"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Plans of Redemption"

The scene opens up backstage in Damien Lee’s office. The door to his office opens and the cloaked figure steps into view. Damien Lee doesn’t look too happy to see the figure as it closes the door behind them.

“Lee.. it’s been a week and all you’ve done was place Sebastian Saje into the Thieves Honor Match. I thought I made it abundantly clear that you needed to turn things around for The Rebellion. Did I not make myself clear to you last week? Do I need to repeat myself?” asked the figure in a threatening manner.

Lee folded his hands as he rested his elbows on his desk.

“Tonight, I have plans set in motion to try and rectify some of those wrongs.” Said Lee.

“Oh?” stated the figure. “I’d very much like to hear them.”

“Tonight, there will be another Thieves Honor qualifying match. Mack Brody is set to take on The Rebellion’s Seraph. I’m sure Seraph, being the monster that he is, will advance, giving The Rebellion an edge in the Thieves Honor Match.” Said Lee.

“You know.. a question pops into mind”, said the figure. “You put Sebastian Saje into the match directly.. yet, Seraph has to qualify. Why is that?”

“Look… I can’t just put Rebellion members into that match. Other people on the roster deserve a fair shot as well. The fact that you had to ask me that… do you not believe in your own monster’s ability to win because let me tell you something.. I do. I fully believe that Seraph will be victorious tonight.” Said Lee.

“Fine” said the figure. “You said you had something else?”

“Tonight… Cross the Hood will get a second opportunity to become jOlt World Tag Team Champions as they go up against The Crimson Order. No other teams.. no cages… no double ring.. nothing. Just one team against another with the titles on the line. Keep in mind that Cross the Hood would normally not be considered contenders under normal circumstances, but since you’re so persistent, I went ahead and made the match. Satisfied now?” asked Lee.

“A little bit, yes. I feel you could do more, but I believe this will suffice for now. However… I do have one more question that’s been bothering me ever since last week. Your plan to get rid of Chris Titan backfired in your face and now, the biggest thorn in our side is going to be in the Thieves Honor Match. Care to explain yourself here?”

Lee smirked

“You need to look at the bigger picture. Mike Extreme and Bane Loneheart are in Japan… Reno Davis is fired.. BIG Little Italy is nursing an injury he sustained in the War Games Match. Chris Titan may be in the Thieves Honor Match, but look around.. The Backbone are nowhere to be found. Chris Titan is all alone and isolated now. We can take care of him any time we want and nobody will come to his aid. For the first time since he’s returned, we’ve got him under control and we’ve got him right where we want him.” Said Lee.

“Besides…” Lee continued after a brief pause. “I have a little surprise for Chris Titan tonight now that we know he’s all alone. Diamond Jewelz has been looking for contenders for his Golden Boy Title Invitational. I think Chris Titan would be a perfect fit.. especially since I’ve already instructed Diamond Jewelz to do something… a little extra special… for tonight’s match. With any luck, Chris Titan will be out of the picture for Thieves Honor.” Said Lee with a smirk. “For your sake, I hope you’re right because if you don’t keep him in check, it will be the end of you.” Said the figure threateningly.

The figure turned and exited the room as Lee sat there a bit disturbed.

Jeremy Ryan vs Jesse Ramey

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood center of the ring to announce the opening bout of the evening, “this is your opening contest of INTENSE! It is scheduled for one fall and is the first match in the JOLT CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’S SERIES!”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill began to blast throughout the arena as Jeremy Ryan, jOlt’s Last Real Man, stepped through the entrance curtains and onto the main stage. Ryan made his way to the center of the stage and blared at the booing arena for a moment before he then turned his attention toward the ring and began making his way down the ramp.

“Making his way to the ring first weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifty-four pounds and hailing from Bangor, Maine; HE IS “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

As Arnold finished his announcing of Ryan, he had made his way onto the ring apron. Ryan slipped into the ring between the middle and top rope, acknowledged referee Simon Boulder, then made his way to his corner where he waited stone faced on his opponent to make his entrance.

The sounds of Cypress Hill were quickly replaced by the upbeat tempo of “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown, and from the backstage area burst the Anti-Star. Ramey made his way to the center of the entrance ramp, and bounced with a huge smile on his face as the fans all cheered.

“His opponent, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

As Arnold was finishing Ramey had darted toward the ring, sliding in on right hip and then bouncing back up into the center of the ring. Ramey continued to bounce for a moment, and then slowly made his way to his corner where he nodded toward Simon Boulder and Boulder quickly signaled for the bell and the starting of the match.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The moment the bell sounded Ramey made his way into a corner, while Ryan bounced around getting closer to Ramey looking for an opportunity to charge him. Ryan feeling he was close enough charged into the corner, but Ramey ducked under his arms and stepped out into the center of the ring. Ryan quickly turned around and approached Ramey only be caught in the thigh with a kick, a kick that Ramey brought up into Ryan’s thigh three more times before Ryan brought the opposing thigh up into Ramey’s midsection causing him to double over.

Ryan quickly pulled Ramey up into a scoop slam attempt, but Ramey managed to wriggle off of his shoulder and slide down his back. Ramey continued to back tread into the ropes, and as he bounced off Ryan had turned and was making his way toward him. Ramey dropped catching Ryan in the knee with a falling dropkick; the move caused Ryan to fall face first onto the ropes, where he quickly exited the ring. Simon Boulder turned letting Ramey know to stay inside of the ring then turned his attention to Ryan outside of the ring instructing him to get back inside.

Ryan was making his way back to the apron, when Ramey suddenly rushed toward them, but whatever he was planning was quickly turned around on him. Ryan reached his arms under the bottom rope, yanked Ramey’s legs out from under him, and pulled him outside of the ring. Ryan pulled Ramey away from the apron a few feet, and then lifted him up for what could have been a spinebuster, but instead charged him toward the ring catching the small and middle of his back on the apron.

Boulder stuck his head through the ropes and was pleading with Ryan to bring the action back inside of the ring. Ramey dropped to a knee and Ryan grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back to his feet, twisted him around and tossed him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Ryan slowly followed behind Ramey who had made his way to the center of the ring and lay flat on his back. Ryan came to his feet and slowly approached Ramey, bent over to grab him by the hair and pick him up, when Ramey brought a boot up catching Ryan on top of the head.

Ryan staggered backward a half step, but then attempted to grab Ramey once more only to be met with another stiff kick to the head. With Ryan rocked Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet and went to the ropes, but upon approaching Ryan, the bigger man lunged toward Ramey, but the Anti-Star dropped sliding between Ryan’s legs and twisting onto his stomach. Ramey slid outside onto the apron where he made his way back to his feet, and Ryan had turned and was making his way toward Ramey.

As Ryan approached Ramey though, he threw his shoulder between the top and middle ropes catching Ryan in the midsection, not once, but twice. Then Ramey grabbed hold of Ryan’s head and brought it down across the top rope. Ryan twisted and fell to his knees inside of the ring while Ramey made his way back to his feet on the apron. Ramey jumped to the top rope as soon as Ryan made his way back to his feet, and jumped into the ring, but Ryan quickly dropped back to his knees to avoid whatever Ramey had planned forcing the Anti-Star to change plan midair as he landed on his feet.

Ramey stopped his momentum, turned and made his way toward Ryan, but the bigger man came up out of his kneeling position quickly catching Ramey with a hard clothesline that dropped him down to the mat. Ramey clinched at his throat while Ryan made his way back to his feet, breathing heavily, and just looked at the crowd on hand as he slowly walked around the head of the downed Ramey. Ryan then bent over and began slapping Ramey across the back of the head, mocking him.

After watching Ramey roll around on the mat for a few moments, and continuing to slap him across the back of the head Ryan finally pulled Ramey back to his feet. Ryan pulled him to the center of the ring and shoved Ramey’s head between his legs signaling that the match was over and he was going to hit his signature piledriver, but Ramey managed to escape. Ramey pulled his head from between Ryan’s legs so quickly and charged around him that Ryan didn’t have time to react.

Ramey bounced off of the ropes, but Ryan was quick enough to turn and wait for him just as his back had hit the ropes. Ryan went for another clothesline, but Ramey ducked under the move and went off the other set of ropes. Ryan had turned and as soon as Ramey approached he jumped into the air and locked his arms around Ryan’s head looking to hit some kind of DDT, but Ryan managed to use his strength to his advantage and caught Ramey. Ryan held Ramey on his shoulder for a moment, but then Ramey began crawling over the shoulder and then down Ryan’s back side.

Ramey landed on the mats and attempted to pull Ryan down for a roll up cover, but Ryan wasn’t budging. Ryan reached down between his legs grabbing Ramey by the sides of the head and lifted him back to his feet, then up into a powerslam position. With Ramey now on Ryan’s shoulder he began driving punches into his chest, which caused Ryan to release the hold allowing Ramey to fall behind Ryan. Ramey then dropped catching Ryan in the back of the knee with a chop block that brought Ryan to his knees. Ramey then darted toward the ropes, rebounded, and delivered a dropkick to Ryan’s face that forced him over onto his back. Ramey then quickly jumped on top of Ryan for the pin attempt.




Ryan managed to get his shoulder up and off of the mat as Boulder’s arm was half way down for the three count. Ramey was the first back to his feet, and he waited, watching Ryan as he slowly got back to his feet. Ryan turned and Ramey went to kick him in the midsection, but Ryan quickly grabbed hold of Ramey’s leg blocking the attempted kick. Ramey then took the leg he was hopping on, brought it up into the air, and caught Ryan across the temple with a enziguri kick that delivered so much force that Ryan was sent toppling out of the ring.

Ryan slowly began making his way up to a position where he could get back to his feet with help from the ring apron. Ramey got back to his feet and seeing Ryan’s position darted off of the ropes and then charged toward the barely standing Ryan, then dropped under the bottom rope catching Ryan in the chest with a baseball slide dropkick. Ryan stumbled backward with the safety railing breaking his fall, while Ramey managed to keep himself positioned on the ring apron.

Ramey made his way back to his feet on the apron, noticed Ryan’s location and he backed himself up to a corner and waited. Ryan slowly pulled himself back to his feet with the aide of the safety railing surrounding the ring. Ryan then turned in the direction of Ramey, and the Anti-Star charged the apron, leapt off and wrapped his legs around Ryan’s neck. Ramey twisted Ryan around and caused him to smash back first off of the safety railing once again with a huge hurricanrana that brought the crowd to their feet.

Ramey then began to slowly make his way back to his feet as Ryan was able to turn himself over onto this stomach and began crawling. Ramey placed his hand on Ryan’s head and was going to try and bring him back to his feet, but Ryan quickly latched both of his hands on Ramey’s skull and it looked as though he was driving both of his thumbs into Ramey’s eye sockets. Ramey screamed in pain as Ryan quickly came back to his feet and pushed Ramey up against the ring apron.

Boulder stuck his head through the ropes and began yelling at Ryan to release the hold and started a five count that would have disqualified Ryan, but he released the hold at three. Ramey grabbed at his face in pain, while Ryan grabbed him by the back of the head, twisted him around, and shoved him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Ryan slowly made his way up onto the apron, and his head protruded through the middle and top rope into the ring, when Ramey made his way back to his feet and brought a kick up into Ryan’s chest. The moved caused Ryan to release his hold on the middle rope and he tumbled back into the ring.

Ryan lay on his back near the ropes, while Ramey stumbled to the center of the ring still standing, but holding at his head and face. Ryan slowly began making his way back to his feet and Ramey rushed toward the ropes. Ramey jumped onto the middle rope and pushed himself back into Ryan’s general direction. Ryan turned to see Ramey flying at him, but it was too late. Ramey latched onto Ryan’s head, twisted him around, and planted him in the center of the ring with a springboard tornado DDT.


Ramey didn’t go for the cover though, with Ryan situated directly in the center of the ring Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet and rushed toward the ropes once again. This time Ramey front rolled toward Ryan, popping up right next to him, and then as soon as he came fully upright jumped hitting a standing senton on Ryan’s body.


The Anti-star still didn’t go for the cover. Instead Ramey grabbed Ryan by the arm and leg and dragged him to the nearest corner. Ramey then jumped straddling the ropes and flipped backward into the ring attempting to hit another of his signature moves, the split legged moonsault, but just as his body came down crashing on top of Ryan’s the man with the most devastating move in jOlt brought his knees up catching Ramey right across the midsection and causing him to jump back up to his feet and then flop down into the center of the ring.

Ryan managed to begin pulling himself back to his feet using the ropes, but he stopped half way up, keeping an eye on Ramey who had made his way to the other side of the ring and was doing the same thing, only slower. Ryan took this opportunity to try and catch his wind after the flurry of moves Ramey had just hit him with. As soon as Ryan saw Ramey get back to his feet, he quickly made his way back to his own and charged across the ring bring Ramey down to the mat hard with a spear that looked like it could have cut Ramey clean in half.

With Ramey down now, Ryan made his way back to his feet, breathing even more heavily than early in the match. Ryan walked around Ramey’s body and once again stared out at the crowd who was booing him. Ryan slowly pulled Ramey back to his feet, hoisted him up onto his shoulder, and then spun slamming Ramey back down to the mat with a signature move of his own, the spinning sit-out spinebuster. The impact from the move on the back of the Anti-Star’s neck looked as though it could have caused instant whiplash.

Ryan, much like Ramey, did not go for the cover though; instead he came back to his feet and once again walked around the downed body of Ramey for a moment before lifting him back to his feet. Ryan shoved Ramey’s head between his legs once more like earlier in the match, but the damage had been done, Ramey could no longer fight as Ryan lifted him up, then jumped planting his head on the canvas in the center of the ring.


Ryan floated over on top of Ramey’s body for the pin attempt and Boulder dropped to the canvas to make the count.




The bell sounded as the three count was made, jOlt’s Last Real Man slowly made his way back to his feet as “A Man” by Cypress Hill blasted throughout the arena once again. None of the fans could believe it, but this is exactly how the triple threat at Rise of the Legends ended and Jeremy Ryan was proving that wasn’t a fluke win here tonight.

He had also managed to gain the first victory in the jOlt Championship number one contender’s series between himself, Jesse Ramey, and Jimmy B. Martinez. If Rise of the Legends wasn’t a fluke and Ryan had proven that here tonight, could he be only one more victory over Jimmy B. Martinez away from claiming his rightful place as the number one contender to the jOlt Championship? More importantly, if Jeremy Ryan was able to hurt Jesse Ramey this badly tonight should the jOlt Champion, Landon Stevens, be wetting his pants right now at the idea of having to step into the center of the ring against him?

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"Big Homie... Have You Heard?"

Diamond Jewelz sits in a steel chair somewhere in a hallway backstage, wearing a light pair of jeans, and a purple and gold “#gOldenbOy” t-shirt, his numerous articles of shining and glistening jewelry shining into the camera. Them M’fn Goons, Lattrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully surround Jewelz, each wearing a pair of purple and black army fatigue pants, and a grey shirt. In front of Jewelz stand two massive, grown Presa Canario dogs; Jewelz pets his two ginourmous beasts, his diamond and gold grill glistening into the camera, as he caresses eaches head.

“Big Homie,” a familiar voice bellows out. Jewelz looks up. The camera pans around to reveal the glistening jerry curl locks and golden gleam of the grill of O.G. Simpson.

“Big homie.. Have you heard?” O.G. Simpson jibes…

“Heard what,” Jewelz inquires stll petting his dogs.

“Big homie.. Lee already filled the slot for your gOlden bOy Invitational tonight..”

“Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah…” Jewelz interrupts O.G., his face scrunched up in intrigue and confusion.

“What the fuck you mean homie… What you mean Lee filled my slot.. I told that motherfucker that if he were to ever…

“It’s Titan… Big homie...”O.G. cuts in excitedly.. Jewelz, cracks a wide gleaming and blinging grin.

“Titan huh..” Jewelz says rhetorically. The Goons nod their head in approval..

“Big homie.. That’s a big opportunity.. My nigga is a legend…” Samuel cuts in.. Jewelz gives his two beasts another pet…

“Yeah.. He is.. You know.. I was about to go wring that motherfucker Lee’s neck, cause I told that motherfucker that as far as the Invitational goes, I’m God.... But Titan… Yeah.. This seems like a gOlden oppurtunity… Lee done right… This is a good meal right here..”

“So what u thinking Big Homie??” O.G.

“You know, that motherfucker gets title shot after title shot don’t he?” “That he does, Big Homie.”

“He a legend too; might be looking for one of my custom Hall of Fame rings soon. Shit, motherfucker might be in the market for a custom belt … not a #gOldenbOy, cause motherfucker ain’t even in my league, but maybe that jOlt Championship gets on my boy’s waist. I’ll tell you what, you go find that old motherfucker and you offer him a way out. Tell him if he pays a toll I won’t beat his shit right before he gets a shot at a belt he might could win.”

“I’m all over it, Big Homie.”

The camera cut back to the ring.

"Why Me?"

The camera panned backstage where one of the more talented Starlets going today, Faith Hines, was taping up her wrist to get ready for her match a little bit later tonight. When she first got to the show tonight and saw the rundown for tonight’s card, she had to double check to make sure that what was there wasn’t a typo. There on the schedule for tonight read:

Starlets Title
Charlotte © vs. Faith Hines

Faith Hines had a lot going on in her personal life what with her friend, Alyssa Corliss, going nuts. Not to mention she had just come off a tough loss on the last edition of The Hype. So she sat there wondering how she got so lucky as she finished the tape on her right hand. When she looked up, she saw her opponent for tonight standing over her.

“Faith, hon, how you doing?” Charlotte said with a smile.

The now two-time Starlets Champion had the title over her shoulder and was sporting her ring gear and a red House hoodie over that. Faith shrugged.

“Charlotte, glad to see you. We’re gonna go out there and have a good match tonight.”

Charlotte nodded and as she was about to walk away, Faith cleared her throat and appeared apprehensive. The Vegas Vixen noticed the expression on her face and sighed.

“What’s going on, Faith? I would think you’d be happy you’re getting a Starlets Title match tonight, sweetie.”

Faith nodded. “No, I’m grateful, but … but I have to ask. Why me? Why not Sarah Winterton cashing in her rematch or Alyssa Corliss or Amber Ryann or … well, anybody else?”

The Starlets Champion had a seat next to Faith.

“I stole an opportunity from you a few weeks ago, hon. You were set to have a match with Sarah Winterton a few weeks ago when I jumped right at her. After all the things that bitch said and did to me over the last half a year, she deserved that ass-kickin’, but you didn’t deserve to have a match with the champion taken. I want to give any Starlet the chance to succeed in this company; Sarah denied a lot of you ladies this same opportunity with all that glad-handing, self-serving bullshit. I’m going to give anyone a chance at this belt. And besides, between you and me … “

Charlotte inched closer to Faith.

“… After the beating I gave that prissy bitch at Rise Of The Legends, she ain’t looking to come at me anytime soon.”

Faith and Charlotte shared a laugh.

“Well, thank you for the opportunity.”

“Look, Faith, just do me one favor out there, hon.”

Faith looked back confused. “What’s that?”

“Stop this mopey, whiny diary-writing shit, sweetie. You’re better than that. I want you to come at me with everything that you have tonight. I want to fight you at your best and if you give me anything less than that, I ain’t gonna forgive you. You got me?”

The religious Starlet gestured with another nod.

“You got it.”

“See you tonight.”

Charlotte sat up and left again and Faith Hines looked back at the schedule seeing her name right there, still unable to believe it. She had a big opportunity tonight and she would do what she could to make the most of it.

Alyssa Corliss vs Amber Ryann

Alyssa Corliss had been trying to make amends with those she pushed away during the time she was in turmoil over losing Sebastian Saje in her life. While things have been patched up with Faith Hines, Amber Ryann has been a little more resistant. Perhaps Ryann’s past is causing her to be more hesitant and cautious than others, but it seems Alyssa pushed the envelope a little too far and rematch between these two has been agreed upon in order to settle things.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

Alyssa was the first out from the backstage area. The fans cheered for her as she made her way down to the ring. Alyssa climbed between the ropes and stood over by ring announcer Dean Carrington as she looked like she really didn’t want to go through with this match. As she continued to look conflicted, her music died down and was replaced.

“Anitnotice” by AKIAKANE

“Dragonfly” Amber Ryann walked out from behind the curtain. There was a mixture of a reaction for her as she made her way down to the ring. Normally, she would have her pyrotechnics as she liked to put on a show, but she came out from the back and just walked to the ring with no fanfare. She wasn’t even wearing her dragonfly mask or the dragonfly wing in her hair. She simply entered the ring and looked ready to go. The referee called for the bell.




Amber looked ready to go while Alyssa told Amber to hold on for a moment. They came face to face in the center of the ring and Alyssa once against asked Amber if they could just talk. Alyssa genuinely didn’t want to fight Amber one on one. Amber balled up her fist and the crowd began to boo. Amber looked a bit conflicted as if she didn’t want to hit Alyssa.

Alyssa told Amber to calm down. She said to forget the match and let’s just head to the back and talk, but Amber shook her head “no”. Amber yelled out that Alyssa didn’t understand her and she kept pushing and pushing the issue and wouldn’t let it go. Alyssa had had enough of this and asked for a microphone. She was granted one by the time keeper.

Alyssa: “Amber… this is stupid. You know I don’t want to wrestle you. I’m trying to make amends here, but you’re not letting me do so. So… I’m going to offer a solution.”

Alyssa then lays down on the canvas.

Alyssa: “Pin me, Amber. Pin me and let’s go to the back and let’s talk.. one last time. I promise I’ll let you say everything you want to say to me. Even if I can’t say anything back.. I’ll let you get it all out. Let’s clear the air because I really do want us to return to being friends.”

Amber looked around the audience for a bit. Amber, too, was tired of all this and walked over to pin Alyssa.. but all of a sudden, Alyssa pulled her over into a roll up!




Amber got to her knees as Alyssa popped to her feet with a smirk on her face! The microphone was still in hand as the people had no idea what just happened. Alyssa brought the microphone up to her lips.

Alyssa: “You really are pathetic”, said Alyssa.



Alyssa super kicked Amber right in the face as she knelt there confused! The people in the audience began to boo Alyssa Corliss!

Alyssa: “I did my best to make up with my so-called friends, but you… you just wouldn’t accept it, would you? Faith Hines had the common decency to accept my apology, but you… you just had to be the gutter trash that you are and be defiant to the very end, didn’t you? Who the hell needs people like you in their lives? Wallow in your own self-pity for all I care. I don’t need you and neither does anybody else this world. You want to be alone? Fine.. be alone for the rest of your life! In fact, I hope you grow old and die alone… BITCH!”

Alyssa then dropped the microphone and exited the ring.

“Ouch” would be the only word to describe was Alyssa just said to Amber Ryann. Amber laid there on the canvas, holding her face in pain. After all of that effort in trying to regain her friendship with Amber Ryann.. why this? Why now?

We knew that this was FAR from over.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall

"Boiling Over"

Seated at his desk, Damian Lee's attention was on one of his monitors when the door to his office suddenly swung open. Lee turned with a startled look to see a dark, hooded figure in the doorway. After the visit he had earlier, this was the last thing he wanted to see. As the figure stepped forward into the room, Lee's eyes narrowed.

"Why yes, Providence," Lee said with a sigh, "please come in."

Providence took a couple of steps forward, standing just in front of Lee's desk. He stood silently for a moment before pulling the hood back so that he and Lee could look eye to eye.

"Mr. Lee..." he began slowly. "As I'm sure you are aware, your former Underground Champion Omega is having some...issues...lately."

"Not just lately," Lee muttered quietly to himself. As he looked up, he could see Providence was not as amused.

"Yes, I'm aware of Omega's mental problems. But their his problems, not mine. It's that damn curse they all talk about." Providence eyed Lee for a moment before replying, "I can understand your predicament, Mr. Lee, but you must understand as well that I am here for a purpose. Something far greater than some fictitious curse born out of locker room superstition. I will not allow my destiny to be compromised by someone so weak-minded that they fall completely apart simply for losing a piece of leather."

"Hey, listen, I get..." As the conversation between Providence and Lee continued, another large figure walked down the hallway and stopped just outside the office.

*whispering* "You must make us whole, must find our way." Omega held his head with both hands, closing his eyes. "How? How? We already failed!" As he reached the doorway, Omega opened his eyes and looked inside, taking in the sight of Providence and Lee. Only in his eyes, the dark hair and the imposing figure wasn't Providence.

*whispering* "Derecho....the one who stole from us." "It's our only redemption, our only truth." Inside the office, Providence was gesturing toward Lee and back toward the doorway. As he did so, Lee happened to look over his shoulder and his eyes widened.

*whispering* " we take it." "Now or never again be whole!" Omega let out a roar and charged forward. Providence had seen the look on Lee's face, but just as he turned around, Omega shot forward, spearing him across Lee's desk and to the other side of the room. The two men were in a heap on the floor, each raining blows upon the other.

Lee had barely moved out of the way in time and hurried to the doorway.

"SECURITY!" he shouted down the hallway. "I need help NOW!"

Seconds later, a mass of security officials filled the office and headed straight for Omega and Providence. The two men continued battering each other and a couple of the security guards before a half-dozen of them managed to subdue Omega enough to drag him from the office, loud shrieks echoing down the hallway as they pulled him away.

With Omega gone, the remaining guards released Providence and at Lee's urging left the room. Lee took a deep breath and sat back down at his desk, thankful for calm to return.

"Now, as I was..."

Before Lee could finish the sentence, Providence grabbed one of the chairs in front of Lee's desk and tossed it against the wall, then slammed a fist down right in the center of the desk. His eyes were aimed right at Lee's and Damian certainly didn't like what he saw.

"Mister....Lee...." Providence said again, even slower this time. "I am afraid you are leaving me no choice. You said Omega's problems were his. But as you can see, he's determined to make them mine. And unless something is done about this, that will force me to make them YOURS as well."

Lee could see a fury in Providence's eyes, a fire that was ready to explode. Lee wasn't sure what to say or do...then he had an idea.

"Okay, listen, I know you are upset right now, so I'm going to do something about this Omega issue," Lee said. Seeing Providence take a deep breath and lean in closer, Lee held up a hand.

"But, in the meantime, I think you need a match tonight to release some of that frustration you have," he said. "You've had a good start here and I think it's time you faced one of jOlt's biggest names to work out all that anger on."

Providence pulled his fist off the desk and straightened up. Lee continued, "Tonight, I'm giving you a one on one match with....Aran Thompson. Perhaps you can take all that anger you have toward Omega and, shall we say, re-direct it on Aran." Nodding his head, Providence left the office, kicking over a folding table in the hallway as he walked away.

Leaning back in his chair, Damian Lee smiled widely.

Mack Brody vs Seraph

With the Thieves Honor match coming up in just a few weeks time, there would be qualifiers set up over the next several weeks and three people were already in. The jOlt Champion Landon Stevens was in by nature of him defending the title in the match while Rebellion leader Sebastian Saje was awarded a spot by mere virtue of his being in the back pocket of Damien Lee.

Damien Lee put Chris Titan in a no-win situation where he more or less disbanded the Backbone by sending Mike Extreme and Sepiroth Du Luc to Japan while forcing Chris Titan and Reno Davis to wrestle in a qualifying match where the loser was fired from jOlt. Former jOlt and Relentless Champion Titan came up aces, but at the cost of Reno Davis losing his job.

Tonight would mark the fourth entrant into the match. “Midas” Mack Brody had been on the roll of his career which included a victory over Ninja K at Rise of the Legends along with a huge win over The Faction in the main event of last week’s show. Now, Mack Brody would be pitted in the rare situation of not only facing an opponent LARGER than him, but a member of the Heirs would be taking on a member of the Rebellion for the first time when Brody took on Rebellion’s largest member, Seraph. Brody had been on a tremendous wave of momentum, but Seraph had been a difference maker in many wars with jOlt including a victory at the end of a Gauntlet Match a few weeks back where he pinned Chris Titan. There was no doubt that Seraph could get it done if the chips came his direction. Which monster would want this opportunity more?

“The following contest is a singles match and this is a Thieves Honor Qualifying match!” Dean Carrington yelled.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica.

Darkness enveloped the arena and a single white spotlight shined on the stage after several baited moments. The camera panned up and the massive form of a monster appeared on the stage, standing stoic with arms folded and ready to lay a fucking hurt on somebody. The crowd booed the member of the Rebellion as he started to walk towards the ring. He had nobody from his group with him, trusting the monster with getting the job done.

“First, making his way to the ring… he weighs in at 351 pounds… representing The Rebellion… this is ”GOD’S WAR MACHINE… SERAPH!

The monster truly believed that his physical gifts were a blessing from the man upstairs and they served him well I n the Rebellion’s many wars with members of the roster. The seven-footer stepped onto the ring apron and stepped over the ropes with ease before he stood in the center of the ring. No posing, no preening, no posturing for the crowd. Just a cold, menacing stare for the jeering crowd. He firmly stood his ground as his opponent came out.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with “GOOD AS GOLD’ with the SuperMack emblem, the man called SuperMack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

Seraph hadn’t moved from the center of the ring still as a symbolic message that his ring would belong to him. Brody entered the ring and slammed a fist into the mat in emphatic fashion, sparking up an explosion of golden-hued pyro from all four turnbuckles. Brody was ready…

And so was Seraph!


Referee Simon Boulder was by far the biggest referee at 6’3” and 275 easy, but even he was dwarved by the pair of 300-pounders going at it right now! Seraph tried to get the jump on Brody and caught Midas with a big right hand, but SuperMack fought through the pain and came back with two more shots to the masked monster!

The crowd was 110% firmly behind Brody as he fired back with three more right hands that rocked God’s War Machine, but Seraph fought back with two big rights of his own! Brody was staggered now and he tried a third one, but Brody still blocked and came back with yet another bomb!

Right from Seraph.

Right from Brody.

Right from Seraph.

Right from Brody.

Right from Seraph… BLOCKED!

THREE more fucking rights from Mack Brody!

SuperMack backed him up into the corner and unleashed a hard-hitting series of Shoulder Thrusts to the rib cage of the seven-footer! He fired about five good shots to the corner to wear the Rebellion member down before taking him by the arm and whipping him across the ring! It was one of the few times were Seraph had been equally matched in terms of power, but if anybody could do it, it would be Brody.

The former powerlifter charged at the ring full speed ahead only for Seraph to get his foot up catching him in the face to stun him. Brody stumbled around the ring while Seraph charged to the ropes with intent to bowl Brody over…


The crowd was going NUTS for the incredible show of strength by Brody taking the big man and mowing him down with such a powerful move!

“THAT’S THE SHIT!” Brody yelled confidently to a cheering crowd before going for the first cover of the match.



But the celebration was perhaps a bit premature on account of Rebellions big fucking killing machine kicking out not long after a one-count. SuperMack picked up the monster off the canvas and sent him into the corner with intent to smash his face into the turnbuckle, but Seraph stopped and did the same to him first. With his opponent stunned, Seraph grabbed Brody and launched him cross-corner before trying to follow him in with a Body Avalanche… MISSED!

SuperMack rolled out of the way as the big man ripped off his shirt as the female contingent in the crowd started to get a hell of a lot louder now! They liked what they saw from the Heirs’ muscle man and he winked to the crowd as he tossed the shirt right at their direction. He turned back to Seraph and connected with a Running Corner Splash of his own to stun God’s War Machine. A few boots to the ribs rocked the monster and he fought back with several more good shots.

Mack Brody had intended to whip him across the ring again only for Seraph to reverse it and sent him flying. Mack bounced back (say that ten times fast, bitches) and ducked under a big elbow from Seraph. When he came back a third time, Seraph grabbed him and DROPPED him neck first across the top rope!

This shit wasn’t Iggy Azalea. There was nothing fancy about Seraph dropping Mack on the cable nor was the massive Big Boot that DROPPED him like a bad habit! Mack had his lights dimmed after the one-two combination from Seraph and that’s when the giant went for his first cover of the match.



Brody popped the shoulder out from underneath the Rebellion member. The Bronze Bomber tried to sit up only for Seraph to turn around and wallop him with another low-angled boot that put him down on his back again. Seraph stood over him and glanced out to the crowd with another menacing gaze.


The heavy for the Heirs was hurt now as Seraph helped him to his feet. Brody came back with a defiant fist to the gut only for Seraph to return the favor with a brutal shot of his own. He whipped him across the ring again, this time with full intent to just Hammer Toss him right into the turnbuckle! Brody arched his back in pain when Seraph caught him and PLANTED him with an incredibly vicious Sidewalk Slam! He stayed right on Mack and hooked the leg.




It was a close one but SuperMack kicked out. After some impressive showings the last couple of weeks, a loss here would certainly set him back and also put The Rebellion in the driver’s seat as far as their chances of claiming the jOlt Championship. He forced Mack up again and set him up again by hoisting him up and over into a hard Back Suplex into a vicious Side Slam! Again, nothing fancy but at seven feet and over 350 pounds, he didn’t need to be. He rolled over and made another hook of the leg.




Again, Mack kicked out but now Seraph was in full control and Mack would need to do something to change the tide really quick. God’s War Machine said nothing, but coldly stared at Simon Boulder which even creeped him out a little bit. He stood up as Brody was down and charged off the ropes looking for a Running Senton…


Brody rolled out of harm’s way and Seraph caught nothing but the mat! The shock was enough to stun the monster as SuperMack started to rhythmically slam a fist into the mat, getting the fans to start clapping in unison. Feeding off their energy, SuperMack used the corner to start to stand now as he waited for the chance to fight back. He caught him in the chest with a good shot and grabbed him by the neck before DROPPING him with a Swinging Neckbreaker!

Both men were down for several seconds before SuperMack moved first. The move was more of a measure to buy himself some extra recovery time but he was slow to rise first. SuperMack rolled out to the ring apron and waited for his chance to strike. He climbed to the top rope which wasn’t something that he was always fond of doing, but with a Thieves Honor spot for the jOlt Championship on the line…


SuperMack flew off the top rope and crashed right into Seraph! The monster was down and that’s when Brody hurriedly went for the cover on the big monster of The Rebellion.




The Bronze Bomber didn’t have enough on that occasion to keep the monster down! Brody fought through the pain he was in from Seraph’s own bombs and waited for the chance to strike again. He kicked Seraph in the gut and tried setting him up for something big in the form of the Torture Rack position only for God’s War Machine to drop elbows with the head.

After freeing himself, he wrapped both hands around his throat…


Brody elbowed his way free and muscled him into the corner with a Shoulder Tackle. He backed off a few steps and came back with a Running Knee Lift to the head, but Seraph was STILL standing! Instead, Brody charged off the ropes and when he came back…


The Running Body Block caught him! The crowd roared as Mack Brody turned around and hooked the leg, trying to punch his ticket to Thieves Honor!




“Damn it!” Brody shouted.

Normally, the Gold Rush was the prelude to The Midas Touch Powerbomb, but he had to use everything at his disposal to try and keep the giant down. Brody got back up and signaled to the crowd by throwing a fist into the mat before jumping back up. He was all fired up and looking for the chance to finish things off. He kicked Seraph in the gut and tried to set him up, but he couldn’t quite lift him up. Seraph broke free and shoved him to the ropes. When he bounced back…


The High Angled Spinebuster DROPPED Brody and the ring shook from the impact! Seraph stood over him and let out a guttural roar before he went for a lateral press. This was his chance for the Thieves Honor match!




Brody kicked out now which earned Simon Boulder another angry stare from Seraph. The two monsters were throwing bombs at one another at this point seeing who could get the one home run swing needed to win.

God’s War Machine looked to finish things off once and for all as he backed off and waited for Mack Brody to get back up using the corner. He was groggy as hell so when he saw Seraph come at him, he mowed him down with a HUGE Running Back Elbow in the corner! He stumbled out of the corner and now Seraph had him proverbially dead to rights… he set him up again…


It was sloppy as all hell, but at the apex of the lift, Brody had caught him with a Front Dropkick and saved himself from the Sit-out Chokebomb finisher! Seraph stumbled back into the corner now and Brody sat up and charged again with a monstrous SPEAR in the corner! Seraph was teetering on his feet in the corner as Brody spun around and now delivered a STIFF Discus Punch to the jaw! Seraph STILL stumbled around in the corner which gave Brody his chance as he hooked him up and this time, got him in the Torture Rack position…


The Sit-out Argentine Backbreaker landed! The wind was knocked right out of Seraph as Brody rolled over and hooked the legs now!




He got it!

It was a hard, hard fight between two of jOlt’s biggest monsters, but in the end SuperMack had used a hard-hitting flurry of moves to finish things off!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

SuperMack rolled outside of the ring and stood to his feet, celebrating with some fans in the front row from this MASSIVE victory! He’d defeated the most dangerous member of the Rebellion in a close match and now he was member number four of the Thieves Honor match.


Brody yelled at the camera and made the “I want that fucking belt around MY waist” gesture that fans knew all so well as he headed back up the ramp. To his credit, Seraph was ALREADY starting to stand and leered at Brody as the giant celebrated. These two giants nearly destroyed the ring in the process, but tonight, the hungry Mack Brody wanted it a little bit more.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"The Rose Bush: Jesse Ramey"

The ring had a deep red carpet laid out, a couple of leather recliners faced out towards the audience, but were skewed a little so as to face in the general direction of one another but not in an intimate, first date, eating a meal over a candle in a restaurant so dull, being lit by candlelight only and all, that you can barely see your steak, let alone her tits, which she has hoisted up and taped to the inside of her special bra specially for this occasion, only for it to go entirely unappreciated on account of this dolt sat across from her taking her to a restaurant that appears to have had a power cut… kind of way.

Oh, and there was a table between the chairs with some branded beers on it along with two microphones. And a plasma screen on a stand just behind that which read “The Rose Bush”.

Yeah, it was that time.

Alkaline Trio’s “Private Eye” played as the lights dimmed the stage and ramp spot lit, illuminating the red carpet that rolled its way down to the ring.

After a few moments Phoenix Rose stepped out onto the stage, adorned in his trademark maroon suit, hobbling along with the aid of his glass cane. He waved to the crowd and gave a wink, a grin spreading from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat from that film that I’ve never seen. The one where they have tea time a lot.

He limped down to ringside and up the steps, stepping through the ring ropes with his cane trailing behind him. He snatched a microphone from the table as his music faded out.

“Oh yeah, babayyyyyy!” he screamed into the microphone before holding his arms out ready to hg the audience, his teeth shimmering under the bright lights possibly blinding a small child in seat A5.Possibly.

“Wassupppp, Cracka’s?” he asked, rhetorically, getting a pop from the crowd.

“It’s me, Phoenix Rose. The best manager in aaaaages. Y’all might remember I managed a guy called KayKayKay that one time?”

The crowd booed at the sound of his name.

“’kay, ‘kay, ‘kay mangs, settle down. He was misunderstood, mang. He was jus’ like real chill, not racist. He wasn’t KAYKAYKAY as in like the letters, he was like ‘kay, ‘kay, ‘kay, sit back and eat some cheeto’s dude, ya know?” and then he did something even dumber, miming the smoking of marijuana and wobbling his head like one of those dolls from Dwight Schrute’s desk, “Pass’a’tha doobie, mon. Y’know?” he chuckled to himself.

‘Time for a beer’ thought several members of the audience, who headed up the steps at speed as though it was an Al Snow match or something.

“Uh—“ he stumbled, his grin dropping accentuating the creases around his mouth, the crow’s feet by his eyes. Phoenix Rose was getting old.

Phoenix blinked.

He blinked again.

He resumed his grin.

“And I used to have a midget called Mini-Geoff!”

Those that remained were back on-side. Everyone loves a ginger dwarf in an adult diaper.

“Yeah, woo-hoo!” he rattled his hand around by the side of his temple, “Rah-rah-rah.” He said, mater-of-factly. He would suck at watching sports. Luckily, he never bothered. He preferred those documentaries on MTV. He watched them mainly for the music, like everyone else who watched MTV these days, right?


“Okay, now you’re all warmed up, allow me to introduce to you all, the nicest man currently in sports entertainment, as far as I’m concerned, because he lent me some change earlier to feed my parking meter, Jesse Ramey!”

The crowd cheered as Shinedown’s “I’m Not Alright” played and Ramey stepped from behind the curtain wearing his ring gear.

He headed straight down to the ring and rolled under the bottom rope, taking the microphone offered to him by Phoenix Rose as his music died down.

“Jesse, my mannnnn!” Phoenix greeted him, his spare arm reaching outwards for a moment.

Phoenix took a few steps back, standing in front of his recliner.

“Take a pew, man. A pew pew. Pew. PEW! PEWPEWPEW!” Phoenix mocked a laser gun with his finger, shooting at a confused Jesse, who gingerly sat down in the recliner followed shortly by Phoenix.

Phoenix leaned forwards, gesturing at the bottles of branded beer that nobody ever drank but was continually advertised in more and more ridiculous ways.

“Beer?” Phoenix asked, turning his head so that he was looking right down the camera, giving a grin and a thumbs up.

Ramey shook his head and held his hand up, declining the offer.

“Right then, well, I think I will also leave my delicious beverage here on the table and allow the condensation to roll down the bottle. Bestservedicecoldpleasedrinkresponsibly.” He did the last bit with the microphone moving away from his mouth and at a lightning fast pace.

Phoenix cleared his throat, adjusting his tie.

“So, Jesse. You left ACW on quite a high, huh?”

The audience cheered the name a little, and Jesse gave a little smile and a nod as Phoenix interjected the crowd’s slight pop with a question only a drunken sorority girl would be dumb enough to ask.

“So how comes you suck at j0lt?”

The crowd fell to silence for a millisecond, then decided what they were considering was right, and they booed Phoenix Rose.

Seriously. They booed him!

Ramey ran his hand through his hair, “I think that’s more of an opinion than an actual statement. As far as I’m concerned I think I’ve been doing pretty well with the company. Just because I did so well in All-Star Championship Wrestling doesn’t mean I get a free pass coming into jOlt. I’m not stepping on toes, and I’m working my way to a good position with this company.”

“Well, I mean, you even lost at Rise of Legends, right?” Rose quipped.

The crowd booed again.

“What’s your point?” Ramey questioned, “I think I made things very clear with Damien Lee. Jeremy Ryan may have come out on top at Rise of the Legends, but as far as the records go we were all on a level playing field at that point. No one single person had an advantage over the others, that’s why we’re in the situation we are now.”

“Yo, I get all that, but let’s face facts mang. You are losing in the mid-card, and you’ve basically blown since you got here, right? I mean, y’know. No disrespec’ mang, but… how the heck do you expect to win the number one contenders match if you can’t so much as shave your balls without nicking them in your razor?”

“If I had an attitude about my career like you’re portraying right now then I would have never achieved anything in any promotion I’ve ever wrestled for.” Ramey snarled, “It took over three years for me to win a championship in All-Star Championship Wrestling. When I finally hit my stride though, there wasn’t a single person in that company that could go toe-to-toe with me and come out victorious. Just because I haven’t had the best luck with jOlt in the months that I’ve been here, doesn’t mean I should just lie down and give up because of people like you telling me how awful I am.”

Ramey tossed the microphone down showing that he was emphatically done with the interview. Rose’s reaction was rather strange though as he balled himself up on his couch and started swinging his cane in the air acting as if Ramey was going to attack him. Ramey looked on at the actions of Rose very confused, but before he had a chance to just turn and exit the ring the crowd had become overly excited for some unbeknownst reason to Ramey.

That reason was Jimmy B. Martinez had rushed toward the ring, and just as he slid into the ring under the bottom rope, Ramey turned to see him. Ramey was ready for Martinez, but the one thing he wasn’t ready for was the glass cane that came down crashing across the back of his head. Rose bashed his cane over Ramey’s skull and then made his way out of the ring as quickly as he could.

Staggered because of the attack from Rose, Ramey was thrust right into the waiting arms of Jimmy B. Martinez who quickly lifted Ramey up on his shoulders, twisted him around, and caught him on the way down with a cutter.


Ramey lay in a crumpled mess in the Rose Bush as “Machinehead” by Bush blasted throughout the arena and the scene faded.

Charlotte(c) vs Faith Hines

Rise of the Legends had come and gone and with it, we had a brand new Starlets Champion by the name of Charlotte! The Vegas Vixen had finally done the unthinkable by coming back from a three-month injury at the hands of the previous champion, Sarah Winterton and got her revenge in the first-ever Last Starlet Standing. Against all the odds, Charlotte had won the gold and matched the record held by Starlets luminary Aria Murphy to become a two time champion. Now she was looking to make good on a promise made to Faith Hines from Intense 101 where she kept Faith from a match with Winterton just to attack her rival. Now Faith Hines had a chance to do the unthinkable by taking advantage of Charlotte’s kindness and winning the Starlets Title tonight!

"Shook Me Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar.

Out from the back came Faith Hines. Faith has been struggling to find her way on The Hype as of late, but she hopes that a victory here tonight on worldwide television would not only help her get back on track, but she also would make her the new lead of the division! As she entered the ring, she warmed up and waited for her opponent.

“Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing new Starlets Champion, Charlotte! Since Sarah Winterton hadn’t been seen or heard from since Rise of the Legends, Charlotte was allowed to pick her opponent for her first title defense and that would be Faith Hines.

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring in a getup that had her dressing like a skimpy schoolgirl which got some whispers from the fans! She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready for her first match. She reached over and shook hands with Faith Hines before the bell rang to start off the contest.

Both Starlets locked up in the center of the ring and they tried to jockey for the early advantage over one another. The bigger Charlotte pushed Faith into the corner and pushed the Hype starlet into the corner until the referee ordered her to break off the hold. Charlotte acknowledged the request and she backed off willingly allowing Faith Hines a little bit of room to breathe.

The two locked up a second time and the two beautiful competitors fought for the first advantage that they could get over one another. Charlotte was more of an all-round type of athlete in the ring, but Faith had a particular focus in the wrestling game so it allowed her the advantage of taking over the lock and using a hammer lock.

Charlotte turned the tables on and that flipped around with a rear waist lock and then Charlotte lifted Hines up before throwing her into the canvas. She turned it around and rolled right into a tight front head lock to control the pace. Faith Hines started to try and get back to her feet when Charlotte rolled over and went right into a school girl pin.



And a kick out by Faith Hines.

The religious Starlet was then taken to the mat again by Charlotte only for the quicker of the two ladies to reverse that and toss her right into a crucifix pin on the ground.



And this time the champion kicked out. Both ladies were back on their feet, but Faith was a little bit quicker and kicked her in the stomach before rolling her up into a nice move in the form of a la magistral pin.



But Charlotte shifted her body weight into a pin of her own!




Charlotte and Faith Hines rolled to their respective feet and the crowd started to cheer for the two hard-working ladies for what was shaping up to be a potentially good contest. Charlotte took heed of the crowd reaction and approached Faith with another handshake. The two ladies went for another grapple when Faith Hines rolled underneath and now caught her flush in the face with a running drop kick. Faith may have taken Charlotte’s words to heart about not holding back and figured now was as good a time as any to take that advice. She rolled over and a lateral press was tried.



And a kickout by the Starlets Champion!

Faith grabbed The Vegas Vixen by two handfuls of hair and looked to possibly set up a suplex but Charlotte blocked it and pushed her into the corner. Charlotte jumped into action and took her down with a monkey flip out of the corner that sent Faith Hines flipping not once, but twice in mid air before crashing face first! Charlotte knew how to bring the goods, too, and the fans cheered on the champion as she stood proudly by blowing kisses to the fans.

As Faith worked to get back to her feet Charlotte jumped to the second turnbuckle and positioned herself for her next attack. Faith stood up only to eat a flying clothesline off the second rope. Now it was Charlotte’s turn for the cover.



Faith Hines with the kick out.

The Starlets Champion smiled knowing that Faith Hines was making good on her promise so far. She pulled her up and set her up in the corner prior to connecting with an elbow smash in the corner. She pulled Faith out of the corner and took her down with a snap suplex quickly and then rolled right into a cover.



And another kick out!

The challenging Starlet had her shoulder off the canvas again which prompted Charlotte to try something else. She sat up and dragged Faith near the closest corner and twirled her finger around to signal something flashy was coming up next. Charlotte was on the apron and started her climb to the ropes but she didn’t expect Faith Hines to get back up already and try to get something going. She had popped up to the second rope and snapped her right off with a big top rope arm drag!

The crowd popped from such an exceptional maneuver from the technically sound Starlet while Charlotte was writhing around the mat in pain after the impact. Hines was hurt as well but she had more than enough strength to roll over and try another cover.



Close, but no cigar!

The Starlets Champion had her title for a reason; her endless supply of heart. The Vegas Vixen was now in a bad disadvantage as Faith Hines rolled back to her feet and took the taller Charlotte with her. A quick series of forearms stunned Charlotte before Faith whipped her across the ring into the corner. Faith Hines waved her hands for the crowd and then charged with another dropkick in the corner to the Starlets Champion!

Charlotte slumped over to her knees and Faith pushed her to the mat now as she set her up near the corner. This time, Faith had the chance that she needed…


The double jump moonsault connected!



No new champion just yet!

Somehow, Charlotte kicked out and Faith Hines looked shocked. She thought she had it won and protested with the referee but only got herself a two and a half count at best. Faith had more tricks up her sleeve and she was going for her best one by her double arm DDT that she called No Faith In Humanity, but Charlotte twisted her way out of it. Both ladies hit opposite sides of the ring and when they both came back they crashed and burned in the middle of the ring with stereo cross bodies!

Both Starlets were hurt from the impact and they were each holding their ribs in pain as they went for respective strategies. Faith Hines was definitely bringing it tonight but Charlotte was known for giving it her all in the ring herself.

Charlotte was up first and tried to swing with an elbow that was ducked as Faith came back with one of her own. Charlotte fired one and then Faith fired right back. The ladies exchanged elbows until she fought back and landed a charging clothesline that knocked down the challenger.

As the fans loved the action and responded kindly with cheers, Charlotte ran off the ropes and came back with a running clothesline knocking her down. A second clothesline had the same effect and a flying forearm smash continued to give Charlotte the lead. The Vegas Vixen set her up now with a big move in the form of another snap suplex that dropped her down. Charlotte’s string of attacks continued as Faith tried to stand only to get kicked in the face…


The discus big boot finished her off and Charlotte went to pin her challenger.



Close, but no cigar again!

The Vegas Vixen almost had it won, but Faith Hines kicked out again. Charlotte decided the time was now to end this and set her up for her belly to back neckbreaker called the Queen of Hearts, but Faith slipped out behind her. She kicked her off the ropes and went for a sunset flip attempt, but Charlotte ducked down and cradled the legs!




Faith Hines had given it her all but tonight on this occasion she had taken advantage of one big move and pinned the challenger to retain her title!

Charlotte was given her Starlets Title back and she raised it in the air as Faith Hines came to. She stood up and looked disappointed with her showing tonight, but the truth was she had nothing to be ashamed of after putting up a great fight against somebody she could call a friend.

The two shook hands and Charlotte raised her hand as the two shared a good sense of sportsman … sorry, sportswomanship. Faith left her to have her moment while Charlotte celebrated. All in all a great first outing for the new champion of the Starlets division.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"A Thrill Ride, Baby!"

Phoenix Rose was wondering through the backstage area, flipping his keys around his fingers and whistling a tune available via a famous piece of music software but, obviously, not in the shops as a ‘single’, because this isn’t 1998. Duh. He reflected on how well his Rose Bush segment had gone a little while earlier and, as the wheels on his small maroon suitcase clattered across the cement of the parking lot, he decided that he was right back on top and in just a matter of weeks he would have a client fighting for the Relentless title if he played his cards right. A title that, someone in a chat room had reminded him in quite an elegant debate, that he had once held. Though, he couldn’t remember ever having been a member of the j0lt roster before.

“Too many shots to the head, playa.” He thought to himself.

As he reached his silver Lexus he noticed two large shadows uncomfortably close to the car. On closer inspection, he realised that it was two members of the Hype roster, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome. They weren’t close to his car so much as they were sat on the hood, chatting as if they were sat in their back yard waiting for the flames on the barbeque to simmer down.

“Um. Guys?” Phoenix interjected with an uncomfortable grin and a shrug, “Y’on my hood, crackas.”

Tripp and Davis looked at Phoenix in a way that indicated he could chase down a squirrel and stick his peen between its teeth. Tripp turned back to Davis and they resumed their conversation.

Phoenix shrugged. He collapsed the arm of his suitcase and picked it up, clicking the locks on the car doors open and hoisting his case into the car boot, slamming the lid and then getting into the driving seat.

The car came to life and pulled away.

Nope. Not sloppy writing. Tripp and Davis were still sat on the hood as it pulled away. And as it made a left out of the parking lot.

And, if local traffic news that evening was to be believed, halfway down the highway, too

"Money Talks"

The Arena of Champions had many hidden, quiet areas where someone can get comfortable: Suicide chose the rafters; Sylo the boiler room; Black Tom Williams, Mystique Darkheart, Jim Johnson, Damien Lee, and a few others for spurts in between all called the Skybox their home. jOlt’s current crop of younger talent on The Hype are all RingSharks students in a school run by Scott Riktor, Ryan Billows, Ninja K, and others right in the Arena of Champions. At this moment, however, we found ourselves in an often underutilized room of the building. Just backstage was a giant hangar-like room that housed the various pieces of ring equipment to be used on any given night. Chris Titan was circling The Pitt, an MMA Octagon ring formerly used both in cLuB and the Legacy of Champions. This is where O.G. Simpson found the former jOlt Champion.

“Yo, Chris Titan!,” O.G. shouted. Titan calmly put down a large wrench and turned around.

“The hell do you want?”

O.G. closed the personal space between the two, intentionally attempting to put Chris Titan off-guard. “Diamond Jewelz wants to offer you a way out of your #gOldenbOy Invitational match tonight, homie. All you have to do is pay him what you can … upwards of fifty-thousand, of course. That’s just the unwritten rule, homie, don’t hate the playa.”

“I just want to see if I’ve got this straight,” Chris Titan replied, “You’re saying if I pay this guy fifty-thousand dollars, or more, I won’t have to wrestle him tonight?”

“I’m saying that, homie.”

An amused Chris Titan nodded. “Okay, well, I’ll think about that. Can you go back to your pimp and tell him I’ll think about it?”

“He ain’t my--!”

“He’s a guy that you do things for because he pays you to do them, right? And, like, pretty much whatever he wants you to do?”

“Well … damn, homie. That’s cold.”

“Don’t hate the playa … playa. Now, tell your pimp I’ll think about it.”

Dejected, O.G. Simpson left the massive storage room but stopped before leaving. He spotted Chris Titan staring at a metal mask with wide-eyed wonder. “Dumb muhfucka,” slipped through O.G.’s grimacing teeth. His fists clenched and veins pulsated. He had to stop himself from sucker punching Titan right in the back of his head. It would have felt great but then he wouldn’t get paid and, as they say, money make the world go ‘round. Simpson left, without a definite answer, and with a growing hatred in his heart.

Vizier ta Seti(c) vs Ryan Gallway

"This next match is scheduled for one fall," said Dean Carrington, "and it will be contested under Third Eye Rules--"

The rest of his statement, "And it will be for the Jolt Wrestling Relentless Championship," was drowned out by the fans' cheering.

In the upper deck, a group of fans in a section facing the hard camera raised their signs in the air, perfectly forming the hand - drawn image of the Crescent Moon. Whether they planned it together, or one fan or a small group put the signs together and passed them out, who knows. But it was impressive, nonetheless.

CUE UP: "With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

The fans cheered at the sight of one of the Heirs of Wrestling, the Intergalactic Space Cowboy.

Ryan Gallway.

He entered the arena like a conquoring hero: hat on head, hands in the air, and a confident swagger. On his way to the ring he slapped hands with both sides of the aisle.

Carrington continued his pre - match spiel, introducing the fans to Ryan Gallway (as if they didn't know him already). Gallway vaulted himself over the top rope and removed his stylish hat, tossing it to the timekeeper who managed to catch it. He leaned against the top rope and stretched his back and shoulders against it as the music faded out.

Everyone waited.


The jOltVision screen came to life with an extreme - close up of the Relentless Champion.

Predictably, the place went off.

CUE UP: "People of the Moon" by PUi. The fans were far too loud for Carrington to even bother, though he did his job like a pro. The Relentless Champion stalked down the aisle with his hood over his head and his Championship belt in his right hand. He may or may not have instructed the referee to ring the bell, but he did slide under the bottom rope, and, without breaking stride, dropped the title belt on the mat and fired a clubbing forearm into Ryan Gallway's face. A second forearm, and a choke toss sent the Cowboy skidding into the corner. All around him, the fans cheered - both for Gallway to recover, and for Vizier ta Seti to finish him off.

Confusing? Sure.

Vizier shed his hooded vest and moved in for the kill: he pulled Ryan Gallway to his feet by the hair and sent him into the ropes with an Irish Whip... and Gallway baseball slid under the bottom rope to give himself a breather. The kid certainly was fast, that would be his biggest advantage. While he took a lap on the outside, Vizier ta Seti raised the title belt high above his head in premature victory, and to a rousing cheer from the fans.

Gallway planned his re-entry. He knew he had the time; there were no countouts in this kind of match. His presence on the outside was a psychological tool.

The Champion did a lap and handed the title belt to the timekeeper, fixating his glare back on his challenger. Gallway took a deep breath and climbed to the ring apron, and the two athletes stared each other down from opposite sides of the ropes.

Vizier moved toward Gallway, but at the exact right moment, Gallway leaned back, slingshotted himself to the rope, and leaped over the Champion as he attempted to grapple. Gallway did a 360, rolling down Vizier's back, and ran at the opposite rope. Vizier turned quickly and righted himself, but he was ill - prepared for Gallway's sudden dropkick to the knee. It staggered Vizier, and Gallway took the opportunity to rebound off the opposite side and clip the Relentless Champion's other leg, sending him to the mat.

A quick cover with both legs hooked: ONE... TWO... Kickout by Seti.

Gallway hooked him by the mohawk and pulled the Relentless Champion to his feet. A hook of the head and a snap suplex later, he covered again! ONE... TWO... TKICKOUT!

The challenger maneuvered behind the Champion as they both assessed the situation: Gallway had kept his advantage with his speed, and knew the way to keep it was to keep Seti off balance. Vizier ta Seti made it to one knee, and Gallway made his next move, a bulldog that bounced Seti's forehead off the mat again! Another cover, ONE... TWO... Kickout!

Another rise, another scoop, and an Irish whip into the ropes - Seti with the reversal! Gallway with a handstand springboard... QUASAR KICK!


As Gallway flew backwards with the Quasar Kick, Vizier ta Seti caught him by the ankle and half - threw, half - slammed him to the mat, with the Space Cowboy landing on his head and shoulder. There was no follow up, however, as the One Who Saw All needed to take a moment. Gallway blinked hard as he rose to his feet, trying to clear what was probably double vision from his view.

He didn't have enough time, though, as Seti ran up behind him, grabbed a handful of hair, and vaulted himself over the top rope, bouncing Gallway's neck off the rope and stun - gunning him backwards. He flailed on the mat, holding his neck, while Seti rose to his feet and sent a folded chair under the bottom rope. This caused a roar from the fans and a warning from the referee, however with Third Eye Rules, there were no disqualifications. Seti set up the chair in the middle of the ring, somewhat off - center, and scooped Gallway.

Cross - corner whip, Gallway nearly clipped his foot on the chair, but he missed it and hit his spine hard on the turnbuckle. Half a step behind him, Vizier ta Seti had taken one step onto the seat of the chair, one on the back of the chair, and launched himself toward the corner.

The high - angle crush looked like it snapped Gallway in two; his strengths, so evident a scant few minutes ago with his speed and agility were now spotlight - shone next to his weaknesses. His smaller frame that granted so much speed could not absorb a sustained assault.

Gallway slumped, and Vizier ta Seti hooked him with a snap suplex. He rolled over and hooked a leg, ONE... TWO... THKICKOUT!

Seti was back to his feet, and he scooped Gallway, pressing him high above his head! He extended his arms, and dropped Gallway to the floor, fifteen feet down! The fans against the guardrail all stood to get a better view, but Vizier was quickly on the scene and sent Gallway back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Gallway was doing his best to struggle to his feet, but Vizier was on him, hoisted him, and dropped him with a side suplex that bounced the back of his head off the mat.

Despite Vizier's words about respect, it's clear that he was venting his frustrations at not having an opponent to test him until now.

Another scoop. Vizier kicked the chair out of its spot in the middle of the ring and sent Gallway into the ropes. Clothesline - Gallway ducked! He hit the other side behind Vizier and held onto the ropes! The Champion turned - SUPERKICK! Gallway lost his balance while delivering it, but Vizier's momentum was stopped in its tracks as he staggered back and went down on one knee.

Gallway was off the ropes again, leaped to the top, and pushed off, landing a boot on the side of Vizier's head as he started to rise. Gallway rolled through to his knees and raised an arm in premature victory, having successfully turned the tide.

He got a decent amount of cheers for this.

While the Champion pulled himself back up, Ryan Gallway climbed to and poised himself on the top turnbuckle, waiting for just the right moment. Smart money said he was about to hit the Precision Point, the headscissors - turned - DDT that may spell a new Relentless Champion.

It never came.

What came... was unexpected. Gallway's tag team partner Frank Silver emerged from the back. That part wasn't unexpected.

The unexpected was that he was beaten down and bloodied, and was actually shoved backwards into view. Gallway froze, staring at his partner in quite the state - then he locked eyes with the perpetrators.

Eli Conway.

Ezra Conway.

The Faction.

Eli picked Silver up from behind while Ezra booted him in the gut.

At the same time, Vizier ta Seti hit the ropes, causing Ryan Gallway to lose his balance and crotch himself. He fell forward into the ring, where the Relentless Champion pulled him to the center of the ring with two handfuls of hair.

A leap, and a drop, and Gallway's face bouncing off Vizier's knees, it was all over!

See No Evil!




Vizier retrieved his belt and walked up the aisle toward the continued onslaught. The fans cheered for the successful title defense, and they booed at the way Gallway's attention was split in two. But they all got relatively quiet when Vizier approached the Faction, still holding onto Frank Silver.

Three - way glare.

No fisticuffs.

But the Faction backed off.

For the Champion, the Faction, and the Heirs of Wrestling... things would certainly explode another time.

After the faction had cleared, Vizier ta Seti had asked for a microphone. He brought it up to his lips as he regained some of his breath

"Discipline. Intensity. Endurance."

"The strong have it, the weak crave it."

"Jolt Wrestling is filled with weakness."

"There's Omega, an undefeated Underground Champion who loses his fire and disappears. There's Derecho, a man with a lucky shot, who has proven he can't maintain his excellence."

"There's Landon Stevens, a paper champion with a glass jaw."

"And Diamond Jewelz: a shallow excuse for an athlete who answers his shortcomings by creating his own worthless championship."

His eyes shifted upward, to look straight down the camera lens.

"Our struggles are beyond the petty power shifts in the front office, or the amusing efforts of the Rebellion. It's not about money, it's not about power or fame or fear. It's about finding the will to act."

"People of the Moon."

"Let them hear you."

Seti dropped the microphone and exited the ring with his Relentless Championship! He was here to make a statement and a statement he made here tonight

Winner: Vizier ta Seti via Pinfall

"The Funky Fresh is Back in the Flesh with A Vengeance, Homes"

A great challenge had been posed by Faith Hines in her first defense of the Starlets Title but Charlotte had come up with the winning combination needed to retain her championship. The Vegas Vixen was backstage where Donny Layne greeted her.

“Charlotte, I would like to offer my congratulations to you on your first successful title defense.”

“Thanks, hon, I appreciate it!” Charlotte beamed. The proud champion patted the title draped on her shoulder.

“So fans are definitely wanting to know what is next for Charlotte and her reign as the champion?”

Charlotte held onto the title and gestured it towards Donny.

“As you know, it’s been a hell of an uphill battle for me, hon. I’ve fought back from injury, I came back after the woman that put me on the shelf, I kept scratching, clawing and fighting my way back but this championship makes it all worth it. I’ve become only the second Starlet to have been lucky enough to hold this title twice, but now I want to go beyond all that.”

“How do you mean?”

“Sweetie I want to be the yardstick for which all future Starlets get measured. Winterton – as much as I hate that bitch – she held onto this title for eight months against all challengers, so I want to break that record. I want to do more than that. I want to give more of the hardest-working division of women’s wrestlers more opportunities. I want to defend this in main events, I want this belt to continue to mean something and I won’t stop …”


The blood-curdling scream came from Sarah Winterton! Nobody had even seen or heard from the ex-champion after she was knocked out at Rise Of The Legends, but here she was in the flesh! Donny Layne jumped and backed away as Sarah Winterton rammed Charlotte right into the wall of the interview set. She began to ram the back of her head into it repeatedly while shouting obscenities in her own special way.


Another slam!


Another slam!


Winterton picked up a fallen set light and knocked her right in the stomach with it! Charlotte fell to her knees and Desta crept up into view, standing behind her charge as she backed off and looked to the crowd.

“I will take back what is MINE, do you hear me? I am not the swearing type, but payback is a... well, me, darling!"

Desta chortled right behind her.

"Good one, My Queen."

Sarah Winterton and Desta both took off and trainers attended to the battered and beaten champion as she tried to regain her bearings. There was nothing fancy about what happened –

The ex-champion was back with a vengeance.

And payback was a real Sarah Winterton.

"Bye Bye Birdie"

"Ladies and Gentlmen, Cassidy Sky!"

Dawn Cassidy stood next to the Starlet Division New Comer as the camera panned out and she was all smiles.

"Thank you, Dawn." Cassidy Sky could barely be heard as Sky turned to face Cassidy.

"Cassidy Sky, last week we all...especially to see you attack The Rebellions very own Raeyvnn and many are calling it a cheap shot."

Cassidy Sky shook her head as her smile grew larger.

"Cheap shot? Dawn, it cost a lot of money for me to relocate to America from my second home of Japan. I don't call it a cheap shot at all. I mean I put in a good few thousand dollars into that shot!" Cassidy Sky sarcastically quipped back at Dawn Cassidy who seemed to enjoy the sarcasm.

"When Aran Thompson called me up and said that he needed help putting down a piece of the Rebellion that he knew he had no chance to get, I jumped at the opportunity. It's been years since The 13th Warrior stepped into a ring in America. Honestly, I was shocked to hear that jOlt even wanted me. I'm not your typical Starlet. Because I will bleed for the fans. I will continue my match with torn tendons and broken bones! There is a reason why I'm known as The 13th Warrior! BECAUSE I WILL FIGHT ANYONE! ANYWHERE! ...and win."

The smile on Dawn's face faded and her head tilted.

"H-how exactly do you know Aran?" Dawn chirped with a vein of jealousy.

Cassidy Sky shook her head.

"Does that really even matter? Aran and I are just friends, matter of fact he trained me..."

"Wait!" Dawn interrupted Cassidy.

"Aran trained you too!?" Dawn continued with confusion in her voice now.

Cassidy shook her head and put her right hand in Dawn's face and took the microphone away from her.

"Look. This is stupid. Aran Thompson asked me to come here to deal with a little bird problem that jOlt is having and you just want to ask the unimportant questions. You should be asking questions like...."What's next?"!."

"You see, I know Raeyvnn is here! I know that she wants revenge! And I'm not trying to drop obscure band name references! I want her to find me! I want her attack me! I want to see what she has to offer because she didn't have much to offer last week now did she?"

Cassidy Sky slammed the microphone into the chest of Dawn Cassidy and snarled.

"Next time keep it short and to the point, sweet cheeks." Cassidy Sky advised Dawn Cassidy whose eyes grew large with terror.


A Chair flew into camera shot and cracked Cassidy Sky right in the middle of her back sending Cassidy Sky to her hands and knees in pain and Raevynn shrieked in the ear of Cassidy.





Cassidy Sky lay unconcious on the ground after a third chair shot and Raevynn incoherantly continued to repeat herself as Security came out and seperated Raevynn from further damaging The 13th Warrior.

Dawn looked shocked as she raised the microphone to her mouth slowly.

"These two are coo-coo."

Scene faded.

Seymour Almasy vs Keiichi Ito

Match time, once again. Just like last week, a man stood in the ring, awaiting his action. This time, though, he was a man with ties through a family member to jOlt's past. He stood in his red tights and kickpadded boots, hoping for the chance of a lifetime.

"The following contest," Dean Carrington screamed, "is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit! Introducing first, already in the ring at this time, he hails from Osaka, Japan, and weighs in at 212 lbs. He is the son of former Jolt Wrestling Triple Crown and Ambassador Champion, Kenjiro Ito..."

That BOOOOOOOO you hear comes to you courtesy of the long time jOlt fans.


"Keiichi ito's still in his early twenties," Buhrman informed the audience, "but he has six years of experience. He's been working the independent scene in Japan over at Global Pro and the States, and he's been granted this opportunity as part of jOlt's talent trade deal with the promotion! Tonight Keiichi gets his chance at, well..."

“And,” Carrington bellowed out, for all to hear, “his opponent!”

Lights out, leaving a pitch black arena. Just like last week.

jOltVision engaged, just like last week.

And, as Keiichi Ito looked down the aisle, he saw a familiar man heading towards the ring to do battle with him for the second time in his career.

Ever since I could remember,
Everything inside of me,
Just wanted to fit in (oh oh oh oh)
I was never one for pretenders,
Everything I tried to be,
Just wouldn't settle in (oh oh oh oh)

“Monster” by Imagine Dragons' ubiquitous sound filled the arena's sound system as the crowd looked on curiously. Last week, Seymour Almasy had said nothing, simply quietly walked out of the shadows and into jOlt, defeating Jason Rau in the process. What would happen this week? Would Seymour say something? Anything?

And then, only then, after a moment or two more of wondering, did the lights come back on, to reveal a man standing atop the stage. He wore a jOlt logo t-shirt, a pair of black leather pants, and boots to match. In a company of giants, his size was unremarkable. He couldn't have been, really, any more than five foot seven or five foot eight. He weighed less than one-hundred and eighty pounds.

If I told you what I was,
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous,
Would you be scared?
I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
That this problem lies in me

Once again, the crowd's reaction was mixed. Once again, the man walking the aisle didn't seem to care too much about that fact.

"Seymour Almasy," Buhrman noted, "on his way to the ring for the second time in his jOlt career. As for why he's here, folks? You got me. I don't think a name as big as Seymour has EVER walked into a promotion in wrestling history for the first time and just...given no indication of his purpose."

'Whatever the case is," Powers replied, "he didn't seem to have a Hell of a lot of ring rust. Keiichi Ito may be the son of a former Jolt Wrestling Triple Crown Champion, but he's going to need his A+++ game here tonight."

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

“Making his way to the ring at this time,” Dean Carrington managed, by now not even needing his cue card, “he stands five feet, seven inches tall, and weighs in at one-hundred and seventy seven pounds! He is a former multi-time World Champion, ladies and gentlemen, making his second appearance here in jOlt...”

Seymour Almasy slid in under the bottom rope, popping up to his feet and looking Keiichi dead in the eyes. Kirk Hamilton stepped between the two men, but the proceedings were fairly civil, allowing Carrington to finish his job.


The once Final Fantasy shrugged and removed his t-shirt, revealing his abdomen to the world. The ORPHAN tattoo made Keiichi shake his head angrily. He'd stepped in the ring with the fal'Cie before, in All-Star Championship Wrestling.

"It'll be different this time," Keiichi Ito vowed, quietly, and was astonished when Almasy nodded his head, and gestured for Kirk to call for the bell.






Both men had gone for their favored early match gambits, and both had been stymied by the other. It was enough for Seymour to offer a thin smile, before leaning in to start the contest conventionally with a collar and elbow tieup.

"Both men wanted the quick KO shot," Powers stated, as Keiichi and Seymour jockeyed for position, "but both able to evade."

"This is essentially a tryout for Keiichi," Buhrman replied. "jOlt is ALWAYS looking for new talent. He's on national television against a legend of this sport. He's got the world to gain and not a lot to lose, and sometimes, that's the best spot to be in."

The larger Ito managed to come out of the tieup with a full arm drag and twist, putting pressure on Almasy's wrist. Seymour quickly rolled to the canvas, twisting his way back up to reverse the position, before using the grip to pop Keiichi with a kick to the ribs.

The second try though, resulted in Keiichi catching the kick with his free arm. Seymour looked vaguely impressed for a moment, hopping on his free foot, before releasing Keiichi's arm and leaping for an enzuigiri. Keiichi ducked, and quickly pounced to clamp in a side headlock on the downed Almasy.

"Wrestling basics here from Ito," Powers noted. "For all of Seymour Almasy's strong points, technical, bread and butter wrestling is NOT one of them."

Seymour pushed up onto his hands and knees quickly, looking around for an escape. Ito seemed intent to let him use his energy, leaning on Seymour to force more exertion. As Ito leaned forward and down to complete a side headlock takeover, though, Seymour simply went dead weight to his knees, allowing his head to pop free.

"That was cute," Buhrman said, as Keiichi stood up and turned around...right into a leaping, whirling Seymour Almasy.


The jump spinning roundhouse caught Keiichi on the button and Seymour threw himself into the cover, cinching a leg tight.




Ito tried his level best to clear the cobwebs out of his head. Seymour didn't seem too intent on giving him that necessary time, picking Ito back up, only to snapmare him to the canvas and deliver a sharp kick to the back. Seymour moved around to the front, scoring with a similar kick to the chest. Turning away from Keiichi, he leaped to land a standing moonsault across Ito's abdomen, holding it for a cover.




"All Almasy," Powers said, even as Keiichi tried to struggle back to his feet. "It's like he hasn't missed a day."

From his knees, Keiichi surged forward with a palm strike to the short ribs, stunning Almasy and doubling him over. The odd angle had paid dividends, and Ito lunged with a rising elbow under the chin that snapped Seymour up and back.

Ito got his feet back under him, and threw a forearm to the face. Seymour recoiled into the ropes, only for Keiichi to throw two more, using his size to try and bully Almasy around. Keiichi went for the Irish whip, but Almasy went for the leap frog on the way back.

One problem.


Keiichi simply CAUGHT Almasy's leapfrog attempt, sat down, and powerbombed Seymour into the canvas. Ito held the position for his first cover of the contest.




Almasy threw a shoulder up off the canvas, and Keiichi stayed right on top of him, firing Seymour into the nearby corner.

"Ito's gotta stay on Almasy," Buhrman called, "and not give him a MOMENT's respite!"

Keiichi seemed intent on doing just that, charging into the corner and jumping to drive a knee into the chest of the former Final Fantasy. Seymour came tottering out of the corner, only for Keiichi to manuever behind and try to dim Seymour's lights.


Ito's big roundhouse kick caught Seymour in the back of the head, sending Almasy tumbling face-first to the canvas. Keiichi's cover followed after managing to roll Seymour to his back.




It was a weak kickout, but a kickout nonetheless. Keiichi quickly headed out to the apron, and then ascended to the top rope, taking careful aim at one Seymour Almasy. It was a chance, but Ito knew you needed to take those to beat your superiors in the sport of kings.

Keiichi flew off the top rope, body parallel to the ground as he threw a Japanese-style missile dropkick. It was on target until the last second, when Seymour whirled out of the way. Keiichi landed flat on his back, the wind rushing from his body with a big whooshing sound as Seymour grabbed both legs, and flipped over with a jackknife cover!




Sometimes, against a veteran of the ring wars, that old adage that all it takes is three seconds was proven true. Keiichi squirted free at about a count of four, but he knew that he'd been beaten.

Kirk Hamilton called for the bell, and Dean did his job.


"Your winner," the intrepid announcer called, "of this contest, at three minutes and thirty seconds, SEYMOUR ALMASY!"

"Seymour caught a quick one on Ito," Powers noted. "That's a skill, a talent. It's not easy to pin a guy who's still reasonably fresh."

"Ito had the wind driven out of him on his landing," Buhrman agreed. "And Seymour saw that, and went for the win immediately. That's instinctive. A lot of guys would just go to inflict more punishment and waste the moment.

Keiichi, by now, had worked his way to a seated position. Shaking his head in disappointment, he looked up to see Seymour extending a hand down to him.

After another moment of self-reflection, Ito took it, and Seymour pulled Keiichi back up to a standing position, and clapped the younger man on the shoulder.

Another week.

And, judging by the fact that Seymour Almasy was heading to the back, another week with no answers.

Actually, no. There was one question that had been answered for the second straight week.

Seymour Almasy was still a damned fine pro wrestler.

Winner: Seymour Almasy via Pinfall

"The Todesengel"

The murmuring of the crowd had taken over the arena, as they waited for action to once again pick up in the squared circle. However, instead of two warriors engaging in combat, they found the well-known interviewer of jOlt standing in the middle of the ring. Donny Layne looked over the capacity crowd, loving how the arena was jam-packed to the rafters. He brought a microphone up to his mouth and drew everyone's attention to him.

"Last week, jOlt found itself infused with the blood of new superstars. One in particular made a statement like none had ever done before. Previous holders of The Hype title had tried to cash in and physically take a place on the jOlt roster. All had failed. That was until this man dared to enter the ring and challenge who many consider to be one of the top competitors in jOlt history in Derecho. Not only did he achieve his goal of joining the roster, he shocked the world by becoming the Underground Champion. Allow me to introduce, accompanied by Lorelei Albrecht, Pietro Geist!"

Layne directed everyone's attention to the entance ramp and "Links 234" drowned out all other sound in the arena. With the Underground Title held high above her head, Lorelei led the man dubbed "The Uberkreiger" down to the ring. She made her way up the steel steps, while he leapt up to the apron where he looked over the crowd. A contingent of avid Hype watchers broke out into a small "GEIST" chant. Lorelei couldn't stop herself from pointing at a "Lorelei = Ratings, Geist = Death" sign and blew the gentleman holding it a kiss before she and Geist simultaneously entered the ring.

"Thank you very much for joining us," Layne smiled to which Lorelei smiled back and accepted his handshake. On the other hand, Geist just glared down at Layne, letting him know without words to pull his hand away.

"Nein, danke," the blond bombshell replied and positioned the title safely on her shoulder.

"How does it feel to be holding that title?"

"It feels right, Herr Layne. I know many out zhere zhink it vas a fluke zhat Pietro defeated the dreaded Derecho, but let me assure shou zhat no man is more vorthy of holding zhis title zhan him."

"We will have to take your word for it, as we know absolutely nothing about him other than the trail of broken bodies that followed him on The Hype. Can you shed some light on this man?"

"It is true. Mein Pietro is a man of very few vords und sees no point in telling the vorld his backstory. Luckily, for him. I have no issue vith doing so." Using her hands to bring attention to Geist, she continued on. "Now, I know many of you instantly stereotype him, as just another German Aryan ubermensch. While he fits zhe mold in all vays physically, he is not zhe evil Nazi shou all expect. Pietro is a Christian kreiger of pure heart und vith a code of honor like none shou all have seen before. Allow me to tell all of shou a story. Pietro grew up zhe oldest of four children. Zheir parents could barely scrape together zhe money to pay zhe bills let alone feed zhem all or take care of his twin brother, Rupert, whom had lost his legs in a tragic motor vehicle accident. Pietro vould sacrifice for his siblings, many nights going to bed without food or to school vith torn dirty clothes. He took it upon himself to make a harness to carry his brother on his back wherever zhey had to go, be it zhe grocery store or church. Oh believe me vhen I say zhat jOlt has never known a man like Pietro Geist."

Donny couldn't believe his ears and he listened closely, as Lorelei continued on.

"Shet, I am not here to tell shou a story a voe. I am here to make sure zhat all of shou here tonight, all of zhe competitors in zhe back, und all of zhe people vatching at home know zhat zhe landscape of jOlt is changing. The Underground Title vas corrupted by crazed beasts like Omega or by soulless villains like Derecho. The days of terror have come to an end. As long as zhis title is zhe sole property of Pietro Geist, it will be defended vith honor. Long ago, I varned Zhe Hype zhat only zhe elite vould survive. Now, I announce it to all of jOlt. Shou zhink shou belong among zhe upper echelon zhere is only one vay to prove it. Face zhe Underground champion. Face zhe Uberkreiger."

From out of nowhere, music began to play. A familiar and somewhat unwanted face stepped out to the top of the entrance ramp. Geist instinctively positioned Lorelei behind him, creating a human shield between her and the ramp, as Damien Lee brought all the attention to himself.

"Let me start by saying congrats!" Lee excalimed. "I was truly impressed by how you defeated Derecho. I mean it. I really do. Though, you did kind of blindside him. Even as great as Derecho is, it is still hard to beat someone you knew absolutely nothing about."

Lee took a step back with his noticing of Geist shooting him a hate-filled glare.

"That doesn't mean I don't think you are one hell of a competitor. I just think it was a little unfair. So in a show of fairness. You will be defending the Underground Title."

That brought some life to the crowd, who loved seeing the pure havoc that accompanied the Underground Title.

"So, tell Miss Lorelei and Donny there to clear the ring because that match is happening right now! It will be Pietro Geist defending his title against this man..."

Damien Lee stepped aside and motioned to the curtain. "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage The Elephant started up and down the ramp came the colossus known as Spike Saunders!

Spike Saunders vs Pietro Geist...

Underground Title...


Pietro Geist(c) vs Spike Saunders

It was a rare occurance when Pietro Geist had to look up at anyone, but there he stood in the middle of the ring glaring at the massive Spike Saunders. The two gargantuans backed to opposite corners and as soon as the referee called for the bell, they hurried out to the middle of the ring. Geist's well-trained fists immediately came into play. In no time at all, he had Spike pinned in the corner. He unloaded with lefts and rights to whatever part of Spike's torso or head was exposed. Spike tried to fire back only to have Geist bob and weave under his punches and blast him again.

Saunders shoved his opponent away only to have him charge right back at him. Instead of getting mauled by the German for a second time, Spike unceremoniously threw him over the top rope, all the way to the floor.

Looking to take advantage, Spike quickly made his way out of the ring only to have Geist go right back on the attack. Right hand after right hand rocked Saunders' head back. Spike had to put a stop to the assault and did so by throwing Geist into the steel post.

Saunders looked to make full use of the rules or lack there of that come with the Underground Title, as he dug under the ring for a weapon. He pulled out a trash can and had only one thing in mind for it, wrapping it around the German's blond skull. However, that idea would have to wait, as Geist exploded off of one knee and speared his enemy over the announce table.

Lefts and rights rained down on the fallen Spike without any return fire. He was pulled back up only to be thrown back over the table and after having his head bounced off the apron, his massive frame was rolled back into the ring. Geist's strategy was more than obvious. He was going to punch a hole through his enemy's face. He had backed Saunders against the ropes when he sent him to the opposite ropes. Nearly the same weight, a collision between the two would end in a stalemate. However, Spike had built up a hefty head of steam and launched himself at Geist with a diving shoulder block.

It took a moment for Spike to regain his focus, but when he did, he went right to work with repeated boots to the Todesengel's ribs. An arm wrench led to a top wrist lock and Saunders used it to pull his foe up to a vertical base. Spike put Geist down instantly with a short-arm clothesline, but never released his grip on Geist's arm. He pulled him right back up just to wrench the arm further and clobber him for a second time.

In a move that no one expected, Spike made his way up to the second rope. He waited patiently for Geist to get up and just as he did, Saunders dove out of the corner and to the surprise of everyone, the German caught him in a waist lock and immediately launched him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex.


That got the attention of the capacity crowd and they came out of their seat. It was a rare sight to see someone the size of Spike being thrown across the ring. The German's killer instinct was coming to the forefront and as soon as Spike was standing, Geist blasted him with a rolling European uppercut that sent the Colossus tumbling over the top rope to the floor.

If there was one adjective someone could use to describe Geist it would be relentless. He stalked the dazed Saunders before sending him crashing violently into the security barrier. Spike was given no chance to breathe. He was led to a corner of the barrier, being blasted in the face with right hands the entire way, and seated him in a folding chair. Spike was seeing stars while his opponent put some space between them. As if he was shot out of a cannon, Geist was a human missle that crashed into his foe, sandwiching him between the barrier and the German's huge frame.

The Todesengel was a man on a mission. He was going to overcome this enemy and he was willing to up the stakes to do so. He started clearing off the announce table and wasted no time in rolling his enemy up onto it. In what might be the most shocking sight of the night, the table somehow stood up to the weight of the two massive competitors. Geist was looking for a bulldog like powerslam. Yet, Spike slipped down behind him and hooked a full nelson...



A collective groan from the crowd echoed through the arena with the sickening sound of Geist hitting the floor. He couldn't help but growl, as his entire body tensed up from the pain. Spike wasn't exactly springing to life either. He lay on the table, trying to gather as much energy as he could. It took him a fe moments before he was able to roll to his feet and stumble over to the ring. Saunders tried for a blitzkreig of his own. Geist had just used the announce table to pull himself up when Spike rushed him. He lifted his foe up in a waistlock and ran him spine-first into the steel post.

Spike was not done there.


He immediately sent his opponent crashing into the steel steps with enough momentum to send them flying away from the corner of the ring.

Geist found himself introduced to the steel steps once again courtesy of him being slammed face-first into them by his adversary. Once was not enough for the Colossus either. Though, three times was just about right for him and he laid the German on larger bottom section of the steps. After driving his boot into Geist's chest, Spike climbed onto the barrier. It took him a second to steady himself, but once he did, Saunders looked to crush his foe.

Unfortunately, the Todesengel was not going to let that happen.


In the blink of an eye, Geist rolled to the side. While doing so, he held the side of the steps, turning them on their side and Spike came down right on them. That instantly knocked the wind out of the gigantic Saunders and all he could do was clutch his ribs in agony before falling to his rear against the barrier. Lorelei slapped the ring apron, trying to ralley her man. Much to her delight, he began to stir and slapped the arena floor, trying to get himself up and going.

"Angriff," Lorelei instructed loudly and pointed towards his enemy.

Oh the Beast of Berlin was going to do just that.



A full on blitzkrieg led to Geist driving Spike through the security barrier with a downright unholy spear. If Spike's torso wasn't injured before, it surely was now. It took a few moments, but the German began to stir. He gritted his teeth and made full use of the remaining barrier to pull himself up. The Todesengel was breathing heavy and had some serious soreness, but he was standing. He drug his rival's lifeless body to the ring and just flat out muscled him into the ring.

That took a lot of energy and Geist had to take a second to regain the energy to keep moving. He slowly slipped into the ring and Spike saw an opening that he refused to let pass him by.


The massive right hand of Spike struck his enemy right in the temple just as he got to all fours. The Colossus couldn't believe his eyes, as the attack didn't turn out Geist's lights. The German fell to the mat and immediately starting pushing himself up off the mat. Spike shook his head in disbelief before unleashing another huge downward punch right to the side of Geist's head.

That one put his enemy down and Saunders rolled him over for the first pin attempt of the evening.




Geist was not going to give up that easy and he forcefully kicked out. A pair of boots driven right into his chest were his reward for escaping defeat. He was pulled up to his feet only to be clocked with a pair of elbows to the back of the head and a boot to the gut. Spike was starting to get amped up and he positioned his adversary's head between his legs. It looked as if the Dreamkiller could be rapidly approaching. A roar surprised the Colossus and he found himself driven harshly into the corner, where Geist's shoulder was driven into his gut three times.

"Tod," Lorelei yelled with each right hand that slammed into Spike's jaw. Soon enough, the crowd joined in with her, as there were no signs of him stopping.

The ropes kept the Colossus from falling to the mat and when the German finally stopped assaulting him and took off to the ropes, he put all he had to stumble out of the fanger zone that was the corner. Much of what Spike could see was blurry, but he saw enough of the approaching Geist to drop him across the top rope. He instinctively dashed to the ropes with the hopes of capitalizing on his dazed foe. Unfortunately for Spike, he wasn't dazed enough, as Saunders was nearly driven through the mat with an unbelievable pop-up spinebuster.

Geist did his best to hook the leg, as he went for a cover.




Spike had just enough wits about him to get his shoulder up in time. Geist was not going to waste any precious energy on debating with the referee. Instead, he motioned to his female companion. Lorelei immediately apprehended a metal folding chair and slid it in to her man. Geist had some evil ideas for the weapon. However, they wouldn't become a reality due to Saunders catching him with a big boot right to the mouth.

The chair was now up for grabs and the Colossus was the first to reach it.


That was the sound of the metal chair being slammed down on the cranium of Pietro Geist. However, the Todesengel never fell to the mat with the impact. Quite the opposite, Geist slowly rose up from one knee and glared at his enemy who was still wielding the now-warped chair. Saunders wound up and tried to make use of the chair for a second time. This time, the German ducked and showed his strength by hositing his enemy into a fireman's carry.


That move had some power behind it and Spike crashed into the mat with huge impact.

Geist tried for another cover.




Spike was barely able to slip his shoulder out from under his opponent in time. Neither him or Geist was exactly racing back to their feet. The move had dimmed Spike's running lights while simultaneously draining the last bit of energy from Geist. Slowly but surely, the two fighters gradually pulled themselves from the mat. The Uberkreiger was the first up and he met his adversary near the corner. An European uppercut from him sent Spike stumbling back into the ropes and Geist whipped him into the opposite ropes. Running on fumes, the German's focused slipped and he lowered his head very early for a backdrop. His foe was no rookie and instantly took advantage of the mistake.


Amazing power by Spike led to amazing impact, as he nearly drove Geist through the ring with the release power bomb.

The Colosss collapsed onto his foe and weakly hooked his leg.




It had to be nothing but pure instinct that caused the Todesengel to get his shoulder off the canvas in time. Spike had, no pun intended, spiked him right on his head and neck. Saunders was not going to let the small failure get to him and in the blink of an eye, he pulled Geist up and into position for what could be a second power bomb or even worse. And soon enough the fans realised that it was definitely something worse.

"Time to put an end to this," Spike announced and hoisted his rival onto his shoulder.

That was step one. Step two was putting him in position for the Gory Special, which like step one, went off without a hitch. There was only one place left for Geist to go and it was going to be one hell of a ride.


The back of Geist's head bounced off the mat with the thunderous collision between him and the mat.




The arena erupted when the Todesengel kicked out with just millimeters to spare.


Spike sat up and shook his head in disbelief. He was sure that the Dreamkiller would have ended things once and for all. A look to the folding chair and he knew how he was going to bring an end to his German enemy. He violently slammed the chair down on the mat and kicked it into place. Geist's legs were as strong as wet noodles and when Saunders pulled him up to his feet, he fell back down to his knees. A confident smirk came over Spike's face. He muscled the German up and put him into position.


Without warning, the Todesengel came to life and drove his rival down harshly on the folding chair. The crowd was eating it up and began to cheer on the two men, as they both lay lifeless on the mat.

"Komm schon, du kannst es schaffen," Lorelei cried out and slapped her hands down on the mat.

Both men were seriously hurting. Try as they might, their legs couldn't support their massive frame and try as they might, they repeatedly fell back to the mat. The ropes soon became their ally, as both men had no other choice but to use them to pull themselves up to a vertical base. They stumbled out to the middle of the ring where Saunders connected with a big right hand. Spike dashed to the ropes, only to have his opponent head to the adjacent ones.


A downright brutal collision between the two men that sent Spike down to the mat harshly. Off-balance, but alive, the Uberkreiger shocked everyone by mustering up the energy to lift Spike into the air.



The Vader-esque power bomb actually collapsed a section of the ring. Geist couldn't bask in the cheers of the crowd though, as his legs gave out on him and he fell to all fours. The referee rushed in to check on Saunders, who was still lifeless in the crater created by the power bomb. The Todesengel began growling and he started slamming his fists on the mat. He snarled loudly, as he battled back up to his feet. Into the crowd went his elbow pad and whether Spike wanted to or not, Geist pulled him up to his feet. Saunders swayed back and forth, undoubtedly out on his feet, while the Uberkreiger hit the ropes behind him and then, in front of him.


From the lowest bowel of hell came the most brutal lariat in professional wrestling today.

Making sure to hook both legs, Geist went for the cover.




And battle of the gargantuans was finally over. Spike Saunders lacked the strength to move his pinky toe let alone his gigantic body. Pietro Geist wasn't doing much better when he rolled off his adversary. They had just gone through one hard hitting battle and both were feeling the effects of it. Geist grimaced, as he slowly sat up. The referee looked over Spike, while the much more fun to look at Lorelei handed her man the Underground Title. The blonde helped Geist get vertical and he raised the title above their heads.


The crowd showed their support for the Todesengel and Lorelei nodded in time with their chanting. Damien Lee wanted to know if the new champion was for real and he just got his proof. Anytime... Anywhere... Pietro Geist, THE Underground Champion, is ready for for battle.

Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"Rainbow Serpent"

Backstage, a lone man stood before a jOlt background. He wears a washed out, blue denim jacket and black skinny leg jeans. Beneath the jacket is the iconic Mabo flag printed on a black t-shirt. Most importantly, he wears a Luchadore mask shaped like a snake’s head, his face completely covered by a black mesh as if the snake had its mouth opened and were hissing, complete with fangs.

“I come from a nation of very proud people, hey?” He scratched nervously at his neck. “You might recognise the accent. I come from Australia. Not just come from Australia but I’m OF Australia, hey? I’m Indigenous Australian. My family lived on that land for generations before any white feller set his foot on our dusty shores.”

He shifted his stance nervously, holding the back his neck for a moment before he recognised the body language and brought it down, making fists with both hands to give himself strength.

“’scuse my nerves, hey? I’ve been on telly before but nothin’ this big. I mean, jOlt! It’s the biggest in the world. The biggest wrestling’promotion in the world and here I am talkin’ to you, hey? It’s deadly, bro.”

He gave two thumbs up to the camera.

“And I’m proud as punch, hey? I’ve come all the way from half way across the world and now I’m a part of the jOlt roster. I’m so excited, hey? I’m excited to be here. I’m excited to show you mob what I can do. I’m excited to be a part of all of this. But most of all, hey..."

“Just STOP!” came a voice off-screen.

The camera’s shot reeled back to capture Dallas Griffin, Mr. Primetime, standing with hands on hips. The snarl on his face told it all. He didn't even address the masked kid as he spoke.

“Can somebody please tell me why the HELL this jackass in a Halloween mask is getting’ TV time over me? This idiot is making a mockery of this show. Can someone make him shut up?”

Kid stepped across, completely dwarfed by Griffin’s 6’9” stature, but not enough to be fearful of getting into his face. He poked a finger into the chest of Griffin.

“If you're gonna bad mouth me, cuz, I reckon you should do it to me face!” he demanded, getting as close to Griffin’s face as he could.

Griffin stared down at his chest where the snake masked rookie poked him.

“I don't know who the HELL you think you are boy—“

“Rainbow Serpent.”

Griffin squinted, his face expressing a confused look. “Excuse me?”

“My name is Rainbow Serpent.”

Griffin snorted with amusement. “Rainbow Serpent? You supposed to be some gay pride parade boy or something?”

Serpent fronted further, poking his finger into Griffin’s chest. “You'd do well, cuz, showin’ respect to my culture. And showin’ respect to me.”

Griffin stared down at the spot Serpent’s finger struck him.

“Boy, I'm gonna give you one piece of advice. And I'ma tell you once, right? You poke me again? It AIN’T gonna end well for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” Poke. “Why don't you take me on next week on iNtense and put your money where your mouth is?”

Griffin snickered. Rainbow Serpent held a hand out to be shaken, to compete the gentlemen’s agreement. Griffin stared down at the hand. Serpent lunged it, trying to encourage the handshake.

“Oh, I'm happy to introduce you to jOlt, rookie.”

Hand out, accepting the handshake, the pair shook once before Griffin pulled Serpent in, lifting him and slamming him down on the concrete hall on his back. Serpent sat up, clutching his lower back, only to catch a stinging kick right into the chest of Serpent. He flailed onto his back, only for Griffin to mount his chest, cup the back of his head in his hand and snarl in his face.

“And I told you to quit poking me. See you next week…” Griffin dropped Rainbow Serpent’s head and then stabbed a finger into where his forehead might be beneath the match, “…rookie!”

Griffin stood, spitting on the ground beside the kid, before heading off down the hall. The camera framed the down Serpent, who laid wincing on the cold concrete, as it faded out.

"Front Row Seats"

The crowd’s response grew to a rousing ovation for the two big guys walking the hallways. That was all because “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber were in the building. That is to say The House … were in the house.

And with that awful introduction out of the way the two men walked through the halls having a conversation amongst themselves. Roebuck was dressed in black jeans and a black and green “Don’t Bet Against The House” shirt and Huber had on a ball cap, cargo shorts and a sleeveless variation of his partner’s shirt. Dawn Cassidy walked by and stopped the two form moving further with a few questions in mind.

“Adam Roebuck … Derrick Huber … can I get a few words with you guys about a match tonight?”

“Dawn,” Huber said, “any girl who can hold her liquor like you did on Countdown has definitely earned my respect. Fire away, babe.”

“On last week’s Intense show, we saw the both of you issue a challenge to The Crimson Order about a future jOlt Tag Team Title match and we’ve heard rumblings that you have plans to address them directly tonight. Can we confirm these to be true?”

Huber glanced over to Adam Roebuck.

“Big Bucks, you wanna take that question?”


The surly monster glanced down at Dawn.

“Dawn … yes.”

Cassidy motioned to Huber as the big man started to crack his knuckles together with a little hint of a grin on his face.

“Can you elaborate on what’s to happen tonight between you and The Crimson Order?”

“Sure,” Huber replied, “we made a statement last week that we want at those belts. We wanted an answer from them but beyond them coming out to the ring to make goo-goo eyes at us, they didn’t say a damn thing. When we heard The Crimson Order were set to defend the belts against a pair of shits who haven’t even earned a title match named Cross The Hood, naturally we were a little bit slighted. I very much doubt Takeshi and Heido had anything to do with that part since Damien Lee apparently likes having his Rebellion guys go ass-to-mouth with him for favors … yeah, I said it … but we still want an answer. Tonight, Big Bucks and I are going to the ring tonight to watch that match and we ain’t going anywhere until those boys accept our challenge.”

“Front row seats,” Roebuck added while punching his fist into his palm.

“If Cross The Hood, The Crimson Order, The Rebellion, or even Damien Lee have any problems with that, maybe then can fucking try and do something about it. Now if you can excuse us, Dawn, we’ve got places to see and possible asses to stomp.”

The superheavyweight tandem brushed past Dawn carefully with a whole lot of things on their mind.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Chris Titan

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational. This has become the most scintillating segment of night on iNtense.

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is steady current, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings. Out of the ordinary though come several feet of six feet fencing that are being raised up around the ring, The crowd is abuzz in wonderment of what this could mean.

“Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff… The barking of some imposing sounding dogs rings out throughout the arena. The attention of the arena turns toward the entryway.. Six different jOlt ring crewmen bring out six imposing Presa Canario Dogs… 3 of them are brindle striped and 3 are tan… By now the ring is completely fenced in 6 foot fencing… The Dogs are placed inside the fencing.. They pace around the ringside area looking hungry and vicious.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the came as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Tonight, this is no ordinary attaction.. This match is a junkyard dog match....” O.G. declares. The crowd pops huge..

“As you can see, the ring is surrounded by 6 of Mr. Jewelz’s choice guard dogs. It will be determined by either pinfall, submission, referee’s discretion, or being devoured by the vicious beasts at ringside.” The crowd pops huge again..

“Introducing the champion… He is “The Jeweler”... “He is “Mr. Twinkle and Glisten”... He is to the west coast, what “Paul Wall” is to the south. He is the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions… He is the gOlden bOy himself… Diamond… Jewelz..

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the “million dollar” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title. Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain with machismo and bravado. After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G.

“Tonight… There is no open challenge.. My opponent has been pre-determined by Mr. Damien Lee..Some all washed up pro named Chris Titan…”

The fans popped for the now former-former Backbone leader and just former jOlt Champion’s name. In a short period of time he had managed to change public opinion of himself, which was no easy feat. In any regard, Chris Titan was a worthy adversary for anyone in jOlt.

“And I approve of his referral… But tonight, to make sure that this match is safe from any possible Rebellion… And make sure those boys are no factor in this match and it’s settled inside of these ropes… I’m not trusting my Goons to secure this attraction… I’m trusting my choice guard dogs to guard this affair… And If Titan manages to go outside of the rules tonight” Jewelz grins widely with a twinkling and glistening grin..

“He’ll be puppy chow…”

“Unbelieveable,” Michael Buhrman stated from ringside, “So he really expects us to believe that those rabid dogs are there for Chris Titan’s safety?”

“It makes perfect sense, Mikey Boy,” Nathan Power replied. “The Rebellion’s been following Titan around for a month now and since most of The Backbone just got fired by Damien Lee, or shipped off to Japan, he has no protection from them.”

Buhrman stuttered a bit trying to comprehend Nate’s train of thought. “You know, Nate, in the most demented of ways that does make sense but let’s be serious here. Those dogs are attack dogs, not guard dogs, and they’re there tonight to attack Chris Titan.”

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera.

Diamond Jewelz and his crew were standing in the ring at the ready, while Ruby Rocks made her way to the announcing area. A few seconds ticked away while Chris Titan’s music and entrance video engulfed the Arena of Champions but the former jOlt Champion was nowhere to be found. Diamond Jewelz turned to O.G. Simpson but he had no idea, O.G. turned to the Goons but they didn’t know either. Everyone turned to Ruby, she didn’t have a clue what was going on. And then the crowd erupted.

High above the ring, in a welder’s mask & apron and harnessing a plasma torch on his back, was Chris Titan. Suspended by a grappling line, Titan was standing on the steel cage wall that constantly hangs above the ring in the Arena of Champions. With a devilish grin on his face, Titan lit the plasma torch.


Panic set in inside the ring and at large as Chris Titan began cutting through the metal harness that suspended the steel cage above the ring. Diamond Jewelz and his crew scattered around inside the ring. The cage came free and there was a collective scream that rang through the arena.


Titan was hanging from his grappling line smiling from ear to ear. He had effectively cut Diamond Jewelz’s dogs off from the ring. Titan loosened his buckle in victory and slid down to the ring. He was immediately surrounded on all sides by Diamond Jewelz, O.G. Simpson, and Them M’F’n Goons but Titan threw his hands up in surrender and picked the microphone up that Jewelz had dropped in all the chaos.

“You know,” Chris Titan said, “on second thought those dogs look mean as hell. I think I wanna buy my way out after all.”

Dumbfounded. Diamond Jewelz, his crew, Ian Nyugen, everyone at ringside, and everyone throughout the Arena of Champions shared in this feeling. Michael Buhrman said it best, “Chris Titan is going to try and buy his way out of the match now that he’s blocked the dogs from the ring?!”

Titan handed Jewelz the microphone. “Are you serious?”, was Jewelz’s reply.

“This is crazy, man, with the dogs and stuff. I thought you meant, like, German Shepherds or something. I like those. Those big ass things over there, though, man … those are like Saber Tooth Tigers. So, look, I don’t have much.” Chris stopped and began rummaging through the pockets in the apron he had removed moments earlier. “But I’ve got a pretty nice car. I think it’s a Mercedes. Anyway, it’s yours if I can get out of this.”

At this point nobody knew what was happening. Diamond Jewelz turned to his crew for advice, they reluctantly in unison agreed he should take the car. Jewelz agreed as well and so Titan tossed him the keys, turned, and spun an immediate one-eighty to begin wailing on every single person in the ring. It was complete anarchy. Ian Nyugen called for the bell, there would be no match tonight.

With a broken, half-fallen cage collapsing around them Diamond Jewelz & Co. were desperately trying to fend off an insane Chris Titan. This was a man with nothing to lose that had finally realized his position. He was free to do whatever he pleased. Lefts, rights, kicks, a few bites -- it was all fair game as Titan took the fight to his opponents hard and fast. And he had one unique advantage in this four-on-one scenario. Titan winked before dropping the welder’s mask down.


The sound of Khalil Straightgully’s fist running right into previously mentioned metal welding mask.

“Running headbutt to O.G. Simpson with the mask on! Another to Latrell Samuel!” Nate Powers called out the action from ringside, loving every minute of it.

Diamond Jewelz turned that advantage into a handicap, however, when he grabbed Titan by the back of the welder’s mask and yanked him down to the canvas. Jewelz ripped the mask off Titan and tossed it aside. He and his boys all swooped in on Titan, dropping boots repeatedly.

Chris Titan tried to block as many as he could, which wasn’t much, but his eye caught the mask just out of fingers’ reach. He began shimmying along the canvas, intentionally taking stomps to the torso, just to get his hands on the mask. He used it to block a stomp from Samuel and shoved him back by the bottom of his boot. He drove the mask into Straightgully’s knee and then tossed it into O.G.’s face. Titan rolled up to his feet, ducked a clothesline from Jewelz, and nailed jOlt’s resident jeweler with a spinning elbow. Jewelz grabbed his jaw and began directing traffic, siccing Latrell Samuel on Titan.

Samuel went for the running lariat and got belly to belly suplexed onto the dilapidated cage wall for his trouble. Looking around and seeing his soldiers all down for the count, Diamond Jewelz snatched the mask up and lunged at Titan. He clocked the former jOlt Champion square in the side of his face and sent him for a loop. One more shot with the mask to Chris Titan’s back before Jewelz finished off his attack by throwing the mask right into the back of Titan’s head. Diamond Jewelz gave the call to retreat, making sure that he first shoved Chris Titan’s keys into his golden trunks.

The dogs were collected and Ruby Rocks found her way through the crowd to meet up with the rest of the crew on the entrance ramp. She handed Diamond Jewelz a microphone.

“Motherfuh … I’m keepin’ your car, homie! You don’t come down here, put my dogs in danger, and try to pull some crazy shit -- cuttin down the muhfuckin cage, man! Muhfucka cut the cage down, y’all saw it!”

Back in the ring, Chris Titan was back on his feet and all smiles as “Walmart Jeweler!” echoed through the arena. Even while clutching the back of his head and occasionally checking for blood.

“Yeah, smile bitch. Think you won? Only thing you won is an I.O.U. on me whoopin your ass! Let’s find this muhfucker’s ride and get the fuck outta here!” And with that, the crew was off to apparently commit grand theft auto against Chris Titan. He didn’t seem to care, however, as he was more concerned with pacing the ring while toting a microphone.

“This isn’t going to work, Lee! You’re trying to put up obstacles, trying to toss lackies and roadblocks in front of me.” Titan smirked. “I’m a goddamn bulldozer, Lee, and I’m mowing down anyone and everyone in my path. You think you can punish me but you’re doing it within your own set of rules and what you don’t understand, what you don’t quite get just yet, is that I don’t follow rules. I don’t like rules, they get in the way of the real fun -- right? So, Lee, I’m going to make this simple for you … I’m walking away from Rise of the Legends as jOlt Champion and then we’re going to do things my way! And my way is shoving my knees right into your face and smashign your nose into the back of your skull!”

Chris Titan tossed straight up into the air and stood triumphant in the middle of the ring. Around him everyone in the Arena of Champions was standing, in unison chanting Chris Titan’s name. The camera cut backstage.

Winner: No Contest

"Titles, and Monkies, and Damien Lee, Oh God!"

Damien Lee was where he always is during iNtense… back in his office. The door flew open, startling Lee as he thought it was going to be the cloaked figure again, but instead, it was Jon Le Bon. Lee’s face went from an “oh shit” look to a “oh great” look. Le Bon placed his hands on his hips as he stood in front of his desk.

“Of all the people I wanted to see right now, why did it have to be you?” asked Lee.

“Are you not happy to see me? Everyone is happy to see me! I bring smiles to people’s faces all across the world! How could NOT be happy to see me?” asked Le Bon

Lee sighed

“Can you just get to the point? I’m kind of busy here.” Said Lee

Le Bon rubbed his chin as Damien unscrewed the cap on a water bottle and began to drink it.

“The point… the point… hmm… OH YES! I want to be in the Thieves Honor Match so I can become jOlt World Champion!” said Le Bon


Water everywhere! Damien spit it out as he almost choked. The audience in the background began to cheer the thought of Jon Le Bon as world champion.

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?” yelled Lee.

Le Bon rubbed his chin again as if he were in deep thought.

“No.. I don’t think I’ve lost it. I’m pretty sure it’s still inside the ol’ noggin. We can do a CAT Scan and check if you want to be sure.” Said Le Bon

“You can’t be in the Thieves Honor match! We already have….” Said Lee before he stopped himself.

“Already have what?” asked Le Bon as he bent over and tilted his head.. almost like an animal trying to understand what it was just told.

“No.. nevermind… I have an idea. On iNtense 105, I had already planned on having a battle royal to determine the final spot in the Thieves Honor match. If you want in the match so bad, you can try and win the Battle Royal in two weeks.” Said Lee.

“D’aawww… a Battle Royal? But.. Sebby got put in automatically and Sephy got a one on one match. How come all my former Hype buddies get special treatment and not I? I came from The Hype, too, you know! Not only that.. I almost beat that Visor Egypt guy in the finals of the Relentless Title Tournament and if I had another opportunity, I’d definitely beat him worse than Jeremy Ryan did to ZaC the Monkey… OH!!.. speaking of which.. you MIIIIGHT get a call from some people and… well… yeah.. I’m sure you’ll know what to do!”

“Wait.. what people?” asked Lee.

“Oh some suit wearing people. They’re real nice! Talked about the kind of room I might get if a few people get together and discuss the whole thing. I’m sure it’s nothing, though. So.. uhm.. Battle Royal eh? I guess that sounds good, afterall now that I think of it. You’re the best, Lee!”

Le Bon turned around and scampered out of the room. Just then the phone rang, almost like clockwork.

“jOlt Wrestling, Damien Lee, speaking” said Lee.

“ZaC is WHAT!? Well yes… he was in his care at the time and… I see… I see.. right.. hey.. look.. is there a number I can reach you at? I need to look into this. Yes… yes… got it.. thank you.”

Lee hung up the phone and looked up from his desk.

“LE BON!!” screamed Lee at the top of his lungs as the scene faded to black.

The Crimson Order(c) vs Cross the Hood

Camera 32 opened the scene from the northeastern section of the majestic Arena of Champions with a prominent yet massive section of fans cheering proudly. A angled panning shot would quickly transition to Camera 1 where both Dean Carrington & Referee Carrington: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...and it is for the jOlt Wrestling World! Tag Team! Championships!!!

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker rang true from the overhead PA system bringing forth The Rebellion’s representatives sauntered out from the back. Both adorned with bandages as stern reminders of having survived yet failed within the WarGames Match at Rise of the Legends pay per view. Matching scowls as the assembly of fans remained steadfast with their open rebuke of their presence...

Introducing First...The Challengers; Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...They are from Brooklyn, New York...The team of JACKSON CROSS...MACHIDA HOOD...CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!

Machida rounded the northeastern ring post wearing a pair of Black, Blue & Silver lined Compression Shorts. Matching Knee & Kicking Pads along with a pair of Elbow Padding & MMA-styled Fighting Gloves. Jackson donning a sleeveless Black ’The Rebellion IS Revolution’ T Shirt. Loose Knee Length Shorts. Black & Blue Knee Padding with matching Elbow Pads & Gloves like his comrades. Both men gave pause to the stand brazen before a disgruntled audience in the front row before walking up the ring steps, sweeping their feet before passing through the ropes. Both Referee Darius Underwood & Dean Carrington ensured to stand out of their way as Cross The Hood dominated the squared circle. Quietly, they would converse amongst themselves in hushed tones as their entrance music ebbed out of earshot.


On cue, the majority of the crowd would respond warmly for several moments before ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin opened angrily from overhead. Both the jOltvision screens & arena lighting would case briefly on cue before reopening with a onslaught of streaming vignettes for all eyes to see. Both Jackson & Hood would murmur amongst themselves inaudibly while wringing their respective wrists and hands as both Mamoru & Shoji casually made their way down the ramp. Cigar lit and expelling smoke before standing before the ring apron. A stoic Shoji brandished his hardened cast in which he gently cradled while staring at both Rebellion members.

Darkness breifly overwhelmed the ring before both the ascending lights and a large plume of smoke presented the new Retainers of the Tag Team Divisional crowns. Standing back to back, the ninjas slowly locked eyes with their opposition. Heido flayed open his male kimono, revealing his belt as Takeshi peeled his off his Left Shoulder and held it by his side. Both ninjas walked forward to adjacent ring posts, made their ascent and proudly brandished their hardware before the assembled masses. The challengers stood angrily staring at their opponents from the outside...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan and are the New! JOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the World! Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

The crowd volume continued to resonate loudly while both Shoji & Mamoru continued to patrol the ring’s exterior as the ninjas dropped down gradually and entrusted both belts to the referee’s care. Knuckles gnarled by both parties as Cross The Hood stood along the ring apron. Mamoru ordered both ninjas to return to their corner for last instructions before the Mute Mountain Splitter was elected to start the championship title defense. Meanwhile, Jackson Cross nodded back at Machida before centering his focus back on his assigned target. Referee Underwood quickly measured the readiness in both combatants before signaling for the opening bell...


The massive ninja and the unrepentant Brooklynite ignited the crowd via a mutual charge toward the center of the ring. Takeshi’s Lariat sailed overhead, leading him to eat a barrage of stiff Punches & Forearm Strikes before being shoved violently against the canvas. Reverse Somersaulting before staggering backwards, Cross quickly hauled off with a Superman Punch. The blow turned the bald titan’s head, allotting Jackson to follow up with a Spinning Back Elbow & staggering the giant back with a Step In Front Kick. The persistent pugilist arrogantly took a moment to extend a middle finger toward Heido before rushing in after the ailing behemoth. Quickly, the Silent Nightmare grasped his incoming assailant by the head and flung him violently against the turnbuckles and crushed him with a stiff Short Armed Turnbuckle Clothesline. The angry mute scowled in wrapping Jackson’s arm over the top rope and stunned him with a stern Headbutt before repeatedly drilling his ailing shoulder with a salvo of Headbutts. A few seconds of Takeshi abusing Cross with a Single Hand Choke before Underwood initiated a hard 4 count before Cross was reluctantly released. A measured trinity of stiff Back Elbows were dealt out before the hulking ninja blasted his opposition with a searing Knife Edge Chop!


The challenger reeled back angrily in the corner with Machida yelling at both the giant and his tag team partner. Takeshi silently scowled at the screaming Hood before leaning Cross back...




Cross was seen doubling over, dropping to both knees as Takeshi spied the opportunistic Machida sprinting along the ring apron toward him. The massive mute swing at him and missed as he deftly leapt off the narrow apron, allowing Jackson to humble the giant with a illegal Thumb to the eye! Takeshi was seen staggering away in muted anguish as Cross feigned innocense to the ref before burying a mean Left Hook to the hulking ninja’s exposed ribs. A hard Shot to the Stomach dropped the Silent Nightmare to a knee before spiking him into the canvas with a Snap DDT! Machida was heard slapping the turnbuckle as Jackson quickly covered the giant with a Lateral Press...1! Quickly, the Mute Mountain Splitter shoved his oppressor off of him before quickly tagging in Machida. Both Heido & Mamoru were overheard installing instructions to their ailing comrade as both members of The Rebellion connected with a Double Team Belly To Back Suplex! Both men would bury the boots on the massive behemoth before Underwood would order Jackson to step outside.

A pissed off Machida unleashed a consecutive battery of Elbow Drops before committing himself into a Lateral Press, bracing his forearm against the ninja’s face...1! ...2! Quickly, the ninja clan muscle shoved Machida off of him before Hood locked on a Back Mounted Sleeper. Underwood knelt down to fully assess Takeshi’s condition as he remained on all fours. Bracing himself, the giant slowly ascended to his feet before quickly back pedaling into the enemy’s camp. Machida’s spine was crushed against the turnbuckle, allowing Cross to tag himself in yet Takeshi staggered him back with a Hard Back Elbow to the jaw. Again, the Silent Nightmare slammed Machida spine first against the corner to gain momentum to drill Jackson in the face with a hard Yakuza Kick to the Chest before Hood began wailing away with a battery of Crossface Punches. The crowd continued rallying as the staggering ninja sought to resettle himself with Jackson struggling to reclaim his footing. The Mute Mountain Splitter managed to trap his attacker’s arm as Cross angrily shook his head yet Takeshi lumbered forward to dispatch both challengers in utilizing a Running Dropkick on Cross before crushing Machida with a Piggyback Splash! All 3 men were left groggily trying to recover with Takeshi shaking his head and leaning on his side before crawling toward the ropes and standing himself erect...

Street Level Violence - A Flurry of Chops, Punches and Kicks in the Corner

Heido flared open his kimono out of muted frustration as Cross began wearing down the bald monstrosity

Takeshi was soon battered by a hard Forearm Strike to the teeth before...


Another Knife Chop blistered across the burly ninja’s bare chest who angrily gnashed his canines, leading Jackson to connect with a European Uppercut before hauling off...


The 3rd Overhand Chop prompted Jackson to initiate an Irish Whip yet Takeshi blocked the attempt by hooking the top ropes & broadening his base. Again, Jackson’s attempt was aborted before a trinity of Clenched Knee Strikes allotted him to take the giant over with a Fireman’s Carry Takeover into a Reverse Chin Lock. Referee Underwood knelt down measuring the level of fight resonating within Takeshi as he flashed his teeth and waved him off. A measured Elbow to the crown forced Takeshi to wince angrily before reapplying the Reverse Choke Hold. Heido’s slapping of the turnbuckle padding prompted the crowd to rally behind them, infuriating Cross who reared back and blasted the giant with a Kick between the shoulder blades before slapping on a Kneeling Side Headlock. The giant attempted to shove Jackson forward who wisely dropped back to a Kneeling posture. Cross broadened his base, leading the ensnared giant to run Jackson against the ropes before casting him off with a hard Shove to the back. Takeshi Lumbered forward, prepped for a Standing Back Body Drop. However, Cross leaned him back with a Stiff Kick to the Face. Arms rolling in order to retain his balance, Jackson quickly retreated to the opposing ropes for a Flying Clothesline...

Katute Strike - A Press Style Elbow Smash

A Double Chop across the Chest would floor the streaking Machida before unceremoniously dumping him to the outside through the ropes. The lumbering monstrosity grabbed the crawling Jackson from behind and buried him into the canvas with a swift Wheelbarrow Suplex before tagging in the awaiting Heido. The Mute Mountain Splitter barreled forward into the adjacent corner post with a Running Canadian Back Breaker Rack Turnbuckle Smash as The Kansai Crippler caromed off the opposing ropes and violently crushed the inverted Cross with a Running TB Double Knee Strike!
The Broken Oath

Swiveling to his feet, Heido pried the inverted Jackson off the turnbuckle to hoist him upward to Power Bomb him atop the turnbuckle before spinning about and destroying him with a Running Power Bomb Double Knee Back Breaker! A howling Jackson rolled away in sheer anguish as a Kneeling Heido scanned the horizon beyond the ropes. The ninja quickly strode after Machida, prompting him to scurry off the ring apron before watching him round the corner post and pull his comrade away to the outside. Left on both knees, Cross was soon brought back to his feet by Machida. Hood would garner the amassed venom from the crowd as he extended his middle finger to the sinewy ninja before both were ran over by the 300+ pound leviathan along the outside! The stout leviathan smirked at the fallen duo before walking back to his assigned corner, leaving Cross The Hood stumbling together to stand each other erect when a sprinting Heido wiped both men out with a OTR Plancha’! The stoic champion clasped onto the steel barricades with both hands and stared into the crowd with several patrons patting his back before he promptly grabbed Cross by the back of his head before shoving him head first back inside the ring....


Mamoru was casually belting out orders in Japanese as Heido dragged his prey from the ring ropes and hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! Machida with a Running Stomp atop Heido’s forehead to break up the pin, leading the ninja to peel away and shake the cobwebs free. A stoic glare was shot towards Machida’s direction as the clan officer gradually stood himself erect and battered Cross with a stiff Short Arm Clothesline. Grabbing both leg, he continued staring at a yelling Machida before burying his heel into his challenger’s exposed pelvis. Jackson howled while extending his hands upward in protest. Another Stomp would land sternly into Cross’s midsection before holding him in a Standing Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard. Both Rebellion loyalists were seen & heard protesting with Heido flashing a rare yet maniacal smile...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Hattitori’s Heel - A Standing Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard followed into a stiff Head Stomp

Groggily, Cross’s head remained downcast as Heido left him strung out by both arms. The crowd were heard chanting ’One More Time’! repeatedly with the Kansai Crippler silently acknowledging them...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A slew of curses were dealt out by Machida as the sinewy ninja stood erect with his heel rested against the back of his rival’s head before stepping off. Nodding his head, Heido drew a ’slashing gesture’ across his throat to entice the crowd before surprising Hood with a Running Open Palm Punch across the Jaw. Seeing his opposition sailing off the ring apron, The Kansai Crippler snatched Jackson upward into a Standing Head Scissors, ready to destroy Cross with his patented Jaded Stone Crusher - A Cross Armed Piledriver when Hood was witnessed diving into the ring and humbling Heido with a Randy Orton Styled Back Breaker! Jackson dropped to a knee before collapsing onto his side. Machida rolled off the ring apron before reassuring his position of readiness in his corner. Seriously ailing from the accumulated damage, Cross stumbled and staggered his way over into the corner to make the tag.

The audience were heard booing Machida as he sprung into action, latching onto the ropes and began laying the boots on the fallen ninja. Utilizing illegal leverage, Hood applied more weight against the ninja’s throat with his knee. A Standing 4 Count was initiated by Underwood before Machida brushed the referee aside and trying to choke out the ninja again. Referee Underwood forcibly pried Machida off the ailing ninja, draped over the bottom ropes. The opportunistic Cross would be seen rounding the corner, getting a running start before drilling Heido with a High Running Dropkick to the skull! Left motionless, the Kansai Crippler was dragged off the ropes by Machida before hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! The crowd responded warmly as Takeshi sternly humbled Hood with a Running Stomp to the exposed stomach before lumbering back to his corner. Jackson Cross adamantly extended his arm out for the tag as Heido was shaking his head before beginning to low crawl over toward friendly territory. Ascending from both knees, Machida stumbled forward and tagged Jackson in and allowed him carom off the opposing ropes before leveling Heido off both knees with a stiff Seated Lariat! Cover...




The Kansai Crippler shot his shoulder up, urging the masses to cheer with a pissed off Jackson to rip Heido off the canvas and hurl him into the neutral corner with an Irish Whip. Cross strode in after the ninja to be force fed with a stiff Side Kick to the teeth. Cupping his mouth, the angry Brooklynite staggered backwards before being blasted with an Open Palm Strike across the Jaw. Gokeru Nage - (Fifth Kick Throw) before following suit with a Flashing Elbow Drop across the Chest. Both rivals gradually peeled themselves off the mat yet Cross managed to stymie the momentum with a hard Knee Lift to the Stomach before initiating a Gutwrench Suplex. Heido with a swift Arm Wringer left Jackson exposed to receive a hard Knee Strike to the Face. Rokkotsu Oru Waza - (Rib Break Technique)

Sukui Nage - Scoop Throw swiftly dumped the brutish brawler atop his head as Heido stumbled forward slightly before Project 347 - An STO Back Breaker left the resurgent ninja flattened along the mat. Machida smugly passed back through the ropes as Takeshi leaned over the ropes, motioning Heido to get back to his feet. The crawling Jackson shook his head while rising back to all fours as Heido began dragging himself back toward Takeshi. However, Cross intercepted the ninja and began battering him with a tandem of methodical Clench Knee Strikes. The ninja willed himself from all fours to stand erect, allowing Cross to attempt a Sunset Flip Pin. Heido swung his arms about to steady himself before drilling Cross between the eyes to set himself free. The crowd rallied for the hot tag yet a wave of boos were overheard as Machida floored the sinewy ninja with a Running Bulldog! Referee Underwood was seen reprimanding Hood as Machida stepped back along the ring apron before being tagged back in.

Quickly, Hood would cut Heido off at the pass as he knocked Takeshi off the ring apron with a Running Forearm to the Face. Angrily, the Mute Mountain Splitter scrambled upward and passed through the ropes. The referee immediately fought to wrestle the monstrosity back as both Machida & Cross successfully battered Heido with a Argentine rack/Neck Breaker combination. Cross would deftly clap his hands loudly ‘faking’ a tag as Machida passed back through the ropes. Underwood was briefly bewildered and questioned Cross before watching him make the Lateral Press...




The crowd roared as Takeshi made the save with a hardened Open Hand Slap across Jackson’s back before snatching him upward with a Gutwrench Suplex. However, amidst the referee’s protest, the giant began with a running start...

Spoken Word - A Running Release Turnbuckle Power Bomb

Machida was inaudibly muted out by the ongoing crowd noise as Takeshi slowly back pedaled toward his corner, extending a middle finger back at him. As both Heido & Cross were downed, the referee began his standing 8 count on both parties. The count of 5 led both men to rise to all fours before a drunken exchange of Punches began. The crowd were openly interactive yet jeered at Jackson who managed to siege the advantage before missing with the Discus Haymaker...

The Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

Arms flailing, Cross stumbled backwards into the corner before staggering forward. Kata Guruma - (Shoulder Wheel)...

The Tekahashi Clutch - A Step Over Head-Hold Arm Bar (Strangle Hold Gamma)

The masses were wildly clambering throughout the stands as Jackson continued writhing amidst suppression. Referee Underwood knelt beside the ailing Cross who was gradually inching his way toward the ropes as the ninja broadened his base. The situations became dire as Heido began drilling Jackson’s head with a hail of Elbow Strikes. Immediately, Machida was seen leaping over the top ropes to make the save yet Heido capitalized on the moment...

Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex

Sitting up, Heido slowly reassessed his situation before staggering back to his feet. Jackson pushed himself upward as the slender ninja closed in and finally made the tag. The crowd welcomed the Mute Mountain Splitter quickly stepped over the top ropes and leveled Machida with a Clubbing Forearm before knocking Jackson to the canvas with an Overhand Slap across his chest. Takeshi lumbered forward with a Running Lariat. Hood ducked underneath and stunned the giant with a Leaping Forearm to the Face. Leaned against the ropes, Takeshi was led away with an Irish Whip. The Silent Nightmare with the Reversal...A Belly to Belly Double Arm Suplex! The opportunistic Cross sprinted after the rising ninja before being humbled by a torrid Scoop Slam and the crowd rallied behind Takeshi as he drove fists against the canvas before standing himself erect. Cover...




Somehow, Jackson managed to kick out, urging the bald behemoth to hurl him away with an Atomic Whip before crushing Jackson Cross with a Running TB Running Avalanche! The highly motivated giant grabbed Hood by the scruff of his compression shorts and hurled him into the corner soundly against his cornered partner. Extending his arms and fingers outward, the massive mute granted himself some running room before crushing both men with a Running TB Cannonball Senton Splash! The crowd exclaimed loudly as Heido took him with him to the outside with a Cactus Clothesline! Mamoru sternly yelled in his native tongue as Takeshi broadened his base and reeled his enemy in. A heavily groggy Cross ascended from the kneeling as Takeshi reared back, beating his chest before charging forward yet Jackson countered with a Turnbuckle STO!


Heido offered a stern grimace after careening against the ring steps and dropping to a knee, allotting Machida to scramble his way up the turnbuckles, measuring a slowly back pedaling Takeshi...

Time To Get Free - A Diving European Uppercut

The squared circle shook as Takeshi bounced off the mat. Quick to reclaim his footing, Machida dragged his comrade upward before crushing the giant by dropping Jackson Cross atop the fallen titan with a stiff Power Bomb. Hood screamed at Underwood to make the count...




The legions rose as Heido was seen dragging Cross off Takeshi and ripping him off the ring apron. The Kansai Crippler began assaulting Cross with consecutive Knife Edge Chops before careening him soundly against the floor with Aiki Nage - (Harmonizing Throw). Machida floored the raven haired ninja with a Diving Knee Strike to the Face off the ring apron. Hood promptly pulled Jackson upward & led the mutual assault on the rising Heido as the ongoing crowd chatter masked the rise of the Mute Mountain Splitter. Caroming off the opposing ropes, the 300+ pound locomotive went airborne and wiped out the trio with a Tope Suicida’! The masses roared as all 3 men slid across the Spanish Announce Position before wiping out both Carlos Pena & J. Martinez II!

Crowd: “WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap 5x) ...”

The hulking ninja scowled at both Shoji & Mamoru who were yelling further instructions in Japanese, confirming his marching orders with a subtle nod before seizing Machida Hood and sending him sailing into the crowd with an Overhead Gorilla Press Toss! Aiding his clan brother to his feet, both ninjas would methodically work over the ailing Jackson Cross with various martial arts strikes before adhering to the ongoing referee’s count. Takeshi punished Cross with a hard Irish Whip into the ring apron before Heido shoved him back inside the ring with Takeshi following suit. On a pair of spaghetti legs, Jackson Cross struggled to stand himself erect via the ropes as both ninjas reeling him in for the kill before Heido spun him about and blasted him with a trinity of Forearm Strikes before mounting the middle ropes. Takeshi strode to the opposing ropes as Heido sent Cross airborne with a Monkey Flip...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The Tokyo Train Wreck

Cross was obliterated with the stiff Flying Shoulder Tackle, careening violently against the canvas before the Mute Mountain Splitter planted both hands atop his fallen prey with Heido quickly tackle the returning Machida...





‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin vented through the overhead speakers, signaling victory for the new Retainers of the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Heido continued stomping on Machida before he slid off the ring apron. Takeshi followed suit in grabbing Jackson Cross and hurling him through the middle ropes to the outside as both Shoji & Mamoru were seen laying siege to the belts, passing through the ropes before proudly handing them off to their rightful owners. Referee Underwood stood between both ninjas and raised each respective one overhead before the ninjas casually wrest them away...

Carrington: “Your Winners of this contest by way of PINFALL!!! ...and STILL YOUR jOlt World Tag Team Champions...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!! Along the outside, both dejected members of The Rebellion aided each other in standing erect before staring back at the victorious ninjas whom were quick to stand themselves atop the adjacent turnbuckles and brandishing their championship hardware once more before watching Cross The Hood slink away through the crowd toward the back...

Winner: The Crimson Order via Pinfall


"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

The Arena of Champion opened up amorously as the brilliance of casino-esque lighting dominated the vast interior of the arena. Slowly, both clan officers climbed down and assembled in the middle of the ring as Mamoru ordered Shoji to climb outside the ring. An audible spike was heard as both Derrick Huber & Adam Roebuck lumbered out from the back, dressed in civilian street attire. The former tag team champions themselves slowly and proudly basked in the adulation with subtle smiles and nods as the reigning champions held firm inside the squared circle. The pair of heavyweights casually wiped their feet along the ring apron before passing through the ropes and holding their ground a few paces before the trinity of ninjas. The music ceased yet the jOlt populous continued rocking the arena’s interior, interrupting ...

Crowd: ”THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (clap 5x)...

Takeshi calmly popped the bones in his neck as Heido retained his stoic expression. Mamoru calmly expelled a gust of smoke from his lips as Huber quietly snorted to himself. Roebuck merely rolled his shoulders before popping the knuckles in both hands and rolling his neck.

“Heido! Takeshi!”

The Crimson Order remained reserves while standing face to face with the very men who watched their match.

“Boys, congratulations on defending your titles against Cross The Hood. I mean I don’t know what those little pricks did to even deserve a match. Probably buttering Damien Lee’s bread or something. Despite all that, it doesn’t dispute the work that you put in to get those. We do mean that.” They paused to allow for a round of applause from the crowd. “Last week, we posed a question to you and we still haven’t got an answer so we’ll ask the both of to men … You.” Huber gestured to himself and his large tag team partner.

Derrick gestured to the tag team titles on their shoulders. “For those. Yes or no, boys?” Huber bellowed as Roebuck nodded with confirmation. Both Heido and Takeshi quietly looked at one another before looking at the elder statesmen & staring back at their opposition respectively. The voice of reason for the group simply offered a nod and watched as Heido and Takeshi draped their belts to the ground simultaneously, creating a proverbial line for The House to cross. The Arena of Champions roared at the nonverbal response in what appeared to be them accepting the challenge of the super heavyweight duo.

Crowd: “...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...”

Both members of The House & The Crimson Order would casually scan the horizon, inundated with adamant fans before Huber & Roebuck slowly back pedaled and nodded while the ninjas slowly pulled their belts off the mat and held them to their sides. Camera Three would hold with the image of the Las Vegas Connection who remained attentive along the ring apron as The Order remained motionless. It was official; The House would get to tangle with the Crimson Order in a future match for the Tag Team Championships. The scene would fade with both parties inaudibly engaging each other from a respectable distance....

Aran Thompson vs Providence

The lights in the arena suddenly go dark and the sounds of "Stinkfist" by Tool begin to fill the air. But this time before the yellow beam or the letters on the jOltvision can appear, a black figure is already striding down to the ring.

Providence has a special purpose tonight.

Reaching the ringside area in record time, Providence avoids going into the ring for a moment, taking a detour to the timekeeper's area to grab a microphone. Then after sliding into the ring he lifts the mic. "Cut it," he says coldly. When the song continues, he roars into the mic a second time. "STOP THE MUSIC!"

This time the music ends and the lights come up, with Providence pacing from side to side in the ring. At first it's quick, but after a couple of seconds he slows down. Coming to a stop, he pulls the hood back from his cloak and looks up to the ceiling.

"Mr. Thompson...." he says while keeping his gaze toward the roof. "In many ways, I regret that our paths are crossing tonight. Your destiny was not to be my concern..." He paused before adding, "Not yet anyway."

"However, Omega has forced me to a place that requires a victim. And in Mr. Lee's.....'wisdom' shall we call it....he has chosen you for that role tonight. One day, Mr. Thompson, we will do this the right way, and it will truly be your time to face your fate..."

As he trailed off, Providence tilted his head back down to face the entrance way.

"But tonight....tonight is simply about a wrath that must be unleashed. Let us both be cleansed."

Lights Out.


The Arena stood on their feet and cheered as the sounds of metallic reverbation echoed throughout the Arena of Champions and strobe lights flickered accordingly. "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing as the darkness of the Arena of Champions filled with red, white and yellow flashing lights as Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain with his arms out wide and back turned to the ring.

"This is a history in the making match up made by the genius MISTER Damien Lee!" Nathan Powers chirped.

"For once I can't argue with you, the history Providence has in the business and the history that Aran Thompson and accomplished in our company have the entire Arena of Champions clammering!" Michael Buhrman said agreeing with his colleague.

The camera panned over to Nathan Powers and Michael Buhrman as Nathan stared at Buhrman with a blank face.

"Don't you ever agree with me again!" Powers demanded of Buhrman who looked dumbfounded before the camera panned back over to Aran Thompson who pulled a microphone out of his waist band.

"Provy...I can call you Provy right?" Aran began sheepisly.

"You talk about fate and paths and how ours weren't meant to cross at this time and how tonight is just about wrath being unleashed??" Aran asked of Providence as he cotinued to make his way to the ringside slowly.

"Have you even heard about me? I'm a GOD SLAYER! I'm the one that in one fell swoop took everything away from Derecho and forced him to rise to the challenge and become a champion once again...and he could barely even do that."

Aran stopped at the ring steps and put his hand out as if to non-verbally stave off any early rage fueled early attack Providence may have planned.

"I'm not saying you're not good or anything. I'm just saying...You picked the wrong man to think that I'm just going to take a beating and not fight back."

Aran threw the microphone down and quickly stepped into the ring as the crowd errupted when Aran Thompson and Providence locked up shoulder to shoulder in a game of strength. Both bending the other back slightly showing that even though there is some show up respect for one another that this wasn't going to be anything less than a 100% from either man.

Providence stepped foward pushing Aran's back into the ropes but Aran pushed back and pressed Providences back into the ropes. The fans excitement died down as it was apparent that they were both struggling for the early advantage. Aran piveted to his side to try and whip Providence into adjacent side of the ring but Providence countered with a hip toss slamming Aran into the mat.

Before Providence could follow up, Aran rolled back to his feet and slapped Providence across the face to a resounding "OoOoOo" from the fans. Providence snarled and slowly turned his head back to Aran who smiled devlishly offering Providence a hand shake but Providence slapped Aran back in return receiving the same ovation from the crowd. They traded rights and lefts again pushing one another into the ropes.


Providence once again put Aran Thompson on the mat and quickly crawled over him locking his arm around Aran's head and rubbing his face into the mat. The referee asked Aran checked on Aran but quickly stepped back as Providence slammed Aran's face into the mat and added more pressure to the headlock.

After having his face slammed into the mat a second time the referee checked on Aran but Aran flat out refused to quit. It was way too early for that.

Providence released the hold on Aran and stood up looking at Aran with a bit of intrigue before stomping on the small of his back and grabbing an arm locking it into an armbar and rolling Aran over onto his shoulders.



Providence again stood on his feet but brought Aran back to his verticle base following it up with an irish whip into the ropes. Providence reached for Aran as he came back but Aran hit Providence with a hard spinning upper cut using the momentum from the ropes, staggering Providence back into the turnbuckles.

Aran rose to his feet and charged toward Providence slamming his shoulder into his mid-section and forcing the air out of Providences lungs. Thompson hit Providence with a vicious european uppercut but Providence used the ropes to maintain some balance and came back with another Discuss Lariat. Aran Thompson ducked the lariat attempt and grabbed Providence by the waist hitting him with a release german suplex and quickly making the cover.



Aran popped back to his feet and looked around the Arena of Champions as they had been steady cheering on both men. Aran turned his attention back to Providence who was standing back up and hit Providence with a drop kick that sent him crashing back down to the mat and the fans were now behind Aran as Aran walked over toward Providence and stomped on his left wrist, his head, his right wrist, his right ankle and grabbed his left leg and jumped using his knee to slam Providences knee into the mat. Aran again covered Providence who quickly kicked out.

Aran tried to remain on the offensive, bringing Providence back to his feet and locking his arm around Providence's neck to set up for a suplex. But just as Aran went to lift him up, Providence blocked it with his leg. After a second attempt and a second block, Providence hit a short range elbow to Aran's midsection and used that as an opportunity to lift Aran up and drape him stomach first across the nearby top rope. Before Aran could act, Providence charged forward and leaped, connecting with his knee to Aran's forehead and sending "Mr. Relentless" to the hard floor outside.

For a moment, Providence stretched his leg out trying to shake off the pain in his knee. But it only lasted a second before he slid to the outside and grabbed Aran, driving him back-first against the ring, the edge of the apron driving a point into his back. Aran winced in pain but hardly had time to feel it before Providence added to his misery by hitting a snap suplex.

With Aran clutching his back, Providence crouched on one knee and took a few deep breaths while he looked at his opponent.....only what the crowd didn't know was that the face he saw in pain wasn't Aran Thompson's.

It was Omega's.

Hearing the crowd's cheers, Providence quickly snapped back to reality and dragged Aran to his feet, tossing him back inside the ring. Providence followed, immediately dropping a knee into the small of Aran's back to continue the assault. As he pulled Aran up and lifted him so that he held Thompson's body along his right hip, it was obvious Providence had more pain in store for Aran's back.


Providence sent Aran's back crashing down hard across his knee once....then a second time....and as he let out a loud yell, Providence lifted him even higher a third time and brought Aran down with full force. With Aran appearing immobile, Providence covered and hooked the leg...



THR-KICKOUT! The crowd let out a collective gasp as Thompson managed to get out of the pin just in time. Angered, Providence stood quickly and dropped two fast, hard elbows across Aran's throat and hooked the legs again.



Kickout again. Providence slammed a fist to the mat, another sign of emotion that was much different from his previous jOlt matches.

"You fight well, Mr. Thompson," Providence said as he began to stand. "I see why these people are behind you and your crusade."

Laying on the mat, Aran looked up and somehow managed the slightest of grins before replying amid a few deep breaths, "I guess....that's why....they call me....Mr. Relentless." He even snickered for a moment at his comment, unable to help himself.

Providence's face remained steel. "Perhaps tonight we shall test that."

With Aran back up, Providence shot him into the ropes looking for another power move. Instead, Aran slid underneath Providence as he came off the ropes and just as Providence turned around, Aran put him down with a dropkick right to the left knee. Apparently their little chat had given Aran just enough recovery time.

Aran wasn't about to miss his opportunity to re-take the advantage and moved in quickly, dropping an elbow down across Providence's knee. With him vulnerable on the ground, Aran dragged him toward the ropes and draped the injured leg across the bottom rope before dropping his own knee down across Providence's.

Providence crawled back away from the ropes, putting him in a perfect spot for Aran to go for a submission hold. Aran took the opening, locking in a modified single leg crab, twisting the leg back while using his knee to drive into the back of Providence's. The pained grunt from Providence followed, as he looked around searching for a way out.

Aran cinched in the hold even more as the referee kept asking Providence about giving up and all he heard in return was one loud "NO!" Realizing the ropes to his left were the closest, Providence focused all of his energy on trying to get there. Aran tried to keep him closer to the middle, but Providence was determined, and even though Thompson tried his best to lock the hold in tighter and tighter, Providence finally battled through the pain and reached the ropes.

Providence was exhausted from escaping to the ropes, and Aran knew it, going back on the attack with boots to the head. Holding Providence back against the ropes, Aran whipped him across and as Providence came charging back, Providence sent him down to the mat once more with a spinning heel kick.

With Providence out in the center of the ring, Aran went to one of the corners and started to climb the turnbuckles. He stopped midway and looked out at the Arena of Champions crowd, as they had begun a familiar cheer.

ARAN THOMPSON! clapclapclapclapclap

ARAN THOMPSON! clapclapclapclapclap

ARAN THOMPSON! clapclapclapclapclap

Aran smiled as he finished the climb and once on top, he raised both arms high into the air before leaping off and driving an elbow right into Providence's heart. After taking a moment himself to recover from the landing, Aran hooked a leg for the cover...



THR-NO! Providence had managed to kick out just in time, but "Mr. Relentless" wasn't about to give him a break. Even though he thought that was going to be it, Aran brought him back up, giving him another upper cut to leave Providence dazed on his feet. Then, Aran ran toward the ropes with one thought in mind...


But just as Aran hit the springboard off the ropes and looked to drive Providence into the mat, the jOlt newcomer regained his senses enough to duck. Then, just as Aran landed on his feet, Providence lifted him back off his feet...


Providence slammed Aran down to the mat with all the force he could muster for his patented finishing move. It was a move of pure desperation, as Providence had no chance to recovering in time to cover for a pin attempt. Instead both men were out and the official had no choice but to begin counting.








Providence was finally up to a knee by this point and once he was on both feet, it was his turn to hear the cheers of the crowd.




As Providence went over to Aran, it was Thompson who stopped him momentarily with a punch to the stomach. Aran rose to his feet as Providence was stunned, but Providence countered with a punch of his own. Providence blocked a punch from Aran and prepared to throw another back, but Aran ducked and moved behind, clubbing Providence across the back of the neck with forearms.

Providence staggered forward toward the ropes and Aran moved in from behind, grabbing Providence around the waist as if readying for another German suplex. But shot back a vicious elbow that stunned Aran across the nose, forcing him to release his grip.

Providence quickly turned around and doubled over Aran with a boot to the midsection. Then, Providence stepped forward and put Aran's head between his legs and lifted him into the air around the waist for...


Aran was lifted up and over Providence's head, his throat crashing down right across the top rope with tremendous force. Now it was Providence's turn to go for victory...



THR-NOT YET! Providence looked surprised, having thought that move would be enough. The crowd was in a frenzy watching the battle, but Providence wasn't in the same mood.

"The time has come for this to end," he whispered, more to himself than anything.

Pulling Aran up, Providence locked his arm around Aran's neck and shoulder going for The Fall a second time.

But "Mr. Relentless" wasn't up for that plan.

Before Providence could lift him up, Thompson fought out, elbowing himself free. With Providence dazed again, it appeared Aran had an opening for his own finishing manuever...


Aran slammed Providences shoulders and neck into the mat of the ring, but exhaustion had proven too much as Aran rolled away from Providence and the fans bellowed with enthusiasm as he looked up and slowly reached for Providence who lay on the mat dazed from Aran's Crucifix Driver finisher.

The reverberation from the fans grew more intense as Aran slowly crawled over to Providence.

ARAN THOMPSON! - The fans cheered.

Aran crawled a little further.

PROV-IDENCE! - The fans cheered as well.

Aran crawled a little further.

THIS IS AWESOME! - The cheering grew louder.

Aran pulled himself closer to make the pin.


The fans in attendence, Michael Buhrman, The ring crew, the camera crew all collectively screamed out.


A chair had slammed down into Aran's back. Aran flailed out in pain as Derecho stood over him and the referee called for the bell.

Derecho began his assault on the back of Aran who tried to protect himself from the onslaught of attacks by the steel chair.

Derecho walked over the dazed body of Providence who mistook Derecho for Aran and reached up but Derecho kicked Providences arm away and kept his focus on Mr. Relentless. Aran managed to roll out of the ring and Derecho followed him with a sadistic grin on his face as he gripped the chair even harder.


Derecho hit Aran in the back again causing Aran to fall to his knees with his head slunked low and his hands doing everything they could to support the dead weight of himself. Aran slowly turned his head to Derecho and watched almost as time had grew slow just for this moment in his life.

Derecho raised the chair up high, the fans loathed the former Underground Champion. Aran had no choice but to watch the chair plummet down as if Derecho were an executioner and the chair was the battle axe meant to behead the former three time Relentless Champion and former World Champion.


Aran was out.

Derecho snarled in rage as he had knocked Aran Thompson out cold with a plethora of chair shots after a well fought match against Providence. Derecho threw the chair down next to Aran and simply stared at him with cold hearted intentions as the scene faded away.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Disqualification

"It's My Shit Now!"

Diamond, O.G. Simpson, The Goons, Ruby, each person holding at least a dog each, move frantically through the backstage area.

“We gotta hurrry up and find this niggas shit before he try to go back on his word!”, Diamond barks at the Goons and Ruby…

“Which way is the damn employee parking lot.. I sure hope he ain’t playing us… The keys look real.. I got a Mercedes or two, so I should know.. But you never know my niggas..”, Diamond continues on.

“It’s to the left,” Latrell informs Diamond as they turn left at an intersection full of hallways...

“If it is a trap my niggas.. I pity the fools who sprung it on us cause these beasts right here is gonna turn them motherfuckers into mince meat,” Lattrell Samuel barks.

“Damn Straight,” Straightgullty chimes in…

Diamond, Them M’fn Goons and Ruby reach the employee parking lot and are greeted by an open air, endless sea of cars..

“What the fuck!!!” Diamond exclaims throwing his hands on his head and grimacing as he peers hopelessly into the endless sea of cars… The bling of the gaping open mouth of Diamond Jewelz is the only thing bright about this expedition…

“How the fuck we gonna find this motherfucker now.. We supposed to test every Mercedes out in this motherfucker??” Diamond asks rhetorically aloud.

“The keys baby… Hit the horn on the keys..” Ruby instructs… Diamond’s hopeless grimace transforms into a bright, gleaming smile.

“You’re a genius baby!!!” Diamond exclaims as Ruby smiles proudly.. Diamond pulls out the keys and hits a button..

“Honk .. Honk..”

“Over there,” Khalil Straightgully exclaims… As he points his gOlden bOy comrades in the direction of the car… Diamond and the rest of the gOlden bOy crew make their way over to the car.. It’s a shiny, new, 2010 Mercedes E63 AMG. Diamond hits another button on the keys.

“Honk, Honk!!” The car sounds off as the headlights blink…

“This motherfucker right, right here…”O.G. says..

“But why the fuck it say DAMIENLEE on the liscense plate??”

“Shit I dunno,” Diamond barks… “Maybe Titan got this shit as a gift for his Hall of Fame bid…It’s mine now though.. You motherfuckers jump in the whips we drove up here with the dogs, and let’s meet up at headquarters..”

“Yes sir boss,” Samuel exclaims as the rest of gOlden bOy goes off to their own respective cars.. Jewelz jumps in the Mercedes and starts to pull off... All of the sudden…

“Hey… Jewelz… No.. No…” It’s Damien Lee!!!

“That’s my car Lee barks out.. That’s my car asshole.. You can’t have it..” Jewelz continues to drive off oblivious to the distant and muffled screams of Lee…

“You can’t have it…” Lee collapses to both knees…

“That motherfucker… I’m going to kill Titan…”

Damien Lee just stood there angered, watching Diamond Jewelz drive away in his car. This was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.