"Wrath of the Titan"

Chris Titan "Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

The NEW jOlt Champion would usher in the next step in jOlt's history. The Reign of the Backbone had begun.

Chris Titan, the man that shocked the wrestling world at Glory when he cashed in his Relentless Championship title shot to pin an already unconscious Sylo, emerged from the back to the deafening sound of hatred. And he smiled. He witnessed thousands of people booing and tossing random insults in his direction and the mad man smiled.

He was flanked by Grendel, the monster that was instrumental in giving Titan his opportunity at two championships at Glory, as well as Total Conquest, Mike Extreme, Violet, and Misty Gold. The entire Backbone save for Bane Loneheart, who's absense left a huge question mark for everyone, was following their leader and champion to the ring.

Since forming at Divide & Conquer, the Backbone has already taken three championships. And although Titan was forced to forfeit his Relentless Championship upon defeating Sylo and becoming jOlt Champion, and regardless of how it came about, it did not take away the fact that he had won it. The tiny annoyance, the small thorn in Damien Lee's side, had become the entire roster's main opposition. They surrounded the ring and entered one-by-one, Titan being the last to enter and using the ring steps to do so like the conquering king he was.

"I promised you all that this would happen. I said the Backbone would take jOlt back ... so now that it's happened why are you all so surprised?"

Chris Titan did do exactly that, which is why everything he reminded them of was received with an eruption of boos.

"I AM the jOlt Champion! I took the unstoppable Superbeast, the posterboy for the NEW jOlt, and I pinned him for the one ... two ... three. Right here, in this ring, I defeated your champion. I defeated Sylo! Me! Chris Titan! Not Superstar Vince Jacobs! Not Ninja K! Not that some idiot doing a bunch of DX chops one week and claiming to be an MMA badass the next! NO! Chris Titan beat Sylo! ... And none of you believed I could."

Titan surveyed the audience, looking utterly disgusted while he tapped his red Backbone t-shirt that wasn't on his person, rather it was draped in front the large plate of the jOlt Championship strapped to his waist. The Backbone logo hanging down between his legs like an ancient warrior's loincloth.

"I did what no one else in this company could do. And now I stand before you as the undisputed KING of this entire company! All hail the king? Isn't that the saying? Aren't those the words of praise that you heap onto that freak each and every god damned week? Isn't it? Well, here I am ... here is your king ... where is my praise? WHERE IS MY CHANT?!"

Not in the Arena of Champions, that was certain. Instead, the fans jeering just got louder and louder. Random crumpled papers and still-full drinking cups hit the ring and all of the Backbone members, save Grendel and Chris Titan, blocked their faces and ducked for cover. But not Chris Titan. He stood, hands outstretched, and dared the fans to give him their best shots. He was riding a cloud of invincibility and the content of an extra large soda cup weren't going to be enough to knock him off. Titan batted an enormous cup with Sylo's likeness on it out of the air, causing brown cola to explode all over the ring. He looked down at the cup and at the face of the man he took the jOlt Championship from at Glory ... and he stomped down upon it.

The jOltVision lit up.

"Bravo, Chris," Damien Lee said, "You've outdone yourself. I'm impressed. Really. I am truly impressed with how well you managed to play all of us at Glory. But, here's the thing that happens to you when you're champion that didn't happen to you beforehand."

"And what might that be, Lee? We took your shovel-toting security blanket out at Glory. What can you possibly do to us now?"

"That's true, and Rune Winters is not here tonight because he's recovering from your cowardly attack. I'm willing to bet that when he does come back, however, that I wouldn't want to be within 5 miles of any Backbone members on that night. But that's not what I'm doing. I'm not threatening you, Chris. I'm stating a fact. That fact is that now ... now you're vulnerable. You see, now you have something to lose and everyone else has something to gain."

Titan just laughed. "Is that it? You popped your giant head in to tell me that I have to keep my jOlt Championship? Is that it?! IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT FOR YOUR CHAMPION?! You can't stop the inevitable. My reign as champion ... was inevitable. And while you may hate me now, you will grow to love me. Just like the rest of the Backbone loves me. I am the revolution. I am the change that the men with the big pockets needed when they changed the name of this place. You all brought jOlt back to life and now you've got to live with the consequences. I am bigger than your gods! Your kings! Your Superbeasts!


"So you are, Chris. But the target you have put on your back is bigger than you could possibly imagine. I simply wanted to inform you of that and to tell you that that Superbeast you just mentioned ..."

"Don't even bother, Lee, we both know he's not here tonight."

"No, he's not. Which is why he asked me to inform you that he's activated his rematch clause for next week. Enjoy your reign as champion, Chris, because it may be very short-lived."

The jOltVision feed cut, leaving Chris Titan and the Backbone to think long and hard about the announcement inside the ring.

Meanwhile, iNtense moved backstage where one question was about to be answered.

"Swatting at the Wasp's Nest"

Avispa Campeon, Jr. Avispa Campeon Jr. flexed his large knee brace and smiled. Though he was currently alone in the Avispa locker room, yes they had there own room since the Clan was so large as it was, he relished the fact that with Ultima once again defending his title… finally defending his title, the entire family would get a chance at the limelight once again.

Who knew, maybe Compean Jr. may even get his own title shots, the young spitfire on the clan certainly had his eye on the Relentless division. Especially with the recent vacancy he believed he would be able to cause a real shake-up in the division. Knee braces or not, he’d shown off his relentless attitude. Show why the Avispa once known as a golden boy, could once again prove he was just like his brother in the Avispa Clan, Ultima.

Just like his father, the legendary Campeon Sr.

Yeah, he smiled and flexed his large knee brace. With the Avispa Clan back on track, things were going to change… the Flyweight Championship would be defended and all would be right with the world.

Suddenly a sharp pain stung through his right knee, and Avispa Campeon Jr. collapsed to the floor.

“Yer alone? Here I thought ye feckers knew all about the strength in numbers.” Bane Loneheart growled with a smile, his orange Backbone shirt almost shining as bright as his trusty lead-pipe as it swung down and knocked the young spitfire unconscious.

“One down…”

"New Blood"

Jimmy B. Martinez “Crumbland – Fell you.”

Begins to play over the speakers. The lights’s in the arena dim and begin to flicker red as the crowd begins to cheer. Jimmy B. Martinez then slowly emerged out the back, with a smile on his face. He stopped at the top ramp way, and looked around scanning threw the crowd and absorbing the fans cheers. He then continued to walk down the ramp way, around the ring where the stage hand, gives him a microphone. He nods his head in approval as he slides under the rope into the ring.

JBM begins to raise the microphone to his lips, as his music faded in the background. He tried to speak, but couldn’t due to the cheers and chants that rang out threw the arena. He waits for a couple of seconds and tries again.

“I know you guys are probably asking yourself right about now, what am I doing out here.”

He said, as the crowd cheered in excitement.

“The answer to that question is simple. I’m out here, to talk about the flyweight division.”

He explained, as he switched the microphone to his other hand.

“Now I was in the back, doing my homework. Looking over some of these cats that represent the flyweight division, and all I have to say is LAME! Where do you find these guys at? It looks like you flew a talent scout out to Mexico and brought back a whole bunch of luchadors and masked wrestlers. Hey, I’m just saying. I have nothing against Mexicans. My best friend is a Mexican. Wait, no he’s not. He’s Ecuadorian. Well it doesn’t matter, what I’m trying to say is just like Derecho is dominating the underground division. I too, plan on dominating mines.”

“You see guys like Cordova, Sanchez Cano and Avispa Ultima need to look out, because there is a new face in the flyweight division and he plans on taking over. So sit back and enjoy the show, while I show you how it’s really done.”

“Cordova, you call yourself the Latin thug is this because you came from the mean streets of Mexico?” He said, as he shaked his head from side to side in disbelief. “You have to be fucking kidding me. I think you need to look at yourself in the mirror and revaluate yourself. You aren’t a thug, and will never be one. When you hear the word THUG you think about Al Capone, Frank Lucas and Bumpy Johnson. You are none of the above.”

“Now Mr. Cano on the other hand has some common sense left. He doesn’t claim to be something he isn’t. Well, I can be wrong. He doesn’t seem to be all up there. Hey, who am I to judge a man who looks like he spent most of his time in prison. Shit, I’ve been through it myself. it’s not something to be proud of. Sadistic or not it makes no difference, nor put’s any fear in my heart. I’ve been through worst, and put in more difficult situations. You Demand respect, but will never get it from me. You are nothing but an obstacle, which I will run right threw just to get what I want. So like the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat get the fuck out the kitchen.”

“Now let’s move on, that’s right and talk about you’re flyweight champion himself. Avispa Ultima, it looks like you brought you’re whole family here. Now when people said, Mexicans where taking over all the jobs here. I didn’t believe them, until I got to jOlt. I see now what you guy’s where talking about. I’m sorry, for doubting you guys. Never fear though, you’re boy Jimmy is here. I plan on making things right, and doing whatever I have to do to become your next flyweight champion.”

He said, as the fans erupt in cheers and JBM chants.

“That’s right, but first I have a couple of things to take care of. So Avispa Ultima enjoy you’re stay as champion, because sooner or later your time as flyweight champion is done.” He said.

He dropped the microphone on the canvas, as his music began to play over the speakers once more, he then jumped out the ring and continued to make his way up the ramp way towards the back.

4"The Warrior Wasp Sets To Sting"

Avispa Guerrero II With Avispa Campeon Jr. missing, Avispa Ultima had asked his rival and cousin Avispa Guerrero II to look for the youngest member of the Clan. It wasn’t rare that Compeon Jr. might run off from the group to chase some tail, but on a night like this where Avispa Ultima was finally planning to breath some life both into the Avispa Clan and also the Flyweight Championship that he had held for more then two months now… he wanted everyone to be present.

So it wasn’t surprising that he would trust the Avispa’s resident loose cannon, Guerrero II to ruffle some feathers and scare up the Clan’s resident heartthrob.

All the usual Starlet locations didn’t hazard ol’ Junior, though AGII would be lying if he didn’t enjoy himself there just a little bit as well. As much as he and the hot-head didn’t get along all the time, the ever-loving goateed former rudo certainly had a love-hate relationship with the kid, just as he always had with Avispa Ultima.

Then Guerrero II remembered one Starlet duo he had forgotten to check up on… no doubt Junior would be the last place he looked.

With Violet and Misty Gold.

Walking towards the Backbone locker room, Avispa Guerrero II puffed up his chest. He was the pitbull of the Clan, the Warrior Wasp, so this was pretty much his natural state anyway. He’d make sure to stand proud and mean against those same bastards who had messed up the Flyweight Championship match on the night of champions on Warriors 8, against Avispa Ultima and his #1 contender Adam Lazurus.

knock, knock

And who would answer the door, but Misty Gold.

“Heya brown sugar, we’ve been waitin’ for you…” The golden valet of Mike Extreme growled at AGII. A toxic green Backbone pendent hung around her neck.

“¿Qué?”, was all Guerrero II could say before he was yanked into the Backbone locker room but the large taped fists of one Mike Extreme.

Avispa Guerrero II was in the for the fight of his life.

“Two down…” Misty Gold chirped, and shut the door behind her.

The Reckoning vs. The Jury
HarbingerWrathThe Jury
Duzza was already in the ring with a mic in hand. He quickly brought it up to address the jOlt nation.

“See, the Jury has been on the down slide for too long but tonight is our night. Tonight we get back in the hunt for gold by taking out these two bitches. So get them out here!”

“Judith (renholder mix)” by A Perfect Circle.

A beautiful raven haired woman came out to swirling strobes of jade and pearl. Followed behind her was a pitiful looking creature of a man, one who would only further feed the egos of The Jury, lurking behind the woman admiring her from afar; face hidden behind wet long black hair. The sickly looking male seemed to gallop close to her reaching for her side and she quickly scolded him with a finger and a stern look that terrified him.

“And now,” The raven hair beauty announced, “I introduce you to the one that shall reign in a new era. He is more than man, more than flesh, and more than mortal. I give you, Harbinger!”

The lights dimmed as more strobes flashed. “Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” By A Perfect Circle began to blast through the arena as the one known as Harbinger moved slowly from behind the curtain. He stood at 6 feet 6 inches and weighed around two hundred and sixty five pounds. He wore a jacket with the hood up concealing his face but the mask he wore underneath was evident. He stood slightly behind the beautiful woman who introduced him and completely ignored the smaller guy that seemed to cower at the sight of him.

“I am the Jade Dragon, the Prophet, and this is the second coming, the Harbinger. This pathetic sight is the reincarnation of all seven deadly sins! Together we form The Reckoning!” She laughed maniacally as the trio made their way to the ring and the smaller man celebrated by himself behind Jade and Harbinger. The Jury eye’d the three, really only concerned about the biggest of the trio.

Harbinger stepped onto the apron and into the ring, eyeing the Jury before throwing the jacket off revealing nothing but steel toe boots, cargo pants, and what resembled a bullet proof vest. The smaller man waited for Harbinger to enter the ring and he smiled maniacally as Jade yelled at him.

“WRATH!” she screamed and almost immediately a complete change in character had occurred. The smaller man tilted his head and smiled with a calm look over his face and slid into the ring, not paying attention to Harbinger only to his opponent who was going to start the match with him, Stat Quo.

The referee called the bell and the smaller man attacked Stat Quo with a fury of left and rights that seemed to just barely jar the bigger Quo. The attack backed Quo into his own corner and Khadafi tagged himself in and pulled the small man off of Quo who just smiled and motioned for Khadafi to take care of him.

Khadafi looked across the ring at Harbinger and was quickly reminded why he was in the ring when the smaller man lept in the air and slammed his knee into Khadafi’s face before Jade shrieked out: “SLOTH!” and the smaller man stopped and stepped away from the dazed Khadafi. Khadafi gathered himself and went on the offensive as he beat on the smaller man who barely seemed to even try to defend himself.

Rights and lefts, before whipping the smaller man across the ring throwing him into the air only to crash down to the mat with a sick echoing thud that caused an “Oooh!” reaction from the crowd.

The smaller man rolled to his feet and continued to back away holding his stomach when Jade once again screamed at him.

“SVEN! HARBINGER!” She yelled and Sven seemed to be given new and fresh life as he quickly had turned to Harbinger and leaped for a tag.

Harbinger came through the ropes walking straight up to Khadafi like greeting an old friend except he greeted him with a series of hard lefts and rights. Khadafi was stunned but before he could react Harbinger sent him flying into the turnbuckle flipping him upside down. Harbinger was still on the offensive rushing forward and sending the steel toe boot into Khadafi’s mouth. Blood began to run like a waterfall as Harbinger picked him up and drove him to the mat with a piledriver.

Just like that Harbinger had destroyed Khadafi. Quo, who wasn’t about to watch this happen hit the ring, and began to reign down blows on Harbinger’s back. Harbinger quickly recovered and grabbed him by the throat, throwing him into the nearby turnbuckle. Khadafi stood up, blood rushing from his mouth, and snarled taking Harbinger to the mat, pounding on him, before jumping up and yelling that no one made him bleed.

Khadafi reached down to pick Harbinger up but was met with a giant hand around his throat. Harbinger made his way to his feet and threw him into the corner where Sven obviously wanted back in the match. Harbinger cocked his head for a moment and looked to Jade who just smiled.

“Sven!” She shouted. “Gluttony!” The smaller of the two, Sven, jumped into the ring without a tag. He jumped at Harbinger who grabbed him by the ankles and started spinning him around the ring, using him as a baseball bat to hit both Khadafi and Quo. Khadafi was the first to regain his composure and charged in only to be met by Harbinger with a knee to the gut right into The Harbinger’s Bane which was a Package Piledriver, banned in most professional wrestling organizations. It was a hell of a sight to see the power Harbinger used to pick Khadafi up and slam him down like that. Gluttony was waiting on the top rope. Harbinger moved over, slapped him, and moved to the other side of Khadafi. The smaller man flew through the air only for harbinger to grab him in a cutter across Khadafi. Harbinger was back up and Quo shot in only to be met with a close line that should have taken his head off: The Reaping!.

Quo flew to the outside as the referee dropped to make the count.




The trio known as “The Reckoning” had just derailed the Jury’s plans as they picked up the pinfall. Jade had a microphone in hand as the the announcer finished.

“You now see the power of The Reckoning! You now see how no team can withstand this onslaught! Sven! Pride!”

Once again the emotion in the face of Sven completely changed and he had a bit of “swagger” about him as she handed him the microphone and he looked around.

“We follow the truth. We follow the future. You shall be laid to waste by Harbinger and we shall be by his side judging you for all of your failed sins. We welcome you to follow us to his absolution!”

Sven finished what he had to say and Stat Quo started to move a bit prompting Harbinger to pull him to his feet and hit him with the Archangel Complex a vertical suplex piledriver that was sure to keep any man out of consciousness for a while but that wasn’t enough. Harbinger grabbed Sven and put him on the top rope and pointed at the unconscious body of Stat Quo before Jade would yell, “GLUTTON!”


Sven flipped forward from the top rope and slammed his head into the head of Stat Quo busting both men open the hard way. Sven rolled to his feet with a sadistic smile on his face as blood poured from his forehead and Harbinger pulled him back by the hair while Jade led the two back up the entrance ramp.

Winner: The Reckoning via Pinfall

"Lost Angel"

Reno Davis We found ourselves in the skybox office of Damien Lee that looked over the rest of the Arena of Champions. Aside from the usual amount of chaos and paper work, yes the exciting and unexciting, that had to be dealt with on a show by show basis, he also wanted to talk with a valued superstar who had just had one of the most spectacular runs in his up and down career.

“The reason I called you into my office was just to… touch base.” Lee, solemnly looked across the table at Reno Davis. The key word, a few sentences back? Had. No more then two weeks ago the Unwanted Angel had been smiling, throwing barbs with a returning Mr. Relentless.

“You put up such a strong showing, on the road to Glory, Reno.” Damien cracked a smile, “You really were everything I was looking for in a Relentless Champion. Confident, proud, honorable.”

Waiting for a reply that didn’t come, the CEO of jOlt continued speaking.

“You FOUGHT for that title, and you showed its true potential.”

Reno Davis looked away, his startling aquatic-blue eyes lost in the middle distance.

“More then anyone,” Lee paused, his voice deepening, “I think that what happened during Glory was a real shame. Just… a real shame.”

Damien Lee shook his head, and looked away instinctively from Reno when the Unwanted Angel finally met his gaze. Lee was almost ashamed because he hadn’t stood by his talent at Glory.

“You deserved better, jOlt deserved,” was all Lee could say in return as he shook his head.

A piece of paper on his desk caught his eye, a match request.

“Listen, Aran Thompson approached me about a friendly rematch with you,” Lee smiled, and then shrugged, a little bit of excitement in his voice, “But if you’re game I can put that off and you can face off against Chris Titan.”

The excitement from Lee, at this idea of revenge against those destructive Backbone assholes was met with complete silence from the Unwanted Angel.

“Would you like that, Reno? A match with Titan for the jOlt Championship? If anyone deserves it, other then Sylo, it’s you.”

The words entered Reno’s head, the potential to face off against the men who had so recently put him through the ringer like no other. The same men who had turned Grendel against him, twisted the monster’s allegiance to tear him apart.

Still, Reno said nothing. So Lee took a different approach. The man in charge of jOlt’s day to day just wanted Reno at the top of his game again… the fans loved what Reno had accomplished last arc, and damn it, it was good business.

“There’s also the mater of filling the vacant Relentless Championship…”, maybe if he could get Reno back into the Relentless Championship picture again, Lee thought, “Since you were the man who held it before Titan did…”

Still, Reno only sighed in reply. Finally, all the hope and pep in Lee’s face dropped away once again and his shoulders slumped.

“Listen, Reno… I just have to know… are you okay?”

Simply put, at Warriors 8… and then at Glory? The Backbone had broken Reno Davis, physically, psychologically… and emotionally. The red-head hung his head, and quietly whispered one word.


"Three Wrestlers Better"

Gregg Scott Vincent “Warrior” By Volbeat began playing and the fans cheered as Gregg Vincent Scott came walking down to the ring with a demeanor that demanded immediate attention and respect. Vincent rolled into the ring and before the ring announcer; Brad Arnold could finish his introduction of Gregg, GSV had snatched the microphone out of his hand backed him into the nearest corner pointing at him.

GSV looked around the Arena of Champions for a moment before fixing his death gaze on the nearest camera he noticed.

“You know what makes me sick?!” He demanded.


The fans chanted back and it seemed to get under his skin a little.

“When bitches like the BACKBONE come out here and act like they own the damn place! All I ever hear from them is that THEY are the jOlt ORIGINALS and this is their company. They made jOlt what it is and BLAH-BLAH-BLAH!” Vincent coughed, almost vomiting in his mouth, or at least he acted like it, “They make me sick!”

The jOlt crowd cheered for GSV while he walked circles in the ring with one arms around his waist and the other resting on top of it, as the microphone was just below the scowl, defining the amount of anger rushing through his veins at the thought of the Backbone.

“And do you know what else makes me sick!?!” he bellowed.

“WHAT!?!” asked the fans.

“Damien Lee and his bald headed sack of shit, RUNE WINTERS! Where were they when the Backbone threatened the officials and came after me last Sunday!?! It’s not okay for me to raise a little hell, but when the Backbone does it, it IS okay? You see what happens Damien when you don’t have the balls to stand up and do what’s right? You get a dickhead like Chris Titan as your Champion!”


The crowd was silent, not sure whether to cheer, or boo the Resilient Warrior. So they continued to sit and listen, as the rants of the madman continued to enchant the Arena of Champions.

“I want a shot at the vacant Relentless Title and I want to smash it into CHRIS TITAN’S face!”


The fans went insane as Aran Thompson came out from behind the entrance curtain with microphone in hand and his grin that could trick your mother. Mr. Relentless walked to the ring with a cocky stride and slowly stomped on each step of the ring steps while looking at Gregg Scott Vincent. Aran stepped into the ring, keeping some distance from GSV - he smiled and clapped the best he could with a microphone in tow, in GSV's general direction.

“You know..” Aran began as the fans cheered a bit louder for him and he waited a moment to continue. "You know, you did beat Mike Extreme. It's better than those "almost" victories over Reno and Sylo you've been boasting about recently. At least this one's real. But I can't say much I've got a draw and a loss by disqualification because of The Backbone and the grudge they got with ol' blue eyes in the back. But I haven't been pinned or submitted yet, I've been the ever relentless superstar. And because of that, I already got Damien to give me a Relentless title match next week...but it's against JCON."

GSV looked angry and you could hear him scream in disbelief across the ring to Aran; "What?!"

“But the week after that, I'll more than happily give you a shot. How's that sound?”

Vincent shook his head, in disagreement, and stared into Aran’s eyes. He just wanted to reach out and slap the former Relentless Champion across the face for his arrogance and he almost did, until...

“No Church in The Wild” interrupted and out came One Letter Better, Jonathan Conspiracy, with Sweet Aroma lingering by his side. JCON (or CON if ‘yer nasty’) slowly walked to ring side with his own microphone. With his hand in the air waving of the visual attacks coming from GSV while Aran slowly clapped as his Relentless Championship opponent was walking to the ring.

JCON looked at GSV and grinned, “Gregg, you can’t always get what you want. At least, not until you prove your worth in the ring and I don’t think you’ve done quite enough yet, except flap your gums an awful lot!”

“Next week, it’s going to be two former stable mates going toe to toe for the Relentless Championship! It’s a big draw! It’s a money match! I mean it's got Mr. One Letter Better in it!”

JCON began to run down the reason to GSV who wasn’t happy with anything he was saying.

“The best part of this match is, I’m going to win! Well… that and you’re not in it. Who wants to see some whiney “I ain’t getting’ my way” punk in the ring?”


Damien Lee, on the jOltvision, in his skybox office. All three men at ringside, focused above the entrance, while Damien Lee readied himself for an announcement.

“Sitting back here and watching thisI realized something ... Gregg does deserve a shot at the Relentless Title just like the two of you standing next to him do. Just like anyone who wants to challenge for the championship does. So, this Wednesday on Warriors it's going to be jCon, Aran Thompson, and Gregg Scott Vincent for the...RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Everyone in the arena cheered, as all three men stared at each other.

"Oh, and one last thing. Since there is no current champion, the stipulation for the match ... is mine to decide."

The iNtense cameras swirled around the ring, portraying the Relentless title scene, in the ring.

Aran Thompson grinned while nodding his head and clapped with approval.

Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma looked unhappy about the call throwing their hands up in the sky in defiance to Damien’s announcement..

And GSV pounded a single fist into his palm and blankly watched the reactions of his opponents for Warriors.

Triple Threat Match to crown the new Relentless Champion. It was going to be intense.

"Sore Loser"

Jimmy B. Martinez We see JBM in the backstage area, leaning against the vending machine talking to someone on his cell phone. Right after he addressed the fans about his plans in the flyweight division.

“Yea, I finally got a couple matches under my belt. I wrestled a couple of house shows, at Rock the house.” He said.

“Really, against who?” The person on the other line asked.

“A guy by the name of Sanchez Cano.”

“Nice, so who won?”

“Was that a serious question.”

He said, as he leaned off the vending machine and began to walk up the corridor to his locker room.

“I did. You have to stop doubting me, I mean every since we were little kids you were doubting me. You remember that? Telling me you won’t be able to do this, you won’t be able to that. Look at the kid now.”

He explained as he began to laugh.

“You’re right, my fault about that. I have to say lately you’ve been on a roll and you’ve been impressing me.”

“Well stay tuned, because there’s more where that came from.”

“You’ve always been a cocky son of a bitch.”

“Hey, what can I say. Some people are born stars and have that natural talent, other are born like Sanchez Cano and are sore losers.”

“So what do you have planed next?”

“That’s a very good question, which I’m working on as we speak.”

“Good, keep up the good work. I will let you go for now, and keep in touch.”

“No problem brother.”

Jimmy said as he hung up his cell phone, and finally reached his locker room door. He opened the door, and was immediately pushed into his locker room by someone behind him. The door quickly slammed shut, and as soon as JBM turned around he was struck with a Singapore cane right to the skull by Sanchez Cano. JBM crashed to the floor, holding his head in pain as Cano kneeled down next to him.

“So you think, you’re going to use me as a stepping stone to make a name for yourself here. You have to be out of your mind. I refuse to let someone like you, come into our flyweight division and take over. If it isn’t me, it sure as hell isn’t going to be you.”

Cano then stands back up to his feet and over Jimmy’s body. He then raised the Singapore cane once more.

“Here’s something for you to think about.” Cano said.

Jimmy then raised his leg, kicking Sanchez Cano in the groin section right before he could connect with another shot. Cano then folds in pain, as JBM kicked him back so that he can get back up to his feet. Blood pouring down from the head of JBM onto his face, doesn’t stop him. Instead it infuriated him more, and he rushed Cano and grabbed him and placed him on the wall as he dug his forearm into the throat of Cano.

“Let me ask you something. You think you have what it takes to take me out? If you do, you’re highly mistaken. You are nothing, but a sore loser. You know why I make an example out of you, because I can. I will keep doing so, until you begin to realize you are no competition for me. So every little open challenge you make, expect to see me there accepting the challenge. Underground rules, ladder matches it doesn’t matter, because I will be there to shut you up once more.”

JBM then released Cano, and kicked him in the ass right into the door. Cano quickly opened the door, as Jimmy grabbed the Singapore can and threw it at him.

“Take that with you, and let it be the last time you ever think about attacking me from behind. Then you wonder, why I have no respect for you.” He said.

He than opened his locker, and reaches in for a towel as he sat on the bench cleaning his head from the blood that was trickling down to his face.

Aran Thompson vs. Reno Davis
Aran ThompsonReno Davis
“I Don’t Care” by Antidote began to play and Reno Davis came out obviously still in pain from the goings on at Glory just one week ago.

“It was two weeks ago that Aran Thompson debuted and challenged Reno for the Relentless Championship, a night when Reno already had a match to challenge the Heirs of Wrestling for their Tag Team Championships with Grendel…” Michael Buhrman informed the viewers as well as Nathan Powers.

Reno seemed to be in a mood where his focus was clear; make this quick.

“Reno shoudn’t be acting like this he has had two phenomenal weeks and now he gets a chance to be beaten by a guy a grew to enjoy years ago, Mr. Relentless!” Powers told Buhrman who groaned with disagreement.

“There is clearly something different about Aran that you just aren’t seeing Nathan, and Reno has proved night in and night out that he is one tough s.o.b.” Buhrman shot back.

“In his last three matches Reno has failed to pick up the W, that tells me that he is in a slump and will definitely..”


The arena started flashing different colors in sequence to the tempo of the song, “Champion” by Grinspoon. Aran Thompson came walking out and the fans popped huge for him, his arms spread wide and soaking in the adulation he was receiving he stepped in close to the camera and shouted.

“I’m starting to like this good guy stuff!” Aran said smiling before turning his attention over to the ring where Reno Davis stood, ready for a fight so he can go back to what he was doing beforehand. Reno was not the mood.

“Good guy?!” Nathan Powers questioned as Aran slid into the ring and the referee made sure that neither man got a cheap shot on the other.

Reno rolled his neck and twisted his torso a little, while Aran jumped quickly up and down as they both stared over at one another both obviously ready for a battle, the referee signaled for the bell.

Aran and Reno circled the ring a couple times and the fans buzzed in anticipation.

“Folks if you missed their match two weeks ago at Warriors, you missed one hell of a Relentless title match that saw it go to a time limit draw while Aran literally bit the ropes to try and free himself of Reno’s Straightjacket submission hold.” Buhrman, the ever informative, informed.

Reno and Aran both locked up and Aran quickly won the power struggle due to his bigger build and shoved Reno to the ground but Reno was back to his feet as fast as he was put down on the ground. Aran smiled and shrugged as Reno just stared Aran down with his ice blue eyes.

They circled the ring and locked up again but before Aran could again win the battle of center of gravity Reno released the hold and quickly kicked Aran in the knee bringing him down to a kneeling position and Reno quickly followed it up with an elbow to the back of the head and Aran was on the mat.

Reno rolled Aran over and began attacking him with hard shots to the head screaming with every connection. The referee tried to stop the attack and Aran tried to block as well but the referee had to start the five count.



“Reno is a man possessed right now!” Buhrman exclaimed.


The fans popped loudly as Aran managed to catch Reno’s arm and bring him down to the mat chest first and put Reno in reverse hammerlock arm bar while questioning Reno’s motives. Reno screamed out in pain as Aran wrenched in the hold tighter right in the middle of the ring but Reno managed to snake free and pop up to his feet and Aran followed him.

Reno with a hard right but Aran ducked and came back with a punch of his own. Reno rocked backwards after Aran hit him, but it wasn’t going to be enough. The two men began trading blows and the crowd got louder with every blow.

Aran tried to switch it up and Reno ducked his attempt only to follow through with a tackle and a continued assault on Aran’s head and torso with more furious punches. It didn’t take Aran long to get free and this time put Reno down with an armbar. Aran pressed his legs against Reno’s chest as Reno tried to roll free but the combination of his arm being wrenched backwards and the pressure on his chest Reno had no choice but to rest for a second and his shoulders were on the mat.



Reno kicked out as the referee let them both know his shoulders were on the mat and Aran looked down at Reno who was struggling with his arm and loudly asked Reno; “What is wrong with you?!”

Reno managed to slip free again and he stood up quickly trying to avoid the pain in his arm as he shouted for Aran to stand up and fight him. He challenged Aran to come at him and Aran stood there looking at man who just lost his championship and an old friend had just turned his back on him. So Aran stepped back into the corner and motioned for the referee to come to him.

Aran started talking to the referee and the referee would glance over his shoulder toward Reno a bit and this just made him more angry. Reno shoved the referee to the side and started punching and kicking over and over again. Aran tried to block what he could but Reno was out for revenge and Aran was the poor sap that was blocking his line of sight.

Aran tried to kick Reno away but Reno caught his leg and whipped Aran to the mat with a vicious looking dragon whip takedown. Reno looked around and the fans began to buzz as Reno started to climb to the top rope.

Without hesitation or a second thought Reno leapt toward Aran with a marvelous looking shooting start press.



The fans and the announcers all marked out in unison. Aran lifted his knees up at the right moment for Aran to land chest first on his knees and Reno’s body crumbled as soon as the impact came about. The damage wasn’t just done to Reno though. Aran managed to roll away holding his left knee for a second and watching as the referee checked on the down Reno Davis.

The fans began to buzz as Aran used the ropes to slowly pull himself to his feet and his gaze fixed on Reno. Something in Aran had changed and the buzz was getting louder and Aran looked possessed.


“HOLY SHI-WHO IS THAT?!” Buhrman shot back.

A massive body slid into the ring and shoved the referee away from Reno Davis and began to hammer fist the down opponent.


Aran looked around as Grendel continued his assault on Reno and in a panic decided to slide out of the ring and make his way to the back. Aran turned his head with a worried look on his face but kept walking away.

Grendel brought Reno to his feet and set him up in the pump handle position. Reno tried to get free but Grendel just slammed an elbow into his gut so he could hoist Reno up on his shoulders. Grendel slammed Reno down and the fans exploded. At that very second Grendel stood up to growl at his decimation of Reno, Aran Thompson was back in the ring and had sprung off the top rope.


Aran hit his finishing maneuver on Grendel and quickly went to check on Reno who mistook Aran for Grendel for a split second and decked Aran in the face. Aran shook it off and managed to get Reno to figure out what had happened. Aran stood Reno up with him and tried to him Reno out of the ring when the rest of the Backbone came down and the fans didn’t not like their intrusion one bit. Aran motioned for Reno to look as Backbone was coming down to the ring and both men got into a readied position.

Grendel rolled out of the ring and walked toward the Backbone who looked prepared to pounce. Chris Titan laid the jOlt championship on the ground as the rest of the Backbone circled the ring. Aran and Reno were definitely out numbered but that wasn’t going to stop them from trying. They managed to heel them off for a few moments but then all hell broke loose.

Aran and Reno were quickly separated by the numbers game and Bane and Mike Extreme had Aran against the ropes kicking him and slamming their forearms into his back. Chris Titan and Grendel had Reno in a corner as Titan choked Reno against the turnbuckle and Grendel methodically attacked Reno’s ribs.

Reno tried to kick at Grendel in between kicks when he could and finally connected with a hard kick to Grendel’s face causing him to rock back and Titan released his hold on Reno to try and punch him but Reno ducked it and ran toward Loneheart and Mike Extreme diving on to them to confuse them for a second and Aran broke free and he ran after Grendel with a huge lariat that took him over the tope rope and spilling to the outside.

Momentum still at hand he grabbed ahold of Loneheart and whipped him into Chris Titan as Reno took the fight to Mike Extreme only for Extreme to get wise and retreat. Reno turned to see Aran in a punching war with both Bane and Chris Titan and it wasn’t a war he was winning. Reno ran toward them and mule kicked Bane through the ropes to the outside and now it was Aran and Reno versus the jOlt champion; Chris Titan.

Chris started to back away as he noticed he no longer was in control of the numbers and made it through as Aran and Reno looked around to make sure the rest of Backbone wouldn’t sneak attack him. Reno with a death gaze on Grendel as Aran looked around the arena and asked Reno if he was okay.

Reno nodded his head while clinching on to his ribs and Aran patted him on the back and offered him a handshake to which Reno quickly accepted.

“Will we ever get to see these two go at it with an actual finish to the match?” Buhrman asked.

Winner: Reno Davis via Disqualification

"Daddy Daughter Dia de los Muertos"

Hija de un Gran Avispa Both Avispa Compeon Jr. and Avispa Guerrero had gone off on there own tonight, but that didn’t matter because La Avispa Grande were going to be there for the support of Avispa Ultima in his first successful title defense in more then a month. Though there had been complications, due to the Backbone, during the night of champions on Warriors 8… the old man was going to make sure that didn’t happen again.

La Avispa Grande was going to be there, with his daughter, to stand beside his prized protégé, the student who had become the master… his honorary son, Avispa Ultima.

Grande had been so proud, the night that Ultima had first won the Flyweight Championship… it was truly the first step in the Clan Avispa’s run in jOlt. Now that things were back on track?

The sky was the limit.

Though as they rounded the corner on the way to the ring…

Total Conquest.

Sepiroth Du Loc.

And the Starlet Champion Persephone.

The both wore there blood red Backbone t-shirts, both sleeveless, with Persephone’s fitting sooo much better then SDL’s.

La Avispa Grande’s fists tightened. He had been in far too many throw downs back in Mexico, he knew what was coming next, or at least what Total Conquest planned to happen next. Instinctively he put his arm out to protect his little girl, but Hija de un Gran Avispa had the fire of her mother in her, and charged forward, leaping on the Backbone’s Starlet Champion.

La Avispa Grande growled, of all the fights he had been in… it had been a while since he had felt THIS rush of battle. Damn did it feel good. It was shame, then, that the proud lucha stalwart didn’t see Grendel creeping in behind him… his arms spread-wide.

Chris Titan stood further back, surveying the chaos that the Clan Avispa had been party to thanks to his Backbone contigent and with a hand resting on his jOlt Championship he growled. He wasn’t content, but he was damn pleased with the results.

“That’s our half of the deal, done. We’re going to be in power for a long fuckin’ time.”

Avispa Ultima vs. Adam Lazarus
Avispa UltimaAdam Lazarus
It was time for the top two Flyweights in the company to finally… FINALLY square off and find out who was the top dog in the pack. Once and for all. There show down at the pre-Glory night of champion, on Warriors 08 had been rudely interrupted by the Backbone. Little did Avispa Ultima know what had transpired tonight… no, that would have to wait.

"Praise" by Sevendust.

Adam Lazarus. An explosion of red pyro ignited the jOltVision and revealed the man's name in scratched red writing. He jogged out onto the stage, pumped himself up with the crowd. Here was the first RingRats graduate in history. The Innovator. He had made his new home in jOlt, after LoC had been subsumed by it with jOlt’s rebirth… and yet, being in the Arena of Champions…

It felt like home. Yes the Orlando fans made him right at home.

"Song of the Luchador"

Avispa Ultima, of Clan Avispa, was for once not surrounded by his luchador family… his mentor and his mentor’s daughter, his rival, his hot-headed cousin had left his side throughout the night never to return. He had clearly shaken the Flyweight Champion. His Clan was never too far from his side since he debuted at Or Die Trying to win the Flyweight Championship.

Avispa Ultima called for his music to be cut, a mic in his hand.

“I’m so sorry Adam, but I can’t fight you tonight. As much as I have been waiting for this battle…”, the lucha legend was clearly distraught. His accent was thick, but the emotion shone through clearly.

“Your family…” Lazurus had asked for a mic, he had noticed something was wrong when Ultima had made his entrance alone.

“As you can tell, they are missing.” Ultima rubbed the top of his mask, shaking his head, “I wouldn’t be able to give you the kind of title match we both want, until I know where they are.”

“My god…” Adam was nothing if not the nicest, most understanding guy you could meet, “Are they alright?”

“I… do not know.” Avispa Ultima shook his head once more. The leader that he was, it was eating him up that he wasn’t backstage looking for them right now.

“If I can help in any way...” Lazarus began, but Ultima was quick to affirm the sentiments of LoC’s first RingRats graduate.

“Of course, Lazurus.”

And with that, the match was cancelled or at least shelved once again for another show, Ultima making his way to the back. The fans weren’t happy, but their hearts went out to Avispa Ultima and what now seemed like his inevitable clash with those bastards the Backbone.

Unless what had happened to the Avispa Clan didn’t simply end with the Backbone…


Winner: No Contest

"Ratings Drop"

Superstar Vince Jacobs “This is how you want to run this company? You want to play preferential treatment to, of all people, that sack of shit Chris Titan? I made this company relevant again. I made Sylo the champion he is today. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t look as good as he looked in the ring. He is a waste of fucking space and you and these moronic fans cater to his ME.HULK.SMASH act. So have fun drawing any ratings with your champion laid up in the hospital bed with a possible concussion, courtesy of yours truly.”

Damien Lee slid his chair out from behind his desk and got right into Superstar Vince Jacobs' face. Lee was fed up with the talent trying to push him around and he was more than ready to push back.

“You're out of line, Vince. You and I both know that I'm as upset as anyone that Titan is jOlt Champion,” Lee exclaimed.

Jacobs gave Lee a sick smirk. “Out of line huh, well fuck you, I’m Vince Jacobs.”

Jacobs pushed Lee out of his way, causing the jOlt CEO to nearly go ass-over-tea kettle when he bumped into the chair behind him.

Lee yelled to Vince as he was walking towards the Skybox door. “THAT IS IT!! JACOBS!! You're going to be fined for this ... severely!”

Jacobs looked at Lee and walked back to the CEO. “I’m fined for this and you have the old jOlt nobodies walking around attacking people but you do nothing to them? Well, since I am getting such wonderful treatment then how much will you fine me for this?”

To the surprise of everyone in the arena including Natalia, standing in the doorway, Jacobs nailed Lee with a big right hand that dropped the CEO to his knees. There was a collective hush throughout the arena. Jacobs smirked as he turned and walked away with Natalia looking concerned.

Lee held his jaw, looking up at Jacobs walking away. “Screw fining you, Vince, you are SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY!”

It wasn't something that Damien Lee did very often, but he was furious. Superstar Vince Jacobs was suspended from jOlt, and suspended indefinitely. The former Legacy Champion and #1 Contender turned back just before exiting the Skybox.

"Fine. You can expect to hear from my lawyer. Good luck with the ratings while I'm not on the television screen."

"And May the Past Be Laid to Rest"

Derecho “One Reason” by Fade

The arena lights dimmed to a crimson hue as the people stood up and booed. Out from the backstage area walked Derecho with the Underground Championship around his waist. His waist also contained more rib tape. He also sported a bandage over the bridge of his nose as well as a black eye over his left eye.

Derecho looked as if he went through hell and rightfully so as he went beyond his limits to retain the Underground Championship at Glory. Derecho didn’t let those injuries stop him as he walked down to the ring at a brisk pace. Derecho hopped up onto the ring apron and then stepped into the ring where he immediately demanded a microphone. The people continued to boos as his music subsided.

Derecho unfastened the Underground Championship from his waist and held it up to the camera as he didn’t even wait for the boos to subside… he brought the microphone straight to his lips.

“This right here… this is the Underground Championship! I am its owner.. I am the Underground’s King… This will forever be mine!”

The people continued to boo as Derecho snarled back into the microphone after making that bold statement.

“Why will this forever be mine? Because each and every one of you willed it to be so. You pushed me and pushed me and pushed me, wanting me to uphold the laws of the Underground as its champion. You wanted me to abandon the fact that I am the single, greatest professional wrestler in this world and you wanted me to shred every single person put in front me down to nothing!”

Derecho paused and then calmed his voice.

“And all for what?”

Derecho paused again as he had a genuine look of inquisition on his face.

“All because you wanted to see blood? All because you thought I made a mockery of the Underground? Because my skills as a professional wrestler were lost within the bloodthirsty minds of you people who wanted to live vicariously through me? Was that the reason as to why I am who I am today?”

The people booed, but it wasn’t as loud. People were actually interested in what Derecho had to say.

“Maybe it was like that. Maybe I did let all of your voices into my head.”

Derecho paused.

“No… I KNOW I let all of you influence me. I went on a path of destruction and cut everyone down that was put in front of me all because each and every one of you wanted it and wished it to be so and because of that… perhaps my eyes were opened. Because of that it seems I have discovered my true self, but you see.. that’s a good thing because now that I know who I truly am… I don’t have to worry about pleasing you people anymore.”

Derecho talked as if he were doing what the people wanted all along, but in reality, he really wasn’t.

“You see… I don’t need to fulfill your every wish.. your every demand. A true king doesn’t have to listen to the subjects. I am who I am…. I AM THE UNDERGROUND CHAMPION AND I AM THE TRUE KING OF THE UNDERGROUND!”

Derecho cracked a grin after he shouted those words.. almost as if he was trying to encourage himself.

“At Glory… I gave Citizen his opportunity and once again, I proved as to why I am the very BEST at what I do because Citizen is nothing more than a mere memory now. He is just another name added to the long list of people that have stepped before me and have fallen, but Citizen’s fall will not be in vain for you see, I am using that to end an era for myself.”

The people looked a bit puzzled as they closely paid attention.

“It is the end of my era where I delve into my past to discover who I am. I no longer have to remind myself that I used to be the owner of a company where I put countless people through hell.. that I played with their very lives and made them sacrifice their bodies more than any human should for the entertainment of the fans. I don’t have to remember that I was a man with a cold heart that could not love.. not even my own wife who I vowed to be with for all of eternity. I have thrown her aside for nothing but success in this business, but I no longer need to remember that.”

Derecho paused and continued

“All those memories.. all that mental fuel… it’s no longer needed for my eyes are open and I am awake to the fact that this is who I truly am! There is no greater truth about my existence then what is standing before you here today so with that being said… from here on out… I’m not going to care about how you people demanded blood from me.. I’m not going to care about what happened to my personal life and my business life because living in the past will only drag you down. I now look toward a shining future where I remain here as the King of the Underground… as its Champion… and the trail of bodies… the countless sacrifices are offered to me to continue that path into that future!”

The people continued to boo as Derecho spoke once again.

“Right here, right now.. I proclaim that I am putting my past behind me… and my future will forev…….”

Before Derecho could finish…

A unified pop arose from the crowd as‘Vicarious’ by Tool crept out from the overhead PA system. Brandishing a set of bandage wrap over his left shoulder and bicep, Ninja K sauntered his way from the gorilla position and stood at the apex of the entrance staging area. Camera Six trained its focus on the growing scowl adorning the reigning Underground Champion’s visage. The musical interlude subsided, allotting Kenshiro to sweep his hair back and raise the mic to his lips.

“Derecho; I’ve been listening intently from the back and respectfully, I find several egregious claims made on your behalf that demand to be addressed.” Kenshiro mentioned before continuing. “The first is your ‘claim’ of being the ‘best’ wrestler in the world…” The audience responded in kind as he continued. “I personally find that suggestion as an outright fallacy, which I am all the more ready to put that statement to the test.

The masses rallied behind the ninja’s challenge to the Underground King’s throne. Derecho tilted his head to the side as if he thought Ninja K was out of his mind. Maybe it was because he couldn’t understand why Ninja K would come out here and challenge him to an Underground Championship match out of the blue like this.

Kenshiro swept his hair away from his visage before pointing at the champion’s direction. “Now if there is anything that the public and myself can overwhelmingly agree with is that you truly are and have always been a fucking asshole…”

Derecho looked on at Ninja K as if he didn’t know what he was talking about, but Derecho’s expression changed as if to acknowledge the fact that maybe Ninja K was right.

“That truth has long been established as via your time as a company owner to this very moment. No matter. That pales in comparison to the second of many grievances with the likes of you; Having been robbed of my opportunity as the Number One Contender for the jOlt heavyweight championship…and in the wake of gaining a slight measure of retribution against Phoenix last night at Glory…I hereby am placing my challenge to you as the new retainer of the Underground Championship…

Derecho brought the microphone up to his lips.

“Don’t cheer just yet…”

The crowd booed as if they felt that Derecho would back away from this challenge.

“First off.. I want to address something. You said that you always knew I was a … quote unquote… fucking asshole? Where do you get off claiming you know anything about me? What are you trying to insinuate? That I’m the same person as I was ten years ago?”

Derecho took a moment and scratched his head and then continued.

“No, Kenshiro.. you may think I’m the same.. but I’m not. I was out here making a proclamation. I was stating that I am putting the past behind me. That includes you, Kenshiro. If you think you can waltz out here and demand an Underground Championship match just because you and I have a history.. then think again.”

Derecho gritted his teeth.

“Make no mistake.. I am NOT the same asshole. I am NOT the same person. I am something far more dangerous. Just look at all that came before you. Look what happened to them. Now you want to come out here and claim to have a legit reason for wanting this title? No…”

Derecho walked toward Ninja K and stared a hole right through Kenshiro.

“I have evolved, Kenshiro. While you have stuck with the same crappy Ninja gimmick for the past ten years… I have evolved past what I was in xW… I have evolved past what I was in LoC. I am the KING of the Underground… I made this championship more important than the jOlt title. I will forget everything that has happened in my past and I will continue to evolve because I don’t need the past… and I don’t need you trying to drag my past back into my life.”

“The answer is no.”

A subtle chuckle was emitted through the partial mask as both rival burned visual holes through each other.

"An eye for an eye, Derecho." Kenshiro uttered. "You've made mention of allowing the pressure of public opinion to render you malleable to their whims. Unfortunately, for you, I am long removed from such an unsettling predicament.

A swift twist of Derecho's wrist and shove to the sternum granted the ninja distance from his vile counterpart.

"If there is anything learned from our numerous battles is that psychological warfare is, by far, the most damaging element in any conflict. The duration of recovery is as extensive as it is slightly improbable...I will hurt you. I will make you bleed. Physically... Mentally...by any means nessecary until you are completely and utterly broken...Forever more..." The ninja replied mockingly.

Ninja K dropped the mic as he exited the ring. “Vicarious” by Tool struck up and while Derecho wanted to end one chapter of his life, Ninja K came out and began a new chapter all together.