"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"The Dawning of a New Rebellion"

The smell of the pyrotechnics are still fresh in the air as iNtense began. A stylized R appeared on the jOltvision and the people began to boo.

“Machine” by Downstait

The lot of them came out from the backstage area. Sebastian Saje was out front with Raevynn by his side. The pair walked down to the ring with Seraph, Sayber, Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, Michael Donavan, and Nate Quartermaine behind him. The Rebellion en masse entered the ring while Sebastian Saje grabbed a microphone from ringside. The music died down as the booing continued.

“You know.. since last Sunday… since Thieves Honor.. I’ve had to endure all the ridicule. Raevynn was better than you because she won her match. Why can’t you be better than your girlfriend? That’s all I’ve heard, but the fact of the matter is.. she didn’t get screwed in her match against Cassidy Sky… whereas I got screwed over by Chris Titan.” Said Saje

The people cheered when he mentioned Titan’s name.

“I re-entered the Thieves Honor match legally by cashing in my briefcase. Chris Titan, on the other hand, came in and took advantage of the no disqualification aspect of the match.. AFTER he had been eliminated and cost me my chance at the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship and you DAMN know good and well that if he didn’t stick his nose where it didn’t belong, I’d be standing here with the title over my shoulder this very instant.”

The people’s cheers for Titan turned to boos for that.

“This is also the fault of Damien Lee. He was supposed to keep Chris Titan in check and he has, once again, failed… and his failure caused our failure. So with that being said… we told Damien Lee what would happen. I guess it’s time to tell Damien Lee’s little secret.. but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to let the man who brought us together do that.”

The people turned toward the entrance way. The arena lights when dim and then a faint blue glow filled the arena.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash.

Out from the back, the cloaked figure that has been controlling Damien Lee like a puppet stepped out from the back. The figure walked down to the ring and stepped inside, grabbing the microphone from the hands of Sebastian Saje. As the arena returned to normal, the members of The Rebellion all took a knee in a half circle around the cloaked figure.

Slowly, the figure reached up and pulled back the hood, revealing a tight black cloth that encompassed the entire head. The figure grabbed the top of the cloth and yanked it off.

The audience went silent.

They were in shock.

Nobody could believe who they were looking at.


The people were waiting for the members of The Rebellion to rise and lay waste to him. They were waiting for some crazy antic or a joke.. or some kind of punch line, but it never came. Le Bon stood there with a smirk on his face and he brought the microphone up to his lips and in a voice a few notches deeper than we’re used to listening to, he spoke.

“I’m sorry to inform you all.. that this isn’t some joke. There will be no talking of ice cream.. there will be no mention of monkies… there is no Heirs of Wrestling ft. Le Bon. There is none of that, I’m afraid because what you see standing before you is the COMPLETE Rebellion with me as the one who brought this entire group together.”

Le Bon looked around the arena as the people still couldn’t believe it.

“What’s the matter? Can’t piece it together? Well.. let me help you, then.”

Le Bon cracked a smirk,

“I’ve said it since the very beginning. When I started on The Hype, I told Shayne Anderson that I didn’t belong there. I belonged on the main roster. He brushed me off so I decided to create a persona. I was quite serious at first if you recalled, but slowly I began to play the fool and every single person bought it. I then contacted not only a jOlt legend, but a wrestling legend in LLB. He had my contract re-worked so I could come where I belonged… to the main roster”

Le Bon paused

“But.. I didn’t just want to be here on the main roster. I wanted to enact revenge on the company that didn’t want to give me a chance. Who wrote me off as nothing more than some over-glorified rookie. So I watched The Hype and I came across Raevynn who happened to be on the main roster as well. In fact, she was here before anyone else. I sent her back to The Hype and I had her gather information. The first person under the cloak was her. She was passing out our symbolic black feathers to those who were sick and tired of being oppressed by Shayne Anderson.”

Another pause by Le Bon.

“But convincing them to come here and jump ship to side with me wasn’t going to be enough. We needed an insurance policy. Everyone remember the stupid orange peanuts? Those were actual microphones. I used them to bug Damien Lee’s office and I, myself, gathered information. It led me to an interesting phone conversation Lee had about certain documents pertaining to what happened to jOlt wrestling and how they were able to afford purchasing Legacy of Champions. Lee made the mistake of mentioning that he didn’t keep the documents in the Arena of Champions… so that meant they could either be in postal lock box.. his home.. or the only other property jOlt owned.. the Ring Rats Academy where The Hype is filmed. The way I saw it, I had a 33% shot.. so I took it and on an off night, I walked into the academy and sure enough.. in Shayne Anderson’s office, there were the documents pertaining to the acquisition of LoC as well as who funded the purchase for jOlt and got this company back on its feet.”

Le Bon grinned.

“So I put on the hood and confronted Damien Lee about this. He wanted to know who I was.. so I revealed myself to him and you should have seen the look on his face. I, since then, used Damien Lee as a puppet.. as a proxy leader for The Rebellion while we were supposed to rise to dominance.. and we did. At Wrestlecade, we took out Eiji Kugasari. At Breakdown, we defeated reVolt and The Backbone who tried to stop us. We couldn’t let this continue so I had Damien Lee ship reVolt off to Japan, claiming it was for public relations, but it was merely to get them out of our way. We had him do the same to Mike Extreme and Bane Loneheart. We forced Damien Lee to put Reno Davis into a situation where he or Chris Titan would get fired and we eliminated Reno Davis.. but…”

Le Bon laughed to himself as he shook his finger.

“.. but there was one person who remained a thorn in our side. We successfully got rid of seven obstacles, but one was just SO DAMN PERSISTENT that it just makes my blood boil thinking about it. Ever since he has inconveniently intervened, we’ve been on a downslide. The Rebellion lost its punch. Damien Lee also began to put us in matches and in situations that were unfair to us because deep down, Lee still cared for his pathetic roster and we’ve become nothing more than complacent jokes to everyone in that locker room and everyone watching around the world. NO LONGER will I stand by and watch my creation be reduced to mere cannon fodder for this organization. Since Lee is hindering us… since Chris Titan is hindering us… we’re pulling the trigger. We won’t be taking the top spots in jOlt anymore.. because in a few minutes.. jOlt itself will begin to implode and who the hell wants to ride the top of a dying company?”

Le Bon looked around the arena as he grinned.

“It is a sad fate, isn’t it? Me.. quite possibly the greatest mastermind this company has seen… all the work I put into making each and every one of you buy into my façade… for all the times I made you laugh.. for all the times you cheered for me… all of it, in the end is worthless because now, there will be no more jOlt. Now.. this company will be brought to its knees and when it begs for mercy.. I will deny it. Because… ladies and gentlemen… Damien Lee’s secret… the company… no… the INDIVIDUAL that actually is funding jOlt is none other than…”

“WAIT!!” screamed Damien Lee as he darted out from the back.

“Damien Damien Damien. You know that you’re interrupting a historic and monumental occasion here. Or have you halted me so you could come out from the back and watch your company crumble around you live and in person?” said Le Bon.

“You can’t tell them who is giving us money. It will ruin us if the public finds out.” Said Lee.

“Yes.. I know that. Hence why I was about to announce that to the world. You failed as my proxy. I told you before that your failures are my failures and Lee.. I don’t like to fail. So since you can’t contain Chris Titan… since you want to play the martyr… fine by me. I’ll just take this company down with us if your intention is to leave my Rebellion in ruins.”

Lee looked a bit nervous.

“Isn’t there any compromise we can make?” asked Lee.

Le Bon grinned, almost if he hoped for this.. or better yet.. as if he planned for this to happen. He knew Damien Lee well and he knew he cared way too much about his roster and jOlt. Le Bon had him right where he wanted him.

“There is something we can agree on. I am willing to keep your secret on one condition.”

“You want a world title shot? Consider it done. Landon vs Le Bon.. title on the line tonight!” said Lee

“No… actually, I don’t want that. The world championship would be a nice addition to our ranks, but I need to rebuild The Rebellion since you damn near ruined our reputation. Therefore, I want full power of authority over everything involving The Rebellion. That includes making matches for us and having full creative control over all nine members of The Rebellion”

Lee swallowed hard. If he did that, it would mean that Le Bon would be his equal in power. Any decision he made involving them could and probably would be overturned. This was a hefty price to pay and it was all because of Jim Johnson. Somewhere that son of a bitch must be smiling and laughing from his wheelchair. If Johnson had never set up that deal and dropped it in Damien Lee’s hands.. this wouldn’t be happening right now. Lee had no choice, though. Lee gritted his teeth and caved.

“Fine…” he muttered a bit low.

“I’m sorry, Lee, I can’t hear you.” said Le Bon


With that, Lee dropped the microphone with a “God, what have I done?” look on his face. The audience booed that decision.

“Always willing to sacrifice to protect everything dear to in the end, eh Lee? You truly are a noble man. Too bad that nobility will be your downfall.” said Le Bon

Lee was about to turn and leave when..

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera!

The Arena of Champions lost it's collective mind when Chris Titan emerged from behind The Rebellion with a steel chair and began swinging wildly. Rebellion members scattered at first, all but Jackson Cross who was not quick enough to avoid the chair being driven right into his face. Le Bon was the only Rebellion member that didn't budge. Instead, he screamed at the other members to take Titan out while also screaming at Titan himself about "ruining everything." Titan, meanwhile, smiled at this revelation and continued to swing and Damien Lee found himself happy to see Chris Titan for the first time since jOlt reopened it's doors.

"Will somebody get that chair away from him?!," Le Bon shouted while still within earshot of a microphone. It wasn't for lack of trying that The Rebellion couldn't do what Le Bon was asking, rather it was because Chris Titan is nothing if not unpredictable. Each time someone grabbed for the chair, Titan attempted to remove that hand from their body. Prompting Le Bon to finally turn to Damien Lee. "GET SECURITY OUT HERE!," he shouted on deaf ears. Damien Lee decided he would rather allow things to play out and walked back behind the curtain.


Down goes Michael Donavan and now Jon Le Bon's strategy was rapidly changing. "ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! LET'S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" he screamed to his stable of upstarts, followed by "PROTECT ME!" The Rebellion circled around their leader, dragging Jackson Cross and Michael Donavan along with them.

Chris Titan, still as loose a cannon as ever, threw the steel chair with all his might into the group and caught Seraph square in the jaw. Dazed, the masked men dropped to one knee but was quickly hauled back up by his stablemates. The Rebellion retreated to the back while the fans erupted at Chris Titan's relentless attack.

Titan picked up the discarded microphone, "This isn't over, Le Bon! You want to play puppet master with people's lives?! You want to end careers with your backhanded bullshit?! That's fine, Jon, because now you've REALLY pissed me off and I'm coming for you. I'm coming for you and I dare you to stop me!" With that said, Titan tossed the microphone sky-high and made a beeline backstage with obvious intentions to continue this brawl.

Meanwhile, iNtense moved to another part of the arena.


The scene opened with a quartet of lower tier sentries guarding the Inogami Clan chamber hatch holding court as instructed. Donning ninja garb, the guards would casually scan the entire perimeter when Mamoru was seen rounding the corner at a distance. The rank & file respectfully acknowledge their superior’s presence, leading him to come to a halt and retrieve his cigar, ignite and expel a healthy expulsion of smoke before drawing his eyes shut.


A pair of Kunoichi quickly descended from overhead to retain a crouching posture before the elderly clan statesman to present a tablet each to him. Mamoru laid claim to it with his eyes readily inspecting the information before expelling another healthy gust of smoke.

“Come.” The clan advisor ordered as the male sentries opened the lead hatch into the chamber where the hall was partially inhabited with those immersed in their cleaning duties. The trio would make their way to the back of the chamber where the female twins knelt in unison before the slightly raised platform. Mamoru continued onward up the pair of steps to stand to a meditating clan leader’s left flank. The former Chief Retainer of the Underground quietly assumed the position of seiza before a small altar.

Lord Kenshiro...” Mamoru opened. “Forgive my intrusion yet I need a word with you.”

Kenshiro turned his head slightly before slowly ascending to his feet and being led away to the secluded section of the chamber hall. The clan leader casually approached the wall, turned and looked into the faces of his clan personnel. Mamoru held out the tablet to be assessed.

“Here’s the report.” The seasoned ninja muttered to the clan general who casually read the information splayed before him. A matter of moments would elapse before a subtle snort was emitted.

“...Interesting...” Kenshiro replied.

“Indeed.” Mamoru mentioned. “As you had suspected, there has been a recent rise in potentially formidable opposition throughout the ranks. Individuals that will make not just the full consolidation of power all the more challenging but the road to laying claim to this promotion’s esteemed symbol of power as well.”

A subtle sigh was muted in short order. “ I expected as much.” The ninja mentioned. “However, this will make such an acquisition all the more enticing.”

“Perhaps.” Mamoru replied. “However, since Eiji has opted to preoccupy himself with ‘matters outside of clan business’ and both Takeshi & Heido continue to ensure their control of the tag team division, we need to fully assess these targets before formulating an effective strategy to advance the clan agenda.”

“Of course.” Kenshiro replied. “Proceed.”

“1st and foremost, let us begin with the ones we have become all too familiar with...starting with The Rebellion...”Mamoru opened while placing his left hand behind his back. “Kimiko...”

There is political unrest that has left them virtually in a state of desperation, my Lord.” The twin mentioned. “Their leader was unsuccessful in securing the jOlt Championship as well and with this ‘mysterious informant’ scheduled to expose Mr. Lee himself, the band of jackals will no doubt become reckless.”

“..All but a matter of time for the opportunity to present itself for our clan to destroy them...” Kasumi finished. “However, we must remain on guard to secure all that has been gained...”

“The jOlt Tag Team Championships...” Mamoru mentioned as Kenshiro nodded while stroking his chin “I shall deal with that matter personally. Continue...”

Trouble; that ‘band of hooligans’ are struggling to reclaim their footing in the loss of their most reliable muscle when Dallas Griffin was sent away with the others to Japan.” Kimiko mentioned. “The Faction are still problematic yet they too, are losing ground. Not enough, I fear for they as resourceful as they are disreputable. The Heirs of Wrestling are seeking to strengthen their positions as well yet we shall continue to keep them under constant watch. As far as The Widow’s Nest, Madame Black Widow continues to keep her affairs and whereabouts shrouded in mystery. Our scouts are still gathering as much information as they can. As for now, The Goonz have apparently remained comfortable in relying on their unconventional approaches to secure power & influence. We should have new information within the coming hour...” “..Then there is the one with the ‘All Seeing Eye’...”Kasumi mentioned.


Mamoru and the twin kunoichi would look at Kenshiro in unison.

“Once an interactive rumor, he became one of the more prominent dissidents within that immoral yet long defunct cesspool renown as the Asulum; headed by international criminal syndicate figurehead Joseph Campbell.”

“And whom might that be, Lord Kenshiro?” Mamoru inquired.

“That man had his hands and influence interwoven within the numerous branches of mainstream media, politics, the criminal underworld and far more nefarious organizations and trades both known and unknown.” Kenshiro warned. “And that is all I am able nor willing to speak of publically for he has gone missing for years. Good riddance and since Mr. Bishop has managed to survive within that human cock fighting environment, in which, he must monitored consistently. I need for your best scouts to ensure that I stand aware of any and everything dealing with him; His associations. Eating preferences and vices. Bathroom habits. Spare no expense nor details...”

“Consider it done, Lord Kenshiro.” Mamoru responded. “And what of this ‘Orphan’?”

Kenshiro gave pause before responding.

“That man was the proverbial ‘face’ of ACW.” The clan general noted.

“Yes.” Mamoru replied. “In which, I stress that you do not stand intimidated by his diminutive stature for he too is a very formidable foe. In most circles.”

“He hasn’t met me...” Kenshiro conveyed with a stoic expression. “However, do what you will. Ensure you keep him under surveillance as well. Every move from here on out, must be a precisioned one. You know what must be done.”

The Kunoichi would silently salute their clan commander before excusing themselves, leaving both Kenshiro & Mamoru alone.

“Lord Kenshiro?” Mamoru asked. “It brings to question if you intend upon pursuing the opportunity to regain your position as Chief Retainer of the Underground division? You have your rematch clause that has yet to be exercised...”

The German Juggernaut...” Kenshiro mentioned. “Hmmm...Patience, Mamoru. One key acquisition at a time...”

The Crimson Order(c) vs Heirs of Wrestling

Tonight’s opener was set to be a big one! The current jOlt Tag Team Champions – Takeshi and Heido also known as The Crimson Order – were set to take a team that they had plenty of history with. The Heirs of Wrestling – Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway – were former two-time tag team champions on an elusive hunt for their record-setting third reign. For months, the two had been chasing but numerous setbacks have kept the team from reaching that goal.

Tonight, the Heirs face a team that they have a winning record over. Once upon a time last year, The Heirs had defeated The Crimson Order and on jOlt’s 100th show, The Heirs had defeated Ninja K and the Crimson Order on the 100th show of iNtense. Now, it was time for these two teams to create more magic in the ring!

“The following match is your opening match of iNtense! This is a tag team match set for one fall and this is for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!” Dena Carrington yelled to the cheers of the crowd.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in..

I'm ready for the…

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists as the Conways were ready to lay a hurt on them.

“introducing the challengers… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Gallway and Silver stood in the ring and took their jackets off before tossing them aside. Frank and Ryan looked to the camera and held up three fingers.


“Yeah yeah!”

“Thought Crimes – Extended Version” by Cliff Lin.

A notable rise in clan centric incandescent lighting was displayed throughout the stands as the entrance staging area the volatile crescendo of Red & White strobe lighting accompanied the brief storm of bass before everything immediately fell back into the blackness. On cue, the music centered the focus back onto the staging area. A heavy overcast of billowing strobe lit smoke would complement the ongoing vignette streaming across each jOltvision screen as the Japanese bred tandem slowly broke the plane to present themselves before the cheering legions...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied both by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...From the Kansai Prefecture of Japan...They are the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the World! Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Head downcast, Heido would use the tattered coolie hat to obscure his visage. The Mute Mountain Splitter himself would don the gleaming Onyx Kendo Mask with the jOlt Tag Championship belt over his left shoulder. The clan elder statesman broadened his proud sneer before both challengers and the audience as the enigmatic quartet began their stoic march toward the squared circle. The raven haired ninja flared out his male kimono to expose his belt before rounding the ring post. The House would inaudibly mouth their growing resentments toward their opposition as both ninjas held their ground before the eastern ring apron. Unfastening his belt, Heido would lead his mute brother up the ring steps, along the narrow apron before mutually raising the belts overhead. A brilliant cascade of clan centric colored streamers would sail into the ring, leading on hand ringside personnel to clear the debris as the reigning champions basked within the ambiance. Both perched atop the adjacent turnbuckles, the current champions ignored the ongoing background noise to exchange calloused glares at their opposition.

The Dynastic Duo watched as the champions handed their belts over to referee Simon Boulder. A match this big needed a ref that big (6’3 and 270-ish for those not in the know) and the big man raised both titles in the air and then signaled for the bell.


Once upon a time when the Heirs were gigantic assholes, they were booed against the men that had really come into their own over the last several months and turned themselves into respectable champions. Now the crowd couldn’t pick a favorite and the dueling chants came out.


Ryan Gallway was up to bat first against Heido. Gallway was 190 and Heido floated around the 270 mark so this would be quite a handicap for the Prince of Precision – truth be told, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Ryan offered a hand out and Heido glanced at it carefully…

“I promise, dude, I didn’t stinkpalm it.” Gallway smirked.

Heido ignored the quip and slapped hands with him anyway before the two locked up. Heido took and arm and quickly wen to work by twisting the arm around and trying to get an early jump on him. Galllway bridged backwards and then used the momentum to flip forward onto his feet before jumping upwards and landing right on Heido’s shoulders. The Japanese Warrior threw Ryan away and he landed backwards on his feet!

Gallway took a bow as Heido came running, Gallway ducked underneath the oncoming fighter. Heido came back only for Gallway to once again cartwheel, this time sidestepping him as Heido came back. When The Tag Team Champion bounced back, Gallway clipped him in the side of the head with a Leg Lariat that didn’t knock him down, but managed to stun the Tag Team Champion on his feet!

The Prince of Precision came at him only to turn and whack him with a good shot to the side of the head that sent him backwards into the corner! Heido stood his ground as Ryan checked to make sure all of his teeth are still in place but Heido just made it very clear he wasn’t going to be somebody to take liberties with here tonight. He rushed in at Gallway, but The Prince of Precision ran out of the corner to spring off the ropes. Heido caught him, but Ryan slipped over his shoulder and landed on his feet behind him. Heido turned around only to catch a Dropsault!

Gallway came at him with a series of Forearm Smashes to back him off the ropes and then charged backwards off the opposite end only to come back…


The charging boot nearly cut down Ryan! Frank winced from his corner while Heido went for a lateral press early.



The shoulder came up, but Heido looked unconcerned. He picked him up off the ground and lit young Gallway up with an Elbow Smash followed by an Uppercut that rocked Gallway and dropped him on the canvas a second time. He glanced over at Silver and then turned his attention back to Ryan Gallway before working him over with a shot. Ryan defiantly fired back with a couple rights of his own, but one big knee to the gut doubled the high flyer over in pain. He picked him up and then tried to set him up for something out of the Fireman’s Carry position, but Gallway slipped out and the tag was made to Frank Silver!

Heido charged right for The Baron of Ballistics, but Silver ducked underneath his Clothesline attempt and POPPED him right in the jaw with one of his signature European Uppercuts! The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights cocked his arm back as he pushed Heido to the ropes.





Silver whipped him off to the ropes as Gallway joined his partner in the ring for some double-team action! Gallway and Silver both whipped Heido across the ring. Both men ducked underneath Heido and he kept on running only for Silver to drop him with Drop Toe Hold mid-ring. Gallway bounced off the ropes and came back with a HARD Front Dropkick to the side of Heido’s head! Ryan left the ring as Frank headed to the second rope and raised a pinky…


The succession of moves brought the match back for the Heirs as Frank went for a cover now!



The Tag Team Champion kicked his shoulder off the canvas! Frank picked him up by the head and bullied Heido into the corner before he tagged back into Ryan Gallway. Frank and Ryan both rolled the bigger man into a Snapmare before they both rushed off either end of the ring… STEREO SOCCER KICKS TO THE CHEST AND HEAD!

Gallway with the cover now!




Heido powered out again, but by their powers combined, the Heirs were kicking more ass than Captain Planet on Earth Day. Frank once again left the ring for just a moment as Gallway quickly rolled over again and tagged back out to Frank. The two men went for another big double team and whipped Heido to the ropes but this time, Takeshi made the tag! Takeshi got back into the ring. Heido broke through a double Clothesline attempt and he kept on going…


The fans CHEERED for Takeshi as the Mute Mountain stood tall and now towered over both fallen members of the Heirs of Wrestling. Gallway rolled out of the ring while Heido and Takeshi now looked to take things over.

Takeshi and Heido both picked up Silver and they sent the Baron of Ballistics into the corner only for both men to toss him. When Silver bounced back, both men took him down with a THUNDEROUS Double Back Elbow. Heido headed off the ropes and he dropped a big Falling Headbutt into the chest of Silver followed up with Takeshi dropping a big Leg Drop!

Mamoru silently nodded in approval of his partner as the Crimson Order looked to take things over now. Takeshi grabbed Frank Silver and went to send him off the ropes. When he came back, Silver was caught in the Press Slam position…


Takeshi slammed Silver to the canvas with an over the head press power slam and quickly went for the cover. It was time to strike for the Crimson Order while the iron was hot!




Silver managed to get his shoulder out from underneath the Mute Mountain, but Takeshi wasn’t done with him. He went for the cover a second time on the Baron of Ballistics




Silver kicked out of the second pin attempt. Takeshi grabbed Silver by the hair and started to move to his feet. Takeshi pulled Silver up with him, but Silver threw a desperation right to try and stop him. Takeshi responded with a swift kick to the gut again and kept him down. Silver wrenched down, Takeshi took advantage of his position as he pulled Silver in and set him up between his legs. Takeshi went to hoist him up but Silver pushed all his weight down trying to stop Takeshi, but The Order member managed to get him up in the air. Silver fought for his life as he connected with several hard shots to the top of the head before he managed to break free only for Takeshi to catch him and SLAM him hard by catching him in mid-air and catching him on the way down…


The big Flapjack Lift into the Palm Strike to the jaw cracked him good! He tagged over to Heido and the two monsters went to work. As much as the Heirs were popular, the fans of jOlt loved a good shit-kicking almost as much as he held him over head, allowing for Heido to run off the ropes to connect with a WICKED Hart Attack-like Clothesline! Heido turned over and went for the cover on Silver again.




The Prince of Precision wasn’t going to watch the Crimson Order take apart his friend like that – especially when The Tag Team Titles were at stake! Gallway left the ring while Heido went over and tried to pick up the groggy Silver off the ground.

Silver weakly tried to fight back as he plastered Heido with a couple of big Uppercuts underneath the jaw only for the big man to fight back and land a stiff barrage of elbows and knees into the corner. Heido made the tag back to big Takeshi and the tow monstrous men elbowed him viciously. Frank was down when Takeshi pulled him back up and lifted him up…


Takeshi lifted him up and DROVE Frank into the corner with a big Double Leg Slam before simply chucking him up and over, sending him crashing to the ground now! The Crimson Order were looking very dominant now as Takeshi rolled over and hooked the leg of the former two-time Tag Team Champion.




The crowd almost thought that was it, but Frank got a weak shoulder off the canvas just in time! The chants were coming out now as the fans in Orlando screamed even more dueling chants.


Takeshi went to pick Silver up off the canvas, but Silver fought back with yet another uppercut! He thought he stunned Takeshi only for the big man to kick him in the head. Takeshi pushed him back to the ropes…


One last gas for Frank Silver allowed him to catch him a THUNDEROUS Rebound Clothesline that actually knocked the giant right over! Both men were down now and the crowd was livid and itching for Gallway to make the tag. Frank rolled over to his corner as Takeshi took to his own corner and reached for his partner.

Heido with the tag!

The Japanese Warrior went over to the corner and tried to stop Frank Silver, but he kicked him away…


With lightning-quick effort, Gallway jumped and connected with a big Springboard Missile Dropkick that knocked The Japanese Warrior off his feet! The crowd was on fire now as the Prince of Precision started to light up Heido as he stood with Shoot Kicks to the leg in an effort to wear down the bigger man.

He went in for the Quasar Kick – A Springboard Gamengiri – but Heido ducked it at the last moment. Gallway quickly landed on his feet but he was stopped in his tracks with a big kick to the chest. The Tag Team Champion quickly whipped Gallway into the corner, but the cruiserweight quickly jumped to the second rope and came back with a bizarre Arm Drag variation that he landed right into a roll-up on the big man!




Heido muscled his way out, but this wasn’t stopping Ryan Gallway from going back on the offensive. The Japanese Warrior charged full speed ahead towards Gallway when he slipped sideways, sending Heido crashing into the corner. The Prince of Precision exploded in the corner with a Running Corner Elbow Strike that stunned him, but he wasn’t done!

Gallway ran all the way across the ring and sprang right back out of the corner before connecting with a HARD Front Dropkick right to the face! The Tag Team Champion fell to his knees and stumbled out of the corner as jOlt’s Pinball Wizard quickly slapped a turnbuckle. He was ready to head up to the top rope and measured Khadafi carefully…


The Flying Double Knee Strike landed and now Heido was down and out! Gallway sat down and hooked the leg, trying to put and end to the match and get the Tag Team Titles!




A big kick caught Gallway upside the head and Takeshi was set... not so much when Frank came barreling right at him and connected with an EXPLOSIVE Flying Shoulder Tackle off the top rope that sent Quo clear from the ring! Gallway, meanwhile, was back inside and stomped to the ground in rhymic fashion as he waited for the chance to strike…


He ran RIGHT into the Asiatic Spike from Heido! It was a take on his finisher, but he caught Gallway with the move and now lifted him up a second time…


The Short Arm Asiatic Spike caught him right in the throat again! Heido knelt over as the fans started to cheer the succession of big moves!




Heido rolled off his opponent and looked out to the crowd as he got back to his knees! Despite a VERY game performance by their opponents tonight in perhaps one of jOlt’s best ever tag teams, The Crimson Order did it here tonight!


A disappointed Frank Silver was on the outside, burying his face in his hands as Takeshi returned to the ring while a very proud Mamoru stood front and center, handing them their jOlt Tag Team Titles! The crowd buzzed loudly over the great action they had seen here and this was just the opener for tonight’s show! Mamoru took a bow in the direction of a very disappointed Heirs of Wrestling before they started to leave the ring. Frank rolled inside to console his friend who was clasping his throat in pain and slapping a hand on the canvas, pissed at this turn of events.

The cheering crowd loved the physical dominance of the Crimson Order – and with a force on display here tonight such as that, who would finally be the one to unseat the champions?

It probably wasn’t going to happen any time soon!

Winner: The Crimson Order via Pinfall

"Enter the Mind... if You Dare - Part I"

The jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see a dimly lit room that was all one beige color with what seemed to be padding on the walls. A rather large man sat in the middle of the room rocking back and forth with a straight jacket on. The former jOlt Underground Champion sat in the room that was now his place of residence curtesy of Providence. His hair covered his face as a small goatee started to form on his chin. The former Underground champion was in a place he was very familiar with from his many years in the Asylum. The rather large man sat perfectly still in the middle of the room as the jOlt cameras were permitted to track his progress in the hospital. Omega never looked into the direction of the camera as he softly spoke while moving his head in a circular motion.

“We lost control of what we were there for.”

“No, you lost control Omega.”

“We have always been there to steer you in the right direction but you did not see what we saw.”

“We were misguided and it will never happen again. We never lost to Derecho. We lost to her.”

“The problem was that we allowed her to cloud our mind and our judgment. They told us from the beginning that we didn’t need her. They said that the curse would consume us if we let it. We did not listen and look where we ended up. This is the one place we said we would never return to because of the treatment we received. We were ready to be in society and we proved that. We made a living in jOlt, but now all of that has been taken away from us.”


“It was all taken from us because we let our mind become clouded with the insignificant nuances that clouded the judgment of men like Sylo, Frost, Ninja K, and Derecho. That should have never happened to us. They knew how to handle the curse but it was her that drove a wedge between all of us. She was the one that pushed Omega to resent us. It was her that made Omega doubt the teachings that we have given him for so many years.”

“We know it was her. That’s why we need to redeem ourselves.”

“We will Omega, we will. The problem was that she made you believe that it was her that we needed to ascend to astronomical heights. She wanted us to believe that it was her that we desired. But as we have sat in this place we used to call home, they have realized something.”

Omega stopped moving his head in a circular motion and peered into the lens of the camera with his one good eye as the fans in the arena watched intently at the former Underground Champion.

“They have realized that in order to reach the heights we want in jOlt we need to ascend in spite of her. We don’t need her. We need to focus on the plan at hand. The plan is to get out of this place once again and get back to jOlt and show the entire world with ascension that we will be something more dangerous than before. We will be one.

Omega never struggled to release himself from the shackles of the straight jacket. He slowly moved his head down as the door to the room slowly opened. A middle aged woman in a nurse uniform walked into the room with a tray of food. She sat the tray on a small table in the corner as she moved closer to Omega.

“Your food is on the table if you want something to eat.”

Omega slowly moved his head back. “No ma’am, we’re not hungry.”

“Well I will leave it on the table just in case you want something later. You need your nourishment if you want to have a healthy mind and body. Your mind and body always need to be one.”

Omega’s head cocked to the side. “What did you just say?”

“Your mind and body always need to be one.”

“Yes that. We knew a women a long time ago who would say the same thing. She was the only person we ever trusted in our life. She was the only person to ever treat us like a human being and not just an animal.”

The woman slowly walked over to Omega and knelt down in front of him. She looked at Omega’s scarred face and squinted a little through her glasses.


The camera faded out.

"Lucky Break or Special Treatment?"

The scene opened up in Damien Lee's office where there was a knock on the door. The camera panned over to see "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann standing there in the doorway.

"Come in Amber, and have a seat, please" said Lee

Amber walked into the office and sat down. She pulled back her hood and took off her sunglasses out of respect. Lee cleared his throat.

"I know this is kind of an odd topic to discuss given the nature of the business we are in, but your attack on Alyssa Corliss back on iNtense 105 was a little more over the top than it should have been. You're lucky that you didn't give Alyssa Corliss concussion after slamming her head repeatedly into an equipment case. Typically, these actions call for immediate suspension and a fine, but, probably against my better judgment, I'm not going to do that."

Amber looked a bit surprised.

"Can I ask why?" asked Amber.

Lee took in a deep breath and sighed

"I may have a lot on my plate, but I do pay attention to every facet of jOlt. That includes your run-ins with Alyssa. I saw your interview with Donny Layne at Thieves Honor and understand the fact that you're right. Sometimes when someone gets pushed far enough, they just have to push back or they're going to keep getting pushed. That and... well... after what Derecho did to Aran Thompson at Thieves Honor, I think suspending you would be a bit hypocritical on my part. It's up to you on whether or not you want to thank him for indirectly influencing my decision."

"Alyssa will be healed and ready to go next week... therefore, I'm going to give you her an opportunity at retribution when I put the two of you in a match. I know Alyssa is the kind of person that you don't really want to see again, but I think just letting you off the hook entirely would also be a bit hyporcritical of me as well. Look at it this way, though... you've beaten her before... so there shouldn't be a problem with just one more match, right?"

Amber nodded in agreement.

"If that's your decision, I'll accept it." said Amber.

Lee took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Look Amber... off the record.. you're a good kid. You're good in the ring and you have a good heart. Don't let Alyssa Corliss get under your skin. You are who you are. You get what I'm saying?" asked Lee.

"Yeah.. I get it." said Amber in her typical short answer form

"All right.. good. Thanks, Amber. At least this is one thing that's gone smoothly tonight. Thank you for that."

"No probs" said Ryann as she stood and shook Damien's hand. She left as Damien Lee buried his head into his hands.

"If I could solve all of jOlt's problems like this, I'd be a lot happier." muttered Lee as the scene faded to black.

"It's a Celebration, 2x"

“The champ is here,” The familiar voice of Lattrell Samuel bellows out as Diamond Jewelz, his gOlden bOy title draped around one shoulder, and his Relentless title draped around another, enters the room, the multiple articles of his twinkling and glistening jewelry blinging into the camera… His face is stoic at first, and then a jovial, iced out smile emerges.”

“It’s a celebration bitchesssss….” Diamond screams out at the top of his lungs… “What ya’ll got for a nigga to drink in here..”

“Since Gully dun drink… Man we got hella ish” Samuel says peering quickly at Straightgully and then bursting out in laughter... poking fun at Khalil Straightgully’s teetotaler status because of his Muslim faith.

“Ehh my nigga, How you supposed to do Goon work and you don’t drink?” Samuel continues as Straightgully peers a hole through his head.

“Take a look Big Homie.. O.E…. Bacardi, We got some malt liquor to drink…” Samuel says holding up a bottle. “We got everything a real nigga need in here…

“Yeah… Yeah.. Yeah..” Diamond says looking on as he gives Ruby Rocks, now standing by his side, a big kiss.. Ruby smiles revealing a grill of her own. She pulls out a bottle of champagne from behind her back and pops it sending a vocalnic eruption of white froth everywhere and all over Jewelz’s unbuttoned versace shirt and his chest.

“Ya’ll not only my employees.. Ya’ll my niggas…” Jewelz breaks out into a corny and illegitimate strain of crying…”

“Let’s have a toast… A toast.. We gotta have a toast for the Big Homie!!!”, O.G.Simpon, gOlden bOy’s official announcer blurts out…

“Here’s to jOlt’s MVP.. Truly a Champion of Champion… 2x more valuable than any other champion because he got 2x the gold… Everbody say 2x... “ In unison the entirety of the room says “2x!!”, in a thunderous roar.

“gOlden bOy,” Straightgully screams out as the whole room breaks out in a chant… “gOlden bOy! gOlden bOy! gOlden bOy! gOlden bOy!”

Callie Scott vs Vogue Gonsalvez

With a surge of talent within the Starlets Division of jOlt Wrestling headed by the current champion, Charlotte, the Starlets were always looking for opportunities to rise. With that having been said, two of the Hype’s finest Starlets would have the opportunity to compete here tonight looking for the chance to rise in the hotly-contested division! Tonight, the dirty high flyer from The Bronx, Vogue Gonsalvez, would get to go one-on-one with perhaps The Hype’s toughest Starlet, the Washingtonian Callie “Scrapper” Scott! With that in mind, it’s time to get to the action!

“The following contest is a Starlets match and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington said.

“You Can Do It” by Ice Cube.

The music played and lights started to swirl in shades of green and white and with it, the crowd started to show their disdain for the young lady from the Bronx. She started to flip off the crowd for fun before she made her way to the ring.

“First, making her way to the ring from The Bronx, New York… this is Vogue Gonsalvez!

She mad her way into the ring and sat on the top turnbuckle, flashing the double deuces to the crowd before she backflipped and landed on her feet in the ring. She was a very adept high flyer and equally so, a dirty cheater who would stoop to no low if it meant attaining victory. With that, a quick inset promo appeared on your screen just now. Watch, bitches!

”So I have this time to tell you a little about myself, so here goes… the name’s Vogue Gonsalvez and it’s a name that all you other bitches on the roster are going to learn real quick. The first person that’s gonna learn it is this heifer, Callie Scott… Just watch!”

Vogue watched her own promo on the jOltron and laughed. She was pretty happy with herself and tried to get the crowd to clap along with her, but all she got were boos in return. Her music faded out as other music came up…

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for Vogue’s opposition making her appearance. She put up one hell of a fight a few weeks ago in a Starlets Title defense against the current Champion Charlotte only to come up short, but had earned the respect of her peer. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper!

“And her opponent, from Battle Ground, Washington… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

The Scrapper made her way down to the ring and the double-tough Starlet slapped hands with some of the fans on her way. She went towards the ring and just as her opponent did, she would get herself a little inset promos as well.

”Beer. Sandwiches. Aluminum. Maple syrup. I know, they wanted me to come out here and say a few words… well, Vogue is going to find out tonight that I’ve got fists here that are going to do all of the talking for me. Oh, also I’m Callie “Scrapper” Scott. I suppose the name’s important, too…”

Not a lyrical assassin by any means, but her work in the ring spoke for itself on the Hype. Callie and Vogue came face to face as referee Kim Adams called for the bell.


Callie walked towards her and got herself into a fighting stance while Vogue leaned back in the ropes and… yep, she yawned. She motioned with a hand to tell Callie to wait. The two ladies actually had themselves quite a rivalry on The Hype in the past, exchanging victorie culminating in an Underground Rules match that saw Callie victorious. But tonight was a new opportunity for both ladies and now one would have a chance to get their jOlt.

The two ladies met up in the middle of the ring again and this time, Vogue shoved her backwards.

“You ain’t shit!” Vogue yelled.

Callie turned to the ropes and had a understanding of what kind of match this was going to be…. SO SHE SPEARED HER DOWN TO THE GROUND AND STARTED THROWING RIGHT HANDS!

The very physical Callie Scott threw more hands into the face of the fallen Bronx native! She tried to cover herself up from the brutal shots and had to get to the ropes to do it. Kim Adams had to make Callie back off and she eventually did by counting. Callie rolled past her and pulled her up by the arm before pulling Vogue into a HARD Short-Arm Clothesline! The fans cheered for the Scrapper as she went for a quick cover!



Vogue kicked the shoulder up early, but The Crapper was already up and she popped Vogue in the mouth with another big Forearm Smash to the face! She backed up against the ropes and tried to grab her again when Kim Adams had to step in to keep her from getting attacked some more. Callie attacked her again in the ropes and this time, started throwing a series of hard knees upwards into the chest and face of the Bronx native!


The crowd was already liking the physicality on display from Callie and Kim Adams got booed when she was pulled away from the ropes. Vogue was looking hurt as she stumbled back into the ring and waited. Callie kicked past her…


In desperation, Vogue Gonsalvez fired off a kick to the left leg of Callie, dropping the Washingtonian to the ground. She took a second to shake off the opening salvo of the Scrapper before she pulled up and hooked the leg of her opponent, connecting with a Snap DDT! She rolled Callie over onto her back and went for the cover.




Callie Scott got the shoulder up, but by now Vogue was already back up and holding her arms in the air, taking in a negative reception from the crowd. After soaking in the jeers from the crowd, she threw a big boot to the side of Callie’s head just for fun. She pulled the brawler up by the hair only to whip her hair and snap her right back to the mat!

“Bitch, you can’t hang with this!”

Vogue palmed her by the back of the head and ran over to the corner to connect with a running Turnbuckle Bulldog, sending her face smashing right into the top turnbuckle! Callie fell backwards and now Vogue Gonsalvez went over to cover her for the second time.




The Scrapper kicked out again, but this time Vogue was continuing to drill her with a series of hard shots of her own before sitting up on the top turnbuckle. She trapped both legs around the throat of Callie and leaned back, catching her with a Headscissors Choke in the ropes! Callie was trapped and for the next few seconds, was robbing her of her air. Callie struggled in the hold while Kim Adams counted.

“Break it, Vogue! Do it!”

She kept on holding the choke in the ropes until Kim counted.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Fi-“

Gonsalvez backed off and let go of the hold. Scott fell to a knee as Vogue slipped back inside the ring. Looking rather cocky, the Bronx Beauty stood over her and nudged her in the side of the head with her foot just to taunt her. Callie took another wild swing and barely missed, but she threw a knee to the side of the head and pressed it down!

“You wanna cheer this hooker?” Vogue laughed.

She turned around and headed to the ropes looking for her signature knee strike…


The Busaiku Knee Kick missed! She stood up and tried to catch Callie Scott with another shot only for The Scrapper go low with a Legsweep, tripping her up and sending her face-planting to the canvas. Callie took a second to catch her breath and the fans started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground.

She charged at her and walloped her with a Running Clothesling that nearly took her head clean off her shoulders! Callie leaned back against the ropes and waited for her to get back up only to charge at her with a hard Running Back Elbow to the face.

The Scrapper picked up Vogue and whipped her off to the ropes with Callie running right behind her. Vogue turned around only to get FLOORED with a Flying Shoulder Tackle that turned Vogue almost inside out from the sheer impact! Callie Scott stood up and then picked her up over the shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry before dropping her down with a vicious Gutbuster across the knee! Vogue was laid out and now she went for the cover!




Vogue with the shoulder up! Callie reared back from her target and waited for another chance to strike as the Bronx Beauty started stumbling back to her feet. She stumbled back up only for Vogue to sidestep and push her into the ropes! When she came back, she caught her with a modified bridge pin




Callie kicked out again much to the chagrin of Gonsalvez! She rolled backwards and started getting back to her feet…


A STIFF Superman… well, Superwoman Punch absolutely FLOORED Vogue and laid her out on the canvas! The crowd cheered now as she started to pull Vogue up to her feet before throwing off her elbow pad. She ran off the ropes…


The Sliding D Elbow Strike caught her flush in the face and laid her out-fuckin’-cold! The crowd winced from the impact as Callie rolled over and pinned her shoulders down.




Picking up where both Starlets had left off in their feud on the Hype, Callie had just defeated her rival, Vogue Gonsalvez, and had just nabbed her first victory here on iNtense!


The brawler from Battle Ground stood back up and had her arm raised by Kim Adams while the crowd cheered along with her. As this continued to happen…

Winner: Callie Scott via Pinfall



Before Callie knew what was happening, she was hit from behind with a cheap shot, courtesy of “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton! The first time that she had been seen since Thieves Honor since she had lost her Two out of Three Falls match against Charlotte and thus, ineligible for any more Starlet Title shots as long as Charlotte held the title!

Right behind her was her portly assistant, Desta, struggling to climb over the ring barricade through the crowd. After taking a second to huff and puff for a moment, she watched her Queen lay some boots to Callie Scott before kicking her outside of the ring! Winterton was about to froth at the mouth after her stunning and decisive loss to her long time rival and now, she was out of contention.

“GIVE ME A MICROPHONE! NOW!” Sarah bellowed.

Desta took a second to breathe again before she reached over and retrieved a microphone for her boss. Winterton snatched it up as the Queen now looked out to the crowd.




Desta plugged her ears and continued to try and futilely drown out the noise pollution from the Orlando crowd while Winterton continued.

“You people should be ASHAMED of yourself! For eight months, I was the undisputed RULER AND QUEEN OF THE STARLETS DIVISION! I ruled with a forgiving, yet dominant fist that has not been duplicated during this belt’s existence! I MADE that championship! Charlotte will just drag that belt into the abyss! She is nothing more than a stupid STRIPPER! She doesn’t deserve that championship! I do! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!”

The hatred continued to come from the crowd as she went to the corner. She cut right through it and continued her tirade.

“NOBODY deserves that title but me! No one! Not a single woman on this roster deserves that belt more than I do! I ruled with that belt for EIGHT MONTHS! Do you hear me! EIGHT MONTHS! Nobody has duplicated that feat and as far as I’m concerned, NOBODY ever will! I will make sure that NO STARLET on this roster will get a chance at the title! NOBODY!”

And now with the petulant foot stomping.



The crowd came UNGLUED! Callie Scott had gotten back up and landed a stiff shot right on the jaw of the former Starlet Champion, sending her rolling outside of the ring! Callie was back on her feet and the Scrapper stood her ground! She was new to the dance here on iNtense, but didn’t seem like the type who was going to let herself get pushed around!

“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap

The crowd was LOUD for the action as Sarah Winterton got sent packing. Desta frantically rushed to the aid of the Queen of the Starlets and pulled her up before they started to head back up the ramp! Sarah held her jaw and scowled while kicking her feet as Desta dragged her away while Callie Scott stood and begged for her to come back.

Sarah Winterton was a very dangerous person, no doubt, but on this night she may have picked the wrong Starlet to fuck with.

"Watch Donny Layne Earn His Paycheck"

It seemed something was making Donny Layne very uncomfortable right now. Normally keeping a very professional demeanor, the camera panned in to show him standing by showing a little bit of nervousness as his guest for the following interview started to pace frantically.

“Um… ladies and gentlemen, I have…”

The man turned around and suddenly put his hand over the microphone. He tightened his grip on it as the camera finally panned upwards to show Donny Layne’s guest.

A VERY irate Jeremy Ryan.


“Er, but, the inter…”


Donny Layne turned away and left Jeremy Ryan to take the microphone. It had not been a good few weeks for the man called jOlt’s Last Real Man. He had come within an eyelash of becoming the #1 Contender to jOlt’s World Championship only to have victory snatched away from him by the winner of the jOlt Championship Series, Jesse Ramey.

Needless to say… he was pretty fucking pissed.

“I’m sure that little faggot, Donny Layne, had about thirty brilliant questions lined up about why I’m in such a foul mood or what the next steps of my career are going to be after my close loss at Thieves Honor… Well, pretend that little pillow biter is still here. Donny, I’m going to answer your question…”

Ryan suddenly kicked at a part of the set and knocked one of the nearby jOlt signs right over.

“This is a FUCKING joke and all of jOlt Wrestling knows it! That should be ME as the #1 Contender… not that fucking little Sylo groupie Jimmy B. Martinez and CERTAINLY not that fucking hack, Jesse Ramey. Ramey, you got a LUCKY fucking shot on me… that’s all you did. I’ve beaten you TWICE in the last few months, clean as a fucking sheet! I beat you at Rise of the Legends and I pinned you on iNtense a few weeks ago! You’re a winner in name only. You didn’t do anything to earn that title shot but politic your way around Damien Lee – by which I mean secretly giving him rim jobs underneath his desk when you think we all aren’t looking. But when you get to eventually cash in your title shot and you face Landon Stevens, you’ll do what you always do in your career when big matches are concerned… you’re gonna CHOKE.”

The crowd was booing while Jeremy Ryan made a mock choking motion with his own left hand clasped around his throat. After having a bit of his fun, jOlt’s Last Real Man continued his tirade.

“So now I have to work with the luckiest piece of shit paper champion this organization has ever seen in Landon Stevens to take on “Anti-Talent” Jesse Ramey and a partner of his choosing… news flash, Jesse. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT WHO YOU’RE GOING TO TEAM WITH!”

The very volatile Ryan continued.

“I’ll tell you what a REAL MAN is going to do in that ring tonight. A REAL MAN is going to go out there, carry our quote-unquote world champion to an actual victory – he’s pretty used to that by now – and then I’m going to literally tear your mystery partner to shreds and wipe my ass with what’s left!”


jOlt’s Last Real Man shook his head.

“Oh, no, I’m not going to give any of you uncreative fuckwits the satisfaction of bothering me with your little chants. No. Tonight, Ramey’s going to be heading into his future match with Stevens with a black mark on his record, whoever he has lined up as a partner will wish he was never born, and soon you will have a REAL MAN that you people can actually look up to… as a CHAMPION.”

Jeremy glanced over his shoulder and nodded like somebody was there.

“You did a fantastic job with this interview, Donny. Keep doing the ‘not here’ thing.”

Like an asshole, Ryan actually punt-kicked the microphone off-camera before he cleared the scene and headed down the hall.

"Play it Week by Week"

Donny Layne stood backstage with his microphone in hand in front of the jOlt backdrop. Beside him was a silver templed man with his hair neatly combed and the body of a former wrestler.

“Folks, I’m standing here with jOlt’s Head Trainer Vinny Zahorian. Vinny, last week at Thieves Honor we saw a young jOlt superstar brutalised by the man known as Orphan. Do you have any update on the young rookie’s state of health?”

Zahorian visibly cleared his throat into a closed fist. “Donny, last week, as we all saw, Rainbow Serpent took on Orphan inside the ring and was beaten severely. Our immediate concerns were his state of being and as a result he was transferred to a local medical facility by ambulance.”

Layne shakes his head. “How tragic. Do we know if he’s okay?”

“Donny, the extent of his injuries was like a laundry list. Most notably, there was some internal bleeding, dislodged teeth and fractures to his ribs. He has been severely bruised but there is nothing sustained which would cause any long term problems for the superstar in the future,” Zahorian informed the jOlt fans.

“Well, that’s good news, Vinny. Do you have an ETA on when Rainbow Serpent can return to in-ring action here in jOlt?” questioned Layne.

Zahorian shrugged. “Our duty of care instinctively tells me that Rainbow Serpent’s condition should be reviewed ongoing until medical clearance is provided. Rainbow Serpent is not here tonight. He’s at home getting some well-earned respite. If I were to hazard a guess, he’ll be closer to competing next week but don’t take my word to the bank. Our medical team will make the best decision in terms of his return to the ring.”

“And, Vinny, do we expect any ramifications for Orphan’s actions to incapacitate Rainbow Serpent? I must admit, I’ve been in this industry for quite some time and I was particularly mortified by the whole situation,” Donny admitted.

Shaking his head solemnly, Zahorian sighed before responding. “Donny, as we all know that whatever happens inside the ring within the referee’s control is beyond our grasp. By technicality, there is nothing stating that Orphan did anything other completely disregard the basic conditions of humanity. Had Rainbow Serpent decided to stay down or give up we would have a different story on our hands but the fact of the matter is, the kid was dumb enough to get up. There will be no action or sanctions placed on Orphan.”

“Thanks for your time, Vinny.”

Zahorian nodded as Donny made a face at the camera stating the obvious, things weren’t ideal for the rookie.

Providence vs Statuz Quo

As the action returns to the ring, the sounds of "Serial Killa" fill the Arena of Champions as Statuz Quo stands in the squared circle, holding his arms out to his sides. The crowd for its part is replying with a smattering of boos, as Quo waves a hand dismissively back toward them before heading to one of the corners.

The music stops and then the lights go out, the murmuring of the crowd providing a temporary soundtrack. As "Stinfist" by Tool begins to play its opening chords, the crowd comes to life again with cheers that reach their loudest when the jOltvision screen lights back up...


The big gold letters...the gold beam shining down...the hooded all looks familar to the fans, greeting him with cheers after his war at Thieves Honor with another of their favorites, the Underground Champion Pietro Geist.

But a keen observer may have noticed something, perhaps an extra purpose to every stride on his way to the ring. Maybe it was an even greater determination building inside. Whatever the case, it probably wasn't going to be a good thing for Statuz Quo.

Not that he was ever one to show great emotion or play to the crowd, but the look on Providence's face was one of extra intensity as he tossed the cloak back down to the ringside floor. Quo made a few gestures his way, but Providence didn't respond or acknowledge it in any way. With the thoughts of Thieves Honor still fresh in his mind, he was here for one purpose - to work out his aggression and anger.

As soon as the bell rang, Providence moved forward straight ahead toward Statuz Quo. At first Quo readied himself in defense but then took a swing at the last moment. Providence blocked the punch and then clocked his opponent in the face with a right of his own. He followed that up with two more right fists to send Quo staggering back into the corner. Providence followed him in, landing repeated knees to Quo's midsection as the crowd cheered. Quo slumped down, but Providence brought him back up and then whipped him across to the opposite corner, Quo's back slamming hard against the turnbuckles.

Quo fell forward to his knees holding his back, as Providence slowly walked over toward him. He finally pulled Quo up, but by this time Quo had regained his senses a bit and caught Providence with a surprising elbow to the jaw. Quo caught him with a right hand as well and back Providence against the ropes. He landed a couple of kicks to the ribs to soften Providence up more before whipping across the ring. Quo swung viciously looking for a clothesline but Providence ducked and before Quo could turn around, Providence's arms were wrapped around his waist and he was tossed backward with a release German suplex. Quo came crashing down hard on his neck and as Providence got up to one knee, he glared over at his opponent.

Seconds later, the assault was back on, with Providence dropping an elbow down across Quo's chest. Getting back to his feet, he pulled Quo up as well and hoisted him up to his side to set him up for one of his signature moves...


Providence brought Quo's back crashing down into the point of his knee once...twice...and finally a third time before dropping him to the mat. Quo clutched his back in pain, but there was still absolutely no emotion on Providence's face. There was only darkness in his eyes. The fans still cheered him on, though, as he momentarily peered out to look at the masses.

His attention went right back to Quo, though, who was now on his stomach. Before Quo could move, Providence again dropped a hard elbow, but this time it landed right into Quo's kidneys, already hurting from the triple backbreaker. Providence rolled him over and then hooked a leg for a pin attempt...



A kickout by Quo kept the match alive but it didn't seem like it would be for long. Providence watched him for a moment after the kickout, eyeing Quo as he used the ropes to pull himself up while still holding his back. Providence moved in again but this time Quo smartly ducked his head and shoulders between the ropes. That caused the referee to step in just before Providence attacked. As Quo shouted for the official to push Providence back, the referee put both hands into Providence's chest to hold him off. Now, Providence's glare was on the official, and for a moment it looked as if he might go after him as well.

That distraction gave Quo an opening and he used it, hitting Providence in the side of the head with a double axe handle. With Providence dazed, Quo kept the heat on, landing rights and lefts as he backed Providence into the ropes. Whipping him across, Quo sent Providence crashing to the mat with a perfect spinning heel kick to the jaw. Covering and hooking the leg, he went for the upset...



No! Kickout by Providence before the count reached three. With Providence still down, Quo stood to his feet and raised his arms, smugly nodding his head as the crowd booed. He made a couple of gestures toward Providence as well as he kicked him in the header and shoulders. Quo dragged Providence closer to the nearest turnbuckle and started to climb to the top, setting up for a high impact move. He came off and it was clear he was going for the A-Town Stomp, his signature double foot stomp off the top.

Except no one was home.

Providence rolled out of the way just in time, as Quo's feet found mat rather than his body. With Providence back to his feet, Quo tried to maintain control with a suplex but as he lifted Providence up, Providence shook free and landed right beside Quo. Before his opponent knew what happened, Providence had his right arm wrapped around Quo's right shoulder and neck and was lifting him into the air...


The force of the uranage slam brought a loud noise as Quo crashed down to the mat. The referee actually started to drop down to count after seeing Providence hit his finisher...

...except Providence didn't make the cover. The referee looked up surprised and even the crowd, who had just exploded when Providence hit the move, looked on confused. Instead, Providence stood up and pulled Quo back to his feet and locked his arm around him once more...


The crowd cheered again as Quo was slammed to the mat for the second consecutive time with Providence's finishing move. Again the official dropped to count but again Providence didn't make a move to cover. This time the official said something to Providence, but he was silent. He stood up and walked over to Quo's prone body, appearing to contemplate hitting The Fall a third time. But now he had another vision. A different way to end it. Perhaps a way to wipe away the pain of his Thieves Honor failure.


Providence dropped down and put on his patented full nelson submission hold, wrenching back Quo's neck and chest. It wasn't long before the intense pain left the already injured Quo with only one choice - to tap out!

The official called for the bell immediately and Providence pulled back on the hold with all his might one more time, his face suddenly coming alive as he opened his eyes wide and screamed out loudly. The noise was drowned out by the cheers of the crowd and the sounds of "Stinkfist" filling the arena once more, but was a moment very clear to the viewers at home.

At the urging of the referee, Providence released the hold and stood to his feet. His face was more calm once again, as he looked around to all corners of the arena, taking in all of the cheering fans. Then he closed his eyes, looked down at the mat and Statuz Quo for a beat, and then turned to slowly walk to the back.

Winner: Providence via Submission

"Trying to Get Recognized"

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. The jOlt rookie Tammy Lynn Foster makes her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She slowly walked down the ramp stopping to shake hands with some of the fans ringside. She finally made her way to the ring, sliding under the bottom ropes. Foster stood in the ring and raised her arms in the air to the cheers of the fans. She grabbed a microphone and started to speak.

“Thank ya’ll for that great ovashon. It's a gosh darn shame I'm not out here ev'ry week intertainin ya'll good folks. I've been trainin fer years fer a shot like this. I know I'm ready fer tha spotlight since I was trained by tha greatest wrassler eva too lace up a pair of boots, 'Superstar' Vince Jacobs.”

Mixed reaction for the Hall of Famer.

“Tha problem is that Mr. Lee is caterin ta certan starlets in tha back. Ev'ry one is gettin sick and tired of seein’ Charlotte beat dat bitch Sarah. But it seems Sarah has Damien Lee in her back pocket like ev'ry one else around dis place ta get so many title shots. I'm glad Charlotte won at Thieves Honor so Sarah does not have ta get another title shot again. Girls like me and Alyssa Corliss can't seem ta get a break around here. However women like Sarah Winterton and recently Amber Ryann get ta do what they want without repercussions.”

The crowd reacts with jeers for Sarah Winterton’s name. Tammy Lynn paced around the ring holding the microphone in her hand. She moved to the corner and looked out into the crowd.

“Earlier this evening Damien Lee went soft on Amber Ryann after what she did to Alyssa. Alyssa and I are not close friends but we are fed up with Damien Lee looking the other way on these type of things. I don’t like dat Vince told me dat sometimes you need a ruthless streak to get ahead in tha business. I now understand what he meant but l’m gonna do dis my way. So what I'm gonna do is put a challenge out there fer Amber Ryann. One on one. I want to show tha world and jOlt that I can be the next starlet superstar.”

“So Amber I want you to play yer little video games and get some courage to face me. I’m gonna show everyone what we country folks do best and dat’s beat people up.”

Tammy drops the microphone on the mat and climbs out of the ring. She made her way up the ramp slapping hands at ringside. Tammy Lynn Foster wanted to make her mark in the starlets division and she wasn’t going to waste any time.

"Enter the Mind... if You Dare - Part II"

The jOltvision lit up once again as the lights in the arena dimmed. The camera slowly focused in on the same padded room from the hospital that was shown earlier in the night. Omega still sat on the floor with the middle age nurse now sitting in front of him. Omega’s facial expression was a look of surprise as the jOlt superstar looked on at the nurse.

“What did you call us?”

The women smiled as she placed a hand on the side of Omega’s face. “I said Kevin. That is your name.”

Omega jerked his head back to move his locks from his face. “There was only one person that has ever called us by that name. She is no more because she died years ago.”

“No Kevin, it’s me Barbara.”

Omega face now showed a shocked expression as he looked on at the face of the nurse that sat in front of him. “It can’t be. They told us you had died in a car accident. They were specific in telling us that you were gone forever.”

“That place was a blight on humanity. They forced me out by transferring me to another hospital. They told me that they could not help many of the patients there including you. They did not believe in you like I believed in you. Deep down I knew what kind of person you could become but they did not want that to happen. They kept saying you were a monster. But I knew it was a lie. I knew you were more than that. I knew that you were better than that.”

“Well we are back in this hospital again so that would mean that we are still not better as you stated. We tried to move on from that place but people still think we are that same kid that was brought to the Asylum with blood on his hands.”

Barbara tried to comfort Omega. “Even though you are here now doesn’t mean you belong here. You just had a mental setback. Remember what I told you years ago. You have to be the one that is in control. If you are in control then nothing can stop you from achieving any goal you set your mind to.”

Omega smirked. “Yes, we do remember that. We must achieve oneness before we can leave this place. We want to return to jOlt but we have been tested by unforeseen incidents that we must overcome. Once we achieve our goal here then we can achieve our goal there.”

“You will beat this situation just like you have in the past. I know what kind of person you are and what kind of person you can be. You will find your way out of this hospital once more and become the man that I know you can be.”

A small smirk curled on Omega’s lips as he looked at Barbara. “You’re right. We will overcome this. This is just a minor setback that will do nothing but make us stronger.”

Barbara looked at Omega with a motherly smile. “You need to eat something. I insist.”

Omega smiled. “You never took no for an answer.”

Barbara stood to her feet and walked over to the table and grabbed the tray of food. She brought the tray over to Omega and sat down in front of him again. “Eat up.”

The camera faded out again as the jOltvision cut out.

"Oh Bloody Hell! Get it?"


The shriek belonged to one of the stagehands backstage. A camera quickly tried to focus in on all of the commotion now as a voice could he heard off-camera.

“Ladies, gentlemen, we’re just received word that something has happened! We’re trying to see exactly what the commotions is!”

The voice belonged to Donny Layne as the interviewer was the first to hit the scene with a camera trailing right behind him.


The voices continued to echo through the halls until a trainer stumbled upon a rather gruesome scene.

Ryan Gallway.

Frank Silver.

Both members of the Heirs of Wrestling found bloody and unconscious, both scattered among various piping and equipment strewn about as if some of it had fallen on them. Several of the trainers were scattered among the scene, but what really caught the attention is the thundering of footsteps.


The voice belonged to the third member of the Heirs of Wrestling – their friend, Mack Brody! The man called SuperMack kneeled down in front, jaw dropped in horror at what happened. The Heirs had just been seen a little over an hour ago competing for the Tag Team Titles and now here they were, still dressed in their ring attire from earlier found half buried under various equipment. Brody glanced around the scene looking for something… anything… that would identify exactly what happened. Mack turned to Donny Layne.


“I’m sorry, I just got here,” he said.

Brody stepped back and watched silently as trainers attended to his friends. He looked like he was about to have a meltdown as he backed up and the scene headed elsewhere.

The House vs West Texas Terrorists

Two teams were on the losing side of things at Thieves Honor would now be squaring off in a bid to regain some lost momentum. One team in The House just narrowly missed out on the chance to become jOlt’s first ever three-time tag team champions when they lost not by pinfall or submission, but to a referee stepping in to call for the bell.

On the other hand, former tag team champion had lost out to the only other team in jOlt to hold the belt two times. It would be former tag champions against former tag team champions when jOlt’s most athletic superheavyweights The House taking on the roughneck twins of Texas, The West Texas Terrorists.

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynard played and the fans started to react negatively towards the twins from Texas. The men in the flame-adorned tights greeted the crowd with lots of insults before they walked to the ring at a steady pace. Eli and Ezra Conway were now without anybody else. They weren’t serving Landon Stevens any longer and their association with Aran Thompson was long dissolved which now meant the twins were on their own. As good as they were, a huge victory over The House tonight would certainly put them in line for a future tag title opportunity. The music faded out and Eli had a microphone.

“Stop it, stop that music!” Eli yelled over the booing. “The way we were treated at Thieves Honor was a joke and all of you know it! My brother and I are the best god-damned tag team in this company! Not the Crimson Order who we’ve beaten before … not the Heirs of Wrestling and their little fluke victory … and certainly not two old relics like The House! These two are so far past their shelf life it isn’t even funny! So why don’t the two of you bring your fat asses out here and Ezra and I will show you a real championship-worthy team!”

Eli threw the microphone away and Ezra bounced in place behind him, cracking his knuckles.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the reigning two-time jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men.

“...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager & the reigning jOlt STARLET CHAMPION, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!”

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated. Like a pair of wild attack dogs, The West Texas Terrorists jumped on the big men at the belL!

The four men paired off on either side of the ring and Eli and Ezra were looking to get the early advantage over the tag team champions. Eli took on Huber on one side of the ring while Ezra went after Roebuck went after him, leaving the referee with the unfortunate task of having to break up the scuffle.

Eli tried for an uppercut early only for Huber to land an elbow in the face. Ezra’s luck wasn’t much better because he was tossed over the ropes by Roebuck and he landed right on the floor! Roebuck and Huber snarled like the beasts the fans had come to love. This was their ring and they dared The West Texas Terrorists to come in and try to take it from them. They weren’t stupid by any means and bided their time while the twins took a second to regroup and discuss how they want to approach this match.

Once they took a few seconds to compose themselves, it was Eli heading into the line of fire against The The Las Vegas Leviathan. He charged right at him with no fear and swung with all his might. Roebuck blocked a couple shots while a few more landed across the chest. He pushed Eli back into the ropes and when he came back he knocked him over with an elbow.

“Get up!” Roebuck shouted.

Roebuck palmed the back of Eli’s head and pulled him into the corner of the House and then pancaked him with a running clothesline in the corner. Eli was slumped over when Derrick Huber tagged into the ring. Adam grabbed his partner and launched him with an aided corner lariat right at Eli. The blow crushed Eli in the corner and now he slumped over now but Huber wasn’t done with him yet.

In a fit of rage The Sin City Strongman charged backwards and creamed him with a second lariat. A third a fourth and a fifth soon followed until Charlotte and the crowd showed some love for Huber. He was all fired up after his pep talk and was focused on getting it done in the ring tonight.

Huber with another expert tag to Adam Roebuck and now both men were in the ring. Roebuck grabbed Eli by the body in a sidewalk slam position as Huber ran off to the ropes to come back and deliver a sidewalk slam/elbow drop combination called…


Huber left the ring as Roebuck went in for the cover on Eli.



And a kick out.

When Roebuck tried to pick Eli up again he stopped the big monster with a seated stunner-like move before rolling outside the ring to save himself from further damage.

“Get back here, you little asshole…”

After Roebuck shook off the jawbreaker he climbed to the outside and picked up Eli before forcefully tossing him back inside the ring to finish what he started. That may have been the opening that Ezra needed because the big Texan jumped off the ropes and took down Roebuck with an awesome diving clothesline off the apron.

The crowd booed but Ezra didn’t care! They now had control of The House. With some help from Eli, he and Ezra pushed The Big Bucks back inside the ring and finally regained some control. Eli tagged out to Ezra and the big bruiser from Texas delivered a pair of brutal knee drops into the head of the large Roebuck.

Now that The Big Bucks was down in the corner, Charlotte and Huber each cheered on their friend while he tried to fight back against Eli and Ezra. He swung at both men as they entered the ring but two eventually overcome one and the two men pushed Adam back into their corner. Eli and Ezra took turns laying a beatdown which they had quite a bit of experience doing. There were very few teams that were better than brothers were since they had a lifetime of experience to dwell from.

Ezra grabbed Eli by the shoulder and launched him into a big spear in the corner. Eli then used every ounce of strength he could to whip Roebuck into standing superkick from the Ezra!

After the successful sequence of moves, Ezra gagged to Eli and the brutal wrestler from Texas stood over Roebuck with a dirty look on his face. He jumped in the air and delivered a hard double stomp right to the chest just because he could. Roebuck had two-hundred and forty-pounds double stomped into his chest and now Eli went to a cover.



And a kick out by Roebuck!

The massive Roebuck forced Eli off him but The West Texas Terrorists were wrestling a perfect match right now. As The Big Bucks tried to stand up again Eli made the tag to Ezra and the two men continued their attack. They doubled over Roebuck with a double stomp before putting stereo elbows to his face. They pushed Roebuck back into the corner before Ezra unleashed a hellish string of jabs at the face of the former two time jOlt Tag Team Champion.

The ruthless Ezra even threw in a couple of headbutts just because he could. He then tagged into Eli using the quick tags to keep The Big Bucks guessing. Status Eli landed a few elbows and stood backwards before he smiled. Charlotte rolled her eyes and continued to cheer and holler for Roebuck.

He turned and tried to charge at the big man only for Roebuck to catch him in mid air…


The big monster landed a fallaway variation on a powerbomb sending Eli over his head and crashing into the turnbuckle. Roebuck shook off the pain he was in and made the steady crawl over to his corner where the fired-up Derrick Huber waited.

The tag was made and he even kissed Charlotte for good luck before heading towards the fresh Ezra. He came right at the Texan with some nice jabs to the head before he took him by the arm and threw Ezra into the corner. Ezra saw the big train that was The Sin City Strongman coming towards him and moved out of the way so he could hit the ropes. Huber stopped himself and quickly lunged at Ezra nearly taking him out of his shoes with an explosive shoulder tackle.

The fans in Florida were wincing from such a football-like impact that Huber had thrown. Eli tried saving his buddy by cutting him off at the pass, but Huber caught him around the waist and threw him overhead with an amazing belly to belly throw.

“Orlando, let me hear it!”

Derrick roared for the crowd and they cheered while the Sin City Strongman waited for somebody to make a move. Ezra was trying to use a corner to get himself back up but the fans saw what The Oddsmaker had in mind and started to cheer as he came a barreling across the ring…


The running cannonball senton in the corner nearly crushed Ezra under his three-hundred pound weight. After Huber regained his equanimity, The Oddsmaker pulled Ezra out of the corner by his leg and tried pinning him.



And the move was broken up by Eli! The other brother jumped into the fight and dropped an elbow into the back of Huber’s bald head. Ezra pulled him up and tried to set him up for his big lariat… he was swinging for the fences looking for a little Southern Justice, but Adam Roebuck was there to block it and catch him…


The spinning side slam from Adam Roebuck almost drilled him through the canvas and now Eli was out of the equation! Ezra started to stand in a daze, but both Roebuck and Huber were on either side of him waiting to strike. They charged and they both crushed Ezra with a double body block, sending him crashing to the ground in pain!

“You ready?” Huber asked his partner.

“Let’s fuckin’ finish this.”

Both big men ran to either side of the ring before Huber attacked first with a running senton! As if that wasn’t bad enough, The Las Vegas Leviathan lunged forward and landed his four-hundered and sixty-pound frame across the chest of Ezra with a splash!


Roebuck rolled off of Ezra so that way Derrick Huber could go for the cover.




A dominant stretch for The House spelled victory for jOlt’s athletic superheavyweights! Huber and Roebuck raised their hands in the middle of the ring while Huber’s wife Charlotte entered the ring to celebrate with the duo!

But Huber didn’t look to be in much of a celebrating mood for too long. He waved to Dean Carringtonf for a microphone that was thrown to him. Huber, Roebuck and Charlotte all stood tall when The Sin City Strongman nodded.

“Crimson Order … I have nothing else to say, but two things. The first is this … we have no excuses. Congratulations, boys. That was a hell of a match. One of the finest of mine and Roebuck’s careers.”

The crowd roared with approval at all the action between four large men being able to do the crazy things they have. Roebuck nodded behind him while Derrick glared at the ringside camera as if he was talking directly to the current Tag Team Champions.

“The second is this … we don’t care what we have to do to earn another opportunity … we want to go ONE MORE TIME.

Huber dropped the microphone as the trio from Las Vegas left the ring and celebrated with the fans going up the ramp. The crowd seemed to favor the idea of the two big heavyweight teams of jOlt once again! And after the somewhat controversial ending of their first match, some would say The House should have a rematch. But would they get it?

Only time would tell.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"And You Thought it Was Over"

The arena was awaiting the next match when..

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The people booed as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. There was bandages wrapped around his body in various places due to the level of violence that happened in his match against Aran Thompson a week ago. This became a typical scene for Derecho after one of his Pay-Per-View matches so it was like another day at the office for him.

Derecho climbed into the ring and grabbed a microphone from Dean Carrington who got out of Derecho's way. Derecho brought the microphone up to his lips as his music died down.

"It was one year ago, at Thieves Honor, that I stepped into the ring as the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion and it was one year ago that Aran Thompson got lucky by letting six other men do his dirty work, allowing him to beat me and take my championship."

The pepole cheered the thought of Derecho losing his title.

"Then Aran Thompson did the unthinkable. He told the world that I was dead in an act of symbolism. I actually have to thank Aran for that because it woke me up. It made me realize the true extent of my being and it allowed me to re-discover the monster that resides deep in my heart. That monster lead me to my second Underground Championship and yes.. I made a mistake... yes... I underestimated Pietro Geist and my second reign was short lived. I then realized that I was only human and that humans make mistakes."

"But on the other hand..."

Derecho grinned

"It made me realize that if I could lose the Underground Title that quickly then it meant that I was slipping back to the way I was when I was World Champion.. that I was becoming soft and weak.. which is why I did what I did to Aran Thompson at this year's Thieves Honor. I walked into that match and I soundly and thoroughly ripped him apart and left him laying at ringside in a twisted heap of steel, wire, and thumbtacks. I then dropped him on the back of his neck into the rubble of what once was the announce table that he caused me to go through.. and because of my actions, Aran Thompson isn't even here tonight."

The crowd booed

"I became that monster once again and I showed the entire world what happens when I become the monster that you all fear... that I leave a path of destruction in my wake and anyone who steps into that path gets cut down viciously and decisively."

Derecho paused for a moment as he laughed to himself at the thought of his handywork

"I also said that I would influence Aran Thompson.. that I had the power to change a man. I wish he were here tonight so I could look Aran in his eyes and see just how much I've changed him, but apparently, just knowing that my actions denied his presence here tonight will suffice and sate my curiosity for now."

The people continued to boo.

"Aran.. I know that you're either home or in a hospital bed watching this. Just know that I cannot wait to see you. I cannot wait to look into your eyes and see what kind of man you have become because of me. I want to know how much I've changed you. After taking you into the Underground and giving you a taste of my world... I want to know what effects it had on you.. because as far as I'm concerned.. I'm not done with you yet. I may have gotten a measure of revenge from the stunt you pulled last year, but I will not stop until I am satisfied... and I won't be satisfied until you are no longer able to walk your ass to this ring to make a living for youself. I will be your end, Aran.. and before I end you permanently, I want you to show me what you have become so I, too, can destroy it front of the world."

Derecho dropped the microphone and exited the ring as his music cued up again. After everything he did to Aran Thompson at Thieves Honor, Derecho just proclaimed that he wasn't even close to being finished!? What more could Derecho do!?

"A Call to Arms"

The Starlets division was in full swing with Sarah Winterton and Callie “Scrapper” Scott having a physical brawl earlier along with the powerhouse, Tammy Lynn Foster, making her return. Alyssa Corliss and “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann had their own beef going on for several weeks and even with all that, there were multiple women ont eh But one Starlet had the prize that of wrestling’s finest athletes wanted and that gal was standing by with Dawn Cassidy backstage right now.

“Hello, everyone! Right now, I have a very special guest with us at this time! I would like to welcome the woman that went through one of the best fights that we’ve ever seen for the Starlets Championship … I would like to welcome the current Starlets Champion Charlotte!”

A huge pop came from the Orlando fans when The Vegas Vixen stepped into view with the Starlets Title draped across her shoulders. She was not in action tonight, but Charlotte was still here.

“Thanks for the warm welcome, hon, always a pleasure,” she smiled.

“Now, Charlotte, many are calling your recent performances in the ring as some of your finest work. First, you win the title in the first-ever Last Starlet Standing match and then you go on to defeat your archrival, Sarah Winterton, in a Two out of Three falls match to keep the title, thus shutting her out of any more title shots as long as you have the belt. What’s next for The Queen of Hearts and the Starlets Championship?”

“Dawn, I’ve gotta tell you that never in my wildest dreams, have I ever thought of achieving this level fo success! Not once but twice, I have held this title proudly and my wars between Winterton and I have turned this championship into a real prize not seen since Aria Murphy held onto this!”

The crowd in the background were cheering for the mention of Missus Sylo.

“But now with that bitch out of my hair for as long as I have this belt, I’m looking for new challengers. I’m not comfortable just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. I want for one of these hard-workin’ ladies to step on up. I have never shied away from a fight and I’m going to do exactly what I do every night – that is bust my pretty little ass for each and every one of you, the fans!”

She patted the title.

“I’m challenging not just the hardest-working ladies on the planet here in jOlt to fight me. I’ll take on ANYBODY!. I mean the ladies of Intense, those on The Hype stealing the show every night! I willw work to become the greatest Starlets Champion of all time! You hear me, jOlt? His is an open call for somebody to fight!”

The crowd cheered at the announcement of Charlotte continuing to be a fighting champion.


The sentence was never finished. From out of nowhere, the champion was blindsided with an elbow to the face! Charlotte had no time to react and was thrown against the set by her assailant! Dawn Cassidy scattered from the scene as Charlotte tried to defend herself with some fists to her attacker, but the masked assailant grabbed her by the hair and tossed her into the metal grating that held up a portion of the set!

Charlotte was on the ground slumped over and with a nasty gash in her forehead as she tried to crawl upwards. The hooded woman reached over and Charlotte snatched the hood back revealing…


The Starlet representative of The Rebellion had just launched a vicious assault on the champion backstage! She was successful with a win over Cassidy Sky and wanted to follow that up by staking a claim at the title. She picked up the belt in her arms and grinned at the reflection staring back at her.

“Consider your challenged answered … hon …”

Cassidy dropped the title at the feet of Charlotte and walked off happy with the impression she left.

"On Failure and the Road to Redemption"

Sitting alone in one of the back rooms of the arena, Providence looked forward at a blank wall, taking a deep breath as he stared ahead and the sweat dripped down to the floor below him. There was no TV...but the scenes from Thieves Honor kept playing over and over in Providence's eyes. His convincing win earlier had obviously done nothing to take away the sting.

For all his talk about destiny and his mission, even Providence was left with only one feeling - that of failure.

As he thought about those moments battling Pietro Geist, something else besides the visions of the match filled his head. It seemed like a conversation replaying in his head.

"Is something wrong? I didn't think we would be speaking again until it was supposed to begin."

Providence had been whispering but he paused, listening to the reply from the other voice. As the other person spoke, his head lowered and he ran a hand back through his hair. Finally, he spoke again, still in a whisper.

"I know everything that is at stake. Nothing has been lost. Only delays that can be overcome."

The voice replied again, but this time Providence interrupted, saying "No, that's not the situation at all. I told you...No, wait...I didn't, all I..." It was obvious Providence had deferred to the other voice, relenting and listening rather than trying to continue his point. Then, he raised his eyebrows and looked over to his bag on a nearby chair.

"Yes, I carry it with me but only as a reminder. I haven't...Like I said, it serves a purpose,'s the truth."

Providence sighed with what seemed like frustration. Yet, as he listened silently, the anger slowly drifted away. It was obvious a calm was filling him. As it did so, Providence lifted his head up with his eyes closed.

"Yes, I understand. I won't fail you anymore. It will be done."

"Titans at the Gate"

The scene faded into the Arena of Champions, when the lights dimmed a bit and “Your God” by Stone Sour hit the house sound system and the fans all stood to their feet booing. A chorus of chants rang throughout the arena.

FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The crowd didn’t even need to see the face of the reigning Jolt Champion before they let him know exactly how they felt. From the backstage area finally creeped The Rising Star; Stevens made his way to the top of the entrance ramp where he stood with a huge smile on his face. He slowly unclasped the Jolt Championship from around his waist, then held it high in the air for everyone in the Arena of Champions to see.

Stevens lowered the silver championship to his side. The champ then produced a microphone from behind his back that he had secured in his tights and started his walk toward the ring. Stevens stopped midway down the ramp as the booing and hissing from the crowd only grew and his music came to a slow close.

“Still your Jolt Champion!” Stevens screamed over the raucous crowd, “You’ve all been putting your money on when I was going to lose this belt and last night so many of you lost your entire life’s savings!”

The booing only grew to new heights as Stevens restarted his walk toward the ring.

“I’ve gone through Eiji Kugasari, Aran Thompson, Jon Le Bon, Chris Titan, Ninja K, Sebastian Saje, and Mack Brody!” Stevens smiled as he paused at the bottom of the steel steps leading up to the ring apron, “There is no one within this company that can justifiably say they have the skills to defeat me inside of this ring and take the Jolt Championship from around my waist.”

“Then I have to listen to you people talk under your breath about me,” Landon then proceeded to mock the crowd, “Oh he can’t do it on his own! That’s the reason he has the West Texas Terrorist by his side, to help him win his matches.”

Landon once again paused, then shouted at the crowd, “Who was in my corner last night?! Not a single person!” Stevens made his way up the steps onto the apron, and quickly stepped through the ropes into the ring, “Last night there was no argument! I went toe to toe five of what Jolt considers to be their best competitors and I still walked out as the reigning and defending Jolt Champion! The longest reigning champion any of you have seen in this company!”

The Rising Star made his way over to the ropes, and leaned against them. “I’ve never backed down from a challenge since I acquired this championship. I’ve only asked that people do exactly the same thing I was forced to do, earn it! I earned my spot at the top of this company and I’ve held my ground with this championship longer than anyone ever has before, and there isn’t a single person in that backstage area who has the stones to topple me from the mountain.”

It was at this time that another voice broke through over the airwaves, “You’re right Landon.”

That distinctively southern drawl belonged to none other than the current number one contender to Stevens’ championship, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey. Ramey slowly emerged from behind the entrance curtains and onto the entrance stage where he was met by the fans cheering.

“I’m glad you agree Ramey, after all I’ve already beaten you inside of this ring twice.” Landon laughed as the fans booed, “You don’t have any business being out here tonight. Unless you’re ready to get your ass handed to you again. That seems to be the trend with you, every now and again you’re able to squeak out these little victories and then it goes straight to your head.”

“Despite the fact that you’re already dressed in your wrestling attire Landon, everyone inside of this arena already knows that if I came down to that ring for a fight you’d just tuck tail and run.” Ramey retorted.

“Why?” Stevens questioned with a chuckle, “Like I said, I’ve already beaten you twice. I’ve got your number Ramey, I don’t care if you come down here and want to fight I’m just going to mop the canvas with your skull like I’ve done in the past. Why ruin your name any more than you already have by giving me that opportunity?”

Ramey began slowly making his way down the ramp, “See, it’s that double talk back walking that makes every single person here tonight know exactly how you feel. You’re willing to fight, but you’d rather run your mouth and pretend. Pretend that if I stepped inside of that ring that you’d actually take me on one-on-one in a fight. I’ve earned that spot like you were preaching about just a minute ago.”

“I haven’t asked for anything since stepping foot in this company, I’ve earned my keep. I don’t deny ever losing a match, it’s part of what we do. You take the good with the bad, but I’ve been on the upswing of a lot more good here lately and I’m willing to take my chances tonight. The question is, are you going to be man enough to pull your balls out of your purse and cash that check your lips are running.”

Ramey was stopped at the bottom of the ramp, by the bellowing voice of another familiar individual to him.

“Man enough? Please tell me that I need a Q-tip, as I could’ve sworn that I heard that sheep-fucker, Jesse Ramey, talk about being a man.”

Oh that Jeremy Ryan. He certainly knows how to endear himself to people. jOlt’s self-proclaimed “last real man” strolled out to the top of the ramp. He could see the hatred in Ramey’s eyes and to him, it was like sex for eyeballs.

“Now, being the pinnacle of all that is man, I can tell you that you should be the very last person to bring up manhood. You got lucky once and now, you act like you’ve got testicles the size of bowling balls. I’ll let you in on something. No matter how much you wear your ovaries on the outside, Ramey, you’re still nothing. You’re looking at the real number one contender. The man with the single most destructive move in pro wrestling today. The only move to leave everyone laying. No one gets up. Not you, not your mother slash cousin, not Jesus. You know it, you love it, and it made your inbred ass 3 inches shorter.”

Ryan started closer to Ramey, stopping about halfway down the ramp.

“That move is…”

“Fluke! Fluke! Fluke! Fluke!”

Jolt’s Last Real Man was abruptly cut off by the shouting of the Anti-Star. “That’s all I heard earlier this evening from you. Bitching, whining, moaning, and complaining about how Thieves Honor was nothing but a fluke win for me! You got your shoulders pinned to the mat for the one, two, three, Ryan. There is no more pissing and moaning, you’re not the rightful number one contender for the Jolt Championship, because you lost!”

“Ladies,” Stevens only continued to chuckle inside of the ring at what was transpiring outside of it, “you’re both so pretty. Do I need to start breaking out the dollar bills and putting them in your g-strings?”

“You listen here…”

Jeremy never got to finish his retort, as just like he rudely interrupted the Anti-Star, someone else decided to chime in. Someone a bit more wonderful on the ears and definitely the eyes.

“Talk talk talk.”

Through the curtain stepped one Lorelei Albrecht. She patiently waited for the cat calls and cheers to simmer down, but not before striking a sexy pose and blowing a kiss to a fan with a “Geist kills bitches dead” sign.

“On every show, we have to suffer through all zhe mindless chatter,” Lorelei continued on. “Now, I personally do not mind listening to dear Uncle Jesse speak…”

She gave Jesse a playful wave and a smile to which he gave an uncomfortable quick wave back, knowing this wasn’t really the place for it.

“However, I vill not be subjected to another display a hubris from either zhe supposed rising star, who is truly nothing more zhan a black hole of ratings, or a man who claims to be a real man, shet his actions do little more zhan show he is trying to compensate for a severe lack of… well, MANHOOD.”

The blonde cannot stop herself from giving a subtle crotch chop with that statement, which gets her a rather annoyed looked from the World Champion, while Ryan just chuckled, brushing off the comments.

“I’ll whip it out and smack you in the face with it,” Ryan smirked.

“Now, Herr Ryan, vatch vhat shou say. For zhere is someone zhat vould love to debate shou on who truly is jOlt’s last real man and he vill not like shou saying zhings like that.”

On a mission, the Underground Champion Pietro Geist marched out from the back and was just pas Lorelei when Damien Lee raced in to cut him off.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Damien stopped Geist from taking another step, which got him a stare full of animosity. “Not so fast. I’m not going to have some big cluster… on my show. You all want to fight? I’m here to make that happen. The jOlt World Champion Landon Stevens and Jeremy Ryan versus Jesse Ramey and the Underground Champion Pietro Geist. Not just tonight, folks, but RIGHT NOW!!! Get a referee out here! This match starts after the break!”

The fans within the Arena of Champions buzzed as the zebra stripped official made his way out from the backstage area and iNtense went to its final commercial break of the evening. Leaving the fans watching around the world anticipating what could only be described as a main event of epic proportions!

Jesse Ramey & Pietro Geist vs Jeremy Ryan & Landon Stevens

The two teams positioned themselves in opposite corners. On one side, Geist had positioned himself in the corner. He was a snarling mountain of rage, staring holes through his opponents, while Lorelei gave him instruction from the apron. In her tight grip as always was the Underground Title. His teammate, on the other hand, was a ball of energy. Ramey couldn't keep still and the chanting of the crowd didn't help matters.


He couldn't stop himself from climbing up to the second rope and playing to them more. Stevens wasn't very amused by the obvious favoritism and adjusted his title on his shoulder. His eyes trailed every one of the Antistar's movements. Ryan honestly couldn't have cared less about the crowd's opinion. To him, Ramey was nothing more than shit on the bottom of his boot. He was far more focused on the Underground Champion.

Geist marched out of the corner to the middle of the ring. Ramey was still full of life, bouncing up and down beside him, as their opponents approached them.

"Let them chant all they want, old man," Landon hissed to Ramey, raising his World Title into the air, so everyone would be reminded that he was champion. As if they could ever forget...

The number one contender just grinned back at him. It wasn't the first time he was mocked for his age and it probably won't be the last.

"Think you're tough, don't you?" jOlt's self-proclaimed real man quizzed his German adversary, not afraid at all to get right in his face while doing so. "That weak ass clothesline doesn't scare me, ya kraut fuck."

"Hollow vords from a wretched excuse for a man," Geist growled in response before glaring at Stevens, "und a lesser champion."

That immediately got Landon's attention and he forced his way between Ryan and Geist.

"Lesser champion? How about I kick your ass?" Stevens snarled and shoved the Underground Champion.

"Back up," Ramey quickly stepped in and shoved Stevens back, leading to a scuffle between all four men.

The referee rushed in to break it up and demanded that each team go back to their corner. Landon folded up his title and gave it a kiss before handing it to a stagehand, as his partner slipped out tot he apron. Lorelei gave Geist a kiss on the cheek while standing on the bottom rope. She was about to step down when Ramey playfully offered his cheek, which got him a kiss as well. Geist shook his head and Ramey could only shrug with a grin in return.

With his teammate slipping out to the apron, Ramey was left to deal with the World Champion. Each fighter came out of their respective corner. Ramey quickly went on the offensive by diving low at Landon, looking to pick one of his ankles. Stevens easily avoided the attempt and kept a watchful eye on his enemy while he climbed back up to a vertical base.

The two combatants began to circle, only to have Ramey stop right before he found himself between the two members of the opposite teams and started back the other direction. Both Ramey and Stevens were in no rush to lock horns, as both knew that doing so could result in the other gaining the upper hand. The World Champion crouched some, offering his hand for a knuckle lock. The number one contender cautiously stretched his hand to lock it with his foe. Just as he did, Landon spun rapidly, instantly taking control with an arm wrench before pulling Ramey into a side head lock.

This wasn't Ramey's rodeo and he was nowhere near panicking. He instantly backed the World Champion into the ropes and fired him across the ring.

Landon's agility was never in doubt, but he chose to showcase it anyway by springing back from the ropes with a handspring elbow.

The Antistar snagged him in midair for a possible German suplex only to have Landon land on his feet.

Stevens came racing right at his opponent, looking for a lariat. Yet, Ramey quickly fell to his back to avoid it and used a kip up to immediately get back to his feet.

A superkick was easily ducked by Landon and he smacked Ramey with one of his own.

The number one contender was doubled over with a boot to the gut, allowing Stevens to try for a power bomb. However, Ramey countered with a backdrop attempt that Landon countered with a sunset flip.

Not even a one count off of that, as Ramey rolled to his feet and looked for a roundhouse to the World Champion's face. Landon fell to his back to avoid the kick, only to have Ramey try for a standing moonsault, which Stevens blocked by rolling him up.

Once again, the referee wasn't given a chance to even get into position to count before Ramey rolled free. Both men were up in the blink of an eye and this time, Ramey came charging with a clothesline attempt. Landon ducked and took off to the ropes. He ricocheted off the middle rope, but his try at a tornado DDT was countered by Ramey, who executed a front handspring to avoid impact.

In a flash, the Antistar looked to deliver a low dropkick and found nothing but air waiting for him. Landon took off like a rocket to the far ropes, while Ramey executed a forward roll up to his feet. Stevens knocked his adversary down with a shoulder block.

Landon darted to the ropes and Ramey flipped to his stomach. The number one contender cleared Stevens with a leap frog before rolling to his back for a try at a monkey flip. The World Champion leaped over him, as he rolled backwards to his feet. Landon rolled into the same position Ramey just left and he was snagged by the ankles. The Antistar pulled by him by the legs, only to have Landon land on his feet and take him over with an arm drag.

Quicker than a hiccup, they were up and Ramey took his foe over with an arm drag of his own.

Neither man was going to stay down or slow the pace. Stevens raced past his rival. He jumped all the way up to the top and took to the skies with a gorgeous corkscrew into an arm drag.

Not to be out done, Ramey brushed off the take down and came roaring back with a flawless lucha tilt-a-whirl headscissors into an arm drag.

It was clearly a stalemate between the two and they met in the middle of the ring where they violently pressed their foreheads together, battling like a pair of bucks over a doe.

"You've got nothing on me, old man," Stevens barked.

"Better men than you have failed to put this old horse out to pasture," Ramey replied in kind.

A shove from the World Champion separated the two, but it was only momentary, as the number one contender closed the gap to slap the taste out of his mouth.

Landon stumbled back to his corner. Between one and ten on the scale of being pissed off, Landon was an eleven. The two warriors took their place in their respective corners. Ramey took a deep breath and slowly, anger engulfed his face, as he saw the World Champion offer his hand to a man Ramey knew very well.


In stepped Jeremy Ryan, who just smirked at his old foe. He blew a kiss to Lorelei on the outside, which made Ramey have to restrain his teammate.

"Relax, big fella," the Antistar looked to calm down his partner. "I got this asshole."

"Can we speed up this ass-kicking, hillbilly?" jOlt's supposed last real man. "I have shit to do."

"You're a laugh riot..."

Ryan was full of swagger and motioned for his opponent to come on and found him quick to oblige. It looked like a collar-and-elbow tie up was coming, but Ryan cut that off with a boot to the gut. A huge reverse knife edge chop stung Ramey's chest and he was taken over with a snapmare. Ryan exploded off the ropes, knocking the Antistar down with a shoulder block.

He took off to the ropes again, as Ramey flipped over to his stomach. However, Ryan didn't hop over him like most expected. He stopped short and pressed Ramey's face into the mat with his boot.

"Save that old shit for the RingRats," Ryan mocked his opponent and then, ground his face into the mat, while looking back to Lorelei. "Bask in what a real man looks like, mama."

The referee quickly took off to stop Geist from entering the ring with Ryan smirking like the biggest smug asshole in the world behind him. Little did Ryan know that Jesse was right behind him. Jeremy was spun around and smacked with a quartet of right hands that sent him stumbling back into the ropes. Ramey had his attempt at an Irish whip reversed, but he came racing back off the far ropes and took his adversary over with a hurricanrana.

A spinning heel kick followed it up and Ryan found himself dazed and confused. Ramey burst back to his feet and raised his fist into the air before bringing it down to display his middle finger to his foe. Ryan wobbled back into the corner just to be blasted by his foe, who leaped off the middle rope and drove a back elbow into his jaw.

The Antistar put Jeremy on his ass with a snapmare and he looked for a chin lock. However, Ryan was not going to let himself be shown up by Ramey. He surprised everyone by biting down on his enemy's hand, stopping any hope of applying the chin lock.

Over to the corner they went with Ryan leading Ramey painfully by the hand.


Landon slapped Ryan on the back and Ryan held their foe in place so Stevens could take to the skies with a springboard dropkick.

"Chant for him now," the World Champion announced to the crowd and pointed down at his foe. "Ramey! Ramey! Ramey!"

Mocking the crowd... Yeah, that'll get them on your side, champ...

The loss of focus was just the opening Ramey needed. Stevens tried pulling him up from one knee by the hair and instead, found himself being hurried backwards into his enemies' corner.


A loud slap to the back allowed the Underground Champion to enter the fray. Ramey held their foe in place until Geist was ready to unload with a huge right hand. Luckily for Stevens, his amazing speed saved him from what could've been a possible broken jaw, as he rolled under the attack to the middle of the ring.

"Not today," Landon informed Geist and shook his head with a cocky grin.

The German was not impressed in the least. His eyes were focused on the agile World Champion and his lip curled with disdain. The crowd began to chant for the massive Underground Champion. This was a battle that didn't happen every day. It was very rare for the two champions to cross paths in the squared circle. Ramey egged them on from the second rope, while Lorelei slapped the mat in time with their chant. There was no doubt who the capacity crowd was behind.


Fans cheering or not, Landon was not going to be intimidated by the man dubbed "The Uberkreiger".

"Let them chant all they want. You're a garbage wrestler with a garbage title." Stevens wouldn't back down. "I'm the king of this fucking mountain."

"Zhey can carve zhat on shour tombstone," Pietro snarled in reply.

The two began to circle and without warning, Geist blitzed Ryan, knocking him off the apron with a right hand. Landon took full advantage of the opening and began to club away at his opponent with right hands. He clamped on a side head lock, but there was no way he was going to keep his opponent in place. Geist easily forced him to the ropes and fired him off to the far ropes. The two collided and as expected, the World Champion just bounced off the Underground Champion, not even making the German wobble even the tiniest bit.

Geist whipped his long blonde hair back and it was plain to see that he still wasn't very impressed by Stevens. He brushed off imaginary dust from his shoulder, telling his foe without words that he was pathetic. That lit a fire under Landon and he took off like a rocket. The World Champion built up a tremendous head of steam and...


This time the German stepped into the shoulder block and Stevens was sent violently down to the mat like he had run into a brick wall.

"Puny lesser champion," the uberkreiger said aloud, as he looked down at Landon.

Geist headed to the ropes and Landon rolled to his stomach, so the German could hop over him. Landon with a leap frog as well and the Underground Champion stopped short only to have Stevens hurrying towards him.


That rapidly evened things up between the two, so Landon took the opportunity to mock the Todesengel's tag partner.

"This is the best you could find? For fuck's sake. I'm the WORLD CHAMPION."

Ramey casually replied with the always classy middle finger.

On the apron, Ryan stretched his boot out between the top and middle rope, offering it to his teammate to do damage with. Landon was happy to do so and with two hands full of hair, he slammed Geist face first into Ryan's boot.

Proud of himself, the World Champion turned back to the number one contender and returned the favor. That was a really bad idea. By doing so, he didn't noticed that the prior attack had absolutely no effect on Geist. The German blasted Ryan with a huge right hand, dazing him. Stevens turned around to find the Underground Champion waiting for him. A huge right struck him as well and he was sent crashing into his teammate, shoulder first into Ryan's abdomen.

Geist pulled his adversary from the corner by his tights, so he could send him flying back towards his own team's corner with a wicked European uppercut. The German pie-faced Landon back into the corner. Ramey couldn't help himself. He stepped up onto the middle rope and leaned over the top rope just to give Landon a piece of advice.

"Talk shit, get hit. It's kinda his motto."

Steven's head was snapped back courtesy of a right hand by the uberkreiger.


Ramey slapped Geist on the shoulder, becoming the legal man. Ramey with a springboard into a forward roll and he shot Ryan a hate-filled look before racing towards his teammate. Geist launched him into the air and the Antistar drove both feet into the dead center of Landon's chest.

A snapmare positioning Stevens in the middle of the ring. A kick to the spine followed right behind and a rocket by the name of Jesse Ramey tried to decapitate him with a low spinning heel kick.

The Antistar with a fast cover...




It was going to take more than that to keep the World Champion down. That didn't bother Ramey one bit, as he had no issue with delivering more punishment. He lit up his opponent's chest with a pair of chops that caused him to stumble back into Ramey's corner. The number one contender used his shoulder to pin Landon in the corner, as Geist entered the battle.


Ramey let his teammate take control, but not before thumbing the World Champion in the eye, just to be a prick towards him. The crowd just ate it up and chanted for the Antistar.


The Todesengel pulled his opponent from the corner by his hair and immediately went to work. Rapid fire alternating elbows to the back of the head and forearms to the jaw found their mark again and again, all while making sure the World Champion couldn't escape by keeping a firm grip on his hair. Almost instantaneous after connecting with the last forearm, the uberkreiger hoisted his enemy high into the air.


The obvious power and size difference just had an exclamation point put on it, as Geist lifted Landon up with ease.

"Big deal," Ryan said from the apron. "You're not impressing anyone."

The German stared a hole through his mouthy opponent and motioned for him to enter the ring, so he could try his luck.

"Don't be in such a hurry to get your ass handed to you," jOlt's self-proclaimed last real man warned his foe and brushed off the invitation.

"Coward..." Geist mumbled to himself before gripping Landon by the hair.

Out of nowhere, the World Champion swatted away his enemy's hand and blasted him with a trio of right hands. He hurried to the ropes and found himself running head-on into a runaway German semi.


Stevens was just flat out run over by the uberkreiger. He had no time to tend to his wounds, as the ever-enraged Geist pulled him from the mat by his throat and tossed him into his team's corner. The Todesengel and his teammate pointed to one another before quickly meeting at the corner, much to the World Champion's dismay.


Geist offered his hand for the tag and Ramey had no problem accepting it.


The number one contender went right to work, delivering a boot to the gut and a wicked chop that electrified the crowd. His ally had no issue with smacking Landon in the jaw when the opening presented itself. Ramey pulled his enemy into the middle of the ring where he took Landon down harshly with a side West Virginian leg sweep.

Ramey rolled into a cover...




Steven's was not done just yet and his shoulder shot up off the canvas. He was dragged back up, so his jaw could be smashed with a trio of stiff forearm strikes. Landon was barely able to stand, while Ramey took off to the ropes. Whatever he had in mind was cut off at the pass, as Ryan appeared out of nowhere and snatched him up into the air.


Ryan kept a firm grip around the Antistar's waist and rolled over, so his foe was face down.

"Get him you worthless little piece of shit," Jeremy commanded his teammate.

He didn't need to tell Stevens twice. Landon was nothing but a blur. He came racing from the ropes and cracked Ramey in the jaw with a low dropkick.

The number one contender's chances of escape went from slim to none after that. Stevens spun around and he clamped on a double chicken wing, while his teammate kept Jesse in place.


Having seen enough, Geist made his presence felt and he stomped away on Ryan. He pulled him from the other warriors, only to have Ryan fire back with a blatant thumb to the eye and stiff right hands. Jolt's so-called Last Real Man backed the German into the corner and unloaded on him with a combination of elbows and chops. Seeing his foe dazed, Ryan sent him tumbling out to the floor.

"Not so tough now, now are you? You kraut fuck!"

On the other side of the ring, Stevens flipped backwards, stopping the submission. Instead, he rolled to the side pinning Ramey's shoulder to the mat with a bridge...




Ramey kicked out with very little time to spare. Geist climbed back up on the apron and was met by Ryan. This time, though, the German clocked Jeremy with a brutal forearm strike. That shot dropped Ryan to all fours. While bad for him, it was fortunate for his partner.


The World Champion's boot struck the Todesengel square in the mouth, sending him tumbling to the floor. That gave Ryan enough time to clear his head. He burst out of a three-point stance, heading right for the Antistar.


Ryan's boot was nearly driven through Ramey's head. Ryan threw Ramey's lifeless out to Landon, who went for a cover.




Ramey's refusal to give up in the face of sure defeat was well-documented. He used every bit of his small frame to kick out.

"Bring him over here," Ryan demanded, shaking his head in annoyance.

"Who the hell made you team captain? How about you shut your face and hold your hand out?" Landon replied sharply.

The partners, and that term was definitely used loosely, looked at each other with contempt before simultaneously flipping each other the bird. Despite their apparent dislike for one another, Ryan held his hand out.


Landon held their opponent in place by using a front face lock and single under hook. That left his abdomen wide open for Ryan to drive his boot firmly into Ramey's ribs. Ever the innovative vile scum bag, Ryan grabbed a handful of Ramey's hair and wrapped it around the middle rope, loosely tying it. He took a few steps back, so he could build up just enough momentum before slamming his boot right into the Antistar's mouth.

"See that champ?" Ryan quizzed his own partner. "That's how a man handles business."

"I'll keep that in mind while headlining another pay per view, while you're in the back sucking dicks for a dark match," Landon responded angrily.

As they bickered, Ramey tried to crawl over to his growing angrier by the second partner. Ryan didn't seem all that concerned though. He walked over to his adversary and stomped down on the number one contender's hand.

"Not so fast, inbred," Ryan spoke while grinding his boot into Ramey's hand as hard as he could. "Just where in the blue hell do you think you were going?"

Instinctively, Ramey tended to his hand when his foe raised his boot and it left him wide open to be smacked in the jaw with another well-placed boot to the jaw.

Ever the asshole, Ryan grabbed his enemy's hand and held it out for the furious German, making sure to keep it just out of his reach.

"You can do it," jOlt's self-proclaimed last real man mocked Geist. "Just a little further. Make the tag Jesse."

Ryan laughed at his own actions, loving how pissed off the uberkreiger got. Ramey was seeing stars and had no idea which direction his teammate was. Ryan grabbed him by the hair and led him over to the waiting World Champion.

"I'm not going to carry your ass all night," Jeremy informed his tag partner and offered his hand. "Do something productive."


"I'm sorry. I was too busy looking at my reflection in my World Title belt. You wouldn't know anything about those distractions."

Into the ropes went Ramey and he had to hop over a prone Ryan. Once he did, Landon tried to drive his teeth down his throat with a picture perfect dropkick.

Jeremy blind-sided Geist with a running forearm shot, knocking him off the apron, while Landon took to the skies.


Stevens and Ryan traded glares, as the World Champion slipped back out to the apron. The referee losing track of who the legal man was. Ramey was sat up just so Ryan could clamp on a chin lock.

Using his greater body weight, jOlt's last real man forced his enemy to the mat and tightened his grip on the hold, making sure to grind the hold. He knew he wouldn't beat Ramey with the hold, but it made him have to use his own energy while Ryan regained his.

The Antistar was released from the hold and was pulled up to one knee.

"You'll always be shit on the bottom of my boot," Ryan smirked at his foe, using his hair to keep him upright.

In the blink of an eye, Ramey exploded up to a vertical base. A barrage of right hands staggered Ryan and allowed the Antistar to take off to the ropes. The fog cleared fast for Ryan and he was more than ready for his approaching foe.


There was amazing speed in the rotation of that slam, making the impact all that much more powerful. Ryan checked his mouth for blood and spit down at his opponent. He found Ramey to be quite the annoyance. Ryan took a deep breath and fired the number one contender into his team's corner. No words between the teammates this time, as Ryan offered his hand for the tag.


In came Stevens and he positioned himself just out of Geist's reach on the opposite side of the ring. Like a rocket, he dashed to the corner. Ryan held Ramey in the corner with a shoulder driven into the Antistar's gut, so the World Champion could race up, step up onto Ryan's back, and deliver a roundhouse kick right to Ramey's mouth.

The crowd loathed the duo to start and them dishing out pain to their beloved Jesse didn't exactly improve things. Ryan basked in the hatred pouring in from the capacity crowd. He couldn't care less about them and he looked to piss them off even more by bowing, proud of what he had done.

Behind him, Landon hooked his enemy's leg for a pin attempt...




Geist made sure the match wasn't over by driving his boot down into the World Champion's spine.

"Get him the fuck out of here, stooge," Landon barked orders to the referee.

Stevens captured Ramey's leg, looking for a half crab. Just before he turned his adversary over to fully apply the hold, Landon struck with a trio of kicks to the Antistar's spine. Instead of rolling Ramey over all the way, the World Champion dropped to one knee and grabbed Ramey's far arm. He pulled back on the arm, causing it to press along Ramey's own throat, as Steven pulled back on his leg, locking in a modified bow and arrow.

"ASK HIM," Stevens screamed at the referee.

On the outside, Lorelei began slapping the mat, leading the crowd in a chant for the number one contender to the World Title. Everyone believed that Ramey wouldn't just quit and they were right. He shook his head no each time he was questioned by the referee.


With the crowd rallying behind him, Jesse began to squirm. He battled, using whatever he could to inch closer and closer to the bottom rope. The crowd's cheers grew louder and louder, as Ramey closed the gap between his hand and the bottom rope. He was barely an inch away, when Landon hooked the loose arm and rolled the Antistar over to his back.

A pin attempt by the World Champion...




Landon knew that there was only a slim chance that would work, but even with its failure, it made Ramey use more of his energy to kick out. Stevens led Ramey back to his corner and turned his attention to the referee who he pulled by the collar of the shirt back towards the middle of the ring. Ryan made full use of the referee being distracted to choke the Antistar with the tag rope.

"Take it easy, ass clown," the World Champion tried to calm the official, who didn't take kindly to being touched. "It was just a simple fucking question."

Ryan tended to his knee pad like nothing happened, as the referee turned back to see Ramey gasping for air.


Not content with dealing out punishment from the apron, Jeremy climbed back into the ring. Much to his surprise, he was socked in the jaw with a right hand. His tag partner got a back elbow to the mouth. Their foe had come to life with a burst of energy. Ramey went back and forth between his two foes, delivering whatever damage he could. However, he would be cut off sharply by Ryan with a shoulder to the midsection. Two more followed before Ryan sent his enemy flying through the air.


Ryan smushed Ramey's face with his forearm, as he went for a cover...




The number one contender to the world title just refused to stay down. Ramey knew he had to get up and he put all he had into doing so. He was able to make it up to one knee where he draped himself over the middle rope to steady himself, as his legs were like wet noodles.

"Your mother should've swallowed you," Ryan let his enemy know what he thought of him and swatted him in the back of the head a couple of times.

Not to be outdone, Stevens walked over and slapped the taste out of Ramey's mouth. Landon held his hands up as if he did nothing, as the referee directed him back to the corner.

Ramey had enough of being disrespected and he returned fire with a slap of his own to Ryan. There was a lot of sound and fury with the slap, but it barely phased jOlt's last real man and he clawed at the Antistar's eyes.

Ryan knew he had things well in control, so he took a moment to remind Geist exactly what he thought of him. Nothing says "you're number one in my book" better than spitting right in someone's face. The referee raced over to stop the German from entering the ring, while Ryan just grinned his cocky grin behind the referee's back.


Back in came the World Champion and he hooked Ramey in a rear waist lock. Ryan hurried to the ropes, only to have Ramey drive both boots into his chest upon return. A stomp to Landon's foot allowed Ramey to break the hold and hook a side head lock. The hold was only the start.


The rapid rotation into a modified drop toe hold sent Stevens face first into Ryan's crotch! With Stevens rolling to the outside and Ryan holding his tenders, Ramey looked to his teammate who was anxious to get the tag. Ryan grabbed his ankle, so Ramey rattled his brain.


This was it. The opening was there for the taking. The Antistar clawed his way towards his corner. He prepped himself for one great leap...

Only to find his partner missing!

The World Champion was far from being a rookie. Stevens threw his entire body into diving at Geist's legs, knocking him from the apron and putting him out of reach for a tag. Landon slid into the ring under and pointed to his team's corner. A double Irish whip sent Ramey crashing into said corner. Ryan charged and found nothing but an empty corner waiting for him. Ramey tried for a clothesline, but Stevens countered into full nelson. The Antistar broke free and immediately went for a victory roll. Landon kicked out before a one-count and the momentum from that sent his foe flying right to his teammate.


A gargantuan eruption of cheers blew the roof off the arena, as the Underground Champion entered the ring.

"Fuck me," the World Champion grumbled.

A gigantic right hand blasted Landon, sending him down. A second shot did just the same. Whether Stevens wanted to stand or not, he was pulled up by a hand around his throat. In to the ropes went Landon and the bloodthirsty German had only one thing in mind, delivering ungodly amounts of pain.


Geist launched his enemy into the lights before driving him down with a downright nasty spinebuster. He saw Ryan slip into the ring. The uberkreiger instantly pinned his other foe in the corner.

Anyone who has ever fought Geist before knows that being cornered is the worst thing that could happen to you.

Lefts and rights of all shapes, colors, sizes, and nationalities crashed into Ryan's head and torso until he was on his ass in the corner.

"Real man, mein arsch."

Landon had just reached his feet in the far corner, when Geist blasted him with a European uppercut. An Irish whip by the German was reversed. Stevens and Ryan looked for a possible double team. However, their opponent came out of the corner as if he was shot out of a cannon.


Full of adrenaline, Geist slammed both fists into the mat like a pair of sledgehammers and let loose a thunderous roar. Stevens was still flat on his back when Geist gripped him around the throat with both hands.

Elevator going up!

The Todesengel amazed the crowd by pulling the World Champion from the mat and tossing him into the air, before catching him on his shoulders.


As if the swank power bomb wasn't enough, he drove Landon down on his own fallen partner. Ryan clutched his stomach, while rolling out to the apron. Geist snatched up Stevens and up into a fireman's carry he went.


A cover by the Underground Champion...




Stevens was able to get his shoulder up just before the referee could connected with the mat for a third time. The Todesengel remained focused despite his foe's escape. He whipped his blond locks out of his face with a flick of the head. The fans came to life, as they watched Geist remove his elbow pad and send it flying into the crowd. They knew what was coming.

Into the ropes went the Underground Champion. Ryan saw what was coming and stepped into the path of the stampeding German.

Wrong move...


Ryan may have saved his teammate, but his head was nearly taken off his shoulders by the uberkreiger's unholy lariat. Geist was snarling and he looked to find that his victim was not the intended target. He watched jOlt's last real man roll out of the ring with the referee's assistance.


The tiny loss of focus allowed Landon to execute a Pearl Harbor job on the German. Geist may be able to shake off a chairshot or two, but even he drops to his knees when blasted in the groin. Stevens hurried his sore opponent to the far ropes and sent him tumbling over the top to the floor.


Stevens dropped to one knee, thinking he had a chance to catch his breath. He had no idea that Ramey had slapped Geist on the shoulder during his tumble to the floor. The World Champion was wobbly, but soon enough standing. He was a sitting duck.


The spinning heel kick from the top turned Stevens inside out. The number one contender dragged him to the nearest corner.


Dazzling the crowd with his agility, Ramey came down hard on Landon with a gorgeous split-legged moonsault.

Jesse hooked the near leg, as the official slid into position for the count...




Landon was not going to let himself be shown up by his rival and snuck his shoulder up with only a split-second to spare. Ramey's eyes widened and he shook his head in disbelief.

While that was going on in the ring, Geist and Ryan took it upon themselves to forgo their tag duties, so they could slug it out on the outside of the ring. Ryan sent his enemy crashing into the barricade. He looked to follow it up by crushing him against the security barrier, but the German sent him flying.


And into the crowd the two beasts went. Their destination was unknown, but it was going to be a pain-filled journey for both men.

Back in the ring, Ramey had propped his opponent up in the corner and reddened his chest with a series of stiff chops. The Antistar planned to whip Stevens to the far corner, but the World Champion had other ideas. He rotated quickly to counter the whip and pulled Ramey in with a short-arm.


He spiked the number one contender in the dead center of the ring and immediately went for the cover...





Landon gripped his hair in frustration and slammed his hands into the mat. He just couldn't keep his opponent down. Stevens forced Ramey to stand and fired him off to the ropes. The World Champion lowered his head just a little too early, allowing Ramey to hop onto his back.


Or not.


When Ramey tried to right himself on his enemy's back, Landon was able to reach back and hook his head to deliver the vicious Widow's Peak.

Stevens rolled his foe over and hooked a jackknife pin...





Once again, the Antistar dug down deep and escaped defeat once again. Ramey's tremendous heart was no secret and it was on display tonight. His enemy stood over him, as he lay lifeless on the mat. Stevens was fuming. He was done fucking around. Landon held Jesse up by his hair, so he could get right in his face.

"Time to say goodnight, grandpa."

Landon hooked Ramey in a front face lock and signaled for the end. He was looking for the Rising Star Driver. Yet, when he lifted the number one contender, Ramey slipped behind him. The Antistar locked his arms around Landon's waist, only to have him reverse it. Jesse broke Landon's grip and spun to faced him while having a firm grip on his wrists. The rotation crossed the World Champion's arms, putting right in position for the Attitude Adjustment.

Just as he had done to Landon, Ramey lifted his rival just to have Stevens float over. This time, Landon took the Antistar down to the mat immediately with a roll up, making sure to get a handful of tights while doing so...




And just like that, Landon Stevens had stolen one. The official called for the bell, as the World Champion scurried out of the ring as fast as his legs could carry him. He snatched his belt from the timekeeper's table and made sure to hold it high, so the dejected Jesse Ramey could get a good view of it.

"Get used to seeing this," Stevens yelled to the Antistar, while parading around ringside. "You'll never get your filthy inbred paws on it."

Proud of what he had done, Landon Stevens smiled, as he backed up the ramp. The entire time he was being watched by the number one contender, who had Lorelei pissed off as hell right beside him. Jesse got cheated out of this one, but you can be sure he will be ready should the champion try any bullshit like this again. It was just one match, but there was surely to sides to the story. What it a fluke or was it a sign of things to come? That is the question.

Winner: Landon Stevens & Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall