"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Plan F"

Ninja K Derecho was seen arriving at the arena, bags in hand. He no sooner got into the lobby of the arena when "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon came running up to him.

"Deadrecho!! You made it! I was getting worried that you wouldn't show up! You wouldn't believe what I had to endure. I had to sit next to a fat black guy who all food knows him as the event horizon... I thought about buying him to move away, but I realized that I'm not Korean so that wouldn't happen... it was a horrible plane flight.. he smelled like funk and the in-flight peanuts weren't orange at all.. but I'm so glad you're here.. you are the one ray of light shining down upon my cloudy day...."

Derecho and Le Bon just stood there blankly at each other in a moment of awkward silence.

"Anyhoo.. let's talk about tonight! I face the world rice champion later on and I know you want to squeeze the starch out of his grainy neck because he spread a rumor around the internet worse than a twerking Miley Cyrus.. so what's the plan? Are you going to run in and bean him with a steel chair? Kill him with your bare fists? Stomp a mudhole in his ass and run it dry? That was a parody so we can't get sued, by the way... what's the plan?"

Derecho put his bags down and placed his hand on Le Bon's shoulder.

"The plan is that you're going to go out there and beat Aran Thompson.. and when Aran loses to a wrestler of your caliber.. I'm going to walk out there and do what he did to me for the past two weeks.. leave him laying in the middle of that ring.. and after I leave him laying, I'm going to grab that microphone and announce to the world.. the fate of Aran Thompson." said Derecho.

Le Bon's eyes widened.


"Uh.. come again?" asked Derecho.

"It means Scary in Japanese.. they had a really shitty in-flight movie... it's the only word I picked up from the whole thing.. but seriously.. that is an awesome plan! I'm going to get into my ring gear and warm up! Glad to have this top secret strategy meeting!"

Derecho looked around at random fans just staring on.. making the scene not too top secret. Le Bon just turns and runs while Derecho picks up his bags..

"And this is why I have a Plan A... wonder if he knows what I told him was Plan F." mumbled Derecho as he walked away, the scene fading to black.

Romeo Ruster Reno vs Bryan Dawkins
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

As iNtense comes back from commerical, we see "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins in the ring, warming up. The lights then go low.

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

Out from the back came Romeo Ruster Reno to a chorus of boos from the crowd. The two of them came face to face in the center.. They had a score to settle and tonight would be the rubber match between the two of them. The intensity between these two have built up over the weeks and now they looked to settle it in the middle of the ring. The referee called for the bell.




The two of them came face to face in the center of the ring. Reno shoved Dawkins back and smirk. Dawkins came back with a vicious foream to the face that staggered Reno back toward the ropes. Dawkins charged in and clotheslined Reno up and over to the outside where he landed on the floor.

Reno got back to his feet as Dawkins hit the ropes...


Right away, Dawkins went high risk and took Reno out in the process! Dawkins got back up and was clearly fired up. He grabbed Reno and rolled him back into the ring. Dawkins then hopped onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top. Reno staggered back up as Dawkins leapt off the top with a flying cross body and collided with Reno! Dawkins landed in a pinning combination!



Reno kicked out and quickly rolled to the outside where he slumped against the barricades and kept a watchful eye on Bryan Dawkins. Dawkins fired up the crowd even more as he dared Romeo to get back into the ring. Romeo took a short walk around ringside, staring back into the ring, making sure Dawkins doesn't take flight again. Romeo slowly climbed up onto the ring apron and Dawkins charged, but Romeo hopped down and Dawkins put the brakes on. Romeo complained to the referee about not being able to be let back into the ring.

The referee then told Dawkins to back it up. Romeo slowly got back onto the ring apron and Dawkins shoved the referee aside and charged in with a shoulder block between the ropes, but Romeo side stepped him and nailed a huge kick right to the face! Dawkins grabbed his face and staggered away from the ropes. Romeo then grabbed the top rope and nailed a springboard seated drop kick to the back of Dawkins that sent him into the ropes chest first where he laid there. Romeo then charged to the corner and leapt onto the middle turnbuckle. He then pivoted and front flipped over the top rope, nailing a springboard summersault leg drop to the back of Dawkins head!!


Dawkins bounced off the rope and landed back first on the canvas. Romeo then ascended the turnbuckle pads and flipped off Dawkins before he leapt off with Dawkins' own finisher, the Shooting Star Press and connected with it!



Dawkins got the shoulder up in time!

Romeo pulled Dawkins to his feet and nailed a knife edge chop across the chest. He fired a second chop and then a third as Dawkins staggered back. Romeo grabbed his arm for an irish whip, but Dawkins reversed it and sent Romeo to the ropes. Dawkins with a drop kick, but Romeo held onto the ropes and Dawkins landed on his back as a result. Romeo then ran in and front flipped into a bridge pin..



Both of them bridged up and twisted around... Dawkins with a backslide, but Romeo wouldn't even stay down for a one count. He immediately rolled through and went for a kick to the head, but Dawkins grabbed him by the leg. Romeo hopped up and down on one foot as Dawkins got back up to a vertical base. Dragon Screw by Dawkins took Romeo down. Romeo sat up, but Dawkins lunged in with a Shining Wizard and caught him in the face! Cover!



Romeo kicked out.

Dawkins pulled Romeo to his feet and hit a series of forearm shots to the face. Whip to the corner where Romeo hit the buckles hard. Dawkins charged in and hit a running knee lift to the chin. He then placed Romeo up onto the top turnbuckle pads and climbed up. He hooked Romeo for a superplex, but Romeo held onto the ropes and blocked it. Romeo then hooked Dawkins for a superplex with the floor as his target, but Dawkins floated over and landed on the ring apron.

Upward palm thrust to the face of Romeo staggered him. Dawkins then climbed back up onto the turnbuckles and grabbed Romeo. He lifted him and fell backwards..



Both men were down. The referee had no choice but to start the count!











The referee called for the bell as this match ended in a double countout! Immediately, the referee hopped out of the ring and checked on both men. While they weren't moving now, both said they were fine... well about as fine as you could be after falling nearly ten feet and landed on the hard mats on the floor.

The audience didn't like the decision, but it still seems that this issue between these two hasn't yet been settled.

Winner: Double Countout

"Bone to Bone Contract"

Ninja K An audible crash was overheard to immediate draw the attention from all within the immediate area as Jason Rau was seen sliding to a halt along the floor. Adam Lazarus was seen pushing aside the rolling sound cases in order to send a rising Aussie stumbling away down the hall with a hard Left Hook. Civilians were all too quick to scatter out of harm’s way as Jason’s Spinning Back Hand sailed overhead, leaving him defenseless against an Spinning Roundhouse Kick. A moment of baited breath was heard behind the flipped over Tash Can as Adam continued his assault. “You having fun yet, bitch?” Laz joked while hurling Jason violently forward with an Irish Whip.

The angry crash of a catering table sent food scattering everywhere before the Air Apparent laid his hands onto his opposition.

“Eat me, you...OOOHHHH! ....Bloody Hell...”

The Wading River native was angrily laying fists & boots onto his opposition before spraying crimson against the floor. Garbled coughing was heard as Jason began to seek an immediate exit. Laz grabbed him by the shoulder, spun Rau about yet was blinded by a shower of red spittle. Laz flailed about angrily, seeking to hit his target but to no avail. Jason desperately searched around his immediate perimeter before using a filled garbage can to floor his rival. Debris scattered everywhere as the Aussie’s renewed confidence grew.

“You wanna play, eh mate?”

Rau arrogantly quipped while grabbing a handful of singlet before slamming him chest first atop the rolling sound case before gaining momentum. The speeding case was quickly impeded by the thick cable wires, ejecting the aerialist into the air before crashing against the wall before immediately hitting the floor. Laz angrily groaned while cradling his head before Rau kicked the rolling sound case atop his rival.

Adam emitted grunts of anguish with every hardened stomp made by Rau before the rolling case was flung aside before grabbing his foe from the floor.

“Game ova, Sunshine...”

Rau yelled as he led Adam towards the wall yet the nimble athlete quickly walked up the wall, catching the Aussie off guard as Adam landed and stumbled backwards. Rau’s Running Clothesline was countered with a Quick Elevated Fireman’s Carry, leaving Rau howling from the impact along the unforgiving concrete before Laz angrily braced his knee against Rau’s throat. The Angry Aussie pawed at Adam’s leg yet Laz grabbed the Aussie’s arm in order to apply more leverage to the improvised choke. Measured Punches against the ribs were used to further antagonize his rival.

“FUCK YOU!” Adam seethed angrily during the barrage. “FUCK YOU!...FUCK...”


The camera watched a unconscious Lazarus keel over onto his side and collapse along the floor. The masses were heard booing in hindsight as Bane Loneheart looked down at the hacking heap renown as Jason Rau.

“Ey, ye looked like ye were getting yer arse kicked like a rag moppet there...” Bane joked while tapping his trademark Led Pipe against his shoulder. Rau continued coughing briefly before lowering his hear from all fours.

“The feck you want?” Rau hissed.

“Consider ye owe me a favor.” Loneheart continued. “Being we’re ol’ mates and all that...”

The coughing Rau gradually ascended to his feet, rubbing his throat before casting red spit onto his rival’s carcass.

“Ey could have ‘andled em...” Jason uttered before resting on his hind quarters. “The bastard got the ol’ jump on me...”

“Yah. Sure ye did.” Bane chided. “Lissen; Ey need elp’ with someting. Someting major.”

“Was dat?” Rau inquired.

“Ey know you and ol’ Bright Eyes here have been tussling for a lil’ while so ey’ tell ya what; I say you and me team up.” Loneheart mentioned. “Watch each udders backs, ya know?”

“Like a tag team?”

“To hell with that!” Bane replied. “I need ye’ help in gettin’ that case in that Open Season match everyone’s talkin’ about.”

A chuckle drifted from Rau’s lips. “You out of your bloomin’ gourd?” Rau replied. “Everyone’s gunnin’ for that cured thing and what’s worse; you know who is holdin’ that belt now? Ol’ Japanese Tin Man is the new King of the Undaground now...Not to mention, he’s got an army. What the feck do you have?”

“Don’t you worry about dat, mate.” Bane responded in confidence. “I just need a hand along the way. What do ya say?” The former Backbone member mentioned while extending his hand out to his fellow alum. Rau looked into the Irishman’s eyes and his hand before emitting a heavy sigh and taking it.

“Ye fecking crazy...but fer shits & giggles; count me in.” Rau replied, bringing forth a evil sneer across Bane’s visage. “I’ll have a front row seat to watch em’ kick yer head between yer shoulder blades...”

“Yeah.” Bane said.” “We’ll see about dat...”

Landon Stevens vs Bane Loneheart
Aran ThompsonMattock


The words echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as “Your God” by Stone Sour played over the speakers. The fans erupted in jeers as Landon Stevens emerged from the back. Stevens paid no mind to the uproar behind him as he made his way down the ramp. Stevens stopped at the bottom of the ramp way, looking at the ring. Stevens ran towards the ring and slid in under the bottom rope.

The fans still jeering The Rising Star as the music faded out.

“Sur Fac Ing” by Slipknot blasted through the speakers as Bane LoneHeart and his trusty lead pipe emerged from the back. Bane pointed the pipe towards Stevens signaling it would be used on him tonight.

Bane entered the ring and the two superstars began to circle the ring.

The music faded out and just a few moments later, the sound of the bell echoed throughout the building.




The two competitors circled the ring until Bane made his first attempt with the lead pipe. Stevens ducked out of the way and Bane tried a second time, once again Stevens ducked out. As Stevens ducked out Bane went for another attack and Stevens connected with a several shots to the ribs before connecting with a hard spinning heel kick.

Bane fell to the floor and Stevens picked up the lead pipe.

With Loneheart down, Stevens began stomping the hell out of his opponent.

“Get up fool. Get up. This is my house.”

Just then “Redeemer” by Marolyn Manson echoed through the Arena of Champions as Omega made his way to the top of the entrance ramp. The music faded out and Omega just stood there, watching as Bane moved back to his feet.

A distracted Stevens didn’t see him get up, Bane made a move for the pipe only to be met with a kick to the ribs and a crack on the head from the lead pipe.

Stevens turned around and looked over towards Omega and flips him off, mouthing the words “Fuck You”.

Stevens goes for the cover as he turned back.




Bane kicked out before the three count could be finished.

Both men slowly moved back to their feet.

Both competitors lunged towards each other and locked up in the middle of the ring. Bane quickly gained the advantage over the smaller Stevens as he forced Stevens into the corner only for Stevens to manage to roll him against the ropes. Stevens started to gain the advantage as he pushed Loneheart up against the ropes, but Bane managed to push Stevens off of him.

Loneheart took a moment for a breather. Bane moved in for a lock up once again only to be countered into a headlock by Stevens. The bigger Loneheart pushed Stevens into the ropes and attempted a clothesline on the bounce back only to have Stevens duck under and slam him to the mat with a quick arm drag. Stevens wasted little time as he moved to the outside of the ring and rummaged through everything under the ring. He pulled out a hockey stick only to toss it behind him. Stevens then pulled out a trash can filled with an assortment of items and chucked it. Stevens nearly climbed completely under the ring and dragged out a ladder. This find brought a smile to his face.

Meanwhile, back inside the ring Loneheart was furious to have this kid kicking his ass. Loneheart climbed out of the ring on the opposite side of Stevens. As Stevens finished dragging the ladder out from under the ring, Bane attacked him from behind sending Stevens to the floor. Loneheart connected with several stomps to the downed Stevens before grabbing him by the hair and pulling him to his feet. Bane dragged him by the hair over to the ring steps and attempted to slam Stevens head first into them only to have it blocked and Stevens retaliated by slamming Bane head first into the ring post.

Stevens grabbed the ladder he pulled out from under the ring and slid it under the bottom rope into the ring. He then grabbed the trash and all its assortments and tossed it into the ring. As Stevens made his way over towards Bane, he was quickly met with a lead pipe to the gut.


Bane threw Stevens head first into the steel ring steps and went for a quick cover.




Stevens kicked out at the last second. Bane picked Stevens up by his hair once again and whipped him in to the side of the ring. Stevens fell to his knees wrenching in pain as Bane grabbed him by the arm and forced him back into the ring. Stevens slowly pulled himself up into the corner as Bane slid and grabbed the ladder in which Stevens got out earlier. Bane ran full force towards Stevens.


Stevens laid Loneheart out with a drop toe hold sending the ladder to his face. Stevens made the quick cover.




Loneheart managed to get his shoulders up. A frustrated Stevens had had enough. Stevens moved over towards the trash can he had tossed in from the outside and pulled out a Kendo stick. Its as though Stevens had fire in his eyes as an evil grin appeared on his face. Stevens moved back over to the fallen Loneheart.




Stevens connected with several shots across the body of his fallen opponent. Stevens then dragged the ladder and positioned it exactly where he wanted it. Stevens moved back over to Bane and picked him up off the canvas. Danger Red then set him up between his legs and pointed his finger directly at Omega whom still stood at the top of the entrance way.


Stevens connected with his finishing maneuver but did not go for a pin. Stevens dragged Loneheart over to the ladder and set Bane on top of the ladder. Stevens made his way over to the corner and climbed up to the top rope.


Stevens went for the cover.




Stevens moved to his feet and looked over at Omega, he pointed his finger and mouthed the words, “You’re next.”

Landon Stevens, Danger Red, The Rising Star, whatever you want to call him, pulled off another victory in Jolt and has yet to be defeated.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall


Ninja K The scene opened up to the backstage area where one backstage interviewer – your favorite and mine – Donny Layne was about to take his two Tylenol with a Vodka Chaser. Well, that’s exactly what he WANTED to do right now. Instead, he was looking a little bit troubled.

And why was that?

Well, he was about to interview his bestest friends in the jOlt universe, that’s why!

“Ladies and gentlemen, standing by before tonight’s big match-up between two feuding factions... The Crimson Order’s young and talented Eiji Kugasari will be stepping into the ring with this man… representing The Heirs of Wrestling… Ryan Gallway!”

The camera panned back and revealed all three Heirs surrounding either side of Donny Layne. He’d been humiliated by these guys time and time again and tonight may prove to be no different.

“Layne Bryant, how you doing?” Frank patted him on the shoulder. “Looking fit.”

The jOlt Tag Team Champions laughed while Mack Brody wiped the proverbial dirt off his shoulder. Ryan Gallway stepped up front and center.

“All right,” Ryan snapped. “It’s time for me to wind up this pitch and throw a fucking curveball of some TRUTH! The Crimson Periodstains…”

Frank and Mack both looked a little grossed out.

“…you fucks have been on our jocks for the last several weeks, skulking in the shadows. You’re big, you’re bad, and your terrifying, but when you finally came face to face with greatness, greatness slapped you around with its mammoth wang… and my belt…”

Ryan patted the Tag Title belt over his shoulder as he grinned.

“At Cataclysm, we’re taking you big bitches out. Eiji, tonight, I’m going to school your wannabe Ninja K-being, 1,000-signature move-having, Raiden hat-wearing, fu-manchu-rocking bitch-ass! I am not called the Prince of Precision because of how awesome my targeted moves are… okay, I am! You’ve been wasting so much time with Jimmy Bitch Martinez that you didn’t know that I’M the real best high flyer in jOlt! We’ve…”


The interview suddenly came to a dead stop. The jOlt Tag Team Champions turned around to see nobody…

…Then they looked down to finally see THE ROCKSTAR himself. jOlt’s favorite new… something… received a crowd response of booing and cheering for Jon Le Bon. Frank, Ryan, and Mack each looked at one another while Donny Layne tried to sneak away after what looked like an awkward situation.

“Guys! Tag Team Champions! My first Twipo buddies!” he shouted.

“Um…” Frank rolled his eye before he turned around. “Who are you?”

“No,” Ryan asked. “What he meant to say was who the ENTIRE FUCK are you and why are you here?”

Jon Le Bon looked up at them and looked kinda sad for a second that his own Twipo followers may not have recognized him… but then he laughed it off quickly.

“Oh, you guys!” He slapped Mack on the knee.

“Don’t touch the calves, bro,” Mack snapped.

“You guys! I just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to going out there and meet Arab Tompkins! I finally get to go out there and school the jOlt Champion! Then hey, I might get to go out there and finally win the jOlt Title myself! Orange peanuts for all!”

The Heirs were each going to say something only for Jon Le Bon to keep talking.

“I wanted you guys to see this! Since you were my first Twipo followers and you guys helped me hashtag Get me off the Hype… I made this!”

Le Bon turned around to show his own version of The Heirs’ signature light-up jackets. The initials “HoW” were on the back with a L added in electrical tape. Frank looked at him.

“What is the L for?” Frank asked.

“It’s for Le Bon, silly! Check this out!”

He clicked a button in the pocket…. And only the “O” on the back lit up. Some of the bulbs were dim and others were burned out, but he looked very proud of his new investment!

“HOWL! Heirs of Wrestling and Le Bon! That’s us, my friend! The Heirs of Wrestling Le Bon League are going to RULE jOlt with an iron fist! We can do this, guys! You come out there with me and take out his big ape Mace Wiliams and that BIGGER ape Waymoth Turnbull…”

Mack finally stepped up and looked down at The Rockstar. Where normally this would be menacing to just about anybody else Le Bon was still all smiles.

“What’s up, big guy?”


Mack stopped when Frank tapped him on the shoulder. He signaled something to him silently and The Bronze Bombshell grinned.

“Okay, gotcha.”

Frank kneeled over to greet The Rockstar.

“Jon, it would be our HONOR to have your back…” Frank said. Ryan was about to jump when Mack whispered something in his ear. Ryan then giggled. “Here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re going to stay back here to keep watch, man. Ryan has his match with EIji, but right after that he’ll come back here and stand watch. The second that any of those mooks come out… we’ll go get help! Because that’s the kind of people we are!”

Le Bon’s eyes lit up.

“Fucking awesome!” He grinned. “I’m gonna reel back my hand and slap Tompkins right across his stupid face! I’m ready!”

Jon Le Bon finally turned on his heel and was about to leave when an irate Sarah Winterton approached. The Heiress – who was drowning her sorrows after she lost her spot in the Starlet Title tournament – crossed paths with Le Bon who bumped into her.

“Oh, sorry!” Le Bon shouted before peering up her skirt. “Nice!”

“Hey! Get out of here, you little troll!” Sarah shouted.

Le Bon turned and ran down the hallway. For the record, he was still wearing his dimly lit jacket and it was still flickering as he ran down the hall to get ready for his match. Winterton turned to the other Heirs.

“Who the hell was that?”

Frank answered her question. “That was Jon Le Bon...” He turned to Ryan and Mack. “AND I WANT TO KNOW WHICH ONE OF YOU ACTUALLY HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON FOR THAT LITTLE BASTARD ON TWITTER!”

Ryan and Mack each pointed an accusatory finger at one another as the scene cut elsewhere.

Aran Thompson vs Jon Le Bon
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

"American Idiot" by Green Day begins playing and the fans errupted into a great combination of booing and cheering as he spun around with his arms out wide. The cameras showed signs both their distaste for the self proclaimed wrestling rock star, and their enjoyment with bags of orange peanuts stapled to cardboard signs begging Le Bon: "SPY ON MY GIRLFRIEND". Le Bon slid into the ring and bounced to his feet and again spun around as the mixed reaction continued.

As the referee was checking Le Bon's gear and explaining the rules of the match him the lights went out.

A spot light burst and ingulfed Le Bon who looked around and without hesitation began basking in the light.


As soon as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing the Arena of Champions exploded in booing that was so loud Le Bon began covering his ears. Aran walked out from behind the entrance ramp with his arms out wide and the jOlt Championship in his right hand and the Relentless Championship in his left. Laurie Williams silently clapped and Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams followed behind them.

Aran stopped half way to the ring and handed the Championships Laurie Williams who cradled them both like her own children. Aran looked at Waymoth and Mace and pointed at the entrance ramp and the ring as if instructing them to keep their eyes open, and then he pointed at Jon Le Bon and the camera perfectly picked up him saying, "And this little punk is all mine!"

Aran toward the ring SUICIDE DIVE!

Le Bon's body crashed into Aran and the fans errupted but Le Bon didn't even noticed that he had landed right next to Waymoth Turnbull who shot daggers out of his eyes at Le Bon who immediately begged Turnbull to not do anything. The Fans began booing Le Bon as Aran started to get to his feet.


Le Bon's body slammed into the ground and Aran grabbed Le Bon by the head and pulled his wobbly body back to his feet before rolling him into the ring. Aran held his jaw in a bit of pain as he entered the ring himself and the referee officially called for the bell.

Le Bon rocked back and forth trying to find some composure as Aran walked over to him and slapped Le Bon.






Aran smiled at the crowd and they booed him so loud that Jon Le Bon reacted and begged them to stop but the booing continued.

Aran watched Le Bon plead with the crowd and Aran shook his head.

"You don't understand do you, Jon. This is my Era. This is the Era of the FUTURE! People like you don't hav-"

Aran was interrupted as Le Bon slapped Aran across the face and the fans once again popped for Le Bon who continued the assault on a shocked Aran Thompson. The jOlt Champion rocked backwards as "The Rockstar" continued to slap and slam his elbow into Aran's jaw. Le Bon being almost a full foot shorter than Aran had to jump a bit and as Aran was backed into the corner Le Bon screamed loudly and jumped toward the middle rope and bounced high enough to hit Aran with a perfectly executed drop kick causing Aran to drop to the mat.

Le Bon locked Aran in a head lock but Aran rolled through and pinned Le Bon.



Buhrman: Le Bon should of expected that armbar to not be enough for the jOlt Champion.


Le Bon pulled Aran to his feet but Aran slapped Le Bon across the face again.




Aran kneed Le Bon in the stomach and followed it up with an elbow to the back of the head. Le Bon dropped to his hands and knees but Aran wasn't done.


Aran rolled Le Bon over and pinned him again.






Aran looked around shocked and so did Le Bon. The fans booed as Aran managed to kick out of the opposume pin of Le Bon. Le Bon thought the fans were booing him and pleaded with them to stop again.

"STOP BOOING ME!" Le Bon demanded.

Aran was on his feet again and the booing got louder but Le Bon continued to think that they were booing him and when he turned around.


Aran his Jon Le Bon with a superkick so hard that the contact echoed throughout the arena and the fans held their chins in reaction.


Derecho jumped the guard rail and slid into the ring but Waymoth grabbed Derechos ankle slid him out of the ring.


Derecho buckled against the ring apron as Waymoth effectively took out Derecho with a combination sucker punch.

Mace Williams raised Derecho up and shook his head.


Waymoth hit Derecho with his punching combination a second time and Aran smiled as he watched it all go down. Aran pointed at them.


Mace butterflyed Derecho's arms behind him and Waymoth held Derechos head up forcing Derecho to watch as Aran had Le Bon on his feet and in an abdominal stretch.





Aran quickly released the pin as Le Bon lay lifeless in the center of the ring and Derecho looked helpless as Mace and Waymoth held him in place. Laurie slid the jOlt and Relentless Championships into the ring and quickly climbed in and handed the titles to Aran.

Aran held the titles high above his head and screamed at the top of his lungs.


Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"The Hand That Smites the Ungrateful"

Ninja K

The scene was set within the sealed confides of the Inogami Clan locker room. The Crimson Elite held court near the door and at each flank of the Crimson commanding officers in Mamoru & Kenshiro Inoagami. Both seated erect along a locker room bench before their clan. The Crimson Order comprised of the sinewy Heido & the muscular titan in Takeshi were at the flanks of the clan hothead in Eiji Kugasari. All remained in the posture of seiza.

“It is time.” Kenshiro bellowed. “The time for our esteemed brethren to rise...and lay claim to what is rightfully theirs. As we speak, our opposition are seeking to join forces in order to foolishly led their respective campaigns against us. Some in large numbers. Others in scouting parties yet even they admit far to what will take place.”

Takeshi flared his nostrils quietly as Heido popped the bones in his spine by arching upward slightly.

On the behalf on the Crimson Order, we expect victory to become yours by way of force & certainty. Through you, the rank & file of those seeking to either compete or retain control this promotion’s most esteemed prized possessions are hereby set on notice.” Ninja continued.

“Even now, in the midst of their chaos, we have the grandest of opportunities to expand our influence and that of this clan. To ensure every mouth utters its name in fear...respect...or in their last moments of this Earth. You are the Hand. Every bone. Every tendon. Every muscle. Even the vessels of life that make every impact. Every strike with calloused precision & fluidity. Ensure that every form of opposition out there overstand without question like that of all whom are in this very chamber know...”

“The Crimson Renaissance is upon them.” Kenshiro mentioned. “The Age where poor caricatures and humiliating misrepresentations of our people nor beloved country are no longer acceptable. A time where our justice shall be swift & deliberate. Our enemies must tremble & fall before us any means necessary...”

A deafening yet unified brief chant echoed within the chamber while the ninja stood to his feet with the Underground Championship in hand.

“In my hand, the Underground Championship, stands as the diminutive symbol of our influence. In the name our clan, a self professed ‘God’ fell by my hand. Broken. Beaten and exposed as the egregious myth as he was.” Ninja boasted. “However, even this promotion’s World Champion fears not only my wrath...but our power. His numbers account for nothing. His antics are that of a spoiled child for even he knows his place. As the head of this clan and the beared of the elite of this promotion’s championships, I shall lead you forward into the dawning of a New Age. It began with what I hold in my hand. I did what many were incapable of doing and not in the mere defeat of the ‘Beast’ but the taming of it.”

“I expect even more from you. Break them like frail sticks within the grasp of mere children. Do not fear failure for therein lies Courage in every lesson...but I caution you; do me...Now what are the 3 Sacred Oaths!”


“To each other...To your officers...To me, but above all else, this clan...!” Kenshiro bellowed.”


“By blood, we stand united! In training! In meditation! In victory and in the pursuit of it & rememberance of our fallen...!”


“In full adherence to The Code, we embrace the shadows...The protection of this clan & yourselves...The subtle embrace of the Unseen...The integrity of this House and strength within our unified silence!

Another unified yet brief chant filled the mid sized room. Ninja casually looked about into each attentive face trained onto him before slowly raising the gleaming Underground title overhead.

“Go forth, my children...and conquer...”

Ryan Gallway vs Eiji Kugasari
Aran ThompsonMattock

The Heirs of Wrestling were set to defend the jOlt Tag Team Championships against the new #1 contenders, The Crimson Order. The pupils of Underground Champion Ninja K had been tearing it up in the tag team ranks and had been setting their goals on more gold. To that end, they had to overcome The Heirs of Wrestling if they wanted more championships in their camp.

Despite their claims of supreme tag team dominance, the Heirs had done all they could to avoid direct confrontation with the members of Clan Inogami. Hideo and Takeshi had been chasing them down with the Heirs coming up with deliberate excuses to avoid matches. When the time finally came for them on the last Warriors to take on The Crimson Order, it had been a blatant setup with The Heirs jumping them three-on-two. Their ally, Eiji Kugasari, had come to the rescue and helped to turn the tides, thus foiling their assault. Because of their confrontations, Jim Johnson had granted The Crimson Order their long-sought match at Cataclysm in just days time.

Tonight, the hotheaded and talented Eiji Kugasari was set to go one-on-one with The Heirs’ Ryan Gallway. Eiji wasn’t necessarily a good person by any means from his previous battles with Jimmy B. Martinez, but almost anybody opposing The Heirs were generally the favorites. Let’s see how things go down, eh?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring with the jOlt Tag Team Championships. N

“First, making his way to the ring from South Beach, Miami… he is one-third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions… ”THE PRINCE OF PRECISION” RYAN GALLWAY!

Frank and Mack were about to accompany him to the ring, but he stopped them. The Hipster Heartthrob turned to his cohorts and signaled that he wanted to go this alone. He may have had something to prove tonight and wanted to combat Eiji on his own. Silver and Brody dapped fists with Gallway and let him have his moment as they disappeared behind the curtain. Gallway was solo now and headed into the ring, tipping his blue cowboy hat to the crowd. He tossed it off to the side and raised his jOlt Tag Title in the air for all to see.

A volatile mixed reaction to boil over in response as darkness quickly overwhelmed the Arena of Champions’ interior. “Your World Will Burn” by Cliff Lin jump started the rhythmic pulsation of Red & Pearl lighting. Jets of condensed smoke continued to belch forth as the hot headed Prince of Puroresu appeared from within the overcast & stood at the apex of the elongated ramp. The Blood Raven began his trademark yet brief martial arts kata was concluded with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Eiji swung his fist toward the grating, summoning a Red Pyrotechnical explosion. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji will ascend to his feet and begin power walking toward the ringside area.

“And his opponent; making his way to the ring...He hails from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

Camera One continued back pedaling as Eiji casually walked down the ramp with a look of determination on his face. He hadn’t really endeared himself to the fans but they were gonna see a good battle going on here…


Gallway had jumped over the ropes with a Plancha only for the fleet-footed Eli to sidestep and duck the shot. While Ryan tried to recover from the early attack Kugasari came right him with a Shotgun Dropkick on the outside, sending him flying across the ringside area!

The crowd was actually lending some support to The Blood Raven, but he wasn’t paying any attention to the fans. Tonight it was all about pleasing Ninja K and getting some payback for The Crimson Order. He rolled Ryan Gallway back to his feet and tossed him inside the ring as referee Darius Underwood officially called for the bell…


He headed up top quickly and waited for Ryan Gallway to stumble to his feet. When he did…


The Front Flip Seated Senton caught Ryan Gallway quickly and Eiji seamlessly transitioned right into a quick cover! The match could be over as soon as it began!




Gallway shoved Eiji off of him and tried to head for higher ground, but The Blood Raven was doing a good job matching speed with Gallway which was very hard to do. He kicked Gallway in the gut and ran off the ropes and Gallway tried for a big kick only for the taller Eiji to duck and keep on going to the ropes. When he came back, he executed a Tilt-a-Whirl and sent The Prince of Precision flying into the turnbuckle! He stumbled backwards as Eiji quickly went into a modified Flying Leg roll-up!




The Hipster Heartthrob suddenly kicked out at the last second. He stood up and angrily charged at Eiji again only for the fellow high flyer to turn him over with a Japanese-style Arm Drag. He stood up and swung for a Low Roundhouse when Gallway ducked and tried to roll him up for a Schoolboy. Eiji rolled through to his feet when Ryan came up…

20422 SPECIAL!

It really wasn’t a signature move of Ryan Gallway so much as a slap in the face. No, seriously. He licked his palm and SLAPPED Eiji across the face as a total sign of disrespect. Eiji, much like Ryan himself, was very prideful and didn’t take kindly to the sign of disrespect so he came out swinging. He pushed him off the ropes. Kugasari came back and Ryan ducked down low. He charged off the ropes and kept on running right behind Eiji and caught him in the chest against the ropes with a HARD Shotgun Dropkick of his own! The wind got knocked out of his chest and Gallway quickly rolled him up with an inside cradle of his own!




The angered Gallway quickly popped Eiji across the face with a vicious volley of Forearm Smashes before throwing him off the ropes. Kugasari came back with a Sunset Flip but this time it was Gallway ‘s turn to roll through. He went for the kick and he ducked but out came Gallway from behind with a Standing Moonsault! Gallway stood up again and followed that up with a Standing Shooting Star Press! The combination that he called ORION’S BELT connected!




“Fuck!” Gallway shouted when Eiji got the shoulder up again. He pulled Eiji by his hair and snatched him up again before planting a couple of hard kicks to the side of the leg. He twisted him around and now had him locked in…


The Standing Headscissors led right into the Single Arm DDT! He then slapped in the Fujiwara Armbar immediately and yanked back on the submission.

“That’s right, bitches!” Gallway shouted. “You love this shit, don’t you!”

He pulled back in the arms of Eiji and now had the advantage as he continued to try and get the submission. The Prince of Precision was living up to his name and continued to dictat the pace.

“Do you give up, Eiji?” Darius asked of Ryan’s opponent.

The Blood Raven shook his head no and continued to crawl towards the ropes as best he could, even with Gallway cranking back on the hold. He finally managed to get closer to the ropes… made it!

Gallway held onto the submission for the entirety of the four-count before he let go and rolled away from Eiji. Kugasari now had an injury and Gallway would do everything that he could to exploit it. He stood up and when Eiji tried to rise he came off the ropes and caught him in the face with a NASTY Flying Back Elbow!

Gallway took a second to take a bow for the crowd and tipped his hat while the crowd booed. He then put the hat back in the corner and followed up with a couple of Soccer Kicks aimed right at the bad wing of Eiji. He twisted one arm over the other and cranked back with a Goku-Raku Stretch!

The submission was firmly in place as he continued to work over Eiji. The young hothead of Clan Inogami was used to being the aggressor and had been from the early going, but Gallway turned the tides with his trickery and looked to finish him off.

Slowly he rose to his feet as the crowd continued to somewhat cheer Kugasari. He managed to twist Gallway around and THREW him over with a Judo-style over the shoulder Arm Drag to free himself.

His arm was still hurt and he shook the feeling out before he reached over to pick up Gallway again, but The Hipster Heartthrob caught him in the jaw with a big kick! Eiji stumbled backwards towards the turnbuckle and he stood to his feet again. He whipped Eiji cross-corner and tried to get at him again, but Eiji jumped off the ropes and Moonsaulted right over him, landing on his feet!

The Blood Raven kept on going off the ropes and managed to catch Gallway off-guard with another big move in the form of a Running Iron Claw STO! He dropped him across the ring and stood up again before heading off the ropes to connect with another move of his…


The Somersault Leg Drop across the face caught Gallway flush! The impact was enough to make Gallway convulse while Eiji Kugasari stood to his feet to plot his next move. He went towards Gallway but The Prince of Precision had already rolled outside of the ring and measured up his target. The Blood Raven ran off the ropes and took off again…


Both men were down on the floor now and the area outside the ring looked more like a car crash than an actual match. Eiji took a few seconds to recover from the move before he went up to his feet again. He pulled Gallway up again and rolled him back inside the ring.

Kugasari took off to the ropes and walked the ropes with amazing balance before jumping off with the Corkscrew Senton on top of Gallway! The crowd was in amazement of the move as Eiji crawled over and went for the cover again.




Gallway got the shoulder up just at two and three quarters. Eiji shook his own head in disbelief that his high risk move had paid off but didn’t get the duke. He then waited as Ryan started to teeter and get back to his spaghetti legs when Kuagasari lifted him up in the Fireman’s Carry position. He was looking for the Double Knee Gutbuster that he called the Event Horizon, but Gallway quickly elbowed his way out and stood out behind him.

The Prince of Precision rolled backwards to the corner when Eiji shook himself out of his elbow-induced stupor. He ran full speed at Gallway when Ryan somersaulted out of the corner allowing Eiji to hit nothing but turnbuckle. He stumbled out and allowed Ryan to get to the big move…


The Springboard Gamengiri was right on target! He nearly KICKED the taste right out of Eiji Kugasari’s mouth and knocked him almost clean out. Gallway took a second to recover from the move before heading out to the apron. He positioned himself carefully… SPRINGBOARD SPLASH! Another new move out of Gallway’s arsenal landed and he went for the cover.




It was as close as the space between the letters you’re reading right now when Eiji’s shoulder erupted off the canvas. Gallway buried his face in his arms and groaned in frustration as he shook his head. He thought for sure that he finished off Eiji but The Blood Raven was as tough as he was skilled.

The third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions made it to his feet again and raised his arms for the crowd who were now booing.


Gallway lifted Eiji off the canvas only to dump him back down again with a rather uncomplicated Scoop Slam. He stepped a few paces back from Eiji who was down in the corner. He charged off the ropes and went looking for…


Eiji moved at the last second as the Inverted 450 missed sending him crashing hard into the canvas! The Blood Raven was back up now and positioned himself across from the ring while Gallway tried to recover from his landing…


Eiji’s take on the old Shining Wizard finally cracked Gallway upside the head and knocked him right over! The crowd cheered for Eiji as he stood to his feet and waited to finish things off…


Courtesy of Frank Silver!


This amazing match between two of the high flyers of jOlt had ended in a disqualification! The Heirs weren’t far behind in any circumstance and it seemed that Ryan’s willingness to go it alone tonight was another ploy by The Heirs!

Frank Silver and Mack Brody were now both in the ring and each put the boots to Eiji!T Darius tried to get between them only for Mack to chase him right out of the ring!

Ryan Gallway stumbled in the corner. His temple was still throbbing from Eiji’s Blunt Force Trauma move, but the fact that Mack and Frank were now stomping him on the mat was easing the pain just a little bit.

“YOU DON’T FUCK WITH US!” Frank shouted. “YOU HEAR ME?”

Eiji couldn’t defend himself…


The crowd started taking pictures with their cameras and flashed their cell phones trying to illuminate the ring to see what was going on…


The two big brutes were now in the ring as the crowd cheered at their arrival. Mack charged at Takeshi only to take a Big Boot to the face! He mowed the giant down and cleared him from the ring while Frank charged at Heido…


Gallway saw the two stoic monsters and took off outside the ring quickly while Mack scrambled in to grab Frank and drag him to the floor!

For the second show in a row, The Heirs of Wrestling had resorted to cheap tactics to get the better of The Crimson Order but Ninja K’s pupils had gotten the upper hand over their opponents once again! The Heirs had taken their titles and headed back up the ramp foiled again.

“You fuckers better not have ruined my face!” Mack shouted. Way to prioritize, big guy.

The Crimson Order had helped Eiji Kugasari to his feet and stared down The Heirs of Wrestling. They were ready for Cataclysm and they were ready to become the jOlt Tag Team Champions for the first time.

Perhaps the Heirs of Wrestling had finally met an opponent they couldn’t overcome.

Winner: Eiji Kugasari vs Disqualification

"This Will Not Change Our Mission"

Ninja K The camera finds Trouble in their locker room as their leader Dallas Griffin actually had a little smile on his face. The first time in many weeks we have seen the leader of Trouble smiling. Last week he and his stablemates finally was able to outnumber Vince Jacobs and do some damage in the process. Dallas stood in front of Khadafi and Quo looking at the two Jury members.

“Where the hell is Duzza? I wanted to talk about a few things that needs to be done in the coming weeks in order to make us the most powerful group in this company.”

Duzza suddenly came bursting into the room as the three members turned toward the door.

“Where in the hell were you Duzza? We need to talk about the continued destruction of Vince Jacobs and taking over this company. “We got problems playa. I just got back from Johnson’s office an’ he gave me our match for Cataclysm.”

“So what does JJ have for us? The main event or maybe a shot at the tag team titles since we are the new money makers in this promotion.”

“Lissin playa this is serious.”

Dallas paused as Duzza looked worried.

“What’s wrong Duzza? The match cannot be that bad.”

Duzza looked at Dallas. “Johnson said at Cataclysm it’s gonna be Vince Jacobs vs. Dallas Griffin and Duzza in a NO DQ match.”

Dallas smiled. “So what’s the problem Duzza. We got this.”

“No you don’t understand playa. Trouble is banned from ringside and I don’t want to be in tha ring with Jacobs.”

Khadafi and Quo started to yell and calm Duzza down in the process.

“Alright shut up. This does not change a thing. This is good for us.”

“What do ya mean playa?”

“We still have Jacobs outnumbered and I have a plan. This does not give Jacobs the advantage just because Trouble is not at ringside in full force. Jacobs is a beaten and broken man and we will finish our mission to take Jacobs out and make Trouble main event material.

The camera starts to fade as Dallas looked at the Trouble members. “Here is my plan.”

Adam Roebuck, The Strangler, Mack Brody vs Kayden Paulton, Tyke, Waymoth Turnbull
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

The time had come for the big underground six man tag with the participants in next Sunday's Open Season Match at Cataclysm which would determine the number one contender to Ninja K's championship!

"Turn the Page" by Metallica

Out first to cheers from the crowd was "The Big Bucks" Adam Roebuck... formerly one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions. The House has had their issues with Team EGO dating back to Power Struggle. As Adam Roebuck entered the ring, he was going to be forced to partner with one of those he had an issue with.

"Halo" by Soil

Out next was "The Ego" Craig Thomas' muscle... The Strangler. Strangler walked down to the ring as he and Adam Roebuck kept their eyes locked on each other. The crowd booed as Strangler entered the ring and as the two teammates looked anything but that.

"Money" by D/R Period

The last man on that team was Mack Brody, a member of the Heirs of Wrestling, who claim to be a three man tag team champion. If Brody were to capture the Underground Championship, the Heirs could become one of the biggest threats in jOlt.. as if they weren't already, but right now, Brody was focusing on maintaining a bit of order for his team.


"Bullets" by Creed

The fans booed as the first man on the opposite team, "The British Lion" Tyke made his way out. As Brody restored order in one corner, Tyke made his way around to the opposite corner and awaited his partners.

"Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

The people cheered as Kayden Paulton made his way out from the back! Ever since the false rumor of his death was reported, Paulton has been a zealot so-to-speak for the former Underground Champion, Derecho. Paulton has reinvented himself and has taken this opportunity to complete that transformation. Whether or not that transformation would be anything short of normal remains to be seen.

"Emergency" by Mavado

Last, but not least, came Waymoth Turnbull.. a member of Aran Thompson's Black Faction. Another scenario would be Waymoth going on and beating Ninja K at Rise of the Legends, bringing the Underground championship to Black Faction. With the top two titles in jOlt in that stable, they could become the ones controlling jOlt's fate.

It is decided that Kayden Paulton and Mack Brody would start things off. The referee called for the bell.




Paulton and Brody locked up, but Brody immediately shoved Paulton away and smirked. Paulton got back up and dusted himself off. He pointed his finger at Brody and yelled "YOU" at him. Brody looked around for a moment and then pointed to himself. Paulton charged in and locked one more time, but the result was the same as Brody shoved him away. Paulton then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair from ringside, which was completely legal in this match. Paulton rolled back into the ring and slammed the chair against the canvas, yelling "COME ON" in the process.

Brody laughed as he shook his head at Paulton. Paulton got angry and yelled "FOR THE KING" and charged in, but Brody stopped him with a knee lift which doubled Paulton over. Brody then picked up the chair and slammed it over the back of Paulton!


Paulton went to all fours and began to stand when..




Three more chair shots to the back grounded Paulton. Brody tossed the chair out of the ring and yawned as he waited for Paulton to roll over before placing his foot onto his chest.



Paulton kicked out!

Brody was a bit unimpressed still as he pulled Paulton up to his feet. He brought him over to his corner where he tagged in Adam Roebuck against his will. Roebuck stood there and argued with Brody over the tag as it was clear that Roebuck didn't want to come into the match. Brody and Roebuck argued a bit as there was some history there. The Heirs did pin The House to win the tag belts, afterall.

Roebuck came into the ring as Paulton was let go. Paulton dropped down to the canvas and then used the knee pads on Roebuck to try and pull himself back up to his feet. Roebuck looked down and shook his head, not wanting to fight Paulton in this state. Roebuck turned and then slapped The Strangler as hard as he could right across the face.

"TAG" yelled Roebuck

Roebuck stepped back and told Strangler to come into the ring. Strangler did just that and started to punch Roebuck in the face! Roebuck fought back. Tyke then came into the ring and took his chance...


Strangler smiled and extended his hand to Tyke. Tyke then grabbed Strangler's hand and kicked him in the stomach.


Paulton had shaken off the cobwebs and when Tyke stood back up, Paulton launched himself at Tyke with a running cross body, but Waymoth Turnbull came into the ring and grabbed Paulton.. his own teammate...


Waymoth then grabbed Tyke and pulled him to his feet. He then tossed Tyke up and over the top rope to the outside! Waymoth did the same to Kayden Paulton, tossing him out of the ring to the opposite side as well. He then told Mack Brody to enter the ring, stating that he would win this match himself and that he didn't need a team to do it. Mack Brody took a step into the ring and then stopped for a moment. He then blew off Turnbull and hopped off the apron and began to walk away!

Waymoth then picked up The Strangler and placed him between his legs. In a show of power, Waymoth lifted Strangler into a Splash Mountain Bomb position and threw him into the turnbuckles


Tyke and Paulton both grabbed chairs from ringside. Paulton slid in and swung at Turnbull, but Waymoth dodged it, but when he turned around..


Tyke cracked the chair over Turnbull's head! Turnbull staggered and turned around where Paulton took his swing.


Right across Waymoth's skull! Waymoth went down. Adam Roebuck got back on his feet and grabbed Paulton, throwing him over the top rope and back to the outside where he landed hard on the floor mats. Roebuck stared Tyke down, but Tyke backed away and rolled out of the ring. Roebuck went to pin Turnbull, but Waymoth grabbed Roebuck and rolled him up into an inside cradle.




Roebuck got up to his feet and couldn't believe it! Waymoth, bloodied head and all, staggered to his feet and let out a beastial roar.

It was a confusing tag match, but as confusing as it was.. it sent a clear message.. that these six men were in it for themselves.. Jim Johnson must have put this tag match together knowing that this exactly how it would have turned up.. one big cluster of confustion, distrust, where every man was for himself. Would this be the scene at Cataclysm? All six men were either down and out, recovering, or just staring back into the ring as Waymoth Turnbull had his hand raised by the referee. There will be no teams at Cataclysm. There will be no alliances.. no friendships. It will be six men with one common goal.. to face Ninja K for one of the top two championships this company had to offer. The scene of distrust and chaos was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke, Kayden Paulton via Pinfall