"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"New Tricks"

iNtense opened backstage and the jOlt-Vision flickered up to life and the crowd cheered when the forms of two massive men appeared.

One was “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber.

The other was “The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck.

Combined they weighed as much as a house …

Oops, we meant to say they were jOlt’s biggest tag team, The House.

“We’re gonna do this old-school style,” Derrick Huber began. “Before we begin, tonight, my partner Adam Roebuck has the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ve been tag team champions twice over now but tonight The Big Bucks here has a shot at singles stardom when he takes on Pietro Geist in tonight’s main event for the Underground Championship!”

The crowd cheered at the idea of two of jOlt’s biggest and toughest today going for the gold.

“And I wish Adam the best of luck and want to see him bring some gold to The House to go along with my lovely wife, Charlotte’s Starlets Title!”

Another big cheer erupted for Charlotte’s name.

“But we haven’t forgotten what we’re here for. Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s match with Roebuck and Geist, we have our eyes set on two prizes. Those prizes are the jOlt Tag Team Championships and they belong to two men that gave us the fight of our lives. The Crimson Order. Now seven days ago, we issued a challenge to those two men for a rematch. They were successful last week in fending off the Heirs of Wrestling, but since then, there’s been radio silence. Boys, if you have a set between you two … you’re going to find us right here backstage waiting. We’re not going ANYWHERE until Big Bucks and I get our answer.

Huber leaned back against the wall while Roebuck checked his imaginary watch, almost waiting.

“You do not have far to look …”

Roebuck and Huber shifted their focus on the opposing party standing before them. Takeshi and Heido, the Crimson Order were present.

The Tag Team Champions immediately created a tense situation with Takeshi approaching Roebuck closely and Heido doing the same to Derrick Huber.

“You wanna back the fuck off me, Whispers?” Roebuck quipped. It became his nickname for the silent giant called Takeshi.

“You’ve made a lot of noise to get our attention, gentlemen,” Heido said. “Now you have it. We want you to know that despite the fact that our hands were raised in victory, that fight was among the best of our careers. We are not oblivious to the fact that match could have turned in either team’s favor … but now we want to leave no doubt that while you two are forces to be reckoned with… we are looking to leave know doubt of our status as chief retainers of the Tag Team Division. We came here to tell you face to face that your challenge … is accepted.

Huber and Roebuck turned to one another and nodded silently before the Sin City Strongman turned back to the champions.

“Good. We look forward to that fight. You boys tested the shit out of us, but we want one more chance to prove that there’s still plenty of fight left in these old dogs.”

“And best of luck to you in your endeavor to become the Underground Champion, Mister Roebuck,” Heido said. “Hopefully you will succeed tonight where you failed at Thieves Honor against us.”

Roebuck stared down at Heido.

“You want to repeat that, fucker?”

The Kansai Crippler smirked smugly. “You have plenty of fight in you, that much is true … but does this old dog, as you put it, have any new tricks?”

Huber got involved in the verbal jabs also. “He’ll do better tonight than the two of you did when you lost to The Hype’s Tag Team Champions last week.”


Heido and Takeshi both stared down both members of the House. Roebuck then turned to Takeshi.

“Oh … I know a few tricks … like this one … “

He never saw the headbutt coming at him until it was too late! Roebuck caught him between the eyes with a shot and now rattled him against the wall! Heido jumped right at Huber and now all four men were fighting backstage with one antoher! It looked like nothing was settled with their match at Thieves Honor and we would see a sequel to the amazing heavy-hitting match!

Security was now on the scene and tried their best to break up the skirmish backstage, but it was all for naught as the masses of humanity continued to rumble. The scene cut elsewhere abruptly as security tried earning their paychecks.

Amber Ryann vs Alyssa Corliss

Per order of Damien Lee, Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss were given this match as a way to air out their differences. We've seen an ugly side of Amber Ryann, but who could blame her? When someone is pushed far enough, they often do things uncharacteristicly.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

The people booed as Alyssa stepped out from the backstage area. She had a smug look about her despite the fact that she got decimated by Amber Ryann on the iNtense before Thieves Honor. She has recovered from those attacks and feels that she has already won because she had gotten inside the mind of Amber Ryann. Alyssa made her way into the ring with those smug thoughts as she warmed up and awaited the arrival of her opponent.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The music cued up and Amber Ryann came out from the back. Normally, she would wear her hooded sweater, her dragonfly mask, and a dragonfly wing in her hair, but this time, she came out in her gear with no special flare. She didn't even do her pose to set off her pyro. She simply walked down to the ring, never taking her eyes off of Alyssa Corliss. Ryann climbed into the ring and came face to face with Alyssa. The referee wanted the two of them to separate before calling for the bell, but it didn't look like the two of them were going to do that.

"Aww... little Amber still in a pissy mood? Did the truth hurt when I told it to your face? I've never seen someone so worthless and pathetic before in my life!"


Alyssa hauled off and slapped Amber across the face! The referee Kim Adams had no choice at that point to start this match by calling for the bell.




Amber held her face as Alyssa stepped up and taunted her some more. Amber clenched her fist and turned, decking Alyssa right in the side of the head! Alyssa's head rocked back as Amber grabbed Alyssa in a clinch and forced her into the corner! Amber then relentlessly hammered away on Alyssa with stiff right hands and forearm shots until Alyssa fell into a seated position in the corner. Amber then knelt down and continued the assault as referee Kim Adams warned her to back off.






The referee didn't call for the bell, but she grabbed a hold of Amber and forced her out of the corner. When she did, we could see that Alyssa was bleeding from the nose and mouth!! How stiff were those shots!?

Alyssa checked her face and saw the blood. She pulled herself up and that's when Amber got free from the referee's grip. She charged back in the drove a knee right into Alyssa's mid-section, doubling her over. Amber then went right back to the forearms and punches and again the referee had to issue a five count.






Again, the referee elected to let the match continue by pulling Amber off of Alyssa. Adams did warn her that the next time that happened, it would be an automatic disqualification, but Amber ignored the words of the starlet referee and charged back in hitting a running knee to Alyssa's face while she continued to sit there in the corner! Amber grabbed Alyssa by the hair, which garnered another five count from Adams, but when she got to the count of four, Amber let go of the hair and headbutted Alyssa in the face!

Alyssa rolled under the bottom rope to the outside where she plopped down on the floor. Amber got a full head of steam, leaping over the top rope with a no hands Tope con Giro to the outside, wiping out Alyssa Corliss in the process! Referee Kim Adams stepped outside when Amber grabbed Alyssa by the head and repeatedly slammed it into the floor mats!! The referee tried pulling Amber off of Alyssa, but Amber was hell bent on inflicting more punishment. The referee has no choice, but to call for the bell!




Kim Adams FINALLY got Amber Ryann off of Alyssa. She told her to wait in the ring and to calm down. We could actually see tears in Amber's eyes as a testament to how far she pushed herself to do that. Whether or not Alyssa Corliss deserved any of that remained was a different matter all together.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the winner of this match as a result of a Disqualification... Alyssa Corliss

The people booed as Kim Adams got back into the ring and tried to console Amber Ryann... but then, from out of nowhere...


Someone just laid out Amber Ryann from behind! When we got a good look, it was Tammy Lynn Foster, who came out on iNtense last week and made a statement about Amber Ryann! Tammy had a bit of a problem with the fact that Damien Lee went soft on her for the brutalization of Alyssa Corliss, feeling that she was getting the favoritism treatment. Tammy decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands here by attacking Amber Ryann!

Amber got up onto her hands and knees when Tammy quickly grabbed her and placed her in position for a powerbomb. She lifted Amber up and over, hooking her into the Gory Guerrero Special. From there, she hit a Gory Neckbreaker!


Tammy Lynn Foster looked down on Amber Ryann then spat on her before walking out of the ring in disgust!

Foster issued the warning last week... this week, she took action and the people disliked her for it as they booed her up the entrance ramp until she disappeared behind the curtain. Both Amber and Alyssa were down and out in the ring and at ringside respectively as iNtense faded into commercial break.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Disqualification

"A Challenge to the Clan"

The jOltvision screen lights up with the smiling face of the one and only Donny Layne, with microphone in hand as always. His sharp suit is the latest in a long line of designer apparel he's brought to the jOlt backstage.

By contrast, the man standing to his right wore only a scowl and the dark, hooded cloak that has become familiar to jOlt's fans.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's me Donny Layne here with one of the rising stars here in jOlt - Providence." The cheers of the crowd caused Layne to pause before he continued.

"Now, Providence, I don't mean to open any wounds here, but even though you beat Statuz Quo last week, aren't you still smarting from those losses to Pietro Geist for the Underground Title?" Providence cocked his head in Layne's direction and Donny smiled nervously.

"I mean, no offense, they were great matches. But when you came to jOlt, you talked a lot about a mission and a destiny and so, uh....what have you accomplished really?

Now Providence pulled the hood back from his cloak, revealing an angry glare toward Layne. Donny remained silent for a second before making the decision to continue.

"I guess I'm just curious if you'll ever be able to back..." Before he could finish his sentence, Providence suddenly reached up and snatched away the microphone with his right hand. At the same time, his left hand shoved Layne hard in the chest, sending the interview falling backward and out of the picture. A moment later, Providence turned back to face the camera before finally speaking.

"What is past is past, and all that matters to any man is the future that lies ahead. Those losses to Pietro Geist left me temporarily unsure of what path I would take next to reach the destiny I know awaits me. Temporarily." As he finished that sentence, a slight grin actually came across his face.

"Then came last week's show and I could see the light once more. And I have you to thank, Mr. Inogami." The crowd reacted with cheers, partially at the mention of Kenshiro Inogami and partly at the thought of those two men standing across one another in the squared circle.

"Mr. Inogami...I am honored that you would see me as a potential 'targeted' for you and your Clan. Of all the wrestlers in this organization, I always thought that you were one of the very few with the intelligence truly understand what I am all about. It pleases me to see that I was right in my assessment of you.

"Now that those pleasantries are out of the way, allow me to make something clear to you right now. I am not anyone's target. I am not anyone's prey. I am not anyone's victim. If you want to see what I am all about, then I have an idea for you and your minions.

"Tonight, I am issuing an open challenge to anyone in the Inogami Clan. That is, anyone but you, Mr. Inogami. We'll save that for a more appropriate time. But tonight, I will give you a chance to see all that I am capable of against one of your own. I don't care how you choose or who it is. I'll be in that ring later tonight, and I expect to see one of yours out there as well."

With that, Providence dropped the microphone and walked off into the shadows.

Mack Brody vs Seraph

Mack Brody was on the warpath since last week when the other members of the Heirs of Wrestling – Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway – were both found bloodied and unconscious backstage following their loss to the Tag Team Champions, the Crimson Order, last week. The word backstage was that while this was under investigation, SuperMack had been looking for suspects and thought The Rebellion responsible. They had been regrouping since the shocking revelation that Jon Le Bon – beloved goofball – had orchestrated a plan over the course of several months to get off The Hype and set the building blocks for what would become the Rebellion.

The Rebellion had a penchant for attacks. Many people had felt their wrath including The House, the entirety of Clan Inogami, Landon Stevens, and countless others. Now Brody was set to take on Seraph in a rematch from their Thieves Honor qualifying match tonight.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica.

Darkness enveloped the arena and a single white spotlight shined on the stage after several baited moments. The camera panned up and the massive form of a monster appeared on the stage, standing stoic with arms folded and ready to lay a fucking hurt on somebody. The crowd booed the member of the Rebellion as he started to walk towards the ring. If the Rebellion were involved with the attack on the Heirs of Wrestling, they weren’t saying anything.

“First, making his way to the ring… he weighs in at 351 pounds… representing The Rebellion… this is ”GOD’S WAR MACHINE… SERAPH!

The monster truly believed that his physical gifts were a blessing from the man upstairs and they served him well in the Rebellion’s many wars with members of the roster. The seven-footer stepped onto the ring apron and stepped over the ropes with ease before he stood in the center of the ring, looking up to the sky. His music faded and he waited for his opponent.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a frenetic pace.

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

Seraph hadn’t moved from the center of the ring still as a symbolic message that his ring would belong to him. Brody entered the ring and slammed a fist into the mat in emphatic fashion, sparking up an explosion of golden-hued pyro from all four turnbuckles. Brody was ready…


Referee Simon Boulder was by far the biggest referee at 6’3” and 275 easy, but even he was dwarved by the pair of 300-pounders going at it right now! Seraph tried to get the jump on Brody and caught Midas with a big right hand, but SuperMack fought through the pain and came back with two more shots to the masked monster!

The crowd was 110% firmly behind Brody as he fired back with three more right hands that rocked God’s War Machine, but Seraph fought back with two big rights of his own! Brody was staggered now and he tried a third one, but Brody still blocked and came back with yet another bomb!

Right from Seraph.

Right from Brody.

Right from Seraph.

Right from Brody.

Right from Seraph… BLOCKED!

THREE more fucking rights from Mack Brody!

SuperMack backed him up into the corner and unleashed a hard-hitting series of Shoulder Thrusts to the rib cage of the seven-footer! He fired about five good shots to the corner to wear the Rebellion member down before taking him by the arm and whipping him across the ring!

The former powerlifter charged at the ring full speed ahead only for Seraph to get his foot up catching him in the face to stun him. Brody stumbled around the ring while Seraph charged to the ropes with intent to bowl Brody over only to get caught over the shoulder and DROPPED with a ring-shaking Front Powerslam!

The crowd was going NUTS for the incredible show of strength by Brody taking the big man and mowing him down with such a powerful move! Brody frantically moved into the cover now.



Seraph got his shoulder up, but Brody was a man on a mission looking to beat some answers out of the heavy hitter for the Rebellion. SuperMack picked him up and whipped him across the ring into the corner again and charged, but Seraph moved. Brody hit the corner and that stunned him long enough for Seraph to catch him from behind…


A SICKENING slam drove Brody the hard way into the mat and now he was down! Seraph took a second to recover from Mack Brody’s opening salvo but now the beast was ready to strike. God’s War Machne went right after Brody, burying a big series of knees into the chest of the big man!

Seraph didn’t really care whatever vendetta Brody had; he wanted the win over the former two-time Tag Team Champion and wanted revenge for his loss to in the Thieves Honor qualifier from last month. Seraph continued to drill Brody in the head with a pair of big rights before a back elbow stunned him on his feet. After stunning him with another shot, he whipped him across the ring, but Brody stopped that and sent him flying…


A big Thesz Press by Mack Brody actually took the Chicago native down and Brody followed it up with a flurry of heated rights of his own. SuperMack got back to his feet while still holding his back and when Seraph tried to get back up, Brody floored him with a Big Boot to the face that knocked him right on his ass! Brody slid over and crawled into the cover.




Seraph powered out and proved he wasn’t some pushover When he tried to get back up, Brody threw several stiff Elbow Smashes in the face to try and slow the big man down some more. He bowled the big Seraph into the corner! He unleashed a series of painful Shoulder Thrusts in the corner, driving the wind out of the big monster with each blow. The crowd was deafening as Brody inched his way out of the corner and flexed an arm for the crowd. He charged and connected with a big time Body Splash in the corner stunning big Seraph in the process!


The chants continued as Brody waited for Seraph to get out of the corner. He kicked him in the chest and started looking for his big move that he called The Gold-Digger – a release Exploder Suplex – only for Seraph to quickly elbow his way out! He swung right back at Brody when he ducked underneath and grabbed him by the back of the head. Brody started to flex an arm before he went for his signature clubbing blows that the crowd loved to count along with.



All counting stopped because Brody actually got caught in the back with an elbow of his own, courtesy of Seraph! The big monster fought his way out and when Seraph stood up, he caught Brody flush in the face with a straight right hook! The blow stunned Brody and what was even worse was the fact that he turned around…


A vicious High Elevation Spinebuster nearly SHOOK the ring from the impact! Seraph kneeled over and hooked the leg.




Brody was still in the fight, however, Seraph wasn’t letting up any. He snatched Brody up by an arm and threw SuperMackin the corner! He held him in place and pressed an elbow down into his throat until Simon Boulder stepped in to count between the two big bulls.

“Break it up, Seraph!” Simon shouted. “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!”

Seraph backed off and reached a hand out ready to slap the big referee, but Boulder wasn’t going to be intimidated by anybody. Seraph turned back around and God’s War Machine drilled Brody with a series of back elbows to the face with intent of wearing him down some more. He pulled him out of the corner when Brody swung back with a Double Sledge to break his grip! SuperMack fought back and hit the ropes…


The ring shook from the impact of over six-hundred pounds combined crashing into the mat, but Seraph got his big power move in and now the tide was in his favor again as he covered SuperMack.




The replays flashed on the JoltVision as the big Chokeslam by Seraph was shown. He connected with the big blow and stunned him long enough to pick another big move. He powered Mack Brody to a seated position and pulled back his elbow pad before aiming a pointed shot right to the top of Brody’s dome! SuperMack goes reeling and that’s when Seraph dropped a simple and effective Leg Drop across the throat of The Bronze Bomber!




Brody gets the shoulder up again, but Seraph stayed on the attack. As Brody tried to stand again, rushed him back into the corner and choked him with a boot across his throat. He kept the foot pressed against his neck and Mack tried to remove it, all the while Simon Boulder warned him to cut the shit.

jOlt’s Last Real Man enjoys the beatdown that Seraph is handing out and keeps the pressure on Brody. He grabs him by the arm and sends him flying across the ring again by dropping him with a simple ragdoll toss that dropped SuperMack on the ground. With the chance to end things, Seraph headed to the second rope with every intent of finishing off the big member of the Heirs of Wrestling. The crowd continued to cheer for Brody as Seraph jumped…


Seraph m
The big Rebellion member went tumbling back into the ropes and when he bounced back, he was blasted in the chest with a hard elbow to the jaw! Brody came back with two more big shots before getting some momentum off the ropes and connecting with a big Running Shoulder Tackle in the corner! Seraph was stunned so he ran off the ropes and went looking for his big Running Knee Lift when Seraph sidestepped it!

He turned around and tried to scoop Brody up only for the big Bronze Bomber to slip back out behind him. Seraph turned around and gave SuperMack the ability to turn the tables with a HARD Discus Punch to the side of the head! The crowd groaned from the shot when Brody set Seraph up for something big. Jeremy Ryan was flipping his shit at ringside watching Brody fight back…


Super Strength by SuperMack was on display as he SUPLEXED the 350-pound Seraph over his head! He rolled over and hooked both legs of the big monster of the Rebellion.




Seraph kicked out, but Brody wans’t finished! He started to stand, but Seraph caught him underneath the jaw with an uppercut. This gave Seraph the opening he needed to grab him by the arm and set him up… he was looking for his move…


…. NO! Brody powered out! He pushed him away and when Seraph came running back, he doubled him over with a kick and Mack pounded on his chest before pulling Seraphup. He kicked him in the stomach and set him up over the shoulder…

Could he?

No way….



The crowd went fucking crazy! He managed to powerbomb 350 pounds of Seraph damn near THROUGH the canvas! Mack hooked both legs and went for an emphatic cover!




Brody climbed off of Seraph and crawled back to his feet. He had been through a real fight tonight with the beast of the Rebellion and used the ropes to lean back and relax for a second.


SuperMack didn’t hear anything beyond the announcement. His eyes were fixated on the fallen Seraph.


Brody was about to leave the ring, perhaps for a weapon, but that all stopped when the jOltVision flickered to life…

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall


Rainbow Serpent dropped his gym bag on the ground and pulled open his locker. Unzipping the bag he began to rummage inside when he was interrupted by a voice.

"What on Earth are you playing at, son?"

Serpent turned to find Vinny Zahorian standing there, arms folded and displeased.

"I feel fine, Vinny. I need to get back in the ring, bro. I already had a week's rest, hey? Feel on top'f my game, cuz," the rookie proclaimed.

"Is that so?" questioned the Head Trainer.

Serpent nodded as Zahorian steppes forward and gave the rookie's ribs a slight poke. Wincing visibly, Rainbow Serpent retreated back a step.


Zahorian turned to leave. "Now imagine that multiplied by one hundred, Serpent, when somebody wails a stiff blow. Go home, kid."


Barking with authority, Zahorian snapped. "GO - HOME!"

And he left, leaving Rainbow Serpent scowling and rezipping his gym bag. The kid was not cleared for action courtesy of the beating from Orphan at Thieves Honor. And he looked unlikely to be getting in anytime soon.

"Ask Not..."

The scene opened with a casual panning of the camera training itself onto the esteemed Donny Layne whom was seen breifly adjusting his tie before clearing his throat and formally addressing the awaiting public.

“Hello jOlt Wrestling fans...” Layne opened. “Welcome back to The Fast Layne and my next guest has an immediate rebuttal for my previous guest earlier this evening and without further adieu, representing the Inogami Clan, the manager of the reigning jOlt World Tag Team Champions and the clan elder statesman...Ladies & Gentlemen; please welcome Mr. Mamoru....”

A subtle yet notable response was overhead as the seasoned spokesman sauntered casually out from the left, accompanied by his personally appointed bodyguard in Shoji. The Hokota Holocaust sent his broad muscular frame to his master’s immediate right flank with both arms folded across his chest. Mamoru expressed himself as the consummate professional by warmly shaking the extended host’s hand.

“It’s a pleasure to be here speaking with you again, Mr. Layne.” Mamoru mentioned.

“Thank you , sir.” Layne replied. “Now, getting right into the thick of things; there was a direct and opened challenge issued your clan for tonight made by one of jOlt’s rising stars. One of the more prominent names that made his name in the now defunct the Asylum by the name of Providence. On the behalf of the Inogami Clan, what is your response to said challenge?”

“Well, 1st and foremost, I wish to extend my congratulations to the developmental league Tag Team Champions in their unexpected victory.” Mamoru mentioned with an air of suppressed frustration. “It would seem that this was the needed motivator to the current Retainers of the jOlt Tag Team Championships. I have spoken to both Heido & Takeshi and expressed my personal concerns in the aftermath of this yet I humbly assure you, just as I have done with them, that this was a humbling experience. Hubris is a weighted anchor and now that together, they have experienced the consequences in towing such a burden first hand, I strongly believe we can expected The Crimson Order to no doubt redeem themselves.”

“With that having been said, on the behalf of Lord Kenshiro, I say unto Mr. Providence; your message has been received.” Mamoru continued. “Tonight, in regards to your shall have your answer soon enough. However, Mr. Providence...I forewarn you; stand very careful in what you ask you are just as certain to gain much more than you have even bargained for...”

“Well, gentlemen; thank you for your time...” Layne replied as he again extended his hand to Mamoru, whom shook it once more.

“...Until next time, Mr. Layne...” Mamoru warmly responded. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

The pair of ninjas slowly made their egress, leaving Layne to endure the visual fade on his own.

Eiji Kugasari vs Lennox Love

The Arena of Champions opened up with a warm pop as the opening guitar riffs of "Kiss" by Prince & The Revolution escaped from the overhead PA system. On cue, ½ of the one time jOlt World Tag Champions greeted the crowd with a rhythmic dance session. The lanky Lothario continued to woo the ladies with his intense gyrations and movements as his esteemed and obese tag team partner followed suit with some exaggerated air grinding of his own. A cadre of catcalls flocked toward the voluptuous pair in Cookies & Cream whom were extra friendly to their unashamed admirers...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing First; making his way from Harlem, New York! Accompanied by his tag team partner, ’The Candy Man’ Samuel Sweet and his manager, Jon Katz, Jr., weighting in at 222 pounds...LENNOX ’The Love Machine’ LOVE!!!

Camera 2 would spare several moments to allow both Love & Sweet to ‘entice’ the female viewers at home before Katz Junior led both men towards the squared circle. Adorned with his Purple & Gold feather boa, Sweet would continue playing to the crowd as his slender counterpart slid under the bottom ropes. A minute session of humping the canvas led Love to windmill to a knee, pointing each index finger out to the stands before scaling the nearest turnbuckle. A playful shimmy came with the gradual removal of his matching vest before leaving it flared open. Lennox casually patted his well manicured afro shortly after his descent and inaudible conversation with Referee Mike Hunt. The musical interlude was intentionally suffocated by the encroaching darkness...

”Dawn Awaits {Extended Version}” by Cliff Lin

A strong pro-Inogami Clan influence was heard throughout numerous sections of the arena as a familiar silhouette arose from the strobe lit overcast. A set of knuckles remained gnarled as the young prodigy’s head remained downcast before initiating the preliminary display of martial arts katas. An angry upheaval of pyrotechnical fury ate away at the remaining darkness, leaving the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion slowly rasing his head to stare at his intended target...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

The Prince of Puroresu slowly scanned the horizon before making his way towards the ringside area by his lonesome. The opposing party would inaudibly encourage their slender representative in the face of a formidable challenge as Eiji rounded the northeastern ring post and briefly knelt along the ring apron to stoically acknowledge the crowd before passing through the ropes. The Tantalizing Twins were seen rubbing Love’s shoulders as Kugasari swept the hair from his face during his walk to his assigned corner. The Blood Raven wring the tension from his extremities while staring coldly at his opposition whom were busy hyping Lennox up for battle...


The referee officially ended the ninja’s brief yet notable sabbatical from in ring action as both Eiji & Lennox were all business with their respective approaches. Lennox generated an ongoing series of unified clapping as the encircling duo shifted about with Lennox slipping free from the Elbow/Collar Tie Up. Both Cookies & Cream offered a unified Ric Flair tribute of their own as Love playfully smoothed out his afro with a series of gentle pats. The Love Machine executed the Splits to evade the incoming ninja’s Running Lariat. The clan lieutenant caromed off the ropes and executed the Step Over with the returning ninja countering the Standing Hip Toss with a Monkey Flip that highlighted the underrated agility of Lennox Love. The swift Back Kick to the midsection was proceeded by an expedient Hammer Throw in which he connected with a Vaulting Flying Cross Body! ...1! 1 ½ and the Blood Raven kicked away Lennox away from him who would floor Eiji with a Textbook High Dropkick to the Jaw, leading Love to quickly crawl after him for the cover...1! ...2! No dice as the ninja again kicked out prompting the slender aerialist to chase after him as Eiji rolled off the ring apron to recollect himself.

Both hands on his hips, the Japanese native took his time to wrest back control of his temper as an over anxious Lennox inaudibly motioned for the ninja to get back inside the ring. Referee Mike Hunt maneuvered Love to grant Eiji a respectable distance upon reentry. A subtle nod was given before slowly pacing about to assess his opposition. Tenative hands continued probing defenses before a skittish Lennox jumped back from the advancing Kugasari’s Single Hand Leg Sweep who would double Love over with a Spinning Back Kick to the midsection. A Snap Mare left Love in position to feel the pain of a blistering Kick between the shoulder blades before locking in with The Burning Sands Submission - Figure 4 Neck Lock. Lennox continued to wave off the referee while seeking to low crawl himself towards the nearby ring ropes to eventually make the break. Hunt’s hard count to 4 prompted the ninja to swivel to his feet and again kick him across the lower back, forcing him onto the ring apron. Eiji strode to the opposing ropes and sent the slender Harlem native spilling out along the floor with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Holding onto the bottom ropes, the agile ninja kipped himself up and over the middle ropes to measure his rising challenger...A Vaulting OTR Asai Moon Sault the hardcore aerialist sprawled out along the floor once more.

The Blood Raven stoically scanned the front row before grabbing Love by the back of his neck and gained a running lead toward the ring apron. Lennox extended his foot against the ring apron to execute an expedient Tiger Wall Flip out of harm’s way before stunning Eiji with a Spinning Back Kick, hitting the splits and staggering the ninja back with an Upwards Throat Jab before driving his boots into the ninja’s stomach to complete the Reverse Somersault to his feet. Love took a few seconds to rid himself of the cobwebs to measure his target before rushing his competition...A Reverse STO against the ring apron garnered a reaction from the crowd as Love drunkenly staggered about backwards before being force fed a Spinning Roundhouse Heel Kick! Love’s entourage were cautious as they were adamant with their mixed support and protest on the behalf of their comrade as Kugasari wisely reset the count to batter him with a pair of Short Arm Forearm Strikes before being shoved back inside the ring. A dazed Lennox began to stagger himself back up vertically as Eiji remained poised atop the turnbuckles before taking flight...

Hanzo’s Comet - Front Flipping Seated Senton(Molly Go Round)



Jon Katz Jr. & company warmly rallied behind their highly eccentric peer as he survived with a string Kick Out, leaving Eiji to give pause before grabbing his opponent by the Afro. Unknowingly, this would draw the ire from the Love Machine whom would grow angrily in response from the Clenched Forearm Strike. Again, the ninja would blast Love across the jaw with a Right Hand yet Lennox’s gnashing canines and knuckles became more prominent before parrying the Overhand Left Hook and retaliating with a Hard Right Jab. Again, Love would counter another attack with a Right Hand before moving the crowd with a succession of Measured Boxing Punches. The reeling former jOlt World Champion swung and missed, leaving himself prey to be spun about by a Spinning Roundhouse Kick before standing the ninja up with a swift Back Elbow to hit a dead sprint toward the opposing ropes and connecting with a Running Leg Lariat. A European Uppercut unceremoniously greeted the rising ninja before leading him away with an Irish Whip. The Prince of Puroresu hit the Reversal into the neutral corner hard yet his foil countered by wisely hit the Splits before drilling the clan lieutenant with a hard Super Kick! The 1x jOlt Champion slumped into the corner into a seated position as the masses rallied behind the rejuvenated Lennox Love who pointed to his target for crowd approval before executing a Kick & Play Kick Step Dance, driving his boot heel against the ninja’s head 3 times before pointing high into the stands before hitting the Splits, driving his foot against the ninja’s nut sack! The smooth Harlem representative quickly stood himself erect to scan the stands once more defiantly...


Samuel Sweet and Company were heavy into a jovial mood as the ailing ninja recoiled from the innovative attack before Love dragged him away from the corner by the legs and hooked the legs deep...



The audience groaned as the ninja kicked out, leaving Love with a taunt jaw while standing to pull his opponent to his feet. A Textbook Scoop Slam led Lennox to point to the turnbuckles before passing through the ropes and scaling his way upward. Slowly standing himself erect, Love took time to pat his once molested Afro before extending both index fingers outward...

Love Potion No. 450

The Lanky Lothario literally crashed & burned as Eiji wisely rolled out of harm’s way. Both men were down yet Kugasari breifly watched Love still writhing along the canvas before Lennox drunkenly stood himself erect. Eiji turned the Love Machine inside out with a torrid Leg Sweep before crushing him with a Standing Shooting Star Splash! Kugasari hooked the leg deep...1! ...2! Love jerked his body away wildly to free himself yet the relentless ninja swivelled about and utilized a stiff Soccer Kick to the ribs to set Lennox on all fours before going to work on his ailing opponent with a Lotus Lock. Referee Mike Hunt knelt down to assess the ailing Love who’s peers began rallying the crowd to support him. A few fits of yelling aided him into inch his way closer to the ropes. A last ditch effort was made to drape his foot atop the ropes yet the resourceful Puroresu expert bound Love up into a quick Crucifix Pin....1! ...2! Love managed to Reverse Somersault himself onto all fours, allowing Eiji to commit to a La Magistral Pin! ....1! ...2! Again, Lennox Love set himself free by rolling himself back onto both knees as a streaking Kugasari caromed off the opposing ropes...A brutal Scoop Power Slam became Love’s saving grace to buy him some sufficient time to recover from the offensive onslaught as the referee started his hard count...




Love was seen shaking his head while slowly peeling himself off the mat...



Eiji was seen sitting up to eat a Sliding Lariat by Love before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kugasari shot the shoulder up, leaving Lennox to look for answers form his peers before shooting to the ropes for a Running Ax Kick. Eiji spun about and took Love over into a Back Slide Pin yet the momentum allowed Lennox to stagger himself erect and charge after the sinewy ninja...


Eiji's sequenced assault of a Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw caused violently eroded Love’s vertical base before setting him up for the finishing blow...

The Shinobi Sunset!

The audience groaned as Lennox was violently spiked into the canvas skull first with a Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver before Eiji hooked the leg deeply on the lifeless Lennox. The rest was academic...




”Dawn Awaits {Extended Version} by Cliff Lin promptly rang true from the PA system in celebration of a victorious Eiji who knelt beside the fallen Love to stare deep into Camera 1. The clan lieutenant casually stood himself erect to allow Referee Mike Hunt to briefly raise his hand in acknowledgment before joining Love’s peers in attending to the knocked out Lennox. Notably, the ring rust was made evident yet the former jOlt Champion quietly stood to watch Sweet, Sweet Loving and company working to carefully remove their ailing brother out of the ring in defeat. The often charismatic quartet in Cookies, Cream, Jon Katz Jr. & Samuel Sweet stared back at the stoic ninja who would begin his egress from the squared circle and make his way toward the backstage area hellbent on redemption...

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Pinfall

"Real Opportunities"

We were now backstage where none other than the lovely Dawn Cassidy was standing in the backstage area, getting ready to interview her next guest. She looked a little bit unpleased to be there in this moment, but took in a deep breath, put on her best happy face, and pressed on.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We have two HUGE matches announced for later tonight! The Death Wish Pay-Per-View will be highlighted where the Underground takes center stage! Tonight’s main event will see the current champion Pietro Geist defend his championship against his biggest opposition yet. He will take on the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion and member of The House, Adam Roebuck!”

The crowd CHEERED in the background at the prospect of the two big bulls going mano y mano with no rules.

“But that’s not all. The winner of that match will face the winner of our other big match of the evening! The most decorated man in jOlt today and a man who has become synonymous with the Underground will face a man that has made waves, but has yet to even set foot in an Underground match. Tonight, the self-professed King of Hell himself – Derecho – will go one-on-one with my guest at this time…”

And the reason that she looked a little bit disgusted…

Well, that’s because a chauvinistic, bitter, mean-spirited asshole who believed himself to be the pinnacle of all masculinity stepped on the scene.

“Jeremy Ryan.”

“Don’t look so sad to see me there, Pretty-tits!”

…And he had a big smile on his face. Thought that didn’t stop him from correcting her.

“And that’s JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… Jeremy Ryan, thank you.”

“Uh… right…” Dawn rolled her eyes. “Tonight, Jeremy Ryan, some would say that you’re at a major disadvantage going into this match. As stated before, Derecho is a man that has made his jOlt career with the Underground Championship. Whereas while you have a reputation as a tough man in the ring, you’ve never set foot in an Underground match. What are your thoughts?”

“My thoughts? Do you want to know why I’m happy? Because finally, finally, finally… fucking finally, Damien Lee either saw the light of God or the fact that Jon Le Bon has been making a fucking fool out of everybody or something made that punk bitch see the light of day and now I have one shot… a legitimate shot to finally tell everybody what I’ve been saying along… that this place needs a TOUGH GUY as one of its champions. Somebody that actually EARNS respect with a championship around here! Derecho and his weird fucking temper tantrums don’t deserve that belt. That sad sack of shit lost his title in his first defense.”

Ryan laughed.

“Landon Stevens? What I’ve beaten Ramey without needing to cheat and I didn’t need to hook his tights like a bitch. I’ve dropped Ramey on his head so many times in the last few months, he thinks he actually HAS a chance to win a title before I do here… but the new person on my shitlist?


“And may I ask what he has done to earn your ire?” Dawn asked.

“My ire? My ire?! That German piece of shit hasn’t earned my ire… he’s got my full fucking attention now! My business with Ramey last week was just that… MY business. And then this big fucker DARES to show up, attack me and act like he’s king shit around here just because he has the Underground Title? He thinks that HE’S the toughest man in jOlt? Kid, while your big ass was on a boat somewhere hoping to come to America, I’ve been kicking asses in jOlt for months. I hope that it’s Geist that can beat that fat piece of shit, Adam Roebuck tonight because I want to look that fuck dead in the eye and realize what HE’S going to be in for after I beat Derecho tonight.”

Ryan popped the bones in his knuckles before he continued.

“You’re asking me what I’m going to do when I set foot into the ring with Derecho? I’m going to drop that motherfucker on his head with a Piledriver… the same as I’ve been doing to everybody else in the last several months. What you SHOULD do now is go find Derecho in his mom’s basement or a church or wherever he’s cutting his little emo promos and ask him what HE’S going to do when he steps into the ring with jOlt’s Last Real Man?”

Jeremy Ryan smirked before he turned away from Dawn, leaving her feeling a lot dirtier than when she began this interview.

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Monica

Monica was standing in the ring ready for action as she waited for her opponent.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. The jOlt rookie Tammy Lynn Foster makes her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She slowly walked down the ramp as she got a mixed reaction from the fans from her earlier attack on Amber Ryann. She finally made her way to the ring, sliding under the bottom ropes. Foster stood in the ring and raised her arms in the air to the cheers of the fans.

Monica sneered at the woman from Oklahoma City as she moved around in the ring. Tammy Lynn was the bigger of the two starlets as she wanted to use her weight advantage over Monica.

The bell sounded as the two women locked up in the middle of the ring. TL pushed Monica to the mat showing her power. Tammy reached down and grabbed Monica by the hair, picking her up and slamming her to the mat very hard. Tammy Lynn spoke last week about making a statement and now she is trying to back up her words. Tammy grabbed Monica by the hair and shoved her into the corner. Tammy nailed Monica with a big right hand that sent the starlet to her bottom on the mat. Tammy pulled Monica and hooked her in a front chancery before sending her to the mat with a vicious snap suplex.

Tammy hooked Monica’s leg for the cover.




Monica was able to get her shoulder up as Tammy pulled her up off the mat. TL grabbed Monica by the arm and whipped her into the ropes. Tammy went for a clothesline but Monica ducked and nailed Tammy with a dropkick to the knee. Tammy went down to one knee before Monica quickly grabbed her and drove her to the mat with a big DDT. Monica quickly hooked Tammy leg’s for the cover.




Tammy with a powerful kick out. Monica grabbed Tammy’s leg and locked in leg lock in the middle of the ring. Monica was a pure submission specialist and she was trying to show jOlt her skills. Monica made it to her feet and kicked Tammy in her thigh. Monica looked around the arena before kicking Tammy in her thigh again. Tammy tried to kick Monica off her but Monica was determined as she dropped an elbow on Tammy’s leg.

Tammy tried to move away but Monica grabbed Tammy’s leg again and tried to hook a figure four but Tammy pushed her away. Monica was pushed back to the ropes as Tammy tried to get to her feet. Monica raced in and nailed Tammy with the Grill Splitter. Tammy fell back to the corner. Monica smiled as she nailed Tammy with rights and lefts in the corner. Monica pulled Tammy from the corner and whipped her into the opposite corner.

Monica raised her arms in the air before racing across the ring toward the corner.


Tammy exploded out of the corner with a big clothesline that tuned Monica inside out. Tammy dropped down for a cover.




Monica was still in this match as Tammy sat up from the pin attempt. Tammy stood up and looked out into the crowd. She raised her arm high in the air before bending down and grabbing Monica by the hair. She placed Monica in a power bomb position before left her up.


The devastating Gory Neck breaker just took Monica down hard. Tammy hooked her leg for the cover.




Tammy Lynn Foster just picked up a big victory as she rolled off Monica with a smirk. She continues to make a statement as she wants to get noticed in the starlet division.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

Providence vs Shoji

The sounds of "Stinkfist" by Tool once again filled the arena, which was now black with darkness. As the sounds kicked into high gear, the jOltvision screen lit up with the familiar word - PROVIDENCE. A broad beam of gold would descend from the heavens to segregate the living shadow from the prominent darkness. The infamous enigma would hold firm in his position atop the apex of the entrance staging area...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st; from Cincinnati, Ohio...Weighing in at 255 pounds...PROVIDENCE!!!

As usual, the hooded figure of Providence walked down to the ring with the spotlight on him, the cheers of the crowd accompanying him. Once inside the ring, Providence removed his cloak and handed it to one of the ring attendants before turning back to face the entrance way. His eyes stared ahead intently as he rubbed his hands together, waiting to see who would make their way down to accept the challenge. By this time, his music had stopped and all that remained was the murmur of the crowd, making their own guesses about who Providence's opponent would be from the Inogami Clan.

’Pyrotechnics’ by Cliff Lin

On cue, a prominent pulse of light would flash briefly before a smoldering abundance of smoke would be penetrated a muscular specimen. Upon the 3rd impulse, a 2nd figure would stand beside the man in question before being briefly immersed back into the darkness. The ensemble of arena lighting began dancing on cue. A set of gnarling knuckles would match the ninja’s demanor during his prominent advancement toward the ringside area...

Carrington: “...And his opponent, representing the Inogami Clan...Accompanied by his manager, Mamoru...He hails from Hokota, Japan...Weighting in at 285 pounds...He is the Hokota Holocaust...SHOJI!!!

The opposing duo would continued exchanging frozen glares at one another as the musical interlude faded out of earshot. Camera 1 would monitor both men as they stood in opposite corners of the ring waiting for the bell. Although Shoji's face couldn't be seen, his eyes were clearly visible and were locked in on Providence's, which returned the gaze in kind. Both men looked on intently, plenty of violence in mind.

The bell rang and the two men moved forward, with Providence taking a first swing. But Shoji ducked and returned fire with a back elbow headed straight for Providence's nose. Providence blocked the elbow and lifted up his right leg for a kick to Shoji's ribcage...but Shoji reacted in time to catch Providence's leg with his left arm and then with his free arm knocked Providence to the ground with a palm thrust to the chest. With Providence on his back, Shoji leaped to drop a knee to his opponent...but this time it was Providence reacting by rolling out of the way just in time.

The crowd applauded the stalemate of close combat as the adversaries eyed each other from a few feet away. Providence had a slight grin as he pulled himself up from one knee, while Shoji nodded silently.

A second later, they were locked up again in a collar and elbow tie up, each man struggling to gain an advantage. They took turns holding an edge for a few seconds at a time as they backed into one side of ropes and then worked themselves into a corner with Shoji's back against the turnbuckles. Providence looked to have control then, but Shoji worked himself free enough to land a crisp European uppercut that staggered Providence backward. Sensing an opening, Shoji moved forward and leaped into the air with a spin kick that connected with the side of Providence's face. The momentum drove Providence to slump against the ropes to his right and Shoji wasn't about to let up. He came up behind Providence and wrapped his arms tightly around his waist and slammed him backwards with a German suplex and a bridge for an early pin attempt...



Kickout by Providence to beat the three count. Shoji appeared prepared for the kickout, as he bounced back to his feet right away, He pulled Providence from his knees and sent him hurtling toward the opposite side of the ring. As Providence bounded off the ropes and headed back toward him, Shoji took a couple of steps and then left his feet for what would be a vicious lariat...

...except Providence saw it coming, deftly hitting the mat to roll underneath the lariat attempt. Just as Shoji turned back around, Providence was there to meet him with a right, a left and another right, all solid shots to the face. Now it was Providence looking to take control, continuing to push Shoji backward with hard chops across the chest. With Shoji's back against the ropes, Providence started to whip him across to the opposite side, but Shoji reversed it with eyes on sending Providence across instead...yet Providence was able to reverse THAT before Shoji could do anything and counter with a boot to the midsection. Then with Shoji doubled over, Providence quickly hooked Shoji's arms and spiked him into the mat with a double-arm DDT before making the cover...



THR-NO! A stunned Shoji got a shoulder up in time to avoid the loss. Despite the short length of the match so far, both men were breathing a little heavy due to the quick action and counters.

Providence was back up first, while Shoji pulled himself to one knee with the aid of the ring ropes. Not wanting to give Shoji any recovery time, Providence moved in, hitting a running knee to Shoji's jaw that sent him through the middle rope and on the edge of the apron. Providence backed off for a moment and waited for Shoji to get back to his feet, then charged ahead with another strike in mind.

Instead, it was what Shoji had in mind that mattered, as the Inogami Clan member ducked down and drove his shoulder through the middle ropes to crash into Providence's rib cage and halt him in his tracks. As Providence staggered backward clutching his ribs, Shoji used the ropes to slingshot himself into the air and hit the stunned Providence with a cross body. As the two men hit the mat, Shoji immediately hooked the leg for a chance at the win...



Kickout! Much like Shoji minutes ago, Providence was now the one to barely avoid a loss. The split crowd reacted with relief and surprise as Shoji eyed his opponent closely. Before Providence could get up, Shoji was moving in now, wrapping his right arm like a vice around Providence's neck with a rear chin lock. Shoji alternated a couple of times between letting the hold go to drive a knee into Providence's neck and putting it on again and cinching it tighter.

Summoning up as much strength as possible, Providence forced his way up from the mat, first to a knee and then gradually up to his feet. To help do so, he drove his left elbow repeatedly into Shoji's midsection, but the ninja refused to let go. Even as Providence forced his way to his feet and backed Shoji against the ropes, the chinlock remained on.

Sensing he was losing control of the hold, Shoji suddenly shifted and looked to transition the hold into a dragon sleeper. Before he could lock it in, though, Providence used a final bit of force to drive Shoji backward into a nearby corner and followed it up with a shoulder block to his abdomen to drive him against the turnbuckles a second time. Providence backed up for a minute to get his bearings and then ran forward for another attack in the corner.

What he found was a boot to the face from Shoji and as Providence held his jaw and turned back to the middle of the ring, Shoji moved forward and took the opportunity to wrap his arms around Providence's waist to set up for...


The move drove Providence face first into the mat and Shoji was quick to roll him over for a pin attempt...



THR-kickout! Shoji looked hard at the referee as he got up to a knee but the official reiterated that it was only a two count. The crowd again reacted with a mix of emotions, some happy Providence was still alive and others disappointed Shoji's hand wasn't being raised yet. As Providence wearily got to a knee near one of the corners, Shoji grabbed his hair to pull him up the rest of the way and pushed him into the corner. Just as Providence had done to him, Shoji used the advantage to drive his right shoulder into his opponent's midsection several times. Then, he used the ropes to keep his balance as he lifted his right leg up and pressed his foot against Providence's neck to choke the air out of him. The referee came over to get Shoji to break the hold and he did, just before the official reached the five count.

Feeling he might just be one big move away, the Hokota Nightmare kicked Providence once more in the ribs and then with him doubled over began to set up for one of his favorite moves - a fall away pump handle slam he called the Tengu Plex.

But as he was lifted into the air, Providence was aware enough to get free and slide down to land on his feet behind his opponent. Shoji reacted fast and spun around with an elbow, but Providence ducked that and stunned him with a kick to the knee. Providence then grabbed Shoji immediately and locked his head between his legs before lifting him up over his head and falling backward...


Shoji's face drove right into the top turnbuckle in the corner, his neck snapping violently. Providence paused momentarily as he regained his senses and then pulled Shoji away from the corner before dropping for a cover...



Kickout! As the referee adamantly signaled "2" to the crowd and the wrestlers, both men breathed heavily on the mat. A moment later, the referee began a count. As he reached 7, Providence was finally up and moving slowly over to Shoji. He bent down to try and pull Shoji up, but the ninja alertly grabbed his arm and pulled him to the mat to lock in a fujiwara arm bar. Providence grimaced in pain immediately, but reacted quickly, managing to work himself free of the hold before Shoji could truly lock himself in. As he did so, Providence slid around onto Shoji's back and put on his own patented submission hold...


The crowd reacted loudly to seeing the finisher, while it was Shoji's turn to groan in pain. Unfortunately for Providence, the struggle on the mat had left the two men near one side of the ropes and Shoji was able to reach out and barely get a hand on the bottom rope, forcing the referee to have Providence break the hold.

The two men rose to their feet and moved toward one another. Providence landed a right and Shoji responded with a chop. Providence landed another right and again Shoji replied with a chop. When Providence tried a third right, Shoji ducked and cracked Providence with a back elbow before sending him into the ropes. As Providence came back toward him, Shoji lifted him up onto his shoulders for what appeared to be a Samoan drop.

But Providence had one more counter left and a well placed elbow to the side of Shoji's head allowed him to come free. As Shoji turned around, Providence locked his right arm around his neck and shoulder with only one thing in mind...


Shoji was driven hard into the mat, and Providence made the cover...




The bell rang and the sounds of "Stinkfist" filled the arena, along with plenty of cheers from the crowd for both men after their back and forth match.

As the referee held up Providence's arm, he steadied himself with the ropes nearby and looked over at Shoji. The two warriors locked eyes and nodded with respect.

Winner: Providence via Pinfall

"Enough Talk"

After Providence and Shoji cleared the ring, “Faster” by Within Temptation caught the attention of the arena and the crowd started jeering for the appearance of a woman who had really found herself now embroiled in the midst of the Starlets Title hunt! The Rebellion’s own Starlet representative, the dark-haired raven known as … well, Raevynn came out from the back with a microphone in hand already.

“Cut that music!” She screamed.

The music faded out quickly and looked out to the sea of screaming fans from on top of the ramp.

“I can talk about what I did to Cassidy Kyle at Thieves Honor, but you all saw that. I can also talk about our quote, unquote ”esteemed” champion, Charlotte, but I’m going to let you all watch what I did to that red witch last week.”

She gestured up to the jOlt-vision and the crowd took notice of Charlotte’s interview from last week…

“I’m challenging not just the hardest-working ladies on the planet here in jOlt to fight me. I’ll take on ANYBODY!. I mean the ladies of Intense, those on The Hype stealing the show every night! I willw work to become the greatest Starlets Champion of all time! You hear me, jOlt? His is an open call for somebody to fight!”

The crowd cheered at the announcement of Charlotte continuing to be a fighting champion.


The sentence was never finished. From out of nowhere, the champion was blindsided with an elbow to the face! Charlotte had no time to react and was thrown against the set by her assailant! Dawn Cassidy scattered from the scene as Charlotte tried to defend herself with some fists to her attacker, but the masked assailant grabbed her by the hair and tossed her into the metal grating that held up a portion of the set!

Charlotte was on the ground slumped over and with a nasty gash in her forehead as she tried to crawl upwards. The hooded woman reached over and Charlotte snatched the hood back revealing…


The Starlet representative of The Rebellion had just launched a vicious assault on the champion backstage! She was successful with a win over Cassidy Sky and wanted to follow that up by staking a claim at the title. She picked up the belt in her arms and grinned at the reflection staring back at her.

“Consider your challenged answered … hon …”

Cassidy dropped the title at the feet of Charlotte and walked off happy with the impression she left.

… And now back to a loud and jeering crowd followed by a happy Raevynn.

“There’s too much talk in this division and not enough action. In case I need to spell it out for you inbred hacks … that was me accepting your challenge, Charlotte. Anywhere … any ti-“

She was cut off by an attack from behind by the champion!

An angry Starlets Champion stood over Raevynn now in black jeans and the signature jOlt “Don’t Bet Against The House” shirt. The loud and proud crowd of Orlando cheered while Charlotte picked up the mic that Raevynn had dropped and yelled for the fans.

“For once, hon, I agree. Let’s do this, pasty-face …”

Raevynn tried to crawl away down the ramp while cradling her back in pain but now Charlotte was on a mission to inflict some pain on her new rival. The attack continued when she picked her up by her hair but Raevynn pushed her away. She went to try and throw Charlotte into the barricade, but The Vegas Vixen was a little quicker on the draw and threw her right into the wall~!


The crowd was growing louder for the champion as she took Raevynn by her hair and led her back into the ring. Charlotte was about to close in on her …

“Charlotte! Hey, up here!”

The crowd started to yell when none other than the mastermind behind the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon, now appeared at the top of the ramp. Charlotte turned back towards him for all of one second and then her attention was back on Raevynn, but that lapse in judgment cost her when Raevynn clawed her in the eye!

Charlotte’s eye was being raked by Raevynn now and the Rebellion’s Starlet representative had her stunned. She rolled her around by the neck…


And the crowd jeered again! Jon Le Bon’s convenient appearance led to Raevynn taking back control and now Charlotte was laid out on the canvas courtesy of Raevynn’s elevated inverted DDT. After Raevynn had attacked Charlotte, Jon Le Bon walked across the stage with a microphone in hand. He looked down at the ring and saw Charlotte laid out and Raevynn standing over her. Le Bon had a smile on his face as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Raevynn.. you were successful at Thieves Honor in defeating Cassidy Sky.. and you demonstrated your ability quite well right now against Charlotte who, obviously, couldn't withstand your attack just now. It is for these reasons that I am exercising my rights to book for The Rebellion.. and at Death Wish.. Raevynn.. you will have the task of defeating Charlotte one on one. Oh.. and Charlotte.. dear.. if you're not unconscious and you can hear the sound of my voice... let it be known that this match will be for the Starlet Championship."

The audience booed.

"At Death Wish.. The Rebellion shall rise again and we will erase our embarrassment brought forth upon us by Damien Lee. We will return to our dominating position atop this stinkig heap of a roster and we WILL take all of the top spots here in jOlt... at Death Wish.. it begins with you Raevynn.. do NOT fail me."

Raevynn smiled and reached into her tights, pulling out a black feather. She then laid it upon Charlotte's chest as she exited the ring and headed up the ramp where she stood side by side with Jon Le Bon. The two of them looked back at the fallen Starlet Champion before disappearing behind the curtain to the back.

Sarah Winterton vs Desiree

As Charlotte exited, she would just miss an opportunity to run into her greatest rival.

It had not been a good few weeks for the self-professed “Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton. She had gone from losing her title rematch against Charlotte to being shut out of contention for the belt as long as Charlotte remained champion. Last week, things went from bad to worse when she thought she could interrupt a match with the former fighter Callie “Scrapper” Scott only to eat a Superwoman Punch for her troubles.

Tonight, Winterton would fight against a Starlet who had been cutting her teeth on The Hype, but had history with – the X3 trainee named Desiree. When Winterton was a favorite to win the eight-woman Starlet Tournament that saw Charlotte win, Winterton had bene upset in the semi-finals thanks to Desiree. They’d each fought twice with one win a piece between the two so it was only natural a tie-breaker was fitting.

“The following is a Starlets match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced as the crowd cheered.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue.

The curtains parted and for fans of The Hype, the crowd started to cheer loudly for the likes of the young woman standing proudly and posing on the top of the ramp! She headed towards the ring with a look of determination.

“First, making her way down to the ring, weighing in at 129 pounds… she hails from Enfield, Connecticut… DESIREE!

The two had been having themselves a little spat after a match when Callie “Scrapper” Scott did not go Monica’s way on The Hype. Desiree entered the ring and took in a nice cheer from the fans before her music gave way to that of her opponent’s…

The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the forme Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… better hair than Michelle Obama… and more talent in her index finger than the ENTIRE Starlet roster COMBINED…”

Desiree rolled her eyes, making a rather obscene gesture.

“She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area with a look that she wanted to kill somebody. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approach the ring and stepped inside while Desta clapped on approvingly of her boss. Winterton entered the ring and came face to face with Desiree. Desta and Monica exchanged dirty looks on the outside.


At the sound of the bell, there was a slight hesitation when Monica made her way out from the backstage area. She made her way down to ringside where she stood there with her arms folded. Desiree looked out at Monica wondering why she was out there, but she quickly turned her attention to see Sarah Winterson also staring at Monica as Desta was exchanging some words with her.. Desiree saw this distraction as a chance and...


Desiree didn’t come here to play! Her time with X3 made her a much more capable wrestler than when Winterton had fought her last year and now the crowd cheered for the Hype Starlet as she went for a cover and tried to steal the early win!




Winterton kicked out, but already she had rolled out to the floor before Desiree could follow up on her early offensive.

“Come on and fight me, Queenie!” Desiree yelled.

The Queen of the Starlets was heated that her attempt to take her frustrations out on Desiree didn’t start the way she wanted. She turned away, but Desiree was already on the ring apron now and was preparing another strike that Sarah didn’t see coming…


Desiree was pulling out all of the stops already! This would be a tremendous victory for Desiree tonight if she could pull out the upset over the Queen of the Starlets. Desta was freaking out and despite what personal problems they may have had, Monica didn't lookevery impressed with her former mentor taking the Queen of the Starlets to task.

She forced Winterton to her feet and tossed her back underneath the bottom rope inside the ring and then Desiree followed on the ring apron. She climbed to the top rope and carefully balanced herself before jumping off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick! She caught Winterton flush in the chest and crawled over now looking for another cover!




Winterton got her shoulder out from under Desiree, but the X3 Trainee could feel victory coming soon if she stayed on the attack…


The voice came from Desta who was now on the ring apron yelling at Desiree. The Hype Starlet rushed at her, but Desta backed off as Monica leapt onto the ring apron and now Desiree was face to face with Monica! Desiree stopped dead in her tracks as Monica taunted her. Kim Adams was trying to break up the ruckus on the outside, but Desiree had taken her eye off the ball for just a second, allowing a kick to the knee…


She had turned Desiree around and dropped the shorter Starlet across her knew with a vicious Backbreaker! Winterton stood over her and screamed right at her.

“You will NOT embarrass me!”

The Queen of the Starlets pulled her by her hair and lifted her up a second time only to drop her across the knee with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker again!

The Backbreaker II: Electric Boogaloo dropped Desiree hard and Monica started grin as she enjoyed watching Desiree suffer. While she may have been a bit on the negative side towards Desiree, the Starlets all liked Winterton even less.

“You should aspire to be someone like me, darling! A real WINNER!”

Winterton moved onto punishing Desiree some more. She pulled her up by the neck and crossed the arm…


Her patented Cross-Armed Neckbreaker dropped Desiree down hard and now Winterton crawled over to go for her first attempt at a cover.




The shoulder kicked up by Desiree and a pissed-off Winterton started to glare a hole right through referee Kim Adams.

“Does your community college-level brain only allow you to count to two?”

Adams looked offended while Winterton pulled Desiree up and used a European Uppercut to send her back into the ropes. She then kicked her away and tripped her down to the mat before locking Desiree’s legs up. She then started to reel back…


She had her all locked up in the stretch in the center of the ring now and Winterton was holding her up to punish her! The crowd started to cheer and continued to support Desiree as she desperately tried to break free from the hold, but she was being elevated and restrained! In fact, Winterton’s skill was perfect enough for her to lean back long enough into a cover!




Desiree rolled back just far enough to roll onto her stomach! Desiree tried to stand again when Winterton kicked her in the gut and locked in an Abdominal Stretch now!

“Tap out, you wretch!”

The fighting Connecticut native wasn’t going to do such a thing and the crowd cheered some more while both Monica and Desta watched their respective interests in the ring. Desiree tried to fight out again, but Winterton rolled backwards and took her down into a cover!



THR… no!

She kicked out again, but when she started to stand, Desiree landed a HARD Back Elbow to the face that stunned the Queen. She then pulled her into a Short Arm Back Elbow Smash! And then another! And now she followed up with her own Northern Lights Suplex!




It wasn’t meant to beat her, but finally Desiree had bought herself a little bit of time. She crawled away from Sarah Winterton and used the nearby ropes in order to get back up. She noticed Winterton start to stand again and the groggy Queen charged at her by charging, but she rolled to the side and caught Sarah Winterton out of the corner with a Schoolgirl pin. This was how Desiree beat her in their first meeting!




Winterton kicked out and shoved her away to get a little breathing room. Desiree was already on her and took an arm before pulling her into a Short-Arm Clothesline! Desiree stepped over her and picked her up a second time before flattening her with a second Short-Arm Clothesline! For a third time pulled her up and she smacked her with at third Clothesline!

Desiree charged off the ropes and when Winterton didn’t see it coming, The Hype Starlet landed a good shot with a sliding Knee to the face! Desiree for the win now with a cover!




The Queen of the Starlets had saved herself from defeat just barely and Desta frantically pointed to the ropes where Winterton’s foot was resting.

Desiree pulled Winterton up yet again and looked to set her up for the Triangle Choke, but Winterton took the tights and tossed her forcefully into the middle rope where she hit her throat! Monica grinned at the sight of Desiree in trouble as The Queen of the Starlets found her opening. She grabbed her by the tights…


The crowd booed as the Rolling Chaos Theory hit!




Desta cheered as Sarah Winterton got back up and had her arm raised by Kim Adams. Desta clapped and cheered on the outside while the announcement was made…

“Here is your winner of the match… SARAH WINTERTON!

Monica looked extreme happy with her mentor’s loss as she rolled out of the ring and held the back of her head in pain. Monica simply scoffed at Desiree as the two of them looked at each other. Monica laughed as she turned and walked away from Desiree, leaving her behind. Monica just came out here to watch, hoping Desiree would lose. Monica got what she hoped for as this bitter situation between the two continued to fester

Meanwhile back inside the ring, Winterton laughed as she and Desta started to celebrate…



For the second week in a row, the crowd POPPED when the brawler from Battle Ground, Washington jumped in from the crowd and she got blasted in the jaw with a wicked shot to the face! Desta fell on her ass as Winterton got laid out.

“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” clap clap clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” clap clap clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” clap clap clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” clap clap clapclapclap
“THANK YOU, CALLIE!” clap clap clapclapclap

The Scrapper stood over the laid out Winterton for the second time in a week and kneeled down over her before she grabbed her by the hair.

“If you think that you’re so much better than the rest of us… I WANT A MATCH WITH YOU!”

Desta crawled over to her mentor and Callie flipped through the ropes before she headed towards the back, making a balled up fist and cracking it into her hand with a smile on her face. The brawler from Battle Ground had struck again and this time, she made it clear that she was coming right for the Queen.

And she would not miss.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"...Want Not"

”...I had him...”

Deep within the recesses of the Arena of Champions, the Hokota Holocaust was quietly brooding in virtual privacy. Seated next to him was his reliable sage in Mamoru whom was silently smoking his premium cigar. Eyes casually entranced by the void...

“His fighting spirit and ability are without question yet he can be defeated.” Shoji continued. “He will fall...”

The elder statesman casually drew his eyes shut while slowly expelling a healthy trail of smoke before clearing his throat. Shoji remained hunched forward atop one of the roll away metal equipment cases.

Had is an appropriate understatement, Shoji...” Mamoru quipped in seeking to settle his nerves. “You are showing significant improvements in your training yet you continue to second guess yourself in the most critical of moments. In other instances, you have a glaring tendency to under estimate your opposition. Your arrogance is still among your greatest liabilities.”

A muffled sign was the verbal rebuttal made by the muscular ninja whom was seen cupping his right hand and turning his head away toward the distant end of the hallway.

“Do not continue to blind yourself with the ambition of reclaiming your status with the clan.” Mamoru mentioned. “You need to center your focus onto redeeming yourself, above all else. You have the choice of becoming your own salvation or your greatest detriment. Noone. Not even my influence will properly answer that question. Only you and time shall reveal the answers in their proper season.”

Shoji’s jaw shifted notably as he deeply contemplated the main task set before him. Mamoru would soon take his time to enjoy another expulsion of cigar smoke.

“Come, Shoji.” The clan senior advisor ordered. “We have our work to attend to...”

Derecho vs Jeremy Ryan

Aran Thompson had been demoished at the hands of The King of Hell and now Derecho sough after his third Underground Championship. Not only for reclaiming the title of King of the Underground, but to enact revenge on Pietro Geist for coming in and taking his championship away from him. However, Jeremy Ryan.. jOlt's Last Real Man fell short at Thieves Honor and failed to become the number one contender to the World Championship. Ryan decided he was going to vie for the Underground Title instead and he had the brutality to prove himself in that world. Damien Lee saw both men's desires for the title and made this a number one contender's match. Whoever would win this match would face Pietro Geist at Death Wish in the main event!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

Dean Carrington: “The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the number one contendership to the Underground Championship.. therefore, it will be contested with underground rules. Making his way toward the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifty-four pounds, and hailing from Bangor, Maine; HE IS “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

Ryan slowly made his way up the steel steps at the side of the ring, rubbed his feet against the apron, and ducked between the ropes into the ring. The massively built man made his way to the center of the ring where he folded his arms and smiled out at the booing of the fans. His music was soon replaced by the sounds of “King of Hell” by Helstar and Ryan made his way to his corner where he waited.

The booing intensified as the arena became bathed in a crimson hue. Derecho stepped out from behind the curtain wearing his black leather trench coat and his black skull crown. He walked down to the ring as Dean Carrington made the announcement.

Dean Carrington: "And his opponent.. from Stuart, FL.. he is a former two-time Underground Champion.. a former World Tag Team Champion, and former jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.. the self-proclaimed "King of Hell"... This... is... DERECHO!"

Derecho entered the ring and removed his apparel, tossing it to ringside. Both men were ready to go and the referee called for the bell.




Derecho and Ryan circled each other in the ring and locked up. Ryan powered Derecho back into the corner and went for a back elbow, but Derecho escaped and the two switched positions. Derecho opened up with rights and lefts, combination blows, to Ryan's mid-section before sending him across the ring with an irish whip and into the opposite corner. Derecho, with a sneer on his face, charged in, but Ryan exploded out of the corner and laid out Derecho with a vicious lariat!!

Ryan bent over and told Derecho... "I'm taking you to MY hell" and then slid out of the ring. Ryan grabbed Derecho by the leg and pulled him to the outside where he headbutted Derecho, causing him to grab onto the reing apron to keep himself up. Ryan grabbed Derecho by the arm and then whipped him into the ring steps where he crashed against them causing the two halves to separate! Ryan then lifted up the ring apron, searching for a weapon underneath. He reached under and pulled a crowbar!!

Ryan walked over and raised the crowbar into the air to strike Derecho, but Derecho kicked away at Ryan from his back, catching him in the gut. Derecho stood back up and caught Ryan with a knife edge chop across the chest. He switch to a forearm to the face, then another chop, then another forearm, staggering Ryan back with each and every blow. Derecho then grabbed the crowbar and tried to rip it out of Ryan's hand, but Ryan wasn't as dazed as Derecho wanted him to be and his iron grip wouldn't let the crowbar go! A tug-o-war ensued between the two of them until Ryan yanked very hard and pulled Derecho right into a short arm clothesline that knocked him down to the floor! Ryan tossed the crowbar into the ring for future use as he had another idea!

Ryan hopped up onto the ring apron and took aim on Derecho. Ryan leapt off with a Knee Drop to the floor and Derecho moved out of the way, causing Ryan to slam his knee into the ring mats! Ryan clutched his knee in pain as he staggered to his feet. Derecho quickly came from behind and hit a Chop Block to the back of Ryan's leg, smelling the blood in the water. Derecho rolled into the ring and grabbed the crowbar and rolled back out. It wasn't a steel chair, but it was readily available and he wasn't going to be picky about his choice of weapon! Derecho then took the crowbar and struck Ryan in the injured knee with it!


He struck him a second time..


And a third before tossing the crowbar aside! Derecho brought Ryan up to his feet where he bent Ryan's leg backwards. Derecho lifted Ryan up and dropped him across his knee with a Knee Breaker. Ryan fell back to the ground, clutching the knee in pain. Derecho knew that Ryan wasn't going anywhere so he walked around ringside to the time keeper's table. It was only a matter of time before Derecho grabbed his best friend.. the steel chair. Derecho took the chair with him back around to where Ryan was laying. Derecho turned the chair upside down so that the top of the seat pointed toward the floor. He lifted the chair up, looking to slam it down into Ryan's knee, but Ryan, out of a knee-jerk reaction, threw his leg up and caught Derecho right between the legs!!!

Derecho doubled over and dropped the chair as Derecho was the one who was now brought to his knees. Ryan stood up and tried to shake some feeling back into the knee. He hobbled over to Derecho and stomped down on him, but even that almost caused Ryan to lose his balance. Ryan decided to walk away to restore feeling back into his knee, but at the same time, he was gaining distance and measuring Derecho. Derecho got back up onto both knees and was starting to stand. Ryan hobbled at first, but he picked up speed and..


Ryan hit a running Yakuza Kick right into Derecho's face, laying him back out at ringside! Ryan quickly grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He grabbed Derecho in a front face lock, lifting him for a suplex before dropping him down across his knee with a backbreaker!


That proved to be a mistake as Ryan hit the floor, cluctching his knee in pain, but he felt the sacrifice was worth it because Derecho was writhing in pain on the floor as well, holding his back. Ryan used the apron and pulled himself up. He then looked down and slowly reached for Derecho's steel chair. He picked it up and smiled as he now had possession of The King of Hell's weapon of choice. Ryan tapped the chair on the floor and readied it as Derecho slowly got to his feet. Derecho turned and looked at Ryan right before he swung..


The chair hit Derecho's skull with so much force, the seat dented!! Derecho was out cold on the floor and all Jeremy Ryan had to do at this point was get Derecho back into the ring and he will punch a ticket to Death Wish to face Pietro Giest for the Underground Championship! Ryan grabbed Derecho and tossed him back into the ring. Ryan then quickly rolled in and crawled over into the cover, hooking the leg deep!



Derecho kicked out right at two!

Jeremy Ryan knew of Derecho's legacy so while he wasn't surprised, he was a bit disappointed. Derecho slowly turned to get back up as Ryan shook more feeling into his knee as he backed into the corner. Derecho got up on all fours and Ryan charged in, but Derecho quickly stood and scooped Ryan up into his arms, pivoting and planting him with an Arn Anderson Spine Buster in the middle of the ring!! Derecho then rolled back to the outside as he stumbled around the ring, still feeling the effects of taking that chair directly to the head. Derecho told the time keeper to move as he grabbed the only other chair there, leaving both the time keeper and the bell ringer seatless. Derecho folded up the chair and brought it back into the ring with him where he waited for Ryan to get back up

Derecho saw his opportunity and swung with the chair, but Ryan ducked and Derecho stumbled from the forward momentum as he missed. Ryan turned around and grabbed Derecho when he turned. He lifted Derecho up, pivoted, then planted him with a Spinning Sit-Out Spinebuster.. giving Derecho a receipt from just a few moments ago! Ryan held him down with the cover as well!



Derecho kicked out once again.

Ryan rolled to the outside and lifted up the ring apron. He pulled a wooden table out from under the ring and slid it in. Ryan rolled back into the ring and propped the table up in one of the neutral corners. He then grabbed Derecho and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. Ryan got some distance and began to charge in, but Derecho slipped off of Ryan's shoulder, landing behind him and preventing himself from getting rammed through the table. Derecho quickly grabbed Ryan in a waist lock, but Ryan broke Derecho's grip and performed a standing switch. Ryan, with the waist lock applied, charged forward and tried to ram Derecho through the table, but when they got to the corner, Derecho grabbed the table and pulled it forward, ducking at the same time.


The top of the table smacked Jeremy Ryan right in the face! Ryan staggered away, holding his face in pain as the table fell on top of Derecho since he was hunched right under it. Derecho shoved the table off of him and turned towards Ryan. Derecho got a running start and ran over Ryan with a lariat! Ryan got back up and Derecho put him down with another lariat! Derecho then grabbed the table and unfolded the legs. He propped it up by corner and then went back for Ryan. He grabbed Ryan and tossed him onto the table before raining down heavy right hands, making sure he was immobilized. Derecho then went to the corner and climbed up to the very top where he took aim on Ryan, but Ryan rolled off of the table and knocked Derecho off his perch!

Ryan then adjusted the table's distance before climbing up to the very top. He gave Derecho a headbutt to stagger him and then hooked him for a suplex. He lifted Derecho up, but he held him up high while standing on the middle turnbuckle pad!!!

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...9...10... 11.. 12.. 13... 14... 15... 16.. 17... 18.... 19... 20 Seconds!



Ryan turned and covered Derecho among the debris!



Thr.. NO!!

Derecho kicked out of it!

Ryan slowly got to his feet and the pain in his knee served him a reminder as he lost a step, but he quickly regained his balance. Ryan bent down and grabbed Derecho, pulling him out of the remains of the table. Ryan then stepped through the ropes and onto the apron, pulling Derecho with him. Ryan was facing the corner and Derecho had his back to it. Ryan then lifted Derecho up and placed him back on top of the top turnbuckle pad. Ryan then grabbed Derecho and placed him in the Muscle Buster position... then..




Both Ryan landed on the floor.. Derecho's spine bounced off the ring apron and he flopped lifelessly to the floor mats! Ryan leaned against the apron and smiled as Derecho was down and not moving! Even referee Simon Boulder rushed out of the ring to check on Derecho... that was incredibly brutal on behalf of Jeremy Ryan! Ryan staggered over and pulled the lifeless Derecho up off the floor as the referee rolled back into the ring. Ryan then whipped Derecho right into the ring post and Derecho bounced off of it, crumbling to the canvas once again! Ryan knew that he had this match in the bag now as he slowly sauntered over to Derecho to continue the punishment.

Ryan bent over and pulled Derecho up by the hair, but in a last ditch desperation move, Derecho charged forward and slammed Ryan's back into the steel ring post, but to show how much that took out of Derecho... Derecho staggered back after delivering the move and collapsed into a seated position against the barricades, unable to follow up. Ryan fell to his knees and then to all fours. He looked up at Derecho who was sitting just a foot or two away from him. From the seated position, broken and in pain, Derecho flipped off Jeremy Ryan!!

Ryan stood and by feeding off of pure anger, charged in and rammed his knee into Derecho's head... or so we thought! Derecho moved his head and Ryan rammed his bad knee into the barricades instead! Derecho then shoved Ryan back while he was on one leg and it caused Ryan to trip and fall to his seat. Derecho then grabbed a hold of the barricades and pulled himself up. He was about to run in with a Shining Wizard when...


The crowd erupted and Derecho went face first into the floor! The cameras focused in...


Aran Thompson was holding a chair and he just unleashed the beast all over the back of Derecho's head!

Aran hopped the barricade as Jeremy Ryan just sat there and watched. Aran took the chair and...












Chair shot after chair shot after chair shot after chair shot! Aran Thompson didn't let up and because of the nature of this match.. it was all legal! Aran finally stopped hitting Derecho with the chair, but Aran had another idea. Aran unfolded the chair at ringside and pulled Derecho up, putting Derecho's back to the chair. Aran then got up on Derecho's back and snapped him over with the Crucifix Driver...WHACK!!!!


The back of Derecho's head slammed into the seat and the impact caused the chair to collapse!! Aran Thompson then got up and hopped the barricades with a sadistic grin on his face! Was this the change that happened to Aran Thompson? Was this the result of the beating he took from Derecho at Thieves Honor!?

Jeremy Ryan couldn't believe a gift was just given to him by the unlikliest of people, but he would take it! Ryan pulled himself up and grabbed Derecho, rolling him back into the ring. Ryan wasn't satisfied just stealing the pin off of someone else's hard work, though. He grabbed the remaining chair in the ring and placed it dead center. He pulled Derecho up and placed him between his legs and over the chair. Ryan lifted Derecho up and...


The piledriver connected and Ryan made the cover, hooking the leg... as if he had to at this point.




Dean Carrington: The winner of this match and the number one contender to the Underground Championship.. jOlt's Last Real Man... JEREMY RYAN!!

Jeremy Ryan.. with Aran Thompson's assistance.. was the winner of this match and will go on to Death Wish to face Pietro Geist for the Underground Championship!!!

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"Enter the Mind if You Dare - Part III"

The jOltvision lit up once again as the lights in the arena dimmed. The camera slowly focused in on the same padded room from the hospital that housed the mad man Omega. Omega sat on the floor looking at a small tablet still in the middle of the room. Suddenly the door to the room opened and the Barbara the nurse walked in.

“How are you doing today, Kevin?

Omega still watching the tablet as Barbara walks in. “Kevin.”

Omega was intent on the program he was watching which was Thieves’ Honor pay-per-view from a couple of weeks ago. He was watching the new Underground Champion, Geist taking on Providence. A small smirk formed over his lips as he turned to face his nurse.

“Hello Barbara.”

“What are you watching?”

“I am watching our company and the person that is holding our title belt.”

“Kevin, you do not need to dwell on that. You will be back in the company sooner than you think and you will strive to be better than you were before.”

Omega’s smirk now was gone as he had a quizzical look on his face. “Better than we were before.”

Barbara walked over to Omega and placed her hand on his shoulder. “You need to leave all that has happened recently in the past and start anew. When you leave here you will be a new person. You will ascend to oneness.”

Omega smiled. “Yes, oneness. We understand Barbara.”

“This is just a minor setback. You will be complete.”

“There are no setbacks Barbara, there is only transcendence.”

The camera faded out again as the jOltvision cut out.

"Golden Boy Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt arena has become all too familiar with this segment of the night over the past weeks; they know by the ring crew that its’ time for gOlden bOy promotions indepently sponsored gOlden bOy Invitational. Due to Jewelez winning the Relentless Championship at Thieves Honor though, this segment has become twice as interesting now that Jewelz has twice the gold. Will Jewelz defend both titles every week; will he pick which one he wants to defend? How is this going to work? Instead of gOlden bOy rules, will these promotions be held under Relentless rules? We’ll just all have to wait and see! But one thing’s for sure! There’s a new twist! This isn’t your standard gOlden bOy Invitational anymore; this match is twice the come up for young superstars as it once was! A fast track to championship status!

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady current, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; this week the ring apron is pure gold with the gOlden bOy Invitational logo on it; the turnbuckles are replaced with putple gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine into the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“If you paid to see a spectacle tonight, you’re about to see something twice as great” O.G. declares..

“He’s more than a man… He’s more of a champion than any other man holding gold on the jOlt roster because he’s got twice the gold as any other champion in jOlt.” The crowd pops huge.

“ He is “The Jeweler”... “He is “Mr. Twinkle and Glisten”... He is your gOlden bOy champion. He is your RELENTLESS CHAMPION… He is the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions… He is the gOlden bOy himself… Diamond… Jewelz..

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the “million dollar” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title on his left shoulder and his newly customized Relentless Title; yes the jeweler has customized his own version of the Relentless Title. Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain posing to compliment her man’s machismo and bravado. After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G.

“First off, ya’ll like my new Relentless Title Design? Ya’ll like my craftsmanship” Diamond says smiling as he exhibits his newly minted title; it has a similar design, but now it is covered in Diamonds, and the straps are crafted out of pure silver. “As far as this match goes tonight.. You know the routine.. If any of you boys backstage thinks he’s worthy to be jOlt’s gOlden bOy,” Diamond says accentuating the gOlden bOy title by pointing to it. and grinning

“Orrr… orr… new twist ya’ll” Diamond gives a blinging smile holding his hand up in a pause motion.

“Or if one of you thinks he’s the most Relentless man in jOlt…” Diamond says accentuating the Relentless Title, by pointing to it and grinning again.

The crowd began chanting: ARAN THOMPSON! After Diamond made the bold statement. “Come down here and prove it, and allow me to continue to prove why I am, jOlt’s champion of champions; why I am the gOlden bOy!”

“But… until that happens… If it even happens at all.. Let me explain to you why I am the greatest Relentless Champion of all times… It’s because unlike Aran Thompson,” Diamond says giving a seething sneer in the face of the crowds chants. “...Unlike Aran Thompson, I didn’t need a faction to carry me to the peak of my career! No…. Vice Versly.. I took my lil niggas and brought them to the top with me..”

“It’s because unlike that hoe ass nigga JCon, I don’t steal other people’s shit,” Diamond hisses with scorn cropping up all across his face as memories of being robbed for his chain by JCon come streaming back from last year.”

“It’s because unlike that fat Jamaican motherfuker Waymoth Turnbull.. I’m not fat.. Nor am I Jamaican.. I’m a real ass nigga!” Diamond says giving a bright gleaming smile and nodding at OG, seeking agreement.

“Right, Right, RIght… You that nigga my nigga” O.G. blurts out cosigning Jewelz.

“It’s because unlike Ray Sanchez, I ain’t no dirty ass, greasy as Mexican… No.. I’m a ballin ass nigga!”

“Ballin!!!” O.G. blurts out on the outside doing the balling signal…

Lights Out.

The fans began buzzing as Diamond Jewelz and O.G. told the ring crew to turn their lights back on.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Aran Thompson


The entirety of the Arena of Champions exploded as “Onion” by One Ok Rock began playing and the lights came on to find Aran Thompson standing behind Diamond Jewelz with a chair in hand.


Aran slammed the chair into the back of Diamond Jewelz sending him to the mat as O.G. tried to stand up against the assailant of Diamond Jewelz but Aran swung the chair wildly at O.G. who barely dodged the attack and rolled out of the ring.

Aran slammed the chair into the back of Diamond Jewelz as he lay helpless on the mat and Aran Thompson demanded a microphone. As the stage handed Aran a microphone you could hear Aran panting and he obviously seemed distraught.

“DERECHO!” Aran bellowed.

“DERECHO YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH!” Aran again bellowed and everyone was taken back as Aran had broken one of his unspoken rules about using profanity on air.

Aran paced back and forth and turned his attention to Diamond Jewelz who was coming back to life and crawling for his Relentless Championship.

Aran slammed the microphone into the small of Diamond’s back who screamed out in pain.

“Derecho….I know you don’t care about this fool. But I know that this is just random enough to get your fucking attention. You beat me...congratulations….You won. I’ll admit it...But I stood up against you in your own environment and I THRIVED!”

Aran smiled and looked around.

“I loved it! I want it again and I want your head on a silver plate! Aran Thompson vs. Derecho THREE! Underground Rules! Whenever the hell you want to do this! If you don’t accept, I’m going to keep attacking people until you or Damien Lee makes this match happ-”


The M’F’n Gooz had come out and ambushed Aran hitting him with the gOlden bOy Championship and driving his body to the mat. They began stomping on Aran viciously before helping Diamond Jewelz up to his feet and making him realize what had happened. Aran was being held up held tight so he couldn’t escape as Diamond Jewelz snarled at Aran.


Diamond Jewelz hit the defenseless Aran Thompson with his signature move and Aran slammed into the ring as The Goonz nodded in approval and Diamond Jewelz picked up the microphone. Khalil Straightgully pulled Aran’s head back and fought back but couldn’t move as Khalil pressed his boot into the small of Aran’s back.

Diamond kneeled down in Aran’s face.

“Bitch as nigga!!! You gonna attack me?? During my own motherfucking promotion… You forgot who I am… I got a small army behind me,” Jewelz says pointing at Them M’fn Goons.. “These niggas loyal to me..”.

Aran smiled at him and you can barely hear Aran respond with: “I’ll do it again, you wanna be gangster bit-”


Diamond Jewelz slapped Aran across the face and Straightgully pulled Aran’s head back again.

“Hoe ass nigga!!! You think I’m playing with you bitch.. This shit is serious.. answer” Diamond demanded Aran to answer his rhetorical question.

Aran smiled once again but spit in the face of Diamond Jewelz who f picked up the chair that Aran used on him just moments earlier… Diamond looks at the chair, a glaze of criminal intent covering his eyes


Diamond slammed the chair into the side of Aran’s head without a second thought and Aran dropped to the mat as The Goonz celebrated with Diamond Jewelz who looked down at Aran and pointed him.

“Like I said… I’m the top champion in this promotion… And as I just proved by schooling this hoee as nigga.. I’m the greatest Relentless Champion of all times… I’m Mr. Relentless motherfucker… Always have been… But now that I got this title, this confirms it.. Call me Mr. Relentless!!!” Diamond barks before dropping the microphone and picking up both his gOlden bOy Championship and Relentless Championships and holding them in the air over the broken body of Aran Thompson.

Winner: No Contestl

"Showdown for the Ages"

The lights in the Arena of Champions flicker before going dark.

"Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the building as the fans in attendance roared chants.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)

Pink strobe lights flashed all around the arena as a single spotlight shined down at entrance way.


The reigning jOlt champion Landon Stevens stepped out from behind the entance curtain to a loud parade of boos. He raised the championship belt high above his head with his left arm.

The lights in the arena flashed back on.

The Rising star stepped out of the spotlight and began to make his way towards the ring.


Stevens made his way down the ramp and stopped at the bottom. The champion looked around the crowd hearing the echoes of boos and seeing the looks of disgust on everyones faces he raised the championship high in the arm once again.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)

The Jolt champion entered the ring with a smile on his face. Landon snatched up the microphone laying in the corner before making his way towards the center of the ring.

The music stopped as silence filled the Arena of Champions. Stevens moved the microphone close to his face.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" The crowd interupted.

Once again Stevens went to speak.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" The crowd interupted again.

"Really?" Landon questioned.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)

"I am not going to say another word until you stop interupting me." Stevens threatened the crowd with his silence.

An uproar of cheers filled the Arena of Champions.

"You're cheering for my silence and yet I take a break and you all call me a coward. You call me a failing champion. I say nothing and you ask why? How much sense does that make? I have given this company everything for over a year and you drown me in questions of why I took a break. You drown me in questions as to why I dropped the twins and yet you always bitched when we were the most dominate faction this company has ever seen. You call me a failure as a champion and that it was the twins that kept this belt on me.... where are they and where am I?"

Stevens smiled as he raised the championship belt up and looked up at it before dropping it back down to his shoulder.

“You’re obviously about as confused as a pet coon in a rabbit cage right now.” The same familiar voice that cut Landon off last week was making his presence known once again as the Anti-Star strolled out from the backstage area microphone in hand.

This time it wasn’t the idea of the reigning jOlt Champion keeping his mouth shut that had the fans all standing to their feet, but it was the idea of the number one contender coming out and keeping it shut for them. The fans were all now sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear exactly what was going to be said.

“They aren’t cheering because you’re threatening them with silence, they are cheering because they are sick and tired of hearing the same old crap spew out of your mouth every time you’re allowed to step through those ropes and you’re given a microphone.” Ramey lowered the microphone briefly and shook his head as the fans continued their raucous uproar for him.

“At this point in time Landon it doesn’t matter what you do or have done. You dropped the West Texas Terrorists from your entourage, but it doesn’t counteract the fact that you’re so afraid inside of that ring that you still can’t rely on your own talents within it to get the job done in any circumstance.” The fans cheered even more, “Take for instance last week in our tag team match. Who’s to say you couldn’t have legitimately won that match without using any kind of cheating to get it done, but yet you still had to grab a handful of tights to get the job done.”

The fans within the Arena of Champions remembered that moment from last week all too well and began raining down the booing. Then the famous “Fuck you Landon!” chants began to come as well.

“No, it’s fine.” Ramey said as he raised one arm in the air to try and bring down the volume within in the arena, “These type of situations are things we’ve all come to expect out of our current jOlt Champion. Win by any means necessary, tarnish the championship with every defense that you put the title on the line. The credibility of that championship at this point in time is worse than the fake championship gold that Diamond Jewelz has been running around this company with for months.”

“Now I know there is a rebuttal getting ready to come from your lips,” Ramey continued, “about how my opinion doesn’t matter. That you’ve beaten what now inside of that ring? Three times? That at Death Wish, I must truly have some kind of death wish for stepping foot inside of that ring with you one more time?”

“I’m not stupid Landon,” Ramey paused after that comment to just let it sink in, “I know I’ve never beaten you inside of that ring. I know I’ve been given countless opportunities since I stepped foot inside of this company. It’s put up or shut up for me when it comes to Death Wish, but the thing you don’t know is that I fight harder than any other man that laces his boots in this company when I’m backed into a corner and its do or die. Ask Seymour Almasy, or Orphan, or whatever the hell he wants to call himself this week.”

The camera panned over to Stevens.

"I don't need to ask anybody anything. You can be the hardest fighting man, the strongest son of a bitch, or even the baddest man on the planet. The truth is none of that matters Ramey. The only thing that matters is who comes out with the championship. You can go ahead and call my actions cheating, but I'd say it was more along the lines of doing whatever it takes to win. See that's the difference between me and everyone else here. I'm not afraid to play dirty. Legends have been made by doing the same thing. It's just getting the job done. Something you would really know nothing about. Sure, you won a few matches as of late, but you will never have what it takes to get a win over me. You're too much of a little bitch." Stevens smiled as he taunted the current number one contender.


"You want to come out here just like everyone else and claim your right to my championship. You don't have what it takes and you are not willing to accept that. Well Ramey, at Death Wish you will get your fifteen minutes once again and I hope for your sake it doesn't end the same way or even worse." Stevens continued before being interrupted.

"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)"FUCK YOU LANDON!!!!" (5xclap)

"Hate me all you want, but the fact is even after all Damien Lee has thrown my way... I AM STILL... THE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS!!!!" Stevens yelled as he raised the championship up high into the air with an evil grin plastered across his face.

“That’s the difference between you and I, Landon.” Ramey broke through the flooded sound of the arena berating Stevens. “Everything you just said, I already know. I’m not coming out here claiming anything. I know when we step inside of that ring at Death Wish that if I want to walk out as the champion I have to give everything I’ve got. I’m just not willing to stoop to your level and cheat to win that belt. If I’m going to be the bigger man in this fight I have to take everything you can throw at me, through the cheating, and whatever else you can throw at me, and still walk out with that belt raised high over my head.”

“Until that time though,” Ramey came to his conclusion, “I’m going to leave you standing inside of that ring listening to how this crowd feels about you.”

Ramey dropped his microphone on the metal entrance stage and began making his way out of the arena. Landon stood in the center of the ring with his jOlt Championship still held high over his head when the “FUCK YOU LANDON” chants began to ring throughout the arena once more and the scene slowly faded.

Pietro Geist(c) vs Adam Roebuck

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch took over the airwaves and with it comes tonight's challenger for the Underground Title. The mountain of a man named Adam Roebuck stomped his way through the curtain. This was no time for pleasantries. He was focused and ready for battle. His heavy footsteps could be heard by everyone, as he climbed the steels steps. The Las Vegas Leviathan took a deep breath before entering the ring. He kept his mind focused, knowing he had quite the battle ahead of him.

Five Finger Death Punch was quickly replaced by the sounds of marching and Rammstein. Lorelei pointed to the ring, as she led the reigning Underground Champion down to the ring. Pietro Geist tore off his "Jesus saves... Geist kills" t-shirt and leapt up to the apron. He held his arm out to which his blond ally launched his title belt to him. He snagged it with one hand without even looking at it. The Todesengel climbed into the ring and he laid his belt across the mat. The challenge was set and the challenger had no problem accepting.

The referee removed the belt and pointed to the timekeeper. It was time to fight.


As the two men circled, the fans witnessed a sight that they didn't see very often. It was a rarity to look in the ring and see a man that made the Underground Champion look small. This was definitely not a battle of two cruiserweights and neither behemoth was in any rush, as they walked the ring. Roebuck looked as if he had a pretty big dinner, as he was really pushing closer to that five hundred pound mark and his demeanor was all business on this night.

The duo locked up, with neither having the obvious advantage. Each man growled, throwing all they had into asserting their power over the other. That's when weight came into play. Roebuck planted his foot with each step he took, making himself a boulder that could not be moved. Soon enough, Geist found himself backed up against the ropes. The referee called for the break out of habit, as he couldn't really disqualify anyone. Roebuck allowed just enough space between the two warriors for him to launch a right hand. Showing surprising speed, the champion slipped under the punch and clamped on a rear waist lock. The challenger lowered his center of gravity to stop any attempt at a German suplex. Roebuck swung with a back elbow that also caught nothing but air.

However, Geist did not miss and he blasted his gigantic opponent with a massive right hand.

The veteran Roebuck knew better than to let his emotions get the better of him. Instead, he took his time. He casually checked his mouth for blood and nodded to himself, accepting that this wasn't going to be exactly a scientific classic. The challenger looked to the champion, who was pacing back and forth, his adrenaline starting to course. If Roebuck wasn't serious enough before, he was now.

Meeting in the middle of the ring, the two men teased a possible knucklelock, but neither was comfortable enough to lace fingers. Both men refused to back down and they went forehead to forehead, trying to impose their will on each other while they still battled to lock hands. Frustrated, they traded shoves causing them to separate.

Roebuck had a different strategy than most who fought the Underground Champion. He was not going to give the German any chance to breathe or build momentum. More often than not, it was Geist who took that approach. The challenger just kept marching towards him with the uberkreiger keeping him at an arm's length away by throwing jabs. Finally, Roebuck went on the offensive only to have Geist hook another rear waist lock.

The challenger quickly reversed into one of his own and drove his forearm into the back of the Todesengel's head twice before slamming him down face first on the mat.

Using his weight advantage, Roebuck laid his massive frame on his enemy and hooked a chin lock. He wrenched in the hold tightly and broke it for only a split-second to deliver a trio of sledgehammer like attacks to the back of Geist's head.

Roebuck hooked a half nelson and used his free hand to grip the champion by the hair, so he could repeatedly slam his face into the mat.

With the half nelson still hooked, The Las Vegas Leviathan pulled his foe up from the mat and launched him into the corner. Showing some intensity of his own, Roebuck brought the fight to Geist. Lefts and rights came at the champion fast and furious. The challenger kept slugging away despite his opponent covering up. The blows still did damage and Roebuck went to knees to the abdomen, which buckled Geist's knees. A firm grip on his enemy's hair kept him in place so the The Las Vegas Leviathan could deliver rapid fire headbutts.

Geist was led by the hair to the middle of the ropes just to be whipped to the opposite set. A clothesline by the challenger missed and the men bounced off opposite ropes. They met in the middle of the ring with a huge collision.


Like two trucks meeting head-on, the two men crashed into one another with Geist taking Roebuck off his feet. That surprised the larger half of The House and he was given no time to recover, as he just got on his feet when the champion blasted him again.


Between the ropes and out to the floor tumbled the challenger, who fortunately landed on his feet. The uberkreiger hurried out after him.


The strength of the security barrier was put to the test, as the German sent the gargantuan Roebuck crashing into it. Geist was a lion on the hunt and he was determined to bring the massive prey down. He snatched a steel chair from the front.


That chair was sent flying towards Roebuck, colliding with his cranium. The Todesengel opened the same chair and positioned it in the corner of the barrier. He paused only for a second, as he gave his idea a second thought. Geist apprehended a second chair and placed it by the first, before seating Roebuck in them.

With his opponent in position, Geist put some distance between himself and the challenger. He roared like a lion and that was the signal for all of those watching that the runaway German freight train was coming.


The champion threw all he had into a massive shoulder tackle that took his enemy out of the chair and actually warped the security barrier. Geist was huffing and puffing as if he were the big bad wolf, as he stood tall. The crowd showed their support and Lorelei positioned herself on the steel steps to lead them in a chant.


Not one to pander to the people in attendance, that was his gorgeous ally's job, the uberkreiger pulled his adversary up and lean him against the warped barrier. A stiff European uppercut electrified the crown and Geist used the motion of the strike to spin right into a huge right hand. The Las Vegas Leviathan was out of it, as he was rolled back into the ring.

An off-balance Roebuck looked to the corner for help in pulling himself up. He had made it half way before his opponent pulled him up the rest. The German's well-educated fists slammed repeatedly into the challenger's midsection, doubling him over, so Geist could stand him straight up with a brutal European uppercut.

Into the opposite corner went the Las Vegas Leviathan with a crash and he was sandwiched there by his enemy with a huge running European uppercut.

Roebuck stumbled out of the corner with stars revolving around his head. Geist was waiting for him and was just chomping at the bits to do more damage. While the Todesengel was known for his strength, no one could believe what he did next.


The sound of nearly five hundred pounds falling to the mat sounded like a cannon blast and shook the arena. The crowd could not believe their eyes and even Lorelei had a look of utter amazement upon witnessing Geist assert his power.

The uberkreiger looked for a cover...




The challenger shoved his enemy off and immediately started to get upright. It would take more than one suplex to keep his huge shoulders to the mat. He had just gotten to his feet when he turned to find the champion waiting for him. Once again, Geist went with what brought him to the dance, his fists. Roebuck head was rocked back by a left-left-right combination, creating an opening for his foe to hit the ropes.


A massive running hip attack by the challenger caught the German by surprise and he bounced off Roebuck like he had run into a brick wall. The Las Vegas Leviathan took a moment to clear his before putting his attention back on the champion, who he tried to crush with an elbow to the abdomen.

Another one came down harshly in the same exact spot as the first.

Geist clung to his battered torso while he crawled to the ropes. He was an easy target for the challenger and he found a boot driven repeatedly into his abdomen. Roebuck pulled him up by his long blond hair and held his arm up, so he could unleash his own flurry of punches. Each one slammed into his sore lower torso. The champion's legs were about to buckle when a right hand to the jaw sent him stumbling into the corner.

The challenger hooked his opponent's arms over the top rope. The uberkrieger's chest was wide open and his day was about to get a lot worse.


A huge open-handed strike struck the champion. The sound reverberated through the arena and the crowd cringed. Roebuck grinned from ear to ear, as he heard the crowd react, and he motioned for them to quiet down. He was far from finished.


Another open-palmed chop echoed through the arena, accompanied by the thunderous roar of agony bellowing out of Geist. Lorelei face's told the story. She was horrified by the sound and impact. She had to look away, as she saw Roebuck wind up for a third time.


Hand prints are starting to develop on the German's chest and he fell to one knee in agony, clutching at his chest. The Las Vegas Leviathan pulled his foe back up, putting him back into place. Roebuck looked to the crowd and held up one finger. He looked for their approval to deliver another strike and their resounding cheer was all he needed.


The challenger shook his right hand, as it stung from reddening the German's chest. An arm wrench by Roebuck led to a short arm pull into a waist lock.


Showing his own power, Roebuck drove down Geist hard. The champion instinctively rolled out to the floor, looking to stop any possible pin attempt his enemy could have been going for. He gripped his abdomen tightly. His torso was bruised and battered. However, he had no time to tend to it, as Roebuck drove him back-first into the apron.

Not releasing his grip, the challenger hoisted up Geist and dropped him across the security barrier, further injuring the champion's torso.

Roebuck apprehended a chair from the front row and slammed the edge down into his foe's damaged abdomen, not once but twice.

Back into the ring they went with the Las Vegas Leviathan firmly in control. He stood Geist up, only to scoop him up and deliver a brutal rib breaker.

Roebuck let out a growl of his own, as he pulled the champion up from his knee.


Not be outdone by his adversary's power display, the challenger launched him across the ring with a huge fall away slam.

A cover by Roebuck...




No rookie, Roebuck didn't bother with the official. He pulled Geist up and continued to work over his damaged mid-section with right hands. A quartet found their mark before he turned to a pair of shots right to the jaw. An Irish whip sent the champion into the ropes and the uberkreiger got a taste of his own medicine.


That brick wall once again positioned itself right in the German's path and he was seeing stars, while gazing up towards the lights. A pair of elbows once again found their mark, crushing the champion's torso.

Geist refused to stay down. He had gotten to one knee before his foe gripped his hair with both hands and rocked him back again and again with headbutts that backed Geist into the corner. Once there, Roebuck picked up the pace. Headbutts were delivered at a frantic pace and the Las Vegas Leviathan stopped only to clobber his opponent with a huge right hand.

Roebuck looked to gain some momentum before attacking Geist again, but was caught coming in with a boot right to the mouth. The German hopped up to the middle rope and looked for his trademark leaping forearm strike. He dove towards the challenger, but didn't get the result he was hoping for.


The impact nearly drove the champion through the ring and he arched his back in agony. He could do nothing to stop his foe from dragging him over to the corner. A devilish smirk came over Roebuck's face. He was going to bring out the big guns. He slowly climbed up to the middle rope. Once bouncing up and down on the ropes, the challenger hopped off the ropes.


All of the Las Vegas Leviathan's weight came crashing down on Geist's mid-section. Roebuck knew he had things in hand, but he was not going to underestimate his foe. He wasted no time in climbing back up to the middle rope. This time, he faced his foe and looked down at him from his perch. Lorelei slapped the mat with all of her might, trying to rally her man, but there was a sitting duck.


It was on the money. Geist's insides were crushed by the massive weight of the challenger. Roebuck immediately hooked the far leg, as the referee dropped to make the count.




Even with the chances of possible internal bleeding looking more and more likely, The Todesengel would not give up the fight, much to the surprise of everyone in attendance. Roebuck chuckled to himself in disbelief. He thought he had him there. Not one to dwell, the challenger went right back on the offensive.


Geist was pulled up just to be knocked right back down by his adversary. Roebuck kept a firm grip on the champion's wrist and pulled him up once again.


This one was just as stiff, but this time, the Todesengel only dropped to one knee. Geist was led back to a vertical base, so he could be struck for a third time. However, he had other plans in mind. He blocked the clothesline and exploded with a barrage of punches that was capped off with a spinning backfist that dazed his large opponent.


The Todesengel had to dig down deep to gather the energy needed to spike his enemy on his head with the release suplex. Roebuck's auto-pilot kicked in and he stood back up while his brain was scrambled by the suplex. Geist made him pay for it, as he clocked him with a running European uppercut that sent the challenger tumbling over the top rope to the floor.

Out to the apron went Geist and he waited for his foe to once again become upright. Once Roebuck was standing, he raced along the apron.


Geist leapt off the apron and delivered a vicious forearm strike that caught his foe across the bridge of the nose, taking the gigantic Roebuck off his feet. It was apparent that adrenaline was starting to take over the champion, as he began to huff and puff.

A chair soon found itself in the German's grip and he went right to work with it.


The chair came crashing down atop Roebuck's head, warping it beyond belief. Blood began to trickle down the bridge of the challenger's nose and he could barely keep his eyes open. He pulled from the floor and rolled back into the ring. Geist propped him up in the corner and started blasting him with European uppercuts.

Three uppercuts rocked Roebuck, but instead of giving in to the pain, he started firing back with punches of his own. The champion was staggered and Roebuck put him down in a flash.


Geist was planted right at the corner and his opponent wasted no time in climbing up to the second rope. It looked as if the challenger was going to unleash a Vader Bomb, but he never got the chance. Geist slipped under him and using all the power his body could muster, he straightened his legs. He hurried out of the corner as fast as his legs could carry him.



The impact of the two hitting the mat caused a tremor that knocked the referee off his feet. He had to scurry on all fours over to pair to count the pinfall attempt...




Roebuck had a great heart to go with his great size and he shot his shoulder up off the canvas with just an eyelash between the referee's hand and the mat. Geist was letting a second wind fuel him. In the blink of an eye, he pinned the Las Vegas Leviathan in the corner.


A downright evil spinning back fist nearly tore Roebuck's jaw from his face.


Number two was just as vicious.

The Todesengel pulled his opponent to him by his singlet and took the gigantic man onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. Geist's legs trembled only slightly, as he stepped clear of the corner. He looked to the crowd, who thought there was no way he could do what he planned. They would be wrong.


The challenger's body plunged to the mat like a crashing 747. He was nothing, but a lifeless mass in the middle of the ring. Despite not being on the receiving end, that took a lot out of the champion. Several moments passed before Geist could muster the strength to roll his foe over.

Geist could only drape his arm over Roebuck in hopes he had done enough...





Once again, the challenger escaped what many thought was sure defeat. Too exhausted to argue with the official, Geist just laid on the mat, hoping to use the time to recover lost energy. The uberkreiger rolled to the ropes and slowly pulled himself up to one knee with assistance from the ropes. He waited for Roebuck to start doing the same when he took off to the ropes.

A running forearm strike whiffed and the challenger returned fire.


That rung the German's bell. He knew he had to get up and his scrambled brain got him upright. His stay on his feet was a short one though, as his adversary pulled him into a rear waist lock by the tights.


Roebuck may not look like the prototypical athlete, but he was and his execution was flawless. The champion landed right on his head, which left him unconscious. However, the Las Vegas Leviathan was not going to show him any mercy. He was pulled from the mat only to have Roebuck batter him in his injured torso repeatedly with right hands before clamping on another waist lock.


A third devastating impact and the challenger rolled into a cover...





Geist threw all of his energy into getting his left shoulder up and the referee made sure to let everyone know that it was only a two-count, as everyone watching swore it was three. Roebuck looked over at Geist from all fours and shook his head.

"Damn this kid's got heart."

He might have respected his foe's guts, but that wasn't going to stop the challenger from delivering more punishment. The uberkreiger was nothing but a punching bag. Roebuck drove shoulder after shoulder into Geist's stomach. He whipped Geist into the far corner and took off after him. He never expected that the champion would come racing back out of the corner.


And down both monsters went.

Neither man was exactly exploding back up to their feet. Roebuck was the first to show signs of life and he stumbled out to the middle of the ring to meet the barely moving champion. Geist was practically dead weight when the challenger decided to drive him back down to the mat in a very unhappy fashion.


Everything from the German's waist up was just throbbing with pain. He could barely breathe let alone move. His opponent stood over him and lowered the strap of his singlet. The Las Vegas Leviathan was going to put an end to this. Roebuck dragged his injured foe up from the mat and it looked like Geist was going to be dealt a really Bad Hand.

Not today.

Back elbows found the challenger's jaw, breaking his grip and allowing the Todesengel to take off to the ropes. A wild swing was ducked by Geist and he came back like stampeding bull.


Geist met that brick wall and this time, ran through it. Lorelei nearly came out of her shoes at the sight of him taking his enemy to the mat. She slapped the mat, hoping to cheer him into a comeback. He rolled to his stomach, blocking out the pain. He rose up to one knee where he slammed his fists into the mat. Adrenaline engulfed the German. He rushed his opponent up, so he could fire him into the ropes.


Like an anvil falling in a cartoon, the Las Vegas Leviathan fell to the mat with a boom.

The champion looked for the win, making sure to hook the leg...





Neither man would give in to the pain and Roebuck matched his opponent in displaying toughness, as the spinebuster nearly crippled him. Both man struggled to move and they were both on wobbly legs when they finally got to a vertical base. Geist was the first to strike, as he unloaded with a right hand. His foe was off-balance and he took off to the ropes.


Roebuck struck out of nowhere, yet the champion wouldn't fall. Instead, Geist stumbled back into the ropes from wence he came, using them to spring right back towards his enemy.



Down went Roebuck like an oak tree.

The Todesengel threw all he had into the lariat and he knocked his foe into next week. He hooked both of the challenger's legs, while going for the cover...





It took the very best in Pietro Geist's arsenal, but finally he put Adam Roebuck down for the count.

The Underground Champion tried to stand, but his injured torso made that difficult and he stumbled back down to his rear. Lorelei made her way up the steel steps with the title belt in her firm grip. She draped the title over her man's shoulder, as he leaned in to check on him. His foe still hadn't moved and the referee was checking on him. The crowd showed their support for the champion, while he raised the title into the air. They had just witnessed the jOlt's equivalent of Godzilla versus King Kong and they loved it. They made sure he knew that they were behind him, as the cameras turned elsewhere.


The cheers for Geist continued for a few more moments, but up at the top of the ramp stood the man that was now set to take on the Underground Champion at Death Wish…

‘jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan!

The man that had scored the biggest win of his jOlt career over Derecho earlier tonight now stared out to Lorelei and Pietro with a sinister grin on his face. He gestured to Pietro Geist by running a thumb across his throat and pointing a finger right for the man that held the gold he now coverted.

“I want you to see your future first-hand, Geist! Your future is me standing over you with the Underground Title in my hands!”

Geist was favoring his ribs from his gruesome battle with Roebuck a few moments ago, but he had the strength to reply to Ryan’s challenge.

He raised the Underground Championship with his left hand and gestured for Ryan to try and take it.


Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall