"The Strength of the Superbeast"

Sylo “You know letting you do this goes against my better judgement, right?” Damien Lee leaned up from his desk and stared across at Sylo who scanned Lee’s face the entire time.

“This isn’t about your judgement. This isn’t about what’s good for business. I signed all the waivers. So let me tell you what this really is about.” Sylo’s face was pure stone. No emotion seemed to break through.

“This is about me beating Vince Jacobs yet again, him proving he’s the cry baby bitch I knew he was, and then because he didn’t get his way he took his ball and went home, but, not before he attacked me from behind. Now, flash to Titan coming out and stealing my title and now he thinks he deserves the world. He has something that belongs to me and I plan to get it back.”

“You have to understand my concern though. You work your ass off, you deserve a break, are you sure you don’t want to take a month and get fre-” Sylo stopped Lee with a stare that could break a man. Sylo stood, towering over Lee, before leaning over and getting uncomfortably close to Lee.

“You don’t know me Damien. You don’t know what I’m capable of. What you’ve seen in jOlt is but a fraction of what I am. They say an injured or pissed off SuperBeast is a dangerous SuperBeast, well, I’m both. So tonight, I’m the man that proved a SuperBeast trumps a Titan, and I’m going home with my jOlt title.” Sylo pulled back, throwing the Legacy title over his shoulder. Lee just sat silent as he watched the monster of a man leave his office. Lee let himself ponder for a moment -- Had jOlt yet to see the true strength of “The SuperBeast”?

"Against the Odds"

Chris Titan "Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

iNtense 65 started in much the same way iNtense 64 began the week prior, with the Backbone heading down to the ring. With their leader, Chris Titan, wearing his jOlt Championship proudly around his waist while a Backbone t-shirt draped over the front of it. With the rest of the group jawing at the fans and surrounding the ring, allowing their leader to stand alone inside the squared circle.

"So ... this is the big night, is it?"

Titan, along with the rest of the Backbone had a good laugh together while the fans continued the jeering they began when the music hit for the jOlt originals.

"The night I face ... THE SUPERBEAST!"

That turned the mood around for the fans in attendance.

"But you all seem to forget one very important fact. I've already beaten Sylo. I've already won this championship I'm wearing right now from him. And when the record books look back on that moment the only thing that it will read is Chris Titan defeated Sylo via pinfall. That's it. That is all that matters. Now you people, you may think the way I won this championship was cheap. Allow me to ask you one question ... what would you have done in my situation?"

Chris Titan looked out snarling at the Arena of Champions faithful.

"You would have done the exact same thing, don't kid yourselves. Opportunity knocks but once and if you don't answer it you're an idiot. I'm not an idiot. I took advantage of my opportunity and now I am the jOlt Champion. So what makes you think I can't do that again? What makes Sylo think I won't find a way to drop him to the mat for another three quick seconds and walk away with my championship? What's stopping me, huh?!"

Lights Out.

Cue Johnny Cash.

“And I heard, as it were, the sound of thunder…

One of the four beasts sang come, and I see and, I saw…

And Behold! A White Horse. And his name that sat on him…

Was death…

And hell…followed with him.

A blinding white explosion, that was a symbol of The Superbeast, would rock the arena entire Arena of Champions to its core as “Miracle” by Nonpoint began to play. Needless to say the fans were on their feet cheering at the top of their lungs. Sylo stepped through the smoke with only the Legacy title over his shoulder and stared at the backbone. He hadn’t even changed out of his street clothes yet as he made his way down the ramp.

“Is he crazy? He’s going to a ring filled with the Backbone!” Powers yelled as the fans were trying to drown him out.

“Sylo may be pushing it coming against these odds. He has two broken ribs, multiple contusions, suffered a major concussion, and has multiple strained ligaments. Those aren’t injuries that just heal in a matter of days,” Buhrman remarked.

Maybe he was crazy or maybe he just didn’t give a fuck about anyone in that ring. Maybe he didn’t care about being taken out because he knew a few would go with him. Titan shouted orders as Sylo climbed in the ring and stared down the entire BackBone that was perched to attack. All Sylo did was pull out a microphone and look over every member one more time before speaking.

“If you were smart you’d turn around, go to the back, and bring a tank if you think you’re going to take us all on,” Titan sneered. Sylo just stared him down.

“You’re looking at the Nuclear Bomb itself and I don’t have to take you all out -- just you, Titan,” Sylo snarled to the fans approval. “You did the only thing you could and I can’t blame you for that. You cashed in the Relentless title while I was out cold because Jacobs is a coward. Why was it a smart move? Because you can’t beat me any other way. Because you know that even at fifty percent you can’t beat me on your best day. That’s what happens when you’re a washed up has beens that needs a group of flunkies, no talent hacks, and of course Krispy Kream over there.” The entire Backbone took a step forward but Sylo just stood his ground. “Think about it before you give that command. They attack me, I take a few out with me, and then the rest of the people you’ve done wrong come flooding down that ramp and finish you off. So your option is to face me, tonight, for that,” Sylo pointed at the jOlt title. “And I suggest we do this in the Pit.” Sylo snarled as the fans roared in response.


“Enter your match for my title? I’m not stupid. You’ll get your title shot when I say you get it and it won’t be in the Pit,” Titan replied as everyone booed.

“Of course because you wouldn’t have the numbers game. So on top of being a nobody you’re a coward,” Sylo snarled again.

“Coward? No, just not stupid. A nobody? Who’s holding this title and who isn’t? Besides, everyone knows doctors won’t clear you.” Titan quipped but Sylo only laughed.

“Even at fifty percent I can still beat you and the rest of your flunkies. See I’ve held back this monster inside me for too long and I’m done holding back. Tonight I’ll break both you and the BackBone. Ask Crispy over there what I do to people that get in my way. Titan you want these people to bestow you with my moniker. You want them to chant all hail the king to you but you’re no king. You’re nothing but a peasant that decided to sit in my chair.” Sylo moved past Titan to Grendel.

“I may be a pawn in your game but to these people I’m the king. Ask this one. Ask him what it felt like to be tied to a cross and set on fire. You think this is your deterrent to me? You’re a fool Titan and tonight you meet that monster I’ve held back because you have something that belongs to me,” Sylo moved back over to Titan as he stared at every member of the BackBone.

“Tonight I’ll be the man that broke the BackBone,” Sylo eyed Titan again full of malice. “Tonight I’ll be the man that slayed a TITAN."

“That’s where you’re wrong. You’ll get your rematch when I, the champion, decide you get a rematch, on my terms, on my time. Understand?”

“What I understand is this -- one way or another, match or not, tonight I’m going to kick your fucking teeth down your thorat.”

"Gentlemen, gentlemen ... please?!"

Damien Lee appeared on the entrance ramp, microphoen in hand and ready to take care of business.

"Sylo, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ... Titan's right."


"Wait a minute, wait a minute! Hear me out! Titan is right, Sylo, he does not have to enter the Pit when he puts his title on the line against you."

The Superbeast did not like the news he was receiving from a man that he assumed hated the Backbone as much, if not more, than he did himself.

"In the interest of fairness, you did get to pick your stipulation against SVJ at Glory. In your rematch it's only fair I give the same advantage to the man you're facing. So, the match will not be inside the Pit. That said, however, the match will be tonight!"

"WHAT?!" Chris Titan was in total shock. He was going to put his title on the line tonight? "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

"I really can, Chris, and I did. You should also know that if any of your little Backbone cronies find themselves at ringside tonight you will forfeit the match, and the jOlt Championship."


"Okay, think back to about thirty seconds ago when I said I can do that and I did do that. Now apply that to this current situation."

Meanwhile, Sylo's demeanor became slightly more satisfied. Oddly enough, so did Chris Titan's.

"The Backbone is banned from ringside? Is that the best you can do, Lee?"

"That's correct, the Backbone is banned from ringside unless you plan to hand over the jOlt Championship to me tonight."

"Fine, my stipulation ... is a Falls Count Anywhere match."

Chris Titan dropped his microphone and exited the ring, flanked by his Backbone affiliates as he made his way up the ramp and past Damien Lee. iNtense ventured backstage.


Aran Thompson Dawn Cassidy stood proud, her back straight and her head held high.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The first ever TWO TIME Relentless Champion! Aran Thompson!”

The camera panned out and revealed Aran Thompson proudly displaying the Relentless Championship as it wrapped around his waist. He held his thumbs in between himself and the title helping the silver championship display better, and he was grinning from ear to ear. Aran closed his eyes and took in the cheering that came from the fans. After the cheering began to die down, Aran opened his eyes and looked at Dawn stilling grinning from ear to ear and said: “Damn it feels good to be Relentless.”

The fans began loudly cheering again and Aran took the moment to unstrap the Relentless Championship from his waist and hoist it on to his left shoulder.

“You know Dawn, maybe you can help me out? I can’t decide if I should keep it draped over my shoulder or strapped around the waist? The girlfriend says waist because it gives the ladies a bigger reason to be staring at Mr. Relentless’ ….display

Aran pointed to and displayed the word “Relentless” that is branded across the front of his trunks and Dawn blushed as he put his finger on her chin and pushed her head up a little.

“My title is up here.” He said softly as she realized he caught her looking a bit longer at the front of his trunks than she should have.

Dawn stammered to apologize as she blushed even deeper, but Aran played it off as if she was in on the joke the whole time and smiled and put his arm around her, only causing her to blush even more.

“Now, I assume you asked for this time so I can announce my stipulation! And believe me, after that fatal four way with Bane, JCON and Vincent….I needed to come up with something good, something entertaining….something for everybody who has decided to place this target on my back.” Aran looked around and smiled.

“I’m the hottest thing on the market! I’m not just The Relentless Champion! I’m technically the number one contender to both the Jolt Championship and the Underground Championship! Because as long as I hold this title, I have a guaranteed shot….at one of those titles.”

Aran nodded his head a bit before turning his attention to Dawn and looking into her eyes.

“So I came up with a stipulation that is good for me, and it also gives someone a shot at my title EVERY SH……


“…oh….it’s you….” Aran said as he was interrupted.

The slow clapping continued as Jonathan Conspiracy and his lovely wife Sweet Aroma entered the scene.

"Congratulations, Mr. Thomp...", started Conspiracy only to be stopped by Sweet Aroma who whispered into his ear. Conspiracy cleared his throat and continued.

"Ahem, Mr. Relentless, on behalf of Sweet Aroma, and myself... Mr. Conspiracy, I would like to congratulate you on becoming the first ever two time Relentless Champion, and I'd also like to congratulate you on resembling something of a human being upon your return to the Arena of Champions."

Conspiracy extended his hand for handshake, only to pull his hand back when Aran Thompson reciprocated the gesture.

"Not so fast Mr. Relentless, you see that isn't the only reason why I'm here. Now that you are the champion I'm sure you need to tend to the business of announce your stipulation or stipulations for any future Relentless Championship matches; but tonight is not the night for all of that. Tonight I request, a one on one match against you. Because everyone knows who was the best performer in our match that also involved that Grotesquely Snotnosed Vermin and Mr. Loneheart. You just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and pulled off some lame move that probably isn't even legal to defeat me. That's okay though Aran, because if you are the man that you claim to be, you will grant me this match tonight; and after I defeat you I will be watching and waiting for my opportunity to do it again with the gold on the line. Now I'll leave you, and my sloppy seconds, so you can decide if you are who you say you are... Mr. Relentless."

Conspiracy started to depart along with Sweet Aroma, leaving Aran Thompson to make a decision on whether or not he'd give "One Letter Better" what he wanted, but it wouldn't take that long as Aran Thompson halted Conspiracy’s departure.

“So you wanna be a champion?” Aran asked stopping Conspiracy and Aroma in their tracks.

Jonathan turned his head not even bothering turning his whole body around and Aran adjusted the Relentless Champion that rest on his shoulder.

“You’re on.” Aran just agreed to a non-title match with Jonathan Conspiracy and the Arena of Champions was abuzz. The scene faded away with Dawn Cassidy trying to find out what Aran’s stipulation is going to be but Aran ignored her and walked off.

Sweet, Sweet Lovin' vs. Heirs of Wrestling
Sweet, Sweet Lovin'Heirs of Wrestling
“Forever (Travis Barker Remix)” by Drake

The arena erupted into a chorus of boos as the former jOlt Tag Team Champions made their way out from the back! Accompanied by Mary-Lynn Mayweather… the trio of Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway, collectively known as the Heirs of Wrestling made their way out on stage! They are living proof that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. Tonight we have a rematch and tonight they walk in the challengers for the first time since Divide & Conquer.

It looked as if Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver would be the duo elected to try and take back the titles. They were the original two that won them so their game plan looks to remain the same!

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith

The arena stood up and cheered as Sam Sweet and Lennox Love stepped out from the backstage area with smiles on their faces and championship titles around their waists! The duo emerged from the back with the ever charismatic Jon Katz Jr. by their side! Katz was very pumped for this as he hyped up both Sweet and Love. They entered the ring and held the tag team championships up into the air after claiming them in one of the biggest upset victories in jOlt!

Love and Gallway were set to start, just like in the last encounter and we didn’t have to wait!




Gallway exploded from out their corner and began to pummel away on the back of Lennox Love. Gallway then turned Love around and opened up with closed fists to the face! The referee admonished Gallway, but he told the referee to shut up as he whipped Love off to the ropes, but Love reversed and sent Gallway into the ropes instead! Gallway came back and was met with a deep arm drag by Lennox Love! Gallway popped up and was met with another arm drag by Love! Gallway then rolled out of the ring and kicked the barricade in frustration.

Love made the crucial mistake and turned his back to Gallway as he looked for approval from Katz and the crowd who cheered and applauded him. Gallway then reached into the ring and tripped up Love as he pulled his legs out from underneath him! He then dragged Love to the outside where he whipped him chest first into the barricades. Gallway then got up onto the ring apron and measured Love. As Love got back up to his feet, Gallway ran forward and nailed a leaping front roundhouse kick to the chest of Lennox Love! Gallway stood and pulled Love back to his feet where he rolled him back into the ring.

Gallway rolled in after Love and made the cover with the leg hooked.



Love popped the shoulder up.

Gallway then sat Love up into a seated position and kicked Love right in the chest. Gallway then hit the ropes and came back with a running shooting star press down onto the abdomen of Lennox Love!! The crowd let out an “OH” then boos as Gallway made the cover again.



Love kicked out. Gallway then grabbed Love and dragged him over to the corner where he tagged in Frank Silver. Silver came in and opened up on Love with a punch to the stomach. He then followed it up with a knee to the stomach before he backed him into the corner. Silver then lit up Love’s chest with a vicious knife edge chop. He then hit a second and a third which turned Love’s chest red. Silver then backed Love into the ropes and shot him across the ring. He came back and was met with a front waist lock then a belly to belly overhead release suplex by Frank Silver!

Silver then looked to the corner and stuck his pinky into the air. He took off toward the ropes, but in a display of sheer will, Love got up to his feet and nailed a drop kick to the face of Silver as he rebounded off the ropes! Both men were down as Love looked toward his corner to tag in Sam Sweet. As Love began to crawl, Silver shook off the effects of the drop kick and grabbed Love by the leg. Love turned and went to kick Silver, but Silver captured the other leg and turned Love over into a Boston Crab!

Sweet tried to come into the ring, but the referee saw it and told Sweet to get back onto the ring apron. Silver relinquished the hold and then dropped an elbow across the lower back of Lennox Love! Silver stood and once again dropped another elbow across the back. Silver then tagged in Ryan Gallway as Ryan ascended the turnbuckle pads. Ryan leapt off and dropped a Frog Splash onto the lower back of Lennox Love. Gallway then tagged Silver back in who immediately reapplied the Boston Crab!

Jon Katz Jr. slapped the ring apron to try and get Love back into this, but Love’s back was killing him. He was very close to tapping the tag team titles away, but Love saw Sweet cheering him on as well as Jon Katz. Katz even yelled that he might dance again and this fired up Love! Love clenched his fist and used all his might to crawl toward the corner with Frank Silver on his back!

Love almost made it to his corner when Silver pulled him back into center of the ring and reapplied the hold. Love pounded his fist on the canvas to show his determination. Love once again used all his might to crawl toward his corner.

Love gets there and in once last burst of strength makes it to the corner with Silver on his back and only the finger tips touch Sweet’s but it’s still ruled a tag! Sweet comes into the ring and forearms Silver in the back of the head! He then charged over to the corner and knocked Gallway off the ring apron! Sweet then pulled Silver up and whipped him into the ropes.

Big time clothesline by Sam Sweet! He helped Silver back to his feet and set him into the ropes again. Sweet telegraphed the back body drop, but Silver kicked him in the chest. Silver backed into the ropes, but when he came back, Sweet was ready and hit a big time power slam on him! Sweet then pointed to the corner and signaled for Sweet Emotions!

Sam Sweet ascended the turnbuckle pads as Silver was still down. Gallway then hopped up onto the ring apron and tried to push Sweet off, but Sweet pie faced Gallway and knocked him off the ring apron. This allowed Silver to get up and ascend the turnbuckles, but Sweet headbutted Silver off the top! Sweet then stood tall up top as the people rose to their feet!


Sam Sweet hooked the leg!




Frank Silver kicked out of Sweet Emotions!

Sweet couldn’t believe it! He pulled Silver back to his feet, but Silver answered with a knee to the stomach. Gallway hopped back up onto the ring apron as Silver made the tag. Silver then walked over and hit an uppercut on sweet. He moved out of the way as Gallway leapt up to the top rope and went for a springboard cross body, but Sam Sweet caught him! Sweet then charged in and slammed Gallway into Silver which knocked Silver to the outside!

Sweet then fell down and dropped Ryan Gallway with front powerslam!

Lennox Love looked ready to be tagged back in and Sweet went over to his corner, but from the other side of the ring, a man entered and clotheslined Sweet from behind!!


From the crowd..


Khadafi grabbed Love by the legs and yanked him off the ring apron where he drilled him with a clothesline on the floor! The referee called for the bell!

Khadafi then slid into the ring as they both hooked Sam Sweet by the neck! Double Team STO! The King Killa and the Ether at the same time to Sam Sweet!

The Jury just made a statement! Apparently they like Sweet Sweet Lovin’ as the tag champions and by attacking them.. perhaps they just secured their spot with a tag team title defense in the future!

Winner: Sweet, Sweet Lovin' via Disqualification

"Wrestling 101"

Jonathan Conspiracy "How the fuck did he do that???"

Cameras opened inside a locker room backstage and revealed Jonathan Conspiracy applying an abdominal stretch to Sweet Aroma... the male audience inside the Arena of Champions popped at the compromising position. Conspiracy attempted to lift Aroma up while she was in that position in an attempt to slam her down.

"Mr. Relentless thinks he's all cool and shit coming up with new holds and moves... damn it that's not it."

Conspiracy released Aroma from the hold and collapsed onto the leather couch. Aroma collapsed on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, while she placed her head on his chest.

"Baby, one move isn't going to make or break you. You now know what Aran Thompson is capable of, so why don't you show him that tonight. Show the Relentless Champion why you are 'One Letter Better'."

Conspiracy stared at his lovely wife, knowing that if he wrestled Aran Thompson tonight it would have to be a non-title match, and despite his failed attempts going into Glory, Jonathan Conspiracy was a "gold digger" by nature. If Conspiracy could defeat Thompson tonight then it would only be a matter of time before he got another shot at the title, and if Aran Thompson happened to be the person he defeated after receiving that shot, even better.

"Alright V, that's the plan for this evening. I'm going to find (air quotes) 'Mr. Relentless (end air quotes) to issue a challenge for tonight and I'll prove to him that he got lucky last week. I'll show him that if the match was JCON versus Alsoran I'd be the champion. But of course Damien Lee has a way of screwing things up by not only adding Vincent to the match but he also had to add Bane to the mix, and then he couldn't even pick the right stipu..."

"Speaking of which, what was Bane talking about during the match Jonny?" asked Aroma.

Conspiracy stopped dead in his thought and stared blankly into his wife's eyes as the camera faded.


Gregg Scott Vincent “Warriors” by Volbeat.

The Arena of Champions had a mix reaction when Gregg Scott Vincent stepped out from the gorilla position wearing his casual attire, with a black pair of oakley shades blocking the bright rays peering down from the spotlight above him. A scowl stretched from ear to ear as he power walked to the ring.

Once he entered the squared circle, he reached into the pocket on the inside of his wool coat, and pulled out a microphone. The man known as the Resilient Warrior hesitated, allowing the crowd to simmer its radiant tone before speaking.

“Well here I am, standing before all of you, and once again, I don’t have the Relentless Championship around my waist.” he grunted and shook his head, “Mr. Two Time, Aran Thompson is the man now, so if everyone would please applause the The Relentless One for his accommodation, I think he deserves that much!”

The fans cheered, showing their appreciation for the new Relentless Champion.

“Good, now every shut the hell up!”

Vincent blasted, changing the tone in the crowd. They jeered Gregg Scott Vincent for his remark, but GSV just smiled, enjoying the moment for what it was worth.

“You people have your Champion and I have my cigarettes.” he said, reaching into his pocket once more, and retrieved a pack of Marlboro Light cigarettes. He put one into his mouth and sparked a flame to it, with a lighter, he also had in the inside of his pocket.

Gregg puffed on it for a brief moment, grinned, and continued to present the crowd with his thoughts.

“After all the humility, after all the defeats, I just couldn’t resist the bad boys anymore. Hell, I don’t know what I ever quit? It’s not like it improved my game or anything, I’m still the same fucking loser I was two months ago. I’ve changed my gameplans, I’ve got into shape, and it’s still the same ole bullshit!”

Gregg walked around in the ring, a bit disgruntled, with thoughts of humility present in his mind.

“What can I do?” he asked, “I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do! Once someone challenges Aran Thompson, I’ll be the first to rechallenge him, and go after MY title once again. I’ve said it time and time again!”


The fans began to chant Aran repeatively, trying testing the patience of GSV as he stood in the ring. Gregg began to raise the microphone again, but was overwhelmed by the fans as they continued with their chants. The fan base for Aran Thompson had grown extensively since winning the Relentless title and GSV could not believe it. His posters were on the walls backstage, the fans were behind him one hundred percent, and Gregg Scott Vincent hated all of it, forcing him to drop the microphone, and quickly evading the scene. The cameras followed him up the ramp and lost sight of him as he darted the the curtains.

He was up to something.

"Big Mistake: Part 1"

Jimmy B. MartinezCANO! WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT. YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, as JBM continued to look for him in the hallways.” YOU THINK IM GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY, WITH WHAT YOU DID TO ME ON WARRIORS. YOU'RE HIGHLY MISTAKEN, WAIT TILL I FIND YOU!” He yelled.

Jimmy then saw Dawn Cassidy, who had been standing next to a jOlt backdrop with microphone in hand as if she was waiting for some one to interview. JBM still enraged, began to walk towards Dawn at a fast pace.

”Hey, Dawn. Have you seen Sanchez Cano?” He asked, with a determined look on his face.

”No, I haven’t seen him. He may not be here tonight.” She explained to him.

”Yea, it may be in his best interest not to show face tonight. I have something in store for his ass.” He said in a serious tone.

Jimmy then began to walk up the hallway to his locker room, until Dawn screamed out his name to get his attention. JBM than turned around and headed back towards her.

”Jimmy, since you're already here with me. Can I get a quick interview with you?” She asked.

”You want an interview?”

”Yes, I do. I will make sure not to take up all you're time.” She said.

Jimmy than snatched the microphone out of the hands of Dawn. She looked at him shocked and puzzled, as he turned to the camera and stared into it with this look of anger. He than began to address Cano.

”Cano, I know you hear me. Where ever the fuck you at. Last week it was you and I in a singles match. A match where you passed the line, and went over board. Am I surprised? No, not at all. I mean, I knew you were not to be trusted. You proved it once more last week, when you decided to attack me with that damn stick. I hate that fucking stick. Wait till I get my hands on you, im going to snap you're fucking neck like a twig.”

Just then Jimmy spotted Sanchez Cano, exiting the bathroom at the end of the hallway. Jimmy's eye's opened up wide like a predator finding its next meal. JBM began to walk towards Cano at a steady pace, until Sanchez Cano began to run. Jimmy then quickly gave way, and began to chase Cano threw the halls.

"Fuck You All Very Much!"

Gregg Scott Vincent The cameras went backstage where Gregg Scott Vincent was seen pilfering the halls of the Arena of Champions, opening doors, getting a quick glimpse of what was inside those doors. He was looking for someone and as soon as the fans witnessed GSV on the jOltvision, they began to chant Aran out loud, adding more fuel to the fire for GSV.

It was now obvious who GSV was searching for, but he had no luck. Instead, he ran into Bane Loneheart backstage, wielding the infamous lead pipe in his hand. Bane had his back turned to the Resilient Warrior and was unaware of GSV approaching him from behind.

Gregg stumbled into a chair, causing a bit of a ruckus. Bane turned around, as GSV quickly hid behind a corridor.

“Huh?” Bane said as he turned around, “What the hell was that?”

Bane advanced in Gregg’s direction, with his eyes darting in every direction. The lead pipe banged into the palm of his left hand and was on standby, ready to strike at any given moment. Though, Bane grew impatient, and turned back around before he looked around the corner and spotted Vincent posted up against the wall.

Gregg looked into the camera next to him, “Shhh...” he had his index finger, centered on his mouth.

He whispered into the camera, “Aran, this is what you get to look forward too.”

Gregg put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. Then, he reached into his pocket and retrieved two pairs of brass knuckles and slipped them through his fingers. He turned the corner and tiptoed, as he approached Bane.

He was a couple of feet away when he said, “HEY! NUMNUTS!”

Bane turned around.



Bane closed his eyes and hit the floor.

Gregg turned around and flipped off the camera.

“Fuck you all very much!”

Aran Thompson vs. Jonathan Conspiracy
Aran ThompsonJonathan Conspiracy
Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) was now playing inside the Arena of Champions, which meant that it was time for Jonathan Conspiracy to put his money where his mouth was. JCON felt that Aran Thompson for lack of a better word STOLE! the Relentless Championship from him on Warriors, and was looking to prove to himself, and no one else that he is the better of the two grapplers. Conspiracy made his way down the aisle along with his wife Sweet Aroma, but neglected the cheers he received from the crowd. Despite his many valiant efforts Conspiracy just couldn’t seem to get many victories under his belt, especially when a belt, any belt, was on the line. Sweet Aroma stood by on the outside giving her husband some last minute words of encouragement.


But tonight wasn’t about a championship. It was about a champion and a would be contender. The lights dimmed and a deafing cheer was heard through the Arena of Champions as Aran walked out from behind the entrance curtain with his arms wide open as “Champion” by Grinspoon played. Around his waist he had the Relentless Championship, and tonight Mr. Relentless was on a mission to validate his championship victory, and he couldn’t think of a better way to do it. After what many claimed was a showstealing match, it was time for him and Conspiracy to attempt to replicate their latest chapter and based on their presumed dislike of one another, it wasn’t going to take much to get the two going.

Aran entered and unbuckled his Relentless Champion and displayed it for all to see. He then handed the championship over to Darius Underwood who handed it over at ringside for safe keeping. It was at that moment that Conspiracy pounced on his opponent for the evening as Underwood signaled for the bell to start the match. Conspiracy had early control of the match up after his initial blow, an axehandle smash which sent Aran Thompson sternum first into the top turnbuckle. He grabbed Aran by the arm and irish whipped him into the opposite diagonal corner and connected with a clothesline on Mr. Relentless. Thompson staggered out of the corner into the clutches of Mr. Conspiracy, who would kick him in the gut which allowed him to set the Relentless Champion up for a suplex, however Aran blocked it and took Conspiracy up and over with a suplex of his own.

Both men where down, but Aran got back to a vertical base, and took in the admiration from the crowd in attendance.




Thompson took a cue from his attendance and brought Jonathan Conspiracy to his feet. He would then whip “One Letter Better” into a corner. He bowled up his fist and pointed at Conspiracy to gauge the crowds approval, and they were all for what was about to happen next. Aran climbed to the middle rope and started to unload on his former stablemate Darius Underwood started his five count.


The crowd started their own count with each and every punch to the noggin of JCON.








But instead of nailing JCON a tenth time, Aran jumped back from the ropes as the referee admonished him about the closed fist. In an attempt to escape the corner Jonathan started to pull himself out of harms way with the assistance of the top rope. He didn’t get far however as Aran would clothesline him to the outside. Aran turned his attention back to the crowd, and the cheers really seemed to give Mr. Relentless an idea of what he should do next. He looked over his dazed and confused opponent attempting to get back to a vertical base. He sprinted to the opposite end of the ring as the ref started a ten count on Conspiracy. On Aran’s return trip he was set to deliver what looked to be a suicide dive only to stop short when he noticed Conspiracy using Aroma as a shield.

He then attempted to exit the ring but was stopped by the referee. The Arena of Champions was far from happy about Thompson not being able to perform the maneuver, and Underwood grabbing a hold of him to keep him from exiting made matters worse. Conspiracy leapt up onto the apron and dropped Thompson across the top rope. Aran stumbled away, and Conspiracy followed up with a springboard crossbody block to the champion.




Conspiracy should’ve known that he wasn’t going to defeat Thompson that easy, and grabbed Aran’s arms and wrenched then back while he placed his knee into his spine. The crowd got firmly behind Thompson and a wave of adrenaline moved through his body as he got himself back to a vertical base, and reversed the hold. Now it was Jonathan’s turn to pay, but he wouldn’t pay for long as “The Attention Getter” broke free from the champ and nailed him with a right hand.


Thompson returned with a right of his own.


And the “NO!/YES!” dueling chants got louder with each shot thrown from the competitors.






Aran Thompson dropped his rival after blocking his final attempt and went on the offensive. Jonathan managed to get back to his knees, but that wasn’t the best of ideas considering where he was.


Aran nailed him with a kick to the chest.


He followed that up with a second kick to the same area.


A third kick to the chest and…


…a fourth kick to the head sent Jonathan back down to the mat.

Thompson covered.




Aran knew he wasn’t going to defeat Jonathan with the kicks, but he knew that it was needed in order to expel some more of Conspiracy’s energy. He brought Conspiracy back to his feet and took him back down again with a neckbreaker. He climbed up to the top rope and leaped off and drilled him with an elbow drop and covered again.




Aran got Jonathan back to his feet, and whipped him into the ropes. Aran dropped to the mat and Jonathan leaped over him. Aran attempted a dropkick but Conspiracy hooked himself onto the ropes. JCON brought Aran to his feet and locked him in position for…


Conspiracy then took it upon himself to climb up to the top rope, a Conspiracy Theory was in Aran’s future. Conspiracy leaped…


Aran Thompson had rolled out of the way and ran the ropes as Jonathan grabbed at his thigh in a seated position.





Aran Thompson grabbed at one of Conspiracy’s legs and locked him in a figure four leglock. The crowd’s attention was diverted by a presence making his way down to the ring.




He made his way down to ringside and climbed up onto the apron. Aran Thompson released Conspiracy from the figure four and started to approach SDL, but suddenly SDL vanished from the ring apron.

Sweet Aroma had pulled his legs out from under him and the two came face to face. Thompson wanted to protect his opponents wife, but found himself in a pinning predicament, as Conspiracy snuck up behind him and rolled him up.




Both men got back to a vertical base as Conspiracy went for a clothesline on Thompson, but Thompson ducked and locked Conspiracy’s arms and took him over with a backslide.


A female figure was now on her way down to ringside.






Aran Thompson got back to his feet first and a kick to the gut of JCON upon his arrival to a vertical base led to “Mr. Relentless” applying an abdominal stretch to Mr. Conspiracy. This is how the match the match on Warriors 10 ended as Aran was ready to flip Conspiracy over into a schoolboy pin only to release the hold and exit the ring while Aroma and Persephone pulled at each others hair. SDL noticed Aran coming to the rescue and retrieved Persephone as Aran leaned over the ropes and asked if Mrs. Conspiracy was alright and she signaled to him that she was okay, but Aran Thompson wouldn’t be. He fell backwards and Darius Underwood started to count the pinfall.




Underwood called for the bell, not noticing what happened, and Conspiracy rolled under the bottom rope to the outside and retrieved his wife before making a rapid escape up the aisle. He stopped once he was at a safe distance from the Relentless Champion which allowed for the ref to catch up and raise his arm in victory, while Aran remained in the ring gesturing that Conspiracy had pulled his tights.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall


Sylo “Yeah, that’s it. We’ll beat them at their own game. Okay. Be ready,” Sylo hit end and tucked his cell phone back in his bag. He let out an exasperated sigh as he yanked his shirt off looking at the heavy bandages on his ribs. The deep purple bruising were added reminders of the atrocities committed against him. Jacobs and then Titan both took his Glory and he blamed himself more than anyone involved. He should have known Jacobs would snap, he lived for gold, and knowing that was it for him he should have seen the inevitable coming. If he had just stopped that Titan would have never cashed in and took his title.

“There you are,” A feminine voice echoed behind him. He signed again and turned to face the woman he fell in love with; Aria Murphy.

“Yeah, sorry, busy night. I’m getting ready for later. I thought you were taking the night off anyway,” Sylo turned and began pulling his gear out of the duffle bag. Aria stepped forward and placed a hand on his turning his attention back to her. She gently pulled his face flush with hers.

“You’re going to war. A war where you’re nowhere near one hundred percent and the deck is stacked against you. Even if The Backbone is banned from ringside they’ll find a way to get to you. I’m here to make sure you’re not alone for once. I’m here to support you. I won’t lecture you about how you shouldn’t be here, much less cashing your rematch in tonight, but just know that I’m concerned. You haven’t, well, you haven’t,” Aria bit her lip a bit. “You haven’t been you lately.”

Sylo exhaled slowly closing his eyes. He collected his thoughts before looking at Aria again.

“I haven’t been me in some time. I set out for the Legacy title, to keep it away from those who didn’t care about what it stood for, and in the process I became some sort of hero as well as the “face” of jOlt. I’m not a hero. I’m not the one that goes out there week in and week out for everyone to cheer and root for. I’m the guy that breaks anyone and everyone in half and doesn’t think twice about it. Instead I’ve let myself grow attached to people, allowed myself to have friends, allowed myself to love,” He stared at Aria. “I don’t regret us but I fear the path I have to take will show you the monster I really am.”

“You don’t think I don’t already know all this? I was in LoC with you, I saw you. I know the Beast and I love you anyway. If you have to walk through the pits of hell again, if you have to go back to that place, I’ll follow you. I’ll follow you from now to the end of the world.” Aria ran a thumb across Sylo’s cheek. “Justin. I know what the end of this month is for you. I know what you’re feeling. You talk in your sleep. I’m not stopping you, in fact, I’m supporting you no matter what you decide is best but if you try to push me away like you’ve done to others your whole life I’ll kick your ass and the Beast’s ass.” Aria smiled a little as Sylo just stared at her.

“Like I said, I’m not the hero. Yet, now I’m in a position to where the only person that can stop the Backbone is me, the Beast, and I have to show them that what they thought was just a pawn was actually the king. I’m going to show Titan his mistake and I’m going to hurt him but this is only the beginning. They’ll come for you to try to get to me and I can’t let that happen. Just be smart, okay?” Sylo showed concern for Aria for the first time.

“Don’t worry about me. I can hold my own. Plus the Backbone has more than just you to worry about. Everyone they’ve done wrong is going to come crashing down on them. This is war and in this war it’s time to break The Backbone.” Aria’s eyes flickered with the fires of war.

“Then tonight, I deal the Backbone their first real blow. I’ve got to get ready. Just watch your back, okay?” Sylo stared into Aria’s eyes.

“Deal...and you go get what’s yours,” Aria smiled.

“Deal” Sylo replied as he turned back and pulled out his gear. He reached down and pulled out his WAR dog tags he hadn’t worn in a while and stared at them a moment before sliding them on. “Time to go to war.”

"Big Mistake: Part 2"

Jimmy B. Martinez Camera five, than comes in as we see JBM still looking for Cano. The only place too look now is in the parking lot, seeing as he checked every where else. He then opened the door, as he walked threw the door way he was greeted with a singapore cane, which knocked him down to the ground.

"THWACK" "You found me, or should I say I found you.” Cano said, as he began to drag him into the parking lot area.

Cano dropped the cane, as he began to pick JBM up from the floor. JBM with a last minute maneuver decided to hit Cano with a low blow which caused him to fold up. Jimmy than raised his knee which connected with his face, causing Cano to fall back hard, holding his face in pain.

”Did you really think I was going to let you get away, with what you did last week.” He screamed at Cano, who was still on the floor in pain due to the knee.

Jimmy than picked up, Cano from the floor and threw him into a parked car head first. He than picked him up once more and smashed his face threw the car window, causing glass to fly every where. Cano then fell to the floor next to the car, with his face full of blood. Jimmy than went to pick up Cano, but this time it would be Cano who lands a low blow this time around. JBM fell to his knees and was kicked in the face by Cano, causing him to fall back. Cano began to slowly pick up JBM from the floor. JBM quickly fought back with right and left jabs, trying to create a little distance between Cano.

Just than Sanchez Cano's brother Cordova, comes out to the parking lot area from the backstage. Cordova with steel pipe in hand, grabs his brother as to say ”that’s enough”. Cordova and Cano now stand there staring down JBM, as he does the same returning the favor.


Cordova quickly turned to his brother Cano, and smashed the pipe across the head of Cano. Jimmy stands there with a confused look on his face, as blood continued to trickle down his face from his forehead not knowing what to do next. Cordova than quickly turned around, and began to charge JBM with the pipe. Cordova swung the pipe with all his might, as Jimmy quickly ducked under it. Cordova then turned around into a super kick from JBM.


”Is that what you call brotherly love?!” He muttered out, as he shaked his head in disbelief and leaned against the pipe which was holding him up. ”Yah both can kiss my fucking ass.” he said as he spit on Cordova, and walked to Cano's motionless body. ”I will see you at Warriors.” he told Cano, as he pointed to him with the steel pipe.

"As I See It"

Derecho “One Reason” by Fade

The people erupted in a sea of boos as Derecho made his way out from the backstage area. He didn’t have his championship with him.. and in fact, he was in plain street clothes. Derecho power walked down to the ring and moved around ringside. He ripped a microphone out of the hands of one of the staff members at ringside and stormed into the ring.


Right away, his temper had fired off and everyone was kind of taken back by it for a moment. Derecho then spoke as the music quickly cut off.

“I want a clip to be played on the screen. I want what happened to me replayed RIGHT…… NOW!”

The screen illuminated as we’re taken back to Warriors 9.

Derecho blew past various members of the staff as he made a bee line straight to the production truck. Derecho made a fist and pounded away at the door.


Before Derecho could finish, the stinging pain of being hit in the back with a steel chair surged through Derecho’s body. Derecho collapsed to a knee as a man in a black ski mask sporting an X Wrestling T-Shirt came into view. He swung the steel chair again and smacked The Underground Champion dead in the back of the head with it! Derecho flopped face first onto the concrete!

The figure took a few steps backward away from Derecho and dropped the chair. The voice of an official was heard in the distance and the figure took off running.

The clip ended as Derecho brought the mic up to his mouth.

“You think this is funny?”

Derecho paused for a moment and then continued.

“I ask that because I have a few things that I want to get off my chest about you, Ninja K”, stated Derecho.

Derecho paused with his eyes closed. He then opened them up and brought the microphone to his lips.

“A little over ten years ago.. a certain nobody in this business walked up to the door of my office and knocked on it. The door opened on the other side stood a man dressed in a ninja costume. I did everything I could to contain the laughter within me because you looked absolutely ridiculous.”

Derecho paused briefly.

“Yeah.. you weren’t on anyone’s radar. A rookie wrestler looking for an opportunity to prove himself in this ring… a ring that I claim to be my very own kingdom. I was vastly superior to you then much as I am now… but you know what? I had a different heart back then. A heart that was false and unguided. Call it a weakness, but that heart gave you your first opportunity in professional wrestling and you know what happened, Kenshiro? You know exactly what happened.”

Derecho grinned.

“Every drop of sweat, every stain of blood you left on the canvas, every injury I forced you to work through, showed you the ropes, made you pay your dues and all thanks to me, you became something in this business. You became a name that people respected, but not me. I don’t respect you, Kenshiro.. because in the long ten year history between us.. you NEVER once thanked me for anything I had ever done for you. You never came up, shook my hand and said, “Jason.. thank you for my career.. thank you for making me the person I am today”

Derecho paused again.

“That is.. until last week when you showed your gratitude by driving a steel chair into my back while wearing the shirt of the promotion that made you famous… the very same promotion that reminded me of who I truly was and awakened my heart to its fullest emotional potential and I bet you’re sitting back there laughing because you must have thought it was what? Symbolic? Entertaining? Whimsical?”

“Perhaps you did it as a measure of revenge because you interrupted my end of an era speech? Maybe it’s because when you heard I was letting the past go that I, somehow, was indirectly writing you out of my life?”

“I have news for you, Kenshiro.. it’s called EVOLUTION. You take small steps and build toward something greater.. just like I have done. I have left a wake of devastation behind me and I did it because I evolved. I gave these people EXACTLY what they asked for. They asked for blood.. they asked for destruction and when I gave it to them, all of a sudden it was too much.. I had gone too far… and now you’re claiming that I’m not myself because of it.”

“When I ran X Wrestling.. I did EVERYTHING for these people. I gave them the best wrestling matches, the best wrestling shows.. and made nobodies like you into the stars they are today. When I defended my Underground Championship using pure wrestling.. I was trying to be the man I tried to be since I walked away from xW in 2003… I built a name for myself for being a technical wrestling machine.”

“Some even went as far to call me a wrestling terminator because they couldn’t understand how I exemplified such a tremendous workrate.. but apparently it wasn’t good enough. Apparently I’m not allowed to be unique with the Underground Championship. So I looked to my past.. I looked inside of that empty shell of a heart and I found xW all over again and I brought that here to jOlt.. and all of a sudden, it’s too violent.. I go too far.. the people continue to boo me even though I gave them EVERY FUCKING THING THEY ASKED FOR.”

“And now you say I’m not myself!? I’M NOT THE MAN WHO DID NOTHING BUT GIVE TO THIS INDUSTRY!? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!? To me.. you are still that rookie in a ninja costume begging to find his place in this business. Last week proved that to be true… using a coward’s tactic instead of confronting me face to face. That’s why, Kenshiro.. I want you to come out here. I want you to look me in the eyes and then tell me that I’ve changed… and bring a steel chair with you if you want.. because I would be more than happy to rip it from your grasp and return the favor tenfold.”

After a brief moment of silence…

“Vicarious” by Tool

The ninja clasped his chin and shook his head slightly in disapproval.

"Mistakenly, I was under the belief that I was offering a challenge to a champion with an enriched sense of testicular fortitude."

The legions mockingly taunted Derecho at his expense.

"It is blantaly apparent that you have changed..." Ninja continued. "I obviously am left with no choice, seeing that you have degenerated to the likes of this...I find it unfitting, not to mention, unsettling to stomach. Derecho; it is imparative that I ensure you never forget the past for the very monster you created.." Kenshiro pointed to himself. "...will inevitably destroy you..."

Derecho’s eyes widened as he grinned.

“So you admit it then. Those words… you admit that you were the one who slammed a steel chair into my back… I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT. Say that you attacked me like a coward because I turned down your request to have a title match with me. Say it was your motivation.. say it with conviction! Openly admit to me that you have stooped to a new low like the coward you truly are!”

The Resident Anti Hero's eyes forrowed. "Apparently, you've bear no little to no acknowledgement of myself nor my principles. However, I believe I might be made aware of the identity of your elusive assailant but such information will come at a price; I propose that you recend your dismissal of my challenge to your thone as well as, return to the Derecho of old. It would be most fitting in your behalf to not back down from such an obvious challenge.

Derecho stood there a bit dumbfounded. Here he just called Ninja K out on being the man who attacked him, yet Ninja K just dropped the bomb on Derecho that he WASN’T the man who attacked him, but he does know who did. Derecho was taken back for a moment by the statement, but he grinned.

“You know.. it wouldn’t be the first time I would have been wrong… but it doesn’t mean I’m going to apologize because you’re still a thorn in my side. I will, however, issue a challenge to whoever attacked me to face me on Warriors. As for you, Ninja K… the fact that you withheld this information from me makes you just as guilty and you shouldn’t go off Scott Free.”

“So this is what I propose.. since you withheld information from me… I am going to withhold information from you because on Warriors… I suggest you and I pick each other’s poison for the night. You have already picked mine.. so I guess it’s up to me to pick yours. Should you agree… I say with make it a bit more fun. I say not only do we pick our opponents, but we pick our stipulations as well.”

“You stand there and claim that I shouldn’t back down from challenges… I say the same thing back to you.”

Kenshiro nodded in full assurance

"I accept your challenge."

The masses approved with great delight. "I long for the moment when you discover what actually lies in store for you, Derecho. I promise you; it will be well worth the wait...”

'Vicarious' by Tool belted its way free from the PA system as Kenshiro longingly stared at his opposition before passing through the backstage curtains.


Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras ventured backstage and picked up Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma in their locker room. Conspiracy looked satisfied with the outcome of tonight’s events having defeated the current and two-time Relentless Champion, Aran Thompson. Sweet Aroma on the other hand…

“I don’t know who that bitch thinks she is!”, stated Sweet Aroma as she put the finishing touches on her hair. Her brief interaction with the Starlet Champion Persephone didn’t sit well with her as she inspected her face for any signs of the catfight.

“If Aria doesn’t beat her ass, I damn sure will! And when I do we’ll both be champions!”

Conspiracy looked over to his wife with a confused look on his face. He was oblivious to her frustration with what transpired outside of the ring, as he only had one thought on his mind tonight, and that was celebrating his victory and staking his claim as the rightful Relentless Champion, however without that title there wasn’t much proof to back up his claim.

“I’m sorry baby, what were you saying?” Aroma shot a look at Conspiracy. He shrugged his shoulders at her and continued on.

“Look I know you can beat Persephone and bring that Starlet Championship to the family, but we have to take care of me first… you’re time will come, and when it does we will reign a top jOlt like no other male and female combination has ever reigned over a wrestling organization. Think about it, once I win the Relentless Championship jOlt is at our mercy, but it’s all in the timing…”

Conspiracy was interrupted by their locker room door opening, and standing in the doorway…


SDL cleared his throat and proceeded to enter the room. Conspiracy sprung from his seated position and looked ready for combat.

“What do you want Sepiroth!” started Conspiracy. Conspiracy stood his ground while SDL advanced on him. He extended his arms out in front of him and gestured that he did not come to fight.

“Whoa there JCON, I’m not here to fight. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen you, and figured I’d take this time to welcome you back to jOlt. I know I’m late but as you can see The Backbone has been rather busy.

SDL turned to the door and made a motion out of it, “Come on Perse.”

Moments later an unapologetic looking Persephone entered the room, and it looked as though the two Starlets would continue but their respective men intervened before the two could get physical.

“What is that bitch doing here! Get her out!” asked Aroma.

“She’s her to apolo…” started SDL before he was interrupted by Persephone. “I’m not apologizing about anything, bitch if you want me in the ring so bad why don’t you and your husband face me and Sepi here on the next Warriors show.”

Conspiracy and SDL were both surprised by the challenge, but there’s wasn’t much either could do about it when Sweet Aroma responded… “See you at Warriors bitch!”

Chris Titan© vs. Sylo
Chris TitanSylo
Lights Out

Cue Johnny Cash.

“And I heard, as it were, the sound of thunder…

One of the four beasts sang come, and I see and, I saw…

And Behold! A White Horse. And his name that sat on him…

Was death…

And hell…followed with him.

A blinding white explosion, that was a symbol of The Superbeast, would rock the arena entire Arena of Champions to its core as “Miracle” by Nonpoint began to play. Sylo stepped through the smoke in his gear and for the first time the entire arena and those watching at home could see the heavy bandages on his ribs and the deep bruising that the bandages didn’t cover.

“Sylo’s throwing away his title rematch. Look at the condition he’s in,” Powers remarked looking Sylo over from the announce position.

“For once I think I have to agree with you, partner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sylo in this kind of shape. Even he has to have limits and Chris Titan is going to take advantage of every single one of those injuries.” Buhrman, who was normally the counter to Powers, even had to admit that it might not have been the smartest move.

Sylo hit the turnbuckles holding up the Legacy title but winced and rubbed gingerly at his ribs each time. Sylo handed his WAR dog tags and Legacy Title Belt to the ring announcer and took his corner, squatting down, waiting for his prey.

"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

jOltVision lit up with the bright red, glowing outline of a spine. The symbol of the Backbone, whose leader was about to put his jOlt Championship on the line against the Superbeast. Sylo's stare was dead focussed on the entrance ramp. Chris Titan emerged, jOlt Championship belt strapped to his waist, and gave his number one contender a smug wink. He slowly made his way down the ramp, making sure to rub in the fact that he was the jOlt Champion and Sylo was no longer. Mind games from a mad man, it was a sight to behold.

“It’s odd to see Titan without the Backbone though, you have to wonder what’s going through his head.” said Buhrman.

“Do you think he really needs them? He’s at 100% in a falls count anywhere match. It doesn’t matter if The Backbone is banned from ringside, Buhrman.” Powers remarked.

Senior official Mike Hunt took the jOlt title and held it above his head as both men were announced. Neither man looked up at the title, instead, they stared daggers at one another waiting for the bell to sound and the chaos to begin. Sylo’s smirked for a second which made Titan snarl. The audacity of Sylo was more than enough to piss him off. He was the champion. He was the King. Yet this bastard wouldn’t show him any respect. He’d just have to beat it out of him. Just thinking about that made Titan smirk for a moment.

Then came the bell and like Johnny Cash says every time Sylo comes to the ring: Hell followed.

Sylo didn’t bull rush out of the corner like he normally did, which Titan had expected him to do, and before Titan could stop his momentum Sylo side-stepped Titan and threw a knee in his gut. All the air came rushing out as Sylo grabbed Titan by the head and began slamming him face first into the turnbuckle. Sylo grabbed Titan by the trunks and shoulder and spun him, releasing him with momentum that sent him crashing shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Titan groaned in pain before falling through the ropes to the outside. Sylo rolled out of the ring, taking his time, stalking Titan, as Titan grabbed the barricade to pull himself up.

Titan made it to his feet and Sylo grabbed him again but Titan quickly threw elbows into Sylo’s ribs. The former jOlt champion fell to one knee holding his ribs as Titan turned laughing. His expression changed to one of pure rage as he sent a boot into Sylo’s skull. Sylo’s hands went to his head as his vision began to swim. A boot to the head didn’t exactly help recovering from a concussion.

Sylo was down and not showing signs of jumping up to his feet so Titan strolled over to the timekeeper's table and looked around. A gleam could be seen in his eye as he found the perfect weapon to slam into Sylo’s skull and make short work of the “SuperBeast”. His weapon of choice?

The Legacy Title

What better way to finish off the all mighty Sylo than with the thing that started his path to the jOlt title in the first place. Titan would use the one thing Sylo coveted the most. The one thing Sylo would fight and die for. And he would use it to end Sylo’s career.

Sylo was up to one knee as Titan turned. He watched Sylo with a sick, twisted smile holding the title high. The fans spit venom as Titan lowered the title and lined Sylo up. Titan charged forward only for Sylo to explode off one knee and use his lead pipe of an arm to send him spinning through the air and landing on his neck. He dropped the Legacy title as Sylo stood up and took a deep breath before letting out a snarl.

“How about we take you down a few notches?” Sylo snarled down at Titan as he went to the timekeeper and took his chair. He moved back over to Titan, not giving him a chance to get his feet, and started some anger management on Titan.


Sylo went ballistic with the chair across Titan’s ribs and back. An angry red color would soon give way to deep bruising as Sylo held the chair with one hand and drug Titan toward the nearest ring post with the other. Sylo let Titan slump against the ring post and backed up.

“He can’t do this! Someone stop him!” Powers screamed.

“Anything goes and Titan wanted this. Unfortunately no one can stop it, not even the Backbone!” Buhrman replied.



Titan’s head had just been sandwiched between a steel chair and a steel ring post. If Sylo wanted an even playing field then he had more than accomplished that as Titan slumped to the ground, blood already pouring out of his skull. Sylo dropped down and made the cover.




“My God how did Titan kick out?!” Buhrman yelled.

“This is why he’s better than a lowly King or God...he is THE Titan!” Power screamed in reply.

Sylo snarled and stood up. He looked over at the chair which was bent and warped to hell and sighed. Sylo leaned down, holding his ribs, and pulled Titan up by the hair again. Titan, out of pure instinct, started swinging and caught Sylo off guard sending him flying back into the guardrail again. Sylo roared in pain as he slumped down. Titan stood, trying to fight off the vertigo, as his legs tried to turn into pure jello. Titan held on to the side of the ring and took a second to get his bearings about him before walking over and stomping on Sylo’s ribs. Sylo roared in pain as Titan looked around and decided it was time to get the hell out of there.

He wobbled a little as he made his way up the ramp, stumbling a little, and disappeared behind the curtain. Sylo saw Titan running and rage pushed him to his feet. He didn’t run after Titan, he just took it at a nice slow pace. Titan wasn’t going to run from this fight, there would be a winner, so it didn’t matter if he ran to Universal Studio’s, Sylo would just beat his ass on a roller coaster.

Meanwhile, backstage, Titan looked around before mumbling to himself. “Where the hell are they?” he snarled a little as he kept looking, obviously, for the Backbone. Lee said they were banned from ringside and Titan had just found the loophole. He shoved some of the backstage workers out of his way as he stumbled down the hallway, using the wall to help keep himself up as he moved toward the Backbone’s locker room. He checked over his shoulder and noticed Sylo stepping through the curtain but still not in any rush. Titan threw random equipment, chairs, and anything else he could to block Sylo’s path as he got closer and closer to the Backbone’s locker room.

“Where the FUCK are they?!” Titan roared. Usually you couldn’t step five feet without a Backbone member being there but something was off. He had just seen them before his match, he had laid out the plan to lure Sylo to the back, pick him apart, and walk out as jOlt champion and be done with Sylo for good. There was no way Sylo had time to pick off all the members of the Backbone and he knew no one had enough time to rush in there and do any damage. That’s when paranoia hit. “They couldn’t have left me...they love me...they’re my family!” He yelled at no one in particular.

He finally rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Titan looked on in horror because there was a forklift slammed into the door with at least a ton of sound and electrical equipment loaded on it. Not even Grendel with all his strength could break through that. Titan could hear them pounding and yelling from the other side. He stumbled to the forklift but the keys were gone. Out of desperation he actually tried to move the forklift hoping it would give just a little.

“Problem?” Titan heard from behind him. He turned expecting Sylo to be there but instead he found...

Reno Davis “This is embarrassing. I’m trying to get my license to operate a forklift and, well, it turns out I’m not that good at driving one. I think there’s people locked in there.” Reno mocked remorse as Titan roared in frustration.

“You! You’ve been a pain in my ass for some time now! WHY WON’T YOU JUST DIE!?” Titan, covered in blood, screamed as he went to charge Reno but found himself coming to a sudden stop. He felt a jerk of his hair and he went crashing down on the concrete.

“Your fights with me or did you forget?” Sylo snarled down at Titan before looking up at Reno and nodding his way. Reno nodded back and strolled off down the hallway. Titan was still in a rage though and the pain was numbed as he jumped up and with a mighty roar of his own sent Sylo crashing into a set of rolling sound equipment crates. Sylo roared in pain and dropped to one knee as Titan became more vicious, grabbing one of the rolling crates and shoved it into Sylo’s ribs with as much force as he could muster.

“I don’t need my family to beat you! You’re Lee’s poster boy so pinning you again will seal my victory! The Backbone’s victory! I AM THE TITAN! YOU PUNY SUPERBITCH!” Titan roared again slamming the crate into Sylo’s ribs over and over. Sylo slumped over as Titan moved over and picked Sylo up. He grabbed him in a suplex but Sylo threw his leg out and blocked it. Again Titan attempted the suplex and again Sylo blocked it. Sylo threw Titan back and nailed him in the jaw with a stiff elbow, Titan spun around and Sylo wrapped his arms around his hips, with a pop of Sylo’s own hips Titan found himself flying over Sylo’s head and landed on his neck across one of the rolling sound crates as Sylo nailed a vicious German Suplex.

Sylo’s second wind had kicked in too and rage was pushing him forward as well. Sylo moved over to Titan but heard someone from behind yell “CREATION!” Du Luc apparently hadn’t been in the locker room when Reno blocked them in. Du Luc charged Sylo but Sylo had just had enough and threw a hard stiff right that connected with Du Luc’s jaw right on what they would call “the sweet spot” or “button” and he was out like a light. Sylo shook his hand a little from the impact and turned his attention back to Titan but Titan charged Sylo and actually used his momentum to pick him up and toss him....



At this point the fans didn’t care that it was Titan on the attack because he had just lifted Sylo up and threw him through one of the office’s glass windows. Titan fell to one knee as Mike Hunt just looked on in horror. Titan pushed himself up and kicked the office door open dragging Sylo out by one leg. Titan fell to the floor hooking the leg.



KICKOUT! “How in God’s name did Sylo kick out after that?!” Powers yelled.

“It’s the Beast! Sylo keeps proving it’s more than just a mind game or myth!” Buhrman yelled over the screaming fans.

Titan rolled over leaning against the wall, not caring about the broken glass pressing into his hands, as his chest heaved up and down. How the hell would he beat this...this...monster! He knew Sylo would fight but not like this. It was supposed to be easy! No, Titan wouldn’t go down to Sylo and he had a plan.

Titan hoisted Sylo to his feet and began to guide him back to the ring. As they came through the curtain Titan flung Sylo down the ramp. Sylo rolled all the way down the ramp until he hit the ring and stopped with a loud groan. Titan rolled Sylo out of his way with his boot and reached under the ring pulling out a table which he threw over the top rope. Then he went to the steel steps and kicked them over throwing the top steps in the ring. Titan slid in the ring and set up the table on top of the steps and admired his work with a sick smile before rolling out and throwing Sylo back in the ring. Titan actually grabbed Sylo and hoisted him on his shoulders.

“Let’s see you get up from your own move after going through a table and hitting solid steel, SuperBitch!” Titan snarled. He went to hit Sylo with his own move, the Systematic Shutdown, but Sylo somehow managed to slide off his shoulders. Sylo shoved Titan forward and he hit the ropes coming full force at Sylo. He went for the close line on the return but Sylo ducked just enough and grabbed Titan...



Sylo had nailed Titan with a hellacious spinebuster that put him through the table right on to the steel steps. Sylo stumbled back to the turnbuckle and slumped down, unable to make the cover, since he had used pretty much the rest of what he had in the tank. Mike Hunt just watched as it took several minutes for either man to start moving. Titan was the first to move, crawling toward the ropes and rolling out of the ring. He perched on one knee taking in some deep breaths before grabbing a chair from under the ring.

“I think Titan’s ready to end this even though I don’t know how he’s even standing right now,” Buhrman remarked, amazed that Titan was up.

“This is for the jOlt championship! He’s just proving why he’s the better champion, Buhrman! Finish him Titan!” Powers yelled from his announce position.

Titan set the chair up and picked Sylo up by the hair. He hoisted Sylo up once more this time looking for the Burning Hammer which he called...



Sylo managed to slide off and pull Titan down with him. Titan flailed, he knew what Sylo wanted to do, and he knew he couldn’t let it happen. Titan kept fighting and flailing until he looked down and everything seemed to fade into the background as his eyes locked with Sylo’s.

“Checkmate, bitch”

Sylo got his leg over and finally locked it with his right hand, completing the triangle choke he’d put away so many people with.


The fans were on their feet. Titan could feel his breath leaving him and knew he wouldn’t be able to breath. The longer he was in the hold the more damage it’d do. In a split second Titan had to make a choice and he chose to live and fight another day.


Mike Hunt called for the bell as well as the jOlt and Legacy titles. Just like that Sylo was, technically, a six time jOlt champion with his win over Ito. Sylo released the hold as the roof came off The Arena of Champions. Sylo, riding an adrenaline high, stood up and hit every turnbuckle holding his jOlt title and Legacy title high. Sylo threw both titles over each shoulder and moved over to Titan, kicking him over on his back, before leaning down.

“All...hail...the King,” Sylo spat.

And the fans followed with chants of “All Hail the King” through the arena. Just like that the Backbone had suffered their first major failure. For once they were on the receiving end of a plan that backfired by being outsmarted. Sylo put a foot on Titan’s chest and the 65th iNtense would end with a shot of Sylo, the jOlt title back in his possession, and his glory reclaimed.

Winner: Sylo via Submission