"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Live from the Electric Palace"

Ninja K "Coming off of the back end of a tumultuous pay per view event where Cataclysm was every ounce of the meaning. The return of Jesse Ramey, the crowning of a brand new Starlet Champion, a tag team removed from the active roster, the nicest guy on the planet is the number one contender to the underground champion and ...."

Michael Buhrman had began the build up to this evenings show and was interrupted by a booming voice.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

The camera searched around the Arena of Champions as the fans booed as they recognized his voice and tried to search for the currently most hated man in the company.

"I'm up here, in the newly renovated Skybox."

The camera shot up and Aran Thompson stood proudly with his arms out wide and the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist. Laurie Williams still cradled the Relentless Championship in her arms, and Mace Williams stood behind with his cowboy hat covering his face and leaning on a counter. The booing had grown louder as Aran basked in his own glory.

"Michael, I hate to be the guy to tell you I told you so but-"

Before Nathan Powers could finish his sentence he too was interrupted by Aran, it now seemed that he had rigged the Skybox to allow him to speak without a microphone.

"I told you so.." Aran said.

"I told each and every one of you, so many times that I am the Future of this Industry and you booed me. I told each and every one of you that Derecho is dead and you jeered me. Well Derecho may not be dead technically, but at Cataclysm I slayed a self proclaimed God, and I stood proud with my jOlt World Heavyweight Championship high in the air and you know what?...."

Aran took in the continued jeering from the fans before continuing.

"I made you all believers. From the fans in the nose bleeds, to the few that can afford the V.I.P pass, to the commentators and all the boys in back. I am the beginning of the new standard."

"Three months ago I defeated Vince Jacobs to become the number one contender and now. I am Champion and he asked for his release. Two months ago I began poking at Derecho who was jOlt Champion and I let him believe that he was better than me but I got in his head and I beat six other men and walked out jOlt Champion. Then I made you all believe that a man who stood in that ring down there and told you all that he was a GOD had died. You hated it, but somehow you hated me just a little bit more. So when the truth came out I continued to punish him and made you buy into his hype. But you know what he toughed it out. He stuck with hit. He didn't really want the jOlt Championship at that point. He wanted me. He wanted to wrap his loser hands around my winners throat and squeeze every inch of breath out of me. But like I've said, time and time again....I am the FUTURE!"

Laurie Williams gently clapped her hands and Mace tipped his hat as the camera caught and amazing show of fans under the Skybox responding to him. Shaking their fists in a fit of rage and one man loving the fact that even if it was a negative response he was forcing them to take notice.

"From this moment on, it doesn't matter who you are. If you're the littlest tyke on the roster. Passionate about coming up from the development system. If you're a superbeast making a grand re-entrance or the leader of a Clan. If any one of you want a shot at my championship you must earn it. This means the results of Cataclysm has reshaped this company. You all are all beneath me and you must rise to the occassion."

"Win and you will be rewarded. Lose....well....lets just say you will all be watched."

"Believe that."

Aran sat down and the lights in the Skybox dimmed signaling that Aran was done with his speech.

"What does that mean?" Nathan Powers asked.

"Ya know, Nate, I have no idea? Aran has created some zaney schemes in the past but do you really think that he wants to reward people for winning? After all he has done to protect himself and his reign?" Buhrman asked.

"You heard him. Cataclysm reshaped the entire company! If you were the king of the mountain you would want to know who your real competition was, so why not force them to step their game up for a shot?"

Laurie could be seen sitting next to Aran and smiling as her man watched the Arena of Champions much like her father once did years ago. Mace watched as the couple held hands and he nodded his head and walked out of the Skybox.

Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey vs The Widow's Nest
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested under normal tag team rules with a time limit of fifteen minutes, and will be one fall to a finish.” Brad Arnold announced to the live audience on hand as he stood center ring next to referee Simon Boulder.

The hypnotic sounds of “Caught in a Web” by Dream Theater blasted throughout the arena and from behind the entrance curtains emerged Araknis and Wolf Spider, slowly trailed behind them was Black Widow. The trio slowly made their way toward the ring.

“Introducing first at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty eight pounds,” Arnold echoed, “accompanied to the ring by Black Widow, they are Araknis and Wolf Spider, THE WIDOW’S NEST!”

Araknis and Wolf Spider slowly entered the ring and made their way to a corner. The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulsed over the PA system as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashed across the jOlt Vision followed quickly by his trademark ‘#sOdAmnsErious” and a serious face emoticon logo. The small busty, blond haired figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz burst out from behind the entrance curtains. Shortly after her entrance, the much taller Jewelz stepped out into the spotlight.

“Making his way to the ring accompanied by Ruby Rocks Jewelz weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds; he is DIAMOND JEWELZ!”

The two slowly made their way toward the ring, no look of concern on the face of Jewelz, only a smile graced his face. Jewelz slid into the ring and made his way to a turnbuckle where he climbed to the middle rope and he posed for the crowd for a moment before hopping back into the ring and waiting.

A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

All of the fans within the arena came to their feet as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast and a single spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Ramey burst from behind the entrance curtains and the ovation only grew stronger.

“And his partner, about to make his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; he is JESSE RAMEY!”

The spotlight followed Ramey as he darted toward the ring, slid in under the bottom rope on his right hip, popped back up and rushed toward the nearest set of ropes. Ramey placed one foot on the middle rope and the other on the top, and threw his arm into the air as the lights kicked back up in the arena.

Ramey made his way over to his partner, but unlike their first time teaming tonight Jewelz made his way out onto the apron. Jewelz grabbed at his ‘injured’ shoulder and nodded in acceptance of Ramey staying inside of the ring. On the other side of the ring, the masked Araknis nodded for Wolf Spider to exit. Ramey and Araknis both approached the center of the ring, looking each other over once, before Ramey extended his hand to Araknis. The two shook and then slowly backed away from each other. Boulder signaled for the bell and the start of the match.


Ramey and Araknis both circled the ring for a moment, before the two shot in toward each other. Locking up in a collar and elbow tie-up; the two men struggled with each other before Araknis shifted his body and twisted behind Ramey grabbing him with a reverse waistlock. The two men rushed forward into the ropes, Ramey locked onto the top rope and shoved back forcing Araknis loose and with the momentum he had Araknis back rolled and up to his feet.

Ramey quickly turned and barely dodged a roundhouse kick from Araknis that was aimed for the side of his head. Ducking and rushing under the leg of Araknis Ramey darted toward the opposing ropes. Araknis planted his feet back to the ground and turned, able to leap frog over Ramey as he returned toward him. Ramey jumped planting his feet on the middle rope and as Araknis once again turned was caught by Ramey attempting a springboard DDT.

Araknis, however, quickly locked his arms around Ramey’s waist and swiftly dropped him back down to his feet. Ramey aggressively kept his hold around Araknis’ neck as Araknis held his grip around Ramey’s waist. Ramey brought a knee up into the midsection of Araknis causing him to release his hold as Ramey quickly dropped Araknis’ head down between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb attempt.

As Araknis’ legs reached Ramey’s neck he quickly reversed the move from a powerbomb into a hurricanrana. A move which Ramey was able to roll out of and the two men both popped back up to their feet directly in front of each other. Both men stood looking each other in the eyes, winded, and a smile crossed both of their faces as the fans in attendance all stood to their feet cheering both of them for the display in the ring.

One man, however, who was not impressed by anything going on in the ring, was Ramey’s partner. Seeing his chance as Ramey as close to him, Jewelz reached out and slapped Ramey across the back tagging himself into the match. Jewelz quickly rushed into the ring and charged toward Araknis, but unfortunately for Jewelz Araknis saw him coming a mile away.

As Jewelz approached he was quickly dropped to the mat with a drop toe hold. Araknis quickly made his way back to his feet and shot off into the ropes. As he came back through Jewelz was trying to get to his feet, but Araknis caught him in the side of the head with a low running dropkick to the side of the head. Jewelz body twisted as he flipped onto his back and Araknis jumped back to his feet once again and quickly made his way to his corner to tag in Wolf Spider.

Wolf entered the ring and made his way over to Jewelz’ downed body, reached down and grabbed him by dreadlocks and pulled him back to his feet. Wolf wrapped his arms around Jewelz body and lifted him into the air with a massive bear hug. Wolf attempted to squeeze the life out of Jewelz, but quickly drove a stiff forearm into the side of Wolf’s face.

The move barely had any effect on Wolf, but after the fifth one the heavier man released his hold dropping Jewelz back down to his feet. Jewelz quickly drove a boot into Wolf’s midsection, wrapped him up, and dropped him onto his back and neck with a T-bone suplex. Jewelz jumped back to his feet and quickly made his way to a turnbuckle, ascending to the second rope Jewelz leaped off hitting Wolf with a second rope leg drop and then rolled him up for the pin attempt.




Jewelz jumped back to his feet and slowly made his way to his corner where to everyone in the arena’s surprise he actually tagged Ramey back into the match. Ramey began to climb the turnbuckle himself now, awaiting Wolf to get back to his feet. As Wolf began to turn toward where he thought Jewelz would be Ramey leapt from the top rope with a cross body attempt. Wolf, however, quickly snatched him out of the air and dropped Ramey to the mat with a powerslam.

Ramey’s body made a thud as it landed on the mat and Wolf came to his knees resting for a moment. Wolf slowly made his way back to his feet, grabbed Ramey by the hair and pulled him back to his feet. Wolf grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm shooting him off into a turnbuckle and quickly followed behind. As Ramey’s back met the turnbuckle padding Wolf’s chest crushed into Ramey causing his body to crumple.

Wolf once again pulled Ramey back to his feet, but this time he dragged Ramey to his corner where he tagged Araknis back into the match. Wolf lifted Ramey up and dropped him across his knee with a back breaker and held Ramey in the position with his neck hanging across his knee. Araknis quickly jumped onto the top rope and landed in the ring with a leg drop planted across the neck of Ramey. Wolf exited the ring as Araknis jumped on top of Ramey’s body for the pin attempt.




Ramey may not have had the energy to get a shoulder up, but his ring presence allowed him the knowledge to know he was close to the ropes. Araknis smiled as he slowly pulled Ramey back to his feet, wrapped him up, and dropped him back down to the mat with a northern lights suplex and the bridge pin attempt. Boulder dropped back down to the mat for the count.




A smile shot across the face of Araknis as he rested in a seated position for a moment. He slowly made his way back to his feet, brought one hand down, grabbed Ramey by his hair and began to lift him back to his feet. Once Araknis had Ramey back to his feet Ramey surprised him as he hit him in the side of the head with an enziguri and both men fell hard to the mat.

Ramey rolled onto his stomach and began trying to inch his way toward his corner. Araknis rolled onto his back and shook out the cobwebs seeing how close Ramey was to his corner Araknis front rolled to his own tagging in Wolf Spider. Wolf jumped into the ring quickly and just before Ramey could leap out and make the tag into his partner Wolf grabbed hold of his leg and pulled him back to the center of the ring. Wolf then mounted Ramey and began driving stiff forearm shots into his face.

Diamond turned from the apron and nodded at Ruby, which caused her to quickly run around the ring toward the opposition’s corner. Ruby quickly made her way onto the apron, which caused Black Widow to do the same. Both women looked ready to brawl catching the attention of Boulder. He made his way over to try and get both women off of the apron. Araknis looked confused, and Wolf left Ramey’s body trying to see what the commotion was.

As Wolf turned to make his way back to Ramey, Jewelz had entered the ring and was waiting. Jewelz was already in motion and as Wolf had turned was caught right in the face with a Busaiku kick.

Crown Jewel

Jewelz then jumped back to his feet and rushed toward Araknis, jumping toward him causing both men to spill to the mats below. Ramey having no knowledge of anything that Jewelz had done slowly began making his way back to his feet. Wolf slowly pushed his way back off of the mat, but as he came to his feet was met in the midsection with a kick from Ramey, who then continued to jump onto his back and hit him with a sunset flip powerbomb and the pin attempt.

Ruby dropped off of the apron, and Boulder turned his attention back to the ring, quickly dropping in for the pin attempt.




“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown blasted throughout the arena again and despite the sour taste that the ending of the match left in the fan’s mouths they cheered for Ramey as Boulder lifted his arm in victory. Araknis looked into the ring in astonishment. “Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall the team of Jesse Ramey and Diamond Jewelz!”

The call of the match echoed throughout the arena as a replay of how the ending occurred popped across the jOltvision. Ramey stood in the center of the ring and watched as Jewelz had caused Ramey to cheat their way to a victory. Then the look on Araknis’ face fell on Ramey’s as the watched Jewelz and Ruby slowly back walking up the entrance ramp. Diamond could only shrug his shoulders and smile as he turned and made his way through the curtains.

Ramey placed his hands on his hips and kicked at the bottom rope in disgust and rage as the scene shifted to another part of the arena.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz/Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"You People Are the Monsters"

Ninja K The camera pans into the a small corner of the bowels of the arena where the enigma, OMEGA is sitting. He has something in his hands as the camera tries to move in a get a closer look of what the mad man is holding. OMEGA notices the camera and quickly stands to his feet as the camera shakes from the cameraman being startled. OMEGA still had his back toward the camera as the ever eerie monotone voice carried throughout the depths of the arena.

“We are just beginning in our efforts to turn the Underground division into something more chaotic and violent.”

A slight pause from the monster.

“People call us a monster. Why? Is it because you people do not understand us? Is it that you people are afraid of us?”

OMEGA held a tight grasp of whatever he was holding his hands as he continued to talk.

“We are not the monster here. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE MONSTERS!!!

“You strive for violence. You strive for pain. You want to see people get brutally beaten in the middle of that ring out there. You feed off it. You love it.”

OMEGA started to breathe heavy as the cameraman could hear the big man’s voice get a little more disturbed.

“You want us to kill ourselves out there for YOUR enjoyment. It’s a good thing that OMEGA is here to oblige your request. But see we are not the ones that will be brutally beaten in the ring.”

“No, we are not the ones that will be violently massacred for YOUR enjoyment. We will be the ones to set this division ablaze with unbridled and unadulterated passion for pain.”

OMEGA slowly turned to face the camera. He moved the locks back from his face to show his damaged eye he suffered years ago in ACW. The big man opened his large hands to show a replica Ninja K mask.

“This man believes he is the King of the Underground. We are about to show the Kingwhat the devil looks like first hand. Violence is coming for the King and his court.”

OMEGA smiled as he looked into the camera.

“Remember this is what you people want. We are only entertaining you.” OMEGA started to laugh maniacally as the camera faded out.

Red & Ted vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Sweet Emotion” hit the arena speakers as the crowd stood up and cheered as Sam Sweet and Lennox Love stepped out from the backstage area with smiles on their faces. Jon Katz Jr. followed close behind the former Tag Team champions, as Sweet and Love walked down the aisle way, high-fiving and handshaking fans who were reaching over the railing. Once inside the ring, they posed on opposite turnbuckles, pointing out through the crowd which was sparsely littered with Sweet, Sweet Lovin' signs and merchandise.

"My Reward" cut off the groovy vibe of "Sweet Emotion", turning Sweet and Love's attention to the entrance way. Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs emerged through the curtain, with Grady Patrick in tow as the audience reaction was mixed for the unorthodox trio. Ted was sporting his usual cocky smile, while Red's trademark grin was slightly off, certainly as a result of losing a Tag Title opportunity to Crazy Kaze and a trash can named George, no less.

Half-way down the ramp, Red and Ted rushed towards the ring and slid in, giving Sweet and Love little time to descend from their perched positions. Mayhem quickly ensued as Ted pull Sweet by the rear of his trunks off the corner, Red shoved Love over top crashing to the outside, and Grady partook in quite the battle of verbal diarrhea with Katz Jr. Ted mounted the fallen Sweet, following up with vicious forearm strikes, Red circled the two throwing kicks at the chubby torso on the mat. All the while the referee tried pulling back one, or both, Red & Ted to their designated corner to officially begin the match.


Ted rushed the grounded Sweet as Red took his place on the apron. Love had slowly gotten up to his corner, but with a look of discomfort on his face from the recent tumble outside. Ted threw stomp after stomp at Sweet, eventually dropping to a knee to start throwing left and rights. It wasn't too long before the referee broke up the assault, grabbing Ted by the waist, pulling him off.

Ted made the quick tag to Red, who darted across the ring to hit a recovering Love with a forearm shiver, which dropped him to the thinly matted concrete once again. Katz Jr. checked on his fallen client as Grady Patrick shouted obscenities towards the manager. In the ring, Red took a different approach towards Sweet, attempting to bring the big man to his feet.

As the big man began ascent to an upright position, Sam Sweet was met with a quick return down, as Redding hit a sick DDT, planting his head into the mat. He made a quick maneuver, hooking a leg and arm of Sweet, looking for the quick victory.


. . 2

. . Kickout!

To the audiences delight, the fan favourite got the shoulder up.

Alexander Redding simply smiled, and readied the next attack.

Sam Sweet was pulling his few hundred pound body off the mat, first a knee on the mat, then a hand. Then he had Red's knee dropped across the back of his neck. Sweet hit the mat once more. Red continued the assault. Another knee to the back of the neck, and once again for the trifecta.

Red looked to roll the big Sweet onto his back for another pin attempt, but rolled him too near to the ropes to think about that pin. Instead, Red backed away and looked for the next opening. Losing his patience, Red began to motion for Sweet to get back to his feet. And in case that was too subtle...

"Get up, you fat fuck!"

This prompted Katz Jr. to yell something about a none-existent anti-bullying campaign. And somewhere between Katz' yelling and Red giving him the middle finger, Sam Sweet had gotten back up. More than up, the big man had a head of steam. He grabbed Red as he ran and slammed Your Willing Villain into a neutral corner. The force, and the weight behind it, crumpled Red to the mat.

The crowd cheered and whistled as Sam Sweet backed away from the corner, swiveling his hips. Red couldn't know what was coming, but the crowd did.

"The Sweet Smell of Success!"

Or, it would have been. had Red not been pulled to safety by his tag partner. And while Red hit the mats outside, Sweet connected with the bottom turnbuckle in a rather sensitive area. The whole ring shook.

Carefully at first, Red slid into the ring. Seeing Sweet struggling to untangle himself from the corner, Red delivered a low dropkick that dropped Sweet back to the mat.

Grady called for another pin attempt, but Red shook him off. Grady persisted.

"He's too damn fat. It is like trying to roll over a compact car. Why don't we just go after the skinny one?"

In the opposite corner, Lennox Love was trying to provide a little cheer-leading. The crowd did cheer when he offered the cold hand to Red. They cheered the hot-tag more.

Lennox Love sprinted into the match and ducked a forearm from Redding, He ducked one more to deliver a wicked LoveSick kick that rocked Alexander Redding into his own corner.

Teddy Jacobs reached over to make the tag. He walked to the centre of the ring to meet up with the unorthodox Love. Love threw the first punch. Ted returned with one that knocked him on his ass.

Love got up rubbing his chin. He faked a jab and shot behind Teddy Jacobs. From there he worked around into an arm wrench. A few more turns before he let go, into a finger clinch. With his free hand, Love started a wave that carried through his body, his other arm and then Ted's. Ted carried the wave back around until it hit Love's free hand again, and quickly swung around with a clothesline. He made a pin attempt.



Upset, Teddy Jacobs threw Lennox Love back, and began climbing to a vertical base. Love was right back in with a headlock, pulling Ted up by the neck. Suddenly Love found himself dragged down to the mat and locked in the Irish Flu crossface.

Love struggled to move toward the ropes with Teddy Jacobs draped over his back, wrenching away at the neck and shoulder. Sam Sweet rushed to break up the submission, kicking Jacobs.

Grady called for the immediate disqualification.

Redding decided to join the fray, bounding at Sweet with an Air Canada punch to the thigh. Rolling through the landing, Red raced back with a single knee to the side of Sweet's skull that knocked the big man down and out.

Amid the chaos, Teddy Jacobs had climbed to the top rope. Lennox Love was confused when he was stopped walking toward that corner to be lifted up in an Electric Chair Drop by Redding. That was the cue for Ted to jump off with a Seated Senton.

"Fluffer Driver!"

The Doomsday Drop variation was effective and the ref had little time between rushing Redding back to the outside and getting to the pinning.





Hail the Villain flooded the airwaves and the victorious trio wasted little time walking back up the ramp, having just taken a win from the former jOlt Tag Champs.

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall


Ninja K You won't stop until you believe.

You won't blink unless you believe.

You won't breathe until you believe.


You will not leave, until you believe..

Inside of a dark room, two men struggle and groan as a voice continues to repeat the previously stated five rules. The muffled pleads for help could be made out but the identity of the men couldn't be seen.

You won't stop until you believe.

You won't blink unless you believe.

You won't breathe until you believe.


You will not leave, until you believe..

Foots steps could be heard in the distance behind the recording. Slow, ominous, foot steps on what sounds like it could be metal. The two men who were struggling stopped and looked around, trying to scream for help.

You won't stop until you believe.

You won't blink unless you believe.

You won't breathe until you believe.


You will not leave, until you believe..


You won't stop until you believe.

You won't blink unless you believe.

You won't breathe until you believe.


You will not leave, until you believe..

"HELP!!!" belowed one voice, obviously free of what was restraining his voice.



The foot steps began walking away and the silhouette of the two men struggle sat still looking around the room, and then the recording changed just for a moment.

Terrorists have to believe in something too.

"Unreasonable Doubt"

Ninja K

“With all due respect, my Lord; you can’t possibly be serious...”

The scene opened to the Inogami Clan locker room, sealed off from civilian traffic where the Underground Champion was seen seated, lurched forward while holding the title a few feet over the carpeted floor. Head downcast and shrouded by his greyish-white mane.

“What is there to question, Eiji?” The clan leader mentioned in response to his inquisitive officer. “I have both a reputation and a championship to defend. Besides, it is imperative that this division’s champion leads by example...”

“Lord Kenshiro; I speak of your challenger.” The Blood Raven rebutted. “The one who prevailed in the Open Season contest.”

Kenshiro’s shoulders rose and fell with a heavy sigh as his head remained trained onto the floor.

“He can’t seriously contend for your position as the Underground’s Chief Retainer.” Kugasari seethed. “Imagine the humiliation suffered in such a defeat.”

“Are you trying to tell me something, Eiji?”

The Blood Raven was heard clearing his throat while resting pack into the position of seiza. Mamoru glared at the hot headed ninja as both Heido and Takeshi traded glances at each other and the faces within. A few moments of unsettling silence expired while Kenshiro continued casually fiddling with the championship before quietly setting it aside.

“Are there personal grievances that demand to be brought forward?” The ninja mentioned while slowly popping the bones in his neck. “Why so silent?”

A scattered crescendo of throats being cleared was overheard in wait of a definitive answer.

“With your personal ‘assessments’ aside, Kayden has made his choice.” Ninja mentioned. “It is believed that he is well aware of the magnitude of his choices. Especially submitting his name to enter that event beforehand. Now as far as your questioning of my ability to retain my championship, I believe that you personally shall have the privilege of bearing witness to that firsthand. With your own eyes.”

Kugasari sealed his eyes shut with a subtle sigh onto himself, well aware his mouth proved costly.

“Yes, my Lord...”

Adam Roebuck vs The Strangler
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

jOlt’s latest pay per view offering, Cataclysm, had been a rousing success. One of the show’s marquee events had been the Open Season match that saw six men vie for the right for a future Underground Championship match against the current champion, Ninja K. The match had been won by the very unlikely, but lovable Kayden Paulton but that didn’t mean that the hatred between two of its other competitors went away.

The Strangler and his former employer, Craig Thomas, had been at war with The House for months. They had cost them the jOlt Tag Titles, tried taking their manager and Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte, as their own valet and taunted them relentlessly while doing it. “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber won a Loser Leaves jOlt match over Craig Thomas and sent The Ego packing, also getting Charlotte back in the process. However, nothing was settled between “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and The Strangler. Strangler wanted revenge for his cousin and he would get the chance tonight. Two beasts that nearly weighed a combined eight-hundred pounds would rock the very ring tonight in a final bid to settle their individual score.

“Halo” by Soil played and the thousands of fans started jeering for the seven-foot man coming out from the back. The now former bodyguard of “The Ego” Craig Thomas looked out to the crowd behind his mask and raised the rock horns to the crowd. He was pissed off that his cousin has been run out of jOlt by Derrick Huber and he would take out his frustrations on his tag partner, Adam Roebuck. He stepped over the ropes and headed into the ring at a frantic pace. He was ready for a fight.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, had on a harlequin-themed showgirl outfit for the occasion and got the crowd revved up by holding the new Starlet Championship!

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber smiled and flexed his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. In the other spotlight was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well.

Huber and Charlotte both slapped hands with fans on the way down to the ramp as they headed to the ring. Adam Roebuck kept up the rear and stomped down the ring like a mastodon before they approached the ring. Huber and Charlotte backed away and watched The Big Bucks climb into the ring to face off with The Strangler.

“You fat fuck!”

Strangler shoved Huber and backed him up. The Big Bucks wasn’t intimidated and the four-hundred sixty pounder pushed right back to the crowd’s delight.

“Thomas was a bitch!” Huber said with a smirk. “And I got your number too, Strangler.”

The Strangler leaped forward and bombarbed Huber angrily with a violent barrage of fists to the face, actually backing up the giant in the corner. He fired back and threw up a series of hard knees into the face of The Big Bucks while Derrick Huber and Starlet Champion Charlotte rooted for their friend.

Huber was actually brought down to his knee while The Strangler’s shoot-fighting background was paying off. The seven-foot monster continued to drill more knees into the side of the Choke Fiend’s head before he went to the corner.

The Big Bucks fired back and the crowd cheered when the big Las Vegas Leviathan fought back with big right hands to the head of the Choke Fiend. He drilled back with more body shots to the chest and followed those up with a pair of headbutts that rocked him in the corner.

Roebuck held him in place and raised four fingers to the crowd looking for the Four of a Kind, but The Strangler actually pushed him away and fired back with a few more rights. He maneuvered Roebuck into the corner and backed up before landing a viciously clothesline in the corner that actually rocked the former Tag Team champion. He grabbed Roebuck by his beard and yelled right in his face.

“I’m gonna finish what I started at Cataclysm, you bloated sack of shit.”

He charged away from the corner and came back full speed but didn’t expect Roebuck to come charging at him with an explosive shoulder tackle that put The Strangler down on the canvas!

The Big Bucks balled up a fist and the surly monster waited for The Strangler to stand before he teed off on him with some jabs to the face to back him against the ropes. When he ran off the ropes and came back to clothesline him over the ropes to send the Strangler out to the floor.

The big bodyguard of the now unemployed Craig Thomas stumbled around on the floor while Adam Roebuck climbed out to the floor to finish what he started. He took Strangler by the head and rammed him right into the barricade with a lot of force. The blow actually moved the barricade back a few steps!

The Choke Fiend was backed off to the corner and waited until The Big Bucks charged. He ran right at him but Strangler moved out of the way and sent the big man crashing into the turnbuckle.

Roebuck was stunned from the impact and The Strangler grabbed him and tossed him back inside the ring. The Strangler looked over at Huber and Charlotte watching on the outside and thrusted in their direction. Strangler climbed into the ring and he dropped a big leg drop across the back of Roebuck’s head.


2… No!

Adam Roebuck shoved his way out of the move and kicked out at the last second. The Strangler stayed on the attack and sat Roebuck up before delivering a fast flurry of elbows to the head of the Las Vegas Leviathan.

He stood up and yelled in Roebuck’s face as he kicked him several more times in the hed. He kicked him twice when The Big Bucks tried to sit up each time. Roebuck caught one of the legs and threw him backwards into the ropes only for him to come back and land a running knee to the face! Charlotte actually winced from the impact of the blow and Strangler went for another cover.



Close, but no cigar!

Continuing to weather the storm of The Choke Fiend, Adam Roebuck kicked out again and this only continued to anger the bodyguard of the now unemployed Craig Thomas. He screamed some choice obscenities at the referee before he slapped on a questionable-looking chinlock that looked more like was trying to choke Adam Roebuck out than just wear him down.

“You can do it, Adam, come on!” Charlotte shouted.

The Starlet Champion and Derrick Huber watched on as The Strangler continued to try and live up to his moniker by strangling the life out of The Big Bucks. The beastly behemoth from Las Vegas started to get to a knee for just a few moments when the referee looked to see if he would tap out.

Roebuck frantically shook his head in the negative while Strangler continued to apply more pressure. Adam was starting to rise again when he finally made it to a knee but The Strangler wasn’t having any of it and he dropped three painful elbows to the back of Adam Roebuck’s head to keep the four-hundred fifty pounder from getting any more momentum on his side.

He grabbed Roebuck and tried going back to the hold again but The Big Bucks fought back and elbowed him right back. Adam continued swinging and fired back with a big barrage of jabs before taking off to the ropes…


The Strangler caught Roebuck and landed him out of nowhere with a powerful belly to belly suplex and even stood up to pound on his chest like a gorilla. The crowd was yelling and cussing at The Strangler as he stood proudly. He went to a cover again.



And another kick out nearly set him off. Strangler stared at the referee and slashed a thumb across his throat to tell him that he was going to be next if he didn’t count faster. The Strangler went back to trying for the hold again and when he stood, Roebuck punched his way out. He then continued to stun Strangler with a couple more headbutts to the face.

Roebuck scowled and grabbed The Strangler by the head before lobbing him right to the corner. The crowd cheered when Roebuck raised four fingers again. He was going for the Four of a Kind again…





Instead of chops it was more nasty headbutts to the face of the Strangler that now had him tossing to the ropes. He grabbed The Strangler grabbed her by the arm and whipped him all the way across the ring to the opposite corner. Roebuck waited and played up for the crowd before he charged..


He was rocked with the running hip attack in the corner and charged off the ropes while The Strangler started to stumbled toward him. He continued running and blasted him with a mighty shoulder tackle that knocked The Strangler right over. The big mack truck called Adam Roebuck raised his arms to the sky and beat on his chest while the crowd cheered the big guy. The match hadn’t been the prettiest thing they’d ever seen but Roebuck was effective in what he did.

The Strangler started to try and stand while Adam Roebuck was waiting to finish the job. The seven footer started to stand when Roebuck grabbed him and hurled him into the canvas with a big belly to belly suplex that shook the ring.

Roebuck snarled now and waited for The Strangler to stand. Roebuck stomped around the ring like a predator ready to strike on the man that had made life uneasy for The House all these months. The Strangler was close to getting back to his feet when Roebuck grabbed him and set him up in the torture rack position. He spun around and…


The ring-shaking torture rack into the powerbomb had the crowd on their feet. An impressive display of power by The Big Bucks drove The Strangler and he then went to the cover and hooked the leg.




A powerful and decisive victory for Adam Roebuck over the other half of the former team called Team EGO! The Big Bucks stood to his feet and raised his hands for the crowd as Huber and Charlotte clapped for their friend. Roebuck stood up and looked down at the Strangler.

“I told you I was gonna get you, you fucker.”

The Big Bucks had finally settled the score with one of their tormentors over the last several months and finally looked to close a chapter on that part of their jOlt careers. The Strangler was helped out of the ring by trainers while Roebuck, Huber, and Charlotte stood tall, playing up for the crowd. Charlotte jumped and the Starlet Champion gave Roebuck a kiss on the cheek for a job well done. He and Derrick Huber picked her up and carried her on her shoulders while the crowd

It was finally the happy ending that The House needed. Team EGO was done and they could move on to the championships that brought them to the dance...

The jOlt Tag Team Titles...

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

"Breaking Point"

Ninja K The scene faded into the office arena of Jim Johnson, a rapid knocking spiked on his door and before Johnson could even acknowledge it the door opened. Standing on the other side of the door was a fuming Anti-Star; Ramey entered the room, walked past the chair in front of Johnson’s desk and placed his hands palm down on his desk.

The look of rebuff on Ramey’s face caused a smile to grace the face of Johnson, “I can see you’ve obviously not in the best of moods Jesse, but let me start by saying congratulations on that victory tonight.”

That comment sent shock waves through Ramey’s body as he pulled his hands away from Johnson’s desk tilted his head and roughly ran his right hand through his hair.

“Honestly,” Johnson continued, “I don’t know why you’re so upset; this is a set in the right direction for you. You didn’t like the idea of continuing to team with Diamond Jewelz, I could tell that from the look on your face after your match with him at Cataclysm. However, Jewelz has the inherent ability to get the job done. He has the ability to go places you’re not going to go to secure the victory. Sticking with him could only do you a service in helping to get you going places.”

“That’s not how I do things.” Ramey said a little under his breath.

Johnson leaned forward in his chair, still smiling, “Excuse me, did you say something? I couldn’t quite make that out.”

Ramey quickly slammed his hands back down on Johnson’s desk, causing Johnson to recoil into his chair. “I said; that’s not how I do things.”

“It would be best for you to remove your hands from my desk now,” Johnson straightened his vest, “and it doesn’t matter how you do things. The only thing I’m worried about is there being a decisive victor in bouts. It doesn’t matter how it comes about, so long as I don’t have to make presence known to try and fix things. I make the matches, and as long as everything goes according to plan then I don’t have to leave the comforts of my office. Things in your match went perfectly as far as I’m concerned tonight.”

“You like to stay in your office?” Ramey pulled his hands from Johnson’s desk, “Then you had better have a little chat with Jewelz; and let him know in the future if anything happens like it did tonight then I will have no remorse in dragging his ass back to that ring and kicking it myself.”

“Is that supposed to be some kind of threat?” Johnson questioned as he stood from his seat. “Because I can assure you Jesse that we do not take those kinds of comments lightly around here.”

Ramey chuckled, “No, Johnson, it wasn’t a threat. You can put me in that ring with whomever you want and up against whatever odds you can throw at me. I’m not getting into a pissing contest with you here because that’s obviously not something I’m going to win; you’ve made that perfectly clear. But when I’m inside of that ring I’m not going to let my moral compass do a complete one-eighty just because my partner doesn’t have the same respect for that squared circle as I do.”

“I’m not perfect,” Ramey hung his head, “but I’m not going to sully my name any more than I already have in the past just because you’re forcing me to. I’ve walked that path before, and it was a mistake. I know what I’m going to that ring for every night and that’s to entertain the fans who come to this building. I’m not in this for my own advances; you can keep my curtain jerking for the duration of my contract here and it wouldn’t bother me in the least.”

“When you start backing me into a corner and making it so that I have to start explaining my own partner’s actions to my fans,” Ramey’s head raised back up, “that’s where I draw the line in the sand. I have nothing good to say about the man you’ve placed in my corner and I can’t wait for the day that you feel it’s better for business that we part ways. But if he pulls anymore crap like he did tonight in the future, I promise you I will break his arms myself.”

Johnson shook his head, “Whatever, this is something you need to take up with Jewelz your own. As far as I’m concerned though the two of you are staying together and on Warriors the two of you will be going up against the team of Sweet, Sweet, Lovin’. Now get out of my office.”

Johnson sat back down in his chair and turned it away from the front of his desk, leaving Ramey to look at the back of it. Ramey shook his head and turned to leave the office.

Omega vs Sephiroth Du Luc
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

"South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground

The fans turned their heads to the entrance ramp where Sepiroth Du Luc emerged accompanied by Persephone. Both of them slowly walked down to the ring. SDL was known as a man that feared no one but he is up against a man that has terrorized the entire Underground division since his first inception. Du Luc had not been seen on television in weeks so he wanted to make the most of his return. Du Luc and Persephone made their way to the ring as the arena filled with jeers.

‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson hit the arena as the lights quickly went dark. The music continued to play throughout the arena as SDL and Persephone looked around. The fans continued to be antsy as a few flashes from cell phones went off around the arena. The lights slowly came back on and the monster OMEGA stood in the middle of the ring right behind SDL and Persephone. Persephone jumped as she turned to see OMEGA. SDL saw the monster OMEGA standing in the ring with a smile on his face.

Persephone and SDL moved away from the man in the middle of the ring. Persephone climbed out of the ring to the floor as SDL watched OMEGA who stood stoically in the middle of the ring. Darius Underwood was the man that had to control these two big men in an Underground Rules match. Underwood motioned for the bell as SDL moved to the middle of the ring. SDL Drove a big right hand into OMEGA’s face as the big man looked on with a smirk. SDL nailed OMEGA again and tried to push the monster to the corner.

SDL has always been the bigger man in the ring but this time he was outweighed by OMEGA. SDL tried to do what he does best which was brawl with the monster but that may be a bad decision seeing that OMEGA loved pain. SDL pushed the big man backwards into the ropes. He grabbed OMEGA’s arm and tried to whip him into the ropes but the big man did not budge. SDL drove a knee into OMEGA’s midsection which doubled over his opponent.

SDL was able to whip OMEGA into the ropes this time. OMEGA bounced off the ropes as SDL nailed him with a clothesline that did not move the big man. SDL bounced off the ropes and nailed OMEGA with another clothesline that staggered the monster. Persephone yelled at SDL to do it again. SDL obliged as he ran at OMEGA again but this time the big man was ready as he powerslammed SDL to the mat. OMEGA sat up as the jeers continued throughout the arena. Persephone tried to encourage SDL to get up but the veteran rolled out of the ring to stop the momentum of his challenger.

SDL bent over by the ring apron as Persephone tried to rub his back. OMEGA quickly rolled to the floor to stalk SDL. Persephone caught the madman coming out the corner of her eye as she stepped in front of the monster. OMEGA looked down at her with a sly grin on his face. This gave SDL time to grab a steel chair from under the ring as OMEGA continued to look down at Persephone. The fans continued to jeer all involved in the match as OMEGA suddenly grabbed the women by her neck.

This was something that Persephone was used to being in the Asylum. But she may have bitten off more than even she could chew with a man like OMEGA. The big man started to squeeze as Persephone was engulfed in the huge paw of the monster. The fans ringside actually started to cheer OMEGA because of this act. SDL finally shot over to the two and drove the steel chair into OMEGA’s head. This staggered the big man but he did not let go of his grip of Persephone’s little neck. SDL pulled back with all he had and nailed OMEGA with the chair again. The big chair shot was enough to break OMEGA’s hold of Persephone.

SDL picked up the mangled chair and drove it into OMEGA’s back. SDL was now in control of the monster as he threw the chair to the floor. Persephone was starting to gather the color back into her face as she directed SDL to put OMEGA back into the ring. SDL struggled to pick up the three hundred plus pounder to roll him into the ring. He finally rolled OMEGA into the ring and followed him. SDL dropped a leg across the big man’s throat before he went for the cover.

SDL hooked OMEGA’s leg for the cover as Underwood hit the mat for the count.



Or should we say kick out with authority as Omega sent SDL flying off of him. Persephone now back to her feet started to slam the mat to get SDL pumped. SDL got to his feet and moved toward OMEGA. The big man was making it to his feet as well but SDL nailed him with a big boot to his face. SDL once again went for the cover.



SDL and Persephone realized they had to do more to keep OMEGA down. SDL had motioned for Persephone to find him a weapon from under the ring. The German continued to stomp OMEGA in the head as Persephone looked for more weaponry. Persephone threw a few things into the ring for SDL, such as a pipe, a kendo stick and a fire extinguisher. SDL grabbed the pipe and drove it into the back of OMEGA as the big man tried to get to his feet. The German was not done as he took the pipe and wrapped it around OMEGA’s throat and pulled back.

Underwood watched as SDL was trying to choke the life out of the monster. The camera panned to see a look of shock on Underwood’s and Persephone’s face as OMEGA had what looked like a slight grin on his face as SDL was chocking him. OMEGA put his hands between the pipe and his throat and started to pull. SDL was not aware of how freakishly strong OMEGA actually was as he tried to continue with the choke. OMEGA pulled the pipe from his throat but before he could follow up SDL nailed him in the back of the head with a kick.

SDL grabbed OMEGA by the head and drove him to the mat with a DDT. He picked OMEGA up and pushed him back to the corner. SDL nailed the big man in the corner with some vicious right hands still trying to see what will work against him. SDL grabbed OMEGA and whipped him into the corner. SDL raced into the corner and was nailed by a big boot from OMEGA. The German staggered backwards as OMEGA exploded out of the corner with a huge clothesline that turned SDL inside out. OMEGA turned around slowly, reaching down to pick Sepiroth up off the mat.

OMEGA hooked Sepiroth and drove him down hard with a big snap suplex. The big man was now back to his feet which was not a good thing for SDL. OMEGA knelt down next to SDL and drove vicious right hands into the side of SDL’s face. The brutal force of each punch drove Persephone crazy. The big man grabbed SDL and picked him up to a standing position. OMEGA hooked SDL and drove him into the mat with a huge belly to belly suplex. The big man dropped an elbow into Sepiroth’s chest.

OMEGA dropped down for the cover.




Persephone was not happy as OMEGA rolled out of the ring to the floor. The monster grabbed a couple of chairs and threw them into the ring. He looked under the ring and grabbed a table and pulled it all the way out. OMEGA picked up the table and pushed it into the ring. The monster was still not done as he grabbed the ring bell and threw it in the ring also. The monster rolled into the ring as SDL nailed him with a big boot to the side of his head. SDL picked up one of the steel chairs and waited for OMEGA to get to knee.

SDL reached back but couldn’t get the chair to connect because OMEGA nailed him in the stomach with a big headbutt. SDL dropped the chair as OMEGA reached up and grabbed him by the throat. OMEGA with a huge choke slam on the German. The big man grabbed a chair and looked down at SDL with a smile. He took the chair and drove it into Sepiroth’s back several times. The fans cringed with every chair shot from OMEGA. The big was not done as he took another chair and placed SDL’s left arm into the chair.




That was the sound that was heard throughout the arena as OMEGA drove the chair into SDL’s left arm that was locked in the chair. OMEGA dropped the chair that was in his hand to the floor. He picked up the table and set it up in the middle of the ring. OMEGA picked up SDL and took his left arm and folded it behind him. He hooked SDL in the middle of the ring.


OMEGA sat up and smirked as he looked at SDL through the carnage and debris of the table. The big man pulled SDL from the rubble and hooked his leg.

Underwood went down for the count.




OMEGA sat up and looked at the damage in the ring. The big man quickly stood to his feet and picked up the prone body of SDL. He placed SDL’s injured arm behind his back again before slamming him on top of the steel chair. Underwood tried to get OMEGA to stop as the big man just looked at him. OMEGA smirked as he rolled out of the ring and Persephone crawled into the ring to check on SDL who was holding his arm in pain.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"Open Season on Kayden Paulton?"


You good? Good.

jOlt’s first-ever Open Season match pitted six competitors together in a steel structure where the object was to retrieve a briefcase containing a contract for a future Underground Title shot. Six men challenged proudly for the belt but at the match’s conclusion, it was the most unlikely of the six that pulled out one of jOlt’s biggest upsets to win the match… that man was none other than The Nicest Guy in Wrestling Kayden Paulton!

The man that seemed an unlikely fit for the bloodthirsty Underground had come out on top and now held the briefcase with a contract in hand to face Ninja K or whoever held the belt in the next 90 days. And tonight he was here to greet the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold said to the crowd, “Please welcome to the ring at this time… the Open Season winner… KAYDEN PAULTON!

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The music started to pick up and blue and pink lasers blasted in tune with the pulsating beats of the song. The lights flickered faster and faster, second by second until a big spotlight shined on the entrance ramp… the man standing in that blue spotlight was Kayden Paulton!

Wearing a BRAND NEW shirt to the ring (A black shirt with a purple smiley face and crossed bandages covering the right eye) that read “YOU’RE AWESOME!” it was Kayden who raised the briefcase to the masses who cheered him right back. He wasn’t known for picking up weapons and bashing people upside the head, but what he did have was lots of heart and a willingness to take any risk, unafraid of failure.

Paulton had been in fact Speared right over the finish line by The Strangler with the briefcase in hand, but like football what mattered was he had the briefcase in hand as he crossed that finish line! He had been the very first competitor in the match and lasted all the way to the end, winning the briefcase and the respect of the jOlt faithful.

The man who earned the nickname of the Softcore Saint jumped into the ring and raised the briefcase for all to see. Standing inside the ring was none other than Donny Layne ready to conduct an interview with the Open Season winner. The music cut as Kayden waved to the crowd. They cheered right back and even started a nice chant.

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

Donny Layne nodded to Kayden as he glanced over to the interviewer.

“Kayden Paulton, thank you for your time out here tonight!” Donny said.

“Hey, guy!”

The second the words burst from his mouth, Kayden got a BIG cheer from the crowd for his signature catch phrase.

“Kayden, congratulations are in order!” Donny said. “You outlasted five other men… The Strangler… Mack Brody… Tyke… Waymoth Turnbull… and Adam Roebuck all to win that briefcase that you now hold. A guaranteed contract at The Underground Championship inside. Tell us, Kayden, how are you feeling right now?”

jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler smiled for the cheering crowd who loved everything the happy go-getter did. He acknowledged the crowd reaction by raising the briefcase again before he turned to Donny.

“Donny, thanks for that introduction. And you guys…” Kayden gestured to the crowd. “No… YOU’RE AWESOME!”

The applause wasn’t dying down any time soon so Kayden continued with his interview.

“Well, Donny, I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little banged up. I got CREAMED by that big Strangler guy and I got knocked nearly out a bunch of times. Tyke was a meanie that flipped me off, Mack Brody tried rubbing my face against the steel like a big cheese grater. I bled. I hurt. But that crimson mask was AWESOME! And I put my mind to it, I survived all those other big monsters and that schemer, Tyke, and I won Open Season! I feel great!”

“Glad to see you’re in good spirits, Kayden,” Donny said as he patted him on the back. “Now here’s the pressing question for you. Now that you own that briefcase, you get a future title shot against either Ninja K or whoever holds the gold in the next 90 days. Have you thought about how or when you’re going to cash that in?”

Kayden nodded.

“Yessir! See, I had to think long and hard about this. I’ve thought about all the awesome and cool guys who have ever held the Underground Championship. That Sylo guy?”

A big cheer from the crowd.

“My hero, Derecho… rest in peace…”

The crowd cheered. They didn’t have the heart to tell him that the whole “death” thing was a ploy by Aran Thompson.


A big mixed reaction.

“And that guy that holds it right now, Ninja K! Like I said, I thought about all the cool guys that I’d like to be like and what they’d do if they were in my shoes! Like them, they’d want to put this match on the biggest stage that they possibly could to share that experience with the masses! What I want to do is put this on a big stage, Donny! So I am making my challenge here tonight. Ninja K… because I think this match would be super awesome and because you have a cool thousand moves that I have to train for... I want to challenge you for the title at Rise of the Legends!”

The announcement sent the crowd into another frenzy for the Softcore Saint. Kayden smiled.

“I think that we’re gonna have a kick-BUTT match, Ninja K and I think that we’re…”

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The music played and the crowd booed the appearance on stage now of the manager of the stable Trouble… the man called Duzza!

Duzza was looking a little worse for wear after the beatdown that had been delivered to him by “Superstar” Vince Jacobs and limped to the set. Regardless of how Cataclysm turned out for him, the manager of Trouble slowly looked out to the ring and scowled right at Kayden Paulton in the ring.

“You’ve… you’ve gotta be kidding me,” he said with a hint of incredulousness in his voice as his music cut. Kayden, of course, did not pick up on any of these verbal cues.

“Oh, hey, guy!” Kayden waved.

“Don’t you patronize me you little bitch!” Duzza shouted as the crowd booed. Kayden was surprised by his outburst while Duzza fumed. “What happened at Cataclysm with that glass ceilin’ bitch “Superstar” Vince Jacobs was nothin’ more than a joke! Just like you! Cataclysm was fuckin’ bizarro world! Jacobs fluked his way into a victory over me and Dallas Griffin and YOUR cracka-ass won Open Season? FUCK. THAT.”

Duzza continued to fume.

“If you think I’m gonna sit here while you skip around like a little bitch in your happy little sparkly faggot fairy land, you’re fuckin’ kiddin’ yourself, Kayden! If you think that you’re even ready for the Underground… how about this… on Warriors, you take on one of my boys in an Underground match! Griffin, Quo or Khadafi ALONE could fuck you up.”

Kayden Paulton looked at the angry Duzza at the top of the ramp and only greeted him with a smile.

“Wow, guy, you sure are mad!” Kayden shook his head. “I’m sorry that you and Griffin lost to that awesome guy Vince Jacobs!”

The crowd laughed at Duzza’s expense while Kayden held up the briefcase.

“Well, Mr. Duzza, since I want to compete against Ninja K I better be ready for the Underground, so I accept your challenge! At Warriors, it’s go time!”

Duzza could only smile at Kayden’s announcement.

“Good,” he said. “On Warriors, you’re gonna be takin’ on Khadafi and my boy gonna fuck you up! But that’s not the only reason that I came out here, son… see, I came out here to send a message to jOlt. We’re tired of bein’ ignored, so we’s gonna smash your fuckin’ head into the concrete.

Paulton frowned.

“Well, THAT doesn’t sound like fun!”

Duzza cackled when he snapped his fingers. One by one, the members of Trouble stepped out from the crowd. Khadafi. Statuz Quo. Dallas Griffin. The three men each surrounded the ring as Duzza smiled. Kayden was The Nicest Guy in Wrestling, but he held up his briefcase ready to defend himself against the onslaught.

The three men started to crawl into the ring one by one as Kayden started swinging with the case….




Just kidding.

The lights headed back on and inside the ring was none other than The Underground Champion himself, Ninja K! The crowd delivered a mixed reception for the new King of the Underground as he and Kayden Paulton stood back to back. They turned to one another and Kayden smiled.

“Sweet! Ninja K! Awesome!”

Statuz Quo tried to get into the ring only for Ninja K to connect with The Morning Star Kick! He knocked him off the apron while Dallas Griffin took the chance to try and get inside only for Kayden to fight back and land a high vertical Dropkick of his own that knocked Dallas from the apron. Khadafi growled at Kayden and Ninja K before Duzza motioned for them to retreat!

Trouble were headed towards the back while Duzza scowled at his boys for Ninja K’s interference.

“We’re gonna finish this!” Khadafi shouted.

He headed towards the back which left The Underground Champion Ninja K and his future opponent for Rise of the Legends, the Open Season winner Kayden Paulton. The two challengers locked eyes for several moments. The man called the Athletic Freak of Nature stood face to face with a complete underdog, but one that was not going to be denied any form of success once he put his mind to it.

Ninja K raised the Underground Championship over his head.

Kayden Paulton did the same with his briefcase and the two stars received a big pop from the crowd who were excited for this pending showdown.

But there were plenty of other forces in the Underground. Could the two men make it on the road to Rise of the Legends in one piece?

Only time would tell.

The Roses vs The Heirs of Wrestling
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

If there was any team that smelled like smoke, it was probably jOlt’s Heirs of Wrestling right now. Not because they toked or any of that (Ryan Gallway, though, may have liked the sticky of the icky though…) but because they’d been through fire at Cataclysm. They had just narrowly SURVIVED The Crimson Order to retain their gold. As the Heirs would find out, however, there was no rest for the wicked.

With the slew of new tag teams in the mix, Phoenix Rose would be managing the Phoenix Rose Invitational winner Ken Kaze and his best friend and inanimate object George, but he would be leading his own sons, Chad and Ernie, into competition tonight. They had a good showing against eventual winner Ken Kaze, but tonight another big opportunity presented itself. The match was non-title, but if The Roses could pull off a big upset, they would be right in contention for the belts.

“The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Came the voice of Brad Arnold.

“Private Eye” by Alkaline Trio.

The music played and the crowd greeted the recipients of the music with a mixed reaction. After a few moments Phoenix Rose stepped through the curtains in his maroon three piece suit, his arms already raised out to his sides, his glass cane dangling from his hand. A few moments later his children stepped out from behind the curtain, Chad to Phoenix's left, Ernie to his right. The three men made their descent of the ramp and headed towards the ring. At the bottom of the ramp each member of the tag team went their separate ways, slapping the hands of fans in the front rows until they reached the rear-side of the ring. The two slid under the bottom rope in unison and hopped to their feet before slapping one another five.

“First, currently in the ring being accompanied by Phoenix Rose, weighing in at 380 pounds… they are team of CHAD AND ERNIE ROSE!

Phoenix watched his sons in the ring while the crowd awaited his opponents.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Mack Brody and “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton, at a combined weight of 440 pounds… they are the jOlt Tag Team Champions… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Frank and Ryan looked smug as ever as they held the jOlt Tag Team Championships in the air. The Roses were each talking to their father who was giving them some pointed advice. He’d previously managed many wrestlers in the past to gold – jOlt Champion Aran Thompson included once upon a time in LoC. Even though he was representing Ken Kaze and George, he would also like to do the same for his boys.


Mack and Sarah were on one side cheering on Ryan Gallway while Pheonix cheered on his own sons. It would be Ernie starting things off for his team.

“Come on, my boys, get that dub!” He shouted.

Ernie nodded before he faced off with Ryan, who was looking at him with a cocky smirk on his face. The two cruiserweights locked up and struggled with neither man getting the advantage just yet. They continued to struggle before Ryan Gallway got a quick kick to the gut. The Prince of Precision laughed and got the crowd on his case as he applied a Snapmare and tossed him over.

Gallway ran the ropes and came back for a kick but Ernie laid flat on his back to avoid the oncoming kick. Ryan kept on running and tried again only for Ernie to duck a second time. The train continued as The Hipster Heartthrob charged at Ernie only to have him leapfrog this time. When he charged back he was stunned in his tracks with a Battering Ram to the chest!

The crowd cheered the Roses as Ernie raised his arms for the crowd. He came right at Ryan Gallway and delivered a few Elbow Smashes to the face and another kick to the gut before he backed him into the ropes. He charged at Ryan when he kipped his feet up and caught Ernie in the face with a flipping kick – he propelled himself over the ropes and landed on the ring apron!

“Got you, bitch!” Ryan taunted.

Ernie caught him again only to take a big Dropkick to the knee. While Ernie and Chad only both stood at 5’5” each, the two high flyers were showing they were very lithe on their feet. Ernie ran off the ropes and charged for a baseball slide to knock Ryan off the apron, but he actually BRIDGED his back and Ernie went sliding to the floor. He landed on his feet but didn’t see Ryan deliver a STIFF Running Soccer Kick to the face to him from the ring apron!

He ran over to Frank and delivered a high five! Gallway then headed to the floor and gave a low-five to Mack Brody. Sarah wasn’t into that kind of camaraderie, so he grabbed the Heiress by the hand and planted a light kiss on the back of her hand. She blushed at Ryan who then grabbed Ernie and tossed him back inside the ring. He hurried into a cover on Ernie Rose.



Rose got out quickly. The Intergalactic Space Cowboy pulled Ernie up and planted a couple more Shoot Kicks to the small of his back. He then snatched Ernie back to his feet and tried for a Back Suplex only for Ernie to actually flip out and land on his feet behind him. Ryan turned around and kicked him in the gut before whipping him to the corner. He ran at Ernie quickly only for the cruiserweight to run up the ropes and BACKFLIP right over Gallway! He kept going off the ropes and before Ryan even knew what was happening he got taken down with a Running Crossbody!

Ernie pulled Ryan up and pushed him into the corner where Phoenix was barking out orders to his boys. He made the tag to Chad and the crowd started to cheer the brothers as they whipped Ryan into the ropes. When he came back off the rebound they connected with a Double Drop Toe Hold that got him down. They then ran off the ropes and delivered Stereo Dropkicks to either temple of Gallway! Chad went for the cover on Gallway!




Ryan got the shoulder up early. The Roses were showing some good moves between them and were about to execute another one. Chad tagged back to Ernie and the two brother each took a leg. Ernie and Chad nodded as the former delivered a Jumping Leg Drop to the lower extremities while the latter a nailed a Jumping Leg Drop to the throat!

“Illegal! Illegal!” Sarah protested. “Disqualify those hoodlums right now!”

Mack and Frank exchanged glances and each looked a little worried. They may have taken the Roses lightly and they were paying for it. Ernie went into another cover on Ryan after the double-team move.




Ernie looked over to his dad who motioned for his boy to stay on Gallway. He turned back to Ryan Gallway and tried to pull him up only for Gallway to bean him in the eye with a thumb followed quickly by a NASTY Swinging Neckbreaker that put him down to the canvas!

Chad Rose looked on while Ryan dragged Ernie over to the corner to tag in Frank Silver for the first time. Gallway waited as Frank whipped his own partner at Ryan in the corner and collided with a Running Elbow Smash to the jaw. Ryan finished the double-tema by whipping Ernie right out of the corner into a HARD European Uppercut from Silver!

Even Phoenix Rose realized how daunting this task may have been when The Heirs utilized the double-team game. There were few better than them right now and they held onto the jOlt Tag Titles since the Thieves’ Honor show a few months ago.

Silver stood over Ernie Rose and just to be a prick he stomped down on his arm. Ernie flinched in pain while Silver circled him like a hawk, delivering another stomp to the right knee. The left knee, the gut, and the right arm weren’t left out of the stomping party and it was finished off with a Jumping Stomp to the face…


The Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain stood over Ernie Rose and laughed while Phoenix growled underneath his breath and Chad looked worried. Frank grabbed him by the waist and pulled the cruiserweight into his arms in the Gutwrench position. He started to turn him around and THREW him over with a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex! Frank smiled before he turned over and went into the cover.




He kicked out and wasn’t about to let an opportunity like this slip through their fingers. Frank pulled Ernie up only to eat a pair of haymakers right to the gut to try and free himself from the bigger man’s grip, but all that did was piss Frank off. He stopped his fiery comeback cold with a knee to the face that sent Ernie bouncing back to the canvas.

Frank reached over and made the tag back to Ryan Gallway before locking a Camel Clutch-like hold on Ernie. The Roses were each helpless to watch as their family member was subjected to a hold from Frank while Ryan cartwheeled… DROPKICK TO THE FACE!

The Baron of Ballistics shared a handshake with The Prince of Precision as the crowd continued booing them. Frank left the ring while Ryan went in for another cover. He flexed one of his arms while hooking one leg.




Another defiant kickout by Ernie. The fans were impressed with The Roses thus far; the Heirs, not so much. Ryan started to pull Ernie to his feet again and locked him up in a Snap Suplex position. He lifted him up only for Ernie to quickly reverse and roll him up into a Small Package!




Ernie almost got Ryan right there! He stood up but when he did, Ryan Gallway was already on him and NAILED him…


Ryan charged right at him and fired a Shotgun-like Double Knee Strike to the chest of Ernie Rose that shot him right back into the turnbuckle of The Heirs of Wrestling! Ernie was slumped over in the corner with nowhere to go and now The Heirs had made him pay for it.

The Heirs of Wrestling exchanged tags again and Frank was now the legal man in the ring. He held up Ernie Rose in the middle of the ring while Ryan Gallway waited for the chance to strike again. Frank Silver whipped Ryan off the ropes and connected with an Assisted Flipping Senton right across the chest of Ernie!

Ryan Gallway rolled out of the ring laughing while holding his back while Frank once again towered over the shorter Ernie. He raised an arm in the air and with it the Royal Pinky came next..



He dropped the big Flash Elbow Drop across the chest of Ernie Rose and rolled over to go for the win. This had to be it.




He jumped right into the ring and broke up the cover before the three! Ernie Rose was in bad shape after the frequent double-teams and needed to make a tag in the worst way. He left the ring while Phoenix Rose was frantically waving his glass cane for Ernie to get to his corner.

Instead he got nowhere when Frank tossed him back to the Heirs’ corner once again and tagged in Ryan. This time Ryan smugly walked into the ring and pushed Ernie Rose across the ring to a neutral corner. He peppered him in the chest with a sequence of kicks to wear him down before running to the other side of the ring for some momentum. He charged at Ernie looking for another big kick only for Ernie to slip in between the ropes and send Ryan crashing into the buckle! He flinched and stumbled backwards while Ernie jumped to the second rope…


The Corkscrew Moonsault took he and Ryan down! Now Mack and Sarah were each yelling for Ryan to move while Chad slapped the turnbuckle hysterically.

“Son, get your ass over there and tag him!” Phoenix shouted words of encouragement to his boys.

Ryan Gallway just finally started to get to his corner while Ernie Rose was very close to Chad. The tag was made to Frank Silver while Ernie made it over to the corner…


He ran right into the ring at a charging Frank who swung wildly with a Running Big Boot. He ducked underneath it and charged at the ropes only to come back and take down The Margrave Digger with a running Dropkick to the knee!

The five-five Chad Rose kept coming at Frank while he was on one knee and fought back with a series of elbows to the face of the jOlt Tag Team Champion. Angrily Frank shoved him backwards to the ropes only for him to come back right back and nail a HHH-style Knee Smash to the face that rocked the bigger Silver.

The Baron of Ballistics stumbled around on his feet while Chad Rose looked out to the cheering crowd. Silver eventually shook out the cobwebs and charged right at Chad Rose like a pissed-off bull only for Rose to duck and send him crashing into the corner.

Chad Rose took him to task as he climbed to the second buckle and raised a fist as the fans counted along…


He stopped and delivered a Dropkick from the second rope that knocked the wind right out of Frank’s chest! Now it was Frank Silver’s turn to fall to his knees again while Chad Rose started to head to the top rope. Ryan Gallway tried to take him out, but quickly Chad kicked him in the face to get him out of the equation. Frank started to stand…





He ALMOST pulled off the upset only for Frank to power out of the cover at the very last second. Chad Rose held up three fingers only for the referee to rebut with only two raised. Chad shook his head and the Rose quickly kicked Frank with a couple of good shots as he tried to stand again. The Rose brother took to the ropes when he saw Sarah Winterton try and trip him up only for him to jump at the last second. An annoyed Phoenix Rose quickly headed over there with his glass cane in his hand ready to brandish it as a weapon while Mack stood guard and got in between the managers.

Back inside the ring, Chad ran off the ropes again and went for broke to finish Frank off with something big…


He was caught and THROWN in the air by Frank before coming back down and getting smashed in the jaw with a European Uppercut! The crowd was amazed by the strength showing off by Frank Silver as he pulled Chad up quickly and whipped him into the corner where he tagged to Chad.

Ernie Rose tried to get back into the fray and punched away at both Ryan and Frank. He swung at anything that moved until Frank finally caught him in the gut and tossed him to the floor. Ryan ran at the corner… RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE FACE!

Chad got caught with the kick and Ryan whipped him into a BIG spine-tingling Spinebuster by Frank Silver. He left the ring and allowed the legal man Ryan to get to the top rope. He stood and landed the Gates of Europa Inverted 450 out of the corner! They had completed their double-team finisher…


Gallway stayed on top of Chad Rose for the cover. Ernie once again tried to intercept but Frank cut him off at the pass and hooked both legs to keep him from breaking things up.




The Roses had given The Heirs of Wrestling more than they bargained for, but for tonight The jOlt Tag Team Champions had proven to be at least three seconds better on this night.


Phoenix Rose looked on at the Heirs and furiously shook his head in their direction before he turned to Ernie so they could help Chad Rose out of the ring. They pulled him out of the ring and an angry Phoenix made Ernie help carry him up the ramp to the back.

The Heirs were front and center in the ring and Frank had a microphone in hand waiting to make some more noise. Turns out the Heirs of Wrestling weren’t done pissing people off just yet.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall


Ninja K The Roses had departed the ringside area and inside the squared circle, The Heirs of Wrestling stood proudly raising their belts as Sarah Winterton clapped. Frank Silver had an arrogant grin on his face.


Ryan tapped him on the shoulder.

“Yes, Ry?”


It was Mack Brody’s turn.

“That nobody makes this shit look as good as we do?”

Frank nodded in the affirmative. “BZZZZZZZZZT! The correct answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE, fuggos! DJ Khaled also wrote his song about us… All we do is WIN! All we do is dominate! We’re better than ANY group of talent that has ever been put together and And it doesn’t matter who you are! We’re worlds better than The Backbone ever was. Ken Kaze, you and your pet trash can may have won out in the Phoenix Rose Invitational and proved your worth, but when you choose to cash in against us, the only thing you’ll win is a first-class ass-kicking! Even The BLACK FACTION look like rank amateurs compared to us! We run this and there ain’t a damn thing that any of you peckerheads can do to prove otherwise! We…”

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

The crowd CHEERED.

The thundering approval from the crowd made the Heirs jump in their tracks. They thought they were done for good with the men that they took the jOlt Tag Team Titles from via interference from Team EGO, but now that both members of EGO were effectively done with jOlt, that meant there were no more interruptions.

The 6’4” 309-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

The 6’7” and 467-pound “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

And the new Starlet Champion Charlotte!

They were in full force now and looked united and ready to get their belts back. Perhaps the most dominant force physically that had ever existed as a team in jOlt, The House were monsters and the two beasts were cheered on by the crowd.

“S’up, boys!” Huber said. “Now, I don’t know if you just happened to catch this, but I couldn’t help but hear that you were here running your mouth. That you, The Heirs, are better than everybody. Did I hear right, Big Bucks?”

Roebuck cracked his neck. “All I heard was a pair of punk-ass kids flapping their fucking gums and I’m getting sick of it.”

Huber looked at The Heirs in the ring. “Now, If we remember right… we’ve beaten you before with those very belts on the line once before and the only reason you have them now is because Craig Thomas and Strangler cost us those belts. Well, I don’t know if you heard this, but… them fuckers is gone!”

In perhaps one of the biggest cheers of the night, the crowd cheered that Team EGO was now long gone. Mack took the microphone and snarled.

“You two don’t come out and inter…

“SHUT THE FUCK UP NOW!” Roebuck shouted.

Mack was red-faced and The House were inching closer to the ring ever so slowly. Sarah and Charlotte locked eyes as Charlotte hugged the Starlet Title close to her.

“You fucks have been running your mouths and talking shit this whole time when the reality is that you’ve never beaten us clean. You stole those belts from us and we never had a proper chance to get them back… until now. We came out here to tell you little pricks that we just got done with a visit to Jim Johnson’s office. And we came out here to tell you ourselves… on Warriors… we’re getting our rightful rematch and we’re taking those belts BACK!

The crowd roared with approval as The House charged the ring! It was a three-on-two as The Heirs of Wrestling attacked The House as they climbed into the ring while Charlotte was fighting off Sarah Winterton in one corner of the ring.

It was all-out mayhem between all seven of the jOlt Grapplers! Adam Roebuck was going toe-to-toe with both Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway in one corner while on the other side, Derrick Huber was exchanging fists with the winded Frank Silver. He missed a swing and tossed him to the floor!

Sarah Winterton swung right at Charlotte herself when the redhead ducked the shot and returned fire with one of her own! Soon enough she had cleared her from the ring also!

Ryan Gallway was tossed outside the ring by The Big Bucks which now left Mack Brody alone with both Adam and Derrick. The two monsters charged and SMASHED Mack with a double Standing Splash that stunned him! The crowd roared in delight as he tossed him over the top rope and sent him flying out to the floor right at the feet of The Heirs!

The House and Charlotte were not done with the Heirs of Wrestling by far! Charlotte raised her Starlet Title over her head while Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber pounded fists in the ring! “Turn the Page” played over the PA while the two monsters stood tall and were chomping at the bit to get their long-awaited Tag Title rematch against The Heirs of Wrestling.

The Heirs of Wrestling were sent packing up the ramp as an angry Mack Brody charged. Frank and Ryan held him back as they retreated towards the back.

It appeared the feud between The Heirs of Wrestling and The House getting renewed meant that the best was yet to come.

Derecho vs Sanchez Cano
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

One week removed after coming up short against Aran Thompson at Cataclysm, Derecho finds himself booked against the partner of his very own brother here on iNtense. As the crowd gets ready for the action at hand, the theme of reVolt hits the PA speakers

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the back come Sanchez Cano and Mattock. Fresh off of their win at Cataclysm against the team of Diamond Jewelz and the debut of Jesse Ramey, they look to seize this opportunity to knock off the former World and Underground Champion, Derecho. The two of them make their way down to the ring. They stop at ringside where Mattock talks to Cano before he hits the ring. Mattock remains at ringside as Cano warms up.

"Charisma" by WASP

The admonishment from the crowd transforms into admiration as they rise to their feet. Out from the back steps Derecho. Many questioned how Derecho would be after two straight losses to Aran Thompson.. one in the Thieves' Honor match, the other just one week ago in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Derecho doesn't seemed phased by it one bit as he makes his way to ringside. he eyes his brother on the left and watches him closely as he hops up onto the ring apron. Derecho cautiously steps into the ring, keeping an eye on both Cano and Mattock. Once he's inside and settled the referee calls for the bell.




Derecho and Cano circle each other in the ring. Lock up in the center with Cano going into an arm wringer. Derecho twists the arm and reverses the arm wringer on Cano before Cano rolls forward, flips to his feet, and reverses it on Derecho. Derecho then rolls onto his back, spins, and uses his legs to break the hold over his arm. Derecho then quickly wraps his legs around the ankles of Cano, bringing him down with a Drop Toe Hold.

Derecho quickly floats over and applies the front chancery, keeping an eye on Mattock in the process. Cano fights up to his knees and then up to a vertical base, but Derecho still has the chancery locked in. Cano backed Derecho into the ropes and the referee wants the clean break.





Cano backed away, but went for a punch to the side of Derecho's head, but Derecho saw it coming and ducked out of the way, trading places in the corner with Sanchez Cano. Derecho then hit a jab with his right hand and then a knife edge chop, followed by another jab, and then another knife edge chop. Derecho pressed Cano against the turnbuckles and whipped him across the ring to the opposite side. Derecho charged in, but Cano made Derecho a back elbow. Cano then leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and went for a moonsault and it connected, taking Derecho down to the canvas!

Cano quickly got up and went to the ropes. He came back and sliced across Derecho's neck with a Running Leg Drop. Cano then made the cover.


Shoulder up after a fleeting one count by the referee.

Cano stood as Derecho got back to his feet. Cano then delivered a stiff kick into the chest of Derecho that staggered him back some, Cano then charged in and went for a Running Bulldog, but Derecho sensed it and ducked as Cano landed hard on his tailbone. Derecho then charged the ropes, bounced off and delivered a Shining Wizard to the seated Sanchez Cano!! Derecho stood and then pointed toward the corner which brought the crowd to their feet!

Derecho ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Mattock leapt up onto the ring apron and distracted the referee and Derecho at the same time. As Derecho looked on, Cano got back up to his feet and fell into the ropes which caused Derecho to lose his balance on the top turnbuckle. Cano staggered over, still holding his face in pain as he climbed up top. He hooked Derecho by the head and tried to pull him off for a Superplex, but Derecho held his ground. Derecho then fired shots into the mid-section of Cano and then finished it up with a headbutt that knocked Cano off the top and onto his back on the canvas.

Derecho then re-perched himself and took aim before he leapt off with his Frog Splash!


That was the sound of Derecho hitting the canvas as Cano moved out of the way! Derecho held his mid-section on all fours as Cano wrapped Derecho's arm around his leg and pulled him over with a La Magistral Cradle!



Derecho kicked out!

Cano stood while Derecho scrambed to his feet. Cano delivered the toe kick to Derecho's mid-section, doubling him over. Cano took off to the ropes and nailed a flying knee strike to the side of Derecho's head! Derecho flipped onto his back as it was now Cano that signaled he was going up top, but unlike Derecho, the crowd remained seated and just booed.

Cano ascended up and took aim. He leapt off with the double stomp... looking for the Sadistic Spike, but Derecho put the leg up and caught Cano right under the jaw with it! Derecho got back to his feet and grabbed Cano in a front chancery.. he lifted Cano up and nailed a Vertical Suplex. Derecho held on and turned over, pulling Cano up to his feet. He hooked him again and nailed a Snap Suplex.. Derecho held on and spun Cano over... he stood and hooked him a third time.... Derecho lifted.. ACE CRUSHER COUNTER BY CANO!!

As Derecho lifted Sanchez Cano for the Split-Legged Gordbuster, Cano twisted his body and hooked Derecho's head in mid-lift, dropping him face first into the canvas!! After that tremendous counter, Cano groggily made the cover!



Thr.... NO!

Close two count for Cano as Derecho shot the shoulder up!

Cano and Derecho both staggered to their feet. Cano swung with a punch, but Derecho ducked underneath and delivered a toe kick to Cano. Derecho then hooked Cano and lifted him up partially before dropping him with the Split-Legged Gordbuster.. a late competion of the F3 Combination. Derecho then stood and signaled that it was going to be over. Cano staggered up to his feet and Derecho delivered the toe kick. He was about to grab Cano and lift him up onto the shoulder when suddenly...







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

The crowd looked to the entrance ramp and booed as Tyke stepped out from the backstage area holding a steel chair in his hand. Tyke unfolded the chair and placed it at the top of the entrance ramp. Tyke then had himself a seat as his music died down.

When the lights came back on, Derecho was staring up the ramp at Tyke, wondering just what the hell he was doing out there, but he suddenly remembered that Sanchez Cano was still in the ring with him. When Derecho turned his head to look where Cano was...


Super Kick by Cano!!




Three.... NO!!!

Derecho shot the shoulder up at the last minute as the crowd erupted in cheer! Cano can't believe it as he stands and pulls Derecho back to his feet. Whip to the corner by Cano and Cano gives chase. Cano leapt up for corner knee strike, but Derecho caught him in a cradle! Derecho then ran forward and simply slammed Cano down onto his back. Derecho stood and headed toward the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads as he looked at Mattock and then at Tyke just to make sure. Derecho then leapt off and this time he found his mark with the Frog Splash!




Cano kicked out!

Mattock then hopped up on the apron, but Derecho quickly ran over and used a forearm to knocked Mattock off the apron and into the barricades. Derecho turned around only to find Cano back on his feet. Cano leapt up and went for a Huracanrana, but Derecho blocked it.. He then lifted Cano back up into a powerbomb position.. from there Derecho spun and sat out...




Cano kicked out again!

Derecho shook his head as he checked Tyke, who still sat at the top of the entrance ramp. Derecho pulled Cano back up, but Cano, showing tremendous heart, broke free from Derecho's grip and pulled Derecho's head down into a knee strike. Cano then suffled back and went for another super kick, but Derecho side stepped it and grabbed Cano, looking for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but Cano fired an elbow into the side of Derecho's head. He grabbed Derecho by the arm and then pulled him right into a vicious Short-Arm Clothesline!

Cano saw his chance... he scrambled up to the top rope and took aim! He leapt off...



Derecho rolled out of the way and quickly grabbed Cano in a School Boy Roll up!



Cano kicked away!

Derecho quickly stood and then kicked Cano right in the face as he was standing up. He grabbed Cano and placed him in a front chancery. He lifted Cano up for a suplex, but changed it in mid-move, attempting the Emerald Flowsion Kai variation of A Forever Reminder, but Cano slipped behind Derecho and placed him in a waist lock. Derecho charged forward and grabbed onto the ropes as Cano rolled backwards and onto his feet. Derecho turned and went for the clothesline, but Cano ducked underneath.

Both turned around, but Derecho was the slower of the two. Roundhouse kick by Cano to the back of Derecho's knee and then he hauled off and nailed another one to the side of Derecho's head!! Derecho could be out cold as Cano pulled him over into the cover!

One.... Two....

Thre... NO!

Derecho got the shoulder up!

Cano grasped at his mohawk as he stepped out onto the ring apron. He turned and grasped the top rope as Derecho staggered to his feet. Once vertical, Cano leapt to the top rope and front flipped. He landed on Derecho's shoulders and went for the Dance with the Devil.. the Dragoncanrana, but Derecho lifted him back up to a powerbomb position, but Cano used the momentum to flip over Derecho into the Sunset Flip, but Derecho rolled through that, stood and planted both feet into the face of Sanchez Cano!

Derecho signaled for the end once again as he grabbed Cano by the hair and pulled him up. Derecho's back was the Tyke and Tyke saw this as the perfect opportunity. He stood and grabbed his chair and made a bee line for the ring. Derecho hooked Cano and right when he lifted him for A Forever Reminder, Tyke slid into the ring and slammed the chair right into Derecho's back!




Derecho let Cano go as Derecho fell to a knee.

"RUIN MY SHOT, WILL YA!?" yelled Tyke at Derecho.

Derecho staggered up and turned around. Tyke then jammed the chair right into the breadbasket of Derecho. He then dropped the chair and nailed it...


Tyke just laid out Derecho in the middle of the ring. Tyke stood over Derecho and then slapped him in the face.

"NOBODY SCREWS ME!" yelled Tyke

Tyke then rolled out of the ring and stormed up the entrance ramp. Mattock and Cano regrouped on the outside and decided to just let things be as they waited for Tyke to leave before they made their exit. Derecho was out in the middle the ring after that attack, but one must wonder what Tyke meant by getting screwed and why was he signalling out Derecho?

Winner: Derecho via Disqualification

"Open Contact"

Ninja K Cataclysm had seen the first new Starlet Champion since Aria Murphy had to give up the prestigious women’s championship due to her pregnancy. Eight women fought in a four week tournament to become the champion and it was The House’s manager, Charlotte that stood out among the pack to claim the prize.

Dawn Cassidy was backstage smiling for the camera when the little red light blinked. She was ready to go.

“Hi folks, I’m Dawn Cassidy! Standing with me at this time is none other than the woman who won the Starlet Title Tournament at Cataclysm to become the new champion. Please welcome the brand new Starlet Champion CHARLOTTE!

The redheaded fan favorite stepped into view wearing another one of her elaborate costumes while holding the Starlet Championship over her shoulder. She was dressed in a sleeveless white dress shirt with a bowler hat and makeup reminiscent of the Alex DeLarge character in A Clockwork Orange.

“Hey, Dawn, thanks for having me!” she said, grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re welcome! So you overcame eight other women in this tournament in order to become the first new champion after Aria Murphy relinquished the belt. As the new champion, what are your plans for this title going forward?”

Charlotte nodded. “Glad you asked. I may love my makeup and my costumes, but what I love more than that are the fans! You guys pay to see some great action night in and night out and I want to provide that to you. As long as I am the Starlet Champion, I want to defend this title proudly. Effectively immediately I am declaring open season on this championship!”

“Can you elaborate?” Dawn asked.

“I can! I want to go down as a fighting champion so I’ve gone to Jim Johnson and he has agreed to put an open contract on this title. I will accept any challenge that comes my way. If you want a title shot and you want to dance, we’ll dance!”

The Queen of Hearts rubbed a speck of dirt off the belt and smiled again while the fans cheered.

“Only two women before me have had the pleasure of holding this championship. More women will hold this after me, but I want to cement my legacy as the best Starlet ever!”

“You? Some whore in clown makeup?”

Charlotte was cut off by another Starlet who stepped into the scene. She was known as Persephone and hadn’t been seen in a few weeks, but tonight she may have heard what was going down. The evil Persephone stared Charlotte up and down before fixating on the Starlet Championship on her shoulder.

“I think the fact that somebody like you holding this title is an absolute joke,” Perephone snapped. “And the fact that I wasn’t even invited into this tournament despite being one of the only women who have held that title is bullshit!”

“Well, hon,” Charlotte said. “Maybe if you were on TV actually doing something other than stewing or… I dunno, flying and cackling on your broomstick… maybe you could’ve gotten a shot?”

Persephone didn’t appreciate the comment.

“That’s funny coming from a woman who probably paid for wrestling training by taking off her clothes in dingy Las Vegas showrooms for sugar daddies. If you’re such a fighting champion, I’m challenging you to a match on Warriors on Wednesday. I’m going to smack the makeup right off you and then I’m going to be the first-ever two-time Starlet Champion!”

Dawn brought the mic up to Charlotte who let the words sink in.

“Okay, first off, sug…” Charlotte smiled. “I paid my way through wrestling school on my own... and I was a dancer not a stripper! Second of all, you could’ve just asked without spouting off your mouth Persephone. By Warriors, the only thing you’ll have done twice is talk a bunch of noise you can’t back up! Here tonight and again on Wednesday!”

Persephone sneered.

“I’ve beaten Aria Murphy for that very title before so your best course of action would be to tread lightly when you speak to me.”

“Whatever you say, Heisenberg.”

Persephone and Charlotte stared at one another before the former Starlet Champion walked away and brushed shoulders with her on purpose. Charlotte looked at Dawn and smiled before she walked away ready for her first major title match.

Ninja K (c) vs Bane Loneheart vs Jason Rau
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a THREE WAY DANCE for the jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

”Passive” by A Passive Circle urged the masses to respond negatively as the jOltvision monitors flickered to life. A collage of technical prowess and highlights of an intentionally vile nature. Blue pulses of light danced at random before streams of white light were cast at the entrance staging area before fanning outward, bringing the full luminescence to brighten the arena with them. Midnight Blue & Black were the colors that adorned Jason’s attire as he sauntered out from the gorilla position. Camera One continued back pedaling as The Angry Aussie made his way toward the squared circle. Motioning to the crowd, The Australian arrogantly projected his championship aspirations from atop the ring apron before passing through the ropes and pacing casually in his respective corner.

"Sur Fac Ing" by Slipknot

Another round of resentment was generated as the Irish Ingrate sauntered away from the entrance curtain. A cold gleam danced along the surface of his favorite weapon of trade: A Lead Pipe. The Equalizer and quite possibly, his ticket to securing his bid for the Underground Championship. Slinging the weapon across his shoulders, the former Backbone member joined his fair-weather comrade inside the ring. Standing at opposing ends of the squared circle, both men inaudibly conversed in competition for the championship opportunity amongst themselves. Referee Boulder stood with both arms behind his back as Dean Carrington stood patiently in the middle of the ring. The musical introduction’s erosion left the arena, clambering amongst themselves for several moments before the arena lighting slowly dissipated...

”Vicarious” by Tool began to audibly bleed into The Arena of Champions, triggering the trademark expulsion of strobe lit smoke being emitted through Exit 150. Several moments would elapse before the Underground Champion appeared before the masses. The arena lights returned to reveal the ninja swathed in the hues of predominantly Pearl ensemble with Crimson & Obsidian trim begin his descent toward the ringside area. The ninja was trailed by The Blood Raven who was unusually reserved during his advancement forward. The championship belt in his left hand, the Inogami clan leader passed through the cluttered sea of humanity to momentarily stand atop the barricades.

Both challengers continued barking adamantly at the Osaka native before he stepped down and began his defiant parade around the squared circle. Eiji was ordered to take a seat near the lead broadcast position as Ninja rounded the southwestern corner of the ring. Simon Boulder kept the Aussie at bay as the ninja stood atop the ring steps before making his ascent up the turnbuckles. Raising the belt overhead, the stoic Chief Retainer eventually lowered it before making his quick descent to the canvas. The ninja casually looked at both opponents respectively as he casually made his way toward Simon Boulder to hand off the Underground Championship before walking backward toward his respective corner. Cameras One, Three & Five traded views of the violent trinity within the ring as both ring official and announcer were ready to perform their duties.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a THREE WAY DANCE for the jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The announcer paused for the audible upheaval made by the crowd as the cameras noted the Australian, loosening himself up. The Irishman was displaying some slow practice swings with the Lead Pipe before gently tapping it against the ring ropes and turnbuckle padding as the ninja continued pacing near his corner at a reserved pace.

Carrington: “Introducing First; Hailing from Sydney, Australia...Weighting in at 245 pounds...JASON!!! RAU!!!

Rau proudly thrust both fists overhead while stepping several paces away from his corner while roaring. A moderate display of shadowboxing was meant to address the ninja as Jason trained his eyes on the reigning champion. The round of jeers only brought forth a proud smirk across his face.

Carrington: “The 2nd Challenger hails from Banekburg, Scotland...Weighting in at 18.9 Stones...265 pounds...BANE!!! LONEHEART!!!

Loneheart chuckled onto himself while pointing his weapon towards the ninja clan leader. The enigmatic champion merely popped the bones in his neck in kind before sweeping the bangs free from his brow. Bane scoffed at the gesture before seating himself atop the turnbuckles and further irritating the crowd with a bevy of extended middle fingers and inaudible fits of taunting. The jeers quickly elevated to cheers as the camera trained itself onto the ninja rolling both wrists & shoulders respectively before pulling the top ropes tautly...

Carrington: “And from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...He is the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the World! Weighting in at 245 pounds...He is the ’Athletic Freak of Nature’...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

The clan figurehead leapt into the air with a Leaping Roundhouse Kick before ascending vertically to stand himself erect. Ignoring the volley of positive crowd heat, Kenshiro repeatedly extended his fingers while trading glances at his opposition who continued voicing their rebuke of the title’s bearer. The referee slowly raised the belt overhead for all to see while the challengers became briefly entranced by its shimmering surface. The ninja eventually positioned himself at the ring’s epicenter as the referee & ring announcer peeled away in preparation for the impending conflict. The masses roared as the opening bell sounded.

The Ronin patiently assessed the movements of his disreputable challengers as they were careful in their encroachment. Rau and Loneheart sought to distract him with aimless chatter while encircling the Osaka native before Rau feinted a Front Kick, leading Bane to haul off with a Pipe Swing towards the ninja’s head. Kenshiro ducked underneath while cinching Rau into a swift Side Head Lock. Kenshiro punished Jason with a Rolling Russian Leg Sweep to his feet. Several Jabs with the Lead Pipe trained towards the ninja’s head sailed aimlessly off target before Kenshiro slapped it away. Loneheart used the momentum to attempt to decapitate the Japanese native as Kenshiro caught the weapon with his right hand inches away from his face. A brief moment of shock radiated across Bane’s face before the ninja reeled him in close to deliver a stern Headbutt across the bridge of his nose. Loneheart dropped the weapon while stumbling away with his face buried into both hands as Rau connected with a quick Knee the ninja’s abdomen. Kenshiro caught the follow up Knee Strike before leaning Rau back with a stiff Elbow above the Knee before delivering a Back Elbow to Rau’s face! Left cradling his jaw while hobbling backwards, Rau’s assailant sprinted forward and floored him with The Morning Star Kick - Running Double Mule Kick!

Loneheart seized his moment with an Overhead Lead Pipe Swing that slammed against the canvas. Back facing away from his opposition, Ninja kicked the weapon upward to slam soundly against the Irishman’s face before spinning him about stiff Backhand Punch across the exposed Jaw! The Osaka Plex - A Northen Lights Salto Suplex!...Seppuku - Double Foot Stomp to Chest or Mid Section! Bane howled in utter anguish as he keeled over onto his side while the Underground Champion quickly spilled over the outside with a Running Over the Top Rope Lariat to his feet! The masses cheering remained in hind sight as the Inogami Clan leader stared menacingly at his esteemed lieutenant before slamming Jason Rau skull first against the ring apron. An Irish Whip was used to send the Angry Aussie careening soundly into the ring steps, tumbling over into a battered heap. Ninja impatiently stormed around the steps and grabbed the staggering brawler’s head before hurling Rau over the barricades into the crowd.

The Athletic Freak of Nature flung the ring apron aside in order to reach under and start hurling a set of Steel Chairs overhead into the ring before a Wooden Table was dragged out and rested against the barricades. Another trip underneath led to a DeskJet Printer sail over and bouncing off the canvas before the dreaded Japanese Rose Stem was extended before the champion. Kenshiro leapt onto the ring apron into a kneeling posture which allowed the opportunistic Loneheart to rush forward & knock the ninja onto the floor with a Running Hip Attack! Falling onto his back, Bane quickly rolled off the ring apron and jammed the Lead Pipe into the ninja’s side! Kenshiro reeled from the impact, stumbling away before being beaned across the back with the sizable Lead Beam. The Osaka native knelt before the barricades where Bane set Kenshiro up to drive the back of his head against the floor with a Lead Pipe assisted Russian Leg Sweep! Ninja was left cradling the back of his head as blood ran from the bridge of Bane’s nose as he yelled at a recovering Rau to assist him. Both men drew some serious heat by laying the boots to their mutual enemy before using a Double Team Irish Whip into the barricades. They stood over the fallen ninja with a boisterous sense of bravado.

The unruly pair worked to stand the ninja erect before rolling him back inside the ring. Jason slid in after the champion, pulled the ninja upward and began clubbing the ninja with a barrage of Forearms before being flung against the corner. Bane arrogantly kicked back his feet atop the turnbuckles as Jason landed Several Knee Lifts, adding more damage onto his target before taking Kenshiro over with a textbook Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Rau floated over with the quick cover...1! Ninja kicked out, leading Rau to pepper the ninja with a series of Quick Side Headlock Punches before landing several Hard Stomps on the champion with Bane Loneheart joining in. The audience let the pair of miscreants hear it as both men pulled the ninja to his feet before spiking him off the canvas with a Double Team Suplex! Both Backbone stable alumni swivled about for the cover with Bane aggressively shoving Rau away to make the pin...1! ...2! Rau angrily broke the cover by ripping Loneheart off the ninja. Both men stood nose to nose arguing amongst themselves before turning their attention toward a recovering ninja. A Double Irish Whip led to a Double Team Hip Toss yet the nimble ninja landed into a crouching posture. Rau’s Running Left Hook was quickly countered by a swift Over The Shoulder Arm Throw atop on of the prone Steel Chairs! A Spinning Back Elbow doubled Bane over followed by an immediate Snap Mare...Buzzsaw Kick to the Back of the Skull! Cover! ...1! ...2! Rau broke up the pin with a Quick Elbow Drop across the back of the head before wailing on the reigning champion.

Gnashing his teeth, Rau led Kenshiro to the opposing corner with an Irish Whip. Reversal by Ninja, leading Jason to plant his foot against the middle turnbuckle to back the incoming ninja with a Hard Back Elbow. Immediately, Rau connected with The Rau Deal - Running Knee Lift! The champion was left leaning back as the Zybertech alum caromed against the opposing ropes and connected with a Running Snap Neck Breaker! Cover! ...1! ...2! Kickout! Rau angrily slapped the mat and briefly argued with the ref before grabbing the ninja by the hair and frantically looked around before spying the other Steel Chair, laying nearby. Several Clubbing Forearms and Knee Lifts left the ninja lurched over as an ailing Loneheart stood the chair erect. Bane nodded menacingly as he ordered Rau to finish Kenshiro off before he sprinted toward the opposing ropes for a Running Fameasser...The masses roared as Rau was unceremoniously crotched atop the chair before collapsing onto his side! Jason’s eyes and mouth broadened as Kenshiro staggered away before Bane slammed the DeskJet Printer across the ninja’s back, knocking him through the ropes to the outside. Loneheart scrambled after him, laid the machine across the right side of Kenshiro’s head before laying a Heavy Stomp onto it! The ninja began kicking his legs angrily while reeling from the calloused blow. Bane flung the cracked printer aside before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! ....NO!

The crowd noise and the referee’s ‘suspect’ count cadence incensed the jOlt Wrestling stalwart as Kenshiro’s right side of his face was covered with crimson. Loneheart ripped the printer off the ground only to smash it against the floor out of frustration. The ninja crawled up to all fours before Bane grabbed him by the hair and hurled him against the Steel Steps! Ninja remained hunched over before Bane began hurling Fists against the ninja’s skull. Using Kenshiro’s blood as ‘war paint’, Loneheart taunted the crowd briefly before flinging the Inogami Clan leader back inside the ring. An angry Bane began barking orders to the ailing Rau, who was struggling near the ropes in the fetal position before slamming a Chair onto the canvas. Palming the champion’s face, Bane inaudibly yelled at the kneeling champion before sending him to the opposing ropes...

Insurrection - Spinebuster into Sitdown Powerbomb

The masses rallied as Ninja countered with a Suspended Guillotine Choke! Bane’s arms frantically flailed about as Ninja reeled back on the hold, forcing Bane to land face first against the prone chair. Desperately working to free himself, Ninja wrenched the hold tighter before Rau hobbled forward and connected with a Falling Headbutt on Kenshiro! The ninja immediately recoiled from the blow as he rolled away, covering his bleeding wound. The Aussie hobbled himself back to his feet, gingerly pursuing the ninja before wedging his Knee against Ninja’s head while using the middle ropes as leverage. Favoring his back, Bane low crawled back toward the action as Rau made the cover...1! ...2! ANACONDA VICE! The legions cheered as an adamant Australian pawed the air before pushing himself over to the ring apron. His legs dangling off the edge urged him to drag his captor to the floor yet Ninja scissored his legs onto the bottom ropes. Out of desperation, Bane dropped a Knee on Kenshiro’s exposed rib cage before using several kicks to knock the ninja off the bottom ropes to the outside. Left gasping and panting, Jason began looking around for a definitive measure of retribution by rolling away to the other side of the squared circle as Bane rolled to the outside and locked in a Texas Cloverleaf Submission. Teeth gnashing reflected the pain radiating from his spine as Ninja clenched his fists while warding off the referee’s concerns. Pawing at the prone customized Singapore Cane, Kenshiro managed to pull it toward him...

The blow slammed against Bane’s Left Shoulder Blade, leaving his mouth agape while leaning against the ring apron...

The serrated wire laced cane slammed against Loneheart’s rib cage, breaking the hold and sending him reeling away from Kenshiro. Meanwhile, Rau was seen dislodging the upper portion of the ring steps. Embittered by the 2 man assault, the pissed off ninja crawled back to his feet while measuring up the ailing Irishman...

Bane’s high pitch wail pierced the sky as he stumbled forward wildly before collapsing against the barricade. An arm extended forward, begging for mercy...

Loneheart collapsed onto the ground as a writhing mess while Rau, lugging the ring steps sought to come to Bane’s rescue...

The ring steps careened against the floor as Rau doubled over before shuffling backwards...

Cameras One and Four followed the barrage unleashed on both contenders before the weapon was torn asunder. Battered and bleeding, both Rau and Bane were crawling away toward safety before Kenshiro grabbed Rau by the head and slammed him face first against the steel pole! Nina hoisted the ring steps to his side as Bane struggled to regain his footing. The overwhelming cheers lured Loneheart to turn about and eat immediate Steel to the face! A bold splatter pattern is left on the side of the metal steps as it noisily careened against the floor. Ninja placed his hand over his cut eyebrow before sauntering his way after the crawling Rau. A stiff Kick to the mid section rolled the Aussie against the barricades before Kenshiro snatched him to his feet and held him before the masses with a Full Nelson, looking up at the rafters...

Camera Three trained itself onto Kenshiro in the aftermath of using a Dragon Suplex to put Jason through the angled table! The battered Australian remained partially covered in debris, faintly moving. The Underground Champion pulled himself to his feet to turn his attention toward his lieutenant before motioning the ninja to follow him. In full compliance, The Blood Raven stared at the fallen Rau before stepping over him. Kenshiro ordered Eiji to halt and stand near the steep pole before standing near the recovering Loneheart...Buzzsaw Kick to the Skull! Bane’s body was left draped over the barricades before Ninja grabbed him by the hair and positioned him onto both knees...

Loneheart’s bottom lip dropped and crimson began to drip from his lips. Kenshiro whipped his head back and voiced something inaudible to Eiji before hauling off with another Kick...

Bane’s chest began run red upon each impact...

The Underground Champion ordered Eiji to hold Bane by the hair before lowering the Kick Padding on his Right Leg...

A bloodthirsty republic reveled in the brutal assault on Loneheart as he lifeless collapsed onto the floor. Head downcast & holding onto Bane’s arm, Kenshiro stared out into the crowd before locking eyes with Eiji’s, who lowered his head slowly....

The Imploding Star Submission (I.S.S.) - An MMA-style variant of a Leg Nelson (Vazque-Fix)

Bane’s arm was raised pawing the air before scraping the referee’s shirt briefly before collapsing. Simon Boulder lifted Bane’s arm three times before immediately signalling for the bell. The audience responded with a volatile mixed reaction as Ninja shoved Bane aside and remained in the kneeling as ’Vicarious’ by Tool rolled defiantly from overhead.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; your winner of this contest and STILL YOUR jOlt WRESTLING UNDERGROUND CHAMPION of the WORLD!!!...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Referee Boulder flashed an “X” sign overhead while kneeling beside a bloodied Loneheart. The Blood Raven strode over to the time keeper’s table to retrieve the Underground Championship as EMT’s were arriving onto the scene and surrounding Bane. Several medics side stepped from the ninja’s path as he extended his hand outward to receive his championship from Eiji’s grasp. Holding the belt by his side, Ninja stood by and stared down at the fallen Irishman before slowly making his way up the ramp with Eiji taking a moment to look back before following suit. Camera One was left training its focus on the 2nd medical team making their way over to Jason Rau before fading to black....

Winner: via Pinfall


Ninja K jOlt had been a roller coaster ride ever since Thieves Honor and for good reason. A man thought to be dead, Derecho, had actually been a part of an elaborate ruse by none other than Aran Thompson and his “Black Faction” which was repulsive to anyone with a sense of right and wrong, The Tag Team Division had been heating up to levels that rivaled both the jOlt and Underground Championships. The Underground Title was now held by a man that couldn’t see what the corruption was doing to his life and it seemed Ninja K was too obstinate to admit to its contemptible embrace. The Starlet Title would find a new home as the longest reigning Starlet Champion, Aria M. Sylo, had to step down due to her unforeseen pregnancy and even though all that had happened one question remained about one individual that had remained in deep deliberation.

So far the Arena of Champions was buzzing with consummate zeal. No one could see what would blindside many as the arena seemed to flat line for a few seconds; of course that wouldn’t last.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts sang “come and see!” and I saw and behold a white horse and his name that sat on him was death….and hell followed with him.”

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” – Nonpoint

The legendary man in black was almost drowned out by the roar of an unsuspecting crowed. The fans were on their feet and the dome lost its roof as it was blown from Orlando into the ocean. From the back stepped a man not seen since Thieves’ Honor and that man, was of course, “The SuperBeast” Sylo. Sylo had his left arm in a sling and wore civilian clothes as he made his way out flanked by his beautiful wife, Aria.

The Human Natural Disaster took a deep breath and looked to his wife who only smiled and rubbed his arm. Sylo stared transfixed on his wife for a moment as she mouthed “it’s okay”. Sylo didn’t move anything but his head as he looked out at the fans roaring for him.

Sylo took a moment to stare at the stage before looking out into the sea of humanity around him. Over his good shoulder he wore the original Legacy of Champions title he had won. While Kenshiro had taken ownership and had stolen a title that wasn’t his, Sylo was still the last Legacy Champion. For those who didn’t know how the business worked any time you carried a federations main title they always gave you an exact replica down to your name on the plating; at least that’s what PIW, LoC, and even jOlt had done.

Sylo made his way to the ring as his support followed. The fans cheering died down a little as they watched the Legend who looked weaker than they’d ever seen climb up the ring steps and gingerly enter the ring. Sylo was given a microphone from an assistant as Aria leaned up on the tips of her toes kissing her husband before hugging his good right arm. Sylo took the microphone and the explosive volatile “King” addressed the public.

“I have a good bit to say and not a lot of time to say it so I’ll try to keep this short.” Sylo started as everyone sat silent listening.

“First and foremost I want to thank the guys in the back that called me, that came and saw me, and sent me their support. Without you guys I wouldn’t be making it through physical therapy and that goes for all of you here tonight and at home who have taken the time to reach out to me.

Sylo let a sad smirk cross his lips before turning to Aria.

“And I have to thank this woman right here. She saw past all my bullshit and still loved me. Hell she loved me enough to marry me, carry my child, and I had to damn near force her to come to work while she still could. Aria I love you.” The fans whistled and clapped as Sylo kissed his wife before turning to them.

“And I have to thank every single one of you again. Without you’re unwavering support I wouldn’t be where I am in my recovery as I stated before and cannot state enough.” A loud ovation followed along with a chant.


Sylo stopped and closed his eyes tight. He could feel himself shake a little as this sea of humanity made him feel like he was at home.

“Thank you for that. All of you. I want each and every one of you to know that you’re my family and I’ve done what I’ve done for over ten years…for you.” The fans would pop again as Sylo gulped hard.

“That brings me to now. When Kenshiro dropped me on that car what happened next no one had planned. I guess I tried my luck one too many times. My shoulder finally gave out on me. After Thieves Honor I was rushed to a nearby Orlando Hospital and then air lifted to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia where I live.” That drew some cheers. “Nice to see some of you came all the way from Georgia to hear a cripple ramble on,” Sylo chuckled. Sylo pointed at one sign in the crowd that read “Real Beasts are grown in the South East!”

“Right now I want everyone here and everyone watching to know I’m talking to you as Justin Edward Sylo. This is me and I’m telling everyone I’ve been around the world more times than I can count and the thing that kept me going was every one of you. From when I was addicted to pain killers to when I admitted to using steroids, through personal loss, and my own redemptions and triumphs. Thank you.” Sylo had to pause because the whole arena was rocking with another chant.


Sylo soaked it in and before long had to close his eyes one more time. Aria was already fighting back tears as she held her husband’s hand, squeezing, trying to reassure him now more than ever. Sylo leaned down and whispered in her ear before kissing her forehead.

“Everything in my career has been for all of you. I gave every ounce I had every single night just to make sure you went home satisfied because without you no one would even know who The SuperBeast is. As far as what happened at Thieves Honor people have asked me if I thought Kenshiro went too far. The honest answer? Yeah he did but if the roles had been reversed I would have done the same exact thing. In saying that please allow me the opportunity to say something else, Kenshiro, I know you’re listening. That little funeral was really cute. I’ll give you that. I just want you to understand one thing: you waited seven years for revenge and revenge came to you but at what cost? Did you really forget who I am? Did you really think that was it? It doesn’t matter if it takes a life time shithead because the message I sent should have been clear but allow me to break it down if you’re too wrapped up in your own hype to get the message. There will be a next time.” The crowd roared at that one.

“And next time I’m not coming for you as the “Legendary SuperBeast”, I’m not coming for you as The Destroyer, I’m not coming for you as The Human Natural Disaster, I’m not coming for you as The King of The Underground. Let me spell this out and make it crystal clear, because next time I come for you and next time I’m coming as Justin Edward Sylo to wipe you across the floor. You can spit whatever rhetoric you like but in your heart these words will haunt you until that day comes. You might have set me back but you took it one step too far…you fucked with my wife…and I’ll choke the life out of you till the light leaves your eyes.” Another deafening pop for the defiant legend.

“ All that aside though my contract with jOlt expires at midnight tonight and I have to make a decision. Actually I’ve made a decision and as I stated on Twitter, here I am on the eightieth iNtense. Obviously I’ve got to heal but they want an answer,” Sylo looked out into the sea of humanity surrounding him.

“It’s true I hate the bureaucratic bullshit that goes on here in jOlt. It’s true that Legacy of Champions will always be my home. All that aside, though, I need to focus on my health, my wife, my future son, and just life in general. I feel maybe my time is done and that’s why at this time I’m out here to announce,” Sylo let out a hard huff of air.

“I’m out here to say I’m retiring.”


Sylo finally choked up and for the first time in his career a lone tear slid down from his glowing blue eyes down his cheek. He lowered his head as camera pans would show certain fans even crying. Aria and Sylo all embraced as Sylo kept holding it back but it was still slipping out like a leaky faucet.

“Hair of the Dog” – Nazareth.

Sylo turned his attention to Jim Johnson as the fans booed him for interrupting this moment. He power walked to the ring and stopped just on the ring apron. Johnson retrieved a microphone and stared at Sylo.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but I wanted to be the first to say to you, man to man, Jim to Justin…good riddance!” Johnson snarled. Aria, even pregnant, stepped up ready to rip the man apart. Sylo held out an arm to stop Aria and turned to her. Whatever he said was met with extreme protest but one sharp look and his wife finally did what Sylo asked and that was leave the ring.

“That’s right. Get rid of your pathetic “support”, you loser! The biggest mistake I ever made was making you a champion! I should have never made you! Now, finally, Jim Johnson wins the war!” Johnson was met with even more boos.

Sylo watched him for a moment before bringing his microphone up, nodding his head as he did so.

“That it? Tell you what Jim. If that’s how you feel how about you grab a chair, come into this ring, and take me out for good. If I’m Frankenstein’s Monster then be a man and come end me.” Sylo replied nonchalantly. Johnson licked his lips a moment and then screamed for a chair. A ring worker quickly grabbed a chair which Johnson snatched before stepping into the ring.

“That’s right Johnson. I only have one arm. Now’s your chance. End me.” Sylo remained calm.

Until Johnson charged forward….


The chair violently clattered to the mat as Johnson found a boot in his gut. Then to everyone’s horror, especially Aria’s, Sylo hoisted Johnson up on his shoulders using one arm. The SuperBeast snarled under the pain but finally in one swift motion…


Johnson was down and Sylo was in pain but somehow the Legend pulled himself up to his feet before kneeling over Johnson driving his good right hand into Johnson’s face. This wasn’t a match, it was a fight, and before Sylo’s contract ended and he could be arrested he would finish 10 years worth of battles and headaches.

The fans were going ape shit as Sylo busted Johnson open. His fist became coated in Johnson’s blood before he stood up. Aria screamed for her husband, the man she loved, and the father of her unborn child to stop, that he was going to hurt himself worse, but Sylo shot her a reassuring look. Sylo then went to the corner and everyone knew what that meant.

“He can’t do this!” Powers screamed.

“Partner, for once, this is none of our business. This is personal,” Buhrman replied.

Johnson was laid out. His head rested under the bottom turnbuckle and he wasn’t moving. EMT’s were already coming from the back but before they could get to Johnson Sylo took off…


"OH DEAR GOD!” Burhman shouted.


Sylo had just punted Johnson’s skull into the ring post. A pool of blood surrounded the unconscious Johnson. Sylo just stared at him for a second before grabbing the microphone.

“I may be gone, limp dick, but at least I won’t eat my food through a straw the rest of my life. At least I’ll be able to hold my wife and child, and at least I’ll be able to walk. I heard your neck crack and unlike Broken? Yeah I made sure not to miss my mark. You didn’t win anything. The war belongs to me.”

Sylo stared at the microphone and then at Johnson before casually laying it on top of Johnson. THE Beast just shook his head in disappointment as he grabbed his replica title and threw it over his shoulder. Sylo’s music would kick up one last time as he left Johnson to the EMT’s before stepping slowly out of the ring. On his way up the ramp he wouldn’t pay any mind to Johnson…that part of his history was done. Instead he hugged, high-fived, and signed autographs as he made his way up the ramp.

At the top the SuperBeast would stand with his beautiful wife to a deafening ovation of cheers. It was official. Sylo had retired but not before tying up one huge loose end that had festered for over ten years. If Johnson did come back he’d be stuck in a wheel chair the rest of his life. Sylo gave one last salute to his fans and made his departure from jOlt and wrestling as a whole but not before one last act of violence toward a man that deserved it more than any other. iNtense would end with one last shot of Johnson being attended too before showing a saddened Beast take one last look at the arena before turning to leave.