"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"The Crucible"

“Thousand Foot Krutch” by Rawkfist continued to linger in the wake of the opening pyrotechnical display where the raucous crowd would soon sour with the arrival of jOlt Chief Executive Damien Lee. A broad corporate air radiated from the promotional brass as he stood at the apex of the entrance ramp for a few moments before making his descent toward the squared circle. A casual scan of the crowd was granted before ascending up the ring steps, wiping his feet along the ring apron and passing through the ropes. Promptly, he merely motioned for a microphone before holding it to his side. The sounds of a highly disgruntled crowd continued to linger as he smoothed out the length of his Silver Egyptian Silk Tie before being muted out by the masses. A brief chuckle and rudimentary clearing of his throat would follow suit before formally addressing his public...

“Good evening...” Lee opened with a notably spirited rebuke from the masses. He extended his hand outward to the people briefly before retracting it with a smile. “Welcome jOlt Wrestling fans, both home and abroad, to Episode 104 of jOlt Wrestling iNtense!”

“Huh?” Damien continued. “Ladies & Gentlemen, as always, we have a phenomenal show this evening as we continue along the road to Thieves’ Honor; one of our more innovative venues. Where 6 Men. 5 challengers. Those worthy enough earn their place as contenders will challenge the current and reigning World Heavyweight Champion himself. All vying for the opportunity to become or remain champion.”

“Now...” Lee continued before being interrupted by the immediate encroachment of darkness. The Arena of Champions quickly became laminated by numerous sources of incandescent lighting amidst cheers before ”Vicarious” by Tool streamed from the overhead PA system. The uproar of jOlt Wrestling faithful continued to resonate as the arena lights returned on cue with the Inogami Clan patriarch standing before smoke laden 98G exit. Casually, the former Underground Champion absorbed the entirety of the atmosphere before making his gradual descent to the ringside area. The ninja clan general cleared the barricades and began walking around the squared circle. Staring at the promotional executive officer briefly before walking up the ring steps and perching himself atop the nearest ring post.

Sweeping his hair back, Kenshiro Inogami stoically sighed to himself before dropping inside the ring. Another casual glare was cast onto Lee in passing as Ninja strolled past him to commandeer a microphone as the musical entrance had concluded. Already strained relations between both men were made evident via their silence and respective body language as the masses continued roaring in hindsight. A volley of lingering chants continued before Damien Lee continued.

“Well...well...well...” Lee voiced while smoothing out his chin. “If it isn’t the incomparable Mr. Inogami...The former Underground Champion himself...” The majority of the crowd responded unfavorably at the intentional dig at the ninja. “To what do we owe the distinct pleasure of this appearance?”

“Amusing.” The ninja replied. “However, I am not here to add substance to nor within a notably empty suit...It was at this time last year, I was competing against one of my most ardent arch rivals in Sylo for the Underground Championship...”


Kenshiro allotted time for the ongoing volley to die down before continuing. “..The same individual I defeated for that esteemed belt...” Notable pockets of resistance were heard as the pro-Super Beast demographic briefly voiced their biased displeasure. “...In lieu of that fact, and many more, I am here to personally lay claim to my place as an entrant into the Thieves’ Honor event...”

The legions roared as Lee was seen again smoothing out his chin before pursing his lips briefly. A look of noted concern was cemented across his face.

“I have a vetted interest in not only entering this event for the 1st time but to walk out as this promotion’s champion...”

Crowd: “...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...”

“This administration continues to cater to the whims of The Rebellion.” Kenshiro mentioned. Accompanied by a salvo of crowd heat, the ninja remained emboldened by his stance. “An opportunistic band of disgruntled miscreants caterwauling for political favor. Mere cowards pandering for power. However, the Inogami Clan will be well represented in this event...and we shall rightfully seize for what it is rightfully ours....Power. Wealth & Influence...and it starts tonight...” The head man in charge would hold his index finger over his lips with a radiating expression of muted discernment to rightfully collect his thoughts. Kenshiro stoically looked from side to side back into the ongoing crowd chatter before staring back at Damien for a definitive answer.

“Well, after careful consideration....” Lee replied. “I do overstand your ’personal concerns’ or ’sentiments’ toward those of a ’higher authority’ than yourself and those like you. I get it. It’s ’cute’ and somewhat understandable yet you, of all people, shouldn’t be that concerned...seeing as how it was I who willingly encouraged that ’creative freedom protection’ cause in your very lucrative contract.”

The CEO calmly smoothed out his tie before stepping to the ninja clan leader.

“Now, before I was so rudely interrupted, I was in the middle of making mention of the Thieves’ Honor Qualifier matches. Now, as ’spirited’ as many our numerous debates between you & I tend to be, this is about business, Mr. Inogami...” Lee continued.

“Now, in the best interests of this business, I am going to personally and publically ensure that you & I conduct this proceeding as mutual professionals. I admit that you bear a tendency to be very...shall we say ’anal retentive’? Perhaps ’shrewd’ with your practices. Be it personal or public, you are indeed respected, as you are despised in many circles...and I admire that. I admit it. Now just as you have stated, there are quite a few things we do actually agree on; Yes. You are a former Underground Champion. And yes. You are a very formidable opponent as many of your peers and rivals alike have had the complete and sometimes, utter misfortune to know for themselves.”

Kenshiro’s eyes narrowed as Damien Lee would stand before him, clearing his throat intentionally before continuing.

“However, this is but 1 of many instances where you & I strongly differ; seeing that you are the main one who likes to speak ’profoundly’ and ’prophetically’ with your numerous psalms, parables and such in an ever so eloquent manner, I am the direct type. Cut & dry yet handsomely compensated as such. My time is money so with all of that said, let’s just cut to the chase; so you want that opportunity to earn that very spot you so rightfully covet?”

The Arena of Champions openly rallied in favor for the decision as Kenshiro quietly shifted his jaw.

“You got it.” Lee muttered amidst the amorous response by the masses. The ninja gently nodded in acceptance. “That’s right. I am glad that everyone is happy...and now the question of the day is “Who is going to be Mr. Inogami’s opponent in tonight’s Thieves’ Honor Qualifier Match?”

“Well, allow me to answer that for you...” Damien implied. “Your opponent backstage seemed pretty pissed off. Perhaps due to a missed opportunity given to him as well. A man you bear some history with in years past. Now not to get all ’nostalgic’ and all, I personally believe that given a man of your stature could use a welcomed challenge for a change so let’s find out who that individual is because your match starts right...Now...”

Ninja K vs Mattock

”The Northern" by Alexisonfire screamed angrily from the PA system on cue, triggering a dark atmosphere illuminated by the slow pulse of a broad strobe lighting piercing through the billowing overcast before the technically innovative daredevil casually breached the haze. A molded scowl hardened across his visage as he stood motionless atop the entrance staging area for several moments before making his descent toward the squared circle.

Carrington: “...And his opponent, Representing The reVolt! ...Accompanied by his tag team partner, Sanchez Cano! Weighing in at 224 pounds...MATTOCK!!!

The arcane brain trust of The reVolt would breifly pause to watch the jOlt CEO pass by him with a broad smirk before returning his attention to the former jOlt Underground Champion. Ignoring the heavily mixed reaction from within the stands, the Silver Serpent would coldly slither his way underneath the bottom ropes, remain in a crouched posture for several moments before standing himself erect. History between both Xtreme Wrestling stalwarts led both opponents to resonate mutually as they maintained their respective distance from opposing ends. However, both smarks & fans alike rallied in unison as the musical entrance theme ebbed away on cue. Senior Referee Mike Hunt was seen passing through the ropes to preside over this affair when colored streamers sailed into the ring, leading the ringside crew to quickly clear away the debris before finishing his final inspections and calling for the opening bell...


The Sadistic One would vocally bark instructions to his ward in Spanglish from the adjacent ringpost as Mattock wrung both hands & wrists in his methodical approach to his familiar rival. The Inogami Clan general would casually nose to nose with the Silver Serpent, inaudibly jawing at Kenshiro with Mattock pointing at the distant Thieves’ Honor banner hanging proudly in the distance. The ninja discreetly voiced his opinions amidst the ongoing crowd chatter before both parties granted each other 2 paces apart before carefully brushing hands. Opposing fingers interlocked, the innovative pair would both broaden their bases while engaging in torrid scramble for control. Mattock’s Rear Waistlock was stymied by the Japanese ring general, leading the reVolt member to promptly block the Fujiwara Armbar Takedown attempt. Mattock with a timely Arm Drag, leading to a earned stalemate between them. The Arena of Champions applauded them in earnest as Sanchez Cano was heard slapping the ring apron.

Carefully, both men would continue to fish in opposing armor before clashing with a mutual Collar & Elbow Tie Up. The angry tussling would occasionally force the other to a brief kneeling posture before Kenshiro swiftly seized the self trained anomaly into a taunt Standing Side Headlock where Mattock fortified his stance before walking Kenshiro back against the ropes. His attempt to shove the ninja off of him left him prey to a snap Side Headlock Takedown. However, a prompt Leg Scissors counter send moth rivals scrambling for supremacy. Another Snap Side Headlock Takedown would urge Mattock to slither free before the recovering competitors swivled themselves about. Mattock with a torrid Roaring Elbow yet Kenshiro shoved him sternly toward the opposing ropes. The lithe Minnesotan dove over the Running Knee, forward somersaulted back into a dead sprint. The Innovative Iconoclast dazzled the crowd with a hasty Tilt A Whirl Arm Drag before grabbing the ascending ninja and hurling him away with an Irish Whip. Kenshiro with the Reversal yet Mattock hit the brakes and blasted the ninja with a loud Knife Edge Chop...



The ninja recoiled from the assault...







Uncharacteristically, a muffled yell by the Enigmatic One ignited the crowd as he gnarled both fists before parrying the Left Hook and staggering Mattock with a trinity of Clenched Forearm Strikes. Successfully, Mattock would rally with a tandem of stiff Short Arm European Uppercuts before using a Front Kick as a primer for Standing Leg Scissors. The powerbomb attempt was foiled by a Sunset Flip Pin attempt allowed Mattock to reverse somersault to his feet yet missed with the Buzzsaw Kick. Kenshiro spun to a crouched posture where yet again both men ended with a stalemate. Repetitive volleys of ’jOlt’ chants were overheard as Mike Hunt motioned for both men to re-engage. Readily, a 2nd Collar & Elbow Tie Up led both Mattock &Kenshiro to tussle about along the ropes into the northwestern corner where the referee wedged himself between them, urging them to make the break when Mattock earned the ire of some of the masses as he slapped the ninja across the jaw. Immediately, the Silver Serpent would pass his upper body through the ropes, feigning ‘innocense’ as the ref forced back an embittered Kenshiro.

Seizing the advantage, Mattock would stagger the ninja back a few paces with a Flying Forearm Strike. Mike Hunt would clear himself as the Intellectual Irritant began landing a succession of Kawada centric Kicks & Chops on his opposition. The audience began to openly rally as an eventual kicking exchange would ensue before retaliatory martial arts strikes were added into the mix. However, the dazed silver maned serpent would become dog walked by a battery of opposing stiff Forearm Strikes before being force fed a stiff Spinning Back Kick across the teeth sent him barreling to the mat and rolling off the ring apron. A resurgent ninja continued to storm about with Mike Hunt standing in his way as a recovering Mattock was brought back to his feet by Cano. The audible spike gave Mattock forewarning as the Athletic Freak of Nature was sprinting towards the ropes. The Silver Serpent swivled out of harm’s way yet the ninja nimbly tumbled over the ropes to stand himself erect atop the ring apron. Words of motivation were extended as the Forever Forsaken took some time to recollect himself before carefully climbing onto the ring apron and back through the ropes on the opposing side. Shaking his head, Mattock would roll both shoulders as the innovative pair encircled once more before another Tie Up ensued.

Mattock with a taunt Side Head Lock. Cano was overheard slapping the ring apron as his comrade methodically applied more torque into it before being leaned against the ropes. Kenshiro’s intentional Push Off led Mattock sliding to a Knee to pivot about yet get plastered with a hard Standing Shoulder Block. Kenshiro shot the Half...



The Minnesotan shoved his agile opposition off whom forward somersaulted to his feet into a dead sprint. Mattock with the high Leap Frog before pivoting into position to jettison Kenshiro airborne with a swift Monkey Flip! The ninja used a Forward Handspring to continue onward with a dead sprint toward the ropes. Mattock’s intended Hip Toss was blocked yet Kenshiro’s Clothesline left him exposed...

Gemini’s Destruction - A Rolling German Suplex into a Blue Thunder Driver



Kenshiro shot the shoulder up, leading Mattock to gain favor from the crowd by smoothly transitioning into a textbook Texas Cloverleaf Submission! Referee Hunt knelt down to monitor a resilient ninja who warded off the in ring official while recollecting himself. Pushing up with both hands, Kenshiro began to walk himself over toward the ropes when Mattock broke the hold, stunned the ninja with a precisioned Stomp atop the small of the back...

Vision Burst - A Shotgun Drop Kick to the back of the Head

The audience groaned as the ninja fell face first limp as Cano encouraged his comrade while bundling Kenshiro up with a La Magistral Cradle...



Kickout! An angry snort of frustration urged Sanchez to coach his partner to focus as a determined Mattock began peppering the ninja with Alternative Knee Strikes into the opposing corner before quickly back pedaling a few paces to connect with a stiff Running High Knee! The ninja leaned back yet Mattock was quickly maneuvering himself atop the turnbuckles to cinch in a Iron Octopus. Kenshiro broadened his base to weather the ensuring pressure for several moments before slowly descending to a knee. Cano was adamant with his praise yet eventually, Ninja would make his gradual ascent before staggering toward the ropes and latching on. Referee Hunt instituted a hard 4 count before Mattock slithered free and blasted Kenshiro with a Spinning Back Kick into the corner. The ninja bounced against the corner and stumbled forward into Mattock who prepped him for a Tiger Suplex. The Ronin broadened his base before Mattock battered the ninja with a pair of Forearm Shots before hurling Kenshiro airborne with a Dragon Suplex. The ninja clan leader deftly landed on both feet...

Seppuku - A Double Foot Stomp to Chest

Jaw left agape, Mattock’s eyes were seen bugging out as he slowly rolled away over onto his stomach. The jOlt faithful continued cheering as Ninja stumbled about to cover with the Lateral Press...



Mattock with the Kick Out at 2.5! Grabbing his silver maned rival by the hair, Kenshiro began battering him with a salvo of measured Forearm Strikes before the referee physically intervened. Kenshiro waved off the in ring official to pull the recovering Mattock to his feet and abused him prey with a trinity of Short Armed Headbutts to the Shoulder before utilizing an Arm Wringer into a Hammerlock Northern Lights Suplex! ...



The Innovative Ingrate would jerk his shoulder off the mat, leading the Osaka native to pull him up vertically to lead him away with an Irish Whip. Kenshiro blasted Mattock with a Snap Drop Toe Hold followed by an Inverted STF Submission! The crowd rallied the technical warfare as Mattock girded himself to weather the storm with Sanchez angrily slapping the ring apron. Mike Hunt hovered close from the prone, unknowingly irritating Mattock as he gradually clawed his way forward toward the ropes. Strategic by design, the ninja back bended his way into a Grounded Cravate Front Face Lock. Steadily checking for an opening, Mattock worked himself up to a knee before staggering Kenshiro backwards with a Jaw Breaker! The ninja was staggering back a few paces as Mattock shook the cobwebs free before barreling after Kenshiro yet the ninja shoved him hard chest first into the turnbuckles. Staggering backwards, Ninja initiated an Irish Whip...

The Temporal Shift - A Irish Whip Reversal to a Stiff Angled Enziguri Kick

The legions groaned loudly as Mattock’s shoulder was violently driven into the black steep post! Clutching his shoulder, the PIW alum staggered backwards into the awaiting ninja’s clutches as the crowd rallied behind Kenshiro setting him up for Hiroshima’s Revenge - An Inverted Cross Legged Over The Shoulder Back to Back Pile Driver yet Mattock swung his arm out to cling to the top rope, halting the ninja’s progress before being snatched away. Mattock used the momentum to arch himself upward and assaulting his captor with a mix of Crossface Punches and Precisioned Elbows before hurling Kenshiro airborne with a Spinning Hurricanrana! The ninja stumbled back upward to his feet...

Direct Damage - A Running Corkscrew Spear

The pair of familiar rivals both tumbled through the ropes and collapsed soundly along the outside. The dissidents in the front row scrambled to lean over the barricades as both Kenshiro & Mattock remained sprawled out along the padded earth. Sanchez peered out from behind the distant turnbuckle pole to encourage his colleague who was still clutching his shoulder. The former Underground Champion was pushing away with his feet as Mattock staggered to his feet and began laying the boots on the fallen ninja before grabbing him by the hair and rolling Kenshiro onto the ring apron. A measured Running Elbow Drop across the Throat prompted the ninja to recoil. Referee Mike Hunt continued his mandatory count leading Mattock to intentionally reset it before drilling the ninja with a Roaring Elbow! The ninja clan patriarch slowly slid off the ring apron back onto the floor as the Silver Serpent slithered back into the ring and urged the referee to hasten his count...





Hand on the ring apron, Kenshiro knelt beside the ring apron before pulling himself back onto the ring apron with Mattock was quick to carom off the opposing ropes with a Sliding Missile Dropkick through the ropes. However, the ninja moved out of harm’s way, allowing the former fellow World Wrestling Corporation alum to crash & burn along the outside! Teeth clenched, Mattock braced his forearm against his back as Kenshiro delivered a hardened Stomp atop his opposition’s Right Ear. Grabbing him by the hair, the ninja soundly careened his opponent against the steel steps. The top step bounced soundly off its base as Mattock collapsed in a heap before being lured back to his feet with Kenshiro hesitating to stir the masses before crushing Mattock with a Snap Fisherman’s Suplex atop the ring steps’ base! Sanchez was seen with both hands atop his head as the silver maned prodigy remained motionless. A battery of fecal chants were overheard as the ninja sat up and stared over his shoulder at his opposition before peeling Mattock away. Shoving his opponent back inside the ring, the ninja was prompt to shoot the half...




A jolt of energy surged through Mattock, garnering favor from the smarks in the crowd. Silently, the stoic ninja looked at the canvas from all fours for a few moments before pulling Mattock back to his feet before pushing him into the corner, hooking his Right Arm over the top rope and wedging his padded foot against Mattock’s chin. The referee initiated a standard 4 count before Ninja stepped back and repeated the attack. Again, Kenshiro was lured away by the referee before carrying his prey away toward the middle of the ring...Alabama Slam followed by a Figure Four Jackknife Hold! ...1! ...2! Kickout! The crowd began rallying behind Mattock as Kenshiro quietly shifted his jaw before swiveling to his feet...

The North Star Press - A Standing 450 Splash

Mattock’s saving grace was raising both knees up, leaving the ninja doubling over & clutching his midsection with an adamant Sanchez Cano again slapping the mat and yelling. A growing rallying was faint yet rising for the Silver Serpent as he slowly pulled himself onto all fours before both men groggily wobbled themselves back to their feet. A series of Kawada Style Kicks began battering the ninja, backing him into the corner with Mattock continuing his assault with a consistent barrage of Rapid Fire Forearm Strikes. The hard Irish Whip into the opposing corner careened the ninja against the padding with a sprinting Mattock connecting with a Running Corner Clothesline, leading the methodical madman to hoist his prey upward for a Backdrop Suplex before dazzling the crowd with a searing twist to bury the ninja with a Uranage Slam!

Lateral Spiral!

Sanchez yelled for his partner to make the cover yet Mattock waved him off as he took a brief moment to reclaim his bearings before stepping over the pron ninja, vaulting off the 2nd ropes and connecting with a Phoenix Splash! Clutching his stomach, Mattock willed himself to his knees before draping himself atop the fallen ninja...




The coveted spot for the Thieves’ Honor event continued to elude him as Mattock slowly rolled away onto his stomach. Panting a bit before pulling himself upward, the Silver Serpent knew in the back of his mind he had to put The Midnight Assassin down right here and now. Mattock stood and wound up his arm as The Athletic Freak of Nature got back to his feet. Mattock wildly swung with a high-impact lariat, but Ninja K grabbed Mattock by the arm and applied a Hammerlock to counter! Ninja K quickly took Mattock over with a Belly to Belly Overhead Hammerlock Suplex and then scurried over to the corner, minding the damage he sustained already in this contest. He climbed up top and connected with a Leaping Senton Splash! Could this be enough as Ninja K went into the cover!?



Thr.. NO!

Mattock popped the shoulder up and the crowd had come alive!

Ninja K pulled Mattock to his feet. The crowed "WOO'd" along as he lit up Mattock's chest with a stiff knife edge chop. Ninja K followed suit with a second chop that found its mark. Ninja K whipped Mattock to the ropes, Mattock reversed, sending in the Japanese Prodigy instead. Ninja K front flipped against the ropes, looking for the Handspring Elbow, but Mattock hit a Spinning Heel Kick to the back of Ninja K's head! Ninja K staggered back up as Mattock ran to the ropes, looking for a Handpspring into a Front Roundhouse, but Ninja K took a step back and ducked! Mattock landed in front of Ninja K with his back to the enemy! Ninja K quickly placed Mattock into a Full Nelson, looking for the Japanese Skull Splitter, but upon lift, Mattock twisted into a lucha-style arm drag, sending Ninja K rolling under the bottom rope to the apron! Mattock got a full head of steam and hit a baseball slide drop kick that knocked Ninja K out to the floor! Mattock then crouched and readied himself as the crowd clapped along. Ninja K staggered up as Mattock built momentum...


Springboard 450 to the Outside!

Crowd: jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt!

Mattock staggered up and continued to stay on Ninja K. He rolled him back into the ring as Ninja K got to all fours. Mattock went to the ropes and lunched right into Ninja K's face with his knee!

Vision Shatter!

Ninja K didn't go down! Mattock quickly stood with his back to Ninja K and placed K's head between his legs. He reached back and butterflied the arms then fell backwards onto Ninja K's back with a modified reverse Pedigree

Edge of Atrophy!




Three....!? NO!!!!

Ninja K kicked out and Mattock began to grasp at his silver hair in frustration! Mattock was slated to head to Japan, but that trip would be delayed if he got a shot at the jOlt World Championship. Mattock not only would have liked to delay his trip, but he would also love to win the title and finally step out of his brother, Derecho's, shadow once and for all! These two old rivals from some twelve years ago fought for that opportunity here tonight and Mattock stood and made a slashing motion across his throat.

He pulled Ninja K up to his feet, but Ninja K showed some life and broke free and hit a pair of forearm shots to the face. Ninja K tried to whip Mattock, but Mattock reversed it and send The Midnight Assassin and leader of the Inogami Clan into the turnbuckle post! Mattock charged the corner and used the middle rope to hit a modified version...

Rope Assisted Vision Shatter!

Ninja K staggered forward as Mattock watched him fall face first into the canvas! This had to be it as Mattock turned him over and made the cover..



Thre... NO!!!!

The resliency of the former jOlt Underground Champion shone through. Mattock knew of Ninja K. When Derecho ran X Wrestling way back in 2002, these two had a war when Ninja K was X Wrestling World Champion. He knew how tough this man was, but Mattock felt he was just as tough.. if not.. tougher. While NInja K continued to kick out, Mattock knew that he was just one big move from ending it all. Ninja K was mortal after all and sooner or later stamina runs out. Mattock crouched and measured up Ninja K

Ninja K got to his feet and Mattock hoisted him onto his shoulders, looking for the Quantum Driver II. Ninja K used a barrage of elbows to break free, landing in front of Mattock with his back slightly to him. Ninja K went for the Pele Kick, but it missed! Mattock went for a Buzzsaw Kick to Ninja K's head, but that missed as well! Ninja K grabbed Mattock as he was spinning around from the Buzzsaw and placed him in the full nelson.. he lifted Mattock up and nailed him with the Full Nelson into the Neckbreaker!

Japanese Skull Splitter!

But NInja K had nothing left to cover him! The referee began the mandatory ten count in an epic encounter to start off iNtense!









Both men slowly got up...


Both men up!

Ninja K with a front kick to Mattock's left thigh. Mattock followed suit with the same to Ninja K. Ninja K aimed higher and hit Mattock in his left hip. Mattock decided to go for it all and swung for Ninja K's head, but Ninja K put both arms up and blocked the kick! Ninja K then hit a leaping thrust kick into Mattock's abdomen and then placed him into a pumphandle, but Mattock spun out of it, looking for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Ninja K and rode up Mattock's shoulders, looking for a Crucifix Bomb, but Mattock caught NInja K, trying to position him for the Quantum Driver II, but Ninja K countered that with a Sunset Flip, but before the referee can count, Mattock rolled through up to his feet and swung with a kick, but Ninja K leaned back and Mattock missed! Ninja K went for the school boy roll up, but Mattock quickly rolled out and kicked Ninja K in the face that sat him up on his knees! Mattock then ran to the ropes and came from behind, hitting the Shotgun Drop Kick to the back of Ninja K's skull!!!

Vision Burst!

Mattock pointed to the corner and headed to the turnbuckles. His lungs heaving for air as he climbed up top, but Ninja K got to his feet and fell against the ropes, knocking Mattock off his perch! Ninja K went to the corner and met Mattock up top! Ninja K then placed Mattock in a Pumphandle Submission hold... The crowd rose to their feet as Ninja K lifted Mattock up then leapt backwards off the middle turnbuckle...




The crowd was going ballistic! Mattock was dead! Ninja K simply sat up and placed his hand on Mattock for the cover...




NInja K had done it! "Vicarious" by Tool filled the PA speakers as Camera 23 zoomed in on Ninja K as the referee helped him up to his feet! Ninja K had just punched his ticket to Thieves Honor to join Landon Stevens, Chris Titan, Sebastian Saje, and Mack Brody to vie for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall

"Missing Insurance Policy"

Dallas Griffin paced up and down the hall, mobile phone pressed to his ear. He was visibly frustrated.

“What do you mean ‘stuck in traffic’? I told you I needed my homeboys here with me to put this kid down,” he spat venomously into the mouthpiece. “I need insurance!”

He stopped, one hand on hip, the other hand squeezing the mobile like he had somebody by the throat.

“I told you, my contract is up. If I don’t get this win, I’m out on my ass, straight up. I can beat this kid, I just NEED my insurance policy. I need Trouble!”

Running a hand through his hair, Griffin’s anger was slowly turning to concern. He bit down on his index finger, listening intently.

“Ten minutes away? I’m up next. Get your asses here ASAP! I ain’t even playin’! I need my insurance policy coz if I look, Statuz…” Griffin stopped, staring down the hall like the words were finally striking him, “If I lose I’m out.”

Rainbow Serpent vs Dallas Griffin

Dallas Griffin stood inside the ring, bouncing from foot-to-foot as he awaited his opponent when “Down River” by the Wilcannia Mob hit the arena speakers. Emerging from the back came Rainbow Serpent, wearing his snake shaped luchadore mask of black, gold and red. He wore black forearm guards with Mabo flags stitched to them and black pants with Australian Aboriginal artwork depicting the mythological creature whom shared his name.

He stepped onto the stage, down onto one knee and danced his right arm through the air until finally shaping the index and middle fingers into fangs and he struck them at the air. He bounced to his feet and broke into traditional Aboriginal dancing for a few beats before sprinting down to the ring, leaping and sliding under the bottom rope on his belly and up onto his knees where he remained, staring at Griffin who snickered arrogantly.

The referee motioned for Serpent to get to his feet, and he adhered, slowly moving around the ring circling Griffin. Griffin rolled his shoulders, watching Serpent in his peripheral vision. There was more at stake than street cred over some new rookie. Griffin’s career was on the line. The referee called for the bell and Griffin immediately spun on his heel, tying up with the shorter Rainbow Serpent and straightaway drove a forceful knee into his belly. Serpent was lifted off his feet as Griffin took him by the scruff of the neck. He monkey gripped his forearm and whipped him toward the ropes. Serpent rebounded and Griffin drilled him with a high jumping knee that flawed the Australian.

As Serpent rolled onto all fours, Griffin stomped on the small of his back, putting him flat on his belly. He leant down into the ear of Serpent.

“Slither back under the rock you came from, greenhorn. You got no business on MY show!” he sniped, thumping a boot into the back of the rookie’s head as an exclamation.

Rainbow once again got to all fours as Griffin wrapped his arms around his midsection, deadlifting him into a gutwrench suplex that drew cries from the fans. Griffin dropped with a quick cover.




Griffin snarled, rising from the laid out Rainbow Serpent before dropping down with a stiff elbow into the rookie’s mouth. He hooked the leg yet again, if only to draw energy out of his opponent.




Quick to his feet, Griffin grabbed a handful of snake mask scalp and forced Serpent to his feet. A couple of forearm shots to loosen Serpent up before Griffin Irish whipped the Indigenous Enigma into the corner. Griffin charged in after him. Serpent leant back on the ropes and gave Mr. Primetime a kick in the chops for his efforts. Griffin staggered back before spinning and charging in with a fierce clothesline that sent Serpent toppling over the top rope and onto his feet on the apron.

Somewhat disorientated, Serpent found himself almost frozen as the swinging club-like forearm came attempting to decapitate him.


He managed to duck under it at the last second before pulling on the top rope and swinging his foot over, collecting Griffin with a boot in the back of his head. It sent Griffin to the corner as Serpent slingshotted himself over the top rope, latching onto his experienced opponent and drove his crown into the canvas with a DDT.

The fans cheered as Serpent kipped up onto his feet and pumped a fist into the air. The cheering quickly stopped as Serpent turned around, eating a big boot from Griffin who stood over the rookie rubbing the top of his head.

He snarled and pulled Serpent to his feet, a stiff knee to the bread basket doubled him over and he wrapped his arms around his midsection before sending Rainbow Serpent sailing overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex that instigated a collective groan from the fans in attendance. Still rubbing his head, Griffin put his boot heel into Serpent’s face before heaving him up, tossing one of Serpent’s arms over his shoulders and wrapping his own grip around his back and neck. Griffin grinned arrogantly at the fans, nodding his head.

“Time to teach this rookie a lesson!” he barked at the fans.

T-bone suplex! Serpent bounced across the ring on impact. Slowly, Griffin rose to his feet and grabbed Serpent by one leg and one arm, pulling him out of reach of the ropes before dropping down for the cover.




The fans all sighed with relief, cheering as Serpent burst a fist to the heavens, pulling his shoulder off the canvas at the last moment to break the pin. The referee showed the timekeeper two fingers. Then he showed the two fingers to the kneeling, shocked Griffin. Dallas pushed the hand out of his face and pulled Serpent to his feet. He whipped him into the ropes and on return dropped him with a shoulderblock. He pulled Serpent to his feet, took him by the arm and spun under it with an armwrench. Serpent wailed and slapped at his shoulder before somersaulting forwards, taking the pressure off.

Griffin, still holding Serpent by the wrist, pulled him in for a short-arm clothesline but Serpent ducked beneath it and hurtled at the ropes. He rebounded and as Griffin turned, Serpent leapt, nailing a calf kick on his head and dropping the 6’9” superstar. Serpent bounced to his feet, as if he were made out of rubber, heading straight to the ropes. He slid along the mat and hit a baseball slide dropkick into his opponent’s head.

Griffin’s experience took him to the outside to recover, clutching his head in pain as he sought balance from the guard rail. Serpent, standing in the ring, rose a fist before hitting the ropes again. He rebounded, charged at the Griffin side of the ring.


A suicide dive to the outside, capturing Dallas Griffin in a tornado DDT to a huge cheer from the fans.


Serpent rose to his feet, clutching the small of his back with a fist raised in the air. He rested against the guard rail for a moment before turning his attention back to Griffin. He pulled him to his feet and rolled him under the bottom rope into the ring. Serpent climbed onto the apron, pulled himself onto the top rope, then springboarded into a splash!

The fans booed loudly as Serpent landed on Griffin’s knees, pulling them to his chest at the last moment. The impact of chest on knees saw Serpent bounce off Griffin, clutching his ribcage in agony as he writhed around on the canvas. Griffin pulled himself to his feet with the aid of the ropes, doubled over catching his breath.

"Let's finish this,” he muttered to himself.

Griffin crossed the ring, pulled Serpent’s hand free and heaved the rookie to his feet. The momentum continued as Griffin pulled him in, lifting and spinning and driving him into the canvas.


Griffin stayed on top of him with a cover as the fans began to get noisy.




The referee rose to call for the bell but saw Rainbow Serpent’s foot draped over the bottom rope. He patted Griffin’s shoulder and pointed to the foot. Griffin grunted and got to his knees, driving both fists down onto the abdomen of Rainbow Serpent. He lifted him to his feet and whipped him into the corner, where Serpent slumped his arms over the top rope, looking close to done. Griffin lifted him onto the top rope and climbed onto the second, pounding a couple of fists into the top of his head for good measure before applying a front facelock, looking to go for a superplex to finish proceedings.

Attempting to lift, Griffin didn’t get very far as Serpent drilled him with an elbow to the midsection. Then another. Griffin’s facelock began to dissipate by the third and fourth elbows when Serpent rose up, balancing on the second rope to hit a headbutt onto Grifffin that sent him falling back into the ring.

Griffin got to his feet as Serpent stood on the second rope. He initiated a charge when Rainbow Serpent flew, capturing him in a headscissors and spinning him around. Serpent managed to shift his own body and drove Griffin into the canvas with a single arm DDT. The fans roared as Serpent remained latched on, pulling Griffin into a Fujiwara armbar, pulling with all his might as a shot of desperation.


The fans cheered loudly as Griffin tried to free himself, laying on his belly in agony trying to reach for the ropes. But the duo were in the centre of the ring and try as he may, Grifin couldn’t reach the ropes. He tried to force himself up onto his knees but Serpent just managed to use it to gain more leverage on the armbar. Griffin cried out in pain and slumped back down onto his belly.

Rainbow Serpent cranked at the joints, screaming to encourage himself further. He’d been brutalized and these were the last drops of energy he was pouring out with the intent for Dallas Griffin to submit.

Losing was not an option for Griffin. He gritted his teeth and used his forearm to drag himself and Serpent a little closer to the ropes. He drove a knee into the canvas and managed to shuffle forward another few centimetres, unravelling Rainbow Serpent’s attempts for submission as he gained closer and closer, inch by inch.

Rainbow Serpent kept watching the joint in his grip and each time Griffin lifted his belly off the ground he managed to shift it to gain further leverage. Griffin was in agony. Rainbow Serpent pushed his back harder into Griffin’s body as Dallas’ free hand stretched and stretched for the canvas. But it never made it. It began to slap down on the canvas aggressively, triggering Rainbow Serpent to release the hold and roll off Griffin.

The fans cheered loudly as Griffin rolled over onto his back, pulling his arm into his chest and nursing it with the other. Serpent dragged himself up the ropes, flopping both arms over the top rope and hanging over it with one fist raised defiantly.

Getting to his feet he flopped over the top rope onto the apron and dropped down to ringside, clutching the back of his head and checking his hand for blood from the brutal Just Business he’d suffered moments earlier. He staggered up the ramp, one hand clutching the back of his head while the other raised a fist proudly. He’d secured a victory over Griffin. Walking backwards, staring down at the ring, Serpent beamed with pride behind his mask.

Then Serpent was smashed down into the ramp. A monstrous big boot came out of nowhere, smashing into the back of his head. He toppled down the ramp like Jack and Jill, and Statuz Quo and Khadafi came storming after.

Khadafi pulled Serpent to his feet, holding him in a double chickenwing while Statuz swing around with a discus elbow that lifted him off his feet. Khadafi let go and Serpent slumped to his knees, swaying from the attack. Swinging around in front of him, Khadafi swung a big right hand and it was lights out for Serpent. He flopped back sickeningly, causing his knees to bend at a strange angle before his feet finally popped out in front of him. The remaining two members of Trouble snarled as they stared down at the rookie, before remembering Dallas Griffin. They slid into the ring, helping him up to his feet only for Griffin to shove them away.

He was out of jOlt. He needed this win more than anything in the world and his tenure in the company was over. No thanks to his so-called friends. Especially no thanks to Rainbow Serpent. It was over.

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Submission

"The Game of Go"


The casual pan from the left would open the scene amidst the middle of a private yet spirited debate amongst Inogami Clan brethren. “I know exactly what I saw out there last week” Mamoru voiced with muted displeasure. “...and that was not the way to set the standard. Especially not as this promotion’s champions.”

The Kansai Crippler calmly halts the passionate debate with a raised hand in order to give his mute brother the opportunity to properly sign out his personal opinions. The sinewy ninja nodded the silent sentiments before addressing the elder statesman.

Takeshi says ‘We stand well aware of what is at stake’...”

“Then you both have much to atone for...” The elder statesman interjected. “Your first official defense warranted questions within those whom support your place as champions yet emboldened those whom aspire to dethrone you. The War Games event was but a catalyst. Nothing but pure incentive to push themselves further in their efforts to suppress you both offensively & mentally. All the more to hopefully further exploit you both, given your unique bond and means of communication.”

The Crimson Order nodded silently in unison.

Rise of the Legends is much more than a mere phrase...” Mamoru continued. “It is a creed. A reminder of far more than what you both have managed to become...but what you both were born to be. Legends.

Takeshi sternly slammed his Right Fist into his Left Palm to compliment the swelling pride resonating from within. Heido stoically popped the knuckles in each respective fist.

The Crimson Order are the current Chief Retainers of the Tag Team Division...” The ninja elder stated. “..You both have the authority to lead this division as you see fit...and The Way is through instilling purity through Puroresu. Gaijin abroad have embraced our wrestling style and that is a testament to the greatness of our history and our lineage. You owe your countrymen. Your clan and yourselves nothing less than your best.”

“And we shall, Mamoru.” Heido replied. “Every team in this division aspires to wrest these belts away from us. All of them are busy licking their wounds and mending their bruised egos. We assure you that we shall press the advantage that has been given. Every match. Every championship defense. Till the last breath. We welcome these opportunities.”

“Good.” Mamoru replied after expelling a hearty gust of cigar smoke. “Now you are ready to learn the game of GO.”

Takeshi slightly cocked his head to the side as Heido turned his attention back to their manager.

“It actually correlates with the mind set both of you must share from this point forward...”

“And what is the purpose of this ‘game’?” The Kansai Crippler quipped as he readjusted his Tag Championship belt atop his Left Shoulder.

A subtle chuckle belted out another gust of smoke from the elder ninja’s lips as the camera slowly panned to the right to smoothly end the scene...

Jeremy Ryan vs Jimmy B. Martinez

The jOlt Championship Series was set to continue next when two of its three competitors would face off, however one of the two men was in a do or die situation. A series of matches were laid out between “The Supernova” Jimmy B. Martinez, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey, and “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan. The objective was the first person to gain two victories in the series of matches would become the #1 Contender to the jOlt Championship. Jeremy Ryan had beaten Jesse Ramey in convincing fashion last week and tonight, he only needed to defeat Jimmy B. Martinez tonight and the series was over. JBM had beaten Ryan before, but with the stakes so high tonight, JBM needed a win to stay alive and Ryan needed this to become the #1 Contender.

Let’s get to the fight!

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the next match in the series! Jeremy Ryan is currently 1-0 and with a win tonight, will win the series! Jimmy B. Martinez must win this match in order to continue the series!

”If It All Ended Tomorrow” by John Cena.

The music played by some other organization’s neon-clad golden boy erupted and out form the back came The Supernova himself with a look of sheer determination on his face. Normally, he was all about catering to his adoring public and all about showing the fans a great time, but tonight he had to shuffle all of that out of his mind. If he wanted to win tonight, he needed all his focus to get past a very dangerous and powerful Jeremy Ryan.

“First, making his way to the ring, from The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds… HE IS ”THE SUPERNOVA” JIMMY B. MARTINEZ!

Hopping in place, the prodigal son soon made his entry into the ring by jumping over the ropes and raising his hands to a nice pop. He turned his attention to the entrance and hopped in place to loosen up as he waited for his opponent.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and there was no fanfare, no theatrics, nor any pyrotechnics; out from the backstage area walked one bad man. The fans all began to boo as Ryan stood at the top of the ramp for a brief moment and then began his stalk toward the ring.

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan had a microphone in his hand and motioned for his music to be cut, which happened just then. Ryan laughed to himself as he focused on the ring ahead, but why wouldn’t he be? He had defeated BOTH Ramey and Martinez at Rise of the Legends, he beat Kayden Paulton in a dominant performance two weeks ago and last week, he pinned Ramey with A Real Man’s Finisher – his new Piledriver finisher that had obliterated everybody in his path – a move that JBM had felt before also. Ian Nguyen called for the bell when Ryan hit the ring…


Jimmy wanted to lock up, but Ryan wanted to… talk?

Apparently so.

“Jimmy B… I’m going to let you in on something…”

Ryan started to lean back in the corner as if he already had this match won. The Supernova remained nonplussed as he watched the confident and dangerous Ryan continue his spiel.

“Jimmy… I have been waiting for the chance to become the #1 Contender for a LONG fucking time now! For far too long, there have been little nancy boys, tattooed homosexuals and so-called “monsters” like your big blue pussy of a mentor, Sylo hogging the top of the scrap heap that is jOlt.”


Them’s fighting words and Martinez wasn’t about to take that shit lying down from Jeremy Ryan of all people. However, that didn’t stop him from continuing to plead his case.

“Now, I don’t fucking like you, but right now kid, all you’re doing is standing in my path to greatness. You think that you’re actually going to stand a chance against me, you’re out of your fucking mind. So I’m going to give you the chance to get the hell out of here. If you forfeit this match right now and you head to the back… not only will I NOT end your fucking miserable existence, but you’ll live to fight another day and I’ll take my rightful place on top of this heap called jOlt. You’ve got exactly ONE fucking chance to get the fuck out of MY ring or your head is going through this mat…”

Ryan raised a finger.


Ryan turned around while Jimmy scowled.


Ryan didn’t hear any footsteps.








The crowd groaned from the high-octane start to the match! This wasn’t something that could be pussy footed around tonight – JBM needed a win to maintain his status and Ryan needed a win to shut out both men in the series.

Martinez reached over to get at Jeremy Ryan but by the time he collected himself, Ryan rolled out of the ring and headed to the floor for higher ground. Perhaps Ryan had been too confident and fool-hearty in thinking the Supernova was just going to roll over…


The high flyer jumped over the ropes and landed right on Jeremy Ryan on the floor!


The crowd was fully behind Jimmy Martinez as The Supernova stood up and threw a flurry of right hands into the face of Ryan, backing him up into the corner. He started to throw jOlt’s Last Real Man back inside the ring before climbing up onto the ring apron. Jimmy slapped the turnbuckles before he climbed up towards the top rope, measuring his target. When Jimmy jumped off the ropes…






JBM wanted this win more than anything, not just to stick it to Jeremy Ryan, but to prove he belonged in the championship conversation. Ramey was a decorated veteran and Jeremy Ryan’s killer instinct made him instantly credible. While JBM had some key victories in his jOlt career including being the final Flyweight Champion and a victory over Hall of Famer SVJ, he needed to clutch another one tonight.

He tried once again to pick up Ryan off the ground only for Ryan to elbow him in the face and then land a STIFF Elbow Smash right to the temple that backed him up a step. Jeremy Ryan went on the attack and tackled Martinez into the corner. All physicality by jOlt’s Last Real Man as he hoisted Jimmy up over his shoulders before the brute DROPPED him into the canvas with a sick over-the-shoulder slam.

Ryan slapped the back of his head and then stood to his feet, looking at Jimmy like he was a wounded gazelle in the maw of a hungry lion. The wild and erratic Jeremy watched as Jimmy started to stand. He was already winded from the slam, but stood up and shook his head, realizing how this was going to be.

The crowd had chosen their favorite, but to his credit Ryan showed no attention to the fans. He talked a lot of trash but when it came to business, he gave 100% to his opponent. He came at Jimmy a second time but this time Martinez was ready and he took down Ryan with a quick Drop Toe Hold! He took off to the ropes and came back with a nice Running Dropkick to the side of the head! He scurried over and covered Ryan.



Ryan kicked out early but Jimmy was staying on the offensive. He picked up Ryan and while he didn’t use any punches, he fired off a series of right hands! Jimmy grabbed him by the head and went for the whip only for Ryan to reverse and hang on… HOTSHOT ON THE ROPES!

He connected neck-first and collapsed to the canvas. The Last Real Man of jOlt had just zeroed in on the neck and now The Supernova was left completely vulnerable for the attack. Ryan quickly went to the head and neck before letting loose with a flurry of stomps to the exposed area. Jimmy tried to cover up and protect himself, but the former Hype standout continued his relentless assault on the ribs. He then looked out to the fans with a sadistic smile on his face. He wanted to work over the neck and go for that Piledriver that had served him well the last several weeks.

Ryan yelled to the crowd and they continued to boo him, but he gave somewhere around less than zero fucks about anything they had to say. He clamped down on the neck and locked in a modified Camel Clutch with a knee going right into his side, cranking back on the injured area as he continued to sneer at the crowd. They were trying to get behind The Supernova but he wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

With all of his might, Martinez started to get up early and tried to fight his way back to life despite how much pain he was already in. The Supernova elbowed him in the chest several times and continued to fight his way out when Ryan stopped him in his tracks with another quick knee strike. He shoved him into the ropes and when he bounced back, Ryan nearly took his head off with a NASTY Short Range Lariat! With no hesitation, he went right to the cover on the Bronx native.




Jimmy escaped defeat and The Supernova was looking for Ryan to make a mistake, but he wrestled a perfect game so far. He shot an angry glance at referee Ian Nguyen who held back two fingers.

jOlt’s Last Real Man quickly snatched Martinez off the mat via a deadlift and held him in place. Despite the fact that Jimmy was a good solid 225 pounds, Ryan made it look easy as he deadlifted right into a NASTY Exploder Suplex! The fans cringed as Martinez was dumped on his head and shoulders before collapsing to the other side of the canvas. Ryan cracked his neck before calmly rolling over and going for the cover again.




An even closer fall than before, but Jimmy was still in the game much to Ryan’s annoyance. Just one victory tonight would end the jOlt Championship Series in a shutout in favor of Ryan.

The crowd cheered Martinez’s resolve but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t hearing any of it. He pushed Martinez and shoved him back into the corner again and drove a series of hard Turnbuckle Thrusts into the chest of The Supernova to soften him up some more. Jimmy yelled out in pain as Ryan continued his attack only for him to fight back. He then started to hold out his hand an unleashed a STIFF series of open-handed Palm Strikes! The shots were swift and brutal and they didn’t want to believe it, but Ryan was having his way with Jimmy B. right now and The Supernova had nowhere to go.

Jimmy looked disoriented when Ryan kicked him in the gut and took him over with one HARD Snap Suplex. Ryan wasn’t done and rolled him up a second time. He adjusted his position and then dropped him again with an even harder Back Suplex! The fans cringed from the impact as Martinez writhed around the mat in agony. His ribs were on fire and each big blow that Ryan was hammering down on him was making this match slip away from him.




The shoulder was up again!


He kept on fighting through the pain he was in, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Ryan from imposing his will. He stood up and soaked in the reaction of the crowd as he ran off the ropes and delivered a nothing-fancy Running Senton to the chest! Martinez was definitely hurt now and kicked his legs frantically around the mat as Ryan had picked him off very well. And another cover.




It was close to two and a half, but Jeremy Ryan still hadn’t gotten himself the win. Martinez was a fighting man and had survived battles with the likes of guys like Omega, jOlt Champion Landon Stevens and even held a victory in the past over jOlt Hall of Famer “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. There was no doubt he couldn’t succeed in the ring, but needed a big win here tonight over the relentless Ryan. Speaking of, Ryan angrily glared at Nguyen, but he wasn’t going away just yet. Ryan calmly walked over and tried for another suplex, but this time Jimmy was ready and he adjusted his body weight to trap him in an Inside Cradle!




That was exactly what Jimmy was good at, the out-of-nowhere victory. He stood up only to have his clock cleaned with another STIFF Palm Strike to the temple that sent Jimmy stumbling backwards into the corner. Ryan took a second and backed up as he went looking for his Spear that he had used in the past – on Martinez, in fact. He didn’t focus any more on the crowd and came charging…


Ryan hit the post with a dull smack, shoulder first after Jimmy moved! The blow couldn’t definitely changed the complexion of the match, but Jimmy had saved himself in the nick of time and The Supernova finally had a chance after Ryan made a costly mistake.


The Supernova struggled to breathe, but he had a chance and the crowd went wild as he looked up at Ryan, even more determined to fight. Ryan was nursing his arm now when Jimmy turned him around and chopped him again. He protected his ribs with one arm while throwing some solid Elbow Smashes with the other!

The big shots caught him and he tried to whip Ryan again. This time Ryan reversed it and when he came off the ropes…


Yet again, the final Flyweight Champion in jOlt history fell victim to another tide-turning move! A picture-perfect Spear/Spinebuster that rattled the canvas! He DROPPED Jimmy with a thunderous impact and went for the cover again quickly!




“NO! DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

That move coupled with Jimmy’s injury should’ve been over, but he was still in the game much to Ryan’s dismay. jOlt’s Last Real Man had enough of Jimmy’s tenacity and just opted to elbow him in the face several times to wear him down some more before he tried his next move. Ryan shook out the pain in his shoulder before he pried Jimmy back to his feet. He hoisted him up in the corner with intent to drop him down with a Superplex of some kind and looked to finish this match.

Ryan tried hooking the arm for a Superplex only for him to shove him right off. Martinez fought back and fired a few good Elbow Smashes to the face. He stunned jOlt’s Last Real Man and continued the blows until he finally knocked him off! Martinez then jumped…


It was one of his bread and butter moves and downright nuts of him to use considering the work Ryan had put into his back and ribs, but he finally managed to slow down Jeremy Ryan long enough to continue. The Frog Splash took a lot out of both men as Ian Nguyen started to go for the count when neither man got up.






Jimmy started to get up first and got to his knees while Jeremy Ryan was starting to get to his. The Supernova was using the ropes to stand while Ryan was groggy after the Splash. Slowly, Ryan used the ropes and used them to pull himself up as he focused solely on Jimmy B.




Both men were up! Jimmy ran full speed ahead at him and when Ryan tried getting the boot up, he turned him around and caught him with a Schoolboy pin out of nowhere!




The very angry Ryan rolled away from Martinez and he charged himself only to eat a pair of feet to the face as he approached the corner. Ryan stumbled around punch-drunk while Jimmy sprang off the ropes looking for something big when he came back with a big Jumping Heel Kick to the jaw! Ryan was out again when Jimmy B. rolled over and went for a lateral press.




These two were putting on a great match and despite all that Ryan threw at him, Jimmy was still coming back from the onslaught. The Supernova quickly stayed on the offensive now and tried to pull Ryan up by the hair only to eat a solid haymaker directed at the ribs. Martinez winced in pain and he was victim for Ryan to try for another kick. He tried for a suplex once again but this time Jimmy landed on his feet behind him and DROPPED him with a swift Spinning Headlock into an Elbow Drop!




And another kick out by Ryan! This time, Ryan’s own toughness was on full display for the crowd and he pushed Jimmy away from him with the intent to create distance from the high-octane flurry of The Supernova. He grabbed him in the corner and dropped another series of chops and Elbow Smashes to the head and hooked him by the head. He was looking for his finisher…


Ryan turned around and pushed him away to the ropes and when Jimmy bounced back he bounced up, he caught Ryan flush in the face with a Discus Forearm Smash that sent Ryan stumbling backwards into the ropes! When he came back, Martinez cocked his right foot back…


Another slick move dropped Jeremy Ryan onto the canvas and finally stunned him long enough to keep the momentum in his favor! Jimmy rolled over as the rowdy fans continued to cheer this great back and forth contest!




STILL Ryan had kicked out despite everything Martinez was throwing at him. jOlt’s Last Real Man was getting more than he could handle from a man that he would make pay for his mentor Sylo’s harsh words about him last week. Martinez started to head to the ring apron now and slapped the turnbuckle. He was still feeling the effects of his match, but had just managed to get perched when…


He stunned him and knocked Martinez clear off the turnbuckle and watched him fall to the apron. Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and yelled at the crowd to tell them that this was done. He stood on the second cable and hooked The Supernova over the ropes. He took a second to poise himself and when he hoisted him…


DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX from the outside of the ring and all the way back inside over the ropes! Always an amazing power move to Superplex a man with the height and body type of Jimmy B. Martinez and he did it! Sylo’s young protégé was in trouble now as Jimmy rolled over.




“DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

He was growing increasingly frustrated with what was going down. He NEEDED this Goddamn win. Ryan started to pick up Jimmy B. and clutched him by the hair. He dragged him upwards and now set him up…


Jimmy turned around and had him up…


His take on the Fireman’s Carry Cutter came almost out of nowhere! Ryan was down and Jimmy made the cover!





Jimmy B. Martinez rolled out of the ring immediately and Ian Nguyen followed The Supernova to raise his hand in victory. He had found a way to not only reverse the Piledriver, but land it into his own finisher and secured the victory!


The win made Jeremy Ryan 1-1 while JBM moved to 1-0. Next week, it would be Jimmy B. Martinez against Jesse Ramey. And with Ramey’s previous loss to Ryan, that would mean Ramey needed a win to tie the series, otherwise a win for Jimmy meant 2-0 would make him undefeated and would thus, win the series!

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"Like Water"

Things weren’t right in the arena. After the ring cleared out, the crowd was ready for what was to come next, but eerily, nothing happened.. at least.. not at first. It started with the big screen shutting down abruptly, closely followed by the spotlights illuminating the stage and ramp area. The ring lights followed, before rows of house lights started dying-off one-by-one.

Soon enough, everything was plunged into darkness. Murmurs and grumbles rose from the crowd, as is the norm in such situations. Flashing cameras and smartphones provided scant illumination for a short while, but the anticipation soon subsided.

Then, a noise. An ear-piercing screech of feedback ripped through the arena at a near-deafening decibel. The masses cringed as one, until the sound of a television tuned to a dead frequency mercifully replaced the terrible din.

A fuzzy screen lit-up the picture. It was as if your grandfather’s old black and white television was stuck between channels, intermittently switching between fuzzy moving pictures before returning to the snowstorm. Soon it settled on a station, though the signal wasn’t strong enough to show anything more than two grainy human silhouettes (one bowed, one stood).

Words struggled through the static. “You must be shapeless, formless, like water,” a detached voice said. “When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bott…” The static took over. Then, a few seconds later: “Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water, my friend.”

The picture changed again, as if the person at the controls was switching station. A few moments in the snowstorm produced a slightly clearer picture: two figures again - one significantly taller than the other - stood before what looked like a still body of water.

“People compare yamato damashii to bravery, but it’s different from that,” said the taller man. “A brave man will feel no fear… a man with yamato damashii spirit feels fear, but accepts it and moves forward anyway. A strong man is one who doesn’t feel pain, but one with yamato damashii feels pain but persists in what he knows he must do.”

The station changed to the grainiest, fuzziest image yet. It wasn’t clear what, exactly, the audience were looking at, but the voice was clear enough. “Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind, and when the same though occurs to another man, it’s key to that era. This time, the revolution will be television.”

The screen died. Another burst of feedback brought further discomforted moans from the crowd. Then, on the screen, quicker than lightning:-

iNtense 105

The words were so quick that they might have been subliminal, but when the lights returned and the confusion subsided, the fans remembered everything they’d seen.

Cassidy Sky vs Raevynn

After the arena returned to normal after that ominous message, the bell dinged and Dean Carrington spoke up!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is for one fall!"

As the ring announcer made the match announcement, "Faster" by Within Temptation began playing as the shilouette of Ravens flying around in front of a montage of top match moments in Raevynns career, the fans began booing for the lady of The Rebellion and Raevynn walked out slowly with a menacing snarl as she ignored everyone in the Arena of Champions and made her way down to the ring.

"Nate, this is the first time these two Starlets will get their hands on each other in regulation and man does it promise to be amazing!" Michael Buhrman chimed in as the camera followed Raevynn to the ring.

"What did I tell you? Never call me Nate!" Nathan Powers shot back at Buhrman.

"And her opponent!"

"Iodine" by Icon For Hire began playing and the fans began cheering relentlessly.

"These fans haven't even seen Cassidy Sky in a single match and they cheer like this!? THEIR BIAS!"


"WHOA!" Buhrman and Powers shouted from the announce table.

Cassidy Sky had ran through the fans with a chair in hand and blind sided Raevynn with a vicious swing of a chair.

Cassidy Sky stood over the first lady of The Rebellion who was down with no signs of moving.


The fans began booing as Damien Lee came out with a microphone in tow and Cassidy Sky stopped before continuing the beating.

"You want to come into my house! You want to assault my talent! Have you not seen how things work around here?!" Damien Lee announced.

Cassidy tilted her head and slowly dropped the chair before asking for a microphone.

"And just like that, Daddy comes out and lets his voice be heard trying to protect his young Of course I know who you are, and what you're about. I also know that Aran Thompson, Reno Davis, Mattock and Chris Titan have been able to teach your so called "talent" lessons and now it's time that someone steps up and does the same thing to Raevynn. She won't skate free just like the rest of you won't!"

Damien looked dumb founded as Cassidy showed no sign of fear from Damien Lee.

"You want Raevynn? You got it! You stole this match from her, so you'll face her again at Theives Honor...fitting for you. But when you face each'll be UNDERGROUND RULES!"

Cassidy's deamoner changed to a state of concern as she looked down at Raevynn but she was no where to be seen.


Raevynn had rolled away and grabbed the chair that Cassidy was using and slammed it into the body Cassidy Sky who was now on the mat and Damien Lee looked on with a sadistic smile.

Raevynn threw the chair down at the body of Cassidy Sky and walked away as "Faster" by Within Temptation began playing.

"Cassidy Sky will debut at Theives Honor! IN THE UNDERGROUND!"

"You mean Raevynn will destroy Cassidy Sky in her debut match IN THE UNDERGROUND!"

Winner: No Contest

"Past as Prologue"

After two weeks of subterfuge and trickery to make it into the arena without his co-workers knowing, it seemed that Seymour Almasy had finally given up on such things. How else did you explain arguably the biggest ongoing mystery in professional wrestling simply waltzing on in through the back entrance of the arena?

Clad in a jOlt t-shirt and a pair of workout pants, Seymour carried his gear bag over his shoulder. Long, flowing platinum hair trailed behind him as he headed towards his destination - which, notably, wasn’t going to be the talent locker room.

No, Seymour Almasy was headed off to go dress in the public bathroom - away from the prying eyes of co-workers.

He had been lucky in avoiding those co-workers for several weeks now, but with the men’s room in sight, Seymour laid eyes upon one of those co-workers that he least wanted to see.

One of those co-workers who had fought him tooth and nail for the right for ACW to continue existing - and one of the very, very, VERY few men who could claim a legitimate, no bullshit victory over the force of nature called Orphan.

His name was...oh, Hell, let’s just let him say it himself.

“I don’t care what you’re calling yourself now.” The voice belonged to that of a very disgruntled Anti-Star. “I don’t care if you’re here now to try and pander to the crowd; I honestly don’t know what you intentions are for being in the least little bit.”

Ramey paused for a moment, visibly shaken by the sight of the man he had only known as Orphan. Ramey tried to calm his nerves, but fists instinctively clenched at the sight of the man in front of him. A man who had quite literally brought a company that Ramey had called home for so long to it’s very knees and almost destroyed it before it even had the chance to self implode.

“The one thing I do know,” Ramey had calmed himself enough to resume speaking, “is that there is no Keith Scott Zimmerman here to help you. If you try anything like you did there, here, you’re one man and I know the ticket to punch to bring you back to a simpering, cowering, mess that will make you tap in the center of that ring again if I need to.”

Something flashed in Almasy’s eyes then - a mixture of anger and sorrow. Ramey was the larger man, and yet as Seymour Almasy stood silently, looking into the Anti-Star’s eyes for moment after long moment, before shaking his head.

“Easy, tiger.”

Two words, spoken in a monotone entirely different from the one that Jesse Ramey knew as Orphan’s hateful cadence. These were calmer and sadder sounding words, somehow.

“I’m not here to kill jOlt.” Reassuring words, those, right?

“I don’t know why the Hell I’m here, to be honest, but that’s not the reason.”

Or maybe not.

Almasy, in a far cry from his days as Orphan, backed down, his shoulders slumping as he turned away from Jesse Ramey. Bag slung over his shoulder, it appeared that he was done for the evening -- and indeed, as he would find out in a few short minutes, he was not scheduled to compete tonight.

Before he disappeared from sight, though, he turned back to look at Ramey, and cocked an eyebrow at his former (and current?) rival.

“Maybe,” Almasy offered, with a wry shake of his head, “I’m here to figure out why the fuck I still want to do this.”

And then, as quickly as he’d appeared, Almasy was gone.


Derrick Huber vs Heido

Camera 35 was seen maneuvering through Corridor 106G with the looming multitudes welcoming the legions at home & abroad with a casual panning of the turbulent sea of humanity. A subtle transition to Camera 21 offered a descending angled pan of the entrance staging area as "House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch was injected through the state of the art PA system overhead. Sheer energy radiated strongly throughout the building as Camera 3 zeroed in the gorilla position where both members of The House lumbered out before the masses. The Sin City Strongman boldly extended his arms outward to siphon the adulation from the masses as The Las Vegas Leviathan proudly beat his chest before raising both fists toward the heavens...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for 1 fall...Making his way to the ring; accompanied by Adam Roebuck! Weighing in at 309 pounds...Representing The House...He’s ’The Oddsmaker’ DERRICK!!! HUBER!!!!

Donning a Black 4X T-Shirt with “The House Always Wins” etched across the front, Huber led the way down the ramp. Occasionally pointing out to both his left & right, the former tag champion inaudibly voiced his enthusiasm before rounding the corner, walking up the ring steps and standing along the middle of the ring apron. Both men brandishing a proud pair of smirks while rocking from side to side breifly before passing through the ropes. Roebuck was seen physically hyping up the legions as Derrick ascended the nearest turnbuckle, orchestrating as the music ebbed away yet the jOlt faithful took over...

Crowd: ”Well, mother, tell your children
Never do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the house of the rising sun


Well, there is a house in Sin City
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, knows I, I'm one!!”

Applause would sweep throughout the stands as the fan favorites gave love back to the masses before the 300+ pounder made his descent to allow Referee Ian Nyugen to complete his routine inspection before wringing each wrist and stretching out his extremities. Roebuck would be briefly heard dealing out instructions to his tag team partner...


‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin angrily summoned the complimentary dancing of Red & Pearl lighting, accompanied by the amassed billowing of smoke. Slowly stepping out from the sweeping overcast, the reigning Chief Retainers of the jOlt Tag Team Championships were identified by their distinctive outlines during their walk forward with The Kansai Crippler leading the way. On cue, the arena lighting began to dance vividly as the sinewy ninja slowly removed his tattered coolie hat before casting it aside to the floor. Both Huber & Roebuck watched as the stoic ninja plodded along the ring apron, wiped his feet before entering the ring.

Carrington: “...And his opponent, Representing The Inogami Clan and is accompanied by his tag team partner, Takeshi and Manager, Mamoru! Weighing in at 270 pounds and ½ of the jOlt World! Tag Team Champions...He is the ’Kansai Crippler’...HEIDO!!

Donning predominantly Pearl & Onyx, the voice of The Crimson Order flared out his male kimono with his head downcast before sweeping his raven colored mane away from his eyes. The athletic muscle of The House was seen gently hopping in place, anxious and ready for war as Heido unfastened his championship belt and handed it off to Mamoru, who muttered final instructions before descending the ring steps. However, a slight cascade of clan colored streamers sailed into the ring, leading to a rebellious cheers from the gathered smarks throughout the arena as the hastened clean up cleared the debris. Heido was quietly wringing his fingers as Derrick swayed from side to side as the in ring official finished his inspection of the ripped ninja before signaling for the opening bell...


Both competitors tugged at their respective ropes tautly before drawing in close to the proverbial ‘kill zone’ mutually. An ongoing chorus of dueling chants rang in hindsight as both Huber & Heido encircled the middle of the ring. Both respectively testing the waters with feigned grapples and scraping fingertips, they took turns offering strategic yet brief retreats before broadening their respective bases and casually slapping away each others hands before the Kansai Cripple pounced after Derrick’s leg. The attack nearly tripped Huber up as the ninja slid to a grinding halt. Roebuck was inaudibly backing his partner as Heido remained kneeling. Stoically assessing every move the muscular Nevada native made before slowly standing himself erect. Wringing the tension free from his wrists, the current tag champion shifted cautiously about before Derrick lunged forward yet missed the intentional Tie Up. Huber successfully parried the Overhand Palm Punch yet his follow up Right Hook was blocked, leading to him being propelled overhead via a Tomoe Nage - (Circle Throw) into a Full Mount. The ninja quickly transitioned to a Cross Armbreaker yet the chiseled Las Vegas powerhouse broadened his kneeling base, steadied himself in blocking the hold before wedging the ninja’s shoulders against the mat.

...1! ...2! Heido wisely contorted his body to angle his shoulder off the mat while maintaining the hold. Both Mamoru & Roebuck were on opposing ends, rallying their wards as Derrick sternly gnashed his teeth before gradually powering the ninja’s shoulder back onto the mat...1! ...2! Again, the Inogami Clan officer rolled away from the other direction yet used the back of his head to arch back further. The athletic big man grimaced even harder before briefly dropping back to a knee. Seething through his teeth, Derrick ignored both his partner slapping the ring apron and the loud rambling of the crowd to gradually hoist the ninja upward. Sensing the shift in balance, the deceptively limber ninja quickly released the hold and landing in a slightly crouched posture. The moment of brief exposure led to an Irish Whip. Huber with the Reversal, leading Heido to carom off the ropes to sprint underneath the Standing Back Elbow yet violently leveled the returning ninja with a stiff Standing Shoulder Block! Both eyes & mouth agape, Heido slowly sat himself up as Huber rung the pain from his Right Arm before grabbing the raven haired ninja to stand him erect. A Clubbing Forearm across the Back dropped the ninja back to his knees as his 2nd attempt to stand was met with a similar result before grabbing the Tekahashi valedictorian by the hair once more and drilling him with a stiff Headbutt! Takeshi merely grunted while holding the middle ropes as Mamoru snapped at Heido in Japanese while the ninja was reeling from the concussive blow.

A timely Scoop Slam by Huber led to him sternly point at the fallen ninja before shooting toward the ropes. A high Leaping Elbow Drop was driven into the Kansai Crippler’s sternum before Derrick shot the half...1! ...2! Heido shot the shoulder up, allotting the invigorated ’Wild’ Winston Shoot disciple promptly maintained the suppression with a Kneeling Armbar. Referee Nyugen knelt in close to assess the grimacing ninja’s condition. Heido waved him off while the seasoned grappler inaudibly barked at the grounded ninja. A seamless transition to a Kneeling Crossface Chickenwing kept the Strong Style practitioner in a controllable position before the relentless ninja again willed himself gradually upward. Arm extended outward, Heido took 2 steps forward before freeing himself with a swift Sitout Jawbreaker! The blow sternly humbled Huber, leaving him favoring his jaw as Heido wrung the pain from his once ensnared arm before gaining an immediate running start...

The Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

The former Toronto Wrestling Hardcore Champion recoiled from the impact in staggering away aimlessly, leading the Kansai Crippler sprint after The Oddsmaker and slam him face first against the turnbuckle soundly before assaulting his muscular opposition with The Hateful Haiku; a precision Head Butt to Collarbone, followed by rapid fire hand strikes to the Abdomen, Hip, Rib Cage before finishing w/ an Open Palm Punch between Shoulder Blades. Heido deftly slipped on a Cravat Front Face Lock yet Huber hooked his Right Arm hooked around the middle rope while bracing his Left Palm against the ninja’s chin. Nyugen promptly initiated a hard 4 count before Heido broke the hold to briefly mutter some words at the in ring official. The audience groaned as they heard the Upward Kick to the downed titan’s chin went off like a gunshot, followed by a weighted Knee, braced against the fan favorite’s face. Another hard count was set before Heido broke free again at 4. A battery of hardened Stomps would follow suit before leaning Derrick against the ropes...



Adam Roebuck was overheard encouraging his comrade as Huber reeled back from the blistering Knife Edge Chop. Shaking his head didn’t keep long haired ninja from assaulting him again...



The audience noted a pissed off Huber flashing his clenched canines after the current tag champion again blasted him with a searing Chop. The ninja promptly drilled him with a trinity of Short Armed Forearm Strikes before rearing back and slashing his bare upper body with a 3rd Knife Edge Chop...



The Arena of Champions began rallying behind the 2x former jOlt Tag Champion as he angrily initiated the Standing Switch, forcibly wedging Heido into the corner for a needed thirst for retribution...









A stiff Headbutt again dazed the ninja before Heido was force fed a menacing Back Elbow...



A hard Hammer Throw to the opposing corner was used to deliver a pin point Running TB Forearm Strike on Heido. Again the crowd complimented the transition of a 2nd volley successfully connecting before Huber hoisted Heido upward, walked back several paces before battering him with a Stalling Underhook Suplex! A muted scowl radiated from Mamoru’s visage as Heido wince from the impact before being covered with a Lateral Press...



The slender submissionist jerked his shoulder off the mat, leading Huber to briefly flash his frustration before smoothing out his mustache and locked the ninja into a Kneeling Rear Chin Lock. Heido would wave off the referee while gradually earning a kneeling posture before methodically driving his Forearm against Huber’s rib cage. A battery of Punches & Chops led to the ninja leading Derrick away with an Irish Whip. Huber with the timely Reversal yet the sinewy ninja quickly pulled down the ropes to send his opposition barreling out onto the floor soundly. Adam Roebuck was prompt to inaudibly yell at both Takeshi & Mamoru who were both standing neat the opposing turnbuckle post as Derrick was left grimacing along the padded earth. Meanwhile, the Kansai Crippler rolled off the ring apron to battered his opponent with a trinity of measured Palm Strikes before Huber parried the 4th and began wailing back on his raven haired adversary...

Nyugen: ....3!

...4!! ...

The disgruntled pair began aggressively tussling against the Spanish Announce Position, leading the announcers to seek shelter away from the brawl as Huber flung the ninja soundly across the table, scattering paperwork throughout the immediate area. The cheering legions began yelling louder as Derrick slugged the ninja across the jaw before hoisting one of the roll away chairs overhead. The mobile seat bounced soundly against the table as Heido drilled Derrick with a Right Hook before pursuing the staggering powerhouse. However, Huber bounced the ninja spine first against the floor with a Snap Side Headlock Takedown where the brawling duo eventually tussled their way back to their feet...


Both rivals ignored the referee’s summoning of the bell as he adamantly waved them both out. The massive Roebuck lumbered over to pull a pissed off Huber away as Takeshi & Mamoru pulled Heido in the opposing direction. However, the Sin City Strong broke free to shove the Mute Mountain Splitter aside to tackle the Kansai Crippler. The audience roared as Mamoru & Shoji sought to keep the embittered giant at bay as Roebuck locked his partner into a taunt Full Nelson to wrestle him away...


Inaudible curses & slurs were cast by both parties as they were held at bay yet Adam managed to talk to his teammate as Huber reluctantly kept his hands elevated as a sign of submission. Roebuck was steadily in his face as he motioned for Derrick to head to the back when Huber quickly pivoted around his partner into a dead sprint after Heido yet Takeshi sternly moved Mamoru & Shoji aside...

Onager Shot - A Flap Jack Press followed by a stiff Punch to Stomach

The audience groaned briefly as Huber collapsed soundly along the floor before Roebuck quickly staggered the massive ninja backwards into the floor with a Running Avalanche Attach! Sheer bedlam ensued as a team of ringside officials stormed the ringside area in order to reestablish order. Several personnel were shoved to the floor before both teams were successfully restrained...

Crowd: “...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!! ...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!!...FIGHT!!!! ....FIGHT!!!! ...

The legions angrily booed the officials and assorted staff as both champions and aspiring challengers were moved to a respectable distance. The inaudible chattered continued before the Crimson Order were seen moved toward the base of the rampway. Defiantly, they would take a stand against the miscellaneous personnel when the intentional pounding of the microphone was heard...

“HEY!” The portly super heavyweight exclaimed while pointing his finger at the reigning Tag Champions. “WHISPERS!”

Camera One zeroed its focus onto the Mute Mountain Splitter who was seen gnarling his fists while scowling back at the man in question.


The Arena of Champions flooded the arena with amorous cheers as Mamoru continued to hold Shoji at bay while Heido swept the hair from his face while inaudibly talking to his hulking partner.



The crowd further agitated matters audibly, leading to another audible spike as Takeshi faintly nodded to himself while moving people out of his en route toward the ring steps. Feedback was cut abruptly as the mic bounced off the canvas and rolled off the ring apron with Adam pacing back and forth with Referee Nyugen eager to keep Roebuck at bay. Meanwhile, both Heido & Mamoru were busy holding a private council among themselves. The hulking ninja merely nodded while staring back into the ring. Huber was seething on the opposing end of the squared circle, pacing about as most of the ring side personnel were seen cautiously heading toward the back...

Winner: No Contest

Adam Roebuck vs Takeshi

After the scene had been finished from the previous skirmish between Heido and Derrick Huber that officially went to a no contest, Adam Roebuck challenged the other half of jOlt’s Tag Team Champions, Takeshi, to a match and now was the time for the two big beasts of the House and the Crimson Order respectively to do battle in the squared circle.

After the referee shook his head at the case of the impromptu match getting thrown on him between the two heavyweights, we got to the battle. “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck was in the ring while Takeshi as discussing strategy with Heido and Mamoru on the outside. The Las Vegas Leviathan was about to take on The Mute Mountain as the bell rang…

The big bulls came right at one another!

Takeshi was quicker on the draw and he opened up on Roebuck with an opening salvo consisting of a series of very swift jabs at the head of his large opponent. He backed him up with a low thrust kick to Roebuck’s gut and tried to whip him, but that failed when Adam brought a big forearm down on Takeshi’s elbow joint. He threw three swift punches of his own followed up with a head butt that knocked Takeshi loopy, sending the Mute Mountain into the corner.

Huber was egging on his tag team partner form the outside while Heido and Mamoru silently watched as the fight between two behemoths continued. Roebuck moved in for the kill with a corner splash but the quicker Takeshi moved out of harms way which led to Adam nearly knocking over the ringpost on sheer size alone. The Mute Mountain returned fire with a stinging hard throat thrust that had The Big Bucks doubled over in pain.

Now towering in the ring after dominating for the moment, the Mute Mountain charged and landed a hard running knee lift strike that stunned the Las Vegas Leviathan. He backed up to give himself some space before charging forward again only to see a big knee to the head. Roebuck charged off the opposite ropes before a big pounce-like shoulder tackle sent Takeshi flying through the ropes and all the way out to the floor!

Huber slapped his hands on the apron and cleared the way for Takeshi and Roebuck to continue their scuffle. “Go, Roe!”

Adam Roebuck headed to the outside and fired an icy glance at both Heido and Mamoru before turning his attention back to one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions. He stunned him with two haymakers to the stomach and backed Takeshi up into the ringpost before he charged…


That sound was Adam Roebuck charging right at Takeshi and hitting nothing but the ring post on account of Takeshi moving out of the way. The quicker Mute Mountain watched as Adam Roebuck didn’t go down, but winced in pain which allowed Takeshi to swoop in and deliver a boot that rocked Adam’s jaw.

With some great effort on his part, Takeshi managed to negotiate Adam Roebuck back into the ring again by rolling him back under the bottom rope. Takeshi started his slow climb into the ring as the crowd cheered for the action between two of jOlt’s biggest and hardest-hitting stars. Roebuck’s attempts to stand in the face of his taller opponent were becoming rather fruitless; every time that Adam tried to get up off the mat, Takeshi was already there to greet him with a boot to the face that knocked the giant down. When he tried what would’ve bene the fourth kick, Roebuck grabbed it and pushed him back into the ropes but the massive Takeshi made him pay for it with a flying shoulder tackle. The mobile Japanese wrestler rolled over and hooked one of Roebuck’s massive legs.



Roebuck with a thunderous power out!

Takeshi wasn’t flung too far, but he may have underestimated the power in Roebuck’s frame. He grabbed onto Roebuck’s arm with one arm and cocked back the other to unleash a series of stiff elbows to the chest and head of the Las Vegas Leviathan. Roebuck was in pain, but tried to weather the storm by coming back with a back head butt to rock Takeshi. When he tried to sit up, a northern lariat from The Silent Nightmare put him right back down. He worked into a submission attempt…


A double nerve hold with a knee in the back for added effect was now punishing Adam Roebuck and the monster was doubled over in pain, trying to get back up. He tried, but the hold was a bit too much for The Las Vegas Leviathan to overcome.

“Go, Roe!”

The crowd started to voice its support for Adam Roebuck – not that they didn’t respect The Crimson Order for their own immense talents, but Roebuck was the one in the dangerous hold right now so they chanted for the monster.


Mamoru shouted more orders to his man in Japanese while trying to motivate Takeshi some more, butthe Mute Mountain didn’t need much motivation in order to punish the big man. Roebuck was starting to get to a knee and tried to free Takeshi’s arms from his grip… he actually started to rise and then got back up with Takeshi on his back! Amazing strength from Roebuck as he leaned backwards and slammed Takeshi into the back corner!

Takehsi let the hold go and Roebuck turned around in order to slug it out with the Tag Team Champion. He turned and punched him in the chest and followed up with a big right, but Takeshi threw in a pair of chops in order to wear Roebuck down.

Roebuck brought the pain and the two giants were now slugging things.

Roebuck’s right.

Takeshi right.

Roebuck right.

Takeshi right.

Roebuck right.

Takeshi right.

Second Takeshi right was blocked! Roebuck fought back with his own head butt, but Takeshi blocked that with an overhead elbow and then pulled the giant into a short-arm clothesline. Roebuck was staggered from the shot and surprisingly didn’t go down so Takeshi landed a second one. He reeled back and a third lariat finally took him down…


Roebuck was down again and surprisingly, Takeshi had been dominating the match – a very rare position The Las Vegas Leviathan had yet to get in on. Takeshi kneeled and laid all his body weight across Adam’s shoulders.



Roebuck with another kick out!

Takeshi ran a thumb across his throat to call for the end as he kicked big Roebuck in the stomach and tried to bring the surly monster up for some sort of powerbomb or piledriver only for Adam to stop and pick at the knee with a good shot. He rose again and clobbered him with a big series of three elbows to the back of his head and trucked forward, knocking Takeshi down with a heck of a lariat of his own.

Mamoru shouted louder as Takeshi staggered back to his feet. He kicked him in the head and charged at him with a bigger lariat and rammed Takeshi into the nearest corner. Roebuck walked a few steps back towards the other side of the ring and charged with full speed ahead…


A running hip attack crushed his chest and that wasn’t the worst of it – Adam Roebuck came back with a monster thesz press and kept Takeshi pinned down with all of his body weight.




Takeshi powered a shoulder up off the mat right before the three count but now Roebuck was feeling the energy from the fans. He waited for Takeshi as he tried to stand only to catch him. He kicked him in the stomach with a toe kick and powered him in his grip before bringing him down with a rib breaker. He actually impressed the crowd by holding the three-hundred twenty pound Takeshi in mid air and threw him over head with a fall away slam…





Takeshi gets the shoulder up. But Roebuck stays on him and continues to drill him about the head with a series of right hands. The blows send the two towards the ropes and Roebuck goes flying back, accidentally hitting the referee!

The bell is called for automatically by the timekeeper as the two men stop and see what Roebuck has done! Roebuck turned and shoved Takehsi.

“Look what you fucking made me do!”

The Las Vegas Leviathan shoved the tag team champion backwards, but Takeshi wasn’t having any of that. He shoved him back and soon the two monsters were fighting amongst themselves again! When Heido tried to get back into the ring to the aid of his partner only for Huber to intercept and the two other started to pick up their fight from the match!

The two teams were now fighting again and for the second time, this match was also going to end in a no contest from what it appeared! Security was swarming the ring now trying to continue the fight as the shots continued between all four men!

What started out as two teams with a respect for one another over the belts was quickly becoming something much more volatile.

Winner: Takeshi via Disqualification

"The 1st Steps"


A husky yet wounded voice gently echoed within the segregated recesses of the Arena of Champion’s inner workings. A muscular form was seen parting from the shadows into the limited light, revealing Shoji. Recently excommunicated from the Inogami Clan in an active capacity, the hulking ninja kept his head downcast as the elder statesman in question rounded the corner with a pair of Crimson Elite by his side.

“You seem troubled, Shoji” Mamoru opened. “Speak freely.”

“I've lost face since the beginning of my professional career here, Sifu.” The Hokota Holocaust muttered. “My faith has been broken. Shattered. Now I question my decision to have come here...”

“And when did utter nonsense become your native tongue, Shoji?” The ninja elder replied. “It was I who personally recommended to Lord Kenshiro himself to bring you here. To train you and to guide you properly in both The Way and the pursuit of promotional significance. However, it was in your sheer arrogance that blinded you. That led you into being broken before an entire assembly of your peers and gaijin alike.”


“That was your own undoing.” Mamoru continued. “That was one of many lessons that you needed to learn for yourself. For the overall embitterment of this clan and those who thrive within and beyond it.”

“What now?” Shoji inquired. “I have no influence nor standing within the clan. Outside of a mere sentry...”

“Your perspective is heavily misguided, Shoji.” Mamoru rebutted amidst a expulsion of cigar smoke. “It is no one’s concern nor interest to grant you pity. However, remember in who’s charge that you have been placed in. You are among my most promising prospects as I again, granted you favor in learning by my side.”

“Lord Kenshiro has far too many pressing affairs at hand so I took it upon myself to ensure that you are brought forward properly. El Tigre Verde’ and I shall aid you on your road to clan redemption. The restoration of lost face will rightfully weight heavily upon your willingness to earn it back. It is not a given. It is always an opportunity yet Humility was but one of the harshest lessons that I pray you start to embrace.”

Seen cradling his bandaged hand with a forearm, encased within a fresh cast, the clan pariah was left to quietly contemplate his ward’s words. Mamoru stood himself erect before calmly placing a reassuring hand on the ninja’s shoulder.

“Do not expect this transition to be easy by any means.” Mamoru warned. “You have much to atone for yet it can be done. It must be done.”

Shoji nodded solemnly to himself as the hardened footsteps of Mamoru and his small party were heard yet abruptly halted.

“Take a few moments to recollect yourself for you must report to the developmental league renown as The Hype.” The wise statesman mentioned.

“Do not take this rare opportunity for granted....”

"Training Day"

The jOltvision lights up and fades into view. We see "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon in a hooded grey sweater. He's looking directly at the camera sweating buckets.

"I'm here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because next week I have a match.. but not just any ol' match... a Battle Royal to determine the final spot in the Thieves Honor match for the jOlt World Championship! It's about ninety degrees out here and I think I'm severely dehydrated. In fact.. I can feel heat stroke trying to claim me.. but never fret! I'm going to show you my training regimen that I have been doing for the past week to help prepare for this monumental battle in which I... the greatest Rock Star to ever grace God's green earth.. a certified Scoopologist... the spirit of Wrestlecade.. and the Defendant in a lawsuit against me pertaining to ZaC the then entire world that I am indeed ready! ROLL THAT BEAUTIFUL BEAN FOOTAGE........ and get me a water.. for the LOVE OF GOD I NEED AN AQUAFINA!"

The scene phased out and yep.. you guessed it.. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor played in the background.

We see Jon Le Bon running over a bridge, shadow boxing. His hooded sweater drenched in sweat. People look concerned as he passes them on his mid-afternoon jog. Shortly after running over the bridge, he stops briefly to vomit over the side of it.

The scene transitions into a meat locker where he's punching frozen sides of beef. The beef slab aren't exactly moving. Le Bon punches it so hard that he hurts his own fist and stumbles off camera. Next thing we see is Le Bon throwing his body at the meat slab clinging onto it for dear life! The meat slab sways back and forth with Le Bon attached to the side until Le Bon can't hang on anymore and slips off, falling to the floor. The meat slab comes loose from the hook and falls on top of Le Bon.

The next scene shows Le Bon in a wrestling ring with a bunch of crash test dummies. He's throwing them up and over the top rope to the floor, simulating how he would throw his opponents over the top rope in next week's match. All of a sudden, he gets into a struggle with one of the test dummies and backs against the ropes. The test dummy, despite not even being an animate object, eliminated Le Bon from the ring!!

The next scene shows Le Bon running up the famous steps at the Art Museum that Rocky ran up in his movies. Le Bon collapses half way up and grasped at his leg, obviously a charlie horse had befallen him. Le Bon rolled around on the steps in pain. Even a homeless man walked up and begged him for change while Le Bon rolled around on the steps. Le Bon shoo'd him away and the homeless man spit on Le Bon!

We are brought back to Le Bon, live, drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

"As you can see.... I've.. been training and... well.. I REALLY need that Aquafina right now... I think I'm gonna.... hyruk."

Le Bon collapsed on the sidewalk. The camera panned down as Le Bon could barely move. The last thing Le Bon could do is raise his arm and give the audience a thumbs up. The scene faded to black.

Charlotte(c) vs Callie Scott

Fresh off a successful defense of the Starlets Championship over Faith Hines last week, the current champion Charlotte was getting back into her winning ways ever since finally ending an eight month reign of terror from the previous champion Sarah Winterton. The previous champion made her first appearance since jOlt’s Rise of the Legends PPV and viciously attacked Charlotte backstage. Despite that, Charlotte was ready and able to defend her championship tonight, but rumor had it Sarah Winterton was in the house as well. Could Charlotte defend her title against The Hype’s own Callie Scott tonight, knowing that her long-time rival was lurking about?

“Octane” by Burnos played and the challenger for the title made her way out first to a mostly mixed reception from the crowd. Her name was Callie Scott and she had every intention of making her debut on Intense a big one by upsetting the two-time and current Starlets Champion tonight. Scott paid no mind to the crowd as he climbed inside. Wearing a black tank top and tattered jeans as her choice of attire, she stated to throw some punches in mid air to psych herself up for the match to come. Charlotte was flashy, but she was very skilled in the ring when it came to handling her business.

“Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing new Starlets Champion, Charlotte! She paraded around the stage with the Starlets Championship over her head as she took in the great ovation from the crowd.

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring in a getup that had her dressed in a skimpy black and white which got some whistles from the fans! She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready for her second defense of the title.

Callie Scott was ready.

Charlotte was ready.

They were both ready for a fight when the instrumental of “Pageant” by Moi Dix Mois played and the arrogant and pompous Sarah Winterton made her way present. With her assistant, Desta, at her side Winterton had herself a seat on the stage in a chair while Desta stood next to her taking notes about the goings-on. Charlotte turned around to face her attacker from last week and that was all Callie Scott needed to catch the champion off guard with a tremendous running dropkick to the face! Scott wasn’t necessarily a bad person on The Hype and was a respected fighter but she had to take any opportunity to win her first championship!




That was a close one right of the bat by the former fighter but Charlotte kicked out. Callie Scott picked him picked Charlotte up and the camera cut to Sarah Winterton who had a chesire cat shit-eating grin on her face. Callie turned over and threw a volley of elbows into the face of Charlotte who was trying her best to defend herself, but to no avail.

Callie Scott was back up and took Charlotte before the Scrapper pushed her all the way back in the corner with a shoulder to the ribs. Callie continued to fire with more big elbows in the corner and continued to wear down the champion with intent to win the match. The Scrapper even landed a headbutt to the face that staggered The Vegas Vixen!

“Oh, sorry, dearie!” Winterton said with a laugh.

Callie Scott continued to punish the champion by throwing her out of the corner and dropping Charlotte hard with a big back suplex on the canvas. That allowed The Scrapper to continue going for another cover and hopefully the title!



The Vegas Vixen fought out again! The Starlets Champion was trying to get out of the opening blocks but Callie Scott continued to lay a hurt on the Vegas Vixen while on the stage, Winterton and Desta continued to watch the match trying to throw the champion off her game.

The Scrapper tried to pull her off the mat again only for Charlotte to throw a stiff shoulder into her stomach. Callie fought back with two uppercut punches followed by a series of knees to the stomach of Charlotte that once again backed her up into a corner.

“I’m sorry about this, but I want that title…”

That was all that Scott offered to her before launching her across the other side of the ring and attempting to charge. That failed when Charlotte got her left foot up and she landed a nice kick to the face. With that blow coming back to stagger her some, the Starlets Champion ran out of the corner only to walk into…


A big show in the style of a superman – or superwoman punch as it were – caught the champion right in the side of the face and the crowd was in shock. Charlotte was moments away from losing her precious championship in only her second defense.



Close, but no cigar!

Charlotte was very close to losing the championship but she kicked out at two and nine-tenths. The Queen of the Starlets was on the top of the ramp watching Charlotte get the tar beat out of her by the Hype Starlet making herself a heck of a performance tonight. She pulled her elbow pad off her forearm and waited for the chance to go for her finisher called the Scrap Heap which was a sliding D elbow to the head… but Charlotte got back up and landed a running clothesline that knocked Scott down!


The crowd loved the fiery redhead Charlotte as she leaned against the ropes with a chance to fight back now that she had weathered the storm of the Hype brawler. Callie was starting to stand at last when Charlotte fought back with a series of alternating forearms to the face and she tossed Callie across the ring only to kick her head nearly clean off her shoulders with a jumping heel kick to the face.

The Vegas Vixen pointed up to the Queen of the Starlets at the top of the ramp before she turned back to Callie. She picked her up again and sent her flying to the other corner where Charlotte cracked her with a forearm smash to the mouth followed up with a kick to the gut. She doubled him over and ran off the ropes…


The running one-armed neckbreaker put her down and Charlotte went to cover Callie Scott for the win.




The Scrapper kicked her shoulder up at the last second and Charlotte looked surprised herself, but knew that Callie was too dangerous so she had to finish this quickly. The Vegas Vixen pulled Callie Scott was snatched off the ground when Desta tried to stand on the ring apron. She let her go and popped Desta in the mouth, sending the pudgy assistant of Sarah Winterton off the ring apron. Callie snuck up behind her and went for a roll-up!



Charlotte kicked out!

Callie was back up and cocked back a spinning backfist that Charlotte ducked underneath before kicking Scott in the knee. Callie was trapped in her grip now as she used all the strength she could gather…


Charlotte pointed at The Queen of the Starlets again and crawled over after delivering her belly to back neckbreaker. The Starlets Champion went for a lateral press.




Charlotte was given a hell of a fight by Callie Scott but on this night, the Vegas Vixen was now proudly standing victorious. She was handed her title while Sarah Winterton stood at the top of the ramp now with a microphone in hand. Unfortunately for everybody involved, she had something to say.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"Best Two out of Three?"

Callie “Scrapper” Scott had made a hell of an impression on the Starlet Champion, Charlotte, but tonight Sarah Winterton showed she was not through with her long-time rival. The Queen of the Starlets watched as Desta tried to pick herself up off the ground after getting suckerpunched by Charlotte. The Vegas Vixen was about ready to climb out of the ring and fuck her royal ass up, but…


The crowd booed the name of the CEO being mentioned by Sarah as Charlotte kept her ground. Her clutches remained on the Starlet Championship while Winterton and Desta stayed far away from the ring.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your victory her tonight. I wanted to come out here to scout my opponent for Thieves Honor!”

Charlotte was now in possession of a microphone and she lowered her gaze.

“What the hell are you going on about, you dumb bitch?”


Winterton was not amused at all by the slandering, but she cut through the tension any way to deliver her message.

“I came out here to tell you that as the previous AND GREATEST STARLET CHAMPION OF ALL TIME…” she paused for the crowd to boo some more, showing what they thought of her dubious claims. “…What’s going to happen at Thieves Honor is that I am going to cash in my rematch for the belt that YOU STOLE from me with your cheap tactics!”

Desta cheered and clapped for her leader… she would be the only one. Charlotte was impatient and wasn’t going to take any more shit.

“Get to the FUCKIN’ point!”

Winterton shook her head in an obnoxious “tsk, tsk, tsk” manner.

“Hold your horses, Charlotte. I have been a trendsetter for some of the greatest matches of all time! I was a participant of the first-ever Starlets Underground match, a Ladder Match, and even THAT Last Starlet Standing match THAT I SHOULD HAVE ALSO WON… but I’m going to do one more, darling. You got a chance to do one more with me, darling, but I can outlast you in a straight wrestling match…”

With an evil gleam in her eye, Winterton continued.

“But you will NEVER be able to outlast me… TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS!”

“Oh, you think that, don’t you?” Charlotte said. “But you’re gonna NEED two falls if you even THINK of prying this title from my cold, dead fingers! Winterton, I accept and I will BEAT you once and for all. After this… WE’RE

Another cackle came from the mouth of Winterton. Charlotte was in no laughing mood.

"Care to make it interesting, darling? I am tired of dealing with you, I want nothing to do with you, you lousy Harlot. So here's what I am proposing... this little tete-a-tete that we have going on has lasted far too long. If I lose, that's it... but if YOU lose, you get no rematch. Then and ONLY then... we will be done... do you accept or are you afraid that your victory at Rise of the Legends was nothing more than what your career has been full of... just meaningless flukes?"

"I would hardly call two reigns as the Starlet Champion a FLUKE, hon... but I accept."

Sarah and Desta turned to each other with matching grins.

"Good. I will see you at Theives Honor to TAKE BACK WHAT IS MINE!!!

“Pageant” by Moi Dix Mois played and Winterton allowed Charlotte to really stew on that as the two women voiced their respective opinions to each other from far away. Charlotte raised the title for Winterton to see while The Queen of the Starlets continued to grin.

One more time before this issue between the ladies would finally be put to bed for good.

"Gold to Go with Gold"

“What You Know” by T.I.

A strong chorus of cheers erupted from the crowd the second the music hit and the music belonged to only one man – one big, chiseled, bronze mass of humanity that had one goal in mind – becoming the next jOlt Heavyweight Champion. Dressed in a pair of Hugo Boss jeans, a bright golden-hued polo and sunglasses (not worn, he wasn’t an asshole), .the man called SuperMack soaked in the adulation form the crowd and posed at the top of the ramp as a row of golden pyro exploded on either side of the tron!


Mack was solo tonight as Frank Silver was out tonight thanks to injuries sustained by The Faction last week they jumped him backstage and also cost Ryan Gallway a chance to become the Relentless Champion. The Bronze Bomber sauntered towards the ring and slapped hands with fans on either side of the entryway before he headed to the ramp. He climbed inside and slammed a fist down into the canvas, sparking a big burst of golden pyro from all four turnbuckles. As the music died down, he asked for a microphone and was given one by Dean Carrington at ringside.

“Thieves Honor…” Brody started as the crowd reaction started to lessen. “In just a few shorts weeks, I along with five other men are going to be duking it out all for a shot at the coveted jOlt Heavyweight Championship. I’ll get to each of those men in a second, but this message is going out to our esteemed…”

Brody made with the air quotes.

“Champion, Landon Stevens. Stevens, you little bitch, you’ve been ducking the wrong people for FAR too fucking long, boy. You took on a challenge to me two weeks ago and despite all your talk, all your mouth and all that shade you’ve been throwing on Twitter about how good you are and how you never run from a challenge… what’d you do? YOU RAN!”

SuperMack flashed a snarky smirk to the crowd.

“You ran like the gutless, spineless, piece of shit that I’ve been telling everybody you are. You can talk about how Damien Lee can kiss your ass or that you can do things on your own, but the bottom line is that you’ve fucked over a lot of people for far too long on nothing more than dumb fucking luck, coasting off the coattails of guys you couldn’t lace the boots of!”

A rousing ovation from the crowd continued to nearly shake the building as Brody fired on.

“And I promise you, Stevens, I don’t care what I have to do or who I have to go through… you’re fucking done, do you hear me? DONE.”


“And to the other opponents in this match, the three that have qualified… only two of you are worthy of this spot. Chris Titan, what happened to you and the rest of the Backbone was wrong and a complete fucking power play in the part of Damien Lee putting the screws to you. I know that you have full intentions to take that jOlt Championship away from Landon Stevens to be Damien’s worst nightmare and I can respect that… but I’m DONE waiting for any opportunities. You’ve been to the top once before… I haven’t. What YOU need to learn is that the line to the championship is starting with ME.”

“Ninja K…”

A big pop exploded again for the mention of Mack Brody’s rival of the last several months.

“Congratulations on qualifying earlier. I mean that. You and I have been messing each other up for months on end and I’d like to think that despite the fact I’d never be caught dead walking around here like an extra in Mortal Kombat like the rest of Clan Inogami… we’ve grown a respect for one another’s abilities. I hope that if this match comes down to two people, that I want us to be the last two. I’ve won one, you’ve won one, but we need to settle this once and for all. Might as well be with the most important prize in this game on the line!”

More cheers from the crowd at the prospect of a potential rubber match down the line between the two.

“And to the last man in this match… those other men at least qualified to get their spots… and one did not. Sebastian Saje, I don’t know exactly how good that you slobbed Damien Lee’s nobs to get into this match, but you ain’t SHIT, you hear me, boy? Take your Rebellion and go shove it up your ass… but just don’t stop there. Just keep going up your own ass, and going and going and going and eventually, the rest of the Fuck Brigade will eventually blink out of existence. After I knocked off your big-ass masked friend, Seraph, in my qualifier last week I decided I’m going to also fulfill another promise. At Thieves Honor, I’m going to make DAMN sure that I come after you for all the shit that you and the Rebellion have put jOlt through since Wrestlecade!”


The voice belonged to that of Damien Lee who heard enough of Mack Brody’s rants. Coming out to the stage, Lee looked out to the ring with a smug look on his face.

“Oh, Mister Brody… you have quite the mouth on you, don’t you?”

Brody stroked the hair in his beard.

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to go here since I don’t participate in low-brow humor, Mr. Lee… but your sister said the same thing about this mouth, you know?”

Some loud laugher from the crowd as Lee did not look amused, but Brody did pat himself on the back.

“I told you all it was bad, but I’m doing the best I can, okay?”

Lee turned the attention back to him and pointed at Brody in the ring.

“Oh, Brody… you can sit here and sling petty little insults like a petulant child, but what you need to learn just like your supposed FRIEND, Kenshiro Inogami, is that I will not tolerate anyone coming out here sullying my good name. The reason that you and the Heirs of Wrestling are being fazed out is because while you are a popular act… your little sideshow antics are just that… you’re all a sideshow. You’re a big, bronze sideshow and while you can get the crowd going, all you are at the end of the day is a dime-a-dozen muscleman in a business full of them.”

Booing erupted from the crowd as Mack Brody continued.

“If you and the other members of the Thieves Honor match are that badly wanting a fight, then how about I give you all one next week… next week, I’m putting together a little tag team match between four of you that have already qualified. Mack Brody, you can team with your supposed friend, Kenshiro Inogami…and on the other side of that exchange, Chris Titan… well, he’s going to team with MY pick to win. The leader of the Rebellion and your NEXT jOlt Heavyweight Champion, Sebastian Saje! You can all destroy each other for all I care while Saje picks up the pieces!”

He laughed at his own match up in a set of people who may not have very much liked one another. SuperMack only responded with a quick smirk on his face.

“Two things, Damien… first, there ain’t NOBODY on this roster like me, and you better remember that. These boulder-like shoulders? NOBODY on this roster got these lats, bro! But above all that, nobody else has my WILL. Nobody else is HUNGRIER than I am right now… you can give all the opportunites to Saje and the Rebellion that you want, but at the end of the day, I only need ONE to become the jOlt Heavyweight Champion.”

The ladies in the crowd shrieked and cheered.

“And as for next… what happens if I bust that little fucker, Saje, up before Thieves Honor?”

The smile from Damien Lee’s face faded as “What You Know” by TI started to play again. Brody laughed and headed out of the ring while raising a fist for the crowd. Brody and Lee shared tense glares at one another as the scene went to commercial.

"Promises to be Fulfilled"

As the show returns from break, "Stinkfist" by Tool is playing as a lone dark figure stands in the ring. The hooded cloak and blue and yellow attire are a dead giveaway.


As the music begins to die down, Providence remains still, his arms still at his sides and the hood covering most of his face. The crowd then begins to provide its own noise with the music gone, cheering the newcomer's name. A few seconds later, Providence finally pulls the hood back and lifts his right arm so that the microphone in his hand is near his lips.

"Fans of jOlt Wrestling...I come to you tonight to apologize." The crowd starts to murmur in confusion as Providence pauses for a moment. Then, looking up and straight ahead at the camera, he continued.

"I come to you to apologize for not doing my part as of yet to cleanse this company...for not fulfilling the promises I made upon my arrival." Providence looked down at the mat for a moment, then out to the crowd, remaining even as he peered out to them. "One needs only to look at jOlt's champions to see that you deserve better. You deserve more."

"Landon Stevens, the jOlt Heavyweight Champion." Providence paused for the torrent of boos he knew would follow. "Mr. Stevens is a talented athlete. He has excellent training inside the ring. Unfortunately, what he does not have is a single shred of dignity or character in his entire body. He's managed to hold that title for a long time but he's kept it in a way that has brought shame to himself, that title and all of you. And if I have an opportunity, I have no qualms about putting an end to that farce of a title reign."

The crowd roared with cheers at the thought. Providence, however, shook his head.

"But, unfortunately, he's not the only one..." he said as he held up a finger and paced. "There's also the self-proclaimed Golden Boy Champion Diamond Jewelz, who showers himself in layers of gold, bravado and goons to hide the insecure, spineless BOY he really is. All that glitter is as fake as the belt he straps around his waist."

"I do have respect for one man who's been crushing opponents like a machine since the moment he arrived not long ago..." The crowd began chanting "VIZIER! VIZIER! VIZIER!" as Providence nodded. "Yes, Mr. ta Seti, you have been the most impressive thus far. You may even be deserving of the destiny that awaits you. But always remember...any machine can be taken apart by the right man." Providence smiled slightly as the crowd cheered at the thought of a matchup between the two.

"However, there is one more champion I must address here tonight. One more man hasn't been on the jOlt roster very long, but who has already managed to put a title around his waist."

The crowd broke out into a "GEIST" chant, knowing Providence was talking about the Underground Champion.

"Mr. shocked the world by defeating Derecho and capturing that Underground Championship. And judging by the reactions of these people lately, they love you for it." Providence's grin quickly washed away as he stared steely-eyed at the camera ahead.

"Yet, I know better. I can see you for what you are. You're just as undeserving as Mr. Stevens and the rest. These people may not see it yet, but I do. I have travelled far and wide to battle inside the ring, and I know your kind. I can see it even when others don't..."

"Being opportunistic does not make you a champion. Taking advantage of a battered man does not make you a champion. Running through a roster full of amateurs does not make you a champion..."

"A true champion faces the very best when they're at their very best. A true champion would rather lose to a better man than defeat a lesser one..."

"And a true champion is not afraid to face his destiny.....HIS PROVIDENCE!"

The lights flickered and the "Geist" chants were immediately accompanied by the loud militant sounds of "LINKS 234". Normally, Lorelei led the way, but it was more than apparent that the Uberkreiger was fuming. He blazed a path to the ring with his gorgeous ally barely able to keep pace. Soon enough, the blond duo stood before the man from Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Shou really..."

Lorelei started only to have Geist shockingly swipe the microphone from her. She threw her hands up and took a step back. She adjusted the Underground Title on her shoulder.

"Go right ahead, Pietro."

"I do not know vhy everyone in zhis promotion feels zhe need to stand upon a soapbox and preach zheir greatness."

The Todesengel snarled before tearing off his Metal Mulisha t-shirt. He snatched his title from Lorelei and laid it between him and his newest target.

"Shou doubt my skill, Schwanzlutscher? Show me how much of a varrior shou truly are."

With a boom and a thud, the microphone was slammed violently into the mat and the downright ravenous Geist glared down at Providence, hoping that he would dare to challenge him.

Providence looked down at the title belt on the mat for a second and then tilted his head back up to lock eyes with the champion.

Providence nodded his head.

Geist nodded his head.

And then the battle was on.

Pietro Geist(c) vs Providence

Providence was the first to throw a right, with Geist responding immediately. In no time the two men were throwing a flurry of punches back and forth as an official slid into the ring and signalled for the bell to make the match official. As he did so, Lorelei grabbed the championship belt and went to the outside out of the line of fire.

Geist gained the upper hand first, knocking a dazed Providence back against the ropes. Geist whipped the challenger across the ring and then sent him head over heels with a vicious high knee to the midsection. There was no break for Providence, as Geist landed a hard boot to the side of his head as he tried to get up. Geist then forcefully pulled him up and sent Providence into the ropes again. This time he swung his arm violently looking to take Providence's head off.

But all he caught was air.

Providence ducked the clothesline attempt and before Geist could turn around, he kicked the champion in the kidneys and then dropped him to the mat with a reverse neckbreaker. With Geist down, Providence caught his breath for a moment and then went back on the attack dropping a trio of knees to the Todesangel's head. Providence pulled Geist to his feet in the nearby corner and backed him against the turnbuckles, following him into the corner with a back elbow to the chin. Then, Providence used his strength to whip Geist across to the opposite corner and followed immediately behind him, catching him with a splash in the corner before he could react. Providence then grabbed Geist around the neck and ran back toward the center of the ring, driving the champ face first into the mat with a bulldog before covering...



Kickout by Geist. Too early still to put down the Underground Champion. On the outside, Lorelei slammed her hand down on the apron, urging Pietro to fight. With both men back to their feet, Providence tried to lift Geist up for a suplex but the champion blocked it. When Providence tried a second time, Geist landed a pair of short range punches to the ribs to free himself and then grabbed Providence around the waist, tossing him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The crowd had been cheering both men and gave a great reaction for Geist as he regained control.

Moving in on Providence, Geist rocked his opponent with a punch to the jaw and then pulled him into the corner. Providence was stuck and Geist took advantage, raining blows down on him. Once he was satisfed, Geist lifted Providence up on his shoulder and ran forward, looking to drop the challenger with a running powerslam. But Providence worked free and was back on his feet on the mat. As Geist turned back around, Providence went for a lariat, but this time it was Geist's turn to duck. And as Providence turned back for a second try, Geist was on him in an instant, lifting him up in the air and spiking him to the mat with a spinebuster and hooking the leg for a pin attempt...



THR-KICKOUT! The surprise and force of the spinebuster was almost enough to end it, but Providence managed to escape. Geist looked over at Lorelei outside the ring, as she held up the title and urged him on. With Providence on one knee, Geist pulled him up for a whip into the ropes. At first, Providence seemed to be able to reverse it and looked to send Geist into the ropes, but the champion took control again and instead of sending Providence into the ropes, he sent the champion THROUGH the ropes and crashing to the floor outside.

Geist followed him to the floor and just as Providence was getting to a knee, the champ hoisted him up with a bear hug and ran toward the ring post, slamming Providence's back into the steel. With Providence down, Geist stood over his opponent, drawing more cheers from the crowd. Geist then walked over and grabbed a steel chair from the timekeeper's area and waited for Providence to get to his feet. As Providence finally staggered up, Geist swung with all his might...


The sound of steel on steel echoed throughout the arena as Providence ducked just in time to cause the chair to hit the ring post instead of his face. The impact jarred the chair loose from Geist's grip . Sensing an opening, Providence doubled Geist over with a boot to the midsection and in desperation drove the champion into the floor with a double-arm DDT.

The referee stood over both men, as Providence was still recovering from the earlier punishment. Finally, he managed to get up before Geist and grabbed the chair nearby. He lifted the chair up with the edge of the seat back pointed toward Geist and drove it down into his ribs once...twice...three times. Now the crowd was seemingly behind the challenger, cheering him as he looked around for more ways to soften up the champion.

Providence tossed the steel chair into the ring and then moved over to grab a section of the steel stairs outside one of the other corners. Holding the stairs, Providence ran forward and drove them into the side of Geist's head, putting the champion back down to the floor after he had nearly made it to his feet. Providence then slid the stairs into the ring as well before turning back to Geist. He managed to pull the big German up and roll him into the ring for another pin attempt...



Kickout by Geist! The champion still had enough to remain alive. But Providence had an idea to try and put him away. Providence situated the steps at the opposite end of the ring and then turned back to Geist. Providence hooked the champion's head between his legs and then used all his might to lift the big man up for...


Geist's head came crashing down on the steps and he appeared to be out cold as Providence covered and hooked the leg...



THR-kickout just in time! Providence just glared at the official for a moment, as he was sure that would put the German champion down. Geist was hurting but Providence was too, and even though the challenger was up to his feet first, he was showing exhaustion too. As Geist stood, Providence moved in and locked his arm around Geist's neck and shoulder, appearing to set him up for his finishing move - The Fall.

But Geist had other plans. Before Providence could hit the move, Geist elbowed free and in his own moment of desperation hoisted the challenger up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry and slammed Providence down onto the steps with an F5! For a moment, both men were down, but then Geist managed to make a cover...



NO! A shoulder up by Providence kept the match alive! Again both men lay on the canvas for a few seconds as the official stood over them. Geist was the first up this time, but as Providence made his way up as well, for some reason the crowd's attention slowly began to turn toward the entryway. One look that way showed why, as a lone huge figure was staggering toward the ring.

It was...Omega!

The former Underground Champion was turning his head in various angles as he walked down, his lips moving to show that he was talking to himself along the way. As Omega neared the ring and his words apparently got louder, the commotion drew the attention of both men in the ring. Geist looked back and forth between Providence and Omega, while Providence moved to the edge of the ring, shouting at Omega from the ring. He pointed toward the back but Omega only pointed back at him, shouting "Thief!" at Providence.

As Omega remained in place on the floor, Providence turned back to Geist and waved the champion on to continue their fight. Geist was happy to oblige and the two men charged forward, again trading blows. Eventually, Providence ducked one of Geist's swings and moved behind him, lifting him backward to slam into the mat with a release German suplex. Then, Providence eyed the steel chair laying in a corner and walked over to grab it to try and finish the job.

Except, Omega saw the chair too. Just as Providence reached down to grab the chair, Omega took a couple steps over to the same corner and both men grabbed the chair at the same time - Omega from outside the ring and Providence from inside. After a brief tug of war, Providence yanked the chair free and as Omega yelled at him again, Providence sent the former champion crashing down to the floor with the hardest kick to the chin that he could muster, very much to the pleasure of the crowd.

Unfortunately, Providence had no idea what was waiting for him.

As the challenger had been battling with Omega over the chair, Geist was getting back to his feet. At the moment Providence yanked the chair free, Geist had taken a step back against the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. The moment Geist sensed Providence was about to turn back his way, the Beast of Berlin charged forward...


The most pwerful lariat in the business caught Providence perfectly and sent him crashing to the mat. A second later, Geist was on top of him and hooking a leg...




Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"The Final Straw"

With "LINKS 234" playing once again, Geist and Lorelei headed triumphantly to the back, still in possession of the Underground Championship. In the ring, Providence pulled himself up to one knee and looked across toward one of the corners of the ring. His eyes locked on the figure standing on the floor outside the ring, the figure clutching his head and slowly tapping his forehead against the ringpost.

Omega had done it again.

The anger building inside Providence was obvious. He took a pair of deep breaths as he finally stood up, his fists clenching tighter and tighter. The days of feeling even the slightest bit of sympathy for Omega were over. It was finally time for revenge.

Before Providence could take a step forward, though, the music stopped and a familiar voice filled the arena.

"Whoa....whoa...whoa..." It was the voice of Damian Lee coming out from the back with mic in hand. "I am taking care of this right now, Providence. Security, get out here now and get this lunatic out of this building."

As security rushed out from backstage, Lee followed them down to ringside. They quickly surrounded Omega, cautiously moving in. Providence stood sill for a moment and then asked for a mic from ringside. "Mr. Lee..."

But Lee was quick to cut him off. "I know, I know," he said as he held up a hand and moved over to the nearest set of steps and climbed into the ring. "Listen, this is going to be taken care of. I am sick and tired of this craziness too. We can't have this in jOlt Wrestling."

Providence stepped forward toward Lee, moving in close...uncomfortably close for Lee.

"Mr. Lee..." he began slowly, his dark eyes peering down at Lee. "I warned you that if Omega continued to be MY problem, that I would make it YOUR problem." The crowd cheered as Providence again began to clinch his fist and the fury on his face began to turn up another notch.

Lee recognized it too and sighed as he looked away. Then he turned back quickly and said, "Okay, how about this. You don't have an opponent at Thieves Honor, right? Well, neither does Geist. So, because Omega interfered here tonight, I'll give you a rematch. You and Pietro Geist at Thieves Honor for the Underground Championship!"

The crowd cheered, looking forward to another war between the two new jOlt stars. Lee looked up hopefully at Providence, who took a small step back and nodded his head.

"Okay, Mr. Lee. I appreciate that gesture. I look forward to making good on that second chance." Lee exhaled and nodded before starting to turn to leave the ring.

"However..." As Providence began to speak again, Lee stopped in his tracks and turned back. Now he was confused. "However, I have absolutely no confidence in your ability to take care of this Omega problem. In fact, I had zero confidence in that even before tonight, and that's why I have made other arrangements."

As Providence spoke, another group of men emerged from the back, only these men were not dressed like security guards. Instead, they were wearing white outfits like the ones hospital orderlies wear. And one of them was carrying a straightjacket.

"You see, it's clear that Omega no longer belongs in jOlt Wrestling...and he doesn't belong as part of free society at the moment either." As the orderlies neared ringside, the security guards backed away from where Omega stood, leaving room for the others to come in.

"Omega....whatever curse is attached to that Underground Title, it's obvious your weak mind has collapsed because of it. Until this sickness passes, your home will be one with padded walls and no chance for you to continue to ruin my time here in jOlt Wrestling. Good luck in your next life."

The orderlies moved in on Omega, but he wasn't going to go quietly. He took a couple of swings at them before trying to escape into the ring.

Big mistake.

As soon as he reached his feet, Providence was on him. He grabbed Omega around the neck and shoulders and immediately lifted him into the air.


Providence slammed Omega down to the mat with a vicious force, leaving him in a heap. Providence backed away as the orderlies slid into the ring to put the straightjacket on Omega while he was down. A few moments later, the former Underground Champion was being forced toward the back by the orderlies, with the security guards surrounding them just in case along the way. Lee and Providence watched as the mass of humanity finally went out of sight to the back.

Omega was gone.

"The Last of the Real Men"

The scene opened in the Arena Of Champions locker room, where we saw Jimmy B. Martinez standing in front of a open locker. In his locker was a picture of him and Sylo and a replica of jOlt's flyweight championship. Jimmy grabbed his duffle bag from his locker and tossed it onto the bench. He than slammed the locker shut, and plotted himself right next to his sporting gym bag.

Jimmy was no doubt frustrated. Upset with his recent lost against both Jeremy Ryan and Jesse Ramsey. He felt as if he was losing it. Jimmy kept asking himself could this be true, could he be losing the skills and talent he once had that carried him into stardom? The same talent and skill that crowned him jOlt's flyweight champion. Jimmy began doubting himself, but knowing him he would never give up fighting. It was in his blood. Ever since as a little kid, back in his boxing days. Jimmy was known for overcoming the odds. He had an opportunity to prove himself again, and that was at this upcoming Intense against Jeremy Ryan.

Just the thought of Ryan angered him.

“An over weight self proclaimed ‘Last Real Man’..." Martinez muttered to himself. " have to kidding me...”

In Jimmy's eyes, neither man was nothing but an obstacle in his way back to the top. Much less, anyone else as Martinez vowed at the next upcoming intense to show Ryan and Ramsey he was not a joke, no matter what needed to be done. Jimmy felt like he was being over looked. Forgotten that he once was a top talent in jOlt. A force to be reckoned with yet and still, The Super Beast was long gone and that was then. However, Jimmy never forget what he was taught. He planned on using all of that accumulated skill and wisdom in his upcoming match against Ryan.

Jimmy nodded his head as he smirked to himself. He grabbed his duffle bag and got up from the bench and walk towards his locker room door. As he opened his door and unwelcome guess was on the other end staring him down.

"What the hell do you want now?" Martinez asked as the camera panned around revealing who it was. The audience responded in kind as the The Blood Raven himself was seen standing near the opposing locker door. Both arms folded while shrouded underneath the hood of his sleeveless B-style hoodie. The Bronx native coldly slammed the locked door behind him and gnarled both fists to fully address his familiar foe.

“You & I have unfinished business...” Eiji hissed. The audience wildly promoted the atmosphere of a rekindled feud before both promotional wunderkinds as Martinez backhanded his bag aside to clear room for war.

“As if I didn’t have enough shit going on right now...” Jimmy replied.

"Good." The Prince of Puroresu replied. "Because both Ryan & Ramsey are the very least of your problems..."

“Fuck it." Martinez seethed onto himself as he flung his Black Infamous T shirt aside. "I’ve been waiting for a while for this, asshole. Let’s do this...”

A subtle chuckle echoed throughout the hallowed recesses of the locker room as Eiji stood himself erect and stood several paces away from the kill zone.

“Not on your terms, Martinez.” Eiji rebutted with a looming volley of displeasure heard by the masses in hindsight. "Personally, I am rather amused by all of this. I mean here you stand; back at the bottom where you so rightfully belong...

Another smug chuckled was emitted by the former jOlt Champion.

“You are outright pathetic.” Eiji mentioned as Jimmy rolled his neck and popped his knuckles.

The Bronx native shifted his jaw and nodded to himself as Eiji continued to find amusement in his rival's recent past.

“I’ll tell you what; since you still have a problem with me...” Martinez replied. “..and the fact I know you have your backup, lurking around here somewhere close by, how about you just get the fuck out of my locker room? Unless you want to show the world that you've become the best championship choke artist in jOlt to date...”

The Blood Raven angrily gnarled his fists and began his approach, much to Jimmy’s delight yet the ninja hesitated. Turned his head to the side briefly before gradually nodding to himself and slowly backing up.

“Fine.” Kugasari replied with a set of clenched teeth. “You are I are going to settle this much sooner than later, Martinez. I will personally see to that...”

Just as Eiji turned away, he halted briefly before turning his body back toward Jimmy.

"I want you to remember this..." The Blood Raven warned. "Things have drastically changed since you opted to tuck tail and fled from the spotlight. The world finally realized what I have been preaching about you; you are weak. A complete farce. A cruel joke. To yourself. Everything you every hoped to stand for. Especially this business. You see, you and I never liked each other since Day 1 and that sentiment hasn't changed since you've returned. However, I'll be looking forward to the opportunity to finally and personally put you in your place...Now, seeing as how the tables have turned; this company was unashamed in literally sucking your ass as its perceived ‘Chosen One’ and now, look at you...”

Jimmy's anger began to radiate further.

"I wonder..." Eiji inquired. "Exactly what does that 'taste' like?"

“Fuck You!” Martinez exclaimed.

The ninja briefly pointed his finger at his rival with a mischievous chuckle before he slithered away from the locker room, leaving Martinez to angrily slam the door against the nearby locker in sheer frustration. The road back to redemption was going to be a long one indeed...

"gOlden bOy Open Challenge"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational. The once hated Diamond Jewelz is now an object of dissention; some love his flash, his pompous arrogance, his charisma and his ruthlessness, while others disdain it. Nonetheless a once hated man is beloved by at least half of the arena now.

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the came as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Stevens, Stevens, Stevens” The crowd chants heavily. O.G. gives a condescending smirk.

“Introducing first.. Our fighting champion, Ladies and gentlemen.. This, not Landon Stevens, is why you bought your ticketttttt tonight…” O.G. shouts as the mixed reactions continue

“To see, ‘The one… The only…’ That nigga….’Mr. RiseandShin’, The cheers and boos escalate

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz .

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title. Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain, and then clutching the gOlden bOy title around his waste,,, After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G.

“You know what time it is.. It’s back to the basics.. Any of you pussies in the back who think they’re better than the best.. jOlt’s gOlden bOy.. I’m giving you an opportunity right now to come out and prove it.. You feel me.. All you niggas on twitter that’s been talking shit… Stevens...

The crowd immediately responds with “Stevens, Stevens, Stevens,” chants. Diamond Jewelz clutches his title around his waist, as to remind people who is, in his mind at least, jOlts MVP of champions...

“Yeah I said it.. Landon Stevens.. You been talking all that shit on twitter… If you want a piece of me..Come catch this fade my nigga.. Hell.. As a matter of fact.. If any of you UWA hoes who been talking shit about me are in attedance… This is my independent promotion… If anybody, jOlt superstar or other wants a shot at this..” Jewelz takes his title off and holds it in one hand...

“Come get it!!!”.

The seconds pass by and seem like an eternity.. Jewelz warms up in the ring, running the ropes and stretching.. The crowd grows impatient.. “Man up…” *Stomp, Stomp, “Man Up”, *Stomp, Stomp “Man Up”... The crowd chants hoping that someone, anyone will answer the gOIden bOy Invitational Challenge….

*Give me a Commercial Break Here Josh…..

As we come back from commercial break, no one has answered the gOlden bOy challenge the crowd has grown intensely restless.. So has Jewelz because he sits in a steel chair in the middle of the ring.. The once divided crowd is now united in boos.. “This shit sucks.. This shit sucks..” the crowd chants...

“Wait… wait.. wait…” Jewelz interrupts the crowd holding his hand up in a pause motion...

“It’s not my fault these nigga ain’t man enough bro..” The crowds boos continue...

“Fine…” Jewelz picks up his title… Since no one is man enough, I’ll just take my title… And take the….

The guitar rifts from “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch kick in and the crowd erupts… This is huge!!! Stevens is a jackass if there ever was one, but who thought he would answer Jewelz’s challenge Jewelz, O.G. and Ruby look extremely shocked.. The collective gleam from the hanging open mouths of Jewelz and O.G. is blinding… Jewelz looks from side to side panicked.. The curtain peeks open and then all of the sudden the deafining cheers transform to a parade of boos.. Diamond Jewelz, O.G. and Ruby roll on the ground in the ring, overwhelmed by laughter. The reason for the boos and also the jubilation of the members of gOlden bOy promotions is clear. A midget doppleganger of “The Rising Star” has emerged through the curtains; his hair is identical; he is clad in black tights, and black boots; he has all the tatoos Landon has, except the two stars on his chest are obviously hand drawn.

The boos are deafening. Midget Landon has his belt too; except the belt is obviously right out of the jOlt shop. Jewelz and the rest of gOlden bOy promotions are on their knees with laughter. Jewelz gets up to his feet and poises himself for battle but then collapses to the ground in more laughter..Midget Landon makes his way down to the ring with all the same bravado as his Giant version. Toy Landon, is as cocky, arrogant, and did I say jacked? This midget is in shape. Midget Landon enters the ring; Jewelz procures the official gOlden bOy promotions mic from O.G.

“Landon…” Jewelz begins as the gleam from his grill twinkles and glistens. “Landon… When I said gOlden bOy challenge… I didn’t mean boy sized wrestler with a toy gOlden belt . You took this shit way too much to the head…”

The chorus of boos continues… Midget Landon stands poised and serious with all the usual cocky bravado of “The Rising Star”

“But anyways…” Jewelz begins to point his finger into the head of the midget. “Since you been talking so much shit and throwing so much shade at me on twitter.. I’mma kick your little ass tonight… You hear me”

Midget Landon stays poised but does not respond.. All of the sudden.. Midget Landon’s pants begin to bulge bigger and bigger. Midget Landon seems to have, whether real or artificial, a bulbous erection.

“Woah, Woah.. Lil Homie.. I know they call you ‘The Rising Star’, but calm down… I mean.. By the looks of it, I have no right to call myself “Mr. RiseandShine”

The boos continue, but the initial crowd disappointment has faded.. The Jewelz contingent cheers loudly at the mocking of Stevens..

“Nonetheless let’s get this party started…”

*Bell Rings*

Midget Landon positions himself for an offensive and rushes in but Jewelz stops him headfirst with an outstretched hand. Midget Landon punches and kicks, toy belt still on his shoulder, but Jewelz yawns.. Jewelz lets this continue to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Jewelz hits midget Landon with a monster clothesline that leaves midget Landon prone on the ground. Jewelz thrusts midget Landon up and then locks in his signature move…


Jewelz wrenches on the lock until midget Landon’s body goes lifeless… The ref calls for the bell. Jewelz drops the kid sized body of Stevens to the ground.

“And your winner and still… gOlden bOy… “Mr. RiseandShine” himself, Diamond Jewelz.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs The Faction

The ring announcer finished his sentence and the fans began to chant.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)...

The Arena of Champions went dark.

Silence overwhelmed the crowd.


The intro to "Believers" by Mayday echoed through the silence of the crowd before a parade of boos filled the Arena of Champions. The lights flashed back on as Eli and Ezra Conway wasted little time running with a purpose from the backstage area. The former tag team champions darted towards the ring with the building being flooded with more chants.

”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!” ”CHUMPS!!!!”

Eli and Ezra slide in the ring and stand in across from Jewelz poised to strike.

“Two on one?? You wanna take the challenge?” Diamond Jewelz asks the twins… Both twins nod yes.

“Ring the bell.. This is a handicap match,” Jewelz shouts to the bellman outside..

At the bell, without warning, Eli and Ezra storm Jewelz and overwhelm him. The two ruthless twins seem to have Jewelz in over his head, as they hit him with lefts and rights, and punches and kicks. This has to be an attempt by the twins to get themselves back in Landon’s good graces.

“Come on Big Homie.. Come on Big Homie” O.G. goads Jewelz on.

The assault of the Faction continues though. Jewelz is cornered literally and is balled up with his hands over his head; Ruby Rocks cannot bear to watch.

Eli picks Jewelz up and whips him into Ezra who hits him with a massive clothesline. Jewelz made this a handicap match, and its’ looking as if he’s going to be just that after the match. The two twins continue to put the boots on the jeweler from Las Vegas as the crowd is a mixed pit of emotion.

Ezra hits the cover



The Jeweler from Las Vegas is down but not out. He’s obviously bitten off more then he can chew though; what made the Jeweler think he could, by his lonesome, handle two men who jOlt’s finest tag teams could not.

“Get them boys out of the ring.. Get them boys out of the ring.. This ain’t Lucha Libre Tag rules.. It’s a handicap match..” O.G. screams to the ref who quickly heeds the announcer turned pseudo manager of Diamond Jewelz and makes Eli leave the ring.

Ezra continues to work on Jewelz.. Boots to the sternum and the midsection. He picks Jewelz up and hits him with a crushing brain buster. 1…….



Jewelz kicks out and sits up. Ezra locks in a brutal neck crank. Jewelz claws at Ezra’s face. the ref prevents the clawing by forcibly removing Jewelz’s hand and Ezra backs into the corner to tag Eli. Eli is in and while Ezra has the neck crank firmly locked in, Eli lands a brutal kick to the sternum.. Jewelz is downed. Eli goes into the ropes and slingshots off for a crushing knee to the skull! 1…….



Jewelz is still alive but barely. Eli gets up to his feet and begins to taunt Jewelz.. “Get up boy,” he says with his deep southern drawl. All of the sudden, an upkick by Jewelz.. Jewelz kips up. Left… Right.. Left… Left Right… Jewelz rears back into the ropes and hits a tornado clothesline… As he backs into the other corner though.. *WHAM*... Ezra hits Jewelz with a stiff shot to the back of the head that totally annihilates any of his momentum. Jewelz is done.. Eli regains his footing and goes over and puts the boots to Jewelz

“Come on boy.. You tough enough to talk that shit.. Come one

On the outside... O.G. has had enough… He climbs onto the apron. “This is bullshit get of my nigga.. This shit ain’t fair…” Eli goes over to the apron and O.G. quickly gets down… “Stay out of it Slick….” Ezra hollers, an obvious jib at O.G.’s greasy jerry curl… O.G.climbs down rattled, but when safe from the behemoth continues to pick at Eli. “You don’t wanna fight fair, I’mma make this shit more than fair.. Watch…” O.G. hollers out as he reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out a gold… iPhone…O.G. immediately starts a conversation

Eli goes back to Jewelz who is on his hands and knees… Jewelz hits him with a quick hit to the sternum, but is downed by a clubbing blow to the back.. Eli tags in Ezra, and they put Jewelz in position for a double suplex. As they go to lift, Jewelz grabs a hold of the ropes. The twins attempt the suplex again and Jewelz grasps the ropes again. Jewelz escapes from the grasp of the twins, extends both arms for a clothesline but to no avail… The Twins duck his attempt and then hit a double shoulder block. Jewelz is down and out. If things ever looked hopeless for Mr. “RiseandShine”, because you know he wakes up blinging right, they look hopeless now.

O.G. is busy texting on his phone… “Hold on Big Homie… Help is on the way.. I got help on the way”

Ezra works on Jewelz in the ring with a full nelson, but all of the sudden the machine roar of some time of small vehicles is heard in the arena… The jOlt arena simultaneously bursts into a loud raucous mix of cheers and boos. Them M’fn Goons.. Khalil Straightfully and Lattrell Samuel race down the aisle of the jOlt arena in 2 off road races and stop abruptly. Eli, on the outside, raced to fight, but Ezra in the ring is pre-occupied with Jewelz.


Chairshot by Samuel on Eli… Straightgully locks in the Luxury Tax on Eli and sends him crashing into the barricade.. The noise of Eli’s body being broken takes Ezra’s attention off of Jewelz in the ring and he is suprised to say the least. 2 familiar foes stare at him on the outside of the ring in Them M’fn Goons and seeing his downed partner, even though his face is expressionless, a bit of worry seeps out of his eyes.

“It’s fair now punk ass bitch.. It’s fair now..” O.G. hollers out… It’s now obvious who O.G. was calling and texting on his phone.. It was none other than Them M’fn Goons… The hired guns of gOlden bOy Promotions, absent from in ring action since a formidable showing at War Games, are here and looking to make an impact.

Both Goons take opposite sides of the ring and then storm in on Ezra in the ring as Jewelz begins to gather himself in a corner. Samuel springboards from the outside and throws a kick that misses, but Straightgully rushes in with a crushing clothesline from the other side that destroys Ezra… Ezra is out..Samuel climbs to the top rope… SKY HIGH Jewelz crawls over and goes for the cover… 1…….



The entirety of gOlden bOy promotions, Ruby, O.G. and the Goons, climb in to celebrate with a beaten and exhasuted Jewelz, as the crowd is divided into boos and cheers. Jewelz got himself in over his head challenging the former tag team champions to a handicap match, but his announcer bailed him out; All it took was one phone call from the voice of gOlden bOy promotions, to Them M’Fn Goons, Jewelz’s personal security team, and Jewelz had the upperhand almost immediately. Was the Faction trying to get back in Landon Steven’s good graces by defending his honor. It definately looked to be the case...What would have happened if the twins would have won the gOlden bOy title though? Would they have split it in half? What a disaster that would have been for gOlden bOy promotions.. Disaster avoided by O.G. Simpson. That’s why he’s on the payroll

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"The Final Chance"

Damien Lee was in his office. The main event had just concluded and he was gathering his belonings as he was ready to call it a day. All of a sudden, Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Seraph, Sayber, Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, Nate Quartermaine, Raevynn, and the hooded figure made their way into Lee's office. Lee didn't look to happy to see them at all.

"Raevynn was made a fool of tonight thanks to some Cassidy Sky newcomer, and yet, the rest of The Rebellion.. your dominant force, was nowhere to be seen tonight. The show is over, Damien, and this is the first appearance by all of The Rebellion members!" said the figure, in a disappointed tone.

"We had this chat two weeks ago.. we had this chat last week.. and apparently we need to have this chat again because it's quite obvious you are losing complete control of this situation. What happened to you between now and Wrestlecade? What happened to you between now and Breakdown? The Rebellion was on top of jOlt where they should be and now... they're a joke! Nobody around here is taking them seriously. You keep putting them in matches to make them seem relevant, but the matches they should be in are eight on one handicap matches. Everyone who steps into the ring opposite of The Rebellion should be decimated and destroyed. People should be afraid to come to work because of what The Rebellion may do to them... and right now.. none of that is happening because you keep failing to pull the trigger! Why hasn't The Rebellion been showcased tonight? Why didn't they come out and destroy Cassidy Sky in front of the world? Just WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY CREATION!?"

The figure was pissed. Lee swallowed hard and tried to come up with an excuse.

"Look... Thieves Honor is in just a couple of weeks. I wanted The Rebellion.. especially Sebastian Saje.. to be rested so they would be in a position to take the World Championship and...

Lee was saying before he was cut off.

"You really expect me to believe that?" asked The Figure.

"I know EXACTLY what's going on here. You don't like being used. The little voice inside of your head is stopping you from destroying your own roster. What's the matter, Lee? Do you actually have a heart? Do you actually care about your talent? Are you trying to protect them, Lee?"

Lee had had enough. He stood and slammed his fists down on top of his desk.


"I can't just let some faction come in here and tear my roster apart! I've worked TOO DAMN HARD to build a reputation here. I've sacrificed TOO DAMN MUCH just to let a group of green as grass ROOKIES walk in here and make demands of someone like myself! You want to take control of your Rebellion.. then DO IT! As far as I'm concerned.. I'm done being your puppet... and just to be clear.. I am YOUR boss.. and if I wanted to.. I could fire each and every one of you right here on the spot!"

The crowd went nuts that Damien Lee finally stood up to The Rebellion! The figure, on the other hand... just laughed.

"If that's the way you want it... fine. I will take control of The Rebellion... next week, at the top of iNtense.. I will unveil myself to the world and I will also unveil your little secret. I will unveil who really owns jOlt Wrestling and I will laugh along with the world when your stocks plummet.. when your company loses sponsors and investors... and jOlt Wrestling goes out of business! I was not empty in my threats Damien. I know exactly what happened between Jim Johnson, LoC, and the entire deal.. I think the world needs to know. You were useful for a little while, Lee, but I see you won't be as useful to me as you were in the past. Your defiance is about to be your downfall."

The figure turned and motioned to The Rebellion that they were going to leave.

"Wait...", said Lee with a catch in his voice.

The figure turned around.

"Forget to say something to me, Damien?" asked the figure.

"Don't.... don't make it public. I'll.. I'll pull the trigger next week." said Lee

"Oh? And what might that mean?" asked the figure.

Damien Lee swallows his pride and speaks up.

"Next week we have a battle royale to determine the final spot in Thieves Honor. I already know I put Jon Le Bon in that battle royale, but I'm going to put Nate Quartermaine and Sayber in that battle royale as well, increasing our odds to have The Rebellion represented in the main event at Thieves Honor. Also.. since Cross the Hood is getting involved with the Crimson Order and The House.. then next week, I am making an eight man tag. It will be The House and The Crimson Order against Cross the Hood, Michael Donavan, and Seraph. That combination should decimate them and put Cross the Hood in a position to take the Tag Team Titles... and finally, I'm going to force Chris Titan and Sebastian Saje to team up to take on two people who also hate each other.. Ninja K and Mack Brody. While Ninja K and Brody struggle to be on the same page, Sebastian Saje can take advantage and not only get an easy win, but also take out Chris Titan in the process, eliminating him as a threat from Thieves Honor.... there.. THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?"

The figure looked at The Rebellion and then back at Lee.

"It's a start. I hope for your sake, this plan works, because Lee... make no mistake.. this IS your final chance." said the figure.

With that, the nine members of The Rebellion left the office and Damien Lee stood there, sweating buckets. Lee sat back down and muttered to himself...

"What have I done?"

iNtense goes off the air.