"Welcome to the jOlt Hall of Fame 2015"

The scene was The Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.. the home of Wrestlecade II. The arena was jam packed from the floor to the nosebleed section. In the middle of the arena we saw the ring donning the Wrestlecade II apron skirts. The set and stage for Wrestlecade II was hidden behind a series of massive black curtains. What would be the entrance stage for the talent, stood a lone podium. The jOlt Hall of Fame logo hung from a scaffold providing a graphic against the black backdrop. Smaller versions of the logo hung to the far left and far right of the main set up.

"Hall of Fame" by The Script

The people cheered as the official theme song blared over the speakers. Damien Lee and Hiroki Miyano came out from the back in a black and white tuxedo. The people rose to their feet and stood there, cheering as Lee approached the podium.

MIyano: “Min’na o kangei! Kon’ya wa densetsu no kyaria to puroresu no sekai e no kouken o iwau. Watashitachiha, anata ga kono subarashī kikai no tame ni kyou koko ni go sanka suru koto ga dekiru koto ga shiawase to koufun shite iru! Arigato!”

Lee: "Ladies and Gentlemen.. it is my honor to welcome you to the second annual Hall of Fame! We were able to honor such legends as erOn the Relentless, Kodiak Vic Creed, Superstar Vince Jacobs, The Superbeast Sylo, and Brandon Blade. Tonight, six others will join them in immortality as we enshrine them into the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame”

After the translation by Miyano, the audience applauded.

Lee: “The candidates we selected have either had a profound impact in jOlt Wrestling, or they competed in jOlt and their legacy alone brought prestige to the organization. Their contributions to our business.. to our industry… to our sport… have been unparalleled and we are excited and honored to have them be here tonight to take their rightful place within the annals of time.”

After another translation, the people in attendance applauded once again

Lee: “From fun-loving individuals to down-right insanity and brutality, our selections tonight all shared one common thing among themselves… and that is the heart and the determination, whether they were cheered or booed, to give it their all each and every night in that ring for your own entertainment. Often times, their profession is a thankless job. Often times, they bust their humps day in and day out and the fans will do nothing but demand more from them without so much as a thank you. Anyone can sit behind a keyboard and criticize them for what they do without ever knowing what kind of energy and dedication it takes to be a superstar of their caliber in the world of professional wrestling.”

The audience applauds again after Miyano finishes speaking.

Lee: “That is why here tonight, we want to honor their passion. We want to recognize their hard work. We want to reward them for their sacrifices. That is why tonight, we will induct them into the 2015 Class for the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame!”

Miyano finishes translating and the people applaud Damien Lee’s opening speech. Lee smiled as he shuffled through his papers. It was time for the first induction.

"Tyke's Induction"

As Damien Lee continued to stand there, the people in the audience simmered down to a complete hush. The Japanese people were always respectful and when someone was about to speak, they wanted to make sure that they listened with full attention.

Lee: “Our first inductee holds a special place in our hearts here at jOlt Wrestling. In my opening speech I made mention of those whose legacy spoke for themselves. This individual is a shining example of that because while he didn’t win any championships in jOlt, he was still, one of the most recognizable faces and names on the jOlt roster. His legacy took him through places such as 21st Century Wresting, and Legacy of Champions. He was either seen alongside his manager, JET, or tag teaming alongside Max Hopper. No matter where he went, he gave it his all to entertain the fans.”

Lee paused for a moment.

Lee: “Here in jOlt, he took a different path in his career. Wherever he went, he was endeared by the fans, but not in jOlt. The fans didn’t take to him all too well thanks to a newfound attitude. He also looked to revolutionize the then Underground Division… something that he hasn’t really been known for. He wasn’t afraid to reinvent the wheel when it came to his personality and only someone of true legendary status can accomplish such a feat after being seen in a certain light their entire career.”

Lee paused once again.

Lee: “Ladies and Gentlemen… it is my esteemed pleasure to introduce to you.. the first member of the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame, Class of 2015….. “The British Lion”…. TYKE!”






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“Bullets” by Creed

The audience stood as “The British Lion” Tyke stepped out from the backstage area. He walked up to the podium and took off his trademarked sunglasses, placing them down on the podium in front of him. Tyke looked around the arena and saw a capacity crowd. It was, truly a sight to behold.

“Wow… so many blokes out there tonight” said Tyke with a smile on his face.

“When the jOlt front offices contact me and told me I was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I wondered why. I hadn’t been in jOlt for long and then my contract expired and I took a sabbatical from the business. When I asked them why, they told me it was because of everything I had done in the ring…. Not just in jOlt. They told me that it was the legacy I had created in this business that just being in jOlt was an honour to them. They wanted to recognize me for what I’ve done and that’s why I’m standing here tonight.”

“I’ll admit, I was flattered, I was overwhelmed, and I was honoured to have been selected. jOlt could have gone with so many others, but instead, they picked my British arse.” Said Tyke with a smile.

“When I look at the Hall of Fame and when I saw the list of the others to be inducted, I was taken back a bit by it. To see names such as Kodiak Vic Creed… erOn the Relentless… Brandon Blade… and the like.. and then seeing my bloody name next to them.. well.. it really puts things into perspective, now doesn’t it? I thought “C’mon, gents… you really think next to these guys I’m really worthy of this honour?” and the more I thought about it, the more I was assured by jOlt that I was indeed worthy and that made me feel humbled deep down inside.”

The crowd applauded as Tyke paused.

“I will always have memories of the things I’ve done inside the ring, even those in jOlt where I got to wrestle with my long-time rival, and fellow Hall of Famer, Derecho. Wherever I go, I always try to create lasting memories and the fact that I am being honoured here tonight for creating those memories… there’s no feeling like it in the world. “

Another pause and applause by the crowd.

“I’m often asked.. “Tykester.. when you coming back? When you gonna lace them up again and kick some arse?” To be honest, I don’t really know the answer to that question. Do I really have another run in me? That’s something I’ll have to look in the mirror and ask myself one day. Until that day comes, however, I will always wake up feeling proud that I am a jOlt Wrestling Hall of Famer. Thank you and Cheers!”

“Bullets” by Creed struck up again as the people stood up and cheered. Damien Lee came out and shook Tyke’s hand as Tyke made his exit to the back.

"Derecho's Induction"

Damien Lee stepped up to the podium once again alongside Hiroki Miyano.

Lee: “Our next inductee has been a giant pain in my ass!”

Miyano translated that and the crowd didn’t really know how to feel about the statement.

Lee: “But.. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Miyano translates once again and some of the crowd laughs.

Lee: “There are those in our business who achieve so much that it’s hard to reinvent yourself to bring a new dynamic to the audience… especially after you’ve been in the business since 1997, but he has managed to do so many many times over. I could sit here and randomly name off any big wrestling company from the past or present and chances are that he’s been there and has been a champion there as well.”

Lee took a brief pause

Lee: “When you say that a wrestler is good at what they do, a million names come to mind. When you say a wrestler is great at what they do, that list becomes shorter. When you say that a wrestler is the best in their craft, that list becomes very short, but I truly believe our next inductee belongs on that short list. A double grand slam champion in jOlt and Legacy of Champions, a triple crown champion in 21st Century Wrestling, he’s owned and operated his own wrestling promotion for five years and he helped revolutionize jOlt’s Underground Division, escalating the Underground title, now known as the Fearless Title, to a level that is equal to our world championship.”

Lee paused to allow for translation.

Lee: “I could stand here all night naming off his accolades and accomplishments, but the newest one that matters is that he is a jOlt Hall of Famer. He is the one… the only… DERECHO!”

I am…
I am…

“Charisma” by WASP

Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. He shook Damien Lee’s hand as he walked past him and stepped up to the podium. He stood in front of it and waited for his music to die down. He stood there and stared out into the crowd in silence for a few moments as he scratched his head

“Hello.. my name is Jason Roberts and I honestly have no idea what to say.” Said Derecho.

The crowd had a chuckle at that remark.

“When I was told that I was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I was a bit skeptical… especially after I didn’t renew my contract and jumped over to the competition.” Derecho said with a smirk on his face.

The crowd laughed a little bit

“They assured me it was genuine and at that point it sunk in that this was real. I actually told Damien Lee I’d think about it. What you see on television and what I am behind that curtain are two completely different people. The mean, gruff, and often scary persona that Derecho embodies is nothing like what I am behind the scenes. I’m actually a very humbled person and, perhaps, too modest for my own good because no matter how much success I have found in this business, I still believe deep down inside that I can always be better. I am my harshest critic and I almost turned down this offer to be in the Hall of Fame because I simply felt that I didn’t deserve it.”

Derecho paused for a moment and the crowd gave him some applause.

“It took a lot of convincing from my peers and my friends, but I finally accepted the invitation and here I am, standing before you all as an inductee, but… despite that… I had another problem.. and that was what I was going to say I got up to his podium and quite simply, nothing came to mind… Jason Roberts really has nothing to say…”

Derecho then took off his suit jacket and his dress shirt underneath, revealing his ring gear

“But Derecho… he has something he wants to say.”

A collective “WHOA” came from the Japanese crowd followed by cheering from the crowd. Derecho then cleared his throat.

“The fact that I stand up here at this podium in this moment in time is proof that I am the single greatest professional wrestler walking on the face of this Earth. The bodies I have left in my wake.. the championships I have claimed, the wars… the five-star matches… the signs in lights with my name on them… all of it has forged my path here to this very location. I have transcended Kingdom… I have transcended God status… I have become the single greatest entity.. dead or alive, in the world of professional wrestling.. and you will all kneel before me and show me the respect I so truly deserve because without me.. your lives mean nothing… your ratings plummet… your existence is invalid. I am the one constant that sustains your attention.. I am the pinnacle of greatness and NOBODY in the world can match me… NOBODY in this world can touch me.. and NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IN WHICH I CONTROL CAN SAY….”

Derecho picked up his suit jacket and put it back on.

“Thank you… from the bottom of heart.”

Derecho then took a bow to the Japanese audience as they stood up and applauded him. Derecho walked off the stage as Damien Lee came back out.

"Graphic Violence's Induction"

Damien Lee approached the podium and looked back as Derecho was still exiting.

Lee: “And I thought I was full of myself”

That got some laughs from the crowd.

Lee: “As great as Derecho was for jOlt, in the beginning, there was one who basically struck fear into the hearts of anyone who stepped foot in the ring with him. While Derecho elevated the Underground Championship, this man pioneered the division back when it was known as the Xtreme Division.”

Lee paused for a moment.

Lee: “I suddenly just realized that this division has had three different titles. Geez… but be that as it may, our next inductee did more for us than just entertain us through professional wrestling.. as violent and as bloody as he made it. He has also protected our country twice during Operation Iraqi Freedom and helped keep our citizens safe. He is a hero on many levels and that in and of itself is recognition worthy.”

The audience applauded

Lee: “It is my esteemed pleasure to welcome a pioneer of the Xtreme slash Underground slash Fearless Division, a former LoC Underground Champion, a former fWo Hardcore Champion, and man who is the symbol of brutality within the squared circle. I give to you… GRAPHIC VIOLENCE!

“War Zone” by Rob Zombie Steven Shadows, also known as Graphic Violence, stepped out from the backstage area. Damien Lee shook his hand as he took his leave. GV stepped up to the edge of the stage and got the audience into it as they cheered him. GV went to the other side of the stage and did the same thing, amping up the crowd. He walked back over to the podium and adjusted his tie. His music faded away as the people continued to cheer and applaud him before taking their seats.

“You guys remember me!” said GV.

The people cheered him once again.

“It’s been a long, long time that I’ve stepped foot inside of a jOlt ring, but anyone who was around back then could tell you… if you stepped in the ring with me.. you weren’t going to make it out of there without needing some Advil… or something stronger that I can’t really say on television.” Said GV as he cracked a smirk.

“You know… it’s funny how far a name can take you because in all seriousness, all I am is a pretty cool name. Truth be told, I probably couldn’t wrestle my way out of a paper bag with a hole cut into the side of it, but when that didn’t stop me from coming down to the ring and beating the ever living hell out of anyone who wanted to go against me.”

The people applauded GV.

“That mindset… that physicality became symbolic with my name and my name is something that everyone remembers whenever it’s muttered. If you don’t believe me… just ask Brandon Blade. The two of us lit each other up and down every road we traveled… every arena we stepped into with jOlt. Blade and I… we just had that chemistry and I think a lot of people remember our feud as it was the one that stood out the most.”

GV took a moment to reflect.

“Fast forward.. God.. what has it been? Eight years? Ten years? Time goes by so fast… and now Brandon Blade… who I considered to be my greatest opponent here in jOlt… is in the Hall of Fame… and the other person who had the balls to stick his nose in our business… The Don… will be inducted a little later this evening as well. Reflecting back on where we all were then and where we are now puts things into perspective.”

GV collected his thoughts once again.

“People always say that a wrestler can change the business with what he does and I’d like to think that Blade, Don, and myself not only did that, but changed the way people looked at jOlt Wrestling.

The people applauded that last statement.. some even cheered.

“In fact, being backstage and meeting the current talent filled me with memories. Perhaps this old dog has enough fight left in him to maybe, one day, show these guys back here what true fear really is.” GV said as he cracked a smirk before continuing. “But then again… never say never, right? Let’s just say for now, I will relish in the honor that is being a part of the Hall of Fame for a company that gave me so many good memories… Thank you everyone!”

With that, GV, stepped away from the podium and Damien Lee came back out. He, once again, shook GV’s hand and whispered something into his ear. GV laughed a little bit mouthing the words “We’ll see, we’ll see” as the two separated.

"Team VIAGRA'S Induction"

Damien Lee stepped up to the podium once again.

Lee: “Our next induction is a first for our hall of fame because it’s not an individual induction! For the first time, a tag team will be inducted to the Hall of Fame!”

The crowd knew who was up next and a “VI-A-GRA” chant broke.

Lee: “I can judge by your reactions that they need no introduction whatsoever, so allow me to introduce.. one of the most influential and exquisite tag teams in not only jOlt history, but in pro-wrestling history… High Flyer and Tony Davis… TEAM VIAGRA!”

”You must die! I alone am best!”

“I Hope You Die” by the Bloodhound Gang blared over the PA system. Damien Lee sidestepped to make way for the former three time jOlt tag team champions, Team VIAGRA. As the tandem stepped out from the backstage area, they looked like older versions of the day they entered jOlt. Harmen had short buzz cut hair in a Mohawk. Tony Davis wore blue extensioned dreadlocks, and incredibly bagging jnco style jeans. The two of them waved to the cheering crowd, as Harmen took the center podium. The music and cheers subsided, as Harmen coughed to clear his throat.

“Itadakimasu!” Harmen shouted to the Toyko Dome, jam packed to the rafters. He raised a clenched fist to the cheering fans. “I love this place!” Harmen smiled and turned to Tony, a smile on his face that vibrated at a frequency of childhood wonder. “Traveling the road with Joey Malone, getting a chance to wrestle some of the greatest men this sport has ever seen. I could never have taken all those subsequent steps in my journey: my FWO run, my PRIME run, my NFW and CSWA runs, without having jOlt first and foremost on my resume. Without jOlt, I am not standing here tonight, I am standing nowhere, lost in a sea of drugs and indecency. Without jOlt, Big ‘O’ or Small ‘O,’ I have no idea what or where my life would have taken me, but it would not have been nearly as fun of a ride.”

Harmen lowered his head slightly. He paused, contemplative, before continuing on, “So this hope, this career I have, it’s thanks to the fans of Jolt wrestling, who kept me going, who kept me coming back like an addict for that one last cheap pop. Cause we are LIVE in the TOYKODOME!” Huge cheers. Harmen let out a huge smile. “And I can’t get enough of it!”

Tony leaned in, “Awh, I wanted the cheap pop tonight!” Davis kicked air behind the podium. “I can’t believe you just made me kick my invisible dog!”

“I hate that dog,” Harmen snarled. “Always invisibly peeing everywhere. Worse than Samantha Bevin’s bitch.” Harmen looked up. “I wonder where she went?”

“Remember, she told us when Jolt closed she was going as far as possible away from the two of us?” Davis said.

“So, she’s back in America? Man, geography is weird.” Harmen rubbed his temples, and stepped away from the podium, allowing Tony in.

Tony waved to the cheering Toyko Dome crowd, smiled, and finger pointed to the audience. He quickly stopped. “Oh God! I have no idea if that gesture is offensive here!” Davis began to sweat, and rubbed his hand through his extensions. In fact, one extension literally caught in his hand and was pulled from his head. “But Jolt, it was a career resurrection for me and Flyer. We had spent years in the IWO system, and the finally branch out and garner the success we did, fighting alongside Chris Titan, Chris Register, Wippit Guud, Sterling Silver, Mike Extreme… getting prepped and prime to take on guys like Rush and erØn the Relentless and LLB… it was a dream come true. Jolt will always be remembered by me as the federation that allowed me to thrive outside of my comfort zone. To show that I could be a professional wrestler not just in the IWO, but EVERYWHERE I went… including…” Davis paused, huge smile forming across his face, “in the TOYKO DOME!” Cheap pop.

“Dude, I already did—“

“Yeah, but when’s Tony get a taste?” Davis interrupted. He turned back to the crowd. “It is an honor and a privilege to be part of Jolt’s history--”

“Yet alone to be chiseled into the granite walls of Jolt’s Hall of Fame.” Harmen interrupted. “We can’t thank you all enough! And just remember, now that VIAGRA’s here, ONCE AGAIN, we all know that Nielson rating’s going to shoot from a soft six, to a hard twelve!” Harmen and Davis posed for a moment on the podium, before Harmen and Davis both bowed to the Toykodome’s crowd.

"The Don's Induction"

Damien Lee shook his head as Davis and Flyer made their exit.

Lee: “Some things never change…” said Lee before the crowd began to clamor amongst themselves… some with the emotion of shock in their voice.

Lee looked out into the crowd as something definitely had their attention. Lee looked around, but didn’t see anything and that’s when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Lee turned around and there he stood face to face with The Don!!

“I already took over jOlt once… I figured, I should do it again.. for old time’s sake.. so please, if you would… step aside” said The Don in his classic accent.

Lee, not anticipating this had no choice. He, indeed, stepped aside as The Don stepped up to the podium.

“Introducing… the final entrant into the Hall of Fame… he is a man of class… he is a man of wonder… and he is a former jOlt World Champion… that man would be…”

The Don turned towards the entrance and stared at it for a good minute. He then turned back around and faced the crowd, stretching out his arms.

“ME! The one and only Don of professional wrestling!”

The crowd cheered.

“It was good to see Graphic Violence in the back. I remember our feud as well.. but he’s not the only guy I met in the ring, though. People like LLB… Kodiak Vic Creed, God rest his soul… erOn the Relentless… all good men in their own right. In fact.. all of them except LLB are now in the Hall of Fame..”

The Don turned towards Damien Lee who was still there, standing to the side.

“Maybe next year, eh?” said The Don in Lee’s direction.

“It would be nice afterall… it would be like the family being back together under one place. Great bunch of guys they were behind the curtain, but bastards… all of them otherwise, if you get what I’m sayin’. I still remember the day I face you, Lee. It was at the Cataclysm Pay-Per-View long ago and if I remember correctly, I ended up taking control of the company… turned into a… well.. a family business… but it’s all well and good now because I see you’re doing wonderful things with jOlt. Taking it here to Tokyo, Japan.. touring the United States when you get back. You finally broke your ties with Black Tom WIlliams.. what a bastard that guy was, eh? Whatever happened to ol’ Tommy anyway? Not that it’s important or anything.

The Don turned his attention back to the crowd.

“But it’s nice to see jOlt prospering and ushering in a new age. The people behind the scenes.. the superstars.. all of them them continue to make this place what it is today and it’s nice that jOlt chooses to remember the ones who were there in the beginning that helped make all of this possible. I’m truly honored to be included among those you guys consider to be your greats.. your legends. Thank you again for this honor.. Thank you for accepting me into the Hall of Fame.. and thank you to this wonderful company who decided to let bygones be bygones and bestowing this honor upon me.”

The Don turned to Damien Lee once again.

“That is.. of course… unless Damien Lee would like for me to run the place again. I’m sure I could find many ways to make you some extra money.”

Damien Lee began to sweat just a little bit.

“Relax… one more stint like that and I’d have to do all my business behind bars.”

The Don returned his attention to the crowd.

“Thank you once again, everybody! Have a good night!”

With that The Don took a step back and took a bow. Damien Lee walked over and shook his hand, but The Don placed Damien Lee into a headlock and smiled at the camera. He released Lee and fixed his tie and brushed off his shoulders. The Don cupped his hands around Damien’s and shook it. The Don took a step back as Team VIAGRA, Derecho, Graphic Violence, and Tyke all stepped out from the back, lining up on the stage.

Lee stepped up to the podium once again.

Lee: “Ladies and Gentlemen… once again… your 2015 Class for the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame!!”

The crowd stood up and gave them all a standing ovation. “Hall of Fame” by The Script began to play over the speakers once again. The camera panned around the Tokyo Dome giving us an aerial shot of stage and the entrants. The closing signature graphic appeared on the lower right hand corner of the screen and then the show faded to black.