"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Cordially Invited"

Ninja K The camera shifted backstage to the interview areawhere Donny Layne was waiting now to interview his next guests. Keeping up his best serious face, one of jOlt’s best backstage interviewers was ready to bring the hard-hitting news for the fans.

“Folks, thanks for joining us here tonight on Intense. My guests at this time overcame insurmountable odds from two of wrestling’s best tag teams in order to become the jOlt Tag Team champions for a second time! Also, their valet and the current Starlet Champion retained her title over her most dangerous challenger yet. They are now all champions… please welcome the Tag Team champions The House – Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – and the Starlets Champion Charlotte!”

“Donny, thanks for having us,” Derrick said with a smile.

Roebuck nodded. “Donny.”

That was about as cordial as Adam Roebuck was going to be. The big surly guy wasn’t too keen on interviews or talking, but the big belt over his shoulder was still nice to have. Charlotte appeared and lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

“Sug, thanks for the introduction!” Charlotte looked at him with a smile of her own as she spoke.

“Well, guys, let’s get to brass tacks. The last several months have been have been taxing for you. From Team EGO manipulating you three for months to The Heirs of Wrestling dodging you and even Red & Ted trying to press your buttons. It looks like none of that stopped you from winning that triple threat ladder match to regain the gold.”

Huber nodded. “To borrow a phrase, TWO TIME TWO TIME jOlt Tag Team champions again! We’ve been telling those little shits Redding and Jacobs and The Heirs of Wrestling that nothing was stopping us from coming for the belts that were taken from us! We have busted our fucking asses since we first set foot into this company, we fought our way back from the brink against two younger and faster teams and now we came out of that match thirty pounds heavier! And before Red and Ted make some stupid joke about us being obese or something childish, let me remind them of who won that match and who didn’t.”

Huber and Roebuck each let the camera get a glimpse of their belts as Roebuck even let a small, uncharacteristic grin.

“Suck it down, kiddies, suck it down.”

“We told everybody that it doesn’t matter how many odds you stack against us; we’re The House and that will teach anybody here not to bet against us! Tonight, The Heirs of Wrestling wanted their rematch and they’re going to get it. They shook our hands after that match, but that one bit of sportsmanship doesn’t erase six months of your constant torture. We fought long and hard to get these belts back and now we’re going to be champions for a long, long time.”

Charlotte planted a kiss on the cheek of her husband as Donny Layne directs the questions at her now.

“And Charlotte, you definitely had your work cut out for you. Sarah Winterton took the fight to you like no other Starlet has. She had Persephone in her corner and tried cheating, but you turned the tide and beat the odds again. What’s next for you?”

“What’s next for me, hon, is to prove myself as the greatest Starlets Champion this company has ever seen, with all due respect to Miss Aria Murphy. I came here just to support my man and our friend’s dream of becoming champions and before, I had no inkling to wrestle, but when I saw that the Starlets were becoming important, I knew that I wanted to get to the top.”

“Indeed, it’s a prestigious title.”

“And I plan on holding onto this title for dear life! As much as I can’t stand that prissy little drama queen, she did test me, but there are other Starlets and other women on this roster who deserve the opportunity for this shot, which is why I’ve chosen to face off against The Hype’s own Alyssa Corliss. My business with Winterton is done. Alyssa is a very worthy opponent and she’s racked up many victories on The Hype, but now she’s stepping into the ring with me. I don’t plan on going easy on her or anybody else to keep this title. Alyssa… good luck, hon, you’re gonna need it.”

As they finished their interview with Donny Layne, one of the stagehands stepped into view.

“Mr. and Mrs. Huber? Mr. Roebuck?”

“Yeah?” Huber asked.

“I was asked to deliver these to you.”

The man handed The House and Charlotte a handful of blue envelopes. All three casually ripped open the tops and pulled out the little cards on the inside. Huber opened his first with a bemused look.

“Congratulations on your victory! Mr. and Mrs. Huber and...” he looked to Roebuck. “Baby Huey … are cordially invited to a celebration in the ring later tonight. There will be cake and ice cream for Roebuck … everybody else will have to fend for themselves. Your friends, Red and Ted.”

Roebuck tossed his to the ground. “What the fuck is this shit?”

“More head games, hon…” Charlotte told him. “I’m not going to humor those idiots, I have a match to get ready for.”

“Okay sweetie, knock ‘em dead!”

Huber gave her a kiss before Charlotte left the scene. Meanwhile, Roebuck and Huber each exchange looks.

“We gonna humor them?” Roebuck asked.

“Yeah, once … then we’re going to beat those little shits once and for all.”

"Man Up"

Ninja K Suffice it to say, Kayden Paulton was not having a good couple of weeks. After months of racking up the victories, winning the Open Season match, and coming with an eyelash of defeating Ninja K, one risk too many had Ninja K defeating his friendly rival. And to make matters worse, following the loss Kayden Paulton had been viciously assaulted by one of The Hype’s own stars – a man by the name of Jeremy Ryan.

Rumor had it that Kayden Paulton – despite orders to rest at home due to a broken rib and a concussion from his match with Ninja K – was in the house. And we would be confirming this rumor right…


“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.


The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

He didn’t have his normal exuberance, but that didn’t keep the high-spirited Alabama native from walking to the ring with a wincing gait. Truth be told his ribs felt like they were on fire and his head and his body had seen better days, but Paulton slowly approached the ring with a microphone in hand. He started climbing into the ring and raised a hand to the masses before he climbed inside the squared circle.

“Folks backstage, can you cut my music? Please and thank you!” Paulton said.

The music faded out as The Nicest Guy in Wrestling took a few seconds to collect his thoughts. He was without his Open Season briefcase and now was without his one chance at superstardom. But judging by the reaction of the crowd…

“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“YOU ARE AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

He lost no respect.

“No, YOU guys are awesome!” He said with a smile.

Paulton looked out to the sea of fans in the Arena of Champions before he took his attention to the matter at hand.

“So… uh… I don’t have anything else to say about this particular occasion other than I lost… and forgive my language here… but that kinda sucks.”

The crowd now started to jeer. Nor for hating Ninja K or anything like that, but Kayden was one of jOlt’s more beloved personalities. To see him not succeed in something he had his heart set on for months was a little heartbreaking.

“And then to make matters even worse… a guy I’ve never ever met before comes out of nowhere with a lead pipe right to my noggin and my sides… and well…”

The Softcore Saint lifted up the shirt that had his very nickname on it and showed off taped ribs, courtesy of a post-match assault by a man that was revealed to be Jeremy Ryan of jOlt’s developmental system, The Hype. The crowd continued to boo at the newcomer’s heinous actions as Paulton dropped his shirt.

“So I had a nice Thanksgiving… you know, aside from the pain I’m in. I had a chance to think over the break and I wonder where do I go from here? Well, I’ll tell you where I go… NOWHERE! THAT’S WHERE!”

The crowd exploded at the announcement of The Good Guy as he raised his hands in the air to the cheers of the crowd.

“The worst part of losing isn’t the actual act itself… it’s what you do with it afterwards. And yeah… I could sulk in my bed doing nothing and I could cry about it, but I’m not a Sulky Sulkerson and I’m not a Cryden Cryton… I’M KAYDEN PAULTON! I’m not going to let one loss stop me and I’m not going to stop until I get my first taste of gold here in jOlt!”

Even more did the fans start to cheer his announcement that despite his setback, he wasn’t going anywhere. Paulton was here to stay!

“And so as soon as I’m healed up, Ninja K… you and I had an awesome match. AWESOME! And you said some things to me on the pre-show about how you were going to hurt me and I know that you mean every word. But when I’m better, I’m going to challenge y…”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

With that interruption, the fans started jeering immediately. Random shots started to flash on the top of the screen of several signs… clips of his sixty-minute iron man match on The Hype against current champion Sebastian Saje. Random attacks on another Hype standout, Nate Quartermaine. And even more clips of the lead pipe shot. And with it, the words appeared…


The music played and Paulton actually had an “I smell sour milk” look on his face as he looked up at the top of the ramp. A man hiding his face underneath a gray hoodie, camo shorts, and a sinister smile beneath it. He tossed back the hoodie and the fans continued booing the new signee to appear in jOlt. The man walked halfway down the ramp as Kayden continued to stare at the newest member of the jOlt roster.

“Hey, queer guy!”

A big wave of negative energy from the crowd erupted as Jeremy mocked Kayden’s signature catchphrase. Kayden tried his best to keep his composure.

“Oh…” he said. “Hey, guy who jumped me from behind!”

Ryan threw back his hood as a scowl started to form across his face.

“When I signed on the dotted line, I took the time to scan the roster of jOlt and you have people from all walks of life… you have ninjas… spoiled rich kids… gangstas… freaks…. Monsters… midgets… Fuck you, I’ll call them whatever I like. Legends… Bitches, er, Starlets… people who think they’re forever… and most importantly, they have somebody like Kayden here. But until now, something has been missing… this organization has been missing something important. It has been missing that one vital thing that would turn this place from something good into something great. I look over this roster full of names and you want to know what I think?”

Jeremy didn’t humor the crowd.

“I think you’re all a bunch of useless faggots!”


More hatred for his hateful slur. Some “go away” chants started to get going in the Arena of Champions as Paulton watched but Ryan wasn’t finished.

“I’m not impressed. Not by ANY of you. Most of this roster think’s they’re so cool because they come out here with some shitty nu metal music with tattoos in languages they can’t pronounce while they pose and preen like little girls in a pageant show.”

Somewhere, Sarah Winterton was offended by that statement. Specifically the pageant thing since that was kind of her whole obsession.

“The other part thinks that coming out here and acting like you did something while hiding behind a bunch of titles in places nobody’s ever heard of makes you special. That’s a load of shit. What this place needs to get to the top isn’t a bunch of boys running around starved for attention. What jOlt needs is a MAN. They don’t need just any man… they a true MASCULINE role model. They need a hero that they can look up to. Fatherless little bastards need somebody that they can idolize and aspire to be like. Girls over eighteen need a MAN they can get with. I hate to break this to you, Kayden Paulton… but you aren’t that guy…”

Jeremy continued to make his way to the ring until he climbed inside. Kayden Paulton was letting this guy have his say, but the fans wanted The Nicest Guy in Wrestling to shut this asshole up.

“A real man isn’t somebody who comes out here weekly to preen for the masses. A real man doesn’t hide his insecurities behind a phony smile, a pretentious wave or a nervous laugh. A real man doesn’t care what anybody thinks… they come out here week after week; get shit done in the ring, and make success themselves. They don’t care who they have to step on or whose dreams they have to crush… they just go out and DO IT. I’m not just a real man… I’m jOlt’s LAST REAL MAN.”

Kayden’s face started to contort as Jeremy Ryan got into his face.

“You go ahead, Kayden. Prove me wrong. Go ahead and take a swing. Prove that you’re not just some smiling bitch. Prove that you can sack up and plant one on my chin. I’ll even give you a free shot.”

Ryan unzipped his jacket slowly before he tossed it to his side and showed his ripped physique. He definitely put his time in the gym, but he had a body built more for efficiency than definition. Still, he was ready to fight.

“Come on, Kayden, hit me. HIT ME. HIT ME!

Kayden was being egged on by chants of “DO IT!” from the crowd while Jeremy continued to scream.

“Listen to these people, Kayden! Pull your balls out from that mangina you have going on and HIT ME, you puke!”

Somewhere, somehow underneath that happy-go-lucky and loquacious personality was a man still that showed no fear or trepidation.

“You think a bunch of big talk is going to get people to like you, Jeremy? I’ll give you a clue… it’s not. You come out here and try to insult me, my peers, and these fans? Well, I’ll clue you in on something, mister… you’re ALL TALK!”

Jeremy narrowed his eyebrows as Kayden continued while the fans cheered.

“You want to prove you’re a real man? How about when I heal up, you face me in a match then, pally?”

“May I retort?” Ryan asked.

Paulton let him have the floor…


The crowd now BOOED as Ryan exploded right through Kayden Paulton with one hell of a Spear! He stood up and ripped the shirt right off of The Good Guy’s back as he twitched and convulsed on the impact to his broken rib!

“YOU ARE NOT A MAN!” Ryan shouted.

He stood over Paulton and slashed a thumb across his throat before he kneeled over and slapped on a Katahajime submission! The pain was two-fold because it was being applied from the Camel Clutch position also! He continued holding the submission tightly as the crowd booed.


He cranked back even further on the submission hold until members of jOlt security came rushing down to the ring. Three of them had swarmed to the ring and physically had to pull Ryan off of the injured Paulton. He kicked them away before he went right back to the submission hold a second time!


After several more moments of the hold, he kicked away and backed off of Paulton. Picking up his jacket, he grabbed it and he raised it to the jeers of the crowd. Paulton was rendered unconscious by Ryan’s vicious submission and watched jOlt’s Last Real Man make an exit. Twice he had made an impact showing this unrelenting vicious streak.

Despite the place he came from, the loose cannon known as Jeremy Ryan was proving to be more than just hype. He may be the real thing.

Charlotte (c) vs Alyssa Corliss
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

A victorious Charlotte had retained her Starlets Championship against all odds when she managed to defeat the technically-sound and dangerous Sarah Winterton along with her partner in crime Persephone in her corner. Now Charlotte was looking to continue her roll as the champion by defending the belt against all comers. An open challenge was put out earlier in the week and was accepted by one of the Hype’s breakout Starlets by the name of Alyssa Corliss. Could Corliss do the unthinkable and upset Charlotte who was on the biggest winning streak of her career?

Let’s find out.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse played and out from the back in her white t-shirt, jean shorts, brown hair and blue eyes came the new girlfriend of the new Hype Champion, Alyssa Corliss! Alyssa made her way down to the ring and slid inside. She ascended the turnbuckle pads and got a mild reaction from the crowd before jumping into the ring.

“Currently inside the ring, she hails from Redmond, Washington… she is ALYSSA CORLISS!”

Alyssa stood her ground in the ring and did a couple of stretches in the ring as she waited for her opponent. She had her share of victories on the Hype but now she had the chance to get the biggest victory of them all – The Starlets Championship!

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the current champion! Charlotte had the title around her waist and was wearing a tight red bustier with black tights. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The Starlet Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring!

The Red Queen handed the belt over to the referee and raised it to show the crowd what was on the line. The bell rang and the two competitors circled up. Before the action got underway, Alyssa offered up a hand of sports-womanship and Charlotte shook it as the crowd cheered.

Alyssa and Charlotte locked up in the middle and both Starlets were fighting for the first opening they could find. It was Charlotte who got lucky first and twisted the arm around of Corliss into a hammerlock to keep the Starlet grounded. She tried to control her by seguing the hold into an arm wringer when Alyssa quickly grabbed the arm and did a cartwheel before she reversed the hold!

Now that she had the advantage on her side Alyssa quickly trapped the Starlets Champion in an arm wringer of her own and began working the arm over by jutting it in her direction. The Red Queen quickly reversed that and executed a quick arm drag to send her opponent flying across the ring.

Charlotte came charging at Alyssa Corliss when the quick thinking member of the Hype tossed her over with a Japanese arm drag. Corliss quickly kipped to her feet as Charlotte started to stand and quickly rolled her up out of nowhere into an inside cradle.



With some quick thinking on her part, Charlotte quickly turned the tables on Alyssa and shifted her weight to turn the pinfall back her direction.



And Corliss quickly kicked out! The two Starlets came face to face when Charlotte quickly grabbed her by the arms and turned her over into a quick backslide pin attempt.



Alyssa rolled through and got back to her feet. Charlotte came running and tried for her patented neckbreaker called the One-Eyed Jack when Alyssa tripped her up with a leg trip. She ran off the ropes and then tried for a sunset flip when Charlotte rolled out of it. Both Starlets were back up and when they tried to jump back in the air, they both went for simultaneous dropkicks! Alyssa did her homework to prepare for this match and Charlotte was caught off-guard by her tenacity. Alyssa brought her A-game tonight and Charlotte couldn’t look past her.

“Not bad, hon,” Charlotte said.

Alyssa smiled. “Thanks, I try.”

The two Starlets started to circle one another and went to lock up…

Well, that was the idea when Charlotte was speared to the ground!


One of the only Starlets Champions in the company’s history had just come out of nowhere and speared Charlotte to the mat! Alyssa Corliss was about to jump in and interfere when out from behind she was also attacked!


It looked like even though Charlotte claimed earlier that she was done with Sarah Winterton and Persephone, the bitter Starlets were not done with Charlotte! Winterton had stolen the Starlets Championship and landed a perfect shot to the head of Corliss!


Before the match had a chance to get going, Sarah Winterton and Persephone had blindsided both ladies and now Sarah stood over Charlotte. Persephone lifted Charlotte up and the two women quickly picked her off. Persephone grabbed Charlotte by the arm and launched her…


She collapsed to the ground after the brutal shot! A cut was open on the side of the head of Charlotte now and the crowd continued to boo as The Heiress grabbed a microphone. Persephone placed a boot down on the throat of Charlotte and kept choking her while Winterton glanced down with the Starlets Title was dangling in her right hand.

“You harlot! You have been parading around with stolen property for weeks now! Everybody knows that I had the match won at Rise of the Legends! You couldn’t beat me with any of your tired tricks so you had to resort to stealing one of my moves in order to win!”

It was unheard of for women to bleed, but the blood continued to run down Charlotte’s face while Winterton landed a few stomps into the face of The House’s manager!

“I have been saying for months that you are not what this division needs! What this division needs is a lady! A woman of class! What this division…”

Persephone heard enough and took the microphone from Winterton, which did not set well with the Heiress. The former Starlets Champion tightened her grip on Charlotte’s throat.

“No… this bitch doesn’t deserve anything!”

Winterton and Persephone stared down one another before they then turned their attention to Charlotte and Alyssa Corliss who were both still down on the canvas.

“Nevertheless… Charlotte… you little bitch. You keep acting like you’re better than us and you keep parading around with this belt like you earned it. I wasn’t even invited to compete in the tournament that led to you winning this title and they tried to cast me aside, but as one of jOlt’s original Starlets, I’m not going anywhere. Whether it’s Sarah Winterton or it’s me… one of us is taking this title from you.”

The Heiress took the microphone back – Persephone also didn’t like this snippiness from Sarah but she continued to make her point.

“Darling, you are in for the worst few weeks of your career! Peresphone and I will not stop until you’re dethroned. I will take that title from you and I will proudly wear it! Young ladies around the world will finally have somebody to look up to! A lady of class, dignity, and grace… not some Hype rookie and not this red-headed stepchild.”

The crowd booed as Winterton and Persephone raised one another’s hands as they stood over the unconscious bodies of Charlotte and Alyssa Corliss. A match that was supposed to continue on the new path that Charlotte wanted to set for herself as a fighting champion had turned into her worst nightmare when common enemies united to make a statement.

Winterton and Persephone were not done until one of them was wearing the Starlets Championship. And as long as Charlotte possessed the belt, she had a target on her back.

Winner: Charlotte via Disqualification

"Silence is Louder Than Words"

Ninja K We open up backstage with Donny Layne. As expected from any backstage reporter, he stood there in his fancy little suit tie with microphone in hand ready to earn his paycheck.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm backstage here with a special guest. He is the former Underground and World Champion.. Derecho!"

The people cheer as the camera pans back as Derecho is revealed to the worldwide audience. Layne smiles to greet Derecho and then brings the microphone back up to his lips.

"Derecho.. a lot of questions came out of Rise of the Legends. You attempted to re-enter the underground and unfortunately came up short against "The British Lion" Tyke. Tonight you are schedule to have a match with Bane Loneheart with Underground Rules. After stating that you didn't want to return to the Underground Division, why did you request this match? Are you trying prove something once again?"

Derecho looked at Layne for a moment and then gave him a smirk. Derecho then walked off without saying a word.

"Well.. I guess we're not going to get a direct answer from him. I guess we'll just have to see when he steps into the ring later this evening. Back to you at ringside, guys."

The scene faded to black.

Trouble vs Sweet Sweet Lovin
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

The next match on the card would see the return to form of a group by the name of Trouble. After a big victory in six-man tag over Graham Youngblood and Sweet Sweet Lovin, Sweet and Love each wanted a piece of Quo and Khadafi and so the match was accepted. Could the former Tag Team Champions Sweet Sweet Lovin actually defeat Trouble? Let’s find out!

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The lights in the arena began to flash rapidly in shades of red and blue while imitation sirens hit and one by one, the group known as Trouble made their way out. Duzza was out first followed shortly by his charges, the cocky Statuz Quo and the vicious Khadafi. Each man stood on top of the entrance and raised their hands for the crowd before Duzza pointed to the ring. Behind them to complete the group was “Mr. Big Time” Dallas Griffin now doing his best LeBron impression as he tossed a cloud of chalk in the air to the jeers of the crowd. One by one, the members of Trouble strutted their stuff to the ring while the fans continued.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! First, being accompanied to the ring by Duzza and Dallas Griffin… at a combined weight of 492 pounds, they are the team of Khadafi and Statuz Quo... TROUBLE!

All three men were in the ring now, each of the bandanna-clad badasses looking out to the crowd while Duzza pointed to his charges, happy that they had a chance at success. Quo and Khadafi nodded at one another silently as they awaited their opponents.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

The lights in the arena flickered to shades of purple and green and the fans gave a very nice ovation to the next team coming out. The jOltron was showing an 8-bit GIF of a dancing JKJ followed by that of a dancing Sam Sweet and Lennox Love. And when the crowd popped, the fun-loving jOlt Tag Team Champions were out for a win, trying to snap a losing streak fo their own.

“And their opponents... being accompanied to the ring by Jon Katz, Jr.... at a combined weight of 554 pounds, they are the team of Sam Sweet and Lennox Love... SWEET... SWEET... LOVIN!

Sam Sweet and Lennox Love were each slapping hands with the fans. However Quo and Khadafi didn't look too happy to see this bullcrap. They were there to hurt somebody, not make the fans laugh and cheer for them. They were there to break necks and make money. JKJ led his boys into the ring and they each took a turnbuckle before getting ready for action.


Lennox Love did a little disco clap and a point for the fans in the crowd while Statuz Quo took off his bandanna, grumbling quietly. The Love Machine went in for a grapple, but The King of the South buried a knee in his gut early. A few jabs from Quo sent Love flying backwards in the corner and he followed that up with a few more right hands.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” JKJ yelled at ringside along with the fans.

Quo shook his head in disbelief and buried a few more right hands into his head before attempting to whip Lennox. But the Love Machine turned the tables on him and sent him flying across the ring and when he bounced back he was taken down with a big Running Back Elbow! Quo bounced back to his feet while clutching his back, trying to swing at Love with a Clothesline, but Lennox ducked into a split! The King of the South bounced back into a Sit-out Hip Toss that drove him into the canvas!

The Love Machine was on fire now as The King of the South started to sit back up to his feet, but out of nowhere he came back with a Sliding Clothesline! And with that, he went for the cover quickly.




Quo kicked out while Love was controlling the offense, but Quo ducked out of the ring. Lennox Love chased after him around the ring, running past Duzza as he made it back inside. Khadafi blind-tagged himself in and while Love was still distracted by Quo, he was CLOBBERED from behind with a Northern Lariat from Khadafi!

“THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK WITH US!” Duzza pointed inside the ring as Khadafi stood over Love, grinding his boot in his face.

JKJ looked worried at ringside as Khadafi picked up Lennox Love by the head and tossed him into the corner face-first before he tagged in Quo. The two men went to work on Lennox Love, each twisting an arm before they kicked him in the face. They hit a double gut punch and a pair of HARSH Axe Handles to the small of his back! The Love Machine was in a very bad way now as he writhed around the canvas.

Statuz Quo was now in control as he lifted him up by his afro and buried a couple more knees into his gut before he dumped him hard into the mat with a vicious Exploder Suplex! He remained prone on the canvas as Quo bounced off the ropes, did a little C-Walk, then STOMPED a big boot right down onto the head of Lennox Love, completing the A-TOWN STOMP!

The crowd was all over the Jury member while Sam Sweet watched on, worried for his tag team partner. Lennox was forcefully pulled back to his feet again and was tagged again by Khadafi. The two men launched Love into the ropes and when he came back he was lifted and SPIKED hard with a Double Flapjack from the bruisers. Khadafi turned him over again and the cover was attempted.



THR... NO!

Love was somehow able to kick out! Khadafi growled to the referee before he continued to clock Love with a couple of big right hands. JKJ was clapping for him as the fans got a “LOVE MACHINE!” chant going for the charismatic high flyer. Again, another quick tag had been made to Statuz Quo and the two men launched him off the ropes where a Double Back Elbow put Love back on the canvas, followed by both men dropping a hard series of Elbow Drops to the chest. And Quo with the cover again.




Lennox Love got the shoulder up, needing to fight his way out. Quo stayed on the assault and tried to pick away at Love as Sam Sweet remained on the canvas, the big man ready to come out and strike at a moment's notice. The Love Machine stood back up and Quo popped him with a right hand before he launched him off to the corner. Love leaped over the ropes, sending The King of the South crashing into the corner. The quick-footed Love used the ropes to shoot himself back into the ring...


And it was an INCREDIBLE move at that! Quo was down and Love finally had the opening that he needed to make it over to the corner as the fans continued to chant for the members of Sweet Sweet Lovin. Quo was on his way over to his own partner where Khadafi was waiting for the important tag.


Khadafi made it into the ring first and tried to grab the woozy Love by the back of his leg. He pulled him away from the corner and dragged The Love Machine to his feet, but he clocked him HARD in the side of the head with an Enzuigiri! Khadafi stumbled about holding his head while Love pointed to the corner. Sam Sweet was ready...


And the fans popped big time for Sam Sweet as he made it into the ring, ready to strike! The big man ran right through Khadafi with a charging clothesline and roared to the crowd. The 332-pound Round Mound of Sound yelled to the crowd as he waited for Khadafi to get back up a second time only to clean his clock with a second clothesline. And try as he might when he was connected with a third one, Sam Sweet was butter because he was on a roll now! (I'm so, so sorry for that pun)

Sam Sweet was back on his feet and waited for Khadafi to stand tall to catch him with an Inverted Atomic Drop! He whipped Khadafi to the opposite side of the ring and clobbered him with a Running Corner Clothesline! Pointing off to the other side, he tossed Khadafi to the other side and SPLATTERED him with a Body Avalanche...


And when Khadafi was completely overwhelmed by the big man, he picked him up by the body and planted him into the canvas with a BIG Belly to Belly Suplex!




Statuz Quo made it back into the ring and elbowed him to the back of the head to save his team. Lennox Love limped back into the ring and ran at him and tossed Quo to the outside while Sam Sweet jumped on Khadafi. He jumped to the outside looking for a Plancha but Quo moved…


Lennox Love missed and hit nothing but the ringside floor! Quo headed back to the ring apron and waited while Sam picked up Khadafi and whipped him to the ropes. Quo blind-tagged himself in while Khadafi was hoisted up… He tried for a big Samoan Drop, but Khadafi elbowed his way out, stunning Sweet in the middle of the ring now. Quo and Khadafi landed on either side of Sweet…


The brutal double-team finisher of Quo and Khadafi was a NASTY Running Big Boot from Khadafi while Quo went low with a Leg Sweep! They had connected with The Hit and Quo stayed on him for the cover while Khadafi stood by.




“Here are your winners of the match… STATUZ QUO AND KHADAFI… TROUBLE!

Quo and Khadafi looked down at the crushed Sam Sweet and tapped their fists together in a celebration of Trouble’s next in a line of big victories. They’d won a six-man tag, Dallas Griffin defeated Graham Youngblood last week, they won at Rise of the Legends and now Quo and Khadafi got another win tonight. They were on a roll now and were clearly going to leave Sweet Sweet Lovin alone…


Nope, nevermind, it seemed that they had other ideas. Duzza pointed at him and immediately they continued their beatdown of Sweet Sweet Lovin. The boots continued to fly and Dallas Griffin ran in to join in on the beatdown. Love was forced to his feet by Khadafi and Quo who then launched him into the clutches of Griffin…


The vicious Black Hole Slam nearly put him into the mat! Jon Katz Jr. was on the outside, biting his lip and watching the beatdown of his friends. He tried running into the ring when Duzza swooped in out of nowhere and SOCKED him!


Trouble stood tall for this night, but they weren’t done. Duzza motioned for a microphone and snatched one from the ring announcer. The crowd continued booing, but Duzza was content to talk over them anyway.

“THIS…” he gestures to where the members of Sweet Sweet Lovin’ are still sprawled out on the canvas. “THIS is what’s going to happen to this roster! We’re sick of waiting for opportunities while they’re handed to other people like candy on Halloween!”

He gestured to Dallas Griffin who holds his arms out with a smug smile across his face.

“You see this man? This is THE BIG TIME of jOlt! This man is a future star that you need to be showcasing! Not these has-beens like Aran Thompson, Derecho, Tyke, or Turnbull! The names I mentioned are at least five to ten years past their expiration date! You need to look to the future and this man next to me… THIS is the future!”

Quo and Khadafi pat Duzza on the back as he continues his tirade.

“And those little fucking punk-ass bitches, The Heirs of Wrestling? TWO-TIME Tag Team Champions? My boys, Statuz Quo and Khadafi… have NEVER been given a Tag Team Title shot! Those entitled little shits get to come out here with their money and think they’re hot shit because they were all trained by people that thought THEY were hot shit! Heirs… we told you to keep those titles for us at Rise of the Legends and you CHOKED so now all three of you are on our hitlist. You, Frank…. That little cowboy bitch and that big solid gold dancer!”

He looked to the camera.

“I don’t have a pretty catchphrase like you guys do, so I’ll leave it at this… you’re all DONE.”

Duzza dropped the microphone into the ground and gestured to the members of Trouble. Griffin, Statuz Quo, and Khadafi left the members of Sweet Sweet Lovin laying unconscious in the ring as they walked up the ramp. Trouble had proven in more recent weeks they weren’t playing around and after this display, they were true to their word.

Winner: Trouble via Pinfall


Ninja K The scene opens up backstage in the catering area. Sitting there at the table with his lunch bag was everyone's favorite Rockstar... Jon Le Bon!

Le Bon hasn't been seen since Cataclysm since Aran Thompson threw him into the catering table. Ironic that were back to the same location that took Le Bon out.

"Thank God I healed in time for Thanksgiving. I also can't believe nobody posted a news story about my cracked rib! I'll have to have a talk with Mr. Johnson about that"

As Le Bon said that, Reno Davis walked up and tapped Le Bon on the shoulder.

"Did I hear you say Mr. Johnson? Didn't you watch iNtense while you were recovering?" asked Reno.

"Nah.. I don't have a television in my house. I could never figure out how to use one.. so I usually just sat there at home, in the dark, and stared out my window, watching the children next door play."

Reno, of all people, looked a little creeped out by that statement, but nevertheless, he shook it off and continued.

"Well.. anyway.. Jim Johnson got taken out by Sylo on iNtense 80. Johnson's gone from jOlt for good. Damien Lee is in charge now."

Le Bon stood up from his chair.

"Great Gatsby! This is tremendous news, but now I feel a bit slighted because I wasted so many orange peanuts spying on Johnson just so I could come up to the main roster.. and when I did, I was just trying to sit here and eat my dinner in peace when that Arab Thompkins guy broke into the room, brawled all over it with Deadrecho and ended up throwing me into the foodstuffs, craking my rib." said Le Bon before pausing and continuing.

"Now you're telling me that the man who didn't even send me a get well card is gone from jOlt all together? The man who didn't care one bit that I was stuck at home, sitting in the dark, watching the neighbor kids play from the shadows, breathing heavily because of the cracked rib.. licking my lips because the heavy breathing was drying them out?"

Le Bon sat back down as Reno Davis slowly backed away.

"Oh well.. no sweat off my back.. now that I know Lee is in charge, I can probably just forget all of this happened and enjoy my Thanksgiving leftovers!"

Le Bon opened up his lunch bag and pulled out a medium-sized container. He opened it up in and inside was some of the foulest smelling food Reno ever experience. He gagged a bit, but managed to choke out the words.. "What is that?"

Le Bon looked down at the food, which was a brown lump of something and looked back up at Reno.

"Well... with a cracked rib, I couldn't lift a turkey into the oven, so I made a meatload instead.. but I was out of eggs so I used oil instead.. and then I realized that I didn't have electricity to cook with, which is why it's so dark in my house.. so I went out to the back and used my grill. That's where I got the idea to smoke the meat.. so I found some pretreated 2x4s in my shed and put them on top of the coals and closed the lid. It made the meatloaf mystical. Last time I ate some, I saw colors".

Reno then patted Le Bon on the shoulder before walking away.

:Yeah, well, you enjoy that."

"THANKS!" said Le Bon enthusiastically.

Reno Davis walked away as Le Bon cut a piece of the brown glop with a knife. He stuck it on the end of his fork and brought it to his mouth.

"It's good to be back" he said right before he stuck the meat in his mouth. The audience collectively groaned in the background.

"Oo! Purple this time!" said Le Bon as the scene faded to black.

Derecho vs Bane Loneheart
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Earlier in the night, Derecho was approached by Donny Layne backstage to get his thoughts on this match. Derecho simply walked away all the while giving a glare at Donny. After being on a losing streak for the better part of the last few months, many are wondering what Derecho's frame of mind would be. We would find out in a few moments.

"Sur Fac Ing" by Slipknot

Out from the back stepped Bane Loneheart with his trusty pipe in hand. The people booed as Loneheart cockily walked his way down to the ring. Loneheart, a former member of Chris Titan's Backbone, has been rather quiet, but he looked to knock Derecho off during a time where Derecho seemed to be easy pickings.

Bane stepped up to the ringsteps and tapped the pipe on them a few times before he stomped up and onto the ring apron. He stepped in between the ropes and looked around the audience for some praise, but found none. The music died down. The lights then faded and became a crimson hue.

"Bow down... to the king of hell!"

"Charisma" by WASP

A sort of new intro to Derecho's theme paved the way for his entrance. The people stood up and cheered Derecho as he stepped out from the backstage area. Derecho looked around the crowd and saw the outpour of support for him. The people knew he was going through a rough time since losing the jOlt World Championship, but that didn't stop them from caring. After seeing the response, Derecho cracked a smirk and gave the audience a nod.

Derecho then walked down to the ring and focused his attention on Bane Loneheart. Derecho picked up a little momentum and then slid into the ring. As soon as Derecho stood, Loneheart charged in and drove his knee right into Derecho's stomach!




The referee immediately signaled for the bell as Loneheart pounded away on the upper back of Derecho with some stiff clubbing blows. Loneheart then backed Derecho into the ropes and shot him across the ring. With his trusty pipe in hand, Loneheart swung low and jammed the pipe into Derecho's stomach.

Derecho stopped dead in his tracks and fell to a knee as Bane smirked. The audience booed as he swung the pipe into the upper back of Derecho. Derecho winced in pain, but he willed himself back to his feet, but as soon as he did, he felt the sting of metal striking his upper back once again as Bane slammed the pipe into it. Derecho staggered over to the corner where he turned around. He was met with a big right hand by Loneheart which rocked Derecho's head back. Loneheart then grabbed Derecho by the arm, whipping him to the opposite corner where Derecho hit back first with a loud thud.

Loneheart measured Derecho up as he held the pipe high into the air. Loneheart charged in and looked to ramp the pipe into Derecho's throat, but Derecho moved out of the way just in time. Bane hit chest first against the turnbuckles as a result and then allowed Derecho to hit a forearm shot to the upper back of Bane. Derecho the grabbed Bane in a waist lock and tossed him over with a Release German Suplex that caused him to land on the back of his neck and shoulders. The impact caused Bane to let go of his pipe and Derecho grinned as he laid eyes on it.

The people even cheered when Derecho walked over and picked the pipe up off the canvas. Bane staggered back to his feet as Derecho menacingly tapped the pipe on the canvas. Bane turned around as Derecho lifted the pipe up to strike him, but Loneheart put his arms up and begged Derecho not to hit him.

Derecho had a change of heart and agreed to Loneheart's plea as he dropped the pipe to the canvas to boos from the crowd, but as soon as he dropped the pipe, Derecho drilled Loneheart with a lariat that turned him inside out!

Derecho had so much force behind that lariat, he himself fell to the canvas. Derecho, however, quickly rolled out of the ring and walked over to ringside where he picked up his best friend in the whole world... the steel chair!

The people cheered at that one loudly as Derecho got back into the ring with the chair. Loneheart shook his head, trying to get the cobwebs out of it, but he regained his composure and made it back to his feet. Derecho then jammed the steel chair into Loneheart's stomach and then swung upwards, uppercut style, smacking the chair right into Loneheart's face!!


The crowd cringed as Loneheart staggered back up against the ropes, holding his face in pain. Derecho then unfolded the chair in the middle of the ring and took off to the opposite side. Derecho then stepped up onto the chair and flew off with a Leaping Leg Lariat that caught Loneheart right in the chest! Loneheart then fell between the top and middle rope out to the apron and then down to the floor!

Derecho moved the chair in front of the ropes, perhaps he was channeling the spirit of a man from Bombay. Nevertheless, Derecho took off to the ropes and once again stepped up onto the chair, then onto the top rope where he flipped off with a Hilo to the outside, but Loneheart wouldn't be fooled twice! Bane moved and Derecho ended up landing back first on the floor mats!

Bane quickly grabbed Derecho and helped him up to his feet.. only to send him shoulder first into the ring steps. The impact caused the top and bottom halves to separate, but Bane wasn't going to let Derecho lay there and enjoy the pain for very long. Bane gave chase as he moved the top half of the ring steps out of the way and then laid Derecho on his back on top of the bottom half of the ring steps. Bane then hopped up onto the apron and took a few steps back to measure Derecho up. Bane then got a running start before leaping off...


The impact from the elbow onto Derecho vibrated through the ring steps and the arena. Derecho curled up into to the fetal position and fell off the ring steps to the floor. Bane pulled himself up and grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him to his feet. Bane then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulder. He stood right in front of the ring steps and then snapped him down Alabama Slam style.


The sound of Derecho's back echoing off the surface of the ring steps sent a shockwave through the crowd. Some even covered their faces as the impact was extremely hard. Derecho wasn't moving from it afterward and Bane felt that he had the match won at this point. Bane decided to pull the lifeless Derecho back up to his feet before rolling him back into the ring. Loneheart then slid in and quickly made the cover, hooking the leg.



Thr... NO!

Derecho kicked out and the place came alive!

Bane couldn't believe it, but he didn't have time to think about it. He stood up and grabbed the steel chair which was still unfolded. He moved it to the center of the ring and made a slashing motion across his throat. He grabbed Derecho and then hoisted him up onto his shoulder. The place booed heavily as the position looked all too familiar.

Bane was going for the Emerald Flowsion. It was Derecho's finisher, but many forgot that Bane also possessed the very same move in his arsenal.. and now he looked to use it against Derecho! As Bane positioned himself by the chair, Derecho began to kick and ended up wriggling free! Derecho fell behind Bane and got under his arm. He quickly lifted Bane and spun him...


The chair crumbled from the impact as the crowd let out a loud "OOOHH"

Derecho was still feeling the effects of having his spine drilled into the ring steps earlier and lifting a 265lb man didn't exactly help that damage. Derecho writhed on the canvas, but he still managed to scoot himself over to make the cover, barely hooking Bane's leg..



Thr... NO!

Bane kicked out from it!

Derecho sat up and looked at Bane.. he then stood back up taunted Bane to get back up to his feet. Derecho wanted to finish it right here, right now. Bane slowly rolled off the chair and got on all fours. Derecho didn't want to wait for Bane to get up so he backed up a few steps and lunged in, looking for the Shining Wizard, but Bane sidestepped it and immediately tripped Derecho up. Derecho fell chest first across the mangled steel chair, but Bane was fast to slap on his patented Texas Cloverleaf!

Derecho yelled out in tremendous pain! The damage to his lower back... the fact that his chest was being pushed into a mangled steel chair courtesy of Bane Loneheart sitting on his lower back. His legs tied into a knot and the pressure being sent down those legs and into Derecho's already aching spine.

Many thought that this was it... Derecho was on the verge of tapping out! First he lost the Thieves' Honor Match.. then he lost in his rematch with Aran Thompson... He lost to Omega, Landon Stevens, and even Tyke back at Rise of the Legends... will Bane Loneheart add his name to the list of men who have bested Derecho for nearly three months?

The answer is...


Derecho balled his hand up into a fist and pounded the canvas. He let out a loud cry as he pushed himself off of the chair. He was doing a push up with an injured back and a 265lb man on his back, but the look on Derecho's face said it all. The strain.. the pain.. the agony... all of it for the sake of not wanting to lose another match! All of it willed Derecho to push himself up high enough to his legs to get Loneheart off of him!

Derecho rolled onto his back, completely exhausted as the crowd roared in approval. Bane immediately got back up and grabbed Derecho by the legs, looking to reapply the Cloverleaf, but Derecho used those legs to kick Loneheart away!

Loneheart staggered into the ropes and used them for momentum, but Derecho nailed a Drop Toe Hold!

Derecho got back up and hobbled to the ropes, but he came back just when Bane was getting up...


Derecho quickly stood and bent over to pick up Bane. He stopped for a moment to hold his lower back, but he quickly continued and brought Bane back up to his feet. Derecho hoisted Bane up onto his shoulder. The straight and effort it took was evident by the look on Derecho's face. Derecho didn't hold Bane up on his shoulders for long. he quickly dropped him.


Bane's neck was drilled into the canvas and Derecho made the cover.




The people cheered as "Charisma" by WASP filled the PA system once again. Derecho was helped up by the referee who raised his hand in victory. Derecho may have had the Thanksgiving Break to recuperate from his war with Tyke, but after tonight, all that recovery seemed for naught. But, this was the path that Derecho chose.

He chose to walk the path of the Underground once again and with a victory over Bane Loneheart, it was the first step on that path. The match wasn't his best display from his tenure in the Underground so it raised the question of whether or not Derecho would be able to walk this path again. Only time would tell as Mike Extreme waited for him on Warriors as his next test!

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"Sadism Returns"

Ninja K
The lights get dim and "Blackened By The Sun" blares across the PA system. The crowd stands in disbelief because it has been months since The Sadistic One has graced the arena and hallways of jOlt. As the crowd waits in anticipation the jOltvision comes on. The screen is black but word begin to fade in and out across the screen.

Hatred and vengeance, my eternal portion,
Scarce can endure delay of execution,
Wait, with impatient readiness, to seize my
Soul in a moment.

Damned below Judas: more abhorred than he was,
Who for a few pence sold his holy master.
Twice betrayed, Jesus me, the last delinquent,
Deems the profanest.

Man disavows, and Delty disowns me:
Hell might afford my miseries a shelter;
Therefore hell keeps her ever-hungry mouths all
Bolted against me.
Hard lot! encompassed with a thousand dangers;

Weary, faint, trembling with a thousand terrors,
I’m called, if vanquished, to receive a sentence
Worse than Abiram’s.

Him the vindictive rod of angry justice
Sent quick and howling to the centre headlong;
I, fed with judgment, in a fleshly tomb, am
Buried above ground.

Soon after the last words fade away, a big flash sparks the screen and a silouette of a man stands with the distance of the screen.

"As Darkness Falls, Evil Will Rise. For Hell Hath No Fury, and Vegenace Has no Motive. You Will Bare Witness to Reform and Destruction. So Prepare Cause The Sadistic One Is Back and I Won't Stop Till My Plan Is Finished."

Anson chuckles sadistically as the camera fades away.........

The House (c) vs The Heirs of Wrestling
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

A grueling ladder match saw three teams do battle for the coveted jOlt Tag Team Championships a Rise of the Legends and after months of chasing down the belts that had been stolen from them, The House came out on top. Now with just a few days removed from the big show, The House were going to defend their belts against the now ex-champions, The Heirs of Wrestling one more time.

The two teams had traded the belts back and forth for several months now, but the third team in the ladder match- Red and Ted – made it clear they were not going to be ignored and threw a party for the champions that ended in chaos. Tonight, The House had to worry about defending the belts against the talented Heirs. Could The House beat them and retain the gold or would The Heirs take the belts for a record-setting third time?

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“Coming to the ring first, being accompanied by Mack Brody… they are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!”

As always, Mack Brody wasn’t too far behind as Silver and Gallway approached the ring. The crowd actually showed them a mostly mixed reaction of cheers and boos. They were talented and after they’d lost the belts, they shook the hands of The House instead of throwing an expected fit. However… The Heirs of Wrestling had been known for being up to no good. Nevertheless, they were ready to get the gold back.

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated. Charlotte wasn’t here due to The Heirs’ own Sarah Winterton’s attack – clearly a fact not lost on Derrick Huber who wasn’t fully convinced of The Heirs of Wrestling’s intentions.

Derrick Huber and Frank Silver each stepped into the ring. Silver shot him a slightly worried look as an angry Huber looked ready to fight.

“We didn’t have anything to do with what Sarah did…” Frank said.


Huber charged at Frank and tried a wild swing that Frank ducked. He came back and landed a pair of chops across the chest of the big man. The blows only slightly stunned Huber who already fought back with a knee to the stomach before whipping Frank across the ring. Silver came bouncing back out of the corner and he was taken over with a stiff clothesline.

The Knight of Sunday Nights was sent tumbling acrooss the ring while the angry Huber came charging at him like a bull in the corner. When Frank sat up he was caught with a big running knee to the chest. Frank barely had time to react when Huber snapped him out of the corner and rolled him center of the ring with a snap mare. He came charging off the ropes like a man possessed and came back with a big kick landed right to the face of Frank that elicited some cheers from the crowd still not convinced The Heirs were completely trying to change their ways. While Frank hit the canvas it was The Oddsmaker who went in for the pin.



And an early kick out from Frank! The crowd was in full support of The House as he snatched up Frank by his hair. He wasn’t playing around tonight and the Las Vegas superheavyweights weren’t going to allow The Heirs any rest. They wrestled them enough times to know that any openings were trouble.

When he sat up he grabbed Frank by the legs and he was trying to go early for the Roulette Wheel as the fans started cheering for what was coming next. Silver wasn’t going to have any of that and kicked him twice in the leg to free himself before Silver rolled out to the floor.

Derrick Huber wasn’t going to let him go and chased him out of the ring before Frank could get any kind of a rest. Mack looked like he was about to get involved when Huber glared at their powerhouse.

“Do something. Go ahead.”

Brody then stepped aside to the surprise of the crowd. Ryan Gallway looked a little surprised, but if they were intent on changing their ways like they claimed then they couldn’t be resorting to cheating tactics.

Frank rolled back inside the ring thanks to the distraction and when Huber turned around, Frank came running off the ring apron and connected with a flying shoulder block off! The crowd was impressed with the move despite and it was Huber’s fault for taking his eye off the ball so he didn’t really do anything wrong.

Silver wasn’t playing up to the crowd and tonight they seemed like they were more serious and focused on winning back their titles. With some effort Frank got the powerhouse back inside the ring and tried to go for the win as Adam Roebuck watched from the corner.



And a big kickout by Huber!

Silver slapped a hand on the mat and tried to keep the big guy grounded with a rear chinlock hold. He was playing things smartly against the powerhouse and if anybody could match power with the House, Frank was going to be their best shot. He kept the hold locked on but Huber still managed to get back to his knees. When he tried to fight his way out, Frank clipped the knee and tagged into Gallway. Huber was held in a side position while Ryan Gallway came off the top rope with a dropkick to the face of The Oddsmaker!

He was down when Frank and Ryan hit a tandem fist drop from Frank and a running flip senton from Gallway. Silver left the ring while the young Prince of Precision went for a cover on the big guy.



And another kick out by Huber! Ryan was pushed off the much bigger man, but Gallway continued to kick away at him as he tried to sit up. The kicks kept coming furiously until Huber pushed him off the ropes. Ryan came back off the ropes with another running dropkick only to get swatted out of the sky by the bigger man.

The Oddsmaker was back on his feet as Gallway tried to stand on his. When he came back he was caught by Huber and dropped with a hard double-arm tree slam! He muscled him in the air and simply threw him down to the canvas with extreme force!

The strongman of The House pried Gallway off the canvas and whipped him into the corner of The House so he and Roebuck could try and finish things off early. He tagged into Roebuck and the big Las Vegas Leviathan got a big round of cheers from the crowd. He held his hand out and delivered a stinging chop to the chest of Gallway that sent the Floridian high flyer crumbling to his knees.

The Hosue weren’t playing especially nice with the Heirs of Wrestling, but after months of torment and ridicule from their younger opponents, nobody really blamed them. Roebuck pulled Gallway up off the canvas again and propped him up with a massive paw. The crowd knew what was coming next…


Each chop came down across the chest of Gallway, each harder than the last and the blows were something he would definitely feel in the morning. The Prince of Precision fell over to his knees again and rolled across the canvas in pain. His chest felt like it was on fire and Roebuck wasn’t anywhere near done with him.

He walked over to Gallway and pressed down his entire weight across his chest before he stepped over him! The crowd still cheered The House member as he raised his arm to play up for the crowd.

The surly superheavyweight picked up Gallway across the canvas and tagged back into Huber again. Gallway was thrown into the ropes where Huber and Roebuck were waiting. When he landed both men caught Gallway and tossed him into a double hip toss before they caught him. Both Roebuck and Huber looked at the cheering crowd before they launched him up in the air and dropped him with a variant on a big sky drop!

The jOltVision had several replays of Ryan Gallway getting tossed up in the air before he crashed to the ground with a big splat. Derrick Huber went in for the cover on Gallway as he tried to end things.



Frank Silver came out of nowhere and broke up with the cover with a kick to the side of his head. Huber glared at him before he picked up Gallway and tried to get him up for a big move. He was setting him up off his back in the position for his Spread Bet spinebuster when Ryan Gallway kicked frantically and managed to slip out the back.

When Huber turned around he pushed Ryan Gallway off the ropes and when he came flying he ducked into a blind tag from Frank Silver. Huber charged when Gallway slid underneath his legs but he didn’t see Frank and didn’t see the leader of the Heirs come off the top rope with a big flying European uppercut!

Ryan Gallway took off out of the ring when Frank Silver went to the ring ropes. He started to head to the second rope now and stood over Derrick Huber as he was down. He then raised that pinky of his, the one that got him into much trouble with the crowd. However, he was surprised by the result as he was actually somewhat positive.

“Huh,” Frank said. “That’s… new…”


The second rope flying elbow connected to the heart of Derrick Huber amidst some cheers from the crowd as Frank Silver went into the cover.



And a kick out from the big guy Huber! Now that the Heirs had the advantage back on their side again, they were ready to try and get their titles back from The House.

Adam Reobuck was in the corner watching now as his tag team partner Derrick Huber had a big series of elbows drilled into the top of his head and ran off the ropes before connecting with a running European uppercut this time that floored the big guy and sent him flying outside of the ring.

Gallway then reached out his hand and Frank tagged him as Ryan started to head into the ring. Getting himself a nice running start he used the ropes to spring off the second rope and came through the ropes with a lightning fast heat seeker suicide dive that landed right onto Huber!

Orlando was turning into some kind of bizarre world as The Heirs were being somewhat cheered by the fans who actually bought into their crap. As Ryan stood up he jumped onto the barricade and started to tout his greatness for the fans.

“You like that, huh? You like that? Well suck my…”


Frank screamed at his partner to get with the program and he nodded a quick apology. Frank and Ryan both worked together to throw him back inside the ring when Ryan Gallway headed back to the top rope. He waited on the top and when Derrick tried to sit up the Prince of Precision made him pay…


The top rope double knee strike caught Derrick Huber flush in the face and now he looked for the big win and the tag titles coming back around their waists…



And a big kick out by Derrick Huber again! Ryan Gallway was shocked when he kicked out but Ryan didn’t let that deter him any. Ryan turned him over and went into a grounded front facelock submission with hopes of keeping the big man grounded.

Ryan Gallway continued to slap on the headlock and looked smug like the Heirs of old… or new… or current, depending on who you believed. The submission was locked in tight but Huber did his best to fight back. Because he was much bigger than his opponent, he managed to fight his way out.


The crowd was increasing in cheers for the strongman half of The House as one of the jOlt Tag Team Champions started getting back to his feet again. When he managed to fight backhe buried a few big fists into his smaller opponents chest. He pushed him of the rope and caught him over his head. Quickly Gallway adjusted himself in mid air and dropped him back down to the canvas with an amazing tilt a whirl DDT!



Close, but no cigar!

The Heirs of Wrestling had never faced The House with the version of Gallway and Silver, but they were putting up a damn good fight against the champions. Mack Brody watched on the outside as Ryan Gallway made the tag to Frank Silver and The Baron of Ballistics was looking to strike.

He then pushed Huber into the corner with all the strength he could muster and blasted him with another barrage of his signature European uppercuts and then changed it up to deliver a vicious series of shouder strikes to wear down Huber against the ropes.

Huber fell to his knees and he grabbed him by the arm. With all the strength he could gather, Frank actually pulled him up with a gutwrench and held him there in place! The Baron of Ballistics actually held him in place as Gallway made the tag. He lifted him up and over with a deadlifting variation of the gutwrench suplex as Gallway springboarded to the top rope and connected with the springboard splash!




There was no way and now how, but even after the amazing double-team combinations by The Heirs of Wrestling Huber had still kicked out and looked like he wasn’t going to give into the Heirs. He shook his head frantically and clinched his teeth as Gallway stood up.

The Prince of Precision fired a big volley of kicks into the chest of the big Oddsmaker as he tried to get back to his feet yet again. There was no hope for him to get out or so it seemed. Gallway fired a kick until Huber caught him. He lifted up Gallway…


The inverted Samoan drop from the big man splattered Gallway across the canvas and now the Oddsmaker finally had the chance to get to his corner. Frank Silver was ready and waiting for the tag from Gallway who wasn’t even stirring. In the corner, Roebuck was pounding on the turnbuckle rhythmically to get the crowd clapping. The bigger half of the Tag Team Champions was ready and waiting to strike as the hand came down…

The tag was made by Frank Silver.

Silver tried getting inside the ring and ran right past Derrick Huber to deliver a cheap shot to the Las Vegas Leviathan! He stopped The Big Bucks from getting the tag but Frank didn’t see Huber get back up and he was pushed up and over with a humongous back body drop.

The ex-tag champion was on the canvas now holding his back and kicking around frantically in pain as Roebuck shook off the blow. He reached out a hand and made the tag to Roebuck! He was legal now!

The crowd responded as the big freight train nicknamed the Big Bucks thundered his way into the ring to exact some punishment on the men he blamed for the attack on their valet, Charlotte.

When Frank Silver started trying to get back to his feet he charged at the former Tag Team Champion and knocked him over with a big clothesline. When he stood up to his feet he was knocked over with a second and even more forceful clothesline from the big surly mountain of a man. He even knelt down to Frank’s level and floored him with a headbutt that sent the leader of the Heirs into the corner. The Big Bucks was running things now and Frank was easy pickings…


Mack Brody showed genuine concern for his friends as he watched Adam Roebuck manhandle everything that moved. Frank staggered out from the corner as Roebuck came charging off the ropes and connected with a running shoulder that bowled him all the way across the ring.

The big Roebuck was finally showing off all the force and mayhem that came with being part of the largest two-man tag team that jOlt had ever seen. Adam Roebuck was ready to finish things off now and grabbed onto Frank as he stood up only to drop him across his knee with a rib breaker. He then tossed him up and over his head with a monstrous standing fallaway slam…


Roebuck had manhandled him and now it was time to finish things once and for all! He rolled behind him and went into the cover on Silver.



The fall was cut off by a double flying stomp to the head of Ryan Gallway! Gallway and his fancy footwork saved the match for his team and now left the big man in a very vulnerable position. When he tried to jump off the ropes, he came at Adam Roebuck looking for his signature Quasar Kick when Huber came into the ring and cut him off with a big double sledge to the chest!

“Midas” Mack Brody had stood by idly and looked like he was about to do something…


No! The crowd was booing again for the appearance of STATUS QUO, KHADAFI, AND DALLAS GRIFFIN! The Jury had promised to strike and they very much did so when Quo came out of nowhere with a lead pipe to the back of Brody’s knee! The Heirs’s friend had been taken out by a renegade three-on-one and they continued to stomp him on the outside!

Meanwhile Silver was back up when Roebuck tried to pick him up. He lifted Silver on his head and was looking to finish him off with the Bad Hand when Silver swooped out and chopped the leg. He turned to see what was happening to Brody…


Frank barely had time to react to anything. He turned away just for a split second which was more than enough for Roebuck to do something. He powered Silver up over his head and drilled him…





Adam Roebuck had scored the win and managed to keep the tag titles for he and his partner! Roebuck and Huber then looked over to where The Jury were now standing over a crippled Mack Brody whose leg had been attacked with a lead pipe from Statuz Quo. The thugs for hire had made a promise to attack The Heirs of Wrestling and now they had targeted the former champions.

Roebuck and Huber looked at the damage done to the Heirs and had a quick decision to make. They didn’t particular like the Heirs of Wrestling but they weren’t okay with the attack. They each gave chase to the members of the Jury who now hightailed it through the crowd. Statuz Quo, Dallas Khadafi each had smiles on their faces and they didn’t have beef with The House; their targets had been The Heirs of Wrestling and it was loud and clear they meant every word they said tonight.

Huber and Roebuck each looked at the fallen Mack Brody who was still limping. Tonight, what mattered to them was the jOlt Tag Team Titles and they had fought against a very game team to retain the gold.

The final images of tonight’s show was The House – Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber had retained their gold for the first time since winning them back and they raised their belts for everyone to see! Tonight had belonged to the superheavyweights and the crowd cheered them for another great performance!

Winner: The House via Pinfall