"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"The Address"

Ninja K "It's time to shake things up..."

The arena sat in silence, their respective conversations having been interrupted by a voice coming from an unknown source.

The jOlt-vision held the answer. The camera man had managed to source the origin of the voice and display it on the big screen, cutting backstage where one man emerged from a shadowy corner and strode down the hallway, microphone still in hand.

He stood tall at 6’4” of toned muscle and a left arm bearing tattoos. He wore fingerless fighting gloves on both hands, looking ready, willing and able to slug it out at the drop of a hat. The knee brace on his left leg barely even began to tell the tale of the brutal battles he’d taken part in over his storied career.

The man had formerly competed around the world as Jak Nemesis. The man had signed a jOlt contract months ago but had yet to make an official appearance.

The man making his way to the Gorilla Position was Frank Hendrix.

"It is high time I stepped in and took over." Said Frank confidently.

The Unholy Assassin wore an official jOlt shirt and wrestling gear as he passed a couple of officials backstage and sniggered at them before heading out towards the ring.

As Hendrix continued on his path and emerged atop the ramp he was met by a timid reception. Scatters of jeers from fans unsure of who he was and a few small cheers from smarter more hardcore fans marking out at his unscheduled appearance.

Frank surveyed the crowd as he carefully placed the microphone on the ground before removing the jOlt shirt, revealing his ripped torso and the faint outline of several scars that covered it.

Then he smiled. That’s when he tossed the shirt on the floor beside his boots and spat on it in disgust.

Cue the boos, naturally. That was certainly one way to announce your arrival.

Frank laughed loudly as he picked up the mic and proudly strode towards the ring with a purpose.

Hendrix slid viper-like under the bottom rope and rolled into the centre of the ring before standing up slowly, taking care to soak in the jeers that the crowd threw in his general direction.

The self-proclaimed Wrestling Deity took his time in raising the microphone back to his lips, pausing halfway to run his free hand through his bushy beard that masked a menacing smile beneath it.

“You people can boo and call me whatever you want but the fact is that it doesn’t matter worth a damn.” Hendrix’s gravelly English voice boomed through the arena and drew little more than further jeers and insults. “The time has come for this company to recognise true greatness. The time has finally come for the wrestling world as a whole to unite and realise that the man you see standing in this very ring right now is simply the best there has ever been in this sacred profession.”

The chorus of boos only accentuated the shit eating grin beneath his beard. Hendrix chuckled to himself before continuing.

“I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. This business has been and always will be full of talentless blowhards who claim to be the greatest of all time and yada yada yada. The only thing you need to know is that I am the one who speaks the truth.”

“Forget the arrogant, muscle-bound jOlt nobody who stares at you from the poster adorning your wall. All of the heroes and false prophets that you idolise and put upon a pedestal will fall at my feet like the defenceless prey that they are.”

Frank took a moment to brush his hand through the brown beard once more, eyes brimming with intent.

“Whatever you think you’ve seen and been amazed by I have done it myself ten times over. Whilst the pampered and protected so-called ‘superstars’ of jOlt Wrestling have been putting on half a show for sell-out crowds I’ve been fighting with ten times the skill and courage in bingo halls and auditoriums across the globe. I’ve taken on the best this world has to offer and come out smelling of sweet red roses.”

“I’ve had near eight foot giants cower at my feet. I’ve flattened high fliers and sent them sprawling into early retirement. I’ve forced the most well-honed mat technicians to squeal like pigs and tap out, begging for a mercy I refuse to grant them. Men who claimed to be undead vampires, Japanese sensations, British bare-knuckle fighters and wannabe MMA tough guys, I HAVE DEFEATED THEM ALL to little fanfare. Meanwhile overhyped men like Sylo are hailed as Kings. People actually seem to care about talentless men like Reno Davis. Worthless men such as Ninja K are running around carrying belts that outright should not belong to them.”

The crowd cheered for the mention of star names from jOlt’s past and present. Hendrix scowled as his voice grew louder with each passing word.

“You people want to see a real World champion? You don’t even know the meaning of those words. I’ve been crowned the King of the Deathmatch. I know counter moves to your counter moves counter move. I’ve wrestled for two hours straight with broken bones and put my body through hell and back and for what? The same kind of money that skinny kids in offices earn for filing some paperwork alphabetically? NO MORE!

Hendrix walked over to and leant over the top rope as the camera zoomed in on his enraged face, the HD cameras highlighting the slight bags under his eyes and wrinkles in his forehead.

“For years and YEARS I’ve been doing this better than anyone else in the world and now I have finally had enough. It’s time for Frank Hendrix to shine like the star that I truly am. I want my catchphrase on the t-shirts, I want my image on the posters and I want my action figure outselling them all because that is the only way it can ever be RIGHT. I want everything that is coming to me and NOW IS THE TIME FOR ME TO TAKE IT!

“Take a good, long look at my face because you will be seeing plenty of it as I ascend to my rightful throne. I WILL be the headliner, and soon you won’t be able to spell Main Event without M.E.

With those words Hendrix dropped the microphone to the canvas and stepped back to the middle of the ring where he stood with a sadistic grin stretching from ear to ear, visibly delighted with his entrance. The sound of “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold began to play as Hendrix raised his right fist into the air, before pointing his index finger up towards the sky.

Frank Hendrix had arrived in jOlt, and he wasn’t here to play games.

Charlotte (c) vs Vogue Gonsalvez
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Later tonight, three of jOlt’s most promising Starlets would be competing in an elimination match in order to determine a new number one contender at Wired. Charlotte had won the belt four months ago and had been a fighting champion. Much like she did last week, The Queen of Hearts put out an open challenge for any other Starlet to face her with her belt on the line and the challenge was answered by The Hype’s own Vogue Gonsalvez, a very cunning and unpredictable woman. Could Vogue play the spoiler tonight and pick up a big title win?

“You Can Do It” by Ice Cube played first and out came the arrogant street-wise Vogue. She had a cocky sneer on her face and promptly blew off the crowd with a couple of choice gestures before strutting down the ramp like she had the match won. She had many battles on The Hype with Alyssa Corliss and was now set on making her presence known tonight. Gonsalvez climbed into the ring and waited for her opponent.

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the current champion! Charlotte had the title around her waist and was wearing a tight leather blue top with black tights. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The Starlet Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring! The Red Queen handed the belt over to the referee and raised it to show the crowd what was at stake.

The bell rang and the young Starlets came face to face. Charlotte was about to raise her hand and shake it when Gonsalvez not only kicked it away, but spat at the ground in front of The House’s valet. The crowd booed Vogue while Charlotte shrugged.

“Gonna be like that, hon? Okay.”

The vicious Gonsalvez wasted no time shoving the redhead back a few steps to show her she meant business. She charged right at her when Charlotte ducked the clothesline and grabbed her by the arm to roll her up in a ranhei pin combination.



Vogue kicked out at two. She stood up again and this time it was Charlotte coming at her. She ran at Charlotte again but some fancy footwork from the champion got her down with a drop toe hold. Gonsalvez was down and The Red Queen tied her up with another pinning combination in the form of a la majistral pin.



Again Gonsalvez kicked out at two! From what the crowd had seen of Charlotte, the athletic Starlet Champion had some unique moves in her arsenal and was as flashy as they come. She stood up and Vogue caught her this time with a nasty uppercut to the jaw. Vogue whipped Charlotte into the ropes only for the very quick champion to jump right over her and hit the ropes. She came back and connected with a running leg lariat that landed right on the button!



Another pinfall was attempted and again Gonsalvez managed to kick out a third time. The match had started off at a high octane pace. Charlotte pulled Vogue Gonsalvez up to her feet and clobbered her with a pair of forearms to the face before looking to whip her into the corner. Vogue Gonsalvez reversed the whip and sent Charlotte shooting into the corner when she jumped to the second buckle and came flying back with a second rope moonsault called the CALAMITY JANE~! The crowd was popping at the unorthodox offense of the Starlets Champion as she dove in for a fourth cover.



Close, but no!

Vogue Gonsalvez was on the ropes when Charlotte continued the offensive. She charged right at her when she stood, but this time Vogue Gonsalvez was ready. She caught Charlotte and grabbed her by the head before slamming her face into the second turnbuckle. She was stunned long enough for Vogue to finally force her down with a nasty snap kicking DDT.

Finally with the chance to be in control of the match, Vogue Gonsalvez had managed to turn the tide in her favor and bombarded Charlotte across the face with a trio of some vicious kicks to the side of the head to rock the Red Queen.

The crowd booed Gonsalvez who responded in kind by yelling at the crowd to shut their mouths. She pulled Charlotte up to her feet and punished the Starlets Champion against the ropes by choking her with a knee. She continued to apply pressure until the referee started the count to force a break. Vogue Gonsalvez backed off for a few seconds before she pulled Charlotte up again.

She used the ropes and trapped her between the second and third ropes before firing off a series of nasty forearms to the back of the head to punish her further. She landed about six or seven before Vogue Gonsalvez smiled. The Starlets Champ was reeling in the ropes when Vogue Gonsalvez grabbed her by the back of the head and drove her into the canvas with a rope hung neckbreaker! She was going after the head and neck of Charlotte and tried going to a cover.



Close, but no cigar!

Vogue Gonsalvez had managed to get another close one off of Charlotte but she still needed that pivotal three-count if she wanted to win back the championship she once held.

The Hype Starlet pulled the current one by the arm and drove a couple more elbows to the face of the Red Queen and then whipped her to the ropes a second time. When she came back Gonsalvez caught her with a nasty spinning wheel kick to the face. Vogue got to her knees and shook her head at the disdainful crowd as she covered again. She may have been closing in on the title.



And another kick out by Charlotte!

Angrily Vogue protested to the referee but it was only a two count. She grabbed Charlotte again and whipped her to the ropes a third time but this time Charlotte was ready and slid downward before throwing a nasty uppercut underneath Vogue’s jaw!

The Red Queen stood up again and the crowd cheered her on as she waited for Vogue Gonsalvez to stand. She charged at Charlotte in the corner only to get a boot to the face for her troubles. Charlotte tackled her to the ground with a leaping clothesline to the face.

Gonsalvez was stumbling into the corner while Charlotte did another dance in the ring for the crowd. She targeted Vogue in the corner and ran at her with a pair of double knees to the chest. Vogue was doubled over when Charlotte scooped her up. She hooked her by the side and went for her finisher only for Vogue Gonsalvez to flip out at the last second. When Charlotte turned around she was greeted with a running busaiku knee kick…


The crowd was genuinely surprised! Vogue wasted no time jumping on top of Charlotte to go for a hooked leg



No way!

Vogue was in disbelief that Charlotte was still ticking. She yelled out in rage and stood in the corner waiting for Charlotte to get back up once again. She was looking for her corkscrew moonsault that was named the En Vogue. She climbed to the top and even threw up a middle finger to the crowd before she jumped…

She missed!

Charlotte rolled out of harm’s way but Vogue saw it coming and adjusted herself into a tuck and roll before she amazingly popped back to her feet. When she turned around, though, Gonsalvez scrambled up and walked right into THE DEATH CARD~!

The discus big boot caught Vogue Gonsalvez flush in the face and the crowd cheered the Starlets Champion as she posed for the fans letting them know the end was coming. She picked Vogue Gonsalvez up by the back and set her in the belly to back position a second time…


The belly to back neckbreaker put Vogue Gonsalvez down and the crowd cheered as Charlotte laid across her while hooking a leg.




Charlotte had successfully defended her title yet again, which meant that now her next big defense was going to come at Wired against whoever won out of Sarah Winterton, Persephone, and Daryn Thompson. Three distinct personalities gunning for a shot at her title?

Charlotte celebrated with the title and raised it as she jumped on the second turnbuckle, blowing kisses to the fans and proud of the roll she had been on. As for her challengers tonight, she only had one thought to herself.

Bring it on!

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"No Sleep for the Innocent"

Ninja K The camera comes into focus backstage as Lennox Love is strolling down the arena hallways. As he makes a turn, heading towards his locker room, he runs right into the chest of Anson Larue. Stumbling backwards, Lennox tilts his head to the side....

"Look brother, you are standing in my way sucka and unless you want a picture or an autograph, then I suggest you move and let fabulous Lennox Love continue his stroll to VIP status."

Smirking after the comments made by Lennox, Anson adjust himself before responding...

"First of all I'm not your brother. Second I do what I want, when I want. Finally I do want a picture but it will be a picture of my choosing and the scenario I just created will make the Mona Lisa obsolete.


Anson hits Lennox with a right cross ending him flying down the hallway. Shakin from the shot Lennox staggers to his feet as he looks upon Anson slowly making his way towards him with cruel intent.

After regaining full mobility, Lennox charges at Anson and then leaps into the air looking to connect with a forearm shot to the face of Anson, but in the blink of an eye Anson quickly hits The Kiss of Death.


Lennox's body completely folds and lies lifeless on the hard concrete. Anson stands over him and smirks before hoisting him up and carryin him down to his locker room. After placing him in his locker room he turns towards the camera.

"For you see the games have begun and no one is safe from the pain in which I will inflict from this day forward. Lennox happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in his eyes but it was the rght place and the right time for me to send my message. See there s no sleep for the innocent and no rest for the weak. Let the games begin......."

The camera cuts to the arena ring...........

"Thems Fighting Words"

Ninja K If you were The Heirs of Wrestling right now, there is a pretty good chance that you have probably seen better days. In the midst of a slump, The Heirs had not only lost their tag titles, but they had also lost their rematch against The House. The Heirs have been in the midst of a feud with the group known as Trouble. Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin had been making life hell for The Heirs in a feud that stems from the latter group wanting to make a name for themselves at the expense of the former. In case you missed what transpired on Warriors (for shame!) the kind folks in the production truck showed it:

On the outside now, Frank was trying to fight off Quo, but whe he turned around he was caught with a BIG Just Business slam from Dallas Griffin on the floor! Silver was down in front of the ring after the thunderous slam. Duzza was nowhere to be found after Frank jumped him in the back, but now Khadafi, Quo, and Dallas Griffin were attacking him. Gallway was down and Red and Ted walked right by the mess of Trouble to celebrate their victory.

The new #1 contenders disappeared from sight, leaving Silver and Gallway laid out at ringside. The members of Trouble stood over the Heirs and raised their hands in triumph over another successful beatdown of The Heirs of Wrestling. First, they had taken out Mack Brody with a lead pipe on iNtense and now they had sent a painful message to Silver and Gallway after their own attack on Duzza.

Messing with Trouble was proving to be just that for The Heirs…


Trouble and the Heirs have been on a collision course and in just moments, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were set to take on Statuz Quo and Khadafi. Mack Brody was taken out on the last iNtense with a pipe shot to the back of the knee, which left Silver and Gallway with diminished numbers. Despite that, they were ready for a fight.

“Money” by D/R Period.

The music played and the lights in the arena flickered in various shades of purple and gold while clips of The Heirs of Wrestling’s finest exploits flashed on the jOltVision. When the curtains parted, the crowd gave a nice ovation to the former two-time jOlt Champions! Whether or not it was the fact that they seemed to want to change or the fact that Trouble were a bunch of fucking assholes, they had slowly gained more favor with the fans since shaking hands with The House at Rise of the Legends.

Silver and Gallway nodded to one another and walked to the ring with a mission in mind; take out Trouble. They were heading into the ring now and each had a microphone. Before this match got underway, it looked like they had some things they had to say.

“CUT THE MUSIC, YOU RAMALAMAS!” Gallway screamed.

The music faded out while Frank Silver glanced at the top of the ramp. Both men looked like they were ready to fight and the crowd was happy that they would be seeing one soon enough.

“You know something,” Frank began. “a lot of people have been asking us where our heads are at exactly since we lost the jOlt Tag Team Championships. We… those fucking rich and arrogant punkass kids that you hate to love… just admit it, you fucking love us. This will be a whole lot easier for everybody!”

The crowd actually responded to mostly cheers, but they did have pockets of detractors that were more than happy to let some jeers fly.

“Now a lot of people have asked us why we shook Huber and Roebuck's hands after the hell we put them through and it's simple... they were the better men that night. They fought us, they won. Simple as that. Now does that mean that we've changed our tune? Have we ‘gone soft’ as it were? Well, I’m going to be honest here… yes. We have. Now, don’t get it twisted. We aren’t soft like say… Duzza’s cock at the Playboy Mansion soft…”

A few “oooooooooohhhhhs!” from the crowd.

“…But yeah, maybe we’ve seen better times. We lost our title rematch and Red and Ted finally did something worthwhile by beating us. Meanwhile, Duzza, you and your little crew have been racking up victorie and you’ve been making your messages louder and louder each week. We can respect that. Shit, that’s been our MO since we formed this team… me, Ry-no and Big Mack made a VOW to become the VERY BEST in this business regardless of how we do it or what anybody thinks. You like us? Great. You don’t like us? Kindly perform fellatio upon your own person!” A few more laughs. “But then Trouble comes out here every single week like broken fucking records blaming ‘The Man’ or The Heirs of Wrestling or Global Warming or The Gunman in the Grassy Knoll that your group doesn’t get opportunities and suddenly, people get confused that this is the Westminster Dog Show because all they see are you bitches! Then to top all of that off, you three broke cardinal sin number one when it comes to this group…”

Ryan fumed.


The big gold beast was actually getting some… sympathy? This shit is bizarro-world! Anyhow, Frank continued.

“You jumped him during our match last week, took a pipe to his knee and tried to take him out. That’s when you crossed the line and that’s why we kicked the shit out of Duzza backstage on Warriors. What you need to realize is this… we don’t want to hear about no slump. You see what kind of shit that you stepped in now, Duzza? What you are looking at are two-thirds of THE BEST TEAM IN THE FREE WORLD! We’ve won more gold in three years than you’ll ever win in your entire careers! And it doesn’t matter if you’re Trouble or the Backbone or The 100% Charismatically Deficient Black Faction… WE are the best team in the Goddamn world, BAR. NONE.”

As arrogant as it all sounded, The Heirs of Wrestling were fired up and the crowd seemed to be loving it. The Arena of Champions continued cheering as Ryan Gallway stepped up.

“Quo and Khadafi, if you fucking nippleheads want to come out here and get my intergalactic nines slapped across your faces, then you’ve got your wish! I want you two to come out here and learn the lesson that we’ve taught everybody else that think they’re gonna make their name off us…”

Silver and Gallway exchanged nods before they dropped a phrase they hadn’t in some time.


The mics dropped simultaneously and their music kicked in again as Silver and Gallway got themselves ready for what was to come. Trouble vs. The Heirs of Wrestling… NEXT!

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Trouble
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

When the show came back from the break, The Heirs of Wrestling were ready for a fight. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway had their game faces on tonight as they waited for their respective opponents to arrive. They would finally get their hands on two members of Trouble – the team of Statuz Quo and Khadafi.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The lights in the arena began to flash rapidly in shades of red and blue while imitation sirens hit and one by one, the group known as Trouble made their way out. Duzza was out first followed shortly by his charges, the cocky Statuz Quo and the vicious Khadafi. Each man stood on top of the entrance and raised their hands for the crowd before Duzza pointed to the ring. Behind them to complete the group was “Mr. Big Time” Dallas Griffin now doing his best LeBron impression as he tossed a cloud of chalk in the air to the jeers of the crowd. One by one, the members of Trouble strutted their stuff to the ring while the fans continued.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! First, being accompanied to the ring by Duzza and Dallas Griffin… at a combined weight of 492 pounds, they are the team of Khadafi and Statuz Quo... TROUBLE!

All three men were in the ring now, each of the bandanna-clad badasses looking out to the crowd while Duzza pointed to his charges, happy that they had a chance at success. Quo and Khadafi nodded at one another silently as they awaited their opponent when he waited. Silver and Gallway were each taking turns deciding who was going to start things first with Statuz Quo…


The Heirs of Wrestling got the first drop and the crowd cheered on the Dynastic Duo as they jumped all over Quo and Khadafi. Weeks of talking trash and sneak attacks were coming back to haunt the deadly duo as Gallway threw off his Heirs shirt and tossed it into the crowd!

An incensed Gallway began unleashing a FAST flurry of kicks to the chest of Quo in the corner and each blast was making him wince. He grabbed the A-Town Assassin by the head and fired a series of Kawada-style kicks into the head to back him to the ropes. When he tried to whip Quo, he reversed it and sent Gallway flying but this was a big mistake because he came right back with a Handspring Back Elbow to the face! He dropped him down and went for a cover.




The A-Town Assassin pushed The Prince of Precision off him as he continued his attack. When he tried to grab Quo by the neck again, Quo stopped him with a gut punch before rolling over and tagging into the bigger Khadafi. The Hawaiian Headhunter climbed into the ring and charged at Gallway with a pair of boots to the stomach to double him over.

“You little shit!” Khadafi shouted with another big elbow to the back of Gallway’s head.

He forced the Hipster Heartthrob into the corner as Duzza and Griffin watched on at ringside, approving of Trouble using action. The two of them whipped him off to the ropes and connected with a forceful Double Shoulder Block that mowed Gallway down quickly. A pissed-off Quo ducked down and went for a lateral press.




Gallway shot his shoulder up as Frank watched on from the corner. The Prince of Precision was forced to his feet and was clubbed with a pair of elbow shots that backed him into the corner. The A-Town Assassin launched Gallway across the ring only for the fast cruiserweight to execute a perfect handstand in the corner!

The crowd was impressed, but Quo was not and charged anyway only to eat a pair of feet to the face! Gallway did the handstand again and then launched Quo out of the corner with a quick Headscissors that sent the A-Town Assassin flying across the ring! The Trouble member was sent flying into the corner where Frank held him in place so Gallway could follow up with a big Hesitation Dropkick to the chest! Gallway pulled him out of the corner and went for the pin.




Gallway made the tag to Frank Silver and the two men went to work with another double-team on Quo. They each grabbed him by the head and flipped Quo over with a Snapmare before a pair of HARD Soccer Kicks caught him on either side of his chest! The wind was knocked out of Quo and now a pissed-off Frank was ready for a fight.

Frank pulled Quo off the mat and took off his own Heirs shirt before he looked to try and wrap it around his throat to choke him, but referee Simon Boulder wasn’t having that and took the shirt away… so Frank quickly took off his wrist tape and choked him with it!

“Ref! He’s choking him!” Duzza protested.

The Baron of Ballistics tossed the tape away and held up a scout’s honor as the crowd laughed. Ryan even did the same in his corner as he prayed and looked up to the heaven’s above. Silver shook his head at Ryan before he turned back to Quo and dropped a pointed elbow into his head. He then stomped him around at the knees, the arms, the chest, the head and finally a Jumping Knee to the face…





Khadafi broke it up by running in and shoving Silver off of his tag partner. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights picked up Quo again and tried setting him up for the Stay of Execution when Quo went low and chopped the knee. He rolled out of the corner and tagged in Khadafi who charged in and FLOORED him with a Running Big Boot!

“MAKE HIM PAY, K, MAKE THAT BITCH PAY!” Duzza barked from the corner.

Dallas Griffin watched on with a smile as Khadafi stood over the fallen Silver and sneered. He jumped to the second rope and waited as Quo tagged himself back into the ring. Khadafi came off with a huge Driving Elbow to the chest of Silver and knocked the wind out of him, but they weren’t done because Quo stood up on the second rope and laughed…


The Jumping Stomp to the face was payback for the Bootlicker from earlier. Silver was down and holding his face when Quo went in for the cover.




Frank kicked out which only pissed of the sore A-Town Assassin. He led the Exalted Monarch of Mayhem (yup, I have a million Silver nicknames. Suck it down) back up and pushed him into the corner with a quick series of Shoulder Thrusts in the corner. Khadafi made another quick tag and the two went for another double-team.

Khadafi whipped Quo right at Silver in the corner and caught him with a painful-looking Running Back Elbow that staggered him. Once Silver was on his feet, he whipped him right into the path of an angry Khadafi…


A fine Running STO from the Hawaiian Headhunter put Frank back down into the mat with excessive force. Gallway shook his head now as Khadafi hooked both legs of Sonny Silver’s Godson.




The Intergalactic Space Cowboy came to his partner’s aid in the nick of time, but now Trouble was still in full control of The Heirs for the moment. While Gallway protested with Simon Boulder about going back into his corner, the crowd booed Trouble as Quo and Khadafi both jumped into the ring to invite Silver to a nice stomping party… yeah, Frank was the guest of honor at the party, too.


The crowd started shouting at Trouble and calling for their heads, but the troublemaking quartet were having a grand old time. There wasn’t anything too fancy about the brutality exhibited by Quo and Khadafi – quick tags and nothing-fancy brawling were their bread and butter.

Khadafi forced Silver up partway and fired off a series of stiff Clubbing shots to the chest, leaving red welts on the chest of the Seattle native. Silver was then pushed back into the corner. Khadafi choked him in the corner with the boot while Quo made the tag. The ATL native quickly hopped inside and then picked off The Baron of Ballistics out of the corner before delivering a brutal Front-Face DDT! Quo kneeled over Frank and quickly rolled over to dap fists with both Duzza and Griffin on the outside.

The cocky Quo shifted gears and slapped on a Rear Chinlock that more closely resembled a choke than anything. He cranked back on the neck of Silver and pulled him backwards as he continued to apply pressure.

Gallway stood on the second rope from the apron now and slapped the turnbuckles to egg on his friend to fight his way out of the submission. Silver struggled in the hold and tried to fight his way out.

“Silver, do you give?” Boulder asked.

Silver shook his head at the senior official and started to get to a knee. Quo quickly put the brakes on that and turned things around with a big knee to the chest of Silver. He whipped him into the ropes and went for a well-placed Dropkick…and caught nothing but air! Silver hung onto the ropes as Quo fell to the ground and ran at him, going for a Jacknife pin!




Quo kicked out and was already on his feet to catch Silver with a quick Jawbreaker as he tried to counter once again. Silver was nearly out on his feet when Quo came running so he took off to the ropes to try for a big Clothesline, but Silver found a second wind and rushed right behind him as he came off the ropes…


Quo was flipped upside down and inside out and quite possibly was living la vida loca… I’m so sorry. Anyhoo, both Silver and Quo were down now and The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain was close to his corner. Gallway jumped up and down on the corner and waited to get the tag. Quo was over in the corner now and just starting to stir before he crawled towards his tag partner, a ready and waiting Khadafi. Khadafi got in first and tried to keep Silver from getting to his partner…


With lightning-quick effort, Gallway jumped and connected with a big Springboard Missile Dropkick that knocked The Hawaiian Headhunter off his feet! The crowd was on fire now as the Prince of Precision started to light up Khadafi as he stood with Shoot Kicks to the leg in an effort to wear down the bigger man.

He went in for the Quasar Kick – A Springboard Gamengiri – but Khadafi ducked it at the last moment. Gallway quickly landed on his feet but he was stopped in his tracks with a big kick to the chest. Khadafi quickly whipped Gallway into the corner, but the cruiserweight quickly jumped to the second rope and came back with a bizarre Arm Drag variation that he landed right into a roll-up on the big man!




Khadafi muscled his way out, but this wasn’t stopping Ryan Gallway from going back on the offensive. The Hawaiian Headhunter charged full speed ahead towards Gallway when he slipped sideways, sending Khadafi crashing into the corner.The Prince of Precision exploded in the corner with a Running Corner Elbow Strike that stunned him, but he wasn’t done!

Gallway ran all the way across the ring and sprang right back out of the corner before connecting with a HARD Front Dropkick right to the face! The Hawaiian Headhunter fell to his knees and stumbled out of the corner as jOlt’s Pinball Wizard quickly slapped a turnbuckle. He was ready to head up to the top rope and measured Khadafi carefully…


The Flying Double Knee Strike landed and now Khadafi was down and out! Gallway sat down and hooked the leg, trying to put and end to the match and go for the win!




A big kick caught Gallway upside the head and Quo looked proud of himself... not so much when Frank came barreling right at him and connected with an EXPLOSIVE Flying Shoulder Tackle that sent Quo clear from the ring! Silver still hadn’t forgotten about Quo being the one to take a lead pipe to Mack Brody’s knee and went right after him on the floor. Griffin tried to get in between Frank and Quo in order to break things up, but Gallway saw what was happening…


The big man got caught flush in the face with a Running Gamengiri off the announce table! Gallway earned himself a big cheer from the crowd now and they were loving him taking out Trouble.


The Prince of Precision was almost floored by the reaction, but he stopped anyway and headed back into the ring. He went right at Khadafi to finish things while Silver and Quo fought out on the outside..


Khadafi caught Gallway with a clean uppercut right into his… well, the intergalactic nines he was going on about earlier and right in full view of the referee! Boulder had no choice but to call for the bell!


This one was going to the Heirs albeit via disqualification, but that didn’t look like it bothered Khadafi as he jumped all over Ryan Gallway and rained down a flurry of fists to the face of Heirs’ fastest member. Griffin was back on his feet on the outside and nursed a sore jaw as he slid into the ring.

“You’re DONE, you little shitsipper!” Dallas scowled.

Duzza yelled for the trio to finish the Heirs once and for all. Gallway quickly had two of the bigger men of Trouble on him now and when Frank tried coming to his aid, Quo grabbed him by the back of the head and sent him sailing into the ringpost!

Quo took a couple of moments to shake loose his beatdown from The Heirs before he slid inside and looked to join the proceedings. Gallway was all alone against the four men in the ring now and they were ready to do some more damage. They weren’t looking to pin or submit The Heirs, it seemed; they wanted to take them out. Just when it looked like it was about to happen…


The crowd was going nuts!


The Bronze Bombshell and the heavy of The Heirs had a bandaged knee, but the big man was ready for a fight as he came out to the ring in a black muscle shirt and black shorts. The members of Trouble saw him coming and looked ready to finish what they started…


He was obviously not 100% but he had an equalizer with him and fought off the members of Trouble as he charged. Khadafi tried saving his buddy only to get walloped in the ribs with a good shot! Brody was back and he was out for revenge against Trouble!

Like cockroaches, the members of Trouble scattered from the ring when Quo tried to stand. He turned around as Khadafi, Duzza, and Griffin headed back up the ramp and waited. Silver was now back up and now Quo was trapped between Brody and Silver…


One big blow on either side of the head crumbled The A-Town Assassin and with it, Silver kicked his carcass clear from the ring! The crowd cheered on The Heirs as they were a united front once again. The members of Trouble had a gameplan in mind to finish the job but now they were foiled by an early unexpected return of “Midas” Mack Brody!

The Heirs and Trouble each stood their respective ground. Brody wanted to fight while Duzza held up his two fingers, just an inch apart.


Brody wasn’t done and picked up a microphone from ringside before turning to face the members of Trouble.

“I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’m not in a talking mood anymore…




Duzza and his goons each exchanged glances before Duzza acknowledged the challenge with an affirmative nod. They wanted it. The Heirs wanted it. Now the people wanted it.

This battle for supremacy between two of jOlt’s young and talented groups was going to end at Wired and only one team was going to win.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Disqualification

"The Return of the King"

Ninja K The crowd was riled up as iNtense came back from commercial break. The excitement of what was anticipated was magnified when a theme song popped up over the PA speakers.

"Charisma" by WASP

Out from the back stepped the former Underground and World Champion, Derecho. He didn't look too happy as he made his way down to the ring, in street clothes. He sported his classic 1997 attire of a dark blue shirt as well as khaki pants. Just like old times, there was a microphone in his back pocket.

Derecho stepped up the ringsteps and into the ring. His music died down as he pulled the microphone from the pocket and brought it up to his lips.

"You know.. I find it rather odd that after my match last week on Warriors, I get sent a message by an unknown sender.. and yet.. here we are, just a mere four days later and I haven't heard one single word from this messenger. I've had some time to think about things and I made a decision. I'm not going to sit around and wait for something to happen. I'm going to make that something happen right here.. right now."

Derecho turned his attention to the entrance way.

"I'm not leaving this ring until whoever sent me that message, walks down here and comes face to face with me to air out their grievances."

There was several moments of nothingness. Derecho brought the microphone back up to his lips, but the very moment where he was about to speak, the lights in the arena went out. A tiger's mask then illuminated on the screen.

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

It all suddenly became clear. The people even cheered when Sayber stepped out from the backstage area with the spotlight shining down on him. Sayber made his way to the ring as the look on Derecho's face was that of slight amusement. Nevertheless, Sayber stepped into the ring and walked past Derecho to grab a microphone from one of the attendants at ringside. The lights then returned to normal as Sayber came face to face with Derecho.

"I'm here, face to face just like you wanted. You wanted me to air out my grievances, and I will respectfully do just that", said Sayber.

Sayber took a moment before he continued.

"It was almost half a year ago when I made a mistake. I won the Hype Championship, forever going down in history as this company's first Hype Champion. I knew very well the rules of the championship and wanted to get onto the main roster. I looked at the roster and at the time, I saw you in the wrong frame of mind. I thought I could capitalize on that and secure myself a roster spot.. and, regretfully, I gambled and lost that night as you took your frustrations out on me, put me in the hospital, gave me a concussion, and caused me to forfeit the Hype Championship.

Sayber put his hand up to Derecho. "NOW"

Sayber backed away a step or two.

"Before you put two and two together and end up with a wrong answer.. let me make it clear, that I do not intend to jump you. or hold any personal grudges towards you for what happened. I knew the risk of picking on The Underground Champion and the risk didn't give any type of reward. As I said before, I gambled and lost, and I'm fine with that.. but last week, I sent you a message for one reason only... to challenge you to a match at Wired on equal terms."

Derecho looked at Sayber with an "are you serious?" look as he continued.

"You see.. ever since I recovered and returned to The Hype.. I was kept off the main roster. Others who were going to get called up were starting to get exposure, but not me. All I wanted this entire time was a chance to confront you so we could have a one on one match on equal ground simply because anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on competition and I think that approaching you this way, will allow me to prepare properly this time and I truly believe I can take you to your limits."

Derecho laughed a bit at that last line and put his hand up to Sayber.

"Let me stop you right there. You mean to tell me that the entire purpose of that cryptic message last week was just to come out here and issue a challenge for an exhibition match? A "may the best man win" match?"

Sayber retorted.

"Yes... that's exactly right."

Derecho smiled.

"You didn't have to go that far to try and redeem yourself.. all you had to do was as....."

Derecho at that moment, dropped the microphone and DRILLED Sayber with a lariat that knocked him flat on his back. Derecho then stomped away at Sayber with vicious stomps before walking over and picking the microphone up off the canvas.. the crowd.. not knowing how to react.


"Consider that your SECOND biggest mistake. Last time you walked into a hornet's nest and you paid the price... this time.. you walked into a man who is focused at returning to the Underground and has done so successfully."

Derecho then stomped on Sayber some more, adding mere insult to injury.

"If you think that I'm sorry that I cost you your championship, you're DEAD WRONG. I enjoyed every moment that you spent suffering physically and mentally. You DESERVED every bit of it for trying to make a name for yourself off of a legend such as myself."

Derecho backed up and charged in.


A stiff kick right upside the head of Sayber.

"If you want me at Wired.. you got me.. it will be in my personal playground.. the Underground where I will reclaim my spot as King. It doesn't matter how many of you I have to go through.. it doesn't matter how many of you I have to injure... it doesn't matter how many careers I have to end.. I will stand atop the Underground once again on its throne and I WILL turn the Underground back into Hell itself."

It was apparent to the crowd what had happened. They finally began to boo Derecho once again.

"Go ahead.. each and every one of you can proceed to feed me your hate.. because this time.. I'm not doing it for you. I gave you pieces of shit everything you asked for and you all booed me. NOT THIS TIME....."

"....This time... I do it for myself. No fabled curse of some championship has plagued my mind this time. This is of my own free will. I alone made this decision.. and this decision gives me comfort. The thought of leaving another pile of bodies in my wake brings a smile to my face and YOU..."

Derecho knelt down and grabbed Sayber by the hair pulling him up face to face with him.

" won't have the honor of being the first to fall on this new path.. that honor was bestowed upon Bane Loneheart... but you, however, will have the honor of being the next to beg for mercy as I try to end your career once and for all."

Derecho slammed Sayber's head into the canvas and then dropped the mic. He looked down at Sayber with that trademarked sadistic smile before heading out of the ring.

The King of Hell has returned.

Mattock vs Reno Davis
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

Reno Davis returned to jOlt last week on Warriors and scored a nice comeback win over Bane Loneheart. Up next, he's going to go one on one with the leader of the two-manned cell known as reVolt.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

The audience cheered when Reno Davis stepped out from the backstage area. He looked to make it two in a row since returning and he looked as focused as ever. Reno was last involved in the whole Backbone ordeal with Chris Titan. When the Backbone was dissolved by Sylo, Davis sort of became lost in mediocrity. Davis decided that enough was enough and he was going to return to his former days of glory by running roughshod over the competition. Davis wished for just that as he stepped into the ring and his music died down.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Mattock came out from the backstage area with Sanchez Cano at his side, however, Mattock saw his opposition and grinned. He mentioned something to Cano and the two of them fist bumped. Cano exited to the backstage area and it was apparent as to what Mattock had said to him. He wishes to go this alone. Mattock walked down to the ring and slid in under the bottom rope. He cracked his knuckles as his music died down.

The referee then called for the bell.




This wasn't the first time that these two have met. Mattock and Reno Davis locked horns once before back on Intense 67.. Reno Davis was able to make Mattock tap out in that match. Tonight, Mattock looked to make it 1-1 between these two as they locked up in the center of the ring.

Side Headlock by Mattock, but reversed into a Hammer Lock by Reno Davis. Snapmare by Mattock took Reno over onto his seat. Mattock took off toward the ropes, but Reno quickly got up and hit a deep Arm Drag on Mattock. Mattock and Davis back up and another deep Arm Drag sent Mattock flying toward the ropes. Mattock staggered up as Davis charged in, but Mattock pulled the top rope down as he was using it to get back up and Davis spilled to the outside and down to the floor.

Mattock stood and measured Davis up. He got a full head of steam and leapt up to the top rope with no hands and flipped off with a Shooting Star Press to the outside, but Davis moved out of the way. Mattock over shot the ringside area a bit and slammed chest first into the top of the barricades!


The botch caused a fecal chant to break out throughout the crowd. The referee immediately left the ring and tended to Mattock to see if he was okay. Mattock was just fine as he shoved the referee out of the way and made a dash for Davis, but was stopped with a kick to the stomach. Davis then grabbed Mattock and threw him shoulder first into the Steel Ring Steps. The referee warned Davis and told him to get Mattock back into the ring. Davis complied and rolled Mattock back in and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top where he waited.

Mattock slowly stood and turned to face Davis where he leapt off and connected!

Missile Drop Kick!

Davis then went into the first cover of the match and after what had just happened on the outside, the first cover could end up being the ONLY cover...



Thr.. NO!

Mattock kicked out!

Davis then brought Mattock up to a seated position before taking off to the ropes. Davis came back with a running front kick. He aimed for Mattock's chest, but Mattock grabbed Reno's leg and blocked it. Mattock held onto Reno's leg as he pulled himself up, causing Reno to hop up and down on one leg to maintain his balance. As soon as Mattock stood, Davis took a shot with a leaping Enzugiri, but Mattock quickly ducked underneath it. He then grabbed Davis' other leg and pulled back, causing Davis to trip and fall, smacking face first into the canvas!

Mattock then quickly bent Davis' legs and stood on his calves, looking to perhaps apply a Surfboard Submission hold, but Mattock simply leapt up and did a Double Stomp to the back of Reno's calves.

Mattock wouldn't let Reno writhe in pain for too long as he stayed on him, pulling him up to his feet. A pair of Knife Edge Chops found their way across Reno's chest before an Irish Whip sent him across the ring. Mattock, anticipating a rebound, ducked to telegraph a back body drop, but Reno grabbed Mattock by the head and leapt in a spinning fashion, driving Mattock's skull into the canvas with a Running Tornado DDT! Davis stood up and went to the corner, ascending the turnbuckle pads with his back to Mattock. Davis then flipped off...


The fans popped for the Double Backflip Moonsault into the Knee Strike and came down right on Mattock's chest! Davis with the cover as he looked to go 2-0 against Mattock!



Shoulder up!

Davis stood and brought Mattock with him. A series of Combination Strikes from Davis left Mattock dazed. Davis took off to the ropes, but Mattock took two steps foward and twisted as he lunged himself right into Reno's mid-section!


Mattock hit the corkscrew spear from a near still position and folded Davis in half with the impact. This time Mattock made a cover, stacking Davis up!



Kick out at two by Davis!

Mattock pounded his fist into the canvas as he pulled Davis back to his feet. Mattock kicked Davis in the stomach to double him over. He then turned his back to Davis and hooked him for what looked like a reverse Pedigree. Mattock went to lean forward to elevate Davis for some kind of move, but Davis scooped Mattock up and ended up dropping Mattock right on the back of his neck with a Vertebreaker!!

Davis opted out for the pin as he released the hold and stood. Davis then signaled for the end as he grabbed Mattock's legs in an attempt to turn him over into the Queen Angelito Stretch, but Mattock used his leg strength to kick Davis away. Mattock tried to get up, but that Vertebreaker took its toll on him. Davis easily rushed back in and planted his knee right into the side of Mattock's head!

Mattock was dazed in place from the strike and Davis knew he could easily capitalize. He grabbed Mattock and pulled him back up to his feet. He hooked him in a front face lock before lifting him high into the air with a suplex, but Reno flipped Mattock forward as Davis fell backwards, putting his knees up.. SUPLEX INTO A BACK BREAKER!

Mattock was laid out on the canvas. Davis then pumped the crowd up a bit as he knew that this would be the end of it. Davis walked over and grabbed Mattock by the legs, turning him over onto his stomach. He tied the legs up in a Cloverleaf fashion and then placed his leg between Mattock's to lock in that Cloverleaf. he then bent over and butterflied the arms, lifting Mattock up off the canvas!


Mattock was locked in the Queen Angelito Stretch. This is how Reno beat Mattock last time. The referee asked Mattock if he wanted to give it up, but Mattock refused. Mattock couldn't crawl to the ropes as he was suspended in mid-air by Reno Davis. Mattock only had two options.. to tap or pass out... but Mattock refused to do both. Davis even yelled out for Mattock to tap, but Mattock wouldn't give it up!

Davis then felt he needed to soften Mattock up some more so he let him out of the submission. Davis quickly floated over in front of Mattock and pulled him up by the head, but Mattock charged forward and rammed Davis back first into the corner..... and the referee who thought he was safe there!

With the referee dazed from being sandwhiched, Mattock saw his chance! He reached into his tights and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles, but he wouldn't get a chance to use them...


Ruby ran out from the backstage area with a solid steel cane in her hands. She hopped up onto the ring apron and when Mattock turned his head to look at her..


Ruby smacked the cane right over Mattock's head! Ruby hopped off the apron as the referee shook off the effects of being squashed. Reno quickly grabbed Mattock and rolled him up with a schoolboy.






Reno Davis pinned Mattock and gets his second straight victory since his return!

Winner: Reno Davis via Pinfall

"Worth its Weight in Rubys"

Ninja K Immediately following the match, Ruby hopped up onto the apron once again and stepped into the ring where Mattock was still on the canvas, clutching his face. Ruby didn't forget the way she was treated at Rise of the Legends at the end of the tag match between reVolt and Jewelz/Ramey. Ruby walked right over to Mattock where she knelt down on top of him, grabbing a fist full of his silver hair in the process.

"It's my turn to embarrass you, now!"


Ruby then slapped Mattock across the face as hard as she could,

"NOBODY disrespects me like that!"


Ruby smacked Mattock across the face a second time!

"You will NEVER put your hands on me AGAIN!"


Ruby flat out elbowed Mattock dead in the face and the impact could have broken Mattock's nose as blood began to trickle out of it. Ruby didn't stop with one strike, however. When she saw the blood, she fired more elbows to the face, over and over and over and over again!

Ruby then stood and grabbed Mattock by his hair once again. She pulled him to his feet and Mattock stood there dazed. Ruby picked up her pimp cane and backed into the ropes. She came back and slammed the cane right into Mattock's face, knocking him down once again.

She then quickly mounted Mattock and placed him into the Ezekiel Choke!


She pulled back with tremendous force and Mattock went limp in her arms. It looks as if Mattock passed out, but Ruby didn't care.. she still continued to wrench back on the neck, cutting off as much air supply to Mattock as possible.

Sanchez Cano couldn't stand by any longer and dashed out from the backstage area, but right behind him was Diamond Jewelz! Cano slid into the ring, but he felt a tug on his leg as Jewelz caught up to him! Jewelz pulled Cano out of the ring and leveled him with a clothesline on the floor. Jewelz grabs the pimp cane out of the ring and punishes Cano with it again and again leaving visible welts on his back, taunting him the whole way. "Get up boy", "Why you do my girl like that", "You think I'm a Fuckboy, huh" he exclaims as he wears Cano down with the cane

"That's right baby, girl.. choke him out!" yelled Jewelz from ringside.

Jesse Ramey then ran out from the back, shoving Jewelz out of the way. He rolled into the ring and tried to pry Ruby off of Mattock, but Ruby wouldn't budge an inch. Diamond rolled into the ring and pulled Ramey off of Ruby and got into his face.


Ramey shoved his former tag team partner back, but Diamond retaliated with a hard shove of his own. Ramey stumbled over Ruby and that caused her to break the hold. Ruby stood up and looked pissed as Ramey pulled himself to his feet. Diamond and Ruby stood side by side as Ramey stood on the other side of Mattock, staring back at Jewelz.

"Why are you helping him? You with Mattock now? You apart of reVolt?" asked Diamond.

Ramey looked down at Mattock and then back up at Jewelz. Ramey placed his foot on Mattock's chest and walked over him to get in Jewelz' face.

"I know what you're capable of.. I know what you did to Jameson Lennox. I hate Mattock for tricking me as much as you do, but make no mistake.. I hate you even more."

Ramey then walked past Jewelz and exited the ring. Cano quickly rolled in from the opposite side and pulled Mattock out. Cano helped Mattock over the barricades and they disappeared through the crowd. Jewelz and Ruby looked pissed as they stood alone in the ring.

Sarah Winterton vs Daryn Thompson vs Persephone
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

The crowd was getting ready for a match that would crown a new #1 contender to the Starlet Championship held by none other than the fighting darling of The House, Charlotte. Mrs. Huber had been racking up wins left and right and logged a successful five or six title defenses since winning the title several months ago. Now she was going to get a front-row seat in a triple threat Elimimation Starlet match.

Her rival, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton had been also racking up wins, but when she made claims of being the one true champion, she had come up short. Once in the Starlet Title Tournament, making it only to the semis and again at Rise of the Legends when her master plan to have Persephone help her backfired in her face. Still, Winterton wasn’t through with her by any means and even viciously attacked her to make a point; they were not finished.

Persphone was a former Starlet Champion who wanted the belt for her own for the second time. She had been scheming with Winterton to get the belt away from Charlotte, but now she would have the chance to earn another shot at the belt she once called her own. She and Winterton had an uneasy alliance, but now there were no allies. It was every Starlet for themselves.

Daryn Thompson had returned to active duty after taking a few months off to train. The Starlet Powerhouse was a very formidable opponent who also lost in the semis of the same tournament. She was the wild card, but now she was ready for a fight. The crowd would be behind the powerful Texan; could Thompson finally punch her ticket to Wired and get her first shot? Let’s find out!

“The following contest is a triple threat elimination match! The last remaining Starlet will win the match and be the challenger at Wired!”

"Madness" by Muse

Daryn Thompson came out from the backstage area to a pretty nice pop from the crowd because it's been a good minute since people have seen her on television. Daryn smiled from the crowd's reaction as she rolled into the ring and raised her hand into the air. The Starlet Powerhouse entered the ring to a delighted reaction. She was ready for this opportunity.

“Infected” by Bad Religion signified the arrival of the former Starlet Champion herself. Persephone, the long-time veteran in jOlt hadn’t been seen in some time but now she was here with a vengeance and wanted the title she was lucky enough to hold.

Persephone walked out to the stage and scanned the crowd once before she started walking to the ring. The former Starlet Champion made the belt gesture around her waist to tell the crowd that she wanted the title back. With her skillset she could very well do that here tonight. She climbed into the ring and didn’t waste any time playing up or taunting the crowd. Her focus was 100% on becoming jOlt’s second-ever two-time Starlet Champion right behind Aria Murphy.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and hiss the prissy little brat that had been making life hell for Charlotte. She entered the ring and shot a condescending look to the big Texan and the evil witch as she waved to the crowd.

“The Jack” by AC/DC.

The music played and the champion was out first. Charlotte came out with the belt in tow and glanced at the three ladies in the ring as they circled up, waiting for somebody to make the first move. Charlotte walked to the ring and glared icy daggers at both Winterton and Persephone before she had a seat at ringside to see her opponent up close.


Sarah Winterton glanced at Persephone and the two ladies looked like they had a plan of attack against the bigger Persephone. The Heiress then gestured to Persephone and pointed down to the ground.

“Here’s the plan, darling,” she said. “You lay down for me and I will give you the first shot. Do we have a deal?”

Persephone shook her head. “Or YOU could lay down for ME and I’ll give you the first shot.”

And here’s where the malfunction at the junction began. Sarah got into Persephone’s face with a faux laugh before it morphed into a contemptible scowl.

“I INSIST, darling!”

“No. YOU go down.”

Thompson finally had enough.

“Fuck this shit.”


The big Starlet Powerhouse knocked BOTH Winterton and Persephone right on their pretty little asses for the delight of the crowd! Thomspon fed off the energy from the loving crowd as she picked up Winterton first and hurled her HARD into the turnbuckles across the ring! She hit the corner with a big thud and Thompson wasn’t done.

Daryn picked up Persephone next and WHIPPED her right into Winterton in the corner and both ladies collided with one another. Now seeing her chance to strike, Daryn backed up and the Starlet Powerhouse waited in the corner before charging full steam ahead…


Both Winterton and Persephone were crushed in the corner by the 5’11” and 165-pound Starlet as both ladies collapsed at the feet of the big Texan. The crowd was cheering the lovely powerhouse as she was now looking to divide and conquer.

Winterton started to stand up first after the double blow only to get picked up and caught in her grip. The Heiress was picked up and dropped hard with a standing powerslam variation. When Persephone tried to get the drop on her from behind with a cheapshot, the blow only stunned her barely. Daryn turned around and caught Persephone’s second punch before picking her up and dropping her ON Winterton!

Now with the crowd on her side, Daryn ran off the ropes and came back with a big Senton crushing both ladies! She even had the gall to turn around and try to pin BOTH of them!




Daryn had dominated since the match’s onset and even Charlotte looked impressed with the show of strength from ringside! A few chants of “Daryn!” echoed in the Arena of Champions as Thompson balled up her fists and raised them to the sky for the crowd.

The Starlet Powerhouse continued to go on the assault by scooping up Persephone in her grip a second time for a Fallaway Slam of some kind when Winterton managed to sneak up behind her and go for a Roll-up!




Daryn threw Persephone off her AND still kicked out by pushing Winterton away from her. When she was trying to get out of the way, Winterton suddenly jumped on her friend Persephone and launched her right into Thompson and the forced knocked her down and through the ropes! In the chaos and commotion, Winterton then tried to roll up her own business partner!




Persephone shot back up to her feet and judging by the look on her face, she would’ve immolated The Heiress right then and there. When Winterton tried to protest and offer her up a handshake, Persephone responded in kind with a FIST to the face! Sarah stumbled around when The Evil Witch pushed her against the ropes and unloaded with a series of blistering chops. She whipped Winterton across the ring and she came back into the path of a Spinning Heel Kick!




The Starlets were all trying to eliminate each other as quickly as humanly possible and this was going to lead to some chaos. Persephone sat Winterton up on her feet and unleashed a quick flurry of kicks to the small of her back that had The Heiress arching back in pain. She then hoisted her up and had the bright idea to try and suplex Winterton. She hoisted her up for the move only for Winterton to quickly sneak out behind her and push her to the ropes. When she came back she was dropped HARD…


Her signature Cross-arm Neckbreaker drove The Evil Witch down hard into the canvas and now The Heiress had her chance to strike…




“NO!” Winterton slapped her hand three times to Starlet referee Kim Adams. “Count faster!”

Kim held up two fingers and Winterton chalked it up to a possibly poor upbringing of the rookie referee. Having little faith in the public school system, the spoiled brat called Winterton stood up again and tried to finish things up with a Neck Crank submission only for Thompson to step back into the thick of things with a Big Boot to Sarah!

Even Charlotte winced at ringside from the impact of the kick! The Floridians were loving Daryn Thompson as she shoved Winterton out of the way. She turned around only to get tackled into the corner by Persephone who was now set to unleash a flurry of chops of her own. She tried to lead Thompson by the arm and whipped her across the ring only for the Starlet Powerhouse to reverse it and send her into the corner. She hit the corner hard and was scooped up into the grip of Daryn before getting DRILLED with a Front Powerslam! The impact was brutal and now she was looking for the win!




Just barely, Persephone kicked out but Daryn Thompson was still focused on winning. She was about ready to get back up and tried to put and end to things by grabbing the legs and looking for her signature Texas Cloverleaf submission! Frantically, Persephone scrambled towards the ropes and tried to hold on when Winterton came back and connected with a Running Dropkick that sent Thompson into the corner!

The Evil Witch was out of the ring and left Winterton and Thompson fighting on the inside. Winterton unloaded on the larger Daryn with a flurry of Elbow Smashes in the corner. When she backed up she took a few seconds to wave for the crowd before she charged and connected with a Cross Body Splash in the corner! Daryn doubled over as Winterton slid through the ropes to land on the apron safely.

Seeing a perfect chance to strike, she started to head up to the top rope and once again started antagonizing the crowd with a pageant wave.

“Remember that I am doing this for ALL OF YOU, THE STARLETS! I love you all, my darlings!”

Before she had the chance to settle on a top rope move, Daryn had already recovered from the glancing blow from Winterton and now had her in her clutches! She powered her up and THREW her overhead with a Military Press Slam!

Now Thompson was on fire as Persephone started to stand. She charged at her and knocked her down with a big Clothesline! In the daze, The Evil Witch stood up only to eat a big Sledge from the Starlet Powerhouse! She was down and out a second time. As Winterton tried to limp to her feet Thompson grabbed her up and dropped her down with a big Thrust Spinebuster!

The Heiress was once again out of the picture as Daryn waited to try and grab Persephone. She grabbed her and kicked her in the gut before trying for a Powerbomb. When she hoisted her up for the apex of the move. Thompson was hit with a series of quick rights before making her land on her feet. Persephone saw her chanced and ran off the ropes. She was looking for her Leg Lariat finisher called Below The Heaven’s Path…



An INCREDIBLE counter of one finisher right into her version of a Sitdown Spinebuster! Thompson planted her down in the canvas and the crowd counted along with the Texan.





After a downright dominating showing, Daryn Thompson had just pinned a former Starlet Champion in Persephone! There was only one more Starlet standing in between her and her first-ever Starlet title match with Charlotte at jOlt’s Wired iPPV!

Daryn glanced at Charlotte on the outside and gestured the belt motion. Charlotte nodded in approval as she turned her attention back to Winterton who was now recovering in the corner after the big Thrust Spinebuster from earlier. Daryn saw her chance and charged at The Heiress only to eat a pair of feet to the face. She was down and out now as she charged to the ropes… MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE SECOND ROPE! With an evil cackle to herself, Winterton crawled over and went for the win!




Thompson had put herself on the map already with a nice performance tonight, but she was by no means finished. Sarah shook her head frantically wondering what it would take to keep the Starlet Powerhouse down.

Charlotte continued watching the match from ringside with a vested interest as Winterton locked both arms around the waist of Thompson. She pushed her into the ropes and went looking for her version fo the Chaos Theory that she called the Beauty Queen Suplex, but Thompson held onto the ropes and pushed her backwards. Winterton rolled through and landed on her feet but when she did she was knocked LOOSE with a big Discus Lariat! That had to be all!




The crowd was in shock that move didn’t finish the match and so was Thompson. Charlotte continued to focus on both Starlets fighting hard for a shot at her title in two week’s time at Wired. Thompson signaled to the crowd by waving both arms to say this match was just about over. She turned things up by scooping up Winterton and trying again for the Dust in the Wind when Sarah frantically hung on for dear life to the top cable. She fought back and kicked until Kim forced the rope break. Thompson scowled and moved Kim out of way…


Winterton caught her behind the referee’s back and she hadn’t seen a thing! She then tripped up the staggered Thompson and trapped her down to the mat with a modified Gedo Clutch that she called the Spellbinding Pin!




That was enough to do the trick and now Charlotte had a new number one contender to the Starlet Championship at Wired! The Heiress kicked at the ring frantically and shouted to the high heavens with jubilation!

“Here is your winner of the match… and the NEW Number one contender to the Starlet Championship… ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!”

With some cunning trickery, she managed to defeat her bigger opponent and because of her cheating ways, she was rewarded with a new title shot! She was giddy with excitement while a disappointed Thompson held her eye on the outside, slamming the turnbuckle.

Charlotte stood up from her seat and had a microphone ready in hand. She was ready to address her long-time rival here before their match.

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah… as much of a pain in the ass as you are, I do want to offer congratulations. You won.”

“Yes, I did, darling! I won! I’m the rightful contender to the Starlet Championship!” Winterton was as happy as a schoolgirl finding out her crush liked her back.

Charlotte wasn’t finished. “But there is one thing that I am going to tell you, Winterton. With all due respect to Daryn Thompson who fought her ass off here tonight, I was hoping that either you or Persephone would be the ones to win the match here tonight. I haven’t forgotten about last week when you two jumped me and put six stitches in my head! You think that you two sent a message to me when really, all you two did was piss me off!”

The crowd was cheering the Starlet Champion as she looked right at her rival in the eye.

“I spoke to Damien Lee earlier about the end result of this match and he’s given me the ability to pick the stipulation for our match at Wired! You and me have traded victories back and forth. You’ve beaten me and I’ve beaten you, but I’m tired of this. I’m tired of you coming out here every week with your prissy little ass talking out both sides of your face, talking down to whoever you feel like just because we weren’t born with a silver spoon shoved up our lady parts! Winterton, you hurt me bad last week and now I’m going to return the favor. At Wired, our match isn’t just going to be any match… it’s aFIGHT. It’s gonna be you and me for the Starlets Championship in the first ever STARLET UNDERGROUND MATCH! NO RULES, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE UNTIL ONE OF US CAN’T GO ANYMORE!”

Any giddiness that The Heiress had was now gone. As the crowd exploded, her heart sank into her chest and the look on Winterton’s face was one of panic. She shook her head and protested at Charlotte but the Starlet Champion couldn’t rent a fuck, let alone give one.

“See you at Wired… DARLING.”

AC/DC’s “The Jack” played as Charlotte raised the title over her head as a panicked Winterton glowered at her rival watching her walk up the ramp. She had defender her own title tonight against Vogue Gonslavez and now had a date with Winterton one more time to finally settle things. After months of trading victories, vandalizing one another’s property and various attacks backstage, they would end this feud once and for all. Who would win out?

Well, that's why you have to order the PPV to find out, stupid.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"Is This How I Want to be Remembered?"

Ninja K

Abruptly, the jOltvision screens flicker to life. A familiar face, seated in a wheelchair, summons a faint rally of cheers that are quickly overwhelmed with a massive volley of heat heat. An unimpressed scowl radiates from the individual's face...

The worst place to be in the wrestling business is on the wrong side of beating. Especially when that beating prevents you from setting out to steal back all that was taken from you. So let's just say my name is OJ, because I got in trouble for trying to reclaim would was rightfully mine in the first place. EMTs are hovering over my body, the misses is in tears; and I don't think we'll be jetting off to Vegas anytime soon, because odds are that I'm headed for a hospital stay.

This sucks. This is not how I want to be remembered, a broken down, battered and beaten shell of my former self. I was supposed to be better, I was supposed to be the guy, the franchise, the one person that this company could not survive without.

But look at me, I'm being propped up on my side so they can slide a fucking backboard under me, getting strapped onto said backboard and lifted onto a fucking stretcher. This is not how I want to be remembered. Looking weak in front of my lady, my love. People that I thought had the same goals as I did not coming to my aid. What happened to the numbers game? What happened to all for one, and all for me. I gave you a platform, I was that guiding light that steered the vessel, but look what it got me. It got my train derailed, my car rear ended and driven into a median, it got my plane hijacked... and well I'm from New York so I won't take it there.

I see now what is important, I see now what needs to be my priority. I've been insane, I've built a legacy, I've been jolted before, on multiple occasions. When I return I will be that intense warrior hyped and ready to rock the house. There isn't much else to say about this situation except good bye for now, but when I return I got a hit list a mile long and if you have to question as to whether or not you are on that list, ask yourself these three questions.

Am I a champion?

Who haven't I seen around in awhile?

Did I have anything to do with that?

If you answered yes to the first question, the other answers are irrevelant. If not, for your sake you better not know the answer to number two... just know that I am better than you, better than your biggest rival, better than your biggest idol, just better, PERIOD.


Now for those of you that know the answer to said question, the answer to the third question is yes; because I was the victim of a conspiracy, one that can be traced up and down from the corporate offices all the way down to the guy that's going to have to mop this blood up. If you're a vendor selling popcorn, or the lady at the ticket booth, you better decide real fast how much you love your job, and value if it'll be worth staying in hopes that I'd never return, but let me make this one thing abundantly clear. I'm not sure when I'll be back, but I will be back... No Arnold by the way!

This is NOT how I want to be remembered? Being loaded into an ambulance en route to the nearest substandard Orlando hospital this pathetic city that Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard wanted out of. It's okay you have my permission to boo, but when I return you're not going to want to.

"No Place for That"

Ninja K The lights in the arena flickered as “Lift me up” by five finger death punch echoed throughout the Arena of Champions. The fans erupted in jeers as Landon Stevens and the West Texas Terrorists made their way from the back and to the top of the entrance way. All three stood at the top taking in the crowd’s unwelcoming reaction. The three of them made their way down the entrance ramp as the fans continued to boo them. The black faction trio made their way to the ring as the lights stopped flickering and the music faded out. Stevens slid in the ring as Ezra and Eli stayed on the outside. The Rising Star signaled for a microphone.

“I’m out here to discuss the blatant disregard for the rules in this business. Last week on Warriors Waymoth brought knives into the ring. This is uncalled for. The official’s should have patted him down. This is misconduct and should not be allowed. The official of that contest between Turnbull and the West Texas Terrorists should be fired. Knives have no place inside this ring.”

The crowd starts chanting a degrading chant.

In an effort of fairness I will give Waymoth a chance to prove that he is not the coward I believe him to be. I am issuing a challenge to the wildabeast to get his ass down here and take a beating like a man. No weapons, just me and him one on one. Hell I’ll even send these two back to the locker room if he so chooses. I know everyone else in that locker room is afraid of him, but I sure in the hell ain’t. I have only one loss on my record and that is to the jOlt Champion and there is no shame in that. So what’s it gonna be Waymoth? You gonna get your ass down here and show these fans that you’re not a coward or are we gonna have to come back there and drag you out here? ”

Voiceover: “Yuh don’t ask people wid knives inna de stomach….”
The fans rejoiced as the voice of Mavado echoed onto their speakers, the voiceover was a signal that Waymoth was primed and more than ready to answer the call from the brash Landon Stevens. “Survivor” by the aforementioned dancehall artist soon played and the crowd was whipped into a major frenzy!

Waymoth didn’t take very long before appearing on stage, still armed to the teeth with the rusted blades Landon had just finished complaining about. Bouncing in place at his spot atop the stage with the machetes at his side, Waymoth kept his eyes fixated on the members of the Black Faction that stood in the ring at that very moment. Waymoth let out a huge roar before shooting his right armed fist into the air, pyro blasting on queue with his thrust. His left was used to point directly at the faction.

Waymoth took the next moment to tuck the blade in his left hand between strap of his belt and jeans. His next movement allowed him to produce a microphone from his back pocket. “Cut off de music!” Waymoth demanded, his request being answered shortly after.

“Landon, meh nah sure if I ‘eard you correctly…yuh know de music wa’ kinna’ loud. Buh lemme see if I had unna’stan you correctly,” Waymoth took a few steps forward before continuing, “Yuh see, as watch yuh yap dem gum inna ya mout from de back. It had sound like yuh actually find de time to find yuh’self a couple mango t’tuck between ya leg dem!” The fans cheered as Landon could be seen mouthing off comments that the microphone didn’t fully pick up.

“Ah mad yuh mad so?” Waymoth laughed, “Complainin’ bout m’blade dem when de nah even touch yuh. Last ah check, jOlt is de home of the Underground Division and ah know f’fact ah done see a lot worst ‘dan what meh ah have ‘ere! Plus, to top it all off, inna de midst of dis complainin’, yuh manage to half ass-a-challenge tuh lil’ ol’ me. Hold on, lemme rephrase, yuh threaten to drag me out here, buh as yuh can see – no need for draggin’, ah right here inna ya space!”

The fans cheered. Waymoth continued his path forward.

“Yuh know full and well what meh motto is Landon…but if ah reminda is what yuh need, allow me to have de people inna dis arena remind yuh fo’me. Cause right now, all ah I hear is a lotta chatta. A lotta runnin’ ah yuh mout and not one finga a move. If you bout sometin’, do sometin’, cause as fah as I concern, all yuh do is’a talk and talk is f’…”

Crowd: “PUSSY!”

Waymoth looked around the arena with a smile as he admired the participation from the crowd. At this point he was a stone’s throw away from being in the ring with the boys from the Black Faction. Only thing that separated them besides space and opportunity was the massive frames of the West Texas Terrorists.

“Wha dem ah say,” Waymoth added, “So to put it like dis. De t’ree of ahyo issa steppin’ block to where it t’ais Ah need to be, but is your neck dat I want to put me hand around just so ah could choke livin’ hell outta yuh. Maybe is den dese people can get a break from ya voice and all de bullshit da fly up outta da mouth of yours. So if yuh tink ya smellin’ yuh piss enough for yuh to step inna dis ring with me and me one? Den let’s do it and do it tonight.! When yuh ready, I ain’t a hard man to find caus’ me ah stand right here in front of you!”

Waymoth’s acceptance prompted the crowd to burst with excitement. Waymoth threw the microphone down to the floor below and returned his spare machete back to it’s rightful place. He extended his arms in a crufix like position, and while his words couldn’t be said – his actions were clear; get a referee, this was about to happen right now!

Waymoth Turnbull vs Landon Stevens
Aran ThompsonAran Thompson

The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Waymoth and Landon circled the ring. They both went in for the charge as the two locked up in the middle of the ring. Turnbull quickly took control as he forced Stevens into the corner. Waymoth then picked Landon up by the throat with both hands before turning around and slamming him to the canvas. Stevens rolled back to his feet before the beast could do anymore damage. Stevens turned to his foe and connected with a hard shot to the face of Turnbull, but it didn’t even sting the big man. Waymoth came back with a big right hand that staggered The Rising Star. Stevens came back with another shot of his own as the two began to exchange blows. Finally Turnbull gained complete control as he connected with a hard clothesline to Stevens. The much bigger star picked Stevens up off the canvas and whipped him into the ropes and connected with a power slam that echoed throughout the building as Stevens’ back smacked the canvas. Turnbull went for the cover to make quick work of Stevens.




Stevens managed to get his shoulder up in just the nick of time. Maybe the big man was too much for the rising star, but it didn’t seem anything was really going in his favor.

Waymoth moved up to his feet and grabbed Stevens up by the hair and whipped him into the corner.


The monstrous Waymoth slammed all of his body weight into the newest member of the Black Faction. The monster backed up as Stevens stumbled out of the corner Ric Flair style before falling face first into the canvas. The crowd erupted in cheers as Waymoth was demolishing The Rising Star. Turnbull picked up his downed opponent up off the canvas and set him up on his shoulders in a crucifix, The Rising Star shook himself free. Stevens didn’t waste any time as he connected with a quick kick to the back of the injured knee of Turnbull. The big man staggered but did not fall. Once again Stevens came at Turnbull with a hard kick to the back of the knee forcing the big man down to one knee. Stevens then bounced off the ropes and connected with a dropkick to take the big man down to the canvas. Stevens went to work on the injured leg as he stomped down on the knee several times before Turnbull grabbed the leg and pushed Stevens back; Stevens stumbled and fell back onto the canvas.

Turnbull tried to pull himself up off the canvas using the ropes only to be hit from behind with another kick to the knee. All of a sudden the West Texas Terrorists came into the ring and all three members from The Black Faction began to attack behemoth. As Eli and Ezra Conway both held him down, Stevens hunched down over him and connected with several shots to the face. The sound of the bell once again echoed throughout the Arena as the official signaled the end of the contest.

Stevens with the help of Eli and Ezra hoisted the big man up onto his back.


Stevens connected with his finishing maneuver on the big man and quickly rolled back to his feet as he stood over the beast. Stevens posed to the crowd as if he had slayed a dragon. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch replayed throughout the Arena of Champions as the trio of Landon Stevens and The West Texas Terrorists exited the ring and walked up the entrance way whiled the fans booed them the entire way.

Winner: No Contest

The House (c) vs West Texas Terrorists
Aran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran ThompsonAran Thompson

Much like Charlotte had done earlier in the night, The House were proving their worth as fighting champions and accepted a challenge earlier on in the week by the West Texas Terrorists. Eli and Ezra Conway had served The Black Faction to perfection as believers in what would be called The Aran Thompson future. If the brawling twins from Texas could somehow pull out the upset and defeat the biggest champions in jOlt history, they would bring more gold into the Black Faction – something that Aran Thompson no doubt wanted.

The song “Believers” by !Mayday! hit the speakers and the crowd reacted very negatively to the tag team tandem that served the jOlt Champion, they were accompanied by their big heavy and mentor Mace Williams. On the last edition of Warriors, the twins had made life hell for Waymoth Turnbull when trying to get at him, but tonight they were taking the night off to try and bring some additional hardware into the Black Faction. Eli and Ezra both slapped hands in a sign of respect to one another as either twin took a turnbuckle and stared at the crowd. They were ready to go and looked like they were ready for a fight tonight. When The House was involved, they would most certainly get one.

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the reigning jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager & the reigning jOlt STARLET CHAMPION, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated. Like a pair of wild attack dogs, The West Texas Terrorists jumped on the big men at the bell!

The four men paired off on either side of the ring and Eli and Ezra were looking to get the early advantage over the tag team champions. Eli took on Huber on one side of the ring while Ezra went after Roebuck went after him, leaving the referee with the unfortunate task of having to break up the scuffle.

Eli tried for an uppercut early only for Huber to land an elbow in the face. Ezra’s luck wasn’t much better because he was tossed over the ropes by Roebuck, the tall Texan landed right at Mace Williams’s feet.

Roebuck and Huber snarled like the beasts the fans had come to love. This was their ring and they dared The West Texas Terrorists to come in and try to take it from them. They weren’t stupid by any means and bided their time while Mace Williams waited to discuss strategy.

Once they took a few seconds to compose themselves, it was Eli heading into the line of fire against The Big Bucks. He charged right at him with no fear and swung with all his might. Roebuck blocked a couple shots while a few more landed across the chest. He pushed Eli back into the ropes and when he came back he knocked him over with an elbow.

“Get up!” Roebuck shouted.

Roebuck palmed the back of Eli’s head and pulled him into the corner of the House and then pancaked him with a running clothesline in the corner. Eli was slumped over when Derrick Huber tagged into the ring. Adam grabbed his partner and launched him with an aided corner lariat right at Eli. The Thompson follows was slumped over now but Huber wasn’t done with him yet.

In a fit of rage The Oddsmaker charged backwards and creamed him with a second lariat. A third a fourth and a fifth soon followed until Charlotte and the crowd showed some love for Huber. He was all fired up after his pep talk and was focused on getting it done in the ring tonight.

Huber with another expert tag to Adam Roebuck and now both men were in the ring. Roebuck grabbed Eli by the body in a sidewalk slam position as Huber ran off to the ropes to come back and deliver a sidewalk slam/elbow drop combination called DEAD MONEY~! Huber left the ring as Roebuck went in for the cover on Eli.



And a kick out.

When Roebuck tried to pick Eli up again he stopped the big monster with a seated stunner-like move before rolling outside the ring to save himself from further damage.

“Get back here, you little asshole…”

After Roebuck shook off the jawbreaker he climbed to the outside and picked up Eli before forcefully tossing him back inside the ring to finish what he started. That may have been the opening that Ezra needed because the big Texan jumped off the ropes and took down Roebuck with an awesome diving clothesline off the apron.

Mace Williamsclapped for his boys as they now had control of The House. With some help from Eli, he and Ezra pushed The Big Bucks back inside the ring and finally regained some control. Eli tagged out to Ezra and the big bruiser from Texas delivered a pair of brutal knee drops into the head of the large Roebuck.

Now that The Big Bucks was down in the corner, Charlotte and Huber each cheered on their friend while he tried to fight back against Eli and Ezra. He swung at both men as they entered the ring but two eventually overcome one and the two men pushed Adam back into their corner. Eli and Ezra took turns laying a beatdown which they had quite a bit of experience doing. There were very few teams that were better than brothers were since they had a lifetime of experience to dwell from.

As the beatodwn continued inside the ring, the crowd started to turn their attention to the top of the ramp. Their opponents for the Tag Team Titles at Wired – Red and Ted – were watching the match with an interest and their manager, Grady Patrick, brought up the rear. Alexander Redding was eating and apple while Teddy Jacobs was knocking back a beer in his hand. They waved condescendingly to Derrick Huber and Charlotte at ringside, but they had a tag team title defense to focus on. Red and Ted were here for more mind games.

Ezra grabbed Eli by the shoulder and launched him into a big spear in the corner. Eli then used every ounce of strength he could to whip Roebuck into standing superkick from the Ezra!

After the successful sequence of moves, Ezra gagged to Eli and the brutal wrestler from Texas stood over Roebuck with a dirty look on his face. He jumped in the air and delivered a hard double stomp right to the chest just because he could. Roebuck had two-hundred and forty-pounds double stomped into his chest and now Eli went to a cover.



And a kick out by Roebuck!

The massive Roebuck forced Eli off him but The West Texas Terrorists were wrestling a perfect match right now. As The Big Bucks tried to stand up again Eli made the tag to Ezra and the two men continued their attack. They doubled over Roebuck with a double stomp before putting stereo elbows to his face. They pushed Roebuck back into the corner before Ezra unleashed a hellish string of jabs at the face of the jOlt Tag Team Champion.

“Those belts belong to us now!”

Red and Ted took some exception to the comments from Ezra but nevertheless they watched the match, continuing to study their opponents for Wired. The ruthless Ezra even threw in a couple of headbutts just because he could. He then tagged into Eli using the quick tags to keep The Big Bucks guessing. Status Eli landed a few elbows and stood backwards before he smiled. Charlotte rolled her eyes and continued to cheer and holler for Roebuck.

He turned and tried to charge at the big man only for Roebuck to catch him in mid air…


The big monster landed a fallaway variation on a powerbomb sending Eli over his head and crashing into the turnbuckle. Roebuck shook off the pain he was in and made the steady crawl over to his corner where the fired-up Derrick Huber waited. At the top of the ramp, the camera focused on Red, Ted, and Grady as they each mockingly cheered for The House.

“Go, Huber, Go!” Redding yelled. “Go, Huber, Go!”

The tag was made and he even kissed Charlotte for good luck before heading towards the fresh Ezra. He came right at the Texan with some nice jabs to the head before he took him by the arm and threw Ezra into the corner. Ezra saw the big train that was The Oddsmaker coming towards him and moved out of the way so he could hit the ropes. Huber stopped himself and quickly lunged at Ezra nearly taking him out of his shoes with an explosive shoulder tackle.

The fans in Florida were wincing from such a football-like impact that Huber had thrown. Eli tried saving his buddy by cutting him off at the pass, but Huber caught him around the waist and threw him overhead with an amazing belly to belly throw.

“Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Huber dragged out the last syllable as long as he could as he waited for somebody to make a move. He had weeks of frustration to take out and The West Texas Terrorists just happened to be the unfortunate recipients of that anger. Ezra was trying to use a corner to get himself back up but the fans saw what The Oddsmaker had in mind…


The running cannonball senton in the corner nearly crushed Ezra under his three-hundred pound weight. After Huber regained his equanimity, The Oddsmaker pulled Ezra out of the corner by his leg and tried pinning him.



Close, but no cigar!

Eli made the timely save and dropped an elbow on Huber’s skull. He saw Adam Roebuck and charged at him with some elbows, but Roebuck shook him off and clotheslined him over the top rope.

Huber and Roebuck cornered Ezra now and blasted him in the chest with a pair of kicks. The two men got Ezra set up on their shoulders and the fans cheered for what was about to happen now, but out came Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs were about ready to go for the cover. Huber and Roebuck turned their attention to their contenders and it made Red and Ted stop in their tracks.

They chased after them and crawled out of the ring. They were still very pissed that they had managed to embarrass them earlier and hadn’t forgotten it and went on the attack! Red and Ted were not letting themselves fight back as Roebuck slammed him into the barricade. Meanwhile, Huber was taking the fight to Teddy Jacobs and slammed a couple big jabs to the face. Charlotte was yelling at The House to fight back, but they hadn’t scored the win. Meanwhile, Eli and Ezra were standing inside the ring.

Huber finally turned around and noticed why they weren’t fighting back or why they were out here. Huber turned back to the ring and suddenly tried to get back into the ring and he did…

After the referee had already counted to ten!

The bell rang and the crowd started booing! Red and Ted came out here and intentionally let themselves get hurt to avoid getting disqualified. They had just given the countout win to The West Texas Terrorists!

The crowd was all over Redding and Jacobs as Grady quickly picked up the hurt Red and Ted before he climbed back up the aisle with his charges in tow. Eli and Ezra were pissed that they’d won the match but Red and Ted had inadvertently cost them the titles as well!

There were more mind games being played by Red and Ted over The House and they were letting themselves get hurt if it meant messing with their heads. Williams nodded to Eli and Ezra to head to the back. While they did not win the titles, they had a victory over the jOlt Tag Team Champions now and held their own with them proving they were a force to be reckoned with.

The House and Charlotte gave chase to Red and Ted as they tried to get out of the arena. This issue with Red and Ted was getting personal now and they weren’t going to stop antagonizing the House until they either won the titles or The House murdered them where they stood.

Winner: West Texas Terrorists via Countout