"So, You Wanna Be a Champion? I"

Jonathan Conspiracy Before iNtense 67 took to the air, cameras outside picked up footage of a Black BMW 7.50 pulling up to the arena. Once inside the parking garage, the beamer came to a stop and a door opened. The noticeable red bottoms of a female shoe was the first to be revealed to the Legacy of Champions crowd watching on the jOltVision and those watching at home. The camera panned up to reveal Sweet Aroma exit from one side of the car from the backseat. She made her way around the back of the car from the passenger side to the drivers side and opened the back driver side door, and out stepped…

One Letter Better…

The Attention Getter…

Wrestling’s Gold Digger…


Jonathan Conspiracy…


Conspiracy patted the title that rested ever so elegantly on his shoulder before clutching it while wrapping his other arm around his lovely wife’s waist. The two then proceeded towards the arena’s entrance, as the Black BMW slowly drove off in search of the champion’s parking space.

"Self Policing"

Chris Titan "I warned you."

Chris Titan paced around a visibly nervous Bane Loneheart in the Backbone's locker room while the rest of the crew looked on, surrounding both men.

"You were given one simple task ... take out Sylo, and you couldn't accomplish it."

"'Scuse me, Chris, but with all due respect ... taking out Sylo is surely no easy task."

"Clearly," Titan replied, "that would be correct in your case. I, however, can and have taken Sylo out ... and I did it for the jOlt Championship. A title which he then stole from me."

No one, and that included Bane Loneheart, was going to argue that fact with Chris Titan. Especially now that he had the monster Grendel firmly in his corner, however he managed to pull that one off. Still, they all knew that Titan's bold statement had more than a few holes in it.

"I'm sorry," Bane said.

"You're sorry? Is that it?"


"That's it, that's all that you have to say for yourself? You're sorry?"

"I dinnae know what else there is to say. I failed and I'm sorry."

Before even hearing the command, the rest of the Backbone closed in on Bane Loneheart. The former International Champion clenched his teeth and prepared for the worst.

"That won't be neccessary."

Bane Loneheart opened his eyes slowly to find Chris Titan had called off the attack, but he also found Jason Rau now standing directly next to the Backbone's leader.

"Your punishment is simple. You've lost your spot in the pecking order, Bane. You've been replaced by someone that got the job done last week. Jason here has your spot and, as of now, you are the low man on the totem pole. You're living on borrowed time now, Bane, and tonight you had better make the most of that time when you enter that Gauntlet against Sylo. Because if you don't ..."

Again, the Backbone moved in.

"There will be no third chances. Don't make me regret this kindness, Bane."

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Avispa Guerrero II
Jimmy B. MartinezAvispa Guerrero II
Arena of champions went dark as the lights began to flicker red. The arena erupted in cheers, for they knew who was about to make there way to the ring. It was none other than the rookie sensation Jimmy B. Martinez. Who, has been busting his ass week in and week out to prove to everyone here that he was the best flyweight champion in jOlt wrestling. Last week on Warriors he went up against Sanchez Cano and Cordova in his very first title defense. What a match it was, a match which Mr. Infamous came out ontop. Proving to both Cano and Cordova that he was more surperior. Tonight he will try to do the same, by going up against Avispa Guerrero II. Brother of former flyweight champion Avispa Ultima. The question was, could Martinez manage to pick up another win here and sucessfully defend his championship.

Uh, This is how it go down. I have the black-pound-silencer,so it dont make sound. About 150 outta town, aint nobody around.Im in the back seat breakin it down. My love has been a past week dawg, lately i found our press made us turn the radio down. But godbless they talking about layin me down.

Martinez's music began to blare threw the speaker of Arena of champions, as he slowly emerged out the back to an standing ovation and cheers and JBM chants. He stoped at the top of the rampway as the flyweight championship was strapped around his waist. He threw his hands up and formed an 'X' with his forarms as pyro behind him went off also forming a hugh 'X'. The cheers got louder as he began to walk down the rampway and head to the ring, where Avispa Guerrero II was already waiting.

Coming to the ring, from the Bronx, New York. Weighing 220lbs. THE FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Mr. Infamous; JBM.

Jimmy B. Martinez finallly reached the ring and slid under the bottom rope. The referee quickly approached Martinez and checked him for any illegal objects. Mr. Infamous than unstrapped the flyweight championship from around his waist and handed it off to the referee as he walked to the middle of the ring and held the title high up in the air, before handing it off to the time keeper. Avispa Guerrero and Martinez meet in the middle of the ring as the referee chopped at the air signaling for the start of this flyweight division match.


Martinez and Guerrero locked up in the middle of the ring. Avispa got the upper hand, as he over powered Martinez and shoved him into the corner turnbuckle. Guerrero went for a back handed chop, which Martinez saw coming and quickly ducked. He turned the tables and tossed Avispa into the corner and began to connect with chops to the chest. With every chop, the crowd began to cheer. Martinez backed away leaving Guerrero to stumble out the corner holding his chest, only to get knocked down with a spinning heel kick.

"What a spinning heel kick. The champion almost took Guerrero's head off with that one."

Mr. Infamous grabbed Avispa by the mask and pulled him back up to his feet. Guerrero fought back up with some elbows to the midsection of the flyweight champion which cause him to lean forward. Avispa leaned back into the ropes and came running back catching Martinez with a spinning DDt. Martinez flipped over on his back, holding his head. Avispa Guerrero scaled the turnbuckle and leaped off with a leg drop. No cigar, as Jimmy B. Martinez quickly rolled out the way as Guerrero connected with the canvas.

He took advantage as he quickly got back up to his feet and picked up Avispa. He then picked him up high in a suplex position and came down with a brainbuster. The impact cause Guerrero to flip onto his back. Martinez climbed up to the top turnbuckle and jumped off with a Swanton Bomb and landed right on Avispa's midsection. Martinez hooked up his leg for the pin, as the referee began the three count.




Avispa Guerrero kicked out. Martinez chuckled to himself, as if he knew better. Jimmy then got up to his feet and picked up Guerrero. Avispa quickly kicked JBM in the midsection. He then whipped Martinez to the corner turnbuckle, as Guerrero charged behind him. Jimmy quickly scaled the turnbuckle as if they were steps and did a backflip right over Avispa Guerrero. Martinez barley caught his footing, as Guerrero turned around and ran back at him and executed a spinning head sicorss, which launched Jimmy right over the top rope onto the outside.

Guerrero waited for Martinez to get back up to his feet. He then bounced off the ropes and jumped out with a moonsault which connected with JBM and caused them both to hit the ground hard.

"What a move by Avispa Guerrero taking the flyweight champion right out."

"I couldn't agree more, now lets see who gets to there feet first."

Martinez and Guerrero both staggered back to there feet and slid under the ropes back into the ring. Guerrero was the first one up and hit Martinez with a uppercut that reeled him back into the corner turnbuckle. Avispa grabbed Martinez and put him ontop of the top rope where he would execute a hurricanrana. Guerrero then jumped onto the middle rope and connected with a springboard moonsault. He hooked up the champs leg as the referee began to count.





Echoed threw the arena of champions as Martinez kicked out. Guerrero not surprised got back up to his feet and lifted Martinez with him. He wraped his arms around Martinez's next and went for a suplex. Martinez quickly flipped over Guerrero and grabbed him by his waist and executed a relase german suplex. Avispa hit the canvas hard, as he rolled around in pain holding the back of his neck. Martinez picked up Avispa and shoved him into the corner turnbukle. He than began to hit Guerrero with a barrage of martial arts kick finishing it off with one to the head of Guerrero which caused him to fall to the canvas.

Jimmy B. Martinez then grabbed Avispa Guerrero II by the mask and picked him up. He then tried to hit a spinning DDt, but Guerrero over powered him and threw him into the air. Martinez landed hard on his stomach as Guerrero chuckled to himself. Martinez turned on his back as Avispa jumped onto the top turnbuckle. Guerrero threw his hands up and leaped into the air with a four-fiftey splash, but was meet by the knees of Martinez. Avispa flipped over from the impact and laid in the middle of the ring holding his ribs in pain.

"OH MY GOD! Martinez could of broke the ribs of Avispa Guerrero II right there."

"He is not even moving. This would be the best time to finish the match and pin him."

Martinez crawls to Guerrero's motionless body and lays acrossed him with a pin.




Avispa Guerrero II barley kicked out.

Martinez shooked his head side to side in disbelief. He forced himself back up to his feet using the ropes for leverage. He than grabbed Avispa and picked him up. He tossed him into the ropes, Guerrero came back towards Martinez and slid under his legs. Guerrero quickly got back up to his feet and kicked him with a spinning heel kick to the back of his head. Jimmy hit the floor, holding the back of his head. Avispa Guerrero than grabbed Martinez by the leg and began to drag him in the middle of the ring as he locked in a sharpshooter.

"It could be over here."


Martinez began to scream as he fought threw the pain and tried to crawl to the ropes. He finally reached the ropes and grabbed on for dear life as the referee instructed for Guerrero to let go of the hold. Avispa let go of the hold, but it looked as if the damage was done as Martinez held his right leg in pain. Avispa Guerrero seen the flyweight champion favoring his right leg and took advantage as he began to stomp away at the injured leg. Aivspa picked up Jimmy from the canvas, and tossed him into the corner turnbuckle. He than lifted Martinez onto the top rope. Guerrero than went to hit a top rope suplex, but Martinez fought back with hard hitting right hands to the skull of Avispa as he fell back. Martinez than raised to his feet and leaped off high into the air with a vicious five-star frog splash.


"What impact that was."

"Martinez could have this one in the bag and have another sucessfull title defense under his belt. He just needs to make that pin."

Mr. Infamous began to slowly crawl to Avispa Guerrero's body. He finally reacheded Avispa and layed across his body as the referee quickly hit's the canvas and begins the three count.




"No where close to a three count."

"Avispa Guerrero looks like he still has some fight in him after all."

"This is a match where Avispa Guerrero has to give it his all. If he wins here, he can bring back the title to the Avispa clan. What an accomplishment that would be for him."

Martinez finally makes it up to his feet and grabs Guerrero and tosses him over the top rope. Avispa Guerrero hits the mat hard on the outside. Jimmy takes this time to catch his breath as Guerrero slowly makes it back to his feet. Martinez than charges at the ropes and jumps over with a front flip barley touching the ropes. He lands hard on Avispa as the both collapse to the mat outside.


Echoed threw out the arena. Martinez was the first one back to his feet. He picked up Avispa Guerrero by the mask and slid him under the bottom ropes. He than slid under the rope and picked him up once again. Martinez picked up Guerrero in a firemans carrry and looked as if he was looking to finish it with his "IKO" finisher. Guerrero quickly senses trouble and slid off Martinez's back and pushed him into the ropes. Martinez bounced of the ropes and was brought down with a dropkick.

Avispa Guerrero II than quickly scaled the top turnbuckle and jumped off with a flying elbow drop. Guerrero wasnt finish as he scaled the top rope once more and flew off with another elbow. It seemed as Avispa Guerrero was trying to inflict as much damage as possible to the flyweight champion. Guerrero than picked up Martinez and threw him towards the rope. Guerrero went for a spinning heel kick, but Martinez quickly ducked it and bounced off the other end and caught him with a spinning head sicossers. Martinez landed on his feet as Avispa sored in the air, landing on his back.

The flyweight champion seemed to be fired up as he stood at the corner waiting for Guerrero to rise to his feet. Avispa finally made it to his feet as Martinez flew out the corner with a superkick.


NO! He missed at Avispa Guerrero quickly ducked under his leg and grabbed him in a reverse DDt and brought him down hard to the canvas. Guerrero quickly got back up to his feet and began to stomp away on the midsection of the infamous one. He than grabbed Martinez by his hair and picked him up. He kicked him in the midsection and hit another DDt. Guerrero springboarded onto the middle rope and hit a moonsault on a beaten and battered Martinez.

Avispa picked up Martinez and tossed him into the corner. He then charged at him, but was greeted with a boot to the face that caused him to stumble back. Martinez then jumped onto the top rope and hit a corkscrew plancha. Both men fall to the canvas hard, as the crowd erupted in cheers. Jimmy B. Martinez, stumbled to his feet and picked up Guerrero. He than lifted him onto his shoulders in a firemans carry. He then swung him around into a diamond cutter.



"It could be over. He just hit the IKO on Guerrero. He needs to go for the pin."

Jimmy B. Martinez quickly hooked up the leg for the pin.





Jeers where heard threw out arena of champions, as Martinez sat up shaking his head from side to side in disbelief. He chuckled to himself, and got up from the canvas. Martinez began to slowly pick up Guerrero. It was desprate move, but Avispa had no other choice as he hit Martinez with a low blow that floored him quickly. Guerrero stumbled back into the corner, leaning against it trying to catch his breath and recompose himself. Avispa Guerrero didnt want to give up, he wanted to prove to his brother Avispa Ultima that he also had what it took to be a champion as well.

Avispa Guerrero II finially had enough time to recompose himself. He then scaled the turnbuckle and jumped off with a headbutt. Guerrero got up once more and returned back up to the top turnbuckle and leaped off with another headbutt. Avispa Guerrero got back up to his feet and threw his hands up in the air to a bunch of jeers which angered Aivspa. Martinez began to slowly get back up to his feet. Avispa Guerrero scaled the top rope once more and leaped off trying to connect with a top rope closeline. To his surprise he was caught in mid air by Martinez and came down hard to the canvas with a diamond cutter.


Jimmy B. Martinez quickly jumped ontop of Avispa Guerrero and hooked up his leg for the pin once more. The referee right away noticed the pin and begin the three count once more.




"Martinez had done it. He has sucessfully defended his championship for the second time."

The arena erupted in cheers as Martinez's music began to blast threw out the arena. Martinez was in the middle of the ring on his knees as the referee came back and handed the Flyweight Championship to him. He then hugged the title and kissed it's crown. Jimmy stood back up to his feet, leaving Avispa Guerrero motionless on the floor. He jumped into the top turnbuckle and lifted the title up with both hands as the cheers got louder. What an accomplishment this was for Martinez.

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"A New Rau-te for the Night: Part 1"

Aran Thompson The bustling sounds of objects clanking together and things being slammed against the walls echoed throughout the hallowed halls of the Arena of Champions.


The furious screaming of someone inside the locker room area could be heard and as the camera panned over to catch a glimpse of the person behind the rage; a chair flew through the opened door and an enraged Aran Thompson could be seen huffing and puffing and clearly in a “not to be messed with” attitude.

Aran noticed the camera and made a bee-line for it.

“You wanna see something?!” Aran shouted as he started to reach for the camera as he grew closer.

“Hold on! Hold on!” A familiar voice could be heard.

“She told me you were in a rage, but this is ridiculous!” The voice could now be linked to a very concerned looking Damien Lee who uncharacteristically put himself in harm’s way to try and calm Aran down.

Aran stopped and gaze his boss a death stare.

“I want Rau.”

The only three words to escape Aran’s mouth.

Damien looked even more concerned, “I would love to hand you Rau, but he is gauntlet match tonight.” Lee tried to explain.

“I want Rau.” Aran repeated himself, only this time with slight pauses between his words.

Damien backed away and shook his head.

“I’m sorry…m-my hands are tied.” Lee tried to explain.

Aran continued to stare his boss down.

“If you don’t give me Rau tonight, I’ll find a referee and I’ll MAKE him have a match with me. I’m sure there is a referee here brave enough to wander the halls and wait for me to break a Backbone.”

Aran never released his death gaze from Damien Lee, and Lee wasn’t about to try and tell Aran any different.

“O-okay…if you can find a referee, you can have your match. Underground rules.” Damien Lee said with a tone of hesitation.

A light twinkled in the eyes of Aran as if he had never heard such a sweet combination of two words up until that moment, when…

“I’ll do it.”

The camera quickly panned over to see Jimmy B. Martinez standing defiant and strong with the Flyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.

Aran approached JBM and extended his hand.

“Let’s get that son of a bitch.” Aran said to Martinez and the two of them hit their knuckles together showing true solidarity.

It seemed Sylo wasn’t the only people aiming to break a “backbone” by the end of the night.

"So, You Wanna Be a Champion? II"

Jonathan Conspiracy Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) meant that one man and one woman were about to reveal themselves to the jOlt faithful that filled The Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida.

One Letter Better
The Attention Getter
The Relentless Champion

Jonathan Conspiracy and his lovely wife Sweet Aroma.

The fans erupted in a chorus of booing as the power couple walked to the ring and neither of them seemed to care about the fans opinion of them at this point. The Relentless Champion was strapped around Jonathan Conspiracy’s waist and he walked with his hands raised to the rafters. Aroma was right by his side applauding as the championship match losing streak had come to an end, and the end result was a championship that Jonathan could manipulate en route to the jOlt or Underground Championship. It had been years since Conspiracy was last recognized as a champion, and he had no plans of giving this up easily.

Questions about whether or not Conspiracy was a member of The Backbone continued to loom over the Arena of Champions, but there were more questions to be answered at the immediate forefront.

Will Jonathan Conspiracy immediately take advantage of the Relentless Championship ala Chris Titan to get his hands on the jOlt Championship?

If Jonathan Conspiracy does decide to defend the Relentless Championship, what will his stipulation be?

However for Jonathan Conspiracy there was only one question that he wanted the crowd to answer as Sweet Aroma held the ropes for her husband. He would ask that question in a matter of seconds as he was handed a microphone.
“Can the celebration begin?” asked Jonathan Conspiracy as he spun around in the ring to give every fan in attendance a glimpse of the Relentless Championship shining brightly on his waist.

On cue black & silver balloons feel from the rafters of the Arena of Champions. Some fans enjoyed the balloons, as they tossed and batted the balloons around. Others didn’t like how Jonathan Conspiracy went about winning the title and popped the balloons in their vicinity.

Conspiracy and Aroma kicked some balloons around to get their footing in the ring as Conspiracy continued.

“Now as your Relentless Champion… Hi Aran…”

Conspiracy sarcastically waved towards the entryway, before returning his attention back to the paid attendance.

“…as your Relentless Champion, there is some business I need to attend to.”

Conspiracy stuck his free hand out and Sweet Aroma reached behind her and removed the manuscript that was sticking out of her trunks. She handed it over to her husband who unrolled it.

“The moment you have all been waiting for… ahem… As your Relentless Champion, I Jonathan Conspiracy have decided to invoke these laws and mandates into Relentless Championship title defenses. Number one, the Relentless Championship will be defended on a first come-first serve basis, all challengers are welcome but if you lose the only way you can get another championship match is if you successfully complete a task given to you by ME… your Relentless Champion, and must be completed to my satisfaction. Number two,…”

“Miracle (Pale Horse Mix)” – Nonpoint.

“The worst theme music ever heard within the walls of the Arena of Champions starts to play, and Jonathan Conspiracy must now wait for The Superleast to come to the ring before he can continue to announce his Conspiracy Theory Relentless Championship stipulations. Hurry up you blue freak.”

Sylo appears before the Arena of Champions crowd to a thunderous ovation. He raised his jOlt and Legacy Championships which only seemed to incite the crowd even more.

“Get on with it already Sylo! Ask me if I’m a member of The Backbone, so I can answer you and get back to my celebration.”

Sylo quickly retrieved a microphone and stared down at JCON. The two would be nose to nose but in this case it was more nose to chest. Sylo just stared at JCON with those cold blue predatory eyes as JCON took a quick glance at the jOlt title before staring at Sylo showing no fear.

“The world wants to know Jon. Are…you…with…the…Backbone?” Sylo said it slowly, almost mocking JCON’s intelligence.

“It’s not like I owe you or anyone here an answer but if you must know so bad NO!” JCON shouted as he stared up at Sylo. Sylo twirled the microphone and lifted it once more.

“Are you sure Jonathan? We’ve known each other how long now? Ten years or more? And I’m beginning to buy into the old statement you can’t change the stripes on a zebra. You deny you’re with them at every turn yet the only reason you have this,” Sylo flicked the Relentless title as JCON pulled back with a sneer. “Is because of the Backbone. Wait, let me guess, you just saw the opening and took it, right?”

“You’re damn right I did and I’d do it again. Just because The Backbone came out didn’t mean the match was over. Aran’s head wasn’t in the game and that’s why he isn’t a champion anymore. End of story.”

Sylo stared at JCON. It was a cold and deadly stare.

“This isn’t a threat before you go and perceive it as one, this is just a fact, and that fact is this Jon. I don’t know if you’ve paid attention or not but I’ve single handedly been decimating the Backbone one by one all the way up the food chain to Chris Titan. Now I know Aroma,” Sylo nodded toward JCON’s wife but didn’t take his focus off JCON. “Is friends with Aria. I also know that I’ve beaten you two times when a title is on the line. So my “word of advice” to you? Stay out of this. If you come for me Jon I’ll make it three in a row, do we understand one another?”

JCON leveled his gaze on Sylo. His chest puffed out as he poked Sylo with one finger on the chest.

“Listen, if you show one sign of weakness, I’ll cash this thing in and take that jOlt title from you. What I do is none of your business. I’ve told you I’m not with the Backbone but you keep running your mouth.” JCON finished with a sneer.

If looks could kill JCON would be six feet under.

“Again, this isn’t a threat, just a fact, but if you put your hands on me one more time I’ll rip your fucking arm off. As far as my title is concerned just try it Jon. I’ll embarrass you a third time. So it’s your call. The balls in your court,” Sylo’s music hit as he stared at JCON a moment and then exited the ring. He backed up the ramp and held up both titles yet again as JCON yelled something inaudible at Sylo.

Either way it seemed these two were on a collision course and the tension in the Arena of Champions was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"A New Rau-te for the Night: Part 2"

Aran Thompson The camera opened up to the sight of Aran Thompson and the Flyweight Champion, Jimmy B. Martinez searching for presumably Jason Rau after Damien Lee gave Aran Thompson the green light on a match against the newest Backbone member and man that helped cost Aran his Relentless Championship.

“When we find that son of a bi….” Aran Thompson began but stopped as he noticed something or someone ahead of them out of the view of the camera.

JBM nodded his head up quickly and Aran shook his head.

“Look, I know you got your thing tonight. But this, right here, is happening. Even if I have to go out to the ring and interrupt him coming down to you, this is happening.” Aran said stern and without a care when the camera panned over.

The camera panned and the fans let out a roar as Sylo was staring down at Aran. He looked to Jimmy and nodded before turning his full attention to Aran.

“I didn’t agree with what happened last week. You were fucked, hard, and I understand you want revenge but there’s something bigger at play tonight, Aran. I have the chance to end the Backbone once and for all. All I have to do is beat the Backbone and their gone then you can pick apart whoever you like,” Sylo replied trying to reason with Aran.

Aran scowled at Sylo.

“Can’t do everything on your own, and like I said…I want Rau.” Aran said not backing down from his convictions.

Sylo’s reply was a chuckle.

“Who am I to stand in your way then?” Sylo looked Aran up and down and for the first time it was noticeable that Sylo had fresh blood on both hands.

“Yours?” Aran asked.

Sylo just smirked maliciously, those elongated canines glistening.

“Let’s just say you learn a thing or two when you face the Backbone. They like to pay people off to keep their movements and plans limited. I just found one of those unfortunate individuals and found out some information. You want Rau? You got him. I’ll handle the rest. You’ll find him if you keep down the hall. I can promise you that.”

“Mister Thompson! I just seen Jason Rau head into the Backbone locker room!”

A stage hand trumpeted causing Aran to about face and take off not caring about any consequences that may occur, he was after revenge.

Reno Davis vs. Mattock
Reno DavisMattock
After he suffered a loss to his brother and failing to come up short with the Underground Championship, Mattock was given another opportunity to compete in jOlt. This time, he had to face a former champion in Reno Davis!

“Crucified” by Sevendust

Out from the back stepped Mattock. Many did not know whether to cheer or boo him as he remained quite the enigma. Only appearing once or twice on Rock the House and a loss to his own brother, Mattock, Mattock didn’t really do much to grab the attention of the fans. Perhaps tonight, he could rectify all of that. Mattock stepped into the ring and awaited his opponent.

“I Don’t Care” by Antidote

The man with the aqua eyes and the former jOlt Relentless Champion, Reno Davis, stepped out from the backstage area. Davis marched down to the ring where he slid in as he looked to have a goal.. a purpose, if you will. Perhaps it was the burning determination to possibly regain the Relentless Championship, but this was a match between two wrestlers who has something to prove.




Mattock and Davis circle each other in the ring and then go for the tie up, but Mattock faked and went into a waist lock instead, but Davis caught it and reversed with a standing switch. Mattock fired a pair of elbows to the skull and took off toward the ropes. Mattock hit a handspring and came back with a leaping elbow, but Davis reapplied the waist lock and stopped the elbow from connecting. Mattock tried to wriggle free, but David hit a forearm to the back of Mattock’s skull which rattled him a bit. Davis then attempted to take Mattock up and over with the German Suplex, but Mattock flipped and landed on his feet!

Davis turned around as Mattock did a backflip for his Backflip kick to the chin, but Davis swayed back and avoided it! Mattock landed on his feet as Davis charged in with a clothesline, but Mattock grabbed the arm and rode up onto Davis’ back where he pulled him over with a crucifix pin!



Davis kicked away!

Both men got back to their feet as Mattock charged in. Davis side-stepped Mattock and sent him off to the ropes. Mattock leapt up to the middle rope and springboarded off with a flying front kick which caught Davis in the chest and took him down. Mattock then headed to the ropes and bounced off. He came back with a running Shooting Star Press and connected! Another cover by the unorthodox Mattock!



Davis kicked out!

Mattock then brought Davis back up to a seated position and kicked away at his upper back. This did nothing but energize Davis as he got back up to his feet. Mattock continued to kick away, hoping to cause some damage, but Davis shrugged it off and drilled Mattock with a lariat! Mattock staggered back up and Davis hit another lariat which put Mattock back down. Mattock staggered back up and went for another kick, but Davis grabbed Mattock by the leg and hit a Dragon Screw Leg Whip!

As Mattock staggered back up, Davis took off to the ropes and rebounded from behind. He grabbed Mattock by the head and nailed a Running Facebuster into the canvas! Davis then pointed to the corner as he ascended the turnbuckle pads! Davis took aim and flipped off as the crowd watched in amazement!

The Upbeat Tempo!

The knee drove right into the chest of Mattock! Davis sensed victory as he made the cover and hooked the leg in deep!



Thre…. NO!

Mattock popped the shoulder up just in the nick of time!

Davis pulled Mattock back up to his feet and then scooped him up and slammed him on the canvas. Davis once again pointed to the corner as the crowd came alive once again! Perhaps he was going for another Upbeat Tempo. It looked to be so as he climbed with his back facing Mattock, but Mattock had gotten back up and hit a forearm to the lower back of Davis! Mattock then turned his back to Davis and hooked his arms into a Splash Mountain Bomb position. He then flipped Davis over and drilled him with a sit-out facebuster! The Edge of Atrophy!

Mattock then made the cover!



Thre… NO!!

This time it was Davis who kicked out at the last moment! Mattock pounded his fist into the canvas and then measured Davis up. Davis staggered to his feet as Mattock took off to the ropes. He bounced off and twisted for the Direct Damage, his corkscrew spear, but Davis side-stepped and flat out kicked Mattock in the head mid move!

Mattock fell to the canvas in a heap and Davis wasted no time! He wrapped up the legs of Mattock and then pulled on his arms, elevating him off the ground with the Queen Angelito Stretch! Mattock had been caught in The Straightjacket and there was nowhere for him to go. Mattock tried to hold on for as long as he could but he told the referee that he wanted the match stopped!




Davis dropped Mattock to the canvas as the referee raised his arm in victory! A fast-paced action-packed match that showed that Mattock had some skill, but the experience was obviously missing. Reno Davis made nice work of him and picked up a win!

Winner: Reno Davis via Submission

"A New Rau-te for the Night: Part 3"

Aran Thompson “You know he can handle the backbone, right?”

The scene opened to JBM walking next to an enraged Aran Thompson who was now brandishing a chair, gripped white knuckle tight.

“Yep.” Aran responded sharply.

Martinez could sense the rage boiling through Aran when Aran stopped suddenly and his eyes widened before bellow raising the chair and quickly swinging it.

…..THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! “YOU SON OF A BIT..” Aran bellowed before JBM got in between him and his victim.

“THAT’S NOT HIM! THAT’S NOT HIM!” JBM shouted and grabbing Aran’s attention.

Aran looked shocked as a member of security curled up in absolute defeat. Aran went to check on the security guard and apologized profusely.


Aran Thompson vs. Jason Rau
Aran ThompsonJason Rau
Aran turned his head quickly and stepped out of the way as Jason Rau came flying in, missing Aran and slamming his knee into the wall.

Rau turned around holding his leg and Aran has already reached the chair he dropped and hit Rau in the leg with it repeatidly.

Rau screamed out in pain as officially tried to get in between him and Rau as they tried to pull the downed Security guard from enduring more damage, Aran pushed everyone aside and as Rau tried to hobble away Aran hit him in the head with the chair and Rau started bleeding immediately.



Aran hit a downed Jason Rau again.



Aran hit Rau again, this time over the back.







Aran was furious and by now Jason wasn’t even able to defend himself. Stood back wide eyed as he stared at his friend Aran Thompson who had completely gone off of his rocker and continued to punish the down Rau.

“ARAN!” Martinez yelled.


“ARAN!!!!!!” JBM Bellowed.

Aran pulled out of his blood rage and looked a bloody Jason Rau and JBM started to pull the now severely dented and twisted chair away from Aran and he pointed at Rau.

“You got him.” Jimmy said to Aran who was just staring at Rau.

“You got him back.” Jimmy continued. “You got him back.”

Aran looked at Rau and then back at Martinez before he breathed heavily and collected himself.

Aran looked around and noticed the downed security guard was still on the ground and then he used his foot to push the unconscious Jason Rau over on his back and pulled the security guard over the body Rau.

“Count it.” Aran said looking at Jimmy with a very cold stare. Jimmy kneeled down and slap his hand to the ground three times.

“Now we’re even. Someone who didn’t even deserve to win, just won.”

Aran turned around and walked off as Jimmy B. Martinez watched Aran with a completely shocked look on his face.

Winner: ????

"So, You Wanna Be a Champion? III"

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras returned backstage where all the real fun of jOlt takes place. Many backstage workers were milling around doing their day to day to keep the company running. Suddenly a loud chant was heard...

"I AM THE RELENTLESS CHAMPION!" coming from a male voice.

"HE IS THE RELENTLESS CHAMPION!" coming from a female voice.

The chant went back and forth for what seemed like an eternity when cameras picked up who the voices belonged to.

Jonathan Conspiracy and his wife Sweet Aroma.

Aroma was both giving out buttons, as Conspiracy displayed the championship title over his head, almost as if he was campaigning for office. The button read: JCON - One Letter Better for jOlt Champion. As they handed out the buttons they came upon a familiar group of people in attendance tonight, and they looked none to pleased with the happily married couple.

"I don't think you understand how this works!"

Chris Titan, former jOlt Champion and leader of The Backbone.

He stepped towards Jonathan Conspiracy, and set his eyes on the Relentless Championship title that Conspiracy lowered from over his head and placed on his shoulder.

"I gave you an opportunity to become a part of something greater than jOlt, and from the sound of things you turned it down. You bitched up in front of the world Jonathan, and The Backbone doesn't need a spineless coward such as yourself in our ranks. I should have one of these guys challenge you tonight for that title, but they have other matters to attend to... we will deal with you later."

Titan signaled for the members of The Backbone to make their leave, but Conspiracy brought their exit to a hold when he placed his hand on Titan's shoulder.

"Hold on there a minute Titan. What you fail to understand is that I am 'One Letter Better', and there is a reason behind everything I do. When an opportunity such as joining The Backbone comes along, Jonathan Conspiracy weighs his options; and that's what I'm doing. Trust me Titan, the Relentless Champion isn't afraid to fight anyone. I wouldn't be the Relentless Champion if I was afraid of Sylo... come on Titan, what type of sense does that make. Sylo is full of huff and puff, and tonight after your boys over there take care of him in the gauntlet, best believe there will be an all Backbone main event taking place at All or Nothing, because I'll be sure to repay you and yours for your assistance when I face you for the jOlt Championship. My vertibrae is just fine Chris, and tonight if someone dares to step up to the plate, I'll be sure to make quick work of them before I get Sylo's attention. Now if there is nothing else Titan, I wish you guys the best of luck tonight against the Superleast."

Conspiracy raised the Relentless Championship back over his head, as he and Aroma backed away from The Backbone.

"I AM THE RELENTLESS CHAMPION!" shouted Conspiracy, but before Aroma could join in Jonathan had bumped into somebody. He turned around to reveal...

Adam Lazarus.

"First come, first served Jonathan, did I hear that right?"

"Yes Adam, first come, first served, but are you sure you want to step into the ring with YOUR RELENTLESS CHAMPION!"

"That's all I needed to know."

Adam Lazarus walked off instantly upon hearing that, leaving Conspiracy and Aroma standing in a now empty hallway, not knowing what to make of Lazarus and their standing with The Backbone.

"Death to the Backbone"

Sylo There he was. The SuperBeast sitting down on the bench in his locker room talking to his lovely fiancé Aria Murphy. Tonight Sylo had his hands full, but it didn’t phase him. He was use to it. Today was the day he planned on finally taking apart the BACKBONE in a gauntlet match. What did he have in store for them? Just then a knock on the door was heard.

Knock.. Knock.. Knock

"Who is it?!" The SuperBeast grunted.

"It's me, Jimmy." A voice answered from the other side of the door.

"Come in."

Martinez slowly opened the door, and walked in. A focused Sylo sat on the bench, as he was wrapping up his hands in tape preparing himself for his upcoming match.

"Hey bro. I know you probably want to be alone right now and prepare yourself for your match. I just had to come in here and tell you something." Martinez explained.

"Go ahead then Jimmy get whatever you have to get off your chest." Sylo said, as he continued to tighten the tape around his hands.

"Listen, I know you going to be running the gauntlet against these backbone clowns. I just wanted to tell you I got your back. I’m here for you, and I’m sure Aran Thompson won’t mind giving us a hand either."

Sylo stopped and turned and looked at Martinez.

"Look. I honestly don’t need your help, I got this one myself. What you need to be focused on, is your flyweight championship match with Avispa Guerrero II."

Martinez looked at Sylo with a look of confusion upon his face.

"I am.. I am... I’m just saying if you need some back up, don’t be afraid to holla bro. I’m sure you got this all by yourself.” Jimmy stared at Sylo for a moment as Sylo finally ripped the tape and looked up at Jimmy as he slammed his hand down making sure the tape was secure.

“Jimmy, I invited you into my home to train you. In the process you became like family but do you know why I did that?” Sylo stared at Jimmy as Jimmy shrugged.

“Because there’ll come a day when I can’t do this anymore and on that day I want my legacy to live through you.” Sylo stood up and picked both the Legacy and jOlt titles up laying them over his massive shoulders.

“Because one day I want to see you hold this kind of gold and build your own Legacy. While I appreciate the support I’ll tell you like I told Aria and that is that no matter what I don’t want either of you near that ring. I don’t want to see either one of you hurt because the Backbone will try to hurt you both just to get at me,” Sylo glanced at Aria who nodded and then stared back at Jimmy.

“Jimmy, sometimes a man has to walk through the gates of hell by himself. That’s what builds a man into a God. I told you one day I won’t be able to do this anymore but that day isn’t today. The SuperBeast is in his prime and I’m about to break a Backbone but if something does go wrong Jimmy, don’t come to my rescue because I have it all under control,” All Jimmy could do was hold out his fist. Sylo bumped it, leaned over and kissed Aria, and then headed to the door before turning to the two.

“Keep her safe Jimmy. It’s time for me to go to war.”

With that Sylo opened the locker room door and walked out leaving Aria and Jimmy standing there as The SuperBeast prepared to go to war yet again.

Martinez looked over at Aria as she just shrugged her shoulder at him.

"That's one crazy son of a bitch." Martinez said.

"You're telling me. That's why I love him." She replied.

"Yea, I had a feeling. You guys are both outta of your mind."

"Oh quiet Jimmy." Aria said with a smile on her face.

"I know one thing, I wouldn't want to be the backbone right about now."

"Shit! You got that right." She answered back.

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Adam Lazarus
Jonathan ConspiracyAdam Lazarus
As iNtense rolled on, the fans eagerly awaited the Relentless Championship match. The champion, Jonathan Conspiracy, Mr. One Letter Better, and a man sympathetic to The Backbone’s cause enough to the point where he sided with them, placed his championship on the line against the one and only Adam Lazarus!

“Praise” by Sevendust

The fans cheered as Adam Lazarus made his way out from the backstage area. He looked determined to get his hands on a championship here in jOlt and if he secured the Relentless Championship here tonight, either Sylo or Derecho awaited him and a chance at glory. Lazarus made his way to ringside where he stepped into the ring and posed for the crowd as they showered him with praise. The music died off and was replaced by..

“No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West

Those cheers for Lazarus were converted to admonishment and hatred as the man who couldn’t catch a break finally stood atop of jOlt as a champion and as a member of The Backbone, stepped out from the backstage area. Jonathan Conspiracy stood atop the stage with the Relentless Championship firmly around his waist. The fans continued to boo as he made his way down to the ring and entered. He unfastened the championship and passed it off to the referee who held it high into the air.

The referee passed the title off to ringside and called for the bell




JCON and Laz circled each other in the ring. They went for the collar and elbow tie up, but JCON hit a knee to the stomach and doubled Laz over. JCON then hit a clubbing forearm to the upper back which brought Laz down to a single knee. JCON then ran to the ropes and came back with a vicious elbow to the upper back of Laz which dropped him chest first to the canvas. JCON then stood and only after three moves, placed his boot on top of Laz and raised his arm into the air as if he felt he were already the victor.

The cockiness of JCON would get the better of him as Laz wrapped his arm around JCON’s leg and tripped him up! Laz then mounted JCON and fired away with big right hands. Laz stood and took off to the ropes, but JCON kipped up to his feet and hit a deep arm drag that took Laz over to a seated position where JCON transitioned into an arm bar submission hold.

JCON shook his head “no” as if to say that he wasn’t going to let Laz get any offense like he just did. JCON remained in firm control at this point as he wrenched the arm and caused pain to shoot into Laz’s shoulder.

Laz fought through the pain and mustered up some strength to get back to a vertical base, but as soon as he did, JCON, with the arm still trapped, laid a front kick into the chest of Laz. JCON fired another and another until Laz dropped back down to his knees. JCON let go of the arm and then cinched in a neck vise submission hold. Laz immediately, from his knees, fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section of JCON. They hit him hard enough for JCON to release the hold. Laz then stood and grabbed JCON by the head and dropped him with a jaw breaker!

JCON staggered back as Laz got back to his feet. Laz turned and drilled JCON with a clothesline. JCON popped back up and Laz drilled him with another clothesline. This time Laz pulled JCON to his feet and sent him into the ropes. JCON rebounded off and Laz planted him with a knee to the gut which doubled him over. Laz then immediately hit a low drop kick to the legs of JCON which caused him to fall face first into the canvas! Laz then got up and hit the ropes!

Laz came back with a running elbow drop into the lower back of JCON! The champion was in pain as Laz rolled him over and hooked the leg!



JCON kicked out.

Laz then brought JCON up to a seated position and lit him up with a pair of stiff kicks to the upper back and one right to the face! Laz then took off to the ropes and rolled along the ground before he leapt up and nailed the Rolling Thunder Senton! Laz then made the cover with the leg hooked again!



JCON kicked out for the second time.

Laz then brought JCON back to his feet and hit a knife edge chop to the chest of the champion. He hit a second chop and then a third before he whipped JCON into the ropes. Off the rebound, Laz grasped JCON with a bear hug, but turned it into a Spinning Belly to Belly Suplex! The champion was in trouble as Laz headed to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads!

Laz flipped off with a Moonsault, but JCON moved out of the way!

Laz saw it, however, and flipped onto his feet, but JCON answered with a Super Kick right to the face of Laz! Laz hit the canvas and was down and out for the count after the sickening smack from the impact! JCON went for the cover and hooked the leg deep!



Laz popped the shoulder up!

JCON looked frustrated as he pulled Laz back to his feet and rocked him with a European Uppercut. Laz staggered away from JCON then turned around just in time to see JCON lunge in with a lariat, but Laz ducked it and converted it into a Swinging Neck Breaker! The fans rallied behind Laz as he signaled for the end! Laz headed to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckles to the very top.

He measured JCON up and flipped off with the Shooting Star Leg Drop!



Laz crashed as JCON rolled out of the way at the last possible moment!

From Laz’s seated position, JCON grabbed him in a reverse chancery and pulled him with force to his feet! JCON then dropped down with the Reverse DDT


JCON then made the cover as the crowd booed…



Thre…. NO!

Laz popped the shoulder up and the crowd went nuts! A “LAZ LAZ LAZ” chant started in the crowd as Laz struggled back to his feet. JCON grabbed Laz and then shot him into the corner where Laz hit back first. JCON then charged in, but Laz made him eat an elbow to the face! Laz then turned and leapt to the middle turnbuckle and bounced off with a Corkscrew Body Press!

Laz rolled off of JCON as JCON staggered to his feet. Kick to the stomach by Laz doubled JCON over. Laz hoisted JCON onto his shoulders and flipped him off with a TKO!


Cover as the crowd counted along!





At the last possible moment, JCON kicked out and the crowd heavily booed! Laz then signaled for the end once again as he headed toward the corner, but as Laz went to step away, JCON immediately grabbed him from behind and rolled him up with a school boy and even grabbed a handful of tights!




Laz kicked away….

…a second too late!!




“No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West

JCON had just used a surprise flash pin from out of nowhere! He held Adam Lazarus down long enough for him to get the three count and retain his Relentless Championship! Laz looked disappointed and pissed at the same time as he sat there in the ring not believing what just happened.

JCON was handed his Relentless Championship as he grinned. He exited the ring and headed to the back.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"An End Must Come"

Derecho “One Reason” by Fade

The Underground Champion, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area and walked down to the ring with the Underground Championship around his waist. Derecho walked pretty briskly as he made his way around ringside. He grabbed a microphone and then rolled into the ring. The music died down and Derecho brought the mic up to his lips.

“Three weeks ago, I came out here and stated that I had discovered my true self and that I no longer needed the past to move on. I no longer needed to rely on the past to mold and shape me into who I truly was. Then you came out…”

Derecho brushed his hair back as he collected his thoughts.

“You stepped out into my kingdom and claimed that I wasn’t the same person you remembered. Well.. I’m sorry Kenshiro if that’s what you view me as because… sometimes people change… or maybe they don’t. Maybe they’ve been the same all along and you just couldn’t accept it. For that reason, I decided to come out here and show you something.”

The arena lights dimmed as the jOlt vision screen illuminated. A scene from the now defunct 21st Century Wrestling played on the screen.

The camera shots take us backstage with Derecho holding the back of his head, walking towards a nice, refreshing water cooler sitting on top of a buffet table. Various items are scattered around, including some steel folding chairs, a vending machine, doors to unknown rooms and whatnot. The food isn't on the table yet, but the cooler is. Derecho decides to get himself a drink when Ninja K comes into the area, also looking for a drink. The people pop big time when they see him on the superscreen. Ninja K slaps Derecho on the shoulder.

"Way to lose, boss", states Ninja with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

Derecho didn't take it kindly as he grabs Ninja K and tosses him into the vending machine. Derecho picks up a steel chair and then.....


The steel chair finds it's spot across the top of Ninja K's skull. Derecho then takes the seat of the chair and presses it against Ninja K's neck, choking the air out of him as blood begins to trickle through Ninja's mask. Derecho then tosses then chair aside and makes a martial arts stance, mocking Ninja. Derecho then blatantly kicks Ninja in the face.

"Who looks like the goddamn loser now, huh!?", screams Derecho.

Derecho then leaves the screen as the cameras focus in on Ninja K, coughing and holding his head in pain.

Fade out......

The scene faded to black and then faded in once again. This time it looked like a scene from Legacy of Champions.

Derecho and Samantha were spotted backstage as they discussed their strategy for Derecho's title opportunity later that evening. All of a sudden, a familiar face just happened to walk by at that exact moment in time. Derecho stopped his conversation on a dime and stood up.

"Hey there! If it isn't Kenshiro Inogami! Long time no see, my friend!", said Derecho.

Ninja K stopped in his track and turned and faced Derecho. Ninja K had been prepared to say something, but, instead, found himself cut off.

"Look, I'm not here to start anything.. it's just.... well..... I kind of feel sorry for you, bro."

Ninja K was not amused by Derecho's comment. He went to take a step forward, but Derecho halted him.

"Whoa whoa whoa,... hear my out... champ. You see, you think you're at the top of your game, carrying around that Legacy Title, but, I've been watching you. Not just since I've arrived here in LoC.. but before that when I was scouting promotions to come work for. Alas, I saw Tyke, remembered I had some business to take care of and VOILA, here I am, but enough about me, let's talk about you for a second."

Ninja K looked at Derecho and wasn't easily amused, still. His patience grew thin and he wished Derecho would just get to the damn point!

"As I said, I've been watching you. I always like to keep tabs on the superstars that I make."

Ninja K was atrociously upset over that comment, but Derecho did continue.

"That's right. I made you, Ninja K. You're the reason why you are where you are right now. I am the sole reason why that Legacy title belt is over your shoulder. Don't ever forget that I used to be your boss and you used to be my employee. I told you to jump, and you had no choice but to ask "how high?". And because you were so loyal to me, I gave you championships. I put you in the best tournaments X Wrestling had to offer, and I made you who you are today."

Ninja K had been overcome with rage, but he had to supress it slightly because he knew Derecho spoke the truth, but it didn't mean that he had to like what Derecho had to say about him.

"Now look at you. You beat some washed up wrestler who had nothing better to do but to sit behind a desk, for this "world title". Let me show you something..."

Derecho walked over to where he had been sitting and pulled a bag from behind a small partition, revealing it to both Samantha and Ninja K. It was quite obvious that these were Derecho's belongings. He unzipped the duffel bag and pulled out a championship title! This was no ordinary title, this was the X Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship belt!

"You see this? You used to own this title. I carry it with me wherever I go because it is a stern reminder of where I came from, who I was, and who I will become. What stands before me is the empty shell of Ninja K. Yes, you're the Legacy Champion, but your heart isn't in the game like it used to be."

Derecho held the Xw World Title close to Ninja K's face. His eyes, pierced through his mask and took a good long stare at the title he previously held.

"You see this? Take a good look at this. You used to be this good, and unless you do something, you will never be this good again."

Ninja K had just about enough.

"You know, Jason... you may have a no physical contact stipulation between you and Tyke, however, you have nothing with me. I am a man of honor, and I will not tarnish my Legacy Championship to giving in to you. I am a consumate professional, and as this company's champion, I will reflect LoC by holding my honor and walking away, but know this.. you ever talk to me like the way you just did, and I will not hesitate to throw that honor out the window... so consider this your first and only warning."

Ninja K turned and walked away. Derecho walked back over and sat down with Samantha.

"What ever happened to, hi, Jason! How have you been? Some people have some nerve don't they?"

Samantha grins and nods in approval as the two of them resumed their discussion of strategy for tonight's match.

The scene faded out once again. Then the arena lights returned to normal. Derecho looked on with a grin on his face as he brought the microphone to his lips.

“I hope you paid close attention to that because those two moments in history…. OUR history proves a couple of things… I have always been this way and you have been blind to it… and without me… there would have been no you. You wouldn’t exist in this business today if it weren’t for me! I MADE YOU!”

Derecho chuckled to himself and then continued…

“But that’s not a matter on consequence because things that are made can be unmade.”

Derecho closed his eyes and then gathered his thoughts where he continued.

“I’ve known you for damn near ten years, Kenshiro.. but I’ve come to the realization that for the past ten years you have been nothing but a thorn in my side. An ungrateful thorn which finds a way to drive itself deeper and deeper into my skin as each year passes. No matter what I do… no matter where I go.. you’re there.. You get in my way and quite frankly.. I’M FUCKING SICK OF IT!”

Derecho’s tone suddenly changed.

“At All or Nothing… I will end it, Kenshiro. I will end these past ten years of annoyance.. I will finally remove this thorn from my side. I will finally be rid myself of you once and for all.. and if I can’t… then I don’t deserve to be The King of the Underground. I don’t deserve to be its champion. Therefore… at All or Nothing, I will defend the Underground Championship against you… but if you thought everything I’ve done so far in jOlt made you hold your breath.. made your stomach turn… then wait until All or Nothing. It will absolutely PALE in comparison to what I will do to you. THIS SHALL BE THE END OF IT, KENSHIRO! I WILL FINISH THIS AND LAY IT… AND YOU… TO REST ONCE AND FOR ALL!”

Derecho laughed out loud and then buried his face into his hand. He then swept his hair back and continued.

“Ten years ago I gave you an opportunity in X Wrestling. Ten years ago… I made you.. and now ten years later I will break you. We’ve battled from X Wrestling to 21st Century Wrestling to Legacy of Champions and now we will battle again here in jOlt Wrestling. There have been many other times we’ve faced, but we’ve fought so much, I’ve lost track of it all… but I do know this…”

“…it has to end.”

“At All or Nothing, Kenshiro… it all started in X Wrestling… so shall it end in X Wrestling. It may not be the xW Arena in Miami… it may not be at the biggest show we produced, Wrestlecade… but it will be nostalgic because it will be contested under xW Rules… which is very convenient because the Underground is exactly what xW used to be.”

Derecho paused.

“I hope you dig into your past Kenshiro. I hope you revert back to something you used to be. I want you to come at me with every fiber of your being. I want to find your limits and I want you to break every single one of them. It’s not new age Ninja K versus new age Derecho. We’re not going to claim to go “old school” and not deliver like so many others. This will not even be a match… THIS WILL BE A WAR”

“And when everything is said and done.. after I take your best shots for however long you give them… I will stand atop of you… even if I have to bring myself within centimeters of death… I will go that far to end this between us.”

“Rune Winters was nothing…. Jason Rau was nothing… Citizen was nothing… Sylo was nothing… Jonathan Conspiracy was nothing... MY OWN BROTHER.. was NOTHING. This Kenshiro… this will eclipse everything I have done… and when it’s over… it’s over. Ten years will end… ten years will become a memory… and I will bury you beneath me once and for all.”

Derecho dropped the mic and left the ring. At All or Nothing, Derecho and Ninja K clash once again with the Underground Championship on the line. As personal as this is for both men… Derecho’s words haunted the ears of the fans here tonight. Just what were they going to see on PPV?

"Fed Up"

Adam Lazarus Adam Lazarus shuffled into the locker room, his head hung in disappointment. He slumped down into the chair in front of his locker and began removing his kickpads. Kayden Paulton, among a few other jOlt stars, was sitting nearby. Seeing Laz so upset made jOlt's resident nice guy concerned and he approached Adam.

"Tough break, buddy, but look on the bright side ... you're getting so many opportunities at championships! You're bound to win one soon!"


"Well ...," Kayden Paulton carefully said as to not upset Laz anymore, "yeah."

Laz shot up from his chair, one boot on and one boot off. He eyed the entire locker room where many of his fellow workers were seated, many of whom hadn't been inside a jOlt ring in weeks. And many of whom came from the Legacy of Champions. The realization of where he stood within the jOlt organization hit him like a Mack truck. He grabbed his boot, his bag, and his towel.

"I'm done, man! I AM DONE ASSOCIATING MYSELF WITH YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS! I was the Backbone's first opponent and now they're taking on Sylo! I nearly won the Underground Championship and the Flyweight Championship and now the Relentless Championship! But I can't get the job done, and why?! Because I'm allowing myself to be contaminated by people like you!"

Adam was looking directly at Kayden Paulton when he said those words. Then he turned his attention to Sanchez Cano, The RingRats, Cordova, BIG Little Italy, Conan the Leprechaun, and the Jury.

"Some of you used to be champions and now look at yourselves. The Backbone thought that we were the ones getting the unfair advantage, so they took what they wanted. And we let them. Not me. Not anymore. I'm done! I'm out of this bottom of the barrel locker room with you bottom of the barrel losers! I'm going out there and I'm going to take what's mine! And some of you should stop eating the bullshit they're feeding you and do the same!"

Laz stormed out of the locker room, leaving a healthy chunk of jOlt's roster behind contemplating just where their own careers went wrong. Suddenly, Kayden Paulton had more than just a few of those eyes planted on him.

"I was just trying to cheer him up."

iNtense moved to the ring.

Sylo vs. The Backbone
SyloThe Backbone
Once again there’d be no talking because the time for that was done. Now, Sylo, one man that had delivered so many blows to the Backbone, had the chance to end them once and for all. He would run the gauntlet and at the end of that gauntlet would be none other than Chris Titan. Could one man, even if he was The SuperBeast, be able to run a gauntlet that would include Mike Extreme who, even injured, still was a threat, a tag team that could be ruthless when they wanted to be, a psycho who had some strange attachment to a lead pipe, and of course a monster that just wouldn’t stay down unless he was trapped and choked out.

Everyone was about to find out.


Johnny Cash would follow.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw.
And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
Was death.
And hell...followed with him. ”

“Miracle (Pale horse remix)” - Nonpoint.

A blinding white explosion, a symbol of mass destruction that had become synonymous with The Perfect Predator, The SuperBeast, Sylo, rocked the entire Arena of Champions to its base. Through the blast and smoke stepped the 7’1”, 335 lb. jOlt Champion and Legacy Champion. The man that had been dubbed jOlt’s reckoning wore the Legacy Championship around his waist and held the jOlt title over his shoulder with just as much respect as he scanned the arena. Sylo moved to the right of the stage, shouting something almost inaudible that only increased the volume. He repeated this motion to the other side and the Arena of Champions was beginning to burst at the seams. Finally, The Harbinger of Destruction, moved to the dead center of the stage, crouching down, studying, strategizing, before jumping to his feet. Sylo made his way to the ring and leapt up on the apron and then leapt into the ring awaiting his first opponent.

He wouldn’t have to wait long to find out who was on deck first.

"Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth.

Mike Extreme came out from behind the curtain and took off for the ring like a bat out of hell. He slid in the ring and was met by Sylo as the two began exchanging blows. The bell rang as Extreme would kick things off. Sylo caught Extreme with a hard right that sent him into the ropes but Extreme would duck another and throw a knee into the bandaged ribs of Sylo. Sylo doubled over and Extreme followed up with a double axe handle to the back of the neck.

Sylo hit the mat hard as Extreme dropped a knee to the back of Sylo and then quickly jumped on top of him in a camel clutch. Extreme put a lot of torque on Sylo’s neck as he pulled back. Sylo clawed at Extreme’s hands and then reached out for the ropes but fell short. Sylo roared and began to crawl toward the ropes finally grabbing the bottom rope.

Senior official Mike Hunt began the five count and Extreme let go right in time. Sylo gasped for air as Extreme grabbed Sylo’s leg, locking it under his arm, and falling back to the mat with it twisting the knee of Sylo as he did so. It seemed Extreme had learned a lot from his first encounter with Sylo and had things in hand thus far. Extreme finally decided it was safe to take things to a vertical base and picked Sylo up. He shot Sylo toward the turnbuckle with a hard Irish whip but Sylo reversed it falling forward from the sheer force he used to send Extreme flying into the turnbuckle. Extreme flipped upside down and almost to the outside of the ring as Sylo stood up and shook his leg trying to get some of the pain out.

Sylo backed up into the corner, holding the ropes, and waited for Extreme to get up. Extreme stood, still a bit groggy, and everyone thought the Slaughter was coming but instead Extreme ate a face full of boot that busted his nose wide open as Sylo damn near kicked his head off.

Sylo limped slightly over to Extreme and picked him up and hoisted him on his shoulders as the fans went crazy. The Systematic Shutdown was coming next! Except Extreme slid down and shoved Sylo into the turnbuckle. He charged Sylo but Sylo moved just in time as Extreme landed chest first. He cringed in pain as he turned right into the waiting arms of Sylo.

Systematic Shutdown

Sylo followed with the pin.





Sepiroth Du Luc wasted no time charging down to the ring, jumping on Sylo before he had a chance to get up and began landing elbow after elbow to the back of Sylo. Du Luc quickly bounced off the ropes and drove a boot into Sylo’s ribs. Sylo roared in pain but Du Luc did it again and one more time for good measure. After all, it was Sylo that had knocked him out cold.

Du Luc finished by bouncing off the ropes and drop kicking Sylo right in the skull. He quickly rolled Sylo over and made a quick cover not even bothering to try to hook Sylo’s tree trunk like leg.



No! Kick out with authority by the champ! Du Luc picked Sylo up and back peddled to the turnbuckle going up to the top. He came off but Sylo caught Du Luc and sent him flying over his head. Du Luc crashed onto the mat as Sylo spat a little blood to the side, wiping the rest away, and snarled. Sylo picked Du Luc up but Du Luc fought back throwing stiff shots to the ribs. Sylo buckled a little in pain before sending a massive elbow to Du Luc’s jaw. Du Luc stumbled and turned back toward Sylo only to get a boot to the gut.

The Three Faces of Sin

Two power bombs and a third into the turnbuckle. Sylo drug Du Luc to the center of the ring and made the pin.





Sylo jumped to his feet, not letting them catch him off guard again, as Bane Lonehart came rushing down the ramp, lead pipe in hand, and hit the ring. He was actually going to use the lead pipe until official Mike Hunt grabbed the pipe and fought Lonehart for it. Finally, Hunt yanked the pipe away and threw it out of the ring. Lonehart screamed at Hunt and then turned only to be met with…


The spear almost knocked Lonehart out of his boots and Sylo immediately pinned him.





"Infected" by Bad Religion.

Persephone came strolling down the ramp with the Starlet title over her shoulder and twirling a microphone in the other hand. She seemed to be in no hurry as she yelled at Mike Hunt to hold the ropes open for her. Hunt held the ropes and Persephone stepped into the ring stepping right up to Sylo and stared up at him.

And then she slapped the taste out of his mouth.

“What? You’re not going to hit me, I’m a woman. You don’t hit women. Isn’t that part of your precious little code? Guess you should just lie down and let me pin you just like I pinned your little whore of a fiancée and took her title.”

She grinned and slapped Sylo again.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. Even Sylo has limits.” Buhrman remarked.

“He won’t hit her. Persephone knows exactly what she’s doing so shut it.” Powers snarled.

“I said lie down, dog!” Persephone punched Sylo in the jaw this time. Sylo’s head snapped to the side a bit as he slowly turned back. Sylo took a deep breath and could vaguely be heard asking if he could see the microphone. Persephone rolled her eyes and handed it to him adding “Make it fast. I have shit to do.”

“You’re right. I don’t hit women. I don’t see any reason for a man my size to be punching a woman.” Sylo remarked looking at Persephone. She screamed that she already said that and for him to lie down.

“But the problem is…I don’t see a woman in the ring.”

The fans roared and Persephone went to run but it was too late.

BAM! One stiff right hand and Persephone was out cold. Sylo put a toe on her to pin her.





Which meant the only man standing in the way of Sylo getting his hands on Titan was…Grendel.

Grendel took his time coming to the ring and the tension could be felt as both men met toe to toe in the center of the ring for the second straight time. Grendel would fire the first shot with Sylo answering with shots of his own. He went to Irish whip Grendel into the rope but Grendel reversed sending Sylo into the ropes. Sylo rebounded and with a head of steam flew through the air with a shoulder block that took Grendel down.

Grendel jumped back up to his feet only to be met with another shoulder block. Grendel stood again, this time a bit slower, and was met with a massive spinebuster that shook the ring! Sylo threw both arms out letting out a bestial roar.

"Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)" by AFI

Sylo turned his attention to the stage as Chris Titan walked out, arm still in a sling, and made his way down to ringside mocking Sylo. Sylo beckoned for him to get in the ring, even sitting on the ropes and holding them open for him. Titan just yelled at Sylo he wasn’t worthy to face him. Sylo snarled and turned back only to be driven to the mat by Grendel with a stiff close line. Grendel picked Sylo up, kicked him in the gut, lifted him high in the air, and drove him down on the back of his neck with a snap powerbomb. Grendel quickly followed with the pin hooking the leg as he did so.




Grendel stood up and it was shades of iNtense all over again as he held up three fingers to Hunt, arguing. By the time Grendel turned around he found himself falling on top of Sylo right into the No Escape. Sylo had managed to get the upper part of his torso under the ropes so Grendel couldn’t lift his way out of it as he cranked back. Mike Hunt dropped to the mat watching for any sign of tapping or passing out which left him blind to see a worse for wear Bane Loneheart hand his trademark lead pipe to Chris Titan, before dragging the head referee out of the ring by his ankles.


Titan drove the pipe into Sylo’s skull repeatedly. CRACK!



Meanwhile, Bane Loneheart slapped Mike Hunt back to life at ringside and rolled the head referee back into the ring. It was just in time to see Grendel quickly get to his feet and pick Sylo up, hitting him with his own move to add insult to injury.


Sylo was already out before the move and he was bleeding like a stuck pig as Grendel made the pin again.




And just like that the Backbone had stole one thanks to Chris Titan and a lead pipe. Grendel exited the ring with Chris Titan as the rest of the Backbone joined him on the stage, many of the members looked worse for wear, but Titan had a shit eating grin plastered on his face as Sylo pushed himself up into a seated position against the ropes. He grabbed the microphone nearby panting into it and spit some blood before speaking.

“iNtense, you asked if I was really a gladiator.” Sylo spoke but had to stop trying to catch his breath. “And tonight I just ran through almost every single member of the Backbone. So I have to ask you, Titan, are you a gladiator or are you just a bitch?” Sylo spit again staring at the ramp.

Titan was still grinning and made a belt motion around his waist and yelled “I’m going to be the champion!”

“That’s not what I asked. I asked are you a gladiator, a warrior, a fucking MAN or are you just a scared, pathetic, no talent, pussy that hides behind a group of rejects?” Sylo snarled.

Titan’s grin faded as he scowled. He retrieved a microphone of his own.

“Right, the same group of rejects you almost beat tonight? And then you have the balls to call yourself a gladiator? Newsflash, you delusional Russel Crowe fangirl, I beat you by myself already! You don't think I can do it again? Are you that concussed right now? There is no way in hell that I won't beat you come All or Nothing, which is fitting by the way. Because after I beat you I will have ALL and you will be NOTHING! I WILL BEAT YOU AND THERE'S NOT A THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!” Titan screamed into the microphone.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Sylo spit blood again. “Because at All or Nothing, you and I are going to end this and we’re going to end it in a LAST…MAN…STANDING…MATCH!” Titan nodded yelling you’re on as he began to retreat to the back.

“Whoa whoa whoa…one last thing Titan.” Sylo pushed himself up to a vertical base using the turnbuckle for support. “At All or Nothing I have a surprise for you and I promise you, it’s one you’ll never forget.”

Sylo dropped the microphone as iNtense ended with the Backbone and Sylo staring one another down leaving everyone to wonder what surprise Sylo had in store for Titan at All or Nothing.

Winner: Grendel via Pinfall