"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!


Ninja K The camera panned to the backstage area and the crowd cheered for the twosome who was arriving at the arena. One half of the former jOlt Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber along with his wife Charlotte were heading into the arena arm in arm for the first time in what seemed like weeks. As of now, Charlotte’s contract was still owned by “The Ego” Craig Thomas and Team EGO. However nobody had seen hide or hair of Craig Thomas since his defeat at the hands of Derrick Huber last week.

“Come on, baby, you know we’ve gotta be here for Adam,” Charlotte said as Huber held the door open for her.

Both of them were in the building now and walking through the backstage halls side by side.

“He’s got a big opportunity,” Huber said. “That Open Season match main eventing Cataclysm in a few weeks… but he’s the biggest guy in that match you know? If we know Adam… and I’m pretty sure I do… he’s going to fuck people up.”

Charlotte smiled. “Kinda like you did to Craig Thomas last week?”

The memory of Charlotte distracting Thomas by showing off her… well, her fine assets and allowing Derrick Huber to finally get one over on Thomas brought a big grin to the Oddsmaker’s face.

“Yeah,” Huber said proudly. “That was some payback that mouthy asshole had coming. But we’re not out of the woods yet. Huber’s gonna deal with Thomas’ ass-lackey, the Strangler during Open Season but Craig Thomas owns your contract. When I beat him last week, I earned the right to face him in a match where I pick the stipulation.”

He grabbed Charlotte by the hand and held it tightly.

“I’m not letting anything happen to y…”


Before he could get in another word, Charlotte jumped when the lead pipe bashed him in the back!

Huber collapsed to the ground and before he knew it, three more shots landed to the rib cage of Huber knocking the wind out of him while Charlotte screamed. She tried to stop the assault only for the perpetrator to push her aside.

The camera finally panned up…


“Ooooohhhhhhhhh no!” Craig screamed as he stood over The Oddsmaker with the pipe still in hand. “You and I… we are NOT done! Not by a fucking long shot! You took a shot at the world title from me… I took the Tag Titles from me and I still OWN her contract!”

Charlotte wasn’t standing by to watch this; she tried to attack Craig again and jumped on his back. Thomas struggled with her across the hall before he finally grabbed her by the back of her hair and tossed her to the ground. The crowd watching the drama unfolding in the arena was booing the actions of The Ego.

“You think what you two did last week was pretty smart? If you want a piece of me, then you got it… I’m challenging you to a match at Cataclysm, pretty boy! And it doesn’t matter what stipulation you pick… I’m going to make both of you pay!”


Thomas looked up and saw the massive tag team partner of Derrick Huber charging down the halls. “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck was giving chase and the crowd cheered as he chased him off. Thomas dropped the pipe and let out a smirk before he took off and headed back out the exit of the arena. Huber was hurt now while Adam Roebuck looked out.

“Hey!” Roebuck roared through the halls. “Help! We need help here now!”

Roebuck looked at a slightly shaken Charlotte as they both looked down at Derrick.

“You okay?” Roebuck asked.

Charlotte nodded. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

Roebuck seethed while Charlotte was cradled up to her husband. While Huber was on the ground groaning in pain after the heinous attack, Roebuck and Charlotte waited as a pair of trainers rushed to the scene.

Team EGO had just struck back with a vengeance at The House.

"Matching Tights"

Ninja K Diamond Jewelz sits on the locker room bench tying one of his purple and yellow tennis shoes as the gleam from the gold and diamonds from his numerous articles of jewelry and the platinum and diamonds covering his teeth, revealed by his partially open mouth, twinkle and glisten in the camera.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Aggressive strikes from the other side of the door pulse through the room slightly startling Diamond.

\ “Get that for me baby,” he instructs Ruby Rocks Jewelz, a slight cloud of concern clouding his face, wondering who has the audacity to knock so rudely. The buxom blonde quickly scoots over to the door opening it slightly with caution to see just who it was knocking; all of the sudden, a rush of joy covers her face!

“Look who it is boo,” Ruby exclaims as Diamond looks up from his boots in stern solemn face of curiosity.

The massive figure of Jameson Lennox slowly creeps into the door with a small article of white cloth in his right hand; an equally wide grin covers Diamond’s face upon sight of Lennox.

“What’s good my nigga,” Diamond exclaims!!

Lennox peers sternly with his green eyes at Diamond lifting up the white cloth revealing black “nGs” lettering on the tights with the words “next Generation superstars” below them; “What the hell are these,” he asserts with arrogant aggression. He then tosses the white article of cloth over into Diamond’s face. Diamond pulls the white cloth from his face quickly, and then turning the other cheek at Lennox’s gesture, shoots a wide gleaming grin of platinum and diamonds, unique from last week when he wore gold and diamonds in his grill, Lennox’s way.

“Matching tights, big bro!!! Look good, feel good, fight good big bro!!! If we’re really a team, we should have matching tights!!!”

Diamond’s enthusiastic rebuttal does not entertain Lennox the least bit. An arrogant look of disdain clouds his face.“I thought this was strictly business??? No corny team name!! No matching tights!!! Just business!! This is all about money and gold!!! Keep it that way!!! We’re on a winning streak!! We didn’t wear matching tights before!!”

Diamond smiles at Lennox “Yeah yeah!!! I’m all about money and gold; diamonds too!!! But businessmen look good when they do business!!! We got a team name!!! We should have matching tights!!!”

Ruby steps in between the thick of the tension brewing between the two massive men putting her arm in between them and facing Lennox; “It was my idea, she exclaims!! U guys should match!!” Ruby does all she can to fight Lennox’s discontent off with her beauty and her charm!!”

“Yeah!!! It was her idea chump,” Diamond shoots at Lennox jokingly tossing the white tights in his face!!!

Lennox quickly removes the tights from his face, shaking his head in anger and discontent, but a discontent that does not reveal his will!!! He has the tights balled up in his hand, but will he wear them or will he discard them after he leaves the room!!


Lennox exits the door with the white tights, failing to reveal his will!! In a few minutes, we will indeed find out if Lennox and Diamond, the next Generation superstars, on a 2 match winning streak but regardless of their recocrd, an odd couple indeed, have meshed to the point of wearing matching tights!!!

next Generation superstars vs West Texas Terrorists
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonMattockMattock

The bass rifts from "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pulse through the PA system of the Arena of Champions as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the joltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#sOdAmnsErious" and a serious face emoticon logo. A chorus of cheers erupt from the crowd, not because of Diamond’s humility, or warm-personality but because so far, he and Lennox have done nothing but win and the people love champions; after all, this is the Arena of Champions isn’t it? The small busty, blond haired figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz bursts out the curtains of the entrance, leading to a heightened amount of cheers. Shortly after her entrance, the much taller Jewelz, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold, follows behind her. His shoes are hightop tennis shoes, a combination of purple and gold; his kneepads are white, and covered in a yellow "#sOdAmNsErious" insignia, as are his elbow pads; he does not wear his personal purple “Diamond Jewelz” cursive insignia tights tonight though; instead, they are replaced by white tights with a purple nGslogo on the front of them and the same except with “next generation superstars”, written below the “nGs” on the back of them. Diamond is a team player tonight!!! A white form fitting nGs shirt covers his tall, muscular frame, and his neck and wrists are each draped in a plethora of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry pieces. His white shirt is stained from a mixture of baby oil and sweat; he freezes in front of the crowd, showing off the different articles of jewelry on each body part he wears piece by piece, much like a bodybuilder would show off each individual muscle group he has crafted. So much of DJ’s jewelry being handcrafted, he flaunts it not only because its is beautiful and valuable, but also because it is his own craftsmanship. As he poses, he mumbles words only audible to those audience members around him, and skilled lip readers at home, but with each word of his semi-translatable mouthing diatribe, he reveals the gleam of the platinum and gold on the grill clothing his teeth. As he continues to the ring, he alternates flaunting his manger Ruby Rocks Jewelz, and his jewelry pieces. He enters the ring as the twin bodies of the West Texas Terrorists gleam in the light of the ring, staring him down with an identical scowl that only a couple of twins could muster.

Nipsey Hussle's anthem transforms into the pulsing drums of "Needles" by Seether to equal or slightly greater roar of cheers than Jewelz’s from the Arena of Champions.. The rifts of the guitar kick in as Jameson Lennox flashes on jOltvision and then switches to highlights of Lennox from his previous matches in jOlt. The fans have not erupted in cheer for Lennox because of his charm either; like Jewelz, he is self-absorbed and doesn’t respect them the least bit, but like Jewelz, so far, they have not known him yet to have tasted defeat. Diamond continues to removes his jewelry in the ring, as the chrous to the song breaks out and the massive shoulders and body of Jameson Lennox break the barriers of the curtain and enter into the arena. He chews gum as he walks down to the ring, his muscles glistening in a mix of baby oil and a light warm up sweat; to the pleasant surprise of Ruby and DJ, Lennox dons the white and black nGs tights DJ had made for him; DJ and Lennox are a real team now! DJ grins widely at Lennox, the gleam of his grill twinkling brightly. Lennox, overflowing with confidence and arrogance, enters the ring to the gleaming grin of DJ and the aggressive twin stares of the West Texas Terrorists. Lennox peers at Jewelz, mouthing arrogantly to him, “Are you happy?”, referring to him wearing the tights and then gives an aggressive stare at the members of "The West Texas Terrorists" across the ring. Diamond steps out of the ring mouthing at Lennox “You do the honors this week!” Lennox takes DJ’scue and stands poised in the ring across from Eli Conway.




Both Lennox and Eli circle each other, each pawing at the air, looking to shoot in to grapple or strike. Eli shoots in low, missing, catapulting off one knee back up to his feet and then continuing to posture. Lennox throws a jab and a right, missing both, but then lands a collar and elbow tie up… The two men jostle back and forth until Lennox tosses Eli across the ring. That’s the brute strength of this young up and coming superstar.

Eli sits in his corner, a look of frustration and anger on his face as he contemplates his next move. Ezra, comforts his brother and instructs him as Lennox shoots on arrogant grin at Eli.

“That’s all you got,” he shouts over to the West Texas Terrorists corner. Eli catapults out of his corner, a ball of steam, and hurls himself at Lennox with an attempted double leg. He misses and after the miss, he is hit by a big boot to the head. Lennox scoops up Eli and hits him with a belly to belly suplex that sends him flying across the ring. Lucky for Eli, he’s right in his corner and tags his brother Ezra in. Ezra comes in hot and goes for a cross body block but is caught in the air by the massively powerful Lennox and broken in half by a back breaker. Lennox goes over to an anxious Diamond and tags him in. Diamond waits for Eazra to get to his haunches and then hits him with the “Crown Jewel”. Jewelz smells blood early!!! He goes for the cover!!!




Diamond scrapes Ezra up and Irish Whips him into the corner. Diamond hits him with strike after strike: knee, elbow, kick, punch, punch, shoulder block, shoulder block shoulder block. He finishes the exchange with a belly to belly suplex, which sends Ezra from the corner to the middle of the ring and then goes for another cover



He barely gets a two count this time. He scrapes Ezra up from the middle of the ring and drags him over to Lennox, tagging him in the process. Lennox steps in the ring and both men grab a hold of him to the count of referee Ian Nyguen: 1…2…3… … SLAM!!! Double Team Suplex…Diamond escapes the ring just before the 5 count, and Lennox persists to put the boots to Ezra. He scrapes Ezra up and hits a viscous DDT. Lennox mounts the ropes to the rousing cheers of the fans of the Arena of Champions. How often do you see a big man go to the top rope like this? Top Rope Leg Drop… That’s gotta be it



Thr,.,,,, No!!!

Ezra manages to kick out. It’s the only kick The West Texas Terrorists have landed all night. This match has been a completely one sided mugging. The next Generation superstars are a machine now.. Unlike their first match on iNtense a week ago, they trust each other completely now after a few victories together. Lennox drags Ezra over to the corner and and immediately tags DJ in to the bubbling joy of his fiancé Ruby Rocks Jewelz. Diamond nestles Ezra’s body in the corner and then hits him with one of his fiance’s signature moves, Dimepiece Earrings: that’s 10 alternating elbows to alternating sides of the head. Ezra is cut open from one of the elbow and stumbles out of the corner!! Diamond stands poised to strike…

Moissanite Tester.. That’s a lightning spiral suplex… Diamond looks over at his prey like a salivating wolf, but looks at the hunger in the eyes of Lennox standing in the corner like a hovering vulture, and tags him in, leaving the scraps for him.

Lennox jumps in and scrapes EZRA off the floor.

END OF THE ROAD… That’s an F5… That should be all..




“Needles” by Seether bleeds into the PA system as Diamond and Ruby Rocks Jewelz jump in the ring to congratulate their nGs partner. Diamond and Lennox were a true team today and Hype regulars like the West Texas Terrorists were no match for future champions and superstars Jameson Lennox and Diamond Jewelz. They didn’t even get any offense in. A highly combustible group of elements last week, Diamond and Lennox were one not only in uniform this week but also in spirit. Even though their big personalities and egos of both clash constantly, these opposites complement each other well. For now at least, Jewelz and Lennox have lost their individual selves in the pursuit of their shared individual hunger for money and gold!!! The nGs isn’t just a “team name” anymore, it is Diamond and Lennox’s shared identity. They shouldn’t have any problem wearing matching tights from now on with all the success they’ve been having. 3-0; the nGs are on a winning streak the heir ups at jolt can’t help but pay attention to.

Winner: next Generation superstars via Pinfall

"When Mad Meets Glad"

Ninja K The camera was once again backstage and this time it was at the interview backdrop. Standing by backstage was the lovely young interviewer Dawn Cassidy.

“Hello, folks. Tonight, I’m standing by with one of the six men who will be in the Open Season match that was announced on Warriors… he is one half of The House and one of the former jOlt Tag Team Champions. He is “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck!”

The crowd cheered as the mammoth form of The Big Bucks stepped into full view getting ready for his match in a few moments. It had been a rough week for the big guy.

“First off,” Dawn said, “I understand that you were absent from last week’s editions of Intense and Warriors due to a family emergency. My condolences.”

Huber nodded solemnly. “Thank you. My aunt unfortunately took a turn for the worse and she’s in a convalescent home. To put it bluntly it has been a few shitty weeks for me but I’m looking forward to put that all behind me.”

Dawn nodded affirmatively as Roebuck continued.

“Because of my performances in singles and tag team matches, I was given the word by Jim Johnson that I was given a spot in the Open Season match for a shot at the Underground Championship – one of the most prestigious championships in jOlt. It has seen a lot of blood spilled and a lot of lives ruined and above all that, it cements those who hold it as some of the toughest in the business… and if you don’t mind me saying so that’s pretty fucking cool.”

For the first time ever recorded on jOlt programming, the very surly and angry forty-year-old giant actually had what looked like a grin on his face. He was showing range beyond his regular permascowl.

“I want it. Above all else, I get a shot at singles gold. Rest assured The House aren’t going anywhere, but Huber understands that I can’t pass this up.”

“Speaking of,” Dawn asked. “We saw that heinous attack just a bit ago by Craig Thomas. Any updates on how Derrick Huber is doing?”

“Yeah… he’s got a bruised rib… but more than that, he’s pissed. Craig Thomas thinks by picking fights with us he’s got something smart going but all that fucker has done is shit the bed. Huber’s going to get better, accept his challenge, then lay into that bald-headed bitch for putting my hands on my friend and Huber’s wife, Charlotte! That brings me back to the Open Season. I want that Underground Championship shot and I won’t lose sight of that, but I do want to hurt somebody else in that match – Thomas’s big fuck of a bodyguard, The Strangler. I’m going to hurt him for everything he and Thomas have put Charlotte through, then…”

Roebuck stopped when somebody came into the camera’s view. This was none other than one of the other competitors in the Open Season match and quite an odd choice considering the man wouldn’t hurt a fly.

The crowd CHEERED when Kayden Paulton stepped into the interview area. He looked up at The Big Bucks and extended a hand.


The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had been on a HUGE hotstreak the last several weeks. He’d defeated Waymoth Turnbull in what some would call one of the biggest upsets in jOlt history. He’d beaten Bane Loneheart and more recently, Sepiroth Du Luc and Mattock during the last edition of Rock The House. Jim Johnson had noticed Kayden Paulton turning heads and rewarded him with this golden opportunity as well.

“Paulton.” Huber said coldly.

He looked at his hand apprehensively before the big surly monster actually extended his own.

“That’s me, guy!” Kayden smiled. “Hey, man, I’m sorry to interrupt your swearing tirade! And it actually sounds like you’ve got a LOT of anger, dude. But I just wanted to say before our Underground Rules match tonight… good luck, guy.”

The Big Bucks looked confused at Kayden’s statement.

“Hey… Kayden, right?”


“Kayden,” Huber began while Dawn inched away from the men. “We’re gonna go out there tonight and let me be blunt… I know you have a lot of wins under your belt recently, but I need this. You can be nice and smile and grin and wink and giggle like a fucking schoolgirl for all I care… but I need this. You’re a good guy and I don’t have a problem with you, but I am not going to let an opportunity like this pass me by. Are we understood?”

jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler had let each word sink into his head.

His rebuttal?

A smile.

“Hey, man! I get it! We all want to win! It’s too bad we ALL can’t be the number one contender, but all we can do is just give it our all. I’m sorry about what happened to Derrick Huber earlier, but I just want you to know… I can be hardcore, too!”

The second those last words spewed from Kayden’s mouth, Roebuck retorted with a low laugh under his breath.

“You… you’re hardcore?”

“You bet your gosh-darned rear end I’m hardcore, guy!” Kayden yelled while the fans in attendance laughed. “Good match, man, let’s do this!”

Kayden smiled before he turned on his heel and walked away, leaving Adam Roebuck slightly confused.

“That’s a funny little fuck right there.”

Roebuck shook his head and left the interview area to get ready for their match later.

Romeo Ruster Reno vs Bryan Dawkins
Aran ThompsonMattock

As iNtense comes back from commerical, we see "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins in the ring, warming up. The lights then go low.

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

Out from the back came Romeo Ruster Reno to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Last week, we saw Reno come to the aid of Bryan Dawkins when he was surrounded by reVolt, but much to the shock of many, Reno ended up attacking Dawkins once reVolt left the ring. Ruster Reno simply stated that he felt that he was better looking than Dawkins and that he was merely an eyesore. A simple opinion has brought us to this clash tonight as Reno rolled into the ring.

The two of them came face to face in the center.. Dawkins looked a bit serious while Reno had a grin on his face. The referee separated them and then called for the bell.




Reno and Dawkins circled each other in the ring. They locked up and immediately Dawkins twisted the arm with an arm wringer. He backed Reno into the ropes and shot him across with an irish whip, but Reno came back and hit a shoulder block knocking Dawkins to the mat.

Reno sneered a bit and then took off to the ropes. Dawkins flipped to his stomach and Reno stepped over only to bounce off the opposite end. Dawkins was back up and attempted a hip toss, but Reno blocked it and hit a knee to the stomach which doubled Dawkins over. Reno hooked the leg over the back of Dawkins' head and flipped out to his feet. Dawkins with the clothesline, but Reno ducked. Reno immediately reached back and went for a hangman's noose neckbreaker, but Dawkins spun and got underneath Reno's arm. He lifted Reno for a back drop suplex, but Reno flipped and landed on his feet.

Waist lock by Reno, but Dawkins charged in toward the ropes and clung to them. Reno rolled on the ground and back up to his feet. Super kick from Dawkins side stepped by Reno. Reno then hit a toe kick to the stomach that doubled Dawkins over. Reno to the ropes and he came back with an axe kick, but Dawkins stepped back and avoided it. Waist lock by Dawkins and a German Suplex attempt, but Reno flips and lands on his feet. Reno charged in and got caught in an arm drag by Dawkins.

Reno got back up as Dawkins charged in and got caught with an arm drag of his own. Both men got to their feet and stood off to a round of applause from the crowd!

The round of applause was cut short when Reno spat in the face of Dawkins and grinned about it. Dawkins swung with a haymaker punch, but Reno ducked. When Dawkins turned around, Reno kicked him in the stomach and set him up between his legs. He lifted Dawkins for a powerbomb, but Dawkins continued the momentum to the other side and rolled up Reno with a Sunset Flip!



Reno leaned forward and now Dawkins found himself in the pin!



Back the other way!



Reno rolls backwards to his feet and then front flips into a bridge pin on Dawkins!



Left shoulder up by Dawkins.



Right shoulder up by Dawkins.



Dawkins bridged up along with Reno and Dawkins twisted it into a backslide pin!



Reno kicked away and then flat out kicked Dawkins right in his face!! He then pulled Dawkins over with the small package!



Dawkins kicked away and both men got back to their feet with another round of applause from the crowd and this time it was Dawkins that spat in the face of Reno! Reno then got pissed and charged in with a clothesline, but Dawkins thought Lariat at the same time and then both collided and went down to the canvas!

The referee checked on both men and began his mandatory ten count.

1...... 2..... 3..... 4..... 5..... 6....

Both men began to stir...

7... 8.... 9....

Both got up to their feet.

Right hand by Dawkins... Right hand by Reno... Right by Dawkins... Right by Reno... Right by Dawkins, but Dawkins sped up the tempo and fired more and more right hands into the face of Romeo Ruster Reno. He backed Reno into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Leaping Leg Lariat by Dawkins up Reno down and Dawkins was immediately back on his feet. Dawkins charged to the ropes and nailed an Asai Moonsault inside the ring onto Reno. Cover!



Shoulder up by Reno!

Dawkins then brought Reno up to a seated position and placed him in a rear chin lock with the knee placed into the upper back of Reno. Dawkin wrenched back on the head of Reno, but Reno stood and hit a jawbreaker to Dawkins which broke the hold. Reno then leapt onto Dawkins shoulders and flipped him over with a huracanrana! Dawkins staggered up to his feet when Reno grabbed him from behind in a half nelson. He lifted Dawkins and flipped him over with a Half Nelson Pancake! He went for the cover off the high impact move!



Thr... NO!

Dawkins shot the shoulder up and the crowd cheered in approval!

Reno got to his feet and measured Dawkins up. Once Dawkins stood, Reno lunged at him with the jumping cutter he calls The Makeover, but Dawkins shoved him off. Dawkins quickly ran up behind him and nailed a backstabber to Reno, putting him down hard! Dawkins then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, taking aim on Romeo Ruster Reno. Dawkins flipped off with his Shooting Star Press, but Reno rolled out of the way and Dawkins ate nothing but canvas!

Reno then pulled Dawkins to his feet, grabbed him in a waist lock, pivoted and planted him with a Spinebuster right in the middle of the ring! Cover!





Kickout by Dawkins at 2 and 9/10!

Romeo pounded his fists into the canvas in frustration and grabbed Dawkins by the head, forcing him up to a vertical base. He then scoop slammed Dawkins on the canvas and headed to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckles, but Dawkins got up and fell against the ropes, causing Reno to get crotched up top. Dawkins then staggered over to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles, meeting Reno. Dawkins hooked Reno for a superplex and then lifted him up, but Reno hit a knee to the skull at the apex of the lift and Dawkins put him back down on top of the turnbuckles. Reno stood on the middle ropes and knee'd Dawkins right in the face and Dawkins fells off the top!

Reno then leapt off the top rope with a hellacious double stomp, but Dawkins moved and Reno planted his feet into the canvas. Dawkins then did a quick school boy rollup from behind...





Dawkins rolled out of the ring and collapsed to a knee near the bottom of the entrance ramp. Reno argued with the referee about the count, but the referee confirmed that it was a three count. Reno got pissed as he kicked the bottom rope in anger. Dawkins had a grin on his face as he stood up and stretched out his arms. Reno dared him to come back to the ring, but Dawkins backpeddled up the ramp, arms still outstretched.

Reno still couldn't believe he succumbed to a flash pin. In his mind, he was still better looking than Bryan Dawkins and we had a feeling that this was far from over.

Winner: Bryan Dawkins via Pinfall

"Leadership 101"

Ninja K

”Lord Kenshiro”...

The scene began with the parting of the personal locker room door by Mamoru’s hand. A trinity of Crimson Elite were set in the posture of seiza respectively in key points of the modernized chamber, briefly acknowledging the clan advisor’s presence before resuming their mutual stoic disposition. The Underground Champion, Kenshiro Inogami was seen focused on the flat screen television, watching footage from a Wednesday Night Warriors broadcast Episode 22.

TV: {‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson hit the arena as the lights quickly went dark. The music continued to play throughout the arena as Lusus looked around. The fans continued to be antsy as a few flashes from cell phones went off around the arena. The lights slowly came back on and the monster Omega stood in the middle of the ring right behind Lusus. The giant turned around as he heard the jeers from the fans. He saw the monster Omega standing in the ring with a smile on his face.

Lusus backed up looking at the monster standing in front of him. It was rare that Lusus looked up to anyone in the middle of the ring but tonight he was facing a man that was taller than him and he outweighed by less than one hundred pounds. The bell sounded as Omega stood stoically in the middle of the ring. Lusus walked over to the monster and started to talk but Omega just stared at him with no emotion on his face....}

Mamoru: “My Lord, I was told you had the night off...”

Kenshiro: “Time management, Mamoru.” The ninja replied without turning his head. “A champion’s legacy is defined by the finest of details. Besides, this entire division requires my attention. As its Chief Retainer, I must always remain prepared.”

Pen & paper in hand, he casually tossed the remote aside on the couch before becoming lost into the programming. Mamoru quietly took a seat adjacent to the ninja clan leader as Kenshiro was quick to hit the ‘Pause’ button before etching notes upon his yellow notepad...

TV: {‘Lusus drove several shoulder blocks into Omega’s mid section which doubled the monster over. Lusus grabbed Omega and whipped him into the opposite corner. The giant raced into the corner and nailed Omega with a huge splash. Lusus was now in control as he grabbed Omega by his dreadlocks and slammed him to the mat. Omega rolled over trying to get himself into the match. Lusus rolled to the floor and pulled up the ring apron. He grabbed a ladder and pulled it out from under the ring.

Lusus picked up the ladder and pushed it into the ring. The big man rolled into the ring as Omega was up and bolted across the ring with a big clothesline. Lusus did not go down but Omega was not done. He grabbed Lusus and sent him to the mat with a huge belly to belly suplex which got a reaction from the crowd as the strength of Omega was on display.




HO-LY SHIT!!....}

The disc was frozen once more with Kenshiro readily committing vital information to both memory & future reference. Mamoru casually retrieved his cigar from his left breast pocket, gently sniffing it before setting the rear end ablaze. Several puffs of smoke were expelled before holding it aside.

“Where is Kazumi?” The clan advisor asked. “I assumed that she was here mending your wounds during this time of relaxation.”

“Her presence is not required this evening for I have much to attend to.” The ninja mentioned. “The attention to my studies are paramount. Do you know that over 10 years of notes of Derecho are archived within 7 of these on that very shelf?”

Mamoru raised his eyebrow faintly before nodding.

Sylo...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs...The Great Dragon...Brandon Youngblood...Jeff Garvin and a legion of others have been chronologically archived in each respective book. Ring psychology...Tendencies...Strengths & Weaknesses...All for the minute of details yet all of these notes are mere shorthand compared to everything that continues ito committed to here...” The ninja gently tapping his temple. “You have to maintain the edge by any means necessary as every battle is either won or lost here.”

Kenshiro set aside his pen & paper to retrieve the Underground championship. The pewter surface shimmered brilliantly as he stared into it.

“I have a vision for this division and immediate future.” Ninja mentioned. “I went through hell to earn this and rest assured, I am going to ensure the road to this belt in a thousand times worse for my opposition. However, this extends well beyond my possession of this. I aspire to see my clan prosper. To lead & dominate in their own rites. Through my example, this clan’s dominance will be adorned by championship gold.”

Mamoru is seen flashing a proud smirk across his face after a healthy expulsion of smoke. “Ah yes, that reminds me, My Lord; Eiji requests an audience with you...”

“I can only imagine the nature of this request.” Ninja rebutted while returning his attention back to his writing. “Ensure he appears before me in 15 minutes. There is much that he & I must discuss...”

“Understood.” The clan advisor replied while turning his head back toward the footage being removed from its frozen state...

"Good to See You Again, Brother"

Ninja K Backstage, Derecho was seen setting his gym bag down in his locker room. He unzipped it when he heard a knock at the door. When Derecho turned around, he smiled a bit. The camera panned around and there was Mattock and Sanchez Cano. Mattock smiled as well as he walked into the dressing room as Cano kind of stood back and watched. Mattock then gave a big embrace to his older brother.

"It's good to finally be able to see you again, brother" said Mattock to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Derecho smiled at the sight of his brother.

"Yeah.. feels good to not actually be dead.. although I cannot say the same for Aran Thompson when I get my hands around his neck. I still can't put together in my head why someone would go to those lengths. If he really wanted to symbolize the end of an era, then he should have at least attempted to do so to my face."

Mattock nodded and then a certain look came over his face as if he were about to get to the point he wanted to come here and make.

"Look... brother. We've never seen eye to eye professionally and, at times, personally, but even you cannot be blind to what's happening here."

Derecho cut him off.

"Dont... just don't start that nonsense with me. I appreciate you coming to see me and all, but just don't go there." said Derecho.

"Don't stand there with your eyes sewn shut, brother. Don't deny the fact that jOlt's top officials allowed for this travesty to occur. They accepted false information as fact, did zero research to debunk it and even published said false information across every major news resource availble to them. They let the emotions of your friends... " Mattock taps his chest "Your family.. and all of your fans to be trambled upon and here you stand with only Aran Thompson in your sights. You have your priorities, wrong, brother." said Mattock.

"Oh? And what should my priorities be, then... brother?" Derecho said sarcastically.

"They should be quite clear. Those who held you above the glass ceiling have let you fallen out of grace. You no longer hold a championship of any kind and as soon as one man uttered the words of your demise they jumped on it as if it were fact. You were once a wolf, feasting upon the prey, but now you've been reduced to the same livestock as everyone else around you. They no longer have a need for you.. so therefore they wanted to forget you."

Derecho let out a heavy sigh.

"And let me guess.. you want me to team with you.. to join your.. eh... crusade? Is that it?" asked Derecho.

"Precisely. With a former Underground and World Champion in our ranks, you could be a symbolic figure for a shining future. Once everyone sees that you have aligned with our cause, they will begin to line up in droves to turn this company on its head so that everyone can finally have an equal opportunity to succeed."

Derecho chuckled a bit.

"Let me shed some light here. You couldn't win a match.. and still can't to this day.. so you decided that you were going to mask your failures by calling yourself a martyr.. and then you were going to blame the company for holding you down when you know it's your own damn fault. So you brainwash chico over there to follow you on some imaginary crusade to which, this very day, not a single person has joined because they see through your bullshit. Now you come in here and feign a nice and friendly family reunion and then try to spin it to make me stand by your side? Let me ask you this.. brother."

Derecho paused for a moment and then stepped closer to Mattock.

"How is you spinning what happened to me for your advantage any different than management failing to fact check the details when my death was reported? How is it any different than Aran Thompson manipulating a situation I put himself in for your own personal gain? Right now, coming here and spouting this nonsense to me shows that you are no different than Aran Thompson except for one thing... you are family. Regardless of whether I can stomach you or not doesn't change that fact... so I'm going to do something outside of my normal every day self and do something nice.. I'm going to let you turn around and walk out of my dressing room before I throw you out physically." stated Derecho.

Mattock grinned.

"I never thought I would have to do this to my own brother, but if you don't wish to join reVolt, then you are just like everyone else. You are an obstacle that needs to be removed from our path to glory. Therefore, tonight, Sanchez Cano and I will personally see to your removal. I'll be glad to finish what Aran Thompson started." stated Mattock.

Derecho then came face to face... nose to nose with Mattock.

"Challenge... Accepted."

Mattock grinned and walked toward Cano. He gave him the nod and the two of them exited. It seems that tonight, Derecho will be going one on two against reVolt in a Handicap Match!

Adam Roebuck vs Kayden Paulton
Aran ThompsonMattock

The first of three preview matches was coming up and the crowd cheered! Tonight’s first match was going to be between two people who were considered fan favorites, but also two complete opposites. “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck was selected for this match thanks to dominant performances in singles and tag team action. As a former jOlt Tag Team Champion, he had some championship experience already but if he could win Open Season at Cataclysm, he would be #1 Contender to Ninja K’s Underground Title.

Kayden Paulton on the other hand had been on the ultimate of hot streaks going on four matches since Theives Honor. With a who’s who of wins over very game competitors such as Bane Loneheart, Sepiroth Du Luc, Mattock, and even a fellow Open Season participant in Waymoth Turnbull! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was almost the anti-Underground. He was super nice and didn’t want to harm anybody, but the idea of following in the footsteps of such Underground luminaries like his idol, Derecho, the monstrous Sylo, and the current champion Ninja K was “too awesome” as Kayden so eloquently put it.

The gigantic surly veteran versus the happy-go-lucky grappler was a-go!

“The following Open Season preview match is scheduled with Underground Rules and it set for one fall!”

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“First, making his way to the ring, from Dothan, Alabama… he weighs in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who delivered a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big beast. Kayden threw off his signature “YOU’RE AWESOME!” shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready for this potential mismatch.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

Just as the fans had given a big reception to Kayden Paulton, they gave one just as big for the member of The House. The spotlight appeared on the stage and in the light stood the towering monster, arms folded and looking like he meant business. He took in the reception from the fans and stomped towards the ring.

“And his opponent... he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at FOUR HUNDRED sixty-eight pounds… he is a member of The House… ”THE BIG BUCKS” ADAM ROEBUCK!

Roebuck stopped at the entrance to the ring and raised a fist to the crowd before he stepped inside the ring. He had nothing against Kayden Paulton and thought he was nice… but nice didn’t earn a shot at the Underground Championship. The two men came face to face as the bell rang.


Adam balled up his fist and was prepared to strike, but Kayden extended a hand and had a big dopey grin on his face. The Big Bucks was almost taken aback by the lack of aggression from Kayden at the outside of an Underground Rules match. He shook his head.

“Ugh… I can’t do it…”

Kayden smiled.

“Hey, I’ll take the first shot, guy!”

Paulton threw all his might into a STIFF Knife-Edge Chop to the chest of Roebuck! Normally, these blows had been enough to stun most wrestlers he’d fought so far…

Roebuck was not one of them.

The Big Bucks’ moment of compassion was now over as he turned Kayden around and tossed him into the corner. He ran right at Kayden and held him in place.

“Sorry, kiddo…”





Adam Roebuck’s opening salvo that he called the Four of a Kind – four chops to the chest of a cornered opponent – nearly knocked the wind right out of The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. Roebuck decided it was now time to do what he had to do so he threw Kaydne on the ground to show off his strength.

“Let’s do this!”

The portly big man waited for Kayden to try and fight back. The Good Guy obliged and kicked low at the leg of Roebuck to try and stun the big man. He kicked him in the leg and ran off the ropes before trying for a Spinning Heel Ki--- oh, wait, what’s that? Roebuck caught him? And he tossed that smiling motherfucker to the ground? Can we confirm this?

Oh, okay. Yup, that just happened.

The Big Bucks grabbed Kayden out of mid-air and tossed him to the ground with a tremendous show of force. The crowd was cheering both men with a slight favor to Paulton (the dude was a total underdog, that’s why) as The Big Bucks lifted him up. He tossed him to the corner and unloaded on Paulton with a series of Back Elbows to the face in the corner.

Once the former Tag Team Champion grabbed him by the arm, he looked to whip him across the ring only to change trajectory and toss him back into the same corner before landing a big Corner Splash! The fans cringed as Kayden fell to his knees while gasping for air. He looked up and flashed a weak smile to Roebuck before pain set in.

Continuing the assault, The Big Bucks grabbed Kayden by his arm and lifted him to his feet before pushing him to the ropes. He launched him across the ring and caught him with a good old fashioned, no-nonsense Big Boot to the face! Paulton tumbled over to the mat after the shot and Roebuck tried to cover him.




The Nicest Guy in Wrestling got a shoulder out from the planet-sized mass called Adam Roebuck. The bigger half of The House signaled to the crowd by mimicking bending an iron bar. He was ready to break Kayden in half and put an end to this match before either man would have to get down and dirty.

He grabbed Kayden and powered the Dothan native over his shoulder looking for The Bad Hand – the Torture Rack Powerbomb – but Kayden quickly elbowed him in the head about five or six times before squirming out the back and catching him with a Standing Dropkick! Roebuck bounced back against the ropes which gave Kayden his first real offense. He kicked each leg of Roebuck again and backed him to the ropes. He ran off the opposite side of the ring to run right at Roebuck but the big man LAUNCHED him over the ropes… NO!

Paulton landed on the ring apron and waited there. Roebuck turned and charged at him, but The Good Guy pulled the old rope-a-dope strategy and sent The Big Bucks over the ropes and out to the floor! Paulton had the advantage again and started to climb to the very top turnbuckle. Very carefully he measured his target before he gave a thumbs up to the crowd…


The huge stunt finally paid dividends and finally Kayden Paulton had the advantage on the floor! He had finally managed to get the big man off his feet and took the chance to go for the cover on the floor.




Paulton was TOSSED off of Adam Roebuck on the floor! After some fancy footwork, jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler managed to get the advantage over his massive opponent. When Roebuck tried to stand near the guardrails, Paulton clipped the leg with a Dropkick and sent him tumbling over the guardrails. With his chance, Paulton extended a thumbs up to the crowd and jumped on the barricade before dropping a Leg Drop across the throat on top of the guardrail!

The big man was down and and now Kayden had the advantage. He reached underneath the ring and decided to actually go for some plunder… but would the Friendly Neighborhood Grappler actually use it?

A trash can.

“Huh. That’s random.”

A fire extinguisher.


A chair.

“Cool! I could use a good sit!”

A second chair.

“Sweet! I can kick my legs up!”

Paulton had tossed the weaponry in the ring and the fans cheered on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling as he approached the rising Roebuck. He charged at Roebuck only for The Big Bucks to catch him… Rib Breaker! He held on and waited…


He straight up TOSSED Kayden across the outside and he hit the floor with a nasty thud, courtesy of the Rib Breaker-Fallaway Slam combination. He rolled over on the floor and went for another cover on the outside.




“The fuck?”

Somehow Kayden had kicked out again! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had shown tremendous heart over the last several weeks in matches with other big men battles and tonight was no exception.

Roebuck collected the carcass of Kayden off the ramp and blasted him with a straight Headbutt to the head that sent Kayden skittering across the ringside floor! He tumbled around in front of the ringside area while Kayden Paulton continuing to shake his head. Kayden was pressed over his head now and Roebuck paraded him around ringside like a child before throwing him back inside!

Paulton was tossed in between the ropes and landed inside the ring near his plunder as Roebuck made his way back inside. Roebuck crawled back into the ring where he saw Kayden stand with the trash can lid. Before he could even decide if he was going to swing or not, Roebuck bulldozed him right over.

Roebuck stood over him and looked out to the crowd before getting ready to put an end to the match. He grabbed one of the chairs getting tossed into the ring and prepared to use it…


Kayden busted out that fire extinguisher and BLASTED him in the face with the foam, stunning Roebuck! He waved the chair around frantically as he waited. Kayden saw his chance and bounced off the ropes


Yeah, I just made that up but it sounded cool so let’s go with it, eh? Kayden kicked the chair back into Roebuck’s face and stunned the monster! He had his chance to rise again!




Paulton almost pulled off what could’ve been another big upset but Roebuck powered out at the very last moment. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling didn’t sweat it… hell, he almost never sweat anything. He crawled to the apron and headed to the top rope possibly looking for one of his key moves.... He was looking for the Leg Jam Leg Drop…


He was shoved off the top rope by one of the other Open Season competitors! The Strangler - Craig Thomas’ cousin, bodyguard, and self-appointed Choke Fiend – had THROWN Kayden off the ropes! The seven-foot Strangler was perhaps looking to get the drop on the other competitors in the Open Season match and to also finish what Craig had started with Roebuck’s tag team partner, Derrick Huber.

He waited for Roebuck to get back up before he charged off the ropes, but Roebuck was ready for him! The two big man exchanged fists in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheered! Paulton was still down when the crowd stirred again…

Strangler’s opponent for later tonight and one third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, “Midas” Mack Brody was there to come get him a piece of his opposition. The Strangler had backed Roebuck into the corner with a barrage of fists. He hadn’t seen Mack and he hadn’t seen the NASTY Belt shot the back of the head! Strangler was down from the shot and Mack cackled.

“Gotcha, you fucking nipplehead!”

He was about to give chase to the reeling Strangler when Kayden Paulton crept up from behind Mack and landed a big Thrust Kick to the jaw of the 6’6” Brody! He sent the giant through the ropes…


In all the chaos presented at ringside, Roebuck grabbed Paulton and JARRED him with a spine-tingling Torture Rack Powerbomb! He turned around and covered Paulton.




Roebuck rolled off him and scored a HUGE win in the first of three Open Season preview matches. On the outside, Mack Brody recovered as he and Strangler exchanged fists on the ramp. The two big monsters had to be broken up by security who were having a hell of a time trying to keep Brody and Strangler apart!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”THE BIG BUCKS” ADAM ROEBUCK!

Kayden Paulton had nothing to be ashamed of and hung in there with the monster the whole way despite not being especially adept at Underground matches, but the victory belonged to Adam Roebuck. After he watched the fight between Mack and Strangler head backstage, he turned to Paulton and lifted him up off the mat…

…and patted him on the back.

Big Bucks helped the very wobbly Kayden Paulton to his feet to prop him the corner. He then tapped him on the shoulder in a sign of respect before he left the ring. The monster had gotten a big singles win here tonight and built some good momentum heading into Cataclysm.

As the biggest man in that match, could we be looking at the biggest #1 Contender to the Underground Title?

That was a good bet.

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

"It's Our Time"

Ninja K The camera finds Trouble in their locker room as their leader Dallas Griffin was not a happy camper.

“I will not tolerate incompetence. Jacobs and that Gunner person will pay for intruding.”

Duzza looked at Griffin, loving the fire he was showing.

“Calm down playa. We will hurt that punk Jacobs and if his boy Gunner steps up he gonna get punked as well.”

“Jacobs needs to be in a home for old retired wrestlers and that’s where I’m going to put him.”

Khadafi move closer to Griffin. “I want to break Vince’s neck.”

Dallas smiled loving the initiative from Khadafi. “You know what, you got it. Bleed that fucker dry. Make him wish he never crossed Trouble’s path.”

Khadafi shook his head. “It’s as good as done.”

“See now we’re getting somewhere.”

“I told ya playa. We gonna take that punk down and out. Khadafi break that punk’s neck and then steal his bitch.”

Duzza looked at his group. “You guys stay here, I’m gonna talk to Johnson to get this match fo tonite. “

Duzza left the room as Dallas quickly turned to Khadafi. “Take care of business tonight.”

Khadafi looked at the leader of Trouble. “Jacobs is gonna be my bitch.”

"Your Future is Death"

Ninja K "Over a year ago, jOlt Wrestling opened it's doors to Alumni and Ring Rats."

The voice of Aran Thompson could be heard as the camera flashed quickly to an image of Aran standing center of Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams as Laurie Williams stood behind him cradling the Relentless Championship and Aran had the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist.

"My debut shook the Arena."

The screen flashed quickly to an image of Aran Thompson debuting and challenging Reno Davis to a Relentless Championship match.

"Blew the roof off of the Arena Of Champions."

Cut to the fans cheering loudly for Aran as he walked down the aisle with a microphone in tow.

"Took Jonathan Conspiracy and Gregg Scott Vincent to the limit and became the the first ever multiple time Relentless Championship."

Cut to Aran standing on the top turnbuckle holding the Relentless Championship high in the air as the cameras flashed and the fans were going insane chanting: Mr. Relentless, and then the scene cut to Laurie raising the Relentless Championship.

"A Championship that I made prestigious!"

His voice echoed as he continued.

"A Championship that I retired!"

"A Championship that is all mine!"

The scene cut back to Black Faction.

"Then I made a business deal that shook the foundation of jOlt Wrestling and gained an ally in the monsterous West Indian Obsidian!"

Cut to images of Waymoth Turnbull hitting opponents with his Red Hook Combination.

"Naturally my woman was going to be by my side, but the moment her brother joined up I knew....."

"Hells Bells" by AC/DC played for just a moment.

"I just knew I had something BIG."

Cut to Derecho screaming at Mace Williams and Aran shocking him and hitting him with his Icarus Switch and pinning him at Warriors 20.

The scene cuts back to Black Faction as Aran raises the jOlt Championship high into the air before smiling.

"And then I made history."

Cut to Aran celebrating at the end of Thieves Honor with the jOlt Championship and the fans booing him.

"And you booed me."

Cut to Black Faction attacking Mattock and the fans booing him out of the building. Then the scene shows Derecho shocking the world and revealing that wasn't dead and Aran told him that it was all him to symbolize the new future of jOlt. Then Aran slamming the Relentless Championship into the head of Derecho and standing over him.

"You booed me."

"You booed me."

"You booed me."

Aran shook his head and Laurie put her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"You've booed me and my family for the last time. If you support Derecho, you will be destroyed."

Aran snarled.

"You're all officially on notice. You have two choices....Derecho....or Die."

The scene cut to images of news outlets and even the jOlt Wrestling Website touting the death of Derecho.

"I will sever every single tie to Derecho because this is MY Era. I AM THE FUTURE!"

"If you side with Derecho....then you're dead to my era, and have no future!"

The Strangler vs Mack Brody
Aran ThompsonMattock

As we prepared for the second match, previewing Open Season at Cataclysm, the fans clammored amongst themselves. The lights dimmed as we awaited the entrances to being.

"Money" by D/R Period

Out from the back came Mack Brody.. alone. Usually we'd get the rest of their Heirs and their fancy jackets, but Brody came out solo. He stopped at the top of the ramp while the arena became bathed in gold and flexed for the camera, pulling down his shades just a bit with a grin on his face. He then continued on down the ring where he hopped up onto the apron and then stepped in.

Brody flexed once again as the arena lights returned to a normal color and his music faded.

"Halo" by Soil

We awaited the arrival of The Strangler as the people booed. After a few moments, The Strangler was nowhere to be seen. His music continued to play for a bit longer, but there was no signs of Craig Thomas' muscle.

All of a sudden, the jOltvision lit up and there was The Strangler laid out on the concrete in the back, his head bleeding. A lead pipe was laid next to him as Craig Thomas ran up to the scene.


All of a sudden, Thomas was blindsided by a massive clothesline to the back of his head. Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber then stepped into view.

"Yeah.. I wonder who did this indeed.", said Huber.

The crowd cheered as The House was clearly behind the attack. They then stepped out of view and the scene faded to black. Back in the ring, Mack Brody quickly urged the referee to call for the bell.




Brody then instructed the referee to make a ten count!











The referee called for the bell once again and raised Mack Brody's hand in victory. Brody then flexed once again, posing for the crowd with a grin on his face as "Money" by D/R Period struck up over the PA once again. Brody then hopped out of the ring and headed to the back with a smile on his face!

Winner: Mack Brody via Countout

"Dead Lifted"

Ninja K The scene was set on the arrogant sneer beaming across Jason Rau’s visage. Dressed in civilian gym attire, the Angry Aussie proudly rounded the corner and entered the mid sized weight room in order to get some well deserved reps in for the evening. The camera swivled about to notice Daryn Thompson focused on the conducting Weighted Squats, leading Rau to close in for a better look. With a set of miniature headphones blasting workout music, she eventually looked at the unwanted reflection in the mirror before rolling her eyes and continuing.

“Aye.” Jason mentioned with hints of perversion. “Nice arsenal, ye got there.”

The angry sound of weights slamming against the thinly padded earth led to the Starlet to gently snatch her ear plugs free to address the disturbance.

“Excuse me?” Daryn rebutted with sheer annoyance. Rau feigned fear by holding his hands up and back up a few paces. The creepy smile returned in short order.

“Aye was admirin’ yer ‘technique’, luv...” Rau mentioned with an arrogant chuckle. Daryn flashed a fake smile of her own.

“I’ll tell you what; how about you get the fuck out my face before I kick your nuts between your shoulder blades.”

“Ooooh...” Jason playfully replied. “Ya know I like a Sheila who’s into the rough stuff but maybe you & I can play later, eh?”

Daryn extended her middle finger as she snatched her towel away from the bench en route to the exit. Jason raised his eyebrow as she walked away before turning & standing face to face with Kayden Paulton. The masses cheered amorously as he greeted Jason with his trademark smile. Rau merely scowled while looking him up and down.

“Hey Guy!” Paulton spoke warmly. “I see you’re looking to get some weight time in. You know I sure could use a spotter as I have to get ready to earn a shot at the pay per view in that Open Season Match...”

“What?” Rau inquired with disgust.

“You didn’t hear about that match? Geez Louise. It’s a crazy but pretty cool match Ninja K came up with...You know I’d be happy to tell you all about if you can help be out? We could get better as a...”

“PISS OFF!” Rau interjected rudely while shoving Kayden out of his way before taking a moment to set his amount of weights to warm up. Paulton picked himself up off the floor, dusted himself off.

“I guess you’re having a rough day, man.”The Nicest Guy in Pro Wrestling responded. “I understand. I’ll leave you alone but if you need a hand, I’m here for ya.”

Rau silently gave him the ‘Up Yours’ gesture in which Kayden shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the gym. Rau set his headphones in to ready himself to pump some iron before entering his opening reps. Heavy yet brief expulsions were heard as the Aussie easily cleared the weight in repetition. Camera One would train itself overhead to watch him continue his routine. Eyes closed, Jason held the weight upward for a count of five...


The masses cheered in hindsight as an extra set of hands wedge the weighted bar against Jason’s chest. The camera rose to set itself onto the image of Adam Lazarus radiating a hardened scowl upon his face. The Angry Aussie desperately struggled amidst his condition yet The Air Apparent gradually applied more of his weight atop his rival.

“You know what, dude?” Adam inquired. “I usually don’t let people get under my skin...”

Rau’s grunts were personified by the added strain.

“...but I got to hand it to you, man. You managed to piss me off.” Adam mentioned while slamming the bar against his chest once more. “I’ll tell you what; let me help you out with that...”

Lazarus flung the bar aside with Rau coughing loudly while rolling off the bench. Several stomps were used to torture the fallen Aussie, who was steadily seeking to low crawl to safety. A swift Kick to the Nuts caused Rau to emit a piercing howl before curling up into a fetal position.

“Karma’s a cold bitch....” Adam muttered while standing over his humbled rival.

“I’ll see you next week, J.”

Superstar Vince Jacobs vs Khadafi
Aran ThompsonMattock

The bass of the song bellowed throughout the arena as Khadafi made his way out to the stage all by himself, which was a shocker. Khadafi wanted this match and he wanted to take out SVJ by himself. Dallas Griffin gave Khadafi the nod to take Vince down and out. Khadafi slowly walked down the ramp and rolled into the ring. He stood in the ring waiting for Vince.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar “Ring Superstar” reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in his ring gear made it to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

Jacobs stood on the stage and looked out into the crowd. The fans were cheering loudly as Jacobs held both arms out soaking it in. The Icon slowly walked down the ramp way with the Russian bombshell Natalia on his arm. Vince made it to the ringside area and stood near the steps before raising his arms in the air to the delight of the fans. Jacobs rolled into the ring ready for the match.


Khadafi ran right at Jacobs and took him down with a tackle. He started to wail away at the multi time world champion as Vince tried his best to cover up. But to no avail as Khadafi got a couple of good shots in that rocked Vince as he tried to scurry away. Vince gained a little separation as Underwood jumped in to break up the brawl. Jacobs took this time to roll to the floor to gather himself but Khadafi was not having that as he followed Vince outside to the floor.

Khadafi caught Vince with a forearm shot to the back, which forced Vince into the guardrail. The fans jeered as Khadafi started to lay in some right hands to the side of Vince’s temple, which made the superstar slump to the floor. Khadafi looked out into the crowd as the fans gave him hell. Darius Underwood had started his count and was up to six as Khadafi noticed and rolled back into the ring then back to the floor to break the count.

Underwood yelled at Khadafi as he went back to work on Jacobs with kicks to the midsection to the disgust of the fans at ringside.

Khadafi picked Jacobs up and whipped him into the opposite guardrail but Jacobs reversed it sending Khadafi into the barricade back first. Vince fell to one knee as Khadafi could barely hold himself up from that shot to his back. Underwood’s count was now at six as Jacobs grabbed Khadafi by the hair and flung him into the ring. Vince looked around ringside before climbing into the ring himself. Jacobs went to pick up Khadafi but Khadafi jabbed his head into Vince’s gut. Vince doubled over in pain as Khadafi stood to his feet. Khadafi grabbed Vince by the hair and pulled into a front chancery. He hoisted Vince in the air and drove him down with a very impactful suplex.

Khadafi quickly jumped on Vince’s back and cinched in for a camel clutch. He was aware of the war that Jacobs just had with Mike Extreme not more than a few weeks ago and knew Vince was not in the best of shapes. Jacobs tried to fight for the ropes but couldn't reach them. Underwood continued to check on Vince to see if he wanted to give up. Vince continued to fight the pain as he started to drag Khadafi over to the ropes. Khadafi continued to apply more pressure to stop any impeding advances by the Icon.

SVJ started to drag Khadafi again as he was closer to the ropes again. This time he lunged for the bottom rope and was able to grab it. This prompted Underwood to get Khadafi to break the hold, which he finally did as Vince writhed on the mat in pain. Khadafi went over to Vince to pick him up but Jacobs quickly caught Khadafi with an inside cradle.




Khadafi was able to break free, as he was the first to get to his feet. He quickly grabbed Jacobs and whipped him into the ropes. Khadafi was looking for a back body drop but Jacobs held onto the ropes. Khadafi realized what happened rushed at Jacobs who back body dropped Khadafi over the top ropes to the floor. Vince slumped to the mat as the fans cheered SVJ. Natalia tried to slap the mat in order to get her man to his feet.

Jacobs struggled to get to his feet as Khadafi pulled himself up with the help of the announcer’s table. Vince usually would fly at this moment but he thought better of it and let Khadafi get back into the ring. He caught Khadafi with a knee in the gut as soon as he stepped between the ropes. Khadafi fell to the mat as Vince went down and started to nail him with right hands. Underwood saw this and he administered the five count.





Jacobs stropped the pinches as Underwood was able to get Jacobs off of Khadafi. The infamous smirk on Vince’s face came back as he went down and dropped several elbows onto Khadafi’s chest. The Icon smiled before moving Underwood out of the way and driving the point of his boot into Khadafi’s midsection, knocking out what little air he had.

Vince bent down and grabbed Khadafi by his hair before sending him into the corner. Jacobs slowly walked into the corner and nailed Khadafi with a few right hands again. Jacobs was seeing red as all he could play in his mind was Trouble almost attacking Natalia. He grabbed Khadafi by his head and stood him up.

“Don’t you ever threaten that beautiful woman ever again.”

Vince pulled Khadafi over to Natalia as she slapped Khadafi across the face to the delight of the fans. Jacobs picked up Khadafi and set him on the top rope. Vince went to climb up the ropes but Khadafi fought back with rights and lefts. SVJ was not able to get up the ropes as Khadafi kicked Jacobs in the head trying to break free of what would be bad intentions by Vince. SVJ staggered away for a moment. He came back to the corner and Khadafi hooked him and took him down with a Tornado DDT. However, Khadafi could not make the cover right away.

Khadafi slowly started to make his way over to the body of Vince Jacobs. Khadafi continued to crawl, as he was able to reach Vince and hook his far leg for the cover.




Khadafi knew he didn’t get over to Vince in time. He rolled off Vince and stood to his feet as Jacobs did the same just a little slower. Khadafi grabbed Vince and drove him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Khadafi knew that wasn’t going to be enough to keep SVJ down, so he picked Jacobs up and whipped him into the ropes. Vince bounced off the ropes and was caught by a deep power slam from Khadafi. Khadafi hooked the leg for the cover.




The crowd gasped and so did Khadafi at another Jacobs kickout. Khadafi picked up Vince and whipped him into the ropes. Jacobs bounced off the ropes and was caught with a back breaker. Khadafi continued to focus on Vince’s back. He dropped a couple of knees to the small of Vince’s back. Khadafi was trying to put Vince out of jOlt as Dallas Griffin ordered. Khadafi picked Vince up again and clasped a bear hug on him.

Khadafi continued to apply the pressure to Vince’s back in the ring as SVJ tried to break the hold but he could not as Khadafi kept wrenching into the hold. Khadafi continued with the hold as it looked like Jacobs was almost out on his feet as Underwood checked Vince. Underwood went over to raise Vince’s arm but Jacobs grabbed Khadafi by the head and nailed him with a head butt. Khadafi staggered but did not break the hold.

Vince drove his head into Khadafi’s head once more as the grip started to loosen but not completely break. Jacobs nailed Khadafi with a shot to the temple that broke the grip but Khadafi was still back on Jacobs. The two men battled toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Khadafi got the upper hand as he nailed Vince with a big right. Khadafi grabbed Vince and hooked him in a front chancery but Vince spun out of it and whipped Khadafi into the ropes. Khadafi bounced off the ropes and both men nailed each other with a clothesline. They both had the same idea on that move. Underwood looked down at both men before he started his count.







Both men started to stir as Underwood continued to count and the fans were unrelenting to will Jacobs to his feet.



Both men grabbed the ropes to pull themselves up.


Jacobs and Khadafi both made it to their feet before the count of ten as the fans erupted. Vince went for a dropkick but Khadafi moved out of the way. Khadafi grabbed Vince and took him down with a fisherman buster. He went for the pin.



THRE--- NO!! NO!! NO!!

Jacobs kicked out again. Khadafi was visibly frustrated, as he couldn’t keep SVJ down for the three count. Khadafi knew how he could keep Vince down. He signaled for Break Yo Neck. Khadafi reached down, grabbed Vince, but Vince continued to fight. Vince spun and flipped Khadafi back with a bridge suplex. Underwood was out of position. He finally made it around for the count.




Jacobs sighed as he was on one knee trying to gather himself. Khadafi however got to his feet quickly and went to charge at Vince.


That was the sound of foot hitting face as Jacobs caught Khadafi running in with a quick Superstar Kick that came from out of nowhere. Vince slumped to the mat laying his back across Khadafi’s prone body as Underwood dropped down for the count.




It was finally over. Vince Jacobs survived this match with Khadafi. He was tired and his back was aching but the win he got here tonight would amass all of that. The crowd cheered SVJ as he rolled to the floor wincing in pain but held his arm in the air to signify he was the victor. He looked at Natalia and she nodded to him. Jacobs rolled back into the ring as the fans was riled up again as Jacobs waited for Khadafi to get to his feet.

The Trouble member was slowly trying to get to his feet as Jacobs lay in wait for him. He had so much pinned up frustration as he waited. Khadafi finally got to his feet as Jacobs raced over to him and kicked him in the midsection. He hooked Khadafi and drove him quickly to the mat with a Star Struck. Jacobs stood over the body of Khadafi as the rest of the Trouble members came running to the ring.

Jacobs smiled as he rolled out of the ring. He knew his best strategy to defeat Trouble was to hit and run. SVJ and Natalia made their way up the ramp leaving Dallas Griffin fuming in the ring.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall

"Listen to the Orange Peanut"

Ninja K Backstage, Jon Le Bon was sitting down at a random table with a laptop and a pair of headphones on. All of a sudden, Derecho was seen walking by and Jon Le Bon flagged him over.

"Look... I don't have time for this.. I'm about to go settle some family business." said Derecho.

"BUT! BUT! You're not Deadrecho anymore! You're Aliverecho! Plus.. you have to hear this.. it has something to do with that Thompkins guy." said Le Bon.

Derecho immediately forgave the "Deadrecho" comment as soon as he heard something similar to Aran Thompson.

"What are you even doing anyway?" asked Derecho.

"I stuck an orange peanut under Johnson's desk on Warriors.. but it was actually a listening device.. I'm trying to spy on him to find out when he's going to hashtag get me off the hype.. but instead, I'm hearing something about this Arab Thompkins guy... I think he's the same guy who is one of my 21 followers on Twipo!" said Le Bon.

This piqued Derecho's curiosity as he walked over and placed his ear near Le Bon's as he pulled the headphone speaker away. The camera got in close, too and could just barely pick out Jim Johnson's voice.

"You know.. I have a great idea. Aran Thompson is on this great mean streak and while I do feel sorry for what happened to Derecho, you have to admit that Aran's newfound attitude is rocking jOlt's foundation to its core. He truly is making an impact which gives me an idea. Since Jon Le Bon is one of THE MOST annoying thorns I've ever had in my side.. how about we give Le Bon what he's been asking for.. a spot on the main roster.. IF.. he can defeat Aran Thompson next week on iNtense!"

That was all that Le Bon needed to hear. He was excited as Derecho was confused as to exactly WHY he was excited.

"You do realize that Jim Johnson practically sentenced you to death, right?" asked Derecho.

"I'M GETTING OFF THE HYPE! I'm a MUCH better wrestler than Arab Thompkins! I'm FINALLY going to get off .... wait... someone else is making words in my language now." said Le Bon.

The words came from someone who sounded like Damien Lee.

"Hey Johnson, did you happen to notice this flashing orange light from under your desk?"


"It looks like ... a... hmm.. Johnson.. we have a problem"




Le Bon dropped the headphones on the desk.

"You! Take the blame! They can't do anything to a dead man!"

Le Bon then took off running down the hall.. Derecho stood there dumbfounded.

"I have no idea what I just witnessed.. but at least I now know where Aran Thompson will be next week." said Derecho

Derecho gave us that classic sadistic grin as he walked away. The scene then faded to black.

Tyke vs Waymoth Turnbull
Aran ThompsonMattock

This was the third of matches featuring participants of the Open Season match taking place at Cataclysm in just three weeks. The audience had already seen brutality earlier on in the evening and looked forward to seeing more of it tonight.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

Tyke stepped out from the back to boos from the crowd. Despite going to the Underground, Tyke has gone on a crusade to try and win his matches through pure wrestling alone.. something that our former Underground Champion Derecho did and ended up getting exiled by the fans and his co-workers, however, with Tyke's newfound attitude, the fans just don't like the guy and would love to see him get stomped in by anyone at this point.

Reno Davis tried and failed against Tyke, but perhaps his opponent tonight has a better chance as Tyke awaited him in the ring. The arena returned to normal, all but briefly.

"Emergency" by Mavado

The people didn't cheer at all when Waymoth Turnbull stepped out of the backstage area. While it was true that the crowd didn't favor either man, they were going to have to face each other regardless in three weeks inside of Open Season. Waymoth walked up the ringsteps and entered the ring. The rest of Black Faction was nowhere to be seen as Waymoth was going it alone against The British Lion here tonight.

Once the arena returned to normal, the referee called for the bell.




Tyke and Waymoth circled each other in the ring. They locked up and immediately Waymoth shoved Tyke onto his back.. Tyke rolled back up and charged in again with another lock up, but he quickly switched gears and went into a waist lock. Tyke ducked a pair of elbows by Waymoth and the momentum carried Waymoth around so Tyke could convert the waist lock into a front waist lock instead. Tyke then side stepped Waymoth and used a back heel trip to take him down to the canvas. Tyke then interlaced his fingers with Waymoth and held him down for a pin.



Waymoth shot his left shoulder up, but Tyke forced it back down to the mat.



Waymoth bridged up. Tyke then hopped onto Waymoth to try and break his bridge, but Waymoth wouldn't budge. Tyke hopped off and back onto Waymoth again to try and break the bridge for a second time, but again, Waymoth wouldn't budge. Tyke tried it a third time, but Waymoth got his feet under Tyke and he flipped Tyke onto his back. Waymoth then rolled off his shoulders and onto Tyke where he broke his grip. While kneeling on Tyke's chest, he pulled Tyke up by the head and then pounded away on Tyke with heavy right hands to the face! Tyke tried to cover up, but the strength of Waymoth broke through Tyke's guard and he landed a couple of good hits on The British Lion.

Waymoth stood and then stomped on the mid-section of Tyke for good measure. He then pulled Tyke up to a vertical base and headbutted him back down to the canvas. Waymoth then exited the ring and lifted up the ring apron as he searched for a weapon to use. Waymoth found a kendo stick and he brought that back into the ring with him. Waymoth readied the Kendo stick and slammed it into the stomach of Tyke, doubling him over. Waymoth then cracked the kendo stick over the back of Tyke which brought Tyke down to a single knee. Waymoth stepped behind Tyke and then cracked the stick right across his back.

Red welts began to form on Tyke's upper back as Tyke writhed in pain. Waymoth reared the stick back and cracked it across Tyke's back a second time! Waymoth then brought Tyke up to his feet and aimed right for his skull, but Tyke grabbed the kendo stick right before it could make contact with his forehead. Tyke and Waymoth then tried to gain possession of the stick, but Tyke used one of Waymoth's tugs to dart toward him. Tyke quickly barred the kendo stick across the throat of Waymoth Turnbull and hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep with it!

Tyke floated over into a cover on Waymoth!



Waymoth kicked out.

Tyke then stood up and began to put the boots to Waymoth Turnbull. After satisfied with his stompings, Tyke made his way over to the corner where he crouched down and waited for Waymoth to get up. Waymoth turned over to get back up and that's when Tyke charged in, nailing a running knee strike to the side of Waymoth's skull! Waymoth went right back onto his back and Tyke made the cover once again.



Waymoth kicked out a second time.

Tyke pulled Waymoth back up, but Waymoth used the ultimate equalizer and landed a low blow on Tyke which was completely legal with Underground rules in play. Waymoth quickly grabbed Tyke and placed him between his legs. Waymoth then lifted up Tyke and slammed him down onto the canvas with a thunderous powerbomb, but Waymoth held on. He bent over and lifted Tyke back up, planting him with a second thunderous powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Waymoth continued to hold on as he pulled Tyke back up and this time dropped him with a sit out powerbomb to finish off the trifecta, but Waymoth opted out of the cover.

Instead, Waymoth rolled backwards and got back to his feet. He pulled Tyke up and doubled him over once again! Waymoth lifted Tyke back up for, yet, another powerbomb, but he placed him into the crucifix position. This time, Waymoth ran forward and threw Tyke right into the corner with a Splash Mountain Bomb into the turnbuckles.. the Who Vex, Dead!

"OOOOOH!!!!" proclaimed the crowd!

Tyke collapsed to a seated position in the corner as he walked over the placed his boot across the face of The British Lion. Waymoth then scraped his boot across the face several times with the Face Wash before Tyke looked to be out cold. Waymoth then grabbed Tyke by the leg and dragged him to the center of the ring where he made another cover, hooking the leg deep.



Thre.. NO!

Tyke popped the shoulder up to Waymoth's amazement!

Waymoth grabbed Tyke by his head and brought him up to his feet. He then hooked Tyke for the Who Don't Hear, Must Feel, but Tyke sent a pair of elbows into the side of Waymoth's head! This caused Tyke to break free. Tyke shuffled back and lunged in....


But Tyke also collapsed down to the canvas along with Waymoth! Both men were down and since this was an Underground match, the referee could only check on both men and wait for them to recover on their own. There was no ten count to be had!

The Tyke Shot bought Tyke some time as he rolled over and crawled to the ropes. He used to them to pull himself up to his feet and to lean against as he looked to regain some energy. Waymoth, held his jaw in pain, but he, too, staggered back up to his feet. Waymoth turned and Tyke staggered forward with a big right hand that connected! Waymoth's head jolted back as Tyke snapped off another right hand that further dazed Waymoth. Tyke then increased the tempo of his punches and backed Waymoth into the ropes.

Tyke with the irish whip to Waymoth, but Waymoth reversed it, mid-whip. Tyke put the brakes on and countered with a toe kick to the mid-section...

Certa Cito...COUNTERED!

Waymoth shoved Tyke off to the ropes and lunged in at him..


Waymoth had the cover!





Tyke just barely escaped that one!

Waymoth stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. He exited the ring and lifted up the apron once again. He pulled out not one, but two wooden tables. He slid them into the ring, one at a time, but Tyke had been afforded enough time to recover. Tyke took off to the ropes, ran on top of the wooden tables and flipped over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo and crashed into Waymoth, taking him out on the outside!

Tyke staggered to his feet and fell against the guard rail. He pulled himself together and stumbled over to Waymoth where he slowly pulled him up to his feet. He rolled Waymoth back into the ring and then climbed up onto the apron and then the turnbuckle pads. It took Tyke a good minute to get up there, but when Waymoth stood, Tyke leapt off with a flying knee strike right to the side of Waymoth's temple! Waymoth went down hard!

Tyke got back up and grabbed one of the tables. He leaned it against the corner and then grabbed the second table. He brought that to the corner and leaned it against the first table, creating a double leaning stack.

Tyke turned back to Waymoth and went to bring him up to his feet, but Waymoth socked him one in the stomach! Waymoth then grabbed Tyke and placed him between his legs. He lifted Tyke up onto his shoulders and into the Splash Mountain Bomb position.. looking for a Who Vex, Dead into the tabled, but when he began to charge, Tyke slipped off the shoulders and caused Waymoth to stop just short of the tables.

Waymoth turned around and was met with a toe kick by Tyke. Tyke went to whip Waymoth to the corner opposite of the tables, but Waymoth used his strength and pulled Tyke toward the tables instead. Tyke them smacked face first against them as Waymoth gained some distance quickly. Waymoth charged in at full speed and when Tyke turned around, he jumped out of the way, avoiding collision by a mere millisecond!


Waymoth just went head and shoulder first through both tables in the corner!! Waymoth pulled himself out of the rubble but lost his balance and fell to a knee. He quickly stood and staggered around. Tyke then lunged in...


Tyke fell into the cover




Tyke just pinned Waymoth Turnbull in this Open Season preview match! While pins and submissions wouldn't count in the actual match itself, Tyke looked primed and ready to take the briefcase and line himself up for a shot against Ninja K at Rise of the Legends, but so did the other two earlier tonight!

Cataclysm looked forward to its three hopefuls, but before all six could make it there, they have to face off next week in an Six Man Underground Rules Tag Team Match!

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"This Segment Has Two Funny Words... See If You Can Find Which Ones!"

Ninja K The inside of Jim Johnson’s office was not really a good place to be right now if you were The Heirs of Wrestling. The camera opened the scene to a very angry-looking Jim Johnson rubbing his temples as he sat across from the aforementioned Heirs. While Mack Brody was dealing with his own issues involving the Open Season match, this left Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway.


Frank and Ryan looked across at one another before turning back to Jim Johnson.

“Us.” Ryan Gallway smiled.

“Ugh… you two… you were supposed to be on Warriors last week and you’re not leaving until you explain exactly what the hell happened to you.”

Frank shrugged. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Johnson wasn’t playing around tonight.

“You two,” Jim began. “Ran your mouths a bunch last week about how The Heirs of Wrestling owned the tag team division and started shooting your mouths off about titles and talking down to our competition.”

Frank and Ryan each glanced at their respective Tag Team Titles resting on Johnson’s desk and patted them on the back.

“Not cocky if you can back it the fuck up, homey,” Ryan smiled.

“My cruiserweight counterpart is right,” Frank added. “You’re describing pretty much what we do every week, Jimmy. A bunch of pretenders like to talk a bunch of smack, we come out, prove nobody can back it up when it comes to taking us.”

“Yeah,” Jim said. “But then you proceed to challenge The Crimson Order to a match at Warriors… which you then proceed to no-show. So I’ll ask again, kids… what the fuck happened here?”


Collectively, Frank and Ryan laughed.

“Oh, that. See… I hurt my… coccyx.”

Frank giggled a little when Ryan blurted that last word out.

“Yeah. Coccyx split right in two!” Ryan exclaimed with all the believability of a guy explaining how 9/11 was a conspiracy theory or how Scientology was an actual religion. “See...”

He slid a paper across the table that Jim picked up. He opened the paper and scanned it around once before he groaned.

“Doctor’s note, Jimmy.”

It looked authentic enough.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re trying to pull here, but when you come up and waste my time, the fans time and the viewer’s time like that, then you piss me off… SO… I’ll tell YOU morons how it’s going to be.”

Jim stood up from his desk.

“I’ll buy this bullshit that you probably paid some quack to write down… but on Warriors, we’re going to try this again. It’s gonna be you versus The Crimson Order, non-title. If Heido and Takeshi win, they get a title shot at Cataclysm for YOUR belts!”

Frank frantically waved his arms while Ryan jumped up from the table.

“No! My coccyx isn’t ready!” Ryan shouted like a child.

“It better be. If you come at me with another doctor’s note with some weird broken bone, a pimple, flesh wound, or some weird strain of the herpes mixed with hepatitis… then for health reasons, I’ll have to STRIP you of the Tag Team Titles!”

It was now Frank’s turn to stand up in front of the desk.


Frank yelled and Ryan would’ve, too… but he kept on giggling. He did say Johnson after all.

“Get out of my office, you idiots.”

The Baron of Ballistics sneered. “We’re not done, Jim.”

The two kids turned on their heels and walked out of the office while Jim Johnson shook his head.

Derecho vs reVolt
Aran ThompsonMattockMattock

Ealier in the evening, a family reunion of sorts turned sour when Mattock tried to make a personal situation into business. Derecho, not one to back down from a challenge has accepted Mattock's invitation to a handicap match.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the back walked Mattock and Sanchez Cano, collectively known as reVolt. The two of them walked down to the ring with the lights low enough to make the arena dark, but with a faint glow. The two of them stepped into the ring and each posed on opposing turnbuckles. They hopped off as the lights in the arena returned to normal.

"Charisma" by WASP

The boos turned to cheers as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. This was the first time we would see Derecho in action since Thieves' Honor. The scene of him walking out without a championship was a foreign concept, but it was reality. The arena, bathed in a crimson hue guided Derecho to the ring. He stepped inside and stared across as Mattock and Cano as they discussed strategy. Sanchez Cano stepped out as Mattock decided he will start things off with his brother. The music faded and the arena returned to normal. The referee then signaled for the opening bell.




Derecho and Mattock circled each other in the ring. They were about to lock up when Mattock stopped and tagged in Sanchez Cano which garnered some boos from the crowd. Cano then stepped into the ring and immediately charged Derecho, tying him up with a collar and elbow. The two powered for position around the ring until Cano had backed Derecho into the corner. The referee wanted the clean break..





Cano released Derecho, backed off and then slapped Derecho right across the face.

"You don't turn down the messiah!" yelled Cano at Derecho.


Another slap across the face from Cano had the opposite effect as it woke him up! Derecho stared a hole through Cano who backed off. Derecho lunged in with a lariat, but Cano ducked underneath and leapt onto the middle turnbuckle. He pivoted and leapt off with a flying cross body body that caught Derecho as he turned around. They both hit the canvas and got back to their feet. Cano then hit a stiff front kick to the chest of Derecho to stun him momentarily. He then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him across the ring to the opposite corner. Cano charged in, but ate a back elbow by Derecho!

Derecho then pulled himself up to the middle turnbuckle and leapt off, hitting a missile drop kick on Cano that put him down. Derecho quickly got back up and met Cano as he got back up. Derecho backed him against the ropes and shot him across the ring. Derecho leapt up for another drop kick, but Cano stopped short and Derecho hit back first on the canvas. Cano then grabbed the legs of Derecho and turned him onto his stomach. He then hooked one of the legs, bending it and then leaned forward, applying an STF submission hold.

Derecho was in the center of the ring. Mattock walked along the ring apron to the middle of the ropes and taunted Derecho to crawl toward him and grab the ropes. Derecho took Mattock up on that challenge as he mustered up enough strength to pull himself closer and closer to the ropes. When Derecho got close enough, Mattock dropped down to the floor and pulled on the bottom rope, getting it out of Derecho's reach. Derecho then did plan B and used his right arm to begin elbowing Sanchez Cano in the side of the head!

After a couple of shots, Cano released the hold, but Mattock released the rope and it snapped right into Derecho's face! Derecho held his face in pain as Cano went for the cover, hooking the leg deep!



Derecho popped the shoulder up.

Cano then brought Derecho up to a seated position and then hit a standing drop kick to the back of the head. He then put Derecho back down and made another cover.


Just a fleeting one count that time as Derecho kicked out quickly. Sanchez Cano then stood and dropped a fist across the forehead of Derecho. Cano then went to the nearest corner and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top as he waited for Derecho to get back to his feet. Derecho was slow to do so, but when he did, he turned and faced Cano who front flipped off the top, landing on Derecho's shoulders!


Cano went for the Dance With the Devil.. the front flip huracanrana, but Derecho countered it with a thunderous powerbomb! Derecho pulled Cano up to his feet and then delivered a toe kick to the stomach. He hooked Cano by the head and then lifted him for a vertical suplex. Derecho delayed for a bit and then dropped him onto the canvas. Derecho hung on as he spun to his stomach, taking Cano with him. He then stood and popped the hips in one fluid motion to his a Snap Suplex. Derecho hung on still and once again spun to his stomach, then up to his feet. Derecho lifted Cano up for a third suplex, but stopped about half way. He then sell to a seated position, nailing a Split-Legged Gordbuster to complete the F3 Combination!

Derecho wasn't done, though. He stood and headed to the corner where he climbed up top. He took aim on Cano and leapt off with a Frog Splash that connected! Cover!


Mattock quickly climbed up top.


Mattock flipped off with a Shooting Star Elbow Drop.. the Decent from Twilight!


Derecho saw it and moved at the last second! Mattock ended up elbow dropping Sanchez Cano instead! Derecho quickly grabbed Mattock and threw him over the top rope, but Derecho made the mistake of turning his back on Mattock, thinking his sent him over, but Mattock grabbed the top rope and held on, landing on the apron instead. Mattock got his bearings straight and notice Derecho's back turned toward him. He grabbed the top rope and leapt off. He hit a drop kick to the upper back of Derecho that sent him staggering forward toward Sanchez Cano who had gotten back up to his feet. Cano wrapped his arm around Derecho's neck and pulled him down with a Flatliner!




Shoulder up by Derecho!

Mattock was ordered back to his corner where he begged for the tag. Cano then reached over and tagged Mattock in and he officially came into the match, but Cano didn't leave just yet. Mattock pulled Derecho up to his feet and placed him in a waist lock. Cano then lunged in an nailed a Super Kick to Derecho... in turn, Mattock then nailed a German Suplex on Derecho, but continued to roll through with it. He brought Derecho back up to his feet and spun him with a Blue Thunder Driver! At the same time, Sanchez Cano spun with a rotating Leg Drop across the throat of Derecho! Mattock held Derecho down in the cover as Cano rolled out of the ring.





At the last possible moment, Derecho kicked out and the crowd cheered!

Mattock pulled Derecho back up and hit him with a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit a second one, but Derecho mustered up enough strength to fire a chop back at Mattock. Mattock then responded with a knee lift to the stomach with doubled Derecho over. Mattock then did a standing backflip and brought both boots right underneath the chin of Derecho, knocking him onto his back! Mattock landed on his feet and then headed toward the ropes. He grabbed the top rope and leapt to the middle.

Middle Rope Phoenix Splash!!

Mattock had Derecho down and in a cover again!





Derecho continued to kick out once again!

Mattock was getting extremely frustrated as he signaled for the end. He pulled Derecho up to his feet and then applied the hammerlock to Derecho. He set him up for the Switchblade Romance, but Derecho ducked the hammerlock swinging clothesline and into a waist lock...

German Suplex!

Derecho held on, but was very slow as he staggered to his feet with Mattock still in grip. He eventually did get back to his feet where he switched it into a full nelson.

Dragon Suplex!

Derecho let go of the hold as he was too exhausted to make it into any kind of three move combination. Derecho turned and merely draped an arm across the chest of Mattock.



Mattock kicked out.

Derecho and Mattock both staggered up to their feet. Derecho then hit a right hand to the face of Mattock. Mattock fired back with a right hand of his own. Derecho then nailed another right. Another right was Mattock's answer. Derecho switched it to a knife edge chop, Mattock answered with an open palm slap across the chest. Derecho then flipped Mattock off and went for a lariat, but Mattock ducked underneath. Mattock took off toward the ropes and did a handspring against them. He came back with a leaping roundhouse, but Derecho grabbed Mattock and cradled him in his arms!

Derecho then twisted and hoisted Mattock up onto his shoulders as the crowd hit their feet...


Derecho then stood and charged into the corner where he knocked Sanchez Cano off the ring apron with a forearm shot! Derecho then turned around....


Wiliams... Turnbull... Thompson.. The Black Faction had hit the ring and the referee had to call for the bell. Williams stepped aside as Waymoth Turnbull grabbed Derecho and brought him to his feet. He wrapped his arm around Derecho and lifted him up.

Who Don't Hear, Must Feel!

Aran Thompson then stood over Derecho with a grin on his face.

"Get him up" he ordered to Turnbull and Williams.

The two of them grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. Aran Thompson then grabbed a microphone from ringside.

"I left you laying in the ring at the end of iNtense last week, but apparently you decided to get back up and keep on fighting, didn't you?" said Thompson.

The crowd cheered as Mattock got back up off the canvas and stared down Black Faction. All three of them turned their attention to Mattock as he walked right up to Aran Thompson. Mattock stared Aran down and then Mattock grinned as he leaned in toward Aran's microphone.

"He's all yours... enjoy", said Mattock.

The crowd erupted in boos as Mattock smiled sadistically as he backed out of the ring. Sanchez Cano regrouped with Mattock and the two of them walked back up the ramp.

"You see that, Jason? Not even your own flesh and blood want anything to do with you. When will you get it through your head? THIS IS MY ERA. THIS IS MY FUTURE. A future that doesn't include you!"

Aran then dropped the microphone and grabbed Derecho out of the clutches of Turnbull and Williams. Aran then positioned Derecho in the abdominal stretch and flipped him over.

Icarus Switch!

For the second week in a row, Aran Thompson has laid out Derecho in the middle of the ring.


Mace Williams patted Aran on the shoulder as they all stared at the fallen Derecho. With Black Faction standing over him, this was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: Derecho via Disqualification