"Welcome to iNtense"


A steady pulse of a blue-hued EKG reading begins its hastened trek through the blackened void. The words ‘jOlt Wrestling...’ and the copyright information & year fade as quickly in sequence as they appeared

Moments of Darkness.

“When They Come For Me” by Linkin Park

The angry rift overheard in the background accompanies the immediate barrage of images across the screen...

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - (Bane LoneHeart jamming his trademark Lead Pipe into a jobber’s mid section...Adam Lazarus soaring over the top rope into the unknown...Pyrotechnics in mid explosion as Graham Youngblood, swings his right fist in excitement to motivate the crowd...Dallas Griffin, seen jettisoning Mamoru through an angled table amidst a raucous crowd...the eccentric tandem of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’, happily interacting with the crowd..Aria Murphy crushing Persephone with a jaw-rattling Right Hook....the violent scene of Mike Extreme putting Kayden Paulton through a table...the foreboding flashes of light, dancing against the ever enigmatic Mattock, with his grayish mane partially obscuring his visage...Jimmy B. Martinez spiking Sanchez Cano into the canvas with his patented IKO finisher...Eiji Kugasari forcing Cordova to submit to the Red Recluse Spider Lock...Ninja K and Derecho displaying some chain wrestling to the delight of the crowd...Dawn Cassidy is intently focused on the inaudible promo being cut by Reno Davis...Rune Winters, draping his arms over the infamous Shovel braced across his broad shoulders. A slightly contorted facial expression while sternly popping his neck...Sven Deadly, slithering over a fallen opponent as the ominous Harbinger, silently heaving nearby...Referee Nguyen raising the hand of Daryn Thompson, who whips her short hair back from her face...the partially masked and bearded monstrosity Lusus, staring back at the camera while seething on all fours over a recently squashed foe...the triumphant celebration The House, playing to the crowd while proudly displaying their newly acquired jolt Tag Team Championship belts...Jason Fosters is angrily popping his knuckles en route to the ring...The resident raving psychotic Turk is seen inaudibly screaming at the fans while walking down the ramp way...Christ Titan, arrogantly motioning for all comers to challenge his authority and the screen becomes quickly splattered with crimson via Anson LaRue, punching the camera. )

(The splatter pattern quickly resumes the EKG pulse that momentarily displays the words ‘presents... SUNDAY NIGHT iNtense’ on cue before fading out...)

{2nd Visual Salvo w/ Music - Lyrics Overheard} - (Jonathan Conspiracy raising the Relentless Championship overhead...Landon Stevens hitting the Fall of Ideals finisher on an masked competitor...Big Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun are wildly brawling with Statuz Quo and Khadafi backstage...Sweet Aroma blowing a kiss toward the screen...Jason Rau drilling a masked wrestle into the canvas via his Ausssie-Driver finisher...Craig Thomas seen expressing a throat slashing gesture to the crowd, signaling the end is near...the visual of Tyke knocking Cordova out of the air violently by nailing his patented Tyke Shot finisher...Chief promotional figurehead Damien Lee and administrative power broker Jim Johnson standing nose to nose at the ring’s epicenter, both armed with a mic...The visually abrasive charred face of Grendel as he slowly turns his head toward the camera...J. Leslie Voss, standing atop the turnbuckles to flex proudly before the masses...Aran Thompson is basking amidst a grand celebration accompanied by Laurie Williams in the middle of the ring...the arrogant Kenjiro Ito pissing off the crowd from atop the ring steps...the entire Avispa Clan are in tow behind Avispa Ultima, who is inaudibly cutting a promo backstage. The form of the onyx-clad ninja One Eye is seen sliding quickly from left to right w/ both arms folded against the wind...Wrestling prodigy Colby Korver is seen holding the ropes open, flashing a beaming smile to the ladies...the controversial masked madman Phoenix crashing soundly through a mountain of tables...the muscular West Islander Waymoth Turnbull ,thrusting his massive fists toward the heavens atop the massive entrance staging area...the trench coat clad masked man renown as Citizen, stand within the swirling masses of fanfare...Sylo, is caught flying off the jOltvision in grand fashion with a Asai Moonsault...Derecho, thrusting the jOlt Heavyweight title overhead with both hands as pyrotechnics are in full swing...the visual eye candy is concluded via ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs obliterating his opposition’s face with his infamous Superstar Kick, promptly shattering the screen to fluidly transition into the live broadcast. Brief darkness.)

The notable graphics announcing the Arena of Champions as the prime location of the flagship program are affixed to the descending Camera One visual, displaying the unchecked roaring of the jOlt Wrestling faithful. Camera Twelve would assume command with a gradual pan from the entrance staging area while the musical introduction continues to play before making the transition to the lead broadcast position, where the team of lead announcer Michael Buhrman and color commentator Nathan Powers welcome the public on cue...

Buhrman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to iNtense 73! The Thieves' Honor qualifying matches continue tonight as Tyke will take on Reno Davis and Craig Thomas will take on Bane Loneheart! Two of these men will move on for a chance at the jOlt Championship!

Powers: Indeed they will! Also, we've heard that Waymoth Turnbull has been challenged by Aran Thompson for his newly won Relentless Championship! That match will happen tonight as well!

Buhrman: An in our main event, The Superbeast Sylo will go one on one with The Althletic Freak of Nature Ninja K and the Underground Championship WILL be on the line! For now, let's send it backstage!

"Already Tired of The Hype"

Jon Le Bon Jim Johnson was sitting in his office, getting a myriad of things in order for tonight's iNtense. The last thing he wanted was to be disturbed, however, that is exactly what happened when the newest competitor on The Hype, "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon, walked right into Johnson's office and sat down in a chair opposite his desk. Before Johnson could even ask who the hell he was, Le Bon began to speak.

"Now, I know what you're thinking.. who is this bloke who just sat down in my chair? Well.. the answer to that is simple... I am the future of jOlt Wrestling. A man with insurmountable talent that will overwhelm the masses and take this company by storm... there's just one little teeny tiny problem with that, mate."

Johnson folded his arms and looked at Le Bon as if he were already crazy.

"You see, when I signed my contract with jOlt Wrestling.. I was to be a main eventer. I was supposed to be the first and last thing people saw on iNtense and Warriors... my body glistening in the limelight and lighting up with the flashbulbs of cameras. I was to be a star! However, all of that changed when some bloody bastard gave me the wrong directions and sent me to The Hype. Shayne Anderson refused to correct the situation and told me that I wasn't allowed to leave unless he said so. That's dictatorship and this situation needs to be fixed, immediately."

Johnson continued to look at Le Bon and grinned.

"Fine. I'll fix it for you.", stated Johnson. "Put on your boots. You have a match with Graham Youngblood... and it's going to be the opening match of iNtense. You want to prove yourself... fine... do it in the ring. You'd better do a damn good job of it, though because if not... you'll be kissing Shayne Anderson's ass for the rest of your career. Consider that your price to pay for barging into my office and sitting down in front of me without being invited. You should consider yourself lucky that this is the extent of what I'm doing to you. Now get out."

Le Bon grinned as he popped out of the chair and exited the room as Johnson just sat there and shook his head.

"The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon vs Graham Youngblood
Jon Le BonGraham Youngblood

After the confrontation with Jim Johnson, Jon Le Bon was set to have his main roster tryout match right here on iNtense.

"Riptide" by Sick Puppies

Out from the back comes a man who is riding momentum. He scored a victory over Crimson Order member Eiji Kurasagi on Warriors 17 and now he looks to continue that momentum as he takes on "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon. The fans cheered as Youngblood stepped up onto the ring apron and entered the ring. He warmed up his muscles as he awaited his opponent.

"American Idiot" by Green Day

The people instantly booed the man who stepped through the curtain. "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon walked out with a big grin on his face, feeling confident in his own abilities to carry him to victory here tonight. Le Bon has only had one match in jOlt so far on the 10th edition of The Hype where he pulled off an upset victory over Hype veteran Michael Donavan. Now, Le Bon looks to continue that win streak here at the expense of Youngblood and perhaps turn Johnson's eye, granting him a main roster spot. Le Bon entered the ring and the referee called for the bell.




Le Bon and Youngblood circled each other in the ring. They locked up and Youngblood went into the side headlock. Le Bon backed him into the ropes and shot him across, but at a should block from Youngblood when he returned. Youngblood went to the ropes as Le Bon got up and ate another shoulder block. Off to the ropes went Youngblood again. This time, Le Bon hopped up and over Youngblood with the leap frog and off the rebound attempted a hip toss, but Youngblood blocked it and hit a knee to the stomach.

With Le Bon doubled over, Youngblood hooked the leg over the back of the head and backflipped to his feet. Youngblood swung with the clothesline, but missed as Le Bon ducked underneath. Le Bon then took off and leapt to the middle rope. He pivoted as he springboarded off and took Youngblood down with a headscissor. Le Bon then brought Youngblood back to his feet and shot him off across the ring, but Youngblood reversed it, sending Le Bon across instead.

Youngblood telegraphed the back body drop, but Le Bon rolled off the back of Youngblood and landed behind him. Le Bon the grabbed Youngblood in the waist lock and attempted a German Suplex, but Youngblood landed on his feet. Youngblood then backed up and lunged in with a Yazuka Kick to the stomach which doubled Le Bon over. Youngblood set up Le Bon for a powerbomb, but Le Bon slipped off the shoulders and hooked Youngblood's head on the way down, spiking him down hard with a DDT!

Le Bon made the first cover of the match!



Youngblood kicked out.

The high octane start to this match left Le Bon a little winded. He sat Youngblood up and cinched in a rear chin lock. He wrenched on the neck and brought Younblood down to the canvas and on his side. Le Bon looked around the crowd as he felt that he had Youngblood beat with such a simple maneuver.

The crowd began to get behind Youngblood and he fed off that energy. He willed himself back up to his feet where he fired a pair of elbows into the side of Le Bon's ribs. That broke the hold and Youngblood went to the ropes. Youngblood came back and leapt into the air with a flying leg lariat that took Le Bon off his feet. Youngblood then pointed to the corner and the people rose out of their seats.

Youngblood ascended to the top of the turnbuckle pads as he took aim on Le Bon. Youngblood then leapt off with a Frog Splash!

Blood in the Water....

Nobody home!

Le Bon moved out of the way as Youngblood staggered back up to his feet. Le Bon then kicked Youngblood in the stomach and went for The Rockstar Stunner.. the over the shoulder jawbreaker, but Youngblood shoved him away!

Le Bon turned around as Youngblood spun and hit a hard kick to the back of Le Bon's knees. Le Bon fell to knelt position as Youngblood continued to spin. He then fired off a roundhouse to the side of Le Bon's head that dropped him face first into the canvas. Le Bon tried to gather himself and Youngblood saw his opportunity. Youngblood shuffled back as Le Bon got onto all fours. Just when Le Bon looked up, he saw Youngblood's knee flying right at his face!

Shining Wizard!




Le Bon popped the shoulder up!

Youngblood stood and then motioned that he was going to put Le Bon away. He pulled Le Bon up, but Le Bon got underneath the jaw of Youngblood and dropped him with a jaw breaker. Youngblood staggered back up as Le Bon placed him in a waist lock and drove him back first into the corner. Le Bon then fired away with a knife edge chop across the chest. He lit up Youngblood's chest with another chop and then a third.

Le Bon pressed Youngblood against the corner and then shot him off to the opposite corner where Younblood hit hard. Le Bon then charged in, but Youngblood put the boot up. Youngblood then turned and leapt to the middle turnbuckle where he flipped off with a moonsault, but Le Bon ducked underneath. Youngblood, however, sensed this and landed on his feet.

Le Bon turned around and was grabbed by Youngblood and whipped to the opposite corner. Youngblood gave chase and this time it was Le Bon who attempted to go up and over, but Youngblood stopped short and Le Bon fell right on top of the shoulders of Youngblood...





"Riptide" by Sick Puppies began to play as the crowd popped up and cheered. No one expected the match to end like that. All it took was one mistake from Le Bon and Graham Youngblood capitalized! With two wins under his belt on back to back shows, it seems that the former Ring Rat has found his stride here in jOlt!

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Pinfall

"Change of Plans"

Craig Thomas Craig Thomas strutted down the hall in the direction of Jim Johnson's office with his ego on parade. The facial expression, the pep in his step, and the body movements was a gesture of arrogance, something The Ego displayed each and every night. Even after the defeat he suffered to Waymoth Turnbull at Power Struggle, Craig Thomas looked to be highly confident in his abilities as a performer, he was who he was, The Ego. Though I will add, he didn't forget about Waymoth Turnbull eliminating him in the finals, but he had unfinished business with The House. You see, The House said something to Craig a few weeks ago, that they were better than them, and he hadn't forgotten about it.

It was the reason for last weeks challenge and tonight, Team EGO would take on the Tag Team Champions in a Tornado Tag Team Match-up for their prized possession.

Or would they?

The Ego barged into Jim Johnson's office, it wasn't like he wanted too but ever since Double J's turn around, Craig could barely stand to be around him, much less have a conversation with the old man. So why was The Ego standing at JJ's desk? Because Jim Johnson demanded it and called for a meeting.

Craig gazed down at him just as he entered the office, “What the hell you wanna talk about Jim? I have important business to attend to tonight. I don't have time for small talk so make it quick.”

Jim leaned forward in his chair and crossed his hands amongst the cluttered desk as he looked up at The Ego with a perspired grin.

“Well I'm going to have to inform you that your match with The House tonight won't be until next week. Tonight, I have plans for you, and I believe you may like what I have to offer.”

Johnson shook his head, what was he thinking for making such an accusation?

“Oh what do I know, I could offer you the jOlt Championship title and you still wouldn't be happy, unless it was your idea...”

“What in my world are you talkin about, old man? You goin senile on us, your not making any sense to me, and I ain't got time for this nonsense.” stated Thomas, attempting a departure, but was stopped short by Double J.

“Hold up.” said Johnson, “Let me break it down for you, since you left your common sense at home tonight. Instead of competing with The House, you will face Bane Loneheart in one of the qualifiers. I'm sure you've heard of'em already?”

Craig nodded.

“If you win, you will main event Thieves Honor with six other men and Derecho for the jOlt Championship. Then next week, you get your match against the Tag Team Champions, but I chose you tonight because of all the hard work you put in to the Power Struggle Invitational last month. You get another shot, but the only difference is, you get a chance to become the jOlt Champion at the end of it all.”

That caught his attention, Craig perked a smile, and clenched his right fist as he stood in front of Johnson. It has been noted that The Ego said he didn't care about becoming a Champion in the past, but who was he kidding? Didn't everyone want to be called, Champion? He most certainly did and he wasn't going to deny it any longer.

“jOlt Champion...” he muttered as his man ran wildly with images of the prestige title in his clutches as he stood on the turnbuckle, holding it into the air like The Great One himself with his eyes closed, and with his chin held high.

Craig quickly shot a glance back at his boss, “You have a keen eye for talent, Jim. Your making the right decision by given me another chance. I know the last time we were face to face, I said some pretty disturbing things too you. I'm not gonna apologize for it, I'm just sayin I'm thankful you overlooked those remarks--” he smiled, “But I can hold off on The House for one more week, I've waited this long to prove those fat monkey bastards wrong, I can afford to wait another week.”

“I thought you'd agree.”

“I agree on your decision to put me into this position, because I know You know, I will become the best jOlt Champion EVER! Right?” he continued before Jim had time to respond, “Right. Now you just sit back, hold on to those old saggin nutsucks, and let me do what Vince Jacob's can't do anymore.”

“Don't even go there, Craig.”

“What?” asked The Ego, “Jacobs is old and washed up, he can't carry the ratings on his back like he once could, he might rupture a disc or something. Hell look what happened last week, I doubt he comes back after that violent ass kickin by Mr. Anonymous. So now you do need me and by putting me into the right position, I can deliver to jOlt what Jacobs can't anymore. Just watch and see, The Ego will grab those ratings. Before it's over with, everyone will be calling Craig Thomas the Ratings Grabber. They will be calling me THE Superstar!”

Johnson laughed, “Don't get ahead of yourself.”

“If it wasn't true, you wouldn't be throwing me into this gig. One month into my tenure here in jOlt and I already have a chance to become The jOlt Champion because you believe in The Ego, right? Go ahead and say it.”




“Choked on a laugh.” said Johnson, “I should have known that this would've fed your ego. I just assumed it would take longer than a few seconds. But I will admit, the skills in your possession are valuable to jOlt and by putting you into this position, means you will get more publicity. Just remember, Craig. During this span, it's vital that you perform to the best of your ability because it may be awhile before you get another shot at the jOlt Championship, or it may be your one and only.”

“One time is all I need.” responded Craig, “Now if you don't mind, send the message to Huber. I don't have time to chase em down. But if I had to guess, they'd be in the catering area sucking down donuts, or something. You might be able to find Charlotte getting a diet coke from one of the machine, she gets a few of those every night.”

“You've been keeping tabs on her?”

Craig rolled his eyes and quickly exited the conversation.

“Well Jimmy, good talk.”

As the cameras faded, The Ego departed from Jim's office, and went to make preparations for the upcoming Qualifier Match with Bane Lonehart. Craig Thomas had a shot at redemption tonight, all he had to do was win.

It was his destiny.

"Love and Sweet and War"

HOW The scene turned backstage to the interview area where none other than Donny Layne was present, waiting for his next interview.

“Folks, thanks for joining us tonight! I’m Donny Layne and with me at this time are the former jOlt Tag Team Champions… they are Lennox Love, Sam Sweet, and their manager, Jon Katz Jr…. they are Sweet Sweet Lovin.”

The crowd had to laugh at how serious Donny Layne was for the occasion saying such a tag team name. He was a true professional after all.

Hopping into view was none other than the fun-loving trio who had crossed paths with The Heirs of Wrestling on more than one occasion and finally would get a chance at some payback.

“Donny, my man, how they hangin’?” JKJ elbowed the interviewer, who was trying to remain as professional as possible.

“They’re…. er, I’m doing well, thanks for asking,” Donny said. “Now, tonight, Lennox Love goes one-on-one with the Heirs of Wrestling member Frank Silver. Can I get your thoughts on this brewing rivalry between you?”

“You can, my man!” Lennox smiled. “The Heirs of Wrestlin’ came back to our turf after we embarrassed ‘em, then they went and cried like a bunch of bitches to Jim Johnson to get they jobs back! Dat’s cool and all that they wanna come back... they’s talented… but they think they gonna come up in this heezy and jack OUR steezy? Muh’fucka, NO! I may be infringin' on the Jury's turf, but they a bunch of dumb honkies if they think they gonna push us around!”

Sam Sweet added his two cents.

“Them cats attacked us, blamed us for their shortcomin’s and they want to point fingers! Well, them pampered brats and cry and shove silver spoons up their asses all they want, but we’re not gonna just roll over! Tonight, this ain’t just Sweet and Love… this is Love and War!”

Jon Katz Jr. grabbed the microphone from Donny and looked right at the camera.

“Heirs, you think you’re hot shit just cause you’ve won 86 tag team titles between all of you? Yeah, we may not have had them jOlt Tag Team Titles as long as you did, but when we lost them, my boys didn’t cry, bitch and disappear for six months. They worked their way back up! And now, they’re gonna work your asses out like we did your mommas last night!”

Lennox took hold of the microphone and smirked.

“Frank, I’m mess up your pretty face… and trust me… I’m gonna Love THAT!”

Lennox, Sam, and JKJ all high fived one another while Donny Layne greeted the audience.

“Thanks for those words… now back to ringside!”

Tyke vs Reno Davis
TykeReno Davis

We have already seen Grendel, Jonathan Conspiracy, Waymoth Turnbull, and Jimmy B. Martinez move on to Thieves' Honor in order to challenge Derecho for the jOlt Championship. Now, two more will step into the ring and get their shot at being in the main event in just a few weeks!

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera The people began to cheer as Reno Davis stepped out from the backstage area. With Grendel already in the Thieves' Honor match, the stakes were high as he still had a little bit of unfinished business with the beast. Not only that, but a chance at the jOlt Championship was just the icing on the cake as well. With motivation clearly behind him, Davis walked down to the ring and hopped in.

Davis warmed up as he turned his attention to the entrance ramp as he awaited his opponent.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %



’Bullets’ by Creed

The people booed as "The British Lion" Tyke stepped out from the backstage area. After defeating Cordova and nearly ripping his mask off at Power Struggle, the offices took notice of Tyke and decided to give him a shot at becoming jOlt Champion. Being at the top has always been Tyke's goal and while he has tasted it before, he hungers for it once again. Reno Davis was the only thing that stood in his way between him and a chance at the jOlt Championship, but this wasn't going to be a pushover.

Add in the fact that back on Warriors, Tyke delcared this match to be Underground Rules, it will mean it will be that much tougher for both Tyke and Davis to get the job done. Tyke stepped into the ring as he stared across at Reno Davis. The referee saw that both men were ready and then called for the bell.




Tyke and Davis circled each other and went for the lock up, but Tyke drove the knee into the stomach of Davis and doubled him over. Tyke the clubbed the upper back of Davis with a forearm shot before whipping him into the corner. Tyke charged in, but Davis moved out of the way, however, Tyke stopped short before impact.

Tyke turned around and was met with a big right hand by Reno Davis. Reno then hit another right and then another, each punch rocking the head of Tyke back. Reno then backed Tyke into the corner and slung him across to the other side where Tyke hit hard back first. Davis then charged in, but Tyke made Davis eat a back elbow for his troubles.

Davis staggered back toward the corner and Tyke switched places with him. Tyke hit a knife edge chop to the chest and then a forearm to the face. Tyke then went back to the knife edge chop and then hit another forearm to the face. Tyke conitnued the combination blows a few more times before he walked Davis to the middle of the ropes and irish whipped him across the ring. Tyke then leapt up and nailed a leg lariat the took Davis down to the canvas. Tyke the hooked the leg and made the cover.



Davis popped the shoulder up.

Tyke stood up and hit a stiff kick between the shoulder blades of Davis. Tyke reared back and hit another stiff kick between the shoulder blades. Tyke the followed it up with a drop kick to the back of Davis' skull! Tyke then went into the another cover, this time hooking the leg deep.



Davis kicked out again!

Tyke pounded his fist on the canvas and then rolled out of the ring. He lifted up the ring apron to search for a weapon of desire. There he found just that as he brought out a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire! Tyke tossed the piece of wood into the ring and then rolled back in where he picked it up. Davis slowly got to his feet as Tyke readied the 2x4 like a batter standing at home plate. When Davis was fully vertical, Tyke swung for his head, but Davis ducked out of the way! Tyke turned around and was met with a toe kick to the mid-section. Davis then grabbed the 2x4 out of Tyke's hands and slammed it across his upper back!

Tyke fell down to his knees in pain as Davis mounted him and placed the 2x4 under Tyke's chin! Davis then pulled back in a modified Camel Clutch! That barbed wire was digging into the neck of Tyke!!!

The referee asked if Tyke wanted to give up and despite the fact that he was in tremendou pain, Tyke said that he would continue the match! Davis felt that this was going nowhere and released the hold. With the 2x4 still in his hand, Davis placed it under his arm and side slammed into the back of Tyke!! Tyke yelled out in pain as the people cheered on Davis! Davis then stood with the 2x4 and side slammed it a second time into the back of Tyke! Davis felt that he had Tyke beat at this point so he tossed aside the 2x4, rolled Tyke over, and made the cover with the leg hooked.



Tyke kicked out!

Davis was a bit surprised that Tyke kicked out of that. Davis then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron to find a different weapon. Davis then pulled out a wooden table from underneath the ring! Davis placed the table on the ring apron, but Tyke had summoned the strength to get back to his feet. Tyke took off to the ropes and before Davis noticed it, Tyke had baseball slid into the table which sent it right into the chest of Reno Davis! Davis fell backwards and landed up against the barricades!

Tyke pulled the table into the ring fully and then grabbed the top rope. He waited for Davis to stand before he launched himself up and over to the outside with a plancha where he took Davis down to the floor mats!

The people booed as Tyke stood up and looked down at Davis. He then looked to the crowd and proclaimed "Who's your bloody hero, now?" That riled up the crowd even more as Tyke leaned over and pulled Davis up off the mats.

Tyke then grabbed Davis by the arm and whipped him into the steel ring steps. Davis sat there up against them as Tyke gained some distance. He charged in for a running knee strike to the head, but Davis moved out of the way and Tyke went knee first into the steps! Tyke hobbled away in pain as Davis hit him from behind with a chop block that brought Tyke down on all fours. Davis walked over to the time keeper's table and grabbed himself a steel chair. He walked over as Tyke attempted to get up.. he then swung the chair right into the upper back of Tyke!


Tyke went down to one knee, but he tried to get up again, showing his toughness.


Another shot to the upper back of Tyke. Tyke tried to claw his way back into the ring, but Davis grabbed a fist full of tights and yanked him off the ring apron. Tyke turned his attention to Davis when...


Davis just cracked the steel chair right over Tyke's skull! Tyke fell backwards and was down and out on the floor mats at ringside! Davis then tossed the chair away and rolled back into the ring. Davis grabbed the table and then set it up dead center in the middle of the ring. Davis then rolled back to the outside and scooped Tyke up. He rolled him back into the ring and then re-entered once again.

Davis hoisted Tyke up to his feet and nailed a stiff forearm shot to the jaw for good measure. He then laid Tyke on top of the table and then pointed to the corner. Davis ascended the turnbuckle pads and measured Tyke up. Davis then flipped off...

Shooting Star Press!


Davis went through the table, but Tyke wasn't there! Tyke had rolled off the table at the last moment!

Davis held his stomach in pain as Tyke picked up a broken piece of the table that just exploded from Reno Davis going through it. Davis coughed and gasped for air as he staggered to his feet. Tyke then cracked the table fragment over Davis' skull, but Davis didn't go down, he was on spaghetti legs when Tyke took his shot...


Davis fell backward, right back into the table rubble as Tyke dropped to he knees and went into the cover.




"Bullets" by Creed began to play and the people booed heavily. Tyke had just earned a spot in the Thieves' Honor main event where he, along with seven other people, will challenge his old rival from LoC, Derecho, for the jOlt Championship in just a couple of weeks!

Tyke staggered to his feet. He was bleeding in spots and he looked like he had gone through hell, but through it all, he grinned and motioned that he was going to be the next jOlt Champion. "The British Lion" now had an opportunity to make a major impact since his return and if his viciousness here tonight told us anything, it's that we could be looking at the next jOlt Champion come Thieves' Honor!

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"Super Extreme"

Mike Extreme "Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth started to blast over the arena as the camera panned to the stage to see the monster Mike Extreme come to the stage with Violet right by his side. The fans were jeering loudly at the two. The monster looked like he had bad intentions. Mike Extreme and Violet quickly made their way down the ramp to the ring. Extreme climbed over the top rope as Violet slid under the bottom.

Violet grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer and handed it to Extreme.

“Shut the fuck up you insignificant people. I have something to say.”

That just made the arena deafening with jeers as Mike Extreme stood in the ring. Extreme put the microphone to his mouth but the fans continued to jeer him. Extreme looked pissed as he walked around the ring. He put the microphone to his lips again.

“I am tired of sitting in the back and watching all these guys bypassing someone like me, so I have decided to take matters into my own hands. Last week on iNtense I made my first statement by leaving the Icon lying flat on his back in the backstage area.”

Mike Extreme looked around with a smile on his face.

“I can proudly say that I was the one that sent Vince Jacobs to the hospital and I’d gladly do it again if that means that I get some attention around here. I sat backstage and watched how Jacobs came back to jOlt and was given another opportunity at the jOlt champio0nship. I can’t tell you how much this made me sick to my stomach. I could not sit back and watch another so-called veteran come into my home and take something away from me again. I knew it was time for me to do something about it and that’s what I did.”

“So at Warriors I wanted to get Lee’s and Johnson’s attention by costing Jacobs his match in the Thieves and Honor match. I looked around this whole roster and saw Jacobs as an easy prey. After he lost his match at Power Struggle I knew it was my time to break down the superstar. I hope I have your attention Lee and Johnson. I want my shot at the jOlt or Underground championships. You have witnessed what I can do and what I will do in order to get myself noticed.”

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar “Ring Superstar” reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in his ring gear made it to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

Jacobs stood on the stage and looked out into the crowd as the fans erupted in cheers. The Icon and the Russian beauty stood on the stage smiling at each other. Jacobs pulled a microphone out of his pocket.

“Cut the music.” Jacobs looked down to the ring. “You may not have gotten Lee’s or Johnson’s attention but you sure as hell got mine.”

Mike looked from the ring with a smirk.

“See the problem with getting my attention is the fact that you will not want my undivided attention once you have received it. I understand that you have to make a name for yourself and what’s the best way to do this by attacking the biggest star in jOlt. But there is a flaw with your plan, Mike.”

Extreme look on with disgust. “And what would that be Jacobs?”

“There is an old saying, YOU DON’T FUCK WITH VINCE JACOBS

“You wanted attention Mike, well you got it now and you may not enjoy the attention that I am going to give you. People think that I have fallen off because of my lost to Aran at Power Struggle. I am reminded every day that I am 0 and 3 on jOlt’s pay-per-views. I know that I am in a slump but I am ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs and I am still the best in the business. Mike you want to make a name for yourself at my expense I say you can try but I plan to do things to you that may be against the law in 15 different countries.”

“That’s laughable Vince. You are past your prime little man. I plan to break you in half and show Lee and Johnson why I should be the one vying for world titles. Your time is up. It’s my time and I don’t intend to let this opportunity slip from my grasp.”

“Mike you poor misguided impotent fool.”

The fans laughed at Vince’s snide remark.

“Don’t let the last few loses fool you. I am still pro wrestling’s phenom and if you think you will walk over me you have another thing coming.”

A loud laughter was heard throughout the arena by Mike Extreme.

“Jacobs you have no idea what I can do to you. You are already dead you just don’t know it yet. I plan to do what no man in history has ever been able to do and that’s but Vince Jacobs down for good. You can bet on that.”

Extreme slammed the microphone down on the mat as Jacobs looked on with a smirk before grabbing Natalia’s hand and walking to the backstage area.

Frank Silver vs Lennox Love
Frank SilverLennox Love

The war had escalated between The Heirs of Wrestling and Sweet Sweet Lovin on the last edition of Warriors. The Heirs had jumped the team that had taken away their belts months ago, only to spark a newfound fire in the team. Now, Sam Sweet and Lennox Love – normally fun-loving jOlt stars – were on the hunt for retribution and to show they were no pushovers. To that end, Heirs leader Frank Silver would be taking on Lennox Love in singles action. So let’s get to it!

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway… he hails from a kick-ass bachelor summer suite in Los Angeles, CA… weighing in at 255 pounds… FRANK SILVER!

Frank took off his robe and tossed it aside before he stepped into the squared circle and got ready for his match. As always, the arrogant and obnoxious leader of the Heirs kept his composure for what was to come.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

When the music hit, the lights began to swirl in shades of yellow and green for the team coming out first! The portly, but fun-loving Sam Sweet and his tag team partner, the afro samurai himself, Lennox Love!

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Sam Sweet and Jon Katz, Jr… he hails from Harlem, New York and weighs in at 222 pounds… ’THE LOVE MACHINE’ LENNOX LOVE!

Both teams were former jOlt Tag Team Champions and in this battle, it could go a long way in crowning new contenders down the line. Tonight, Lennox was more concerned with payback. Frank stood there and motioned for Lennox to make a move.


Lennox didn’t disappoint! The Love Machine got the hot crowd to a hot start with a Running Dropkick that knocked Frank Silver right into the corner! Silver had the wind knocked out of him from the blow and Love delivered a pair of STINGING Knife-Edge Chops to the chest of the Sovereign Superman.

Love yelled out to the crowd “Y’ALL GONNA LOVE THIS!” before he tried to whip Frank across the ring. Frank stopped that shit with a quick reversal that sent Love sailing into the corner. The Baron of Ballistics charged only for Lennox to jump over the ropes sending Frank into hitting nothing! He ran across the ring apron and climbed to the top turnbuckle quickly before diving off the top rope with a High Cross Body!



Frank pushed Lennox off him, but The Love Machine was incensed with the arrogance of the Heirs.

“Frank, fuck him up!” Ryan shouted on the outside.

Sweet and JKJ gave Lennox some words of encouragement as he pumped a fist for the crowd. Silver blocked an attempt at a grapple by headbutting him in the chest. Silver ran off the ropes again, but Love was just a little bit faster on this occasion and dropped him like a bad habit with a Leg Lariat!

The Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain and a million other obnixous royal-sounding nicknames was starting to sit up, so Lennox sprang into action by leaping off the ropes and coming back with a beheading Sliding Clothesline! After the second shot, Lennox Love went into the cover again.




After kicking out, Frank rolled over to the safety of the ropes and tried to head for higher ground. Lennox wasn’t going to let him off that easily as the high flyer jumped over the ropes again…


The second that Frank Silver ran out of the path of the oncoming Love, Lennox adjusted himself and landed feet first on the ring apron. He came running at Silver with a kick, but Ryan Gallway distracted him.

“Hey! Diversion over here!”

Lennox rolled his eyes and proceeded for the kick again, but Frank grabbed the foot and pushed the leg back, using the momentum to make The Love Machine take a nasty faceplant on the ring apron!

The crowd booed The Heirs as Frank walked over to high five Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway for his ingenious maneuver. He pulled Lennox off the ring apron and RAMMED him back first into the barricade. Lennox arched his back in pain so Frank turned him around and slammed him spine-first into the ring apron!

Now that he was in control, The Margrave Digger rolled Love’s body back underneath the bottom rope before he jumped onto the ring apron. He positioned himself carefully while Love started to get up, only to eat a Slingshot Shoulder Block on the way back in!

Silver was back up and instead of going for the cover right away, The Earl of Excitement… he raised the PINKY. His signature stupid-ass and pompous royal pinky that set the crowd off. Silver smirked before he spun the arm around and delivered the big elbow called THE YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE!




Frank’s first attempt at a cover failed when Lennox got the shoulder up. The Sovereign Superman stood up and elbowed Love in the side of the head while Sweet and JKJ continued to cheer for their friend. Frank pulled him up and tackled him into the corner before he buried a few shoulders into the chest of Lennox. After the move, he double underhooked the arms and connected with a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly Suplex!

Silver wasn’t finished, though. While Lennox struggled to get up after the move, Silver DEADLIFTED the 6’4” and 222-pound Love into a Gutwrench position before tossing him overhead with another suplex, this time of the Delayed Gutwrench variety. Impressive strength on display by Frank as he rolled over seamlessly into another cover.




Frank stayed on the attack and continued to roughhouse with Love a little more as he kicked him over onto his back. He delivered a few stomps into the back, Garvin-stomp style before he backed up a step and delivered a NASTY Knee Drop to the back! Love shouted out in pain while Frank continued to work the back of the high flyer and grounded him with THE BOOTLICKER!

Now standing over Lennox Love, the leader of the Heirs of Wrestling proudly boasted to the crowd by taking another bow before going into the cover.




The shoulder went up again, which only infuriated Frank to no end. The Sovereign Superman tried to pull up Love by his hair, but Lennox snapped back into action by landing a couple of haymakers. Frank fired back with a knee of his own right to the face that knocked The Love Machine back to the mat.

He pulled him up by the arm and launched him to the corner and charged, but an elbow from Love cut him off at the pass. The Baron of Ballistics staggered backwards as Love limped to the second rope. He was nursing his back in pain but played through the pain and delivered a Missile Dropkick off the second rope! The crowd cheered on The Love Machine as he crawled over and hooked the arm.




Love almost got him only for The Baron of Ballistics to kick out. The Love Machine was cradling his back, but tried to let adrenaline take over. When Frank tried to pull himself up using the ropes, Love clobbered him with a couple of right hands to the face.

The Irish whip was thwarted by Frank when he tossed him off to the ropes instead. Frank went for the Back Body Drop only for Love to slide over and land an uppercut to the face. Silver stumbled around punch-drunk when he caught him from behind with the Schoolboy!




He almost caught Silver unaware, but Silver kicked out again. That’s when he headed to the top rope and tried going for Love Potion 450, the very move that put away Jason Rau on the last edition of Warriors. The Love Machine was about ready to jump when Ryan Gallway stood on the ring apron again!

The referee saw Ryan and ordered the Prince of Precision to get off the ring apron. Sam Sweet saw enough and pulled Ryan off the ring apron before PUNCHING him in the face! That earned him some cool points!

But while the referee was preoccupied with all that nonsense, he didn’t see Mack Brody trip up Love on the top rope! Frank saw his opportunity and cradled the body from the top rope and DROVE him into the ground!


The Cradled Styles Clash PLANTED him into the ground and Frank rolled him over as he hooked the leg.




The Heirs had stolen one from Sweet Sweet Lovin! Frank rolled out of the ring as Mack went to help Ryan Gallway back to his feet.

“Here is your winner of the match… FRANK SILVER!

Frank, Ryan, and Mack headed back up the ramp, celebrating and high-fiving amongst one another while Jon Katz, Jr and Sam Sweet went to help Lennox Love back up. He was stunned and slapped a hand on the canvas when he finished up, but Sam Sweet didn’t look like he was done.

“HEY, HEY, DADDY-O!” Sweet shouted. “We ain’t done here! I saw what you bitches did and if you guys want to get down and dirty so bad, why don’t one of you nut up and face ME now!”

Ryan Gallway was still nursing a sore jaw from where he was hit, but he looked bound and determined to get himself a little bit of payback for himself. He stole a mic from one of the ringside technicians before he barked right at Sweet.

“Look here, Baby Huey, I have CONQUERED the furthest moons and I have scoured the greatest worlds with FAR superior competition than you can offer! If you wish to joust with an Intergalactic Space Knight such as myself, then it will be your grave!”

Gallway took off his giant light-up coat and was about to head towards the ring. Mack and Frank followed shortly behind him and the three were about to engage in combat…

…Or so they thought.

Ryan stopped at the edge of the ring apron.

“…when Mack faces you, you twat!”

Mack nodded confidently before he stepped up shortly after Ryan's fakeout. It was the big Bronze Bombshell’s first singles outing in jOlt and he was going to make the most of it in this impromptu match.

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall

Mack Brody vs Sam Sweet
Frank SilverLennox Love

Yup, that was Big Mac headed into the ring to take big Sam Sweet. To his credit, the big man didn’t appear to back down from Mack Brody… in fact, he ran right at him and kept on swinging!

The bell rang for the impromptu hoss fight as big Sam took the fight to him quickly, bombarbing the big and possibly metrosexual brute with big right hands!

JKJ had helped Lennox Love outside of the ring and the two watched on at the fisticuffs as Ryan and Frank cheered on their pal.

“HURT HIM, MACK!” Silver barked.

JKJ and a sore Lennox Love shouted some moral support of their own as Sweet lunged at Mack, but the confident SuperMack went low and kicked the knee out from under him! From there, Sam was brought down to one knee when a big heavy barrage of Clubbing Forearms landed against the base of his skull.

The Bronze Bombshell muscled Sam Sweet back up to his feet before he smashed him HARD face-first into the turnbuckle. He clobbered him quickly with a series of hard Toe Kicks right to the stomach in an attempt to wear him down early. Mack stopped to turn and flex his muscles for a lady in the front row next to her boyfriend.

“I’ll have my way with your wife, then you can smell my fingers!”

Way to earn those viewers, Mack.

He turned around only to get rocked with a big right hand from The Candy Man! Three more right hands followed from Sweet who slugged away until he was dazed. Sam ran the ropes to try and get something going early, but Mack cut him off at the pass with a brutal Running Back Elbow to the face!

The shot had some extra power behind hit and now The Bronze Bombshell was looking even cockier if such a thing were possible. Because he liked doing it so much the first time, Mack palmed the back of Sam; head before slamming him into the turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring. More and more boots continued to be thrown. This wasn’t the most exciting offense that Mack had, but one couldn’t doubt he was good at doing it.

After he got tired of slugging away at the Las Vegas native, he picked him up off the canvas and gave him a chin check vis-à-vis a stiff pair of European Uppercuts underneath the jaw. He held Sweet in place and winded up before he SMACKED him with a third one, knocking the big brawler off his feet. Mack gave a thumbs up to Frank and Ryan and smiled his pearly white smile before he hunched over and went for a cover.




Still to early to try and put Sweet away, Mack grabbed The Candy Man by the arm and tried to whip him, but Sam blocked it with an elbow to the face and stunned him with a kick to the jaw himself. He grabbed Mack by the jaw and STUNNED him…


The crowd was behind Sweet, who fed off the energy of the fans. JKJ and Love continued to slap the ring apron to get the fans clapping as Sweet powered up. He tried to go for the whip, but Brody reversed it and shot him into the corner. He followed up with a stiff Corner Clothesline which sent Sweet stumbling out of the corner…

THE 24K!

The crowd didn’t have to like Mack Brody, but they showed amazement behind the force of the brutal high-impact Exploder Suplex! Sam went flying halfway across the ring just from the sheer force and had his clock cleaned. Mack smiled at how happy he was with his brute display of force before he pulled Sweet away from the ropes…




Sam was able to get the shoulder up just in time, but Mack was now in full control. Sweet tried to stand up when Mack grabbed him by the back and delivered a just-plain-mean BACK RAKE! OH EM GEE THE HUMANITY!

The Candy Man’s back burned while Brody wiped his nails off on his trunks and checked to make sure they were still perfectly manicured. He stood over Sweet and dropped his weight down on his back before slapping on a modified Camel Clutch submission. He had a knee placed firmly into the back of Sweet while cranking back on the neck.

The referee looked for any signs of a submission while Sam struggled to get anywhere near the ropes. He was one tough customer and wasn’t going to give up so easily.

The Candy Man quickly fought his way up to a knee and elbowed him in the chest several times to get Brody to break his grip. He clobbered him with a few more until the hold was broken. Sweet stunned him with a few jabs aimed at his precious face, which did not make Mack very happy. When Sam tried to go for the ropes again, Aleczander reached out and grabbed him by his tights before pulling him into a NASTY Clothesline to the back of the head! JKJ groaned while Frank and Ryan hooted and hollered like a pair of frat boys.

“You want to mess up my face?!” Brody shouted. “I’ve broken up marriages with these cheekbones, you fuckin’ nipplehead!”

He pulled Sam up and dumped him over with a nice-looking Vertical Suplex before rolling over and following up with less-than-nice-looking Greco Roman Fists to the Face. Once Mack was given a sufficient warning by the referee, he backed off. The Bronze Bombshell went back to exerting his dominance with a pointed cover.




Sweet kicked out again and only seemed to piss off Brody. He stomped down on the head of Sam a few more times before heading to the second rope. He even did a douchy pec dance which only got him more hatred from the crowd. Brody jumped off the second turnbuckle…


Sweet had rolled out of the way of the Elbow Drop and Mack hit nothing but the canvas! He wailed in pain as he tried to shake the feeling back in his arm. This was the opportunity that Sammy needed to get back in the game and follow up on some impressive wins in the recent past.

The Candy Man stood up and kicked Brody in the gut before he tried the Irish whip again. He sent him flying across the ring with a reversal only to telegraph the Back Body Drop too soon. Sweet grabbed him by the head and landed a Goldust-style Uppercut to the face!

The Las Vegas brawler yelled to the fans who were now lending their full support. He ran at Mack and mowed him down with an elbow to the face before grabbing him by the head. Davey looked out to the fans to get his next move going.











The fans counted along with Sam’s clubbing barrage. Mack was winded when Sweet kicked him in the gut to double him over…


The Fameasser to Brody in the corner may have ruined his good looks! Oh the humanity! Sweet dragged the former jOlt Tag Team Champion out of the corner and tried to go for the win!




Sam Sweet swore he heard the hand of the referee come down a third time, but it never did. The crowd booed when they saw Frank walk away from where he had just put Mack’s foot on the bottom rope. Frank and Ryan tried to distance themselves from the scene of the crime, but they didn’t see Lennox Love FLYING right at them from off the steel steps!

Love landed right on Frank and Mack and took the Heirs out of the equation as he stood up to his feet! He was still nursing the wounds from his match with Frank and got himself a little payback.

Inside the ring, Sweet nodded at his friend, but didn’t see Mack creep up behind him and stun him with a Double Sledge to the back! The referee reprimanded him for the cheap shot that he took on Sam Sweet however Mack didn’t look all that concerned. The referee then went to check on Sam Sweet while Mack reached through the ropes to grab Love by the back of his afro! He felt the big man and clawed him in the eyes…


The Trouble In Paradise kick stunned Mack Brody and caught him flush in the jaw! The referee had never seen it and Sweet came through and rolled up the big man from behind!




That was it and Sam Sweet had the upset victory over the heavy for The Heirs of Wrestling!

“Here is your winner… SAM SWEET!

Brody protested with the referee over what happened only for it to fail. The Heirs had cheated their way into victory over Lennox Love and just had the tables turned on them by Sweet Sweet Lovin!

Jon Katz Jr, Lennox Love, and Sam Sweet took off from the scene of the crime as The Heirs yelled at the referee for some sort of instant replay rule. This wasn’t the NFL and the ref’s decision was final.

Love and Katz raised the arms of Sam Sweet who yelled to the fans over his big victory tonight. The Heirs and Sweet Sweet Lovin were now one win each in this budding rivalry between former jOlt Tag Team Champions and it would only be a matter of time before the score was settled once and for all.

Winner: Sam Sweet via Pinfall

"Relentlessly Casual"

Aran Thompson Mr. Relentless looked focused, almost too focused, for the task at hand for the night. He was to step into the ring against the new Relentless Champion, the West Indian Obsidian, Waymoth Tunrbull. Aran finished taping his wrists as Laurie rubbed his shoulders and back.

"Are you sure this ain't no trick, hon?" Laurie asked Aran as he snarled a bit and turned his attention to lacing his boots.

"Nope." He replied.

Laurie stopped and looked at the back of Aran's head.

"Well you better figure that out, real fast like, mister. Cause that man Waymoth Turnbull has been turning people inside out straight to the Relentless Championship. You better figure it out." Laurie scolded Aran.

Aran stopped and closed his eyes for a moment and breathed in heavily.

"When I came into jOlt and debuted against Reno Davis when he was Relentless Champion, I fought tooth and nail and literally used my teeth to grip the ropes and try and break the hold. I went on to face Jonathan Conspiracy and Gregg Scott Vincent in a triple threat match and won to become the first ever multiple time Relentless Champion in the history of that belt, only to have JCON steal it from me....well...out man me at the very least."

Aran turned around and looked at Laurie.

"Point is when it comes to the Relentless Championship, something in me is in game mode. I'm ready for war no matter who it is up against, and whoever it better be ready for war too because when I come out to that ring the Relentless Championship sings and the fans sing with it -- Mister-Relent-Less -- Mister-Relent-Less..."

Aran began the chant he has become accustomed to hearing and the Arena of Champions began to chant it back and Aran and Laurie could hear it all the way to their locker room and Aran pointed in general direction of ring side.

"See....can't you hear it?.....can't you feel it?....." Aran continued.

"I don't need to figure it out if this is a trick or not. I need to walk out "Mr. Relentless" Aran Thompson and walk back as Aran Thompson the Relentless Champion because THAT is the only way I can figure out to get into that Thieves Honor match and beat Derechos' a--"

Aran was cut off by Laurie.

"Alright, alright! Just be careful, I'll see you when you get back here....champ."

Laurie smiled and kissed Aran's cheek as the scene faded to black.

Eiji Kugasari vs Jayshin Lee
Eiji KugasariJayshin Lee

’No Association’ by Silverchair siphoned both the amassed lighting & cheers from the arena. The jOltvision monitors began streaming archived footage as the hues of Crimson & White strobe lighting danced about on cue. Jets of condensed smoke belched forth as the nefarious shadow appeared from within the overcast & stood with bat the apex both arms extended at the entrance staging area’s apex. The traditional yet brief martial arts kata was concluded with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Eiji swung his fist toward the grating, summoning a Red Pyrotechnical explosion. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji will ascend to his feet and begin power walking toward the ringside area.

Carrington: “...Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall...Entering First, hailing from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

The highly volatile mixed reaction grew in number as The Blood Raven walked with a purpose towards the squared circle, strode up the ring steps before perching himself atop the turnbuckles. An air of arrogance was cast toward his detractors before entering the ring. Eiji made sure to wipe his feet before taking a quick carom off the ropes before tugging them. Referee Boulder was prompt to inspect the ninja before allowing him to take command of his respective corner as the musical introduction diminished.

”I Am Your Champion” by Jayshin Lee was cast out onto the clamoring legions as Camera Two swivelled over toward the entrance staging area. The entire screen was overwhelmed with a distinct mixture of magna-style anime, aerial supremacy & outright Hollywood elitism. Laser beams. Broad spotlighting with hues of Purple & White brought about a measure of hype themselves as a man wearing a sleeveless vest with a hood strode confidently from the backstage area. Standing with his back toward the masses. Arms crossed before his chest, steadying himself at the center of the staging area platform...

Carrington: “...And his opponent...making his official jOlt Wrestling iNtense debut...Residing in Los Angeles, California...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is ’The Headliner’...JAYSHIN! LEE!!!

Extending both arms outward, the hooded individual pointed toward the opposing sections. A pyrotechnical upheaval ensued, leading Jayshin to spin about, snatch the hood back to reveal a man of Japanese descent. Both energetic & strikingly confident, Lee began to play to the crowd during his casual trek toward the ring. Camera Five became his megaphone to the public as Lee began to broadcast his greatness to the entire world. The camera panned after Lee, who strode onward and slide underneath the ropes before continuing to grandstand with such bravado. Eiji folded his arms unimpressed as Lee scrambled up the turnbuckles briefly before executing a Moon Sault & nailing the landing. Jayshin snatched off his hooded vest & cast it over the top rope as the referee sought to bring about order before calling for the match to officially start.

Jayshin continued hopping in place & amping himself up as Eiji casually approached the middle of the ring. The Headliner advanced to meet Eiji & both men readily ‘tested the proverbial waters’ before Jayshin tightened the vice of a Kneeling Side Head Lock. The Blood Raven sought to shove his assailant toward the ropes yet Jayshin dropped to a knee to halt the momentum. Eiji quickly bundled the Hollywood Highlight up into a Roll Up Pin. Referee Boulder slid in for the count yet Lee was quick to transition to a Grounded Side Head Lock. Jayshin broadened his base to keep Kugasari under control. Eiji gradually worked himself back to a knee before driving several Forearms to Lee’s lower back. Having weakened Jayshin’s hold, Eiji buried his foot between Lee’s shoulder blades with a Leaping Spin Kick. The Headliner somersault forward to his feet where he nimbly escaped the Blood Raven’s Leg Hook Belly-to-Back Suplex. Snap Mare by Lee yet Eiji would counter with a Rear Side Hammer Lock. Lee arched himself upward to deliver 2 Back Elbows yet Eiji grabbed the running Human Highlight Film by the hair and smacked his head soundly against the canvas.

Jayshin cradled his head with both hand as Kugasari stood overhead. The masses booed the Blood Raven as he trapped Lee within a Cross Knee Chin Lock. Referee Boulder knelt down to assess his condition. Jayshin warded off the submission hold, prompting Eiji to deliver several Kesagiri Chops before cinching in a Double Trapezius Nerve Hold. Writhing in sheer agony, Jayshin further irritated Eiji with his defiant spirit, leading to the Blood Raven to batter him with a trinity of precision Buzzsaw Kicks to the upper back. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! The hot blooded ninja applied more insult to injury by applying his weight against Lee’s neck until Simon Boulder interceded physically. Eiji extended his arms outward to further ignite the crowd before sending Lee away into the corner with an Irish Whip. Running Clothesline in the corner. Kugasari palmed Jayshin’s face & began taunting him before unleashing a Knife Edge Chop! A 2nd one was followed by another round of ridicule. A burst of energy made Lee quickly snatch the arrogant ninja, flung him into the corner & connect with a flurry of Punches, Kicks & Knife Edge Chops rallied the masses against him. A Drop Sault by Lee left the Prince of Puroresu seated against the turnbuckles. A dead sprint toward the opposing ropes & once staggered Jayshin sandwiched Eiji’s head with a Running Turnbuckle Hip Attack!

The masses jeered as Kugasari crumpled into a heap near the ropes yet Jayshin jettisoned the Blood Raven off the ring apron with a Baseball Slide Dropkick! As Eiji continued staggering about wildly to reclaim his footing, Lee arrogantly played to the crowd before caroming against the opposing ropes...

’Star In The Making’Fosbury Flop over the Top Rope

Swivelling to his vertical base, the Headliner threw his arms outward & proudly basked in the ambiance of negative fanfare. The animated aerialist grabbed the stumbling ninja by the head & bounced him soundly against the barricades. A set of Knife Edge Chops were the prelude to a Monkey Flip onto the padded floor. The dazed ninja used the ring apron to stand himself erect when Jayshin engaged him with a set of Punches. Eiji returned fire with a set of his own before regaining the momentum. Flinging Lee back inside the ring, Eiji followed suit. Jayshin was the first to his feet and connected with a succession of Snap Kicks to the Leg & Mid Section. Hammer Throw by Lee. Reversal by The Blood Raven. Jayshin vaulted off the ropes with a Flying Forearm Strike, shattering the ninja’s equilibrium. The aerial assassin ran up the turnbuckles & floored the ninja with a Running Head Scissors Takedown off the ring ropes! The new crowd antagonist pointed to opposing sections of the arena respectively...

’Grammy Winner” Elbow Drop{A Standing Moon Sault into Elbow Drop}

Cover! ...1! ...2! Kickout! The audience groaned as Jayshin slapped the canvas before arguing his case toward referee Boulder. Stomps & Kicks rained down on the Blood Raven as he attempted to reclaim his footing before an Irish Whip slammed him soundly against the turnbuckle. Eiji staggered forward as the self professed Hollywood Hero gained a running start for a Running Cartwheel into a Double Handspring Clothesline...

Tenzo Ken - {A Rolling Iron Claw STO}

The audience groaned loudly as Jayshin was forcibly driven into the canvas. Cover...1! ...2! Shoulder. The ninja gradually ascended & crushed Jayshin a Standing Front Somersault Flip Leg Drop across the Throat. Grabbing Lee by the leg & arm, Eiji dragged him away from the corner before climbing upward. Phoenix Splash yet Jayshin managed to roll out of harm’s way. Both men were down yet Lee staggered back to his feet & stepped through the ropes onto the ring apron. The Blood Raven was slow to his feet as Jayshin took flight...Springboard Hurrincanrana by Lee further dazed the Prince of Puroresu. Eiji pulled himself to his feet as Jayshin wiped him out with a fierce Busaiku Knee Kick!

Sundance Festival

Lee swung his arms outward, alerting the masses that the Blood Raven was officially grounded for good. Jayshin hooked the leg deeply while counting with his free hand...1! ...2! ...NO! The Headliner was livid as the masses genuinely rallied behind the red-haired ninja. The incensed Jayshin used Kicks, Punches & Knife Edge Chops to back Eiji into the corner. A tandem of Forearm Strikes to the Face left Eiji leaning as Lee gain some running room before completing a Tiger Flip Kick off Kugasari’s chest. Lee landed & quickly pounced for a Hurricanrana. The masses responded loudly was the Blood Raven fell to the canvas, allowing Lee to slam chest first against the turnbuckle padding before landing violently against Eiji’s knees! Grimacing from the impact, Lee pushed away with his feet as Kugasari rolled over onto all fours.

Camera Three zeroed in as Eiji was the first to his feet, grabbing Lee by the hair and knocking him back with an Open Palm Punch to the Jaw. Jayshin answered with a Left Hook that backed Eiji a few paces. Jayshin closed in but caught a Back Hand Uppercut that staggered him back toward the ropes. Lee used the momentum to lean Eiji back with a stiff Super Kick. The Blood Raven’s arms were rotating to keep himself upright, promoting Lee to shoot toward the ropes and take flight with a Vaulting Leg Wheel. Eiji ducked underneath as Jayshin swivelled back to his feet...

Crimson Sword Dance

The Headliner was spun about, allowing Eiji to spike Jayshin into the canvas with a Straight Jacket Suplex! ...1! ...2! Lee shot his body upward to escape the pain yet Eiji quickly sought to ensnare his prey into a submission hold. A desperate Lee wildly fought for his freedom...

The Recluse Spider Lock - {Pentagram Strangle Submission Hold}

Referee Boulder knelt down beside the struggling Headliner who was all too quick to tap out!

The referee called for the bell as the audience roared in celebration. The Blood Raven waved off Boulder’s hand in order to assume a kneeling position briefly. Camera Seven followed the ailing Lee who was looked after by the referee. ’No Association’ by Silverchair was played overhead as Dean Carrington made the official announcement of Eiji’s victory by submission.

The Blood Raven rolled off the ring apron and made his way up the ramp way. Sitting up on his hind quarters, The Headliner gnashed his teeth and spat some inaudible remarks toward Eiji, who was walking backwards, holding onto his neck. The Blood Raven would eventually disappear through the backstage curtains victorious.

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Submission


Mattock As iNtense rolled on, a video clip airs from Warriors 17 where Mattock and Sanchez Cano assaulted Cordova after Mattock's match. Then they showed Gunnar Van Patton making the rescue. After the clip is shown, we are back in the arena, live, as the lights go out.


"Crimson Bow and Arrow" by Linked Horizon hit the PA system as the team of reVolt stepped out from the backstage area to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Mattock and Cano walked down to the ring, single file as always. They entered the ring one after the other as Mattock had a microphone in his hand. The music died down as the arena returned to normal.

"What you saw on that screen moments ago were the actions of a hypocrite."

The people continued to boo Mattock.

"For over a month, this Gunnar Van Patton sat in the crowd under a mask and merely observed. He observed everyone who walked out from behind that curtain... he observed every segment on the screen. He attended every show... and did nothing.

Mattock looked around the arena as they began to chant.

"Shut the fuck up!" *clap clap clapclapclap* "Shut the fuck up!" *clap clap clapclapclap* "Shut the fuck up!" *clap clap clapclapclap*

"No.. I will not do as you say.. I will not be silenced! I am the Messiah of the Shoutbox and I will deliver my message whether you want to hear it or not!"

The people heavily booed.

"The supposed undead soldier sat there and sat there and sat there and did absolutely nothing until Power Struggle. He waited until you people paid your hard-earned money to show himself and deliver what he thinks is justice. He saved the little lamb Cordova once from being eaten by a lion... then he stuck his nose in our business and got in the way of my revolution on Warriors. I made it perfectly clear that I will usher in a new golden era for anyone who wants to follow me... but Cordova would rather remain blind. I also made it clear that those who do not share my vision are considered part of the problem and will be removed. I made good on every single word I had stated and this soldier saw to it to make a mockery of my words by getting involved in business he has nothing to do with."

Mattock closed his eyes and took a deep breath as if he were swallowing his own pride.

"Despite all of that... I am a man of chance. I will take them.. and I will give them. That is why I am going to give that soldier an opportunity. He can remain a false hero by randomly saving people and then disappearing.. like a lost little boy with no direction... or he can become a true hero and stand by my side. Together we will save more people from a much bigger problem. We will save people from the corporate way of thinking. We will shatter glass ceilings and raise the boot of oppression off of our shoulders. Together we can make a true difference.. something that you cannot and will not accomplish alone."

Mattock looks toward the entrance ramp with the crowd chanting behind him.


"I will forgive and forget the fact that you stood in my way at Warriors. I offer you a golden chance to play the part of a true hero."

Mattock stared at the screen when every light in the arena goes out, as the tron comes to life. Rain falls down upon the entrance way to match the rain falling upon the graveyard being displayed on the tron. Lights flicker throughout the arena like lightning, as the tron zeros in on a single grave. Suddenly, a black shadow rises out of the mud and muck with only a single white eye and a big red star radiating out of the dark figure.

The letters G-V-P burst onto the tron in time with red, white, and blue pyro explodes from the ramp. Through the curtain comes Gunnar Van Patton with "Hells Bells" by AC/DC rocking the arena. He stands atop the ramp, letting the rain come down on him before whipping his shaggy blonde hair back and tying his long red bandana around his head to conceal his damaged right eye. A cloud of red mist is spewed into the air and starts his march to the ring.

Only a few steps away from the ring, he hurried to it and leapt up to the apron with ease. He looked to his right and left, still smirking, as the crowd chants his initials. However, his basking in the crowd approval would be fleeting, as he had business to attend to. What business you ask? The ass-kicking business and you better believe business is good.

Once stepping into the ring, Van Patton made his way towards the waiting timekeeper who had a microphone ready. Though, he never once took his eyes off the shady duo that was already standing in the middle of the ring. He took a moment to wink at the gorgeous young lady in the crowd, this time holding a "When the soldier rises up, the panties go down!" sign before bringing the microphone up to his lips.

"Mah war is with the vile bastards that scurry around this place like plague carryin' rats. As Ah watched from the crowd and studied this promotion, Ah found vermin that would scare even the meanest cat and yet, ya'll two runts keep findin' a way to grab mah attention."

Van Patton took a deep breath, as he was trying to control his temper.

"Ya'll preach about fightin' oppression, while not knowin' the first thing about it. Ah spents years in this great nation's army, fightin' for liberty, helpin' those who truly needed it. Now, Ah see a pair of yellow-bellied cowards spewin' their bullshit and usin' violence towards those who won't follow. Ah ain't gonna stand here and allow ya'll to bring terror to this promotion like a low-rate Al Qaeda. Listen and listen real good, boys. Ah'm gonna give ya one chance to stop yer bullshit or Ah'm going to put ya six feet under, pushin' up daisies."

The undead soldier made sure to emphasize his next words.

"This is yer only warnin'."

With that, Van Patton dropped the microphone and started towards the ropes. Mattock and Cano were not going to be threatened by the newcomer and took off after him. Cano grabbed the soldier by the shoulders and looked to turn him around.


This wasn't the Texan's first rodeo. He was somewhat expecting the duo to try and get physical.

Cano clutched at his eyes and fell to his knees, as Mattock looked to go on the offensive. He wound up and launched a right hand. In one fluid motion, GVP brushed away the punch with his left hand and rocked Mattock's jaw with an elbow strike.

A spinning backfist sent Mattock stumbling back and he dropped to one knee. Before he could check his mouth for blood, a shining wizard put him down for the count.

The undead soldier was not quite done, as Cano was starting to get his vision back. Knowing he had to strike fast, Van Patton turned Cano inside out with a Sick Kick just as the "revolutionary" got back to his feet.

GVP looked over the carnage and with a low growl bellowing out of him, he tightened his bandana. He had given them two choices. Once brought war and one brought peace. The chose unwisely on this night and now, reVolt must prepare to do battle with the undead soldier.

"Navigating Troubled Waters"

The Jury “Ok...”

The scene quickly coalesced within the depths of the Arena of Champions. Duzza was being escorted by one of the backstage hands via wheelchair assistance. The hallway was nearly empty as he was being rolled toward the locker room area before the door was opened for him. The cellphone was still set against his ear.

“That’s good news, Doc.” Duzza replied with a nod of reassurance. “Alright. Thanks. Bye.”

The phone was being stuffed in his jacket pocket as the camera set itself before him. “Boys; Great news.” The manager mentioned readily. “This Wednesday, you boys get a shot at ol’ Kenshiro’s new whipping boys, The Crimson Order.”

Muffled cheers were overheard in the background as both Khadafi & Statuz Quo nodded in unison with hints of a reserved sense of retribution. Statuz Quo began rubbing his hands together before punching his palm with his fist. Khadafi stroked his chin before popping the bones in his neck.

“That’s cool and everything but what about Eiji?” Khadafi asked. “And Ninja K?”Statuz Quo inquired as well. Duzza reluctantly nodded briefly while raising his hand to halt the barrage of jaded questions.

“Fall back, fellas.” Duzza insisted. “I told you guys to really think this shit through. I know what you are asking. I get that but let’s be brutally honest here; you want Eiji, right?”

“Yeah.” Khadafi mentioned with intensity. Duzza turned toward Statuz Quo. “I guess you want Ninja too, huh?” Statuz Quo nodded with a hardened scowl. Duzza scoffed at the responses before leaning back in his wheel chair. “Ok. Do you think it’s going to be easy catching that dude by himself since everything we tried to do last week? Really?” Duzza inquired. “And you want Ninja? The same psycho who challenged Sylo tonight? That same motherfucker who’s a multi-time Hardcore Champion which means he’s no stranger to this shit.”

“And what the fuck is THAT supposed to mean?” Statuz Quo questioned.

“It means I am not going to throw my guys in the fucking wood chipper for some petty shit.” Duzza exclaimed. “LOOK AT MY FUCKING LEG! LOOK AT IT!!”

The Jury looked reluctantly at Duzza’s leg that was still embedded within a hardened cast. The incensed manager was sitting up via his elbows on the arm rests before reclaiming his composure and leaning back.

“Dallas is likely out for another week or two so you can look at him and see that going at these fuckers head on is bad fucking idea. How many times do I got to remind you that they want that? Something is off with that dude. Way the fuck off. I can’t even begin to explain it but he’s chasing after The Blue Man. If that ain’t fucking crazy, I don’t know what is but that might work to our advantage.”

“How’s that? Aside from them destroying each other, we still have the rest of those ninja clowns to deal with and we don’t even know how many we are dealing with. Where is the advantage in that? “Khadafi asked.

“The Crimson Order.” Duzza suggested. “They are brand new and in not only knocking them down several pegs down the ladder and possibly putting them out of action, we can start setting things up to even the numbers game with them. You remove them from the Tag Team Championship picture. We can eventually break that clan apart. Piece by Piece.”

“That sounds about right. Word has it that the big man of that squad can’t speak. Some kinda mute or something. The lanky dude does all the talking & looks like the one we need to take out. Break that line of communication and we get one step closer to tag team gold.” Statuz Quo mentioned. “I like it. Me & Khadafi can handle that.”

“Yeah but what about Eiji?” Khadafi mentioned through a set of clenched teeth.

“That’s Ninja’s lieutenant. His boy. At least one of them I think. Whatever but in order to get him, that’s way too much of a risk right now. The focus needs to get rid to these dudes competing for the Tag Titles. Your Tag Team titles.” Duzza implied.

“We got The Order. There’s no doubt about that.” Khadafi extended. “...but you know he’s the X factor here and probably knows or expects us to do what we plan on doing. What’s stopping him from interfering like last week?”

“I know what you are looking to do, man.” Duzza mentioned. “What you need to focus on is making each opportunity count. If you haven’t been paying attention, there is some strange shit going on behind the scenes that all of us really need to stick together & keep out heads on a swivel.”

“Yeah. He’s right.” Statuz Quo mentioned. “Lusus was found all fucked up in the basement by some hoods. Everybody is talking about similar things happening for the past few weeks. We can’t afford to get caught slipping out here, brotha. I’m with Duzza on this ‘cause shit is getting a little too real out here.”

“That’s what I am stressing, boys.” Duzza replied. “This would be different if things were straight up but that ain’t the case anymore. Not now. We have no idea as to who these people are, why they are doing what they do or who’s next? I want to make sure that if they come calling, we be ready for shit to go down. JCON & the Missus want us to keep shit tight here. We’ll get some serious payback soon enough but business is business. We need to get those Tag Team titles.

Duzza extended his fist before his clients who mutually made a physical pledge of solidarity & team prosperity. The Circle of Trust has been officially been reinforced.

Craig Thomas vs Bane Loneheart
Craig ThomasBane Loneheart

“Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for our next match of the evening. It is a one on one contest and the winner will get a shot at the prestigious, jOlt Championship Title at Thieves Honor! against seven other competitors!” began Brad Arnold, standing in the ring wearing his traditional black suit and tie.

Sur Fac Ing by Slipknot began to play, setting off some mild jeers in the Arena of Champions. Bane Loneheart, a former backbone member, stepped forth from the backstage area wielding a led pipe in one hand. He forced it into the opposite palm in rapid succession, nodding his head to the beat of Slipknot that continued blasting over the custom sound system with a pair of sunglasses overshadowing his eyes.

“Making his way to the ring first--” announced Brad, “--He hails from Banekburg, Scotland! Standing at six-foot three and two hundred and sixty-five pounds, formally a member of the Backbone! Ladies and Gentlemen he is BANE, LONEHEARRRRT!”

Bane was making his way to the ring as Brad Arnold concluded the introduction. He looked determined tonight, it wasn't often he grasped a chance at the jOlt Championship and he looked to make the most of it as he entered the ring via stepping through the ropes and clanging the led pipe at his palm. As his eyes set upon the entrance, Slipknot slowly faded.

Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughn quickly tuned into play, the pounding of the led pipe by Bane came to a halt due to the dimming of the lights, replacing it was the crimson red lights, hovering over the crowd. The viewers at home could see hundreds of flashing cameras capture the moment as the chords and riffs of the theme rumbled through the arena. The lights were returned to it's original state when a thunderous explosion lit up the darkened arena with red fireworks. Smoke filled the stage, as a shadowed figure was spotted amongst it. The figure could be seen posing with his fist on his hips and after the smoke cleared, Craig Thomas stood arrogantly on stage. Jeers reminded The Ego how well he was hated and he inhaled them with his chin held high into the air, cherishing the moment.

“Our next contestant comes from Little Rock, Arkansas. Standing at six foot, four and weighing in at two hundred and sixty-four pounds. He ranked second place in the Power Struggle Invitational and was one of the last two men in the elimination match. Fans of jOlt, he is The Ego, Craig Thomas!”

Brad lowered the microphone and proceeded to his designated area outside the squared circle, close to Powers and Burhman, whom watched The Ego strut down the steel ramp in proud fashion. It was just one week ago when Waymoth Turnbull eliminated him from the Power Struggle Finals and he redemption was in his sights, even if it meant putting The House behind him for one night. He was going to fight for his right to be called, Champion.

As Thomas entered the ring, you could see the animosity rising in the atmosphere, the fans were as loud as they had been all night, booing The Ego as he turned circles in the ring with outstretched arms. Craig soon ripped off his shirt like Hulk Hogan in his prime, wiped the remnants of it on his buttocks, and tossed it into the first row. The lucky fan to catch it didn't feel so lucky as he tossed it back towards the ring.

The Ego then pointed at Bane's led pipe, “You better put that away before you hurt yourself.” he told him, grinning from ear to ear, with his chest puffed out like a billy bad ass.

Bane on the other end, wasn't smiling, he didn't come to play tonight. Instead, he was here to compete, but one way or another, you could guarantee he had high expectations for the led pipe in his hand. He didn't have to say anything for that to be known because it was described on his face. With that said, he simply dropped the led pipe on the canvas and rolled it out of the ring with his foot. Looking back at Craig, he stepped towards referee Simon Boulder who was positioning himself for the start of the match. Thomas kept his distance, as both of these men were equal in size, but he wanted to wait for the bell to ring with caution.


Craig Thomas quickly shot out of his corner, using the ropes to push himself, and gained momentum. It was a different approach for The Ego, but it caught Bane by surprise as he tackled him with a spear and began pummeling him with closed fist. Shot after shot, Craig nailed him relentlessly using his weight as leverage to keep Bane's back on the canvas until Bolder forced him off of Loneheart. Craig separated himself from Bane, but only for a moment as he delivered another spear and repeated the pummeling fist to the jeers of the crowd.

“We haven't seen this side from The Ego since he's been in jOlt.” stated Burhman as he watched on, “I guess you never know what to expect from him, one minute he's all smiles, and the next minute he looks like a raging bull in a china cabinet! Just like he is now! He is hammering Bane Loneheart with some veracious fist!”

“He's letting it all out right now. After what happened at Power Struggle, who can blame him? He almost won the Finals, but Waymoth Turnbull seized the moment. I'm sure that still weighs heavy on his shoulders and he's just letting out all of his frustrations in this match!” said Powers, expressing his opinion on the situation as Simon Boulder had to peel The Ego from Bane once more.

Simon warned Craig of the closed fist and threatened to disqualify him. The Ego was obviously listening as he did not repeat the mistake again, but forced the referee to the side of with a slight nudge and aimed his sights on Bane who was to one knee. He wasn't going to let his opponent recover, he wanted to press the action, but Bane found a way to take the advantage.

Bane pressed his shoulder against Craig's abdominal area and forced him into the turnbuckle. He delivered several piercing shoulder blocks to The Ego's stomach. Craig released a gasp of air with each shot winding him, then Bane climbed up to the second rope, and began a series of closed fist of his own.

The crowd counted with each shot.










And...wait for it...


Bane hopped off the ropes as Craig stumbled forward allowing him to hit the ropes for a perfectly executed running bulldog. Bane hit the ropes again, this time dropping a closed fist on the back of Craig's head! It was way to early for the cover, so he lifted Thomas up off the canvas, hitting him with a big uppercut before whipping him back into the turnbuckle. Bane quickly followed up with a running knee to the midsection and Thomas fell back to the canvas on all four of his limbs.

“Now Bane is looking like the fierce warrior!” said Burhman, “Both of these men want a shot at the jOlt Championship and it has showed very early in this match!”

As Bane approached The Ego, he was met by a piercing elbow to the gut. Craig was showing signs of life again, striking Bane with two more elbow strikes. It gave him enough distance to stand back to his feet, but Bane struck him back down with a clothesline.


Craig dunked under it! Bane turned around and was met by a stiff kick, then The Ego hit a swinging neck breaker on Bane! Both men rested on the canvas momentarily. The Ego was the first one to stand back up and he reached down and grabbed a hold of Bane's hair, using it to pick him up. Craig whipped Bane into the ropes and then caught him with a knee to the stomach, flipping Bane over onto the canvas. The Ego quickly repelled off the ropes and sent a leg drop across Bane's throat.

The cover!




The Ego struck the canvas with a palm as he stood up and quickly lifted Bane off the canvas by his hair again. He lifted Bane onto his shoulders and then dropped his throat on the top rope. Craig dragged Bane back to the ropes, this time resting Bane's throat on the lowest one. It was obvious that Thomas wanted to crush Bane's throat as he hit the ropes again and then landed on Bane's back with all of his weight, applying enough pressure to almost crush Bane's Adams apple. The fans were booing him, but Craig paid no attention to them yet, as his eyes were fixated on Bane who rolled around on the canvas holding his throat.

But since the jeering never stopped and with all of the momentum on his side, The Ego decided to flex a bicep at the crowd with a reappearing smirk. He assumed he had plenty of time to address their dissaprovel and they replied back with louder jeers, rocking the Arena of Champions to it's very foundation. He continued to emasculate the fans with various flexing poses. Though, just when you thought the volume was at it's peak, it was even louder when Bane hit The Ego with a dropkick as he turned around. Craig spun a complete circle and then Bane grappled with him, hitting Thomas with an inverted Atomic Drop! The crowd roared even louder then, not because they liked Bane, but due to the fact that The Ego just had his junk smashed! Craig completed another full circle, this time when he met Bane, it was a clothesline that sent Thomas over the top rope.

“Will you listen to this crowd, Burhman!” erupted Powers, “They love it!”

“And so do I, Nathan. Everybody enjoys it when The Ego gets what he deserves!”

The wielder of the pipe, Bane Loneheart, was lunging over the top rope shouting at The Ego on the mat. The adrenaline was speeding through his veins at this point and it caused him to try something you rarely see from Bane. A suicide splash, Bane attempted it, but Thomas rolled out of the way still in tremendous amounts of pain coursing through his head from the fall. Both men rested on the mat, outside the ring, and Simon Boulder began the ten count.




Both men still rolled around on the mat.




Bane noticed the led pipe next time him on the mat, he reached out for it with the intention of smashing it over Craig's face. The frustration was starting to settle in his nerves and it had has brain rattled, forgetting that it would disqualify him. But The Ego quickly kicked it out of his reach and picked Bane up where they would began to exchange punches.


The Ego could hear the faint voice of Boulder counting behind him, but Bane surprised him with a headbutt to the nose and blood squirted from it. Bane quickly slid into the ring as the referee continued the count.


Craig's vision was blurred, he was trying to find the ring, but was blinded by the blow from Bane.




The disappointment of the fans could be heard as Craig managed to slip in under the bottom rope just in the nick of time. The Ego crawled around on the canvas, still with blurred eyes, and Bane clinched his arms around The Ego's waist and lifted him from the mat. Bane was furious at this point, the match was back and forth, both men wanting that shot at the jOlt Championship and with that in mind, Bane executed a powerful German Suplex on The Ego. Bane ensured the waist-lock was cinched in as he lifted him back up and executed ANOTHER German Suplex on The Ego.

“Those are some devastating German Suplexes, Powers! I don't see Craig Thomas recovering from this one!”

“It doesn't look like Bane is finished yet either, he's attempting another one!”

The Ego was overpowered yet again as Bane hit the third German Suplex on him, this time tossing him a few feet across the ring and on his neck. Bane shot up from the canvas, exploding with a roar, and then quickly sliding in for a cover.

This had to be it!

There was no way in hell Craig Thomas could get up from those veracious Suplexes!

Was there?




“BANE DID IT! HE HAS---” started Burhman, but Powers cut him short.

“NOOOO! Simon spotted Craig's foot on the ropes! That looked like it was it, but Craig Thomas displayed his intelligence with that one. Not having enough strength to kick out, but just enough to lift his foot on the rope. What awareness by The Ego!” added Powers with chills itching down his spine from the highly amplified match-up he was witnessing.

Bane could barely believe his eyes, a sigh of desperation was heard as he looked up and realized what had happened. He stood up and began to argue with the referee because he thought Simon had made the three count, as did many of the other fans, but the veteran referee insisted he made the right call.

As they continue to argue, Craig Thomas was lurking behind Bane, once again he was outsmarting Bane Loneheart as he was preoccupied. Before Bane could turn around, The Ego hooked his arm through Bane's legs and rolled him into a school boy.

Simon rolled in to make the count!


The Ego hooked both ankles on the second rope to gain the leverage he needed to end the match.




“Craig Thomas just pulled off the victory, Nathan!” exclaimed Burhman as Simon raised The Ego's hand inside the ring.

“And you can thank the ropes for it too. Not only did he use them to stop the three count, but he used them to ensure the three count as well. Ironic if you ask me.” Powers replied.

“What are you saying? Simon had a part in it?”

“I'm not saying that Mike, but he should have caught it. It's very unfortunate for Bane who now misses his shot at stardom.”

“Well, Craig Thomas will be one of the eight competitors in the main event at Thieves Honor!” Burhman quickly changed the subject because he spotted Bane outside the ring reaching for something, “BANE IS GETTING HIS LED PIPE!”

The Ego was celebrating inside the ring, doing his Aaron Rodgers impression as if he already had the jOlt title around his waist. He was caught in the moment, because Bane Loneheart reentered the ring with the pipe firm within his clutches.

The fans were chanting ”DO IT!” and when The Ego turned around.


Craig Thomas was down like a sack of potatoes, but it would not go unjustified. The crowd erupted with jeers again, as Strangler barged through the curtains, slowly power walking down the ramp with his index finger pointing at Bane inside the ring. Bane stood ready to strike as Strangler walked around the ring, deciding on how he was going to enter it. Suddenly, Strangler slid in as quickly as he could, willing to withstand a blow from the pipe in the process. Bane struck him with it, but it had no affect on The Choke Fiend. Strangler bounced up, catching Bane's wrist as the pipe was about to strike him again.

Strangler growled at Bane, it was a senseless growl, but Bane snarled back at him ready to take whatever Strangler had to offer. The Choke Fiend lifted his right hand into the air and slapped it around Bane's throat, squeezing as tight as he could. Bane wrapped both hands around his arm, trying to avoiding what Strangler called The Suppression, but it could not be avoided.


Bane hit the canvas and the crowd continue to jeer with Strangler standing over Bane. The scene began to fade as The Ego was slowly rising to is feet with blood stained on his face. Team EGO was starting to accumulate more enemies, than they knew what to do with and The Strangler wouldn't be able to take on all of them, would he?

This wasn't going to be an easy task for Team EGO.

Winner: Craig Thomas via Pinfall

"So When Do I Start?"

Jon Le Bon Jon Le Bon, for the second time this evening, barging into Jim Johnson's office and again, plopped down in the chair in front of his desk. Johnson, who was buried in some paperwork paused and with a facial expression that conveyed a "oh great" attitude, looked up at the smiling Le Bon.

'Well?" said Le Bon as he held out his arms with a big smile on his face.

"Well what?" asked Johnson.

"Am I on the main roster?" asked Le Bon.

Johnson gave him a puzzled look and replied.

"Why the hell would you be on the main roster?"

Le Bon continued to grin.

"For that amazing display of athleticism out in the ring earlier tonight! Surely, you saw my incredible performance and would love to have this kind of talent on iNtense and Warriors each and every week!"

Johnson shook his head in a negative fashion.

"Actually, if I remember correctly, right around the time of your match, something I ate from catering was giving me some digestive distress, so I had to tend to that business, but don't worry.. I didn't have to watch your match to know that you lost and I believe that I remember saying that I would possibly consider your promotion to the main roster if and ONLY if you won the match... so, I guess this kind of answers your question, now doesn't it?"

Le Bon stood up and placed his hands on the desk. He then leaned in toward Johnson to get in his face.

"Are you trying to tell me that nobody spoke of my amazing ring presence? That they failed to mention that I was, quite possibly, the greatest talent to step in between the ropes in quite some time? I find that hard to believe. I mean.. sure.. I didn't technically WIN the match, but what's wins and losses in pro-wrestling anyway? They're just little itty bitty numbers. What matters is true talent and I am just like a pot of boiling potatoes, my friend... I'm just bursting with charisma AND talent! Surely, that's what you want on your program!"

Johnson looked at Le Bon as if he were crazy.

"Since you're used to your situation changing in a matter of three seconds.. I'm giving you exactly that much time before I get on the phone and offer Rune Winters a new contract that states he can make you his personal bitch 24/7."

Le Bon looked puzzled.

"Soooooo you're saying I start next week?"


Startled, Le Bon took a few steps away from the desk.

"I'm getting this weird sensation that I'm not welcome here." said Le Bon. After a few moments, Le Bon then chuckled. "Ahhh.. good one. You almost had me fooled. So, really... I start next week, right?"

Johnson stood up and grabbed his coffee mug. He threw it at Le Bon who had to duck and cover.

"Get out and tell Shayne Anderson he's FIRED if he even THINKS of letting you anywhere NEAR the main roster ever again!"

Le Bon ran out the door as Johnson sat back down and shook his head.

Waymoth Turnbull (c) vs Aran Thompson
Waymoth TurnbullAran Thompson

"Emergency" by Mavado featuring Ace Hood began playing throughout the Arena of Champions and the West Indian Obsidian walked out from behind the entrance curtain with the Relentless Championship down by his side, holding on to the championship in such a way that one of the straps just barely hung above the ground. Waymoth gripped the championship with force, ignoring the fans and even the referee Turnbull circled the ring and turned his attention to Nathan Powers and Michael Buhrman.

"I have no idea what Aran accomplished by getting this match, but I don't think it was a wise move. Do you see the ferocity in Turnbulls eyes?" Michael Buhrman said to his colleague.

Waymoth turned his attention back to the ring and literally threw the Relentless Championship over the top rope.

"Turnbull doesn't seem to care who his opponent is, he has one thing in mind and that is survive or die trying." Powers came back as Turnbull rolled into the ring and the referee made sure Turnbull walked to his corner.

Turnbulls gaze now set toward the entrance ramp, the commentary team was silent and the fans were in a buzz awaiting Mr. Relentless.


The crowd erupted as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing but unlike his natural attitude Aran Thompson came walking out from behind the entrance curtain with a look of fear.

"This is unlike him Nate, he is usually so cocky and ready for a fight." Burhman said to Nathan Powers.

"What do you expect? Waymoth Turnbull is a battle riddled warrior! He came in here and blew through the competition and now he is the unmovable force that is gripping onto Aran's seemingly unobtainable object." Powers replied.

Aran walked stood at ringside and Turnbull pulled the referee toward him and pointed at Aran. The referee slid out of the ring and approached Aran.

"He said to get in the ring now!" the referee yelled at Aran and Aran turned his attention to the referee with a look of confusion and then back at Turnbull who snarled inside the ring with the Relentless Championship laying in the middle of the ring.

Aran slowly slid into the ring and the Arena of Champions were mixed as to Aran's demeanor. Aran stood up and ran his hand over his bald head mentally amping himself up for the coming bout and the referee called for the bell.


Aran rushed Waymoth without a thought and the entire Arena of Champions blew up as their hero threw care to the wind and...


Waymoth's voice boomed and completely overpowered the fans in attendance as the entire Arena was now silent. Waymoth, put his hand out toward Aran as to ask for a hand shake. Aran looked at Waymoth with the came confusion he had shown the referee only a matter of moments ago and slowly offered his hand back in kind as he looked around the Arena of Champions and nobody had a clue as to how to react.

"They're....They're....shaking hands?" Buhrman and Powers said at the exact same time.

Waymoth nodded his head at Aran who looked a bit more at ease now and then Waymoth shocked everybody and laid down on the mat.

"WHAT IS HE DOING?!" Powers shouted.

The fans went insane and Aran looked around like he couldn't believe what was happening.

"WHY IS HE LAYING DOWN FOR ARAN?!" Buhrman even questioned.

Aran slowly pinned Waymoth and after the referee took a moment to collect himself he fell to the mat to make the count.





Aran sat up and looked shocked as the referee handed Aran the Relentless Championship. Waymoth rolled out of the ring and walked off as Aran stood up and watched Waymoth walk away.

"Waymoth just gave Aran the Golden ticket for a rematch for the jOlt Championship!"

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Ask Me No Questions, I Tell You No Lies"

Waymoth Turnbull You’re probably wondering; “what the hell just happened moments ago?” In case you missed it, Waymoth Turnbull, a man who had been turning over every rock and boulder he could to get to the Relentless Championship. A man who built his reputation as a monster who would not back down from any fight thrown in his direction and left a broken mess in his wake every time.

Yet…it was that same man that confused the fan base that he had worked so hard to build when he laid down for “Mr. Relentless” and allowed him to not only pin, but defeat him for the Relentless Championship. There was no blood. There were no broken bones. We were left with more questions than we had answers.

Waiting backstage was Dawn Cassidy and crew, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of the West Indian Obsidian in order to get some kind of explanation. She felt that that much was deserved.

It was a few minutes later, but she had gotten her wish. There he was; Waymoth Turnbull. He headed towards the exit of the Arena of Champions, dressed in his civvies and tugging his duffel bag over his shoulder.

“Waymoth!” she called out, but the monster didn’t stop, and all that meant was, ‘heels be damned, I’m going after him’.

“Waymoth, please! Slow down!” she called out again. This time he heeded her request, slowing his walk enough for her to catch up.

“Thank you..” Dawn said panting slightly, “I just wanted to as—“

“Dawn…” Waymoth said with a calm but stern (with a bit of anger) tone, “Ask meh no questions and I c’yant tell yuh no lie. Ya unna’stand me?”

“N-not exactly,” Dawn stammered out.

“Yuh wan’ know why…and right now, ah nuh wan’ talk bout it. Simple is dat.”

Waymoth ended the conversation, much to the dismay of the fans who had grown to love him. Their cheers had now become a myriad of reactions. Unsure of how to feel. Waymoth continued onward with his trek to the parking lot and faded away into the shadows.

Sylo (c) vs Ninja K
SyloNinja K

Buhrman: “jOlt Wrestling fans; it is time. Time for our main event. It’s the often enigmatic yet renown Innovator of Unorthodox Violence Ninja K challenging the former jolt Wrestling Champion & current Underground Champion. The Perfect Predator’ himself, Sylo”...

Powers: “Oh man. This is going to be awesome. It’s been years since these two went head to head and AGAIN. Sylo is going to walk into this arena and LEAVE. As champion.”

Buhrman: “Let’s not get too hasty here. True. These two share a very mutual hatred toward each other. We’ve seen it in backstage and finally, with the Underground Championship on the line and with ninja being a multiple time champion, in this type of environment, it’s literally anyone’s guess who is going to survive & come out of this as champion. Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, it’s time for tonight’s MAIN EVENT! This contest is scheduled for one and it’s under Underground Rules with a 30 minute time limit and it is for the jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The audience roared in sheer delight as each jOltvision screen displayed both champion & challenger proudly. Cameras Fifteen & Eleven traded perspectives of different areas of amassed fanfare as a growing army of fans traded chats in favor of their respective wrestler...

’Vicarious’ by Tool

Bedlam became the order of the moment as the encroachment of darkness was readily expected. Exit 100 became the launching point as the strobe lit overcast of smoke began belching forward. The gentle build up continued until it reached its acoustic apex before sending the masses into a cheering frenzy. Swathed in the hues of Pearl, Obsidian & Crimson, the Resident Anti Hero stood brazen before the masses as Camera Twenty Seven trained itself on the ninja scanning the horizon...

Carrington: “Introducing First, the challenger; He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...KENSHIRO! INOGAMI!!!

The arena lighting was back to their maximum capacity as Ninja was observed continuing his walk toward the ringside area. Camera Twenty followed the ninja as he approached & walk past further into the swirling mob. Security was minimal to the ninja’s flanks as he cleared the barricades. The stoic clan leader walked up the ring steps and took a brief moment of meditation before walking the entire length of the ring apron. Along side ring announcer Dean Carrington, referee Simon Boulder remained at the ring’s epicenter as Ninja swept his hair aside while approaching the opposing turnbuckle. Approximately 7 years to the day neither challenger nor champion have met in singles competition nor for the same championship. As the music ebbed out of earshot, the ongoing exchange of pro-Ninja versus pro-champion chants, churning throughout the arena. Kenshiro assumed the posture of seiza to reclaim the feeling of serenity from within...

Buhrman: “The challenger is focused and the crowd is simple electric for this impending war.”

Powers: “Pull your head out of your ass, Buhrman! Ninja’s not saying a prayer but his last rites. I am personally not a Sylo fan but this is Ninja’s final match tonight.”

...Exit Light...

The voices of the civilian legions rose within the blackened landscape as the voice of country singing great Johnny Cash was overheard on cue...

”...And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder
One of the four beasts sang ‘Come and see.’ And I saw.
And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
...was Death...
...And Hell...followed with him...”

’Miracle (Pale Horse Mix)’ by Nonpoint

Footage of a detonated warhead flooded the screens with a blinding white light, triggering an angry flicker from overhead like lightning flashes overhead, much to the delight to the masses before dissipating. The menacing mushroom cloud continued to ascend along the screens accompanied by the acoustic rumbled looming louder with each second. Abruptly, a massive crescendo of Blue pyrotechnical explosions rattled their way from the entrance staging area, down the rampway before all four ring posts unleashed 4 massive spires of flames consumed the veil of darkness. Camera Ten zeroed in on Kenshiro, standing near the ring’s epicenter with both arms folded, unfazed by the pomp & stance display.

Carrington: “...And his opponent; weighting in at 335 pounds...He hails from Atlanta, Georgia...Renown as ’The Super Beast’...’The Perfect Predator’...He is the current...reigning...and defending jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...THIS...IS SYLO!!! The Arena of Champions had runneth over as the towering juggernaut was seen wringing each wrist while tilting his head to each side, popping the bones in his neck. Head raised slowly, his eyes opened. Eyes radiating pure purgatory within a foreboding yet darkened hue. Both the jOlt Underground & Legacy Championships remained strapped around his waist as the blue haired mammoth lumbered down the ramp towards the ring.

Several moments of being pelted by camera flashes, the Super Beast climbed onto the ring apron. Exchanging visual daggers with his embittered rival, Sylo stepped over the top rope, unfastened his belts and held each one out to his sides to urge the cheering masses to their feet. Kenshiro remained unmoved. A cold sneer drew across the champion’s face as he handed off his championship hardware to referee Mike Hunt. The opposing chants for their respective wrestlers who stood several feet apart from the ring’s epicenter. Knuckles flaring. Resentment radiating at exceeding high levels as the Underground Championship atmosphere remained electric.

Buhrman: “Listen to this capacity crowd! Both champion & challenger are in the ring and you can literally feel the sheer hatred, radiating from here.”...

Powers: “Don’t wet yourself, Buhrman. You might short out the electrical equipment and if you manage to not electrocute yourself, you are going to wish you had with the costs of replacing this shit. ”

The audience roared as the referee signaled for the opening bell. Sylo popped the bones in his neck while was briefly popping his knuckles & wringing both wrists. The titan motioned for the challenger to step forward as Kenshiro complied yet maintained 2 paces outside Sylo’s kill zone. Fists up, the Royal Blue behemoth began sealing off the ring until Kenshiro kept him at bay with a Feint Snap Kick. Ninja blocked a Left Hook to the Rib Cage before spinning away from a searing Uppercut. Kenshiro somersaulted underneath the Spinning Back Elbow yet was send somersaulting forward into the corner with a Standing Back Kick. Sylo would rush in & assault the blocking ninja with Overhand Clubbing Forearms but Kenshiro slammed his Forearm to parry the Maui Thai Clenched Knee Strike. An Open Palm Punch to the Mid Section granted room to smash the champion’s chin with an Elbow Uppercut. A 3 Punch combo staggered the champion backwards yet the Super Beast countered Ninja’s Clench Knee Uppercut by side stepping & slamming him into the canvas with a modified Uranage Slam. The Ronin quickly swivled to his feet to evade the massive Foot Stomp to the Chest. Ninja would stumble the big man forward with a Spinning Heel Kick between the shoulder blades. The Perfect Predator spun about & sidestepped the Standing Back Flip Kick to send Kenshiro tumbling up & over the top ropes to the outside with a swift Back Hand Uppercut.

Camera Four followed the ninja slow to regain his footing as Sylo continued pacing back & forth, yelling at the ninja to return to the ring. The champion leaned over the ropes as Mike Hunt slid outside to attend to Kenshiro. The Ronin waved him off before recollecting himself and re-entering the ring. The pro-Sylo demographic ensured that their collective voices were heard as the former jOlt Champion rolled his shoulders and beckoned the ninja to engage him for another round. Sylo began hopping in place as Kenshiro carefully advanced. Sylo backed Kenshiro away with a set of Feinted Punches & Kicks. Ninja made sure to maintain a safe berth from his towering opposition. Sylo nearly tripped the ninja up with a Standing Leg Sweep & barreled in with a barrage of Punches. Kenshiro managed to recover and jettison Sylo with an Tomoe Nage (Circle Throw). Kenshiro followed through into an MMA Mount Position. Sylo’s maniacal fits of laughter was overhead while blocking a battery of mounted strikes by Ninja. The Super Beast caught Kenshiro’s Right Fist while hooking his Left Arm around his foe’s calf, taking him down abruptly. Kenshiro quickly slammed his free foot heel against Sylo’s chin amidst the mutual struggle. ...1! ...2! Ninja powered his shoulder off the canvas yet the Underground champion willed it back against the mat...1! ...2!

Using leverage to his advantage, Ninja pushed off his oppressor’s chin to break the count. A trinity of Stomps to the Face prompted the titan to lunge forward after him. The slippery ninja swiveled about and struggled to lock in the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Ninja’s Forearm Strikes to the Head & Upper Body made the kneeling giant humble the ninja with a fierce Back Elbow. A Haymaker Left spun the ninja about twice to a kneeling posture. Planting his hand into the canvas, a Spinning High Kick by Kenshiro stunned the approaching Sylo as a Spinning Hammer Fist followed by a Leaping Double Round House Kick sent Sylo into a dazed state. Kenshiro flared both hands out to his side allowing a set of small but weighted chains to extend from wrist guards. The chains were quickly wrapped around Ninja’s hands before being balled into a set of gnarled fists. The Perfect Predator flashed a crimson laden smile before spitting blood along the canvas as the masses continued with their audible bloodlust.


Buhrman: “Underground Rules, Powers. Just as legal as a Head Lock.”

Kenshiro became the aggressor as his rival successfully parried three kicks in mid air. However, a stern Forearm Strike connected, sending the ninja back pedaling. Left Jab. Right Jab. Left Hook. Right Cross drew the approval of the crowd as Ninja spun about before somersaulting himself to his feet. Ninja slapped away three consecutive punches before sneaking in a Forearm Strike to Sylo’s Jaw. The Perfect Predator stumbled forward and landed against the 2nd turnbuckle. Kenshiro sandwiched Sylo’s skull against the padding with his boot before pelting his exposed rib cage with swift yet measured Knee Strikes. The blue eyed leviathan spun behind the ninja with great haste and flung him nearly across the ring with a swift Release Dragon Suplex! Kenshiro bounced off the canvas, rolled to his feet to careen against the opposing turnbuckle. Superman Punch by Sylo sent Kenshiro crashing against the turnbuckle. The stunned ninja remained on the defensive as Sylo continued to batter his defenses with a mixed battery of Punches.

The Arena of Champions went ape shit while the Super Beast caught Ninja in the Clench and started hitting him with a series of piston-like Knee Strikes. Kenshiro with a Standing Leg Sweep Trip & used his chain laced fists to apply bruises above the Human Nightmare’s knee. Sylo forcibly shoved Ninja off him with his massive foot to reverse somersault himself in position to haul off with another Haymaker Punch. Ninja knocked a trail of crimson from the monster’s lips with a stern Back Fist. Kenshiro slammed his Right Fist against the same spot above Sylo’s knee to drop him to the kneeling position before rearing back & blasting the titan across the teeth with a Buzzsaw Kick. The King’s black mane arced during his descent against the canvas. The Super Beast rolled over onto all fours as Kenshiro quickly slipped off the ring apron. Referee Hunt knelt beside the recovering champion.

Camera Eight watched Kenshiro retrieve a set of tables & quickly bridges them atop each other along the ring apron & the lead announce table. Another table was tossed over the top rope and remained propped against the ropes. A Steel Chair was flung over the top rope and nearly landed against Sylo’s head. Another table was slid in before the ninja followed after it, grabbed one end of the table and slammed it against Sylo’s head. As the former jOlt Champion fell back to a knee, Ninja unwrapped the chain from his left hand & wrapped it around the giant’s throat! Wrenching back with all of his might, Kenshiro forced the Perfect Predator to gnash his red-stained teeth & claw at the ninja’s hand & arms. Rage filled the gargantuan Georgian in using his ring awareness to run backwards into the opposing corner to crush his assailant. Worse for wear, the challenger maintained his grip before wrenching back harder. Sylo staggered forward almost to a knee but willed himself to sandwich the ninja again.

The massive mountain of muscle stumbled forward before crushing the ninja for a 3rd time. Kenshiro shook his head briefly as his weight dropped Sylo back to a knee. The resurgent monster felt Kenshiro pulling back at the chain before displaying his strength by pulling the ninja’s arms outward. Sylo slammed the back of his head against the ninja’s sternum by pulling his captor’s arms downward. A 2nd time caused the weighted chain to fall against the canvas before snatching Ninja overhead & bouncing Ninja off the mat in front of him. Kenshiro sat himself, clutching his head while dragging himself gradually back to his feet...

The Slaughter through the table!

Buhrman: “HOLY SHIT!”...


Camera One trained itself on both champion & challenger sprawled out along the padded floor amidst the shattered wooden debris. A deafening fecal chant rattled the rafters as Referee Mike Hunt stood slack jawed. Sylo was stirring on his back as Ninja remained face down. Wiping crimson from his lips, the Athletic Apocalypse fought to reclaim his footing. Mike Hunt flashed the signal for medical personnel to address possible injuries. Seen favoring his rib cage, Kenshiro clawed his way toward the barricades. Both men took a few moments to recollect themselves as EMT’s rushed the ringside area immediately. The respective conversations were virtually inaudible before the champion saw the challenger standing erect before stumbling & knelt before the ring apron. The once hushed crowd raised the volume as Sylo shoved a surly medical aide to the floor.

Doctors & staff scattered as the menacing mastodon grabbed his rival by the hair while slightly favoring his shoulder. Kenshiro grimaced notably as he was whipped into the steel steps. The Super Beast sought to wring the tension free from his arm & shoulder before Leaning the ninja with a Right Hook to the Jaw. The titan surveyed his immediate area for a tool of destruction as Kenshiro began moving...

Asphyxiation against the ring steps!

Using the middle ropes for added leverage, Sylo continued choking the ninja before ripping the top of the steel steps off & suspending them over head. Ninja was kicked in the chest, landing atop the bottom section. Sylo flashed his canines before the masses as they screamed their verdict before the judge & executioner. The ninja quickly rolled away as an ominous metallic collision of steel was deafening. Kenshiro stumbled away while pulling down his partial mask to spray crimson onto the floor. Fans in the front row jumped as Kenshiro nearly has his head smashed by the flying projectile. Stumbling toward the wooden table bridge, Ninja sought to gain breathing room from his attacker. The Perfect Predator quickly slid into the ring to cut the Ronin off. Kenshiro quickly rolled back into the inside & nailed his rival across the jaw with a Right Hook.

A 2nd Punch produced another spray of crimson along the floor. An embittered salvo of measured punches eventually leaned the monster back. Kenshiro quickly assessed his surroundings before grabbing a Steel Chair and slamming it across Sylo’s face! All 335 pounds of pure hatred collapsed along the wooden bridge. A trickle of blood descended from the crown of the champion’s head as he sought to sit up. Another Chair Shot dropped the monster onto his back before the ninja angrily slammed the chair across Sylo’s mid section, causing the monster to howl in agony. Kenshiro reared back and crowned the Underground Champion for good measure.

Buhrman: “Sylo is literally busted open as Ninja has completely lost it”...

Powers: “This is bullshit. That fucker got blood all over my custom suit! THANKS A LOT, ASSHOLE!!”

A mixed reaction from the crowd was swirling the Arena of Champions as Kenshiro stood over his rival, with a ravaged chair in hand. Ninja wiped his mouth with his forearm before dropping the destroyed chair to the floor below. Unwrapping the chain from his right hand, Ninja passed through the ropes and began scaling the turnbuckles. Referee Mike Hunt continued waving his arms at the crouching ninja who carefully stood erect before taking flight...


Wooden shards. Metal Remains & Human Flesh were strewn in the wake of Ninja driving both knees into Sylo’s chest through the table! The towering colossus laid along the angled table remains as Kenshiro grimaced while pushing himself up by his arms before clutching his legs. The masses displayed divine favor for the unchecked carnage unfolding before them. Resting on all fours, Kenshiro remained stationary as referee Mike Hunt made it a point to approach the ring announcer. The discussion mentioned a motion to stop the match when Kenshiro grabbed the referee to move him aside to threaten bodily harm to Carrington if he made the announcement. The microphone screamed with feedback as it was smashed against the floor. Ninja was blind sided with a Running Clothesline by Sylo, who collapsed onto all fours!

The raucous crowd rallied behind their respective heroes was both Ninja & Sylo struggled to regain their footing. The champion was up first and his Kick to Ninja’s ribs gave Kenshiro back his vertical base against the ring apron. Ninja used a Drop Toe Hold to slam the super heavyweight face fist against the ring apron, staggering him back against the Spanish Announce Table. A Snap Kick across the back of the champion’s knee chopped him down, allowing Ninja to rip one of the embedded television monitors from the broadcast position. Kenshiro slammed the unit against the monster’s face to leave him crumpled in a heap. Ninja tossed the TV over the to the bell keeper’s position before landing some Back Mounted Cross Face Punches before shoving the giant’s head onto the floor. Camera Twelve watched as Ninja drew a hardcore pop by dragging yet another table from the ring’s underbelly. Kenshiro offered a rare nod of affirmation as Camera Two captured a steady stream of blood streaming from the bridge of the champion’s nose while raising his head. Kenshiro stood the table up with both hands to unfold it...


The audible explosion erupted in the wake of Sylo using a Running Superman Punch through the table to send Kenshiro crashing soundly against the barricades & lying sprawled along the floor! Hints of crimson were peppered along the massive arm of Sylo as he tore the remainder of the table stuck around his bicep. A prominent fecal chant was the prelude to the masses deeming the match as ‘Awesome’ while a bloodied Sylo knelt down to wring the pain free from his arm & shoulder.

Buhrman: “JESUS CHRIST!!”


The angry Underground Champion was busy flinging the remains of the shattered tables as the referee was knelt down by the heavily groggy ninja’s side. Pawing at the barricades, the defiant challenger attempted to pull himself upward only to fall backwards onto the adjacent obstruction. A splash of crimson found its way onto the shirt of a jolt Wrestling security guard as Ninja remained lurched over the barricade. Meanwhile, Sylo grabbed the ninja by his crimson tainted hair and led him toward the Spanish Announce Position. Both J. Martinez II & Carlos Pena gathered their personal effects and got the hell out of Sylo’s way as he dropped the ninja to his knees before scanning the horizon. Turning his thumb down to the crowd’s approval, Sylo hoisted Kenshiro onto his shoulders. Blood tricking from his nose, his blood stained canines flashed before staring his revolution...

The Systematic Shutdown

Kenshiro’s battered frame bounced off the Spanish Announce Table before disappearing behind it. For several moments, Sylo stood in place, Chest heaving. Seething with pure adrenaline & rage before snapping out of his blankened state and searching for the formidable challenger. A sheathed hand slapped the edge of the table as Sylo slowly dragged the ninja up to his feet before shoving him atop the Spanish Announce Table. Pointing at Kenshiro for a moment, the Super Beast lumbered over toward the lead broadcast position where Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers headed for high ground.

Buhrman: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this is an all out war for the jOlt Underground Championship. Judging by the resounding response from the masses, a cult following has quickly exploded here ...

Powers: “These idiots would pop for a Championship Poker Tournament. Welp. Far better than a NBW Pay Per View.”

Buhrman: “What in the hell is Sylo doing?”

Powers: “He’s headed this way! Get the hell out of my way, Buhrman!!”

Fumbling around the table, a massive pop was emitted as a ominous Tow Truck Chain was dragged from behind the table by Sylo! Referee Mike Hunt was adamant while defiantly standing in the champion’s way. Kenshiro raised his arm aimlessly while trying to regain his bearings....

Buhrman: “Oh No! He won’t!”...

Powers: “Kill him!”

Buhrman: “ DON’T DO IT!!”

Powers: “KILL HIM!!!”

Enraged, Sylo shoved the referee aside before lugging the massive chain into position and swinging. Camera Ten watched as Kenshiro used a burst of speed to roll off the table as the Spanish Announce Table was literally destroyed. Immediately, as Sylo began shortening the length of the chain by wrapping in around his arm, the time keeper rang the bell. A loud commotion was heard around the ringside area and abroad as Referee Mike Hunt conversed with the time official for several seconds before conversing with the ring announcer Dean Carrington. Kenshiro gradually stood himself erect & wiped blood from his lips as the ring announcer was heard fumbling with the microphone.

Carrington: Ladies & Gentlemen....Due the expiration of the 30 minute time limit....This match has been hereby declared a DRAW...And STILL...YOUR jOlt WRESTLING UNDERGROUND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!! SYLO!!!

Both champion & challenger were enraged as an argumentative Kenshiro was being held back by Referee Mike Hunt & a few security guards. Sylo had to be forcibly detained by a large security detail before Sylo ripped the microphone from Carrington’s hand & shoving him to the floor.

“WHOA!” exclaimed the fighting champion. “WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! FUCK!!! NO!!!”

The masses roared throughout the arena as Sylo angrily snorted on the microphone. “Now I sure as hell don't accept this bullshit decision. I know for damn sure Kenshiro doesn't either and I know every swinging dick in this arena and fucking home know that this decision is fucking bullshit!” yelled the Super Beast.

Crowd: THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5) THIS IS BULLSHIT!! (clap x5)

“Now honestly, there ain’t a damn thing I can about this bullshit decision this week...” Sylo mentioned while pointing his finger at Kenshiro. “...but K; if you still want this, next week, you come meet me in my playground...We’ll settle this shit in the Pitt...”

The audience exploded at the announcement as Ninja wiped his lips & nodded in full acceptance.

“It’s going to be you and me. For the Underground Title. See you next week, motherfucker!”

Sylo angrily smashed the microphone against the floor as the masses continued to roar in sheer delight. Kenshiro swept his hair back as both rivals were seen exchanging a fresh set of visual daggers between each other. Security struggled to widen the distance between champion & challenger as Cameras One & Thirteen traded visuals of the two before the conclusion of the iNtense broadcast.

Winner: DRAW