"The Initiative"

Jim Johnson

As soon as the audience saw the man's face the jeering began.


Jim Johnson, formerly of PIW, formerly of LoC, and now the Commissioner of jOlt. Following an attack early on in the current incarnation of jOlt by Sylo, Johnson had since been at home recovering from multiple injuries sustained. He appeared tonight to be completely healed and ready to resume his position in the company.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Jim Johnson and I am the acting Commissioner of jOlt.


The jOlt Commissioner was unaffected by the Arena of Champions faithful.

"Recently, as I've been at home recuperating from multiple injuries I sustained at the hands of the current jOlt Champion--"

The reaction to Jim Johnson being mauled by the Superbeast was decisively more upbeat than the reception to seeing his face again.

"Yes, well, during that time I had the opportunity to see things from the outside in. This is something that I rarely have the pleasure of doing, but I was forced to do so. And in doing so I discovered that Damien Lee ... was exactly the right man for the job."

Another decent pop from the fans for the mentioning of the great job Damien Lee had been doing overseeing the day-to-day operationg of jOlt while Jim Johnson was on the shelf.

"I discovered that Damien Lee's philosophy is one that will continue to nurture and grow the jOlt brand as a whole, which is undoubtedly why the Board of Directors named him the Chief Operating Officer to begin with. Damien Lee is my boss, yes, but it is still my duty to run both iNtense and Warriors. With that in mind, I come to you all humbled and remorseful. I apologize for my past actions and I wish to rectify them with my actions in the future. I want to start that tonight.

"Something else I have done with my time away from the bright lights and big action of jOlt was to scout out new and upcoming talent, as well as veterans that are still in their prime and may have just been overlooked. I have been in contact with all of them and I want to announce a new era in jOlt. Starting tonight we will be debuting these new talents in what I am now calling "The Initiative."

The fans' hatred toward Jim Johnson was put on hold. This news, even if it was from the Devil's mouth itself, was interesting enough to keep their attention.

"It all begins tonight with the debut of four new talents. These four men will also comprise half of an eight-man tournament leading into Power Struggle. The Power Struggle Invitational will be a tournament in which every win gives an entrant two points, and the top four entrants will then meet in a Fatal Fourway at Power Struggle. The winner of that match will receive a shot at the Relentless Championship, which we all know that should this newcomer manage to wrest that championship away from it's holder they will also be entitled to a jOlt or Underground Championship match. It all begins tonight as jOlt ushers in a new era, a revolution in Sports Entertainment. Ladies and gentlemen ...

... welcome to iNtense!"

"Moving Forward"


The Arena was silent for all but a brief moment. Suddenly, that all changed with the familiar guitar riffs that the people have grown to hate.

"One Reason" by FADE

Out from the backstage area stepped the Underground Champion... the man with something that's becoming a tradition for him, tape around his ribs and mid-section. He sported a small bandage above his left eye and one wrapped around his left forearm. It was apparent that the champion was banged up from his war with Ninja K at All or Nothing, but he emerged victorious and all of these battle scars proved it.

With the title over his shoulder, Derecho walked down to the ring. The fans continued to boo the self-proclaimed King of Hell as he entered the ring and immediately asked for a microphone. The microphone was handed to him by a member of the ringside crew as the lights and atmosphere of the arena returned to its normal neutral state.

Derecho took a moment to look around the arena as the people were booing.. some were giving him the finger, and all around hatred the people had for him. Everyone had made it clear what they thought of him. All, but one man, a faceless man garbed in all black. A red star emblazoned on his chest, they only thing standing out. However, Derecho stood there with a stone cold expression on his face as none of that even phased. He slowly brought the microphone up to his lips as he began his proclamation.

"I look out among the subjects and I detect nothing but animosity for who stands before you... and that is the one true king of this company."

The crowd continued to boo as Derecho continued to give each of them the cold stare.

"How much you loathe me no longer matters because last night at All or Nothing... I did what I set out to do. I defeated Ninja K and with that victory, I have buried my past and left it for dead."

More boos from the crowd.

"With the defeat of Ninja K... there is nothing I haven't accomplished in jOlt. I am the one who put Rune Winters on the shelf and he hasn't been the same man since. I am the one who injured Jason Rau when he stepped in front of my path. I defeated Citizen on two separate Pay-Per-Views to retain my championship and where is Citizen now? He is nowhere to be found. I even handed your so-called King, Sylo, another defeat right here in jOlt... the second victory of my career over him. And finally, I have buried my past and defeated Ninja K... all while still retaining my Underground Championship."

Derecho took a brief pause.

"I have accomplished everything there is to accomplish here in jOlt. I have made the Underground Championship THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT TITLE IN THIS COMPANY!"

The people booed that statement with passion.

"Now that my past is dead and buried for good... I can move on. I can continue to do what I have done since the beginning... and that is give every single one of you exactly what you want! You begged me... you pleaded with me... you desired bloodshed.. you desired destruction... and when you demanded, I dug down deep inside myself... I remember who I used to be... the ruthless killing machine of a man I once was... and I have become that for each and every one of you because a true King always listens to his subjects, and yet... you still give me grief... you still give me animosity... you still shun me and toss me aside like some commoner, but that will not deter my efforts."

Derecho paused for a moment as the people continue to boo.

"I no longer need to cling to my past. I have evolved past what I used to be. Who I am... what stands before you now, is a man at his absolute zenith. A man who has redefined the Underground and has taken it to places that it has never been before. A man who has become King and has vanquished with authority.... Every.... Single.... Challenger.... put before him."

Derecho paused oh so briefly.



There would be some objection to what Derecho had to say.

The roar of the fans was deafened by the late great Johnny Cash. A white orb exploded on the stage rocking the Arena of Champions as "Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)" by Nonpoint kicked up and the jOlt champion made his way through the blast, jOlt title over one shoulder, and the Legacy title around his waist. He stared at Derecho for a moment as if he had lost his mind and then just shook his head before walking to the ring and entering. He'd pick up a microphone as he stepped right up to Derecho.

"You've beat them all have you? Because as I recall no one ever beat me for that," Sylo tapped the Underground title on Derecho's shoulder.

"No, but I did beat you fo-" Sylo threw up a hand cutting Derecho off.

"Save it. You beat me for the Legacy title; with help. You beat me here in jOlt; again with help. I don't know if you noticed or not but at All or Nothing I broke the Backbone. Oh and there's the little matter of me flying off of that," Sylo hiked a thumb at the jOltvision before he shifted as he took the Legacy title off his waist and held it up in Derecho's face.

"This is what you always wanted. You wanted to be the man and you know what else I know?" Sylo put the Legacy title over his shoulder and held up the jOlt title. "This is what you want now. This represents being the best wrestler. See, all those years ago you didn't want to be in the Locker Room just watching as myself and Ninja K went on to make Legacy of Champions history. You tried your best to get into that match but you had nothing to offer. That drove you crazy, didn't it? You sold your soul for a belt you'll never get your hands on ever again because I'm the last. What you do have though, is the chance to forge your own legacy right here in jOlt. You have your chance to have your name in lights and take the spotlight for yourself. So, my offer is simple," Sylo paced a little.

"I'm willing to put my jOlt title on the line against, well, my Underground title since I never lost it. I'm willing, once and for all, to end this between you and I and settle who really is the "King of the Underground" once...and...for...all," The fans roared.


Derecho was fuming as he shouted inaudibly out into the crowd. Sylo just stared Derecho down as he waited for the fans to stop driving Derecho even more bat shit crazy than he already was. Finally Derecho turned back to Sylo, still fuming, and stared at him with a burning rage.

"Don't get too excited just yet. There is one condition. That condition is real simple. Tonight, in this very arena where we've battled many times before, you and I will go one on one. No interference. Just you, myself, and a ring full of anything you can think of to use as a weapon because I'm willing to go all the way Underground," The fans roared in approval once more at the idea of Sylo and Derecho finally going one on one to see who would win in an even match up without any outside interruption.

"Balls in your court, Derechode. What do you say? Do we settle this tonight and then you finally get what you want, you finally get your time in the spotlight. All you have to do is accept."

Derecho looked Sylo up and down and cracked a grin.

"Perhaps you weren't listening just a moment ago. The list of names I have defeated include you. You claim that I had help, but I beg to differ. I never asked for any of that help because never needed any of that help. The first time I got helped was because Alias wanted to prove something and used me as his pedestal. The second time I won due to interference is because you pissed off "Superstar" Vince Jacobs to the point where he couldn't hold back any longer."

Derecho paced as well.

"No.. no.. no... I never asked for any help... it was because of you that I was given that unexpected help. I am more than willing to prove to you and to everyone else that I am the true king of jOlt... and as such... I am more than willing to prove that I don't need any help to beat you."

Derecho paused after he stepped right up to Sylo's face and looked him dead in the eyes.

"One on one... Underground Rules... Tonight........."

Derecho put some venom and gruffness into his next two words...

"I.... ACCEPT"

Derecho stared at Sylo as he dropped the microphone. Slowly Derecho stepped to the side of Sylo, keeping his eye on him. He hopped out of the ring and backpeddled up the ramp as he left the jOlt Champion alone in the center of the ring.

"Nuh Intro Needed"

Waymoth Turnbull

As the segment fades in, the words "Previously Taped" flash at the bottom of the screen. The place? Somewhere many would call "Paradise"; Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

A cool and refreshing breeze is felt. Fallen leaves can are seen as they dance across an unkempt yard. Upon first glance, it would seem that you were transported to a place that modern times had long forgotten about. An aged home built by hand from well-placed stones and cement. An outhouse in the far corner of yard built the same way. Even what appears to be a broken down chicken coop. All these things and more show reason to believe that whomever lived amongst these ruins had managed to live through some things that most of this day and age dare not wish to relive.

As the survey of the surrounding area continues, we are brought to the back of the house. To the right is a make shift kitchen. A stove oven that appears recently used, a single plate with scraps of food, and a metal basis filled with murky water. To the left, a massive and tall tree that appeared older than the house it shared its home with.

However, it wasn't the height of the tree that peaked interest. Instead, it was what appeared to be shards of its bark missing from its mighty trunk. What could have done such a thing? There appeared to be no large animals nearby. Curiosity did lead to the discovery of a possible answer, as near the large roots of the battered plant lay what appeared to be bloodstained towels.

"Hmph," a voice growled.

A quick shift in focus brought the camera-man face-to-face with a behemoth of a man. Grizzly in appearance, worn and gray dreads covering his bearded face.

"Ah you dem send fi me?" His tone indicated a lack of patience for an answer. He pushed by the camera-man and reached for the sullied towels. He used them to start wrapping them around his bruised and freshly treated knuckles. It couldn't possibly mean that the damage upon the tree was inflicted by this individual, could it?

"C'yan't believe de send a man up 'ere with no tongue inna he head," he mumbled under his breath at the awestruck camera-man, "Lemme guess...dis de part where me introduce m'self and tell all de world how dey should watch out cause mi' ah come to de Arena of Champions, right?"

The camera shook nervously to indicate that was the purpose of the intrusion.

"T'ought so," the man replied, "Tell yuh what, tek these towels anna put em' in de 'and of the first person yuh see when yuh get back."

As unsanitary as the action was, the towels flew from the man's hands, fresh with blood, into the face of the camera man, covering the lens of the camera itself in the process.

From the dark, the graveled voice stated his last words, "Talk fi pussy. Action gon' speak at de volume me need."

Waymoth Turnbull vs. Eiji Kugasari
Waymoth TurnbullEiji Kugasari

'Your World Will Burn' (Extended Version) by Cliff Lin siphoned off the once jubilant atmosphere to promote a notable wave of crowd heat as the entrance staging area became assaulted by strobes of Crimson & White lighting from overhead. The partially masked flyweight sauntered away from the backstage area and quietly assessed his surroundings. Eiji would execute his trademark martial arts kata before summoning an ominous Red pyrotechnical explosion. Casually ascending to his feet, the Okayama native defiantly made his way down the ramp and into the ring to further antagonize the masses as only he could. Sweeping his Red bangs from his face, Eiji will wring his hands and wrists and stand prepared for the impending conflict. The camera zoomed in on his belt and focused on the towel that had been given him earlier in the night.

"Emergency" by Mavado & Ace Hood breaks free from the overhead PA system as the jOltvision opens with a coordinated collage of introductory footage. The image of a West Indian Obsidian hued figure is flashed randomly as Camera Two sets itself on the hulking monstrosity passing through the backstage curtains. Waymoth Turnbull stoically tests the integrity of his taped wrists and fists during his approach to ringside. The dread locked demigod ignored the buzzing of the crowd as he intently stared back at the hot-headed ninja. His attention only waved once, as he caught a glimpse of a masked man staring at him through the sea of humanity that was the capacity crowd. He tried to take a better look, but like a phantom, the masked man in black had vanished. Popping his neck to each side, the unfamiliar pugilist ascended the ring steps and took his time in his entrance into the squared circle. Kugasari was held at bay by Referee Nguyen as Turnbull briefly stroked his unkempt beard before setting the gnarled set of fists at his side.

Before the match could officially get underway, Waymoth demanded the immediate audience of the referee. Fans were anxious for this contest to get started, but it would seem the newcomer had a different idea. Waymoth grabbed the official by the collar and spoke low, all the while pointing at his opponent on the opposite side of the ring.

"What do you think that's about?" questioned Nathan Powers as the confusion continued to spread.

The conversation was brief and the referee reluctantly made his way over Eiji. A puzzled look was shared by both men. Why hadn't this match been started yet? Eiji and Referee Ngyuen took a moment to look at a cockily smiling Waymoth before Eiji shook his head. It was if a last chance to leave the ring had been extended to the ninja.

A chance he may have stupidly declined.

The ring of the bell followed shortly after this exchange, and Eiji bounced out of his corner. The audacity of Waymoth had become a fuel. It was the drive that Eiji needed to motivate himself and ensure victory. Eiji called for Waymoth to remove himself from the corner he leaned against. Time was ticking. Still, whatever anxiousness he felt did not turn him into a stupid competitor either. He knew not to charge his opponent as this could be exactly what was expected.

"Coward!" Eiji screamed.

Waymoth tilted his head. He mocked cleaned his ears before pushing out of the corner. As he stalked his way towards the Eiji, he motioned for the Arena of Champions to nullify their voices. Much like the request he put forth to Eiji earlier in this competition, the fans did not see it fit to quiet down. Waymoth had to improvise his approach and instead, lifted his hand with the index finger raised. Waymoth gritted his teeth and dared Eiji to repeat the insult.


Without so much of a notice, Waymoth roared and charged forward towards Eiji! Finally this match had begun despite the fact the bell had already been rung five minutes ago.

Eiji 's speed proved to be an early ally to the high flying wrestler as he ducked the charge. Rebounding off the ropes himself, Eiji's momentum sent him racing towards the beast of a man. Waymoth swung wildly with his right arm with hope of connecting with a haymaker clothesline. Eiji ducked the attempt and continued running into the ropes, jumping onto the middle rope and springboarding atop the shoulders of the Islander!

The intended maneuver was a well-executed frankensteiner but Waymoth's grip on Eiji's thighs dashed that strategy. Eiji did not want see himself as a potential victim and started firing away at the top of Waymoth's skull with a series of punches. The action proved useful as he was able to twist himself around and follow bring the big man to the mat with a victory roll! Referee Ian Nguyen was right in place to capture the first pin fall of the match up.


Waymoth powered out of the pin attempt, but Eiji would not allow him time to recover and get back to his vertical base. That's when the kicks started. They flew with a fury behind them, connecting with their intended target with each blow. Waymoth's boxing background kicked in almost immediately as he brought up his forearms to shield his face. Eiji quickly shifted gears upon seeing this and took off for the ropes again.

This time Waymoth was ready, showcasing his own speed as he jumped to his feet and met Eiji head-on with a running body block! Eiji crashed to the floor in a mangled mess. Waymoth circled the high flyer like an animal closing in on a kill. No time wasted, Waymoth yanked Eiji off the canvas and threw him into the nearby corner in rag-doll like fashion. Waymoth charged into corner with another body block. Eiji struggled to keep himself standing, with the ropes being used as his support system. Waymoth shoved Eiji back into the corner with an immense amount of force, hooking both of his arms to make sure he was up straight for what was about to happen next.

The AoC's skilled camera-men moved in on the corner as Waymoth grabbed the chin of the ninja. "Ah coward yuh tink I be eh?!" Waymoth screamed in his thick Caribbean accent, "Alright den, we gon' see if yuh still ah tink dat when me done wit yuh!"

Eiji would not have to wait very long to see what Waymoth's words had meant. The six footer had once again called upon his years spent on the Caribbean Boxing Circuit with a vicious right hook to Eiji's ribcage. This was followed quickly by a left hook the other side. Eiji cringed in pain with each landed blow.

Left Hook to the Body

Right Hook to the Body!



The punch combination, affectionately known as the Red Hook Combo, of left and rights to the body continued for two more rounds before Waymoth cracked Eiji's jaw with an uppercut hard enough to make Tyson proud. Or even worried. Waymoth would prefer the latter.

"God damn," Nathan Powers exclaimed, "Did we really just see that?!"

Michael Buhrman echoed a similar feeling,"I think this man may have gotten his sports mixed up, this is professional wrestling!"

"Neverminding the fact that we have an octagon around here somewhere," replied the color commentator.

Eiji fell out of the corner and immediately to the floor. The fans in the arena stunned, not sure on how they should be reacting.

"Yuh wan' check 'im?" Waymoth asked brashly as the referee came to action. Eiji was down and possibly out.

Possibly only being a very big keyword in this case.

The Crimson Raven stirred, despite the agonizing pain that lingered in his jawline and ribcage. Through it all he was determined to continue on with the match. Waymoth cracked the devious smile that had become his signature through this match as he witnessed Eiji's stupidity. The referee continued to check on Eiji's condition as he pulled himself up to his feet. He could barely stand but still he pushed through it. Waymoth made his way back to his prey but Eiji didn't pull himself back up only to be knocked down again. With back against the ropes, he quickly took to the offensive.

Eiji lashed out with a kick to the midsection that backed Waymoth up. He had his opening. He fired off with a chop to the chest and another stiff kick to Waymoth's right knee. Waymoth buckled a bit under the assault from the Blood Raven. Eiji quickly struck at Waymoth's throat with a double throat thrust strike before dropping the stubborn superstar with a flying heel kick! Waymoth had once again found himself in the same position he was in earlier in this competition despite dominating the Okayama native; flat on his back with his shoulders to the mat.

Eiji screamed into the rafters as he made his way over to a nearby corner. The fans rallied behind him as he pointed to the corner. Eiji was about to take to the sky. As Waymoth pushed himself to his feet, Eiji flew!

HANZO'S COMET! Eiji knew in his mind that there was more needed to keep Turnbull down for the count, and sprung to put a plan into action. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! The shining wizard connected. Eiji was quick to cover and the referee dropped into place. ONE! TWO!! TH--NO! Waymoth powered through the pin. Anger and rage were the emotions coursing through his veins at this point. Eiji was back on the offensive and in control of the match. The Blood Raven yanked the Islander by his grayed locks and disoriented him with a quick snap suplex. Eiji jumped back up to the top and started tight rope walking onto the ropes. The fans loved the fact that Eiji was taking to the sky once again. Eiji steadied his balance and then flew into the air with a leap of faith, twisting magnificently in the air before crash landing to the unforgiving mat below!

"Oh my God, he moved!" Nathan screamed in disbelief, the fans collectively feeling the same sentiment.

Waymoth had indeed managed to roll out of the way at the last minute. The adrenaline that had drove Eiji had come to an abrupt end and the pain in his ribs came rushing back. He twisted and turned about on the canvas as Waymoth regained his composure. The monster made his way over his fallen opponent and stomped away at his midsection. The force behind each stomp only solidified the fact that Eiji would be leaving this match, win or loss, with a few of his ribs shattered.

Effortlessly, Waymoth picked Eiji off the mat and tossed him onto his shoulders. Waymoth started parade his kill around the ring, but Eiji proved to be a harder kill than thought and slipped off his back. Unexpectedly, Eiji quickly spun Waymoth around in desperation went for his trademark discus round house kic--NO!

"Eiji went for his Tenzo Ken but Waymoth caught his leg!"

Waymoth laughed at the predicament Eiji had gotten himself into. The competitor hopped about on his leg as Waymoth moved him about the squared circle. Eiji tried to strike in vain as it was blocked by Turnbull.


"Waymoth showing up how dangerous he can be with those fists," Michael Buhrman added. Eiji was cold clocked by another one of Waymoth's battered fists. His head floundered about as his world faded to black.

In a fluid motion, Waymoth hooked the Crimson Raven's arms in a Uranage position and before Eiji could think of a way to counter, he was up and over with a Waymoth's Uranage/T-Bone Suplex combination, affectionately known as;


The impact of Waymoth's finishing maneuver shook the very foundation of the ring. Waymoth didn't feel that another minute was needed on his opponent and hooked the leg for the cover. Referee Nguyen quickly slid into position and proceeded to count.




That was all she wrote. "Emergency" by Mavado featuring Miami's own Ace Hood blared across the loud speakers. Waymoth returned to his feet as the referee raised his arm, signaling his first victory in jOlt Wrestling. He smirked at his victim as the referee checked his condition. Waymoth was pleased with what he had just accomplished. After all, he did give Eiji a chance to leave early on, so he felt that he no responsibility to the outcome of their contest.

Waymoth slipped to the outside of the ring and made his way over to collect his bloodied towel that Eiji brought to ringside and tossed it near his body. Waymoth wouldn't need it anymore.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

"Bite-Sized Brawlers"

BIG Little Italy

"All or Nuttin', huh? And we got nuttin'."


BIG Little Italy and The Leprechaun were discussing their lack of appearance at jOlt's All or Nothing special event while putting together two plates at the catering truck in the parking garage. The smallest big men in all of jOlt hadn't really emerged as a contending team to the Tag Team Championships since Leprechaun rejoined his former tag team partner over a month ago. Since then, Devastation, Inc. had received very little camera time and the lack of exposure for the veteran team was starting to wear on them.

"Heyah we are, right? Da two BIGGEST names in jOlt ... and we don't get no title shot? Instead, dese mooks give the shot to yet another run-a-da-mill heavy metal monsta types an' we get the short end of the stick. Dis ain't right, amiright?"

"Aye," mumbled Leprechaun while shoving a turkey leg into his mouth.

"You know, dis ain't the first time I've been in a situation like dis. Since you and me broke up Dev, Inc. I ain't got too much respect from the higher ups. I think it's time we show dese clowns who's the real talent around heyah."


"Ain't dat right, Conan?"



"Mmrph-nom-nom ... *GULP* ... Aye."

"Well, look at these two bite-sized brawlers right here. Did you hear what they said, Graham?"

Graham Youngblood and Dallas Griffin, the latest iteration of the RingRats, had also found their way to the catering truck. Griffin, the much more outspoken and boisterous of the duo, was now hovering over BIG Little Italy with his hands on his hips. Italy was blanketed by Griffin's shadow. Meanwhile, Youngblood was eyeing a veggie wrap and asking about adding some guacamole to it.

"Yo, son! I asked if you heard what this little ankle biter said?"

"I heard you, man!" Graham was clearly annoyed by the tone his tag team partner had taken with him. "Geez, Italy was upset that Dev, Inc. didn't get a title shot at All or Nothing. And Lep ... Lep kind of agreed with him ... maybe. I think he was just focussed on the turkey leg but whatever. I heard what everyone said."

Dallas Griffin was now using his decisive size advantage to try and bully BIG Little Italy. Something if he had kept up with Italy's history, he would have known was not possible to do. Luigi Paragini was not one to get intimidated.

"Whoa! Back it up, ya friggin mamaluke! You're a little too close for comfort, if you know what I'm sayin'? I don't want to have to react poorly ... you know, kinda take matters into my own hands. Might be a little accident is what I'm saying. Maybe some hot grease from the fryer on dis truck decides to just sorta - jump outta the fryer? Maybe it decides to jump right into your face. Dese tings happen if you're not careful. Very dangerous business, dese food trucks."

"The hell?! Hey, little man, are you threatening me?! Are you threatening me with burning my face with hot grease?!"

"All's I'm sayin is dese trucks ... they're very dangerous. Accidents can easily happen."

Dallas Griffin couldn't help himself and started laughing hysterically at Italy, a man standing well under half his size. "Are you kdding me right now, you little itty-bitty bitch?!"

"Awright, dat's it!"


Plastic tray to the outside of Griffin's left knee. The egotistical rookie hopped on one leg.


Tray shot to the other knee and now Dallas was pissed.


The Leprechaun stopped dead mid-bite of turkey leg. "MIDGET?! Did that lad just call us midgets, fella?!"


"Well, lad, we can't be having that now can we?"

Turkey leg hit the ground. Leprechaun hit Dallas Griffin -- right in his left hamstring. Griffin stumbled forward, feeling the effects of the charlie horse delivered at the turkey juice covered hands of the Leprechaun.

"Damn! Really?! Yo, Graham, help me out over here!"

Graham Youngblood peeled back the foil on his veggie wrap and took a bite. "Idonphwannafidefink (Translation: I don't want to fight Dev, Inc.)."

While Graham Youngblood was feeling the passifist approach, his tag team partner was left to fend off two quick and nimble attackers that he just could not get a handle on. BIG Little Italy climbed up onto the food truck counter and called out to his longtime tag team partner.


The Leprechaun dropped on all fours behind Dallas Griffin, whose only respose to seeing Italy's feet flying towards his face was "Wait!" before said feet impacted his mouth and sent him tumbling back over the Leprechaun. School yard antics but nonetheless effective on the RingRats' big man. Dalls wasn't down long, however, and when he quickly got back to his feet he was enraged.

"GRAHAM! Get yo' ass in this fight!"

Immediately, Devastation, Inc. sprung back into their hit-and-run tactics on Dallas Griffin.

"What should I do?" Graham asked.


"With what?!"


Graham Youngblood's head was on a swivel looking for a weapon. He had to think fast ...


Veggie wrap straight to the Leprechaun's face!


"Actually ... it was a wrap."


All four men were brawling, rolling around in turkey bits and guacamole covered veggies, when jOlt security and officials arrived to break it up.

"You little bastards!" Graham Youngblood hollered. "I think one of them bit me!"

The Leprechaun gleefully raised his hand.

"That's it! THAT IS IT!" Now Graham Youngblood was fuming, "We want you two little -- people in the ring tonight!"





Finally, Dallas Griffin interjected in the exchange between BIG Little Italy and his tag team partner. "Stop repeating everything he's saying, Graham, damn! And why the hell did you have to be politically correct just now?! Little people, man?!"

"That's what they are, Dal. Haven't you seen that show where they, like, just live their lives like normal people?"

"Who the hell would watch some shit like that?! Bunch of little people just working and paying bills and shit?"

"AH! So you have seen it?"

"The hell? No, man, no I haven't seen it! Nobody watches that shit!"

"I bet they do," Graham said motioning with his head towards Devastation, Inc.

"You tink I watch that garbage?! Why the hell would I watch that?!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ... was that racist or something of me? Are they a race? Do you guys know?" Graham said to the jOlt officials. No one knew the answer. Dallas Griffin was beyond frustrated now.

"They're not munchkins from Oz, man! They're midgets!"

"I swear to the Lord on high," Leprechaun began, "if you call us midgets one more time, lad ..."


"Awright, dat's it! You wanna match with Devastation, Inc. tonight ... you got a match with Devastation, Inc. tonight! We're gonna kick your ass ... again!"

iNtense shifted to another area of the Arena of Champions.

"The Ego's Arrival"

Craig Thomas

"Well Ladies and Gentlemen tonight has been filled with excitement so far! We saw Waymoth Turnbull defeat Eiji Kugasari in the first match of the jOlt Invitational tournament." Michael recapped and then allowed his partner, Nathan Powers to add to it.

"Man did Waymoth take it to Kugasari too! I'm just wondering what other interesting prospects this tournament is gonna reel in for jOlt!"

"I can't wait to find out, Nathan!" Michael's eyes drifted towards the jOltVision as it went into the parking garage, "It looks we have another arrival! I wonder who it is?"

The screen suddenly focused on the garage entrance as a black escalade with darkened windows slowly crept through security at the gate. The license plate at the front of car had a purple star with a T embedded into the middle of it. Whoever was behind the wheel had a big frame, but the windows were too dark to see who it was as it parked next to Waymoth Turnbull's beefed up chevrolet.

"I don't recognize that vehicle, but he is parked next to Waymoth's truck! That must mean this guy is here to participate in the tournament!


The engine was stopped by the flick of a key. Thousands watched as the door jolted open with one foot out of the door and a star studded man stepped into the spotlight clad with an Armani suit and tie and a measly grin stretched from ear to ear on his face.

"Wait a minute, that looks like..."

Nathan Powers quickly interrupted his partner, "CRAIG THOMAS!"

"It sure is Nathan! I remember him following his brother around when Brandon owned the Legacy of Champions! Though, I never expected him to see him again!"

"This is awesome!" Powers was awestruck.

Craig Thomas slammed the driver's door closed and waltzed around the vehicle with a sleek manner where he would then open the back door and retrieved a vintage gym bag. He slipped the strap onto his shoulder and slammed the door closed and began power walking towards the lobby entrance to the Arena of Champions. Not many jOlt fans remembered the Ego, because he wasn't a big participate of LoC; mainly just small Indy Leagues, but tonight he would test his skills in the jOlt ring.

As the doors to the lobby jarred open, the cameras were instantly flashing as he walked through the frame with the traditional Thomas smirk taunting everyone in sight. The lobby was crowded with analyst, stagehands, and camera crews as he powered walked through the crowd of reporters, ignoring their pleas for an interview.

"CRAIG! CRAIG! How about an interview?"

Dawn Cassidy appeared from the masses with a microphone in her right hand, along with her seductive smile reluctantly taunting the Ego. Craig peaked at her from the corner of his eye as he continued to walk down the hall away from the crowd. Dawn was quick to catch up though and began to usher him through the gorilla position asking the question again, "CRAIG! Please, a quick word with you?"

Nathan Powers laughed, "It looks like Craig Thomas is playing hard to get! Dawn is begging him for it!"

"Really Nathan?" Michael replied as he watched Craig make the long walk to his private quarters.

Dawn however, grew impatient with Craig and quickly reached out for his shoulder. She dug her fingernails into his thick skin, digging into his massive muscles, and forcing him to stop.

She quickly unbuttoned the top of her blouse, "An interview please." she begged with a seductive smile.

"Okay, okay!" he answered with both eyes angled at her cleavage, "Ask away my darling! Ask away!"

Dawn coughed and smiled once she had the Ego's fullest attention.

"First off, ladies and gentlemen this is Craig Thomas. The younger brother Brandon Thomas who is the former owner of the Legacy of Champions!"

Immediately, the crowd rained down the jeers in reply to Dawn's announcement. They never liked The Orginal Ego, Brandon Thomas so why the hell would they like his brother? At first glance, the two went hand to hand. One could only imagine if Brandon were here right now too?

"Who invited you to jOlt's Invitational Tournament?"

She pressed the microphone against Craig's mouth.

"I did." he answered with a smile teasing the audience with arrogance, "Okay, okay! Maybe my brother had a little something to do with it. You see he and Jim Johnson are like bros, right!? So Jimmy hooked me up with a shot to become jOlt's Relentless Champion and now I'm gonna hook Jimmy up with some Entertainment in the process!" his eyes fell to the cleavage rubbing against his chest, "Of course I could hook you up with some entertainment, Dawn. After this little escapade come to my private casa, and I'll show you mine if you show me yours?"

He winked at her.

Dawn giggled causing her face to turn red; she wanted to play along with the Ego to get a few more questions answered, "Oh..."

"Think about it." he winked again and poked at his crotch with his eyes several times, hinting to Dawn what was on his mind, "Next question?" he asked, but kept poking his eyes at his crotch with a blazing smile on his face.

She continued after another light giggle.

"Yeah, right! Tonight, you will be facing Colby Korver in your first match of the tournament. What are your thoughts going into your debut match tonight?

"I'm gonna go in there and spank that monkey with my bare hands! Slap him around a little bit and then electrify him with my amazing skills! BOOM! EgoBurst! One. Two. Three. I Win baby!"

"Craig Thomas is a cocky little bastard! I can't stand it!" Michael exclaimed as he listened to the Ego's brash tone.

But Nathan would defend his arrogance, "He has that right, Mike! Brandon was damn good and I will bet my sagging left nut that Craig is too!

"We will see about that tonight."

Dawn continued as she put the microphone back up to her luscious red lips, "Is it true that you have been trained by some of the hall of fame wrestlers of this profession? Such as, Dwayne Johnson...Steve Austin...Mick Foley...Shawn Michaels...Ric Flair...Jericho...your brother Brandon Thomas...even Vince Jacobs!?"

Craig nodded with the microphone back under his mouth, "Yeah, that's right baby! I've learned from the best there is in this sport. You wouldn't believe it, but some of those guys are almost broke! Everyone but the Rock since he has like a thousand movies now, but some of those other monkeys can't shit a dime out of there ass! Steve Austin tried making movies, but we all know how that turned out! But yeah! I paid them a fortune to give me there wrestling knowledge and become THE BEST DAMN SPORTS ENTERTAINER EVER!"

Dawn smiled with a nod and quickly moved to her next question.

"This tournament has seven other competitors that are very talented. Give me one reason as to why you will make it to the finals at Power Struggle and become the number one contender to the Relentless Championship Title that Jonathan Conspiracy now holds after beating Aran Thompson at All or Nothing?

"Um..." he dragged the word out extensively so he could picture in his mind how this part of the scene was going to look. Once he found the perfect resolution, he fired off his arrogant persona.

"Because I am..." he palmed the camera with his massive hand, pointing it directly at his self, and stared into it, "YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SAVIOR!"

One vast stroke of the arm was all it took and the camera was positioned on the ground. Craig laughed enormously as he began power walking down the hall once again with the camera grasping a shot of his black polished shoes and the expansive black gym back that was almost dragging the floor

"Enjoy the show monkeys!"

Devastation, Inc. vs. RingRats
BIG Little ItalyConan the LeprechaunDallas GriffinGraham Youngblood

"Small World" by Nas.

"And here we go, ladies and gentlemen," Michael Buhrman stated, "Devastation, Inc. is about to make their jOlt in-ring debut!"

"Personally," Nathan Powers responded, "I wouldn't get so worked up about this. If they faced Dallas Griffin alone he'd outweigh and outclass them by a whole hell of a lot."

"C'mon, Nate, you know as well as I do that Dev, Inc. has more than a few championship belts in their awards case."

"Yeah, and the idea boggles my mind to this day. But here's the thing, Mike, that was a decade ago. These two guys are ten years older, no inches taller, and maybe a few inches wider. They're going to step into the ring with two very young and very talented individuals in the RingRats. This match is over before it's even gotten started."

Nathan Powers could now have guessed just how right he was, however, as just as BIG Little Italy and The Leprechaun stepped out onto the entrance stage they were attacked from behind. Not by the RingRats but by another jOlt tag team, The Jury. Statuz Quo and Khadafi pounced on the two miniscule grapplers, giving Dev, Inc. no time at all to react to what was going on. They were overwhelmed and overpowered with Duzza directing traffic.

Luckily for Devastation, Inc., the RingRats appeared on the scene within moments and Graham Youngblood immediately threw himself onto The Jury with a cross body block. Unfortunately, The Jury caught Graham and lifted him high up for a double-team vertical suplex.

"Youngblood reversed it -- double DDT!"

Michael Buhrman, along with the rest of the Arena of Champions faithful were estatic. The RingRats were apparently going to put their previous altercation with Devastation, Inc. behind them and help out the team they were set to go to battle with. But then things took on a more sour note.

Graham Youngblood popped up after laying out The Jury and tried to pump his tag team partner up ... it didn't go exactly the way he planned.


"OH MY GOD!," Michael Buhrman exclaimed, "Dallas Griffin hit Just Business on his own tag team partner! He's helping The Jury up and he's -- NO!"

But it didn't matter how deep in denial Buhrman was, Dallas Griffin was aiding The Jury in their attack on Devastation, Inc. AND Graham Youngblood. They stomped, kicked, and otherwise pummeled the legendary tag team and their rookie would-be savior while Duzza called for a microphone. A spotlight reflected light over the shoulder of the ring announcer, as he handed over a microphone, bringing Duzza's attention to the metallic black mask of a man lurking in the crowd. Just who that was would have to wait, as he had to enlighten the everyone looking on.

"There is something wrong with the jOlt machine," Duzza said. "When you look at the men on this stage, the men that just destroyed the legendary Devastation, Inc., and you see that they are not being utilized for the God given talent that they possess. The Jury, a tag team that held the Team Championships longer than any other team in history. Dominance, that is word you're all looking for to describe them. The Jury dominated the tag team circuit for years and now here we are in jOlt, not even getting title shots. Now, I know you've heard all this before from other people but allow me to elaborate.

"Here we have a young man in Dallas Griffin that is choc full of pure athletic talent. He is a former NCAA All American in both football and wrestling. And what does the jOlt machine do with a gold mine like Dallas Griffin? They straddle him with a hack like Graham Youngblood, whom I am sure was thrilled to hear he could ride the coattails and limitless potential of Mr. Griffin. Dallas Griffin is the future of not only jOlt but professional wrestling in general, and they relegate him to rookie curtain jerker with a wannabe Adam Lazarus. If Laz can't ever win the big one, what chance does Graham Youngblood have? What chance would Dallas Griffin have had? That is why I have taken this young prodigy under my wing as my newest client."

The fans were letting Duzza, Griffin, and the Jury have it at the top of their lungs. Duzza laughed it off and continued.

"Look at Devastation, Inc. These two no talent, three foot nothing washed-up nobodies weren't even at All or Nothing and yet they have a match tonight. Now, look at my longtime clients in The Jury. They made a huge impact at All or Nothing. They insured that Aran Thompson's undeserving hands were kept away from the Relentless Championship, which by the way is the only way that Jonathan Conspiracy will ever get the jOlt Championship title shot he so deserves. But you look at my clients and you understand that these two incredibly dominant individuals that made such a splash at All or Nothing were not booked tonight. Things start to make sense.

"It appears that jOlt is, and always was, fond of wrestlers of a certain ... tint. And the Jury, Dallas Griffin, and Mr. One Letter Better himself are not of that tint. The Backbone claimed to have been forgotten, pushed aside, and buried. Is that really the case? Two of them held title belts, one of them even held the jOlt Championship. If that is being held down then what would you call the travesty that my clients and allies are experiencing? You know what I call it? White washed. jOlt Wrestling is completely white washed and we're fed up. We will keep that Relentless Championship around JCON's waist until he is ready to cash it in for the jOlt Championship. We will do that because we are not only the Jury, we are also the judge and the executioner. And we have found each and every one of you ...

"Guilty as charged."

The scene of Duzza standing proudly with the Jury and Dallas Griffin faded as iNtense moved backstage.

Winner: No Contest

"Look at Me, I'm a Diversion!"


"And now let's go backstage, where Dawn Cassidy is standing by with Lusus!"

Sure enough, Dawn Cassidy was backstage with Lusus. The massive masked man was in front of a metal diamond cut iNtense backdrop and was grinning from ear to ear. He was also staring directly at Dawn's chest.

"Lusus," Dawn began, "last week at All or Nothing you shocked the world by debuting as Chris Titan's army. Can you explain to everyone how that came about?"

"Ummm ..." Lusus quickly snapped out of his boobie trance when he noticed Dawn Cassidy was definitely not pleased. "YEAH! I mean, yes. Yes, I can explain it. You see, Chris Titan is a natural leader. That much is obvious, but what I also felt was that Chris Titan's true message of change and revolution was not being fully embraced by the Backbone. I felt as though the men he surrounded himself with were ultimately going to let him down ... and I was right."

"Well," Dawn replied, "what about your own debut? You were a victim of the Three Faces of Sin within seconds of it. Wouldn't you say that was letting Chris Titan down as well?"

"Feisty," Lusus said, "I like that in a woman."


"Haven't your ever heard of a diversion, Dawn? My debut facilitated a much needed rest for Chris Titan. And, might I add, that diversion would have worked and Chris Titan would have been rejuvinated and he would have beaten Sylo had it not been for Grendel. Like I said, the people he surrounded himself with were the ones that let him down."

"But you promised Titan an army."

"And I gave him one. The Lusus Army."

"I see." Dawn Cassidy, along with the rest of the world save Lusus himself, understood what the term army meant. Lusus, no matter how much he wanted to call himself one, was no army. "So, now that you have entered jOlt and Chris Titan failed to win the jOlt Championship and the Backbone was forced to disband ... what does Lusus do from here?"

"He continues to fight the good fight. He does not allow Chris Titan to give up on his dream of a better jOlt, a better world. Lusus will not rest until Chris Titan is jOlt Champion again and forever."

"Well," Dawn said with a bit of a snicker, "the current jOlt Champion, Sylo, may have something to say about that."

"I'm sure he does, Dawn. I'm sure he does. But the Lusus Army is not here to have a chat with the current jOlt Champion. The Lusus Army is here to overthrow him. I have noticed that there are a lot of kings in jOlt. Well, Dawn, the old kings prayed to old gods ... and the old gods were born of titans. The Lusus Army is here to put those kings on their knees where they belong, worshipping a titan, Chris Titan. It all starts tonight when I defeat the monster guarding the gates to the kingdom. Tonight, I challenge Grendel to take me on one-on-one and I will make him pay for what he did to Chris Titan at All or Nothing!"

"And there you have it, Michael. Back to you and Nate at ringside."

"iNfamous tV"

Jimmy B. Martinez

There he was, the flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez as he sat in his locker room on the bench taping up his hands and forearms preparing himself for his upcoming match against Ryan Gallway. What was next on his agenda? Just coming off a major victory at 'All Or Nothing' against the two brothers Cordova and Cano. No one knew, but the champ himself. He felt one step closer to certifying, that he was if not the best flyweight champion jOlt has come across. He finally finish tightening the tape around his forearm, and bit the tape off and padded down making sure it would not come lose. Martinez got up from the bench, and the camera caught a glimpse of his prestige flyweight champion which was strapped around his waist. A title, which Martinez dedicated himself to defending with honor and pride. Mr. Infamous unstrapped the title from around his waist, and too everyone's surprise we realized he wasn't at his best. As the cameras noticed he had his midsection bandaged up. A result of jumping of the jOlt vision screen, onto Cordova and Cano threw a table. Just than a loud knock was heard at the door.


"Who, is it?" The flyweight champion, shouted out.

"THE GUY THAT JUST GOT DONE FUCKING YOUR MOM!" The voice answered back, from the other side of the door.

"Come in." He answered back, quickly noticing it was the voice of none other than the SuperBeast himself.

Sylo shoved opened the locker room door and entered with the jOlt title slung over one shoulder and the Legacy title over the other. Sylo kicked a foot back and the door behind him closed already geared up for his Underground Match with Derecho later in the night.

"What's up bro?" Martinez asked, extending his hand for a handshake.

"Not much, how are those ribs feeling?" He asked, as he shaked his hand.

"They're doing just fine. This won't stop me from putting on a show, and defending my title in true infamous style." Martinez said, with a smile on his face.

"That's good to hear. I see you dyed your hair back to its regular color. Hey, I must say the blue hair fit you well." He said, as he began to chuckle to himself.

"Hey, I only did that for Aria and you. Don't think, I'm doing that shit again." He said as he smile back at Sylo.

Sylo smirked a little wider as he stared at Jimmy. His prodigy had come a long way if he could even call him that anymore. Sylo still didn't know what it was about Jimmy that made him care about the career of someone else but for the first time Sylo was the teacher and in a weird way it felt kind of good.

"What's the matter, kid? Blue looks good on ya," Sylo jabbed at Jimmy.

"Ha! Do you really think so? I mean, I do look pretty damn awesome in my new wrestling gear don't you think." He said as he chuckled to himself. "But on a serious note, how is your shoulder doing?" He asked.

"The shoulder? It's holding up. I think I have a few more good fights left in the tank on that one.

"A few more good fights.. You'll be good. Maybe next time, you might actually think before you threw yourself off the jOlt vision screen. I mean really! You caught everyone off guard with that one.

Sylo rolled his eyes at the comment. He'd heard the lecture not only from Jimmy but from Aria as well. Considering they both lived in his house it was almost a day to day thing.

"Yeah well do you think Aria was too happy about some of the shit you were pulling in your ladder match?" Sylo raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"Hey, I did what I had to do. I had to make sure I buried those two, and that I did. Hopefully I wont be hearing from those two for a while. There probably at home nursing there cuts and bruises. You had your title on the line and you could of jeopardized that.

"That's different. There was more than just a title on the line, Jimmy. I had a chance to Break the Backbone, like I said I would, and yeah at first it's because Titan stole something that wasn't his but when that group of thugs took the fight to you, Aria, and Aran it became personal," Sylo frowned a little looking away from Jimmy, past him, at the far row of lockers.

"Yes, I understand. I have your back, the same way you have mines. Let's just not jump off the jOltvision screen again." JBM Chuckles to himself.

"Okay first off, you jumped off the jOltvision too," Sylo sneered.

"All im saying is you had the match won, there was no need in pulling a stupid move like that. It was uncalled for. You could of really hurt yourself." Martinez explained to his bestfriend Sylo.

"I don't know Jimmy. I knew I had the match won, I knew all I had to do was pin Titan, and honestly I was headed that way to pin him but then the jOltvision caught my eye. It's blurry after that, really, it still is except for the pain, that part stayed. Something inside me had to do it though. I've watched the video a thousand times wondering what I was thinking and then I realize I wasn't thinking. What I was doing was putting an exclamation mark on the whole thing. I mean even sending Du Luc to the hospital with a concussion during Aria's was all just one giant exclamation point," Sylo pulled out a cigarette offering Jimmy one even though they both had matches that night.

"No, Im good. Thanks! You shouldnt be smoking you got a match tonight."

Sylo lit his and slowly inhaled. The smoke danced out of his nostrils for a moment before he blew the smoke to the side.

"Now Johnson's back. He can turn over as many leaves as he likes if he gets in my way again I'll use him as a human lawn dart again," Sylo sneered again. "You can't change the stripes on a zebra." Sylo took another drag off his cigarette. "Remember; don't say shit to Aria about the smoking." Sylo pointed at Jimmy.

"Yea, I hope Johnson learned his lesson. But, you need to be more focused on Derecho and you know your secret is safe with me. Smoke away!" He said as he nodded his head at Sylo.

"Derecho? Yeah that's just one giant loose end. I've had people coming at me since I've been here whether it was Jacobs or Titan and the Backbone. I figured for once I'd go on the offensive. I used that own pricks greed against him to give me all I really wanted; a one on one match where no one can interfere. Derecho's dangerous but he keeps forgetting, in Legacy of Champions, during my Underground run, he was one of the many bodies I left behind," Sylo looked to Jimmy. "So what about you? What's next? Seems like there's a little bit of a blood lust growing in you, kid. I'm not rubbing off on you that much am I?" Sylo smirked, letting the elongated canines on one side expose and glisten in the florescent lights.

"What next for me? Ryan Gallway. That's what next. Im still here, trying to focus on my goal. That being the best damn flyweight champion ever. Even if that means putting my body on the line and going against the odds. It makes no difference to me. What, can I say? That's what happens when you train with a superbeast."

"Good luck tonight too man and scouts flipping off the top of the jOltvision tonight. Besides I hear the new Starlets champ would kick my ass. I'll see you after the show, Jimmy," And with that Sylo turned exiting Jimmy's locker room and closing the door behind.

Colby Korver vs. Craig Thomas
Colby KorverCraig Thomas

The cameras went to the ring where it would began a circular motion capturing the audience as they chanted jOlt in unison. They were excited for our next match of the evening as [Insert Coby Kolver Entrance Theme] hit the booming sound system and blasted the crowd away. Colby darted through the heavy blue curtains with high spirits, tossing both arms into the air, and getting the approval from the fans while Brad Arnold introduced him to the audience for the first time in his jOlt career.

Once Brad advised the crowd, Michael Burhman added some commentary, "Here we go ladies and gentlemen! Our second jOlt Invitational match is about to begin!"

"I haven't heard much about Colby, but at first glance it looks like Craig Thomas is gonna have fun with him. I can't wait to see this!" Nathan would add.

"Colby Korver has been touring Japan over the past few months adapting to the Japanese strong style. He's a bit of a brawler too, but tonight Korver is looking to show off the high flying maneuvers he's been working on and it should be great contest!

Nathan rolled his eyes as he watched Colby enter the ring.

"Yeah well let me tell you something about Craig Thomas!" he slammed his fist onto the announcer's booth, "You are about to witness The Great One in action! His Legendary style is awe inspiring and tonight just watch the ratings skyrocket!"

"We'll see about that, Nathan. I can guarantee you he's no Vince Jacobs!"

"No he's not. He's better than the Superstar! He's a MegaSTAR!"

Do You Call My Name by RA started to strum over the speakers, without any special effects, or fancy fireworks but a long introduction as it slowly built up a beat and finally exploded with energy. The Ego Craig Thomas marched onto the stage with a cocky strut, to a wave of jeers that exploded in the Arena of Champions. It was obvious the fans didn't like the Ego and Brandon Thomas just a portion of it, the other was the perception of Craig Thomas.

"He's just like his brother!" Michael stated as he watched the Ego enter the ring.

"That my friend is entertainment! Welcome to jOlt Craig Thomas!" Nathan laughed and watched Craig point across the ring at Colby, then motioned a cut throat gesture by slicing his throat with a single finger.

Referee Darius Underwood looked at both wrestlers and advised them to listen for the bell. It rang and Colby darted across the ring sliding under a clothesline. He popped up leaped into the air with a dropkick driving Craig back into the ropes. Colby flipped to his feet and whipped the Ego into the ropes with force. Korver quickly hit the mat allowing Thomas to sprint over him. Korver popped up and caught the Ego with a Flying Arm Scissor rolling Thomas across the ring. Using the momentum, Craig rolled to his feet, and charged at the more agile Korver.


"OH MY! Did you hear the sound of that!"

"Craig rolled out of the ring as soon as he hit the mat!"

Craig quickly rolled out of the ring, almost as soon as his back hit the mat. He was frustrated without a doubt and he slammed his fist on the canvas in reaction to the good start Colby Korver was having!

"It looks like Craig Thomas is a little aggravated Nathan?"

"No sir. He knows what he's doing! He's a genius, just like Brandon! When shit isn't goin your way, get outta dodge and gain your composure. That's exactly what he's doing and that's why I love these guys."

Thomas let his frustration show by jarring with the crowd. Though, he quickly stopped when he came face to face with a mysterious man in black. Darius had made it to six on the count and Craig finally slid back into the ring. Colby was eager to begin and charged at Craig drilling him with some overhead punches driving him back into the turnbuckle. He attempted an Irish whip, but Craig reversed it and sent Korver slamming into the turnbuckle. The Ego charged at him but Colby used the momentum as he repelled off the turnbuckle and latched onto Craig's neck with his legs.

"What a beautiful hurricanrana! That was exceptional Nathan! Did you see that?"

"Psh...Craig Thomas could do that in his sleep, Michael! Colby is lucky the Ego didn't turn that into a massive power bomb. If it weren't for Colby sweating all over the ring right now, Craig would've just ended the match right there!"

Michael laughed out loud, "Please!"

Colby quickly bounced off the ropes after he jumped to his feet. He had the momentum and he didn't want to lose it, especially with Craig Thomas having the size advantage. Korver was back to his feet and so was Thomas to everyone's surprise. Craig charged at Korver who sent a straight leg jumping side kick to Thomas. Craig hit the mat and bounced back up charging at Korver again! Korver sent Thomas over with a Hip Toss and the Ego rolled out of the ring for the second time in this match.

"Craig is buying more time, trying to regain his composure! That's very smart of the Ego because this match was starting to slip through his fingers very early!"

Craig Thomas strutted around the ring with his hands positioned at his hips. He had his back turned to Colby, as he taunted a few nearby fans hanging over the barricade. Korver decided to bounce off the ropes and launch himself into the air. Craig turned around just as Korver connected with a suicidal splash over the tope rope!

Darius Underwood reignited the count as both men were slow to get back up!



Korver used the ring apron to pull himself to one knee!



Korver was up to his feet as Craig was doubled over on one knee. Colby then grabbed Craig the neck with both hands and helped him to his feet.



Colby rolled Craig back into the ring and quickly slid in behind the Ego! Darius positioned his hands back in front of him with both knees bent carefully watching the action unfold before him! Korver then picked Craig up. Craig swung wildy and missed with a clothesline. Craig turned around and Korver sent him down with a leg scissor takedown. Craig's face smashed onto the canvas!

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! COLBY KORVER IS SHOWING JOLT WHAT HE IS ALL ABOUT!" Michael exclaimed as he then watched Korver bounce off the ropes and nail Thomas with a dropkick to the face and quickly making the cover!



"GET UP CRAIG THOMAS!" Powers roared!



Craig got the shoulder up just before Darius slammed his hand down for the third time. Korver then picked Craig up and whipped him into the ropes. This time, Craig ran straight through Korver with a thrusting shoulder attack sending Korver to the canvas. But the resilient young man popped back up and darted back at Thomas!


"About time Craig showed some kind of resiliency!" commented Michael.

The Great One picked Korver up and hooked his arm lifting him into the air. He twirled him around in the center of the ring with one hand hanging loosely at his side demonstrating his strength.

"Now he's just showing off!"

"That's pretty damn amazing if you ask me, Michael!"

Craig hit the stalling suplex and popped up off the mat wiping the dust off of his shoulders as he then taunted the crowd. They unleashed their jeers and Craig just smirked at them. Then he reached down and picked Korver off the canvas BUT KORVER HIT CRAIG WITH A STIFF KICK! FOLLOWED BY SOME OVERHAND PUNCHES DRIVING THOMAS BACK INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

"Korver has the Ego backed into the turnbuckle!"

Korver acted as if he was going to dart across the ring, but stopped and turned after a few steps. He rolled forward hitting Thomas with a forward rolling koppou kick in the corner of the ring. Then he climbed the turnbuckle above Thomas as the Ego was in the seated position slouched in the corner. He gripped the top rope tightly and sent a double stomp into Craig's face!

Colby's adrenaline was pumping as he was owning the moment. He pounded his chest with his fist and brought the crowd to their feet! He approached the opposite turnbuckle of Craig Thomas and sprinted across the ring diving at Thomas with his shoulder.


"And Colby Korver's shoulder just collide with the ringpost! Ouch!" Powers chuckled lightly as he was rooting for the Ego obviously.

Craig wrapped his massive arms around Korver and slammed him down with a face first body slam! The Ego quickly made the cover!




The crowd cheered at the sight of Korver kicking out, but Craig Thomas sneered and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he picked Korver back up! Thomas then sent some hard knife edge chops across Korver's chest. Each shot rang throughout the Arena of Champions!




Thomas then whipped him across the ring and followed up behind Korver with a corner clothesline sending Colby up and over the turnbuckle! Craig smirked and posed up on the turnbuckle. He waited as he wanted to see if Colby could make it back into the ring before Darius Underwood counted to ten!





Korver was slowly getting up!



He was now on one knee!



Finally to his feet!


He slid into the ring!

"HA! He made it after all!" Thomas muttered as he approached Korver.

Craig reached down, but Korver had some fight left in him. He charged his elbow into Craig's midsection repeatedly until the Ego had given him enough distance to stand up. Korver stood up and Craig hit him with a hard closed fist. Colby flew into the ropes and bounced off of them where Craig latched onto him!


The cover.






"HOW DID HE KICK OUT!?!" Powers yelled!

Once again, the Ego slammed his fist on the canvas, and then turned his attention to Darius Underwood in the ring. Craig thought the match was over, but Underwood insisted Korver had the shoulder up before he counted to three.

As the shouting match continued between the superstar and the referee, Korver was getting back up. He waited with both hands on his knees and when Craig turned around.


Craig Thomas hit the rubber mat so hard it sent a loud thud echoing throughout the arena! Korver then prepared himself by the ropes springboarded off of them for a corkscrew moonsault splash!


The Ego doubled his knees up, catching him in the midsection. Colby bounced off and held his stomach as Craig slowly brought himself to one knee and wiped the sweat from his forehead once again!

"That's what you get for showboating Colby Korver!" blurted Nathan with a mixture of humor and excitement in his tone, "Now it's the Ego's turn, baby!"

"Oh hush Powers!"

Craig stood up and adjusted his knee pads with an instant smirk plastered on his face. He rolled Korver back into the ring and proceeded to stomped on Korver a few times and then lifted him into the seated position where he sent the front of his boot smacking across Colby's back.


"Whoah! Did you hear the sound of that Michael. That sounded like it stung just a little bit!" Powers laughed.

The crowd thought so too as they all let out a loud "Awwww!" and Craig soon released another hard slap of the boot to the back of his opponents back getting the same reaction from the fans.

"How's that feel MONKEY!" Craig roared into Korver's face, hitting him with another stinging boot to the back this time causing a massive amount of jeers.

Colby rolled over onto his belly and Craig quickly followed up with some more hard stomps to the back of the head. The fans continued to jeer as the Ego picked up Korver and whipped him into the ropes. He attempted to Electrify the crowd with a superstar kick, but Colby sprinted under it and repelled off the ropes hitting Craig Thomas with a high flying splash and a quick cover.




"You gonna have to do better than that if your want to beat The Great One!"

"The Great One!?! Isn't that..."


Craig used his strength and tossed Colby off of him, but within mere seconds Korver was back at it with a fury of overhand punches. Craig looked to parry them as he was forced back into the ropes, but attempted a clothesline. Korver dunked, did a backflip, and caught Craig Thomas with an impressive backflip kick.

Yes, it was awe inspiring!

"OH MY GOODNESS! DID YOU JUST SEE THAT! HOW DID HE DO IT! COLBY KORVER JUST DID A BACKFLIP AND KICKED CRAIG THOMAS IN THE FACE! AMAZING!" Michael shouted into the microphone as he stood up and applauded Colby for such a brilliant maneuver.

Craig stumbled backwards and sneered at Korver who charged him with more overhand punches, driving him back into the ropes yet another time.




The combination of rights and lefts jarred Craig's head back and forth, but eventually he sent a massive headbutt lodging into Colby's mouth busting it wide open. Colby hit the mat and referee Darius Underwood stepped into the picture, giving him a warning.

"Now Craig, one more move like that and I will disqualify your ass! DO YOU HEAR ME!" he told the Ego, but Craig laughed as he sidestepped the referee ignoring his warning.

"Oh what a cheap shot. Darius should just disqualify that bastard right now!"

"What are you talking about Michael, that was an accident. I saw it!" Powers exclaimed, defending the Ego.


The Ego reached down and grabbed a head full of hair, pulling Korver to his feet. He caught an arm and yanked Colby into a devastating clothesline. He picked Colby up again, yanking him into another clothesline. Two more times and Craig Thomas attempted to get a three count.




Darius pointed to Colby's foot on the rope and Craig slammed his palm on the mat, frustrated again, but he just mouthed a few foul words to the referee this time and picked Korver back up sending him into the ropes.

"HE DODGED ANOTHER KICK!" Michael told the viewers at home as Colby dodged another superstar kick, but this time as Colby dove through the air for another splash.


"OHHHH! You won't catch Craig Thomas with the same move twice!" said Powers who watched Craig catch Colby in mid air slamming him down with a powerful spinebuster.

Craig bounced to his feet exploding with energy as he twirled in the ring with both arms in the air and his trademark smirk taunting the crowd. You could sense in the air that the momentum had turned and was now in the Ego's favor.

"What's he doing!"

The Ego dragged Colby to the center of the ring, "Can you smell it!" said Thomas with his nose in the air as he positioned Korver's legs between both arms.

"That's the..." Michael started, but once again was interrupted by Nathan Powers.

"I DO! I DO! I DO!"


The Elevated Boston Crab had Colby Korver grinding his teeth together in severe pain. The ropes were too far for him to grab, but he reached desperately for them anyways. Though, as the Ego applied more pressure to the back, it was too much for Colby to bare as he slammed his right palm on the mat repeatedly.


"What did I say Michael! What did I say! There was no way Colby Korver was just gonna waltz in here and beat The Great One! Just no way!" Powers taunted his partner at the booth.

"Colby applied the pressure and had a shot at winning it until Craig delivered a cheap shot that turned the momentum around in the match. That's how he won, it wasn't legit Nathan and I don't care what you say."

"Shut up Michael, The Great One is asking for the microphone. You need to hush when he speaks!"

"Would you shutup Powers, you're starting to get on my last nerve!"

Winner: Craig Thomas via Submission

"Hello Monkeys!"

Craig Thomas

Craig Thomas lunged over the top rope demanding the microphone from Brad Arnold at ringside. It took Brad a moment, because he wasn't too fond of the Ego but he obliged only because he feared for his life. Once the Ego had the microphone firm in his clutches he turned to face the crowd who constantly booed him before he started to speak.

"These people need to listen! That there is a legend in the ring!" Powers exclaimed as he spun around in his chair and motioned to the fans to quieten down.

"Monkeys please!" Craig laughed, "This will only take a second if you assholes would just...SHUT UP!"

The jeers only became louder.

"Then I'll just stand here until you monkeys shut up!"

He folded his arms and slouched into the turnbuckle until the crowd simmered down. The tension in the air was fuming as Craig raised one hand to cover the yawn he couldn't hold back. He then stared at Colby Korver who was still laying in the ring, holding his back in pain from the elevated Boston Crab.

Craig watched him and laughed before stepping forward and gazing at the crowd.

"Finally! Geez, now was that so hard?" he chuckled arrogantly, "I'm sure by now all of you folks know who I am, but I know how some of you fans are when it comes to these live events. You perverted monkey's only care about getting intoxicated and eye fucking the Starlets so your memory fails you. That's okay, because even I like to eye fuck the Starlets. Hell there's even a few back there that I may have already, I dunno, there's been so many it's hard to remember!"

The Ego laughed again as he walked over to Colby Korver and rolled him over to his backside with his boot.

"Okay so yeah, Brandon Thomas is my brother!"

"BOOOOO!" roared the fans.

"Oh shut up monkeys! Me and Brandon are the greatest wrestlers alive! SHOW US SOME RESPECT!"

"BOOOOO!" they roared again.

The blood was raging through his veins and building up on his face, turning it red. The jeers were starting to annoy the Ego as he continued to shout back at them in retaliation, but it did nothing to help his case.


"BOOOO!" they continued.

One fan even shouted, "YOU POSER!"

That really did it for the Ego.

"Okay, you monkeys won't shut up, then I'll just take it out on your befuddled hero here in front of me. I'll show you dimwitted monkey's who the boss is around here! Yeah!"

As Colby slowly climbed to his feet at the mention of his name, Craig stalked him just like a predator does before they eat their prey.

The stunned Korver stood up slowly and staggered as he turned around.

The look on Craig's face was undeniably malicious.



"Oh what the hell Craig! That was unnecessary!" exclaimed Michael as he watched Craig shoot back to his feet smirking at the fans.

"Blame the fans Michael, not Craig. He warned them! He warned them and they did not listen!"

The Ego put the microphone back to his mouth and shouted over the loud jeers.


Do You Call My Name hit the loudspeakers after Craig dropped the microphone and slid out of the ring. He didn't look back as power walked up the ramp, through the curtains, and back into the gorilla position with Colby Korver laid out in the ring.

"Trouble in Paradise?"

Waymoth Turnbull

Dawn Cassidy quickly approached Waymoth, who was fresh off his match with the Blood Raven, Eiji Kugasari. She did so cautiously, still being unsure of the type of individual he is. The towering Islander had already sensed her presence and slowed his pace. He knew this moment would have arrived sooner or later. He was ready.

"So Waymith," Dawn started. The way she pronounced his name didn't bode to well with him. That's something else he knew he would have to deal with; either the butchering of his first name or some ignorant asshole attempting to speak with him with their own annoying variation of his accent.

"Mek it quick woman. Me got betta tings to do," Waymoth quipped.

"Um, I'll definitely do my best. I just wanted to get a few words with you regarding your first match here in the Arena of Champions," Dawn continued being the professional that she is. She's seen enough 'monsters' and 'characters' in her time with this company so she wasn't about to let the latest addition intimidate her in the slightest.

"Yuh call dat a match? Notta ting go so!" Waymoth moved in closer, bending over to meet with the interviewer face-to-face, "Ah went out dere to finish deliverin' ah message. Unfortunately for im', what he name, Eye Gee? Unfortunately for 'im, he was de one that got to 'ear it loud and clear."

"Clearly! We haven't heard any word yet regarding his condition but I heard early reports that he may have a couple broken ribs," Dawn added.

Waymoth snickered at the thought, "Only ah couple eh? He get off lucky den. Unna'stand this cause me only gon' say it one time and den ah done with yo. Talk is fi pussy. Meh don't do much talkin', but hut me love hut people. From what dem tell me, dis is a good place to express m'self."

Dawn cleared her throat, "Well then, is there anything else you would like to add before I send it back to the boys up front?

Waymoth backed up and smiled as Cassidy, again something she had become accustomed to in her years, but still didn't feel any less creeped out by it. Waymoth laughed to himself at her uneasiness and answered her question, "Well, less yuh wan' tell me where a man can find good mango round 'ere den ah tink weh done here."

"Right...Back to you boys," Dawn concluded as Waymoth turned and walked away. She shook her head at the Caribbean-bred Behemoth as the camera faded away to the next segment.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Ryan Gallway
Jimmy B. MartinezRyan Gallway

The audience quickly rallied in a chorus of boos as the amped up theme of "Forever (Travis Barker Remix)" by Drake belted itself way freely from the arena PA system as Brad Arnold introduced the first competitor to the ring.

"Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is schedule for One Fall..Introducing First; He hails from South Beach, Miami, Florida...Weighting in at 185 pounds...RYAN! GALLAWAY!

The former jOlt Tag Team Champion and 1/2 of the infamous Heirs of Wrestling. Standing alone underneath the lone spotlight, centered at the apex of the entrance staging area, Ryan Gallaway gradually rose his head and cocked it to the side arrogantly as the arena light rose to present an annoying sneer.

"Ryan Gallway finally has a shot to become the Flyweight Champion here tonight!" Burhman began, "But first he'll have to overcome the current Champion...JIMMY B. MARTINEZ! And that won't be an easy task!" "Not at all Michael!!" Gallway tipped his Blue Cowboy Hat at the fans. The Prince of Precision happily basked in the fan's animosity during his trek to the ring. Latching onto the ring ropes, Gallaway swung his hat outward with an outstretched hand before stepping inside the ring. Egging the masses further, Ryan stood atop the nearest turnbuckle for several moments before preparing himself...


"Machinehead" - Bush

The jeers quickly shifted to those of pure adulation as the jOltvision flickered to life. Images of the reigning jOlt Flyweight Champion danced along the screen for several moments until Camera Three captured Jimmy B. Martinez casting the backstage curtains aside and proudly surveying the adoring public....

Brad Arnold announced the current Flyweight Champion into the ring with enthusiasm "...And his opponent; he hails from The Bronx in New York City...Weighting in at 220 pounds...He is the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling Flyweight Champion of the WORLD! JIMMY! BENJAMIN! MARTINEZ!!!

Pointing at the title secured around his waist, The Rising Star pounded his chest before swinging his fist. A barrage of pyrotechnic flashes rang out as JBM briefly faced away from the ring with both arms and fingers extended before making his way to the ring. Casually making his way to the flanking barricades to greet the fans along the way, Martinez continued power walking his way around the squared circle.

"The champ looks focused tonight!" Burhman stated as referee Darius Underwood managed to keep Gallaway at bay as the Flyweight Champion stood atop the ring steps and reveling in the moment.

A brisk stroll along the ring apron led to JBM to ascend the turnbuckles, unharness his title and hold it overhead for added effect. Ready to compete, Martinez dropped down and handed his prized possession over to the in ring official to initiate his brief round of boxing stints and spot stretching in his neutral corner. Meanwhile, Gallaway was seen loosening himself up for the pending battle. On cue, referee Underwood would signal for the opening bell...

Ding... Ding... Ding!

The match started as the two quickly locked up. Martinez quickly overpowered Gallway and tossed him back into the turnbuckle. Gallway looked at Martinez dumbfounded. An enraged Gallway quickly erupted out the corner with a clothesline. Martinez with his quick thinking, quickly ducked under the arm of Gallway and quickly turned him around, sending a kick to the midsection which leaded into a spinning DDt. "OH MY GOODNESS! JBM perfected that move! Gallway is down!" The DDT planted Gallway hard on the mat. Martinez quickly spring boarded back up to his feet. The crowd, full of excitement, quickly began to chant for Martinez.

"INFAMOUS... INFAMOUS... INFAMOUS!" Rang out in the arena of champions, as Martinez began to lift up Ryan Gallway off the canvas.

Martinez Irish whipped Gallway to the ropes but, to his surprised it was reversed. Martinez came back to Gallway and quickly slid in between his legs. Martinez quickly grabbed him from behind and executed a German release suplex. Gallway flipped over onto his feet and ran back too Martinez with a bulldog.

"How did Gallway land on his feet like that!?! Amazing!" Burhman was astounded as Gallway gets up from the mat and chuckles to himself as he points to his head stating he outsmarted Martinez. Gallway quickly scales the top rope, as Martinez rolls on his back. Gallway then leaps off the top rope with a leg drop. Martinez quickly rolls out the way, leaving Ryan Gallway to meet the canvas.


Gallway held his backside in pain as he rolled around the canvas in agony. Martinez begins to slowly get up to his feet, and began to stomp on Gallway for good measures. He then jumped onto the top ropes, waiting for Gallway to get back to his feet. Once Gallway got up to his feet, JBM jumped off and executed a flipping neckbreaker. They both crashed to the canvas, as the crowd began to state their approval with loud chants of appraisal.

"Listen to this crowd! They are loving every moment of this match thus far! And I can't blame them because I AM TOO!"

"The Champ is HERE!" Powers told his partner as Martinez was slow to recover and it looked like that move had taken a little toll on his bruised ribs but the Champ quickly applied an elevated boston crab to Gallway. Gallway screamed in agony as he tried to fight his way towards the ropes.


"Ryan is fighting to grab that rope! If he can't reach it, it may be over right now Powers!"

"Man this is exciting! He almost has it! He's so close! JUST A LITTLE MORE GALLWAY!"

Ryan Gallway finially reached the ropes and he clings on for dear life. The ref signals for JBM to release the hold, and he quickly complies. Martinez then picks up Gallway from the mat and tosses him into the opposite side of the turnbuckle. Gallway lays against the corner turnbuckle barely standing on his own. Jimmy B. Martinez then runs at Gallway and scales his body as if it was steps and does a black flip. Martinez lands on his feet, but was met by a clothesline by Ryan Gallway.

"Now that tide has turn! If Ryan wants to become the new Flyweight Champion, this is his chance!" Michael could only anticipate Gallways next moved with opened eyes.

"The Fans aren't happy about it either! Listen to them Michael!"

The crowd erupted in jeers, in disapproval. Gallway just smiles, as he begins to pick up Martinez from the canvas. Gallway executes a snap suplex, but doesn't let go. Instead he hit's not two, but three snap suplex's before letting go of Martinez. Martinez rolls around in pain holding his midsection, favoring those ribs which he injured at 'All Or Nothing'.

"JBM is feeling the aftermath of All or Nothing! Those ribs seem to be throbbing in pain and one has to wonder how long he can go with those ribs like that!"

"Well let's see if JBM is a true Champion of jOlt! Now's his shot to prove he is worthy of that Flyweight Championship belt!"

Powers added.

Gallway lifted JBM to the seated position and quickly repelled off the ropes connecting with a sitdown dropkick to the ribs of JBM and quickly covered.




Jimmy popped his shoulder off the mat just in time. Ryan stomped on the Champ a few times, then picked him up by the hair. He sent a combination of overhead punches and stiff kicks to the midsection pushing him into the ropes. An irish whip sent JBM bouncing off the ropes and Gallway was right there with a jumping spin kick in amazing fashion! Gallway then proceeded to stomp on JBM's ribs some more.

"Ryan is targeting the ribs now! He knows that JBM injured them at All or Nothing and is taking advantage of it!"

JBM was down and Gallway wasn't finished just yet. He reached down and grabbed the Champ's legs hooking them between his arms. Ryan fell backwards catapulting JBM into the turnbuckle! JBM bounced off of it and Ryan was right there with his knees in the air as JBM fell backwards on them!

It was a slingshot catapult back breaker and Ryan Gallway quickly made another cover!




The crowd cheered as the Champ kicked out another time. Everyone was on their feeting waiting for him to rebound at any moment. While Ryan Gallway pounded his fist on the mat out of frustration, JBM started to rise! The JBM chants began to storm the Arena of Champions! Gallway wasn't having it though, he quickly sensed the Champ gaining momentum, and targeted the ribs with some more hard kicks.

"JBM is fighting through the pain! He's still getting up!"

Burhman called, "He's showing the heart of a true champion now Powers!"

"If Gallway wants to win this championship match, he better do something fast before the Champ makes it back to his feet!" JBM sent an elbow to the midsection, "OH! JBM FIGHTING BACK NOW!"

The Fans roared as JBM fought back to his feet; each elbow shot jarred Gallway off his feet, and the Champ was back in his orthodox stance locking up with Ryan shortly after. JBM then used his size advantage and forced him into the turnbuckle where he unleashed a series of blows to both the head and midsection! He was caught up in the moment and soon realized the illegal blows as Darius Underwood advised the Champ of his actions. JBM stepped back and quickly lunged forward not allowing his adversary a chance to strike back.


"That shot right there just dazed Ryan Gallway!"

Ryan fell to both knees before falling forward on his face. JBM then springboarded off the middle rope connecting with a moonsault splash! JBM quickly rolled Gallway over and pinned him with light force as one arm occupied his aching ribs!







JBM looked up at the referee and saw him point at the ropes. The Champ smirked and nodded his head, picking Gallway up afterwards. Then he hurled him into the ropes. Ryan repelled off of them. JBM attempted a clothesline but Ryan ran under it. JBM turned around as Ryan repelled off the ropes again running under the Champ as he hopped over him. This time as JBM turned around, he caught Ryan after he bounced off the ropes for the third time and landed a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

The fans exploded again!

"Would you listen to these fans again!"

"INFAMOUS! INFAMOUS! INFAMOUS!" they chanted in unison, helping JBM get back to his feet with his arm clutching at his ribs.

To everyone's surpise, Ryan Gallway had rolled under the bottom rope, and fell onto the blue mat outside the ring. He tried to buy some time, but JBM took a deep breath, and repelled off the ropes. He dove through the middle ropes and landed shoulder first into Ryan's face as Gallway was getting up! They crashed into the barricade with the fans hanging over it, slapping at their backs!

"WOW! JBM just sacrificed himself yet again! I don't think he even cares about the pain in his ribs at this moment! He's wanting to prove that he is the best Flyweight Champion jOlt has ever seen!"

Believe it, or not, but Ryan Gallway was the first one to slowly make it to one knee. JBM wasn't too far behind him though as he used the barricade as an aide. Just as he made it to two feet, doubled over with one arm on the barricade Ryan sent a stinging boot to the Champ's chest. The shot was heard throughout the arena. Then Ryan attempted another one, but JBM parried it and wrapped his arms around Gallway!

BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Ryan's back splattered on the blue mat and JBM slowly got back up, picking Ryan up, and rolling him back into the ring! He climbed up on the apron, then the turnbuckle. He balanced himself with both arms in the air! THIS WAS IT! FIVE STAR SPLASH!

"NOOO! GALLWAY MOVED! HE MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!" Burhman was excited and the tone in his voice showed it.

As JBM clutched his ribs, Gallway quickly pulled himself up by using the ropes, and climbed the turnbuckle himself. This was his moment! His opportunity to become the NEW Flyweight Champion!




"Oh baby! That has to hurt!"

JBM Climbed the turnbuckle with Gallway seated on top of it. Jimmy then proceeded to slam some hard close fist into Ryan's forehead, raining them down on him with force! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! The crowd chanted along with the referee! JBM climbed up the turnbuckle some more! He hopped onto Ryan's shoulders and...



Both men were in a world of hurt at this point in the match. Thirty minutes had gone buy and both men laid face first in the ring. The match had been back and forth the entire time, but it looked like JBM had all the momentum now!

"That right there ladies and gentlemen is why Jimmy B. Martinez IS the the Flyweight Champion!"

Jimmy was slow to get back up, but he forced himself too! He was tired! He was weak! He was in a world of hurt! But he was the best damn Flyweight Champion jOlt had ever saw and this was his time to prove it!

Now the Champ was staggering on his feet as he listened to the jOlt fanatics roar his name throughout the Arena of Champions! As they called out his name, JBM pounded his fist on his chest, and roared back at the fans!

"ROAAAAAAR!" he bellowed with sweat pouring from his face!

JBM begins to pick up Ryan Gallway from the canvas. He then threw him onto his shoulders looking to end it with the "IKO". Gallways fought back, as he slid off the back of Martinez. He than grabbed JBM from behind and executed a reverse DDt.

Arena of champions erupted in jeers, as Ryan Gallway got back up to his feet. He looked at Martinez, who layed on the canvas favoring his back area. Gallway smiled, as he taunted the crowd. As to say, is this your flyweight champion. Ryan gallway began to slowly scale the turnbuckle.

Martinez finally slowly made it back to his feet, unaware of what was going on stumbling back and forth. Gallway smiled and chuckled to himself. Martinez slowly turned around, at the same time Gallway leaped off the top turnbuckle and was meet with a superkick, which layed Gallway out cold.


Martinez threw himself on Ryan Gallways body and covered him, as the referee quickly began the three count.




Arena of champions, erupted in cheers as Jimmy B. Martinez got back up to his feet. He had done it again, he had successfully defended his flyweight championship. The Ref entered the ring and handed over his title, Martinez beging to scale the turnbuckle still holding his midsection area. He took a deep breath in, and held the title high over his head, as the roof of the arena of champions was blown away with JBM chants.


Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"What Now?"

Mike Extreme

The Backbone's locker room. Rather, the Backbone's former locker room.

Inside stood Bane Loneheart, Jason Rau, Sepiroth Du Luc, and Persephone. All looked worse for wear after the brutal match between Sylo and the Backbone at All or Nothing, both physically and mentally. Jason Rau was the first to speak up.

"This is unbelieveable! I just made it in the Backbone! How can we be over already?!"

"That traitorous monster, Grendel, is the reason we are in this situation. We should destroy him," added Persephone.

"Cretin," said an extremely disgruntled SDL.

"I dinnae know what yer all belly achin' about," said Bane Loneheart, "we shoulda seen this coming from Grendel. He has never been one to play well with others. Titan shoulda never let him in the Backbone to begin with. This is his fault."

"Maybe," Rau responded, "but where do we go from here? Are we even allowed to be in this locker room anymore?"

"No ... you're not."

All attention was placed at the locker room door where a bandaged and bruised Mike Extreme stood hunched over and leaning on the door frame.

"Michael!" exclaimed Persephone, "who did this to you?"

"I ... I," he stuttered, "I don't know. I thought it was Titan's army but we all know what happened there. So, now I just don't know. There was three of them, I know that, and they did not like us at all."

"That coulda been anybody," Bane Loneheart stated.

"Yeah ... but one of 'em was big. REAL big. Think about that for a second. Who wasn't in the locker room when the rest of us all were?"

"Grendel," they said collectively.

"Exactly," Extreme replied, "my guess is Grendel's working with this new group and they made sure I wasn't involved in the main event so that Sylo could win."

"Wait a second," Rau interrupted, "what makes you think that if you were involved in the main event we would have won?"

"Are you serious, Crocodile Dundee? If Titan hadn't put this group together it would have been me battling Sylo for the jOlt Championship and you all know it. I was the backbone of the Backbone."

"I cannae believe you actually think that you were the best in the Backbone. Everybody knows it was me."

"Oh," Persephone screamed while jabbing a finger into Bane Loneheart's chest, "come off it, you Shrek sounding imbecile! Were any of you a champion while in the Backbone?! Were you?! None of you were champion. But I was a champion and that bitch Aria Murphy and her chemically enhanced boyfriend stole it from me. I was the best in the Backbone!"

"Hmph," said Sepiroth Du Luc, "cretins. Come, Persephone, let us take our leave from these ... bottom feeders."

Total Conquest exited the Backbone's locker room without looking back.

"Those two have the right idea," Mike Extreme asserted. "I'm done associating myself with this bunch of losers."

That left Bane Loneheart and Jason Rau as the only Backbone members left standing.

"You know," Rau said while placing his hand on Bane's shoulder, "they said we couldn't be the Backbone anymore. But they didn't say we couldn't still be a team. How 'bout it, partner?"

Jason Rau extended a hand that Bane Loneheart quickly batted away.

"Ye cannae be serious. Wasn't it you that just tried to take my spot in the Backbone? Yer on yer own."

And Bane Loneheart was gone, leaving only Jason Rau behind. He stood there in silence and contemplated his future in jOlt ... until the silence was broken by the sound of heavy breathing. Jason Rau looked over his shoulder and found his worst nightmare come to life. He was alone ... with Grendel.

Grendel's mask was annoited with a bloody handprint, his glowing white eyes pierced into Jason Rau's soul. And then, suddenly, a woman appeared. She wore a long sheer black dress with red trimming. Her arms were wrapped with leather bands. Her long red, white, and black hair flowed down her shoulders. She was Angelique.

"Jason," she said, "it appears your friends have all abandoned you. How sad."

"Listen," a nervous Jason Rau barely managed to let the words slip from his lips. "I'm with you guys. Whatever it is that you have planned, you can count me in."

"You're adorable, Jason. And we would have loved to have you join our ranks ... however, when your goal is to destroy everything in your path ... making friends isn't very high on the priority list. I do apologize."


As Grendel lunged forward, Angelique quietly closed the door behind him. An ironic end for the last Backbone member.

"Oh, I Wanna be a Champion All Right"


The crowd erupted as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and Aran Thompson slowly walked out from behind the entrance curtain with a woman by his side that was no stranger to the Arena of Champions.

"Is that?" Nathan Powers barely muttered before being interrupted by Michael Buhrman.

"Laurie Williams?!" Buhrman blurted.

The arena had mix feelings for Aran's companion to the ring as he allowed her to walk up the steel ring steps first and even sat on the ropes to help her into the ring a little better. Her long flowing sundress and signature cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat set something off as she stepped into the ring and the arena booed her.

Aran immediately asked for a microphone and put his hand up to the crowd after receiving the mic.

"Now, now. Calm down. There isn't anything funny going on here...I assure you." Aran said matter-of-factly to the crowd as the chorus of booing subsided.

"If any of you were paying attention to the Intergalatic Championship tournament I took place in a couple months ago, you would of noticed that I have a girlfriend, who means the world to me. She helped me get back on the wagon that brought me back to the Arena of Champions and back to all of the fans that regale in the history of this building. Her name just happens to be Laurie Williams."

Aran informed the crowd and Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers looked shocks as the fans popped after Aran mentioned them.

"She has just decided to be here for me....for support." Aran said before pausing.

"Support?!" Buhrman spat.

"You see at All or Nothing, I put myself in a position that was just that. All or Nothing. Jonathan had the better plan, and he is the Relentless Champion. It's that simple."

Aran stopped again and looked around as the fans began to slowly chant "MIS-TER-RE-LENT-LESS!" and Laurie put her hand on Aran's shoulder.

Aran nodded his head and continued.

"I mean. He might be the champion, but now..." Aran began to perk. "Now he is just a carbon copy of me." Aran shot and the arena of champions once again exploded.

"I make this grand return and I make history by becoming the FIRST EVER multiple time Relentless Championship. Regardless who holds that championship for however many amounts of times, at the end of the day you will never be able to say you broke the barrier for multiple contentions for that champions. I am forever that guy. I am forever relentless! And getting jumped by some two bit lackeys won't stop me from proving that I am the future but proving that I WILL become the jOlt Champion."

Aran stood proud with his cocky smile on his face and Laurie clapped as the crowd cheered for him.

"All Or Nothing was truly all or nothing for me and my future as the Relentless Champion. But tonight?!....Tonight is the night that Aran Thompson announces he has his sights set a little bit higher. If I have to convince Sylo to give me the shot or if I have to earn it. just the beginning."

Aran dropped the microphone and crowd was on fire.


Before Aran and Laurie could leave the ring the lights started to flicker a little bit. The crowd was anxious as Aran and Laurie began to look around the arena.

"Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce hit the speakers as the thumping bass echoed throughout the arena. Aran and Laurie looked toward the stage as the lights stopped flickering and the Russian beauty, Natalia walked out holding a microphone in hand. She stood on the stage wearing a short black dress with black 6" inch heels. She smiled as the crowd gave her a mixed reaction while Aran and Laurie watched from the ring.

"Aran and Laurie, I'm sorry for coming out and spoiling your bid to prove yourself to the fans and to Mr. Lee. I just wanted to come out here and give these people something they have been missing for months. Something that they crave." Natalia smirked as the fans continued to cheer.

"I'm here to give you something to believe in again. Something special and exciting. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you..."


The arena suddenly got loud as "Ring Superstar" hit the PA system. The fans in the arena didn't have any idea what to do as they gave the Icon a mixed reaction. The multi time world champion stood on the stage next to his beauty as he soaked in the fan reaction. It didn't matter to Vince, he was just happy to be home after his long suspension. Jacobs spun around showing the fans his custom made blue Armani suit before he grabbed Natalia's hand and walked down the ramp. His cocky smile never waivered for even just a split-second, even when his eyes caught a glimpse of a metallic black mask that sent a fleeting chill down his spine, as there was no way it could be who he thought it was.

Jacobs opened the ropes for his lady before climbing in himself. Natalia handed Vince the microphone.

"Guess who's back in Jolt. Did you miss me?" Jacobs said with a smile.

"Since Lee suspended me I have sat back and watched this promotion take a nose dive in the ratings. I watched as your champion went all hulk rage on everyone here. I saw how it took the entire backbone to do something that one man did all by himself. That is the reason why Lee suspended me because he knew what Vince Jacobs could do to his precious gold mine champion. But I digress, I will be Jolt champion soon enough and when I do, I will relinquish the title when I see fit." Vince said as he heard a couple of boos from the fans as he talked about their champion.

"Oh hi Laurie, how have you been? I see you traded down. It's okay it seems a lot of people around here like my sloppy seconds. Anyway Mr. Relentless is it." Jacobs sarcastically stated as Aran nodded his head.

"I couldn't help notice kid that you plan to prove yourself and try to get yourself into the main event scene. Well let me let you in on a little secret; I am the main event scene in professional wrestling. I am the one that every man in this arena wants to be like. I am the measuring stick in this business. More people are impressed with beating me on their resume than actually winning a title. But to sit back there and listen to you say that you will become Jolt champion is more than laughable.

"I'm here to tell you that you are a mid-carder for life. You will never become a world champion because you do not have what it takes to rise to the occasion in big game situations. You're a choke artist that couldn't even beat JCON, now what makes you think you have what it takes to step up and contend.

Aran moved closer to Vince as Laurie and Natalia stepped between the two men. "Aran don't get mad I only speak the truth. The truth is that Vince Jacobs is what makes this company a household name. These people buy their tickets to see me every week while the millions at home sit on their couch just to tune in to see and hear what SVJ is going to do or say next. So I'm putting you and the rest of the locker room on notice that SVJ is back and ready to grab those ratings back for jolt wrestling."

Vince dropped the microphone as he and the Russian beauty climbed out of the ring.

"The Kansai Initiative"

Ninja K

"...It's that gaijin..." Eiji pointed out during a subtle argument amongst the company of his peers.

"Heavyweight or otherwise..." Mamoru replied. "The lack of preparation on your behalf is greatly unacceptable...

"ENOUGH!" An agitated Kenshiro exclaimed in the most uncharacteristic fashion. The audible silence was deafening.

"You have all been summoned here to FOCUS on what is yet to come. Now in all respects, my level of patience is exceedingly thin for obvious reasons; I am not seated before you as the intended retainer of the Underground Championship...I, alone, assume full responsibility for that...but it is not the defeat at the hands of my esteemed rival that vexes me...Does anyone care to provide their insight as to what does?

A few moments of silence was broken by the random yet muffled clearing of throats. The Ronin silently nodded while scanning the faces of his clan.

"Hubris." Kenshiro replied. Not the dislocated shoulder nor the dozens of lacerations, stitches nor the number of bruises sustained...Injuries such as these will heal yet nothing can compare to the prominent sting of allowing the collateral damage of Arrogance or being blinded by Pride to cumulate and make a mess of things."

Eiji lowered his head as Kenshiro hounded him with a unpleasant stare. Eiji; you have been entrusted with the rank as my leading lieutenant, which demands a great deal of responsibility and importance, not to mention, my undivided attention." The ninja mentioned. "You remind me of my younger self; Hungry. Overconfident. Ambitious. Traits both promising and quite possibly problematic.

The reserved clan leader stood before his kneeling officer, popping the bones in his neck while staring intently.

The same problem that has ensured that I am without the Underground Championship is not one I will not tolerate. Not even in the slightest from my entrusted officers." Ninja hissed. "You have a tournament to win. I would suggest you learn to temper your impetuous nature immediately. Otherwise, you will quickly & publically discover how the very beating you suffered this evening greatly pales in comparison should you incur my wrath."

The Ronin rose his head and visually panned along the faces of his peers. Kenshiro swept the hair from his face before quietly encircling the middle of the locker room.

Children; a storm approaches." Kenshiro preached. "Our rivals are respectively consolidating their forces. Strengthening their numbers yet this is to be expected. The Backbone, whom are the obvious threat, are but poorly unorganized scavengers with a purists' cause." Ninja mentioned. " Misguided jackals destined to be destroyed. As of now, ensure that the integrity of this circle is never broken. Remain vigilant. Rely on each other. Protect one another as well as yourselves. Expect the unexpected. Await my pending instructions at the appointed time. Leave me.

The overhead lighting flickered briefly before the amassed audience had vanished. Standing behind the enigmatic clan leader, two figures stood several feet away; a hulking colossus is seen unidentifiable via a menacing Kendo Mask, loose-fitting martial arts pants and a formidable kanabo, draped across his broad shoulders. The individual to his left donned a tattered Asian monk attire, weather beaten coolie hat and notable kanji tattoos along his exposed skin. A sturdy oak and brass-clad ring monk staff was held upright by a set of notably taped fingers. The same tandem that sent Bane Loneheart scurrying away several weeks prior.

"You two..." Ninja replied. "I an assignment that requires your respective skill sets...."

Grendel vs. Lusus

"Never Scared" by Bone Crusher.

The battle of the behemoths was about to be underway. Lusus stepped out from behind the curtain looking pumped, primed, and ready to go. Clearly his less that stellar debut at All or Nothing did nothing to quell his confidence. The only man left that would apparently still even be allowed to follow Chris Titan, let alone want to after the demolition the last group felt at the hands of Sylo. Lusus slowly made his way down the entrance ramp, pointing out to the crowd and smiling. He paused for a photo op with a young boy whom was accompanied by his father in the front row. He tusseled the boy's mop of hair before returning to his path to the ring. With each climb of a ring step, Lusus paused and continued to pander to the crowd.

"Voodoo" by Godsmack.

His opponent on this night, however, would not be so cordial. The Arena of Champions took a crimson hue as the gothic and beautiful Angelique emerged from backstage. Her long, low cut, and semi-transparent dress accentuated each and every one of her curves.

"I gotta say, Mike, I'm usually not into the goth chicks but Angelique is just all kinds of smoking hot."

"She is extremely seductive, isn't she? It's no wonder Grendel decided to drop Chris Titan for her company."

To the soundtrack of a chorus of boos, Angelique addressed the Arene of Champions.

"I have come to jOlt to usher in a wave of destruction. I am here to unleash a pure and unbridled force of nature, that has thus far been kept in a cage. Been made to follow peons like a dog. A monster that was turned into a house pet ... no more. Tonight Grendel's reign of terror begins when he decimates the sole remnant of Chris Titan's regime. And that reign of terror will not end until Grendel is jOlt Champion. Remember this night ... because this is the night when everything changes. Tonight the real Grendel returns."

So it was said, so shall it be. Grendel, in his new mask and attire and with his eyes glowing white hot, walked across the entrance stage. His demeanor, which was intimidating to begin with, had changed. He seemed even more sadistic than before, if that was even possible. The monster licked his lips as he eyed his new prize, the woman at his side.

The duo stalked through the crimson pit of Armageddon that the Arena of Champions had become. Grendel snatched the top rope from the floor and pulled himself onto the ring apron while his valet took her place in the monster's corner.

"Lusus wasting no time, he charges the monster Grendel! That is good strategy from the returning star," Michael Buhrman observed.

But the barrage of left and right forearms to Grendel's chest and shoulders did not phase the monster. He snarled and shrugged the attack off, then dropped Lusus with a vicious clothesline.

"This does not bode well for Lusus."

Nathan Powers was well aware of this fact, "What did you expect? When Grendel was with the Backbone he was deadly enough, now that this Angelique has him under her spell I don't know if anything can stop him."

Lusus quickly rolled out of the ring and attempted to shake away the cobwebs. Grendel did not give chase. He stood statuesque in the ring, simply glaring at his opponent. The Lusus Army appeared to be in over his head and he knew it himself. Lusus, frustrated already, slid back into the ring only to be met with a huge boot to the back of his head. Grendel grabbed the back of Lusus' mask and lifted the over four-hundred pound Mac truck of a man to his feet. He wrapped a massive hand around Lusus' throat.

"Chokesla--NO!," exclaimed Michael Buhrman.

Lusus locked his leg around Grendel's, preventing the monster from executing the devastating maneuver. Grendel tried for the chokeslam again but Lusus drove a boot heel into the inside of his right knee. Grendel faltered and Lusus charged the ropes, rebounding off and torpedoing Grendel's chest with a well-placed running headbutt. Lusus hit the ropes again and nailed Grendel with another. He tried for one more...


And Lusus dropped like a sack of bricks, well, like a dumpster full of bricks. Grendel cracked his neck and tossed his white hair out of his face. Again, he lifted Lusus to his feet and again he gripped the big man's throat.


Michael Buhrman was not exhaggerating his claim. The jOlt ring trembled and nearly buckled under the sheer force in which Lusus massive body hit it. Grendel slowly paced around his unconscious victim, smiling his morbid smile and contemplating what further pain he would inflict on the Lusus Army. Then, much to the delight of Angelique, Grendel kneeled down over his enemy and wrapped that same massive hand around his throat once again. The referee attempted to remove Grendel's hand forcefully -- he was shoved clear across the ring by the monster's free arm. After hitting the ropes and rolling out of the ring, referee Ian Nyugen immediately called for the bell.

Neither the monster nor his muse were concerned with the outcome of this match. Their goal was always to prove a point. Grendel refused to relinquish his grib around Lusus' throat. The man's face was visibly, even underneath his mask, turning blue. The bell rang out like a machine gun but there was no one coming to save Lusus, no one that could possibly make Grendel stop.

Until there was.

The crowd erupted. Chris Titan sprinted down the ramp, bandages wrapped around various parts of his body that included his burned face. A parting gift from the man that was once his most loyal of compatriots, the monster Grendel. Titan hit the ring like a cannonball, driving his fists into the base of Grendel's neck. Lusus was saved ... but would Titan have the same fate?

Something was off. Grendel stumbled forward, releasing Lusus from his grasp. He shook his head. Titan drove another fist into his left kidney from behind, spun Grendel around, and one-shotted the monster to the canvas. Opening his fingers, Titan allowed a pair of brass knuckles to hit the mat next to the monster. The great equalizer had taken the behemoth down and now Titan had his sights set on Angelique.

He slid out of the ring, laughing as Angelique attempted to threaten him with her monster. The same monster Titan had previously "owned" himself. The same monster Titan just laid out in the ring.

The former leader of the Backbone tossed the ring apron up and snatched something from beneath it.

"What is that, Mike?"

"It's some kind of liquid. Chris Titan has a gallon of some kind of -- do you smell that, Nate? Is that ... is that gasoline?"

Titan grabbed a handful of Angelique's hair and doused her in pure gasoline. He reached into his boot and emerged with a small metal object.

"Oh, no no no no! Chris, don't do this!" Buhrman pleaded.

The monster Grendel was on his feet again. Seeing his new love in the clutches of his former leader drove Grendel mad. He began to charge towards them but was stopped dead in his tracks.


Chris Titan let Grendel, and the entire world, know what his devious plan was. With Angelique in his grasp he waved the tiny flame from his lighter in Grendel's face. He had the monster right where he wanted him and now it was time to reveal his hand. Titan called for a microphone and ordered Angelique to hold it to his lips.

"Grendel ... you turned on me at All or Nothing. Your actions ended the Backbone and you tried to end me personally! Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ... it didn't take."

The crowd that just a week ago hated the sight of Chris Titan, was now surprisingly firmly behind the former jOlt Champion.

"Fire doesn't scare me, big man. But, you know, I have a feeling that it might just scare you."

Grendel lunged forward but again stopped dead when he saw Titan inch the lighter closer to Angelique's gorgeous red, black, and white tinted hair.

"Uh-uh-uhhhh! I wouldn't do that if I were you." Titan tightened his grip on Angelique's mane, forcing her to face her monster so that he could see the terror in her eyes. "Let's continue to talk about fear, Grendel. Specifically yours, your fear of what ... being an outcast? Is that it? Is that why you turned on your friends? Is that why you turned on me? Because you don't think that anyone will ever love you, is that it?

"Big man," Titan said with a grin, "we were all outcasts. We had each other's backs, it was part of our name. The Backbone, we were made to stand tall. But you broke us. Not Damien Lee, not some masked vigilantes in the parking lot, not even Sylo ... you were the one that destroyed us -- for her.

"Well, here is where I get my retribution. I'll get another shot at that jOlt Championship, of that much I am sure. This, however, is personal and this is what I'm devoting all of my attention to. You don't like fire, do you Grendel? That's why you used it on me. Your charred flesh is a dead giveaway and you tried to use the thing you fear the most to put me down for good, didn't you?

"All of that gives me one hell of an idea. In four weeks, at Power Struggle, I'm going to take that ring you're standing in ... and I'm going to surround it with four walls of fire! I'm going to engulf you in flames once again and this time you will not reemerge! You're going to face me in an INFERNO MATCH! And, if you don't agree to it right here and right now ... you're going to watch your new girlfriend burn!"

Inside the ring Grendel was going absolutely insane, ripping his hair out and stomping in pure panic.

"Are you going to give me my match?!"

Grendel frantically nodded his head.

"Good, then you had better prepare yourself for hell. Because I have, I'm there right now, and I'll be damned if I'm going there alone."

Titan shoved Angelique towards the ring and quickly fled into the crowd. The monster Grendel ran to his new love and held her close, never taking his sights off of Titan.

iNtense headed backstage, fading out on the scowl on Angelique's face as she watched Titan disappear into the halls of the Arena of Champions.

Winner: Lusus vis Disqualification

"The Tool for the Job"

Aran Thompson


The sound of an awful ruckus echoed through the halls of the Arena of Champions as Aran Thompson slammed everything into his path and kicked every inanimate object there was before he turned around and slung a chair down the hall, luckily not affecting anybody in its range.

The chair clinked and clanked as it came to a rest and Aran shook his head as Laurie Williams tried to calm him down.

"Now Sug' don't go throwin' the house around over him. He ain't nothin' but a small step into the right direction." Laurie said trying to ease the mind of Aran who was staring off into the distance with a cold dead stare on nothing particular.

"You made your announcement, and one of the biggest names in this industry immediately reacted. That was no conincidence." Laurie continued as she brought Aran's attention back to earth.

Aran looked at Laurie and scowled for a moment and nodded his head gently.

"I'm not mad because he came out there an interrupted my announcement. I'm mad because he managed to make a fool out of me. In front of the fans that I have, time in and time out, proved that I am the epitome of relentless. I'm the choke artist because I couldn't get past four guys and a potential hit and run?!" Aran paused for a moment as his intensity grew without him even raising his voice and Laurie looked taken back.

"I just found my hammer to that glass ceiling."

Aran grinned for just a moment, causing Laurie to reciprocate before he turned to his side and walked off as Laurie just smiled and watched.

"I love watchin' him work."

Derecho vs. Sylo

Just when he thought he had the past dead and buried, Derecho drew the attention of one other from his past and now a collision course had been set where the jOlt and Underground titles would be on the line, live on Pay-Per-View, but before we could get to that point, the champions decided to collide in a non-title match here tonight.

The arena darkened to a crimson hue.

"One Reason" by FADE

Out from the back stepped the Underground Champion... the only man who has never lost his championship since the restart of jOlt. He had been champion since day one and he just came off of a war with Ninja K last night at All or Nothing. The same rib tape.. the same bandage above the eye... all of the battle scars remained as Derecho marched down to the ring with the title around his waist.

Derecho hopped up onto the ring apron and then stepped into the ring. He unfastened his championship and passed it off to ringside. The arena returned to neutrality, but it was brief.


Johnny Cash would follow.

"And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw.
And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
Was death.
And hell...followed with him. "
"Miracle (Pale horse remix)" - Nonpoint.

A blinding white explosion, a symbol of mass destruction that had become synonymous with The Perfect Predator, The SuperBeast, Sylo, rocked the entire Arena of Champions to its base. The burst of light and sound caused everyone to shield their eyes, all except the mysterious man in black, who didn't even flinch, as the explosion shined brightly in his metallic mask. Through the blast and smoke stepped Sylo. Sylo made his way to the ring and leapt up on the apron before entering. His focus was set directly on Derecho.

Sylo had been beaten by Derecho twice and things went unsettled on Warriors 12. Tonight, Sylo knew that there would be no excuses. Everyone and everything was barred from ringside. All weapons were legal. Tonight we would finally see who could truly beat who. Whoever won here tonight would ride that momentum four weeks from now on Pay-Per-View. This match had everything on the line except the titles, and Sylo knew that full well.

Sylo passed off both the Legacy Championship, which he treasured, and the jOlt Championship off to ringside. The two then came face to face in the center of the ring when the bell went off.




After the bell had sounded, both men just stood there and looked on at each other. In almost every encounter they've had, Derecho usually jumped the gate and went right after Sylo to get in as much punishment as possible, but that was not the case this time.

Derecho closed his eyes and walked away from Sylo!

Derecho stopped short, however... he turned and then planted his fist right into the side of Sylo's face with a stiff right hook! Sylo's head barely rocked back. He then looked at Derecho and smiled!

Derecho took a step back as Sylo exploded out from his position, but Derecho side stepped him and tossed Sylo right to the outside! It had been bait the entire time! The crowd showed their displeasure as Sylo got back to his feet, only the see Derecho fly up and over the top rope to the outside with a Tope Con Hilo that took Sylo back down!

Derecho wasted no time and grabbing a chair from ringside. He readied it in his hands as Sylo got back up to his feet. Derecho then jammed the chair into the stomach of Sylo which doubled him over. Derecho then lifted the chair to crack it across Sylo's back, but Sylo fired a fist into the taped ribs of Derecho and that stopped him right in his tracks! Sylo the ripped the chair from Derecho's grasp and cracked it over his back!


The first shot dropped Derecho to a knee, but Derecho stood after the impact.


A second shot, however, dropped Derecho to the ground. Sylo, however, wasn't satisfied. He pulled Derecho back up to his feet and whipped him face first into the steel ring post! Derecho's skull bounced off the post and he fell to the ground at ringside! Sylo gave pursuit and peeled Derecho off of the floor. He lifted Derecho and dropped him chest first across the barricades! Derecho held onto the barricades to stop himself from falling completely. As he slumped against them, Sylo got some distance.

Derecho took a brief moment to regroup and then used the barricades to pull himself up. At that moment, Sylo charged in and slammed his boot into the face of Derecho with a running Yakuza Kick that sent Derecho over the barricades and into the front row! Sylo was in firm control of the match and Derecho knew that he was in trouble!

Sylo soaked up the cheers from the crowd and went to reach over the pick Derecho up, but Derecho grabbed a random fan's beverage and threw it into the face of Sylo! With Sylo temporarily blinded, Derecho grabbed a chair out from under a fan and didn't even bother wasting time folding it up.. he blatantly slammed the unfolded chair over the skull of Sylo!

This rocked Sylo backwards a few steps. When Sylo turned around, Derecho had perched himself on the top of the barricade. He leapt off, chair in hand, and came down with a thunderous smack!


The chair bent and twisted to fit the shape of Sylo's skull! Sylo had been taken off of his feet for the first time in this match. Sylo soaked up the punishment and through sheer will, got back to his feet. Derecho, however, took the bent chair and jammed it into the ribs of Sylo. With Sylo doubled over, Derecho dropped the chair on the canvas and grabbed Sylo by the head where he spiked him with a DDT on top of the chair! All those cheers for Sylo turned into hatred for the King of Hell.

Derecho cracked a grin as he got back up to his feet. He favored his ribs as they began to bother him. Derecho lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table. He then slid the table into the ring and rolled in after it. Derecho then brought the table to the far corner and positioned it up against the turnbuckles. When Derecho turned around, Sylo had already grabbed a hold of the ring apron and pulled himself back up. Derecho waited for Sylo to roll into the ring so he could drop a pair of elbows on top of him.

Feeling satisfied with the damage, Derecho pulled Sylo back to his feet and aimed him toward the corner with the table. He grabbed Sylo by the arm and tried to whip him into the corner, but Sylo reversed it and sent Derecho to the corner. Derecho put the brakes on and turned around to see Sylo charging in at full speed. Derecho moved out of the way at the last moment, but sensing that Derecho would do so, Sylo also had put the brakes on and avoided contact with the table. When Sylo turned to face Derecho, Derecho planted a foot into the mid-section Sylo and hit a Step-Up Enzugiri! Combined with the chair shot from earlier, Sylo's equilibrium was off balance and Sylo fell to a seated position up against the table.

Remembering what Sylo had done to him in the past, Derecho walked to the opposite corner of the ring and tapped his knee! Derecho then charged in at full speed, but Sylo moved and Derecho's knee went right through the table! By the time Derecho freed his knee from the hole he made in the table, Sylo had gotten a head start...


The crowd erupted as Derecho just got drilled in the corner! Sylo grabbed Derecho by the leg and dragged him to the center of the ring where he knew it had to be over! Cover!



Thre.... NO!!!

Derecho kicked out! The crowd thought it was over, but Derecho said otherwise! He got the shoulder up at the last possible moment!

Sylo didn't believe it, but he knew that it was academic from here. He pulled Derecho up and hoisted him up onto his shoulders into the inverted fireman's carry position. He flipped Derecho over for the Systematic Shutdown, but Derecho grabbed Sylo by the head as he floated over and nailed a big DDT on Sylo!

Derecho scatched and clawed toward the ropes as Sylo got spiked hard on the canvas. Derecho found the ropes and used them to pull himself up to his feet. As Sylo staggered back up, Derecho lunged in and nailed a Super Kick underneath Sylo's chin! That rocked Sylo, but it wasn't enough to take him down! Derecho then shuffled back and nailed a second Super Kick that wobbled Sylo, but he still didn't go down. Derecho then stomped his foot on the canvas and aimed as high as he could go...

Super Kick to the Face!!


Derecho staggered to the corner and grabbed fragments of the broken table and laid them on top of Sylo. He then made his way over to the corner where he ascended to the top and took aim...


Derecho crashed on top of the table fragments and Sylo! Derecho immediately bounced off and held his mid-section in pain! It was obvious that it did tremendous damage to him as well! In fact, Derecho couldn't capitalize as he rolled out of the ring and to the outside. Sylo held his mid-section as he writhed in agony in the ring. Derecho staggered over to the barricade by the entrance way and where he tried to recollect himself. Sylo began to stir in the ring as he pulled himself back up. He looked around and saw that Derecho was at ringside.

Sylo staggered out of the ring. Derecho knew his time to regroup had come to an end and charged in to meet Sylo before he could get his feet planted on the floor. Derecho opened up with stiff right hand to the side of Sylo's head. He fired another and another and another until Sylo had had enough of it and shoved Derecho away from him. Derecho charged back in, but Sylo laid out Derecho with a massive Lariat at ringside!

Sylo then walked over to the ring apron and pulled it up. He reached underneath the ring and pulled out his favorite weapon... a 50lb Tow Truck Chain! The crowd came alive as he began to wrap it around his fist. He dared Derecho to get back up to his feet.

Derecho scambled to pull himself up. He used the barricades and fought to get back to a vertical base. When he turned around, Sylo swung for Derecho's head, but Derecho quickly ducked out of the way! Derecho then quickly turned and grabbed Sylo by the waist. Derecho then screamed out in pain as he used all his might to lift Sylo!


Sylo hit the ground hard, but still had that chain wrapped around his hand. Derecho couldn't get up after that move. He clutched his ribs on the floor and it was obvious that it took everything he had to hit that move. Sylo was the first to win the battle of who would get back up to their feet first. Sylo staggered back to regain his balance as Derecho used the ring apron to climb back up as well.

Sylo charged in with that chain still wrapped around his fist... Derecho side stepped out of the way and Sylo ended up punching the steel ring post with his fist! The chain came loose and fell off of Sylo's fist as he held his hand in pain. Derecho then took this opportunity to grab Sylo in a waist lock and shove him head first into the steel ring post.. a receipt from earlier!

Sylo fell to a knee as Derecho grabbed him and pulled him back up. He then rolled Sylo back into the ring and then got up on the ring apron. Derecho waited for Sylo to get back up. Once Sylo was up to a vertical base, Derecho leapt up and went for the springboard clothesline!



Sylo immediately ducked! Derecho flew over, but landed on his feet. Upon landing, he held his ribs as he turned around. Sylo swung with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked underneath that and took off toward the ropes. He bounced off, but Sylo countered as he grabbed Derecho and used his momentum to lift him high into the air... he then grabbed Derecho by the head on the way down....


Knee to the face!! Derecho landed in a one knee position and slumped forward against Sylo's body.

The crowd erupted!

Sylo wasted no time as he stood Derecho up and lifted him onto his shoulders in the inverted position..


The crowd was going apeshit!





Sylo just pulled off something no one had been able to do in jOlt. He was able to decisively pin Derecho's shoulders to the mat for three seconds! While Citizen had pinned Derecho, it was by a flash pin that Derecho had kicked out of a little too late... here, that wasn't the case. It was a decisive pin that Derecho had zero chance of recovering from!

The referee brought all the titles into the ring. Sylo grabbed the jOlt Title from the referee and then ripped the Underground Title out of the referee's hands as well! Sylo held up both championship titles as the crowd began to chant...


Could this be the scene four weeks from now when these two collide one more time.. this time with both championships on the line!?

Sylo finished his posing with a title he could see already being his. He dropped the Underground Title on Derecho as he exited the ring. After Sylo made his departure, Derecho started to come to. He asked the referee if the match was still going on.

The referee informed Derecho that the match was over... he lost after being pinned. Derecho sat up after he heard that. His Underground Title was still in his arms. A look of bewilderment came over Derecho's face. It looked as if Derecho had just seen a ghost.

Derecho muttered the following words to himself...

"I.... lost?"

Derecho clutched the title close to his chest and rolled out of the ring. He staggered around ringside as he cracked a grin and began to chuckle to himself.

As he stumbled around ringside, he said with disbelief in his voice.

"I lost... I lost... I lost...."

All while muttering this, he was wide-eyed and laughing to himself. He kept the title close to him as he staggered up the entrance ramp to the back.

Winner: Sylo via Pinfall