"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Telling it Like it is"

Ninja K Backstage, the camera focused in full view of one of jOlt’s hard-hitting journalist by the name of Donny Layne. He was ready to get the scoop on a few major events to come.

“Folks, thanks for joining us tonight,” Layne said, “we’ve got a big interview coming up. In a few moments, we’re going to have a big match with major implications in the tag team division. The team of Red and Ted will be facing off with two of my guests at this time. Please welcome Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck… The House! And also Derrick Huber’s wife and the current Starlet Champion… Charlotte!”

As soon as the camera appeared in full view, the camera backed up to show The House stepping up to either side of Donny Layne, completely dwarfing the interviewer. Charlotte held up her title proudly while Huber and Roebuck had their game faces on. Donny Layne got underway with the interview.

“Now tonight, you guys finally have the chance to take on two men who have been repeatedly coming after you and The Heirs of Wrestling in Red and Ted. Many have said you would’ve won the tag team titles on Warriors a few weeks ago had it not been for their blatant interference. What are your thoughts going into this match?”

Huber raised a finger. “Well, first things first, Donny... I’m going to be blunt. We’re a wee bit bitter that we’re not holding those belts right now because pair of assholes have been sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong because the Phoenix Rose Invitational didn’t go their way. Now they go straight for the us and for The Heirs. What Redding and Jacobs need to realize right now is that we’ve been around for a long time. Yo, Big Bucks, how long have we been a team for?”

Roebuck snarled.

“Since those two were dribbles in the back of their mother’s throats.”

Roeubck didn’t bring the funny that often but the crowd had a good laugh at his jab. It was back to Huber now.

“Tonight, Alex and Teddy have payback coming their way at a hundred miles an hour. If these two want to roll the dice and gamble their careers, then they’re going to learn the same lesson we’ve taught the Heirs in the past. They’ll learn the same lesson that we taught Team EGO when we ran their arrogant asses out of here. The same thing we taught The Reckoning when everybody was afraid of them and we beat them for those jOlt Tag Titles…”

Huber grabbed the microphone.

“Tonight, you two fuckers are crapping out.”

Donny Layne nodded before turning his attention to Charlotte now.

“And you, Charlotte, have a busy scheduled ahead of you. On Warriors, you will defend your championship against one of the Hype’s Startlet standouts in “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. And if you defeat her, then you will go on and defend the Starlet Championship against your rival, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton at Rise of the Legends. Can I get your thoughts on everything that’s been happening.”

“Right, hon,” Charlotte nodded. “I’m looking forward to the challenge from Amber and my credo stands! Anybody that wants a shot at this belt is going to get it. As for Little Miss Hoity-Toity, Sarah’s runnin’ around here tellin’ everybody that I ain’t a worthy champion just because I used to dance in Vegas while she was havin’ a bunch of silver spoons shoved up her ass as a kid.”

Charlotte held up a finger.

“First off, I’ve never taken off my clothes for money, I was a professional dancer with some fun costumes. And besides… I don’t get no complaints from our fans that love to have a good time… and most certainly not from my hubby…”

“You know it, babe!” Huber said before planting a kiss on her cheek.

“Second of all, she crossed a line when she stole my belt a few weeks ago and tried to pull some shit by pretendin’ to defend it against Desiree. I hope that you enjoyed holding that belt for those couple of days, Miss Priss, because that’s as close to this belt as you’re gonna get. You can flash all your pretty little tiaras, fake princess waves and suck off… sorry, suck up to the rest of the Heirs, but when you cross me, none of that’s gonna save you from what I’ve got in store for you.”

Roebuck, Huber, and Charlotte tapped their fists together before they left the area to head towards their match.

"Subterfuge is Only One Important Tool of the Trade..."

Ninja K Frame opened with the cinder block corridors of the jOlt Arena. It was a camera man walking the halls, pointing at name tags plastered over doors as designations. The crowd cheered the names of Derecho and the Inogami Clan, but would change to boos settling on the Heirs of Wrestling's room. The door was ajar and there was laughter from inside.

Fifteen seconds later, the door would open wide and out stepped Grady Patrick. The manager of Red & Ted was washing away his lips, a pink staining the cloth he tucked back into his pocket. He was careful to check either side of him, and with the coast clear, would walk away whistling.

Three seconds after Grady had exited the frame, it was occupied by the large presence and egos of the Heirs.

"A night to fucking remember, that'll be sure," Frank Silver waited at the side of the door as his compadres filed in. The de facto leader caught the blinking red light of the camera and shook his head before slamming tight the door behind him.

Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey vs reVolt
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest will be contested under normal tag team rules with a time limit of fifteen minutes, and will be one fall to a finish.” Brad Arnold announced to the live audience on hand as he stood center ring next to referee Simon Boulder.

The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulsed over the PA system as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashed across the jOlt Vision followed quickly by his trademark ‘#sOdAmnsErious” and a serious face emoticon logo. Jewelz stepped out into the spotlight, and noticeably missing from his entrance was his manager Ruby Rocks Jewelz.

“Making his way to the ring weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds; he is DIAMOND JEWELZ!”

Jewelz slowly made his way toward the ring, no look of concern on the face of Jewelz, only a smile graced it. Jewelz slid into the ring and made his way to a turnbuckle where he climbed to the middle rope and he posed for the crowd for a moment before hopping back into the ring and waiting.

A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

All of the fans within the arena came to their feet as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast and a single spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Ramey burst from behind the entrance curtains and the ovation only grew stronger.

“And his partner, about to make his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; he is JESSE RAMEY!”

The spotlight followed Ramey as he darted toward the ring, slid in under the bottom rope on his right hip, popped back up and rushed toward the nearest set of ropes. Ramey placed one foot on the middle rope and the other on the top, and threw his arm into the air as the lights kicked back up in the arena. Ramey dropped back down to the mat as Jewelz made his way onto the apron.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The crowd boos as Mattock and Sanchez Cano, collectively known as reVolt, make their way out from the backstage area.

“Making their way to the ring, their opponents, weighting in tonight at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty-two pounds. They are the team of Mattock and Sanchez Cano, REVOLT!”

In typical fashion, they march single file down to the ring, entering one after the other. The two of them stand side by side and ball up their right hands into a fist, placing them over their hearts in their faction-style salute. The music died down as they both turned toward their opponents’ corner giving them a quick stare down before Mattock exited the ring onto the apron.

The air was definitely thick within the Arena of Champions. From the excitement of the crowd for the rematch that was about to get underway. To the heat between Ramey and Jewelz, all the way down to the suspicion linger on everyone’s mind of what exactly was on that flash drive that Mattock had given to Ramey.

All of that was out the window though as Boulder signaled for the start of the match.




Cano and Jewelz would start this off as they hooked up in the center of the ring. Jewelz backed Cano into the corner and looked to tag Ramey into the match, but Ramey kind of ignored Jewelz and didn't respond for when he asked for said tag.

This allowed for Cano to slap the taste right out of Jewelz' mouth with a stiff right hand. Cano fired another and another, rocking Jewelz back toward the center of the ring. Cano then grabbed Jewelz by the arm, whipping him to the ropes and putting him down with a leg lariat. Cano went for the cover, but Jewelz immediately kicked out before a one count could even be registered. Cano then stood, bringing Jewelz up to his feet with him.

Knife edge chop by Cano causes Jewelz to staggere back a few steps. When Jewelz turned around, he was met with another irish whip to the ropes. Cano went for a clothesline, but Jewelz ducked underneath and leapt to the middle rope. He flew backwards and caught Cano in the face with a flying back elbow.

Cano got back to his feet as Jewelz picked up and Cano and sent him into the corner. Jewelz charged in and nailed a running back elbow into the face of Cano, dropping him to a seated position in the corner. Jewelz wasted no time charging to the opposite corner to gain distance. He then charged back, looking for a running knee strike, but Cano pulled himself under the bottom ropes and out to the floor! When he landed, he reached back into the ring and grabbed Jewelz by the legs, tripping him up and pulling him out to the floor with him.

Cano then grabbed Jewelz and whipped him right into the barricades! Cano then charged in, but Jewelz lifted Cano up and over into the front row! Jewelz then rolled back into the ring as Boulder was up to a count of three.





Cano pulled himself over the barricades.



Cano darted for the ring and slid in, but Jewelz dropped a double axe handle into the upper back of Cano, stopping any momentum coming back into the ring. Jewelz pulled Cano up to his feet and then sent him to the ropes. Jewelz telegraphed a back body drop, but Cano rolled off of Jewelz' back and landed behind him. When Jewelz turned around, Cano leapt up onto his shoulders, looking for a frankensteiner, but Jewelz countered with a sit-out powerbomb!



Cano got the shoulder up.

Cano needed a tag as he reached out to his corner, but Jewelz stopped that by simply stomping away on the lower back of Cano. Jewelz then placed Cano into a front face lock as he pulled him up to his feet, but Cano used the strength in his legs to power Jewelz back to his corner where Mattock was able to make the tag!

Mattock grabbed the top rope and used it for balance as he leapt up and kicked Jewelz in the face! Mattock then stepped into the ring as Cano stepped out. Mattock fired a few quick jabs to the stomach of Jewelz in the corner before finishing it off with an upward palm thrust under Jewelz' chin. Mattock then walked Jewelz to the center of the ropes before whipping him across the ring. Mattock charged in and nailed a leaping knee strike to Jewelz off the rebound. Mattock then stood over Jewelz and nailed a front flip senton. Mattock stood and then hit a standing moonsault, stood once again and finished it off with a standing shooting star press! Cover off of the trio of moves!



Jewelz kicked out.

Mattock then brought Jewelz up to a seated position and placed him in a surfboard submission hold, but Jewelz battled back to his feet and got underneath Mattock, looking for the back drop suplex, but Mattock flipped out and landed on his feet. He placed Jewelz in a waist lock, but Jewelz charged forward, looking to grab the ropes in front of him, but Jewelz felt a tug before he got to the ropes. Mattock used his might to stop Jewelz dead in his tracks and nail a German Suplex! Mattock rolled through with it and stood, bringing Jewelz to his feet with him. He got underneath Jewelz and nailed a Blue Thunder Driver to complete Gemini's Destruction!



Jewelz kicked out once again!

Mattock stood and then stomped away at Jewelz as he went to the corner. Ramey simply looked on from his corner with little interest in helping Jewelz as Mattock took aim on him. Mattock then flipped off with the Descent from Twilight.. the Shooting Star Elbow Drop!


Jewelz rolled out of the way and Mattock crashed and burned. Jewelz got to his feet and made a mad dash for his corner. He leapt in with the tag, but Ramey dropped off of the ring apron!!

Jewelz looked down at the floor from the corner and asked what was up with Ramey.

"THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" yelled Jewelz, yet Ramey refused to answer.

Ramey continued to stay on the floor as Mattock got up and clotheslined Jewelz from behind, knocking him over the top rope and out to the floor. Mattock then got a full head of steam and did a no hands leap to the top rope where he then flipped off with a Shooting Star Press to the outside, wiping out Jewelz once again!!


Mattock was slow to stand as Ramey hopped back up on the ring apron and grabbed the tag rope. Mattock pulled Jewelz back up, but Jewelz rammed Mattock into the ring apron. Jewelz grabbed Mattock and threw him back into the ring. Jewelz gave Ramey a disgusted look as he climbed back up onto the ring apron.

That small delay cost Jewelz a chance at a comeback as Mattock was already up. He grabbed Jewelz and brought him into the ring the hard way. Mattock then dropped a pair of elbows into the chest of Jewelz before going to the corner and climbing to the very top with his back to Jewelz.

Phoenix Splash.... CONNECTED!

Mattock had the cover on Jewelz as the referee began the count.



Three.... NO!

Jewelz popped the shoulder up!

Mattock got back up and signaled for the end. Jewelz staggered back up as Mattock lifted him up onto his shoulders, but Jewelz, somehow, had the strength to wriggle free and land behind Mattock. Jewelz then grabbed Mattock in a half nelson and dumped him on his head with a Half Nelson Suplex!

Jewelz crawled over to his corner and pulled himself up, looking for the tag as Ramey just stood there with a look of rage on his face. Ramey then belted Jewelz across the face with a slap and yelled "TAG" at him.

Ramey came into the ring and leveled Mattock with a clothesline. He then continued to the corner and nailed a back elbow to Cano, knocking him down to the floor. Ramey charged back at Mattock and hit a spinning heel kick...


That took Mattock back down. Ramey then dragged Mattock over to the corner and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up and bounced off them with a split legged moonsault...


Cano slid back into the ring, but when Ramey stood, he saw him charging in. Ramey side-stepped and threw Cano over the top rope and back out to the floor!

Mattock staggered back up as Ramey quickly hooked Mattock in a front face lock.. he lifted and twisted before dropping Mattock right on top of his neck...


Ramey made the cover...




Ramey stood up and looked at Jewelz as if to say "Why was that so hard?". When in actuality is Ramey came into the match like a man possessed. He was 110% focused and never lost sight of what he was doing which lead to complete and utter domination, much like what we saw out of Ramey a couple of weeks ago.

As Mattock rolled out of the ring to rejoin Cano, Jewelz stepped into the ring and confronted Ramey face to face. As Ramey's music died down, Jewelz grabbed a microphone.

"What the hell is with you, man?" asked Jewelz

Ramey said nothing... instead he walked away from Jewelz and exited the ring.

Mattock and Cano grinned as Ramey walked past them to the back. Mattock and Cano then backpeddled slowly up the ramp, looking back at Diamond Jewelz in the ring. Mattock smiled and waved "goodbye" to Jewelz as Jewelz is starting to put two and two together.

Mattock was obviously behind this, which raised the question of what was on that flash drive that Mattock gave to Ramey?

Winner: Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"...Barting is Another"

Ninja K The crowd was warm after seeing reVolt dealt another loss, and only got louder when they saw themselves on the big screens, from an angle that could only be coming from a press box. The camera swung around just as a pair in the cheap seats had turned for their five seconds of stardom to reveal the mahogany desk littered with notes, a phone, a tablet and a glass of Grey Goose. Moreover, it brought into frame the new big dog of jOlt, Damien Lee, sitting behind that desk, back toward the crowd. He swung around in that ultra-comfy office chair, the seat of power.

A knocking at the door was a mere reminder of the price of that power.

And the barging in before the knocking was answered further conformation.

Into Mr. Lee's office walked Alexander Redding, a gleam in his eye as he lead Teddy Jacobs and Grady Patrick in. Teddy Jacobs hopped into the seat before the desk and slouched into a position of non-reverence. Grady stood behind him and Red stood directly across of Damien.

"Are you going to make me guess?" Lee asked, already tired of the exploits of the still-minty-fresh tag in jOlt

Teddy Jacobs grabbed toward his heart, in an act of insincerity and said, "Boss, you cut us to the quick. We came to better get an understanding of each other. See, I think our problems are stemming from a lack of communication."

"Is that so?" Lee asked, dryer than the vodka that sat near him.

"Precisely, Mr. Lee," Grady popped up from the back.

"Not at all," Red smiled. "The problems between us are solely on your inaction."

"Excuse me?"

"But lucky for you, I am a problem solver by nature. We both want different things, but they are not entirely incompatible. You want tag matches that do not end with DQs and distractions. We want our crack at the Tag Titles. You solve one, and I think you will find that you have solved the other," Red was letting Damien Lee know why he carried the nickname of the Willing Villain so naturally.

Lee stood from his chair and paced two steps to the side. "So I am supposed to be strong armed by a pair of would-be thugs and send the example to every member of that locker room that the easiest way to a title shot is to copy you two."

"And you would rather lie?"

"I would not be lying because like Hell am I about to--"

"Again with that poor hearing. Didn't your medical cover hearing aids? I thought it would be important in your position." A pause. "We implore you for an opportunity to earn our title shots."

"The House are like permanent residents of the Vegas Buffet scene, right? They are down for a little betting action, I am sure," Ted started, picking him self back up before falling out of the chair via the too-deep-slouch. "What do you say to making tonight's match interesting?"

"A bet?"

"When we win, we get that title shot the House think they are owed," Ted brimmed with confidence.

"And if you lose?" Lee popped his balloon.

"If these two should some how be unable to pick up a victory against Derick Huber and Adam Roebuck, we will leave alone the tag titles and the teams embroiled over them," Grady offered.

"For now," followed up Redding.

And now Lee would be eye to eye with Red if it wasn't for the desk in the way. "And you would keep your word if you lost?"

"Scout's honour," chimed Ted, holding up the shocker more than the boy scout salute.

"Do we have a deal?" asked Red.

Damien stuck his hand out to seal it.

Red bypassed the hand and downed the glass of vodka, slammed it on the table and then shuck the hand of his employer.


"No More Mr. Nice Guy... No Seriously, Because Omega Could Murder Him"

Ninja K When the jOltvision flickered to life and the friendly face of Kayden Paulton appeared on screen, the crowd went BONZO-GONZO! The man known as The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was backstage in the locker room lacing up his boots before what was set to be possibly the most dangerous match he’d taken on since winning the Open Season match. He would be taking on the dangerous and bloodthirsty Omega. So how did one exactly prepare for a man whose mental faculties were constantly called into question?


“Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree. Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me…”

…He would say a rhyme while lacing up his shoes…

“Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole! Popped out the other side, beautiful and bold! Sweet!”

Kayden looked down at the brand new white Adidas wrestling boots he purchased earlier in the afternoon. jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler stood up and grabbed his Open Season briefcase containing the contract that gave him his Underground Championship match against Ninja K.

“All right… got a match… against Omega…” he laughed with just a hint of nervousness in his voice. “Well… gonna jump into the fire tonight. But I gotta do this! I can do this! I CAN DO THIS!”

The crowd cheered with his self-pep talk as Kayden stood up. He was about ready to leave the locker room for his match when the lights went dim.

“Wow… that’s not cool…”

When they stopped flickering, Kayden Paulton turned around…


Paulton turned around and was finally face to face with a man that had terrorized many people in his run in jOlt Wrestling. The man called Omega had created a body count over the last several months that included names like Derecho, Lusus, Mike Extreme, among many others. And just how would Kayden Paulton respond to his opponent?

“Hey guy… with other guy voices in his head.”

The crowd couldn’t help but laugh at the little twist on his catch phrase as Omega stood from his seat. The giant eyed the briefcase that Kayden had at his side before he looked down at the Softcore Saint.

“You, Kayden…. You’re an anomaly to us. You wish to compete in OUR realm… but you don’t wish harm upon anybody else. You wish to put your name with others before you who’ve held the Underground Championship and carried it to heights that very few titles of its kind have touched… but you don’t possess a ruthless bone in your body…”

Omega once again kept his eyes on the briefcase that Kayden held tightly against his chest.

“Answer our question… why?”

It was a very good question and one that nobody had quite asked him yet since he started this quest to become the Undeground Champion many months ago when he thought that his friend, Derecho, had passed away. Aran Thompson’s ruse was long gone, but the passion that Kayden had remained.

“Well, Omega… I want this match because I have something to prove! I’ve been on the biggest roll of my career anywhere. People who have put their faith in me all these years that I’ve been in this business are finally getting to see that hard work pay off. And guess what, guy…”

Paulton raised the briefcase so Omega could see it with his good eye.

“It did!”

In the background the sounds of people cheering in the Arena of Champions could be heard.

“And what better way to prove that I mean every word that I say when I compete in what a lot of people have called wrestling’s most dangerous place, guy! We’re going to have a match, Omega, and there’s no doubt you’re a tough customer. But I hope you know that I plan on giving one-hundred… no, wait… two-hundred… no, one better! A thousand! I don’t care if it’s a mathematical impossibility and some big brainy math guy is all grumpy guys because you can’t give more than a hundred even though I said I’m giving a thousand… but yeah, I’m gonna do that anyway guy!”

The Good Guy nodded right at the beast and all the trepidation that he showed before appeared to be all but gone. The beast that stood over him…

He smiled.

“You amuse us, Kayden… you are doing this for the love of people… we told the world that people are nothing more than bloodthirsty animals who seek to get through their life via a quick fix. While you cling to this charming delusion that you matter to the people, Kayden, we know the truth… we are not crazy. Each and every person in the stands that calls for blood and pain and suffering to sate their needs… they are the crazy ones…”

Omega cracked the bones in his neck as his gaze remained fixed on Kayden’s face.

“…But you may be the craziest of them all. Understand that when you face me tonight, we are no one’s test… you do not come into our ring… OUR Underground and face us simply because you feel a need to endear yourself to people who don't truly care. Realize that we will HURT you and you will only serve as future proof that we will rule this organization.”

"Well," Paulton said. "I guess there's nothing to say other than may the best man win, then, pal? Want a hug?"

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling could only offer up a weak smile as Omega walked past him. Paulton offered him a glance as he left and looked down once more to the Open Season briefcase.

Paulton and Omega…


Derecho vs Landon Stevens
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

For the past couple of weeks, Tyke has had an issue with Derecho for what happened during the Open Season Match. Because Derecho threw Aran Thompson into Tyke when he was about to cross the finish line, Tyke feels that Derecho screwed him out of a chance at Ninja K's Underground Championship. Since then, Tyke has bent over backwards to not only screw Derecho over, but to also try and drag him back into the Underground when Derecho wants no part in going back to that division.

Despite that, Derecho was set up with another match here tonight, this time against Landon Stevens, and once again it was Underground Rules.

"Your God" by Stone Sour

Landon Stevens made his way out from the backstage area. This match was more than just another match for Stevens. Stevens has been undefeated since stepping foot into jOlt. Tonight, he was going up against a very agitated Derecho. Knowing Derecho's past, this would prove to be a huge test for him. Stevens was a bit cocky... a bit arrogant, and his actions in jOlt drew boos from the crowd, but it still remained a fact that he could hold his head high for the simple reason that he hasn't had his shoulders pinned to the mat.. not even once.

Stevens entered the ring as his music died down. After a few moments...

"Charisma" by WASP

The people cheered as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. Derecho, obviously, was none too happy as he walked down to the ring. No flash entrance for him as Derecho seemed to be all business here tonight. He slid into the ring and paced back and forth as if he wanted the referee to call for the bell so he could get this over with.

Boulder did just that...

Well... that is to say Boulder WAS about to call for the bell when the lights in the arena went out.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %



’Bullets’ by Creed

Out from the back stepped Tyke, but something was noticably different about him. He was wearing a referee shirt! He also had a microphone in his hand. His music died off as Tyke slowly walked down the entrance ramp.

"Hold on just a minute. Before we get this action started, I should make an announcement that is crucial for this match. You see, I just spoke to Damien Lee and he has agreed that I should be the referee for this match."

The people booed as Tyke smirked.

"So boulder... sod off, chap.. you're no longer needed."

Boulder looked confused.

"You heard me... get your arse out of the ring.. I'm doing the reffing here tonight."

Boulder looked at Derecho and shrugged. Stevens grinned as he knew that this could only benefit him. Tyke smirked as he stomped up the ringsteps and cockily entered the ring. He tossed the mic to ringside and then called for the bell.




Derecho walked right up to Tyke as he protested it. He even grabbed Tyke by the shirt collar, but Tyke reminded Derecho that he was an official and he would cause Derecho to forfeit the match. Right at that moment, Landon Stevens blindsided Derecho with a forearm shot that knocked him into the ropes. Stevens pummeled away on Derecho with vicious shot after shot before taking a step back and clotheslining him up and over to the outside and down to the floor.

Stevens then hopped out of the ring and gave chase as Derecho staggered back to his feet. Stevens then rammed Derecho back first into the announce position. Derecho held his back in pain as Stevens then caught Derecho under the jaw with a punch. Derecho turned and used the announce table to brace himself as Stevens grabbed him from behind, but Derecho used a pair of back elbows to try and get some distance between himself and Stevens. Derecho then leapt onto the announce table and flipped off with a moonsault, catching Stevens and dropping him to the floor!

Derecho then turned his attention to Tyke. Derecho got up on the ring apron, but Stevens recovered quickly and grabbed Derecho by the leg. He yanked Derecho down and it caused Derecho to smack face first against the apron! Stevens then helped Derecho to his feet before whipping him right into the steel ring steps... the impact caused the top half of the steps to get knocked off!


Stevens used this opportunity to lift up the ring apron and search for a weapon under the ring. Stevens found a ladder and pulled it out!

Stevens then set up the ladder, creating a bridge between the ring apron and the announce table. Derecho tried to pull himself up to his feet, but Stevens walked over and fired a right hand into Derecho's skull. Stevens pulled Derecho to a vertical base and whipped him toward the ladder, but Derecho put the brakes on and reversed the whip into a short arm clothesline that put Stevens down.

Derecho hopped up onto the ring apron and took aim, dropping an elbow into the heart of Landon Stevens. Derecho then turned his attention back towards Tyke. Derecho rolled back into the ring and confronted Tyke face to face. Again, Derecho grabbed Tyke by the shirt collar as the arena came alive. Stevens rolled back into the ring, but Derecho was ready for him this time and ducked the clothesline.

Stevens turned around and was met with a toe kick by Derecho. Derecho set Stevens up between his legs, lifted, spun and planted him with a Vortex Powerbomb! Derecho had the cover as Tyke went down for the count.






Stevens took full advantage of the obvious slow count and kicked out.

Derecho immediately got back into Tyke's face as Stevens grabbed Derecho and rolled him up from behind!

1..2..Kick out!

Derecho had to immediately kick out as soon as he felt the tug from the school boy as he knew that fast count would be coming.

Both men got back to their feet. Derecho swung wildly with the clothesline, but Stevens ducked and leapt to the middle rope. He pivoted and caught Derecho with a springboard drop kick, taking him down. Stevens then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim and leapt off with a Top Rope Leg Drop, but Derecho moved out of the way and Stevens landed very hard on his tail bone. Derecho took off to the ropes and came back, catching Stevens in the face...


Derecho wasn't going to go for the cover because he knew that all that would happen would be another slow count. He pulled Landon to his feet and sent him off to the ropes, but Landon reversed it, sending Derecho to the ropes instead. Derecho hung onto the ropes and Landon charged in, but Derecho lifted him up and over to where the ladder was, but Landon landed on the ring apron. Derecho turned around and Stevens went for the shoulder block between the ropes, but Derecho side stepped it and kicked Stevens right in the face!

Derecho then grabbed Stevens by the head and pulled him through the ropes with Stevens' feet just catching the ropes themselves. Derecho fell down and planted Stevens with a Rope Assisted DDT! Derecho grabbed Stevens by the leg as he slid out of the ring, pulling Stevens with him. Derecho walked Stevens over to the barricades and bounced his head off of them. He then grabbed Stevens by the arm, whipping him into the steel ring post! Stevens was laid out at ringside as Derecho looked back into the ring as Tyke just stood there and grinned.

Derecho pulled Stevens up, but Stevens wrapped his arms around Derecho in a waist lock and drove him back first into the ring post!! Derecho dropped to his knees as Stevens walked over to the time keeper's position and grabbed a steel chair. Derecho got back to his feet, but was driven back down to a single knee after Stevens jammed the steel chair into the stomach of Derecho. Derecho stood and then...


Stevens cracked the chair right over Derecho's skull!

It was a knockout shot! Stevens just had to roll Derecho back into the ring and he would remain undefeated, but Stevens had a better idea instead. Stevens dropped the chair and pulled Derecho to his feet. Stevens then laid Derecho on top of the bridged ladder before picking the steel chair up again. Stevens then hopped onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top with the steel chair still in hand.

Stevens measured up Derecho and leapt off....


Stevens side slammed the chair into Derecho! The ladder snapped in half and both men crumbled down to the floor!


Derecho was out cold, but Stevens wasn't too damaged from that landing as he staggered a bit, but was able to pull himself back up to his feet. Stevens made a slashing motion across his throat as he grabbed Derecho and pulled him out from the rubble of what once was a ladder. Stevens rolled Derecho back into the ring and made the cover after sliding in after him..



Derecho kicked out

Many were surprised that Tyke actually counted that one fairly. Perhaps even Tyke felt that Derecho was done for after a shot like that.

Stevens made a slashing motion across his throat as he was ready to put Derecho away. Stevens grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him back up. Stevens then quickly grabbed Derecho by the head and leg. He lifted and dropped him down with the Small Package Driver.


Tyke grinned as he made the count.



Thre..... NO!!!!

Derecho just kicked out of the Rising Star Driver

Tyke looked bewildered. .Stevens was beside himself! The resilience of the former Underground Champion was shining through!

Derecho pulled himself up as Tyke yelled out.


At that moment Tyke lunged in...


Stevens looked shocked, but he'll take it nevertheless. Stevens made the cover.


Tyke made the fast count just to be sure... but Tyke has once again found a way to screw Derecho. Stevens couldn't be anymore happy because he remained undefeated in jOlt and he now has a victory over Derecho.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"Morning Hardon"

Ninja K The camera got a rare glimpse inside the Heirs of Wrestling locker room where “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton was resting comfortably in a nice leather diamond-crusted barcalounger (Yes, they have leather, diamond crusted barcaloungers… they’re rich, biatch).

The Heiress just got herself out of a fresh shower and was now taking a break tonight. She was about to sit back and strategize about her upcoming Starlet Championship match and had a nice little video of moves that she had been researching. She wanted to know the ins and outs of her opposition before she took the time to break them down in the ring.

“Oh, soon, Starlet Championship, you shall be mine. Then all the darlings of our Starlet division will have somebody to actually aspire to be like.”

She flickered on her tablet and waited for it to boot up as she pictured how great it would be to go to the biggest parties and rub elbows with other glamorous women while championing a division of proud female athletes.

When it booted up she noticed a link on her home screen that read “Morning Hardon!”

“What the… are those boys trying to have a good-natured rib of some kind...? What is …”

Like any person with an inkling of curiosity, she clicked it…


Horrified, the Heiress stood up from her chair and threw the tablet away! Scenes from a porno apparently titled “Morning Hardon” were placed on her tablet!

“What is this? Who has sullied my tablet! Who has put this… degenerate filth on my tablet?”

Frantically, she tapped buttons on it until the video finally went away. She then noticed a little card next to the tablet that she hadn’t seen before. She picked up the note and read its contents aloud to herself.

“Hope you liked the action in there… you could use some yourself, queenie. Love…”

Sarah’s face went red.


The Heiress crumbled up the note and tossed it away… then picked it up and put it in the trash can nearby. She wasn’t some immoral litterer after all.

“THAT RED-HEADED HARLOT!” She shouted before she turned her attention to the closed off part of the locker room for her cohorts. “MACK! FRANK! RYAN! WE NEED TO EXACT SOME JUSTICE TONIGHT!”

"I Promise, Baby"

Ninja K The tall, thickly muscled frame of Diamond Jewelz body sits perched on a plain wooden bench in the general area of the jOlt locker room, laden in sweat, his abdomen contracting in and out at an intermediate pace due to his match. He half-heartedly removes the purple athletic tape from his wrists as he sits slumped back on one of the lockers behind him.

“Make this money bro…. That’s what this is all about.. Whether I like the bitch or not…”

The rifts from the midi style chorus from C.R.E.A.M by the Wu Tang Clan are muffled by the purple Nike duffle bag Diamond phone is hidden in… Diamond reaches for the bag and pulls out the phone cleaning up the rifts from the chorus so they are heard loud and clear.

“What’s good,” Diamond answers.

Diamond’s exhausted face transforms into a wide smile revealing his platinum and gold grill. The gleam of the platinum and gold in his mouth gleams across the room into the camera.

“Hey baby,” Diamond exclaims.

“How are you? Did you see my match? I wish you could be here by my side tonight!!! It felts empty here tonight without you,” Diamond goes on. It’s Ruby Rocks Jewelz on the other side of the line who was sidelined tonight because of the antics of Ramey last week on i81.

“You’re the only reason I was here tonight. After all that shit this bitch was talking on Twitter and what not… It’s only you that stopped me from clobbering his ass tonight,” Diamond goes on, his jovial face transforming into a cesspool of frustration at the thought of Ramey and his antics.

“I know… I know,” Jewelz rolls his eyes in a submissive admittance of the truth.

“This is about business. I gotta make this money so we can climb this ladder in this company.. That’s all that was on my mind tonight.. Get this money… That’s why we got that W tonight… I was focused..If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t have had a chance.. Ramey is the weak link in this nGs chain,” Diamond states emphatically.

“I promise baby,” Diamond says after a long pause of listening to Ruby.

“I ain’t gon lay a hand on him.. It’s about this money.. You know I love you too much to lie to you… Striclty business out here… See you when I get home…”

The House vs Red & Ted
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

After weeks of antagonizing both the jOlt Tag Team champions The Heirs of Wrestling along with their perennial #1 contenders The House, Red and Ted may finally be getting their comeuppance tonight. As a result of the big match that happened on the last Warriors where Derrick Huber defeated Frank Silver, Red and Ted once again got involved in their match. Damien Lee made the this match where the winner would get a tag title shot against The Heirs of Wresting on Warriors in just a few days.

PA came to life with a ripping drum line and thrashing guitar.

'My Reward' by Hail the Villain welcomed Red & Ted into the Arena of Champions. Teddy Jacobs popped out from behind the curtain first, and scanned the audience for the growing number of Red & Ted signs. Next out was Grady Patrick, wearing his trademark bowler's cap. He strode in front of Teddy Jacobs and lead the way to the ring. Following behind those two was Alexander Redding, Joker Grin on his his shorts, and that grin on his face. Ted walked around the ring. Grady slid next to the announce team. Red never took his eyes off of the center of the ring. The team of Red and Ted had been on a big winning streak over the last several shows and could earn their biggest victory to date if they could somehow defeat the super heavyweights and former jOlt Tag Champions The House.

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the reigning jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men. A brief shot was cast back inside the ring with both ninjas holding their ground as Mamoru was seen yelling instructions to his brethren...

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager & the reigning jOlt STARLET CHAMPION, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Teddy Jacobs started things off for his team just as Adam Roebuck would do for his. Patrick Grady watched carefully on the outside as Teddy started to go right at Adam Roebuck. He jabbed him several times with right hands and did his best to stick and move against the big surly mountain of a man.

“Come and get me, tubbo!” Teddy grinned.

Roebuck charged when Teddy ducked. The quicker brawler jabbed him again twice in the face and it seemed like he threw him off his game. Teddy gloated and high-fived Redding as he was happy with getting the better of Roebuck. Turning his back on the Big Bucks wasn’t smart because he grabbed him and shoved him down to the ground.

Charlotte and Derrick Huber watched as Teddy started to stand. Grady Patrick advised loudly on the outside against going head on against the Las Vegas Leviathan. He kicked away at the leg of the big man and followed with some more punches. He ran off the ropes when he was knocked down with a big shoulder tackle from Roebuck.

The Big Bucks watched as Jacobs rolled out to the floor in order to regroup with Patrick and Redding. The three members of Red and Ted had an impromptu huddle while an angry Roebuck started to climb over the ropes. The antagonizers scattered like roaches among the ringside area as he chased him back inside the ring. Jacobs had an opening and tried to attack him only for Roebuck to shove him back.

Jacobs quickly rolled over and tagged an apprehensive Redding. When the element of surprise had been on their side, Red and Ted were very formidable but now they would face the House head on. Roebuck motioned for Redding to get into the ring, but the Willing Villian gestured for Huber to tag in. The Oddsmaker reached out a hand to his partner and Roebuck let him inside the ring to have his own fun.

Redding and Huber met in the center of the ring and immediately Redding unloaded on the bigger Huber with a fast flurry of forearms to the face to try and weaken him. He charged to the ropes Huber swung with a wild clothesline that missed. When he turned around he was floored with a charging shoulder tackle that knocked him on his ass.

The Willing Villian tried to scurry away from the bigger Huber only to get picked up and forced into their corner. He unleashed a series of head butts to the face of Redding and continued the assault. The Oddsmaker grabbed him by the arm and used a hammer throw to send Redding crashing hard into the turnbuckle. The wind was knocked out of him and now he was easy pickings for The House member. The former jOlt Tag champion grabbed him by the legs and brought him to the middle of the ring before shooting a series of hard calculated stomps to the stomach of Alexander.

“Well… this is a fuck…” Teddy said bluntly.

Huber then looked out to the crowd and twirled a free hand. Redding tried to crawl away but Huber brought him right back to the middle. He then started to spin. Alexander Redding was the first person to suffer the effects of the giant swing called…


The crowd was amazed by the show of strength from the big guy as he continued to swing him around in an effort to disorient him. The move continued to swing for close to fifteen full rotations before Huber tossed him across the ring!

Alexander Redding stood up and tried to stand when he walked right into the Big Bucks and ate a head butt for his troubles. The Willing Villian hit the mat like a sack of potatoes and Huber picked him up again. A tag was made to Roebuck and the House members launched him into the ropes before they took him down with a double back elbow. Roebuck went for the first cover in the match now.



And an elbow from Teddy Jacobs broke that up. Teddy rolled back to his corner while Roebuck picked up Redding by the back of his head and tossed him to the House corner to tag in Derrick Huber again. The Oddsmaker took his time and blasted Redding in the face with a vicious elbow. Alexander fell to his knees while Huber raised a fist for the cheering crowd and the clapping Charlotte on the outside.

The Red half of Red and Ted was in a very bad way now when Huber once again irish whipped him into the ropes. He ducked down for a back body drop when Redding ducked low and caught him in the face with a kneeling uppercut. The Oddsmaker was staggering on his feet now while Redding rolled over to tag in Teddy Jacobs.

The former Sexton Hardon came right at The Oddsmaker and fired a flurry of fists to the face. Huber found an opening and blocked a punch before shoving him to the ropes. Huber charged only to eat a boot from Teddy. Redding once again tagged himself in and jumped on Huber’s back, which left a big opening…

He connected with a running chop block to the knee to finally get Huber down. While The Oddsmaker was finally down to one knee, Alexander Redding had an opening..


The diving punch targeted the same leg that Teddy Jacobs went after and now finally, Red and Ted had their opening at long last. He reached over and tagged into Teddy Jacobs as the two men started to stomp violently onto the left leg of Derrick Huber.

“That’s right, those are my boys!” Grady shouted. “Now snap his leg and finish the job!”

A future tag title shot was on the line so Red and Ted wasted no time putting the boots to him before Redding was forced by the referee to leave the ring. Teddy Jacobs went back to what he did best… brawling. He stomped away at the knee of Huber. He tried to shove Teddy away again but was met with a kick to the face before Teddy hooked him by the head and fired off another flurry of punches to the side of his temple. He finished off the combination with a big knee drop to the top of Huber’s head.

Charlotte watched and clinged on to her Starlet Championship as Teddy Jacobs worked over Huber’s knee by snapping it down to the canvas in DDT-style fashion. He tripped him up over to the ropes and held him there with a knee to the back while Teddy Jacobs tagged into Redding again. He ran the length of the apron and connected with a massive dropkick right to the temple! Inside the ring Huber was down when Redding went for a pin while also hooking the bad leg.




Close, but not quite enough. Redding pulled him up again and continued to throw a flurry of leg kicks into the leg of his larger opponent. The Las Vegas warrior fought back with a solid uppercut that sent Alex flying to the ground. Huber limped to the ropes and came back with a senton splash but Redding moved and he hit nothing but the canvas. The tag was made again to Teddy Jacobs and he ran over to Huber…


He hooked the bad leg out from under him and drove him into the canvas with a leg hook reverse STO. Jacobs rolled big Huber over and went to cover him again.



And no!

It was another close one when Huber shot his shoulder up again. The Oddsmaker tried to get the crowd behind him, but they weren’t going to help him fend of a two-pronged attack from Teddy and Redding as the two clubbed him in the corner. He charged him into the corner and held Huber’s leg into the ropes. Huber fought back and elbowed him and then gave one shot to Redding, but Teddy came right back and kicked him in the leg again.

Huber was grimacing while Redding charged off the ropes and came back with a running drop kick to the leg tied in the ropes! Huber shouted in pain and collapsed to the ground now while Redding took a bow. They had worked over his leg and neutralized the power advantage of Derrick Huber. Red and Ted were a very formidable pairing and were demonstrating that tonight.

Roebuck slapped the turnbuckle and paced around on the apron slowly while Charlotte bit her lip as she watched her husband writhe around in agony. Redding grabbed him by the leg and carefully twisted the leg around…


Overlooking the fact that yes, Redding was a Canadian and the move called the Stereotype was indeed a sharpshooter, it didn’t make the move any less deadly. Huber was in pain now even more as Redding had the hold slapped on.

Derrick saw the ropes ahead of him and started to crawl towards the ropes. He still had a lot of power and size in his frame so he was able to drag him along also. Redding was doing his best to try and keep The Oddsmaker grounded.

“Come on, baby, you got this!” Charlotte nodded.

Derrick saw his wife and started to crawl towards the ropes where she was standing. Grady Patrick was enjoying this and he kept on cheering his men on as Redding had the hold locked in perfectly. Huber was almost there…


Just a little further.

And he got the ropes!

Derrick shared a look with his wife as he wrapped his hand on the ropes. Redding held onto the submission until the referee started counting. Alexander let go and the Willing Villian tried to pull Huber back to the corner but Huber fought back and kicked him with his other leg. Redding lifted him up and tried for another move while grabbing his leg but Huber suddenly powered him up…


The inverted samoan drop planted Redding ferociously into the mat and finally both men were down as Derrick Huber started to favor his knee. The power man for The House started to crawl feverishly towards his corner now while Alexander Redding was limping over to his own with Grady screaming commands to hurry it up.

The tag was made to Teddy Jacobs and he started to climb inside in order to stop Derrick Huber, but by the time he managed to get there, it was too late because the tag was made to Adam Roebuck!

The Las Vegas Leviathan had the crowd in his corner now as he charged into the ring and mowed Teddy Jacobs over with a vicious running clothesline off one side. When he stood up again he was knocked down a second time by the mighty monster from Las Vegas.

A third time when Teddy stood up he was whipped into the corner. Roebuck pinned him there with his arm while waiting for the crowd to count along. When he raised his mighty palm, the crowd knew what was coming next…


The four brutal chops caught Teddy Jacobs in the chest and left some nasty red welts in each spot that he hit. He lifted him up in his arms now and dropped him across his knee with a rib breaker prior to continuing. He postured around the ring with a worried Jacobs in his grip…


The rib breaker followed up with the fall away slam sent him flying nearly the entirety of the the ring’s length. Roebuck rolled over and dragged him away from the ropes to go for the pin! The title shot belonged to The House!




That was because a dazed but conscious Redding came into the ring with a big elbow off the top to break up the fall. He attacked him with a flurry of stomps to the big man, but Roebuck fought through them and shoved Redding out of the way.

Huber was still hurt but he and Roebuck were looking to finish things off. He tagged to Huber and the two men stood over Teddy Jacobs now. They were looking to finish things off and went for their double-team finisher, the BUST…

Sarah Winterton was storming down to the ring and had Frank Silver and Mack Brody on either side as The Heirs marched toward the ring. The current Tag Team Champions were there to finish things out as Charlotte started to charge at her… Winterton and Charlotte were fighting on one side of the ring while Mack came right at Grady Patrick.

Frank stood on the ring apron and yelled at the members of The House only for Adam Roebuck to clobber him and knock him off the ring apron! He started to climb while Derrick Huber was on the inside looking to finish off Teddy Jacobs. He hooked him by the leg and hoisted him up for the same muscle buster that defeated Frank Silver last week…

Low blow by Redding!

The referee didn’t see it because he was tending to Adam Roebuck giving chase to Silver and Brody at the ringside area while Charlotte and Sarah Winterton continued where they left off with their particular fight. Inside the ring Redding slid out of the ring while Teddy Jacobs grabbed him from behind and turned around the big guy…


He didn’t lift him up completely, but his double underhook facebuster drove him into the canvas. Jacobs slowly rolled him over and hooked both legs of Huber.




Quickly Teddy Jacobs left the ring and got out of the ruckus at the ringside area along with Grady and Alexander! Red and Ted had scored their biggest win yet as team in jOlt and defeated the former tag team champions to get a shot at the belts on Warriors!

Frank Silver and Mack Brody were double-teaming Adam Roebuck on the floor and assaulted the big man while on the inside, Huber was hurt after the double-team chicanery from Red and Ted. They were winners tonight and now had a date with The Heirs of Wrestling for the tag straps on the next Warriors. Red and Ted celebrated with Patrick Grady on the top of the ramp and had exactly what they wanted.

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall

"So Far Away"

Ninja K The scene faded to the backstage area interview section. Standing in front of the black backdrop with an iNtense logo on it was the host with the most, Donny Layne. Standing beside of him, again, was none other than the Anti-Star, Jesse Ramey. Ramey had managed to make his way to his locker room before the interview and already changed out of his wrestling attire.

“Jesse,” Donny began, “the wrestling world has really been watching a struggle with you since you joined the ranks of jOlt Wrestling. We all want to know what has been running through your mind.”

“A lot of things,” Ramey smirked, “especially the fact that I haven’t been able to perform inside of that ring like I would want to when I’m standing in it with the likes of Diamond Jewelz.”

“Tonight, we saw things out of you that we normally wouldn’t. Like when you dropped off of the apron when Jewelz came to tag you into the match.”

Ramey smiled as he stroked his beard, “Consider that a small measure of pay back. When has Diamond Jewelz ever been there for me when I really needed him? This business is about getting your ass kicked and delivering that same thing back to the person throwing it on you. Jewelz needs to learn that not everything in this business is going to be an easy win like he wants.”

“And a few weeks back you knocked Ruby Rocks Jewelz off of the apron when she tried to interfere in your match for the second time. Do you regret what you did there?” Layne questioned.

“No,” Ramey’s face turned stern, “I don’t regret what happened there in the least. Do I feel like Ruby Rocks and Diamond are playing this whole situation up to be worse than it really is? Yes, I do. I bounced off of the ropes and knocked Ruby Rocks off to the mats below. It happens all the time!”

“She’s been absent from jOlt television for over a week because of it. That little spill didn’t do anything to harm Ruby Rocks, this has all been played up to try and make me look like the bad guy so that the fans feel some kind of remorse for that deranged couple.”

Ramey turned to the camera, “I’ve got a little message for you Diamond, and it’s not working. The fans don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for either of you because of what happened. If you don’t remember when I knocked Ruby off of those ropes the fans actually cheered! They don’t spend their hard earned money to come to this arena and watch competitors continually cheat to win matches. They want more and they deserve more.”

“Jesse we saw earlier in the broadcast Diamond having a conversation with Ruby Rocks, and it sounded like Ruby was pleading with Diamond not to attack you over what happened.” Layne paused, “How do you feel about that?”

“In all honesty Donny,” Ramey smiled, “the only person she is doing a favor by begging him not to attack me is Diamond Jewelz himself. I hope he doesn’t take her opinion to heart, because I would love to get my hands on Diamond myself. I’m not a dirty rotten sneak though Diamond, so if I was going to kick your ass you’d see it coming. When the time comes that this company feels we’d be better not as tag team partners, be expecting it.”

“Speaking of that,” Layne interjected, “it seems that you and your partner had a few words over Twitter the other night.”

“And you forgot the one key element to that whole thing,” Ramey smiled, “we found out that Diamond Jewelz really is as dumb as he looks. He called me the weak link in this team because I lost an Underground Rules match against Ken Kaze.” Ramey paused and his eyes grew wide.

“Obviously, Diamond Jewelz was watching a Warriors from an alternate universe because if I remember correctly my arm was raised in victory at the end of that match.” Ramey shrugged, “And I’ll tell you exactly what I did on the twitter, we didn’t need you out there for that match Jewelz. You did the fans in the arena a favor by not showing up because it didn’t matter who won or lost, myself and Ken Kaze burnt the arena down in that match. We put on a show that everyone enjoyed watching and that’s something you’ll never understand.”

“One final question,” Layne posed to Ramey, “not too long back Mattock handed you a flash drive and he told you that all of the answers you were looking for could be found on its contents. What exactly was on there?”

“That’s my trump card, Donny.” Ramey smiled, “As far as Mattock is concerned though I hope you enjoyed having your shoulders pinned to the mat tonight. Because on Warriors we’re going to do it again, singles style. I hope you’re ready because your stellar vocabulary isn’t going to get you out of this in one piece.”

Ramey smiled as he exited the scene leaving Donny Layne smiling. The scene faded.

Omega vs Kayden Paulton
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Underground Rules, for the uninitiated jOlt fan meant that matches of the type were all falls count anywhere with no disqualification. Anything goes in these matches. So what do you get when you pair off a big, mean giant with a penchant for destruction facing off against a man who was legit one of the nicest people you would ever meet?

Kayden Paulton – the current #1 contender for the Underground Championship – would be facing off at Rise of the Legends against the current champion Ninja K. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had been on the biggest of winning streaks and had claimed victories in the Open Season match against five other men and had even defeated the former jOlt World and Underground Champion Derecho! He was on the roll of a lifetime but tonight he would perhaps face his toughest challenge yet against a man that embraced the Underground atmosphere.

“The following is an Underground match scheduled for one fall!

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“First, making his way to the ring, from Dothan, Alabama… he weighs in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who responded with a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big beast. Kayden had on his black shirt with the pink happy face with a bandage over the right eye and a phrase that read “YOU’RE AWESOME!” He tossed the shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready for this potential mismatch.

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The crowd began to boo as Omega came out from the backstage area. Omega has been impressive in the past few months. Decimating opponents and racking up victory after victory with one goal... to dethrone Ninja K and take the Underground Championship as his own. Even on iNtense 80, Omega dominated Sephiroth Du Luc and because as such, SDL is sidelined with an injury and his return to jOlt is questionable. And he, just as Kayden had done, also scored a victory over the former jOlt World and Underground Champion Omega.

Both men had something to prove tonight and both men were ready for a fight. Kayden was getting himself ready in the corner with a few stretches while Omega climbed over the ropes.


Omega looked ready to strike as Kayden got himself into a defensive stance. He had to be ready for anything that the big man could throw at him…

”Vicarious” by Tool began to audibly bleed into The Arena of Champions, triggering the trademark expulsion of strobe lit smoke being emitted through Exit 150. Several moments would elapse before the Underground Champion appeared before the masses. The arena lights returned to reveal the ninja swathed in the hues of predominantly Pearl ensemble with Crimson & Obsidian trim begin his descent toward the ringside area. It appeared that the Underground Champion himself had wanted a ringside seat and walked to the ring with a purpose.

Paulton watched his Rise of the Legends opponent as Ninja K took his seat at the ringside area near the announce table…


It seemed that one second was all that the monstrous Omega needed to get the early advantage over the Nicest Guy in Wrestling! The crowd booed the relentless juggernaut as he stood over the #1 contender to Ninja K’s jOlt Championship.

He stood up and pulled Kayden up by the face before running to the corner and smashed his face into the turnbuckle! Omega wasted no time jumping into action when he threw Kayden out of the corner. Referee Simon Boulder watched as Omega ripped off the turnbuckle padding and snarled to the jeering crowd. They weren’t having any of Omega’s callousness.

Omega walked over to pick up Kayden again and looked to smash him into the exposed buckle again, but Paulton stopped it by putting up his arms. Omega looked on shocked and watched as Kayden kicked him in the gut! With Omega doubled over Kayden jumped to the second rope and came off the the buckles with a Springboard Back Elbow that knocked the giant off his feet!

The crowd cheered the comeback by The Nicest Guy in Wrestling who was quite an athlete above all else. He started to stand and waited for Omega to get up. Paulton threw all his might into a STIFF Knife-Edge Chop to the chest of Omega! Against most other people, the chops had been lethal weapons.

Against Omega?

Well.. Omega wasn’t one of them.

Kayden fought back against the former ACW Black Scorpion Champion and chopped the ever-loving daylights out of him, but Omega shook them off and goozled him with both hands. He turned and THREW Kayden into the corner before gritting his teeth.

“We’re done humoring you…”






“Sorry, kiddo…”

Omega’s opening salvo of the volley of painful elbows nearly knocked the wind right out of The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. Omega decided it was now time to do what he had to do so he threw Kayden on the ground to show off his strength.

Ninja K continued to watch the match silently while Buhrman and Powers each watched.

“What brings you out here?” Powers asked.

“He’s going to give Ninja K a beatdown… I just know it…” Buhrman said.

Kenshiro Inogami said nothing as he silently watched and studied the matched. Omega stood over The Nicest Guy in Wrestling, waiting for Kayden to try and fight back. The Good Guy obliged and kicked low at the leg of Omega to try and stun the big man. He kicked him in the leg and ran off the ropes before trying for a Spinning Heel Ki--- oh, wait, what’s that? Omega caught him?

And what else happened? He caught him and dropped him into a vicious Powerslam?

Yup, that’s exactly what happened.

The former ACW superstar grabbed Kayden out of mid-air and tossed him to the ground with a tremendous show of force. The crowd was jeering as Omega continued to stalk Paulton. He powered Kayden Paulton off the canvas and tossed him to the corner before unloading on Kayden with a series of jabs to the face in the corner.

Once the relentless monster grabbed him by the arm, he looked to whip him across the ring only to change trajectory and toss him back into the same corner before landing a big Running Spear in the corner! The fans cringed as Kayden fell to his knees while gasping for air. He looked up and flashed a weak smile to Omega before the pain truly set in.

Continuing the assault, The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling grabbed Kayden by his arm and lifted him to his feet before pushing him to the ropes. He launched him across the ring and caught him with a good old fashioned, no-nonsense Big Boot to the face that nearly kicked Kayden’s head into the next zip code! Paulton tumbled over to the mat after the shot and Omega wasted no time in going in for the win.




The Nicest Guy in Wrestling got a shoulder out from The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling. One of the biggest men in jOlt signaled to the crowd by slashing a thumb across his throat. He was ready to break Kayden in half and put an end to this match before either man would have to get down and dirty.

He grabbed Kayden and powered the Dothan native over his shoulder looking for The End – The Argentine Rack Neckreaker – but Kayden quickly elbowed him in the head about five or six times before squirming out the back and catching him with a Standing Dropkick! Omega bounced back against the ropes which gave Kayden his first real offense. He kicked each leg of Omega again and backed him to the ropes. He ran off the opposite side of the ring to run right at Omega but the big man LAUNCHED him over the ropes… NO!

Paulton landed on the ring apron and waited there. Omega turned and charged at him, but The Good Guy pulled the old rope-a-dope strategy and sent The Big Bucks over the ropes and out to the floor! Paulton had the advantage again and started to climb to the very top turnbuckle. Very carefully he measured his target before he gave a thumbs up to the crowd…


Ninja K looked impressed by Kayden’s resiliency which had served him well during his unlikely ascent in a division that was normally a deterrent against people who were nice and lacked killer instinct.

The huge stunt finally paid dividends and finally Kayden Paulton had the advantage on the floor! He had finally managed to get the big man off his feet and took the chance to go for the cover on the floor.




Paulton was TOSSED off of Omega on the floor! After some fancy footwork, jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler managed to get the advantage over his massive opponent. When Omega tried to stand near the guardrails, Paulton clipped the leg with a Dropkick and sent him tumbling over the guardrails. With his chance, Paulton extended a thumbs up to the crowd and jumped on the barricade before dropping a Leg Drop across the throat on top of the guardrail!

The big man was down and and now Kayden had the advantage. He reached underneath the ring and decided to actually go for some plunder… but would the Friendly Neighborhood Grappler actually use it?

A trash can.

“Huh. That’s random.”

A fire extinguisher.


A chair.

“Cool! I could use a good sit!”

A second chair.

“Sweet! I can kick my legs up!”

Paulton had tossed the weaponry in the ring and the fans cheered on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling as he approached the rising Omega. He charged at Omega only for The Big Bucks to catch him…


Kenshiro Inogami continued to watch the match with the Underground Championship belt resting comfortably in his lap. He continued to watch the match with interest. Omega had straight up TOSSED Kayden across the outside and he hit the floor with a nasty thud, courtesy of the big time Fallaway Slam. Omega rolled over on the floor and went for another cover on the outside.





Somehow Kayden had kicked out again! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had shown tremendous heart over the last several weeks in matches with other big men battles and tonight was no exception.

Omega collected the carcass of Kayden off the ramp and blasted him with a straight Headbutt to the head that sent Kayden skittering across the ringside floor! He tumbled around in front of the ringside area while Kayden Paulton continuing to shake his head. Kayden was pressed over his head now and Omega paraded him around ringside like a child before throwing him back inside!

Paulton was tossed in between the ropes and landed inside the ring near his plunder as Omega made his way back inside. Omega crawled back into the ring where he saw Kayden stand with the trash can lid. Before he could even decide if he was going to swing or not, Omega bulldozed him right over.

Omega stood over him and looked out to the crowd before getting ready to put an end to the match. He grabbed one of the chairs getting tossed into the ring and prepared to use it…


Kayden busted out that fire extinguisher and BLASTED him in the face with the foam, stunning Omega! He waved the chair around frantically as he waited. Kayden saw his chance and bounced off the ropes


Yeah, I just made that up but it sounded cool so let’s go with it, eh? Kayden kicked the chair back into Omega’s face and stunned the monster! He had his chance to rise again!




Paulton almost pulled off what could’ve been another big upset but Omega powered out at the very last moment. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling didn’t sweat it… hell, he almost never sweat anything. He crawled to the apron and headed to the top rope possibly looking for one of his key moves.... He was looking for the Leg Jam Leg Drop…


The members of Kenshiro Inogami’s Crimson Order – monsters Heido and Takeshi – were each heading down to the ring with a purpose. Behind them, Mamoru stood and pleaded with them. Once Ninja K managed to see what exactly was going on, he stepped up and waited. Heido ran down to the ring…


He knew that Heido was leading up to no good so Kayden took it upon himself to jump off the top rope and connected with a Somersault Dive! Takeshi stood by while Mamoru stopped in his tracks just as Ninja K rose. The Crimson Order had taken it upon themselves in the last several shows to issue threats and warnings to Paulton and he had enough!

Paulton wasted no time in getting back into the ring to try again for the Leg Jam…



Viciously, he was driven into the canvas and planted into the canvas. Ninja K walked over and dressed down his subordinates while Omega covered.




Omega had done it! He had followed up on his victory with Derecho by defeating Kayden Paulton in the middle of the ring! Thanks in part to an indirect distraction possibly, but there were no rules to the match and Omega had won.


Ninja K and the rest of the Crimson Order each looked at the ring and Omega took his leave, having gotten the duke. Meanwhile, a pained Kayden was limping on the ground now and watched as Ninja K yelled at his Order for what looked to be their blatant interference.

Things were getting interesting between Paulton and Ninja K and we still had time left on the tumultuous road to Rise of the Legends.

Winner: Omeg a via Pinfall

"Just the Tip"

Ninja K “You guys did good out there last week.”

The voice belonged to that of Duzza, the manager of the stable calling themselves Trouble. One by one, the three of them entered the arena. The Atlanta native Statuz Quo. The Hawaiian Headhunter Khadafi. The self-proclaimed “Mr. Big Time” Dallas Griffin. After an impassioned speech about the men changing their luck for the better after several key defeats, the group called Trouble had scored a big victory in six-man tag team action.

“That’s just the tip, though,” Duzza said.

“I think I’ve said that once or twice to some bitch asking for it,” Dallas laughed as he elbowed Khadafi. He and Quo shared a laugh amongst themselves but Duzza didn’t seem too amuzed.

“Hey,” Duzza said. “Get fucking serious for a second. You guys have one fucking victory under yoru belt. That don’t mean DICK in the grand scheme of things unless you can put those together. Victories – plural. Got it?”

“Yeah, we got it,” Quo spoke up. “I’m sick of these same muh’fuckas runnin’ round our shit, taking our spots. Them punk bitch Heirs? Them Las Vegas fatasses The House? Now you have these Red and Ted queers talkin’ shit like they been where we been. Aran Thompson and his little Black Faction?”

Khadafi nodded in agreement. “This bullshit stops now. I’m pulling the race card, but these bitches need to learn that WE’RE the only Black Faction people need to worry about. Ya dig?”

“See?” Duzza pointed to his eyes. “You guys are starting to see this place for what it really is… a cesspool. A fucking cesspool full of nepotism, politics, and everything else in between. You need to start making statements. People need to know that we’re not playing around.”

“Like this?” Dallas said.

Dallas walked down the hallway and looked over as another wrestler approached from the opposite end of the hall. Graham Youngblood – a face familiar to fans as a hard-working prodigy of the RingRats Academy – was walking by listening to his music on his iPod. He continued to walk the hall until the taller Dallas approached.

“Hey… bitch!”

Youngblood hadn’t seen him and was content on going about his business. This didn’t please Dallas Griffin and the other members of Trouble watched as he pulled the earbud out.

“I. SAID.” Dallas ripped it out as Youngblood locked eyes with a man he once called his former tag partner. “HEY. BITCH.”

Graham wasn’t pleased. “Hey! What the fuck do you want?”

“You to get the fuck out of my way, you shitsipper.”

“You came up to me and started acting like a punk,” Griffin said flatly. “You want a fight, we can go out there in the ring and handle our business there… I gotta pay you back for kicking me to the curb, anyway…”

Graham fired the first shot and caught Dallas in the jaw with a good solid right hand. Griffin fired back with a knee to the chest of his former tag team partner and the two started exchanging blows right in the middle of the hall.

Where one member of Trouble was, all were there and quickly the one-on-one fight escalated into a three-on-one. Graham Youngblood was a tough guy himself who had training from Sylo, but no amount of training was going to help him fight off three big bastards. Dallas tackled Youngblood to the ground while Duzza stood in the background.


They continued their fight and continued to stomp Graham Youngblood. Dallas suddenly jumped in between boots from Quo and Khadafi and ordered them to back up. He wanted the finishing shot so he cocked a foot back and PUNTED Graham right in the rib cage!

Youngblood was now coughing up a little bit of blood as he fell to the side. Griffin checked his jaw after the shot his former tag partner delivered then looked down.

“Warriors.” He said in an icy tone. “I’ll fight you, Graham. It’s time that you and everybody else in jOlt get a taste of the Big Time!”

Duzza clapped and nodded as they started to walk away, but not before he threw another good shot to the side of Graham’s temple for good measure. The members of Trouble were meaning business now and with this new motivation, they were more dangerous than they've ever been.

Ninja K (c) vs Ryan Gallway
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Camera One offered a casual pan to the middle of the ring where the incomparable Dean Carrington was armed with a microphone in hand and Referee Darius Underwood, standing to his immediate right. Both arms behind his back while nodding back at the fans.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall & your MAIN EVENT of the EVENING!!!

“Money” by D/R Period.

A hastened barrage of pulsating green lights accompanied the anthem of all things cash began playing as three figures were hidden in the shadows, their backs trained to the fans; One large man in the middle. One short man on the left & one well-built man to the right. Jackets began lighting up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the promotion’s premier douche bags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Gallaway was seen puffing his chest out as Frank Silver & Mack Brody arrogantly diverted the ‘praise’ toward the high flying challenger before making their way down toward the squared circle. The arena lighting returned with Camera Three back pedaling from the encroaching trio. All boasting their greatness to both the fans home and abroad while brandishing their World Tag Team Championship belts. Ryan allowed his crew to kneel on each end of the ring apron to pump himself up, hop in place a few moments before executing a short running dive through the ring ropes, somersaulting to his feet and thrusting his Tag Team title toward the heavens. The masses continued jeering at the wrestling wunderkind as he stood atop the middle ropes and antagonized the masses before climbing the nearest turnbuckles and yelling back at the non believers.

Darius Underwood walked out of the path of Frank Silver, who began flashing his championship hardware as well. Mack Brody continued pointing to himself and his brothers to further churn the hostile sea of humanity before Ryan snatched the microphone away from Dean Carrington’s hand and burned a hole through him as the audience angrily responded in kind. The ring announcer stepped away as both Frank & Brody loomed in close before stepping back and resting their forearms along the adjacent sets of ropes. Gallway forcefully handed the referee his championship belt and began slapping the microphone...

Gallway: "Greetings, underachieving fucks of Orlando! Your hero has arrived!"

The restless crowd continued to shower one-third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions with jeers as he approached the middle of the ring.

"Tonight, you get to see history! Not only will you have a NEW Underground Champion, but you'll have a double champion that MATTERS! Aran Thompson can choke down my intergalactic nines!" He paused as a few fans laughed. "I'm going to take that Underground Championship and we're going to have ourselves a REAL party! Then I'm going to start some Underground raves with Underground rapid-fire techno music and none of you pretentious Orlando fucks are invited! I'm bringing that party home to a REAL city like Miami!"

The negative reaction from the crowd only increased as Ryan Gallway inched closer to the ring ropes.

"Tonight, you are not only looking at FUTURE of jOlt, you're looking at the RIGHT FUCKING NOW of the Underground Division! We've already proved that we're fucking bulletproof as a tag team when we beat Ninja K's little Hong Kong Phooey groupies at Cataclysm. You can all watch me finish the job we started because I'm going to cut the head of the snake and the underground Championship will be my reward!"

’Vicarious’ by Tool

The Arena of Champions gradually became cloaked in darkness. Cheers and random sources of handheld luminescence were given amidst the blackened landscape as the jOltvision monitors began streaming vivid footage of both technical symmetry and arcane acts of violence before the music shifted into full gear. Exiting from the south western ground exit, Camera Nineteen began its moderate retreat as the reigning jOlt Underground Champion stepped forward from the strobe lit overcast. Holding the Underground championship in his left hand, Kenshiro casually scanned the horizon before Takeshi, Heido, Eiji Kugasari & Mamoru pass through the overcast behind him before the entire clan began their trek toward the squared circle. Swathed in predominantly Pearl with Onyx and Crimson trim, Ninja was the first to stand atop the barricades as his clan began to assume command of the immediate area before dropping down. The Heirs of Wrestling began adamantly barking insults at the ninjas as Kenshiro stood halfway up the ring steps. The referee sought to restore order as the ninja clan leader stood perched atop nearest turnbuckles.

The ninja continued burning holes respectively through each rival while sweeping the bangs from his brow as the musical interlude subsided. The masses were still amped up as Gallway was busy pointing and yelling at the champion as he gracefully dropped down and seized command of his respective corner. Belt still held in his left hand, Ninja continued pacing back and forth slowly as both rival factions remained chomping at the proverbial bit on their opposing sides of the ring. Gallway was busy tugging at the ring ropes and hopping in place as Dean Carrington approached the middle of the ring...

Carrington: “Introducing First, the Challenger; From South Beach, Miami, Florida....Weighting in at 190 pounds...He is The Prince of Precision...The Intergalactic Space Cowboy...and 1/2 of the jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the WORLD!!!....RYAN!!! GALLWAY!!!

The Heirs of Wrestling corner was opened with support for Gallway as the masses felt otherwise. Both Silver and Brody were adamant in their rebuke of the hateful republic as Gallway stood atop the middle ropes and praised himself. The jOlt Tag Team Championship was eventually handed over to the referee before Camera One veered over toward the Inogami Clan corner. A volley of sustained crowd heat was overhead as Ninja was seen popping the bones in his neck while resting at a crouched posture against the turnbuckles. Head downcast in the middle of a silent prayer...

Carrington: “Introducing First; From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan....Weighting in at 240 pounds...He is The Athletic Freak of Nature...and is the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPION of the WORLD!!!....KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

The Inogami Clan were reserved in their celebration with nods of approval. Both Eiji and Heido were pacing about to scan the crowd and perimeter as Takeshi folded his arms and stared at both Silver and Brody. Mamoru was clapping his hands before fishing out his cigar from his breast pocket. Kenshiro was seen standing himself erect, extending his arms outward while looking out into the stands briefly. Gallway was focused on the ninja who handed off the Underground Championship off the referee who displayed it before the cheering republic. Checking the level of readiness briefly, the ring official signaled for the bell. The crowd was in full pitch as both Ninja and Gallway left their respective corners and intently assessed one another for openings. The cocky upstart halted all progress by taunting the ninja several feet from him. Kenshiro nodded and looked away briefly before Ryan sprinted toward him. Ninja allowed him to pass by shoving him forward toward the ropes where Gallway vaulted off the middle ropes and connected with a Snap Spinning Head Scissors. The nimble ninja cartwheeled himself to a kneeling posture Ryan quickly noticed his rival’s position and lashed out with a Piston Front Kick. Kenshiro caught it yet Gallway set himself free with a Standing Back Flip. The challenger quickly evaded the Running Lariat by Ninja to his feet. Kenshiro caromed off the ropes & sprinted underneath the Leap Frog. The Hipster Heartthrob sought to slide & trip up the champion who quickly stepped over. Ninja pivoted about where the spry Tag Team Champion pounced at him for a Hurricanrana Pin! ...1! ...2! The crowd rallied behind the ninja as he nimbly arched himself upward to his feet. Gallway launched himself upward with a Pele’ Kick. Ninja side stepped the attack & shoved him to the floor soundly before hoisting him upward with a Power Bomb Pancake...Dropsault on Gallway sent him crashing & burning near the ring ropes. The masses cheered as Ryan slipped to the outside, gashing his teeth after slapping the ring apron in disgust! Cradling his head, The Heirs of Wrestling huddled up and discussed strategy as Kenshiro paced over toward his assigned corner before lowering him to a crouched posture.

Gallway regained his bearings and knelt briefly along the ring apron before entering the ring. Ninja watched Gallway’s movements before standing erect and approaching him. Ryan readied himself in a defensive posture before Ninja lashed out at his with a 3 Punch Combo. The speedy Ta Champion managed to evade the strikes yet staggered backward slightly before being the recipient of a stiff Snap Kick across the exposed thigh. Ryan cursed angrily as he staggered away. Another similar attack left Ryan hopping mad before being lured away with an Irish Whip to the opposing turnbuckle. Ninja sprinted after him where Ryan fell to the side, allowing the champion to flip over the turnbuckles and land along the ring apron in an acrobatic fashion...

Quasar Kick - Springboard Gamengiri

The audience groaned from the impact as Ninja was left draped over the ring ropes before kneeling along the ring apron. Frank Silver was seen hoisting a Chair over the top ropes where Ryan caught it, sprinted toward the opposing ropes before jettisoning Kenshiro soundly against the floor with a Running Surfboard Dropkick! The Crimson Order kept their distance as Gallway quickly unfolded the chair, shot toward the ropes once more before crushing the ninja against the barricades with a Triple Jump Falling Comet Crash - Running Double Knee Attack!! Rolling to himself to his feet, the arrogant upstart and taunted the entire clan before laying the boots to the fallen Athletic Freak of Nature. Grabbing Ninja by the hair, Gallway slammed the side of his head against the barricades before landing several measured Kicks across the champion’s chest. A few Clubbing Forearms lead to a measured set of Punches to the Head & Face. A rabid fan initiated a shouting match with Ryan before having his drink snatched from his hand, shoved back into his seat before Ryan slammed the beverage against the ninja’s head! “I’M THE NEXT DOUBLE CHAMPION TONIGHT, BITCH!!” exclaimed Gallway as he motioned for another weapon to be handed to him. Brody quickly dragged a chair from underneath the ring apron and tossed it to him.

Gallway slammed the weapon against the floor and swung at the knees of the rising ninja. The chair soundly banged against the barricades as Ninja leapt onto the obstruction...Buzzsaw Kick across the Jaw! Ryan staggered wildly toward the ring apron and leaned against it as Kenshiro sought to retain his balance...The Morning Star Kick - Running Double Mule Kick! Ryan’s eyes and jaw remained agape after being sandwiched violently against the ring apron! Gallway dropped the chair as he collapsed onto his side. Ninja ignored the cheering masses while standing to himself erect, unfolding the chair before grabbing Ryan by the head. Staring menacingly at The Heirs of Wrestling, Ninja blasted Gallway with a stiff Knee Strike to the Face before dragging him toward the chair and wedging his head between the opening. The angry rebuke of the Heirs fell on deaf ears as Kenshiro stood before the barricades before climbing. Ninja turned about only to be shoved airborne into the crowd by a pissed off Frank Silver! Gallway was snatched from his demise amidst an angry hail of heel heat. Mamoru and Heido were bold in their efforts to keep both Eiji & Takeshi at bay. Both Frank and Brody were brazen in their taunting to initiate a gang fight before peeling Ryan off the chair and willing him to fight on. Brody was seen hoisting Ryan overhead with a Delayed Gorilla Press before tossing him atop the rising ninja within the crowd. The referee scrambled through the crowd before making the count...1! ...2! NO!

Bracing his arm against his chest, Gallway struggled back to his feet and staggered backwards before searching for a weapon before connecting with a Hard Front Kick. The ever cocky Tag Team Champion looked out to each side and shouted some arrogant rhetoric to the masses before holding his hand upward. Taking an exaggerated lick across his palm, Gallway reared back...

20422 Special

Ninja reeled from the disrespectful blow before turning back toward Gallway...

20422 Special

Ryan impatiently grabbed Ninja by the hair and hit him with another Front Kick before...

20422 Special

Another Front Kick to the Chest...
20422 Special

Another Front Kick to the Chest...
20422 Special

Another Front Kick to the Chest...
20422 Special

The Heirs of Wrestling were open with their praise as Gallway fought to gain some running room. A dead sprint forward and Ryan sprawled the ninja out across the floor with a Running Yakuza Kick across the Jaw! Gallway stumbled forward and collapsed onto his side. Ignoring the cheers emanating from the hardcore demographic, Ryan fought to regain his footing before inciting a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Shoulder! Gallway sat up in frustration looking to his brethren for encouragement before pulling himself upward and spied Kenshiro rising to all fours before landing a hard Stomp onto the ninja. Grabbing the Ronin by the hair, Gallway took a moment to boast before the masses before leading the champion with an Hammer Throw. Ninja with the reversal...A Stiff Angled Enziguri! The impact sent Ryan stumbling forward wildly, barreling over the barricades and bouncing face first against the thinly padded floor! Covering his face with both hands, Gallway rolled along the ground before The Crimson Order as Kenshiro staggered toward the barricades. The Heirs of Wrestling started enticing the clan to brawl with them yet Kenshiro extended his hand toward them, ordering them to stand down. Eiji passed through between Heido and Mamoru and landed a stiff Kick against Ryan’s exposed rib cage before stepping back. Kenshiro briefly glared at him before climbing over the barricades and dragging Ryan to his feet. Ninja stared at the Heirs while grabbing the back of Ryan’s tights and driving several measured Forearm Strikes to the small of his back before using a Front Kick to slam Gallaway’s chest against the ring apron. Kenshiro gnarled his knuckles while facing Ryan’s brethren briefly as both Frank & Brody reluctantly maintained their distance. Ninja swept the hair form his face before shoving Gallaway inside the ring and making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout!

The Arena of Champions opened up with a sizable pop as Kayden Paulton wandered out from the back onto the entrance staging area. All eyes were set on him as he beamed broadly en route down the ramp. The Inogami Clan stared at him vacant stare as he waved at them before rounding the corner and being cursed at by both Frank Silver and Mack Brody as Paulton took his seat next to Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers. Kenshiro stared menacingly at the No. 1 Contender who merely smiled back. The Ronin scowled at both Ryan and The Heirs respectively before ripping Ryan off the canvas and punishing him with a hard Scoop Hammerlock Slam! The champion began pacing around his prey before kicking Ryan across the shoulder blades. Gallaway writhed in anguish before being pulled up and sent soundly against the turnbuckles. The impact staggered Gallway forward where Kenshiro hoisted him up for a Suplex. Ryan stunned the ninja with a Hard Knee Strike to the Face, dropping him down to the mat. An Upward Soccer Kick to the Face left the ninja reeling backward, allowing Gallaway to shoot toward the nearby ropes before vaulting off...

Precision Point - Head Scissors into Single Arm DDT

Kenshiro howled upon impact as Gallaway gnashed his teeth while locking in an eventual Crossface Submission! The Heirs adamantly rallied behind their diminutive representative as he wrenched back on the hold. Referee Underwood knelt down as Kenshiro gnarled his fist in defiance, Refuting the will to submit, Ninja began dragging himself forward toward the ropes. Ninja’s fingertips were seen scraping against the bottom ropes when Gallway rolled back and left the ninja in dire straits. The masses were overheard roaring excessively as the champion balled up his trembling fist before reaching up to latch onto Ryan’s wrist. Planting his forehead against the mat, Ninja manage to set his knees under him before eventually standing himself erect. Gallway defiantly maintained the hold with Kenshiro staggering about. Meanwhile, Heido was seen retrieving a small bag from his martial arts gi. Opening it quickly, the fans cheered as hundreds of Thumbtacks were spread near the opposing ring ropes. Ninja was almost brought down to a knee when he spied the tacks on the canvas, slowly turned about and back pedaled before crushing Gallway with a ugly Samoan Drop on the Tacks! A hardcore pop ascended Ryan’s visage radiated pure anguish while Ninja keeled over onto his side, favoring his ailing arm. The Heirs were upset as Frank folded his hands behind his head. Mack was storming along the outside, inaudibly cursing at the ninjas.

Body contorted, Gallaway’s panting and whimpers were heard as he gingerly sought to clear himself from the small pool of tacks as Ninja staggered back to his feet. Cradling his arm, Kenshiro dropped down to a knee & rolled to the outside before grabbed Ryan by the wrist and proceeded to drag his screaming rival along the mat before pulling him to his feet and initiating an Irish Whip. Ninja shifted the momentum...The Spirit Breaker - Swinging La Reienera! A screaming Gallway tumbled wildly along the canvas before spilling off the ring apron in front of his brethren. Frank was the first to come to Ryan’s aid before both he & Brock began picking off the tacks off Gallaway’s back when both Heido & Eiji were seen holding court at the western corner with Takeshi & Mamoru on the East. Both Brody and Silver stood on the defensive when Kenshiro came sailing over the top rope and wiped out the stable with a Diving Twisting Cross Body Splash! The Arena of Champions resonated with unchecked adulation as Kenshiro eventually stood and leaned against the ring apron as Takeshi was the first to attack Brody and they took the brawl away form the ring announce positions as Heido and Frank Silver were waging war until they spilled over the barricades into the crowd. Eiji quickly grabbed Gallway by the tights and sought to run him into the ring steps yet Ninja seized him by the arm to stop him. Ryan collapsed as Ninja centered his attention on Paulton briefly before ordering Eiji to leave the area.

Reluctantly, Eiji began his egress to the back as Ninja grabbed Ryan by the hair and stared back at Kayden before hauling off on Gallaway with a series of Measured Kicks. A splash of blood would spray along the floor before Gallaway collapsed. Kayden’s facial expression shifted to that of glaring concern as Ninja grabbed his challenger by the hair and shoved him back inside the ring. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! The champion rested on both knees and inaudibly conversed with the ref before pulling Ryan to his feet. The High Roundhouse Kick sailed over Gallaway’s skull...Super Kick by Ryan and Kenshiro turned away, staggering before dropping to a knee. The resurgent Tag Team Champion spat crimson along the canvas before quickly careening against the opposing ropes and snapped of a torrid Flying Head Scissors. Kenshiro tumbled back to his feet before bouncing spine first against the opposing turnbuckles. In mid sprint, Gallaway quickly snatched up a prone Steel Chair before connecting soundly with a High Leg Lariat! The metal seat banged against the canvas as the flyweight swivled about onto the top turnbuckles via the ring ropes...

SUPERNOVA - Yoshi Tonic/Standing Sunset Flip Power Bomb

The impact against the steel chair as piercing as Gallaway gnashed his teeth and desperately bundled Kenshiro up for the pin...



The audience roared as the referee flashed 2 fingers. Kayden Paulton was seen standing erect clapping his hands in appreciation by Camera Five. Outright complaints fell from Ryan’s lips as he dragged himself away from the ninja before briefly seating himself along the ring apron before fishing underneath the ring apron to pull out a wooden table. The masses cheered as Ryan slid the wooden and metal object inside the ring. Kenshiro was crawling toward the ropes before using them to begin pulling himself back to his feet. Ryan leaned it against the turnbuckles when ne noticed Kenshiro almost back to his feet. Ryan quickly attacked Kenshiro with a Flying Forearm Attack. Several rapid fire Forearms leaned the ninja the ropes before attempting a Walk Up Tornado DDT. Ninja countered by tossing the challenger forward. The agile Gallaway landed on both feet and sprinted after the retreating ninja...The Osaka Plex - A Northen Lights Salto Suplex!...Seppuku - A Double Foot Stomp to Chest!...

Gallway’s jaw hung opened as he braced both arms across his chest yet Kenshiro quickly flipped his prey over...The Imploding Star Submission (I.S.S.) - An MMA-style variant of a Leg Nelson (Vazque-Fix)!...

Referee Underwood knelt down and monitored the screaming Tag Team Champion. Blood seeped slowly from his lips as Ryan shook his head adamantly. The champion wrenched back tighter as Ryan turned his head onto the side before angrily nodding, urging the referee to immediately call for the bell.

The audience exploded as Ninja pulled back tighter until Underwood as forced to finally manage to pry the victorious ninja off the challenger...’Vicarious’ by Tool continued streaming out from overhead...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, your winner....and STILL...jOLT WRESTLING UNDERGROUND CHAMPION of the WORLD!!!! KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Referee Underwood began attending to the ailing challenger in Gallaway as the battered ninja sat up and briefly looked up into the lights before staring at the fallen Intergalactic Space Cowboy. Mamoru was seen climbing the ring steps with the Underground Championship in hand. Kayden Paulton was steadily clapping his hands respectfully as Mamoru seized the championship form the time keeper before walking his way up the ring steps. Ninja was leaning against the ring ropes with a hand on his right knee. Head downcast, Kenshiro stoically basked in the moment...


The Arena of Champions was littered with several seconds of adamant cheering until the lights abruptly returned. Omega was standing at the ring’s epicenter. Kenshiro slowly raised his head. Eyes narrowing at first sight of the hulking monstrosity. Gnashing his teeth before whipping his head back and flashing his canines, the enigmatic nightmare quickly wrapped his fingers around the clan leader’s throat before laying out Mamoru with a stiff Boot to the Face! The Underground Championship flew and bounced along the canvas as Omega slowly raised the champion upward by his throat....

The End - Argentine Back Breaker into a Flying Neck Breaker

Kayden Paulton was quick to slide inside the ring and pounced on the towering titan. The legions cheered as Kayden engaged Omega with a bevy of Punches. A Front Kick by Kayden urged him to shoot toward the ropes. Paulton’s Flying Forearm was obliterated with a devastating Power Slam! The Alabama native recoiled form the impact before Omega snatch him up by the hair and abruptly flung him over the top rope to bounce off the floor along the outside. The psychologically unbalanced demon radiated a straight face as he stalked after the faintly moving Ninja.

The Arena of Champions booed heavily as Omega knelt down beside the ninja, inaudibly speaking to himself in fragmented sentences before angrily slapping his head and staggering about. Unexpectedly grabbing his braids, Omega whipped his head back and unleashed a piercing scream before dragging the ninja by his hair away to the opposing corner. Dragged along both knees, the reigning champion sought to pry himself away when Omega nailed the ninja with a Clubbing Forearm. Defiant to the end, Kenshiro Kneed the ninja in the mid section. The impact dropped Kenshiro onto all fours before a wildly screaming Omega repeatedly slapped his face before flashing his tongue eerily. Hoisting Ninja upward, Omega screamed as he sprinted forward...


The ninja remained buried underneath the pile of wooden and metal debris lifeless as Omega emitted an unsettling fit of maniacal laughter. Fists clenched, Omega marveled at his wake of destruction before staring at the heralded championship. Curiously, the monster carefully approach it before cradling it with both arms. Seated Indian style, the vile villain began slowly rocking himself back and forth with his eyes transfixed upon the pewter surface. Humming a faintly familiar nursery rhyme to himself as the broadcast gradually faded to black....

Winner: Ninja K via Submission