling, this former multi-time Underground and World Champion has ignite a movement like no other."

Sylo was seen letting out a classic bestial roar before a montage of Systematic Shutdowns was shown.

"Sylo... the final LoC Legacy Champion, a two-time jOlt World Champion, a two-time Underground Champion, among many other accolades, takes his place among the immortals as jOlt wrestling is proud to induct him into the 2014 class for the Hall of Fame!"

The video ended and the lights in the arena came back on. The crowd was cheering as Derecho turned back to the podium with a smile on his face.

Derecho: "He is a remarkable human being who came to work each and every day with a smile on his face because he fed off the adrenaline from his fans from around the world. When his classic white light hit and his theme song filled the Arena of Champions, he waited with baited breath to step out from behind the curtain just to hear the roar of the fans."

Derecho: "Then he would go out there and do things that most big men in our industry wouldn't even dare to try and do. He was a trendsetter in that fashion and it made him an icon that many will not soon forget."

Derecho: "It is my distinguished honor that I stand here and introduce to you, your next inductee into the Hall of Fame Class of 2014.. the man... the myth.. the legend.. but most importantly.. my friend... SYLO"


"And I heard.. as it were.. the noise of thunder...
One of the four beasts saying "come and see"
and I saw and behold a white horse
and his name it said on him was death
and hell followed with him

A white light explodes on the stage and out from behind the massive black curtain walked "The SuperBeast" himself... Sylo! The people gave him a standing ovation as he walked up to the podium and embraced Derecho in a hug and then shook his hand. Derecho applauded Sylo as he stepped back away from him and made his way behind the curtain. Sylo stood there atop the stage in front of the podium, looking out to the sea of humanity that was laid out before him.

"SYLO! SYLO! SYLO!", chanted the crowd

Sylo: "First off, I want to thank Jason Roberts.. aka Derecho.. for agreeing to be my inductee. While there were a few that I could have chosen that would have made a perfect inductor for myself, every time I tried to pick one, I kept circling back to Jason because of the history we have had together from Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling.. to Legacy of Champions.. to right here in jOlt Wrestling. He's been a friend for a couple of years shy of a decade and I couldn't think of anyone better and more fitting than someone who was such a great partner."

Sylo: "Next.. I want to thank the legions of fans out there. Jason hit it right on the head when he said that I would stand backstage and get amped up when my music hit.. Then I would burst through that white light and just feed off the emotions from each and every one of you. That was my fuel.. that was adrenaline.. that was my motivation to go out there each and every week and give it my all."

Sylo: "My entire career wasn't exactly all glitz and glammor. I know that I have rubbed some people the wrong way over the years, but I'd like to think that people chage and that everyone is deserving of a second chance. I've tried my best to make amends with those who I have caused friction with in the past and it seems that they, too, were accepting and I humbly thank them from the bottom of my heart."

Sylo: "It was a few months ago that I decided to retire from jOlt. I came back for that one last stint with Jason, but right now I have a beautiful wife and an even more beautiful child to take care of. In fact, they're sitting there in the front row as we speak!"

Sylo paused as the camera zoomed in on Aria Murphy and their son. Aria smiled as the crowd cheered the Starlet Legend.

Sylo: "Those two have been the biggest blessings in my life.. second to none.. even my career which I say comes after those two. Being a father puts a new persepective on life and it makes a man set their priorities. I think I am fortunate to enter retirement early enough that the business hasn't taken its full toll on me. I can still get up in the morning, I can play with my son.. I can still be mobile enough to enjoy life.. and if the time comes... and it's a big IF... I know my body would be ready for just one more match in the future."

Of course, the crowd would erupt in cheers and then start that famous chant..


Sylo then grabbed the plaque and held it up to the camera.

Sylo: "In closing, I just want to say thank you to everyone.. thank you to Damien Lee for giving me the chance.. thank you to Jim Johnson for allowing me to be the man who gave you a send off into your own retirement... thank you to Vince Jacobs who was my partner and helped spark jOlt's return.. thank you to Jason Roberts who being an amazing partner and friend in and out of the ring.. thank you to my wife Aria who gives me the courage every day to wake up and be a better man... thank you to all those who forgave me and thank you to all of my fans who still continue to support me.. you all are truly the best a man could ever ask for... THANK YOU!"

Sylo held up the plaque as "Miracle" cued up over the stadium speakers. The people cheered as Sylo walked off to the backstage area.

"Brandon Blade's Induction"

As a shocker to many.. Jim Johnson walked out from the backstage area to no music whatsoever. The crowd was stunned to see him.. especially after the events of iNtense 80 where Sylo injured him. There Johnson stood at the podium as the people gave him a round of applause, still stunned.

Johnson: "I know.. you've all seen a ghost.. but don't worry.. I'm only here to talk about our next inductee. A man who has made jOlt Wrestling history by being the only man to hold the World Championship an astonishing three times. I ask you now to turn your attention to the jOltvision."

The jOltvision came to life.. we see a blurry picture from jOlt's Alpha to Omega event some time ago. It showed two people in a pinning situation and the crowd chanting along...




The picture then switched to a clear picture of Brandon Blade holding the jOlt World Championship. From there, the scenes quickly flashed by of Blade's career of him competing in match after match after match as a voiceover began to speak.

"Nobody in jOlt's history had the success like Brandon Blade experienced. The only three-time jOlt world champion in the company's history, Brandon Blade has been to the top of the mountain and stayed there. With classic feuds against the likes of HaVoK and Kodiak Vic Creed, Blade as cemented his legacy in jOlt Wrestling like no other."

The scene switched to Blade winning his second championship from HaVoK with the announcers dubbing over the clip.

"And Brandon Blade has just become jOlt World Champion for the second time in his career here tonight at iNtense 18!"

"After Erik Rave burned the championship in PIW, Brandon Blade returned to jOlt Wrestling, claiming the belt as his own. The title would later become vacated only to be recaptured by "The Superbeast" Sylo." said the narrator.

The final picture showed Brandon Blade standing in the middle of the jOlt ring in an empty arena. A lone spotlight then shined down upon him as he grinned.. the camera panning around slowly.

"It is with great pride that we here at jOlt Wrestling induct Brandon Blade... one of the most decorated superstars in the company's history into the 2014 Hall of Fame!"

The jOltvision faded as Jim Johnson applauded the trailer. Johnson: "There isn't much to say about a man who has had the career that he has. His legacy in the ring has spoken volumes already.. so let's just bring out the man of the hour so we can pay tribute to one of the greatest in our business"

"You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies hit the PA speakers.

Brandon Blade walked out to a tremendous ovation from the crowd. He shook the hand of Jim Johnson and walked up to the podium where he was all smiles. He picked up his Hall of Fame plaque from the podium and held it up high as the crowd continued to cheer.


Soon enough they would quiet down as Blade began to speak.

Blade: "I've been in inducted into the Hall of Fame.. I guess you all will just have to deal with it."

That classic attitude from Blade got a pop from the crowd.

Blade: "Seriously, it is truly an honor to be here and it is heartwarming to be inducted into something so prestigous. I've said it before in the past that this sport is all I care to share with you all and share my experiences in it I did. For each and every moment I created.. for each and every time I stepped out into that ring, it's nice to know that it is being honored and appreciated.. especially by an organization that I had to privelage to be its world champion not once.. not twice.. but thrice!"


Blade: Hmm.. maybe.. we'll see. You know.. never say never...

The crowd popped for that one.

Blade: But should that day come, you will know.. If I'm presented with an opportunity, I'll be sure to think it over carefully... and if it's meant to be.. it's meant to be. Until then.. I'm just going to enjoy this moment.. this honor.. and take solice in knowing that I've cemented a legacy that won't soon be forgotten.. Thank you!"

With that, Blade stepped away from the podium, still holding the Hall of Fame plaque high into the air as he walked off the stage, stepping behind the curtain.

"erOn the Relentless' Induction"

Damien Lee walked out from the backstage area once again to cheers from the crowd. He walked up to the podium and stepped up to the microphone.

Lee: "Vic Creed... Vince Jacobs... Sylo... and Brandon Blade... all men who have forged their own paths here in jOlt Wrestling in one way or another.. but our final inductee has done so in the most unique fashion yet.

Lee: "The person who we are inducting has been one of the pillars of jOlt back in the early days. When jOlt was a fledgling promotion, he was one of the ones responsible for putting it on the map. A former jOlt World Champion in his own right, he carved a legacy that without it, jOlt Wrestling wouldn't exist today."

Lee paused for a moment Lee: "His hard work in front of the camera and behind the camera is what was responsible for jOlt becoming a household name. When there were big companies like the fWo, 21st Century Wrestling, TW2K, Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, The Asylum, and many others running rampant on our industry, jOlt Wrestling found a name for itself and because of his efforts, jOlt became a name that was always mentioned among some of the biggest promotions of our time."

Lee: "His contributions unparalleled, and his in-ring ability un-matched. A man who was known for one of jOlt's best feuds with Erik Rave.. he is, in my humbled opinion, the epitome of jOlt Wrestling..Ladies and gentlemen. It my distinguished pride and honor.. that I induct... erOn the Relentless!"

"Jerk Off" by Tool

The people all rose and gave him a standing ovation. erOn stepped out from behind the curtain, dressed sharply. erOn and Damien shook hands which looked simplistic on the outside, but that symbolism.. jOlt's past shaking hands with jOlt's present and future, was symbolic to those who know their wrestling history.

Damien Lee applauded erOn as he side-stepped and made his way backstage. erOn stepped up to the podium and took a deep breath as he looked out at the sea of humanity chanting his name.

"erOn! erOn! erOn! erOn! erOn! erOn!"

The chanting would continue for a couple of minutes, leaving erOn at a loss for words. Finally, they decided to quiet down as erOn was able to mutter his first words...

"Thank you"

That got the crowd riled up once again as they broke out into another chant..

"Thank you erOn" clap clap clapclapclap
"Thank you erOn" clap clap clapclapclap
"Thank you erOn" clap clap clapclapclap
"Thank you erOn" clap clap clapclapclap
"Thank you erOn" clap clap clapclapclap

erOn simply smiled as he looked down at the plaque and then back up at the cameras and the audience.

erOn: "2014.. and jOlt Wrestling is still going strong. It was back in 2001.. some thirteen years ago.. that I was.. relevant, I guess?"

erOn cracked a smile as the people cheered.

erOn: "All kidding aside, it was in 2001 when I had that iconic feud with Erik Rave and while Sylo and Vince Jacobs defined the 2012-2013 era of jOlt Wrestling, I'd like to think that myself, Erik Rave, and Brandon Blade defined the 2001-2003 era. It was a time when there were a multitude of companies all vying for that number one spot and while taking down the fWo was a monumental task, and I can't really say if we did it or not, but I do know that if we didn't overtake them in popularity, we sure gave people enough to talk about."

More cheers from the crowd.

erOn: "I've heard all of the critics, too. How we were the big O.. or don't go work for them they'll make your O expand... but you know what? We let the critics say what they wanted to say because we knew that what we were doing was something special and that no one could take that away from us."

erOn: "Whether I competed in jOlt or now watch it as a fan... I'm humbled to know that jOlt still exists to this day and that it continues to thrive on the support of great people such as yourselves. Everyone on this roster puts in some of the best effort I've seen and it's amazing to see something you helped build become the number one wrestling company in our industry today."

'jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt!", chanted the crowd.

erOn: "This is truly a great honor. I know many others have said that already tonight.. but we say it because it is true. To have a company that you loved.. that you lived.. that you sacrificed for come back and do something like this.. to create an event and spend the money do something as simple as honor your legacy... it makes you believe that what you've done.. what you've accomplished as meant something to at least somebody."

erOn: "I think I speak for all of us when I say that this plaque may have my name engraved on it, but it belongs to everyone who has ever laced up a pair of boots for this promotion and helped carry it forward. Thank you for this honor.. and thank you for everything!"

The crowd rose to their feet in a standing ovation! Sylo, Vince Jacobs, The Creeds, Scott Riktor, Derecho, Brandon Blade, and Damien Lee all came out onto the stage.

Damien Lee approached the podium.

Lee: "Thank you for coming here tonight. Please continue to stand and give thanks to our presenters, but most importantly, our inductees into the 2014 Hall of Fame!"

"Hall of Fame" by The Script plays as the camera pans the stage, slowly. We take one final look at the presenters and the inductees as the Hall of Fame comes to a close.