"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"You Owe Me"

Thud, Thud, Thud…

“Yeah.. Come in..”

Damien Lee, responds..

Diamond Jewelz, wearing a gold pinstriped suit and his various articles of jewelry comes into Damien Lee’s Office sporting a million dollar smile to compliment his lucrative grill.

“Big homie… You ready for the proceedings.”

“Yeah, I’m good to go” Lee interjects.

“Big homie.. I want my spot on the jOlt website… This shit is official.. This ain’t no side show million dollar championship… This shit is the real deal..’

“Yeah Jewelz.. Yeah”

Lee looks on reluctantly. Diamond leans on Lee’s desk, and becomes extremely serious..

“You owe me bro… Remember that… Pay off your debts.. And We Even”

"Real Men and Real Women"

The camera panned backstage now and standing by was none other than Donny Layne. jOlt’s backstage interviewer was dressed to the nines in an extra nice Armani suit he purchased just for this occasion. With a smile, he nodded to the camera and began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us this evening for tonight’s 100th blockbuster edition of iNtense! In just a few moments, we’ll be seeing a big mixed tag team match pitting a long-time rivalry and a new rivalry appearing to be in the making. Please welcome my guests at this time… the jOlt Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton… her personal assistant, Desta… and “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan!”

They could still hear the loud negative crowd reaction backstage and Ryan wouldn’t have it any other way. Ryan actually appeared to be in a pretty good mood considering the circumstances of last week. Meanwhile, the complete opposite was to Donny’s left as both Winterton and Desta looked incredibly pissed off to be involved in this match in the first place. Donny took note of the attitude of all three of his guests and decided to move on.

“We’ll be starting with you, Jeremy Ryan… last week, we saw what you did to Jesse Ramey by attacking him after losing that match. Why has this newfound rivalry escalated so quickly? And what of the interference by Jimmy B. Martinez after the match?”

Winterton and Desta continued to share an annoyed glance while Ryan was still all smiles.

“Well, as you said last week, yes by conventional means, I…” Ryan made air quotes. “’lost.’ However, what Jesse Ramey fails to realize that what goes on in the ring is but one part of what we do in this business… it was ME who was standing over his bitch ass after I laid him out with a chain! Sure, you won a match, Ramey, but was it really worth it? You didn’t earn another title shot you’d probably choke on and you didn’t even earn contention for a title… it meant NOTHING.”

Jeremy laughed, remembering standing over him with the chain in hand.

“Jesee can talk about how good he is in the ring and that’s all well and good… I’m damned good in that ring, too, but a fact is a fact… REAL MEN are the ones still standing when the fight is over. And that’s why I’M a winner in jOlt. And as for Jimmy B. Martinez, that little shit wants to play the hero in my business? Well, that’s exactly what got Ramey laid out last week and that’s what will get him laid out, too. That little-“


Both Ryan and Donny Layne turned over to both Winterton and Desta. The Starlet Champion looked impatient while Desta stood, arms folded and tapping her heel on the ground.

“Donny, you are rude,” Desta snapped. “Have you NEVER heard of women first? Ask my queen about how UNFAIR this match is. Ask her about how she has already GIVEN Charlotte her undue rematch at this championship at Rise of the Legends! Ask her about how it’s unfair for her to be put into the same ring prior to the Pay-Per-View! Charlotte is a borderline CRIMINAL! Twice now she has assaulted Her Royal Highness and myself without provocation! We should be settling this in a court! We should-”

Desta and Winterton both stopped when they could hear Jeremy Ryan snickering a little under his breath. They both turned over to Ryan as the Starlet Champion shot him an icy look.

“Do you find something FUNNY about my ailments, Mister Ryan?”

“Women first… what an antiquated bullshit concept,” Ryan stated. “Also, that’s the fucking problem around here… not enough people fighting and a whole lot of people whining. How about you let a RELA MAN do the talking for us and you two… I don’t know, go make me a fucking sandwich? Crust cut off, preferably.”

Well, Jeremy Ryan was going to be hearing from a few women’s empowerment movements after the show. Please direct all hate mail to 123 Fake Street, ThisAddressIsntReal, Cali, 98-noneofyourfuckingbusiness.

Anyway, Desta wasn’t having that and neither was Sarah Winterton.

“Mister Ryan… as much of a displeasure as it is to hear your rhetoric, how about you let people with an actual championship speak? By my count, I do believe that I’ve won one more championship than you have during your jOlt tenure.”

“If I want any lip from you --- QUEENIE – I’ll pull down my trunks right now…”

A LOUD and very shrill whistle stopped the both of their bickering. The whistle belonged to Desta who glared at Jeremy Ryan and her employer.

“Hey! This is exactly what Jesse Ramey and Charlotte want! They want us to be divided so that way they can swoop in and take us out! Mister Ryan, I don’t know anything about you, but I know you enough to know you can’t stand Ramey! And My Queen, as you are a proud representative for Starlet and women athlete kind, you are also a WARRIOR! You cannot let Charlotte’s attacks on you stand! If she keeps doing it, she’ll think it’s okay! We need to crack the proverbial whip!”

As annoying as she was and as much as Ryan wanted to be somewhere other than here… the portly Desta was right. Sarah Winterton hoisted her title belt over her shoulder and nodded to jOlt’s Last Real Man.

“My subordinate is right. I will deal with that red-headed wretch, Charlotte Huber, once and for all tonight and give her a taste of what’s to come. You, Mister Ryan, can take care of Ramey as you see fit. But tonight, we need to be united at least for tonight. We don’t have to like each other, but we do have to WIN.”

“Fine. Just stay the fuck out of my way and let a REAL MAN lead the charge.”

On that delightful note, jOlt’s Last Real Man turned on his heel and left while Winterton and Desta took off in the opposite direction. Donny Layne then focused on the camera.

“Uh… back to ringside.”

Sarah Winterton & Jeremy Ryan vs Charlotte & Jesse Ramey


And kicking off this one-hundredth edition of jOlt’s flagship program, iNtense. Tonight’s festivities would be a tribute to the past, present and the future of jOlt Wrestling and in tonight’s opener, we would be bringing you four of jOlt’s best and brightest in mixed tag team action.

A much more fiery and outspoken “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey had been in the midst of a newfound rivalry with the equally outspoken and outright vicious “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan over the last few weeks stemming from Ramey attacking Ryan in the ring during Ryan’s protest on i98. It led to a singles match on i99 that saw Jesse get the hard-fought victory only to get assaulted post-match by Jeremy Ryan. Permanent damage may have been done when Ryan was moments away from piledriving Ramey on a pile of chains only for Jimmy B. Martinez to come to his aid. Ryan and Ramey’s feud continues tonight.

Meanwhile, in the last year, jOlt Wrestling also brought a bright and flourishing renaissance of women’s wrestling to the forefront of the promotion. Chief among them was former Starlet Champion and perennial fan favorite Charlotte Huber. The wife of Derrick Huber and the valet of The House had returned from injury three weeks ago and picked up where she left off with the women that put her out of action, current champion “Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton. The pompous, prissy, and cutthroat Winterton prided herself for her Starlet title reign of seven months with the belt. The longest-reigning title holder in the company was set to defend her belt in the first-ever Last Starlet Standing match at Rise of the Legends and for the first time since jOlt’s Unlimited PPV, the two women would be on opposite sides of the ring.

The bell rang and signaled to the crowd we were about to get this shit on the road. Ring announcer Dean Carrington was looking extra sharp tonight in a straight black tuxedo as he nodded to the camera at ringside.

“Your opening contest of tonight’s iNtense 100 is a mixed tag team match set for one fall! The men will wrestle the men and the women will wrestle the women!”

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown.

“First, making his way to the ring, hailing from Harts, West Virginia and weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; HE IS THE ANTI-STAR, JESSE RAMEY!”

As Arnold had finished his announcement and was exiting the ring, Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his hip. Ramey quickly bounced back up to his feet and leaned against the second rope, pulling a finger to his ear and pumping the crowd up some more. They were ready for action here tonight and considering the combatants, they would not disappoint.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to her music started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion!

“And his tag team partner, she hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… she is the former Starlet Champion… CHARLOTTE!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. The Queen of Hearts headed to the ring and sat on the top rope and blew more kisses, sending a shower of sparks exploding from each of the four corners! She backflipped into the ring and shook the hand of Jesse Ramey. This was the first time the two had met or even teamed up, but they seemed to get a long a lot better than their opponents.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and there was no fanfare, no theatrics, nor any pyrotechnics; out from the backstage area walked one bad man. The fans all began to boo as Ryan stood at the top of the ramp for a brief moment and then began his stalk toward the ring. He may have lost to Ramey last week, but he was a man proud of getting the last word in and he did so by beating Jesse with a chain. Jesse was ready for a fight.

“And their opponents, first from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… he is JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Jeremy Ryan was pacing and waiting. He wanted this more than anything but right now he was waiting for his tag team partner tonight. As his music cut out, the crowd booed the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

The portly woman that made her debut on last week’s edition of iNtense stood in the ring wearing a dark blue business suit and black heels. The snob turned her attention to the entrance and looked out to the jeering crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area, holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. Ryan was making a “hurry up” gesture as she sauntered down the ramp. She and Desta continued taking their sweet time down the ramp so Ryan shrugged.

“Fuck this…”

Referee Kim Adams was in the ring and watched as Jeremy Ryan made a beeline for the ring with Jesse Ramey happy to oblige him. Ryan and Ramey picked up where they left off form the last iNtense and immediately got into a slugfest in the ring meanwhile, Charlotte slid out of the ring and chased Winterton halfway up the ramp where she knocked over Desta and even threw her into the guardrail as Winterton ran away!

Charlotte turned around and the fiery redhead chased after her to the delight of the crowd! As the two women had their fight on the outside of the ring, Ramey and Ryan continued their skirmish. Ramey was firing off with a series of Chops to the chest while Ryan was firing back with elbows to the side of Ramey’s head. The Anti-Star fired back with a kick and tried to follow up with a punch only to have it blocked and stunned with a Headbutt from Jeremy that sent him staggering back into the corner.

Ryan smirked before he charged right at Ramey again only for The Anti-Star to duck and send him flying over the top rope and crashing out to the floor! The fans were cheering for all of the chaos and ruckus among ringside as Charlotte tossed Sarah Winterton into the guardrail. Meanwhile, Ramey measured up the bigger brawler and jumped over the ropes…


The ultra-athletic Anti-Star crashed on top of Jeremy Ryan and stood up to celebrate with the crowd. Kim Adams was trying to get some sense of order restored but with the fights between these four men and women, it was not going to be easy.

Charlotte dragged Sarah by her hair and tossed her back inside the ring just as Jesse Ramey returned to his corner after jumping down at Ryan. Jeremy was starting to come around and stumbled back to his respective corner as Kim Adams called for the bell.


The current and former Starlet Champion were starting things off in official capacity as Charlotte immediately went for a Double Leg Takedown on Winterton! The Queen of the Starlets was unable to defend herself form the wrath of the fiery redhead as she continued to smash her head against the canvas in vicious fashion! Desta had limped towards ringside, still holding her side as she protested.


Mrs. Huber gave her the old double bird from inside the ring and the crowd popped major for it! Charlotte continued to bring the pain to the current Starlet Champion as she drilled her in the head with some straight-up punches to the face. She backed Winterton into the ropes and launched her off only for her to come back right into a hard Leg Lariat!

After the impact of the move, Charlotte was back on her feet standing proudly as she once again grabbed Winterton by her hair. She quickly jumped and stopped her in her tracks with a kneeling Jawbreaker. Sarah led her by the arm and Irish Whipped her across the ring into the opposite corner. A groggy, but angry Winterton charged and went looking for her signature Cross Body in the corner only for Charlotte to get the elbow up, catching Winterton in the jaw once again!

Charlotte was dominating right now and continued this as she turned Winterton around and snapped her over with a Suplex. The crowd continued their strong support Charlotte and Ramey as she started to climb to the top rope. The former Starlet Champion waited for Winterton to stand up before jumping down on her with a big Diving Cross Body! She went right into the cover!




The Queen of the Starlets fired a shoulder up off the mat. Charlotte knew that her Last Starlet Standing match was coming up very soon and per the stipulations she agreed to by Sarah Winterton, she had one more chance and if she lost, she would never receive any shots at the Starlet Championship ever again. She shut that out of her mind and waited for the chance to clean Sarah’s clock. She bounced off the ropes and looked for her signature Springboard Moonsault…


Sarah rolled out of the way when Charlotte landed on her feet. However the brief stumble allowed for Winterton to kick her in the leg! The Queen of Hearts was limping in pain when Winterton grabbed her with both arms and brought her down…


The Cross-Arm Neckbreaker dragged her down to the canvas and finally, the Queen of the Starlets had the chance to succeed. She turned over and placed a deliberate forearm into the face of her rival as she pulled back the leg.




The crowd popped when Winterton was able to fight out of the pinfall attempt. The Queen of the Starlets angrily pulled Charlotte up and paintbrushed the back of her head repeatedly. She continued o bark and scream at her like a mad woman.

“You are trash!”


“You are a freak!”


“You are a red-headed men…”


Another slap went wrong when Sarah Winterton missed, however, he paid the price when Mrs. Huber stumbled around and BLASTED her in the face with a vicious Spinning Big Boot! The shot sent her shooting into the corner when Ryan finally reached over and tagged himself into action.

He walked into the ring and stood in front of Charlotte with a look of bad intentions in his eyes. He hadn’t gone out of his way to strike a woman in his jOlt tenure, but didn’t seem like he had too many qualms with doing so. Luckily, Charlotte would never have to find out because Ramey was right there to cut him off at the pass with another Forearm barrage!

“You wanna mess with me, asshole?!” Ramey screamed.

The ultra-tough Ramey backed him into the corner and whipped him off to the ropes, only for Ryan to slam on the brakes and put him across the ring. Jeremy Ryan swung and missed a wild Lariat attempt, however Ramey’s attempt at an attack did not…


The Jumping Spinning Heel Kick caught jOlt’s Last Real Man right on the button when Ramey reached over and hooked both legs, looking to make it two in a row over Jeremy Ryan!



Ryan was madder than a hornet and shoved Ramey off of him, but the fight only seemed to make Jesse want to try harder. He picked him up again and went looking for his Tornado DDT variation called The Hangover, but Ryan saw it coming unlike last week and tossed him away into his corner. He almost collided with Charlotte, but managed to stop himself in his tracks. He turned around…


In one fell swoop, Ramey was lifted up and then SPIKED viciously into the mat with Ryan’s variation of a Spinebuster/Spear hybrid move! He drilled him hard into the canvas and now stood over him as the crowd started to boo the vicious Hype graduate. Ryan towered over Jesse now and placed a big foot down into his throat. He elbowed him once and then sat up again only to take off towards the ropes to come back with a hard Running Senton!

254 pounds of Ryan dropped right across the chest of the smaller Ramey and allowed Jeremy Ryan the chance to turn over and hook the Anti-Star’s leg.




The second that Ramey’s shoulder went off the mat, Ryan picked him up by the hair and dragged him into the nearest corner. From there, he unleashed a STIFF alternating series of Chops and Elbow Smashes in the corner. Ramey tried his best to fight free of Ryan’s grip but he was swinging with enough ferocity that he couldn’t block them all.

Kim Adams ordered him to back out of the corner but Ryan only listened to one person and that was himself. He shrugged off the referee and pulled Jesse out of the corner to deliver a hard Short-Arm Back Elbow to the face!

“Fight back, Ramey, you wanted this so bad!”

Another Short-Arm Back Elbow!

Ramey was on spaghetti legs now when Ryan pulled him in close to deliver a POWERFUL Exploder Suplex that nearly lobbed Jesse two-thirds of the way across the ring! Ramey bounced off the canvas and held his back in pain as Jeremy crawled over and attempted a second cover in as many minutes.





The chants were coming out in full force for the decorated veteran of the ring wars. Ramey was forced back to a knee again and Jeremy opted to take him down with an Arm Trap Crossface submission in the middle of the ring.

“Jesse, do you give up?” Kim Adams asked.

“NO!” Ramey shouted.

Ramey continued to struggle in the face of the hold as Ryan pulled back in the submission tighter. Despite the immense pain that he was in against the powerhouse, Jessed continued to try and pry his big arms apart. When that failed, he switched up his strategy and elbowed him in the face. He was free now and charged off the ropes again when Winterton tripped him up! Ramey was a little too smart for that and actually stopped in his tracks, but that turned out to be a big mistake. He turned…


It was a brand new move to the arsenal of Jeremy Ryan as he SPIKED Ramey down yet again, this time in the form of a Side Death Valley Driver! With the move, jOlt’s Last Real Man once again had the chance to go in for the final kill.




It was DAMN close, but yet again Ryan was not yet able to beat Jesse Ramey. The crowd grew louder and Charlotte was looking to get into the ring while Ryan continued to glare at Kim Adams with an uncomfortable death glare. Ryan simply turned over to Ramey and tossed him into the ropes waiting for him to come back for another big power move. Ramey came at him when Jeremy caught him in a Fireman’s Carry again…


Ramey landed a Jumping modified Tornado DDT and DRILLED the head of Jeremy Ryan into the canvas! The crowd cheered as both Ramey and Ryan were down on the mat with the women folk ready to continue where they left off earlier. Desta and Winterton continued to yell towards Jeremy while Ramey was heading to his corner. The Queen of the Starlets tagged the groggy Ryan’s body and allowed herself to get into the ring when Jesse got to the other side…


Charlotte was no doubt ready for action as she mowed right through Winterton with a vicious Clothesline! When the Queen tried to stand up a second time, a straight kick followed by a back elbow from the former champion put Winterton down on her royal ass.

Desta ran around the ringside area frantically, kicking and screaming as Charlotte charged off to the corner and unleashed a hard back elbow to the face that popped Winterton right in the mouth! She threw The Queen of the Starlets out of the corner and waited for her to stand again and she paid for it when she did…


The One Armed Swinging Neckbreaker brought her down the hard way and that’s when she hooked both legs for the cover now!




jOlt’s Last Real Man grabbed Charlotte by the leg and tossed her away from the fallen body of Winterton to save the match for his side. That wasn’t going to sit well with the angry Ramey who came back into the ring and took him down with a Running Front Dropkick that put him through the ropes!

The path was cleared now for Charlotte as she was about ready put an end to Winterton. The Queen was tossed into the corner and Charlotte called for one of her bigger moves when she tied up the Queen in the ropes…


The Tarantula submission had her trapped in the ropes! Meanwhile, Kim Adams was trying to break up a fight at ringside with Ramey and Ryan! Jeremy pushed him to the steel steps, but Ramey jumped to the top and came back down with the CULTURE DEVELOPMENT! The Asai Moonsault took both men out of the equation!

Charlotte was about to let go…


While her head was exposed in the submission, Desta snuck in a belt shot from behind the referee’s back and landed hard in the face! The crowd booed as Charlotte flopped to the apron when Winterton was hurt. She pulled Charlotte back into the ring and rolled her up with her version of a Leg Full Nelson pin called THE SPELLBINDING PIN! The crowd was calling bullshit, but Kim saw nothing when she hooked the pin in.





Winterton and Desta had just STOLEN one from Charlotte! Winterton had limped out of the ring with the help of Desta and the two headed the fuck on out of the ring! Charlotte had her number through the majority of this match, but as Winterton had so eloquently put it last week, she had the number of her long time rival.


Ramey turned his head in shock and had been so deadset on punishing Jeremy Ryan that he hadn’t seen any of the proceedings on the inside. He slid back into the ring and checked on the fallen Charlotte while Ryan sneaked away with a smile on his face. He was the victor on paper tonight, but rest assured nothing had been settled between them tonight.

Meanwhile, a giddy Winterton blew a mock kiss in the direction of the fallen Charlotte and laughed as she and Desta hugged it out.


Ryan, Winterton, and Desta headed back up the ramp while Ramey and Charlotte each glanced from the ring.

And this was just the opener. The fans were in for one hell of a night.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan & Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"Golden Standards and Silver Tongues"

iNtense now found its broadcast in the catering area. Kayden Paulton sat happily in front of a plate of mac & cheese with a smile that couldn't be surgically removed. Nearby Lusus was pounding meatball hoagies like they were discontinuing the sandwich across the globe in the next thirty seconds. Quietly minding her own business, Misty Gold was putting a plate of fresh fruit together, leaning way too far into the camera shot with her way too low-cut top.

"Misty Gold," a voice said in sleazy admiration. Misty glanced over her shoulder and saw Keith Kane, greasy as ever, standing behind her smiling and wringing his hands. "How are you this evening, my little sexual muse? And how's your man, Mike Extreme?"

"HI, KEITH! Ohmygod, thank you SOOO much for the compliment. I'm SOOO, SOOO happy you find my sex amusing. I've never gotten a compliment like that before but it's just sooo nice to hear someone be sooo, like, honest. It's supposed to be amusing and, well, like, thank you."

Dumbfounded, Keith Kane's mind immediately raced to a completely different finish line than he originally intended in this conversation when he realized just how -- naive Misty Gold was. Raunchy star of the XXX community? Yes, she was definitely that. Charter member of MENSA? No, no that was never going to be in the cards. Shaking the mental pictures out of his head, a throwback to his announcing days, Keith Kane regained his focus --- almost.

"Misty," he said, "It is one-hundred percent my pleasure to give you such a genuine, honest, compliment. You deserve all the recognition you receive. As a matter of fact, congratulations on your AVN Award. You absolutely earned that coveted title of "Best Oral Scene" for your work in "Harry Pooter and The Sorcerer's Bone", which was just a fine example of cinematography."

"OHMIGOD! THANK YOUUUUU! That scene took forty-seven takes to finish. Oh my god, by the time I was done with that I was covered in spunk. SOOO worth it, though, when I finally won! Wait till you see how I top that in Harry Pooter and The Chamber of Semen. I hope to repeat. Fingers crossed!"

Again with the mental thoughts, Keith Kane just could not regain his composure but he knew he must. He had a specific reason for being here and while discussing Misty Gold's other career was something that Keith had an enormous (in his mind, anyway) interest in that was not his reason. "Misty," he said after wiping a few droplets of sweat from his brow, "has Mike maybe said anything about he and I sharing a conversation?"

"You mean about you managing him?"

"Yes," an excited Keith Kane replied, "exactly. So he did say something?"

"Yeah, he said you talked to him but that's about it."

"I see. Well, Misty, may I ask the lovely lady for a favor?"

"For one of my biggest fans, SURE! The going rate is $1,800 for five hours."

"What?! No, I -- really? No, no -- what I want you to do is put in a good word for me to Mike."

"Mike already has a manager, Keith. Her name is Violet, remember?"

"As a matter of fact, I do remember. Between the two of us, however, I know for a fact that Violet will never get Mike to the Main Event. Never. I, on the other hand, can and will take him to the Main Event but that's between the two of us, okay? So don't go spilling the beans."

"NO WAY," Misty replied with an enthusiastic nod, "Can you really do that?"

"I took Ray Chavez to the Relentless Championship and he was wearing some weird Phantom of the Opera mask. Can you imagine what I can do with a physical specimen like Mike Extreme? He's a powerhouse and the ladies clearly love him. I'm talking jOlt Championship here. What do you say?"

Misty Gold pondered long and hard about -- nothing, really. The blank stare on her face was a dead giveaway. She heard bits and pieces but what she did hear she liked very much. She saw the dollar signs flashing in Keith Kane's eyes and she loved the reflection. A payday for him must mean a payday for Mike, which meant a payday for her. She could finally get those ass implants.

"I say YES! I'll talk to him tonight! When he's champion I want to pose nude with just the belt covering me. OHMIGOD! That would sell SOOO many posters!"

Keith Kane extended his right hand to Misty. "So, we have a deal then? You'll do your best to talk Mike into becoming my client and I'll do my part to get him into the Main Event, this is a match made in Heaven."

Keith Kane's eyes followed Misty Gold's perky posterior as she exited the room and he was most certainly not alone. In fact, nearly everyone (male and female) took a glance at the "Gold Standard in Porn" but one man was not interested. One man was not "amused." One man was more concerned with Keith Kane and his slick tongue than Misty Gold's ass and that man was Lusus. Marinara sauce all over his beard, he snatched his last two meatball sandwiches and stormed out of the room. Disruptions to The Backbone meant disruptions to Chris Titan and his noble cause, something that the Lusus Army would not stand for.

"Revel in Rebellion"


The Arena of Champions burst with anticipation as "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing and Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain harboring an obviously disdain for him being screwed out of the Relentless Championship Tournament. Fans reached out for the former World and three time Relentless Champion but Aran was focused on the ring. Aran opted out of sliding into the ring and walked to the other side of the ring area near the announcers table and asked for a microphone.

Aran climbed into the ring and climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and sat down.

"Listen..." He began stoically.

"What part of "If you mess this up for me, I will reveal your secret" do you have a hard time understanding, Damien?!"

Aran's voiced bellowed through the microphone and the fans erupted as they quickly realized that Aran was far from done with his Damien Lee problem.

"You did this!"


The fans began booing as Damien Lee quickly came out with a microphone in his hand and a worried look on his face.

"What?!" Aran questioned Damien.

"You didn't bring out Landon Stevens?" Aran again questioned Damien and the fans booed at the thought of the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Landon Stevens.

"Why would I do that?!" Damien shot back.

"No, Jon Le Bon?!" Aran again questioned.

Damien looked dumb founded as the fans cheered to the sound of LeBon's name.

"Why would I bring out either of them? I don't have anything to do with them!" Damien announced.

"No? Not even Ninja K? The Crimson Order? Eiji Kugasari? Chris Titan? Lusus?!" Aran continued berating Damien Lee who looked completely confused.

"What!? What do any of them have to do with..." Damien asked Aran as a look of shock came across his face and he blankly stared at Aran Thompson

Aran smiled his sly smile and chimed in while Damien had grown more silent.

"Now you're with me." Aran began.

"Now you realize that I in fact know that you ..." Aran was cut off by Damien Lee.

"Please don't...." Damien stoically asked.

The smile grew across his face.

"You're the one that decided to call my bluff."

By this time the fans were begging Aran to tell the secret and they chanted their request as Aran excitedly looked around the Arena of Champions.

"I mean, they wanna know! How can I deny the fans?!" Aran asked Damien who looked at Aran while slowly shaking his head and silently begging the former World and Three Time Relentless Champion.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Children of all ages!, got a little nostalgic for a moment there." Aran said jokingly as the fans continued to chant their request of finding out Damiens secret.

"Damien Lee has this grand plan for jOlt. That is the secret."

Aran blantantly spoke and he turned his attention toward Damien staring him down but Damien looked confused.

"Of course I do. I'm the boss." Damien responded.

"Yeah, but does a boss really need to go about it the way you have been? I mean, hell...I admire the size of your cajones because you've been doing business with the same people too! I believe i'm the only one that hasn't taken this lightly! I've stood up against you since day one. You hated me coming in and defeating a true talent like Reno Davis for the Relentless Championship and then coming out of a violent fued with Jonathan Conspiracy with the Relentless Championship and THEN I became the WORLD CHAMPION! You've been mad that i've held your grand scheme down since day one and that is your problem with me."


Damien bellowed through his microphone grabbing everyones attention.

"I admit it! I hate you! I loathe you! I wish your name never came up when we discussed potential stars! ARE YOU HAPPY?!"

Aran slid out of the ring and started walking toward the boss.

"So that's why you brought in Saje, Donavan, Seraph..."

As Aran continued to run down the names of the members of The Rebellion the fans gasped in unison and it grabbed Damien's attention and he began begging Aran to stop but Aran kept walking closer to him.

"Admit it! Tell these people! And let the people in the back hear that you are behind The Rebellion! YOU ARE THE REASON FOR WAR! NOT ME! YOU! You put you hatred for me in the forefront of your desire to ruin the rest of the world for all of us! You attacked Landon Stevens, and then went to use him against me to make it seem like I was apart of The Rebellion! YOU ARE THE RING LEADER OF THESE FOOLS!"

The camera panned over to Damien Lee who had a devilish grin on his face.

"You're good. To have figured it out.. I admit.. you are indeed, good... or maybe it was the fact that I was careless. Yes.. the whole "deal" between me and The Rebellion where I give them things in exhange for their services was nothing more than a facade. I brought The Rebellion in here as a group because people like Derecho.. people like Ninja K... people like Omega... people like The Heirs of Wresting.. and ESEPCIALLY people like YOU, Aran... have been on top for too long. We need new faces to take the top spots.. That's why I protected Landon Stevens... that's why I'm making The Rebellion the center of attention.. so it can pave the way for guys like Vizier ta Seti.. Diamond Jewelz.. Jimmy B. Martinez.. the fresh blood of this company that will take it into the future! Do you think that I want to become just another big multimedia conglomerate that relies on nostalgia and refuses to make new stars? No.. that is not my vision of jOlt.. and when ratings slide or become stagnant... fresh tactics are always needed. Since The Rebellion came in, ratings have been spiking higher and higher each week. So yes.. I am behind The Rebellion.. they were my idea." Damien said with a calm tone.

Immediately after those words were spoke the fans began to boo and Aran looked around but it was too late. Damien Lee knew the jig was up and began to grin as Michael Donavan and Seraph jumped the guard rails and attacked Aran slamming him down to the ground. Seraph began pummelling Aran who tried to guard himself from the attack as Donavan walked over to the ring and pulled a table out from under the ring and leaned it against the ring apron.

"Yes Aran" Damien said as Seraph and Donavan beat down Aran Thompson. "You are good to have figured it out... but I'm better." Damien Lee added as Seraph pulled Aran up to his feet and ran Aran's back into the table crushing it underneith him.

Seraph stood up as Michael Donavan admired their handy work.

"As a reward.. as a prize for excellent detective work.. tonight you have a match against these two....A Tables Match, to be exact."

The fans booed as Damien stood side by side with Seraph and Michael Donavan and they watched Aran hold his ribs in pain.

Lee had been outed as the leader of The Rebellion all for the sake of ratings and to create jOlt's new future. Lee who had been fair and impartial this entire time at the helm of jOlt just showed the world that was always something more than that.. and the fans hated him for it.

Fade out to commercial.

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Daryn Thompson

"Madness" by Muse

Daryn Thompson came out from the backstage area to a pretty nice pop from the crowd for the ring veteran. Daryn smiled from the crowd's reaction as she rolled into the ring and raised her hand into the air. The Starlet Powerhouse entered the ring to a delighted reaction. She was ready to get back into the hunt for the Starlet Championship. She stood in the ring waiting for her opponent.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

The theme song for the newest member of the jOlt roster blasted throughout the arena. The song continued as Tammy Lynn Foster came out to the stage with a little reaction from the fans. This would be the first time the fans have seen her in the ring so they didn’t know how to respond to the woman. She stood on the stage looking around with a smile on her face. She wore cutoff jean shorts and a red and black flannel shirt. Foster made her way down the ring slapping the hands of a few fans ringside. She rolled under the ropes and raised her arms before Daryn Thompson nailed her from behind with a big forearm smash.

The bell sounded as Thompson kicked the rookie in her head. Thompson grabbed Foster and whipped her into the corner. Daryn looked at her handy work as TL slumped in the corner. The Starlet Powerhouse was trying to be more assertive in the ring to catapult herself to the top of the division. Daryn slowly made her way to the corner and grabbed Tammy Lynn by her long blonde hair. She picked up Thompson and dropped her to the mat with a scoop slam, showing her power even though Foster was a little bigger than her.

Thompson quickly dropped an elbow on top of Tammy’s chest. Thompson quickly dropped another elbow on top of Tammy’s chest. Daryn hooked TL’s leg for the cover.




Daryn reached down and hooked Foster into a side headlock in the middle of the ring. The veteran was keeping the rookie off balance as she continued to put pressure on the headlock. Tammy Lynn tried to get to her feet as Daryn continued the pressure on the headlock. Foster was finally pull herself up to her feet. The rookie quickly turned into the headlock and drove Daryn to the mat with a big side suplex. The crowd was not into the mat as both wrestlers lay on the mat. Foster needed to do something to get back into the match. She was to her feet first as she grabbed Thompson and pulled her up to her feet. Foster grabbed Thompson by her arm and nailed her with a quick short arm clothesline.

Tammy Lynn was not done as she grabbed Daryn and hooked her in the middle of the ring. She looked out into the crowd before driving Daryn down with an inverted DDT. Foster did not go for the cover as she quickly hooked Daryn in a standing figure four in the ring. The fans started to cheer more as the rookie was started to show the jOlt fans her skill set. Tammy Lynn continued to apply pressure as Thompson tried to do anything she could to break the hold.

The Starlet Powerhouse tried to grab Foster but the Blonde Bomber kept herself from grabbing distance as she continued to apply more and more pressure. Thompson started to scream in pain as she continued to fight toward the bottom ropes. Daryn finally made it to the ropes as the ref articulated to Foster to break the hold. The rookie broke the hold with no qualms. She backed away from the ropes as Daryn tried to get to her feet. But the damage was done as Thompson could not stand on her right leg but that was not going to stop this starlet.

Tammy Lynn raced over to Daryn, grabbing her arm she whipped her into the ropes. Daryn bounced off the ropes but not with her normal velocity as TL waited for her. Foster caught Thompson in a belly to belly position. The rookie threw Daryn overhead with a belly to belly throw. The crowd gasped as they watched getting manhandle or woman handled like she would do to the other starlets. TL went over for the cover on Daryn.




The rookie knew she couldn’t get frustrated. She sat up and pulled Daryn up as well. TL grabbed Daryn’s arm and whipped her into the ropes however Thompson had other ideas as she reversed the hold and sent Tammy Lynn into the corner. Thompson rushed into the corner and nailed the rookie with a big splash. Daryn with one quick motioned bounced off Foster and grabbed her by the head. Thompson raced out of the corner with a running bulldog. Daryn quickly hooked Foster’s leg for the cover.




Daryn couldn’t believe that TL kicked out. Thompson went back down for another cover.




Daryn slammed her fists on the mat before she stood to her feet. Daryn grabbed TL and quickly nailed her with a backbreaker that sent shivers up the spine of the fans in attendance. Daryn looked out into the crowd and gave a thumbs down to signify that the end was near. Thompson picked up Tammy Lynn and placed her in a power bomb position. Daryn tried to lift Foster up but the rookie kept blocking the attempt. Foster used her power to back body drop Daryn up and over to the mat. Tammy Lynn fell to her knees as she looked around. The Blonde Bomber turned to Daryn who was trying to get to her feet.

Tammy Lynn positioned Daryn in the power bomb position. She lifted Thompson up and held her by her head and chin behind her back. Foster dropped down to a seated position as the crowd was shocked.







The Gory Neck breaker was done with so much force that it got a reaction from the fans. Foster went for the cover on Thompson.




The match was over as Tammy Lynn Foster won her debut match against a ring veteran like Daryn Thompson. Tammy Lynn waved to the fans as she got a small reaction from the crowd ringside.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Three's A Crowd"

The scene faded to the backstage area, Jesse Ramey, still decked out in his wrestling gear was making his way through a corridor. The Anti-Star, coming out of the corridor and into the catering area stopped dead in his tracks. Ramey cocked his head a bit; something had definitely caught his eye. That thing that caught his eye was one Jimmy B. Martinez decked out in his street clothes. Ramey slowly turned, made his way over to the table Martinez was seated at, grabbed hold of a chair that was opposite JBM and sat down.

No words were spoken for several moments as Ramey just stared intently at Martinez, the awkwardness of the situation only continued to grow until Ramey broke the silence.

“Do I look like a bitch to you?” Ramey questioned Martinez, leaving time for Martinez to respond, but just as JBM’s mouth started to open Ramey continued.

“That was obviously a rhetorical question,” Ramey spouted with a bit of venom shooting off of his tongue, “because I obviously don’t like to be bent over a table and fucked in the ass. While I appreciate any help I can get in this business because having someone to watch your back is a great thing to have, the last time I checked we weren’t friends. So, last week when you decided to come out to that ring and stick your nose in my business with Jeremy Ryan, don’t ever do it again or Jeremy Ryan will be the least of your worries.”

“How long have you been stepping foot inside of that ring again?” Ramey once again left ample time for Martinez to respond, but just as his mouth opened once again the Anti-Star cut him off.

“Twenty-one years.” Ramey slammed his fists into the table, “That’s how long I’ve been stepping into that ring and leaving my blood, sweat, and tears in it. I’ve been lacing my boots up longer than you’ve been out of diapers, so the moment I need you to come out to that ring and save me from anything is the day that I’ll hang my boots up on the mantel and start telling stories to my grandchildren about what it was like back when grandpa used to wrestle.”

Martinez laughed to himself, as he continued to look on and sip on his bottled water. He tightened the cap onto his bottled water and slammed it onto the table. Jimmy slowly leaned forward still favoring his midsection area, due to his last battle with the monster Omega.

“Are you done? That was a great story very entertaining, but let me remind you of one thing. If it wasn't for me, you would still be laid out in that ring. I saved you, so instead of coming up to me running your mouth about your past and how you’ve been wrestling for twenty something years. You should be thanking me; thanking me for saving your sorry ass, when you needed it most.”

Jimmy slowly got up, as Jesse Ramey did the same. JBM walked over to the other side of the table, where Ramey’s stood. The two were both face to face and eye to eye. Martinez let out a low scoff as he would break the silence once more.

“You know something. Ryan would have demolished you, if I wouldn't have stepped in. Next time I will do just that. Mind my business and watch Jeremy Ryan end your career. Than you can watch me from your hospital bed kick Ryan’s ass back and forth throughout this arena. Jesse Ramey… Your wish is my command.”

Jimmy B. Martinez chuckled to himself, as he slowly walked away from Jesse Ramey leaving him behind to think of his actions and what he may have started. Before the scene had a chance to fade out though, the camera man was jolted; Martinez quickly turned and watched as Jeremy Ryan burst into the scene catching the Anti-Star from behind with a stiff clothesline that launched him across the table the two men were seated at.

Ryan quickly turned his attention in the direction of the still Martinez, “You want to get involved again this week too?” Ryan spouted.

Martinez shook his head, and with a smirk, “By all means, he wanted to fight this battle alone.” Martinez then folded his arms as he watched Ryan turn his attention back to Jesse Ramey.

The banter between Ryan and Martinez, however, had allowed Ramey to get back to his feet and as Ryan was turning back toward Ramey he saw the silhouette coming toward him. Ramey had jumped onto the table he had just been knocked across, and launched himself in the direction of Ryan, catching him with a cross body block that sent Ryan tumbling backward and smashing into Martinez as well.

It was at this point arena security came rushing into the scene, and started pulling the three men away from each other. Martinez hadn’t even had a chance to fight back after being knocked down, Ryan was furious, and Ramey only laughed as he was being drug out of the scene.

"Some Days Are Better Than Others"

Some days are better than others. There are days where the sun is shining and everything just seems to go your way. The downside is that there are days when everything goes terribly wrong. One second you are walking down the hallway and the next you are being stared down by a homicidal lunatic. Unfortunately for Lorelei Albrecht, it was one of those bad days.

"Zhis contract is utter garbage," she said to herself, as her face was buried deep in paperwork. "Anderson vill need to do better zhan zhis."

More than just eye candy, Lorelei handled financial matters for those under her management. However, her attention to detail had just put her in a really bad place. She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and her shapely frame collided with a wall.

"Verdammte Scheiße," the blonde growled, as her paperwork flew all around the hallway.

However, the wall wasn't made of drywall, wood, or cement. It was the gargantuan body of the Underground champion. Lorelei crouched down to pick up her paperwork, while quietly mumbling to herself. Annoyed with herself, she hadn't noticed that Omega had turned around and he wasn't exactly giddy with delight.

"Verflixt und zugenäht..."

Despite being a fine warrior in her own right, Lorelei scurried backwards, trying to put as much distance as she could between her and the unstable superstar, as this man was not one to be seduced or reasoned with. To make matters worse, the collision between the two caused him to drop her on the ground. The her I speak of was the Underground Championship, his muse. He took offense to that and quickly scooped her up off the ground. Omega never wore the championship around his waist or even draped the title on his shoulders, he always drugged the title on the ground like some sort of a caveman. The champion peered at the female with a slight grin slowly cocking his head showing her his damaged eye.

"Give us one reason why we shouldn't paint this hallway with your blood," Omega demanded.

From out of nowhere, Lorelei's savior made his appearance. Her beloved Pietro Geist positioned himself between the duo and launched his title belt off to the side. The Uberkreiger's intrusion didn't improve the Underground champion's mood.

"Twice the victims, twice the fun," Omega announced and stepped up to the German.

"Take another step und shou vill be zhe victim, neandertaler," Geist replied coldly, never showing the slightest bit of fear.

Omega smirked. "You show no fear but have you truly embraced what pain can ascend you to. If not we would be more than happy to take you on that journey."

"Save shour zhreats, barbar. A savage like shou could never compete vith true kreiger."

"Pietro, stop zhis," Lorelei tried to get involved, but it was as if she didn't exist. "Zhe fight is not vorth it."

"Shou are nozhing more zhan an animal, a vild dog zhat should have been destroyed years ago for being rabid. With lunatics like shou, zhere is no honor or code."

"Battlefields are littered with corpses of those with honor and your future will be no different should you continue to start wars with those who would bring your demise. You don't scare anyone especially us. You defeat the weak and pathetic of the rookie class. Everyone looks like a monster when destroying the weak. Until you challenge the true monsters, she feels your blood is not worthy of ascension."

Those words hit Geist like a ton of bricks and if it weren't for Lorelei getting involved, he would have replied in a very non-verbal and violent way. His female ally tugged at his arm with all of her might, pulling him away from the confrontation.

"Now, is not zhe time," she said with a grunt, as she pulled as hard as she could. "Shou have a match tonight and I vill not let shou risk shour title."

Geist looked down at Lorelei and as much as he hated it, he knew she was right. The two champions continued glaring at one another, as Lorelei pushed Geist down the hallway.

Two sides of the same coin, the two monsters were a chemical mixture that had started to bubble and smoke. It wasn't today and it may not be tomorrow, but one day the mixture would explode and there is no telling if jOlt would be destroyed in the blast.

The House vs Them Mf'n Goons

The House had made themselves some new enemies in the form of Them Mf’N Goons over the last two weeks. What started as the two thugs of Diamond Jewelz hitting on Charlotte Huber was turning into a heated rivalry between the former tag team champions and the up and comers. The House had won the match last week but right after the fact Khalil Straightgully left a calling card on Adam Roebuck with a pair of vicious chair shots. Here on the 100th edition of jOlt’s Intense program, The House and The Goons were about to square off once more this time with rules in the line. Would The House make it two in a row over Them Mf’N Goons or did Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel get payback tonight?

Schoolboy Q’s “Gangsta” brought out the trusted hitmen for Diamond Jewelz as they appeared on the ramp and took in the jeering from the crowd. The rowdy Latrell Samuel was out first and he started to piss off the crowd by screaming out loud strings of cursing their way and right behind was big Khalil Straightgully raising his hands to more boos. The two men had been in jOlt a short time but had already caused trouble by vandalizing the dojo of Eiji Kugasari, helping Diamond Jewelz in his own bid for glory and now had pissed off the physically biggest tag team in jOlt. The worst part of it all was them doing it with smiles on their faces. Tonight payback was on their mind.

Carrington: The first team making their way to the ring, weighing in combined at five-hundred and two pounds, they are Khalil Straightfully and Latrell Samuel … they are Them Mf’N Goons!!!!

Latrell posed on the top turnbuckle while Khalil stood next to him, arms folded with a menacing scowl on his face. With Damien Lee still making announcements for more teams getting in on the War Games match for the tag titles at Rise of the Legends, an upset here tonight against the superheavyweights could put them right in line for a shot.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next as entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner. Charlotte wasn’t with her husband and best friend tonight as things were looking to get pretty violent.

Carrington: ...And making their way to the ring ... From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!.. They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The two monsters from Las Vegas were heading down the ring at a rapid pace; the fans even looked impressed as they both made a beeline right for the ring knowing a fight was going to break out!

Latrell went on the offensive early and jumped Derrick Huber with a series of shots while Khalil Straightgully went gunning right for big Adam Roebuck in the opposite corner!

All four men were in the ring brawling at one time! To the rules of Underground in tag team matches... that meant tags were out the window and this would be knock-down, drag out fighting Underground Rules! The match would only end in a pinfall or submission anywhere in the arena.

Samuel jumped on top of Derrick Huber and rocked him with punches in the corner, continuing his assault on the Sin City Strongman. Roebuck was faring a little better against Khalil in the middle of the ring and clocked him a good one with a headbutt to the temple. Khalil fired back with one of his own so he fired back one more time with a few more body shots. The big Straightgully stumbled a little before coming back with a rain of fists to Roebuck actually backing him up in the corner. He matched up size and strength pretty well with the bigger man of The House as the back elbows in the corner came flying.

Off on the other side, Latrell Samuel tried to whip Derrick Huber across the ring only for The Oddsmaker to put a stop to that and send him to the other side. He chased him in and caught him with a gargantuan splash in the corner!

Latrell was sucking wind and fell to his knees while Khalil tried to dump Adam Roebuck over the top rope. The Big Bucks turned the tide on him as well and clotheslined Khalil Straightgully over the ropes and tumbling to the ringside floor. The crowd cheered The House as both Roebuck and Huber surrounded Latrell Samuel. When he realized he was in a very bad place he turned around to see Roebuck.

“You mothafu-“


Roebuck unleashed a stiff slap to the face that sent him spinning around into the grip of the smiling Huber. He waved at him like he did last week and ran him over with a big clothesline to the neck. Latrell Samuel was now trapped with nowhere to go as Latrell Samuel continued to work for the corner. The crowd was waiting with anticipation now when Derrick Huber twirled his finger in the air to a huge pop. Latrell Samuel was going for a spin…


Around and around he goes.

Where he stopped, only Derrick Huber knows.

The rotations continued and the crowd was counting along with each one as he spun Latrell Samuel around the ring in powerful fashion. When Khalil tried to get him back in the ring, Adam Roebuck charged over and floored him with a knee to the face that sent him flying off the ring apron and back to the floor. The Las Vegas Leviathan continued to climb to the outside and fought with him some more while Huber finally dropped him.

Latrell was dizzy now and stumbled across the ring. The dominant Huber was taking a second to get his bearings back after swinging him around for so long before he walked over to Latrell and swung with some heavy hands to the gut. Latrell took another flurry of headbutts to the face from Huber and the crowd was loving the fight being taken to Them Mf’N Goons.

“Wanna hit on my wife some more?”

Huber screamed in the face of Latrell and tossed him aside as he and Roebuck continued taking the fight to both me. Khalil got thrown into the ring post and was crushed on his knee as Roebuck had a big smile on his face. He pulled back the ring skirt and grabbed a few assorted goodies for the occasion including some trash cans, lids, a pair of Singapore canes and a chair.

Roebuck and Huber rejoined their efforts in the ring and Latrell Samuel was still hurt and trying to get himself back up to his feet only to get scooped up and dropped with a delayed scoop slam. He took the can and Huber slid to the outside to trade dance partners. Khalil and Huber continued fighting on the floor while inside the Roebuck was BEATING Latrell several times with a few trash can shots. He took the bent can and laid it across the body of Samuel. It was clear that whatever Roebuck had planned next was a big splash…

But Khalil had different ideas when he pulled the rope down and sent the big Las Vegas Leviathan tumbling to the ground in pain. Straightgully launched an assault on the fallen Roebuck with elbows and punches but Huber came back and rammed him with a shoulder tackle followed by an uppercut.

“Get up!”

The Sin City Strongman threw Straightgully back inside the ring and that’s when Huber got to the ropes and started to cheer. He beat on his chest like a gorilla and the crowd was cheering as he climbed to the top rope. Khalil was starting to teeter and Huber came off the top like a missile in the form of a flying shoulder block…

But he ate a massive chairshot to the head in mid-air courtesy of Latrell Samuel!

Those weapons they tossed back in the ring came back to haunt The House now and with Roebuck still down on the outside after Khalil’s assault, Huber was at the mercy of both thugs. Latrell took the chair and drove it down into the barreled chest of the Sin City Strongman.


More chair shots were driven into his chest while Khalil took one of the canes in his hand. He swatted it down on the ground a couple times just to test it out before he swung and drove it down twice across the back of Derrick! The former two-time tag team champion was hurt now and Latrell started to press the chair down into Huber’s neck. By nature of the rules, the referee was powerless to stop them from doing this. Latrell tossed the chair aside and covered Huber.



Huber powered out!

The powerful Sin City Strongman still had enough strength and pushed Latrell off of him but that’s when the bigger Straightgully stood behind him and started to press the cane across his throat. Latrell dusted himself off and picked up the chair before slamming the top into his chest.

Straightgully picked him up and threw him backwards into the corner which allowed them to wail on him with stomps and kicks in the nearest corner. Huber was fighting like hell and tried to swing at both thugs but they were still too much for him with their weapons. Latrell took the chair and held it up for the crowd to see before he jumped and dropkicked the chair right into the face of Huber!

“D’ats what we’re talkin’ bout!”

Latrell jumped up to high five Latrell Samuel then Straightgully pulled him out of the corner so he could go for the pin again on him.



Huber kicked out a second time!


The Sin City Strongman was feeding off the crowd and still tried to fight back despite the odds being against the man known also as the Oddsmaker. Huber was trying to sit up when Latrell continued to blast him with the chair. The fans started to cheer him some more and Roebuck was starting to come back to life again. The Big Bucks was about to pounce again, but he got stopped in his tracks with a big shot to the top of the dome, courtesy of a Singapore cane being broken over his head by Khalil!

Roebuck slumped over on the ring apron and fell back out to the floor. Latrell set up another steel chair in the corner and propped it carefully in between the second and third buckle while Khalil pressed a chair down across the throat of the Oddsmaker. He then lifted it and dropped the top end right into the chest of Huber, eliciting groans of pain from the big brute.

Khalil tossed the chair and picked him up before they whipped Huber into the corner where he hit the chair! He stumbled backwards while Khalil and Latrell stood on either side of him, lining him up for another move…


A vicious running elbow lariat put him back down on the ground again and that’s when an arrogant Latrell jumped on top of him for another pin.



Roebuck didn’t break up the fall, but he instead grabbed Latrell by the leg and pulled him off his tag team partner in a bit of quick thinking. He clawed at Latrell like a bear trying to get at a trapped family inside of a car, but Latrell kicked him away. Roebuck started to climb up again but Khalil jumped on him a second time.

The Goons had split up the House members and the battle was going well for them now. Latrell motioned over to Khalil and kept his foot pressed down on Huber’s throat as he went over to grab the wooden table at ringside.

Latrell lifted up Huber by his trunks only for Huber to fight back with a pair of haymakers to the stomach. Latrell was doubled over and Huber used his strength to whip Latrell across the ring before he dropped him with a Thesz Press. He continued to drill the back of Latrell’s head into the canvas savagely only for Khalil to cut him off with another cane shot!

The shot actually cut a nasty bloody gash in the side of Huber’s head now as he fell over. Samuel tried to shake off the damage done by Huber and took a second to rest in the corner as the crowd continued to boo the Goons. Khalil and Latrell had the table set back up in the corner and looked intent to cause some more damage. After Khalil propped the table up in the corner, Latrell pulled the bloody Huber back to his feet again and both men looked to double-suplex The Oddsmaker through the table. They tried…


The big monster was back in when The Heirs weren’t looking and he clubbed Khalil upside the head with a big, thick metal cookie sheet that just happened to be under the ring. And one for Latrell. The big monsters were now back into the ring together again and shit was about to hit the fan for the Goons.

Roebuck kicked the table over and the two men went to attack. While Roebuck did his best impression of a grizzly bear trying to maul poor Latrell in the corner, Khalil was picked up and dropped with a Samoan drop by Huber. With the big monster out of the way the two beasts each snatched up Latrell in the corner. Huber pinned him there while The Big Bucks held up his hand and ready to unleash pain.


Four meaty smacks of the open palm found themselves crashing on the chest of Latrell Samuel and knocked him out of the ring as he continued to lay the punishment down on him. Latrell was whipped across the ring and was sent crashing across the other side now with the Big Bucks ready to launch himself across the ring for another attack. Huber ran across the ring and doubled Khalil over with another running shoulder in one corner just as Roebuck ran forward with Latrell in his sights for a move that he liked to call THE BOTTOM DEALING~!

The running hip attack crushed a little over four-fifty into the gut of Latrell Samuel making him crash down in the seated position. Huber was up next and Roebuck offered his own partner a smile as he charged in the corner now with his own signature move…


The cannonball senton in the corner may have just obliterated the insides of Latrell Samuel as he remained collapsed. Huber pulled him out of the corner by the leg and was intent on finishing things for good between The House and The Goons.



Diamond Jewelz pulled the referee out of the ring!

Latrell may not have been able to kick out on his own after getting crushed by the two superheavyweights, but there were no rules against their employer snatching the referee out of the ring! The brilliant move saved the match for The Goons. The Big Bucks went to charge after him and he was already halfway up the ramp as the angry Roebuck chased after him.

Huber picked him up off his feet and was ready to finish things off as he set him up in the ring for a big muscle buster that he liked to call The Odds Are Against You. He propped him up in the corner and was ready to swing when Khalil Straightgully continued and SMASHED a 2x4 over his head! Huber was out cold from the shot by the big monster!

Latrell slowly limped up and that’s when he sprang into action by heading to the top rope. Roebuck had turned around and saw the distraction work like a charm. Diamond Jewelz was out of sight so he charged back towards the ring just as Latrell came off the top rope…


The incredible 450 splash landed and Latrell Samuel stayed atop the fallen body of Huber as he pinned him.


Roebuck was close, but Khalil threw a trash can at him.


He swatted the shot out of the way instinctually…


The Big Bucks turned red in the face and headed inside the ring but by the time the big monster got in, Khalil pulled Latrell outside and the two disappeared halfway into the crowd, laughing and celebrating! They had not only handed the two-time tag team champions their first loss since they had come back to jOlt, but they had upset the former champions in an Underground rules match!

Thanks to a minor assist from their boss, Diamond Jewelz, the two men laughed and patted each other on the back for a job well done. Huber was just now starting to wake up as he rose off the canvas. Derrick held the side of his face in pain from where the 2x4 had just clocked him, but the two men were upset here tonight. Huber and Roebuck each looked pissed off that they had fallen for such a simple but very effective ruse. But rest assured that there was going to be hell to pay for what happened here tonight. The House would not forget.

Winner: Them Mf'n Goons via Pinfall

"A Demanding Champion"

"Who do you think you are barging into my office like that?" Lee barked as The Faction pushed their way through the door.

"Who do I think I am? Well, let me put it to you this way boss, I am your champion, the face of this company. Now that that's cleared up, lets get down to why I am here." Stevens responded quickly.

"What do you want now?" Damien asked.

"It's not a matter of what I want, it's a matter of what I deserve. I am the jOlt champion and because you actually allowed Aran to beat me at Breakdown I was unable to get my hands on the Relentless championship and do my bidding. So tonight I want a shot at Omega and the Underground championship." Stevens demanded.

"You want what!?" a surprised Lee questioned the Jolt champion.

"You heard me. I want the Underground championship... TONIGHT!" Stevens raised his voice to the boss.

"You think, just because you are the champion that you can get what you want around here?"

"Well, since you put it that way. YES!" Stevens exclaimed.

"Tonight is a huge night for jOlt and it's fans. How about this? Title versus title. The Jolt championship and the underground championship up for grabs in a standard match." said Lee

"What? You want me to put MY title on the line?"

"Yes, and to add a little bit to the stack we will test a theory that Jesse Ramey had." said Lee

"Why the hell should Omega get a shot at MY championship? And why would you take any idea's from a man like Ramey?" questioned Stevens

"My decisions need no justification. Just like I don't need to justify to everyone my reasons for bringing in The Rebellion. If you want your title match then you will do it my way. Tonight it will be you going against Omega in a title versus title match with The Faction banned from the ring."

"What the fuck? Why the hell are you doing this Damien, I thought we were on the same page" said Stevens with a little bit of shock

"We were, when it came to Aran. Now you're becoming just as much of a pain in the ass as he was. Now get out of my office before I have to do what I was never able to do with him. You don't have the luxary of being married to a Williams."

Stevens adjusted the championship belt draped over his shoulder with a confused look on his face before he turned around and walked out with the twins following behind him. The Faction moved around the corner as Stevens looked back at the twins.

"The hell was he talking about?" Stevens asked.

Both Eli and Ezra shrugged.

"How are we supposed to know?" Ezra questioned.

The scene faded.

"I Shall Rise"

”Dawn Awaits” (Extended Version) by Cliff Lin

A strong pop from the audience continued to resonate as the Inogami Clan lieutenant casually sauntered out from the backstage area and began his advancement toward the ringside area. Walking up the ring steps and along the ring apron, the former jOlt Champion casually scanned the horizon before passing the ropes and patrolling the ring’s interior before motioning for a microphone. The ninja kept his head downcast for several moments with his left arm extended outward as the musical introduction dissipated.

Wrestlecade...Kugasari opened amidst the lessening volley of fanfare. “The grandest stage in our promotion is what many would rightfully say. However, according to my personal standards, that was the very stage where my moment would serve as a literal ’centerpiece of failure’...”

“It was in my humiliating descent that would also give rise to The Rebellion...” The Arena of Champions was heard mostly unified in their rebuke of the band of upstarts. Eiji began slowly pacing about in mounting yet muffled frustration.

“And as if it weren’t’ enough to lose my World Championship at the hands of a spineless...forever conniving...testrogen-laden ’leader’ of The Faction....”

The Prince of Puroresu nodded faintly while pacing about as the masses responded in kind.

“...My initial pursuit for a championship rematch would be interrupted as I was publically humiliated by the likes of Diamond Jewelz and his band of hyper-effeminate male bitches...”

“Now...” The Blood Raven was interrupted by the mounting chants resonating throughout the crowd.

Crowd:”...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)...WALMART JEWELER!!! (Stomp 5x)....”

“...It was in this very ring that not only my cultural pride was threatened but my championship rematch opportunity was believed to be at stake. However, it wasn’t enough to be publicly embarrassed but these human roaches spiritually desecrated my clan. Soiled my native homeland with their presence and committed among a highly unforgivable act against my clan; literally reducing the Tekahashi Dojo, our esteemed training grounds. A palace of our seasoned finest in the art of Puroresu, clan legacy and artifacts into a smoldering mountain of ash & cinder.”

The masses offered a momentary hail of negative heat upon rememberance.

However, just as Diamond Jewelz arrogantly stood here, before you all, in hopes of usurping my right as the undisputed Number 1 Contender...the fall of Diamond Jewelz was but an appetizer as to what is going to happen when I face Landon Stevens for the jOlt Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship at Rise of the Legends

A resonating pop arose form the stands for several moments, chomping at the bit for the long awaited rematch.

“At Wrestlecade, he & I literally waged war with one another.” Eiji mentioned. “There was a lot of blood & sweat spilled in the pursuit of this promotion’s heralded prize. Bragging rights and the opportunity to publicly & personally etch out our respective names across both that belt and atop this company as it’s elite of the elite. Landon; I have to admit I carried a lot of hate in my heart in losing my championship to you in Seattle. In 2 weeks time, right here in the Arena of Champions...”

A cheap yet resounding pop was heard in hindsight as the Blood Raven stoically trained his eyes onto Camera 1.

“Championship Redemption will be mine alone for the taking.” Eiji paused to sweep his Crimson hinted bangs back. “I am going to meticulously. Unmercifully. Methodically. Make you bleed. I am looking forward to right the wrong that is your limited reign so by all means, do everything to keep yourself healthy as best as humanly possible...because at Rise of the Legends, I aim to personify that very statement by that night’s end. By every means necessary...”

A minute volley of feed back was heard as the mic bounced off the canvas and ”Dawn Awaits” (Extended Version) by Cliff Lin openly rang out from overhead as the defiant ninja lieutenant casually walked backward to the ring’s epicenter. A set of fists gnarled briefly as the Blood Raven casually scanned the horizon before beginning his egress from the ringside area.

Pietro Geist(c) vs Adam Lazarus

Things shifted back to the ring. The crowd was filing back into their seats after hitting the bathrooms and the various stands for food and merchandise. "Praise" by Sevendust came over the arena's sound system, bringing the crowd to their feet. Through the curtain came Adam Lazarus. He bounced down to the ring, making sure to slap hands with many of the fans in attendance before rolling into the ring. He took off to the ropes and perched himself on the middle rope with his fists raised high into the air. He took his place in the corner and began to focus on the task at hand. He looked up to the entrance way with the changing of the music.

"Links 234" engulfed the arena in German lyrical awesomeness and with Lorelei leading the way, the Hype Champion Pietro Geist stormed down to the ring. The very personification of intensity, Geist slid into the ring while the gorgeous blonde made her way up the steel steps. He stood tall in the middle of the ring. His eyes locked on his foe, as he tore the title belt from his waist and raised it high into the air. Despite the obvious difference in experience, Geist was confident and like always, laid the belt down on the mat like he was drawing a line in the sand.

The referee snatched up the title belt, whisking it away to safety, as the two competitors went nose to nose. Lorelei tugged on Geist's arm, getting his attention. She led him back to the corner and looked him dead in the eye.

"Zhis is shour moment," Lorelei informed the beast. "Put zhe fear of god in all zheir hearts. Show zhem vhat horrors vill soon be upon zhem. Make zhem fear shour name."

With Lorelei making her exit, the bell rang and it was go time. Right off the bat, Geist was in attack mode. He tried to blitzkreig his foe and unleash an early Enthauptung. Easily the quicker of the pair, Lazarus rolled under the huge lariat and fired back with a dropkick that had no effect on his German opponent. Geist slugged him in the jaw with a right hand. Lazarus was not going to be intimidated by his foe and fired right back with a forearm of his own. That brought an unholy smirk to Geist's face and it was on.

Each man unloaded with shots to the jaw with neither backing up. However, Lazarus couldn't keep up for long and the back and forth soon turned into repeated rights by Geist. Lazarus was no green rookie though and he turned the tables on Geist in a flash with a leaping attempt at a cross arm breaker. The German Juggernaut tumbled over and Lazarus snagged his near leg, hooking a makeshift pin.


Geist easily broke free and hurried up to his feet to keep up with his adversary, who was already dashing to the far ropes. He lowered his head, allowing Lazarus to dive over top for a sunset flip. Geist refused to fall and looked for a leg drop. Lazarus barely avoided the attack and quickly used the miss to his advantage rolling Geist up with a schoolboy.


Both men were up in a flash and just as fast, Lazarus took Geist over with an arm drag. Before he could try to hook an arm bar, his massive foe clamped on a headscissors. Adam instantly repositioned himself and flipped forward for a jackknife pin with his head still clamped between his enemy's head.


Lazarus was doing all he could to keep things up tempo and Geist was having one hell of a time keeping up with him. Geist hurried towards his foe as soon as he was standing, only to be taken down with a drop toe hold and flat out blasted in the side of the head with a low dropkick.

Lazarus executed a front handspring back to his feet and looked to the appreciative crowd. However, his attention was quickly focused back on his rival who started growling. Lazarus motioned for Geist to stand and the snarling German did just that. Lazarus immediately smacked him right in the mouth with a stiff superkick. Yet, Geist refused to go down. Adam stuck him in the knee with a sidekick then looked for the superkick once again. This kick was caught with one hand by the sole of his boot. Geist threw the foot down and rocked him with a big right hand. Lazarus let loose a flurry of slaps before taking off to the ropes. The tables were quickly turned courtesy of Geist and a huge Vader attack that put a stop to whatever Lazarus had planned.

The impact of the attack sent Adam rolling out to the apron, where he tried to clear out the cobwebs. Geist looked to do the same, but it was short-lived, as he sent his opponent crashing into the barricade with a massive Yakuza kick.

Looks of concern came over the faces of the fans in attendance, as Lazarus struck the barricade hard and clutched at his abdomen on the floor, while his foe paced back and forth like a caged lion in the ring. Geist wanted to follow him out of the ring, but Lorelei motioned for the monster to calm down and stay in the ring. She wanted Lazarus to expend his own energy to get back in the ring. She got her wish and Lazarus immediately must have wished she didn't. Geist pounced upon him, violently slamming him into the corner. Cornered, Lazarus was at his opponent's mercy. The German's training was put on display with brutal punches, elbows, and forearms battered Adam's head and body that didn't stop until Lazarus was down on his rear in the corner.

Geist was in firm control and he looked to keep it that way. From the ground, he pulled Lazarus up into powerbomb position. He took off across the ring with his adversary on his shoulder, so he could viciously slam Adam into the corner, once again leaving Lazarus seated in the corner.

The referee tried to position himself between the two competitors and he was just brushed aside by Geist who dropped down to one knee in front of Adam. With a handful of hair, the massive man just started pummeling him with right hand after right hand. The official had no choice but to get physically involved. It caused Geist to turn his attention to the referee, who quickly put space between himself and the monstrous German.

With the referee at a distance where he could no longer interfere, Geist turned back to his foe and stampeded towards him in the corner. Lazarus had just gotten to his feet when he held the ropes and drove both boots into his foe's chest. The recoil off the attack allowed Adam to position himself on the middle rope where he took to the skies with a dropkick. However, Geist just glared at him. Lazarus couldn't believe it, as the dropkick had no effect. Yet, he couldn't think about it for long, as Geist sent him flying harshly back into the corner with a running European uppercut.

An Irish whip sent Adam into the far corner. Geist was not looking to let up and he looked to crush his enemy, only to find nothing but air waiting for him. Lazarus locked him in a rear waist lock. He planted his feet and pulled with all of his might, looking to execute a German suplex. Geist lowered his center of gravity, making it more difficult to lift his large frame. Try as he might, Lazarus just couldn't lift his foe and soon found himself being sandwiched between Geist and the corner. A back elbow dazed just enough for Geist to nearly break his jaw with a spinning overhand right.

Once again the referee admonished the Aryan monster, drawing his attention from his enemy. Chasing off the official put a little space between the pair. Just as he got in range, Lazarus struck with a kick to the gut immediately followed by an enziguiri.

That stunned Geist and his foe was not going to let the opportunity pass him by. A kick to Geist's outer thigh, a right forearm, and a solebutt to the stomach all found their mark and the German tried to fire back with a right hand. Lazarus ducked under the punch and unleashed the same combination with success. Geist swung wildly with his left this time and just as before, he was struck with that combination. However, this time, Adam added a roundhouse to the side of the head. The big man was dazed and could do nothing to stop his foe from delivering a leaping sidekick off the middle rope.

The crowd cheered for Lazarus, as he had finally chopped down the gigantic tree that is Pietro Geist. Adam leaned against the top rope, trying to catch his breath. He fell to one knee, but only stayed there for a second. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Geist pulling himself up in the corner. Nothing but a blur, Lazarus delivered a dropkick square in the middle of his foe's chest.

He whipped Geist to the opposite corner and followed him in with a forward roll into a back elbow.

A snapmare by Adam seat Geist on the mat and he wasted no time in striking him right in the mouth a low spinning heel kick.

Lazarus once again made use of the front handspring to get back to his feet and with the crowd solidly behind him, he positioned himself in the corner. He began to stomp his foot and the crowd joined him by accompanying his stomping with clapping. Instinctively, the German tried to get upright and once he got to his knees, Adam pounded the mat with both hands and...



A cover by Lazarus...




Geist was able to shrug his smaller foe off with time to spare. Undaunted, Adam pulled him up, only to have the Irish whip attempt reversed. Lazarus ricocheted off the bottom rope to assist himself in floating over the incoming Geist. The German was able to stop before crashing into the corner, while his enemy sprinted to the ropes. An attempt at Enthauptung by Geist missed and the two competitors simultaneously hit opposing ropes.


The collision nearly took Adam clean out of his boots. His foe was starting to get some adrenaline pumping and he was at the German's mercy. Geist just flat out muscled the fallen Lazarus up off the mat and a huge right hand sent him tumbling between the ropes to the apron. Geist was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, the adrenaline growing stronger and strong. He watched on while his enemy slowly got vertical. Sensing the time was right, the Aryan monster took off to the far ropes. Lazarus knew he couldn't take another disastrous flight into the barricade, so he dug down deep and put all he had into making use of a springboard to go airborne.


Clean out of thin air, Geist tried to cut Lazarus in half with a horrifying spear.

Always with the forearm being ground into his foe's face, Geist went for a cover.




Lazarus just got his shoulder up with barely a moment to spare. Geist never lost focus and instantly pulled his opponent back up, just so he could try to drive him through the ring with a stiff power bomb that bounced Adam's head off the mat.

Another pin attempt...




If there was one thing Lazarus wasn't lacking it was heart. He refused to accept defeat and dug down deep to get his shoulder out from under his massive foe. Geist climbed back to his feet and raised his arm high into the air. His elbow pad soon found itself being fired into the crowd. He pulled Lazarus up to one knee by the hair before dashing to the ropes. Much to his surprise, Adam mimicked him. The German spun around to cut his enemy off with a forearm. Adam ducked and immediately hooked a rear waistlock. A roll-up try was countered by Geist gripping the top rope. Lazarus rolled to his feet and blasted his adversary in the chest with a huge twisting dropkick.

Geist tumbled out to the floor, fortunately landing safely on his feet. He did his best to block out the pain of having the wind knocked out of him and immediately climbed back up onto the apron, where Lazarus sent him crashing all the back down to the floor with a handspring into a twisting gamengiri.

One man dazed on the floor...

The other a daredevil with little regard for his own well-being, standing in the ring...

It was time to fly for Adam Lazarus.


An amazing display of agility by Lazarus, clearing the top rope easily with the front flip plancha. The impact nearly broke Geist's spine, as he bent backwards along the security barrier. The crowd cheered for Adam, but he couldn't bask in it. The wear and tear on him was just too much and he lay exhausted on the floor. Moments passed and finally signs of life could be seen with Lazarus stumbling to the apron. He slipped into the ring and sat himself in the corner, trying to regain as much energy as he could.

"Aufstehen," Lorelei yelled to her associate, obviously concerned about his well-being.

The referee began his count, as the massive man began to stir outside the ring. He staggered over to the ring and slowly slid his tired frame into the ring. His body had barely made it in half way when Lazarus kept the hurt coming.


Adam hooked the leg with the cover...




Geist was barely able to free himself in time. Lazarus gripped his enemy's hair tightly while pulling him up to one knee.

"Come on," Lazarus cried out and motioned for his foe to rise up with the crowd solidly behind him, encouraging him to deal out more pain to the German.

A roundhouse to the head and a spinning solebutt to the gut were on target. Lazarus hoisted his large opponent up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry.


A lightning fast cover by Lazarus...




Geist just got his shoulder up in the nick of time. He wasn't going to get a single second to recover, as Adam pulled him up to a vertical base and looked for a possible suplex. That was not happening. Even in his damaged state, Geist was able to block it, using a combination of his size and strength. Lazarus was not going to let momentum shift, so he just started blasting Geist with a barrage of forearms. A sudden burst of adrenaline engulfed the German. His survival instinct kicked in and he gripped his enemy by the throat. Before Adam could even react he was hoisted up into a gorilla press.


There was a sickening boom, as Geist drove his adversary down out of the gorilla press with a spinebuster. The surge of adrenaline evened the playing field for Geist, but it was short-lived, leaving both men exhausted on the mat.

Lorelei pounded on the ring apron, cheering on her man in hopes that it would give him the encouragement needed to help him get up. Much to her approval, he started to stir and slowly but surely made his way to the corner. He climbed up to the middle rope. His eyes focused on his foe, watching every movement he made, as he battled back up to a vertical base. Lazarus turned around to find him flying towards him.


Or not.

A roundhouse caught Geist square in the bread basket, causing him to land face down harshly on the mat. Lazarus got his own boost of adrenaline and was off to the ropes in a flash.


Lazarus could only drape his beaten frame over his opponent for a cover...




Adam just didn't have enough in him to hook the leg and execute a solid cover and it cost him. Geist shrugged him off, but instead of just laying there, Adam rolled with it and made it out to the apron. He groaned with each use of energy, while climbing to the top. He was very lethargic and that allowed his rival to meet him in the corner. He pounded away at Geist, but the big man still climbed up to the second rope. Showing amazing balance, Lazarus unloaded with a pair of punt like kicks to his enemy's face. Geist was seeing stars when Adam dove over him.


A jackknife pin by Lazarus...





An overzealous Lazarus applied too much pressure to the pin attempt and his foe was able to roll back to escape the cover. Still, it was just a split-second away from victory for him. A pair of stomps to the chest kept his enemy grounded, while Adam ascended the nearby corner. He looked around the arena before taking to the skies again.


Making sure to hook the leg this time, Lazarus tried again for a pin...





Geist showed we wasn't lacking in heart either and it might have just been pure instinct that got his shoulder up in time, saving him from defeat. Adam stood over his foe and motioned that this match would soon be coming to a close. He hurried to the top rope once more. It was time to up the ante and he would do just that.


With his dazzling shooting star leg drop connecting, he hooked the near leg with his arm and the far with his leg, as the referee slid into position...





The crowd exploded with cheers and then, shock, as they were sure that was a three-count. Yet, the German would not surrender. He just kept prying himself from the very jaws of defeat. Not even Big Air could keep him down for three. The fans were getting a first-hand look that surrender was one word in German that Geist didn't know. His adversary could only shake his head in disbelief after arguing with the official about the count. He was running out of ideas to keep his enemy down.

Lazarus pulled Geist off the mat and slipped his head between his legs for a possible piledriver. He tried to lift his foe from the mat, but the Aryan monster refused to budge. A second attempt failed as well and he was forced to turn to a sunset flip to counter Geist's attempt to toss him with a back drop. However, Geist cancelled the pin attempt by delivering a brutal double stomp to his chest.

A fire was starting to grow in the German. He took off to the corner and positioned himself on the middle rope. On the other hand, Lazarus was having trouble getting to his feet. He was gasping for air and off-balance, but managed to get vertical. That was exactly what Geist wanted him to do.


Lazarus tumbled backwards into the far corner as if he was struck by a cannon. His body turned on the autopilot, as he could barely see straight, and it stood him up in the corner.


Geist's engine was kicking into high gear and he tear his enemy's jaw clear off his face with the huge boot in the corner. The German never let up and he instantly put Lazarus up in a fireman's carry.


A cover by the big man...





With Adam slipping his shoulder out from underneath Geist to break the count, the crowd knew they were witnessing a pure battle of wills, as each man was throwing everything they had at each other. The Aryan beast was not going to let this one get out of his control again. He took his foe vertical with a suplex, only to have Lazarus knee him repeatedly until Adam was lowered back down to the mat. A trio of forearms rocked Geist's head back and a superkick staggered him. Lazarus looked to build up a gigantic amount of momentum by hitting the near and then, the far ropes.


Just that fast, Pietro exploded off of one knee and eliminated any hopes his rival had of delivering a knockout blow. Geist placed himself in the far corner and leaned over, resting his hands on his thighs. He watched as Lazarus started to get vertical. He shook out his right arm and clenched his fist tightly. With a roar, he came stampeding out of the corner and his foe could do nothing, but hope that his head would stay attached.


As the shuddered in horror, Adam Lazarus was downright obliterated by Geist's demonic lariat.

A cover by the German...




And just like that, it was over. The referee called for the bell, as Lorelei made her way up the steel steps. She proudly walked over to Pietro Geist, who was glaring down at his defeated enemy. The joy of victory acted as the greatest aspirin ever, as it easily overcame any pain his body was feeling at this moment. Lazarus was a fine opponent and Geist nodded at him, approving of the heart and ability he displayed. However, this was the Hype champion's moment to shine. Lorelei draped the title belt over his shoulder and he raised it into the air soon after. A statement had been made to the jOlt roster. There is a monster on the horizon. Soon, he would be knocking on their door.

Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"Neo-Primal Tribe"

The fans were buzzing with anticipation for the next offering of iNtense 100, and were stomping their feet shouting "WE WANT MORE!" referring to the next match, whatever it would be.

Surprise filled the arena when Joltvision came to life, and cheers coalesced when the fans saw the crescent moon design.

People of the Moon, indeed.

The scene zoomed out, showing the image as a tattoo on Vizier ta Seti's back, and they cheered even louder.

"People of the Moon," said Vizier.

Huge pop as Seti turned around.

"You've carried me this far, and for that, I thank you."


"The odds have been stacked against me in this sport for a dozen or more years, but I've survived because of your support."

"I've survived because you fans have always acknowledged the efforts I've put into my matches."

He smirked.

"Tonight, John Le Bon and I are going to step between those ropes and battle for the right to be called the Relentless Champion. I can't say anything right or wrong about Mr. Le Bon since he's simply my next opponent, but I can tell you one thing."

"I'm told that the Relentless Champion will be permitted to choose his own stipulations for defenses."

"My defenses will have no disqualification and no time limit, with any interference on either side resulting in a no-contest and the challenger being moved to the bottom of the contender's list."

"Am I getting ahead of myself by deciding this already? Probably."

"But I don't care."

"My career - my ability - is predicated on the fact that I've been doing this far longer than any other man could guess. My career has been a bowstring being pulled back for fourteen years, and finally letting go."

"This is my moment."

"I don't know Jon Le Bon, nor do I have anything against him."

"But... Jon?"

"You... Will... FALL."


"Golden Boy Title Presentation"

The jOlt ring is covered in a purple carpet; the ring ropes have been covered in fancy, golden linen covers; the turnbuckles are covered in long, purple, boxing style padded covers labeled Segalowich’s jewelry; the special i100 ring covers are replaced as well with purple ring covers with golden letters that read “Golden Boy” Invitational. It’s time for the unveiling of Diamond Jewelz’s Golden Boy Title, the christening of its’ first champion, in the jOlt officially sanctioned Golden Boy Title Invitational. Exactly how the new title holder will be crowned no one knows; what is known though is that Diamond Jewelz, jOlt’s resident jeweler, is the designer of the title.

Michael Buhrman- The Relentless Title isn’t the only one christening a champion tonight. It’s time for the unveiling of the Golden Boy Title, and the crowning of its’ very first champion.

This title is officially sanctioned by jOlt. What!!!!

Michael Buhrman- It’s officially sanctioned. I got the official memo before I came out. I’m as shocked as you are.

Nathan Powers-So how are they going to determine a champion tonight??

Michael Buhrman- That’s what we’re supposed to be finding out now; but, check this out. Diamond Jewelz has finally customized a title. That’s why all of that Segalowich’s Jewelers stuff is in the ring. If you’re not familiar with that name, that’s the jewelry store Diamond Jewelz works for.

Nathan Powers- Wow… I can’t wait to see what this is all about..

”Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle

In response to Nipsey Hussle’s anthem, a heavy chorus of boos breaks out, balanced by a healthy minority section of raucous cheers! jOlt’s resident jeweler isn’t hated by all!! DJ’s signature #sOdAmsErious was etched in cursive across the jOltvision, followed by his emoticon serious face logo. On cue, “The Golden Boy” steps from behind the curtain dressed in a golden pinstriped suit, a white shirt, and a golden bow tie; his wrists and neck are nonetheless covered in various articles of jewelry. Jewelz makes his way down to the ring.

Nathan Powers- What is he out here for?? Shouldn’t a jOlt official be the one dictating these proceedings?

Michael Buhrman- I guess we’re about to find out.

“Greetings,” Diamond starts as his cordial greeting is met with a raucous chorus of boos topped with a healthy section of cheers.

“To all of you wrinkled, old, hot sweaty hicks in Orlando, Florida.” The boos and the small lathering of cheers escalate at Diamond’s jab.

“I, the designer of jOlts new Golden Boy Title, will, fittingly, be the host of your proceedings tonight, as jOlt crowns and christens its’ inaugural “Golden Boy” champion tonight.”

Nathan Powers- So that’s what he’s out here for. He’s the grand marshal of these proceedings!!

Michael Buhrman- It’s all starting to make sense now. He designed the title, so he’s the grand marshal of the proceedings

“With that, let’s proceed! First, I’d like to bring out the man who is responsible for the sanctioning of this prestigious title. Mr. CEO, Damien Lee.”

On cue, Damien Lee, apparently begrudgingly, walks down the aisle to the ring to a light smathering of boos.

“Thank you for attending tonight Mr. CEO,”

“You’re Welcome,” Lee mouths half-heartedly.

“You Owe Me.” Jewelz mouths silently to Lee.

“Yeah, I know.. I know… That’s why I’m here. This is your show.” Lee mouths.

“And now, for the presentation of the brand, spanking new, Golden Boy Title…” Diamond goes on

The deep rumblings of bass drum rumble as a generic award show like theme rings out over the speakers. The arena goes dark…

Nathan Powers- I can’t wait to see this thing.

A spotlight illuminates the jOlt entranceway as Ruby Rocks Jewelz, shadowed by Them M’fn Goons, Lattrell Samuel, and Khalil Straightgully, pushes out a large rolling box a little shorter than her covered in a black sheet. 4 jOlt attendants hurry to lift the covered box shaped item into the ring. Ruby Rocks, wearing a splendid, shape fitting, golden gown for the occasion, climbs in the ring.

Nathan Powers-Ohhh boy….

Michael Buhrman- I’m giddy about this… I’ve always wondered how good Jewelz actually is at the custom jewelry thing.

“And now… I present to you, my craftsmanship,” Jewelz goes on reaching for the black sheet and lifting it off the box shaped figure. A beautiful, glistening all gold title is revealed in glass casing. Ruby removes the casing: the title has a main gold plate, with accompanying golden side plates, and solid gold plates for straps. The hostile fans are in silent awe at the beauty of the title.”

“The Golden Boy Title; There it is.. In all of it’s splendor,” Diamond goes on in arrogant awe of his work.

Nathan Powers- My God it’s beautiful… Jesus…

Michael Buhrman- That’s stunning... The Jeweler has skills.

“Beautiful isn’t it? That’s 20k gold at every turn… The Straps, the plates… All gold everything. And everything paid for by jOlt” Diamond goes on. Ruby Rocks claps and holds her mouth as if the title was a secret concealed from even her sight. Damien Lee holds his head at the announcement that the title was made at jOlt’s expense.

“Beautiful indeed!!! But who is worthy of it? Me? Ramey?? One of those fucking ninjas?? Or maybe that greasy motherfucker Jimmy Martinez?

JBM chants break out in the crowd.

Nathan Powers- I bet there’s gonna be a Battle Royal for it..

Michael Buhrman- No… This is sick.. I see where this is going

Nathan Powers- Where is it going

“No… That greasy ass Mexican is not worthy of my custom joint… Have my shit all rusty with his burrito grease “ Diamond jabs.

Boos break out.

Nathan Powers- Who Diamond.. Who’s worthy!!

Michael Buhrman- You don’t want to know..

“He’s already been hand selected by our prestigious CEO, Mr. Damien Lee here.. Mr. Lee, the envelope.” Diamond requests.

Lee rolls his eyes and reaches in his suit jacket for an envelope. He pulls out a golden envelope and hands it to Jewelz.. Jewelz looks at Lee with a twinkling and glistening gleam shining out of his mouth.

“The first Golden Boy Title holder is none other than… You’re kidding… Are you kidding Mr. Lee”

Lee shakes his head in disgust..

“Diamond Jewelz..”

Diamond’s grin is even wider. He gets a bit teary. The crowd erupts into a fury of boos at the revelation. Lee turns red and shakes his head in disgust. Ruby Rocks and Them M’fn Goons clap on the outside in approval.

“Let me explain why Diamond Jewelz was chosen by Mr. Lee as the first ever Golden Boy Title holder.. It’s because it’s my destiny to be awarded with gold on i100.”

The crowd erupts in boos..

“Last week.. Last week I was robbed of my opportunity to be crowned the Relentless Champion this week on this momentous episode of iNtense by some unknown asshole… But obviously…by the tone of those vignettes which have been interrupting my matches for weeks on end, this man was trying to keep Jewelz from shining on i100 and reaching his destiny…”

The crowd boos as DJ pauses...

“But ohhh no… I wouldn’t be denied… DJ will shine at his predetermined time.. I went to Mr. Lee’s office and demanded retribution for the events of last week… Fittingly, it was his idea..”

Lee looks up into the sky and rolls his eyes.

Nathan Powers- This is sick.. Is Lee being blackmailed.. Is this what that “you owe me” shtick was about earlier.

Michael Buhrman- Who knows.. But Diamond Jewelz has crowned himself as a champion, and jOlt is officially sanctioning his title… What!!!!

“I said Mr. Lee, No No… Let me fight for it.. Let me earn it just as I have the rest of my tenure.. I’ve beaten the best jOlt has put in front of me.. I beat JBM, I beat One Less Letter JCon… I smashed Mattock and Ramey…”

Antistar chants break out…

“You put me in a match with one of your champions and you let me fulfill my destiny the right way… But Mr. Lee insisted that I, Diamond Jewelz, be crowned with this prestigious title, and defend it at my behest, and according to my own custom “Golden Boy” rules..

Nathan Powers- So a custom title, to go with his custom golden boy rules.

Michael Buhrman- Wow.. Just wow.. What Did Lee owe him.. A blowjob?? That is the only thing more painful than watching this.

“Despite my impeccable record… Diamond Jewelz has never main evented a jOlt event… That bitch I smashed Jesse Ramey has though…”

Antistar chants break out again..

“But now… Mr. Lee and jOlt officials have come to their senses and given Diamond Jewelz his rightful place as a jOlt title holder… Fiitingly, being the fighting champion I am… I invite any one of jOlt’s superstars, chump or champion, whoever is first to answer the call, to come down for a shot at this prestigious title… Let Diamond Jewelz show the world that him walking out with gold tonight is his destiny… I am jOlt's GOLDEN BOYYYYY”

Diamond Jewelz begins to take off his suit and jOlt attendants start to disrobe the ring of the different props set up for the title unveiling. It’s time for the inaugural Golden Boy Title Invitational.

****Commercial Break****

After coming back from commercial break, Diamond Jewelz stands in the ring absent of a contender for his hand-crafted masterpiece, the Golden Boy Title… Jewelz wears all gold tights and boots with his logo on them instead of his usual purple tights for this special occasion.. Jewelz stretches and prepares himself as restless fans break out in various chants.

“Jason… Rauu…. and even Landon Stevens chants break out in the crowd. They are ready to see Jewelz disposed of.

Finally Dean Carrington comes down to the ring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… This is the inaugural, and jOlt officially sanctioned, Golden Boy Title Invitational.

Diamond Jewelz vs ?????????

“Ladies and Gentlemen… This is the inaugural, and jOlt officially sanctioned, Golden Boy Title Invitational.

“The Golden Boy Title Holder is already in the ring. He is “The Golden Boy” Diamond… Jewelz..

And the special challenger…

The wacky rifts of Jormungand" by Taku Iwasaki kick in as the Hype’s pompous young royal, Prince Samir, struts down to the ring arrogantly in his usual gear. The crowd is underwhelmed by the reveal of the opponent, him being a meager Hype Competitor, but they adopt him as their own and get behind him with “Prince Samir” chants as the match begins.

As soon as the bell rang, Diamond Jewelz shot a smile and a nod to the Goons at ringside, clearly pleased with himself as he looked across at Prince Samir. He may be called "Prince," but DJ wasn't about to let him be the "Golden Boy."

For his part, Samir was in a much more serious frame of mind, charging toward DJ. Jewelz dodged Samir's fist and tossed his opponent into the nearest corner. Before Samir could make a move, DJ was on him with a hard right to the jaw, followed by a pair of boots to the midsection, causing Samir to slump down.

DJ smiled again and raised his arms to the crowd, who weren't as thrilled with the performance as he obviously was. DJ turned back to follow up and...


Prince Samir caught Diamond Jewelz with a kick to the jaw before he could react. Coming out of the corner quickly, Samir grabbed the stunned DJ and tossed him into the ropes. As DJ came off the ropes, he just barely ducked a spinning heel kick from Samir. Prince managed to get back to his feet quickly, but he may have been better off staying down because a 6-foot-3, 230-pound freight train was headed his way.

After ducking the kick, Diamond Jewelz continued to the opposite side of the ring and use the ropes to increase his force coming back toward Prince Samir, nearly taking his head off with a vicious clothesline. With Samir down, DJ stood over his opponent and briefly checked his jaw.

"You wanna go, huh, dawg?" Jewelz yelled down at Samir. "Aight, we gonna go then."

DJ yanked Samir to his feet by the hair, clubbing him across the nose with one...two...three forearms until he was backed into the corner. Jewelz then grabbed Samir's arm and shoulder and rocketed him across the ring to the opposite corner, Samir's back crashing hard against the turnbuckles. Samir crumpled to a knee but DJ was on him again before he could get to two feet, locking both of his arms around Samir's waist and tossing him overhead across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. Now it was DJ getting back to his feet and waiting for Samir. He nodded his head with that signature cocky grin, waiting for just the right moment. When it came and Samir was to his feet...


DJ caught Samir flush on the jaw with the signature kick, flattening him immediately on the mat. Jewelz leaped over and shouted "GOLDEN BOY!" as he covered...



To the shock of virtually everyone in the arena - none more than Jewelz - Samir managed to get a shoulder up just in time to prevent the pinfall. DJ scowled down at his opponent.

"Oh, you think you gonna win, huh?" he said as he stomped on Samir's chest. "Not tonight, nigga. Dis is MY night!"

DJ pulled Samir up again, backing him toward a nearby corner with more fists to the jaw. Then, he brought his knee up hard into Samir's midsection, doubling him over. DJ then hooked his arm around Samir's neck and started to lift him up for a suplex.

But instead of a suplex, the "Golden Boy" had something bigger in mind. Lifting Samir up, he placed the Hype star on the top turnbuckle. DJ softened him up a bit more with another pair of rights then backed away. He raised his arms once more to the boos of the crowd and soaked it all in. Then he charged forward for his target, leaping into the air...


Diamond Jewelz's legs ripped Prince Samir violently off the turnbuckle and somersaulting forward to the mat, landing with a thud and a painful groan. Seeing Samir flat on his back motionless, Jewelz rose to his feet with one more thing on his mind. In this battle for the Golden Boy Title, he wanted to win with all the flair he could muster. That meant going to the top.

Standing atop the turnbuckle, Jewelz looked out at the crowd...down to Them Goons cheering him on...all with his back to the Prince, lying still on the mat.

3,106.75 CARATS!

The impact from the splash left Samir in even more pain, while Diamond Jewelz held his own midsection momentarily before finally hooking his opponent's leg for the count...




"Gotta Take It" once again blasted over the speakers as Jewelz stood to his feet, raising his hands amid the crowd's boos. As the referee tended to Prince Samir, Them Goons bounded into the ring, carrying the Golden Boy Title. Jewelz motioned them forward and then turned toward the crowd, looking right into the jOlt hard camera and raising his arms as the Goons held the title out in front of him. He broke the pose for a second as he told the Goons to wrap it around his waist, then returned to the victory pose.



Before Jewelz and his goons could complete the coronation, everything in the arena went to black. The familiar yellow beam flashed on once again, illuminating the ramp.

At the sight of this, Jewelz clenched his fists in anger, shouting at Them Goons to head toward the ramp and see what was going on. By now, he was tired of these games. Especially now in his finest hour.

As the Goones walked up the rampway, the jOltvision came alive once more, a word appearing in gold letters.


Then, a second later, two more words appeared below it.


As soon as those two words appeared, the lights in the arena suddenly flashed back on, with Diamond Jewelz wearing a confused look as he stood in the ring...

And now, he wasn't alone.

A single figure stood behind Jewelz. He wore a dark cloak with a hood, the cloak extending down to the ankles of his black boots. His face was nearly impossible to see thanks to the combination of the hood and long dark hair streaming down.

The Goons noticed him first as they turned around confused, then began pointing toward him. Diamond Jewelz then turned to face him as well, gesturing angrily in his direction. A second later, he charged the unknown man. The hooded figure ducked DJ's punch and then quickly lifted him up off his feet before slamming Jewelz down hard to the mat with a uranage slam. With DJ down, the man stood over him for a moment. Many in the crowd cheered at seeing Jewelz going down, while many others were in a stunned silence, wondering just who this man was.

But just as quickly as he had arrived, the man turned and left the ring, avoiding the arrival of the Goons rushing to DJ's aid. The man backed slowly up the ramp, his face still unseen, as Jewelz began to sit up. In his eyes, the rage over this attack was already clear.

Something would be done about this.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"I Haven't Forgotten"

If it all ended tomorrow, began to blare threw out the arena. Arena of Champions erupted in cheers as the last ever flyweight champion slowly emerged out the back. He began to slowly make his way down the ramp way towards the ring acknowledging his fans. He finally made it to ringside and slid under the bottom ropes. He quickly got up to his feet and threw his hands up in the air as the cheers only got louder. He slowly lowered his arms favoring his midsection.

Jimmy had been in worse shape; this much was true, but not by much. The beating he took from Omega a week prior still showed as the last Flyweight Champion sprung into the ring with a slight wince of pain. Jimmy had snagged a microphone on his way in and brought it up as the roar of the crowed began to calm. The man called Mr. Infamous took a moment to scan the Arena of Champions before a huff of air left his lungs.

“Last week I was sure I was about to do what no one else had done and that was beat Omega,” Jimmy sighed and held up a hand before the crowed could respond. “I thought wrong but see I’m used to being the underdog, I’m used to people not believing that Jimmy B. Martinez can overcome. Monsters like Omega don’t grip my heart with fear because I know what real monsters are,” Jimmy paced a bit and began to fidget almost as if he was unsure of something.

“But that was last week,” Jimmy began again looking out into a sea of humanity. “This week is special. It’s One Hundred episodes of iNtense and that, in itself, is a huge mile stone. So this past week I asked myself what the word intense meant to me and it wasn’t long before I realized not only did I know the meaning but I also knew the incarnation of the word intense.” Jimmy looked out at a confused crowed.

“Did Omega drop the kid on his head too much?” Powers questioned.

“Stay with me here because it’ll all make sense,” Martinez spoke almost as if he was answering Powers before he continued. “Two things that went together and connected so perfectly were intense and violence and as I pondered this query I realized that so do the incarnation of those two words. That’s why, at great risk to myself, I thought hey what better way to pay tribute to this magnanimous occasion than to bring those two incarnations which, together, brings the incarnation of something else. It’s the inevitable truth that we all face and I face it almost daily. That’s why tonight I bring to you that inevitable truth.” Jimmy simply nodded to the entrance.


The eternal midnight engulfed the Arena of Champions until the rumbling of thunder could be heard. The crashing of lightning into an unseen barrier followed close behind as a string quartet began to play a melancholy tune. Moments passed as the storm seemed to rage until a very familiar voice quoted an all too familiar line.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder:
One of the four beasts saying: “Come and see.”
And I saw.
And behold, a white horse.
And his name, that sat on him, was Death.
And Hell followed with him.”

The fans were on their feet and almost drowned out the original man in black. The arena shook from their elation as the blinding white explosion, the nuclear bomb that ushered in the incarnation of death, caused all that witnessed it to cover their eyes. Blue and white strobes played off the smoke and slowly the center of the stage began to rise.

“My God! It can’t be! The Hall of Famer, The Legendary SuperBeast, he’s here!” Buhrman screamed from ringside.

“Repeating Yesterday – As I lay Dying

This is what I am.
This is what I have become.
Repeating Yesterday.
Drain me of my very essence.
To form again…what lasts.

White pillars of flame exploded upward laced in blue as finally the 7’1” 335 lb. SuperBeast emerged. The blue eye’d leviathan looked around a moment before slowly stepping through yet another explosion of fire.

Martinez looked out into the crowed as his mentor; the man that took him in, the man that still trained him stared out into the cheering masses. His attire was simple; a new jOlt Legends Sylo edition t-shirt, cargo pants, and steel toe boots that had dried blood on them; the blood of Derecho. One of the most dominate forces not only in jOlt but the entire industry slowly made his way to the ring before reaching up, grabbing the top rope, and in one fluid motion catapulted himself almost dead center of the ring. The commentators didn’t dare try to speak because the chants around them drowned out even the heavy music churning in the background.


Sylo pulled a microphone out of his back pocket but didn’t raise it as Martinez brought his microphone back up as the crowd died down. Martinez took a moment to look out into the crowd before looking at the beast in front of him.

“That’s right. I looked deep down and I learned that those two things made the incarnation of death himself.” Martinez nodded conceding the floor to Sylo. Sylo took a deep breath before raising his microphone. He focused on the center of the ring while in a small moment of silent contemplation.

“Tweet…tweet,” Sylo muttered as the fans roared in approval. “It seems as jOlt rolls along people can’t help but run their mouth and try to use my name to propel themselves due to their all too apparent lack of talent. Yet my retractors either have to throw underhanded insults or try to act tough until I’m standing in this…very…ring. Let’s flash back to the start of 2014. I was in the arena but where were those with the stones to spew their bullshit rhetoric to my face? That’s right they were in the corner quivering in a puddle of their own piss.” Sylo sneered slowly raising his head toward the approval of the crowed.

“So I have some things to get off my chest that 140 characters just won’t express. A lot of the guys in the back that know me will know what’s happening whether they approve of it or not but at the end of the day I don’t need approval because jOlt fucked up and signed me under a new contract that pretty much lets me do whatever I want.” The fans roared again knowing Sylo was about to verbally unleash.

Sylo looked to Jimmy who just took a corner and let his microphone dangle to the side. Sylo nodded to him and began to pace a little focusing on nothing in particular.

“When jOlt opened it’s doors it did so by using the heart of The Legacy of Champions. I was the loudest to speak out against this place, that’s well known, but soon I did what I wanted. I fought a war alone while everyone else scuttled to find their place in this company. Damien Lee, you know I’ve never liked authority, and to be honest I’ve never liked you and now you find yourself playing war. A broken backbone fights a war. I find that interesting since it’s the same back bone I BROKE!” Sylo snarled and didn’t give the fans time to interject.

“But that’s the past right? I must be some sort of Goddamn psychic seeing as I told even Lee a storm was coming. I’ve had calls asking me to come back but it’s too late for that because it’s time some people in this place manned the fuck up and learned what a fucking war actually is. Needless to say I won’t interject, you won’t have the nuclear fucking bomb, and I’ll sit at home and watch you rip apart everything that’s been built since the doors to jOlt opened. The saddest part is I’m out of fucks to give. Why? It’s simple. I’ve watched this product crumble. I didn’t break my body week in and week out for…this.” Sylo beckoned to the stage.

“Guys like Derecho, Jesse Ramey, The Heirs of Wrestling, Mac Brody, Aran Thompson, and hell even Ninja K, guys that draw money, are pushed to the back of the line for “new blood” and I’m glad I’m the one that gets to say it but this batch of new blood fucking SUCKS!”

The fans actually agreed. They let out a roar of cheers as Powers went to interject but found Sylo staring at him. He closed his mouth as Sylo took one more hard look and turned to face the stage.

“See I can say these things because jOlt doesn’t want me to pull out and why do you think that is? Because they make money off shit like…this.” Sylo pulled his shirt out before sighing in disgust and ripping it off. This drew cheers and even a few whistles from the ladies. One thing everyone could agree on though was The SuperBeast looked better than he ever had.

“I’m done trying to help promote something I don’t believe in anymore. I’m done hearing people say jOlt’s fallen off since I retired because this was never supposed to be about me. EVERYTHING was supposed to build a platform for the next generation but the powers that be ruined all of that. They let trash and nobodies into this place and corrupted it. Seriously…who in the blue fuck is Landon Stevens?” Sylo questioned. He looked to Jimmy who just shrugged.

“The Redneck Sodomy Crew actually matters now as well? I used to use both Conway brothers as projectiles and things to take my anger out on and now they’re considered fucking relevant? More to the point I have some over the hill talentless piece of shit that everyone’s forgot say my name? Where the fuck is Blazer anyway because I said I’m not a hard man to find and I didn’t see a single fucking soul that had anything to say on my way in. I see all these old stories recycled because it appears jOlt creative team is comprised of nothing but monkeys. It seems anyone can pick up a microphone and say anything so allow me to say something because unlike Jesse Ramey who was chastised for his remarks you can’t punish me.” Sylo’s anger was building.

“Jeremy Ryan allow me to make you famous so you can move on with your life. You’re the “Last Real Man” here in jOlt you say? You gave me the name SuperTweet which, hey, that was kind of catchy so allow me to return the favor. You are, without a doubt, the last real person anyone gives a flying fuck about,” The fans cheered as the other side let out a resounding “ohhh”.

“Seriously the guy even tried to hit my move and couldn’t pull it off right. Then he disappears only to come back and try to “show how dominate he is” by pile driving a fat man on a steel chair. Ohhh he’s scary. No…what’s scary is how much weight your fat ass packed on in such a short time. Did your work out consist of eating as many boxes of little Debbie snacks as possible a day? The only thing anyone has to fear is your fat ass sitting on them but otherwise they have nothing to worry about when your ass is done wheezing to the ring.”

Jimmy chuckled. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep my composure. Now that was funny. It was as funny as you attacking Jesse Ramsey. It's not hard to tell, that I don't like you nor Ramsey. You two are worst than two pregnant women bickering. I can't stand you guys.

Jimmy looked at Sylo and nodded as he continued on.

“Finally I have one last thing. Kenshiro,” The crowed heated up at the mention of the Ninja leader. “You think your little underhanded comments slid past me? Cute. I know why you made them though and I understand. Fear is a powerful emotion and not knowing when and where I’ll strike will drive you mad so you try to play it off but look at the facts Kenshiro. You’re beaten, your body is tired, and yet here I am in the prime of my career, spending time with my family, enjoying life, and all the while I’m at 100% which is something not even you’ve ever seen. So Kenshiro—“ Sylo was cut off by the roaring masses chant.


“I have plenty of matches left in me. In fact without going into too many details that gets legal’s panties in a wad there’s a contract on the table as we speak. This contract has my signature on it and it’s waiting on one person’s signature. That signature? Ninja K.”

The arena exploded as Sylo just watched as the arena seemed to move.

“So whenever you’re done with your pathetic excuses Kenshiro and whenever you finish being the asexual den mother of ninjas I’m waiting. I’m letting you have the benefit of seeing when I’m coming to beat your ass. So when you grow your balls back put the pen to the paper, shut the fuck up, and fight!” Sylo received another explosive reaction as he chucked the mic and hit each turnbuckle as the music hit. Sylo slammed his fist a couple of times against his chest and pointed out into the roaring masses, repeating this on every turnbuckle, before flipping out of the ring and heading backstage with Martinez at his side.

On the 100th episode of iNtense a bomb had been dropped. A bomb by a legend. It wasn’t the fact he addressed everyone publicly, it wasn’t that he’d attacked jOlt as a whole, it was in the end everyone now knew there was indeed a contract for Ninja K vs. Sylo yet again but the questions remained; would Kenshiro sign and when would the two possibly meet again?

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Ninja K & The Crimson Order

The Arena of Champions were heard clambering throughout its interior when Camera 3 centered itself onto the well dressed form of the incomparable ring announcer in Dean Carrington...

Carrington: “jOlt Wrestling Fans...!!”

The gathered legions openly cheered on cue, triggering a few air horns blaring from several pockets of the stands.

Carrington: “The following contest is schedule for 1 Fall... and it is a 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH!!!

Again, the stirring populous were left to rally behind the upcoming encounter when the arena lighting eroded, allowing the masses to warmly welcome the encroaching darkness.

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

The Arena of Champions rose with their approval as lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisle way. The infamous three figures remained hidden in the shadows with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flashed back on and the Sultans of Sexual Swag were highly
animated, wearing their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Siphoning
the energy from the energized masses, the Heirs anxiously dominated the entire entrance staging
area to further hype up the crowd...

Carrington: “Introducing First!...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 753 pounds!! ’The Intergalactic Space Cowboy’...RYAN GALLWAY!! ...’The Sovereign Superman’...FRANK SILVER!!! ...and the ’SUPERMACK’...MACK!! BRODY!!! ...THEY ARE THE HEIRS!! OF!!! WRESTLING!!!!”

Silver. Brody and Gallway proudly interacted with the fans in the front row en route to the ringside area before Ryan & Silver sprinted together before sliding along the ring apron on their respective knees. Hooking their arms over the middle ropes, they stormed over toward opposing ring posts with Mack sternly flexing his muscles along the middle of the ring apron. Mouth agape, Brody radiated pure adrenaline & power. Ryan extended his arms outward as Frank & Mack motioned for the fans to continue cheering before the trio entered the ring together and remove their jackets as their theme music elapsed...

Mack Brody turned to the crowd and the powerhouse of the Heirs had a microphone in hand.


SuperMack was pumped and the Heirs of Wrestling were getting a tremendous response from the crowd. Brody handed over the microphone to Ryan Gallway who scratched his chin, about ready to get the crowd pumped up some more.*

“To the other teams who are already in the War Games Tag Title match and those yet to be announced… WE’RE ABOUT TO FUCK YOU UP WITH SOME TRUTH!”

The crowd cheered one of the signature phrases of Ryan Gallway that one Kenny Powers may argue that he came up with first, but we understand that little matter was settled out of court somewhere. So we’re using it here too.

“TWICE NOW… we have been the Tag Team Champions and we are still looking for number three! For months now, we’ve been screwed over and cheated out of those belts… well, NO. GODDAMN. MORE! At Rise of the Legends, we’re gonna TAKE those belts from them little shitsippers, the Landon Stevens Groupies…”

Frank whispered something into Ryan’s ear.

“Sorry, I’m being told they don’t like being referred to as Landon Stevens Groupies… Aran Thompson’s sloppy seconds… no, wait, the Nashvillian’s dirty firsts! I guess the point that we’re trying to make is that they’re butt-puppets for somebody, somewhere, somehow! And at War Games without Landon Stevens or somebody else holding their hands... you AREN’T walking out of there with those belts… not as long as we’re in that match!”

The crowd erupted with laughter as The Prince of Precision fell to one knee and held out the microphone towards Frank. Silver pulled the microphone from Ryan’s grip like the mighty Excalibur from the stone and now The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights was ready to say his piece.

“We’ve been screwed over again and again, cheated out by little pricks like The Hands of the Cause and later on, The West Texas Faction of Terrifying Terrorists or whatever the shit they’re called this week. We’re sick and tired of this shit so we’re gonna do what we’re gonna do better than anybody else! We’re gonna set a standard for tag team wrestling! Tonight, we’re going to show Ninja K and the Crimson Order the same thing that we’re going to show everybody else at Rise of the Legends! We will main event another show with those Tag Team Titles on the line! And if you know this next part, say it loud and say it proud, Orlando…”

Silver glanced at the camera near ringside. He put an arm over Ryan and Mack joined in.


All three men dapped fists in the ring and it was clear they were ready for tonight and whatever their long-time rivals in The Crimson Order would bring.

Darkness. A lasting period of darkness prompted the rising number of incandescent lighting to pierce the blackened landscape before...

’Vicarious’ by Tool

The crowd went apeshit as the infectious theme lofted freely through the PA system. The acoustic summit was breeched on cue with Exit 120H became the strobe lit smoking portal of choice. The angry rifts of the guitar lured the former jOlt Underground Champion forward with his esteemed tandem of officers in tow. Briefly, the Heirs were seen focused at the sources of the disturbance before Camera 27 observed the ninja clan leader scanning the horizon before leading his troops down the stairwell...

Carrington: “...And their opponents; Representing the INOGAMI CLAN!!!...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 853 pounds...HEIDO!! ...TAKESHI!!! THE! CRIMSON!! ORDER!!! ...and the ’Athletic Freak of Nature’...KENSHIRO!! INOGAMI!!!”

The ninjas were stoically walking down the final portions of the stairwell before making their way through the masses. The upper echelon of clan hierarchy would clear the barricades and stand firm before the ring apron. Both rival camps held firm before both Heido & Takeshi casting aside their wares before both camps remained engaged in a prolonged stare down from opposing sides of the ring as the music dissipated. Fans littered the ring with streamers to pay homage to the amassed talent gathered on a historic iNtense...


After the referee cleared the ring, it was decided that Ninja K and Ryan Gallway would start things off. The referee called for the bell




They quickly circled each other, showing off the high pace that they were trying to set. They locked up and immediately Ninja K went into a side head lock. Gallway used his smaller size to slip behind Ninja K, going for a Back Drop Suplex, but Ninja K flipped over and landed on his feet. Ninja K backed into the ropes and came back, looking for an Open Palm Thrust, but Gallway side stepped it and drop kicked Ninja K in the legs, bringing him down to his knees. Gallway swung with a high roundhouse, but Ninja K ducked and sprung up to his feet. Leg sweep attempt by Ninja K, but Gallway leapt over it to avoid it!

Gallway went right back into the side head lock, but Ninja K backed him into the ropes and tried an irish whip, but Gallway reversed and sent Ninja K into the ropes instead, but Ninja K front flipped against the ropes, looking for an Handspring Elbow, but Gallway took a step back and hit a drop kick that staggered Ninja K forward and down to his knees. Gallway got a full head of steam and charged in, leaping up onto Ninja K's shoulders, looking for a Huracanrana, but Ninja K tossed Gallway off of his shoulders, flipping him over, but Gallway landed on his feet!

Gallway backed into the ropes and charged in, but Ninja K took off in a perpendicular direction and we had ourselves an old school Criss Cross in the ring! Gallway sped up and caught Ninja K in the center of the ring with a low drop kick, flipping NInja K over to a seated position! Gallway hit a pair of stiff kicks to the upper back and took off to the ropes. Gallway front flipped, looking for a Snapmare, but Ninja K leaned back and made Gallway miss! Ninja K kipped up to his feet as Gallway stood and turned around and both men came into a staredown as the fans erupted and gave both men a standing ovation!


Gallway and Ninja K brushed aside the chants and locked up a second time. Gallway began to power Ninja K into the neutral corner, but Ninja K reversed it at the last moment and switched Gallway into the corner instead. Ninja K opened up with rapid fire quick kicks to Gallway's chest before whipping him to the opposite side. Ninja K charged in, but Gallway put the boot up, however, Ninja K stopped short and grabbed Gallway's leg, swining it backwards. Ninja K then lunged in and connected with the Palm Thrust that he was looking for earlier, connecting with it.

Ninja K grabbed Gallway and hoisted him up onto the top turnbuckle pad. Ninja K then ascended to the very top and hooked Gallway for what looked like a Super Tiger Bomb, but Gallway coutnered and hit a Back Body Drop flipping Ninja K to the outside, causing him to smack down back first on the ring mats!!!!


Gallway looked behind him and shrugged his shoulders...


Gallway slammed down on Ninja K and looked to hurt his abdomen in the process!! The crowd was going nuts and the match just began!! Both men were down as the Crimson Order and the other two members of The Heirs of Wrestling could only shout encrouagement to their teammates as the referee started his mandatory ten count...






Both men began to stir...



Gallway got to his feet first


Gallway tried to get in, but NInja K shoved him back and slid into the ring!


Gallway put the speed on and slid in just in the nick of time!

Ninja K quickly grabbed Gallway in a front chancery and pulled him up to his feet. He lifted Gallway up into the air, looking for a suplex of some sort, but Gallway floated over and landed behind Ninja K. Gallway applied a waist lock and popped the hips, looking for a German Suplex, but Ninja K landed on his feet! Gallway turned around as Ninja K hit a back thrust kick which doubled Gallway over. Ninja K raised his leg up high and hit a Hook Kick to the back of Gallways' head, putting him down. Ninja K then took off to the ropes and rolled along the ground. He leapt up into the air and crashed down upon Gallway's injured abdomen with a Rolling Thunder! Ninja K hooked the leg with the cover.



Gallway kicked out

Ninja K placed Gallway in a seated position and then butterflied the arms. He pulled Gallway up to a vertical base, hooking for a Tiger Suplex, but Gallway stomped on Ninja K's calf and took off to the ropes. He flipped up for a Satellite Headscissors and caught Ninja K with a Single Arm DDT!!


Gallway went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Kick out by Ninja K

Gallway grabbed Ninja K by the arm and dragged him over to the corner where he tagged in Frank Silver. Silver came into the match and began to use those classic Garvin Stomps. One after the other he used them to keep Ninja K grounded. He finished it off with his patented Knee Drop to complere the Bootlicker signature maneuver. Silver then brought Ninja K up to a seated position and placed him into a Surfboard Submission hold.

Ninja K used the cheers of the fans to battle back up to his feet. Ninja K did so and then front flipped, hitting a Flipping Mule Kick that staggered Frank Silver back into the corner. Ninja K then rolled forward toward his corner and dove in to tag Takeshi!

Takeshi stepped over the top rope and entered the ring. Frank Silver looked that the brooding 6'10" 320lb monster that entered the ring.. so Silver tagged in Mack Brody and the crowd really came alive. The heavy hitters from both factions were now in the ring at the same time!! They both walked to the center of the ring as the crowd was coming unglued once again!


Brody, not being one to back down dared Takeshi to bring it. Takeshi obliged and rocked Brody's head with a stiff right hand. Brody was unmoved as he simply smiled and fired a heavy right hand right back at Takeshi, connecting hard. Takeshi, as well, simply grinned and the two of them locked up. Like two big bulls they tried to back each other up, but neither of them were able to budge the other. They unlocked and gave each other a nod as they circled.

Lock up again, and again they didn't go anyway. Takeshi was pissed and hit a HUGE Knife Edge Chop across Brody's chest! Brody psyched himself up and hauled off with a HUGE chop of his own.. a chop so hard is almost caused an instant welt on Takeshi's chest as the crowd gasped as the sickening smack of flesh on flesh when it echoed throughout the arena. Takeshi then returned the favor and chopped Brody as hard as he could and you could see the expression on Brody's face as to how much that must have stung. Brody, however, used it to amp himself up and hauled off with another VICIOUS chop that broke Takeshi's skin on his chest!!! Takeshi was bleeding only after two chops!! It gave you the idea of how much force was put behind it!

Takeshi looked down at the blood and became enraged! He charged in and swung with a clothesline, but Brody ducked and lit up Takeshi's chest with another chop! Brody switched to rapid fire forearm shots to the side of the face and then an irish whip, but Takeshi reversed the whip, sending Brody into the ropes instead, but Brody came back with a Shoulder Tackle, but it didn't budge Takeshi at all! Takeshi dared Brody to hit the ropes again and again Brody tried the Shoulder Tackle and go nowhere with it.

Brody then challenged Takeshi to go for one so Takeshi took off to the ropes, but Brody followed him in and when Takeshi hit the ropes, Brody clotheslined him over the top and down to the floor!! Brody hopped up and down... he wasn't thinking it.... OH SHIT HE WAS!

Brody with a full head of steam.. he grabbed the top rope and vaulted over with a Slingshot Body Block, crashing into Takeshi!!


The big man showed his agility by leaping over the top rope and taking out Takeshi down on the floor!!!


Brody slowly stood and pulled Takeshi to his feet. He rolled Takeshi back into the ring, sliding in after him. He went over and made the cover, hooking the leg...



Takeshi powered out of it!

Brody immediately stood and went to the ropes. He came back, looking for a Big Splash, but Takeshi put the knees up and Brody crashed down into them! Takeshi quickly stood and shoved Brody between his legs. Takeshi lifted Brody up to shoulder height and ran to the corner....


Takeshi just NAILED the Buckle Bomb on the 311lb Mack Brody!!! Brody staggered forward and fell to his knees just a bit away from the corner. Takeshi walked behind Brody and grabbed him in a Double Nerve Pinch submission hold. Takeshi then let loose with heavy knee strikes to the rib area of Brody, a signature of his he called the Shuko Ken! The referee asked if Brody wanted to give it up, but he yelled "NO". Brody battled back to his feet and ran backwards, sandwhiching Takeshi between himself and the turnbuckles. That got Takeshi to release the hold. Brody turned around and began to deliver shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust into Takeshi's mid-secton! Brody went to the opposite corner and got a full head of steam, but Takeshi exploded out of the corner with a Twisting Shoulder Tackle that drove the point of the shoulder into Brody's chest at an angle!

Takeshi stumbled to his feet and walked over, tagging in the not much smaller Heido. Brody was getting up to his hands and knees when Heido stepped over Brody's head and applied an Arm Bar Submission that he called The Tekahashi Clutch!

Brody was in the center of the ring and needed to make the tag out soon. He held on as long as he could, but the pressure was getting greater as Heido used his height to apply more pressure to the move. The fans rallied behind Brody and that got Brody back up to a standing position, alleviating the pressure. Brody was then able to twist out of it and apply a Standing Arm Wringer submission and in a show of incredible power, Brody lifted Heido up off the canvas by the under area of his shoulder and drove him forward, slamming him into the turnbuckles!!

Brody then tagged in Frank Silver who hopped over the top rope and reapplied the Arm Wringer before walking Heido to the middle of the ropes and whipping him across, but Heido reversed it and sent Silver into the ropes instead. Silver came back and Heido caught him in a Cross Face Chicken Wing submission!! Silver tried to fight it, but Heido was just too tall and too strong to allow Silver to break free easily, but Silver stomped on Heido's shin which released the hold for a moment, but it only angered Heido. he quickly re-applied the Chicken Wing and then popped the hips, hitting the Chicken Wing Suplex!!!


Silver landed hard on his neck and shoulders! Heido walked over to Silver where he grabbed the legs, looking for his Inverted Cloverleaf submission, but Silver got a leg free and kicked away at Heido, backing him off some. Silver got to his feet as Heido charged in, but Silver hit a Drop Toe Hold and sent Heido neck first into the middle ropes! Silver then took off to the opposite side where a blind tag was made by Ryan Gallway. Silver charged in and drove his knee right into Heido's prone back! Silver then quickly side stepped as Gallway got a full head of steam and hit a leaping Double Knee Strike into Heido's back as well!


Silver remained in the ring as Heido pulled himself off the ropes. Silver and Gallway both hit a kick to the sides of Heido's legs, dropping him down to his knees. They both hit a Roundhouse Kick, each to the side of Heido's head. Then then shuffled back and hit Stereo Super Kicks!! It was a knockout shot as Silver exited the ring and Gallway made the cover, hooking the leg!!




Ninja K came in and broke up the pinfall!

Mack Brody came into the ring and charged at his Rise of the Legends Opponent, but Ninja K grabbed Gallway and pulled him into Brody's path and hit a leg sweep that caused Gallway to fall on all fours! Brody had to put the brakes on or he would have ended up running into his own partner! Ninja K backed into the ropes and jumped onto Gallway's back, using it as a launching pad and catching Brody in the face with a Leaping Side Kick!

Gallway stood up and grabbed Ninja K from behind in a Full Nelson.. he popped the hips and dropped Ninja K on the back of his neck with a Dragon Suplex!! Takeshi came into the ring and grabbed Gallway by the neck, nailing a massive Choke Slam on him! Silver then charged in and threw his entire body at Takeshi with a Cross Body Block that caused the two of them to tumble up and over the top rope and out to the floor!!

Ninja K rolled under the bottom rope near his corner as he tried to recollect himself. Heido got back to his feet and noticed it was him and Gallway alone in the ring...well Brody was in there as well, but he was still checking his mouth for missing teeth.

Heido grabbed Gallway and pulled him up. Heido stuck his thumb up into the air as Brody slowly got back up. Heido went for the thumb spike to the neck, but Gallway swerved and went behind Heido!! Heido was then shoved by Gallway into the direction of Brody.. Brody delivered the toe kick and used his power to lift Heido up onto his shoulder and...


Brody with the Fire Thunder Powerbomb!

Ninja K grabbed the top rope and leapt up just as Frank Silver rolled back into the ring! Ninja K front flipped off the top, looking for a Cannonball Senton of some sort, but Silver leapt into the air and caught Ninja K in the face with a leaping European!!!


Silver then took off to the ropes! He charged in and flew through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking Takeshi back down! Brody dragged Takeshi into position as Gallway went to the corner. He looked back and measured Takeshi up and then flipped off with the Inverted 450 Splash!


Gallway made the cover, hooking the leg...




The Heirs have done it! It was a wild tag match here on the historic 100th iNtense and The Heirs of Wrestling defeat The Crimson Order and Ninja!! Both of these teams are headed into Rise of the Legends seeking to gain the jOlt Tag Team Championships in the War Games Match!

Could we see this at Rise? Could the Heirs of Wrestling become THREE time Tag Team Champions? Could the Crimson Order win them for the first time, or could The Faction retain, or could Cross the Hood bring some power into The Rebellion? So many factors and there were still teams yet to be announced for this match!

All we know is here tonight, The Heirs were victorious and that gave them momentum heading into the Pay-Per-View!

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Friends and... Not so Much"

All in all, it was a decent night for the Heirs of Wrestling. Fresh off their big victory earlier over The Crimson Order, Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody were all riding strong with momentum heading into the War Games match. Gallway was clicking away on his Samsung Galaxy Mega (big screens = awesome for the Prince of Precision) while Frank and Mack were both in mid-conversation.

“Told you you got this, big man,” Frank said, patting Mack on the back.

“We’re still not done yet,” Brody replied, referring to his feud with Ninja K. “You know that I think the world of all that we’ve done as a group, but I have to do this where it counts… in the ring on my own.”

Frank nodded.

“Anyway, where we going tonight, man? I got us NUMBERS, man. NUMBERS. Found this one chick today who can actually tie a knot in a cherry stem, no bullshit!”

Mack was about to answer when the two were distracted with Ryan clicking away on his phone. Brave Frontier wasn’t going to beat itself after all.


A gruesome-sounding explosion followed shortly by sad music told the other Heirs the worst news of them all…. Game over. Ryan grunted and almost smashed his phone on the ground before he remembered it was his ONLY phone so he quickly stopped himself and started to frantically hug and kiss it.

“Let us never fight again, my beloved.”

Brody looked perturbed by Ryan’s behavior… in other news, the sky is indeed blue and Diamond Jewelz has a lot of bling.

“You frighten me, Ry-no. So very much.”

“Fuck you… whoa, whoa, whoa, who’s that?”

The three men turned around and saw off in the distance, not too far down the hall was the valet for the Hype Champion Pietro Geist and part-time ass-kicker in her own right, Lorelei Albrecht, minding her own business after Pietro’s own victory over a very game Adam Lazarus tonight. She appeared to be focused on her own task and had no idea of the horror that was about to come her way.

Ryan Gallway tipping his cowboy hat and sauntering slowly in her direction like he was the suave man walking through the club in a rap video. In his own head, “Pony” by Ginuwine was playing as he slowly strutted towards an unnoticing Lorelei. It probably would’ve looked better if it wasn’t Ryan walking in slow motion while everybody else was moving normally.

“Oh, this is going to end any way but well,” Silver said, face buried in his hand.

Mack stifled back a laugh as Frank peeked between his fingers not-so-slyly.

“But we’re going to watch this anyway, yeah?”

“Uh… YEAH.”

While being victorious on this evening, Geist and Lorelei weren't celebrating like they should be. Instead of smiles and high fives, the duo were extremely serious. A look of concern could be seen clear as day on the blond bombshell's face.

"Are shou serious about zhis?"

Geist nodded in reply.

"Shou vill need to finish zhe issue vith zhe Widow's Nest before shou do zhis."

"I am very avare of zhat, kleine, und it vill be handled."

"Zhen, shou have my blessing."

Lorelei didn't sound very enthusiastic about the unknown decision, but it seemed like she didn't have a choice in the matter. And to be honest, that matter was going to have to wait, as Ryan approached them with a full on swagger.

“Hey, baby!” Ryan said as he approached Lorelei, somehow, seemingly oblivious to the mass of humany called Pietro standing not far from her. “Name’s Ryan Gallway! My friends call me The Prince of Precision, The Hipster Heartthrob, and sometimes even Big D… that’s just for my ladyfriends, though. I’m a Virgo in astrological sign only, I like engaging in schooling noobs in Call of Duty and most importantly, Father’s Day is today, so you can call me Big Daddy if you like.”

Geist was about to make a move when Lorelei silently nodded to her charge. The Hype Champion kept his arms folded and watched as Albrecht turned to her would-be suitor.

“Who zhe hell are you?”

“Ooooh, German! That’s hot! Sprockets and shit! I know a little. Um…”

Ryan rolled his eyes in the back of his head trying to pick out what he was going to say.

“You German? Me like German… you blowen my glockenspiel later, jah?”

"Oh," Lorelei smiled back at him seductively. "Shou vould love to have me schneiden den nille ab."

Ryan's eyes widened, as somehow the blond made the German language sexy. That was no easy feat, mind you. Geist tried not to laugh upon hearing what his female ally told her would be enchanter, as Ryan had no idea that she just asked if he wanted her to cut off his trouser snake.

"Uhh... sure," Ryan said and let out an audible gulp. Despite his apparent confidence, he didn't actually know what to do with a woman, let alone a woman as smoking hot as Lorelei.

"Maybe I could abreißen ihrer haut und essen."


Brody couldn't help but walk over to them, causing Geist to step up behind the blond bombshell. Mack leaned down and just had to ask the question no one else would ask.

"Dude, do you have any idea what she is saying?"

Ryan grinned sheepishly. “Er… no… but it sounded hot. Like she wanted some of my bratwurst, dude. She’s gonna Sprechen Sie Dick!”

Frank shook his head.

“She’s gonna do SOMETHING to your bratwurst, dude… with a knife.” He glanced over to both of them. “Banged a foreign exchange student from Germany when I was seventeen… yeah, I had game. It’s cool, though. Whatevs.”

Lorelei and Geist shared a laugh mostly at Ryan’s expense before Brody walked up to the Hype Champion face to face. He extended a hand to the big man.

“Hey, Geist, he means no harm… mostly. But seriously, man, I hear you’re killing it in The Hype as its Champion. Keep that shit up.”

Geist extended his own and the two big bruisers shook hands.

"Danke. If all goes as planned, shou vill be seeing me do zhe same on zhe jOlt roster soon enough."

"I bet you're itching for some real competition."

"Shou have no idea, mein verbündeter."


Their budding bromance would have to wait, as the sound of a mighty collision caught their attention. The two men turned back to Lorelei and Ryan, which unfortunately for Ryan, had taken a turn for the worse. It seems the blond bombshell had decided to finally stop messing around with her would-be seductor. Well, stop messing around would be considered an understatement. She had him pinned against the wall with a vice grip on his tenders that was so strong it brought him down to his knees. She looked down at him with nothing but contempt in her eyes.

"I vill say zhis in English, so zhere is no chance of miscommunication. If shou try any more of zhat cassanova nonsense vith me, I vill rip zhem off. Do shou understand?"

"Yeah" Ryan replied quickly in an extremely high-pitched voice while nodding his head quickly.

"Sehr gut," Lorelei smiled softly and released his possibly injured manly parts.

The violent vixen causally dusted herself off and corrected her attire before slinking up alongside the Uberkreiger.

"Ve must be going, Pietro."

Geist nodded in agreement.

"Let me go check on this dummkopf," Mack chuckled and extended his fist to the big German.


"See you guys later."

"Gute Nacht."

Well, would you look at that. It looked as if Pietro Geist actually made a friend. Who'd a thunk it?

Aran Thompson vs Michael Donavan & Seraph


"Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing as the excitement expelled from the fans in attendence as Aran Thompson came walking out from behind the entrance curtain and plethora of red, white and yellow lights flashed and flickered in unison with the music. Aran, holding his side in pain, made his way to the ring and cautiously rolled into the ring.

Michael Buhrman: It's clear that the attack by Seraph and Michael Donavan left it's mark on Thompson.

Nathan Powers: Great, hopefully this will be a quick match...frankly i'm tired of Aran taking up valuable Rebellion time!

Aran looked around ringside to see two tables stacked up on the outside and a couple not yet set up before stopping in his tracks as "Machine" by Downstait began playing and the Arena of Champions transformed into a choir singing the beautiful disdain that any member of The Rebellion deserved.

Michael Donavan and Seraph, both, walked out side by side as The Phantom and God's War Machine focused on furthering their destruction of the former World and three time Relentless Champion, cementing their names in the record books as the ones that ended it all for Aran Thompson.

Seraph stopped at the end of the ramp as Michael Donavan walked around the ring sliding his hand across the pressed wood of the tables that had ceremoniously been set up. Aran tried to keep his eyes on both men as Referee Simon Boulder instructed Donavan and Seraph to decide who was going to be the first legal partner of the tandum. Donavan began to slide into the ring when Seraph stopped him and pointed at himself before climbing the ring apron and stepping over the top rope.

Aran Thompson backed up staring down the seven footer as Michael Donavan climbed into the corner and watched on with a sadistic smile.

Buhrman: There is no way in hell I would want to be in Aran Thompson's shoes right now.

Powers: Aran who? After this match, Aran Thompson will be a fore thought.

The ring announcer Dean Carrington interrupted the desolate crowd.

Dean Carrington: The following match is a TABLES MATCH! The first person to be put through a table is the lo...

Before the ring announcer could finish, Seraph let out a demonic bellow and kicked an unsuspecting Aran Thompson right in the face and the crowd released a relentless view of anger as Seraph show boated and Donavan applauded the machine that towered over Aran Thompson who held his jaw in winching agony.

"That's what you deserve!" Donavan bellowed through the displeasure of the fans.

Seraph snarled from under his mask and grabbed the neck of Aran Thompson lifting him up to his feet.


Aran slapped Seraph across the face shocking the big man. Aran continued a relentless attack on Seraph with forearm, kicks, punches all over and Seraph backed up into the ropes but Aran continued the attack and the referee tried to pull Aran off of him briefly forgetting the rules of the Table Match.

Seraph exploded from the close quarters with a vicious lariat, Aran ducked the clothesline attempt.


Aran managed to reach his leg all the way to the back of the head of the monsterous Seraph causing Seraph to stagger forward but into the wrong direction as he staggered close enough for Michael Donavan to tag himself in and the massive frame of Donavan pulled himself up to the top rope and sprung forward at Aran with a huge cross body. Aran's back slammed to the mat as Donavan rolled off him and quickly kicked Aran in the small of his back causing Aran to scream out in pain due to a potentially previous injury from earlier in the night.

Donavan pulled Aran toward the ropes and drapped his leg over the bottom rope and slammed his body down onto the knee of Aran who quickly grabbed his leg in pain, once again.

Powers: Yes! They're destroying him one body part at a time!

Buhrman: Don't forget who they're in a match with! This man had his face slammed into a urinal by Derecho almost year ago still managed to win with a high risk finisher!

Powers: A year ago! A man can change dramatically in a year!

Donavan pulled Aran back to his vertical base and whipped him into the turnbuckle that Seraph and himself claimed. Seraph grabbed Aran by his arms in a crucifix position using his unmatchable strength to keep Aran in place as Michael Donavan ran at Aran Thompson slamming into him and quickly wrapping his arm around his head and following it up with a DDT and Aran slumped down to the mat as the fans were forced to watch the utter destruction of Thompson.

Donavan climbed back to his feet and pointed at the table on the outside of the ring and demanded Seraph move it closer.

As Seraph jumped off the ring apron the disdain from the crowd grew as Seraph pushed the table closer to the ring as Michael Donavan slowly brought the seemingly lifeless body of Aran to his feet and pushed him back into the turnbuckle. Seraph pulled Aran to the top rope and Donavan climbed up with his head between his legs and slowly ran his thumb across his throat with a devilish snarl.

Donavan managed hoist Aran up in a powerbomb position.


Everyone watched as Donavan was moments away from Powerbombing Aran off the top rope through a table on the outside.


The fans went insane as Aran thwarted the two Rebellion memebers from potentially ending everything for him.

Aran fell to his knees and watched Donavan roll around in shock and pain as Seraph watched in disbelief before quickly realizing what the plan was and he quickly got into the ring and charged after Aran who managed to roll out of the ring before Seraph could get to him and try to collect himself.

Seraph checked on Donavan who coughed trying to catch his wind and pointed toward the direction of Aran telling him to take care of it. Seraph turned around and walked over toward Aran.


Aran slammed a steel chair into the knees of Seraph.


Again Aran hit Seraph in the knees and Seraph bent over the ropes trying to protect himself. Aran threw the chair down and grabbed a table setting it up on the outside of the ring. As Aran set the table up he noticed Seraph rolling out of the ring and Aran changed his attention to the chair and once again slammed it into the body of Seraph sending him leaning into the newly set up table and Aran's eyes grew wide as he realized it was no or never.

Aran slid into the ring and pulled himself over it jumping and place his feet on the middle ropes from the outside.


With Aran's stomach on the shoulders of God's War Machine, Seraph dropped to his knee and slammed Aran's face into the ring arpon but held on to Aran and pushed him into the ring. Aran kicked the mat in pain while holding his face as the fans started a "Holy Shit!" chant after the impact of Aran's face slamming into the ring apron.


Donavan looked down at Aran and smiled as he held his back in pain and he kicked Aran in the stomach.

"Huh?! You think you can beat us?!" Donavan shouted trying to mask his pain from the "super powerbomb" Aran gave him.

Seraph climbed the ring apron with a smile and he signalled for Donavan to finish it.

The fans booed in unison as it seemed like Aran's attempt to sqweak out a victory was for nothing, it was obvious that Aran's number was up.

Donavan pulled Aran in and hooked both of his arms up with Aran's back facing up.



Again Aran managed to use his weight and he again rolled over the shoulders of Donavan and he jumped up and placed his feet on the chest of Seraph who stood on ring apron outside of the ropes.

Buhrman: Do you see that height?!

The fans wowed in amazement at how high Aran jumped before pushing off of Seraph sending him backwards as Michael Donavan turned around.



The commentators were in a stunned silence as the fans began chanting: "ARAN THOMPSON! ARAN THOMPSON! ARAN THOMPSON!"

Referee Simon Boulder called for the bell and checked on Aran Thompson as Dean Carrington made his announcement as "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing.


The entirety of the Arena of Champions were on there feet cheering for Aran who didn't seem to realize where he was and he watched as everyone was behind him. After weeks of screw jobs by The Rebellion trying to get Aran out of the Relentless Championship Tournament , Aran had finally gained some momentum.

Now the whole world knew that Damien Lee has been behind The Rebellion the whole time and that Aran Thompson is not one to underestimate. The scene faded to commercial as Aran smiled once he realized that he had won and Seraph and Michael Donavan held their backs in pain.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Putting Michael Donavan and Seraph through a table

"Tongue Lashing of Epic Proportions"

The scene faded to the backstage interview area, Donny Layne stood in front of an iNtense black backdrop. Layne smiled as he brought the microphone to his lips, the camera panned over a bit revealing his guest for the evening Sepiroth Du Luc. Before Layne even had a chance to introduce his guest, the Anti-Star burst into the scene, a very confused look crossed Layne’s face as he began holding the little invisible headphone in his ear. Layne looked to a road agent holding a clip board, which could only shake his head. Ramey grabbed the microphone from Donny’s hands and brought it to his own lips.

“I see you looking around trying to figure out exactly what is going on.” Ramey stated looking at his former manager, “Yes, we’re doing that again. No, this isn’t a time that has been allotted for me to speak, but I’m sorry Sepiroth. The best thing for you to do though is just make your way out of here, no one really cared what you had to say, and unless you want a repeat of what I did to you when I went on to win the King of Ages in All-Star Championship Wrestling, then you had better get to stepping.”

Sepiroth shrugged and made his way out of the scene. Donny Layne also shrugged his shoulders and made his way out of the scene leaving Ramey to his own devices.

“As far as I was concerned,” Ramey continued, “I was done for the evening after that little debacle that happened in the catering area, but then something happened. A certain person decided to make their presence known on jOlt television once again after a long absence and some heated debates over Twatter to vent his frustrations.”

“Are you off of your meds or something Sylo?” Ramey joked, “At the beginning of your little tirade you decided to compliment some of us who have been going out to that ring and making things happen since you decided to retire. Not even a few minutes later though, you begin to lambast, and I’m seriously beginning to think that you didn’t retire of your own volition, but you were given the choice to or you’d be committed to an insane asylum.”

“That was kind of a reoccurring theme for the majority of your career though, wasn’t it?” Ramey questioned, “One month you were the good guy, the next month you were the bad guy. One month you were a monster big man inside of the ring, another month you thought you were a flyweight attempting shooting star presses off of the top rope, and then another month would pass and you decided to start coming out to the ring with your feet taped up instead of wearing boots and you were a master of mixed martial arts.”

“No one,” Ramey let those two words sink in with a long pause, “in this company is trying to get a rub off of you by going at it with you on Twatter. For anyone to get any kind of momentum stepping through those curtains and making their way down to that ring you would have to be relevant within this company. Since you’ve left I haven’t heard any of those fans chanting your name, I haven’t seen a demand in the backstage area for you to appear on shows.”

Ramey looked around the surrounding area, no emotion from any of the production crew at the mention of Sylo’s name either. Ramey gave it ample time, but not even a peep could be heard echoing throughout the arena coming from the fans that filled within it.

“You hear that Sylo?” Ramey paused once more, “That’s the sound of silence. You can waltz out from that backstage area and decide that you’re going to shoot on everyone in this company, and mention my name more than anyone else. If anyone is trying to get a little bit of publicity off of name dropping, it sounds like that person was you coming out to that ring tonight.”

“Twatter just wasn’t enough for you us it?” Ramey chuckled, “What’s the problem? You weren’t getting enough retwattes? Not enough pound signs going out with your name attached to them? What I saw tonight wasn’t a man coming out to vent his frustrations, but a man grasping at straws. Trying to stay relevant in the world, because the worst mistake he could have ever made was walking out on this company.”

“The last time I checked, when you walked out on this company it kept running, the only difference was that new people began getting a chance to do things that they had previously not been allowed to do in the past.” Ramey paused, “Thompson wasn’t getting jOlt Championship matches when you were here, and Omega wasn’t given a chance to shine in a division that he made relevant in All-Star Championship Wrestling. Maybe at Breakdown I was wrong when I called out the management within this company for keeping so many people stuck under a glass ceiling despite their abilities to shine inside of that ring.”

“After hearing the words that spewed out of your bi-polar mouth tonight, I’ve come to a conclusion.” Ramey lowered his head a bit and smiled, “The only glass ceiling inside of this company was a man who went by the name of Sylo. Maybe you had some kind of vice grip on the management of this company when you were here that held a lot of people back. Who really knows the answer to that question? I certainly don’t, but looking at things in hindsight you were the problem with this company.”

“You were the person holding people back because you couldn’t let anyone else reach the pinnacle of this company.” Ramey raised his head back up, “So, don’t think you’re going to come here tonight and strong arm this company into dropping your own sense of verbal vengeance because you heard me do it at Breakdown and think that no one in the backstage area is going to call you out on your bullshit.”

“I’m not going to run you down on Twatter, Sylo.” Ramey smiled, “You know where to find me and if they management of this company are willing to allow you to come out to that ring and say whatever you want on one of the biggest nights of jOlt history, then they’ll surely allow you one more match inside of that ring. I’m standing right here. You want to vent your frustrations because of what people have been saying about you on the internet? I’ll meet you inside of that ring any time you want, just name the time and place; I’ll get it approved, but don’t go all psycho and tuck your tail between your legs and go back to your own devices. Stand like a man if you want to run that mouth inside of my ring, and take your ass beating from the pregnant woman bickering as you so eloquently described me.”

Ramey tossed the microphone to the ground and exited the scene.

"Head Down, Hands in Pockets"

Amber Ryann was backstage, walking down the hallway. Her hood pulled over her head. You could see the wires from some earbuds dangling in front of her. She had, presumably, a cell phone in her pocket. She was wearing sunglasses, hands in her pockets and her head down as she walked down the hallway. Alyssa Corliss came from the opposite direction and intentionally jammed her shoulder into Ryann's as she walked past.

Ryann stopped in her tracks for a moment as if she knew she got hit by someone, but decided it wasn't worth her time and slowly took a step forward.

"HEY!" yelled Corliss.

Ryann stopped in her tracks once again.

"You have some nerve. First you try to lecture me last week and now you practically throw yourself into me and don't even apologize? What the hell is wrong with you... you damn freakshow?"

Ryann sighed. She heard that all her life. It wasn't anything new to her.


All words she has heard at one point in her life. At this point, she almost took something like that as a compliment, but not matter how many times she's heard it... no matter how many times she has gotten used to it. Deep down inside, a little bit of her still stings from hearing herself referred to as such. But each time she's been called that, she always did the same thing..

Ryann sighed and began to walk away.

"THE HELL!? You just going to ignore me!? YOU GOING TO TURN YOUR BACK TO ME, TOO!?" yelled Corliss as Ryann kept on walking.

Corliss picked up her pace and spun Ryann around. She grabbed her by her hoodie and slammed her against the wall. The impact knocked her hood back, exposing her multi-colored hair. The symbol of her self expression. Alyssa gritted her teeth as she pressed harder.

"Maybe you didn't hear me.. but you OWE me an apology." growled Alyssa.

"Why should I say sorry to someone who already feels sorry for themself?" asked Ryann.

Alyssa looked away for a moment and loosened her grip. She then hauled off and slapped Ryann straight across the face.

"What the hell would you know you... YOU BITCH!"

Alyssa grabbed Ryann by the neck and threw her to the floor. Alyssa then began to pummel away on Ryann until members of the staff came over and pulled Alyssa off of Ryann.

"LET ME GO" screamed Alyssa.

The security continued to pull her away kicking and screaming until Alyssa calmed down.

"Okay.. OKAY.. I'm done"

The officials let her go as Alyssa threw he hands up into the air. She then looked at Amber Ryann who was checking her mouth for blood.

"I gave you a warning last week.. this week, I'm telling you, there will be no more warnings. Next week, I'm going to beat your apology out of you in that ring. I'll teach you to not get in my way.. I'll teach you to not turn your back on me.. and I'll teach you just what a lone woman without any need for bonds can do."

Alyssa turned and stormed away as Ryann pulled herself up a seated position. She leaned against the wall and pulled her knees up to her chest. It was like life just kept repeating itself in circles... in cycles. The look on Ryann's face said it all. Even though she experience this her whole life and had gotten used to it... it doesn't mean she wants to go through it again. Especially with someone she thought she was becoming friends with not that long ago.

As is the life of a loner

Chris Titan & Reno Davis vs Cross the Hood

For the past two weeks, Chris Titan has had an uphill battle against The Rebellion, but the prize was there at the end of the tunnel... a one on one match with Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. Last week, all hell broke loose and we saw the return of the Lusus Army to stand side by side with Chris Titan which increased the numbers of The Backbone in the process.

Tonight, Titan and Reno Davis of The Backbone were about to face one of the teams announced for the War Games match.. Cross the Hood. This wasn't a singles match and Titan had to be extra careful because if Reno Davis were to get pinned, it would mean Titan would not get to face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

Out from the backstage area came Chris Titan and Reno Davis, backed up by Lusus. The people gave them a standing ovation as they marched down to the ring. Reno Davis has returned off of an injury and may not be a hundred percent going into this match.. another factor that had to be weighing in the back of Titan's mind. Titan and Davis entered the ring as Lusus remained at ringside.

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker

Out from the back came one of the most accomplished tag teams on The Hype.. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood, known together as Cross the Hood. They came here because they were tired of being held down by Shayne Anderson and with The Rebellion's goal of taking all of the top spots in jOlt, it was only natural that they were on board. Cross and Hood kept a watchful eye on Lusus as they entered the ring and talked strategy.

It was decided that Reno Davis and Jackson Cross would start the match and the referee called for the bell.




Titan decided to send Davis out there first. At least Titan would be fresh if Reno got himself into a situation where he needed help, not knowing the extent of his healing process. The two of them locked up and immediately Reno went into the side headlock, but Cross punched away at Reno's mid-section, causing him to loosen his grip. Cross hit the ropes and came back with a shoulder block that knocked him to the canvas. Cross hit the ropes again and stepped over Reno as Reno popped back up to his feet.

Arm drag attempt by Reno, but it was blocked by Cross. Cross floated over and tried an arm drag of his own, but Davis hit a knee to the stomach and doubled Cross over. Reno hooked his leg over the back of Cross' head and flipped backwards to his feet.

Reno swung with a lariat, but Cross ducked underneath and took off to the opposite side. Cross came back with a Flying Shoulder Tackle as Reno turned around, knocking him down. Cross went to the ropes, but Reno quickly switched it up into a Drop Toe Hold that caused Cross to hit face first into the canvas. Reno floated over and applied a front chancery, but Cross battled to his feet and pressed Reno against the ropes. Cross then showed off his street fighting background as he opened up with left and rights to the mid-section. The body blows caused Reno to brings his arms down to block them.. that's when Cross aimed high, hitting rights and lefts to Reno's face before whipping him to the ropes.

Reno bounced off and ran into a Running High Knee by Cross that put him down. Cross then grabbed Reno by the leg and pulled him over to his corner where he tagged in Machida Hood.

Hood stepped into the ring as Cross pulled Reno up. Cross exposed Reno's ribs and Hood hit a few quick jabs before the referee forced Cross out of the ring. Hood then hit a barrage of forearms that staggered Reno back into their corner. Hood switched it up to a pair of knee thrusts that caused Reno to sulk in the corner. Hood gained some distance and charged in, looking for a body avalanche, but Reno moved out of the way and Hood smacked face first into the top turnbuckle pad!!

Hood turned around as Reno got a full head of steam. Reno leapt up and kicked off of Hood's chest with a Tiger Wall Flip! Hood staggered out of the corner as Reno spun around and put Hood down with a Discus Lariat! Reno stood and headed toward the neutral corner where he climbed up top, but Cross ran along the ring apron and distracted Reno from taking flight. Reno, however, hit a thrust kick that knocked Cross off the apron and down to the floor, but this allowed Hood enough time to get up and hit the ropes, knocking Reno off balance and crotching him up top.

Hood then hit a European Uppercut as Reno leaned over. The impact sent him backwards and the only thing that stopped him from going over was the top of the ring post. Hood then climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and grabbed Reno in a front chancery. He went for a Suplerplex, but Davis twisted in mid-air and converted it into a Cross Body Block!! Reno landed on top with the cover!



Hood kicked out.

Reno stood and hit the ropes. He came back with a Front Flip Leg Drop, but Hood moved out of the way and Reno landed on his tail bone. Hood immediately shoved Reno onto his back before mounting him and hitting rapid fire punches into his head which drew admonishment from the referee. Hood stood back up and backed into the ropes. He came back with a Diving Axe Handle Sledge across the top of the head. He stood, hit the ropes and dropped another one. Hood stood back up and decided to go for the hat trick. He backed into the ropes, but this time, he looked for a Leaping Knee Drop, but Reno rolled out of the way and Hood's knee smacked into the canvas!

Reno planted his foot into Hood's chest and nailed a Step Up Enzugiri that staggered Hood back into the ropes. Reno charged in, but Hood lifted him up and over to the ring apron. Hood turned around and Davis met him with a shoulder block between the ropes. Davis grabbed the top rope and slingshotted himself over, grabbing Hood by the head in the process! He drove him face fist into the canvas with a Slingshot DDT!

Reno turned toward his corner and started to walk over to make the tag when Jackson Cross came into the ring and slammed his arm into the back of Reno's head with a Northern Lariat!! The referee yelled at Cross and told him to get back to his corner, but this allowed enough time for Machida Hood to get back to his feet.

Hood grabbed Reno by the leg and pulled him back to the center of the ring where he dropped a pair of elbows into Reno's lower back. He then sat on Reno's back and applied a Camel Clutch submission hold! Reno looked to be in pain, but had nowhere to go! This prompted Chris Titan to step between the ropes, but the referee stepped in and prevented Titan from coming into the ring. As Titan tried to state his case, Jackson Cross came into the ring and hit the ropes. He came back and planted both feet right into Reno's face with a Shotgun Drop Kick while he was locked into the Camel Clutch Submission!!!

Cross bolted from the ring as Hood turned Reno over and yelled out "YO REF" to get his attention. The referee turned around and saw that Hood had the cover. He rused over and made the count.



Reno kicked out!!

The people cheered as Lusus pounded on the apron on the outside to try and rally Reno Davis back into this. Hood pulled Reno up as he reached out for a tag, but Hood placed him in a bear hug and forced him back into their corner where he made the tag to Jackson Cross.

Cross stepped in and put the boots to Reno in the corner, stomping him down to a seated position. Cross then pressed his foot against Reno's face and scraped it a few times with a Face Wash. Cross took off to the ropes and hit a Running Face Wash in the corner! Cross then made the tag back to Machida Hood.

Hood came in and immediately hit the ropes. He charged in and smacked Reno in the face with a Running Knee Strike! Hood dragged Reno to the center of the ring and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Titan came in and broke it up!

Titan tried to get his hands on Hood, but the referee forced him back into his corner. Meanwhile, Jackson Cross came back in and the two of them stomped on Reno. They slapped their hands together to make it sound like they made a tag as Hood stepped out. When the referee turned around he asked why Cross was in the ring. He said they made a tag and the referee let it go.

Cross pulled Davis up off the canvas and hit an Inverted Atomic Drop. Cross then took off to the ropes and came back with a Yakuza Kick that put Reno onto his back. Cross then went to the corner and hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle pad. Hood made the tag as Cross leapt off with a Flying Knee Drop that connected into Reno's chest! Cross rolled out of the ring as Hood came in and hit a Running Splash that went immediately into the cover.



Titan came in and interrupted the pin again!

Titan went back to his corner and was just teeming to get the tag. He shouted out to Reno as Lusus continued to try and rally Reno back up to his feet from the outside. Reno tried sitting up, but Hood was right there behind him, waiting. Once Reno was in a seated position, Hood slapped on a Sleeper Hold from behind, trying to keep him grounded.

"LET'S GO RENO" clap clap clapclapclap
"LET'S GO RENO" clap clap clapclapclap
"LET'S GO RENO" clap clap clapclapclap
"LET'S GO RENO" clap clap clapclapclap
"LET'S GO RENO" clap clap clapclapclap

Even the crowd was getting behind Reno Davis! Davis used the energy from his partner, from Lusus, and from the fans to psych himself up. He got back to a vertical base and dropped back down with a Jawbreaker, stunning Hood! Reno then stood and hit a Leaping Enzugiri to the side of Hood's head, dropping him to his knees and then down to the canvas!

Cross came into the match, but Reno used his momentum to lift him into the air! Reno pivoted and leapt up, catching Cross with an Ace Crusher, but Reno had trouble getting back up! Cross rolled to the outside as both Reno and Hood were down. The referee started his mandatory ten count..







Both men began to stir...



Reno and Hood were up!

Reno darted for the corner. Hood leapt at Reno, but just missed him by a finger tip's length!


Hood got back up just in time for Titan to come into the match and drill him with a Running Clothesline. Hood popped back up and Titan put him down with another clothesline. Titan helped Hood back to his feet before sending him off to the ropes. Titan caught Hood in a front waist lock then hit a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!

Jackson Cross came back into the ring and Titan caught him, hitting a Belly to Belly on him as well! Hood got back to his feet and charged at Titan, but Titan side stepped and tossed Hood over the top rope to the outside! Cross got back up and he charged at Titan, but Titan lifted him up and over the top rope, dumping him down to the floor as well!

Both members of Cross the Hood got to their feet as Titan hit the ropes. He build up tremendous speed as he dove through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, but Jackson Cross moved out of the way so Chris Titan only took out Machida Hood. Cross, however, didn't realize this, but he stepped into the direction of Davis' corner and Reno was right there, waiting for him! Reno ran along the apron and flipped off with a Hilo, taking Cross down to the floor!

Titan grabbed Hood and rammed him back first into the edge of the apron. He switched directions and rammed Hood into the barricades. He then rolled Hood back into the ring where he got back up to his feet, but was on spaghetti legs. Titan hopped onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a Springboard Missile Drop Kick that knocked Hood down and then kipped back up to his feet! Titan called for the end as he measured up Machida Hood, but that's when the crowd booed and turned their attention to the entrance way...


Sayber ran out and hopped up on the ring apron, but Titan saw him and knocked him off with a back elbow to the face! Sayber fell off the apron and staggered around on the floor. Reno Davis had gotten up and he ran along the side of the ring. Sayber saw him out of the corner of his eye, but it was too late! Reno leapt from the floor through the corner between the bottom and middle ropes! He grabbed Sayber's head as he passed through and spun out into a Tornado DDT on the floor!!!

Back in the ring, Titan was distracted by this and Hood tried for the roll up!



Titan kicked away!

Both men got back up to their feet. Hood swung with a clothesline, but Titan ducked and headed to the ropes. Jackson Cross came into the ring and...



Titan hit the canvas hard and was clenching his ribs in pain. Reno Davis, however, got up onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a Springboard Spinning Heel Kick that caught Cross in the face, knocking him down to the canvas! Reno stood and saw Hood charge at him from out of his peripheral vision. Reno hit a back thrust kick that doubled Hood over. Reno shuffled back and nailed a Super Kick that spun Hood around!

As Hood was falling forward, Titan had gotten up and was waiting for him. Titan jumped up and brought Hood's face right into his knees!


Titan had the cover!




Sayber had gotten onto the apron and hit a springboard elbow drop into Titan's back, breaking up the pin!

The referee called for the bell and Titan and Reno were going to win this by disqualification, meaning Chris Titan was still alive and qualified to face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends!!

Davis grabbed Sayber and pulled him off of Titan, but Cross hit Reno from behind with a forearm shot! Sayber and Cross double teamed Reno until Lusus got onto the ring apron! The crowd went nuts as Lusus stepped into the ring and charged in! Reno got out of the way just in time!


Lusus with a massive Double Lariat! Cross and Sayber rolled out of the ring and all three were along with Machida Hood, who was still down. Titan pulled Hood up to his feet as Lusus and Reno stood at the ropes, making sure Sayber and Jackson Cross didn't come back in. Titan hoisted Hood up onto his shoulders and spun him off with a TKO!!

Titan went over and took Reno's spot as Reno went to the corner... He had his back to Hood when he flipped off with a Double Rotation Moonsault!


Davis got up and switched places with Lusus. Lusus went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads. That's when Sayber and Cross made a move, but Titan and Davis stepped out onto the ring apron and hit a double cross body block to the outside, taking them down!

All eyes were on Lusus as he leapt of the top rope!!



Lusus dropped a HUGE leg on top of Machida Hood! He was done for!!

Lusus then rolled out of the ring and joined Chris Titan and Reno Davis. The three of them backpeddled up the entrance ramp and for the third week in a row, Chris Titan got the upper hand on The Rebellion!

Titan had to survive one more week. If he did, he would get what he wanted.. a one on one match against the mouthpiece of The Rebellion, Sebastian Saje!

Winner: Chris Titan & Reno Davis via Disqualification

"Not so Fresh Tactics"

The scene opened in Damien Lee's office. a once cheerful reaction was relegated to severe boos. Mattock, Sanchez Cano, Mike Extreme and Reno Davis step into the office. Lee looked up from his paperwork and slammed his fists on the desk.

Lee: "Let me guess.. you're here to bitch at me about being behind The Rebellion.... I know you are.. I can see it in your eyes. If you want to hate me, you can go ahead and hate me, but what's done is done and in the end, you know as well as I do that in order for any company to continue to survive into the future, you need to make new stars.. and that's EXACTLY what I'm doing here. If you have a problem with that, then that's too bad because in addition to being behind The Rebellion, you need to remember, I'm still your boss."

Cano stepped forward.

Cano: "Wow.. we didn't even say anything yet, Esse! You need to chill... but.. you did kinda hit the nail on the head, though. How can we NOT be upset by this news? You brought in a group of people aiming to take everything we worked hard for away from us. You think we were just going to sit back and accept it? No... we continued to do what we have been doing.. working hard and fighting hard to achieve our own goals."

Lee shrugged.

Lee: "That certainly is a touching story, Sanchez, but I wouldn't call what you four have done as "working hard". Mattock and Cano.. you two formed reVolt over a year ago and you tried EXACTLY what The Rebellion is doing now.. and you failed.. realzing that you weren't going to accomplish it, it nearly drove a wedge between you two. Now you're all buddy buddy again and with the help of The Backbone, you're just NOW trying to make it to the top? Why didn't you do this seriously a year ago? Sebastian Saje was right when he told it to your faces that all you're doing is trying to make yourselves relevant when you've failed to do so all this time.. Reno Davis and Mike Extreme.. that goes for you, too. You're trying to live off your namesakes. You two were monster names.. WERE being the key word. Now look at you.. hit or miss.. you might get something going, but it fizzles. You are shells of your former selves. So the question here isn't about pointing the finger of blame on me and asking why. The question here should be pointing at the four of you and asking "Why now?" If you had continued on through the years at being the best, you would be on top right now. Just image something like.. Mike Extreme.. jOlt World Champion! Or Mattock.. jOlt Underground Champion. Have nice rings to it, don't they.. but the fact of the matter is you've done nothing to get yourselves there and you know it."

The words Lee just spouted forth stung.. Reno and Extreme gritted their teeth. Cano was about to step forward when Mattock held out his arm, holding him back.

Mattock: "No. Cano.. I ascertain the fact that I had stated I would let you be reVolt's mouthpiece as a token of respect and new-found admiration and trust me.. that still stands. But, sometimes, in order to afford ourselves with any minute divergence from our path toward one of progression, old tactics must be refreshed."

Mattock then lunged over Lee's desk and knocked him out of his chair!! The other three stood back as Mattock pulled Lee up off of the floor and slammed him down on top of the desk, grasping at his shirt. Mattock snarled as he looked Lee right in the eyes.

Mattock: "Here is the fire that lies within us. I'd say it's more than adequate to be our proof. It matters not the time, nor the circumstance. All that matters is the opportunity. Hence why I want the four of us placed in War Games. Cano and I for reVolt... Davis and Extreme for The Backbone. Make it happen, or The Rebellion will soon lose their leader."

The look in Damien's eyes said it all. Mattock had won and Lee had no choice but to cave in.

Lee: "FINE! You want in? You're in.. but you better show the same fire in that match because if you don't.. the four of you will just end up making my words even more true."

Mattock released Lee and backed off as Lee cautiously watched him as he circled back around the desk.

Mattock: "We don't intend on failing."

Mattock walked out of the room followerd by Cano, Davis and Extreme. Just like that, we were up to six teams for War Games.. and the Games just got that much more interesting!

Vizier ta Seti vs Jon Le Bon

Two weeks ago, Damien Lee made one of two blockbuster announcements. One being the War Games for the Tag Team Championships at Rise of the Legends... the other... a momentus occasion for iNtense 100! The ressurrection of the Relentless Championship and a tournament to decide the crowning of the new champion!

Many have entered the tournament.. 'jOlt's Golden Boy" Diamond Jewelz, a former two time #1 contender in Kayden Paulton, the former three-time Relentless Champion Aran Thompson, the leader of reVolt, Mattock, the former and final Flyweight Champion, Jimmy B. Martinez, and the enigma known as Citizen. All of which have lived up to their accolades, but the tournament ended up in the finals with two of the most unlikely candidates... a virtual unknown in Vizier ta Seti, and the overly charasmatic underdog, Jon Le Bon. No one really predicted that these two would be in the finals, yet, here they were and it was now time to vie for the vacant Relentless Championship!

"American Idiot" by Green Day

The fans cheered as the biggest underdog in the tournament, the lovable, yet hateable, Jon Le Bon stepped out from the backstage area. He shocked everyone by defeating Citizen in round one and while many thought Le Bon would be one and done, a fortunate, or unfortunate situation, depending on your point of view, caused Le Bon to defeat Aran Thompson via disqualification in round two, thrusting him into the finals!

All of that weighed on Le Bon's mind as he made his way to the ring, but through all the thoughts, he still beamed a smile of cockiness and confidence. He looked around the arena and saw signs of support from him. Signs with orange peanuts... signs with "Don't Eat the Meatloaf" on them. Even one that said "I'm a Scoopologist, too". Le Bon had his supporters and he basked in the knowledge that they were there behind him. Le Bon entered the ring and warmed up by testing the ropes and then cracking his knuckles. He did a bit of a shuffle to loosen up as his music died down.

"People of the Moon" by PUi

The arena lights dimmed as the virtual unknown from Egypt, Vizier ta Seti walked out from the backstage area. He made his way down the entrance ramp and he, too, had supporters in the crowd. As we saw on Rock the House, there were people who had crescent moon tattoos holding a sign that said "People of the Moon" on it... here on iNtense, we saw the same thing at ringside. As Seti walked around the right side of the ring, he noticed a couple with a crescent moon tattoo on their shoulders and even had a child with them who had a painted on tattoo on the top of his hand. Seti gave them a nod as he hopped up onto the apron and stepped into the ring.

Seti made his debut on Rock the House and then a bigger debut two weeks ago as a participant in the Relentless Title Tournament. In Round 1, he defeated Kayden Paulton.. a man who has main evented against the likes of Ninja K and Landon Stevens... and in Round 2, he pulled off a huge upset by defeating a favorite to win the tournament, Diamond Jewelz.. who many see as the next breakout star here in jOlt. Being a virtual unknown has its advantages, but now that people have seen him wrestle, that advantage is slowly shrinking. Would it be enough here tonight or would Jon Le Bon pull off the biggest upset in history and get himself a championship?

The answer to that question was about to be answered as the referee held up the Relentless Championship for the world to see before passing it off to ringside. Once all the formalities were taken care of, the referee called for the bell.




Despite it being the two most unlikely opponents, the match still had a big fight feel to it. Seti and Le Bon slowly circled each other in the ring, Seti wiggling his fingers to keep them loose as if he were saying that he was ready to lock up at any given moment. The pacing stopped and the two lunged at each other with a collar and elbow tie up. Le Bon immediately twisted into an arm wringer, but Seti rolled onto his back and used a snap kick to break Le Bon's grip over his arm. Seti got back to his feet and stared down Le Bon as he shook his arm in pain.

They circled and locked up a second time... this time Le Bon tried a waist lock, but Seti separated the grip of Le Bon and performed a standing switch into a Full Nelson, but Le Bon dropped down to his seat and brought his legs under Seti's arms, taking him over with a roll up pin...


Seti immediately kicked away and both men got to their feet in a stare down. They circled a third time and once again, locked it up with a collar and elbow tie up. Seti applied a side headlock, but Le Bon backed him into the ropes, attempting to shove him off, but Seti slid down to a knee, pulling Le Bon's head with him. Seti stood back up as Le Bon backed him into the ropes again, but it was the same result with Seti dropping down and refusing to let go of the hold. Seti stood as Le Bon tried a different approach with a Back Drop Suplex, but Seti kicked his legs and shifted momentum in mid lift, hitting a headlock takedown on Le Bon and cinching in the head lock even tighter while the two were on the canvas!

Le Bon was in trouble in the early goings of the match. The fans began to rally behind Le Bon as he battled his way back up to a standing position. Le Bon then fired elbow after elbow after elbow into Seti's mid-section until he finally broke free. Le Bon took off to the ropes, but Seti came back and hit an Arm Drag, converting it into an Arm Bar Submission! Set was in the knelt position while Le Bon was seated. Seti pulled up on Le Bon's arm, trying to rip it out of the socket, but Le Bon got to his feet and reversed it into an Arm Wringer.

Le Bon, while having the arm trapped, hit a couple of stiff kicks to Seti's chest. Le Bon then aimed high with a Roundhouse Kick, but Seti ducked. Le Bon was in a precarious position that allowed Seti to flip Le Bon over onto his back. Seti immediately leapt up into the air and dropped a leg across Le Bon's neck and chest. Seti quickly stood and hit a second leg drop across the chest... stood and then followed it up by hitting the ropes and driving the point of the knee into the top of Le Bon's head! Seti went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Le Bon popped the shoulder up.

Seti brought Le Bon to a seated position and fired a stiff kick between the shoulder blades. Seti took a step back and hit a second kick. Seti then hit the ropes and nailed a Running Drop Kick to the back of Le Bon's skull! He quickly went for another cover..



Le Bon kicked out again.

Seti stood and pulled Le Bon to his feet. He lit up Le Bon's chest with a knife edge chop. Le Bon, surprisingly, countered with a chop of his own! Seti returned the favor with another chop, and Le Bon responded once again with another chop. The two traded chops back and forth until Le Bon switched it up with a knee lift to the stomach. Le Bon took off to the ropes and came back with a Running Knee Lift that staggered Seti away. Le Bon ran up behind Seti and leapt onto his shoulders, looking for a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but when Le Bon went to flip back, Seti grabbed Le Bon's legs and prevented him from hitting the move! Le Bon was now draped upside down against Seti's back. Seti turned his back to the corner and quickly backstepped, ramming Le Bon's front side into the corner!

Seti stepped forward and repeated the move, ramming Le Bon back into the turnbuckle pads. Seti pressed Le Bon against the corner and released his legs one at a time. Seti draped them over the top turnbuckle so Le Bon was hanging in the corner. Seti turned and lifted Le Bon's head up. Seti then hit alternating knee strikes into Le Bon's face as he was helpless in the corner. Seti let Le Bon go and he flopped off the turnbuckles onto his back. Seti went to the apron and grabbed the top rope. He flung himself over with a Springboard Senton and his weight came crashing down across Le Bon's chest!

Seti grabbed Le Bon by the leg, dragging him out of the corner and making the cover.



Le Bon kicked out!

This was the third time Seti tried to put Le Bon away, but Le Bon continued to be tenacious. Seti knew he had to stay on him so he grabbed Le Bon by the head and pulled him up, but Le Bon shocked Seti by shoving him backwards! Le Bon saw he was the right distance away and lunged in...


Super Kick to the face! Seti went down!

Le Bon staggered back into the corner where he used the ropes and the turnbuckles to brace himself! Seti, who, for the most part, was controlling this match from the beginning was down and out, but Le Bon was busy trying to shake off the cobwebs to go for the cover. Le Bon knew that at this point, Seti wouldn't be able to be held down for a three so Le Bon turned and climbed the turnbuckles where he perched himself up top, waiting for Seti to stand. Seti got back to his feet and Le Bon leapt off with a Flying Leg Lariat that took Seti back down!

Le Bon, feeling a second wind, got to his feet and ran to the ropes. He came back with a Running Senton Back Splash. He immediately stood and grabbed the ropes. He leapt to the middle rope and hit an Asai Moonsault, crashing down on top of Seti! Le Bon went for the cover!



Seti got the shoulder up!

The crowd was starting to come alive for Le Bon as he pulled Seti to his feet. Front kick to the chest... knife edge chop to the chest! Knee lift to the mid-section.. european uppercut to the jaw! Seti staggered back against the ropes after that combo! Le Bon then took off to the ropes for momentum, but Seti shook it off and charged in...



Seti damn near took Le Bon's head off with that vicious lariat and the crowd groaned at the impact which dropped Le Bon on the back of his neck and folding him up like an accordian. Seti rolled Le Bon up to his feet and grabbed the dazed Rockstar in a front waist lock. He was looking for the Third Eye.. the belly to belly suplex, but Le Bon actually fought back with headbutts! Le Bon hit enough of them to break the hold over him. Seti staggered away as Le Bon backed into the ropes. Le Bon charged in and wrapped his legs around Seti's head, flipping him with a Satellite Headscissors!

Seti popped back up but staggered into the corner. Le Bon got a full head of steam and nailed a running clothesline into the corner. Le Bon took off to the opposite corner and came back with a running Drop Kick to the face that dropped Seti down to a seated position. Le Bon hit the opposite corner again and came back with a Running Knee Strike to the side of Seti's head! Le Bon pulled Seti out from the corner and then headed to the top turnbuckle pad. He took aim and leapt off, driving the point of the elbow into the heart of Vizier ta Seti! Le Bon made the cover, hooking the leg deep!



Seti kicked out!

Le Bon was still feeling the effects of that vicious lariat. Whatever energy he tapped into to fight through it was fading. He knew he had to end this match soon. Le Bon waited for Seti to stand. Once Seti was vertical, Le Bon went for the toe kick to set up the Rockstar Stunner, but Seti grabbed Le Bon by the leg and spun him around. Seti went for another lariat, but Le Bon ducked and took off to the ropes. Le Bon came back and caught Seti as he turned around with what looked like another Satellite Headscissor, but Le Bon converted that into a DDT!


Le Bon stood and went to the corner. He climbed up top and took aim as he flipped off and connected...


Le Bon covered as the people in the crowd rose to their feet! Le Bon was about to pull it off!



Thre.. NO!!!

Seti kicked out and Le Bon couldn't believe it!

Le Bon had one weapon left.. it was already countered once, but after getting hit with two moves like that, there was no way, he thought, he would get countered again. To try and lean the odds in his favor, Le Bon didn't wait for Seti to stand. He scrambled to pull him up as fast as possible. He went for the toe kick and it connected. Le Bon turned and hooked the head, but Seti shoved him off, blocking the Rockstar Stunner a second time! Le Bon turned around and Seti grabbed him with a waist lock then popped the hips...


Seti hit the Belly to Belly Suplex! Le Bon staggered up to his feet, but he didn't know where he was. He stumbled around as Seti went for See No Evil.. the Codebreaker to the face, but Le Bon actually caught Seti in the air and charged into the corner...


Seti staggered forward out of the corner.. Le Bon kicked him in the stomach...


The people erupted!! Le Bon was going to be the new Relentless Champion!!



Th.. NO!!!


Seti was too close to the corner and was able to break up the pinfall by draping his foot across the bottom rope! Le Bon couldn't believe he forgot to pull Seti away from the corner.. the one mistake was the different between letting this match continue and becoming a champion! Le Bon then thought that maybe Seti still couldn't kick out.. so he dragged him away from the corner and made a quick cover, hooking the leg...




Too much time had elapsed and Seti was able to kick out after the second pinfall attempt. Le Bon got to his feet as the crowd began to chant "This is Awesome" at both men. Le Bon could only hope to try for the stunner again. Seti slowly got back to his feet.. he too, was on dream street practically. Le Bon went for the toe kick, but as if it were second nature, Seti grabbed the leg and spun Le Bon around.. Seti leapt up and grabbed Le Bon, pulling him down into his knees!!


Seti lacked the energy to cover Le Bon, but the fans also rallied behind him. He glanced over at his followers in the front row that he passed on his way to the ring and it gave him the strength to sit up and shuffle over into the cover...



Thr... NO!!!


Jon Le Bon wouldn't be denied, but both men were spent. The crowd was on their feet in anticipation.. just to see who would get to their feet first. The referee began his mandatory ten count, but by the count of four, both men were already in a seated position. By six, they were each up to one knee. by eight, they were up. Le Bon stepped in and connected with a right hand. Seti returned the favor with a right hand of his own. Back and forth they traded punches. Le Bon quickened his punches and began to rock Seti's head back, but Seti found the rhythm of the punches and put his hand up and blocked one.

That threw Le Bon off of his game and it allowed Seti to counter with a knee lift to the stomach. Seti then tilted Le Bon's chin up slightly and hit a Standing Drop Kick, knocking Le Bon onto his back. Seti then went to the corner, but it took him a little bit to get up top. This allowed Le Bon to get back to his feet and charge the corner. He leapt all the way up to the top rope with a single bound which amazed the corner, but Le Bon couldn't do anything as Seti hit a headbutt to Le Bon, dazing him. Seti hit a second headbutt and Le Bon teetered a bit. A third headbutt was enough to knock Le Bon off the top turnbuckle, causing him to slam back-first onto the canvas.

Seti then stood on the top turnbuckle pads, looking down at Le Bon... Seti flipped off with a 450 Leg Drop!!!


It connected!!





Seti did it! WIth only three matches under his belt on iNtense.. and only three on Rock the House... Vizier ta Seti just became the NEW Relentless Champion! The crowd gave both men a standing ovation as "People of the Moon" by PUi pumped through the arena's speakers. The referee walked over and handed the Relentless Championship to Seti to grasped it in his hands. He looked down into the title, the sweat pouring down his face. Once the realization hit in that he had become a champion in jOlt, he hoisted the title over his head as pyro exploded above the ring!

He only had a few followers, but after this performance and after shocking the jOlt universe... many more people will now be paying attention to Vizier ta Seti! Seti went to each corner and ascended the turnbuckles, raising the championship into the air as the flashbulbs of cameras and cell phones went off around the Arena of Champions in Orlando, FL.

After all four turnbuckles experienced their share of celebration, Seti noticed Le Bon was getting back up to his feet in the middle of the ring. Seti walked over to Le Bon and offered his hand. Le Bon took it and Seti helped him to his feet. Seti then shook Le Bon's hand, but Le Bon, in turn, raised Seti's into the air before applauding him and making his exit from the ring. Seti simply nodded at Le Bon out of respect and hoisted the championship into the air once again.

The title was reinstated.. we had new rules for the belt.. and Vizier ta Seti was your first Relentless Champion under the new era of its existence! iNtense then faded out to commercial.

Winner: Vizier ta Seti via Pinfall

"This is the Moment... Starting Now"

Backstage, Donny Layne was standing by in the interview area waiting for Jon Le Bon, looking to get some thoughts on his loss that just occurred.

"Ladies and gentlemen, waiting on Jon Le Bon....."

Layne stopped as Le Bon walked up, still a bit sweaty from his match just moments ago

"Speaking of Le Bon.. he has just joined us. He came up just a bit short just a few moments ago in the Relentless Championship Tournament Finals. Jon, I'd like to get your thoughts on the match."

Le Bon stood back for a moment, mouth agape.

"Wow.. how did you spew all of that out in one breath!? That's impressive!!! You know, I used to be able to hold my breath underwater for a very long time. I also used to hold me eyes open underwater so the chlorine would turn them red and I'd walk around school with like demonic eyes all day! They said I shouldn't do that because I could end up with brain damage, but I think I turned out just fine!!"

Le Bon gave a thumbs up to the camera before continuing.

"But as for tonight.. I'm mighty super disappointed that I didn't get any sparklies around my waist. I mean, Diamond Jewelz always has sparklies.. but I wanted a BIG sparkly.. but it wasn't meant to be. I mean.. I already have sparklies, but I can't show them to you.. we're rated TV-14.. not TV-MA.. plus they might be a little stinky."

"Uh..." said Layne

"Oh don't worry.. you're safe! Besides.. I need to get ready.. the moment is fast approaching and as man that I am.. I need to be ready at all times for when the moment decides to strike!"

Layne looked even more confused.

"What moment is coming?"

"You know.. THE moment! The moment where everything becomes one and an aura of awesomeness engulfs you as you feel a certain way.. a way that can only be made possible by THE moment!" said Le Bon.

"I think it still doesn't answer my question. What moment?" asked Layne.

"Every man feels the moment Danny! They grit their teeth and they bear it for as long as possible and then the moment hits and everything in the world seems right once again. I'm about to hit that moment so I must get going."

Layne stopped Le Bon as he started to walk away.

"You mean the moment you realize it's not the end and that there's life after losing a shot at a championship? Are you perhaps going to ask for a rematch?" asked Layne.

"Huh? OH! No.. I meant that I have to go drop a big one. Safety tips include not crossing the streams.. especially with the guy in the urinal next to you and don't eat the complimentary burrito that they have in catering... seriously.. the....................... oh god... THE MOMENT IS NEAR"

Le Bon trotted away as Layne sighed, hanging his head.

"We'll be right back" muttered Layne as the scene faded out.

"A History Lesson"

The Arena of Champions goes black.

The heavy sound of "Lift Me UP" by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the arena as a spotlight moved through the crowd. The lights brightned just enough to see white and pink smoke fill the entrance way. The spotlight shined down at the top of the entrance way.


The fans jeered as the reigning jOlt championed ascended from below the stage with the jOlt championship raised proudly above his head.CHUMP!!!.... CHUMP!!!.... CHUMP!!!....

The Rising Star stepped forward and gazed upon the crowd laughing as he moved down the ramp, the spotlight following. Stevens pointed and yelled at fans as had a war of words with the jolt faithfuls. The champion once again stopped in his tracks as he reached the bottom of the ramp. Stevens raised the jOlt championship with his left arm while the right raised in a fist.


Stevens jumped up onto the apron and climbed in the ring through the ropes smiling as he moved to the corner and signaled for a microphone.

The music faded in the background as the lights returned to full brightness and the remenants of smoke cleared out. Stevens stepped out into the middle of the ring.

"Tonight is a very special night. It's the 100th edition of Sunday Night iNtense." Stevens laughed as the fans began to cheer and even started chanting positivly.

JOLT!!!.... JOLT!!!.... JOLT!!!...

"But, that's not why its a special night. You guys are so damn gullable. You really think I give a rats ass what episode this is. All I know is tonight I am going to take full advantage of the extra publicity. Tonight I will shock the world as I end the streak of Omega and end his reign of dominance on the Underground division."

YOU SUCK!!!.... YOU SUCK!!!.... YOU SUCK!!!....

Stevens smiled as he looked around the arena.

"Let me give you a little history lesson about Omega and myself. Five years ago, Omega put me on the shelf for quite some time. In the process he took my ACW Scorpion Fighting Championship and ACW released me from my contract."

A-C-W!!!.... A-C-W!!!.... A-C-W!!!.... A-C-W!!!.... The fans chanted for the fallen organization for its decision to release the current Jolt champion five years ago.

"We don't have matches, we have wars. Omega and I have gone to war many many times and with the exception of that one fateful night on Courage where he STOLE my championship it has ended the same way. With no decision. Tonight will be no different except it will be I, THE RISING STAR who comes out as jOlt's undisputed champion. I started here in jOlt the same way as Omega and we fought to try and end each others winning streaks. Sadly he fell behind the times as I moved on to bigger and better things, but now I set my eye on what is his and its time I return the favor from five years ago."

Stevens dropped the microphone outside the ring as he waited for Omega to make his way to the ring.

Landon Stevens vs Omega

Landon Stevens stayed in the ring as he looked to the entrance way for his opponent. These two men have had a long standing feud that has spanned across two federations as Landon alluded to earlier. Landon has always resented Omega from taking a title from him while injuring him in the process. Landon has a massive grudge against Omega and tonight he gets to take it out against the monster. Damien Lee did the jOlt champion a favor by making this match a title versus title match and making it a normal match which takes the monster, Omega out of his element.

CUE UP: ‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Jason Rau stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

Pain is a revelation

you all will embrace your fear. Omega will see to that.

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a hood covering his face as the dreadlocks dangled from the hood. The champion stood stoically in the middle of the ring holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to the ref as the fans jeered the champion. Omega pulled his hood off as he looked across the ring at the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for both men to become double champions in jOlt.

The world champion handed his title to the ref as Omega sat in the corner. The ref called for the bell as Landon Stevens bounced in the corner as he was going at this match alone. The Faction was not allowed at ringside as the champion had to take on the boogeyman one on one. Stevens made his way to the middle of the ring as the Underground Champion stood to his feet and looked down at the jOlt champion.

“You are looking at your better, Omega. I am the world champion and tonight I plan to become a double champion and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Omega smirked at the jOlt Champion. “We challenge you to come take us down. We will revel in your pain.”

Omega went to punch Stevens but the champion ducked the punch and nailed the monster in the leg with a stiff kick. The Underground champion looked at Landon and smiled. The jOlt champion had to be in and out but with the history of these two men that would not be the case. The big man rushed at Landon who moved again and turned Omega around and nailed him with a few big right hands that sent Omega back to the ropes. Landon grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into the corner. Landon looked on at the corner but Omega exploded out of the corner and nailed Stevens with a huge clothesline.

Landon fell to the mat and quickly rolled to the floor. Omega looked at the champion and rolled to the floor after Landon. The ref looked down and started to administer the ten count on the two men.





Landon quickly rolled into the ring. Omega was not used to seeing the referee administer a count out in his matches. This was new to him. He had to adapt to a different type of match. Omega looked up in the ring at Landon before rolling back into the ring himself. Stevens was quick on the attack as Omega rolled under the bottom rope. Landon nailed Omega with big forearm shots before standing to his feet. The jOlt Heavyweight champion started to kick Omega in the head as the fans started to jeer the egomaniacal champion. Landon rejoiced in the jeers from the crowd. The Rising Star grabbed Omega by the head and pulled him up to his knees. Landon hooked Omega and drove him down to the mat with a DDT.

The heavyweight champion looked at Omega with a smirk before grabbing the Underground champion by his dreads. He pulled the massive champion to his feet before hooking him and sending back to the mat again this time with a Russian Leg sweep. Landon floated over for the cover on Omega.




Landon has faced Omega many times in the past and knew this would not be enough to keep this monster down on the mat. Stevens was looking to do everything he can to become a double champion and in the process hand Omega is first loss in jOlt. Landon stood to his feet and quickly climbed to the top rope as the big man started to get to his feet. Stevens launched himself off the top rope nailing Omega with a big missile dropkick that sent the big man back to the mat again. Stevens was trying to keep the bigger man off balance. Landon dropped down for another cover on Omega.



The Underground Champion kicked out with force as Landon did not give the big man any breathing room. Stevens picked up Omega and whipped him into the corner. He tried to race into the corner but Omega nailed him with a big boot to the face that sent Landon staggering backwards. The boogeyman exploded out of the corner and hooked the Rising Star quickly in the middle of the ring.


The Underground Champion picked up Stevens by his hair and whipped him into the ropes. Landon bounced off the ropes and was nailed with a big back body drop from Omega. The fans jeered again this time not sure who they were jeering for since both men was not liked. However, Omega had a small following because of the violence that he seems to bring to his matches. Omega stayed on the attack as he drove a knee into Landon's forehead. The big man quickly went for the cover on Stevens.




Deep down Omega wanted Landon to kick out so he could inflict more pain on him. The big man picked Stevens up by his hair and drove an elbow into the top of the world champion’s skull, staggering the Faction leader. The boogeyman held on to Stevens so he couldn't fall to the mat as he nailed him with a big right hand that floored the Rising Star. Omega quickly picked Landon up and hooked him in the middle of the ring with a single leg Boston Crab, placing his knee into the back of Landon’s head. The Underground Champion was finally adapting to the type of match he was in. He knew he couldn’t use weapons and force to wrestle away the jOlt championship away from Landon Stevens. He had to use wrestling moves. The Underground champion was not just brute force he showed he was a smart man and learned a few moves.

Landon yelled out in pain as Omega continued to apply the pressure on the hold. Omega couldn't believe that Stevens would not give up even with all the pain he was in. The big man released the hold as Landon tried to roll to the floor but Omega was right on him pounding away. The Underground Champion picked up Stevens and slammed him to the mat. Landon was still in pain from the earlier single leg Boston Crab from Omega. Omega picked up the jOlt champion and whipped him into the ropes. Landon bounced off the ropes as the big man went for a clothesline on Stevens. The jOlt champion ducked under the attempt and turned around and nailed Omega with a big dropkick to his knees. The big man fell to one knee as Landon quickly nailed Omega with a jumping bulldog.

Both men lay on the mat from the impact of that move. Even though Landon had been punished earlier, he still found a way to pull out a spectacular move. Stevens rolled to his knees trying to get to his feet with the help of the ropes. Omega staggered to his feet as well. He saw Stevens trying to stand with the help of the ropes as he raced toward Landon. Stevens tried to catch Omega with a clothesline but he moved and grabbed Landon from behind. Omega was looking for a Release German suplex but Landon's agility came into play as he landed on his feet from the throw. The big man turned around as he was met with a boot to the gut. Stevens quickly sent Omega crashing to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. He tried to hook one leg for the pinfall attempt.




Omega got his shoulder up before the three count. Landon sat on the big man's chest and started to nail him with shots to his temple. The Rising Star was definitely trying to give the Underground Champion a taste of his own medicine. Stevens picked up Omega and whipped him into the ropes. The big man bounced off the ropes and ran straight into...


Landon sensed it was time to end this as he pointed to the top rope as the crowd jeered his every movement. The crowd was not bias in this match, they hated both men equally. Stevens ascended to the top of the ropes. He posed for just a second before flying in the air landing on Omega with a big…


Stevens bounced off of the Underground champion from the impact of the move. He held his stomach before crawling over to Omega for the pin. Landon was looking to become a double champion right here. He hooked the far leg for the cover.




Omega got a shoulder up again as Stevens slammed his hands on the mat in frustration.

"It's just a matter of time, you sick bastard." Landon whispered to Omega as he picked the big man up to his feet. Landon slapped Omega across his face as he just smiled. The jOlt champion quickly went back on the defensive as he kicked the big man in his gut. He hooked the Underground champion in a front chancery but Omega blocked it. Omega hooked Stevens...


This move actually got a cheer from the crowd for Omega. That move brought Omega some time to recover as both he and Stevens lay on the mat. The Underground champion had a sick smile on his face as the ref started the ten count on both men.







Both men started to move.



Both men were on their feet now slugging it out in the middle of the ring to the delight of these fans. The jOlt champion got a good shot in on Omega that staggered him backwards. Landon looked to strike quick with a Superkick but Omega caught his foot. The boogeyman spun Stevens around and caught him by the throat...


Omega grabbed Stevens by his hair picking him up off the mat. The big man whipped Landon into the corner. He raced into the corner with a vicious clothesline that almost took Stevens’ head off. The Underground champion was not done as he continued to pound on Landon in the corner until the jOlt champion was slumped to the mat. Omega picked up Landon and looked into his glazed eyes.

"The curdling screams of your pain will reverberate throughout this arena."

The big man pulled Landon from the corner and slammed him to the mat. He was looking to finish the champ off but the Rising Star grabbed him by the head and rolled him up with an Inside Cradle.



TH-- NO!!

That was close as Landon almost became a double champion. The big man was not happy as he got up quickly and clotheslined Stevens back down to the mat. The monster pulled Stevens up slowly to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. Landon bounced off the ropes as Omega was looking for a big boot but Stevens slid under his legs. The big man turned around as the world champion quickly kicked him in the stomach. Stevens was looking for a pile driver but Omega was blocking the move. Landon tried one more time as he couldn’t get Omega off his feet. The two men stumbled to the mat. Omega nailed Stevens with a European uppercut. The big man picked up Stevens once again and set his head between his legs. The Underground champion lifted Stevens up but the world champion fought the power bomb attempt as he flipped over the back of the big man and landed behind him. Omega quickly turned around to nail Landon with a clothesline but the Rising Star ducked. Omega turned around...


Stevens nailed that moved from out of nowhere. The heavyweight champion went for another cover on the Underground champion. The ref went to count.




The Rising Star looked on in shock as Omega kicked out of the pin attempt. Stevens grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled him to his feet. The jOlt champion connected with a hard forearm to the head and whipped Omega into the corner. Stevens ran full force before connecting with a high knee to the head of the Underground champ. Stevens followed up by slamming Omega face first into the canvas with a bulldog from the second rope. Stevens moved back to his feet and began to taunt the crowd as he flared his arms out wide.


The crowd echoed in jeers towards the Jolt champion. Stevens returned his focus to the task at hand as he leaped up to the top rope. As Stevens leveled himself up on the rope Omega moved back to his feet and rushed to the corner and knocked Stevens down onto the top turnbuckle. Omega grabbed Stevens and tossed him onto the canvas. Stevens wrenched in pain as he held his back. The Underground champion moved over and grabbed a handful of Stevens' dark red hair and pulled him up to his feet. Omega whipped Stevens into the ropes and on the bounce back Stevens ducked under an attempted clothesline and bounced off the opposings ropes.

POWerSLAM!!!! Omega slammed The Rising Star to the canvas with a vicious powerslam that shook the ring. He hooked the leg and went for the cover.




The Faction leader kicked out before the three count could be registered. Omega moved back to his feet and peeled the Jolt champion up off the canvas before whipping him into the corner turnbuckle. Omega rushed to the corner and hit Stevens with a body splash before whipping him into the opposite corner and connecting with a hard clothesline. Stevens stumbled out of the corner and fell to the canvas. Stevens moved to all fours and Omega kicked him back down as he tried to get to his feet. The jolt champion used his ring knowledge and rolled out. The fans erupted in chants.


The Rising Star slapped the ring apron in frustration as he had lost control of the contest. Omega exited the ring and the Stevens charged the beast and the two exchanged rights and lefts as they moved around the ring. The two locked up and Omega shoved Stevens into the baricades. Stevens wrenched in pain as Omega moved towards him and connected with several shots to the head before whipping Stevens into the ring apron. Once again Stevens held his back in pain and walked around the ring.The official warned the stars to get back into the ring before he started his count.


Omega attacked Stevens from behind with a hard forearm that stumbled the jolt champion into the near by barricade.


Omega rushed towards Stevens for a clothesline, but Stevens ducked under and flipped Omega over the barricade onto the hard concrete floor.


Stevens leaped up onto the baricade before he jumped off and landed a moonsault onto Omega. Both stars showed signs of wear as the official continued to count.



Stevens rolls to his feet and pulls Omega up to his feet. The much bigger Omega hit Stevens with a hard uppercut on the way up. Stevens stumbled back and Omega sent Stevens over the barricade with a clothesline.


Omega climbed over the barricade and pulled Stevens to his knees where Stevens hit Omega with a low blow.

"WATCH IT LANDON!!!" The official shouted at the jolt champion who simply responded with a middle finger.


Stevens slid into the ring and and ran to the opposing ropes. As Omega stood straight up Stevens leaped over the top rope with a flying cross body that sent both men into the barricade and onto the floor. The official wasted no time as he began to count the two stars out.



Both men were slow to get to their feet.


Stevens was the first to his feet as he pulled himself up and draped over the barricade trying to catch a few seconds of air. Omega moved to his feet.


Omega came up from behind Stevens but The Rising Star met his foe with a back elbow that staggered him back. Stevens connected with various stiff kicks to the side of the body. Danger Red ended his combination of kicks with a back heel kick to the head.


Omega stumbled back into the ring apron as Stevens climbed up onto the barricade, but Omega rushed over and pulled him off.


Omega held Stevens in his arms and ran him back first into the steel post. The official began to yell at the stars to return to the ring. Omega rolled Stevens back into the ring before climbing back in. The jOlt champion rolled away from Omega as he moved to corner. The official stepped between as Stevens waved his arms acting like a scared coward. Omega moved throught he official and grabbed Stevens from his seated posiition and pulled him up to his feet. Stevens clocked Omega with a hard right hand before sending another in the direction of the Underground champion. Stevens fought back as he pushed Omega into the ropes. Stevens went to whip Omega to the opposite side of the ring but Omega used his strength to reverse it but Stevens ducked under the attempted short arm clothesline and rolled to the back of Omega where he connected with a kick to the back of the knee. Omega fell to one knee as Stevens ran to the ropes and sent Omega flipping backwards with a dropkick. Stevens moved to the top rope.


Stevens connected with a shoot corkscrew moonsault and instantly went for the cover.



THR--NOOO!! Omega Kicked out.

Stevens slapped the canvas and yelled at the official for a slow count. Stevens got in the face of the official and the official warned Stevens to back off. As Stevens turned around to go back on the attack a risen Omega grabbed him by the throat.


The Underground champion went for the cover.




Stevens stretched out his leg and laid it on the bottom rope. Omega moved to his feet and pulled Stevens up. Omega set the Jolt champion up in a front headlock and draped his arm over his shoulder. Omega went to lift Stevens up but Stevens grabbed the near by ropes and blocked it. Omega once again went to hoist and Stevens grabbed the pants of Omega to block it once again. Stevens then followed with several shots to the kidney and forced Omega to break it up. Stevens went for a quick kick to the kidneys but Omega grabbed his leg. Stevens followed up with an enziguri that sent Omega to the ropes. Stevens went for a clothesline but Omega ducked under and flipped Stevens up over the top rope. Stevens managed to catch himself and landed with his feet on the apron. Stevens grabbed Omega by the neck and jumped off the apron sending Omega to the canvas with a neckbreaker. The Rising Star leaped back onto the apron before turning to face the crowd flaring his arms out wide.


The fans echoed in the well known chants as Stevens climbed up to the top rope. The Rising star waited patiently as Omega moved back to his feet. Stevens leaped off the top rope.


Omega sent Stevens crashing into the canvas with a powerbomb as Stevens attempted a frankensteiner. Stevens managed to roll out of the ring before Omega could go for the pin attempt. Omega followed the champ to the outside as he climbed out through the ropes. A desperate Stevens pulled Omega's leg from under him and Omega smashed his head on the hard apron of the ring. Stevens rolled back into the ring. A slightly dazed Omega climbed on to the ring apron and tried to enter the ring but Stevens met him with a hard shoulder to the gut.


Stevens connected with an outrageous piledriver using the ropes. Stevens moved to the corner and leaped to the top rope.


Stevens once again connected with a corkscrew moonsault and went for the cover.



Derecho rushed to the ring with a steel chair in hand as Stevens was about to do the unthinkable.


Derecho pulled Stevens out from the ring.


Dercho laid the jOlt champion out with a shot from the steel chair. The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the official called for the match. Derecho slid into the ring.

The referee had already called for the bell. Derecho, with a sick, sadistic grin on his face, watched and waited as Omega laid there. He had just gotten hit with Landon's Shooting Star, but Omega began to struggle to get back to his feet. Omega was up to a knee, but Derecho wouldn't allow him to get vertical.

Derecho swung..


Derecho just slammed the chair over Omega's head!! Omega crumpled over as Derecho motioned that he wanted a microphone. Omega laid on his side in the middle of the ring as Derecho knelt down next to him. This time.. it was Derecho who cradled Omega's head on his lap.

Derecho laughed a bit to himself as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Make no mistake.. I didn't come out here to save you. I came out here because I am the one who is going to take your Underground Championship away.. and I'm not going to let anyone else do so."

Derecho laughed a little more as he rubbed Omega's forehead.

"Did it hurt? Did the cold steel thrashing against human flesh and bone cause you pain? It's okay.. shhh shhh.. it's okay. At Rise of the Legends.. I will shoulder all of your pain... I will take it all away. I will harbor every ounce of it and I will store it all within the Underground Championship!"

"I will wear your pain around my waist. I will wrap your pain around my body. I will liberate you from all the pain that I will inflict on you and on myself. I will teach you the true meaning of pain and what it means to sacrifice something for something more. Some say that after our match at Breakdown that it would be suicide to go against you again.. ha ha... they may all be right in telling me that.. but let me sing you a lullaby.."

"The sword of time will pierce our skins
It doesn't hurt when it begins
But as it works it way on it
The pain grows stronger.. watch it grin.. but.."

Derecho left the chair resting on Omega's face as he stood back up, turning his back to Omega and singing to the crowd..

Suicide is painless...
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it.. if I please"

Derecho turned and then..


Derecho just punted the chair right into Omega's head!! Derecho brought the microphone to his lips, laughing the entire time. He walked back over to Omega and knelt down beside him.

"Omega... welcome to my world... welcome to a world of pain... welcome to hell itself. At Rise of the Legends... I will become King... AGAIN!"

Derecho dropped the microphone on the ground and grinned as he slicked back his hair and grasped a fist full of it. The look on his face said it all. He was completely gone. At Rise of the Legends, the second meeting between these two was going to be more than a war. It could be damn near a Cataclsym.

This was the final scene as the history iNtense 100 went off the air.

Winner: Double Disqualification