"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"A Friendly Reminder"

Ninja K Dawn Cassidy was backstage standing in the all-too-familiar interview position, ready to rock and roll for what promised to be another investigative masterpiece… okay, probably not. This came pretty standard, but what was to come would be great.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dawn Cassidy,” she said with a grin, “and my guests with me at this time are ‘The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton and the jOlt Tag Team Champions, The Heirs of Wrestling!”

The crowd started to boo for the appearance of the foursome heading into view. Tot the left of the young interviewer, Frank Silver stepped first wearing a slick gray Armani business suit. Ryan Gallway was at his side wearing a pin-striped black suit with a… sigh… sombrero… with a feather. Some day, Ryan will understand what fashion is. The two were not without their prized jOlt Tag Team Championships over their shoulders

To Dawn’s right, the gigantic Mack Brody was standing and dressed to compete tonight for his match with The House member Adam Roebuck later tonight. He ran a spiffy-looking brush through his golden locks to make sure not a hair was out of place. Sarah Winterton completed the foursome and around her shoulder was the very Starlet Championship belt that she had stolen from the actual champion Charlotte.

All four Heirs with gold.

“Hello, Dawn, thanks for having us and thank you for not changing up your lipstick this time!” Frank said.

“What do you mean?”

Gallway grinned. “I’m tired of having a rainbow-colored dingle-dangle!”

Gallway and Silver slapped hands with one another while Dawn shook her head disgusted. AT the very least she was a professional so she kept her composure.

“Now, Mack, tonight you’re going one on one with “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck from the events of what happened last Wednesday. You and The House have been at odds for some time now and some would say that you and the Heirs were close to losing your belts had it not been for Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs interfering. The…”

Mack raised a hand and put it over the microphone deliberately, which startled the young lady.

“I’m going to stop you right there, Dawn,” Mack scowled. “Those queer-mos weren’t close to doing ANYTHING. We’ve beaten those idiots every which way but loose because we are a better team. In case you haven’t learned a thing from every other team that we’ve curbstomped, we are the absolute BEST team here in jOlt, under the ESEN banner, under ANY banner! Adam Roebuck thinks that he’s scary when he’s just an overweight slug. Being a fat waste of space doesn’t make you scary… it just make him a bigger target.”

Mack flexed his arms and showed off his rock-like musculature for the viewing audience.

“See these, bitches? These are called muscles! These bad boys make me the strongest man in jOlt and there ain’t a goddamn person that can step to this. I’m SuperMack!”

Dawn nodded.

“And what about the interference of Red and Ted in that jOlt Tag Team Title match?”

Frank took the microphone and scoffed. “Those fucking idiots? They’re a pair of nobodies who came up short against some roof-diving derelict and his alleged talking trash can in the Phoenix Rose Invitational. Now they want to come and call us out on jOlt’s Twitter feed and think they’re hot shit? Story of our lives. Everybody’s trying to make themselves famous off our name. The House did it. Red and Ted are no different in that regard. In fact, we’ve got something to say to those fuckwads later tonight.”

“And to Sarah Winterton,” Dawn addressed the arrogant Starlet. “Tonight, you’ll be going one-on-one with the young rookie Starlet that many have said upset you in the semi finals of the Starlets Title Tournament, Desiree. Do you have any words for your match tonight?”

The Heires adjusted the stolen title on her shoulder.

“I do, my darling!” Winterton said with a smug look. “Desiree did pull off one of the biggest upsets in jOlt history by defeating myself. I will admit that she performed the equivalent of winning the lottery on that occasion, but now I am going to rectify that. As you can see, I’ve done very well for myself since then. I am now the proud standard bearer for our division and the guiding light for which all Starlets can aspire to!”

“You um…” Dawn said apprehensively. “You… stole that belt…”

The eyes of the Heiress went wide in disbelief.

“How DARE you, Dawn?! How DARE you accuse me of being some kind of beggar looking for scraps? I am a lady, Dawn. A L-A-D-Y! You media types are always drumming up some new story about thieves and aliens and monsters. I am no thief! I simply took this title from Charlotte because she does not deserve it! She is a wench who enjoys the company of men in exchange for money and other goods. Do you really think that that the young and misshapen minds of today’s youth wish to have a lady of the street as our Ambassador of the Starlets? I believe not!”

Winterton raised the title so Dawn could get a closer look.

“And by virtue of her amazing victory over me in the upset of all upsets, I have chosen to give Desiree a shot at this title tonight! I will defend this title proudly and I will show Charlotte and every other woman in jOlt exactly what a lady of class and dignity can do!”

Sarah Winterton marched away from the set and went to prepare for her match. Meanwhile, the rest of the Heirs all stood by and looked to Dawn.

“People seem to be forgetting who the fuck they’re dealing with when they cross us,” Ryan said. “Tonight, we’re handing out a couple of friendly reminders. “

In unison, the Heirs nodded to one another before the jOlt Tag Team Champions departed the area.

Sarah Winterton vs Desiree
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

The following match would be a rematch from the previous eight-woman Starlets Title Tournament several weeks ago. “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton came into jOlt with a lot of hype behind her and had racked up some impressive victories prior to her meeting with Hype rookie Desiree.

In a very surprising turn of events, the woman named Desiree – trained by Xin Xin Xiong and a young hopeful who idolized previous Starlet Champion Aria Murphy – came within an eyelash of winning at Cataclysm only to fall short against the now current champion Charlotte. Desiree was a rookie with little experience, yet she had defeated not only another Hype rookie Vogue Gonslavez, she had also defeated Sarah herself. Could the Heiress avenge that loss or could Desiree make it two in a row and get another shot at Charlotte and the title?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Starlet match!” Brad Arnold shouted.

“Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue.

The crowd cheered as out from the back came Desiree. She was a proud up-and-comer in The Hype with the opportunity of a lifetime. She had pulled an upset over Sarah Winterton once before and looked to repeat the events of Warriors 23.

“First, she hails from Enfield, Connecticut… please welcome to the ring… DESIREE!

She was without X3 tonight and decided to go it alone to prove something to both herself and the jOlt fans. As soon as she hit the ring, she climbed inside and raised her hands for the fans.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl making her appearance. She had the very Starlet Championship draped elegantly over her shoulder and patted it like it was actually hers.

“And her opponent… from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 142 pounds… She is ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!”

Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. Sarah eventually made her way into the ring and draped her Heiress sash over the turnbuckle. She turned to Desiree and raised the title over her head.

“Hello, my darling, I have decided to grant you a match for this very Starlet Title! May the best woman win!”

She handed the title to Starlet referee Kim Adams, who looked at the belt like it was a rabid and bloodthirsty dog. She was confused why Winterton had the belt in the first place, but she took it anyway and called for the bell.


The Heiress and the Hype rookie circled one another before Winterton jumped and tried to go on the attack early! Desiree ducked and went in for a quick Schoolgirl pin early! The same move that she used to beat the Heiress several weeks ago!




The Heiress frantically kicked out early and backed away from the very game Desiree! Sarah didn’t take too kindly to being shown up so she charged at her again. Desiree ducked the Clothesline and went into the Backslide pin!




Another frantic move! Desiree was looking to take advantage of Winterton’s arrogant demeanor which didn’t set too well with her! The woman claiming to be the Starlet Champion was angry now and came right at Desiree a third time, burying a knee into her stomach against the ropes. He whipped Desiree into the ropes only for the rookie Starlet to reverse it and sent Winterton flying. When she came back she jumped right into a big Hip Toss!

The discombobulated Winterton stood up only to eat a big standing Dropkick right from Desiree as the fans cheered! Sarah was getting some comeuppance from Desiree as she waited for her to stand.

Desiree came at her with a few Forearm Smashes and sent her into the ropes before trying to whip her. This time it was Winterton who reversed and sent her sailing right into the corner. A charge from Winterton was only met with a back elbow to the face that stunned The Princess B in her tracks. Desiree played to the fans with a raising of her fist before she jumped onto the second turnbuckle…

Big mistake…


Before Desiree could get the chance to come off the second rope, Sarah had cut out a leg from under her and dropped her to the ground and sent her crashing on the back of her head! The crowd booed as a seething Winterton rested against the ropes waiting for her to get back to her feet. The second that she did, she grabbed her arms and twisted him around before…


She was dropped with a Straitjacket Neckbreaker into the canvas and quickly Sarah Winterton rolled over to hook the leg of the fallen rookie.



Desiree scored with the big kickout. Winterton tossed her to the ropes and pushed her there before pressing a knee into the back of the Starlet’s throat. She continued to push down until Kim Adams started a count.


The Heiress backed off and raised both hands into the air to protest her innocence. She was already proven to be a cheap shot artist, a thief, and a snob, but now she could add “vicious cutthroat woman” to the list.

Winterton picked up Desiree from the canvas only to blast her underneath the jaw with a nice European Uppercut before she simply tossed her down to the canvas with a back heel trip. Winterton bounced off the ropes before coming back to deliver a targeted Jumping Knee Drop to the chest of Desiree that had the rookie Starlet shouting in pain!

“I love you all!” Sarah waved to the masses with another Princess wave.

The Heiress stood up and took off to the ropes again before going airborne and connecting with a second Jumping Knee Drop to the chest in order to wear down the rookie that had beaten her once before. She picked up Desiree and the young rookie fought back with a couple of elbows to the stomach only for Sarah to slug her back with another European Uppercut that was taught to her by Frank Silver. She tossed her into the ropes and off the rebound she caught her with a Leg Lariat!




Desiree was showing the guts that carried her to the finals of the Starlets Title Tournament, but now Sarah Winterton was exerting her will over the young rookie. With a derisive sneer to her opposition, she pulled her to her feet again and hooked both arms before sending her up and over with a Butterfly Suplex! She held the pin!





The crowd was lending their support to the proud Starlet as she tried to stand again only for Sarah Winterton to stop her dead with another shot to the face. She kicked her in the knee and dropped Desiree to her arm and then wrapped both arms around her neck in a Cravate-style submission hold.

“Please tap, darling!” Winterton taunted. “You won’t last much longer!”

She continued to hold onto the modified Cravate submission hold and cranked on the weakened neck of her opponent. The Hype rookie started to fight back to her knees and elbowed Winterton in the stomach to try and get back up. Winterton stopped her once again with another uppercut.

Once she was stunned on her feet Winterton took off to the ropes but didn’t see that Desiree had recovered and caught her with a big Overhead Belly to Belly throw! Desiree was thinking on her feet and her training with Xin Xin Xiong allowed her the skill for such a comeback.

While The Heiress was trying to get back to her feet again, Desiree was trying her best to fight through the pain that she was in. She came right at Winterton again but the sly and experienced Princess B grabbed her by her trunks and sent her crashing into the second turnbuckle. Winterton charged and connected with a harsh knee to the stomach before sending her into the ropes. She tossed Desiree across the ring and dropped her with another big Spinning Heel Kick! Desiree was down when Winterton went into the cover.




Sarah was shocked that her one-two combination of moves wasn’t enough to put the underdog Desiree down. Winterton looked to Kim Adams with a look of disbelief before she started to pull her up again. When she reached over to pry her off the mat, Desiree caught her suddenly and went into an Inside Cradle!




It was that close that the fans truly thought the match was over, but Winterton had just narrowly managed to escape a second defeat to Desiree!

Winterton was clearly upset now but there wasn’t really anything she could do about it. She walked over to try to get Desiree when she kicked her low and went to the corner. Desiree grabbed her by the back of the head while heading to the second rope…


This was the Reverse Tornado DDT of her idol, Aria Murphy! The crowd popped big for the move of the former Starlet Champion as Desiree crawled over.




Another kickout! Desiree had The Heiress on the ropes now as she rolled over. She started to grab the arm of Winterton only for The Heiress to roll into the ropes and hang there for dear life. Desiree tried to pull her away from the ropes only for Kim Adams to break it up.

“Come on!” Desiree protested.

Adams pulled her away while Winterton still held the back of her head in pain from The Downfall. Desiree turned towards Winterton only to get a thumb to the eye behind the referee’s back! She quickly wrapped up Desiree into a Dos Caras Clutch and rolled her up into a roll-up combination she called THE ENCHANTED PIN!




Sarah Winterton let go of the hold and quickly rolled out of the ring, proud that her experience and cunning had led to another victory! She had finally avenged her loss from Warriors 23 and defeated the woman that knocked her out of the Starlets Title Tournament!

“Here is your winner of the match…”

The Heiress ran over and stole the microphone from Brad Arnold! She grabbed the Starlet Champion and raised the belt over her head like she had actually won the thing.


She raised the title and waited for a standing ovation from the audience that wasn’t going to come. An angry Desiree was slumped over in the ring as she watched The Heiress head up the ramp with the stolen Starlet Championship.

“I am the best, do you hear me? I am the best! The best Starlet in jO…”



Charlotte was here! The ACTUAL Starlet Champion jumped Sarah Winterton on the aisle just as she had done to her at the conclusion of Warriors 25! She jumped right at her and tackled her on the aisle before raining down fists on The Heiress!

“You want a fight!” Charlotte screamed.

Sarah pushed Charlotte away and dropped the title before she ducked into the crowd and headed back up the ramp. Desiree watched in the ring as Charlotte looked down at the title that she left. Her title. The lady known as The Queen of Hearts and raised her prized possession for all to see. She was the rightful champion.

Charlotte watched Sarah Winterton and the two shared a tense glance between one another. The Heires looked flustered and shook her head with an angry scowl. She had won the match tonight, but Charlotte had put her on notice.

She wasn’t going to let Sarah Winterton get away with her slanderous acts.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"Martial Law"

Ninja K The scene faded in on the backstage interview area; a black back drop with the iNtense logo etched across it. The man standing in front of that backdrop was none other than the jOlt interview master, Donny Layne. Layne smiled as he raised his microphone to his lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Layne began, “just a few short days ago it was reported on our website that one of the newest acquisitions of jOlt wrestling could potentially already have one foot out the door. After hearing these allegations Jesse Ramey requested time tonight to discuss the matter of these events.”

As soon as Layne finished his semi-introduction, into the scene stepped the Anti-Star. Already dressed in his wrestling gear, which seemed to already toss some rumors out the window; Ramey smiled as he slapped Layne on the back and was handed a microphone.

“Now Jesse if I am,” Layne continued, “we’ve worked together before in the past, for those who don’t already know. I’ve always known you to be the type of person to shoot straight from the hip, so I just have one question for you. Is there any validity to these rumors that have spurred up over the past few days?”

“Yes,” Jesse said and be pulled the microphone close to his mouth, “am I one foot out the door of this company though? No, I most certainly am not. Am I currently happy with the situation I’m involved in though? No, I am not. I’ve let that be known since the first time I set foot inside of that ring with my quote unquote tag team partner.”

Ramey paused briefly.

“A lot of people have told me to just let it go; like a duck with water, just let it roll off of your back.” Ramey smirked, “Donny mentioned that we have a past together. For those of you who don’t already know I’ll let you in on the backstory here. Donny was the manager of a tag team that I was involved in for a cup of coffee. Now, I have a question for you Donny. In that period of time, did you ever have to interject yourself in any of the matches that NOW competed in for us to pick up a victory?”

Donny shook his head, “I can’t say that I ever recall having to get involved. Win, lose, or draw; I was only at that ring for moral support.”

“Exactly,” Ramey said pointing a finger toward the camera, “and on the last time we were here on iNtense Ruby Rocks Jewelz decided she was going to get involved in my match. Then Diamond Jewelz decided he was going to further take advantage of the situation and take out Wolf Spider while I was down.”

“Now obviously my demands of being pulled from this tag team are not going to be met,” Ramey sighed, “even with Jim Johnson being fired from his position with the company. I still find myself on the rundown for these shows being booked with Diamond Jewelz. I’ve even seen them list us as nGs 2.0; obviously someone isn’t watching these shows as they go down.”

“I don’t enter that ring with my partner and I don’t leave the arena with him either. There is no name tied behind our team because we are not a team. Each and every week we’re put in that ring together on the same side it’s just that, a random pairing of two men.” Ramey paused, “Now as far as Warriors goes, I need to publically apologize to anyone who was in attendance for my match.”

“I didn’t come out to that ring during that particular show to put on a show like I normally do.” Ramey looked deeply into the camera, “That match was intended to prove a point. The point I’ve been making since I stepped in front of this camera tonight. From this point forward, Diamond and Ruby, if you step out of line and put my reputation on the line like you did before. I will have no remorse in dropping both of you as quickly as I pinned Sam Sweet to the mat on Warriors.”

“Jesse Ramey is not a puppet being swayed back and forth in the world of Diamond and Ruby Rocks Jewelz.” Ramey smiled, “I’ve been stepping foot inside of that squared circle longer than both of you have been cutting your teeth in it. If you can’t go out that ring and compete in a straight fight then don’t even bother coming to the ring at all, because I can go it alone.”

“Regardless,” Ramey finished, “just remember the only person that was holding me back from doing anything to begin with.” Ramey smiled, “He isn’t here to save you now.”

Jesse tossed the microphone back to an off camera stage hand and exited the scene leaving Donny Layne smiling as the scene shifted to the next portion of the show.

Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey vs Red & Ted
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested under normal tag team rules with a time limit of fifteen minutes, and will be one fall to a finish.” Brad Arnold announced to the live audience on hand as he stood center ring next to referee Mike Hunt.

“My Reward” by Hail the Villain began to flow throughout the arena. The first to emerge from the backstage area was Grady Patrick who strolled out, and soon followed behind him were Teddy Jacobs and Alexander Redding. Patrick led the way as Red and Ted kept a slight distance behind.

“Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Grady Patrick, at a combined weight of four hundred and seventy-one pounds. They are the team of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs, RED AND TED!”

Grady stood outside of the ring in his teams’ corner as Redding and Jacobs slowly made their way onto the apron via the steel steps. Jacobs stuck to the apron, while Redding made his way into the ring and shot a smile out to the crowd. Redding was ready to start the match and jumped while rotating his shoulders.

The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulsed over the PA system as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashed across the jOlt Vision followed quickly by his trademark ‘#sOdAmnsErious” and a serious face emoticon logo. The small busty, blond haired figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz burst out from behind the entrance curtains. Shortly after her entrance, the much taller Jewelz stepped out into the spotlight.

“Making his way to the ring accompanied by Ruby Rocks Jewelz weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds; he is DIAMOND JEWELZ!”

The two slowly made their way toward the ring, no look of concern on the face of Jewelz, only a smile graced his face. Jewelz slid into the ring and made his way to a turnbuckle where he climbed to the middle rope and he posed for the crowd for a moment before hopping back into the ring and waiting.

A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

All of the fans within the arena came to their feet as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast and a single spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Ramey burst from behind the entrance curtains and the ovation only grew stronger.

“And his partner, about to make his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; he is JESSE RAMEY!”

The spotlight followed Ramey as he darted toward the ring, slid in under the bottom rope on his right hip, popped back up and rushed toward the nearest set of ropes. Ramey placed one foot on the middle rope and the other on the top, and threw his arm into the air as the lights kicked back up in the arena.

Popping off of the ropes and back into the ring Ramey watched as Jewelz once again ducked out of the ring and onto the apron. Ramey stoically laughed and shook his head as he made his way to the center of the ring and looked ready to start the match Redding. No handshake was offered from Ramey this week though; he had obviously done his homework on the team of Red and Ted. Hunt signaled for the bell and the start of the match.




Redding wasted no time as he rushed in hoping to get the advantage on the slightly smaller Ramey. Redding drove a boot into Ramey’s midsection, grabbed hold of his arm, and shot him off into the ropes. Ramey rebounded and ducked under a stiff clothesline attempt from Redding. Ramey bounced off of the ropes once more, but was unable to avoid the arm drag that awaited him.

Ramey bounced off of the mat and jumped back to his feet only to be caught by Redding with another arm drag. The moves were having little effect on Ramey as he just jumped back to his feet each time, but on the third attempt instead Redding brought Ramey down on his face with a drop toe hold. Ramey’s face smashed off of the canvas, but Redding jerked him back to his feet and shoved him into his corner.

Redding tagged in Jacobs, but before exiting the ring he pulled Ramey out of the corner and dropped him back into the center of the ring with a snap vertical suplex. Jacobs entered as Redding was coming to his feet and being prompted out of the ring by Hunt. Jacobs quickly climbed on top of Ramey’s body, pulled his head off of the mat by the hair, and drove a hard forearm into his skull.

Jacobs repeated this several times, before finally making his way back to his feet dragging Ramey to his own by the hair of his head. Hunt warned Jacobs about the hair pulling, but Jacobs merely scoffed off the warning. Jacobs held tightly onto Ramey’s arm as he pulled him close to his corner. Jacobs quickly tagged Redding back into the match and then launched Ramey off into the ropes.

As Ramey bounced off of the ropes and approached back to where Jacobs was standing, Jacobs dropped to a kneed and drove a forearm into Ramey’s midsection. The move caused Ramey to double over and as he looked like he was going to drop to his knees Redding quickly entered and grabbed Ramey by the neck dropping him with a DDT. Jacobs exited the ring while Redding covered Ramey shoving his forearm into his face; Hunt dropped to the mat for the count as soon as Jacobs was on the apron.




Ramey shoved Redding off of him, but Redding only continued to smile as he pulled Ramey back to his feet. Redding grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm shot him off into the far turnbuckle. As soon as Ramey’s back hit the turnbuckle padding Redding charged toward him, Redding leapt off of the mat into the air looking to hit Ramey with a corner splash.

Ramey side stepped at the last second causing Redding to come crashing down chest first into the top turnbuckle padding. Redding staggered backward out of the corner, only to be caught by Ramey and dropped to the mat with a reverse falling DDT. Ramey then floated over on top of Redding’s body and drove two stiff elbow shots into his face before jumping back to his feet.

Ramey rushed toward the ropes and jumped to the middle rope, spring boarding back toward Redding’s downed body hitting him with a dropkick. Ramey grabbed hold of Redding leg and drug him close to his corner before tagging Jewelz into the match.

Jewelz looked slightly astonished that Ramey had tagged him into the match, but quickly entered the ring as Ramey exited. Jewelz grabbed Redding by the head and pulled him back to his feet keeping him locked up in a headlock. Jewelz took a charge toward the center of the ring to attempt a running bulldog on Redding, but a hand was placed on the small of his back and Redding put on the breaks.

Redding was able to shove Jewelz off of him, and as Jewelz turned around Redding launched at him with a clothesline attempt. Jewelz side stepped the move and Redding force launched him toward his own corner where Jacobs quickly tagged himself into the match.

Jacobs jumped into the ring and darted toward Jewelz. Jewelz quickly turned and saw Jacobs approaching catching him with a snap powerslam. Jewelz quickly made his way back to his feet and backed up into an empty corner where he waited for Jacobs to come back to his feet. Jacobs slowly made his way back to a standing base, with his back turned to Jewelz. Diamond rushed out of the corner and just as Jacobs turned toward him Jewelz launched himself through the air catching Jacobs square under the chin with a Busaiku knee kick.

Crown Jewel

Jacobs crumpled to the mat and Jewelz quickly crawled on top of him hooked his leg for measure. Hunt dropped to the mat for the pin attempt.




Jewelz actually looked a little pissed off as Jacobs shot a shoulder up off of the mat. Redding had one leg through the ropes ready to jump into the ring to make the save, but was thankful that Jacobs had managed a shoulder up. Jewelz pulled Jacobs back to his feet and was caught off guard by a groggy uppercut that Jacobs delivered right under his chin. The move actually caused Jewelz to stagger back a step, then he furious approached the wobbly Jacobs, only to be met with another uppercut under the chin.

Jewelz very pissed at this point quickly turned toward the ropes and busted off of them. Jewelz approached Jacobs ready to level him with his own clothesline attempt, but Jacobs ducked under. Jewelz continued on to the other set of ropes, while Jacobs found his own footing and rushed off the ropes Jewelz had just come from. The two men met in the center of the ring, both with the same thing on their minds.

Double Clothesline!

No, that wasn’t the kind you were thinking of either. Neither Ramey nor Redding had entered the ring, instead Jewelz and Jacobs had ended up clothesline the hell out of each other. Jewelz and Jacobs both lay on the mat looking up at the lights above as Hunt checked on both of them and then raised both arms into the air signifying that he would begin the ten count for both men to stand.


Jewelz rolled over onto his stomach.


Jewelz shook out the cobwebs as Jacobs managed to roll onto his own stomach.


Jewelz began slowly crawling toward his corner, Jacobs still looked out of it, but Grady outside of the ring rallied to get him to come toward their corner.


The fans in attendance had begun chanting along with Hunt which caused both men inside of the ring to come to their senses a little bit more. Jewelz continued to inch his way toward Ramey while Jacobs had finally began crawling toward his own corner.


As Hunt had reached the halfway point of his count Jewelz had finally made his way to his corner. Ramey climbed onto the second rope and leaned over to tag himself into the match. Jacobs, with one last breath, leapt out toward the outstretched arm of Redding and tagged in his own partner.

Hunt stopped his count as Ramey jumped into the ring over the top rope and Redding quickly entered the ring through the ropes. Ramey waited as Redding quickly approached him, and then twisted him around a few times before dropping him with a neck breaker. You know, like that combination that one straight edge wrestler on that other show does? Ramey quickly jumped back to his feet and rushed toward the ropes, coming back through with a tucking roll up and into a senton that brought his back down across the sternum of Redding.

Stroke of Attitude

Ramey quickly leaned back on top of Redding and hooked his leg for the pin attempt while Hunt dropped in for the count.




Redding shot his shoulder up off of the mat breaking the count as Ramey came to a seated position. Outside of the ring Ruby Rocks slowly began making her way over to the opposite side of the ring where she climbed up onto the apron once again and began shouting at Mike Hunt.

Making his way back to his feet Ramey noticed the commotion that was beginning to ensue as on the apron. A wicked grin crossed his face at that point as he rushed toward the ropes and bounced off causing Ruby Rocks to fall from the apron. Ramey continued toward the still downed Redding and dropped a leg drop across his throat. Ramey then made his way back to his feet to notice Diamond Jewelz had dropped from the apron and made his way around the ring to where Ruby Rocks had fallen.

Jewelz helped Ruby back to her feet, and it looked as though she had tweaked her ankle in the fall. Jewelz wrapped Ruby Rock’s arm around his neck and began making his way toward the entrance ramp. Ramey looked on shaking his head as his partner was making his way out of the arena. At least he had made his point for them to stop cheating during matches; which actually received a pop from the fans in the arena.

The situation, however, had caused Ramey to take his eye off of the match just long enough for what happened next to come to fruition. Ramey turned back toward the middle of the ring where he had left Redding, only to find him rushing toward him. Ramey was caught and planted in the center of the ring with a running STO.

Grady Special II

Redding folded Ramey up like an accordion for the pin attempt and as soon as Hunt dropped in for the count Redding grabbed hold of Ramey’s tights.




Ramey launched Redding off of him, but it was too late as Hunt had already dropped his hand to the mat for the third time. The clinched tights was enough to hold Ramey down for the ending. Ramey rolled to his knees and hung his head as Hail the Villain blasted throughout the arena once more, and then he rolled out of the ring.

“The winners of the match via pinfall, RED & TED!” Brad Arnold announced as Jacobs made his way into the ring where Mike Hunt raised both Jacobs’ and Redding’s arms in victory.

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall

"A Final Chance"

Ninja K Deisree was seen in the locker room. She was packing her belongings away, getting ready to leave the arena now that her match with Sarah Winterton was over and she didn't feel a need to stick around. She picked up her gym bag and opened the door to the locker room, stepping out into the hallway.

The camera followed her around the corner, and there leaning up against the wall was Xin Xin Xiong. The people popped and Desiree stood still in her tracks.

"Not going to stay and watch the rest of the show?" asked Xiong.

"I don't need your lectures", said Desiree

Desiree started to walk past Xiong when something he said made her stop.

"After the losing streak you seem to be on, I'd thought you'd actually want to hear what I have to say.", said Xiong

Desiree turned around and faced him. She dropped the gym bag on the floor and placed her hands on her hips.

"Well go ahead.. say whatever it is you want to say to me and get it over with." said Desiree.

"A good teacher never gives up on their pupils, but there are sometimes when even a teacher knows that the pupil is beyond help. With me, you were winning matches. Under my guidance you were being shaped into a tremendous professional wrestler. You went all the way to the finals of the Starlet Championship tournament and had you listened to me.. you would be the champion right now and not Charlotte." said Xiong.

Desiree sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Do you have a point you want to get to or are you just going to stand there and remind me of you failed me." said Desiree quite sarcastically.

"Yes... I have a point. The point is that I didn't fail you. Your ego got too big for your head. I've seen it many times with young upstarts in this business. They get a good teacher.. they win a few matches.. and they develop a complex where they think they are better than the teacher.. and when that harsh reality sets in that they're not going to be perfect.. that there will be days where they will lose matches... they blame the teacher and not themselves because their ego puts them into a state of denial."

Xiong paused for a moment and pushed himself off the wall. he walked toward Desiree and passed her, stopping behind her.

"I just wanted to tell you that I believed you were something special... but in the end.. you just turned out like everyone else. While you disrespected me, while you disrespected Aria Murphy... you committed the greatest act of disrespect... disrespecting yourself. I will offer you one last chance for deliverance. You know where to find me if you decide to come off of this ego trip of yours. If you don't seek me, then this is where we will part. I'll just consider you a failed project and I won't even stick around to watch you fall flat on your face."

"You can change, but you need to decide if you want to." said Xiong

Desiree closed her eyes as Xiong walked off in the distance. Would Desiree come to her senses and train again or will her ego get the better of her?

Jon Le Bon vs Sanchez Cano
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

The arena awaited the next match which would see the official OFFICIAL debut of Jon Le Bon. This would be Le Bon's first official scheduled match on the main roster since going over Jim Johnson and Shayne Anderson's head and getting his contract re-written to include him on the main roster! As the arena awaited, the lights in the arena went down low and the jOltvision illuminated with life.

A hum fell over the arena as words lit up in succession.

The Phenomenon - The Mega Star - The Reason People Leave a Show Happy - The Best in the World of Florida - Pro-Wrestling's Greatest Acquisition - Hashtag Got Myself off The Hype"

"American Idiot" by Green Day

Jon Le Bon stepped out from the backstage area, clad in orange and black tiger striped tights, brown boots, a jean vest jacket, and fuschia hippy glasses. The people cheered the whimsical entrance which was a direct ripoff of former roster member, Vince Jacobs, but others booed his cockiness. Le Bon extended his arms as he made his way down to the ring, psyched up for his first official OFFICIAL match.

Le Bon stepped into the ring as the lights returned to normal and his music died down.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the back came the duo of Mattock and Sanchez Cano. Mattock and Cano have their own agenda with Jesse Ramey in particular, but tonight, Cano was going it alone against Jon Le Bon. Mattock stayed at ringside as Cano hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped between the ropes. Cano looked at Le Bon and shook his head. Cano knew in the back of his mind that this was going to be an easy win.

The referee then called for the bell.




Cano immediately charged Le Bon, thinking he could take the rookie off guard, but Le Bon ducked the attempt at a lariat. Le Bon then kicked Cano in the stomach and twisted his arm into an arm wringer submission. Le Bon then kicked away at the chest of Cano several times before releasing his arm and nailing a standing drop kick that caused Cano to roll to the outside!

Cano looked back into the ring at Jon Le Bon, obviously forgetting that Le Bon nearly had a five star match against The Hype's champion, Sebastian Saje. Le Bon knows how to wrestle!

Le Bon took a couple of steps back and allowed Cano to come back into the ring. Cano immediately charged in and went for the lock up, but Cano faked it and hit a knee lift instead that doubled Le Bon over. Cano then hit a series of alternating knee strikes to the face which backed Le Bon into the neutral corner. Cano then twisted the arm of Le Bon before shooting him across the ring to the opposite corner. Cano charged in and went for a leaping double knee strike to the chest, but Le Bon moved out of the way. When Cano leapt, he saw Le Bon move and grabbed the top rope to counter.

Perched on the middle turnbuckle pad, Cano twisted off with a cross body block, but Le Bon leapt up and drop kicked Cano out of mid-air! Le Bon then went for the first official OFFICIAL cover of the match!



Cano kicked out!

Le Bon then placed Cano into a seated position and placed him into a rear chin lock, but that didn't last long as Cano got back up to his feet and fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section of Le Bon, breaking free. Cano then hit a Pele Kick from a standing position that rocked Le Bon's temple. Le Bon hit the canvas from the impact, but slowly got back up to his feet. Cano drilled him with a lariat, but Le Bon got back up only to be put down with another Lariat. Cano pulled Le Bon to his feet and then shot him across the ropes. A leaping leg lariat put Le Bon back onto his back as Cano went for the cover.



Le Bon got the shoulder up.

Cano placed Le Bon in a seated position then hauled off and kicked him right between the shoulder blades. Cano kicked him there once again before grabbing Le Bon's head in a reverse chancery. Cano pulled Le Bon up to his feet and then lifted him high into the air for an inverted suplex, but Le Bon floated over and landed behind Cano with a waist lock. Standing switch by Cano where he popped the hips, looking for a German Suplex, but Le Bon flipped over and landed on his feet.

Le Bon charged in toward Cano, but Cano side-stepped Le Bon and pushed him to the ropes. Clothesline by Cano ducked by Le Bon as Le Bon continued to the opposite end. Cano turned around and saw Le Bon try for an Asai Moonsault, but Cano side stepped! Le Bon hit his stomach and Cano immediately hit a Standing Shooting Star Press onto the lower back of Le Bon! Cano turned Le Bon over and made the cover!



Le Bon kicked out!

Cano stood and made his way to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads and waited for Le Bon to get to his feet. Cano leapt off and connected with a missile drop kick that put Le Bon back down. Cano then looked back to the corner and signaled for the end of the match. Cano rushed back over and ascended to the top. He measured Le Bon up and leapt off for his double stomp... the Sadistic Spike, but Le Bon rolled out of the way!

Le Bon got back up and when Cano turned around, Le Bon caught him with a kick to the mid-section. he then went for The Rockstar Stunner, but Cano shoved him off toward the corner. Cano chased in, but Le Bon used the turnbuckles to elevate himself up and over Cano, landing behind him. Waist lock by Le Bon, but Cano countered by firing a pair of elbows into the side of his head. Cano then leapt to the middle turnbuckle and went for a moonsault press, but Le Bon ducked it. Cano landed on his feet only to see Le Bon go for the moonsault press as well so Cano ducked and Le Bon landed on his feet.

A mule kick by Cano caught Le Bon in the stomach, doubling him over. Cano then turned his back to the corner and climbed his way up onto the top turnbuckle pad. When Le Bon looked up, Cano front flipped off the top and landed on Le Bon's shoulders. Before Le Bon knew it, he was flipped over in a Dragoncanrana!!






Le Bon kicked away from it!

Both men got back to their feet, Cano a little faster than Le Bon. Cano fired a stiff front kick to the chest of Le Bon, stunning him. Cano fired another that staggered Le Bon back into the corner. Cano then hit a third one for good measure before quickly gaining some distance between the two. Cano charged in and hit the move he was looking for earlier.. the running double knee strike in the corner!

Le Bon staggered forward as Cano grabbed Le Bon in a front chancery. He then lifted and dropped him with a Sheerdrop Brainbuster!

Cano knew it was academic at this point and re-ascended the turnbuckle pads. He took aim and leapt off with the Sadistic Spike, but Le Bon rolled toward the corner to avoid it! When Cano landed, Le Bon brought him over with a school boy roll up!



Cano grabbed the ropes since the pin position was right there in the corner.

Le Bon stood and grabbed Cano by the legs. Cano held onto ropes to try and block whatever Le Bon had in mind. When Le Bon tried to yank Cano out of the corner, Cano used the momentum to backflip to his feet! The crowd was stunned by that athletic display!

Cano tried to surprise Le Bon with a clothesline, but Le Bon ducked and ended up in the corner. When Cano turned around, Le Bon wrapped his arm around the neck of Cano and flatlined him face first into the middle turnbuckle!!

Le Bon stood and taunted Cano to get to his feet. Sensing the end, Mattock hopped up onto the ring apron and distracted the referee, but Le Bon charged in and hit a shoulder block between the ropes, knocking Mattock off of the ring apron and into the barricades. Cano had recovered and when Le Bon turned around, Cano kicked him in the stomach and placed him in a front face lock. Cano then ran to the ropes where he walked up then and spun off with a Tornado DDT!! Cano with the cover!




Le Bon kicked out again!

Cano pounded his fist into the canvas in frustration. He got back to his feet and pulled Le Bon back to a vertical base. Cano went to scoop Le Bon up, but Le Bon floated over and landed behind Cano. Le Bon then decked Cano in the back of the head with a stiff forearm shot that staggered him forward and down to a knee. Le Bon then took off to the ropes and when Cano tried to get back up, Le Bon leapt onto the back of Cano's head and dropped him with the Fame-Asser! Cover by Le Bon!



Cano kicked out!

Le Bon stood and dared for Cano to get back to his feet. Cano staggered back up and Le Bon delivered the toe kick and once again looked for the Rockstar Stunner, but Cano shoved him off, but Le Bon put the brakes on, turned, and nailed a CCS Enzugiri to the side of Cano's head! Le Bon quickly got back to his feet, hit the toe kick and caught Cano off guard...


Le Bon made the cover as the people came alive!




The referee was pulled out of the ring by Mattock!! The referee admonished Mattock, but Mattock, in-turn, slapped the referee across the face! The referee then called for the bell, disqualifying Sanchez Cano!!

Mattock was livid about the disqualification and decked the referee with a stiff right hand! Mattock then slid into the ring as Le Bon was getting back to his feet. Mattock charged in from the far side and twisted...


The corkscrew spear leveled Le Bon!

Mattock then grabbed Sanchez Cano and helped him to his feet. He gave instructions to Cano and Cano agreed. Cano grabbed Le Bon and pulled him up. Mattock took off to the ropes as Cano lifted Le Bon for a flapjack.. Mattock leapt up grabbed Le Bon by the head. Mattock nailed a codebreaker at the same time as The Flapjack.


Satisfied at their beating, reVolt left the ring and headed to the back to boos from the crowd. After they left, Jon Le Bon slowly got to his feet. There wasn't a single boo in the crowd as they gave Le Bon a standing ovation!

Le Bon may be a joke in some people's minds, but his match out here with Cano tonight proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he truly did belong on the main roster. One had to question themselves.. was it truly arrogance since the beginning or was Le Bon actually telling the truth?

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Disqualification

"Getting Dragged Back to the Underground"

Ninja K We are taken backstage where Derecho is standing in the hallway, checking some of the messages on his smart phone. Derecho is scrolling through when something catches his eye.

"Oh.. a new episode of Pulse!n Radio came out the other day. I'll have to go to and check it out later. I wonder what video game topics they're talking about this week?"

The audience in the background laughs at the obvious cheap plug.

Derecho sticks his phone into his pocket and goes to walk away when "The British Lion" Tyke steps into view. Derecho looks ready to haul off and hit him when Tyke speaks up.

"Whoa whoa whoa. You won't want to do that now, chap." said Tyke. "Wouldn't want to get yourself in a tizzy before your match tonight."

Derecho looked annoyed by that statement.

"Again.. I'm not booked tonight, but I'll be more than happy to get booked if you want to step inside the ring. Since you don't want to tell me the reason as to why you're doing this, I guess I'll settle for the second best option and just beat the answer out of you." stated Derecho sternly.

Tyke chuckled a bit to himself before he let Derecho in on the news.

"Sorry, "friend".. but it won't be me who you will be facing tonight. I've taken the liberty of getting you another Underground Rules match.." said Tyke.

Derecho looked livid.

"I don't know what the hell you are trying to pull here, but I am DONE with the underground. I am NOT going back to the way I was. I'm not going to let that damned division poison my mind. I refuse this match. In fact.. I'm going to Damien Lee right now and I am going to make it VERY CLEAR that I will not be participating in this match nor any other match involving underground rules." stated Derecho.

Derecho began to walk away when something Tyke said stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Tis a shame.. I'd figured that after Omega made you his bitch on Warriors that you'd like to try and reclaim some of the manhood you lost."

Derecho did indeed stop and turned to face Tyke. Before Derecho could say anything, Tyke offered up a consolation.

"To quote one of your American classics.. I have an offer you can't refuse. Go through with the match tonight.. if you do.. then I'll let you face me at Rise of the Legends. In fact.. I just might tell you exactly why I'm trying to screw you over." said Tyke.

Derecho looked at Tyke.

"I've known you for a while. You've known me for a while. You know that if you got back on your word.. what I am capable of and what it is that I will do to you, right?" said Derecho with venom in his voice.

"Oh, don't worry. I intend to keep my word. I'll give you the carrot at the end of the stick, but I'm going to make you work for it. After all.. you screwed me over out of the biggest opportunity here in jOlt... You don't get this match with me for free."

Derecho grinned.

"If it means another match with you.. if it means getting to the bottom of this stupid ordeal.. I'll gladly pay any price. Not only have you severely pissed me off, but you are annoying the hell out of me as well. That combination isn't good. it's not good for me and it certainly isn't going to be good for you. I'll take this match tonight... but by doing so.. just know this.. you just signed your own death warrant.... "FRIEND"

Derecho walked past Tyke to go get ready for his match. Tyke grinned as if he just got Derecho right where he wanted him.

"Viva Las Vegas Leviathan"

Ninja K We were back in the locker room once again and this time the camera stabilized on two big monsters who were making it their quest to get back the jOlt Tag Team Titles that had been stolen from them months ago by The Heirs of Wrestling. Derrick Huber was in a “The House Always Wins!” t-shirt and black jeans while his tag team partner, Adam Roebuck, was lacing his boots.

“You ever heard of these Red and Ted guys?” Roebuck snarled.

“Those ones who jumped me last week? Yeah, they’re some kids coming out of that Phoenix Rose Invitational. Now they want to get involved in our business.”

Roebuck was lacing up his left boot. “Just some more kids trying to make their names. I can respect that. But it’s about time all these people learn just who we are. I’m going to teach the same lesson to Mack Brody tonight that I taught to Strangler last week and that you taught to “Ego” Craig Thomas at Cataclysm.”

“That we can break their faces?”

“That’s the one.”

The two monsters shared a laugh while he finished off his other boot. Derrick Huber looked at Adam and patted his tag partner on the shoulder.

“Soon as wifey gets back from that ass-kicking she gave Sarah Winterton earlier, we’ll be joining you at ringside. Those little Heirs pricks think that they’re going to just run roughshod out there, but we’re going to take care of them tonight and then we’re taking out Redding and Jacobs.”

“Yep. Let’s do this.”

Roebuck and Huber tapped their fists together in a sign of solidarity before they both stood up to head out to the ring.

The Las Vegas Leviathan vs. The Bronze Bombshell was up next.

Mack Brody vs Adam Roebuck
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

The long-standing feud between the big Las Vegas monsters The House and the cocky trio called the Heirs of Wrestling was set to renew after Cataclysm ended. Because of their respective victories at Cataclysm in singles matches, The House were granted a tag team rematch on Warriors for the belts that were stolen from them three months ago.

In the main event of Warriors The House were closing in on the victory when Huber had planted Frank Silver with the Odds Are Against You when Red and Ted – another new tag team had bumrushed anybody that moved. They attacked Derrick Huber and they attacked Silver and Gallway to send a message. They were coming for the jOlt Tag Titles and they didn’t care who would get in their way. Tonight was about trying to settle a score so “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck would take on “Midas” Mack Brody. Who would win out in the battle between two big monsters?

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, had on a harlequin-themed showgirl outfit for the occasion and got the crowd revved up by holding up the Starlet Championship that she took back from Sarah Winterton earlier!

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber smiled and flexed his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. In the other spotlight was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well. He stepped into the ring and was ready for a fight with Mack Brody tonight.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Sarah Winterton was nowhere to be found but Mack Brody was flanked by Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway on his way to the ring. The big muscle man looked like he meant business tonight.

Brody stepped into the ring and came face-to-face with Adam Roebuck as the two big men for each team postured to present their dominance. Derrick Huber and Charlotte were on the outside while Silver and Gallway cheered their tag partner on.

Brody flexed his arm and got into Roebuck’s face.

“You see that? That’s what a real man looks like?”

Roebuck snickered.

“You see this?”


The Big Bucks fired of a stiff head butt square to the face of Mack Brody and sent the big guy stumbling backwards a few steps. The six-foot seven and four-hunded sixty pounder went right into blows with Mack Brody and blasted him in the face with a barrage of right hands in the corner. He was running things for the match at the start and continued to drop bombs on Mack Brody in the corner.

The crowd was roaring with approval for The Big Bucks as he charged at him and fired a series of elbows into the face of Mack Brody to keep the bodyguard for The Heirs off his game.

The Big Bucks grabbed Mack Brody by the arm and sent the big monster sailng to the other side of the ring and then charge at him like a massive freight train. Unfortunately for The Big Bucks, the big guy known as Midas got his arm up and caught him in the face with an elbow as he came charging in.

“Finishing this now…”

Mack wrapped both hands around the throat of Adam Roebuck like he was trying for his double-arm chokeslam called the 24K, but Roebuck blocked it and wrapped a hand around his throat now. The Bronze Bombshell elbowed his way out and continued to drill him by the head several more times until The Big Bucks was forced to let go.

With a broad smile across his face, Mack Brody took off to the ropes and came back only to eat a big and explosive shoulder block that actually took the giant off his feet! Roebuck stood back to his feet again and actually pointed to the second rope. The big monster started to go airborne and looked to maybe drop a 747 splash of some kind on him when Ryan Gallway jumped onto the apron…

Roebuck shoved him away but Mack Brody was already back up and clutched him by the throat before simply throwing him off the second rope and sending him crashing into the canvas like a texas-sized meteor!

The Las Vegas Leviathan was down and Frank Silver flipped the bird to Derrick Huber and Charlotte on the outside as Mack Brody stood over Adam Roebuck now looking victorious.

The big bruiser stomped the ever-loving daylight out of Adam Roebuck and continued to bring the pain to the Las Vegas Leviathan as the boots rained down. Roebuck started trying to get to his knees when Mack Brody actually grabbed him and muscled him into the corner with great force. He charged right at him and unleashed a flurry of shoulder blocks in the corner to try and wear down the bigger member of The House.

Mack Brody got some steam and came running at Adam Roebuck before delivering a body avalanche to the big monster. He charged off the ropes and when Roebuck came stumbling out of the corner he was taken down with a big boot to charging double arm sledge that knocked him down!


Mack Brody was full of energy and let out a roar as he managed to get Adam Roeubck off his feet again. Mack liked to gloat that he was the strongest man in jOlt wrestling and there looked to be few who could argue that point. He actually muscled him up again before hoisting the near-five hundred pounder before dumping him to the ground with the release exploder suplex…


Even Derrick Huber and Charlotte were shocked by the pure strength that Mack Brody had at his disposal as he roared to the crowd again and flexed his pecs. He crawled over to Adam Roebuck and went into the cover.



Close, but no cigar!

The Big Bucks wasn’t doing down that easily and Mack Brody knew it. He stood up and dropped a trifecta of big elbow drops to the chest of Roebuck. Once he stood up he played to the crowd again and then got a pair of running starts off the ropes. Mack Brody moved at surprising speed before he jumped and came crashing down onto Roebuck with a big running splash. He followed into another cover.



And another kickout again!

“Come on, Big Bucks!” Huber shouted as he slapped the ring apron.

Charlotte and Huber watched their tag team partner get pummeled with another succession of big stomps while Silver and Gallway continued to cheer on Mack from their side of the ring.

Mack Brody went to the submission game and slapped on a simple and effective neck crank. He turned the neck of Adam Roebuck into a direction it wasn’t meant to turn and continued grinding away.

“I’m gonna snap your neck, fat boy!”

Mack continued to talk trash while Adam Roebuck continued to struggle in the submission hold. He fought back and elbowed him in the chest before pushing Mack Brody away to the corner. He came at him again when Mack caught him the chest with a boot that stunned him. Mack smiled and came at him again when Roebuck ducked a clothesline and lifted him up with some impressive strength with a thunderous back suplex!

Roebuck and Brody were down now and the two monsters rolled around on the canvas trying to be the first one back to their respective feet. Huber and Charlotte watched while The Heirs of Wrestling each panicked a little at the setback. They each got to their knees.

Mack fired the first shot with a big right hand to the face of Roebuck.

Roebuck fired back with a good right of his own.

A shot from Brody.

A shot from Roebuck.

A shot from Brody.

A shot from Roebuck.

Roebuck blocked another one and fired back with a head butt again that sent Mack reeling onto his back. Eventually the Big Bucks managed to get back to his feet again and stumbled to his feet before he lunged and knocked down Mack Brody again with another big clothesline.

Whem Mack tried standing to his feet again he was knocked down a second time with a second and more thunderous lariat. The Bronze Bombshell was now reeling again when he pushed him off to the corner and ran at him…


He charged and landed the running hip attack in the corner. Roebuck continued running off the ropes and this time he came at him with a second body avalanche that put him down. Roebuck was on the way back into the match as the crowd cheered on the big monster. With some amazing strength he scooped up Mack Brody and connected with a running powerslam in the middle of the ring. The ring shook and the crowd popped major as he closed in for the win.




He kicked out again!

Adam Roebuck was pissed off and rammed a series of head butts into the face of Mack Brody to wear him out before looking to finish things. He stood when he saw Ryan Gallway standing once again on the ring apron to try and distract things. Huber had seen enough.

“Party time,” he told Charlotte.

The crowd started stirring as he rushed over. Ryan Gallway was stilli jumping up and down on the ring apron when Huber came out of nowhere and socked him in the jaw!

Frank Silver came out of nowhere and caught Huber in the jaw with another uppercut again and stunned him…


Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs had come into the fray again and they jumped both Huber and Silver! A big fray was erupting at ringside and the four men took their fight all around the ringside area.

Inside the ring Roebuck scowled and grabbed Alexander Redding by the neck through the ropes. Redding struggled while Huber and Silver continued to fight with Jacobs on the outside again. Their brawl continued and when Roebuck tried pulling him up, he was hit from being with a big chop block from Mack Brody!

Redding ran off to help his tag team partner in the fight while Mack Brody waited. He took hold of Adam Roebuck and grabbed him by the waist before turning him around.


It was a decapitating lariat in the style of Okada’s Rainmaker lariat! He turned Roebuck’s lights out with it and hooked the legs.




That was it! Mack Brody had just scored the big win over Adam Roebuck thanks to the interference at ringside! Red and Ted had snuck way from Frank Silver and Derrick Huber long enough to get away from ringside and smile as they had affected another match outcome affecting The House and The Heirs of Wrestling!

One third of the tag team champions stood to his feet and raised his arms to the crowd before kissing his pecs… one for each job. The Heirs had gone two for two tonight while The House had been sneak attacked once again by Red and Ted. Jacobs and Redding stood at the top of the aisle while Huber and Charlotte turned to help their friend in the ring.

The newcomers to jOlt now had twice proven to be trouble for both The Heirs of Wrestling and The House and they were looking for those Tag Titles.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"Which Way Will the Pendulum Sway?"

Ninja K Jesse Ramey was in the backstage area. He had just finished getting changed from his match earlier in the evening. As Ramey was putting his things away, he heard a voice behind him.

"The proverbial pendulum sways it seems."

Jesse Ramey turned around and just like on Warriors, there was Mattock standing in the doorway.

"The pendulum swings between a woman and her companion. Which way does the pendulum sway? Does it gravitate toward the woman? Does it swing toward the companion?” said Mattock.

“I humored you on Warriors, and I listened to what you had to say. So, if you’ve got something to say spit it out because I don’t have time to look up half of the crap your spewing to understand it. Do you like have a thesaurus in your back pocket that you flip into when you think people aren’t looking?” Ramey quipped.

"Quite befuddled over my hubris it seems... afford me a moment to elaborate, if you would." said Mattock

Mattock took a moment and then continued.

"I couldn't help but notice your frustrations earlier in the evening. You feel conflicted and used... like there's a marionette tugging at the proverbial strings. You feel as if manipulation has been the sole action played against you in your short tenure here thus far, however, fear not for I have something of interest."

Ramey looked sharply at Mattock as if he wanted to punch him in the face, but instead, he decided to lecture him.

“I think I made my point very clear tonight,” Ramey smiled. “Win, lose or draw I’m not going to going to play the games Diamond and Ruby want to indulge in. We lost tonight because I did exactly what I told them I was going to do. Ruby decided she wanted to get involved in the match, so she got knocked off of the apron. I don’t have any remorse for doing that either.”

“I told them that we do this thing the right way, or there would be consequences.” Ramey continued to smile, “I’m fine with taking the losses. I don’t think Diamond Jewelz is though, not when he wants to acquire that bling he really desires. Walking out on our match tonight and costing us a win over an actually legitimate tag team sets us back significantly if he wants to even come close to winning gold. For me though, it’s no skin off of my back. I’ve cemented my legacy in this business. I’ve won titles, my priorities don’t exactly align with Diamond’s and if he wants to further his career with me as a partner; things are going to change or he can be served his walking papers.”

Mattock kind of stared blankly at Ramey for a moment as if anything he just said didn't matter and reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a small white envelope. He then tossed it on the table next to Jesse Ramey.

"Be that as it may... should curiosity get the better of you and pique your interest… I'm sure the contents of that will solve the riddle of the pendulum. I'll afford you a solitary hint. The answer in that envelope won't sway the pendulum in either direction, but it will give you what you truly seek... a means of detaching the pendulum from the clock and using it to stab through all of the lies and manipulation. It is, however... your choice. Do with it as you wish."

Mattock stepped away from the doorway. Ramey looked down at the table and contemplated the envelope before shrugging a shoulder and tossing it into his bag.

“This place may think they picked up a psycho when they hired Omega,” Ramey smirked, “but it’s filled to the brim with them. You’ve just got to look beyond the pines to truly see the crazy in this place. It could be a little more fun than I first thought.”

Ramey smiled as he grabbed hold of his bag and exited the locker room area and the scene faded to the next shot.

Landon Stevens vs Bane Loneheart
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Gallows” by Atreyu blared throughout the Arena of Champions as the crowd erupted with jeers for what was to come. One of the most hated men in jOlt was about to make his way from the back. The lights dimmed out and strobe lights began to flash as “The Rising Star” Landon Stevens made his way to the top of the ramp way.


The fans were not happy to see him. The undefeated Stevens slowly made his way towards the ring as the fans continued to jeer. Stevens stopped at the bottom of the ramp and looked around the arena before he smiled and ran towards the ring before sliding in under the bottom rope. Landon moved to his feet and began to stretch as the music faded out and the lights came on.

Just then the lights once again began to dim as “Sur Facing” by Slipknot echoed throughout the arena. Bane Loneheart emerged from the back with lead pipe in hand as he made his way towards the ring. He started yelling at Stevens but no one could make out what he was saying. Just as they did with Stevens the crowd began to jeer. Bane entered the ring and the music faded with the lights returning to full brightness.

The official signaled for the bell.




Both Stevens and Loneheart moved to the center of the ring as the bell sounded. The two men locked up and Loneheart quickly gained the advantage as he over powered Stevens and locked him in a side headlock. Stevens tried to fight him off but Loneheart was too strong. Stevens then went for the ultimate defense and started punching Loneheart in the kidneys. Loneheart just tightened the hold. Stevens went to hoist him up but Loneheart would block the attempt by putting all his weight down. Stevens was seemingly fighting for his life as he mustered up all his strength and picked the much bigger Loneheart up and slammed him down with a suplex. Stevens rolled away gasping for air as Bane wrenched in pain after having his back slammed to the canvas. Both men rolled to their feet, once again the two men locked up. Loneheart pushed Stevens into the corner and the official split the two up but Loneheart immediately went to town as he connected with several shots to the ribs. Once again the official intervened and separated the two competitors. Loneheart waited for the official to get out the way and connected with a hard clothesline to Stevens. The Rising Star stumbled out of the corner and fell face first onto the mat. Loneheart picked the downed Stevens up off the canvas and whipped him into the corner. Loneheart went to connect with another clothesline but this time Stevens leaped up to the top rope and as Loneheart hit the turnbuckle Stevens flipped over him.


The official fell to the canvas as Stevens went for the pin.




Loneheart kicked Stevens in the head to break the hold. Both competitors rolled to their feet. The two exchanged blows quickly with lefts and rights furiously being thrown until Loneheart connected with a clothesline. Steven immediately jumped to his feet only to be met with another clothesline. Once again Stevens bounced to his feet and ducked under the third attempt.


Stevens quickly countered and leaped to the top rope. Loneheart was slow to get up as he held his head. Loneheart staggered as Stevens leaped off the top rope.


The high flying stevens connected with a clothesline from the top rope. Stevens moved back to his feet and connected with a standing moonsault before hooking the leg for a pin attempt.





The official signaled it was only a two count as Loneheart powered his way out of the pin attempt with a press. Stevens rolled to his feet and waited for Loneheart to get up. Loneheart slowly made his way back to his feet and just as he did Stevens attempted a clothesline only to have Bane duck under and connect with a big uppercut sending Stevens to the mat. Loneheart picked the downed Stevens up off the canvas and set him up and connected with a huge suplex. The big man rolled back to his feet and began to stomp the living hell out of Stevens. Finally Stevens rolled out of the ring to save himself. The official quickly started to count The Rising Star out.



Stevens stood on the outside as he regained his composure.


Bane stood at the ropes calling Stevens back into the ring.



Stevens went to slide into the ring but backed out as Loneheart tried to take advantage. Bane started calling Stevens names trying to bait him into the ring.


Stevens then jumped to the apron and ducked a swing by Loneheart and connected with a martial arts kick to the side of the head that staggered him back. Stevens then leaped up to the top rope.


Stevens slammed Lonehearts head into the canvas. Stevens then rolled back to his feet and stared down at his downed opponent.


Stevens connected with an impressive standing moonsault and went for the cover.




Loneheart managed to get his should up at the very last possible moment. The Rising Star slapped the canvas as the official signaled the two count. Stevens then moved to his feet and picked his opponent up off the mat. Stevens whipped Loneheart into the corner and connected with a knee to the face followed by a bulldog slamming Bane face first into the canvas. The Rising Star made his way to the corner and leaped to the top rope.


Stevens connected with the high risk maneuver and once again went for the cover.




KICKOUT!!! Once again Loneheart managed to break the count. Stevens immediately went to the ref and started to argue about a slow count. The official assured him it was a normal count, but Stevens was having none of it. Stevens swung his arm back as if he was going to punch the official and just then Loneheart came up from behind.


The crowd went nuts as Loneheart gained the advantage and begin to kick his downed opponent. Loneheart then picked Stevens up off the canvas and set him up between his legs. Loneheart went for a powerbomb and hoisted Stevens up in the air.


Loneheart slammed Stevens to the canvas and went for the quick cover.





Landon got his shoulder up with less than half a second remaining. Both men rolled to their feet and Loneheart connected with a hard right to the jaw of Stevens. Stevens looked at Bane and wiped his face before smiling and Stevens went haywire and connected with a fury of punches that staggered Loneheart back into the corner. Stevens followed up by connecting with several martial arts kicks before pulling the bigger man out of the corner and set him up between his legs and flipped him over his back.


The Rising Start connected with his finishing maneuver. Stevens went for the cover.




The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Stevens was once again named the victor to remain undefeated. Who will stop this young rising star? Who is next on his list of victims? Some questions remain as “Gallows” by Atreyu played as Stevens exited the ring with a big smile on his face.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"5 Bills. 5 Stacks"

Ninja K Phoenix stands leaning against a wall by the buffet table, sipping on tea from a lovely bone china cup, his glass cane propped up against the wall at his side. As he takes a sip of tea the twinkle and glisten of Diamond Jewelz ‘s various articles of jewellery glare into the camera as he places his well muscled frame, draped in his purple custom #sOdAmNsErIoUs shirt, in the middle of Rose and wherever he was heading.

“Hold up Homie,” Diamond exclaims.

With every word that rolls off of his lips, the twinkle and glisten of his platinum and diamond grill gleams into the camera. Jewelz looks Rose up and down, the gleam of his grill blaring in the camera due to his partially open mouth.

“Something ain’t right with you bro….”

A look of confusion clouds Phoenix’s face.

“You don’t like girls bro,” a look of disgust clouding Diamond’s face as Phoenix’s face is completely flooded with insult and confusion. He’s left speechless by Diamond’s assertion.

“Yeah, You’re gay…”

“Cracka, I knows you didn't just calls me a homosapien!”

Diamond stares at Phoenix with a condescending smirk as he delivers his rebuttal.

“Niggz, I loves the ladies. Alright, alright, it's been a while. I mean the last lady who let me buy her a drink hoodwinked me with a pin-pricked condom, but at least I ended up with two little Phoenix's out of it.”

“Then why don’t you have no bling bro? If you want some cut, your wrists gotta be lit up homie…These hoes out here are shallow.. You gotta be shining out here my nigga.. Ehh Ruby… Bring my arsenal over here.”

Phoenix doesn't seem to understand a word of Diamond's sales pitch. The buxom and vivacious Ruby Rocks Jewelz rushes over to Phoenix with a large wooden box, the inside padded in red cloth with various articles of gleaming and glistening pieces of diamond jewellery in it.

“You see this watch bro? If you want all the sluts, gotta have these Diamond cuts bro. I’m telling you.”

Ruby nods in agreement affirming Diamond’s assertion with a hot and stern look of female expert agreement.

“You see this necklace? Try this on!!!”

Diamond places the Diamond necklace around Phoenix’s neck.

“That’s hella sexy.. No homo of course… Don’t he look sexy Ruby??”

Ruby gives a hot look of approval and nods in agreement as Phoenix lights up.

“Now let me get my piece back homie,” Diamond exclaims as he snatches the piece gently but swiftly off of Phoenix’s neck.

“So what you trying to cop bro? The watch? The necklace? These earrings? How you gon make these hoes swoon out here,” Diamond smiles simultaneously with Ruby at Phoenix as he looks at the various articles of jewelry.

“Do you have anything in Mickey Mouse?” Phoenix asks, peering into the box.

Diamond’s face lights up in excitement at Phoenix’s inquiry.

“I don’t have nothing on me, but custom pieces are my specialty nig. It’s gon run you a bit extra though… 5 stacks for something legitimate; 5 bills for something that looks like the real thing but isn’t.”

“How about 5 dollars?” Phoenix replies.

Diamond grins widely at Phoenix, assuming that Phoenix is undoubtedly joking, the gleam of his platinum and diamond grill magnified infinitely by the wide mouth his chuckle induces.

“You’re not serious are you? You joking right?”

Phoenix’s face maintains a stoic and blank expression. Blink, blink, blink...

“Cracka, I'm as serious as a heart attack baby. Tell me, is that genuine aluminium?”

Diamond’s wide, gleaming grin dissipates to a serious scowl.

“All of my shit authentic fam… As a matter of fact… Ruby.. Close that box… We don’t need business like this…He ain’t got no paper no way.. Should have figured…. He just got off the Hype roster like 2 weeks ago.”

Diamond storms away as Ruby closes the box, gives Phoenix a nasty and disgusted look and storms away behind Diamond.

Derecho vs Kayden Paulton
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Derecho didn't want to return to the Underground division, however, it seems Tyke is taking up a personal agenda with the former World and Underground Champion. So much that he is getting matches booked for Derecho with Underground rules. On Warriors it was against Omega.. and now it's with the #1 Contender to Ninja K's Underground Championship, Kayden Paulton.

Derecho was set to get the match cancelled until Tyke dangled the carrot in front of Derecho's face... promising a match with him at Rise of the Legends if Derecho went through with it. Will Tyke keep his word? We are about to find out.

"Charisma" by WASP

Out from the back stepped Derecho to an abundance of cheers from the crowd. Derecho didn't look too pleased to be competing in another Underground Match, but alas, he did make his way to the ring with a semi-determined look on his face.

Derecho climbed onto the apron and stepped between the ropes when his music died down.

"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop

While people cheered for Derecho, they cheered even more for the ultimate underdog. At Cataclysm, Kayden Paulton ended up with the briefcase and while he was speared across the yellow line, he did win the match after maintaining full possession and was declared the world's nicest number one contender!

However, Paulton has a tall order in front of him. He realized this as he stepped into the ring, but despite this realization, Pauton still wore that genuine and sincere smile! Paulton's music died down and the referee called for the bell.




Derecho and Paulton circled each other in the ring, but right when they were about to lock up, Kayden halted and stuck out his hand for a handshake. Derecho shook his head and smiled as he embraced in a friendly handshake with Paulton to applause from the crowd.

The two then locked up as Paulton got behind Derecho with a waist lock. Derecho struggled to break the grip of Paulton and eventually did so. Derecho with the standing switch into a waist lock of his own. Paulton tried to break free, but Derecho stopped that with a Release German Suplex!

Derecho popped back up to his feet as Paulton got back to his, holding the back of his neck in pain. Paulton smiled and gave Derecho a nod before charging in and locking up a second time. The momentum Paulton had drove Derecho back into the turnbuckle pads. Even though there were no rules in this match, Paulton showed respect and gave a clean break. Paulton backed away slowly and Derecho went to take advantage, exploding out of the corner with a lariat, but Paulton ducked underneath and leapt onto the middle turnbuckle. Paulton twisted off with a high cross body block and caught Derecho when he turned around!




Shoulder up by Derecho!

Paulton stood and helped Derecho to his feet. He hit a knife edge chop across Derecho's chest and then grabbed him by the arm, whipping him to the ropes. Derecho grabbed onto the ropes to counter the whip and Paulton charged in after him, but Derecho countered again by lifting Paulton up and over, but Paulton landed on the ring apron.

Derecho turned around and was met with a shoulder block through the ropes. Paulton then front flipped over the ropes and Derecho, landing on his feet in the ring. Paulton then charged to the opposite side and went for some sort of running attack on Derecho, but Derecho stood and turned around, nearly turning Paulton inside out with a massive lariat! Even the crowd went "OOOH" at the impact of that. Derecho felt the impact was enough to possibly score an early win and made the cover.



Paulton kicked out.

Derecho immediately brought Paulton to a seated position and locked in a sleeper hold to try and cut off Paulton's air supply while he was on the recovery, but the energy from the crowd was feeding him and caused Paulton to fight back to his feet. Paulton then hit a pair of elbows into the mid-section of Derecho and broke free from the hold!

Paulton then took off to the ropes and charged in at full steam. Derecho tried to throw Paulton over the top rope and to the outside, but Paulton put the brakes on, grabbed Derecho by the back of the head and Derecho was the one that was tossed to the outside instead!!

Derecho landed hard with a thud, but staggered to his feet.. just in time to see Paulton already charging in his direction. There wasn't enough time to react as Paulton was already flying through the top and middle ropes!


Paulton sent Derecho back first into the guard rails where he collapsed to a seated position on the floor. Paulton stood up and looked energized as the crowd got behind him! Many believed that the ultimate underdog could actually pull this off!

Paulton grabbed Derecho, bringing him back up to a vertical base. Paulton then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him into the ring post! Derecho hit shoulder first and immediately fell to the floor. Derecho did, however, attempt to get back up, holding that shoulder in tremendous pain.

Paulton distanced himself and charged in, hitting a running drop kick that sent Derecho flying backwards into the guard rail by the entrance ramp! Paulton saw how well that worked and went for it again! Paulton connected with a second drop kick to the face of Derecho as he leaned against the rails for support! Derecho then collapsed down to a heap on the floor and many couldn't believe that he was a former Underground Champion at this point in the match.

Paulton pulled Derecho up to his feet and went to roll him back into the ring, but Derecho put the brakes on and grabbed Paulton by the back of the head, slamming him face first into the ring apron. This caused Paulton to stagger back and allow Derecho a moment to get some feeling into that right shoulder. Paulton turned around as Derecho hit a standing drop kick on Paulton as a receipt, but Derecho twisted his body the wrong way with that drop kick and he landed on his right side, aggrevating the shoulder.

Derecho, stood however, but the pain was noticable on his face. He used his left arm to pull Paulton back up to his feet, but Paulton wrapped his arms around the waist of Derecho and drove him back first into the ring apron! Paulton then grabbed Derecho and walked him around the corner by the entrance ramp. He then tried to whip Derecho into the steel ring steps, but Derecho reversed the whip and sent Paulton shoulder first into the steps instead.

"How's THAT feel!?" yelled Derecho to Paulton.

It seems as if Derecho was starting to get into the rhythm of the match, which would spell bad news for Paulton.

Derecho walked over and grabbed the top half of the steel ring steps and tossed them away. They landed at the bottom of the entrance ramp as a result. Derecho then grabbed Paulton and pulled him to his feet. Derecho then climbed up on top of the ring steps and looked to hook Paulton for A Forever Reminder!!

Paulton sensed it coming and grabbed Derecho's legs, tripping him up! Derecho landed back first on top of the steps with a loud clanging thud! Derecho held his back in pain as Paulton rolled Derecho over onto his stomach. Paulton then walked over to the guard rail and hopped over into the front row. He turned his attention to Derecho who used the steps to push himself up. This is when Paulton saw his shot. He leapt to the top of the guard rail and soared off...


Paulton just drove Derecho's face right into the steel ring steps!!!!


This was it! If Paulton could get Derecho back into the ring, we could have one of the biggest upsets in iNtense history! Paulton scrambled to get Derecho's lifeless body back into the ring, but he finally did roll him in. Paulton quickly slid into the ring and made the cover, hooking the leg!!



Thre... NO!

Derecho got the shoulder up which stunned the crowd! It also looked as if Derecho's mouth was busted open... an injury he sustained during his match with Omega has come back to haunt him just four days later!

Paulton stood and gained some distance, waiting for Derecho to stand. Derecho wiped the blood from his mouth and then stared at it for a moment as it stained his hand. Derecho then got a look in his eye as he pushed himself off the canvas and back to a vertical base. Paulton then charged in, but Derecho side stepped and sent Paulton chest first into the corner. Paulton staggered back as Derecho grabbed him in a waist lock...

German Suplex.

Derecho held on and brought Paulton back up to his feet where he hooked him in a full nelson..

Dragon Suplex

Derecho continued to hold on as he brought Paulton back up, this time, hooking and pulling back on both arms...

Tiger Suplex!

Derecho STILL continued to hold on as he brought Paulton back up. He grabbed Paulton and hooked him in a front face lock. He turned him away from the corner and hit it...

Vertical Suplex

Derecho held on, rolled over and brought Paulton up to his feet...

Snap Suplex

Derecho STILL held on, rolled over, brought Paulton up and finished it...

Split-Legged Gordbuster!

Six suplexes... the last three being the F3 Combination!

Derecho stood up and let out a bestial roar as he stormed out of the ring and went to ringside by the announce position where he grabbed one of his oldest and closest friends... The Steel Chair.

Derecho slid back into the ring and tapped the chair on the canvas, daring Paulton to get up, but after taking six high impact suplexes from Derecho, Paulton was in no hurry to get back to his feet. Impatient, Derecho dropped the chair and stormed over to Paulton, pulling him up, but Paulton surprised Derecho with an Inside Cradle!!



Derecho kicked away!

Both men got back to their feet.. Derecho with a lariat, but Paulton ducked underneath. Paulton went to the ropes and leapt to the middle, going for a springboard moonsault, but Derecho caught Paulton on his shoulder....



Derecho was about to make the pin when...

Lights out






Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

Tyke stepped out from the backstage area with a grin on his face. He stood at the top of the entrance ramp with his arms crossed, looking back down at the ring.

Derecho stood and leaned against the ropes, daring Tyke to come down to the ring and do something, but Tyke just continued to stand there, looking on. Derecho then yelled "THIS IS FOR YOU" at Tyke as he turned and grabbed Kayden Paulton, pulling him back up to his feet.

Derecho then turned toward Tyke as he hoisted Paulton up onto his shoulder for another A Forever Reminder. He wanted to send a clear message to Tyke, but Paulton ended up slipping off of Derecho's shoulders! Paulton then shoved Derecho chest first against the ropes! Paulton charged into the ropes as well and hooked Derecho by the neck on the way back!


Paulton then grabbed Derecho by the head and quickly brought him back up. He hooked Derecho in a reverse chancery and proceeded to drag him backwards to where Derecho dropped the steel chair. Paulton had him in position and then twisted...






The crowd hit their feet in shock! Kayden Paulton just pinned Derecho in the middle of the ring!! The crowd just gave Kayden Paulton a standing ovation! Tyke even joined in by applauding Kayden Paulton with a sneer on his face!

Seeing the damage done, Tyke simply backpeddled to the backstage area, applauding the entire way!

Paulton then stopped and saw Derecho groggily coming to. Paulton then helped Derecho back up to his feet. He embraced Derecho in a hug, but the look on Derecho's face was nothing but murderous intent. Derecho knew it wasn't Paulton's fault, but he did shove him aside which got some boos from the crowd.

Derecho hopped out of the ring and stormed to the back. He was disappointed, but moreso.. he was pissed.

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

Aran Thompson vs Waymoth Turnbull
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

"Emergency" By Mavado began playing and the fans roared with a loud mix reaction. Since he had aligned himself with the jOlt Champion, Aran Thompson, he has been apart of some dastardly events but with it being his come back since what was thought to be a MCL injury other fans were excited to see the West Indian Obsidian.

"Nathan, It's been on every buddies mind for the last two weeks. Where has Waymoth Turnbull been? After Open Season and what we thought was a sever injury we were shocked to hear that Waymoth would be back, and Aran seemed unphased by the lack of Turnbull but pleased to announce that he would be returning TONIGHT!" Michael Buhrman began.

Waymoth walked out with a slight limp but he was in full ring gear. He ignored the fans as he clinched a mango in his left hand. He tossed it in the air as he stopped at the ring and looked around the Arena of Champions and listened to the mixed reaction he was receiving. Waymoth slid into the ring and tossed the fruit to the stage hand as he was handed a microphone.

"Quietin' dawh'nah." Waymoth began but was immediately interrupted.

Lights Out.

The entire Arena of Champions was blacked out with the sole exception of a spot light on Waymoth. Waymoth looked around a bit confused.


The Arena of Champions came undone with a resounding sound of fans booing him. The lights came on just well enough to reveal Aran Thompson walk out with the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist and his Relentless Championship cradled in the arms of his woman, Laurie Williams. Mace Williams walked behind the power couple slowly keeping his eyes on the champion.

Aran had a smile, and a microphone.

"Waymoth!" Aran said with excitement. "You're back!" he continued.

Waymoth nodded his head a bit and raised his microphone but Aran cut him off again.

"Who am I kidding? I knew you'd be back and ready for a war! Just like you always have been. Just like we have always appreciated. You are in fact a war machine."

Aran made it to ringside and stopped as Laurie and Mace stood behind him.

"Let me update you. At Cataclysm, I walked out jOlt Champion. Even after getting my face slammed into a urinal. Bleeding so severly that they told me to take a couple weeks off to rest, you know because upper management needs to keep their star player in tip top shape."

Waymoth again nodded his head and was about to begin talking into his microphone but Aran cut him off.

"But you-" Aran began. "You didn't fair so well. Last month wasn't a great month for Black Faction. I mean....I won my matches. But you....not so much. But that's fine, and we're prepared to move on." Arand continued.

"Wha'ya'sayin'?" Waymoth quickly asked Aran.

Aran smiled and unstrapped the jOlt Championship before sliding into the ring.

"What I'm saying is, the rebirth of the company has began. Johnson is out and Damien is back in control. Team EGO is no more but the Heirs have the jOlt Tag Team Championships on lock. What I'm getting at is, this is an Era of winners. This is an Era where losing gets you nothing but pain and sorrow at the end of the day. I'm a winner, which makes Laurie and Mace both winners. But you...You've been a loser Waymoth."

Aran began but Waymoth dropped his microphone and balled up his fist and Aran stopped him before just flat out attacking Aran.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whao!"

"That's no way to go about this. This is business. When I paid off your debt, it was business too. I helped a guy out. All I'm trying to do is help you out once more. Believe me. Winning is everything. Believe me."


"Believers" by Mayday! began playing and Aran looked startled as he and Waymoth grouped up together back to back and the West Texas Terrorists jumped the barricade and slid into the ring.

Eli and Ezra taunted the duo as the fans in attendence blew up in cheers.

"NO! WHAT IS THIS?!" Powers exclaimed.

"Looks like Eli and Ezra are about to make a name for themselves in this very--WHAT THE ?!" Buhrman responded as the Aran began booing.


Aran quickly hit Waymoth with his finisher the Icarus Switch and the booing grew louder and louder as Waymoth tried to shake off the effects of being slammed on his neck. Eli and Ezra Conway crowded around Aran and shook hands with him before sliding out of the ring and joining Laurie and Mace Williams proudly.

Aran waved his hand and referee came running down and signaled for the bell to ring and Waymoth began to get to his feet while staggering.


"AGAIN!" Powers shouted.

Aran snarled at Waymoth and then reached down for a microphone.

"You had your chance, Waymoth! You could have brought us the Underground Championship! But you failed! Eli and Ezra believe in the Era of Aran! Eli and Ezra may lose, but they are prepared to stare the bull in the eyes and keep on fighting. Oh and Waymoth, you're going to lose again. This is new disqualification!"

Eli and Ezra slid back into the ring and Ezra slowly lifted the dead weight up of Waymoth Turnbull up. Waymoth stood there in a daze and Ezra stepped back.


Eli and Ezra dropped Waymoth with a lethal combination and Waymoth folded over onto his already hurt leg. Mace Williams slid into the ring with a chair and slammed it onto the leg of Waymoth who bellowed out in pain.

Waymoth tried to scoot out of the ring but Ezra and Aran stood on Waymoths hands and ankle of the uninjured leg pinning him down to the mat. Mace slammed the chair back down onto the injured leg and Waymoth was trying to fight the tears back as the pain rushed through his body.

Aran pointed at Eli to climb the top rope and Mace laid the chair on the hurt leg and held it there so Waymoth couldn't manuever it away.

"DO IT!" Aran shouted.

Eli nodded in response and climbed to the top rope.


All of Eli's weight hit the chair and bent around Waymoths leg. Eli rolled away holding his stomach but kept his gaze at the hurt Waymoth. Aran motioned for everybody to get out of the ring and for Laurie to hand him the jOlt Championship and Relentless Championship.

Aran raised them high into the air with his foot on the chest of Waymoth who just couldn't move.




"This is disgusting..."Buhrman mustered out.

Aran looked down with a sick smile on his face as Waymoth seemed to have passed out from the pain and torture.

Black Faction had lost one monster and gained two true believers. Would there be anymore on the way?

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall