"Pardon the Interruption"

Craig Thomas Anticipation amped up the tension in the Arena of Champions. People were buzzing, murmuring, chattering. There was a vibe in the building and the crowd waited to see whether their anticipation would be justified. jOlt had a bit of tension to it, especially with the anticipation of the jOlt Invitational Tournament last week and the fans waited to see what would unfold tonight on iNtense.

“Well ladies and gentlemen we are about ready for our first match of the evening--” Burhman began, but was rudely interrupted by The Ego’s theme song.

Do You Call My Name!

“Well, I guess I lied. It looks like we are blessed with The Ego’s presence here tonight on iNtense.”

“That we are Michael. The Ego is set to face Anson Larue later on tonight, but I wonder what’s on his mind?” Powers sighed and looked at his partner.

“There is no telling, Powers. No telling at all.”

When the Ego’s vibing theme song hit the PA system, Craig Thomas stepped through the heavy blue curtains wearing his prestige wrestling attire and the traditional Thomas smirk on his face. He was greeted by a thunderous set of jeers he’d come to expect. Given his behavior over the past week, where he added insult to injury when stunning Colby Korver with the EgoBurst! after defeating him in his first match in jOlt.

Craig Thomas entered the ring by stepping through the ropes with fashionable arrogance on parade. The jeers still rained down on him as he took the microphone from Brad Johnson in the ring, almost shoving him down on the mat in the process. It amused the Ego, as Brad stumbled into the ropes, and the occasional Monkey remark was applied to the ring announcer.

The Ego settled in the center of the ring as he stretched his neck and smirked once again at the boos surrounding the Arena of Champions. He cherished every moment of it, it was the very reason why he chose this profession. The fans, jeers, and spotlight was all that he could ever want and as time slowly faded into history, one day The Ego would be on top of the world..

As the jeers began to reconcile, Craig put the microphone to his mouth, and addressed the crowd, “How are all you monkeys tonight!?!”

Just as expected, the audience replied with more jeers. All except for that mysterious man in black tatical gear and his metal mask that kept his feelings from being seen.

“Last week on iNtense, I went toe to toe with Colby Korver and came out on top BUT!!! I heard all you chumps talking in the back and all you fans over the radio and all the analyst chattering back and forth. Don’t think I didn’t, The Ego hears everything. I know all of you think Korver dominated most of the match and almost defeated The Ego but the truth of the matter is...” a slight pause aroused as he took a vast glance at the audience, “I let him.”

The statement was opposed by some mediocre boos, not deafening, but loud enough to catch The Ego’s attention and caused a half smirk on his face as he continued and nodded.

“I am The Best Damn Sports Entertainer Ever and that is what I do. I know some of you monkeys don’t believe me yet, but in due time ladies and gentlemen, all of you folks will remember me as The Greatest Wrestler Ever! If you step into the ring with me, I’ll make you look good. I’ll make you look like a true wrestling superstar because my skills are far superior than the average person and due to my in-ring ability, everyone looks like Grade-A talent. And I will prove it once again, tonight, when I face Anson Larue in this very ring. I hear he is one of the favorites to win this tournament, I hear he has the potential to be main eventing jOlt, I hear, I hear, I hear...well let’s find out shall we?”

As The Ego lowered his tightened hand, Blackened the Sun by Tech N9ne interrupted The Ego inside the ring. The Sadistic One was quick to make his presence onto the stage, hopping on his feet, and staring, like The Sadistic One stares, across the Arena of Champions at his opponent for the night.

The Ego sneered at Larue, this was his time, not Larue’s, and you could bet your ass he had something to say about that as well.

Anson gradually walked to the ring and climbed the ring steps, then entering the ring through the ropes. He didn’t hesitate to walk over to The Ego and demand the microphone from him, but Craig was most certainly not going to give it to him. It was his and this was his time, if he wanted to talk, then he’d have to get his own damn microphone.

“You’re nuts if you think I’m gonna--”

Anson bowed at The Ego and stole the microphone. Of course Craig was furious, but what was he going to do? Punch him in the face?

Yeah right.

The Sadistic One taunted The Ego with a sadistic grin, it was like a slap in the face to Craig, and he stomped his foot on the canvas and folded his arms with a scowl.

“Ya know whuts funny, Craig?” Larue asked The Ego who furrowed a brow, “When arrogant liddle rich pricks like ya come into da business and think you all dat and then sum! Ya think every liddle thang revolves around ya and everyone round ya should bow down to ya. Dat isn’t da way it is, ya need da snap back to reality, and open those dam eyes. Dese peeps don’t wanna watch ya arrogant ass, dey hate ya ass, and tonight I will make a example outta ya!”

The Ego stomped over to the ropes and quickly demanded a microphone from Brad Arnold.

“Listen here monkey--”

Anson cut him short.

“No chump! Ya lissen to me! he told The Ego, “If ya think ya da best in da business, then I have a stip for ya ass.”

Craig shook his head, almost confused, or so he pretended, “Stip?”

“Ya, a stipulation jackass!”

The Ego laughed and paced back and forth in front of Larue.

“Oh, one of those? Well then since we’re talking about stipulations...” he stopped in front of Larue and stared at him, “Then I have a stipulation as well, but you may go first.”

“Doesn’t madder what ya have in mind, ya won’t beat me.” The Ego laughed as Larue continued, “Dough, my stip is, when I beat dat ass den I don’t wanna see ya cracka ass runnin dat jawbone in dis ring anymore in dis tournament!”

Anson lowered the microphone and delivered a relentless gaze in the direction of the Ego.

Craig readied the microphone, “Sure. But if I win you have to kiss my boot after the match.”

Anson cracked a grin, “Dat will never happen.”

“Well then--”

Once again, The Sadistic One interrupted The Ego.

“Cuz ya will never beat me. Ya are da pretender, takin on da numba one contenda...”


Emergency by Mavado cued up and out stepped another competitor of the jOlt Invitational Tournament, Waymoth Turnbull, stepped into the spotlight clad in his casual clothes consisting of jeans and a sleeveless shirt. The expression drawn on his face was that of a towering disparage. For two weeks, he had to sit in the back and watch as the tournament scurried along its destined path, but without him, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“Here comes Waymoth Turnbull to the ring now! One can only imagine the rage built up inside of this man having to wait for two weeks until his next match! Last Wednesday he knocked Bane Loneheart unconscious and this week, who knows what he will do!?!” Burhman announced as Waymoth took a giant step over the top rope, staring at both men in the ring as he did.

“I just can’t believe these two guys! Anson Larue and Waymoth interrupting The Great One like this! It’s disrespectful and I do not approve!”

“Craig practically called Larue to the ring with his ranting! And well, Waymoth, he’s tired of sitting in the back! It’s about time he comes out here and gets into the mix! I don’t blame him one bit!

Michael Burhman continued to watch the action unfold in the ring as Waymoth took the microphone from Anson. Larue stood at an angle from both competitors with his arms folded, keeping a close eye on both men. A smile was born and The Sadistic One was embedded with curiosity and he wanted to hear what Turnbull had to say.

Craig continued to sneer, this time at Turnbull who held the microphone within speaking distance. He started to speak, but the Ego shook his head profoundly, and held out his palm.

“Wait one freaking minute!” the Ego bellowed, shaking his head in a displeased fashion, “Listen you two! I know you guys want to be in the spotlight and want ALLLLL the exposure in the world, but it’s just not big enough for the three of us. ONLY ME! I AM THE GREAT ONE! I AM THE BEST DAMN SPORTS ENTERTAINER EVER! NOT YOU MONKEYS SO GET THE HELL OUT OF MY RING! BEFORE I...”


“Waymoth Turnbull just slapped the hell out of Craig Thomas!” Burhman was shocked, along with everyone else in the Arena of Champions including the Ego.

“You son-of-a-…”


“HE DID IT AGAIN!” exclaimed Powers.

The Ego stomped around the ring in a foul mood, rubbing his cheeks, and cursing under his breath with his attention focused on the ground when he suddenly ran into a brick wall. No, it was Anson Larue with a grin posing at The Ego.


“WHAT THE HELL!” roared The Ego and he then turned around.



Waymoth directed another stinging slap to The Ego’s face and had finally gained his full attention. The Ego stroked his cheeks with both hands trying to rid of the burning sensation torching his face. The redness had accumulated just below his thick skin as he now focused on both men from a distance. Anson leaned back in the corner of the ring, curious, and wanted to know what Waymoth had on his mind.

“Likkle boy,” Waymoth began with a slow a pace around the squared circle. He was fixated on ‘the Ego’, “Anybody ah tell yuh dat yo mout’ ah run like wa-tah?! My ears dem tired ah hearin’ nuttin’ but talkin’ from every man dat come t’rough dem curtains!”

Predictably, the Arena of Champions erupted at Waymoth’s comments. Waymoth paid them no mind. The praise did nothing for him. He was a man of competition and that’s what he came seeking and if they chose to like the lesser of two evils, then so be it.

“An’ you? YOU!?” Waymoth growled, “Lawd have mercy pon me soul, you seem to have de biggest mout out all de man inna de back and y’een even gah reason to!”

Craig’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Was he really being addressed in this manner

“Can you believe this guy Mike? Obviously he hasn’t been doing his homework on the ‘The Great One!’ Norman exclaimed, putting Craig’s thoughts into words.

“Please..please stop,” Michael B. pleaded.

“Woah! Wait just a minute!” proclaimed the Ego, not wanting to take the verbal lashing he was getting.

“I’m not exactly sure what you said, but you had better not be questioning my greatness, no sir!” The Ego shook his head in disagreement, “Look at me! I have every reason in the world! I’m THE EGO MONKEY!”

Craig Thomas took a while to display himself for the crowd.

They booed.

Nuff said.

“Tek ya head out cho ass nuh man?” Waymoth grew frustrated as he could tell he wasn’t getting through to the ego-centric wrestler, “All yuh got is ya mout! Yuh tink because yuh attack a man who more of a pussy ‘ole dan you that yuh big shit!”

Waymoth moved in closer, dangerously close, to Craig Thomas. Craig only being a few inches shorter than the West Indian Obsidian, stood his ground as the two came face to face.

“Hey! He’s too close to the Ego! Doesn’t he know that there’s a fee for that?!?” Powers quipped.

“In fact, ah tell yuh what…dat man over there?” Waymoth pointed behind him, where Anson LaRue, who at this point was content with being a fly on the wall, stood. With Waymoth now bringing him into the conversation, he was officially all ears, “He only has chance tuh shut ya mout, and seein’ de kinda people de brass bringin in, ah doubt he could get de job done.”

Upon hearing the questionable remarks from the Savage Islander, LaRue began to shout off a colorful choice of vocabulary, an indication that he was not happy with shot taken at his expense.

“On de other hand, meh nah busy t’night and I don’t need a chance, all me need is fi you to open yuh mout so ah could put me fist in it.”

Waymoth dropped the microphone in the dead center of the ring. The time for talk was considered over. All three men now stood in the middle of the ring, still giving their opinions of each other in the most explicit of fashions without the augmentation from the microphone. Larue popped off to Waymoth, as the Ego called both competitors a monkey. They went back and forth with insulting words until Craig Thomas actually tripped over his two feet because of his raging ambition for entertainment and slammed into Larue.

Anson took Craig Thomas and sent a hard jab into his chin. Waymoth stepped back, he could have joined in on the attack, but he preferred a fair fight and this time he would exit the ring and back peddle up the ramp as the Ego and Anson Larue traded punches with eachother.

As both men failed to gain the advantage, head referee Mike Hunt led his veteran crew of referees down the ramp. They all slid into the ring in pairs and quickly attempted to break up the two jOlt superstars, but Anson Larue proved to be touch much for the officials. He powered his way through them and latched onto The Ego and began pummeling with left and rights forcing him into the corner. Finally, as The Ego was buried beneath the turnbuckle, Simon Boulder with his supporting cast, peeled The Sadistic One off of The Ego who had blood trickling from his nose.

Anson began to gain his composure again and grinned at The Ego as he slid under the bottom rope and walked half way up the ramp. Waymoth Turnbull looked on from the stage just below the jOltVision and was enjoying the show. The Ego’s head darted back and forth to both Power Struggle competitors as he wiped the blood from his nose. Anson Larue lingered over the top rope shaking his head at both men.

Waymoth Turnbull.

The Ego.

Anson Larue.

All three men stared at one another as iNtense went backstage.

"Bizarro World?"

Waymoth Turnbull The roar of the Arena of Champions remained as deafening as usual. That roar continued as the camera transitioned to the backstage area, where Dawn Cassidy stood waiting with microphone hand with Waymoth Turnbull.

"Ladies and gentlemen, with me tonight is a man who is slowly becoming one of the most recognized new faces here in jOlt, Waymoth Turnbull!" Dawn's introduction was met with a mixed reaction from the jOlt fans. It was a mixed bag that Waymoth himself was still surprised he was getting tonight. Then again, when you mix it up with a man that seems content with addressing them as "monkeys", it wasn't hard to figure out where the misplaced love had come from.

"Waymoth," Dawn started again, this time getting the pronunciation better, "Tonight we saw you step into the ring before the Craig Thomas/Anson LaRue match up when the Tournament was brought up. Do you care to speak more on that?"

Waymoth exhaled roughly through his nose before looking at the beautiful interviewer with a grimace on his face, " 'Oman, if yuh paid attenshun when Ah was out 'dere you would'a heard every'ting Ah had to say."

"W-well, yes, but seemed that you had some pretty strong words for 'The Ego', what's that about?" Dawn continued, returning the microphone to its position in front of the Savage Islander.

"Plain and simple Dawn, Meh not like dat man," Waymoth fired back, "I c'yant stand a man that gah so much chat and nuh really back it up! 'Specially one dat feel dat de world owe him. Dat boy Craig will eventually find ҩmself inna de ring with me. And when it ҡppen, not-a man gon' stop me from stranglin' de life out him!"

"That match, from my understanding has been booked for Intense 71," Dawn added.

"Too d'yamn long if yuh ask me!" Waymoth wasn't exactly ecstatic but he would finally get the chance he wanted. He would finally get a shot at putting the Ego's teeth on the floor. An action that would guarantee that Craig Thomas' mouth would be forcibly closed shut. So even if it was just weeks from now, the thought alone would be enough to keep him content.

For now.

"So let's talk about a match that's scheduled to happen prior to that one, from the looks of things, you're scheduled to face off against Anson LaRue on Warrior's 13! Anson LaRue was also in the ring earlier and both you and Craig Thomas acted like he was nothing more than a prop!"

"And yuh ack'n like he was more than just dat," Waymoth snapped back, "People ah tink because ah man got size, and some tattoos pon he skin, anna stupid Mohawk, dat he should be a man to worry about. Since when?! Dey only time de man did somethin' is when he end up feel'n some kind'a way because we nuh pay ҩm any mind. He ah talk just like de rest of dem!"

Dawn chimed in, "I'm sure that Anson's background can speak for itself."

"Dats all find and good Dawn, but until I see da background inna de foreground, Anson gon' be just anudda man to me. So let he 'im talk if he wan' talk, but at the end of the day talk "


Before Waymoth could even finish his statement, the unthinkable happened; the Arena of Champions did it for him! Waymoth and Dawn both looked a bit on the puzzled side, but with that came the end of the interview. Waymoth nodded before walking camera, leaving Dawn to finish and fade back to ringside.

Michael Burham, "Did that just happen?"

Nathan Powers, "It did and I don't like it one bit!"

What kind of bizzaro world was this?!

"A Relentless Superstar"

Superstar Vince Jacobs
"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen new music reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in another tailor made Armani suit made it to the stage as “Villain” by Theory of a Deadman erupted throughout the arena.

Jacobs smirked as he put his hand out to the side and the lovely Natalia walked out and stood by her man. SVJ held her hand as they walked down the ramp toward the ring. The fans gave Vince a mixed reaction as he looked at a few Sylo fans in the front row. He waved them off as he took a walk around the ringside area. Though, the split-second sighting of the man in the metal mask caused him to take a step backwards, acting like he had seen a ghost. He blinked to make sure he was seeing clearly, only to find the man lost in the capacity crowd.

Jacobs came across a few Aran Thompson fans as he turned to escort Natalia up the stairs. The multi time champion smirked as Natalia climbed into the ring. Vince stood on the apron before climbing the turnbuckles and raising both arms high in the air. He got a mixed reaction but with mostly boos which did not deter Jacobs as he climbed into the ring from the top rope.

Vince slowly walked around the ring as the lovely Natalia handed her man a microphone. Vince slowly raised the microphone to his lips but before he could speak some fans started chanting S-V-J!!! Jacobs smirked and paused before he spoke.

“So all week I kept hearing from you jOlt fans was why did I decide to make my return last week during Aran Thompson’s time in the ring. They are telling me I am not respecting Mr. Relentless for what he has done for this company.” Jacobs paused as the crowd settled down.

“See that’s where you people are wrong. I respect that Aran has made himself a mid-carder for life. He is striving for mediocrity and I can respect that. What I don’t respect is what have you done to warrant you’re now brass balls to want to jump to the main event scene. A scene or shall I say a spotlight that yours truly has held for fifteen plus years. I am the main event scene around here, the jOlt champion is not. As much respect as I have for the King of the Underground, Derecho he’s not the main event scene either.”

“My time away watching this debacle was the fact that your champion was irrelevant without me. He was fighting the likes of Christ Titan who couldn’t carry my gym bags. So I figured this company really needed me so I went to Double J to get reinstated. So you see Aran it was nothing person you was just one of the many reason I came back to help keep these ratings from falling any further.” Jacobs continued as he walked around the ring.

“I can honestly see why people don’t take this company seriously. You have Sylo as your world champion, you have Mr. Snooze-fest and his band of rejects as the Relentless champion, and then you have jokes like Aran Thompson running around thinking they are actually better than they really are.” Vince smirked.

“Look in this ring, what do you see?” Jacobs paused as a chant broke out.


“Besides that. I’ll tell you what you see. You see the greatest professional wrestler of all time You see a man that has sat back for too long and watch this company become a former shell of itself. SVJ is back to change that. I plan to rid this company of no talent hacks. One that has my special attention is Aran Thompson. Aran I understand that you think it’s “your time” to shine in jOlt but there is only one person’s whose star shines brighter than anyone else. I can give you one hint but I’m not going to ruin the surprise.”

Jacobs paused for a minute as he scanned the crowd. He pulled the microphone from his lips as he stared at one section in the crowd.

"Is that? No he wouldn't show up here, I must be dreaming?" Jacobs said softly where only Natalia heard him. The Icon shook his head as he looked at Natalia before putting the microphone back to his lips.

“But I will let everyone in the back know that the Icon is never going to leave jOlt again. I can’t leave the company in the hands of people like Aran, Sylo or JCON. It’s time for jOlt to become the top fed in the world and with SVJ leading the way we will become that. A change is coming to jOlt and it consists of a huge star shining over the company.”

Jacobs smiled before putting the microphone back to his lips. “The star will have the letters S-V-J in the center. Sorry to all of you peons that call themselves wrestlers in the back. It’s nothing personal it’s just ratings.”

Vince Jacobs dropped the microphone and looked at Natalia before leaving the ring to a mixed reaction.

Colby Korver vs. Jason Fosters
Colby KorverJason Fosters

As we came back from commercial break, Vince Jacobs had already left the ring, however, in the ring was Colby Korver and Jason Fosters who were set for their Power Struggle Invitational match!

Korver and Fosters circled each other in the ring and locked up, but Fosters used his power to back Korver into the corner. Fosters swung with a big right hand, but Korver ducked out of the way and the two of them switched positions. Korver fired a knife edge chop into the chest of Fosters and then fired a second one, however, the more chops his fired, the more Foster ignored them as it was feeding his rage.

Fosters then pie faced Korver and then lunged at him with a clothesline, taking him off of his feet! Fosters pulled him back up and then shot him to the ropes. Fosters telegraphed the back body drop, but Korver hit him with a stiff kick to the chest. Korver the backed into the ropes and lunged in with a clothesline of his own, but Fosters countered it with a very stiff power slam and a cover!



Korver kicked out. Fosters grinned as he pulled Korver to his feet and hit him with a headbutt which staggered him back. Fosters grabbed Korver by the head and hit him with another headbutt that staggered him up against the roped. Fosters then charged in, but Korver lifted the big man up and over the top rope and dumped him out to the floor!

Korver saw his chance as he got a full head of steam and nailed a flying forearm topei through the middle and top ropes and onto Fosters on the floor! With the unknown soldier watching the action closely, the crowd rose to their feet as did Korver and he tried to get them behind him. Korver then grabbed Fosters and whipped him into the steel ring post. The referee warned Korver that this wasn’t an underground match and he could face disqualification.

Korver then grabbed Fosters and rolled him back into the ring. Korver then hopped onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He waited as Fosters got back to his feet. He then flung himself over with a flying shoulder tackle that put Fosters back down. Korver then made the cover with the leg hooked.



Fosters kicked out!

Korver then brought Fosters up to a seated position and placed him in rear chin lock. The referee asked if Fosters wanted to give it up, but Fosters said no. Fosters mustered his strength and battled up to his feet where he fired a pair of elbows into the ribs of Korver. This broke the hold on him as Fosters retaliated with a pair of stiff forearms to the jaw and then a European uppercut that rocked Korver into the ropes.

Fosters then whipped Korver to the ropes, but then pulled him right back into his arms where he planted Korver with a big time spine buster as well as a cover!



Thr…. NO!

Korver kicked out at the last moment!

Fosters was frustrated as he pulled Korver to his feet. He delivered the toe kick and then placed him between his legs. He lifted Korver up for a powerbomb, but Korver slipped off the shoulders and hooked Fosters’ head on the way down, spiking him with a DDT! Another cover!



Thr.. NO!

This time it was Fosters that just barely kicked out!

Korver and Fosters battle to their feet. Fosters laid in a big right hand that staggered Korver back. Fosters stepped in and fired another right that connected hard. He stepped in again and nailed a third right that had Korver against the ropes. Fosters went to whip Korver to the ropes and pulled him in again for another spine buster, but Korver was ready for it! Korver spun behind Fosters and hooked him with a school boy roll up!




Kick out, but it was too late! Korver had put down Jason Fosters in a flash pin and moved on in the Power Struggle invitational! Fosters didn’t look happy about it as Korver rolled out of the ring and backpeddled up the ramp, holding a finger high in the air and a smirk on his face. Fosters pounded his fist on the canvas as he knelt there unsatisfied with the outcome.

Winner: Colby Korver via Pinfall

"Separate the Weak from the Elite"

Jimmy B. Martinez static was heard threw arena of champions as the jOltVision came on, we see Dawn Cassidy standing backstage with a camera crew and a microphone in hand. Cassidy stood in front of a jolt backdrop, with a short red dress & her blonde hair resting on her left shoulder. The camera man gives her the go ahead as she slowly raised the microphone towards her lips and she began to address arena of champions.

"Im standing here, with one of the rising stars of jOlt. He is the current flyweight champion. Im speaking about none other than Jimmy B. Martinez. A man who, has single handed took the flyweight division by storm. Tonight he will have to prove to us again, why HE is the best flyweight in the division." She said, as the camera zoomed out. Revealing Martinez standing next to her, with the flyweight championship slung over his shoulder.


"Hey, Dawn. You're right about one thing. Tonight I will show arena of champions, once more why I am the alpha male in the division. I been threw them all. Sanchez Cano, Cordova, Avispa Guerrero II, Ryan Gallway. All grapplers, who are very talented in the ring. But, I've managed to out wrestle each and every one of them. So tonight, It will be no difference as I out wrestle another." Martinez, smiled at the camera as Dawn Cassidy asked him another question.

"I've noticed, you been letting your hair and your facial hair grow out. Is there a reason for that?" She asked him, as she lowered the microphone from her lips.

"Well first I would like to say. Thank you, for being so aware and paying attention to me." Martinez said, as he smiled at Dawn. "I feel like it's time for a change. Time for a new look and a new attitude. What you don't like it? He asked Dawn Cassidy, as she stood quite for a minute before she answered.

"Ugh.. I think you..." She was cut off by Martinez, as he began to speak once more.

"Well It doesn't matter, if you like it. What matters is this match-up between Adam Lazarus and I. Another match, which I will use to propel me to the top of the flyweight divison." Martinez explained, as Dawn Cassidy just looked on.

"Well I think you pretty much up there already. There is only one direction you can go from there, and that's down. I doubt thats where you want to be going." She explained to Martinez.

"Me falling off the top?! Ha! That's not likely. I mean, I put in the most work than anyone in this division. I plan on staying up here for a while and that's what I will do."

"Now there is a new face in the flyweight division who has yet to debut. But, I hear he will be gunning for you and your flyweight championship. He goes by the name of Landon Stevens. Have you heard of him?" She asked Martinez, who was more focused on his upcoming match, than a new blood.

"Who?! Never heard of the kid. Im not surprised that he is gunning for me though. I mean, I am the flyweight champion." He said as he pats the flyweight championship, that lied on his right shoulder. " He wants to make a name for himself, and what better way than to take the flyweight champion out." He chuckled to himself. "I remember, those days as a new blood very clear. I too was foolish once, thinking hey all I have to do Is take one of the big guys out and Im at the top. But, NO! It doesn't work that way around these parts. You want to make it here, you better be prepared to put in the work. There's no freebies over here. So when ever your ready kid, I will be here waiting for you." Martinez, said making it clear that he was ready for just about anything.

"You do know, he was trained by your good friend Aran Thompson. Does that change anyway you feel about the matter?" She asked and explained to the flyweight champion.

"Is that so. Well in that case good luck too you kid. But, Thompson know's very well himself. The only way of making it here in jOlt is hard work. blood, sweat and tears. that's how you will make it to the top kid. So if you're ready to make that sacrifice, welcome to the club." Martinez explained.

"So let's say the kid, did make it here in jOlt. Would you give him the time of day, and give him a title shot?" Dawn Cassidy said as she stared at the championship, which was slung over Martinez shoulder.

"Landon Stevens and Jimmy B. Martinez in the ring, for the flyweight championship." He said as he took the title off of his shoulder, and held it in his hands. "Why not?! Sounds good to me. If that's what he wanted, I would give him a shot. I wish someone gave me the shot, when I first stepped into jOlt. It was different, I had to prove myself. But.. If thats what the kid want, he got it." Martinez said.

"Well I know you have to get ready for your upcoming match with Lazarus, so I will no longer hold you and let your get yourself mentally prepared for your match. It was good talking to you Jimmy, see you around." Dawn Cassidy said, as they went off air.

"Main Event Material?"

Frank Hendrix "I'm so glad to finally draw these negotiations to a close."

Former LoC commentator and now Head of jOlt Talent Relations Tony Scott sat on one side of his desk, looking over a contract that had evidently just been signed by the man sat opposite him, with his back to the camera.

"It's a relief to get this thing sorted. You sure drive a hard bargain but I think this deal will be beneficial both to you and this company. On behalf of everyone here I'd like to welcome you and wish you the best of luck here in jOlt Wrestling Mr Hendrix." Said Scott with an air of authority.

The camera panned round to reveal Frank Hendrix as the man who opposed him. The man dubbed the Hostile Killer. The man who had claimed title belts around the globe over the past fifteen years. The man who more recently dominated Infinite Wrestling in its short run. The man. Hendrix wore a grin masked by his full brown beard as he ran his finger along the desk in front of him before responding.

"Well Tony my man you should have known you couldn't lowball a talent like me. But don't worry, you can be sure that I'll give you plenty of...'bang' for your buck. This whopping contract might just be the best piece of business this company has ever done." Frank sat back in his chair and clasped his hands together, eyes gleaming with thoughts of the superstardom this contract offered.

"I certainly hope so and look forward to seeing you in action." Scott grinned as he stood up and extended his hand towards Frank, looking to seal the deal with a handshake.

No dice.

Scott's smile faded slowly as Hendrix stood up but simply stared him in the eye with a serious expression, ignoring the handshake on offer.

"You play nice and smile at me now you little puppet of a man," started Hendrix, "but now that I'm officially a part of this company you had better be ready to deal with what I bring to the table." His words purred with a distinct air of menace.

"Tell whoever you have to tell that I'm not here to play nice and stand in line. I'm ready for the frontline, more than capable of taking out ANYONE on your roster at the drop of a hat."

"I'll err...I'll be sure to pass that message along Mr Hendrix." Stammered Scott.

"See to it that you do peasant. The way I see it, pretty soon you won't be able to spell your jOlt Main Events without M E!"

With that Hendrix slammed his big strong fist into the desk, which wobbled with the force as he grabbed his copy of of the contract and left the room.

jOlt wrestling had signed another star, and with a roster so deep...people were really going to get hurt.

Craig Thomas vs. Anson Larue
Craig ThomasAnson Larue

Within seconds, Blackened the Sun' by Tech N9ne began playing and it brought the crowd to their feet because they knew our next match of the evening involved two Power Struggle competitors who certainly weren't too fond of each other, especially after the earlier confrontation between the two of them. First to make his appearance was Anson Larue and he had come off a hard fought win against Jason Fosters last Wednesday on Warriors. Now he was set to face the Ego here on iNtense tonight as he entered the ring and stretched his neck from side to side, before watching the entrance. His attention only shifted away from it once, as he saw the mysterious soldier in black staring in the same direction.

Now, it was time to face off against one arrogant little prick.

The Ego.

And as soon as Anson stepped into the ring, Do You Call My Name by RA blared over the loudspeakers just as The Ego strutted arrogantly on stage. He boasted in front of the audience, only to be booed back in the process causing the traditional Thomas smirk to appear on his face. The Ego made his way down the ramp, ranting and raving at all the nearby fans hanging over the barricade. He enjoyed taunting them, hell he enjoyed everything he did, as long as he was under the spotlight.

Craig Thomas entered the ring and stretched his neck as he stared across the ring at his opponent, Anson Larue. Both of these men were looking to take the lead in the Power Struggle Tournament and tonight, one of these jOlt Superstars would do just that.

Referee Simon Boulder, who had to peel Larue off of The Ego earlier on in the night, called for the timekeeper to ring the bell.


Anson walked towards the center of the ring, motioning The Ego to bring it, but Craig hesitated and shook his head in disagreement. Once again, Larue motioned for him to meet him in the center of the ring, but The Ego wasn’t budging.

Perhaps he was scared?

No, he was playing games.

Anson soon charged, attempting a clothesline, but The Ego dodged it and dunked under it and smoothly transitioned by wrapping his arms around Larue’s waist but was forced away by a huge elbow shot to the side of The Ego’s face. Anson turned around and sent a hard forearm smash, followed by another, and another, driving The Ego into the turnbuckle. Anson charged up, nailing The Ego with a corner clothesline. Then another. And another. Craig wobbled forwards and fell to one knee. Anson reached down and grabbed a handful of hair lifting The Ego to his feet.

But The Ego was a tricky bastard.


Anson spun around.

Another EYE GOUGE!

Larue rubbed his eyes with one hand as they began to water and his vision was blurred. The Ego then shoved his opponent into the turnbuckle where he delivered several corner clotheslines himself before climbing Larue on the turnbuckle and driving several closed fist down on him. Simon Boulder counted ten hard fist before The Ego wrapped his massive arms around Larue’s throat and went for a tornado DDT. But Anson fought loose, driving some elbows into The Ego’s midsection and then wrapping both hands around The Ego’s throat and choke slamming him down on the canvas. The Ego rolled over on his belly and then out of the ring in distraught while Michael Burhman chimed in.

“Oh wow! Did you see that!”

The Ego pounded his fist on the canvas from the outside of the ring and wasn’t happy about his current situation. Anson once again, motioned for The Ego to get back into the ring, and show him how good he really was, but Craig waited until the last second to do so. Once Simon Boulder counted to nine, The Ego slid back into the ring, and quickly stood to a vertical base. This time, The Ego wanted to see about a tie up. Of course The Sadistic One agreed, because he knew damn well he could win this battle. So both men tied up and at first, The Ego looked to have an advantage, until Larue used his strength and shoved The Ego across the ring, flipping backwards, into the turnbuckle. The Ego stood back up, sneering at his opponent, and quickly locked up with The Sadistic One again. This time, Anson sent a knee to the midsection, but The Ego countered with a low blow that stunned Larue.

“Hey! That’s not fair!”

Simon Boulder stepped in to warn The Ego, “Craig, this is your warning! If you do another illegal move again then you will be disqualified!”

The Ego laughed and went straight for Anson as he was doubled over and hooked his arm for fisherman suplex with a pinfall intact.




Anson broke lose and quickly went to the vertical base position as did The Ego. Both men charged at each other trading blows. Craig with a right hand, Anson with a left. On and on again until finally, The Ego dunked and spun to Larue’s backside. Larue turned with him, connecting with a massive clothesline! Then, The Sadistic One helped The Ego back to his feet who desperately tried for a clothesline, but Anson hooked his arm and delivered a textbook Exploder Suplex! Anson jumped up and exploded with a loud roar to the cheers of the fans. Larue then reached down and picked up his opponent clubbing him in the head with a closed fist and tossing him into the ropes. The Ego ran under a big boot and bounced off the ropes again hitting Larue with a diving shoulder and picked him up immediately chopping him in the chest. Anson squinted his eyes as The Ego grappled with him and executed a snap suplex to the crowds jeers. With the arm still latched, The Ego lifted Larue back up with him, and executed another snap suplex, and repeated the process one more time. The Ego posed to the crowd in reply to their jeers and then bounced off the ropes and dropping his leg down across Larue’s throat for a Leg Drop.

Then a cover.




The Ego pounded his fist on the canvas out of frustration and shot an evil eye at the referee who shrugged his shoulders. Craig then reached down to pick Larue back up, clubbing him with another closed fist but this time Anson snapped his head back at The Ego and snarled at him. Craig stumbled backwards a bit surprised and Anson began to approach him as The Ego held one hand up waving it at Larue.

“Just like last week! Anson won’t stop! He keeps getting up showing his resiliency!” Burhman would address.

“It looks like The Ego is in trouble now! What’s he gonna do?”




After three knife edge chops Anson was forced into the turnbuckle, but little damage was done. Anson latched onto The Ego and tossed him into the turnbuckle, pummeling him with an effective combination of jabs, knees, and elbows. The Ego attempt to parry several of them, some of the attempts were successful, but Anson proved to be too much for The Ego catching him with an elbow uppercut which snapped his head back before he fell forward on the canvas. Larue roared to the audience setting off a shock wave of cheers and to everyone’s surpise, Anson climbed the turnbuckle, and stalked The Ego on top of it waiting for him to get back to his feet. As The Ego stood back up, Larue hit him with a missile dropkick, setting off the Arena of Champions with another set of loud cheers. Anson quickly covered The Ego.





KICKOUT by The Ego!

Anson quickly kept the attack going strong and he bounced off of the ropes and driving his fist into The Ego’s skull before picking him back up and whipping him into the ropes! NO! It was reversed and Larue was forced into the ropes.

What the hell?


The Ego connected with an awe inspiring elevated spinebuster and both competitors were face down on the canvas. Both men were winded and sucking wind. The Ego then crawled over towards Larue and desperately laid one arm over his opponent.




The crowd sighed and it echoed throughout the arena. They just thought The Ego had pulled off another victory, but Anson Larue wasn’t finished just yet. No, he wasn’t about to kiss The Ego’s boot. Not tonight, he was shut him up once and for all.!

Anson quickly rose to the seated position and pounded his chest with both fist to the sound of the fans. . He stood up to the vertical position as The Ego crawled to his feet and as he did...The Devils Whisper!

The cover!






Anson roared again, this time, as he picked The Ego up and slammed his head between his legs and sending a couple of hard jabs at The Ego’s ribcage. Each bone shattering shot caught the crowd’s attention and finally, The Sadistic One lifted The Ego on his shoulders slamming him hard to the canvas with a powerbomb. OHHHH! screamed the fans, but Anson wasn’t finished yet. He lifted The Ego up again. POWERBOMB! OHHHH! they screamed again. Just when they thought it was over, Anson lifted The Ego up one more time. OHHHH! A sitdown powerbomb to conclude one of Larue’s signature moves, The Downfall.





“Did this really just happen!?! Did Craig Thomas just get beat?” Powers widened his eyes out of disbelief.

“It didn’t Nathan and Anson Larue is our winner tonight! So you know what that means! The Ego isn’t aloud to speak in the ring no more! Finally, someone has shut him up!”

“ it!”

Referee Simon Boulder raised Larue’s arm and Brad Arnold announced the winner of the match. Anson looked to be another favorite to win this tournament and all the competitors in the back should take notice because Anson Larue was on a winning streak.

Could anyone beat this man?

We would have to wait and see.

Winner: Anson Larue via Disqualification

"You're Out of Line!"

Jimmy B. Martinez There was a knock at the door.

“Shit. What now?”

The door opened as iNtense 69 could be heard rolling along in the background. Through the door would step the Flyweight Champion himself, Jimmy B. Martinez. Jimmy had a huge grin planted on his face as he stepped through the door, the Flyweight title draped over one shoulder, and kicked the door shut.

“THE CHAMP….IS HERE!” Jimmy yelled upon his arrival but he wasn’t met with applause or admiration. In fact, the Flyweight Champion was met with a cold stern stare hidden under dark black and stripes of blue hair.

Sylo, last Legacy Champion, and current jOlt Champion.

“Bro, what’s with the look? We’re the good guys and I’m on your side,” Jimmy said a little taken aback by the look he was getting from a man that had seen his potential, had taken him under his wing, moved him into his home with Aria, and spent countless hours training.

“Are you Jimmy?” Sylo asked calmly, staring at him, searching his eyes for the truth.

“What kind of question is tha-“ Sylo stood up with no warning and even Jimmy B. Martinez who lived in the same house as his trainer had to take a step back.

“It’s the yes or no kind of question but let me be a little bit more in depth with why I asked you that question.” Sylo stared at down at Jimmy. There was a sudden feeling of extra gravity booming down from the heavens in Sylo’s locker room.

“I saw your interview. You know who you reminded me of with that smug grin and that false sense of accomplishment? Vince Jacobs. Now, as you know, that’s one man I’ll never like. IF that’s the kind of man you want to be known as his locker room isn’t hard to find.” Sylo stopped and took a step closer.

“Before you reply I want you to understand something. Who you’re trained by DOES matter in this business and you essentially spit in the face of Aran indirectly out there, whom, might I add, is considered our friend? Let’s move past that for the moment and pretend you didn’t even have the balls to say that. Then, you go on to start calling a possible threat “kid” without even being in the business that long yourself. I call you kid because that’s what you are to me. I’ve been in this game too God Damn long Jimmy, I’ve seen the road you’re headed down, and I also know the road that follows when that confidence gets shattered. On any night, at any time, someone can beat you and that’s that. You won’t be Mr. INFAMOUS! You won’t even be Jimmy B. Martinez – jOlt Flyweight Champion. So that leaves the question of just who in the fuck you’ll be?” Sylo stepped closer.

“Are you so sure of yourself, Alpha dog, that you want to get out of your puppy pen and really play?” Jimmy wasn’t used to this from Sylo.

"First off Sylo. You guy's are like my brothers. You guy's brought me under your wings, ever since stepping foot into jOlt. I would never want to disrespect any of you guys. I will always have your back to the end Sylo. You taught me things, I never knew about this busiesss. You made me not a better man, but a better wrestler. So disrespecting you or Aran Thompson, was not what I was aiming for. I am the flyweight champion, because you YOU. I was out of line. I should of never called Landon Stevens a kid. I am a kid myself, still learing the ropes myself. I still would love for you to train me, some more and teach me things that I still dont know about the business. You and Aria are like my family, I really dont have NO ONE left. You took me out of my fathers boxing gym, and gave me a home. I owe you. I sould not be acting this way, you are one hundered percent correct. So from now on, there wil be no more acting out of character. I just honestly want the best. The best for me and my career.

Sylo looked at Martinez, and began to think what he been threw and all the hard work he put forth. He nodded his head at Jimmy, and began to speak once more.

"I haven’t spent the better part of what? Almost a year training you for you to get some big ass ego and walk around like you’re untouchable. I trained you to be better than that. I trained you to use your speed AND power to your advantage. I taught you how to tap into various parts of yourself to pull up strength and block out pain but if you ”think” your training is done you’ll get a rude awakening when you step out of a division you’ve owned and into one filled with Alpha Dogs. Now, do you kindly want to rethink your position on this or should I expect your shit out of my house?” Sylo was obviously not in the best mood.

"I will still train you." It was as simple as that, as he calmly replied to what Martinez had to say. He wouldn't even give Jimmy time to respond to what he said. He had made his mind up.

Looking back, Sylo hadn’t been in the best mood since All or Nothing. Yeah, he’d won, but something was changing. He didn’t smile, he didn’t laugh, it was almost like any trace of the Sylo that Jimmy and Aria knew was almost extinct. Jimmy wasn’t sure if he wanted to know and figured with Sylo locked on Derecho that’s where he should stay because right now, the SuperBeast was living up to the name and more.


Aran Thompson Knock Knock Knock

With steady repetition the knocking at Jim Johnson’s door grabbed his attention immediately as he instructed the person or persons on the other side to come into his office. The door opens up and Laurie Williams, strutting in a beautiful mint colored sundress, stared at Johnson who stood up and motioned Laurie toward a chair in front of his desk and then Aran Thompson walked in and stared at Johnson as well. The tension was definitely high and Aran cracked his knuckles obviously putting Johnson in a state of unease.

Johnson cleared his throat and smiled before motioning for Aran a place to sit as well. Aran cracked his neck and Laurie stepped up.

“We’re not here to cut a deal, darlin’.” Laurie began.

“I don’t know if you noticed or not but my man here is the future of this industry and he wants to prove it. He wants “Superstar” Vince Jacobs next week on Warriors.”

Before Laurie could even finish her statement, Johnson looked intrigued and turned his gaze to Aran.

“So you want a match against Jacobs?” Johnson questioned Aran.

Aran snarled and nodded as he stepped forward.


“From the moment you lifted his suspension there have been talks in the back of everybody resenting you and him. Clearly he is under the impression that he is the next in line and during his suspension, and he needs to be put in his place...”

Aran paused and leaned into the desk and very sternly continued.

“...and that place is on the rung underneath me on the ladder.”

“He expects to be number one contender to the jOlt championship.”

Aran pointed at himself and smiled.

“I expect you to make the match.”

Aran turned around and left the office as Laurie approached Johnson’s desk.

“You want to prove you’ve change, darlin? Make the match.”

Johnson nodded his head the camera faded away.

Sweet Aroma vs. Daryn Thompson
Sweet AromaDaryn Thompson

"Madness" by Muse started to play in the Arena of Champions as iNtense 69 returned ringside for Starlets action. Daryn Thompson made her way to the ring and from her appearance she was looking for "Trouble".

As she entered the ring "Sweet" (Instrumental) by Common played and boos filled the arena as "trouble" in the form of Sweet Aroma and Duzza presented themselves to the jOlt fans in attendance. Aroma raised her mic as the music faded away with the soldier in black staring a hole through her male companion.

"Tonight I embark on my journey to become Starlet Champion, and it is only fitting that I start this journey against someone bearing the name Thompson. I hope my B-F-F Aria Murphy is somewhere in the back standing real close to a monitor, with a pad and a pen taking notes, because 'girlfriend' it won't be long before me and MY MAN Jonathan, replace you and Sylo will no longer be the golden couple in jOlt. Step one is me defeating this heffer and step two will be Jonathan Conspiracy going two for two in his quest to defeat the so-called "Kings" of jOlt in back to back main events. Bow down bitches!"

Aroma handed the mic over to Duzza as she entered the ring.

"Daryn Thompson, you are guilty as charged!"


The two starlets circled each other before they locked up. Aroma backed Thompson in the corner. The ref interjected and started a 5 count, at which point Aroma and Thompson released as the ref instructed Aroma to backup. She complied but not before she smacked Thompson across the face. Thompson was very displeased and charged out of the corner only for the ref to hop in between the two. Aroma laughed at her opponent while she received encouragement from Duzza, but after she high fived him she received a high five of another kind from Thompson, directly across her face.

"You bitch!" shouted Aroma.

The Texan had enough of 'Mrs. Conspiracy' and struck back the only way she knew how. As Aroma continued to rub her face the ref ordered the two to continue the match. An attempt at another lockup was interrupted when Aroma kneed the shorter Thompson in the midsection.

She then locked her in a headlock and took her up and over with a suplex and floated over into a cover.


Thompson kicked out. Aroma then grabbed her by her hair and brought her back to a vertical base and whipped her into the ropes. She went for a clothesline on Thompson, but Daryn ducked and upon her return she speared Louis Thesz pressed her opponent down to the canvas and grabbed her hair and repeatedly banged the back of Aroma's head into the canvas.

The ref had to forceably remove Thompson from on top of Aroma and admonished her while Duzza motioned for Aroma to come towards him. She crawled over to Duzza who handed her his cane and moved to the other side of the ring and climbed onto the apron. Thompson and the ref noticed him and went towards him. The ref got Thompson to back away from Duzza and warned him to get off the apron. The ref started a five count, as Thompson walked into a cane shot from Aroma. Sweet Aroma dropped the cane to the ringside floor and covered Thompson. Duzza dropped from the apron and went to retrieve his cane as the ref turned to see the cover.



"Sweet" (Instrumental) started to play with Aroma getting her hand raised in victory by Duzza and the ref. Duzza then went to retrieve a microphone when "Looking for Trouble" started to play bringing out The Jury and Dallas Griffin.

Winner: Sweet Aroma via Pinfall


Sylo This night just kept getting better and better. First Sylo finds out he has to face JCON…again, then he has to worry about what that skitzo fuck better known as Derecho is up to, after that he had to watch is Jimmy B. Martinez flaunted about in an interview, of course after that came the altercation with Jimmy, and now? Well now Sylo was preoccupied with arguing with his fiancé.

“All I’m saying is you could have handled that a little better. You know what it’s like when you’re young and on fire. So you have to rein him back in a little, maybe he says some things he doesn’t mean, but the way you went about things? Really?” Aria stood without a trace of fear in her eyes. She seemed to have more anger or at least annoyance than anything as she stared up at the man she planned to marry.

“Maybe that’s how you would handle things, Aria, but the kid is being trained by me. I may be hard, I may be an asshole, and yeah I may have to punt him off cloud nine but I do it my way and I do it to make sure he remembers everything I taught him. At this rate I’m going to have to increase training time by an hour or two to keep his fucking ego in check,” Sylo snarled but remained seated on the bench in his locker room.

“So what? You’re going to beat his brains in every time he fumbles a little?”

Aria had both hands on her hips, leaning down into Sylo’s face, and every man in the world knows…that’s never good.

“If it comes to that,” was Sylo’s only response.

“I’m asking you to try a different approach here. Why won’t you budge? You’ve been in this mood since All or Nothing, no excuse me, since before all of that. I understand you’re locked in this blood feud with Derecho but you’re losing sight of other important things in your life as well. Why are you being like this with Jimmy? Why are you being like this in general?” Aria was almost to tears with a mixture of anger and a hint of sadness as she was almost to the point of screaming at Sylo. Suddenly she stopped. All emotion dropped…and so did her jaw.

“Wait…you’re afraid of Jimmy becoming like you, aren’t you?” Aria asked as she chewed on her revelation.

Sylo’s response was simple but effective. He looked away from Aria and ripped the tape on his right hand a little harder than necessary following it up with a few punches into his left hand to test the feel. Aria had hit the nail right on the head. She’d learned that when he went silent it usually meant yes. That or Sylo was about to do something extremely bad to someone but really who was counting?

Aria wasn’t mad anymore as she put a hand on Sylo injured left shoulder, rubbing it a little, as she stared down at him. Sylo looked up for a moment but that’s all he’d allow as he shot his gaze back down.

“Listen to me,” Aria said as she squatted in front of Sylo. “Jimmy’s a good kid and you’re a good man. You worry too much about your internal struggle and you try to fight it alone. Stop beating yourself up over this. I love you.” Aria stood back up and kissed Sylo on top of the head slowly and softly before backing up.

“I’ll be back soon, okay? I’m going to go see Jimmy and make sure he’s alright. Just think about what I said.” With that, Aria took one last look at Sylo and then headed out the locker room door. Sylo went back to his seat and back into a meditative state almost and not even a full minute later the door to the locker room opened once more. Sylo didn’t bother looking up, why would he need too? He’d picked up his little parlor trick of knowing the sound of familiar footsteps and this set he knew quite well.

“Well you’ve got a set of balls on you, don’t you? Figuratively speaking of course unless something’s changed over the years,” Sylo glanced up. “What’s up Natalia?”

It was, indeed, the Russian Bombshell who, it should be noted not only had a relationship with Sylo back in Legacy of Champions but was also caught in the tidal wave of Vince Jacobs and Sylo’s rivalry not all that long ago. During that time Sylo told her nothing would ever be the same and she was, indeed, the enemy for being with the enemy. Now Natalia had returned with the very same Vince Jacobs. What she was doing in Sylo’s locker room was anyone’s guess.

“So I don’t really know what I came to say. I guess mainly I wanted to see how you’re doing since we haven’t talked,” Natalia crossed her arms and nervously bounced in and out of her high heels as she sheepishly looked away from the mammoth of a man.

“We don’t talk because you chose your side but we covered that already. I’m not going to tell you to get out but I will say this much, you have until Aria comes back; otherwise, I can’t guarantee your safety. So, as far as how I’m doing?” Sylo slid a hand over and patted both the jOlt and Legacy title that were draped over the bench. “Just fine.” Sylo slid his hand back and went back to a more statuesque position.

“Yeah about that…I figured last week you’d be the first one to interrupt Aran and Vince,” Natalia snorted.

Sylo just shrugged a little before replying.

“No need. Vince runs his mouth. That’s Vince being Vince but when it really matters,” Sylo held up two fingers. “That’s how many times I’ve beaten him when it counts.”

“So you and Aran are friends, isn’t it weird with Laurie?”

“I actually knew about that but it wasn’t my business to tell. We had them over during Christmas,” Sylo replied nonchalantly. Natalia, on the other hand, had her eyes bugged out.

“You mean the Williams family? The same one that almost destroyed your career?!” Natalia almost shouted in protest.

“You’re going to tell me Mace wasn’t a good guy? He was a Williams. Besides it was mainly Tom and his main concern now a days is how best not to shit his diaper.”

Natalia chewed her lips a bit, like she always did when she was nervous.

“So I couldn’t help but notice you’re starting to change. Anything new?” She slid a chair over and watched Sylo and she slowly sit. He didn’t object. Instead he just sighed.

“I don’t know…it feels like he isn’t happy with the arrangement anymore. When he’s not he feeds on my own personal rage and hate and every other negative emotion in the human condition and the next thing I know I’m jumping off a tron. Each time it has to be bigger, better, and defiantly bring the threaten of permanent physical harm to not only myself but whoever is in the way.”

Natalia wanted to reach out and comfort who, at one time and lover aside, was a close friend. She didn’t like to see him like this. In fact Natalia was the only one that saw the other side of Sylo as a living breathing entity that used Sylo’s body as its own personal playground.

“When he decides it’s time he takes over and I can’t stop it but it’s always when I need it the most…usually. I had Titan beat though…so for him to do what he did…it just means I have to figure out what’s going on. When I’m there it’s like watching a movie. I don’t feel any pain and something animalistic just jumps forward. It’s like trying to hold down a feral Lion who wants nothing more than to rip someone’s entrails out.” Sylo let his head slump once more.

“Then it’s time to shut him off…for good. You have a good thing going. You don’t need that part of your life anymore,” Natalia sounded as if she was almost pleading.

“The only reason I’m not here instead of in surgery is because of him. Like Vince, like Johnson even, I can’t change my stripes. I’ll be with him till I die. I can only hope that it ends then.” Sylo chuckled nonchalantly.

“Okay has he at least told you his name finally?”

Sylo shook his head no. He knew he was losing control but he had just a few more things to do. Just a few more and he’d have that surgery and reevaluate his current situation. Maybe he’d walk away and start a family with Aria or make the jump to MMA or maybe just come back and try not being the SuperBeast for once but all in all he knew deep down he’d always be the SuperBeast; especially here.

“You should go,” Sylo said obviously not wanting to speak on the subject anymore. Natalia wanted to interject but didn’t as Sylo went back to his normal state of meditation.

Natalia stood up and smiled as she looked at Sylo. It was a smile of pure sadness. She didn’t dare let him see because he loathed pity most of all but she felt an old piece of her heart break just a little at the sight. At that moment he was just a man and he looked so frail but she knew at a moment’s notice it could be someone totally different she was having a conversation with. She took one last look and headed out into the hall way and back toward Vince Jacobs locker room. Sylo took solance in the alone time and focused his mind even more to try and beat back the tidal wave that was the real Superbeast with nothing more than a stick.

Chris Titan & Lusus vs. Grendel & Reno Davis
Chris TitanLususGrendelReno Davis

Last week on iNtense, Lusus proclaimed that he came to jOlt with the goal of making sure that Chris Titan’s vision of a re-origination of jOlt comes to fruition. After the debacle during Lusus’ match with Grendel, we are set for what seems to be a tag team match fueled by emotion!

“Voodoo” by Godsmack

Out from the back stepped the first team. Grendel, silent as always, made his way down to the ring with Reno Davis by his side. We know Davis’ history with Chris Titan.. in fact, Davis was there when this entire revolution began and was even scouted by The Backbone. Davis made for the perfect tag partner for Grendel!

The two of them entered the ring amid the cheers from the crowd. However, those cheers would turn to the sound of admonishment.

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera

Chris Titan stepped out from the back with a smirk on his face, however, Lusus rushed in front of him and acted as a bodyguard as he escorted Titan down to the ring. The two of them climbed up into the ring with Lusus entering first. Lusus stares across the ring at Grendel and it appears that the two of them will start this off!




Lusus and Grendel immediately charge each other in the middle of the ring and begin trading blows! There is definitely some bad blood there as the two of them exchange right hands. Grendel gets the upper hand and backs Lusus into the corner. He then fired Lusus across the ring where he rebounded and attempted a shoulder block, but Grendel didn’t move. Grendel stood there and grinned as he told Lusus to go for it again, however, Lusus wasn’t in the frame of mind to play those kind of games and slapped Grendel in the face.

Grendel answered with a headbutt which staggered Lusus back. Grendel then charged and powered Lusus over the top rope and to the outside with a clothesline. Chris Titan entered the ring and snuck up behind Grendel and hit him with a flying hangman’s neck breaker! Titan went right to work by stomping away on Grendel. He then knelt down and fired rapid right hands into the face of Grendel as he disallowed him to get back to a vertical base. Titan got up off of Grendel and went to the ropes where he dropped a knee across Grendel’s forehead. The referee tried to peel Titan off of Grendel, but Titan shoved the referee aside and continued his assault.

Titan went to bend over to pick Grendel up, but Grendel reached up and grabbed Titan by the throat! Grendel got back up to his feet where he tightened his grip. Lusus came in from behind and struck Grendel in the back of the head with a vicious lariat. Both Titan and Lusus then began to put the boots to Grendel when Reno Davis ascended the turnbuckle pads.

Davis took aim and flew off with a cross body block that took out both Titan and Grendel!! Davis the pulled Titan up to his feet and threw him over the top rope, but Titan held on and landed on the ring apron. Davis then ran to the corner and leapt onto the middle rope and springboarded off with a nice drop kick that sent Titan to the outside. Lusus got back up and didn’t like that. When Davis got back up, Lusus grabbed Davis and nailed him with a sky high sit out powerbomb!

The referee couldn’t get a hold on this match as he was pleading Davis to get out of the ring. Grendel staggered back to his feet as Lusus got back to his. The two original, and legal, men were now back to square one on opposite sides of the ring from one another. As Grendel and Lusus stared each other down, Titan and Davis each picked up a steel chair from ringside. They both slid in on their respective sides of the ring. Both Lusus and Grendel cracked a grin, but neither man suspected that they, too, would become the victim!



Stereo chair shots! Davis to the back of Lusus’ head…. Titan to the back of Grendel’s head!




The referee called for the bell and threw this match out! Titan and Davis looked at each other and then began to clash chairs in the center of the ring. Titan got in a powerful swing and the impact with Davis’ chair caused him to drop it. Titan then jammed the chair into the stomach of Davis and then…


Titan smacked the chair right across the back of Davis! Davis collapsed to the canvas as Titan shouted some obscenities at him. When Titan turned around, he noticed Grendel was up! Grendel exploded and drilled Titan with a massive lariat that turned him inside out! Grendel quickly pulled Titan up and set him up for Anguish.. the Screwdriver! Right when he was about to lift Titan, Lusus picked up Davis’ chair and smacked it over the back of Grendel’s head. Lusus then grabbed Titan and spilled out of the ring with him.

Lusus and Titan backpeddled up the ramp as they looked back at Davis and Grendel laid out in the middle of the ring. With the tempers that flared here tonight, we knew that this was far from over!

Winner: No Contest


Aran Thompson Walking down the hall, Aran stops at the door to his locker room area and before he can open the door himself the door flies open and Natalia pops out straightening her hair as before she stops and looks at Aran with a devilish grin.

Aran looks shocked and tries to get a look into the locker room before turning his attention back to Natalia very quickly. She walks past and runs her finger across his chest.

“Just so you know....Jacobs accepts.” Natalia smiled as she pranced away and Aran quickly entered the locker room.

“What the...!?” Aran exclaimed as he shot across the room to an unconscious Laurie Williams.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Adam Lazarus
Jimmy B. MartinezAdam Lazarus

'Praise - Sevendust'
Began to blare threw out the arena. It was time, time for the flyweight championship match, last week Lazarus made it his duty to challenge the current flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez. Being the man that Martinez was he didnt back down, instead he accpeted Lazarus challenge. Martinez did make it clear to him, if you wanted to take his title away from him you would have to bring your 'A' game. So lets see, let's see if that's what Mr. Lazarus does tonight. It will probably be, the only chance he has at bringing gold home. Adam Lazarus, finally emerged out the back threw the curtains to a crowded arena of champions, which welcomed him with mixed reactions. Lazarus, didnt pay any mind as he stood ontop of the rampway and looked into the audience. He than continued, to walk down the ramp towards the ring. He finally reached the ring apron, and jumped ontop and over the ropes into the ring. The jeers continued to echo threw the arena, as the music faded into the background. Just than the lights dimmed and began to flicker, filling the arena with strobing red lights. Arena of champions, erupted in cheers, as they knew their flyweight savior was about to make his way towards the ring.

'Machinehead - Bush'

breathe in breathe out tied to a wheel fingers got to feel, bleeding through a tar-decay smile I spin on a whim I slide to the right I felt you like electric light for our love for our fear for our rise against the years and years


Arena of champions erupted in cheers with a standing ovation, welcoming Martinez as he finally emerged threw the curtains. JBM stood ontop of the rampway, for a while taking in the welcoming, as the flyweight championship laid slung over his shoulder. Something was different about Martinez, It was obvious he let his hair grow out and his beard. But, that wasnt it. He had a more focused, and determind look, more than ever. You could tell, it wasnt fun and games anymore with Martinez. This was straight business, who would blame him? He felt like everyone in the flyweight division was gunning for him. Is this what, being a champion meant? If it did, Martinez was more than ready. Mr. Infamous, continued down the rampway and finally reached the ring and slid under the bottom rope. He hops back up to his feet, as he jumped into the second turnbuckle and held his flyweight championship high above his head with one hand. The cheer and chants finally faded with the music in the background. JBM jumped down from the turnbuckle and hands the title over to the referee. Martinez, ribs seemed to be hundred precent and was fired up and ready to go. The ref told both grapplers, to meet in the middle of the ring, and with a signal of the hand the match began.

Ding.. Ding.. Ding

Both grapplers went at each other exchanging punches. Rights and lefts, right,left,right,left until the best man got the upper hand. Which was Adam Lazarus, staggering Martinez with a hard right jab to the jaw. Mr. Infamous stumbled back into the ropes, Lazarus seen a opportunity to capitalize and charged the flyweight champion. Martinez, quickly ducked down and sent Lazarus up and over the top rope. Lazarus landed hard on the outside, as the fans cheered in approval. Martinez chuckled to himself, as he scaled the top rope as if they were stairs, and jumped off with a front flip landing on the midsection of Adam. Martinez, got back up to his feet and picked up Lazarus and slid him right under the bottom rope. He than slid under, right after him. JBM quickly got back up to his feet, and scooped up Lazarus from the canvas and tossed him into the corner. Jimmy, than began to kick Adam with various martial arts kick to the midsection. He finished him off, with one spinning kick to the head of Lazarus that sat him down in the corner. Martinez, ran to the opposite turnbuckle and came running back furiously at Adam. Lazarus, with his quick thinking slid out of the ring and collapsed onto the floor outside. Martinez, flew into the corner and got himself in a jam as he tangled himself up with the ropes.

Lazarus noticed Martinez tangled in the ropes and laughed to himself, as he slowly got back up to his feet. He than slid under the rope, and grabbed Martinez by the hair. Adam then brought him back down, onto the canvas with a devastating reverse DDt. The force and impact untangled Martinez from the turnbuckle. Martinez, rolled around on the canvas in pain. Adam Lazarus didn't waste no time picking up Martinez, but on his way up JBM rocked his foundation with a hard uppercut that quickly floored Adam. The flyweight champion, than pulled him to the center of the ring where he applied the elevated Boston crab. Adam Lazarus began to scream in pain, as he tried to fight his way back to the ropes so that Martinez would break the hold.


Echoed threw out the arena, as Lazarus slowly inch by inch crawled his way toward the ropes. Martinez noticing Adam getting a little to closer decided to pull him back to the center of the ring. Where he would once more apply the hold. The Referee slid to Lazarus side, and asked if he wanted to quit. Adam, Just continued to fight threw the pain as Martinez applied more pressure. Lazarus finally made it towards the rope and held on with dear life. Martinez, shook his head as the referee instructed him to let go off the hold. Jimmy quickly complied as he let go of the hold, and walked towards the middle of the ring, as Adam laid next to the ropes holding his leg in pain.

WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!!!! ” blasted through the Arena of Champions as “Your God” by Stone Sour echoed through the building. Landon Stevens came out from behind the curtain as the crowd erupted in discouraging jeers.


The fan’s very aware of the trash Stevens has been talking all over twitter and are showing the hatred they all share for him already.


As the fans continued to jeer, Stevens made his way over to the bell keeper as his music faded out where he grabbed a chair and opened it before setting it down. “The Rising Star” stared down both men in the ring as he grabbed himself a front row seat to the contest.

Meanwhile back in the ring Martinez picked Lazarus up off the canvas. Adam attempted to fight back with several shots to the midsection of the flyweight champion, but to no avail. Martinez sent Lazarus into the ropes and followed up with a hard clothesline sending him to the mat. Once again Martinez picked Adam up from the canvas, this time he was met with a kick to the knee. Lazarus sent Martinez into the corner and quickly followed up with a body splash. Martinez stumbled out of the corner, where Laz met him with a bulldog. Lazarus went for the pin attempt.




Martinez managed to kick out of the pin just in the nick of time. Laz slapped the canvas in frustration as he moved back to his feet. Adam went to pick Jimmy up off the canvas.


The official dropped to the canvas to register the count.




Lazarus managed to kick himself out of the school boy snuck in by Martinez. Both men swiftly moved back to their feet. They wasted little time as both men started exchanging blows. Lefts, rights, rights, lefts. Martinez ducked under a right handed haymaker and connected with a neck breaker sending Lazarus crashing to the canvas. Martinez took a minute to catch his breath before he moved over to Laz, grabbing a handful of hair. Lazarus once again tried to fight back with several shots to the midsection of Jimmy but to no avail as Martinez sent Laz to the ropes. On the bounce back Lazarus ducked the forthcoming clothesline.


Jimmy B. Martinez landed a superkick to the jaw of Lazarus. Just then the crowd erupted in cheers as they knew what was coming next. Martinez picked Lazarus up off the canvas and hoisted him up to his shoulders. Just as Martinez lifted Laz up Stevens, leaped from his chair and slid into the ring. Stevens bounced off the ropes and dropped Martinez with a clothesline. Instantly the official called for the bell

Ding.. Ding.. Ding!

Stevens ignored the sound of the bell as he picked Martinez up off the canvas and quickly tossed him to the outside over the top rope


The crowd erupted in hatred as Stevens moved over to Lazarus. Stevens slammed Lazarus into the corner turnbuckle.


Stevens connected with a full body splash in the corner on Lazarus. Stevens then dragged Adam to the middle of the ring. Stevens raised his arm up in the air with a thumbs up before lowering it to his throat and coming across with a slitting motion. Stevens set Lazarus up between his legs as if for a powerbomb.


Landon moved to his feet and took a long hard look down at Laz lying on the canvas before looking up to see Martinez standing on the outside.

Stevens pointed out his index finger towards Martinez and his flyweight championship in a brief stare down before exiting the ring.

As Stevens made his way to the backstage area the Arena of Champions, Martinez looked toward Stevens and stared a hole through him.

Camera Eleven opened up with a casual sweep along the entire eastern section of the arena before making the transition over to Camera Fourteen to cover 2/3rds of the Northwestern section. Camera One transfixed itself onto the lead broadcast position where Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers.

Buhrman: Landon Stevens made his intent known on social media and now he's here in jOlt to make trouble for the Flyweight Champion!

Powers: I guess anyone can walk in here now. Just adds to the unpredictability you come to expect here in jOlt!

Buhrman: That's right.. anything can and will happen here in...


The blackened arena was peppered with a notable volley of reckless cheering and commotion. Both Powers & Buhrman began trading inquiries amongst themselves all the while. The jOltvision abruptly flickered to life...

A lone blinking underscore bar captured the attention of the masses before a message in computer font was gradually typed along the screen’s epicenter.





An expedient uploading bar streams from red to green, blinking briefly as it reached 100% before immediately extending its parameters to match to dimensions of the jOltvision screen...

The jOltvision remained blackened for several moments before an ominous electronic device with a multicolored array of wiring and lights become the focus of the screen. END.GAME.GOV was affixed above a digital display...


The lighting adorning the electronic device began dancing as the foreboding countdown had been initiated...



....Angry Static...

The arena lighting returned, accompanied by a new-found buzz within the Arena of Champions and abroad...

Winner: No Contest


unknown iNtense returned to ringside where Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers at ringside. Both men received the green light through their headsets and Michael Buhrman would begin.

“Ladies and Gentleman, iNtense rolls on and it’s already been one hell of a roller coaster ride,” Burhman let the excitement show in his voice.

“That’s right partner! It only gets better because coming up--“Power’s was cut off by the blaring sound of static.

Everyone held their ears as the PA system let out a horrible shriek. The arena was silent as Burhman and Power’s headsets had been shut off. That’s when the arena lights dimmed. The LED’s on the stage and surrounding the Arena of Champions also changed to green scratchy lights with the word #iNcite plastered everywhere.

That’s when the jOltvision came to life.

The backdrop of a dimly lit room could be seen. Two tattered banners hung from the rafters with the word “#iNcite” plastered on it. Candles lined what seemed to be row after row of church like pews. In the dead center was a podium with multiple microphones in place. Of course there was the obvious image of three hooded and what looked like masks underneath, each different, standing at the podium. The three stood side by side with the largest of the three just barley ahead as he leaned on the podium. Behind them stood various other figures of various heights and weights.

“Please pardon the intrusion,” The large figure, the same that was in on the attack on Mike Extreme at All or Nothing, spoke with some sort of modulator to hide his voice. “As many of you saw we sent a very small message to Mike Extreme and spoke prophetic words that would come to pass. Mike Extreme, Chris Titan, the whole Backbone were nothing but puppets we manipulated for the sake of manipulation. Now the question asked of us is simple: Who are we?” The larger individual grasped the podium and held on, clinching a little tighter than necessary.

“We are the ones that the system refuses to acknowledge. We are the ones that stand on the outside looking in. We are the ones that look for home and family but were denied these things until we found our own family,” He extended his hands and the camera panned back showing a room full of men and women wearing solid black shoes, solid black pants, solid black hoodies, and blank white faces.

“Brothers and sisters! That is what we are! We are the ones that have stood back, planned, and calculated for years to reach this very moment. We are the change that jOlt wants, no, we are the change that jOlt NEEDS” He would slam a single fist on the podium but no one jumped or even moved for that matter.

“We come with a message. The message is simple. jOlt officials, the board of directors, as well as the stock holders will hand over all of jOlt’s ownership and all of its subsidiary companies to us. You have one week to comply. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to start the cogs of the machine that was built to bring about your demise. To know your enemy is to have the power to fight. We know jOlt but jOlt knows nothing of us. We are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. All of us are highly trained, highly deadly, and committed to the cause no matter the personal sacrifice.” The large individual paused and even his breathing was modulated.

“Some would call us cowards for hiding behind masks. We laugh at such assumptions. You will know us when the time is right. Not a moment sooner. jOlt has exactly one week to meet our demands or our campaign of liberation begins. We will follow our motto until the last man that resists us falls. Revolt, #iNcite, Overthrow, and Take over. You cannot stop us, you cannot stop our brothers and sisters, because we could be your “friend”, we could be the grappler sitting next to you in the locker room, we could even be the very fan watching you from the front row. You won’t know when we attack until it’s too late and as jOlt begins to collapse from the inside that’s when we will strike. When we strike it will be swift and precise. Think of this very carefully before you decide. Don’t let foolish pride keep you from making the smart decision. We’ve been incited!” The large hooded figure held out both hands. In unison the crowd of faceless individuals spoke back.

iNcite! iNcite! iNcite! iNcite!

“One week gentleman. One week to answer our demands. We’ll be in touch.”

Static once more as the feed ended.

“What the hell was that?” Powers asked.

“Well it seems we’re back on and I have no idea partner. All I know is that three of those men were responsible for the attack on Mike Extreme and now they want the board to hand jOlt over to those psychopaths? The board will never vote yes on that,” Burhman, who was usually level headed, became heated as he spoke.

“Well partner, weird ominous videos aside let’s keep the show rolling along.” Powers said as he patted Burhman on the shoulder.

And with that iNtense did, indeed, roll on.

"The Verdict is in!"

Jimmy B. Martinez

Echoed threw the locker room, as the flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez slamed his locker shut. Obviously angry with the way Sylo approached him, just a few minutes ago. Martinez grabbed his duffle bag and tossed it on the bench. He than sat down on the bench, and removed the tie from around his armani suit and unbuttoned the very first button, as he sat pondering. Pondering what he should do to satisfy the blue beast, who hasnt been the same since 'All Or Nothing'. With everyone in the flyweight division gunning for JBM, he felt fustrated. I mean who wouldnt be. Being a champion in jOlt, meant it came with the territory. Always having to look over your back, and being prepared for anything. Sylo knew that, better than anyone. Martinez unzipped the zipper from his bag, and pulled out the prestige flyweight championship. Then held it in his hands.

"So this is what everyone is after." He asked himself. "If they want it, let them come and get it. I will be ready! I refuse to lay down, and let anyone just take this title away from me. I will fight and continue, what I've been doing and that's defending this title with honor and pride. How long will that last? I dont know. All I know, is I will put up one hell of a fight." Martinez stated in a determined voce, pretty much saying the only way anyone was getting there hands on his title would be over his dead body.

Jimmy stared at the jOlt Flyweight title, lost in his own thoughts, until there was a knock at the door. Jimmy quickly straightened up and put on his game face as he yelled for them to enter but who came in wasn’t who Jimmy was expecting. On the other side of the door was none other than Sylo’s fiancé; Aria Murphy.

“Hey Jimmy,” She said staring him in the eyes.

“Aria, if it’s about earlier, Sylo already said something and I’m sorry. Really, I just lost my head for a second and it won’t happen again.” Jimmy replied looking at a woman that had become like a big sister almost.

“I’m not here to lecture you Jimmy. You’re like my little brother and I already know what happened. May I?” She beckoned to the bench next to Jimmy. Jimmy nodded and Aria took a seat.

“Are you okay?” She asked. It was obvious she was concerned about Jimmy and everything that had went on earlier. She hated the thought of her boys fighting.

"I'll be alright, I just never seen Sylo react that way towards me. What I said must of really bothered him." He explained to Aria.

“You know Justin means well. I’m not trying to make excuses for him but he’s under a lot of pressure right now Jimmy. He loves you like family whether he’ll say it or not and most of all he’s afraid you’ll turn into him. He’d kill me if he knew I told you that but you should know. He only has your best interest at heart otherwise he would have written you off at the start. I know he’s been different lately but right now he needs us more than ever. I’m scared that we’re losing him.” Aria Murphy, one of the strongest women in the world, had to fight back tears as she spoke. It was obvious she really did love Sylo and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

"Yea, I know. I will always have his back no matter what. I mean, he's like the brother I never had. He took me under his wing and turned me into a champion. I see now, why Graham Youngblood want's him to train him." He said, as he nodded his head. “Hopefully things go back to normal soon. If you need to talk though you know you can talk to me.” Aria smiled at Jimmy.

"Yup, thanks alot big sis. I was just getting prepared to head back home. I guess, I'll see you guy's back at the house." Martinez replied.

“Ok, Jimmy. I should get back before he hurts someone for no reason…you never know after all.” She smirked a little and ruffled Jimmy’s hair. Jimmy snarled playfully before Aria kissed the top of his head and made her exit. It wasn’t long after she left though that another knock echoed through the room and Jimmy called out for them to come in.

Standing in the door way was a man who knew his future rested on what Jimmy was about to tell him. He looked nervous but kept a determined attitude the whole time. He could possibly be the next man trained by Sylo and he wanted nothing more than for that to happen. Standing in the door was none other than Graham Youngblood.

"Look who it is, if it isnt Mr. Youngblood." The flyweight champion said, as he signaled for Graham to come on in.

"Hey, What's up Jimmy. How's everything going?" He asked.

"Fine, I guess. I can't really complain. How about you?" Martinez replied, as he signaled once more for Graham to have a seat.

"Well, Im okay. Just got alot of stuff on my mind, with what happen between me and Dallaz Griffen. I mean, I dont know what went wrong. I thought we were a great team." Youngblood explained to Martinez.

"I guess, Griffen didnt feel the say way you did. He could of told you flat out, instead of turning his back on you and attacking you in the ring. I personally think that was a bitch move." Martinez replied, as Graham Youngblood sat there shaking his head in disapproval.

"Yes, I know. Than having the Jury come out and interfere. Are you serious! I hate those three, with a passion." Youngblood replied.

"I dont blame you Graham. I never liked those three characters. They are always up to no good. But, I know that's not what you're here to talk to me about. Sylo already filled me in, warriors you took the oppurtunity to approach him and ask him to train you. Now, when I first stepped foot into jOlt, I had to prove myself to him. Before, he took me under his wing and trained me. What's different with you? If you thought, I would just sit here and tell you "YES". Welcome aboard, you can train with us. You're dead wrong. That's something you have to earn, and prove to Sylo and I that you are worth being trained. Me knowing Sylo, he dosent train or would want to train a loser. So with that said, I have some bad new to tell you." Martinez said as Youngbloods, looked on worried to what he had next to say.

"Oh man, here the verdict. This dosent sound good." Youngblood said.

"You're IN

"What! Im in.. Are you serious? Of man, thank you Jimmy. I wont let you down, or Sylo I promise." Youngblood said, excited as he couldnt resist but to show it.

"I hope not, than you would have to answer to the man Sylo himself. Prove to us, this wasnt a mistake letting you train with us. Im'a tell you one thing Sylo taught me. That's always to put up a fight, and fight for what you love and never surrender. Something you might want to keep in my Graham." Martinez finished, with those last words of wisdom as he got up from the bench. He grabbed his duffle bag, and tossed it over his shoulder. As he walked and exited the locker room, leaving Graham Youngblood happy with Jimmy's verdict.

"Dont forget to shut the door, on your way out Youngblood." Martinez muttered, as he continued out of his locker room.

"Cracks in the Fault Line"

Sylo Lights…OUT

Johnny Cash would follow and right behind came “Miracle (Pale Horse Mix)” by Nonpoint. Sylo wouldn’t wait and actually stepped into the blast that usually worked as a herald for the Human Natural Disaster. There was a collective gasp even at the broadcast table until Sylo stepped through the blinding light and continued toward the ring as if nothing had happened. He had the Legacy and jOlt title strapped together, hanging around his neck with the titles displayed like battle mementos over his scarred chest.

Sylo was quick to snatch a microphone and didn’t even bother getting in the ring as he just paced around it, being watched closely by everyone in attendance including the mysterious masked soldier. With the mood he’d been in all night there was no telling what was about to come flying out of his mouth as he sat on the nearby ringsteps.

“You know I’ve been doing this for over ten long years and I’ve put up with a lot of shit and I’ve shit on a lot of people but you know what never changes?” Sylo asked to the fans themselves. There was a loud audible of voices clashing.

“I think I heard someone say the rush. You’re close. It is the rush I get coming through the curtain, it is the calm before the bell rings. Most of all it’s never knowing just exactly what’s going to happen.” There were cheers and applause as Sylo stopped for a second.

“I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt a lot of people along that road but now I’m reaching a point of my career where there’s something brewing that not even I can control. I sometimes wonder if what makes me who I am is starting to take over who I am outside of the ring as well. If you want a candid interview well don’t move your ass this is it because I’m going to air a few grievances.” Sylo looked over toward a camera right in front of him. “So the board can go ahead and start drawing up my fine. Either way the checks in the mail.” There was an ovation of cheers as everyone watched on.

Everyone was listening including jOlt’s own broadcast team. No one would take a chance on cutting Sylo’s microphone either because, honestly, who wanted to have that target painted on them?

“You know why I threw ol’ limp dick Johnny through a table? Because I wanted him gone! BUT like the cockroach he is, somehow, he finds a way to survive and just be a giant festering pimple on the ass that is jOlt.” There were a few collective ohh’s but that was it. “I have no respect for Johnson nor will I ever respect him nor will I respect the board of directors for having the piss poor judgment to bring him back.” Now that response opened a few mouths.

“If you want your company to be a revolving door of people wiping their ass with your company and then walking out whenever they please I should do everyone a favor and burn the fucking jOlt title to a crisp,” Sylo held up a finger to keep the silence “But if I did that I would be defacing everything that I’ve worked for. I broke an entire Backbone and I loved hearing every pop and crunch along the way.” There were cheers for the mention of the Backbone being forced to disband.

“I see Vinny is back. For those that missed it on twitter I’ve already made it known that if he doesn’t stay the fuck out of my way I’ll be more than happy to finish his little temper tantrum myself and we all know what a SuperBeast temper tantrum looks like. Now with old news out of the way let me address Derecho.” Sylo stood up as the anger started to boil to the surface. Slowly he paced back and forth at ringside.

“I finally went after someone because I’m sick of Derecho. This is, by definition, a blood feud. He doesn’t like me and I sure as hell don’t like him so when I put my jOlt title against my Underground Title I’ll walk out with both titles and Derecho will be carried out on a fucking stretcher. You’ve wanted the spotlight on you for a long time Jason, now it is, and you can’t hold your shit together. I proved on the last iNtense you can’t and won’t beat me when it’s one on one. Then you want to slam my Underground title, might I remind you that I never lost, into the back of my skull? Well the second time in a week you found yourself on your back getting pinned didn’t you? How’s it feel Jason? How’s it feel to be on the other end when someone fucks you over?” Sylo was seething.

The Arena of Champions had a heavy feeling hanging over it as Sylo went from one side of the ring and actually started pacing around the entire ring.

“Don’t worry. I’m almost done but not before-“ Sylo was cut off by the fans this time.


Sylo let them have their moment and closed his eyes taking it all in. They knew who the real king was and it wasn’t the supposed king of hell. It was the man that left carnage and destruction in the Underground of Legacy of Champions and rode that tidal wave of mass chaos all the way to the Legacy title.

The fans died down and Sylo opened his eyes.

“Mr. One Letter Better? When a title is on the line, with me, we all know you’re just three seconds slow.” Sylo snarled to the elation of the fans. “You’ve cashed in that Relentless title on me and lost more than once. You tried to do it at All or Nothing and was stopped. I hope you don’t think that what I did on Warriors was a favor because it wasn’t. If you think about cashing that title in you won’t get the chance for a do over because I’m going to shove it down your fucking throat and let you choke to death on it. I will lock you back in the triangle choke I’ve used so many times before, that you’ve been in before, and this time I won’t fucking let go until the light leaves your eyes. So now that we’re clear, Jonathan, get your ass out here and let’s fucking do this!” Sylo threw the microphone on the ground near the ring breaking it as he finally slid into the ring.

An official came sprinting out of the back as Sylo took his corner and crouched down glaring at the entrance ramp. Indeed it would be Sylo and JCON in the Main Event and now all that was missing was JCON himself.

Sylo vs. JCON
SyloJonathan Conspiracy

“Ladies and Gentleman this is your main event of the night! This bout will be contested under Underground rules. First, he is your reigning and defending…RELENTLESS CHAMPION! HE IS ONE LETTER BETTER! HE…IS…JCON!” The announcement was met with a chorus of boos as JCON stepped forward, rolling his neck, while Sweet Aroma clapped and cheered on her husband.

“And his opponent…he is the last Legacy Champion and your current reigning and defending jOlt Champion! He is The SuperBeast! HE…IS…SYLO!” The boos turned into a violent backlash of cheers. Sylo didn’t pose or acknowledge the fans as he slowly stood up. He stared at only one person in the whole arena, JCON, and to add on the warning he just delivered he slid a thumb across his throat. JCON showed no fear as he just sneered at Sylo. It was like watching two caged animals wanting to rip each other apart and the only way to free them would be…


Both men circled each other looking for an opening. JCON shot at Sylo’s legs only to be swatted away. JCON shot in one more time and caught Sylo backing him up. He began to throw shots at the body, working Sylo’s stamina down. Sylo backed into the corner as Aroma was shouting for JCON.

That’s when Sylo cracked a grin.

“It was a trap by Sylo!” Buhrman commented.

“That’s…not good,” Powers replied.

“Jon, watch out!” Aroma screamed.

JCON didn’t have time to react. Mid punch Sylo side stepped JCON and used his own force and momentum to send a hard knee into the solar plexus. JCON had the wind knocked out of him and doubled over, amazingly not hitting the ground as Sylo followed by driving an elbow to the back of JCON’s neck. Sylo dropped to one knee just to upper cut JCON and send him flying to the mat.

The Beast stood and cracked the bones in his neck as he looked down at JCON.

“C’mon…I’m in the mood for a fight!” Sylo snarled before sending a foot flying into JCON’s ribs.

JCON wasn’t some rookie though. He was, after all, a former world champion and seasoned veteran in the business and using those skills he quickly rolled out of the ring to buy himself some time. Sylo wasn’t happy about that at all and rolled his eyes not giving chase just yet. Aroma checked on JCON who coughed up just a little blood from taking such stiff shots before slipping something into her husband’s hand.

Sylo had finally grown tired of waiting and flipped over the top rope landing on his feet. Slowly he stalked toward JCON. Aroma stood in his way trying to buy JCON some time as Sylo just growled at the nuisance of it all.

“Sy, it’s just business, just wait! There’s no reason to take out your frustration on Jon!” She was pleading with Sylo but at this point it was, well, pointless.

CRACK~! Sylo’s head jerked back and blood flew from his mouth as Aroma moved to the side and JCON decked Sylo with a pair of brass knuckles. JCON kept up the swing in momentum and began beating on Sylo, driving the brass knuckles into his ribs and jaw to send him crashing to the ground.

JCON smirked as he looked at his wife before turning back to Sylo. He threw the brass knuckles off and kicked over the ring steps. JCON retrieved Sylo and put his left shoulder against the ring post before grabbing the steel steps and resting them against Sylo.

“JCON is going to sandwich the injured shoulder of Sylo and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do! This is sick!” Buhrman yelled.

“Unfortunately, partner, that’s a risk in these Underground matches,” Powers replied.


Sylo roared in pain as JCON planted a boot in the steps. He followed up by driving his boot over and over into the ring steps working the shoulder over. It might not have been the prettiest way of getting the job done but it was effective. JCON was taking the power game out of the equation. JCON mocked the fans but it’d be short lived as Sylo came up to one knee and drove a fist into JCON’s gut.

JCON doubled over and Sylo threw his right fist in an uppercut that sent JCON reeling. Sylo stood, gingerly rubbing at his shoulder with a sneer as he moved toward JCON. Using his good arm Sylo lifted JCON back to a vertical base and tossed him back in the ring before going under the ring and pulling out a table and a chair.

“Well, I’m pretty sure those aren’t going to be used to sit down and talk things out,” Buhrman commented.

“Ya think?” Powers replied with a hint of sarcasm.

Sylo took the table as JCON began to stand and drove it into the side of his skull putting him back on the mat. He propped the table up against the turnbuckle and tossed the chair aside. Sylo lifted JCON once more and shot him off the ropes. JCON was going air bourn!

He was stopped mid-air though as Sylo caught him on his shoulders right in position for the Systematic Shutdown but the damage had been done and Sylo’s shoulder gave out as JCON found himself back on his feet. He quickly drop kicked the back of Sylo’s knee sending him to the ground and took off toward the ropes. On the return he drop kicked Sylo again, this time in the face, and jumped back up. It was obvious JCON had a game plan and so far it had been executed.

JCON made a belt motion around his waist as he picked up the chair Sylo had brought into the ring. He was going to swing for the fences and end this thing once and for all. Slowly Sylo shook the cob webs out and pushed himself up to a vertical base. JCON charged with the chair.


A loud pop from the fans would follow as Sylo threw a straight right that knocked the chair back into JCON’s face. JCON’s nose was at the very least busted open, if not broken, as blood began to pour out. JCON held his face, amazingly still standing, and as he finally got his vision back all he caught was Sylo’s foot flying at his face. There was nothing JCON could do as Sylo nailed the running boot and damn near sent JCON into a backflip. JCON was down and Sylo was ready to finish things. If he couldn’t use his signature move he’d just pull something else out. Something a lot more painful. Sylo propped JCON up against the table on the turnbuckle and backed up to the opposite turnbuckle before tapping his knee.

“Oh no, we’ve seen him do this to Derecho! This may be lights out for JCON!” Powers shouted.

Sylo charged…

CLANG~! Sylo hit the mat…hard…as Derecho stood over him with a twisted sneer and a demented look in his eyes. Derecho didn’t even take the time to talk as he began to beat the chair with precise shots to the skull of Sylo. Sylo wasn’t getting up but Derecho didn’t stop until the chair was broken. JCON noticed and moved out of Derecho’s way as Derecho drug Sylo over to the table propping him up. He then went to the other corner, tapped HIS knee, and charged forward.


Sylo’s skull was driven through the table! Derecho snarled and spit at Sylo, paying him back in his own sick way even though it had been Derecho that had provoked Sylo. Derecho left the ring and the sneer became a psychotic fit of laughter and smiles as JCON noticed for the second time one of his opponents was ripe for the picking.

JCON made the pin!




“My God…JCON just pinned the jOlt champion after Derecho laid waste to him!” Burhman shouted. “Wait, what’s JCON doing?”

JCON was waving frantically at the entrance and from the back came the Jury. JCON was going to cash in the relentless title with a little help. We were going to have a new jOlt champion in possibly the biggest screw job in company history but there were some that wouldn’t see that happen. Hot on their heels was one…pissed off…Jimmy…B…Martinez!

Jimmy hit the barricade and came springing off, corkscrewing through the air, and nailing both members of the Jury in the back knocking them to the floor. Quo got back to his feet the fastest though and him and Jimmy began to brawl. Khadafi stood up and sneered as he charged toward Jimmy B. Martinez…


It was the sound of flesh meeting a high impact round house as Ninja K flew from the crowd and off the barricade himself. Meanwhile, Jimmy had gotten the upper hand on Quo and in an amazing show flipped backwards, bicycle kicking Quo who flew off the ramp and was out cold.

Ninja K had made it into the ring as JCON clutched the Relentless title. JCON finally took off trying to get some distance and Ninja K gave chase. Ninja K and Jimmy B. Martinez were the only reason Sylo was still champion. EMT’s came from the back checking on Sylo and trying to remove him from the debris as Aria ran out and Jimmy stayed by Sylo’s side. The last image of the main event would be two people, one like a brother and the other that would be a wife, looking down in disbelief as Sylo laid motionless in the ring.

Derecho had given that receipt right back in full but the question remained; Had Derecho just dug his own grave?

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall