"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Another Line in the Sand"

The now familiar strands of "Stinkfist" by Tool filled the arena as it went black, a sizeable cheer rising up from the crowd. As the letters formed PROVIDENCE on the jOltvision screen, the dark, hooded figure of the jOlt superstar emerged from the back. The golden spotlight followed him down to ringside and into the squared circle. As the lights came back up, Providence stood still in the ring with a microphone in hand. Several seconds passed by before he finally spoke.

"When I came out here last week on iNtense, I expected that my comments about this company's champions would cause some anger," he said. "I expected a rebuttal of some kind, possibly even an angry Damian Lee admonishing me for making his breadwinners look bad."

The slightest of smirks appeared on Providence's face for a fleeting second before disappearing again as he lifted his head finally to look out at the crowd.

"But what I didn't expect was for the Underground Champion to come out here to this ring and stand in front of me to issue a challenge. Mr. Geist showed a great deal of backbone to put that title on the line, and for a while, I started to wonder if I had been wrong about him, that perhaps he was a true champion after all.

Providence paused and took a deep breath, then continued. "Then Omega appeared, and it was at that point that Mr. Geist once again confirmed everything I had said about him was absolutely true."

"We were in the middle of a war in this ring and on the outside, two men battling toe to toe. And then when the opportunity presented itself for Mr. Geist to get a cheap victory, he showed his true self - a man who is all too willing to take shortcuts to get ahead and a man not worthy of holding that prestigious championship belt."

Those were fighting words and Providence didn't have to wait long for the Underground champion to appear. As if he was shot out of a cannon, Geist came stampeding down to the ring in a full on sprint. He slid into the ring and it was apparent that the time for diplomacy was over. Lorelei didn't even try to accompany him to the ring, as she was not brave or stupid enough to cross his path when he has reached his boiling point.

The Todesengel didn't look for a microphone. He stomped right up to his vocal enemy and immediately grabbed him by the throat and pinned him in the corner so fast that Providence didn't have time to react. Geist's and Providence's faces were barely a centimeter apart.

"I showed shou mercy by not shattering shour jaw vith Enthauptung, shet shou continue to talk. Now, I tear shour jaw from shour face!"

Providence could only reply with the sound of his windpipe being crushed. Security flooded the ring and it took six large security guards to pull Geist from his adversary. At the same time, another set of security guards pulled Providence from the mat to the outside. Once he regained his senses, he tried to climb back in, but the guards had him pinned against the apron.

He could only watch on, as Geist directed his rage at the security task force. Right hands of all shapes, sizes, race, and creedo struck guard after guard. A spear removed one from the situation and a pop up spinebuster eliminated another. The rest decided to cut their losses, exiting the ring as fast as their legs could carry them.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Providence worked himself free as well, striking a pair of guards before lifting another high into the air and driving him down to the floor with The Fall. As woth the guards inside the ring, the ones on the outside slowly started to walk away.

As Providence stood outside the ring and looked up at the Underground Champion, a huffing and puffing Geist glared down at Providence with the very fires of hell burning in his eyes.

"Zhieves Honor. Shou. I. Steel cage. No excuses. No mercy."

Providence's icy cold glare returned the gaze and he nodded.

The battle was set.

"Revenge is a Dish Best Served with a Headbutt"

Rainbow Serpent stepped into the hall from the parking lot, bag slung over his shoulder. He turned to his left and headed down the hall. As the door slowly came to a close it revealed Khadafi standing there, leaning against the wall. He straightened up and stalked Serpent, unknowing to the Australian. Rainbow Serpent turned the corner to run smack bang into Statuz Quo.

“If it isn't snake boy,” snickered Quo.

Serpent immediately dropped his bag, ready to rumble with Quo, still unaware of Hawaiian Headhunter lurking behind him.

“You! You blindsided me last week, ya weak dog!” Serpent accused.

Quo, hands up, palms out, shook his head. “Before you go accusing me of things, rookie, you gots to own up to somethin’ ya self.”

Folding his arms across his chest, Serpent backed off a moment. “What's that then, hey?”

“You got my homeboy fired!” Quo spat, puffing his chest.

Serpent shook his masked head, pointing accusingly at Quo. “Nah, mate. He brought that on himself. He challenged ME to a match, hey? You got this all backwards, cuz.”

Quo shrugged. “Oh, I understand perfectly. But HE…” pointing over Serpent’s shoulder “…don’t seem to understand so good.”

Rainbow Serpent looked at Quo’s pointing finger, following the trail, turning to face Khadafi who nailed a head-butt square into the rookie’s face. Serpent dropped to his knees, clutching his face in agony. Quo grabbed him by the top of the mask, talking up close to his ear.

“See… my buddy Khadafi here took it personally what you done to our boy Dallas Griffin. So we see it fair that he gets to save some face for Trouble,” he informed Rainbow Serpent. “You got any problems with that, rook?”

Rainbow Serpent slapped Quo’s hand off the top of his head and rose to his feet, getting into the face of the larger Khadafi.

“Just fine by me, bro.” He poked Khadafi in the chest. “See YOU… in the Dreamtime!”

Rainbow Serpent dropped his shoulder into Khadafi as he went by, picking up his bag and heading down the hall to prepare for his challenge.

Seymour Almasy vs Hush

It was time for the opening match here on Intense.

And what that, in turn, meant, quite simply, was the third jOlt contest of a man whose purposes in jOlt was still utterly unknown.

“Monster” by Imagine Dragons heralded his arrival, as Seymour Almasy stepped through the curtain. He was fresh off getting his dance card for pay-per-view filled in the form of Rainbow Serpent, but none of that mattered right now.

Not when he had a more pressing task at hand.

Seymour walked the aisle dressed to compete, his eyes focused on the ring, the mixed reaction that had become a staple of his appearances utterly out of mind and sight. What Seymour wanted was the sort of escape that only came with the ring.

And, as he stepped into the ring, unaware of just who his task was tonight, it seemed that there was a man willing to give him that escape.

The lights died with an eardrum-rupturing screech of feedback. The sound of a television tuned to a dead frequency took over, just like last week, though it didn’t segue into grainy video footage this time.A raw, industrialised electronic beat clattered through the arena. Strobes flashed, steadily increasing in frequency as the beat built-up, until roaring guitars and pounding drums shook the building’s foundations. With Stabbing Westward’s “The Thing I Hate” now in full-flow, a masked man stepped through the curtains and onto the stage, lit only by the thunderstorm of strobe lights.Fans rose to their feet to catch a glimpse of the newcomer, but Hush did not stop for them. He wasted little time in pacing his way to the ring as his introduction was read for the very first time in jOlt, drawing a slight cheer from those who’d done their research on the debuting grappler. Hush sprinted the last few yards and slid under the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet and dashing against the ropes to loosen his muscles. Eventually he halted in the centre. Hush extended a handed to his famed opponent: it was duly shaken, and the masked man retreated to his corner.

“Hell,” Almasy said, as the official stood between the two men, and gestured for the bell. “That works for me.”

The bell struck thrice and the two wrestlers approached each other. Hush threw a right, but Almasy ducked beneath it and locked his arms around Hush’s waist. Jamming an elbow into Almasy’s ribs, Hush was able to squirm free of his opponents grasp, and darted against the ropes, then baseball sliding beyond Almasy and popping-up to forearm smash his kidneys.A second shot strained Almasy, so Hush pulled him round and arm dragged him to the deck. Keeping hold of Seymour’s arm, Hush knelt to apply an arm wrench, but Almasy was wise to this and reversed the move. With Hush’s arm in his hands, Almasy kicked the masked man’s thigh one, twice, thrice – forcing Hush to one knee, and allowing Seymour time to dropkick him backwards.The match’s first pinfall attempted followed


… though Hush kicked-out with little difficulty.Seymour stood, allowing Hush time to rise, before running against the ropes. Hush recovered in-time to shake the grog from his head, and ducked beneath Almasy, who skipped over his prone body.Hush popped back up and knelt over, looking to catch Almasy on his second rebound, but the wily veteran countered with a sunset flip




Confident in his stamina and ability to regulate his own energy, Almasy wasted little time in getting up. He took Hush by the ankle this time, but the debutant was quick to wrap Seymour in an inside cradle!…1!Seymour kicked out. This time, both men leapt to their feet, soaking-in the ripples of applause following three successive pinfall attempts.Hush and Almasy came together in the centre of the ring. Hush, instead of striking, feinted twice, looking for a reaction from Almasy. For a third feint, Hush raised an elbow, but quickly hit the mat and swept Almasy’s legs. The air had been driven from Seymour’s lungs, allowing a quick back senton from Hush, who pulled his opponent up and whipped him into the corner.

Seymour countered Hush’s attempted splash by forearming Hush in the jaw, but the newcomer ducked the second strike and countered by monkey flipping Almasy into the middle of the ring. The former Orphan recovered quickly, but stepped right into Hush’s boot after the debutant had leapt against the ropes and returned with a springboard dropkick.Feeling the momentum, Hush pulled Almasy up and pushed him against the ropes. Having taken a few backward steps, Hush charged forward with a dropkick that sent Almasy bundling over the top rope and outside the ring. Seymour landed on his feet, but he wasn’t away to shake the butterflies away quickly enough to avoid his airborne opponent, who leapt through the ropes and flattened the former champion.The referee started to count, but reached just “three” by the time Hush had returned to his feet.

The debutant picked Almasy up and pushed him back against the apron, before chopping his hand across his opponent’s chest.Calls of “OOOHHHH!” echoed around the building as each further shot turned Almasy’s chest a darker shade of pink. As the referee’s count neared conclusion, however, Hush’s chops were cut short, and he was forced to roll Seymour back inside.Back in the ring, Almasy thwarted an attempted kick by grabbing Hush’s leg and executing a dragon screw. Hush quickly popped-up but Almasy raised a knee as he charged, sending the (slightly) larger man to the mat. With Hush in a seated position, Almasy pulled his leg back and kicked Hush hard in the ribcage, before pulling him up and hitting a back suplex.Almasy rolled onto his opponent and hooked the leg.




Hush got the shoulder up.Almasy sat upright, drawing some air into his lungs, before clambering to his feet, bringing Hush with him. He kept hold of Hush’s head and slammed an elbow into the back of his neck. Hush fell to a knee, but clung tightly to Almasy’s waist and hooked a leg behind his feet.Tackling Almasy to the ground, Hush quickly hopped up and back down again with an elbow drop. Instead of mounting, however, Hush whipped Almasy into the corner and followed-up with a back elbow splash that had Seymour reeling. Another couple of stiff chops followed, before Hush pulled Almasy away and flattened him with a well-executed exploder suplex.



Almasy kicked out and Hush continued. He pushed Seymour into a seated position and, placing a knee between Almasy’s shoulders, pulled back on his chin. The chinlock was tight, and Almasy grimaced, but he remained composed enough to battle through it. Seymour angled his way to his feet, wriggling free of Hush’s grasp, but ate a couple of hard elbow shots. Hush hit the ropes again and came back with a spinning wheel kick that flattened Almasy and excited the crowd.Instead of going for the cover again, Hush looked to the corner and climbed up the turnbuckles. Taking time to steady himself, he turned to Almasy and stood tall in a sea of flashbulbs. He took a deep breath, leapt, soared…… and crash-landed on Almasy’s recoiled knees!

Knowing that the counter had bought him some time, Almasy took a breather. He’d learned throughout his long career to never underestimate an opponent, regardless of their experience level. Hush had only justified this standpoint.

Almasy made his way back to his feet. Hush did as well, but the newcomer, Seymour noted, was clutching at the ribcage that had just been rudely introduced to the Final Fantasy’s kneecaps.

It was a target to someone with Seymour’s experience, who promptly threw a roundhouse kick to the ribcage. A second and third followed before Hush dropped his guard to protect the wounded ribs.

Almasy feinted high, but then went low, spinning into a leg sweep to take Hush off his feet. As soon as Hush hit the mat, Seymour leaped, moonsaulting into a double kneedrop right on the ribcage!

The air left Hush’s lungs with a whoosh, and Almasy simply held the position, grabbing a leg to secure the cover!



...3--NO! KICKOUT!

Hush gritted his teeth, using his size advantage to throw Almasy off of him and get a shoulder off the canvas. The masked man continued to work his way back up to a vertical base, with Seymour peppering him with kicks the whole while.

Seymour clapped on a front facelock, beginning what looked to be a vertical suplex. Hush put the brakes on, though, and elevated Seymour instead, wincing from the effort as he stepped towards the ropes. Almasy braced for his own midsection to meet the cable, but it was instead Seymour’s boots that hit the ropes.

Almasy knew that was probably bad.

Moments later, that thought was confirmed, courtesy of the rope-hung rolling cutter Hush called INTO ABADDON!

Clutching at his wounded ribs, Hush crawled his way over to Almasy, throwing an arm across the downed Almasy’s chest.




Seymour’s shoulder came up off the canvas, but Hush didn’t seem concerned or dismayed. He knew what it took to beat a legend - and a legend with a similar style, at that.

The pressure had to come fast and thick - Seymour was an expert counter wrestler, but Hush had the speed to put that ability to the utmost of tests.

Seymour aimed a high kick towards the rising Hush, but the masked man ducked, leaping to plant both knees in Almasy’s neck and hook the chin, bringing him down across his knees with a Lungblower! Almasy’s body recoiled off the knees, tottering up and into the ropes, which held Seymour up.

Only as long as Hush wanted, though, as he charged, firing off a roaring elbow that caught Seymour right on the base of the head! The force of impact sent Seymour tottering forward, back into the ropes, his body starting to fall through them.

Thinking fast, though, Hush grabbed Seymour’s ankle, and quickly pulled it back, dragging Seymour bodily to the center of the ring before dropping to the canvas for another cover.




The crowd was alive - sensing the upset in the making. Hush locked in his own front facelock, not wanting to give Seymour a second to breathe. The brainbuster looked in the cards, but Almasy neatly dropped down behind the masked Hush, rolling him up with the ever-basic yet effective schoolboy cradle!




Almasy looked up at the official, his eyes wide. He searched for three fingers, but got only two in response.

Moments later, he also got Hush’s instep on his temple, courtesy of the bigger man leaping in the air to drive an enzuigiri home. Seymour dropped like a rock, but Hush landed awkwardly, with an arm underneath him.

The pain of arm jamming into ribs stole his breath for a moment, but Hush soon rolled Seymour to his back. The basics hadn’t been enough. His signatures hadn’t been enough.

There was something in the quiver, though, that could get it done.

Hush took three steps towards the ropes and leapt, forcing the pain off his face as both feet hit the ropes and his body compacted. He turned and began to flip at the same time as he sprung towards the downed Almasy, looking to complete his corkscrew 450 splash that he called the Silver Bullet.

By the time he was face-down again, though, he realized one basic problem.

No Seymour Almasy.

Seymour had literally rolled just out of the way, allowing Hush to splatter himself on the mat, front-first, his ribcage taking yet another blow, the pain radiating throughout his body.

Seymour, though, managed to get up long enough to grab one of Hush’s arms, using it as leverage to twist and roll up the masked man with La Magistral!




As the bell sounded, Seymour Almasy knew that he’d been in a war.

“Your winner of this contest,” came the announcement, “at a time of nine minutes, fifty eight seconds, as a result of a pinfall, Seymour Almasy!”

It was an exhausted Almasy who got his hand raised, even as he slowly rose from his back to the seat of his pants.

This week, it had been Hush, the younger man who had pushed him to the limit in his first-ever jOlt appearance.

On PPV, it would be Rainbow Serpent.

Before Seymour rolled out of the ring, he extended a hand to Hush. The masked man shook it, his other hand still on his ribcage.

It wasn’t getting any easier, that was for damned sure.

Winner: Seymour Almasy via Pinfall

"Sandwhich to Go, Please"

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

The camera hits the distinctive deep-red dress shoes of a well-known and much admired (he thinks) manager of the j0lt roster, his glass cane announcing his presence. The camera pans up to the grinning face of one Phoenix Rose who is pointing off camera.

“Josh! My man!”

Phoenix’s face drops. Then he shrugs.

“Guess he didn’t see me.”

With a huff his grin immediately returns to his face as he strides through the backstage area heading towards the catering table, a serious hunkering for a bloody cup of tea and perhaps a sandwich with the crusts cut off, should the mood take him.

“Ah, young man,” he gestures as he reaches the table which has an array of food laid out along with stacks of paper plates and cups.

The staff member in front of Phoenix, the very one he has just attempted to get the attention of, is filling his plate with a few items. He pays Phoenix no attention as he investigates a sausage roll, picking it up, sniffing it and shaking his head before placing it back down from whence it came.

Phoenix cleared his throat.

“Excuse me, young man.”

The staff member wondered whether to risk the quiche lorraine. No, he decides, not after last time. He rubs his stomach to help the uneasy memory fade from his consciousness only to feel a firm tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Phoenix Rose looking down at him.

“Ah, young man. One cup of tea, please. No sugar. I’m sweet enough my mother always said. And…”

Phoenix looked down at the table and wiggled the fingers of his spare hand in front of his face a little, trying to make a decision.

“Yes. Yes, I shall have a ham sandwich without the crust please.”

The staff member opened his mouth, then closed it and blinked just once, but hard. As he opened his mouth a second time to inform Phoenix that he was actually an engineer, not the caterer, and that the table in front of Phoenix was very much self-service Phoenix’s feet unexpectedly began to hover in the air.

Phoenix looked at each side to see Tripp Wise and David Bloome, each with a hand under Phoenix’s armpits, lifting him into the air.

“Hello chaps.” Phoenix greeted politely.

The two carried him down the hallway back in the direction from which Phoenix had initially come. As they did, Tripp explained what was going on, and what was about to happen.

“You idiot,” he began “You drove all the way to your damn hotel with us on your car bonnet last week. You think that little prank would go unpunished?”

Phoenix cleared his throat.

“I did?” he asked, the trademark smile having packed its overnight bag and made its way to the front of the arena, hailed a cab, and fucked off home.

Bloome and Tripp slammed Phoenix into the lockers.

“Ouch, fellas.”

Bloome opened a locker and between them Tripp and Bloome stuffed the dimmest manager in j0lt Wrestling history into the locker, slamming it shut behind him.

Tripp dusted off his hands, turned to Bloome, slapped him on the chest and said “Let’s see him ruin my hair from in there, big guy.” Before the two wondered off down the hallway towards the catering table themselves.


A subtle lull throughout the numerous stands quickly rose considerably as the backstage camera panned over onto the familiar Violet backdrop & Electric Purple neon sign. The curvaceous figure would soon fall into view, armed with an infectious smile and impeccable feminine charm.

“Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans everywhere; welcome back to another edition of the DawnCast. I am your host Dawn Cassidy. My next guest is no stranger to the broadcast as he is the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion himself...Eiji Kugasari...

The Arena of Champions were overheard with ongoing chatter as the Prince of Puroresu sauntered into view from the left. Adorned in Inogami Clan battle gear & colors, the Blood Raven radiated an air of reserved anticipation and devout focus as he assumed his place alongside her. His Right hand is seen casually clasped over his Left fist as he briefly looked at Cassidy before staring off past the camera.

“Eiji...” Dawn opened. “It’s a pleasure to have you back on the broadcast again.”

“Sure.” Kugasari muttered. “Thank you for having me here.”

“Certainly.” Cassidy continued. “Tonight, it will be you and 5 other men, vying for that coveted final Thieves’ Honor Qualifier with the winner earning an opportunity to contend and possibly become the new jOlt Heavyweight Champion. However, if you are successful tonight, you will no doubt have another ‘shot at redemption’ what are your honest thoughts at this time?”

The camera slowly panned over onto the young clan lieutenant’s visage, taking several moments to quietly contemplate and choose his words as his jaw slightly shifted.

“I am often left reliving the very moment I heard the final count made...” Eiji opened. “I remember everything went silent for a few moments. I could hear my heartbeat. My measured breaths. Numerous faces throughout the stands. Mouths left agape yet I could literally feel the adulation, resonating from within. In those faint moments of self realization and feeling the outside world being muted out briefly, every feeling, at that time, were both intrinsic as they were tangible....”

The young ninja began to slowly wring his hands yet his far off glare was unrelenting.

“Any wrestler, throughout this very industry, lives and breathes to experience that very moment...That moment that you had officially ‘arrived’...I speak not of that moment when you have been finally embraced by the masses as that is a whole other matter in its entirety. I am speaking that moment when you have long foreseen that exact image being brought to the finest detail and beyond...That moment...well aware that you were destined to hold and defend your respective promotion’s elite a wrestling prodigy...on the grandest stage of this industry...Mere words fail miserably to fully describe that period of time...”

The ninja’s brow began to farrow.

“Now imagine as to how it would feel to lose it be robbed of both your dignity? ...And all that you have rightfully earned, all on your own merits and to witness that very thief and his co-conspirators, gloating on a regular basis? On the television? Online? Before the public eye?” Kugasari continued. “Eventually and admittedly, in time, that literally stirs something within a man...I pride myself as the ’Prince of Puroresu’...Not as a mere moniker but a glaring problem...A problem for all who stand in my way of what is rightfully mine and I am ready to challenge my opposition tonight. I anticipate taking not only that final spot but my championship belt back.”

A looming rally began to ascend in hindsight.

“I have dealt with the likes of a Diamond Jewelz...Landon Stevens and his accursed Faction...My homeland was violated...I was humiliated publically...Injured in the pursuit of that heralded moment...and I am more than willing and ready to endure all of that again and more without hesitation nor question...

The masses were more prominent with their cheers as Dawn briefly scanned the ceiling before looking back at Kugasari.

“I personally do not care as to who is contending for neither this final spot nor in the main event at Thieves’ Honor for I will stand atop that championship summit once again.” Eiji confidently voiced to all within earshot. “ every means necessary...”

The crowd continued to rally as Eiji briefly turned his attention onto Dawn before peeling away from the camera’s view toward the hallowed recesses of the arena, leaving Cassidy watching with sheer astonishment....

Rainbow Serpent vs Khadafi

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg hit the speakers and from the back emerged Khadafi and Statuz Quo, with the latter leading the way. He nodded his head, like he knew something nobody else did, pounding his chest. He moved right up close to a camera.

“This is for YOU, Griff. For YOU, baby!” he promised, pounding his heart with a fist.

Khadafi and Quo hit the ring, taking a turnbuckle each as Snoop left the sound system being replaced by the Wilcannia Mob’s “Down River”. But there was no theatrical entrance from the rookie this time. He sprinted, to a cheer from the crowd, down to the ring and straight under the ropes. He pounced on Quo, taken by surprise, wailing punches on him until he was backed into the corner.

Rainbow Serpent turned to pay his attention to Khadafi, only to find a big boot driven through his face and take him down to the canvas. Trouble began stomping away in tandem on the Australian as the referee tried to remove Quo from the ring. But the A-Town Assassin ignored the referee’s pleas and pulled Serpent to his feet, Irish whipping him into a monstrous Khadafi lariat before stepping out of the ring. Rainbow Serpent flipped through the air from the hit, crash landing on his head in a crumpled heap.

The referee called for the bell, Khadafi flattened out his victim and covered.




Serpent kicked out at the last minute, sitting up and rubbing the back of his head as the Hawaiian Headhunter seized a handful of mask and yanked him upright. He pulled him into a three quarter facelock and started driving stiff knees into the rookie before swinging a big axe handle onto Serpent’s back putting him down again.

“That’s it, baby! Khadafi all UP on this rook!” Quo bellowed from ringside.

Khadafi dragged Serpent to his feet and whipped him into the corner. He thundered in with a clothesline and pinned Serpent into the corner with his body. He took the ropes and drove three brutal shoulder thrusts into Serpent’s ribs. The Hawaiian stepped back and stung Serpent’s throat with a knife edge chop that had him stumbling out of the corner.

Following the rookie, Khadafi chop blocked his legs out from underneath him. He mounted his chest and rained fists into his masked face while the crowd booed. He looked up at them and grinned before pointing down the barrel of the camera.

“I got your back, Griff!” he told the cameras, even if he were moments too late last week.

He stood, staring down at Serpent before dropping, knees first, into his side. The rookie was under his control. Khadafi took Serpent by the left leg and stomped on his groin, receiving an official warning from the referee and heat from the fans. Quo bounced around ringside holding his own groin, laughing maniacally at the vicious shot.

“You gonna get me got, rookie? Huh?” Khadafi shouted at him as he pulled him back to his feet, only to drill him with a back elbow that sent him staggering backwards.

Serpent hit the ropes as Khadafi charged, arm at the ready to clothesline the rookie. Serpent simply toppled backwards over the ropes landing with his feet firmly on the apron. Khadafi hit the ropes with his chest and swung wildly as Serpent ducked beneath his wild forearm. Serpent grabbed the second rope and pulled, sliding himself under the bottom rope and between Khadafi’s legs. He kipped up, to a pop, then headed to the other side, hitting the ropes but was tripped as Quo grabbed an ankle.

The referee immediately took to warning Quo, threatening to toss him out. But it was all the distraction he needed for Khadafi. The Hawaiian Headhunter rolled Serpent over and began to blatantly choke him, both hands wrapped around his throat. Quo slapped the canvas as the referee began to turn, alerting his partner in crime, who relinquished the hold and got to his feet.

Bursting to a seated position Serpent clutched his throat and sucked wind greedily. Khadafi smiled and shrugged before rocketing a stiff kick into Rainbow’s face. He dropped to cover the rookie again.




Serpent got a shoulder up, which didn't seem to bother Khadafi. He was in control. The kid hadn't even landed a blow on him. With his confidence rising, Khadafi pulled Serpent up and into an inverted face lock, wailing forearm shots across his chest. Quo slapped the canvas with delight.

From his awkward position, Serpent flicked his legs up, catching Khadafi in a head scissors, which took Khadafi by surprise but didn't throw him off his game. The Hawaiian simply fell back to the mat driving Rainbow Serpent’s head into the canvas with a modified elevated reverse DDT that left him lying motionless. The fans gasped on the impact. Statuz Quo rejoiced.

The referee dropped down to check in on Serpent, just to make sure he was still alive. Khadafi, meanwhile, didn't care, and with the referee distracted he took a moment to remove the covers off the turnbuckle in the far corner, tossing the covers to Quo to hide the evidence. He stomped across the ring, hoisted a dazed Serpent to his feet and grinned wickedly before Irish whipping him toward the naked turnbuckle.

Someway, somehow, Serpent rallied his energy as he realized what he was destined to hit. He leapt onto the second rope, stepped onto the top rope and flipped backwards, twisting so that when he landed, albeit awkwardly, he faced his enemy. The fans roared their approval as Quo stared with his mouth wide open in shock. How did he do it?

Serpent slowly straightened up and made a “Come get some” gesture with his hand. Khadafi snarled and charged. Serpent dropped to the canvas and hit a drop toe hold which sent Khadafi’s face first toward the raw steel of the undressed buckle. At the last moment, he managed to grab the ropes, face inches from the steel. He smirked to himself and turned back to Serpent, only to be nailed with a calf kick to the head that sent him to the canvas.

Like a new man, Rainbow Serpent quickly leapt onto the top rope, bounced split-legged and landed a moonsault on Khadafi to a cheer from the fans. Quo leapt onto the apron and Serpent charged, nailing him with a dropkick to send him tumbling to the outside. Serpent hit the ropes again, charging in Quo’s direction and leaping onto the top rope, bouncing so he could turn around before hitting an Asai Arabian press on Statuz Quo as he rose to his feet.

“LET’S GO SERPENT!” (clap clap clapclapclap)
“LET’S GO SERPENT!” (clap clap clapclapclap)
“LET’S GO SERPENT!” (clap clap clapclapclap)

Serpent staggered to his feet and slipped back into the ring, charging at Khadafi as he stumbled into the centre of the ring. He leapt and spun, hitting Khadafi with a discus lariat, putting him down on the canvas and hooking the leg.





The fans showed their dissatisfaction as Serpent knelt beside the fallen Hawaiian, thinking through his next moves. He slapped the canvas in frustration and got to his feet, heading for the corner to take things higher. The referee checked in on Khadafi, seeing if he were able to continue competing.

Quo pulled himself to his feet on the outside, realising the situation, jumping onto the apron and he shoved Serpent off the top rope to the outside where he hit his head on the guard rail. Quickly dropping down, Quo picked out a fan to berate as the referee’s attention was drawn by the booing, throwing him off the scent.

Khadafi heaved himself to his feet, using the ropes for leverage before telling the referee to count like he didn't know his job. The referee followed the instructions.




Serpent began to stir, clutching his head in his hands.



He got to his knees, leaning on the guard rail like it were a good friend holding his hair back while he spewed.



On his feet, Serpent tripped as he made his way to the apron, managing to catch his elbows on it to stay somewhat upright.


Quo cursed as Serpent straightened up. Khadafi snarled.


With his last oomph of energy, Serpent swung his feet up and rolled himself into the ring, greeted by the soles of Khadafi’s boots while the Hawaiian Headhunter stomped spine like he saw a spider. He hefted the rookie to his feet, thumped a hard right into his gut and put his knee against Serpent’s neck.


Well, it would have been. Serpent shoved Khadafi at the ropes, freeing himself from the position he found himself in. Khadafi came off the ropes with a lariat aiming to rip the rookies head off but Serpent ducked under it and charged the ropes as Khadafi hit the other side. Serpent rebounded, somersaulted along the canvas and launched as Khadafi came again, hitting a jawbreaker that sent the Hawaiian’s eyes rolling into his head.

The fans cheered as Statuz Quo leapt onto the apron. Serpent charged him, hitting a calf kick that sent Quo tumbling to the outside. Serpent climbed to the top as Khadafi staggered to his feet, unaware of his ring positioning. Serpent somersaulted with a Dragonrana, turning it into a pin!


The fans roared as the referee began slapping the canvas.





Serpent bounced off and slithered below the bottom rope to the outside whilst the Wilcannia Mob hit the speakers. With a fist pump, Serpent immediately made his way for the back as the referee jogged to catch up, holding Rainbow Serpent’s wrist up in victory. Rainbow Serpent wasn't much interested in sticking around to see how Trouble took the loss as a dazed Quo rolled into the ring to tend to his buddy.

The rookie had overcome the odds.

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Pinfall

"Rookie, Meet Veteran"

Stumbling through the curtains, sucking wind greedily, Serpent dropped his shoulders with relief as he made his way to the lockers, intent on catching a shower to wash the Khadafi sweat off of him. As he walked he received some congratulations from those in the wings. Ring techs. Production crew. He waved politely but under his mask he beamed like a Cheshire cat. His dream was finally coming true.

Snatching a bottle of water off a nearby table, Serpent rounded a corner and came to a standstill. The camera peeled around, shooting point-of-view over his shoulder to capture what caught his attention. Standing there, leaning on a wall, was the Final Fantasy.

Seymour Almasy.

“Hey, kid,” Almasy grinned, looking at the masked aboriginal with a friendly nod. It was a far cry from his last interaction with a jOlt star backstage: his meeting with Jesse Ramey hadn’t gone well at all, for justifiable reasons.

So, why not say hi to the rook? Make a new friend here and there?

“Nice job out there,” Seymour continued. “I enjoyed your match.”

The rookie almost appeared gobsmacked by the presence of a bonafide superstar. He rubbed the back of his head as if remembering the injuries he's possibly sustained from the brutal Khadafi contest.

"Whoa! You're Seymour Almasy, bro! It's amazing to meet you, hey?" he spurted like a fanboy. "I've been a fan of you for a long, long time, hey?"

It wasn’t the first time Seymour had received such a reception - but it never failed to make him smile. Perhaps Orphan really hadn’t ruined everything forever after all.

“Thanks,” Almasy replied, with a grin. “I appreciate it. Listen, while you’re here, actually…”

Seymour’s voice trailed off a bit. His career had put him in a position where people came to take their shots at him. He was here in jOlt now, and he expected that to be no different.

Even so, though, with a recently rocky past, he didn’t want a blood war right off the bat. He wanted something with more of a competitive spirit to it.

“I don’t have a dance partner for pay-per-view,” the once Final Fantasy told the masked man. “You want to take me on, one on one, for the world to see? I’d love to see what I can do against the new generation.”

"Yes!" the rookie splurted even before he could even consider the idea.

The mere thought of stepping into a ring with a wrestler the calibre of the famous Seymour Almasy tickled his interest at a fanboy level and on a professional note. To step inside the ring with someone you looked up to was one thing, but imagine the stepping stone this could create for his career.

"I mean, I'm real interested in that, hey? It'd be deadly, actually. My mates back home'd be stoked to hear I'm getting into the ring with you, bro. It'd be an honour," the rookie admitted.

Awkwardly, the rookie stuck his hand out for Almasy to shake, to seal the deal. He didn't want the superstar reneging on the offer, he wanted some sort of good will bond. This was a career defining moment for him afterall.

Almasy didn’t hesitate. He stuck out his hand and took Serpent’s, shaking it firmly.

“A deal’s a deal,” he said, looking past Serpent, in the direction of the curtain. “I’ve got to go for now, though,” Seymour said, squaring his shoulders.

With a pat on the shoulder, Almasy was gone, but not before a few final words.

“I’ve got some business out there to take care of.”

"My Head is in the Wrong Place"

"The ringing won't stop."

The voice of Aran Thompson could be heard as it trailed off. Two weeks ago Aran Thompson was brutually attacked by Derecho with a steel chair that ended with Derecho dropping the chair down like an executioner to the chopping block.

Aran Thompson stood with his arm and head rest against a wall in a dark room with minimal light.

"The lights, they burn my eyes....The pain jolts down my spine...."

Aran turned his head away from the camera and with the hand of the arm that rest against the wall he slammed his fist into it.

"I guess I've had this coming. I've done a lot of bad things. I let the lime light fade my tattoos and blur my vision."

Aran slowly slid down the wall to his knees but his head and arm stayed in the same position.

"In my heart I feel....I feel like I've more than made up for the pain and agony. The fans...they stand by me. When I walk out in that arena, I'm more than a superstar....more than a grappler....more than "just another guy on the roster"."

Aran turned his head toward the camera and the light hit him just right to reveal bruising from his neck up his left cheek.

"Derecho has brought down something on to me that I've never felt before."

"A darkness."

Aran turned his gaze back to the wall that he has seemed to find comfort.

"My heart says to run!" Aran bellowed as his voice echoed through out the room.

"My heart says to go back to the home that my wife and I had built together. To let my Legacy run it's course. To be smart about this....I may not be one now but the record books will regale me as a champion forever. I will forever be a wall in the path of future champions...."

Aran's arm slid down the wall and his fist rest on the floor as his voice filled with anger.

"But my head tells me to show up at the Arena of Champions and let out all of my rage..."


Aran again turned his gaze back to the camera.

" want to introduce me to your hell? You waltz around and claim to be a king of something that you aren't even a champion of?"

"My heart kept me away from that arena last week because it was the right thing to do."

There was silence that fueled the room louder than words.

"My's telling me to fight! My head is reminding me that I am the most RELENTLESS person this industry has EVER witnessed!"

"You and I went to war almost exactly one year ago and I still emerged victorious! You were the first person to ever make me bleed in a match and I still emerged victorious!"

"You want to reignite this? You want to take it to a whole other environment? YOU WANT THE KING OF HELL AGAINST THE EPITOMY OF CHAOS?!"

The silence grew once again and Aran turned his head completely toward the camera and flashed a smile on his face.

"You got it."


Sarah Winterton vs Faith Hines

With just mere two weeks to go until Thieves Honor, Sarah Winterton was about to step into the ring for her obligatory rematch for the Starlet Championship. This would be the final encounter between the two warring Starlets that have been at odds for the better part of a year. Faith Hines had the chance two weeks ago to unseat Charlotte only to come up short. If Faith Hines could actually play the spoiler for The Queen of the Starlets tonight she would put herself in line for a future title shot. Let’s got to ringside and shit.

“The following Starlets contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington said.

"Shook Me Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar.

Out from the back came Faith Hines herself, getting a respectable pop from the crowd. Faith has been struggling with her own issues with former friend Alyssa Corliss, but tonight none of that mattered. Tonight she would have the chance to take on the champion and if she caught her sleeping tonight, she could put herself up as the next challenger for the title.

“First, making her way to the ring, from Little Rock, Arkansas… THIS IS FAITH HINES!

She climbed into the ring and the religious Starlet climbed into the ring and said herself a little prayer before her match. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area looking ready for business. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approach the ring and stepped inside while Desta clapped on approvingly of her boss. Winterton entered the ring and came face to face with Faith as the bell rang…


The Queen of the Starlets and the Hype Starlet circled one another before Winterton jumped and tried to go on the attack early! Faith Hines ducked and went in for a quick Schoolgirl pin early!




The Queen of the Starlets frantically kicked out early and backed away from the very game Faith Hines! Desta was a little bit freaked out and so was Sarah. She didn’t take too kindly to being shown up so she charged at her again. Faith ducked the Clothesline and went into the Backslide pin!




Another frantic move! Faith Hines was looking to take advantage of Winterton’s arrogant demeanor which didn’t set too well with her! The woman claiming to be the rightful Starlet Champion was angry now and came right at Faith Hines a third time, burying a knee into her stomach against the ropes. He whipped the religious Starlet into the ropes only for Faith to reverse it and sent Winterton flying. When she came back she jumped right into a big Hip Toss!

The discombobulated Winterton stood up only to eat a big standing Dropkick right from Faith Hines as the fans cheered! Sarah was getting some comeuppance here tonight and she glanced a spiteful look at Desta and then back to Faith.

Faith Hines came at her with a few Forearm Smashes and sent her into the ropes before trying to whip her. This time it was Winterton who reversed and sent her sailing right into the corner. A charge from Winterton was only met with a back elbow to the face that stunned The Quen in her tracks. Faith played to the fans with a raising of her fist before she jumped onto the second turnbuckle…

Big mistake…


Before Faith Hines could get the chance to come off the second rope, Sarah had cut out a leg from under her and dropped her to the ground and sent her crashing on the back of her head! The crowd booed as a seething Winterton rested against the ropes waiting for her to get back to her feet. The second that she did, she grabbed her arms and twisted him around before…


She was dropped with a Straitjacket Neckbreaker into the canvas and quickly Sarah Winterton rolled over to hook the leg of the fallen rookie.



Hines scored with the big kickout. Winterton tossed her to the ropes and pushed her there before pressing a knee into the back of the Starlet’s throat. She continued to push down until Kim Adams started a count.


The Queen of the Starlets backed off and raised both hands into the air to protest her innocence.

“My Queen is an innocent flower!’ Desta shouted at Adams. “How dare you accuse her of cheating!”

Winterton picked up Faith Hines from the canvas only to blast her underneath the jaw with a nice European Uppercut before she simply tossed her down to the canvas with a back heel trip. Winterton bounced off the ropes before coming back to deliver a targeted Jumping Knee Drop to the chest of Faith Hines that had the rookie Starlet shouting in pain!

“I love you all!” Sarah waved to the masses with another Princess wave.

The Queen of the Starlets stood up and took off to the ropes again before going airborne and connecting with a second Jumping Knee Drop to the chest in order to wear down the rookie that had beaten her once before. She picked up Hines and the young rookie fought back with a couple of elbows to the stomach only for Sarah to slug her back with another European Uppercut. She tossed her into the ropes and off the rebound she caught her with a Leg Lariat! Winterton crawled over and hooked both legs again.




“THREE! THREE YOU JEZEBEL!” Desta cried out.

Faith Hines was showing the guts that carried her to almost winning the Starlet Title two weeks ago, but now Sarah Winterton was exerting her will over the young Hype Starlet. With a derisive sneer to her opposition, she pulled her to her feet again and hooked both arms before sending her up and over with a Butterfly Suplex! She held the pin!




The crowd became louder and lending their support to the proud Starlet as she tried to stand again only for Sarah Winterton to stop her dead with another shot to the face. She kicked her in the knee and dropped Faith Hines to her arm and then wrapped both arms around her neck in a Cravate-style submission hold.

“Please tap, darling!” Winterton taunted. “You won’t last much longer anyway!”

She continued to hold onto the modified Cravate submission hold and cranked on the weakened neck of her opponent. The Hype Starlet started to fight back to her knees and elbowed Winterton in the stomach to try and get back up. Winterton stopped her once again with another uppercut.

Once she was stunned on her feet Winterton took off to the ropes but didn’t see that Hines had recovered and caught her with a big Drop Toe Hold, faceplanting her into the canvas! Faith was thinking on her feet.

While The Queen of the Starlets was trying to get back to her feet again, Hines was trying her best to fight through the pain that she was in. She came right at Winterton again but the sly and experienced Winterton grabbed her by her trunks and sent her crashing into the second turnbuckle. Winterton charged and connected with a harsh knee to the stomach before sending her into the ropes. She tossed Faith Hines across the ring and dropped her with another big Spinning Heel Kick! Faith was down when Winterton went into the cover.




Sarah was shocked that her one-two combination of moves wasn’t enough to put the underdog Faith Hines down. Winterton looked to Kim Adams with a look of disbelief before she started to pull her up again. When she reached over to pry her off the mat, Faith Hines caught her suddenly and went into an Inside Cradle!




It was that close that the fans truly thought the match was over, but Winterton had just narrowly managed to evade the upset win by Faith!

Winterton was clearly upset now but there wasn’t really anything she could do about it. She walked over to try to get Faith when she kicked her low and went to the corner. Faith Hines grabbed her by the back of the head while heading to the second rope…


The crowd popped big for the move as Faith Hines crawled over to cover the




Another kickout! Faith Hines had The Queen of the Starlets on the ropes now as she rolled over. She started to grab the arm of Winterton only for The Queen of the Starlets to roll into the ropes and hang there for dear life. Faith Hines tried to pull her away from the ropes only for Kim Adams to break it up.

“Come on!” Faith Hines protested.

Adams got in the middle when Sarah Winterton jabbed a thumb into the eye of Faith when she wasn’t looking! Sarah rushed over and slapped on a Cross-armed move…


The Cross-armed Backstabber rolled over right into a modified Crossface! She was cranking back on the hold now and there was nowhere for Faith to go. The religious Starlet was trying to get to the ropes but there was nowhere for her to go. She reached her hand out…


Kim Adams called for the bell as Winterton rolled away and climbed back to her feet. She dusted herself off and stared down at Faith Hines. She had given her far more trouble than she encountered, but Winterton was absolutely ready for what was to come at Thieves Honor and would stoop to no low to get her title back. Dean Carrington was about to make the announcements, but Desta charged first and took the microphone from him.


Winterton raised both hands in the air to a tremendous chorus of jeers from the crowd before the two Starlets took their leave. They were soaking in the jeers but none of that mattered… Winterton was dead set on getting her belt back. She would do whatever she wanted if it meant getting back the belt that validated her very existence.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Submission

"The Queen Asketh and The Queen Speaketh"

Walking through the gorilla position, the arrogant Sarah Winterton continued to strut her stuff as she parted the curtains. Fresh off her victory over a very game Faith Hines, The Queen of the Starlets was breathing heavily after getting more than she bargained for from the Hype Starlet. Trailing behind her was her loyal and goofy assistant, Desta.

“Sarah, Sarah, can I get some words from you?”

The voice belonged to that of Dawn Cassidy as the gorgeous interviewer approached the cutthroat Queen and her loyal lackey. Winterton rolled her eyes.

“I know, darling, I know, I know. You’re wondering just how I make being a talented wrestler and being gorgeous look so easy, are you not?”

Dawn tried to get in another word, but Sarah interrupted.

“Oh! You’re wondering how I got so good in the ring while being a shining beacon of light, is this correct?”

“She totally is, my Queen!” Desta added.

When she tried to get in her question, Sarah Winterton raised a finger to cut her off.

“Or you’re wondering exactly how I plan to get MY title back from that thieving red-headed wretch, Charlotte. You may be wondering why I chose two out of three falls for the stipulation of my rightful rematch that I should not have to make use of in the first place? Or maybe… just maybe that you’re wondering exactly how I plan on torturing this woman? My perpetual rival of the last year who has been nothing but… you will have to excuse the Queen’s English… but she is a PAINTED WHORE!”


The crowd most certainly did NOT like her slandering the much beloved Starlet Champion Charlotte in any way. Winterton didn’t care and wanted this issue with her to be over once and for all.

“Well, I will answer all of your questions, Dawn. Two out of three falls is MY realm! I made a mistake making the Last Starlet Standing match that lost me my title because Charlotte had to FIGHT to win that belt… but she cannot out-WRESTLE me. That Vegas degenerate probably learned to fight from her Neanderthal husband and his even more rotund friend. But now, she will have to actually put on her boots, not fight me, but WRESTLE me! I have bested her multiple times before and there is NO WAY that Charlotte will defeat me, let alone twice in one night! She has a better chance of NOT ending up on her back much like she does for the common street trash that she associates herself with!”

Winterton shook her head.

“I will rewrite history and I will become the third, but by far the most important and celebrated Starlet to have won the championship twice! You will witness… Tell her, Desta.”


Winterton nodded at the confused and flustered Dawn.

“You ask great questions, my darling. In a few more years, you will most certainly have a future in journalism.”

The Queen of the Starlets nodded to Desta and the two left the scene, leaving Dawn dumbfounded.

“Uh… thanks…”

"Oil and Water"

The scene opened to the backstage area where both member of The House were adamantly voicing their displeasure towards the reigning champions. Both Takeshi & Heido retained their stoic disposition and respectable distance with The Mute Mountain Splitter coldly readjusting his belt atop his Left Shoulder. A notable response form the crowd was overheard as the reigning jOlt Starlets Champion in Charlotte attempted to hold both Las Vegas natives at bay...

“Boys...please?!” The Queen of Hearts pleaded to her comrades as the elder statesman merely retrieved his cigar from his inner right breast pocket before igniting it.

“Miss Charlotte; It would be in your best interests to regain a better handle of your ’beasts of burden’...” Heido hissed.

“..The fuck you say?!” Derrick Huber rebutted angrily before both Charlotte & Adam Roebuck sought to impede his progress. Takeshi merely cast a frosty glare back at Roebuck.

“You heard me, gaijin...” The Kansai Crippler seethed while slowly looking their opposition up and down disrespectfully. Huber was overheard muttering muffled slurs to himself as both Adam and Charlotte kept him at bay. A subtle chuckle was intentionally heard by Heido.

“Something funny, ’Princess’?” Roebuck inquired with a hardened scowl. “How about you borrow a pair of nuts and raise the volume like a real man.”

The raven haired ninja casually turned his head toward his bald counterpart with a rare formation of a genuine smile.

“It would appear that adage is indeed true...” Heido quipped.

“...And what’s that?” Adam asked.

“That is takes a pussy to control one...or more....” The Kansai Crippler smugly replied with a prominent smirk. ”...Gentlemen...”Mamoru bellowed with a hearty expulsion of cigar smoke. “Enough.” The elder statesman slowly turned his head towards his clan brethren in order to silently mute them from agitating matters further.

“On the behalf of by brethren and clan, Miss Charlotte; you have my sincerest apologies. However, we have a glaring issue at hand before us all and that issue is The Rebellion.”

Both parties continued to glare coldly on each other with the Starlets Champion nodding in full compliance.

“Well, thank you, sir.” Charlotte replied. “I agree. You boys have to learn to work together. Even if it is only for tonight.”

Both Huber & Roebuck looked at one another for several moments before reluctantly shifting their chins and eyes toward the opposing party.

“Tonight, we have the opportunity to rid ourselves of this looming menace that means neither party any good.” Mamoru continued. “Granted, we have our respective differences yet tonight, let take this opportunity to set aside our ‘differences’ for the time being and work together in order to resolve this issue. Together. Afterwards, we will address this matter between us in its proper time and context. Agreed?”

The looming audible response from within the Arena of Champions was overheard as both The House & The Crimson Order maintained their intentional silence. Both Mamoru & Charlotte were left quietly looking at both muted rivals for several moments.

“It’s fine by us.” The Starlet Champion voiced while readjusting her belt atop her shoulder. “We’ll do our part...”

“...Just be sure you keep your bitches on a very short leash...” Roebuck seethed, leading Takeshi to scowl notably while standing himself erect. Both Mamoru and Heido extended their respective hands out to keep the Mute Mountain Splitter at bay. The House slowly peeled away toward the right, leaving the Inogami Clan officers to quietly convene amongst themselves in private...

"Fighting Words of Confidence"

“Machinehead” by Bush blasted throughout the Arena of Champions, and the fans all came to their feet. From the backstage area emerged Jimmy B. Martinez. Martinez stood at the top of the entrance ramp for a moment before he produced a microphone that he had hidden behind his back. Martinez waited as the music slowly died down and he began making his way down toward the ring.

“Last week I did something my opponent this evening couldn’t do.” Martinez paused to a mixed reaction from the crowd, “I took Jeremy Ryan to the limit and I came out on top in my first Jolt Championship series match.”

Martinez stopped at the edge of the ring, and slowly made his way around to the steel ring steps and started making his way up onto the apron.

“Ryan didn’t even need to resort to dirty tactics to beat you Ramey!” Martinez chuckled a bit, “What makes you think if I could take him on and win that you stand any kind of chance against me tonight? I’m the only person in this series with the upper hand right now. Ryan has won and lost. Ramey, you’ve lost. I’m the only one with a perfect streak going into this. If I win tonight, it’s over.”

Again there was a very mixed reaction to Martinez’ comments. Martinez finally slipped through the ropes and into the ring.

“The ball is in your court tonight, Ramey.” Martinez paused as he made his way to the center of the ring, “Are you going to choke tonight like you’ve done in every big match situation you’ve been involved in since coming to Jolt? As far as I’m concerned I’ve got this in the bag, I’ve got the confidence driving me home tonight and I’m finally going to get that straight up rematch for the Jolt Championship against Landon Stevens that I deserve. Ain’t nobody standing in the way of Jimmy B. Martinez except a washed up has been that never was.”

Those closing comments from Martinez as he dropped the microphone over the ropes and out of the ring were probably going to come back to haunt him as the Anti-Star rushed from the backstage area and toward the ring not even waiting on his music to hit.

Jesse Ramey vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Seeing Ramey rushing toward the ring, referee Simon Boulder quickly entered the ring. Ramey ducked under the bottom rope and slid into the ring, popped back up, and just as Martinez was coming at him Ramey leapt into the air and caught him with a Lou Thesz Press. The Anti-Star slammed down fists of fury across the face of Martinez before Boulder pulled Ramey off.

“I haven’t even signaled for the bell to start the match yet!” Boulder shouted at Ramey.

Ramey grabbed Boulder by the scruff of his shirt, “Then ring the fucking bell already.”

Ramey backed his way into his corner as Boulder waited for a visibly pissed off Martinez to make his way back to his feet. The Anti-star smiled as soon as Martinez eyes met his and Boulder quickly signaled for the bell as soon as both men were waiting in their corners.


Ramey rushed toward Martinez, but was quickly taken down by a drop toe hold that slammed Ramey’s face into the middle turnbuckle padding. Martinez shifted his body weight around and mounted Ramey from behind, grabbed hold of his head, pulled it back, and began smashing it into the bottom turnbuckle padding.




Boulder promptly made his way over, grabbed Martinez by the shoulder, and pulled him off of Ramey. Boulder wasn’t even going to bother attempting a five count to try and have the hold broken.

Martinez threw his arms in the air, with a smile on his face, and backed away from Ramey slowly. As soon as Boulder stepped out of the way though Martinez stalked his way back over to Ramey, where he reached down and was going to pull Ramey back to his feet. That was until Ramey wrapped his arms around Martinez’ legs and brought him down to the mat with a double leg takedown. Ramey then continued by jumping on top of Martinez in a full mount and began throwing down lefts and rights into his face.





Boulder’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he rushed back in, only this time yanking Ramey off of Martinez. Boulder took more precaution this time though as he backed Ramey into a corner and began shoving his finger in his face. Ramey, much like Martinez, threw his hands up in the air and then quickly placed them on Boulder shoving him out of the way.

No, Ramey wasn’t attempting to assault Boulder; he was saving him from the charging Martinez. Luckily Ramey was able to get Boulder out of the way, and also sidestep out of the way of any move that Martinez was going to attempt. JBM crashed chest first into the top turnbuckle, but Ramey turned and placed a hand on the small of his back to stop his backward momentum. Ramey then used his other arm to latch onto the skull on Martinez and then began driving his face into the top turnbuckle.





As soon as he was able to shake off what had just happened Boulder once again had to force his way in between Ramey and Martinez. This fight was obviously a little more personal than any of the other battles in the Jolt Championship series thus far with all of the pot shots that Ramey and Martinez had been taking at each other.

It was also, as stated by Martinez before the match started, the defining match of the championship series. If Martinez could knock off Ramey he would go on to claim the number one contendership after Thieves Honor. This was something major that Martinez knew and that was running through his mind as he turned, rested in the corner, and watched as Boulder backed Ramey away from him.

Martinez knew, despite the fact that he had the years on Ramey, that after all of the years Ramey had been inside of the ring he was conditioned to go for long periods of time. If he was going to win this match, he needed to hit something quick that would debilitate the Anti-Star enough for him to get the victory.

As soon as Boulder moved out of the way, Martinez burst from the corner and rushed toward Ramey. Martinez drove a stiff kick into Ramey’s midsection and then hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Martinez was going to plant Ramey with his finishing maneuver and end the match, but what Martinez wasn’t expecting was for Ramey to wriggle his way free.

Ramey dropped down to his feet behind Martinez, and as soon as he turned around he was met with the same thing that he had given Ramey; a boot to the midsection. Martinez doubled over, but what was coming next the younger star had not expected. Ramey jumped onto Martinez’ back and flipped him over driving him to the mat and pinning his shoulders to the mat with his legs with a sunset flip powerbomb.


Boulder quickly dropped to the mat to make the pin attempt, while Martinez could only stare up at the arena lighting dazed and confused.




“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the Arena of Champions for the first time this evening as Ramey made his way back to his feet and had his arm raised in victory. Martinez could only continue to lie in the center of the ring looking up at the house lights wondering where in the world he had gone wrong.

Then the fans began booing heavily as Jeremy Ryan began rushing toward the ring from the backstage area. Ramey stood center of the ring in a ready stance as Martinez slowly rolled out of the ring. The music cut off and a booming voice hit the house PA system just before Ryan had a chance to enter the ring.

“STOP!” The voice shouted.

Everyone in the arena knew exactly who it was, but just to clarify as his picture emerged on the Jolt Vision, it belonged to Damien Lee.

“You each had your chance to end this before Thieves Honor,” Lee began, “but none of you could get the upper hand on the other. That means this thing goes to sudden death. The triple threat elimination match and I’m not going to have you ruining that here tonight.”

“Jeremy Ryan, you can tuck tail for the evening and get out of my arena.” Lee said sternly, “This comes to a conclusion at Thieves Honor and only Thieves Honor. If any of you touch each other before then, you’re disqualified from the match, and I’ll make sure you don’t see a championship match of any kind, be it Relentless, Jolt, or even a Golden Boy Title match as long as you continue to be a member of the Jolt active roster.”

That was the only motivation that Jeremy Ryan needed to hear as he began to slowly backtrack his way up the entrance ramp, never taking his eyes off of the Anti-Star standing in the center of the ring. Martinez had made his way to a knee on the outside, and he also peered into the ring with a cold stare at Ramey.

The finals of the championship series were bound to burn the house down at Thieves Honor, and it looked like all eyes were on the man standing in the center of the ring right now. Would Martinez and Ryan be able to put their differences aside to take Ramey out first in the match? Would some other alliance take form? Or was it just going to be one giant free for all?!

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Breaking Point"

“Dragonfly” Amber Ryann was in the backstage area. She was walking down a hallway and was about to turn a corner when she spied Alyssa Corliss. She stopped in her tracks, but the abrupt halt caused her shoes to scuff across the floor. Before she could get out of sight, Alyssa Corliss turned her head and saw Amber Ryann.

“So there you are”, said Alyssa. “I was looking around the arena for you last week, but you were nowhere to be found! What’s the matter, did I drop reality a little too hard on you and caused you to stay home? What did you do? Call Damien Lee and tell him that you had the sniffles and you needed the week off? You truly are pathetic, Amber. What happened to you two weeks ago is something you had coming for a very long time. People like you who aren’t even confident in themselves make me sick to my stomach. I can’t stand this passive aggressive bullshit that you bring around with you everywhere. The fact that you came back shows how stupid you really are. If you had a brain between those ears of yours, you would have stayed gone and never shown your face here again!”

Amber pulled her arm tight against her body as she looked down at the floor as if she were a child being scolded. Amber was a bit quiet in her words, but she decided to speak up.

“My entire childhood, I was an outcast. When I saw wrestling for the very first time, I saw people like me being accepted. I decided to dedicate my life to pro-wrestling because of it. The cheers of the fans filled me with a warmth that has been missing for quite some time in my life. That’s why I decided to come back here tonight. I’m not going to let someone like you ruin it all for me!” said Amber as she looked up at Alyssa.

“HA!” shouted Alyssa. “Ruin it all for you? Hell, honey.. I tried to HELP you. YOU were the one who pushed me away. I at least had the gall to admit my wrongs. I at least had it within me to try and make amends because I knew that what I did to you was wrong… but instead, you had to pour on this little pity party… just like you’re doing now. Do you know how frustrating it is when you try to do the right thing and it doesn’t matter? You brought all of this on yourself, Amber… and since you won’t accept my hand in forgiveness… I’ll force you to accept it in the form of a wake up call. To make you realize that you are nothing more than a waste of a human being.”

Amber Ryann gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She spoke up, but she was so quiet you could barely hear her.

“I…. I’m not a waste…” said Amber very quietly.

“Huh? Care to repeat that? Or are you just going to stand there and continue to be worthless?” asked Alyssa.

Amber spoke up. This time, she looked up at Alyssa, tears in her eyes, her teeth clenched.

“I AM NOT A WASTE!” yelled Amber

With that, Amber lunged at Alyssa and knee’d her in the stomach! Amber grabbed Alyssa and shoved her against the concrete wall. The thud of her back hitting was coupled with the sound of the air being driven out of her lungs! Amber slammed her fist into Alyssa’s stomach over and over again until she was gasping for air!

Amber then grabbed a fist full of Alyssa’s hair as she dragged her over to one of the production equipment crates. She then slammed Alyssa’s face right into the top of it with a sickening thud! She pulled her head up off the equipment case.

“You said you wanted to give me a wake up call? Here’s one for you…”

Amber slammed Alyssa’s head into the top of the equipment case a second time! Again, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. This time, there was blood trickling down her forehead!

“What’s the matter, Alyssa? Still not awake yet? Still think I’m a waste of a human being!?”

For the third time, Amber slammed Alyssa’s head into the equipment case and that one did it. Alyssa’s body went completely limp and she fell to the floor as gravity took over. Alyssa was a bloodied mess, but she was still breathing. She slowly writhed in pain on the floor. She even began to cough and some blood came up from her mouth. Amber then stood over her… her icy blue eyes piercing through from underneath her hood with tears flowing from them… yet, the look on her face wasn’t sadness. It was the look of someone who had just been pushed too far.

It was no different than the school yard. There’s only so many times a bully can push someone before the victim has enough and pushes back. Tonight, Amber Ryann’s way of life… her past… all of it was brought up thanks to Alyssa Corliss. She made Amber remember things she wished to forget and she had finally reached a breaking point.

Officials who heard the commotion ran over to see Alyssa laying there with blood on the ground. Amber continued to stand there, staring down at Alyssa like a statue. The officials had to physically force her backwards to give Alyssa enough room for treatment. All the while, Amber continued to stand there, almost emotionless as she watched them tend to Alyssa.

The scene faded to black.

"The Cure"


The jOltVision reveals an empty Arena of Champions. The fans in attendence watched on silently as the camera slowly moved from left and right throughout the Arena of Champions. Revealing absolutely nothing but dim lights from the rafters and L.E.Ds from the jOltVision illuminating when the camera suddenly fell from the rafters and dropped into the center of the ring revealing the entrance ramp.


A large thud followed by a bright white light that encompassed the entirety of the Arena of Champions as loud echoing whispers played throughout.

"Silence is golden...or so they want you to think." A voice spoke throughout the speakers as the camera lost and resumed focus while the bright white light flashed with each spoken word.

"They thought they found a way to speak, but they fell."

"They fell to obscurity!"

The voice shouted and the white light grew.

"The king fell, the trident plummeted and a ghost arose..."

The white light once again flashed with each spoken word, but a voice echoed behind the original voice.

"A ghost arose." The whispering repeated itself.

"A phantom of obscurity stepped into the forefront and cradled her...." The voice spoke as the white light flashed.

"A ghost arose." The whispering continued.

"She is so damned beautiful..."

"A ghost arose."

"She is so damned tortured..."

"A ghost arose."

"She loves everyone who touches her..." "A ghost arose."

"It's her curse..."

"A ghost arose."

"We....are her cure."

The Arena of Champions went black and the camera panned around completely trying to find something, some one, anyone before the white flashed so bright that Arena appeared to be filled to it's brim with fans screaming and chanting but there was nothing.

"We....are her cure."

Crimson Order & The House vs The Rebellion

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch jump started the gathered legions to join in with the casino laden barrage of arena lighting. Camera 30 would slowly pan over the southwestern crowd before transitioning to Camera 1 as it zeroed in on the lumbering pair of Nevada’s finest. At the top of the rampway, both former World Tag Team Champions would pause to bask in the ongoing adulation from the masses...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest will be an 8 Man Tag Team Match and it is scheduled for 1 Fall...Making their way to the ring...From Las Vegas, Nevada and weighting in a total combined weight of 777 pounds...The team of...DERRICK HUBER & ADAM ROEBUCK!! THIS!! IS!! THE HOUSE!!!

Camera 4 captured the Las Vegas duo lumbering together off the latter portion of the entrance ramp to physically interact with the crowd before rounding the ringpost to walk their way up the ring steps. The Las Vegas Leviathan was seen passively scowling during his survey of the crowd from along the ring apron as the Sin City Strongman remained perched atop the nearby turnbuckles and raised both clenched fists overhead. The musical interlude was abruptly diminished as the arena lighting was siphoned out the arena’s interior...

”Thought Crimes (Extended Version)” by Cliff Lin

Carrington: “...From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...weighting a total combined weight of 605 pounds...they are current, reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions! Accompanied by Shoji and their manager, Mamoru! The team of Heido & Takeshi...They are THE CRIMSON!!! ORDER!!!

A cold gleam danced across the pewter championship surface as Heido flared out his male kimono before gnarling his fists. The massive Takeshi stoically raised his championship strap overhead amidst the billowing strobe lit overcast. The elder statesman for the clan remained in the middle, leading his clan brethren onward toward the squared circle with their disgruntled ‘partners’ glaring at them from distance. The ninjas halted their progress as the musical introduction ebbed out of earshot to have the arena swelling with a bloodthirsty atmosphere. Both Huber & Roebuck held firm at the ‘teams’ corner as the reigning champions slowly handed their belts to both Shoji & Mamoru before engaging in a prolonged stand off. Dueling chants rocked the arena as both reluctant teams silently seethed along the opposing sides of the southwestern turnbuckle pole when "Machine" by Downstait” angrily snatched the jovial mood away, replacing it with sheer rebuke as the entrance staging area once again became the lead focus...

Carrington: “...And their opponents...Representing The Rebellion!! Weighting at a total combined weight of 1112 pounds; the team of JACKSON CROSS! MACHIDA HOOD! MICHAEL DONAVAN & SERAPH!!!

The athletic titan in Michael Donavan was busy wringing both hands along the way as both Machida & Cross manically mocked their detractors with laughter & repugnant jeers. The massive Seraph merely zeroed in on his array of imminent targets as he used the ring ropes to pull himself onto the ring apron. The referee was brushed aside as the pair of hyenas began to dominate the entire interior of the ring. Along the outside, as the musical intro subsided, Mamoru was seen inaudibly brokering a tenative truce between the heated rivals in order to focus on the glaring issue at hand. Reluctantly, The House nodded to themselves and began to clamber back onto the ring apron as the reigning champions followed suit on the adjacent side of the ring. Shoji was quietly looking at both parties alongside Mamoru as the in ring official was seen walking towards the middle of the ring...

The bell rang and both sides were set to select a representative. Jackson Cross was set to represent The Rebellion and on the other side, Heido was about to step into the ring when Derrick Huber climbed in first.

“I got it.”

Heido glared at Huber with the intent to hurt him, but for tonight the team needed to get along. Cross grabbed Huber and tried to take the bigger man down with a waist lock when Huber elbowed his way out. Huber wasn’t going to win any contests based on technical expertise, but he was going to win in strength and whipped Cross into the ropes. He came back and swung with a clothesline that missed, but Cross’s shot with a clothesline didn’t. The blow stunned Huber so Cross came off the ropes a second time. He landed the blow against Huber and again he stopped. So Cross then hit the ropes a third time when Huber caught him with a grip of his own and threw him over with a big belly to belly overhead throw. He hurried over to Cross and went for the cover.



Cross kicked out quickly and that impressed Huber. He picked up the youngster and grabbed the arm before he jabbed a couple of elbows to the arm to work him over. Cross fought back and tried the whip across the ring only for him to get reversed and sent into the corner. Huber charged when Cross quickly went off the ropes sending Huber into the corner. Cross hit off the ropes and came back with a running dropkick to the side of the head! Now it was Cross’s turn to go for the cover.



Huber kicked out and the Hype rookies were showing some promise. Derrick was picked up by Cross and he managed to tag him into the corner where the bigger Machida Hood was ready to get in on the action. Cross connected with a seated jawbreaker and Machida followed that up with a big jumping boot that caught him in the face. The cover followed.




Cross kicked out quickly and that impressed Huber. He picked up the youngster and grabbed the arm before he jabbed a couple of elbows to the arm to work him over. Cross fought back and tried the whip across the ring only for him to get reversed and sent into the corner. Huber charged when Cross quickly went off the ropes sending Huber into the corner. Cross hit off the ropes and came back with a running dropkick to the side of the head! Now it was Cross’s turn to go for the cover.



Huber kicked out and the Hype rookies were showing some promise. Derrick was picked up by Cross and he managed to tag him into the corner where the bigger Machida Hood was ready to get in on the action. Cross connected with a seated jawbreaker and Machida followed that up with a big jumping right hook that caught him in the face.

Roebuck was a little surprised at the rookies for getting the better of the bigger Huber for the moment as Machida Hood jumped into the action. He pummeled Huber with a big collection of rights and tried to get into the corner but Huber fought back with few headbutts. He pummeled him in the head with the headbutts before making the tag into big Adam Roebuck. Huber whipped him into the ropes and Roebuck caught him just as Huber took off. He came down and the two men connected with their double-team sidewalk slam/elbow drop combination…


Huber rolled out of the ring while Roebuck went into the cover on Machida Hood.



And the fall was broken up by Jackson Cross! He came to the save of his tag team partner and was sent back to his corner while Roebuck glanced down at Machida. He picked up the big Brooklyner and tossed him into the corner with both hands. The four-hundred sixty-pound Big Bucks picked him up and launched Machida Hood into the ropes. When the brawler came back he was shot into the air with a huge back body drop!

After an impressive start, things weren’t looking too good for the members of The Rebellion. The Tag Team Champions Heido and Takeshi were pissed off that they had been largely ignored so far while off on the other side, Michael “Phantom” Donavan and Seraph were all waiting for their chance to strike.

Hood rolled across the ring and Cross tagged in to try and take the fight the bigger Roebuck. With relentlessness on his side, he came and fired off on the big guy with a flurry of fists that mostly stunned The Las Vegas Leviathan. He charged off the ropes and when he came back, Adam goozled him. He lifted him up for a chokeslam when Cross elbowed him in the face to fight his way out.

Cross went low and took the legs out from Roebuck with a pair of dropkicks to the knee to bring the big guy down to his knees. When he charged off the ropes he came back only to run into a big mountain called Roebuck wh pushed him to the corner

He was caught and dropped across the knee before being tossed backwards in a standing fallaway slam variation. Roebuck had ragdolled Cross and now it was his time to go for the finish when Heido tagged himself in!

“What the fuck?” Roebuck snarled.

Heido ignored him and reached over to go after the fallen Cross as he picked him up and launched the former Hype start in the corner. He landed a stiff series of chops to the chest of Cross and whipped him across the ring before crushing him with a flattening boot. He pulled him out of the corner…


The combination strike of headbutts, palm strikes finished off with an open-palmed shot brought him down. He crumbled to his knees and now was about to go for what looked like his finishing move, the Japanese Death Sentence when Michael Donavan rushed into the ring and cracked Heido in the side of the head with a big boot to the face! It rocked Heido well enough for Cross to escape, making the tag back to Machida. The bigger half of Cross the Hood got on the top rope…


The diving European uppercut from the Brooklynite put Heido down long enough for The Rebellion to get the advantage against their super heavyweight opposition. Roebuck shot a glance to Takeshi and Mamoru on the outside and shook his head.

“See where that fucking got you, Whispers?” Roebuck snapped.

Now one of the tag team champions was down for the count and that allowed Hood to pick him up and tag back over to Michael “Phantom” Donavan. The six-foot ten super athlete was inside as Hood scooped up Heido and planted him into the canvas with a sick side powerslam. That’s when Donavan came off the second rope with a powerful guillotine leg drop across the throat. Hood left the ring and Donavan went to pin one half of the current tag team champions.




Heido kicked the shoulder up but Donavan stayed on him with a series of hard right hands that set him down before he jumped up and picked up the tag team champion. Donavan whipped him off into the corner and charged in with a running knee strike to the head before he pulled him out of the corner and dropped him with a short armed clothesline. Heido was down and this allowed for Donavan to slide across the ring…


The standing moonsault from the six-foot ten monster was enough to drive the wind right out of Heido and allowed him to pull him over to the corner. Heido was dragged over to the corner and he reached out a hand to the big monster of the Rebellion, Seraph.

“LET’S GO, HEIDO!” Clap clap clap clap clap “LET’S GO, HEIDO!” Clap clap clap clap clap

“LET’S GO, HEIDO!” Clap clap clap clap clap“LET’S GO, HEIDO!” Clap clap clap clap clap

As much as the crowd loved The Crimson Order for being dominant and talented champions, the Rebellion was running roughshod over the other team right now. The masked monster towered over a kneeling Heido and tried to pull the two-hundred seventy-five pounder up when Heido launched out into a sharp trio of chops to the monster that barely made him flinch. God’s War Machine leveled him with a headbutt in return and the shot sent Heido into the corner.

“Finish him off, big man!” Cross yelled from the corner.

Mamoru hovered over a cornered Heido from the outside and shouted words of inspiration in his Japanese language, but they did little to help his current situation as he leveled him with another headbutt in the corner. He kicked back a few elbows to the chest and turned them into alternating left and right shots to each side of Heido’s temple.

Right after the brutal shots he backed off a few steps and came back with a running knee to the gut and then tossed him out of the corner. The disciplined Heido was being forced around the mat by the bigger Seraph. He reached up only to get grabbed by God’s War Machine and dropped across the knee with a sharp side slam backbreaker. He held onto the move and simply dumped Heido down on the canvas with a vicious side slam with little to no effort. Heido was a large man himself, but Seraph towered over him and was a powerful force in the ring. He charged suddenly to the corner and socked Derrick Huber in the face, knocking him off the apron!

Huber tried to stand up and Roebuck reached for Seraph but the big monster backed off. Seraph punished Heido for his apparent insolence by cracking back an elbow and ramming it down on the top of his head about five or six times before he let him fall to the canvas. He picked up Heido and the tag was made back to Jackson Cross. Now with the advantage, Seraph propped Heido up and held him in the corner long enough to charge in and land a devastating big boot. Heido crumbled to the ground and Cross went for the win over one half of the tag team champion just before The Crimson Order defended against the House!



Takeshi to the rescue!

The larger half of the Crimson Order came to the rescue of his tag team partner and placed a boot between Jackson Cross’ shoulder blades. Cross hunched over in pain while Takeshi was forced to return to the corner. While the referee was ordering Takeshi back to the corner, both members of Cross the Hood illegally entered the ring and put the boots to the fallen Heido just to punish him some more.

Machida Hood returned back to the corner while Jackson Cross continued to punish Heido by putting him back into the corner. He landed a big shot with a right cross followed by a little…


The flurry of chops, punches and kicks kept on coming up until the referee got in his face and ordered him to back off or get disqualified by his team. He turned and went to hook Heido up in the firemans carry position before setting him up for the backpack stunner that he called the Cross Breaker, but Heido slipped out the back. When Cross turned around he became the recipient of the Heaven’s Rebuke – a head and arm suplex!

Heido used a move that sent Jackson Cross flying across the ring and now bought him a little bit of time to get to his corner where Huber, Roebuck and Takeshi were all waiting to get into the match. A sore Cross rolled over and tagged in Machida Hood first, allowing the Brooklynite the chance to stop Heido with an elbow to the back of his head.

Hood pulled him up and tried to pull him back to the corner when Heido kicked him all the way back with his good foot. Seeing his opportunity in front of him now, he charged the ring and made the tag to Takeshi!

This elicited a big response from the crowd as he charged and leveled Machida Hood with a big running elbow that knocked him clear off his feet. Hood once again tried to stand only to get dropped with another chop and a headbutt to the temple that rocked Hood against the ropes. When he stood again Takeshi mauled him with some hard clubbing Morishima-like shots before he turned around and took him over with a big stretch suplex.

The three-hundred twenty-pound monster charged to the other corner and landed a stiff shot to Michael Donavan, sending him flying off the apron and then one for Seraph with a high right kick to the side of his head. Seraph didn’t go down, but Takeshi was now imposing his will on Machida once again.

He rolled right over him with another charging elbow strike before he got himself ready for something big coming his way. While Hood tried to get back to his feet, he charged at the ropes gearing up for something big when Jackson Cross pulled the rope down, sending Takeshi tumbling over and out to the floor!

Hood stood over him and started putting more boots to Takeshi on the floor until he saw Derrick Huber coming and got blasted with a big flying shoulder tackle right off the ring apron! The Sin City Strongman could fly when he could and did just that.

Huber was on his feet and cheered along with the crowd when he was taken down with a charging lariat from big Seraph! He charged and clobbered him on the floor but Heido came to the aid of his soon-to-be opponent at Theives Honor and connected with a Burning Knee Strike to the jaw of the massive Seraph!

With all the fighting out on the floor, Takeshi was trying to get back to his feet while a sore Machida Hood was ready to strike. Takeshi slid back into the ring where Hood waited for him. He kicked him in the gut and went for a DDT of some sort but Takeshi still had a lot of power behind him…


The overhead press into a hard elbow smash to the face utterly rocked Machida Hood and crumbled to the ground. He fell to his knees and backed up to await a chance to finish things…

Adam Roebuck made the tag!

Roebuck tagged himself into the match just as Heido did to Derrick Huber and himself earlier as the referee ordered him to go back to his corner. Adam Roebuck waited as the Las Vegas Leviathan towed over and hooked Machida…


And while a disgusted Takeshi sat back, Roebuck covered Hood.




Despite their shortcomings as a team between them, the superheavyweights managed to put their differences aside just long enough to get the win over the Rebellion just days before they would face each other for the jOlt Tag Team Champions at Thieves Honor. Takeshi watched on as Adam Roebuck had his arm raised by the referee.

“Too slow, Whispers…”

The Mute Mountain responded by throwing a right hand at the big monster when he wasn’t looking! Roebuck recoiled before rubbing his jaw.

“Fine, wanted to throw down anyway…”

And a right hand rocked Takeshi! The two monsters got into a fight and took it all the way out from the ring to the floor when Takeshi clotheslined him over the top rope. He stepped over the ropes and went to finish Roebuck only for the Las Vegas Leviathan to fire back with a nasty shot of his own. The two bigger halves of the team were fighting amongst themselves before it spilled over into the crowd! The monsters fought well into the crowd and disappeared into the Arena of Champions.

Back inside the ring, Heido and Derrick Huber were yelling at one another over what happened. Mamoru and Heido shouted at Huber in Japanese while the Sin City Strongman shouted in his own tongue.

“Fuck the both of you fucking assholes!”

Superkick from Michael Donavan!

The members of the Rebellion hadn’t fully left ringside and took out their frustration when Michael “Phantom” Donavan dropped Heido with a blindside superkick. Huber turned around and got caught by Seraph…


The sit out choke bomb from Seraph drilled Derrick Huber into the mat! The two powerhouses from The Rebellion dropped the other members of Crimson Order and the House and stood over them. Jackson Cross helped Machida Hood to his feet and they stood tall over two of the four men who would wrestle at Thieves Honor. Even though The Crimson Order and the House had won tonight, The Rebellion would be the last ones standing as they left the ring. Cross the Hood each gestured that they wanted the tag team titles and they would be watching Theives Honor closely.

Winner: The House & Cross the Hood via Pinfall


The scene opened backstage in the locker room of the former two-time Underground Champion, former Relentless Champion, former Tag Team Champion, and former World Champion, Derecho. The area was dimly lit as Derecho sat alone in the darkness on a chair. He sat sideways on it with his left leg pulled up to his chest, his right leg dangling over the seat of the chair. He gazed out of a window at the city's horizon. Orlando, FL illuminated the night sky with its skyscrapers. Derecho then let out a heavy sigh.

"Out there, people go about their daily lives. They get up in the morning, they get in their cars... they drive to their paltry jobs and slave away for their bosses, only to return home at night. Some to families, some to empty apartments, and then they repeat the cycle over and over again... and for what? Little pieces of paper that we can trade for things we need to survive? It's a cruel and sick society out there.. all of it controlled by mere men in suits who think they have the power to make decisions that influence us all." said Derecho.

Derecho chuckled for a bit then turned his head to the camera.

"Influence us all, eh? Influence is a very powerful thing. From the top men in this country influencing big businesses, small businesses, all the way down to the common working man. Influence is in our television, impressing the minds of our youth and conditioning them for a plastic society that overprotects them every chance they get. They make mice out of men and can bring entire nations to their knees. Influence is, indeed, powerful."

Derecho turned and sat normally in the chair. He interlaced his fingers, staring down at the floor, then looking up at the camera.

"So I have to ask. How does it feel when I influenced you, Aran Thompson? When I smacked you over the head with that chair two weeks ago, I influenced you. I wanted to do it again last week. The very thought of ripping you apart limb from limb made my blood come to a boil. It was like an insatiable hunger that could not be quelled, but yet... I stayed back and merely watched. What I saw earlier tonight was the fruits of my labored patience. I broke you, Aran Thompson. I gave you a taste of The Underground and now... you're starting to bend to its will."

Derecho laughed to himself.

"If influence were a drug, you would be overdosing on it as we speak. You can feel it calling to you. The desire to inflict pain and punishment upon me is rising inside you. You're conflicted because you haven't experienced something like this before. It's not unnatural, but yet, your curiosity is pressing you forward while your heart and mind are trying to halt your progression. In the end... your curiosity will win.. and at Thieves Honor... you are going to succumb to the thirst.. to the hunger... to the wants, needs, and desires for destruction... sweet sweet bloody destruction."

Derecho cracked a sadistic grin and chuckled to himself.

"Just like society plays to the tune of influence.. so shall you. You will bend to my will and I will make you pay in blood and pain for everything that you have done to me! I never forgot that stunt you pulled when you took the jOlt World Championship away from me. I go off the grid to clear my head and you tell the entire world that I died. You wanted to symbolize the end of an era by spreading your propoganda.. you yourself.. tried to use influence to bring me down, but I'm right here Aran.. I'm right here and right now.. it is you that is succumbing to MY influence."

"Make no mistake, Aran. You only pretended to kill me a year ago.. but at Thieves Honor... after I'm done with you.. you're going to wish I really was dead. I will break your body... just like I have broken your mind. Your spirit will follow suit and when I thoroughly destroy you.. you'll either won't be able to handle The Underground.. or you'll want more and become a monster just like I am. Either way.. in the end.. my influence upon you won't win this battle between us because regardless if you pin me or not.. "

Derecho stood up and right into the face of the camera.

"..make no mistake, Aran... I've already won."

Derecho then walked off, the scene faded to black.

"The Dark Side of the Moon"

The jOltvision screen flickers to life. On the screen is the jOlt Relentless Champion, Vizier ta Seti. The people in the audience cheer.

“This is a message to all of the People of the Moon” said Seti.

The crowd cheered and even began chanting “People of the Moon”. Seti cracked a grin at the sound of all of his loyal fans paying homage to him. Once they quieted down, Seti continued to speak.

“I walked in a virtual unknown and through the strength lent to me by The People of the Moon, I have become a symbol as the first Relentless Champion since the title’s reinstatement. Since then, I have beaten opponent after opponent and proven that I am not just a flash in the pan. That I am a true, legitimate…”

All of a sudden, the feed starts to cut in and out. There is hazy snow over the jOltvision. The feed continues to cut in and out until there is nothing but snowy static. The people clamor amongst themselves, wondering just what happened to the feed. After a few moments, the feed comes back on and Vizier ta Seti is laid out on the ground!

The audience doesn’t know how to react to this. Some people booed, others showed concern. All of a sudden, a pair of purple boots step into frame and a figure kneels down.

Diamond Jewelz.

Immediately the people boo. Jewelz cracked a twinkling and glistening grin, his platinum and diamond grill sending speckles of light all over the camera as he gave Vizier ta Seti the once over.

“My nigga,” Jewelz condescendingly inquires of an unresponsive Ta Seti.

“My nigga,” Jewelz mockingly inquires of the semiconscious Ta Seti as he picks up the Relentless Championship.

“You don’t even appreciate this beautiful motherfucker the right way,” Jewelz remarks scathingly.

“This is art work!!! I was supposed to been had this beautiful piece of work as my own a long time ago.. It was my destiny to win it at i100… But since you and that bitch Providence plotted on me…” Jewelz grimaces at Ta Seti

“Yeah.. I know you plotted on me! But I decided I’d makes diamonds out of coal and I used what I had planned to replace this boy with in my own promotion I was negotiating with Damien Lee…”

“But lil homie.. I had my eye on this girl for so long.. And I can’t be without her no more.. She’s just too damn beautiful…” Jewelz says looking over the Relentless Title with a Deep Lust.

“That’s why at Thieves Honor.. I’mma go ahead and take this bitch off your hands.. Cause were meant to be together my nigga!” Jewelz looks at the title and then gives a huge blinging grin into the camera for 5-10 secs with the title by his face..

Jewelz then spits on the Relentless Champion, throws the title down and exits the scene. With that gesture… Seti vs Jewelz has been set up for Thieves Honor! This could be Seti’s greatest challenge to date!

It has been a wild ride over the past three weeks. We know that Landon Stevens will be defending the jOlt World Championship in the annual Thieves Honor Match against five other men. Sebastian Saje was hand picked by Damien Lee to be one of those five. The other four were to be determined by qualifying matches. We saw Chris Titan defeat Reno Davis, thus ending Reno’s career and moving onto the main event. He was then joined by Mack Brody when he pulled out the victory over Seraph as well as Ninja K when he defeated Mattock last week. One coveted spot remains with many others hungry at the opportunity. Tonight, a six man battle royal is set in place to determine that final spot!

“Machine” by Downstait

It was the theme of The Rebellion. Damien Lee made it known at the end of last week’s iNtense that he would be placing two members of The Rebellion into this Battle Royal in order to try and gain more of an advantage at Thieves Honor. Nate Quartermaine and Sayber were the two members of The Rebellion chosen for this match. The two of them came out from behind the curtain and walked down to the ring side by side. They both entered the ring and began to talk strategy.

“American Idiot” by Green Day

The crowd cheered as “The Rockstar” Jon Le Bon was the third entrant into this Battle Royal. He put up a case against Damien Lee as to why he should deserve a shot. Lee decided to stick him in this battle royal because he felt that he would have very little chance at winning it. Le Bon then attempted a training regimen for this match only to fail miserably. Le Bon slid into the ring and attempted to shake the hands of Sayber and Quartermaine as he still thought that they should be friends seeing how they all came from The Hype together. Sayber and Quartermaine would have none of it and told Le Bon to get lost.

“The End is Coming” by Sevendust

The people cheered as Citizen made his way out from the backstage area. Citizen had an epic confrontation with the then Underground Champion, Derecho, on two separate occasions. He was also a part of the Relentless Championship tournament and his abilities landed him a chance at jOlt’s World Title. He entered this battle royal with the hopes of adding a world title to his resume! Citizen entered the ring, sporting a new look. A black leather jumpsuit from head to toe and an new metallic mask. Citizen was geared up and ready to go here tonight!

“Dawn Awaits” by Cliff Lin

The people continued to cheer wildly as Eiji Kugasari stepped out from the back. Kugasari was jOlt World Champion heading into Wrestlecade. It was there when The Rebellion jumped him after he lost the championship to Landon Stevens, who has held it ever since. Kugasari has had a long standing grudge against both The Rebellion and Landon Stevens. He saw this as an opportunity to regain the world title as well as get a measure of revenge as the beating he received was still burnt into the back of his mind.

“No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant

The final entrant caused the crowd to go nuts! We saw him two weeks ago when he made a surprise return against Pietro Geist.. and now, he’s back for the second year in a row for a chance at the jOlt World Championship! Spike Saunders entered the arena and walked down to the ring. He was actually in last year’s Thieves Honor match when Derecho had to defend the jOlt World Championship. Aran Thompson ended up winning that match, but Spike Saunders has the experience to make it back there and possibly win the entire thing! Saunders stepped over the top rope and surveyed the competition! The Colossus was ready to go and his mere presence was enough to cause everyone to start rethinking their strategy!




At the start of the bell, Quartermaine and Sayber made a bee line for Spike Saunders, but Eiji Kugasari hit a drop kick on Sayber, hitting him from the side and knocking him down. Quartermaine began to pummel away on Saunders, but Saunders grabbed Quartermaine and threw him into the corner, hitting knee lifts to the mid-section. Citizen walked over to Eiji and helped him pull Sayber up to his feet. They double whipped Sayber to the ropes and that’s when Jon Le Bon hit a Super Kick on Citizen!!

The crowd boo’d Le Bon because that allowed Sayber to run over Eiji with a clothesline! Le Bon yelled to Citizen “Don’t touch my friend!” However, Sayber didn’t think the same way as he spun Le Bon around and toe kicked him in the stomach. He applied a front face lock and hit him with the Verical Suplex! Saunders brought Quatermaine out of the corner and picked him up, hitting a Side Slam on him. Sayber pulled Kugasari to his feet and sent him into the neutral corner. Sayber charged in and hit a running knee strike just under Kugasari’s jaw!

Citizen got up and pummeled Sayber from behind with a stiff forearm shot to the upper back. Citizen grabbed Sayber by the arms and pulled back on them. Eiji hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and leapt off, hitting a Thrust Kick into the face of Sayber. At the same time, Citizen nailed a Tiger Suplex on Sayber, dumping him on the back of his head!

Le Bon got back to his feet and looked down at Sayber. Le Bon looked confused as to why his “friend” would attack him. Le Bon then bent down and helped Sayber back to his feet. Kugasari slapped Le Bon across the face to try and knock some sense into him, but Le Bon turned and kicked Kugasari in the stomach…


Citizen grabbed Le Bon by the shoulder when he stood, spinning him around. Le Bon kicked him in the stomach as well and..


Sayber then kicked Le Bon in the stomach and hooked him in a front face lock! If the vertical suplex before didn’t send Le Bon the message they weren’t friends.. then this did…


Sayber nailed the side swipe brainbuster of Le Bon, but that’s when Spike Saunders charged in and slammed into Sayber with a Big Boot! Saunders immediately hit the ropes and came back, dropping a fist right into the top of Sayber’s head!


Saunders stood and turned around, right when Quartermaine rushed in and hit a Double Leg Takedown! Quartermaine mounted Saunders and laid in heavy rights and lefts. Saunders covered up, but the impact of the punches were still pretty heavy. Sayber staggered to his feet as Citizen, Eiji, and Le Bon were still down. Sayber and Quartermaine brought Saunders to his feet and they hit a double team whip to the ropes, but Saunders came back with a double clothesline, knocking both members of The Rebellion down to the canvas! Saunders grabbed Sayber, pulling him to his feet. He ran him over to the ropes and tossed him to the outside, but Sayber grabbed the top rope and held on for dear life!

Saunders stood there ready as Sayber skinned the cat and re-entered the ring. Saunders immediately grabbed him in a waist lock. He tossed him over with a German Suplex, dumping him on the back of his neck! Quatermaine, however, returned the favor by placing Saunders in a waist lock and hitting a Waist Lock Takedown, slamming Saunders down on his stomach. Quartermaine stood and dropped not one, not two, but three consecutive elbow drops into Saunders’ lower back. Sayber staggered to his feet, holding the back of his neck. Eiji moved to the corner where he sat against the turnbuckle pads. He grabbed the ropes and used them to pull himself back up. Citizen was starting to come to as well. Sayber helped Quartermaine pull Saunders to his feet. They both got under Saunders’ arms, looking for a double team back drop suplex, but Kugasari charged in and leapt high into the air with a Busaiku Knee to Sayber’s face!

Saunders grabbed Quartermaine by his waist and walked him over to Sayber where he dropped him down with a Side Slam right on top of his partner! Kugasari went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads while Citizen hit the ropes. Citizen then nailed a running Senton on top of both Quartermaine and Sayber! Eiji then flipped off the top rope, slamming down on top of Quartermaine and Sayber with his version of the Senton…


Le Bon got back to his feet. He grabbed Citizen from behind and whipped him into the ropes. Le Bon charged in and clotheslined Citizen up and over the top rope, but Citizen landed on the ring apron! Le Bon took off to the ropes and went for a Baseball Slide Drop Kick to eliminate Citizen, but Citizen pulled himself up and Le Bon slid to the outside, but because Le Bon didn’t go over the top rope, he wasn’t eliminated! Citizen rolled back into the ring and gave the nod to Eiji and Saunders. Citizen got a full head of steam and dove through the top and middle ropes to the outside with a Suicide Dive, slamming Le Bon up against the barricades! Again, since Citizen re-entered the ring and didn’t exit over the top rope, he was not eliminated from this match!

Back in the ring. Saunders and Kugasari looked to be on the same page. Saunders grabbed Quartermaine, pulling him to his feet. Kugasari grabbed Sayber and the two of them tried to toss their respective partners over the top rope, but both of them countered in their own way. Sayber reversed the toss and tried to send Eiji to the outside, but Eiji leapt onto the top rope and flipped off, catching Sayber by the head, nailing a Moonsault Inverted DDT!! Quartermaine simply put the brakes on and elbowed Saunders in the rib cage. He then began to hit alternating knee strikes to Saunders, backing him into the corner. Quartermaine used his might to hoist Saunders up to the top turnbuckle pad. Quartermaine climbed up, but Kugasari rushed over and got underneath Quartermaine, placing him up onto his shoulders. Saunders took aim and leapt off with a Flying Shoulder Block that hit Quartermaine, flipping him backwards off Eiji’s shoulders and landing right on top of Sayber!!!


Meanwhile on the outside, Citizen grabbed Le Bon and threw him into the steel ring steps, shoulder first. He charged in and nailed a running drop kick, adding further damage. By this time, Eiji grabbed Quartermaine and pulled him up. Citizen got up on the apron and gave the nod to Eiji. Eiji whipped Quartermaine into Citizen’s direction and Citizen grabbed the top rope and pulled it down! Quartermaine flopped to the outside and landed on the floor!


The crowd cheered and now we were down to one member of The Rebellion in this match! Eiji and Saunders looked to Citizen for a repeat and Citizen gave the nod! Eiji pulled Sayber up to his feet and whipped him toward Citizen, but when Citizen pulled the ropes down, Sayber hit a drop kick between the middle and top rope, knocking Citizen down to the floor! Eiji charged in, but Citizen lifted him up and over to the outside where he landed on the ring apron. Citizen staggered to his feet as Spike Saunders charged in, but Sayber side-stepped and Saunders accidentally shoulder blocked Eiji off the ring apron, causing him to slam into Citizen!


Saunders placed his hands on top of his head in disbelief, but Sayber didn’t give him time to grieve over his mistake. Sayber leapt up and nailed a Backstabber to Spike Saunders, taking him down. Le Bon rolled back into the ring and ran at Saunders, slicing across his neck and chest with a Leg Drop! Le Bon stood and looked for a high five from Sayber, but Sayber grabbed Le Bon by the hair and yelled in his face…


Sayber then hit a headbutt on the open and prone Le Bon, staggering him away. Sayber looked poised and ready as he wrapped his arm around Le Bon’s neck, nailing a Uranage Slam.. He held on and pulled Le Bon back up. He hit a second Uranage Slam. He held on and pulled Le Bon back to his feet. He then scooped him up in his arms and nailed a Swinging Uranage Slam completing the Three Fangs of the Sayber combination.

Sayber then bent down and pulled Spike Saunders to his feet. Citizen recovered and hopped up onto the ring apron. He grabbed the top rope and leapt off with a Springboard Drop Kick, catching Sayber and knocking him down! Citizen kipped up to his feet and measured Sayber up as Saunders leaned against the ropes to try and regain his composure. Sayber staggered to his feet as Citizen kicked him in the stomach. He hooked him for the Double Underhook Brainbuster.. the Merciful Judgment… but Sayber twisted out of the and continued spinning, hitting an enzugiri to the side of Citizen’s head. Le Bon got back to his feet as Citizen staggered in his direction. Le Bon wrapped his arm around Citizen’s neck and positioned him facing the corner. Le Bon then fell backwards, slamming Citizen face first into the middle turnbuckle pad!

Le Bon then took a step toward Spike Saunders who hit Le Bon with a headbutt, knocking him down, but Sayber hit a knee lift to the stomach, doubling Saunders over. Sayber then hooked Saunders for Korosu… the people stood as this would be a huge feat of strength if he were to pull it off. Sayber tried to lift him, but Saunders reversed it and suplexed Sayber over the top rope, but Sayber grabbed the ropes and held on for dear life! Saunders turned and grabbed Sayber by the head, but Le Bon got back to his feet and hooked Saunders from behind and…


The whiplash effect staggered Saunders forward and Sayber pulled the top rope down and when Saunders went to use the ropes to brace himself, he toppled over to the outside and down to the floor!!


It was down to Citizen, Le Bon, and Sayber! Two of the favorites to win this match were eliminated all because Jon Le Bon thinks that The Rebellion are his friends when they’ve made it crystal clear that they want nothing to do with him! Le Bon walked over to the ropes and offered his hand to Sayber. Sayber actually thought about thanking Le Bon because Le Bon did legitimately save him from elimination. Sayber reached over the top rope and grabbed Le Bon’s hand to shake it… that’s when Le Bon pulled Sayber right into a hot shot across the top rope!!!! Sayber fell to the outside and hit the floor mats!!!


Le Bon leaned over the top rope and yelled..


The crowd actually cheered Le Bon for finally realizing that The Rebellion wanted nothing to do with him! Because as such, Jon Le Bon just ended The Rebellion’s chances at stacking the deck at Thieves Honor! This means that Sebastian Saje will be going it alone against five other men.. one of which was Chris Titan who has had an outstanding grudge against him!

With that being said, we were down to the final two. Jon Le Bon and Citizen! One of these two men were going to punch their ticket to Thieves Honor for a chance at the world championship! Nobody expected these two to be the final participants in the battle royal, but here we are!

Citizen pulled himself up to his feet and came face to.. well.. mask with Le Bon. It looks like they were going to settle this in a wrestling contest as the two of them began to circle each other in the ring. They locked up and Le Bon went into a side headlock on Citizen. Citizen backed him into the ropes and shot Le Bon across the ring. He hit a shoulder block, knocking Le Bon down. Citizen took off to the ropes as Le Bon flipped to his stomach causing Citizen to step over and bounce off the opposite end. Le Bon got up and went for an Hip Toss, but Citizen blocked it, reversed it and tried for a Hip Toss of his over, but Le Bon blocked it, reversed it and tried to Hip Toss Citizen over the top rope, but Citizen blocked it and hit a knee to the stomach, doubling over Le Bon.

Citizen with another irish whip across the ring. He telegraphed the back body drop, but Le Bon rolled off of Citizen’s back and hit a leg sweep, knocking Citizen down. Le Bon went to the ropes and sliced across his chest and neck with a Running Leg Drop. Le Bon stood up and hit the ropes again, hitting a second Running Leg Drop to Citizen. Le Bon went for the cover, but the referee had to remind him that this was a battle royal and not a regular match. Le Bon responded…


The referee shook his head and told Le Bon to get up. Realizing his efforts were futile, Le Bon stood and pulled Citizen to his feet, but Citizen broke free and fired forearm shots to Le Bon’s face. Citizen grabbed Le Bon by the arm and went for an irish whip, but Le Bon reversed it and sent Citizen to the ropes, however, Citizen leapt to the middle rope and came off with a Springboard Roundhouse Kick, connecting!


Citizen pointed to the ropes as the people cheered! He pulled Le Bon to his feet and ran him over, but Le Bon stopped and quickly grabbed Citizen hitting a Back Drop Suplex to counter! Le Bon went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim and leapt off with a Frog Splash turned into an Elbow Drop!! It connected and when Le Bon stood, he was the one who pointed to the ropes!

Le Bon brought Citizen back to his feet. He ran him over to the ropes and tried to toss him over, but Citizen grabbed the ropes and hung on. Le Bon couldn’t get him to go over so he took off to the opposite side, but Citizen let go of the ropes and charged at Le Bon, turning him inside out with a vicious lariat! Le Bon rolled to his stomach and that’s when Citizen had an idea and went to the corner. Le Bone got up on all fours, trying to shake the cobwebs loose. Citizen used this opportunity to take aim and leap off, connecting with a Guillotine Leg Drop across the back of his head!!!


Citizen quickly stood and grabbed Le Bon. He then chucked Le Bon over the top rope, but Le Bon grabbed the ropes and landed on the ring apron! Citizen pressed his foot against Le Bon, trying to force him out of the ring, but it wasn’t happening. Citizen turned and got a running start, but Le Bon rolled back into the ring and up to his feet. Le Bon immediately leapt up and caught Citizen under the jaw with a drop kick that took him down! Le Bon stood and waited for Citizen to stand, much like Citizen just did a few moments ago. As Citizen was getting to his feet, Le Bon took off to the ropes. He wrapped his legs around Citizen’s head and spun into a Headscissor DDT!


Citizen tried to sit up after that impact, but fell back down. Le Bon headed toward the ropes where he stepped out between the middle and top rope onto the apron. He waited as Citizen shook off the effects and got back to his feet. Citizen did eventually get back to a vertical base. He saw Le Bon grab the top rope and instinctively, Citizen charged in and as Le Bon leapt up, Citizen caught him with a European Uppercut and Le Bon fell to the floor!!

Citizen raised his arms in victory, thinking he had won the match, but Le Bon exited the ring through the top and middle ropes, therefore he wasn’t eliminated! The referee tried to explain that to Citizen, but before Citizen realized what had happened, Le Bon slid back into the ring and grabbed Citizen from behind! He then threw Citizen up and over the top rope and down to the floor!!!





The crowd was in shock! Jon Le Bon won the battle royal and is going to Thieves Honor as the final participant! Jon Le Bon of all people.. is about to get a shot at the jOlt World Championship! Damien Lee stuck him in this match because he felt he had zero chance in hell of winning it and now, here we stand, with Jon Le Bon as the victor!

Le Bon joins Sebastian Saje, Mack Brody, Ninja K, and Chris Titan as one of the five challengers to Landon Steven’s world championship!

Could lightning strike twice? Le Bon just beat five other men in this battle royal! Can he do it again in just two weeks and walk out as world champion!? It was an unthinkable scenario, but after tonight.. it could happen!

Winner: Jon Le Bon

"Maniac Manifesto"

"Welcome back to iNtense, ladies and gentlemen," Michael Buhrman exclaimed, "and we are just about to go to the ring for -- what's that?"

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

"Looks like we're going to have a visit from the once and future king of the fired losers, Chris Titan." The snide remark from Nate Powers was punctuated with a chuckle.

Chris Titan was on his way to the ring, however, and he had a microphone in-hand. After being mysteriously absent from last week's iNtense broadcast, the crowd let Titan know that he was missed. The former jOlt Champion and former leader of the Backbone slid under the ropes, the floor was his.

"Good to be back, right?"

The fans screamed their agreement.

"Yeah, wonder where I was last week? Wasn't booked in a match, wasn't allowed in the building, but my name was thrown around a lot ... wasn't it?

"Damien Lee thinks he's got a plan. He wants to put that belt on Saje’s waist and he knows I’m just not going to let that happen, so he puts bodies between us. He thinks that a human shield is going to protect Saje and then, most likely, he can finish me off. It’s a good plan but there’s one fatal flaw … I know this plan too well. I’ve tried this plan myself and I’ve failed at it.

“And if you think I didn’t spend those first months, recovering from Grendel lighting me on fire, just thinking non-stop about where I went wrong -- then let me assure you that I did. If you think I didn’t spend the time going back and adjusting things, watching where the dominos fell each time -- then let me assure you that I did.

“I came back and you showed me it was a numbers game once again, Lee, and the numbers came to me. You blew that up by taking livelihoods away or splitting families up halfway across the world. But in doing that you also showed your true colors, Lee, and they’re all yellow. You’re a coward in a power tie. You don’t fool me and now you don’t fool anyone else. The tide is changing and it’s rushing towards your shores.

“Here’s the thing, Lee, I don’t have to win this match. Sebastian Saje just needs to lose. I wonder what would happen if I laid down for Mack Brody? Just give that brick shithouse the belt and dare you to try and take it from him. Hypothetically speaking, of course, because if you think I’m not going to try and get the ultimate payback by putting that jOlt Championship back on my waist -- then let me assure you that I do. I’m here for one reason and one reason only from here on out, and that’s to make Damien Lee’s life a living hell. I swear, Lee, as long as you and I are employed by this company I will never stop coming after you. You’ve made an enemy for life, Lee. I will never give you a moment’s peace. Try to stop me.”

Chris Titan dropped the microphone, mid-ring, and let to the roar of the crowd. Damien Lee had created his own monster and now he was dead in that monster’s sights. With Titan’s back turned to the jOlt faithful he looked up at the jOltVision and took in the moment. iNtense moved elsewhere.

"gOlden bOy Invitational Challenge"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.

Buhrman: The gOlden bOy Invitational is up next and while they prepare for Diamond Jewelz' entrance, how fired up is Chris Titan for Thieves Honor in just two weeks?

Powers: Chris Titan is dangerous. He doesn't want the world championship. This thing between him and The Rebellion has been at a boiling point for quite some time. Sebastian Saje has got to find a way to win that world title by not only beating five other men, but one of them is Chris Titan who specifically has a mark over Saje's head!

Buhrman: Indeed. It looks like we're ready to go here guys. What is going to happen this week with the gOlden bOy Invitational!?

Diamond Jewelz is as loved as he is hated these days, and growing more beloved by the day! No longer just a cold hearted hustler to the fans, Diamond Jewelz’s flash and charisma have made him not yet beloved, but at least must see tv. jOlt’s faithful are all emotionally invested in the jeweler in some way whether love or hate. Jewelz is a fan favorite; he’s not a good guy, but if he’s not the guy people love, he’s the guy people love to hate! Although his crash pompousness was at once a turn off, it is now what captivates the jOlt faithful!

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth, between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for.. it’s about damn time I’m able to say this... Not only just the main attraction, but The MAIN EVENT of the evening…. The gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He is jOlt’s mVp… A champion of champions...He’s the one, the only…’ That nigga….’Mr. RiseandShine’ himself,” The cheers and boos escalate!

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz “

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title. Ruby Rocks follows behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain, and then clutching the gOlden bOy title around his waist,,, After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as million dollar grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G.

“Did you see me last week? I beat not one…Not two.. But three wrestlers... All by my lonesome..” Jewelz nods and grins, his million dollar smile twinkling into the camera as he, obviously forgetting the helping hand of Them M’fn Goons, looks to O.G. for confirmation of his tall tale!

“Yeah… My nigga iced 3 niggas at once.. 3 for one… HAHHAHAH!!” O.G blurts out..

“I don’t even no why I do this shit no more… You feel me O.G… Now that I’ve defeated jOlt’s World Heavyweight Champion Landon Weevans…”

“Yeah you smashed his little ass,” O.G. blurts out..

“What else is there left for me to do… I mean if 3 men can’t conquer me, who can? Last week.. I almost didn’t get a challenger for my gOlden bOy title.. And I know… I know” Jewelz smirks as he holds his hand up in a stop sign…

“All you marks in the back… Even though you be throwing shade at a nigga all day on social media.. You don’t believe in your heart of hearts that you can stand up to the gOlden standard and challenge for all this gOld and Ice… “

The crowd gives a wintery mix of boos and cheers to the Jeweler from Las Vegas…

“And that’s why I’ve decided to get a little more ‘Relentless’ in my pursuits of gold, and this Sunday, I have a match scheduled with Ta Seti to get the gold I was robbed of on i100… And if you think that the gOlden bOy title is ballin.. What till you see when I debut my new custom Relentless Title…” Diamond pauses...

“But if anybody thinks he is worthy of this piece of jewelry, Don’t be scared.. If you’ve taken that stupid ass ice bucket challenge, why not take my ICE challenge and one way or another, whether by way of wearing this pretty motherfucker,” Jewel declares holding his title up

“Or succumbing to the ICED OUT, get iced out for real…” Jewelz lays his gOlden bOy title in the center of the ring. and begins to take off his jacket and stretch awaiting a challenger.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Landon Stevens

The Arena of Champions went black as camera flashes lit up as little as they could so the crowd could try and catch a glimpse of Jewelz’s reaction.

The hard crashing symbols of “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the arena. Pink and white strobe lights flickered. A single spotlight shined down at the top of the entrance way as the reigning jOlt champion Landon Stevens stepped out from the gorilla position and out to the top of the ramp.

The Rising Star hadn’t been seen since he walked out on Eli and Ezra Conway at iNtense episode 102 during their match against The Heirs of Wrestling and now he has appeared to answer the challenge of Diamond Jewelz’s gOldEn bOy Invitational.

...“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)...

The fans in attendance erupted in the infamous chant about how they truly feel about their reigning champion. Stevens stood at the top of the entrance way taking in the hatred of the crowd as he raised the jOlt championship high in the air above his head. The lights returned to full brightness as Landon lowered the championship back down to his left shoulder.Stevens raised up a microphone he held in his right hand. “CUT THE MUSIC!!!” Stevens ordered for his music to be stopped as he remained standing at the top of the entrance way.

The camera’s banned over to jaw dropped Diamond Jewelz. The twinkle and glisten of his Diamond and gold grill reveals that never did he think Stevens would actually answer the challenge..

“Wipe that look of shock off of your damn face Diamond.” Stevens began as he made his way down the entrance ramp.Jewelz, initially shocked, reveals with a grin that he is pleasured that he has lured undoubtedly the owner of most prized piece of jewelry behind his own custom made title belt into the ring for an attempted heist. The hustler from Las Vegas is pleasantly surprised that his hijinks have landed him a shot to capture the jewelry piece he has always coveted.

“You knew this was going to happen. You knew that one day I would have enough of your trash talk and your little games. You wanted this. You’ve BEGGED for this.” Stevens continued as he stopped at the bottom of the ramp.

“You called me out. You embarrassed my name sake. Well tonight, I do us all a favor here in jOlt. I SHUT YOU THE HELL UP!!! That quote unquote championship is going where it belongs…. THE TRASH! “ Stevens scolded the Golden Boy for calling himself a champion. The Champion of Champions, raised his coveted jOlt championship up in the air.


”CHUMP!!!!” ”CHUMP!!!!” ”CHUMP!!!!” ”CHUMP!!!!”

The crowd began to degrade the champion with chants. “SHUT THE HELL UP!!!” Stevens shouted over the crowd noise. ...“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)...

Jewelz patronizing Stevens, nodded his head all through Stevens diatribe but waited, grinning through the chants of the crowd to give his response…. He gives a devilish grin… “Welll.. If you want a piece of me… The rules of this Invitational are that if any champion wants a shot to own my piece of jewelry..” Diamond peers down at his title, arrogantly admiring his craftsmanship…

“And be jOlt’s gOlden bOy…. They got to put they jewelry on the table too.....” The crowd bursts into excitement at seeing the jOlt heavyweight championship on the line tonight. The arena is at a fever pitch

“Really? You want me to put MY belt on the line? You’re fucking kidding me right? You’re not even…. You know what, never mind.” Stevens stopped before he finished.

The champion took a moment to ponder the thought until a smile graced his face.

“I’m not a champion?? Bitch… I’m the gOlden bOy… Landon Stevens don’t have his own promotion… But last time I checked.. This is a gOlden bOy promotion!”

A raucous cheer arises from the jOlt faithful. Although Diamond has lately been a mixed pit of emotion for the crowd, tonight at a variance to the villainous Stevens, the jOlt failthful are fully behind “Mr. RiseandShine”

“Stevens.. This is my ring.. In it.. We play by my rules… If you want to kick my ass. You can’t have that unless you agree to do it by my rules.. This is my time Stevens.. This is my segment.. You put that beautiful motherfucker right there on the table..” Jewelz says licking his lips and salivating at the golden heavyweight title…

“Or else this is a no go…” Jewelz states emphatically

“Jewelz, tonight you get to put your money where your mouth is. You want your moment in the spotlight? You want a shot at the jOlt championship? If it gets me the chance to finally shut you the FUCK UP!!! YOU GOT IT!”

Stevens drops the microphone and storms the ring sliding in under the bottom rope. The Rising Star jumped to his feet and got into the face of Jewelz. The two stood staring each other in the eyes. Stevens’ devilish grinned formed across his face before he started laughing as he stepped back. Jewelz smirked as Stevens raised the jOlt championship up in the air once again. Stevens flipped his middle finger up at Jewelz before lowering the belt and handing it off to the official.

From behind Jewelz crashes Stevens in the head with the gOlden bOy title and downs him. The crowd explodes… Jewelz looks out the ring at the title and eyes wide, begins to drool at the thought of the title being his…

“It’s mine! That pretty motherfucker is mine” Jewelz mumbles to himself…

“Beat his ass.. Beat his ass.. It’s our time Big Homie.. It’s our time…”

Jewelz sees blood running from the back of Stevens head and like a shark, reacts..

“gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy…” the crowd chants




Jewelz hits Stevens with the gOlden bOy again and again and again…

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)...

The crowd loves the merciless beating Jewelz is putting on Stevens.

The official leans down and checks on Landon as blood continues to run down the back of his head.

“Landon, I know you hate this, but I have to ask. Are you ok to continue?”

Stevens looked up at the official with a glare in his eyes and began to stand up.

“gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy…” the crowd chants

Stevens moved to his feet and leaned back into the corner. Once again the official checked with The Rising Star. The champion nodded his head. The official signaled for both men to meet in the center of the ring. The two superstars locked eyes in the middle of the ring.

The sound of the bell echoed inside the Arena of Champions.

Stevens flipped his middle finger up in the face of Diamond Jewelz. The sign of disrespect didn't sit well with DJ as he cold cocked Stevens. The champ staggered back only to return fire with a hard right hand. Stevens followed up with several quick kicks to the ribs as Jewelz fell back into the ropes. The speed of Stevens was too much for the gOlden bOy to handle.

Stevens taunted the crowd with his cockiness as he spread his arms out looking up into the rafters.

With the Rising Star's backed turn Jewelez had a moment to collect himself. Stevens turned around and suddenly taken down to the canvas as DJ sat on top and pummeled the champion. Stevens tried furiously to cover up but Jewelz was unleashing devistating blow after defistating blow. The official finally pulled Jewelz off the champion. with a pool of blood left behind.

The fans cheered as Stevens layed still for several moments. The champ rolled back to his feet, slamming his fists down in frustration on his way up. Once again the two superstars met in the center of the ring. Jewelz raised his hand up challenging his foe to a lock up.

Stevens spit in the face of the gOlden bOy and flipped him the middle finger.The Rising Star connected with a kick to the gut. Jewelez hunched over as Stevens bounced off the ropes behind him. Stevens went for a kick to the head but Jewelz stood up and caught to leg of the champion.


Stevens flipped himself over and hit the golden boy with a kick to the side of the head. Jewelez stummbed back into the corner. The champion measured his challenger before stepping back. Stevens ran full speed to the corner looking for a knee to the face.

The fans began to cheer as Jewelz ducked out of the corner. Stevens caught himself on the second rope and looked back at his challenger smiling before jumping back to the mat.


Diamond Jewelz sent Stevens hard to the canvas as he turned around. Jewelz grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him up.


Stevens hit the challenger below the belt. Jewelz fell to his knees. Stevens taunted the crowd before unleashing a fury of kicks to the side of Jewelz.


Stevens ended with a kick to the temple of Jewelz. The golden boy collasped to the mat.




Stevens slammed down on Jewelz's shoulder with his boots.

"You think you can hold a candle to me mister golden boy?" Stevens scolded DJ.


"I DON"T THINK SO!!!" Stevens yelled down before taunting the crowd with this arrogant slow motion extension of the arms.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!”

Jewelz crawled over to the corner and rested in the near by corner. With his back leaning on the bottom turnbuckle. The Golden Boy’s Promotions crew, O.G. and Ruby, checked on him as Stevens turned back around. Stevens rushed in to hit Diamond with a knee.


The Rising Star crashed into the corner hitting his right knee on the ring post as Jewlez narrowly escaped outside of the ring. Stevens fell to the canvas favoriing his knee.

The fans began to cheer as Stevens was knowingly hurt. Jewelz laughed with his goon squad regaining his composure before climbing back into the ring.


Jewelz grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him up. Stevens favored the knee as he stood up.


Stevens wrenched in pain and fell to the canvas as Jewelz targeted the injured knee. Jewelz continued his attack stomping down heavily on the right knee of the champion. The golden boy wasted little time as he pulled Stevens to his feet and tackled him into the corner turnbuckle. The champion was dazed as Jewelz wraped his leg around the second rope. Diamond stepped back several steps before rushing into the corner.


Stevens slid out through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Jewelz was stuck in the corner as his foot caught the top rope. A chorus of boos rain down as The M'F Goons made their way down the ramp towards the champion on the outside but as they got there he was gone. Jewelz’s reinforcements are here, and we’re playing by his rules. They immediately looked under the apron. There was Stevens trying to crawl away, one of the goons grabbed him by the leg, Stevens mule kicked back with the other leg kicking one and then the other getting away to the other side of the ring. The champion crawled out near the ramp way.


The crowd chanted as Stevens coward on the outside. The Rising Star slid back in the ring. The gOlden bOy untangled his foot from the ropes as the champion entered the ring. Stevens made his way over and grabbed a handful of Jewelz’s hair and pulled him up to his feet before hitting him with a forearm to the skull. Jewelz fell back into the corner. The champion climbed up to the second rope and stood over the gOlden bOy.


In quick recession, Stevens connected with shots to the skull of his foe. Before going for more Stevens taunted the crowd, flaring his arms out arrogantly.


Jewelz pulled his arms out and hoisted The Rising Star up with his legs on his shoulders.


Jewelz dropped Stevens down to the canvas onto his already injure head into a cover.





The resilient champion managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. The gOlden bOy rolled to his feet and picked a dazed Stevens up off the canvas.


The champion fell back staggering into the ropes. Jewelz rushed in for a clothesline. Stevens ducked under and flipped Jewelz over the top rope. The challenger landed on his feet on the apron. Jewelz tried to grab Stevens from behind, but the champion once again ducked out.


Stevens hit a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick. Jewelz collapsed to the outside floor. The fans roared as their gOlden bOy looked to be out of it. Stevens climbed out through the ropes and pulled the dazed challenger to his feet before rolling him into the ring. The Rising Star patiently waited as Jewelz tried to push himself up to his knees and then to his feet using the nearby ropes. Once again Landon taunted to the crowd trying to get a rise out of them as he flared one arm out with the other grabbing onto the top rope. A smile appeared on the face of the champion as Jewelz rose to his feet.




Jewelz hit another desperation powerbomb as he slammed Stevens down on the canvas as he attempted a frankenstiener. The head of the champion bounced off the canvas. Jewelz used all of his gas for that one shot as both men were sprawled out on the canvas.


The official began to count the two men down.


The camera’s focused in on the two superstars as they laid motionless. The fans began stomp their feet as a rumbling went through the Arena of Champions.


The fans grew louder.


“gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy…” the fans began to chant.


Jewelz rolled over and pushed himself to his knees. He crawled over to cover Landon. The official dropped to the canvas.




“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” The fans showed their dislike for the champion after he pushed Jewelz off of him after the two count.

Stevens kipped up to his feet.

BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The fans erupted.

The most hated man in the business arrogantly smiled as he peeled Jewelz up off the canvas and pulled him up. Stevens set him up between his legs.



The gOlden bOy flipped Stevens over his shoulders. The sound of Stevens hitting the canvas echoed throughout the arena as Jewelz fell to his knees. Jewelz picked himself up and rolled Stevens to his feet.

“Tonight, is MY night.” Jewelz spoke to Stevens before spiking the jOlt champion’s head into the canvas with a ddt.

Jewelz wasn’t finished as he rolled up to his feet and grabbed a handful of The Rising Star’s hair and pulled him up.


Stevens stumbled back into the ropes.


Jewelz sent Stevens crashing to the outside. Stevens laid on the ringside floor as Jewelz exited the ring through the ropes, jumping down off the apron. The gOlden bOy grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him to his feet before rolling him back into the ring. Jewelz slid back in and began stomping down on the champion. The challenger climbed up to the top rope.

3,106.75 CARATS!!!!!!!

Jewelz went for the cover.




The fans looked on in shock as Jewelz clearly had the three count, the official was about to signal for the bell when he saw Stevens’ foot on the bottom rope.

The official quickly changed the decision as the bell hadn’t sounded and the match continued.

Jewelz looked up at the official before leaping to his feet. The gOlden bOy was irate at the fact the official wouldn’t call for the bell. Jewelz exited the ring and straight-lined towards the time keeper. Stevens looked on as DJ snatched the jOlt championship from the time keeper and made his way back towards the ring. The champion slowly moved back to his feet smiling as a fuming Jewelz re-entered the ring. The challenger rushed at Stevens with the jOlt championship but the champion ducked under.


Once again Stevens connected with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick to the temple of Jewelz. Stevens seemed to have gassed himself as both superstars laid motionless in the ring. The resilient champion crawled towards the ropes and pulled himself up.

The Rising Star smiled as he looked at the position of Jewelz in the ring. Stevens taunted the crowd before jumping up to the top rope.


Stevens hooked the leg after a springboard corkscrew moonsault.




Diamond Jewelz managed to kick out of Stevens finishing maneuver. The champion wasn’t done as he slammed his fists to the canvas before moving back to his feet.





Stevens viciously stomped down on the challenger. Stevens went for the cover again.




The gOlden bOy kicked out and the crowd erupted with cheers. Stevens was beginning to get pissed as Jewelz wouldn’t stay down. The Rising Star moved to his feet and grabbed Jewelz by the back of the head pulling him up to his feet.




Diamond Jewelz strated to rally a comeback as he hit Stevens with a combination of punches that left the jOlt champion dazed. DJ hit Stevens with a dropkick that sent him back into the corner.


The gOlden bOy stepped back before running and launching himself into the air smashing Stevens into the corner turnbuckles. Diamond stepped back as Stevens fell forward landing face first onto the canvas. Jewelz seized the opportunity as he patiently waited for Stevens to make his way up. Jewelz measured out the champion as the crowd began chanting in the background.

“gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy...gOlden Boy…”

Stevens sat up on his knees and Jewelz stepped forward.


The challenger Diamond Jewelz hit Stevens with a hard toe kick to the temple. The Rising Star collapsed. Jewelz wasted little time as he mounted the champion and went for the cover.




The resiliency of the champion showed its face once again as Stevens barely got the shoulder up.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) The crowd chanted.

Jewelz moved back to his feet and grabbed Stevens by the hair pulling him to his feet.


Stevens slammed Diamond Jewelz to the canvas face first out of no where.


The Rising Star rolled over and locked Jewelz in the submission hold, choking out the challenger. The official checked on the gOlden bOy. Jewelz had nowhere to go. Stevens locked the submission hold in tighter as Jewelz began to fade quickly. The official continued to check on Diamond but he was unwilling to give up.

“Ring the bell, Ring the bell!!” O.G. screams at the timekeeper. “Ring the bell snitch.. That’s it.. That’s it!” O.G. screams at the thoroughly confused timekeeper.. The sound of the bell echoed throughout the arena. Landon releases the hold and raises his hands in victory. The referee heads over to O.G. for the decision

“Ahem… This shit is a time limit draw.. Stevens you ain’t win shit..” O.G. announces to the arena very unprofessionally. “Your winner and still gOlden bOy champion…”The gOlden bOy” Diamond Jewelz. Jewelz slide out of the ring and is held up by Them M’fn Goons.. Ruby raises Diamond’s hand and “He’s still the champion of champions.. We gonna get that Heavyweight title soon enough.” O.G. declares brazenly as Jewelz stuggles to collect himself. “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5) “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!”(clap x5)

The Rising Star bolted out of the ring and rushed over to the timekeepers table where the time keeper was about to hand the gOlden bOy championship belt over to O.G. to return to Jewelz.

“This is going where it belongs.” Stevens yelled as he snatched the belt out of the their hands.

The retaining jOlt champion grabbed a trash can from under the ring and tossed it over the top rope. The Rising Star slid in under the bottom rope with the gOlden bOy championship in tow. The ring announcer handed him a microphone. The champion pointed his finger at Jewelz and his goons

“You wanna know what’s bullshit? The fact that you talked so much shit about how you could beat me and take the jOlt championship away. But just like everyone else you FAILED! The gOlden bOy hasn’t been able to win a real championship, so you begged and pleaded to get this little piece of shit sanctioned as a championship and you have been been parading around calling himself a champion. This belt just like you… is nothing but a blinged out piece of trash.” Stevens vented as he dropped the gOlden bOy championship belt into the trash can set up in the ring.

A look of shock on Jewelz’s face lit up the screen. Stevens dropped the microphone and grabbed his championship off the canvas before exited the ring heading up the entrance way facing Jewelz as the gOlden bOy scrambled into the ring to get his belt out of the trash can. Stevens smiled at the top of the entrance way raising the jOlt championship high above his head.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) The crowd chanted as Stevens exited to the back.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

"What? It's for Charity... What Do You Mean "It's Been Done?"

A logo in the corner showing “Earlier Today” appeared in the corner as the former jOlt Tag Team Champions Eli and Ezra Conway were seen backstage walking to the locker room. Fresh off a loss last week in the main event to Diamond Jewelz for the gOlden bOy Championship, they were in a pissed-off, very foul mood.

Let’s watch!

“What the fuck do YOU want?” Eli snapped as they noticed the camera trying to follow them.

The voice belonged to interviewer Donny Layne who was hoping to get a word with the twins.

“Excuse me, Eli and Ezra. We wanted to ask you a question. Two weeks ago, we saw that you guys interrupted a match between jOlt Relentless Champion Vizier ta Seti and one of the Heirs of Wrestling, Ryan Gallway.

A voiceover appeared as the camera cut to a glimpse of the match.

While the Champion pulled himself back up, Ryan Gallway climbed to and poised himself on the top turnbuckle, waiting for just the right moment. Smart money said he was about to hit the Precision Point, the headscissors - turned - DDT that may spell a new Relentless Champion.

It never came.

What came... was unexpected. Gallway's tag team partner Frank Silver emerged from the back. That part wasn't unexpected. The unexpected was that he was beaten down and bloodied, and was actually shoved backwards into view. Gallway froze, staring at his partner in quite the state - then he locked eyes with the perpetrators.

Eli Conway.

Ezra Conway.

The Faction.

Eli picked Silver up from behind while Ezra booted him in the gut.

At the same time, Vizier ta Seti hit the ropes, causing Ryan Gallway to lose his balance and crotch himself. He fell forward into the ring, where the Relentless Champion pulled him to the center of the ring with two handfuls of hair.

A leap, and a drop, and Gallway's face bouncing off Vizier's knees, it was all over!

See No Evil!




And now back to Eli and Ezra. Ezra snapped at Donny Layne after the footage aired for the fans watching at home.

“We did what we did because The Heirs of Wrestling are the most overrated sacks of shit in this place. We may have lost our tag titles in what was the biggest screwjob of any champions in this company history – having us defend against EIGHT OTHER TEAMS in the War Games match – but if you remember, we BEAT the Heirs of Wrestling for those belts back at Breakdown.”

“Those little assholes…” Eli added. “They thought they were cute when they got lucky a few weeks ago against us in the six-man tag, so we got some payback. They cost us our belts, so we cost Ryan Gallway his shot at the Relentless title and bloodied up his boyfriend.”

“Well, word has it that Frank Silver has recovered from his concussion suffered two weeks ago and now he and Ryan Gallway have challenged you to a Tag Team Street Fight at Thieves Honor for a future jOlt Tag Team Title Match. Do you have anything to say to them?”

The twin Texans each shared a cocky smirk and nodded before Eli answered him.

“Tell them we accept. These juvenile little assholes think they’re going to get in our way heading back to the Tag Team Titles, they can…”


Donny Layne turned around when Ryan Gallway approached the two twins with a bucket full of ice water. They both turned before The Prince of Precision could actually do anything with it. He grinned sheepishly underneath his bright blue cowboy hat.

“Um… would you let me splash you guys for charity? Wait, no, I have this feeling this has already been done in a wrestling promotion…”

Eli popped his knuckles. “How about we put you back in the hospital next to Frankie?”

Ezra was about to swing at Ryan…


The twin went down HARD after getting knocked the fuck silly after a big ice chest splashed everywhere in the hallway! Eli turned around to be greeted by Frank Silver looking as good as he ever had despite being gone only two weeks. He smirked at Eli Conway and

“We’ll be seeing you at Thieves Honor, you inbred re-re.”

Eli tried to attack Frank when Ryan threw the water on the floor, making Eli slip underneath the water! He took a tumble to the head and slipped right over his brother, collapsing on the floor! Eli was seething on the ground while Ezra tried to shake out the cobwebs from getting smacked right in the face with a thick ice chest. Silver blew into a closed fist and then popped the deuces in the air as he walked over Eli and Ezra. Behind him, Ryan Gallway stepped over the laid out twins and followed Frank.

The match was now made and the twins were left to stew… in a street fight, they would make sure the Heirs got theirs…

As soon as they dried off.

"Scout's (Thieves') Honor"

The camera panned backstage and focused in on the dapper-looking interview guru himself – Donny Layne. With a polite nod to the camera, he greeted the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve seen an exciting night and the best is still yet to come. The main event of Thieves Honor will be the titular match for the jOlt Heavyweight Champion. In this match, there will be six men wrestling in elimination-style rules. Above the ring, a contract rests in a briefcase that will allow somebody a second chance into the match if they happen to be eliminated at any point in time. The match will continue until all other wrestlers have been eliminated and the last man standing will be the jOlt Heavyweight Champion!”

The crowd popped at the mention of a match happening for only the second time ever in jOlt history.

“Tonight, Damien Lee has set up a main event between four of the six men who will be competing in the Thieves Honor match. On one side, it will be “Midas” Mack Brody and Ninja K against Chris Titan and Sebastian Saje. At this time, I have two of the four men who will be competing in that match. Please welcome “Midas” Mack Brody and Kenshiro Inogami aka… Ninja K!”

On either side of the interviewer, the man called SuperMack aka Mack Brody appeared to Donny’s left. To Donny’s right, Kenshiro Inogami steps into view. Both men are dressed in their respective ring gear and Brody was rocking the “GOOD AS GOLD” black-and-gold colored muscle shirt.

“Now, Kenshiro, Mack… the two of you have had quite the rivalry over the last two Pay Per Views. Ninja K won the first match via a knockout and Mack Brody, you won the second via submission. With this rivalry between the two of you still fresh in your minds, do you think that will come into play at all when you have to team together?”

Brody took the question first as the crowd popped loudly for SuperMack.

“Like you said, Donny, we’ve both been up against one another in some impressive battles that are still being talked about. And I even offer credit to you, personally, Kenshiro for helping me up my game in that ring… but I gotta remind everybody that right now, the momentum is on MY side. In a succession of weeks, I’ve defeated Kenshiro…”

The former Underground Champion glances over at his rival coldly after the mention.

“I’ve been on the winning end of a six-man tag team match against The Faction and two weeks ago, I knocked down that big bitch, Seraph, to earn this opportunity to make sure that Sebastian Saje can’t have any of his fucking buddies help bail him out. I have been HUNGRY for an opportunity to finally put a major championship around this taut, sexy-ass waist. And with all due respect to Kenshiro, Chris Titan and… hehehe… Jon Le Bon who busted their asses off to get here… ZERO respect goes to Saje and Landon Stevens for being a couple of bitches whose idea of winning matches are sucking Damien Lee’s dick to get a title shot or wrestling people to draws and calling yourself king shit. With all of that out of the way, I’m tire of being hungry. It’s time to EAT. And I will run anybody in my way the fuck over, frenemy or foe if it means that I finally get what I’ve been after all along… the jOlt Heavyweight Championship.”

“Kenshiro, do you have any words for your future opponent and tag partner tonight?” Donny asked.

Kenshiro nodded. “Indeed. Mack, despite my personal feelings regarding your hubris, you have worked hard to get to this point and fared exceptionally well in the ring. However, your gross underestimation of the other participants will surely be your downfall. You have bested me, but your lack of experience in match of this magnitude will show. While you seek your first trip to the mountain top, it is a place I have seen many times over the course of my career and it is a milestone I wish to see once more. I wish to use the old adage of ‘may the best man win,’ but I will use tonight’s main event to demonstrate that I intend to be that man come Thieves Honor.”

“About tonight…” Brody snarled. “I think that we can get along well enough tonight… at least more than Saje and Titan will, knowing how bad that Chris wants to see Damien Lee and The Rebellion burn… BUT…”

Brody popped the bones in his neck before looking down at Kenshiro.

“If you try to screw me over in any way out there… I will fucking DROP you. Are we understood… Kenny?”

The patriarch of Clan Inogami was not fazed by the not-so-veiled threat.

“I have no intention of stabbing you in the back, Mister Brody… however, you will find that your path to Thieves Honor will be a very troublesome one should you have any inclination to do the same to me.”

Brody raised a hand in the air and crossed two of his fingers.

“Thieves Honor… wait, Scout’s Honor…”

A smug smirk crossed his face before he turned on his heel and left. Kenshiro simply offered an icy stare to Donny Layne before he turned the other way.

“And now, we take it to ringside for tonight’s main event!”

Mack Brody & Ninja K vs Chris Titan & Sebastian Saje


Dean Carrington was seen climbing onto the ring apron before passing through the ropes with Referee Simon Boulder in tow. Camera 4 would hover into position several meters away as the incomparable ring announcer fold his right arm behind his back before addressing the masses.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following Tag Team Contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...with a 30 minute time limit...”

”Rescue Me” by Coldrain immediately commanded a tsunami of negative crowd heat from the angry legions as the entrance staging area flickered to life. A tailor made vignette began streaming footage of diabolical antics and a diverse array of offense before the brazen figurehead of The Rebellion sauntered arrogantly from the back. A smug sneer flashed across his face as he swept his hair back before rolling both shoulders. Rolling his neck, the former Hype Champion looked from side to side casually while nodding before making his way down to ringside...

Carrington: “Introducing 1st; representing The Rebellion...Hailing from Duluth, Minnesota...Weighting in at 226 pounds...SEBASTIAN!!! SAJE!!!!

On cue, ”13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera” rattled out from the PA system, garnering a volatile mixed reaction as the jOlt Original was summoned forward with an angry barrage of strobe lighting. Brandishing his hardened scars of numerous wars, the highly unorthodox brawler himself stood at the apex of the entrance ramp way with his head downcast for several moments...

Carrington: “...And his tag team partner...He hails from Mason Ridge, British Columbia, Canada! Weighting in at 240 pounds...CHRIS!!!! TITAN!!!!

The Arena of Champions were overheard roaring wildly as Titan slowly stretched his fingers outward from each extended arm before power walking forward toward the ring. A hardened scowl remained etched along his visage as the former architect of The Backbone climbed into the squared circle.

Saje was seen chuckling unto himself as an irate Titan seethed for several moments before scaling the nearest turnbuckle. An angry snort brushed away the hair from his face as he stared out into the stands before looking his unwanted partner. Saje mockingly hopped in place and loosening up as Titan’s entrance music promptly faded out of earshot...

”What You Know” by T.I. invaded the vastness of the arena with a consistent carpet bombing of bass, leading the legions to bounce happily throughout the stands. Both Titan & Sebastian were seen staring at one another breifly as the arena lighting continued shifting from Gold to Pearl & Emerald. A small section of grating slid away, revealing a faint upheaval of smoke from below. The muscular juggernaut himself would ascend slowly with his back toward the squared circle. Arms slowly extended outward to each flank, The SuperMack began nodding his head with the infectious beat as he turned about before amorously playing to the crowd...

Carrington: ”...From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....Weighting in at 312 pounds...Representing The Heirs of Wrestling!! He’s The Bronze Bombshell!!! MACK!!! BRODY!!!

The crowd continued jumping as Mack intentionally prolonged his entrance toward the ringside area before taking time to interact with the fans along the barricades. Both Titan and Saje were inaudibly jawing at each other occasionally while watching Brody kneeling along the ring apron, hooking his arm over the middle ropes and nodding before ascending the distant turnbuckle. The musical interlude eroded slowly amidst a flexing expedition, leaving a brief lapse of audience chatter...


The rise of crowd enthusiasm complimented the incandescent lighting spreading throughout the arena’s interior as ”Vicarious” by Tool began streaming from overhead. Exit 48E became the strobe lit smoke laden portal of choice before the welcomed silhouette prepping to breach the overcast when the arena lighting immediately returned, revealing the Resident Anti Hero, kneeling in the middle of the ring. The crowd volume lingered at an elevated pitch as the ninja locked eyes with Christ Titan, who’s jaw drew taunt before slightly shifting...

Carrington: “...And his tag team partner; representing The Inogami Clan...He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Looking over his shoulder, Kenshiro would lock eyes with Brody for several moments. A brief staredown at both Sebastian Saje & Titan was had before heading over to his corner. Both ‘partners’ would give nor ground as they both stood next to the adjacent ropes. The musical entrance music was quickly overwhelmed by the ongoing crowd energy. Mack quietly snorted and popped the bones in his neck as the ninja clan general gnarled both fists....


After a brief discussion between the two parties, it was Ninja K who was going to start things first for his team. Mack Brody reluctantly stepped aside, coming to a truce earlier with Ninja K about keeping the match while off on the opposite side, the much more combustible combination of Chris Titan and Sebastian Saje looked like they were already coming to blows.

“You can sit back and watch me win this… then I’ll deal with YOU…” Saje barked.

Chris Titan kindly stepped back and gave Saje the floor as the Rebellion figurehead stepped into the ring, coming face to face with the Clan Inogami patriarch. The two men locked up and Saje took the early advantage with a quick Front Neck Lock on the former Undeground Champion. Saje took advantage and clubbed right way at Ninja K with a stiff series of Elbow Smashes to the face. He backed Ninja K into the corner and wailed on him with a series of elbows and kept on throwing shots until referee Simon Boulder tried to back him away.


All four men turned to the top of the ramp where none other than the jOlt Champion himself, Landon Stevens watched. With four of the five men now wrestling in this match, the champion ignored the jeering crowd and watched carefully as the match began.

Saje silently sneered at the referee before turning around and focusing on Kenshiro. However, he underestimated the former Underground Champion who started to fight back with a STIFF Knife-Edge Chop. He swung again and caught the arm before trying to twist the arm out of his socket. Instead, Kenshiro bridged backward and rolled around the front side until he reversed the hold and slapped on a tight arm lock of his own on the Rebellion’s leader.

With some more of that freaky fancy footwork, the man known as the Athletic Freak of Nature flipped again and snapped Saje over with a high slam-like Fireman’s Carry Takeover. He rolled over and continued to take hold of the joint before slapping on a Cross Arm Breaker!

Saje was trapped in a very bad way and crawled quickly. Luckily for him, he had good ring positioning and reached his leg over to the corner, draping a foot out to the ropes in order for Ninja K to break the hold. As he was doing so, Chris Titan let out a sarcastic golf clap.

“You showed HIM, didn’t you? Way to outwrestle him, fuckhead.”

The former Hype Champion ignored his partner for the evening and went back on the attack with Ninja K. He rushed the former Underground Champion and blasted him with a hard kick to the chest before opting for a simple series of rights to get him to the ropes. He pushed Ninja K to the ropes and when he came back, he tried a jumping move only for Kenshiro to catch him by the leg and slam him down to the mat.

The crowd started to buzz and Landon Stevens was a little giddy watching the combat happen before him. Ninja K grabbed both legs and started to set him Saje in a Surfboard Stretch. Mack Brody even offered up an impressive clap before cranking back on the hold, using a tight Surfboard Stretch! Ninja K was careful to keep his shoulders off the mat while keeping Saje elevated off the mat. Ninja K leaned back and put him into a very impressive pinning combination!




Saje freed himself at the last moment and rolled away from Inogami. The leader of Clan Inogami started to roll back and stood up to face his opposition and socked him under the throat with a good, clean shot. Ninja K tripped him up with a Leg Sweep and hit the ropes looking for his move that he called…


The Standing 450 Splash landed perfectly and now Ninja K was ready to finish things off.




Saje kicked out again, but he needed to either make a tag or turn the tides back in his favor if his team had any chance of winning. Ninja K landed another kick and tried to finish off Saje with another good shot only for Saje to double him over with a hard kick. Saje backed up one step…


Incredible skill from the 226-pound Saje who just FLOORED Ninja K with his signature Dropsault Kick! Ninja was down and now Saje rolled over with a lateral press.




Kenshiro Inogami was now at the mercy of the leader of the Rebellion as he attacked him the corner with more stiff rights. He pushed him all the way back to the corner of himself and Titan and fired a series of hard Shoulder Tackles in the corner before reaching out to reluctantly tag Titan…

Titan swung at him!

The former Relentless and jOlt World Champion almost whacked Saje if he hadn’t seen the shot coming long enough to stop him. shook his head and allowed Saje to pick up the proverbial pieces. Saje looked slightly disgusted with his partner and turned his attention back to Kenshiro before throwing boot sin the corner trying to wear him down some more. Saje grabbed him by the arm and yanked him out of the corner looking for a Short-Arm Clothesline but Kenshiro ducked underneath and pushed him back into the corner to fire off a series of alternating kicks to the chest. A whip to the opposite corner followed up…


The Running Bicycle Kick caught him flush in the head and rocked Saje’s jaw before he fell to his knees after the shot. The leader of the Rebellion was in a daze as Ninja K dragged him out of the corner and went for the win. A win here tonight meant huge momentum leading into Thieves Honor!




Saje made his own save with a close kickout at two and a half. Ninja K reached over as Mack Brody reached over for the tag and he got it. The crowd started cheering loudly for the man called SuperMack as he reached into the ring while Sebastian Saje was trying to stand up again. Brody took his shirt off and whipped it into the crowd as the female contingent in Miami started to cheer loudly for the ladykiller.

SuperMack picked him up off the canvas and he powered him up over the shoulder before tackling the Rebellion leader into the corner! He slammed him several times into the corner and launched an attack with a series of his own Shoulder Tackles! Each blow knocked the air out of his lungs and then he set him up for the ropes. He whipped Saje across the ring and waited for him to come back before he swung with a big Clothesline. Saje ducked and came back at him looking for some sort of Flying Forearm only to get caught in a Bearhug position…


Brody flexed his muscles and shot the crowd a smile before he reached over and went for a cover on the Rebellion leader.




Saje kicked out again and looked over to Titan. The loose cannon seemed to be enjoying the beatdown he’d been receiving thus far between the two men. Saje was hurt and tried to roll away from the big man, but SuperMack didn’t let him go and wailed on him with a trifecta of hard Clubbing Forearms to the back of the head. Brody whipped him across the ring again, but this time Saje stood his ground and hung onto the ropes to keep from going.

Brody charged in, but Saje went low and Dropkicked the knee out from under SuperMack, sending him crashing hard into the middle cable! Saje then jumped over the ropes to land on the apron and SMACKED him with a Sliding Dropkick across the apron! The move was slick and knocked Brody back as Saje rolled underneath the ropes and crawled over to go for the cover.




Brody powered out of the pin and Sebastian was pissed off with Simon Boulder. He once again charged over and tried for the chance to make the tag back to Chris Titan only for the former champion to reach out…


The crowd laughed at Sebastian Saje’s misery while Chris Titan took a second to milk the cheers from the fans. He turned his attention back to Mack Brody and tried to pick up The Bronze Bomber by his leg. He dropped a few legs into the joint and tried to work him over with a few elbows to the knee. Brody stood up and fought back against Saje, but Sebastian kicked him in the knee again.

Saje jumped on him some more and kicked him in the gut before trying for an Irish Whip. That turned out to be a mistake also because the 300-plus pounder kept himself firmly planted on the mat. Brody grinned before he unleashed a fast Clubbing Forearm across the back of Saje! He landed about three more stiff shots before launching him into the corner with a whip of his own!

The impact sent the Rebellion leader staggering out of the corner, so SuperMack repeated the effort in launching him across the ring a second time. He hit the opposite corner with a thud and walked right into a kick from Brody. The Philly Powerhouse muscled him right up and held him in place with a big Double Underhook Suplex…

He held him for five seconds…

Then for ten seconds…


The crowd was amazed with the freaky strength of SuperMack on display as he turned his gaze to focus on Ninja K, who had not moved from his stationary position on the ring apron. He then turned and brought down Saje with a THUNDEROUS slam! Brody rolled him up and went for a cover.




Sebastian Saje shot a shoulder up off the mat. Ninja K remained focused on the match going on and whatever he was thinking seemed to keep Mack Brody’s attention. The big powerhouse picked up Saje off the mat and blasted him in the chest with a big Double Sledge that sent him stumbling backwards into the corner again. Brody ran over and took Saje by the neck while focusing on Ninja K and then a glance over to Chris Titan…

He brought the hammer down on Sebastian Saje with the flurry of Clubbing Forearms to the back and the fans started to count along!


A pause to flex his bicep and kiss it...



Saje crumbled over onto his knees after the brutal shots and Mack Brody was looking ready to finish things already as he went to the corner and waited…


“Enough of your posturing…”

The Clan Inogami leader tagged himself in and Brody was looking pissed off, but Simon Boulder ordered him to go back to the corner. Mack Brody barked at him.

“What the fuck happened to our truce?”

Kenshiro ignored his own rival of the last several months and tried to gun for Saje with a run across the ropes when Mack Brody stopped him and blocked the shot. Ninja K turned around to face Brody when Saje suddenly snapped up and pushed Ninja K into the ropes! He nearly collided with Brody who moved just out of harm’s way, allowing Saje to catch him with a Flying Leg Roll-up!




Saje rolled out of the cover and struck as Ninja K started to rise, only to land a HARSH Superkick right to he face as he kneeled! The shot nearly knocked Ninja K out cold as Saje ducked down and went for another cover on the former Underground Champion!




It was a very close one, but now Ninja K was laid out cold and Saje laughed to himself. He hooked Ninja K by the head and dragged the near dead weight back up to his feet before he launched him off the ropes and into a neutral corner. When he got there, Saje charged in and collided with Kenshiro with a hard Corner Elbow Smash! He remained standing, but not for long when Saje yanked him out of the corner and nearly DRILLED Kenshiro with a Sheerdrop Brainbuster on the canvas! He floated on over to the cover and hooked both legs this time. This had to be it!




As much as he didn’t like what Ninja K did, he was still going to honor this true and let the two men try and go for the win tonight. SuperMack headed back to his corner and watched as a pissed-off Saje pulled Ninja K back up. Chris Titan tried to take another swing at Saje but he backed off and extended the middle finger over to the former leader of the Backbone. Saje turned Ninja K over and went looking for his finisher…


Ninja K held on and THREW him into the corner with a nasty Buckle Bomb right next to Chris Titan! The Rebellion Leader was hurt now and Ninja K was looking to finally get back to his corner when for the first time in the match, Chris Titan had finally tagged himself into the action!

He charged off the ropes and floored right through Kenshiro Inogami with a big Running Shoulder Block. The Clan Inogami leader started to rise and ducked and oncoming shot from Titan who kept on running and landed a Jumping Big Boot on Mack Brody, knocking him right off the apron. The crowd responded favorably for the loose cannon as he measured up Ninja K and set him up…


Ninja K pushed him away before he could hit the Snapmare Driver and came back only to catch Titan upside his head with a hard Pele Kick! Titan was rocked and fell to a knee before Ninja K took a second to recover from the beating he’d been taking between the two men.


Now it was Kenshiro’s turn to turn and face his rival with a stone-cold look on his face as he turned Brody around before the two nearly came to blows. Behind them, Titan carefully backed off…


Saje SHOVED Titan out of the way so he could try and jump on Mack Brody while he and Ninja K were exchanging verbal barbs. Titan then did the smart thing and shoved past Sebastian Saje only to clobber SuperMack in the back of the head! He left the ring quickly as Saje turned around and with only Mack standing there, Brody assumed Saje was the one that swung at him from behind. Saje rushed forward…



The VICIOUS Release Exploder Suplex sent Saje flying across the ring and right to the outside where he landed at the feet of Chris Titan. Saje tried to stand again when Titan smiled.



Titan SLUGGED him with a stiff right and tackled Saje to the ground, now attacking him with a rain of fists to the face outside of the ring! Back on the inside, Brody turned back to Ninja K who ran at him with a Shotgun Dropkick knocking Brody across the ring! Things had also exploded between the two men as Kenshiro went right at Brody!

There were bodies everywhere now as Landon Stevens started to head towards the ring, watching the four men all now fight amongst themselves! Damien Lee’s master plan to divide and conquer the men of The Thieves Honor main event hit a slight snafh now that Sebastian Saje was brawling with Chris Titan on the floor!

Landon Stevens cocked back the belt and was ready to start picking off the members of the Thieves Honor match as he waited behind an oblivious Titan still engulfed in his own fight. He was about to swing…


The Rockstar himself was out! The diminutive underdog charged towards the ring and tried to snatch the belt from Landon Stevens!


He swung with the belt and now, Stevens was brawling with Le Bon on the outside! Bedlam had erupted between all of the six participants of the Thieves Honor match and now security was swarming the ringside are in a futile attempt to break up the fight! Saje was throwing Titan into the steps and trying to get away from the man that promised Damien Lee he would take out the Rebellion. Inside the ring, Mack Brody continued to fight with Ninja K by delivering a nasty Headbutt that shot him into another corner! And Stevens throwing Le Bon across the barricade!

All six men were now tearing into each other – all with title aspirations!

Six men…

One match.

One jOlt Championship on the line and a briefcase suspended above the ring, available for any competitor to use and if they get eliminated, the case guaranteed them a second chance for glory.

The final scene of tonight’s broadcast was the six men still tearing into each other with swarms of referees and security trying to break up the ruckus. The jOlt iNtense logo appeared on the screen before fading to black.

Till Thieves Honor, we wish you a good fight and good night.

Winner: No Contest