"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Monsters Within"

Ninja K The lights suddenly go out throughout the arena. The fans start to feel a slight chill in the air as the camera phones start to flicker on to have some light shine through the darkness. A lone spotlight hit the center of the ring where the monster Omega sat. The enigma had a black hoodie on as he held the microphone close to his mouth. The ringside fans looked on with a hint of fear that made the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.

This man has carved a destructive path through jOlt’s Underground division. The entire Arena of Champions witnessed what this man did to the number one contender and the Underground Champion in one night. The sick part was that he enjoyed every minute of the destruction.

“A few days ago on Warriors we actually did something for you people. We gave you people exactly what you wanted. You wanted destruction… we gave it to you. You wanted chaos… we gave it to you. You wanted carnage… we gave it to you. Stop us when you have heard enough. Do you people understand what we are saying? YOU MADE US DO IT.”

Omega paused for a second as the spotlight continued to shine on him in the middle of the ring.

“We told you all that the Underground division would be ours. You don’t understand what we can do if we fully put our minds to it. The chaos you all witnessed was just a small sample of what Omega brings to the Underground. Omega took your sheep, Kayden Paulton and destroyed him because you all wanted it. Kayden does not belong in the same ring as us. Kayden was manipulated into thinking he could stand in this division. We blame you people for send Kayden to his untimely demise. His blood will be on all of your hands once we are through with him.”

The fans started to jeer Omega but the monster sat still with the hoodie still over his head.

“Now we come to the Underground Champion himself, Ninja K. We gave you warning after warning but you did not heed our warning. We told you time and time again that you were the gatekeeper for OUR championship. What we did to you was only a tease to what we really have planned for you. We know what type of man you are Kenshiro, but you have no idea what kind of force we can be.”

“It is of no consequence now because you have had just a dose of the monster. Kenshiro and Kayden we are not done with the two of you by a longshot. We plan to do more inhumane things to the both of you. The end is near for the both of you.”

Omega dropped the microphone as the spotlight faded. The eerie feel of the darkness throughout the arena was felt a higher level after Omega finished in the ring. The lights quickly came back on and the ring was empty. Omega was gone as the crowd looked around the ring side area.

"Contemplating the Darkness"

Ninja K The scene was the locker room. Derecho was pacing back and forth. He couldn't get the images of Tyke out of his head. He knew Tyke had a match with Omega later tonight, but Derecho knew that simply interfering.. especially against one of the people who put him down a few weeks ago, wouldn't be a wise decision. Derecho, however, wanted revenge. He was tired of being pushed around by Tyke and he wanted to put an end to it.

"No.. No.. No.." muttered Derecho as he paced back and forth.

"It's the only way.. NO! It's not.. there's another way.. NO!... It IS the only way..."

Derecho stopped pacing for a moment and leaned up against a wall in his locker room. Derecho gritted his teeth as he pounded his fist against the locker several times, making a very noticable dent.

"I have to do it... I don't want to.. but I have to do it."

Derecho turned and went to walk out of the locker room, but he stopped in his tracks. Derecho turned back and returned to the spot where he pounded his fist into the lockers.

"What am I doing? Am I really going to go down that path again? Am I going to throw my mind away for him!?" said Derecho.

"Tyke... Tyke... Tyke... this is all his fault.. everything is his fault. I wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for him. Tyke.. Tyke... Tyke.. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF TYKE!"

Derecho pounded his fist into the locker once again.

"FUCK IT! IT'S DECIDED!" yelled Derecho

Derecho turned and stormed out of the locker room and then turned and walked down the hallway.. the cameras went to follow, but the scene simply faded to black.

Landon Stevens vs Jesse Ramey
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood center of the ring ready to kick the evening off with a bang, “the following contest will be contested under Underground Rules, with a twenty minutes time limit, and will be one fall to a finish.”

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown

The lights in the arena had gone down and the spotlight shined down on center stage. The fan erupted as the frame of the Anti-Star emerged from the backstage area. Tonight Ramey had the chance to do something that no other superstar on the jOlt roster had ever done. He was going toe-to-toe with Landon Stevens, a man who had never been beaten inside of a jOlt ring. Overcoming adversity was something that Ramey had done his entire career though, and tonight he had hoped to add another of those accomplishments to his list.

“Making his way to the ring weighing in this evening at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his right hip as Arnold finished his announcement. Ramey popped back up to his feet quickly and made his way toward the ropes. He placed one boot on the middle rope, the other on the top rope, and shot his right arm into the air as he yelled at the fans. What Ramey lacked in the size of other competitors he surely made up in the energy that he brought to the ring with him. This was something that the fans were deeply rooted into by this point in time.

“Gallows” by Atreyu

The opening drum beats blasted throughout the arena as the unbeaten Landon Stevens stepped through the entrance curtains. Unlike the standing ovation his opponent had encountered the crowd was more mixed to the sight of Stevens. The thought didn’t linger on his mind much though because he knew he didn’t have anything more to prove. He’d beaten some of the top talent in jOlt and a washed up talent like the man standing in the ring before him tonight was merely an afterthought.

“Making his way to the ring weighing in tonight at two hundred and eighteen pounds and hailing from Glendale, Arizona; HE IS LANDON STEVENS!”

Stevens made his way onto the ring apron via the steel ring steps. He ducked into the ring between the middle and top rope and he stood across the ring from his opponent with an air of arrogance stretched across his face. Mike Hunt stepped to the center of the ring, signaled for the bell, and quickly took several steps back to get out of the way of the coming onslaught.




Despite the nature of his victory over the multiple time champion in Derecho, the confidence exuding from Landon Stevens at this moment in time was enough for him to take his eyes off of his opponent. Stevens turned toward the crowd and smiled, even going as far as to take a bow toward them letting them know just how awesome he really was.

The biggest problem with all of that was the fact that the man standing across from him took that sense of arrogance and disrespect to the fans as a major slap to the face. As Stevens rose from his bow, he was caught in the jaw with a running leg lariat from the Anti-Star. The move bought Stevens down to the mat, where he quickly rolled out of the ring and smashed his hands off of the ring apron in frustration.

Ramey, however, darted toward the ropes and just as Stevens was turning to make his way back into the ring two boots caught him in the mouth. Ramey darted under the bottom rope with a baseball slide dropkick that found its mark perfectly. Stevens staggered several steps back, but as Ramey approached Stevens brought a thigh up into his midsection, grabbed him by the hair and tossed him off into the steel barricading that surrounded the ringside area.

Stevens once again shot a grin in the general direction of the fans as he slowly made a full circle turn and then rushed toward Ramey. The Anti-Star side stepped Stevens at the last second causing him to dive shoulder first into the barricade. Ramey quickly lifted the ring apron and began searching for anything he could get his hands on. Stevens pushed his way back up to his feet, holding at his right shoulder, and turned right into a head on collision.


That sound that had just brought the fans back to their feet cheering was the sound of a trash can that came crashing down across the forehead of Landon Stevens. Stevens staggered on wobbly legs for a moment before Ramey then brought the open end of the trash can over top of Stevens’ head covering a good portion of his upper body.

This actually brought an audible laugh from the fans, and Ramey continued the punishment as he hit Stevens with a standing dropkick. The move sent Stevens flying backward into a seated position, in the little corner that was made by the ring steps, steel ring post, and ring apron. Ramey then jumped up onto the ring apron and smiled as he rushed across the apron falling with another dropkick right into the crash can encased Landon Stevens.

Ramey pulled the nearly compressed trash can off of the body of Stevens, lifted him back to his feet, and shoved him into the ring. Ramey crawled back into the ring and pushed Stevens’ shoulders to the mat for the pin attempt. Hunt dropped in for the count.


The quick kick out didn’t cause Ramey to hesitate though as he launched back to his feet and darted toward the ropes. On Ramey’s approach Stevens rolled onto his stomach in Ramey’s direction causing the Anti-Star leap over him and continue off into the opposing ropes. Stevens pushed his way back to his feet, Ramey leapt into the air toward him, but Stevens caught him and brought him down to the man with a twisting spinebuster.

Stevens was quick to jump on top of Ramey in a full mount position, Stevens lifted Ramey’s head with his left arm and began driving forearm shots into the side of his head. Each shot sent Ramey’s skull crashing back down to the mat, but Stevens was unrelenting. The confident smile had turned to one of a more twisted nature now as Stevens grabbed Ramey by the hair and slowly lifted him back to his feet.

Ramey stood on staggered legs as Stevens backed up toward the ropes, and charged in driving a massive superman punch into the skull of Ramey. Ramey’s knees wobbled a bit as the rest of his body came crashing down on them and he crumpled to the mats in a mess. Stevens quickly exited the ring under the bottom ropes and began rummaging under the ring now himself for goodies.

The first thing that came out from under the ring was a wooden table that Stevens quickly opened and sat a few feet from ring apron. Then he pulled an eight foot ladder from under the ring, the top rung slid under the opened table as Stevens lifted the legs up onto the ring apron and slid it inside. A three foot two by four was produced and thrown inside of the ring, and finally Stevens entered the ring with a steel chair in his hand.

Ramey had made his way back to a seated position on his knees, only for Stevens to approach with the chair held in both hands high above his head. Stevens brought the chair down on top of Ramey’s head causing him to slump back down to the mat. Stevens dropped the chair and then climbed on top of Ramey’s body for the pin attempt as he hooked the leg for leverage.




Stevens smashed his fists into the mat as he stood and began arguing with Hunt about the count being slow. Stevens then ran his left hand through his hair and turned back toward a now crawling body of Ramey. Stevens picked the steel chair up off of the mat. Stevens smacked the chair off of the mat and then pulled the tip back toward his shoulder readying it for when Ramey managed to get back to his feet.

Ramey slowly pushed his way up off of the mat, his clock still rung from the first chair shot, as Stevens brought the chair swinging for him head once more. Ramey was able to duck under the chair though, and as Stevens turned Ramey launched into the air catching the chair with spinning heel kick that sent the chair crashing back into the face of Stevens.

Landon dropped the chair and staggered backward falling through the ropes and onto the apron. Stevens was barely able to grab hold of the middle rope as he fell keeping himself from falling to the mats below. Ramey approached and drove a forearm into Stevens’ face that caused him to lean backward, still able to hold himself on the apron with one arm. Ramey made a full circle and then rushed back in as Stevens was pulling himself back in catching him this time with an even harder forearm shot.

The move caused Stevens to fly backward with even more force and he wasn’t able to keep his hold. Stevens fell backward onto the table that he had set up outside of the ring, but the table didn’t break, instead he landed on it perfectly. Ramey stopped for a moment as he listened to a now raucous crowd, then looked at the ladder in the ring, and listened as they only continued to grow the noise level.

Ramey grabbed hold of the ladder, opened it, and positioned it directly in front of the ropes. He began scaling the ladder until he reached the top. Each rung brought a larger cheer from the crowd, until he found himself standing at the very top. Then a deafening silence engulfed the arena as Ramey came flying off downward toward the body of Landon Stevens.

An at least twelve foot high frog splash came crashing down through a table that had Landon Stevens draped across it. Both Ramey and Stevens lay outside of the ring in a mess of broken wood and metal, and the fans were still hushed for several moments before one fan broke through the silence and caused the massive chant.


Ramey began slowly pulling himself from the wreckage toward the ring. He latched onto the ring apron and slowly pulled himself back to his feet. Staggering into the mess before him he grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him back over to the ring. Ramey slowly lifted Stevens’ body up and rolled him back into the ring. Ramey quickly followed after and covered Stevens for the pin attempt.




It was at this point that even Ramey was beginning to look a bit frustrated as he came to a seated position and ran both of his hands through his hair. Ramey let out a sigh as he slowly pushed his way back to his feet, Ramey reached down and grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him up to his feet as well. Ramey roared as he signaled to the fans that it was time to end the match, but just as he was going to set Stevens up for the Darkness Buster. Stevens sprang back to life with one last gasp of breath, kicked Ramey in the midsection, and then dropped him on his head with a Small Package Driver.

Rising Star Driver!

Even unknown to Steven as he brought Ramey’s back and neck crashing down to the mat with his finisher the move had landed Ramey’s back perfectly across the two by four that he had thrown into the ring. Ramey writhed in pain as Steven climbed on top of his body pressing his forearm across his face, and hooking Ramey’s leg with his own for the pin.




“Gallows” by Atreyu blasted throughout the arena once again as Hunt helped Stevens back to his feet and raised his arm in the air.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Arnold began to announce, “the winner of this match via pinfall LANDON STEVENS!”

The fans all booed as Stevens rolled out of the ring, making his way through the wreckage of a table where his body once lay. Stevens smiled as he made his way up the entrance ramp knowing that he had just picked up another victory over a veteran of the ring. Tonight his unbeaten recorded would stay intact and it was time to move on even closer to his goals of winning the jOlt Championship.

The music died down as Stevens disappeared through the backstage curtains and inside of the ring the Anti-Star rested on his knees. A look of desperation and defeat on his face, but the fans booing soon turned to cheering as he stood to his feet. Ramey may not have had championship contention on his mind at the moment like his opponent, but with the sound of the fans cheering him even in defeat he felt like the jOlt Champion tonight.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"Hush Little Student"

Ninja K "Ladies and Gentlemen, my special guest for the evening."

Donny Layne stood in front of the camera as a jOlt Wrestling backdrop hung behind him and he continued on.

"The jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Aran Thompson."

The Arena of Champions began booing so loud that it grabbed Laynes' attention as the camera panned over to Aran Thompson with the jOlt Championship hanging over his left shoulder and Black Faction behind him.

"Aran." Donny began. "Last week on Warriors you and Eiji Kugasari had one hell of a match, but also Landon Stevens, a former protegé of yours, touted on that you were scared of him as he has proven that he can't be beaten in matches with standard rules. Tonight you face Kayden Paulton in a match that quite possibly paints a target on your back bigger than the previous weeks because now there are two men vying for contention of your jOlt Championship. Your thoughts?"

Donny had finished his long winded speech and Aran smirked at him.

"Scared? Me? Scared? Why would I be scared of Landon Stevens? I know every trick he knows because I taught them to him. Does he really think that I taught him everything that I know? Apparently he hasn't learned to adapt well. I get put in a high profile match, and I win. Plain and simple. I beat six other men to gain this championship months ago, I wasn't scared and I won. I fought all over this Arena with Derecho in defense of this championship. I wasn't scared. I expected it to be a expected it to be a war. I bled for the first time ever in a match. My face bounced off a urinal, I was thrown through tables and even into another person and I got back up and continued the war. Took it to the ring and still had the courage to climb to the top rope and slay a self proclaimed God."

Aran stopped and looked around for a moment letting his words sink in.

"Being scared isn't an option. What I am is smart. Logical. Calculated. Cool. Calm. Collected. I don't go in a match and expect to squash my opponent. I go in expecting them to want to rip my head off as much as I want to rip theirs off. I hand picked Eiji Kugasari for a match last week and you saw that war. The kid has spunk. A certain tenacity that I wished Landon Stevens would of picked up."

"Tonight I go up against the man that is the number one contender to the Underground Championship and I expect "Mister Nice Guy" to want to rip my head off. Prove that he can hang with the top level elite."

"Landon Stevens, you are a child trying to wiggle your way into a mans world. If you truly think that you can beat me. Then fine, you'll have your chance. Because I am issuing you a challenge. Master vs. Student. Let the time old tale retell the same story."

"You still have a lot to learn."

Almost immediately Mace Williams, Eli and Ezra Conway and Laurie Williams reacted as the camera panned over and say Landon Stevens standing there in his black and red shir that read "#Undefeated" on it smiling as Aran's Black Faction were one nod away from destroying the champion hopeful.

"And you have yourself a match."

Landon had, without blinking, accepted the challenge laid down by the champion. But Aran had a smirk on his face.

"It won't be for the jOlt Championship, of course. But you'll get your match...."

"On Warriors."

Aran and Landon stared one another down, but Landon got wise to the numbers game and backed off. Aran and Landon Stevens, on Warriors. Master versus Student for the very first time in either of their careers.

Charlotte & "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann vs Sarah Winteron & Persephone
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

The Starlet division had been heating up in a big way over the last several months and in the next match things were going to get even more personal than they had before. Charlotte had defended her title against a major Hype Starlet in “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann only to get jumped later in the evening and having her clothes stolen by her #1 contender, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton and former Starlet Champion Persephone. Who would win the battle of Starlets in this first-ever tag team Starlets match in some time?

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The heavy beat kicked in as the lights in the arena flashed blue, green, yellow, and red in that order, the same colors found in the challenger's hair. The audience stomped their feet to the addictive beat as "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann dashed out from the back, wearing a dragonfly mask with a black hooded sweatshirt, the hood pulled over her head. Ryann nodded her head to the beat and then charged down the entrance ramp, and up onto the ring apron.

She flipped over the top rope into the ring as each corner of the ring exploded with pyro.. one blue, one green, one red, and one yellow. She removed her hood to expose her multi-colored hair. She removed her dragonfly mask and passed it to ringside and awaited her opponent as the arena returned to normal.

"The Jack" by AC/DC

The cheers kept on going as "The Queen of Hearts" stepped out from the backstage area. Charlotte stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and glared down toward the ring at her opponent with the Starlet Championship slung over her shoulder. The two Starlets seemed to have formed a bond between them and they shook hands in the ring. Charlotte wanted some payback against her two attackers while Amber Ryann wanted another chance to shine!

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dis Moix played next as the lights began to change. Out came the two Starlets that had attacked Charlotte in the locker room last week and now looked to pick up where they left off. Sarah Winterton waved to the fans while Perspehone looked much less happy to be there. They were making a beeline to the ring!

Sarah and Charlotte locked up!

Amber Ryann was now fighting with Persephone! Now it was time for the ladies of the ring to shine!

Both sets of women were now fighting in the ring with Charlotte taking out her aggression on the faux royalty in one corner. On the other side, Amber Ryann and Persephone were exchanging elbow smashes while trying to wear down the other .

The referee was trying to get order restored between the ladies as the fight continued to break out among the masses. Eventually the fight spilled when Charlotte tossed Winterton out of the ring. Amber Ryann followed suit when Persephone missed a kick and allowed the Dragonfly to nail a front dropkick that shot her through the ropes!

The Startlet Champion and the Dragonfly stood tall with Charlotte waving for her to get back in the ring and get some. Persephone and Winterton then backed off and started to discuss strategy while the referee was counting them out.

Amber Ryann stood in the ring while Sarah Winterton slid inside. This was a big opportunity for the otaku with the unique wrestling style that turned heads against the Starlet Champion on Warriors.

“Oh, darling, you can get away from me now, you multi-colored commoner!”

The Dragonfly responded with a series of thigh kicks that stung really bad with each impact. Ryann jumped over and slapped on a head lock when Sarah reversed that and took her down with a fireman’s carry takeover. She followed that right up with a lateral press pin.



Ryann kicked out but a smug Heiress told her it was very close to defeat. Amber offered up a sarcastic clap before she stood up. Winterton kneed her in the stomach and tried to execute a back suplex when Ryann reversed that and caught her with a flying double-leg roll up!



Winterton kicked out and the crowd cheered for The Dragonfly as she held up three fingers, letting her know she had almost pinned the #1 contender to the Starlet Championship. She grabbed Winterton by the arm and locker her in an arm wringer before kicking away at the arm. She pulled her over to the corner and tried to get at her, but Winterton backed away quickly and tagged Persephone before ducking away from the ring. It was clear that The Heiress wanted no part of the Starlet Champion in a fair fight.

Persephone looked at The Heiress with contempt before she stepped into the ring to take on Charlotte. The former and current Starlet Champion continued to fight their battle and nailed a series of forearm smashes to the face before Persephone tossed her to the corner. Persephone charged only for Charlotte to use her flexibility to twist her in the ropes…


She had the former Starlet Champion trapped in the ropes with a version of the Tarantula submission. She held on for the four count she was allowed in the ropes before falling to the apron. The Queen of Hearts was in the ring now and dragged Persephone to the corner before tagging out and sending to the ropes. She and Amber actually showed some nice teamwork when Charlotte hit a drop toe hold while The Dragonfly followed with a dropkick to her face.



Persephone out at two. The strikes kept on coming from the Dragonfly as she connected with two chops followed by a third spinning chop to the chest that sent the former champion into the ropes. She ran right at her in the corner as The Heiress watched her partner get kicked again. She tried to run the ropes only to get kneed in the back by Winterton! The crowd booed as the Dragonfly was snatched up by Persephone only to get dropped with a swinging side slam backbreaker!

The former Starlet Champion stood tall now and stood over the otaku-inspired high flyer.

“Get her, darling!” Winterton screamed from her corner.

The rainbow-haired vixen fell victim to a series of stomps to the back from Persephone and continued the beatdown with a few crossface punches. She dragged her over to the corner now and tagged into Sarah Winterton for the first time. After a rocky start the two embittered Starlets looked to be teaming up again. Persephone held her in a full nelson so that way Winterton could fly off the turnbuckle and land a big diving axe handle to the face. Sarah waved to the crowd and hooked the leg.



Close, but no cigar!

The Heiress sneered at the referee for what she perceived to be a slow count and went to attacking the Hype Starlet. She lifted her up by her arm only to drop down with a double knee armbreaker that brought her down to the canvas! She was hurt and Winterton was looking to soften her up for the Ermine Cape armbar submission.

She turned over and while Amber was hurt, she twisted the arm around and dropped her into the canvas with a quick arm dragon screw. She was in a bad position now while Charlotte watched and waited for any chance to tag in and get her hands on the hostile Heiress.

Inside the ring she pulled her up and crossed Amber’s arms together before driving her into her shoulder with a cross-armed neckbreaker called SPOILED SWEET~!



No way! The Dragonfly kicked out much to the shock and dismay of The Heiress.

She rolled over and made another tag to Persephone who arrogant stood over the wounded Dragonfly. She started paintbrushing the back of the Dragonfly’s head and continued to talk trash.

“Get up, rookie!” Persephone shouted in her ear.

Charlotte started to walk around her side of the ring and the valet of the House was still chomping at the bit to get into the ring. She waited for the chance to go on the assault so she pulled her up and whipped her into the corner. The former Starlet Champion charged when The Dragonfly hit the middle rope with no hands and backflipped right over her, her patented Mega Man X Wall Jump!

The crowd was wowed with the show of agility as she kept on running. When Peresphone moved she tried to catch her off the rebound with a clothesline, but the lightning quick Dragonfly moved…


Persephone was doubled over now and allowed The Dragonfly to go up top. With the crowd in her corner she started to climb with no effort and waited for her to turn around…


The same combination that she had used against the Starlet Champion last week also served her well against another former champion! Both women were down now and Charlotte was aching for a tag.

“Come on!”


The Starlet Champion was aching and ready to fight. The Dragonfly rolled over and looked to make a tag just as Persephone was about to reach The Heiress. Winterton got the tag in and she was ready to go. On the other side of the ring The Dragonfly and went to the corner…

The tag was made!

For the first time in the ring, the number one contender and the Starlet Champion came face to face with one another. Sarah tried to jump her with a cheap shot but Charlotte blocked it and fired back with some elbows to the face that her husband Derrick Huber taught her.

She continued to fire the punches now and scrapped with The Heiress before she powered her up and took her down with a snap suplex. The athletic champion nipped up to her feet and headed off the ropes…


The springboard moonsault found its mark and now Charlotte tried going for the win over the number one contender to her belt.



And the pin was broken up by Persephone!

She tackled Charlotte on the ground right before she get the win. The former Starlet Champion stood up when Amber Ryann came out of nowhere and tried to take her down with a kick only to have it blocked. Persephone spun her around and dropped her with her reverset DDT move called THE END IS NEAR~!

Persephone looked proud of herself for being able to get the duke over the Hype Starlet when she should’ve been paying attention to the champion who was now up…


The discus big boot caught her square in the face and knocked her out of the ring! The Starlet Champion was standing tall now and she went right back after the Heiress. She was pissed off after all the sneak attacks and theft of her belt previously that she unloaded on the Heiress in the corner! The fists kept on flying at her as the referee started another count. The ref then pried her out of the corner and Charlotte fought back by pushing the ref away from her when Sarah jabbed her in the eye with a thumb! She flinched and held her eye when she felt Sarah Winterton rolling her up from behind while hooking the tights with the Enchanting Pin!




An upset had been pulled! The Heiress had just defeated the Starlet Champion in the middle of the ring! The crowd jeered at The Heiress as she rolled out of the ring frantically and jumped around with elation. She had taken advantage of Charlotte’s own emotions and when the time was right she had stolen the victory!

The Heiress limped out of the ring and raised her hand in the air for the crowd to see. Charlotte was angry with herself and held her eye while focusing her good one right at Winterton as she skipped up the aisle. Amber Ryann saw what happened and shook her head while consoling Charlotte. There were no hard feelings between the two, but Charlotte had more to worry about.

A sneaky Heiress had just proven she could beat the champion. If she could do it at Rise of the Legends she would finally fulfill her desire to hold the coveted Starlet Championship. This feud was not over yet.

Winner: Sarah Winterton & Persephone via Pinfall

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Not Me Though)"

Ninja K The scene faded to the backstage area, inside of a dimly lit dressing room Jesse Ramey was seated in a steel folding chair as he was undoing his wrestling attire. Ramey glanced up a brief moment at the camera that was coming closer to him, and then back down to tape he was taking off of his arms.

“Everyone wants to be the bad guy in this business.” Ramey’s opening statement rang out with a grizzled tone, “It’s always been the happening place to be. It’s where you get the most reaction from the fans. It’s how you get the money, the title shots, the glamour of this business.”

“I can’t tell you a single person in this business who hasn’t flirted with that road at least once in their career.” Ramey smirked with his head lowered, “I’ve even taken the path a few times in my time doing this. It’s caused more pain and heartache than what any of these other so called ‘bad guys’ working in this arena care to share with you. It’s not always the life of glamour that you see while the cameras are rolling.”

“Tonight Landon Stevens snuck a victory in over me,” Ramey continued to smile, “so I guess you can chalk one up for the ‘bad guys’ tonight. It happens though, and I’m not going to let my career with this company be defined by the wins or the losses I take inside of that ring. The fact that I was able to stand up after that match and the booing that the fans were letting reign down on Landon Stevens turned to cheers. Because I gave them my heart and even took a significant amount of damage in the process of giving them a showing they would remember; that’s how I define my career in this industry.”

“I have more respect for this business inside and outside of the ring than any man stepping his foot through these doors ever single night!” Ramey spat a bit from the frustration on his face, “I always keep my word. I told you that if Diamond Jewelz decided he was going to stick his nose in places it didn’t belong I would kick his head clean off of his torso.”

“On Warriors, I did just that.” Ramey looked up at the camera for a split second and smiled, “Obviously what was on that flash drive that Mattock had given me was enough to shake you to the core Jewelz. I’m sure it only did for a short period of time though, because nothing is going to be done to you for the actions you took against your former partner. That’s the reason I never made light of it myself.”

“I’ve been in this business long enough to know that this kind of stuff doesn’t matter.” Ramey shook his head, “Mattock, you thought showing it would drive a wedge between me and Jewelz a little more. You see, I know you’re type too. You’re the big talking piece of crap who likes to get inside of a person’s head.”

“Well, allow me to introduce myself to you junior.” Ramey smiled, “You obviously don’t know me well enough to know that I’m the man who took the guy who perfected mind games in this business to the limits; a man who goes by the name of Khristain Keller.” Ramey paused, “Yeah probably doesn’t ring any bells with you, but I’m sure that’s because you’re so self-absorbed with yourself that Mattock is the only person you can truly fixate on. So, let me just end that topic with this fact, there isn’t shit you can throw at me that I haven’t already been through a hundred times over and even more twisted.”

“After Warriors, I’m not even sure what is racing through the minds of the people in the booking department here.” Ramey chuckled, “But from what I’ve been told at the up and coming pay-per-view, Rise of the Legends, the fans are going to be treated to the tag team rubber match pitting myself and Diamond Jewelz up against Mattock and Sanchez Cano one final time. Who is the better team?!”

Ramey’s eyes grew wide for a second as he threw his arms outward, and then began to laugh.

“This is all obviously one giant joke, because as far as I’m concerned the team of Jesse Ramey and Diamond Jewelz has never been a team from the very beginning.” Ramey made jest, “So, when it’s all said and done it doesn’t matter because reVolt will be the better team; because come win, lose, or draw at Rise of the Legends our time together as a team is finished Jewelz.”

“And once we’ve got this whole thing settled,” Ramey smiled and leaned in near the camera, “then we can focus on the more pressing issue to come after Rise of the Legends. The fact that I’m going to make it my personal goal to kick Diamond Jewelz and Mattock’s asses all over this arena until they learn to respect this business just a little bit. I hope your both prepared for that.”

Ramey coolly winked at the camera and then went back to taking undoing his wrestling attire as the scene faded.

Dallas Griffin vs Graham Youngblood
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

After what had been a rocky few months, the stable simply known as Trouble had finally managed to get themselves back on the winning track with a big win over Sweet Sweet Lovin and Cordova on the last edition of Warriors. Now, Dallas Griffin was jumping into singles action tonight against somebody who he had a very familiar history with.

His opponent would be another young upstart by the name of Graham Youngblood – his former tag team partner in the group called RingRats. Dallas Griffin was now being mentored by the power-hungry Duzza while Graham Youngblood had been competing in singles competition since then. For the first time since that split the two men would come face to face. A vicious attack by Dallas Griffin on last week's iNtense on an unsuspecting Graham Youngblood is what led to this match now.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold yelled.

“Riptide” by Sick Puppies.

The music played and the lights swirled around in shades of green for the high-octane, high-risk grappler called Graham Youngblood! He hadn’t been seen in a few weeks as he was off taking a brief tour of Japan, but now that he was back in jOlt, he was ready for a fight.

“First, making his way to the ring from Boston, Massechusetts, weighing in at 225 pounds… this is GRAHAM YOUNGBLOOD!

He ran full speed towards the ring and slid underneath the bottom rope before doing a front flip to his feet which got a real pop from the crowd. Graham Youngblood had shown lots of promise in past matches and was now looking forward to getting on the winning track. Some payback was also fresh on his mind from the assault.

“Excuse Me” by Koffee Black.

The music played and the crowd started booing now for the flashy and arrogant kid known as Dallas Griffin making his way out from the back. “The words “MR. BIG TIME” appeared on the tron and showed shots of Griffin in action as he and Duzza approached the ring. The manager of Trouble gritted his teeth and made a motion with his hand for the music to cut. The crowd was already booing him as a microphone was presently in his hand.

“I want every single one of you to take a good, long look… I want you all to pay the fuck attention, take notice, get on your knees, unhinge your jaws, and get ready to take in the greatness of my client! This man has turned a corner! This man is now ready to unleash his full potential in jOlt and he’s gonna start with this little pasty green-haired asshole, Graham Youngblood…”

Youngblood didn’t seem too impressed and was even making a ‘jerking off’ motion in the ring while Dallas Griffin slowly approached the squared circle.

“I’d like to formally welcome all of you… to the Big Time! STANDING SIX-FOOT SEVEN AND WEIGHING IN AT 255 POUNDS… DALLAS GRIFFIN!”

Griffin smiled before he stepped onto the ring apron. He looked at his former tag partner before he jumped over the ropes in a single leap. Dallas Griffin had all the tools to make something of himself. Could he finally put it together starting tonight?


Before Graham could even get himself ready, Dallas Griffin was already on the attack with a knee to the stomach! He unleashed a big right on Youngblood and continued to fire more rights to his face until he backed him into the corner where he belonged.

“You wanna make fun of me, bitch?” Griffin taunted.

He unleashed another flurry of rights in the corner until referee Simon Boulder ordered him to back off in the corner or risk a disqualification. Duzza commanded him to move and Dallas did so. He held up his hands defensively to the referee before firing off another big right to Graham’s face for good measure.

The young Boston native was slumped over in the corner when Dallas tried to grab him, so Youngblood fought back and chopped back with a good series of Knife-Edge Chops! He continued to fight back as the crowd cheered on the young unorthodox high flyer. He took off to the ropes only to eat a HARD Flying Clothesline from Griffin!

The man calling himself Mr. Big Time was doing well so far. After their big six-man tag team victory on Warriors last week, Griffin was trying to follow up with a big singles win.

Youngblood was hunched over the second rope when the much taller Griffin pulled him up and started to turn him around, effectively choking him against the ropes now. He continued to pull down on the neck while it was pulled over the top rope and applied the pressure in a bid to rob him of precious oxygen. Simon Boulder ordered him to back off but Dallas did no such thing.

He backed off for a second only to nail an AMAZING Dropkick that sent Youngblood through the ropes and out to the floor!

The crowd stood up and took notice of the dropkick from the 6’7” Dallas Griffin and were actually impressed by the move. Dallas outstretched his hands with a wide smile on his face and jumped around the ring in pace to show off his agility. Duzza stood over the fallen Graham on the outside while smirking.


He nodded silently to Griffin to finish the job and the young kid complied. He rolled outside of the ring and picked up Graham off the mat before throwing him back inside. Dallas rolled over and went for the first cover of the match.




Youngblood kicked out but Dallas Griffin stayed on the attack and teed off on him with another series of big fists to the face of the Boston native. He picked up Graham and tossed his former tag team partner into the corner to try and finish him off. Instead, Youngblood did an impressive handstand and came back with a Corner Headscissors that sent Griffin shooting face-first into the turnbuckle!

Mr. Big Time was stunned in the corner and wobbled around while Graham Youngblood started to fight back. He jumped to the ropes and connected with a Jericho-style Springboard Dropkick that sent Griffin tumbling over the ropes and to the outside!

The Arena of Champions was coming to life again when Graham started slapping a hand on the mat to get the crowd pumped up. He ran off the ropes and came right at Dallas with an impressive…


He sailed over the ropes with ease and took down Dallas Griffin on the ground! Both men were down now and Duzza was starting to sweat bullets as Youngblood started to get up first.

With a few seconds rest, he tried to pull up Dallas and pushed him inside the ring. He then started to head to the top rope just as Dallas Griffin was starting to shake out the cobwebs as he got ot the top rope…


Griffin was down and Youngblood quickly rolled over to the cover! Could he play the spoiler for Dallas Griffin tonight?




Griffin kicked out at two while Duzza breathed a sigh of relief. As Dallas Griffin was trying to get to his knees, Youngblood took the fight back to him as he unleashed a series of Forearm Smashes and kicks to the leg. He tried setting him up for a DDT only for Griffin to run him right into the turnbuckle! He unleashed a few more Turnbuckle Shoulder Thrusts into the stomach of his former partner and continued to attack him.

He backed off for a few moments and then pulled Youngblood out of the corner. Graham fought back again with a Dropkick to the knee that got Dallas down to his other knee. With a chance to strike, he ran off the ropes and looked for his signature Shining Wizard, but Dallas actually ducked the move. When Griffin came back he was lifted and planted HARD with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam!

“Finish him, Dallas, finish it now!” Duzza commanded on the outside.

The self-professed Mr. Big Time nodded and pulled Youngblood off the mat by both arms. He started to lift him and DROVE him backwards with a vicious Tiger Suplex! A brutal addition to his arsenal nearly caved Youngblood’s head in as the crowd grimaced. He finished things off by pulling the spaghetti-legged Graham to his feet one more time. Griffin started to whip him but used the momentum to twist him around…


A VICIOUS Black Hole Slam drove Griffin into the canvas! Dallas Griffin wasted no time in going to the cover as he hooked both legs with one arm while flexing with his free hand.




Finally on the board, Dallas Griffin slapped a hand on the canvas and raised a hand for the crowd to see. He had scored a big win over his former tag team partner and with his newfound attitude, things were looking up for the Houston native.

“Here is your winner of the match… DALLAS GRIFFIN!

Griffin waited and raised his hands in the air while the crowd booed he and Duzza. A big win was notched under his belt and that would make two wins in a row for Trouble. The group appeared to finally be turning a corner. Could gold be in their future?

Winner: Dallas Griffin via Pinfall

"Seeking the Darkness"

Ninja K The scene opened up with Derecho standing outside of a locker room door. The camera panned around and the name on the locker room was revealed as Kenshiro Inogami. Derecho looked down at the floor and took in a deep breath, letting out a sigh. A single sigh summoned up everything going through Derecho's mind right now and symbolized the plunge he was about to take.

Derecho opened up the locker room door and stepped inside. Heido, Takeshi, Mamoru, and Eiji Kugasari immediately snapped to attention and the Inogami Clan stood up and protected their leader... and the jOlt Underground Champion, Ninja K.

"Settle down, guys. I'm not here for a fight... in fact... I've come to ask a favor of Kenshiro." said Derecho.

All of the members of the Inogami Clan turned their collective heads toward Ninja K. Ninja K looked at Derecho and then at the clan members, giving them the nod to let Derecho pass. Derecho walked past them, but the clan members formed a human wall between Derecho and the door, just in case something were to happen. Derecho walked up and stood face to face with Ninja K.

"Kenshiro. You and I... hell... we've known each other for 10+ years. It's been over a decade. We've been the best of friends and the worst of enemies on both a personal and professional level. Together, no one could touch us.. and against each other... no one had better wars than us. We know each and every inch of each other's body and mind... that is why I know you, of all people, would understand me the best in regards to a favor I need from you." said Derecho.

Ninja K stood there and listened with full attention.

"This may be a weakness, but I see it as a choice I had to make. Tyke has been running roughshod over me for the past month and with each and every passing week, he has found a way to punish me for one simple miscue. A clothesline that hit him instead of my intended target. Sure, I inadvertantly cost him the match at Cataclysm, but it's not something to go this far over. Tyke isn't going to stop until I stop him.. and I will do that at Rise of the Legends.. but I need a little help."

Ninja K held up his hand to Derecho.

"I am sorry, but I cannot assist you, Derecho. I have my own agenda to take of and I simply cannot interject with your affairs. While I think is it noble of you to seek my help, I must refuse." said Ninja K

Derecho shook his head.

"You misunderstand. I'm not asking for you specifically. I am asking you to let me borrow the Underground Championship for a bit. I promise to return it by the end of the night." said Derecho.

"I do not understand. You want to borrow my championship title?" asked Ninja K.

"Let's just say that it's going to provide the proper motivation." said Derecho.

Ninja K took the Underground Championship off of his shoulder and looked at it for a moment. He then passed the title to Derecho who held it in his hands. Before Ninja K let go of the championship, he spoke.

"I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish and if it is what I think it is.. I offer you these words of advice. The mind can easily be poisoned and if you choose to inject the poisons of your past back into your mind vicariously with this championship title.. then I ask you to err on the side of caution. I have been in the ring with you during the time when your mind was truly poisoned and I could tell you weren't the person I once knew. I only hope you know what you're doing."

Derecho took the title out of the hands of Ninja K.

"I know exactly what I'm doing" said Derecho as he turned to leave.

The members of the Inogami Clan parted and Derecho walked out of Ninja K's locker room with the Underground Championship in his hands. The scene faded to black.

"If You Build It, Assholes Will Come"

Ninja K The feint call of "fuck," was let slip as we visited in on the duo of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs stood, overseeing the construction of... just what we couldn't tell yet. The project consisted of jOlt staffers and interns feverishly working with only Allen wrenches and instructions in Swedish. Several faces turned back to their task masters, to wipe their brows while Red & Ted were enjoying some refreshing and chilled bottled water.

"What, this? I've got to stay hydrated for the only less than epic because it is so expected Tag Title win. Pizza and pop for everyone when they are done!" Teddy Jacobs rallied the troops and filled their thirst with false promises. "Just check with Grady about that stuff, right?"

"I've got to say that I am impressed," Red said, turning in to his partner. "Where did you even find the old cubical? Last I saw of it was disassembled and repurposed in Frosty's office."

With a finger raised for emphasis, 'Oh! This is not just the old cubical that I got from GCW's liquidation auction. Take a look at that bad boy!" The finger raised to the air was shifted to point at Grady Patrick struggling with a large piece of lumber that had already been stained.

You could forgive Red for being confused to exactly what the piece of lumber Grady was carrying, or being too busy laughing that his manager was somehow roped into someone else's crazy scheme and doing actual labour.

"I've got nothing."


"Say again?"

"I think it is illegal, or whatever, to have a fireplace in your own cubical set up in a hallway of a sports arena. Fire risk or some such shit. But, that doesn't mean that we cannot have a mantle to hang our titles. And believe me that you have no idea how much this would have made carrying the Hardcore and HDTV titles in GCW."

"And how nice it is going to look after we take jOlt's Tag Titles from Space Fairy and the Bishop of Bumbsex?"

"Actually," Ted said looking past the camera to the oncoming trouble.

"Are they like fucking Beetlejuice or something?" Red said just loud enough that it might offend the current Tag Team Champions as the Heirs of Wrestling slid into frame.

Frank Silver stepped into the view and gave a once-over to the cubicle being set up in the middle of the hall. Alexander Redding greeted the Heirs with a scowl while Ryan Gallway stood at his side smirking. Keeping things secure behind them was Mack Brody with a raised (and bleached blonde) eyebrow.

“Yeah, we’re EXACTLY like Beetlejuice,” Frank commented. “You keep passing our names through your lips and some bad shit’s gonna go down when we appear.”

Ryan knocked on the wall of the cubicle and scoffed. “Good God, what in the entire fuck is this shit?”

“This is a highly expensive, top of the line Teknion cubicle,” Ted fired back. “And that’s the mantle where we’ll place the Tag Titles after they’ve been rescued from you idiots.”

Mack Brody had something to say about it as the watched the interns continue to chip away at the cubicle.

“Shoddy. I could build a better cubicle with my dick alone.” When a series of odd looks went his way, Brody scoffed. “No, seriously. It builds cubicles, too. I have one of those all-purpose tools.”

Redding ignored Mack and turned back to Frank.

“Thank God it is only minutes now until we take possession of those” Redding said as he tapped the nameplate on the belt. “After all the work these fine laborers, not even illegals, have done, getting this set up, taking the titles from you bumfucks will be icing on the cake.”

Silver smiled smugly at Redding.

“Oh, that so?” Silver said. “Just like The Crimson Order or Team VIAGRA Sweet Seet Lovin or Sylo or The Roses or The House whowould’vebeatyouhaditnotbeenforus… you see where I’m going with this, right? So you, Dwight Schrute, and Toby can play The Office all you like, but these belts?”

Gallway finished his thought.


“They ain't proving much more than that you three like a target on your back. Like that tramp stamp of Brody's,” Redding snapped back. “And we’d have beaten The Vegas Buffet Bros with or without you… and I could say the same when we jumped them just as they were about to beat you for our belts a few weeks ago.”

Grady finally had a say in the whole mess. “Kiss them belts goodbye, lads.”

Frank and Ryan glared daggers at their challengers for tonight while Brody casually put his fist through the cubicle wall! Teddy Jacobs was appalled as he watched his (see: said jOlt interns and stagehands) beautiful creation fall before his very eyes. Mack laughed.

“Told you,” Brody said. “Shoddy.”

Frank tipped his imaginary cap at Red and Ted while Ryan Gallway tipped his not-imaginary cowboy hat in their direction before the Heirs took their leave, laughing like trio of douchebag jocks.

“Bandits, fucking ass bandits...” Redding muttered as he looked down at the wreckage. Teddy and Grady both looked down at the pieces that had fallen apart. “Don’t worry, Teddy, we’re taking those fucking titles, tonight.”

The collection of interns and stagehands were trying to leave when Teddy snapped a finger.

“Oh, no, you guys aren’t done yet. Andelay! Back to work!”

A series of sighs erupted from the group as they were about to roll up their sleeves and restart their project. The camera panned backwards as they got a glimpse of where they were building this cubicle…

Damien Lee’s office.

Oh, dear.

Omega vs Tyke
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %



’Bullets’ by Creed

Out from the back stepped Tyke, but something was noticeably different about him. He has not been the same man since Cataclysm. He has blamed Derecho for costing him his shot at the Underground Championship. The British Lion has been on a mission in recent weeks to make Derecho’s life a living hell but now he has to step into the ring with a man that has ripped a hole in the Underground division, Omega. Tyke slowly made his way to the ring, rolling in under the ropes.

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The crowd began to boo as Omega came out from the backstage area. Omega has been impressive in the past few months. Decimating opponents and racking up victory after victory with one goal... to dethrone Ninja K and take the Underground Championship as his own. A few days ago Omega continued his destructive nature by dismantling Kayden Paulton and Ninja K in the same night. Omega slowly made his way down to the ring as the fans continued to jeer the monster. Omega rolled into the ring and the British Lion did not wait for the bell as he went on the attack against the monster.

Tyke tried to quick hit Omega as the monster watched Tyke with a slight grin on his face. Omega shoved Tyke to the mat but Tyke quickly got back to his feet and went back after the big man with shots to his legs. Tyke ran off the ropes and nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee. The big man dropped down and Tyke quickly followed up with an Enzuguri to the temple. Omega fell to the mat as Tyke went for the cover.



It was way too early for a pin attempt. Tyke made his way to the top rope waiting for Omega to get to his feet. Omega started to make it to his feet and was nailed with a missile dropkick by the British Lion. Tyke was on fire but the crowd jeered the British Lion. Tyke did not care as he rolled to the floor and grabbed a steel chair. He rolled into the ring with the chair and drove it into Omega’s back several times.

The sound of metal hitting flesh echoed throughout the arena. Tyke looked at the mangled chair and threw it over the top rope to the floor. Omega was on his hands and knees with a smile on his face. Tyke couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked at Omega. Tyke grabbed Omega by the end and drove him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker.

“You enjoy pain, well I will give you the pain of betrayal.”

Tyke dropped a knee onto Omega’s head before going for the cover.




Tyke still could not keep the big man down. The British Lion looked on and waited for Omega to get to his feet again. Tyke raced over to Omega but the big man caught him by the throat. Omega quickly showed his freakish strength as he picked Tyke up from a kneeling position and drove him into the mat with a huge choke slam. Tyke writhed in pain on the mat as Omega smirked.

“We are many, you are few.”

Omega smirked after his comment and started to nail Tyke with big right hands on the mat. Tyke tried to cover up but the big man continued the onslaught. Omega picked up Tyke and whipped him into the corner before racing into the corner nailing the British Lion with a huge clothesline. Tyke started to slump in the corner but Omega was not done. He slowly picked Tyke up and drove him to the mat with a big vertical suplex from the corner. Omega sat up and slowly turned to see Tyke holding his back and screaming.

The sounds of screams brought a small delight to Omega’s face. The big man got to his feet before dragging Tyke over to the ring apron. Omega positioned Tyke’s head over the ringside. He climbed to the apron and quickly dropped a huge tree trunk like leg across Tyke’s throat. The British Lion fell to the floor in pain as the fans ringside jeered the monster. He looked out into the crowd.

“Don’t jeer us, remember it was you people who wanted to see this carnage.”

Omega reached down and grabbed Tyke by the head, slowly lifting him to his feet. Tyke quickly jabbed Omega in the throat which broke the hold. Omega staggered backwards as Tyke saw an opening. Tyke raced across the floor and nailed Omega.


Both men were now down as the fans erupted for the match. Tyke crawled over to the ring looking for something that would keep the big man down. He found it.


Tyke slowly walked over to Omega and raised the lead pipe slowly over his head before driving it into the back of Omega. Tyke dropped the pipe before turning the heavier man over for the pin.




Tyke couldn’t believe it. He grabbed the pipe again. The British Lion drove the pipe into Omega’s back several more times. He finally dropped the pipe again, sensing this was now over. He hooked the leg for the cover.




Tyke was infuriated as he could not keep Omega down. The British Lion looked to go for the pipe again but Omega lunged for him sending him back into the guardrail. Tyke pounded on Omega’s neck in order for him to release the hold. Tyke got to his feet and grabbed the lead pipe again.

"Charisma" by WASP

The people cheered and stood as Derecho walked out from the backstage area. He watched the match from the stage but this got Tyke’s attention. Tyke dropped the lead pipe and turned to the stage daring Derecho, his old friend to come down to the ring. Derecho did not move an inch. Tyke’s attention was focused on Derecho that he didn’t realize that the monster was getting to his feet with a sick grin on his face. Tyke continued to motion for Derecho to come to the ring but Derecho did not move. Tyke mouthed the words “Coward”.

Those would be the last words that Tyke would say as he turned around and couldn’t get out of the way of the train named Omega barreling right on top of him. Omega violently speared Tyke and himself into the steel steps. The crowd went ballistic.

Omega pushed the steps to the side as he pulled Tyke to the floor. Omega went for the cover. HO-LY SHIT!!!




It was over as the monster continued his onslaught of the jOlt roster. Omega was still undefeated and still a destructive force in the Underground division.

Can anyone stop this man?

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Red & Ted
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

After weeks of clamoring for it, making waves in the tag team division and racking up wins and making enemies all across the board, the team of Red and Ted – Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs – finally had themselves a tag team title opportunity. They had defeated The House in a stunning upset – thanks in part to The Heirs coming out to attack anybody that they could – and now Jacobs and Redding had the chance to win the titles.

Could they very well do it tonight? Well, they were just as arrogant and outspoken as the Heirs with a propensity to cheat when it suited them. This would be interesting.

“The following contest is a tag team title match scheduled for one fall!” cried Rodney Carrington. “This contest is scheduled for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!”

“My Reward” by Hail the Villian.

The crowd jeered and the fans started to shower the troublemaking trio with a big negative reaction. One by one the men that comprised the tag team tandem of Red and Ted made their way out. Grady Patrick was out first with his cane and tipped it for the audience. Behind him was the lecherous party animal Teddy Jacobs and bringing up the rear was the arrogant and joker-like grin of Alexander Redding.

“First, the challengers… making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 472 pounds… they are accompanied by Grady Patrick… the team of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs… RED AND TED!

The two men entered the ring looking like they already had this match in the bag. They had put together a successful string of wins here tonight and could walk right into Rise of the Legends with the gold. The word in the locker room was that the official tag title match scheduled for the event would be announced tonight, but that was later. This was now and Red and Ted had gold on their mind.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Finally, a figure was off to the side with a sparkly tiara behind them. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway ran to the ring.

“And their opponents, they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… they are accompanied to the ring by Mack Brody… weighing in at 441 pounds… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

The two men entered the ring and raised the titles for all to see. The arrogant trio got into the faces of Red and Ted earlier in the evening. They were the only team who could be total d-bags and nobody else. The crowd didn’t show any favorites in this match but they were in for a fight…



Ryan and Frank were immediately jumped at the onset by their challengers! On one side of the ring Frank was getting beat down in the corner by Teddy Jacobs while Alexander Redding was blasting Ryan in the face with jabs. The action was already fast and furious and for weeks, Red and Ted had been making waves in the tag division. Referee Ian Nguyen was letting the action go because the fans wanted to see a winner!

Jacobs grabbed Silver and tossed him out to the floor so that way he and Redding could focus their attack on Ryan Gallway. He ran at Gallway in the corner and nailed a stiff Forearm Smash to the face while Redding waiting. He knocked him down with a nasty Lariat!

The crowd showed mixed cheers for the team of Red and Ted since The HoW hadn’t endeared themselves too well to fans since… well, ever, really. Redding looked out to the sea of fans in the Arena of Champions and scowled.


The Red half of Red and Ted picked up Gallway by the head as Nguyen forced Jacobs to the corner under threat of disqualification. Brody and Patrick watched their respective charges as the action continued. He pushed Gallway into the corner and tried to go for a chop when The Hipster Heartthrob ducked and returned fire with a hard Shoot Kick to the chest! HE landed about two or three more only to have Redding grab him by the eye. Gallway tried to defend himself so he also dug into the eyes of Redding…


Both dastardly individuals had the exact same idea here and the crowd laughed at both teams trying to outcheat the other. Gallway and Redding each stumbled into their own corners and made their tags to an angry Silver and a heated Jacobs. The two bigger men for each team met up in the center of the ring now and took their chance to lock up.

Frank locked him up in a headlock when Teddy Jacobs headed to the ropes. He launched him off the ropes and pushed him away before trying a tie-up when the bigger Baron of Ballistics knocked him down with a Shoulder Block.

“THAT is strength, kid,” Frank grinned at his handiwork.

He tried a quick elbow drop when Teddy moved, sending Frank to hit nothing but mat! The Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain fell to his side and rubbed his elbow while Jacobs ran to the ropes this time around. He took down Frank with a Shoulder Block and now took his time to play up for the crowd by raising his fists in the air. He may have proceeded to wave them like we just don’t care, but more on that story in the jOlt iNtense after-show.

Jacobs forced Silver upward and buried a quick jab into his face. He stunned him with one so he fired back two or three more just to keep Frank on the ropes. He mouthed some more trash talk to Frank Silver before he ran off the ropes when he was caught out of nowhere…


He BLASTED Teddy Jacobs with the Rebound Lariat and nearly flipped him inside out from the impact! The crowd may not have liked The Heirs too much but they were impressed with the move. Frank flipped the crook of his right elbow with his left hand at Redding and Patrick in their corner before he turned over to go for the win on Jacobs!




He shot his shoulder up off the canvas which only made him angrier. He tagged over to Ryan Gallway and the two men started some classic double-teaming. Silver grabbed the waist of Teddy Jacobs and hoisted him up off the canvas with impressive strength before he dropped him with the Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex. Ryan followed suit with an impactful Senton Atomico!

The Prince of Precision was in the ring now and started some more preening to the fans as he strutted around the ring.

“It don’t matter if you like or hate us, you KNOW that was fucking awesome!”

He followed up his trash talk with another cover.




Jacobs kicked out at two! Gallway grabbed Teddy by the face and peppered him with a series of hard Kawada-like kicks to the head to disorient the bigger man before he quickly tagged Frank Silver again. The jOlt Tag Team Champions jumped into action and double-whipped him cross corner. Gallway followed first with a hard Corner Elbow Smash to the jaw. Frank followed right behind him with a STIFF Running European Uppercut! The Ted half of Red and Ted slumped to his knees when Frank pushed him down to the mat. He rolled Jacobs over and went into a lateral press.



Red saved their chance at the tag titles with a boot to the back of his head. Silver winced and grabbed his head in pain while Teddy Jacobs checked his jaw to make sure things still work. His mouth was the second-most important thing on his person to please the ladies… the first being his actual… well, you know. Person. Go talk to your parents about the birds and the bees, m’kay?

Jacobs took the time to try and get away from Frank when he stood up again. He grabbed Teddy by the neck only for him to slap his hand away and fire a couple of jabs to the face. Jacobs continued to fight back and went to the ropes only to get stopped with a Kitchen Sink knee from Silver.

The Baron of Ballistics raised his pinky and the crowd started showering more hatred on him. That dumb-fucking-smug-stupid-assed royal pinky that told the crowd his Ye Olde Royale Elbow was coming up next. He headed to the second rope when Redding tried to run at Frank to stop him. Silver fought him off and pushed him away but the distraction was enough for Jacobs to catch him with a hard Haymaker to the gut! With Silver on the second rope stunned, Jacobs grabbed him by the head and hooked the leg…


He didn’t hold the cradle, but one of his signature Suplexes dropped him good and gave the much-needed advantage to Red and Ted at last!

“Stay on him! Bring that gold home to daddy!” Grady shouted.

Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody were not happy with the turn of events and each watched, stone-faced as Silver was pulled up to his feet. Teddy Jacobs held Frank in a Full Nelson position and allowed Redding to tag in so he could bury a few good shots into his chest. He completed the combination by lifting Silver up and dropping him hard with a Full Nelson Slam.

A confident Redding now stood over Silver and slapped the back of his head repeated while he was down.

“Where’s all that shit-talk now, KID?

It was being choked down by anger and a knee being pressed into his neck against the ropes now. Redding was taking his time making Frank suffer and soon the jOlt Tag Titles would be around their waists if they could keep this up.

He pulled Frank up by his hair when Silver caught him with a fist to the gut. When one-third of the Tag Team Champions tried to stand Redding blasted him with a knee to the temple that rattled Silver. When he was up, Redding took off to the ropes…


The move taught to him by his manager, Grady Patrick, was a vicious Running STO! Alexander Redding went to the cover now and hooked the far leg of Silver for good measure. He could afford no mistakes.




Silver’s shoulder fired off the mat while Ryan and Mack breathed a collective sigh of relief. Alexander wasn’t pleased and opted to put the boots to Silver while he was down before he extended his own royal pinky just to be a dick… YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE!

Ohhhhhh, low blow! Using Frank’s own antagonizing signature move against him!

Redding casually relaxed in the corner and Teddy mimicked wiping the dirt off his shoulder like he was married to Beyonce. He then reached over and tagged into Jacobs. The two men powered him up and Teddy kicked him in the chest before he fell to his knees again, doubled over in pain.

Red and Ted were now in full control as Teddy Jacobs forced Silver up again by the neck before rolling him over into a Snapmare and followed right into a Sleeper Hold! He had that submission clamped in tight when a weary Silver tried to get back to his knees quickly to avoid the damage the submission could ultimately do to him. Ian Nguyen was there to ask him if he wanted to tap.

“Frank, do you give?”

“Go… fuck yourself…”

Jacobs tried his best to contain him with the hold when Silver started to slowly crawl back to his feet. He let go of the hold long enough to fire off a succession of Clubbing Forearms to the chest of The Baron of Ballistics to wear him down some more. He kicked him by the side and tried to set him up for a Pumphandle Slam only for Frank to elbow his way out. With a chance to fire back an attack he charged but he didn’t expect Teddy to catch him…


A vicious Reverse STO put Silver on the mat and drove him back down quickly. Jacobs had a big grin on his face as he rolled over and shot the half. Grady and Alex bit their collective lips with anticipation.




Another big move from the team of Red and Ted was that close to bringing them the Tag Titles only for him to kick out. Gallway wanted him some and begged them for a fight so Teddy ran over and knocked him off the apron with a cheap shot! The Heirs weren’t faring too well having their own tricks working against them.

Mack Brody helped Gallway up on his side of the ring while Teddy went back to making life hell for the leader of the Heirs of Wrestling. Jacobs jumped on Frank’s chest and rained down the punches for as long as referee Ian Nguyen would allow it to happen.

Ryan jumped into the ring and tried to attack both men when Ian cut him off at the pass and forced him back into the corner. The distraction allowed for Red and Ted for some more collective stomping of the jOlt Tag Team Champion in the corner! The boots continued to rain down until Ian turned around. Teddy and Alexander each took Silver by a hand and double-whipped him into their corner. Redding whipped Jacobs into a Back Elbow in the corner and then he whipped Silver into a Rolling Heel Kick from Red!




Gallway saved the tag titles for his team and quickly rolled to his corner when the referee threatened a disqualification. In a tiff, Gallway angrily backed into the corner while Red and Ted continued to enforce their advantage on Silver. They set him up for another double-team when Redding kicked him in the gut. He hooked him by the arm and went for the Pepsi Twist that he called the MEH! SHADDUPP!

Frank ducked the oncoming Lariat and then hooked him by the arm…


An impactful Half-Nelson Backbreaker turned the tides and now both men were down in the center of the ring with nowhere else to go! Redding cradled his back on the canvas from the deadly move and tried to roll over to his corner to get back to a ready and able Teddy Jacobs. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Gallway was waiting with an outstretched hand and hoping for the tag. The fans were actually starting to get behind the match and let out some cheers.

Tag to Jacobs!

He got into the ring first and grabbed Silver by a leg to drag him back over to the corner. The Margrave Digger rolled around and kicked himself free with his other leg sending Jacobs back into the corner. He finally had his chanced…


The Prince of Precision jumped into the ring and started to run right at Teddy Jacobs in the corner before FLOORING him with a Running Dropkick to the face! Teddy was now drooping over in the corner while Redding tried to cut him off by stopping his momentum early.

Ryan Elbow Smashed his face in several times before trying to whip the larger Redding. He reversed that and thought that would take care of the smaller Tag Team Champion when he came back…


The Headscissors into the Single Arm DDT dropped him like a bad habit! The Intergalactic Space Cowboy rolled up to his feet when he caught Teddy Jacobs with a Dropkick sending the bigger man to the outside! With him disposed of, a frantic Gallway ran off the ropes before he exploded…


He CRUSHED Jacobs against the guardrail with the impact of the big dive and the crowd actually cheered Ryan Gallway for the first time in what seemed to be… well, again, ever. They were career dickheads, after all. Mack Brody was clapping for his friend as jOlt’s Pinball Wizard grabbed Teddy Jacobs and exerted effort to get him back inside the ring.

Gallway actually seemed to be thriving off the cheers of the fans in the moment just showing off his quick offense as he ascended the top turnbuckle. He waited as Teddy tried to get back up…


The Diving Double Knee Strike found its mark! Jacobs was down and now The Prince of Precision was close to keeping the belts for his team as Gallway sat on his chest and hooked the leg for dear life to try and get the win.




It was finally broken up by Redding by showing Gallway off his tag team partner! The action was getting frantic quickly and the upped tempo had the crowd cheering the action going on inside.

“Get out of my face, you fagbasket!” Gallway shouted as he frantically kicked Redding away long enough to try and finish off Jacobs. He picked Teddy up by the body and went for another big high flying move, but when he tried for the Hurricanrana, Teddy caught him…





But Teddy wasn’t done! He actually POWERED Ryan Gallway off the canvas and powered him up while Alexander Redding crept up behind him…


An AMAZING combination of a Powerbomb and a Lungblower from Redding was one of their signature moves and the two men were closing in on the belts! Jacobs rolled over and put all his weight down on Gallway’s shoulders.




Frank darted at them like a missile and came to his partner’s aid, knocking Teddy Jacobs right off Ryan Gallway’s body!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap Clapclapclap

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap Clapclapclap

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap Clapclapclap

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap Clapclapclap

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap Clapclapclap

The crowd was in agreement of what they thought of the action but Frank Silver wasn’t hearing them. He just wanted the tag titles to stay in their grasp. Silver brilliantly pulled Gallway’s body across the ring and went to their corner so he could legally tag himself in.

Frank tried to go into the ring and grab Teddy Jacobs by the body and kicked him low before going for the Stay of Execution. Teddy squirmed his way free and twisted himself around before locking hands with Silver. He pushed himself to the ropes when Silver was caught with a hard kick to the head from the apron by Redding! Jacobs rolled him up with his feet on the ropes!




The fall was broken up by of all people, “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber who pointed to the ropes and informed Ian of what was happening. The referee glanced and stopped the count immediately shouting at Red and Ted! The House had twice been screwed out of matches thanks to interference by The Heirs of Wrestling and Red and Ted in separate matches and now the two super heavyweights were exacting some payback!

Mack Brody saw him coning and tried to come at Huber only to get LEVELED by a charging Adam Roebuck on the outside! The crowd cheered the Big Bucks took down The Bronze Bombshell to the ground and stood over him, getting himself a measure of revenge also.

Teddy Jacobs turned his attention back to the matter at hand and tried to grab Jacobs by the leg when Frank caught him from behind with a good old fashioned low blow! The ref didn’t see that one and Frank hooked the leg with a modified Inside Cradle pin!




Just as Red and Ted had done to The House a few weeks ago, they were cost the Tag Team Titles thanks to the two brutes!

“Here are your winners of the match and STILLLLLLLLLL jOlt Tag Team Champions… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Redding and Patrick protested with the referee about what just happened but his decision was final. Gallway and Silver were handed their Tag Team Titles and raised them high to the sky before the tried to leave the ring… but the House was still there…


Damien Lee once again made an appearance at the ringside area before things were getting heated. Silver, Gallway, and Brody watched as The House turned around. Redding and Patrick where checking on the fallen Jacobs as Damien Lee stood on the ramp.

“I’ve had enough with this bullshit between all three of you! Seems the three of you can’t get enough of one another so I’m going to do all three of you a favor. The Heirs of Wrestling… you guys have been cheating your way out of defense after defense…”

They each screamed in his direction when Damien Lee continued.

“The House are also owed a rightful rematch that they would’ve finished had it not been for Red and Ted… but Red and Ted possibly had this match won… so choke on this… The Heirs of Wrestling will defend their titles at Rise of the Legends… And you’re gonna defend them in a THREE-WAY DANCE against both Red and Ted AND The House!”

“NO, GODDAMN IT, NO, WE JUST WON!” Frank screamed.

Gallway, Brody and Frank each shook their heads in disbelief and protested. Huber and Roebuck were smiling at the chance to finally get their hands on everybody else while Red and Ted smiled. They had been screwed here tonight, but they had a chance for retribution.

The three teams had been involved in each other’s business for weeks and now it was finally going to come to pass. The Heirs of Wrestling vs. The House vs. Red and Ted at Rise of the Legends.

One team would finally come out on top.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Succumbing to the Darkness"

Ninja K We are taken back inside of Derecho's locker room. The locker was still dented from earlier in the evening. Derecho sat there on his changing bench holding the Underground Championship in his hands. It has been some time since Derecho held the Underground Championship.

Derecho had won that championship right before Legacy of Champions was purchased by jOlt Wrestling. He won the Relentless Championship and cashed it in against Suicide. Derecho then defended the championship for six months, refusing to wrestle in the style of the Underground. The fans turned on him.. his peers turned on him.. and then he was acquired by jOlt Wrestling.

Something snapped inside of Derecho. Rune Winters was the first to fall to the surfacing monster. Jason Rau was stretchered out of an arena thanks to Derecho. Citizen fell to Derecho twice and hasn't been seen since.. even the current Underground Champion, Ninja K came close, but failed to knock the self-proclaimed King of Hell of his perch.

It wasn't until one year after winning the championship... at Power Struggle, that Derecho finally was dethroned. "The Superbeast" Sylo took the Underground Championship from Derecho, but it cost him the World Championship to do so. Since winning the world Championship, Derecho has fallen from grace. The monster is gone and his mind was clear, but after losing the title in his first PPV defense and failing to get it back one month later, Derecho began to question himself.

Then Tyke entered the picture. Unlike Sylo where Sylo played mind games, Tyke took it to Derecho on a whole knew level. He was destroying Derecho mentally, and physically. It wasn't simple mind games.. Tyke felt that Derecho had stolen something very precious to him and that no amount of punishment would suffice. Tyke wanted to punish Derecho week after week and he did just that.

But every man has a breaking point. Derecho reached it once and as he held the Underground Championship in his hands, he knew that the very breaking point that had broken once had broken again. The memories of the past year and a half came surging into Derecho's mind.

Derecho stood up, still clutching the championship in his hands. Derecho then wrapped the championship around his waist and fastened it. After adjusting the title, Derecho walked over to the mirror in his dressing room and stood in front of it... staring back at him was his mirror image. Derecho looked at himself wearing the Underground Championship and began to grin.

The grin became a smile.. and the smile became sadistic. Derecho grasped his face with the palm of his hand as he began to laugh to himself. Derecho laughed and laughed hard until suddenly...


Derecho balled up his hand into a fist and punched the mirror, shattering it. Derecho's fist, now cut from broken glass was lifted up in front of his eyes. Derecho stared at the blood on his fist and simply smirked. He turned and walked out of the locker room and the scene faded to black.

Aran Thompson vs Kayden Paulton
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

The following match was most certainly going to be an interesting one. jOlt’s only Double Champion – The Relentless Champion and the jOlt Champion – Aran Thompson would be going one-on-one against the Open Season winner and the #1 Contender to the jOlt Underground Champion Kayden Paulton. Aran Thompson and his future of jOlt meant that things were under his rule and he would not shy away from any challenge to prove that he lived up to his own hype. Thus far, nobody could argue with his success as he had defeated seven other men to become the jOlt Champion.

Kayden Paulton meanwhile, was on his own quest to prove that he belonged with the upper echelon of jOlt’s elite and had a date with Ninja K at Rise of the Legends. He wanted more than anything to prove it and with Thompson making open challenges, he decided to take up him up on it. This match would not be for the titles, but could give Kayden a lot of bragging rights if he could somehow beat the champion tonight.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Rodney Carrington shouted for the masses.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up-tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“First, making his way to the ring, from Dothan, Alabama… he weighs in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who responded with a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big opponent – nay, the biggest of them all. Kayden had on his black shirt with the pink happy face with a bandage over the right eye and a phrase that read “YOU’RE AWESOME!” He tossed the shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles.

Lights Out.

The entire Arena of Champions was blacked out with the sole exception of a spot light appearing on the stage.

“Champion” by Grinspoon.


The Arena of Champions came undone with a resounding sound of fans booing him. The lights came on just well enough to reveal Aran Thompson walk out with the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist and his Relentless Championship cradled in the arms of his woman, Laurie Williams. Mace Williams walked behind the power couple slowly keeping his eyes on the champion. The Black Faction was in the full effect.

Thompson walked to the ring with a confident smirk on his face as he approached the ring. Kayden stood in the ring looking at the arrogant jOlt and Relentless Champion as he undid his belt and kissed it before handing it to the referee. THe man called Mr. Relentless was just that… he didn’t stop until his goals were achieved and he didn’t care who he would have to step on in order to attain those goals.

The music of Grinspoon faded out as Aran Thompson kissed Laurie Williams while the imposing Mace stood guard. They climbed out of the ring and watched as Thompson prepared for his match.


Kayden approached Aran Thompson pensively. He was legit the nicest guy anybody would ever meet, but he also wasn’t stupid. Still, he was a sportsman first and walked up to Aran.

“Hey, I know you and my buddy Derecho aren’t well, buddy, buddy, but still…”

He extended a hand while Aran looked down. Much to his surprise he took the hand and actually shook it. Mr. Relentless then flashed a little smirk and before Kayden realized it it was already too late…


The Dropkick came almost out of nowhere at the sound of the bell! Aran Thompson wasn’t wasting any time tonight. He’d seen Kayden surprise people with moves plenty of times in the past. He had POPPED Kayden in the face with one of the better moves in his arsenal and went in for the cover immediately.




Paulton shot the shoulder up right before three! That's when Thompson knew that despite the bravado and overall silly demeanor of Kayden Paulton, it belied a kid who had an unmatched heart. Still, that didn’t deter jOlt’s Double Champion from pulling Kayden up and burying two knees into his chest before he slugged him in the head with a plain and simple punch.

He forcibly whipped Kayden into the corner and charged in, but The Nicest Guy in Wrestling leaped upwards and sent Mr. Relentless right into the turnbuckle before he snapped him over with a School Boy!



THR... NO!

The Double Champion kicked out and stood back up but Paulton was right there with him trapping him with a Rear Waistlock. Aran hit the ropes and Kayden followed, rolling backwards into another Owen Hart-style Flying Victory Roll!




The Friendly Neighborhood Grappler failed to get the win off that exchange, but it seemed Aran Thompson’s opening salvo only served to fire him up even more. Whether or not they liked that he was a crazy bastard willing to jump off ladders for their entertainment or they knew how talented he really was, the crowd were digging Kayden. Especially as he began chopping the crap out of Thompson in the corner.

He held his hands out and stared at the crowd while Aran was being kept off his game. Kayden had a smile on his face when he let his signature offensive move fly...






And after that he fired off even more chops! And more chops and more chops and he even made that shit go Machine Gun-style!






Paulton seemed extra motivated to prove that he belonged at the top of these shows along with guys like Underground Champion Ninja K and the current champion himself. After he chopped his chest into something more reminiscent of dog meat, he whipped The Double Champion across the ring and charged in and connected with a big Flying Forearm Smash to the chest that had Aran doubled over in pain. Kayden grabbed Aran by the head and rolled him through with a Snapmare. Aran was stunned when The Good Guy took off to the ropes and fired a Low Angle Dropkick directly to the face!

The fans even winced from the impact of the kick after he nailed it and once again, Paulton went for the cover to try and take the big win home.




Aran Thompson was able to throw a shoulder high enough to kick out. If his strategy was to do nothing while Kayden kicked him like he owed him money, then it was working to perfection. Aran Thompson had enough of Kayden and pushed him away before heading out to the floor to consort with his wife and father-in-law.

When The Nicest Guy in Wrestling tried to grab Aran to get him back inside, Mr. Relentless caught him by his long hair and snapped him across the top rope!

Sneaky, sneaky, Mr. Relentless. Sneaky, indeed.

Aran Thompson took a light breather while Kayden was down to get a kiss from Laurie before he headed back into the ring to put a hurt on the man that dared step to his open challenge. He kicked him twice in the stomach before firing off a big right hand that rocked the Nicest Guy In Wrestling.

Holding him by the hair, he then buried a pair of knees into his gut again and violently tossed him across the ring. Thompson followed Kayden and tried a strike but the Nicest Guy in Wrestling tried to get both knees up to his face! The saw it coming and grabbed him by one of the legs so Kayden hopped up with the other and cracked him in the side of the head!

Thompson was stunned when Kayden headed to the top turnbuckle. He stood on the top rope while Mr. Relentless tried to get his wits about him. tried getting back up. He was seeing red at this point when he came running and KAYDEN leaped over him to land on his feet. When he headed to the ropes, Aran was actually a bit faster and caught him with a running knee against the ropes. He led Kayden to the other side and fired a knee into his gut from that end and then dragged him to the middle of the ring before DROPPING him hard with a Russian Leg Sweep!




A close call by Kayden but he kicked out. Thompson continued to put the pressure on Paulton by pulling the #1 Contender to the Underground Title and whipped him to the other side. The 242-pounder from South Bend pushed him into the corner and fired off his own series of HARD Knife-Edge Chops! The crow booed with each blow as he teed off on the young happy-go-lucky Paulton.

The crowd booed Mr. Relentless as he returned to the task of laying into Kayden with more fists. He changed it up with some back elbows and rolled him over with a Snapmare of his own before firing off a barrage of big Shoot Kicks to the back. He then hoisted him up and dropped him hard with a text-book Back Suplex! Vicious, simple and effective! He turned over and went for the cover on Kayden again.




Paulton was in real trouble the first time since the match began and now Aran Thompson was just languishing this opportunity. He palmed the back of Kayden’s head and threw him from the ring, sending him to the floor in front of the Williamses. While Aran distracted the referee, big Mace snatched Kayden up and DROVE him hard into the apron!

The crowd hated Thompson and The Williams Family and they weren’t going to take this crap. Note the following chants.






When he stopped keep the referee at bay, Thompson was taken aback by the crowd… nah, kidding. He did not give a bushel of fucks what they thought. He slid outside the ring and tossed Kayden back inside before following him in with a Slingshot Elbow Drop right to the throat! Paulton rolled away from the ropes holding his neck in pain while a full-of-himself Thompson went to a causal lateral press.




The athletic move from one of the more athletically proficient wrestlers in jOlt didn't get him the duke, but now he was in complete control of Kayden. He lifted him up off the mat only to take him right back down with a Snap Suplex. Instead of going for the cover, it was right to slowing down the Nicest Guy in Wrestling with a tight Cravate headlock.

“Look at him! This is the Face of jOlt Wrestling!” Laurie shouted again for the crowd. Mace Williams still remained silent on the outside, just watching Aran Thompson go to town on KAYDEN with his submission hold.

Kayden didn't give into defeat and wasn’t going to give Thompson the satisfaction. The Chop Doctor fought back to his knee and started getting back up to his feet. He elbowed him in the side of the head to try and break his grip. He ran off the ropes and caught Aran Thompson with a Crucifix, rolling him backwards into the pinning attempt again!




It was Aran Thompson who broke it and when he got back to his feet and when he was there...


The Springboard Reverse DDT took incredible precision from a man as big as Aran but he pulled it off perfectly and took down Kayden in one fluid motion!

“I GOT YOUR NUMBER!” Aran Thompson yelled right in the ear of Paulton. He went for the cover again on the Underground Champion’s #1 Contender.




Aran Thompson was in shock that he hadn’t put Kayden down just yet and that the kid was trying his best to come up aces against jOlt’s resident Double Champion.

Four NASTY shots found their mark across the chest of the man called The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. More salt in the wounds from Mr. Relentless who lived up to his moniker with methodical offense. He scooped him up and casually dropped Kayden into the canvas. Holding his arms out for the jeering crowd, Aran Thompson took to the skies and tried a Springboard Moonsault-like move, but Kayden moved!

Aran Thompson adjusted in mid-air and landed on his feet with incredible balance. Kayden came at him with a low spinning kick that stunned The Double Champion. Aran was doubled over when Paulton tried for a scoop move of his own only for Aran to slip out the back and crack him upside the head with a few well-placed Elbow Smashes.

“I got you now...” Aran Thompson whispered to his prey.

He lifted him up...

BUT KAYDEN slid out the back!


It was a NASTY tumble that Aran Thompson took and now both men were down in the middle of the ring! Thompson rolled around the canvas frantically while KAYDEN bought himself a few precious seconds to mount a comeback against his new rival.






He would have to get up first in order to fight back, but Kayden was doing just that with the aid of the nearby ropes to save some precious energy. Meanwhile Aran had been dumped on his head and shoulders in a very bad way and was now ready for this match to end.

Kayden was the first man to his feet and made Aran pay with some more STIFF Chops! Three.. no,, FIVE Chops were fired off into Aran Thompson's chest, making him yell out in pain. He was stunned with a big kick to the chest and that allowed Kayden some time to get to the top rope. The crowd waited for him as he flew off with a Front Missile Dropkick to the chest!

The wind was kicked right out of the lungs of Aran Thompson, allowing Paulton to crawl over and hook the legs of the fallen Mr. Relentless!



THR... NO!

Aran Thompson popped his shoulder up, but now Kayden had a fighting chance to pull out the victory. He stood up and when Aran Thompson tried getting back to his feet, he popped of a series of alternating left and right kicks before unleashing a jump spinning kick that knocked Mr. Relentless back into the corner. He was trapped in the corner when Kayden pointed to his target...


The move found its mark and POPPED Aran Thompson right on the chin! He crumbled to his knees and this gave Kayden the opportunity that he needed to try and pull out what would undoubtedly be the biggest win of his career.




Again that shoulder went up and a wave of disappointment washed over the crowd. But Kayden was well on his way to a victory. The Williamses still watched the match with baited breath as they watched Kayden fight back.

The fans were still firmly supporting Kayden in his bid for the big victory as he pulled Aran Thompson back to his feet, but a sudden Elevated High Knee from jOlt’s Double Champion stopped the momentum suddenly. He then used the time to turn Kayden around and drop him with a VICIOUS Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker!

Aran Thompson took a reprieve from the offensive of Paulton before he shoved his fallen body over and nonchalantly went for the lateral press, counting along with the referee.




The fans were just as surprised as Aran Thompson was, but Kayden somehow reached down deep and kicked out from the big move. He stood up and got into the face of the referee, but Simon Boulder held up two fingers to let him know this wasn't over yet.

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was still groggy from the Backbreaker so Aran Thompson let him stay on the mat and stomped a few good shots into his chest before he started heading to the apron. With bad intentions in mind for Kayden, he headed up to the top rope and tried his best to finish the job he started...


Kayden popped back to his feet and landed a Jumping European Uppercut to the jaw of Aran Thompson, stunning him on the top rope. Jolt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler started to climb to the top with every intention of setting up some big move. He was up there now and something big was gonna go down...


Aran Thompson took a bad tumble and popped up off the mat just briefly before he flopped over onto his back! The fans were ecstatic now and loudly cheered Kayden as he went in and hooked both legs of Aran Thompson.




Frustration was slowly starting to creep up on Kayden also as he shot a look at the referee that suggested he had won already. Simon Boulder still held up two fingers.

“Shit, don't you guys know how to count?” Simon Boulder muttered under his breath.

Kayden took heed of the referee's words but for now his focus stayed on trying to pull off one of jOlt’s biggest upsets!

The Good Guy picked Mr. Relentless back up by the neck and chopped him twice more before he turned him around with every intention of putting him down with some big move, but Aran Thompson slipped out the back of the sequence to drop him HARD with a Spinebuster! The big counter dropped Kayden into the canvas and he stayed on top to hook both legs!




No. Fucking. Way.

That was what Aran Thompson was thinking right now as he rubbed his temples. This kid just wasn’t going to stay down at all, was he?

While the Williamses were watching intently Aran Thompson slowly crawled back to a vertical base and measured up Kayden again for some big move. He still had some tricks up his sleeve left in order to put the kibosh on Paulton once and for all. He was setting him up for that deadly Icarus Switch by setting up the Abdominal Stretch when Paulton elbowed his way out! He was ready to strike…


True to his word, the big monster said that he wasn’t done with Kayden Paulton or Ninja K and he wasn’t. He watched as he jumped out of the ring and flew at him…


Omega didn’t expect for Kayden to jump on him but that’s exactly what he did! He jumped outside of the ring to fight agains the monster that had been tormenting he and Ninja K! Kayden had jumped on Omega and while the odds be damned, he wasn’t backing down!

Meanwhile back inside the ring, Aran Thompson watched as the battle waged on the outside and the fight continued. He was being counted out and Kayden didn’t realize it! Omega wasn’t fighting back against Kayden and was taking every shot that he could! But why?


Thompson smiled as Kayden looked back at the ring! He had won the match via countout! That’s why Omega didn’t lay a finger! It was to cost Kayden his match and not give him the disqualification win! He had manipulated him.


Paulton continued to fight with Omega on the ramp and now the beast was fighting back and the two continued to fight…


The Underground Champion wanted himself some of Omega also! The beast had threatened to put a hurt on them and did so on Warriors last week so they were coming back with a vengeance! The three men continued their fight into the backstage area while Aran Thompson was raising his titles in the sky. He took the victory and didn’t care how he would win. He thrived in chaos and thrived with another victory here tonight.

Who could stop Aran Thompson and the Black Faction?

Winner: Aran Thompson via Countout

"Hell Hath Returned"

Ninja K The scene was familiar. Derecho outside of Kenshiro Inogami's locker room. Derecho grabbed the door handle and twisted. He opened the door and the Inogami Clan stood up, but they saw it was Derecho and stood down.

Derecho walked in, still wearing the Underground Championship around his waist. He walked up to Ninja K who stood to greet him.

"I assume you are here to return my championship?" asked Ninja K.

Derecho unfastened the title and held it in his hand. Derecho stared at it for a few moments and then thrusted the Underground Championship right into the chest of Ninja K, almost knocking him down. Derecho simply grinned as he turned and exited the locker room.

Ninja K stared at Derecho as he watched him exit the room.

"I saw it in his eyes. There's no turning back for him now." said Ninja K.

The scene faded to black

Ninja K (c) vs Grendel
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

“Voodoo” by Godsmack rang overhead from the PA system, drawing the arena lights to their lowest frequency. The strobe lighting danced to the rhythm of the beat as the hulking mass of evil lumbered slowly from the backstage area. Standing at the entrance staging area apex, the titan stood heaving while swaying slightly from side to side. Penance. Kross. The Beast answered to many names yet one was notorious for sending chills within the unfortunate and bystanders alike; Grendel. Followed by Cameras Two and Five, the Walking Nightmare plodded forward toward the squared circle. The cameras backed away as the behemoth slowly turned his head toward them before pulling himself onto the ring apron & stepping over the ring ropes. Rolling his neck, the bones angrily popped in his neck as his music diminished.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit...and it is for the jOlt Wrestling Underground Championship!!! Introducing First, the Challenger; From Parts Unknown and weighting in at 337 pounds...THIS....IS...GRENDEL!!!

The arena lighting struggled to ensure the vast area remained lit before succumbing to the darkness. The ongoing volley of cheers and various sources of incandescent light pierced the blackened void before ’Vicarious’ by Tool spiked the audience participation meter. Camera Thirty slowly panned across the northwestern section of the arena where the expected strobe lit overcast drew attention toward Bravo Section Exit 8. Camera Seventeen set itself onto the moving silhouette that came to rest within the heart of the smoldering overcast. The angry rifts snatched the sackcloth veil away to reveal both the light and the jolt Wrestling Underground Champion. Grendel was seen barreling up the stairwell and speared the silhouette before tearing it asunder, summoning the opening bell. Casting an arm up and out behind him into the crowd, the evil incarnate halted his assault with a puzzled look. The demon made flesh gnashed his teeth in search for his intended target...WHAM!!!

A hard Chair Shot rang out upon impact with the challenger’s skull yet the monstrosity wobbled briefly back to his feet before the champion reared back and blasted Grendel across the face! The monster leaned against the railings before shaking the cobwebs free...Shattering Skull Therapy - A stiff Double Roundhouse Kick to the Head! The attack sent the monster tumbling violently down the stairwell and crashing against the cold floor. Left resting against his forearm, Grendel was shaking his head to regain his bearings before Kenshiro stormed down the steps and connected with a Running Yakuza Kick to the Face! Referee Underwood pushed his way through the cheering crowd when Kenshiro handed him the Underground Championship before snatching up the nearest steel chair from a loyal fan. Kenshiro sized up the rising holocaust yet The Lord of Anguish hauled off and punched the Steel Chair clean out of Ninja’s clutches, beaning one of the security guards in the face! Grendel’s Back Hand Punch sailed over the ninja’s head, allowing him to connect with a stiff 2 hit Punch Combo! The monster staggered back several paces as Kenshiro lashed out with a Roundhouse Kick. Grendel’s massive Forearm absorbed the impact, allowing him to grab ninja by the gi and hurl him a few rows into the crowd! The screaming masses parted the sea of humanity as The Master of Agony power walked after the reigning champion. Ninja was staggering back to his feet while trying to fold up a chair when Grendel grabbed him by the hair and snatched him backwards. The agile champion flipped over to a defensive posture yet stumbled on the landing before hurling an unfolded chair at the massive maelstrom. The chair bounced off his chest. Unfazed, Grendel faintly rear back from each object thrown before gaining momentum after the fleeing ninja.

Kenshiro pushed off the barricades with a Leaping Side Kick which the leviathan side stepped and connected with a powerful haymaker to the sternum, sending the ninja sliding several feet across the concrete floor.. Grendel grabbed the ninja by the ankle and dragged him away toward the barricades before kicking them over. The Hell Spawn ripped the metal obstructions away to use as a makeshift weapon. He reared back yet the barricade clanged angrily against the concrete. Ninja scrambled to his feet yet was staggered backwards with a hard Back Elbow by Grendel who spun the barricade horizontal and slammed it into Ninja’s chest. Kenshiro rolled backward to his feet and barely evaded the barreling challenger who bent the barricades in half against the black steel ring post. Angry, Grendel sent fans in the front row scattering as the monster tossed the bent metal near them. The Underground Champion staggered the monster backwards a few maces after connecting with a Running Open Palm Punch across the Jaw! The demon blocked a follow up Spinning Back Fist with h forearm before catching Kenshiro with a Reverse Bear Hug! The champion struggled defiantly as the vice like pressure mounted before kicking the monster square in the crotch, doubling Grendel over before making the pin...1! ...2!

Grendel Gorilla Pressed Kenshiro off from him before crawling back to a knee. Kenshiro slightly favored his ribs before hitting a searing Buzzsaw Kick across the former Backbone member’s face. The blow hobbled the monster into a slight back pedal against the ring apron where Ninja blasted his opposition’s inner thigh with a stiff Kick! A violent trinity of Kicks dropped Grendel to his knees before Kenshiro hauled off with a Hard Right Hand. Another set would connect before Grendel caught the champion’s Left Fist. Kenshiro’s Right Fist was caught in a similar fashion, broadening the cold smile from Grendel’s lips. Ninja slammed his Knee against Grendel’s chin, leaning him back before he retaliated with a menacing Head Butt to the Face! Another slammed against Kenshiro’s exposed sternum before using a heavy Front Kick slam Ninja against the barricades violently. A vicious Left Hook to Ninja’s Jaw. Ninja slid to a seated posture before Grendel grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him up overhead. Running Release Press Slam through the ring ropes. Kenshiro slowly sought to regain his bearings as Grendel was seen hurling a table over the top rope near him. A Wooden Ammunition Crate. A loaded garbage can with undisclosed weaponry and 24" Flatscreen TV were among the notable debris that littered the ring. The Osakan native dragged himself back to his feet only to fall into a seated position as Grendel stepped over the top rope and stalked after him. Ninja pulled himself to his feet only to recoil from the loaded Garbage Can careening against his Right Bicep, staggering him against the nearest turnbuckle. The 330+ locomotive sprinted after the pinned ninja yet violently slammed his shoulder against the unforgiving steel pole!

Grendel dropped to a knee while draped along the middle ropes as Kenshiro laid next the bottom ropes adjacent to his rival. Grimacing from absorbing the heavy attacks, Ninja staggered to his feet and spied a large Black Bag familiar to him. Quickly delving into it, the hardcore demographic cheered as Kenshiro retrieved a Sickle w/ a weighted Chain. Wrapping a portion of its length around his fist, Ninja slammed his fist against the monster’s exposed rib cage. Grendel howled with each repetitive blow before Kenshiro wrapped the chain around the monster’s throat and reared back. The enigmatic abomination latched onto the chain while frantically reaching back toward his captor. Ninja planted his foot between Grendel’s shoulder blades before Referee Underwood began tugging away at his arm. Ninja shoved the referee aside with his forearm before digging the shimmering blade into the tattered brow of the unholy monster. A sickening howl resonated amidst the seepage of blood yet the anguish turned into demonic laughter as Grendel clasped onto the Ninja’s wrist. A look of slight bewilderment flashed across Ninja’s visage before he drove a Knee to the back of his massive rival’s skull. Another left the monster hunched over on all fours, dripping crimson along the canvas. Ninja initiated a barrage of Crossface Punches, casting blood along the mat yet the leviathan began standing himself, Ninja scissored the back of the challenger while pulling his hair to continue the onslaught by pulling back on the chain once more. Eventually, the Beast would drop to a knee before keeling over to his side. Ninja was quick on the cover...1! ....2! ....NO! The Underground Champion desperately searched his surroundings before grabbing the Garbage Can and repeatedly bashed it against the monster’s skull before laying atop Grendel’s skull...

Seppuku - A Double Foot Stomp to Chest or Mid Section!

The audience groaned as the monster’s arm fell limp against the canvas. The remainder of the Trash Can was cast aside before Kenshiro made the cover...1! ...2! Guzzle! Ninja’s eyes widened as a maniacal fit of laughter echoed from a blood soaked maw as the monster made his vertical ascent. Kenshiro frantically sought to whittle down his opposition with Martial Strikes & Kicks yet Grendel hoisted the champion overhead before angrily smashing the flat screen with a Body Slam! The Ronin emitted several muffled fits of anguish as the terrible titan cast off the weighed chain & sickle before Grendel grabbed him by the leg and snatched him upward before delivering a bone-shattering Snap Power Bomb! The impact bounced Kenshiro up and onto his stomach. Grendel stood over the fallen champion, ignoring the ongoing fecal chant to briefly admire his handy work before flipping the ninja over with his foot and standing on his chest...1! ...2! ....Shoulder! Ninja was left pawing at the giant’s calf as Grendel hovered over him with drool dancing atop the ninja’s upper body. Grinding his heel against the ninja’s sternum. Out of pure rage, Kenshiro began rubbing his thumb and index finger together before a long spike was retrieved from a hidden pocket before it was jammed into the calf of the monstrosity. Grendel howled angrily as a trail of blood began to widen, running down the length of his leg. Grendel lost his footing and landed soundly on his back yet Kenshiro clung to his leg and began beating his fist against the wound before being kicked off. Ninja rolled against the ropes to recollect himself. The champion braced his forearm against his chest before stalking after the recovering behemoth rising to both knees...Reverse STO by Ninja!...

The Twisted Crucifix - Koji Clutch Submission Hold!

The masses began cheering as blood dripped against Grendel’s canines, desperately fighting against the submission hold. His mangled paws remained gnarled as he struggled against the compressive maneuver yet Grendel inched his way backward toward the ring apron. Eventually, the monster pushed off the ring apron with his thighs to regain his footing along the outside. Clasping his hands together, Grendel began slamming the ninja face first against the ring apron! The masses recoiled at the bloody heap Kenshiro slumped into along the padded earth as Grendel staggered away to recover. Resting on his forearm, Ninja staggered upward revealing the seepage dripping along the floor as he leaned against the ring apron. Grendel lumbered after the bleeding ninja and grabbed him by the hair to rake it against the ring apron before using a Hair Whip to bounce the back of his skull against the floor! Irish Whip to the barricades led to Ninja to flip up and over them onto the floor soundly with Grendel lumbering after him. Underwood was on call as Grendel made the cover...1! ...2! ....NO! The Arch Demon ground his forearm against the brow of the Resident Antihero before Grendel hurled the ninja airborne with a Double Underhook Suplex! Ninja bounced soundly against the floor and turned to his side after the impact. Grendel tested the weight of his injured limb before hobbling after his prey. Ninja was slowly crawling toward the ring apron as Grendel pulled the wood table to the outside and propped it against the adjacent barricades. The monster was seen fishing underneath the ring before pulling out a plastic gas container! An evil sneer flashed across his face as the heathen began dumping its contents onto the angled table before casting it away.

The crowd responded in kind as Grendel ignited the wooden structure and stood enamored with it by dropping to both knees and basking in its searing glory. Kenshiro was seen reaching underneath the ring apron when Grendel suddenly grabbed him by the leg. The ninja frantically kicked his feet and the face of his enemy who continued his relentless pursuit of the ninja’s championship. Digging his nails into the padded earth, the champion sought to fish deeper under the ring when Grendel finally ripped him away toward him. A smoke bomb pellet exploded in the behemoth’s face, sending the leviathan in a blind fury. Flailing about, Grendel screamed for clarity as Kenshiro crawled back underneath the ring and retrieved his infamous Japanese Rose Stem. Staggering about to regain his footing, the Underground Champion reared back and crowned his opposition across the skull. the primal beast flailed about, lashing at his unseen target. Several measured strikes peppered Grendel’s body, further irritating him before the final blow cracked the weapon in half across the Beast’s mid section. Grendel howled as he lurched forward, holding his stomach before the Underground champion laid several Punches & Kicks into his rival’s skull. A blind Backhand by Grendel slid the ninja dangerously close to the burning table. Still seeking to reclaim his vision, Grendel relied on his hearing to track the fleet footed ninja. Angry swipes missed their intended target as he raked his nails along the ring apron. Kenshiro irritated him with a Measured Kicks before leading the monster to charge after him. Sensing the abundance of heat, Grendel stopped in his tracks. A Buzzsaw Kick to the Right Thigh led Grendel to swing with another Backhand Swipe. Nothing...

Shattering Skull Therapy - A stiff Double Roundhouse Kick to the Head!

The attack spun Grendel about to kneel before the burning altar as Ninja scramble onto the ring apron. Ninja waited for the monster to stand erect before sending the Beast through the table with a Running Corkscrew Hurricanrana! Burning ambers and wood were violently strewn about as the burning challenger howled in anguish. The roaring masses nearly muted out the screams of anguish as Ninja quickly cinched in the Imploding Star Submission! Referee Underwood continued to monitor the beast’s resistance as he refused to relent, leading Ninja to rear back tighter on the hold. Little by little, time and pain would eventually reduce him movement to non existent. Monitoring the Beats’s vitals, the audience roared as he quickly called for the bell.

’Vicarious’ by Tool readily roared from over head and the ninja released the hold and collapsed along the floor, staring toward the lights.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; your winner.....and STILL...YOUR jOlt WRESTLING UNDERGROUND CHAMPION!!! KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Fire extinguishers was used by ringside personnel as EMT’s were brought down to bring aid for the warring combatants. The Underground Championship was draped against the ninja’s shoulder as he and the challenger were pulled apart and led to the backstage area.

Winner: Ninja K via Knockout