"The Forthcoming Storm"

Sylo Dawn Cassidy was at a sprint down the hallways which was quite impressive for a woman in high heels. All night she’d been looking for one person she wanted to get a word with more than anyone and it just so happened she’d had found that person moving slowly to the gorilla position. Her target of questioning stopped and Dawn almost slammed into him as the camera crew followed. Dawn gulped as the brick wall she ran into turned on her with a snarl.


“Sylo, I know you’re about to do a lot of talking in the ring but before that happens can we get a quick interview?” Dawn asked as the camera crew waited behind her.

Sylo rolled a shoulder which Dawn took as a yes. She fixed her hair, straightened her dress, and then rolled her hand at the camera crew which signaled them to start filming.

“Ladies and Gentleman,” Dawn began. “My guest at this time, the jOlt Champion, Sylo!” She flashed her pearly whites as an ovation rocked the arena. Sylo came into view towering over Dawn as she had to look up to question him.

“Sylo, as of late you and Derecho have been locked in what you’ve dubbed a blood feud. It seems even though the Underground Champion helped JCON secure a win over you that you’re still in Derecho’s head. What do you hope to accomplish tonight?” Dawn held the microphone up to Sylo.

The Human Natural Disaster rolled his neck letting the tendons and bones crack as he did so. He stared at Dawn for a second, as if she’d asked him the dumbest question he’d ever heard, but decided to answer the question anyway.

“What do I hope to accomplish?” Sylo sneered. “There isn’t any motive. If I can’t beat Derecho to death with my hands the least I can do is fuck him up even more than he already is verbally. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and at this point its broken Derecho’s neck. Derecho has it in his head that he’s entitled to all this glory, I gave him his chance, and when it came to beating me one on one he just couldn’t get the job done. Tonight, Derecho can say whatever he likes, but I’ve been watching a video. A video that I find to be very interesting and tonight I plan on sharing what I know with the world,” Sylo smirked for the first time but it was laced with pure malice.

“On the last Intense you made comments that made it seem like you weren’t exactly happy with the state of jOlt. You even made reference to burning the title itself. A lot of people wonder about your psyche going into tonight as well as Power Struggle. What do you have to say about that?” Dawn held the microphone up once more.

Sylo stared at the jOlt title for a second. It glistened even in the dim light near the Gorilla position. Everything he’d said he’d meant and the only reason that title was still his was because he refused to let anyone take his legacy away. It was also true that he didn’t see eye to eye with the board of directors and jOlt itself which is why he attacked the company.

“Every word I said last week was things I’ve felt for quite some time. I tried being a team player though, I tried carrying their title and giving them a champion to be proud of, the thing is we have different views on what a champion should be. I’m not their stooge, I’m not their lackey, and I sure as fuck am not going to dance to their tune. I won this title and my Legacy title my way, I’ve defended it my way, and when it’s all said and done I’ll go down as a greater champion than they ever imagined. They play the political game and a lot of times I do feel I should scorch this God forsaken title. In fact, MY Underground title means more to me, and this?” Sylo stopped and held up the jOlt title. “Is only a symbol while this,” Sylo held up the Legacy title “defines everything I stand for. When I bring the Underground Title home after Power Struggle I’ll return to being the Legacy of Champions Champion of Champions. That’s all that matters to me. Not jOlt. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a crazy piece of shit that I have a few words to share with and I promise you it’s going to fuck up more than just his night,” Sylo smirked again and walked off.

Needless to say, Derecho and Sylo would meet with loaded microphones in a matter of moments, and The SuperBeast had yet another ploy to send “The King of Hell” into that dark abyss he kept slipping further and further into.

"The Fate of Two"

Derecho jOlt iNtense had just gone on the air. The arena anticipated this moment for a while now, but none would expect that it would open the show!

In the past month, Derecho and Sylo have ended up costing each other their respective matches against the Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy. They were about to tear the arena apart last week until Damien Lee stepped in and gave them this forum here tonight.

We know at Power Struggle, Derecho and Sylo will face each other with both the jOlt and Underground Championships on the line, but before we get there, we must cross this bridge here tonight.

“One Reason” by FADE

The lights in the arena dim to a crimson hue as the Underground Champion, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area. Derecho has been a mental mess as of late as it seems Sylo has made Derecho’s reign as Underground Champion very fragile and on the verge of breaking. Derecho already lost to Sylo back on iNtense 68.. then he lost to Jonathan Conspiracy on Warriors 13 all because of Sylo’s interference.

Little by little, The King of Hell’s reign as champion has slipped further and further away from him and it’s all due to the physical and mental abuse of The Superbeast known as Sylo. Derecho took those thoughts with him to the ring as he stepped in with the Underground Championship fastened around his waist. He was handed his microphone and he waited the arrival of his very bitter rival.


“Miracle” by Nonpoint (Pale Horse Remix)

The white orb of light exploded on stage and the crowd erupted as the jOlt Champion, Sylo, stepped out from the back with a look of anger and determination on his face. The crowd started an “ALL HAIL THE KING” chant as Sylo walked down the ramp with the mysterious soldier in the metal mask standing like marble sculpture, as the crowd bounced and cheered around him.

In LoC, Sylo lost his Legacy Championship to Derecho due to interference by Alias. Derecho then pinned Sylo again in jOlt with help from “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. Their third match right before All or Nothing went to a No Contest, and it wasn’t until iNtense 68 that Sylo finally put that hash mark in his win column over The King of Hell. Sylo cost Derecho his match against the Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy since Derecho took it upon himself to not only attack Sylo, but verbally taunt Aria Murphy in the process. Sylo has wanted to murder Derecho ever since, but Derecho’s attack on him during his match with JCON stopped that from happening.

Now Sylo has an open forum here tonight we damn well know he’s going to use it.

Sylo entered the ring and was given his own microphone as well. It’s only a matter of who would make the first verbal move.

That person would be Sylo

“You know... since you want to stand there with that stupid look on your face, I’ll go first. … I’m sick of you… not in any specific way.. I'm sick of you in general. You've needed someone to hold your fucking hand in everything you've done so if anyone interferes in the match, not before, not after, but during OUR match at Power Struggle.. whoever they attack the other person is fired on the spot. If you're going to beat me you're going to do it with your own god damn so called skill”

Derecho stood there for a moment and then brought the microphone to his lips.

"That's fine with me because then your best friend forever, Jimmy Martinez, won't be there, and neither will your other best friend, Vince Jacobs. I can finally do what I've wanted to do ever since LoC.. Beat you within an inch of your life, and perhaps even take it because a dead Sylo is just about as useful as a live one"

Sylo chuckled at the thought and fired back.

"This is coming from a so called "man" that's lived in a seven foot one shadow his whole career in LoC and jOlt."

This time, it was Derecho’s turn to chuckle at Sylo’s remark.

"Says the Hulk Hogan of our generation who whines and bitches to upper management when he doesn't get his way. Let's face it... if you let management have their way with you, you'd be in their proverbial chains right now and you know it"

Sylo grins and then rubs his goatee

"That's funny coming from the guy that walked into this company just because they felt sorry for him. They called me. They laid out a contract for me, and guess what it said? "Legend". See, you're a guy that'll shit where he eats. You know deep down inside, no matter what colors are hanging up, no matter what the name says, this is the Arena of Champions, the house that Sylo, Scott Riktor, Ninja K, and guys like that built...not Derecho."

Derecho shook his head as he looked at the canvas. He then looked up at Sylo with a smile.

"Walked" into this company? It's called getting scouted for recognizing something you lack... and that's something called "talent". I ran my own company, I've been in fWo, Tornado Wrestling, 21st Century Wrestling, even here in jOlt back in the days of erOn the Relentless. I've been a champion wherever I've been. Your only claim to fame is an LoC Underground Championship run where the only mentality you had was "SYLO SMASH". It's the only reason why you mean a damn in this little circle of LoC and jOlt. People have stated that I remind them of the golden days in this business and I've proven that by making this Underground Championship mean something more than your jOlt Championship. I won this belt in LoC and I haven't lost it since. I've defended this championship in the most brutal wars this company has ever seen, and yet, you couldn't handle a hard shot from Vince Jacobs and lost your belt like a little bitch to Chris Titan. Yet, I've taken shots that would kill a man and I still stand before you today Underground Champion. Now you want to attack my integrity? Look in a fucking mirror for once"

Sylo then looked at Derecho dead on with piercing eyes.

"Oh! They tell you that huh? That's why your first special event pay-per-view will be against me, right? I worked with Ninja K, I respect Ninja K, and it's sad they see him as a stepping stone for people like you. You should be in Japan bowing to some asshole after every match."

Derecho looked a bit confused, but he did retort, nevertheless.

"Stepping stone for people like me? Do you even read the history books? I ran X Wrestling. I hired Ninja K. I MADE NINJA K. There would be no Ninja K if it weren't for me.

Stepping stone?

Did you even watch All or Nothing or were you too busy getting ass fucked by JBM on Twitter? I BEAT that so called stepping stone. I erased my past thoroughly"

Sylo continued to look straight on at Derecho.

"Let's face it Jason, no one wants or ever wanted you. Your parents, your own brother, and everyone here knows you were a mistake. You're the poster boy for why abortion should be a decision. You're lying to yourself and these people because I was there, Jason. I was there when you came in with your chest all puffed out thinking you were hot shit because they talked about you being jOlt champion but when that changed you deflated real fast. You thought you had made it but the fact of the matter is you're a delusional fuck that can't carry a company, only kill it, and you sit awake at night knowing you can't fill the shoes of a man you claim you "made". If it wasn't for the fact that I just wanted to stomp your teeth in inside our precious little match I'd fucking end you right here right now and we both know I could do it so don't even lie."

The heat in the arena just got turned up a little. Derecho decided to turn it even higher.

"Such hostility. The only reason why you want to "end" me is because I beat you twice in the past and it was because I had "help". You want an admission out of me? Fine! I admit that I defeated you for the Legacy Championship only because Alias interfered in the match. I admit that I defeated you a few months ago only because Vince Jacobs interfered in the match... but honestly... did they actually interfere on my behalf? No... no they didn't. Would I take a free win, especially when one involved a company's top championship? Of fucking course I would and I did. In fact, who wouldn't? And don't stand there with such a surprised look on your face, you would have done the same damn thing.

In fact... if Alias and Vince Jacobs didn't interfere on my behalf then why did they interfere? I wonder about that... but then I just realized that they just thought of you the same way I have thought of you. They felt you were one of the biggest pieces of shit walking this planet and didn't deserve anything that was handed to you on one of your many silver platters. That is why at Power Struggle... I will do what everyone in that locker room wants to do off camera.. and that's end you once and for all.

Forget the King of Hell moniker.. forget the King of jOlt moniker.. forget stories.. forget angles... forget tv cameras and entertainment. None of that matters. What matters is that I finally get the chance to bury you where you stand and it may be out of my character to say this, but I will do it for every fan and every roster member in the back that is fucking sick and tired of looking at your ass or even being in the same building as you. That is a fucking promise I don't intend to break."

The crowd just remained in silence as Sylo brought the microphone to his lips.

"Listen to such words of conviction coming from a man....that beat up...every...single...week...his wife!"

The crowd let out a huge “OOOOOH”. It was indeed the truth. Anyone who owned a DVD of 21st Century Wrestling or Tornado Wrestling had the documented proof. Derecho couldn’t take it anymore and stepped right up to Sylo and got in his face.

“I’m through with this discussion and I’m through with you. The board has mandated that both of our championships will be on the line at Power Struggle. First fall for my title.. second fall for yours… but I will be damned if I let a fucking asshole like you walk in and walk out of a match without first being put through hell.”

I meant what I said… I will end you once and for all. After Power Struggle… there will be no future for you because you will cease to exist… you will only exist in memories because with your blood on my hands, I will make that transition from physicality to memory a possibility.”

“I am done with this… and I am done with you. At Power Struggle… It’s not going to be a simple Underground Rules.. 2 falls Match.. no… that just won’t do.”

Derecho paused.

“At Power Struggle… I’m resurrecting a match that has ended careers all for the sake of taking your life. It will be you and me inside….”

“….of Crystal………. Nightmares.”

With that, Derecho slammed his microphone right into the face of Sylo!! Sylo absorbed the blow and fired right back! Derecho and Sylo came to blows as security hit the ring.

As Security slid in, Sylo had hit a takedown on Derecho and was mounted on top, pounding away. Derecho tried to cover up, but some of those punches went through. Security swarmed the two of them and somehow managed to pull them apart. Sylo and Derecho screamed at each other from each side of the ring.

As Security got Sylo to leave the ring, we could see Derecho holding his head. One might think it was because some of the punches landed, but the look of concern and almost a look of panic came over Derecho's face. Perhaps it was the comment about his wife that caused Derecho to snap, but it seems it had really gotten to him. In this battle of wits... Sylo was the victor.

At Power Struggle… Derecho’s old concept match.. the Crystal Nightmares.. will decide the fates of the Underground and jOlt Championships! With the concept of this match... one must wonder if Sylo was sentenced to death or if Derecho is committing suicide.

Adam Lazarus vs Landon Stevens
Adam LazarusLandon Stevens

The lights in the arena flickered to darkness and strobe lights flashed around both the entrance and ramp ways.


“Your God” by Stone Sour echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Landon Stevens made his way through the entrance way with the crowd erupting in jeers.


Stevens continued his way to the ring with a smile across his face not caring what the fans in attendance thought about him. Stevens had one goal in mind and impressing the fans wasn’t it. Stevens made his way to the ring and slid in under the bottom rope and quickly moved to his feet. The lights returned to full brightness and the music faded out. Stevens began to stretch in the middle of the ring as he awaited his opponent for this evening. Behind him, mixed in with the vocal and energetic crowd, stood the soldier in black who showed subtle signs of life by tightening kevlar-knuckled gloves.

“Praise – Sevendust”

Began to blare threw out the arena. It was time, time for the action of the night to begin. After last weeks interference by jOlt’s newest flyweight, Laz begged for this match as once again he was screwed out of his flyweight championship match against Jimmy B. Martinez. Lazarause paid no mind to the crowd as he made his way to the ring. The fans in attendance booed him as he continued walking to the ring. He was ready to show that Landon Stevens was all talk and no action, he was ready to prove he was the future of the flyweight division.

Both superstars circled the ring trying to find a way to take the advantage. Finally of several moments of silence passed the two locked up in the middle of the ring. Adam tried to force Landon into the corner but Stevens quickly countered and gained control as he forced Laz to his knees with a kick to the gut. Steven’s then connected with a stern knee to the face. Stevens continued the attack as he grabbed Laz by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Stevens whipped Laz into the ropes and connected with a spinning heel kick on the bounce back. The Rising Star wasted little time as he tried to follow up with a standing swanton only to miss as Adam rolled out the way. Stevens favored his lower back as he landed hard. Lazarus took the advantage as he moved to his feet and connected with a hard knee to the face of Stevens. Laz grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Adam set up the new flyweight in a head lock. Lazarus attempted a suplex, only to have Landon block it by hooking his leg around Adams. Stevens quickly countered into a school boy pin attempt.




Lazarus managed to escape the pin attempt by kicking out of the school boy. Lazarus was the first to his feet as Landon took an extra moment to devise a game plan. Lazarus moved over to Stevens and the two once again locked up in the center of the ring. Stevens forced Lazarus into the corner and connected with a hard knee to the midsection. Stevens wasted little time taking full advantage as he climbed up to the top rope and connected with several shots to the head of Laz as the ref and the crowd started the count.

One…. Two…. Three….Four…..Five!!!!!

Stevens took a moment and taunted the crowd as he raised his arms in the air before connecting with several more shots.


Stevens connected with one last hard shot.


Stevens leaped back off of the second rope. Lazarus stumbled forward out of the corner and fell face first onto the canvas. Stevens picked his fallen foe up off the canvas to his feet by his hair. The official tried to warn Stevens but “The Rising Star” wanted no part of it as he confronted the ref.

“SHUT UP!!!! I got this.” Stevens yelled to the official.

Landon set Lazarus up between his legs as if going for a powerbomb and once again signaled to the crowd, Stevens went to hoist Lazarus up only to have it blocked and countered as Laz flipped him back onto the canvas. Stevens once again landed on the lower back and began to favor it. Lazarus quickly took advantage with a hard kick to the lower back. Laz then proceeded to pick Stevens up off the canvas. Lazarus wasted not even a moment before he took advantage of his injured opponent as he locked Stevens in an abdominal stretch. “The Rising Star” wrenched in pain as the official kept asking him if he wanted to tap. The newest jOlt flyweight refused after several checks before he finally broke free flipping Lazarus over with a hip toss after several elbows to the rib cage. Stevens quickly went on the offensive as he leaped in the air and connected with a strong leg drop.

Stevens moved to his feet before picking Lazarus up off the canvas. Stevens whipped Laz hard into the corner before chasing after him. Stevens attempted a body splash only to meet the top turnbuckle face first. Lazarus quickly took control as he pulled Stevens from the corner and connected with a hard suplex. Lazarus moved back to his feet and connected with several kicks to Landon before finally pulling him to his feet. Laz whipped Stevens into the ropes.

Lazarus attempted a clothesline only for Stevens to duck under and quickly connected with neckbreaker. Stevens finally back on the offensive when all of a sudden……

"Machinehead" by Bush blasted through the arena speakers as the flyweight champion Jimmy B. Martinez appeared at the top of the ramp way. The champion made his way to the ringside area as Landon Stevens looked on from inside the ring. Unlike Stevens last week, Martinez did not pull up a chair, he stood there at the bottom of the ramp looking on as Stevens stared him down. Martinez’s music faded out as Stevens was caught off guard with a low blow by Lazarus. Adam quickly went on the attack as he connected with a hard ddt before going for the pin attempt.




Lazarus was unable to gain a two count as Stevens kicked out. A frustrated Lazarus slapped the canvas on his way up to his feet. Both superstars moved back to their feet as they kept their eye on the flyweight champion watching on the outside. The two lock up in the ring, each one trying to gain the advantage. They struggle as they seem to be evenly weak. Stevens finally gains control as he whips Lazarus into the ropes. Stevens attempts a clothesline on the bounce back only to have Laz duck under.


Stevens connects with a high dropkick as Laz returns on the second bounce back off the ropes. Stevens immediately looks outside to Martinez as he moves to the top rope. Stevens waits and his draggy opponent slowly moves back to his feet.


Stevens kicks up to his feet. Landon Stevens moves over and picks Lazarus up off the canvas. Landon sets Lazarus up between his legs before signaling to Martinez and moving his hands around his waist as if playing with a championship belt. “The Rising Star” hoists Lazarus up onto his shoulders as if going for a cruisifix.


Stevens connects with his finishing maneuver. Stevens quickly goes for the pin hooking the leg.




Steven gets up to his feet and stares down Jimmy B. Martinez as the flyweight champion walks away backwards up the ramp way. You see the flyweight champion pointing at his belt mouthing the words “Never”.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"It's My Party and I'll Win if I Want to"

The House The former jOlt Tag Team Champions known as Sweet Sweet Lovin’ were walking around backstage, getting themselves mentally ready for the match that was to come. The partying, fun-having tag team were certainly no slouches in the ring, but they’d been looking for their opportunity to get back into the tag title hunt. Tonight, they would most certainly have their chance to get back into contention.

“Daddio!” Love said to his tag partner, Sam Sweet, as they continued walking. “We’ve got a match tonight against them House guys! We’ve gotta be on our guard!”

Sweet nodded. “We got this, man. We’re gonna get another shot at our belts!”

Behind them, their manager Jon Katz, Jr. also looked happy.

“You guys got this, ya dig! The House are big guys, but we’re also big! We’re gonna fight them, get them belts back and get DOWN! We…”

Jon stopped talking immediately. Standing in the way of Sweet Sweet Lovin’ and their title aspirations was a young lady with flowing red hair halfway down her back. She was wearing a skimpy tiger costume, complete with tiger facepaint, striped orange, tube top, and high heels.

“Jon. Sweet. Love.” She greeted each of the men in front of her with a curtsy.

“Who’s this fine-ass honey?” Love grinned as he strutted towards the girl.

“I’m Charlotte. You know my boys, The House,” she giggled. “The ones you’re talking about wrestling later.”

“Honey,” Sweet had his turn to strut towards Charlotte. “You can come over to my House any day…”

“…The girl’s with me, slugger.”

Behind Charlotte was her husband, “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber. He was a large man, but he big monster behind him was… well, he was even bigger. “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck had a scowl across his face. He stood silently while Huber put a massive arm around Charlotte’s waist and kissed her on the top of the head.

“Don’t mind you looking, bud, but don’t think twice about stealin’ my girl.”

Huber continued to stare at the members of Sweet Sweet Lovin’.

“Bummer about the Tag Titles, man, but you guys had your fun. Now it’s our turn.”

“Oh?” Katz Jr. said. “That right, pally?”

“Yeah.” Roebuck stood forward and had Katz back up a few steps. “It is.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Buck,” Huber put a hand in front of his friend to keep him from moving forward. “Look man, we’re good. We just wanted to say we know we look like a couple of scary bastards, but we do want to say good luck tonight.”

Huber extended a hand while Roebuck grumbled. Huber gestured at him again and Roebuck finally offered up his massive hand as well.

Sweet and Love exchanged tense glances before they cautiously approached The House. They shook hands in the name of fair sportsmanship while Charlotte and Katz looked at one another.

“We can shake hands,” Katz offered. “Or I could film you doing the Cat Daddy, Kate Upton-style.”

“Uh… I’ll pass this time, sweetie. We’ll see you out there.”

Charlotte and Adam Roebuck both left while Huber glared at Katz and Sweet Sweet Lovin.

“You know, I should be breaking somebody’s face for ogling my wife… but I have a video on my phone of her doing the Cat Daddy. It is AWESOME. See you guys out there.”

Huber nodded and left while Sweet Sweet Lovin and Jon Katz Jr headed in the opposite direction.

Hey, not all segments have to end in bloodshed.

"A New Apprentice?"

Sylo Aria Murphy would enter Sylo’s lockeroom that she now shared with her fiancé. In her hand was a strange letter that had been attached to the door. She entered looking at it with a raised eyebrow before Sylo looked up from his normal spot.

“What’s that?” Sylo asked. His voice was dull for a man that was on a rampage.

“It was attached to the door,” Aria held it up. “It just says boiler room,” Aria finished with a shrug.

Sylo’s demeanor quickly changed as that rage began to boil. He stood up and with a snarl moved past Aria toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Aria asked.

“To the Boiler Room. If someone wants a fight I’m happy to oblige.” Sylo sneered as he slammed the door behind him not leaving Aria any time to reply.

Moments later Sylo was downstairs standing at the boiler room door. He sneered before kicking it open. The room itself was hot and dark. Sylo walked in scanning the room for any sneak attacks but before he knew it someone was trying to get him in a choke hold.

Sylo threw the assailant to the ground and just as quickly had him in a choke of his own. To his surprise it wasn’t Derecho or anyone else that had become an enemy. It was actually one of the Hype stars, Muerte, that he was now choking the life out of. Sylo eased up a bit as Muerte looked up at Sylo and smiled before pointing at a nearby wall.

Sylo kept the hold on as he looked up and saw scribbled on the wall “Death trains Death”. Sylo stopped for a moment and let go of Muerte before standing up. Sylo wasn’t stupid though, he took a defensive stance, and looked at the mute before him. Muerte pushed himself up to his feet and dusted himself off before cocking his head to the side and stared at Sylo.

“You want me to train you?” Sylo sneered.

Muerte nodded furiously.

“Fine,” Sylo sighed. “Like Youngblood you only have one shot but you better make it count or I’ll finish what you started in here. Understand?” Sylo growled.

Muerte just bowed his head to Sylo. Sylo didn’t need words, he knew what he meant. With a snarl Sylo turned and exited the Boiler room.

What a fucking way to start a night…

Jason Fosters vs Mattock
Jason FostersMattock

As we come back to the action inside the arena, Jason Fosters already stands in the center of the ring. Fosters warmed up as his music died off and was replaced.

“Crucified” by Sevendust

Out from the back stepped Mattock. This was Mattock’s third match in the Power Struggle Invitational. He had come up short two weeks when he went one on one against Brone Haggard as well as last week against Eiji Kugasari. Now this week he sought redemption, but with his track record in jOlt so far, would he achieve it?

Mattock hopped up onto the ring apron and then stepped foot into the ring. He tested the ring ropes as the referee called for the bell.




Mattock and Fosters circled each other in the ring. They went to tie it up, but Mattock used the quickness and went into a waist lock on Fosters. Mattock used all of his might to lift Fosters off his feet, but Fosters countered in mid-move with a back elbow to the face of Mattock that caused him to immediately release the hold.

Fosters turned around and whipped Mattock into the ropes. Mattock leapt onto the middle rope and twisted off with a body splash, but Fosters caught him in his arms and drove him down to the canvas with a falling slam. Fosters immediately went for a cover this early into the match.


Mattock popped the shoulder up just as quickly.

Fosters brought Mattock up to a vertical base and rocked him with a hard knife edge chop that caused Mattock to stagger away holding his chest. Mattock turned around and faced Fosters who hit another hard knife edge chop across the chest… this time, that dropped Mattock down onto his back. Fosters dared Mattock to get back to his feet. Once he did, Fosters twisted Mattock’s arm into a hammerlock and then forced him down with the divorce court!

Mattock held his arm and shoulder as he writhed on the canvas. While the match was slow and methodical thus far, Fosters was in complete control and it looked as if Mattock would go 0-3 in this tournament!

Fosters then stomped away on the shoulder before the referee told him he had to back away. Fosters knew that Mattock’s arm was hurt and like a shark that smelled blood in the water, he wanted to go after it. Fosters backed off and then came back in where he pulled Mattock to his feet, but Mattock fired a punch with his right arm, which was still in good working order. He fired another and another in hopes to get some distance between himself and Fosters.

Mattock felt he had done enough damage and went to take off toward the ropes, but Fosters quickly reached out and grabbed Mattock by the arm. He pulled Mattock back into a vicious clothesline that turned Mattock inside out! Foster then went for another cover.



Mattock kicked out again.

Fosters then trapped the bad arm of Mattock’s under his and wrenched back with the submission. Mattock was asked if he wanted to give up, but Mattock refused to. He called out to the crowd to rally behind him. Mattock began to battle back to his feet. He positioned himself as best as he could so that his back was facing Fosters. Mattock then flipped forward and broke free from the submission, but at the same time, he brought both heels under the chin of Fosters and caught him with a front flip kick!

Fosters staggered back and fell against the ropes. Mattock got back up as Fosters shook it off. Fosters then charged in at Mattock, but Mattock ducked the clothesline. Mattock quickly turned and hit a drop kick to the leg before Fosters could turn around. This brought Fosters down to a knee. Mattock got back up and then nailed the Vision Shatter… a Shining Wizard to the back of Foster’s skull!

Fosters fell forward face first into the canvas. Mattock then walked over to the ropes and grabbed the top rope and slung himself over onto the ring apron. Fosters rolled over onto his back as he held the back of his head in pain. Mattock leapt up to the top rope and flipped off with the Decent from Twilight.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop! It connected right into the heart of Fosters and Mattock made the cover!



Fosters kicked out with authority.

Mattock then headed over toward the corner and crouched down. He waited as Fosters got back to his feet. Mattock charged in and corkscrewed. He nailed the corkscrew spear… the Direct Damage, but he lead in with his injured shoulder! Fosters went down, but Mattock was in pain after that move. Nevertheless, he signaled for the end.

Mattock pulled Fosters up to his feet and went to hook him in the hammerlock. He swung his arm with the Switchblade Romance, but Fosters ducked and countered with a Full Nelson. Fosters then fell forward and dropped Mattock with a Full Nelson Pancake. Fosters then immediately grabbed Mattock’s injured left arm and pulled back on it with a Fujiwara Arm Bar!

The pain on Mattock’s face was great. He held on for as long as he could, but Mattock couldn’t hold on any longer and tapped out!




Fosters released the hold as Mattock held his arm in pain on the canvas. Fosters scored a victory here tonight and Mattock went 0-3 in the invitational. There wasn’t much room left for redemption here for Mattock. Perhaps he will forever remain in the shadow of his brother.

After Fosters had left the ring, Mattock sat up. He looked around at the crowd as some started to applaud. Mattock then pounded his fist into the canvas and rolled out of the ring. He kicked the barricades in frustration as he made his way to the back, never once noticing the masked soldier watching his every move.

Winner: Jason Fosters via Submission

"The Strangler is Coming"

Craig Thomas The Ego sat in his dressing room, it was quite peaceful, not a soul was in sight just him and his assorted amount of papers compiled on the table in front of him. Who would’ve thought that the brother of Brandon Thomas would actually do his homework and breakdown his opponents in the Power Struggle Tournament? No one did, not ever Craig Thomas himself thought about it until now.

The reason was simple though, the loss to Anson Larue one week ago dropped him off of his high horse and reality was forged into the picture. He knew exactly what had to be done and he was going to need a little help to get it done.

These athletes he was competing with were massive and a trend was beginning to impact jOlt. Some of these men were not wrestlers, they were straight up fighters.

So, he knew just the man to call.

As The Ego thumbed through the papers in front of him, papers he had drawn up himself of athletes such as Waymoth Turnbull, Anson Larue, and Brone Haggard. These three men looked to cause the majority of the problems for Craig.

“Hey auntie!” he said as the iphone was held to his ear, “Kurt around?”

A moment of silence renewed his thoughts. As he waited for Kurt to make his presence on the phone, he knew that he was the right man for the job. He fought his battles for him in school, in the clubs, and did whatever else The Ego needed to be done. He was one of his disciples and memories were about to be awaken.

“Kurt! Hey cuz! How have ya been?”

Kurt’s voice was incoherent, but Craig was happy to hear it.

“Good.” replied The Ego with a satisfying grin stretched on his face, “Because I have a proposition and it involves money, girls, and booze. You interested?”

“.....” that would be Kurt on the other side of the phone, agreeing to meet The Ego in Orlando, Florida.

“Great--” Craig was overly excited. Why? Because Kurt was going to help The Ego capture the spotlight, “--The plane ticket will be at your house tomorrow. I’ll have a limousine waiting for you at the airport and it will bring you to my casa, sound good?”


“Good.” he said, “Oh! One more thing, bring your fighting gear because I’m paying you to be my enforcer. You are gonna ensure that everything goes my way.”

The Ego laughed, this was only the start of his plan to succeed in jOlt. Whoever Kurt was, Craig Thomas had a lot of faith in him, but he could have been a tiny midget from the north pole for all we knew, though before the conversation was inaudible, Craig made one last comment.

“Get ready to Strangle some folks, just like old times.”

Then, they both laughed, and the iNtense Cameras went idle.

"The Audacity of Hubris"

Eiji Kugasari

A moment of angry static was set across the jOltvision screen before the image of Dawn Cassidy was brought into clarity. Patiently standing backstage with a microphone in hand & her camera crew in tow, Cassidy stood before a large jOlt backdrop.

Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans across the globe; I’m Dawn Cassidy and I am here with one of newest additions to the company and an entrant into the jOlt Wrestling Power Struggle Invitational; Eiji Kuga...

A growing volley of abhorrence was overheard as the Blood Raven snatched the microphone from Dawn’s hand and cast visual daggers in her direction. The stoic Mamoru reached out and placed his hand atop the hot-headed ninja’ shoulder. Eiji sternly point his finger toward her face.


Mamoru quietly belted out a trail of smoke from his cigar as Eiji ensured Dawn removed herself from the camera’s view. Eyes still transfixed in her direction.

”Now that one of this promotion’s biggest cheerleader has been set aside, we can now have an unbiased and adult conversation. Eiji mentioned. ”As the Prince of Puroresu, I pride myself on being the very best in all that I do...and I do not take to failure very lightly...As a participant of this tournament, I will spare no expense to not only rectify my recent loss in the preliminary round but I expect to stand as the undisputed winner 4 weeks from today...”

Camera Seven offered several moments of disgruntled fans who were attentively monitoring the view from the jOltvision. The Blood Raven was seen begrudgingly casting a look back at Mamoru before looking toward the camera and responding.

”...I, however, wish to congratulate Mr. Turnbull in his recent victory...He is a very powerful & skilled opponent that has...” Eiji angrily cleared his throat. “...earned my respect yet with that having been said, we are destined to meet again. In regards to the Flyweight Championship, I look forward to the opportunity to become its newest retainer...all in due season...Unlike your champion, I see no need in the numerous displays of public humiliation such as kissing babies..” Eiji brandished a look of growing disgust. ”...the filthy backsides of the mindless sheep that litter this arena in order to be & remain at the pinnacle of this esteemed division. I...”

The rolling chants of JBM echoed within the Arena of Champions, further prompting a look of disdain from the Blood Raven. Mamoru casually scanned the ceiling with his eyes while belting out another elongated trail of smoke from his lips. The elder statesman patted his prodigy on the shoulder, urging him to continue.

”Let it be known that your esteemed champion’s time is limited...It is limited because of all of YOU...” The public was none to pleased about Eiji’s declaration. ”It is because of all of you this gaijin will fall...because of you he continues to foolishly tear himself asunder, all in the pursuit of appeasing you roaches who walk upright...” The prideful ninja would flash a faint smirk amidst the smoldering cauldron he created.

”...I find it typical, as it is disappointing, of you people to defiantly refute the truth but like any addict, your champion will relapse...He will fall and it will be by my hand. I am most certain of it. Mamoru proudly & casually nodded at the bold & confident prediction made by his fellow ninja. A generous intake of smoke was to be had as Eiji effortlessly fended off a returning Dawn Cassidy’s hand away. A stern shove left her sprawled out along the concrete which summoned a tsunami of negative heat arena wise.

Woman: The next time you seek to snatch anything from my hand, I will personally...take your arm in compensation...” Eiji ordered. Mamoru tightened his grip on the jOlt rookie’s shoulder, who shook his head slightly in disapproval. Eiji thought better of the situation before looking back at the fallen journalist. Overheard, the angry masses continued to let their voice be heard.

Eiji sternly tossed the microphone at Dawn, that landed on her chest, creating moments of feedback as Mamoru silently led The Blood Raven away from the area. One of the camera crew knelt down to aid her back to her feet as the scene elapsed.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Waymoth Turnbull
Jimmy B. MartinezWaymoth Turnbull

Machinehead - bush

breathe in breathe out tied to a wheel fingers got to feel, bleeding through a tar-decay smile I spin on a whim I slide to the right I felt you like electric light for our love for our fear for our rise against the years and years

Blared threw the PA system, threw out 'Arena Of Champions'. The crowd stood up to there feet, as they began to scream and chant for the flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez who was getting ready to make his way towards the ring. We had seen him once before today, but this time it look like he had something on his mind. The fans continued, to cheer as Martinez finally emerged threw the curtans with a smile on his face and the flyweight championship slung over his shoulder. He stoped at the top ramp, looked around and pointed into the crowd as he took his title off of his shoulder and held it high above his head. The cheers got louder, as he continued to make it down the rampway towards the ring. He circled the ring once, and grabed a microphone from one of the stage hands over at ringside. He slid under the rope, and got back up to his feet. He jumped on the ropes, placing one leg on the bottom rope and another on the middle rope, and held his title high with one hand. The crowd continued to cheer as they began the infamous chants.

INFAMOUS.. INFAMOUS.. INFAMOUS.. INFAMOUS! The chants slowly died down, as the flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez rasied the microphone towards his lips and began to address 'Arena Of Champions'. "You guy's are probably wondering, what am I doing out here right now. Well Im going to tell you." He explained as the crowd began to cheer. "Im out here to address a couple of things. Such as the flyweight division and Mr. Adam Lazarus. Now, I've always been a man of my word. I said I would defend this title against anyone, who thought they deserved a title shot, and that I did." He said as he patted the flyweight championship, which sat ontop of his shoulder. "In matter of fact.. I am still doing so, till this day. I will continue to do so, until someone puts an end to it. I defend this title week in, and week out with pride and dignity and NO one will ever do what I do. That I can guarantee!" He said as the crowd began to clap and cheer for the flyweight champion.

"Now onto Adam Lazaruz, the man who feels like he has something to prove by demanding another title shot. Hey, that's fine by me. I got nothing against you, trying to prove something. Just bring that 'A' game, cause I will most definatly bring mines. Now what Im going to do now, is put out a open challenge to any flyweight in that back, that thinks they have what it takes to win. Win and take my prestige flyweight championship, away from me." He said as he raised the flyweight championship, high above his head with one hand.

The crowd cheered in approaval, as to what Jimmy B. Martinez had to say. I mean, who wouldnt? He has been busting his ass week in and week out, ever since setting foot into jOlt.

"Now with that said. I would like to add, I do NOT want to see Sanchez Cano and Cordova heading to the ring. I mean, come on. It wouldnt be fair to the others, seeing how you guys had your title shot and failed at 'All Or Nothing' I just wouldnt be right. I need someone new. Adam Lazarus this includes you. You will have to wait until iNtense69, where we will settle out little debate." He said, as he made clear to everyone who was in attendance.

Martinez began to speak once more but, was cut off by the JBM chants which began to shake the 'Arena Of Champions'.


"So if there is anyone else in the back, who thinks they have what it takes to be champion. Be my guest. and be the next contestant on 'So You Wanna Be A Champion'." Martinez shouted threw the JBM chants, as the cheers got louders and he waited for a respond from anyone in the back.

It was then the lights dimmed out, and the spot lights had dance around the arena in shades of red and yellow. The loud blaring of a horn followed by the “Emergency” by dancehall artist Mavado soon found its way pummeling through the arena’s speakers.

“Wait, that’s Waymoth’s music! Is he coming out here?!” Nathan Powers said excitably. It did look like that would be the case. Waymoth’s hulking frame soon emerged from behind the curtains and the Savage Islander confirmed everyone’s suspicions; he was heading to the squared circle!

Standing at 6’7”, and well over the weight limit required to be a flyweight, Waymoth’s path down the ramp confirmed one other thing; what was about to happen, if it’s a match he was seeking, would not be for the jOlt Flyweight Championship. JBM paced frantically about the ring as Waymoth pulled himself up onto the apron.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The Flyweight Champion screamed off as Waymoth climbed over the top rope. The question was a good one. What WAS Waymoth doing?. Both men stood dead center in the middle of the ring, just a mere couple of feet away from each other.

“The big man has been doing a damn good job at making his name known, this is the second main roster member that he’s brought himself face to face with,” Michael interjected. It was true. First Bane Loneheart came face-to-fist with the West Indian Obsidian. Was it JBM’s turn?. Waymoth reached behind him and pulled a microphone that had been tucked under the straps of his singlet.

Thud-thud-thud screamed the microphone as he tapped to ensure it was working.

Waymoth looked around the Arena of Champions. Its fans were on edge. Just a week ago, they were cheering his actions after his interaction with Craig Thomas. Tonight, they weren’t sure what to make of him as now he was in front of one of the AoC’s most beloved. Putting the microphone to his lips, Waymoth uttered, “Ah challenge yuh say you wan’, right?”

“He asked for a Flyweight from the back! This man is crazy!” Nathan screamed.

“Nuh worry, meh ain’t here for yuh belt. Wouldn’t suit me anyway. Da ting would look tiny-tiny pon me waist. Plus, ah real belt is wha inna de tournament to get. Point is, Ah was inna de back and ah hear yuh talk’n bout you need challenge,” Waymoth continued, pausing for just a moment, “Ah accept!”

Waymoth dropped the microphone abruptly. His gaze fixated on JBM who had the final say in what was about to transpire. JBM made it well and clear throughout his time as champion that he was willing to take on all comers. The keyword being; all. And tonight, Waymoth was not going to be an exception to the champ’s rule.

With a nod of his head, and a referee dahsed to the ring. His white and black stripes reflecting off the unknown soldier's helmet before, sliding his way under the ropes and into the ring, the next three words were all that remained to be said.

“Ring the bell!” JBM motioned and the three strikes of the metal meant this match was underway.

“This one should be interesting,” Michael stated, “Both men boast a very extensive background in boxing, so we might see them square off in that fashion tonight as well!”

Both men circled the ring before lunging towards each other. A lock up in the middle of the ring didn’t last very long with Waymoth quickly pulling the power card and forcing JBM into the nearest corner. The referee was called to action, demanding that Waymoth let Mr. Infamous out of the corner before a count of five. Waymoth backed up as told but quickly pounced back on the attack. JBM slipped under the big man’s arms, quickly spinning him around and launched his own attack at Turnbull!

With the rope for leverage, JBM fired off a quick kick to the Waymoth’s left thigh, buckling the islander. He went for another but Waymoth caught the leg! Waymoth grabbed JBM by the face and shoved him off, showcasing his brute strength once again. Still, JBM’s speed allowed for him to quickly roll through to a recovery and send him charging towards Waymoth once again! Waymoth sidestepped, putting his own speed on display, sending JBM crashing chest first into the unforgiving turnbuckles! Waymoth bided his time as JBM stumbled backwards and right into Waymoth’s arms.


JBM folded like origami upon the impact! The Flyweight Champion was still resilient, already pushing himself back slowly to his feet. Unfortunately for him, Waymoth was already on his own two feet. Waymoth ran the ropes, parallel to where JBM’s was positioned. Waymoth quickly returned with a kick to the side of the head! The force of his steel-toe boot was enough to send Martinez rolling to the outside of the ring and flopping to the floor below. Waymoth followed closely behind, and now they were both bringing the action closer to the fans in the AoC.




Waymoth reached for Jimmy B., grabbing him by the neck and back to a full vertical base. Waymoth followed with an Irish whip towards the steel steps but Jimmy quickly hopped up on the steps, to the apron and just as fast, he was off again, catching Waymoth off guard with a sweet hurricanrana! Just like that, the Flyweight Champion was back in control of the match up (“Four!”). Waymoth shook the bats out of his dreads, getting back to his feet with the help of the nearby barrier (“Five!”). Jimmy was back on the offense, running in with a knee smash! Waymoth was back to his knees again, clutching his side as Jimmy slid back into the ring and quickly back out, effectively stopping the referee’s count.


Jimmy went to reach for the Savage Islander, but a quick right jab to the abdomen quickly placed a damper on whatever plans he had next. He knew Waymoth was stalling. Trying to recover. He pushed through it though, reaching for Waymoth again but was met with the same result with the left. Waymoth was back to his feet now, his assault continuing.




Jimmy quickly got his guard up, blocking as Waymoth pushed him back with each pounding blow. Waymoth quickly switched gears upon noticing, and snapped ‘The Rising Star’ up onto his shoulder, and charged the turnbuckle pole, slamming Jimmy spine first into cold metal! The Flyweight Champion grimaced in pain as he was tossed back into the ring (“EIGHT!”). Waymoth slid his way under the ropes, once again ending the referee’s count with two seconds to spare. Once on the inside, Waymoth pulled the Champ away from the ropes and quickly hooked the leg for a cover.



Jimmy rolled the shoulder and disrupted the count much to the dismay of the newcomer. Turnbull mounted the champion and continued the assault he started on the outside. Firing off a few closed fist punches to the face of the champ, Waymoth was able to once again bring out the initial dislike the Arena of Champions had for him the first go round in his match against Eiji. Referee Darius Underwood quickly realized the nature of the blows and quickly demanded that Waymoth release the champ from his grasp. Reluctantly he did so, arguing with the ref in the process. Once the exchange was over, Waymoth returned to the wounded JBM – the same who caught him off guard with a quick roll-up! “JBM was playing possum!”

Darius hit the mat with ferocity for the count.


TW—Waymoth quickly kicked out!

Both men were back to their feet, Waymoth chased the flyweight with a clothesline – MISS! JBM rolled under the swing, and returned the favor with a jumping calf kick! Waymoth stumbled backwards but still was on his feet! JBM turned it up again and came at the almost seven-footer. Waymoth saw this one coming, and lifted JBM into the air by the waist but the Flyweight turned tides on the Islander this time catching him with a spinning head scissors! Jimmy had the momentum in his favor and had no plans of letting up. With Waymoth off his feet, Jimmy head for the nearest corner. Grabbing on to the ropes, he took a quick look back to make sure that Turnbull was still down but knew he had to move fast. Jimmy hopped to the top turnbuckle and just as fast, jumped off with an elbow drop square into Waymoth’s chest!

“Jimmy with another cover!” Michael cheered.




Jimmy sat up in disbelief as Waymoth rolled over, clutching his chest area. ”I gotta put this guy away!” he mouthed to himself as he got back to his feet. Jimmy figured that the big man was still regaining his focus and stalked Waymoth once again. Jimmy went to pick him up and Turnbull unleashed a surprise of his own; BIG UPPERCUT!! Jimmy’s foundation was rocked with the uppercut as it sent him down to one knee. Waymoth yanked Jimmy back to a vertical base and snapped him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex! Waymoth stuck to his prey, picking him off the mat again and buckled him with a swift kick to the gut. Hook of the arms and DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER! Jimmy’s spinal area was being punished at this point in time and Waymoth showed no signs of easing up.

Waymoth looked over at Jimmy, and back to the turnbuckle behind them. He gave the crowd an idea of what was going to happen next as he pointed to Jimmy and then to the same turnbuckle.

“No! He can’t do that,” proclaimed Powers.

Waymoth dragged Jimmy with him, and once in position, threw him between his legs. Waymoth lifted the Flyweight Champion onto his shoulders into a crucifix. Waymoth turned and faced the turnbuckle as Jimmy hung feet above the air. Upon realizing his fate, The champ had no intention to become a victim of the maneuver Waymoth had called the WVD and crazily wiggled enough to slip off his shoulders! Jimmy quickly snapped the big man over with another schoolboy pin-up and a quick yank of the tights!

Darius Underwood came stumbling into the crowded corner where Waymoth was flat on his back and shoulders pinned to the floor. The referee took no notice to the tights being used for leverage and slapped the mat with valor.




With the ring of the bell, Jimmy did it! He had served the Islander his first official loss in jOlt Wrestling. However, despite the accomplishment, Jimmy didn’t think it wise to stick around for any kind of celebration. Sliding out the ring and grabbing his Flyweight Championship, Jimmy made his way back up the ramp. Beaten and heavy breathing and showering in the adoration from the Arena of Champions, “Mr. Infamous” gave Waymoth a reason to not underestimate any of the talent, especially it’s champions, in the building.

Back on the inside of the ring, Waymoth kicked at the bottom ropes furiously as he questioned the referee’s decision. Waymoth pointed at his tights several times as he tried without luck to explain to the referee how he had been slighted by the Flyweight Champ. The ref shook his head as he indicated to Waymoth that the decision will stay. The argument was going nowhere. Waymoth turned to storm off but then pauses when he was half way through the ropes.

“I don’t like where this is going at all,” Michael said with worry as Waymoth returned fully back into the ring. A villainous grin was plastered across his face as the referee realized that the Islander had stepped back into the squared circle. Darius backed up as Waymoth drew closer. It was like a scene out of a horror movie.

The live crowd jeered and booed as Waymoth reached and grabbed the official by the collar and ripped him forward. The panic agent begged and pleaded with monster to let him go. Waymoth adjusted himself to where he only held the official by his stripes in one hand, looking at his free hand as he slowly clenched his fist.

“No-no-no-no! Somebody stop this!” begged Michael this time.

Suddenly, Waymoth swung!

Wait…no, he didn’t! He faked it! The AoC had already witnessed via Bane Loneheart what that man’s fists could do but it looked like the ref. would be spared. Still, the message was loud and clear enough to the cowering official. There is very little doubt that Darius will be willing to officiate another bout involving Waymoth again. The feeling was, next time…he won’t fake it.

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"Slapping Some Sense"

Colby Korver Colby Korver sat in the dressing room backstage. The Power Struggle Invitational had taken a toll on him, which led him to believe he wasn’t cut out for the job he signed up to do. With only one victory throughout the tournament, he was beginning to lose confidence in himself as he doubled over on the bench with his elbows piercing his thighs.

About that time, The Sadistic One, Anson Larue entered the room. Once again he wasn’t scheduled tonight, he hadn’t been since he defeated The EGO on last week’s edition of iNtense. He noticed Colby down in the dumps, he hesitated to say anything at first, but he could resist it any more and had too.

“What da matter wit ya, kid?”

Colby looked up at the massive figure that was Larue's.

“I dunno if I’m gonna make it here. The competition is fierce man. I mean look at you, Craig, Waymoth, and Brone Haggard. You men are huge and strong, me--” Colby sighed, “I’m just a little guy barely making it.”

“Lissen to me.” Anson said, “Size don’t matta, neva has, neva will. It’s all about this--” he pounded his chest with his fist, motioning to the heart, “Don’t erva give up boy. Look at wha happen to da EGO las week. I broke him, I beat him. Dat man has no heart and it cost him.”

“It was a good match though, could have went either way--”


Larue’s hand slammed into a locker, “NO!” he shouted, obviously frustrated by Colby’s remark.

“Dere was no way in HELL, dat asshole was gonna beat me. I stayed positive an made damn sure of it too.”

Colby just sat there, shaking his head.


Larue reached down and lifted Colby up off the bench.

“Ya need some fire in ya ass and Imma gonna give it to ya.”


Larue’s palm crashed along the cheek of Korver.



“WHAT THE HELL DUDE!” Korver retaliated by shoving The Sadistic One, although he didn’t budge, it was a nice effort as Larue laughed.

“There ya go. Now get out there and let da fire burn boy!”

Anson grabbed Korver’s collar and tossed him into the hall.

“Go get’em.”

And then he slammed the door shut.

Korver was furious and maybe it was just what he needed rebound in jOlt.

"You Wanted to See Me?"

Aran Thompson Jim Johnson sat behind his desk thumbing through some paperwork, continuing the charade that he is a changed man, when a his office door opened and it immediately grabbed Johnson's attention.

"Ah, Aran, come in...come in..." Johnson said with a little enthusiasm.

Aran Thompson stepped through the threshold of his office and looked around before turning his attention completely to Johnson.

"You...asked to see me?" Aran questioned Johnson.

Jim motioned for Aran to come closer and have a seat but Aran just stepped forward and grabbed the back of the chair and snarled at Johnson.

"Now, I know that you're with Tom's baby girl and I know that you're like the heir apparent to the Williams legacy but this is a friendly call....I assure you."

Johnson sat back down and Aran seemed to let his guard down just a little.

"You do know I have this whole Vince Jacobs monkey perched on my shoulder right now, so can we just cut to the chase?" Aran demanded Johnson.

Jim Johnson smiled and motioned for Aran to have a seat once again before continuing the conversation.

"Lets talk shop, and then we can discuss this little.....tiff you have with Jacobs."

Colby Korver vs Eiji Kugasari
Colby KorverEiji Kugasari

As iNtense went to the ring, Colby Korver and Eiji Kugasari was standing in the ring, ready for our next match of the evening. It was another part of the Power Struggle Invitational and both competitors looked ready for action.

Especially Korver, who had a mild run in with Anson Larue a few moments ago, and he looked fired up as the bell signaled the start of the match. Immediately, Korver shot across the ring and began compiling a fist full of punches, however, Kuga parried a right hand, and caught Korver with a spinning round his kick and Korver hit the canvas, holding his skull.

“Oh what a shot from Kugasari!” Burhman called, “It came out of nowhere!”

“Colby shot out like a cannon, but it was reckless and it costed him.”

That it did as Eiji picked Korver off the mat and whipped him into the ropes. Eiji attempted a dropkick, but Korver hooked his arms around the top rope halting his progress. Eiji hit the mat and quickly popped back up, but Colby was back on the offensive with a quick combination of blows. Once again, Eiji parried them and spun around Colby with a waist lock. Colby sent a few elbows to Eiji, causing him to release the waist lock. Colby jumped into the air and spun around with a heel kick of his own to the crowds approval. Eiji staggered backwards, displaying his durability and balance, taught to him by his predecessor Ninja K. As Eiji staggered into the ropes, he rappelled off of it and hit Korver with a flying knee attack. Eiji headed for the ropes again and connected with a springboard moonsault splash followed by a cover.




Colby kicked out and immediately got back to his feet where Eiji sent several on point kicks to the knees, abdomen, and rib sections of the body until Colby was backed into the ropes. Eiji whipped Korver acrossed the ring into the opposite ropes, Eiji hurdled over Colby the first round, and waited for his opportunity on the second pass. When Colby came back around the second time, he connected with a headscissors takedown into an armbar!

Referee Darius Underwood checked on the status of Colby Korver!


And Underwood made the call.

Kusagari released the hold without hesitation, but he continued the assault by picking his opponent off the canvas and hooking an arm. He lifted Korver for a suplex, but Colby flipped over him and rolled Kugasari up with a school boy! Colby applied all his weight as he pinned Eiji’s knees into his shoulders.





And the crowd were cheering at the anicipation of the three count, but when Eiji kicked out of it, it brought out the “OHHHHHH!” in unison.

Colby immediately bounced off the ropes and hit Eiji with a dropkick as he was in the seat position, though it rolled Eiji backwards and onto his feet. Eiji darted at Colby and hit him with a flipping neckbreaker in awe inspiring fashion.

Eiji made the cover!





And we got the same reaction from the fans, just as before. Colby was barely able to lift his shoulder off the canvas just as the fans had anticipated.

Eiji stayed focus and lifted Colby back up off the canvas, but Korver swatted his arm down followed by a swift kick to the midsection followed by a double underhook suplex. Colby shot up and hopped onto the top of the turnbuckle, but Eiji stormed up and climbed to the second level of the turnbuckle with Korver. Both men were trading blows until Eiji lost his balance and landed back in the ring on his feet. Colby jumped onto his shoulders and began pounding the top of Eiji’s head with closed fist.

They spun around in the center of the ring and finally, Colby rolled Eiji over into a Victory Roll!





He did it!

Colby Korver had won again and he quickly left the ring area before Eiji could do anything about it, racing past the soldier in the metal mask on his way to the back.

Maybe this win would hoist his confidence on his shoulders.

Maybe not.

But one thing was for certain, Korver was back in the race tied with The EGO for third place in the Power Struggle Invitational.

Winner: Colby Korver via Pinfall

"Perplexed and Determined"

Reno Davis Donny Layne was seen backstage with microphone in hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you.. Reno Davis.”

Davis stepped into the scene and placed his hands on his hips as he looked down toward the floor. Donny brought the microphone up to his lips to begin his interview.

“Last week on iNtense, the tag match you had broke down into chaos. Tonight, it seems as if Jim Johnson has booked you in a match against your tag partner from iNtense at his request. According to Johnson, Grendel was very upset at your actions. How do you respond to that?”

Reno Davis smirked a bit before he answered the question.

“You know, Chris Titan tried to get me to join The Backbone, but that didn’t pan out the way he wanted. So Grendel and I have a bit of a common enemy. I didn’t think much of being in his corner, but apparently that burnt freak did. I don’t know what his problem is… perhaps it’s because I didn’t save him from a chair shot to the back of his crispy skull.. who knows. All I know is that tonight I have to face him in the ring, and quite honestly.. I really don’t care that much for Grendel. In fact, I’m going to hurt him worse than Sylo did when he torched his ass.”

Davis walked off as Donny Layne stood there with a shocked expression on his face. If Grendel heard those words, there would be hell to pay for them later tonight!

The scene faded to black.

The House vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Derrick HuberAdam RoebuckSweet Sweet Lovin

Two tag teams were vying for the next crack at the jOlt Tag Team titles that were currently held by Sven Deadly and Harbinger, also known as The Reckoning. Sweet Sweet Lovin may have had the advantage, being the former tag team champions, but The House had a dearth of experience behind them. They were also both monsters, so they had that going for them.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith played first and out came the aforementioned former jOlt Tag Team Champions to a nice pop from the crowd! The Arena of Champions was on their feet for Sam Sweet and Lennox Love, high fiving fans up and down the aisleway. Jon Katz Jr was behind them and led his team to the ring. Each man took a turnbuckle while Jon posed in the ring. Tonight was their chance to get back into the driver’s seat.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House!

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, smiling and flexing his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. In the other spotlight was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well.

Huber and Charlotte both slapped hands with fans on the way down to the ramp, ready for action. The usually stoic unknown soldier even took a step back at the sight of the two mastadons, neither's reflection fitting on his helmet entirely. The House seemed to be on the up and up and for the most part which did make Love and Sweet feel better about taking on the monsters. The bad news was that the two were almost a combined seven-hundred and seventy-seven pounds. Those numbers were actually bad luck for anybody facing them.

The bell rang as Huber and Love looked to start things off for his team first. Love and Huber were both the same height, but Love had a slender frame built for flying while The Oddsmaker had a frame built to kill you. The two men locked up only for Huber to toss him backwards several steps. Huber winked at Lennox and flexed his arm showing he wasn’t playing around.

Love nodded and clapped before he stood back up. Huber came charging, but Love jumped over him with a leapfrog and came back towards the ropes. He came back with a dropkick that didn’t take Huber down, but sent him staggering backwards towards the ropes. Love wasn’t playing around either, ready to get into action. He charged to the ropes and tried a shoulder, but Huber stopped him and nailed a shoulder block of his own that mowed down Lennox. He went right into a cover.



Lennox with the shoulder up. Huber pulled him off and chopped him in the chest before whipping him to the ropes. Lennox slid underneath him and caught him with a hook kick that staggered Huber again. The Oddsmaker charged, but Lennox ducked and rolled him up.



Close one, but Huber kicked out. Sweet Sweet Lovin were here to compete tonight. Lennox tried for a DDT, but Huber grabbed him and charged him into the corner before unloading on him with a series of Headbutts to the chest. While Lennox was doubled over, Huber tagged in big Roebuck and the two of them launched Lennox to the corner before a double shoulder block took him down.

Roebuck palmed him by the back of the head and ran Lennox into the corner. Charlotte was all smiles while Katz was in his corner, fearing for his safety. He held his hand out and yelled “FOUR OF A KIND” to the crowd before he unleashed a vicious series of open handed chops to the chest. The House weren’t complete assholes, but they weren’t going to hold back.

Lennox was doubled over while Roebuck tagged back to Huber. He grabbed his partner and launched him into the corner where he speared Love with a nice shoulder tackle. Love was doubled over when Huber whipped him off the ropes and hit the turnbuckle. Love bounced right into the grip of Huber and Huber muscled him around before dropping him hard with a military press powerslam. Huber went to the cover.



And he was saved by Sweet. Sam went back to his corner while Derrick Huber pulled Love back up. He grabbed Lennox by his head and lifted him up with intent for a suplex, but Lennox slipped out the back and landed on his feet. He chopped the leg out from under Huber and ran off the ropes to connect with a sliding clothesline.

He was down and finally had his opportunity to roll over and tag in Sam Sweet. Sweet was a big man himself, pushing six-two and three-thirty. He could put up a fight against Huber, no doubt.

The Oddsmaker saw him coming and socked him in the mouth as he entered the ring. Sweet stumbled around the ring as Huber led him into the corner with a slam. Sweet was hurt in the corner as Huber came running. He charged and went for a somersault attack in the corner, but Sweet moved and Huber crashed and burned.

Roebuck and Charlotte looked worried now for Huber as Sam Sweet took advantage. He nailed him with a clothesline in the corner. Huber was stunned on his feet and Sam whipped him across the ring and immediately followed that up with the body avalanche, completing the move combination he called the SWEET AND SOUR~! Huber was out on his feet when Sam grabbed him by the body and dropped him with a belly to belly suplex. He went for a cover on Huber.



Close, but no cigar! Roebuck watched his tag team partner get hit with a couple of head butts of his own and some jabs to the face. He pushed Huber into the ropes and tried for a back body drop but Huber stopped short and clobbered him with an uppercut. Huber staggered to the corner where the tag was made to The Big Bucks!

Big Roebuck made it into the ring and ran right past Sam Sweet, hitting the ropes before he came back and flattened Sam with a nasty standing body avalanche, Vader-style.

“Go get him, Roebuck!” Charlotte encouraged her client.

Adam bowled Sam Sweet over and grabbed him by the head, doubling him over with a couple of punches. Lennox Love ran into the ring to save his buddy, but all he got for his trouble was a pair of clotheslines from Roebuck followed by running in the corner and connecting with a massive running hip attack called THE BOTTOM DEALING~!

With Lennox Love out of the way, the fans cheered for Roebuck as he waited for Sam Sweet to deliver what would’ve been the finishing blow. He tried hoisting Sweet up on his shoulders, but he elbowed his way out of whatever he had next. Sam Sweet stunned him with the seated jawbreaker he called SWEET TOOTH~!

Roebuck was stunned against the ropes while Huber tagged himself in. He climbed into the ring and kicked Sam Sweet in the gut. He actually got the big man on his shoulders, but again Sam slipped out the back. Sam clocked Huber with a right hand and looked for another one of his moves, a fameasser that he called Candy Rain, but Huber moved. He didn’t miss with a very painful looking discus clothesline, the MONEYLINE~!

Sweet was blasted into next Tuesday while Roebuck and Huber regrouped. They both lifted Sam Sweet up in the air…


The double powerbomb nearly shook the ring and Jon Katz Jr groaned from the impact of the move while Charlotte jumped up and down for joy! Huber got the pin while Roebuck kept Lennox Love at bay.




Another win for The House, who now had a victory over the former jOlt tag team champions! Sweet Sweet Lovin were on their game tonight, but The House were that much better and could possibly be in line for a future title shot.

Charlotte joined her hubby and his best friend in the ring and planted a kiss on Huber while Roebuck raised his fists for the crowd. Lennox cautiously approached The House and went to check on his buddy who was gonna be seeing stars for the next couple of hours.

“Sorry about that, bud,” Huber said. “But we’re not holding back.”

Huber and Roebuck both offered Sam a helping hand off the canvas. Lennox looked at the monsters and then back to Sweet, who took it. They helped him back to his feet while Lennox held him in place. Huber raised the hand of Sweet to a nice pop before he whispered something to the guy.

“Hey, after the show, we go out when Sweetie Pie here get his bearings back. First drink’s on you guys since we won.”

The crowd cheered all of them. A hard fought fight and a good victory for The House, but competition they could all be proud of.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"It Was Good While it Lasted"

Superstar Vince Jacobs
"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen new music reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in another tailor made Armani suit made it to the stage as “Villain” by Theory of a Deadman erupted throughout the arena.

Jacobs smirked as he put his hand out to the side and the lovely Natalia walked out and stood by her man. SVJ held her hand as they walked down the ramp toward the ring. The fans gave Vince a mixed reaction as he looked around the arena. Perhaps wondering if he would see the mysterious masked soldier once more. Little did he know that the soldier was watching him like a hawk. However, Jacobs was all smiles as he made his in ring return to jOlt last week at Warriors 14. Jacobs took everything that Aran Thompson had and came out on top with a vicious Superstar Kick.

Jacobs continued to smirk as Natalia smiled, showing the elegance and grace that the Russian beauty had to offer. Jacobs climbed into the ring and held the ropes open for Natalia who slowly climbed into the ring amongst the whistles from the male fans in attendance.

Vince slowly walked around the ring as the lovely Natalia handed her man a microphone. Vince slowly raised the microphone to his lips but before he could speak some fans started chanting S-V-J!!! Jacobs smirked and paused before he spoke.

“I hate to be the one to come out here and say that I told you so but well. I told you all that Aran Thompson was nothing more than a mid-carder for life and last week at Warriors 14, in the main event I proved that.” Jacobs said as he received a mixed reaction.

“Some so called internet smarks think that Aran actually showed some skill and had a chance in that ring against the Icon. Well I shot that down with a thunderous right kick to the jaw. I’m tired of these punks thinking they can disrespect me and everything that I have done for this business. I am the greatest wrestler alive today and some of those punks in the back think that SVJ is a has been. Well Aran, I showed you first hand that SVJ still has some left in the tank. I carried you to a high rating worthy main event and you should be thanking me.” Jacobs smirked.

“I’ve done something in this company that no one else has ever done. I made Aran Thompson relevant. It’s like a theme for me. I come into jOlt and make people want to talk about my opponents as if they are important. I first made Sylo relevant and know I’m making Mr. Relentless relevant again. And people don’t think that I am a humanitarian.” Jacobs laughed as Natalia placed a hand on her man’s shoulder.

“After dispatching Aran Thompson I need high caliber competition. So Lee, this goes out to you sitting back in your office, I need main event caliber matches. Jim Johnson reinstated me because the main event scene is very lackluster with the champion we have right now. Damien, I’m in this ring and I want a match tonight that is suitable for a man of my talent. I believe that I need to come to the back and demand a match since Lee is too scared to come out here and give a match to the man is here to save jOlt from the boring.” Jacobs was about to continue when something stopped him.

"Vicarious" by Tool The people hit their feet in a standing ovation. Out from the back came Kenshiro Inogami. He looked poised and ready for action tonight. The man walked slowly to the stage as stood at the top looking down at Vince Jacobs and Natalia in the ring. The fans settled down as Ninja K pulled a microphone from his back.

“I have not had the honor to formally welcome you back to jOlt, Mr. Jacobs.” Kenshiro slowly walked around the stage as Jacobs looked on.

“I would say thank you but I know you Kenshiro, so what do you want I’m kind of in the middle of something right now.” Vince replied.

“While sitting in the back and listened to your unequivocal demand for better competition in that squared circle. I sought it as my personal obligation to remedy your situation given our storied & equally tenuous relationship. I heard your demands earlier and decided it was in best interest to approach Mr. Lee and inquire about your request for tonight.” Kenshiro stated.

The fans erupted in cheers because they could tell where this was headed.

Jacobs leaned over the top rope with a sly grin on his face. “Let me get this straight. You, Kenshiro Inogami want to step into the ring with ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs tonight.”

The whole entire arena erupted as these two rivals could be going one on one tonight.

“I have long awaited the opportunity to step into the ring with you, Vincent. Your mouth continues to spout diaritic diatribes after all these years. You will never change, Mr. Jacobs. However, I feel that it is with the utmost necessity that I step into the ring with you tonight to give you the competition that you so richly deserve.” Kenshiro said as he put the microphone to his side as the fans erupted in cheers.

Jacobs stood up in the ring from leaning over the top rope. “You want me tonight Kenshiro, well you got me for tonight.”

SVJ dropped the microphone in the ring as Kenshiro looked on at the Superstar for a few seconds before turning and leaving the stage.

Grendel vs Reno Davis
GrendelReno Davis

Last week was complete chaos between four men. For two of them, they were partners.. tonight… they were opponents. The Arena of Champions waited to see the next match

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera

Out from the back came Reno Davis. A man who served as Grendel’s tag team partner and a man who held opposition to Chris Titan and his invitation to join The Backbone. Davis walked down to the ring and stepped inside as he prepared himself for a big test ahead of him.

“Voodoo” by Godsmack

The people cheered once the vocals began to echo throughout the arena. Grendel stepped out from the backstage area and looked down at the ring at a man who, just one week ago, was his tag team partner. Grendel walked down to the ring and circled it as if he were stalking his prey. Grendel hopped up on the apron opposite of Davis and stepped in. Grendel looked ready so the referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled each other in the ring and then locked up. Grendel used his sheer power to back Davis into the corner. Grendel went to swing with a big right hand, but Davis ducked underneath and the two of them changed positions. Davis then fired rapid rights into the head of Grendel. Once Davis felt that Grendel was softened up enough, he attempted an irish whip to the opposite corner, but Grendel wasn’t going anywhere. Davis tried again, but Grendel just firmly stood his ground in the corner.

Davis tried to whip him for the third time. This time Grendel allowed him, but as soon as Grendel took a step forward, he used the space he created between himself and the corner by grabbing Davis in a front waist lock and tossing him over with a belly to belly overhead release suplex right into the turnbuckle pads!!

Davis hits back first against the turnbuckles and landed right on the back of his neck!! The crowd stood up because it looked as if Davis was hurt pretty badly. The referee quickly made his way over to check on Davis’ condition, but Davis gave the OK signal to the referee. That’s all that Grendel needed to see.

Grendel helped Davis back to his feet and shoved him back into the corner. Grendel then jammed his shoulder into the mid-section of Davis. Grendel repeated the shoulder blows until Davis slunk down in the corner. Grendel got some distance between himself and Davis and charged in.

Running knee strike to the face of Davis!

Davis looked to be out cold in the corner. Grendel grabbed Davis and dragged him to the center of the ring where he made the first, and possibly last, cover of the match.



Davis kicked out, much to everyone’s surprise!

Grendel pulled Davis to his feet and hit a headbutt that staggered Davis backwards. Davis ended up leaning against the ropes. Grendel walked over, but as soon as he got near Davis, Davis grabbed Grendel by his one piece tights and threw him through the top and middle rope and to the outside! Davis shook off the cobwebs and ascended the turnbuckle pads as he took aim at Grendel on the outside.

Grendel got back to his feet as Davis flew off with a top rope Hilo that took Grendel back down! The crowd cheered as Davis grabbed Grendel and pulled him back up to his feet. He then rammed Grendel back first into the ring apron. He then pulled Grendel away and rammed him back into the ring apron a second time. By this time, the referee was up to the count of five.

Davis then rolled Grendel back into the ring. Davis then got up onto the ring apron and grabbed a hold of the top rope. When Grendel stood, Davis leapt up and sprung off with a twisting back elbow strike that caught Grendel right in the face! Grendel went down and Davis quickly made the cover with the leg hooked.



Grendel powered out of the pin.

Davis pulled him up and attempted to irish whip Grendel across the ring, but Grendel reversed it and sent Davis to the ropes instead. Davis bounced back and ducked underneath an attempt at a clothesline from Grendel, but Davis but the brakes on and stopped short. Davis then quickly twisted and caught Grendel in the back of the head with the Pele Kick! Cover!



Grendel still kicked out!

With Grendel still down… Davis went to the corner and ascended to the very top turnbuckle pad with his back to the ring. Davis then flipped off with great acceleration, but Grendel moved out of the way and dodged the Upbeat Tempo.. the double rotation moonsault/knee strike.

Davis held his knees in pain as Grendel smelled blood. He quickly grabbed Davis and tried to wrap him up in Pain! The bow and arrow submission! Davis was fighting and holding on for dear life, but eventually, he broke free and Grendel wasn’t able to lock in the submission like he wanted to. Davis battled back up to his feet and hit a European Uppercut under the jaw of Grendel that staggered him back.

Grendel answered with a knee lift that doubled Davis over. Grendel then began clubbing away on the upper back of Davis. He then grabbed Davis and shoved him shoulder first into the steel ring post through the turnbuckle pads. Davis staggered back and Grendel grabbed him from behind, nailing a German Suplex! Grendel then mounted Davis and began to pound away on him… it appears as if blind rage came over the face of Grendel!

As Grendel pounded away, the referee told Grendel to get off of Davis, but Grendel wouldn’t comply. The referee tried to physically move Grendel, but again, Grendel wouldn’t budge. The referee then administered a five count.

One… Two… Three… Four…

Grendel finally released the hold, but he wasn't done yet! He picked Reno off of the canvas and just slung him to the outside and down to the floor. Despite the referee's warnings, Grendel followed to the outside. There, Grendel drove Reno back first into the ring apron. He then turned and drove Reno back first into the announce table. Before Reno could collapse to the floor, Grendel turned him around and then bounced his skull off the announce table.

As Reno laid there on the ground, Grendel began to dismantle the announce position, tossing aside the cover and the monitors. Once it was completely cleared off, Grendel pulled Reno up to his feet and lifted him high into the air. He then drove Reno back first through the announce table! The referee had seen enough and called for the bell!




Grendel mounted Reno in the rubble and then proceded to pound away on Davis despite being disqualified. All of a sudden, an unlikely pair of saviors hit the ringside area… it was Chris Titan and Lusus!

Titan and Lusus, although they were getting booed, grabbed Grendel and pulled him off of Davis. Chris Titan’s bodyguard then began to pound away on Grendel as he backed him up against the barricades. Titan then charged in as Lusus moved out of the way! Titan clotheslined Grendel up and over into the front row. Grendel staggered up to his feet and stared back at Titan and Lusus before he made his way through the crowd, leaving in anger and frustration.

Of all people to come to Davis’ aid… why Titan and Lusus? Why now?

Winner: Reno Davis via Disqualification

"The Countdown Continues"

The House As the Arena of Champions eagerly waited for the next match of iNtense; the last few fans finding seats, which became very difficult as the arena lights flickered and then went off. Fading in over the PA system was “Bullets” by Creed. The jOltvision screen then came a live and the repeating blinking underscore bar appeared, as it has done in previous shows.



Still unsure what to make of this the Arena of Champions, filled with cheers and a chorus of boos, small glimpses of light start to shine, as cell phones were held in the air to give some form of light.

The jOltvision remained blackened for several moments before an ominous electronic device with a multicolored array of wiring and lights become the focus of the screen. END.GAME.GOV was affixed above a digital display...


lighting adorning the electronic device began dancing as the foreboding countdown had been initiated...

438:43:10... 438:43:05.. ....Angry Static...

Bullets install stops playing and all the lights in the Arena of Champions power back on.

Ninja K vs "Superstar" Vince Jacobs
Ninja KSuperstar Vince Jacobs

Camera Fourteen opened with a casual pan across the southwestern section of the Arena of Champions before the angry cackle of the jOltvision to life...

“Pro Wrestling’s Phenomenon – The Icon – The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber – The Reason There is a Show”

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman rattled out from the state-of-the-art PA system, piercing through the audible wall of negative heat as the visual eye candy continued to dance before the masses. Extending his arms outward, a volatile barrage of Purple & Gold pyro rocked the entrance staging area and left a partially thick overcast in its wake.

The curvaceous Natalia Simonov flared her hip out while planting a sultry kiss on her man’s jaw before smirking before the angry sheep. On cue, Jacobs led the way down the ramp as Simonov was busy promoting her king’s greatness proudly.

The Arrogant One sneered as Simonov parted the ropes for him to enter the ring, basking in his own light while stoking the flames of resentment of his harshest critics. Random articles of debris were cast toward the ring as ’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs stood atop the nearest turnbuckle, gracing the wrestling world with his presence. Jacobs casually made his descent as his musical introduction ebbed out of earshot...


”Vicarious” by Tool jump started both the ominous screens and the masses for several moments until Exit 24 became the focal point with the trademark smoldering smoke & strobe lit entrance. The Athletic Freak of Nature entered the arena with both the returning lights and a positively notable response as Ninja K made his descent down the audience stair well, en route to the squared circle. As if a rock in the middle of a stream, the metal-faced soldier stood his ground, as fans rushed past him in hopes of coming up close to the beloved ninja warrior.

Clad in the colors of Marble & Obsidian, Kenshiro angrily rounded the ring with his opponent, hounded him from behind the ropes. White bandages were wrapped around the ninja’s left shoulder, upper portion of his arm, right thigh and across his chest as he cleared the barricades.

Powers: "this is going to be one hell of a match. This is big enough to main event a Pay-Per-View!“

Buhrman: Indeed, it is. The Athletic Freak of Nature versus The Superstar. It's a match only the minds of humanity can dream of!

Referee Simon Boulder kept Jacobs at bay as The Ronin stood atop the turnbuckles for several moments before dropping down inside the ring. The musical intro subsided, giving way the crowd volume that promoted that infamous big fight atmosphere. The stoic Ninja held court in his corner as Vince Jacobs wrung his wrists and extremities in preparation before the opening bell turned them loose...


Both rivals stood several feet apart at the ring’s epicenter, engaged in a visual stare down before encircling one another. SVJ pounced and cinched in a grinding Standing Side Head Lock. Ninja’s inspection of the hold prompted Jacobs to adjust himself to retain his dominance before bringing it down to one knee. Kenshiro quickly rolled backward, pinning Jacob’s shoulders back...1! ....2! Vince quickly rolled to a seated posture while maintaining the hold. A measured set of Forearm Strikes led SBJ back to a vertical base before Ninja spiked him into the mat with a Bridging German Suplex! ...1! ...2!

SVJ shook his head wildly briefly yet managed to secure the original hold. Having weakened his rival’s stance, Ninja leaned the California native against the ropes before shoving him towards the opposing ropes. Jacobs reversed the momentum with a Standing Hip Toss but the nimble ninja landed in a single kneeling posture. A Stiff Back Elbow by Kenshiro aborted the Superstar’s momentum, sending him to the canvas and rolling to the outside to recollect himself.

Powers: Ninja K was sent Jacobs to the outside with that back elbow.. The Superstar is now on the defensive

Buhrman Ninja K is such a tremendous talent, Jacobs is going to have to use this time on the outside to rethink his strategy.

SVJ slapped the ring apron and cast a menacing scowl back inside the ring before reentry. Ninja wrung both wrists before colliding with his rival with a Head & Collar Tie Up. SVJ would eventually force Ninja down to a knee with a taunt Arm Wringer. Checking the hold, Kenshiro used a Single Hand Front Handspring to counter with an Snap Over The Shoulder Arm Drag. Jacobs sought to recover yet the Ninja swiftly led him away with a Hammer Throw.

Vincent with the Reversal. Jacobs’ Short Armed Clothesline sailed overhead, allotting the Osakan native to bundle SVJ up with a Forward Leg Sweep Cradle Pin...1! ...2! Kick out! Jacobs reclaimed his footing to stand at the receiving end of a searing Reverse Knife Edge Chop! The follow up Overhand Slap to the Chest sent SVJ reeling along with the audible Ric Flair tribute overheard.

A stumbling Jacobs retreated to the ropes & sticking his upper body through the ropes, prompting Referee Boulder to intercede on his behalf. An agitated ninja swatted away Boulder’s hand which gave SVJ the opening to jam a Thumb into the Ninja’s eye. A Right Hook sent Kenshiro stumbling back a few paces. Left Hook. A European Uppercut floored the Ronin before Vince grabbed him by the hair and planted him with a Snap Suplex.

Rotating his hips, The Ratings Grabber proceeded to blast Kenshiro with a Front Suplex before swiveling himself back to a vertical position again. An intentional Delay Vertical Suplex prompted a mixture of jeers & cheers as Jacobs presented a Middle Finger amidst planting his masked adversary into the mat. The Arrogant One would float over to a knee to ‘dust his hands off’ before covering with a lazy Lateral Press...1! ...2! Shoulder!

Star Light - Kenshiro angrily clawed his way toward the ropes while trapped Jacob’s Dragon Sleeper w/ Body Scissors Hold. Referee Boulder knelt down nearby yet Kenshiro waved him off before finally latching onto the bottom rope. The in ring official angrily counted until Jacobs broke free at the count of 4. The senior ref backed SVJ down who held his hands up, allowing Simonov a free shot at Ninja.

The masses responded in kind as Kenshiro clenched her by the wrist before slipping off the ring apron after her. Desperately struggling with her captor, Natalia swung her free hand at Ninja’s face leaving her at the mercy of the Ronin’s wrath. The incensed ninja palmed her face & shoved her soundly to the floor, promoting a audible response from the crowd.

Powers: Ninja K firmly sending a message to Natalia Simonov. If I were her, I'd take that message and leave.

Buhrman No doubt. Ninja K means business.

Camera Five shifted the perspective as SVJ violently ran down Kenshiro with a Running Lariat from behind, igniting geyser of animosity from the crowd. Cradling his head, Ninja struggled to recover as the arrogant Wrestling Phenomenon stood overhead taunting him. SVJ grabbed The Ronin by the hair, dragging him to his fee before whipping him toward the ring steps. The nimble ninja used a Diving Somersault to avoid the impending collision. An angry Jacobs gave chase vaulting airborne with a Flying Double Ax Handle yet was floored by Kenshiro’s Standing Back Thrust Kick to the Jaw!

Slightly lurching over the fallen Wrestling God, Ninja stared at the frantic Simonov before promptly resetting the referee’s count. With a handful of hair, Ninja dragged the groggy Jacobs to one knee before slamming him soundly spine first against the ring steps. Jacobs groaned audibly before the Osakan native’s Front Thrust Kick to the Chest sandwiched SVJ against the metal again.

Powers: Ninja K has Vince Jacobs pinned. How will Jacobs get himself out of it?

Buhrman Vince Jacobs is the reason there is a show. I'm sure he has something in mind to get him out of this.

An ailing Jacobs keeled over clutching his chest before ripped off the mats and bounced angrily off the ringside barricades. Ninja would fling his prideful rival back inside the ring before following suit. SVJ blindly stumbled about to regain his footing yet manages to freeze Ninja with a Quick Stomp to the Mid Section. An Overhead Clubbing Forearm set up the Hammer Throw to the ropes. Reversal.

A Short Arm Forearm Strike rocked the Superstar as he was spiked into the canvas with The OsakPlex! Seppuku! Ninja’s Double Stomp to the Chest knocked the wind out of the Rating’s Grabber as Kenshiro made the cover...1! ...2! Boulder broke the count as he pointed at Jacobs’ foot draped on the ropes. The masses were booing at Simonov who was inaudibly pleading her case of neutrality.

Powers: Simonov just placed Jacobs' foot on the ropes!

Buhrman It was a brilliant move. I don't think Jacobs could have kicked out of that double stomp.

The groggy Californian clawed his way forward before Ninja assaulted him with a barrage of Back Mounted Cross Face Punches before referee Boulder intervened. Ninja rode the wave of momentum by volatile trio of Buzzsaw Kicks before delivering one to the Skull that sent Jacobs’ tumbling off the ring apron. Patrons heckled the fallen Superstar as Natalia rushed to aid to comfort him. Kenshiro ignored the roaring masses while motioning Vincent to return to the ring. The impatient ninja rolled to the outside with Simonov protesting the Osakan native’s advances. Natalia’s attempt to slap him failed as he parried the blow before casting her aside, inadvertently giving Jacobs a clear shot to floor Ninja with a stiff Yakuza Kick.

A panting SVJ spurned the masses with an arrogant sneer before blasting Ninja with a Running Kick to the Ribs, coupled by a half dozen Stomps to the body. A Running Knee Lift knocked the ninja back down, allowing the self-professed wrestling deity to a brief moment to showboat before flinging the ninja along the ring apron. Jacobs would point toward the heavens before connecting with a picturesque Running Ring Apron Elbow Drop before slapping the ailing ninja to add insult to injury.

SVJ whipped his hair back before motivating Simonov to recollect herself before snatching his rival dragged him inside for the pin...1! ...2! Kickout! Annoyed, Jacobs would stare at the ref before standing erect. Vince would taunt the masses verbally before locking in the 4 Star - A Standing Figure Four Leg Lock.

The pro-Ninja contingent urged him on as Kenshiro continued resisting the submission hold. Defiantly, the Osakan native managed to scrape the ropes with his fingertips before securing a stern hold. Referee Boulder ordered Jacobs to let go, using a stern count before prying the Superstar off the ailing ninja. SVJ & Boulder briefly exchanged some strong words between each other before Jacobs whipped Kenshiro to the opposing turnbuckle. The impact sent Ninja staggering backwards as the streaking Jacobs vaulted off the ropes with a Springboard Flying Cross Body but Kenshiro reverse somersaulted himself to his feet, spun him about & bending SVJ in half with the Spirit Breaker!

The audience cheered as the ninja took a moment on all fours to recuperate. The ailing Jacobs grimaced angrily while a frantic Simonov continued slapping the ring apron. Ninja casually stood erect & used a blistering Kick to the Ribs to send Jacobs staggering backwards into the corner. A Ric Flair chant chased after each audible salvo of Knife Edge Chops & Overhand Slaps to the Chest.

Irish Whip to the opposing corner by Ninja. Jacobs rolled along the ropes out of harm’s way, allowing Ninja to nimbly roll off the turnbuckles onto the ring apron. The Ronin ducked underneath the Standing Clothesline and run up the adjacent turnbuckle yet the wily Jacobs shoved Kenshiro off to crash & burn on the outside. The thinking man’s heel embittered most of the crowd by tapping his temple before rolling off the ring apron. Jacobs mockingly laughed before connecting with a stiff Right Hand. A Clubbing Forearm followed by a Knee Lift allowed SVJ to lay Ninja prostrate along the ring apron before delivering a stern European Uppercut! Jacobs took a moment to single out a pro Ninja fan before spiking Kenshiro off the apron with a Hangman’s Neck Breaker to the floor...

[Anti-Jacobs Contingent]”FUCK YOU, JACOBS! (Clap 5x) FUCK YOU, JACOBS! (Clap 5x)...

SVJ arrogantly basked in their disapproval with a tangible air of bravado before reentering the ring. Referee Boulder continued his count until Ninja managed to gradually pull himself back onto the ring apron. Meantime, Simonov tossed Jacobs a clean towel to clean the sweat off himself before tossing it back over the ropes. Moving Boulder aside, Jacobs connected with a Clubbing Forearm before incensing the masses with his trademark sneer as he cinched Ninja up with a Standing Front Face Lock...

Powers: “IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME! Ninja’s the next victim to be STARSTRUCK!

Buhrman This is it. Jacobs has him right where he wants him!

Jacobs hoisted the ninja upward yet caught a Quick Knee Strike to the Face. SVJ dropped to a knee while holding. Kenshiro followed suit but Jacobs countered with a Standing Heel Hook. Jacobs spun about for a Hangman’s Noose Neck Breaker. Kenshiro reared back & pulled SVJ inward for a Short Arm Forearm Strike only for Jacobs to stand poised to deliver with a Russian Leg Sweep. Jacobs ate an Open Palm Punch to the Jaw, leaving him open to be crowned with a Back Flip Kick to the skull! Powers: Ever the resilient one... Ninja K got himself out of that situation and perhaps it's Ninja K that has Jacobs where he wants him after hitting that devastating kick!

BuhrmanThe Crescent Moon Slash by Ninja!

Shaking the cobwebs free, Ninja extended his arms outward as the wobbly Jacobs stumbled back to his feet...The Iron Maiden! Camera One panned in closer as the writhing Jacobs’ back was being punished via Full Nelson Butt Slam followed by a Front Flip Full Nelson Submission Bridge. Referee Boulder knelt down amidst the cascade of crowd heat to assess the Superstar’s condition. Frantically shaking his finger in defiance, SVJ gnashed his teeth as his captor steadily applied more torque to the maneuver. A desperate Simonov reached underneath the ropes and began tugging at the Ninja’s left ankle to pry him off. Visibly agitated, the limber assassin arched up to a vertical base to reach over the ropes & seize a handful of Natalia’s hair. Jacobs collapsed onto his side, cradling his neck...

Looking for Trouble (Feat. Pusha-T, Cyhi Da Prynce, J.Cole, Kanye West & Big Sean) by G.O.O.D Music Mixtape

An initially diverse yet audible reaction erupted from the masses as the jOltvision was immediately activated. Camera Three briefly monitored Ninja loosening his grip on Natalia, training his attention towards the abrupt disturbance. Camera Two noted an ailing SVJ cradling his head while staring toward the rampway. Dress in Red & Black, the charismatic Duzza, accompanied by the lovely Sweet Aroma appeared at the entrance staging area.

With her hand on her hip & a proud smirk on her face, Aroma sauntered her way toward the ring as Duzza nodded & played to both the camera. The crowd continued roaring in kind as Cameras Fifteen, Eleven & Eight followed the advancement of Dallas Griffin, Status Quo & Khadafi respectively - each descending from opposing arena stair wells toward the ring.

Duzza: “Fellas...Fellas; What’s good? Hope we’re not interrupting anything serious between you two, are we?”

Both Jacobs & Ninja traded glances at each other and the approaching convoy that have began stalking them from the outer perimeter of the ring.

Duzza: “You see me & the boys have been actually talking about ’making a statement’, you know what I’m saying? ...And seeing that the ’Mister Ninja Man....’Mister Break Bad’ has the nuts to...uh...’show his unnatural chinky-eyed ass’ and hassle one of our just can’t let that ride...That would be just bad all the way around so...

The crowd responded audibly as Sweet Aroma knocked Simonov to the floor with a stern Slap across the Face. Natalia bounced off the ring apron & retaliated with a Slap of her own before clawing at her rival’s face. Aroma landed a vicious Forearm to Simonov’s face followed by her grabbing her hair and slamming Simonov against the barricades, leaving her disheveled. Inaudibly, Aroma angrily taunted her Russian rival before kicking her in the stomach.

“BEAT THAT BITCH!” Duzza exclaimed. “BEAT HER!”

Camera Three & Five exchanged views of the pack of ravenous henchmen each testing the patience of both Jacobs & Kenshiro. Begrudgingly, both rivals stood back to back on the defensive. Briefly, Simonov managed to fight back & gain a running start away from Aroma before Dallas Griffin forcibly shoved her to the ground. A tsunami of jeers arose as Sweet Aroma pounced on her again.

“Now Jacobs; all I can say is we don’t discriminate here...‘WRONG PLACE. WRONG FUCKING TIME, HOMEBOY!” Duzza bellowed.

A growing wave of unstable heat arose as the reigning jOlt Wrestling Relentless Champion was seen sauntering from the backstage area & casually advancing toward the squared circle.

“Now Keni; seems pretty clear to us like you're looking for 'Trouble'” JCON mentioned. “...Well tonight is your unlucky night cause ya just found find it!" stated Conspiracy who received a high five from Dallas Griffin following that statement before bouncing the microphone against the floor.

The Jury were quick to dive into the ring and were met head on by both Jacobs & Ninja. Khadafi & SVJ wildly exchanged blows as Kenshiro clashed with Statuz Quo. The Superstar quickly repelled the advances of Dallas Griffin with a stiff Back Elbow yet Khadafi dropped Jacobs with a Left Hook to the Abdomen before unloading a hail of fists onto Jacobs.

Ninja was caught hobbling Statuz Quo with a blistering Snap Kick to the Thigh before Conspiracy snuck in & spiked Kenshiro into the mat with a Release Head & Arm Back Suplex. The leading general began barking orders to continue their assault onto both targets as Simonov managed to slam Aroma spine first against the ring steps before sliding into the ring & covering Jacobs with her own body.

JCON quickly slid to the outside to attend to his ailing wife as Duzza slid into the ring & cinched Ninja into a Grounded Front Face Lock, allowing Khadafi to work him over. Meanwhile, Statuz Quo ripped Natalia away screaming by her hair allowing Dallas Griffin to use the ropes to wedge his boot heel against Jacobs’ throat. Dallas arrogantly took a moment to taunt the crowd before locking in a Side Head Lock & driving punches to Jacobs’ head. The defiant Superstar began slamming Forearms into his captor’s rib cage to free himself.

Kenshiro was dragged up to his knees by Duzza & Statuz Quo as Khadafi continued taunting & slapping the ninja across the face. Khadafi shot towards the opposing ropes yet quickly Kenshiro drove his Right Elbow into Duzza’s sternum before drilling Statuz Quo with an Open Palm Punch to the Palm. MORNING STAR KICK by Ninja on Khadafi, bounding him violently against the ropes. JCON slid into the ring and began swinging at his rivals head.

The Superstar drove the masses by ducking underneath Griffin’s Running Yakuza Kick to floor Statuz Quo with an brutal Lariat. Swivelling about, Jacobs caught Griffin off guard...A STAR IS BORN! An ailing Dallas favored his spine while rolling toward the ring apron. Both Buhrman & Powers were adamant about the catfight breaking out in front of the broadcast area as Natalia & Sweet Aroma spilled over onto the time keeper’s position.

The Unlikely Alliance briefly stared at each other before uniting to literally clean house inside the ring. The Jury blindly charged after the embittered duo only to be send tumbling over the top ropes in short order. The Relentless Champion quickly slipped outside the ring to retrieve his wife before making a slight retreat from the battlefield. Jacobs & Ninja stood defiantly inside the ring as the pack of human hyenas began slowly backpedaling up the ramp way. A lot of finger pointing and trash talking was audibly drowned out by the roaring masses.

Kenshiro looked over his shoulder to note Jacobs attending to Simonov in the opposing turnbuckle. SVJ scowled yet nodded before turning his attention to Natalia. JCON & his brood continued to hold court several meters away from the ramp’s end as Ninja motioned for the crew to return for another round. The encroaching mom appeared hesitant in their return prompting The Ronin to alert Jacobs...SUPERSTAR KICK! A brief gasp was the precursor to a livid storm of heel heat as a chuckling Jacobs swept the hair from his face, standing arrogantly over the comatose ninja. Most of JCON’s entourage celebrated the shattered alliance as SVJ cautiously escorted Natalia to the outside near the announce table.

Like piranha onto a fresh kill, Conspiracy ordered his thugs to storm the ring and exact revenge. Meanwhile, arena security assisted Natalia over the barricades while Jacobs silently basked in the ninja’s demise. An energetic Duzza quickly scaled the ropes as The Jury work Kenshiro over. Extending his arms outward, Duzza basked longingly in the moment before flattening Kenshiro with a Top Rope Frog Splash! The fallen assassin cradled his mid section as Conspiracy stood over him and rose the Relentless Championship overhead much to the chagrin of the public.

Jacobs arrogantly snatched popcorn from a unwary fan’s possession and began munching casually away as JCON motioned for Sweet Aroma to make her ascent. Slowly but surely, his better half stood atop the turnbuckle before antagonizing the crowd with a intentional Prom Queen wave...

Suddenly, an abrupt total of 4 flashes were set off sporadically both inside & outside the ring promoting brief plumes of smoke to billow forth. Khadafi & Griffin were quick to pull Aroma off the turnbuckles amidst their unified retreat from the ring. Jacobs & Simonov were too quick to set respectable distance from the barricades in the crowd.

The Arena of Champions exploded as Kenshiro’s forces had arrived; ascending from a kneeling posture, an ominous masked titan was the first to stand. Accompanied by a figure, adorned with both tattered clothing & beard, protruding underneath a weather beaten coolie hat. Eiji Kugasari arose & was to first to kneel by his battered lord’s side as the elder statesman Mamoru sauntered forward, adorned in Black & Crimson ninja attire sans the mask. The small band of ninja consolidated their forces while gathering their comrade as JCON ordered his forces to hold fast.

Camera Seven trained itself on a slightly unnerved Jacobs nodding while walking away backwards only to be blind sided by Aran Thompson! The entire Southeastern section reveled in the impromptu brawl between Mr. Relentless & The Superstar that spread through the cluttered surroundings before Jacobs gins some separation & broke into a dead sprint to the nearest exit with Thompson in hot pursuit!

Meanwhile, ’Vicarious’ by Tool cranked up overhead as Conspiracy’s clique noisily barked at the ninjas before Eiji rose his hand to the heavens & threw several smoke bombs onto the canvas. A brief moment of thick overcast began to dissipate, revealing an empty squared circle and a jubilant crowd in its wake...

Winner: No Contest

"Underground Funk"

Aran Thompson Aran, uncharacteristically happy for a man who just walked out of the office of Jim Johnson, walked through the halls of the Arena of Champions with Laurie Williams by his side; but Laurie didn't seem to be as happy as Aran was.

"I don't trust him, hon. Johnson had a way of manipulatin' muh'paw and I think he's gotten to you too, babe." Laurie pleaded with Aran as he walked down the hallway and suddenly stopped.

Aran smiled forward and never responded to Laurie.

"Well....Well....Well...." Aran began.

"If it isn't Darky Dark and the Funky Bunch." Aran said with a condescending smile.

The camera panned over to see The King Of Hell, Derecho who snarled at Aran.

"You better state what you want and then get out of my way." Derecho shot back.

Laurie Williams slowly stepped back as Derecho's glare darted back and forth between Aran and Laurie, clearly upsetting Laurie.

"Well..." Aran began.

"Seems as though, that match I had with Vince Jacobs on Warriors-" Aran tried to finish his thought but Derecho cut him off.

"I'm not interested in boring history... especially history that involves you and your precious losses" Derecho spat out.

Aran stopped and slowly breathed in trying to mask his anger.

"Nice to see you still have an award winning sense of humor, especially after that stunt you pulled with Sylo last week. But how about this for a joke...."

"Who is six foot two, two hundred and forty-two pounds, and has a shot at your Underground Championship...tonight."

Derecho quickly figured out where this was going and clutched his Underground Championship close to his chest.. much like a child holding onto a secruity blanket. Aran saw that and grinned.

"Tonight, the King of Hell is slain."

Aran reached back for a terrified Laurie Williams who looked at Aran like he was a mad man for even approaching Derecho to begin with and Aran walked away while Derecho realized that now he would have to look out for a Superbeast while a rising superstar looked to relentlessly claw his way to the top.

"The Enemy of My Enemy is Also My Enemy"

Reno Davis Jim Johnson was sitting in his office where there was a knock on his door. Johnson stopped fiddling with his paperwork as he looked up toward the camera.

“Come in”, scowled Johnson

Into view came Reno Davis. Davis stood there as Johnson smirked.

“Have a seat”, stated Johnson

Reno looked down at the chair and then back up at Davis.

“I’d rather stand.”, replied Davis.

“Fine…”, scuffed Johnson. “Have it your way. I called you in here because no doubt you want a measure of revenge for what happened to you earlier tonight with Grendel so being a man who is trying to turn over a new leaf here in jOlt, I decided to do something for you next week on iNtense.”

Reno folded his arms as he stood there, prepared for something evil and diabolical from Johnson. After all… it wouldn’t be shocking coming from someone like him.

“You see… I noticed the same odd thing you did. The man you faced last week… the man who is the bodyguard of someone you can’t stomach, came to your aid. Well… Maybe not to your aid… maybe it was for personal gain, but the point is.. the two of you have a common interest.. and that’s Grendel. So… right here on next week, you and Lusus will be partnering up to take on Grendel in a two on one handicap match.”

Davis didn’t really know what to say, but he didn’t really look any more relaxed.

“I’m sure the two of you can put your differences aside to achieve a common goal. Have fun getting your revenge.”, Johnson said with a smirk.

Davis smirked, too as he turned and exited Johnson’s office.

Derecho vs. Aran Thompson
DerechoAran Thompson

The arena anticipated this match as Aran Thompson… Mr. Relentless… was getting a shot at The King of Hell and his Underground Championship. With Derecho mentally weakened by Sylo… Aran Thompson had a good shot at unseating the champion here tonight, especially after he delivered the news to Derecho just a few short moments ago!

“Champion” by Grinspoon

Thompson stepped out from the backstage area to an ovation from the crowd. It’s as if the crowd was sending their hopes through him to end the reign of the only man in jOlt to have never lost his championship title. Thompson seemed fired and ready as he stepped into the ring.

“One Reason” by FADE

Out from the back stepped Derecho with the Underground Championship clutched close to his body. After being pinned by Sylo and then by Jonathan Conspiracy, Derecho felt his reign slipping away from him. It has taken a mental toll on him and Derecho looked as if he could cave at any moment. Derecho stepped into the ring where the referee wanted Derecho to hand over his championship, but Derecho refused to do so.

The referee told him that this was a title match and he needed the championship. Derecho reluctantly handed over the championship belt. The referee held it up high and then passed it off to ringside where he called for the bell.




Immediately Derecho headed for the ropes and leapt out of the ring. Aran Thompson looked on in bewilderment as Derecho stared back into the ring from the floor mats. Maybe this was bait… or maybe Derecho really was that paranoid about losing his championship. Derecho paced back and forth as if he were trying to formulate a plan in his head. Thompson decided to take a shot.

Thompson gained a full head of steam and hit a baseball slide kick under the bottom rope. It connected with Derecho and caused him to fall down to the foot of the entrance ramp. Surprised it actually worked, Thompson exited the ring and pulled Derecho up to his feet. He then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him into the barricades at the base of the ramp. The fans cheered on Aran as he brought Derecho up only to whip him to the opposite side and back into the barricades.

Derecho tried to crawl away toward the ring, but Thompson charged in and dropped an elbow into the lower back of Derecho. Thompson pulled him up and placed Derecho in a front waist lock. He then drove Derecho back first into the ring apron and the crowd was loving every minute of it. Thompson grabbed Derecho and rolled him back into the ring. He then hopped up on the ring apron and grabbed a hold of the top rope.

Derecho was slow to get back up, but once he did, Aran leapt to the top rope and sprung off with a flying cross body, but Derecho leapt up and caught him mid-air with a drop kick! Derecho got back up to one knee as he stared at Thompson who just took a hard landing. Derecho walked over and brought Thompson back up, but Aran fired a fist into the side of Derecho’s ribs. He fired another shot and then finally a third shot which caused Derecho’s grip to loosen. Aran backed up into the ropes and came back with a forearm to the face of Derecho, but Derecho countered when he grabbed the arm and tried to force Aran down into a crossface submission.

Aran stayed on his feet and fought against. Eventually, Aran used his strength and hip tossed Derecho over onto his back. Derecho popped back up and charged back in toward Aran, but Aran used Derecho’s momentum and dropped him across his knee with a Tilt-o-Whirl Back Breaker! Aran made the first cover of the match.



Derecho popped the shoulder up.

Aran brought Derecho up to a seated position and then planted both feet into the back of Derecho’s skull with a low drop kick. Aran then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron where he searched for a weapon. Aran found a table and slid that into the ring.

Aran then climbed up on the ring apron, but Derecho slid the table under the bottom rope where it hit Thompson in the feet. Thompson slipped off the ring apron and fell face first into the table on the way down!!!

It looked as if Aran was bleeding from the mouth on that hit as he writhed in agony on floor. Derecho then stood on the folded up table and grabbed the top rope. When Aran reached his feet, Derecho slung himself over with a cross body block and took Aran back down to the ground. Derecho shook off the landing and got back to his feet. He grinned as he spied a steel chair at ringside… his favorite weapon.

Derecho went to make his way over when Thompson grabbed him by the leg. Thompson then used it to stand as Derecho tried to keep his balance on one foot. Thompson then grabbed Derecho’s leg and swung it with full force toward the ring apron where the table was sticking out. Derecho’s leg caught the edge of that table!

Derecho hobbled away as he held his leg in pain. Aran then charged in and delivered a stiff lariat to the back of Derecho’s head! The crowd popped as Aran then pointed to Derecho’s favorite weapon.. the steel chair! Aran grabbed Derecho and dragged him along for the distance. When they got to the steel ring steps, Aran laid Derecho across them and then walked over and picked up the steel chair. Aran pointed to Derecho and the crowd wanted to see it.

Aran lifted up the chair and then swung with all his might!


Aran just sandwhiched Derecho between the chair and the ringsteps! The collision echoed throughout the arena! Aran lifted the chair and struck once again! Derecho laid there motionless after both brutal hits. Aran saw his opportunity and tossed the chair into the ring, just in case he needed. Aran then grabbed a lifeless Derecho and rolled him back in. Once Derecho was in, Thompson slid in after him and made the cover!



Thre… NO!

Shoulder up by Derecho and the crowd booed.

Thompson then called for the Icarus Switch… and he looked to do it on top of the steel chair he brought into the ring with him. Thompson pulled Derecho up to his feet and then placed him in the Abdominal Stretch… he had Derecho positioned right where he wanted him, but Derecho countered it with a hip toss!

There was life left in the Underground Champion after all. Derecho waited for Aran to stand and when he did, he drilled him with a clothesline down to the canvas! Aran popped back up and Derecho drilled him with another clothesline. Derecho then waited for Aran to stand. Once Aran was vertical, he kicked him in the stomach and placed him in a front chancery…

Vertical Suplex

Derecho held on and pulled Aran back to his feet. He hooked him once again and took him over.

Snap Suplex.

Derecho continued to hold on.. This was the trifecta known as the F3… he was one move away from finishing it. Derecho then lifted Aran for the Split Legged Gordbuster, but out of nowhere, Derecho lifted Aran onto his shoulder, twisted so that he was next to the chair and…


Derecho mixed in his finisher right in the middle of his F3 Combination! Cover!



Thre…. NO!!!!!!!

Aran just kicked out of Derecho’s finisher.. and after being hit with it on top of a chair no less! The crowd just hit their feet as Derecho is absolutely beside himself!

Derecho went to the referee and began to argue with him about the count. Aran was slow to get up, but the roar of the crowd empowered him. Derecho turned around and was met with a stiff kick to the chest! Aran hit another kick, then a third which dropped Derecho to his knees. Aran then fired a huge kick right to the head of Derecho!

Aran hit the Relentless Kicks, but before Derecho could flop over, Aran pulled Derecho right between his legs! Aran lifted him…


Aran then turned Derecho over..


Derecho was tied up in the Boston Crab! Derecho was in pain.. it looked as if he could tap at any moment.. The roar of the crowd fueled Aran as he leaned back as hard as he could with the move! A new champion was about to be crowned when…

“Superstar” Vince Jacobs!

SVJ just hit the ring…


Thompson fell over… Jacobs then grabbed Derecho’s arm and draped it on top of Aran! Being Underground rules.. this was legal!

No! Not this way!




Derecho retained the Underground Championship with help from Vince Jacobs! The crowd was livid! The soldier could barely stop himself from climbing over the barrier, as what occurred seemed to strike a chord with him, as we were moments away from crowning a new Underground Champion and once again, SVJ came to the rescue of Derecho.

Derecho was helped to his feet by the referee as he was handed his Underground Championship. Derecho held the title close to his body as he ducked out of the ring and staggered to the backstage area. In the back of his mind, he knew how close he was to losing the title. He knew the dice were rolled and he got lucky.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"Watch as the World Around You Collapses"

Jim Johnson “Hair of the Dog” – Nazareth.

That was the queue for the boo birds as Jim Johnson made his way out on the stage. He already had a microphone in hand as he moved down the ramp and made his way into the ring. He was polite and waited for everyone to settle down before he began.

“As you know last week jOlt was handed an ultimatum from a group of unnamed and unknown terrorists.” There was a mixed reaction as Johnson addressed the mysterious group. “BUT! jOlt is strong! And we do NOT negotiate with terrorists. Especially cowardly terrorists that use fear mongering as a way to further their agenda. So I’m asking this group to show themselves so I can tell them NO in person!” Johnson tucked the microphone away as he waited.

The Arena of Champions changed like it had just a week prior. The jOlt vision turned to pure static and the high pitched squeal echoed making people clinch their ears. As the jOlt vision finally came back on there were words scrolling down.





The words flashed back to static before a grainy transmission took its place. Just like before three figures stood in masks at a podium but the frightening thing was the number of individuals in masks that stood behind them had doubled. A quick flick of view would show that the individuals in the pews had doubled as well. It was obvious that what could possibly be jOlt’s biggest threat had doubled in size in just a week.

The largest of the three leaned forward, all distinguishable features either hidden by a mask or the hood of the jacket he wore but he still seemed to emit a sense that he was laughing at Johnson.

“Mr. Johnson,” He began, his voice was distorted but understandable. “Do you believe this is some sort of joke or ploy? Did you even approach the board of directors with our demands? No. We believe you didn’t. We believe you to be a man that claims he has risen from the ashes of his past mistakes but ultimately you’re still the same wolf that you’ve always been. You’re an arrogant man, a man that takes it upon himself to play God. You call us terrorists? The biggest terrorist in this organization has the fortitude to point the finger at someone else? These people,” He waved his hand in a vague fashion.

“They pay their hard earned money to come and watch…you? No. You’re a thief, a liar, a terrorist, and most of all you’re trying our patience. That ring you stand in is the throne of your kingdom but every great civilization has fallen and will fall including yours. Mr. Johnson you have one last chance to approach the board of directors and come to a fair resolution. If you don’t you will have forced our hand and the pendulum that swings above your heads will fall slowly. We will topple your champions, we will destroy your warriors, and eventually we will break your entire organization until nothing is left but the flames that we leave in our wake. If you need a demonstration on our power then allow me to give you but a small taste of what we’re capable of,” He raised a single hand. Johnson and the world watched, holding their breath, until he snapped his fingers.

The ring around Johnson began to break. Johnson’s expression turned to pure terror as he fell flat on his ass. The ring posts around him began to collapse inward as he frantically began to scoot out of the way before one fell and crushed him. The fans gasped as finally, with a loud boom, the entire ring fell apart. A ring that had stood strong all night had just came falling down around Johnson.

“We’ll be in touch.”

With that the transmission ended, everything returned to normal (sans the ring), and Jim Johnson looked up in horror as what actually could be the biggest threat jOlt or any organization had ever seen was now focused on jOlt itself. Ready to strike, ready to destroy, and with no way to stop them.

Jim Johnson knew that he’d now have to approach the board and he hoped, in the back of his mind, that they’d be able to bring some sort of resolve to whatever this was.