"Welcome to iNtense"


A steady pulse of a blue-hued EKG reading begins its hastened trek through the blackened void. The words ‘jOlt Wrestling...’ and the copyright information & year fade as quickly in sequence as they appeared

Moments of Darkness.

“When They Come For Me” by Linkin Park

The angry rift overheard in the background accompanies the immediate barrage of images across the screen...

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - (Bane LoneHeart jamming his trademark Lead Pipe into a jobber’s mid section...Adam Lazarus soaring over the top rope into the unknown...Pyrotechnics in mid explosion as Graham Youngblood, swings his right fist in excitement to motivate the crowd...Dallas Griffin, seen jettisoning Mamoru through an angled table amidst a raucous crowd...the eccentric tandem of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’, happily interacting with the crowd..Aria Murphy crushing Persephone with a jaw-rattling Right Hook....the violent scene of Mike Extreme putting Kayden Paulton through a table...the foreboding flashes of light, dancing against the ever enigmatic Mattock, with his grayish mane partially obscuring his visage...Jimmy B. Martinez spiking Sanchez Cano into the canvas with his patented IKO finisher...Eiji Kugasari forcing Cordova to submit to the Red Recluse Spider Lock...Ninja K and Derecho displaying some chain wrestling to the delight of the crowd...Dawn Cassidy is intently focused on the inaudible promo being cut by Reno Davis...Rune Winters, draping his arms over the infamous Shovel braced across his broad shoulders. A slightly contorted facial expression while sternly popping his neck...Sven Deadly, slithering over a fallen opponent as the ominous Harbinger, silently heaving nearby...Referee Nguyen raising the hand of Daryn Thompson, who whips her short hair back from her face...the partially masked and bearded monstrosity Lusus, staring back at the camera while seething on all fours over a recently squashed foe...the triumphant celebration The House, playing to the crowd while proudly displaying their newly acquired jolt Tag Team Championship belts...Jason Fosters is angrily popping his knuckles en route to the ring...The resident raving psychotic Turk is seen inaudibly screaming at the fans while walking down the ramp way...Christ Titan, arrogantly motioning for all comers to challenge his authority and the screen becomes quickly splattered with crimson via Anson LaRue, punching the camera. )

(The splatter pattern quickly resumes the EKG pulse that momentarily displays the words ‘presents... SUNDAY NIGHT iNtense’ on cue before fading out...)

{2nd Visual Salvo w/ Music - Lyrics Overheard} - (Jonathan Conspiracy raising the Relentless Championship overhead...Landon Stevens hitting the Fall of Ideals finisher on an masked competitor...Big Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun are wildly brawling with Statuz Quo and Khadafi backstage...Sweet Aroma blowing a kiss toward the screen...Jason Rau drilling a masked wrestle into the canvas via his Ausssie-Driver finisher...Craig Thomas seen expressing a throat slashing gesture to the crowd, signaling the end is near...the visual of Tyke knocking Cordova out of the air violently by nailing his patented Tyke Shot finisher...Chief promotional figurehead Damien Lee and administrative power broker Jim Johnson standing nose to nose at the ring’s epicenter, both armed with a mic...The visually abrasive charred face of Grendel as he slowly turns his head toward the camera...J. Leslie Voss, standing atop the turnbuckles to flex proudly before the masses...Aran Thompson is basking amidst a grand celebration accompanied by Laurie Williams in the middle of the ring...the arrogant Kenjiro Ito pissing off the crowd from atop the ring steps...the entire Avispa Clan are in tow behind Avispa Ultima, who is inaudibly cutting a promo backstage. The form of the onyx-clad ninja One Eye is seen sliding quickly from left to right w/ both arms folded against the wind...Wrestling prodigy Colby Korver is seen holding the ropes open, flashing a beaming smile to the ladies...the controversial masked madman Phoenix crashing soundly through a mountain of tables...the muscular West Islander Waymoth Turnbull ,thrusting his massive fists toward the heavens atop the massive entrance staging area...the trench coat clad masked man renown as Citizen, stand within the swirling masses of fanfare...Sylo, is caught flying off the jOltvision in grand fashion with a Asai Moonsault...Derecho, thrusting the jOlt Heavyweight title overhead with both hands as pyrotechnics are in full swing...the visual eye candy is concluded via ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs obliterating his opposition’s face with his infamous Superstar Kick, promptly shattering the screen to fluidly transition into the live broadcast. Brief darkness.)

The notable graphics announcing the Arena of Champions as the prime location of the flagship program are affixed to the descending Camera One visual, displaying the unchecked roaring of the jOlt Wrestling faithful. Camera Twelve would assume command with a gradual pan from the entrance staging area while the musical introduction continues to play before making the transition to the lead broadcast position, where the team of lead announcer Michael Buhrman and color commentator Nathan Powers welcome the public on cue...

Buhrman: Welcome jOlt Wresting fans and everyone at home! We are back live at the infamous Arena of Champions at the heart of Orlando, Florida for another edition of Sunday Night iNtense!....

Powers: Indeed and it is the fallout from Power Struggle here tonight as we will hear from the NEW Underground Champion Sylo. We also understand that Waymoth Turnbull, the man who won the Power Struggle Invitational will exercise his right to challenge for the Relentless Championship here tonight!

Buhrman: Yes, indeed. Waymoth Turnbull will take on Jonathan Conspiracy who came off a controversial match with Ninja K just one week ago, but before we get to any of that.. the big news is while Sylo has dethroned Derecho and captured the Underground Championship, Derecho, in turn, unseated the Superbeast and he is YOUR NEW jOlt Champion! We understand Derecho is about to come out and make his first speech as our new champion!

"A New Era Begins"

Derecho The arena was calming down from the opening montage of iNtense. We were live and were fresh off the heels of Power Struggle where this historic main event took place. Before the crowd could even begin to wonder how tonight’s broadcast would play out they were jolted by a loud bang and then all of the lights in the arena shutting off completely.

Total darkness

All of a sudden, the jOltvision illuminated into life and in its incandescence it filled the arena in a faint glow of crimson. A theme song then filled the PA speakers.

“Kaamos” by Sentenced

As the guitar solo opened the song, a crimson sky with silver clouds was shown. The clouds started off moving slowly, but they gained a faster speed. This continued until the drums kicked in. Scenes of Derecho’s Underground Championship run began to flash by.

One by one the scenes of him defeating Rune Winters, BIG Little Italy, Citizen, Jonathan Conspiracy, Jason Rau, Citizen again, Sylo, Ninja K, Aran Thompson, and many other moments during his reign flashed by faster and faster as the song intensified.

The song abruptly came to an end with a thunderous beat. On that note, the final scene of Derecho holding up the jOlt Championship high in the air was shown. Then the screen went black. The arena was once again bathed in darkness.

All of a sudden, what could be assumed as Derecho’s new theme song hit.

“Charisma” by WASP

Derecho stepped out from the back in the same attire he wore at last night’s Power Struggle PPV event. His body, completely wrapped in a black leather trench coat. On his head, he sported a black metal crown attached to a skull mask that covered his face down to his nose, leaving his mouth exposed.

Derecho grabbed the crown and removed it and the mask from his face. He dropped it on stage and then opened his trench coat. Underneath was the jOlt Championship firmly around his waist. Derecho dropped the trench coat at the top of the ramp and then walked away from it and headed on down toward the ring.

Derecho gingerly walked up the ring steps and entered the ring. Despite a new theme song and a new championship, the effects from last night’s hellacious Crystal Nightmares match still took its toll on his body. In fact, the battle scars were clearly represented. There appeared to be small white bandages on Derecho’s forehead, hiding stitches that were required. What is fast becoming his own brand of rib tape was wrapped around his abdomen. There was even a patch on his right shoulder. It was apparent that Derecho sustained heavy damage last night.

After climbing into the ring… Derecho looked around the arena. People were actually standing on their feet and applauding Derecho. He had never seen this kind of reaction from the fans in quite a long time.

Derecho was handed a microphone at his request and his theme died down. The crowd was cheering Derecho and giving him a standing ovation. Derecho looked around the arena at 20,000+ strong and then a puzzled look washed over his face. He brought the microphone up to his lips.

“What is all this?”, Derecho asked the crowd.

The crowd began to quiet down as Derecho continued.

“Do you really think I give a damn about your admiration? Because let’s get one thing straight here. I am not standing here as jOlt Champion because of any of you. I am standing here as YOUR champion in spite of you people.”

Any cheers in the arena quickly reverted to boos.

“To be able to be called the best wrestler.. it means you need something… you need that symbol that when eyes are laid upon it , it is instantly recognized and understood as the symbol of excellence.. the symbol of perfection.. and the symbol that the person which it belongs to is the single greatest professional wrestler walking the planet. THIS SYMBOL RIGHT HERE”

Derecho held up the jOlt Championship with a grin on his face.

“But you know… having this championship is more than just a symbol. It’s a bittersweet victory. A victory over every single of you insignificant insects in the audience and to all those mindless puppets watching at home. Despite the fact of whether or not you care to listen; I’m going to indulge myself and take a bit of your time in order to tell you a story that explains exactly what that means.”

Derecho paused as he looked down at the jOlt Championship.

“June 3, 2012… I cashed in the Relentless Championship and pinned Suicide in the middle of the ring becoming the jOlt Underground Champion. I pinned a man for a title I didn’t even want. It was nothing more than a consolation prize after getting fed empty promises by the man who claims he turned a new leaf in Jim Johnson. Despite that, I took the ball and ran with it. I did something that no other competitor had been able to do in the Underground division and that was successfully defend this championship without resorting to underground rules. I stayed pure and what happened? Every… single… one of you… TURNED… ON… ME”

Derecho looked around the crowd and then pointed toward the entrance ramp.

“But it wasn’t just you.. oh no… my peers… my colleagues… my bosses… all of them… they turned on me as well. They said I was a disgrace… that I was making a mockery of the underground division.. that I never deserved to be its champion”

Derecho grinned.

“But, what happened? I searched inside myself and I went back to a very dark place inside my mind. I remembered what I used to be and realized what I had to become in order to keep my championship… and keep it I did. From the very first episode of Warriors… all the way up until Power Struggle, I didn’t just defeat… I destroyed any living thing in my path. For one solid year, I was the ONLY man in jOlt to have never lost their championship.. something that the jOlt Champion, Relentless Champion, Flyweight Champion, Tag Team Champions and even the Starlet Champion cannot claim. Hell.. thanks to me.. even the brand new Hype Championship saw its first champion come and go all within my single title reign.”

Derecho paused and then looked out in the crowd.

“and I did it because each and every one of you wanted it.”

The crowd booed and Derecho actually began to laugh.

“That reaction… that reaction right there was the icing on the cake. I gave each and every one of you what you wanted and you still booed me. No matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough. Because of that, I began to think. Yes… I began to think that maybe the underground championship was more than just a piece of leather and some metal. … and I was right.”

Derecho shook his head and laughed to himself.

“I most certainly was right. That belt was a curse. No matter how much pain I inflicted upon my opponents.. no matter how much torture I put my body through.. there was someone else wanting to take a shot at me. There was someone else who felt that they could dethrone me. I was living a nightmare… I was living inside of a realistic hell and I sat atop of that world as its king.”

Derecho closed his eyes in thought and then opened them back up as he looked around the arena.

“And I will be the first to admit, that near the end, my mind was starting to succumb to that hellacious lifestyle. I was far becoming removed from who I truly was… but at Power Struggle… something happened. A man walked into a nightmare and transformed it into a dream come true. Sylo pinned me and I lost the Underground Championship.”

The crowd actually popped for that statement.

“When I realized that I no longer had to carry that belt… when reality hit me and I came to terms with the fact that my curse had finally been lifted… I felt as if I could finally see clearly… that I could think clearly.. and that I could finally act with certainty.”

“With a newfound clairvoyance, I did what I do best… I wrestled my way through the rest of that match, doing whatever I could to survive… and as a result… I had slain the superbeast and laid claim to the single biggest prize in this business and now I stand before you… YOUR jOlt World Heavyweight Champion!”

The people booed as Derecho, once again, held the championship high into the air.

“When Sylo held this championship, he referred to himself as the King of jOlt. I’m not going to do that because quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of being a King of anything. When you hold this belt, it means you are the best that there is to offer… and because as such, the title of king feels kind of trite. For everything that I have been through.. for putting the entire Underground division on my back and carrying it for over a year… for making the Underground Championship the number one title in jOlt.. you will not refer to me as a King… for as long as I hold this championship, you will refer to me as what I truly am and that is simply God himself.

The people booed heavily as Derecho held up the jOlt Championship.


Apparently, someone didn’t like those words as “Champion” by Grinspoon hit the PA system and the people erupted in cheers.

The jOltvision displayed the war that Aran went through at Power Struggle against "Superstar" Vince Jacobs as his music played and Aran walked out with a microphone in one hand and his girlfriend Laurie Williams latched on to his left arm. The crowds cheering annoying Derecho as Aran simply stared a beam of intensity straight down the path to Derecho.

"God?" Aran questioned.

"You call yourself God?" Aran asked rhetorically.

"The only thing I see in that ring is a Mantle. The only thing that I see in that is a place holder, a podium and the championship that you're just keeping warm for me."

Aran stopped and smirked as the fans began chanting: "Mr. Relentless!" to which Derecho did not enjoy.

"You dare interrupt m--" Derecho tried to get a word in edge wise but Aran again interrupted the self proclaimed God.

"Yes." Aran said very clearly.

"It was only a couple of weeks when I was seconds away from "dethroning the king of hell" and you caught a break because Vince Jacobs was stupid enough to interfere. You know, if Jacobs wouldn't have interfered and I won that championship we'd be standing on different sides of the coin. I'd be in the ring, I'd be soaking in the admiration from the fans, I'd have my lovely Laurie Williams next to me...oh...and i'd have both championships!"

"I proved last night that I am the most relentless s.o.b on the roster and just when you think that I'm down and out for good, I've got more left in the tank. I'm the future of this industry and you, just like Jacobs, are just a mere stepping stone. And speaking of stepping stones, I have absolutely no intention of stutter stepping around until the next special event, I'm invoking my shot at the jOlt championship....TONIGHT"

The fans went berserk as Derecho looked around a bit taken back as the fans began screaming for the match to happen. You could see Derecho trying to think of a way out of it but then he slowly turned his attention back toward Aran.

"Then you become the first person I smite."

Derecho and Aran shared a long distance stare down as Laurie put her hand on Aran's chest telling him to head to the back and reminding him that he he is only one more match away from becoming jOlt champion.

"Unexpected News"

Aria Murphy The Sylo locker room was full for once. On the couch sat the Starlet Champion; Aria Murphy. In two corners of the locker room was Muerte and Graham Youngblood; the newest to be trained by Sylo. Finally pacing near the front of the door was none other than the Flyweight champion, Jimmy B Martinez. They all sat silently waiting for one man and they wouldn’t have to wait long.

The locker room door slammed open and everyone’s head went up as the 7’1” SuperBeast Sylo came into the room. He received a round of applause for his showing at Power Struggle but Sylo quitted them down with a single stare. He reached down and grabbed Aria pulling her up with him and began to speak to his crew; his family.

“Power Struggle has come and gone. I’m now back where I belong. Each of you should be at your best every night no matter if you’re at 100% or not. Tonight though I need only to speak to one of you, the rest listen and take note,” Sylo turned his gave to his oldest apprentice. Jimmy B. Martinez.

“Kid, you’re tough. You listen. You’re willing to do what needs to be done and because of that you have an opportunity to make it to the jOlt title. Chances like this don’t come often and they don’t come easy. You’re going to have to pull out every skill you have if you hope to win it all.” Sylo rested his head on Aria’s shoulder. She stroked the strands of midnight black as Sylo watched Jimmy.

“Don’t worry. With your training no one will keep me from bringing that jOlt title back home!” Jimmy stood up, fist clinched.

Sylo didn’t get angry at Jimmy’s response. In fact, he expected it. After all Jimmy was still young. Sylo raised his head a bit and stared at Jimmy before speaking.

“Pride comes before the fall. Don’t be fooled kid. You don’t think someone like SVJ will be waiting to kick your teeth in the moment you slip up? You’re graduating into the real world now. You’ll be going up against guys that have ten years over you, who know the game, who know how to play it right, and you have to hope you can beat them. The thing is, you can, because you also have an advantage. You have me and if you listen to every single word I tell you there’s a chance you’ll have that jOlt title strapped around your waist.” Sylo kissed Aria’s neck and let go before walking to where everyone could see him perfectly. Aria sat back down on the couch and even though she was a vet herself she always loved Sylo’s speeches.

“Every single one of you have a chance to one day be a champion but I want you to remember ONE thing. It comes at a cost. Look at me, look past the current scars. Look at the faded ones. They’re all reminders of what it cost me to be where I am. The broken bones you can’t see ache when it rains or gets cold but it’s all a reminder of the cost I paid to be on top. I spent almost a year as jOlt champion and it didn’t come without a cost.” Sylo turned to Jimmy. “So tell me Jimmy what are you willing to do to sacrifice to be on top?”

“You’ve taught me to give it my all. When I feel like I can’t go on to reach down inside and make myself. That no matter what my chance to win is as great as anyone elses as long as I believe that I can win.” Jimmy responded.

Sylo squatted down staring at Jimmy. He was looking inside him to see if he meant what he said.

“I swear to you Sy, I’ll do everything in my power to make it to the jOlt title and win it. I’ll listen to every word you say along the way,” Jimmy fist pounded with Sylo.

“I hope what you say is true kid. You’re entering the big leagues now. Now…go get em’ kid. Make me proud.”

“I won’t let you down, brother.”

“One last thing,” Sylo held up a hand and Aria smiled as she stood in front of Sylo. “We thought we’d tell you guys first. I got the greatest prize of them all this weekend and I don’t mean the Underground title. Aria, why don’t you tell them,” Sylo actually smiled.

“Well…it turns out…We’re pregnant!” She smiled as all the guys in the room either whistled or applauded.

Everyone clamored over. Jimmy was the first to hug Aria and shake Sylo’s hand. It was all smiles for the Sylo camp but everyone knew that it was business time and those smiles wouldn’t last. So they enjoyed their moment and savored it.

"The Man Behind the Mask"

Gunner Van Patton As always, the backstage area of jOlt was buzzing with various staffers and competitors moving in all directions. Old faces and fresh faces of all kinds filled the scene, but one beautiful face stood apart from the others. A face that many in jOlt have come to love, the face of one Aria Murphy.

She had positioned herself in one of the back corners of the arena, not wanting to deal with the hustle and bustle that is a jOlt television show. The Stone Angel took a sip of her water and basked in the peace and quiet that was very hard to find at this point. Her beloved Sylo had taken off to handle some business, leaving her on her own. It wasn't like she needed him anyway. She was a decorated warrior in the ring and could eaily handle herself even with a bun in the oven.

What happened next, no one was expecting.

Her self-imposed solitary confinement was interupted by the unknown soldier.

Aria was not sure what to make of this intrusion, as the mysterious newcomer's only appearances were accompanied by violence towards the more villainous of those who walked the halls of jOlt. She set her water bottle down and rose up from the large storage container she was sitting on. Aria watched the soldier closely, as he stood before her without a word. She had no idea if he was friend or foe, but she knew damn well that he wasn't there to drop off a gift for the baby.

"If you're looking for my fiance, you're going to have to come back later," Aria informed the masked visitor. "He is busy right now."

Even more shocking than his appearance, the soldier broke his silence.

"Ah didn't come for him..."

The Stone Angel's eyes widened and she took a step back. She knew that voice, but she knew that it couldn't be the man she thought it was. In her mind it was a eternal truth, he would never come to jOlt.

"What's the matter, Aria? Ya act like ya seen a ghost."

"There's no way in hell. It can't be you."

"The ghost of christmas past."

Acting on instinct, Aria had backed herself against the wall. The very color fell from her face, as she could not believe what was happening.

"You need to leave," Aria hissed, putting up her guard.

"Now now... Ah reckon that's no way to treat an ol' friend, little lady."

"Go away!"

"Ya didn't think that yer cute little self could avoid the truth forever, did ya? Ya may have sugered over these folks with this show of how yer such a good girl, but Ah know the truth. Ah know how a good man gave ya his heart and ya crushed it by fuckin' with his best friend."

Aria could only shake her head, as her eyes welled up with tears. She brought her hands to her face, covering her eyes, as she slunk down against the wall.

"Oh no. Yer not gonna escape lookin' into the eye of the man ya wronged..."

Reaching to the back of his metal mask, the unknown soldier undid the pair of clasps that kept the mask sealed tightly around his head. The metal mask fell to the floor and bounced to the wall. With a savage roar, the unknown soldier raced up to Aria with his nose stopping just an inch from her face, as she curled up against the wall.

"Look at me, Aria. Look at the man whose heart ya shattered all those years ago."

The young woman could barely pry her hands from her face and when she did, she saw the one man who could ruin her world more than any other...


"Ya may have these people fooled, but no matter how much ya try to ignore the past, Ah know how ya really are. Yer nothin' more than a whore, who cares for nobody but herself. If Ah had a heart, it would go out to the man who dared to enter the hellmouth ya call a vagina and bless ya with a child. He deserves better than someone better than the trash Ah see before me."

"I didn't mean to hurt you..." Aria sobbed.

"Spare me yer lies, Jezebel. Ah didn't want to stick my nose in the never-endin' war between good and evil. Ah was fine just doin' battle for the competition. Ah haven't forgotten the night when a beautiful but zealous warrior of justice came to me and asked for me to go back to mah roots and become the guardian of truth, justice, and the American way. She needed an ally and swore that she would stand besides me when Ah took the war to that shit hole promotion in Canada. We were brothers-in-arms and it sure as hell didn't take long for her and Ah to become more than friends. That beautiful zealot had mah heart and Ah would've marched through the very gates of hell for her. Ah'm not ashamed to say that Ah wanted to die the day that car crashed, leaving me with only one good eye and breaking her arm. However, for all the love Ah was givin', that no good whore was messin' around behind my back. And if that wasn't bad enough, she was doin' it with the man who dared to call himself my best friend. Ya damn well know who that slut was, don't ya, Aria? How's about ya share the answer with me?"

"Me..." she whispered, ashamed of herself.


His voice thundered through the backstage area.

"ME OKAY?" Aria screamed at the soldier with tears running down her face. "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR? I'M SORRY I HURT YOU, GUNNAR! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY?!"

He silenced her outburts by slamming his fist into the wall next to her head, which caused her to curl up into a ball out of fear.

"Ah just want ya to look, BELOVED," GVP made a point to use the word she often addressed him by. "Look at what ya brought back to this world. Ya wanted the soldier. Ya begged and pleaded for me to release the vigilante inside. The killer who was locked away. Ya make sure ya take a good look, as yer gonna witness him first-hand, satinin. Ah will strike down every vile piece of hog shit in jOlt, as if Ah'm possessed by the archangel Michael himself. But know this, Aria Murphy... the little horn... the most unclean... the morning star... each time Ah stand across the ring from one of those bastards, Ah will see yer face. The face of the devil herself."

GVP rose up to his feet and looked down at the cowering Aria.

"Stop yer shiverin'. Ah won't stoop to yer level, Aria, and strike ya like many think Ah should. This is yer official warning to never cross mah path."

Van Patton reached down to collect his helmet and turned to leave. He stopped for only a moment.

"Ah hope yer better to yer new man than ya were to me. Ah don't wish that pain on anyone. God bless..."

And like that he was gone.

Sweet Sweet Lovin' vs Devastation Inc.
Sweet Sweet LovinDevastation Inc.

The tag team division in jOlt had really been surging in the last several weeks with the presence of monstrous teams like The House who had come into jOlt tearing shit up until they had won the very titles from The Reckoning at Power Struggle. Teams were trying to establish themselves and with a win, they could inch ever so closer to the promised land.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

When the music hit, the lights began to swirl in shades of yellow and green for the team coming out first! The portly, but fun-loving Sam Sweet and his tag team partner, the afro samurai himself, Lennox Love!

“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 554 pounds, being accompanied by Jon Katz, Jr… Sam Sweet and Lennox Love… SWEET SWEET LOVIN!

Former jOlt Tag Team Champions, they were. And they were looking to get a win to inch them closer to the new tag team champions in the future. Sweet and Love hit the ring while their opponents came out next.

“Small World” by Nas.

The music hit and the fans started to cheer on the next tandem coming out. Despite their rather… er, diminutive stature, they were fan favorites all the same coming out. People loved midgets… little people. Sorry. That’s like saying the N-word for them.

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 315 pounds… they are the team of BIG Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun… they are DEVASTATION INC!

The 200-pound (guessing here, his bio is on the fritz) Conan and the 112-pound BIG Little Italy walked to the ring. They were both larger than life personalities and they would give anybody a fight. They both stepped into the ring and got ready for battle.

Lennox Love was going to start things off against BIG Little Italy as the masked Italian stepped up to the 6’4” opponent.

“Uh… how do you wanna do this?” Love asked.

He raised his hands for a test of strength, but quickly decided against that. He didn’t want to seem insensitive after all. BIG Little Italy had no such qualms.

“Let’s do this, ya greaseball!” BLI shouted.

Love was prepared to do… something, but BLI quickly STOMPED on his foot! BLI then kicked him in the shins and tried to get the bigger Love off his feet. Jon Katz Jr. was on the outside cheering on his guy from the assault as BLI then jumped to the second rope. He leaped off the second turnbuckle and quickly snapped Love over with a Hurricanrana!

Yeah, that happened. Deal with it.

BLI was all fired up now as he actually kipped up to his feet. He ran at Love who defensively tried to kick at him, only for Italy to slide underneath his feet. He stood up again when Love quickly caught him with a big Side Slam.


Love shrugged and went for the pinfall.



The tag was made to Sam Sweet as Love picked up BIG Little Italy and dropped him to the canvas with a slam. Sam Sweet towered over… okay, everybody did. But he did walk over to the ropes and drop a Leg Drop across the body of BLI that made the Italy convulse. Conan The Leprechaun was shrugging his shoulders while the crowd cheered them on. Sweet went for the cover again.



When Sam Sweet went to pick him up again, BLI stopped him quickly with Eat Da Feet! The Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker stunned him long enough to get to the corner where Conan the Leprechaun made the tag. He jumped to the top rope and flew off with a Missile Dropkick that at least rocked Sweet and staggered him a bit. Conan was back up and the five-foot… something? Five? (guessing again here) kicked him in the legs before he ran off the ropes. When he came back, Sweet CLOBBERED him with a Standing Body Block! Sweet cringed a little bit feeling for poor Conan.

“Uh… sorry, buddy.”

Sweet shrugged and ran off the ropes before trying for a Running Splash only for Conan to move out of harm’s way. He rolled out of the way and hit the ropes before flying back with a Running Front Dropkick to the face! Sweet was down and now Conan tried for the win!




While Sweet tried to recover, Conan tagged in BLI and the two… larger-than-life personalities headed to the top rope.

“You sure ‘bout ‘dis?” BLI asked.



Both men on top of Sam Sweet! The legal BLI had the cover!




Sam Sweet powered out again. Devastation Inc. were giving the former tag team champions a fight! BLI kicked him in the leg a few more times before trying for his Crucifix Kneebar finisher! Sweet kicked him away and tagged in Love! He jumped to the top rope as both members of Devastation Inc tried to stand. He jumped with a HIGH Cross Body onto both men!

The fans cheered Love as he got some air and stood to his feet with the fans cheering him on. He ran right over Conan The Leprechaun with a Running Dropkick (LOW running dropkick) and rolled back to his feet after the move. He then waited for Big Little Italy and planted him in the center of the ring with a Powerslam. After BLI’s display of douchiness earlier, he was okay with doing this now.




Sweet came into the fray and moved Conan out of the way while the fans continued to cheer for the action in the ring. Love was left alone with BLI and looked to finish him off, but BL had gotten up and went with a dropkick to the leg again! He tried for the Kneebar on Love this time, but Lennox quickly maneuvered into a pinning combination! He stacked the shoulders!




The display was most certainly something… but Sweet Sweet Lovin had gotten the duke!

Love raised his hands while BLI and Conan The Leprechaun looked slightly distraught over this loss. They gave it the old college try, but the former jOlt Tag Team Champions had won it out in a battle of big vs. lit… speed versus power. Yeah, those HR classes are paying off.

BLI and Conan shook hands with Love and Sweet before the two men left the ring and headed back up the ramp, leaving Sweet Sweet Lovin’ as the winners!

Winner: Sweet Sweet Lovin' via Pinfall

"It's the Return of The Mack... The Frank... and The Ryan"

The Heirs of Wrestling Sweet Sweet Lovin’ got that taste of the Sweet, Sweet victory and high-fived in the ring. The referee raised their hands in triumph and with a win to get the former jOlt Tag Team Champions back on the winning track, they could perhaps get themselves a shot at the House.

Jon Katz Jr. went to join his boys in the ring and raised the hands of his clients…

Lights out.

Guerilla radio.

Yeah, I’m gonna make that joke. No, I don’t care.

Just kidding. But seriously, the lights were out. Sweet Sweet Lovin watched on at what was happening as a theme started to play.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood their with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the far end. One well-built man to the left.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The fans knew what was coming next as the lights flipped back on. A triad of troublemakers that hadn’t been seen since late 2012 in jOlt.

Frank Silver. Ryan Gallway. Mack Brody.

The Heirs of Wrestling were BACK.

The three of them made a BEELINE for the ring as Sweet Sweet Lovin’ looked to defend themselves against the charging trio. Lennox Love was tackled to the ground by Frank Silver! The leader of the Heirs of Wrestling jumped right on him and rained down fists to the face!

The bigger Sam Sweet tried coming to his partner’s aid and he managed to get a couple of right hands on Ryan Gallway as the cruiserweight got into the ring. However, Mack Brody came out of nowhere and FLOORED him with a Big Boot!

Jon Katz, Jr. tried to come to the aid of his friends only for Ryan to tackle him and keep him pinned while big Mack Brody and Frank Silver worked over the fan favorites! This was revenge for what happened all the way back on the 9th edition of Warriors when Sweet Sweet Lovin had upset them and took the jOlt Tag Team Titles!

The Heirs hadn’t been seen in months, but here they were tonight ready to make a statement. Frank kicked Lennox Love in the gut and doubled him over before powering him up off the canvas


The Cradled Styles Clash dumped him on the ground with a brutal thud. Frank stood over him, kneeling over and burning a hole through Love with his evil gaze. Ryan cackled at Mack as he pulled Sam Sweet up over his shoulders…


Mack nodded.


The Side Shoulder Mount Powerbomb DRILLED Sweet into the canvas and spiked him violently. The 320-pound Brody stood up and flexed his arms for the audience, laughing maniacally. The Heirs had made a statement with their return, but Frank Silver wasn’t done. He rolled out of the ring and snatched a microphone from the ring announcer and headed back inside as he stared at the fallen bodies of Lennox Love and Sam Sweet.

“Do we have your attention NOW, jOlt?!” Frank yelled. The Arena of Champions was up in arms, but the leader of the Heirs started.

“When we held the jOlt Tag Team Titles, we made those sons of bitches MEAN SOMETHING! We defended them in main events! We defended them against jOlt’s World Champion! We defended them everywhere and YOU TWO FUCKERS STOLE ALL OF THAT AWAY FROM US!”

Frank delivered a kick to Sam Sweet’s rib cage.

“That inept motherfucker, Damien Lee, tried to hold us back and tried to stall out our contracts, but Jim Johnson signed us back. So after months of sitting around… granted, it was my personal penthouse suite and I got laid by the ladies we brought back to the pad, like, eight times a day…”

“Ten! I got laid ten!” Ryan shouted.

“Twelve!” Brody said.

Frank looked at his friends. “I was tired, okay? Anyway… we sat in this suite for MONTHS, waiting for this opportunity and now we’re back. Now what’s going on? OUR jOlt Tag Team Championships are being held by a pair of fat fuckers who haven’t been able to see their dicks in twenty years! They were held by these scrubs and by some leather-masked turdbullets like the Reckoning? No. THAT does not fly! We will not sit by and watch our work be undone by fifth-rate teams, random pairings, has-beens, also-rans and never-weres. jOlt is going to pay. You’re ALL going to pay!”

The Sovereign Superman tightened his grip on the microphone as he brought the camera to his face.

“We want back our jOlt Tag Team Championships, but we are not going to stop there. We’ve been in main events and we’ve BEATEN some of the best. We’ve knocked off that guy that holds the Relentless Title, JCON. I’ve PINNED Sylo in the middle of this ring. We’re going straight for the top and we’re going straight for the jugular of anybody that tries to stand in our way! You’ve all been warned. Ryno, take it away!”

Ryan happily took the microphone.

“We are The Heirs of Wrestling and we are YOUR BETTER!”

Mack nodded as “Money” by D/R Period played for the crowd. Jon went to check on Love and Sweet as The Heirs left the ring, watching their handiwork while the crowd started to boo. They had made an emphatic statement that they were back in jOlt in full force and they would not be stopped.

"Cashin In"

Waymoth Turnbull We were just fresh off the heels of jOlt’s latest supershow, “Power Struggle”. It was night that still remained upon the tips of tongues everywhere. From the water cooler to the online forums, it was clear that those that watched would be running their mouths about the event until there was something to replace the topic of discussion.

The Relentless Championship was a center piece of the show. It had been for the last few weeks more so, thanks to the Power Struggle tournament. Many a superstar fought tooth and nail, blood and tears, amongst other body parts for a chance to face its current holder. This was a man who made a living off the moniker “One Letter Better”; Jonathan Conspiracy.

See, now Mr. Conspiracy has himself a problem. A problem that happens to be of giant proportions and he’s the winner of that tournament, the West Indian Obsidian himself, Waymoth Turnbull. The massive Islander had spoken his win in the Power Struggle tournament into existence from the day he stepped foot into the promotion. And now, as he stepped foot into the Arena of Champions, it was time to for him to reach for the next plateau; a win over the Champion to begin his own reign as champ.

“I told you that you had this one in the bag, boy!” gushed a well-dressed elderly man, slapping Waymoth in the back proudly.

“This is somethin’ that I was preparing you for since the first day you came to the gym and said you wanted to be a wrestler! Can’t tell you how proud I am!” he continued, throwing his arm around Waymoth as they walked about backstage.

The gentleman only stood a foot and few inches below Waymoth’s six foot, seven inch frame. Mass-wise, he wasn’t much a slouch there either. Still, it was an awkward sight to see traveling through the backstage area. While his name was still unknown, the one thing that was for certain is that this individual walked around with the pride of a father watching his son accomplish whatever dream he had set out for him.

“Now I just think it’s time that you take this fight straight to this Conspiracy boy, show em’ what a real challenge looks like!”

“’Santo, e’nuff no man?!” Waymoth snapped, abruptly stopping their walk about. At the same time, Waymoth quickly removed Santo’s arm from around his shoulders. “Meh glad you came fi’ support me. Y’know ain’t a ting inna dis world mek me happier but yuh gah ease up! Nuh worry bout Jonatun, when me ready to see ‘im fyace-fi-fyace, ah business meh gon’ handle!”

Santo chuckled, “Listen to you! A big man you think you are now? What, you done came up here and forgot who made you into the beast you are today? Like Ol’ Cloyd Monsanto didn’t spend the last few years of his own wrestling career to take your scrawny behind to the next level? Is that right? These old bones --”

Waymoth moved closer to Monsanto, causing the old man to pause his words. Waymoth flared his top lip, scowling at his longtime associate.

“Ah know you nuh tryin’ fi guilt trip me, nuh sah! Not a ting go so. De only ting me ah owe you is yuh money and dat won’t tek long once me get this belt aroun’ me waist. Dis nuh be a time for yuh to try and git back up inna de spotlight!” Waymoth fired back, giving the fans listening in some insight into the relationship between these two men.

“THAT’S what I like to hear!” Monsanto replied with excitement, “Let’s make go make my money then!”

Waymoth shook his head, not pleased, but Monsanto was right. He was in debt to the veteran wrestler and it was time to pay the proverbial piper. Unfortunately for “Mr. One Letter Better”, the step to repaying that debt started with the capturing of the Relentless Championship. And Waymoth intended to collect and collect very soon.

Jonathan Conspiracy(c) vs Waymoth Turnbull
Jonathan ConspiracyWaymoth Turnbull

The anthem-like sound of horns blares across the speaker system of the Arena of Champions, alerting the fans to the arrival of the number one contender to the Relentless Championship; Waymoth Turnbull. The bass and drums of “Emergency” by Movado (featuring Ace Hood) injected an immense amount of energy into the arena, causing the fans to give a standing ovation to the West Indian Obsidian as he made his way from behind the curtains. Following close behind him was the recently debuting, Cloyd Monsanto, Waymoth's trainer-turned-manager.

Waymoth stood in the center of the stage, looking around at a crowd that admired him, breathing in the smoke left behind by the red, yellow and green pyro that exploded around him. Monsanto did his thing to get the crowd behind the Savage Islander as they walked down the ramp way like slapping the hands of outreached fans.

“Listen to this crowd; they are going absolutely insane for this guy!” declared Michael Buhrman.

“And for a very good reason,” replied Nathan Powers, “This guy absolutely dominated the Power Struggle match and now here he is to claim his prize!”

Both men were inside of the ring, with Cloyd taking to a corner as he applauded a pacing Waymoth. This was before Cloyd motioned over to personnel at ringside for a microphone.


“Ladies and gentlemen, if you please, I’d like to say a few words…” Cloyd motioned for the crowd to quell their admiration, even if just for a moment. Waymoth wasn’t usually one for many words when he came to ringside but it looks like with Cloyd at his side he wouldn’t have to be.

“The man you see before you, I’ve known him for quite some time. In fact, you could say that I responsible for the beast that stands before you today,” Cloyd paused for a moment, as if wanting to give the fans in the crowd a chance to take in the information just given to them and thank him.

“I was one of the very few to realize the raw and unkempt talent that oozed from within this man, and spent years helping him hone that into the dangerous, ‘Savage Islander’, as you call him, that stands before you! That was eight years ago, and now, in this very ring, the blood, the sweat, the broken bones and shattered dreams, all come to a head as tonight, Waymoth will leave as your Relentless Champion! To be quite frank, you will finally have a champion that embodies the “relentless” part of the championship!”

“Strong words from Cloyd,” added Nathan Powers, “Definitely setting the stage for what will turn out to be a pretty epic battle between two talented individuals.”

Cloyd wasn't finished however, and continued with his tirade, “I’m just saying…Y’know, before comin’ out tonight I decided to take a look at the history of the Relentless Title, and I have to say….I’m wasn’t impressed. Not in the slightest.”

“I’m not sure that I am liking where he’s going with this,” Michael Buhrman said with concern, “If it is what I think it is, these type of rants never turn out good for anyone.”

Still, Monsanto continued, “Names like Ar—“

Waymoth stepped in before matters could become worse, firmly placing his hand over the head of the microphone. Cloyd knew from that action alone that enough had been said per his partner, and decided to back away from the West Indian Obsidian, leaving him with the microphone still in his hand instead. Waymoth turned his attention to the arena entryway. He then walked to the very edge of the ring, placing the microphone to his lips, “JONATHUN! Dey time fi’ talkin’ is ovah and done wit. Don’t mek me come back there because yuh not gon’ like me if I gah do that!”

As if on cue, the opening strums of “No Church in the Wild”, the single off the critically acclaimed album, “Watch The Throne” answered the West Indian Obsidian’s demand. The fans erupted with the reaction, “Mr. One Letter Better” had grown accustomed to; distaste and hatred. Still the champion appeared upon the stage with a look that indicated that there had been no love lost between him and the fans that disliked his very being.

Brad Arnold: “THIS MATCH IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL! AND IT IS FOR THE RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first already in the ring, hailing from the Island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands and weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds! He is the 2013 Power Struggle Tournament winner, Way-moth, TURNBULLLLL!”

JCON was still showing the effects of his grueling match at Power Struggle against Ninja K, a match that saw him enter and leave as the Relentless Champion. Even if it under shady circumstances. The belt shined under the bright lights, as it sat upon the shoulder of the lovely Sweet Aroma who patted the strap as they made their way toward the ring. The cameras switched back to the inside of the ring where Waymoth stood alone with his manager on the outside apron spouting off words of encouragement. Waymoth bounced in place, eagerly waiting for Conspiracy to step the inside of the ring.

Brad Arnold: “And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred and one pounds, he is your current Relentless Champion and Mr. One Letter Better…JONNNNNATHANNNN CONNNSPIRACCCYYYY!”

“You see this!?” Jonathan shouted, reaching for the belt from his wife, “This right here is mine baby! Mine!”

JCON proudly raised the title into the air with pride, all the while demanding the referee keep the Islander at bay. The champ stepped towards to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up to the second rope, and continued his shameless display of the belt. It didn’t matter that he held onto the title through means of disqualification. All that mattered was it was still his. Mr. One Letter Better jumped down and handed over his prized possession to the official who held it as high as he could for both competitors to put their eyes on. JCON walked over his corner where jOlt Starlet Sweet Aroma awaited, kissed her on the lips as she wished him good luck.

DING! (3X)

Michael Buhrman: “And is with this sound, this match is now underway! JCON back to the defending the Relentless Title, and it’s only a week after holding onto the strap at Power Struggle!”

Nathan Powers: “Did we both see the same match? It’s not like JCON put much work into that match with his band of thugs out there!”

Michael Buhrman: “Ringside def’ was crowded at Power Struggle, tonight, it’s just the lovely Sweet Aroma and this Monsanto character!”

Nathan Powers: “Guy’s ego is just as big as the champ’s!”

Back on the inside of the ring, Waymoth challenged Jonathan to make the first move. He had a sizable advantage over the champ in the weight/height department, but he knew that taking JCON’s abilities and talent for granted would be a mistake. This also remained the reason why Turnbull stayed closer to his corner rather than charging in.

Nathan Powers: “So, who’s your money on for this one?”

Michael Buhrman: “Well, to be honest, it’s anyone’s ballgame. Both men have their merits, and with X Factors like these two at ring side and God knows who that could show up from the back…it truly is up in the air who could take this one.”

Nathan Powers: “Meh…mine’s on the champ!”

Waymoth grew tired of the waiting game, moving into to the offensive as stalked towards the champ. Watching the challenger approach him as quickly as he did placed a kick in the ass to Jonathan, resulting in a violent head-and-collar lock-up in the middle of the ring! Waymoth’s strength quickly gave him an expected advantage over JCON, forcibly pushing the champ back into the corner! JCON was quick to react to his position, entangling himself in the ropes, which forced the official to demand the tie up be broken.

“Break it up, Waymoth! One! Two! Three! Four!” screamed the official.

Waymoth backed up as asked, and the ever advantageous Conspiracy fired off a stern kick to the midsection of the West Indian Obsidian! Waymoth quickly buckled and JCON continued his offense, throwing the big man shoulder first into the same turnbuckle he was pinned up against! Jonathan pulled the big man out of the corner with authority, and took to work on the bruised shoulder of Turnbull with a few shoulder thrusts. He was already three deep, with each crushing blow bulking the challenger a bit more. Another kick to the stomach, and Waymoth was dropped head first into the canvas with a brutal DDT! Quick floatover, and hook of the leg and we had a cover.

Michael Buhrman: “JCON with the first cover of the match!”



Despite the early pain echoing through his shoulder blade, Waymoth was able to muster up enough strength to push JCON off him with force! The force made JCON roll into the nearby ropes, surprised at the fight that was in the Savage Islander. Using the ropes for leverage, JCON brought himself back up to a vertical base while Waymoth started to do the same. With speed being his own personal weapon, JCON was already going back to the offensive, charging towards Waymoth and right into a double leg-take down!

Michael Buhrman: “I think the champ counted his chickens before they hatched with Waymoth. He just proved that this is going to take a whole lot more than what’s been dished out so far.”

Waymoth brought JCON crashing back first into the mat, and soon after the fists started flying towards JCON’s chiseled jawline. The lefts and rights of Waymoth’s fists pounded away at JCON’s forearms as he tried his best to block direct access to his face. From ringside, Sweet Aroma yelled for Waymoth to get up, and this only drew a smile from the big man. Waymoth returned back to his feet, and brought JCON along for the ride. With one fell swoop, JCON was up and dropped onto Waymoth’s right thigh with a harsh rib-breaker! Waymoth showcased his strength some more with another rib-breaker, still holding onto Con’s body. Bringing himself back to his feet again, and Waymoth marched around for a bit with JCON still held tightly in his arms – only to end the series with a high angle fallaway slam!

Cloyd Monsanto: “That’s how you do it William! Go for the cover!”

Michael Buhrman: “Cloyd definitely showing some enthusiasm for what’s happening in the ring.”

Nathan Powers: “Why shouldn’t he be? Waymoth is making a killing right now!”

Waymoth pounded away at his chest and roared into the air and the crowd ate it up. Waymoth kept his momentum going and opted not to go for the cover. The Savage Islander’s strength is definitely on overdrive, yoking the Champion off the mat and Irish whipping him to the ropes – on the return, JCON found himself up and over with a snap belly to belly suplex! The impact saw JCON’s body contort in anguish.

Nathan Powers: “With the power in that suplex, JCON’s body has got to be going through flashbacks of the pay per view!”

Waymoth hastily covered JCON, hooking the leg and adding extra leverage by gripping his hands together. The official placed himself in position to count the second pin attempt of the match.




JCON managed to kick out at the last moment, ensuring that his position was still alive in this match. Waymoth smiled, as if he was happy at the fact that the champ had the balls to keep the match going. The BVI native got up from the mat and walked away from JCON as he tried to pull himself back up to his feet. Once Waymoth was on the opposite side of the ring, ensuring that JCON had enough time to get to his vertical base, the Islander charged like his namesake would do when faced with a red banner.


Michael Buhrman: “JCON’s speed helped him out of that one!”

Indeed, JCON pulled a fast one, slipping out of the path of the crushing avalanche splash from Waymoth, sending the challenger chest first into the turnbuckle! Not wanting to waste any time and split chance advantage he had just gotten himself and slammed Waymoth into the mat with a sloppy but brutal full-nelson slam!

Nathan Powers: “A.D.D!”

Michael Buhrman: “He has to keep this going if he wants to hold onto the belt. Waymoth looks the wind just got knocked out of him!”

The Relentless Champion took to what brought him to the dance, his high flying ability and took to the top. Michael Buhrman: “Looks like we’re going to get treated to another ‘Conspiracy Theory’!”

JCON took a great leap of faith, but it may have been vain as the Islander was already back to his feet, catching JCON in mid-air onto his shoulders! And while it would seem a reversal into a power bomb would’ve followed given the strength of the Savage, JCON stopped that thought dead in its tracks with a quick eye rake and took him off his feet with a seated senton!

Michael Buhrman: “There’s a champ that thinks on his feet!”

The pace of the match was definitely up as Jonathan regained his composure through control of the match up. Running straight into the ropes, and returning with a double drop kick to the upper body area of the man who dared to challenge for his title. Waymoth dropped to his hands, but soon found himself flat to the mat after another running drop kick to the side of the head!

Cloyd reached him and helped Waymoth roll the outside of the ring to catch his bearings.

“Man, whatchu’ doing?! Get this fool!” Cloyd scolded, but before Waymoth could even respond, he found himself in the path of a suicide dive from Jonathan Conspiracy! Both men go crashing into the guardrails but Jonathan was the first to get back to his feet.

“Get the fuck outta here!” JCON demanded from Monsanto, before returning his attention to the fallen Islander. Jonathan grabbed him by the dreadlocks, and used Waymoth’s hairstyle of choice against him, sending him crashing into the steel steps with a sickening thud!

“I’M THE REAL MR. RELENTLESS!” screamed JCON into a crowd that disagreed with him. And if you weren’t paying attention before…he didn’t care. He looked over at Waymoth as he gathered his bearings, and charged at him, driving his knee into the side of Waymoth’s head while slamming it into the steel stairs next to him! JCON rolled to the inside of the ring before rapidly slipping back the outside. Jonathan reached to pick Waymoth back up, but the Islander punched at the Champion’s gut. Being no slouch, Jonathan fired back with a closed fist to his jaw. And another! And another! JCON then took a step back, and charged again!

Waymoth attempted a clothesline to stop the champ, but Jonathan ducked under the attempt, and once he was behind the West Indian Obsidian, the dreads came into play once again as JCON used them to set-up and drop him onto the unforgiving floor with a Reverse Falling DDT!

Michael Buhrman: “JCON is definitely bringing Waymoth into his world tonight. This is what Waymoth would have to do if he were to win….whatever it took!”

Still, the match couldn’t be won outside of the squared circle and JCON knew this. He had bought himself some time, but needed more. He then rolled the Islander to the inside of the ring, and hopped up to the apron himself. From the apron, he waited for his prey to get back to his feet and slowly Waymoth did just that.

Nathan Powers: “Looks like JCON is going flying!”

Springboarding onto top ropes, Jonathan aimed to bring the big man down to the mat with a hurricanrana but Waymoth had a different plan in mind. Gripping onto JCON’s thighs tight, the power bomb that we thought would happen earlier in this match would now become the reality…RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!

Nathan Powers: “Waymoth calls that one, WHO VEX, DEAD!

Michael Buhrman: “What the hell! I think he just broke Jonathan Conspiracy in half!”

Waymoth walks over to the twisted and wrenched body of his opponent. JCON barely had any life left in his body, barely moving as Waymoth lifted his chin with a crooked smile. It wasn’t over.


Crowd: “LEFT!”



The combination was stopped abruptly much to the dismay of the chanting crowd as Sweet Aroma put herself in harm’s way, grabbing onto Waymoth’s forearm and pulling back as much as she could! Waymoth looked at Aroma with a combination of confusion and anger as she pleaded her husband’s case.

“’Oman, is crazy yuh crazy so? Get up off me!” Waymoth fired off, tugging at his arm – last thing he was going to do was hurt the woman and that’s exactly what Aroma counted on.

Nathan Powers: “This chick is crazy!”

Michael Buhrman: I think loyal is a better term to use in this situation…then again, crazy works too!”

If there was more to be said, she didn’t get a chance to say it as she was yanked off the apron by Waymoth’s own ringside help, Cloyd Monsanto! For his efforts, Cloyd found out what the five fingers said to the face. Reeling from the blow, Monsanto almost reacted, but was stopped by ringside personnel.

The distraction proved be somewhat enough with JCON using it as a chance to rake at Waymoth’s eyes. Waymoth wasn’t down enough unfortunately for Con’s case, and thrusted his thigh into the midsection of the champ.


Michael Buhrman: “Waymoth with the Red Hook Combo!”

The Red Hook Combo had rocked the very foundation of the champion and only it meant one thing; the end was near. JCON was lumped as Waymoth dragged him from the corner, and it was then Waymoth signaled to the crowd by throwing his fingers into the air – twisting them into the letters “V” and “I”. What happened next was elementary; a hook of the leg, the trapping of the arm – if JCON didn’t hear the warning the first time, he was sure about to feel it.


Michael Buhrman: “One of the most original and devastating finishing maneuvers I’ve ever seen in my life! It looks like we might just have ourselves a new champion!”

The after-effects of Waymoth’s T-Bone/Uranage Slam remained evident on JCON’s face as he cringed in pain. Still, Waymoth knew that it was finally time to finish what was started. Waymoth covered the limp body of JCON, and the referee slid into action. The crowd even prepared themselves to count right alongside him.




Michael Buhrman: “He did it! Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a NEW Relentless Champion!”

Waymoth did it! With the final slap of the mat, Waymoth had dominated his way to being the newest Relentless Champion in jOlt history. As Sweet Aroma helped her husband to the outside of the ring, Cloyd slipped himself in with the title and a microphone in hand. His enthusiasm was all over his face, as he handed the championship to his prized trainee.

“I said it before, and I’ll say it again, here is your winner, your NEW Relentless Champion, Waymooooothhhhh, Turnnnbulllllll!” exclaimed Cloyd as Waymoth posed with the new championship belt. It was only a few weeks ago when he made his debut as a part of the Power Struggle tournament and now the work he placed into it all had paid off.

“Emergency” by Mavado blared over the PA System once again, as Waymoth and Cloyd exited the ring and backed their way up the ramp. Waymoth even took the time to embrace the fans at ringside with Cloyd in the background clapping.

Nathan Powers: “This is not the same hardnosed man that we saw debut here on iNtense weeks ago, look at him, he is loving this!”

Michael Buhrman: “I have to agree with you there Powers, Waymoth came into this promotion with a huge chip on his shoulder and a mission to prove just how tough he really is. He’s done that, and it just seems like that chip just fell right off!”

Nathan Powers: “Well, he did earn his keep tonight, let’s see where this new champ is going to take the Relentless division…”

A new era of Relentless was about to begin.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

"It's Been Twelve Long Years"

Rush Inside the arena the fans had been at a fevered pitch the entire night, after a major event the crowd always seemed to take it up an extra notch. Slowly the lights faded out, when the arena was dark the screen slowly began to flicker. The crowd began to murmur amongst themselves. When their impatience grew and the crowd was at a louder decibel a voice began to speak over the loud speakers.

“Twelve years...”

“Twelve years since I was in front of a jOlt audience...”

“Eron still wrestled, Grendel was actually scary, Brandon Blade wasn't a walking waste of space, and Reno Davis wasn't a washed up crazy talking to a monkey... Actually yeah, yeah he was...”

“Chris Titan fought in a place called Asylum...”

“And Bane Loneheart was still a giant fucking joke...”

“Twelve years is a long time.”

“Twelve years ago I was your International Champion...”

“Twelve years ago I gave my body, my tears, I gave you all everything...”

“Savior” by Skillet cued up as 4 yellow letters faded into view on the screen.


The screen immediately flipped to shots of Rush in jOlt with the music still going.

“Here he goes, Knox refuses to tag and Rush walks into a huge choke slam from Grendel... Reno Davis goes to the top rope and leaps!!! NO RUSH MOVED! Rush is on his feet!!! EXPLODER SUPLEX! EXPLODER SUPLEX! RUSH WINS! RUSH WINS!” The announcer screamed.

Those that were old enough to remember roared with approval.

“Knox just got planted with the exploder suplex... this is over... 1... 2... NO KNOX KICKS OUT! It won't be that easy Rush! Knox is still a force to be reckoned with! Rush climbs the turnbuckles... LEAP OF FAITH! LEAP OF FAITH!”

The final moment faded in.

“Azrael Ravenall just crushed Rush with the Shadowfall DDT. 1... 2... NO! HE KICKS OUT! RUSH KICKED OUT! The two men, slowly back to their feet after a 7 count from the referee... Lock up, Rush with a quick knee to the stomach, EXPLODER SUPLEX! EXPLODER SUPLEX! He's not messing around with the pin fall yet. Straight to the top rope LEAP OF FAITH! LEAP OF FAITH! LEAP OF FAITH!!!!!! 1...2...3! YOUR NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! RUUUUSSSSSSHHHHHH!”

The image of Rush cradling the International title in his arms, blond hair flowing, perfect smile shining. The crowd roared again! The image faded to a man sitting on a chair. Black leather pants with yellow letters up the sides, no shirt, perfectly tan. Long blond hair, slight wrinkling on his face, and a perfect smile sat staring at the camera through his deep blue eyes.

“See you all at Intense 73.”

Slowly the screen faded to commercial.

"Thieve's Honor"

Jim Johnson As iNtense came back from commerical, Jim Johnson walked out onto the main stage with a microphone in hand. He grinned as everyone in the arena gave him a mixed reaction. He then brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Good evening! I hope you're enjoying the action here tonight! I have an announcement I'd like to make! With the success of the Power Struggle Invitational Tournament, I've decided to do it again and come up with a concept you all will enjoy"

The crowd still gave Johnson a mixed reaction.

"You see.. our next Pay-Per-View event is called Thieve's Honor and I am here to announce it's main event. Whoever the winner of tonight's match between Derecho and Aran Thompson is.. will go on to Thieve's Honor to defend the jOlt Championship in a match named after the event itself."

After a pause, Johnson continued.

"In the Thieve's Honor match, the jOlt Champion will be defending their title against up to seven other competitors. Everyone from the champion to the people involved in the match will enter at 2 minute intervals. There will also be ladders involved in the match because hanging above the ring will be the Thieve's Honor briefcase. If you are pinned or submitted, you are eliminated from the match. The last man standing will be the jOlt Champion!"

"As for the briefcase... if you retrieve the briefcase and are eliminated, you may cash in the briefcase before the match ends and re-enter it for a second chance at the championship! I think it's a nice little curveball for the richest prize in our industry!"

The people actually cheered the thought of this match happening.

"Like I said.. either Derecho or Aran Thompson will be heading to Thieve's Honor to defend. The other seven will be determined by qualifying matches held on iNtense as well as Warriors! So sit back and enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen!"

Jim Johnson sneered at the thought of another genius match concept. Waymoth Turnbull reaped the benefits of the Power Struggle Invitational... now who will enter Thieve's Honor to try and take the jOlt Championship?

Clan Avispa vs The Crimson Order
Ultima AvispaAvispa GrandeEiji KugasariTakeshi

The jOltvision monitors flicker to life with the seemingly familiar swarm of Yellow Jackets, assaulting the screens as ’El Hombre Luchador’ by Frank T serenades the audience to respond warmly & broadly. The Latin contingent made their presence felt as Cameras Twenty Five & Thirty Two captured several flags from numerous countries displayed before the masses. The tandem of Avispa Campeon Jr. & former jOlt Flyweight Champion Avispa Guerrero II passed through the backstage curtains and were treated to an ethnic heroes’ welcome. Guerrero II extended his arms outward while advancing towards the squared circle as Campeon raised the Mexican flag over his head while standing along the ring apron.

Carrington: Ladies & Gentlemen; this tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing First, making their return to jOlt Wrestling...weighting in at a total combined weight of 456 pounds...Avispa Guerrero II & Avispa Campeon...EL CLAN AVISPA!!!

Buhrman: “Clan Avispa returns to action here in jOlt! They've had some much needed time off and they're back to prove themselves against The Crimson Order”

Powers: “I heard Clan Avispa was found pandhandling for money outside a cantina in Tiajuana. Jim Johnson rescued them with promises of pesos and a gift certificate to Del Taco”

The trademark Black & Yellow, reminiscent of the legendary Killer Bees adorned the jackets that both brothers were seen removing from their person. Referee Darius Underwood received the jackets before handing them over to the ringside personnel. Campeon was busy tugging at the ring ropes as Guerrero II was finished bouncing off the ropes & started hopping in place before conversing with his sibling. The crowd continued to simmer for several moments. Referee Underwood took his time inspecting the Latin duo per routine before making small talk.


‘Rise of the Young Guns’ by Cliff Lin clawed its way out from the PA system. There was a notable response among the unseen masses as the jOltvision screen flickered to life...

{The rage of a volatile storm is caught in its purest form. Nature’s assault on a dilapidated village amidst the light show provided by the infrequent lightning strikes across the heavens. In a flash, an individual stood. Tattered clothing with a coolie hat that was frayed notably at the end. Arms hanging along his side, allowing the wind to have its way with his attire before vanishing just as quick as he came. The 2nd individual was a towering mountain of a man. Partially armored. Hidden underneath the foreboding Kendo mask & armed with a Kanabo, resting along his broad shoulders. The titan disappeared in short order before an ongoing collage of wrestling violence & tag team symmetry was put on public display...}

The arena ran through a rhythmic series of Red & White hues as the arena lighting rose, revealing the entire entrance staging area overwhelmed by a billowing overcast of smoke. A pair of silhouettes rose from a kneeling posture, revealing themselves as the very individuals depicted across the vignette. Swathed in the colors of Crimson & Obsidian, the men of Japanese descent, stood motionless before the masses...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, making their American professional wrestling debut...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

The sinewy Heido & muscular Takeshi slowly raised their heads upward in unison to cast a blank stare toward the opposition. Takeshi lumbered forward alongside Heido before standing on the opposing side of the ring steps. Heido longingly stood atop the steel obstruction before slowly removing his tattered coolie hat. A bounty of unkept black hair descended from underneath & stopped below his shoulder blades. The Avispa Clan traded glances between one another & their opposition. As Heido sauntered along the ring apron, Takeshi walked up the steps & carefully removed the elaborate Kendo mask to seat it atop the turnbuckle pole. The bald behemoth rested the Kanabo against the ring steps before making his ascension. Heido followed suit before passing through the ropes & wringing the tension free from both arms & neck. The overcast that surrounded the ring had dissipated and both Heido & Guerrero II stood as their respective representatives for their teams. Underwood readily signaled for the opening bell.

The nimble former Flyweight Champion motioned forward for a Head & Collar Tie Up. Heido sidestepped the attempt & shoved Guerrero II forward who somersaulted to his feet to carom off the ropes. Guerrero II utilized a Running Front Flip without breaking stride to evade a Spinning Back Elbow by Heido. A stern Standing Shoulder Block by Heido sent Guerrero II rolling backwards to a knee, left radiating with a look of slight bewilderment. The slender assassin swept his hair aside & motioned for Guerrero II to challenge him. The Avispa elder nodded in kind while advancing, circling his opposition to seize an opening. Heido quickly stepped back to evade a Snap Kick aimed toward his leg. Guerrero II immediately hauled off with a Spinning Back Fist that was merely slapped away. Frustrated, Guerrero II unleashed a Left Hook that was immediately trapped into an uncompromising Martial Arts type Wrist Lock before connecting with a punishing Open Palm Punch to the Mid Section! Guerrero II collapsed chest first along the canvas, coughing loudly. A wry sneer flashed across Heido’s lips as he stood, wringing both wrists slowly.

The former Flyweight Champion waved off his brother’s hand before engaging Heido with a Rear Side Hammer Lock before making the transition to a Kneeling Side Head Lock. Guerrero II flipped out of Heido’s Belly to Back Suplex & staggered the lithe newcomer forward with a Drop Sault! A Running Bulldog on Heido brought the noise within the crowd as Guerrero II hooked the leg deeply...1! Heido angrily shoved his opponent off him yet Guerrero II imprisoned him within a Step Over Face Lock. Heido fell onto his back, swivled about to latch onto Guerrero II’s leg yet the athletic luchador held onto the ring ropes. The agitated Heido snatched him off the ropes, allowing the deft masked man to flip, land on his feet and connect with a Spinning Back Kick to the Stomach. A Knife Edge Chop followed by a trinity of Forearm Shots before leading with an Irish Whip. Heido with the Reversal but Guerrero II countered with a Forward Leg Sweep Cradle...1! ...2! Kickout! Guerrero II shot to his feet was violently leveled by a STO! Heido scowled at the jeering audience before peeling his prey off the canvas & dragging Guerrero II to his feet. An Irish Whip slammed him into the corner with Heido connecting with a Rolling Koppou Kick. Takeshi tagged himself in, entering with a Slingshot Somersault to his feet. Heido launched Guerrero II into the air with a high arching Release Wheelbarrow Suplex...Flying Shoulder Block by Takeshi jettisoned the Avispa Clan prodigy through the ropes & tumbling off the ring apron.

The audience responded loudly as the Avispa Clan leader struggled to recollect himself. The bald titan hungrily paced about with referee Underwood keeping him at bay, allowing Heido to slip off the ring apron & sling Guerrero II back inside the ring. Takeshi with the cover...1! ...2! Shoulder yet the giant ripped the luchador off the canvas & flung him over toward his respective corner, urging him to make the tag to Campeon Jr. Tagging himself in, the larger luchador stepped in & met the mute monster with a mutual clench. Jockeying for control, both men tussled about until Campeon landed a tandem of Front Kicks & Punches. Takeshi would shatter his momentum with a stern Knee Lift followed by hurling Campeon back first into the corner. The Mute Mountain missed with an Overhand Clubbing Forearm, allowing Campeon to land the first of several Knife Edge Chops. The fans yelled accordingly with each chop before Campeon quickly walked up the ropes, kicked Takeshi square in the chest before sending him tumbling to the earth with a Quick Rope Walk Flying Head Scissors Takedown! Campeon with the Lateral Press! ...1! ...2! Takeshi gorilla pressed the bigger Avispa off him, who quickly floored the mammoth with a stiff Boot to the Chest. A carom off the ropes allowed Campeon to connect with a Running Leg Drop. The Avispa tag was made as they united to literally rattle the ring with a Double Team Fisherman Suplex on Takeshi! Guerrero II with the cover...1! ...2! Strong Kickout. Guerrero II shook his head in disbelief.

Buhrman: “Takeshi is a big man to hold down.”

Powers: “Too much sushi if you ask me.”

Heido continued to cast instructions to his partner as Guerrero II struggled to wrestle the shaken monstrosity to his feet. Guerrero II’s Irish Whip attempts promoted a growing sneer across Takeshi’s lips who retaliated with a consecutive set of Short Arm Clotheslines. Takeshi playfully pulled the groggy Avispa to his feet before turning him inside out with a Discus Forearm Shot to the Head! {See/Hear/Speak No Evil} The Mute Mountain knelt over the fallen Avispa, planting one hand atop his chest for the cover...1! ...2! Campeon with the timely save! Takeshi grunted before grabbing Guerrero II by the leg & dragging him toward Heido. Takeshi began using the ring ropes to add more leverage with a Boot across Guerrero II’s throat when referee Underwood quickly intercepted Campeon Jr. The towering mute added his physical contribution to the diversion, allowing Heido to nimbly assault Guerrero II with a Slingshot Senton before quickly slipping through the ropes as if nothing transpired. The masses booed as Takeshi legalized Heido with the tag. The Mute Mountain hoisted Guerrero II atop his shoulders & walked about towards the ring’s epicenter for a running start. A Forward Rolling Fallaway Slam before Takeshi knelt in front of the turnbuckles. Heido connected with a Flying Knee Drop atop Guerrero II’s skull off the 2nd Ropes! The audience responded in kind as Heido rolled to his feet, sneering at Campeon Jr. Guerrero II continued cradling his head while kicking his legs. Heido with the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! The predominantly Latin contingent began urging their champions onward as Heido swept his hair aside & conveyed a message to Takeshi via sign language.

Guerrero II found himself ensnared within an inverted Face Lock Abdominal Stretch by Heido. The support from the masses empowered the ailing Avispa with the will to endure & fight, displayed with a trembling fist. Defiantly, Guerrero II began fighting his way free until an opening was made with a series of Back Elbows & extra effort. Heido dropped him to a knee with a Clubbing Forearm. Gutwrench Suplex attempt averted by the nimble Guerrero II countering with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep! Both men were down. Guerrero II shaking off the cobwebs in search for his corner as Heido was seen grimacing while pushing himself upward. The crowd continued to rally for their respective teams as Campeon adamantly slapped the turnbuckle pads. Takeshi begrudgingly paced along the apron on his respective side. An audible pop was heard as Guerrero II made the tag! Campeon used a Rolling Senton atop the fallen Heido as momentum to knock Takeshi onto the floor below. Heido was quickly pulled to his feet & leveled with a Running Clothesline. A 2nd Clothesline dropped the tattered assassin who sought to desperately reclaim his footing. Leg Wheel by Campeon Jr.! Throwing his head back and flaring his clenched fists, the Avispa Clan were on fire...

All attention was set upon the recovering Takeshi as te Avispa Clan sought judgment from the masses to determine his fate. Guerrero II sent Campeon Jr. careening off the ropes with an Irish Whip. The larger Avispa gracefully soared over the top rope...Somersault Body Attack Suicida! Meanwhile, Guerrero II was offering a mixture of Jabs & Knife Edge Chops, driving Heido into the adjacent corner. Standing atop the 2nd ropes, Guerrero II held his fist toward the heavens before laying into his opposition...


Along the outside, Campeon eventually was back to his feet as Takeshi crawled his way toward the barricades. The elder Avispa ordered his brother to return & finish Heido off. Double Irish Whip by the Avispa Clan. A high velocity Power Slam by Campeon Junior who quickly positioned himself on all fours. Guerrero II vaulted off his brother’s back and crushed Heido with a Standing 450 Splash! Guerrero II strode over to his respective corner as his brother pumped up the crowd. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! Campeon Junior angrily slapped the mat before struggling to pull Heido up to his feet. Guerrero II noted Takeshi was using the barricades to reclaim his vertical base. Guerrero II front flipped himself over the top ropes & strode across the ring. Takeshi turned about as Guerrero II took flight with an OTR Somersault Senton Press...Caught by Takeshi, who stumbled backward...

Fragmented Silence - {A Ring Rope Power Bomb}

The elder Avispa collapsed soundly in a bundled heap as Campeon Junior was busy trading punches with Heido. The audible groan from the audience masked the advancement of the Mute Mountain as Heido was humbled by a Vertical Suplex by Campeon Jr. Blinded by adrenaline, the heavier Avispa made his ascent atop the turnbuckles before signaling to the crowd. Frog Splash by Campeon Jr....Takeshi quickly snatched Heido to the outside, allowing the larger luchador to crash & burn along the canvas. Patting his slender brother on the back, Takeshi nodded before returning to his corner. Immediately, Heido slipped back into the ring to stagger the rising Campeon with an Open Palm Uppercut! An Underhand Throat Jab floored the crowd favorite much to the rebuke of the masses. Heido spied Guerrero II crawling up the ring apron. A Running Knee Strike sent Guerrero II tumbling along the unforgiving floor as Takeshi wrapped Campeon’s arm with the top rope & began repeatedly clubbing the larger Avispa with Forearms across the Chest. Referee Underwood was late yet immediate to intervene as Takeshi released him & feigned his innocense. Heido immediately barreled in & leveled the ailing Avispa with a Running Yakuza Kick to the Jaw!

Buhrman: “One big kick to the jaw has left Avispa stunned momentarilty”

Powers: “Like a cavity search at border control”

Heido ordered his brother to finish it as Takeshi graciously tagged himself in. Both Inogami Clan members continued to beat the hell out Campeon Jr. The referee reprimanded Heido for being the illegal man yet the slender assassin quickly rand down the returning Guerrero II. Takeshi extended his arms outward. Campeon Junior groggily fought to reclaim his footing...

HANZO’S HAMMER! - { A stiff Cradle Tombstone variant of the Omega Driver

Buhrman: “GOOD LORD! This has to be it for The Avispa Clan!”

Powers: “Siesta Time!”

Takeshi knelt besides the lifeless carcass of Campeon Jr. Placing his massive palm across the larger Avispa’s chest, the result as academic. ...1! ...2! ...3!!

Camera One watched as referee Underwood signaling for the bell as Guerrero II was struggling to pull himself back inside to attend to his ailing brother.

Carrington: “Your winners of the match...The Crimson Order!

The masses continued to jeer defiantly as ‘Rise of the Young Guns’ by Cliff Lin escaped from the PA system. Heido stoically stood over the fallen Avispa Clan leader, who was pawing the canvas. Looking at his brother, Heido looked back at the former Flyweight Champion and extended his hand to him. Guerrero II looked about into the audience before taking the newcomer’s hand and standing erect. Camera Three captured Heido using a Short Arm Irish Whip to pull Guerrero II in & flooring him with a stiff Asiatic Spike to the Throat!

The Vermillion Death Touch

Accompanied by the longing wave of crowd heat, the musical introduction was cranked up to full volume. Heido orders his brother to recollect their personal effects. Both Takeshi & Heido took several moments to quietly assess the full extend of their destruction from the outside. Cradling his Kendo mask, Takeshi dragged his Kanabo behind him to the base of the entrance ramp as Heido finish refitting his tattered coolie hat before beginning their unified egress.

Winner: The Crimson Order via Pinfall

"Back Home in the Underground"

Sylo Lights…OUT!

The late and great Johnny Cash would speak. Right before “Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint kicked up blue pyros exploded across the stage followed by the white orb of destruction summoning The Super Beast but more importantly, it summoned the return of The King of The Underground.

Sylo stood in the blast radius as the smoke cleared with his head down. Slowly, he’d let his head rise as he blew smoke through his nostrils and began the decent to the ring, still visibly banged up after his altercation with Derecho inside of Crystal Nightmares. He was covered in bandages, lacerations, bruises, but more importantly he had the Underground title and The Legacy title around his waist, one on top of the other.

It was the return of not only the only man that could say he was the only Undefeated Underground Champion ever it was also the return of history; The Legacy of Champions Undisputed Champion. There was a huge ovation as Sylo checked his left and his right as he hobbled to the ring. Slowly he climbed the ring steps before stepping through the ropes and grabbing a microphone.


Sylo soaked it in as he patted the Underground title. He looked around the Arena of Champions as it slowly quieted. Sylo brought the microphone to his lips and continued to scan the arena.

“I’ve heard rumors since Power Struggle about how I’d deal with not being jOlt Champion any more. After all I’m a two time jOlt champion and I personally built that belt from the ground up. I’ve had some of the best in the business step up and I’ve had them fall but at Power Struggle Derecho and I made history.” There was a loud round of applause for the match itself.

“But to be honest, which is all I know how to be, I’m glad to not carry that title any more. That title wasn’t mine.” Sylo reached around his back and unstrapped the Underground title holding it up. “This title though? This is mine. No man has ever stepped up to beat me for this title. On top of that, the Underground, is my home. The King of The Underground has returned and as I look at this belt,” Sylo gazed at the title. “I know the price it demands. It screams out for blood and it demands the blood of whoever holds this title.”

Sylo put the title on his shoulder before taking a bandage off and in a sick fashion opened a fresh wound as blood began to pour out. Sylo wiped it with his hand, covering his own hand in his own blood, before putting a bloody hand print on the faceplate of the title.

“So this is my oath! As you’ve all proclaimed me king! I take a blood oath that anyone that challenges MY throne will pay a blood price to take this title from me! Therefore, right now, I ask that anyone that thinks they can challenge my throne to step before me…and die like the rest…”

’Vicarious’ by Tool

The Arena of Champions erupted as the vast amphitheater gradually succumbed to the encroaching darkness. The angry rifts eventually drew the return of the arena lighting, allowing Camera Eighteen to zero in on Kenshiro Inogami standing boldly before the strobe lit smoking exit No. 35. Back inside the ring, Camera Ten zeroed in onto the sick grin spreading across Sylo’s face. It was just the man he had hoped for.

Swathed in the hues of Pearl, Obsidian & Crimson, The Ronin continued his embittered march towards the ringside area. Hurdling over the barricades, Kenshiro began making his initial pass outside the ring as the Super Beast intently kept his eyes trained upon his longstanding rival. Ninja paused atop the ring steps longingly to take command of the microphone before stepping through the ropes. Kenshiro positioned himself several paces within the titan’s kill radius. Sweeping his hair from his face, Ninja continued trading visual daggers with the newly crowned Underground Champion.

Swathed in the hues of Pearl, Obsidian & Crimson, The Ronin continued his embittered march towards the ringside area. Hurdling over the barricades, Kenshiro began making his initial pass outside the ring as the Super Beast intently kept his eyes trained upon his longstanding rival. Ninja paused atop the ring steps longingly to take command of the microphone before stepping through the ropes. Kenshiro positioned himself several paces within the titan’s kill radius. Sweeping his hair from his face, Ninja continued trading visual daggers with the newly crowned Underground Champion.

L-O-C! L-O-C! L-O-C! L-O-C!

Both men looked left and right as the fans obviously hadn’t forgotten one of the greatest rivalries in Legacy of Champions, in this very arena, where these two men fought to unify the top two prestige’s titles in the company. Sylo and Kenshiro turned their attention back to one another as Sylo slowly raised the microphone again, blood covering part of his face, and of course the title itself. Sylo went to speak but was interrupted by the fans once more.







Sylo lowered the microphone as that malice laced grin spread.

“Kenshiro; Just the man I was hoping would step through that curtain. We spoke not long ago about how the hands of time were drawing closer and closer and it seems the doomsday clock has finally struck midnight. You see, for those of you that don’t know,” Sylo turned to the fans and away from Kenshiro, possibly not the smartest of moves, but these two probably knew each other better than anyone. Sylo knew he wouldn’t sneak attack, not when he had his eyes set on the Underground title. “Ninja K and I entered into a WAR in Legacy of Champions. A war that saw a trail of bodies left in the wake until we collided. At that time it was about who the better champion was and when the dust settled?” Sylo turned back to Kenshiro.

“I was just three…seconds…better. Isn’t that right Kenshiro?” Sylo’s smirk didn’t fade. “But here we are and we both know what’s at stake. You want my throne, a throne you said I self proclaimed, but that’s where you’re wrong. These,” Sylo beckoned to everyone in attendance. “Fans proclaimed me king and if you want MY throne, Kenshiro? The Throne I walked through hell to regain? Then you have to be ready to pay the same blood oath.” The Midnight Assassin calmly popped the bones in his neck & shook his head in both amusement & disappointment before raising the mic to his lips.

“History.” Kenshiro uttered. “One of many of my personal past times & favorite subjects across all respective schools of higher learning...yet the begrudgingly all-to-common detriments to such a subject are both the unintentional & intentional misinterpretations of it...”The Ronin mentioned while beginning his casual circle around the ring’s epicenter.

“According to annals of championship history, I will partially agree with your personal assessment of our last encounter. One on One. Champion versus Champion.” Ninja mentioned. “At that time, the Underground Championship was yours to behold and in the end, you did manage to redefine 2 legacies by unseating me as the Chief Retainer of the LoC Championship. An omission that burned internally for a season.”

Ninja stopped short while slowly gnarling the knuckles of his free hand. “However, it wasn’t the actual loss of the Legacy belt to your hand but the loss of face suffered at the hands of Black Tom and your cowardly consortium that you poorly aligned yourself with. In the reality of being left bound by handcuffs, laying partially unconscious in a pile of shattered wood, covered in blood and wrought with by the pain of a separated shoulder...” Kenshiro bellowed. “A seed was planted. At first it was hatred in its raw & purest form. A dark. Seething. Unrelenting. Unmitigated. Volatile cauldron of Contempt for you . Everything you ever loved. Anything you ever stood for. Anyone you ever cared for or even associated with you in the slightest of associations.”

“However, as both avid & opposing students in the school of history, we both possess a definite & mutual understanding of its nature. As I have shared with you a few weeks past, I conveyed to you that ‘everything & everyone has their respective season.’ Similar variances or ‘patterns’ if you will so with that being said, allow me to clarify myself & my intentions before the self professed King & his ‘court’” The Royal Blue pupils of the Underground Division’s ruler shimmered with intensity.

“I am not here merely for the sole purpose of unseating you as Chief Retainer of the Underground Division. Your ‘throne’? I see it as merely a grand benefit to what I personally seeking after; RETRIBUTION” Kenshiro bellowed casually, inciting the masses to respond in kind. “To face & defeat you is nothing. Nothing compared to the opportunity to break you. To baptize this very arena with your blood. Adorn the very rafters with vivid reminders of your suffering at my very own hands. The opportunity to witness the listless legions who blindly invest their faith into you drawn silent while being serenaded by the blood curling songs of your suffering. To finish what my arch nemesis Derecho nor most men in this industry were incapable of doing. THAT is what urges me forward to stand before a vastly powerful yet greatly delusional tyrant. A renown ‘stain’ to both respective representations of this and that of Legacy’s promotional past”





Sylo’s response? That same smirk. He leveled his gaze upon the resident Ninja and his demeanor became lax. His eyes settled right on Kenshiro’s, gazing into his soul, and the smirk only widened as the Beast of all Beast’s raised the microphone once more.

“History is interesting isn’t it? Yes. I did turn and leave you a bloody mess after our match but ,one on one, I was still better than you but would you like to know a secret? The whole time you were being destroyed I was getting off on it. I loved it. You speak in riddles and turn your nose down at me but where have you been? That’s right, you’ve been fodder while I carried the jOlt title and now the Underground title. The only reason you get a shot at this,” Sylo held up the Underground title. “Is because I allow it. Because I want to finish what we started. But let’s talk more history if you like, Kenshiro, because you may see me as a mindless brute but this mindless brute has a few tricks.”

Sylo began to circle Kenshiro. The ninja watched never taking his gaze off of the Human Natural Disaster.

“Does the name Mr. Haunt ring a bell? The Theater Mask Murders?

Camera One panned back enough to note the ninja’s head ascending to the identity of a long established family scar, marred with both regret & tragedy. His eyes drew shut as both knuckles gnarled with embitterment.

Oh yes, I know all about them. How about how you never cut it in fWo, ACW, Action, or tSC? PiW even? We could talk about how you’ve lived in a seven foot one inch shadow for years or,” Sylo stopped directly in front of Kenshiro. “We could talk about how you’re nothing more than a main event fluffer.” Sylo snarled.

A loud “Ohhhh!” echoed through the crowd. Kenshiro’s eyes opened & projected a seemingly vacant stare into oblivion. Briefly devoid of emotion, Ninja’s body language revealed he was seething internally.

“You want to end me Kenshiro? Fuck what the doctors say. We can do this right here…right now.” Sylo unstrapped the Legacy title, dangling it close to Kenshiro’s face before dropping it to the mat. He made the same motion with the Underground title before dropping it as well. “Because even though we know history we also know fact…and the fact is when it’s go time you’re nothing more than a stepping stone that can’t get the job done.”

The masses rallied wildly for both rivals to collide in the ring for free television while Kenshiro continued to burn holes through his anxious opposition. Sylo inaudibly goaded the Ronin into give into the hate. Kenshiro shut his eyes and looked to the ring apron for several moments before nodding his head faintly before raising the microphone to his lips.


The cheers for impending violence quickly shifted to a tsunami of unsatisfactory boos from the crowd. The defiant champion urges the masses by draping each championship belt into a line before him, daring the ninja to take the bait. Kenshiro didn’t budge. Sylo snatched up the microphone off the canvas and began pacing about near his corner while speaking his peace.

“Are you that much of a spineless chickenshit? Come on, Kenshiro; enough with the poetic bullshit. It’s go time!” The Underground Champion exclaimed before casting the mic aside & motioning for the Ronin to step to him. Camera Five trained its focus on the stoic clan leader’s body language. The masses & the ravenous champion delighted in the ninja’s casual advance toward the proverbial line set by Sylo yet Kenshiro declined to step over.

”Again, I say No...” Kenshiro replied.

A deafening wave of crowd heat filled the arena while Sylo radiated an hardened scowl towards his rival in response. Extending both arms outward, the champion continued to urge the challenger forward.

“I want this to be understood without question by the legions both here in attendance & abroad...but especially you of all people.” The ninja ordered. “Granted, one of a few faintest measures of respect extended to you is your resilience. Your fighting spirit and acumen. However, on this night, you will be granted a stay of execution.”

The crowd nor Sylo took this news lightly.

“The numerous wars waged by Derecho & myself are without taxing by nature. Physically. Spiritually. Mentally yet this is not done solely to your benefit nor in the slightest concern of your health. I personally want to remove any feeble excuse cited by any of the medical staff, personnel in this company nor you to tarnish any victory. My victory over you. Many cower away by the mention of your name alone. Others stand intimidated by reputation. Your height or any of these superficial factors that further embellish the mystique of the self-professed ’Super Beast’. Unfortunately for you, these are the very liabilities I do not share.” Kenshiro voiced much to the chagrin of his rival.

“Given your disreputable nature and the numerous acts of disrespect to myself, my family and so much more, I have every right literally tear you apart where you stand. Especially in your condition. However, I refuse to cheapen the opportunity to relish in your demise. Not in this fashion and most certainly, not on your terms. Not even in the slightest.”

The Underground champion’s arms lowered, culminating to a set of balled up fists. Several strands of royal blue hair were blown aside through a set of gnashing teeth.

“You have exactly one weeks’ time to mend your wounds, cherish every unfettered moment with whom you adore or consider vital in your miserable existence. Settle your affairs both great & small for I want a fresh kill in this ring. In seven days time, I challenge you for ownership the Underground Championship...

The masses roared in delight of the pending Underground Championship war set to unfold. The reigning King of the Underground strewn several stands of Blue hair with a forced breath between his gnashing canines.

“As of this very moment, all matters of civility nor empathy between you & I have been rendered obsolete. One week....Not a moment more.”

Feedback was overhead as the mic bounced off the canvas and Kenshiro nimbly exited the ring via the ring ropes. ’Vicarious’ by Tool was unleashed by the PA system as Camera Two followed the Resident Antihero hurdling over the barricades and heading towards the nearest arena exit. Meanwhile, Camera Five was trained on the highly agitated Super Beast perched atop the turnbuckle.

While the heat had been turned up to levels that rivaled an inferno the fans savagely salivated at the fact they would see these two men tear it up inside the ring in what could be considered one of the biggest rematches of the decade. In a night where there had been lessons in history instead of a match inside the ring there was one solid fact: In one week it wouldn't be talking inside the ring when The Athletic Freak - Ninja K would meet The Genetic Freak of Nature - Sylo would meet for the Underground title.

Grendel vs Sephiroth Du Luc
GrendelSephiroth Du Luc

As iNtense rolled on, it was time for the first of two Thieve's Honor qualifying matches!

"South Texas Death Ride" by Union Underground

The last time we saw this man, he was sub-serviant to Chris Titan as a member of The Backbone. Being a jOlt original, Sephiroth Du Luc, believed that he could restore jOlt to its former glory, but sadly, Sylo ended those dreams. Now he looks to rebuild and what better way than to earn a ticket to the main event of a PPV to vie for the jOlt Championship?

Du Luc entered the ring and prepared himself, but in the back of his mind, he knew this would be a tough battle.

"Voodoo" by Godsmack

Out from the back came the man who dida horrific and unspeakable thing to Chris Titan at Power Struggle. He not only lit Chris Titan on fire, he scorched him alive and even attacked him while strapped to a stretcher prior to being loaded in an ambulance.

Grendel now sets his sights on the jOlt Championship and has to go through his former ally, Sephiroth Du Luc. Former Backbone members collide right here on iNtense!




Grendel and Du Luc stared across the ring from each other. They charged in and lock up, but Grendel shoved Du Luc away and onto his back. Du Luc brushed himself off and rushed in to lock up with Grendel once again and once again Grendel shoved Du Luc away. Du Luc would not give up as he got back up to his feet and locked up with Grendel a third time, but for a third time, Grendel shoved him onto his back.

Du Luc got back up, but Grendel charged right in and leveled him with a vicious clothesline that took him down to the canvas. Grendel wasted no time in pulling Du Luc up to his feet. He backed him into the ropes and shot him across the ring to the opposite side. Du Luc countered by leaping up to the middle rope and flipping off with a moonsault, but Grendel caught him in mid air and planted him right in the center of the ring with a vicious powerslam that shook the entire ring!



Du Luc popped the shoulder up.

Grendel pulled Du Luc back up and hit him with a head butt that staggered him back. Du Luc shook it off and hit a knife edge chop across the chest of Grendel. Grendel then hit Du Luc with another headbutt, but Du Luc once again shook it off and hit a knife edge chop. He hit another and another before he switched stiff forearm shots to the jaw, but the more he hit Grendel, the more Grendel just stood there and smiled.

Grendel just grabbed Du Luc and lifted him high into the air with a military press, but Du Luc floated over and landed on his feet behind Grendel. Du Luc leapt up and hit a drop kick that caused Grendel to stagger forward. Du Luc landed on his back from the drop kick and then kipped up to his feet. He then hit a spinning wheel kick to the face of Grendel as he turned around. Grendel staggered back up against the ropes and Du Luc saw his chance.

Du Luc charged in, but Grendel lifted him up and over to the outside, but Du Luc landed on the ring apron. Du Luc hit a high kick to the side of Grendel's head which caused him to staggered back toward the middle of the ring. Du Luc grabbed the top rope and leapt off, but Grendel caught him in mid air and planted him with a thunderous snap powerbomb dead center in the middle of the ring!!

Grendel grabbed Du Luc by the hair and brought him back up to a vertical base. He then scooped him up and placed him into a front chancery. He lifted Du Luc into the air for a suplex, turned, and dropped him with Anguish! Du Luc got nailed with the Screwdriver on top of his head!

Grendel knew that he had Du Luc beat, but he wasn't going to be satisfied with just a pinfall victory. Grendel got down on the canvas. He grabbed Du Luc by the arms and legs and tied him up into the Bow and Arrow Submission

Excuse the pun, but Du Luc was in Pain! Du Luc was very groggy from the powerbomb and the screwdriver. The agony from the submission hold drained whatever energy he had left. The referee checked on Du Luc to see if he was resonsive. When there was no response the referee held up Du Luc's arm and let go. It then dropped to the canvas.


The referee then lifted Du Luc's arm a second time and let go. It fell to the canvas again.


The referee raised the arm for the final time and then let go. As many thought, it fell to the canvas for the third and final time!

"THREE! He's out! Ring the bell!




Grendel released the hold and then rolled out of the ring before the refere could even come back to raise his arm. The pepole cheered Grendel as he now cemented his spot in the Thieve's Honor match. Derecho still had to defend his championship against Aran Thompson later tonight. With the condition Derecho is in... if he's able to survive Mr. Relentless, he will have to contend with at least Grendel at the next Pay-Per-View!

Winner: Grendel via Knockout

"Accepting Change"

reVolt The arena waited in anticipation for the next match, but before that could happen, the lights in the arena went dark.


"Crimson Bow and Arrow" by Linked Horizon (Instrumental) hit the PA speakers. Out from the back came Mattock and Sanchez Cano, collectively known as reVolt. They wore matching grey sleeveless shirts with the wolf reVolt logo on them. The arena booed the duo as they walked down to the ring.

We had seen them on the Countdown show prior to Power Struggle and on Power Struggle itself. They call themselves revolutionaries who wish to change mankind. It looks as if we were about ot hear another message from them as Mattock, then Cano, stepped into the ring. The music died down and allowed Mattock to bring the microphone up to his lips.

"Long has humanity lived like livestock within the confines of walls. Forever toiling away in their daily lives, living by and for the status quo. It is a life of oppression that the blind lambs meagerly lead. I should know... I was one of the proverbial lambs content with grazing in the sunny pastures of ignorance, but I am a lamb no longer.

Mattock paused for a moment and then continued

"I came to a realization that in order to escape a towering shadow, you had to think outside the box. You had to stop living up to the success and potential of the one casting a shadow.. that you simply had to cast a shadow yourself and I am doing just that by starting a revolution... a revolution which will open the eyes of the masses.. to fight back and not be suppressed underneath the finger which weighs down the glass ceiling... to usher in a new era of people who will no longer live as livestock"

"I am the Messiah of the Shoutbox and I am the messenger who will lead this revolution and bring forth a new golden era here in jOlt." The people booed as Sanchez Cano grabbed the microphone from Mattock's hands.

"Boo us all you want. It just means that you refuse to accept change. That you're happy with the way things are in jOlt. You see, Jim Johnson is a snake. He set up a Power Struggle Invitational to try and set an example for all of the new talent in jOlt that you can have glory and greatness, but the simple truth was that glory and greatness would only be bestowed upon one person. The rest will fall back into order and be forgotten about.. they would be treated as the livestock Mattock referenced. They will succumb to the status quo and never have their day in the sun as those on top continue to oppress."

"We aim to change that. Mattock was the martyr. He intentionally lost all of his Power Struggle matches to prove a point. To show that the system is flawed and that those participating in such a farce were being set up for failure. While only one got the recognition, what of the others? What now for them? You think Jim Johnson cares about them? Do you think he cares about us!?"

"If he cared so much about us.. why was I stuck on Rock the House for the past month? Where was my Power Struggle Invitational entry? I've been in this company longer than Craig Thomas and Waymoth Turnbull, and Jason Fosters, and all of those other guys, yet, I was relegated to working house shows. I was being oppressed when I should have been recognized for my veteran status. Well, those days of being oppressed are over. Mattock has promised a new golden age for people like me and I will follow him as far as it is necessary to go in order to see that golden age come to fruition.

Mattock grabbed the microphone out of Sanchez Cano's hands and brought it up to his lips.

"We will fight tooth and nail for that shining future. This is our message. The reVolt has begun. Either join our cause or become part of the solution when we remove you from your complacency." reVolt left the ring as "Crimson Bow and Arrow" cued up on the PA once again. The people continued to boos as the two of them walked to the back

Ninja K vs Dallas Griffin
Ninja KDallas Griffin

’Excuse Me’ by Koffee Black escaped from the state of the art PA system to create a rolling wave of heat within the stands. The twin set of jOltvision monitors showcased the underhanded exploits of one of Jonathan Conspiracy’s notorious band of hoodlums wrecking havoc throughout the jOlt Wrestling landscape. Camera Seventeen panned along the sea of humanity en route to the entrance staging area where the curtains parted & the towering enforcer was seen brandishing an Aluminum Bat.

Carrington - “Ladies & Gentlemen; this match is scheduled for 1 fall governed by UNDERGROUND RULES! Introducing First; Making his way to the ring at this time...He hails from Dallas, Texas and weighting in at 252 pounds...DALLAS! GRIFFIN!!

A smug look was cast out to all detractors of the six foot nine prodigy. A RingRats Academy alum, Griffin sauntered his way towards the ring before taking time to pop the bones in his neck. Banging his weapon of choice against the steel steps, Dallas casually scaled the short stairs, stood along the ring apron to agitate the masses further before stepping over the top ropes to lay claim to the squared circle as his personal domain. Griffin softly patted the business end of the bat against his gloved hand in wait for the opportunity to strike a serious blow for his brothers at arms...

’Vicarious’ by Tool amped up the screaming legions as the expected darkness blanketed the arena’s interior. The jOltvision screens depicted the utmost vile nature of humanity at its most pure when the hard riffs ushered the intensity within the trademark strobe lit entrance of Exit 75. Camera Thirty was in close proximity to see the advancing silhouette break through the overcast as jOlt Wrestling’s Resident Anti Hero...

Carrington - “...And his opponent; He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...KENSHIRO! INOGAMI!!

From the loft heights, the resolute ninja clan leader bore down towards the object of his resentment. Taking a moment to sweep his hair back, Ninja K began his descent towards the ringside area via the extensive open stair well. The Ronin passed through the swell of fans before hurdling over the barricades. Dallas angrily barked threats in the direction of the roving ninja who stood defiantly atop the ring apron. Referee Mike Hunt instructed Griffin to maintain a respectable distance as Kenshiro stood atop the turnbuckles longingly before dropping down inside the ring & holding firm to his respective corner. The entrance music ebbed away as both rivals traded visual daggers as Mike Hunt called for the opening bell.

Camera Seven monitored Griffin charging forward to haul off with a flurry of frustrated swings yet the nimble ninja deftly evaded each blow. Griffin gave chase as Kenshiro an up the ring ropes & vaulted over the deadlocked titan. Dallas drove the Ninja backwards with a stern Back Elbow while continuing to give chase. An Overhead Swing smacked the canvas in which Kenshiro planted his foot atop the bat before burying his shin twice into Griffin’s mid section, crumbling his vertical base. A Back Hand Uppercut served as the prelude to a Leaping Spin Kick by Ninja. Griffin gnashed his teeth while leaning against the ropes. Kenshiro grabbed his arm yet was sent staggering away from the impact of Griffin’s Left Hook. Dallas was quick to capitalize with a Running Knee Lift. The big man grabbed Ninja by the hair and led him towards the turnbuckle yet the ninja planted his foot against the padding. Ninja quickly countered with a Rear Side Hammerlock to smash Griffin’s face against the turnbuckles followed by a stiff tandem of Forearm Strikes. Griffin instinctively pushed off the turnbuckle padding, using his weight to destabilize the ninja’s equilibrium. Scrambling to reclaim his footing, Dallas snatched the bat off the canvas & sought to decapitate the ninja. Kenshiro quickly used a Forward Somersault to a crouching posture to avoid the attack. Mike Hunt retreated to safe haven as Ninja side stepped the flung bat & pounced with a Flying Clothesline. However, Griffin manage to snatch his foe out of the air and send him sailing over the top rope with a Running Toss!

The audience roared as the former Legacy champion slid along the Spanish Announce Table, knocking both J. Martinez II and Carlos Pena wildly onto the floor. Dallas moved with haste to step over the top ropes & pursuit his prey. Ninja was struggling to regain his footing when Dallas began pummeling the ninja with a barrage of Punches. Griffin forcibly ripped the ninja away from the broadcast area and bounced him spine first with a punishing Release Tiger Suplex! Kenshiro slid stomach first along the padded floor upon impact as Camera Three followed Griffin as he grabbed the ninja by his hair & violently bounced him against the barricades. Dallas used the barricades as leverage to apply more pressure against Ninja’s throat with his boot. The Texas Titan snatched the ninja off the floor, soundly pinning him against the turnbuckle pole & began laying measured Punches to Ninja’s exposed abdomen before suspending him overhead with a dead Gorilla Press Lift. The crowd opened up with a primal roar as Griffin jettisoned Ninja’s body disappeared within the crowd several rows past the barricades. Both arms extended to each side, Dallas basked in the barbaric ambiance.

Energized by the moment, Dallas hurdled over the barricades & began wading through the sea of humanity. Accompanied by security to maintain the line between civilians & professionals, Griffin grabbed a Steel Chair & folded it yet 245 pounds of Ninja vaulted off a chair, soared from out the masses, flooring the mammoth with his patented Morning Star Kick - {A Running Double Mule Kick}!! Bodies strewn along the immediate area as the newfound rivals began brawling within the cheering audience. Vicious Kicks to the legs staggered the giant backwards before an Open Palm Punch sprayed a hint of crimson across the shirts of several fans. Griffin retaliated with a Hard Right Hand, staggering the ninja against the barricades. Griffin armed himself with a Chair yet it angrily slammed against the barricades. Kenshiro snatched a drink from a fan & blinded the dread locked prodigy with it. Kenshiro grabbed Dallas by the hair and smashed his face against the barricades. Griffin’s teeth were stained with crimson before Kenshiro nearly bent him in half with a Snap Suplex atop the barricades! Dallas howled along the floor while favoring his spine. A Steel Chair flew into the scene, bouncing soundly against the giant’s shoulder blades. Kenshiro climbed over the barricades and used them to wedge his knee against the back of Griffin’s neck.

Camera Eight trained itself on the fans reacting wildly as Kenshiro punished the large enforcer with a battery of Back Mounted Cross Face Punches before shoving him face first into the floor. The LoC Legend cast aside the ring apron & dragged out a table, much the crowd’s delight. Standing it upward, Kenshiro noted Dallas was pushing himself upward before slamming it soundly against his forehead! The fallen giant was gnashing his teeth as Ninja propping if along the barricades. Griffin was seized by the hair to his feet before being shoved into the ring. Another trip underneath the squared circle prompted a cascade of hardcore weaponry; A Crutch, a Garbage Can, a set of Steel Chairs and a Comcast Cable Box, all bounced against the canvas near the ascending Griffin. Dallas reached out for the crutches as Ninja used his hair to pull him up to both knees. Kenshiro doubled over as Griffin jammed the crutch into the ninja’s side. Using it to stand himself erect, Dallas began wailing on his Japanese opposition until it was partially destroyed. Griffin knelt down & sandwiched the ninja’s throat between the crutch & his knee for several moments before letting go and flinging it over the top rope. Cover...1! ....2! ...Kickout! Griffin angrily spat red along the canvas before standing over the crawling ninja, looking for the next weapon for immediate use...

Dallas readily wedged a Chair between the turnbuckle pads before kicking most of the debris aside & laying siege to the Garbage Can. Every impact deepened the dents made before casting it before the crawling ninja. Dallas grabbed him by the hair & smashed it against the dented metal. A malicious Stomp to the back of the Head drew an audible groan from the masses. A moment to carom of the ropes led to a 252 pound Leg Drop to connect. Seepage of crimson began to drip onto the canvas as Ninja pushed himself upward. Gutwrench Suplex by Griffin. Cover! ...1! ...2! Shoulder! Griffin frantically looked around and grabbed the Comcast Cable Box. He wrapped the cord around the ninja’s throat for several moments before setting him loose. Dallas grabbed Ninja by the arm and sent him forward with an Irish Whip. Kenshiro hit the breaks but Dallas countered with Just Business - {A Black Hole Slam}!! ...1! ...2! ...Kickout!

The masses roared as Griffin punched the mat & started arguing with the referee. Frustrated, Griffin began wailing on the fallen ninja before flinging him against the nearest turnbuckle. Dallas swung yet his punch was parried by Ninja. A Front Kick missed the mark, knocking the suspended chair onto floor below. Ninja quickly drove a stern Elbow above Griffin’s knee before entangling the limb with the ring ropes. Kenshiro began repeatedly punching & dropping elbows onto the side of his knee. Dallas screamed adamantly while pulling the ninja’s hair. Kenshiro took the limb and slammed it against the unforgiving steel! A frantic Griffin fell prey to a repeat performance before collapsing. The vengeful ninja dropped down to the floor, braced his foot against the steel post. The masses urged him onward as Griffin pleaded for mercy. The crowd cheered as Kenshiro wish boned Dallas the hard way. The ninja grimaced from the accumulated abuse yet quickly secured a Ringpost Figure Four Leg Lock! Referee Hunt knelt down beside the screaming giant who refused to quit. Kenshiro eventually set him loose and collapsed onto the padded floor. Camera Five zeroed in on Griffin clawing his head while referee Mike Hunt assessed his current condition. A black shadow clambered up the turnbuckle armed with a Steel Chair...BANG!!

A Chair Assisted Double Foot Stomp Off the Top Rope

Buhrman: “SEPPUKU off the top rope!”

Kenshiro & Griffin were lying prone along the canvas yet Ninja was the first to begin stirring. A favorable chant was overheard as Ninja flung the bent chair through the ropes before dragging the giant away from the ring ropes. Cover...1! ...2! ...NO! Dallas keeled over and began coughing up blood. The ninja sat up & used the ring ropes to stand himself erect. Ninja grabbed him by the collar and made the official cover...1! ...2! Griffin shoved Kenshiro off and began dragging himself painfully away along the canvas. Ninja was back to a knee when the audience cued the approach of enemy reinforcements. Ambush expected. Camera Nine captured The Jury breaking into a dead sprint down the ramp. Kenshiro floored Khadafi with a Underhand Throat Jab before being tackled from behind by Statuz Quo.

The ninja and the gangster continued trading blows before Kenshiro was dropped to the canvas via a Clubbing Forearm by Khadafi. The masses jeered loudly as The Jury seized the advantage gangland style. The menacing tag team dragged the fallen ninja to his feet and arrogantly taunted the crowd as they hoisted Ninja toward the heavens...

Double Crucifix Power Bomb

Kenshiro was left in a crumpled heap as The Jury raised the ire of the masses via their taunting. Meanwhile, Dallas Griffin struggled to stand himself erect using the ropes. The Jury stood over the ailing ninja worked himself back to a knee before being the recipient of more tag team battery. Ninja shoved Statuz Quo to the floor yet continued to rumble with Khadafi. Camera Fifteen caught Eiji Kugasari hurdling over the barricades, sliding underneath the ropes and flooring Statuz Quo with a Leaping Leg Wheel! Rolling to his feet, the Blood Raven crushed Dallas Griffin with a Diving Senton Attack that allowed him to roll over the top rope onto the ring apron. Eiji grabbed Dallas Griffin by the hair and floored him with a Ring Rope Neck Snap! Kenshiro used an Arm Drag with Leg Throw to bounce the broad brawler Khadafi off the mat. Referee Hunt remained out of harm’s way along the outside, urging Eiji to leave the ringside area yet was shrugged off as Statuz Quo engaged him head on. Kugasari was flung against the barricades as Kenshiro knocked Statuz Quo over the barricades with a Running Clothesline! Ninja pulled his lieutenant to his feet before sliding back into the ring where Dallas Griffin greeted him with an Elbow Drop across the Head.

Eiji promptly leapt onto the ring apron to intervene but Khadafi snatched him off and bounced him off the padded floor. Dallas locked the ninja down with a Front Face Lock in spite of Ninja working himself back to a vertical base. Several stiff Forearm Strikes to the Thigh dropped the giant down to a knee. Retaliatory Clubbing Forearms were Griffin’s means of defense. Along the ring’s exterior, Khadafi was connecting with a barrage of Jabs when Eiji parried a Straight Right yet Khadafi blasted Eiji with a Front Kick. The Hawaiian Holocaust picked up a bat, swung yet it careened violently against the steel pole...

Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw - - Crimson Sword Dance

Back in the ring, Griffin bounced the ninja off the canvas with a Tiger Suplex! Grimacing from the accumulated damage, the titan crawled over to make the cover. Referee Hunt dove under the ropes to make the count...1! ...2! ...Kickout! Dallas was seen panting as Eiji was seen taking the fight to Statuz Quo near the lead announce position. Griffin wobbled to his feet, motioning for Ninja to stand erect. Kenshiro was up, allowing Dallas to attempt a Full Nelson Slam on Ninja. Kenshiro with a Low Blow, leaving Griffin bent over. Ninja whipped his hair back before slamming the giant shoulder first into the steel pole! Griffin staggered backward before a Snap Kick to the back of his head by Kenshiro dropped him onto all fours. Statuz Quo was seen scrambling back inside the ring with Kenshiro moving to intercept when Eiji slid inside the ring and strode toward the fallen Griffin. Vaulting off the titan’s back, Eiji soared over the top ropes...

Hanzo’s Comet - {Somersault Seated Senton}

Camera One trained itself on Eiji using his body to drive Khadafi through the angled table. A notable fecal chant rose to the rafters as both Kugasari & Khadafi were partially buried within the wreckage. Ninja with a Spinning Roundhouse that send Statuz Quo tumbling over the ropes to the outside. Griffin took advantage with a Clubbing Forearm on Ninja, setting him up for a Pumphandle Back Breaker. Kenshiro used his enemy’s weakened vertical base to flip out, land on both feet...

Gemini Suplex - {Rolling Dragon Suplex + Cobra Clutch Suplex}

Dallas’s body was folded up like an accordion before landing face first along the canvas. The ninja quickly armed himself with a Steel Chair...






The bent Steel Chair bounced soundly near the lead announce position as Kenshiro intercepted Statuz Quo sprinting his way & sent him flying over the top rope. Kenshiro dragged the battered Griffin by the hair away from the ropes toward the middle of the ring...

The Imploding Star Submission - Vazque-Fix Leg Nelson

Mike Hunt knelt down to assess the giant’s condition that was difficult to hear, due to the raucous crowd. Griffin clenched his teeth for several moments before his head fell onto the canvas. Kenshiro applied more torque to the hold yet Griffin was not responsive, prompting Mike Hunt to signal for the bell.

The masses cheered as ’Vicarious’ by Tool screamed overhead from the PA system and the referee was able to pry Kenshiro off of the unconscious Griffin. Eiji was seen pulling himself into the ring and kneeling alongside his fellow clan brother, who continued to stare angrily at the fallen giant. Camera Two panned back to note the medical staff branching off to attend to both Khadafi & more importantly, Dallas Griffin.

Meanwhile, along the outside, Statuz Quo shrugged off medical attention and sought to aid his fallen brethren. Khadafi shoved a pair of medics to the floor to enter the ring alongside Statuz Quo. Kenshiro & Eiji were seen rounding the squared circle during their egress as Statuz Quo stood atop the turnbuckles, cursing & issuing threats with Eiji for several moments before returning his attention to Griffin. For tonight, Clan Inogami gained a measure of personal retribution...For how long? Another matter all of & unto itself....

Winner: Ninja K via Knockout

"People Change"

Superstar Vince Jacobs "You just couldn't resist, could you?"

Vince Jacobs' wasn't the happiest camper at the moment, as he stepped into the nearly empty locker room. He fired an empty water bottle into a nearby garbage can and just shook his head in disbelief.

"At first, I thought it couldn't be you, as there is no way the promoters would hire you based on your attitude, but then, I saw how you had to once again take up your role as Batman. What really confirmed it was you going right for Aria. I thought you'd be able to show just a little restraint, but I guess not. What were you trying to accomplish by confronting her? Are you looking for Sylo to come stomp you into oblivion?"

Never once detouring from his rapidfire set of handstand pushups to look at his visitor, the newly unmasked Gunnar Van Patton paid no mind to SVJ's interruption. He remained focused on the task at hand and couldn't be bothered to even look at him. The undead soldier completed three more reps before casually positioning himself on his feet.

"Ah reckon ya should know better than anyone that Ah couldn't care less about that primate she calls a sperm donor. Ah ain't got a problem with that big old bastard, but if he gets froggy because Ah put the whore in her place, so be it." Van Patton replied sharply. "Aria and Ah, it's all about settin' boundaries. Ah wanted to make sure that she keeps her distance from me, as just the rotten stench of that Jezebel makes me want to vomit. Honestly, Jacobs, what did ya think was gonna happen? For just one goddamn second did ya really think that Ah was gonna just let her simply exist without remindin' her of what she did? Ah know she's the golden child around these parts and bein' against her means yer one of the bad guys, but Ah was not gonna have her walk around these parts like nothin' happened."

"Then why didn't you get your revenge when you had the chance? If she is so vile and terrible, why didn't you smite her like you do so many others? You had her alone and obviously terrified."

"Doesn't matter how vile she is, she's carrying a child. Ah won't endanger a child. Ah may be a miserable bastard and willin' to do bad things in the name of justice, but Ah would never do anything to hurt a child. Ah'll let god show her no mercy for her sins. Ah reckon there's a special place in hell for women like her."

Jacobs just sighed and shook his head. There was a darkness to GVP. Every word was filled with rage and hate. The charming, happy-go-lucky texan he used to go drinking with was now an angry, spiteful vigilante.

"What happened to you? Did that place up north really make you this jaded and hateful towards life?"

"That shit hole showed me how bad the world had become. There's only so much poking with the stick a dog can take before he bears his teeth. Ah stood up and fought the good fight. Ah took on the guys no one else would dare do battle with and Ah was punished for it. They wanted me to be the asshole American that all the foreign countries would love to boo the shit out of. Turns out, the people didn't care where Ah came from. They cared about me bustin' mah ass out there and standin' up to people who treated them like crap. The more the fans chanted mah name, the more the higher ups hated me. Ah won't sell mah soul or mah morals, so when they wanted me to sign a new contract, Ah told them to stick it up their frostback asses."

Van Patton adjusted the long, red bandana tied around his head to keep it covering his damaged eye and turned to finally face his visitor.

"The man ya knew is dead and buried, old friend. Out of his grave crawled the man ya see here before ya."

SVJ could see the seriousness in the undead soldier's eyes when GVP extended his hand.

"Ah wish Ah could tell ya that things will be better tomorrow. All Ah can say is good luck and toe the line. Ah'd hate to hunt a friend."

The two men shook hands and GVP made his exit. A saddened SVJ could only stand there and wonder just what his old ally had in mind for jOlt and what it would ultimately cost the soldier.

"She's Always Right"

Sylo To say the SuperBeast was in a fighting mood would be an understatement. Inside the ring, he begged Ninja K to fight him but K wouldn’t. Sylo would fight anyone at this point even against doctor’s orders. Hell at this point it didn’t even have to be sanctioned. He had a blood lust growing and the only way to sate that bloodlust was with more blood.

He entered his locker room and found his future wife who carried his child trying to hide tears as she smiled through smeared makeup. Sylo stopped. The world stopped. He just stared at her as she greeted him. He couldn’t even find the words to speak as the rage crashed over him like a tidal wave. Aria even hugged him but he was so numb he couldn’t feel it. Finally the King of the Underground could only utter a few words.


It was three words but it was three words in the form of a question that if Aria answered would send Sylo tearing through the arena. She knew this, he knew this, and everyone in the arena knew this. Aria didn’t need her fiancé going after anyone. Not for his sake and not for theirs surprisingly. She just hugged him tighter and rested her head against his chest.

“It’s just emotions from being pregnant. You know how emotional I get.” She forced a smile. Sylo’s cold blue eyes told her he wasn’t buying it.

“I know the difference between emotional pain and when someone else inflicts it upon you. Now give me a name,” Sylo snarled through clinched teeth.

“It was no one sweetheart.” Aria replied.

Sylo would do anything for Aria. She was, after all, his future wife and carried his child. He tore away from her. Someone would pay. He slammed the locker room door open so hard one of the hinges broke as he was coming out. Workers near the area cleared the way wide eyed as Aria grabbed his wrist. She knew that wouldn’t stop him but he turned just for a second.

“If you won’t tell me I’ll go to everyone in this arena until I find them. I will leave a literal trail of bodies until I find who did this. I’ve done it before and no matter what condition I’m in, I’ll do it again.” Sylo sneered.

Aria just looked up at her fiancé which somehow seemed to calm him for a moment even as his massive chest kept heaving.

“I just want to go home. Please?” Aria sounded weak. Sylo didn’t like that. He calmed himself the rest of the way before looking at her and kissing the top of her head.

“You’re right. We’ve both had a long night. Come on we’re going home.” Sylo said he’d do anything for her and maybe that meant sometimes not trying to kill everyone that would do any harm to her, Jimmy, or himself.

The two would gather their things and head out. Sylo carried all of the bags and of course, on his shoulders sat the Legacy and Underground Championships. One in which he would defend in a week. For now they were done with iNtense, they were done with jOlt, they were going home but next week the beast would be back in full swing.

The House (c) vs Jason Rau & Bane Loneheart
Adam RoebuckDerrick HuberJason RauBane Loneheart

With the passing of Power Struggle, new champions were crowned. A new World Champion, a new Underground Champion and with it, new jOlt Tag Team Champions! The House, the team of Las Vegas-based monsters Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber, had won the jOlt Tag Team Championships from the formidable team of The Reckoning.

Their first title defense was coming up tonight. They were originally scheduled to take on their new-found rivals, Team EGO, but Craig Thomas had been placed into one of the upcoming Theives’ Honor qualifying matches based off his performance in the Power Struggle Invitational. Up next, The House were putting out an open challenge.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, had on a harlequin-themed showgirl outfit for the occasion and got the crowd revved up with a sultry dance. The House members raised the newly won jOlt Tag Team Championships for the cheering crowd to see!

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, smiling and flexing his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. In the other spotlight was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well.

Huber and Charlotte both slapped hands with fans on the way down to the ramp as they headed to the ring. Adam Roebuck kept up the rear and stomped down the ring like a mastodon. Charlotte was handed a microphone while the fans gave her some catcalls.

“How y’all doing tonight?”

She had a smile across her face while she pecked her husband, Derrick Huber, on the cheek.

“So tonight, Team EGO were supposed to come out here and get a title shot that they didn’t earn because they’re great a sucking off… sorry, sucking up to Jim Johnson!”

That got some giggles from the crowd. She handed the microphone to her husband as the crowd cheered the two monsters.

“Since Craig Thomas and The Strangler are out hiding somewhere because they’re a couple of bitches, we put out word before the show for an open challenge for the jOlt Tag Team Championships! We didn’t just come here to win these titles. We came here looking for a fight! We want all the competition that jOlt can bring to prove that we even after fifteen years of being a team can still be the best! We don’t care who you are and we don’t care where you come from! These people came here to see a fight and that’s what they’re gonna get!”

The supportive crowd cheered on the monsters. Adam Roebuck snarled and cracked his knuckles while Huber and Charlotte discussed who would take up the challenge.

“Passive” by A Perfect Circle played and the crowd booed the twosome coming out. The cocky Aussie, Jason Rau and the douchebag Scotsman Bane Loneheart. The two former members of the power stable The Backbone looked rather confident for two people who hadn’t exactly endeared themselves to the audience in a while. Jason Rau had a microphone as he and Bane approached the ring while The House looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

“You think that the three of you can just walk in here and call yourselves the best?” Rau asked. Bane nodded his head behind him. “You got lucky when you debuted by beating Bane Loneheart here, but he has a better partner than Sanchez Cano! You won’t catch us off-guard and as the guys who are kind of a big deal around here, I hope that you enjoyed your fifteen minutes, you fat dicks!”

Roebuck looked ready to murder somebody. Huber looked down at his muscular physique and turned to Charlotte.

“Why is everybody calling me fat?” Huber glowered.

Rau and Loneheart climbed into the ring and got ready for a fight.

The bell rang as all four men paired off with one another. Jason Rau exchanged fists with “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber while “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck was fighting with Bane Loneheart. The four men traded blows in the middle of the ring and continued to do so until a shot from Bane was blocked and a headbutt from Roebuck landed right between his eyes.

Bane continued to fight with him until Roebuck got tired of it and palmed him by the back of the head before throwing him over the ropes with ease. Jason Rau had Huber backed into the corner with a flurry of punches and kicks to the face. An Irish whip failed when Huber reversed it and crushed him in the corner with a big lariat. Rau was knocked silly from the blow so Huber continued to bring the fight with a barrage of headbutts and elbows to the face. He punctuated this by slamming a big running shoulder block to the gut.

Rau was brutalized by The Oddsmaker while he casually walked over to the corner to tag in Adam Roebuck. He stepped over the ropes and waited as the cocky Aussie tried to rise. That turned out to big a big mistake when Roebuck pancaked him in the corner with a running body splash. Jason tried to move, but Roebuck had him pinned to the corner and raised his massive palm. The crowd knew what was coming next.

Four of a Kind~!

He unleashed four blistering open handed chops to the chest in quick succession. Rau jumped in pain and fell to his knees as several red hand imprints were left on his chest. Roebuck tagged into Huber, but Rau quickly rolled over and tagged to Bane Loneheart as he jumped out of the ring. Bane didn’t show hesitation to his credit and jumped into the ring to throw a flurry of big right hands to the head of Derrick Huber.

“Got ye, ye faggot!”

Bane bounced off the ropes…


A big discus lariat was close to turning Bane Loneheart’s lights out and the fans cringed with the impact. Huber walked over took another kiss from Charlotte as the crowd cheered the happy couple. The Oddsmaker went for the cover and the win.



Jason Rau ran in and dropped an elbow to the head of Huber and headed back to his corner. Huber tagged over to Adam Roebuck again and the two monsters were about to go to work when Bane stood up and straight up slapped Roebuck across the face.

“I will na be disrespected!”

The crowd shook their heads in disbelief. Bane Loneheart was no small man, but Roebuck only growled as the crowd started a “you fucked up” chant. Bane looked around the ring before he swung and tried to hit Roebuck only for The Big Bucks to block it. He picked up Bane and ragdolled him into a belly to belly suplex that shook the ring!

Jason Rau jumped off the top rope and tried to go for a big blow only for Roebuck to straight up headbutt him out of the air!

Rau rolled into the corner while Huber rolled to the other side of the ring and made the tag to Derrick Huber. They made the tag over to Huber as Loneheart and Rau were each hunched over opposite sides of the ring. Huber and Roebuck measured up their attacks.

Bottom Dealing to Loneheart~!

Rolling senton to Rau from Huber!

Both men were crushed from their respective opponents as Rau was tossed from the ring. The fans continued to cheer the demolition derby going on as The House waited for the legal Bane Loneheart to get back up. They measured him up with simultaneous kicks to the gut.


The devastating double powerbomb shook the ring from the impact. Huber pinned Loneheart while Roebuck looked out to the crowd.




The open challenge for The House’s first jOlt Tag Team Championship defense and it was a downright dominant one. Rau just managed to limp away from the ringside area while Bane rolled away from the ring. The crowd cheered on The House as they tapped the jOlt titles together as a sign of solidarity. The two monsters had managed to take the win tonight.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Shut Up Monkeys"

Craig Thomas The Arena of Champions were stirring in their seats in favor of The House after a successful title defense against the two former Backbone members. They celebrated gracefully in the ring, parading around it with joy expresses across their faces, but all of that was about to change. Just as Derecho and Sylo, the new jOlt and Underground Champions were confronted earlier in the show, the new Tag Team Champion were about to be as well and they couldn't have had a clue, not tonight.

Fade to Black.

'Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughan cued up the chords and riffs that would introduce The House to none other than Craig Thomas, the man who failed to capitalize in his match at Power Struggle. Placing second in the tournament was unacceptable, his shot at becoming the Relentless Champion was erased by Waymoth Turnbull who was now a jOlt Champion, something The Ego could have been if it all went in his favor.

With a bad taste still lingering in his mouth, a single spotlight in the color of red followed him as parted the curtains. The arena was filled with jeers in his presence, but the atmosphere was not bothersome to him as his mind was only focused on one thing.

The Tag Team Champions.

Craig turned his head from the left and to the right, scanning the crowd as they contued taunting him with insults. A half cock smirk peaked from the corner of his mouth while The House now stared anxiously at him standing in the red spotlight at the center of the stage. Before the music came to a halt, The Ego unfolded his arm to the curtains and seven foot one Strangler shot through it, like a bullet through a barrel, and exploded with adrenaline on the entryway. Red pyro shot across the stage, causing the lights to return to its original state.

It was a bit over the top for a in-ring promo, but that was Craig's style and he, or The Strangler wouldn't have it any other way.

The music faded and Craig raised the microphone to his mouth as he stared across at The House.

"Well congratulations on your first successful title defense!" He briefly paused and began clapping, as did The Choke Fiend standing at his side.

"But we are just being too damn generous because who the hell did you just beat?"

He cut his eyes over at his partner for a response, but Strangler shrugged his shoulders with folder arms as he glanced at The Ego and then focused back on The House inside the ring.

"A couple of high school jockeys without a single ounce of talent?" Craig nodded, "Yessir! Ever since you two oversized monkies came jOlt, y'all been put into the squared circle with a bunch of nobodies and when one of you were in the ring with a superstar like my cousin here--"

Craig slightly nudged Strangler with an elbow.

"--You failed, miserablyyyyyy!"


"But you two did surprise me at Power Struggle when you beat The Reckoning. That wasn't my initial plan when we setup their attack on you two a few weeks ago, I--" Craig corrected his self, " WE, underestimated you two, but it won't happen again!"


"Because next week we will put an end to you two miserable assholes and take what is rightfully ours!"


Craig finally addressed the crowd's disapproval of him.



Roebuck, Huber, and Charlotte all looked at one another for signs of a retort. Roebuck decided that he was actually going to speak up first as he took the mic – something he hadn’t done too often.

“I know YOU TWO aren’t coming out here and calling us failures. How about that Relentless Title that you didn’t win, you fucking loudmouth?”

The Big Bucks didn’t come here to play. The crowd cheered while Craig Thomas looked pissed at his remark.

“Yeah, Strangler did beat Huber, but did he do it by himself? No, he didn’t. He had help from your butt-buddies The Reckoning. All that anybody is ever going to remember The Thomas family name for is talking a bunch of shit that they can’t back up!”


Roebuck passed the microphone over to Huber as he hoisted his jOlt Tag Team Championship over his broad shoulder.

“Craig, you and Strangler think that you’re hot shit because you can talk about people who are better than you, but the bottom line is at the end of the day, we’ve got the gold and we’re not letting go of it. And after next week on iNtense when you two finally nut up and face us like men, you’re gonna leave next week the same way you left Power Struggle… without any titles!”

The Oddsmaker continued as he raised his half of the belts.

“You can send who you want after us and you can put whatever master plan you’ve got written down on a napkin into motion. You can push us, call us names, and do what you want, but next week, you two will find out first hand that The House always wins!”

Huber and Roebuck raised their titles to full cheers from the crowd while Charlotte smiled and stuck her tongue out like a child. Craig Thomas and Strangler’s faces betrayed no emotion. Either they had a really good game plan or they were confident in their own abilities.

Either way, they were deadly men who couldn’t be underestimated for a second.

"We Are Here"

Omega The arena suddenly went dark as an eerie noise started to emanate through the PA system. Laughter can be heard through the arena through the dark. It was laughter from a little girl, however this was not a normal laugh. The laugh was somewhat spooky. Suddenly the jOltvision came to life with a picture of the same mental hospital. The picture of the hospital scrambled to show something else.


The letter on the screen exploded into bits as more little girl laughter hit the arena. The fans were a little antsy as the jOltvision lit up once again.






The fans in the arena erupted in cheers and boos.

CUE UP: “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson

The music echoed throughout the arena as the lights came back on. The man that had for weeks given his very cryptic messages was now in jOlt. The huge man stepped from the backstage area. He was covered with tattoos and one side of his head shaven and the other side had dreadlocks. The last time Omega was seen was in ACW, where he was a two-time Scorpion Champion and the winner of Fight Night. Omega walked onto the stage with a microphone in his hand.

The crowd reacted with boos as Omega walked onto the stage. He surveyed the arena before pulling the microphone to his lips.

“We are here.”

“We have come to jOlt to put the Underground division in a new tier of professional wrestling. Omega has torn through ACW’s Scorpion division and now he’s here to do the same for jOlt’s Underground. We are free once again to live in your society, however we will be the judge of you people instead of you being the judge of us.”

“Be prepared because Omega is something you have never seen before. The craziest bastard in wrestling is here.”

Omega dropped the microphone and without hesitation turned to walk backstage.

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Adam Lazarus
Jonathan ConspiracyAdam Lazarus

Earlier in the night, we saw Grendel defeat Sephiroth Du Luc and move on to Thieve's Honor. After losing his Relentless Championship to Waymoth Turnbull, could Jonathan Conspiracy take a spot at Thieve's Honor and vie for greener pastures? He will have to get through one of jOlt's toughest veterans in Adam Lazarus to do so.

The problem here is that Laz is fresh while J-CON already had one match under his belt tonight. Either way, this would be a very interesting contest to say the least.

"Praise" by Sevendust

Out from the back, Adam Lazarus stepped out to cheers from the crowd. Laz made his way down to the ring where he entered and warmed up. He knew he had the advantage here tonight as he planned to use Jonathan Conspiracy's fatigue to his advantage. Laz warms up in the ring as his music dies down.

"No Church in the Wild" by Kanye West Out from the back, to a chorus of boos is the former Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy. JCON lost the title earlier in the night to the winner of the Power Struggle Invitational, Waymoth Turnbull, The fact that JCON is still sweaty is evident of that ealier activity. Nevertheless, JCON marched down to the ring and climbed inside.

JCON grinned as he knew losing his championship just opened up a new door and allowed him to possibly go after a much bigger prize. The time to decide that was now as the referee called for the bell.




JCON and Laz circled each other in the ring and then they locked up. Laz applied a side headlock and then took JCON downt to the mat with it. Laz held it in tight as JCON struggled to find a way back up to his feet. Eventually JCON made it to his feet and backed Laz into the ropes. He shot Laz to the opposite side and then took him down with a shoulder block. JCON took off toward the ropes, but Laz kipped up to his feet and hit a japanese style arm drag that flipped JCON over!

JCON got back to his feet as Laz leapt up and nailed a drop kick that sent JCON out of the ring and down to the arena floor. JCON then pounded his fist into the floor mats as he stood up and stared at Laz who taunted him to come into the ring.

All of a sudden, The Jury came out from the backstage area. They slowly walked down to the ring and Laz immediately took notice. The people heavily booed as JCON grinned as he knew backup had arrived.

The two of them stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and stared into the ring at Laz, but then then turned their attention to JCON! The people actually cheered as they began to advance toward their leader! JCON pleaded as he backed away from them, but they charged forward and began to pummel JCON on the outside!!

The referee noticed it and called for the bell!




As soon as the bell sounded, they immediately stopped pummeling JCON. They waited for the announcement.

"The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification... Jonathan Conspiracy!"

Once the announcement was official, they all embraced each other. Laz was set up! They pretended to attack their leader in order to give him the victory and the prevent him from having to pull double duty!

Jonathan Conspiracy just STOLE his way into the main event of Thieve's Honor!

Laz was pissed that he just got screwed out of a golden opportunity. As he saw them all gathered on the outside, Laz got a running start and flipped over the top rope with a tope con hilo and took them all out at the same time! The crowd popped big as Laz got up and fed off the energy. Laz then walked over to the time keeper's position and pulled out a steel chair.

Statuz Quo was the first up to his feet, but he didn't stay there long. Laz swung and cracked the chair over his skull.


Khadafi was about half way up to his feet when he saw Quo go down. He tried to duck and scoot, but Laz swung again and cracked the chair over Khadafi's back!


Khadafi went down as JCON remained on the ground. With The Jury down and out, JCON scooted backwards, trying to get Laz to back off. Laz swung with the chair, but JCON rolled out of the way. JCON then got to his feet and ran up the entrance ramp. Laz gave chase, but the crowd erupted when Ninja K stepped out from the backstage area!

JCON turned around and there was Adam Lazarus with a steel chair in hand. JCON begged Laz to back off. Laz grinned and JCON had that sinking feeling. JCON turned around and ate a superkick to the face from Ninja K! JCON staggered and turned around, right into a massive chairshot over the skull from Adam Lazarus!


JCON went down in a heap at the top of the stage. Laz patted Ninja K on the back as the two of them stood over the former Relentless Champion. After they had seen enough, the two of them walked to the back. Jonathan Conspiracy thought he could just steal his way to a main event match, however, doing so came at a pretty hefty price.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Disqualification

"Brother to Brother"

The locker room hatch slammed against the wall and both Khadafi & Statuz Quo entered with an aura of embitterment. Khadafi swung & left a sound impression within the metal locker’s face as Statuz Quo kicked over the water cooler.

“We had that motherfucka..” Khadafi bellowed.

“Naw...That little fucker showed up...” Statuz Quo snapped back. “Everything went to shit after that. I’ll tell you this thought; it’s just them here tonight so this is what we are gonna do...”

“Brothers” A familiar voice interjected. “Shut that door.” The camera motioned over to reveal Duzza as the voice of reason.

“Man, Fuck that!” Statuz Quo exclaimed. “Griffin is on his way to the hospital right now, thanks to that pale haired son of a bitch. We take care of this tonight.”

“That’s right, goddamn it!” Khadafi bellowed in agreement. “You weren’t put through a fucking table tonight, were you?” “You know what, Khadafi?” Duzza mentioned. “ You’re right; I wasn’t put through a fucking table tonight but I do remember my having damn leg being broken not too long ago.” The manager mentioned.

“So what in the fuck are you trying to say?” Khadafi inquired while looming closer. “We were jumped by who knows how many motherfuckers that night so...”

“I’m not blaming either one of ya’ll..” Duzza replied. “But you need to really need to think about this shit, fellas. How many times do you think we can do this street shit against these dudes? Huh?”

The Jury traded fleeting scowls between each other before lending their manager an intentional ear.

“This is the type of shit that they expect from us. To react out of straight emotions like we have been and we’ve been getting fucked up. One by One. Me and my leg. Now Griffin and we don’t know how long he’s out for so we really need to rethink this shit.” Duzza suggested.

“These fuckers are sneaky as hell. They get off toying with us and I have been seriously thinking about how to switch shit up.” Duzza continued. “I have been talking to the man lately and JCON is literally on the same page on this so this is what I need for you brothers to understand; I need you brothers to remain focused on the Tag Team Championships...”

Duzza extended his hand slightly to intentionally halt the questions from his agitated clients.

“If you haven’t noticed, this is our time...Your time.” Duzza implied. “With those belts, there is power behind them. We can make thing dance to our rhythm. Our tune. They want us to keep struggling but when we get those Tag Team titles around your waists, you two will have that necessary bass added to your voices...Not to say you two don’t matter but it would mean that much more when you have those belts. Standing on the top of the fucking food chain. You feel me?”

The Jury nodded in confirmation having given reason a chance to manifest. Duzza patted his brothers on each shoulder & nodded with a faint smile.

“Now let’s get the fuck out of here and check on Griffin. As far as Kenshiro & his little band of bitches, they’ll soon find out Karma is a cold hearted bitch soon enough.

"What Will Happen Next?"

Superstar Vince Jacobs Screams could be heard coming from the backstage area as you saw people running all around. A crowd of techs, officials, and wrestlers stood near the loading dock door where someone was lying on the ground. The camera finally was able to see what was going on as Natalia sat on the ground holding Vince’s head as blood poured from his forehead.

“Why are you people standing around, get some help?” Natalia yelled.

The EMTs rushed through the crowd to attend to Vince Jacobs who was laid out and bloodied on the ground. Natalia still in shock as Dawn Cassidy moved her to the side as they tended to SVJ.

“Who did this to my Vince?” Natalia cried out.

“Someone should have seen something.” Dawn added

This was Vince Jacobs so no one will be jumping up and down to find out who attacked this man. The EMTs finally put Jacobs on a gurney and wheeled him out the backdoor to the awaiting ambulance.

Dawn helped Natalia to the ambulance as the people crowded in the backstage area started to mumble amongst themselves. Natalia made it to the ambulance and stepped inside as she looked at Dawn.

“Please see if you can find out who did this. I am not sure if it was a sneak attack or if Vince saw the person. I’ll ask Vince when he’s up.” Natalia asked Dawn.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Dawn replied.

The ambulance door shut and drove off as the camera faded out.

Derecho vs Aran Thompson
SyloAran Thompson

As we could see from earlier in the night, Power Struggle had taken its toll on our new jOlt Champion, Derecho. Clad in bandages the new champion thought he could possibly get some rest after going through hell with Sylo just one week ago, however, Aran Thompson thought differently. At Power Struggle, Aran defeated "Superstar" Vince Jacobs to become the number one contender to the jOlt Championship. Aran wasted little time as he saw those bandages as a bullseye and cashed in his contendership for a championship match tonight!

Aran and Derecho were now set for battle. After all the mental and physical trauma, will Derecho go from the longest title reign since jOlt's reopening to the shortest? That question was on the fans' minds, but they didn't have to wait long for that to be answered.

"Champion" by Grinspoon The people rose to their feet as Mr. Relentless himself, Aran Thompson, stepped out from the backstage area. Aran stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and looked around the arena at the thousands in attendance cheering him on. Aran psyched himself up as as made his way down to the ring.

Aran slid inside and then ascended a turnbuckle pad, motioning that he was going to capture the jOlt Championship right here, right now. Aran then hopped down and tested the ropes as his music faded away.

"Charisma" by WASP Out from the back stepped Derecho. The scene wasn't much different from earlier in the night. He still sported rib tape, a shoulder patch, and some small bandages on his forehead. The jOlt Championship was wrapped firmly around his waist. The crowd let Derecho know how they felt about him with a loud chorus of boos. Derecho ignored all of them as he walked down to the ring.

Derecho gingerly walked up the ring steps and entered the ring slowly. It was obvious that he was still in a lot of pain. Derecho and Aran Thompson came face to face in the center of the ring. Derecho unfastened his jOlt Championship and flashed it right in front of Aran's face as his music died down. The referee said he needed the championship and Derecho grinned and handed it over to the referee.

Dercho and Aran continued to stare down at each other as the referee held the jOlt Championship high into the air. All of a sudden, Derecho quickly grabbed Aran Thompson and hoisted him onto his shoulder!!

A Forever Reminder!?


Aran wriggled free and dropped behind Derecho. Aran grabbed Derecho in a waist lock and popped the hips.. nailing a Release German Suplex! Derecho hit the canvas and used the momentum to roll out of the ring! Derecho held the back of his neck as he got to his feet and staggered all the way against the barricades. Derecho looked back into the ring where Aran Thompson grinned and taunted Derecho!

Derecho knew he was injured. He knew that he had to end the match as fast as possible and a surprise attack like that was just the thing he needed, but Aran saw through the attack. He saw it coming and turned the tables on Derecho! Derecho was quite frustrated as he walked over and kicked the ring steps in anger. Derecho paced back and forth as the referee told Derecho he had to get back into the ring so the match could officially start.

Derecho looked back into the ring at Aran and slowly got back up onto the ring apron. Aran even touted that he would allow Derecho to step in, showing confidence on his part that he can and will defeat him here tonight!

Derecho cautiously stepped back into the ring as the referee made sure they kept their distance from each other. The referee then called for the bell to officially start this match.




Derecho and Aran slowly circled each other in the ring. Aran watched Derecho like a hawk to make sure that he wasn't going to try anything. Derecho held his ribs as he circled Aran as even a simple german suplex aggrevated him.

Derecho and Aran stopped and then looked to tie up, but Derecho feigned the tie up and drove his knee right into the mid-section of Aran, doubling him over. Derecho then clubbed Aran over the back with a stiff forearm shot. Derecho did it again and it dropped Aran down to a knee. Derecho took a step back and immediately went for his patented Shining Wizard, but Aran grabbed Derecho by the leg and used him to get back to his feet!

Derecho hopped up and down on one leg as Aran spun and took Derecho down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Derecho hit the canvas and immediately felt the impact as Aran dropped a knee right into the taped abdomen of Derecho! Derecho cried out in pain as Aran readied himself and dropped another knee into the abdomen of the world champion! Aran then quickly grabbed Derecho and tied him up into a grounded bow and arrow submission! Derecho was on the canvas on his side with Aran's knee placed right into the middle of his back. Aran tugged back on the arms and legs of Derecho, trying to take advantage of his injuries and get Derecho to submit early in this match!

Derecho wriggled through the paid and freed one of his legs. He then used the free leg to kick away at Aran. Aran let his other leg go, but still had the arms trapped. Derecho then was able to twist onto his knees and push himself up and over with his legs into a bridging pin on Aran Thompson!



Aran kicked out!

Derecho got back up to his feet, but staggered back toward the ropes. Aran got up and then charged Derecho. Derecho then telegraphed it and lifted Aran up and over to the ring apron, but Aran landed on his feet. When Derecho turned around, Aran grabbed Derecho by the head and dropped down to the floor. Derecho's head ricocheted off the top rope and he hit the canvas flat on his back.

Aran saw an opportunity and hopped back up on the ring apron. He quickly made it to the corner where he ascended the turbuckle pads. Aran leapt off and crashed down on top of Derecho with a flying body press! The people rose to their feet as even with that, this early in the match, it could have been over!



Derecho popped the shoulder up and the people booed as they sat back down.

Aran stayed on the attack however as he sat Derecho up as Aran trapped Derecho's head under his arm. This exposed the injured ribs of Derecho and Aran began to hammer down elbows to the ribs. You could hear Derecho crying out in pain with each strike to the injured area. After a few good strikes, Aran left Derecho in a seated position as he got back to his feet and planted both feet into the back of Derecho's head with a shotgun dropkick!!!

Derecho was out! This was it!





Derecho kicked out at the last second!

Aran wasn't frustrated, though. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but after that count, Aran knew that he was getting closer to becoming the new jOlt Champion. Aran then brought Derecho up to his feet and hooked his head in a front chancery. He lifted Derecho up for a suplex, but Derecho used a well-placed knee strike to the top of Aran's head to block it. Aran shook it off and lifted Derecho again, but again, Derecho used a knee strike to counter. This time, Aran released the hold and Derecho quickly nailed a toe kick to the stomach. He then grabbed the head of Aran Thomspon and drove it into the mat with a DDT!

Derecho took some time to recover as he staggered up to his feet. He held his side in pain and knew that this match couldn't go much longer. He looked down at Aran and then signaled for the end!

Derecho bent over and pulled Aran to his feet. While he could still tolerate the pain, Derecho scooped up Aran onto his shoulder, but Aran fell behind Derecho and hooked him by the head in an inverted chancery. Aran lifted Derecho up for an inverted suplex, but Derecho floated over and landed behind Aran. Derecho locked him in a waist lock and popped the hips, delivering a German Suplex.

Derecho held on and rolled over. Both Derecho and Aran got back up where Derecho hooked him with a Full Nelson. Derecho then once again took Aran over with a Dragon Suplex complete with a bridge pin!



Aran kicked away from it!

Derecho quickly got back to his feet as Aran was on all fours. Derecho flat out kicked Aran right in the side of the head. Derecho took a step back and nailed the Shining Wizard he looked for earlier! Another cover!




NO! Aran kicked out!

Derecho pounded his fist on the canvas as he stood and picked Aran back up. Aran broke free from Derecho's grip and rocked him back with a European Uppercut. Aran stepped in and hit a second one before he grabbed the arm of Derecho and whipped him across the ring. Aran then made Derecho eat a back elbow to the face that put him down. Aran then went to the ropes and leapt to the middle rope. He flipped off with an Asai Moonsault, but Derecho rolled out of the way.

Aran landed on his feet as Derecho staggered back to his. Aran leapt up onto the shoulders of Derecho and took him over with a Huracanrana! Derecho staggered back to his feet once again as Aran backed him into the ropes and shot him across a second time. Aran leapt up for a cross body block, but Derecho caught Aran in mid-air and drove him stomach first down across his knee! Derecho then held onto Aran while he was draped across his knee and placed him in waist lock. Derecho then lifted Aran up and over with a Gutwrench Suplex!

Derecho got back up and headed over toward the corner. Derecho going high risk here was something he shouldn't do with his injuries, but Derecho wanted to end this match. Derecho took aim from the top rope and leapt off with the Frog Splash..

Knees up by Aran!

Derecho crashed down across Aran's knees and Derecho was hurt and hurt bad! Aran waisted no time in grabbed Derecho and placing him in the Abdominal Stretch.. the arena hit their feet....







At the last possible second, Derecho kicked out! The arena was livid and Aran Thompson was in complete and utter shock! The crowd even began to chant how they felt

"Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!"

Derecho was crawling on the canvas toward the ropes. He was trying to get out of the ring! Aran grabbed Derecho by the legs and pulled him back toward the center. Aran flipped him over onto his back, but Derecho used his legs to kick Aran away. Aran backed into the ropes and staggered forward. Derecho reached up and pulled Aran into a small package!



Aran kicked away!

Aran immediately stood and nailed Derecho in the chest with a stiff kick! He hit Derecho in the chest again and once more for a third time. Aran looked to finish off his Relentless kicks with one directly to the head, but Derecho ducked it and pulled Aran into a school boy pin!



Aran kicked away again!

Both men got to their feet and both of them took off to opposite sides of the ring. Aran went for a lariat, but Derecho ducked underneath. They both stopped short and turned around. Derecho planted the foot into Aran's chest and went for a Step-Up Enzugiri, but Aran ducked which caused Derecho to land chest first on the canvas. Derecho staggered up as Aran grabbed him from behind for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but Derecho hit an elbow to the head of Aran and picked him up by the waist. He then dropped Aran with a Pendulum Backbreaker!

Derecho then waited as Aran got back to his feet. When he did, Derecho kicked Aran in the stomach and set him up between his legs! Derecho lifted Aran and spun for the Vortex Powerbomb, but Aran countered with a Frankensteiner! Derecho was dizzy as he tried to get back up.

Aran then kicked Derecho in the stomach and set him up between his legs. Aran lifted Derecho for a powerbomb, but Derecho fell in front of Aran and quickly scooped him up onto his shoulder... and in one swift motion....


Derecho made the cover by simply laying on top of Aran...



Thre.... NO!!!

Aran kicked out and the place came unglued! Derecho sat there looking to the sky for the one he claimed to be. What has to happen for one of them to put each other away?

Derecho stood and then grabbed Aran by the head. He pulled him off the canvas and screamed in his face...




Aran, in turn, spit in Derecho's face!!

Aran then grabbed Derecho and wrapped him up in an abdominal stretch again, but before Aran could fully lock it in, Derecho flipped Aran over with a hip toss. Derecho quickly lunged in as Aran was getting back up and nailed him with a Super Kick right underneath the jaw. Derecho then quickly grabbed Aran and pulled him up onto his shoulder again..


Derecho could barely move as he crawled into the cover with pain and anguish of his face.

One.... Two.... Three.

The bell rang as the people in the arena booed. Aran Thompson came so close, but Derecho fought through all of the pain and somehow retained his championship. Perhaps it was over one year spent as Underground Champion that gave Derecho this kind of pain tolerance, but nevertheless, Derecho is walking away still the jOlt Champion

Derecho exited the ring as Aran sat up. The crowd gave Aran a standing ovation. Aran didn't seem to care, though as he was more or less pissed that he didn't get the job done here tonight. The question now remained as iNtense went off the air...

What was next for Aran Thompson?

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall