"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Forever Relentless"

Ninja K "Hair of the Dog" began playing as the Arena of Champions buzzed and Jim Johnson made his way out to the ring. It was business as usual as he acknowledged the near by crowd but that was the extent of his pandering as he made his way into the ring and asked for a microphone. Johnson looked around the crowd and waited for the right moment to speak so he wasn't over bearing the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it's only been a couple weeks, but at Thieves Honor Aran Thompson walked into Thieves Honor as Relentless Champion and walked out as jOlt Champion."

Johnson motioned to the jOltvision as it replayed images of Aran winning the Thieves Honor match. The crowd booed as the last image of Aran hitting his Icarus Switch on Derecho and pinning him for the jOlt Championship.

"Now I know, Aran isn't the most popular star on our roster but the fact of the matter is, since his very debut with the company he has done nothing but excell. He is jOlt Champion." Johnson continued as the fans booed even more.

"Before Thieves Honor, we felt it was implied that whoever held the Relentless Championship come time for the event would get an automatic bye into the match. Everybody earned their spot, Aran entered with the proverbial "golden ticket." And--"


The crowd errupted into a chorus of booes even louder than before and Johnson looked shocked as Aran walked out with the jOlt Championship around his waist and the Relentless Championship drapped over his shoulder. With a microphone in hand, the fans booing had gotten louder as he raised the microphone slowly.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa." Aran began.

"Implied? It was implied that I would just get my chance at the jOlt Championship and hand over the title? Who implied this? I WON the Relentless Championship, no matter how it happened the fact is that I WON it." Aran continued as he raised the Relentless Championship into the air.

"You didn't say, "Aran you must forefeit the title to get your spot in Thieves Honor." Aran said mocking Johnsons voice.

"You said, "The Relentless Champion gets an automatic spot in the match." I am the Relentless Champion. I got the spot. I WON the jOlt Championship. I am a DOUBLE CHAMPION! THESE ARE MY TITLES! DEAL WITH IT AND MOVE ON! FIND ME AN OPPONENT AND DO YOUR JOB!"

Aran bellowed as Johnson shook his head.

"Aran, you knew the rules of engagement with the Relentless Championship. You of all people should know it better than anybody. You being the only person to ever have held it three times. All I'm saying is, it's time to hand it over. You're right, I never told you to give it to me for the spot. But the fact is, you were in a jOlt Championship match as Relentless Champion and the rules state-"


Aran once again interrupted Johnson who was getting pretty damned agitated with him at this point.



This time Johnson interrupted Aran and Aran hated it even more than Johnson did.

"You bring me that title NOW! OR IT'S LABELED INACTIVE!"

Aran stopped and looked at Johnson with shock and the crowd cheered Johnson for his boldness toward the jOlt Champion.

Aran began to slowly walk to the ring and the crowd got louder and Johnson looked proud of himself for standing up against the jOlt Champion. Aran stopped at ring side and looked at the Relentless Championship for a moment and then back at Johnson.

"Go on, Aran, bring it here."

Aran slowly shook his head and glared down at the title again.


Johnson tried to talk a little reason into the jOlt Champion. Aran glaced back at Johnson who now had his hand reached out through the ring ropes and the Aran of Champions were ecstatic.

Aran raised the title slowly and Johnson tried to reach for it and Aran yanked it back.

"What?!" Aran finally spoke.

"Do you really think that I was just going to GIVE you my name sake? I am MR. RELENTLESS! THIS IS MINE!"

Aran drapped the Relentless Championship over his shoulder and smiled as he he back tracked up the aisle.

"This is MY championship. FOREVER!" Aran proclaimed.

Johnson shook his head.

"Consider it officially retired."

Johnson looked shocked as Aran smiled and tapped the Relentless Championship and then unstrapped the jOlt Championship and raised both titles high above his head.


The Arena of Champions was stunned silent as Aran grinned devilishly. Aran had just solified himself in the jOlt history books and Jim Johnson looked as if he had no idea what to do now that Aran had called his bluff.

Diamond Jewelz & Jameson Lennox vs The Jury
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonMattock

The gargantuan mammoth bodies of the members of "The Jury", Khadafi and Statuz Quo already in the ring, bouncing around in anticipation of their match; a mixture of "Diamond Jewelz" and "Lennox" chants ring out in small concentrations throughout the Arena of Champions. The lights go out, to a loud cheer of excited anticipation from the fans of the Arena of Champions, as the bass rifts from "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pulse through the PA system of the Arena of Champions. "Diamond Jewelz" flashes across the joltVision, followed quickly by "#sOdAmnsErious" and a serious face emoticon, the trademark of one "Diamond Jewelz", as the few fans familiar with the rookie talent burst out in a cheer of pleasure and anticipation, the rest silent in anticipation of observing the new superstar. A small busty, blond haired woman bursts out the curtains of the entrance, bringing many of those silent patrons off of their feet with her awesome beauty. Shortly after a much taller black man, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold, follows behind her. His shoes are hightop tennis shoes, a combination of purple and gold, his kneepads are white, and covered in a yellow "#sOdAmNsErious" insignia, as are his elbowpads. His tights are purple with a spray painted picture of a blonde woman blowing a kiss on the front, and his signature "Diamond Jewelz" logo on the back. A purple and black leather LA Kings jacket covers his tall, muscular frame, and his neck and wrists are each draped in a plethora of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry pieces. The opening of his jacket reveals a mixture of baby oil and light sweat from warming up; he raises his hands in glory as he slowly approaches the ring, revealing the platinum and gold on teeth with each word of his untranslatable mouthing diatribe, pointing to his jewelry pieces and his manger Ruby Rocks Jewelz as he continues to get closer to the ring. He enters the ring as both members of the Jury posture aggressively, gesturing, and mouthing what seem to be insults. Diamond postures aggressively and stares, at the men, simultaneously removing his jewelry and handing each piece to Ruby Rocks Jewelz, who places each piece in an indentation in a large wooden box.

Nipsey Hussle's anthem transforms into the pulsing drums of "Needles" by Seether to equal or slightly greater roar of cheers than Jewelz’s from the Arena of Champions.. The rifts of the guitar kick in as Jameson Lennox flashes on jOltvision and then switches to highlights of Lennox from his matches in previous organizations. Diamond continues to removes his jewelry in the ring, as the chrous to the song breaks out and the massive shoulders and body of Jameson Lennox break the barriers of the curtain and enter into the arena. He chews gum as he walks down to the ring, his muscles glistening in a mix of baby oil and a light warm up sweat like Diamond's did earlier. Lennox, overflowing with confidence and arrogance, enters the ring to the stare of Jewelz and "The Jury". Lennox peers back at Jewelz and then gives an aggressive stare at the members of "The Jury" across the ring. Diamond mouths to Lennox "Let's Do This", looking in friendship mixed with destrust at Lennox. Lennox fails to reciprocate so Diamond fist bumps himself. Lennox exits the ring, without a word as he entered and grabs hold to the tag rope. Diamond goes over and mouths a few words to Lennox, pointing to himself, and then to Lennox, apparently asking who he wants to go first. Lennox mouths at Diamond "What do you think?". The lack of synergy from the newly formed tag is apparent. Both men are on their own page. Across the ring Khadafi and Status Quo stare at the jOlt rookies like hungry dogs look at fresh meat, to the prodding and goading of their mouthy manager the Duzza as "Needles" by Seether finally goes silent.

"These guys ain't shit. Look at them. Look at these rookies. Put your foot in their asses.." Duzza encourages the members of "The Jury". "Them new boys gone be on that hurt!" he proclaims to the ringside fans, laughing in the certain confidence of the fulfillment of his prophecy. On the other side of the ring Ruby Rocks Jewelz jumps and claps in anticipation of her boyfriend's first match, "Go Diamond!!!", she exclaims.




Khadafi bursts out the gate at Diamond, hitting him with a viscous assault of strikes... Kick... Punch..Kick.. Punch... The smack of the massive man's every strike resonates through the Arena of Champions to the Duzza's pleasure on the outside.

"Yeah... Get In His Ass!!", the Duzza exclaims...

Khadafi forces Diamond into the corner as he continues his viscous assault...Referee Darius Underwood begins to count the relentless, but now illegal attack of Khadafi to the relief of Jewelz.




Khadafi removes his hands from Jewelz according to the instructions of Underwood, avoiding disqualification, but then charges right back at Jewelz, first with a low blow that Underwood misses to the audible critiscism of one of the vocal ringside fans, and then with an inumerable number of viscous strikes. The gleam of the diamond and gold grill that is usually revealed by Diamond's open mouth is deadened by the thick stream of blood that pours from a busted lip out onto the mat. Underwood removes Khadafi from Jewelz forcefully and then threatens him with an audible guarantee to disqualify him if he would be found in such a gross violation of the rules a third time. Diamond gasps in the exhaustion of having such a massive man beating on him and then bursts out of the corner with a burst of offense himself.. Punch.. Punch.. Punch... Dropkick... Diamond follows his offensive onslaught by a clothesline... He goes for the cover...




Diamond pops up off of Khadafi and heads to the corner to tag in Lennox. They miss each other the first time, to the annoyance of Lennox, but then they tag and Lennox bursts in hot off the tag. Lennox hits Khadafi with a a bunch of jabs, kicks him in the gut and then hoists him up for a beautiful delayed suplex: BOOM!! The Arena of Champions is impressed by Lennox's stregnth.. Lennox goes for a premature pin.



Lennox bends over to pick Khadafi up, but his massive body blocks referee Underwood from seeing the viscous eye gouge that Khadafi hits Lennox with, Ruby Rocks Jewelz squirms in discomfort and look of worry floods her face. Khadafi follows up his viscous tactic with a massive shot to the gut, and then picks him up for a huge slam!!



A slam this premature won't get you anymore than a one count against Lennox.

Khadafi hits Jewelz with a bunch of kicks, and then drags his body over to Status Quo where they persist to the count of Darius Underwood, to hit Lennox with a double team back body drop!!!



Khadafi exits the ring before Underwood reaches a 5 count to disqualify the team. His teammate Statuz Quo charges the ropes, but Lennox springs up in the resurgence of a second wind and hits him with a viscous spine buster. In the midst of his exhaustion he looks up at Jewelz, thinking of tagging him in for relief, but then changes his mind and goes back to working on Statuz Quo; Lennox doesn’t really trust Jewelz, and Jewelz shows his displeasure on the apron. Kick Kick... Knee to the solar plexis. Lennox picks up Statuz Quo and mustering everything he has in his body, hits a fisherman's suplex.



No... Statuz Quo kicks out. Lennox is all out of gas and looks at a fresh Jewelz holding his hand out for the tag but once again ignores Jewelz and goes back to working on Quo...

Kick... Kick.. Elbow.. Lennox's tank is almost on E... He looks at Jewelz again, but in continued distrust continues to punish Quo.. Kick... He climbs to the top rope... Elbow to the chin... He’s out of gas… He looks over to Jewelz and stumbles over to him to tag him.. He reaches out… Jewelz reaches out but purposefully misses Lennox's hand and tags him on the chest in anger. In the midst of Lennox's exhaustion, Khadafi tags in and meets Jewelz just as hot off the tag. Jewelz deflects all of Khadafi's offense and after a number of strikes, hits him with a belly to belly suplex.. Diamond hits the rope, fresh from being out of the ring so long and hits a spinning elbow. He picks up the body of Khadafi, Irish Whips him into the ropes and then hits him with the Crown Jewel...

Jewelz hoists up the body of the Khadafi and hits a viscous Lightning Spiral Suplex, the setup move he christened The Moissanite Tester. It's time to finish this thing. He goes over to the corner to mount the ropes for his finisher 3,106.75 Carats, a Phoenix splash off the top rope, but Lennox impromptu tags him and climbs in the ring. Lennox climbs to the top rope and hits a top rope leg drop and goes for the cover.



Khadafi barely kicks out....Lennox sits prone, waiting for Khadafi to regain his feet and then hits him with The End Of The Road... He staggers into the corner before he can make the cover and Jewelz tags his back.. Jewelz mounts the top rope. 3,106.75 Carats... The Phoeinix splash knocks the wind out of Khadafi, and Jewelz hooks the leg!!!




The combustible but powerful elements of Jewelz and Lennox have blended together to make a deadly concoction: and in a good way! Jewelz and Lennox, two different men, have exceptional talents that compliment each other well The End Of The Road, is the perfect lead in to 3,106.75 Carats, Even if the arrogance and head strong confidence of each individual clash violently at different places, the formula works… So Far!!!

Winner: Diamond Jewelz & Jameson Lennox via Pinfall

"next Generation superstars"

Ninja K Status Quo drapes his arm around the gargantuan shoulders of a staggered Khadafi, as both men exit up the ramp after a brutal beating to the sounds of Diamond's theme mucic "Gotta Take It" By Nipsey Hussle. After a congratulatory and jovial hug in the ring between Lennox and Jewelz, bodies glistening in sweat after an exhausting exhibition, Ruby Rocks Jewelz, Diamond's manager, in jovial bliss, removes Lennox from Diamond's arm to crongratulate him with a kiss, and a hug around the neck, and then throws herself in Diamond's arm for a more senual kiss and hug. Lennox, slowly plods up the ramp, peering back to appreciate his work in the ring, and then continues slowly up the ramp, the lyrics and bass to Nipsey's anthem contiuing to blare throughout the PA system. Diamond, quickly removes himself gently from the loving embrace of Ruby Rocks, and goes quickly to the edge of the ring to demand a microphone from Brad Arnold. The pace of his breathing accelerating, Diamond, points towards an oblivious Lennox, his back turned and focused on the entrance to the Arena Of Champions

"Hey Lennox!"

He takes a couple of more comforting breaths, attempting to restore the lost Oxygen to his body. The riffs of "Gotta Take It" cease as Diamond continues his address


Lennox's massive neck and shoulders turn so that his peering green eyes meet with Diamond's. Lennox looks on intently

"It was obvious to me, it was obvious to these fans."

He says circling around in a 360 motion.pointing at the fans in the Arena of Champions

"We make a good team... A damn good team".

Lennox, gives a side nod, and mouths "Yeah I guess, so" nodding arrogantly

"I'm Serious... So Damn Serious about that... Me and You.. Talent like we displayed in this ring tonight, that's whats going to carry this orginization, and this sport into the next generation. We're the superstars....."

Diamond pauses in the orgasmic pleasure of the sudden jolt of a genius idea. He laughs in pleasure as he is entertained by the satisfaction of his thought, and relishes in entertaining the rest of the arena with his thoughts.

"We're the next generation of superstars in this business.. With all the money that we're going to make...

Lennox smiles nodding in agreement and then mouths "Yeah, Lots of money.. That's what it's all about,"

Diamond continues, "With all the gold we're going to earn.. We'll be set for life. But that's the distant future. Right now... Today... I see gold in the near future for the both of us.."

Lennox shouts out "Why not! I'm ready for my shot!"

Diamond continues through Lennox's blurting out "Together!"

The arrogant grin of Lennox dissipates into a contemplative frown.

"Hear me out J..."

Lennox throws up his arms in the discomfort of impatience, goading Diamond to elaborate

"The next Generation Superstars Lennox... Me and you... Tag Team Gold... Money,, Diamonds.. Fame... Not in the future,...Right Now... That's what we both want..."

Lennox looks around the Arena of Champions, his face an array of emotions only being able to be interpreted as confusion and discomfort; he walks slowly to the ring. A small array of fans roar in the anticipation of a combustion between the contrasting elements of Diamond and Lennox's personalities.. The same chemistry between the two that made the fans cheer in pleasure with their synergy, was now being cheered to be a disastrous chemical reaction of egos and pride by the bloodthirsty inhabitants of the Arena of Champions. He steps through the ropes, being the same height as Diamond, he looks him aggressively in his brown eyes, and then snatches the mic out of his hand to the obvious displeasure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz...

"You know what loser..."

A frown of anger and displeasure infects the blank poker like stare on Diamond's face as the gleam of his gold and diamond grill, revealed by the infection of anger on his face, gleams into the camera "What?" he blurts out in confusion and anger...

"I'm not trying to be on your nuts here"..Lennox declares. "But I agree... We are the next Generation superstars... And like you said... Gold isn't in the distant future.. It's right fucking now!!!!"

Lennox continues his blank stare at Diamond and then extends his hand in friendship to the pleasureful jeer a handful of fans.

"Right Fucking Now" Diamond mouths to Lennox as he shakes his hands and embraces him in a hug, the gleam of his diamond and gold grill now no longer a product of his anger, but of his joy. Lennox smiles in pleasure as well, as Ruby Rocks Jewelz smiles in agreement. “Needles” by Seether bleeds into the PA system in the Arena of Champions as Diamond holds up Lennox's hand and points to him.

"This is the future... next Generation Superstars yo..."

Diamond removes one of his chains, a thin gold chain with an Sin City diamond charm on it, representing his home town of Sin City, NV and places it around Lennox's neck to his pleasure in an act of friendship...

Mattock vs Bryan Dawkins
Aran ThompsonMattock

As iNtense comes back from commerical, we see "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins in the ring, warming up. The lights then go low.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Mattock stepped out from the backstage area as the lights came up faintly to give off a dark, yet visible atmosphere. It was the new theme of reVolt and Sanchez Cano followed Mattock out. The two of them headed down to the ring where Cano circled around in view of the hard camera and Mattock leisurely climbed up onto the ring apron.

Mattock stepped into the ring and the lights returned to normal. He had made a fist with his right hand and had placed it over his heart as he stared at Bryan Dawkins. Mattock grinned as the referee called for the bell.




Mattock stood there and looked on as Dawkins looked ready to lock it up. Mattock said "forget it" and turned to leave the ring. Dawkins looked to the crowd, turning his back on Mattock for just a second. Mattock quickly changed directions and sprinted back into the ring and across it where he began to pummel Dawkins in the corner.

Mattock then slapped the taste right out of Dawkins mouth before he pressed him against the turnbuckles and sent him across the ring. Mattock charged in, but ate a back elbow from Dawkins that staggered him back. Dawkins then leapt onto the middle turnbuckle and flipped off with a moonsault press, but Mattock caught him on the shoulder. Dawkins wriggled free and fell behind Mattock and then placed him in a waist lock. Dawkins then charged forward and rammed Mattock chest first into the turnbuckles. He then leapt up and Dawkins hit Mattock in the back of the head with a standing drop kick!

Dawkins turned Mattock around and sent him to the opposite corner. Dawkins charged in after him, but Mattock leapt up onto the middle and top turnbuckles and backflipped over Dawkins. Mattock took off to the ropes and ducked a clothesline by Dawkins. Mattock then leapt to the middle rope and went for a Springboard Twisting Plancha, but Dawkins leapt up and knocked Mattock out the air with a drop kick!

Dawkins then quickly stood and nailed an elbow drop into the heart of Mattock. He stood and hit another elbow drop, stood again and hit a third. Dawkins then made the cover with the leg hooked.



Mattock popped the shoulder up.

Dawkins brought Mattock back to his feet and twisted his arm with an arm wrench and then sent him off to the ropes. Dawkins telegraphed a back body drop, but Mattock rolled off the back of Dawkins and hit a kick to the back of Dawkins' legs which brought him down to his knees. Mattock continued to spin and nailed a front roundhouse kick to the back of Dawkins' skull. Dawkins fell forward as Mattock dragged him over to the corner. Mattock ascended the turnbuckle pads. He took aim and flipped off...

Descent from Twilight!

Mattock nailed that Shooting Star Elbow Drop right into the lower back of Dawkins. Mattock grabbed Dawkins and shot the half as he made the cover.



Bryan Dawkins popped the shoulder up.

Mattock then quickly grabbed Dawkins and placed him in a seated position and then a Rear Chin Lock. Mattock wrenched back on the chin and then drove his knee into the upper spine of Dawkins. He wrenched the chin again and drove another knee into his upper spine. Mattock then released the hold, took a step back and nailed a Shotgun Dropkick to the back of Dawkins' skull!

Vision Burst!

Another cover by Mattock.



Again Dawkins kicked out.

The frustration was beginning to show on Mattock's face as he brought Dawkins up to a seated position once again. Mattock then laid in a very stiff kick into the upper back of Dawkins. He then switched and went for a kick to the chest, but Dawkins caught Mattock by the leg! Mattock was forced to hop up and down on one foot to try and maintain balance as Dawkins got back up to his feet. Dawkins then nailed a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on Mattock, taking him down! Mattock stood back up and Dawkins leapt up with a Leg Lariat that knocked Mattock to the outside and down to the floor mats!

The crowd began to stomp their feet as Dawkins took aim on Mattock. Dawkins headed to the ropes, bounced off, and with momentum, flipped and twisted over the top rope to the outside with a Hands Free Corkscrew Plancha that connected and took Mattock down! The crowd popped as Dawkins staggered back up to his feet.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dawkins saw Sanchez Cano looking to advance in his direction, but the referee caught that, too and admonished Cano to stay back. Dawkins kept a watchful eye on him as he pulled Mattock back to his feet, but Mattock fired a big right hand into the stomach of Dawkins. He then followed it up with a quick upward thrust into Dawkins' jaw which staggered him back near the ring apron. Mattock then charged in, looking for a spear into the apron, but Dawkins side-stepped and Mattock ran shoulder first into the edge of the ring!

Dawkins then grabbed Mattock and threw him back into the ring where he quickly slid in and made the cover with the leg hooked deep.



Mattock got the shoulder up, but he held it in pain after kicking out.

Dawkins sat Mattock up and then hit a stiff kick into the left shoulder of Mattock to further the injury. Mattock cringed in pain as Dawkins lit him up with another kick to the shoulder. Mattock stood up and tried to stagger away from Dawkins, but Dawkins caught up and wrenched the left arm of Mattock. Dawkins went to irish whip Mattock across the ropes, but Mattock went for the reversal, but when he tugged with his left arm to whip Dawkins, the pain caused him to lose the grip. Dawkins charged in and leapt onto Mattock's shoulders where he flipped him into the ropes with a huracanrana!

Dawkins then headed to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He took aim as Mattock was draped across the second rope with his head protruding a bit to the apron. Dawkins leapt off and delivered a hellacious double stomp to the back of Mattock's head!!


Mattock held the back of his head in pain as Dawkins used the ropes to stand on the apron. Mattock then rolled onto his back, head still in pain and Dawkins saw his opportunity. He climbed the turnbuckles once again, and again, took aim. He then flipped off...

Hawaiian Hangover!

Dawkins nailed the Shooting Star Press on Mattock and hooked the leg deep with the cover!




Dawkins just won in his debut match and he pinned Mattock in the process!

Winner: Bryan Dawkins via Pinfall

"Passing the Test"

Ninja K Mattock rolled out of the ring as Dawkins celebrated his victory. Sanchez Cano checked on Mattock and then gave the nod to Cano. Cano nodded back and Mattock asked for a microphone. The time keeper handed him a live stick and Mattock took it with him as he rolled back into the ring.

"Bryan... Dawkins was it?" asked Mattock.

Dawkins stopped his celebration and turned his attention to Mattock.

"Given the fact that you are attentively focused on me, I would assume I've gotten your moniker correct. Be that as it may, I wish to extend my personal congratulations to you for besting me, however, I do have a bit of unfortunate news to deliver."

Mattock wiped some of the sweat from his eyes and caught his breath before he continued.

"You see.. I am a martyr. I am the messiah of the shoutbox and I use my voice to echo the sentiments of every person who signs a contract and walks through that curtain to make a living for themselves. I let you have a victory here tonight because if I were to compete at my fullest ability, no one on this planet could stop me."

The people boo as Mattock seemed pretty full of himself given the fact that he just lost.

"What I merely did was present you with a test. I feel it is my duty to test every newcomer that wishes to make a name for themselves to see whether or not they truly choose to be a hunter, or if they're simply complacent to live as livestock within the confines of these walls... always passed over, never looked upon with any thought.. just sitting here to rot until one day their usefulness is extinguished and they are released back into the pool where they hope some other company picks them up so the cycle can continue again."

Mattock took another moment to catch up with his breathing and continued as the people booed.

"You know, it's funny... when you come into this company, they tell you to dream big.. to go out here and make your dreams come true, but the fact of the matter is we are living in an age where the dollar controls the dream. True dreams are squandered away because money isn't made. This age without dreams has opened my eyes.. it has opened the eyes of Sanchez Cano.. and I want it to open your eyes... Bryan Dawkins... for you see, I am selecting you to join the ranks of reVolt. Together, we will change this company and remove the status quo. We will give opportunity to those who truly deserve it, but are oppressed each and every day because they are simply content with being livestock."

Mattock paused for a moment.

"So the decision is yours. Will you join us and become a wolf.. or will you remain as livestock? I present you with limitless opportunity.. so what will it be?"

Sanchez Cano hopped up on the ring apron behind Dawkins. Dawkins grabbed the microphone from Mattock and in one clear voice, gave his answer.


Mattock tilted his head to the side with a look of disappointment on his face. Mattock then brought the microphone back to his lips.

"Well, if you don't stand with us, then you become an obstacle that must be removed, otherwise, true freedom will not be obtained."

Cano stepped into the ring. He was surrounded on two sides when..

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica The people looked to the entrance ramp and out from the back ran someone who made their debut on Rock the House last week.

It was "Romeo" Ruster Reno!!

The crowd popped as Reno charged the ring causing Mattock and Sanchez Cano to scatter! Romeo entered the ring and stood side by side with Bryan Dawkins. Mattock and Cano backpeddle up the ring, keeping their eyes on Dawkins and Reno.

Once reVolt disappears behind the curtain, Romeo pats Dawkins on the shoulder and extends his hand. Dawkins embraces the handshake then...


Romeo leapt up and nailed an Ace Crusher on Bryan Dawkins! Romeo looked down on Dawkins with complete disgust as the crowd booed him. Romeo grinned as he looked out to the crowd and then struck a pose over Bryan Dawkins!

Romeo then hopped out of the ring and grinned as he backpeddled up the entrance ramp, proud of what he had just done.

"At Odds with The House"

Ninja K The Oddsmaker, Derrick Huber was storming the halls backstage, for good reason too. After the incident last Wednesday on Warriors involving Craig Thomas and his lovely wife Charlotte, he had a reason to be pissed off. Not only was that weighing heavily on his mind, so was the Ego Burst that caught him on the chin keeping The House from regaining the Tag Team Championship Belts.

Those were two very good reasons to pummel The Ego into the abyss. Huber power walked directly to his nemesis dressing room and kicked the door of it's hinges, jolting into the room, but it was empty. Tonight The Oddsmaker was going it alone because of a family emergency that Adam Roebuck was dealing with.


The voice of Craig Thomas was heard, but The Oddsmaker didn't see him. He looked hard, but the room was still empty.

"Turn around."

Derrick turned and The Ego was on the monitor, hanging in the corner of the room. He stood behind the iNtense backdrop, alone, and grinned sadistically at The Oddsmaker. Derrick was that of a ticking time bomb, seconds from exploding at the sight of Thomas.

"You looking for me?"

"You fucking coward. When I can my hands on you, I'm gonna rip your head off for putting your hands on my wife, you disrespectful little bitch."

Thomas could only snicker in reply as the audience at home could see both jOlt stars on their televisions in split screen.

"Yeah...keep laughing, but I guarantee you won't be after I get a hold of you tonight. You cost us our belts and you put your hand somewhere they don't belong. Those are two things you just don't do to The House so..."

"WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!" Thomas interrupted, only adding more fuel to the fire as Huber sneered.

"The Charlotte thing, was NOT my fault! I was giving her orders and she failed to listen, then that happened. But now as for as your match..."

The Ego grinned at Huber.

"That was intentional. I figured since you monkies don't wanna follow the rules, I'll make ya'lls lives a living hell. If I can't have what I want, then you cunts won't get what ya'll want. You monkies failed to help me acquire the jOlt Championship at Thieves Honor and then ya'll completely disobey by commands. It's absurd and for that The Ego will see to it that you three live a short and miserable life in jOlt."

Huber growled at Thomas, looking up at the monitor.

"We all know what would have happened if we interfered in that match at Thieves Honor..." replied Derrick.

"And you knew what would happen if you didn't..." Thomas shot back, "It was a lose, lose situation for you no matter how you look at it, but at least things would have been easier for Charlotte if you did it my way. Now, because of your actions, if she loses ONE match in this tournament, she is finished, and I will make sure she doesn't become the Starlet Champion. Just like I made sure you did not win back the Tag Team belts on Warriors."

Once again, The Oddsmaker growled.

"You motherfucker, just wait until I get my hands on you!"

"Don't worry, Derrick." Thomas replied, "You'll have your chance...tonight."

Surprisingly, the Arena of Champions was lifted by cheers from the crowd. They wanted to see The Oddsmaker put The Ego in his place.

"Not only will you take on The Ego, but we will do it in an Underground contest. I don't need Strangler, or anyone else to fight my battles anymore. It's time I show the wrestling universe what Craig Thomas is capable of, why I AM, the best damn sports entertainer in the business. I am going to make an example by kicking your ass tonight on iNtense."

Derrick slowly grinned and began shaking his head.

"All I see is a bunch of lip service. All I ever see is you runnin your jawbone. You haven't backed up shit since you've been in jOlt. Think about it Thomas. You failed to capitalize at Power Struggle. You failed again at Thieves Honor."

Craig quickly scowled at the comment.

"And I will make sure you fail again because The House isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Me, Adam, and Charlotte are here to stay! There's not a damn thing you can do to make us leave. I am gonna put a stop to it. That's why I went to Damien Lee myself."

The Ego was caught off guard by the mention of Damien Lee's name.

"By putting your hands on Charlotte, you went against jOlt policy. She has filed a complaint on you and if you don't agree to these terms, she will press charges on you for sexual harassment and Damien will suspend you on the spot. He doesn't want you to give jOlt a bad reputation, which this charge would do to jOlt."

Derrick smiled from ear to ear, as Thomas threw a fit, ripping the iNtense backdrop from it's place and throwing it on the floor. The crowd cheered as Huber continued.

"So tonight the winner will choose the stipulation for Cataclysm and if you have a problem with that...well..." Huber laughed, "I don't give a damn if you do, either way this is how it's gonna be."

Derrick looked into the monitor for a moment, as the same image of Craig Thomas ripping the iNtense backdrop down to the ground began replaying over the monitor. Derrick caught on when someone came growling through the doorframe...


Craig Thomas, in an instance, smashed a chair across Huber's back, knocking him to the floor. He held his back in pain and stirred on the ground but he kept on swinging! A dozen swings all found their mark across the body of Huber until he got tired of swinging.

"I'm going to break you down, monkey!"

The Ego pulled another one on The Oddsmaker as he stood over him smirking sadistically.

"You think I'm scared of you!" Thomas put the head of the chair on Huber's throat, "I eat pussy like you for breakfast."

Thomas slung the chair on his shoulder and spit down on Huber.

"I am goin to end you and Roebuck and Charlotte. This is just the beginning of the end for you, Huber. Now if you can pick yourself off the floor, I believe you said we had a match. I'll be waiting, monkey."

The Ego turned and walked away as the cameras faded.

Cordova vs Graham Youngblood
Aran ThompsonMattock

"Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill

As iNtense rolled on, we got the familiar song of Cordova as he made his way out from the backstage area. Cordova ran down to the ring and slid in and then ascended the turnbuckles as the people in attendance cheered. Cordova had his issues with reVolt, but now that Gunnar Van Patton had pacified them, Cordova looks to rebuild momentum. The question is, could he do it tonight against his opponent?

"Riptide" by Sick Puppies

The fans continued to cheer as Graham Youngblood made his way out from the back. Here is someone who had split from Dallas Griffin, ending the Ring Rats tag team, and has amassed a couple of wins already. While Cordova looks to build moment, Graham is going to be fighting in order to keep it going! Graham stepped into the ring and the referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled each other in the ring, but briefly stopped to shakes hands out of respect which garnered some applause from the crowd.

The lock up between the two happened and Graham went into a side headlock. Cordova backed Youngblood into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Graham came back and hit a shoulder block knocking Cordova down. Graham went to the ropes as Cordova flipped to his stomach. Graham went to step over Cordova, but Cordova grabbed him by the leg and tripped him up, causing Graham to go face first into the canvas!

Cordova floated over and applied a side headlock of his own. Graham battled up to his feet and then fired a pair of fists to the ribs of Cordova. Graham then switched and placed Cordova into a hammerlock. Cordova then broke free with a pair of elbows to the side of the head. Cordova then charged to the ropes as Graham leapt up for a drop kick, but Corodva held onto the ropes and Graham ate the canvas. Cordova then flipped over into a jackknife pin!



Left shoulder popped up by Graham. Cordova then rolled back on top.



Right shoulder up by Youngblood. Cordova then pressed Graham back down onto the canvas.



Graham bridged up, lifting Cordova with him. Graham then twisted Cordova into a backslide, but Cordova rolled through to his feet and then planted both feet into the top of Graham's skull!! Graham looked to be out early in the match as Cordova went for another cover, this time with the leg hooked deep!



Graham kicked out at two!

Cordova then brought Graham up to a vertical base by the head and nailed another low drop kick to the leg which brought Graham down to a single knee. Cordova then hauled off and kicked Graham in the head and Graham just flopped down to the canvas. Graham rolled onto his back as he held the back of his head in pain. Cordova then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads up to the very top. He took aim and leapt off with a body splash with tremendous elevation!


Graham rolled out of the way and Cordova crashed and burned on the canvas! The people began to clap as Graham used the ropes to pull himself back up. Graham then measured Cordova as he was getting back to his feet. Graham then charged in and smacked his knee right into Cordova's face with the Shining Wizard! Graham then rolled Cordova over and hooked the leg!



Cordova got the shoulder up!

Graham looked a bit frustrated as he got back up. He took a step back and waited for Cordova to get back up. Once he did, Graham lunged in with a super kick, but Cordova side stepped it. Cordova then kicked Graham in the stomach and sent him to the ropes, but Graham leapt onto the middle rope and sprung off with a twisting cross body block, but Cordova knelt to a knee and Graham slammed stomach first across it!

Graham doubled over as he held his stomach in pain. Cordova then went to the ropes, grabbed Graham and swung around, planting him with a Running Tornado DDT!! Cordova had Graham Youngblood right where he wanted him! He headed to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads! He took aim and front flipped off...

El Decapatation Rapido!


Youngblood moved out of the way and avoided the 360 Guillotine Leg Drop! Cordova landed in a seated postion and Youngblood hauled off and front roundhoused Cordova in the side of the head! Before Cordova could even fall backwards from the impact, Graham grabbed Cordova by the head and pulled him up into a front chancery. He lifted Cordova straight up and dropped him down with a Brainbuster in the middle of the ring!

Graham staggerd over to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. It was his turn to take and he leapt off with the Frog Splash.. The Blood in the Water...

Knees up by Cordova!

Graham hit stomach first across Cordova's knees! Cordova quickly rolled to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. Graham staggered around the ring as he held his stomach. Cordova then leapt to the top rope and went for a Springboard Seated Drop Kick, but Graham swatted him down to the canvas!

Graham then quickly grabbed Cordova and pulled him up to his feet.. he then lifted Cordova up onto his shoulders and planted him with a Cradle Shock.

Poetic Justice!




Graham Youngblood pulled out the victory here tonight over Cordova! Youngblood has built up some more momentum! Let's see if he can continue that onward into the future!

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Pinfall

"Thankful for Revenge"

Ninja K The camera panned to the backstage area to see Vince Jacobs and Natalia walking down the hallway. Jacobs was pulling two suitcases as he and Natalia turned the corner to continue down the hall. Vince stopped a tech with a clipboard in his hand.

“Hey kid, where is my locker room?”

The tech looked at the clipboard.

“Your locker room is the second door on the left down this hall.” The tech replied.

“Thanks kid.”

Jacobs and Natalia walked down the hall and opened the door to their locker room. Jacobs put the suitcases near the sofa and sat down. Natalia sat down next to him as Jacobs held her hand.

“Vince I need you to calm down. I told you for a week that they did nothing to me. They did not touch me. Besides if they did try something Gunnar was right there.”

Jacobs sighed for a second.

“I understand that but I should have been there. What they did is not going to stand and trust me they will pay for it tenfold.”

“Vince I don’t want you to do anything that you will regret. It is four of them and only one of you.”

Jacobs smiled.

“I have been through many difficult odds in my life so this is nothing new to me. But for them to even threaten me is absurd. But to threaten you and Dawn is beyond inexcusable. I always seem to get the retards trying to take my spot on the roster.

“It comes with the territory hun.”

“I know sweetie, but that’s the problem with being an Icon. I have to deal with the trash of every fed that I have ever been in and it is no different here. However, I need to find GVP and thank him for being in the right place at the right time.”

“How long have you two known each other?”

“It’s been a few years. I did something that he has never forgiven me for.

“What was that?”

“I don’t want to talk about it now. I need to go find him.”

Jacobs stood to his feet and walked toward the door. He opened the door and standing in the door was none other than Gunnar Van Patton and his new gal pal, Julia Reynolds. Jacobs smirked and motioned for the anti-hero to come into the room.

GVP denied the invitation and held Lady J. back from entering with his arm.

“Ah just wanted to see if ya made it to the arena tonight.”

“Yeah I’m here. I was just coming to look for you to thank you for stepping in last week.”

“Not a problem Vince. Ah reckon those Trouble fellas were tryin' to be big men against a couple of women and Ah couldn't just sit there and allow that to happen.”

“I appreciate that Gunnar. But those guys are a nuisance and I plan to deal with them the only way I know how.”

Gunnar smirked. “Be careful Vinny, ya can bet yer ass that they'll use their numbers game to their advantage.”

“Thanks for the advice Gunnar.”

GVP nodded to SVJ as he backed away from the door. Gunnar slowly turned and walked down the hallway with Julia flashing a smile and following him, as SVJ closed the door.

"Rest in Hell"

Ninja K

A dozen Royal Blue hues of light pierced through the darkness longingly as the stirring masses continued to clamber amongst themselves. Darkness would reign throughout the landscape before the jOltvision monitors would flicker on...The lasting image of Sylo were set across the screens. The notably decorated champion is seen in a dual snapshot, flashing his canines while flexing. The loyalists to the recently retired superstar roared amorously throughout the blackened landscape before angry static danced briefly across both screens...

“Get Some” - Chavelle

Footage - {Slow motion footage of the blue-eyed titan was seen power walking around the crashed Hummer before standing over a bloodied Broken...An ascending shot of the Super Beast, extending his arms outward as he basked within the adoration of the gathered masses from along the ring apron...Alexander Jerusalem was seen falling prey to the Super Beast’s will before being choked out...A subtle exchange of camera perspectives cast on both ’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs & himself, standing nose to nose, in contention for the jOlt Wrestling Championship...A gentle moment of Aria Murphy seen kissing the brow of the infamous leviathan in the locker room...Rolling footage of Sylo hitting ’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs with the Systematic Shutdown before the image switched to the brief accelerated streaming of clouds displaying the movement of the sun...Seen panting atop a ladder, Sylo ignited the legions by retrieving both the Legacy & jOlt Heavyweight championships before falling several feet back to the canvas, where the impact was played in slow motion...

The immediate switch to a side view of the Super Beast displayed his head gradually lowering before converting the image to slow pace of then jOlt Underground Champion, Derecho ascending the ring steps & walking along the ring apron. Camera transitions displayed the mutual resentment exchanged between the rivals before displaying a cadre of violence waged between them...A slow motion reel of Sylo, cradling his head with the newly aquired Underground Championship in the other. En route toward the backstage area, he looked longingly back toward the ring, where Derecho, was seen hoisting the jOlt championship overhead with both hands before the behemoth turned away...

The image of Chris Titan’s head raising upward to display the emptiness from within before vivid displays of his unchecked war with The Backbone before ’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs left him as prey for Chris Titan to hold the Relentless Championship in hand while slowly pushing the cage door aside & standing over the nearly unconscious champion...A heavily slowed motion of Titan’s hand being raised by the referee while raising the Heavyweight championship on his own...The war continued as a feverish pitch with a vast majority of The Backbone army falling onto his hand before slowly raising the Heavyweight title overhead once more...Another high speed motion of the afternoon sun making its hastened progression toward the horizon before the scene transitioned to a strobe lit entrance, belching forth smoke and Ninja K was seen stepping forward in slow motion as he came to a halt & scanned the immediate area...

The road to Thieves’ Honor was paved with highlights of sheer malice between both challenger & champion from various shows leading to the PPV; A abundance of pyrotechnical flames dancing signaled the arrival of the Super Beast, bearing both Legacy & Underground titles...The brawling exchange between both rivals led to Ninja being thrown over the barricades...Ninja was seen battering his rival with a Back Mounted Cross Face Punches before making the transition to Ninja drawing blood with his Japanaese Rose Stem...Downfall atop the ring steps base...Sylo damaging his shoulder by hitting the Slaughter before landing along the ring apron...Sylo using the ring ropes & his weight to pop his shoulder back into place before shifting to Ninja using the Gemini Suplex to sail over the top ropes & through the Barbed Wire Table...Sylo was seen gradually overturning the armored vehicle in hopes of crushing the ninja...The vehicle hatch was pushed open to reveal the ninja leaping onto his opposition before the transition led to the leviathan setting his rival up for Hiroshima’s Revenge...The visual broke into the encroaching sunset amidst its hastened pace briefly to display the ninja hoisting the Atlanta native overhead...The death spiral displayed the descent in a heavily slowed motion from various angles before the sickening impact was heard with each view...Sylo’s body slowly collapsed to the floor...Ninja was seen locking his rival into the Imploding Star Submission hold with the sickening sound of a re-dislocation to the shoulder was heard...The titan’s head dropped with the bell ringing loudly & Kenshiro’s hand being raised by Mamoru...The parting image of Sylo being carted off in a stretcher before fading to black...

The deep and almost hypnotic voice of James Earl Jones as he quoted a section of The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord George Gordon Byron

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!”

Another slow footage of Sylo holding both the Legacy & jOlt titles outward before his subjects as the color gradually eroded to numerous shades of grey with the dates of his wrestling debut & the date of the Thieves’ Honor PPV date as both Sunrise & Sunset respectively before returning back to the ringside area. The legions continued to give praise to the fallen behemoth & his legacy of lethal reign of terror.

’Funeral March (Organ)’ - Chopin

The Arena of Champions remained submerged in darkness for a number of moments before the infrequent lighting at the side of the entrance staging area drew attention in that direction. Camera One panned closer to reveal a quartet of geisha, dressed in Pearl & Red, setting Chinese funeral lanterns alight before releasing them to the heavens. The crowd continued to respond noisily as the floating paper lanterns gently floated their way toward the ceiling before the 4 geisha reassembled in formation. Armed with torches, they would soon find themselves accompanied & led forward by Eiji Kugasari. Drawing a negative reaction on his own merit, the Blood Raven was adorned with the hues of Blood Red & Onyx.

Moments later, 8 ninjas would serve as pallbearers as they carried a exquisite Pearl casket from the backstage area. Dressed in Black, Blood Red & Pearl, the tandem of Heido & Takeshi joined the procession en route to the ring. The lights would gradually return with Camera Three displaying the ring ropes were removed from the side trained toward the entrance staging area & the western section of the ring. There are a legion of flower bouquet arrangements, a set of wreaths & Black fabric covering some things set at the east & west ends of the ring near the ropes. The small Onyx podium was set in the center of the ring.

A growing downpour of anti-Ninja heat was cast as both Mamoru & Kenshiro appeared. The clan advisor was dressed in a male kimono in the hues of Onyx, Pearl & Grey with White tabi, leading a small party of Ninja Elite. These advanced guards donned full body motorcycle gear in the colors of predominantly Black with Crimson Guard Armor. Narrow battle standards were affixed to their backs with a sheathed katana set behind the opposing shoulder respectively. The reigning Underground Champion remained dressed in his full wrestling attire with the Legacy title slung over his shoulder with Mamoru cradling the Underground Championship with one arm.

Camera Five would set itself on the ‘guests of honor’ in Aria Murphy, ’The Super Nova’ Jimmy B. Martinez & Graham Youngblood, all dressed in street attire and none too pleased about the ceremony. Jimmy rubbed Aria’s shoulder blade while burning a literal hole through Eiji, who smirked briefly while avoiding eye contact.

The casket was set onto the canvas before being elevated as the elite guard rounded both ends of the ring to post themselves & secure the perimeter. Kenshiro slowly looked out among the masses. Many were audible in their disgust. Others in support of the brazen nature of this public address. The clan leader sauntered about casually as the subordinates completed their duties before handing his championship prize off to the nearest geisha before taking the microphone. Sans the mask, The Ronin swept the hair from his brow before speaking.

“For all whom are all in attendance and those bearing witness, both at home & abroad” Kenshiro bellowed. “We are gathered here, in assembly, to afford the masses the grand opportunity to pay homage & their respects..” The ninja extended his hand out to his flanks toward the massive casket. “ the ’memory’...and ’legacy’ of their beloved ’Super Beast’

The crowd responded in kind in a myriad of emotions. Mamoru & Takeshi looked out into the stands, quietly assessing the reactions of the masses. Ninja nodded at the geisha who were standing near the respective cloths, signaling for them to remove them to reveal a set of pictures; Sylo angrily clutching his elbow with the dislocated shoulder is displayed in full view and the 2nd picture displayed the unconscious frame of the titan, laying prostrate with the ninja standing over him with belt in hand. Looking down at his fallen prey.

“Seven years to the day, the day apropos to the aptly named venue renown as Thieves’ Honor, redemption was finally brought full circle. Only the foolhardy would attribute my victory as mere ’karma’ or as amusingly insulting as ’destiny’...Everything but the glaringly obvious; Inevitable...Contrary to popular disbelief, this moment needed to take place in or for a new age...A new era to be brought to fruition...”

The Underground Champion sauntered over toward the female subordinate to retrieve his title and hold it with one hand near his side.

“In my hand, this championship, is much more than a merely beautifully crafted belt...Adorned with the finest pewter & expensive fabric...This is a far beyond a symbol of status nor a tool, used to garner public acceptance...” Kenshiro slowly raised the belt overhead. “This belt is a testament of endurance to those capable of weathering the most unfavorable of conditions on a consistent basis...Unlike the Heavyweight Championship, this field...this proverbial ’jungle, yields no pity upon the weak nor the fearful...The potential for injury is more prevalent than any other division in this promotion...Mere courage alone will not suffice...Self Professed ’heroes’ will never enter & leave this class of competition unscathed for the nuances of the human condition, at its rawest form, will expose your true natures in due season...” Kenshiro extended the belt to one of his subordinates to take the belt away.

“Those who seek to contend & challenge the bearer of this prize knowingly enter at their own peril for it is I, Kenshiro Inogami, who is the Chief Retainer of both this championship & this division. Everything that took place along the road to Thieves’ Honor to finally laying claim to my place as your reigning champion pales greatly in comparison as into what I am fully capable of doing to retain my station. I am a fighting champion, unlike my fallen counterpart...”

Kenshiro motioned for the hatch to the casket to be opened, revealing a distinct likeness of Sylo dressed in an Obsidian Tuxedo with a Midnight Blue Tie. Camera Two trained itself onto Aria, Graham & Martinez radiated respective degrees of disgust with the brazen Martinez standing erect yet Graham led him back to his seat.

“Now inside this coffin, made of fine Pearl & Brass, lies the remains of an sorely antiquated brand of leadership & sets of principles that led to the demise of a fallen tyrant...A blasphemous deity, created by enabling sycophants to an ever expansive megalomaniac...Stricken with a severe case of hubris...”

Kenshiro bellowed as a downpour of heat was cast toward the ring. “Predictably, in reference to the exaggerated memory of this individual, only the greatly delusional & woefully ignorant openly would herald this ’festering pile of performance enhancement laden, provocatively arrogant, disreputable, vile, tyrannical, abominable, pillar of stagnant animal excrement’ as their ’King’...”

“Even now, what many would perceive as ‘justified disgust’, I cite the adamant rebuke of radical idealists...”Ninja continued. “..A demographic that is unrepentant in their idiolatry as much as their amassed ignorance. What you see before you is not only the ’death of the grand mystique’ that was the Super Beast but a celebration of a new beginning. The birth of a Underground Renaissance. Your false God...your deity...your ’hero’ is no more.” Kenshiro quietly allotted the audience to air their displeasure. “ “I had intentionally postponed this ceremony, not only due to the exaggerated circumstances this past week yet I wanted to have our esteemed ’esteemed guests of honor’ in attendance.”

“In the ’memory’ of this self-professed ’juggernaut’, Sylo is survived by his adoring wife, whom is with child.” Camera One zeroed in on the stone expression cast by Aria Murphy. “In all respects, I pray not only for the birth of a healthy child but you, as its mother, adhere to everything within yourself that your child does not allow itself to share its father’s fate.” Martinez & Youngblood stood themselves erect as the ninja elite clasped onto their respective katana hilts in unison. Jimmy assessed the situation before urging Youngblood to stand down.

“I trust you will be an outstanding mother. A devoted parent yet even as you are unwilling to admit to yourself, much less the world, I can feel it, resonating from your spirit...” Kenshiro reached back slowly to point back at the opened casket. “A feeling of fleeting respite from this overbearing entity. At least for the faintest of moments. However, I will ensure no harm befalls from my clan nor otherwise during the duration of your pregnancy yet as for your cohorts...” Ninja mentioned as he stood at the edge of the ring. “The two of you are what is left in your mentor’s wake. The only few redeemable moments of your master’s existence. Young. Gifted & welcomed additions into the future of this promotion...Just remember, I hold no quarrel with neither one of you. However, there will come a time where our paths will cross...and I’ll be waiting...”

The Arena of Champions opened up with a vicious roar in the looming void. The lighting surrounding the jOltvision monitor danced wildly in the hues of Blue & White...

“Pet” - A Perfect Circle

The ominous screen displayed a set of bluish-while flames, lapping upward while casting an unrepentant glare at its intended target. The loyal subjects were inflexible in their praise for their fallen king making a definitive statement before the flames quickly vanished, allowing the arena lights to return. The clan officers held court in their respective postures of seiza as the lower tier ninjas assembled at the end of the entrance ramp.

The ninja elite held court near each ring post, casually sifting through the crowd for any disturbance. Kenshiro extended his arms outward to still his still his subordinates before ordering them to exit the ringside area. En mass, the Crimson elite escorted the Inogami court toward the back via the exit they entered from, leaving the officers alone in the ring. The cheering masses went ignored as Mamoru was summoned by Ninja for a private order before the remaining officers worked to maneuver the casket to face Aria & Sylo’s protegees’ direction.

“As expected, the predictable & fleeting attempts to prostitute one self for the approval of mere sheep...but I, among the knowledgeable few, know better to entertain the empty musings from championship’s past.” Kenshiro bellowed as he motioned for Mamoru to open the lower portion of the casket. “The remains of your beloved ’King’ are unfit to be committed to the earth so it is only fitting to give him what he so rightfully deserves...”

Mamoru placed something in the ninja’s hand before Kenshiro struck a match & cast it into the coffin, instantaneously setting the body ablaze. The Arena of Champions overwhelmed the building audibly as the clan officers filed out of the ring as Ninja stood over the burning casket, entranced by its compulsive appetite. Camera One would train itself on the livid Martinez, who was being held back by Graham & Aria. The inaudible curses were muted out yet the trio would quickly back away as Kenshiro kicked the casket off the ring’s edge, spilling flames onto the padded barricades. Ringside personnel were seen filing in from the backstage area. Yet were held at bay by the massive Takeshi & sinewy Heido, armed with their weapons of choice.

Kenshiro sauntered over the ring’s ledge, holding both the Legacy & Underground titles in each hand. Martinez was excessively vocal as Kenshiro cast an emotionless glare back at him before raising his arms outward before the public. ’Nightfall’ by Cliff Lin streamed from overhead as the angry flames kept the trinity at bay as Ninja whipped his head back, silently basking in the moment of public defiance.

Kayden Paulton vs Sephiroth Du Luc
Aran ThompsonMattock

It seemed that with a newfound career goal set in motion, The Nicest Guy in Wrestling called Kayden Paulton was going places. After a plan was set in motion by Bane Loneheart to break a losing streak of his own, he suckered Kayden Paulton into a match only to assault him. Much to Loneheart’s dismay, the plan exploded in his face and resulted in a rejuvenated Kayden Paulton who was now focused with a career goal in mind: Make Derecho proud.

The loquacious and optimistic Paulton had a lot of supporters due to his carefree nature, but now he decided he was going to get serious… ish. He made it his goal to rack up some wins and get his way into future title contention. In his mind, he could do anything he put his mind to. However the reality was tonight Paulton was about to take on a killer in the ring by the name of Sepiroth Du Luc. The big German could pose a big problem for Kayden’s title hopes.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Came the voice of ring announcer Nathan Richards with plenty of exuberance. He was getting a tryout tonight so let’s hear it for the guy.

The music in the arena turned over to a bright blue hue that pulsating to the song's beats. After several seconds, neon blue laser lights began to pop from the stage one at a time until the music played...

"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop.

The pulsating electronic song played and out from the back came Kayden Paulton! The music played and the crowd couldn’t help but CHEER for who some would call The Nicest Guy In Wrestling! He came out from behind the curtains, smiling for the fans as he wore a shirt that read, “YOU’RE AWESOME!” with a picture of his bright smile. He took off his shirt and tossed it into the crowd for a few hungry fans to take home a nice memento.

“First, making his way to the ring from Dothan, Alabama… weighing in at 230 pounds…please welcome to the ring KAYDEN PAULTON!

The Nicest Guy In Wrestling did a lap once around the ring and tried to high five just about anybody that reached out a hand. He didn’t want to leave anybody out because that'd just be mean. After completing his lap he jumped on the ropes and waited for his opponent.

“Infected” by Bad Religion.

The mood in the arena did a complete 180 from what Kayden’s entrance brought. Whereas Kayden brought out fun and energy, the entrance for Sepiroth Du Luc brought out hatred and contempt.

“And his opponent… from Berlin, Germany, weighing in at 280 pounds… SEPIROTH DU LUC!

The beast from Germany was normally part of the tag team Total Conquest alongside former Starlet Champion Persephone, but tonight he was going solo. He’d scored a HUGE win on Warriors 20 over “Supernova” Jimmy Martinez and looked to go two for two in as many matches. He looked down and Kayden Paulton and showed no emotion. He didn’t care what Paulton or anybody else wanted… he just wanted to win.


Kayden carefully approached Sepiroth. While Kayden hadn’t had such luck wrestling some big monsters in the recent past, he was hoping he could continue his winning ways after beating Bane Loneheart on iNtense. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling extended his hand to Du Luc. The giant silently looked down at him and said nothing.

Paulton put the hand down and prepared to grapple only for Du Luc to bury a knee into his gut. There was going to be no wrestling match with Du Luc involved; only a fight.

The bigger half of Total Conquest picked up Kayden by the arm and slammed him forcefully into the corner before he unloaded on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling with a rough barrage of punches. Du Luc was in no mood to play around tonight and wanted to snuff out Kayden’s hopes of winning his third match in a row.

Du Luc pulled him out of the corner only to toss him across the ring with a powerful Irish Whip. When Paulton hit the corner he charged at him and crushed him with a big Corner Clothesline. Before Paulton could get any time to recover he yanked him (tee hee) out of the corner with a Short Arm Clothesline! The shot rattled poor Kayden and Sepiroth went over to his body to go for the first cover of the match.



Paulton got the shoulder up to the cheers of the crowd. The bigger half of Total Conquest quickly kneeled and applied a forceful Rear Chinlock that seemed more like a questionable choke than a regular submission hold. Du Luc shook the smaller Kayden around violently and tried to quickly rob the fun-loving Dothan native of his oxygen supply.

Quickly, Paulton had the support of the fans as he started to pop back to his feet again. He elbowed Du Luc twice in the gut and tried to free himself from the hold. He ran off the ropes and came back from behind to switch over to a Crucifix pin!



Close, but Kayden didn’t catch Du Luc. The Good Guy stood up only for the big man to stop him with a second knee to the chest. He grabbed the arms and hoisted Kayden up overhead before DROPPING him with a Stalled Double Underhook Suplex. He turned around and shot the crowd a sinister glance before going into a deep cover with hook of the leg.



The second attempt for Sepiroth to win wasn’t quite there because The Good Guy’s shoulder was up a second time. Paulton kept on trying to get up only for a flying fist to catch him in the temple. Just for good measure Du Luc fired off two more and continued to impose his will on jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler. Paulton tried to roll away from him and used the ropes, but Du Luc quickly pressed a knee down on the back of his throat. Referee Darius Underwood ordered Sepiroth to back up.


Du Luc backed off slowly and waited as Kayden continued crawling around.


The Arena of Champions loved them some Kayden Paulton and the energetic kid knew it. He tried using their energy to get back into the game, but Du Luc’s foot was a greater force than any cheers the fans could come up with. He pulled Kayden up by his hair and muscled him into the corner before whipping him across the ring with a Hammer Throw. Paulton hit the corner HARD and flopped over onto the canvas, arching his back in pain.

The match was all Du Luc so far and Paulton hadn’t quite made it out of the starting blocks. Du Luc kicked him over and pressed a boot into his throat, trying to choke him until the referee counted him down again. He picked him up and threw him into the ropes again for some big move. Kayden jumped over him and went for a Sunset Flip. He tried taking Du Luc down only for Sepiroth to grab him by the throat. The giant German forced him and tried throwing him in the air only for Paulton to suddenly snap back with a Dropkick in mid air!

Incredible athleticism on display from The Nicest Guy in Wrestling which was enough to send him stumbling back a few steps. An angry Du Luc bounced off the ropes to try and take Kayden’s head off with a Big Boot only for Kayden to slide underneath his leg. Kayden jumped off the ropes and finally took him off his feet for the first time with a Flying Elbow Smash!

Now that the momentum was on his side, Kayden kipped up to his feet and ran off the ropes before he delivered a Standing Senton Bomb across the chest! jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler rolled outside the ring and patted the top turnbuckle. Slowly Kayden began his ascent to the top, but to his surprise, an angry Sepiroth was back to his feet and started to hit the second rope. He tried stopping Kayden from whatever he was doing only for The Good Guy to kick him in the chest. He caught him with several more kicks to the face to finally send Du Luc crashing into the canvas. The crowd cheered as Kayden gave a thumbs up to the crowd…


The Diving Leg Drop landed perfectly! Kayden crawled over and hooked both legs of the giant German! He’d defeated Bane Loneheart with this move and could win another one…




Du Luc was groggy, but he kicked out just before the three. Paulton didn’t look deterred (to his credit, he never did) and fed off the support from the crowd. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling waited for Du Luc to get up. He kicked him up by the arm and waited. He went for the Northern Lights Suplex, but Du Luc was too big and clobbered him with a few blows to the side. Now he lifted Kayden up and DROPPED him by the arm with an Overhead Gutwrench Backbreaker!



Where there was a will, Kayden found a way and he kicked out again! Du Luc wasn’t pleased and looked like he was ready to crush the gnat called Kayden for good.

With little hesitance, Sepiroth forced him back to his feet again. He was setting him up for a Pumphandle position and hoisted him up on his shoulders for whatever big move was coming up next, but Paulton kicked forcefully until he slipped out the back. Sepiroth turned around and ate a STIFF Discus Enzuigiri Kick from Paulton! The move was more than enough to bring Du Luc down to a knee.

Paulton had been pulling out some new moves from his bag of tricks. A staggered Du Luc started to rise while Kayden signaled for what was to come next. He ran off the ropes and came back as he grabbed Du Luc by the neck…


Kayden DROPPED him in the middle of the ring! The new finisher in his back pocket – The Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker – came from out of nowhere and floored Sepiroth! Kayden rolled over and the crowd cheered as he went for the cover.





What was starting out as one victory was now turning into a winning streak! Kayden rolled off the body of Sepiroth Du Luc and got to his knees as he raised his hand. For a third consecutive match, jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler had pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

“This is your winner of the match at a time of six minutes and thirty one seconds… KAYDEN PAULTON!

Du Luc had dominated most of the match but on this occasion, Paulton had managed to score a big win tonight. Darius Underwood raised the arm of The Good Guy and a big grin crossed Kayden’s face as he took in the reception from the crowd. After what had been several rocky months, Kayden’s career was now on an upswing.

An angry Du Luc was just coming around now wondering what the fuck just hit him. On the opposite end of the spectrum the happy Kayden jumped outside the ring and high-fived as many fans as he could going up the ramp. Another win racked up by Kayden. The sky was the limit for the energetic youngster and big things could be in his future!

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"The Phoenix Rose Invitational"

It had been a long time since the captivated audience had heard the song ‘Private Eye’ by Alkaline Trio, but they certainly hadn’t forgotten what it meant.

As the music blurred around the arena the crowd cheered as Phoenix Rose stepped through the curtain. He was still wearing his trademark deep red three-piece suit, his long blonde hair, slightly thinning now, dragged back into a tight ponytail. He raised his arms, his glass cane in his left hand. As he lowered his arms and began to strut to the ring, his ridiculous grin plastered across his face, his two sons – Ernie and Chad Rose – stepped from behind the curtain. They were dressed in their ring gear – deep red tights with traces of Phoenix’s; Ernie’s up his right leg, Chad’s up his left. This was the only way to tell the twins apart. They also each wore a black T-shirt, sleeves cut off, with the family crest placed proudly in the centre.

As the trio reached the bottom of the ramp Phoenix used the steel steps to get himself onto the apron. He wiped his feet and stepped through the middle ropes. His son’s had waited for him to make his entrance before each sliding under the bottom rope in unison.

The ring had been laid with a deep red carpet and in the centre of the ring was a pedestal, with a microphone and an angled reading desk, on which lay some paperwork.

Phoenix took his mark in the centre of the ring, taking the step up to the pedestal. His son’s took station on the mat, one man stood at each side of Phoenix.

“I’m back, babayyyyyyyyy!” Phoenix exclaimed.

The crowd popped for him.

“And I brought two more of me!”

Another, lesser cheer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can no doubt tell from the rather AWESOME red carpet and whatnot, I’m here to make an announcement.

“To celebrate my ultimate-man-fertility, which caused a microscopic egg to go BOOM! Split right in half and create two babies instead of one!”

Phoenix held his hand out in front of him for a high five. A few seconds passed before Ernie and Chad realised they were leaving him hanging. They both jumped up at the same time and simultaneously high-fived their dad.

“Yeah! Woopwoop!

“Where was I? Oh yeah. The thing. So, I am here to announce a tournament that will be taking place exclusively on the jOlt Wrestling website via a series of Live Webcasts!

“The tournament is aptly named the ‘Phoenix Rose Invitational’ and will consist of six tag teams, each slugging it out to earn points in a league table.

“Oh, but Phoenix, what is the point of this? What do they win?’ I hear you all asking at the same time... Well, check THIS out!”

Phoenix reached under the podium and pulled out a large, but definitely cheap, plastic trophy with an Olympic Wrestler in a grappling stance. The plaque read ‘Phoenix Rose Invitational Winners 2012, babayyyy!’

The crowd remained silent.

“How awesome is THAT?!”

Not much noise...

“But wait! There’s more!

“The team that finish at the top of the Leaderboard also get to have me, Phoenix Rose, as their manager!”

The crowd seemed a little more eager.

“And finally, the team get a shot at the Tag Team Championships!”

Finally, a cheer from the audience.

“And so, without futher a-doo-doo, please allow me to introduce the teams competing in the Phoenix Rose Invitational... Firstly, right here in the ring, my boys, Ernie and Chad Rose – The Roses!”

The crowd cheered as the two blond haired rookies raise their arms in the air, the trademark wacky smile of their father’s plastered across their faces now.

“And secondly, the team of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs, Big Red Hardon!”

Phoenix gestured towards the entrance at the top of the ramp as ‘My Reward’ by Hail the Villain boomed from the PA system and the first tag team made their way to the ring. Around halfway down the ramp their music started to fade and Phoenix interjected.

“The Modern Day Missionaries!”

‘Can Only Imagine’ by Mercy Me took over the theme tune of Red & Ted and the Modern Day Missionaries stepped out onto the ramp and made their way down to the ring as Red & Ted slid into the ring themselves. Again, as the Modern Day Missionaries got half way down the ramp their music fades and Phoenix made his next introduction.

“Ken Kaze and George!”

Ken Kaze, who those would remember as jOlt Wrestling's final Ambassador Champion, stepped out onto the ramp with George the Trashcan, wrapped in barbed wire, rusted nails protruding from him, and the pair made their way to the ring also.

“West Texas Terrorists!”

Eli and Ezra Conway stepped out and make their way to the ring, Eli pointing towards the dented, rusted, and dangerous looking trashcan that was being hauled into the ring by Ken Kaze.

“And finally, the Legion. Of. Dairy!”

‘Welcome Home’ by Coheed and Cambria blasted through the PA system and the charismatic Legion of Dairy stepped out to a roaring ovation. The pair lifted their arms and waved at the audience before jogging to the ring and sliding in under the bottom rope.

Twelve men stood around Phoenix Rose, each team sizing up their opponents.

“So now we all know the teams, and we all know what’s at stake, we all know that it is all in honour of thee greatest manager of all-time, Phoenix Rose, I guess we should go through the rules...” Phoenix said as the teams moved slowly around the ring, not paying him much attention.

“The winning team is the team to finish at the top of a leaderboard, and so of course there is a points scoring system.

“For a pinfall victory, a team score four points. For a Submission victory, a team score five points. For a win via countout, a team score three points. For a win via disqualification a team score two points. A draw earns 1 point per team, and finally if you lose via disqualification you are deducted five points.

“Gentlemen, any questions?” He looked around, but none of the teams were looking at him, not even his children. Eli gave cHEESE a shove, sending him stumbling backwards into the pedestal, which tipped over and sent Phoenix tumbling to the floor, the trophy flipping through the air and down to the mat.

The twins didn’t take kindly to this and Ernie hit Eli with a dropkick, whilst Chad clotheslined cHEESE.

Teams piled in, and an all-out brawl erupted. Kaze stomped away at egg NOG in the corner as his partner, George, watched on.

Ezra Conway was trying to take on both members of Red & Ted across the ring but the numbers game caught up on him as the team pummelled him with forearms to the back and the head.

Meanwhile, across the ring, Phoenix Rose picked up the trophy and rolls out of the ring, getting to his feet rather gingerly.

As Phoenix turned around he saw Ken Kaze had moved to work on Chad Rose. Kaze was about to whip Chad across the ring into the opposite corner, where the barbed-wire laden tag partner of his, George, was standing in wait. As Kaze leaned in to whip Chad, Phoenix stepped in. He dropped the trophy and, from the floor outside of the ring, swung his glass cane as if it were a baseball bat, catching Kaze right across the forehead. The cane splintered into a thousand pieces and Kaze reeled backwards, clutching is face.

Chad dropped out of the ring and, at the bottom of the ramp, Ernie had already made his retreat.

Chad scooped the trophy up from the floor as he and his father headed towards the ramp, meeting Ernie. Phoenix limped up the ramp, backing away and watching the carnage still unfold in the ring, his son’s by his side.

This may have been a bad idea...

"An Orange Peanut!? For Me!?"

Ninja K Jon Le Bon walked into the office of Jim Johnson who was toiling away on papers. In classic Le Bon fashion, he plopped down in a chair and propped his feet up on his desk. He had a sad look on his face. Johnson took notice of it and looked up at Le Bon

"What's the matter, something got you down?" asked Johnson

Le Bon let out a heavy sigh and looked up at Johnson.

"I appreciate everything you were trying to do for me, but your plan of making me into an unstoppable giant slayer isn't working. I mean, sure, Spak Shunders was easy... I beat him no problem, but that guy who speaks like.. British Ebonics didn't play along! How am I supposed to slay all the giants if the giants won't let me slay them!?"

Johnson was about to say something, but Le Bon cut him off.

"I mean.. I even brought a sack of money to the ring because it's quite obvious that Turnbull set his people back 500 years by letting Aran Thompson buy him.. so I figured he wouldn't mind the gesture, but apparently, he got upset. Why don't black people like to be bought more than once, Jimmy?"

Johnson stood up and tried to silence Le Bon before the NAACP called his office, but Le Bon stood up along with Johnson and cut him off again.

"OH! When you stand up, you mean business! Does this mean that you'll give me another giant to slay!? Who is it this time? Rune Winters? Grendel? Frost? Sylo? OH IS IT SYLO!? Can I go attack him in the hospital like some drunken redneck who is upset with their boss!? I can even hit him with a bedpan and everything!"

"Uh..." muttered Johnson before he was cut off again.

"OH! OH! Maybe it's not Sylo! Maybe it's Omega! Maybe I can use the sack of money on him! Or maybe I can just have an orange peanut."

Johnson was about to scold Le Bon for his racist comment again, but that last statement stopped him dead in his tracks.

"An orange peanut?" asked Johnson.

"Yeah.. do you have an orange peanut? I would sure love an orange peanut right about now." said Le Bon.

Johnson had no idea how to respond to that, but he shrugged.

"Sure.. you can have an orange peanut.. in fact.. I have one just for you." said Johnson.

"An orange peanut!? FOR ME!?... " said Le Bon with enthusiasm.

"Yes yes.. just let me get it out of my desk!" said Johnson as he walked over and pushed a button underneath his desk. When he did so, two rather large security guards walked into the office.

"They're going to bring you to your orange peanut", said Johnson.

Both security guards grabbed Le Bon by the arms and escorted him out of the office. As they were hauling him away, Le Bon was heard yelling "THANKS JIMMY!" Johnson sat back down and shook his head as the scene faded to black.

Craig Thomas vs Derrick Huber
Aran ThompsonMattock

Things had been brewing between Team EGO and The House since the two giants from Las Vegas had set foot in jOlt Wrestling. “Ego” Craig Thomas and his bodyguard, The Strangler, had been personal. They had made disparaging remarks about Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte. Through conniving and manipulation, a Tag Team Title match back on Warriors 18 had turned into Team EGO winning via DQ and due to hidden proviso Thomas snuck into the match, he was now the owner of Charlotte’s contract.

They had ridiculed the House, they had turned Charlotte into their unwilling valet and therefore turned The House into his henchmen for a brief time. After Thomas failed to win the jOlt Championship at Thieves Honor, he cost The House their rematch at the Tag Titles. That brings us to now. The match was Underground Rules which meant no disqualification and falls count anywhere. Huber wanted payback in a bad, bad way and Craig Thomas wanted to make him pay.

“Voodoo Child” by Stevie Ray Vaughn played up first as the lights started to dim to a crimson red hue. Lots of flashing cameras in the crowd tried to light things up and as the music came about, Craig Thomas was making his way out from the back ready for a fucking fight. He had just jumped Derrick Huber a little bit earlier in the evening and now had an Underground Rules match against one half of The House.

A big addition to this match was announced earlier… a future match would be planned between the two and if Derrick Huber could get the win tonight, he would get to pick the stipulation for that match.

Thomas smiled and was in his street gear tonight. He was gearing himself up as he walked down the ramp and looked ready for a fight. Craig Thomas had laid a beatdown on Derrick Huber with a chair backstage and now he was feeling confident in what was about to happen.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans next and the crowd went wild for one of the two monsters in The House. The veteran monsters from Las Vegas and their manager, Charlotte had earned the respect of the jOlt fanbase (universe?) by entertaining the fans. A few seconds passed, but no movement came from ringside. Thomas shrugged at the crowd as the music continued.

“Come on, I know you’re back there, monkey!” Thomas screamed on the microphone.

The music cued up again and “Turn the Page” continued to play for the fans a second time. They were wondering what was going on with Huber until the crowd started to stir.

A form limped out from the crowd in a brand new black “House” hoodie with the “o” decorated in a poker chip and blue jeans. He rolled into the ring behind an angry Thomas who saw him out of the corner of his eye…


The bell rang and a sore, but vicious Huber came out from the crowd and got this match started! He may have been hurt from the sneak attack earlier but Huber was still a big three-hundred plus pound gorilla who was also a husband defending his wife’s honor.

He picked up Thomas off the canvas by this throat and launched him into the corner before he unloaded on him with a relentless series of punches in the corner. The crowd cheered the punishment that Craig Thomas was taking because he was getting his just desserts. He had disrespected his family, his friends, and his tag team and he was finally going to get him some.

Huber grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring then let him have it with a big corner clothesline that shook Thomas up. He turned around again and did it once more before he followed in with another clothesline. When he staggered back Huber got himself two handfuls of Craig’s throat and simply threw him down on the mat with a vicious two handed tree slam.

Thomas had enough and tried to roll away from Derrick Huber as the crowd cheered on The Oddsmaker. He was on the apron when Huber grabbed him by the arms only to jab a thumb into his eye. Underground rules meant there was nothing the referee could do about it and had to watch, as Huber was stunned around the ring.

The Ego rolled outside of the ring and headed towards the ringside area. He went behind the timekeeper and pushed him over before he grabbed onto the ring bell. He was going to turn around but to his surprise, Huber was still coming…

Flying shoulder block off the ring apron~!

Huber came at him with all the force of a 747 and sent Thomas crashing over his stomach and out to the floor. Because of the beatdown from earlier, Huber was slow to get up and had to use the ringside announce table to get himself up before he stood up and had the support of the fans.

“Get the fuck back here!” Huber bellowed.

The Oddsmaker once again grabbed Thomas by his back and tossed him over the barricade and flying right into the lap of the timekeeper and some of the production crew at ringside.

The ringside area was a mess now and Derrick Huber cracked a smile for the first time in a while. He nursed his back for a few seconds then picked up Thomas…


Thomas grabbed another chair and drove it right into the gut of Huber finally doubling the big man over as he rolled him back inside the ring. Thomas grabbed a few items from underneath the ring including a trash can, a tool box, kendo stick and a few other miscellaneous items.

When he entered the ring he picked up Huber only for the Oddsmaker to come back swinging. He chopped him twice and punched him once before he whipped him across the ring. When he came back he ducked underneath a kendo stick shot but Huber did not avoid the spear from Thomas.

With his two-hundred sixty pound frame, The Ego drilled the big Oddsmaker and finally put him down long enough to gloat. He followed the blows with a barrage of fists aimed right at the head. Thomas stopped drilling him long enough to look up the crowd and give them a scowl.

“Shut up, you stupid fags!”

That would earn Craig Thomas some hatred by the LBGT support organizations, but he didn’t care about any of that. All he cared about was getting his revenge on the men who he blamed for his loss at the chance to become jOlt Champion.

The Ego forced Huber into the corner and grabbed another chair. He kicked him in the chest several times before he smiled and brought the chair into his gut. Thomas continued to bring the pain and jabbed him three more times. Huber pulled him into the center of the ring before dropping him dead center with


The spinebuster took a lot out of Craig Thomas to deliver on a man that big but he got it. He dusted off his hands like he was already finished with the match before he made the cover.




Derrick Huber was still in the match and the crowd started to cheer for the appearance of Charlotte on the ring ramp. The fiery redhead was dressed in a pair of tight hiphugging blue jeans and a black leather jacket as she walked down to the ring in support of her husband.

“Come on, sweetie, fuck him up!” Charlotte yelled.

“I’m gonna fuck HIM up!” Thomas grinned.

While Huber tried getting to his knees, he danced around The Oddsmaker and he jabbed him in face several times just to be a complete douche. He measured up Huber and ran off the ropes before delivering a stiff and decapitating lariat that put the big guy down. His arm was stinging from the blow but he shook it out and went for another cover on Huber.



Close, but no cigar!

Derrick Huber got the shoulder up again and the fans cheered for him. Thomas looked over at Charlotte and laughed.

“Why aren’t you wearing less?”

He grabbed the kendo stick and pressed it around the throat of Huber while cranking back on the neck. Huber was still feeling the pain from earlier when Thomas had taken control of the bout, but he was going to fight through the pain of it all. Huber was starting to rise again much to the surprise of Huber.

“Sweetie, come on!”

He could hear his wife’s voice fueling him to fight back and that’s exactly what he did. He got back up and pushed backwards until he rammed him into the corner. Huber let fly a flurry of back elbows to the face of Thomas and then turned him around to deliver another big right. He scooped him up and looked to deliver a big short arm clothesline but Thomas ducked and dropped him with a brutal neckbreaker on the way down!


Thomas slapped the canvas after the neckbreaker because he was proud of his handiwork. The Ego rolled him over and once again went to finish things here for good.



Another close escape by Huber!

Thomas shouted and yelled at the referee for what he thought was inept counting. He then pushed the referee aside and grabbed a chair before he headed to the ring apron. Slowly but surely Thomas climbed up top with the chair in hand. He planned to slam that chair full force onto Huber and end this match for good.

“Time to die, monkey!”

Thomas jumped off but Huber moved!

There was nobody in the pool for The Ego and he hit nothing but mat as he crashed and burned. Thomas flailed around on the canvas after taking a bad spill on his tailbone while The Oddsmaker was trying to fight back despite being in pain. Charlotte had slapped her hand on the canvas to rally the fans behind her husband as he started to get back up.

Running on sheer adrenaline at this point Huber finally used the ropes to pull himself up before launching himself right at Craig Thomas with an explosive shoulder block.

Huber ran off the ropes again and when The Ego tried to stand a second time it was The Oddsmaker doing his best impression of a guillotine and taking Thomas’s head nearly off his shoulders with another clothesline. Huber let out an emotional roar for the crowd while Thomas tried to stand again. When he did so he cocked back his arm…


The big move this time dropped Thomas and sent him flying through the ropes where he landed out on the floor. Huber followed him to the floor again and grabbed him by the back of the head before he drilled him repeatedly into the steel steps. The crowd even counted along with Huber.

“1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!”

Thomas’s bell was effectively rung after the ten brutal shots from Derrick Huber. He wanted to punish Thomas for everything he put him through and if he could win this match, he would get to pick a stipulation for a future match. Perhaps he could free his wife from The Ego’s servitude once and for all.

He grabbed Thomas by the arm and pulled him back up onto the ring apron. When Huber tried to follow Thomas inside, somehow The Ego had enough in him to kick the ropes up and catching Huber with a low blow that stunned the big bruiser from Las Vegas.

“Derrick!” Charlotte shouted.

She shook her head with disgust now as a sinister smile crossed the face of Craig Thomas. He finally had a chance to wrap this up and placed a chair on the ground to use for something nefarious. He locked eyes with Derrick Huber as he started to rise when Charlotte suddenly jumped up on the ring apron.

“Hey, Craig! That paint you wanted me to wear on Warriors…”

Thomas turned around as Charlotte opened up her coat…

The crowd went NUTS~!

She was wearing nothing underneath the coat and had exposed a lovely set of breasts with a pair of hearts painted strategically on them. Thomas’s eyes went wide while the crowd ate this all up!

The Ego couldn’t help but look before he turned over… Huber was standing…


Derrick Huber’s firemans carry spinebuster drove him right down on the chair as the crowd cheered in approval! Charlotte zipped up her coat while Huber hooked the legs of Craig Thomas and pulled both legs back.




The tables had been turned on the trickery of Craig Thomas and Derrick Huber had come through with the win! He tossed the legs back of Craig Thomas and through labored breathing to make it back to his feet. Charlotte jumped into the ring and planted a big kiss on her husband’s lips in celebration of his victory!

“You couldn’t have flashed him sooner?” Huber asked.

Charlotte patted him on the shoulder. “You were doing fine.”

Craig Thomas had a gameplan for this match, but thanks to some quick thinking and a really hot redhead named Charlotte, Derrick Huber had finally scored a important win over Team EGO and got himself some payback here tonight.

Thomas and Charlotte were halfway up the ramp while Thomas was just starting to come around while holding his back in pain. He looked up at Charlotte and Derrick who were halfway up the ramp, both waving at Thomas and blowing kisses. Charlotte still technically belonged to Team EGO but Derrick Huber was taking his wife away just for the occasion. He limped away and the husband and wife disappeared backstage while an irate Thomas shouted.


Thomas was pissed! Just like he did to the set earlier, he was pissed. His own back hurt after the spinebuster but he still had some frustration to take out…


He absolutely drilled the referee with the brutal sideslam! First his setback last week with Conan the Leprechaun and now this major setback this week after The House had finally pulled one over on him.

Sorely, he rolled outside the ring and started limping to the back. This setback hadn’t gone over well at all.

Things with The House and Team EGO were still far from over.

Winner: Derrick Huber via Pinfall

"Run This Town (Sorry, No Jay-Z, Kanye or Rihanna Here)"

Ninja K Some hot action had already been seen tonight. Kayden Paulton’s improbably rise continued with yet another victory as he defeated the German giant Sepiroth Du Luc. Newcomers Jameson Lennox and Diamond Jewelz had defeated veteran tag team The Jury in their debuts and looked poised for big things. The announcement of the big Phoenix Rose Invitational was going to be in full swing soon as a whole dearth of tag teams both veteran and rookie were looking to make big moves.

But now came the part of the night that nobody really asked for and yet, they were going to get anyway.

You have been warned.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Behind them with a light-up Tiara was none other than the Heirs’ newest addition, the prissy “Heiress” Sarah Winterton! The foursome marched to the ring in unison. They had their THREE jOlt Tag Team Titles – one for each prick in the Heirs – as they walked to the ring.

All four of the Heirs climbed into the ring one by one and each took a turnbuckle to show off for the crowd. They had pissed off all the wrong people, but in the last week, they had not only won the jOlt Tag Team Titles, but retained them twice against the likes of The House in a rematch as well as their old rivals Sweet Sweet Lovin. With those key victories behind them, the Heirs now looked ahead to other things… mainly antagonizing the crowd.

Frank smiled as he took hold of the microphone while wielding one of the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Ryan was wearing his trinket over his neck like he was Flava Flav with a clock and Mack Brody was busy checking his reflection in his.

“What a hell of a week it’s been!” Frank yelled to the masses who responded in kind with booing. “We came into jOlt and did EXACTLY what we said we were going to do. We came in and we told jOlt that we were getting our Tag Team Titles back. The House fought us tooth and nail while having Team EGO hang off their dicks. Those morons in the movie Pacific Rim should’ve given US a call because what did we do not once but twice in the last eight days? We slayed the giants!”

Sure, a lot of help could be given to “The Ego” Craig Thomas for superkicking Derrick Huber into next week. But this was Heirs 101: The win mattered. When it came to anything else, nary a fuck was given. Frank Silver continued as he hoisted his third of the belts over his shoulder. Ryan took the microphone from Frank and laughed.

“You best prepare to back up because we’re about to fuck you up with some TRUTH! Here we stand, the jOlt Tag Team Champions OF THE WORLD! Do you understand what that means? These belts aren’t just some run-of-the-mill carnival prizes that are held by the likes of two singles idiots with nothing to do. What you are looking at is the ABSOLUTE BEST collection of talent that ANY organization has ever seen! When we hold these belts, they ARE the main event! Doesn’t matter if it’s Warriors, Intense, The Hype, Rock the House, PPVs… The Heirs ARE the main event! And what you are seeing here is only the tip of the iceberg, nuckas! If you look there is a Phoenix Rose Invitational that was announced. I send this message to anybody participating in that… good luck. But your efforts will be wasted because the only thing that any of you will win is a grand ass-STOMPING courtesy of moi!”

Gallway turned to Sarah Winterton as the lovely young lady took the microphone.

“Hello, my darlings!” She beamed.


Winterton was almost taken aback by the negative response… no, wait, that was just her feigning surprise.

“You heard that chants last week on Warriors when Aria Murphy did the right thing and vacated the Starlet Championship. All Hail the Heir! All Hail The Heir!”

Those chants were REALLY meant for the soon-to-be first child of Aria Murphy and her fiancée, Sylo. Sarah might have been taking liberties.

“My darlings, you have nothing to fear! Because now, you have the Heiress to look up to! You have seven lovely young ladies trying to make something of themselves in the Starlet Title Tournament… and then you have ME! A bigger star than Aria Murphy could ever be!”

More booing for that.

“The Heiress will take her rightful spot on top of the Starlet’s division and will make the belt mean something again! The Starlets are all stars in their own right… but none will shine brighter than mine!”

With that the microphone went to Mack Brody as he continued to glance at his own reflection in the jOlt Tag Team Title he wore proudly.

“And that’s going to bring me to something that I’ve been wanting to speak on for a long while now… see, Frank here is right. We Heirs have more than one goal lined up. The Tag Team Titles will ALWAYS be priority number one for us, but we have goals as well… putting more gold around this FINE-ASS waist for one!”

The Bronze Bombshell flashed his gigantic pearly whites for the crowd.

“The Underground Championship! It’s a division full of violence… grittiness… no-good, knock-down drag-out fights that push people to their very boundaries. When somebody like me looks at that championship… it’s… UGLY. It’s wretched. But it’s gold, and I want it! I want it because The Underground Championship has seen far too much shit happen to it. A bunch of bumfights-looking assholes have fought over it. Derecho went nuts holding it and it led to him splattering his brains all over his room... Sylo came out here and was playing pretend tough guy with that belt for weeks…”

Oooooooh, thems fighting words. And the crowd thought so too.


Mack shut up and calmly walked away from the ring because the crowd had clearly schooled him. And if you actually believe this, welcome to your first jOlt show.

“…And now the belt is being held by Ninja K… a man so hideous that he hides his face behind a mask like a coward and hides behind a group of ninjas because his best days are behind him. What kind of person hides behind a group of other wreslters to win matches? Who?”

The irony wasn’t lost on the crowd and they jeered even louder while Frank, Ryan and Sarah all shrugged. Mack nodded.

“That’s why I’m making it my mission effective immediately: I am coming for that Underground Championship, Ninja K. That belt needs to be held by somebody younger. Stronger. More gorgeous! That belt needs to see better days! I am Mack Brody… I am the FUTURE of the Underground… and the future looks fucking good!”

Mack flexed his guns while the crowd was growing restless and ready to throw trash in their direction. In fact, a few fans did just that which only got the Heirs even more riled up. Frank had the microphone again as he held up a finger.

“And we haven’t forgotten about those fucking idiots, the Crimson Order. For two shows now, the bunch of you have been slobbing on our nobs trying to get some of our spotlight. I will give you this… Takashi, Heido… the two of you are big bastards and yeah, you might be tough. But look at our track record in jOlt… Sylo. Ray Chavez. JCON. TEAM VIAGRA, the only other team to hold these belts twice… and we beat them too! The House thought that they could step to us and we made them has-beens. Come Warriors, we’re issuing a challenge…” He glanced at Ryan and Mack. “Title-free, because we don’t hand out title shots for free, of course.”


“If The Chan Clan has the Ben Wa Balls to accept our challenge…”

Ryan tapped him on the shoulder. “Dude, that’s not Japanese.”

Frank shrugged. “Same hemisphere… as I was saying, if you idiots think that you can take us on, we’re challenging you to a match on Warriors! We’re gonna snuff you idiots out and then we’re clearing a path to Ninja K. Not even you and not even his thousand moves of doom are going to save him from what we bring.”

Silver dropped the microphone as “Money” by D/R Period played. The Heirs of Wrestling had laid their respective decrees and had declared war on jOlt Wrestling and The Crimson Order.

The Heirs of Wrestling left the ring one by one before they headed back up the ramp, raising the Tag Team Titles for all to see. Their intent was clear. They were looking not only to continue tag team dominance, but they were also looking to other divisions in jOlt.

Business is about to pick up, King.

Tyke vs Reno Davis
Aran ThompsonMattock

The crowd awaited the next match when the arena went dark.






Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

Tyke stepped out from the backstage area to boos from the crowd. Tonight he faced Reno Davis in a rematch from last week's Rock the House event in Cincinatti, OH. It was a standard match that saw Tyke crack a steel chair over the head of Reno Davis, handing Davis the win via disqualification. Davis was upset about that and has challenged Tyke to a rematch here tonight on iNtense and The British Lion has answered the call on the condition that this match be contested with Underground rules.

Full of confidence, Tyke slid into the ring as his music died down. He turned his attention toward the entrance ramp when..

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

The crowd cheered as Reno Davis stepped out from the backstage area. This was Reno's first appearance on iNtense in over a month. Last time we saw him, he got involved in the crossfire between Grendel and Chris Titan.. now that he has sufficiently healed, he has returned to active competition and has immediately found himself in an issue with The British Lion. Davis hopped up onto the ring apron, but as soon as he stepped into the ring, Tyke jumped him and began to pummel away!




Tyke rapidly fired forearm shots to the upper back of Reno Davis. Davis couldn't even get his jacket off as Tyke was relentless from the getgo. Tyke then whipped Davis to the ropes, but Davis reversed it and sent Tyke to the ropes in his stead. Davis then leapt up and took Tyke down with a leaping leg lariat. Tyke rolled out of the ring since he was caught off guard, but Davis saw this as an opportunity.

Davis removed his jacket and then threw it at Tyke. From the moment he threw the jacket at him, he charged toward the ropes. The jacket fell across Tyke's face and when he removed it, he had no time to react as he witnessed Reno Davis with a Vaulting Corkscrew Body Press to the outside! Davis collided with Tyke and took him down to the floor mats as the crowd rose to their feet and cheered him on!

In just the opening minute of this match, Davis had already sent a message to The British Lion and to all the fans watching live throughout the arena and on tv. Davis then reached down and pulled Tyke up by the head. Once at a vertical base, Davis snapped off a knife edge chop across Tyke's chest. Davis fired another chop and then a third which turned Tyke's chest red. Davis then attempted to whip Tyke toward the ring steps, but Tyke reversed it and whipped Davis instead, however, Davis leapt onto the ring steps and backflipped over Tyke, landing behind him where he quickly grabbed Tyke in a waist lock and shoved him chest and head first into the steel ring post!

Tyke crumbled down to the mats in a heap after that shot and there was even a trickle of blood coming from Tyke's forehead as that post shot split him wide open! Davis stayed on the attack as he pulled Tyke back up and walked him over to the announce table.


Davis bounced Tyke's head off of the announce table and Tyke staggered away, dropping to a knee. Davis then charged in and nailed a running knee strike to the back of Tyke's head that caused him to fall forward and land face down on the floor mats!

Davis sensed that retribution was at hand as he pulled Tyke's limp and lifeless body up only to roll it back into the ring. Davis then rolled in after it and went for the first cover of the match and after that punishment, it could be the ONLY cover of this match...



Tyke kicked out!

Davis looked a bit perplexed, but didn't give up. He had Tyke down and prone and he wanted to continue the attack. Davis grabbed Tyke by the head and pulled him up to his feet, but Tyke instantly grabbed Davis and nailed an Inverted Atomic Drop. Tyke then leapt up and nailed a Drop Kick to the face of Reno Davis! Davis rolled back to the outside as Tyke propped himself up on all fours with drops of blood dripping off his forehead and onto the canvas. Tyke then looked to his left to notice Reno Davis staggering up to his feet. Tyke got up and hit the ropes. He then charged at full speed, diving through the ropes with a Suicide Dive and crashing right into Reno Davis. The force sent the two of them back first into the announce position!

Both men were down and not moving, however, with it being Underground rules, the referee could not administer a ten count, but the referee did hop out of the ring to check on the two of them to see if they could continue the match.

Tyke and Davis began to stir, slowly getting back up to their feet. Tyke fired a big right hand, Davis answered with a knife edge chop. Tyke hit another right hand and Davis answered with another chop. Davis went for the chop, but Tyke knew it was coming and ducked underneath it. Tyke then leapt onto the announce table and flipped off with a moonsault, connecting with Davis as he turned around just in time to get hit with it.

Tyke staggered to his feet and then fell against the ring apron as he used it to prop himself up. Tyke then grinned as he walked over and pulled Davis up to his feet. Tyke then used a headbutt with his bloodied forehead right to the skull of Davis. Davis staggered back and fell against the announce position.Tyke then charged with a clothesline, but Davis quickly lifted Tyke up and nailed a Flapjack onto the announce table, which did not break. This caused Tyke to bounce off of the table into the chairs of the announcers!!

Davis raised his fist high as the crowd roared in approval.. Davis walked around the table and pulled Tyke to his feet. Davis then grabbed Tyke and tossed him with a Biel back onto the announce table where Tyke, once again, bounced off of it and hit the mats at ringside. Davis then climbed up onto the announce table and looked at Tyke who was down and out on the floor.

Davis took aim and leapt off the table, crashing down onto Tyke with an elbow drop! Davis stood up and rolled Tyke back into the ring. Davis then hopped up onto the ring apron and slapped the top turnbuckle pad.

The crowd got hot for Davis as he ascended the top turnbuckle pad and waited for Tyke to get back up to his feet. Tyke turned to face Davis and Reno saw his opportunity. He leapt off with a diving body block, but Tyke pivoted and leapt into the air...




Davis was out cold as the crowd let out a massive "OOOOOOOH" followed by a chorus of boos. Tyke crawled over and hooked the leg with the cover...




"Bullets" by Creed played over the PA system as Tyke slowly sat up. He looked down at Reno Davis and shook his head. Tyke then rolled out of the ring and staggered around ringside as he made his way back up the entrance ramp.

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"What The..."

Ninja K Tyke vs Reno Davis had just concluded. They had left the ring and since this was the announced main event, a couple of people began to stood up, but something was amiss. Carrington wasn't thanking the fans for attending.. perhaps there was more to iNtense?

All of a sudden, without warning, a voice was heard screaming.


All of a sudden, in a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt a man viciously flung the black curtain out of his way and he power walked onto the stage. The crowd which was just sitting back and waiting for the show to begin became stunned silent. Some people were heard talking, but others just sat there in disbelief as they watched this man power walk down the entrance ramp.

As he got to the mid-ramp, the reality set in and the crowd erupted in one of the biggest pops the Arena of Champions has ever heard


As the crowd cheered, there were some that were still visibly confused.

Buhrman: I... is that? But.. we all thought...

Derecho rolled into the ring and grabbed a microphone, he didn't even wait for the crowd to simmer.



Derecho paced back and forth as he was about as pissed as anyone had ever seen him.

"Since I'm NOT leaving this ring until someone comes out here and explains themselves, I might as tell the entire world EXACTLY what happened after Thieves' Honor."

The crowd was silent... all attention was turned to the words of Derecho

"Yeah.. I lost my jOlt Championship at Thieves' Honor.. something I wasn't proud of. I spent an entire YEAR of my life busting my ass as jOlt's Underground Champion.. and by the way.. I'm speaking as Jason fucking Roberts.. not as Derecho. I spent an ENTIRE YEAR, representing this company.. playing the role of a psychotic asshole to entertain these people and I'm rewarded by the powers that be with the top title in the company.. the jOlt Championship."

The people didn't know whether to cheer or stay silent.. some made noise.. some continued to hang onto every word that he said.

"So I go into Thieves' Honor and yes... my back is against the wall because I'm putting the title on the line against seven other very talented individuals... and yes.. the odds were not in my favor and I lose. While it was disappointing to lose, I felt it was much needed. I spent a year and four months at the top of this company and that kind of wear and tear can get to a person."

Derecho continued to pace back and forth as he talked.. his temper was not receding in the least bit.

"So I made a post on my Twitter account that I didn't know what I was going to do, but shortly after I figured out what I was going to do and that was take a much deserved vacation. I wanted to clear my head, let my nagging injuries heal, and just get away from society to a place where I could just relax.. so living in Florida, I booked a trip to a nice little remote island in the Caribbean and that is where I've been for the past two weeks."

Derecho paused for a moment and then looked toward the main camera.

"For two weeks, I was on a remote island.. no cell phone signal, no internet.. hell, they're lucky if they can get basic cable... but there was a nice resort.. a beautiful beach.. everything anyone could ever want if they wanted to go off the grid and just relax."

"Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Until someone tapped me on the shoulder back on Monday and asked me who I was. They asked me if I was the Derecho that they had seen on the news.. and I said "What do you mean I'm on the news?". They then showed me a local channel reporting that.. well.. I was dead."

Some of the crowd began to boo.

"I used their phone to call jOlt headquarters, but somehow, the number got changed and I couldn't get through. I tried to rebook my flight, but with it being summer, the soonest they could get me out was with the ticket I already had.. so I was stuck on a remote island, no way to contact anyone back on the mainland U.S... going out of my FUCKING mind for the last six days of my vacation, just waiting for the opportunity to find out just what in God's green Earth was going on over here. My plane literally landed 30 minutes ago. I didn't even grab my luggage, it's still at the damn airport.. I just ran out, hailed the first taxi I could get and had them floor it here to Orlando so I could walk out here and address humanity for the first time."

"And now that I'm done explaining to the world that I'm NOT dead.. that I am very much alive and well.. after the fact that my phone's answering machine and text message limits are maxxed so no one can still call me.. and after the fact that I'm sure my friends and family have been put through an emotional hell like no other... I am taking this fucking show over.. and I am hijacking it until SOMEONE.. ANYONE comes out here and claims responsibility for this."

The crowd cheered at that thought as Derecho stood there in the ring. All of a sudden, Derecho couldn't believe his ears... and neither could the crowd..


The crowd was in a stunned silence once again as Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain with the jOlt Championship strapped to his waist. Laurie Williams still had his Relentless Championship cradled to her chest, protecting the championship that Aran constantly refers to as his "name sake". Mace Williams and Waymoth Turnbull followed in kind as Aran looked shocked.

"OH. MY. GOD!" Aran announced sarcastically.

"Well, I mean, I guess I'm talking to you so...OH. THEIR. GOD!" Aran continued.

Derecho stared daggers into the direction of Aran, "I don't have fucking time for this." Derecho snarled.

Aran smiled and looked taken back.

"Oh really?" Aran questioned Derecho.

"Seems to me like you have all the time in the world, now that you're a wandering zombie shell of a false God. Well, wandering zombie. Let me tell you, and every one of these social deviants in on the big secret."

"IT WAS ME!" Aran said as he chuckled a little.

"I called the news stations! I sent out the press releases! I phoned everybody! And I managed to pay off a lowly IT twerp to change the company's phone number. What? Didn't get that memo either?" Aran said sharply as he and the rest of his Black Faction slowly made their way down to the ring.

Derecho looked furiously enraged at Aran Thompson. The audience couldn't even beging to boo in unison. Some of them were just too disgusted. "Why?" is probably what you're wondering, isn't it? Well let me tell you why. It was symbolism. Pure and simple because, you see... for over a year, you developed the Underground Division into hell itself as its champion, and then you went and claimed the jOlt Championship and, again, staying on top of the company. Derecho this.. Derecho that.. I WAS SICK OF IT"

Aran took a moment and composed himself.

"Your era in jOlt ate away at me because I KNEW that I could beat you.. I KNEW that I could be a better champion than you.. for those reasons alone, I did what I did. I knew that you were taking a vacation.. I just happened to get lucky that you picked a nice little island that cut you off from the modern technological world. So I went ahead and reported your death because without a title... without being at the top of the mountain.. you are, metaphorically, still dead."

The crowd booed even louder, but Aran didn't care.

"When I reported your death.. I symbolized the end of the era of Derecho and the beginning of the era of Aran Thompson. You see, I'm no longer living in the shadow of "Jason Roberts" anymore! This little thing between us started back in LoC, whether you want to acknowledge it or not and I'm going to ram you're whole entire existence down your throat!"

The crowd began booing so loudly that Aran had to stop for a moment. He looked around at the Arena of Champions with disgust.

"Speaking of throats, how do you think your baby brother's felt last week in his precious little tribute match? Last I saw him he was getting his ass kicked in the middle of that ring by....ME! And to muffle out his screams of pain and his moaning and groaning I shoved my black armband "in memorial" to you so far down his throat they say it may be days before his stomach properly digests the material."

Derecho flipped out as the crowds began booing Aran even louder. Aran tilted his head and grinned a little as he watched Derecho beg Aran to get into the ring. Mace Williams and Waymoth Turnbull surrounded the ring and Derecho changed his rage to them for a moment.

"Derecho." Aran teased.

Derecho looked at Aran.

"We're not done here." Aran continued.

"WHAT?!" Derecho shouted. "COME IN HERE AND FIGHT!"

Aran smiled once again.

"Oh you think it's that easy? You think that because you're all puffed out and in "big boy mode" that I'm just going to walk in there and give you a shot at this?" Aran said as he motioned his hand toward the jOlt Championship.

"COME ON!" Derecho dared.

Aran shook his head and sighed.

"You said I was nothing. You said I would never amount to anything more than a mid-carder. You've been gone two weeks, and I'm already in your head. I told you, and I told everyone that can hear me. I am the FUTURE of this industry! Not only am I jOlt Champion! I am Relentless Champion! I AM A DOUBLE CHAMPION! AND YOU WILL RESPECT ME!"

Aran shook his head slowly.

"I proved Jacobs wrong. I proved JCON wrong. I've proved Martinez wrong. Thomas wrong! TYKE WRONG! SAUNDERS WRONG! and I've proved you wrong."

Laurie Williams clapped as Aran and Derecho shared a thousand mile stare.

"You want your rematch? You want your revenge!?"

"Earn it."


"Champion" by Grinspoon played as Aran and Laurie started to walk away and Derecho, for just a moment forgot about Mace and Waymoth and then realized they were at his sides outside the ring as they too slowly walked to the back staring at Derecho, letting him know that he would have to get through them first.

Derecho quickly slid out of the ring and charged after Aran but Mace and Waymoth grabbed ahold of Derecho so he couldn't mount any offense.


Aran laid Derecho out with the Relentless Championship to a chorus of boos. Derecho lay at the edge of the entrance ramp and Aran stood over Derecho yet again as he held the jOlt Championship high in the air. He then knelt down and placed the jOlt Championship next to Derecho's head.


Aran then slapped Derecho across the face and stood up, holding the jOlt Championship high in the air.

"THIS.. IS... MY... ERA!" yelled Aran.

The final scene of iNtense showed Aran Thompson standing over Derecho at the top of the ramp with the championship held high. Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Wiliams were at Aran's sides and Laurie Williams was holding the Relentless Championship behind Aran Thompson

iNtense went off the air.