"Welcome to iNtense"


A steady pulse of a blue-hued EKG reading begins its hastened trek through the blackened void. The words ‘jOlt Wrestling...’ and the copyright information & year fade as quickly in sequence as they appeared

Moments of Darkness.

“When They Come For Me” by Linkin Park

The angry rift overheard in the background accompanies the immediate barrage of images across the screen...

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - (Bane LoneHeart jamming his trademark Lead Pipe into a jobber’s mid section...Adam Lazarus soaring over the top rope into the unknown...Pyrotechnics in mid explosion as Graham Youngblood, swings his right fist in excitement to motivate the crowd...Dallas Griffin, seen jettisoning Mamoru through an angled table amidst a raucous crowd...the eccentric tandem of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’, happily interacting with the crowd..Aria Murphy crushing Persephone with a jaw-rattling Right Hook....the violent scene of Mike Extreme putting Kayden Paulton through a table...the foreboding flashes of light, dancing against the ever enigmatic Mattock, with his grayish mane partially obscuring his visage...Jimmy B. Martinez spiking Sanchez Cano into the canvas with his patented IKO finisher...Eiji Kugasari forcing Cordova to submit to the Red Recluse Spider Lock...Ninja K and Derecho displaying some chain wrestling to the delight of the crowd...Dawn Cassidy is intently focused on the inaudible promo being cut by Reno Davis...Rune Winters, draping his arms over the infamous Shovel braced across his broad shoulders. A slightly contorted facial expression while sternly popping his neck...Sven Deadly, slithering over a fallen opponent as the ominous Harbinger, silently heaving nearby...Referee Nguyen raising the hand of Daryn Thompson, who whips her short hair back from her face...the partially masked and bearded monstrosity Lusus, staring back at the camera while seething on all fours over a recently squashed foe...the triumphant celebration The House, playing to the crowd while proudly displaying their newly acquired jolt Tag Team Championship belts...Jason Fosters is angrily popping his knuckles en route to the ring...The resident raving psychotic Turk is seen inaudibly screaming at the fans while walking down the ramp way...Christ Titan, arrogantly motioning for all comers to challenge his authority and the screen becomes quickly splattered with crimson via Anson LaRue, punching the camera. )

(The splatter pattern quickly resumes the EKG pulse that momentarily displays the words ‘presents... SUNDAY NIGHT iNtense’ on cue before fading out...)

{2nd Visual Salvo w/ Music - Lyrics Overheard} - (Jonathan Conspiracy raising the Relentless Championship overhead...Landon Stevens hitting the Fall of Ideals finisher on an masked competitor...Big Little Italy and Conan the Leprechaun are wildly brawling with Statuz Quo and Khadafi backstage...Sweet Aroma blowing a kiss toward the screen...Jason Rau drilling a masked wrestle into the canvas via his Ausssie-Driver finisher...Craig Thomas seen expressing a throat slashing gesture to the crowd, signaling the end is near...the visual of Tyke knocking Cordova out of the air violently by nailing his patented Tyke Shot finisher...Chief promotional figurehead Damien Lee and administrative power broker Jim Johnson standing nose to nose at the ring’s epicenter, both armed with a mic...The visually abrasive charred face of Grendel as he slowly turns his head toward the camera...J. Leslie Voss, standing atop the turnbuckles to flex proudly before the masses...Aran Thompson is basking amidst a grand celebration accompanied by Laurie Williams in the middle of the ring...the arrogant Kenjiro Ito pissing off the crowd from atop the ring steps...the entire Avispa Clan are in tow behind Avispa Ultima, who is inaudibly cutting a promo backstage. The form of the onyx-clad ninja One Eye is seen sliding quickly from left to right w/ both arms folded against the wind...Wrestling prodigy Colby Korver is seen holding the ropes open, flashing a beaming smile to the ladies...the controversial masked madman Phoenix crashing soundly through a mountain of tables...the muscular West Islander Waymoth Turnbull ,thrusting his massive fists toward the heavens atop the massive entrance staging area...the trench coat clad masked man renown as Citizen, stand within the swirling masses of fanfare...Sylo, is caught flying off the jOltvision in grand fashion with a Asai Moonsault...Derecho, thrusting the jOlt Heavyweight title overhead with both hands as pyrotechnics are in full swing...the visual eye candy is concluded via ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs obliterating his opposition’s face with his infamous Superstar Kick, promptly shattering the screen to fluidly transition into the live broadcast. Brief darkness.)

The notable graphics announcing the Arena of Champions as the prime location of the flagship program are affixed to the descending Camera One visual, displaying the unchecked roaring of the jOlt Wrestling faithful. Camera Twelve would assume command with a gradual pan from the entrance staging area while the musical introduction continues to play before making the transition to the lead broadcast position, where the team of lead announcer Michael Buhrman and color commentator Nathan Powers welcome the public on cue...

"So You Want to be the Champion?"


The Arena of Champions erupted in a mixed reaction as Aran Thompson sauntered out from behind entrance curtain with Laurie Williams next to him holding his Relentless Championship in her arms, cradled like a baby and Waymoth Turnbull on the other side of him. All smiles and showing no signs of interacting with the fans Aran stopped at ring side and turned around to a fan who wanted a high five.

"You got the wrong Asian, buddy!" Aran said as he turned back around and watched Waymoth climb into the ring first and Laurie walked up the ring steps still holding the Relentless Championship. Aran hopped up on the ring apron and sat on the middle rope helping Laurie into the ring and then he spun around and effortlessly slide into the ring before he asked for a microphone from the stage hand

Aran, with microphone in tow, smiled as he looked around the Arena of Champions and everybody began both cheering and booing for him.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Aran began.

"Why such hostilities? I mean, I slayed the man that told you all he was God! I took this little feud from business, to personal, to RELIGIOUS! The dirt sheets that are following Aran vs. Derecho are clamoring like a cult watching the kool-aid mix, and the rest of you are wondering when Aran is going to cash in his Relentless Championship. I'm going to Thieves Honor, and after a very mutual business arrangement between myself and Mr. Turnbull over here, I've got the golden ticket."

Laurie Williams raised the Relentless Championship in the air as the mixed reaction continued.

"But for me, personally, it's been fun just picking on Derecho. It's almost been a bit too easy actually, but it hasn't been without gifts either. I mean I gave the entire locker room the gift of no more Derechode stinking up the joint, when that self proclaimed God started to try and turn the water works on and twist your view on that vile, wretched, blasphemous heretic.." Aran paused and snarled, "I locked him out of the building!"

Aran looked around as he continued to receive a loud mixed reaction. As Aran looked around the crowd and took it in, his attention snapped to the entrance ramp as did everyone else's

"Charisma" by WASP

Another man who received quite the mixed reaction, Derecho, stepped out from behind the curtain with the jOlt Championship around his waist. He had a microphone in his hand that he jostled around as he looked around the arena, seemingly while collecting his thoughts. Once his music died off, Derecho brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Aran Thompson... that name has been synonymous with one thing throughout the course of history.. and that is the Relentless Championship."

Derecho paused for a moment and then continued.

"You see... when you won the Relentless Championship, you were proud.. you felt like it was a major accomplishment.. and you then eclipsed that by winning it a second time. That bestowed upon you even more confidence to the point where you decided to call yourself Mr. Relentless"

Still a mixed reaction as Derecho continued on.

"To you... that Relentless title became a symbol of pride.. a symbol of honor... but, when I was injured, fresh off my brutal match with Sylo at Power Struggle, and I pinned your shoulders to the mat, the Relentless Championship became the pinnacle of your career because I proved you couldn't climb any higher on the ladder of success."

The fans cheered that statement, but there were still some Aran Thompson fans in the crowd and they booed Derecho for that.

"After that match... you went back into your locker room and you sat down in front of a mirror.. you stared at yourself for a good long while and you came to the realization that the statement I made just now about you was the cold hard truth. That truth lit a fire in you.. a fire that didn't symbolize determination.. but a fire which burned and ate away at you to the point where you stooped so low that you had to intervene in a man's personal life.. you had to open your wallet to buy your way to your third Relentless Championship."

Derecho grinned.

"All because you know deep down inside, you can't beat me."

Derecho stared directly at Aran Thompson when he made that statement. Aran was visibly upset as he paced back and forth in the ring.

"What? Did I strike a nerve? So it must be true. You couldn't beat me so you had to go back to what you know best.. you had to go back to mediocrity.. back to your security blanket.. back to the highest ranked title you're capable of winning... The Relentless Championship... and now you stand there in the middle of that ring with that shiny piece of silver being held by your trophy wife, looking up the entrance ramp at a man with a real piece of gold around his waist and you think you have a shot when in reality.. you have nothing."

Derecho unfastened the jOlt Championship and held it high in the air.

"This is the symbol of excellence.. and at Thieves' Honor, I will bravely defend it against seven others, you included. I intend of walking into that match as champion and walking out as champion and I will admit.. calling myself God was overstepping a boundary that I shouldn't have crossed.. but I can't change the past... I did cross that boundary and I regret doing so... but while I may not truly be God.. after I eliminate you from that match and go on to one.. I will take some solace in knowing that In coverted at least one person into a believer that I am."

Derecho then dropped the microphone as he walked to the back. Aran snarled at Derecho from the ring as Laurie tried to calm him down. In just one week's time, Aran Thompson and six others will challenge Derecho for the jOlt Championship inside of Thieves' Honor!

"A Not So Casual Office Meeting"

Jim Johnson The office of Jim Johnson was currently occupied with the members of the House; “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber had been called to the office of Jim Johnson. Restlessly, the big mountain of anger called Adam Roebuck stood up from his chair.

“So did you call us here for a reason, Johnson? To look at…” Adam scanned the room. “…Your new fucking drapes?”

“Adam,” Derrick said. “Cool it.”

The other half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions resigned quietly while Derrick shook his head.

“Why did you call us here, anyway?” Huber asked.

Jim stood at his desk. “What happened on Intense last week between you and the Heirs needs to be settled, so I’ve invited somebody here to nip this issue in the bud before it spins out of control. Wait till our guests arrive then I’ll explain this. I will warn you now… if there is any violence in my office then I’ll suspend the both of you. You got it?”

“Why? Who did you invite?”

Both Huber and Roebuck turned to the door and when they saw the other visitors…


The Heirs of Wrestling - Ryan Gallway, Frank Silver and Mack Brody were all live and in color. All three men were dressed to compete tonight and all three men appeared to have unfinished business with The House after their sneak attack on Derrick Huber on the last episode of Warriors.

Derrick Huber was about to jump up from his seat and snap their necks himself, but in a reversal of roles, it was Roebuck who held his partner back.

“Derrick, no!”

Frank smirked. “You better listen to your Neanderthal friend there, Huber. You’ve already lost your wife. You wanna lose your job, too?”

Huber wanted to swing at him badly… so very badly. The Oddsmaker kept himself restrained while Jim Johnson got in the middle of the potential scuffle.

“HEY!” Johnson shouted. “The same rules applies to you, too, Frank. If you or your buddies shows ANY violence here while I’m calling this meeting between the two of you, then you’re all gonna be suspended indefinitely. Comprende?”

“THASS RAYCISS!” Ryan shouted. “I’ll have you know, Johnson, I’m 1/32 conquistador conqueror from Spain!”

Mack and Frank shook their head at Ryan while Jim continued.

“We’re going to talk about what happened on Intense,” He said. “The Heirs came to me last week and demanded a rematch. I was tempted to decline them, but they did have a point. The Strangler got involved in the decision of the match so I’m going to give them another chance.”

Huber and Roebuck turned over to The Heirs who had smiles on their faces.

“Eat it, you fat testicle-ticklers!” Mack laughed.

The House were about to stand up and throw fucking blows regardless of what Jim Johnson laid down, but he wasn’t finished.

“Hey!” Johnson shouted. “I wouldn’t be so damn snarky, kids. I’m going to give you a chance at Thieves Honor for the jOlt Tag Team Titles but you’re gonna have to EARN it. I’m starting a six-man tag team contest later tonight. The Heirs of Wrestling – all of you in a six-man tag team match. You’ll take on The House and whoever they can find to team with them. If you win, you get a title shot. But if you DON’T… then you go to the back of the line. I’ve got teams like The Crimson Order, The Jury, Sweet Sweet Lovin, and a whole host of others training down in The Hype to get ready for opportunities like this. Now go get ready and the whole lot of you get the hell out of my office.”

Frank, Ryan, and Mack all locked eyes with The House who looked like they were ready for a fight. One by one the three of them

“Don’t care if we have two or three, you fucking nancies,” Roebuck yelled. “Don’t get a hangnail, you preppy bitches.”

Frank looked to the House and scoffed. “Maybe you guys could get Charlotte… no, wait. You can’t. She’s somewhere being Craig Thomas’ personal waste receptacle. “

Silver, Gallway, and Mack all high-fived one another but Huber had enough…


Frank was SOCKED in the mouth and he went tumbling to the ground. Ryan and Mack went to check on him while Huber smiled.

“We’re out of his office, now, boys,” Derrick sneered. “See you out in the ring.”

The jOlt Tag Team Champions turned and walked away while Mack and Ryan tended to Frank, who was on the ground trying to see if any teeth were missing.

The camera followed The House down the hallway watching them head back to the locker room.

“That feel good?” Roebuck asked. “See… you should give into the temptation of violence a little more.”

Huber sighed. “Yeah… maybe…”


The House turned around to see another annoyance. As if The Heirs weren’t enough breathing down their necks for the belts they were currently wearing. The Strangler, Craig Thomas’ bodyguard stood in front of the Heirs.

“You guys have a job to do after whatever the hell it is you’ve got going on with the Heirs.”

“No, we don’t,” Huber snarled. “We just got put into a six-man tag against The Heirs of Wrestling tonight. Dance card’s a little full, Strangler, Thomas can wait.”

“No, you don’t understand,” Strangler commanded. “It doesn’t matter what you’ve got going on. When he has a job for you, you fucking do it. Do I need to remind you about Char…”

“Fuck you!” Huber snapped, catching the Strangler off-guard. “If you want us to help him, then why don’t you make yourself useful. We’ve got The Heirs of Wrestling in a six-man tag team match shortly. You find us a partner, we beat them tongith and then they’re out of our hair. We’ll help Craig get his fucking championship and you let my wife go. That’s our terms.”

Strangler seethed with rage as he wanted to smack Huber and Roebuck badly. However, he had a point. They had a common enemy that they needed to be rid of if it meant giving what Craig Thomas wanted.

“Fine. You’ve got your partner tonight. We’re going out there and I’m going to start what you two couldn’t finish without my help when you fought them last time.”

The Strangler turned the corner and was about to get ready for the match coming up. Roebuck and Huber sighed with disgust before they headed back to the locker room. They were making way too many enemies around here.

Eiji Kugasari vs Graham Youngblood

’Riptide’ by Sick Puppies rolled out of the state-of-the-art sound system, triggering the rhythmic pulsation of lighting around the entrance staging area. Cameras Three & Twelve traded angled views of the jOlt Wrestling faithful rallying behind the RingRats Academy scholar parting the curtain and standing proudly before the masses. Rolling his shoulders and smoothing out his hair, the wrestling rookie looked toward the ceiling before nodding to himself. The Northeastern native hopped in place before winding his right arm up & summoning a pyrotechnical explosion with an enthusiastic swing. Facing away from the squared circle, Graham extended his arms outward while slowly back pedaling toward the ring...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall; From Boston, Massachusetts & weighting in at 225 pounds...GRAHAM! YOUNGBLOOD!!!

Graham began yelling words of sheer confidence to Camera Two that was back pedaling during his walk toward the ring. Youngblood broke away to slap hands & show love back to the adoring masses before sprinting toward the ring, sliding underneath the ropes and extending his arms outward from the kneeling posture. Walking past referee Hunt & Dean Carrington, Graham pumped himself up from the 2nd ropes before committing a repeat performance atop the opposing turnbuckle as his music waned.

As ’No Association’ by Silverchair drifted from the PA system the musical theme siphoned the brightness from the arena’s interior. The jOltvision monitors flickered to life as the hues of Crimson & White strobe lighting danced about on cue. Jets of condensed smoke belched forth as the Blood Raven passed through the overcast & stood with his head downcast at the apex of the entrance staging area. A brief martial arts kata was concluded with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Eiji swung his fist toward the grating, summoning a Red Pyrotechnical explosion. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji ascended to his feet and took a few moments to seethe at the staging area apex before power walking toward the ringside area.

Carrington: “...And his opponent...He hails from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

The mixed yet audible response from the masses ushered the ninja closer to the ring as he stood longingly atop the ring steps. Youngblood & Eiji continued to cast mutual daggers visually even while Eiji scaled the turnbuckles from the outside before making his descent to the canvas. Graham nodded in kind as Eiji shared some inaudible insults while pointing at his opposition. The Inogami Clan officer was clan in the hues of Obsidian & Blood Red as he allowed the referee to check him for illegal paraphernalia. The same inspection was conducted on Youngblood before Mike Hunt made his last check before signaling for the opening bell.

Both rivals began to encircle the heart of the ring to begin the cerebral chess game. The two young guns exhibited a mutual exchange of feints before intently jockeying for position with a mutual Tie Up yet Youngblood locked in an Arm Wringer. Eiji buckled down and reversed the pressure into one of his own. Graham quickly converted the hold into a Rear Side Hammer Lock. The patient ninja broadened his stance and worked himself in position to swivel about to ground Youngblood with a swift Leg Scissors. Grounded Waist Lock by Kugasari as Graham rose from the kneeling to convert a Standing Heel Hook into a Side Head Lock Takedown. The ninja powered out with a Leg Scissors Counter. Both men scrambled to their feet yet Youngblood shoved Eiji back down with a Single Leg Trip teasing a lower leg submission. Kugasari used his elbows to maneuver yet managed to drive his foot into Graham’s chest twice before pushing himself to his feet to execute a Standing Back Flip. Youngblood’s Running Lariat sailed over Eiji’s Matrix Back Bend to a Single Back Handspring to his feet. Running Shoulder Block by Youngblood. Eiji’s Reverse Somersault Throw allowed Graham to land onto his feet & shoot toward the opposing ropes. Leapfrog by The Blood Raven as Youngblood pivoted & bundle the ninja into a Roll Up Pin. ...1! ...2! Graham was ejected forward to use his momentum to carom off the ropes. Youngblood run underneath the Double Knife Edge Chop & returned to balled Eiji up with a Diving Sunset Flip yet Kugasari rolled through and punished the RingRats graduate with a Rolling Step Over Toe Hold Throw! Cover! ...1! ...2! Kickout!

The Blood Raven quickly seized Youngblood into a kneeling Three Quarter Facelock. The Boston native responded a swift Kneeling Armbar. Working his way back up, Eiji checked the hold before taking Youngblood over with a textbook Northern Lights Suplex...1! ...2! Youngblood arched himself upward, rotated and took the ninja over with a Snap Arm Drag! The Blood Raven adverted the Grounded Side Head Lock with a Rear Side Hammer Lock of his own yet Graham flung him over again with a quick Snap Mare. Youngblood missed with the Snap Kick as Eiji briefly assumed the supine position before both rivals stood off before the jubilant Arena of Champions! Graham dusted himself off as the Prince of Puroresu wrung his arms before resuming his defensive posture. Chain wrestling enthusiasts were the loudest of the legions as both men committed to the preliminary testing of respective openings. A mutual Head & Collar Tie Up was used to begrudgingly head toward the nearby ropes as both men exchanged command before coming to rest against the turnbuckles.

Eiji drove his Knee into Youngblood’s mid section to weaken him with a trinity of Punches before grabbing his head for a Turnbuckle Slam. Graham planted his foot against the middle pad to Tiger Walk Flip up & over the ninja. An Overhand Slap across the ninja’s chest summoned a loud Ric Flair tribute. Another set would stagger the ninja against the corner once more before leading him with an Irish Whip. Eiji slams back first into the corner with Graham crushing him with a Turnbuckle Senton, flipping over to land onto the ring apron as Kugasari staggers forward. Springboard Bulldog on Eiji. Cover! ...1! ...2! Shoulder yet Youngblood locked in a Grounded Front Chancery. Kugasari took his time to recover before working himself into position to hammer his opposition with several Kicks to the Thigh to break the hold. Eiji shot towards the ropes yet Graham snatched him to the floor with a Hair Whip. Referee Hunt was set to reprimand the wily Bostonian when Eiji used the opening to blast him with an Upward Kick to the Face! Graham stumbled backward & feel to a knee as Eiji reclaimed his footing & crushed Youngblood with a Vertical Suplex. The Blood Raven swivled his hips to drape Graham atop the ring ropes with a Front Suplex. The ninja sprinted toward the adjacent ropes and sent Youngblood tumbling to the outside with a stiff Yakuza Kick! Groggy from the impact, Graham sought to recollect himself vertically when the Blood Raven connected with a Running Handspring Twisting Senton! The marks cheered for the aerial display as Eiji scowled across the horizon before standing over his fallen opposition.

The ninja taunted Graham verbally while dragging him to his feet by his arm before bouncing him soundly against the barricades with an Irish Whip. Youngblood grimaced from the impact yet the relentless ninja grabbed him again and used another Hammer Throw to slam him soundly against the ring apron. Eiji palmed his face & shoved him to the floor as a matter of sheer disrespect before kicking him in his exposed rib cage. Again the ninja kicked him before grabbing Youngblood by the hair. However, Graham began to fight back with a battery of embittered fists. A Front Kick humbled the ninja before a tandem of measure Punches connected. Youngblood with an Irish Whip. Eiji with the Reversal allowing the nimble Graham to execute a Tiger Walk Flip off the ring apron. Kugasari missed with the Running Clothesline in which granted Graham the opening to crush Eiji’s teeth with a stern High Thrust Kick! Palming his face with both hands, Eiji was at the mercy of Graham vaulting off the ropes with a Springboard Head Scissors Takedown! The ninja slid across the ramp way and was slow to recover as Graham quickly reset the referee’s count before punishing the clan lieutenant with a Sliding Leg Drop across the Throat! A set of hard Stomps to the Head & back respectively urged the ninja to crawl his way back to his feet. A Headbutt to Graham’s mid section stunned him to become the victim of a Elbow Smash to the Jaw! Youngblood collapsed against the guardrails yet Kugasari added more damage with a Mongolian Chop. A Kesagiri Chop was applied for added effect as Graham staggered from the kneeling position. Hammer Throw to the ring apron and Youngblood collapsed, arching his back as it was the Blood Raven’s turn to reset the referee’s count.

Crimson Sword Dance - {Snap Kick to Thigh. Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. Spinning Back Fist. Open Palm Strike to Jaw.}

Eiji fanned the flames to generate a cheap reaction from the stands as Graham remained sprawled out along the passed earth. The arrogant ninja pulled Graham to his feet, hoisted onto his shoulders and shoved him back into the ring before making the cover...1! ...2! The crowd cheered as Graham kicked out. Eiji swept the hair from his face before using the ring ropes to apply more leverage to choking Graham with his Knee. Mike Hunt counted to 4 before Eiji released him. The ninja applied all 195 pounds into a Rope-Assisted Boot Choke before another 4 count prompted the ninja to turn him loose. Eiji pulled Youngblood to his feet before using a hammer Throw to the opposing corner. The ninja sprinted in yet was floored with a desperation STO! The masses began to will the youngster onward as he remained on all fours briefly before began tenderizing the ninja with some Rope-Assisted Stomps. A trinity of successive Elbow Drops ensured the ninja remained grounded before pulling him back to his feet. Bracing him across his shoulders, Graham yelled something inaudibly motivating to the legions. A Running Fireman’s Carry Slam was preceded Back Handspring Phoenix Splash! The impact sent him rolling away a few feet yet he ignored the ongoing pop while making the cover...1! ...2! The audience groaned as Eiji kicked out. Graham gnashed his teeth while standing the ninja up and backing him down with a succession of Forearm Shots. Hammer Throw by Graham. Eiji stopped short and blasted Youngblood with a stiff Back Kick to the Stomach before instilling a hammer Throw of his own.

Red Solstice - {iger Wall Flip to Hurricanrana Take Down}

Graham rolled to his feet before collapsing back onto the canvas in short order. Eiji remained on one knee for a few moments before pursuing his new rival. Grabbing Graham by the hair, The Blood Raven blasted him with a stiff Kick to the Face. Again and again, the masses responded to the volatile succession of martial arts brutality before Graham’s arms went limp. The punishment continued as the ninja connected with a trinity of measured Kicks across the Chest before shooting toward the opposing ropes...

Blunt Force Trauma - {A stiff Shining Wizard Knee Smash}

Cover! ...1! ...2! NO! The Blood Raven slapped the mat angrily before arguing his case with the in ring official. Mike Hunt rebutted in authoritative fashion, urging Eiji to take his frustration out on his opposition. The groggy Bostonian was again kicked in the exposed ribs before being set up to suffer an Elevated Surfboard. Graham yelled in anguish in which the ninja rolled the maneuver and suspended him upward again for more punishment. The crowd willed the aerialist to fight his way out of it as he started pumping his fist and arching himself upward. However, the Blood Raven grabbed him by the hair and locked him into an Inverted Facelock Surfboard! Arms actively warding off the option to submit, Youngblood sought to elbow the ninja’s rib cage in order to free his head. Again willing himself upward, Graham was finally able to get back to a wobbly vertical base before blasting the ninja with a Buzzsaw Kick across the Chest! Staggering back in place, Graham grabbed both of the ninja’s legs and returned the favor with an Inverted STF! Hands gnashing, Eiji grimaced while ignoring Graham’s orders to submit. Referee Mike Hunt continued to monitor the ninja’s progress as he pulled himself forward inch by inch toward the rope before latching on, thus breaking the hold after the count of 4.

Graham rolled over to all fours and took a moment to recollect himself as Eiji pulled himself onto the ring apron. With his legs tender from the stretching exhibition, Graham pummeled the ninja with a set of measured Punches to the Face. However, Eiji parried & cold cocked Youngblood with a Standing Kick to the Ear. Graham staggered backward from the ropes allowing Eiji to propel himself airborne with a Slingshot Hurricanrana yet Graham broadened his base, setting his opponent up for a Power Bomb. Eiji began assaulting him with stiff Elbows to the Forehead. The shattered equilibrium left Graham to be sandwiched with a Seated Senton before Eiji strode toward the opposing ropes. Tumbling Senton Splash yet no water in the pool as Graham managed to roll onto the ring apron. The audience were behind the RingRats graduate as he spied Eiji draped over the middle ropes and hit him with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to the Head! The ninja wobbled back to his feet as Graham scaled the turnbuckles and measured his opposition. Flying Cross Body yet the Blood Raven rolled backward to his feet...

Event Horizon - {An Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Lung Blower}

Youngblood’s carcass collapsed soundly against the canvas as Eiji remained on his back momentarily. The ninja crawled over to make the hook the leg deeply...1! ...2! NO! The combination of the cheering masses and Graham’s resilience pissed the ninja off as he sat up. Shaking his head, the Japanese native urged the Bostonian to stand while impatiently stalking after him. The Arena of Champions was echoing with chants as Graham was finally back on his feet. Eiji with the Shinobi Sunset yet Youngblood held onto the ropes, allowing Eiji to land into a kneeling posture. However, the ninja was the intended recipient of a brutal Spinning Heel Kick that bounced him off the ropes and onto the canvas back first. The rebellious upstart pumped his fist while holding onto the ropes and began stalking after his opposition while standing erect. Eiji turned to face him as was doubled over with a kick to the stomach. The masses stood up as Youngblood emitted a energized shout to the crowd, signaling the for Poetic Justice - {A Cross-legged Samoan Driver}

However, Eiji managed to flip himself forward to escape the jaws of defeat and land back to the single kneeling posture. The ninja reached out and pulled the referee close to him before humbling his opposition with a Groin Kick from behind! The masses began to boo adamantly as Graham collapsed clutching his lower extremities in sheer anguish. Eiji dismissed the rantings from the referee while feigning an injury to his head. Youngblood attempted to stand himself erect only to be set in the line of fire...

The Shinobi Sunset - {A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver}

The audience groaned audibly from both the violent impact and the methods to facilitate the finisher as Graham collapsed lifeless along the mat. Eiji stumbled over to drag his opposition away from the ring ropes before hooking the leg deeply for the cover...1! ...2! ...3!!!

As ’No Association’ by Silverchair once again crept freely from overhead, the volume of angry jeers began to ascend as Mike Hunt signaled for the bell. The ninja sat up and nodded proudly to himself as his hand was reluctantly raise before the judgmental masses.

Carrington: “Your winner of the match by way of Pinfall...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

The chorus of negative heat arose as the Blood Raven proudly ascended the nearest turnbuckle and extended his arms outward while inaudibly boasting his perceived greatness. Meantime, Mike Hunt knelt down and inaudibly disputed the underhanded tactics explained by the fallen Youngblood. Eiji deftly reverse flipped himself over the top ropes to land on the outside floor and continue his adamant displays of arrogance and sheer bravado before an highly displeased crowd. Camera Six trained itself on the look of displeasure etched along the face of one Graham Youngblood who was still nursing his wounded pride and missed opportunity...

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Pinfall

"Now Do You See Me?"

Mike Extreme "Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth started to blast over the arena as the camera panned to the stage to see the monster Mike Extreme come to the stage with Violet and Misty Gold right by his side. The fans were jeering loudly at the two. The monster had a huge smile on his face as he looked around the jeering arena. At Warriors Mike Extreme did the unthinkable, by taking out Vince Jacobs like he said he was going to do. Mike, Violet, and Misty were all riding high after that and continued to make their way down the ramp to the ring. Extreme climbed over the top rope as Violet slid under the bottom and Misty jumped into the ring.

Violet grabbed a microphone from the ring announcer and handed it to Extreme.

“Do I have your attention now Lee? I told each and every one of you that I was going to make an impact. I told you, Lee that I deserve to be main eventing this company. I am going to be the new face of this company. This is only the beginning and it started with Vince Jacobs.”

Violet grabbed the microphone from Mike.

“I knew it was a matter of time before this man would do something that shocked the world. I knew I was going to take him to the top. Now it is time for Mike Extreme to have his name at the top of the cards with the likes of Sylo, Derecho, and Ninja K. At Warriors 19 Mike showed the world and the jOlt fans that he is not going to sit in the back and let some has been and wannabes take his spot in this company.

Violet handed the microphone back to Mike as Misty jumped around asking for the microphone also. Mike ignored her as he looked out into the crowd.

“All of you people doubted me. You said I had no chance against the legendary Vince Jacobs. Now look at me. I’m standing here in the middle of the ring and where is Vince Jacobs right now.

The crowd jeered the man who power bombed Vince Jacobs off the stage into two tables on the floor.

“I love the sound of this from you people. You are all sheep. You listen to Johnson or Lee tell you who should be in the spotlight when all you have to do is open your freakin’ eyes and look at this six foot ten frame. I am now in the spotlight and your Superstar is not. Matter of fact I have heard on good authority that SVJ may never wrestle again. He has a concussion and possibly a broken neck.”

Mike Extreme let out a huge laugh as the fans jeered loudly.

“Tonight I plan to celebrate my accomplishments. But before I go, hear me Damien Lee.”

Extreme moved toward the camera by the ropes.

“I believe that I opened your eyes now. So I demand that you give me main event competition or I will take out each one of your main eventers. Heed my words Lee, I’ve done it once and I can do it again.

Mike Extreme dropped the microphone in the middle of the ring before leaving to a sea of jeers from the fans.

"Shaking Things Up"

Jim Johnson As the fans eagerly awaited what would happen next, Jim Johnson himself walked out from the backstage area to a mixed reaction from the fans. He stepped into the ring with a microphone ready to go. Johnson gave a smirk as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

"You know... Power Struggle was genius. Take all of the new blood and make them compete over a month's time to determine who would be the next breakout star in jOlt. So I decided to run with that idea and I made the Thieves' Honor match, but something doesn't feel right this time around. I don't think there's enough conflict.. enough competition that this event deserves. So I decided to come out here and shake things up a bit."

The crowd still gave a mixed reaction as Johnson continued.

"Tonight, as you saw advertised, I made an 8 man tag with all of the participants in the Thieves' Honor Match. I figured that since they will all be against each other next Sunday, that putting them in a tag match to watch the chaos unfold was a stroke of genius, but... I realized it's been done before and done to death so I decided to add some spice and flavor to this tag match tonight to make it that much more interesting."

Johnson smirked as he continued.

"Tonight's tag match will determine two main events this upcoming Wednesday on Warriors. The first main event will include whoever gets pinned in tonight's tag match. The reason being is that whoever is pinned in tonight's match will be ELIMINATED from Thieves' Honor and must requalify against an opponent of my choosing!"

The crowd actually cheered that decision!

"The second stipulation goes to the victor of the match. Whoever scores the pinfall will be in the main event of Warriors to face Derecho in a special match to determine the first and last entrant. The winner of the match will enter last, giving them the biggest advanate and the loser will enter first"

The crowd cheered that even more.

"However, I realize there's a problem with all of this. Derecho, our jOlt Champion is in this match. I am a man who loves money and I can't run the risk of my champion not being at the match. After all, Thieves' Honor is supposed to determine the fate of the jOlt Championship so I decided to make Derecho a Wild Card tonight."

"If Derecho is the person pinned, he is not eliminated from Thieves' Honor, however, as a consequence, he will move on to Warriors and face whoever pinned him just as planned... with one twist. Not only will he have to fight for first or last place, but he will also have to defend his jOlt Championship against the man who pinned him as well!"

More cheers from the crowd.

"But what if Derecho scores the pinfall? Then the person he pins is eliminated as stated, but Derecho will enter into Thieves' Honor last and will name a person of his choosing to enter first in the match!"

"Now THAT is how you shake things up around here!"

Johnson handed the microphone off to ringside and then walked up the entrance ramp. Two stipulations and a wild card have been named in tonight's Thieves' Honor match. The tag match has enough stipulations to choke a horse, but if you think about it, it really embodies what the Thieves' in Thieves' Honor really is! This could be one of the most explosive main events in iNtense history thanks to Jim Johnson!

"The Heiress On... Inspiration"

The Heiress The jOlTron flickered to life again…

Yup, second show in a row. It’s the jOlTron. I’m running with it…

The screen flickered to life again and with it, the visage of a very lovely woman in a peach-colored pageant dress and white gloves appeared. The lovely brunette woman with the piercing blue eyes smiled for the camera and waved. This time she had on a sash that read “THE HEIRESS” and a lovely tiara completed her emsemble of choice.

“Hello, my darlings!”

The crowd in the Arena of Champions booed the young lass just as they did before, but she continued to smile and wave blissfully.

“It is I, The Heiress! My name is Sarah Winterton and I am here to illuminate your otherwise dull and listless day!”

She waved once again before she continued her speech to the masses.

“It seems that after my introduction on Warriors, there were some people out there who took umbrage with the statements that I’ve made. I assure you, my darlings, these things come not from a place of malice, but from a place of truth. I want what’s best for the hard-working Starlets of jOlt! I want to be part of a wrestling organization that treats its women with the same respect and class that its male counterparts earn every single evening!”

Sarah lightly giggled as she fanned herself. Some jackass in the crowd yelled “TAKE IT OFF!” much to the delight of some male fans laughing at the joke. Sarah pressed on.

“I say these things because I care about our ladies! I respect my fellow women for coming to this ring and doing what they do. I respect those that are working hard on The Hype to hopefully make it to the grand stage in five years where I will have already become a colossal success! I can inspire the likes of current ladies on our roster like Charlotte who is hiding under the shadow of her gargantuan husband and his rotund, mountainous friend. I can also teach Daryn Thompson to fulfill her potential instead of squandering it by sitting back and doing nothing! Heck… I’m almost positive that I can convince Aria Murphy that her time in the spotlight has come and gone!”

More booing came out for the mention of Sylo’s fiancée in such a backhanded manner.

“You can all rejoice because I, Sarah Winterton, will make my first-ever in-ring victory on the next edition of Warriors and you are all invited! The road to the Starlet’s renaissance is upon us… and I want all of you there when I take the first step!”

Ms. Winterton held out her hands and blew kisses at the crowd who hadn’t stopped booing a thing she had said.

“Bye, my darlings!”

And with that, the screen went black…

…And we were backstage where The Heirs of Wrestling were watching the pre-taped segment in one of the backstage televisions. The crowd jeered while Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody looked proud. And why wouldn’t they be? They were fresh off their win in six-man tag team action over The House and as such, had earned another title shot at Thieves Honor for the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

“Yeah,” Mack grinned. “She’s gonna make a FINNNNNNNEEEEE addition to our camp!”

Oh, THAT would explain it.

Frank nodded in approval, obviously liking what he saw. “Where’d you find her again, Big Mack?”

“Our dads go way back. Both of them were rivals in the Philadelphia area. Dad taught her to wrestle and she’s been tearing it up on the East Coast. She got in contact with me a few months ago… I put in a word to Jim Johnson and the rest is history.”

“I’D HIT THAT…” Ryan smiled as he rubbed his hands together.

Mack snarled, “No. You won’t. She’s not like the other women that we have fun with… this is a LADY. You either treat her as such or you die.”

Ryan put his hands up defensively, not wanting to earn a shitkicking from his tag team partner. Frank kept the peace by getting in between his tag partners.

“Let’s take Sarah out on the town, guys,” Frank said. “It’s going to be a damn good future for jOlt AND for us.”

The troublemaking troika all yelled in agreement before they walked off to celebrate their fine evening.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The House & The Strangler


The Heirs of Wrestling had swarmed back into jOlt with a vengeance that saw them defeat the team that took their tag titles previous, Sweet Sweet Lovin, in order to become the #1 contenders to jOlt Tag Team Champions. The arrogant threesome opted to cash in their match on the all-Underground rules version of Intense 74. Just when it seemed like the Heirs had things in the bag, The Stranger – bodyguard to Craig Thomas and the unwilling ally of The House – helped the score the win.

After a sneak attack that saw a heinous three-on-one assault against Derrick Huber, The Heirs were given an edict. If they won tonight in a six-man tag team match, they would be granted a second title match against The House. If The House and their partner The Strangler win, The Heirs are out of contention for the foreseeable future.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“The following is a six-man tag team contest scheduled for one fall! First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 760 pounds… they are FRANK SILVER, RYAN GALLWAY AND MACK BRODY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Silver was still nursing a sore jaw courtesy of a straight punch to the face he’d taken from Derrick Huber for making light of the situation in which their manager, Charlotte, was under the control of Team EGO. The Heirs were hell bent on revenge and wanted a shot at the tag titles they had coveted.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

The rock music played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! They were without Charlotte for the second time that made this all seem kind of cheap, but Huber and Roebuck had to remember that they were hoping to put the growing nuisance of the Heirs behind them.

“And their opponents, they are the jOlt Tag Team Champions at a combined weight of 777 pounds… the team of “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck… they are THE HOUSE!

The monster Tag Team Champions walked down to the ring and waited for their tag team partner for the evening… a man they already didn’t like but one they were forced to deal with…

“Voodoo Child” by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

“And their tag team partner, he stands at seven feet tall and weighs in at 321 pounds… from Little Rock, Arkansas, THE STRANGLER!

The Strangler came out to the music of Craig Thomas and looked focused. Derrick Huber stopped when The Strangler nodded toward the ring like he was commanding the team. Roebuck and Strangler were about to have words when Huber got in between his tag partner and their enemy. The Heirs each noticed the heated argument between the three; it was tension they could feed on.


The massive Strangler mockingly held out his hands and allowed for Roebuck to get into the ring first. The angry Big Bucks climbed into the ring first and met up with Frank Silver.

He jumped right at the bigger Roebuck and tried to take the fight to the big 460-pounder with a quick volley of rights to teeter him backwards. He then delivered a few kicks to the gut in order to soften him up before he took off to the ropes. When he jumped at Roebuck, the Big Bucks charged forward and FLOORED right through The Baron of Ballistics with a Shoulder Block!

It was a rudimentary move but that was all Adam Roebuck needed. He pulled Frank to his feet and landed several body shots to the chest in the corner. Adam did his best impression of a grizzly bear and mauled Silver in the corner like he was a pic-a-nic basket.

Gallway looked away from the beatdown while Mack Brody shook his head in the corner. The Big Bucks snatched Silver out of the corner and landed a massive Headbutt that rocked The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights. Frank was punch (headbutt) drunk and stumbled back to his feet only for a second Roebuck Headbutt to put him back on the canvas.

“Get up!” Roebuck roared with a lot of anger in his voice.

Frank tried to stand again when Roebuck grabbed him and manhandled him again, tossing him into the corner. He held out his hand for the crowd…


He was about to go for the chops when Frank scurried away from him and tried to get to the corner. This was a very unsuccessful tactic because Adam grabbed him by his tights and pulled him back into the corner…





The big four chops landed on Silver’s chest and doubled him over. The Strangler wanted the tag and demanded one so Roebuck tagged… over to Huber.

The crowd lent their support to the monstrous tag team champions as they whipped Frank Silver across the ring. When he came back they FLOORED him over with a Running Double Shoulder Block! Silver spun around on the canvas before he flopped over onto his stomach from the impact of the two bulls attacking him. Roebuck left the ring while Huber went for the cover on Frank.




Frank kicked out, but Huber wasn’t done with any of the Heirs of Wrestling by a long shot. He launched Frank into the corner and went into a vicious flurry of his own – a series of rapid-fire headbutts and elbows to the face and chest of the Heirs’ de facto leader. He continued the assault until he was happy and dragged Frank to the center of the ring before taking him over with a Pumphandle Suplex that sent Silver across the ring!

He was now slumped over in the corner where Derrick had him lined up perfectly. The fans knew what was coming next because he liked using a move called The Moneyroll – a Running Senton to a cornered opponent. He revved up a fist for the crowd before the Las Vegas native started his run…


Ryan and Mack had seen enough and the two Heirs pulled their partner out of the ring and out of harm’s way for the moment. Derrick was irritated by The Heirs’ tactics and decided that they weren’t doing this shit. Adam Roebuck jumped off the ring apron on one side and started to give chase to the Heirs while The Strangler looked on. Derrick Huber saw them running so he headed out to the apron…


With all the grace of a couch being tossed out a fifth-story window, Derrick Huber took a swan dive right off the apron and dove right onto The Heirs of Wrestling! Frank, Ryan, and Mack were all piled up at ringside in a mangled mess.


Either the crowd really, really wanted Hugh Laurie to come back to television or they liked The House for giving The Heirs of Wrestling a much-deserved ass-whomping. Derrick Huber jumped up from the dogpile that The Heirs were currently stuck in and roared for the crowd. The Strangler was on the ring apron giving his uneasy teammates a slow golf clap.

Roebuck and Huber both tossed Frank Silver back into the ring while Gallway and Brody tried to get back inside the ring. The Oddsmaker headed back in, but Frank had already rolled to the corner and tagged in Ryan Gallway. The high flyer sailed into the air with a Springboard Missile Dropkick that knocked Derrick Huber back several steps!

The Prince of Precision jumped into the ring and to his credit, he went right at Huber with no hesitation. He delivered several kicks to try and knot up the leg of the big man only for Huber to shove him away. Gallway rolled backwards and landed on his feet again only for Huber to shove him away again…


The Choke Fiend – as he liked to be called – stepped over the ropes while an irate Huber stared a hole right through him.

“Watch how it’s done, chump!” Strangler said, cockily. “I’ve got this shit.”

Gallway hesitantly approached the much larger Strangler and tried the same tactic of going for the legs. He tried to chop down the former student of The Gracie Academy, but Strangler straight-up muscled him across the ring. When Gallway bounced off the ropes, he got a nasty Palm Strike for his troubles! Ryan spun around after the impact as a sore Frank and an angered Mack looked on.

The Hipster Heartthrob was also muscled into the corner and caught several jabs to Gallway before he launched him cross-corner. The big Strangler charged in and nailed a big Body Avalanche in the corner, crushing Gallway underneath all his weight. The Prince of Precision stumbled right into The Strangler’s grip before he ate a big Side Slam with little effort. Strangler stood up before he bounced off the ropes, possibly looking for something big…


The Oddsmaker tagged himself back in, taking a page from Strangler’s book just moments ago.

“What did you just do, fuckwad?” Strangler barked.

Huber didn’t back down. “Don’t fuck with us, Strangler!”

Roebuck shook his head while Gallway crawled away quickly to tag in big Mack Brody. The heavy for The Heirs stepped inside the ring and as Huber and Strangler continued to fight, he landed a big Axe Handle from behind to Huber!

Strangler was the tallest man in this match but he knew when to take a beat. He headed out to the ring apron again while Roebuck indignantly stared at him, wanting to bad to punch the mask right off his face.

Huber was down and now Mack took full advantage by stomping him out on the ground. The husband to Charlotte was now on the bad end of a curbstomping by SuperMack, who looked out to the crowd and flashed his freakishly perfect white teeth.

The Bronze Bombshell pulled Huber by his singlet and dragged him over to the Heirs corner as they all took turns going for an attack. Ryan Gallway entered the ring first and connected with a Running Dropkick aimed at the chest of the Oddsmaker. When he was winded, Frank jumped at the chance to strike and followed with a Running Back Elbow to the face. This left SuperMack to finish off the deadly combination by charging in with a Corner Clothesline! Huber convulsed after the impact and was dropped when Mack pulled him out of the corner by an arm right into a Short-Arm Clothesline!

The Heirs had great success in these types of matches being able to pull off great sequence and triple-team moves such as that. Mack laughed boisterously at Huber’s misfortunes before he went for a cover.




Amazingly Huber was able to kick out of the move, which only angered The Bronze Bombshell again. He pulled Derrick up by the head and put him into a seated position before raining down a big volley of elbows to the base of the skull.

After he was done, he snatched Huber up again and pushed him into the corner. Despite being in a fairly groggy state, Huber kept swinging and nailed a right to Ryan and a right to Frank. He charged through Mack and tried to get to his corner to either Roebuck or Strangler (let’s be honest- Roebuck), but Mack caught him…


The Double Arm Chokeslam DRILLED Derrick Huber back into the canvas. Once the powerhouse Brody had exerted his will upon one-half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, he went in for another cover.




The Oddsmaker was doing a pretty good job defying said odds so far when he threw a rebellious shoulder off the mat. Mack turned the action over to Frank Silver and watched as the leader headed into the ring. Mack and Frank each took an arm of Huber and twisted it around before they delivered stereo kicks to bring him to his knees. Frank ran off the ropes and landed an Enzui Lariat to the back of the head which was shadowed closely behind by Brody Leg Drop to the back!

Mack returned to his corner while Frank looked to the crowd. He turned to The Strangler and Adam Roebuck and extended the number one finger… a true classic and apparently, Frank thought it was 1999 again. He then extended THAT royal pinky that the crowd quickly booed.


Frank wasn’t done, either. He ran off the ropes and came back to deliver a vicious Knee Drop to the side of the head! Silver turned around and went for another cover on Huber.




One half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions still had some gas left in the tank, but The Heirs had more than enough skill to outlast just about anybody once they had a target locked in their sights. Frank sat Derrick Huber up and reached over to tag into Ryan Gallway. The Prince of Precision headed up to the top rope as Silver cracked Huber in the back with a Soccer Kick. The Margrave Digger rolled out of the ring to allow the new legal Gallway to jump…


The Diving Double Knee Strike to Derrick Huber was landed perfectly! Ryan rolled out of the impact and got to his feet before walking over to Strangler and Roebuck.

“You can both suck my intergalactic nines, you walking queefs!”

After that vividly-painted insult, Ryan ran over to try and get the win and title shot for his team!




Ryan was thrown off of Huber, but that didn’t deter the Prince of Precision from being able to fight some more. He peppered Huber upside the head with a barrage of Shoot Kicks. He reeled back and aimed a kick for the head only for Huber to catch him. He spun him around and went for a big slam, but Gallway rolled backwards…


The hugely popular Springboard Gamengiri to the face stunned Huber long enough for Gallway to tag in Frank Silver. He picked up Huber and dragged him into a Russian Legsweep position. Gallway and Silver executed more doubleteam goodness when Gallway ran off the ropes to deliver a Running Knee to the back of the head followed by an STO into the turnbuckle!

Huber was crumbled against the second turnbuckle in The Heirs corner in a very bad way. They had managed to pick him apart with double and triple teams, showing off their effectiveness as one of jOlt’s most dominant groups. Silver pressed down a knee on Huber’s back, essentially choking her on the bottom ropes.

When the referee ordered him back off, Frank did so and gave his word to the referee he wouldn’t do it again.

“We’re good people, man,” Frank said to the ref. “We look out for the fine wrestlers of the squared circle.”

…Pay no mind to the fact that Mack was drilling Derrick Huber with forearms while Ryan choked him with one of the tag ropes.

Frank turned around and the Heirs ceased their attack so Silver could put more boots to him. He pushed Huber back into the corner and came at him with one of his vicious European Uppercuts that he’d been using expertly in his time with jOlt.

While Huber was worn down in the corner, he backed up several steps and positioned himself before he charged in again and landed a second Running EuroCut to the jaw. When Huber was knocked senseless, Frank headed to the ropes and ran off the corner and waited…



Huber caught Frank and made him pay with a destructive Swinging Side Slam with a lot of force behind it. He crumbled to the canvas and now both men were down with both parties trying to get their respective tags. The Strangler just watched stoically the last few minutes while the more animated Roebuck was clutching the tag rope while waiting to get to his partner.

While Frank tried crawling over to his corner for either Ryan or Mack, Derrick Huber was doing his best to fight through the beating he’d taken in order to get to his tag team partner. Frank made it to Mack Brody and got inside the ring while Huber rolled over…


The crowd cheered for the other half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions as he towered into the ring to chew ass and kick bubble gum… wait, pretty sure that’s not how it goes.

The Big Bucks charged right at Mack Brody and landed a big Clothesline onto the big man, knocking him right on his ass. Ryan Gallway jumped into the ring to stop the runaway train that was Adam Roebuck but he was also stopped with a kick to the chest for his troubles.

Mack caught him upside the head with a punch to the temple and tried to whip Adam Roebuck across the ring but the big bruiser reversed that and launched him into the corner. The Big Bucks ran in…


The Running Hip Attack stunned Brody while Roebuck kept on running to deliver a nasty Big Boot to the chest that knocked Brody down! Adam Roebuck was on the move and may have been closing in on victory. When he muscled him back to his feet he was taken down with a thunderous Belly to Belly Suplex!




Brody kicked out at two and three fourths. The Big Bucks growled and the energy was reciprocated by the thousands of fans filling the Arena of Champions. He lifted Mack up and looked to be finishing things with a move he called The Bad Hand…


Mack slipped out after elbowing him in the face and then drilled him with a volley of elbows to the face. Frank Silver got on the ring apron and tried to get involved, but Derrick Huber saw enough and CLOBBERED him with a Spear that took both men outside the ring!

The Strangler had enough of sitting on the sidelines so he grabbed one of the jOlt Tag Team Titles and tossed one into the ring for them to use, but Adam Roebuck yelled at him to back off.

“Get the fuck away!”

Strangler didn’t take too kindly to his attitude and pushed the belt into his chest.

“Do it, you fucking pussy!”

The referee was still trying to break up the fight at ringside with Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Derrick Huber so he had no idea what was going on. Roebuck pushed him backwards and swung with the belt trying to hit Strangler. Mack rammed Strangler with a Bicycle Kick to clear him from the ring when he saw Roebuck…


The referee saw nothing of the skirmish, only that the referee had seen Roebuck swing the belt at what was meant for Strangler, only to connect with Brody. Roebuck saw what he had done and dropped the belt before pleading with the referee about what happened…

But the damage was done.


Derrick Huber shouted at the referee and he was ignorant to whatever was going on, but the bottom line was The Heirs of Wrestling had the win and albeit due to dubious circumstances, they had won the title match at Thieves Honor!

Mack rolled out of the ring holding his temple from where Roebuck had smashed him with the belt. He joined Frank and Ryan on the outside and the trio celebrated like they’d won the fucking Super Bowl without having to lift a finger. They had taken clear advantage of the discord between the House and Strangler to get the victory!

Strangler saw up after eating the Bicycle Kick from Brody and looked up at the furious Roebuck.

“YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” Roebuck shouted.

Strangler stood up and got in his face as the two got into a shouting match while Huber tried to keep the peace between them. The bottom line was the tense situation between Team EGO may have been getting worse.

And now The Heirs had a chance to capitalize on a volatile situation come Thieves Honor.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Disqualification

"To the Rescue"

GVP As the crowd awaits what's next, the arena lights go out to complete black. They are out for a few moments and then a spot light shines down in the middle of the ring. There is the girl, Julia, tied to a steel chair, alone in the ring. Then..."


"Crimson Bow and Arrow" by Linked Horizon (Instrumental) hits the PA system. Mattock and Sanchez Cano, who make up the team of reVolt appear on stage. They make their way down to the ring in single file. They enter the ring, one after the other as Mattock has a microphone in hand. The music then dies down.

"What we have here is a precious example of what happens when you stand in the way of my revolution. Tonight we will...

Darkness is joined immediately by a roar of cheers, as they knew just who is coming to interrupt the Messiah of the Shout Box. The shadow rises from the rainy grave and the crowd lights up once again, as his name bursts onto the tron.


Tying his bandana around his head on the way to the ring, Gunnar Van Patton is not in a playing mood. He stampedes down to the ring and easily leaps up to the apron. Mattock and Cano make sure put on their best tough guy smirks, not showing any fear of the approaching soldier. GVP pulls a microphone from the cargo pocket of his black fatigues and stares a hole right through Mattock.

"Hand over Julia, now," Van Patton snarls.

"You will demand nothing. What you need to do is understand that you had an opportunity to join my cause.. to break the status quo and the order of things around here.. to make this a better place and usher in a new golden age. That is my message.. that is my mission.. and I stated that if anyone stood in the way of that goal.. to prevent my reVolt.. my revolution.. then they would have to be removed from the path we tread."

Mattock points to Julia.

"Do you honestly think I wanted this? No, no, no. I didn't, but it is what YOU brought upon YOURSELF. All wars have sacrifices... sacrifices to the greater good. This woman will be the sacrifice you made by turning your back to me when I offered a helping hand. You have become the object that needs to be removed and I will do whatever is necessary to remove you. If it means sacrificing this woman, who you seemingly care to much for, then that's the level I will stoop to in order to carry out my vision of a new golden era."

"Ah hate to say this, but ya brought this upon yerself."

Van Patton steps into the ring and makes sure his bandana was nice and tight. Mattock races back to Julia who he holds firmly by the hair.

"Take one more step, hero."

"Really a poor choice," GVP informs his foe and his rage-filled glare became a devilish smirk.

Mattock and Cano have no idea that seven feet two inches, three-hundred fifty pounds of monster stands behind them on the apron. The massive man steps over the top rope and is nearly foaming at the mouth at the thought of fighting the duo. Cano peeks behind them and stumbles backwards, falling to his ass on the mat.

"Get up, you bumbling fool," Mattock orders his ally, who just points to the massive man. Mattock shakes his head in annoyance and turns to find the massive man known as Arkham looking down at him with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. "Aw hell..."

Cano just makes it up to his feet when GVP slips into the ring, putting the two members of reVolt between a rock and a hard place. Knowing this was a no-win situation, Mattock shoves his loyal ally towards Arkham and takes off to the outside, narrowly escaping GVP's grasp. Mattock takes off over the security barrier and begins to backpedal. He can only watch, as Cano tries his best to stay alive.

A right forearm smacks Arkham square in the chest and he treats it, as if he had a fly land upon him. A second forearm by Cano had the same effect. With no foggy idea what to do next, Cano turned and looked to flee the seen as fast as possible. However, just one step into his escape...


That brutal kick turns Cano inside out and the crowd's reaction is a mixture of joy and horror at the sheer impact of the kick.

"He won't give us Julia, huh?" The undead soldier comments to his massive cohort and motions to their fallen prey. "Maybe he'll trade us for this here sack of hog shit. Well, what parts of him we can stuff into a duffle bag. Have yerself some fun, hoss."

GVP pats his friend on the back and makes his way over to the ropes. He looks down at Mattock and slices his throat with a pistol-shaped hand before pointing it at the Messiah of the Shoutbox. Not even turning to look, Van Patton just grins, as he feels the entire ring violently quake, as Arkham tries to drive Cano through the mat with a standing, release crucifix bomb. Mattock cringes and looks up at the Undead Soldier.

"You'll never see the girl again! I promise you that!"

"There's a watery grave at the bottom of Crystal Lake with yer name on it."

"The Ties That No Longer Bind Us"

Waymoth Turnbull Cloyd Monsanto frantically searched about backstage. He was a man on a mission. He hadn’t been seen nor heard from in the last few weeks (“Fighting a cold” is what he told followers on his twitter page). It would seem that in that time he was missing, everything went to shit.

“Where is he?!? Anyone seen that ungrateful sonavabitch?!” Cloyd asked demandingly as he made his way through the inner workings of the arena. He didn’t stop long enough for anyone to really answer his rabid questions. He had to find him. He had to find Waymoth. He stopped his quick pacing to catch his breath and find his bearings. It was at that time he heard a familiar grizzly voice behind him.

“Ah wha yuh wan’ outta meh life ol’man?” He had found him. Or rather, the other way around. Waymoth stood behind him, mango in one hand, a duffelbag in the next, and a crooked smile on face, “Yuh done ack’n pussy over a lil sniff’lin and snot?”

“You have a lot of nerve William,” Cloyd snapped back, “What the fuck is goin’ on right now? What’s with all this bullshit I hear about you and Aran makin’ some kind of deal?!”

Waymoth took that moment not to answer the questions being fired in his direction but to throw the duffel bag at Cloyd’s feet. It was already partially open and the flaps flew open a bit more as it hit the floor.

“Tek dat.” Waymoth said as he watched Cloyd hesitantly reach for the bag. Cloyd reached into the bag and pulled out what appeared to be a stack of cash.

“W-what is this?”

“Ah money yuh wanted right? Das’ de only reason you hangin’ around it seem like. Stakin’ claim on meh hardwork and den mekin’ it seem like yuh de only reason I here now. Like yuh de only reason ah held da damn belt inna de first place. And then top it all off, off’rin tuh lease me out to Lauren and Aran like some kinna’ dog.

“No, you don’t understand!” Cloyd said in his defense, “I was working on getting you in with right people! Take you places!”

“Funny…tuh me it sound more like yuh was try’na keep yuh name inna people mout’ and me inna ya debt. Not a ting go so!” Waymoth growled back, “Strange ting about dem white folk dem, dey feel da when it come to business, dealin’ with a middle man just ain’t as beneficial as dealin’ wit da main man ‘imself. So when yuh decide to tek da time off, dey approach me and wit’out a string attach aside from droppin’ de Relentless Championship, gave me a chance to put yuh in ya place!”

“Heh, Is that what you think? That there aren’t any strings attached to this? You sound so fool--”

“Hold ya hoss bossman,” interrupted Waymoth before Cloyd could finish, “Beryl Malone nuh raise nuh ignorant pickney, and I sure de will be a time where me and Aran gah come face tuh face onna de terms of our business arrangement but at least ah know that it is in fact just that; business.”

As Waymoth turned to walk away from his long-time associate, Cloyd reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

“So that’s it? You give me the money and walk?”

Waymoth rolled his figuratively cold shoulders in order to get Cloyd’s hand off it, “I done said my peace Cloyd. Meh gon’ see you roun’ de bay.”

"Just a Bit of a Bigger EGO"

Craig Thomas CRACK!

That was the sound of steel against flesh echoing throughout the Arena of Champions as the jOltVision captured the scene backstage. To everyone's surprise, it was Derecho who fell victim to the chair shot, and the crowd witnessed the aftermath of it as the jOlt Champion held his head on the ground. As the cameras began to zoom out, it was evident who was behind the attack.

Craig Thomas and company hovered over Derecho as he grind his teeth together shooting up a vengeful look at The Ego, who was all smiles. The crowd addressed their feelings with a variety of jeers at the sight of The Ego with Huber and Roebuck idle behind him, they wasn't to thrilled to be in this position, it wasn't there style, but it was most certainly Craig's style.

"Hello Derecho." Craig said, kneeling down on one knee with his arms resting on it as he smirked at the Champion.

Derecho growled back at The Ego as he continued, "This is just a friendly reminder that you have more than just Aran and Waymoth to worry about at Thieves Honor and that you should also consider The Ego a threat for you title as well."

Craig picked up the jOlt Championship, Belt laying next to Derecho, and draped it over his knee, stroking it with the palm of his hand, and gazing at his reflection off of it with a smile, before looking back at Derecho.

"You along with the rest of the monkies have over looked me for way too long. As you did, I've assembled the most dominant force jOlt will ever see, and when I get what is rightfully mine it will be damn near impossible for anyone to take it away from me...including you, Derecho."

The Champ was starting to come around to the sound of the fan's jeers and his eyes were churning in The Ego's direction as The Brightest Superstar in jOlt smirked down at Derecho.

"You don't stand a chance without them two behind you." said Derecho, "Without them two, you are nothing, and you will never...EVER..."roared Derecho from the floor, "...defeat me for my belt!"

"Oh your badly mistake, Champ." Thomas cocked his head to the side and looked down at Derecho with a widened grin, "I already have..."

"Get to it the world why you are the Tag Team Champions..."

Huber looked at Roebuck.

Roebuck looked at Huber.

They weren't very excite and hesitated for a moment. Craig quickly reminded them the repercussions if they did not follow his instruction with a cutthroat gesture across his throat. Huber looked down at Derecho as he nodded his head.

"Sorry Champ, we have no choice." he said.

"Don't worry, that arrogant little prick is gonna get what he deserves." said Derecho as he began to brace himself for what was to come, "Lets get it over with, shall we?"

Derecho grinned, which angered The Ego.





"Pick him up!" demanded Thomas and they obliged, "Hold him steady!"

Huber and Roebuck held on to Derecho and The Ego tightly gripped The jOlt Championship with both hands. He reared back and launched a devastating blow to Derecho's head that knocked him to the floor again.

"You thought Aran Thompson was your only worry? You thought that the rest of us in Thieves' Honor didn't matter? You thought wrong!"

Craig hovered over the Champ, strapping the title over his own shoulder, and tossing his hands on his hips. Thomas then bent over and grabbed Derecho by the hair.

"Get a good look at this image because it's going to be the same as your future. Don't believe me? Well then.. allow me to predict it for you. You and I may be partners tonight, but at Thieves' Honor, it will be every man for himself. I have no plans on getting pinned tonight so you best be assured I'll be there next Sunday. Then when all is said and done, I am going to win that match and become the NEW jOlt Champion."

Craig laughed to himself as he let go of Derecho's hair.

"I'm going to be a nice guy and give you the championship belt back... AFTER tonight's main event. Until then, I want to get used to what it's going to feel like after next Sunday!"

He snapped his fingers at The House, " Let's go monkies!"

The camera zoomed in on Derecho's face as it grimaced in pain, not only that, but sheer anger as well as the scene slowly faded to black and going elsewhere on this exciting edition of iNtense.

You could guarantee Craig Thomas was in for a rude awakening at some point tonight and Derecho would see to it.

Ninja K vs Lusus

’Never Scared’ by Bone Crusher banged heavily overhead from the state-of-the-art PA system, drawing Camera Eleven across the stands toward the entrance staging area. The twin set of jOltvision screens shared a vivid display of mobile powerhouse using his girth to batter & overwhelm his unfortunate opposition. A notable volley of mixed cheers & jeers rose from the stands as the masked gargantuan actively scanned the horizon before taking a suspicious look at the backstage curtains. A myriad of emotions flashed infrequently across the big man’s face amidst his attempts to mask them from the masses en route to the squared circle...

Carrington: Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall and it is an Underground Rules match...From Atlanta, Georgia & weighting in at 417 pounds...Making his way to the ring...He is the ’Hardcore Heavyweight’...This. Is. Lusus!!!

The often jovial giant was only hardened by being blind sided a few weeks ago by an enigmatic show of force. Flashing his canines to the cameras & masses, the walking avalanche lumbered up to the ring apron and began dragging a ladder from underneath. A resounding hardcore pop pierced the negative heat wave as Lusus bounce the ladder off the canvas before flinging 2 chairs after it. A Nintendo Wii. A Wooden Guitar and a Garbage Can sailed over the top rope before the pissed off monstrosity stomped up the ring steps before entering the ring. The bass laden track eventually evaporated while the corpulent masked man began some hardcore house cleaning in the faint moments of relative silence...

’Vicarious’ by Tool injected the masses with a immediate burst of excitement as the Arena of Champions welcomed the encroaching darkness. The looming moments would elapse before the hard guitar riffs shattered the listlessness. The strobe lit belching of smoke slipped out of Exit 100. Camera Thirty Nine trained itself on the brazen multiple time Hardcore Champion, swathed in predominantly Pearl & Crimson. Knuckles flaring. Bones popping in his neck voluntarily. Hair swept back by hand before power walking down the elongated stair well...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...”He’s the ‘Athletic Freak of Nature’...KENSHIRO! INOGAMI!!

Attentive to the angry mastodon pacing inside the ring’s interior, Kenshiro refused to break stride until he noted that the mountain of corpulent chaos was climbing out of the ring. Camera Three followed Lusus as he slapped the ring apron after hitting the floor yet was knocked back a few paces by Ninja vaulting off the barricades with a Flying Forearm. The One Man Army weathered the maelstrom of fists as the opening bell rung to shove the ninja backward to the floor. Kenshiro swiftly sprinted after the Hardcore Hippo & connected with a Flying Forearm Strike! The Atlanta Avalanche was knocked off balance and fell to the floor before trying to scramble back to his feet. Ninja ascended to the ring apron and dove after the bearded masked man but was caught & body slammed the ninja against the Ring Apron! The ailing clan leader dropped to a knee before being flung into the 2nd row via a Release Double Under Hook Suplex! Ninja was steady shaking the cobwebs free as rotund renegade began prying the barricades apart...


Lusus staggered wildly backwards from the impact before eating another Chair Shot across the skull! Another swing slammed audibly against the super heavyweight’s right shoulder, leading Lusus to lean against the ring steps. Ninja swung the dented weapon again only for The One Man Army to soundly punch the Chair out of Kenshiro’s Hand. Ninja knocked the spittle from the giant’s jaw with a Left Open Palm Punch yet the lumbering locomotive knocked the ninja to the floor with a sloppy Shoulder Block before landing on all fours. Stumbling upward from the Kneeling, Lusus grabbed the Ronin by the hair & began clubbing him with several Overhand Forearms Shots before hoisting Kenshiro overhead with a Gorilla Press & tossing him through the ropes. Lusus pulled himself back onto the ring and connected with an Elbow Drop! Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! Lusus slapped the mat before body slamming the ninja before shooting to the opposing ropes yet missed with the Running Big Splash. Kenshiro snatched up a chair as Lusus pushed himself up with his hands...


Steel Chair Surfboard Dropkick to the monstrosity’s face! Lusus was left panting on all fours as the ninja stood up a table and leaned it against the opposing turnbuckle before setting the other table against it. Kenshiro picked up the Nintendo Wii as he approached the kneeling titan who leveled him with a Spring Loaded Lariat from the Kneeling. A trickle of blood was running from underneath his mask & saturating his dirty blonde beard. Lusus grabbed the ninja by the head and repeatedly slammed the Wii against his head before placing the game system atop the side of his head & punched it, shattering the console. The writhing ninja rolled away from the impact as Lusus roared along with the resonating hardcore pop at hand. Palming his Left Temple, Kenshiro was seen bleeding. Blood dripping onto the canvas while staggering back to his feet. The mean streak of the portly powerhouse was made evident as the returning ninja was humbled by a Headbutt in the stomach before ensnaring him into the dreaded Bear Hug! Ninja braced his Forearm against the monstrosity’s chest while clasping onto the monster’s throat. Howling in sheer agony, Ninja’s arms were flung outward due to Lusus intentionally applying more pressure.

Kenshiro instinctively boxed the ears of his assailant, stunning him before hitting him again with another Bell Clap, thus releasing him from the hold. Ninja stumbled backward to a knee, grimacing from the damage suffered. Lusus was cupping his ears after dropping to his knees, screaming. Buzzsaw Kick to the Face knocked the Human Redwood Tree back to the earth. Hard. Cover. ...1! ...2! Kickout! Kenshiro swept the blood from over his eye before looking around his immediate surroundings & kicked Lusus across the back of his head before rolling to the outside and digging underneath the ring. Ninja returned and drew the attention from the masses as the ninja squeezed a container to douse the wooden tables with fluid. A strike of a match set both the crowd & the tables ablaze. The brilliant flash prompted Lusus to cover his eyes with his forearm, allowing Kenshiro jettison the ominous rival with a Spinning Head Scissors Takedown. Lusus rolled to his feet and landed back first against the turnbuckles. The ninja pounced atop the middle ropes and began pummeling the big man with a barrage of Punches...


The Mountain of Meatloaf forcibly shoved the ninja backward to the canvas, reverse somersaulting to his feet. Lusus rolled along the ropes to avoid the leaping ninja who landed along the middle ropes again. Lusus with a set of Clubbing Forearms from behind before quickly setting the ninja into position along the top rope...

TMIFA - { A Hangman's DDT }

Kenshiro’s body resembled an exclamation point before collapsing onto the canvas. The big man sat up to slap himself back into the game before Referee Underwood dropped down for the cover...1! ...2! Kickout! Camera Fourteen monitored Lusus turning his attention toward the flaming tables before looking down at the ninja with a maniacal grin. Pulling the ninja to his feet, Lusus led the ninja toward the burning lumber with a powered Hammer Throw before following suit. However, Kenshiro executed a Tiger Walk Flip off the flaming obstruction as Lusus quickly hit the breaks. His massive girth kept him off balance for a moment too long as Kenshiro broke into a dead sprint...

The Morning Star Kick - Running Double Mule Kick

A blood thirsty roar nearly drowned out the sound of 400+ pounds destroying a flaming set of tables. The masked mad man screamed frantically while rolling along the canvas aimlessly. The referee stepped away in awe as the Human Fireball blindly tumbled toward him. Kenshiro clasped onto the back of his neck while recollecting himself when he spied the lone chair near him...


The flames were out yet the singed leviathan twitched while laying in a small pool of blood. Kenshiro flung the battered chair over the top rope for it to bounce atop the lead announce position before Camera One zeroed in on the ninja grabbing the giant’s arm...

The Imploding Star Submission (I.S.S.) - An MMA-style variant of a Leg Nelson

Spittle hinted with crimson dribbled from his mouth seconds before shook his head adamantly in submission.

The referee sounded the bell as Kenshiro wrenched back further on the hold until Referee Underwood intervened and pried the ninja off of the defeated Lusus. ’Vicarious” by Tool was in full swing as the ninja shrugged the referee’s hand from his wrist and stood over his opponent longingly before walking toward the ropes. Rolling backwards over the top rope, Ninja landed onto the padded earth and held the back of his neck. He began walking backward up the ramp before turning away and eventually disappearing through the backstage curtain. Meanwhile, the fallen colossus was being attended to by the medical staff that were entering the ring...

Winner: Ninja K via Submission

"Relentless and Driven"

JBM " know what I'm saying? Just because I'm at this level, I know I couldn't..."

Aran Thompson stopped and put his hand up in the air and his new found ally Waymoth Turnbull stopped as well and you could hear the West Indian Obsidian snarl. Aran turned his head and noticed Craig Thomas staring back with his hands behind his back.

"You got a problem?" Aran asked Thomas.

Thomas wasn't about to back down, but he also didn't want anybody to know that he the jOlt Championship behind his back, but he still couldn't hold his ego back.

"Yeah, you not realizing that I'm the next jOlt Champion is my problem!" Thomas shot back.

Aran turned around and Waymoth put his hand against Aran telling him to stop. Aran looked at Waymoth and Waymoth just shook his head. Aran nodded his head and looked back at Thomas.

"Okay...chump. See you in the ring." Aran belted back before turning around and Craig Thomas snared before walking away and hiding the jOlt Championship from the sight of Aran and Waymoth.


Aran, again, stopped dead in his tracks and Waymoth stepped forward and let it be known that he was ready for action as Jimmy B. Martinez walked into the view of the camera.

"If it isn't the three time Relentless champ!?" Jimmy continued.

Aran rolled his neck and snarled.

"Aww...where's that pretty little piece of tin you were carrying around?" Aran shot back as he tapped the Relentless Championship around his waist.

Jimmy cracked his knuckles and gripped his fist tight and Waymoth stepped forward.

"Men suggest yuh back yuh rass up less yuh wan sometin yuh nah ready fah" Waymoth warned JBM and Aran smiled at JBM from behind the mammoth Islander.

JBM looked at Waymoth and spoke beore turning his attention back at Aran.

"If I rember correctly Waymoth. I did beat you fair in square for the one,two,three. I know what you're about. I know how you get down in the ring. Let's just say, Im not impressed. So if you think your size is going to intemidate me, you're highly mistake brother. Now Aran I expected more from you. What are you thinking? I looked up to you and Sylo when I first got to jOlt. Now I just roll my eyes in disgust everytime I hear your name. Some come thieves honor if you thinking of taking me out. I dont think so. It will be I who takes you TWO out. At the end of the day, it will be I who is crowned as the new jOlt Champion." JBM said to Aran with disappointment in his voice.



Craig Thomas came out of nowhere and just in the knick of time Waymoth pushed Aran aside and Thomas leveled Jimmy B. Martinez with the jOlt Championship he had previously stole from Derecho, when Thomas looked around for Aran and Waymoth they were gone and the scene faded with The Ego clutching the championship to his chest and JBM out cold.

"Cabin Pressure"

Adam Lazarus The crowd responded warmly to the presence of Dawn Cassidy as her physical beauty fell into view. Dressed in a Red Sun Dress with Black Trim, the beaming beauty smiled before speaking.

“Hello jOlt Wrestling fans!” Dawn opened. “We are exactly ONE WEEK away from the ’Thieves’ Honor Pay Per View here live at the Arena of Champions which will be made available through your local cable service providers in your respective areas. This Sunday and 7 pm Eastern Standard Time. 4 pm Pacific Standard Time. You can check for further information at or you can catch the live stream on, or all other pro wrestling affiliate sites pertaining.”

Dawn teased her hair for a moment before continuing.

“I have here with me one of the valedictorians from the RingRats Academy. He is a veteran in professional wrestling and among the fan favorites but you all know him as Adam Lazarus!”

The Arena of Champions opened up with a respectful pop as the camera panned over onto the Wading River export who stood with both arms folded, nodding with his picturesque smirk. He paused longingly as a growing chant for Laz was overheard radiating from the stands. Rightfully so as the aerial assassin took a moment to take the adoration in before turning his attention back onto Miss Cassidy.

“Adam, it’s great to finally have you on here as you seem to be a very hard man to catch.” Cassidy mentioned. A notable sigh was expelled before he responded.

“Well, I am always training, you know?” Adam mentioned. “It’s no secret that things have been pretty rough on my end but the days of ‘playing the cool dude’ role had to change. I’ve been standing aside and giving others my opportunities. My time. My advice. My all while not doing the same thing for myself.” Laz mentioned.

“I needed to take some time to reinvent myself. I had to seriously think things through and if I really want to compete here, I have to push myself that much harder. I could be that type of dude who attends the Comic-con and tell fans that ‘Yeah; I’m the dude who went toe to toe with Ninja K step for step. In that ring. Many times over. Even beat him in Kurrigan Hall before his hometown crowd...”

The masses cheered as Adam’s body language made his statements all the more evident.

“The same guy who beat Ryan Billows. Penance. Broke the record for the Van Dam Lift by 9 pounds. Won the All World Grand Prix Tournaments. Three times in Five Years!” Lazarus mentioned as the pop swelled near maximum capacity. “Yeah, I could have been that guy, living off things I accomplished in the past but that’s not me. That’s not my style. I am in the greatest shape of my life and yeah, I’ve fell short in many close matches and it happens. You know me. It’s all part of the game but it only makes me push myself all that much further. Blood. Sweat & Tears.”

“Now what are your thoughts concerning no mention about being added to this Pay Per..” Dawn mentioned before being interrupted.

“Sorry, Dawn but I got to speak on this...” Laz mentioned. “And personally, I know I may get fined, suspended or whatever but Jim Johnson is a fucking dick.” The legions popped heavily upon the bold statement. The flowing chant toward the New York native swelled to epic proportions. Cameras Twenty & Thirty became the witnesses of this before turning the attention back to Camera One.

“To me, it sucks that myself nor a lot of the guys out back aren’t able to compete for the Flyweight Championship because I know, given a shot at that belt, I would have won it. I would have taken that title doing what I do as the Air Apparent. Even still, with that belt long gone, I am still the high flying risk taker. Bumps. Bruises. Spills. Stitches. Separations. You name it. I either felt it or gave them. Night in & Night Out. I am in this to win this.”

Adam cast a look of brimming determination & conviction in his words before the camera as the audience ate it up.

“And you know I get it; everybody tends to say ‘I’m a real likeable guy.” That I’m Mr. Laid Back. Mr. Sun in my Face. Basking in the breeze and that’s cool. Yeah, I am all of that but let’s get some things straight here. I just love what I do. How many people can honestly say that with a straight face and mean it? Seriously?”

Dawn nodded in kind as the Human Highlight Film looked at her briefly for an answer.

“So hell yeah; I’m going to smile but even with a whole lot of new faces or even the seasoned vets in the back, that manage to bring it in that very ring, every single night...I will keep smiling...but I am going to make for damn sure that I kick a whole lot of ass while doing it...”

The amplified pitch continued as Adam smoothed back his blond locks before folding his arms again. The momentum of support rose at a astronomical rate.

“I know that I have been holding off from answering your question, you know?” Laz mentioned. “And it’s not on purpose but I had to get a lot off my chest. It’s never been good to hold stuff in but..”

The masses booed the arrival of the former Zybertech Steel Champion, Jason Rau arrogantly entered the scene. The member of the defunct faction renown as The Backbone looked Lazarus up & down before scoffing in mere amusement.

“You know, mate?” Rau initiated. “I think the real reason you’re not on TV so much is you’re bloody terrible out there.” Adam cocked his head to the side with an ever tightening jaw. “These people are bored shitless. Nobody wants to watch a brown-eyed mullet stinking up the joint. This here whacker think’s he’s tough?” Jason merely laughed at the high flyer’s expense. “You listen and you listen good, bloke; This ain’t Glee and you ain’t no Flop Van Dam neither. You stink!”

“You know? That’s pretty funny.” Adam rebutted. “And here I was thinking that when the Backbone were really making noise when they were on the scene, I made the mistake of referring to you as the ‘mascot’ of the crew...I need to apologize to you in person as I see now that you were just the ‘tampon’ for them.

The noise made by the masses only served as the catalyst for Rau to haul off and knock the New York native back with a flurry of punches several paces before slamming him atop a nearby table. Food and other assorted effects were scattered along the immediate area as Adam managed to start firing back and the mutual exchange continued. A trail was blazed down the hallway as both men took turns slamming each other against opposing walls before both men tumbled over a loaded garbage can, spilling its contents. Several wrestler overheard the commotion and rushed in to break them apart.

However, Adam broke free and dove at Jason, toppling over the half dozen of wrestlers to the floor. Punches continued to fly at will until order was begrudgingly brought forward. The slew of venom and newfound resentment echoed throughout the corridor as Adam was pull out of view further down the hall. Jason gnashed his teeth while heaving from the exchange.

“I’ll be seeing you real soon, ‘Bright Eyes’!

Sylo vs Dallas Griffin


As all lights in the arena would cease to exist except for the flashing of camera phones the fans would stand and roar. Since the birth of jOlt it had been the calling sign of one man, one monster, THE Monster; The SuperBeast. The jOltvision and surrounding screens would show a storm rolling over. The voice of the late, great, original man in black, Johnny Cash would speak the prophetic words from Revelations.

...And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder One of the four beasts sang ‘Come and see.’ And I saw. And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him......was Death......And Hell...followed with him...”

The jOlt vision and all accompanying screens would show a single image of an atomic bomb dropping from the atmosphere and right as it hit the ground the blinding white explosion on the stage would rock the arena.

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” – Nonpoint.

As the blinding symbol that herald in The Human Natural Disaster began to die down the 7’1” 335lb. silhouette of the Underground Champion, Sylo, could be seen. Sylo stepped through the smoke, expelling smoke through his nostrils, as he stared out into the sea of humanity that surrounded him. The arena was at a fever pitch as the former jOlt champion, the last Legacy Champion, and the current Underground Champion would come into full view with both titles, one on top of the other around his waist, as he stared with a burning rage behind those cold predatory blue eyes.

Sylo would pat the belts around his waist as he moved to the ring already armed with a microphone. Sylo would stop at the ring apron before leaping up on the outside of the ring and then with one clean jump he’d clear the ropes taking his place in the center of the ring; his ring.

The all too familiar chant would break out across the Arena of Champions.


Sylo nodded his head in approval before extending the microphone to the crowd to give them their moment. He’d wait all night if he had too. The battles with Ninja K had taken their toll, sure, but they had also ignited something inside of him. It was something he hadn’t felt since the infamous streak he rode all the way to the Legacy title oh so many years ago. The fans would die down as The King of the Underground pulled the microphone back to speak.

“Over seven years,” Sylo began. He paced a little as he stared at the canvas. “That’s how long it’s been since I won the Underground Title and to this day no one has stepped into this ring, has stepped into the Underground, and has walked out with this title,” Sylo paused as the fans would make themselves heard once more.

“Now I find myself in the middle of something personal between Ninja K and myself. Does Kenshiro want revenge? You’re damn right he does but not for being beaten fair and square. Kenshiro wants revenge for what I did to him after the match and who am I to deny him his vengeance? The problem is I won’t roll over for anyone. If you want something of mine you have to damn near kill me to take it.” Sylo continued to pace as he looked up. The long strands of black hair veiled his face but the towering inferno behind his eyes radiated beyond the veil. Somehow though the monster stayed calm, he spoke casually, and that meant Sylo was close to becoming even more dangerous.

“Now it seems Jimmy and Damien have taken an interest in something that doesn’t concern them. You know what though? In retrospect I get it. A lot of people think I lock on one target and don’t notice anything else going on in this arena but, spoiler, I do. I know Johnson is afraid because there’s a group of terrorists running around attacking at random. They’ve made demands. Demands that neither Jim Johnson nor the board of directors can fulfill. So instead of preparing himself for war he pretends it doesn’t exist,” Sylo twirled the microphone a bit as he paused, strolling around the ring, before leaning against one of the turnbuckles.

“But I digress. Tonight I don’t feel like talking as much as I feel like fighting,” the resounding pop shook the Arena of Champions once more. “So, here’s what we’ll do. Anyone who has the balls to come down here, step into the ring with me especially with the mood I’m in, and face me one on one in the Underground will get a shot at this,” Sylo unstrapped the Underground Title and held it high in the air before letting it rest casually on his shoulder.

“And when I’m done not only defending this title but when I’m done beating the living loving fuck out of whoever steps out through that curtain I’m going to ask Kenshiro to come down here because for the first time I’m going to waive my right to choose the match at Thieve’s Honor and I’m going to let Kenshiro choose the battle ground. So, with that said, someone get their ass down here,” Sylo tossed the microphone to the side, threw his shirt in the crowd, and laid his WAR dog tags in the corner. Finally he passed both titles to Mike Hunt who had just hit the ring and it wouldn’t be long before someone would answer the call.

“Excuse Me” – Koffee Blakk.

“Wow, Dallas Griffin is either one tough bastard or the dumbest bastard to ever step foot in a ring. He’s coming off an injury and he’s going to get in the ring with Sylo?!” Powers was beyond outraged.

“Well partner, I suppose when a title is on the line, the temptation to be champion outweighs the risk of being injured,” Buhrman remarked even though he tried to put a positive spin on it even he knew Griffin was making a mistake.

Sylo only smirked showing those elongated canines on one side as Dallas Griffin made his way to the ring yelling inaudibly at Sylo. Sylo rolled his neck, letting the bones beneath crack, before jumping a bit to loosen up his muscles. Dallas Griffin stepped into the ring and took his corner and the man was pumped up as Mike Hunt held up the Underground Title. Griffin stared at the title as a hunger grew inside him. Sylo didn’t even bother looking at the title.


Griffin would charge with a head of steam at the champion only to get clocked with a stiff right hand sending him crashing to the mat and essentially knocking a lot of the adrenaline off. Sylo casually moved around Griffin pulling him up to his feet. He knew one of his newest protégés, Graham Youngblood, was watching and taking note as The SuperBeast planned to pick Graham’s former tag team partner apart. Griffin was back on his feet via Sylo but quickly found himself whipped into the corner. Sylo followed up with a few hellacious shoulder blocks to the mid-section before lifting Griffin up on the top turnbuckle.

“Yep, Sylo’s going to kill Griffin,” Powers casually remarked.

Sylo stepped up to the second turnbuckle and bent Griffin in half before lifting him over his head and sending him flying to the outside barely missing the steel ring steps. Griffin gasped for air as it had been forced out of his lungs.


“I’m not done!” Sylo roared out to the blood thirsty crowd before exiting the ring.

Sylo went under the ring and began yanking so many weapons out it was hard to keep track. Sylo grabbed a table and bridged it from the ring to the announce table. After making sure it was nice and secure Sylo grabbed a steel chair and headed back over to Griffin. Sylo held the chair high in the air as the fans approved. Griffin was just regaining composure before…


And finally one to grow on.


The fans were ignited even more, if that was possible, as Sylo just broke a steel chair on Griffin’s body. Obviously this had become Sylo’s form of anger management but still he wasn’t done. Sylo moved back over to the plethora of weapons and found a small brown sack. He dumped the contents all over the table bridge he’d built and looked to the fans in approval as tacks glistened on the table’s surface. Sylo moved over to the announce table as Buhrman and Powers quickly moved giving Sylo a wide birth as The SuperBeast began clearing the table off.

“Someone has to stop this!” Buhrman shouted from a safe distance.

"Yeah? Why don’t you go stop Sylo then, Buhrman?” Powers sneered.

“Uh, no, I’m good, thank you though,” Buhrman conceded.

Sylo moved back over to Griffin and drug him over to the announce table throwing him up on it before following him. Sylo stood Griffin up on the table with him before Griffin found himself up on Sylo’s shoulders. Sylo, showing impressive strength, held Griffin with one arm before sliding a lone thumb across his throat.

“Oh Dear God…DON’T DO THIS SYLO!” Buhrman shouted but Sylo wasn’t listening.

One swift motion and it sounded like a multi car pileup on the interstate.


Sylo’s grin was pure malice as he pushed himself back up to his feet. He moved over to Griffin and put a boot on his chest as Mike Hunt gladly made the count to end this thing.





The medical staff flooded over to Griffin checking on him as Sylo took his titles back. He couldn’t even feel the tacks he had in his own back as he grabbed a microphone and slid back in the ring. Sylo snarled as his blood lust had consumed him.

Winner: Sylo via Pinfall

"Calling Out the Head of the Clan"

Sylo “Kenshiro…get your ass ...” Sylo screamed before being audibly drowned out by the tsunami of cheers in the playing of ’Vicarious’ by Tool’. Cameras Ten and Eight traded visuals of the Underground Champion’s visage while the other camera scanned the horizon in search of the Resident Anti Hero. Moments elapsed before Ninja K appeared at Exit 51. Sans the strobe lit smoke nor the usual entrance mystique including his partial mask. Armed with a microphone in hand, Kenshiro casually made his way down the exposed stairwell en route toward the ring.

“So am I to understand & ‘believe’ that you, of all people, have intentionally waived your appointed right to choose the match between you & I for the right to be Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship?” The ninja rebutted. I believe that I bear a slight assumption as why this ‘display of false bravado’ is being conveyed before the eyes & ears of ‘your adoring public...I would be greatly remised to assure you that I am not impressed. Not even in the slightest. However, I shall address that in a few moments...”

The legions continued to be heard clambering amongst themselves as the ninja casually approached the barricades as Sylo remained perched atop the middle ropes.

“Granted, your ‘exhibition’ championship defense against Dallas Griffin was rather ‘amusing’ to these people here & abroad but I must & shall convey to all of you as to what I see...” The ninja continued while casually clearing the barricades. “I see a living lie, holding court within this very ring. This individual is highly appealing to both the untrained eye nor mind. I submit to your ‘adoring court’ that this ‘Super Beast’ is as formidable as he is arrogant...Dedicated as he is deceptive...A powerful contradiction in every sense of the words themselves...”

Kenshiro slowed his encirclement of the squared circle to stand a few paces before the ring apron as the towering titan burned holes through his opposition.

“I submit to the ‘court of public opinion’ that as historic, as monumental as your reign & dominance of the Underground Championship has been, I take personal pride and homage in being the intentional bearer of some horrendously bad news.” Kenshiro mentioned. “The End of the Super Beast Era is at hand.”

A growing number of pro-Sylo fans made their displeasure in the bold statement known.

“In this man’s reign as both champion and contender, he has manage to instill terror within the hearts and minds of would be challengers to his ‘throne’. His opposition would enter the ring with him with deeply rooted preconceived notions of defeat long before or shortly after the opening bell. All for good reason. Look at him.” Ninja ordered. “Over seven feet of raw sinew, muscle, rage and ability. The speed of an aging cruiserweight and with his overall stature, it more than qualifies him to at least be considered for the moniker ‘Athletic Freak of Nature’. However, this same individual is guilty of numerous counts of omission. This individual has erected a kingdom and a legion of loyal subjects under the guise of erroneous lies. Almost everything that encompasses the very embodiment of a ‘legacy’ with this man is all but counterfeit.”

The masses were beginning to adamantly stir against these piling charges as the Ninja continued.

“The first of many glaring half truths concern his unsettled competitive affairs between myself & that very individual in this ring. Now imagine, an individual in full possession of near genetic perfection being incapable of defeating me.” Ninja bellowed with an accusatory tone. “Now before you attempt to rebut against this claim, allow me to enlighten you with a serving of bitter truth. Unlike my peers, week after week, it was I whom have been the one to turn the hunter into the hunted. As they are well within their rights to do as they see fit, you yourself, see that not only we are not estranged from the nuances of violence yet I am exceedingly far more than capable of succeeding where my peers have failed.”

“Seven years. Seven years. That is an exceedingly extensive period of time in the pursuit of redemption yet this is not in retaliation against you nor your cohorts, who publically stripped me of the Legacy Championship...Not in those respects yet the public beating & humiliation, at my expense, warrants their respective consequences for another time yet the reason that I challenge you for the right as Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship is absolve this public...this promotion...this business and my legacy of the festering lie that is Sylo.”

The masses responded with a volatile mixed reaction as the Human Natural Disaster popped the bones in his neck & began methodically gnarling his massive fists.

“I am going too personally, intentionally, handedly, and violently destroy the mockery of not only this organization but this entire business of the Sylo Virus for it is the necessary change that is needed.” Kenshiro continued. “At Thieves Honor, the match I choose to anxiously contend, defeat & break you may not even begin to fully compensate over seven years of lost face nor torment but will present the opportunity to shatter both the man & myth in one felled swoop.”

"60 minutes in an Iron Man Match for the Underground Championship.”

The fans ignited for that one. After watching both men come to two draws they knew an hour long Iron Man Match would indeed promote even more opportunity for violence. One man though would remain un-phased as well as unimpressed.

Sylo would twirl the microphone in his hand as he casually bounced off the second turnbuckle and back on his feet.

“Are you done? The reason I ask is due to the fact I can’t quite figure out if you’re deaf, have a mental handicap, or you just like to hear yourself talk in circles and riddles that really don’t amount to a mound of shit. News flash, Kenshiro, you’re about as fucking deep as a mud puddle you walking stereotype,” Sylo snarled and the pro-Sylo side of things would roar in approval.

“Allow me to snap you back to reality before I address your match proposal. We’ve been over this if you’ve already forgotten but I admitted to the attack on you, I even said I got off on it, which is still true by the way. That wasn’t some ploy to piss you off. That doesn’t take away though the fact that when the dust settled I beat you, me, fair and square, and you can’t seem to get the fuck over it. Now you’re on some grand crusade to defeat the big bad Sylo for the crimes committed against you. Do you possibly have any more sob stories in the form of stupid ass riddles in that supposed brain of yours?” Sylo growled at Kenshiro as he was still under the effects of a blood lust induced from frustration, anger, and an Underground Title defense.

This time it was Kenshiro’s turn to grit his teeth so hard they almost turned into a fine powder and ball both fists up in anger.

“Here’s what you can’t seem to get through that thick fucking skull of yours. I may not like you, Kenshiro, that’s more than obvious but at least I’m man enough and have enough balls to admit I respect you as a competitor. Oh and just so you’re fully aware, don’t mistake admittance as a weakness or I will end you,” Sylo had decided to verbally beat on Kenshiro after weeks of physically beating on one another. “You literally just stood here and said you’d end me and my legacy but need I remind you that you also DID.NOT.WIN? That’s why they’re called draws, dumb ass! So how do you figure the hunter has become the hunted? Because we went to a draw? Last time I checked I almost ended your career, possibly your life, by way of a fifty-fucking-pound tow chain. If instinct hadn’t kicked in and you hadn’t moved that would have been it for the lack luster “legacy” of Ninja K. So…since we’re making proclamations…allow me to make one of my own…” Sylo stepped dangerously close to the ninja.

Hate, anger, frustration, and every spectrum of violently negative emotion radiated through the entire arena between champion and challenger. Sylo stared right into the Ronan’s eyes as he raised the microphone up one last time.

“First off I accept your proposed match,” the fans would explode knowing in a short period of time they’d see two of the best in the business clash for a solid hour. “As far as my proclamation, come Thieves’ Honor, I’m walking in as Underground Champion,” Sylo paused as vein after vein stood on top of every one of Sylo’s muscles, straining, trying to break the flesh. “And I’m walking OUT Underground Champion! See you at Thieves’ Honor, Motherfucker!”

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint would kick up one more time as Sylo just threw the microphone out of the ring. Camera 8 would close in on Sylo and Ninja K sharing looks of pure malice directed at one another. Finally, The SuperBeast, with both The Underground and Legacy Titles in tow would step past Kenshiro without fear of attack and would make his exit leaving the ninja to stare enraged at his opponent at Thieves’ Honor.

"Training Day: Processing"

The Jury “Ugh....Shit!”

The bleeding heap of muscle was Dallas Griffin. It was not even several days of being medically cleared to rejoin the active roster that the Texas bred giant was teetering towards being cast back into the sidelines once more. Medical personnel were actively mending the ailing Griffin when a slight commotion was made several feet away.

“Let me through.” A familiar voice was overhead. “My guy is in there.”

The sea of white fabric & health administers parted to allow Duzza to wheel himself forward and park before the ailing enforcer. “You look like shit, bro.” The manager quipped. Griffin sucked his teeth in disgust while leaning back as The Jury stepped forward to stand at their manager’s flanks.

“Come on, D. Miss me with that bullshit.” Griffin seethed. Duzza leaned forward on the arm rests.

“I’m not here to say ‘I told you so’...” Duzza mentioned. “I know you’re a little fucked up right now but real talk; this is what I was saying to you and the Jury last week. This is chess. Not Checkers. You had to learn this the hard way.” Dallas turned his head to the side while being handed an ice pack before holding it to the side of his head. Teeth gnashing.

“There’s no doubt you are a warrior, brother.” Duzza mentioned. “But this ain’t like anything back on the block. Your mind set has to change. You’re all fucked up with these loose emotions. I get that is was your nature but you’ve got to change...not just for the better but in order to survive. Literally.”

“So you’re the ghetto Dr. Phil now?” Dallas chided. The faint smirk quickly dissipated.

“You went toe to toe with a multiple time Hardcore Champion in a full body onesie who put your black ass on the shelf for almost two weeks. TWO.” Duzza mentioned as Dallas sighed deeply. “Tonight, you had the breaks beat off your ass by Mr. Blue Man Group on steroids. If you haven’t been paying attention, those two have been fucking each other up. Every. Week. Do you understand what the fuck I am trying to show you?”

Dallas said nothing while offering a emotionless stare back at the gang ring leader.

“You need to not only man the fuck up but you need to adapt. You need to find that killer instinct. Within you and we need that much sooner than later. Now if you are cool bleeding all over yourself week in and week out, I can send the boys to get you some pads, you know? With or without the wings? Huh?”

“Man, Fuck You.” Dallas rebutted.

“All bullshit aside, G; You got a choice from here on out.” Duzza mentioned. “You do everything I tell you to do so you can make an impact in this game or you can keep it pushing?” The injured manager teetered both palms to highlight the big man’s options.

“Not much of a choice.” Dallas muttered while giving things a few brief moments of thought.

“So let’s just say ‘you’re right’...” Dallas inquired. “How the fuck you think I’m suppose to do all of that?” The black titan mentioned with agitated scowl. Duzza leaned back in his wheel chair for a moment as Khadafi & Statuz Quo continued to keep outsiders from ear hustling & scout for possible threats.

“I’ll tell you what.” Duzza mentioned. “You worry about getting patched up. You clean yourself up and I will give you a call when things are ready.”

“Aight.” Dallas replied as Duzza tapped Khadafi and motioned for the trio to make moves away from the arena. As the band of thugs moved on, the battered Texan leaned back and looked away toward the concrete heavens immersed in thought for the road ahead...

"Boiling Point"


"Honey you need to calm down, I understand that you're upset. I can’t stand seeing you like this. It hurts me. Can’t you get it through your head I love you?" Aria Murphy tried to reason with and clam down her future husband as she held her stomach with both hands. She felt like she was always carrying a part of him; a part of the man she loved.

Sylo wouldn’t turn to look at his wife as he drove yet another fist in an already twisted mess that used to be a locker door. The sheer amount of anger that radiated off The SuperBeast made Chernobyl look safe.

“You don’t get it!” Sylo roared. He’d lost control. Normally he’d have taken into consideration his future wife was carrying his child and would do whatever he could to keep her calm. An example of that was making peace with Vince Jacobs. Oh the things we do for women.

“First Kenshiro and I went toe to toe all the way to a fucking draw!THEN inside The Pitt, my world, my playground, when I thought I had made him tap it felt like that monkey was off my back but no he didn’t tap and yet again it was another fucking draw! Now people are already saying I went too far for what I did to that piece of shit Dallas Griffin! Guess what? I didn’t demand Dallas come to the ring, I didn’t hold a gun to his head, no, that stupid piece of shit stepped into the ring with ME! He thought he could beat ME! So you know what I did? I left him with a fucking consolation prize in the form of putting him through a FUCKING TABLE!” Sylo roared as yet another wrecking ball sized fist went slamming into the locker which, at this point, was already hanging by a goddamn hinge. Even worse, a doctor was standing in the background trying to do his job, because still lodged in the back of The SuperBeast were the tacks he used in the match but at this point what was a little pain?

“Sir if you’d allow me I’ll-“ The worker finally went to speak. A brazen but stupid move on his part as Sylo cut him off.

“GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT! IF AND WHEN I’M READY TO HAVE YOU DO YOUR JOB I’LL LET YOUR FAT ASS KNOW. UNTIL THEN GET YOUR FAT FUCKING ASS OUT OF MY LOCKER ROOM BEFORE I PUT YOU IN THE GODDAMN HOSPITAL! I SWEAR TO GOD THE NEXT MOTHER FUCKER THAT SHOWS UP I’M ENDING THEIR FUCKING CAREER!” Sylo let out yet another ear splitting roar. The man wouldn’t waste any time making a b-line for the door knowing full well at this point Sylo was capable and would make good on his statement.

“Baby! Stop it, please, at least for the baby’s sake! I can’t take this stress, I won’t lose this child!” Aria screamed at Sylo as the thing he hated the most began to happen; she began to tear up. Sylo stopped and let out a growl as he clinched his fist. Doing so would show fresh blood running like a river from his fist to the floor below.

“I’ll leave. This isn’t good for you or the baby. This is how I cope, this is how I deal, and this is how he likes things to be.” Sylo turned to leave but Aria blocked his path.

“Don’t do this. Don’t walk away from me. You need to understand I love you, I agreed to marry you, and I’m carrying your child. Maybe I don’t know everything that goes on inside your head but that’s because you won’t let me in. You speak of him but don’t you understand it’s you. It’s always been you,” Aria put a hand on her fiancé’s chest as she brushed back the long black strands of Sylo’s mane. She’d look into those eerie blue eyes which continued to radiate a towering inferno behind them.

“Aria, it’s always been him. That’s what you need to understand. You say I don’t let you in on anything that goes on in my mind but have you considered it’s because my mind is a scary place? I fight every day to keep him in check. You need proof? Fine. Let’s flash back to Legacy of Champions when I beat Kenshiro fair and square, forget what happened after, but focus on the match. It was him. Flash forward to the more recent history; jOlt. Vince Jacobs threw everything at me including the kitchen sink in a match that was designed for him to win. He put me through a table, I was broken, I was done, and he was climbing the ladder to grab both titles. The fact of the matter is Vince Jacobs would and should have won that match but he stepped in, he gave my body that surge of adrenaline, and ultimately he won that match.” Sylo stared at Aria, eyes still engulfed, as she only stared at the man she loved.

“The Backbone was next. If it hadn’t been for him they’d have the jOlt title, they’d still be a group, and I’d be a distant memory. Justin Edward Sylo didn’t “Break the Backbone”; HE did. Last but certainly not least there was the bitter rivalry with Derecho. Derecho had lost his fucking mind. He was dangerous. It wasn’t really my decision to go title vs. title, no, it was his choice. He wanted the Underground Title and HE got what he wanted. If it wasn’t for him? I would have never reigned over jOlt as The jOlt Champion for around a year. When you strip it down to his core, honestly, he deserves all the credit.” Sylo huffed as he looked away from his soon to be wife.

For those unfamiliar the legend of The SuperBeast has been told many different ways. Some say it’s just a nickname for Sylo while others view it as a gimmick he plays out. There, of course, are those that think maybe Sylo has split personalities but for those that knew him, actually knew him, they understood it was something so much more. They understood and even accepted that another entity could possibly live inside Sylo sharing his body and using it as its own vessel.

“Stop it,” Aria had been fighting the tears but one had managed to slip out. “Just STOP!” The finally screamed. “You give so much credit to him but what’s left for you? I didn’t fall in love with him I fell in love with you. I understand what most don’t or won’t about what dwells inside you but I won’t sit here and listen to you down play your own ability. I watch you and Jimmy spend countless hours in the gym training and I know for a fact that’s not him. That’s you. That’s Justin Edward FUCKING Sylo! That’s not the Beast or whatever he wants to be called!” Aria couldn’t hold the flood gates anymore as the tears fell like rain.

Sylo finally turned back to Aria and pulled her close to him. She looked up as Sylo just watched her for a moment, brushing her hair back, and wiping away tears. Since they’d been together Sylo had updated his locker room making it a lot more comfortable for Aria’s sake so he lead her over to the smaller two-person couch and sat down with her putting her in his lap as he wrapped both Red Wood Oak arms around her.

“It’s weird, you know? It’s weird knowing someone cares. Seventeen years I was a loner. After losing the only family I had I felt I had no choice. All I had was him. I forget sometimes that I do have you and Jimmy. I’m still getting used to all of it I guess and I forget sometimes. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry,” Sylo looked up at Aria who had stared at him the entire time. She turned in his lap and stroked his cheek before kissing him.

“I know baby but you’re not alone anymore and you never will be again,” Aria smiled as she grabbed Sylo’s hand resting it on her stomach. Sylo realized the gravity of that statement and a lot of the blood lust seemed to vanish. “I love you more than you’ll ever know. I can’t wait to be Aria Sylo and Jimmy? That kid looks up to you like you two are actual brothers. He idolizes you and does everything in his power to make you proud. In a way you saved Jimmy and for that he’s grateful.” Aria rubbed Sylo’s hand as she kept it on her stomach.

“I don’t know how you do it. You really are the ying to my yang. No one in the world can calm me down like you. Sometime I think you’re a goddamn witch.” They both would laugh. It felt good to laugh after what had transpired the past few weeks.

“No, I just know when to kick your ass and when to show you you’re not alone and that you are loved. Honestly, do you think Kenshiro is sitting in his locker room tearing it apart piece by piece? He’s angry too but I promise you he’s doing some sort of meditation to keep it under control.” Aria explained.

“Fucking Ninja’s,” Sylo huffed. Aria let out a laugh. “You’re right though, as always, and here I am looking like a giant raging jackass.” Sylo begrudgingly admitted.

“Sweetheart, you’re always a giant raging jackass,” Aria said with a smile.

“It’s just I feel like I could lose control at any moment. I’m so on edge lately. I try to stay calm for you and the baby both but sometimes I just can’t control all this rage and anger.” Sylo looked to Aria again.

“I know but I’ll always be right here to keep you grounded,” she kissed her fiancé. “Jackass” she followed up with a huge smile which drew a chuckle even from Sylo who still, even at that point, could explode again.

Aria moved over and looked at Sylo. “Turn around and let’s get the tacks out of your back before they get infected, okay?”

Sylo rolled his neck and then finally turned as Aria began to work pulling out tacks. “Let me know if I hurt you,” Aria said as she pulled the first one out. Sylo only snorted a laugh. Aria would smack one of the tacks in Sylo’s back as he let out a small snarl.

“You know I do care about you and the baby right? You know I worry and do care about Jimmy and his career, right? I would never do anything stupid to worry you.” Aria stared at Sylo like he’d just sprouted a second head before pulling another tack out.

“I know, babe.” She replied before working on Sylo’s back some more.

“Jimmy on the other hand needs to learn when a risk is acceptable and when it’s just going overboard. Kid’s these days, they’re so hungry to make a name for themselves they’ll risk life and limb just to put on a show. Don’t worry though I’m going to have a talk with him about things and see if I can’t get him to think a little more before he goes off and does something stupid and ends his career just as it’s taking off.”


"I’m busy with my wife! Go the fuck away!" Sylo shouted to whoever the person standing on the other end of the door was.

Even though The SuperBeast had said to go away one man wouldn’t worry about it as Martinez entered with a smile on his face to see his second family sitting down on the couch together with Aria still working on Sylo’s back.

"Oh, it's you." Sylo said sarcastically. “Did you ever think maybe we’re fucking in here?”

"Hey, that's no way to welcome your brother from another! Besides, if you two were fucking wouldn’t you lock the door?" Martinez quipped back sarcastically.

"Haven’t you ever heard of the thrill of getting caught? Besides usually when I say go the fuck away most people are smart enough to not walk in anyway.” Sylo shot back at Jimmy. “Anyway, What's up Jimmy, what do you need?" Sylo asked as Martinez made himself comfortable on the larger couch across from them stretching both arms out before letting both hands clasp behind his head.

"I just thought I would come by and see how Aria is doing. I mean I can do that you know. I am the godfather of the baby." He said as he smiled at Aria as she looked around Sylo and smiled back.

"That’s sweet of you, Jimmy. The baby is doing just fine. It's the father who seems to be out of control but I think we finally got him calmed down for now." She said as she looked at Sylo. “Right dear?” Aria yanked a tack out of Sylo’s back extra hard to emphasize her point. Sylo just put both hands in the air as if to say I concede.

"Seems to me like he is in control." Martinez smiled as he looked over at his mentor then let his gaze lead over to The Underground Championship which hung next to the legacy title in one of the open lockers with the rest of Sylo’s gear. Jimmy chuckled. "He was pretty much in control when he slammed Griffin right onto that table with those thumb tacks." JBM smiled and nodded at Sylo almost as to say good job.

Aria, on the other hand, wasn’t in agreement with Jimmy. She gave him a stern look and stopped what she was doing for a moment. Jimmy’s smile faded because he and Sylo both knew what was coming next.

“In control? In control?! Jimmy, do you see what I’m doing? I’m pulling tacks out of his fucking back! I’m doing it because he almost made the worker that was in here piss his pants as he went running out. Look at his hand, Jimmy, and then look at the locker over there! Before you came in here he was beating the shit out of it! Do you know how LONG it took me to calm him down and you want to say “Good job”? You know better!” Aria had become known in the Sylo household for her famous scolding and never scared attitude. Sylo knew this. Jimmy knew this. Jimmy looked over at Sylo’s hand before looking up at his mentor. Sylo only nodded as if to say to Jimmy “don’t push this one”.

“Okay, damn mom, I’m sorry! I concede! No más! I’ll eat my vegetables, clean my room, do my homework, and it’s straight to bed. I swear!” Jimmy held up both hands in surrender. Aria’s look was beginning to burn a hole through Jimmy. “Serious, Aria, I’m sorry,” Jimmy said noticing Aria wasn’t in the mood to really joke. “Okay?”

“Yeah you better finish your damn homework.” She smirked at Jimmy who smirked back as she went back to working on Sylo.

“Listen, Kid, we need to talk,” Sylo looked over at Jimmy. Jimmy had lived with the two for some time but still found it difficult to decipher if it was good or bad when Sylo said those words.

“About?” Jimmy replied as the smirk disappeared and one of his eyebrows raised.

“A few things actually. First off, knock the crazy shit off a little, would you?”

“That’s…kinda my thing, boss,” Jimmy replied.

Sylo just shot him a look and Jimmy knew not to push it.

“Okay. Got it. I’m guessing because of the pregnancy?” Jimmy asked as Sylo only nodded. “Then okay, you’re right, I am his God Father and or Uncle so I guess I should do my part.” Jimmy nodded his head as he admitted he’d been taking a few too many risks without actually saying he had been.

“Just remember kid one wrong landing and that’s it, game over, your career is done. Use your head. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and I know your style is more daredevil but we’re trying to make you more well rounded so you don’t kill yourself to win,” Sylo kept his eyes locked on Jimmy as Aria pulled out another tack and threw it at Jimmy.

“That’s right. You’re going to break your fucking neck and I’ll be damned if I’m taking care of THREE babies!” She looked at Jimmy and then up at Sylo.

Jimmy and Sylo just looked at each other. Jimmy rolled a shoulder in a shrug. Thankfully Aria didn’t notice.

“Second thing is something Aria and I have both told you, we’re extremely proud of you. That’s why we bought your dad’s gym back for you. I, personally, like the new attitude. Just make sure this new aggressive streak of yours is something you can control. I’m a bit of a hypocrite telling you that, but, it’s the truth. I’ve had to learn the hard way it’s a great way to get yourself hurt,” Sylo said to Jimmy before looking at his left shoulder and back at Jimmy to prove his point.

“You’re right as usual and I’ve got it under control. If I feel I don’t I’ll come and talk to you but otherwise I’m good, baby! I’m ready for Thieves’ Honor, it’s my time, they may have taken my fucking Flyweight title and retired it but that’s fine, fuck em’, I’ll carry on what you started with the jOlt title after I kick every ass in that match and take it off Derecho,” Jimmy’s face was granite. Sylo had to hand it to the kid, he was determined, and the new attitude of Jimmy was propelling him to new heights.

“It won’t be that simple. I’ve faced everyone in that match except for Tyke and Craig Thomas. Craig Thomas though isn’t half the man his brother was and as much as it pains me to say something nice about Brandon Thomas it’s the truth but he made it into this match for a reason, he’s not just ALL talk, he can actually back it up a bit. Tyke’s been a champion though and he has this new mean streak a mile long. Derecho isn’t a push over either, that man will put you on your ass before you realize it, you saw the war he and I had and he pinned me; clean. Grendel is probably the only man in the company that can go toe to toe with me in strength but his weakness is he can’t think for himself, that’s why he has that psycho bitch he’s in love with shouting orders at him. Don’t fool yourself though because Grendel will break you in half if he gets his hands on you.” Sylo’s eyes were locked with Jimmy’s as he spoke. He was serious and this was all information Jimmy needed to use to strategize.

“Of course you have Waymoth in the match. This guy may be new but this guy is impressive. He has one shot knock out power and if you’re not careful you’ll wake up staring at the arena lights as they announce a winner. Of course you know Aran. I haven’t spoken to him in quite a while and he seems to be obsessed with beating Derecho. I’ve known Aran long enough to know that when he has his mind set on something he’s like a fucking man possessed. Lastly, you have an unknown factor of who the last man coming into this match is, that’s never good; you can’t game plan for that. As always we’ll come up with a game plan but this is the big leagues and you’ll need to know when to change up strategy at a moment’s notice.” Sylo was serious. Everything he said was true, any veteran in the business could testify to that. Jimmy nodded, accepting his mentor’s words, before leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees.

“Again, when you’re right you’re right. So I guess we should get to game planning soon. What about your match with Ninja K?” Jimmy looked at Sylo and realized he fucked up bringing up Kenshiro’s name. Sylo’s nostrils flared and that towering pillar of rage inside Sylo tried to push back to the surface but Sylo maintained control as Aria looked over at him to see what he’d do.

“Don’t worry about Kenshiro. He and I have something very personal going on and I’ll take care of it myself. You just worry about your match and winning the jOlt title.” Sylo replied finally getting the boiling rage to subside.

“Fuckin’ right,” Jimmy responded. “Let’s get started as soon as I get this eight man tag out of the way.” Jimmy wasn’t demanding he just really wanted to get ready for this match. Sylo knew it wasn’t a demand. Jimmy had been hitting the gym even harder since he made his way into the match.

Sylo looked over his shoulder to Aria asking if it was okay with his eyes. Aria just sighed and rolled her eyes.

“You two will be the death of me but go ahead. I’ve got to get the rest of these damn tacks out. The only thing I demand is that neither one of you gets up in arms and loses your head. I’ve had enough of that shit for one night. This one,” She nodded at her fiancé, Sylo. “Already has to make it up to me and there’s this BEAUTIFUL wedding ring I want so Jimmy you don’t want to end up in the same boat.” Aria gave Jimmy a stern look who just chuckled.

“Noted. Alright brother, I’m going to go get ready. We’ll talk after the show. These asses aren’t going to kick themselves.” Jimmy stood up to go get ready for his match. He knew they’d be talking the rest of the night after Jimmy’s match and pretty much every day until Thieves Honor. The two would begin strategy talks later, and Aria would continue pulling tacks out of Sylo’s back as Jimmy opened the door to make his exit.

“HEY!” Sylo yelled after Jimmy. Jimmy stopped and looked over his shoulder for a second.


“Kick some ass out there tonight, would ya?”

Jimmy smirked before giving Sylo a stern nod. “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ass out there and I plan on kicking as much of it as possible. By the time I’m done tonight everyone going into the Thieves Honor match will stop looking past Jimmy B. Martinez and start looking AT Jimmy B. Martinez as one of the biggest threats in the whole damn match. I guaran-fucking-tee it.” Jimmy wasn’t joking. The look on his face showed that. The kid was more than focused.

“Go get em’, Supernova,” Sylo closed his eyes but Jimmy wouldn’t walk away just yet.

“Supernova?” Jimmy asked.

Sylo rolled a shoulder in a shrug not opening his eyes.

“The name kind of fits you, kid.”

“Supernova…I like that. We’ll talk. Make sure you’re watching.” Jimmy watched as Sylo nodded in response. Jimmy turned and closed the door behind him. In the hallway he shook his head a little. “Supernova…” he muttered to himself as he nodded again in approval before heading down the hallway.

One thing was for sure; both Sylo and Jimmy would be in for the fights of their life at Thieves Honor with one having everything to gain and the other having everything to lose. Two sides of the same coin.

Derecho, Grendel, Craig Thomas, Jonathan Conspiracy vs Aran Thompson, Tyke, Waymoth Turnbull, Jimmy B Martinez


Seven days until Thieves Honor and Jim Johnson throws a wrench in everybodies plans, he made this match and said that the loser of the match would have to re-qualify for the Thieves Honor match and their chance to win the jOlt Championship.

"Charisma" by Wasp began playing and the tension was immediate as it felt as if half of the Arena of Champions popped for the entrance of Derecho and the other half completely hated him. Derecho, without the jOlt Championship, was clearly not in the mood after Craig Thomas attacked him and stole the title. Derecho shook his head as he made his way down to the ring and snared at the entrance ramp waiting on the rest of his "Team".

"Voodoo" by Godsmack and the fans began cheering, and Derecho looked around the Arena as they responded to the silent monster slowly lurking his way down to the ring. Grendel circled around the ring and trained his eyes on Derecho who made sure to keep his watch on Grendel as well before Grendel slid into the ring, Derecho was ready for a fight and didn't care who it would be with and Grendel just wanted to hurt something. The referee stepped inbetween and asked them to back away from one another.

Human beings in a mob Whats a mob to a king Whats a king to a god Whats a god to a non believer... ...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive Alright Alright No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne meant that one man was about to reveal himself to the jOlt faithful that filled The Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida.

One Letter Better The Attention Getter Jonathan Conspiracy

JCON walked down to the ring to a chorus of boos without his wife and a demeanor of disdain for Derecho and Grendel. He quickly slid into the ring and paced back and forth as if trying to decide who he would attack first, Grendel or Derecho.

"Voodoo Child" by Stevie Ray Vaughn began playing and Craig Thomas came sauntering out holding the jOlt Championship in one hand and pointing at himself with the other. "You're looking at the new Champion now!" he taunted the camera as he made his way to the ring and Derecho charged after him but was quickly stopped by the referee. Thomas looked up at Derecho and smiled before handing the time keeper the jOlt Championship, "Keep this warm for me." Thomas slid into the ring....


The crowd exploded as Derecho clocked Craig Thomas who quickly rolled out of the ring from the shock of the attack and the ref got in between Derecho and another of his "Teammates". Derecho looked at JCON and Grendel and both of them looked ready if Derecho decided to make a move and Derecho turned his attention to Thomas who was now at ringside holding his jaw and Derecho clinched his eyes shut and took a deep breath.


The crowd exploded and quickly retracted to booing as Aran Thompson walked out with the Relentless Championship held high in the air and Waymoth Turnbull walked out with him. The two nodded at one another as Aran hoisted the Relentless Championship over his shoulder and they split up walking on either side of the ring and watching their opponents before turning their attention to Craig Thomas who was trapped. Aran and Waymoth on either side and Derecho and two other men that probably hated his The Ego. Thomas took his chances with his "team" as he quickly slide into the ring and Aran and Waymoth met back up so Aran could place the Relentless Championship on the announcers table and he looked at Michael Buhrman, "I'm the future of this industry and there isn't anything anybody can do about it, not even tonight!"

Waymoth patted Aran on his back and pointed at the entrance.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


Tyke came out and and stared down the collective of opponents and one time only "allies". He looked around as the Arena of Champions reacted to "The British Lion" and then he started to make his way down to the ring before...

"Machine head" by Bush began playing and JBM burst from behind the curtain and the fans went insane, JBM ran past his teammate in Tyke and slid into the ring and pounced on Craig Thomas hitting him with a relentless flurry of left and rights as the referee tried to pull him off of Thomas and everybody else just watched. JBM jumped up and spread his arms as Derecho and JCON went to their respective corner and Grendel stayed in the ring and stalked the last ever Flyweight Champion, JBM.


Grendel leveled JBM and JBM rolled out of the ring and back up into Waymoth Turnbull. JBM turned his attention to Waymoth and started to slowly back up and Grendel walked over and grabbed the top of JBM's head trying to pull him up.


Tyke came flying from no where and hit Grendel with a leg drop forcing Grendels throat into the ropes and Grendel flopped backwards holding his throat as Aran slid into the ring and began attacking Grendel while he was down. Aran's flurry of left and rights stopped by Derecho coming and kicking Aran in the side of the head and now Derecho was on top of Aran punching Aran in the back of the head, enter the West Indian Obsidian.

Waymoth Turnbull slid into the ring and walked over to Derecho and grabbed him by his hair.


Out of nowhere Jonathan Conspiracy hit Waymoth with a Cross Body from the top rope and everybody was just everywhere. The referee looked around and realized he hadn't even called for the bell yet.




This match was offically underway, but who is the legal man?

Aran and Waymoth both rolled out of the ring leaving Grendel and Derecho on the mat while Jonathan Conspiracy stood in the middle looking around and Craig Thomas started to climb the ring apron along with Jimmy B. Martinez and Tyke. Tyke and JBM looked at one another and both jumped to the top rope and sprung forward hitting JCON with a double springboard drop kick and as they slammed to the mat Craig Thomas slid in and covered JBM.




Craig looked at the referee and shook his head telling him to count faster. Some assemblance of order took over as Aran, Waymoth, and Tyke found their way to their respective corner as did Derecho, Grendel and JCON. Thomas picked JBM up and slapped JBM across the chest backing JBM up against the ropes. Thomas went to irish whip JBM but JBM countered it and whipped Thomas into the ropes and as Thomas came back he hit Thomas with a spinning heel kick and went for the pin.



Thomas and JBM got back to their feet and began brawling. Thomas again got the upper hand and went to whip JBM again and succeeded but decided to bring JBM back in and slammed JBM down to the mat with a hard belly to belly suplex. Thomas looked around the ring and pointed at himself.


With that JBM lept up and slapped Waymoth to tag him in and Thomas reacted to sound of the tag and slowly turned around to see the mammoth sized man brooding right behind him. Ready to strike at any time and Thomas decided it was time to go for glory as he rushed Waymoth. Waymoth clapped his hands against the charging Thomas' ears and instantly made Thomas dizzy. Waymoth whipped Thomas into his teams corner and before any of them could react squashed Thomas inbetween Waymoths massive frame and the turnbuckles. As Thomas slowly slouched down to the mat Derecho tagged himself in and was on the attack. Punches and Kicks and Slaps - OH MY! - the fans were going nuts for the flurry of Derecho and then he stopped and turned his attention to Aran and pointed.

Aran looked shocked and Derecho brought the West Indian Obsidian up and dropped him with hard sounding Atomic Drop and Waymoth cupped himself and rolled out of the ring as Derecho approached Aran and demanded Aran get in the ring.

Aran looked at Tyke and JBM and before he had a chance to make a decision Derecho grabbed him and flipped him over the ropes and began stomping a proverbial mud hole in him. Aran freaked out at every attack as the fans began cheering louder and louder and everybody at ringside realized that they were cheering for Derecho as he attacked Aran.

Aran managed to get out of the ring and Waymoth protected him as Derecho demanded he get back into the ring. Waymoth told Derecho to get back and Derecho had a taste for blood so he smile maniacally and backed up. Aran grabbed Waymoth and whispered something into his ear and Waymoth nodded his head.

Waymoth rolled into the ring and stood up before slapping the ever loving hell out of Tyke and quickly rolling out of the ring.

"TAG!" The referee shouted.

Derecho watched as Aran and Waymoth high tailed it to the back and the fans were booing them out of the building.


Tyke hit Derecho with his variation of the Super Kick to the back of his head and Derecho fell to the outside from in between the ropes and accidently slapped the leg of JCON as he fell out.

"TAG!" The ref again announced that he witnessed a tag and Conspiracy didn't know what to do as he looked down at dizzy Derecho and Tyke was primed for an attack.

JCON cautiously stepped into the ring as the referee told Tyke to distance himself. JCON slowly nudged his way into the ring and then charged right at Tyke, but Tyke ducked a clothesline and when JCON turned around, Tyke leapt up with a drop kick that took Mr. One Letter Better down to the canvas. JCON got back up as Tyke grabbed JCON by the arm and shot him across the ring. Tyke then made JCON eat a back elbow and quickly went down and pinned him



JCON shot the shoulder up.

Derecho staggered to his feet on the outside and then tried to get back up onto the ring apron, but Tyke grabbed JCON and then whipped him into the ropes. JCON collided with Derecho and Derecho fell off the ring apron once again to the outside. At least on the outside, he couldn't get pinned. JCON staggered toward Tyke as Tyke scooped him up and slammed him down onto the canvas. Tyke then walked to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He looked around the arena and saw all the people on their feet, cameras ready. Tyke then flipped off the crowd and hopped off the turnbuckle pads to the boos of many.

Tyke then stood poised and ready to strike as JCON staggered up to his feet. JCON stumbled toward Tyke, but out of nowhere, JCON lifted up Tyke and dropped him in Manhattan Drop. JCON then grabbed Tyke's head from behind and nailed a running bulldog that took him down. JCON looked to his corner and saw Craig Thomas and Grendel on the apron. JCON looked to tag Grendel, but Grendel went off and cold cocked him right in the head. Craig Thomas decided that the would take the tag and made it blindly. JCON staggered back toward the center of the ring as Tyke leapt up and nailed a leg lariat that took JCON down. Thomas then entered the ring and turned Tyke inside out with a clothesline just as Tyke stood back up.

JCON rolled out of the ring as Thomas then sent Tyke to the ropes. Blind tag by Waymoth Turnbull. Derecho stood up on the outside as Thomas went for a clothesline. Tyke ducked it and then nailed a Tope Con Hilo over the top rope onto Derecho on the outside! Craig had turned his back to Waymoth who spun Thomas around, picked him up, and nailed a big time Spine Buster in the center of the ring!! Cover!



Thomas kicked out!

Waymoth brought Thomas up to his feet where he scooped and slammed him down. Turnbull then went to the ropes and attempted a Running Knee Drop, but Thomas moved out of the way. Thomas stood and then hit a low drop kick to the knee of Waymoth Turnbull that put Waymoth onto his back. Thomas then grabbed Waymoth's leg and dropped and elbow across that knee. He stood and dropped a second one as well and then finally a third.

Thomas then flipped Waymoth over to his stomach and grabbed that same leg. He lifted the leg high into the air and then slammed it down into the canvas, adding further damage to that knee. Meanwhile on the outside, Tyke recovered and made his way back over to his corner while Derecho was slow to get up. Back in the ring, Thomas slammed Waymoth's leg into the canvas once again and then signaled that he was going to put Waymoth away! Thomas turned him over and went to grab both legs for the Ego Tamer, but Waymoth used his leg strength and shoved Thomas into the ropes. Thomas bounce against them and came back, getting caught in a small package!



Thomas kicked away!

Waymoth hobbled to his feet after Thomas did. It was enough time for Thomas to hit the ropes and nail a running drop kick right to that knee. Waymoth was once again taken off his feet as Thomas smelled victory and a shot at the main event on Warriors 20! With Waymoth down to one knee, Thomas planted his foot into the chest of Waymoth and hit an Enzugiri kick to the side of his head! Waymoth didn't do down, but he was in bad shape. Thomas then grabbed Waymoth in a front face lock and stood him back up. Thomas looked to put the big man up in a suplex, but when he tried to lift him, Waymoth wouldn't budge. Waymoth then reversed it and hit a suplex of his own! Waymoth needed to make the tag and the man who bought out his debt, Aran Thompson was on the apron waiting for it.

Waymoth began to crawl, but Thomas got back up and grabbed Waymoth by the leg. He then grapevined the leg and tried to stop Waymoth from getting to his corner. Waymoth used all of his strength to get to the corner, but he was in pain. He couldn't get to Aran Thompson so, instead, he tagged the closest person... JBM!

The crowd popped big time as JBM leapt up to the top rope in a single leap. He then instantly leapt off so fast that Craig Thomas had no time to react!


Martinez landed hard on The Ego and bounced right off of him. JBM wasted no time and pulled Thomas to his feet. He sent Thomas off to the ropes, leapt up and took him over with a Huracanrana pin combination!



Thomas kicked away!

JBM waited as Thomas staggered to his feet. He whipped him to the ropes where a blind tag was made by Grendel! JBM leapt up and put Thomas down with a drop kick, but the monster Grendel then stepped between the ropes. JBM got up and backed off a bit as he didn't expect to go against someone like that. Waymoth could easily match Grendel in strength, but with the knee already being worked on, JBM didn't exactly have an option and he surely wasn't going to tag in Aran Thompson knowing what he has done in the past few weeks. JBM slowly circled Grendel and decided he was going to try and take down the beast by himself.

Martinez then charged in and feigned a lock up as he quickly went behind Grendel. JBM then fired stiff kicks into the side of Grendel's leg, trying to charlie horse the muscle, but it was having little effect. JBM then twisted and hit a back thrust kick to the stomach of Grendel with stunned him momentarily. JBM then took off toward the ropes and he anticipated the clothesline from Grendel and ducked underneath. He then leapt onto the middle rope on the opposite side and flipped off with a moonsault, but Grendel caught him on his shoulder!

Grendel was about to power slam JBM when JBM swung around and spiked Grendel with a DDT on the canvas! JBM quickly stood and went to the ropes, he came back and sliced across Grendel's throat with a Running Leg Drop. JBM then went for a cover!



Grendel kicked out with authority and sent JBM into the air!

JBM quickly got back up and when Grendel was on his hands and knees, JBM fired a kick right into the skull of Grendel! Grendel was dazed for a moment as JBM grabbed Grendel by the head while he was in a knelt position and again spiked him HARD with another DDT into the canvas! JBM then quickly pulled Grendel up to his feet and in a show of pure strength, the flyweight hoisted Grendel up onto his shoulders!!! The crowd hit their feet, but moaned in disappointment when Grendel wriggled free and landed behind JBM.

JBM was shoved forward by Grendel and when JBM turned around, Grendel grabbed JBM by the neck! JBM then stomped away at Grendel's leg, but Grendel, in turn, head-butted JBM in the face. Grendel then grabbed him by the head again, lifted him up and planted him!


Grendel then quickly picked JBM up and placed him a front chancery. He lifted and twisted JBM before he spiked him right on his head with a screwdriver!


Waymoth Turnbull then stepped into the ring and when Grendel sensed someone was behind he turned around. Waymoth then charged in..


Grendel went down hard, but Waymoth wasn't about to let JBM get a free ride to the Warriors main event. Waymoth grabbed JBM by the arm and dragged him over to the corner where Aran Thompson tagged himself into the match! Thomspon quickly hopped into the ring and went right into the cover on Grendel.



Grendel kicked out.

Thompson quickly pulled Grendel up to his feet and placed him in an abdominal stretch. He tried to lift Grendel for the Icarus Switch, but Grendel twisted out of it and went for a short-arm lariat, but Thompson quickly ducked it and went behind Grendel with a waist lock. In one fluid motion, Aran popped the hips and took Grendel over with a Release German Suplex! By this time, Derecho had made his way back onto the ring apron and was practically begging to get tagged into the match. He wanted a piece of Aran Thompson and Aran knew it as he looked at the desperation in Derecho's eyes.

Grendel got back to his feet and Aran told Grendel to tag Derecho stating that if Derecho wanted him so bad, he could have him. Grendel then walked over to his corner, but Jonathan Conspiracy tagged himself into the match instead! Derecho was pissed that JCON would do that and entered the ring. Derecho got right into JCON's face and the former Relentless Champion responded with a big middle finger. Derecho then flipped off JCON in return and kicked him in the stomach. He then lifted JCON onto his shoulder..


Aran sat back and laughed as Tyke then entered the ring. When Derecho got up, Tyke lunged in...


Derecho rolled out of the ring. Grendel then turned around and flipped Tyke inside out!


Aran slowly backed away from Grendel as Waymoth Turnbull stepped into the ring to protect the man who saved him. Waymoth went face to face with Grendel with Craig Thomas then stepped into the ring and got in the face of Waymoth alongside Grendel. This prompted JBM to come back into the ring and get in Thomas' face.

All four men stared each other down and then they began brawling. Grendel and Waymoth brawled toward the ropes. Waymoth took a step back and clotheslined Grendel over the top and to the outside, but the momentum took Waymoth along for the ride. JBM was sent to the opposite side by Craig Thomas. JBM held onto the ropes and Thomas charged in. JBM then lifted him up and over to the outside where he landed moderately. Thomas staggered to his feet as JBM grabbed the top rope and flipped to the outside..


JBM took out Thomas and he was down. By this time, Aran was still in his corner amazed that he escapted unscathed. Conspiracy was staggering to his feet and Aran took advantage. He charged in, kicked JCON in the stomach and placed him in the abdominal stretch...






Aran Thompson has pinned Jonathan Conspiracy! The people booed loudly as Aran Thompson grinned as his hand was raised by the referee. This means that Aran Thompson will face Derecho in the main event of Warriors 20.. the winner of that match will enter Thieves' Honor last and the loser will have to be the first man to walk out!

This also means that Jonathan Conspiracy has been eliminated from Thieves' Honor and must now face an opponent of Jim Johnson's choosing on Warriors in order to requalify!

Aran Thompson stood in the middle of the ring with a grin on his face. Derecho was on the outside as he held his neck in pain. He stared back into the ring and made eye contact with Aran Thomspon. He knew that he would finally get his hands on Thompson and while the title wasn't on the line, a spot that could possibly seal Derecho's fate next Sunday was. The staredown was the final scene as iNtense went off the air!

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall