Jim Johnson "Hair Of The Dog" by Nazareth

The show opened to a chorus of booing, a reaction that Jim Johnson was all too familiar with. Johnson, equipped with a microphone and a look of worry, scanned the Arena of Champions and noticed a soldier in a mask staring attentively at him as he signaled for his music to be turned off while the out pour of booing continued.

Johnson's look of worry changed to a look of unrest as he motioned for the fans to finish their jeering, and he pointed to his watch causing them to only become louder before Johnson took matters into his own hands.

"Okay, okay, okay, alright." Johnson began trying to calm the live crowd down.

Johnson looked around with a look of disgust and the booing finally died down.

"Last week I told these masked terrorist that we do NOT negotiate with terrorists, and they told me to reconvene with the board of directors."

Johnson looked around at the Arena of Champions and looked worried once again.

"The board has decided...." Johnson paused.

"They've decided that it was in this organizations best interest to say, NO! It's going to be a cold-"


The Arena of Champions once again lit up in a new color but instead the words scrolling down the jOltvision, the masked men standing at podiums were showing only this time to the larger man stood behind one of the smaller in stature men with another standing behind him as well.

"You disappoint us." His voice distorted much like the larger man. "We gave you an opportunity, Jim. We gave you a chance to prove that you're a changed man. The old Jim would of said no twice, but this new Jim...well he said no twice no as well. Doesn't look like much of a change now does it?" He continued and Johnson looked furious.

"Now you listen here!" Johnson yelled.


A huge blast of pyro went off only mere feet away from Johnson who looked completely terrified.

"No, you listen to us. You claim to have changed, but there has been no discernible evidence to the fact. You want change, Johnson, we'll show you change."

Lights on

"Turn around."

Johnson turned around and the entire ringside and ring was covered with men and women wearing robes and wearing identical masks as the three men at the podium.

"That is change. With one nod of my head these men and woman are willing to change your whole entire existence. Now, the question is; Do you change yourself or do we help you?"


"Get them to change their answer, Jim."

Lights on

Johnson's eyes widened when he noticed everyone who surrounded the ring and ringside area were gone and the jOltvision faded away.

"Event Horizon"

Crimson Order The stillness of the secluded area hinted of its proximity of the underground parking garage. The scene began with a casual pan toward the right, revealing the enigmatic tandem of Kenshiro’s senior clansmen conversing in private.

The bald titan was quietly seated atop a large hunk of metal near the makeshift bonfire. The studded club was lain against his side before running his hand over the lower half of his face. Adorned with Japanese barbarian-centric armor, the mountain of muscle audibly popped the bones in his neck.


The giant turned his attention toward the direction of the source. A mysterious figure slowly stepped forward out of the shadows. A large tattered coolie hat rose, revealing a mangy beard. Grayish White & Obsidian are the hues of his unfamiliar Asiatic robed garb.

“Now about these 'reports'?” Heido mentioned while stroking the scruff of his tattered beard. The titan began communicating with the dialect of sign language.

“Primal. From the basement?” Heido inquired. “Hmm...”

Takeshi calmly continued signing to convey his report. Heido lowered his head slightly. Contemplating.

“A scouting party will provide further information.” Heido replied. “However, I personally assure you we will personally investigate this matter further. Remember, we have been commissioned to infiltrate the Tag Team division by Lord Kenshiro himself. That is our main priority until instructed elsewhere.”

Takeshi pressed his index finger against his lips & a thumb to his chin before nodding. The giant cleared his throat audibly before snorting briefly.

“We will our opportunity to spill the blood of our enemies soon enough.” Heido replied. “Is there anything further to report?”

Takeshi nodded before sharing his findings. Heido watched intently.

“Indeed. This is an interesting development. This could prove problematic in the immediate future.” Heido mentioned while lowering his coolie hat covered head slightly. “Your eyes are the very gifts from Hanzo himself.” Takeshi placed his fist against his heart while nodding briefly.

“It’s time to prepare, dear brother.” Heido mentioned during his ascent. “A storm like no other approaches.


Adam Roebuck vs Sephiroth De Luc
Adam RoebuckSephiroth De Luc

Things were starting to escalate really badly in the jOlt Tag Team Division and were getting more physical by the week. The House – a pair of monsters from the Las Vegas area in search of more gold to add to their illustrious careers – had come to jOlt to wow audiences with their feats of strength, not to mention their really hot valet, Charlotte.

Unfortunatley for The House, others had taken exception to the monsters claims of gunning for gold. The Thomas family, Craig Thomas and Kurt “Strangler” Thomas had been out for blood. And to make matters worse, the current jOlt Tag Team Champions Sven Deadly and Harbinger – The Reckoning – had been destroying bodies left and right. Tonight, Roebuck was here in singles action for the first time in his jOlt career, wanting to hurt somebody.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of Adam Roebuck!

In one spotlight was a big monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well. The more physical and brutish half of The House walked to the ring while taking in the cheers from the crowd except for a soldier wearing a mask who sat there with his arms folded. The soldier kept his eyes locked on Roebuck as he climbed into the ring and had a microphone in hand.

“My and my tag team partner, Derrick Huber, came out earlier tonight keeping The Thomas family from doing whatever the hell they goddamn plese. themselves The Reckoning. For being a tremendous sports dynasty, the couple of you look like a pair of pussies to me!”

The crowd laughed a little at the big monster.

“I’m not the Showtime at the Apollo kind of guy and I’d leave the jokes to Huber, but I want you, The Thomases, to get this into your thick skulls... you keep sticking your nose around us, and you'll get hurt. As for our jOlt Tag Team Champions, THe Reckoning, I'm officially putting the both of you on notice: You think that you're tough, but we’re not afraid of a pair of guys whose title reign consists of beating on midgets. Sven, you look like you have a Brazilian wax gone wrong on your head and your chin. Harbinger, you and your leather BDSM mask don’t scare us either. Rest assured, Reckoning, we’re coming for those belts sooner than later, boys!”

The Big Bucks stared into the camera at ringside and continued.

“Craig, you’re an overrated sack of shit who isn’t a tenth as good as the people you name drop on a weekly basis and Strangler, your UFC-Bellator-wannabe punk ass I haven’t forgotten about either, constantly trying to put your hands on my best friend’s girl. That's the kind of thing that puts me in a mood tonight, so that’s why I’m challenging anybody in the back to a fight. Not a match, but a FIGHT. I don’t care who you are… let’s do this.”

He dropped the microphone at his side and the monster waited for music to play.

It didn’t take too long for The Union Underground’s “South Texas Deathride” to play and the crowd started to boo. He was Sepiroth Du Luc, a former member of the defunct Backbone stable and he’d been looking for a chance to get out and put a hurt on somebody. Sepiroth also had a microphone in hand and started to stalk the ring while the fans booed.

“What kind of monster are you, seeking attention from these idiots?” The crowd jeered on the monster while he continued. “The House haven’t been around jOlt nearly as long as I have and you want to come out here making empty threats? Consider your challenge accepted, you fat piss ant.”

The crowd continued to jeer the six-eight, two-hundred eighty-pounder. jOlt had no shortage of monsters among its ranks and these two were among the bigger ones. The impromptu bout was about to start.

The Big Bucks and Du Luc exchanged blows in the middle of the ring to the delight from the crowd. Sepiroth attacked him with a volley of big elbows to the face. He tried to swing again with a big right, but Roebuck grabbed him by the throat with both arms and forced him into the corner.

He balled up his fists before he blasted him in the chest with a succession of big body shots that did a number on the former Backbone member. He continued to drill him with a succession of back elbows to the face while the fans cheered.


He shouted the name of the move coming up next, a blistering series of four methodical open palm chops to the chest! Each shot sounded like a big gunshot that could be heard all the way out oin the nose bleed section of the Arena of Champions.

Roebuck pulled him out of the corner and landed a vicious head butt that knocked the big man against the ropes. He raised a big fist in the air before he charged and knocked Sepiroth Du Luc over the ropes and all the way out to the floor.

Du Luc was starting to with that he hadn’t accepted the challenge of big Adam Roebuck. The bigger half of The House stepped through the ropes, but Du Luc cut him off with a big right to the head. When Roebuck was stunned, he muscled him into the steel steps, sending them spilling over the ringside area!

For the first time now, Du Luc was in control. With a bit of effort, the Germany wrestler pulled Roebuck back up and rolled his gargantuan frame back inside the ring. Roebuck was starting to get up when Du Luc pushed him into the corner and unleashed a volley of elbows.

Roebuck fought back as the crowd cheered on the House member, fighting back with rights, but once again Du Loc went low and tackled him into the corner. He continued to attack the sagging midsection of Roebuck with a nasty series of shoulder tackles in the corner to wear him down some more.

The Big Bucks fought back again with a couple of chops to the chest only to have Du Loc fight back with a kick to the head. He then grabbed Adam by the arm and mowed down the monster with a short arm clothesline. Du Luc climbed to the side and went for the cover.




It was close, but Adam Roebuck managed to power out. Du Luc was pissed off and tried pulling him back to his feet while dropping some elbows into the top of the head. The Big Bucks tried whipping him into the corner and followed up with a running splash in the corner only for Du Luc to move out of the way. While he was winded in the corner, he charged again only for Roebuck to catch him in the face with an elbow.

“Come on, fucker!”

Like a big heavy bull, he charged out of the corner and knocked him down with a running clothesline! When Sepiroth pulled himself up off the mat, he grabbed him by the head and rammed him face first into the turnbuckle. He elbowed him again several more times before he shot him across the ring. Roebuck charged out of the corner…


The running hip attack in the corner knocked the wind out of him and he sent him out of the corner. Roebuck wrapped both hands around the waist of Du Loc and dropped him with a belly to belly suplex that almost shook the ring like an earthquake.



Close, but no cigar!

Adam Roebuck stood Du Luc back up to his feet and buried some knees into the chest. He lifted him off the mat and dropped him with a scoop slam. Adam Roebuck then climbed up to the second rope and looked to go for a move that would probably crush the rib cage of Sepiroth. He managed to crawl to his feet and charged with a big boot, managing to stun the monster!

The bigger House member sent him crashing to the ground and when he managed to try and get to his knees, Du Luc charged off the ropes and nailed a second big boot that put Roebuck to the ground. Du Luc went for the big win and tried a lateral press on the monster.


2… kick out!

Adam Roebuck managed to pushed him off of him just right after two. Du Luc was furious and stood him back up, firing more headbutts into the face of Roebuck before he ran off the ropes. Roebuck did the same coming off the opposite end but by the time Du Luc noticed, it was too late…

An amazing pounce-like shoulder block had plastered Du Luc and sent the fellow monster flying across the ring. The crowd was amazed by the charging bull rush. Adam Roebuck then followed the move up by grabbing Du Luc and locking in a torture rack. When he was in the position, he spun him around.


A spinning torture rack into the sit down powerbomb outright flattened Sepiroth Du Luc! The crowd was impressed with the show of strength and Roebuck planted a forearm over his chest.




Adam Roebuck won! The first singles outing for “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck saw the House member come out victorious. He stood up to his feet and the referee raised his arm up for the crowd to see.

A very impressive showing by one half of The House here tonight and surely, one that could put the people on The House’s list on notice.

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

"Spittin' Image"

Waymoth Turnbull Over the course of the last few weeks on the episodes of jOlt’s “Intense” and “Warriors” programs, a Power Struggle ensued. A tournament that saw jOlt upstarts placed on display for a rabid audience for their entertainment. The prize? A fuckin’ piece of metal. Correction; a shot at a fuckin’ piece of metal.

To most of the participants, that shot meant something. To one participant in particular, namely Waymoth Turnbull, two shits could be given. Waymoth had already shown his reasoning for being; the fight.

Waymoth embodied what it meant to be a warrior, and had very little time or patience for the flashy nature of the business he had grown to love and got paid to be a part of.. If his path lead him to a championship belt, then so be it, but as long as he was able to break a few noses along the way, and show his intensity, he remained a happy man.

Location: Gold’s Gym (Altamonte Springs, FL)

Waymoth could feel their stares piercing into his back. He had only just arrived a few moments ago, and it was an action that was already becoming a regrettable one. Waymoth made a decision that his focus would not be deterred. He only had a few hours before he needed to be back to the Arena of Champions and this time would be used to make sure that he was ready.

“Hmph,” growling to self, Waymoth reached into his duffel bag, revealing a pair of Bob Marley-themed Skull Candy headphones. Wasting no time, the headphones found their way over the Virgin Island-native’s rustic dreadlocks, stretching so slightly to incorporate the huge head of hair that extended from his head.

Waymoth then plugged the headphones into what many teens in this day and age would call an ancient relic; a Walkman™ Cassette Player. The device made its way into Waymoth’s shorts, but not before he got a chance to press play. The muffled sounds of “96 Degrees in the Shade” by Third World could be heard emitting from the headphones as Waymoth reached to grab a 100lb dumbbell from the floor.

Waymoth was only a few bicep curls into his routine before his concentration was broken by the brash nature of someone else in the gym.

“C’mon monkeys! Push harder! You’re pathetic!” The commands came from one of the gym’s personal trainers who had a few men of all shapes and sizes in his charge. Waymoth paused and turned slightly to where he faced the guy at an angle, who was only a spitting distance from where he stood.

Awkwardly, the trainer nodded his head in Waymoth’s direction and returned to pushing his weight around with his class. Waymoth huffed and tried to return back to his regimen.

“You monkeys make me sick! You call that a jumping jack?! Please!” There it was again; the distraction. With every word uttered from the young man who obviously had way too much “power” granted to him.

“Meh wish dis boy ah shut up nah man,” Waymoth growled in a tone that was loud enough for the trainer to hear. An intentional action. Waymoth could see out of his peripheral vision that the trainer was now looking right at him. Fuming.

“Hey dreadlocks! You said something?” the trainer called out, his party along with other members of the gym now stopping their own workout to see what the commotion was about.

Waymoth smiled. This was happening. He let the weights fall to the floor with a loud clang and turned around to face the trainer. Down came the headphones. Pause went the Cassette. Waymoth stepped over the equipment and made his way over to “Yuh hear me, ah know yuh nuh deaf. It gah people tryin’ to geh de money wut and all yuh do is’a mek noise. But unna’stand dis my boy, ah’ll me want you to do is stop ya chat. Other dan dat, I duh-no what it ta’is you tink you gon’ do jus’ because ya wan’ tense up.”

“Just in case you weren’t aware sir, this is my house, I RUN ALLLLLL OF THIS! I…I can have you membership removed and you kicked out of here in a heartbeat!”

Figures. All talk. No balls. Waymoth was all ready for him to do something! Still, Waymoth moved in closer, his hulking frame towered over the personal trainer, who we can now identify as “Josh”. The young man’s nose was now face to face with the battle-hardened chest of Beryl’s first born. Just a few inches between the two. A hand to match the body forcibly was placed upon his shoulder. Waymoth leaned forward close enough to whisper.

“My boy, yuh talk as if meh have a membership to dis place,” Waymoth informed Josh, “Funny ting is, meh nah fi get one e’ider. Me c’yame ‘ere to work out before meh match later and leave dis place. Yuh prob’ly nah gon’ see me again after dis. All meh ask yuh fi’ do is to tek ya voice down ah few notch so ah can concentrate pon’ me arms dem. Is dat so hard fi ask?”

“N-no,” Josh stuttered, his demeanor completely changed from that of before, “I c-completely understand. I keep tellin’ these monkeys that c-c-oncentration is one of the most important things in a workout! So a-anything for you!”

Much like Third World was earlier, Josh’s response was music to Waymoth’s ears. Well, except for one part.

“I ‘preciate ya kineness. Now, Since yuh sayin’ dat, I tell yuh what, do me one betta, tek ya nonsense to de odda side of gym b’cause yuh remindin’ me of de guy ah gah deal with later today and dat ain’t wuk’n out too well f’you.”

“R-right. Not a problem! Enjoy y-your workout at Gold’s Gym and let us know if you need anything!” Josh quickly backed up from the grip and returned to his party who was already laughing at the encounter.

“Shut up!” demanded Josh, which only prompted Waymoth to shoot him a glare, prompting him to lower his tone for what followed next, “Keep it down…people are trying to work out. Let’s go.”

Waymoth chuckled as he returned his headphones to his ears, allowing “96 Degrees in the Shade” to continue its melody. Waymoth yanked up the weights off the floor and continued on with his original purpose for being at Gold’s Gym; the fight.

"Team EGO Arrives"

Craig Thomas The cameras caught a glimpse of the parking garage, it scanned the area, and slowly turning the corner was a black escalade with dark windows pulling into the Arena of Champions. We had seen this vehicle before and it belonged to none other than The EGO, Craig Thomas who was scheduled to face Waymoth Turnbull which was scheduled to be our first match of the evening.

Michael Burhman chimed in on the situation at hand while the crowd demonstrated their hatred towards The EGO with an abundant amount of jeers as he and his disciple, Kurt 'The Strangler' Thomas exited the vehicle. Strangler was without his mask as he and The EGO reached into the escalade.

“It looks like The EGO has made it to the Arena of Champions tonight! Last week, he was given a victory due to Brone Haggard leaving the match before it even begun and now, Craig will face The Savage Islander in just a few minutes where he will try and dethrone Waymoth from the top of the rankings. If The EGO can pull off a victory, Anson Larue will be in the lead, and Waymoth and Craig will be tied for the top seed in the tournament. Things are about to get interesting, Powers.”

Nathan Powers added his piece and had a lot of faith in The EGO.

“They sure are Michael and with his massive cousin now at his disposal, his chances have surely increased and I think he can pull off an upset tonight! After last week, I sure as hell know that I don’t want to be in the ring when Strangler is around! Did you see the explosiveness that man possessed last Wednesday on Warriors?”

Burhman replied, remembering the strength, determination, and focus the Strangler displayed in his debut match last Wednesday. He was a raging bull in a china cabinet and he completely owned the moment when he demolished Jason Rau in the squared circle in his debut on Warriors.

“I did, Powers.” he answered and his eyes were locked on the jOltVision hanging above the entryway. Team EGO retrieved their bags from the backseat of the vehicle, and also on display from the two jOlt superstar was the traditional Thomas smirk arrogantly stretched with pride.

“They both look confident tonight, Powers. That is certain.”

Powers replied, “That’s nothing new from The Thomas Family, arrogance is always present when Team EGO is in the spotlight.”

“We’ll see if their still smiling when The EGO faces the Power Struggle favorite, Waymoth Turnbull in the ring. I don’t think they will be when it’s all said and done.” added Burhman.

“Craig Thomas is a genius and I’m sure he has a game plan. The EGO always has a plan, he proved that last on Warriors when he brought in Strangler as his personal enforcer. I can’t wait to see how it’s gonna affect the match here in a few minutes..”

Nathan Powers watched Team EGO enter the Arena of Champions through the garage entrance. The camera lost sight on the duo and the jOltVision faded to black as the cameras focused in on the announcers at their booth.

Michael added more commentary, “Well Team EGO is here ladies and gentlemen and in just a few moments, Craig Thomas will face The Savage Islander and the winner gets a step closer to the Relentless Championship.

As Burhman finished, the jOltVision was brought back to life, and...

Craig Thomas vs Waymoth Turnbull
Craig ThomasWaymoth Turnbull


“Ladies and Gentlemen, our next match is part of the Power Struggle Invitational, and making his way to the ring first--”

As Brad Arnold began the proper introductions for our opening match tonight, ‘Emergency’ by Mavado cued up Waymoth Turnbull and the crowd stood on their toes, except for the lone soldier who remained silent and seated. The crowd was cheering for The Savage Islander as he walked down the aisle.

“--standing at six feet, seven inches tall and weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds! Hailing from The Virgin British Islands, he is THE SAVAGE ISLANDER, WAYMOTH...TURNBUUUULLLL!”

Waymoth climbed the ring steps and entered the ring with one task on his mind, to beat The EGO, and move even further in the rankings. It wasn’t going to be an easy task, but he had the will of a warrior and he was prepared for war.

He would have to be because when Do You Call My Name by RA began to play, The EGO stepped from behind the curtain with The Choke Fiend walking side by side with him.

“And his opponent--” begun Brad, “--standing at six feet four inches tall and weighting in at two hundred and sixty four pounds...The EGOOOO...CRAIG THOMASSSSS!”

The EGO, he was all smiles as usual, and he strutted arrogantly down the ramp, and stepped into the ring after bypassing the ring steps, while The Strangler took a giant step over the top rope with his eyes still stoning The Savage Islander across the ring.

The Islander stayed focus on his opponent, not bothered by The Strangler’s presence. Finally, The Choke Fiend left the ring the same way he entered it, by stepped over the top rope, and leaping off of the apron.

The EGO patted his shoulders and bent his knees as he prepared for the bell to ring, as Waymoth stretched his neck and popped his knuckles.

Simon Boulder called for the bell.


Both competitors met in the center of the ring where they locked up in a collar and elbow tie up for several moments until Turnbull started to take control. The Islander was able to back The EGO into the turnbuckle where the referee called for a break. It took three seconds before Waymoth obliged, but he did so without further incident.

It was everyday The EGO met an opponent with such strength, so he took a few moments to assess the situation before stepping out of the corner. There was no circling as Waymoth glared at Craig from the middle of the ring, motioning him to try it again. The EGO shook his wrist and adjusted his bands, then he deemed himself ready for another attempt.

The two men fought for position once again, The EGO turned up the pressure, and displayed the strength in his possession by forcing Turnbull into the corner. The referee once again stepped in and once there was a small gap between the two men, The EGO planted a hard right fist into Turnbull’s jaw. A second followed and Waymoth was whipped across the ring, or that was The EGO’s attentions but instead, he was whipped chest first into the turnbuckle. As Thomas bounced off the corner, Waymoth was there with a high angled backdrop.

The crowd was behind The Savage Islander and he was gaining the momentum. He brought The EGO to vertical base and whipped him again, this time into the ropes. Waymoth attempted a strong clothesline, but failed as Thomas dunked under it and bounced off the ropes again. This time, Waymoth thrusted his shoulder into him, knocking him to the canvas sending off another shock wave of cheers throughout the Arena of Champions.

Outside the ring, The Strangler pounded on the mat with his fist, trying to motivate his cousin to stay off the canvas. The EGO glanced over at him with a smirk, even with the current circumstance, Craig Thomas was smiling.

There was a reason, when Waymoth reached down to pick him up, he connected with an uppercut to The Islander and it was a devastating one too. Waymoth was in dire pain, as Craig jumped back to his feet and hit the ropes again trying to gain some momentum. With it, The EGO soared through the air with a diving clothesline and Waymoth fell to the canvas.

The Strangler pounded a closed fist on the mat out of joy as The EGO made a cover.



It wasn’t going to be that easy and The EGO should had known better.

Waymoth was quickly back on his feet and met The EGO with a combination of rights and lefts. Thomas was on the defensive, doing a fine job bobbing and weaving, dodging each shot. Though, when his back met the ropes, he had no more room to defend himself. Waymoth caught him with a right hook to the body, then an uppercut to the chin. They were illegal moves and the referee advised Waymoth to watch the closed fist but the damage had been done, as The EGO clutched his midsection in pain as he fell to one knee.

The Strangler jumped up on the ring apron and was met by the referee who instructed him to get back down. As The Strangler distracted the referee from the action inside the ring, Craig hit yet another low blow to The Savage Islander and he buckled inside the ring. Once The EGO had the advantage again, Strangler hopped off the apron to the sound of the fans jeers.

Referee Ian Nyugen turned around as The EGO hit a single arm DDT on The Islander. Waymoth’s head pierced the canvas and instead of going for another cover, The EGO knew now it wouldn’t work. He picked Turnbull off the canvas where several well placed boots found The Islander’s abdomen and chest staggering him, but Waymoth countered with a standing clothesline but missed. Thomas demonstrated some quickness with a speedy go behind allowing him to clamp a waist lock and then a shocking spike which was a german suplex with a bridge.





Craig Thomas slapped his hands on the mat as he stood up and to his surprise, Waymoth was rising to vertical base as well. The Savage Islander would not be held down as The EGO walked over to him and attempted to clinch his head, but--


The EGO staggered into the corner as his entire foundation was rocked by the uppercut. Waymoth quickly approached the befuddled Thomas in the corner as he was imprisoned by the two. Turnbull unleashed a violent trio of shoulder thrust to the midsection, each shot cutting The EGO in half, and knocking the wind out of him. The Islander whipped Thomas across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, it too wasn’t very inviting. Waymoth charged across the ring, he was looking for a huge corner clothesline, but The EGO lifted his boot and pierced it into Turnbull’s chin.

As Waymoth stood flustered by the big boot to the face, Craig Thomas was gearing up for a EgoBOOST! He charged up his leg, by stomping it on the canvas in HBK fashion. Waymoth

Turnbull slowly pivoted around--


“Waymoth dunked--” roared Burhman with excitement in his tone, --”Waymoth dodged it!”


Powers repeated his self, “THE REFEREE IS DOWN!”

The EGO was in awe as he walked the ropes inside the ring while Waymoth was regaining his focus. By all means, it was an accident, but the only thing fluttering through The EGO’s mind was that Nyugen was going to call the match but he should have been focused on Waymoth Turnbull regaining his balance. Craig turned in his direction and quickly darted at him attempting a clothesline, but Waymoth Turnbull caught his arm and lifted him up--


The combination of a Uranage/T-Bone Suplex had The EGO on the canvas as he held his back. The impact of the suplex, plus Turnbull had him in severe pain. It was over, but there was just one problem as Waymoth made the cover.

There was no referee.

“Waymoth doesn’t realize the referee was the victim of an EgoBOOST! He’s looking around!” Burhman announced as Turnbull noticed Ian Nyugen unconscience, “Now he realizes it!”

Waymoth stood up and--

“THE STRANGLER IS IN THE RING!” Powers shouted as Strangler quickly slid into the ring and slapped his hand around Waymoth’s throat before The Savage Islander could defend his self. Strangler tightened his grip, smothering the life from Turnbull. Waymoth tried fighting free and breaking loose, but failed to do it.

Strangler lifted Waymoth high into the air with one hand.

The Suppression!

“What a massive chokeslam on Waymoth Turnbull!” Burhman added.

“He’s not finished yet either! He’s picking him up! What is he doing?”

The Strangler slammed Turnbull’s head between his legs and posed a cut throat gesture with his hand as a sinister grin peeked through the mask. He lifted the two hundred and eighty seven pound monster up on his shoulders and dropped him on his neck.

The Bone Shattering Finale!


Burhman was beside himself, as were the fans in attendance as they jeered heavily.

“He put The EGO on top of Waymoth! It can’t end like this, Powers!”

“It looks like it’s going too Michael!”

The referee was regaining his vision, it took some time, but eventually he crawled over and began to make the slowwwww count.

ONE.........................TWO................... .............THRE-KICKOUT!

“NO!” shouted Powers, “How did he kick out!”

“Wow! Waymoth Turnbull is resilient!”

The Strangler kicked over the ring steps outside of the ring, obviously he wasn’t very happy about the kickout as both competitors in the ring were still crawling on the canvas. After several minutes, they both began to use the ropes to pull up to vertical base.

Ian Nyugen was still in a loop as well, but he staggered around along the ropes watching the action.

As both me stumbled up to their feet, The EGO lunged at Turnbull.


Waymoth caught Craig Thomas for the second time, as he attempted a haymaker, and slammed him down to the canvas. The Savage Islander made the cover again in high hopes of finally ending the match.




“It’s over!” Burhman called, “And in an impressive fashion too! He overcame Team EGO and has moved further up the ladder in the Power Struggle Invitational!”

“I don’t think it is over just yet, The Strangler is getting back into the ring!”

Kurt Thomas entered the ring by stepping over the ropes, he walked towards Waymoth who was on one knee, and as he was approached by the Choke Fiend he lunged forward.


Though, The Strangler barely budged. It did separate him enough for Waymoth to stand up and get in his defensive stance as he began to parry a combination of strikes from The Choke Fiend. As both men now began to trade blows in the ring, a loud pop from the crowd meant only one thing.

The House.

They were running down to the ring as quick as The House could run. Finally, they slid into it, and began tossing Team EGO out of the ring like a spring cleaning on a warm Sunday morning. Craig Thomas had just made it to his feet when Adam Roebuck sent him over the top rope and as The Strangler had Turnbull pinned up in the corner, Derrick Huber spun him around and sent him over the top rope with a standing clothesline.

The fans were jumping up and down, cheering on The House in the process.

The Arena of Champions was ecstatic.

Team EGO met at the bottom of the ramp and began peddling backwards up it, pointing at The House in the ring. Craig was holding his midsection and in complete distraught from all the action that had occurred. The Strangler had two curled fist and a angry sneer outlined through the mask.

As Team EGO walked backwards through the curtain, The House and Waymoth Turnbull were left standing in the ring together.

Waymoth snarled at The House, it was obvious he wasn’t content with them interfering in his business.

Though, it was done and over with now.

And the cameras were drawn backstage.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

"Big Announcement"

Vince Jacobs "Hair Of The Dog" by Nazareth

Jim Johnson was coming to the ring for the second time of the night. This time he had a paper in his hand as the crowd continued to boo. Johnson climbed into the ring and grabbed a microphone before looking around.

“I know you fans believe that I am out here to speak about what the terrorists did earlier in the night but we will deal with that in due time. Right now I want to call two men to the ring. So Aran Thompson and Vince Jacobs can you both please come to the ring, I have something important to discuss with you two.”

“Champion” by Grinspoon

The first one out was Mr. Relentless himself, Aran Thompson. The people cheered as Aran and Laurie made their way down to the ring. As Aran rounded the corner, the lone soldier stood up and stared a hole through Thompson. Aran entered the ring as Jim Johnson stood waiting patiently. Aran made his way into the ring with a skeptical look on his face as he and Jim waited for SVJ.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen new music reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in another tailor made Armani suit made it to the stage as “Villain” by Theory of a Deadman erupted throughout the arena.

Jacobs smirked as he put his hand out to the side and the lovely Natalia walked out and stood by his side. SVJ held her hand as they walked down the ramp toward the ring. Ever since his return SVJ has had a real issue with Aran Thompson. The multi time champion and the Russian beauty made their way into the ring as JJ stood in between the two rivals. Microphones were handed to both men as JJ looked on.

“I wanted to bring you two out here tonight because I wanted to make this announcement to you two personally. As we all know that at Power Struggle you two men will go one on one it was is shaping up to be one hell of a match.”

The fans erupted in delight as JJ looked at the two men. He raised his microphone once again but was abruptly cut off.

“Is this going somewhere JJ because we have more important matters to deal with.” Vince said.

“Shut your trap for once Vince. I like everyone else are tired of listening to your mouth.” Aran replied as the fans started a chant.


“Now if you two would stop bickering I have an announcement that pertains to you both. As I was saying, at Power Struggle Vince Jacobs and Aran Thompson will be in a one on one match but it will have a little twist now. I have decided to add a special stipulation to the match. So at Power Struggle, whoever wins the match between you two will be the new number one contender to the jOlt Heavyweight title.”

The arena’s roof just blew off.

Aran nodded in approval of the announcement as SVJ just smirked.

“I have to beat this mid carder again in order for me to get my rightful shot at the jOlt title. This is preposterous.”

“You got lucky the first time Vince. It will be a different story come Power Struggle. I will break that glass ceiling and you will be the hammer that I use to do it.” Aran said as he smiled toward Laurie.

“So melodramatic aren’t we Aran. Listen kid, you bring you’re A game because when the biggest lights shine bright that’s when I’m at my best.” Jacobs smirked as he walked closer to Aran.

JJ stood between the two men but Jacobs just dropped the microphone and walked backwards out of the ring. The stakes had just gotten bigger between Aran and Vince. One of these men will face the winner of the Derecho/Sylo main event at Power Struggle. Jacobs finally disappeared through the curtains as Aran and Laurie left the ring. The camera faded out as Aran held his arms up in the air for the crowd.

"Tense Allies"

Aran Thompson "Am I the only the that sees what is going on here?!" Aran bellowed as he slammed his fist into the side of the wooden stadium locker. Laurie looked scared of Aran's frustration and rage.

"I was THIS close!" Aran yelled with his index and thumb a mere inch apart from one another.

Laurie was trying to console her man who stopped and stared at her with an intense glare and then ran his hand over his face.

"That Underground championship was coming home with us! It was MY moment! HE STOLE IT FROM ME!" Aran fumed and began to pace.

"This is the second time Jacobs has saved Derecho's skin." Aran began.

"First he costs Sylo the Legacy Championship, and now he costs me my opportunity to reign supreme over the underground!" Aran shook his head and the camera panned over to see Sylo sans Aria.

Aran stopped and looked at Sylo and the two had a moment where the tension was so thick you could cut through it with a knife.

"And then you would of had to face me." Sylo said matter-of-factly.

Aran snarled at the Superbeast, "Great, then I could be come the first ever jOlt Champion of Champions." Aran shot back in the same matter-of-fact tone.

Aran and Sylo have been allies in the past with their common bond being Jimmy B. Martinez but since Vince Jacobs had started this quarrel with Aran, Aran's attitude to both the men he had proudly stood and fought beside had been tense if anything else. Aran was clearly ready to propel to the next level and Sylo just happened to at that level already. Laurie stepped in between the two of them.

"Stop." Laurie began.

"Both of ya' got bigger fish to fry than getting ill with each other."

Aran turned his head away from Laurie and Sylo and slowly nodded it. "She's right." Aran replied reluctantly. Aran put his hand out toward Sylo, who simply looked down and knocked it away.

"Let's get one thing straight. I've considered you an ally for some time now and if it came down to us in a one on one match, that wouldn't change. But the moment you stepped in the ring against me you become a threat and I don't take threats lightly." Sylo said with a stern tone

Aran tilted his head to the side and stepped in closer and snarled and Sylo clinched his fists.


Sylo and Aran turned their head the same direction and the camera panned over to see Aria Murphy with her arms cross, slightly tapping her foot.

"Both of you need to get your heads out of your asses and back into the game. You both are in it big in your own rights, and you want to threaten each other. You're letting them get into your head!" Aria shouted at both Aran and Sylo who turned their attention back to one another.

"She's right..." Laurie spoke up and they both turned their attention to her now. "Ya'll might be fightin' yer own battles right now, but yer lettin' your emotions cloud yer better judgements."

Sylo turned his head and looked at Aran, and Aran returned the gesture. Instead of offering a handshake Aran put his fist in the air and Sylo nodded his head and grinned as he tapped his knuckles against Arans proving that while they may be tense allies, they are allies none the less.

"Not Satisfied with Victory"

Waymoth Turnbull The loud “crash and bang!” of a metal chair being thrown about suddenly is heard as the next segment begins. A mixture of both the confused and brave of the jOlt personnel is seen rushing about as the camera moves in closer to the situation-at-hand. What they were able to find was the Savage Islander moving about the backstage area with an agenda filled with anger. Fuck anger, from the way he searched about, the man was ready to rip someone’s head off their shoulders.


Waymoth continued up the corridors, kicking at every door that he passed by, more often than not with enough force to crack the doors at their hinges. Still, his search brought about no findings. Which only meant that he wouldn’t stop looking.

“Waymoth! Waymoth, stop this!” screamed Dawn Cassidy in the ruckus who happened to be nearby, quickly rushing to place herself between Waymoth and the catering table he was getting ready to overturn. After all, someone had to save to the crackers and pastries. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Who are you lookin’ for?!”

“Look ‘ere woman, nuh mek the mistake dat you know me good enough to get inna me way,” Waymoth snarled, causing Dawn to almost immediately to regret the position she put herself into, “So ‘less yuh can tell me where Craig Thomas be, den I suggest yuh point me to someone dat can. Otha’wise, yuh need to move yo rass!”

“Why are you even looking for him? You were able to secure the win in the tournament!” It was true. Just mere moments before this rampage began, Waymoth was able to continue his dominance in the Power Struggle tournament with a victory over the EGO himself. Not to mention, this was all despite the additional help from “The Strangler”. Still, you can’t think a man like Waymoth would be so easily pleased.

“Yuh call dah a win? All dat nonsense ah had to put up wit dat boy over the last few weeks, and he c’yan’t even face me like a man! Nuh ting go so!” Waymoth attempted to sidestep his way out of the would-be promo that Dawn tried to turn this into but she moved right with him, blocking his path. “Woman, if yuh nuh move….” Waymoth’s tone meant business, but luckily enough for him (and Dawn), members of Arena Security alongside the local lawmen were surrounding the West Indian Obsidian. And while Waymoth was more than willing to chance his odds if it meant finding his initial target – that task would have to wait.

“Sir, we’re going to need you to come with us,” One of the officers stated, slowly approaching the peeved giant. “I’m not going to pretend to care with what’s going on, but you’re going to have to leave the arena….this could be done the easy way or the hard way..”

“Yuh know what, meh don ‘ere,” Waymoth replied, “Meh good. Eventually, I will geh meh hands on da boy and when ah do meh gon’ wring his neck! Yuh wan’ tell story so bad Dawn, den you go find ‘im and tell ‘im dat fuh me.”

“I will, just go somewhere and calm down,” Dawn watched as Waymoth pushed his way passed the conglomerate of men in uniform. It wasn’t over between Waymoth and Craig Thomas’, not by a long shot, and it would only be a matter of time before it all came to a head.


Grendel The Arena of Champions' basement had been home to a variety of odd and spooky individuals over the years, but none of them could come close to comparing with the sheer terror the monster Grendel embodied. Standing, bathed in darkness, the monster towered over his new found love in Angelique. She had always been fond of a certain "type" in her management career and Grendel certainly fit that mold. The dark goddess' volcanic red eyes pierced through the lense and right into each and every soul at home, ironically turning all of them a little bit colder.

"Chained ... leashed ... that is what Chris Titan and the Backbone did to my love. Not anymore. I have ignited passion in the monster Grendel and he has used that passion to break those bonds and now ...

An seductively evil smile adorned Angelique's crimson lips.

"... the monster is free. And if Chris Titan thinks that he has a so-called army ... then Grendel is a nation of warriors, bloodthirsty and merciless. Grendel is legion. He is pure unbridled fury that should never be contained ... it should be properly directed. And my love will do that for Grendel. My love will fire with the arrow of destruction ... ha ... arrow? Grendel is more appropriately compared to an atom bomb than an arrow. He is a force of nature and as such he can never be stopped.

"Tonight, Grendel ends an army and old ally in one fell swoop and there is nothing that Chris Titan can do about it. The end is nigh."

Angelique's serpentine body rolled in the grasp of the monster Grendel and the devious duo plunged into the darkness. iNtense, on the other hand, moved back to the ring.

Anson Larue vs Mattock
Anson LarueMattock

The Power Struggle Invitational continued here on iNtense between a man who has been a force to be reckoned with and a man who hasn’t even made a considerable impression thus far.

“Blackened the Sun” by Tech N9ne

Out from the back came that force… all 268lbs of it in the form of Anson Larue. Anson made his way into the ring where the crowd threw boos and insults his way, but all the while, Anson paid no mind to it because he was above the opinions of those in attendance. Anson merely warmed up and awaited his opposition.

“Crucified” by Sevendust

Anson’s opponent stepped out from the backstage area to little to no reaction from the crowd, including the masked soldier who just sat there and watched attentively. It was apparent that his 0-3 losing streak during the invitational caused the fans to not really care about him anymore. For a man who wanted to step out of his brother’s shadow, Mattock surely wasn’t doing a very good job of it. Mattock came down to the ring and simply entered. He just stood there as if he knew this match was pointless.

Mattock stood there with his arms folded as the referee called for the bell.




Mattock continued to stand there as Anson didn’t really know what to make of it. Anson shrugged his shoulders and charged in with a clothesline, but Mattock side stepped. Anson but the brakes on right before he got to the turnbuckles, but when he turned around, Mattock backflipped and brought both feet into the jaw of Anson Larue!

Anson fell against the turnbuckle pads as Mattock kipped back up to his feet. Mattock then charged into the corner and hit a running knee strike just under the chin of Anson Larue. Mattock the grabbed Anson by the arm and whipped him to the opposite corner. Mattock then charged in, but Anson moved out of the way. Mattock put the brakes on and, this time, it was Anson who gave Mattock a receipt with a lariat to the back of the head that staggered Mattock forward against the buckles.

Anson then lifted Mattock up from behind and placed him on the top turnbuckle pad. Anson ascended behind Mattock, but Mattock fired a pair of elbows into the head of Anson that caused him to lose his balance. Anson then stepped off the turnbuckles and staggered away as Mattock readied himself up top. Mattock then flipped off with a top turnbuckle moonsault, but Anson caught Mattock on his shoulder and drilled him to the canvas with a front powerslam!! Cover!



Mattock got the shoulder up in time.

Anson then pulled Mattock back up to a seated position and then placed him into a rear chin lock. Mattock began to squirm to try and fight his way out of it, but Anson switched it up and placed Mattock into a side head lock and brought him down to the canvas with it. Mattock kicked and fought, but Anson had the move in too tight. Mattock couldn’t loosen Anson’s grip so he began to punch away at Anson’s head. From that position, the punches didn’t have a lot of effect, but repeated blows were enough to accumulate enough damage to cause Anson to release the hold.

Mattock and Anson both got back to their feet. Mattock hit a knife edge chop that had no effect. Anson then answered with a knee lift to the stomach. Anson then wrung the arm of Mattock before sending him off to the ropes. Mattock countered by leaping to the middle rope and springing off with a front roundhouse kick that caught Anson in the face! Anson went down as Mattock sprung back to his feet. Mattock then measured Anson and hit him with a standing shooting star press! Mattock then made his first cover of the match!



Anson kicked out.

Mattock then stomped away on Anson and headed toward the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads once again. He perched himself up top and dared Anson to get back to his feet. Once he was at a vertical base, Mattock front flipped off for a cannonball drop kick, but Anson side stepped and Mattock crashed back first into the canvas!

Anson then knew that Mattock’s back would be screaming in pain after that move so he quickly brought Mattock to his feet and set him up between his legs. He lifted Mattock and planted him with a powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Anson held on and pulled Mattock back to his feet where he hit him with another powerbomb. Anson wasn’t done as he lifted Mattock and planted him once again.. this time with a sit out variation of the powerbomb… his trifecta combo that he calls The Downfall landed and Mattock looked to be out. Anson then held Mattock down in the cover.



Thre… NO!

Mattock popped the shoulder up.

Anson got back to his feet and then called for the end of the match. He pulled Mattock back to his feet, but to Anson’s surprise, Mattock began to hit alternating knee strikes to the face of Anson! A left knee, a right knee, another left… another right! Anson was staggered! Mattock then grabbed Anson by the head and lifted him up into a suplex position and then dropped him with a brainbuster!

Mattock then quickly pulled Anson to a seated position and then hit the Vision Burst! A drop kick to the back of the head! Before Anson could lay back down, Mattock propped him up in a seated position and then nailed a Shining Wizard to the back of Anson’s head… The Vision Shatter! Mattock had a second wind and he was using every bit of it to try and turn this around

With Anson down, Mattock headed over to the corner and staggered his way up top as those three powerbombs were still having a lasting effect on him. Mattock measured Anson up and flipped off with the Descent from Twilight.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop! It connected and Mattock could sense his first victory!



Thre…. NO!

This time it was Anson that got the shoulder up at the last possible moment.

Mattock pounded his fist into the canvas and stood up. He then signaled for the end and then picked Anson back up to a vertical base. He hammerlocked the arm behind Anson’s back and then got underneath his other arm. Mattock swung with the Switchblade Romance, but Anson reversed and shoved Mattock away. Mattock scooted back a good distance… in fact… the perfect distance for Anson to lunge in…

The Devil’s Whisper!

Anson just superkicked Mattock’s head off! He made the cover!




The crowd booed, but there was no denying it. Anson Larue just dealt Mattock his fourth loss in the Invitational. It was a decisive elimination and because a such, Mattock would not be advancing to Power Struggle.

“Blackened the Sun” by Tech N9ne played as Anson celebrated his victory. After he left the ring, Mattock came to and sat up. He looked around the arena as he held his jaw in pain. Through all the pain, Mattock seemed to be smiling. Mattock rolled out of the ring and headed to the back with that smile still on his face.

Winner: Anson Larue via Pinfall

"You've Gotta Be Kidding Me"

Vince Jacobs The Russian beauty power walked down the hall as her Vera Wang short dress that came slightly below her knees rustled down the hall. She was on a mission and by the look of her face she was not happy. She turned the corner to see her man, Vince Jacobs grabbing a bottle water from the catering table. Jacobs turned to look at Natalia as her face was not smiling like he was used to.

“What’s wrong Nat?”

Natalia handed a piece of paper to Vince.

“You need to read this Vince.”

Jacobs opened the folded note as his eyes glazed over it. He sneered as he crumbled the note and threw it on the floor.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Is he serious with this?” Jacobs yelled as he looked at the Russian beauty.

“Yes hon, I believe he’s dead serious.”

“Well this will not stand.” Jacobs grabbed Natalia by the hand. “Let’s take care of this.”

Jacobs and Natalia walked down the hallway, passing a few wrestlers as they came upon a door that read “Damien Lee”. Vince did not even knock as he walked right into Lee’s office.

“Come in Mr. Jacobs, how can I help you?” as Lee read some papers on his desk.

“This has to be a joke right. I understand you need main even talent but you putting me on the same team as JCON is irresponsible.” Jacobs said as he slammed his fists on Lee’s desk.

“How so, Vince?” Lee said.

“You saw what he and his band of merry men did to me and Natalia last week. I cannot be responsible for what may happen to YOUR Relentless Champion before or during this match. If I have to I will personally destroy everything that JCON and Trouble holds dear.” Jacobs said.

“Are you done? Because it does not matter at this point. The match is set and if you do anything to try and destroy my main event then you will be fired from jOlt wrestling. So I suggest you get ready because you will cooperate in this match.” Damien Lee put his foot down as Jacobs looked on in disgust.

“Trust me Lee, I will not forget this.” SVJ said as he turned and walked out of the office with Natalia.

Damien Lee looked up at the door as it closed behind Natalia. “I’m sure you won’t Vince.” The camera faded out.

"The Setup"

Craig Thomas The cameras turned backstage to an unpleasant Craig Thomas who was now two for two in the Power Struggle Invitational. The numbers weren't the cause of his frustrations, as long as he looked ravishing in the spotlight was what counted. Though tonight, he was embarrassed in front of the crowd by Waymoth Turnbull and The House, it wasn't meshing well with his ego. He and Kurt Thomas were having a conversation on the subject as they power walked through the Halls of Champions, in the Arena of Champions.

"How in the hell did we let that raging monkey pull that off?" said The Ego, "We had it all setup, from point A to B. I sold that kick on Underwood and not a soul thought it was intended for him. Damn."

"I even dropped his fat ass on his neck." Kurt grinned, "No one saw that coming, but I did it with ease."

"Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact that he kicked out of it and still managed to beat me."

The Ego rubbed his head due to the pain subsiding in it caused by Waymoth and Adam Roebuck. When The Big Bucks clotheslined him over the top rope, Craig landed awkwardly on his head. He probably sustained a concussion, but he wouldn’t risk his chance at becoming the Relentless Champion, not with jOlt’s concussion policy.

“And who the hell do The House think they are?” Craig added as Kurt shrugged his shoulders, “They had absolutely no right interfering in our business, they need to steal someone elses spotlight, not mine! We will make them pay for that, Kurt.”

“You think I didn’t know that, or what?” Strangler said, “As we were walking up the ramp, I thought about what I’d like to do them two.”


“Next week, me and Huber are gonna brawl in an Underground Match.” he patted Craig on the back as they continued walking, “Where the hell you think I’m takin ya right now?”

The Ego rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders, and grinned with arrogance, “I was hoping we were gonna go find The House and beat’em down.”

“No. I’m gonna handle this one my way.” he replied, "You worry about the tournament."

Strangler stopped and turned towards a door that had Jim Johnson in big bold letters, written on it. Craig immediately sighed as his shoulder sunk, since Jim’s recent epiphany, he wasn't too keen on talking with him.

“Really, this douche bag? That monkey is no good to me, what’s he gonna do? Give The House a little spankin and a petty ass fine? Really, Kurt!?!”

“Quit crying like a bitch. You sound like your brother all the time. If we are gonna repay The House for their actions tonight, then he can help make it happen.”

The Ego sighed, “Fine but make it quick. I want to puke when Jim talks his mumbo jumbo.”

Without a single knock, Kurt opened the door, and passed through it into the room. Jim sat in his chair with sweat pouring down his face as he watched his monitor hanging in the corner of the room. When he noticed Team EGO entering his office, without notice, he quickly flipped the monitor off with his remote control. He beamed a cold glare over at the two as they approached him.

“A knock would be nice--” he told Team EGO as he slid back into his chair, Jim was nervous, and it obviously had something to do with the terroristic like threats jOlt had been receiving as of late.

“Cut the bullshit JJ, I’m here for one reason and one reason only--” Strangler buried his palms into Jim’s desk as he doubled over and stared at him, “--I want Derrick Huber next week on Warriors. If they want to interfere in our business, then so be it. I want Huber in an Underground Match so I can bury his fat ass in the ring.”

“Yeah, kinda like what happen to you last week--” added The Ego with a smirk directed at Johnson, “--You know, thirteen years ago you would have forged an army and fought back against these idiots trying to takeover jOlt, but ever since you’ve had your little epiphany, you’ve turned into a pu---”

Strangled shoved Craig into the wall, “Shut your mouth for a minute, I’m trying to get us The House--” he turned his attention back to Jim, who scowled angrily at Team EGO, but with a tint of fear spread through the expression as well.

“Don’t worry Kurt, I’m gonna give you your match next week against Huber.” Jim cut his eyes over at The Ego, “And Craig, if you ever talk to me like that again, ya little bastard, I’ll make damn sure you don’t get a shot at the Relentless Championship.”

Craig laughed, “Yeah, okay...”

“I can still be a dick, especially when it involves arrogant little pricks that nobody likes. Now get out of my office and shut my damn door on the way out, I do have more important things to do or I will make it happen...”

“Fine!” bellowed Craig, “Let’s go, we got what we came for Kurt.”

The Ego walked off through the door, while Strangler nodded his head at Jim for his givingness. He followed in Craig’s footsteps, closing the door to Jim’s office behind him, and the cameras went elsewhere in the Arena of Champions.

"The Economy of Hate"

Sylo A casual pan toward the left presents the faintly lit locker room. Sitting underneath the broad cone of luminescence, the Royal Blue of damp follicles easily identified the all too familiar hulking figure quietly. Seething in silence...

Sylo let himself think. He was winning the battles thus far but the war was just on the horizon. Derecho was weakened but could Sylo keep his calm and battle his own rage that threatened to crash over him like a tsunami? ”...And here before me, sits the self-professed ’King’, brooding alone in the darkness...

The camera view was trained upon the left side of the jOlt Champion moving his hair abruptly from his visage with an agitated snort. The Super Beast’s jaw drew taunt as the intruder’s padded footsteps drew near. The sounds of weighted steps along the carpeted floor foretold of a small scouting party advancing.

“You brought back-up? Here? You understand this is my domain and only a fool or someone desperate would come here, even with a small army, especially with the increased risk of me ending a few careers in the process but you knew that already didn’t you,” Sylo turned, his gaze leveled at the darkness.


The shadowy figure’s form invaded the light, allowing the hues of Crimson & Obsidian to be displayed into full view. A prominent shadow was cast underneath a cascade of grayish-white hair.

”Amusing.” The Ronin quipped. “However, their presence is of neither consequence nor least for the time being. It would have been foolish to assume your arrogance would have eroded since our last encounter. Apparently, some flaws are seemingly impervious to maturity.” Sylo didn’t even twitch a muscle. His demeanor was calm, cool, and collected which meant he was at his utmost dangerous. He glanced at Ninja K with dead, almost bored eyes; blue predatory eyes outlined with a deep malice.

“You assume. Not a wise course of action. Don’t tell me you’re becoming dull like a blade that’s seen one too many battles. You think a day goes by I don’t remember the road to hell we traveled? You speak of my arrogance but who was it that won that match, Kenshiro?” Sylo curled the corner of his mouth into a twisted grin as his elongated canines seemed to glisten even in the dim lighting. “Lesson one, make your weakness a strength. But I know you’re not here for remedial lessons. I’m assuming you’re out of options and need help tonight…am I right?”

”...If there was a far better alternative, rest assured that I would have already implemented it... Kenshiro uttered. ”However, here we are...”

Sylo let out a deep, dark, and almost demonic sounding chuckle that faded into the warm embrace of the shadows.

“No, Kenshiro, here you are. You still haven’t answered my question but, what the hell, I’ll play along for old times’ sake. What brings you to my dark corner of the world?”

”With the element of inevitability aside, there is a matter of business that demands we set aside our respective unresolved differences for another time.

“Yes, I understand how taxing it can be to try to put together a team. We run into one slight problem though and that problem is this isn’t my problem. Whatever mess you’re in, whatever shit pile you decided to jump knee deep in, that was a product of your own doing. You’re as headstrong as ever Kenshiro. Perhaps it was maturity that passed you by in that aspect? Now I suggest either you and your…associates make a hasty exit seeing as how I’m in the mood for a fight OR you get to the part where this becomes my problem and I actually start giving a shit.”

The intentional stare cast by Sylo was cold & calloused by design yet the Human Natural Disaster didn’t move a single muscle. A sigh of muted annoyance is heard by the ninja.

”Alright; enough with the wasted attempts of civility with the irrationally uncivil.” Kenshiro mentioned. “I supposed I must lower myself to your remedial capacity of understanding; You are correct. Your ‘best friend’ in Jim Johnson has officially decreed that I am to participate in tonight’s main event. A 6 person tag team contest. Captain’s prerogative.Jonathan Conspiracy, whom I anticipate will be desperately seeking retribution, has managed to recruit a mutual rival of ours in the self-professed ’Superstar’ Vincent Jacobs.

“How I do love these conversations, Kenshiro. You throw a quip and I throw one back.”

Possibly the most dangerous man alive stood up, towering over Kenshiro but the ninja didn't show an ounce of fear.

“Do you know why I love it so much? Because it tells me there’s still a fire that burns inside of you after all these years. Aside from that and more to the point; why would I give a rats ass about a man I beat for,” Sylo leaned over picking up one of the most precious pieces of gold and metal he’d ever held; The Legacy Title. “This?” "Careful; temptation is a serrated double-edged sword." Kenshiro warned as the champion flashed his canines with a predatory sneer. "Certain ambitions present serious repercussions when awakened prematurely but I digress..."

”Apparently, you are still not convinced...” The ninja replied. “Then perhaps you’ll enjoy this most recent revelation; I have the name of Jonathan’s recent acquisition...


The hairs along the back of the titan’s neck & nostrils flared outward instantly. Sylo’s knuckles drew a pale-ish white hue. Sylo’s chest heaved and that incomprehensible rage that Sylo had inside threatened to rip apart at the seams. He closed his eyes and meditated for a moment. His breathing regulated and soon after he was once again calm, cool, and collected.

”Yes.” Kenshiro hissed. “Our mutual enemy and now that I have your undivided attention, I have no doubt that you will seize this opportunity that I am personally granting unto you.”

“You want to bring a nuclear bomb to a gun fight? Okay, Kenshiro; I’m in.” Sylo stared down Kenshiro a moment before Kenshiro bowed his head.

”Congratulations.” Kenshiro replied. “Now if there is nothing further...”

“Kenshiro, there are two conditions.” Sylo interrupted as he stood, statuesque, still fighting that rage, and still fighting that blood lust.

”Conditions?” Kenshiro replied.

“One…Derecho…is…mine. No one is going to beat him but me. Are we clear?”

Kenshiro notably scoffed in response. “I see you haven’t lost your unique sense of humor yet with all respects unto you as this promotion’s reigning champion; this isn’t Team Sylo nor shall I begin to set forth empty promises as the captain of this team. You, of all people, should know that anything is possible...especially when the conditions of victory present themselves....”

“And two…the hands of time move closer and closer. I know you can you feel it in the air. Can you smell the blood? You know what I want because you want it as well. Do we have a deal?”

The jOlt Champion growled with the gradual ascent of his championship belts into the air. The menacing gleam flashed faintly across the ninja’s partially masked visage before being covered in darkness. The subtle sounds of padded footsteps were hear dissipating, leaving Kenshiro still standing along the barrier of both light & dark.

”Everyone & thing has their appointed season.” Kenshiro replied. “You especially.”

The ninja’s form slowly became enveloped within the vast blackness.

”I strongly implore you to redeem the time left in your reign as ‘King’...” Kenshiro replied. “I will ensure that Aran is made aware his enlistment.”

"Home is Where the Heart is"

unknown State Hospital #4 – Missouri

The camera finds the same dark room from Warriors last week where a figure was sending a message to the jOlt fans and wrestlers from a mental hospital. The camera pans in further to the room to see a table and chair. On the table was a small light. The camera stops before it gets near the table as the light on the table suddenly turns upward. The large figure slowly sits down on the table.

“We have spent most of our lives in this place that we have called home. This place is a place where most people do not dare to dwell. A place that puts fear and sometimes sympathy into most people’s eyes. This place has made the strongest of men turn to mush. We however have embraced every aspect of this place since we were seven years of age. We feel this place keeps up sane from the real craziness in the world today

The voice paused for a few seconds. The light from the table slowly moved back down toward the table for a couple of seconds before returning to the ceiling.

“We wonder how people would react to seeing us in their society seeing as how our past is a little checkered. The problem is not us or any of us in this place but it’s you people out there. You are the ones that label what you don’t understand and you fear what you don’t understand.

"You label us as crazy or insane but it’s the way society views what a crazy person is that’s really crazy."

The figure starts to laugh for a few seconds before stopping.

“We are going to inject some reality into jOlt.”

The screen stated to crackle as static filled the screen. The static suddenly started to shift into a letter.



Turk 2008

“The subject exhibits extreme bouts of rage.”

“Can it be controlled, Doctor?” the young woman removed the glasses from her nose and bit on the earpiece awaiting the reply.

The salt and pepper haired older man looked grim as he scanned the notes; “It can, but there’s no indication the subject can then function within a normal circumstance.” The Doctor then looked at her; “Doctor Ross, I-I understand you’ve grown attached to this man. I also understand this particular version of him is pleasant. Mister Dunston is simply a mentally challenged individual with an honest heart.” His expression then changed, “but, this other personality. It’s one we can’t predict or control when it surfaces. This other side of him-”

“Turk”, Ross cut in.

The Doctor pursed his lips, “Yes, Turk...he’s uncontrollable and barely functional within any framework of normalcy.” He stared back through the window at the grown man sitting quietly in the grass enjoying the sun, and breeze; “He’s a monster, Doctor Ross.”

She shook her head at the old man; “He’s just in need of positive attention.”

“Julie,” the older doctor broke with professionalism, “He cannot be controlled. He has only in the short time he’s been with us hospitalized two orderlies, and caused one to quit out of fear. For him to even be this complacent he must be medicated beyond all cognitive ability. He can’t participate in the study and stay on this meds regimen.”

She turned to face him directly; “Then we’ll take him off of it.” She exited the room leaving the man to look at the window at what he felt was a monster, but looked less harmless than a child.


She approached slowly; “Ryan?”

He turned and his scarred face brightened behind blonde bangs; “Hi-Hi- Julie.”

“How are you today?”

He squinted in thought; “I-I’m good. I like the sun.”

She grinned and sat next to him in the grass; “It’s nice isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He pulled grass and tossed it into the wind’ “Is Michael coming soon?”

Julie shook her head; “I don’t think Michael is coming, Ryan.”

“It’s because of him.” Ryan looked into the grass as if he was looking for something. The hurt was obvious. Ryan hadn’t seen his brother for over two years. The last time they interacted at all was the trial, and then it was only in bits and pieces that he could remember. His memory fractured between bouts with Turk in control and the messages he wrote to Ryan on the legal pad they shared. Turk threatened Ryan, Michael, their lawyer. All messages scrawled in quick penmanship that Ryan could barely read. One even threatening to kill Ryan. Another aimed at Michael “I’ll gut him.” Ryan didn’t know exactly what that meant, but it was evil, just like everything else Turk did.

“It’s because most people don’t understand you, Ryan.” Julie caught his attention; “I understand you, Ryan. I can control Turk, I can help you.”

Ryan shook his head.

“We’re going to back the medicine down, we’re going to face Turk head-on.” she smiled, "We’re going to beat him.”

Ryan’s expression changed to one of misunderstanding coupled with vivid fear and he uttered; “No one can control Turk. No one beats him.”

"Snapping Out of It"

Vince Jacobs Derecho sat alone in his dressing room when there was a knock on the door. Derecho sat there in silence as the door opened to reveal "Superstar" Vince Jacobs. Jacobs saw Derecho sitting there with his head buried in his face and the Underground Championship laying on the bench next to him.

"You doing okay there, champ?" asked SVJ

Derecho lifted his head and just stared at Jacobs. Jacobs shook his head and took a couple of steps toward Derecho.

"Okay... look. I've seen you break down over the last few weeks so I've come here to slap some damn sense into you. You need to take it from me that Sylo is doing everything possible to get into your head. Although I find it difficult to believe that someone with a brain as small as his can even manage to come up with mind games, apparently he's doing just that."

Derecho continued to stare at SVJ.

"Think back to when you first started here in jOlt. You destroyed people left and right. You were a KILLER. But you know what the funny thing is? You still are and it seems you forgot that. You are the Underground Champion. You single-handedly carried this division on your back and you let none stand in your way. You even went as far to proclaim yourself as The King of Hell. Now you sit there and act like you're the King of Shit."

SVJ took a couple of steps forward and did something no person in their right mind would dare to do. He slapped Derecho straight across the face with force.

"SNAP OUT OF IT!" shouted SVJ.

"This isn't the Derecho I know. This isn't the Derecho that was coniving like the one from Team Johnson. This isn't the Derecho that's ruthless that put down Sylo.. TWICE in the past.. once for LoC's biggest championship. This is not the Derecho that left a path of destruction in his wake. What I see before me is a Derecho that has let a certain blue-haired bitch get inside his head. Sylo is just a bitch.. I should know because I made him mine not that long ago."

It was almost if that slap knocked Derecho's brain back in place. Derecho stood up and looked SVJ right in the eyes.

"You're right. This is all in my head. Maybe all I needed was a bit of a reminder."

SVJ then slapped Derecho on the back.

"Damn right, you needed a reminder.. and just think.. Sylo's going to be in that match tonight. You can get your hands on him and you can enact your revenge. Let me worry about Aran Thompson... and Ninja K.. well, you damn near retired his ass a month ago.. easy pickings for you, I'm sure."

Derecho cracked a smirk and grabbed his Underground Championship. He slung it over his shoulder and began to walk away.

"Where you heading off to?" asked SVJ.

"Well, we are a three man team tonight. I want to make sure Jonathan Conspiracy is on the same page as us." said Derecho

SVJ grabbed Derecho by the shoulder.

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.. don't go running off and doing that just yet. That's the other reason as to why I came here to talk to you."

Derecho stopped and leaned up against the door frame.

"You see... JCON has been running around with Duzza and The Jury. He's got something up his sleeve. Remember.. he targeted both you AND Sylo over this past month. He's had beef with Ninja K and I'm hoping that's where it stays.. but there's no telling what's been going through his mind lately. I think its best if it's just you and I talking the strategy and whatever happens to JCON happens. You and I know each other like no one else in this company. I say we go into that match trusting just ourselves."

Derecho shrugs.

"Whatever you think works best... all I know is Sylo will be on the other side of that ring. That's my main goal. If you want to work together without JCON.. then that's fine.. just don't do it in a way that stops me from obtaining my goal. That's all I ask."

SVJ grins. "Deal."

Derecho and SVJ then exit around the corner as the scene fades to black.

Colby Korver vs Eiji Kugasari
Colby KorverEiji Kugasari

Camera Four is readily training itself onto Colby Korver who is already inside the squared circle. In the background, the lone soldier sat there with his mask secured on his face. He looked on into the ring with focus and attention. The promotional newcomer was readily tugging at the ropes & prepping himself for the challenge ahead...


’No Association’ by Silverchair serves as the spark to the jOltvision vignettes & smoke laden entrance. The pyrotechnical display & entrance theatrics of Eiji Kugasari were welcomed via a notable wave of heel heat. The Blood Raven set his focus onto his opponent who caught him off guard with a surprise victory over him. Eiji took several moments to stare back at the enigmatic soldier with the metal mask before proceeding onward. Eiji snatched a Kodiak Vic Creed wrestling figure out of a small fan’s hand and smashed it against the exposed pavement before ascending onto the ring apron. Korver remained unmoved as Eiji finally stepped through the ropes and commandeered his respective corner.


Both Eiji and Colby quickly engaged each other by encircling the middle of the ring. Eiji lunged forward, prompting Korver to evade his advances while Eiji slid along one knee before standing swiftly. The Blood Raven quickly grounded Korver with a Snap mare yet Colby evaded Eiji’s Standing Snap Kick by rolling onto his stomach & quickly regaining his footing. Eiji’s Open Palm Punch led to him being caught into a Rear Side Hammerlock. Eiji with a counteroffensive Northern Lights Suplex Bridge Pin! ...1! ....2! The masses rallied behind Colby willing himself upward with a Back Bend, rotating about and spiking Kugasari into the mat with a Snap Side Headlock Takedown. Eiji with a Head Scissors counter. Stand Off and a respectable response from the smarks within the audience.

The Blood Raven & Korver clashed again with a Head & Arm Collar Tie Up jockeyed for supremacy. Korver with an impromptu Monkey Flip. The nimble Kugasari landed on both feet & immediately broke out into a dead sprint towards the opposing ropes. Leap Frog by Korver. Kugasari swivled about dropped Colby with a Swift Single Hand Leg Sweep. Lateral Press but Korver pushed him off. Front Handspring to his feet, Eiji turned about in time to grab Korver by the head and fling him over the tope rope. Korver began Skinning the Cat, pulling himself up & over back inside the ring. Colby connected with a stern set of Back Elbows before connecting with a Springboard Spinning Head Scissors Takedown. Korver was quick to cover & hook the leg deep...1! ...2! Kick Out!

Korver connected with a Clubbing Forearm before landing a blistering Knife Edge Chop across Eiji’s chest. The masses offered an audible Ric Flair tribute with each successive chop. Eiji with a quick Block before slamming Colby against the turnbuckle and retaliating with an Overhand Chop to the Chest! Eiji overlapped Korver’s right arm over the ropes to apply more leverage in wedging his foot against his rival’s throat. Referee Underwood intervened with an angry 4 count before prying Eiji off Colby. The Prince of Puroresu waved the ref off and led Korver away with an Irish Whip, stopping short and spinning Korver about with an Open Palm Punch across the Jaw...Tenzo Ken! The impact of the Discus Roundhouse Kick to Colby’s head flattened him along the canvas. Cover...1! ...2! ...Shoulder!

Kugasari angrily disputed with the official’s count before cinching Colby up with a Front Face Suplex to seat him atop the turnbuckles. The defiant Korver was snatched to a seated posture before repeatedly being blasted with a methodical set of Kicks to the Spine. Double Trapezius Nerve Hold on Korver. Colby continued to ward off the ill effects of the hold before Kugasari quickly slipped on a Buffalo Sleeper on Corver. Referee Underwood knelt down gauging Korver’s will to continue. Slowly but surely, Korver latched onto the nearby bottom rope, breaking the hold. Eiji looked around into the angry audience before standing his groggy opponent erect.

Kugasari threw a punch that was blocked and countered with a barrage of Front Kicks, Punches & Knife Edge Chops. Hammer Throw by Korver. Reversal by Eiji. Northern Lights Salto Suplex by Colby who rose to his feet and drilled Eiji in the face with a pinpoint Knee Drop to the Face. The promotional newcomer took a moment to catch himself as Kugasari sought safety along the ring apron before standing. Korver careened off the opposing ropes and bounced his rival soundly onto the floor with a Running OTR Bulldog Lariat! Camera Six zeroed in on the Human Car Wreck along the outside. Groggy but resilient, Korver staggered his way toward the ring apron before reentering. Referee Underwood made it to the count of 6 before Eiji was back to a knee. Crawling back inside, Kugasari was buried with a Catapult Leg Drop! Cover! ...1! ...2! Kickout!

Colby slapped the mat soundly in frustration before repeatedly stomping on Eiji. Korver pulled Kugasari to his feet and used a Front Kick to lean him against the turnbuckles. Scaling his way upward, Korver drew the approval of the crowd before pummeling Eiji with a hail of fists...

Crowd: ...1! ...2! ...3! ...4! ...5! ...6! ...7! ...8! ...9! ...10!!

Korver swung both arms outward, signaling for the end was near. Leaping Hurricanrana by Korver and Eiji was barreling wildly toward the center of the ring. Korver had the masses amped up as he measured a rising Kugasari. Front Kick to Eiji’s mid section to a Pump Handle Lift but the Blood Raven slipped off behind Korver. Colby’s Spinning back Elbow was countered by a Snap Kick to Thigh before connecting with an immediate Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. A Spinning Back Fist before leveling Korver with an Open Palm Strike to Jaw. Crimson Sword Dance

Left staggering about, Korver dropped to a knee to reclaim his equilibrium. The masses jeered the resurgent Kugasari who was stalking after his prey. As Colby stood erect, The Blood Raven stunned Korver by Bell Clap from behind before spiking him into the mat with The Shinobi Sunset! The impact of Eiji’s Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver bounced Korver back to his feet before being left sprawled out along the canvas unconscious. Eiji hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! ...3!!

The crowd were notably pissed off as ’No Association’ by Silverchair rattled out of the overhead PA system and the victorious Kugasari snatched his arm free from Underwood’s grasp. The referee quickly turned his attention toward the ailing Korver as Eiji arrogantly stood atop the nearest turnbuckle and basked in his victory.

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Pinfall

"Shots in the Dark"

Eiji Kugasari Donny Lane was set up backstage with the Fire Truck Red, Orange & Black set as the stagehand man trained the camera to start the interview. Lane was adjusting his tie before addressing the approaching individual heading his way.

Lane: “Mr. Kugasari...”

“Mister Lane.” Eiji interrupted. “I am aware you wish to be the first to kiss my backside but like the unsavory legions, that litter this arena, you are unfit to be given that honor. I redeemed myself of that fluke win by decimating my opponent tonight. Colby Korver was but one example of what lies in wait for the rest of my opposition competing in the Power Struggle Invitational Tournament” The Blood Raven chimed with sheer arrogance.

Waymont Turnbull. Jason Fosters. Anson LaRue. Craig Thomas and the assorted cast of vermin will have the distinct pleasure of paying homage to the inevitable winner of this tournament; Eiji Kugasari” Eiji proclaimed. “Make no mistake, I have not forgotten about this promotion’s ‘esteemed’ Flyweight Champion; Jimmy Martinez...

The ongoing chants aimed towards the valiant champions in questioned rattled the walls much to the annoyance of the Blood Raven.

“You & I have unfinished business between us that must be settled. This company can’t keep you out of harm’s way nor your cohorts you so desperately cling to. For the Inogami Clan, I will see to it that you rendered obsolete. Your time is at an end, Martinez. Get the hell out of my way!”

Eiji shoved the microphone deep into Lane’s chest before storming off to the depths of the Arena of Champions

Reno Davis & Lusus vs Grendel
Reno DavisLususGrendel

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera.

The Unwanted Angel had arrived and the Arena of Champions was on its feet. Reno Davis was beloved by the fans and a small stint out of the spotlight since losing the Relentless Championship did nothing to tarnish their affection. The jOlt original took the entrance ramp in a jog and slid under the bottom rope, then popped right back up to his feet. Reno gazed out into the crowd as the lone soldier gazed back at him. Reno didn't pay much mind as he hopped down off the turnbuckle. He hit the opposite turnbuckles and held his arms out wide, closing his eyes in an attempt to immortalize this moment.

"Never Scared" by Bone Crusher.

The Lusus "Army" stomped out onto the stage, delighting the Arena of Champions faithful.

"Here was a man that debuted at All or Nothing after having convinced Chris Titan for weeks that he was, in fact, an entire army," Michael Buhrman stated. "So, naturally, Chris Titan thinks an army is ... an army."

Nathan Powers cut right in once he saw his moment hit, "And he couldn't have been more right, Mike! Lusus is an army ... or at least he's the size of a small one."

"He's not going to like that you said that, Nate."

"I said small army. SMALL.."

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. He may not like the small part."

While the jOlt announcers shared a corny laugh amongst themselves at Lusus' expense, the walking continent of a man shook the ring below him like an earthquake with every step he took. Poor Reno Davis was left to try and figure out how to keep himself from popping up into the air like he was on a trampoline. Lusus, meanwhile, continued his stampede with a few rolls of his neck to loosen it up followed by a roar second to only Sylo. The Lusus Army had arrived in full force this evening.

"Voodoo" by Godsmack.

But would that be enough the entire arena wondered? Would two men, one the size of Lusus and another with the speed and skill of Reno Davis, even stand a chance against the monster Grendel? They were all about to find out.

Angelique appeared alone on the stage.

"Where is your savior, Lusus? Hmmm? The leader of your ridiculous cause?"

Both Lusus and Reno Davis tried to focus on what Angelique was saying while simultaneously scanning the perimeter of the ring for any signs of Grendel.

"I see his army is here," Angelique continued, "but where is its general? Where is Chris Titan?"

The jOltvision lit up, returning to the previously visited boiler room inside the Arena of Champions. There, chained to the wall, was a beaten and bloodied Chris Titan. And hovering over his body holding a torch was the monster Grendel. Inside the ring Lusus was berzerk and attempted to tear a post from the ring with sheer brute strength. It didn't budge.

Nathan Powers could not believe his eyes asking, "C'mon, did he really just try to do that?!"

"This does not bode well for Chris Titan at all," a more prioritized Michael Buhrman explained, "without the help of the Backbone there is no way he's going to escape that monster. We need to get help down there immediately! Someone! Anyone! Get down there and help this man!"

"Why don't you go?"


"You're always screaming about someone needing to help someone else ... why don't you just go do it instead of panicking like a little girl?"

"Are you seriously going to ask me that right now? Do you want to go get in between Grendel and his next victim?"

"I'd rather chug a gallon of bleach."

"Exactly," Buhrman confidently replied.

"Wow," Powers said, "you're right. Let's just let the professionals handle this one."

The professional in this situation was Lusus and he was about to rip the Arena of Champions apart to get to Grendel, but Anglique had other plans.

"Without a leader there can be no cause, Lusus, am I right? And I do believe you would like to keep both intact I'm assuming. So, allow me to propose a match to you. Deafeat your would-be partner tonight and we will let Chris Titan go free ... for now. You have exactly three seconds to comply before Grendel ends the man you have foolishly decided to follow."


Lusus didn't need three seconds, he immediately attempted to take Reno Davis' head off with a HUGE lunging clothesline -- but Reno ducked the attempt and shot into the ropes.

"Davis ducks another clothesline and ... perfectly placed spinning heel kick! Lusus is dazed!"

But the big man was not going down. Reno Davis hit the ropes again and rebounded towards the man he was supposed to be tagging with. Tucking his shoulder, Reno took flight and drove a hard forearm into Lusus' naturally padded neck. Still, the big man did not go down. Rolling his eyes, Reno sprinted towards the top rope.

"Davis is up on the turnbuckle now, he's got Lusus lined up ..."

On the entrance stage Angelique stood agrin, her plan was unfolding exactly how she had forseen it.

Until it didn't. Still dazed, Lusus rose up in a clear panic and Reno Davis realized something. The Lusus Army was not his enemy.

Michael Buhrman could not believe his eyes, "What in the world is Reno Davis doing right now?! Why is he just standing there?"

Reno leapt off the top rope and perfectly lined himself up to be caught by the big man. Lusus had him now.

"BEARHUG! Lusus has Reno Davis trapped dead center in the ring."

Instantaneously, Reno Davis tapped out. Angelique was livid. Things had not gone to plan and so ... improvisations had to be made.


The monster relished the thought, knowing that neither Lusus nor Reno Davis could possibly get to him before he inflicted an incredible amount of pain on his adversary. Grendel jerked on a tuft of Chris Titan's hair, lifting the Backbone's former leader into direct view of the camera ...

... and the Titan smiled.

Grendel took a swing at the former jOlt Champion's temple and found himself hitting nothing but air. Chris Titan had ducked the blow and rolled behind the monster. Then, in total desperation, Titan took his chains and wrapped them tightly around Grendel's throat. The monster thrashed wildly while repeatedly slamming Chris Titan's back in the boiler room wall he was still chained to, but Titan's grip did not relinquish.

The monster's love was in a fit of panic, simultaneously repremanding her Grendel for allowing this to happen to him while also calling for his aid. An act that caught the attention of the man choking the life out of Angelique's love, and his former follower.

"No one's coming to save him, Angelique. At least not before he's paid for what he did to me."

The torch Grendel held over Chris Titan's head had fallen from his grasp during the melee and had now become property of the man it was previously threatening. Titan held the torch high above his head and struck a knockout blow to the side of Grendel's face. Tiny meteorites flew in all directions from the monster's jaw. Titan turned back to the camera.

"At Power Struggle we end this ... Inferno Match. Someone is going to burn, that is for damn sure. I'm sending your monster back to hell where he belongs and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it."

Lusus, Reno Davis, and a platoon of jOlt staffers poured into the boiler room while Chris Titan stood, chained, over the unconscious body of his enemy. On the stag Angelique's eyes filled with an inferno all their own and iNtense moved to yet another destination within the Arena of Champions' walls.

Winner: Lusus via Submission.


Aran Thompson Staring into the blank distance, Aran Thompson, stood next to Laurie Williams who was perched against a wall and rubbing Aran's arm.

"You ain't got nothin' to worry about love. You just have to get through this night and you are going to Power Struggle for a chance at what you have worked so hard to accomplish."

Laurie Williams tried to console her significant other in hopes to calm him down but his earlier incident with Sylo had him a bit unhinged. Aran seemed to be calculating his next steps as he continued his thousand mile stare into the empty void of the backstage area.


A calm voice said startling Laurie and Aran as a gloved hand slowly patted Aran on the shoulder from the shadows behind them. Ninja K stepped out and Laurie Williams held her chest in surprise as Aran slowly turned his head.

"I was wondering when you were going to chime in."

Aran smirked acknowledging that he was aware of Kenshiro's presence.

"Sylo taught me what to listen for" Aran continued.

Ninja K nodded his head with acceptance. "Not everything yet your evolution is duly noted.” Kenshiro mentioned casually. “You truly are a man preparing for the next level. You have quite a challenge set ahead of you at Power Struggle.” Kenshiro eyed Laurie cradling Thompson’s arm tightly before gradually turning his attention back to Aran.

“Jacobs is a worthy opponent, but honor is a virtue that he lacks, among many, and respect is one he needs to be taught. Perhaps you are more than capable of ensuring Jacobs is taught humility in the most brutal fashion possible."

Laurie and Aran turned their full attention to the enigmatic dark antihero.

"But I digress. The reason I am here is personally enlist you into my team. Tonight, we must battle three opponents all of whom Sylo, you, and myself are very familiar with respectively...” Ninja instructed. “But this time, we will face all three in the same match and tag rules or not, this will be a match that we all need to bring the utmost focus into. Let us hope that your animosity toward Jacobs does not cloud your judgment on neither Derecho and Jonathan Conspiracy as they aspire to win & prove that we are undeserving."

Aran straightened his posture and snarled a bit.

"You don't have to worry about me, I've got unsettled scores with both Derecho and Conspiracy. Tonight, things get relentless."

Ninja K nodded his head in approval of a determined Aran Thompson and Laurie looked on as her man seemed to make yet another powerful ally, even if for just one night.

“I expect nothing less...”

"The Countdown Continues"



The jOltvision remained blackened for several moments before an ominous electronic device with a multicolored array of wiring and lights become the focus of the screen. END.GAME.GOV was affixed above a digital display...


Lighting adorning the electronic device began dancing as the foreboding countdown had been initiated...

417:59:46... 417:59:45.. ....Angry Static...

Bullets install stops playing.. normally, the lights would return at this point, but there is the sound of air.. perhaps being generated by an industrial fan somewhere. The sound wasn't overpowering.. it was more like background noise. A bright light faded into view as footsteps could be heard. A black silhouette of a man is shown against the light walking toward the camera. Some of the crowd began to cheer, some began to talk amongst themselves as this figure walked toward the screen.

As the figure neared the screen... the screen began to glitch. Static came in then faded out faster and faster as a rumbling sound was heard over the PA... Just when the figure got to a distance where some features could start to be made out.. the screen went to complete static and then to complete darkness.

All the lights in the Arena of Champions power back on.

Sylo, Aran Thompson, Ninja K vs Derecho, Vince Jacobs, Jonathan Conspiracy
SyloAran ThompsonNinja K

DerechoVince JacobsJonathan Conspiracy

Six jOlt superstars were on their respective collision courses. Before they collided at Power Struggle, the board of directors decided to put together this dream six man tag! The arena clamored with excitement as the music started up.

One by one the phrases everyone was familiar with appeared on the screen!

“Pro Wrestling’s Phenomenon – The Icon – The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber – The Reason There is a Show”

“Villain” by Theory of a Deadman

Out from the back came “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. Jacobs extended his hands to absorb all of the praise, but he found nothing but admonishment from the fans in attendance. Jacobs shrugged it off because he knew he was just that damn good. Jacobs made his way down to the ring as the people continued to boo. He entered the ring and waited for his partners.

“No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West

The boos continued as the jOlt Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy, made his way out from the backstage area with the Relentless title firmly around his waist. Mr. One Letter Better was in high spirits coming off of back to back wins over the Underground Champion and the jOlt Champion… one of which, will be his partner here tonight. JCON stepped into the ring as Vince Jacobs looked on from the outside. It was apparent that Jacobs wasn't exactly thrilled to be partnered with Jonathan Conspiracy. The man about to come out next was about as equally thrilled as Jacobs.

“One Reason” by FADE

Their final partner, the jOlt Underground Champion, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area among a sea of boos. He held his championship close to his body just as he had done over the course of this past month. Even a loud “PAR-A-NOIA” chant started up in the crowd. Derecho ignored them and entered the ring. He made his way over to their corner where JCON tried to give him a handshake. Derecho simply glared at JCON as if to say "Don't get in my way". Upon seeing the glare, JCON retracted his hand and backed away. SVJ hopped up onto the ring apron and conversed with Derecho, perhaps to see who would start out in the match.

“Champion” by Grinspoon

The first one out was Mr. Relentless himself, Aran Thompson. The people cheered for Aran who came out from the back. Aran was just mere seconds away from becoming the Underground Champion until that came to a crashing halt thanks to “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. The two of them will meet at Power Struggle, but for now, Aran stopped at the end of the entrance ramp and waited.

“Vicarious” by Tool

The crowd popped even louder as the Midnight Assassin, the Athletic Freak of Nature known as Kenshiro Inogami… Ninja K, stepped out from the back. Ninja K wanted a measure of revenge against Derecho for pinning him back at All or Nothing, but he also wanted a piece of Jonathan Conspiracy. Ninja K stood side by side with Aran Thompson.


“Miracle” by Nonpoint (Pale Horse Remix)

The people erupted in cheer as Sylo burst through the white light with the jOlt Championship around his waist and the LoC Legacy Championship over his shoulder. Sylo power walked down the ramp and stepped in between Ninja K and Aran Thompson. Sylo unfastened the jOlt Championship and dropped both his titles to the ground. All three hit the ring at the same time and here we go!




All six men began to brawl with their respective feud partners! Sylo and Derecho, Thompson and Jacobs, Ninja K and JCON. Punches flew and blows were being traded back and forth. Sylo whipped Derecho to the ropes and then clotheslined him up and over the top and to the outside. Ninja K did a leaping kick to the mid-section of JCON and then hurled him to the outside. This left Vince Jacobs alone with all three men in the ring. SVJ was getting the upper hand on Aran Thompson when Ninja K and Sylo joined in. The three of them triple teamed SVJ and then collectively tossed him over the top rope. Jacobs landed on Derecho and JCON and the three of them were all down and out!

The referee tried to gain some measure of order here as there was out of control chaos from the moment the bell rang! The referee told two people to head back to the corner. Ninja K stated that he would start out. Derecho, SVJ, and JCON talked amongst themselves and JCON and SVJ elected Derecho to start out the match.

All three men got up onto the ring apron as Derecho slowly got into the ring. A rematch of sorts from All or Nothing was about to take place as Derecho and Ninja K circled each other in the ring. Collar and elbow tie up! Ninja K immediately went into a side head lock, but Derecho reversed it into a hammer lock. Before Ninja K could reverse it, however, Derecho slapped Ninja K in the back of the head and shoved him off toward the corner.

Derecho charged in after him, but Ninja K leapt onto the middle turnbuckle and twisted over Derecho with a roll up attempt, but Derecho rolled through back to his feet and planted both of them right into the face of Ninja K! Cover!



Ninja K kicked out.

Derecho pulled Ninja K back to his feet and sent him off to the ropes, but Ninja K flipped against them and went for the Handspring Elbow, but Derecho caught Ninja K in a waist lock. German suplex attempt by Derecho, but Ninja K landed on his feet. Derecho turned around and was met with stiff kicks to the side of his leg. Ninja K then grabbed the leg he had been kicking and hit a Dragon Screw Leg Whip to take Derecho down. Ninja K then went for a cover of his own.



Derecho kicked out.

Both Ninja K and Derecho got back to their feet. Ninja K was a bit quicker as he whipped Derecho to the ropes. Blind tag by Vince Jacobs as Ninja K swung with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked underneath. At the same time, Vince Jacobs leapt to the top turnbuckle and jumped off with a missile drop kick that caught Ninja K unaware. Derecho rolled out of the ring as Jacobs pulled Ninja K to his feet. He grabbed Ninja K and hit a snap suplex on him.

Jacobs then started to put the boots to Ninja K, stomping away and then doing a little bit of showboating afterward. The crowd booed Jacobs as he pulled Ninja K back up. Ninja K then fired a pair of elbows then a pair of forearms to break free. Ninja K then leapt onto shoulders of Jacobs and spun 180 degrees and hit a Poisoned Frankensteiner!!

Jacobs just landed on the back of his head!

Ninja K headed to his corner and tagged in one of SVJ’s biggest rivals both literally and figuratively… here came The Superbeast, Sylo!

The people erupted in cheer as the jOlt Champion stepped into the ring! Sylo readied himself as he hadn’t forgotten everything Jacobs and he did to each other. Jacobs got back to his feet and Sylo exploded out of the corner with a vicious clothesline, but Jacobs dropped down and hit a drop toe hold that sent Sylo face first into the corner!

Jacobs gained some distance and got a full head of steam. He then planted both knees into the upper back of Sylo as he slouched there in the corner against the turnbuckles. Jacobs backed off for more distance and charged in again. This time he hit a heat seeking missile dropkick to the back of Sylo’s head! Jacobs pulled Sylo out of the corner and went for a back body drop, but Sylo elbowed his way out of it. Sylo took off to the ropes and hit a shoulder block that put Jacobs down.

Sylo headed off to the ropes once again, and again, put Jacobs down with another shoulder block. Sylo helped Jacobs back to his feet and then sent him on his way to the ropes. Jacobs bounced back and ducked a clothesline by Sylo. Jacobs then leapt to the middle rope behind Sylo and sprung off of it with a drop kick, but Sylo swatted him away and down to the canvas. Sylo pulled Jacobs up and hit a belly to belly suplex on him. Sylo then went for the cover.



Jacobs kicked out.

Sylo then pulled Jacobs back to his feet and nailed a headbutt which put him back down. Jacobs reached out toward his corner, but Sylo dragged him all the way back to his. Sylo made the tag to Aran Thompson.

Thompson leapt over the ropes and fell onto the lower back of Jacobs with an elbow drop. Thompson flipped Jacobs over and made the cover.



Jacobs kicked out again.

Thompson brought Jacobs back to his feet and backed him into the ropes before shooting him off with an irish whip, but Jacobs reversed it and sent Aran to the ropes instead. Jacobs then hit a leaping leg lariat that put Thompson down. Jacobs went over to his corner and tagged in Jonathan Conspiracy. JCON leapt into the ring and brought Thompson back up to his feet. JCON lit up Thompson’s chest with a knife edge chop. JCON hit another and another which turned Thompson’s chest a nice shade of red. JCON then whipped Thompson to the ropes and put him down with a stiff European uppercut. JCON then made the cover.



Thompson kicked out.

JCON then brought Thompson up to a seated position where he applied a rear chin lock to Thompson. JCON wrenched back with the chin lock as the referee asked him if he wanted to give up. Thompson said no as he used the cheers from the crowd to fuel him. Thompson stood up and then dropped down with a jaw breaker on JCON! Thompson then got back to his feet and went to his corner where he tagged in Ninja K!

Ninja K came into the ring and went for a super kick on JCON, but JCON side stepped it and placed Ninja K in a waist lock. Ninja K broke the grip that JCON had on him and performed a standing switch. Ninja K charged toward the neutral corner with JCON and hit chest first. Ninja K tried to roll backwards into a German, but JCON held on. Ninja K got back to his feet as JCON leapt to the middle turnbuckle and flipped off with a cross body, but Ninja K ducked and immediately leapt to the middle turnbuckle and flipped off with a moonsault which connected to the back of JCON as soon as he landed from missing the cross body!

Ninja K fipped JCON over and made the cover.



The Relentless Champion popped the shoulder up!

Ninja K brought JCON to his feet, but JCON used a quick thumb to the eye to get away from Ninja K! The people booed heavily as JCON grabbed Ninja K and tossed him to the outside. JCON followed Ninja K out to the floor and lit him up with a knife edge chop across the chest. Ninja K answered back with a stiff kick to the upper chest of JCON, but JCON answered that with a huge forearm to the face of Ninja K that staggered him up against the barricades. JCON then charged in and clotheslined Ninja K up and over into the crowd.

JCON then got up on the ring apron and grinned. All of a sudden, Duzza came through the crowd and began to pummel away on Ninja K. JCON had the referee's attention so he didn't see any of this happening. Derecho and SVJ looked at each other and shrugged. They figured that despite their animosity toward The Relentless Champion, that this is advantageous to them.

Sylo and Aran Thompson screamed at the referee to pay attention to the outside of the ring, but JCON still had the referee tied up in an argument.

Back on the outside, Ninja K was brought to his feet by Duzza who measured him up. Duzza went to clothesline Ninja K back over the barricade to the ringside area, but Ninja K grabbed Duzza by the arm and planted him face first into the floor with a Single Arm DDT! Ninja K shook off the cobwebs as he pulled Duzza to his feet and then Superkicked him! Duzza fell against the stairs

Ninja K hopped over the barricade and right when JCON turned around to see why the crowd was cheering, Ninja K used a leg sweep to cause JCON to slam down back first on the edge of the ring apron! JCON bounced off the edge and landed on the floor. Ninja K wasted no time by pulling JCON up and whipping him into the steel ring post! JCON crawled on the ground away from Ninja K, but Ninja K caught up to JCON. Ninja K grabbed him and rolled JCON back into the ring by the count of eight.

Ninja K hopped up onto the ring apron and took aim. He was pissed that he had one of his goons try to take him out. Ninja K leapt to the top rope and leapt off with a leaping side kick that took JCON down. Ninja K then went for the cover..



JCON kicked out

Ninja K pulled JCON back to his feet, but JCON used, yet, another thumb to the eye! JCON then went to his corner and tagged in the Underground Champion, Derecho! Derecho stepped into the ring and charged at Ninja K with a clothesline, but Ninja K ducked. As he ducked, he wrapped his arm around Derecho’s waist and nailed a German Suplex. He rolled through and brought Derecho up to his feet where he lifted him and nailed a sit out wheelbarrow facebuster! Ninja K nailed the Gemini Suplex and he made the cover!



Derecho popped the shoulder up in time.

Ninja K brought Derecho to his feet and hit him with a chop across the chest. Derecho absorbed it and fired back with a chop of his own. Ninja K then fired a chop which staggered Derecho back. Ninja K then followed it up with a rolling koppu kick.. The Temporal Shift and it caught Derecho right in the face! Ninja K then saw he was within a nice striking distance and headed toward the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim…

The Fall of Seraphim!

Nobody home!

Derecho rolled out of the way of the cannonball senton. Derecho quickly pulled Ninja K up and placed him between his legs.. he lifted him up to shoulder height, spun.. and planted him!

Vortex Powerbomb!

This is how he beat Ninja K at All or Nothing!




Ninja K kicked out!

Derecho signaled for the end as he picked Ninja K up. He lifted him up onto his shoulder for A Forever Reminder, but Ninja K fell off and behind Derecho. He quickly wrapped his arms under Derecho’s for the full nelson…

Japanese Skull Splitter!

Now it was Ninja K’s turn to signal the end! Sylo looked a bit agitated, however as Ninja K pulled Derecho up. Ninja K stepped behind Derecho and got underneath his legs. He lifted Derecho and draped him over his back. With the Derecho’s legs tied around Ninja K’s neck, he bent Derecho’s head back and dropped to a seated position!

Hiroshima’s Revenge!!!

Sylo screamed out “FUCK” as Ninja K went for the cover!!



Thre… NO!!

What the hell!?

Sylo just interrupted the pin!? He just cost his team the victory!

Ninja K got up and got in Sylo’s face! Sylo screamed back at Ninja K.


Sylo was too pissed to realize that Aran Thompson leaned over and tapped him on the shoulder. Aran wanted to pin Derecho as well since he nearly had him beat just last week. Aran snuck into the ring and then made the cover on Derecho!



Sylo shoved Ninja K after another verbal exchange and Ninja K fell on top of Aran Thompson and broke up the pin. Aran then turned at Sylo and questioned his motive. This allowed SVJ to enter the ring. When Thompson turned around…

Superstar Kick to Aran Thompson!

Thompson hit the canvas and SVJ draped Derecho’s arm over Thompson.. shades of last week on iNtense 70!



Ninja K took notice and broke up the pin!

JCON then entered the ring and hit a leaping leg lariat on Ninja K that took him down. Sylo then exploded with a vicious clothesline that turned JCON inside out! Sylo then tossed JCON up and over the top rope to the outside. SVJ waited for the moment where Sylo would turn around.

Superstar Kick to Sylo!

The impact knocked Sylo down. Sylo rolled out of the ring as he held his jaw in pain. Thompson and Derecho slowly got back to their feet. Jacobs patted Derecho on the back and the two of them hit a double toe kick to Aran Thompson. Then both sent Thompson to the ropes, but he came back with a leaping double lariat that took both of them down. Thompson waited as Jacobs got back up.

Superstar Kick to…. Jacobs!?

Aran just nailed Vince Jacobs with his own finisher, giving him a taste of his own medicine! Ninja K was getting back to his feet. Thompson pulled Derecho up and whipped him in the direction of Ninja K. Derecho then clotheslined Ninja K up and over the top rope to the floor. Thompson then quickly grabbed Derecho from behind and stacked him with a tight roll up!




Thompson just pinned the Underground Champion!! The crowd went nuts for Aran Thompson! Mr. Relentless is victorious here tonight! Derecho pounded his fist as hard as he could on the canvas. The frustration… the mental anguish, began to settle in.

Before anyone could even leave the ring, Duzza, who had recovered, hopped the barricade and began to pound away on Ninja K as he was getting back up to his feet. Ninja K fought back and the two of them began to brawl once again. JCON came to and then joined in as he pounded away on Ninja K!

It was two on one, but Ninja K was able to fight back. He hit a back elbow on JCON which staggered him away. He then hit a forearm to Duzza. Ninja K then hit a super kick to a staggered Duzza that sent him back over the barricades. JCON then charged Ninja K, but Ninja K hit an arm drag and tossed JCON to the mats. As JCON staggered up, Ninja K got behind JCON and placed him in the full nelson...

Japanese Skull Splitter..... COUNTERED!

JCON floated behind Ninja K and grabbed him from behind in a reverse chancery, but Ninja K leapt and kicked JCON in the head, freeing himself. Ninja K then answered with a back thrust kick into the stomach of JCON. He then grabbed JCON and hurled him over the barricades where Duzza caught him. The two of them collapsed back down to the floor. Ninja K then grabbed a steel chain from under the ring.

By the time he had done so, The Jury came out from the crowd. Statuz Quo and Khadafi grabbed JCON and Duzza and convinced them that Power Struggle was coming and there was no need to finish this here. The four of them backed off as JCON stared back at Ninja K.

Sylo walked over and placed his hand on Ninja K's shoulder. Ninja K quickly backed off and stared a hole through the Superbeast. Sylo puts his hands up as if to say "Okay", but he was spun around and met face to face with The Underground Champion Derecho.

The two of them stared at each other and it could explode at any moment. SVJ then grabbed Derecho and pulled him back.

"That's right. Back off... otherwise I'll beat you just like you used to beat your wife" "OOOOHHHHH" groaned the crowd. Derecho tore free from SVJ's grip for a moment, but SVJ quickly grabbed him and restrained him. SVJ talked some sense into Derecho... how he did after a comment like that, no one may ever know.. but SVJ lead Derecho to the back. Still in the ring was Aran Thompson who watched it all. Aran was left standing tall as he scored a pinfall over the Underground Champion. Aran simply cracked a grin as he looked at SVJ as he helped Derecho to the back.

While the end quickly broke down into chaos, Sylo, Thompson, and Ninja K will pick up the victory here tonight! With what went down, Power Struggle just got a bit more interesting!

Winner: Sylo, Aran Thompson, Ninja K via Pinfall

"They Come Back"

Chris Titan "Chris! Chris! Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Dawn Cassidy was nearly in a sprint chasing Chris Titan down a hallway backstage. The Backbone's former leader did not appear too enthused with the idea but he allowed Dawn to catch up anyway.

"Chris," she said still trying to catch her breath, "you were held captive by Grendel tonight and tortured before you viciously attacked Grendel yourself. How do you think Angelique has gained such control over a man that, quite frankly, was your right-hand man in the Backbone?

"I thought the monster and I shared a vision for jOlt. I thought that the two of us viewed our Uprising as a way of reclaiming what we had lost ... but then a nice piece of ass with a goth fetish started shaking he money maker Grendel's way and the monster's conviction goes limp while another part of him does the opposite. If it wasn't for that I'd be a two-time jOlt Champion today and the entire world knows that."

Dawn immediately cut in, "So, you're saying that it should be you going up against Derecho at Power Struggle?"

"I'm saying it would have been had it not been for Grendel turning on me and blowing a goddamn ball of fire in my face. He didn't just try to cost me the jOlt Championship, he tried to cost me my life. Now, I have bigger issues to deal with than the jOlt Championship. The only thing on my mind is burning Grendel to the ground."


Chris Titan dropped like a ton of bricks to the sheer brute power of Grendel's right hook. Dawn Cassidy looked on in total shock and panic as the monster continued to dismantle Chris Titan with a barrage of punches to his head and torso. There was no stopping the carnage as Grendel lifted Chris Titan above his own monstrous head and drove his entire body in the cement wall. Titan bounced and dropped directly onto an equipment crate, before sliding down the side of it and finding his final resting spot on the concrete floor. It was there that the monster Grendel tried to end Chris Titan once again, breaking the crate over Chris' head.

Zooming in on the bloodied visage of Chris Titan, iNtense faded to black.