"When It's All Said and Done"

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras ventured backstage revealing Jonathan Conspiracy alone for the first time in a long time. He was shown coming out of a door but was instantly stopped by another jOlt Grappler.

Gregg Scott Vincent.

“I didn’t need your help on Warriors!” Vincent spoke these words as a cloud of smoke ventured from his mouth into the facial region of JCON. Conspiracy wafted away at the smoke, as Vincent continued.

“You see JCON once Aran Thompson finally defends that title against someone, I will be there to pick up the pieces and challenge for what is rightfully mine. Gregg Scott Vincent will become…”

“The Relentless Champion!”
“The Relentless Champion… yeah I know!”

Jonathan Conspiracy spoke those words at the same time as Vincent and ended it as only he knew how, in a mocking tone.

“What you don’t get JCON is that…”

“I am the best!”
“I am the best… at pissing on himself!”

There it was again, and GSV took huge offense to what JCON was trying today. He continued.

“JCON, you think you’re so funny, why not…”

“Meet me in the ring!”
“Meet me in the ring… and get my attention!”

“You think you’re such a…”

“Tough guy!”

“You’re a…”

“Fucking idiot!”
“Fucking idiot… takes one to know one!”

The frustration on GSV’s face was very evident, as Conspiracy’s face developed a smirk. Yes ladies and gentlemen that classic JCON smirk. GSV looked to be boiling over as Conspiracy picked up the conversation.

“I tell you what Greggory, if you defeat me tonight, I will not stand in your way when it comes to challenging for the Relentless Championship but you have to make the challenge on whatever show follows Aran’s first title defense, because that’s all I’m going to give you. Now if I win, you do the same. I don’t want to see you running to the Skybox bitching and moaning to Damien Lee about not getting a fair shake. To make a long story short let’s make this an unofficial number one contenders match. A match that determines who gets first crack at…”

JCON brought his hands as close as possible to Vincent’s face as he took another drag of his cigarette, and made finger quotes.

“The one known as ‘Mr. Relentless’…or whoever the Relentless Champion might be.”

GSV flicked the still lit cig towards the ground and it landed at One Letter Better’s feet.

“This isn’t going to end well for you.”

GSV turned to exit leaving JCON alone in the camera’s focus. He too would take his leave which allowed the camera to get a view of the sign on the door that JCON exited out of earlier.

‘The Backbone’

"Systematically Shut Down"

Chris Titan "Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI.

The Backbone.

Already inside the ring, Chris Titan had a microphone ... and a Grendel.

"Sylo," he began, "this little game we're playing is going to come to an end tonight. I steal a championship from you, you steal a championship from me ... it's stupid. There's no point to it. We should both be bigger men about this and look deep within ourselves to realize the truth."

"The Backbone are the rightful rulers of jOlt. And, as the Backbone's leader, that means I deserve to be jOlt Champion."

The fans obviously did not agree with Chris Titan's assessment.

"But I also don't expect you to just roll over and die, even though that would be the wisest course of action for you at this moment in time. I know you're a fighter, you're a Superbeast ... right? Some unstoppable force of nature that -- I stopped. So, I'll make this very easy on you. You want to take the Backbone out, don't you? You want to systematically shut us down and push us out of jOlt for good? Well, first of all ... good fucking luck. Secondly, I'll give you a chance to do just that. We'll start it tonight ... with this man."

Chris Titan patted Grendel on his back and smirked.

"That's right, Sylo versus Grendel in a battle of the jOlt monsters! It's the match of a lifetime! Unless, of course, you want to back out ... which I will completely understand. If you do, however, you might as well just hand me back my jOlt Championship because cowards don't deserve to hold the gold! So ... what's it going to be Superbeast? Are you the gladiator you claim to be ... or are you just a giant whimpering little bitch?"

Of course you know what came next.

Johnny Cash would usher in “Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint and bring about the explosion that meant Sylo was coming. Titan had said Sylo would come out, hell, even Sylo said he’d come out and as he stepped through the smoke he could give two shits that the ring was filled with Backbone members. He made his way straight to the ring sporting his pink for Breast Cancer Awareness (#SaveTheTaTas) and jumped straight into the ring retrieving a microphone as he did so.

“Back out? Really? You know Krispy Kream over there is the way he is because of me, right? Yeah, I kind of tied him to a cross and set him on fire. Come to think of it, it’s sort of ironic because his name was Kross then. Also that’s probably something all of you should keep in mind.” Sylo glanced at every member of the Backbone with a sick grin.

“Oh look Mike Extreme is out here, hey Mike, how’s the neck and head?” Mike Extreme went to shout something but Sylo cut him off. “Wait wait wait…I don’t care.” That was followed with a huge pop by the fans.

“So, Christopher,” Sylo stepped right up to Chris Titan. “You’re trying to provoke me but I had already planned on calling Grendel out so you’ve essentially given me what I wanted. I find it funny that the man that reigned as champ for—what was it? A week? I think it was a week. Anyway I find it funny you haven’t been back in the ring SINCE I beat your ass and took back my jOlt title. Instead you want to throw your flunkies at me. That’s fine, really, because there’s one simple truth you need to realize,” Sylo leaned closer to Titan as his expression became deadly.

“When you’re out of flunkies all that’s left is you and when the time comes? I’ll finish what you started. Watch closely tonight, Chris, because every time I beat one of them I hold up the countdown to your very own demise.” Sylo snarled. “As for you deep-fry, I’ll see you tonight, and finally tie up another loose end.” Sylo threw the microphone at Titan’s feet and turned his back on the Backbone, not afraid of an attack, and exited the ring.

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint started up again as Sylo backed up the ramp looking at the entire backbone with a malicious grin.

"Relentlessly Relentless"

Aran Thompson The scene opened up and Aran Thompson had a microphone. No interviewer and no smile. He looked forward as the fans cheered for him and he adjusted the Relentless Championship that was strapped to his waist as he waited for the cheering to stop.

“Two weeks ago, Jonathan Conspiracy grabbed a handful of my trunks and twisted them in such a way I couldn’t kick out. It was an illegal hold and the decision of the match should have been over turned. But I digress. Last week, GSV beat me with his feet on the ropes after Conspiracy thought it would be cute to play his entrance music while I was in the process of winning a match….”


Aran looked around shook his head.

“You two have gotten your wins in the record book and that is fine, but if you want my name sake so bad then you’re going to have to work for it!”

“None of this “Gotta beat me in five minutes” or “Freebird Rules” crap. If you want to get to the champ, you’re going to have to get through the ones that have their eyes on the prize too. If you want to challenge Aran Thompson for the Relentless championship! You’re going to have to beat two others in a gauntlet style match to get to me. And just to make it even more interesting, if one of the two people you face before me defeats you…they get are officially the next challengers to the Relentless title. It’s All or Nothing boys…”

Aran turned around and Jimmy B. Martinez stood in front of a mad Aran Thompson. Aran closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

“Jimmy. How’s it going.”

Jimmy Martinez smiled and offered a handshake from the Relentless Champion which Aran obliged.

”Well.. Well.. Well. Look who we have here, if it isnt the two time relentless champion; Aran Thompson. “ Jimmy said to Aran.

Aran nodded his head and patted Martinez on the back.

“Im doin alright, I cant complain. I wish I could say the same for you. I see you're a bit fustrated with whats been going on, between you JCON and GSV. “

Aran looked at Jimmy with a bit of confusion while JBM continued.

“..Honestly you shouldnt sweat it, I mean as long as you have the relentless title around your waist you should be good” Jimmy said, as he pointed to the relentless silver which was strapped around Aran's waist.

”To be honest though, im here to make a friendly challenge. You and I, for the relentless championship. You said, when I get some time to challenge you. I see this, as the right time to do so. It's about time, I step into the ring with a champ and show everyone what im capable of. So what do you say Aran?”Jimmy asked Aran with a smile on his face, as the Arena of champions erupted in cheers.

Aran nodded his head and thought about it a second.

“You heard what I said my stipulation is right?” Aran asked JBM who nodded his head.

“Relentless Gauntlet? Yeah, I can dig it. New blood has to pay his dues some way right?” JBM asked Aran which a question of his own.

Aran nodded his head and put his hand out for a handshake and Aran officially accepted the challenge.

For the first time since Aran Thompson won the Relentless Championship he will finally defend it against the new blood of jOlt in the flyweight Jimmy B. Martinez who looks more than ready to show off his skills against potentially three men in the same night.

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Gregg Scott Vincent
Jonathan ConspiracyGregg Scott Vincent
Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) meant that one man and one woman were about to reveal themselves to the jOlt faithful that filled The Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida.

One Letter Better
The Attention Getter

Jonathan Conspiracy and his lovely wife Sweet Aroma.

Tonight Conspiracy would wrestle a man that has the same goal in mind, much like most; if not all, of the jOlt roster had in mind.

Winning the jOlt Championship.

Unlike the others on the roster, Jonathan Conspiracy and his opponent for the evening decided on taking a route that Chris Titan, the leader of The Backbone, took.

Winning the Relentless Championship.

Conspiracy held the ropes open for his wife to enter the ring, before he too entered. Conspiracy hopped up onto the middle rope in the cameraside turnbuckle opposite the entryway as the theme died down only to be replaced moments later when “Warrior” by Volbeat began playing to a mixed crowd reaction for the man coming down to the ring. Gregg Vincent Scott couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge the fans or even the referee as he had entered the ring. GSV walked straight towards JCON with anger in his eyes. He was ready to start the match and stake his claim as the next challenger for the Relentless Championship, once Aran Thompson finally defended it. Conspiracy backed away from the chain smoking, insane choking, I’m not interested in facebook poking GSV. He held the middle and bottom ropes open for Sweet Aroma to make her exit, and once she had both her feet firmly planted on the arena floor the ref signaled for the bell.


JCON and GSV locked up, with GSV getting the upperhand with a go behind and elbowed Conspiracy in the back of the head before shoving him in the back. Conspiracy stumbled forward and after he regained his balance he turned to face his opponent and shoved him in the chest. The two then went chest to chest and argued with each other until the referee interjected to separate the two and implored them both to get on with the action.


Conspiracy managed to slap Vincent across the face as the ref separated the two and this infuriated Gregg Scott Vincent. Vincent charged after Jonathan, but he backpedaled and hoped out of the ring to seek the confront of Aroma, his wife. Vincent tried to exit the ring but the ref preventing his exit by remaining in between GSV and the ropes. Finally GSV backed off and the ref reprimanded him to stay back before he turned his attention back to Conspiracy who remained on the outside. The ref then started to administer a ten count.


Conspiracy placed a firm grip on the middle rope to prepare his reentry but quickly let go as Vincent started to advance. The referee backed him off again and continued the count.


Conspiracy slide under the bottom rope and got back to a vertical base, only to be mauled by GSV. Suddenly “The Backbone” appeared in the form of Total Conquest, Sepiroth Du Luc and Starlet Champion, Persephone. Aroma saw the Starlet Champion and prepared herself for battle, however Persephone ignored her and circled the ring with SDL.

The ref instructed them to exit the ringside area, as GSV and JCON readied themselves for their entrance into the ring. Both would climb onto the apron, but would remain there while Bane Loneheart rolled out from under the ring. He slid in undetected and laid GSV out with a pipe to the back of the head. He then pointed to JCON and then the top rope as he exited the ring. SDL and Persephone dropped down from the apron and backed up the entryway, as Conspiracy got situated on the top turnbuckle. The ref turned in time to see him launch himself into the air for his patented guillotine legdrop.


Conspiracy covered and the ref counted.


The ref raised Jonathan Conspiracy’s arm in victory as GSV writhed in pain on the mat clutching at his neck. Per their agreement Jonathan Conspiracy would get to challenge for the Relentless Championship before Vincent, and there was nothing Gregg could do about it, but that would not stop him from exacting his revenge tonight, as he finally got to a vertical base.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"What's that Smell Conspiracy?"

Jonathan Conspiracy JCON began to retreat to the backstage area with Sweet Aroma keeping pace next to him.


The crowd erupted in cheers as Aran Thompson sauntered out with a huge smile on his face and a microphone in hand and Relentless Championship strapped around his waist.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Aran said with his hand in the air stopping a shocked Jonathan Conspiracy in his tracks.

“Congratulations on that...win?” Aran began as he stood only a few meters away from being able to high five his relentless championship adversary.

“But you must of forgot about the tweet I posted after Warriors. If you’re going to challenge for my championship you’re going to have to work for it. And just so you can get an idea of what you expect, my new buddy Jimmy B. Martinez is going to challenge right now…and as per the stipulations. Mr. Conspiracy and Mr. Vincent…you both have to defend your champions honor.”

Aran’s grin somehow managed to get even bigger as he passed by an even more shocked Jonathan Conspiracy.

“You two gentlemen can decide which one will go first against my well rested and well prepared opponent.”

Aran had a little skip to his step as even Gregg Scott Vincent looked furious as Aran walked over to commentary and turned around unstrapping the Relentless Championship.

“Don’t mind me. I kinda wanna have the best seat in the house for this one.”

Aran tossed the microphone over to time keeper and rested his Relentless Championship over his left shoulder.

"The Gathering of Shadows"

The sounds of stage hands moving about filled the atmosphere as unnamed personnel randomly strode in opposing directions. One of the backstage coordinators motioned for the bald security muscle to give him a hand moving the large wheeled equipment box across the concrete floor. Bald with a stoic demeanor, the burly individual nodded and pushed the equipment out of the camera’s view.

Several random staff members were immersed in water cooler type conversation when the faint roaring of engines drew their attention. Looming in the distance, a tandem of black motorcycles rolled inside the arena’s underbelly. The revving of engines were in stereo as a black limousine pulled in shortly after, breaking the tranquil setting abruptly. A trinity of black All Terrain Vehicles were the tail end of the caravan that strode further inside before parking in the middle of the vast garage area.

Each vehicle were adorned with Red and Black standards that flapped calmly with the wind as the engines kept purring until the lead bike rider raised his clenched fist, prompting each vehicle to stop running. Several nosy civilians either continued walking by or murmured amongst themselves as each rider were clad with sheathed swords, full body motorcycle gear and Platinum plating that served as armor to protect their forearms, shins, knees and the back of their hands.

The lead rider’s black helmet offered an eerie gleam across its surface as the individual turned towards the adjacent cyclist. In response, the 2nd rider dismounted their bike and pointed to the flanking riders. The trio swivelled off their vehicles and dutifully secured the perimeter as the leading bikers assumed their positions. A subtle nod was given, commanding the passenger door to be opened. An elderly man, dressed in a black tailor-made suit & red tie exited the vehicle.

Assessing the surrounding area, he extended his hand outward to lure an alluring female escort of Japanese descent before the public. A Pearl and Crimson Satin kimono draped softly as she briefly exchanged a few words with the aged gentleman before they began walking toward the narrow corridor several feet away. The always inquisitive Dawn Cassidy made her way through the gathered lot yet her & cameraman were silently repelled by the protective sentinels. Dejected, Cassidy would urge her cameraman to keep filming as the leading cyclists strode behind the unidentified dignitaries who fell out of view

Aran Thompson vs. Jimmy B. Martinez
Aran ThompsonJimmy B. Martinez
“If It All Ended Tomorrow” started to play which caused Conspiracy and Aroma to turn around and start backing up as the “New Blood” of the flyweight division started walking down the aisle to a resounding pop.

Conspiracy told Aroma to step back and he carefully rolled into the ring keeping an eye on Martinez as he rose to his feet, not realizing that Gregg Scott Vincent was standing behind him and he bumped into him. JCON turned around carefully and GSV brooded over him and told Conspiracy to get out of the ring.

“I’LL BEAT THIS PUKE!” Vincent bellowed.

JCON smiled and nodded cautiously as he stepped out of the ring toward his wife and whispered something into her ear.

Jimmy B. Martinez stood on the ring apron waiting for the referee to back up the hulking Gregg Scott Vincent. Martinez entered the ring and the bell sound and we officially have a Relentless Championship Gauntlet match!

Immediately Jimmy ran after GSV who tried to quickly counter with a clothesline only for JBM to duck the lariat attempt and came back on the rebound with a flying elbow that rocked GSV backwards into the ropes closest to him. Using the momentum GSV had, Martinez rolled GSV up but Vincent kicked out before the referee could even make the first count.

Vincent looked at Martinez with a shocked look on his face as Martinez was on his feet and ready to continue the battle.

GSV stood up and noticed that Conspiracy was on the outside enjoying what had already transpired and it didn’t please him so he motioned for JBM to try that coming at him again to which JBM would comply.

JBM charged toward GSV who again tried to counter with a strong lariat only for JBM to slide in between GSV’s legs and pop up hitting GSV with a sickening thud of a neckbreaker. JBM quickly got up and just as quickly we found him on the top rope springboarding off the rope turning his body 90 degrees and hitting GSV with a crazy looking senton. JBM made the cover.




JBM looked a little frustrated but moved through it and brought GSV up to his feet kicking him in the thigh and the ribs in the process.

GSV caught one of the kick attempts and JBM hobbled to correct his balance but GSV would fix that with a vicious back hand to JBM’s face and promptly slamming JBM down with a HUGE spinebuster and the fans reacted appropriately.

“CHECK – HIS – PULSE!” the fans chanted in unison. Aran stood up and walked over to the ring showing concern for Martinez and Vincent took notice. Gregg Scott Vincent walked over to Aran while the referee checked on JBM.

“I’M COMING AFTER YOU NEXT!” he screamed toward Aran who stepped back from the ring with his hands in the air.

GSV turned around shoved the referee to the side and pinned JBM.

Instead of counting the pin attempt the referee accosted GSV for shoving him. Vincent didn’t like what was being said and he stood up and got into the referees face who was not backing down from the beast of a man. GSV slapped the taste out of the referees mouth forcing him to fall on his butt in the nearest corner and he turned around and signaled for the bell.

“GSV IS DISQUALIFIED! JBM BY DQ!” he clearly shouted to the time keeper and GSV turned around wide eyed and in dismay.

“WHAT?!!” GSV shouted. “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” he continued.


JCON was clearly laughing and pointing at the enraged GSV who took notice and had some choice words to share with Mr. Conspiracy that only a lip reader could understand. The referee stood up and told GSV to leave the ring and GSV reluctantly replied. Jimmy B. Martinez was on his feet and he backed away as GSV left the ring and then set his sights on Jonathan Conspiracy, coaxing him into the ring.

JCON looked around and demanded the referee make JBM back up as he reluctantly got climbed into the ring and his wife Sweet Aroma cheered her man on.

JCON stopped and looked at JBM was ready to attack but the referee stayed in front of him. JCON started to slowly step out of the ring and the fans started cheering as Aran Thompson walked over toward Jonathan who was quickly told by his wife to get in the ring.

Aran, acting as an enforcer, told the referee to send Aroma to the back and Jonathan wasn’t having any of it. Conspiracy turned the referee around and put his finger in his face telling the referee that the referee better not send Aroma to the back.

The fans started to cheer even louder as Aran walked over toward Aroma and told her to leave, but she wouldn’t budge. Aran again yelled at the referee to remove Aroma from ringside, and while all this was going on Jimmy B. Martinez was getting a chance to rest up. JCON turned his attention back to Aran telling him to step away from his wife, and the referee tried stopping JCON from doing something drastic only to be shoved by JCON in return.

The referee told JCON to never put his hands on him again and the whole ordeal had Conspiracy riled up. JCON balled his fist up and reared back only to be stopped by JBM and turned around. JBM hit Conspiracy with a flurry of punches backing JCON into a corner. JBM wiped JCON across the ring into the turnbuckles on the other side and kickly hit JCON with a spinning heel kick to the back of JCONs head sending him face first into the middle turnbuckle.

JBM jumped up to his feet and the fans were going crazy and Aran was proudly clapping and cheering on the current challenger for his Relentless Championship.

JBM, using the ropes to springboard toward JCON, hit a hard elbow to the back of Jonathan Conspiracy and quickly rolled him up into a pin.




The referee stopped the count as he noticed JCON had grabbed the ropes.

Aroma started screaming for his husband and slamming her hand onto the mat. JBM pointed at Aroma as he was lifting JCON up to his feet and the referee turned his attention to the distracting beauty, Sweet Aroma.

JBM left a staggered JCON in the middle of the ring and backed up into the ropes using the moment to charge toward JCON.


The fans bellowed as JCON countered JBM’s momentum and threw JBM into the air and hit him with a vicious looking European uppercut as JBM came falling down.

JCON looked around the arena as the fans both cheered and booed for him and he turned his attention to Aran who was simply watching.


Aran shook his head in disbelief at how fast JCON was able to turn the tables on JBM. Jonathan turned around and looked at JBM who wasn’t moving, and he used his foot to turn JBM over on his back. Conspiracy again looked over at Aran.

“Not even in my league. Just. Like. You.” Jonathan Conspiracy spat out.






Jonathan shot to his feet in disbelief as Jimmy quickly placed himself out of harms way as JCON looked around trying to make sense of everything that just happened. JCON looked over at Aran and pointed at him.

“YOU! YOU PLANNED THIS! DIDN’T YOU?!” JCON demanded of Aran who looked just as shocked as Jonathan did.

Aran shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

“This is all him.” Aran assured his nemesis, Jonathan Conpsiracy.

JCON looked back at Aroma who held her hands over her mouth with eyes wide. JCON looked angry and rolled out toward her and pulled her toward the back as Aran slowly climbed into the ring and handed his Relentless Championship to the referee.

JCON pointed at Aran.

“You’re going to pay for this Aran.”

Aran waved at JCON but kept his attention on his opponent.

Jimmy B. Martinez stood up and looked just as focused as he has. He put his hands up ready to fight but Aran stopped him for a moment and offered a handshake to begin the match, to which JBM reciprocated quickly showing his respect for the Relentless Champion.

Aran stretched his neck to the side and told the referee he was ready.

With the the wave of the hand from the ref, the bell was rung and the relentless championship match was underway. Jimmy B. Martinez was on a roll so far, not only beating GSV but JCON in the same night due to Aran Thompson's gauntlet stipulation. This was JBM's chance, his chance to show everyone that he can hang with the big dogs. The fans began to cheer as Aran Thompson and JBM locked up.

Thompson over powered Martinez and tossed him into the corner. He then swung with a right hook, which JBM quickly ducked and turned the tables as he pushed Aran into the corner and began to kick him in the side of his ribs. He then jumped onto the second rope and kicked Thompson in the side of the head, with one final kick that caused Aran to fall to the canvas.

Jimmy B. Martinez looks to be more focused then ever, as he had the upper hand on the two time Relentless champion.

Mr. Infamous than began to pick up Mr. Relentless up from the canvas. JBM then swung Thompson towards the ropes as he tried to connect with a spinning heel kick. Aran quickly ducked and came back with a dropkick to the chest of Martinez. He hit the floor hard, as he seemed to be out of breath. Aran Thompson jumped back up to his feet and picked up JBM. Thompson threw him into the corner and raised him onto the top turnbuckle. Aran tried to execute a superplex from the top rope, but Martinez fought his way out with punches to the side of the face of Aran. Thompson fell onto the canvas, as Jimmy raised to his feet and jumped off the top turnbuckle with a five star frog splash.



Mr. Relentless raised his knees just in time, as Martinez came crashing down and flipped on his back in pain. Thompson finally made it back to his feet, as he began to pick up Jimmy and placed him on his shoulder and executed a death valley driver. Aran laid across the body of Martinez and hooked up his leg, as the referee began to count.





JBM kicked out, as the fans erupted in cheers. Mr. Relentless chuckled to himself in surprise for the fight that Martinez had been putting up. Thompson got back up to his feet and picked up Jimmy at the same time. He tossed JBM to the ropes and followed right behind. Martinez quickly scaled the turnbuckle and did a back flip off and connected with a reverse DDt as he landed.

Both men laid on the canvas exhausted as Arena of Champions began to cheer in approval of a hard fought battle. Martinez stumbled back to his feet first, he then picked up Thompson from the canvas and executed not one but three snapmare suplex before releasing the Relentless Champion. Martinez also known as Mr. Infamous, began to pick up Thompson from the canvas. Mr. Relentless on his way up hit Martinez with a devastating uppercut that caused him to stumble back. Aran saw an opening and charged foward with a clothesline, JBM with his quick thinking ran under the clothesline and came back with a superkick that connected with the face of Thompson.


He connected this time, with another one of his signatures. Martinez quickly covered a motionless Thompson. Mr. Infamous could have done it here and beat Mr. Relentless for his title. The referee quickly seen the cover and began to count.




Mr. Relentless; Aran Thompson has somehow managed to kick out. What a upset this must be for Martinez, as he sat on the canvas shaking his head in disbelief. Martinez got back up to his feet and dragged Thompson to the middle of the ring, where he would lock Thompson in a elevated boston crab. Thompson began to scream in pain as JBM began to apply more pressure.

Aran Thompson screamed but continued to fight through the pain, as he forced himself to the ropes and latched on. The ref quickly told Martinez to let go of the hold, as he complied. Jimmy then backed away from Thompson, letting him get back up to his feet. Both men just looked at each other, as they nodded their head at each other in approval.

Aran Thompson rubbed the small of his back and Martinez tried to shake off some of the residual damage he had taken. Aran waved Jimmy in and the two locked up. Aran whipped Martinez into the ropes and slammed his knee into Martinez’s stomach as he came back on the return. Martinez hunched over and Aran pulled him up to his feet only to quickly get hit in the head by Martinez whose fight of flight instinct kicked in and the two men were brawling.

Lefts and rights, and even at one point it looked like a couple centers were thrown. It was a back and forth battle that Jimmy wouldn’t lose and Aran couldn’t lose if he had any desire to stay the Relentless Champion.

Aran caught a hook attempt by Jimmy and kicked Jimmy in the mid-section and looked around because he realized the moment and so did the fans.

The fans buzzed as Aran quickly moved past the hunched over Jimmy B. Martinez and the fans exploded as Aran used the momentum of rebounding from the ropes and quickly spun around the Martinez’s body with a tornado plancha.


Aran had latched onto the arm of Jimmy Martinez and forced him to crash down to the mat and Jimmy instantly screamed in pain.

Jimmy tried to wriggle free from the hold but Aran just leaned back and cinched the hold in tighter until Jimmy with all his fighting effort was forced to tap.

Aran released the hold as the referee signaled for the bell. The ref went to hand Aran the Relentless Championship but Aran told him to hold on a moment and he helped Martinez to his feet. The two exchanged some words and Aran grabbed the wrist of Martinez and looked over and took his Relentless Championship and he raised both Martinez’s hand and the Relentless championship in the air as the fans went insane.

Martinez might have lost a very hard fought battle but one thing did happen, he got a co-sign of respect from the Relentless Champion.

Aran hook Jimmy’s hand as the scene faded and “Champion” by Grinspoon played throughout the arena.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Submission

"An iNtense Rivalry"

Derecho Backstage, we see Derecho as he stormed through the halls.

“Where are you”, Derecho muttered as he shoved his way past various stage hands just lingering around doing whatever it is stage hands do. Derecho turned a corner and then noticed the dressing room with Ninja K’s name written across it. Derecho grasped the handle and let himself in.

Derecho saw Ninja K standing there going through his bag as it was apparent that he had just arrived at the arena.

“How nice of you to not tell me, Kenshiro. How convenient of you to withhold such personal information from me. You couldn’t have picked Quick Death or Eldridge Ali or Screwloose or Shawn Striker or Disciplinarian or Jean Marquee or anyone else from the past to face me? You had to choose the very brother that I cannot stand?”

Derecho grabbed Ninja K by the shirt and pulled him in close. Derecho gritted his teeth as his voice became filled with venom.

“You have some nerve. In fact… for hiding that from me.. give me one good reason as to why I shouldn’t bury you where you stand?”

Ninja K grabbed Derecho’s wrist tightly to show that he wouldn’t be manipulated by Derecho’s emotions.

"An eye for an eye, Derecho." Kenshiro uttered. "You've made mention of allowing the pressure of public opionion to render you malleable to their whims. Unfortunately, for you, I am long removed from such an unsettling predicerment.

A swift twist of Derecho's wrist and shove to the sternum granted the ninja distance from his vile counterpart. "If there is anything learned from our numerous battles is that psychological warfare is, by far, the most damaging element in any conflict. The duration of recovery is as extensive as it is slightly improbable...I will hurt you. I will make you bleed. Physically... Mentally...by any means nessecary until you are completely and utterly broken...Forever more..."The ninja replied mockingly.

Derecho gritted his teeth.

“There are certain things you can withhold from someone.. but not something this personal… and now you wish to lecture me, but more or less, mock me?”

“Hmph”, muttered Derecho.

“Fine… have it your way.”

With that, Derecho reared back and slapped Ninja K across the face! While Ninja K was stunned, Derecho shoved Ninja K straight into a wall and pressed his face against it with his forearm.

“Don’t you EVER mock me.. you understand me you freak of nature? NOBODY MOCKS ME!”

Kenshiro responded with a swift Knee Strike to the Rib Cage to free himself before blasting Derecho with a stiff Forearm across the Jaw. The Underground Champion slammed against the locker wall before retaliating with a Spinning Back Hand Punch.

Spinning about, Derecho grabbed the ninja by the hair and sought to ram him skull first into the wall yet the nimble challanger walked up the wall and landed on both feet. Kenshiro countered Derecho's Back Elbow Strike by overlapping his arm with his, grabbing his hair and slamming him face first against the wall. Ninja's second attempt was block by Derecho planting his foot against the wall and jettinson his body weight backward to sandwich his rival against the opposing locker wall. Derecho's trinity of punches missed his elusive foe - only to leave dents against the metal barricades.

The ninja caught one of his rival's fist - only to be grounded by a Ipponezi Throw to the carpet. Kenshiro adverted the incoming punch with a Seated Snap Kick to the champion's face, backing him up several feet before tackling him to the floor. Immediately, arena security and personnel flooded the room and worked to pry both embittered rivals apart.

Phoenix vs. ????
PhoenixJimmy B. Martinez
The jOlt vision shot to life and immediately caught the attention of the fans in attendance as Damien Lee sat behind his usual desk inside his office. He looked around a moment, cleared his throat, and began to speak.

“Ladies and Gentleman, it’s in no way my pleasure to announce this but it seems that Citizen has gone missing. As you know he was to take on the Flyweight Champion, Phoenix, but no one has heard from or seen Citizen. Therefore I have no choice but to-“

The crowd started booing so loud that Lee had to stop. He waited a moment holding up both hands finally.

“Please, let me finish. In the interest of fairness I have no choice but to pick a suitable replacement for Phoenix to defend his title against,” Lee stated and it was followed by a loud pop.

“I’ve looked over the entire Flyweight division and this may not be a popular pick with some but I feel the Flyweight division is all about the new blood. I know this man has already competed this evening but after what I saw? I feel he’s the sort of talent that can pull double duty. That’s why, right now, Phoenix will defend his Flyweight title against none other than Jimmy B. Martinez!

There was a deafening roar as “If It All Ended Tomorrow” kicked up. A pumped up JBM came from the back, still in his ring gear, and rushed for the ring. He was riding a huge adrenaline high as he would get a shot at yet another title. He leaped over the top rope and took his corner waiting for Phoenix.

Phoenix’s music hit but there was no Phoenix. Finally it ended and JBM looked at the referee asking what was up. Mike Hunt just shrugged his shoulders telling him he had no clue. That was when the jOlt vision shot to life for the second time in the span of less than ten minutes. Phoenix was out cold on the concrete backstage and standing over him was none other than 335 lbs of pissed off SuperBeast. Yet again this elicited an explosion of cheers. Meanwhile, Sylo squatted down next to Phoenix with a scowl on his face as blood poured out of his mouth pooling on the concrete.

“Was this how it was for Chris when you and your has-been buddy Ito attacked him from behind? I hope you can hear me in dreamland, Phoenix, because even though I’m at war right now I haven’t forgotten about you. Now, you have a match, and so you know that was for Wippit, you son of a bitch.” Sylo roared at Phoenix before hoisting him up on one shoulder.

Moments later Sylo came down the ramp with both Phoenix and the Flyweight title tossing Phoenix over the top rope and handing the title to Mike Hunt. Sylo looked over at JBM and nodded before departing to the back as the bell rang.


“KARMA, PARTNER!” Buhrman commented.

Jimmy B. Martinez stood in the ring, still shocked at what had just happened, and then like a slap in the face he realized Phoenix was out cold and the match had started. JBM quickly jumped on the bloody and unconscious Phoenix and made the pin.



“SOMEONE STOP THIS!” Power’s screamed.


The roof came off the Arena of Champions as JBM jumped up still in shock. Mike Hunt handed him the Flyweight title and JBM hit every turnbuckle holding the title up high. The young blood had just become the new Flyweight Champion with a little help from one giant friend. For Phoenix, karma had caught up to him finally and for JBM a dream had come true.

JBM wasn’t just the “new blood” anymore.

JBM WAS the NEW Flyweight Champion.

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"You're Merely Pawns In My Game Of Chess"

Cordova "What Comes Around" by Ill Nino

But his celebration would not last long, as Sanchez Cano quickly emerged out the back. He stopped at the top ramp way, the crowd welcoming him with boos. He then cracked a small grin on his face, as he continued towards the ring. It was obvious, he didn’t care. He just flipped the fans the bird and continued on. He slowly walked up the stairs onto the ring apron, he then leaned back and using the ropes launched himself into the ring with a front flip. He then signaled to a stage hand, and asked for a microphone.

NEXT TIME I ASK YOU FOR A MICROPHONE, HURRY IT UP.” He shouted at the stage hand, as he snatched the microphone out of his hands.

He slowly raised the microphone to his lips, as the crowd continued to boo on. It didn’t stop Cano; instead he ignored it and began to speak.

“SHUT UP! I KNOW YOU GUY’S DON’T LIKE JBM. NEITHER DO I!” He yelled, adressing Martinez as if he didn’t know the boos were for him.

“I came out here today, because I had a couple things to address.” He said, pausing a moment before speaking again. “Cordova, I know that we are not the best at showing ... brotherly love. But last week when you hit me in the head with a lead pipe you took it too far, and wasn't that always the case growing up? You always thought you were the best at everything and now you think you're the best wrestler in our family. Which you’re not, I am the better wrestler in the family and you don’t have anything on me. That was proven at Warriors” Boos began to ring out through the arena, letting Cano know they disagreed with him. Who was he trying to fool?

Cano turned his attention to the newly crowned Flyweight Champion. "I would have beaten you on Warriors with or without help. You know that, I know that, my brother knows that."

The fans then erupted in cheers and JBM chants, letting Cano know he was the favorite in this battle. Furious, Cano began to scream at the crowd.


“On Warriors, Jimmy, you would have lost regardles. If it wasn’t Cordova's involvement it would have been me beating you down and making you just another stepping stone on my way to the Flyweight Championship that you've just stolen. I mean look at the position you where in. Down, Bloody, Beaten and battered. Now here you are, getting title shots from Damien Lee while veterans like my brother get passed over yet again ... BUT IM NOT GOING TO LET HIM DO THE SAME TO ME!” He stated, as the fans began to boo once more as to say they had enough of Cano’s rambling.”

"Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill

The crowd was giving Cordova a mixed reaction after his actions on Warriors called his integrity into question. Was it just frustration over what his little brother had been doing to him since jOlt began or was this a new attitude for Cordova altogether?

“You know something brother, you’re right.” He explained as Cordova shook his head in shock. "No, no ... not about being the better brother. Now about how you would have won regardless of my interference either..."

Cordova eyed Jimmy B. Martinez and the Flyweight Championship. "But how I've been passed over for a chance at that belt around his waist."

“OH, I'M NOT THE BETTER BROTHER?!” Cano shouted back at Cordova.

“What’s wrong, bro? Can’t stand the truth. You know they say the truth hurts. I guess that’s what’s happening here. You just can’t stand to hear the truth.”

Finally, Jimmy B. Martinez had heard enough.

“I’m standing here, watching you guys bicker back and forth about whom the better wrestler in the family is. I have to say, It’s quite entertaining. The truth of the matter is, you guys are merely pawns in my game of chess.” He said, as he paced back and forth in the ring. “I have bigger and better things ahead of me. I'M THE NEW FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION! At the end when all is said and done, it doesn't matter which one of you is the better wrestler because I'm at the top of the pack!"

The fans than began to cheer and chant in the background, showing their support for the new blood.

“We can go back and forth, and argue about who is the best. It doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m sure the fans out there already know the answer to that.”

He said as he pointed into the crowd.

“It’s time for us to raise the bar. So that’s why next week, it will be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to see who is really on top of their game.” JBM said.

The crowd began to cheer once more even louder, as Cano and Cordova looked at each other shocked at the announcement Jimmy just made.

“That’s righ….” Before Jimmy could finish his sentence he was cut off, by a frustrated Cano.


“NO BUENO, YOU MUST HAVE A DEATH WISH.” Cordova shouted back at JBM.

“A death wish, you say? No! A goal, yes. To become the best Flyweight Champion jOlt has ever seen.” JBM answered. So there isn’t going to be no attacks from behind, or Singapore canes swung. This right here, is all about straight talent. So let’s give these fans what they paid for.”

“WHAT THEY PAID FOR, SCREW THESE DAMN FANS AND SCREW YOU.” Cano answered as he got more and more agitated.

Sanchez Cano began to walk towards the rope to exit the ring, but was stopped by his brother who had placed his hand on top of Cano’s shoulder holding him back.

“It’s not worth it, we will get him at Warriors.” Cordova said, who was trying to stop his brother from escalating the situation.


“You must be loco, bro. We both know I'm going to be the Flyweight Champion ... again.”

“Did you forget, that you attacked me? So don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. You will also feel the wrath of the Sadistic One come Warriors.” He said, as he slowly calmed down. Making sure, he got his point across to his brother.

“And I will be ready brother.” Cordova answered back.

“Are you guys done?” Jimmy asked. “I don’t want to interrupt a family moment. Your brother, Cordova there, just saved you from an ass kicking. I think you should thank him.” Jimmy said, as he began to smile and chuckle to himself.

“FUCK YOU, JIMMY.” Cano said.

“Yea, right back at you. I will see you guy’s at Warriors, where we will really see who is the one fucked.”

iNtense moved backstage.

"Whispers in the Dark"

Ninja K “Kenshiro-san...” The elder statesman muttered while igniting his cigar and expelling a prolonged trail of smoke. “Mistress Akina & I are at your service...”


A furrowed brow remained etched across Kenshiro’s face as he assumed the posture of seiza, undergoing the diligent treatment of acupuncture. Akina extended an emotionless stare into the eyes of the well-dressed elder statesman, who quietly pulled another drag through his lips.

“I understand your grievance with this rival of yours is of the utmost personal nature...” The gentleman mentioned. “...yet, as your most trusted advisor, I assure you that we can...”

“You will NOT intercede, Mamoru.” Kenshiro interjected. The fashionable enigma quickly licked his lips after clearing his throat and adjusting the lapel of his suit jacket. The white haired ninja turned his head slightly. “There are far more pressing matters at hand.”

All in attendance within the vast locker room nod silently with adherence per his instructions. The quartet of motorcycle clad sentries each gradually descended to one knee as Akina followed suit.

“There is a storm coming, my brethren.” Kenshiro revealed. “Even now, we can feel them...consolidating their forces...their faint whispers can be heard...It is we, the ever so privileged children of the night who are the retainers of what is right...the watchful shadows that walk among the unwary...”

The stillness is deafening as the geisha nurse maiden performed her duties undisturbed.

“There are those whom seek to cleanse this promotion with the destruction of those who are not of original stock.” The ninja continued. “These oddities...This ‘Backbone' are among one of many reasons as to why you have been summoned here. Others shall surface. Rest assured in that yet remember that we are strong in number and spirit. We are everywhere as we are also nowhere...”

Mamoru nodded confidently with a bold expulsion of cigar smoke as Akina slowly raised her head and set her eyes toward Ninja’s.

“It is imperative that we execute every action swiftly and with precision. Entrust your undying faith and reverence within your shonin as I have...Your chujin are among the elite and are second to none...Above all, your allegiance to each other...If it is strong, WE...are strong...If any weakness in our bond is left unattended, ALL are destined to be torn asunder...”

In unison, the quartet of Crimson and Obsidian guard carefully shed their motorcycle helmets before setting them soundly against the floor. Palms set atop their respective helmets, the enigmatic faces obscured by various Neoprene partial masks.

“You all know what must be done. It is through the culmination of our respective gifts that will ensure that order is sustained...that our WAY ...becomes theirs...” Kenshiro bellowed.

A knock at the door drew the attention of both Mamoru and Akina. A 2nd battery of knocks followed in short order before it was pried open by Dawn Cassidy and her camera crew.

“Mr. Inogami; I am sorry to...”

Dawn and her assembly of media personnel lowered their cameras at the discovery of a lone Ninja, silently watching through the curtain of draping follicles. The geisha nurse maiden remained undisturbed by the presence of strangers and continued her medical procedures. Eyes hungrily searching the locker room for evidence, she found nothing. She stared longingly at the ninja who offered a stoic expression in return. Pursing her lips in frustration, the headstrong journalist and her crew slowly retreated from the room as they came.

"No Backing Down"

Sylo Sylo, alone, stood stretching every muscle and tendon in his body right at the Gorilla position as Grendel took to the ring. It was almost time for war as he stopped long enough to look at his dog tags. Soon, he knew, the lights would cut off, Johnny Cash would announce his arrival, and the blinding light of hell itself would fall upon the Arena of Champions. He would step through that curtain but not as the jOlt champion, not as the last Legacy champion, not as the Breaker of the Backbone, and not even as the SuperBeast. He would step through that curtain as a soldier ready to go to war with a warrior worth his attention. He would go to war with a man he literally tied to a cross oh so many years ago and almost burned alive.

Grendel, Penance, or Kross, it didn’t matter the name, the bad blood between the two had brewed for years and the monster that never spoke, that never had a single word to share, had enough hate left in him to speak out and challenge Sylo. Sylo inhaled rolling his neck, letting every bone and tendon crack as he did so, until he was interrupted by a very familiar voice.

“Sylo, I know you’re out next but I have to ask; do you think you can beat the monster known as Grendel?” Dawn Cassidy stood looking up at Sylo as the monster of a man turned, his gaze falling on Dawn with a darkness that all the midnights from the beginning of time till the end couldn’t muscle up to. Dawn took a step back as Sylo just stared for a moment. Dawn’s hand shook a little as she continued to hold the microphone up.

“Words,” Sylo began. “Words are pointless. People who think they hold power use words to command the strong. Wise men wonder while strong men die in battle. I’m tired of words. I’ve had words with Titan, I’ve had words with Extreme, and I’ve had words with Grendel but at the end of the day those words amounted to nothing more than scattered whispers to hollow God’s that don’t give two shits about you or I. Warriors settle it with fists and fight till their last breath.” Sylo snarled as Dawn brought the microphone down. “But with your injuries yo--” Sylo stopped Dawn mid sentence and raised her hand back up.

“Injuries. Have I not proven to you, the Backbone, Damien Lee, or anyone else that injuries mean nothing when you have purpose? Have my injuries stopped me from beating Titan and ending his pathetic run as champion? Have my injuries stopped me from hurting Chris Titan? Have my injuries stopped me from beating and hurting Mike Extreme? The simple answer is...no. This federation hasn’t witnessed greatness but right now, when that bell rings, I swear to whatever God you pray to, that win, lose, or draw you’ll have seen the meaning of war,” Sylo snarled yet again. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an old grudge that needs settling and another Backbone member to take out.”

Dawn lowered the mic and starred almost in awe at Sylo. For some reason since his return it felt like each week the Beast inside grew stronger, that Sylo grew stronger, and that some sort of electric feeling, the kind that makes each hair stand on end, had been building in the Arena of Champions. Sylo left Dawn where she was and took his place at the Gorilla position.

Sylo vs. Grendel
Sylo, even injured, hadn’t backed down from his quest to “break” the Backbone. He’d delivered a massive blow by taking the title back from Chris Titan, not even at 100%, Sylo had delivered on his promise. The following episode of Warriors, he called out Mike Extreme and defeated yet another one of the Backbone’s “big guns”. After Titan upped the ante by challenging Sylo to an Underground rules match against Grendel, the biggest gun of the Backbone, Sylo accepted which would lead to nothing but sheer carnage.

“Eye” by the Smashing Pumpkins hit and the man once known as Kross then Penance stepped through the curtain as Grendel. He slowly made his way to the ring as the strobes played with the music dancing around the darkness of the arena as the monster of a man made his way to the ring to face the man that once tied him to a cross and set him ablaze. He wanted retribution and this was his chance. Grendel stepped over the top rope, a scowl permanently planted on his face, as he took his corner and waited.

Lights Out

Johnny Cash

”Miracle (Pale Horse Mix)” - Nonpoint

And a blinding white explosion rocked the arena barely covering the roaring fans as Sylo stepped out onto the stage. He was sporting the same gear except for the fact instead of blue and black he was wearing pink and black in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, including the new “SuperBeast” shit with the Sylo logo on the front and the words “Real Kings wear pink” on the back. Hanging from his neck was the WAR dog tags he’d placed back on to go to war with the Backbone, and around his waist was the Legacy title and over his shoulder was the jOlt title; his jOlt title. Sylo jostled back and forth before crouching down, studying Grendel, before jumping up and making his way to the ring. Sylo leapt up on ringside and jumped over the top rope handing both titles to senior official Mike Hunt.

Grendel wouldn’t wait as he charged Sylo. He threw a knee into Sylo’s damaged ribs and followed it up with a powerful axe handle to the back of the neck that sent Sylo crashing to the mat. Grendel snarled and picked Sylo up tossing him in the corner before throwing elbow after elbow into The SuperBeast’s face. Grendel grabbed Sylo by the trunks and hair and sent him flying him into the ring post shoulder first. Sylo roared in pain as he came to a vertical base. Grendel charged forward and nailed another powerful move in the form of a close line that sent Sylo flying up before crashing to the mat.

“Grendel seems to be in full control of this one,” Burhman remarked.

“Of course he is. Sylo agreed to get in the ring with a guy that can go toe to toe with him and he’s nowhere near 100%. Grendel is going to turn him into a big grease spot and be done with the so called champion,” Powers replied with a sneer to his tone.

Grendel picked Sylo up again and sent him with a powerful Irish whip that sent Sylo to the outside. Grendel followed and picked up a chair along the way. Grendel’s chest puffed in and out as he snarled, ready to bash the champs skull in, and he could do it because in the Underground there are no rules. Grendel charged as Sylo made his way up to a vertical base but Grendel forgot one key note: Sylo was bathed in the flames of the Underground.

Sylo jumped throwing a straight kick right into the chair…


Sylo kicked the chair right into Grendel’s face. Impressively though, Grendel remained vertical as Sylo charged him. Grendel went to grab him but Sylo side stepped, threw an elbow, and then lifted Grendel and slammed him with a German suplex. Grendel hit the ring post with a sickening thud but even that wouldn’t keep him down, just slow him down a little bit. Sylo retrieved the chair and went absolute ape shit on Grendel, slamming the chair over and over on every inch of Grendel until the chair resembled more of just a big twisted mess of metal rather than a chair.

Grendel shook his head and actually began to stand. Sylo was preoccupied clearing off the announce table and only turned in time to be on the receiving end of a close line that sent the SuperBeast spinning to the ground, a sight rarely seen. Just like that Grendel was back on the offensive. He lifted Sylo up and once again with a display of raw power picked Sylo up OVER his head just to catch him and slam him through the announce table. Sylo held his back and ribs in pain as Grendel snarled and started clearing off the other announce table.

Somehow Sylo staggered to his feet. He charged Grendel but Grendel caught him with a powerslam! Grendel went to pick Sylo up again but with a sudden charge Sylo yanked Grendel down and locked a leg over the neck, clinching his ankle with his right hand and completing the triangle choke!


The fans were going wild as Sylo had the lock held in tight and that’s when it happened. Again, Grendel impressed the jOlt roster as well as the wrestling world by picking Sylo up and slamming him through the OTHER table breaking the hold. Sylo laid in a pile of rubble, eyes a little wide, no one had escaped that and Grendel was probably the only man with the power to pull off such an amazing feat. Grendel picked Sylo up by the hair, dragging him up the ramp, and sent Sylo flying into the side of the stage. Sylo hit hard and crumpled to the unforgiving steel.

Grendel’s chest heaved even more, he’d used a lot of energy in a short amount of time but he’d been waiting for this moment for some time. Grendel leaned down and began unmercifully slamming Sylo’s skull into the solid steel ramp. Blood poured from Sylo’s open wound at this point, his ribs ached, and even he wondered how he would put away Grendel. All those chairs shots did was slow Grendel down.

Grendel lifted Sylo up and was looking for:


But Sylo escaped! He caught Grendel off guard and hoisted him up on his shoulders. Grendel went flying through the air and planted him face first on the stage with the…


The fans went wild as Sylo hit the finisher. Sylo hooked the leg.



Sylo sat stunned. He looked back at Grendel and stood up picking Grendel up as well. Grendel broke the hold with hard punches to the ribs. Grendel grabbed Sylo by the arm and went for the Irish Whip but Sylo reversed!


The fans went nuts as Sylo reversed and sent Grendel crashing THROUGH the side paneling LED. Sparks followed as Grendel became buried in a mound of broken glass and loose wires that sparked on and off. Sylo looked in the hole and let an exasperated sigh as Grendel was already moving. Sylo looked up and knew that if he was going to put him down he’d have to sacrifice more. Sylo began to scale the jOltvision and held on to the side. Grendel came out and looked around for Sylo, covered in glass and blood, and he finally saw him flying off the jOltvision with a throwback and shout out to Scott Riktor’s Riktor Scale, right into a DDT.


Sylo laid next to Grendel who was finally out. Sylo couldn’t make the cover as he was too busy holding his busted up body. The DDT took as much out of him as it did Grendel especially from that height. Sylo stood up with assistance of the side of the stage and somehow, someway, Grendel started to stand. Sylo crouched down waiting for Grendel, looking for the Slaughter, but as Sylo charged Grendel side stepped and threw Sylo up on his shoulders…


Sylo roared in agony but Grendel wanted more. He walked to the side of the stage and sent Sylo flying into a field of sparks as he landed on the sound equipment! Sylo was buried inside as Grendel grunted and made his way down to where Sylo was. He shoved all the debris aside and pinned Sylo.



Somehow Sylo kicked out! Now it was Grendel’s turn to look on in disbelief as he stood up and shoved Hunt and growled as he held up three fingers. Hunt looked back and held up two. Meanwhile Grendel didn’t feel the cable being wrapped around his legs until it was too late. Sylo grabbed the other end and yanked catching Grendel, trapping him to where he couldn’t stand, and locked it in once more:


Sylo cranked back on the triangle as hard as he could as Grendel tried to fight his way out. Grendel held on, fighting, clawing, but he couldn’t stand to break the hold. Grendel held on until he finally went limp.

Mike Hunt called for the bell as Sylo let go of the hold and fell back. Mike Hunt rushed to get both belts and brought them over to Sylo who lay holding both titles for a few moments before finally standing up. He looked up at the ceiling and mouthed the words “Thank you”. Slowly, he stood, and looked into the camera. He knew Titan was watching as he held up three fingers and slowly slid his thumb across his throat before putting a foot on Grendel’s chest and holding up both titles.

Sylo had won. Sylo had beaten three members of The Backbone. Titan had to be pulling his hair out but how much did Sylo have left, especially having to use so much just to beat Grendel. If it hadn’t been for dumb luck and the idea to use the cable to trap Grendel Sylo could have been the one laid out with Grendel standing strong but that wouldn’t be tonight. A quick pan of the arena would show the carnage both men had caused and iNtense would end with a shot of Sylo holding both the jOlt and Legacy title high above his head with a foot on the third fallen Backbone member.

Winner: Sylo via Knockout