"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"There's Only One Left"

The pyro had just settled. The arena was clammoring with excitement for what was in store for them tonight. It was the fallout from Rise of the Legends and it couldn't have started off any bigger..


"Onion" by ONE OK ROCK

The people hit their feet as the former three time Relentless Champion and jOlt World Champion, Aran Thompson, who was victorious at Rise of the Legends over the mouthpiece of The Rebellion, Sebastian Saje, walked out from beyond the entrance curtain with a grin from ear to ear and loving the passion from the fans. Thompson rolled into the ring and up to his feet where he grabbed a microphone from ringside. His music died down and he stood there as the crowd continued to cheer then broken into a chant.

"ARAN THOMPSON" clap clap clapclapclap
"ARAN THOMPSON" clap clap clapclapclap
"ARAN THOMPSON" clap clap clapclapclap
"ARAN THOMPSON" clap clap clapclapclap
"ARAN THOMPSON" clap clap clapclapclap
Michael Buhrman: Nate, the man that took out the number one guy of The Rebellion...Aran Thompson!

Nathan Powers: Fluke.

Buhrman: Fluke? There were more near falls than an infant learning to walk!

The crowd finally quieted down as Aran chuckled to himself

"Well....Well....Well...." Aran said devilishly. ”Such a warm welcome from the people here in Orlando!" said Aran getting the cheap pop.

“MR. RELENTLESS” clap clap clapclapclap
“MR. RELENTLESS” clap clap clapclapclap
“MR. RELENTLESS” clap clap clapclapclap
“MR. RELENTLESS” clap clap clapclapclap
“MR. RELENTLESS” clap clap clapclapclap

"Yes...Yes it's me. Mr. Relentless. The man who has taken out The Rebellion. Piece by piece. Pawn by Pawn. Admittedly, it would of been a lot more difficult to do without Chris Titan, Reno Davis, and Mattock...but it was yet again ME....The man who continues to gather a plethora of firsts in the business!"

Aran looked around the Arena of Champions as they cheerfully thanked him for everything he has accomplished right in front of them.

"It was about a month ago when I decided to interject myself in Chris Titan's place to take on Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. I had already put Michael Donavan and Seraph through a table.. simultaneously, might I add, do I figured that I would take on the so-called mouthpiece and two weeks ago I did... and he fell to my feet."

The crowd continued to cheer.

But..." Aran cut the fans off.

"But like any good "Defy the boss" plot, there is still that one...tiny...ugly...untalented...unmanly...stain on the business.. Damien..."

The people cheered even louder, but then booed when…


Damien Lee casually strutted out from behind the curtain with his hands at ease behind his back. He stood there with a grin on his face and pulled a microphone out from behind him.

"Speak of the devil!" Aran said sheepishly.

"SHUT UP!" Damien bellowed.

That was met with another round of boos

"Oh Aran.. Aran.. Aran... "There is nothing more degrading to see than watch the very man you didn't even want to see succeed continue to pull it off. You've pissed me off for the last time and it took some thinking about how MUCH you would just love to get your hands on me, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. Through that, I realized what the best course of action to put you down and shut you up"

The people booed loudly.

"Sure.. you were triumphant against Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends and yes.. you did defeat members of The Rebellion and for that you should be applauded.. but I wouldn't do so just yet because that celebration would just be premature and short-lived for you see... I'm done playing games Aran. I am absolutely THROUGH with playing your games." said Lee sternly.

"Tonight... I'm introducing you to your opponent for Thieves' Honor… and no.. you’re not in the Thieves’ Honor Match for the World Title… sorry. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Since I know just how much you want to wrap your grubby little Asian hands around my neck and squeeze the life out of me..."

The crowd actually cheered that..

"Based on that reaction, I am sure you'd ALL love to see that..." said Lee


"Sorry to disappoint you all, but Aran Thompson isn't going to be putting his hands on me anytime soon because he's going to be busy with a man who has a score to settle with him. A man that is still very much upset with you over the fact that…. you let him die..."

The crowd began to talk amongst themselves. They knew this wasn't good. The look on Aran's face also didn't like where this was going.

"Your opponent for Thieves Honor... is the NEW Underground Champion.... "The King of Hell"... DERECHO"

The arena went black and became a crimson hue as "King of Hell" by Helstar (shortened version) hit the PA speakers. Derecho came out from the back with the Underground Championship slung over his shoulder. It was two weeks ago at Rise of the Legends that Derecho did the unthinkable and unseated Omega for the title, reclaiming his throne as the Underground's King. Derecho went through hell, but had two weeks to recover and he looked as fresh as he could be. That didn't bode well for Aran Thompson as Derecho meandered his way down to the ring, grinning the entire way.

Damien Lee clapped for Derecho as he slowly stomped his way up the ring steps and then between the ropes. The arena returned to normal as Derecho took the Underground Championship and threw it to the side all while staring into the eyes of Aran Thompson. This was a very dangerous situation, but Aran had no time to think. If he was going to survive this obvious set up, he was going to have to attack first and he did!

Aran charged in and buried his shoulder into Derecho's mid-section, shoving him all the way back to the corner, opening up with rights and lefts to Derecho's kidneys as the crowd went wild! Aran lifted his head and opened up with right hands to the side of Derecho's skull! He whipped Derecho across the ring and Derecho hit back first against the turnbuckles. Aran charged in, but Derecho exploded out of the corner with a vicious lariat, turning Aran inside out!

Derecho let out a bestial roar as he extied the ring and grabbed the steel chair from the time keeper's position. He slid back into the ring and taunted Aran with it. Aran stumbled to his feet and Derecho swung...


"It's funny how quick The King of Hell accepted my offer for him to finally get to exact his vengence on you. He has been waiting for a year! Can you imagine the pent of anger?!" Damien announced.

As Damien taunted, Aran, Derecho slammed the chair into Aran's upper back and brought him down to his knees. Derecho then stood over Aran and lifted the chair up with a grin on his face.


Derecho slammed the chair into the top of Aran Thompson's head!! Aran Thompson collapsed to the canvas as Damien Lee stood there on the entrance stage with a smile on his face. Derecho then dropped the chair in the center of the ring and made a slashing motion across his throat.

Buhrman: NO! NO! NO!!

He pulled Aran up and hoisted him onto his shoulders, but all of a sudden, the arena erupted...


The Hype Champion bolted to the ring and slid in! Derecho immediately dropped Aran and stepped up to Geist and the two of them came face to face! Pietro Geist just saved Aran Thompson from a possible neck injury at the hands of Derecho and the crowd was going nuts. Damien Lee had no idea what to do as The Hype Champion stared down the Underground Champion!

Geist unfastened his Hype Championship and handed it to the referee as Lorelei Albrecht came down the ramp with a microphone in hand.

"ACHTUNG! Zhis isz a formal challenge to zhe Underground Champion. Geist wishes to challenge for a spot on zhe main roster... in exhange for Derecho to put up zhe Underground Championship against zhe German monster."

Pietro Geist smiled at Derecho's words and took the Hype Championship and laid it down on the canvas in front of him! Lorelei grinned as Derecho had no intention of backing down. Derecho reached down and picked up the microphone that Aran had dropped on the canvas.

"That's real cute... you have your woman speak for you. Need I remind you what happened the last time someone cashed in their opportunity at coming to the main roster. I injured their neck and they were forced to vacate the championship.. but if you want to take that risk... so be it... we'll do this right now and I will put my Underground Championship on the line because I know for a FACT.. that I'll be sending your rookie ass back to the Hype in a body bag."

Derecho threw the microphone away! Was Derecho out of his mind!? He just accepted the challenge of Pietro Geist and just like that... Hype Champion vs Underground Champion! The Underground title was on the line as was a shot at getting on the main roster!!

Derecho(c) vs Pietro Geist

As the referee relocated the Hype title and Underground titles to the timekeeper's table, the two men went nose to nose in the middle of the ring. To say that Derecho was offended by Geist's interuption would be an understatement. There was no fear in Derecho's eyes, just pure unadulterated rage. Pissing off someone like him was probably the last thing the German beast should have done and Derecho was going to let him know that.

"Just who the fuck do you think you are?" Derecho snarled. "You come waltzing into my ring, sticking your nose where it sure as fuck doesn't belong, and then, you dare to challenge me for a roster spot and MY title. Do you even watch anything that happens here? Do you have any idea just who in the hell I am?"

Geist couldn't care less who Derecho was. He growled right back, not budging, as his opponent went off on his tirade.

"I cannot be compared to anyone that you take on every week on The Hype. This isn't the RingRats academy. This is the Underground. This is MY WORLD!"

"Shut shour mouth und fight, Männchen."

Derecho was the first to strike, landing a pair of right hands. Geist fired right back with one of his own, leading to the pair trading right hands in the middle of the ring. Soon, the German found his punches without return fire and a trio find their mark. Derecho saw the shifting of the moentum and quickly cut Geist off with a thumb to the eye and a kick to the gut.

Geist found himself being slammed headfirst into the turnbuckle, allowing Derecho to check his own mouth for blood due to the force behind his enemy's strikes. The former King of the Underground stayed on the offensive. He threw all he had into right hand after right hand. He pulled Geist out fromt he corner by the hair and blasted him with a discus haymaker, sending his enemy back into the corner.


Exploding out of the corner, Geist leveled his adversary with a running forearm.

With both hands around Derecho's throat, the Beast of Berlin pulled his foe from the mat and launched him into the corner. This was easily the worst place to be when facing Pietro Geist. Derecho had nowhere to go, as lefts and rights battered his head and torso. The referee could only watch, as the Underground rules allowed Geist to let loose without fear of disqualification. Derecho was blasted again and again until he was down on his ass, seeing tweety birds and stars swirling around his head.

The German put some distance between himself and his foe. He lined up his opponent for an attack, but just two steps into his charge, Derecho slipped to the outside. Undaunted, Geist climbed out onto the apron. He waited patiently for the dazed Derecho to turn around, so he could knock him down with a huge flying shoulder block off the apron.

"Keep going, Pietro," Lorelei instructed her man loudly. "Ihn zu vernichten!"

A hand full of hair kept Derecho in place so his monstrous foe could unload with another trio of right hands and a European uppercut that sent Derecho crashing back into the barricade. The Forever One was finding it hard to focus and getting violently thrown into the ring didn't help. Neither did crashing down on the security barrier, after being thrown into the air.

Not letting up, Geist took it upon himself to introduce his enemy to the steel steps and then, the timekeeper's table. Both meetings being face-first.

Geist turned his attention to grabbing a camera wire, but that subtle opening was all Derecho needed.


Derecho quickly grabbed a hold of something.. that something was put to good use as it was his favorite weapon, the steel chair! Derecho used it by wrapping it around his opponent's cranium. Derecho hurried back into the ring with the chair still in hand. Much to his surprise, the German was staring back at him. The chairshot only caused him to drop to one knee and he whipped his hair back, displaying his enraged glare to his foe.

"Is zhat all shou have?" Lorelei mocked Derecho from the floor.

Derecho glared back at her with a look that could kill before motioning for Geist to come back into the ring.

"Let's go. Bring your ass in here."

Not afraid in the slightest, the Beast of Berlin slid back into the ring. Like a pair of gunslingers, the two stood their ground. Geist exploded towards his enemy, looking to take off his head with a Yakuza kick. Derecho slipped under the attack and...


Once again the steel chair found it's mark, laying Geist out in the middle of the ring and causing the crowd to collectively groan in horror. The force behind the chairshot actually knocked the chair from Derecho's hands. He quickly focused on another form of attack, as he looked to remove a nearby turnbuckle pad. He never got a chance to complete the task. Behind him, Geist sat up like a killer in a slasher movie, much to the crowd's delight. Derecho tried to come out to meet his foe, but he had his jaw jacked with a huge right hand that took him off his feet.

Geist knew what was working and he stuck to it. His foe's long hair once again became useful to the German. He gripped it tightly while firing off haymaker after haymaker to the bridge of Derecho's nose. The steel chair was brought back into the game with Geist opening it up in the middle of the ring. He violently slammed his foe's face into the seat of the chair. He didn't stop there. Geist stomped down with all of his might onto Derecho's head, trying to forcibly drive it through the seat of the chair.

That got the crowd's attention, but Geist ignored them, as he went for a cover...




It was going to take more than that to keep Derecho down. As soon as he kicked out, he was trying to get vertical. However, each time he tried to pick hismelf up off the mat, Geist buried a fist right in his jaw. Derecho clutched at his foe's attire, using it to pull himself up, while the German just stood over him. He had just gotten to a vertical base when Geist snagged him by the hair and knocked him right back down with a huge right hand.

Derecho's experience showed its face, as he rolled out to the floor, trying to buy himself some time to clear out the cobwebs. Geist made his way out to the floor to join him. Derecho quickly took advantage of a situation that was only there for a split-second. Lorelei had gotten her gorgeous self a little too close to the action, allowing the Derecho to grab her by the arm. There was an evil look in Derecho's eyes, as he apprehended the young lady. His foe saw this and raced over. Derecho was hoping for it, as in his haste, Geist left himself open for Derecho to smack him with a running back elbow. That was all he needed to take control and he did so by viciously slamming Geist's face off the security barrier.

No matter how much he tried, the German couldn't stop himself from falling to one knee. The positioning was one that his opponent loved to see. Derecho lined up him up and took off like a rocket. He had delivering a shining wizard on his mind. However, Geist was not going to just let his jaw get blasted. He snatched up the approaching Derecho and gorilla pressed him into the air, using his own momentum to launch the Forever One four rows deep into the crowd.

Luckily for the crowd, they parted before Derecho could crash into them. However, he wasn't so lucky. His body crashed into a line of steel chairs. He clutched at his back in utter agony, as his opponent stormed over to him. Derecho was at Geist's mercy and he was easily hoisted back into the air with a gorilla press. The German rotated a full one hundred eighty degrees, allowing the crowd to bask in the sight of Derecho being helpless. With his enemy held high, Geist built up a head of steam and threw Derecho five yards easy right into a flock of fans.

This time, the Derecho landed firmly on the concrete floor with a nasty thud. As if the power advantage wasn't obvious, Geist was making sure even the most ignorant fan would know. Derecho knew that he had to put some space between himself and his monstrous attacker. He crawled deeper into the crowd, but he was snagged by the hair just before he could reach one of the exits to the lobby. Geist slammed him back first into the wall of the short hallway and went to town with rights and lefts. This combination wasn't about the number of strikes, but the power behind each one, as Geist was really laying them in. Not satisfied, he fired Derecho head first into a nearby trash can.

The Todesangel snatched up a pair of chairs and bridged the gap between them with a third. Geist had something horrible in mind for his foe, but it would have to wait, as Derecho came to life. A pair of boots to the gut and a trio of sledgehammer like forearms to the back gave the Forever One the slight chances he longed for.

Derecho wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by and he quickly positioned his foe for a possible piledriver or power bomb. Try as he might, the Forever One just couldn't lift Geist and found himself being back dropped over. He was able to position himself and land on his feet with the trio of chairs between them. He refused to let the chance to gain the upper hand pass him by and came flying towards the German with a flying leg lariat.

Wrong move...


There just wasn't enough behind the attack and the Todesangel was able to catch him. Derecho could do nothing but brace for impact when Geist drove him down with a modified one-arm power bomb into the chairs, bending the horizontal chair.

"Talk now, männchen," Geist growled while his adversary squirmed along the floor in agony.

Far from done, the German kicked away the crumpled pile that was the trio of chairs and scooped up the nearby garbage can. Derecho's toughness was never in doubt. He battled back up to his feet, despite his legs feeling as if they were made of Jell-o. Geist had him in his sights and just demolished him with the garbage can by slamming it right into Derecho's face.

That one echoed through the arena.

The referee pleaded for Geist to bring the action back to the ring, but it fell upon deaf ears. The was no rest for the wicked and Derecho learned that first hand. He barely had a moment to react to the shot from the trash can when the German pulled him up and Irish whipped him into the wall. He stumbled back from the wall, only to have a stampeding Geist scoop him up around the waist and drive him violently into the wall. Never being let loose, Derecho was immediately sent flying through the air with a huge belly-to-belly overhead suplex.

Things were getting ugly and the capacity crowd grimaced in pain with the sickening sound of Derecho hitting the cement floor. The referee gave the Derecho just a second more to recover, as he continued to beg Geist to head back to the ring. The official got nothing more than pie-faced to the floor for his trouble. Fortunately for the fallen referee, the Todesangel led his battered opponent back towards the ring. They weren't even to the security barrier when Derecho resorted to dirty tactics. He surprised Geist by swatting his hand away and straight up kicked him right in the testicles.

No matter how bad you are, a shot to the tenders will put a halt to whatever you have going on. Derecho quickly put more hurt on his enemy with a side Russian leg sweep that slammed the back of Geist's head through the seat of an open steel chair.

Even the battle-hardened German couldn't brush that one off and he clutched the back of his head in agony. His opponent took this opportunity to get his own head right, making sure he was at least seeing straight before climbing back to his feet. Geist was pulled from the floor and immediately sent barrelling into the security barrier. A pair of right hands connected and were followed by a huge spinning lariat that sent the big man tumbling over the security barrier into the entrance area.

Geist's autopilot kicked in and despite being out of it, he stood up. Derecho snatched up a steel chair. He was looking to work with his weapon of choice and did he ever.


The Forever One hurried to his foe. He stepped up off an open chair and off the barrier, so he could waffle Geist in the head with a stiff flying chairshot. That fired Derecho up and he fiercely spiked the steel chair onto the floor. He zeroed in on his foe, who had just sat himself up against the barrier on the opposite side of the entrance way.

"You're nothing, you kraut asshole," Derecho roared and starting putting the boots to his adversary.

Having his fill of stomps to Geist's abdomen, Derecho dragged him over to the steel steps.


Geist's head met the steps in a harsh way.

"I TOLD YOU.. THIS IS MY WORLD!" Derecho snarled at the third-ever Hype Champion.

Derecho was a man who would let his temper get the better of him. He wasted time admonishing Geist, rather than staying on him and the German violently proved that point. By the ears of all places, Geist threw his foe into the corner created by the steel steps and the apron meeting. Rights and lefts rocked Derecho's head back and forth, fully embracing the referee's inability to stop him for using a closed fist.

The German shoved the pesky referee out of the way, as he put some space between himself and his enemy. Like he was shot out of a cannon, he came racing towards the seated Derecho.


Derecho's head was sandwiched between the sole of his foe's boot and the steel steps courtesy of a sliding kick to the face. A quick whip of his head removed the strands of blond hair from the German's face. He rolled his rival into the ring, yet instead of following him in, Geist started looking under the ring. He there were many items seemingly hidden under the ring. However, he drew a roll of barbed wire and fired it over the top rope. He apprehended one of the many chairs littered around ringside and slipped into ring with it in tow. In no time at all, he had the barbed wire wrapped around the chair with Derecho in his sights. The referee tried to stop Geist and was again pushed to the side, as if he were a small child. Speaking of children, there was a sudden concern about whether or not Geist would be able to have any.


The hybrid weapon tumbled to the ground as the German did the same. The Forever One put all he had into making sure he was the one to gain control of the chair. He snatched it and buried it deep into his enemy's stomach.


And drove it down across Geist's back with all of his might. Lacerations on both sides of his torso began to trickle with blood, while he battled to stay up on all fours. He battled up to one knee just to get struck across the chest with the barbed wire-wrapped chair.

Momentum had clearly swung in Derecho's favor. He was hobbling, but firmly in control of the situation. He motioned for Geist to get up and the German started to do just that. Derecho held the chair high in the air. He started towards his adversary when he made it up to one knee. Any attack Derecho had in mind was stopped by a huge right hand to the gut that caused him to drop the chair. Geist blasted him in the mouth with a left hand, which sent Derecho stumbling away from the chair. The referee scurried in to remove the chair from the ring, which got some boos from the crowd, while the German showed off some of his amazing strength by planting him with a swank release gutwrench power bomb.

Geist went for a cover, grinding his forearm into Derecho's face...




Derecho was able to slip his left shoulder out from under his foe, just as the official's hand started coming down for three. Lorelei slapped the mat, trying to rally her man, as he slowly climbed back up to a vertical base. He surveyed the ring and he noticed something was missing.

"Der stuhl," Geist demanded and his gorgeous ally was happy to give it to him.

The referee was out of the ring in a flash, meeting Lorelei just as she got her hands on the chair.

"Drop it," he instructed her and positioned himself between her and the ring.

"Zur Hölle fahren," she hissed and threatened to hit the referee with the chair, causing him to cower. She could only smirk at him devilishly before sliding the chair in the ring to her ally.

The monstrous upstart gripped the chair tightly and focused right on his battered foe. His attempt to approach Derecho was halted by the official trying to swipe the weapon. Geist refused to relinquish the weapon and pinned the referee in the corner. All the time spent due to the referee's distraction was used by Derecho to regain some lost energy. He put all that energy into a charge, hoping to blindside the German. Yet, he missed and had to stop himself from crushing the referee in the corner.


With the referee uninjured, Derecho spun around right into a wicked chairshot. Geist placed the barbed wire-wrapped chair over his foe's face and ascended the corner. He leapt high into the air and stomped the chair with all of his might.

The Forever One's squirming cleared the chair from his face, allowing everyone to see the blood pouring from his forehead and the bridge of his nose.

A cover by the German...




It was a situation Derecho had been in before with the likes of Sylo and Omega. Derecho had to dig deep to kick out and all the energy he had left was put towards rolling out to the apron. He looked to go all the way to the floor, but Geist made that impossible by stepping on his hair with one foot and stomping on the back of his head with the other. Derecho was rolled over and his back was arched back over the edge of the apron with his arms draped over the bottom rope, so he couldn't slide to the floor. Geist laid the chair on his face and drove his boot down onto it. He didn't just stomp the chair, he ground the barbed wire-wrapped chair into his face, making the wounds to his face even worse.

The crowd couldn't help but groan and cringe, as they listened to Derecho roar in pain. His cries were silenced by a stomp to the chair that knocked him senseless and he slipped down to the floor. The official leaned between the ropes to check up on the bloody Forever One, so Geist took off to the side ropes behind the referee's back to avoid any interuptions he might cause. The German was like a hungry shark. There was blood in the water and he zeroed right in on it. Derecho was leaned against the apron, allowing his foe easy access to the wound on his forehead. His knees bunckled, as Geist drove his heavily taped fist into the injury again and again.

With one hand wrapped around Derecho's throat and the other gripping his tights, the German muscled his enemy up onto the announce table. He joined Derecho atop the table and things looked like they would be going from bad to worse for the former King of the Underground. Geist positioned him up on his shoulders for a possible power bomb. Derecho quickly went to the eyes, raking his adversary's face, to save himself. A boot to the gut doubled the German over and Derecho stepped onto the nearby security barrier. he was barely able to balance himself, but he only needed to do so for just a moment. The extra step form the barrier to the table, gave him just enough momentum to take his foe from the table to the floor.


Neither man had the energy to move and their ravaged bodies showed the signs of war. Geist was bleeding from the nose and all over his torso. Derecho couldn't keep his right eye open for more than a second without blood flowing into it, as the infamous crimson mask engulfed his face. The two men put their hearts and souls into getting vertical with Derecho making use of the security barrier, while Geist looked to the ring apron. The German charged towards his foe as soon as he saw him standing and tried for a huge forearm strike. His foe ducked and dumped him on his head and neck on the floor with a perfectly executed half Nelson suplex.

Derecho was off-balance, but standing. He wiped away some of the crimson that covered his face and rolled his large rival back into the ring. He was hurting, but Derecho refused to back down an inch. He blasted Geist with a trio of right hands to the bridge of the nose that sent the big man stumbling back into the corner. A leaping calf kick in the corner sent the German stumbling out to the middle of the ring, where he fell to one knee. Derecho slipped out to the apron and wiped away the blood from his hands on his tights. He was looking for his trademark springboard clothesline. However, Lorelei would come into play.


The blond bombshell slid the barbed wire-wrapped chair into Geist, just out of his rivals sight. When the Forever One came flying off the top, the Todesangel obliterated him with a chairshot that had a small group of the crowd chanting the Uberkreiger's name.


Geist could barely drape his huge frame over Derecho for a cover.




A narrow escape by Derecho infuriated Lorelei, while her ally could barely stay conscious while laying next to his opponent. While it wasn't much of an advantage, Geist had the upper hand. Derecho had to use the ropes to even get up from the mat and just as his head cleared the height of the second rope, Geist smacked him in the jaw with a running boot, which sent him all the way to the floor.

The German had to take a moment to rest, as his legs felt like they would crumble to dust beneath the weight of his body. He slid out to the floor and immediately started to pick up the pace. By the time he rounded the corner of the ring, he was sprinting towards his opponent. However, his planned attack was cut off at the pass by Derecho with a timely drop toe hold that sent Geist face first into the steel steps.

Knowing that he had to hit hard and fast, Derecho instantly wrapped his arms around his foe's injured abdomen.


The sound of a sickening impact, as Geist was driven into the security barrier with a powerful northern lights suplex. He hit just right, so his torso struck the barrier fully, as his lower half nearly bent completely around the top of the barrier. The German was a well-built wrecking machine, but it was apparent that his entire torso could be seriously injured. As if he had a sixth sense, Derecho knew it as well. He ran Geist back first into the apron not once, but twice before delivering a belly to back suplex that slammed Geist's back into the point of the apron.

With his enemy down and in serious pain on the floor, Derecho slipped back into the ring in hopes of buying himself some time to recover. He definitely had the edge when it came to experience and he was not going to make a rookie mistake by using his own energy to bring his larger foe back in at this point in the match. If Geist wanted to keep going, he'd have to use his own energy to get back in.

Geist struggled the entire time, but eventually climbed up onto the apron. He tried to slip between the top and middle ropes, so he was already standing when in the ring. While it was a good idea, Derecho made him pay for it. A running knee lift snapped his head back and stunned him long enough for his foe to take to the skies.


There was no going for the pinfall.


Instead, he snatched up the barbed wire chair and warped it over his enemy's already tore up back.


Once was not enough for Derecho and his foe roared in anguish with the impact of the metal connecting with his spine. He couldn't stop himself from dropping to one knee himself due to the wear and tear inflicted on his body, but there was a fire in the Forever One that could be seen by him angrily throwing the weapon to the mat. He battled through loss of blood and tumbled out of the ring. It took a moment of digging underneath the ring for Derecho to come up with a small black bag and some spare electrical cable.

His blood smeared along the mat, as he slithered back into the ring. The cable was tied around the fallen Geist's wrist and Derecho looked to tie it to his other wrist behind the German's back. Geist refused to make it easy for him. They struggled and wound up in the corner where Derecho found himself being battered with rights and lefts, sending blood splatter in all directions. A thumb to the eye brought an end to his adversary's offensive. The Forever one hit the ropes and drove his shoulder deep into his foe's lower back with a tackle.

The assault on Geist's back had taken its toll. He couldn't withstand the collision and he was lifeless on the mat. He was at his opponent's mercy. Derecho was finally able to tie his wrists together and things were certainly getting worse for the big German. However, he refused to stay down.

"This is my ring," Derecho snarled and unloaded with a gigantic right hand, "and you will never take it from me."

Another right hand and the kneeling Geist wouldn't buckle. That seemed to piss his enemy off, so his jaw was jacked once again with a brutal punch. The German still would not fall. Derecho's blood started to boil, as he looked down at his defiant foe. Geist rose up to one knee, refusing to give in. Yet, there was only so much he could do with his arms restrained.


And a brutal one it was. Geist's head snapped back before he finally crumbled like the Berlin Wall. Derecho staggered over to him and just started stomping the holy hell out of him. Boot after boot came crashing down on his upper back. The barrage was only brought to an end by Derecho spitting his own blood down at the watching Lorelei.

Derecho quickly slipped out to the floor and started towards her. Lorelei refused to back down despite imminent danger he posed. Much like her ally, she would never cower. Derecho looked down upon her with utter contempt. Her courage was nothing more than disrespect to him and with a look of disgust on his face, he pie-faced her to the floor. He turned his attention to the steel steps. The top part of the steps was shoved in under the bottom rope and Derecho followed right behind. He raised the steps into the air. He waited for Geist to stand before hurrying towards him.



That definitely wasn't going to help the already gushing gash that stretched across Derecho's forehead. With the steps tumbling away, Geist took off to the corner and stepped off the middle turnbuckle to deliver a headbutt.

At one hundred percent the German may have been able to break free of the cables with nothing but pure power. However, he was far below even fifty percent right now. He rolled his massive frame to the ropes. His female companion raced to him. In no time at all, she had undone the ties that bound him. Free of his restraints, Geist pulled himself up to his feet. His legs were weak, but he was standing. Well, at that point he was standing.


The attack was perfect and took the German off his feet just as he turned to focus back on his opponent. It was apparent that Derecho had something in mind for him, as he was dragged out of the corner by his hair.


Derecho held onto his foe, keeping him from falling to the mat, and laid him on the metal steps that still sat in the ring. The Forever One placed a chair on the German's face. He gritted his teeth and walked unsteadily to the corner. With all the energy he could muster, Derecho ascended the corner.


Dazzling turned into deadly in the blink of an eye, as Derecho got unbelievable height before crashing down on Geist with a leg drop. The German was as good as dead and things looked to be heading towards another of the many victories of the Forever One.

Derecho went for a cover...




The crowd erupted, as they couldn't believe that Geist had somehow escaped the jaws of a defeat. A growing ever larger "Geist" chant broke out in the background, while Derecho could only sit there in disbelief that the match was not over. His opponent was a tougher kill than he expected, a tougher kill than anyone expected. Lorelei was overcome with joy at the sight of her man getting his shoulder off the mat before the referee could reach a three count. She slapped the apron in time with the small chant, doing all she could to show her support.

To the corner when the steel steps and in their place went the chair wrapped in barbed wire. Blood dripped from Geist's nose, as he was forced to a vertical base.

"I'm going to end your career before it even starts," Derecho informed his adversary by whispering in his ear. "I guess your slut will have to find a new set of coat tails to ride."

Once Derecho looked to lift his enemy, the fans started to come to life. When looking at all the pieces of the puzzle, it looked like only one outcome was to come and that's A Forever Reminder on the barbed wire-wrapped chair. Derecho's body had other plans. He had gone through hell up to this point and his damaged body couldn't support the big man's weight. That allowed his adversary to slip behind him and to hook a rear waist lock. His try at a back elbow connected. Off the ropes came Derecho and Geist was ready for him.


Geist made his enemy feel a little of his pain. After several moments of just laying on the mat, he dragged his injured body to the corner with Lorelei leading the crowd in a chant.


He sat there and looked over the mess that used to be considered a wrestling ring. His attention turned to Derecho who cried out in pain. The Forever One could feel his own flesh tearing, as he pulled it from the chair. Geist saw an opportunity that had not yet shown its face. One that he wasn't going to let slip through his fingers.

The signs of war were apparent all over Derecho's body, as his autopilot kicked in and he got back to a vertical base. He didn't know much about his foe. If he did, he would have known to stay down or crawl to the ropes. Instead, he made himself a target for one of the top weapons in the German's arsenal. Geist took off to the far ropes...


"Jetzt ist die zeit," Lorelei announced.

Barely able to stay upright, the Todesengel swayed back and forth. In spite of it all, he pulled his elbow pad from his right arm and threw it aside. He began to breathe deeply. The fires deep inside him began to grow. He roared like the beast he is and he hit the ropes, turning himself into a big German freight train.


If the spear was a top weapon, Geist's lariat was the atomic bomb. Lorelei nearly came out of her boots at the very sight of it. Very few had ever witnessed such a devastating attack and the impact made everyone cringe. To make matters worse for his enemy, Geist's attack put Derecho down harshly onto the barbed wire chair.

"Decken ihn," the blonde screamed and pointed to Derecho.

Slowly but surely the German went for the cover, barely able to hook the far leg, and his huge body pressed his enemy against the barbed wire even more...




The entire arena went silent. Could that of really of happened? Did some unknown rookie just defeat Derecho at his own game and claim the Underground title? The crowd looked on in shock. They couldn't believe it. However, it was very true. The referee called for the bell and upon hearing it, the crowd went bat shit crazy. To say Lorelei was jovial would be an understatement. She blitzed the ring and immediately pounced upon her beloved Pietro, who was seated against the ropes. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek. She could barely contain herself, as energy surged through her body. Geist on the other hand was going nowhere fast. His body looked and felt like he went through a garbage disposal, but he was still snarling, as he looked over at the defeated Derecho.

"Look at vhat shou have done," Lorelei joyfully exclaimed. "No one can ever take zhis from shou. Rise up, Uberkreiger. Stand so zhey all can see zhe man who did zhe impossible. Let zhem gaze upon zheir new Underground Champion!"

With a roar, the Todesengel used the top rope to pull himself up to a vertical base. No amount of blood flowing from his body could stop Geist from standing proudly in the middle of the ring. The crowd was still in shock, as he raised both the Hype title and his newly won Underground title into the air, but they slowly started to come around. A chant for the German monster started to thunder throughout the arena.


No man had ever successfully cashed in the opportunity The Hype title offered.

No man had ever won the Underground title in his debut match in jOlt.

No man until now.

Welcome to jOlt, Pietro Geist. Welcome.

Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"A Black Feather Proxy"

The scene opens up in the office as Damien Lee is pacing back and forth in his office with an upset look upon his face. It had already been an insane night for Lee as he sicked the now-former Underground Champion, Derecho on Aran Thompson. With that business in motion, it was time he handled even more business.. that was dealing with the embarrassment The Rebellion suffered at Rise of the Legends. After a few brief moments, there is a knock on his door.

“Finally.. it’s about time you showed up, Sebastian” muttered Lee

The door opened and Lee was ready to let him have it when he stopped dead in his tracks as if he had seen a ghost. The camera panned over and there was the cloaked figure that had been making sporadic appearances throughout the past couple of months.

“W-What are you doing here?” asked Lee a bit sheepishly.

“Isn’t it obvious? We need to have a little chat and it’s not with Sebastian Saje… it’s with you” said the figure. Lee backed up and sat on his desk as he knew exactly where this was going.

“I want you to get one thing straight Lee because it seems you haven’t let it sink in just yet. You are not the leader of The Rebellion… I AM” said the figure sternly.

“I worked very hard to pull this off and at Wrestlecade, we made a HUGE impact. That impact continued into Breakdown when we dismantled those insurgents that wanted us gone. We proved that we were here to stay… and now… look at us. There’s inner quarreling… Sebastian Saje lost against Aran Thompson at Rise of the Legends. Cross the Hood didn’t capture the tag team championships in the War Games match.. and Chris Titan is out of control and all of this happened with you as my proxy… therefore… your failures are my failures and if there is one thing I absolutely hate… it’s failing.” Said the figure.

Damien Lee stood up, getting sick of being talked down to.

“So… if you’re that discontent… why don’t you just lead the damn Rebellion yourself!?” scowled Lee.

The figure chuckled.

“Do you not remember the entire reason why I chose you to be my proxy? It’s because I know about jOlt Wrestling’s deepest darkest secret. When jOlt acquired Legacy of Champions and reopened its doors, something happened. There was a sale of LOC to an unknown party so jOlt could line its pockets with money. Jim Johnson did a splendid job trying to cover and erase his tracks, however, I know that you know where those tracks lead to. In fact.. I happened to stumble upon the documentation that leads me right to the person who bought LOC off of Jim Johnson. You really shouldn’t hide those documents in the Ring Rats Academy… you never know who might just snoop around there.”

Damien Lee gritted his teeth.

“Ha.. so you realize that with this information, that I could reveal jOlt’s secret and as soon as they find out the truth.. the stock would plummet… no one would want anything with jOlt. This company would be left in ruins.” Said the figure

Damien Lee sighed heavily

“So what do you want with me?” asked Lee, a bit defeated.

“The same thing I’ve always wanted. I’m flat out blackmailing you because I need someone in power to make sure that The Rebellion succeeds. Who better than the man who runs the company, but the problem is.. deep down inside, you don’t have it in you to be ruthless enough to get the job done, however, I will give you one more chance to turn this around. You need to reaffirm The Rebellion with each other.. you need them to make another huge impact, and you need to make sure they stay on top. I want us to have all the top spots in this company because it’s what they deserve… it’s what I deserve!” said this figure. “

“Jon Le Bon spoiled my announcement at Rise of the Legends, so you should know by now that I already plan on entering Sebastian Saje into the Thieves Honor match for the jOlt World Championship. The fact that he doesn’t even have to qualify for it should tell you that I’m already trying to fix this problem” said Lee.

“It is an attempt at fixing it, yes, but how can you guarantee me that Sebastian Saje will win? That is where you lack ruthlessness. You say and do all these things on the surface to try and make yourself look like you have everything under control, but beneath that surface, it’s nothing more than a timid child, quivering in the darkness. While putting Saje into the match is a start… I will warn you. If you do not get the job done, I’m afraid iNtense 106 the week after Thieves Honors, will be one of the more revealing iNtense programs in quite a while. I assure you I will take The Rebellion off your hands at the expense of this company’s future. Either way… I win in the end.”

The figure reached inside its cloak and pulled out a black feather and handed it to Lee.

“Let this be a reminder of what’s at stake.” Said the figure before it turned and walked out of the office. Lee stared at the feather and let out a heavy sigh. He knew he had to make sure everything went right this time.

Fade to black.

"Party Crashing"

The Arena of Champions went black.

Pink and white strobe lights began to flicker throughout the crowd before stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch rung through the ears of jeering fans.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

Spotlighst shined down as reigning Jolt Heavyweight champion “The Rising Star” Landon Stevens emerged from the gorilla position with the championship belt clinched in the first of his right hand. The champion raised the championship high in the air much to the dismay of the crowd. Eli and Ezra walked out with their heads lowered as Stevens looked back shaking his head at the former tag team champions. The fans echoed in chants.





The Rising Star lowered the championship as he shook his head. Stevens ascended down the rampway. Fans began throwing toilet paper in the direction of The Faction giving their unloved champion symbols of their disproval. Stevens stopped in his tracks as they reached the bottom of the entrance way. Once again looked around at the faithful Jolt fans before raising the championship above his head with his right arm.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

The twins remained on the outside while the fans chanted once again as Stevens jumped up onto the ring apron before climbing inside the ring through the ropes.

The sound of Steven's entrance music faded and the lights returned as he grabbed the microphone resting in the middle of the ring. The champion made his way over to the far corner turnbuckle facing the camera and lifted himself up to where he was sitting ontop of the top turnbuckle. Stevens rested his feet on the second rope.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

The fans wouldn't let up as they continued to express their hatred for the man that is currently the face of the company.

"At Rise of The Legends it was I that came out victorious. I put an end to the title hopes of The Blood Raven himself, Eiji Kugasari. You can call me a chump, you can shout out how much you think I suck, but the fact of the matter is,I am STILL JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!." Stevens stopped and jumped off the ropes making his way over to where the twins stood on the outside.

"Another fact from Rise of The Legends, is the one where these two idiots, LOST! How do you two expect to do anything in this business when you have a habit of LOSING!!!" Stevens shouted at the twins.

Both Eli and Ezra looked at each other and then up at Stevens.

"I know, I know, you two are going to give me every excuse in the book like you were screwed over by the officials or whatever. The truth is you two don't have the hearts to be champions. If you did we would still be standing here in arms with all three titles. I have been through hell to earn and retain this championship. You two couldn't even make it through a whole month as champions. Luckily for the two of you there is such a thing as a re-match clause. Hopefully you two don't fuck that up as well."

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

But the familiar taunting for the jOlt Champion quickly stopped. And why was that?

Three letters on the jOltVision…




No, it wasn’t somebody about to pose a question. It was three men who had ben lighting up the jOlt twitter feed with trash talk for our champion back and forth for several months. And now it was time that they all came out face to face.

jOlt’s notorious Clown Princes of Tag Team Royalty summoned a rousing pop from the masses as their backs remained turned toward them. Each bearing a sparkling Lavender Jacket with ”HOW” embroidered in Gold with each man thrusting both fists toward the heavens...

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

I'm ready for the...

The angry explosion of pyrotechnics to their immediate flanks led the trinity to spin about and proudly basked in the adulation before a ongoing cascade of descending sparks. Brazen. Sophomoric. Loveable Irritants. Habitual Line Steppers. Heavily decorated including 2 time former jOlt Tag Team Champions of the World. The arena lighting returned, allowing the unruly band of brothers to overtly play to the masses while highlighting their greatness. They were Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody and they were the Heirs of Wrestling.

Stevens was utterly unimpressed by any of the gaudy spectacle and lightshow that The Heirs of Wrestling had in store for them, but tonight The Heirs of Wrestling were looking to make the ultimate statement. More appropriately, their heavy and the man who finally defeated Ninja K at Rise of the Legends was about to step forward. This was Mack Brody locking eyes with the champion.

“HEIRS OF WRESTLING!” Clap clap clap clap clap
“HEIRS OF WRESTLING!” Clap clap clap clap clap
“HEIRS OF WRESTLING!” Clap clap clap clap clap
“HEIRS OF WRESTLING!” Clap clap clap clap clap
“HEIRS OF WRESTLING!” Clap clap clap clap clap

Still unimpressed, Stevens only held up the microphone with an impatient look on his face.

"What the hell do you three Idiots of Wrestling want?" Stevens questioned as The Heirs of Wrestling stood at the top of the entrance way.

Frank suddenly fell over and held his chest while Ryan ran over to him in a panic and tried to resuscitate him.

“Oh, my God, Big Mack! We got served! He called us the Idiots of Wrestling! Oh, shit, we better turn tail and run!”

“OH, SHIT, THE HU-MAN-I-TEEEEEE!” Frank cried from the ramp floor in faux anguish.

The crowd laughed while Mack Brody turned to face the jOlt Champion. As much fun as Frank and Ryan were having, SuperMack was in no mood. Brody made it no secret the belt is what he wanted more than anything and after the biggest singles victory of his career over Ninja K and was now face to face with the champion. Mack held a microphone in one hand and what looked like a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in his hand.

“What the hell do I want, Landon? What in the hell do I want? What I WANT is for you for just three seconds to SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.”

The crowd roared with approval for Brody as he held out his phone.

“The reason I’m out here is pretty simple… we’ve been doing a lot of talking using these things…” Brody gestured to his smartphone. “jOlt’s Twitter feed pretty much exploded with the shit that we talked back and forth, but there’s one thing in particular tweet I wanted to remind everybody of. Landon, I told you that when I handled my business with Ninja K that you would be seeing me face to face on iNtense 102. Well, last I checked… this was iNtense’s one-hundred second edition… there’s you… there’s me… there’s a ring. Unlike you, I make good on my promises, Landon.”

SuperMack continued to walk towards the ring slowly as Stevens and his crew got on the defensive in case somebody tried something. Mack showed no fear in the face of the jOlt Champion.

“So here I am, telling YOU that I’ve been entered for the Thieves Honor qualifier next week against The Rebellion’s monster, Seraph. I’m going to mow that big fucker down and then at Thieves Honor… I’m going to mow four other people down… I’m going to mow YOU down… and then you’re going to be looking into the face of the NEXT jOlt Champion!”


Frank and Ryan continued to cheer while Landon Stevens glanced out to the cheering crowd. He scoffed in their direction and turned his attention back to one of the World Title hopefuls that would be competing for the Thieves Honor match in a few weeks. Landon held up his title and laughed.

“And what the fuck makes YOU any different from anybody else who has come up to me and told me the same thing? I’ve beaten Eiji Kugasari TWICE. I’ve beaten Jesse Ramey. I’ve beaten Aran Thompson, Waymoth Turnbull, Derecho… I could do this all night. Seriously.”

Brody STILL continued to walk towards the ring as Eli and Ezra Conway were about ready to stand up for their mentor despite him dressing them down. Landon held up a hand to keep them at bay while he seemingly allowed Midas to get in closer. Champion and hopeful challenger were face to face now and all six men were in the ring which made for a very tense situation.

“Brody, you’re big… REAL big. You can keep your blonde locks, your muscles, your lightshows, your sophomoric bullshit, even your loads of Tag Team Titles. But of THAT is going to win you THIS…” Landon held the title up again making extra sure to put the belt in Mack’s face. “Even if you get past Seraph, you have four other people that are going to come at me doing the same thing you’re doing now. So I’ll ask you again, Brody… what are YOU gonna d…”


Brody STRUCK the microphone from his hand and the crowd was going nuts now! SuperMack looked down at Landon and scowled.


Brody with a headbutt to Landon Stevens! The jOlt Champion stumbled backwards as the twins wasted no time in coming out swinging on SuperMack, which in turn earned them the ire of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway! The two men continued to fight and now fights were happening all over the ring now! Brody and Stevens were fist-fighting in the corner as Frank picked off Ezra and Ryan tangled with Eli!

The crowd was going nuts for the fight as Frank turned over and BLASTED Ezra over the top rope with a stiff European Uppercut! Ryan turned around and landed his own Pele Kick to the face of Eli! Brody had his fist cocked back ready to swing at Stevens…


Landon had his championship in hand and just barely avoided having his head taken off by Brody. The Heirs of Wrestling were standing tall for the moment in the ring as Brody waved for Landon Stevens to come back to the ring and finish what he started. Landon was helped to the back by the twins, but he suddenly snapped away from them and had managed to pick up one of the microphones during the skirmish.

“You little shits want to get famous off me, then I want you in the ring! The Faction versus The Heirs of Wrestling! Tonight, you stop riding my coattails like everybody else that’s tried to step to me!”

The crowd popped as Mack Brody looked to Frank and Ryan who nodded in agreement. Brody turned back to Landon.


Mack Brody ripped his shirt in half and tossed the remnants aside, showing off his chiseled frame. SuperMack and the Heirs had gotten under the skin of Stevens and the Faction and because of that, we would have some fantastic action later tonight! All six men locked eyes with one another as the scene faded elsewhere.

Providence vs Nate Quatermaine

The sounds of "I Don't Wanna Stop" filled the arena and were quickly accompanied by boos as Nate Quartermaine came out from the back and headed to the ring. The Rebellion member stepped through the ropes and held his arms out with a sly grin as he looked out at the crowd.

Several members of the crowd replied with their own gestures, as Quartermaine loosened up his legs before giving the ring ropes a couple of tugs.

Moments later, the arena went black and the crowd began to buzz. As "Stinkfist" by Tool started up and the gold beam appeared from atop the jOltvision, the crowd knew what was next.


As his name appeared in the familiar blue and gold on the screen, Providence stepped out from the back and headed to the ring. Once he was beside the squared circle, Providence looked up at Quartermaine inside and the two locked eyes as Providence climbed in.

But just as Providence stepped in, Quartermaine charged forward and landed a couple of stiff forearms to his back. The referee went ahead and immediately called for the bell as Quartermaine backed Providence into a nearby corner, pummeling him with fists. Then, he launched his dazed opponent across to the opposite corner, with Providence slamming into the turnbuckle.

Quartermaine smiled at his work for a moment and then charged forward for another attack.

But Providence had other plans.

With his wits back, Providence made his own charge when Quartermaine was halfway to him, sending the Rebellion member sprawling with a vicious clothesline of his own to earn a roar of approval from the jOlt fans.

Providence hurriedly removed his cloak and tossed it aside before laying in boots to Quartermaine's upper body. Providence reached down to pull him up and then whipped him into the ropes before sending Quartermaine flying with a hip toss.

As Quartermaine clutched his back in pain, Providence pulled him to his feet and locked both arms around his waist from behind. A moment later, Providence lifted Quartermaine up and sent him crashing back on his next with a german suplex and bridged for a pin attempt...



Kickout by Quartermaine ended the count. Providence again pulled Quartermaine to his feet and sent him into the ropes. This time, Quartermaine ducked a clothesline attempt and had the presence of mind to knee Providence in the kidney from behind. With Providence stunned, Quartermaine grabbed him from the side and dropped him back to the mat with a side russian legsweep.

Quartermaine took a moment to catch his breath, while also wincing at the pain in his neck. Getting back to his feet, now it was Providence feeling the pain of several stiff stomps to his head, neck and shoulders, each one drawing the ire from the crowd.

The athletic Quartermaine made a quick climb to the top of the nearest turnbuckle and looked down at his fallen opponent for a second before leaping off. Before Providence could move, Quartermaine landed hard on his midsection with a frog splash and quickly hooked his leg for a pin...



THR-kickout just in time for Providence. Quartermaine glared at the official, holding up three fingers and insisting he had the pinfall. The ref held up two in return and Quartermaine feigned going toward him before turning his attention back to Providence.

"Hope you're enjoying your introduction to the Rebellion, asshole," said Quartermaine as he stood above his opponent. He yanked Providence up by his hair, laying in a couple of chops to the chest as he backed Providence against the ropes. Quartermaine then slingshotted him across before catching him with a spinning heel kick to the jaw that sent Providence right back down to the mat. Again, Quartermaine pounced for a quick pin attempt...



A quick kickout by Providence broke up the pin just after the two count. Back to his feet, Quartermaine dropped one....two....three knees into the small of Providence's back. Quartermaine then rolled his opponent over onto his back and hooked his arms around each of Providence's ankles, then started to try and turn him over into a Boston crab.

But Providence was fighting it and Quartermaine couldn't get him over. The struggled lasted a few seconds before Providence was finally able to kick free and send Quartermaine down to the mat. Both men pulled themselves up at the same time, with Providence ducking a clothesline attempt. As Quartermaine turned, Providence caught him with a kick to the midsection and spiked him into the mat with a double-arm DDT before covering...



THR-kickout just before three for Quartermaine. The crowd thought that was the end and let out an "Ohhh" as Providence got to his feet and pulled Quartermaine up. Providence looked determined to finish things and locked his right arm around Quartermaine's neck to set up for The Fall...

But before he could hit the slam, Quartermaine fought out with an elbow to the side of the head. Seeing Providence dazed, Quartermaine now went for one of his patented moves....the Three Quarters.

Again, plans changed.

As Quartermaine started to bring him up for the move, Providence spun off and floated behind. Before Quartermaine could move, Providence grabbed him around the waist from the side and punished him with the triple backbreaker, slamming Quartermaine's back against the point of his knee three straight times.

With Quartermaine down and in pain, it was finally time for Providence to end this.

Dropping to the mat, Providence hooked his arms in a full nelson from behind and wrenched back...


Quartermaine grunted in pain as Providence pulled back on the hold. In the middle of the ring, there was nowhere to go. Quartermaine flailed his arms as best he could, but the ropes were far away. And each second Providence pulled back harder and sent more pain shooting through his body. Finally it was too much and when the ref asked, he gave the signal for surrender.

As the bell rang, Providence released the hold and sat for a second beside his opponent, taking in a couple of deep breaths. Then, he stood back to his feet and raised his arms, soaking in the cheers of the crowd once more. With Damien Lee already in hot water over the failures at Rise of the Legends, another loss here for them surely didn't help matters one bit.

Winner: Providence via Submission

"A Friendly Face... In Need of a Shave"

The scene cuts to the backstage area of the Arena of Champions, a lone cameraman has been tasked with the job of finding the new Underground Champion. Before he could make it to where he had been informed that Geist was located though, another figure was blocking his path. Standing in front of the cameraman and about to enter the same room was jOlt’s resident Anti-Star.

Ramey slowly entered the room where jOlt’s physician was located and standing in front of him being looked over was the Hype Champion and newly crowned Underground Champion, Geist, along with Lorelei. Ramey stopped dead in his tracks noticing that the physician had his hands full before Lorelei realized someone else was in the room and turned.

“Onkel Jesse?” the young woman asked and turned her head slightly with curiosity. Upon getting a better view of the shaggy-haired Ramey, Lorelei’s face lit up and she hurried over to him, throwing her arms around him with a gigantic embrace. “It cannot be!”

Geist watched on, as he hadn’t seen Lorelei act in such a fashion before. It was a rare thing to see the blond bombshell excited to see anyone outside of himself. He would have no choice but to watch on, as the doctor tended to his battered and bloodied body.

A large smile graced Ramey’s face as he embraced the hug that Lorelei was giving him, until she released and came back to standing directly in front of him all smiles.

“I was just about to backtrack right out of the room when I saw the two of you in here, and noticed the cameraman trailing behind me. I’ve obviously stepped into what was surely supposed to be your little celebration for capturing the Underground Championship.”

Ramey leaned around Lorelei and looked in Geist’s direction, “Congratulations, by the way.”

“Weg von mir,” Geist snarled at the doctor taping up his torso and rose up to his feet. He looked to his female ally and sized up the visitor. “Wer ist das?”

“Relax, mein Pietro,” Lorelei smiled up at him, knowing his competitive juices were still flowing and perhaps a little bit of his overprotective nature in regards to the female. “Zhis is definitely not an enemy. If anyzhing, zhis man should be treated vith honor und respect. Jesse Ramey is one of zhe few zhat zhe Lycan calls a brother-in-arms.”

The Todesengel’s glare softened with her explanation and he took a deep breath, releasing some of his rage. Lorelei couldn’t hide her joy from seeing a familiar face and she was all smiles.

“Onkel Jesse helped train me. Is that not right?”

Ramey smiled and nodded, “I most certainly did have the pleasure of training you inside of a ring, and it doesn’t seem like it’s honestly been that long ago. Which I guess proves just how old I really am if that seems like not that long ago.”

The Anti-Star leaned in next to Lorelei’s head, and questioned a little embarassed, “Can he understand me if I speak English to him?”

“I can understand shou completely. Zhough, shour accent is hard to understand…” Geist replied, displaying that he knows the English language. He just chooses not to speak it.

Ramey chuckled at Geist’s comments, “At least you picked one with a sense of humor Lorelei. My accent is hard to understand.” Ramey continued to chuckle for a moment, “Well, considering you do actually understand what I’m saying, I’m going to tell you right now. What you did out there tonight, is something that you should definitely be proud of.”

“Both of you,” Ramey continued, “should be proud of that. You went toe to toe tonight with one of the toughest son of a bitches in this company and you walked away with championship gold. Lorelei, I don’t think I could honestly be more proud of anyone I’ve trained inside of a ring, and you didn’t even win the belt, but you helped this man know his potential and that belt is just as much his as it is yours.”

“So, let me be the first to welcome both of you out of the Hype and to the main roster and congratulations on the victory tonight and I wish you both a long career here. Who is to tell how long I’ll actually still be able to step inside of that ring, we need some new blood here that actually respect the hell out of the inside of that ring as much as the few of us old timers that are left.”

“Zhank you, Herr Ramey. It is a very rare happening to have anyone congratulate a fellow varrior und not immediately try to challenge him. If zhe Lycan and Lorelei speak highly of shou, zhen shou are truly a man vorthy of my respect.”

In a rare moment, Geist offered his hand to the Anti-Star, which brought a gigantic ear-to-ear grin to Lorelei’s face. Ramey accepted the firm handshake.

“Let it be known, Herr Ramey, should shou ever need a brother-in-arms, shou need to look no further.”

Ramey smiled, “It’s always nice to know someone actually has your back in the business. I’ve been stabbed in mine several times, especially here recently. As long as you’ve got Lorelei in your corner though, I know I can trust you and I accept any help you’d be willing to give me and the same accord will be returned to you as well.”

“Now,” Ramey paused, “the two of you go out and celebrate that big win and your championship. I’m going to go find something to do with myself this evening that hopefully can live up to the opening match.”

Ramey leaned in to hug Lorelei one last time, before turning and making his exit from the room.

Lorelei looked up at her massive Uberkreiger, happy with him for so many reasons, “He is pure of heart, just like shou.”

She wrapped her arms around him, tightly hugging him while completely forgetting that he is injured. He gritted his teeth with the pain engulfing his body, not letting her see him in pain.

“Now, let us go get shou zhe biggest beer ve can find.”

Shoji vs Ninja K

’Nightfall’ (Extended Version) by Cliff Lin serenaded the capacity crowd unexpectedly yet would lead the masses to cheer as the jOltvision screens began to flicker to life. A vivid collage of every infamous clan officer’s exploits were on full display, accommodated by angry strobe lighting before the entire Inogami Clan began to file out before the cheering masses. Shoji is seen leading the way forward with Mamoru following suit. The muscular ninja lumbered defiantly toward the rarely utilized yet deadly structure renown as The Pitt.

Referee Simon Boulder kept the circular MMA-style cage door opened with the Hokota Holocaust storming inside the structure as the remaining rank & file were seen walking out in order; Eiji. Mamoru. Heido. Takeshi. Maiko. Kimiko. Lady Akina & Kenshiro Inogami would all appear en route to the cell. 2 dozen Crimson Order would trail behind the troop before all assuming the position of seiza surrounding the moderate sized enclosure. Both Lady Akina and Mamoru stand before Kenshiro whom merely remove themselves with each stoic glare. Inside the meshed enclosure, Shoji is executing some preemptive martial arts as the musical introduction had quickly eroded.

A distinct chorus of hardened grunts and brief yells were heard with each pronounced movement as the former jOlt Underground Champion was seen standing at the opposing end, popping the bones in his neck while wringing each wrist silently. Extending both arms outward, a crescendo of bones popped with the stretching of Kenshiro’s back before assuming a passive martial arts posture. The seething powerhouse in Shoji nodded at the referee to start the match as Ninja remained motionless...

Boulder: “LET’S GET IT ON!!”

The audience rallied behind the impromptu encounter as the 2 ninjas began to broadly encircle the cage’s interior. The hungry eyes of the overtly ambitious Shoji watched as the clan general casually maneuvered about before standing still and motioning for the muscular ninja to challenge him. A fluid zig zag motion was the approach initiated by the Hokota Holocaust who’s hateful Left Hook was parried away, giving way for a stiff Spinning Back Elbow to the Face staggered Inogami back a set of paces. The follow up Back Fist sailed overhead with Kenshiro retaliated with a Forearm Strike to both parry the incoming Left Hook and expose the massive ninja to eat a flush Open Palm Strike across the Jaw. Shoji quickly grounded the ninja clan general with a Snap Side Headlock Takedown. Ninja with a Leg Scissors Counter, leading both ninja to scramble to their feet.

A set of Leaping Step Kicks were parried by Shoji leading to a mutual exchange of counteroffensive attacks before Kenshiro’s Rising Knee Strike was sidestepped, leaving the ninja to fall prey to a Hair Pull Takedown followed by a stiff Knee Drop onto the clan general’s chest. A muffled grunt was belted out along with an Upward Kick to the Face that staggered Shoji back a few paces. Kenshiro windmilled himself to a kneeling posture before slapping away a searing Right Hook and swiveling underneath an angled Roundhouse Kick. The pair exchanged vicious fits of counteroffensive strikes, kicks & perries before Shoji missed with the piston-like Pump Kick. A torrid Leg Sweep left the massive ninja to land awkwardly on the back of his neck and shoulders.

“Get up...” Kenshiro muttered before kicking Shoji sternly across his exposed ribs. The impact staggered the Hokota Holocaust back to his feet, painfully clutching his side while seething openly.

“You lost to a bumbling gaijin...” Shoji muttered while slowly encircling the middle of the enclosure. The reigning clan general slowly walked about, casting a stoic glare at his unrepentant initiate. “I’m a just as strong as Takeshi..if not, stronger...”

“Might is Right.” The ninja seethed before lashing out at the seasoned veteran. Several more parries were dealt out before Kenshiro’s Open Palm Punch garnered a loud pop from the bloodthirsty crowd. A retaliatory trinity of strikes proved unsuccessful as The Athletic Freak of Nature stunned Shoji with a Double Axe Handle Uppercut. A hard Stomp above his knee dropped him into the Kneeling before forcing eat a Step Up Knee Strike to the Face! The final blow left Shoji reeling, leading him to pull down his partial mask and spray crimson along the canvas.

“Whatever happened to all of that ’spirit’?” Kenshiro jested as he visually stalked after his ailing opposition. Popping the bones in his neck, Ninja stood ready as Shoji cast a stare at the remainder of the assembled clan before narrowing his eyes at Kenshiro.

A primal yell erupted from the muscular upstart with every punch & strike failing to hit their assigned target. A stiff push between the shoulder blades dropped Shoji onto the floor face first, leaving him to recollect himself. A hard kick to the buttocks impressed further embarrassment onto him. Another scream was heard as Shoji missed with a Double Roundhouse Kick followed by a failed series of aimless Swings before Kenshiro caught both wrists and staggered the massive brute with a violent Headbutt to the teeth. Kenshiro readily ripped the partial mask down before blasting him with fierce Flip Kick to the Chin. A methodical set of Strikes & Kicks gradually peppered the canvas with hints of blood before a MMA Clinch was applied to repeatedly tenderize the brute’s rib cage before jettisoning him airborne with a Tomoe Nage Throw. Seamlessly rolling through into a superior Kneeling Posture over his fallen foe before laying in a hail of precisioned Punches to the Face. Immediately, Simon Boulder waved his hands before forcibly talked the clan leader to the floor as the bell keeper signaled for the bell.

The Arena of Champions cheered as ’Vicarious’ by Tool began serenading the crowd as Simon Boulder sternly stood as a hulking blockade between the ninjas. A bleeding Shoji was low crawling away with Simon Boulder inaudibly ordering Kenshiro to stand down while coming to the ninja’s aid. However, the music was abruptly silenced with the gradual insertion of The Crimson Order and a quartet of Crimson Elite. The new Tag Team Champions stood before Simon Boulder, leading him to quickly reassess his surroundings. Being the wiser, the muscular official reluctantly removed himself from the overwhelmed enclosure. The Order motioned for the 4 Crimson Elite to assume the position of seiza, leaving Kenshiro free right to approach the crawling Shoji. The ninja yelled angrily as the pissed off clan leader drove his knee atop Shoji’s Right Forearm. Sweeping his hair back, Kenshiro looked up and motioned for a microphone. One of the Elite entered the enclosure with a mic in hand and knelt before Kenshiro in handing it over.

“You are weak, Shoji.” Kenshiro mentioned amidst a turbulent mixed reaction from the crowd. “Unfortunately, at your detriment, you must be an example set before these bloodthirsty legions.”

“Look at your brethren...” The clan leader commanded before grabbing Shoji’s hair, forcing him to look at both Takeshi & Heido. “LOOK AT THEM!!!”

“Just like them, you have the potential to be great yet you are your own worst enemy. It is in this that my hand is forced to help you purge you of this weakness. As of now, you are hearby excommunicated from your position in my clan.”

The entirety of the moment and the audience reaction cemented the reality further. Shoji watched the look of Mamoru’s eyes drawing shut before lowering his head.

Kenshiro stood himself erect, still staring down at the fallen ninja...


Shoji screamed in anguish as Kenshiro coldly dropped a stiff knee atop his forearm, leaving him writhing along the floor while cradling it. The clan continued to stand around him in a circle, watching him suffer both humiliation in virtually every way. Planting his foot sternly atop the broken ninja’s chest, Kenshiro slowly hovered over him.

“That...” Kenshiro uttered. “ Was for challenging my authority. Let that be a stern reminder of my ‘grace’ for you most certainly deserved far more than what you were given...”

Feedback was heard as the microphone as it bounced near Shoji’s head before the ninja disrespectfully pushed off the ninja’s chest and casually exited the enclosure. Again, ’Vicarious’ by Tool rang true from overhead as the remaining circle of ninja were ordered by Takeshi & Heido to carry Shoji back to his feet and carefully out to the back...

Winner: Ninja K via Forfeit



The Hokota Holocaust was seen hunched forward while cradling his injured Left Arm while being escorted onward by 4 Crimson Elite. The muffled curses were heard belted out during his egress. In short order, the victorious clan general defiantly parted the backstage curtains and continued staring further down the hall as the remainder of the clan followed suit. Murmuring remained at a minimum as they strolled deeper into the arena when Mamoru tactfully motioned for the former Underground Champion for a word. Kenshiro turned his head toward his moving party leading Heido to motion the reminder of the clan forward with a stern head motion. Adjusting the jOlt Tag Team Championship over his Right Shoulder, he would follow Takeshi on the tail end of the departing party.

“With all due respect, Lord Kenshiro..” The elder statesman opened. “I apologize for Shoji’s actions...”

The clan leader gently raise his hand to quell the opening inquiry.

“Do not lower yourself on his behalf, Mamoru.” Kenshiro rebutted. “His arrogance is but a cancer. Even your infinite wisdom & candor were no match for his stubbornness. Shoji is the type that must learn by burning and if nothing was resolved, his insolence would have proven fatal on a myriad of levels.”

“I just needed more time with him, Lord Kenshiro.” Mamoru replied as he expelled a hearty gust of cigar smoke.

“And now, you have all the time you require.” The Ronin replied. “Nothing is going to allow this clan to implode. Not on my watch. You have to resolve all issues at their infancy. Especially during times such as these. The rival factions have their respective issues and for us to allow a ’cancer’ to fester is literal suicide; The Rebellion and numerous other consortiums are watching us fervently. Heido & Takeshi are the new retainers of the Tag Team Championships so there is a measure of newly acquired power and favor that has been dealt unto our clan. Opportunities that we mus preserve and take full advantage of...”

Another expulsion smoke sifted from Mamoru’s lips as he cast a casual glare at the reflection off one of the Crimson Elite’s reflective visors. A sigh was heard in short order.

“And what of Shoji?” Mamoru inquired. “Clearly, Shoji believed that in your loss at Rise of the Legends was his opportunity to challenge your authority. Coupled by his youthful arrogance, it was virtually inevitable. However, he is still very useful. He is very strong and quite formidable when focused...”

“And that is why he is your responsibility.” The ninja replied. “Ensure he taken care of medically. Afterwards, personally guide him through his paces through the developmental leagues. The Hype is currently in flux, which is a perfect opportunity for properly test him. Utilize as well to sculpt him properly. Beyond that, he is not to contaminate our clan until you have properly vetted him. His access to this flagship broadcast is only permitted with you by his side. This is not negotiable.”

Mamoru was heard clearing his throat.

“Overstood, my Lord.” The elder statesman replied. “And what of the others?”

Kenshiro remained silent for several seconds while smoothing away the hair from his face, looking away before turning his had back toward Mamoru.

“I shall address them soon enough. “ Ninja seethed. “Return back to our chamber hall shortly after completing your tasks.”

Mamoru watched the ninja turn away from him and lead a small troop of Crimson Elite down the adjacent hallway before leading his own back in the opposing direction...

Jeremy Ryan vs Kayden Paulton

Rise of the Legends had bene good to the man called “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan. Not only did he defeat both of his rivals, Jesse Ramey and Jimmy B. Martinez, in a triple threat match, but he would be part of an announced series of matches to crown a #1 Contender to the winner of the Thieves Honor match at the titular jOlt PPV. Ryan and Ramey each held singles victories over jOlt’s Last Real Man, however, he had evened the score by beating both men in a triple threat which would lead to the jOlt Championship Series starting next week.

However, tonight, Jeremy Ryan would be renewing an old rivalry with the first man he had antagonized on the jOlt roster. He would be taking on jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler, Kayden Paulton! Ryan had made his debut after graduating from the Hype by stalking and then defeating Paulton in the name of proving there were no other real men left in jOlt. Ryan had found some singles success while Kayden had experienced a few setbacks since once being an unlikely top contender to the Underground Title.R Ryan was looking to make an example of Kayden leading into the series while Kayden was looking to play the spoiler.

“The following is a singles match and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The blue laser lightshow flashed and gave way for Kayden Paulton! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling gave a thumbs up to the cheering crowd and slapped hands with the fans. He was ready for the fight to come as he slipped into the ring.

“Already in the ring, weighing in at 230 pounds, he hails from Dothan, Alabama… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

He raised his hands for the cheering crowd as he waited anxiously for his dangerous opponent to arrive.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd BOOED. They hated the man coming out with a fiery passion as he charged towards the ring with a hurried gait…

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… he is JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan made a beeline for the ring and right at PAULTON!


The Running Spear into the Spinebuster was the opening salvo for the volatile and dangerous Ryan now! He had literally driven him into the canvas with a sickening slam that nearly shocked the crowd.

Ryan crawled all over Paulton and landed a series of rights to the side of the head!

Ryan picked him up off the canvas by his hair and tossed him into the corner where he laid into him with an alternating barrage of STIFF Palm Strikes to the head! Kayden Paulton was figuratively and literally having the shit slapped out of him.

“THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, JIMMY AND JESSE!” Ryan screamed into the camera.

He now stood over The Nicest Man in Wrestling. He pulled him by the arm and dropped him right into a Short-Arm Back Elbow to the face! The Softcore Saint looked to be out his feet, but he kept going anyway. He forcefully pulled him into a second one! From there, Ryan quickly took him over…


Paulton went flying overhead and crashed into the ground in a very hard way. Jeremy Ryan casually rolled over and went for a cover… nah, he slapped on a VERY tight Chinlock that looked more like a choke and the referee caught onto it! Referee Simon Boulder barked at Ryan to break up the hold or risk a disqualification.



After breaking up the hold, Ryan shoved Paulton into the corner and continued running his glove across the face of Paulton just to rub salt in the proverbial wounds. He tried to shove him away only for Ryan to come right back and deliver the MOTHER of all Headbutts to the face! Kayden was actually busted open now and bleeding from his nose!

Simon Boulder had seen enough and forcefully pulled Ryan out from the corner! He tried to get in between Ryan and Paulton when jOlt’s Last Real Man shoved him out of the way. He tried to pick up the severely weakened Paulton… KNIFE-EDGE CHOP! There was still plenty of fight in the Softcore Saint and he was STILL coming out swinging! He fired off three or more chops with some extra stank on them!





He elbowed Ryan in the face only for Jeremy to fire back with a big elbow of his own! He charged with a wild swing when Kayden ducked and ran off the ropes before coming back with a Corkscrew Elbow Smash that finally knocked Ryan down! He picked him up and sent him into the corner before coming at him with a nice Spinning Wheel Kick right in the corner that knocked Ryan of his feet! Kayden went to to the top rope now. His face was still a bloody mess but now he was on the top. He was calling for his top rope Rocker Dropper called the Leg Jam…


Ryan used his strength advantage and CAUGHT Paulton in the Powerbomb position! He shifted him downward… right into a position that Kayden wanted no part of…


Jeremy Ryan’s SICKENING Jumping Piledriver bounced Kayden off the canvas before he crashed down with a sickening thud. Paulton slumped over lifelessly and Jeremy turned him over, not even bothering to hook a leg.




Just like that, Ryan had come out swinging like the man possessed that he was and had just managed to make an emphatic statement here tonight! The former Hype star glanced at a disgusted Simon Boulder and brushed past the big referee to swipe a microphone from ringside.

“Jesse Ramey! Jimmy B. Martinez!”

Ryan gestured to the slumped over and unconscious body of Kayden Paulton and looked right into the camera at ringside to deliver a pointed message to the other men in the three-man jOlt Championship Series.

“I don’t care what shit you were putting in Damien Lee’s ear, Ramey. There IS no stalemate between any of us. Neither of you are equals to me. I beat both of you with no bullshit at Rise of the Legends. I WILL destroy the both of you, I WILL win this Championship Series and I WILL do the same to whoever walks out of Thieves Honor with the gold. I want you to look at this hapless piece of shit at my feet and realize what’s in store for BOTH of you.”

He once again picked up Paulton. The crowd had seen enough of the vicious Ryan, but he continued to set him up one more time…


A SECOND and even more gruesome Piledriver planted Kayden and nearly drove his head into the canvas! Ryan pushed him aside and stood up before he left the ring with a sickening smile. The message was loud and clear.

Ryan was now playing for keeps if it meant becoming the #1 Contender to the jOlt Championship.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"The Raevynn Eyes Contention"

In front of a jOlt Backdrop stood Dawn Cassidy with microphone in tow and a bit of concern on her face.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the first lady of The Rebellion.....Raevynn."

The booing from the Arena of Champions echoed throughout the halls and reverberated into the room that was being shared by Dawn Cassidy and her guest, Raevynn. Raevynn looked around with a squinted glare and a hatred for the fans response but Dawn worked through the disdain and continued the interview.

"Raeyvnn, at Rise Of The Legends, Charolette ended the monsterous Starlet Division reign by defeating Sarah Winterton to become the new Starlets Champion and now we all have to wonder, how long will Charolette's reign last?" Dawn asked Raeyvnn who seemed to peer into her soul.

"Like the rap, rap, rapping of another famed Raven...I've sat by idly watching and waiting...celebrating victory and working through the defeat of my fellow members of The Rebellion and I've come to one conclusion. While they are discussing who should do what, when and where..I'm bringing the Starlets Championship. I will bring the championship to the fray and hoist upon my victory the trend that derails all the rest as The Rebellion brings home all of the gold."

Raevynn smiled and eerie-toothy grin causing Dawn to take a tiny step back from Raevynn.

"Speaking of The Rebellion...what about Derecho? Is he a member of The Rebellion?" Dawn asked.

Raevynn tilted her head to the side and snarled.

"The King of Hell? A Member? Are you like the rest of the sheep? A flock of disbelievers? Damien Lee meerly set the pieces in place to get that piece of scum Aran Thompson out of the picture." Raevynn responded with malice in her voice.

"Scum? Aran Thompson has achieved top accolades and continues to fight! He has gone from great, to worse, to winning his Rise Of The Legends matches two years in a row. He..."

Before Dawn Cassidy could sell her wet for Aran Thompson panties on eBay as well, Raevynn leaned in Dawn's face and interrupted her.

"Aran Thompson is a bottom feeder and if I were allowed, I would feed him to the vultures my self. He has no female allies other than his wife, who has simply vanished." Raevynn pompously stated.


From outside of the cameras view another woman could be heard clearing her throat as the camera panned over to reveal a fiery haired woman wearing a black tank top that read Cloud 9 as a Palindrome.

"And who the hell are you?" Raevynn blurted out.

The mystery woman smiled and offered her hand to Raevynn who simply pushed it aside.

"I'm Cassidy Sky...and-"


Before Cassidy finished she slammed her forearm into the face of Raevynn and dropped her with a sucker punch that filled the Rebellion member with shock and awe and Cassidy smiled at her.

"Aran Thompson sends his regards!"

Dawn Cassidy watched as Cassidy Sky stood up and smile swept across Dawn's face before a snarl of jealousy.

"Are...Are you his girlfri-" Dawn said before Cassidy interrupted her.

"Nope...just an old friend."

Cassidy Sky walked off as Dawn Cassidy watched with whimsy. Damien Lee fired the first shot tonight at Aran, but it seemed Aran had the same idea as he sent an "old friend" after the only female of The Rebellion.

"Honor Amongst Thieves"


The scene slowly crept in with a view panning westward into the sealed off Inogami Clan chamber before it smoothly centered itself on cue. The rank and file were assembled near capacity with Lady Akina flanked by the Kunoichi Twins on her right and Eiji Kugasari to her left with an ascending Kenshiro at the base of the slightly elevated platform.

“The Rise of the Legends venue, while given its share of setbacks...” The clan general opened. “We have the distinct pleasure of welcoming a pair of champions that proudly stand among us.”

Kenshiro slowly walked down the trinity of steps before standing before the kneeling tandem of championship bearers. Both heads downcast with each left fist set knuckles first against the floor.

“Both Heido & Takeshi has represented this clan and themselves exceedingly well by doing whatever was necessary to emerge in their rightful place as champions. Look at them. Overstand their sacrifices. Embrace their commitment to adhering to both our Tenets and into remaining devout students of discipline and proud leaders by example.”

Kenshiro casually scanned the room while speaking.

“As of now, celebrate with your brethren. Embrace them and extend your kind words in reward for their combined efforts for all of you have earned this.” The ninja mentioned while extending both arms out to each side with both palms facing upward.

“On the behalf of our clan, dear brethren.” Ninja voiced. “We stand proud of the both of you.”

The kneeling ninjas faintly nodded in response.

“Now, as a clan, admittedly we all strive toward perfection, remember to stand aware it is a highly elusive goal to obtain. Especially on a consistent basis. We all must remember that the greatest enemy. Our most ardent challenge lies within us. Only the courageous remain hungry to face themselves and it is with each and every victory, they every one of us before that much more powerful. Confident. Defiant in the face of defeat.”

A brief glimpse of the Blood Raven assuming the posture of seize. Head also downcast yet with a set of knuckles gnarling to the point of popping out of muted frustration with the aftermath of Rise of the Legends.

“As esteemed members of clan leadership, we do not take failure lightly.” Ninja continued. “We are as passionate as we are renewed by the 1st opportunity to gain both redemption but all that is rightfully ours. Eiji & myself included are not immune to such trials yet heed the very decree emitted from my very own lips that shall resonate within both your very own ears and deep within the depths of our rival’s souls...”

”Retribution...shall be ours..”

A loud and unified shout echoed beyond the chamber walls, leaving the clan general basking in the silence for several moments. A subtle nod was given before giving the word that the meeting was over. All in attendance stood to grant congratulations to The Crimson Order yet Kenshiro turned his head back toward both Lady Akina & Eiji respectively to assess their responses. A reassuring nod was given by his concubine yet the image of a downcast head of his clan lieutenant was overstood. The young ninja was seething, leaving Kenshiro silently contemplating matters ahead further...

????????? vs Jason Rau

As iNtense came back from commercial, jOlt fans were greeted with the sight of a company veteran in the ring, settled back in the corner. Clearly, a match was afoot.

“The following,” Dean Carrington announced, as the strains of “Passive” by A Perfect Circle still filled the arena, “is scheduled for one fall, with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first, from Sydney, Australia, he stands six feet, three inches tall, and weighs 245 pounds! This is...JASON RAU!”

As Jason Rau warmed up, throwing time-tested hands at a shadow opponent undoubtedly far less worthy of television time on iNtense 102 than heis, one thing became apparently, both by looking out into the crowd, and listening to the intrepid commentary team.

“I hate to admit this,” Michael Buhrman told the crowd at home, “but, uh, we've got no idea who Rau's facing.”

Nate Powers seemed equally apologetic. “Your guess is as good as mine, really. We're out here without a net.”

Perhaps the only man in the entire arena who had some idea of just who was coming to the ring was Dean Carrington. He, after all, held the cue cards.

“And,” Carrington bellowed out, for all to hear, “his opponent!”

Lights Out, leaving a pitch black arena.

jOltVision Engaged.

The song was familiar – Hell, if you listened to music these days, it was inescapable.

Ever since I could remember,
Everything inside of me,
Just wanted to fit in (oh oh oh oh)
I was never one for pretenders,
Everything I tried to be,
Just wouldn't settle in (oh oh oh oh)

“Monster” by Imagine Dragons' ubiquitous sound filled the arena's sound system as fans, jOlt staff, and Jason Rau himself alike looked around in the dark, for any sign of what the Hell was happening.

And then, only then, after a moment or two more of wondering, did the lights come back on, to reveal a man standing atop the stage. He worea jOlt logo t-shirt, a pair of black leather pants, and boots to match. In a company of giants, his size was unremarkable. He couldn't have been, really, any more than five foot seven or five foot eight. He weighed less than one-hundred and eighty pounds.

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
That this problem lies in me

Ashe began the long, lonely walk down to the ring, though, fan after fan began to recognize him. Some rose to their feet to cheer. Others booed at the top of their lungs.

“Wait a minute,” Burhman asked, astonished, peering into his monitor for a better look. “We-we signed HIM?!”

“I thought he was...” Powers trailed off, quiet, watching just like thousands in the arena as the owner of one of professional wrestling's most identifiable hairdos walked the jOlt aisle for the first time in an illustrious career.

“Retired” was one way to finish Powers' statement. “Crippled” might havebeen another. But no, neither seemed true, not considering the pace with which he walked towards the ring, dressed for combat.

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

“Making his way to the ring at this time,” Dean Carrington managed, by now not even needing his cue card, “he stands five feet, seven inches tall, and weighs in at one-hundred and seventy seven pounds! He is a former multi-time World Champion, ladies and gentlemen, making his jOlt debut...”

Afterall, there weren't a whole lot of slender pretty boys withshoulder-length platinum hair who could call the wrestling ring home.


“Seymour Almasy's in jOlt,” Buhrman exclaimed, as the crowd let Seymour have it – cheering, booing, both were represented in force.

Jason Rau, on the other hand, seemed nonplussed. If he knew of Almasy's international representation (or of Orphan's penchant for destruction), he certainly wasn't showing it.

“Ring the bell,” Rau told Kirk Hampton, the official of record. “Looks like I get to run a pretty-boy punk out of this place on his first night.”

With the wrestling world on pins and needles, Hamilton obliged Mr. Rau.


At the sound of the bell, Almasy pulled off his jOlt shirt, throwing it behind him carelessly.

On his torso, forming a semi-circle above and around his belly button, were six letters that tormented his former home:


“Wait,” Powers managed. “That tattoo...are we dealing with Almasy here, or are we dealing with one of the two guys who closed ACW down?”

That question hung in the air, and Jason Rau, for all of his bluster, was taken aback a moment at the sight of the art on Almasy's body, to say nothing of the scars that he'd earned during his Orphan tenure.

All of that was fine with Seymour, really. He was already air borne, spinning around. Jason Rau knew little of Almasy, it seemed, and assuch, had even less chance than normal to dodge Seymour Almasy's favored opening gambit: a jump-spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw known better as the JECHT SHOT!

Jason Rau ate the kick on the chin, collapsing to the canvas. Seymour threw himself across Rau's body, cinching the leg for an early cover.




“Almasy has Jason Rau on the back foot from the opening bell,” Buhrman said, as the once-Final Fantasy picked a stunned Rau back up, backing off, only to throw a one-two low kick combination to Rau's well-built legs. Seymour stepped in with a forearm, but Rau shoved him back.

Seymour hit the ropes, only for Jason to throw a clothesline that Almasy promptly ducked. Hitting the opposite ropes, Seymour came back, taking to the skies to catch Rau with a head scissors, sending Jasona ss over teakettle to the canvas.

Jason Rau? Not. Fucking. Pleased.

Rau got back to his feet, and charged, anger written all over his face. Almasy simply sidestepped the lunge, sending Rau careening betweeen the second and third ropes and out to the floor. Seymour, meanwhile, quickly ascended to the top rope, measuring Rau on the floor. Just as Rau stood and turned around, Almasy was airborne.


Seymour SPLATTERED Jason on the mats at ringside, looking out at the crowd. He made no move to acknowledge them, though, simply turning back to Jason Rau, and “helping” the larger man up to his feet enough to fire Rau back into the squared circle.

“Jason Rau is getting taken apart,” Powers noted. “And the madder he gets...”

“...the easier Almasy's picking him apart,” his partner concluded.

Rau, though, wasn't a raw rookie. As Almasy followed him in, Jason had enough of his faculties about him to stand first, and then drive a knee into the back of Seymour's neck as he slid back into the squared circle.

Jason Rau may not have outwardly sweated Seymour Almasy, but he knew the name, and knew what a win against the world-travelled Seymour would mean for his career. Grabbing Seymour by the scruff of his neck, he boldy forced Seymour in the corner, working over Almasy's ribcages with a few short uppercuts, before slugging him in the jaw with a huge right cross. Seymour's arms, draped over the ropes, were all that held him up as Rau drove a knee right into the ribs.

“Let's not forget that Jason Rau is a mean SOB,” Buhrman noted, just as Rau began to choke Almasy, forcing Hampton to get involved and force the break at three. “He'll give Almasy whatever Seymour wants –as long as he stays in control and doesn't get out of sorts.”

Rau backed off to admire his handiwork – only for Almasy to surge out of the corner and light Jason up with a single knife edge chop to the chest. Rau's eyes flashed daggers, as if to ask just what sort of gall Almasy had, and he charged to clothesline Seymour in the corner.

Almasy, though, promptly evaded to the side, leaving Rau to crash into the turnbuckles. Thinking quickly, Seymour threaded an arm through Rau's legs, rolling him up in the time honored SCHOOLBOY!




Jason Rau was up, and mad, but he walked right into Almasy again, as Seymour leaped, catching Jason with a picture-perfect huracanrana, reaching back to capture the legs for another pinning predicament.




“He's quick,” Powers stated –and that might have been an understatement. Age, it seemed, hadn't robbed Seymour of the suddenness that was among his trademarks.

Rau glared at Almasy as he squirmed free of the rana. To Jason's credit, he got back to his feet, and tried to move in, but Almasy lashed out with a series of kicks, to keep Rau at distance.

“Jason Rau,” Buhrman noted,“can hurt you in a ton of different ways. But he's got to get his hands on you to do it, and Almasy is doing a masterful job of keeping the brawler at bay!”

One thing was rapidly becoming clear to Rau – he was going to have to eat three or four shots to deliver one. Rau waded in, arms up to block. Almasy scored with around kick to the ribcage, but Rau kept coming, moving in and cinching Seymour up for a big body slam. Rau elevated Seymour high in the air, turning around to PLANT Seymour with the slam in the middle of the ring. With Seymour down, Rau wasted no time driving an elbow into Seymour's bread basket, trying to take the wind out of the quicker Almasy.

Rau hit the ropes, turning his forearm to drive the bony part into the face of his foe, but Almasy, again, managed to wheel away. Jason grabbed his arm in pain, and tried to get back up, only to walk right into a sharp boot to the stomach from Almasy. Seymour quickly pried the injured arm away from Rau's chest, butterflying it, then the other arm, and sweeping out the leg to DDT Rau into the mat.


That, it seemed, was finally enough to make Almasy crack a smile. Seymour rolled the downed Rau over to his back, and then hurried over towards the ring apron, stepping out onto it and grabbing hold of the top rope with both hands. Rau remained motionless as Almasy took a deep, deep breath, then blew it out.

He launched himself up to the top rope with one swift motion. Springboard moves like this had won him championships the world over. Swanton bombs and 450 splashes from this position had earned him his most notable victories, but it was the original move he was going for– and also the hardest of the lot to execute.

By the time he was upside-down, though, flipping backwards while moving forwards, the smile on Seymour's face was...God help us all, MILESwide.

Springboard shooting star press.


One-hundred and seventy-sevenpounds of Almasy CRASHED onto the ribcage of Jason Rau at terminal velocity. Almasy nearly bounced off the larger man, but managed to maintain the position, hooking one leg with both arms, and cinching the other leg with his own legs to secure the cover as Kirk Hampton dropped down to make the count.





“Seymour Almasy with a comprehensive victory here,” Powers had to admit. “I don't think Rau ever got out of the starting blocks.”

Seymour Almasy had been successful in his jOlt debut. And to confirm it, Mister Carrington was right there with the particulars.

“Your winner of this contest,”Dean bellowed, “at a time of six minutes, forty three seconds, SEYMOUR ALMASY!”

The sound returned – there were more cheers than boos this time, though, but not necessarily by much. Seymour didn't even wait for Hampton to raise his hand, though. With his business for the evening over, Seymour stepped out of the ring, between the ropes and to the floor.

“Wait,” Burhman asked, “where the Hell's he going? He's not going to address the crowd?”

That would have been the general modus operandi of a new debut, but it didn't seem to be Almasy's. The former two-time ACW World Champion walked back up the aisle, only turning to face the arena at the very top of the stage.

The smile on his face, stillthin, widened another fraction, and he bowed to the audience, beforetaking his leave behind the curtain.

One thing was clear – Seymour Almasy was a member of the jOlt roster.

As for his intentions, goals, andambitions, though?

Not a word. Not an inkling. Not aclue.

Interesting times, huh?

Winner: Seymour Almasy via Pinfall

"A Shocking Announcement"

The scene fades into the backstage area where Diamond Jewelz, Khalil Straightgully, Lattrell Samuel, and Ruby Rocks Jewelz are huddle around O.G., holding his golden microphone; O.G’s shiny, curly, locks, look as if they should be accompanied by a “Caution: Slippery When Wet” sign.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” O.G., whose gold grill shines brightly with every word, is quickly cut off by Diamond.

“Woa.. Woah… Woah… This ain’t no regular entrance... If I wanted some ol run of the mill entrance, I would have stuck with a run of the mill ring announcer like Carrington… But my nigga…” Diamond rests his hand on O.G.’s shoulder and looks at him with stern compassion.

“I chose you…” With every word, the diamond and gold of DJ’s custom grill twinkle and glisten into the camera.

Them M’fn Goons and Ruby Rocks look on attentively.

“You know why I chose you… O.G… Cause you a real west coast nigga like me…” Speckles of twinkling and glistening light bounce off of the shining locks of O.G. with every word.

“Now give me, a real nigga west coast entrance O.G.,” Diamond screams enthusiastically at O.G.

“Yeah O.G.,” Samuel chimes in.

“Let’s get it O.G.,” Straightgully cheers.

“O.G. shit,” Ruby Rocks says with inflection.

At the goading of his gOlden bOy promotions comrades, O.G. stiffens up with a sense of pride and dignity. Tears begin to form a bit in his eyes. He holds his golden microphone to his mouth.

“East Coast…. West Coast stand up….” O.G. bellows, to the cheers of the gOlden bOy crew. Diamond gives a bright, glistening, shining toothy grin that gives clue to the true craftsmanship of his grill masterpiece.

“gOlden bOy Promotions proudly presents to you. jOlt’s gOlden bOy. “Mr. Twinkle and Glisten” himself, Diamonddddd… Jewelz….”

Ruby, Diamond, and the Goons, break out into a raucous cheer.

“Do us, Do us,” Straightgully demands.

“Ahem...” O.G. clears his throat. “gOlden bOy Promotions proudly presents to you. The most vicious… malicious tag team in wrestling.. You better pay up, or by them you get layed up…”

A slow golf clap could be heard coming from a direction that the camera wasn’t paying attention to, then slowly it panned out to reveal jOlt’s resident Anti-Star giving a very sarcastic ovation to the announcing of O.G.

Straightgully and Samuel looked ready to pounce on the mockery that Ramey was causing, in their minds, but Jewelz simply put up a hand to keep them at bay.

“That, for the lack of better words,” Ramey began, “was simply amazing. Since I’ve got nothing better to do this evening because it appears I’ve been left off of the card for the first time in quite a while, it’s nice just walking around the backstage area and seeing exactly what you run into.”

“I’ve had a chance this evening to congratulate the new Underground Champion.” Ramey continued, “And now I get a chance to see what a real ring announcing general can do, before he even gets a chance to do it in the ring. It’s just simply amazing. You know Diamond you keep acquiring talent and you could just start your own promotion and finally there could be some peace and quiet in the backstage area.”

“Then you run into one huge problem,” Ramey smiled as the thought rushed into his mind, “would you allow people into see your shows via the use of food stamps? Because we all know if you started a promotion the only venues you’d be able to book would be in the ghetto’s that you call home.”

“Don’t get me wrong though,” Ramey threw up his arms, “it would be popular! It would be spectacular! Come one, come all! You know the venue! It’s located on the corner little Johnny deals his crack! Little Johnny will even have a table set up inside the venue to deal his crack off of! You know? To keep him off the streets because of course Diamond Jewelz wants to give back to his community!”

“Where was I?” Ramey thought for a moment, “Oh, yeah. Located on the corner little Johnny deals his crack! This Sunday come out and join Broke Ass Wrestla Wrestling as they present to you in their main event! Diamond Jewelz defending his imaginary championship, the Golden Boy Title, against Larry the Homeless Guy! You know Larry, he’s the stinky homeless guy who sometimes pees on your stoop!”

Ramey could see the furious glares beginning to sink in more, but before he turned to walk away he looked at Jewelz one last time, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”

With one final wink in the direction of Jewelz, and a large chuckle, Ramey turned and made his way out of the scene leaving Jewelz and his crew to stew over the atrocity that the Anti-Star had just made of the fun they were having.

"Had Enough of This!"

We open up backstage where “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann is sitting on the floor, in the corner of a hallway, partially hidden by some equipment cases. Usually she sits on top of them in this particular hallway, but for some reason, she was sitting on the floor behind them, instead. Alyssa Corliss casually strolled up and spotted Ryann sitting there on the concrete, grey hoodie pulled over her head, listening to some music on her phone once again.

Ryann looked up as soon as Alyssa spotted her. Ryann pulled the earbuds out of her ears and opened her mouth before Alyssa could get a word out.

“I still you still haven’t dropped dead yet… what are you waiting for? An invitation?”

Alyssa had had enough of this.

“Look.. I came here to make another attempt at trying to patch things up.. but after that remark.. I’m just going to stand here and introduce a little bit of truth to your fucked up world.” Stated Alyssa a bit harshly.

Alyssa’s words, especially dropping the f bomb, kind of startled Ryann a bit as much as it did the audience watching.

“Every. Single. Week. You sit down this dusty, dark hallway, wrapped up in your sweater and either listening to music, playing your damn video games, and ignoring everyone and everything around you. The only time you really interact with people is either out there in the wrestling ring or if someone has to play hide and seek in order to find you. You are an introvert.. we get it.. you had a lonely past… GET OVER IT. You act like you’re the only one with a childhood that didn’t finish with a storybook ending and you know what? If that means you get some sort of self entitlement, then I’m sorry to inform you that it doesn’t. You’re no different than anyone else walking this damned planet and it’s about time you stop with this emo bullshit and just accept my apology. Can’t you see I’m TRYING to make things right? Don’t you understand.. that even now.. I’m truly sorry for the way I’ve acted and I shunned you away? I’m a goddamn human… and human’s make mistakes. I’ve learned from mine and I’m trying to grow as a result of it while you just sit there week in and week out and get lost in worlds you can never live in… rather than trying to do something to change.”

Alyssa just dropped a huge truth bomb on Amber. Amber looked down at the floor as her voice quivered.

“W… Wh…” Amber tried to mutter.

When the words wouldn’t come, Amber shot up to her feet and shoved Alyssa back so hard that she fell onto the floor and up against some equipment cases!


Alyssa just looked up at Amber from a seated position with a look of shock on her face.

“So WHAT if I CHOOSE to live my life this way. Life is about what makes you HAPPY.. and if sitting here, alone, listening to music, playing games, in silence makes me happy.. then I have EVERY right in the world to do it. I don’t need you and ANYONE else telling me any different!”

Alyssa stood up and brushed herself off.

“You’re right… I’m sorry” said Alyssa.

“Honestly.. I’m done listening to your apologies. You’ve done something that to me that rarely happens… you’ve pissed me off. You want to settle it? You want to prove to me that you’re sorry? Then next week… go out to that ring.. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Ryann walked away. Alyssa stood there, holding her arm close to her body as she didn’t want to fight Amber Ryann, but it may be the only way to prove that she really wants to make amends. Alyssa sighed as she knew that she had no choice but to go through with it!

Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss are set to clash again next week!

The House vs Trouble

While they did come up short in the War Games match at Rise of the Legends, The House had left a very dominant mark in the match by not only being responsible for eliminating the then-Tag Team champions The Faction, they had gotten some payback on other former champions The Hands of the Cause with their double-team Bust Powerbomb through sound equipment! And not to mention Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte, had not only vanquished her long time rival, Sarah Winterton, but she was in rarified air as she was now the only second ever two-time Starlets Champion! The House were in action shortly against a team that had talked trash about them for weeks only to fall short at Breakdown. Could Statuz Quo and Khadafi catch their opposition off-guard tonight or would the Las Vegas superheavyweights continue their path of destruction?

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg played. The mock police car flashes continued to move as the jOltvision screens offered a literal collage of Street Brawling & Guerilla Tactics waged against both the unwary & unworthy. The masses booed heavily as the tandem of Khadafi & Statuz Quo took command of the entrance staging area. The Hawaiian Holocaust adamantly beat his chest with a lone fist as A-Town Assassin flashed “Peace Up. A-Town Down’ with his hands, the unsavory stepped aside as their injured yet incomparable manager, Duzza, walked out from the back with a smug look on his face like he knew something that nobody else did. Quo and Khadafi took their spots in the ring as they waited for their opponents.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the brand new jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager, the NEW Starlets Champion CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

The bell rang and instantly Trouble went on the attack! They hadn’t forgotten about their previous lsos to the House and wanted to take the fight to the former two-time tag team champions early. Quo took on Huber on one side of the ring while Kadafi went after Roebuck went after him, leaving the referee with the unfortunate task of having to break up the scuffle. Quo tried for an uppercut early only for Huber to land an elbow in the face. Khadafi’s luck wasn’t much better because he was tossed over the ropes by Roebuck, the tall Hawaiian landed right at Duzza’s feet.

Roebuck and Huber snarled like the beasts the fans had come to love for their hard work ethic and their abilities in the ring as premier superheavyweights. This was their ring and they dared Quo and Khadafi to come in and try to take it from them. They weren’t stupid by any means and bided their time while Duzza waited to discuss strategy.

Once they took a few seconds to compose themselves, it was Quo heading into the line of fire against The Big Bucks. He charged right at him with no fear and swung with all his might. Roebuck blocked a couple shots while a few more landed across the chest. He pushed Quo back into the ropes and when he came back he knocked him over with an elbow.

“Fight BACK!”

Roebuck palmed the back of Quo’s head and pulled him into the corner of the House and then pancaked him with a running clothesline in the corner. Quo was slumped over when Derrick Huber tagged into the ring. Adam grabbed his partner and launched him with an aided corner lariat right at Quo. The A-Town Assassin was slumped over now but Huber wasn’t done with him yet.

In a fit of rage The Oddsmaker charged backwards and creamed him with a second lariat. A third a fourth and a fifth soon followed until Charlotte and the crowd showed some love for Huber. He was all fired up after Trouble’s failed sneak attack and wanted to make an example out of Quo. Various headbutts landed all around hitting him in the face and chest in the corner until Huber wore Statuz Quo down.

Huber with another expert tag to Adam Roebuck and now both men were in the ring. Roebuck grabbed Quo by the body in a sidewalk slam position as Huber ran off to the ropes to come back and deliver a sidewalk slam/elbow drop combination called…


Huber left the ring as Roebuck went in for the cover on Quo.



And a kick out.

When Roebuck tried to pick Quo up again he stopped the big monster with a desperation uppercut to the jaw. The glancing blow was enough to stun the Las Vegas Leviathan before rolling outside the ring to save himself from further damage. After he finished shaking off the uppercut, he climbed to the outside and picked up Quo before forcefully tossing him back inside the ring to finish what he started. That may have been the opening that Khadafi needed because the big Hawaiian jumped off the ropes and took down Roebuck with an awesome diving clothesline off the apron.

Duzza clapped for his boys as they now had control of The House. With some help from Quo, he and Khadafi muscled the big mass of mayhem back inside the ring. Quo tagged out to Khadafi and the big bruiser from Hawaii delivered a pair of brutal knee drops into the head of the bearded Roebuck.

Now that The Big Bucks was down in the corner, Charlotte and Huber each cheered on their friend while he tried to fight back against Quo and Khadafi. He swung at both men as they entered the ring but two eventually overcome one and the two men pushed Adam back into their corner. Quo and Khadafi took turns laying a beatdown which they had quite a bit of experience doing. They could very well upset the House tonight if given an opportunity. Khadafi grabbed Quo by the shoulder and launched him into a big spear in the corner. Quo then used every ounce of strength he could to whip Roebuck into running STO by Khadafi called the KING KILLA~!

After the successful sequence of moves, Khadafi gagged to Quo and the cocky wrestler from The ATL stood over Roebuck with a smile on his face. He jumped in the air and delivered THE CAUSE OF DEATH~! Roebuck had two-hundred and forty-pounds crash down on him with an epic double jump moonsault as Quo put all his body weight on Roebuck’s massive shoulders.



And a kick out by Roebuck!

The massive Roebuck forced Quo off him but The Jury were wrestling a perfect match right now. As The Las Vegas Leviathan tried to stand up again Quo made the tag to Khadafi and the two men continued their attack. They doubled over Roebuck with a double stomp before putting stereo elbows to his face. They pushed Roebuck back into the corner before Khadafi unleashed a hellish string of jabs at the face of the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion.

“Ya big bitch!”

The ruthless Khadafi even threw in a couple of headbutts just because he could. He then tagged into Quo using the quick tags to keep The Big Bucks guessing. Status Quo landed a few elbows and stood backwards before he smiled. He turned to Charlotte and started making some lewd gestures that involved some of her naughty parts. Charlotte rolled her eyes and continued to cheer and holler for Roebuck.

He turned and tried to charge at the big man only for Roebuck to catch him in mid air…


The big monster landed a fallaway variation on a powerbomb sending Quo over his head and crashing into the turnbuckle. Roebuck shook off the pain he was in and made the steady crawl over to his corner where the fired-up Derrick Huber waited.

The tag was made and he even kissed Charlotte for good luck before heading towards the fresh Khadafi. He came right at the Hawaiian with some nice jabs to the head before he took him by the arm and threw Khadafi into the corner. Khadafi saw the big train that was The Sin City Strongman coming towards him and moved out of the way so he could hit the ropes. Huber stopped himself and quickly lunged at Khadafi nearly taking him out of his shoes with an explosive shoulder tackle.

The fans in Florida were wincing from such a football-like impact that Huber had thrown. Quo tried saving his buddy by cutting him off at the pass, but Huber caught him around the waist and threw him overhead with an amazing belly to belly throw. The A-Town Assassin went flying as The House stood back up and waited for the chance to take him down for good. Khadafi was trying to use a corner to get himself back up but the fans saw what The Oddsmaker had in mind…


The running cannonball senton in the corner nearly crushed Khadafi under his three-hundred pound weight. He pulled Khadafi out of the corner by his leg and tried pinning him.



Close, but no cigar!

Quo made the timely save and dropped an elbow on Huber’s skull. He saw Adam Roebuck and charged at him with some elbows, but Roebuck shook him off and clotheslined him over the top rope. Huber and Roebuck cornered Khadafi now and blasted him in the chest with a pair of kicks. Roebuck locked in a full nelson and powered him up as Huber nodded…


The tandem sitout powerbomb more or less DESTROYED Khadafi now as Huber went in for the cover.




Another dominant performance by The House and another victory tonight! Huber and Roebuck both stood up and nodded at each other as the two monsters celebrated with the crowd. It was a nice way for them to get back in the swing of things as they looked for the chance to get into the tag team title hunt.

“You fuckas!”

Duzza stomped into the ring and barked at both members of The House. He jabbed a finger at The Sin City Strongman and was about ready to swing when he felt a boot catch him in the back of the head, courtesy of the new Starlets Champion Charlotte! The Queen of Hearts wasn’t going to take anybody messing with her man – whether that be a man or a woman – and made him pay. Things were about to go from bad to worse for Duzza when Huber grinned. He grabbed him by the legs and the fans were on their feet ready to call for it. They knew what was coming – this was something that Reno Davis had happen to him during the War Games match…


Duzza tried to attack the House and now he was paying for it! The fabled giant swing from the Sin City Strongman spun him around in several rotations and the fans counted along with each one!

”1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!”

Statuz Quo tried to get back in the ring again to save his manager, but the Las Vegas Leviathan charged over and swatted him right off the apron! The spinning continued!

”11! 12! 13! 14! 15! 16! 17! 18! 19! 20!”

Huber tossed him across the ring and took a second to regain his footing as he watched Duzza roll and fall out of the ring. The House were all about providing a show, but above all that, they had proved from War Games and tonight they were still very much in the hunt for the Tag Team Titles. The mmebers of Trouble scampered back up the ramp to lick their wounds. The successful Roebuck motioned for a microphone for the masses as he gestured to the ring.

"Crimson Order ..." Roeubck started, "while my partner here stops getting dizzy, we just want to say two things to you boys ..."

Charlotte patted her husband on the head as Roebuck raised an index finger.

"First off, congrats. You guys finally did what you set out to do and you're now at the top of the tag team mountain. I don't compliment anybody but tonight I'm going to make an exception. You're tough bastards and you deserved that win. Congratulations."

The crowd gave a round of applause to Heido and Takeshi for finally gaining Tag Team gold, but Roebuck wasn't done yet. Now a second finger was up.

"Now here's the second thing ... we're gonna be the ones to knock you right off that mountain when we take back our tag team titles!"

Roebuck let the mic fall as the crowd cheered at the prospect of The House mixing it up with the monstrous tag team champions for the gold. The House celebrated one more time as flashbulbs all went off, capturing pictures the superheavyweights and the new Starlets Champion posing for the crowd.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Whispers in the Darkness"

"All is lost..."

The camera pans through one of the halls backstage, coming across a dark figure walking slowly, leaning against the wall to keep himself upright as he moves slowly. The noises in the arena can be heard faintly in the background, but a low whisper is heard above them.

(whisper) "No more hope for us. Only failure."

" must be time!"

The voice Omega had a strange sound, half pleading and half anger. His hands reached up to his head, squeezing and pushing it against the wall.

(whisper) "We had our chance...had our chance."

"It can't be over. I must unite us. Must make us ONE!"

(whisper) "We need it. Must have it."

"Yes....yes, we must. It can't all be lost."

Omega finally stops and leans back flat against the wall, his eyes closing shut tightly. His lips continue to move, words coming out in a mixture of mumbles and whispers that no one even five feet away could make out. Slowly, he slides down to the floor, crouching he looks upward.

As he does so, another figure comes around the corner. His long dark hair slides down to his shoulders and upper back, drenched in sweat just like the rest of his body after his match a short time ago.

Providence looked down to see Omega and immediately stopped.

"You!" he said with a bit of anger rising. "I know the pain of demons, Omega. I know their twisted ways. But you..."

While Providence had been speaking, Omega could only hear the whisper.

(whisper) "It's the one again. The one who took her. The one who stopped us."

Before Providence could finish his thought, Omega lunged forward, taking Providence down to the hard floor. With Providence stunned, Omega began wailing away with forearms and elbows, landing them over and over to Providence's chest and head.


Providence managed to finally wrestle his way up, clutching Omega by the throat as he pushed the beast back against the wall. But Omega broke free with a head butt that sent Providence backward.


Omega reared back for a vicious punch, but Providence just happened to duck, leaving Omega's fist to put a huge hole in the drywall. Before the two could engage again, a mass of agents and officials came around the corner to break them apart after hearing the scuffle. The two men were ushered in opposite directions, one shaking his head in disbelief and one muttering to an empty presence.


"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

The theme hit without warning as soon as iNtense returned from commercial break. Chris Titan came out as the crowd erupted in cheers. He made his way down to the ring, microphone already in hand. He was well prepared which only meant that he had a plan that he was about to set in motion. As Titan climbed into the ring, those in the audience began to wonder just what he had to say. As the music died down, we were about to find out...

"Cute... really cute, Damien" said Titan. "You stacked the deck against me, but you're not playing with a full set of cards because while you did succeed in removing me from Rise of the Legends, you failed to account for Thieves Honor and how I would be factored into that equation, but let's face it. Me being out here is rattling you up inside, isn't it? It must be driving you completely insane with everything that has happened tonight so far. "What more could go wrong?" you ask yourself and then you look at me standing out here... I am the thing that could go wrong for you, Lee!"

The fans cheered as Titan continued to stand his ground.

"I commend Aran Thompson... he did exactly what I would have done to a degree... he took out Sebastian Saje... the only difference between Aran Thompson and I is Aran Thompson let that little bastard walk out under his own power. If I were in there, I would have torn him apart and Damien, you knew that from the very beginning." Titan said as he paced back and forth with a little bit of a crazed tone in his voice.

"But Damien.. I know you're up to something. Why else would have allowed Sebastian Saje to bypass the qualifying matches for Thieves Honor and put him straight into that match? You are up to something Lee and I'm going to find out what it is and I'm gonna tear it down!" exclaimed Titan.

The audience continued to cheer until Damien Lee came out with a microphone in hand. That is when the chorus of cheers turned into a shockwave of admonishment.

"Well.. Well.. Well... if it isn't the monkey wrench himself... you know Titan.. you've become a problem... a BIG problem, but as you learned last month... I have ways of dealing with these kinds of things and I'm sure that I'm going to take care of this problem right here... right now." said Lee with a smirk on his face.

"From the monkey wrench to the puppet.. must be nice throwing your weight around for someone whose face you've never seen. You were better than this at one point, Lee.. there was a time you wouldn't let these kind of things get to you.. but I don't expect an apology.. this has gone too far to the point of no return. So you want to get rid of me? I say that's easier said than done because right here.. right now.. I'm not asking you.. I'm telling you... I'm gonna be in that Thieves' Honor match whether or not you make it official. Whether I'm in and vying for my second jOlt World Championship or I'm interfering to make sure your pretty boy mouthpiece doesn't get his grubby hands all over it... one way or another, I'm going to be there."

The audience cheered as Lee pinched the top of his nose as this was giving him a headache.

"Well.. a great man once said... there's always a Plan B. If you want in the Thieves Honor match.. you got it...."

The place erupted!

"... IF you can pass your qualifying match tonight!"

The people then booed

"You see.. I have the power here in jOlt and I can do whatever I want. You and your little Backbone have been a nuisence. That's why I took Bane Loneheart and Mike Extreme and I shipped them off to Japan. They get to represent jOlt, which should be an honor, in a foreign land, thus opening up a new market for us, but in reality... that just leaves the Backbone short handed... I mean it's just you..." said Lee before hesitating..

"...and your Thieves Honor qualifier opponent for tonight... RENO DAVIS!"

The audience was a bit shocked! Damien Lee was turning The Backbone members against each other! This brought Reno Davis out from the back. He rushed down to the ring and immediately asked Titan for the microphone.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA!" said Reno. "There's one little tiny problem with your plan Damien. You can't manipulate The Backbone. If Titan has to go through me, then that's fine. In order to see Chris Titan capture the jOlt World Championship and stick it to you and The Rebellion, I will gladly lay down in the middle of this ring and hand Titan the victory! You talk about monkey wrenches.. well there's another one for you!"

Titan placed his hand on Reno's shoulder and stood side by side with him. The crowd cheered and even started a Reno Davis chant.

"My my... what a selfless act from a man who even in his selflessness, cannot amount to anything. Such a pity. I admit.. that is a nice little plan you have there Reno. Lying down for your stable leader and best friend is very admirable... BUT... I'm afraid it's not going to get you anywhere because I forgot to mention that this match is also a Loser Gets Fired Match." stated Lee.

The people became a bit silent.

"That's right, Reno.. if you lay down for Chris Titan, you're out of a job. You can go work for Defiance or NBW if you wish.. I'm sure they'd love to have you, but your career here in jOlt would be completely and utterly over.... but..." said Lee before cracking a wide grin.

".. you could take all the glory for yourself. You could defeat Chris Titan and do me a favor. You could get Chris Titan fired. Then you could move on to the main event at Thieves Honor and vie for a shot at the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship.... a championship you have never won in your entire career... a career that has been mediocre here in jOlt. Spending most of it as an enhancement talent, which as you know, is just a fancy term used to describe a stepping stone. Generation after generation of wrestlers walk out from behind that curtain and they step on your back and reach higher heights while you remain on the ground floor accomplishing nothing. Do you really want to throw that all away for a man who came back and took your spotlight?" asked Lee.

"Oh yes, Reno.. he took your spotlight. You were the one leading reVolt and The Backbone against The Rebellion. You were the one in charge. You were finally in the spotlight, but you couldn't get the job done so you had to call Chris Titan who still, in the end, failed. Then what happened when you came back? Titan remained as leader of The Backbone and you were pushed aside to the back burner. How many matches have you had since you came back? Hardly any.. they were all taken by Chris Titan. It could have been you, Reno, but instead, Chris Titan took your spotlight and with it shining bright down upon him... he failed and failed over and over again. If he had succeeded, he wouldn't be out here threatening me with intervening in the Thieves Honor match, but you, Reno... you've suffered long enough. This is your shot.. this is your opportunity. What would you rather do? Lay down and hand a thief the spotlight once again, only to watch him fail, ending your career on top of it just like the stepping stone you are, or would you rather have a chance at becoming something you have never been before... jOlt World Heavyweight Champion! Then.. the spotlight would be all yours and no one else's"

Reno clenched his fist as he looked down at the canvas. Titan brought the microphone to his lips.

"Come on. You're actually going to listen to that piece of sh-"



The crowd couldn't believe it! They were booing at the top of their lungs!

"Get a referee out here now!" yelled Lee

A referee came out from the back and slid into the ring! The qualifying match for Thieves Honor is here! Someone was going to the main event at Thieves Honor.. the other to the unemployment line!

The bell of one's fate was called for!

Chris Titan vs Reno Davis




With the crowd booing, Reno stood there over Chris Titan who looked up at him from the canvas. Reno grabbed Titan by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He then hit a headbutt to Titan, staggering him over to the corner. Reno hit repeated body blows to Titan's abdomen as Damien Lee watched from the top of the stage.

Reno switched the body blows to knee lifts, doing whatever he could to drive the air out of Chris Titan's lungs. Titan slumped over in the corner as Reno gained some distance. He charged in and nailed a running drop kick to Titan's face, collapsing him down to the seated position. Reno quickly got back to his feet and went to the opposite corner once again in order to get another full head of steam.. Reno charged in and flipped into a Cannonball straight into Titan's chest while in the seated position.

Reno then grabbed Titan by the leg and dragged him out of the corner. He was just about the right distance away and Reno climbed up to the very top, already knowing Titan's distance. Reno then flipped off...



Reno went for the double rotation moonsault into the knee drop, but Titan rolled out of the way and Reno hit the canvas hard, causing him to clutch his knee. Titan stood and charged in, nailing a running knee lift, knocking Reno back into the corner! Titan then mounted the middle turnbuckle as he grabbed a fist full of Reno's head. He began to rain down punches as the crowd counted along!










Titan paused for a moment and then stepped onto the top turnbuckle pad. He leapt backwards, gaining some height and then drove a thunderous right hand into the top of Reno's head!


Titan grabbed Reno by the arm and whipped him back first into the opposite corner. Titan charged in, but Reno put up the boot, but Titan anticipated it and grabbed Reno by the leg. He pulled Reno out who tried to counter with an enzugiri, but Titan ducked it and grabbed Reno by the waist, nailing a deadlift wheelbarrow suplex, dumping Reno on the back of his neck!

Titan let out a bestial roar as Reno got back to his feet. Titan charged in and leveled Reno with a vicious lariat that turned him inside out. Damien Lee looked a bit worried as Titan called for the end. Just then, Lee motioned for The Rebellion to come out and out from the back ran Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Sayber, Seraph, Nate Quartermaine, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood. They surrounded the ring on all sides as Titan looked around, ready for the attack, but all of a sudden, while he was distracted, Reno Davis rolled him up from behind with a school boy!



Thre.. NO!!!

Chris Titan was 1/10 of a second away from getting fired!

Damien Lee motioned to The Rebellion to hold now that Reno Davis had gained a little bit of momentum back. They continued to surround the ring as Reno took a step back and kicked Chris Titan in the face, putting him onto his back! Titan turned over, but Reno Davis kicked him in the chest as he was on all fours, trying to get back to his feet. Reno taunted Titan to stand and when he tried to again, Reno kicked him in the stomach for a second time. Titan gasped for air as he tried it once again and again Reno went for the kick, but this time, Titan sat up on his knees and grabbed Reno's leg, blocking the kick!

Lee then motioned for The Rebellion to get involved in the match! Michael Donavan got up on the ring apron, but Chris Titan whipped Reno Davis into him! Titan then knocked Sebastian Saje off the apron when he climbed up, then turned his attention to Sayber! Nate Quartermaine got into the ring and charged Titan, but Titan continued Quatermaine's momentum and threw him over the top rope to the floor!

Seraph made his way in, but Titan turned and leapt up into the air...


Cross the Hood then entered the ring from each side and charged at Titan, but Titan stepped back and caused them to collide with each other! They rolled out of the ring, but Reno Davis took the shot and nailed a Spinning Heel Kick right into Titan's face! Reno went for the cover!



Titan kicked out!

Reno quickly picked up Titan and scoop slammed him into the canvas. Reno went to the corner and climbed to the very top. He took aim on Titan and flipped off with a Shooting Star Press, but as soon as Reno was committed to flight, Titan got up...



Titan had the cover as Lee clenched his hair..




Chris Titan was going to Thieves Honor and Reno Davis was fired!

Before The Rebellion could re-enter the ring, Titan rolled out and hopped the barricades as the fans patted him on the back! Damien Lee's plan to eliminate Titan as a threat had backfired and now Chris Titan had just punched his ticket to Thieves Honor's main event for a shot at the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship! The Rebellion looked on as Titan backpeddled through the crowd!

Back in the ring, Reno Davis sat up and pounded his fist on the canvas. He shook his head in disbelief. At that moment, kayfabe was broken as the crowd began to chant "THANK YOU RENO". They knew that his contract with jOlt was up and this was his farewell. Despite the way it ended, Reno Davis looked around at the people chanting his name. He stood up, but then...

"You disappoint me Reno... let me give you a parting gift." said Lee.

Lee gave the nod and then all the members of The Rebellion began to climb into the ring... one by one. Reno looked around and say that it was seven on one. He wasn't going to stand a chance, but if was going to go out.. he was going to go out swinging.

Reno went for Sayber first, but all the other members swarmed on him in an instant. They got him down to the canvas and put the collective boots to him. Saje ordered that Reno be stood up. Cross the Hood each grabbed a arm as Seraph grabbed Reno by the neck. He lifted him up then sat out with him..


Seraph landed the Sit-Out Chokeslam, but Cross the Hood pulled Reno Davis up once again. Sayber then kicked Reno in the stomach, doubling him over. He placed him in a front face lock where he lifted and pivoted before dropping him on the back of his neck with a sideswipe brainbuster!


Nate Quartermaine ascended the turnbuckles and took aim on the fallen Reno Davis. He leapt off and slammed down into him with the Senton Bomb.


Michael Donavan then grabbed Davis and pulled him to his feet. He placed Davis between his legs and butterflied the arms. He lifted him up into the piledriver position at first, but he lifted him up even higher, almost to powerbomb height before snapping him back down with the Double Underhook Piledriver...


Cross the Hood pulled Davis up once again who could barely stand under his own power. Sebastian Saje walked over and cockily slapped Reno across the face before leaping up and driving both knees into it..


"That's enough" said Lee.

The members of The Rebellion all exited the ring and headed up the ramp. While Damien Lee wasn't happy that Chris Titan had moved on to Thieves Honor, at the very least, he was satisfied that he made sure that Reno Davis would never set foot into a jOlt ring again.

The Rebellion stood behind Damien Lee as he looked down to the ring at a broken and beaten Reno Davis. The crowd was booing wildly as iNtense went to commercial.

Winner: Chris Titan via Pinfall


Backstage is where the scene promptly began to unfold with the Midnight Blue backdrop highlighted with the proper lighting and microphones set in order. The Arena of Champions were overheard in hindsight cheering as Donny Layne turned toward the audience while readjusting his Onyx Tie complimenting his Midnight Blue custom made suit. Mic in hand, the incomparable wrestling journalist greeted the masses with a broad trademark smile.

“Good evening, jOlt Wrestling fans..” Layne opened. “On the behalf of jOlt Wrestling Entertainment, I wish to welcome you all to the The Fast Layne on the 102nd episode of iNtense. I am your esteemed host, Donny Layne and my guests tonight are no strangers to the broadcast. Moreover, they are the new jOlt World Tag Team Champions themselves...Ladies & Gentlemen; they are the Crimson Order...”

The audience were overheard responding to the arrival of the enigmatic duo as they entered the scene from the left. Heido led the way swathed in a Crimson & Onyx male kimono with Takeshi sporting his with a reverse color scheme. Both ninjas standing before Layne with each championship slung over their respective yet opposing Shoulders. The sinewy ninjas slowly smooth out the length of his goatee before using his index & thumb to rub against his nose.

“Gentlemen..” Layne opened. “ Congratulations on your victory at Rise of the Legends venue and finally becoming the jOlt Tag Team Champions...”

“Thank you.” The Kansai Crippler opened. “On the behalf of our esteemed clan & my brother-at-arms, Takeshi, it is a pleasure to be here once more. Only this the rightful Retainers of the jOlt Tag Team Division.”

The Mute Mountain Splitter nodded proudly with a muted smirk while briefly popping the bones in his neck before centering his focus onto Donny Layne.

“As always, we welcome you both onto the show.” Donny replied. “In hindsight, the War Games Match was brutal beyond expectations. There have been a number of accumulated injuries and bad blood established. All in contention for the very belts Takeshi & yourself now hold in your grasp. Now Heido; in having survived that violent match, what are your respective thoughts before, during and after Rise of the Legends?”

“Indeed, it was a costly battle of attrition.” Heido replied. “Takeshi & I both bear our respective wounds from within that hellish structure. However, we have willingly paid the price in the acquisition of these.”

The ninja gently tapped his Left Hand atop the shimmering pewter surface, giving it a prolonged stare at his reflection.

“As mentioned before, we had much to answer for in foregoing our shared opportunity to make history at our first WrestleCade. Having to quell our wounded egos in being told that we were clearly weren’t ready. Ready to proudly represent ourselves nor our clan upon the grandest stage of this promotion. Neither one of us wanted to hear that. Much less, experience it.”

Takeshi’s jaw shifted upon rememberance as his brother-at-arms slowly turned his head toward Layne, radiating an expression as stoic as ever.

“However, it was a lesson, among many, that we needed to bring us both to this moment. At Rise of the Legends, the War Games match taught us the necessity of unedited communication. Situational awareness. Tactical prowess. Endurance and our unified desires to seize what we rightfully deem as ours. Now that we have what we have aspired to hold in our collective grasp, we clearly overstand that we have an obligation to wage war in both the preservation of our shared positions we have both earned and the championship legacies we are meant to etch in the annals of jOlt Wrestling history.”

Takeshi nodded slowly with sheer confidence.

“The Crimson Order shall not be solely defined within the barbaric confides of a mere cell.” Heido mentioned. “We are the proud practitioners of Strong Style Tag Team Wrestling. The avid students of Tag Team Wrestling chemistry and determined to stand atop not just this division but the industry’s elite.”

A hardened backhand was slammed against Takeshi’s covered breast. The giant mute didn’t even flinch.

“Understood.” Layne replied. “Now, per your very own words, what are we destined to look forward to with The Crimson Order from here on out?”

“Given our collective history together, our clan is inundated with fighting champions.” The ninja continued. “Lord Kenshiro. Former jOlt Underground Champion. Eiji. Former jOlt World Heavyweight Champion and standing before the entire wrestling industry are your new Chief Retainers of the jOlt World Tag Team Championships.” A respectable pop resonate in hindsight as both ninjas adjusted the weighty belts briefly.

“Night in and night out, we long for every opportunity to test our championship mettle. Anxious to engage all opposition in the defense of our honor. As both champions and out of pure competitive spirit. However, on this night, it is a night of observation. An evening where we, as champions, assess the division in its entirety. Expecting the numerous suitors aspiring to earn the rite to challenge us for these belts. Thieves’ Honor is long out of reach. Especially for both the hunters & the hunted alike so if you will excuse us...”

The Arena of Champions were overhead clambering loudly in the distance as Heido turned away to make begin his agrees with The Mute Mountain Splitter briefly holding his stare at Layne. A stern grunt leaned the journalist back before the bald titan sauntered off after his comrade at arms...

"gOlden bOy Championship Open Challenge"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is steady current, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a white suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the came as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing the champion… He is “The Jeweler”... “He stay “iCed oUt”... He is the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions… He is the gOlden bOy himself… Diamond… Jewelz..

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the “million dollar” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title. Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain with machismo and bravado. After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring.

“You know what time it is.. Although it is my destiny, to be the gOlden bOy of this organization… No… This business..”, a mixture of cheers and boos rains down on the ring.

“Once again.. Being the fighting champion I am, I have decided to defend my title… No…” Jewelz holds his finger up.

“Defend my destiny here tonight and give any of you losers in the back… From champion to chump… From Landon Stevens, to Amber Ryan.. Whoever thinks they’re tough enough.. I’m giving you a chance to step in my ring not for your benefit… But for mine.. To continue to prove to Damien Lee and the rest of those nerds in jOlt corporate that I’m the MVP up in this motherfucker.. I’m their gOlden bOy...And as my spot on the card proves, despite the fact that I don’t have the jOlt World Heavyweight Title.. I’m the headlines… I’m the showstopper.. I’m the champion everyone comes to see.. I”

“I’ve got nothing better to do tonight.” A voice boomed throughout the arena cutting Diamond Jewelz off,

Diamond’s countenance curled up in a frown because of the interruption; he was obviously upset. From the backstage area slowly walks the Anti-Star decked out in his wrestling attire; Diamond’s irritation transforms into a blinging condescending grin. He laughs and holds his head mouthing the words “I don’t believe this shit,” as he looks up in the sky.

“I knew coming to the arena tonight that I wasn’t scheduled for a match,” Ramey continued, “but I’m glad I brought my gear with me. You never know when you’re going to get the chance to do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while.”

“For months now, ever since the last time we stepped into the ring together you’ve been holding this whole “I came out on top” thing over my head.” Ramey paused as he stood at the top of the ramp for a moment.

“That’s right, nigga… Because I did..” Diamond mouths.

“Tonight, though,” Ramey began to slowly make his way toward the ring, “we don’t have to worry about Mattock or Sanchez Cano getting involved in the action. Actually, no one in this company has to worry about either of them getting involved in anything inside of that ring again. After tonight, you’ll be lucky if they don’t end up putting you out on the curb when we leave or sending you to Japan as well.”

“Whatever, hoe! Step up to the plate.” Diamond screams in the ring.

“I don’t need a fancy introduction,” Ramey continued, “I don’t need some flashy entrance. The people in this arena and watching around the world know exactly who I am. They know what I bring when I step inside of that ring, and that speaks volumes to what I do. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that all of this flashy, the made up championship, it’s all a great cover up for the fact that when you step inside of that ring you just straight up suck, Jewelz.”

“The only problem is when I step inside of that ring with you tonight, it doesn’t matter how much flash or glitter you throw around.” Ramey outstretched his arms, “All of the people in this arena are going to see exactly how pathetic you are because I didn’t come out here tonight to just fight you. I came out here tonight to embarrass you.”

“You’ve been dodging me for months,” Ramey paused, “holding that one little victory over my head because you know stepping inside of that ring with me, one on one, no other help to get the job done, that you’re not going to be able to get the job done. So, you either let me accept your challenge tonight, or you can just tuck your tail between your legs. Pack all of your little flash up and make your way to the backstage area. The results are all the same at that point, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.”

Ramey slowly began to make his way up the ring steps and onto the apron, “So, the proverbial ball is in your court now. Either nut up, or shut up.”

Ramey dropped his microphone to the mats around the ring before entering the ring, and making his way to his corner where he stood eyeing Diamond Jewelz down waiting for his answer.Diamond, not to be punked, peers back at Ramey with ruthless aggression in a primitive animalistic standoff. Diamond says nothing, but then’ he looks over to Dean Carrington and O.G. Simpson; “Make it official O.G; challenge accepted; show this motherfucker no love though” he screams at O.G.

“Ms. Jesse Ramey has accepted the gOlden bOy Invitational challenge. Despite his sexual orientation, this disrespectful motherfucker is about to catch a fade of epic proportions... This beatdown will be sanctioned under the gOlden bOy Promotions rules agreed to with Mr. Damien Lee earlier tonight.” O.G. Simpson jabbed as the crowd erupted. Like Ramey said, the ball is in Diamond’s court; but this ball never leaves. This is no longer a jOlt promotion… It’s a gOlden bOy promotion, and Diamond Jewelz is in total control.. It’s his ring, his announcer, and the match is held according to his rules. How will Ramey be able to overcome these odds??

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Jesse Ramey

Simon Boulder made his way into the ring quickly as both Ramey and Jewelz looked ready to get the match underway. Boulder made his way to the center of the ring and signaled for the bell promptly.


Ramey doesn’t hesitate after the bell rings; he makes his way right for Jewelz who is a little taken aback by this approach from Ramey. The Anti-Star smashes a big closed right fist across Jewelz’ face causing him to stagger backward a corner, but Jewelz quickly rebounds out. Ramey grabs hold of Jewelz and catches him with a European uppercut that causes him to fall backward into the ropes. Ramey follows behind, but Jewelz uses the momentum off of the ropes to bound away from Ramey where promptly falls to his knees and grabs at the middle rope.

Ramey follows though, and just as Jewelz turns to try and make his way back to his feet he is greeted in the face by another sharp closed fist to the face. Jewelz is rocked by the fist, but makes his way back to his feet only to be knocked back down to the ropes with one more closed fist from Ramey. Jewelz finds himself holding onto the middle rope with outstretched arms, but makes his way back to his feet only for Ramey to catch him across the face with one more closed fist that keeps him backed into the ropes.

With Jewelz hurting in the ropes Ramey brings his leg up and catches Jewelz across the ribs with a shin kick. Ramey turns looking at the ruckus crowd, and then brings his attention back to Jewelz. Ramey grabs hold of Jewelz and in a display of power that most people have never seen from the Anti-Star, places his arms under Jewelz, twists him around, and tosses him off into a corner turnbuckle.

Ramey attempted to rush in toward the corner Jewelz with a shoulder block, but Jewelz sidesteps out of the way of the move causing Ramey to hit the top rope shoulder first. Ramey turned and stepped out of the corner only to be greeted by a closed fist from Jewelz that backed him into the ropes. Jewelz then reared back and launched a vicious knife edge chop across Ramey’s chest that echoed throughout the arena, followed by one more knife edge chop before pulling Ramey out to the center of the ring.

At the center of the ring Jewelz promptly caught Ramey across the jaw with an elbow. The move caused Ramey to twist and find his way back to another set of ropes, but Jewelz continued with him, and as soon as Ramey was able to turn his back to the ropes he was caught across the chest with another knife edge chop. Jewelz then grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm shooting him across the ring, but Ramey was able to keep hold of the arm and reverse it sending Jewelz off into the ropes instead.

Off of the rebound of the ropes Ramey looked to catch Jewelz with a standing clothesline, but Jewelz was able to drop to his stomach and slide between Ramey’s legs dodging the move. Jewelz quickly made his way back to his feet and just as Ramey as able to turn around Jewelz caught him in the knee cap with a falling dropkick. The move caused Ramey fall face first into the mats as Jewelz made his way back to his feet. Jewelz stood waiting for Ramey to try and get back to his feet, and just as he made his way to his knees Jewelz darted toward the ropes.

On approach back toward Ramey, Jewelz launched himself toward Ramey’s head with a running knee attack, but the Anti-Star bent his body back to avoid the move and then sprang back to his feet. Before Jewelz was able to turn around though Ramey leaned back up, jumped to his feet, and caught Jewelz in the back of the head with an insane enziguri kick. Jewelz’ body went limp as he fell face first to the mats and Ramey quickly flipped him over and attempted the pin.




Jewelz managed to bring his shoulder up and off of the mat just after the two count, but Ramey wouldn’t let that faze him as he brought Jewelz back to his feet. Ramey latched onto Jewelz’ arm and sent him across the ring with his back crashing against the gOlden bOy promotions padding. Ramey rushed into the corner, but Jewelz managed to side step out of the way of a running cross body block that left Ramey coming down chest first across the padding. Ramey staggered backwards and Jewelz quickly slipped his arm through arms legs and caught him with a roll up pin attempt.




Jewelz mulls the kickout with cursings under his breath.

“O.G… What’s the clock look like???” DJ shouts to O.G. at ringside..

“We at 12 minutes… 2 minutes 30 seconds left.”

Jewelz nods his head, but as Jewelz ponders the status of the apparent 15 minute gOlden bOy promotions mandated time limit for the night, Ramey is regaining his senses quickly. Jewelz crouches on both knees to catch his breath.. Jewelz makes his way back to his feet, but out of nowhere, Ramey strikes with


Jewelz is out… O.G. holds his head in dismay and looks down at his watch… 2 minutes left till time expires big dog… You gotta hang in there… 2 minutes big dog.. Jewelz is incapacitated and hears nothing from O.G., but Ramey hears O.G.’s proclamation of the time limit, and is confusedly shocked…

“What… A Time Limit.. Since when..” Ramey mouths!! He didn’t know anything about a time limit, but then again, Jewelz makes the rules in these matches so outside of gOlden bOy Promotions and Damien Lee, who would know exactly what the rules were.. Ramey is obviously frustrated, but instinctively within a few miliseconds, Ramey realizes he has to quickly finish the match and springs on Jewelz and goes for his legs…

The Original Attitude Adjustment

It’s locked in… It’s locked in.. Ramey has Jewelz in a submission and the crowd roars in approval.. “Anti-Star, Anti-Star, Anti-Star,” the crowd chants. Jewelz shouts in pain and agony.. O.G. grips his greasy locks on the outside in panic and dismay…

“1 minute gOlden bOy.. 1 minute” O.G. shouts..

Jewelz screams in pain… Boulder asks him if he quits.. DJ says “no”.. Boulder asks again.. This time DJ responds in a scream, but then says “no” again…

Ramey sinches in the submission tighter.. Jewelz screams out.. His body looks as if it will break..

Boulder asks if Jewelz will submit… Jewelz says “No”.. Boulder asks again…

Simultaneously though O.G. Simpson is having a conniption outside of the ring… Ring the bell on my call homie, he says to Carrington who is now the bell man.. On my call homie…”

Jewelz is in anguish and pain.. He can stand no more…

“The Bell Rings”

A split second later




Boulder calls for the bell… The crowd erupts… Ramey releases the hold and collapses in the ring in euphoric ecstacy.. We have a new gOlden bOy champion.. We have a new gOlden bOy champion.

O.G. climbs onto the ring apron “The Bell Rung, The Bell Rung he shouts!”

“Hand me the title,” Boulder sternly orders O.G....

“No Boulder… The match was over...Boulder… That’s bullshit.. The bell rung.. The bell rung…”

“Hand me the title,” Boulder command O.G. again..

O.G gets down from the apron. He grabs his microphone out of his coat pocket. “Homies and Homettes.. Our referee for the night has made a mistake. Although his punk ass was informed of the gOlden bOy Promotions mandated time limit for the night of 15 minutes, at the cessation of the time limit and the rininging of the bell, Mr. Boulder instead of promptly ending the match, allowed the champion to be locked in a crippling submission well past the mandated time limit”

The crowd boos incessantly. It couldn’t have been more than a split second that Jewelz had tapped out after the bell rung.. What is “The Juice”, talking about.

“As a result of the expiration of the time limit, and the resulting draw.. as per gOlden bOy promotions stipulations, the champion is victorious and will retain his title..."

Ramey shook his head and laughed inside of the ring, as the fans in the arena all began to boo in disbelief that a match with so much hype throughout the night was ending in this fashion.

“East coast! West coast! Your winner of the match and still gOlden bOy Champion! DIAMOND JEWELZ!” O.G. announced; Diamond retrieves his gOlden bOy title from ringside and clutches it in the throes of exhaustion; gasping for breath, Jewelz manages a twinkling and glistening smile and half heartedly holds his hands up in victory. O.G. places his gold plated mic into his pocket and, the two men quickly make their way around the ring and started their way up the entrance ramp.

The Anti-Star only continued to shake his head in the center of the ring with his hands on his hips as Boulder was apologizing profusely to Ramey over what had just happened. The scene then faded.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

"Family Matters"

“Dad, that was great! You guys destroyed Trouble out there!”

The camera opened up to the hallway where a new face greeted jOlt fans. He was a young kid of about twenty-two years of age. He stood six-foot and had a well-kept physique that made him look around like he was around the two-thirty mark. The kid’s head was shaved except for the beginnings of a dark brown Mohawk forming. He had on a black and blue jOlt polo shirt and blue jeans and looked very much like a wrestler.

That’s because he was one.

He was mentioned by The House during the Dawncast on the Countdown show leading up to Breakdown. His name was Zane Roebuck, the son of the big, surly superheavyweight Adam Roebuck. The House and Charlotte were all backstage coming out to greet young Zane as he shook hands with Derrick Huber first.

“Uncle Derrick, you’re looking jacked!

Huber almost blushed. “Thanks, Zane, good to see you too! You’re taking good care of yourself, I see.”

“Been hitting the gym pretty hard,” Zane said as he flexed to show off a little. He turned to his father. “Dad, great stuff out there.”

“Zane …” Roebuck opened. “I’m proud of you. You busted your ass off in Japan and now you’re gonna be starting on the Hype soon. You did good.”

“Thanks, Dad, I just followed your advice,” Zane replied. “I trained here, traveled abroad and learned some great stuff. I’m ready to start soon. I can’t wait. I want to get onto the jOlt roster soon and show them all what a little bit of Good Luck can bring.”

The Starlets Champion Charlotte pursed her lips.

“Really, hon? Good Luck? That’s gonna be your tag line?”

“Yes, Aunt Charlotte, it is.”

Charlotte groaned. “Ugh, hon, I know that I’ve told you before, but I’m only eight years older than you. Don’t call me aunt, please.”

“Okay, AUNTIE C!” Charlotte visibly cringed while Zane spoke up again. “And besides, it’s gonna be a good catch phrase! You know … good luck trying to stop me from getting to the top!”

Huber and Charlotte looked at one another like approving parents proud of their kid getting his first driver’s license. Derrick laughed when he turned to his wife.

“I think I remember my first catch phrase … it was something like ‘get the fuck outta my way!’ But I’m bigger than you so I could get away with that.”

The Hubers and Zane had a laugh. However, Roebuck was not smiling.

“Get serious, kid. I know you mean well, but Derrick and I aren’t going to be down there to hold your hand any more. Don’t be worrying about shit you’re gonna slap on a shirt yet. There’s a lot of talented people in The Hype and there’s a lot of guys who are looking out for number one and don’t care who they have to step over to get to the top. You need to make sure that you aren’t the one being stepped on.”

Zane Roebuck nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, Dad, I got it. I’m ready for this opportunity and I won’t do anything to fuck it up.”

Huber patted Zane on the shoulder again before nodding in the direction of the door. “Let’s go get some food, you guys, I’m starving.”

“I got an interview I still got to do tonight, but I’ll be with you guys later,” Charlotte told them. “We’ll all go out and celebrate after the show, hon.”


The Huber/Roebuck clan all continue to converse among themselves as the camera cut elsewhere.

"The Rose Bush: Derecho"

In the world of Phoenix Rose, the most notable and memorable song in all of history, beside ‘Happy Birthday (to you)’, which Phoenix would attest to having written and composed himself at any opportunity that presented itself, was Alkaline Trio’s ‘Private Eye’. It was the latter that he had chosen as his theme song for the preceding decade and loose change. It was also the song that was playing throughout the arena packed with j0lt fans as he stepped through the curtain, making yet another triumphant return to the ring.

Phoenix was dressed in his trademark maroon three piece suit, a glass cane in hand, his thinning blonde hair still pulled back in a ponytail.

He reached his arms out, palms facing the ceiling and his white teeth beamed through the grin that stretched from ear to ear. He pumped his arms at his sides and yelled “I’m back, babayyyyy!” before hobbling his ever-widening ass down the ramp slower than Ric Flair on a day he fancied milking a cameo handshake on another wrestling programme that we are all widely familiar with.

Up the steel steps he also waddled unsteadily. He was an aging man and time was taking its toll on a very plain basis. He stepped through the ropes, his cane trailing behind him, and entered the ring which was laid out with a custom Persian rug, maroon in colour of course, with cream edging. In the centre of the ring were two leather reclining sofas, a small glass coffee table which was large enough to house only two bottles of branded beer, red labels, you know – that shit nobody drinks anymore – and two microphones.

Phoenix took one of the microphones and turned to address his beloved fans just as his music died down.

“Wassup cracka’s?” he screamed down the microphone in his high pitched tone.

The crowd popped.

Conspicuous in their absence were his twins, Chad and Ernie Rose: the least successful tag team in the history of j0lt.

“All alone this time mang,” he explained, his tone sinking to a level just below ‘dog whistle’, “the boys are out on the indy scene these days, honing their mad-sick-skillz.” Which was indeed pronounced with the letter ‘Z’.

Not all of the audience even knew who he was referring to. Years of experience told him he should move on quickly, but being on the low side of the 100 score in IQ, he stuck with it.

“You know. My son’s? They were in the tag team tournament named in my honour?”


“Ernie and Chad Rose, baby. There was a trophy and everything.”


“It was on the television, guys!”

A man in the front row left for a top up on his soda.

Phoenix shook his head and moved on.

“Anyway,” he grinned, “Welcome to the Rose Bush! We’re gunna have some fun this week. My first ever guest is a man who needs no introduction, but because this is a professional wrestling show and his music hasn’t stopped me speaking yet, I’ll give him one!”

Phoenix blinked. He opened his mouth, then shut it again.

“I don’t mean give him one like, a rogering or anything. I mean… I will give him an introduction.”

Another blink.

“Not to my peen. I’ll give him an introduction to the ri—Oh cock. Ladies and gentleman, Derecho!”

Helstar’s “King of Hell” boomed from the PA system of the arena. As the opening riff kicked in a huge pyro went off on the stage. Derecho appeared, adorned in his ring gear with a tshirt available at merchandise stands all around the top of the arena, or online, for just $11.99.

He made his way down the ramp and took the steps to the ring apron, stepping slowly through the ropes and taking the microphone offered to him by Phoenix.

As his music died down Phoenix gestured towards the spare leather seat as he took his own pew.

“Take a seat mang.” Phoenix said, still pointing at the chair, smiling like a toddler that wore his bicycle helmet to class.

Derecho looked at the seat a moment before shrugging a little and taking his seat.

“Beer?” Phoenix asked, pointing at the beer, getting the plug in like the consummate professional he was. So good at plugging brands he was, he thought to himself, that he could even be a commentator one day. When he was too old for the ring, but too inexplicably enjoyed by the fans to be sent into the back to do thing like scouting, or, he shuddered to imagine, writing.

“Derecho my man, let’s get right into the swing’a things, huh? How’re you feeling now that Pietro Geist has the Underground title?”

Right into the swing, indeed.

“You know.. I have to weigh each side of the scales here. On one hand… Pietro Geist interrupted me and defeated me for my Underground Championship.. There’s no denying that… and if I were to say that Pietro Geist hasn’t been added to my hit list, then I’d be lying. In case you didn’t see Rise of the Legends, I destroyed, yet, another monster in Omega to become a two-time Underground Champion.”

Derecho gritted his teeth as his tone became filled with venom

“To think that I would let someone like Pietro Geist off the hook that easily would be extremely foolhardy. In due time, Pietro Geist will get his in the end… but Pietro Geist didn’t do something that Aran Thompson did. Pietro Geist didn’t metaphorically kill me.. and the fact that I’ve waited over a YEAR to settle this issue once and for all.. well.. Pietro Geist and MY Underground Championship can wait.”

“Aiight, aiight, well’p…” Phoenix gulped, holding the microphone with both hands like a dwarf eating an ice cream, “How about that Aran Thompson? I’ve had some dealings with that munchkin’ in the past, and he’s a pain in the bum if you ask me.”

“As I said.. I’ve waited over a year to get my hands on him and now I’ve finally got my rematch. Aran Thompson was lucky last year at Thieves’ Honor. It took seven other men to beat me and Aran just happened to be the one walking out with the World Championship. Then at Cataclysm, he had to invent a move to beat me. That’s the only way he could have.. was to hit me with something I hadn’t seen before. I’ll admit, that was a bit crafty, but it’s not going to be enough this time around because I’m going to drag Aran Thompson into a place he’s never been before. I’m going to drag him into the depths of hell itself and if earlier tonight wasn’t enough for him… just wait until Thieves’ Honor because…”

As Derecho was talking, the crowd erupted as Aran Thompson came in through the stands, hitting the ring. He blindsided Derecho from behind, knocking him out of his chair! Phoenix Rose popped out of his chair and high tailed it out of the ring as Aran Thompson mounted Derecho and rained down rapid fire rights to the side of his head as Derecho tried to cover up!

Aran pulled Derecho to his feet and went to fling him over the top rope, but Derecho reversed it and sent Aran out to the ring apron. Derecho leapt into the middle turnbuckle and went for a springboard drop kick, but Aran dropped off the apron, causing Derecho to miss!!

Aran then reached under the bottom rope and pulled Derecho to the outside. He rammed Derecho’s lower back into the ring apron before hitting a hip toss on top of the announce table! Aran then grabbed a steel chair and dared Derecho to get back to his feet.


The crowd booed as Damien Lee came out with a swarm of security. They ran down to ringside and got between Derecho and Aran Thompson. The crowd hated this and even started a “Let them Fight” chant.

“I won’t have you jumpstarting this match prematurely, Aran. You can have Derecho at Thieves’ Honor.. but tonight… he’s off limits… GET HIM OUT OF HERE!” barked Lee.

Security forced Aran Thompson back as he grinned. Derecho was on a knee at ringside with a maddening scowl on his face. These two were tearing it up all night thus far… we can only image what their encounter will be like at Thieves’ Honor in just four weeks!

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Faction

And now it was time.


Set up by a very volatile confrontation between the Heirs of Wrestling and The Faction, The two sides were now set up to meet up in six-man tag team action. Mack Brody was looking for the opportunity to prove himself against the jOlt Champion Landon Stevens. Silver and Gallway also had beef with one another for months after The Faction had screwed them out of the Tag Team Titles back at Breakdown and a little bit of payback could go a long way. Could the Heirs of Wrestling manage to make a bold statement or would Landon Stevens and company be able to get the drop on Mack Brody’s title aspirations?

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington said.

The Arena of Champions rose with their approval as lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisle way. The infamous three figures remained hidden in the shadows with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flashed back on and the Sultans of Sexual Swag were highly
animated, wearing their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Siphoning
the energy from the energized masses, the Heirs anxiously dominated the entire entrance staging
area to further hype up the crowd...

“Introducing First!...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 753 pounds!! ’The Intergalactic Space Cowboy’...RYAN GALLWAY!! ...’The Sovereign Superman’...FRANK SILVER!!! ...and the ’SUPERMACK’...MACK!! BRODY!!! ...THEY ARE THE HEIRS!! OF!!! WRESTLING!!!!”

Silver. Brody and Gallway proudly interacted with the fans in the front row en route to the ringside area before Ryan & Silver sprinted together before sliding along the ring apron on their respective knees. Hooking their arms over the middle ropes, they stormed over toward opposing ring posts with Mack sternly flexing his muscles along the middle of the ring apron. Mouth agape, Brody radiated pure adrenaline & power. Ryan extended his arms outward as Frank & Mack motioned for the fans to continue cheering before the trio entered the ring together and remove their jackets as their theme music elapsed...

"Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch.

The infectious musical theme did absolutely nothing to sway favor from the jeering masses as the reigning jOlt Champion arrogantly sauntered out from the backstage position with the belt fastened around his waist. To his sides were the forms of the now former jOlt Tag Team Champions in Eli and Ezra Conway soaking in the negative reception from the crowd. They were currently on Landon’s shit list, but a big win here tonight would put them back in his good graces and turn back Mack Brody and the other Heirs from being nuisances.

“And their opponent, at a combined weight of 707 pounds, they are the team of Eli and Ezra Conway… and the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion Landon Stevens… they are THE FACTION!

A hardened scowl radiated from his visage as he slowly looked at the aimless gathering of peasants spewing waves of venom in his direction. Slowly pacing from Right to Left, the former ACW Scorpion Champion remained transfixed upon his enemy as he slowly raised his fists upward to promote Pearl & Pink plumes of sparkling pyro erupting from behind before a barrage of pyrotechnical explosions rattled from overhead...


The Faction climbed into the ring while Mack Brody locked eyes with the current champion. Stevens held up the championship for all to see and barked some orders off-mic to the twins. Eli and Ezra nodded in unison as the three men took to their corner. Frank Silver and Eli Conway were going to start things off for their team as the bell rang.


The proud and flamboyant Silver came face to face with Eli and the two men locked up, but Eli went dirty right away and landed a succession of stiff knees to the chest. He doubled him over and fired off a series of shots to the face. He pushed him off to the ropes and when Silver came back, he SLUGGED him with a Shoulder Tackle.

“WE RUN THIS NOW!” Eli barked.

Landon Stevens was apathetic to the showing off of his henchman and ordered him to stay on Frank Silver. The Baron of Ballistics was dragged back to his feet again by Eli and tossed into the corner where he unleashed a series of hard jabs to the head as he continued to take the fight to him. He stunned him long enough to turn to referee Ian Nguyen and told him in not so many words to go fuck himself. He turned…


The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights stiffed him with a good European Uppercut and turned him around to go drag him into the corner. Silver kicked him several times and floored him a few good shots before opting to blast him with some Knife-Edge Chops…






Frank shook his own hand form the impact after lighting up the chest of the twin. He grabbed him by the arm and doubled him over with a kick before firing a second one and knocked him back upright. He landed an Inverted Atomic drop to Conway and charged off the ropes with a Flying Shoulder Tackle! Silver got the crowd behind him as he stood back up and raised the royal pinky as the crowd started to cheer for what was coming next…


Silver dropped the big elbow right into his heart and went for the cover now.



Eli with the shoulder up. Silver grabbed him by the head and launched him into the corner now where he made the tag over to Ryan Gallway. He nailed a perfect European Uppercut against the jaw that rattled his brains and held him up against the ropes as Gallway started to jump. Frank held him in the Camel Clutch position while Gallway ran off the ropes. He executed a cartwheel to get the crowd popping before he stuck a STIFF Dropkick to the face of the former Tag Team Champion! The crowd cheered for the awesome double-team while Frank and Ryan dapped fists and mimicked an explosion!

The double-team was excellence by the Heirs as always and now Eli Conway was hurt was hurt. Silver left the ring while Gallway rolled Conway away from the ropes in order to go for another cover.




The Texan Twin kicked out after two. Ryan went to pick him up and tried for another big move only for Eli to blast him in the stomach with a good haymaker. Ryan was doubled over and Eli quickly held his ribs with one free arm while smashing Gallway’s face into the turnbuckle with the other. The tag was made to his twin brother on the opposite side of the ring and the twins got the opportunity now to bring the punishment.

They both whipped Gallway across the ring and tried for a Double Clothesline only for the South Beach native to duck underneath. The home state boy jumped to the second rope and looked to come back with a Springboard Crossbody when both men caught him. Ezra tossed him up, but Gallway quickly adjusted his weight and snapped big Ezra over with a Hurricanrana!

Eli was pissed off but a quick Dropkick to the head from Gallway sent the Texan tumbling from the ring! The Prince of Precision then landed some… well, precise kicks targeted at the knees of Ezra Conway…


The Headscissors led into the stiff Single-Arm DDT and he dropped him into the canvas! Gallway rolled him over and went to a cover on the big man.




The Prince of Precision charged the move and went to chip away at the arm that he started working over of Ezra. He grabbed the arm and flipped backwards into a Pele Kick on the arm! Ezra yelled in pain and backed up to the ropes when Gallway rolled over to tag in Frank Silver agian. The two men kicked a leg out from under Ezara and ran off opposite sides to connect with a double-team Soccer Kick to the front and back of the former Tag Team Champion! He collapsed to the ground and Frank rolled over to go for another cover.




Eli Conway shoved Frank Silver off of him and went back to his corner while jOlt Champion Landon Stevens continued to stare intently at the nuisances in the ring. Landon Stevens rolled over and reached a hand out. For the first time, he wanted into the match.

“Let me in! I’ll show you two how shit gets handled,” Stevens commanded.

Frank Silver smiled and gestured over to him as he waited.


The Margrave Digger backed off Ezra and allowed for him to make the tag to his boss. For the first time, Landon Stevens tagged into the match and the jOlt Champion stepped into the ring. Stevens nodded to the twins and back to Frank. Silver was about to get him some of the jOlt Champion when The Rising Star turned over.

“I want him,” Stevens said, pointing at Brody. “Time to back up all your bullshit.”

Mack Brody was more than happy to oblige and he reached out for the tag. Frank Silver turned around and was about to get there…


Eli and Ezra Conway all rushed the opposite corner and Landon Stevens clipped Frank with a Heel Kick to the back of the head while the twins each knocked Gallway and Brody off the mat with stereo cheap shots! The crowd grew loud with jeering as Stevens laughed at his own admittedly brilliant ploy. Mack was PISSED as he jumped back into the ring and looked ready to fucking kill somebody, but Ian kept him at bay which allowed Stevens the opportunity to drag Frank back all the way to his corner. He tagged into Eli and gestured.

“You’re welcome.”

Eli shook his head at Landon’s backhanded compliment but nevertheless The Faction now had the advantage. He rubbed his taped fist across the face of Silver and punished the Heir with several more jabs to the face before he tagged over to his twin brother. He set him up with a Snap Suplex into the mat and that was followed up immediately with a Driving Elbow Drop off the second rope by Ezra! He hooked the leg of Silver now.




Frank with the shoulder up! Ezra Conway got back up and the former Tag Team Champion made him pay by lifting him up and shoving him backwards into the corner. He stomped and stomped and stomped and fucking STOMPED some more until Frank Silver was rendered a beaten grease spot trapped in the corner. Landon Stevens continued to watch as Eli went to work while Ezra talked some trash to Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody.

“You can’t even HOPE to beat us!” Ezra shouted.

Ryan wanted to go into the ring and wipe that fucking smirk off Ezra’s face only for Eli and Landon to put more boots to Silver in the corner. Stevens reveled in the hatred from the crowd as Ezra turned around. The Rising Star stuck his arm out and reached out for the tag and was granted. Now the Champion was in the ring, this time for realizes.

“Tweet THIS, you little asshole!”

A few pointed elbows to the top of Frank’s head brought the voice of the Heirs down to his knees and that allowed for Stevens to turn around and stun him with a series of vicious kicks to the chest. He backed off and FLOORED him with another Leg Lariat to the side of the head, this time rendering him helpless.


Landon Stevens paced around the ring and continued to revel in the hatred of the crowd before once again snatching Frank Silver off the mat. He got the bigger man up and took him over with a big Snap Suplex. He rolled through flawlessly and dragged him back up a second time before he snapped him over with an even more vicious Suplex. A quick pivot brought him back a third time and a third Suplex finally got him down! Landon got back to his feet and jumped to the second rope before flying back with a Discus Slingshot Leg Drop to the throat! The cover followed on Silver.




It was a close one but Silver shot the shoulder up to the cheers of the crowd! An angry Stevens rolled over and started delivering a flurry of fists to the face of the fallen Silver. He continued his attack and relentlessly assaulted him with even more shots until he backed off for a few moments. Ian Nguyen reprimanded the jOlt Champion, but he told him to promptly fuck off and turned back to Frank.


Silver fought back again and caught Landon unware with a really good shot! Landon backed off as Frank tried to get back to his champion, but Stevens grabbed Silver by the arm and rushed him around before hitting…


The Reverse STO drilled him and planted Silver face-first into the corner! Landon backed off from the corner and when he was stunned, that’s when The Conways leapt into action with a pair of HARD Running Knees into either side of his face! The twins each talked shit to Silver and watched as he slumped over in the corner. Once again, Landon pulled Frank out of the corner by his leg so he couldn’t use the ropes to save himself.





Landon pulled him out to the ring apron now and watched as the crowd jeered him some more. He waited for the chance to inflict more punishment…


The Rising Star was incredibly vicious to boot! Frank Silver was sucking in air now as he collapsed to the floor. Landon then climbed back inside and tagged out to one of the twins, Eli. He climbed out to the floor and picked Frank up before RAMMING him hard into the ring apron! The crowd continued to jeer all over the twins as they rolled Silver back into the ring to finish the job. Eli picked Frank up off the mat and held him in place as the tag was made to Ezra Conway. Eli held him up in a Vertical Suplex position and hoisted him up before DRIVING him across the knee of Ezra with a vicious Double-Team Backbreaker! The twins were brutal and innovative without a doubt. Eli left the ring while Ezra hooked both legs of Frank.




Gallway rushed into the ring and tackled Ezra with a series of punches to the face! He rushed at him and continued to push him away. Ian Nguyen pushed him away and ordered him back to his corner which once again allowed more chicanery from the bad guys. Ezra put a boot into his throat and started to choke him just as he tagged Eli into the ring. They both took turns beating the living shinola out of him with successions of vicious Knee Drops to either side!

They both rolled away and the twins were about ready to finish things off when Landon Stevens raised his hand for the tag. Eli rolled over and once again tagged him into the ring.

He turned over to Silver and looked right into the eyes of big Mack Brody who had yet to tag into this match yet. Landon smirked and pulled Silver up by his hair again.

“You’ll NEVER touch my gold! Nobody will!”

The Rising Star pulled Silver back to his feet again and slashed a thumb across his throat as he ducked down to set him up…


Silver punched him in the gut and fired his way out of the hold! Stevens backed off and when Silver tried to get over to his corner where Brody was waiting, he was caught once again with a big Forearm shot the back of the head! Landon shoved him back upward again and landed a series of elbows to The Baron of Ballistics in the neutral corner. He rushed off one side of the ring and came back looking for something big in the corner…



The crowd was going nuts! There was probably not a more fitting recipient of such a move, but the Flapjack European Uppercut nearly KNOCKED his head clean off! Both men were down now with nowhere to go for either man. Stevens was laid out for the moment and Frank had probably used his last gas for such a move, but he needed to get to the corner and get there NOW.


They were calling for it and the big man wanted it. He wanted the chance to come in and shut The Faction the fuck up for good. Brody was stomping around the ring and waited for the chance to tag over to Frank. He was almost there…


TAG MADE… to Eli Conway!

Landon had rolled over to his corner a little bit quicker and tagged to Eli Conway. The twin reached over and tried to grab her by the leg only for The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain to turn around and kick him in the face. He turned…

And the fucking roof came off.


Mack Brody jumped into the ring for the very first time and charged like a bull in a china shop as he mowed right through Eli Conway with a Clothesline! The second that Eli staggered upwards a second time he was mowed down with a second Clothesline! A third attempt at getting back up turned out back when Brody leveled him with a Double Sledge to the chest that knocked the wind right out of him.


The question was poised and the crowd roared in kind. It turns out they were all ready for it to happen. He pulled him back up and whipped him across the ring to the nearby corner and SQUASHED him with a hard Running Knee Lift in the corner! He charged off the ropes and when he came back, he FLOORED him with a Running Shoulder Tackle! Ezra tried getting to get back into the ring to save his brother, but Mack Brody saw him coming and LEVELED him with a vicious Clothesline that sent him crashing outside of the ring!

And now the focus was back to Eli Conway as Mack Brody stomped his feet and was ready to lash out all the while Landon Stevens remained on the ring apron watching one of his would-be challengers. He grabbed him by the head and hoisted him up…

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex sent him FLYING across the ring and crashing to the canvas! He was about ready for the win when he rolled over and went for the cover.




Ezra came back for the save and dropped the elbow into the back of his head! Ezra launched himself into harm’s way only to get caught himself…


The Handspring Gamengiri NAILED Ezra in the face and took him out of the equation now as he knocked him clear from the ring. Landon Stevens saw enough and kicked him in the gut before he grabbed Gallway and unceremoniously tossed him to the outside…


He ripped nearly THROUGH Landon Stevens with a monstrous Shoulder Tackle that knocked him back out to the ring apron! Now Brody was on his feet and beat on his chest like a gorilla as the crowd was roaring with approval for the chaos now breaking out. He turned around…


The LARIAT From Hell caught Brody clean in the jaw! He knocked Brody down with the shot and that was his last gas as he hooked the leg of Brody.




SuperMack kicked out! He couldn’t believe it! That very move had helped the twins to win the Tag Team Championships at Breakdown! Mack Brody was groggy and staggered to his knees now as Eli Conway turned around and reached over to tag in Landon Stevens….


Eli’s eyes went wide as Stevens shook his head with disgust! He was apparently fed up with the twins and decided that enough was enough! He simply walked over and grabbed his jOlt Championship from ringside as he charged over and retrieved his belt!


Landon started to walk back up the ramp while Eli Conway was left in the ring pleading with his leader to come back and finish the fight that was going on, but SuperMack was starting to rise and he was PISSED. He turned Eli around…




The ring shook from the force of the mighty Fire Thunder Powerbomb! Brody wasn’t finished, either, as he grabbed both legs of Eli and twisted him around into a move that he had used to finally defeat Ninja K one on one.


The Gorilla Clutch was locked in tight now! There was nobody to save Eli so he had no choice…


The match was over at long last! The Heirs of Wrestling were victorious tonight!

“Here are your winners of the match… Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Mack Brody raised a powerful fist in the sky and the crowd roared with approval! But Landon remained halfway up the ramp, still holding up his championship! He held up the jOlt Championship and held it out for all to see.

“I don’t need this shit! I’m still better than all of you! I have this! I still have this!”

Landon Stevens locked eyes with one of his would-be challengers for the Theives Honor match in a few weeks. Tonight, Chris Titan punched his ticket to that match and next week Brody would have his chance. But with a powerful victory in the ring in tonight’s main event of iNtense, he could make a very strong case where he would stop at nothing to become the champion. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway each joined him inside the ring and celebrated with the big man. Meanwhile, the twins were each down. They had been unceremoniously dropped by Landon Stevens apparently after their failures here tonight.

One final parting shot between Mack Brody and Landon Stevens.

Good fight and good night.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Submission