"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"A Challenge to the Clan II"

The fans in the Arena of Champions turned to the jOltvision screen showing Dawn Cassidy standing backstage. In contrast to her bright, smiling face, the man next to her had a dark scowl as he stared off to the side.

"Hello jOlt fans! There's plenty of action ahead tonight on iNtense as we get closer to our next pay-per-view, Death Wish," said Cassidy with her typical exuberance. "Joining me now is one person who will be in action later tonight - Providence!"

The crowd cheered as the camera zoomed in on Providence momentarily, even though his face showed little emotion peaking through the long strands of his dark hair.

"Providence, last week you issued a challenge to the Inogami Clan and defeated Shoji in his return to the ring. From what we've heard, you've issued another challenge tonight to face a second Clan member right here on iNtense. Is that true?"

Cassidy raised the mic to Providence, but he remained silent for a moment, continuing to stare off to the side. Cassidy looked confused for a second before Providence finally turned to face the camera."

"Ms. Cassidy, you are correct about my challenge to the Clan tonight. Last week, Shoji and I had a battle in that ring, but I don't believe that was enough to prove to Mr. Inogami just how dangerous I can be. So tonight, I will head to the ring once again and await my chance against another member of the Clan. I don't care who it is...just as long as it's not Mr. Inogami himself."

Cassidy brought the mic back to her lips and asked, "That's one thing many jOlt fans are wondering. With these challenges to the Inogami Clan, when are we going to see you and the head of the Clan himself, Kenshiro Inogami, one on one in the ring?"

Surprisingly, the slightest of smirks came across Providence's face. "You see, Ms. Cassidy, I am a patient man. I have waited for opportunities over and over in my life. This is no different."

Providence paused for a second and closed his eyes, letting out a deep breath. Then, his eyes opened once more and he stared straight ahead into the camera.

"Mr. Inogami, our paths will meet soon. Very soon. I know the destiny that lies ahead. Do you?"

"I'll Find My Own Fight"

Vinny Zahorian enters the locker room where Rainbow Serpent tugs on his boot and begins lacing.

"Kid, ya ain't booked tonight. I figured another week is gonna do you the world of good," he explained.

Serpent, sneering beneath his mask, pulled his laces tighter and rose to his feet.

“I don’t need another week,” Serpent spat. “I’m right to go, hey? I need to get back out there.”

Vinny clapped a hand onto the rookie’s shoulder. “Kid, I know what’s best. You don’t wanna go out there and injure yourself again. It ain’t smart for your career.”

Politely, Rainbow Serpent picked up Zahorian’s wrist and lifted it off of his shoulder, letting it fall back down by Vinny’s side.

"This is a wrestling show, hey? Bunch of ego maniacs looking for a fight. That's what this is. Book me. Don't book me. I don't care, hey? I'll find my own fight."

“C’mon. Don’t be like this,” Vinny urged.

Stomping past, Serpent ignored the words of the Head Trainer and headed off out into the corridor, his torso showing bruises from three weeks ago at the Pay-Per-View. Zahorian smirked to himself as the rookie disappeared out of sight.

"Go get 'em, kid."

Takeshi vs Providence

The Arena of Champions went dark and silent before the opening sounds of "Stinkfist" by Tool began to fill the air. As the jOltvision screen roared back to life with the name of PROVIDENCE across, the cloaked wrestler made his way down to ringside, the yellow beam following him the entire way. Once inside the ring, the crowd cheered loudly as Providence pulled back the hood of his cloak and looked back up toward the entrance. Removing his cloak, Providence loosened up his arms and smacked his fists together, eager to take on another Inogami Clan member.

The gathered legions would soon rally behind the playing of ‘Heavy Metal Machine’ - Cliff Lin as the hulking titan sauntered forward through the billowing strobe lit overcast with the jOlt World Tag Team Championship slung over his right shoulder. The Mute Mountain Splitter calmly popped both sets of knuckles before peeling the championship belt off his shoulder and raising it overhead with both hands...

Carrington: “...and his opponent; representing The Inogami Clan...Hailing from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...He is 1 ½ of the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...Weighting in at 320 pounds...TAKESHI!!!

Much like the week before when Shoji and Providence had squared off, Takeshi and Providence stared ahead at one another from opposite corners of the ring. The Silent Nightmare’s mind was focused on gaining a measure of revenge for his brethren while Providence was taking in the full measure of Takeshi's size. The hulking ninja quietly handed off the belt to the ringside personnel through the ropes as his musical introduction ebbed out of earshot.

The bell rang and the two men moved forward from their corners, cautiously sizing one another up. When they finally locked up, there was a brief back and forth before Takeshi used his brute strength to shove Providence backward, sending him to the mat. The crowd cheered loudly as Takeshi stood tall, readying himself for Providence to come back at him.

Providence stood back to his feet and moved forward, locking up once more. This time as Takeshi started to gain the advantage, Providence slipped behind him and put the Clan member in a hammerlock to try and control him. But Takeshi recognized it and used both his strength and quickness to sidestep and move out of the hold, instead reversing it into a hammerlock on Providence. Before Takeshi could inflict anymore damage, Providence was able to take a couple of steps forward and grab the top rope nearby, forcing the referee to step in and have Takeshi break the hold.

As Takeshi backed away, Providence turned and paused for a moment. It was clear he was evaluating what to do next. Again the two opponents moved toward each other, but this time before they could lock up, Providence caught Takeshi by surprise with a kick to the midsection. As the big men was halted briefly, Providence followed it up immediately with a couple of rights. Takeshi staggered back a couple of steps and Providence backed against the ropes, then sprang forward with a clothesline that sent Takeshi back a couple more steps but still on his feet. Providence backed against the ropes and again bounded forward for a clothesline, but this time Takeshi caught him and drove him hard into the mat with a side slam to another loud cheer from the crowd.

Takeshi stood back to his feet and looked down at Providence for a second before dropping a hard elbow down to his chest. Again he stood and again he dropped the elbow, this time causing Providence to roll to the side and try to move away. Takeshi watched Providence slide toward one of the corners and start to pull himself up using the ropes. Just as Providence was fully upright, Takeshi charged ahead and splashed him in the corner with full force, leaving Providence clutching his chest again. Before he could catch his breath, Takeshi grabbed hold of him again and lifted him off his feet before twisting and smashing him into the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Takeshi then hooked the leg for an early cover...



Kickout by Providence! The Providence fans in the crowd cheered the kickout, while Takeshi was undeterred. The big man stood to his feet and pulled Providence up with him. He backed Providence against the ropes and laid in a couple of hard chops. Takeshi then grabbed Providence's right arm by the wrist and pulled him forward, his own right arm cocked and ready to take Providence's head off with a short-arm clothesline.

But somehow instinct kicked in for Providence and he ducked just before Takeshi's arm could make an impact. Before Takeshi could turn around, Providence landed a hard kick to his kidneys and then another, sending his opponent staggering forward toward the ropes. With Takeshi clutching his back in pain, Providence grabbed hold and used his own strength to lift his 6-foot-10-inch opponent and toss him back to the mat with a back suplex.

The move gave Providence the advantage for now, but more importantly, a chance to recover from the early assault by Takeshi. A couple of seconds later, Providence was back over to Takeshi, driving the point of his knee into the ninja's back several times while he lay on the mat. Providence followed that up with a couple of well placed elbow drops to the back also, continuing to attack that part of the body to keep the big man on the ground.

Keeping that pattern, Providence grabbed both of Takeshi's legs and locked in a Boston crab, pulling back on the tree trunk legs to try and heighten the pain on his lower back. Although it was hard to put a textbook version of the hold on due to Takeshi's size, the Tag Team Champion's grimacing face showed he was still in considerable pain. Providence leaned back in his seated position to apply more pressure as Takeshi tried to inch toward the ropes. Finally, the combination of his upper body strength pulling him forward and his legs trying to pull free gave him enough leverage to reach the ropes and cause the hold to break.

Using the ropes, Takeshi pulls himself up to a knee, still reaching to hold his back. Providence moved back in, pulling Takeshi up the rest of the way. He tried to whip Takeshi off the ropes, but the big man held onto the ropes and wouldn't budge. Providence caught him in the side with a kick to try and soften him up, but again Takeshi wouldn't budge when Providence attempted the Irish whip. This time when Providence tried a kick to the ribs, Takeshi caught it with his left arm and knocked Providence backward with a palm thrust to the chest. Takeshi charged forward looking to capitalize before Providence could recover, but a boot to the midsection stopped him dead in his tracks and then it was Providence reacting quickly to spike Takeshi into the mat with a double-arm DDT and made a quick cover...



THR-Kickout! The divided crowd reacted with a mix of cheers and surprise, as some obviously felt the quick move may have been enough to earn Providence a win. Again Providence put a little work into Takeshi's back with a couple of stomps to the kidneys while he lay on the mat. Takeshi was like a machine, though, still fighting to his feet as Providence looked on. Providence waited until Takeshi was almost to his feet and then charged forward, but his opponent reached out with both hands and grabbed Providence by the throat. Even still, Providence worked himself free momentarily with a knee to the ribcage. But Takeshi wouldn't let him do more than that, raring back and dropping Providence with a vicious lariat to the approval of the crowd.

Takeshi had his chance to recover with Providence down, but he didn't waste much time. Pulling Providence up by the hair, Takeshi grabbed him by the arm and whipped Providence with all his might chest first into one of the corners. There was a loud thud as Providence crashed into the turnbuckles and then as he staggered backward, Takeshi was there to lock him in with a double chickenwing. Everyone knew what was next...


Takeshi lifted Providence up and then slammed him forward with one of his favorite high impact moves. Providence looked out as Takeshi covered and hooked the leg...



Shoulder up! Providence managed to get his right arm up just in time to stop the count. An audible "oooh" came from the crowd as the official emphasized once again that it was a two count. Takeshi stayed on one knee for a moment looking at Providence, who held his chest in pain after that crushing move. Now upright, Takeshi bent down to pull Providence's arm away from his chest and then dropped a knee down to inflict more pain. Providence rolled away again, trying to drag himself up with the ropes. As he did so, Takeshi moved in, catching him with a European uppercut that sent Providence sprawling backward against the ropes.

Providence tried to fight back with a right that stung Takeshi for a moment, but the big man responded with a hard chop to the chest. A second later, Takeshi grabbed Providence for a whip across the ring, but Providence reversed to whip Takeshi instead. However, Takeshi's strength was enough to reverse it again, this time into a short-arm clothesline...then another...then Takeshi charged forward with a running lariat to complete another of his signature moves. With Providence down, Takeshi made another pinfall attempt...



No! Kickout by Providence to avoid defeat once again. Takeshi grunted at the result, clearly not pleased that he had only gained a two count. The man who held one half of the Tag Team Championship stood and looked out at the crowd, who applauded and urged him on. Another portion of the crowd was cheering his opponent, as Providence climbed back up as well. Takeshi watched as he did so, seeing Providence pull back the dark hair from his eyes and glare over at Takeshi. Takeshi glared back and the unspoken message between the two of them that neither was going to back down was evident.

As Providence steadied himself by the ropes, Takeshi charged forward. Providence reacted quickly and took Takeshi down with a drop toe-hold, sending the big man's throat slamming against the middle rope. Providence took a couple of deep breaths as Takeshi held his throat in pain and then attacked him with a couple of boots to the head. Pulling Takeshi up, Providence wraps his arms around his waist from behind and starts to lift him up, but Takeshi fights it. Providence releases his waist and lands two hard elbows to the kidney and a kick, causing Takeshi to wince. Providence then tries a second time to grab him by the waist and this time is able to get the big man up and slams him backward with a German suplex and bridges for a pin attempt...



Kickout by Takeshi, whose strength was too much for Providence to hold on. As Takeshi tried to get up, Providence locked his arms around again hoping a second German might do the trick. But this time Takeshi powered free with a back elbow that caught Providence squarely in the jaw. Turning around, Takeshi summoned the strength to lift Providence up with a press slam, seeming to set him up for - HEAVEN MEETS EARTH!

But this move was not to be either. Before Takeshi could turn the move into the vicious power slam, Providence's movement above caused Takeshi to lose his balance and grip. Providence landed on his feet to the side of Takeshi and grabbed him around the neck and shoulders for...THE FALL!

At the sight of the potential move, the crowd cheered loudly but now it was Takeshi's turn to halt the big move, elbowing Providence twice in the temple to come free. With Providence dazed for a moment in front of one corner, Takeshi ran forward intent on breaking him in half.

Yet, Providence saw him just in time, sidestepping the freight train of a man. Unable to stop because of his momentum, Takeshi plowed right into the corner turnbuckles with such force that the ring seemed to move. As he stumbled backward, Providence spun the big man around and again locked his right arm around Takeshi's chest and neck...

THE FALL! This time, there was no escape for the stunned Takeshi, as the uranage slam drove him hard into the mat. Providence made the cover and hooked a leg as many in the crowd counted along with the official...




The bell rang and "Stinkfist" filled the arena again as the referee raised Providence's arm in victory. For the second straight week, he had earned a hard-fought win over a member of the Inogami Clan. And once again, when Takeshi and Providence locked eyes a few seconds later, a subtle nod showed a great deal of respect between the two.

As he caught his breath in one of the corners, Providence motioned for a microphone and one of the ringside attendants handed him one. He waited a few moments as the music continued and Takeshi made his way toward the back. Finally, he pulled the microphone up and the music died down.

"Mr. Inogami..." he said slowly before taking a deep breath. "The time is drawing near, Mr. Inogami. It's almost here. You and I have a destiny that can't wait much longer."

He paused for a moment as the crowd cheered. Then, staggering toward the center of the ring, he looked ahead at the main camera.

"It won't be long, Mr. Inogami. It won'"

With that, he dropped the microphone and stared out at the cheering crowd for a few seconds before making his own slow walk to the back.

Winner: Providence via Pinfall

"My Gold, My Rules"

Diamond Jewelz stands, Ruby Rocks entrenched lovingly in his fit and muscular arms, adoring, kissing and hugging his fiance of more than a year now. They share kisses and inaudible words, and Ruby rubs on Diamond chest, underneath all of his jewelry, as Diamond absorbs all of her comforting warmth.

“Jewelz,” the familiar voice of Damien Lee beckons the dual Relentless and gOlden bOy champion. Jewelz is clearly unsettled by Lee’s interruption.

“What you want yo??” Jewelz inquires sharply as he throws his head back and rolls his eyes in disgust; an equal amount of disgust is on the face of his fiance as well..

“We need to talk!”

“I hear you… Speak” Diamond demands as his grill twinkles and glistens with every word. He tries to get back to his loving exchange of kisses and words with Ruby.

“I mean… Just me and you…” Lee says to infer that Ruby’s presence is an interference.

“It’s just me and you talking last time I checked..” Diamond responds refusing to dismiss his love. Lee sighs..

“Listen… I know I gave you free will concerning the gOlden bOy Title Invitational, but don’t forget about my Relentless Title..” Jewelz seems obvlious to Lee’s words.. He’s too caught up in Ruby’s kisses and rubs..

“I don’t want that thing collecting dust.. And next time you decide to customize one of my titles.. Ask me first..” Lee continues.. Diamond continues to kiss and rub on ruby, seemingly oblivious to Lee..


“Listen,” Diamond cuts off Lee before he can try and get his attention. He kisses Ruby a few more times..

“I heard you lil nuts…” Diamond Jabs.. He stops his embrace of Ruby..

“First off, it’s my Relentless Title and I’ll defend it when I want, per my contract… Second, I can customize whatever I want per my contract…. “

“Listen Jewel…” Diamond holds his hand up in Lee’s face pausing him.

“Read the contract… For Relentless Title matches, according to jOlt rules, I set the rules, And furthermore, according to the rules of my gOlden bOy promotions contract I signed with you, that’s my time… Read that contract too… I make the rules... All the precious metal and diamonds I’m carrying around is mine.. And according to my contract, I’ll defend, and customize them as I see fit lil nuts… My gold, my rules!!! That’s what the fine print says...”

Tammy Lynn Foster/Alyssa Corliss vs Amber Ryann

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. The jOlt rookie Tammy Lynn Foster makes her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She slowly walked down the ramp as she got a mixed reaction from the fans. She finally made her way to the ring, sliding under the bottom ropes. Foster stood in the ring and raised her arms in the air to the cheers of the fans.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

The people gave another mixed reaction as Alyssa stepped out from the backstage area. She was viciously attacked by Amber Ryann last week and now she and Tammy Lynn Foster were going into a handicap match against the dragonfly. She was a tough woman as she made her way down to the ring looking at her partner for this particular matchup. She warmed up and awaited the arrival of their opponent.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The music cued up and Amber Ryann came out from the back. Normally, she would wear her hooded sweater, her dragonfly mask, and a dragonfly wing in her hair, but this time, she came out in her gear with no special flare. She didn't even do her pose to set off her pyro. She simply walked down to the ring, never taking her eyes off of Alyssa Corliss and Tammy Lynn Foster. Ryann climbed into the ring and looked across the ring to Alyssa and Tammy Lynn.

Alyssa stepped into the ring as Amber looked on at her. Amber yelled at Tammy in the corner but the woman from OKC just smirked at the Dragonfly. Since this was a handicap match, Tammy and Alyssa had to tag in and out. The bell sounded as Amber nailed Alyssa with a big right hand and then tackled her to the mat. Amber started to unload on Alyssa on the mat as the two started to roll on the mat trying to get the upper hand on each other.

Alyssa was able to get on top of Amber and nail her with some right hands. Amber rolled out the ring to stop any momentum that Alyssa was trying to gain. Alyssa yelled at Amber to get in the ring. Tammy Lynn looked on and tried to hold the top and middle rope open for Amber to enter. Amber flipped Tammy off and walked around the ring. She slowly rolled into the ring. Alyssa wanted to get her hands on Amber in the worst way but Amber quickly went to the ropes as the ref was able to push Alyssa back away from Amber.

Alyssa moved back as Amber quickly moved from the ropes and nailed Alyssa with a kick to the gut. Corliss was bent over as Ryann quickly grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back on the mat. Amber grabbed Alyssa by her hair and pulled her to her feet. She picked up Alyssa and drove her to the mat with a big body slam. Amber dropped down for the cover.




Amber gave TL a long hard stare as Foster climbed out of the ring. Amber picked up Alyssa and whipped her into the corner. The Dragonfly looked at TL before racing into the corner. Alyssa was quick to put both boots up to her face. Amber staggered out of the corner as TL reached for a tag from Alyssa. But Corliss was not ready to tag out just yet as she nailed Amber with a clothesline that sent Ryann to the mat. Corliss was not done as she nailed Amber with a big forearm before grabbing Amber and whipping her into the ropes.

Amber bounced off the ropes as Alyssa nailed her with a big dropkick. TL asked for a tag but all Alyssa saw was red as she went after Amber again. Alyssa picked up Amber and quickly sent her to the mat with a vicious DDT. Alyssa went for the cover on Amber.




Alyssa was not happy as Tammy Lynn looked frustrated on the ring apron. Corliss wanted to unleash weeks of pent up anger all over Amber Ryann as she grabbed the Dragonfly and pushed her to the corner. Alyssa drove some rights and lefts into Amber’s gut as the fans erupted in cheers. Alyssa held her fist in the air before driving it into Amber’s jaw sending Ryann to the mat. Alyssa looked at TL on the apron but never made her way over to tag her in.

Alyssa pulled Amber from the corner to the middle of the ring. Alyssa hooked Amber in the middle of the ring in a power bomb position. Alyssa picked up Amber but Ryann was able to flip out of the maneuver. Amber hooked Alyssa in the ring and drove her down with a swinging neck breaker. Amber draped an arm over her chest for the cover.




Both women lay on the mat as Tammy stomped on the ring apron to get Alyssa to tag her in. The ref started a ten count on the women in the middle of the ring.






Both women started to move as the ref continued to count.




Both women were back to their feet trading blows in the middle of the ring. Alyssa nailed Amber with a big right hand that sent Ryann to the mat. Corliss now started to make her way to TL standing in the corner. Amber grabbed her foot so she could not get to the corner. TL started to stretch to make the tag. Alyssa finally kicked Amber off of her and jumped to the corner for the tag but Tammy Lynn dropped down from the apron as Alyssa looked on in shocked. The fans erupted in jeers as Tammy just smiled and waved to Alyssa from the floor. Amber made it to her feet and turned Alyssa around.


Amber quickly covered Alyssa.




Amber Ryann picks up the win in a handicap match. Tammy Lynn quickly rushed into the ring and nails Ryann from behind with a big forearm shot. Tammy hooked Amber from behind and drove her to the mat with a reverse DDT. The crowd was not getting all over Tammy Lynn as she looked down at Alyssa Corliss. She quickly grabbed Alyssa and put her in the power bomb position.


Tammy Lynn Foster smirked as she rolled out of the ring to a loud chorus of jeers.

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall

"House Rules"

There were three people now seated in the office of the jolt CEO Damien Lee now and an awkward silence hung in the air between them.

“The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber, “The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck and the Starlets Champion and Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte.

Lee sat back in his desk and leaned back with an uneasy look on his face.

“You’re probably wondering why exactly we called you three in here, yeah?” Lee asked.

“Yes,” Derrick responded. “We love being kept waiting while you look like you’ve got a whole six-packed lodged up your ass tightly, Lee. Not to make your precious job any harder, but what the fuck did you summon us here for? And I’d answer quickly. Big Bucks here doesn’t like being kept waiting. He tends to get all murdery.”

Roebuck offered up only a snort that could’ve breathed fire if that was possible. Lee took note of this.

“I wanted to call you in here to tell you that your match with The Crimson Order rematch was granted. You will be taking on The Crimson order at Death Wish with the Tag Team Titles on the line … and the winner of that match will be taking on Cross the Hood at a future date.”

Huber turned his head over to Roebuck who looked as confused as he.

“That’s all fantastic for the tag match and we will make the most of that shot, but what did THEY do to even deserve a shot at the belt.”

“Le Bon. You saw what happened several weeks ago …” he said with regret. “He controls the Rebellion matches and all matches involved with them. My hands are tied.”

“Yeah, I bet they are,” Huber said sarcastically. “I don’t care what that shithead has over you. It doesn’t matter what Davie Bowie with down syndrome has to say. We’ll beat the Crimson Order and we’ll beat Cross The Hood and prove to everybody here that if anybody wants to be the future of the tag team division, they need to go through us!”

“And I hope that you can back that up. Tonight, I have you two booked. Seems your little spat insulted Kenshiro and the Clan. Eiji Kugasari and Shoji demanded a shot at the two of you tonight so their request was granted. You two will be facing them in a tag team match tonight.”

“Good,” Roebuck snarled. “Wanted a fight tonight. Pietro Geist last week was fun … and I want more

Lee faced the Starlets Champion Charlotte.

“And as you already know, at Death Wish you also have your title on the line against…”

“yeah, yeah, yeah, Raevynn. I know. I’m gonna knock that pasty bitch the fuck out and keep this title around my sexy waist, hon. I know that I’m teaming with Callie to face Raevynn and Sarah Winterton and we’re going to give them a little bit of vigilante justice tonight. You’d be so proud, sweetie.”

Derrick whispered something in her ear and she giggled. Damien Lee didn’t look amused.

“That’s the other part of the reason … so I have it on good authority by …” he signed. “Mr. Le Bon. Because the physicality between the two of you has gotten out of hand … he has ordered a no contact clause between the two of you.”

Charlotte jumped from her seat. “What the fuck? We’re going to be in a match tonight!”

“I know, I know, I know! I’m sorry, but here’s where it comes in. If Raevynn attacks you in any way before the show, then she forfeits her match for the Starlets Title. However if you hit her in any way before then .. I will be forced to strip you of the title.”

Now it was Derrick Huber’s turn to stand.

“Get the fuck out of here with that shit, Lee. Jon Le Bon made you do that? All to keep whatever this secret shit just that, a secret? Fuck you. I’m going to find those Rebellion assholes and show them some of our own House Rules …”

“You WILL listen to me or your wife’s title is in jeopardy.”

Huber glanced at his wife who had to silently calm her big bull of a husband down.

“Hon … it’s okay, I’ll deal with Raevynn. You guys worry about Eiji and Shoji.”

“All right … but if I see any funny business, then I’m going to wring everybody’s necks that are involved in this bullshit … and them I’m going to come back here, Damien.”

Damien said nothing and watched the three depart his office leaving him to contemplate this Rebellion business getting so far out of hand.

"Golden Boy Title Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt arena is completely aware of who’s next by the change in the cosmetics of the ring; it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational featuring the dual Relentless and gOlden bOy champion, Diamond Jewelz!! Which one of the prized pieces of his custom jewelry will Diamond Jewelz be putting on the line tonight. What rules will jOlt officials have to recognize tonight? Apparently Jewelz, usually a shrewd business man and hustler, is doing his opponent a favor and leaving that up to the challenger.

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady current, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; this week the ring apron is pure gold with the gOlden bOy Invitational logo on it; the turnbuckles match the aprons this week with gold, gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine into the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“All my niggaz.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“It’s now time to see not only the finest champion currently in this organization, but the greatest Relentless Champion in all of jOlt History….” O.G. declares..

“Aran, Aran, Aran, Aran!!” the crowd chants in response to O.G’s obviously blatant slap in the face of the longest reigning Relentless Champion in jOlt history

“Who got a shine like his??? NOBODY!!!” Ha ha ha… O.G laughs arrogantly

“ He is “The Jeweler”... “He is “Mr. Twinkle and Glisten”... He is your gOlden bOy champion. He is your RELENTLESS CHAMPION… He is the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions… He is the gOlden bOy himself… Mr. Relentless….. Diamond… Jewelz..

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the “million dollar” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges; He wears unique new ensemble this iNtense; white boots, white tights, all with gOld lettering and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title on his left shoulder and his newly customized Relentless Title on his right shoulder! Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain, posing to compliment her man’s display machismo and bravado. After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G. Diamond holds up the mic to his face grinning devilishly as the crowd is split John Cena style between boos and cheers.

“Mr. Relentless in the hizzzzoussseee….” The boos overpower the cheers as the supporter of Aran Thompson are reviled by the slap in the face to the most prolific Relentless Champion in jOlt history.. Diamond’s blinging grin widens obnoxiously in reaction to the reaction from the crowd and twinkles and glistens even more.. “Aran. Thompson” Clap 5x “Aran. Thompson” Clap 5x “Aran. Thompson” Clap 5x, the crowd begins to chant.

“Woah, Woah, Woah… I been proving it week in and week out since I got to jOlt, and last week I stamped this motherfucker official!!!”

“Official, dicial my nigga,” O.G. shouts out cosigning Jewelz’s statement. “Yeah baby,” Ruby chimes in clapping… The crowd continues with the Aran chatns.

“When Jameson Lennox owed me money, I Relentlessly got in his ass…I ended his career..When JCon stole my chain.. I went Relentless on that bitch.. NRA STYLE” Jewelz reveals that the police reports were true with that jab.. He did shoot at JCon The boos escalate. The Aran Thompson chants transform into “One Letter Better”, “One Letter Better” chants...

“When I stepped into the ring with the most successful young superstar in jOlt history, Vizier Ta Seti I was so Relentless in whooping his ass, after I Iced him out andmade him quit in the middle of the ring, I made him quit the wrestling business.. He retired… I did him like 50 Cent did Ja Rule, I destroyed his career.” The crowd is again angered by the insult of former fan favorite Vizier Ta Seti….”

“.And last week, last week I confirmed what I’ve known and my camp has known from the beginning… I layed the finest, most prolific Relentless Champion that this organization has ever had, and I treated him like my bitch…” The boos continue at Jewelz’s revisionist history of the events last week where Jewelz only stood supreme over Aran after the interference of Them M’fn Goons… But then again, Aran started the dirty play with the ambush…

“I’m Mr. Relentless.. You hear me?? What more do I have to do to prove that…I’ve ended two careers, I sumtaneously hold two titles… If I’m not Mr. Relentless who is??””

“Turnbull, Turnbull the crowd chants..” Jewelz looks at the crowd in disgust!

Last week, was my coronation.. Yeah I took the title from Ta Seti at Thieves Honor...But last week, when I stood over the prone body of Aran Thompson, the world got confirmation as to who’s the most Relenetless man in jOlt hIstory… When Thompson vacated this title I hold, he vacated the monkier... Every year…. High schools around the nation crown a new prom king; Nobody holds the crown forever..Each year there is a new ballot that is cast. jOlt was without a Mr. Relentless for far to long, but now, a new ballot has been cast and it’s time for the crowning of a new KIng.. Me....” Jewelz breaks out into a blinging ball of laughter..:”

“From now on.. I am no longer Diamond Jewelz… I have been christened and knighted with a new name... I am “The gOlden bOy”, Mr. Relentless…. Call.. Me… Mr; Relentless.. Jewelz breaks out into a Front Double Biceps pose giving a twinkling and glistening display of his bling in a front double biceps pose…” Jewelz’s fans break out in a “Mr.. Relentless” chant but his opposers continue to boo.. As Jewelz’s body is divided between his gOlden bOy and Relentless Titles, tthe crowd is evenly divided concerning him..

“He’s Mr. Relentless.. You better recognize” O.G. Simpson cosigns Jewelz on the outside as usual.

“Now that my new name has been clarified, let me clarify something else...I am a fighting champion.. So now allow me to cement this fact once again, as I do every week, with a gOIden bOy challenge.. It’s challenger’s choice.. Relentless Title, or gOlden bOy title.. You choose which one you wanna compete with.. Any inferior back there in the back who thinks himself worthy of my bling… Show yourself, that I might confirm my position once more.. Calling All Marks….Come try and get this come up…”

Diamond Jewelz begins to remove all of his jewelry piece by piece as the crowd breaks out into various chants.. At first a “Pietro Geist” chant is strong, and then an “Aran Thompson” chant breaks out… Jewelz finishes removing his various articles of jewelry and bounces up and down in anticipation. His body glistens with a mixture of Baby Oil and light sweat that he worked out before coming out… His face is stern with focus.. Lately, the gOlden bOy challenge has attracted jOlt’s best… Two Heavyweight Champions, Aran Thompson and Landon Stevens have been the last two challengers.. Despite Jewelz’s arrogance and bravado, he knows that his open challenge to the jOlt roster is no cake walk. His last two challenges have afforded him some of the greatest danger he’s faced in jOlt since arriving a year ago.. A game Landon Stevens 3 iNtenses ago; a maniacal, revenge minded Aran Thompson last week.. Who will it be this week?

“Down River” by the Wilcannia Mob hit the speakers and the young Australian rookie, Rainbow Serpent, drew a positive response from the fans. He stomped out onto stage, staring down into the ring where Jewelz and his crew stared back. His usual theatrics seemed to be missing as the kid drew a big breath and began his way down to the ring. Some fans reached out over the rails for high fives, he slapped their palms but his attention never drew away from the people inside the ring.

“That’s Rainbow Serpent and we haven’t seen him inside of a jOlt ring since Orphan annihilated him at Thieves Honor,” Buhrman remarked as the rookie neared the ring.

Powers laughed into his headset. “I can’t believe this kid’s HEAD is still attached. He’s still looking to bite off more than he can chew!”

Serpent made his way up the ring steps and onto the apron, halting for a moment as he waited to see if he were going to be attacked. He tentatively put one leg through and then pushed his body through as he walked right up into the centre of what was bound to be a tricky situation.

Diamond’s look of focus and stern seriousness is replaced by one of a mix of brash arrogance and confusion.

“Young boy… I think you outta your league… This ain’t no HYPE attraction.. This is the gOlden bOy challenge.. Just because it got the word boy in it don’t mean it’s for kids my nigga.. You got this shit confused with TRICKS…”

Jewelz looks Rainbow Serpent up and down.. He laughs at the appearance of the young superstar.. His gold and diamond grill twinkles as he bursts out into laughter. Serpent stands there, arms folded across his chest.

“Ehh O.G.. Who is this motherfucker..”

“Fuck if I know,” O.G. hollers outs “ ”Some scrub,”

Diamond laughs again…

“And what’s with the mask.. Wait.. I know!!” Jewelz holds up his finger in a eureka moment...

Rainbow Snake.. That’s your name isn’t it…Rainbows are a HOMO…” Diamond holds his mouth

“No homo ya’ll.. Let me correct myself... It’s an LGBTQ symbol… You’re gay.. My nigga you don’t have to be ashamed.. If Michael Sam came out, you can too.. You don’t have to wear a mask Rainbow Friend.. Come on out of that closet of shame…”

Waiting a moment, to let the boos of Jewelz settle down a little, Serpent walked across the ring and took the microphone being offered by a tech. He came back to stand in front of Jewelz to address him.

“First of all, just coz I’m Aboriginal and you’re African-American… it doesn’t mean I’m your nigger.”

The fans cheered loudly as the rookie brashly responded to the Relentless Champion.

“Second of all, feller, I’m gonna let your ignorance on the traditional heritage of what the Rainbow Serpent means to my people slip. But just because you got feelings when you look at me… it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be your bitch. Or is that what you what when you call me ‘YOUR NIGGER’.”

The cheer from the fans was just a little louder and just a little longer. Serpent stayed still on the spot as he watched Jewelz and his crew react.

“Now the jOlt Uniiverse mightn’t have seen me in this ring since Orphan beat my ass at Thieves Honor, hey? They might’ve all thought I was dead and done. Nobody thought this kid from Down Under had the heart in him to step back inside this ring but I’ll let you in on a little secret, hey?”

He beat his heart with his free hand.

“Ain’t nobody got the courage in them that I get from my people. Ain’t nobody got the heart in them like me. Ain’t nobody strong enough to kill my spirit. Ain’t nodo-”

“Listen Tatanka… You can rain dance all you want.. You can call on your ancestor spirits all you want.. But the fact of the matter is.. You ain’t worthy of no title shot yet young boy… You just a green ass rookie.. Well.. Mr. Relentless don’t deal in green unless it got something to do with money.. So therefore Diamond Jewelz will not be putting his Relentless or gOlden bOy championship on the line tonight!!”

The crowd boos relentlessly.. Mr. Relentless’ fans and opponents alike are angered to learn Jewelz will not be competing tonight…

“Hold on.. Let me explain.. Week in and week out I’ve come in this ring and taken on all comers.. The past two weeks, I’ve faced world champions.. And now.. This nobody is gonna just waltz in here and try and get a lucky punch in.. No way..”

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy the crowd chants..

“Yeah call me what you want Jewelz exclaims..Rainbow Coalition, if you want the gOlden bOy.. If you want Mr. Relentless.. Earn him.. You beat my patnas tonight… and maybe I’ll give you a shot at me…”

“O.G… Dial up client number 187..” O.G. gives Jewelz a “seriously” look.. “It’s that serious? Damn!!” O.G. rhetorically questions Jewelz.. Simpson whips out his gOld iPhone and begins to dial..”

“Yeah… Jew.. I mean Mr. Relentless got work for you right this second lil homies.. Come on out!!” Lil homies?? Plural.. what could this mean..

Rainbow Serpent vs Cross the Hood

“Ready to Go” by David Whitaker hits the speakers and the arena erupted into boos. Cross the Hood emerged from the back with smiles on their faces, lingering on the stage for a moment to let it all sink in.

Serpent looked around him to see that Diamond Jewelz and his crew had already slipped out of the ring to the outside, leaving him all on his lonesome in the centre of the ring. He remained in the centre, ready to rumble, bouncing from foot-to-foot. A bundle of nervous energy.

Cross the Hood made their way down the ramp. Hood rounded to the far side of the ring and Cross remained in front of Serpent. They slid into the ring at the same time, leaving the rookie between them and ready to pounce.


Rainbow Serpent stood between the duo known as Cross the Hood, who circled him like a pair of lions ready to strike that dumb gazelle that tripped and fell. Shooting his attention from one to the other, triggered by a mocking step, Serpent tried with all his might to keep his eyes on both at once but when the peripheral, and the mask, got in his way Machida struck with a forearm across his back that sent him staggering into a clothesline from Cross. The rookie went down but bounded straight to his feet, ducking a clothesline from Hood only to eat shoulder block from Cross. The Aussie was in a precarious situation.

Cross hauled the rookie to his feet, whipping him into the corner. Hood allowed no time for recovery for as soon as Serpent’s spine hit the turnbuckle he leapt in with splash squishing him beneath his body weight. Hood allowed the rookie to stumble out and into the clutches of Cross who scooped him up and drove him spine first into the canvas with a powerslam.

Jewelz gives a wide bliniging grin and claps in approval of his independently contracted associates Cross the Hood.. “The Goons on vacation this week.. So I got these boys to put in work!!” Jewelz exclaims as he points at Cross the Hood and gives a blinging thumbs up..

The timing between Cross the Hood was poetry in motion. No sooner had the rookie’s back been driven into the canvas than Machida was into the ropes, rebounding and driving his knees into the ribs of the Australian. Serpent bounced to his feet, clutching his midsection in agony as the duo pounded fists.

“Rainbow Serpent looks to still have some lingering injuries from his match with Orphan and he’s in a bad situation,” Buhrman retorted.

“I’ll say,” Powers agreed, “that WORST situation you could possibly be in, Mike.”

As Serpent got to his knees, Machida took him by the head and helped him the rest of the way. He applied a front facelock to the rookie as Cross drove a snappy boot into those ribs. Before Cross’ foot even came back down to the canvas Hood lifted him up with a vertical suplex, driving him down onto those ribs once again.

“The agony.. The agony…” Jewelz bursts out in laughter.. “He’s got no chance… MWAHAHAHA!!”

The momentum of the impact and the pain bounced Serpent right up onto his feet and he hung his arms over the top rope just to catch his breath. Jewelz sniggered to himself and looked up at the rookie, making a belt gesture before pawing the air as if the kid didn’t understand and wasn’t worth his precious time. Serpent was spun around by Hood who whipped him across the ring towards Cross, hoisted up onto his shoulders with a Fireman’s carry and the fans grew anxious in anticipation.

“Here comes the Cross Breakers, Powers, and you’d imagine this is game over for the young challenger,” Buhrman told the fans.

Pushing Rainbow Serpent into a backpack position, Cross nodded his head as if it were over. But the rookie manipulated his body so he got back into the Fireman’s carry position, across the top of Cross’ shoulders. Cross panicked but the kid kept his momentum going and shimmied his body down in front of Jackson Cross into an elevated DDT that had the fans burst to their feet. Serpent bounded to his, just in time to see Hood burst through with a European uppercut that sent the rookie stumbling into the corner.

Jewelz laughed as he and his posse began to make their way towards the ramp, still keeping somewhat of a watchful eye on the proceedings but never really seeming all that worried about what was taking place.

Hood drove some boots into the mid-section of Rainbow Serpent as Cross got to his feet. He shoved his partner out of the way angrily and began to deliver a flurry of chops and punches and kicks violently into the rookie known as Street Level Violence. The fans booed as Serpent tried to cover his upper body with his forearms but the attack was overwhelming and before the kid knew it he was down in the corner and Cross was stomping away. The referee began a count to call off the assault and Cross got close enough to five to get a warning.

Hood pulled his partner away as Serpent rolled out onto the apron, using the ropes to pull himself up. Hood charged with a clothesline but the rookie ducked under it, swinging a foot up and catching him in the back of the head with it. Hood crashed chest first into the corner.

Cross came to this rescue, charging at Rainbow Serpent but the kid ducked down again, pulling on the top rope. Cross tumbled down to the outside slowly getting to his feet as Serpent waited. When Cross was finally up, Serpent launched, somersaulting with a rana and driving Cross down into the hard floor.


The fans cheered as the kid bounced to his feet, Hulking up and nodding his head as he tried to bring himself mentally back into the game. He slid into the ring to take on Hood and as he rose he was caught with a running knee on the chin. The fans booed loudly as Hood climbed to the second rope, waiting for the rookie to rise to his feet.

Mr. Relentless, with his crew alongside him, smirked to himself. He simultaneously patted the Relentless and gOlden bOy titles and turned to head to the back, confident this was done and dusted. His independantly contracts Goons would get the job done no questions asked..

Rainbow Serpent pulled on the ropes to get himself to his feet. He stumbled, back to Hood, before finally turning. Hood launched, twisting in the air to his a diving European uppercut, ironing out the rookie.


The fans booed as Hood clambered onto Rainbow Serpent and hooked the leg.





A loud cheer from the fans drowned out the whining from Hood who had the referee showing him two fingers. Hood slapped his hands down on the canvas before hoisting the rookie to his feet. He whipped Rainbow into the ropes. He rebounded and ducked beneath a clothesline. He bounced off the ropes again and this time leapfrogged Hood, his speed gathering all the time. He leapt onto the middle rope and flipped backwards with a moonsault to the standing Hood, driving him down into the canvas.

As the fans popped loudly, Rainbow turned his attention to Cross, who was finally getting to his feet on the outside. The rookie charged and dove through the ropes, catching Cross in a front facelock and twisting their bodies until he drove him on his head with a DDT.


“THAT WAS AWE-SOME!” (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
“THAT WAS AWE-SOME!” (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
“THAT WAS AWE-SOME!” (clap-clap-clapclapclap)

Rainbow Serpent rose to his feet, clutching his head. He slid into the ring, just as Hood got to his feet. He hit the ropes, somersaulted across the canvas and launched up with his own momentum, hitting a jawbreaker on Hood.


The fans popped loudly as Rainbow Serpent quickly jumped onto the torso of Hood and hooked the leg.





Cross, seconds too late, slid under the ropes to break the fall. The fans cheered loudly as Rainbow Serpent rolled off and out of the ring and away from Cross the Hood. Cross helped Hood up to his feet as Rainbow Serpent backed up the ramp, making belt gestures around his waist with one hand while the other wrapped around his torso clutching his ribs.

“The rookie has done it! He had the odds set against him and it looked dire for him moments ago but this kid has heart, Powers! He’s defeated Cross the Hood and Diamond Jewelz’ dual gOlden bOy/Relentless Championship challenge becomes a step closer to the rookie’s reality!” Burhman announced.

“Heaven HELP this kid, Mike. This is just the beginning of his end!”

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Pinfall

"U Failed"

Jackson and Machida Cross stumble into the backstage area. beaten and battered..

“I hope you motherfuckers ain’t expecting to get paid for this.. Cause you ain’t” Diamond steams, wearing only his wrestling tights and golden sweat laced Diamond Jewelz shirt.. Diamond is almost blushing red with anger despite his complexion..

Machida and Jackson are silent..

“Come on Dj…” Jackson begins..

“Nah fuck that.. I paid you to do a job… And u failed.. I knew I shouldn’t have given the Goons the night off.. I knew it.. I call you motherfuckers up to do something easy for a big ass payday... Dispatch of some no name rookie and you can’t even do that?? You ain’t getting paid shit!! You motherfuckers suck.. Get outta my face” Diamond screams…

Machida and Jackson walk away beaten and battered.. Diamond walks in the other direction with Ruby and O.G.

“How the fuck DJ” O.G. exclaims..

“I don’t know.. But what I do know is I’ll never call them scrubs up to put in no work.. It’s Goons or bust till i find me some new associates..”

"An Unwanted Trip Down Memory Lane"

The scene opened up backstage. Eiji Kugasari was preparing for his match later tonight where he was teaming up with Shoji to take on Statuz Quo. Eiji was alone when he looked up and he saw Jon Le Bon and the entirety of The Rebellion standing in front of him. Eiji immediately went on the defensive with a hardening scowl as Le Bon simply grinned.

"How futile. You realize that there is nine of us and just one of you, right? I mean.. it was back in April when we had the biggest event of the year.. Wrestlecade.. where you had just lost the world championship to the current champion, Landon Stevens and then what happened?" asked Le Bon.

Le Bon looked down and rubbed his chin as if he were in deep thought.

"Oh yes! I remember... you were demolished in front of the world by eight individuals.. the same eight that are standing behind me right now. You couldn't do anything when it was eight on one.. and now you try to protect yourself when its nine on one? You pathetic little excuse for a ninja.. your honor and code will ultimately be your downfall... BUT... you are quite lucky because, as you may or may not know... we're on our way to Damien Lee's office. I have a few things I want to discuss with him. Taking you out for a second time wouldn't exactly help the case I want to make with Lee, so let's consider yourself safe for now." said Le Bon.

Le Bon motioned for The Rebellion to follow him, but Eiji Kugasari stood in their way.

"Oh.. what's this?" asked Le Bon. "Does the tiny ninja have something he wants to say?"

A subtle chuckle emanated from the Blood Raven’s lips.

“It’s obvious that neither you nor your band of stooges were avid students of history as you all have to ask yourselves; When are any member of my clan every truly alone?” The Prince of Puroresu rebutted leading a few members to visually scan their surroundings in a seemingly nonchalant fashion.

“How could I ever forget about any of your human roaches?” Eiji seethed. “The band of grand opportunists. The proverbial ‘vultures’ of this promotion, embarrassingly dependant upon suckling the corporate tit in the mere remnants of ‘power’...How pathetic. Perhaps it is you all that are currently unworthy of being left bloodied where you stand..or just just isn’t your appointed time to face judgment for your collective actions.”

Eiji slowly allowed his resentment to ebb freely from within and set himself 3 paces in front of the amassed army renown as The Rebellion.

“However, I do wish to extend my thanks to all of you.” Kugasari continued. “All of you reminded me of the importance of retaining my focus. Remembering my tenets that my clan continues to uphold and revere. Because of all of you, I am all the more inspired to repay you all for what you have done to me, in my lowest moment and rest assured, I will repay you all...with interest...especially you, my diminutive ‘friend’...I guarantee it...”

With those words, the heavy muscle of The Rebellion, Seraph, stepped forward to try and take on Eiji Kugasari by himself. Le Bon stuck his arm out and stopped him.

"You don't really believe the clan is here watching, do you?" asked Michael Donavan.

"Even if they were.. there's nine of us and what.. five of them? The odds are still in our favor. I say we take him out and see what happens" said Nate Quartermaine.

"No" said Le Bon. "Let the little ninja have his moment of victory for now. We have more pressing matters to attend to.. like dealing with Chris Titan and you, Raevynn, have to focus on winning a championship. Remember, I said that failure is not an option that I will tolerate."

Le Bon smirked as he turned his attention back to Eiji.

"Enjoy your moment for now, Kugasari. You can retain your focus all you want.. but how will you be able to focus when the reality rests in the back of your mind... serving as a constant that makes you realize that you were the one that was decimated one year ago.. and despite the fact that your clan may or may not be standing ready... Nate brings up a good point. There are nine of us.. and maybe five of you. If your clan wants to step into the biggest and most embarrassing moment of their lives... getting ripped to shreds by THE dominant faction walking the face of this Earth.. then I invite them to try any time... any place..."

Le Bon paused.

"Just not now. Take with you this warning. If you want your revenge.. I challenge you to try and take it. Otherwise.. just sit back and wallow in the fact that you no longer hold the world championship and all that you're left with is your precious focus."

With that.. Le Bon gave the nod to the other members of The Rebellion. They all walked past Eiji except for Sayber. Sayber remained back for a moment and looked at Eiji. The two exchanged a glance and it was almost if Sayber gave Eiji Kugasari a nod.

Sayber then continued to walk away as Eiji simply watched their every movement. The scene faded to black.

Sarah Winterton & Raevynn vs Charlotte & Callie Scott

The two lynchpins of the Starlets division, Starlets Champion Charlotte and the former champion Sarah Winterton, were going to be at odds once again but with entirely new rivals who have been in their way the last several weeks.

Sarah Winterton had problems with Hype rookie and former fighter Callie “Scrapper” Scott. She was a tough woman who responded to Sarah Winterton’s insults of the Starlets division with consecutive superwoman punches. Callie wanted to prove she could defeat a former champion and Winterton wanted to prove she was still as good as she believe she was.

The Starlets Champion Charlotte had been antagonized the last two weeks by the Rebellion’s Starlets representative, Raevynn. To make matters worse, Jon Le Bon awarded Raevynn a match for the championship for little to no reason and with his power to book matches with the Rebellion members, if Charlotte and Raevynn touched one another, Charlotte would be stripped of the title immediately and Raevynn would be denied her title shot. Which begged the question why Jon Le Bon booked this match … perhaps to screw with the champion mentally? And would he even hold up a punishment for Raevynn? It created a bad situation, but despite that they would wrestle anyway.

The opening riffs to Melissa Burnos’s “Octane” started up and the crowd cheered for the fighting Starlet coming out first for this big tag team match! The woman nicknamed the Scrapper headed towards the ring doing some shadowboxing. She was double-tough, had won her fair share of big battles on The Hype but now looked for an opportunity to knock Winterton’s block off. Callie headed into the ring and waited for her tag team partner.

“Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing Starlets Champion Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring in a getup that had her dressing like a sexy cheerleader with a sleeveless white top, equally skimpy blue dress and pompoms which got some loud cheers from the male fans! She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready for her first match. She reached over and shook hands with Callie Scott before the two ladies waited for their opponents.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dis Moix played next as the lights began to change. Out came the former Starlets Champion Sarah Winterton looking for the chance to face off with Callie Scott tonight. She headed to the ring quickly but stopped when she realized that Desta was the only one behind her. No way was she going to jump into the ring without backup …

“Faster” by Within Temptation played next and out came the new number one contender to the Starlets Championship, soaking in all the negative applause from the crowd. She coldly ignored the crowd and looked over to Winterton with a nod before they started to head towards the ring. The Starlets Champion Charlotte and Callie Scott waited for the chance to get things started. Callie and Raevynn, two of the up and coming Starlets would start the match first.

Callie got into a fighting stance when Raevynn shoved her away. She turned back and speared her down to the ground before tackling her and throwing punches right to her face.

Charlotte herself could not lay a finger on Raevynn, but she was more than happy to let the Scrapper do it for her.

The very physical Callie Scott threw more hands into the face of the Rebellion representative She tried to cover herself up from the brutal shots and had to get to the ropes to do it. The referee had to make Callie back off and she eventually did by counting. Callie rolled past her and pulled her up by the arm before pulling Vogue into a HARD Short-Arm Clothesline. The fans cheered for the Scrapper as she went for a quick cover to try and end it quickly.



And an early kickout from Callie, but The Scrapper was already up and she hit Raevynn in the mouth with another big elbow. She backed up against the ropes and tried to grab her again when Kim Adams had to step in to keep her from getting attacked some more. Callie attacked her again in the ropes and this time, started throwing a series of hard knees upwards into the chest and face of the Rebellion representative.

She then charged over right towards the Queen of the Starlets and tried to pull her into the ring. Desta ran right to her queen’s side and held onto her leg trying to keep the Scrapper from getting her in the ring where she wanted her. She turned and got kicked in the face by Raevynn for her troubles!

The Scrapper went down quickly and Raevynn quickly landed a series of hard knees to the face to wear her down. She finally stood up and jumped a big knee drop to the top of the head before rolling her right into a cover.



Scrapper kicked out.

And true to form Sarah Winterton stood there and wanted the tag so she got it. Raevynn pulled Callie up by her hair and allowed Sarah a free shot by flying off the turnbuckle and landing a big dropkick from the apron. Sarah waved to the crowd and hooked the leg.



Close, but no cigar!

The Queen of the Starlets sneered at the referee for what she perceived to be a slow count and went to attacking the Hype brawler. She lifted her up by her arm only to drop down with a double knee armbreaker that brought her down to the canvas! She was hurt and Winterton was looking to soften her up for the Ermine Cape armbar submission.

She turned over and while Callie was hurt, she twisted the arm around and dropped her into the canvas with a quick arm dragon screw. She was in a bad position now while Charlotte watched and waited for any chance to tag in and get her hands on the hostile Queen.

Inside the ring she pulled her up and crossed Callie’s arms together before driving her into her shoulder with a cross-armed neckbreaker called




No way! The Scrapper kicked out much to the shock and dismay of The Queen of the Starlets

She rolled over and made another tag to Raevynn who arrogantly stood over the wounded Scrapper. She started paintbrushing the back of the Scrapper’s head and continued to talk trash. She turned over to Charlotte and held out Callie’s hand.

“Go ahead and tag her! She can’t touch me anyway!” Raevynn shouted in her ear.

Charlotte started to walk around her side of the ring and the valet of the House was still chomping at the bit to get into the ring, but Raevynn was right. She could not lay a hand on Raevynn or she would lose the title. She waited for the chance to go on the assault so she pulled her up and whipped her into the corner. Before she could get at her completely, she charged and elbowed her…


Raevynn felt the wrath of the superwoman punch and went down hard, but now Callie needed the tag. Charlotte had yet to see any action in the match and now wanted badly to get into the ring, but was worried about what would happen if Raevynn got involved. They could not touch each other until Death Wish which made this situation all the more difficult.

Raevynn crawled over to the corner where Sarah Winterton was waiting to make the tag. The number one contender to the Starlets Championship tagged to the former champion and now both Winterton and Charlotte were in the ring, renewing their old rivalry!

Winterton could not contend for the championship as long as Charlotte was the champion, but hitting her in the face would make her feel better. Unfortunately, Sarah tried to jump her with a cheap shot and Charlotte blocked it and fired back with some elbows to the face that her husband Derrick Huber taught her.

She continued to fire the punches now and scrapped with The Queen of the Starlets before she powered her up and took her down with a snap suplex. The athletic champion nipped up to her feet and headed off the ropes…


The springboard moonsault found its mark and now Charlotte tried going for the win over the number one contender to her belt.



Winterton kicked out!

Charlotte wasn’t able to get the job done, but now Winterton was right behind her. Charlotte waited for the chance to strike again and charged at her when Raevynn stood in the way!

Charlotte had just barely stopped herself as Raevynn got in her way. She was almost daring her to do it and to strike her. If she had the title taken from here in such a manner, Jon Le Bon or Damien Lee may simply award her with the Starlets Championship.

“Do it, Charlotte, I know that you want to give into temptation!”

The Starlets Champion wanted to swing so badly … so very badly …

Winterton started to stir behind her and shoved Charlotte … KNOCKING HER RIGHT INTO RAEVYNN!

“Ooops,” Winterton said feigning surprise. “Sorry, darling!”

Callie Scott had seen enough and took a big spear from her rival! She wouldn’t leave the ring and the two continued to brawl when the referee had seen enough and called for the bell!

The match was already over, but Callie Scott gave chase to Sarah Winterton through the crowd and Desta tried to follow them.

Raevynn started to stand again and looked at a nearly ghost-white Charlotte who had been the victim of Sarah Winterton’s game. Winterton was out of contention for the belt, but she may have just opened up the door for herself again when she shoved Charlotte into Raevynn and immediately broke the no contact clause!

Charlotte held onto the title with a look of panic on her face, but what did this mean for her reign as the champion? It was clearly a ploy by Winterton to get herself back into contention for the belt, but Raevynn had a bright grin on her face now as she headed up the ramp.

“Kiss your title goodbye, Charlotte!”

Winner: No Contest


The scene opened with Jimmy B. Martinez walking down the hall when a man with a hood bumps onto him. Jimmy quickly spins around and snatches the hooded man and threw him against the wall. The impact caused the hood to fly off the man, revealing it be was none other than Eiji. After running into The Rebellion earlier, it seemed that Eiji Kugasari is developing the skill quite nicely. The sinewy ninja sternly shoved himself free and glared into Jimmy's eyes before he was heard chuckling to himself. Jimmy shook his head in disgust as he slowly gnarled his knuckles with his teeth set on edge.

"You need to watch where you going. I'm not in the mood today for any of your bullshit." Jimmy shouted at Eiji.

Eiji continued chuckling in amusement before ceasing...

"You're lucky I don't pound your fucking head into the ground." Jimmy never liked Eiji but begrudgingly, he respected him. Eiji reminded him of himself. Young, fearless and a heart that never quit.

"Let me tell you something Eiji. I don't like you and I know you don't like me. Hell, everyone by now in this arena should know we can't stand each other. That's about the only thing we have in common. You and I both have unfinished business..."

The Arena of Champions were overheard rallying behind the inevitability of war between both men as the camera returned with a close up on Eiji’s gloved left hand slowly clenching before eventually relenting.

"I'm ready...” Jimmy continued. “..and by the sound of that, I think they are ready."

“You always seem to pride yourself on an arrogant slave to public opinion..” The Blood Raven replied. “One of the many things I despise about you is your propensity to suckling the collective taints of others to gain approval. It makes you weak as it still, sickens me to no end.”

Martinez would radiate pure hatred toward his rival yet somehow, retained his bearings.

“When you ran away....when you folded under the pressure, it was a bittersweet revelation.” Eiji continued. “In your absence, I became what I was destined to be; a champion. Albeit an abbreviated tenure atop this promotion itself as its prominent star and representative, I was still denied the opportunity to show the world as to not only who was better between us but how much of a poor investment you were...and still are to this promotion...”

“You & I are not likely to agree on many things yet in this rare instance, you are right; we do have unfinished business between us.” Kugasari seethed unto his rival. “Death Wish is but an understatement to what you’ve signed in returning back here and I am going to make it a personal crusade to ensure that I expose you for the ass-kissing fraud you are before the eyes of the world. In spite of a sympathetic few whom aspire to see you redeem yourself, I am going to see to it you never become jOlt Champion. I am going to personally haunt you in your aimless pursuit of what is rightfully mine as I know I will have to end you, among several others in order to rightfully stand atop this promotion its champion...”

Mr. Infamous slowly nodded to himself while never wavering in his calloused stare.

“So that’s what this is all about?” Jimmy replied. “Sylo was right about you...but let it be known; you’re going to get everything you asked for...and them some. Watch your back, bitch...”

Eiji nodded to himself before slowly making his egress deep into the recesses of the arena, leaving JBM to slowly pop his knuckles and slowly backpedal away from the scene.

Mack Brody vs Eli Conway

The quest for the perpetrator behind a vicious assault on Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway continued. An attack on both men took place backstage two weeks ago where two-thirds of the Heirs of Wrestling were found bloodied and unconscious. Both men were out for at least three months thanks to a bevvy of injuries including a recurring concussion of Frank Silver and broken ribs and a busted ankle for Ryan Gallway. Mack Brody was the Last Heir Standing now and his search took him to two people who recently had beef with the Heirs – their former rivals, The West Texas Terrorists. Mack threatened both Eli and Ezra Conway earlier and challenged either to a match in hopes of exacting some vigilante justice of his own.

Brody had originally fingered the Rebellion as suspects, but a mysterious video aired after Brody’s match last week with Seraph showing a masked perpetrator videotaping himself cutting the rope. Now Brody was out for the man responsible. Could it be Eli and Ezra Conway? They had beef with the Heirs very recently and would be their MO. Let’s get to the ring and see if any answers could be found.

“The following is a singles match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington yelled.

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The music played and out came the two twins from Texas ready to fuck somebody up. Ezra was accompanying his brother tonight and he looked out to the crowd with a scoff while Eli balled up his fists. He was indeed ready for a fight tonight.

“First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Ezra Conway… he hails from Houston, TX, weighing in 245 pounds… ELI CONWAY!"

The crowd booed the Texan thugs as they stepped into the ring. Eli and Ezra both stood up on opposite turnbuckles and jaw-jacked with the crowd before they entered the ring. Ezra was going to be in action a little later tonight against the #1 Contender for the jOlt Title in Jesse Ramey, but tonight was about Eli defending himself against a bloodthirsty man on the hunt for his friend’s attacker.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a frenetic pace.

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

Just as he’d done for his match with Seraph last week, he was storming towards the ring and Eli jumped as he approached the ring…


Eli jumped right on SuperMack at the bell and threw a series of closes fists to the top of his head as he slid underneath the bottom rope. The Texan Terror continued to stomp away at him and Mack pushed him away to get towards the corner. Eli jumped on him some more with a jumping punch to the face and fired of a series of elbows to the face trying to wear down the bigger man. Eli was a big guy himself standing at 6’3” and 245 pounds, but Mack Brody was a big, angry mass of muscle over 300 pounds nad he’d need what he could to keep him off his game. Referee Antonio Jones told him to back off, but Eli barked back.

“SHUT UP!” Eli snapped.

The twin turned his attention back to his opponent and tried kicking the leg out from under Brody. He followed up with several good kicks to the leg to keep the big man off base before firing off another bi elbow that shot him back towards the ropes. He tried to whip Mack across the ring, but SuperMack reversed that and sent him flying across the ring. Eli jumped, but Brody caught him in the Bearhug position…


Eli went FLYING across the ring in a very bad way, but Brody rolled over. He looked like he was about to go for a cover, but instead he dropped some hard elbows of his head!

“What do you know, goddamn it! I want answers NOW!”

Brody barked some more and the referee tried to get him to stop, but Brody wasn’t paying any attention to Antonio Jones. He wasn’t out to win a match here tonight – he wanted some fucking answers.

He pulled Eli back to his feet and pushed him backwards until he hit the corner. Brody turned and used his gargantuan frame to pin Eli to the corner so he could unleash a STIFF flurry of alternating back elbow smashes to the head of the Texan. The Bronze Bomber didn’t relent on his attack and he continued doing so until Antonio started counting again.

“I’m warning you, Brody! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!”

SuperMack backed out of the corner and watched as Eli slumped over. He turned around to grab Eli by the arm and led the twin up to his feet before SMACKING him with a vicious Short-Arm Clothesline that had some stank on it. He pulled him up a second time only to bring him down with a second Clothesline! Shot number three looked like it was coming, but instead, the twin got himself scooped up and DROPPED to the ground…


His take on the Michinoku Driver DROPPED Eli Conway into the mat. Now and only now did Mack try to go for a cover on his opponent.




Eli got the shoulder out from underneath Brody, but the man called SuperMack didn’t look too concerned. Brody pulled him up and tried to go after him again, but now Ezra jumped on the ring apron in hopes of distracting the big man.

“We ain’t tellin’ you SHIT!”

Brody charged at him and Ezra ducked down to the floor to avoid any more assaults from Brody. SuperMack turned around and the distraction paid dividends for Eli who came out of nowhere and connected with a HARD Dropkick to the face!

Eli was still holding his head in pain after the Driver from a few moments ago, but it was enough to finally get the big man off his game. Eli watched as Brody was trying to sit up again, so Eli charged off the ropes and came back with a low Running Big Boot smack-dab to the face! Eli dropped down and hooked the leg of SuperMack now. This would be a huge win for him if he could do it!




Brody POWERED out and threw Eli off of him, but Conway was already back on the assault. He landed a series of fists to the top of Mack Brody’s head and wore him down before he stood over him. Eli dropped his kneepad down and DROPPED an exposed Knee Drop right into the top of Brody’s head! He followed up with a second cover now.




Eli almost had him, but SuperMack was still in the game. He propped him back up one more time and looked to try for what looked like an Implant DDT on the big man, but Brody surged to life again and PUSHED him back towards the corner!


The chants were all coming out full force for the Last Heir as Mack Brody started to shake the pain that he was in. Eli tried to charge only for Brody to knock him down with a running Double Sledge to the chest! Mack waited for him to get back up a second time only for SuperMack to charge at him again with a second Double Sledge aimed at the face, knocking him down again.

Brody stomped his feet on the mat as Eli came back up again. He ran off the ropes and a picture-perfect Running Knee Lift CAUGHT him flush in the jaw, sending him spinning around and falling to the mat. Brody then took him and charged off the corner in order to connect with a second Running Knee, this time to the chest. He pulled Eli out of the corner…


The Release Exploder sent him flying across the ring once more and Brody went in for the finish.




Eli kicked out, but just barely and now Brody was looking to finish things for good. He started to get up when once again, Ezra tried to get involved only for Brody to kick him off the apron with a Big Boot to the face!

This gave Eli another chance to punch Brody in the face to back him into the corner. Eli tried to climb the turnbuckles, but Brody shook him loose until he was in the Electric Chair position. He dropped him forward and then clutched onto the legs…


The crowd cheered when Eli was locked in the Gorilla Clutch submission! Brody had worked him over sufficiently enough to try for the hold and now had him locked in the center of the ring with nowhere to go…



SuperMack wasn’t finished, though! He wasn’t letting go of the hold and even locked back to the mat with a Body Scissors as he applied the Gorilla Clutch! He was a man possessed and wanted some answers about what happened…


“It was me…”

Brody turned over to see a groggy Ezra Conway with a microphone in hand.

“We didn’t attack the Heirs, but somebody paid me to be there! Come on, man, let him go.”

Brody had the hold still applied on Eli.


“Okay, okay, okay…” Ezra panted. “That was me on the tape! Eli didn’t know anythin’ about it! I got a phone call earlier that night! Whoever it was, they wanted me to cut loose some of the ropes holding the piping and walk away, that’s it! Didn’t say who it was for or why, just that they would take care of the rest!”

Brody noded… and then PULLED back on the Gorilla Clutch some more!



SuperMack finally released the hold. He could tell that was all that Ezra Conway knew. They were tough, but criminal masterminds they were not. Brody turned up and looked down as the fallen Eli as the crowd murmured some more, discussing these new revelations.

“Hope that money was worth it, you fucking pricks.”

Ezra said nothing more as Brody left, leaving Eli to be attended by his brother. Ezra Conway had his match to worry about later tonight, but for right now Brody was storming off in search of more answers. He knew who cut the ropes, but now there was another person at play here.

And he wouldn't rest until he found out who.

Winner: Mack Brody via Submission

"Nobody Ever Checks the Couch"

The scene opened up backstage as Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion had arrived at Damien Lee's office.

"Wait out here, guys. Make sure that nobody interrupts us." said Le Bon

Le Bon opened the door and the scene switched to inside Lee's office. Lee didn't have a happy look on his face as Le Bon closed the door behind him. Le Bon walked right up to Damien Lee's desk and sat down in the chair in front of it. Le Bon kicked his feet up onto Lee's desk.. just like he used to.. except this time around, it was more provoking than it was comical.

"Lee... I'm here because I've made a decision. After Chris Titan has disgraced us two weeks ago.. I was kind of hoping he'd show up last Sunday so we could give him a receipt.. however... much to my dismay, Titan was nowhere to be seen last week on iNtense.. in fact.. I have it on good authority that you kept Titan home."

Lee cleared his throat.

"That's right. I kept Chris Titan off of iNtense last week because I didn't want this to become a battlezone." said Lee.

"But, Chris Titan is here tonight, correct?" asked Le Bon.

"Yes.. Chris Titan is in the building tonight." said Lee as there was a thunderous roar from the crowd in the background.

"Good", said Le Bon. "I want you to give him a message. At Death Wish.. I am using my power to book him in a match. It's going to be Chris Titan.. versus... ME!"

Lee shook his head.

"But.. I thought you didn't want to directly deal with Chris Titan?" asked Lee.

"I didn't at first", said Le Bon. "But... I did some thinking. Bless the hearts of all the men who are under me, but they weren't able to get the job done. YOU.. couldn't get the job done either, but that's because you were secretly protecting your roster from us.. and that included Chris Titan... so.. I decided I'm going to take the initiative and get rid of Chris Titan myself. It's as simple as that."

"And what makes you think you can beat Chris Titan?" asked Lee.

Le Bon laughed.

"Because there is still a lot about me that nobody knows. Not even you, Lee. Remember.. for the past year.. all I've done was put on a facade and every single person that watches this program.. every person who attends the shows live.. everybody on the payroll.. they all bought it. I spoon fed you people one of the biggest lies this world has ever seen. What you know about me is very little. You don't know who or what I truly am and what I am truly capable of. I can guarantee you that at Death Wish.. Chris Titan will fall and I will personally remove the thorn in our side. It's what any good leader does."

Le Bon then stood up and leaned over Lee's desk,

"Be sure to give him that message. That at Death Wish.. he... WILL... FALL"

All of a sudden, the couch cushions on Damien Lee's sofa exploded into the air!


Titan leapt out of the couch at the shocked Le Bon and took him down to the floor! Lee shot up out of his chair as he had zero idea that Titan was in there, either! The crowd was going nuts in the background as Titan pummeled away at Le Bon, raining heavy right hands and Le Bon could go nowhere!

"HELP!" yelled Le Bon

The door flung open as the members of The Rebellion came pouring into the room. Titan stood and pulled Le Bon up, using him as a human shield!!

"I'm walking out of here. You take one step towards me and Le Bon isn't going to even make it to Death Wish!" said Titan.

Le Bon was starting to sweat.

"Let him pass" said Le Bon.

The Rebellion parted as Titan slowly walked through them, still holidng Le Bon hostage. When Titan got to the door, he shoved Le Bon into the lot of them and took off.

"AFTER HIM!" yelled Le Bon.

The Rebellion then poured out of the office as Le Bon remained behind.

"Good luck at Death Wish" said Lee, sarcastically.

Le Bon glowered at Lee before he exited the office, slamming the door shut hard.

"Muted Ambition"

Lord Kenshiro...

The former Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship opened the scene with a slight turn over his shoulder to address his subordinate. The chamber hall doors were opened with the returning clan officers entering with a mutual sense of disappointment. Takeshi sternly set himself at the forefront to present his argument to the clan’s patriarch. An aggressive fit of signing on the giant mute’s behalf was annulled by a calm reassuring hand onto his shoulder. Takeshi would eventually respond with a heavy sigh before relenting. The remainder of his officers would soon kneel with attentive ears.

“Enhance your calm, brethren...” Kenshiro ordered. “Is this not what you all have asked for? Is this not to be expected? For some time, in this chamber, we have gathered here in the preparation of such times...The opportunity to make good on our united prayers for war...and that opportunity is at hand...”

The clan general kept his hand on the Mute Mountain Splitter’s massive shoulder yet slowly placed himself by the hulking ninja’s side.

“Among us, we have this promotion’s current, reigning and defending Tag Team Champions..The division’s undisputed Chief Retainers and our esteemed representatives...Albeit young as a cohesive unit, both Takeshi & Heido will no doubt become and remain a unified force to be reckoned with...” Kenshiro slowly made his descent from the elevated platform before gently setting his hand onto the Kansai Crippler’s shoulder.

“The Crimson Order have yet to fully realize their potential and granted the seasoned guidance of our esteemed clan elder statesman, these two, among our clan’s finest strong styled technicians, shall set the standard for tag team wrestling. Men, both of their respective size and stature, are brutal by design and application of their respective abilities. Refined by the grueling training as valedictorians, forged from the heralded Tekahashi Dojo, have nothing to fear from this moment forward as their opposition will pursue them as intended. No one ever expresses grand interest in the unworthy nor insignificant so gird yourself within these moments for it is we whom shall teach them how to effectively win a war...”

Slowly, the bald titan in Takeshi would lower himself into a kneeling posture as Kenshiro would continue walking slowly to set his hand onto a kneeling Eiji Kugasari.

“This theater that has been set before us is our for the taking.” The ninja bellowed. “Personal vendettas, while often have their respective places, must be addressed. They must be met with extreme force in the pursuit of finality. Those whom aspire to engage in these often passionate pursuits, outside of extreme and extenuating circumstances, warrant no further enlistment of this clan. From this moment forward, those individuals assume full accountability in the fulfillment of said ambitions. Are we clear?”

A brief yet unified shout rattled throughout the entire chamber, leaving a satisfied Eiji to gnarl his knuckles against the padded earth with a reassuring nod and smirk. The clan general would advance several paces before coming to a complete halt. Head breifly downcast before slowly being elevated.

“...And in regards of those whom aspire to ‘knock at the Devil’s door...”

“...Their answers are forthcoming...and he’s bringing an army with him...

Jesse Ramey vs Ezra Conway

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the booming voice of Carrington rang throughout the Arena of Champions, “the following contest is scheduled for one fall and fifteen minute time limit.”

“Gimmie Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd began to play over the loud speakers for the second during the evening and the fans had a pretty good idea who was about to step out from behind the entrance curtains. Eli had competed earlier against Mack Brody, which would only leave his twin brother Ezra. Their thoughts were completely right as Ezra slowly made his way out onto the entrance stage.

“Making his way to the ring,” Carrington began his introductions, “weighing in tonight at two hundred and forty-five pounds and hailing from Houston, Texas; HE IS ONE HALF OF THE WEST TEXAS TERRORIST, EZRA CONWAY!”

The arena booed heavily at the sound of the former Jolt Champions lackey’s name. Conway didn’t mind though, he was used to this kind of attention and it actually brought a smile to his face. Conway continued his path down the entrance ramp, stomped his way up the steel ring steps, and then stepped inside of the ring. Conway nodded in the direction of referee Mike Hunt as he made his way to his corner.

The sound of Conway’s music was quickly replaced by “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown and the fans within the arena went from booing to standing on their feet cheering. The Anti-Star emerged from the backstage area bouncing and made his way to the center of the entrance stage. Ramey shot a smile in the direction of the crowd then rushed toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring,” Carrington concluded his introductions, “weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey slid into the ring on his right hip and bounced back up in the center of the ring. The Anti-Star shot a smile in the direction of Conway before making his way to his corner where he bounced and nodded his head back and forth. Carrington had exited the ring leaving only one final thing, for Hunt to signal for the start of the match.


Immediately Conway rushed from his corner toward Ramey, but only met the top turnbuckle padding with his chest as Ramey ducked out of the way of his assault. Conway quickly turned around in the corner, but Ramey brought a huge roundhouse kick up and planted him in the side of the head.

Conway was seeing stars as he flopped back against the turnbuckle padding, Ramey grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him from the corner. Conway, however, held tightly onto Ramey’s arm keeping him from releasing and reversed the whip across the ring. Ramey was now darting toward the opposing turnbuckle padding with Conway in a continued pursuit behind him.

In an attempt to avoid whatever Conway had planned Ramey planted one foot on the middle rope and literally climbed up to the top, and back flipped himself right over top of Conway. Conway was so shocked by what was going on he didn’t even attempt to stop he just barreled right into the turnbuckle padding chest first, staggered backwards, and was caught by Ramey with a reverse cutter into a pin attempt.




Conway shoved Ramey up and off of his chest with authority, but Ramey knew he had to stay on top of the bigger man if he had a fighting chance in this match. Ramey jumped on top of Conway and began driving forearm shots down across his face.





Mike Hunt finally stepped in pulling Ramey off of Conway once it had finally set in what was happening. Ramey was showing a much more aggressive streak as of late, maybe it was the idea of not getting another shot at a championship in Jolt if he were to lose at Death Wish.

Ramey slowly backed away from Conway, to appease Hunt, but as soon as Hunt stepped out of the way Ramey rushed back toward Conway. Ezra had made his way to a seated position, Ramey went to grab his head and pull him back to his feet, but Conway wrapped his arms around Ramey’s waist and fell backward. Ramey came crashing down hitting his throat off of the middle rope.

The Anti-Star sprang back off of the ropes and rolled onto the mats grabbing at his throat as Conway slowly made his way back to his feet. Ezra grabbed Ramey by the hair and yanked his back to his feet, latched onto his arm, and shot him across the ring and into the ropes. Upon returning Ezra took Ramey back down to the mats with a stiff standing clothesline, and then fell on top of Ramey’s body for the pin attempt, shoving his forearm in Ramey’s face.



One clothesline wasn’t going to be enough to keep the Anti-Star down as Ramey brought his shoulder up off of the mat ferociously. Conway rested on his knees with a huge smile on his face, and as Ramey went to sit up Conway bashed him across the face with a forearm shot. Conway smirked as he felt it was now his chance to return the favor for those forearm shots from earlier. Conway climbed on top of Ramey mount position and began throwing down stiff right hands into his face.




Hunt intervened at this point much quicker than he had with Ramey, considering closed fist are frowned upon more than forearm shots. Conway came to his feet, much like Ramey had, appeasing Hunt, but seeing that Ramey was back to a seated position Conway didn’t care what Hunt had to say, broke free, and rushed with a kick attempt to Ramey’s face.

The Anti-Star fell to his back to avoid the kick, and then pushed his way back to his feet quickly. Conway turned and Ramey was waiting. The Anti-Star planted a very solid stiff right jab to Conway’s face and rocked him backward into the ropes. Ramey followed it up by driving a knee into Conway’s midsection, grabbed hold of his arm, and attempted to whip him across the ring.

Once again Conway’s strength over Ramey played an advantage. Conway reversed the move, but instead of sailing off into the ropes Ramey stopped dead in his tracks. He quickly turned to an unsuspecting Conway, kicked him in the midsection, jumped onto his back and flipped him over to the mats with a sunset flip powerbomb that landed with a huge thud.


The Anti-Star locked his legs over the arms of Conway as he held him down to the mat with the float over pin attempt.




The Anti-Star made his way back to his feet, but before Hunt had a chance to raise his arm in victory or there was a chance for his music to cue back up over the loud speakers. Before Carrington had a chance to even stand to his feet and make the announcement, sliding into the ring from behind Ramey was the Jolt Champion, Landon Stevens.

Ramey looked confused as the crowd was booing, but little did he know what was waiting behind him. Landon held tightly to the Jolt Championship as he waited for Ramey to turn. Just as the Anti-Star did go to turn and see what all of the commotion was about, Landon lunged forward with the belt aimed directly at his skull.

Then there was the uproar of the fans, as Ramey managed to barely duck under the attempted belt shot to the skull. Stevens was sent flying across the ring from the force he had just put into his attempted sneak attack.

“STOP!” Came a shouting voice, which stopped both Ramey and Stevens in their tracks.

That voice belonged to Damien Lee, who had quickly made his way out onto the entrance ramp.

“I knew something like this was going to happen,” Lee said in a very frustrated tone, “if it’s not one of you it’s the other. This is not going to continue on my shows. You two get a chance to take each other’s heads off at Death Wish; you’re not ruining any of that for the fans that are going to be purchasing the pay-per-view expecting the two of you in peak fighting condition for that match.”

Landon looked ready to completely ignore Lee, when his next words rang straight to Stevens’ core.

“You even think about making another move toward your opponent at Death Wish Landon and I’ll strip you of that belt here tonight.”

The fans all cheered and their infamous “Fuck You Landon!” chants began to ring throughout the arena.

“The same goes for you Ramey,” Lee continued, “you cause any problems and I’ll make sure that you never get another shot at a championship belt as long as you wrestle within the confines of a Jolt ring ever again.”

“Now that we have that out of the way,” Lee straightened his suit a bit, “we still do not have any kind of stipulation for your Jolt Championship match at Death Wish. I’m not in a completely taking kind of mood. I’ve actually been in a kind of giving mood tonight.”

Ramey and Stevens both stood in the ring, keeping a watchful eye on each other, but still with a confused look on their face with Lee’s announcement.

“Next week,” Lee drew things out, “not only will you see Jesse Ramey in action against the former Jolt Champion Eiji Kugasari, but we’re going to do something that has never been done inside of a Jolt ring ever before. Heck, it may be the first time it’s ever happened inside of a wrestling ring in the history of ever.”

The fans within the arena grew eerily quiet anticipating Lee’s big announcement.

“This sport is primarily based off of might,” Lee spouted, “and next week to decide the stipulation for the Jolt Championship match at Death Wish we’re going to see who has the wit as well. Jesse Ramey and Landon Stevens you two will be the first participants in the first ever Jolt Trivia Challenge! The winner names the stipulation for your match at Death Wish! Best of luck!”

With that Lee tucked tail and made his way off of the entrance ramp and into the backstage area once more. Landon had dropped to the mats and rolled out of the ring clutching onto his Jolt Championship, leaving Ramey inside of the ring as “I’m Not Alright” finally began to play throughout the arena once more, leaving Ramey to finally celebrate his victory for the evening.

What the hell is a Jolt Trivia Challenge though?

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Battle Lines"

The show came back from commercial break and already, Donny Layne was poised and ready in the ring. Unfortunately for him, his guest would be a man that he had a few unpleasant run-ins with. How he longed for the days when all the Heirs of Wrestling would do is just tease him relentlessly. But the man he would be standing next to was the very definition of a loose cannon in jOlt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for being here tonight and I hope that you’re all having a great time!”

The crowd cheered loudly for the friendly banter before Donny got to the nitty-gritty of why he was out here.

“We have seen some incredible battles for one of jOlt Wrestling’s most prestigious titles. I am speaking of the Underground Title! Many wrestlers have made this belt a prize to be won and some would even put it on part with that of the jOlt Heavyweight Championship. Many battles have spilled blood and tested a man’s very resolve. Men like Sylo…”

A BIG fucking cheer for the mention of one of the Undeground Division’s pioneers.



“Kenshiro Inogami.”

And another very loud cheer.


A very loud mixed reaction! Some loved the maniacal Omega and the unique brand of violence he brought to the table. Others, less so.

“And a man who has been putting his name among those with every passing title defense is its current champion, a former Hype Champion and one who rode that success all the way to winning the Underground Title… Pietro Geist!”

And ANOTHER loud cheer for the current champion. The roof of the Arena of Champion was blown off… last seen floating over the Atlantic Ocean. If we could have that back and somebody could send it back… great… Thanks.

“He hopes to retain that title and as Damien Lee previously decreed, the Underground Title will be on the line at our next Pay Per View, Death Wish! It will be one-on-one… Pietro Geist will be defending against my guest at this time. The man who won the rightful #1 Contendership to that title… please welcome… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and plenty more of those boo birds came out! The curtains parted and out came the man who had been cutting a swath of destruction of his own the last several months. While Ramey ultimately won the jOlt Contendership Series, Ryan had boasted key victories of his own and was brought up in the championship conversation. And last week coupled with the BIGGEST victory of his jOlt career, he was now set to take on Pietro Geist for the supposedly cursed championship.

Ryan soaked in the jeers from the crowd and came to the ring in black jeans and a dark grey hoodie with the bloody knuckles Real Man emblem on the chest. He approached the ring slowly and jumped from the floor to the ring apron before he jumped once more into the ring itself! Ryan popped the bones in his neck and glared down at Donny Layne who looked a little uncomfortable right now.

“Mister Ryan, thank you for coming out…”

Immediately, jOlt’s Last Real Man held his hand up to cut Donny right off.

“My ass is for sitting, not for kissing. Get to your stupid little questions, then I’ll talk about what I REALLY want.”

Donny nodded reluctantly. “To the point. Now, Mister Ryan, last week you scored the biggest win of your career over a luminary in the Underground Division in Derecho. A feat made all the more impressive by the fact that you’ve never even set foot in the Underground division. Why have you chosen now to embark among jOlt’s most dangerous matches?”

jOlt’s Last Real Man glared out to the crowd to address them.

“Because quite frankly, I’m SICK of all this talk of the fucking Underground. First and foremost, I am one of the best fucking WRESTLERS that jOlt has ever seen. I’m not here trying to see you some overhyped action figure like Mack Brody. I’m not here to fight “for the people” and kiss their fucking ass like Jesse Ramey is. What you see with me is 100% REAL. A man who comes out here, backs up his talk and says and does whatever the fuck he wants without hesitation. I’m certainly not trying to be some fake tough guy like certain Sylos and Omegas who will remain nameless… OOPS.”


Ryan was unmoved by the booing from the crowd.

“But just because I don’t like the Underground and everything this stupid fucking garbage wrestling represents doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to get my hands dirty if I need to. People have been talking about this belt and some of the people that have held it, but not ONE of these pieces of trash can do what I can do in and out of this ring. THAT is why I’m putting myself in this division now.”

“Well,” Donny interjected. “Some say the result of your match would’ve bene different had Aran Thompson not intervened…”

Ryan walked right in front of Layne and glanced down at him.

“Are ‘SOME’ really saying that, Donny? Or are YOU saying that?”

Layne defensively put a hand up. “Mister Ryan, I’m just doing my job here…”

The look on Ryan’s face grew even more annoyed, if that were all possible.

“Well, tell THIS to whoever the fuck you have behind your ear, Donny… I. AM. ALL. MAN. I could’ve beaten that overblown sack of emo shit, Derecho, all on my own. If Aran wanted to get him some, that’s his business. But there’s an adage. History is written by the victors. I won. End of fucking story. Now I move onto that shitbag, Pietro…”

Ryan turned to face the entryway now.

“Pietro, I know your big German ass is back there, listening to this so hear me when I say this… Yeah, you’re good… but you’re not GREAT. You think that you’re hot shit because you used that Hype Championship to jump Derecho and win the title you have now? You may have been a big success in The Hype, but I was the one that gave that place its balls. Long before there was a Rebellion, there was a Real Man tearing things up down there week in and week out, consequences be damned. Because I’m not part of the Rebellion and I’m not riding people’s coattails like Landon Stevens, maybe I haven’t had the opportunity to win any titles yet, but at Death Wish, I change that. I will prove that the myth of this badass Pietro Geist is just that… a MYTH. And if you have any balls, I DARE YOU to come out here and say different.”

Jeremy took off his hoodie and threw it to the floor, exposing his bare chest. He waved a hand towards the entrance as if he was expecting something to happen.

“Try and prove me wrong, Geist… and all you’ll do is prove me right.”

Ask and ye shall receive.

Bring on the Rammstein.

Never one to back down from a game of tic-tac-toe let alone a fight, Ryan's new rival came storming down the entrance ramp. Following right behind him with the Underground title draped ever so nicely over her right shoulder, Lorelei smirked up at the challenger. She knew that jeremy was about to get a first-hand look at her beloved Pietro's "Talk shit. Get hit." mentality.

"Shou should have kept shour mouth shut, fucker," the blonde beauty informed Ryan from the apron.

She was not going to put herself between the two titans, as this was truly an explosion waiting to happen.

"Right on cue."

Ryan stepped forward to meet the approaching Geist, as Donny took off to the farthest corner he could find. Like Lorelei, he was not looking to put himself in the path of either enraged monster. Jeremy looked the champion over. He had seen him in action before and he was not impressed or intimidated by the uberkreiger. The Underground Champion just stared a hole through him in return.

"You don't scare me, so spare us all your pathetic 'I'm rage incarnate' bullshit. There's no fear here, just all man."

"Loud-mouth braggart... Allow me to put the fear into you."

"Right after I put my dick in your bitch."

Now, friends, there are fighting words and then, there are words that come with a guaranteed ass-whooping. Jeremy just found some of those words.


Geist's knuckles slammed into Ryan's jaw.


Jeremy fired right back.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was go time.

The two monsters hauled off and belted the other with every bit of strength they had. Back and forth they went with neither man backing down an inch. Geist tackled Ryan and the two rolled around the ring, each taking a turn punching the other. Donny took off to the outside and ran up the entrance ramp, as fast as his legs could carry him, nearly knocking over Lorelei in the process.

Security came racing down the entrance ramp and flooded the ring. Though, they wished they would've just stayed in the back. Both champion and challenger paused from their trading of punches and turned their fury to the security team. Guards went flying in all directions. In no time at all, the two warriors had cleared the ring and Geist wiped out a group of them by gorilla pressing one of their own onto them.

Ryan wasn't going to be outdone. He fired another one over the top rope, taking out the rest. Jeremy's focused return immediately to his adversary.

"You're fucking dead, you fucking nazi fuck."

Oh that Ryan... such a wordsmith.

Not one to trade barbs, the German tackled Jeremy, sending them tumbling to the outside. Security engulfed the two men, finally pulling them apart. The fight had been brought to a halt.

Or so they thought.

The challenger broke free, instantly leaping onto the group of guards holding his enemy. Right hands slammed again and again into Geist's face. A twelve-pack connected before security was able to pry Ryan from the German.

A barrage of strikes may have battered the uberkreiger's jaw, but all it did was piss him off. Geist roared and exploded upwards, sending security tumbling all around him. The champion took off like a rocket and speared his foe into the barrier, sandwiching a trio of guards between them and the barrier.

Returning the favor, Geist unleashed a flurry of hammer fists, hoping to cave in Ryan's face. More security poured into the ringside area. This time they were accompanied by local police and wrestlers from the back. The sheer number of people between them made it impossible for the two men to once again reach each other. Not even Moses could part the sea of humanity that separated them.

Ryan was led towards the entrance ramp and was about half way up it when Geist slipped free of his captors. The champion was tossed his title by Lorelei and he positioned himself in the dead center of the ring. He glared down at his foe, while displaying his title high overhead. Never one to hid his emotions and defiant as ever, the challenger made it clear what his goal was.

"That title will be mine."

The champion showed him just how to try and take it. He lay the title belt at his feet and motioned for Ryan to join him in the ring. The battle lines had been drawn. Would jOlt be able to withstand the war to come?

"Whodunnit Two: The Second One"

To say it had been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Mack Brody had been an understatement. His best friends and Heirs of Wrestling stablemates – Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway – had been the victim of a mysterious assault which put them both out of action. Somebody had cut up the ropes that had wrapped up some piping and equipment. It appeared the equipment was subsequently dropped upon Silver and Gallway, leaving the former with a concussion and the latter out with a broken rib and ankle. Both injuries would put them out indefinitely which led Brody to go it alone now and find the culprit responsible.

He pointed the finger at the Rebellion who had a penchant for attacks to send messages to the roster, only to be shown a videotape after his match with Seraph. The video showed somebody – a big man with black hair cutting up the ropes not long before Silver and Gallway walked backstage after their match with The Crimson Order. The men looked like either Eli or Ezra Conway, former rivals of the Heirs. And as luck would have it, Mack Brody had a match later tonight against Eli Conway.

Now with the backstory done, the camera opened up and cut over to Eli and Ezra Conway having a quiet discussion in the hallway before their respective matches. Eli had Mack Brody while Ezra was set to take on Jesse Ramey later on in the night.

“We got this man, I’m gonna fuck Ramey up tonight!” Ezra laughed. “And what about Mack… you think ya got that big fucker? I hear he’s been stomping around lookin’ for us after what happened to them other homos.”

“I’m glad that happened to Silver and Gallway…” Eli replied. “They were nothin’ but a couple of overhyped little pretty boys that don’t deserve any of the shit they got handed to them just because some famous people raised them. And as for Brody… Pfft, I can take that bitch,” Eli scoffed.


Coming the other way was Mack Brody with an intent to hurt somebody. Brody wanted to jump, but Eli and Ezra both put up a defensive stance. Still, Brody was unintimidated and continued.

“I saw that tape… EVERYBODY saw it… I want to know which one of you fuckers did it!”

“Y’all don’t wanna do this here, Mack,” Eli snapped. “I know what you’re here for and I’ll tell you what I told Dawn Cassidy and Donny Layne when they tried to interview us earlier… FUCK OFF.”

Brody glared down at them.

“Which one of you was it?” Brody yelled. “WHO?”

Eli and Ezra looked to one another before Eli spoke up again.

“You ain’t gettin’ shit outta us, Brody. I ain’t sayin’ we did anything and I ain’t sayin’ we didn’t… but if you want answers, you’re gonna have to beat ‘em outta us.”

Brody turned to Ezra who nodded along with his brother. The man called SuperMack turned to face Eli again and only hissed one word.


Brody then stormed off with something resembling a smile on his face. If they wanted a fight…

…He’d give them one.

Eiji Kugasari/Shoji vs The House

The House had just lost out on their shot to become three-time jOlt tag team champions when they suffered a close loss to the current champions and standard bearers for the division The Crimson Order. The match had been stopped not by pinfall or submission, but by a referee who called them unfit to continue. The House had been campaigning for another match with the tag team champions and The Order accepted last week, but not before quips between the two teams led to fisticuffs at the start of last week’s show. It was official now that Death Wish would see a rematch between four of the heaviest hitters jOlt had today, but tonight would see Eiji Kugasari join forces with Clan Inogami member Shoji to make the House pay for what they felt was disrespect.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch injected the gathered masses with that needed adrenaline rush as the entire Arena of Champions became flooded with casino-esque lighting. Camera 9 would casually descend with a broad view of the streaming jOltvision screens before both representatives of Sin City would sauntered out from the back and warmly embrace the cheering legions. Brandishing their new ’The House NEVER Folds’ T shirts, both men would point to themselves in unison before inaudibly yelling back at the camera...

Carrington: “The following tag team contest is schedule for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st; they hail from Las Vegas, Nevada and are the current Number 1 contenders for the jOlt World Tag Team Championships! Weighting in a total combined weight of 777 pounds...They are team of...DERRICK HUBER & ADAM ROEBUCK!! THIS!! IS!! THE HOUSE!!!”

Derrick Huber was the first to make his way up the ring steps and up the nearest turnbuckles as the Las Vegas Leviathan carefully lumbered his way up the steel steps to pump his massive fists and yell before making his way through the ring ropes inside. The athletic Huber would drop down inside the ring to throw both fists toward the heavens while patrolling the ring as their musical intro would gradually fall out of ear shot yet the masses continued to carry on the lyrics to the motivating chorus. Referee Simon Boulder would slowly nod while scanning the horizon before initiating his preliminary inspection of both men inside the ring...

The arena lighting began to flicker before the light slowly succumbed to the lingering darkness before ’Dawn Awaits’ - Extended Version by Cliff Linn triggered the streaming vignette of acrobatic symmetry and innovative Strong Style offense before a pair of obscured figures would saunter through the strobe lit overcast. The Hokota Holocaust would be seen granting his sinewy partner room to execute his intricate martial arts katas before summoning the expected pyrotechnical salvo upon completion...

Carrington: “...And their opponents, representing the Inogami Clan...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 480 pounds...1st, from Hokota, Japan...He is the ’Hokota Holocaust’, SHOJI!!!...and his tag team partner, from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

Shoji would begin rotating his right shoulder in passing Camera 2 as he led the way toward the squared circle. The Prince of Puroresu would follow suit while smoothing out his covered chin before walking up the ring steps, along the ring apron and perching himself atop the distance turnbuckle posts. The House were seen casually prepping themselves for battle amidst their private conversation as Shoji passed through the ropes and began popping his knuckles and wringing both wrists. Referee Simon Boulder would approach the ninjas whom would allow him to conduct his duties before both opposing teams would hear the musical theme dissipate. Both Shoji & Huber elected themselves to formally represent their teams as Boulder readily called for the opening bell...


The bigger half of Clan Inogami looked for an early advantage over the Sin City Strongman as the two locked up. Huber was impressed by the physical gifts that Shoji possessed in being able to stand toe to toe with him, but Huber still powered him back to the corner and kept him pressed there until the referee made him back off. Huber did so and playfully patted him on the chest.

“There you go, rook.” Huber said with a cheesy grin.

This did not appease Shoji who rushed right back at him. Huber perhaps took him a little too lightly and now Shoji went to the corner across the ring and shoved him backwards towards the corner now. Shoji turned around and delivered a vicious chop to the chest of Huber and followed that up with two more to the neck. He led Huber out of the corner by an arm and snapped him over with a headlock before tossing in a backfist and a kick for good measure. A running kick landed in between his shoulder blades and now he went for ac over.


Huber snapped up quickly. Shoji forced him up until he stood and then pushed him back to the ropes for the whip. Huber stopped on a dime and turned him around only to force Shoji down to the mat with a shoulder block and he followed up with hard elbow drop to the heart. Nothing fancy from Huber which was a little out of place for him but that was enough.



Shoji kicked out but Huber was already on top of him. He shoved Shoji back to the corner and unleashed a series of headbutt strikes to the head and chest of the Clan Inogami trainee. He tried to toss him over with a front powerslam when Shoji slipped out behind him and made it back to his corner to tag into Eiji .

The former World Champion was by far the smallest man in this match, but he had a lot credibility as one of jOlt’s finest athletes. He jumped into the ring and wanted him a piece of the Sin City Strongman, but Huber was not one to hog all the fun. Huber backed off over and reached out to even bigger Adam Roebuck for the tag.

Roebuck snarled before the Las Vegas Leviathan climbed into the ring. Kugasari wasn’t even fazed by the big man, but likewise Roebuck wasn’t impressed that a former jOlt Champion stood before him. In his eyes, everybody was a target if it meant getting to the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

Eiji approached the larger man and tried to go for the legs right away when Huber grabbed him by the head and tossed him right to the mat. The Big Bucks stood his ground and snarled when The Blood Raven popped right back up and came at him a second time. Roebuck opted to just shoved him back a second time.

The Las Vegas Leviathan was back on his feet again and tried to throw the smaller Eiji into the corner now. He swung a massive palm and was looking to chop him to death with his Four of a Kind combination, but Eiji moved and landed a jumping high kick to the head that knocked the big monster back a few steps.

The Blood Raven advanced forward when Roebuck threw him up and over with a back body drop … but not so fast! Eiji landed on his feet on the apron and Roebuck turned around when the former champion grabbed him by the head and dropped the monster throat first on the top rope. He turned over…


A tight figure four neck lock trapped the big monster in the ropes, but he didn’t stay down for long. Roebuck fought out of the corner once Eiji had to let go. He leaped to the top cable and came off with a front missile dropkick to the knee that brought Roebuck down. Eiji had a lot in his bag of tricks and another one was about to come out…


A shining wizard knee strike to the face brought the Las Vegas Leviathan down and Eiji tried pinning him.




Adam used a powerful kickout and nearly tossed Eiji out of the ring! Kugasari managed to hurriedly climb back into the ring and climbed to the top rope again. He jumped right at The Las Vegas Leviathan a second time…


He caught young Eiji in mid air and dropped him over his knee with a hard rib breaker before flowing right into a fallaway slam that shot him far and away across the ring. Roebuck took a second to make sure that his jaw was all still in place before he got back up and headed back to Eiji’s body.



Eiji kicked out, but it took a lot out of him and now the former champion was in a very bad place.

“Fuck…” EIji spat.

“Yeah, I’d say you are,” Huber snapped from the corner.

He gestured to big Roebuck who held out his hand and stretched it out for the crowd …



EIji Kugasari was doubled over and his chest now bore the badges of war with Roebuck. He was left with several large red handprints left on his chest and was now forced to a knee. The Las Vegas Leviathan tagged out to Derrick Huber and the Strongman went to work. Both men whipped him across the ring and landed a hard double shoulder tackle on the return. Roebuck left the ring and Huber went for a pin.



Another kickout!

Eiji Kugasari was a very tough man, but The House were chief among those that could dish out unrelenting punishment. Something that Pietro Geist had learned last week taking on Adam Roebuck in perhaps one of jOlt’s most hard hitting matches.

The Sin City Strongman pulled him up by the head into a cravate-like submission and threw some hard knees upwards into the face of Eiji before turning him over and then setting him up to the double underhook position. He was now up …

And up …

Up some more …

Up some more …

And he was brought down with a stalled double arm suplex!

The fans clapped for the freaky show of strength by the Sin City Strongman as he rolled him over and once again pinned EIji down on the mat …



Shoji broke up the cover and saved his ally in arms from suffering a defeat. Huber then hoisted Kugasari up over his shoulder and lifted him for a Canadian backbreaker style of submission trying to break him in half.

The referee asked him if he wanted to give up, but Eiji shook his head negatively as he tried his best ot fight out of the submission attempt. Eiji kicked and elbowed both arms of the Sin City Strongman trying his best to break free when Huber simply dropped to a knee and spiked Eiji across his back. Huber dropped over for a cover again.



Close, but no cigar!

Huber was close to the end and now he grabbed the legs of Eiji as he scanned the crowd. He was looking for his signature giant swing that he called the Roulette Wheel, but suddenly Eiji shifted his body weight and contorted upwards until he grabbed him and took him down with a nasty tornado DDT!


It was an incredible counter to what would’ve been a devastating move but he needed to make the tag out. Huber still couldn’t believe what happened to him but needed to get to his corner and tag into Adam Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan was slapping a turnbuckle and the crowd clapped along with him when Huber reached out …

Huber tagged into Adam Roebuck while Shoji got the tag from Eiji. The headstrong prodigy of Clan Inogami ran into the ring at a charging Roebuck and ducked underneath an oncoming shot so he could come back with a good rushing elbow. The shot teetered Roebuck but the mass of mountain remained upright. Shoji headed into the ropes a second time and clocked him only to get taken down a peg again.

He finally took to the ropes and decided that he was going to go low on the Las Vegas Leviathan with a tackle to the leg. Adam Roebuck tried to stand when Shoji took him by the arm and twisted him around …


The inverted stomp face breaker caught him underneath the jaw and Roebuck hit the canvas and Shoji rushed forward to knock Huber off the apron with a running kick to the face. He rushed back over to the outside and the big protégé of the Inogami Clan impressed the crowd with a nice looking slingshot splash! Incredible movement for a two-hundred and eighty pound man who now covered Roebuck.



Roebuck powered out again!

Shoji and EIji were looking to pull out what would be a massive upset from the standpoint of beating this super heavyweight team. Roebuck was groggy but still trying to stand when Shoji headed to the second rope waiting for him to get him. He leaped right into a bear-like hand wrapped around his throat. Roebuck hauled him up looking for a chokeslam but Shoji reversed it and now grabbed him by the arm looking for some sort of fujiwara armbar submission attempt to break down Roebuck.

Huber broke that up!

The Sin City Strongman wanted some payback for the earlier attack and kicked him in the spine to stop his attempt at the submission. He pulled Shoji up and pushed him to the far back corner and jabbed him with a series of shoulders to the chest. Huber tried to throw Shoji into the other side of the ring when he reversed that and ran right into an enziguri kick from the Blood Raven on the apron. Huber staggered into the ring …


The armtrap STO backbreaker put him down to the ground and now Huber was laid out. Eiji was able to head into the ring but Roebuck was back…


Roebuck towered over both men and beat his chest with his fists while letting out a guttural roar as the crowd went wild now. Roebuck picked up Shoji and was trying to set him up for his reverse powerbomb called the Turn, but Shoji went low and clipped the left leg a second time to stun him. Eiji tried to stand on the floor…


Jimmy B. Martinez, Eiji’s rival, had rushed out and laid him out on the floor with his take on a cutter! Jimmy B. headed back into the crowd but the referee was busy in the ring with Shoji duking it out with big Roebuck. He was trying to lock him in a submission when Huber re-entered the ring and clobbered him with a big forearm smash to the head. They then set up Shoji looking for something big and the crowd cheered loudly knowing what was going to happen next…

Full nelson from Adam Roebuck.

Set up by Huber.


Their ultimate finisher was the double team powerbomb that they had put away so many people with and had won two previous tag team titles with! Roebuck stayed in the seated position and pinned Shoji’s shoulders when Huber rolled out of the ring.




The House may not have wanted to win in this manner had they realized what was going on, but they were busy celebrating what was a big victory for the duo tonight. They promised earlier that the Crimson Order were not ready for what The House would bring a second time when they came after the Tag Team Titles and Death Wish and after this win, they may have been right.

The Las Vegas superheavyweights each soaked in the cheers from the crowd with their music playing and from the top of the ramp, Jimmy B. Martinez had a smirk cross his face. He didn’t forget that Eiji had called him out on their previous feud last week. This was his chance to fire the first shot.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"What Have You Become?"

iNtense came back from its final commercial break of the evening. The audience sat there when the lights in the arena went out and the arena became bathed in a crimson hue.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The audience booed as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. He wasn't wearing his trench coat nor his skull crown, but he was wearing his ring gear as well as a brand new King of Hell T-Shirt. Derecho walked down to the ring, ignoring the negative adulation from the crowd on hand for this evening. He stepped into the ring and asked for a microphone from ringside and was granted it. The music faded rather quickly as Derecho stood there in the middle of the ring, looking out into the masses with a smile on his face.

"I have something I'd like to say, but it's not to any of you." said Derecho as the crowd continued to boo him.

"The person I want to speak with is backstage right now, simply watching. Aran Thompson, if you would come out here to this ring.. there's a few things I'd like to know from you."

The crowd stood up and turned their attention to the entrance ramp. There were a few moments that passed, but all of a sudden, the crowd erupted with the famous words that they've been hearing for the longest time now..


"Onion" by ONE OK ROCK

Aran Thomspon came out from the backstage area. He wasted no time, making his way down to the ring. He hopped up on the ring apron, making sure not to take his eye off of Derecho. Thompson stepped between the ropes and entered the ring, keeping a bit of a distance away from the King of Hell himself. The music died off and as Derecho laid his eyes upon Aran, his own eyes widened and he had a blissful grin on his face.

"Look at you. Look at how magnificent you've become" said Derecho.

"It is quite remarkable. I honestly rolled the dice at Thieves Honor not knowing what kind of person you'd become after I nearly put an end to your pathetic life, but look at you! Filled to the brim with hatred and resolve. The very fabric of the Underground coursing through your veins, infecting your mind.. turning you into a savage beast. The once flippy floppy Asian Sensation has become the demonic vessel for hatred... hatred towards me and I stand here looking at you with pride because I know that I'm responsible.. I created this. I brought out your viciousness and I have used the power of influence to actually change a person."

The people continued to boo Derecho as he turned his attention towards the audience.

"And yet you boo me. Aran Thompson is now my creation! Sure.. a year ago he was snarky... quite full of himself. He made a nice name for himself, too, at my expense by telling the entire world I had died. There were even funeral services planned for me.. my friends and family reduced to tears. All the mental pain and suffering Aran Thompson caused for me and now... one year later... look at your hero.. LOOK AT HIM!"

The people continued to boo as Aran gritted his teeth and clenched his fist.

"How sad that a man who once caused so much mental pain on others has been reduced to mere influence. By delivering unto him a physical dominant experience at Thieves Honor, I inflicted a year's worth of my pain and suffering onto him. I changed, shaped, and molded Aran Thompson into a ball of fury just waiting to be unleashed. Don't believe me? Just take a look at what happened last week with Diamond Jewelz. You cried out my name.. you tried to maim and disfigure Diamond Jewelz, but they thought on my being running through your mind got to you and in the end, Diamond Jewelz and his Goons did what I did at Thieves Honor.. they left you laying in the ring. "

Derecho simply laughed.

"My My Aran. You simply have turned out better than I expected. You became a man blind with rage that he'll just end up thorwing himself into situations regardless of the consequences or the potential outcomes. It's what I wanted to know so desperately... what kind of man you had become... now that I know that answer, I want to know one thing..."

Derecho walked right up to Aran Thompson and got in his face.

"What do you plan to do about it?"

Aran looked up and simply smiled. Then...


Aran decked Derecho with a right hand! Aran exploded with rapid punches, staggering Derecho back! Aran hit a double leg takedown and mounted Derecho, pummeling him heavily with more rapid punches. Aran stood and then stomped down on the King of Hell, who tried to roll out of the ring, but Aran grabbed Derecho by the arm and pulled him back up to his feet, stopping him.

Aran kicked Derecho in the stomach and placed Derecho between his legs. He lifted Derecho up and nailed a thunderous powerbomb in the middle of the ring! The crowd popped huge as Aran rolled to the outside and grabbed a steel chair from the time keeper's table. He slid back into the ring and Aran taunted Derecho to stand up! Derecho slowly got back to his feet and that's when Aran took his shot...


The chair was slammed right into the top of Derecho's head and he was out, but Aran didn't let up.!






Over and over again, Aran Thompson slammed the chair into Derecho's body like a crazed individual. This was the same thing that happened to Derecho when he caused him to lose a number one contender's match to Jeremy Ryan!

Aran unfolded the chair and placed it in the middle of the ring. He grabbed Derecho and pulled him back up. He rode up onto Derecho's shoulders, looking for the Crucifix Bomb.. the Icarus Switch, but Derecho countered with a Samoan Drop through the chair!!

Aran arched his back in pain after crashing through and mangling the chair into twisted steel. Derecho staggered back to his feet and stumbled into the corner, but when he turned around, he saw Aran pulling himself up to his feet and smiling. Derecho charged in, but Aran exploded from a knelt position, nailing a vicious lariat on Derecho!! Aran quickly grabbed Derecho and placed him between his legs. He lifted Derecho up and then...


Derecho's back slammed hard into the twisted metal and he cried out in pain. Aran then exited the ring and lifted up the ring apron, pulling out a bag of thumbtacks. He rolled back into the ring and grabbed the microphone that Derecho had dropped earlier.

"THIS LOOK FAMILIAR!?" Aran shouted at Derecho.

Aran dropped the microphone and made a nice long section of thumbtacks on the canvas. Aran grabbed Derecho and pulled him up. He hopped up onto Derecho's shoulders and flipped him over with the Crucifix Driver...


Aran got a bunch of tacks in his side, but so did Derecho.. only on his upper back and some even into the back of his head!! The crowd cringed at the site of it as Aran laughed, picking up the microphone.

"At Death Wish... this is just a small sample of what... "your creation"... is going to be capable of."

Aran laughed as he threw the microphone at Derecho, It bounced off the back of his head and created a loud static noise through the speakers. Aran exited the ring and stood at the entrance ramp's half way point.

The final scene of iNtense saw Aran Thompson staring back into the ring at a fallen Derecho!