"Welcome to iNtense"


A steady pulse of a blue-hued EKG reading begins its hastened trek through the blackened void. The words ‘jOlt Wrestling...’ and the copyright information & year fade as quickly in sequence as they appeared

Moments of Darkness.

“When They Come For Me” by Linkin Park

The angry rift overheard in the background accompanies the immediate barrage of images across the screen...

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - (Bane LoneHeart jamming his trademark Lead Pipe into a jobber’s mid section...Adam Lazarus soaring over the top rope into the unknown...Pyrotechnics in mid explosion as Graham Youngblood, swings his right fist in excitement to motivate the crowd...Dallas Griffin, seen jettisoning Mamoru through an angled table amidst a raucous crowd...the eccentric tandem of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’, happily interacting with the crowd..Aria Murphy crushing Persephone with a jaw-rattling Right Hook....the violent scene of Mike Extreme putting Kayden Paulton through a table...the foreboding flashes of light, dancing against the ever enigmatic Mattock, with his grayish mane partially obscuring his visage...Jimmy B. Martinez spiking Sanchez Cano into the canvas with his patented IKO finisher...Eiji Kugasari forcing Cordova to submit to the Red Recluse Spider Lock...Ninja K and Derecho displaying some chain wrestling to the delight of the crowd...Dawn Cassidy is intently focused on the inaudible promo being cut by Reno Davis...Rune Winters, draping his arms over the infamous Shovel braced across his broad shoulders. A slightly contorted facial expression while sternly popping his neck...Sven Deadly, slithering over a fallen opponent as the ominous Harbinger, silently heaving nearby...Referee Nguyen raising the hand of Daryn Thompson, who whips her short hair back from her face...the partially masked and bearded monstrosity Lusus, staring back at the camera while seething on all fours over a recently squashed foe...the triumphant celebration The House, playing to the crowd while proudly displaying their newly acquired jolt Tag Team Championship belts...Jason Fosters is angrily popping his knuckles en route to the ring...The resident raving psychotic Turk is seen inaudibly screaming at the fans while walking down the ramp way...Christ Titan, arrogantly motioning for all comers to challenge his authority and the screen becomes quickly splattered with crimson via Anson LaRue, punching the camera. )

(The splatter pattern quickly resumes the EKG pulse that momentarily displays the words ‘presents... SUNDAY NIGHT iNtense’ on cue before fading out...)

{2nd Visual Salvo w/ Music - Lyrics Overheard} - (Jonathan Conspiracy raising the Relentless Championship overhead...Landon Stevens hitting the Fall of Ideals finisher on an masked competitor...Big Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun are wildly brawling with Statuz Quo and Khadafi backstage...Sweet Aroma blowing a kiss toward the screen...Jason Rau drilling a masked wrestle into the canvas via his Ausssie-Driver finisher...Craig Thomas seen expressing a throat slashing gesture to the crowd, signaling the end is near...the visual of Tyke knocking Cordova out of the air violently by nailing his patented Tyke Shot finisher...Chief promotional figurehead Damien Lee and administrative power broker Jim Johnson standing nose to nose at the ring’s epicenter, both armed with a mic...The visually abrasive charred face of Grendel as he slowly turns his head toward the camera...J. Leslie Voss, standing atop the turnbuckles to flex proudly before the masses...Aran Thompson is basking amidst a grand celebration accompanied by Laurie Williams in the middle of the ring...the arrogant Kenjiro Ito pissing off the crowd from atop the ring steps...the entire Avispa Clan are in tow behind Avispa Ultima, who is inaudibly cutting a promo backstage. The form of the onyx-clad ninja One Eye is seen sliding quickly from left to right w/ both arms folded against the wind...Wrestling prodigy Colby Korver is seen holding the ropes open, flashing a beaming smile to the ladies...the controversial masked madman Phoenix crashing soundly through a mountain of tables...the muscular West Islander Waymoth Turnbull ,thrusting his massive fists toward the heavens atop the massive entrance staging area...the trench coat clad masked man renown as Citizen, stand within the swirling masses of fanfare...Sylo, is caught flying off the jOltvision in grand fashion with a Asai Moonsault...Derecho, thrusting the jOlt Heavyweight title overhead with both hands as pyrotechnics are in full swing...the visual eye candy is concluded via ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs obliterating his opposition’s face with his infamous Superstar Kick, promptly shattering the screen to fluidly transition into the live broadcast. Brief darkness.)

The notable graphics announcing the Arena of Champions as the prime location of the flagship program are affixed to the descending Camera One visual, displaying the unchecked roaring of the jOlt Wrestling faithful. Camera Twelve would assume command with a gradual pan from the entrance staging area while the musical introduction continues to play before making the transition to the lead broadcast position, where the team of lead announcer Michael Buhrman and color commentator Nathan Powers welcome the public on cue...

"Welcome to Intense, Motherfucker"

Sylo “Hair of the dog” – Nazareth.

For the first time since his return Jim Johnson was actually met with more cheers than boos. He stepped out onto the stage in one of his finest suits grinning from ear to ear as he held a microphone close by. Apparently some of the decisions he’d made thus far had been extremely popular and they’d actually began to win fans over. Johnson waved to the fans until they died down enough for him to speak.

“Ladies and gentleman I know you’re not here to listen to me ramble on and on. What you really want is VIOLENCE!” A huge pop would follow. “I know what you really want is to see the Underground Champion, one of the most dominate men in the business, take on the Athletic Freak of Nature, Ninja K, INSIDE THE PITT!” This too was a popular choice of words as the fans exploded into cheers yet again.

“But before we get to all of that I’ve been working very closely with a certain individual as late to provide all of you with the best content money can buy so before I go any further it’s my pleasure to introduce DAMIEN LEE!

The fans popped as Damien Lee came through the curtain. He had a permeate smile planted on his face as he waved to the fans. Johnson tucked the microphone under his arm and clapped for Lee as he turned to Johnson and the two finally shook hands. It was a weird sight to behold, that’s for sure. The two would make their way to the ring to continue with their announcement.

Damien Lee would start.

“Ladies and Gentleman how are you feeling tonight?” his question was met with a roar. “Good to hear because the impossible happened. Jim Johnson and I sat down and had a great meeting and in that meeting we came up with something amazing. We came up with something for every one of you! Now I have to say this was Jim’s brilliant idea so I’ll let him be the one to tell you.” Lee smiled as he turned the floor over to Johnson.

“Thank you for the kind words Lee. Honestly I couldn’t have done it without this man in the ring with me. Also I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Finally I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the war going on between the Underground Champion and his challenger. You see, last week on iNtense, we drew some of the highest ratings we’ve had since the rebirth. People were dying to see a rematch that had been SEVEN years in the making and I agree that the ending of that match was not satisfactory.” Johnson had to stop due to the boos and the chant that would follow.


The fans finally died down and Johnson continued.

“I agree. We wanted to see a winner and you all deserved a winner. That’s why tonight not only do you see those two meet again in The Pitt we’re also going to do something very special. Tonight iNtense goes Underground!” Johnson announced as Damien Lee lifted his microphone.

“That’s right! And what that means is that every single match you’ll see tonight will be contested under Underground rules all the way up to our Main Event; The Pitt!”

The fans were obviously happy and the announcement already kicked things to a fever pitch. This was jOlt though and there was always someone that would interject. This time it would be someone known for speaking whatever was on their mind.

You thought the Arena of Champions was loud before? Yeah it just got turned up a few notches. Everyone knew what was coming…and Jim Johnson’s heart could be heard pounding over the sound of the fans. For those unaware on the very first iNtense of jOlt’s rebirth, Sylo chucked Jim Johnson from the ring, to the outside, and through a table. Johnson was regretting not popping a Xanax at this point. There wouldn’t be time for that now as the original Man in Black spoke from beyond the grave.

”...And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder One of the four beasts sang ‘Come and see.’ And I saw. And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him... ...was Death... ...And Hell...followed with him...”
It was nuclear war as the blinding white orb exploded on the stage serving as a herald for destruction incarnate.

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” – Nonpoint.

The silhouette of the 7’1” 335 lb. SuperBeast could be seen as the light dimmed. Sylo stepped through the smoke onto the stage, already dressed for his war with Ninja K tonight, and blew smoke through his nose. His eyes were locked on Johnson and Lee as he slowly moved to the ring with both the Underground and Legacy title strapped around his waist. Sylo wasted no time leaping into the ring as Damien Lee only smiled. Meanwhile, Johnson had broken out into a cold sweat. He knew it was only a matter of time until the two met face to face but he’d been dreading it.

“SYLO!” Johnson began. “You look great, champ! You know I never doubted you’d be so successful here. If you remember I always said you’d be one of the greatest competitors this business ever sa-“ Johnson’s rambling was cut off with a single steel laced stare from Sylo. Sylo had a microphone of his own and he sure as shit was about to use it.

“Jim, am I wearing a skirt? Are we on a date?” Sylo asked. Johnson went to answer but Sylo cut him off again. “It’s a rhetorical question Jim. The answer is no so do me a favor and stop trying to butter me up before you fuck me. I don’t want to be out here. I have a FIGHT to get ready for but when I heard you two out here talking about how ratings were high and you figured you’d just ride the coat tails of Ninja K and myself I figured I’d set the record straight real quick.” Sylo let out a snort as he paced slowly in front of Johnson and Lee.

“First off, Johnson, if I wanted to hurt you I wouldn’t be talking right now so wipe that stupid look off your face, keep your piss in your bladder, and shut the fuck up before I change my mind.” The fans popped for that. Johnson may have been winning the people over but Sylo had done that a long time ago. Johnson just gulped and frantically regained his composure.

“Now you two know what you’ve done but let’s break it down for everyone that doesn’t. You both know what Kenshiro and I are embroiled in is extremely personal. This isn’t about ratings. This isn’t about money. This isn’t some stupid angle or shoot. Ninja K and I have unfinished business and it just so happens that it’s happening here but don’t be mistaken, this has nothing to do with anyone but the two of us. You,” Sylo pointed at Johnson. “are notorious for twisting something personal into a profit. You’ve done it for years and while you may have a lot of people fooled you don’t fool me. I see through your piss poor exterior and know the son of a jackal and Lucifer still resides within.” If looks could kill Jim Johnson would have had massive heart failure. Sylo turned that gaze to Damien Lee.

“And you, what do I say to you? I may not like you Lee but I did respect you. That was until you decided to get in bed with ol’ limp dick over here. I’ve been the solution to your problems for some time now but let’s get one thing crystal clear…nothing…let me repeat that NOTHING I do is for you. If you think for one second I won’t do to you what I did to Johnson you’re sadly mistaken. It’s time to face facts boys and the fact of the matter is I don’t like either one of you, I don’t like your bullshit politics, so I’m only going to say this once; stay the fuck away from Ninja K and myself. We’ll handle our business without your help. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a man to beat to death tonight. Welcome to iNtense, Mother Fuckers.”

The fans roared as Sylo threw the mic down and went to leave but not before giving Johnson and Lee a once over. Sylo’s music kicked up as he finally flipped out of the ring and slowly back peddled up the ramp, still staring at Johnson and Lee, but the message had been sent. Sylo had delivered it first class. Stay out of the way or get ran the fuck over.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Eiji Kugasari vs Adam Lazarus vs Landon Stevens
JBMEijiAdam LazarusLandon Stevens

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans...The following contest is a FOUR! WAY! DANCE!”

Cameras Nine & Sixteen captured the resounding response made by the attentive legions.

Carrington: “The wrestler who is able to defeat any opponent via pinfall, knockout or submission will be declared the winner of this contest!”

’Praise’ by Sevendust brought the masses to a jovial mood with the introduction of angry riffs from overhead. The jOltvision screens were overwhelmed with aerial poetry & innovative prowess before the eccentric wunderkind cast the backstage curtains aside and began pacing about along each end of the entrance staging area. A reaffirmed nod in response to the crowd prompted him to hop in place while wringing his arms, wrists and neck.

Carrington: “Introducing First...From Wading River, New York...Weighting in at 230 pounds...ADAM! LAZARUS!!!

Camera Three opened up by trailing the athletic superstar who was casually playing to the crowd & slapping hands with the populous. Donning an airbrushed collage of his back turned, arms outstretched before a New York skyline with ‘The Air Apparent’ etched along his singlet, Laz dove underneath the ropes & front flipped himself to a kneeling posture before playing to the crowd once more. Adam remained perched along the 2nd ropes as his music crept out of earshot...


’No Association’ by Silverchair summoned the rolling bank of smoke along the entrance staging area with Red & White pulses of light overhead. The Blood Raven sauntered his way to the staging area’s apex before executing his signature martial arts kata to set off the pyrotechnical explosion...

Carrington: “Making his way to the ring...From the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...EIJI! KUGASARI!!! ”

The Prince of Puroresu was seen rounding the squared circle as Laz watched him from inside the ring. The audience offered a heavily mixed reaction as Eiji made his way onto the ring apron to wipe his feet before passing through the ropes. Adam nodded at the ninja who merely stared back at him while tugging at the ropes before assuming command of his opposing corner. Kugasari continued stretching himself as his entrance music dissipated.


’Your God’ by Stone Sour rang with the sounds of grinding guitar acoustics from the PA system, creating a wave of negative heat throughout the stands. The jOltvision screens projected the aerial & technical exploits of the cerebral anarchist who was approaching the ramp way. Visually assaulted by a barrage of flickering hues of Emerald, Purple, Blue & White, the prodigy of Brian Dorowitz wrung his wrists & arms in the fleeting darkness...

Carrington: “Making his way to the ring...He hails from Glendale, Arizona...Weighting in at 218 pounds...He’s the ’Rising Star’, LANDON! STEVENS!!! ”

The lighting had ascended as Stevens began his walk toward the squared circle. An adamant fan began berating him which led to Landon responding with an arrogant sneer while making his way around the ring. Adam Lazarus traded glares at him as he pulled himself onto the ring apron and entered. The Rising Star exchanged visual daggers with Eiji as he readied himself for the challenges ahead. A few moments elapsed as the music ended to allow the masses to rally for their respective wrestler...

’Machinehead’ by Bush

Camera Nine panned across the screaming legions as the lighting lessened to 25% and trained itself onto the animated vignettes, dancing across their surface. Governed by the up tempo beat, pulses of Blue, Gold, Pearl & Orange only amped up the masses further. The Bronx Brawler cast the backstage curtains aside and scanned the horizon. He proudly belted out an inaudible volley of words before pounding his chest with his heavily taped left hand & raised it overhead...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, making his way to the ring; from The Bronx Section of New York...weighting in at 220 pounds...JIMMY! B! MARTINEZ!!!

The luminescence returned to their fullest as Martinez made his way down the ramp. Extending his hand out, Jimmy would casually zig zag to each barricade to interact with the fans before making his way around the ring. Landon Stevens scowled menacingly at his rival who flashed an amused sneer in kind while pulling himself onto the ring apron and playing to the crowd. Adam looked on while stretching as Eiji folded his arms with a hint of resentment as Martinez entered the ring to fully assess his opposition. Walking backward to his corner, Jimmy nodded notably before tugging at the ropes and taking a knee. A slight prayer before pointing up led Martinez to ready himself for the war ahead. Referee Mike Hunt took a moment to assess the level of readiness of each combatant as the music elapsed before calling for the opening bell.

All four corners were emptied yet every man vigilantly assessed their opposition to their flanks & before them. Hands were outstretched toward the ring’s epicenter before Eiji & Stevens’ fingers became interlocked. Immediately, Landon knocked Martinez down with a Quick Back Elbow as Kugasari blasted Lazarus with a swift Side Kick to the Stomach before colliding with Stevens with a Head & Elbow Tie Up. Together, they leveled Adam with a Double Team Back Elbow before physically jockeying for control. Martinez ducked underneath the Double Team Clothesline and attempted to Spear Lazarus. The nimble New Yorker executed a Diving Somersault before attempting to floor both Landon & Eiji with a Flying Double Clothesline. Both men separated with a streaking Landon flooring Martinez with an Enzuigiri! As Martinez rolled to the outside, Adam used a 2nd Rope Moon Sault to his feet to evade capture from the Blood Raven. Landon was force fed a Back Elbow by Laz before ducking underneath Eiji’s Standing Roundhouse Kick. Lazarus hoisted Eiji up for a Back Suplex yet the nimble ninja flipped out & landed on both feet. Kugasari blasted Adam’s head with a stiff Forearm yet Landon cinched in a Rear Waist Lock. Lazarus fired back with a Standing Back Kick on Eiji which Landon made the ninja pay with a Snap German Suplex! ...1! ...2! Martinez broke up the pin with a Sliding Dropkick!

Kugasari rolled off the ring apron as Jimmy sent Lazarus spilling over to the outside with a Clothesline over the top ropes. Stevens with a Roll Up...1! Jimmy kicked out in which Landon grabbed Mr. Infamous by the head to stand him upright. Hammer Throw by Stevens. Reversal by Martinez to a Short Arm Knee Strike. Gutwrench Suplex by Martinez. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! Meanwhile, Adam Lazarus is seen careening soundly the barricades. Eiji strode after him only to be jettisoned overhead with a Back Body Drop. Camera Fifteen offered a distant view of Lazarus climbing the barricades and literally walking along the shoulders of 3 security personnel before soaring with a Diving Senton, disappearing into the crowd! Adamant chants for Adam Lazarus as both Stevens and Martinez continued exchanging punches & parries between one another before Martinez spun Landon away. The Russian Leg Sweep was quickly countered by a swift Side Head Lock Takedown. Head Scissors counter by Jimmy. Both men swivelled to their feet as Landon ducked underneath the Martinez Clothesline. Front Kick by Stevens led to him setting Martinez up for the Rising Star Driver {Small Package Driver}. Small Package by JBM. ...1! ...2! Kickout! Again, both men scrambled to their feet yet Landon blasted him with a Knee to the Head. Butterfly Suplex by Stevens who scrambled over for the cover...1! ...2! Kickout!

Camera Four captured Eiji being flung over the barricades and tumbling along the floor as Lazarus climbed over and nailed the ninja with several punches to the head. Adam grabbed Eiji’s head and ran toward the ring steps. Eiji braced his foot against the steps, countered with a Back Elbow. Spinning Roundhouse by Kugasari left Laz sprawled out along the padded floor. Meanwhile, Jimmy parried Landon’s Punch & fired off with his. Several would follow before Stevens was floored with a Hard Right! Landon instinctively wobbled back to his feet to be leveled with a Short Arm Clothesline. Jimmy raised his finger into the air, playing to the crowd before shooting toward the ropes...SMACK! Martinez grimaced notably as he staggered forward and collapsed. Eiji slid into the ring and jettisoned the steel chair into The Rising Star’s face before hooking Jimmy’s leg deep...1! ...2! Kickout! The Blood Raven scrambled to his feet and punished Martinez with a Leaning Knee Drop to the Head! As the Flyweight Champion rolled onto the ring apron, Adam Lazarus snatched him off by the leg & began wailing on him along the floor. Kugasari grounded Landon with a Baseball Slide Dropkick before pulling him away from the ropes & making the cover...1! ...2! Shoulder. Eiji quickly looked about before positioning the chair several paces from the nearest turnbuckle. Hammer Throw by the Blood Raven. Tiger Wall Flip up Steven’s Chest yet Landon hooked his arm around the top ropes to counter the Hurricanrana. Quick to shit’s the ninja’s weight, the masses belted out an hardcore pop as Stevens crushed Kugasari with a Running Sit Out Power Bomb atop the Steel Chair!

Eiji writhed wildly from the impact as Landon made the cover...1! ...2! Sliding Leg Drop by Lazarus! Clutching his head, Landon rose to his feet only to be leveled with a Savate Kick! A battered ninja staggered back to his feet only to be used to sandwich Stevens with a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Adam readily grasped the air overhead, beckoning the masses to crank up the volume before shooting quickly toward the ropes...ROLLING THUNDER! Lazarus scrambled to his feet yet Martinez rattled him with a Clubbing Forearm. Martinez sought to slam the Wading River native’s head with the turnbuckle padding yet Lazarus planted his foot against the padding & backed Jimmy up with a Back Elbow. Eiji fell off the ring apron as Landon crawled slowly along the canvas. Lazarus & Martinez were busy trading punches when Stevens sought to intervene. A Ric Flair audible tribute was heard as both Laz & Jimmy connected with several Double Team Chops. Double Team Hammer Throw out the turnbuckle slammed Landon hard into the corner. Hammer Throw by Martinez yet Laz floored him with a retaliatory Short Arm Clothesline. The Aerial Assassin broke into a dead sprint toward Stevens. Boot to the Face by Landon staggered Lazarus backward...Falling Star - {A Reverse STO!}

The impact send the dazed Adam sliding off the ring apron with Landon reaching out for him before recollecting himself. Reassessing his situation, the former ACW Scorpion Champion followed Laz to the outside and flung the ring apron away to dragged a table from underneath the squared circle. A recovered Martinez slid underneath the ropes, spun Landon about and began battering him with several Muay Thai Knee Strikes before flinging him against the barricades. Running Lariat to send Stevens tumbling into the crowd. A nimble Kugasari ran atop the barricades & bounced Martinez over the railings with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown! Staggering to reclaim his footing, The Blood Raven bounced against the adjacent barricades before sprinting toward a recovering Lazarus...Blunt Force Trauma - {A stiff Shining Wizard Knee Smash}! Amplified cheers were overhead as Eiji recollected himself to bridge a table between the railings & the ring apron. Another was shoved underneath the ropes before rounding the squared circle and stomping on the returning Stevens. Grabbing him by the head, Kugasari slammed Landon’s head against the ring apron. However, Mr. Infamous was seen crawling over the barricades yet Eiji crowned him with a Snap Roundhouse across the Ear! Martinez collapsed soundly onto the floor as The Blood Raven pursued & shoved Stevens back inside the ring before following suit. Eiji was back to his feet yet Landon hauled off with a Knife Edge before connecting with a Snap Mare. Flipping Neck Snap by Stevens. Landon hooked the leg deep...1! ...2! Kickout!

Frustrated, The Rising Star eyed the slightly bent Steel Chair and worked diligently to set it erect before looking to run down a resurgent Lazarus. Adam drove his shoulder into Landon’s stomach, dropping him to both knees before ejecting him several feet away with a Slingshot Dropkick, knocking over the unfolded chair before rolling off the ring apron! The RingRats Academy graduate received a battery of Buzzsaw Kicks to the leg by Eiji before spinning him out to the kneeling with a hard Kick across the temple. Kugasari quickly repositioned the chair before returning his focus back on Adam. The Blood Raven hoisted him overhead before connecting with a Running Forward Rolling Fall Away Slam. Eiji landed on his feet to continue his finish Adam off with a Triple Jump aerial assault but Martinez leapt onto the ring apron and pulled down the top rope, forcing Eiji to crash soundly through the wooden bridged table! The masses were heard roaring as Camera Five trained itself on the broken ninja partially buried within the heap. Martinez nodded confidently before eventually ascending the turnbuckles. Jimmy offered a throat slash gesture before taking flight...Make. Me. Infamous. - Five Star Frog Splash!

Lazarus keeled over onto his side as Martinez bounced soundly and landed across his back, clutching his rib cage. Pushing off with his feet, Jimmy eventually maneuvered over to the fallen Lazarus before hooking the leg deep...1! ...2! Stevens’s Sliding Hammer Fist for the save! The Arizona native continued wailing on his rival’s head before nailing him with a hail of relentless stomps. Jimmy launched his own counteroffensive measures to swing the tide back into his favor. Hammer Throw by Martinez. Clothesline on Stevens who was snatched back to his feet and cinched up for a Snap Suplex yet Landon blocked with a Heel Hook. Crucifix Pin by Stevens...1! ...2! A display of strength by Martinez was shown as he rolled himself to a knee before standing erect, ready to deliver the IKO - Fireman’s Carry Cutter. The masses cheered as the former Flyweight Champion spun Stevens about yet Landon slipped off and humbled Jimmy with a Basement Dropkick to the Knee. Quick to observe the dented chair, The Rising Star snatched it off the ground and connected with a home run swing against Martinez’s skull! Adam stumbled forward into the scene to catch Landon off guard before having the chair jammed into his mid section as Eiji’s arm was seen slapping against the ring apron. Lazarus was firmly in the Rising Star’s grasp as Landon cast the weapon aside...The Fall of Ideas - A Gory Neck Breaker! Laz bounced lifelessly face first onto the canvas as Stevens made the cover...1! ...2! ...3!

Referee Mike Hunt summoned for the bell as ’Your God’ by Stone Sour reaped the seeds of resentment throughout the Arena of Champions. Eiji’s fist weakly pounded the ring apron as he slid down to a knee as a victorious Landon sat up, arrogantly reveling in his victory. He slithered chest first onto the canvas before the fallen Martinez and began inaudibly taunting him before being pulled away by the referee. Mike Hunt attempted to raise Steven’s hand in victory yet Landon snatched it away while clutching his head with his free hand. A subtle yet maniacal fit of inaudible laughter was expressed during his exit from the ring and gradually slow back pedal up the ramp. Camera Nine trained itself on the image of Martinez wincing before radiating an embittered scowl, inundated with thoughts of inevitable redemption.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"Two Year Service Agreement"

Jim Johnson The House had a very, very busy night tonight and they were set to defend the jOlt Tag Team titles against their new #1 Contenders, The Heirs of Wrestling. The Heirs had been on a huge winning streak while The House had been involved heavily in a disgusting scenario with Team EGO. They had signed a contract sight unseen in order to do away with their rivals. EGO won the match by disqualification which meant while they kept the belts, they had won the match and per a stipulation they had slipped in, The House’s manager and Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte, had her contract snatched up by Craig Thomas.

To that end they were now face to face with the man in charge, Jim Johnson. The House stood in his office with a copy of the very contract that made the match between Team EGO and The House official on the last episode of Warriors.

“I don’t know what you guys want me to do,” Johnson sighed. “I had my legal team look over this stuff… it’s iron clad. It was right in there… Charlotte Huber’s contract would go to the winner of that match, which was Team EGO.”

“WE WERE SCREWED!” Huber stomped as he nearly put his massive fist through the desk. “THAT FUCKER HAS MY WIFE, JOHNSON!”

“You know there’s nothing to do. The law doesn’t take too kindly to ‘I signed this contract without looking at it.’ People do it all the time. That’s how Verizon got me to sign one of their shitty cell phones, admittedly.”

“So what do you propose we do?” Huber asked. “Let this motherfucker parade around with my wife?”

“You play into his game…” Johnson sighed. “He’ll slip up eventually. His ego is admittedly his greatest strength and weakness.”

Huber turned to Roebuck.

“I’ve got an idea,” Roebuck said. “How about we go to their office and FUCK THEM UP?

“No!” Huber yelled. “We do that, and they fire Charlotte. I’m not going to jeopardize my wife’s job! And you won’t jeopardize your friend’s job, either.”

“Sorry, hands are tied.” Johnson said. “You should go get ready for your match.”

The House fumed quietly as they were truly lost. Charlotte belonged to Team EGO and if they didn’t get their minds in the game, the jOlt Tag Titles would belong to The Heirs of Wrestling.

Graham Youngblood vs Mike Extreme
Graham YoungbloodMike Extreme

"Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth started to blast over the arena as the camera panned to the stage to see the monster Mike Extreme come to the stage with Violet right by his side. The fans were jeering loudly at the two as the monster slowly walked down the ramp to the ring for his match on iNtense. Extreme has made a very interesting impression as he has decided to put his name in the marquee by attacking ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs. Extreme rubbed his hands together as he climbed into the ring and waiting for his opponent tonight.

’Riptide’ by Sick Puppies cranked up from the PA system, setting off the rhythmic pulsation of the entrance staging area. The jOltvision screen danced proudly with aerial displays to entice the crowd until Camera One trained itself onto Graham Youngblood casting the entrance curtains aside to bask in the crowd ambiance. Slowly assessing his surroundings, the RingRats alum hopped in place before winding his right arm up & summoning a pyrotechnical explosion with an enthusiastic swing. Facing away from the squared circle, Graham extended his arms outward while slowly back pedaling toward the ring.

Graham made his way into the ring as he looked on at Mike Extreme and Violet across the ring. Youngblood was ready as Darius Underwood sounded for the bell in this Underground match. Graham knew he had to use his speed in this match against the monster Extreme. Mike went to lunge for Youngblood but GY moved out of his way and started to nail Extreme with a series of rapid fire kicks to his legs. Graham was trying to get the bigger man off balance.

Extreme took a swing at Graham or ducked the punched. Violet continued to yell at Extreme as Graham was moving in and out quickly. Youngblood nailed Extreme with a dropkick to the knee that sent the big man down to one knee. Graham raced off the ropes but Mike quickly grabbed him with one hand in a choke hold and sent him flying backwards to the corner.

Extreme tried to grab Youngblood in the corner but GY moved out of the way and turned Extreme in the corner. GY nailed Mike with a few quick punches and kicks. Mike absorbed the punishment and shoved Graham out of the corner. Graham quickly got to his feet but was down on the mat as Extreme nailed him with a big boot to the face.

Extreme went for the cover.




Mike picked Youngblood up from the mat and drove him back down with a vicious body slam. Mike moved toward the corner as Graham lay on the mat. Extreme waited for Youngblood to make it to his feet. Graham slowly made it to his feet. He turned around only to be broken in half by Mike Extreme with a spear. The young protégé of Sylo was in trouble now as Mike extreme started to show his dominance.

Extreme picked up Youngblood again and was looking to end this match quickly. However Graham still had a little fight in him as he rolled Extreme up in an inside cradle which surprised Mike.




Mike was now pissed as he got to his feet and started to unload on Graham in the middle of the ring. There was a loud roar from Extreme as he continued to drive big rights and forearms into Youngblood’s body. Mike grabs Youngblood by the throat and picks him up off the ground. Extreme lifts Graham up to the top rope. He grabs Youngblood by the throat and drives him into the ground with the Screams of Pain.

Mike was not through as he looked at Violet with a sick grin. He grabbed Youngblood. THE ROGUE CRUSHER

Extreme hooked Youngblood’s leg for the pin.




Extreme stood to his feet and raised his arms in victory as the crowd jeered the victor. Suddenly the PA system came to life with…

’Ring Superstar’ by Cypress Hill

The fans erupted in cheers as Natalia stood on the stage looking at the ring where Extreme motioned for her to come to the ring. You can see Extreme mouth the words, “Come on down Jacobs.”

Natalia smiled as the fans continued to cheer. Extreme continued to look toward the stage as a man raced through the crowd and slid in the ring behind Extreme. The fans were on their feet as Extreme turned around right into…


Jacobs landed the kick flush under Mike’s chin which knocked the big man back and over the top rope. Natalia smiled as she walked backstage. Violet went to aid Mike Extreme as Jacobs raised his arms while rolling out of the ring. He looked at Violet and blew her a kiss before back peddling up the ramp to the delight of the fans. Jacobs just got his revenge on Extreme for his attack and the master of the mind games was in full swing. Violet helped a livid Extreme to his feet as he looked at Violet.

“I’m going to kill Jacobs.”

Winner: Mike Extreme via Pinfall

"Underground Has Never Seen Anything Like Us Before"

Omega The camera panned around the bowels of the Arena of Champions as the man known as Omega who finally arrived in jOlt was sitting in a corner behind a fence and a few fences. The self-proclaimed craziest bastard in wrestling continued to sit stoically behind the fence with his head down as his long dreadlocks on one side of his head covered his face.

The camera stopped by the fence as the man spoke.

“Tonight the Arena of Champions finally get to witness what Omega has been saying for weeks. He is going to change the face of the Underground division. We have our sights set on the big blue man called Sylo or should we say the King of the Underground. Now we have been in many places and what we have seen in every one of those places is the fall of some King in the company.”

The huge man continued to look down at the ground not moving a muscle and speaking in the same monotone voice.

“The faux King will eventually succumb to what we intend to bring to the division but tonight is where you people see how we fit in your society. Jim Johnson sent us a message stating that in our first televised match which is Underground rules will be against Bane Loneheart. We hear Bane will be a tough competitor for us and this made us smile.

“We hope there is much pain on both sides as Omega loves to receive pain as much as he loves to dish it out. We plan to destroy this division as we did the Scorpion division in ACW. We owned that division and did things to people that was inhumane. jOlt is just another playground for us to have a little fun.”

Omega slowly stood up and walked toward the fence and pulled his locks back to show his damaged left eye. You could literally hear cringes from the fans in the arena.

“This is what happens when someone stabs you in the eye with a pencil in a match. Did that deter us from inflicting pain? NO FUCKING WAY!!!!”

“Bane look into our good eye. You will suffer tonight for the sins of every single person in this arena. We hope you enjoy pain as much as we do.”

Omega laugh maniacally before moving back into the shadows of the arena.

“We will see you soon Bane, the beginning of the end is here.”

The camera fade out.

Gunner Van Patton vs Jonathan Conspiracy

Focus once again turns to the squared circle. The fans return from their trip to the restrooms and/or consession stands. Just in the nick of time, as the jOltvision comes to life along with the PA system. Through the curtain comes the one and only...



As cocky as ever, J-Con struts down to the ring. Never once paying any mind to the fans along the entrance ramp, he makes his way up onto the ring apron. Easily launching himself over the top rope, he races to the far corner where he hops up onto the second rope and looks over the unappreciative crowd. He really couldn't care less about what they thought of him and he holds his head high, thinking... no... KNOWING he was better than each and every one of them. However, the spotlight is quickly taken from him.

Thunder begins to roll and the lights go out. Rain falls down upon the entrance way to match the rain falling upon the graveyard being displayed on the tron. Lights flicker throughout the arena like lightning, as the tron zeros in on a single grave. Suddenly, a black shadow rises out of the mud and muck with only a single white eye and a big red star radiating out of the dark figure.

The letters G-V-P burst onto the tron in time with red, white, and blue pyro explodes from the ramp. Through the curtain comes...


He stands atop the ramp, letting the rain come down on him before whipping his shaggy blonde hair back and tying his long red bandana around his head to conceal his damaged right eye. A cloud of red mist is spewed into the air and starts his march to the ring.

Only a few steps away from the ring, he hurries to it and leaps up to the apron with ease. He looks to his right and left, still smirking, as the crowd chants his initials. He couldn't stop himself from subtly nodding with the chanting.


He launches himself headfirst over the top rope and into the ring. Red, white, and blue streamers come flying in from all directions, as he rolls up to his feet with a pistol shaped hand raised high in the air. Never once taking his eye off his foe, he removes his bulletproof vest and tosses it out of the ring. He makes his way to his corner and sits up on the top turnbuckle until the referee calls for the bell.




Conspiracy is not at all impressed by the newcomer's entrance and just full of confidence, strolls to the middle of the ring. Van Patton hops down from his elevated seat and marches out to the middle of the ring. While J-Con is just oozing confidence, GVP is focused and quietly growling.

"A cool entrance doesn't make you a star," J-Con enlightens his opponent and disrespectfully looks him up and down. "But don't worry, I'll show you what a real star is like."

"Yer not gonna look like a star when yer tryin' to eat corn on the cob with no fuckin' teeth."

That comment goes over like a fart in church.

A wild right hand by Conspiracy catches nothing but air. The undead soldier explodes out of his ducking and unleashes a brutal barrage of a left-right combination, a right-handed spinning backfist, and a absolutely horrifying right-handed Muay Thai elbow.

The last shot spins J-Con and he drops to one knee. He is seeing more than tweety birds revolving around his head, he is seeing albatrosses. He could do nothing, as Van Patton pulled him up with a full nelson and execute a...


His grip never weakens and he drags his opponent back up. In a flash, he releases one half of the hold and applies a crossface with that arm to set up a...


Oh no, he is far from done. Conspiracy's legs are nothing but cooked spaghetti, as he is positioned on his feet once again. The remaining half Nelson soon becomes a single chicken wing and...


The crossface chicken wing is still hooked while GVP rolls his lifeless opponent face-down on the mat. One bridge later and J-Con finds himself the newest corpse at the bottom of Crystal Lake.


Gunnar Van Patton's modified version of the cattle mutilation is clamped on tight and in the dead center of the ring. Conspiracy is out of it and soon finds himself laying in a pool of blood that is flowing from his mouth courtesy of a busted lip. In no time at all, J-Con's hand was slapping the mat.




The referee calls for the bell as fast as he could and GVP instantly releases the hold. Van Patton sits there on the mat trying to regain his composure, letting the fire in his eyes slowly die out. The referee reaches for his arm only to have him pull it away. Van Patton races up to his feet and shakes his head at the referee as if to say "Hands off, pal."

The sounds of Angus Young doing what he does best fill the arena, as the undead soldier looks around to the approving fans and not without giving a wink and a point to the sexy GVP superfan in the front row, who is bouncing delightfully in her custom-made GVP bikini top. However, his celebration would have to wait...


The lights in the arena go completely black. Low lighting then comes on. On both sides of the ring we see Mattock and Sanchez Cano. GVP looks to both sides and know he's surrounded. GVP, however, didn't want to run. He motioned for the two of them to bring it on! With that, Sanchez Cano hit the ring first and got GVP's attention. Mattock then quickly slid in right after

GVP hit a lariat on Cano that took him down. Mattock crouched and waited as GVP turned around.


Mattock hit the corkscrew spear on GVP! Mattock then ordered Cano to get up. Cano shook off the effects of the lariat and helped bring GVP up to his feet. Cano and Mattock nodded at each other as they whipped GVP to the ropes. Cano went low and lifted up GVP with a flapjack. As GVP was in mid-move, Mattock leapt up and grabbed GVP, bringing both kneed into his chest with a Flapjack/Code Breaker combination.


Mattock then stood over GVP and made a fist with his right hand. He then placed it over his heart as he grinned over the fallen Van Patton.

With GVP laid out in the middle of the ring they then turned their attention to GVP's superfan in the front row. Sanchez Cano took a step toward her, but Mattock held him back. He shook his head "no". He then told Cano to exit the ring. Mattock simply looked at the girl in the front row for a minute and then exited the ring.

Winner: Gunner Van Patton via Submission

"Why Can't We Be Friends?"

Eiji Kugasari "Get the fuckin' hell away from me, ya bastards."

Gunnar Van Patton was anything but happy right now. While he did just make an example out of the notorious Jonathan Conspiracy, he was left laying in the middle of the ring courtesy of the pack of hyenas known as reVolt. There was surely a fire in the undead soldier's eye, as he shoved away the paramedics that tried to examine his bloody nose and eye to see if there was any major damage. The Purge was one hell of a move and even the Texan couldn't escape its wrath.

"Ah ain't got time for this shit," Van Patton announced and shoved a medic to the floor. He smeared the crimson coming from his nose across his face and started down the hallway, nearly crashing right into another heroic member of the jOlt locker room. Eiji Kugasari aka The Blood Raven stopped dead in his tracks and took note in who was standing in his path.

“I believe I know you.” Eiji mentioned. “You’re that man. The soldier with the mask of Iron, am I right?”

"It sure ain't Santa Claus, partner," GVP replied and looked over the warrior standing before him. "And just who might ya be?"

“I am Eiji.” The Blood Raven mentioned with personal pride. “Eiji Kugasari. Esteemed member of the Inogami Clan.” The ninja rested his index fingers & thumb against his chin briefly. “Now that I think about it, I admit that I am indeed impressed by the way you disposed of that retched Jonathan Conspiracy. It would seem that we have common enemies here.”

"Ninjas..." Van Patton shook his head. "Ah just can't seem to get away from the little fuckers."

He took a deep breath and wiped away some blood trickling from his nose with his thumb. He had dealings with another famous ninja once before and it had to do with that wretched woman he never wished to see again. You all know the one.

"So, ya fight the good fight huh? Is it just you or are ya part of one of them there clans ya Japanese fellas love so much?"

A look of immediate disdain radiated from the ninja’s visage. “Excuse me?” Eiji inquired.

"Nevermind, Inogami Clan or something like that right? Sorry, Ah took a shot to the head and the brains still a little scramble, ya follow me?" GVP said with a chuckle and rubbed the side of his cranium. "How many of ya ninjas are there?"

“That is none of your concern.” Eiji replied. “I considered the possibility of standing against the opposition as allies.” The ninja mentioned. “There is safety in numbers as things are set to very difficult for those who wish to weather the storm alone.”

"Yer right about that. There's a lot of strength in numbers, but based on what Ah've seen thus far, ya'll aren't doin' that much with it," the soldier replied sharply, his tone changing, as he started getting the wrong vibe from the ninja. "Why would Ah want to align mahself with all ya'll? Ya'll have been around here for some time and yet, ya ain't put a dent in the villainy that haunts these halls. In mah short time here, Ah've already saved more people than ya'll have. Maybe it's time the ninjas stepped out of the shadows and did somethin' worthwhile."

“Now that you mentioned it, I believe I have said more than enough.” Eiji rebutted. “Word of advice, ‘Mr. Gunner’; tread carefully...” The ninja warned. “For your sake...” Kugasari mentioned before slowly back pedaling away with a watchful eye.

Van Patton watched on, as Eiji crept away. He inhaled deeply through his nose and spat a giant bloody loogie on the floor to his right. He made himself very clear when it came to the subject of needing help from the Inogami clan. It was a resounding "No".

"Ah fear no evil, as the lord is with me," the soldier snarled to himself. "However, Ah know just the guy to truly help me."

He turned to head back to the locker room and make that call. Yet, he just had to get one more thing off his chest.

"Ah hate goddamn ninjas..."

"Heavy is the Head"

Jim Johnson A muffled grunt was emitted by the clan leader as a female holistic practitioner paused briefly before continuing her work to promote healing to a battered body. Unmasked and sans any covering on his upper body, Kenshiro Inogami sat with his elbows against his knees. Left Hand overlapping the Right set under his chin.

“I’ve been medically cleared, brother.” Mamoru mentioned through a deep expulsion of cigar smoke. “I understand the nature of decisions yet I must say that your path teeters on the paths of both devout courage and sheer madness.”

“Madness?” Ninja uttered with a faint hint of amusement.

“Lord Kenshiro...” A voice drew the camera’s attention revealed to be connected to the voice for the Crimson Order. The sinewy ninja remained on one knee with his tattered coolie hat intentionally obscuring his visage. The Mute Mountain renown as Takeshi knelt to his brother’s right flank. Silently concerned with a hint of child-like concern.

Heido”. Kenshiro replied as medicinal expert finished dabbing a red powder into a wooden container before applying the salve into the areas in need of treatment. A strained grimace flashed across the ninja’s face once more before clearing his throat. “The two of you have progressed well thus far since your inception.” The Ronin mentioned. “The eyes of the opposing teams and abroad will be watching. Intent upon warding off your ascension toward becoming the rightful retainers of the Tag Team championships.”

Both Heido & Takeshi nodded briefly in kind. “Ensure that your talents. Your chemistry and technical acumen continues to instill fear, respect and great concern to the opposition. However, I need for such a unit to sharpen their overall precision which is why I am appointing Mamoru to assume managerial accountability on your behaves.”

Mamoru tilted his head while sifting out more smoke through his lips. “With all due respect...”

“I will need your tactical brilliance to promote them to greatness.” Kenshiro ordered. “This is important to our progress forward, Mamoru. Their youth and your tutelage are a very potent combination without question. It would benefit all of us to convert these young lions into legends. For our history. For our clan. For our people.” Ninja mentioned before taking a moment to expel a pain-ridden sigh. “Your protection and that of the clan agenda are the priorities & tasks I have beset onto them. The infrequent interference between Jonathan Conspiracy and his pack of wild dogs is enough of a concern yet there are looming threats that require the proper adjustments in our defenses.”

“And what of this ’Sylo’?” Mamoru inquired. “His reputation for violence & damnable acts are great in number, not to mention, precede him.”

“He is none of your concern.” Ninja mentioned as Mamoru held out a small towel in which Kenshiro look up at his advisor. Mamoru’s raised eyebrow conveyed a hint of reasonable doubt. Holding the fabric to his lips, a light hue of crimson stained the towel before Kenshiro balled it into his fist & cleared his throat. “All of us have our appointed assignments. Myself included as the issues between myself & the self professed ‘Super Beast’ are far more than personal. It is a matter of clan business. You two know what must transpire.

“Consider it done, my Lord.” Heido replied as The Crimson Order saluted their leader before making their egress.

“And what of Eiji?” The elder statesman inquired. “He is adamant in his requests to have an audience with you.” Kenshiro nodded reluctantly with a moderate sigh.

“Get word to him that I must speak with him.” Ninja tilted his head with his eyes shut before staring back at his advisor. “In private.”

Mamoru stood himself erect with a puff of smoke venting through his lips. A subtle tug at his lapel and nod was given in response before making his exit.

Omega vs Bane Loneheart

Bane Loneheart was already in the ring waiting for the new comer to come to the ring. Bane waltzed around the ring as the crowd continued to jeer.

‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson hit the arena as the lights quickly went dark. The music continued to play throughout the arena as Bane looked around. The fans continued to be antsy as a few flash from cell phones went off around the arena. Suddenly the lights shot back on and the monster Omega stood in the middle of the ring right behind Bane Loneheart.

Bane turned around as a reaction to the fans in the arena and was nailed with a huge clothesline. Omega slowly reached down and picked up Bane and hooked him in a front chancery, He hoisted him high in the air and drove him to the mat with a big vertical suplex. Omega drove his knee into Bane’s throat and held it there as Simon Boulder tried to get Omega to relinquish the knee from his throat.

Omega smiled at Boulder before standing to his feet. The big man climbed over the top rope to the floor. He reached under the ring and pulled out a steel chair. He threw the chair into the ring before sliding into the ring. Bane grabbed the chair and drove it into Omega’s back. The big man continued to get to his feet as Loneheart nailed him once more with the chair. Omega continued to stand as he was finally face to face with Bane.

Bane took the chair and drove it into Omega’s skull. The big man stagger a little before smiling at Loneheart after the chair shot. Bane looked surprised before taking the steel chair and trying to nail Omega again. However the former ACW Scorpion Champion punched the chair which went back toward Bane’s face. Loneheart dropped the chair as Omega grabbed him and drove him to the mat with a big belly to belly suplex.

The big man did not go for a cover as he wanted to inflict more pain. Omega picked Bane up and shoved him back to the corner. Omega raced into the corner but Bane moved out of the way and Omega nailed the ring post with his shoulder. Bane grabbed Omega’s arm and draped it over the top rope. The big man grabbed his arm but nailed Bane with a punch to the gut. Bane doubled over for a second before trying to grab Omega’s arm. Omega using his strength pull Loneheart into a short arm clothesline.

Bane was down again as Omega shook his arm a little. He smiled a little from the pain before he grabbed Bane and whipped him into the ropes. Bane shot off the ropes right into a big power slam from Omega. The big man did not make the cover again as Boulder looked on in amazement. Omega reached down and pulled Bane to his feet. He grabbed Bane by his throat and drove him to the mat with a vicious choke slam. The entire ring shock from the force of the choke slam. Boulder looked at Omega as the big man turned to the referee.

“Count him out.”

“You don’t want to ---- “

Boulder was cut off by a look from the monster. He turned to Bane and started his count.







Bane started to slowly get to his feet with the help of the ropes as there was no expression on Omega’s face. He watched Bane try to continue the match. The big man rolled to the floor and pulled the apron up. He finally found what he was looking for, which was a table. Omega slid the table into the ring. Bane was barely on his feet as he was holding himself up in the corner. This gave Omega time to set the table up in the middle of the ring.

Bane started to stagger out of the corner but Omega quickly tore him in half with a thunderous spear. Omega made it to his feet and pulled Bane up with him. He put Bane’s head in between his legs before running across the ring with a running power bomb through the table. Omega pulled himself from the rubble looking at the damage he just caused. He looked at Bane for a moment.

“It would be in your best interest to stay down Bane. We don’t mind continuing this punishment if we have to.”

Omega moved back to the corner as he pointed to Boulder. Simon knew what he had to do as he started his count.









Bane did not move from the table as Boulder continued the count.



Boulder called for the bell as Bane could not answer the ten count. Omega sat in the corner looking on as some officials raced to the ring remove Bane from the table. Omega smiled before rolling out of the ring to the jeers of the fans. He slowly walked up the ramp to the backstage area as his first televised match was a success. Omega destroyed Bane and he enjoyed doing it. There was a new force in the Underground division and that man was going to be a force to be reckoned with. The camera faded to the backstage area as the officials continued to try to get Bane separated from the table.

Winner: Omega via Countout

"Full House"

The House A visit to Jim Johnson had failed to break the contract that Charlotte was now bound to thanks to a deception of Team EGO. With that having been said, the camera now cut backstage to where The House had been summoned by Craig Thomas. The jOlt Tag Team Champions still had a defense later tonight with their belts against the very hungry Heirs of Wrestling. Right now, their presence was required by a cocky Jim Johnson.

"Now that I have all of you here, let me lay down the rules so that there are no mishaps--" Craig smiled at The House as they were all gathered in his private quarters and continued, "--if you guys know what I mean, I would sure hate it if Charlotte was no longer employed by jOlt."

It was a rather awkward scene, with The House and Team EGO, sitting together in a professional manner. Craig paced back and forth in front them, leading the pack with his words of wisdom, breaking it down for them. Though, Huber and Roebuck were a little distraught. They weren't happy about the current situation, but they had to embrace The Ego due to the contract firmly clutched in hand.

"Rule number one, you must obey my command at all times. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. What I say goes and if you fail to follow rule number one, Charlotte will be fired."

Huber growled at The Ego, but Craig shot him down real quick.

"NO GROWLING!" Bellowed Thomas, with a smirk of course, adding more fuel to the fire. But Huber did what he was told, if he didn't, well you already know that outcome.

"Now rule number two, you must be at ringside when me, or Strangler have a match. We must win the match by any means necessary. If one of us loses, Charlotte will be fired."

Strangler grinned under the mask, even though he had yet to lose a singles match, but he could make fun with it. Craig, he wasn't trying to hide his agenda, he was going to be the jOlt Champion and he was doing his best to make sure that it would happen.

The House was going to aid him in his quest, whether they wanted to or not.

"And finally, rule number three, if The Ego doesn't become jOlt Champion at Thieves' Honor then you two monkeys will have to hand over those tag team titles to us, or Charlotte will be fired."

"Why you no good, son-of-a..."

Craig quickly raised his palm up to Roebuck's face, silencing him before he said something that would have caused Charlotte to be fired.

"Watch your tongue, monkey! I will not tolerate any resentment towards me, or my partner. You two chumps will respect us and do what we ask of you, or..."

"Craig!" Charlotte said, stepping into the picture with her hand on his shoulder to take his attention off of Roebuck. She knew Adam was fighting his temptation to smack The Ego across the face with an open hand, so she made sure that it didn't happen.

"It's okay, Craig. We will help you, not because we want too but because we have too. You outplayed us, I give it too you. We should have read it over, I should have. I failed as their manager and its my fault we are in this situation, but we will do what is asked Just stop being a asshole!"

"Oh Char..." Thomas said, smirking, " Shut it. We know its your fault! It's always the woman's fault, why the hell do you think I haven't married a lien cunt like you!?"

Huber quickly shot out of his chair, flipping it over. Strangler immediately stepped in front of him and nodded his head. Charlotte separated the two men before the situation became hostile.

“Enough!” Charlotte shouted. This had been a tense scene between the collection of them, but she was trying to make this work.

“Charlotte...” Huber said. “We’ll find you a way out…”

“The only way out is if we allow it,” Craig said, “And you’ve already been warned of what’s going to happen. Now… tonight, I wish you the best of luck in defending your Tag Team Titles against the Heirs. Good luck, monkies! Charlotte, let’s go!”

Craig held his arm out and waited for Charlotte to offer her hand in servitude. Huber and Roebuck continued to growl, wanting to make a move. Two of the biggest and most dominant forces in jOlt today…

And they couldn’t even make a move or it would cost Charlotte her career.

“Do it.”

Charlotte grabbed his arm and the two walked like the prom King and Queen out of the locker room while Strangler followed behind, quietly smirking. As the two left the room, Roebuck and Huber sighed in disgust.

“Well…” Huber said, trying to add a silver lining to their horrible predicament. “We’ve got a lot of frustration to take out on the Heirs tonight.”

Roebuck cracked his massive neck.


The House (c) vs Heirs of Wrestling
Adam RoebuckDerrick Huberhow

If you were The House, things probably couldn’t have gone any worse. On Warriors when the team of Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber threatened to finally be rid of Team EGO, they found themselves in a situation with seemingly no escape from. Due to a hidden clause in the contract making their match official, a Team EGO win (albeit via disqualification) led to the two massive brutes losing their manager (and Huber’s wife) to Craig Thomas and The Strangler. With all that processing, they still had a Tag Title defense to get to.

If you were The Heirs of Wrestling, fortune would favor the bold. The triad of troublemakers had been riding a high all the way to this match, finally trouncing the two men that took their jOlt Tag Titles – Sweet Sweet Lovin – and thus, earning the shot here tonight. Ryan Gallway, Frank Silver, and Mack Brody were a very deadly force that had a gameplan for just about any situation. Because tonight’s series of matches were to be contested under Underground Rules… that would mean tonight’s tag team title match would be gritty, dirty, and some shit would go down.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“The following Underground Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall! First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 575 pounds… they are the team of Frank Silver and Mack Brody… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

As big, strong, and dangerous as The House were this would be by far the toughest challenge to date for the jOlt Tag Team Champions. Not only were the Heirs of Wrestling former jOlt Champions in their own right, they were a dynasty of tag team wrestling. Over seven tag titles to their name in multiple organizations, The Heirs entered the ring while Ryan Gallway stood on the outside, cheering his boys with a megaphone.

“LET’S SEND THEM FATTIES BACK TO MAMA!” Ryan screamed into the megaphone.

Frank and Mack nodded and dapped fists before they waited for their opponents.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

The rock music played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! They were without Charlotte for the first time which made this all seem kind of cheap, but Huber and Roebuck had to remember that they were defending their gold tonight against very worthy competitors.

“And their opponents, they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… the team of “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck… they are THE HOUSE!

Roebuck and Huber entered the ring and raised the gold to big cheers from the crowd that loved to see them fuck people up. Frank and Mack each had their eyes on the gold as referee Darius Underwood held them high in the air for all to see.


Frank went on the offensive early and jumped Derrick Huber from behind while Mack Brody went gunning right for big Adam Roebuck in the opposite corner!

All four men were in the ring brawling at one time! To the rules of Underground in tag team matches... that meant tags were out the window and this would be knock-down, drag out fighting Underground Rules! The match would only end in a pinfall or submission anywhere in the arena.

Frank jumped on top of Derrick Huber and rocked him with punches in the corner, continuing his assault on the grief-stricken Oddsmaker. Roebuck was faring a little better against Mack in the middle of the ring and clocked him a good one with a headbutt to the temple. Mack fired back with one of his own when he realized that he could ruin his complexion doing shit like that!

The Bronze Bombshell continued to rain down the fists in the corner and matched up size and strength pretty well with the bigger man of The House as the back elbows in the corner came flying.

Off on the other side, Frank Silver tried to whip Derrick Huber across the ring only for The Oddsmaker to put a stop to that shit and send the Heirs’ leader to the other side. He chased him in and caught him with a gargantuan Body Avalanche in the corner!

Frank was sucking wind and fell to his knees while Mack Brody tried to dump Adam Roebuck over the top rope. The Big Bucks turned the tide on him as well and clotheslined Mack over the ropes and out to the floor! The crowd cheered The House as Ryan Gallway sprinted over to where Mack fell to give him words of encouragement


While Ryan took care of Mack, Frank was getting an unadulterated ass-kicking from the big jOlt Tag Team Champions in the corner. Derrick Huber was fighting with extra venom tonight and he floored Frank in the corner with repeated Shoulder Tackles to the gut. Silver was hurt now, but The House were not through with him by a long shot.

Adam Roebuck got his turn and pinned Frank to the corner by his throat while holding out his good arm.


The crowd shouted the name of one of Adam Roebuck’s signature moves as he let loose not one… not two… nope, not even three, but FOUR BLISTERING Open-Handed Chops to the chest of The Sovereign Superman!





Silver fell to his knees and rolled out of the ring so that the Heirs could regroup, but Adam Roebuck grabbed him by the leg and dragged the leader of The Heirs back inside the ring. The two of them whipped Frank to the ropes and when he came back, they nearly knocked him out of his boots with a hellacious DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Frank spun around after the impact and Derrick Huber tried to finish this out early.




Frank got his shoulder off the canvas and saved his chances of getting the titles back that they’d coveted since their return. Derrick pried Frank back off the canvas and nailed him with a pair of right hands to the face to send him staggering back in the corner. He whipped Frank across the ring and let him land in the corner before The House tried to set up another double-team. Roebuck whipped his own partner at Frank in the corner, but the tag team veteran got his boot up and caught Huber underneath the chin!

Roebuck came running at Frank as well, but he moved and that allowed for Mack to come swinging with a kendo stick, SMACKING Roebuck right between the eyes as he collided with the corner!

It didn’t take long at all for some of the plunder to start coming out here tonight and it was going to be a doozy. The Bronze Bombshell was back inside the ring as Adam Roebuck staggered around. The heavy for The Heirs of Wrestling came at him with the kendo stick and swung it, but Roebuck saw it coming and caught it before he took it and snapped it in half!

Mack turned around only to get SLAMMED with a Flying Shoulder Tackle by Derrick Huber that put him on the mat! Frank tried coming to his buddy’s aid, but Roebuck had his partner’s back also and clobbered Frank with a Running Clothesline.

The match had been almost all House so far as they were looking to get out some of the frustration they were feeling in their unique situation. While Roebuck was wailing away at Frank in the corner and Mack was still down, Derrick Huber went outside to get a few trash cans, canes, lids, pans, whatever he could come up with from underneath the ring. Fuck, he even pulled out a table as the fans started going nuts for the big bruisers.


Ryan shouted at Derrick Huber and he responded by throwing a chair in Ryan’s direction! Ryan had moved and just barely got out of harm’s way. Derrick turned around and went towards the ring, only to get caught with a Discus Punch from Brody! The blow stunned him so the 6’6’ 320-pound Brody whipped Huber HARD into the steels steps, knocking them over in the process!

As he was putting the boots to Huber on the outside, Adam Roebuck was still imposing his will on Frank Silver by Body Slamming him to the mat and stepping over his body! Frank rolled around in pain while Roebuck grabbed a trash can and set it in the middle of the ring on top of The Sovereign Superman. He was about to run off the ropes and look for something big, but Mack pulled ropes down and sen te big brute tumbling over the ropes and out to the floor!

Adam Roebuck hadn’t seen their trickery coming and now paid for his as he fell near ringside. Mack then put the stomps down to him when he saw Derrick Huber coming out the corner of his eye! He was already back up and he charged right at Mack with another flurry of fists to face of the possibly-metrosexual muscle of The Heirs.

He rolled Mack back inside the ring and headed to unfamiliar territory – that being the top rope. He had a cane in hand and was looking to finish off Mack Brody quickly. He jumped…


Mack had moved and Frank snuck out behind him to deliver a PAINFUL mid-air chair shot to The Oddsmaker, quickly dimming his lights! It was an excellent plan on behalf of The Heirs who now had the chance to take back what they felt were rightfully theirs.

“Get his ass up!” Frank barked.

Mack nodded and the two of them pulled Huber to his feet before placing the groggy Las Vegas native in the corner. Mack let more of the elbows fly while Frank came with it, stomping a mudhole… nay, a LAKE full of stomps in his chest. The Baron of Ballistics continued the assault until they felt like stopping. Mack rolled Huber away from the ropes and Silver followed up with a series of stomps across the body. Arms, legs, knees, elbows, chest, head; nothing was off-limits in terms of getting stomped. He even put a trash can lid over the face of Huber before he jumped of the ropes…


Frank’s new age take on an old school Garvin Stomp dropped the lid right into Huber’s face! He then kicked the lid away and crawled on top of the brute to try and get the win!




Huber got his boulder-like shoulder off the canvas! (Yes, I am a rhyming poet in my spare time, why do you ask?) The mammoth Huber escaped, but all this earned him was the dubious distinction of more kicks around his body from both members of the Heirs. Ryan Gallway continued to march around the ringside area and walked around Adam Roebuck who was just stirring from his fall.


Roebuck swatted Gallway away from him and started to climb back into the ring to save his friend, only to him cut him off by a trash can shot courtesy of Mack Brody! The Bronze Bombshell smashed the Big Bucks several more times until he fell off the ring apron and back down to the ground where Ryan was laughing in his face.

Brody and Silver then turned back to Derrick Huber and the Oddsmaker was grabbed by each arm before both Heirs dropped him with a double kick that brought him back to his knees. Mack Brody came off the ropes and DROPPED Huber with a running kick to the back of the head while Frank ran forward and raised the royal pinky up for the jeering crowd.


“Eat a dick, knaves!”


The Jumping Elbow Drop landed right to the back of the head of Huber after the quick sequence of moves. Silver and Brody stood back to their feet and shook hands with one another in the ring. The momentum was fully in their favor for the moment.

Frank set up another steel chair in the corner and propped it carefully in between the second and third buckle while Mack pressed a chair down across the throat of the Oddsmaker. He then lifted it and dropped the top end right into the chest of Huber, eliciting groans of pain from the big brute.

Mack tossed the chair and picked him up before they whipped Huber into the corner where he hit the chair! He stumbled backwards while Mack and Frank stood on either side of him, ready to charge for their double team combination…


The Running Clothesline from SuperMack combined with the Chop Block from the Baron of Ballistics equaled another devastating double-team from The Heirs of Wrestling! Huber was down and now Frank was about ready to finish him off and go for the kill.




Roebuck didn’t break up the fall, but he instead grabbed Frank by the leg and pulled him off his tag team partner to save the titles! He clawed at Frank like a bear trying to get at a trapped family inside of a car, but Frank kicked him away. Roebuck started to climb up again but this time both Heirs attacked him with stereo running shots to the breadbasket!

The Heirs had been playing a very effective game of divide and conquer since they regained control of the match and now needed something extra big to finish Huber off. Frank motioned over to Mack and kept his foot pressed down on Huber’s throat as he went over to grab the wooden table at ringside.

Frank lifted up Huber by his trunks only for Huber to fight back with a pair of haymakers to the stomach. Frank was doubled over and Huber used his strength to whip Frank across the ring before he dropped him with a Thesz Press. He continued to drill the back of Frank’s head into the canvas savagely only for Mack to cut him off with another cane shot!

The shot actually cut a nasty bloody gash in the side of Huber’s head now as he fell over. Silver tried to shake off the damage done by Huber and took a second to rest in the corner as the crowd continued to boo the Heirs. Ryan shouted over them the whole time while The Heirs continued to stomp out Huber inside the squared circle.


Mack and Frank had the table set back up in the corner and looked intent to cause some more damage. After Mack propped the table up in the corner, Frank pulled the bloody Huber back to his feet again and both men looked to double-suplex The Oddsmaker through the table. They tried…


The big monster was back in when The Heirs weren’t looking and he clubbed Mack upside the head with a big, thick metal cookie sheet that just happened to be under the ring. Because chefs live under the ring with Hornswoggle, you see.

Anyway, the shot landed upside the head and stunned Mack which gave Derrick the time he needed to free himself from the suplex and fight back against Frank Silver. He continued to drill him with some rights and tossed him directly into the path of a big Clothesline from The Big Bucks!

The House were back in full force as the crowd continued to cheer. Ryan was shouting more gibberish into the ring through his megaphone, trying his best to get the crowd rallied behind his teammates.


Followed by a series of claps.


And there was more clapping. Sadly, Ryan was the only one.

The bloody Huber and a pissed-off Roebuck grabbed Frank and set him up. Roebuck kept him pinned in place while Huber pulled out another cane. He whipped him across the ring…


Frank was nailed between the eyes with the brutal shot and crumbled to the canvas as the crowd continued to cheer the monsters. They didn’t Mack crawling back into the ring to catch Derrick Huber with a big cheap shot courtesy of a chair to the back! Derrick Huber did see him coming and kicked the chair out of his hand before. Roebuck charged after Mack and knocked the chair out of his hand before whipping him across the ring…


Roebuck used all his weight to crush him in the corner before he ran across the ring. Mack Brody stumbled into the path of the runaway train called Adam Roebuck who mowed him down with a massive Spear!

The Big Bucks chased SuperMack out of the ring and followed him into the crowd where he continued to slug it out with the bodyguard of the Heirs.

Back inside the ring, Frank just started to get back up after the chair and had a big gash of his own upside his head from the cane shot. He looked PISSED once he saw the blood and jumped all over Huber, clobbering him with more shots with a chair in hand to wear him down.

The crowd booed as Silver raised the chair in hand before he dropped it. The Baron of Ballistics set up the table from the corner and propped it up before he slashed a thumb across his throat. With some effort, he grabbed Derrick Huber in a facelock and pulled him to his feet before punching him some more and rolling him onto the table.


Ryan continued shouting while Frank was prepared to set up for something big off the top rope that could most certainly get them the win. Roebuck and Mack continued to brawl on the floor while Frank was positioning himself as he climbed up top.

Ryan was about to shout something else when a big hand grabbed him by the back of the neck and LAUNCHED him into the turnbuckle! The megaphone fell out of his hands and the crowd was cheering the man that finally did something with it…


The very bodyguard for “The Ego” Craig Thomas the more menacing half of Team EGO grabbed the megaphone and jumped onto the apron before SMASHING the megaphone over the head of Frank Silver! Frank didn’t see him coming and neither did the members of the House as Frank slumped over the second rope. Huber was groggy and saw what Frank was about to do, so he snapped to life and grabbed him by the body…


The VICIOUS Muscle Buster DROVE Frank Silver through the table and exploded into thousands of tiny splinters from the impact! The large Strangler smirked while Huber rolled over and pinned Frank in the wreckage of the table.




That was it and thanks to an unwanted assist from The Strangler, The House had retained the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their third defense!


It was a brutal and violent affair, but in the end The House had taken the win over the challenge of The Heirs of Wrestling! Huber just managed to stand with the jOlt Tag Team Title being handed to him while Roebuck appeared in the ring. Mack Brody was sore and helped to pull Frank Silver from the wreckage of the table.

The crowd saw various replays of the match, including brutal cane shots, chair shots, trash cans, and everything including the kitchen sink being used. But they had also seen the replay of The Strangler coming out and blasting Frank Silver upside the head with Ryan’s own megaphone which led to the win.

They looked PISSED at this turn of events that Strangler had gotten in their business inside the ring. Both Huber and Roebuck stared at Strangler as he walked up the curtains, giving the two unwilling members of Craig Thomas’ entourage a slow golf clap for their match.

The Heirs looked to possibly have the match won had it not been for The Strangler’s interference and this was something that didn’t sit well with either The Heirs, who scowled at Strangler on his way to the back. This also incensed The House as they left the ring in a huff. Meanwhile, Mack woke up Ryan after his unfortunate trip into the ringpost and the Heirs took off up the ramp, limping away after their defeat thanks to The House's mortal enemy...

Why WOULD Strangler help The House?

And more importantly, what the fuck was going on around here?

Winner: The House via Pinfall


SVJ The camera panned to the hall of the backstage area. Vince Jacobs walked through the hallway with his gym, bag with him and Natalia nowhere to be found. Jacobs smiled as he spoke to a few of the interns and techs on the way to his locker room. Jacobs turned the corner as he startled a person.

That person was none other than Aria Murphy, standing in all of her pregnant glory. She looked up at Vince who quickly spoke.

“Sorry Aria, didn’t mean to startle you.”

Aria looked at Vince. “It’s okay Vince.”

“I meant to tell you congratulations on your pregnancy. Even though Jay and I don’t see eye to eye I am truly happy for you.”

Aria looked confused. She knew Vince and this wasn’t the Vince she was accustomed to. “What is going on with you Vince? This is not you. You are not the same man that went through hell and back with Jay.

Aria paused for a second before looking up at Vince again. “You are not the same man that has done anything humanly possible to win a championship.” That ever familiar smirk formed on Vince’s lip. “When things are not going the way you may want them to go, changes have to be made. Have I changed completely, I can’t say but I know that something had to be done.”

“I’ve have done many things in my career that I am not proud of and I know people will never accept the change in me but I am not changing for them - - I am changing for me.”

Aria saw that Vince was being sincere. “Where is Natalia?”

“She is in the locker room waiting for me, so I need to go.”

“Vince I am not sure what is going on with you but a word of advice, be careful because everyone will not see you but will see what you have done in the past.”

The smile on Jacobs’ face disappeared. “I know Aria. It is going to be hard for everyone. People don’t like change. I will handle myself and this new situation. Trust me Aria, it will be cool. You go and take care of that baby.

“Thanks Vinnie, you take care of yourself and watch out for the people that don’t like change, especially Mike Extreme.”

Jacobs’ face was a shade of red as Aria spoke Mike Extreme’s name. He finally settled himself before placing a hand on Aria’s shoulder. “He will be the first one to accept change, I guarantee it.”

Vince walked past Aria down the hall to his locker room as Aria looked on at Vince with a confusing look on her face.

Has Vince Jacobs really changed?

We will find out.

Derecho vs Waymoth Turnbull

After their encounter on Warriros 18, Derecho wasn't satisfied with Waymoth's reasoning and challenged him to a non-title match. The match was signed and it was next, right here on the All Underground edition of iNtense!

"Emergency" by Mavado

Out from the back walked Waymoth Turnbull. He laid down for Aran Thompson and handed him the Relentless Championship. All for the sake of paying off a debt that he owed. While this wasn't a match for the jOlt Championship, in the back of Waymoth's mind, it could have been. However, Waymoth was now stepping into the ring for an underground match against the match who dominated that division for over a year as its champion. Waymoth knew full well what had to be done as he climbed up onto the apron and stepped into the ring. Waymoth warmed up as he awaited his opponent.

"Charisma" by WASP

The new theme brought out the jOlt Champion, Derecho. Derecho wore the championship around his waist as he walked down to the ring. Derecho spent over a year as the Underground Champion. After losing the championship to Sylo, he felt that a curse had been lifted off his shoulders. Derecho didn't think that he would be stepping back into this world this soon. Would God step aside for the King of Hell's ressurrection tonight? That was an answer we would soon discover as Derecho entered the ring and unfastened the jOlt Championship. Derecho passed it off to ringside as the referee called for the bell.




Derecho and Waymoth cautiously circled each other in the ring. Waymoth knew full well what Derecho was capable of in the Underground. While the jOlt Championship was his escape from that division, he wasn't far removed from it. After having a couple of weeks away from the ring, those injuries he sustained at Power Struggle appear to be healed. A healthy Derecho in an underground match was something to be feared and Waymoth knew that in the back of his head.

After they circled, Waymoth charged in and locked up with Derecho. Derecho tried his best to fight back against the Jamaican monster, but Waymoth proved too much for Derecho and he found himself backed into a corner rather quickly. Waymoth then nailed Derecho in the head with a back elbow. The impact rocked Derecho and stunned him for a moment. Waymoth then landed another blow to Derecho's head with a second elbow. Derecho then slumped in the corner after taking that hit.

Waymoth then repositioned Derecho and went for a big right hand, but Derecho ducked underneath and the two of them variably traded positions. Derecho then fired a big knife edge chop across the chest of Waymoth. He hit another and another, but the more chops he unleashed, the more unphased Waymoth became. Waymoth then grabbed Derecho and forced him back into the corner. Waymoth then drove the shoulder into the mid-section of Derecho repeatedly until he was worn down.

Waymoth grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him as hard as he could into the opposite corner. Derecho's back slammed against the turnbuckles and the force dropped Derecho down to he hands and knees. Waymoth walked over and grabbed Derecho by the hair with his fist clenched.

"Ya da jOlt Champion? Ya be nutha budda pussy", yelled Waymoth at Derecho. Waymoth then fired a heavy right haymaker into the temple of Derecho which dropped Derecho completely to the canvas. Waymoth then grabbed the top rope and used it for balance as he laid in the boots to the mid-section of Derecho, perhaps in an attempt to reinjure what had just finished healing.

Waymoth pulled Derecho up and placed him back into the corner. Waymoth went back to work on that mid-section with a knee to the stomach. Waymoth asked the crowd if they wanted one more and they cheered. With that response, Waymoth, again, drove the knee right into the mid-section of Derecho.

Waymoth then grabbed Derecho and perched him up on top of the top turnbuckle pad. Waymoth grabbed Derecho by the head and laid in another heavy right hand that rocked Derecho enough to stun him up top. Waymoth then ascended the turnbuckle pad and hooked Derecho for a superplex, but Derecho began to fire punches to the mid-section of Waymoth. Waymore loosened his grip and Derecho then used a massive headbutt to stun Waymoth. Derecho hit another headbutt and then shoved Waymoth off the top turnbuckle pad. Derecho stood up and measured Waymoth.

Frog Splash!

Derecho came crashing down on top of Waymoth and he made the cover with the leg hooked.



Waymoth kicked out.

Derecho rolled out of the ring and headed over toward ringside. Derecho stopped in front of the time keeper's position and just stared at the steel chair. The people began to boo, but it looked as if Derecho was conflicted. The notion of Derecho returned to what corrupted his mind was causing Derecho to hesitate. Derecho looked to reach for the steel chair, but he pulled his hand back. Derecho didn't know what to do here!

Waymoth recovered and saw Derecho lost in his own world. Waymoth rolled out of the ring and charged in. Before Derecho knew it, he was blindsided by a clothesline to the back of the head from Waymoth! Derecho staggered forward and fell onto the time keeper's table. Waymoth then flipped Derecho onto his back and then grabbed the ring bell. Derecho stared up at Waymoth as he swung down and clocked Derecho in the head with the bell!


Derecho was groggy from the impact of that hit. Waymoth still had the bell in hand as he looked to the crowd to see if they wanted to see that again. They cheered so Waymoth turned his attention back to Derecho, but Derecho had grabbed the steel chair and he jammed it into the stomach of Waymoth! Waymoth dropped the bell as he doubled over in pain. Derecho then raised the chair and cracked it over the back of Waymoth which brought him down to a single knee.

The crazed look in Derecho's eye returned as he placed the chair under Waymoth's chin. Derecho then used the point of his elbow to drive it into the top of Waymoth's head. This jammed his neck and chin into the top of the chair which went nowhere! Waymoth fell onto his back, holding his neck and jaw in pain! That sadistic look returned into Derecho's eyes. The King of Hell had returned home.

Derecho then pulled Waymoth up to his feet. He then whipped him into the steel ring steps. Waymoth fell against them in a seated position. Derecho then took the chair and placed it in the lap of Waymoth Turnbull. Derecho then got some distance and charged in. Waymoth couldn't do much to defend himself except this.

Waymoth threw the chair back at Derecho causing him to stop short and put up his arms to deflect it. This allowed Waymoth to pull himself up to his feet and steamroll over Derecho with a vicious lariat! Waymoth wasted no time in pulling Derecho back up and rolling him back into the ring. Waymoth grabbed the steel chair and tossed it into the ring. Waymoth climbed back in and picked up the steel chair. He then placed it on the top turnbuckle pad and then turned his attention back to Derecho.

Waymoth bent over to pick up Derecho, but Derecho used a quick jab to the face to stun Waymoth. Derecho got back to his feet and charged in, but Waymoth caught Derecho and flapjacked him face first into the steel chair on the top turnbuckle!! Derecho held his face in pain as he staggered back toward Waymoth. Waymoth then nailed a big right hook to the body of Derecho, then a big left. He went back and forth with this combination body blows before he finished off the Red Hook Combo with a vicious uppercut that could have knocked out the jOlt Champion!!





Derecho popped the shoulder up and the people booed. Waymoth grinned because he knew he had Derecho right where he wanted him. Waymoth walked over and grabbed the steel chair off the turnbuckle and dropped it dead center in the middle of the ring. He pulled Derecho up to his feet and then positioned him in front of the chair. He then wrapped his arm around Derecho's neck! Derecho sensed it coming and fired a pair of elbows into the side of Waymoth's head. Waymoth broke his grip as Derecho then planted his foot into Waymoth's chest and hit a Step-Up Enzugiri!

Waymoth was staggered and Derecho had to act fast. He then hoisted Waymoth up onto his shoulder and then dropped down..

A Forever Reminder on top of the steel chair!!

Derecho could have gone for the cover, but instead he asked for a microphone? Apparently Derecho had no intention of finishing this match. Derecho then brought the microphone to his lips.

"Debt?" asked Derecho.

"You're doing all of this for debt? What does Aran have on you? Huh?"

All it took was for Derecho to say his name...


"Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and the people cheered. Aran made his way out from the back, microphone in hand.

"What do I have on him?" Aran questioned Derecho as the fans died down.

Aran began making his way to the ring as he continued, "I don't have anything on Waymoth. Just like every person before me I saw an opportunity to help someone, and the Relentless championship....well...was just a gift. You see Waymoth's debt has been paid in full, he is his own man. An honorable man at that. I helped him accomplish a goal and he helped me."

Aran stopped at ringside as Derecho begged Aran to get into the ring.

"Oh that's right, Derecho. How smart. Turn your attention to me when you have a beast standing behind you."

Derecho turned around and...


Derecho collapsed to the mat and even the fans didn't appreciate the sucker punch and began booing the Mammoth Islander.

Aran slid into the ring and Waymoth pulled an unconscious Derecho up from the mat.

Aran slapped a lifeless Derecho across the face before asking Waymoth to hand Derecho over. Waymoth pushed Derecho at Aran and Aran locked the unconscious Derecho in an abdominal stretch and turned his attention to the crowd as they couldn't decide how to react to what was going on.


Aran slammed Derecho down to the mat on the back of his neck popped back up and pointed at himself.


Aran screamed in the face of Derecho as Waymoth pulled Aran back a bit and Aran looked around the arena with disgust before raising Waymoths hand in the air.


"Black Karma"

Jury At a respectable distance, the cameras were set up in the Arena of Champions underground garage where there is a brisk wind, sweeping its through the concrete interior. Traffic was at a minimum when a stylish Red & Black Yukon was seen & heard rolling pulling into the depths. The hollowed thumbing of bass crept from within the vehicle’s insulated interior as it gradually stopped at the appointed parking space. The driver’s seat hatched opened to reveal a relative unknown African American female. An ample hourglass build wearing black leggings & candy red apple heels. Hair straightened down to her shoulders. She opened the rear seat hatch and a towering yet very familiar titan stepped out of the vehicle.

Dallas Griffin

Adorned in civilian attire, the Texas native engaged the woman in a brief private conversation before exchanging platonic pleasantries and the pair parted ways. The once injured Griffin displayed a hardened scowl across his face as he slung his athletic bag over his should during his approach toward the hallway door. Griffin was seen tapping fists briefly with a number of backstage personnel before rounding the corner and being intercepted by his esteemed crew. The Jury & the wheelchair bound Duzza were seen welcoming him warmly.

The scene was a jovial one as the stable noisily entered the room together before sealing the hatch shut. Dallas lumbered over to the locker room bench & dropped his bag while taking a seat. Exaggerated handshakes and mirth continued for a few moments as Duzza wheeled himself in front of the titan.

“Welcome back, big man.” He said with a warm smile.

“Thanks, man.” Dallas replied. “It’s good to be back.”

“How’s your head, dude?” Khadafi inquired. Dallas ran his fingers through his flowing locks of an onyx hue. “I’m good. The docs cleared me this morning so I’m ready to get it in.”

“That’s what’s up.” Statuz Quo replied with a subtle hand atop his comrade’s shoulder. “A true soldier.”

“So what’s good, fellas?” Dallas asked. “When do we get some payback? When do you need me to take the ninja out?”

A heavy sigh was shared amongst the crew. Two were empowered out of sheer reluctance as one was derived from rebuke for the futility in certain forms of repetition. Dallas pivot ed his head to read the faces of his peers.

“Yo, did I miss something?” Dallas wondered.

“We are switching things up, Griff.” Khadafi mentioned as Dallas instinctively shook his head in disgust in the direction of the conversation.

“It’s not what you think, bro. We have to be smart about shit. How we move from here on out.” Duzza instructed. “We have been getting fucked up in doing things the hood way. It obviously doesn’t fly out here.” Dallas stood up in a show of aggression. “That’s why we got to do something now. Like right fucking now.” Duzza extended his hand toward the giant signaling for him to reclaim his rage.

“Fall back, big man.” Duzza mentioned as The Jury backed their manager’s play. “You’re not the only one who wants to get those pajama boys back more than anything but we are NOT going to play their game. You just got back and looking to get fucked up again. That’s not smart. That’s not how we are going to get back at them. My leg is not going to be in this cast for too much longer and I...” Duzza briefly looked to his flanks. “WE...need you in this fight. Let me ask you a question; Are you a bitch?” A cold glare followed a cocked head at the accusation. “What?!”

“You heard me.” Duzza seethed as he leaned closer. “Are. You. A Bitch?”

The Jury stood up and wrestled the reluctant big man back into his seat. “Listen. Listen. LISTEN!” Dallas let out an angry snort. “You see that shit right there? You see that is what I am taking about. This is what they play on. Your fucking head. Your emotions and since we know you’re not a bitch, I going to need for my brother. Our enforcer to man the fuck up and get with the fucking program.”

Dallas’s body language expressed his faintly restrained emotions. The crew were well informed that the giant was emotively expressive by nature.

“Fine.” Griffin hissed while looking away from Duzza. The Jury placed a hand on each shoulder in reassurance toward the titan.

“Here’s what I am thinking...”

Sylo (c) vs Ninja K
svjNinja K

The ring crew rushed from the back ready to break down the ring and lower the Pitt in its place. The Pitt had always been to the side of the stage but for this night of carnage it would be moved center stage for all to see.

“Well the ring crew is out and that means it’s almost time for our Main Event. While they’re getting things ready, why don’t we have a peek at this special look into the Pitt?” Michael Buhruman announced.

The jOltvision came to life and drew everyone’s attention as the lights in the arena dimmed a bit.

A voice over would start the video as ominous music played in the background.

“The Pitt. A creation made by Lucifer himself. An octagon with miles of reinforced chain link fence as well as even more reinforced steel that comprises the skeleton of the structure. There’s only one way into this hellish structure and only one way out.”

Images of past Pitt matches flashed by. Men were battered, bloody, and some weren’t even able to leave under their own power. It would show Sylo being carried out on a stretcher as its last image.

“In this structure men have fallen, careers have been cut short, rivalries ended in blood, and champions crowned,” The voice over proclaimed.

More images played from previous Pitt matches and the toll it took on all its competitors. The final image was of the last Pitt match where Sylo had knocked Superstar Vince Jacobs out to retain the jOlt title.

“The Pitt isn’t for the faint of heart as time and time again buckets of blood have been left in the wake of two men with a bitter rivalry stepping in to settle the score once and for all. Tonight two men will enter the Pitt with no promise of leaving on their own two feet. The man that pushes his limits, that has a desire and passion to win, and a thirst for vengeance will walk out the victor. One mistake; that’s all it takes inside the Pitt for your opponent to be announced the winner and for you to find yourself staring at the ceiling, if you’re lucky. Tonight we watch as The Athletic Freak – Ninja K takes on one of his bitterest of rivals; The Underground Champion, The Genetic Freak of Nature – Sylo. One must wonder who this match will belong to when all is said and done as Ninja K steps into a world the Underground Champion calls home as he seeks retribution for crimes committed upon him years ago.”

More images of the Pitt flashed by picking up in speed until it became a blur. Finally it ended with a shot of the Pitt with Ninja K and Sylo posed in front of it.

“Welcome…to the Pitt!”

Fans whistled and cheered as most of the ring was being moved. The camera would cut to ringside where Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers were being joined by an unfamiliar face.

“Ladies and Gentleman if you’re not in the Arena of Champions right now then let me just tell you the tension is growing more and more by the second. At this time I’d like to introduce everyone to our special guest co-host; Jack Silva. Jack Silva is a former MMA champion and has been an analyst since his retirement from the sport. Jack, thank you for joining us here tonight!” Burhman said as Silva put on his headset and shook the hands of both men as he took his seat.

“Mike, Nate, thank you for having me here with you tonight,” Jack said as he adjusted his headset.

“Nice to have you here and thank you for coming for this even, Jack,” Powers replied.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Tonight you have a man that’s actually been inside the octagon, that’s never been beaten in a Mixed Martial Arts match in Sylo going up against a man that’s spent his career wrestling but is trained in so many different types of fighting. I’ve seen video of Ninja K and I have to say he poses a threat here tonight. Some of his moves may be unorthodox but he makes them work and does it seamlessly.” Jack announced.

“Very true and we’ll get some more insight on this fight in just a second but first we’d like to show everyone the Tale of the Tape!” Buhrman smiled as the jOltvision came alive again with an image.

“And there it is. Wow, Sylo leads in every category. So I’m going to ask my two colleagues their thoughts on this fight and who they think may just walk out the victor here tonight. Nate, your thoughts?” Burhman turned to his normal ring side partner.

“Well I don’t have as much knowledge in this type of environment as Jack does but when you look at that image and take into account Sylo’s knowledge inside the Pitt you have to look at him as the favorite. Ninja K though has proven when the odds are stacked against him though he’ll pull out all the stops and find a way to win so it’s hard to definitively say who will walk out of the Pitt as Underground Champion but I’m going to go ahead and say Sylo. He has the experience, he’s shown just how violent he can be, he has impressive one shot knockout power, he’s deceptively agile for a man his size, and more importantly this is his match,” Powers nodded as he and Burhman turned their attention to Silva.

“Nate has a very good point. I’ve seen the champion in the ring and in the octagon. This is a man that hasn’t let a single fight go past the first round since he started doing MMA on the side. If you look solely at those stats, Sylo is hands down the man to beat. You’d almost have to say it’s his fight to lose but I’ve seen men his size get taken down by men a lot smaller than Ninja K. Also, Nate, you brought up Sylo being deceptively agile well after watching film I have to say Ninja K is deceptively strong and one good punch on the button and its lights out for the champion. Plus you have to remember Ninja K has a very good reason for revenge and that can be a hell of a motivator going into a fight like this as long as he keeps his head about him. Also I want to point out for a guy Ninja K’s size his reach is AMAZING. So I’m going to have to go with who many are calling the Underdog and say Ninja K takes this one tonight.”

“Two very bold picks so far. Personally I can’t pick a winner. You both make excellent points. My prediction on this fight though? It’s going to be one hell of a fight,” Burhman said with a smile as his two broadcast partners agreed.

The Pitt finally touched ground as a table for the judges was set up and they were escorted to their seats. An official from the State of Florida Athletic Committee would call the fight on this night and he made his way inside the Pitt. Now all that was left were the entrances of the fighters.

’Vicarious’ by Tool

The Arena of Champions was promptly submerged in darkness before Exit 44G became the strobe lit portal overwhelmed by the expected abundance of smoke. The advancing shadow broke the obscuring plane, revealing itself as the Underground Championship contender, Kenshiro Inogami. Fists & forearms sheathed Black Gloves & Forearm Wraps with Red Chrome Forearm Armor on top. Sleeveless version of his customized ninja attire with the partial mask.

Several paces behind him, The Crimson Order, Mamoru & Eiji Kugasari followed their clan leader as a bold display of solidarity. The masses cheered wildly as the entire clan’s descent down the elongated stairwell. Camera Fourteen followed the band of ninjas around the appointed path around the barricades and entering the path toward the ominous battleground renown as The Pitt. The assembly of ninjas held court behind their esteemed leader before Kenshiro turned around & issued some inaudible instructions to them, leading to their immediate nods of confirmation and their disbursement to their intentional side of the massive cell.

Kenshiro took several moments to fully ingest the visual monstrosity erected before him, the Osakan native wrung the tension from every extremity before entering the hellish structure. The ninja passed through the gate and quietly surveyed the horizon before smoothing back his hair and assuming command of his respective corner.

As Ninja took his corner the lights dimmed and various strobes of blue would pulsate. Fog covered the top of the ramp as “Demons” by Machine Gun Kelly ft. DMX began to play. The strobes began to pulse to the beat as the stages lifted and standing on the platform was none other than the current Underground Champion. He kept his head down nodding slightly to the music until the panel he was on locked and he let out an ear splitting roar as blue and white pyros exploded violently across the stage.

From the back would come Sylo’s trainer as well as the rest of his crew, which included Jimmy B. Martinez. They all wore “Team SuperBeast” shirts and Jimmy held the Underground title up for all to see as they followed Sylo to the octagon.

Sylo would stop short of the Octagon, letting the official do his routine inspection making sure everything was in place. He finally nodded to Sylo who jogged up the octagon steps but stopped before touching the thin mat the two would fight on. Sylo stared directly at Ninja K before making a cross with his hand across his body. He would end it with a thumb slash across the throat. The message was clear, Sylo was telling Ninja K to get right with whatever God he praised because he was about to meet his maker.


Sylo entered the octagon and jogged a few laps around it, not even looking at Ninja K, until he finally took his corner and began to stretch. His corner leaned over and whispered strategy to him as he just nodded staring at Ninja K.

Tonight’s special official would call both men to the center of the octagon making sure both men knew the rules and what he expected. This fight would be contested under PRIDE-like rules, meaning, there wouldn’t be many rules at all. Both men nodded and the official announced if they’d like to touch gloves to do so now. Neither man did.

Meanwhile, Donny Layne would stand dead center of the Octagon to announce tonight’s participants.

“Ladies and Gentleman this is your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!” Donny was met with a thunderous round of cheers. “This fight is three rounds inside THE PITT! FOR THE UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP! The only way to win is by KO, TKO, Submission, or Judges Decision. In the red corner, standing six foot three inches and weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, he is the challenger for the Underground title, he is the Athletic Freak, he is the 'Athletic Freak of Nature'! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, HE…IS…NINJA K!

Ninja K was met with a thunderous ovation as he was announced. Donny shifted pointing toward Sylo next as Sylo jumped up and down in place before cracking the bones in his neck.

“And in the blue corner, standing at a towering seven feet one inch and weighing in at three hundred and thirty five pounds, he is the current Underground Champion, he is the Human Natural Disaster, he is THE SuperBeast, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, HE…IS…SYLO!”

The crowed equaled the volume they produced for Ninja K as Sylo just held a single fist in the air. Both men readied themselves as the official asked both men if they were ready. With a nod from both men he called for the bell and this fight was under way!

Both men circled each other with their guards up. Sylo would test the waters first with a few jabs. Ninja K easily avoided them and absorbed the rest. Ninja K would test the waters himself by throwing a few jabs and a couple of low kicks which Sylo either absorbed or dodged.

“This is standard for anyone in this kind of fight. You want to loosen up some more and also you want to test your opponent, see if you can get inside his head and figure out his game plan. It’s not always about who comes out throwing bombs because that can get you knocked out fairly quick,” Jack Silva commented.

Sylo would be the first to push the fight. He threw a feint low kick which K went to block only to find Sylo’s fist barreling toward his face. He whole punch didn’t connect but you could tell it stung K as he bounced out of Sylo’s reach. Both men started to close back in and Ninja K would attempt to throw a few straight jabs before throwing a front axe kick at the bad shoulder of Sylo. Sylo moved just enough, much like K, not to take the full blow but it still did damage but it left K’s guard open as Sylo pushed forward with a flury of punches to the body and head.

Ninja K was back peddling toward the cage as fast as possible but knew he had to do something. Without thought he quickly clinched up with Sylo but that was a mistake. Sylo lifted Ninja K up in the air and brought him crashing down hard on the mat as the fans cheered. Sylo shifted into half guard as Ninja K covered up and tried to see a way to get out.

Sylo would work the ribs of Ninja K, cutting out some of his agility and the ability to be at 100% for three rounds if it went that long. K dropped to cover his ribs only to receive a hammer fist to the face. The fans “ohhh’ed” at the shot as it appeared a cut was now open over Ninja K’s eye. K knew he was in trouble but noticed the barricade that held the intersecting points of the fence together. He shifted his weight and with impressive strength kicked off and flipped over taking top position.

Ninja K noticed his was in prime position for the Triangle Choke Sylo favored so he decided to leave the ground game for the time being and quickly stood up. Sylo made his way to his feet and K took the chance to strike but Sylo side stepped! Lefts and rights rocked Ninja K as Sylo backed him up against the other side of the Pitt and with a well placed flying knee to the chin K was seeing stars!

“Sylo might have this one in the first round!” Buhrman yelled.

“This is what Sylo does in these kinds of matches! I think we’re seeing the end here!” Silva exclaimed.

Meanwhile Ninja K went down; hard. Sylo dropped in for the kill.


Sylo roared in anger as the official broke the two up. He knew he had Ninja K beat but time had expired. Sylo begrudgingly went to his corner where JBM and the rest of his crew fed him more instructions while Ninja K’s crew cleaned him up and did the same.

“My God, Kenshiro dodged a bullet there,” Silva remarked.

“I’ve never seen a guy Sylo’s size move like that. One minute it looked like K had him and the next Sylo was about to knock him out,” Powers added.

Sylo was seething as both men stood up. The bell sounded and it was Sylo who would explode out of the corner hoping to finish what he started. Ninja K saw him coming though and what would happen next would rock everyone in the arena. Ninja K would side step Sylo this time. He then took a running start at the Pitt, leapt to the top bar, and nailed Sylo with a bicycle kick!


Sylo hit the ground, hard, and now shared a busted nose with Ninja K. It took K a moment to get back to his feet but he managed to do so. The commentators were in stunned silence at what they had just witnessed as Ninja K dropped down and locked Sylo’s leg in what he called the Imploding Star Submission which was an MMA-style leg Nelson or as some refer to it as the Vazque-Fix.

“Ninja K with the submission attempt!” Buhrman yelled.

“This is where Sylo’s training has to kick in if he wants to get out of this.” Silva noted.

Sylo roared in pain as the official watched for any sign of a tap out. Ninja K cranked on the leg harder as Sylo began to roar louder but he just wouldn’t tap. He didn’t care about personal injury; he wouldn’t tap to Ninja K. Sylo slid his hips to push some of the pressure off as Ninja K held on. It felt like an eternity, Sylo could feel his hand going up to tap. Pain was exploding through every nerve ending.


Ninja K was forced to release the hold and this time it was he who was beside himself with anger. Both men took their corners as Sylo began working the pain out of his leg. Each man was given water and each man spit out a combination of water and blood into nearby buckets. Sylo kept his eyes locked on Kenshiro and Kenshiro kept his eyes locked on The SuperBeast. Sylo was sick of this shit. He was sick of this flipping fuck and was ready to just knock him out and end it. Kenshiro was thinking the same exact thing. He knew Sylo could be knocked out, albeit, last time it was with brass knuckles but a few hard shots would put him down.

Jimmy asked Sylo how he was holding up. He just grunted in response. Kenshiro’s crew knew better than to ask the Ninja anything at this point as his eyes flared crimson. Both men stood up as the grace period was almost over. A single bell would unleash the hell that would be the third and final round as the fans were on their feet.

“And here we go with round three!” Buhrman tried to yell over the roaring crowd.

Sylo and Kenshiro both came out like raging bulls and began swinging. A left from K, a right from Sylo, and before long K knew he wouldn’t win the stand up battle this way. A few well placed kicks that had a little extra “pop” on them to the already injured leg would back the SuperBeast off enough for Ninja K to land a few punches of his own.

Sylo bounced off the cage and using is almost like a spring board jumped back at Kenshiro throwing a hard right flying Superman Punch. Kenshiro moved just enough not to absorb all of the punch but still reeled backwards. Sylo smelt blood as he moved in for the kill and locked Kenshiro up in the Muay-Thai cluch.

“This is bad,” Silva remarked.

“Knees that size in your face? That’s obvious…” Powers remarked.

Sylo went to throw the knees as K frantically tried to cover. He shifted himself out of the hold finally before any real damage could be done right into the waiting arms of Sylo who pulled himself into a full guard with Ninja K. The fans roared as they knew what came next.

Sylo with lightning speed, especially for a big man, had the left leg over K’s neck and his right hand on his ankle completing the triangle choke. The fans were on their feet. They knew it was the end as Sylo cranked back harder. Time was winding down…it was do or die. Sylo put everything he had into the hold as K tried to find a way out. It seemed the name was fitting: The No Escape. Kenshiro seemed helpless. If he wanted to save his career he’d have to tap.


Sylo broke the hold and rushed to the cage wall jumping up on it and extending both arms in a roar thinking Ninja K had just tapped. Camera One trained itself onto a kneeling Ninja who drew his clan adviser mentioned something inaudibly to his superior who stared upward for several moments before drawing his eyes shut. The official checked on K and then headed out of The Pitt to the judges table. Moments later the announcement was made.

“Ladies and Gentleman, after review of the tape Ninja K did NOT tap. It’s the official’s opinion that Ninja K was only jockeying for position but never tapped to the submission. Therefore this match will be decided by the judges.”

The whole arena booed as Sylo jumped off the cage in a fit of rage. He and the official had a heated discussion until finally both camps had to be restrained. Thankfully, word came down and the judges had reached a decision. The announcer stepped in as a very unhappy Sylo and Ninja K took their places next to the official. Camera Five panned over to capture the expressions of the Inogami Clan. Eiji was seen placing his hand against the cage as Heido, Mamoru & Takeshi traded glances and watched their immediate surroundings attentively.

“The judges have scored this contest as follows. Round one: Sylo. Round Two: Ninja K. And finally, Round Three: A Draw! Meaning this contest ends in a draw!” boos followed the announcement.

Sylo was beyond himself with anger as he stormed out of The Pitt and to the back with crew in tow. Meanwhile, the entire Inogami Clan entered the cage and knelt around their defiant leader. The enigmatic consortium were speaking inaudibly as Ninja K just closed his eyes, angry with the outcome himself, as it stood these men had went to war and had given it their all but still there wasn’t a clear winner. Sylo walked out Underground Champion still but he wasn't happy about it either. The special iNtense goes Underground would end in controversy as we still didn't have a definitive winner in the Ninja K/Sylo war.

Winner: DRAW