"It Echoes in the Long Evening"

No video montage.

No opening pyrotechnics

Just an overhead pan of the arena.

Lights Out.

The fans buzzed but the atmosphere felt full of remorse as if the Arena of Champions had it's own personality and was mourning the loss of an Icon amongst it's hallowed halls. An image of Derecho appeared on the jOltvision and the fans began cheering very loudly.

Jason "Derecho" Roberts
April 1st 1981 to August 5th 2013

As the fans cheering began to die down the time keeper began to give Derecho the respect of the ten bell salute.


The fans still clamored as fans began standing up in their seats.


Half of the Arena had gotten to their feet.


The upper levels stood proud and in silence.


The Arena of Champions of dead silent except for the echoing of the ring bell.






The Arena lights flashed on bright as the building filled with booing. Aran Thompson came walking out of from behind the entrance curtain with the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist, Laurie Williams still cradling the Relentless Championship, Waymoth Turnbull standing to his right and Mace Williams lurked behind them. Black Faction all wore black armbands in honor of the fallen member of their brotherhood of superstars.

As Black Faction made their way into the ring and a crew member handed Aran a microphone, Aran scanned the Arena of Champions as they continued to boo him, the new jOlt Champion.

Aran raised the microphone slowly and the fans began chanting.


Aran solemnly nodded and he looked back at Waymoth, Mace, and Laurie all whom nodded as well as Laurie quietly clapped her hands.

"Tonight...." Aran began as he put his hands in the air begging for some silence.

"Tonight is a humbling night. Tonight the show must go on, but it must go on without Derecho and I can tell that the people in the Arena of Champions do not want to see just any show. The fans want to see a show dedicated to the memory and legacy of the former jOlt Champion, Derecho."

"I refuse to call that man by any other name than Derecho because that is what I was introduced to him as, while I was trying to come up into the business. "Hey! Did you see that Derecho match last week?!" or "Aran! Derecho is coming into town! You should try and see if you and your brother can talk to him! Go Pro!".

Aran shook his head and looked down at the mat and then turned his attention to the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist.

"Whether I want to admit it or not, Derecho was always a name in my head. He made a name for himself in Legacy of Champions as I was just starting to move up amongst the ranks. He took my name sake and became the first person to cash the Relentless Championship in to win a major championship. Derecho had been ahead of me on a consistant basis over and over and over until I was sick of it, but the fact remained is that Derecho was just as good as he would say he was."

Aran paused for a moment and breathed heavily just enough for the mic to pick it up.

"It is an honor to be able to say that I was the very last person to be in this ring with Derecho. It is an honor to be able to say that I am the person who put down a self professed God! It is an honor to be a GOD SLAYER! It is an HONOR to ring in a NEW ERA!" Aran bellowed and the mood quickly took a change for the worst and the fans began booing him once again.

"An Era that revolves around ME, An Era that I have hand picked to ring in the new future of our industry with me!"

Aran unstrapped the jOlt Championship from around his waist and brought it to his eye level.

"Tonight, is officially Derecho appreciation night. Tonight, I garuntee by the end of the show Derecho will be the last thing on your mind. When you tuck your children in at night you will remember seeing Aran Thompson DOUBLE CHAMPION stand in the center of this ring defiant of the past. Tomorrow at the water cooler, you'll discuss the man who slayed God. The man who defied logic. The man who KEPT his promise! The man who proved he is the FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY!"

Aran smiled his devilish smile.

"Tonight is the beginning of jOlt's new future...."

"...a better future."


Aran's music played as Laurie handed him the Relentless Championship and Aran hoisted both the Relentless Championship and jOlt Championship high above his head and Waymoth and Mace stood behind him in support.

Aran is jOlt's first ever Double Champion and he just made a proclamation that we may have no choice but to believe at this point.

"Remember Him"

Ninja K The camera was on the move with the rhythmic cadence of Dawn Cassidy on the move. The internet darling was seen advancing down the hallway approaching the double doors leading to the underground garage. The creaking sound became lost with the vast echos of distance ambiance & the journalistic duo making headway across the concrete landscape. A small motorcade accompanied a black limousine, adorned with the Crimson Order crest. Takeshi & Eiji Kugasari were seen dismounting their respective motorbikes. The Blood Raven motioning for the detail to proceed with the next step as Takeshi removed his mask. The Onyx & Crimson clad cyclists dismounted to secure the perimeter when the driver exited and opened the read door.

Mamoru was the first to step out of the vehicle, expelling a confident gust of cigar smoke from his lips while cradling the Legacy Championship as he briefly reassessed his surrounding before stepping aside. Heido casually removed himself from the limo and moved past the clan advisor to round the rear of the vehicle as Kenshiro Inogami was the last to exit the car. Dressed in a Black tailor made suit with a Crimson Silk Tie, the clan leader brandished a mid sized bandage above his right eye. The Underground Championship rested along his left shoulder, gleaming brightly as he and cadre of officers headed toward Dawn Cassidy and her cameraman.

“Kenshiro...Kenshiro...” Cassidy yelled during her approach. She would stop in her tracks as Eiji flashed her a creepy smirk. Ninja would adjust his sunglasses as Dawn sought to keep up. “I have pressing schedule this evening, Miss. Cassidy.” The clan leader replied. “How may I help you this evening?”

“First & foremost; congratulations on becoming the new Underground Champion, Mr. Inogami.” Cassidy mentioned.

“I appreciate that, Miss Cassidy.” Kenshiro mentioned while readjusting the title over his left shoulder. “However, you must excuse me but there is an very important matter I must attend to...”

“Then you don’t know, do you?” Dawn mentioned, leading the ninjas to draw to a halt as Kenshiro turned his head toward her.

“And what, pray tell, might that be, Miss Cassidy?” The champion inquired.

“The news has been all over the Twittersphere. Every bit of social media to eWzine to FWCentral...” Dawn mentioned.

“... ‘Twitter’? What is that?” The ninja inquired. Mamoru shook his head at Dawn who was ready to shed light on the issue.

“It’s Derecho...”

“What about him?” The ninja asked.

“He...” Dawn paused with a lump in her throat. “He passed away.”

The reminder of the clan officers looked amongst each other as the ninja slowly peeled the sunglasses from his face. Kenshiro radiated a stoic expression before clearing his throat and reset his glasses. His jaw drew rigged.

“I know & Derecho had years of personal history between you two.” Cassidy continued. “Both extending your personal feuds in numerous promotions together throughout your respective careers so the jOlt Wrestling public would like to hear your personal thoughts in both the passing & memory of perhaps one of your greatest rival to date.”

The ninja cast a long stare toward Dawn before clearing his throat once more.

“No comment.” The Underground champion replied as he walked away coldly.

“Mr. Inogami...” Dawn inquired before Takeshi gently kept her at bay, shaking his head slowly before following suit after the departing troop.

"Remembering Derecho: Part I"

Derecho The scene opens up to X Wrestling circa 2000 on an episode of Monday Night Massacre.

It was a defining moment in one of Derecho's best feuds versus his long-time rival, The Blazer.

Derecho then continues to slam the chair over and over and over again on Blazer. Derecho then takes the top of the steel chair and jams it into Blazer's stomach repeatedly.

Derecho then throws the chair out to ringside and pulls Blazer up and then sets him up between his legs as the referee wakes up.

Derecho then lifts Blazer up, quickly pivots 180 degrees and slams him down with the Vortex Powerbomb. Derecho then stands up and flips off the crowd as he makes the cover, hooking the leg.




The scene then fades to black

Landon Stevens vs Omega
Aran ThompsonMattock

The next match is a normal match between two of the up and comers in jOlt. These two men had an altercation at Thieves Honor which brought some old memories to the forefront. These two men were bitter rivals in ACW and now that they are both in jOlt their rivalry seems to have landed here.

’Your God’ by Stone Sour angrily blared out from overhead as the arena’s interior was readily assaulted by the flickering barrage of Emerald, Purple, Blue & White hues. A heavier wave of jeers rang out as a living shadow was seen exiting the massive vault housing to stand boldly at the apex of the aisle. The arena lighting returned to reveal the West Coast native wearing a Black Sleeveless shirt with miniature outline of himself, arms outstretched toward the heavens merged with a Red Star that was melting at the ends like trails of blood. The letters ‘LS’ were etched in gothic font in the middle of that very star.

Landon Stevens stood on the stage wringing his wrists before he started his walk toward the ring. Stevens cast several glares to the crowd while raising his fist to the heavens before snatching his shirt off & casting it over the top ropes. The musical interlude waned as Landon nestled himself into his respective corner and began stretching waiting for his opponent.

‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson hit the arena as the lights quickly went dark. The music continued to play throughout the arena as Stevens looked around. The fans continued to be antsy as a few flashes from cell phones went off around the arena. Suddenly the lights shot back on and the monster Omega stood in the middle of the ring looking at Landon Stevens in the corner.

The bell sounded as these two rivals were finally about to have their first match in jOlt. Landon Stevens won the ACW Scorpion Title and had to defend off people like Omega. But Omega was something that no one had ever seen before and he ran roughshod over an entire division. He finally took the Scorpion title from Landon making him one of the shortest title holders ever and Stevens has never forgotten. Stevens has never backed down from a fight and he wasn’t going to start now even though the man standing in the ring outweighed him by one hundred pounds plus of muscle and intensity.

Stevens went after the big man with quick kicks to the leg to try to chop him down to size. The Rising Star nailed Omega with a big right hand that did nothing to the monster of a man. He took the blows from Landon and stood his ground. Stevens continued with the quick hit and then get out method. Landon knew he could not let the big man get his hands on him. Landon bounced off the ropes as Omega went for a clothesline but Stevens ducked the attempt and nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee.

Omega was finally down to one knee as Stevens quickly grabbed his head and drove him to the mat with a DDT. Stevens was not done as he quickly went to the top rope while Omega was down. Landon came off the top rope right into the clutches of Omega. The big man grabbed Landon by his throat and drove him viciously into the mat with a huge choke slam. Omega looked around the ring and the arena as the jeers started to come forth from the crowd. The monster rolled to the floor and looked under the ring apron.

Omega found a steel chair and tried to bring it into the ring but Simon Boulder stood on the apron. Boulder told Omega this was not an Underground match. Omega tried to bring the chair into the ring but Boulder grabbed the chair. Omega snarled as he did not see Stevens get to his feet. Landon raced over to the apron and dropkicked Omega’s legs. The big man fell and hit his head on the apron. He staggered around the floor as Stevens was now on the top rope. Landon dove off the top rope with a cross body block that took both men down to the ground.

Both men lay on the ground as Boulder looks down over the top rope. Neither man was moving so Boulder had no choice but to count the men out.









Both men made it to the ring. Boulder looked like he was going to signal for the nine count but Omega and Stevens rolled into the ring. Stevens was the first to get to his feet as he raced toward the ropes. He bounced off the ropes and nailed Omega with a dropkick. The big man did not drop as he still tried to get back to his feet. Landon hoped onto the second rope. He jumped off and caught Omega with a swinging DDT. Landon quickly went for the cover.




Landon thought he had the big man down but Omega showing his massive strength by sending Stevens high in the air. Stevens knew this man would not stay down easily so he hoped onto Omega’s chest and started to nail the monster with big right hands. Boulder yelled at Stevens to stop but Landon continued for a couple more shots before stopping.

The Rising Star stood to his feet and laughed as the fans continued to jeer. He made a quick leap to the top rope again. Stevens looked down at Omega before diving off the top rope with huge senton splash. Landon slowly turned and climbed back onto Omega for the pin.




Landon was now getting frustrated as Omega slowly moved to his side with a sick smile on his face. Stevens stood to his feet as he looked down at the big man. Omega stood to his feet as Landon raced over to the big man but was met by a head butt to the gut. Both men now slugging it out in the middle of the ring to the delight of these fans. Omega got a good shot in on Stevens that staggered him backwards. The big man looked to strike quick with a high impact move…


Landon was thrown clear cross the ring by Omega. The big man’s power was now on display. Omega rolled over and grabbed Stevens by his hair picking him up off the mat. Omega whipped Landon into the corner. He raced into the corner with a vicious clothesline that almost took Stevens’ head off. Omega wasn’t done as he continued to pound on Landon in the corner until Stevens slumped to the mat where Omega started kicking him.

Kick 'em while they are down always works.

Omega took his time with Landon in the corner as he was looking to throw the Rising Star out of the corner. Omega whipped Stevens into the far corner with so much force it shook the ring. Landon hit the corner and fell immediately to the mat. The monster with smirk stalked his fallen prey in the corner. Omega picked up Stevens and looked into his glazed eyes.

"We want you to SCREAM FOR US!!"

Both men are not giving an inch in this match as they both want to stake their claim at Ninja K and the Underground title. Omega picked up Landon and whipped him into the corner. Omega runs into the corner with a shoulder but Landon moves out of the way as the big man hits the ring post. Stevens sees his opening as he pulls Omega back to the center of the ring. Stevens races toward Omega and tries to clothesline the big man but Omega just staggers backward. Landon bounces off the ropes and nails Omega with another clothesline but the big man still only staggers backwards.

Landon bounces off the ropes again and this time takes Omega over the top rope with a big cross body block. Both men went tumbling over the top rope to the floor again. Landon and Omega were now on the floor going at it tooth and nail. These men hated each other and it showed as neither man gave an inch. Boulder looked on as he started the ten count again.









Stevens and Omega continued to battle each other as it now spilt over into the crowd. Neither man was aware of the ten count and I don’t believe they even care. They just want to hurt each other.



That was the bell as both men were counted out. These two men are best suited for the Underground division and that’s probably what they want. The two men did not even look back as they continued to fight through the crowd to the backstage area.

Winner: Double Countout

"Giving it Your All"

Derecho “Bull-feckin’ shit!”

The angry voice of one Bane Loneheart was echoing through the halls as he stomped around backstage. He had two chances in the last several weeks to make it onto the actual PPV card. Once during a tag team title match with The House that saw him get stomped by the two giants. Another opportunity came when Craig Thomas defeated him for a spot in the Theives Honor match for the jOlt Championship.

Now, the angry Scotsman was backstage stewing with nothing else to do. Another night had gone by where former jOlt International Champion Bane Loneheart was not on the card. Some have argued that his best days were behind him. Others have said he’s all done. But Bane needed to figure something out.

“This is shite… somethin’ needs ta change…”

He turned around when he almost ran right into one Kayden Paulton.

“Get the feck out of me way, ya feckin arsehole!”

A man that also hadn’t won too many matches in recent memory, but he was always upbeat, optimistic, and always gave it the old college try. More to the point, Kayden had the respect of most of the guys in the back and the fans in attendance. Wearing a shirt with a picture of himself smiling and the words “YOU’RE AWESOME!” in blue sparkling sequins, Paulton responded to Bane’s outburst with a smile and an offer at a handshake.

“Hey, guy!” Paulton said.

Bane didn’t appreciate his kindness.

“Get out of me way.” Bane commanded. “NOW.”

The Nicest Guy In Wrestling simply smirked at Bane before he extended a hand.

“Hey, man, sorry to hear you didn’t get on the main card. I mean, I’m not on it either, but hey! I’ll have my day and I’m sure you’ll have yours too!”

Loneheart kept an icy stare at Kayden who wasn’t getting the hint.

“Aye dunnae know what’s wrong with ye brain, but what ye need ta do,” Bane repeated, “is get outta me way before aye take a pipe and bash yer feckin’ skull in!”

Paulton frowned after Bane’s words and calmly stepped aside so Loneheart could keep on walking. He adjusted his Derecho tribute armband and then quickly picked up his smile again.

“Enjoy the rest of your night, Bane!”

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling moved a hand so that way Bane could continue storming off to wherever he was going. Bane continued to walk down the hall until he got about halfway down and stopped suddenly. He didn’t know how it came to him. Perhaps it was a message from on high. Maybe it was something from the Gods. Or just maybe, brilliant ideas came to desperate men in desperate times. The bottom line was that he may have had an idea to get out of this funk he was in.

“Hey, Kayden!”

Loneheart walked back to Paulton and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Aye’m sorry, Kayden,” Loneheart said, trying his best impression of a sincere and caring person. “I’ve… it’s just aye’ve been under a lotta stress. Aye can’t win a match to save me life lately!”

With another grin, Paulton pointed a finger at him.

“Ahh, I gotcha, pally,” Kayden grinned like he was in on the joke. “I get where you’re coming from, man. I’ve had to wrestle Turnbull, Mike Extreme… a lot of big wrestlers lately. And yeah, I’ve lost a few, but I’m not gonna let it get to me. Nope. Life’s too short to be dwelling on what did happen. We need to live in the now, you know?” Kayden patted Bane on the shoulder. “Besides, I’ve got Waymoth Turnbull tonight… and sure, he mopped the floor with me last time, but I’m gonna go out there and try harder, Bane! That’s all you can do in life! Try harder!”

Paulton continued his speech.

“You know who else gave it his all?” Paulton asked. “Derecho! The guy that this night is about!” In the background, fans could be heard clapping for the legend’s name. “Derecho wasn’t always a nice guy, but he loved this business! And he went out there and gave it his all! I’ve decided that starting tonight, I’m gonna follow Derecho’s example and I’m gonna go out there to give it MY all against Waymoth Turnbull!”

The fans clapped out of respect for Derecho and for Kayden’s heartfelt speech. As for Loneheart, the brawler didn’t hear a single fucking word that Paulton had to say. All he was thinking about was a way to snap his losing streak.

“Hey!” Bane shouted. “Aye have an idea. Let’s say ye and aye give ourselves kind of a… aye dunnae know… a makeover of some kind! Ye get yerself new music, new entrance… be a whole new you!”

Kayden snapped a finger and pointed to Bane. “That’s a great idea, guy! I think we can have some fun! I like Walking on Sunshine because that screams ‘Kayden Paulton’ to the world. But there’s a whole world of other songs out there! Lots of young budding artists who could use the royalty checks! I’m game! I’ll go talk to the guys in the production truck right now!”

The plan was coming together. “Got it! Ye do all that! So you go out there tonight and you let Waymoth mess ye up… er, you wrestle a great match! Then on the next Warriors, the two of us can go have a match and get outta this funk! What do ye say?”

It took a few seconds for the idea to really marinate inside the mind of Kayden Paulton, but he liked what he was hearing.

“You know, I’ll try anything once!” Paulton beamed before he shook Loneheart’s hand. “On Warriors, you and me will have a match! Let’s do it!”

“Perfect, lad,” Bane smirked. “Good luck out there against Waymoth. Aye know from personal experience…” he said, rubbing his jaw and remembering the time that Waymoth KTFOed him backstage. “…He hits hard.”

Paulton smiled and patted Bane on the back before he walked off and whistled down the hallways while Bane cackled. He had a plan that was going to come to fruition very soon. If he could get an easy win to psyche himself up then his luck would turn around.

"Paying Your Respects"

Ego Thieves Honor, was disastrous, at least for Craig Thomas. He took a major beating in the main event and came way short of winning the jOlt Championship Belt. Not only that, but The House lost the Tag Team Titles, that put a plug on all of his plans.

Now he had nothing and he wasn't happy about it as the cameras went to his dressing room. The crowd watched the jOltVision as The Ego was pacing around the room with a scornful look present on his face. Charlotte and Derrick Huber were clinging to one another as Adam Roebuck and Strangler stood in their respectable corners of the room. The tension in the room was beginning to boil as Thomas began ranting in front of them.

Obviously, the loss of Derecho was the last thing on his mind.

"I'm not happy." he began, kicking over an unfolded chair, then looking at Huber and Charlotte, "How the fuck are you gonna get Charlotte back now big guy? Because now that I don't have the jOlt Championship in my hands and you two monkies lost the Tag Team belts, ya'll don't have shit to offer me to her back."

Craig glanced over at Charlotte and then looked back at Huber.

"So tell me how you plan on getting her back."

Derrick glared at Thomas, not enlightened by his tone, and replied.

“First off, numnuts...” Thomas scoffed at the remark, as Huber continued, “...You should pay your respects to Derecho. I can’t say I knew the guy personally, but he was an Icon for jOlt, not only jOlt but all of wrestling. He was one of the best this business had to offer so show him some damn respect instead of worring about your own personal gain!”

Thomas smirked, “I don't give a damn about Derecho. I want my damn Tag belts back and you better pray to the wrestling God...” Craig paused, he remembered that man was gone, “Oh wait, the Wrestling God is dead now.”

He laughed, looking over at Strangler, who laughed as well. Craig turned around and Huber stood over him, directly in his face. The Ego quickly turned his arrogant look into a scoff, backing away from Huber and continuing.

“...You better hope you beat The Heirs next week, or Charlotte will have hell to pay in the coming weeks before I kick her ass to the curb if we don't have the Tag Team Titles around our waist by next Sunday. You have until next week to make it happen, or I promise you, Charlotte will pay for your mistakes.

The Ego jammed his index finger into Huber's chest causing Roebuck to step forward, but Strangler cut him off as they were now chest to chest. The scene was starting to spiral out of control, As Huber swatted down Craig's hand. He flouted at him, getting into his face, and tightening his fist.

Finally, Charlotte screamed, "STOP!"

Silence ensued and all eyes were on the primitive figure of Charlotte. She stood tall amongst the crowd, furrowing her brows as she looked at each star in the room, one by one, ensuring she had their fullest attention.

“Look at you four!” she shouted, “Derecho is gone and this is suppose to be his night, yet YOU...” she pointed at Thomas, “...”Can only think about yourself. I thought you might have a little bit of decency in you, but I should have known better. This is suppose to be a tribute to Derecho, so instead of worrying about The Heirs, why don't you tribute something to him!?!”

“Why don't you shut your damn hole woman!” Thomas replied, “You only talk when spoken too! This is my show, not yours, not Huber's, or Roebuck's and OBVIOUSLY, not Derecho's, anymore....”

“Shut the fuck up.”

The voice of Huber finally snapped up as the crowd popped for The House. The big man from Las Vegas stood in front of Charlotte.

“I’m tired of your mouth, Thomas,” Huber snapped. “I’m sick of listening to you bitch night after night after night about how you had this, that, and the other thing. You can blame me and Roebuck for not being champion, but they didn’t let either of us out there so there was no bullshit in that match. Besides… we weren’t the ones getting our ass kicked by everybody else in that match, you whiny little cunt!”

“No!” Thomas shouted back. He wasn’t hearing any of this. “You two and your little whore listen …”


A sudden right hook from Derrick Huber caught Craig Thomas by surprise. The Ego stumbled into Strangler to the sound of the fan's cheers. Strangler fell forward into Adam Roebuck, who shoved Strangler backwards. Craig quickly lunged forward, faking a hook of his own, only to send a toe kick into Huber's groin while Strangler and Roebuck wrestled around on the floor. The Ego reached for some hair as he tilted Huber's head back with it and doubled over into his face and began screaming in his face.


Thomas leaned back, with his right arm in the air, and a tight fist. He began to come forward with it, but security had rushed onto the scene. They were led by Charlotte, who had quickly rushed to get help to defuse the hostility in the room. Security peeled Roebuck off of Strangler, he was pummeling him with a combination of rights and lefts. A big right caught Thomas underneath the chin and sent him staggering back in the scuffle.

Security continued to swarm into the room and pull all four men apart. The crowd was chanting for The House.

“We’re winning our belts back!” Huber yelled over security. “Then I’m coming back here and I am fucking you both up!”

As The House were pulled out of the room, Strangler shook his head while security tried to keep him restrained. All during the scuffle, The Ego had a sinister smirk beaming at The House as the cameras went elsewhere.

Waymoth Turnbull vs Kayden Paulton
Aran ThompsonMattock

Needless to say, one Waymoth Turnbull may have been in a very bad mood. While his employer, Aran Thompson, was able to reap the benefits and become the NEW jOlt World Champion, The West Indian Obsidian did not. The former Relentless Champion was now going to take out some of his frustration on an unwilling opponent.

Said opponent? This man.

“Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

The music played and the lights flashed in shades of blue and purple for the happy-go-lucky Nicest Guy in Wrestling. He adjusted his Derecho tribute armband and pointed at the heavens. Earlier tonight, he delivered a heartfelt speech to get himself motivated for his match with the vicious Turnbull. Last time they met was on an episode of Warriors where Turnbull… well, there was no simple way to put this; he was squashed. He was crushed underneath the boot of a very motivated Turnbull and blown into the wind. This time, he was prepared for whatever Turnbull could throw at him…

…Well, everybody else thought that, too, and Turnbull mowed them over.

He high-fived fans as he jogged a lap around the ring. The Good Guy was always loved by the crowd and tonight he had a big chance to succeed. He rolled into the ring and tossed his shirt to a lucky fan on the outside. The music that played next was exactly what Kayden may be dealing with shortly.

“Emergency” by Mavado feat Ace Hood.

The music played and out from the back came the former Relentless Champion and the winner of the jOlt Power Struggle Invitational. Even at the ripe young age of 39, Waymoth Turnbull was a VERY bad man. He had wreaked havoc on anybody that had crossed his path and tonight he planned to keep that up. With a cross look on his face, the gigantic Virgin Islands native stomped to the ring with Cloyd Monsanto at his side. His manager kept up a steady gait as Waymoth stormed to the ring and headed right inside. He was ready to hurt somebody.


The Nicest Guy in Wrestling came at Waymoth, bro. He wasn’t much of a puncher, but he attacked the big man with a volley of Forearm Smashes right to the face. Waymoth shook off the blows while Cloyd cheered him on from the outside. The West Indian Obsidian grabbed Kayden by the arm and tossed him through the ropes, down to the outside!

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was face-down on the floor below, but that didn’t stop him from keeping on. He stood up and adjusted his Derecho armband before crawling back in the ring and going at Turnbull again!

More Forearm Smashes from Kayden Paulton rocked the big man back several steps. The crowd cheered for the Good Guy as he kept coming at Waymoth, but the former Relentless Championship was not going to let him continue to fight. He buried a knee into Paulton’s chest and once again dumped him to the floor unceremoniously.

“Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den!”

The fans were rallying behind the young Dothan native as he circled around and slid back into the ring yet again. Waymoth Turnbull was not amused and buried a knee into his chest before he could get any more offense in. With a roar, Turnbull grabbed Paulton and this time threw him OVER the top rope, sending him crashing out to the floor!

The angered former Relentless Champion stepped over the ropes and headed out to the floor where The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was trying to pick himself up. Waymoth grabbed Paulton by his hair and lifted him up before SLAMMING him upside down into the barricade at ringside!

The barricade had actually moved a couple of inches backwards from the impact. Kayden was cradling his back and trying to smile through the pain (much harder than it looked). With Cloyd’s approval, Turnbull grabbed Paulton once again and carried the 230-pounder over his shoulder like he weighed nothing. The Virgin Islands native walked up the steps with Paulton on his shoulder and tossed him OVER the ropes and back inside the ring with a crash!

Paulton rolled around in the ring in pain while Turnbull stepped over the ropes and headed back inside to finish what he started. He underhooked the arms of Kayden and dragged him up to his feet before lifting him up… he stalled with the move before he dropped him backwards with a big Double Underhook Suplex! Turnbull turned around and went for a forceful cover on Paulton.




Paulton got the shoulder up but Waymoth didn’t look angry at Kayden’s show of defiance. Instead, he looked pleased just for the chance to continue laying a beatdown on him. He lifted Paulton up and ragdolled him back to his feet before launching him into the corner. He ran at him and CRUSHED him with a Corner Clothesline that rocked the life out of him.

The crowd booed the heavy for the jOlt Champion Aran Thompson as he growled at the fans in attendance. He didn’t care what anybody thought of him; he was here to hurt somebody, collect a paycheck and call it a fucking day.

The West Indian Obsidian turned his attention back to Kayden and pushed him into the corner before he unloaded on him with a series of jabs and body shots to the rib cage of The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. Kayden surprisingly took the shots and fought back with a couple more kicks to the leg. Turnbull fought back and one big headbutt turned the entire tide in his favor again. He grabbed Paulton up by the arm and DROPPED him hard over his knee with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!




Turnbull gritted his teeth before he stood up and opted to just stomp the mother-loving life out of Kayden’s rib cage. He continued to kick around the happy-go-lucky jOlt Grappler as he tried to get away from Turnbull. The former Relentless Champion pulled Kayden up again and pushed him back into the corner before unloading him on him with a series of Shoulder Thrusts to the chest.

“Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den! Kay-den!”

On this night, a tribute to one of jOlt’s most decorated grapplers in Derecho, Kayden was trying to fight through the damage being inflicted and make Derecho – a man who he looked up to – proud. Turnbull was interested in no such things and just drove his elbows into the face of Paulton and drilled him in the face. Now that Kayden was down in the corner, Turnbull backed up a few steps before he charged forward… only to eat a boot from Paulton!

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was doing what he could do to save himself. An angry Waymoth charged again only to eat an elbow this time. The blow was enough to send him back a few steps. Paulton charged out of the corner and ran right at Waymoth…


…well, that was short-lived.

Waymoth smiled at the damage he’d inflicted on young Kayden as he turned over and went for the cover. He put a forearm into the face of Paulton and looked to put an end to his courageous comeback.




Waymoth pulled him up off the mat quickly as the crowd was now booing the monster. He was enjoying taking out his frustrations out on Kayden Paulton. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was forced back to his feet again and drilled with a succession of knee lifts to the chest. He continued to double him over and scooped him up yet again, probably looking for another big power move…


Paulton went to the knee and kicked Waymoth Turnbull in the leg constantly. He was trying to take him off his feet. He dropkicked Turnbull in the knee and finally got the West Indian Obsidian down. He ran off the ropes and went for the cover…


It seemed that no matter what Kayden Paulton was doing; any attempt at a comeback was quickly being stymied by the former Relentless Champion. The crowd continued to jeer Turnbull as he stood over Paulton and watched as he rolled across the ring. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was trying to use the ropes to pull himself upwards. Waymoth picked him up and charged at him, but Paulton caught the big man with a Drop Toe Hold, sending him throat-first into the ropes!

jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler was finally getting back into the offensive. Limping up to his feet, Paulton clapped and got the crowd to cheer for him before he ran off the ropes and landed a Leapfrog Body Guillotine, dropping Turnbull throat-first across the second rope!

Paulton was on the ringside floor now and the crowd was cheering him every step of the way. He then climbed onto the top turnbuckle and waited for his chance. As Turnbull tried to get back up to his feet, The Nicest Guy in Wrestling jumped off the top…





The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was THROWN right off of Waymoth. Despite his best efforts, he was not going down so easily. Paulton wasn’t deterred by his show of strength and ran off the ropes before trying for another big Crossbody… CAUGHT! T-BONE SUPLEX!

Paulton’s body went skipping across the ring before he came to a dull thud in front of the turnbuckles. He tried his best, but Waymoth Turnbull had been too dominant and destructive in his jOlt tenure.

“Finish him!” Cloyd shouted.

Waymoth nodded before he stood up and walked towards Paulton again with a sinister look on his face. Whatever he had planned next was going to finish the job. He hoisted Kayden up off his feet and kicked him in the gut before he powered him up. He was looking to connect with the running Crucifix Bomb that he called the WVD.

He was looking for the Who Vex, Dead! He powered Paulton onto his shoulders and smiled before he ran towards the turnbuckle.

Paulton kicked…

He struggled…

Then he rolled over Waymoth’s shoulders and caught him with a Hurricanrana pin!


Waymoth struggled!


But Kayden held on tight!


… one second too late!!!!!

Waymoth Turnbull had kicked out just a fraction of a second too late! Kayden had caught the big man completely unaware and he won the match!

“Here is your winner of the match… KAYDEN PAULTON!

Kayden jumped to his feet and fist-pumped with all his might as the crowd continued to roar and cheer for what they had just seen! Paulton had just scored one of the biggest upsets in jOlt’s recent history and had pinned Waymoth Turnbull in the middle of the ring! He was on cloud nine…

…Until a running Yakuza Kick caught him right in the face!

Turnbull was fucking irate and if it were possible, his face would’ve been red with anger. Waymoth yelled to the masses as he looked down at the fallen Kayden! He’d dedicated this match and his impressive effort to Derecho and got the win, but Turnbull was going to make him pay for it. He pulled Kayden back to his feet and RAMMED him into the corner!

Right hook!

Left hook!

Right hook!

Left Hook!

Right Hook!

Left Uppercut!

Paulton landed flat on his back as Waymoth laid into him with the Red Hook Combo! Waymoth stood and let out a bestial roar as he signaled for the end. Paulton wasn’t looking too much like a winner right now. Kayden was already out on his feet when Waymoth dragged him up…

Who Don't Hear, Must Feel! Kayden flopped around the mat after Waymoth had just destroyed him with his signature finishing move. Waymoth was upset here tonight in a tremendous underdog performance by Kayden and he was making The Nicest Guy in Wrestling pay for it. A second time, Waymoth snatched him up off the canvas and angrily sneered at the crowd…


With an even more emphatic impact, he was killed with the big T-Bone Suplex-like powerbomb. Paulton was flat on his back while the referee tried to stand in between Waymoth and Paulton. The former Relentless Champion stomped out of the ring and headed back up to the ramp while Cloyd tried to keep pace to get control of his angry charge.

Paulton was being checked on by trainers as Waymoth took one more look back to see the damage that he’d done. And as far as jOlt was concerned, this was the tip of the iceberg for exactly what this big force of nature could do.

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"Just in the Nick of Time"

Derecho The camera panned to the backstage area to see Dawn Cassidy standing near a jOlt backdrop. She pulled the microphone to her lips as the crowd cheered her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Natalia Simunek.”

The lovely Russian bombshell made her way into the picture. She stood next to Dawn wearing a short black Versace dress with red high heel shoes. The two beautiful women stood next to each other as the fans cheered loudly for both women.

“Thank you Dawn it’s great to be here.”

“Natalia, I like everyone else in the arena notice that Vince Jacobs is not by your side. Is he okay after his tremendous match at Thieves Honor?”

Natalia lips curled as she eventually spoke. “Vince is feeling better. He is out of the hospital and doing well. He is a little bruised but you know Vince, he is already trying to get back to the gym. The doctors told him to take the night off but he really didn’t want to. I had to make him stay home and listen to the doctors.”

“That is good news.”

“Vince wanted to be here tonight to pay his respects to his friend Jason but it just was not in the cards. So that is why I am here to pay respects for the both of us. Jason was a good friend to me in the short time I knew him on a personal level. However, Jason and Vince knew each other for almost ten years. They formed a bond when we all were in Legacy of Champions together. Jason was a good friend to both Vince and I and he will definitely be missed.”

Dawn was about to reply when a voice was heard coming from the side of the two women.

“Awww that was touchin’.”

Dawn and Natalia turned to see Dallas Griffin, Duzza, Khadafi, and Quo moving toward them. The four men known as Trouble walked toward the two lovely women as Natalia stood her ground against the four men.

“Why are you guys here? This is Natalia’s interview time.”

“Don’t get ya panties in a bunch chick. We got business with Miss Natalia here.” Duzza exclaimed.

Natalia smirked. “What kind of business do you rejects have with me?”

“Such a fine chick but with a big mouth. Lissen up sweetie, your boyfriend is a disgrace to this place. Its people like him that keeps the younger guys like me and the crew down. He’s a waste of space and you need to relay a message to him since he is at home with a boo-boo.” Dallas Griffin said.

“And what message do the four of you have for an Icon like Vince.”

“You betta watch yo mouth Natalia or something bad may happen to you.” Duzza said as Quo and Khadafi stepped closer to the ladies.

Dallas held the troops back as he moved closer to Natalia.

“Tell your man he’s on borrowed time in jOlt. His spot on this roster will be a distant memory just like Derecho’s.” The fans jeered Dallas with that comment.

Natalia slapped Dallas across his face. The leader of Trouble smirked before the group started to move closer to Natalia. Suddenly Dawn was moved to the side as Gunner Van Patton stepped between Natalia and Trouble. Gunner moved Natalia behind him as he looked at Dallas Griffin.

“Whoa, this does not concern you bro. So I suggest you move out of the way as we’re not finished our convo with the ladies.”

Gunner did not show any emotion as he stood there and glared at the four men. GVP was definitely outnumbered but that didn’t deter the man.

“Looks like he is not movin’ fellas. Well we warned you playa. Your funeral.” Duzza stated with a smile.

Khadafi and Quo moved toward GVP who quickly displayed two riot style batons from his sleeves. Dallas held his arms out and motioned everyone to move back. The four men slowly walked backwards as GVP did not move a muscle still displaying the batons.

“This ain’t over playa.”

Trouble slowly moved out of sight as Dawn and Natalia were both relieved that Gunner showed up when he did.

“Thank you for your assistance.” Natalia said.

Gunner Van Patton slowly turned toward Natalia and Dawn. “Are you ladies okay?”

‘Yes we are.” Dawn replied.

GVP turned and started to walk away. He turned back to the two women before turning the corner. “Tell Vince to get better.”

GVP disappeared around the corner as Dawn and Natalia walked away.

"Remembering Derecho: Part II"

Derecho The scene unfolds to 21st Century Wrestling. It was a match in Derecho's storied rivalry with the Midnight Assassin himself, Ninja K!

KKnight: This looks to be the end of the match here as Ninja K is ready to deliver!

Wilson: Yes, but which finisher will it be tonight? The Whipping Toad Tongue? The Cricket's Leg Rub? The Puss willow Breeze? The Sushi Deep Fry? What magnificent move will he pull off!!!??

Ninja K selects the Japanese Skull Splitter as he sets Derecho up into a full nelson position, but Derecho hooks his leg behind Ninja K's and sweeps backwards, falling on top of Ninja K with his full weight. Derecho rolls off Ninja K and stands back up. He pulls Ninja up to his feet and delivers a swift kick to the stomach. He motions for his Vortex Powerbomb and he goes for it, lifting Ninja K to shoulder height, but Ninja K slips off of Derecho's shoulders, grabbing him by the head on the way down and nails his Huracandriver! Derecho bounces off the canvas and onto his back as Ninja K grabs a fist full of hair. He places Derecho into a pump handle submission hold, but he lifts and twists him into position and drops Derecho back down to the canvas with a Falling Star Pile driver!

KKnight: He hit his move! This is it!

Wilson: I can't watch!





The people erupt in cheer as Ninja K gets his hand raised by the referee.

KKnight: Ninja K gives Derecho his first defeat in 21w.. and it just so happens to also be Derecho's first match. Not a good way to get noticed.

The scene then fades to black.

"Rise of the Crimson Emperor"


’Nightfall’ by Cliff Lin drifted freely overhead immediately siphoning the light from within the Arena of Champions. The savage cadence of drums generated a random series of pulsating Red & Pearl lighting. The jOltvision screens began to display a myriad of images displaying the majority of the Inogami Clan’s exploits in & outside the ring, prompting an audible spike throughout the arena. The clan crest, comprised of a two tigers in the fashion of the traditional Yin Yang symbol. One Pearl. The other Red. Both outlined in Gold with the Kanji symbol of Death, centered in the middle.

Several moments would elapse as Eiji Kugasari, Heido, Mamoru holding a black steel briefcase as Takeshi appeared respectively & stood defiantly across the entire entrance staging area. A highly volatile mixed reaction emanated from the stands as Kenshiro Inogami sauntered from the backstage area and led his clan toward the squared circle at the forefront. A pair of geisha trailed him to his immediate flanks, each holding the jOlt Underground & Legacy Championships respectively as Heido, Eiji and the 2 geisha entering the ring.

Camera One followed Takeshi, armed with his Kanabo, pivoting & holding court before the squared circle as Mamoru pried the ring ropes open for Kenshiro. The geishas, Eiji & Heido assumed the postures of seiza in opposing corners as Mamoru motioned for a microphone as a hail of Red, Black & White streamers sailed overhead & overwhelmed the ring as Kenshiro looked toward the upper decks. Mamoru nodded casually as the ringside personnel quickly cleared the debris as fast as humanly possible. A solemn nod was given in response while the clan advisor quietly embraced the moment before speaking.

“We are The Crimson Order.” The masses responded audibly as Kenshiro popped the bones in his neck briefly while holding his right lapel of his suit jacket.

We stand before you united by blood...order, & loyalty. Future champions in their own respective rights yet more importantly, together, we hold no qualms in preserving the integrity of this clan nor our agendas by any means necessary. However, we all have been gathered here in celebration. To coronate the rise of a new champion and here he stands so pay heed & homage to the words of our honorable Lord himself...”

Mamoru exclaimed before handing the mic over to the clan leader.

I am Kenshiro Inogami; Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship...” The Ronin bellowed thus triggering a divided response amongst the masses.

“First & foremost, I wish to publically extend my condolences onto the memory & family of the deceased. I am speaking of one of the few rivals, throughout my career, that has managed to earn my respect, in this ring as well as countless others throughout this industry worldwide. We all know him as Derecho...”

The Arena of Champions rattled with a respectful applause that was captured by Cameras Eighteen, Twenty & Thirty. A ’Thank You, Derecho’ chant arose for several moments. A number of fans were not ashamed to express their emotions in the wake of the acknowledgment of both the news & the respects of a longstanding rival. Ninja held the mic against his chest briefly before continuing.

“Very few, like myself, remember him as Jason Roberts. Admittedly, he earned the reputation of being a shrew businessman. A devout practitioner as a technical stalwart in this industry and an infamous asshole by nature. However, it is in this dark moment in history that we openly acknowledge his numerous accomplishments, accolades & contributions to this business in order to make aware to those individuals, both familiar nor otherwise understand that not only what this industry has lost on this day but how high the proverbial bar has been raised as fans. Wrestlers and all facets of this industry combined.”

A jubilant response radiated throughout the stands as Mamoru cleared his throat and remained at parade rest. Kenshiro casually scanned the horizon before adjusting his sunglasses & cleared his throat.

“However, in light of the current circumstances, I will postpone my intended tribute to the individual I defeated to become the Underground Champion until the following iNtense and I personally extend an invitation to Miss Aria Murphy to personally attend.” The clan leader mentioned before resting his forearm against the small of his back.

“At this time, I wish to personally address those representatives of the Underground division before these people right now.” The ninja ordered as Takeshi casually popped the bones in his neck from side to side. The audience continued to clamber amongst themselves until the jOltvision monitors cranked up the opening vignette for jOlt iNtense. ’When The Come For Me’ by Linkin Park played overhead as a train of wrestlers began to file out from the backstage area. James Lennox was the first to pass through the curtains with the surly Mack Brody sauntering out with a faint scowl, etched on his face. Sven Deadly lurched out from the back, looking from side to side over the barricades, en route to the base of the entrance ramp. The tandem of Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham fanned away from the pack and held court near the time keeper’s area as Bane Loneheart & Sepiroth De Luc positioned themselves near the Spanish Broadcast position.

Cheers ascended as both members of The House appeared, lumbering forward and nodding their head the public display of adulation as Omega sauntered forward, ushered forward with crowd heat. The West Indian Powerhouse Waymoth Turnbull power walked from the back, flinging his massive locks back before storming out of the camera’s view as Adam Lazarus drew forth cheers as he smirked back the audience and the assorted glares made by enemies both foreign & domestic. Graham Youngblood & Landon Stevens appeared and took their respective places along the rampway as Dallas Griffin stepped out in street clothes, casting a stern glare at the ninja as Lusus lumbered forward yet the crowd of wrestlers except Omega parted as the psychotic leviathan Grendel exited from the back and stood, heaving at the middle of the entrance ramp way. Both wrestlers stared at each other briefly before turning their attention toward the squared circle.

Camera Three trained itself onto Takeshi, whom was posted atop the ring steps as Kenshiro was seen nodding to himself in taking a moment to look at the assorted challengers bold enough to make themselves known surrounding the squared circle. Kenshiro motioned for one of the geisha to present him his belt before grabbing it with his left hand & draping it over his shoulder.

“And here they stand; those bold enough to make themselves known. You see, unlike my predecessor, retaining sole possession of this championship extends much further beyond the mere appeasement of public adoration, the nuances of the superficial, an easily wayward ego nor the noted placement of a name, forever etched in the annals of promotional history. I not only understand the magnitude of this position. This grand opportunity but all of the responsibilities required as the lone bearer of this belt.” The ninja mentioned.

“I stand before you all proudly as the lead catalyst. A fighting champion & stern representative of the Underground Championship era and it is my first order of business to set those whom aspire to contend & challenge my authority as this title’s retainer that on this evening, I have publically declared Open Season on the Underground championship.”

The Arena of Champions cheered as the assembly of wrestlers responded in kind of the bold announcement. Camera Two noted Grendel briefly flashing his canines before returning back to the Underground Champion.

“Allow me to quickly alleviate any further confusion by directing your undivided attention toward the jOltvision screens.” Kenshiro mentioned before pointing toward the entrance staging area. The arena lights diminished to 25% as the screens flickered to life...

...angry static...

{"Mudshovel" by Staind banging from the PA speakers drew out some massive heat as Former XWF Hardcore Champion, Damien Michael, made his way to the ring and dove into the action...}

...brief moment of angry static...

{...the crowd exploded as the lights faded to black & ’World War 3" by Ruff Ryders lured out the Hardcore champion, Ninja K, sprinting down the ramp and began brawling with Damien Michael admits the Pier Six Brawl taking place surrounding the ominous customized cage!..}

...brief moment of angry static...

{...Viral and Monstrosity begins trading punches on the ring apron until Monstrosity blocks and lifts Viral up for a Choke Slam, bouncing Viral off a Shopping Cart laying on it's side! The cameras shifted to crowd groaning from the impact as Monstrosity whipped his head back and casually assessed his immediate surroundings...brief static...Derecho and Damien picked Phoenix up, gained a running start and launch him face first out of the ring, sending him crashing through the table in the corner of the cell and Phoenix is not moving as he lands in a crumpled heap!!}

Crowd: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! XWF!! XWF!! XWF!! XWF!! ....

...angry static...

{Kenshiro is seen snatching his Hardcore Championship free from a suspended hook above the ominous cage, taking a quick visual assessment of the waves of incoming opposition before stomping on a pair of hands before using a trap door to make his descent...brief static}

{...Monstrosity looks up and notices the dueling chair shots, and notices O'Dwyer beginning to climb up the side of the cage. Monstrosity then drags Viral to his feet and with show of massive strength, Monstrosity slowly power lifts Viral For a Gorilla Press Slam but he slowly rushes towards the ropes and chucks Viral over the ropes, slamming into the cage, which knocks Dusty off the side of the wall, bouncing off and over the surrounding guardrails into the crowd! The fecal chant exploded in hindsight...brief static...}

{...During this time, Damien has knocked Monstrosity down by slamming the Ladder against his skull! Damien then sets the ladder back up, climbing to the top, grabbing the Hardcore title and has begun climbing down the side of the cell. Monstrosity regains his composure and notices Damien has reached the floor! Monstrosity then picks up the ladder, measures a standing Damien before he chucks the ladder like makeshift javelin from the top of the cage, which smashes into Damien's head causing him to be busted open and dropping the title belt!! A mad scramble ensured as both Dusty O’Dwyer & Damien Michael tackled Monstrosity to the floor, allowing Viral to stumble backward atop the apex of the entrance ramp. A mixed reaction was heard along with the audible ringing of the bell as Viral gnashed his teeth briefly before raising the Hardcore title upward...angry static...}

The arena lights had returned as the masses cheered as they gauged the cadre of wrestler’s responses to the public proposition set before them. Kenshiro stood with his arm resting against the rope before speaking.

“Look amongst yourselves.” Kenshiro bellowed. “Among each & every one of you, your true nature shall be revealed. From the self professed ‘Heroes’ to the aspiring ‘vigilantes’ even to your devout megalomaniacs and all personas across the behavioral spectrum. The lines between good & evil will become blurred. Redefined or exposed for all to see. At what cost are any of you destined to pay for the opportunity to displace me as Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship?”

“The challenges will be great in both design & number. Imagine an estimated weight of over 6 tons of tempered steel mesh, bars & wire...Inundated with 8 respective trap doors. Both cages affixed to one another with a pair of ladders made readily accessible to & for any aspiring opportunist. However, your greatest challenge has little to do with the aforementioned. On the contrary, there are NO eliminations. No disqualifications. Victory cannot be obtained by neither Submission nor Knockout. All that one individual must do is successfully cross the apex of that very ramp with this briefcase at Cataclysm to win. Within this case, an officially signed contract will be yours to use at your digression within a period nor greater than 90 days in exchange for a Underground Championship opportunity.”

“In a matter of weeks from tonight, every participant will inevitably be put to the test. I submit to my Underground peers, to the people both in attendance & those watching in their respective venues of choice and abroad that this is the perfect environment. Now granted, neither myself nor the Underground championship will be defended in that match as the fate of the championship itself will be decided at the same venue yet at a different time yet this is will be your respective moments to test the validity of your aspirations to challenge & acquisition of this case.”

Mamoru extended the briefcase overhead for all the masses to concentrate on its importance.

“However, even victory comes with a great price as anyone can & will contend for ownership of this case. Man to Man. A match governed by Underground Rules. On any broadcast within that allotted 90 day period.” The ninja continued as those in attendance cast faint glances among themselves.

“Take heed of this moment that your Underground Champion has presented to you.”Kenshiro mentioned. “The opportunity to grow, nurture & thrive within the rigorous environment that we all have a significant & respective stake into. This division is unique both design as well as character. The politics that we adhere to urge us to stand. Challenges us to sharpen our survival instincts. A wrestling class funded with the unified blood, sweat & sacrifice of ourselves & the opposition alike. The realm of the fearless. Where the untainted nature of the human element will separate the weak from the strong without question.” Ninja conveyed to his peers as he peeled the Underground title from his shoulder, holding it firmly within his grasp.

“Go back to your locker rooms & respective homes to ponder the coming days ahead for the end of sloth nor insignificance is at hand.” Kenshiro spoke while taking one last look at his opposition. “And with that; welcome to the Age of the Crimson Emperor.”

Feedback was emitted before ’Nightfall’ by Cliff Lin was brought back through the PA system and the entire Crimson Order began their egress from the squared circle via the ring steps. The assorted Underground division residents eventually stepped aside from the assembly of ninjas with Takeshi, leading the way forward. The cadre of scowls & various expressions streamed across the reflective surfaces of Kenshiro’s sunglasses as he reached the floor. Adam Lazarus wrung his hands as Kenshiro passed him by. A brief stare was extended before the ninja’s gaze was met by every respective prospect during their parade around the ring. Both Omega & Landon Stevens stepped forward to impede the champion’s path yet Takeshi & Heido slowly advanced to address the interference. Ninja raised his hand to silently order his guard to stand down before casting brief glances at the opposition. A faint smirk flashed across the ninja’s lips before leading his clan away toward the ramp. Grendel gnarled his fists quietly in which Takeshi looked bak at Ninja for further instructions. The crowd cheered at the potential match up yet Kenshiro motioned for his clan to continue onward, prompting the Order to grant the monster a respectable berth around him while heading up the ramp. Eventually, the Inogami Clan would soon disappear into the backstage area.

Craig Thomas vs Conan the Leprechaun
Aran ThompsonMattock

The cameras began to circle around the squared circle, capturing the depression of the environment as everyone mourned the fallen Icon, that was Derecho.

Then suddenly...

The people in attendance quickly changed their tone in the Arena of Champions as fireworks exploded on stage, returning the lights to its original form and 'Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughn faded in over the sound system. The crowd exploded with jeers, yelling and shouting profound words as Craig Thomas stepped through the curtains smiling sadistically at the crowd. He walked to the ring holding a microphone in his hand and as the music died down, he centered his self in the ring, and began addressing the crowd after they began to finally quiet down.

"What's wrong monkies?” he began, smirking, “Still sad and depressed that you'll never see Derecho again!? That monkey is long gone and he's not coming back!”

The crowd responded with more thundering jeers.

“But instead, you get muah! The Brightest Star in jOlt! And I am here to entertain all of you pathetic cunts!”

Once again, the fans boo'd The Ego.

“After what happened at Thieves Honor and with The House earlier in the night, I need to let off some steam, so I told Jim Johnson to pick out anyone for me to face in an Underground match. I told him to surprise me so I dunno who it is, nor do I care! The Ego is ready to rumble here on iNtense!”

Craig faced the entrance and taunted the man to come out.

“So whoever you are, bring your monkey ass out here, so I can kick the shit out of it!”


The Ego dropped the microphone as he began stretching his neck and arms, then cracking his knuckles while he stared at the entrance awaiting tonight's opponent.

'Small World' by Nas.

Immediately, the crowd stood to their feet, and cheered as Conan The Leprechaun came bursting through the curtain with an arm in the air and his fist curled into a ball. Craig was laughing in the ring, holding his stomach, because he was laughing so hard.

“Really, a midget!?!” he shouted, looking around the arena. Conan sneered, that phrase he had heard so many times in his career, he didn't have to hear the words because he could read them plain and clear. So, he sprinted down to the ring with The Ego's back turned as he was laughing out loud.

“Aye!” Conan shouted, now on top of the turnbuckle, “Ring da bell, will ya, mate!” he told Simon Boulder.

The Ego turned around and Conan drilled him with a perfectly executed missile toe dropkick sending Thomas flying into the ropes. Simon Boulder called for the bell and the match was official. Conan darted across the ring, diving into Thomas with a shoulder thrust. Conan then latched on to the middle rope and sent several shoulder blocks into Craig's midsection. The crowd were standing in ovation as Conan was taking it to The Ego. Conan quickly latched onto Craig's wrist and whipped him into the opposite corner where he followed up and dunking under a clothesline attempt by Thomas! Conan quickly jumped onto the second turnbuckle and moonsaulting off of it, connecting with a heel kick to the side of Craig's jaw!

Conan quickly covered The Ego!




Craig Thomas used his strength and tossed Conan off of him! The Ego was on his hands and knees when Conan sent a dropkick to his face! The Ego rolled over in the ring and attempted to get up again, but Conan was there with another dropkick! Finally, Craig rolled out of the ring, and began kicking over chairs and running his hand over the announcers booth knocking everything off of it! He was pissed off as the fans began chanting YOU SUCK! repetitively. It was driving The Ego insane and his mind was already starting to slip.

As Thomas was stomping around, on the outside of the ring, Conan hit the ropes, hitting Thomas with a suicide splash! Both men were down for a moment, but that didn't stop the fans from cheering as loud as they could. The Arena of Champions was pleased to see The Ego, who had disrespected Derecho's name and taunted The House earlier in the night, get what he deserves! Conan was the first man up and he went to pick up Craig, but The Ego did what he usually does in desperate situations, delivering an uppercut to Conan's groin!

“OYEEEEE!” shouted Conan in complete agony.

Thomas wiped the sweat from his forehead and then whipped Conan into the steel steps outside the ring. The steps crumbled into pieces as Conan flew through them head first. Craig picked him back up and slapped him across the face!


“I HATE FRIGGEN MIDGETS!” Thomas shouted in complete disarray.

That also sparked life into Conan! He began firing back with left after left, into Craig's midsection. Thomas bowed over and Conan grabbed him by his ear!

“We prefer lil people, ya azzhole!”


The Ego stumbled into the ring apron and slid into the ring after. Conan was right behind him, but with a steel chair in his hand! Craig turned around, using his quick reflexes he hit Conan with the Ego Boost sending the steel chair crashing into Conan's face! Conan flew out of the ring through the middle rope, due to the impact of the move. The fan's boo'd, changing the mood of the crowd as Craig Thomas finally gained the upper hand. He began to snicker as he taunted some nearby fans hanging over the barricade on the first row, as he did, Conan was displaying his durability outside the ring. He was a true veteran of the sport and he wasn't going to have some American Asshole take away his dignity by calling him a midget. Conan slid into the ring and stalked The Ego as he continued to taunt the fans, turning with him so that The Ego's back was to him at all times until he finally went in for a school boy!




Simon Boulder signaled the bell and Conan The Leprechaun had won the match!

“Your winner by pinfall! CONAN THE LEPRECHAUN!” Brad Arnold announced and Craig Thomas could not believe it.

The Ego shot up off the canvas as Simon held Conan's arm up in the air. He waited for Conan to finish his celebration and when he turned around...

Ego Slam!

After his version of the Side Slam, Craig popped back up off the canvas as the crowd continued to boo him. He dropped down to his knees and began pummeling Conan with hard right fist, rocking him with each shot. The look on his face was that of a mad man who was drunk off of insanity. He didn't stop pummeling Conan until he heard the crowd change their jeers into cheers, he knew there was a reason, and when he looked up, Big Little Italy was climbing the turnbuckle to perhaps save his partner from a severe injury. Italy jumped off the turnbuckle, but The Ego caught him in mid-air and slammed him down with an electrifying power slam!

The Ego stood up and began shouting at BLI, “I HATE FRIGGEN MIGGETS! I HATE'EM! I HATE'EM! I HATE'EM!”

Then, Thomas began pummeling Italy with hard right fist! Simon Boulder attempted to pull The Ego off of him, but Thomas shoved him across the ring with one arm, not even looking at him, as he continued hitting Italy with right punches. Finally, the crowd lifted the Arena of Champions with another set of cheers!

The House!

They were running down the ramp as fast as they could. Craig saw them coming and decided that he would exit the ring, but not before he stomped on Italy's head one more time. He walked over to Conan and gave him one more stomp as well before sliding out of the ring just as The House entered it. The crowd cheered as Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck pointed at The Ego with a sneer. The cameras faded and went backstage, as Craig Thomas back peddled up the ramp smirking with evil intent at The House inside the ring.

Winner: Conan the Leprechaun via Pinfall

"A Night to Remember"

♪ Goodnight sleep tight don't let the dead bite. ♪


Echoed threw out the arena as Hollywood Undead "Dead Bite" blared threw out the arena of champions. The lights threwout the arena dimmed and began to flicked red as it could be only one man, The arena rattled as fans stood up on there feet and began to cheer and chant for the former flyweight champion. The protege of the superbeast known as supernova was about to make his way to the ring. The fan's continued to cheer as they continued to look on trying to catch a glimpse of Martinez. Just than the lights stoped flickering on and off. Arena of champions stood in the dark, as the cheers and chants got even louder.

iNfamous... iNfamous... iNfamous!!!


♪ Ain't a good shot, here come four more, Getting hot, so I play in the snow In a town made wicked, made from these wicked things. See the dead on the cover of a magazine. I see my smile, it was born from amphetamines. Better duck, 'cause it's war on my enemies. ♪

The light's flickered on filling the arena of champions with a sea of red. Martinez slowly emerged from behind the curtain with a smirk on his face wearing a black band around his arm signifying the passing of the late Derecho. Arena of champions erupted to his presence. Martinez continued down the rampway acknoledging his fans by reaching out and shaking hands. He finally made it to the ring, where he would slide under the ropes. He quickly leaps back up to his feet and asks for a microphone. A stage hand quckly complies to JBM's demand and reaches between the ropes with microphone in hand. He grabs the microphone and walks back to the middle of the ring. Martinez rasied the microphone to his lips and began to address arena of champions.

"Thieves Honor. What a show it was. A show where I had the oppurtunity to become jOlt champion. All I had to do was beat seven other men. Sounded easy didint it? Well It wasnt. I cant lie, I had one hell of a time. I mean we had Aran Thompson. A man who was first ever two time relentless champion. A man who knows what I takes to be a real champion. No wonder he came out victourious. I may not agree with some of his actions, but I can admit one thing. The guy has talent. So I think a congratulations is in order..." Martinez paused for a minute. "Well there it was. I hope sooner or later down the line you'll give me the rematch I deserve just you and me. I didnt come here to just to single out the current jOlt champion. I mean, there were a whole mess of talented superstart in the match." He said as he switched the microphone to his other hand and cracked his neck with the other.

"Im not here to single out everyone that was in the main event. Tonight is a special night. A night of remembrances. Im here to pay my respects. A respect to a man who made a name for himself in this business. In and out of the ring. Jason "Derecho" Roberts! I will make this short and sweet. I dont want to waste anyone's time. Im sure you guy's have better thing to do, beside hearing me run my mouth. Hey, like me beating Eiji Kugasari for the second time in a row." He said as he smiled. "Now on a much more serious note. You guy's may now me as Jimmy B. Martinez, but my real name is Jayson Santana Junior. In character Derecho and I never meet eye to eye, but in real life he was nothing like his in ring persona. He was loving, caring and more importantly passionate about this sport we all grown to love. He did It all, and for that I respect the man."

Martinez said as he lowered the microphone from his lips. A tear slowly trickled down his face, as he picked up the microphone to speak once more.

"When I first stepped foot into jOlt, It was Jason Roberts who gave me a helping hand. He said. Welcome to jOlt kid. Remember one thing, no matter how big or strong they are. THEY ALL FALL! They all fall... He is right about that. I looked up to him and still do. He is what I wish I could be. That is one of the best entertainers in the buisness. So tonight, I will dedicate my match to you Derecho. LONG LIVE DERECHO!" Martinez said as he droped the microphone and exited the ring backstage to get ready for his match.

"Reaping the Rewards"

Derecho The scene opened up backstage. Damien Lee, Jim Johnson, and Shayne Anderson were all inside the main office. All of a sudden, the door swung open wildly and slammed into the door stop, startling the three of them. Jon Le Bon appeared with a cocky grin on his face as he extended his hands out in front of him with a "Ha Haaa!?" look on his face.

Johnson and Lee looked at Anderson as Anderson just kind of shrugged as if to say "this is what I'm dealing with". Johnson cleared his throat and then turned his attention to Le Bon.

"Since you decided to just barge in here, you might as well just have a seat." said Johnson. Le Bon trotted a bit and then vaulted over the back of the chair, landing in a seated position. He immediately kicked up his legs onto Johnson's desk.. his ripped jeans and brown work boots were all but appealing. Le Bon smiled and pulled down his fuschia hippy sunglasses.

"So.. I got your text message. You said you guys wanted to see me.. so I rushed here as fast as I could. I assume that since all three of you are here, you're finally going to get me off the hype? Because you know.. I have a very successful campaign on this interwebs thing called Twipo... I'm kind of a big deal on there."

Le Bon took his feet off the desk and then leaned in close to all three of them, lowering his voice as if he's telling a secret.

"And between you and me.. my popularity shot through the roof. I have.... get ready for it... NINETEEN whole followers... AND.. over half of them.. are bots... that's right... I'm so popular, I've been spidered by the interwebs! I'm practically on the same level as a main eventer!"

Le Bon winked as he leaned back in his chair and propped his feet back up on Johnson's desk once again.

"Well.. we're all proud of you for that.", said Johnson. "In fact... so proud of that... "monumental".... accomplishment... we all felt that it deserved a reward... especially since you took it upon yourself to unofficially enter the Thieves' Honor match and interrupt the proceedings there."

Le Bon stood straight up.

"OH MY GOD.. A REWARD!? DON'T TELL ME... You're going to give me Deadrecho's roster spot!?", said Le Bon.. sadly, in a legitimate excited tone.

Anderson snapped at Le Bon after that comment.


Johnson held up his hand and silenced Anderson.

"It's okay, Shayne... I have a feeling that he can say what he wants because after he gets his reward tonight... we won't have to worry about him talking for a long.. LONG time."

Le Bon then bounced up and down in his chair, clapping his hands.

"The suspense is killing me! What's my reward!? What's my reward!?"

Lee grinned.

"Tonight.. we are going to showcase your... uhm... "talent"... on iNtense. You are going to go one on one with..." said Lee with hesitation.

Anderson, Johnson, and Lee all looked at each other and grinned.. and then looked at Le Bon.. all three of them said his name in unison.

"Spike Saunders"

Le Bon's face went from happy to as if he had seen a ghost. Le Bon slowly stood up from his chair and used it to brace himself. Le Bon, a little shaky, raised his hand up as if to simulate height.

"You mean... THE.. Spike Saunders? Like... THIS tall? From NBW and ACW? THAT Spike Saunders!?" said Le Bon with a catch in his voice.

Johnson grinned the most sinister grin he possibly could.

"Yes... THAT Spike Saunders"

All three of them began to laugh as Le Bon looked around the room, seemingly beside himself. It appeared as if he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Le Bon pinched himself in the cheek.

"I felt that pinch.. that means.. I'M NOT DREAMING!!!"

Anderson, Lee, and Johnson looked puzzled.


Le Bon continued to yell "OH MY GOD" as he ran out of the office like a kid on Christmas morning making a bee line for the tree. Anderson, Lee, and Johnson just stood/sat there and stared vacantly off into space, completely dumbfounded.

As the camera looked at the open door, we heard a doppler effected OH MY GOD OH MY GOD as Le Bon ran from the right side to the left and down the hallway. The trio of power just continued to stare off vacantly as the scene faded to black.

"Remembering Derecho: Part III"

Derecho Our next stop brings us to No Brand Wrestling where Derecho had his first match with someone who would later become a rival. A rival that, sadly, will never see the third rubber match between them come to light.

Derecho saw his chance. He grabbed the top rope and waited for Spike to stand. Derecho twisted up to the top rope and then spun off of it and caught Spike by the head.


720 DDT!!


Derecho then grabbed Spike’s good leg and placed it across his knees. He then grabbed Spike’s bad leg and pulled that across Spike’s good leg. Derecho then pulled back and sat down with a modified Cloverleaf/Single Leg Crab on Saunders’ injured leg!!

The pain was tremendous!

Spike screamed out in pain, but Spike fought through it. He pulled himself toward the ropes, but as soon as he was about to touch them, Derecho pulled Spike back toward the center of the ring, but this time, Derecho didn’t sit with the move… he fell back and landed on Spike, pulling the legs with him. Derecho then freed his right leg and wrapped it around Spike’s bad leg for extra pressure! Derecho had Spike tied up in a very unorthodox submission hold with all of the pressure being put on Spike’s right leg and knee!

Spike fought and fought and fought, but the more he fought, the tighter Derecho pulled on the legs..

Spike fought.

But it was too much.

Spike tapped!!




Derecho let go of the hold. The crowd couldn’t believe it! Derecho forced Spike Saunders to tap out!

Derecho staggered to his feet. He could barely stand himself. The pain in his lower back was immense, but Derecho did get his hand raised in victory.

The scene once again faded to black.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Eiji Kugasari
Aran ThompsonMattock

Camera Eighteen hovered over the souther section of the arena, urging the legions to respond warmly to being granted secular attention & for internet bragging rights before the arena lights crept away, allowing the entire landscape to blacken. The jOltvision monitors & accompanying screens would display the same, almost lullaby-like lyrics, which flicked in a harsh blood red font.

Goodnight sleep tight don't let the dead bite...


A crescendo of red pyrotechnical rage would rattle the Arena of Champions.

”Dead Bite” – Hollywood Undead

The violent tones of the Hollywood Undead would flood the arena at a furious pace as a concentrated shade of Red lighting bathed the cheering legions throughout the heart of the building.

Ain't a good shot, here come four more, Getting hot, so I play in the snow.
In a town made wicked, made from these wicked things.
See the dead on the cover of a magazine. I see my smile, it was born from amphetamines.
Better duck, 'cause it's war on my enemies.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing First; he hails from The Bronx, New York...Weighting in at 220 pounds...Here is the ’Super Nova’! ...JIMMY! MARTINEZ!!!

The energized Bronx native slowly emerged from behind the curtain with a look of pure determination on his face as The Arena of Champions erupted. Camera Three offered a up close view of him basking in the adoration cast his way as he beat his chest with his fist during his walk toward the right side of the stage. Having played to the crowd briefly, Jimmy shuffled toward the opposing end of the entrance staging area to where he flexed his right arm, displaying the Derecho ’Forever’ arm band. Jimmy took a moment looking toward the heavens & pointing upward briefly before making his way down the ramp. Camera One became his soundboard as he conveyed his intentions of ’kicking ass & taking names with Eiji next on the proverbial hit list’ while slapping random hands over the barricades before diving underneath the ring ropes and perching himself atop the turnbuckles.

The energetic wunderkind continued pointing out to the upper decks before dropping down and standing atop the adjacent turnbuckle. Sylo’s protegee’ inaudibly yelled back at the appreciative masses and even rolled to the outside to bring attention to a fan, brandishing a homemade sign entitled ’jOlt’s Bronx Messiah’. Jimmy pointed at the sign before clasping hands with the smark before returning back inside the squared circle. Referee Underwood & Jimmy exchanged an inaudible conversation as his high energy musical introduction waned out of earshot. The mandatory inspection was just completed, allowing Jimmy to tug anxiously at the ropes before hunching down close to the canvas in wait for his esteemed rival. The iNfamous Revolution Movement was supported by the legions with their sheer numbers...


A volatile mixed reaction to boil over in response as darkness quickly overwhelmed the Arena of Champions’ interior. ’No Association’ by Silverchair jump started the rhythmic pulsation of Red & Pearl lighting. Jets of condensed smoke continued to belch forth as the hot headed Prince of Puroresu appeared from within the overcast & stood at the apex of the elongated ramp. The Blood Raven began his trademark yet brief martial arts kata was concluded with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Eiji swung his fist toward the grating, summoning a Red Pyrotechnical explosion. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji will ascend to his feet and begin power walking toward the ringside area.

Carrington: “And his opponent; making his way to the ring...He hails from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

Camera One continued back pedaling as Eiji casually walked down the ramp. Fists gnarled as he casually looked out into the primarily jeering masses from both sides of the barricades before turning his attention toward Martinez. The sole reason he lost the Four Way Dance at the Thieves’ Honor pay per view. Adorned in the hues of Onyx, Crimson & Pearl, The Blood Raven ascended up the ring steps to burn holes through his smirking opposition. Standing along the ring apron, Eiji casually passed through the ropes before standing his ground defiantly as Jimmy continued to hop in place. The referee ensured that he intentionally kept the rivals at bay as Kugasari slowly stepped back a few paces into his respective corner. Underwood began his initial inspection of the ninja as the musical interlude faded out, leaving the ambiance of jubilant fans swirling within the state of the art cauldron. A few streamers sailed over the ropes and bounced against the mat, leading the referee to quickly remove them before signaling for the opening bell.

Both men sauntered forward toward the center of the ring as the populous amped up the atmosphere. Standing virtually face to face, both inaudibly exchanging vile words amongst each other when The Blood Raven hit Martinez with a stern right hand slap across the Jaw! The masses responded with an audible groan as Jimmy’s body language let the world know he was notably upset. The Prince of Puroresu led the Super Nova away with an Irish Whip. Reversal by JBM leading to a Short Arm Shoulder Block followed by an immediate Elbow Drop & Lateral Press. The referee was too slow to make a count as Eiji immediately kicked out yet Martinez cinched in a Side Head Lock. Kugasari was quick to transition to a Rear Side Hammer Lock. Martinez swung back with a Back Elbow which triggered Eiji to bundle his adversary up into a La Majistral Cradle...1! 1 ½ was the count Jimmy jolted himself up and onto his stomach. Eiji with the Fujiwara Armbar yet the Bronx native’s ring presence lured him immediately to hook the bottom ropes with his feet. Eiji began beating his rival against his back only to have Jimmy floor him with a Double Leg Takedown! The bitter rivals continued tussling along the canvas until Eiji used a Tomoe Nage (Circle Throw) yet Jimmy landed on his feet & leveled Eiji with a Running Clothesline. A 2nd Clothesline led Eiji to stagger himself back to his feet before Jimmy grab the ninja by the head & send him sailing airborne over the top rope! Camera Seven followed the tumbling ninja careening against the floor with JBM sliding off the ring apron after him.

The Super Nova began laying the boots to the ninja before being slammed against the barricades. Jimmy lunged forward with a stiff Pump Kick that pushed the barricades back, allowing Eiji to stagger the Bronx native backwards with a Hard Right Hook. A tandem of alternate Buzzsaw Kicks hampered the Super Nova’s equilibrium before missing with a Standing Roundhouse Kick. Jimmy sent the ninja away with an Irish Whip. The Blood Raven reversed the momentum and sent Jimmy careening soundly against the ring steps with a fierce Irish Whip before stalking after his enemy. Grabbing Jimmy by the hair, Eiji began wailing on his rival’s head before being sent rolling backwards with a hard Left Hand to the Stomach. Martinez pushed himself back to his feet before sending Eiji stumbling backwards with a Right Hook, bouncing him against the barricades before parrying a Backhand Punch yet left himself open to eat a stern Back Kick to the Stomach. Eiji slammed Jimmy’s face against the barricades, leading him to stumble away from the impact. The Blood Raven’s 2nd attempt was blocked with Jimmy planting his foot against the rails and a Back Elbow sent the ninja stumbling away up the rampway before running him down with a Running Lariat. The bell was sounded leading Jimmy to turn his attention toward Referee Underwood waving his hands in the air. The masses voiced their displeasure as the Super Nova inaudibly voiced his displeasure while slowly advancing toward the ring.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, as the result as a Double Count Out, this match has been ruled as a Draw!”

An incensed Jimmy continued to bicker with Underwood before being blind sided by Ninja’s Running Knee Strike between the Shoulder Blades, stumbling the former Flyweight Champion onto the floor. Eiji quickly pounded on his rival and began battering his rival with Punches & Stomps. Camera One noted jOlt wrestling staff were seen rushing from the back and attempted to pry the ninja off of Jimmy. The Blood Raven shoved one of the elderly staff members to the floor before striking the middle aged leads across the jaw. The Super Nova shrugged off the backstage crewmen, broke into a dead sprint...

Bull’s Eye - {A stiff Super Kick}

The force toppled the Blood Raven backwards atop several staff members into a flattened heap. The cheering masses literally muffled out the inaudible rants from the enraged Super Nova. Pointing and standing over his nearly unconscious rival before extending his middle finger, ”Dead Bite” – Hollywood Undead radiated from the PA system as Martinez shrugged off the hands of the staff members before stepping away from the fallen ninja. Jimmy made it near the apex of the ramp before staring longingly at the wreckage made by his hand before extending his arms outward to embrace the warmth of the crowd. Camera Three took note of the woozy ninja rolling over onto his stomach, resting on all fours with the staff checking his level of alertness. The ninja was still shaking his head as he was being helped to his feet. Eiji shoved the hands away while cradling his head and training his resentment toward the belligerent Martinez, who walked away backwards a few paces before passing through the backstage curtain.

Winner: Double Countout

"Humiliated By A Midget"

Derecho The cameras took a stroll backstage where Craig Thomas was looking like he had been ran over by a train. With wide eyes and a bad taste left in his mouth from Conan The Leprechaun, who took it to The Ego earlier in the night and defeated him in a quick match, had him in a foul mood. And with the way Thieves Honor went for him as well, things weren't looking good for Craig Thomas.

It was causing him to slip in so many ways, now he was going crazy.

“WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!?!” he asked, shouting at The Strangler who was smoking a cigarette inside their dressing room.

Strangler wasn't stressing over the situation, as two young female prospects entered the room.

“I was waiting on these two ladies.” Strangler replied, “You said you wanted to do it on your own, so I called in a favor.”

“That's no excuse! I pay you to watch my back! I don't pay you to fuck these two bit whores! If it EVER happens again, I will fire your ass myself!”

Strangler stood up and looked at the two women in the room.

“Excuse us.”

He pushed them out of the room and shut the door, turning around to face The Ego.

“Who the fuck do you think your talking too? I'm not some little bitch, I will fuck you up, family or not. Remember what happened to Brandon, when he decided to throw me under the bus? That bitch couldn't walk for a week and I will do the same to you if you ever talk to me like that again.”

Craig gulped.

“And what the hell happened there anyways?” Strangler shook his head, confused, “Fucking got beat by a midget man! Really?”

“ARHHHH!” screamed Thomas, “Fuck you, Kurt! FUCK YOU!”

Craig, all of a sudden, slammed his head through the wooden table in the room. A variety of items crashed to the floor as he looked back at The Strangler with his teeth showing and his face scoffing.

Strangler shook his head again, “Dude, take a damn Xanax or something before you go completely insane. I've never seen you act like this before, but it sure has me thinking...”

“Thinking what?” Thomas asked, “What the hell are you thinking?”

Strangler opened the door, “Nothing, Craig. There is a bottle of Jack in the fridge, I'm gonna leave you too it so you can get a hold of yourself, before you do something you regret.”

He left the room and closed the door behind him, leaving The Ego to his self. Craig walked over to the fridge and pulled the bottle of Jack from it. He opened it and took a big shot of it. A pack of cigarettes rested on the floor, from the broken table, and he picked them up. He put a cigarette in his mouth, looking to smoke it, but he couldn't find a lighter.


Craig tossed the cigarette on the floor and sat down in a chair. He took another gulp of Jack from the bottle and leaned back in the chair allowing his mind to collect it's sanity. The scene faded with The Ego getting liquored up in his room, trying to forget the moment when a midget beat him in perhaps the quickest match he had ever been a part of, it was humiliating.

"The Champs is Here... Are Here... Wait, I Had Something For This"

Derecho Let me start off the following segment by giving to you the following words.

Poor Donny Layne.

That having been said, let’s take it backstage to poor Donny Layne who would now have to do his least favorite thing in the world... interview some cocky motherfuckers.

“Ladies and gentlemen, my migraines at this time,” Donny said, flatly. “They are the NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions. They are Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway… The Heirs of Wrestling… I hate my life…”

Layne turned around and watched as the screen suddenly filled up with more assholes than a gay porno. The Heirs of Wrestling – Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway each popped into view brandishing their new jOlt Tag Team Champions. While Mack and Ryan dapped fists like a pair of idiotic frat boys, Frank put an arm over the shoulder of Donny Layne and smiled.

All three Heirs were wearing their new jOlt t-shirts; a picture of a crown with a shirt in blue and white that read, “The Heirs are your betters!” Go buy that shit NOW!

“Layne Staley, thanks for joining us here tonight,” Frank said. “Today, we’re in a good mood because we won… nay, we FREED the jOlt Tag Team Titles from the waists of two underserving monsters! No longer will these straps have to be worn with gaudy belt extenders just to reach around the rings of Saturn-sized gut of Adam “Fat Fuck” Roebuck! Derrick Huber no longer gets to look at his mopey ass in the reflection of his belt while his wife is being used as a personal golf caddy for Team EGO… there more than one hole on THAT golf course that’s being filled, if you get my drift, Layne… which you probably don’t on account of the thirty-seven-year-old-virginness…”

Layne sighed. “I’ll have you know I’m married.”

“Being married to your job doesn’t count, homo!” Gallway snapped. “Now, cease your completely useless contributions, you mongoloid!”

Frank continued his tirade.

“So, yes, you’re probably gonna ask how good we feel to be champions for the second time. And I would say to that, ‘feels pretty damn good to right the wrongs of the past.’”

Donny Layne looked at his surroundings and asked his next question.

“And how did your first reign end again?”

With the question asked, all the fun and camaraderie between the Heirs came to a dead halt. Mack stood over Layne and looked down at him.

“Who the fuck told you to ask that question? WHO?”

“We did, bitches!”

The Heirs turned and the crowd cheered for the appearance of a tag team that had been more than a headache in the past by the Heirs of Wrestling. They were led by the partying Jon Katz Jr. They were “The Love Machine” Lennox Love and “The Candy Man” Sam Sweet. They were Sweet Sweet Lovin!

The crowd cheered for the appearance of the former Tag Team Champions as they stepped into the interview area. Layne quietly snuck away for fear of what was about to happen next when JKJ stepped up.

“Congrats!” Jon said. “Y’all did it! Y’all won the belts for a second time! And all you had to do was cheat like a bunch of little bitches! Hope y’alls is proud!”

Lennox Love stared right at Frank and gestured to the belts.

“You mothafuckas think you hot shit cause you got the drop on The House? Nah, I call bullshit, son! How ‘bout if you’s as good as you say you are, y’all put them belts on the line against us TONIGHT!”

The crowd liked that idea very much. The Heirs? Not so much.

“Hey, Huggy Bear,” Brody quipped. “You, Jake and the Fat Man can go take your throwback asses out of our air time! We beat you on Warriors a few weeks ago to earn the shot at our belts and made you irrelevant!”

The bigger half of Sweet Sweet Lovin – Sam Sweet, for those keeping score – had something to say too.

“Yeah, but remember when we BEAT your punkasses for those belts? Twice, if I remember right! You afraid to go for three?”

Frank scowled. “No! You fucks don’t get to come up here and Biff Tannen us! You call us chicken, but I’ll tell you what we WILL do…”

Silver glanced at Mack and Ryan, who both nodded back in unison. With that silent seal of approval Frank smiled.

“Tonight, we accept your challenge and we’ll put these titles up. An example needs to be made tonight. You two pricks think you were hot shit because you FLUKED your way into a couple of cheap victories over us? No, we’re going to show you, The House, The Jury, The Crimson Order, and anybody else that has ideas about coming for these belts… we are NOT gonna be fucked with again. Now WE’RE doing the fucking! You got that?”


JKJ and his boys looked happy with that announcement.

“Funny you mention fornication, homey,” Jon grinned. “Cause tonight, we’re takin’ them belts back and you guys are the only ones who are gonna get screwed!”

The six men stared each other down before they prepared to face off for the prestigious titles…

One more time…

Sweet Sweet Lovin.

The Heirs of Wrestling.

jOlt Tag Team Titles!


"Remembering Derecho: Part IV"

Derecho We are taken back to Legacy of Champions where Alias paid, then LoC Champion Sylo, a surprise visit. That visit lead to a historic moment.

A man from the crowd, wielding a chair had hit the ring and had struck Sylo in the back! Sylo dropped Derecho onto his feet. Derecho slouched against the ring ropes as he looked on in bewilderment…

He looked on at the assailant…

He looked on at…



A chair shot to the skull of Sylo!


Another chair shot to Sylo’s skull!


A third chair shot dents the seat of the chair and Sylo falls backward and lands on his back! He’s out cold!

Alias then signaled for his move and picked Sylo up off the canvas. Alias set Sylo up for……. No…. not this…



Alias stood as Derecho looked on in confusion. Alias held his hand out as if to say “all yours”.

Alias left the ring and crouched at ringside to watch his work unfold and in traditional convenient fashion, the referee began to stir and wake up. Derecho wasn’t sure if, after all that, Sylo would be out… he had to make sure…

Derecho stumbled to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He leapt off…


Frog Splash for added damage!










The unthinkable has happened.

The whole world shocked beyond belief.




The NEW Legacy Champion!

The scene faded to black.

Spike Saunders vs Jon Le Bon
Aran ThompsonMattock

“American Idiot” by Green Day blasts from the Arena of Champions sound system, and out comes “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon, spinning around as if he was Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He arrives at the ring apron and slides into the ring. He immediately sprung onto the ring ropes and was meet by a chorus of boos and “sit down you idiot” Le Bon takes no notice and looks to the jOltvision awaiting his opponent this evening. He had been picked to face Spike Saunders.

'Ain't No Rest for the Wicked' by Cage the Elephant blares out and the Arena of Champions waits to see the name from England.

Le Bon waited in the ring and bounced off the ropes, as Saunders music played, but the 7ft man mountain didn’t appear.

Le Bon looked again at the jOltvision as Saunders music started to play again. Le Bon then pulled the referee into the ring.

“Look he aint coming out, ring the bell and lets get this match started”

The match official looked to the left of the ring, to see if this was true, he mentioned to Le Bon that he had to wait and see if Saunders would come out. As they continued to wait, the referee checked once again. Once he got approval he called for the bell to be rung .

As soon as the bell was rung Le Bon bounced up and down, knowing that he was about to get a victory.

The referee started a standing ten count.



Le Bon paced back and forth with excitement. He had a good feeling about this.



Le Bon rubbed his hands together as he stood there with anticipation.



Le Bon was looking shocked, and was wishing the next four seconds would be over, and he would be on the main roster and a win under his belt, after a month.



The tension was getting too much. He yelled at the referee to finish the count as quickly as possible, but the referee ignored Le Bon and continued as normal.



The referee calls for the bell, and raises the hand of the “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon, who has picked up his first win on the main to roster here in jOlt. Le Bon ripped his hand away from the referee and jumped up and down as if he had just won the world championship. Some of the crowd was laughing while the others were actually applauding Le Bon.

All of a sudden, Spike Saunders came storming down to the ring with a cell phone in his hand. He entered the ring and demanded a microphone as a look of "Oh shit" just came over Le Bon's face. Saunders brought the microphone up to his lips.

So.. the reason why I just lost this match via countout was because I was on hold. I had a phone call stating that there was a very important emergency, but when I was finally put through, I heard the noise of a live crowd. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you, Jonny?

Le Bon shook his head no quickly. Saunders then advanced toward Le Bon and he got backed into a corner. Le Bon had nowhere to go when Saunders noticed a faint glow comeing from the side of Le Bon's leg. Saunders reached into Le Bon's pocket and pulled out a cell phone that had an active call placed to Saunders' cell phone.

Le Bon just smiled and jammed his elbow into Saunders as if to say "Nice rib, eh? EH?"

Saunders then grabbed Le Bon and hit a huge Biel. Le Bon got to his knees and begged Le Bon to stay back. Le Bon got to his feet and pointed behind Saunders.

"LOOK! IT'S DEADRECHO!" yelled Le Bon

Saunders didn't fall for it and clotheslined Le Bon out of his boots. He then grabbed Le Bon and lifted him back to his feet. He set Le Bon up and lifted him into the Gory Guerrero Special. He then flipped him over into a sit out powerbomb.


Saunders then left the ring and headed to the back as Le Bon laid there on the canvas and twitched slightly.

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Countout

"New Era Cleansing"

Derecho As Derecho Appreciation Night continued his brother Mattock wandered the halls of the Arena of Champions.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..." The voice of Aran Thompson could be heard as Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams stepped in and basically used their massive frames to pin Mattock to a wall without touching him.

"If it isn't baby brother Roberts." Aran continued as he tapped his fingers against the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist.

"What?" Mattock snarled out at his eyes shot back and forth between Waymoth and Mace.

Aran smiled and rest his arms on the shoulders of his General and his brother-in-law Mace Williams.

"What?" Aran mocked Mattock. "That's no way to speak to your champion. Matter of fact, that's no way to speak to any champion, and I am a double champion. So you will change your tone and ask me, politely, what you can do to help me."

Aran clearly was bullying the little brother of Derecho and Mattock showed no signs of backing down.

"Uh, Excuse me, Aran?" A old and grizzled voice asked from behind Aran who turned his attention the person behind him as Mattock and tried using the opportunity to slip away but Waymoth slammed his hand against the way next to him and shook his head.

"Yuh might wan' stay put." Waymoth told Mattock who didn't even try to test the big man.

Jim Johnson walked over to Aran and nodded his head.

"Hey Champ, I have a question for ya." Johnson asked Aran who completely turned his attention to Jim.

"Yeah? What's that?" Aran asked back.

"I need you to hand over the Relentless Championship. It was your golden ticket to Thieves Honor and it paid off, now it's time to vacate it." Johnson sternly told Aran.

Aran grinned and shook his head.

"You aren't ever getting my name sake again. The Relentless Championship is mine, and now so is the jOlt Championship."

Jim looked disappointed in Aran and shook his head.

"Look, Aran, this isn't how this wor-" Johnson began but was cut off by Mace who calmly spoke.

"Step away ol'man, before ya get put away."

Johnson looked at Waymoth and Mace and noticed Mattock up against the wall.

"Aran, what are you doing?"

Aran smiled and turned his attention to Mattock.

"Well you see, I was just explaining to the baby brother Roberts that he should respect his champion." Aran paused and looked at Johnson again. "Especially a double champion."

Johnson looked worried but Aran cut him off.

"Matter of fact I was just about to challenge Mattock to a match tonight, you know, in honor of his brothers passing. Maybe we'll become fortunate enough to get rid of another Roberts by the end of the night. Because my new Era is a Roberts free Era."

Aran smiled at Johnson and walked away and Waymoth and Mace followed behind.

"Aran! The Relentless Champ--" Johnson tried to get out but was cut off again.

"Never gunna happen, Jim! Never gunna happen."

"100% Authentic... Diamond Jewelz"

Derecho The camera begins focused in on a stone ledger nesteled in between two large 3 story brick buildings, engraved with the title Tivoli, marking the location of the Tivoli Village in Las Vegas, NV. The camera fades out and fades back in focused on gold, cursive script letters, blurred and unreadable at first, but when the camera becomes completely focused, clearly reads Seagolowitch and Sons Jewelers, embroidered on a plain burgundy canopy. Below the canopy sits a glass storefront window on the right including the same gold, Seagolowitch and Sons Jewelers cursive script lettering, set in finely crafted dark brown wood of some sort, and to the left, a finely crafted wood door of the same color, with a glass set in it emroidered with the same Seagolowitch and Sons Jewelers cursive script lettering. The camera stays focused in on the storefront for a few seconds until it immediately switches to an in store overhead view of the front counter.

At the counter stands a corn-rowed black man in a purple shirt, the script of the shirt unreadable from this vantage point. In his hands, blinding the camera in the gleam of diamonds, and gold metal which cover his fingers, he holds a small black tool with his right, and by the gleam of it, what seems to be a piece of dIamond jewelry of some sorts. He presses the two objects together, his face masked by his buried concentration and focus on the two tools in his hands, but becoming ever the more visible as the camera goes from an overhead view, to a face front view.



Bellows out from the now visibly broad shoulders and neck of the black man standing at the counter. His face still angled downward, he sets the now clearly visible diamond ring down on the counter and reaches towards some gleam right by it. A longer, rope-like gleam of diamonds and jewels shines into the camera. He presses the tool up against it.



The words rolling smoothly off of his now visible full lips, covered at the top in a finely trimmed mustache, the right side of his face rising in a smirk of pleasure. He places the bracelet down and reaches for another gleaming object, this time very small and pebble like. He presses the small blood sugar testing object against the small pebble leak gleam.



The camera settles down and focuses in on a full front view of the man, the lettering on his shirt now fully visible. "Diamond Jewelz" is embossed on the purple shirt in white cursive script, and covered in what seems to be a shiny glitter, or sequins of some kind. The counter in front of him is covered in the gleam of diamonds and precious metals, and speckled with the red, green and purple of other precious jems. He looks up and stares directly into the camera.

"100%; Authentic; I only work with real diamonds, real jewels! Everything has to pass the test!"

With every word that rolls off of Diamond's full lips, the glimmer of gold and jewels shines from the top row of the "custom grill" that clothes his teeth!"

"Real diamonds; real jewels; real gold! That's what I buy; that's what I craft; I won't have an associtiation with anything less! As one of Las Veags' finest jewelers, why would I? When I climb the mountain of broken bodies I pile up on my ascent to the top of this orginization, and I finally get my hands on the jOlt championship"

Diamond holds up the small black opject in his hand, his coutenance lathered in seriousness and the fire of his desire

"This Moissanite Tester, will confirm if the object of my lust, that leather belt that looks to be clothed in silver,gold, and jewels, is indeed my obesseion!"

Diamond looks down at the smorgasbord of jewelry that lay in front of him on the table

"I love diamonds, jewels, and precious metals. They are my obssession... But.... My quest for gold isn't only about appeasing the lust of athletic achievment that burns inside my young bowels; its' about my greater obessession! Diamonds and jewels!"

An eerie grin reveals the glimmer of Diamond's platinum and diamond laced grill!

"The jOlt championship, is set to be another piece in my jewelry collection; the CENTERPIECE!!

And if it's fools gold; I'll craft my own masterpiece out of what I have in this store, A piece...."

He holds up his jewelry covered hands, no clearly decorated in, diamond rings and bracelets of all kinds.

"That'll go with the rest of my collection!"

Diamond picks up a diamond earing in one hand and a gold braclet in the other

"Diamonds and gold! I'll make my fine custom piece.... I'm a master jeweler and that's why all the biggest acts in hip-hop come to me. Hov, Luda, Hussle, Cole. But until I get to my obessesion. Every man that steps in my way. Gets put to the test. The Massoinite Test. And no man will ever measure up to the 3,106.75 carat standard. Ain't nobody real enough for that!"

The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

The Heirs of Wrestling were victorious at Thieves Honor in dethroning the dominant House in order to attain the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Backstage the Heirs had themselves a little party that was interrupted by their hated enemies, Sweet Sweet Lovin. Sam Sweet and Lennox Love had exchanged victories and beatdowns with the Heirs several weeks ago and because of their sordid history, they made a challenge tonight that was accepted. Tonight, The Heirs were defending their belts for the first time against their hated rivals – rivals that were not only former champions themselves, but had BEATEN the Heirs for gold before.

Ring Announcer Brad Arnold was in the ring as the graphics for the jOlt Tag Team Championships appeared on the screen.

‘The following is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall and it is for the prestigious JOLT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

The Arena of Champions cheered for what was to come.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

When the music hit, the lights began to swirl in shades of yellow and green for the team coming out first! The portly, but fun-loving Sam Sweet and his tag team partner, the afro samurai himself, Lennox Love!

Sweet Sweet Lovin and their manager, Jon Katz, Jr. got down to the easy-going crooning of Aerosmith as the crowd cheered. They were former jOlt Tag Team Champions who knew how to get down; more importantly, they knew how to win and they had defeated the Heirs before. Tonight they could be only the third tag team in history to win two jOlt Tag Team Titles. The two men entered the ring while the crowd gave them their full support.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring with the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Behind them was “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. The foursome went to the ring and entered. Brody and Winterton each took a position outside the ring while inside, Frank and Ryan held up their jOlt Tag Team Titles for the crowd to see. The cocky pricks held up the gold for everybody to see.

The bell rang inside as we got super-serial in-ring introductions made by Brad Arnold.

“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! In the corner to my left, they weigh in at a combined weight of 554 pounds, being accompanied by Jon Katz, Jr… Sam Sweet and Lennox Love… SWEET SWEET LOVIN!

Love and Sweet dapped fists in the ring before they turned to the Heirs, talking smack about taking the belts.

“And in the corner to my right, they are accompanied to the ring by “Midas” Mack Brody and “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton… they weigh in at a combined weight of 441 pounds… they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Frank and Ryan talked some shit of their own to Sweet Sweet Lovin. In a series of matches since both teams had been in jOlt, they were each two wins apiece. Tonight, the winner was walking away the belts. Referee Simon Boulder raised the belts to show everybody what was on the line.


In the center of the ring Lennox Love was standing across from Frank Silver. The two men locked up in the middle of the ring with Lennox going for a Rear Waistlock. Frank turned around and snapped him over in a Fireman’s Carry Takeover. Instead of going for a move, Frank laughed before he high-fived Ryan, tapped Mack’s fists, and blew a kiss to The Heiress. Show-offy bitch.

Love shook his head before he stood up. He tried again only for Frank to go for a Rear Waistlock this time, lifting and tossing Lennox to the ground before… yup, more paintbrushing to Love’s signature afro.

The Baron of Ballistics was having fun with Sweet Sweet Lovin ande they were arrogant – rightly so. They were the Tag Team Champions. Lennox stood up while the arrogant Frank held his hand out again for another grapple. Instead Lennox fired off a right hand and stunned Silver, sending him back a step. The Love Machine grabbed Frank in a headlock only for Frank to run to the ropes and shove Lennox off of him. When he came back, Frank charged only for Love to leapfrog over him. He came back into a Running Dropkick to the face!

JKJ slapped the ring apron in triumph while Lennox Love stood up. He and Sweet were ready for a fight tonight. He grabbed him by the hair and set him up for a Suplex before taking Frank down with a Belly to Back Suplex! Love rolled through and got to his feet before running off the ropes to connect with a Sliding Clothesline to the face!




The first cover of the match and SSL were off to a hot start. Frank tried to roll away from Lennox Love, but the tall high flyer picked him up off the canvas. He threw him into his tag corner and Sweet PUNCHED Silver right in the mouth! He staggered over into another stiff right hand from Lennox that knocked the student of Sonny Silver on his ass.

Lennox tagged into Sam Sweet and the crowd applauded the big man. Sweet and Love launched Frank off the ropes and Love ducked underneath him, sending Silver right into the clutches of Sweet. He picked him up and DROPPED him hard with a Belly-to-Belly Side Suplex! With it, Sam rolled over and went for a deep hook of the leg.




Another close one! Sweet Sweet Lovin were playing for keeps tonight and weren’t going to let anything stop them from getting the belts. Sweet tried to pick Frank up when a thumb found its way right into Sam’s eye socket. The referee admonished Frank but he’d already headed over to tag in the fresh Ryan Gallway. The Prince of Precision jumped over the ropes and the Pirahna of the Heirs went right for the bigger Sweet’s legs - the same way they inevitably beat them in their last confrontation on Warriors 18.

“I’ve had it with you fatties running around MY HOOD!” Ryan shouted at the top of his lungs.

He’d seen his fair share of action wrestling big men like The House. He kicked away at the legs of Sweet with half a dozen good shots. He kept on bringing the pain before he ran off the ropes to try for a Slingshot Crossbody… caught!


Sam Sweet dropped Ryan like a bad habit and picked him up off the canvas before he made another quick tag to Lennox Love. The crowd was in full force behind the challengers as they cheered. Sam Sweet Scoop Slammed Ryan into the canvas and then grabbed his partner, dropping him on top of Gallway with another Scoop Slam-like move! The Candy Man left the ring while Lennox Love rolled over and went for another cover on Gallway.




SSL were dictating the pace right now with some good double-team moves. Lennox grabbed Gallway by the arm and twisted him around before tagging back to Sam Sweet. The Love Machine set up the next move by tossing Gallway into a neutral corner. Sam Sweet lined up on the other side of the ring and tossed Ryan across only to follow him in with a Corner Clothesline in the corner!

Gallway would’ve fallen after the brutal impact, but Sam Sweet pulled him up on his spaghetti legs. The Hipster Heartthrob was launched again across the ring and then crushed again with a Body Avalanche!


Ryan Gallway took the tumble and fell to the canvas, Ric Flair-style! Sam Sweet nodded to the crowd who laughed with the antics of the former Tag Team Champions. Sam nudged Ryan over onto his stomach and this time went for another cover.




The elbow of Frank caught him in the back while referee Simon Boulder sent him back to his corner. Sam Sweet turned back to Ryan Gallway and hoisted him up for a Powerbomb that could certainly spell curtains for The Heirs’ second Tag Title reign. Frantically Ryan began to kick and struggle and even punched before squirming his way out. Sweet charged at Gallway with a Lariat only for the quick Gallway to actually bust out a matrix-like evasion. Sweet hit the ropes and Frank tripped him from the ringside area, stopping the big man in his tracks. Sweet kicked him away while Ryan hit the ropes…


A SICK-LOOKING Springboard Gamengiri caught Sam Sweet in the face and knocked the big man clean off his feet! The crowd cringed from the impact while Ryan did a roll back to his feet. He was sore, but he rolled over and got into the face of Sam while he was floored.

“YEAH, BITCH!” Ryan screamed in his best Jesse Pinkman impression.

Ryan tagged back to Frank Silver and the de facto leader of the Heirs casually stood over Sam Sweet. He turned over and flashed a quick fangul over to Lennox Love and Jon Katz Jr. Lennox wanted so bad to come over there and punch him, but Boulder was keeping the rules fair for both teams.

Sam tried standing up when Frank grabbed him by his hair. He forced him back to the Heirs’ corner and began to unload a flurry of European Uppercuts that were an eight on the Cesaroian Uppercut Scale. Four shots caught him underneath the chin and Silver even threw in some stomps to the chest for good measure.

The Baron of Ballistics tagged into Ryan and the two men quickly went to work with some of their famous double-teaming. Frank kicked him in the chest while Ryan ran off the ropes to deliver a Running Front Dropkick to the knee. Silver held him in place with a Camel Clutch while Ryan ran off and landed a Handspring backflip before jumping right into a HARD Dropkick to the exposed face of Sweet!

The Candy Man was down now while Frank and Ryan patted each other on the back over how cool their moves were… no, seriously, they did just that. Frank ran over and delivered a running forearm to Lennox Love on the apron while Ryan covered Sweet.




Sweet powered out and brushed Gallway off of him, so he headed to the ring apron. Sam Sweet was trying to rise when Gallway was heading up top. As he stood there, Frank tagged in and then Ryan jumped…


Flying Double Knee Strike to the seated Sweet knocked him down as Frank hit the inside of the ring. He looked out to the crowd and then turned to Love and JKJ to extend his royal pinky.


The Margrave Digger raised the hand in the air before he DROPPED a Flash Elbow across the chest of Sam Sweet, completing the YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE! After connecting with the move, Frank rolled over and casually went in for the lateral press.




Sam Sweet wasn’t going down and he wasn’t going to stop; not when they had a chance to become jOlt Tag Team Champions again. Frank furiously dropped a volley of right hands into the face of Sam Sweet until Boulder ordered him to back off.

Frank stood up and grabbed Sweet by the waist before he struggled. He tried lifting Sweet… he did it! He managed to get the 330-pound Sweet off the canvas and DEADLIFTED him over into a Gutwrench Suplex!

Impressive strength on display from Frank Silver and the crowd even responded to it with a few cheers. Those cheers were quickly drowned out by booing when Frank stood up and yelled to the crowd.

“Hold your fake applause, bitches!”

Silver turned over and pressed a boot down on the jugular of Sam Sweet while he reached over and once again tagged Ryan Gallway. The Pirahna of the Heirs quickly slingshotted over the ropes and delivered a stomp right to the exposed face of Sweet! He jumped over and held his face in pain while Frank left the ring, allowing for Gallway to continue his assault.

He pulled Sam Sweet up by the hair only for Sweet to fire back with a series of jabs to Ryan while he was on his knees. Gallway fired back and BLASTED him in the chest with a vicious kick. Ryan vicious fired back with three more kicks until he headed out to the ring apron again for a big Springboard Splash! Gallway was now gunning for the win again!




A quick Leg Drop to the back of the head from Lennox caught Ryan Gallway upside the head and stunned him after breaking up the cover. One third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions rubbed the back of his head in pain while Sam Sweet tried to get away to his corner.

Frank tagged in from Ryan and reached over to grab Sam Sweet by the leg. Sweet turned over and tried kicking him away when Frank kicked him right in the knee. Sam Sweet flinched in pain while Frank pulled him backwards to the corner. The tag was made over to Ryan Gallway again and The Heirs were about to prep something bad in store for The Candy Man.

Each taking an arm, The Heirs pulled Sweet up to his feet and they launched the big man across the ring into the corner while Mack and Sarah cheered them on. The Heirs both came at Sweet only for the big man to come out of the corner and BLAST both members with a Double Clothesline!

“No! Goddamn it!” Mack said incredulously.

Sam Sweet finally had his chance to get back to the corner and hopefully get the chance to tag in the fresh man after being worked over. Frank was rolling around while Ryan tried to stop the big man. He cut Sam off at the pass with an elbow to the back of the head!

Silver rolled out of the ring while Ryan Gallway tried to get Sam Sweet back on their side. When he forced Sam upwards, the big man stopped him…


A BIG Shoulder Jawbreaker caught Ryan Gallway in dramatic fashion and The Pirahna flopped over onto his stomach from the impact. Sam finally hurried over while Lennox Love stretched a hand out for a tag.

“Get the fuck up, Ryan!”

Silver was barking orders now to The Intergalactic Space Cowboy. He stood up but by that time, Lennox Love was already in the ring and ready to go! Ryan swung at Lennox when The Love Machine blocked it and fired back three rights of his own. He whipped The Prince of Precision across the ring and nailed him with a Flying Forearm Smash in the face!

After getting blasted, a woozy Gallway tried to stand again only for Lennox Love to catch him and drop him with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Gallway was stunned when the wired-up Lennox took off to the ropes and connected with a Corkscrew Elbow Smash on the return!



In full support of The Love Machine, he waited for Ryan Gallway to make it to his feet. The high flyer from Harlem, New York charged at him in the corner and fired off a big Corner Elbow Smash before tossing Gallway out of the corner. Lennox patted his chest before he jumped over the ropes and landed on the apron. The Prince of Precision was trying to stand when he saw a big yellow blur coming at him…


The Love Machine had the crowd cheering after what the kids called “mad hops.” Lennox turned over and sat on top of Gallway while hooking a leg! This was for all the marbles (and a couple of belts!)




The Knight of Tuesday Nights stopped the cover in time and broke it up with a nasty kick right to Lennox’s face. While Frank was in the ring trying to jump on Lennox only for Sam Sweet to head into the ring and knock him down with a Running Body Attack!

He grabbed Gallway and tried for a whip across the ring only for Gallway to kick him in the jaw. Ryan turned around and ran off the ropes himself but landed right into a big Discus Punch from Sweet.

Simon Boulder was trying to break up the frenetic match but it was turning into pure chaos between all four men. Sam picked up Gallway as he tried lifting him up in a Fireman’s Carry, but Frank was back in the fray and he kicked the leg out from under Sweet. Sweet was stunned when Frank grabbed him by the tights and tossed him between the ropes to eliminate him from the ring.

Now Lennox was back and landed a couple of big shots into the face of Silver only for Gallway to stand up and catch him in the back with a cheap shot of his own. Now that The Heirs of Wrestling had the advantage when Frank tried to toss the legal man Love. The Love Machine turned the tables and sent him flying into Ryan! The two Heirs collided when Lennox Love crept up behind Frank and dropped him with a Jumping Neckbreaker!

The Love Machine was all fired up now when he tossed Frank from the ring to leave the only two men back inside. Ryan Gallway came back and kicked him in the leg and tried to go for another Quasar Kick on him that he whiffed thanks to Love dodging it. He turned around


The Jump Spinning Roundhouse caught Ryan flush in the face and knocked him right the fudge out! The Love Machine jumped on top of Gallway and went for the cover.




Simon Boulder was about ready to call for the bell only to wave it off quickly when he saw Gallway’s foot on the rope. What he DIDN’T see was Sarah Winterton walking away from the scene of the crime and also didn’t see The Heiress put his foot on the bottom rope.

The crowd booed as Jon Katz Jr. protested with the referee and yelled at The Heiress while the action continued inside the ring. Lennox Love pulled Gallway to the center of the ring and started to head to the top rope. He was looking for his 450 Splash called Love Potion 450 when Frank climbed on top of the apron. Frank grabbed the leg of Lennox, but The Love Machine kicked him away. While Ryan was still down, he rolled over and jumped…


Gallway rolled out of the way, but Lennox Love managed to catch his footing and stumble. Lennox caught himself and turned around…


There would be a debate about Jimmy Martinez owing Ryan Gallway royalties (not really), but Ryan caught him with The Rolling Yoshi Tonic!




The Heirs had done it! By hook or by crook they’d defeated a very game Sweet Sweet Lovin and had retained the jOlt Tag Team Titles in their first defense.

“Here are your winners of the match and STILLLLLLLL the jOlt Tag Team Champions… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

The numbers game as the Heirs had always made their MO had been the difference maker tonight. While the downed Lennox Love was being dragged out of the ring by Jon Katz Jr and a sore Sam Sweet, The Heirs had the ring for the moment. Sweet Sweet Lovin had nothing to be ashamed of and proved that they could hang with the very best on any given night.

Ryan yelled as he and Frank chest-bumped like a pair of dickheads. Frank and Ryan raised the jOlt Tag Team Titles for the masses to see as they continued to parade around the ring with their coveted prizes. Mack Brody continued to stand and cheer while Sarah Winterton politely golf-clapped at their achievement…


The lights in the arena went out as the crowd looked up at the ramp. The music that started to play had the crowd cheering anybody who could shut these kids the fuck up.

“Rise Of The Young Guns” by Cliff Lin.

The music triggered the downcast of luminescence & the billowing overcast throughout the entire entrance staging area. The masses responded with a turbulent mixed reaction as both the jOltvision monitors displayed visual ballad of Japanese precision, martial arts technique & violence. Camera Ten panned back to reveal the entire entrance staging area encompassed in billowing smoke. A notable pop was heard as Mamoru was seen standing with a broad stance while igniting the ass end of a cigarerette. A few expulsions of smoke before slowly raising both hands upward, prompting two rising spires of rolling smoke.


Frank, Ryan, Mack, and Sarah all exchanged perplexed glances between one another before they turned back to the top of the ramp where Heido and Takeshi appeared. The two loyal students of The Underground Champion Ninja K stood stoically on either side of Mamoru as they gestured to the ring the Heirs currently occupied.

Not a word was said by The Crimson Order or their manager, Mamoru. The Mute Mountain called Takeshi signaled toward the ring and simply gestured for one thing as he placed his hand around his waist.

The jOlt Tag Team Titles.

Nothing else needed to be said; this was message enough. In a show of their own defiance, Silver and Gallway simply raised their titles in the direction of the ultra-talented and ultra-dangerous Crimson Order.

The bottom line was this: the Heirs were now on the radar of Clan Inogami, which could mean very bad things for their hopes to rule the tag team division.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Remembering Derecho: Part V"

Derecho We are taken to when Legacy of Champions was just about to be purchased by jOlt Wrestling. It was the moment Derecho cashed in his Relentless Championship on Suicide.

“Black Hearts and Dollar Signs” by FADE

Derecho stood at the entraceway with a microphone. His music died down to silence and the booing ensued. Derecho brought the mic up to his lips.

“You know…” Derecho said as he winced in pain and tried to catch his breath.

“When I first came here, I was promised a spot in a match on PPV where I had the opportunity to once again become Legacy Champion.” Derecho once again caught his breath

“I lost that match, and Superstar Vince Jacobs has been running around here with what should have been my championship around his waist ever since.” The people boo SVJ’s name and Derecho.

“When I joined Team Johnson, I did it because I was promised by Jim Johnson himself, that I could have a shot at one of the richest prizes in LoC… THE top tier title in this promotion and it doesn’t matter if SVJ joined the team or not… I was still going to challenge for that prestigious championship.”

Derecho, through all the pain cracked a grin.

“And now that I have won Or Die Trying… now that I am the LoC Relentless Champion.. and now that I am the #1 Contender to that prestigious title….” Derecho stated then paused.

“…then let be known.. that the very first chance that I get… I am going to take that championship… I AM GOING TO TAKE WHAT SHOULD BE MINE…”

…. Suicide”

Derecho dropped the mic and grinned. In the ring laid both the challenger to the Underground Championship and the champion himself. Both men were bloodied, both beaten, both exhausted. And Derecho knew this all too well as he slowly entered the ring. Putting the boots to One Eye, the Relentless Champion and ODT winner rolled him out of the ring. With the referee still in the ring this was his chance...




That was all it took for Derecho to become one of the few men to win both the Legacy and Underground titles, and the only man to also win the Relentless Championship. In one night Derecho had become the single most decorated Grappler in LoC history.

He stood triumphantly in the ring, grasping both the Relentless and Underground titles in his hands. He raised them to the sky and let out a victorious yell, which was answered by a wave of debris filling the ring around him. The fans hated Derecho, but Derecho loved to be hated. It was a match made in Heaven.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner and the NEW UNDERGROUND CHAMPION ...


Fade to black.

Aran Thompson vs Mattock
Aran ThompsonMattock

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire began playing and the Arena of Champions was still and calm as Mattock slowly walked out from behind the entrance curtain and looked around. After basically getting bullied into this match by the new jOlt Champion and his Black Faction, some of the fans were behind him cheered while the others slowly chanted:


Mattock looked around the Arena of Champions and gently nodded his head once again taking a brief moment to forget the animosity for his brother. Mattock walked the ring steps and turned around and looked out into the sea of fans that continued to cheer for his brother and then he looked down at his black arm band and at the ring, taking a moment for himself.

Lights Out.

The Arena of Champions was pitch black with the exception of a spotlight beaming down atop of Mattock. Mattock looked around as the light followed him trying to curiously figure out why the light was shining on him.


"Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and immediately the fans began booing and chanting Derecho's name even louder as Aran Thompson walked onto the entrance ramp with the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist, Laurie Williams cradled his Relentless Championship and Mace Williams and Waymoth Turnbull followed behind.

Aran snarled as he approached the ring, his fueled hatred for all things Roberts burned as he climb the ring apron and instructed the referee make sure Mattock back off. Mace and Laurie walked to one side of the ring while Waymoth walked to the other surrounding the ring and Mattock definitely took notice. Aran, still on the outside of the ropes standing on the ring apron, unstrapped the jOlt Championship and hoisted it high into the air as the fans jeered him but he just stared into the eyes of Mattock, a man who had just lost his brother.

Aran put the jOlt championship on the mat and slide it into the closet corner as he stepped into the ring. The referee explained the rules of the match to both men and called for the bell to start the match.





Aran popped back up to his feet with a look of shock on his face as the fans cheered and continued to chant Derecho's name.

"Mattock and Derecho may have their past but tonight, I think, tonight only. We're seeing Derecho in the ring, not Mattock." Buhrman announced while Powers was speechless - for once -

Aran pointed at the referee telling him he wasn't ready and Mattock shook his head and mouthed the word, "pathetic" at Aran whose attitude quickly changed.


Mattock stepped out the way and countered it with a headlock and took Aran to the mat again with a Side Headlock Takedown. Mattock tried to wrench in the headlock but Aran squirmed free and again looked shocked as if he knew he wasn't wrestling the little brother of the man he had beaten for the jOlt Championship.

Mattock smiled an pointed to his head and Aran looked around as the Arena of Champions still echoed with Derecho's name being chanted.

Aran adjusted himself and Laurie clapped her hands in support of her man. Waymoth pounded on the mat in support of Aran and startling Mattock just enough for an opening.


Aran slammed Mattock's head into the canvas and quickly turned him around punching him over and over against before the referee decided to pull Aran off and Aran shot lasers at the referee with a death stare. Mattock charged after Aran but Aran stepped to the side and forced Mattock into the ropes.

Mattock came running back from the momentum of the ropes.


Mattock hunched over in pain as Aran looked like he had planned every step of this all along and ran to the ropes and jumped to the rope and preformed a springboard leg drop with perfection as he rolled Mattock over, hooked his leg and pinned him.



The referee almost got to two but Mattock had kicked out. Aran pulled Mattock up by the hair and rocked his head back with a stiff right hand. Aran shook his hand and stepped into Mattock as he backed him against the ropes and let loose with a knife edge chop across the chest. Aran grinned as he lit Mattock's chest up with another knife edge chop. Aran then stomped his foot on the canvas three times while yelling "DER-E-CHO", taunting the crowd with it since they chanted it for so long. Aran then hit another knife edge chop across Mattock's chest to agitate the crowd even further.

Aran then grabbed Mattock by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Mattock came back off the ropes and ate a back elbow from Aran Thompson putting him onto his back in the middle of the ring. Thompson cupped his hand to his ear as if to taunt the crowd into chanting Derecho's name again. Aran grinned as he took off to the ropes.

Aran came back with a running elbow drop and...

Nobody home!

Mattock rolled out of the way. Aran stood and went for another elbow drop and Mattock rolled out of the way again. Mattock then quickly stood and leapt up, catching Aran Thompson with a drop kick as he stood. Mattock then pulled Aran up and hit a knee to the stomach, then a forearm over the back of the neck and then a European Uppercut to the hunched over Aran. Mattock repeated it with another toe kick, forearm smash, uppercut combo for a second time. He then hit a third toe kick, a third forearm smash, but this time locked Aran's head in a cravate. Mattock then front flipped over into a Cravate Neckbreaker!

Mattock got up and had a pissed off look in his eyes. He taunted Aran Thompson to get up and he did slowly. Mattock delivered the toe kick once again and then hoisted Aran up onto his shoulders, but Aran elbowed Mattock in the head and then fell behind him. Waist lock by Aran Thompson. Aran popped the hips for a German Suplex, but Mattock flipped over and landed on his feet. Mattock then backed into the ropes and charged toward Aran, spinning at full speed.

Direct Damage!

Mattock just drilled the jOlt Champion with the corkscrew spear! Mattock then made the cover with the leg hooked.



Aran popped the shoulder up in time.

Mattock quickly stood and then flipped, hitting a standing shooting star press onto the prone Aran Thompson. He then made another cover.



Aran kicked out once again.

Mattock then brought Aran up to a seated position and laid into Aran's spine with a thunderous kick to which the crowd chanted "DE"

Mattock hit a second kicked as the crowd chanted "RE"

Mattock hit a third kick and the crowd chanted "CHO"

Mattock then told the crowd to keep the chant coming as he hit a fourth stiff kick to Aran's spine to which the crowd responded with "DE"

Mattock then hit a fifth kick to the chant of "RE"

Mattock then pumped up the crowd and leapt up, nailing a standing drop kick to the back of Aran's head to the chant of "CHO"... Another cover by Mattock!



Aran kicked out

Mattock then sat Aran up again and placed him into a rear chin lock, but aran quickly stood and dropped back down, hitting a jaw breaker on Mattock that caused him to stagger away. Aran got back up and then lunged in with a super kick and caught Mattock under the chin!


Down went Mattock to the canvas. Aran then took this moment to shake off the effects of the flurry of offense he endured at the hands of Mattock just moments ago. Aran seemingly recovered and walked over to Mattock, but Mattock grabbed Aran by the front of his trunks and pulled him toward the corner. Aran didn't hit the buckles, but he did use them to brace himself. When Mattock got back up, Aran hit a back thrust kick to the stomach of Mattock that doubled him over.

Aran then lit him up with a stiff kick to the chest. He hit him with another kick to the chest, then a third before aiming a bit higher and kicking Mattock right in the head, finishing of the Relentless Kicks combination that put Mattock onto his back.

Aran then climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and pointed to the sky with a middle finger before he leapt off..


Aran Thompson just mocked Derecho by using one of his trademark moves. A grin came over Aran's face as the crowd completely booed the hell out of him. Aran stood and looked to the crowd, outstretching his arms and yelling "What!?" at them. Aran continued to grin as he turned his attention back to Mattock who was slowly getting back up to his feet. Aran perched himself, ready to strike.

Mattock turned toward Aran who kicked him in the stomach and tried to place him in the abdominal stretch for the Icarus Switch, but Mattock hip tossed Aran to the canvas as a counter! Aran staggered to his feet and he was then met with a kick to the stomach that doubled him over. Mattock then took off toward the ropes and cartwheeled into the hunched over Aran hitting the Cartwheel Powerbomb!!





Aran kicked out.

Mattock quickly pulled Aran up and hit alternating knee strikes on him. He then quickly hits a leg sweep that puts Aran onto his seat. Mattock then lunges in with a Shining Wizard to the face...

Vision Shatter!

Mattock then sits Aran Thompson back up and hits a Shotgun Dropkick.. this time to the back of the head!

Vision Burst!

Mattock then points to the corner and ascends the turnbickle pads. He takes aim and flips off, connecting with the Descent from Twilight.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop!! He has another cover on the jOlt World Champion as the crowd counts along!



Thompson kicked out once again!

The crowd was getting behind Mattock as he stood and dared Thompson to get back up to his feet. Once he does, Mattock lifts Aran up onto his shoulders, perhaps for the Quantum Driver II, but when Mattock lifts up Aran into the military press, Aran slips out and goes into a sunset flip for the pin...



Mattock kicks away and gets back up, but Aran nails a low drop kick, putting Mattock on all fours and then unloads with a roundhouse kick to the side of Mattock's head, but Aran doesn't let him fall. He quickly drabs Mattock by the head, pulling him up into a front chancery. He then lifts Mattock up and drops him straight down with a Brainbuster!!

Aran then heads out to the ring apron where he turns and grasps the top rope. As Mattock staggers back to his feet, Aran leaps up to the top rope and springboards off, hitting a Springboard Leg Drop to the back of Mattock's head as he was getting up! Aran then gets up and taunts the crowd and then motions that he's going to end the match.

Aran pulls Mattock to his feet and places him in the abdominal stretch. He then flips Mattock over, dropping him onto his neck.


Aran held Mattock down in the cover as the people groan.







The pop was deafening as Aran Thompson couldn't believe it! The crowd began to stamp their feet as Mattock laid there, seeimingly still out from the impact. Aran got up and looked down at Mattock on the canvas. Aran was completely pissed and began to stomp away at Mattock. Aran stomped and kicked until the referee had to pull him off of Mattock. Aran then shoved the referee back and grabbed Mattock, pulling him back up. He then placed Mattock in another abdominal stretch and then flipped him.


Aran held him down in another cover...




There was no kick out that time as the crowd booed. Aran Thompson stood up and grinned as he was given his jOlt Championship. Mace Williams, Waymoth Turnbull, and Laurie Williams all entered the ring as Aran Thompson asked for a microphone. Aran looked around the arena with a shit-eating grin on his face. He took a moment to catch his breath and then brought the microphone up to his lips.

"I'm sorry, not the end result you were all expecting?"

The crowd booed Thompson heavily for that remark, but nothing could prepare the crowd for what Thompson said next.

"It's a shame because that result should have been expected from the beginning. The result that you see before you is Marcus Roberts, better known as Mattock, laying dead in the middle of the ring just like his brother."

The crowd went from simple booing to a sea of random obscenities. The crowd was legitimately pissed off.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. did I offend you people? Here.. let me show a little more class."

Aran then removed his Derecho arm band and walked over to Mattock. He grabbed Mattock by the hair and then shoved the arm band right down Mattock's throat before letting his head go. Mace, Laurie, and Waymoth then each removed their Derecho arm bands and threw them on top of Mattock. They all exited the ring except for Aran Thompson. Thompson then stepped on Mattock as he walked over him and then exited the ring as the last member of Black Faction to do so. The heat in the crowd was unmatched as Aran backpeddled up the entrance ramp.

People began to throw their trash at Aran Thompson. As Aran got pelted with refuse, he smiled as the fallen Mattock laid there in the middle of the ring. When he got to the top of the ramp he looked at one of the jOlt screens which had a permanent tribute image of Derecho on it and flipped it off. Aran then walked behind the curtain and disappeared.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Remembering Derecho: Finale"

Derecho Our final stop takes us back to Power Struggle where Derecho made his final mark on history.

Sylo stood back up and Derecho leapt from the steps onto the shoulders of Sylo… Derecho then flipped backward…



Derecho staggered to his feet and didn’t even give the referee any chance to check on Sylo. He grabbed him and hoisted Sylo up to his feet… from there, he used all of his strength to hoist Sylo onto his shoulder. Feeling his legs buckle.. it was now or never…






It was over!!!




The winner of the second fall… and NEW jOlt Champion……… DERECHO!!!!!!

Derecho rolled off of Sylo… both men laid there on their backs.. pushed beyond the limits of their own physicality.. the scene in the arena was that of a war zone. It was surreal, yet indescribable. The amount of punishment that these men went through was unparalleled and unlike anything seen in the history of jOlt Wrestling.

The scene faded to black for the final time in these vingettes. A picture of Derecho is shown on the screen one last time which reads:

Jason “Derecho” Roberts
April 1, 1981 – August 5, 2013

The final moments of iNtense were just that photo and sound of the crowd cheering and applauding in the background.