"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"The Final Two"

iNtense 101 went live with Damien Lee standing in the middle of the ring. Up on the stage were Takeshi and Heido of the Crimson Order, Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver of The Heirs of Wrestling, Mike Extreme and Reno Davis from The Backbone, Mattock and Sanchez Cano from reVolt, Jackson Cross and Machida Hood from Cross the Hood/The Rellion, and Eli and Ezra Conway of the West Texas Terrorists/The Faction.

These were the six teams that were announced for War Games, but Damien Lee had two more teams to announce. The crowd booed him despite this big announcement for obvious reasons. Lee looked around the crowd and cleared his throat into the microphone in an attempt to get them to silence themselves, but it was all for naught as Lee continued to endure the boos. Lee sighed and decided that he was just going to speak over them

"We are a few weeks away from Rise of the Legends and the historic War Games Match to determine the fate of the jOlt Tag Team Championships. What you see up on that stage are the six teams that either have been announced by myself.. or annoyingly forced my hand into letting them into the match." said Lee as he glared in the direction of reVolt and The Backbone.

"To that end.. we must have a total of eight teams in this match. So therefore I have scoured the roster and I have handpicked two teams that I believe would fit the mold to round out this group. I present to you... team number seven!"

The crowd turned their heads towards the entrance ramp. "Gangsta" by Schoolboy Q hit the PA system. Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully.. Them Mf'N Goons.. stepped out onto the stage, taking spot number seven in line which was front and center, but a bit to the left if you were looking up at the stage. Their music died down as they fist bumped each other with smiles on their faces. They had a chance to add some gold around their waists to compliment Diamond Jewelz and his Golden Boy Title.

"And of course... what would this match be if the former champions weren't in it. They want a chance at reclaiming the championships that they were defeated for.. so your final entrance into the War Games Match... are Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard... the Hands of the Cause!"

"Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold.

The former tag team champions, who lost their titles at Wrestlecade had been on a mission to try and regain them. They failed in a fatal fourway at Breakdown, but it looks like Damien Lee was going to give them another opportunity. They took their position front and center and a bit to the right. Finally.. all eight teams were revealed for the match.

"Gentlemen... in three weeks time, you will have the opportunity to either defend or claim the tag team championships... but... this wouldn't be iNtense unless we had a little bit of a warm up... so tonight.. I'm making an eight man tag with one man from each team pairing up. Tonight it's going to be Jackson Cross, Frank Hendrix, Latrell Samuel, and one half of the tag team champions Eli Conway... taking on Mattock, Reno Davis, Heido, and Frank Silver! It's a War Games preview match right here on iNtense!!"

The teams looked at each other knowing they would have to work together tonight, but in three weeks they would be enemies. Damien Lee made a blockbuster semi-main event for tonight that would provide one hell of an explosive situation!

“And now, if you gentlemen will excuse me, I have another matter to discuss. This one just makes me happy, I have to be honest here. Tonight is Chris Titan’s final chance to earn a match with Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends, so let’s get the big, bad leader of The Backbone (and constant thorn in my side) out here now. C’mon out to the ring Chris! Gentlemen, if you would, please clear a path for the man.”

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera.

Chris Titan received a very warm welcome from the fans in the Arena of Champions. Fans that were once against him, and rightfully so, were now rallying behind the jOlt Original and former jOlt Champion as he found himself on the opposing side of the norm. He was no longer leading a group with the goals of taking jOlt over, he was leading a group against it. The times, they are a’changin’.

The large group of tag teams on the ramp did clear a path, save for Cross the Hood. As expected, The Rebellion’s resident tag team was not about to step aside so that a man hell-bent on destroying them could just walk on by. They stood in front of him, barring his way to the ring, until Mike Extreme, Reno Davis, and reVolt all stepped up in their ally’s defense. But from the look that Chris Titan was giving Machida Hood and Jackson Cross, it didn’t appear as if Titan was intimidated in the least regardless of who was backing him up. Cross the Hood, realizing this may not be the right time, finally did step aside and Chris Titan made his way to the ring.

Once inside, Damien Lee wasted no time in cutting to the chase.

“This is it, Chris. You either win tonight or you don’t even need to bother showing up at Rise of the Legends. I have been waiting for the day that I could put you in your place after the crap that you put me through. Saying I turned my back on jOlt? Chris, I inherited this company from a dying man and I was the driving force behind it’s initial success! You? You were lucky to be involved with the talent that surrounded you. You were cocky, arrogant, and you didn’t draw a goddamn dime!

“So, let’s call this a little payback. Let’s call this justice that I can stand here in a jOlt ring with you, still the man behind the wheel of this company, and I can have the pleasure of informing you that your final match against The Rebellion … will be a Gauntlet Match!”

There was a very loud, very mixed reaction from the crowd at this announcement. On one hand, that match is completely unfair to Chris Titan when all he wants is a one-on-one with Sebastian Saje. He wants to fight this battle the way wars should be fought, two champions of opposing factions battling it out to decide who is the best. On the other hand, everyone love’s a Gauntlet Match. They’re exciting, they’re brutal, and they usually degrade into a melee. The perfect ingredients for one hell of a match.

Titan stood unphased by the decision. Instead, he smiled and snatched the microphone from Lee’s hand.

“A Gauntlet Match? That’s the best you can do? Lee, I’ve shown since returning from being lit on goddamned fire that I still have what it takes. I am still the most dangerous man in this company and I still step into this ring every single night and run through whatever competition is placed in front of me. How many times do I have to smack these kids around before you realize that maybe putting a man against these little tykes is never going to work?

“You think this is what’s going to save jOlt, do you? You lose a Superbeast and you replace him with the Superfriends? Is that really your winning strategy? You may hate the past of this company, for whatever reason, but I honor it. I, and the rest of The Backbone, built this company through our blood, our sweat, and our tears. We made jOlt, not you. You were fortunate enough to have a roster as talented as ourselves, and the rest of the old guard, at your disposal. With a roster that deep, ZaC the monkey could have turned a profit as CEO.”

Chris Titan took a few steps closer to Damien Lee. “You’re an empty suit, Lee, and your attempts to bury anything and everything that may not agree with your rose-colored view of who put this place on the map is pathetic. This isn’t going to work, Lee, and I’ll tell you why; I am going to destroy the entire Rebellion right in this ring tonight. And there isn’t a damn thing you, or anyone else you throw at me, can do about it.”


Titan shoved the microphone into Damien Lee’s chest and exited the ring. This time, as he made his way up the ramp and to the back, no one stood in his path. Chris Titan would face multiple members of The Rebellion tonight in consecutive order and, as of now, the odds were looking rough for the other guys.

iNtense faded to commercial break and when we come back.. our opening contest!

Charlotte vs Daryn Thompson

The match of Charlotte’s career would be happening at Rise Of The Legends very soon. Her very last chance at the Starlets Championship would happen there in a last starlet standing match pitting her against her perpetual rival, Sarah Winterton. Charlotte’s woes were only getting larger when the 100th edition of Intense happened and she had suffered yet another defeat to Winterton after some shady dealings. Winterton had been right all along that she had Charlotte all figured out but she had to find a way past that. Tonight with all that weighing on her mind she would have to take on the powerful and physical Daryn Thompson.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She had no elaborate costume for tonight, opting to wear a simply House hoodie and jean shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts.

“Madness” by Muse played next and the fans gave a nice round of applause for Daryn Thompson. The powerhouse from Texas flexed at the top of the ramp before she made a beeline right for the ring. She wanted this victory and if she could beat Charlotte tonight just before the big Starlets Title match then she could stake a claim for a future title match. The two Starlets had wrestled twice before with each getting one win a piece in the past. They slapped hands as a sign of good sportsman … sorry, sportswomanship and the match began.

The Queen of Hearts locked up with Daryn Thompson and the two muscled each other around the ring looking for an early advantage. Daryn’s power allowed her to get the first move as she pushed her opponent back against the ropes and held her there. Charlotte got pushed back into the corner now but she quickly started to step up to the second turnbuckle and kicked her back. The redhead jumped off the second rope and jumped with a big twisting arm drag that tossed him across the ring.

Charlotte rolled to her feet and waited and when Daryn came back to her feet she took her down again with another arm drag. The powerhouse stood up as Charlotte blew a kiss to the crowd before leading Daryn Thompson into snap mare takeover and flipped over into a legsweep kick to the back of the head. Charlotte rolled over and tried to pin her opponent right away.



And Daryn Thompson kicked out. Charlotte was energized from the crowd and rolled forward to her feet. She led Thompson to her feet and tried another big move when Daryn fought back and landed a knee that doubled over the former Starlets Champion. Two more elbows landed in the face and Daryn wasn’t playing around tonight when she pressed Charlotte over her head and threw her up in the air so she landed hard on her face.

The crowd was a little bit mixed in reaction to Daryn Thompson and she took notice as well … but this wasn’t the time to worry about what the fans thought. A win over a former Starlets Champion would go a long way to propel her back into the title scene.

Daryn tried to hoist Charlotte up when the Queen of Hearts rolled her up and caught her from behind with a roll-up.



Thompson kicked out again but before she could even prepare for her next big move, Charlotte used some effort to maneuver the powerful Starlet into another pin in the form of a backslide.



Again Daryn muscled out of the cover and Charlotte Huber was looking extra motivated tonight for a big victory heading into Rise of the Legends. She went for something resembling a hurricanranna on Thompson when the stronger Thompson held her ground and ran forward in order to flatten her with a running powerbomb!

The impact from the running powerbomb was great and now Charlotte was hurt in a very bad way. The former Starlets Champion was cringing on the ground when Daryn started to get a little bit vicious! She kicked and stomped away at her on the ground and then picked her up in order to deliver a vicious backbreaker!

Daryn Thompson was now standing tall over her as he continued to exert dominance over the valet of the House’s valet. The big Texan hoisted her off the mat and held her up in the sidewalk slam position again but this time chose to simply throw her through the ropes and send her flying out to the floor!

The power was on full display by Dayrn Thompson now as she took a second to admire her handiwork. Daryn climbed outside the ring and gave Charlotte no room to breathe. She picked her up off the mat and tossed her back inside before she tried to go for the cover again.



Charlotte kicked out!

Daryn looked a little bit frustrated as she tried to stand her back up again. She stood her back on her two feet again and muscled her into the corner with a shoulder and then pushed her right back out with a big belly to belly suplex. She was now down and out for the cover and Thompson could feel the big win coming.



Close, but no cigar!

Charlotte was still in the game and slapped a hand on the mat to fire herself up. Daryn Thompson signaled to the crowd that she was done toying around with her and picked her up. She swung for the fences with her signature discus lariat only for Charlotte to just narrowly dodge it. When Daryn turned around she was greeted in the face with a nasty looking discus big boot from Charlotte that she called THE DEATH CARD~!

Both women were donn on the canvas now and Charlotte was starting to come back around as she blew a kiss in the direction of Daryn Thompson. The second that she rose to her feet, she ducked behind Daryn and used some effort to maneuver her up…


The belly to back neckbreaker came up aces … please pardon the pun. Charlotte reached over and hooked both legs of the tough as nails Thompson.




Charlotte had bounced back from her loss last week and scored a nice victory heading into her Last Starlet Standing match! The Queen of Hearts was back on her feet celebrating with the crowd. She jumped on the second rope and blew a kiss to the fans that supported her in her fight to regain the title that had been stolen from her months ago.

The valet of The House turned around and got greeted with a belt shot to the face!

Just as quickly as the crowd was cheering for Charlotte Huber, that all changed lickety-split when Sarah Witnerton had just landed a nasty belt shot right to the face!

“You will never have this, ever!

She stood over her and put a foot down in the throat of Charlotte then waved at her associate, Desta, to begin a count. This was very symbolic and could be a very real look at what was to come for the challenger to the title. Desta happily counted along on the outside and raised a finger with each number she counted down.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!”

Charlotte tried to struggle, but she was still hurt from getting whacked with the belt and Sarah was pinning her down by the throat with her heel.

“Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!”

Sarah Winterton posed with the title and waved her hand in a mock pageant wave as she gave the fans a chilling look at what could happen to Charlotte against the cutthroat champion. Winterton and Desta left and watched Sarah’s opponent with a devilish glare. More mind games from the Queen in the last stop before Rise of the Legends. Charlotte turned her head and stared up at the champion and her assistant and looked disgusted. She wouldn't let this be the end of it.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"Search and Destroy: Mission Briefing"

The Goons stand side by side in military fatigues, tight green shirts, and also various articles of jewelry as Diamond Jewelz enters the room dressed identically in dark green military fatigue pants, a tight green shirt, a military bucket hat and a more various assortment of twinkling and glistening jewelry items, most notably, his brand new sparkinling, jOlt officially sanctioned gOlden bOy Title.. Before Diamond is a large display with a black sheet over it.. He paces back and forth, back and forth at a trepid pace, then he comes to an abrupt stop.

“Goons”, Diamond barks…

“At attention!!!”

The goons stiffen up in military fashion and then bark out, “Yeah Big Homie DJ…”

Pacing back and forth, DJ goes on.. “My enemy has been clearly identified… ”, Diamond snatches the black sheet off the display to reveal a large cardboard display of Providence’

“Some mark ass motherfucker named Providence…”

“Affirmative Big Homie DJ,” the goons bark out in unison..

“This punk as bitch talking about destiny.. Well now that he put his hands on the “gOlden boy”… “The Big homie”, Diamond Jewelz…’s this mark ass motherfuckers destiny to be annihilated..” DJ barks continuing to pace back and forth.

“Yes sir Big Homie DJ…” the goons bark out in unison..

“I see the future goons.. It’s this punk motherfuckers destiny to get dealt with tonight…”

“Right Big Homie DJ,” the goons bark out in unison with military precision…

“Why?? Because I got some straight gangsta ass..” DJ says looking directly at Samuel…

“Yeah Big Homie,” Samuel responds by himself…

“Gully ass,” Jewelz says looking at Khalil Straightgully

“Right Big Homie,” Straightgully responds by himself..

“Goons, on this search and destroy mission..I got an extra stack on this bitches head to the goon that catches this motherfucker slippin’… For blood, I got an extra 10 stacks on this motherfucker…

“Under no circumstances is this mark ass bitch to interrupt my celebration tonight…. Hands must be put on this motherfucker.. Search and destroy.. Leave no stone unturned..”

“Yeah Big Homie DJ…”

”Handle my lightweight goons….” DJ barks with a sneer, wrapped in the glisten of the diamond and jewelz of his grill.

"Enough is Enough"

The scene opened backstage with a confident Jimmy B. Martinez tapping up his hands and forearm, satisfied with his recent victory. What else was on the infamous ones agenda? It was clear. Making sure everyone knew, he was a force to be reckoned with. He didn't need any back up from his mentor Sylo, nor did he need help from anyone else in the locker room. Jimmy was satisfied, yet upset with the aftermath that happened after his match last iNtense. So he vowed to get revenge, and make things right.

"Ryan, Ramey. . . I can't stand those two. I had enough of their bullshit. This has to end. I did a lot in this company, and overcame the odds but always seem to be overlooked. Not anymore, this time I'm going to stand out. How you ask? Simple. I'm going to end this ongoing rivalry. So I hope they are ready for what's to come.

Martinez said as he slammed his locker shut, and began pat down the access tape stood out. Jimmy headed for the door for his match up, and as he opened there he was...


JBM stood in a defensive stance in case the vicious bastard tried anything this close to their match tonight, but Ryan for his part appeared to be pretty calm considering that JBM’s mentor slandered the holy hell out of him last week on television.

“What the hell do you want anyway?” JBM glared.

“You know…” Ryan said as he jutted a disappointed finger at The Supernova. “I was intent on just letting you stay the fuck out of my business and overlook you trying to bail Jesse out when you left him to rot with me last week… oh, but Sylo… Big Blue… SuperTweet… I hear he likes that one…”

Ryan got himself comfortable sitting on the bench in the locker room with his defenses completely down as Jimmy kept both eyes on him in case this was some sort of trap.

“…But just as jOlt was running fine without him… as much as we were better off without that big blue hypocrite coming back about letting the future of the business flourish, he had to come back and open his mouth again when he realized HE was the one nobody gave two shits about anymore.” Ryan’s smirk suddenly dropped when he shot an icy glare at the final Flyweight Champion. “And YOU had to invite him back, didn’t you?”

"He had something to say,” Jimmy countered. “He has more of a right to be here than any of us. And if you think that you’re gonna come here and shake me down or try to intimidate me, get fucking real, Ryan.”

Jeremy let out a loud laugh and mockingly slapped his knee.

“Oh, I’m real, Jimmy… I’m as real as real gets around these parts. I’m not some flashy little shitbird trying to get himself over by latching on the coattails of people who honestly aren’t that good anyway. When you see jOlt’s Last REAL Man around these parts, you know that what you see is what you get. That’s why I came here to tell you to your face…”

Jeremy stood up from his seat and looked Martinez dead in the eye.

“I’m going to fuck you up in that ring tonight. Slowly and painfully. Sylo’s not here tonight, but YOU are. For every last word he dropped last week and for every last stupid character that he wastes days on end typing… You’re going to my shining example. You’ll be my example for him… for Jesse Ramey… and everybody else in this fucking locker room that think their shit don’t stink. And at the end of this night, it’s going to be me standing over you and I don’t care how it gets done… it WILL happen.”

Jimmy took every last word that he had to say… and now it was his turn to laugh. Ryan didn’t look pleased that Martinez was showing no fear, but that’s the kind of guy he was. JBM glanced at him with his own version of steel-like resolve.

“Ryan, what YOU and Jesse Ramey are bogth going to learn tonight is that overlooking me is a big GODDAMN mistake.”

He brushed past Ryan intentionally and walked out of the room while Jeremy continued to ball up his fists. Without a doubt, this was going to be a fight.

Jesse Ramey vs Shoji

“The following contest is set for one fall with a ten minute time limit and will be one fall to a finish.” Brad Arnold stood center of the ring as he began his announcement for the forthcoming match.

The slow toned sounds of “Pyrotechnics” by Cliff Lin filled the arena as Shoji made his way out from the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp. Shoji scanned over the arena briefly before beginning to make his paced walk toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring first,” Arnold began his introductions, “weighing in tonight at two hundred and eighty-five pounds and hailing from Hokota, Japan; HE IS SHOJI”

Shoji climbed onto the apron, stood for a moment, then climbed into the ring and made his way to his corner awaiting his opponent.

The music within the arena died briefly until “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast over the speakers and brought the fans to their feet. From the backstage area and onto the ramp rushed Jesse Ramey, he stopped at the top of the ramp bouncing before bursting toward the ring.

“His opponent weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his right hip and popped back up in the center. He then made his way to his corner and waited for referee Mike Hunt to signal for the start of the match.


The two men stood across the ring for a brief moment sizing each other up, and then slowly began rotating around the ring each man continuing to keep their eyes on the other. The two finally came close enough to each other and locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Ramey managed to get the upper hand on the bigger man, and pushed him backwards into a corner. Neither man could take the advantage as this point causing Hunt to come in and begin a five count for the two to separate, but instead had to push himself between the two get this accomplished.

Shoji left in the corner as Ramey slowly backed away, but then Ramey jumped forward pushing Shoji with both hands firmly pressed against his chest. Shoji took a little exception to the display and in turn shoved Ramey back as well. Ramey smiled at the display and casually walked around the ring, before turning his attention back to Shoji and the two men once again began circling the ring, closer to each other at this point.

The two men once again found themselves locked together in a collar and elbow tie-up. Each man looked to gain the upper hand, but Shoji quickly turned his body capturing Ramey from behind with a waist lock. Ramey did his best to fight out of the hold, grabbing hold of one of Shoji’s arms and twisting it upward enough to release his hold and Ramey then turned his own body now capturing Shoji in a rear waist lock. Before Ramey had a chance to do anything though Shoji wrapped his leg back around Ramey’s causing fall face first to the mats.

Shoji rested his back against Ramey’s back and crossed his legs, and held onto one with his left arm, he looked to snatch his head with the right and force Ramey into a submission. Ramey shifted himself though causing Shoji twist around on the ground and wrap Ramey up in a front face lock. Ramey twisted his body causing Shoji to release the hold and flip over onto this stomach in the middle of the ring. Ramey grabbed hold of Shoji’s arm and twisted it behind his back with a wristlock.

Hunt dropped to a knee to check and see if Shoji would tap out, but Shoji was able to shift his weight back and into a seated position. Ramey held the move on tight, but Shoji brought his one free hand up, wrapping it backward and around Ramey’s neck. This allowed for Shoji to have enough strength to push his way back to his feet. Shoji then managed to get free, grabbed Ramey fully around the neck and snapped him over and down to the mats.

Shoji took several steps backward as Ramey quickly rolled back to his feet. Shoji shook his arm that had been trapped behind his back to try and make sure the blood was flowing properly. The two men once again began to circle the ring. The two slowly made their way back to the center of the ring and locked up in another collar and elbow tie-up. Ramey quickly won the war pulling Shoji into a headlock and dropping to a knee forcing Shoji down to one as well. Shoji brought his hands up forcing them into Ramey’s face to try and break the side headlock.

Ramey tilted back clinching in the hold and trying his best to ignore the open palms in his face. Shoji was able to plant both of his feet on the mat, and force Ramey back to a standing position. Shoji then wrapped his arms around Ramey’s waist and shoved him off toward the ropes causing him to release the side headlock. Ramey bounced off of the ropes and returned to the waiting Shoji with a running shoulder that leveled Shoji back down to the canvas.

Ramey stood over Shoji for a moment, before running toward the opposite ropes, bouncing off. Shoji rolled in toward the oncoming Ramey causing him to leap over and go off into the next set of ropes. As Ramey approached once more Shoji quickly came back to a standing base and leveled Ramey with a dropkick to the chest. Ramey rolled onto all fours near the ropes, but Shoji was quick to get back to his feet. He walked over to the downed Ramey, grabbed him by the head, and lifted him back to his feet.

Shoji wrapped his arms around Ramey’s neck and brought him down to the canvas with a side headlock takedown. Ramey’s shoulders were firmly pushed against the mats, and Hunt dropped in for the pin attempt while the side headlock was still locked in.


Upon hearing the count Ramey quickly got his shoulder up off of the mat, then rolled through a bit being able to shove his forearm into the face of Shoji and keep his back off of the mats. Shoji continued to hold onto the move for a moment, before tossing Ramey’s arm around behind his head and slowly lifting him back to his feet with the side headlock still locked on.

Once back to their feet, Shoji released the side headlock, but grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm, lifted it and twisted it around. Shoji then drove his shoulder into Ramey’s while still holding his wrist. Shoji once again pushed Ramey forward and then pulled him in driving his shoulder into the arm and shoulder of Ramey. Shoji then once more twisted Ramey’s arm upward, but instead of going for another full twist, brought the arm down over his own shoulder and released his grip on Ramey.

Shoji took a step backward, then brought a stiff side kick up across the same shoulder that he had been doing damage to. Ramey stumbled backward a bit, and found himself back resting against a turnbuckle. Shoji slowly walked in, grabbed Ramey by the same arm, and then drove a shoulder into his midsection. Another shoulder. Shoji released his grip on Ramey’s arm, and instead grabbed hold of the middle rope, and drove another shoulder into Ramey’s midsection. One more time for good measure.

Shoji stepped out of the corner as Hunt was making his five count for the two men to separate. Shoji finally turned his attention back to Ramey in the corner, but the Anti-Star burst out with a knife edge chop across Shoji’s chest. Shoji returned with a chop of his own. Ramey brought in another chop. Shoji retaliated with another chop of his own, and then found his back against the ropes.

Ramey caught Shoji with one more knife edge chop, hit him with a forearm shot to the side of the head, and now had Shoji backed into the corner. Ramey brought a boot up into Shoji’s midsection, and Hunt began his five count again. Ramey brought up five more stiff kicks before then grabbing Shoji by the head as he began to fall, lifted him back up into the corner and drilled him with another forearm shot to the side of the head. Ramey grabbed hold of Shoji’s arm and whipped him from the corner and across the ring. Ramey quickly ran behind Shoji, but just as Shoji’s back hit the padding, he quickly stepped out of the corner leaving Ramey to collide with it chest first as he attempted a splash.

Shoji came back to the corner, just as Ramey was turning, grabbed hold of his head and twisted him around. Shoji pushed his way up the ropes to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Shoji kept his lock on Ramey’s head and twisted out of the corner looking for a tornado DDT, but Ramey shoved him off just as he started to turn. Shoji fell belly first against the mats, but quickly made his way back to his feet holding at his midsection.

Shoji quickly made his way over to the ropes, hanging on with his free arm. The other still placed on his midsection trying to ease the pain. Ramey ran toward Shoji catching him with a clothesline that sent Shoji flipping backward over the ropes and landing hard outside of the ring. Ramey slowly walked back to the center of the ring, raised an arm into the air, and Hunt began a ten count for Shoji who was still lying outside of the ring.

Hunt had got to the count of four, and Shoji had managed to push his way back to his feet, and was now leaning against the apron. Ramey pushed his back against the ropes opposite of Shoji and made his way over quickly. Ramey grabbed hold of the top rope as he got to the ropes, and launched his feet between the bottom and middle rope right into Shoji’s face. The move caused Shoji to fly backward into the barricading.

Ramey pulled himself back into the ring and was then instructed by Hunt not to interfere with his count again or to leave the ring. Hunt then turned and started his ten count over while Ramey casually walked around the ring. Shoji slowly began making his way back to his feet and was able to get back up onto the apron by the count of five, but Ramey was ready for him.

Ramey quickly grabbed Shoji, lifted him up and brought him back into the ring with a vertical suplex. Ramey got back to his feet quickly, and Shoji tried to get back to his as well, but before Shoji had a chance to mount any kind of a comeback Ramey quickly launched himself onto Shoji’s back and brought him flipping over with a sunset flip powerbomb that sent the crowd into a frenzy.


Ramey held tight as he landed, and placed his legs across Shoji’s arms for good measure as Hunt dropped to the mat to make the pin attempt.




The bell sounded once more as “I’m Not Alright” began to blast throughout the arena again. Ramey slowly made his way back to his feet and Hunt lifted his arm into the air. The fans continued to cheer as Ramey dropped to the mats and rolled out of the ring, making his slow walk back up the entrance ramp and back through the entrance curtains.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Search and Destroy: Operation Providence"

Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel, dressed in the dark green army fatigues and various articles of jewelry, make their way through the backstage area at an adamant pace; Samuel has diamond encrusted brass knuckles around his hand, while Khalil Straightgully has a baseball bat in hand. They strategically position themselves outside the of the door of a room backstage labeled “jOltvision control room”. Samuel, the man who seems to be the usual culprit for break-ins if you recall the Takaheshi Dojo ordeal, jiggles the door and nods to Khalil. Khalil heads in, followed by Samuel; the camera swoops in behind them. Straightgully immediately snatches up the scrawny man dressed in a black shirt and black pants with the bat around the neck;

“He…lll…lllp,” the man half screams being choked by Straightgully.

Samuel nut taps the man with the brass knuckles. “Ommmmphhh, ohhhh” the man groans…

“What’s your name homie…”

“Ji….iiimmm..” the man says under anguish.

“Jim??? Well Jim, we know you been in cahoots with that motherfucker Providence.. We know u been working with him to interrupt our big homie DJ’s matches. So we want cooperation…”, Samuel goes on as Jim, his face beat red, squirms under the pressure from the bat..

“ooookkkk…gargle.. gargle..” Jim struggles to communicate.

“U got cell phone numbers… Or any type of contact information.?? U know where he be at??”

“Nooo… gargle.. gargle…” Khalil releases his grip of Jim so he can communicate. Jim slumps to all fours on the ground. He gasps for air on the ground..

“Hee…. Hee’s been knowing when I’m away from the controls and timing them to reprogram them for interrupting you boss’ matches… I’ve had nothing to do with it..”

“That your story???”, Straightgully chimes in.

Jim gasps for air… “Yeah.. That’s my story.. That’s even what I told Damien Lee..”

Samuel gives Jim a swift kick to the ribs… “Jim??? Jim??”

“Ohhh…Ohhh” Jim moans in pain.

“Jim??” Samuel goes on again.

“You deliver that message I just gave you to that bitch Providence when you see him!!”

Straightgully and Samuel leave the area as Jim attempts to collect himself on the floor.

"He Can't Get Away With That"

"What is it this time Landon?" An irritated Damien Lee yelled as jOlt champion Landon Stevens barged into this office just as he did the previous week.

"The hell was that last week? Are you going to allow Derecho go get away with that?" The champion snapped back.

"That is none of my concern. You got your match and it was one of the top highlights of the show. You didn't succeed, and now you want to whine about it. You're really starting to sound like a certain somebody."

"Whine about it? Whose whining about it? I just want to kick Derecho's ass. He snuck his nose in MY business."

"You seriously want Derecho... tonight?" Lee questioned with a slight grin on his face.

"I was milliseconds away from taking everything away from Omega. He was a lingering issue from the past that I wanted dealt with. Derecho just had to state his claim and needs to pay for sticking his nose where it didn't belong."

"Once again Landon, your demand has interested me. So tonight, you will put your jOlt championship on the line against Derecho."

"Deal." Stevens agreed and turned around to leave but Damien stopped him in his tracks.

"Oh and one more thing. If you happen to make it out as champion, or better yet, ALIVE, I have a match for you at Rise of The Legends."

"A rematch with Omega?" Stevens eagerly questioned.

"Landon, I commend you for defending your championship over the last several weeks. The problem is however, that you have paid no attention to the number one contender. At Rise of The Legends, you WILL be defending your jolt championship against... EIJI KUGASARI!" Lee announced Landon's opponent for the upcoming event much to the dismay of the champ.

"I've defended this championship for the last several weeks and you want me to defend it again? And against Eiji none the less. Come on Damien, we both know I need a bigger challenge than that. I've already beaten him several times before." The champion tried to reason with Lee about Eiji not being a suitable contender.

"He has a rematch and he even defended his opportunity at Breakdown. It doesn't matter if you beat him before, he still gets his rematch." Damien explained.

"FINE!!!" Stevens stormed out of the office irritated yet smiling because tonight Landon gets his hands on the man that stopped him from gaining the Underground Championship.

Jeremy Ryan vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Things had been getting personal between Jesse Ramey, Jimmy B. Martinez, and “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan. The three men had been going at things tooth and nail for several weeks stemming from a physical confrontation between Ramey and Ryan on 98. On Intense 99, they met one-on-one with Ramey getting the victory, but Ryan attacked him, sending Jimmy B. Martinez to the rescue.

Ramey own pride didn’t care much for Jimmy’s altruism and the two had an argument last week ending with Ryan once again attacking Ramey backstage. After a shocking return by Sylo on 100 that led to some very choice words for one of his own constant critics in Jeremy Ryan, jOlt’s Last Real Man promised vengeance via beating Jimmy B. Martinez tonight. However, that was much easier said than done. JBM was clearly no pushover and jOlt’s final Flyweight Champion would step into action against Ryan tonight looking to prove just that.


”If It All Ended Tomorrow” by John Cena.

The music played by some other organization’s neon-clad golden boy erupted and out form the back came The Supernova himself, as anointed by jOlt Hall of Famer Sylo. The young gun bounced in place before he charged down the aisle.

“First, making his way to the ring, from The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds… JIMMY B. MARTINEZ!

Hopping in place, the prodigal son soon made his entry into the ring by jumping over the ropes and raising his hands to a nice pop. He waited anxiously for his opponent.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and there was no fanfare, no theatrics, nor any pyrotechnics; out from the backstage area walked one bad man. The fans all began to boo as Ryan stood at the top of the ramp for a brief moment and then began his stalk toward the ring.

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan charged at the ring with intent to harm somebody as the tank-like man slid into the ring…


The very second at the match began, Jeremy Ryan went on the attack and tackled Martinez into the corner. All physicality by jOlt’s Last Real Man as he hoisted Jimmy up over his shoulders before the brute DROPPED him into the canvas with a sick over-the-shoulder slam.


Ryan slapped the back of his head and then stood to his feet, looking at Jimmy like he was a wounded gazelle in the maw of a hungry lion. The wild and erratic Jeremy watched as Jimmy started to stand. He was already winded from the slam, but stood up and shook his head, realizing how this was going to be.

The crowd had chosen their favorite, but to his credit Ryan showed no attention to the fans. He talked a lot of trash but when it came to business, he gave 100% to his opponent. He came at Jimmy a second time but this time Martinez was ready and he took down Ryan with a quick Drop Toe Hold! He took off to the ropes and came back with a nice Running Dropkick to the side of the head! He scurried over and covered Ryan.



Ryan kicked out early but Jimmy was staying on the offensive. He picked up Ryan and while he didn’t use any punches, he fired off a series of right hands! Jimmy grabbed him by the head and went for the whip only for Ryan to reverse and hang on… HOTSHOT ON THE ROPES!

He connected neck-first and collapsed to the canvas. The Last Real Man of jOlt had just zeroed in on the neck and now The Supernova was left completely vulnerable for the attack. Ryan quickly went to the head and neck before letting loose with a flurry of stomps to the exposed area. Jimmy tried to cover up and protect himself, but the former Hype standout continued his relentless assault on the ribs. He then looked out to the fans.


Ryan yelled to the crowd and they continued to boo him, but he gave somewhere around < zero fucks about anything they had to say. He clamped down on the neck and locked in a modified Camel Clutch with a knee going right into his side, cranking back on the injured area as he continued to sneer at the crowd. They were trying to get behind The Supernova but he wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

With all of his might, Martinez started to get up early and tried to fight his way back to life despite how much pain he was already in. The Supernova elbowed him in the chest several times and continued to fight his way out when Ryan stopped him in his tracks with another quick knee strike. He shoved him into the ropes and when he bounced back, Ryan nearly took his head off with a NASTY Short Range Lariat! With no hesitation, he went right to the cover on the Bronx native.




Jimmy escaped defeat and The Supernova was looking for Ryan to make a mistake, but he wrestled a perfect game so far. He shot an angry glance at referee Ian Nguyen who held back two fingers.

jOlt’s Last Real Man quickly snatched Martinez off the mat via a deadlift and held him in place. Despite the fact that Jimmy was a good solid 225 pounds, Ryan made it look easy as he deadlifted right into a NASTY German Suplex! The fans cringed as Martinez was dumped on his head and shoulders before collapsing to the other side of the canvas. Ryan cracked his neck before calmly rolling over and going for the cover again.




An even closer fall than before, but Jimmy was still in the game. The crowd cheered Martinez’s resolve but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t hearing any of it. He pushed Martinez and shoved him back into the corner again and drove a series of hard Turnbuckle Thrusts into the chest of The Supernova to soften him up some more. Jimmy yelled out in pain as Ryan continued his attack only for him to fight back. He then started to hold out his hand an unleashed a STIFF series of open-handed Palm Strikes! The shots were swift and brutal and they didn’t want to believe it, but Ryan was having his way with Jimmy B. right now and The Supernova had nowhere to go.

Jimmy looked disoriented when Ryan kicked him in the gut and took him over with one HARD Snap Suplex. Ryan wasn’t done and rolled him up a second time. He adjusted his position and then dropped him again with an even harder Back Suplex! The fans cringed from the impact as Martinez writhed around the mat in agony. His ribs were on fire and each big blow that Ryan was hammering down on him was making this match slip away from him.




The shoulder was up again!


He kept on fighting through the pain he was in, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Ryan from imposing his will. He stood up and soaked in the reaction of the crowd as he ran off the ropes and delivered a nothing-fancy Running Senton to the chest! Martinez was definitely hurt now and kicked his legs frantically around the mat as Ryan had picked him off very well.

“Where’s Sylo to save you, Jimmy?” Ryan slapped the back of his head. “Where?!”

And another cover.




It was close to two and a half, but Jeremy Ryan still hadn’t gotten himself the win. Martinez was a fighting man and had survived battles with the likes of guys like Omega, jOlt Champion Landon Stevens and even held a victory in the past over jOlt Hall of Famer “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. There was no doubt he couldn’t succeed in the ring, but needed a big win here tonight over the relentless Ryan. Speaking of, Ryan angrily glared at Nguyen, but he wasn’t going away just yet. Ryan calmly walked over and tried for another suplex, but this time Jimmy was ready and he adjusted his body weight to trap him in an Inside Cradle!




That was exactly what Jimmy was good at, the out-of-nowhere victory. He stood up only to have his clock cleaned with another STIFF Palm Strike to the temple that sent Jimmy stumbling backwards into the corner. Ryan took a second and backed up as he went looking for his Spear that he had used in the past – on Martinez, in fact. He didn’t focus any more on the crowd and came charging…


Ryan hit the post with a dull smack, shoulder first after Jimmy moved! The blow couldn’t definitely changed the complexion of the match, but Jimmy had saved himself in the nick of time and The Supernova finally had a chance after Ryan made a costly mistake.


The Supernova struggled to breathe, but he had a chance and the crowd went wild as he looked up at Ryan, even more determined to fight. Ryan was nursing his arm now when Jimmy turned him around and chopped him again. He protected his ribs with one arm while throwing some solid Elbow Smashes with the other!

The big shots caught him and he tried to whip Ryan again. This time Ryan reversed it and when he came off the ropes…


Yet again, the final Flyweight Champion in jOlt history fell victim to another tide-turning move! A picture-perfect Spear/Spinebuster that rattled the canvas! He DROPPED Jimmy with a thunderous impact and went for the cover again quickly!




“NO! DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

That move coupled with Jimmy’s injury should’ve been over, but he was still in the game much to Ryan’s dismay. jOlt’s Last Real Man had enough of Jimmy’s tenacity and just opted to elbow him in the face several times to wear him down some more before he tried his next move. Ryan shook out the pain in his shoulder before he pried Jimmy back to his feet. He hoisted him up in the corner with intent to drop him down with a Superplex of some kind and looked to finish this match.

Ryan tried hooking the arm for a Superplex only for him to shove him right off. Martinez fought back and fired a few good Elbow Smashes to the face. He stunned jOlt’s Last Real Man and continued the blows until he finally knocked him off! Martinez then jumped…


It was one of his bread and butter moves and downright nuts of him to use considering the work Ryan had put into his back and ribs, but he finally managed to slow down Jeremy Ryan long enough to continue. The Frog Splash took a lot out of both men as Ian Nguyen started to go for the count when neither man got up.






Jimmy started to get up first and got to his knees while Jeremy Ryan was starting to get to his. The Supernova was using the ropes to stand while Ryan was groggy after the Splash. Slowly, Ryan used the ropes and used them to pull himself up as he focused solely on Jimmy B.




Both men were up! Jimmy ran full speed ahead at him and when Ryan tried getting the boot up, he turned him around and caught him with a Schoolboy pin out of nowhere!




The very angry Ryan rolled away from Martinez and he charged himself only to eat a pair of feet to the face as he approached the corner. Ryan stumbled around punch-drunk while Jimmy sprang off the ropes looking for something big when he came back with a big Jumping Heel Kick to the jaw! Ryan was out again when Jimmy B. rolled over and went for a lateral press.




These two were putting on a great match and despite all that Ryan threw at him, Jimmy was still coming back from the onslaught. The Supernova quickly stayed on the offensive now and tried to pull Ryan up by the hair only to eat a solid haymaker directed at the ribs. Martinez winced in pain and he was victim for Ryan to try for another kick. He tried for a suplex once again but this time Jimmy landed on his feet behind him and DROPPED him with a swift Spinning Headlock into an Elbow Drop!




And another kick out by Ryan! This time, Ryan’s own toughness was on full display for the crowd and he pushed Jimmy away from him with the intent to create distance from the high-octane flurry of The Supernova. He grabbed him in the corner and dropped another series of chops and Elbow Smashes to the head and hooked him by the head. He was looking for his finisher…


Ryan turned around and pushed him away to the ropes and when Jimmy bounced back he bounced up, he caught Ryan flush in the face with a Discus Forearm Smash that sent Ryan stumbling backwards into the ropes! When he came back, Martinez cocked his right foot back…


His take on the tried-and-true Superkick dropped Jeremy Ryan onto the canvas and finally stunned him long enough to keep the momentum in his favor! Jimmy rolled over as the rowdy fans continued to cheer this great back and forth contest!




STILL Ryan had kicked out despite everything Martinez was throwing at him. jOlt’s Last Real Man was getting more than he could handle from a man that he would make pay for his mentor Sylo’s harsh words about him last week. Martinez started to head to the ring apron now and slapped the turnbuckle. He was still feeling the effects of his match, but had just managed to get perched when…


He stunned him and knocked Martinez clear off the turnbuckle and watched him fall to the apron. Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and yelled at the crowd to tell them that this was done. He stood on the second cable and hooked The Supernova over the ropes. He took a second to poise himself and when he hoisted him…


DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX from the outside of the ring and all the way back inside over the ropes! Always an amazing power move to Superplex a man with the height and body type of Jimmy B. Martinez and he did it! Sylo’s young protégé was in trouble now as Jimmy rolled over.




“DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

He was growing increasingly frustrated with what was going down in this great match. Ryan scurried outside of the ring and started to dig around the ring. Yes. He found the chain under the ring. The same chain that he had used two weeks ago to lay out Jesse Ramey. The crowd started to boo when he started to brandish the chain like a weapon. Ryan had seemed obsessed lately more with dishing out pain than winning matches tonight and something like this would get him disqualified for sure. He slid back into the ring as


Jesse Ramey ran down to ringside and snatched the chain from his grip!

“Fuck no, we aren’t doing this again!” Ramey shouted.

Ryan was wide-eyed and was close to climbing out of the ring as Ramey took the chain and threw it halfway back up the ramp so there was no chance of him using this. He would have to wrestle this match.

Seeing no other choice, jOlt’s Last Real Man cocked his own arm back and waited as Jimmy B. started to try and stand after taking the Man Up Suplex. Ryan had a wicked gleam in his eye as he charged off the ropes again, this time looking for some sort of decapitating Lariat when The Supernova grabbed him in mid-move and rolled him forward into a modified O’Connor Roll!




Ryan had kicked out at the count of four, but since this is professional wrestling, a three-count was needed to get it done and that’s exactly what Jimmy B. Martinez did… he got it done! Ryan was beside himself on the canvas with a crazed look in his eyes!


Jimmy B. stood up and The Supernova had his arm raised by the referee! He had fought hard, withstood the onslaught of Jeremy Ryan and had come back in a very big way to come up aces here tonight! He celebrated with the crowd and wiped the sweat off his brow, but then took notice of The Anti-Star coming to the ring. He had his own problems with Jeremy Ryan over the last three weeks, but now he was ready for a fight.

“I didn’t ask for your help, Ramey,” Martinez shouted. “Why don’t you take your own advice?”

Ramey didn’t move from his spot. “Called returning the favor, kiddo. You keep sticking your nose in my shit, payback is coming. Did Sylo ever teach you that?”

“He taught me this…”



The crowd heard the slap from Martinez to Ramey and that’s when Ramey smiled. He checked his lip for blood before firing back with an elbow to the face! The two men were now exchanging punches in the ring! Their own bad blood was starting to boil over now with the proud athletes trying to stand their own ground in jOlt. Ramey backed him up into the corner and BLASTED him upside the head with an Uppercut, but Jimmy B. fought back with his own right hand! The shots kept on coming between the two...


Against their better judgment, Ian Nguyen got in the middle of the two men as they each looked up at the top of the jOltVision where Damien Lee appeared. The CEO of jOlt had enough shit to deal with on his plate, but things had been getting far too physical between these men in the last several weeks and was finally about to address this.

“I’m not going to sit through another night of this between the three of you, tearing up my shows when I’ve quite frankly got enough of this going on! If you’re going to do this, then you’re going to make me some goddamn money doing it! If Jeremy Ryan, Jesse Ramey, and Jimmy B. Martinez and Jesse all fight, then I’m going to do it my way! Jesse Ramey… Jeremy Ryan… Jimmy B. Martinez! Triple threat match at Rise of the Legends! You guys can kill each other for all I care!”

As quickly as he appeared, Damien Lee had just laid down the law for a match at Rise of the Legends! Jimmy, Jeremy, and Jesse had all been involved in the other’s business over the last several weeks and now things were set to come to blows between all the men at once. Ramey and Jimmy stared at one another and looked like they were going to pick up where they left off… SPEAR TO JIMMY B. MARTINEZ BY JEREMY RYAN!

jOlt’s Last Real Man had laid low and landed a big Spear that nearly cut The Supernova in half! Jesse wasn’t going to sit around and watch Ryan do the same to him so he charged at him! He landed a couple fists to the jaw of Ryan and looked to go for a DDT when Ryan broke free and kicked him in the gut…


That was his take on the Classic Piledriver that he’d been using the last few weeks and Ramey’s head BOUNCED off the canvas! He was laid out cold, but he wasn’t done yet. The crowd continued to boo him when he turned his attention back to JBM. Jimmy was too hurt to fight back at this point, but he was about to get his payback also…


Another Piledriver, this time to Martinez! JBM had scored the victory here tonight, but Ryan had gotten himself the last word in with a pair of vicious Piledrivers! Both of his Rise of the Legends opponents were laid out in the middle of the ring and Jeremy raised his fists in the air to a chorus of loud jeers before leaving the ring.

Would this be a sign of things to come when these three men finally had the chance to settle their respective grudges?

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"Following the Leader... Whoever That Is"

Backstage to the interview area we went!

Standing by looking sharp as ever was your favorite interviewer and mine… wait, Dawn Cassidy wasn’t here, so here’s Donny Layne instead. Sorry, Donny.

“Folks, we are just mere days away from Rise of the Legends and the first-ever War Games match. NINE team in all have been announced for this match and of those nine, eight of their representatives will be doing battle tonight in an eight-man tag team match in a final battle for bragging rights before the War Games match itself. One set of the teams is here with us now. Representing the Heirs of Wrestling, Frank Silver.”

The camera caught a glimpsed of the former two-time Tag Team Champion as he tipped his imaginary cap to the camera.

“Representing The ReVolt… Mattock!”

The silver-tongued Mattock had his arms folded and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Representing The Backbone… Reno Davis!”

The former Relentless Champion got a nice reception from the crowd.

“And representing The Crimson Order… Heido.”

Heido’s face betrayed no emotion and remained stoic as he was focused solely on tonight. Donny Layne brought the focus back to him as he continued.

“Now, the four of you are going to be reluctant allies tonight against opposing forces. You’ll be taking on The Hands of the Cause member Frank Hendrix, Cross The Hood’s own Jackson Cross, Goons member Samuel Latrell and Tag Team Champion Eli Conway. Your thoughts, gentlemen?”

Reno Davis took on the first line of questioning.

“Funny how this business works. I’ve battled with Frank and the Heirs… the history between myself and Mattock is well-documented. And like you said, we’re all going to be gunning for one another’s jugulars at Rise of the Legends, but that’s for the future… this is right now. Each of us has been wronged by assholes like the Rebellion and the Faction. They’ve been running rampant for too long now and it’s about time we take the fight to them for a change. The Hands want their belts back and The Goons are trying to make a name for themselves, but that’s not going to happen tonight. Not on our watch.”

Mattock continued.

“We’ve been engaged in this war for some time now because an avaricious, paltry little individual named Damien Lee tried to freeze us out of our livelihood by forming this Rebellion. He will choke on his own bile when he witnesses first-hand what myself and Cano are willing to do for victory at Rise of the Legends. This team of misfits will be led by myself tonight and when we have our hands raised…”


Frank Silver interrupted him, which didn’t please Mattock any.

“How about you ‘ReVolt’ against using five-dollar words for two seconds. You should maybe let the guy with lots of shiny tag team titles under his name lead the charge. ANYWAY, Donny.”

The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights brought the microphone towards him.

“Me and Ryan have been on a roll lately. We beat Trouble three weeks ago. And last week on the hundredth edition of the show, we stepped up to Ninja K and the…”

He stopped that when Heido cut him off by placing his hand over the microphone. Heido pulled Donny’s arm in his own direction as he gazed a hole through Frank.

“Stifle your tongue, braggart,” Heido interrupted. “You and your friends got the victory last week, but don’t forget we’ve also beaten you before. And I see no reason why that trend won’t continue.”

Mattock had a sly smile on his face.

“I like your vocabulary, Mr. Heido. Good phraseology.”

Frank turned back to Mattock with a raised eyebrow.

“English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!”

“As you’ve observed, quite well, actually.”

The three men started to shout over one another until a VERY shrill whistle shut all that shit down. Everybody turned back to Reno Davis as he cleared his throat.

“Sorry. But again, we have no time for a dick-waving contest. We’ve got four different men ahead of us, not to mention ANOTHER set of former two-time Tag Team Champions in The House who are gonna be fresh for War Games. Let’s put aside our differences, focus on tonight, then let shit happen at Rise of the Legends. The best team wins. Got it?”

The other three men each exchanged glances at one another and nodded in unison. Reno Davis was pretty much in the right.

“Let’s do this.”

The four men nodded before they each headed off, leaving Donny Layne to his own devices.

“Thanks for your time, gentlemen.”

"Search and Destroy: Target Found"

The bass rifts from Marly Marl’s Hot Girls rings over Lattrell Samuel’s phone. He reaches into his pocket and answers..

“Goon Season… Oh what’s good gully….”, Samuel responds, gully being short for Khalil Straightgully..

“Nah no luck yet bro… I looked high and low but nothing..” Samuel goes on.

“You what.. U think you see him.. Where u at bro,” Samuel raises his voice in excitement.

A whistling sound is heard. Khalil is right across a long walkway in the arena… Samuel nods and begins to move towards Samuel but then changes direction at Straightgully’s advice because he nods at him and gives him a thumbs up. Samuel hangs up the phone and then moves in to the target as the camera follows behind him. The target is now clear to the viewing audience. A modestly built figure in a hoodie stands in a corner taping his hands; his figure is identical to that of jOlt superstar Providence.

Khalil hides in a corner clutching his Lousiville Slugger. while Samuel readies his Diamond encrusted brass knuckles to put in heavy work on the superstar! Samuel swiftly moves towards the superstar, and Straightgully’s movement is triggered by his. Straightgully, being closer, reaches the superstar first, taps the superstar on the shoulder and hits him with a gutshot as Samuel simultaneously lands a viscous blow to the back of his head with the brass knuckles. The superstar slumps down into a heap but Samuel, ruthlessly, lands two more viscous brass knuckles shots to the face and then a kick to the head.. Blood begins to pool on the floor before Straightgully restrains Samuel from doing anymore damage to the jOlt superstar.

“That’s enough bro.. That’s it.. Don’t kill him.. We already got 10 stacks,” Khalil goes on as he restrains Samuel.

“Bitch motherfucker… And u got blood on my kicks…” Samuel screams out. A viscous showing of mercilessness indeed

The superstar lays lifelessly on the ground…

“Let me call DJ and tell him our target has been hit; I’mma hit him with some cellphone photos so we can get our bounty bonus...”

Straightgully turns the superstar over and prepares to snap photos of him, but then, a look of dismay creeps on his face…

“Who.,. Who the fuck is this…”

The camera focuses in on a face that is obviously not Providence’s.

“What,” Samuel says as he comes over to inspect..

“Ohh shit.. That’s Mad Morgan… He was on the Hype with me..

Straightgully holds his head in disappointment.. “Fuck,” Straightgully blurts out.

“Ehh I owed him one anyway… He owed me some money for some green.. No big deal!!!”

Omega vs Diamond Jewelz

The next match will be fought under Underground Rules as the Underground champion will be in another match against another champion for the second week in a row. The Golden Boy champion will test his mettle against the Underground champion.

CUE UP: "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle The songs blasts throughout the arena. The jeers deafened the arena as Diamond Jewelz finally emerged out the back, with a cocky look plastered on his face wearing his Golden Boy Title; the buxom Ruby Rocks Jewelz leading her man down to the ring. The Golden Boy champion was without his body guards which was very auspicious. He looks into the crowd with his custom bravado before flashing his custom DJ chain, his Golden Boy title.

Diamond Jewelz finally climbs into the ring, flashes his chain and gives an evil blinding grin, before raising his hands is a showcase of machismo. The jeers only got louder, as they let Diamond really know how they felt for him. The Golden Boy champion stood in the ring CUE UP: ‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Diamond and Ruby stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

Pain is a revelation

you all will embrace your fear. Omega will see to that.

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a hood covering his face as the dreadlocks dangled from the hood. The champion stood stoically in the middle of the ring holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to the ref as the fans jeered the champion. Omega pulled his hood off as he looked across the ring at the Golden Boy champion and Ruby. Ruby scurried from the ring as the Underground champion’s eyes never strayed from Diamond Jewelz.

The ref called for the bell as Diamond Jewelz stood in the corner. Jewelz made his way to the middle of the ring as the Underground Champion stood to his feet and looked down at the self-proclaimed Golden Boy Champion.

The bell sounded as Jewelz rolled to the floor as Omega looked on. The Underground champion smiled as he watched Jewelz talk to Ruby at ringside. Omega slid to the floor but Diamond rolled back into the ring quickly. The big man smirked before rolling into the ring himself. Diamond was ready as he started to nail the Underground champion in the head with a few kicks. Omega tried to get to his feet but DJ continued with the onslaught. DJ grabbed Omega by the hair and whipped him in the corner. The monster bounced out of the corner with a vicious spear on DJ in the middle of the ring. Ruby screamed as DJ almost got tore in half from the spear.

The boogeyman sat up with a big smile on his face as he got a mixed reaction from the fans. DJ held his stomach as Omega turned and slowly made it to his feet. The boogeyman grabbed Diamond by the hair and whipped him into the ropes. Jewelz bounced off the ropes and was caught by Omega and driven into the mat with a big overhead belly to belly suplex. Omega quickly raced over for the cover on Jewelz.




Ruby climbed on the ring apron as Omega stood to his feet and looked at the buxom woman. She pointed her finger at the champion who slowly walked over to her. She continued to yell at Omega who turned and looked at the ringside area where his title lay. His smiled turned sinister in a matter of seconds as the look on Ruby’s face told the story. The Underground champion slowly walked over to Ruby who quickly dropped to the floor to get away from the monster. DJ finally made it to his knees as he walked over to Omega. The Golden Boy champion nailed Omega with a big low blow as the big man dropped to his knees.

DJ just dropped a leg across the throat of Omega. Jewelz stood over the champion as Ruby slid a chair into the ring. DJ picked up the chair and placed Omega’s arm into it. The Golden Boy champion stomped the chair with Omega’s arm in it as Ruby loved it. DJ quickly hooked the big man’s leg for the cover.



Jewelz hooked the big man’s leg again for the cover.




Diamond was trying to make the big man exert a lot of energy by kicking out of the pinfalls. DJ picked up Omega and whipped him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes and was nailed with a big dropkick by DJ. Diamond went for another cover on Omega.




DJ made it to his feet and drove a running knee into Omega’s temple. The boogeyman was down as DJ went for the cover again.



DJ quickly raced over to Omega and started to pound him with rights and lefts. The boogeyman smiled with each shot as Diamond looked puzzled. Jewelz stood to his feet and raised his arms as the crowd gave him an unceremonious ovation. DJ didn’t really care as he blew a kiss to his woman before going back to Omega. Diamond reached down to pick up Omega but the big man grabbed Diamond by his throat. He started to stand to his feet with his massive hands still wrapped around Jewelz’s throat. Suddenly the fans erupted into a huge chorus of boos as The Mf’N Goons came racing down to the ring and tackled Omega from behind and he released the grip he had on DJ’s throat.

Samuel and Straightgully started to lay in the kicks and punches into the Underground champion. Khalil walked over to grab the chair that Ruby slid into the ring earlier. He took the chair and started to bash it into the back of Omega.





The Mf’N Goons was on the attack as Diamond directed traffic. Latrell grabbed Omega by his locks as the Underground champion smiled at his assailant. Latrell pulled Omega to his feet which was not the best thing to do as Omega nailed Samuel with a big right hand. Khalil ran at Omega but the big man caught him with a huge boot to the jaw. Diamond and Ruby moved back up the ramp to watch his boys but Omega looked down at DJ with a smile. This gave Latrell a chance to nailed Omega with a low blow from behind. Latrell called for his partner to get up as they had Omega down again. This was just a beatdown as the two men continued the onslaught. The security officers came down to the ring to separate the goons from Omega.

However no one saw Derecho racing to the ring with a chair in hand. The madman slid under the ropes and started swinging the chair nailing anyone in his way. Derecho nailed Latrell who tried to get out of the ring. The mad man finally turned his attention to the other mad man in jOlt. He nailed Omega with the steel chair that sent the champ over the top rope. Derecho rolled out to the floor and the two bitter enemies continued their rivalry. Derecho charged at Omega sending both men spilling over the guardrail into the crowd. The fans erupted seeing the violence these two men have been inflicting on each other for the past month and half.

Derecho grabbed Omega and started to drag him through the crowd. Derecho took Omega’s head and pasted him against the steel railing. Derecho with a sick smile pulled Omega toward the exit door. Omega hooked Derecho and drove him to the floor with a belly to belly suplex. The crowd started to chant around the two superstars.





Both men slowly started to stir as Derecho started to crawl toward the exit door. Omega smirked as he witnessed this. The Underground Champion ran full speed and speared Derecho through the door breaking a part of the door off the hinges. The crowd erupted again.





The ref and some security guards who were following the two raced through the door to check on both men who lay on the floor in the concession area. The camera faded out to the backstage area.

Winner: No Contest

"House Full of Goons, but DJ's Missing"

“We gotta find the Big Homie Yo! He out here on an island!”

The voice of Latrell Samuel echoed loudly in the hall as he and his bigger associate, Khalil Straightgully made their way through the corridors of the jOlt backstage. They were all still in their army fatigues as they rushed to protect their leader, Diamond Jewelz, from whatever was coming. Latrell was huffing as he paced his way through the halls with Khalil following closely behind him.

“We gotta find this nigga!” Latrell said.

They’d lost track of Diamond Jewelz after the viscous beatdown of Omega and the scuffle with Derecho, because of the waves of security guards that broke up the fight and separated them.

“Slow the fuck down!!!”

Khalil yelled to Latrell.

“Man, we’re gonna find Jewelz, then we’re gonna go find that Providence motherfucker and do to him what we did to those House bitches last week; We gotta get that bonus money ya feel me?”

Latrell began to chuckle at all the carnage he had unleashed on the House.

“Hahaha, yeah!” Khalil laughed. “I fucked Huber up last week; we gon do the same shit to that Providence motherfucker when we find him!

The two men laughed jovially; suddenly, a third voice joined in with them.


It was pretty awkward because it was all sorts of gravelly; nothing like DJ’s voice. Khali and Latrell turned around and behind them the owner of the voice appeared:

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

The surly monster continued laughing which just sounded incredibly awkward. They turned around and growled and behind them appeared the other member of jOlt’s superheavyweight tag team, “The Sin City Strongman’ Derrick Huber. The two had been in a tiff ever since they got duped by Diamond Jewelz and lost the Underground Rules rematch to Them Mf’N Goons on Intense 100. Both Khalil and Latrell looked at either side of them and realized they were surrounded.

“Oh, do you guys want to hear a joke? Here’s one for you two …”

And a slap to the face for Latrell!

“Oh shit I forgot to say the actual joke … five fingers and all that. And how’s this … what’s black and blue and getting the shit beat out of them?!”

And a fight broke out!

Khalil and Adam Roebuck were duking it out backstage now while Derrick Huber was chasing after Latrell Samuel down the hall. Adam Roebuck and Khalil continued their fist fight amongst themselves as the two beasts knocked over one of the crates! The big masses of humanity were fighting while Latrell continued to smack him in the face as Huber cracked him in the mouth himself.

“Who’s the bitch now?” Huber yelled at him.

Fighting was all around backstage now and security was now there to try and break things up. The security was forcibly pulling him away while Huber continued to lobby threats. Out of nowhere, Diamond Jewelz, shirtless due to the brawl earlier, appears and is dumbfounded by the carnage..

“I’m going to fuck both of you up!” Huber scream out.

The action as spilling out all over the place with Diamond Jewelz watching and the four men started getting overpowered by security. This issue didn’t end with the two matches between the teams and looked to be settled in the War Games where every team vying for the titles would have to put up or shut up.

Jewel reclaimed the goons when security finally pulled them apart.

"Fuck this. We got business to handle. You punk ass niggas.. this shit ain't over!" spouted Jewelz to The House as they were dragged away.

“Fuck Omega, Fuck them House pussies, Fuck all them motherfuckers you feel me.. “ Diamond goes on in a tirade, shirtless, his body laced with sweat, flanked by the goons..

“Jewelz….. Jewelzz.. This shit ends now.. I had to have Mad Morgan sent to the fucking hospital. The carnage ends here… ” Lee interjects.

Jewelz and The Goons turn around and see Damien Lee. He had been standing there watching the whole time.

“Yeah I know.. We bout to murk these motherfuckers you feel me.” Jewelz says poignantly

“No… No.. You don’t know… I’m giving you a match with Providence at Rise Of The Legends,”

“Yeah.. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about...” Diamond celebrates as he begins to shake hands with the goons.

“But…” Lee says interrupting Jewelz..

“It’s going to be an Underground Rules match..”

“Cool..” jewelz mouths

“And if you can’t keep your hands off each other until then.. No match..” Lee says sternly

“Aight… The dogs is off.. Jewelz mouths..”

"Star Gazing"

The sounds of a motivated crowd were overheard as Dawn Cassidy was faintly preening before the camera in front of her traditional backdrop and propped lighting when she snapped to attention on cue with her brilliant smile.

“Hello, everyone.” Cassidy exclaimed. “jOlt Wrestling fans everywhere and welcome back to another edition of the DawnCast. I am your gracious host...”

“Good evening, Dawn...” A familiar voice was heard before the audience responded warmly to the approach of the Blood Raven himself, Eiji Kugasari. Dawn displayed her reserved feelings of discomfort toward her guest. Eiji gently clasped onto her shoulder in a reassuring manner.

“Rest assured, Dawn; I mean you harm.” The ninja opened. “I apologize for you and I getting off to an unsettling start. I was unmistakably rude and on the behalf of my clan and myself, I want to personally make amends for my actions toward you on previous occasions.”

Cassidy promptly cleared his throat, swept her hair aside behind her ear before nodding back at Eiji. “I accept your apology, Eiji.”

“Now, if you don’t mind, shall we continue with the business at hand?” The unmasked ninja suggested, promoting a returning smile to the lovely interviewer’s visage.

“Now, uh, Eiji?” Dawn replied, urging the ninja’s eyebrows to raise. “You have managed to retain your bid as the No. 1 Contender of the Jolt Heavyweight Championship, which remains in the hands of your successor and reigning champion, Landon Stevens...”

The attention was briefly centered on the crowd’s negative reaction to the reigning champion’s name before Eiji returned his focus back onto Dawn.

“Given your mutual hatred for one another, we understand that the stakes for the jOlt Heavyweight Championship have been raised considerably higher. Especially for this long awaited rematch...”

“Most definitely, the stakes have been risen, Dawn.” Eiji mentioned. “For weeks on end, your ’champion’ has been running from me. Literally fleeing from every opportunity for me to get my championship back. I have long past sick and tired of bitch, clinging onto Commissioner Lee’s coattails in hopes of desperately holding onto what is rightfully mine.”

“At Rise of the Legends, your ’champion’s’ time will run out.” The Blood Raven seethed. “I called him out last week, on the centennial episode of iNtense and nothing. Nothing but rest assured, Landon is going to give me an answer. Much sooner than later. I guaran-fucking-tee it....”

A stoic scowl radiated from the ninja’s visage before the embittered No. 1 Contender stormed away past Dawn, deep into the arena’s underbelly.

Alyssa Corliss vs Amber Ryann

Alyssa Corliss has taken a wild ride on the emotional roller coaster since her breakup with The Rebellion’s spokesman, Sebastian Saje. It was just a few days ago that she attacked Faith Hines on The Hype.. her friend that was trying to help her. Amber Ryann even helped her when she came onto the main roster and ended up in a rematch against Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton because of it, but Alyssa continues to ignore and push aside anyone who has gotten close to her. This has lead up to this match here tonight

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

The crowd booed as Alyssa Corliss came out from the backstage area. She looked around the arena in disgust as if all of the eyes in the crowd were judging her. She ignored them all as she walked down to the ring with a look on her face that conveyed the notion that she didn’t want to be there.

Alyssa slid into the ring and propped herself against one of the neutral corners. She rested her arms across the top ropes and stared off at the entrance ramp as she awaited the arrival of her opposition.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

The lights went low as the guitar revved up. Static filled the screen until the song kicked in. The screen transitioned into the logo for “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann as she skipped out onto the stage. She stopped at the top of the entrance and threw her fist into the air. She then fell to a knelt position, slamming her fist into the stage. Behind her, four explosions of pyro went off: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.. the same as the colors her hair.

She made her way down to the ring, bobbing her head to her theme song. She made her way around ringside, slapping hands with the fans. She then hopped up onto the apron and slingshotted over, twisting and landing on the middle rope. She then flipped off, landing on her feet where she slammed her fist into the middle of the canvas causing the four turnbuckles to explode with pyro in the same four colors. She removed her sweater and her dragonfly goggles, passing them off to ringside.

Alyssa, who had moved away from the corner, still didn’t look all that impressed or excited to be there, but Amber Ryann was ready to go as the referee called for the bell.




Alyssa slowly started to walk in a circle as Ryann took off from the start. Ryann looked to grab Alyssa by the ankle, but she stutter stepped forward and made Ryann miss. Alyssa scoffed at Ryann before they locked up in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Ryann backed Alyssa into the corner as the referee wanted the clean break. Ryann backed off, but Alyssa slapped her across the face!

Ryann staggered out of the corner as Alyssa charged in and threw her down to the canvas by her hair! Alyssa then mounted Ryann and began to pummel away on her with rapid fire right hands. Ryann covered up and Alyssa eventually gave up on the punches, however, she stood and backed into the ropes, hitting a Yakuza Kick to the stomach as Ryann tried to pull herself up. Ryann fell to her knees as Alyssa stood over her and rained down heavy right hands to the temple. Alyssa went to the ropes and then hit a Seated Drop Kick that put Ryann onto her back. Alyssa went for the cover, looking to put this one away early.



Ryann got the shoulder up.

Alyssa brought Ryann up to a seated position and then placed her in a Rear Chin Lock. Alyssa didn’t just apply a simple submission hold, though. She added in some elbow strikes by driving the point of the elbow into the top of Amber Ryann’s head. Once she did enough damage, she pulled Ryann down to the canvas and applied a Sleeper Hold. The referee checked on Ryann, but Ryann refused to give it up. The fans started to get behind her and she fed off that energy, as Ryann stood back up and fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section, breaking free.

Ryann took off to the ropes, but Alyssa charged in and hit a Knee Lift to the gut, flipping her back over to a seated position. Alyssa then hit a drop kick to the back of the head and went for another cover, hooking the leg in deep!



Ryann kicked out again

Alyssa went back to work on Ryann’s head by controlling it with another grounded Sleeper Hold. Each time Amber Ryann has tried to mount some offense in the early part of this match, Alyssa Corliss seemed to be just one step ahead. Ryann looked to be fading a bit.. especially after all the damage her head has taken in this short amount of time thus far.

Once again, the fans began to rally behind Ryann and she fought back to a seated position. She then arched her way up to her feet only to immediately drop back down with a Jaw Breaker that staggered Alyssa. Ryann then leaned back and kicked Alyssa dead in the face and that sent her stumbling back toward the ropes. Ryann got up and charged in, but Alyssa lifted her up and over to the ring apron, but Ryann grabbed Alyssa by the head, hot shotting her across the top rope! Alyssa fell to her back as Ryann landed safely on her feet on the floor.

Ryann hopped back up onto the apron and quickly made her way to the corner where she ascended the turnbuckle pads with her back to Alyssa, but Alyssa recovered and got to her feet where she fell against the ropes and caused Ryann to lose her balance. Alyssa then climbed the turnbuckles, getting behind Ryann. She got under Ryann’s arm and looked for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Ryann flipped out of it and landed on her feet!!! Alyssa, however, landed hard on her back!

Ryann took off to the ropes and got enough momentum to come back and nailed a running shooting star press, crashing down on top of Alyssa, but Ryann refused to go for the cover! Instead she pulled Alyssa up to a vertical base and lit her up with a knife edge chop across the chest. She hit another, then a third, a fourth.. a fifth.. a sixth.. a seventh.. and eighth.. a ninth.. and finally, she used both hands for a double chop across the chest for number ten!! Alyssa stumbled back into the corner where she tried to get some air back into her lungs. Ryann however stepped in with a little momentum and hit a back elbow. Ryann walked out of the corner then pivoted as she flipped and hit a kick to the side of Alyssa’s head!

Alyssa fell into a slump in the corner as Ryann took off to the opposite side. She got a running start and hit a Cannonball Splash into the corner, crushing Alyssa up against the turnbuckles!! Ryann pulled Alyssa to the center of the ring and made the cover!



Alyssa kicked out!

Ryann pulled Alyssa a little bit closer to the corner and then climbed the turnbuckles with her back to the ring. She failed to hit this move earlier, but she was going to try for it again. She leapt backwards while flipping forward, twisting in mid-flip, looking for the Exist Trace senton, but Alyssa rolled out of the way and Ryann slammed down hard on the canvas!

Ryann sat up as Alyssa grabbed Ryann by the head, pulling her up to her feet. She had her in the Front Chancery and looked for her Sit-Out Gordbuster, but Ryann twisted out of it and looked for a Back Drop Suplex, but Alyssa flipped and landed on her feet. She hooked Ryann by the neck and pulled her down as Alyssa fell to a knelt position. It was a backbreaker across Alyssa’s back and Ryann bounced off and fell onto her stomach on the canvas. Alyssa stood and flipped her hair back as she scowled at Alyssa before putting the boots to her.

“YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER STUCK YOUR NOSE IN MY BUSINESS YOU BITCH” yelled Alyssa to Ryann before dropping an elbow straight into her heart.

Alyssa stood and dropped a second elbow, then a third before standing and grabbing the top rope as she pressed her boot against Ryann’s throat. The referee warned Alyssa to let go of the blatant choke hold, but she refused to..





Alyssa finally backed off before she got disqualified, but as soon as the referee stopped the count, she went right back to attempting to choke the life out of Amber Ryann! This drew another admonishment from the referee which, of course, she ignored, prompting another five count.





Alyssa, again let go of the choke hold. This time, the referee pulled her aside and got in her face, saying that if she did that again, it would be an instant disqualification. Alyssa ignored the referee completely and even shoved him aside as she saw Ryann getting back to her feet and using the ropes to do so. Alyssa ran in and kicked Ryann’s legs out from under her causing her to fall back onto the canvas.

Alyssa then stood over her and grabbed the top rope. She used them to leap up into the air and come crashing down with a big stomp into her mid-section. Alyssa repeated this once again as Ryann clutched her stomach in pain. Alyssa then grabbed Ryann by her multi-colored hair, pulling her up to her feet. Alyssa then whipped Ryann to the ropes and gave chase after her. Ryann hit the ropes and immediately ran into a knee by Alyssa.

Alyssa whipped her again, and again, chased her in where she hit another knee lift off Ryann’s rebound. Alyssa yelled out to the crowd that she was going for it again. Perhaps that was an error because when she whipped Ryann, she leapt to the middle rope and with no hands, sprung up and over Alyssa, landing behind her with the Mega Man X Wall Jump! Ryann immediately grabbed Alyssa in a waist lock and nailed her with a German Suplex complete with a bridge pin!



Alyssa kicked away from it!

Ryann stood and taunted Alyssa to get back to her feet. Alyssa did so and turned around, but she qas quick and side stepped the Hadouken.. the double palm thrust. As she side stepped, Alyssa hit a front roundhouse right into Ryann’s face! Ryann stumbled back into the ropes then staggered forward. Alyssa kicked Ryann in the stomach and hooked her by the head. She lifted her for The Corliss Effect.. the sit out Gordbuster, but Ryann reversed the momentum and wrapped Alyssa up with an Small Package!



Thr.. NO!!!

Alyssa kicked away just in time!

Both of them stood. Ryann swung with a clothesline, but Alyssa ducked. They turned around and Alyssa went for a toe kick, but Ryann grabbed the leg and hit a step over heel kick that knocked Alyssa down. Alyssa turned to her hands and knees and tried to crawl away, but Ryann took off the ropes to Alyssa’s left and hit another running shooting star press to Alyssa’s back, collapsing her down to the canvas!! Ryann called for the end as she grabbed Alyssa and pulled her up to her feet.

Ryann stood back to back with Alyssa. She reached back and cradled Alyssa’s head. She then swept her legs out and nailed the inverted headlock driver!


Ryann made the cover, hooking the leg.




The crowd popped as Ryann stood up and got her hand raised by the referee. Ryann fist pumped the air as her song played over the PA system. She hopped out of the ring and gingerly walked up the ramp as her head and her abdomen were in pain from this match. She got up to the top of the stage and disappeared behind the curtain.

Ryann’s song faded and Alyssa sat up in the middle of the ring. She looked around at the crowd who booed her. Alyssa gritted her teeth as she stood up. She looked out at the crowd on the hard camera side, but on the opposite side, a figure holding a steel chair hopped the barricades and slid into the ring!


Alyssa turned around and..



Alyssa went down in a heap as Faith Hines grabbed a microphone.

“Revenge is a bitch.. and so are you”

She dropped the mic and the chair and exited the ring! Faith Hines was attacked by Alyssa Corliss in similar fashion just two days ago on The Hype. Alyssa accepted Faith’s challenge to an Underground Rules match on Hype 37 this upcoming Friday and it looks like Faith wanted to deliver a receipt for the chair shot on Friday.

Alyssa failed to put away Amber Ryann… can she put away Faith Hines?

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall


A pitch black backdrop enveloped by the appearance of slowly rising smoke cascades across the screen. A narrator whose deep raspy voice began speaking as the smoke continued to climb the screen.

Twisted by the minds of politicians, lawyers, business owners,'re very own next door neighbor...

Secluded from the public...groomed to withstand the test of time....beaten, battered, and blooded...

Until they liked it...

Lightning flashed in the background revealing the silhouette of a man menacingly standing as if starring you dead in the eyes even though you couldn't reciprocate as another flash of lighting bolted from the sky and quickly revealed a man slightly contorted backwards and the words "HA!" repeatedly fading in and out from behind the man...still his visage unrecognizable.

We love the pain...

Thought to harbor a lust for wrath...

An envy of greed....

A glutton for punishment....

Slowly biding time....

Another flash of lightning, this time in front of the silhouette that burst open the ground before the figure.

Proud of what lies before ....

Another flash of lightning that strikes right in front of the screen enveloping it in white silence. As the white fades the figure is gone the ground fumed with red hot embers that spelled out the word: Underground.

Or perhaps...from under the ground itself...

The white flash that filled the screen previously returned. our you.

Sarah Winterton vs Faith Hines

Things for Sarah Winterton could not have gone any better heading into her match at Rise of the Legends. Since she had dropped the bombshell that she had chosen Last Starlet Standing for the title, the odds had been in her favor and she probably could’ve won the Hunger Games with the streak she head been on. Charlotte had gotten physical with her in back to back weeks, but Winterton turned things up when Damien Lee allowed her to pick two stipulations for the match.

The first was the aforementioned Last Starlet Standing. The other was if Charlotte loses the match, then this would be her final shot of ANY kind at the belt. She could continue being a wrestler, but she would never be able to compete for the title that she wore proudly last year. After laying out Charlotte earlier and making a big statement by having Desta count to ten as a possible sign of things to come, she was as confident as ever. She was about to take on Hype standout Faith Hines tonight. Could Hines catch Winterton off-guard tonight?

We would find out shortly!

“The following Starlets contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington said.

"Shook Me Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar

Out from the back came Faith Hines herself, getting a respectable pop from the crowd. Faith has been struggling with her own issues with former friend Alyssa Corliss, but tonight none of that mattered. Tonight she would have the chance to take on the champion and if she caught her sleeping tonight, she could put herself up as the next challenger for the title.

“First, making her way to the ring, from Little Rock, Arkansas… THIS IS FAITH HINES!

She climbed into the ring and the religious Starlet climbed into the ring and said herself a little prayer before her match. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area, holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approached the ring…


The Queen of Hearts had just ran through the crowd and LEVELLED her with a mighty Spear that nearly broke The Starlet Champion in half! The crowd was ROARING for the attack by The Queen of Hearts as she pounced on her and rained down an endless flurry of right hands!

All the mind games, the cheap shots, the backstabbing and the derogatory comments were now coming to a head and now Winterton was paying for all of her crimes tonight!


Winterton got roughed up some more as Desta tried to think quickly. She picked up the Starlet Title that her employer dropped and went to swing, but unlike last week, Charlotte saw it coming and ducked! She snatched the belt from Desta…


Desta was now out cold! Charlotte had gotten herself some payback for when Desta knocked her out with the belt leading to her loss to Winterton in the mixed tag team match last week. Now she had her sights set all alone on the self-professed Queen of the Starlets.

Faith Hines was still watching what was happening now as a crazed Charlotte couldn’t take this any more. She grabbed Winterton by her shirt and rolled her inside the ring before she planted the belt down. With one fluid motion, she scooped her up…


The Belly to Back Neckbreaker DRILLED Winterton on the championship and the crowd couldn’t be happier! Winterton was laid the fuck out and a frantic Charlotte asked for a microphone as she walked past a pensive Faith Hines, not sure what to make of what was going on.

“Faith, I’m sorry for ruining your shot tonight and I promise that I’m going to make this up to you… but hon, I’m going to make this short and sweet.”

She turned over to Winterton who still hadn’t moved after getting laid out on the Starlet Championship belt. She raised the microphone up into the air and started to let the fans count along. Just as Winterton did to hear earlier, now was the time to show that she was just as capable of keeping her opponent down.


Charlotte raised her hands in the air and stood while clutching the Championship. She turned her focus to the laid out Sarah Winterton.

“As much as I hate you and as much of a BITCH as I think you are… you’re right. I’ve not beaten you in a very long time… but at Rise of the Legends, I’m going to change that. You have been running this division with an iron fist, attacking people, insulting them, cutting them all down… at Rise of the Legends, I’m changing all of that! I’m cutting YOU down! YOU. ARE. DONE!”

Charlotte spiked the microphone into the ground and raised her hands, soaking in the adulation of the crowd. The House’s valet and the former Starlet Champion had been the victim of some powerful mind games and sneak attacks, but all they did was strengthen her resolve.

Two women with a blood hatred.

All for one title

Winner: No Contest

"The Odds Are Against Us? Yeah Right!"

Fights were breaking out every which way tonight with the wrestlers of jOlt’s all trying to get the last move in or the big win or the last bit of momentum needed to carry themselves before Rise Of The Legends. All the teams had been announced and eight of them were all prepared to do battle tonight in a big eight man tag team match. However, one of those teams was sitting pretty.

That team was backstage now.

They were The House.

The crowd cheered for the appearance of the superheavyweights on the jOlt-vision backstage. They were Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck. The camera got rapid shots of the cheering crowd and flashed several pro-signs including signs for their valet Charlotte in action, a sign that read “drinks are on The House” along with one showing an angry cutout of a Roebuck figure with an attachment moving a clinched fist. The powerhouses had gotten themselves into some trouble already tonight for the show when they attacked Them Mf’N Goons. Now it looked like they had a few words to say about the upcoming match they were announced in tonight.

“An even number, right? Worth a lot of money in Roulette, right?” Huber mused to his surly tag team partner. “Eight teams have all been announced for the War Games match, but… but what about little old us, huh? The House are the only team here in jOlt aside from the Heirs who can lay claim to having not one, but two of those tag team title reigns.”

Roebuck nodded in agreement.

“Eight teams … you’ve got one team of the Faction trying to keep the gold …”


“And you got others looking for more gold or hard-working teams looking for their first one. The Heirs of Wrestling and those tough bastards, The Crimson Order …”


“Then other teams like those little assholes in the Rebellion …”


“Hard working teams like ReVolt, and those bastards, Them Mf’N Goons and the Hands Of The Cause trying to get back their gold. But with all those teams in the match already, what are the odds that there’s going to be room for any more, let alone two of the biggest, meanest, roughest, toughest, flashiest, nastiest men walking jOlt today? Well … nah, I’m gonna let you tell the fine folks what the odds are, Big Bucks.”

The surly monster finally had his say.

“Pretty fucking good odds.”

Huber patted him on the back.

“That’s right, boyos … you ain’t looking at eight teams any more in this match … now, you’re looking at NINE!

The crowd nearly lost their shit. There was already a lot of humanity in that ring at one time but now with the House involved in the War Games match for the tag team titles, it was a game-changing announcement.

“Now, me and Big Bucks here are unfortunately not in action, but you can bet your asses that we’re gonna be watching this eight man tag team match tonight with our competitors. We’re gonna be scoping out the opposition. Some of these teams may have just shit their pants … Goons, we’re looking at you guys … and others are looking forward to the challenge. I can definitely say we’re looking forward to this. We have been hunting for this opportunity for months now and we have it right before us. All we have to do is go through eight other teams to win.”

Roebuck snarled. “Sounds like a pretty tall order. You think we can do it, Huber?”

“No. I don’t think we can do this … I KNOW we can do this! We’re not trapped in that massive structure with eight other teams. No, they are all gonna be trapped with us! Nine is a bit of an odd number when you think of how this is going to work. Two rings, nine teams? They gonna split us up? We don’t know. But I’m going to tell you this … there ain’t any team badder or any team hungrier than we are. Sorry to the other eight teams who want to either win or keep their titles, but you and everybody else have got to all learn. You can put mine and Big Bucks’ backs to the wall but sooner or later they’re all going to find out…”

The crowd chanted along with Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck.


Chris Titan vs The Rebellion

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen,” Michael Buhrman enthusiastically said, “we are about to get underway with the Gauntlet Match! Let’s take a look at how Chris Titan found himself potentially facing five members of The Rebellion consecutively.”

A flashback of Breakdown and Chris Titan’s performance in the 16-Man Elimination match, in which he nearly eliminated the entire Rebellion himself. Cut to Titan claiming that Damien Lee is in The Rebellion’s pocket. Titan almost passes out to Nate Quartermaine. The Backbone stands off with The Rebellion iNtense 99 and they charge each other. Titan gets in Saje’s face. Sayber hits a springboard elbow drop on Titan. Titanium on Michael Donavan! Titanium on Machida Hood!

Back from the video package, Buhrman jumped right into the business, “As we said, Chris Titan has to face FIVE members of The Rebellion tonight under Gauntlet Rules. And what that means is Titan will start in the ring with one Rebellion member and if he can pin or submit that opponent then, and only then, will he face another opponent. If Titan can put all five Rebellion members away then he gets to face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. High stakes here, Nate!”

“Couldn’t get much higher than that, Buhrdman,” Nate Powers replied, “he either beats ‘em all and gets what he wants or he gets nothing.”

“Don’t ever call me Buhrdman again.”

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera.

The Backbone logo appeared on the jOltVision, pulsated and then exploded to pieces when Mike Extreme's giant fist punched through it. Cut to Reno Davis locking the Straightjacket on Adam Lazarus and then right to BIG Little Italy's Fastball Special. 18-44 audience approved shots of Misty Gold and Violet. Bane Loneheart clubs Sylo in the back of his knee. Mike Extreme destroys Kayden Paulton Backstage. Chris Titan standing on the second rope from the ring apron, leaning into the ring, and screaming at The Superbeast. The Backbone.

Chris Titan was the epitome of focus, having returned only a few short weeks ago being immediately thrust into a war with the group of rookies infamously known as The Rebellion. Something like that makes a warrior like Titan sharp. It gives him a purpose, a direction to unleash his rage. Tonight he would systematically take The Rebellion down and at Rise of the Legends, he would kill the head of the snake. He stood mid-ring awaiting his first opponent.

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker

It would be the latest victim of Chris Titan’s Titanium, Machida Hood. The Rebellion’s resident brawler hit a dead sprint, sliding into the ring and attempting to take Titan’s head off with a surprise attack. Time to Get Free (Diving European Uppercut) missed its mark and instead a drop toe hold found Machida Hood face down in the ring. He rolled, dodging a stomp from Titan, and got back to his feet. The two grapplers locked up and circled, each man trying to gain the upperhand. It would be Hood with a kick to Titan’s gut, sending The Backbone’s leader down to his knee. Hood went for a DDT but Titan blocked it, then drove a backhand into Hood’s gut.

“Machida Hood broke the headlock and Chris Titan is on the offensive!”

Titan began driving right hands into Hood’s face over and over, sending him stumbling backwards into the ring ropes. Titan locked on to Hood’s wrist, shoved him further into the ropes for good measure, and rocketed him across the ring.

High Knee lift into Hood’s chest sent him to the canvas and Titan went for the cover.



“Hood kicks out at two!”

Titan immediately snatched Hood wrist and lifted him to his feet. Boot to the gut and right into the Fireman’s Carry before being unceremoniously dumped back onto the canvas with a quick Death Valley Driver and another cover attempt.



“Machida Hood just able to get the shoulder up and that was close, Nate!”

“Sure as hell was, Buhrdman. This is unacceptable. Hood needs to put Chris Titan away right now before this gets away from him.”

Words of wisdom from the color commentator that Machida Hood apparently heard via osmosis because he unloaded with a huge right hand on Titan when he once again attempted to lift Hood to his feet. Titan was dazed for a moment and Machida Hood saw his opportunity to squash Titan’s Rise of the Legends dreams and went for it…


The diving European uppercut drilled Chris Titan in the chin and dropped the jOlt Original like a ton of bricks. Hoos hooked the leg.




“That was three! That was three!”

“About two-and-seven-eighths, Nate! What incredible fight shown by Chris Titan!”

Titan was still a bit out of it, however, and Machida Hood would take advantage. He hit the ropes, rebounded, and nearly snapped Chris Titan’s neck with a huge boot to the side of his face while The Backbone leader was still on his knees. Titan was on his back once again, finding himself staring at the ring lights while Ian Nyugen started another three count.




Titan kicked out with authority and quickly rolled out of the ring. He regained his composure just as quickly and was right back in the ring to attempt a small package on Machida Hood mid-argument with Nyugen.



Snagging the back waistband of Machida Hood’s boxing shorts, Chris Titan increased his leverage on Hood and the count was complete. Titan snuck one in there and, with a grin, he let Machida Hood know that he was still very much the “grasshopper.” Titan slid back into the corner of the ring and tried to catch a little breather while he awaited his next opponent. Meanwhile, Machida Hood’s argument with Ian Nyugen escalated by the second.

"I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne

“It’s Nate Quartermaine!,” Nate Powers exclaimed, “GOOD! Go get that cheating bastard!”

“Way to be unbiased, Nate.”

“I don’t like cheaters.”

Quatermaine hit the ring like a house on fire and went right after Chris Titan. Unfortunately for him, so did Machida Hood. And with Chris Titan not holding back, Quartermaine received a hard right cross from Chris Titan that spaghetti-legged him and only moments later was disqualified when Machida Hood once again hit Time to Get Free on Chris Titan, sending The Backbone’s leader tumbling through the ring ropes.

“YEAH!,” Nate screamed, “Take that loser out!”

“Machida Hood is illegally attacking Chris Titan right now, Nate, … that’s cheating.”

“That’s comradery, Burhdddddddahman!”

Coming back to his senses, Nate Quartermaine was furious but Machida Hood told him to “follow the plan” and that it didn’t matter if they lost to him as long as they all didn’t lose. Hood then headed towards the ropes that Chris Titan had just fallen through.


Machida Hood was out cold, hung up in the ropes, and unable to defend himself with drove another “Legal” Chairshot into the back of his head.

Nate Quartermaine, having just seen his stablemate crushed by a steel chair, decided to cut his losses and left the ring. Heading back up the ramp when "Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi kicked in and Sayber entered the Gauntlet. Chris Titan had one serious bone to pick with Sayber over a springboard elbow drop last week but it appeared Sayber had his one beef with Nate Quartermaine. The masked maniac questioned Quartermaine leaving the ring, which he responded to by informing Sayber of just how insane Chris Titan was and that he had a chair. Sayber called Nate a coward, which he shrugged off, and headed to the ring alone..

Chris Titan was enjoying a nice rest and some free entertainment, but he was also ready for Sayber and he did have some payback to dish out. That springboard elbow drop last week really irked Titan, you could see in his face that he had some serious animosity towards Sayber. The other two Rebellion members he didn’t like either but Sayber now held a special place in Chris Titan’s black heart. He wanted some revenge.

Sayber, usually prone to a fast-paced and reckless style that begins as soon as he emerges from the back, was cautious in his approach to the ring tonight. He used the stairs, which was an odd but smart move on his behalf considering a blood-thirsty Chris Titan was salivating at the chance to rip Sayber’s head off.

Titan charged the corner as Sayber was coming through the ropes but was blocked by Ian Nyugen and told to return to his own corner and allow Sayber safe entrance to the ring. Chris threw his hands up and complied -- for approximately two seconds and then he lunged over Nyugen and began blasting Sayber in the face with a series of wild punches. This did not please the referee and he immediately shoved Titan and threatened him with a DQ. Titan shrugged, agreed to control himself and allow Sayber to enter the ring, and then no sooner did the masked Rebellion member get both feet between the ropes did he find himself battling off Chris Titan’s wild swinging fists again.

Using his extensive knowledge of Puroresu, Sayber began blocking Titan’s punches with his forearms and, a couple of times, with his shins. Chris Titan could care less, however, so long as his fists were making contact with some part of Sayber’s body. He’d punch his pinky finger at this point just to cause the man a little discomfort. This was a double-edged sword, as his attack was fierce and fast but sloppy. Sayber caught Chris Titan’s left hand and torqued it, placing The Backbone’s leader in a chicken wing before spinning out from the hold and taking Titan down with a dragon leg sweep. Sayber followed up with a standing senton and a pin attempt.



“Chris Titan kicks out at two! The exhaustion is starting to set in now, though, I think,” Michael Buhrman observed.

“Maybe,” Nate Powers sarcastically commented, “if he didn’t gas himself out throwing all those punches that did nothing to Sayber…”

Maybe that had some truth to it but Titan was a fighter. He had always been the type of guy that would battle through pain, through injuries, through anything to inflict as much punishment as possible on his opponent. Only recently, only during his initial turn as leader of The Backbone, did he develop a more conivving approach to the war within the ring. That could be due to getting older, possibly wiser, but that fight to the death mentality was still there beneath the surface and it was being unleashed tonight.

With both men back to their feet, they had their first lock up of the evening. Sayber quickly moved behind Titan but Chris broke the waistlock and snapmared Sayber over his shoulder. The masked wrestler landed on his feet, however, and charged the far ropes. Rebounding he flew back in towards Titan, ducked a clothesline, and hit the opposite ropes. Gaining even more speed Sayber lifted off … and was caught by Chris Titan. A spinebuster attempt was countered into a side arm drag but Titan rolled through, got to his feet, and then left them.

The standing dropkick was batted away by Sayber, who then followed up with a dropkick of his own to Titan’s face and once again attempted to cover.



“Shoulder up by Titan!”

Chris grasped Sayber’s head. Moving his hand over Sayber’s face, Titan hooked The Rebellion member by his nostrils. He now had complete control of the man. Titan forced Sayber to get back to his feet, still firmly hooking his nose. Sayber went for a low roundhouse but a quick torquing of Sayber’s nose caused the kick to land with little force. Chris Titan instead now had ahold of Sayber’s nostrils and his right leg and he -- lifted Sayber into the air by both of those part of his anatomy.

“Oh my God,” Nate Powers couldn’t help but cry out, “that has to be the most painful thing I’ve ever seen! Can you just imagine what it must feel like to be lifted up -- by your nostrils?!”

Chris Titan finally hit that spinebuster and left Sayber rolling on the canvas, checking his nose for blood. Titan knew this was it. He stomped right on Sayber’s nose, causing The Rebellion member to squeal in pain. Titan went for the cover, driving his forearm right into Sayber’s nose in the process.



“Sayber kicked out! That was as close to three as you’re gonna get, Nate!”

“Three is as close to three as you can get, Buhrdman.”

“Stop that.”

While the witty banter and unwanted nicknames continued, the action in the ring was heating up. Titan Irish-whipped Sayber into the turnbuckle and charged, but Sayber slipped through the ring ropes and drove a forearm into Titan’s face. He then hopped onto the top rope and leapt off with a cross body block, hooking the leg.


“Titan kicks out with authority!”

Only a one-count on a fired up Chris Titan. He snarled watching Sayber go back to the turnbuckle for another high risk attempt.

High risk - no reward. Titan sprung to his feet and jumped up onto the second rope in front of Sayber, then he joined Sayber atop the turnbuckle. It all happened in an instant.


“Oooch,” Nate Powers squeamed, “his nose. Oh man, I bet Titan broke his nose.”

The pinfall was elementary.




Michael Burhman was beside himself at commentary, “Chris Titan has now beaten three Rebellion members! Two to go and he faces Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends!”

“Three up, three down, time to bring out the closer.”

"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss

A familiar opponent for Chris Titan, Michael Donavan was the next man out for The Rebellion. Considered a second in command to Saje, Donavan had just lost to Chris Titan on iNtense 99 and many contribute that to Sebastian Saje leaving his number two to suffer Titan’s wrath after a game of numbers went south on him. Needless to say, Michael Donavan had something to prove tonight. A towering figure at 6’10” and 265 lbs., Donavan was the type to simply step up onto the apron and then right over the top rope.

Looking down at the ring veteran he just dropped a match to, Donavan asked Chris Titan if he was ready. Titan replied with a straight right punch to Donavan’s jaw, rocking the rookie. Michael soon received an extreme dose of Deja Vu when he found himself once again locked in the snapmare driver Chris Titan calls Titanic. His eyes widened, not again. Donavan shoved Titan off of him and followed it up with a clubbing blow right between The Backbone leader’s shoulder blades. Titan stumbled forward and Donavan took advantage of the opening, nailing Titan with a clothesline to the back of his head. Titan went down hard and Michael Donavan flipped him over for the pinning attempt.



“Kickout by Titan and I cannot believe he has any fight left in him!”

But he did, Michael Buhrman, Chris Titan still had a lot more fight in him than most would after facing four consecutive opponents and all of the highest of caliber. And while he had fight left, he was running on fumes and he could not muster the strength to lift himself off the mat. Noticing this, Donavan went right back to the cover.




Donavan wasted no time, he grabbed a handful of Titan’s hair and lifted him up to his feet. Ian Nyugen was so very close to disqualifying Donavan but he managed to barely beat out a 4-count. He set Chris Titan up …

Phantom Driver -- REVERSED!





Chris Titan was Michael Donavan’s kryptonite. He reversed the man’s finishing move and hit his own in one fluid motion to end another quick match. If that’s not bad luck than nothing is. Chris Titan was now one win away from his goal but he was also barely moving, lying face down on the canvas. Who would be the last guardian at the gate?

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica

It was God’s War Machine. It was Seraph. The masked monster of The Rebellion was not going to give Chris Titan a second’s rest. He charged the ring like a rabid bull, sliding under the ropes. He caught a tired Chris Titan off-guard as he was getting to his feet and made him pay for it.


When Chris Titan’s body hit the mat from the elevated spine buster it landed with a thud and barely moved. Seraph hooked a lifeless leg.



“SHOULDER UP BY CHRIS TITAN!,” Michael Buhrman screamed at the top of his lungs.

Chris Titan somehow, by some insane miracle, was able to get his shoulder up before the three count. Although he still was not moving. Seraph generously helped his opponent to his feet and in return Chris Titan drove a foot right into the giant’s gut. He followed up with a quick snap DDT and the Arena of Champions exploded.

“I can’t believe it,” Nate Power commented, “how can Titan keep this up?”

“He’s been through hell,” Michael Buhrman replied, “that is for sure but Titan can go that extra mile. We know this, we saw him stay with Sylo in one of the most brutal and extreme matches jOlt has ever seen. Chris Titan can flat out go in the ring but I have to agree with you, Nate, I can’t believe he has taken this much punishment and could muster the strength to get that shoulder up -- let alone hit that DDT.”

Seraph was the first to stir, even though he was on the receiving end of the DDT. He got himself to one knee and then back to his feet. Titan, on the other hand, had rolled out of the ring. He was currently lying on the ringside mat and panting heavily while his eyes rolled to the back of his skull.

God’s War Machine took his time exiting the ring and walking the perimeter to Titan. Again, he lifted Titan to his feet and again this would cost him. Titan pushed forward, driving the monster’s back into the edge of the ring, and then slammed his knee into Seraph’s gut and slid into the ring. Seraph gave chase, angry and injured, while Chris Titan sprinted to the opposite side of the ring. He came barreling back and clenched his fists, preparing himself for one hell of a cross body. He leapt…






Chris Titan was pinned. He would not face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. Speaking of, The Rebellion’s mouthpiece was now on the stage.

“Typical,” he said, “Typical of Chris Titan to get almost there and fall short. To be honest, Chris, I knew this would happen. You’re a screw-up and a has-been and I’m an up-and-comer on his way towards a jOlt Championship. And when I get that Championship I’m not going to lose it a month later, like you did. No, I will hold that Championship until the day I retire. I will be the greatest jOlt Champion that ever lived. I will be--” SO YOU WANNA BE A CHAMPION

The revelry of the fans burst open at the seams as the fans watched Aran Thompson walk down to the ring with a devilish grin on his face and a microphone in tow as "Onion!" by One Ok Rock played through the airwaves.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

Aran said cutting the music off before he completely made his way down to the ring, walking right past Saje with a grin on his face. Saje stared back with a "WTF Are You Doing!?" looking on his face. Aran smiled as he slid into the ring and turning his attention to the camera more prominant to himself.

"What we have a communicate!"

Aran continued.

"You see...after a valiant attempt at wasting The Rebellion, which I fully respect, Chris Titan loses his opportunity to take out Damien Lee's Golden Boy? And no...I'm not referencing Diamond Jewelz.. a man who is so damned delusional he had to create his own championship...I'm talking about Sebastian Saje!"

The fans went through a plethora of emotions from enjoyment to disdain as addressed the scenarios from earlier in the show.

"And now Saje seems to think that he gets some kind of pass!"

Aran looked around the Arena of Champions as the fans voiced their negative opinion of Sebastian Saje.

" quote an ICON of our industry..OOOOH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?!"

"You see, Last week on iNtense, I, once again, cemented myself as a man who has accomplished a first in this company! After a brutal beating from that Rebellion Monster Seraph and that .....Perpetual waste of air time, Michael Donavan and put them BOTH through a seperate table simultaneously!"

The fans began cheering and chanting Aran's name in unison as Aran looked around once again with a smile on his face.

"So the way I see it is I'm undefeated against The Rebellion...and since the top dawg of the group thinks he is going to skate free from getting a beating of a life time..."

"I'm officially challenging Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. I've been year ago I took on Vince Jacobs and I proved to him that I belonged. I beat him at his own game and I went on to win the jOlt Championship!"

"You want to prove you belong. I'm the man you gotta go through."

The fans cheered and continued to chant their approval of this challenge.

"Just remember....when I'm in this ring...I'm the most relentless person you will ever have the pleasure of going up against."

Just as Aran laid out that challenge, Damien Lee.. the leader and man behind The Rebellion, stepped out onto the stage.

"HOLD ON JUST ONE DAMNED MINUTE" yelled Lee. "This isn't going to happen. The stipulation was that Chris Titan would face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends if he passed my tests against The Rebellion each and every week. This week, he FAILED. That's it.. There is no other match to discuss here. It's over and done with and you, Aran. You need to back down and do it quick because I am goddamn SICK and TIRED of you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. You tore through my company with your Black Faction, you generated negative press by pretending a top level superstar was dead, You defied me and almost ruined my career thanks to you unveiling what I am. You don't come out here and make demands for matches against The Rebellion. I am the one who decides who faces members of The Rebellion.. NOT you.. and right now, I'm telling you that you WILL NOT face...

Saje walked over and lowered Damien Lee's microphone. Damien Lee was thoroughly confused.

"Wait a second, Damien. You know.. I actually have to agree with what Aran Thompson is saying" said Saje

"Whaaat... what are you talking about!?" said Damien. "Aran's right. If I'm going to take the world championship, I need to prove that I'm capable.. and when I look down at that ring..." Saje said turning his attention to Aran Thompson. "..I don't see a threat at all. What I see is a man who will no longer be a thorn in your side because at Rise of the Legends... I will dismantle Aran Thompson piece... by piece... by piece until there is nothing left. So in short.... I ACCEPT!"

Saje stared a hole through Aran Thompson as Damien let out a big sigh. Saje accepted the challenge. Lee had no choice but to make the match at this point. Aran dropped his microphone, grinning from ear to ear as his music played and the scene cut to commerical. It was offical, Aran Thompson will take on Sebastian Saje at Rise Of The Legends!

Winner: The Rebellion via Pinfall

"Shutting Up the Critics"

The camera's shifted backstage where Donnie Layne caught up with the reigning tag team champions, Eli and Ezra Conway just before Eli was going to team up with three members of teams the two would be facing at Rise of The Legends.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight I have with me the current tag team champions. They have been quiet as of late, but tonight we finally get to hear from them." Layne started as the fans booed.


The Boos still echoed as Layne tried to continue.

"In just a couple of weeks, you two will defend your tag team championships against nearly every tag team in this company. Aren't you guys a little bit scared of losing them?"

"Donnie, it wasn't a fluke that we became champions. So to answer your question, No. Landon has taught us that fear of losing will get us no where. We are ready to put these titles on the line and finally shut up all of our critics. We are apart of the most dominant faction in the history of jOlt." Ezra answered as everyone has been talking about how they don't deserve the titles.

"Very confident for a team that has only defended the titles once." Layne stated.

"We are very picky about who we face and to just make it clear, we don't think any of these teams deserve a shot at the titles but we don't get to make decisions like that and Damien wanted a match to remember for Rise of The Legends. I've heard talk about this for quite some time and now its happening." Ezra responded with confifence as Layne tried to talk them down.

"Eli, tonight you will team up with Frank Hendrix, Jackson Cross, and Latrell Samuel to take on Frank Silver, Reno Davis, Heido, and Mattock. Do you have any words on that?" Layne asked.

"Tonight I go out there and prove why I am one half of tag team champions. I've never teams with them so it will be different, but tonight is about going out there and putting this war games on the map. All of the teams hate us because they are jealous so I am sure all the focus will be on me, but I can handle it I mean come on look who I've worked with over the past year. Two of the best in the business have trained me and now..." Eli was interupted as Landon came up from behind squeezed between the champs and stepped infront of the camera and snatched the microphone from Layne.

"DERECHO!!!! I AM COMING FOR YOU! You want to stick your nose in MY business. Tonight I will shut you up once and for all. You want to state claim on Omega's streak and that Underground championship, well tonight I make it a little bit easier for Omega to keep that championship just so I can be the one that puts an end to the historic run. I am the best in the business and no one is going to deny me the right to become jOlt's UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!!!! Fuck what everyone else says, they can doubt me all they want but the fact of the matter is I over came all of the odds before and tonight I will do it again." Stevens bellowed before dropping the mic and shoving his way through the twins once again.

"Well there you have it folks, The Faction is in action tonight and it should be one heck of of a night as one half of every team in the War Games will square off in an eight man tag match and jOlt champion Landon Stevens will defend his championship against former champion... DERECHO!" Layne finished as the scene faded.

"They Shall Fall"

The scene opened to the backstage area where the lovely Dawn Cassidy was standing by in front of a elaborate Royal Blue curtain as a backdrop, highlighted by a row of track lighting and an awaiting camera crew.

“Good evening, jOlt Wrestling fans...” Dawn opened. “We are here live exactly one week after a historic centennial episode of jOlt Wrestling iNtense; the nostalgia. The atmosphere and the star-studded card, from top to bottom, showcased the amassed collections of wrestling talent from across the globe...and making their way here are my next guests...”

The stoic trio of Heido & Takeshi were led forward by their clan general, Kenshiro Inogami. All 3 entered from the west before stopping a few paces from Cassidy. A sense of brimming frustration radiated from within as throats were cleared before Kenshiro gradually popped the bones in his neck and centered his focus onto Dawn.

“Mr. Inogami; welcome to the Dawncast.” The lithe host opened yet the ninja’s glare and shifting jaw brought her conversation to a abrupt halt. Calmly clasping his hand over hers, he would slowly pull the microphone closer to him. Again, the clan general would clear his throat.

“With all due respect, Miss Cassidy...” Kenshiro opened. “We are not in the best of moods right now. However, we shall honor your request to appear on your broadcast. We shall put forth our earnest efforts to address the following inquiries at your leisure. Now with that being said, you shall proceed...”

“Uh...thank you...” Cassidy mentioned amidst clearing her throat. “First and foremost, the match between yourselves and The Heirs of Wrestling on iNtense 100 was an epic encounter. Unfortunately, for you and your peers, were unsuccessful in your collective endeavors this evening. What are your respective thoughts & concerns as to what led the following results?”

“Miss Cassidy...” Heido opened. “To answer your question; we entered this long awaited encounter expecting both opposing factions to bring forth our very best. To leave nothing to chance and everything within that ring. However, The Heirs had proven, for this minute moment, to have the slight advantage and momentum en route to the Rise of the Legends pay per view. Now, do overstand the competitive history between the Heirs and ourselves, have been brutal. They have been personal as they have been wars, waged in the relentless pursuit of opportunity to stand firm atop the highly competitive tag team division.”

Takeshi & myself have invested our very lives in the pursuit of this company’s elusive prize atop this heavily talented division. The Heirs, themselves, have the distinct pleasure in having laid claim to those championships on 2 separate occasions. Twice they have cemented their claims as the best tandem possible with their amassed talents, abilities and chemistry yet and still, their most ardent competitors have been us, The Crimson Order. Even now, amidst the initial throes of juvenile celebration, you can feel and see that growing measure of uncertainty, resonating within them. Other opposing pairings have entered and left defeated yet long before the opening bell as The Heirs have successfully won the psychological war virtually every time. We have managed to challenge them. Push them even further than most for we are vastly different than any other pairing in this promotion’s history. A solid fact that even they must admit to the world, yet more importantly, to themselves. We welcome every opportunity to not only challenge them for the divine right in contention of those belts but to personally deny them a 3rd reign as well.”

The camera offered a brief peek into the heart of The Arena of Champions where the capacity crowd were urging for both factions to clash again before returning to a stoic Heido.

“We have sacrificed perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear in our 1st Wrestlecade and it was in that time, that we had to embrace the critical roles of prominent students of this game. Our chemistry nor abilities were nowhere near the level that we personally continue to establish as we speak. At Rise of the Legends, our amassed sacrifices, our mutual ambitions, our combined abilities and divine & untied sets of wills shall lead us boldly into War Games as defiant challengers and walk out...on the behalf of our clan and ourselves, as this promotion’s new Tag. Team. Champions...”

A violently mixed crowd reaction was overheard, splintered by respective allegiances to the opposing bands of fan favorites. Dawn slowly nodded in response as The Kansai Crippler gnarled his knuckles angrily for a few moments.

“ Now that’s a bold statement made by the aspiring contenders of the jOlt Tag Team Championships” Dawn mentioned. “Now you cannot forget the opposing teams that are in mutual pursuit of the very belts you aspire to claim for yourselves...”

“We are well aware of the opposition was are set to face...”Heido replied. “In fact, we welcome the opportunity to face them all. Inside that hellish structure as it would be most fitting to our liking. The Crimson Order were bred for war. It is what drives us. It is where we thrive comfortably for our opponents have enjoyed the distinct pleasure of competitive spirit within the confides of our strict adherence to the rules...Well, given most circumstances yet they have no idea as to how we long for such an environment to show the world how we shall best to define the name and origins of The Crimson Order.”

“Synchronized Violence is of our native tongue.” Heido continued. “Unfortunately, thanks to a band of unsavory individuals, our opposing factions were denied to privilege to properly prepare themselves for what is to come at War Games. How unfortunate....How unfortunate for them indeed...?”

Cassidy slowly nodded in response as The Kansai Crippler stepped back to stand beside the hulking Takeshi, who patted his clan brother across the shoulder gently before the giant set his eyes back towards Dawn.

Well, Mr. Inogami; now we must address the much talked about rematch between yourself and the man renown as the SuperMack in Mack Brody. Your thoughts, Kenshiro?

“It is in my 13 years in this industry, I have faced a legendary cast of opponents; Derecho. Mr. Haunt. The Great Dragon. Ryan Billows. Michael Patterson. Graphic Violence. Raymond Chavez. Superstar Vincent Jacobs and dozens more. Most recently, the legendary cruiserweight icon in Greg Davis. However, my opponent differs from them all.” The ninja continued. “Brody Mack was unmistakably agile and cunning for a man of his physical stature. My opponent is among the more technically brazen, as well as, gifted, as a premier heavyweight. His hunger is without question as his ambitions are great in measure...but he still has to face me.”

The crowd responded in kind in hindsight.

At Breakdown, his arrogance and his insufficient levels of endurance, betrayed him. You see, I too, had to learn the pain-staking nuances of carving my niche into this industry. My personal evolution came at a demanding cost, among many and still, I continue to pave my place forward into the annals of wrestling lore. Well beyond the acquisition of numerous championships nor accolades but by way of domineering fashion and both technical innovation & precision. I, no doubt, expect my opponent to push himself to and beyond his limits, in hopes of redeeming himself at Rise of the Legends.”

“And quite frankly, I would not expect nor settle for anything less. Yet, in turn, he would be gravely mistaken to believe that I am going to relent in my intentions to emerge victorious. I will not give an inch nor spare no expense to ensure that this competition between us is neither tainted nor taken for granted. Brody Mack has a resounding measure of heart and I shall publically state that I whole heartily admire that fighting spirit but that alone, will not suffice. Especially to one whom has earned the moniker ’The Athletic Freak of Nature’ among many others. At Rise of the Legends’, this promotion and our peers will inevitably see the personification of a ’rising star’ or expose the world to one being extinguished in the grandest of fashions...Until then, I want for you to cherish this victory. You and your brethren have earned it yet know,at Rise of the Legends, I shall stand at the ready, all the more eager for this welcomed encounter...”

The fans were seen and heard, hyping up the crowd for the loaded pay per view and the expected clash of both representatives of their respective factions. Both Heido & Takeshi nodded solemnly with reserved confidence and certainty as Kenshiro swept his hair from his visage before folding his arms across his chest.

“Now, on the subject of challenges, on iNtense 100, a challenge was offered to you by a familiar rival of yours in the Hall of Fame elected Super Beast himself, Sylo...So at this time, does Kenshiro Inogami have an answer to this challenge?”


Casually, the ninja looked upward slightly toward the heavens for several moments before Lady Akina entered the scene from the right with the enigmatic female ninja gently sling the shimmering Legacy Championship across the ninja clan patriarch’s right shoulder before taking her place beside him. Holding the belt firm against his chest with his right hand, Kenshiro inhaled and exhaled soundly before staring deep into Dawn’s eyes. A muffled chuckle was heard briefly leading to a faint scoffing at the challenge.

“You’ll have my answer soon enough...” The ninja mentioned before casually veering away from the camera and leading his troop deep into the massive arena’s underbelly...

Jackson Cross/Frank Hendrix/Latrell Samuel/Eli Conway vs Mattock/Reno Davis/Heido/Frank Silver

This was the final push towards Rise of the Legends and eight of the now NINE Tag Team Champions were in action here tonight! This was one final chance for eight of the eighteen men that will be int eh War Games match to gain some much needed momentum. Who was going to take it all home tonight? We would find out soon enough!

Dean Carrington, earn your paycheck, sir.

“The following contest is a War Games eight-man tag team preview match scheduled for one fall!”

“13 Steps To Nowhere” by Pantera.

The music played and coming out all at the same time were four of the… well, for lack of a better term, “good guys” for the evening, but that didn’t mean that they were going to get along at all when it came to this match and especially at Rise of the Legends. The music played and out from the back came Reno Davis first, representing The Backbone.

Behind him, the crowd cheered for the Baron of Ballistics and member of The Heirs of Wrestling, Frank Silver! While Silver took up one side of the ramp playing it up for the crowd, ReVolt’s own Mattock came out to a mostly positive reaction – far cry from where he was year. The younger brother of Derecho looked poised and ready. Bringing up the rear was the Crimson Order’s Heido. He simply walked to the ring, but while that was going on, Frank purposely walked ahead of him and hammed it up for the crowd.

“Introducing team number one… they are the team of ReVolt’s own MATTOCK… The Backbone’s RENO DAVIS… The Heirs of Wrestling’s FRANK SILVER… and The Crimson Order’s HEIDO!

The four men each climbed into the ring one at a time and posed on a turnbuckle. Heido remained stoic, Frank was poised and raising the royal pinky to a big pop, former Relentless Champion Reno Davis soaked in the reception and Mattock remained neutral. He wanted to whip some Rebellion ass tonight and wanted to get his hands on the Rebellion member Jackson Cross. All four men now discussed strategy in their corner and the music faded out.


“Believers” by Mayday!

The music of one half of the current Tag Team Champions made his way out, holding up his half of the belts proudly in the air. One half of The Faction’s deadly twin tandem in Eli Conway had on a smirk as he strutted down the ramp. Behind him, Cross the Hood’s Jackson Cross was heading down to the ring cracking his knuckles. Latrell Samuel came out next and smiled. He and Khalil Straightgully had gotten themselves into a whole mess of fucking trouble tonight and now the former Hype standout was here to get the big win. Lastly and certainly not least was the former Tag Team Champion, Frank Hendrix of The Hands of the Cause. He shared a look of disdain with Eli Conway who raised up his title, reminding Frank it was The Faction who walked out of Breakdown with the Tag Team Titles they used to hold. All four men approached the ring now…

“And their opponents, introducing team number two… They are Cross The Hood’s JACKSON CROSS… The Hands of the Cause leader FRANK HENDRIX… Them Mf’N Goons member LATRELL SAMUEL… and one-half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions… ELI CONWAY!

When the four men hit the ring, referee Simon Boulder immediately went in between all four teams and called for the bell. The old rivals of Frank Silver and Frank Hendrix were going to lock horns on behalf of both teams tonight.

Hendrix caught Silver with a knee to the chest and stumbled him over before he fired off a series of hard Clubbing Forearms to the back of the head. There was nothing technically sound about Frank Hendrix – he was a straight brawler through and through. He caught Silver in the head several times with brutal elbows to the face before he launched him off the ropes. When he swung, Silver ducked and came back with a STIFF Back Elbow to the face!

Reno Davis, Mattock and Heido all watched as Silver continued to bring the punishment. He tried a quick elbow drop when Hendrix moved, sending Frank to hit nothing but mat! The Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain fell to his side and rubbed his elbow while Hendrix ran to the ropes this time around. He took down Frank with a Kitchen Sink Knee to the chest and now took the time to lord his success over his rival.


Evil Frank picked up Good-ish Frank, forced him upward and buried a quick jab into his face. He stunned him with one so he fired back two or three more just to keep Frank on the ropes. He mouthed some more trash talk to Frank Silver before he ran off the ropes when he was caught out of nowhere…


He BLASTED Hendrix with the Rebound Lariat and nearly flipped him inside out from the impact! The crowd groaned from the shot while Frank flipped the crook of his right elbow with his left hand at Eli Conway, Jackson Cross, and Latrell Samuel in their corner. He turned over to go for the win on Hendrix!




The move nearly spelt curtains already for The Hands of the Cause’s ringleader! Silver jumped on top of him and rained down fists on the head of Hendrix as the brawl between them continued. He jumped over and when Jackson Cross tried to get involved, Silver caught him in the temple with a big right hand!

That proved to be a mistake though because when he turned around…


Hendrix caught Silver with the amazing Spinebuster in the center of the ring! The former jOlt Tag Team Champion laughed at the fallen Silver after dropping him in the center of the ring like a bad habit. He turned over to his comrades on the other side of the ring before he hooked the leg for a cover.




Frank Hendrix had only gotten a two-count off of the big power move, but now he was in control. He pushed him off to the neutral corner away from him and launched him into the corner before firing off a big series of Shoulder Thrusts into the corner in order to soften up the leader of the Heirs. Hendrix whipped Silver across the ring now and when he got there he caught him on the chin with a nasty elbow smash. As The Baron of Ballistics slumped over into the corner, Frank took the time to talk some smack to the other members of Silver’s team


The former JOlt Tag Team Champion turned to his corner and tagged into Jackson Cross. One half of perhaps The Hype’s best tag team combination Cross the Hood entered the ring and drilled Silver with a flurry of right hands to the groggy Silver. He whacked the Margrave Digger with two more rights and whipped him into the corner before delivering a big Corner Clothesline! The New York native pulled him out of the corner right after and went for a big Northern Lights Suplex!




The crowd cheered when Silver kicked the shoulder up! Jackson Cross picked him up again and looked for another Suplex variation, this time the traditional Vertical Suplex only for Silver to block it and come back with one of his own!

Silver rolled over and picked up Jackson Cross when Mattock immediately reached out a hand.

“This whelp is mine.”

“Okay, then.”

Frank Silver threw Jackson Cross right into the leaping Mattock after he tagged in the highly innovatoe ReVolt leader. He kicked him in the chest..


The STO into the Backbreaker caught Jackson Cross right on the button! He crawled over to The Cross The Hood member and hooked the leg.




Cross was a bad mamma jamma, but Mattock wasn’t going to let him rest easy – not after everything The Rebellion and The Backbone/ReVolt combination had been through. He picked up Cross and landed some hard kicks to the chest before pushing him back to the ropes. He reached out and had a fun idea for Reno Davis.


The former Relentless Champion nodded and reached his hand out as the crowd popped for the exciting Reno Davis to ascend the top rope while Mattock held Cross up. He jumped off while Cross was suspended on the ropes and the two worked in tandem to deliver a STIFF Double Stomp to the exposed ribs! The crowd supported the foursome working like a great team tonight knowing in a couple weeks that was all going to change in the War Games match. He rolled over and Reno now went for a cover on Jackson Cross.




Cross powered out and shoved Davis right off him. The former Relentless Champion was teaming up with another former Tag Team Champion in big Mike Extreme, but tonight he had to go it alone. Reno picked up Cross and elbowed him in the face with a good shot before he grabbed him by the arm and kicked him in the leg. The quick-footed Reno Davis ran up the ropes, did a run, and came back with a snapping Headscissors Takeover!

Jackson Cross flew across the ring and landed in the corner as Reno stood his ground. He was ready to charge when Eli Conway grabbed him by the leg and tripped him up! Reno barely caught it and stood up when Jackson Cross came out of nowhere and nearly DECAPITATED him with a Running Lariat!

The member of the Rebellion stood up with a big old grin on his face as he threw a few stomps into Reno Davis. The former Relentless Champion continued to eat the punishment before he reached over and tagged back out to Frank Hendrix. The former Tag Team Champion was in the ring now as Jackson Cross whipped him against the ropes, allowing for Hendrix to catch him with a STIFF Head and Arm Suplex!

Reno Davis was bouncing across the mat now and came crashing down as the British brawler stood over him, looking down at the limp Backbone member. He waited and dropped a very deliberate Knee Drop across the chest! Reno coughed up and yelled out in pain so the member of The Hands of the Cause could go for the win.




Silver, Mattock, and Heido were each watching the beatdown continue as Frank Hendrix pulled Reno up by the back of his head and slammed him against the top turnbuckle. He kicked him in the head several times and was about to set up Reno for another suplex variation when Eli Conway took it upon himself to tag himself in.

“My turn, ex-champ.”

Frank Hendrix was about ready to fucking take Eli’s arrogant head off, but Latrell got in between the two men and held his hand out.

“Whoa, my dudes… let’s fuck this bitch up, THEN we can fight!”

Perhaps the Goon was right. Frank Hendrix brushed right past Eli Conway as he stepped into the squared circle now, seeing action. The Faction had looked great as a unit since Breakdown with Landon Stevens continuing his reign as jOlt Champion while Eli and Ezra looked dominant as champions. Reno was trying to crawl to his feet, but his tenacity was rewarded dubiously with a big knee to the side of the head.

Conway went to work when he tossed Reno Davis through the ropes and sent him out to the floor below! Simon Boulder ordered him to keep it clean, but Eli would do no such thing. He climbed outside of the ring to go after Reno and SLAMMED him backwards into the ring apron! Reno arched his back in pain when he turned around. Eli looked out to the crowd before he turned around…


The barricade moved an inch or two backwards and the move took a little out of the twin Tag Team Champion, but Davis was looking much worse for wear. Frank, Mattock and Heido all wanted to get involved, but Reno was an island alone swimming with a sea of hungry sharks. Conway picked up the Backbone member and tossed him back inside the ring before heading inside for another cover.




Reno got the shoulder up again, but he would need to get to his corner and make a tag pretty damn soon if his team had any chance of winning. The Tag Team Champion pulled up Reno Davis by the side and nonchalantly continued to work the back by DRILLING him across his knee with a gruesome Pendulum Backbreaker!

Conway had dominated the action in the last several moments before he planted a knee into the throat of the Backbone member. He reached over and tagged into Latrell Samuel, holding him in place so that way he could charge off the ropes and come back with a Somersault Senton across the chest!

Eli Conway left the ring which left Latrell Samuel to dictate the direction of the match. He pulled up Reno and the high flyer wasted no time going for a simple straight right hand that brought Reno down, slumping across the ropes. Latrell had been humiliated earlier by the members of The House following a backstage assault and Davis was going to be recipient of the frustrations.

Another knee to the back of Reno’s head pressed his throat against the ropes! He was trying to choke the life out of the Backbone member until Simon Boulder stepped in and ordered him to stop.


Latrell backed off at four while Reno collapsed now, gasping for air. The members of the douche-bad guy side had managed to put their own egos aside just long enough to pick off Reno Davis successfully and now he desperately needed to get to his own corner. Latrell turned him around and scooped him up into a Wheelbarrow Facebuster now! Davis was down and now Latrell sat on his chest, pulling a leg back!




“Stay the fuck down, bitch!”

Latrell was angry and was now heading to the top rope looking for his signature maneuver. He’d defeated Derrick Huber with this very move last week. He climbed to the top rope looking for his big move…


Reno moved, but Latrell had seen it coming and AMAZINGLY landed on his feet, stumbling a little bit but still very proud of his landing. The man still wearing his camouflage attire from earlier laughed and turned around to a kick in the gut…


The SICK Mexican Stretch Bomb dropped him HARD on the canvas and now both men were down in the ring! They were each hurt and needed to make tags to their respective teams. Silver, Mattock, and Heido were each itching for action while Conway, Hendrix, and Jackson Cross were ready to fight.


The crowd was fully behind the charismatic Backbone member as the former Relentless Champion was slowly starting to crawl back to his side. Latrell was nearly laid out after being dropped on his head but had enough to reach over when Hendrix got himself the tag!

The Hands of the Cause’s leader charged right over and grabbed Reno by the leg before pulling him backwards to his corner. He pulled him up to his feet when he was suddenly greeted with a STIFF Pele Kick to the face! Frank was staggered with the shot and Hendrix crumbled to his side as he reached over…


He was the last man to see action in the ring, but the crowd gave him a mostly positive reaction to the tall warrior from Japan! The vicious Heido charged right at Frank Hendrix and leveled the brawler with a big charging elbow to the face! He was down and when Hendrix tried staggering to his feet again, he was blasted in the jaw with a stiff Throat Thrust!

Heido whipped Frank Hendrix and sent the former Tag Team Champion flying into the corner. The big monster had his chance to strike with a big move when Hendrix got his boot up and caught the member of the Crimson Order flush in the face. Hendrix snarled and charged at Heido when the Warrior recovered and CLIPPED him…


The crowd winced from the DEADLY strike that brought him down to the mat! Heido had seen no action in this match before now and the Crimson Order member wasn’t going to disappoint! He picked up Frank Hendrix and while he paid no attention to the crowd, they were cheering him anyway. He set up Hendrix…


GOOD GOD, THE PAIN! Hendrix had used a Head and Arm suplex earlier, but this one could’ve been much worse! Hendrix was nearly dumped on his head and crumbled over to the side as Heido wasted no time placing a forearm on his chest for the cover!




He didn’t care that much for Conway, but one half of the current jOlt Tag Team Champions wanted to win here tonight in the last show before Rise of the Legends. Conway blatantly ignored the warnings of Simon Boulder breaking up the count as he continued to drill him upside the head with right hands! He rushed Heido in the corner and elbowed him until the Warrior shoved him right into the path of Mattock…


The Corkscrew Spear from Mattock nearly broke the Tag Team Champion in half! Mattock stood over him and kicked the champion away from the ring when he turned around himself. Jackson Cross blindsided him with a big kick to the gut before hoisting Mattock over his shoulder…


An effective Backpack Stunner caught him good and nearly jacked Mattock’s silver tongue-filled jaw as he crumbled in a heap! The Rebellion member enjoyed the moment, but he wasn’t going to do so for long as he saw Frank Silver coming. He charged at Frank and he ducked, but when he came back, he certainly made him pay…


The fans ROARED for the sickening impact of Silver’s signature Flapjack Uppercut! Frank pumped his fists in the air and the former two-time Tag Team Champion had the ring for the moment, but it was a short moment as Latrell Samuel came at him with a big Shotgun Dropkick that knocked him clear from the ring!

“Ha! Got you, you fuckin’ punkass motha…”


Reno cleared the ring now and with all these bodies having been ejected from the ring, all that action left Heido to pick up the scraps, but Frank Hendrix had recovered and blasted Heido in the back of the skull with an elbow! He turned him around and underhooked both arms looking for his Double Armed Spike DDT that he called Euthanasia…


Heido fought free and landed a stiff head kick to the side of the head! Learned that from Ninja K, no doubt! He then grabbed him by the arm and twisted him around…


The Short-Arm into the impactful Thumb to the Throat DROPPED Frank and the fans yelled with cheers! That was going to be all!





“Here are your winners of the match… Frank Silver… Reno Davis… Mattock… and Heido!”

The crowd cheered Heido as he had his arms raised in victory, scoring the pinfall over the most recent former Tag Team Champion in the process! He was ready but he turned around…


Frank Hendrix’s tag team partner, the 6’9” and close to 300-pound Brone Haggard had just laid out Heido with his signature Spear! The big beast of a man was about to help his partner up, but he incurred the wrath of Heido’s own massive tag team partner, the 6’10” and 320-pound Takeshi! Takeshi had charged down to ringside and the two big monsters were fighting tooth and nail!

Ezra Conway had jumped out to rejoin his twin brother and the current Tag Team Champions wanted no piece of the action going on, but they weren’t having a choice! One by one, the other tag team partners of their respective teams joined in!

Ryan Gallway went after Samuel Latrell in front of ringside while Frank Silver and big Khalil Straightgully were now fighting halfway up the ramp! The members of the Backbone – Mike Extreme and Reno Davis- were chasing after the members of Cross the Hood as their fights were now spilling all across the ringside area! Machida Hood was clubbed with a big right hand by Mike Extreme as the big monster chased him in the crowd! Cross HURLED Reno Davis back-first against the barricade! OUCH!

Mattock was rejoined by his own tag partner, Sanchez Cano and they both went right after Jackson Cross, double-teaming the Rebellion member by stomping the life out of him, but they were attacked from behind by Eli and Ezra Conway, looking for any bodies that they could swing at!


The timekeeper frantically called for the bell but there was FAR too much action and chaos going on all among the ringside area! All these teams wanted those coveted jOlt Tag Team Champions and all was fair in love and War Games.

See what I did there?

Silver and Gallway were continuing their fight…


The unprecedented NINTH team in an already unprecedented Tag Team match were out to the ring and they IMMEDIATELY gunned for Them Mf’N Goons! Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck wanted them a piece of their aggressors for weeks now and Roebuck SLAMMED Khalil damn near through part of the barricade on the floor!

Silver and Gallway nodded to each other before they jumped on Derrick Huber! They had lots of history and beef with the superheavyweights and this match would be yet another in a long chapter between two of jOlt’s Tag Team kingpins. Inside the ring, Takeshi and Brone Haggard were STILL brawling!

Fights were flooding out everywhere and now security and jOlt officials were all swarming the ring trying to get some semblance of order!

With all this going on, who was going to be the last team standing? Nine teams would enter the War Games match, but only one team was going to walk away as the victor.

Who would that be?

Well, get on your computer, order that shit and find out at Rise of the Legends.

Don’t bit torrent that shit, or we WILL find you.

Winner: Mattock, Reno Davis, Heido, & Frank Silver via Pinfall

"Golden Boy Title Celebration"

The ring is covered in gold carpet; the iNtense apron has been replaced with Diamond Jewelz’s gOlden bOy Invitational purple apron; all the corner turnbuckles are covered in purple, boxing style padding with Segalowich’s Jewelry on them; the ring is filled with stands that hold a bucket of champagne on them in every corner; this isn’t a Diamond Jewelz gOlden bOy Invitational challenge; this is the official celebration party… “Break out the Champagne and Motherfuckin Condoms… Ain’t Nothin But a Ganstaaaa Partyyyy!!!” 2pac’s voice echoes as his song “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” pulses through the PA in the jOlt arena in Orlando, Florida. Purple and Gold confetti begins to rain from the sky as bright lights shine down the entrance way..

The jOlt crowd is mostly silent in curious anticipation, but a mixture of boos and cheers rains down out of the stands… All of the sudden, a Classic ’76 Chevy convertible starts down the entrance way filled to capacity with vivacious women in purple and gold dresses; behind it, another convertible, this one gold, filled with women in purple and gold dresses pulls down the ramp. 2pac’s west coast anthem continues to pulse through the arena, as yet another convertible starts down the entrance way. This one contains Them M’fn Goons, out of their army fatigues and in more comfortable casual clothing, accompanied by various women in purple and gold dresses; each goon has at least one woman in his arms, and a bottle of some sort of alcohol as well; Behind the Goons Convertible, a purple and gold convertible pulls behind it containing Jewelz and his fiancé Ruby Rocks..Ruby sports a dazzling purple and gold dress; Jewelz is no longer wearing his fatigues, but is dressed casually in jeans, a t-shirt; he sports various articles of jewelry that twinkle and glisten, and also wears the gOlden bOy title around his waist.. Jewelz’s body is a parade of light…. The occupants of the first couple of convertibles have filled the ring, Jewelz’s convertible makes it to the edge of the ring and Jewelz holds the rope open for Ruby before making his way in himself.

The Goons begin to spray Jewelz with champagne provoking a jubilant, twinkling and glistening smile from the jeweler; He hugs the Goons and then grabs a bottle and begins to drink… The boos rain in louder, as well as the cheers, and the party goers in the ring go bonkers as another batch of confetti rains down on the ring… Jewelz procures a mic..

“Ain’t nothing but a gangsta party..” he sings as he begins to crip walk, a dance close to the heart of all the inhabitants of his native Sin City, LV. Finally the pulsing chorus of 2pac ceases; Jewelz, now covered in confetti poises himself to speak,,

“Yeah big dawg…” Samuel screams, “Go Big Homie,” Straightgully shouts, as the various women in the ring cheer and celebrate… A few of them are highly recognizable entertainers.. Pornstars Lisa Ann & Alexis Texas; Strippers Sweet Lea Lea and Miraculous; Escort Jenna Shae… This is an X-rated party if there ever was one..

“I told you it was my destiny to wear gold in jOlt when I got here.. And here I am now, today, almost a year to the day exactly from the day I debuted, jOlt’s, OFFICIAL, gOlden bOy!!!!”

The party contingent gives a raucous ovation, as the mixture of boos and cheers rain down on the jeweler.. Jewelz removes his title from his waist and drapes it around his shoulder…

“These lames out here tried to stop me from fulfilling my destiny,.. And then when I did fulfill it against all odds, these lames tried to stop me from shining on these bitches and celebrating.. But once again… I was destined to shine, and I’m here this week having a balling ass celebration on iNtense…”

A notherwintery mix of boos and cheers rain down on Jewelz. As many fans that are disgusted by his pompous arrogance, are as many that have fallen in love with the swagger of the same… The crowd is a mixed bag of love and hate..

“You see all these fine ass hoes… All this champagne… And of course, most importantly of all…” Diamond clutches his golden title belt and holds it partially in the air…

“All this gold…. Mwahaaaaaaa…. “ Another raucous cheer erupts from the party goers in the ring… Jewelz continues to hold the beautiful golden spectacle up..

“This right here.. This is what…”

Suddenly the lights go out… Screams of the female party goers break out in the ring… After a long hiatus, the lights come back on, and Providence stands in the middle of the ring behind Jewelz as the females scream in horror. Jewelz turns around, sees Providence, and immediately throws a huge right hand; it misses and the lights go off again..

As the lights came back on, Providence was no longer standing in front of Jewelz. Rather, he was down on the floor beside the ring, his back facing the jOltvision screen as he looked up to Jewelz, Ruby, The Goons and the party goers, in the ring. Jewelz swiveled his head around in confusion and frustration before, by the goding and instruction of Ruby Rocks, he finally came across his opponent's new location. Jewelz clenched his fists once more, his eyes narrowing at the sight of Providence standing there.

Looking back up toward the ring, Providence allowed himself the slightest smirk before gesturing to a member of the ringside staff, who handed him a microphone.

"Mr. Jewelz...." he said slowly. "I hope that by now you have taken to heart that I am not the same kind of opponent you have been used to here in jOlt Wrestling. You see, I have plans far beyond you and your...friends....and I can assure you that everyone in this arena and everyone behind that curtain up there will learn about them soon enough."

“Fuck you bitch… Wait till Legends bro….” Jewelz screams It was obvious that Jewelz wanted to leap outside, but knowing the “no touching” stipulation from Damian Lee, he held back, partially from coaxing by the Goons.

"But that's for a different time. Right now, my concern is with YOU! You have spent week after week trying in vain to convince the world that you are something special, that you are destined for greatness. But what you fail to realize, is that all the gold in the world - including that Golden Boy title - can't change your path.

"At Rise of Legends, when you step inside that cage, your TRUE destiny awaits you...

"And I will be more than happy to be YOUR Providence." ...

The lights go back out… When they come back on, Providence is missing…...

“He fucked up my celebration… He fucked up my celebration.” Jewelz screams in agony as he begins to throw the stands in the ring around.. “I can’t believe this shit…”

Landon Stevens(c) vs Derecho

Many called it a war at Breakdown when Derecho challenged Omega for the Underground Championship. Many wondered how their rematch would top it as these two continued to play mind games as well as get physical with each other for the past three weeks. The violence toward each other was starting to get out of control and even those not even involved were standing in the line of fire. Last week, Landon Stevens and Omega challenged each other for their respective championships, however, Derecho’s ego caused him to intervene in the match as he wouldn’t allow Landon Stevens to capture the Underground Championship as Derecho felt he should be the only one to take it away from Omega. Derecho laid Stevens out with a chair and thus, Stevens decided to retaliate by putting his jOlt World Championship on the line against Derecho here on the final iNtense before Rise of the Legends!

Stevens and Derecho were no loved by the fans. It was odd to see two antagonists go at it, but this wasn’t about good versus evil. This was about pride and retribution and that alone was enough for this match. Many felt Stevens had the upper hand because this match was being contested under normal rules… taking Derecho out of his element, but people had to remember that Derecho, at one point, was world champion and competed on that level, however, he was mentally stable at the time as well. This was a huge match with huge stakes. Should Derecho win, we could see another title vs title match at Rise of the Legends between two of jOlt’s biggest monsters!

“King of Hell” by Helstar

The arena glowed a crimson hue as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. Derecho held his ribs for a moment as they were still a bit tender after being speared through a door by his Rise of the Legends opponent, Omega, earlier in the evening. There were some fans that actually applauded Derecho because they knew of the type of monster he was and it was just quite that possible that they hated Landon Stevens just that much more to garner Derecho a mixed reaction. However, there were the tried and true haters out there who couldn’t stand him and they provided Derecho with the typical admonishment.

Derecho made his way to the ring where he slid inside. It has been a while since Derecho competed under regular rules, but he tested the ropes and looked focused for once. Could Derecho have come to his senses before this match? If the brawl between him and Omega earlier in the evening was any indication, the answer to that would be a definite no, but with Derecho’s erratic mindset, who knows what was truly going through his head right now.

"Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch

There was no mixed reaction. It was all jeers for the jOlt World Champion as Landon Stevens stepped out with the championship over his shoulder. In tow were the jOlt World Tag Team Champions, Eli and Ezra Conway. Together they were The Faction and with them holding two of the top titles in jOlt, they were what The Rebellion was striving to become.. the top faction in the company.

The West Texas Terrorists remained at ringside as Landon Stevens hopped up on the ring apron. He stepped into the ring and unfastened the World Championship and cockily held it up in the air with a sneering look on his face. Derecho just stared blankly ahead at Landon Stevens and didn’t even pay any attention to the championship. Landon passed the title off to the referee who held it up high. The referee passed it off to ringside and called for the bell.




The match was underway. Only once before had these two met on an edition of Rock the House. This was their first-ever meeting on iNtense and it was a match that could headline any Pay-Per-View. Derecho was slow and methodical, never taking his eyes off of Landon. Landon could sense a killer presence within Derecho’s cold blue eyes, but that didn’t phase him. He did go toe to toe with Omega last week, afterall.

Landon decided to make the first move to test the waters a bit. He jolted forward, but stopped in his tracks, but oddly, Derecho didn’t react to it one bit. Derecho simply stood there and looked at Landon as if Landon had no idea what he was doing. Landon then decided to test the waters again by asking for a test of strength. Derecho shook his head and then exited the ring to boos from the crowd. It was obvious that he was trying to provoke Landon, but perhaps his strategy was ill-conceived as Eli and Ezra Conway rounded the corner and stepped up to Derecho. Derecho looked at the both of them and acted as if they weren’t anything to him. Eli and Ezra were getting a bit hot headed when Landon told them to back down.

Landon then sat on the middle rope, holding them open for Derecho. He even taunted him by saying “After you.. your majesty”… obviously mocking the King of Hell moniker. Derecho simply walked away, rounding the corner. He slid back into the ring as Landon closed the ropes and shrugged. Derecho began to quicken his pace, loosening up his fists in the process. Landon smirked as it appeared that we were finally going to get this match started. Landon stepped forward with a collar and elbow tie up, but Derecho stepped in with a thunderous right hand, catching the world champion off guard!

Stevens staggered back as Derecho opened up with rapid fire rights, driving the champion back into the corner. There, Derecho switched it up with rights and lefts.. combination blows.. that rocked Stevens. The referee told Derecho to let Stevens out of the corner so Derecho did so with a harsh irish whip that caused Landon to slam into the opposite corner and drop to his knees. Derecho got a full head of speed, looking for a running knee strike, but Landon grabbed the ropes and pulled himself to the outside. Derecho simply stood there, emotionless, as he stared out at Landon.

Landon gazed back and saw no fear.. no anger.. nothing at all on Derecho’s face. It was like he was staring into the eyes of a cold hard killer and Landon knew that Derecho was aiming to take his head off with that knee strike. Landon decided to regroup with The Faction for a bit as Eli massaged Landon’s shoulders before Landon rolled back into the ring. Landon got back up to his feet and taunted Derecho to lock up with him. Derecho slowly walked out of the corner, crouching down, teasing the lock up. Right when they were about to interlace fingers, Derecho went for a waist lock, but Stevens side stepped, and leapt up, catching Derecho with a drop kick that put Derecho down!

Landon popped up with a grin on his face as he just outsmarted the so-called King of Hell. Derecho got back up to a knelt position as he stared a hole right through Landon. Landon wanted another lock up, taunting Derecho to do it again. Derecho looked to the outside at Eli and Ezra Conway who were snickering at the fact that Derecho was taken down by the world champion so easily. Derecho looked back at Landon and then rolled out of the ring. Derecho got a running head start and then ran over both Eli and Ezra with a double clothesline!!

Derecho grabbed Eli and slung him into the steel ring steps, shoulder first! Ezra was getting up when Derecho charged in, smacking him in the face with a Shining Wizard! Landon could only stand back and watch as Derecho just dismantled both of the tag team champions. Derecho then rolled back into the ring and walked right up to Stevens, shoving him back. This prompted Stevens to lunge forward and we finally get a lock up between these two!

They battled around the ring for position until Landon backed Derecho into the corner. Landon hit body blow after body blow, trying to soften up Derecho. Stevens pressed Derecho against the turnbuckles before attempting an irish whip, but Derecho reversed it and sent Stevens into the corner. Stevens leapt up to the middle turnbuckle and backflipped, what he thought was over Derecho, but he landed right in front of him as Derecho put the brakes on! Derecho placed Stevens into a full nelson, looking for a Dragon Suplex, but Stevens dropped down to his seat, turned, and hit a double leg take down, sending Derecho face first into the mat! Stevens then stood and dropped an elbow into Derecho’s lower back before standing and hitting the ropes, dropping a knee this time, into Derecho’s back!

Stevens then mounted Derecho from behind, placing his knee into Derecho’s lower back and then butterflying the arms. Stevens pressed down with his knee as he pulled back on the arms, lifting Derecho’s upper torso off the canvas! Derecho shifted his left leg around and realized he was close enough to the ropes. He placed his foot on the bottom rope and the referee called for the break, but Stevens refused to let go..





Stevens let go, stood, and stomped on Derecho’s lower back. Stevens stomped down again and once more for good measure. He circled around and brought Derecho up by the head. Stevens fired off with a knife edge chop. He switched it up to a forearm smash, then a spinning back hand. He spun back the other way and hit a back thrust kick into Derecho’s stomach, doubling him over. He then quickly grabbed Derecho by the head and went for a Vertical Suplex, but Derecho floated over, landing behind Stevens. Derecho grabbed Stevens in a waist lock then applied a Half Nelson! He could be looking to hit Legends Get Forgotten here, but Stevens spun out of it and rode up onto Derecho’s shoulders. He then pulled Derecho down into a Crucifix Bomb!!

Derecho rolled up to his knees as Stevens hit two kicks to the chest. He then went for a roundhouse to the head, but Derecho ducked it and hit a double leg takedown on Stevens. Derecho then quickly grabbed one of Stevens’ legs, looking for a Single Leg Boston Crab, but Stevens flipped to his back and planted his foot on Derecho’s rear, shoving him off. Stevens kipped up to his feet, taking Derecho over with an Arm Drag as he turned and charged in. Derecho popped back to his feet as Landon hit another deep arm drag. Derecho got back to his feet once again, but Landon leapt up and caught him with another Drop Kick.

Derecho rolled out to the floor to regain his composure. Eli and Ezra Conway had already done that. Landon walked over to the ropes and stood in Derecho’s way. Eli closed in on Derecho’s left.. Ezra on Derecho’s right. Derecho rolled his eyes and went right, decking Ezra in the face! Eli charged in with a flying shoulder tackle, but Derecho side stepped and Eli slammed into Ezra, but Landon took the chance off the distraction and vaulted over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha and it worked as he caught Derecho!

Stevens grabbed Derecho and threw him back into the ring. Stevens then hopped onto the apron and grabbed the top rope. Derecho staggered to his feet and that was Steven’s cue to lunge off, hitting a springboard missile drop kick, knocking Derecho back down. Stevens went into the cover, hooking the leg!



Derecho popped the shoulder up.

Stevens quickened the pace as he stayed on Derecho, pulling him to his feet and whipping him across the ring. Stevens chased after Derecho and swung with a clothesline, attempting to knocking him to the outside, but Derecho ducked and stopped short. He planted his foot into Steven’s chest and hit a Step Up Enzugiri, dropping Stevens to his knees. Derecho then got a running start and went for the Shining Wizard, but Stevens moved out of the way and Derecho hit up against the bottom rope. By the time Derecho hit the canvas, Stevens had already taken off to the ropes. He came back, flipping into a Senton Splash across Derecho’s right leg that was draped over the bottom rope after missing the Shining Wizard!

Derecho reclaimed his leg as he held it in pain. Stevens quickly grabbed the injured leg and DDT’d it into the canvas, sending a shock up Derecho’s right side. Stevens stood and then stomped on that leg, trying to cause further damage. After he was satisfied, Stevens pulled Derecho up and whipped him across the ring, but Derecho’s leg stiffened up and he collapsed near the ropes on the opposite side. Stevens then got a running start and hit a baseball slide, knocking Derecho back to the outside!

Stevens stood and waited for Derecho to stand. Derecho used the ring apron to help pull himself up. Stevens took off to the ropes once again and hit a Tope Con Hilo over the top rope to the outside, wiping Derecho out for the second time this match! Stevens popped back to his feet and placed a single foot on Derecho’s chest as he looked down with a grin. He then looked to the audience and received nothing but hatred for his efforts.

Stevens pulled Derecho up off the floor, but Derecho began to fight back with blows to the mid-section, but Stevens stopped that with a knee lift that double Derecho over. Stevens then took Derecho and threw him shoulder first into the ring steps. Stevens rolled into the ring and back out once again to break the referee’s count. Stevens got a little distance and charged in, hitting a drop kick to Derecho as he was up against the ring steps!

Stevens felt he had him now. He pulled Derecho up and rolled him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Stevens then went to the corner and ascended to the top turnbuckle pad with his back to the ring. Stevens twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault, but there was nobody home as Derecho rolled out of the way causing Stevens to crash and burn!

Stevens popped up off the canvas, holding his abdomen in pain. Derecho hobbled over and kicked Stevens in the stomach. He hooked Stevens by the head and hit a Vertical Suplex on him. He held on and turned over, pulling Stevens up to his feet. He then hit a Snap Suplex, but continued to hold on after impact. He pulled Stevens back up and lifted him for a third time, but sat out with a Split-Legged Gordbuster, completing the F3 Combination! Derecho turned the world champion over and attempted to pin him with a lateral press.



Stevens kicked out!

Derecho stood and pulled Stevens up to his feet. Derecho scoop slammed Stevens back down and made his way over to the corner. He tried to ascend the turnbuckle pads, but his leg was giving him an issue. This allowed Stevens to get up and catch Derecho while he was perched up top with a right hand. Stevens then climbed up with his back to Derecho. Stevens hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders. He then twisted off…


Stevens crawled into the cover and hooked the leg!




Derecho kicked out!

Stevens stood and called for the end as Eli and Ezra cheered him on from ringside. Stevens grabbed Derecho by the head and pulled him up. He kicked Derecho in the stomach and then set him up between his legs. He lifted Derecho up over his shoulder, looking for the Fall of Ideals, but Derecho slipped off and landed behind Stevens. Derecho felt a twinge in his leg and he hobbled forward. Stevens turned and attempted a chop block, but Derecho sense it coming and side-stepped it. Derecho grabbed Stevens and hit him with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

Derecho stood and went to the corner. He tried his luck a second time and made it to the top. He took aim and leapt off… this time it connected!


Derecho had the cover, hooking the leg.



Thr.. NO!!

Stevens got the shoulder up.

Derecho stood and pulled Stevens to his feet, but Stevens broke free and fired forearm after forearm after forearm into Derecho’s face. Stevens took off to the ropes, but Derecho exploded and hit a massive Lariat turning Stevens inside out. Derecho got to his feet and pulled Landon back to his. Derecho scooped Landon up onto his shoulder, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Stevens slipped behind Derecho and placed him in a waist lock. Stevens hit a Release German Suplex, dumping Derecho right on the back of his head!

Derecho staggered to his feet as Stevens grabbed Derecho once again in a front face lock. He lifted him up into the air and dropped him down!


Stevens wasn’t done as he pulled Derecho up, but Derecho shocked him!

EXPLODER SUPLEX! Derecho got back up to his feet and pulled Stevens back up. He hooked him and nailed him again!!


Stevens was down and Derecho tried to get back up, but he collapsed as his fighting spirit dwindled to down to nothing! The referee checked on both men to see that neither were moving. He began the mandatory ten count!







Both men began to stir…



Derecho was up… as was Landon. They began to trade punches back and forth. Both men had the same idea, going for a knee lift and they ended up smacking knees. Derecho got the worst of it, though as his right leg was still giving him issues from earlier in the match. Stevens capitalized on that as he grabbed the right leg of Derecho under his arm and drove an elbow straight into it. Derecho hobbled away as Landon hooked him from behind and nailed a Half Nelson Suplex, dumping him right on the back of his head!! Stevens quickly grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. Stevens hooked Derecho for the Rising Star Driver, but before Landon could lift him, Derecho countered with a Small Package!!



Th.. NO!!

Stevens popped out and immediately begged the referee to tell him it was only a two count. He breathed a sigh of relief when the referee only held up two fingers. Stevens turned to face Derecho and was met with a swift kick to the gut. Derecho placed Stevens between his legs and then lifted him up to his shoulder, but Derecho’s right leg buckled a bit and Derecho couldn’t keep his balance. This allowed Stevens to slip off and land behind Derecho. Stevens reached back and tried to hook Derecho for a Hangman’s Noose Neckbreaker, but Derecho spun around, going for a Back Drop Suplex, but Landon landed on his feet and hit a Chop Block to the back of Derecho’s right knee!

Derecho fell to a knelt position and this was when Landon grabbed him by the head and pulled him up. He hooked Derecho and nailed it..


Landon had a shit-eating grin on his face. He was about to put another historic notch on his belt with this cover!



Three!! ??


Derecho kicked out at the last second and even Landon Stevens was shocked! Stevens knew about Derecho’s resilience and his toughness and he realized that this was the reason why he reigned as Underground Champion for over a year straight.

Stevens knew all he had to do was hit it again. He thought there was no way Derecho could counter it if it went to it right away. Stevens stood and hooked Derecho once again, but Derecho scooped Stevens onto his shoulder and dropped him..


The crowd stood up on their feet. They could be witnessing history here… only if Derecho had the energy to pin Landon, but he was out on his back. Slowly Derecho turned over and draped an arm over Stevens!!



Thre.. NO!!!

Stevens kicked out and Derecho gritted his teeth in anger!

Derecho slowly got back to his feet as did Landon. Derecho delivered a swift kick to the stomach and hooked Landon between his legs. Derecho lifted Landon up to his shoulders. His leg was about to buckle, but he didn’t need it. He pivoted on his good leg and dropped Landon…


Derecho didn’t hold Landon down for the pin, though. Instead he stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. He went to the corner and climbed up top. It took him a bit to reach the top, but he made it there anyway. Derecho had a busted leg and yet he was thinking about the Show Stealer. This was the kind of person Derecho was. He didn’t give one shit about his body.. if it meant winning a match, he’d gladly destroy any body part…

The same could be said about Omega.. only Omega would rather destroy his opponent’s body parts to win a match… and that’s what Omega looked to do as he came out from the backstage area. Derecho took notice of Omega and hopped off the turnbuckles. Derecho grinned from ear to ear as one of the most twisted and sadistic looks came over his face.. almost as if he were happy to see him.

Derecho motioned for Omega to come into the ring, but Landon took full advantage of the distraction and rolled up Derecho from behind with a School Boy…



Derecho kicked away!

Derecho got to his feet and he swung with a clothesline. He turned around as Landon hit a drop kick to Derecho’s bad leg! Landon then hauled off and kicked Derecho right in the head! Landon swiftly grabbed him… hooked him… and hit it…


He had the cover…




Landon Stevens just pinned Derecho in the center of the ring and retained the jOlt World Championship! Omega laughed to himself as he backed away from the ring and up the entrance ramp. Eli and Ezra Conway rolled into the ring and stood side by side with the leader of The Faction. The three of them stood over Derecho’s fallen body as they looked up the entrance ramp at Omega. The Underground Champion was satisfied with this result.

The look from over Omega’s shoulder down at the ring where Landon Stevens stood tall with his foot on Derecho holding the world championship high into the air and soaking it in. As he did that, Omega turned and exited to the backstage area. As soon as he left, Landon instructed Eli and Ezra to head to the back. They were takeing their steps towards the ropes when all of a sudden...




Takeshi jumped Eli... Heido jumped Ezra.. and Eiji jumped Landon from behind. Derecho rolled out of the ring, not wanting to get caught up in the chaos. The Crimson Order and the Tag Team Champions brawled with each other. Landon and Eiji brawled as well. It was a triple irish whip across the ring. Takeshi hit a lariat.. Heido hit a shoulder tackle, Eiji hit a dropkick and all three rolled out of the ring. Eli to the left, Ezra to the right, Landon straight back by the announce position.

The Order split up, taking their respective opponents while Eiji readied himself, looking to strike. Landon stood up as Eiji charged in and leapt to the middle rope with one foot and using it to flip over into a Hilo to the outside, wiping out Landon!

Takeshi grabbed Eli and rammed him back first into the ring post!! Eli crumpled down into a heap on the floor!

Heido grabbed Ezra by the neck and lifted him up straight up into the air..



With The Faction indisposed, The Crimson Order joined Eiji Kugasari as Landon Stevens got to his knees and saw he was outnumbered. He tried to book it, but Eiji grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back into a knee lift to the face as Heido and Takeshi grabbed a table out from underneath the ring.

The Crimson Order set up the table... on TOP of the announce position!! The crowd rose to their feet as Takeshi and Heido grabbed Landon by the neck. They then hit a Double Chokeslam on the floor to incapacitate him. Eiji then went up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring where he grabbed the top rope. Heido and Takeshi then lifted Landon, placing him on top of the table on top of the announce position. Takeshi and Heido then parted as Eiji sprung up to the top rope and used it to get major height...




Heido and Takeshi helped Eiji to his feet after pulling him out of the rubble. The Inogami Clan stood tall! The camera zoomed in on a broken Landon Stevens! Landon's championship is in serious jeopardy in three weeks at Rise of the Legends as is The Factions' Tag Team Titles! The carnage left at ringside was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall