"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Trivia Game"

After the opening pyro had subsided, the camera switched to the ringside area of the Arena of Champions; the normal ring mat had been draped over by a huge black cover. Inside of the ring stood three podiums, one in the very center with two more angled toward each other on each side. Standing in the center of the ring with a huge smile on his face was Damien Lee; however the crowd reaction he was getting was pretty mixed.

“I told you all last week that we were going to do something historic tonight on our last stop before Death Wish.” Lee smiled from ear to ear, “You’ve seen it all inside of a professional wrestling ring before; debates, arm wrestling contests, presidential campaigning, but something that has never been done before is going to transpire here tonight.”

The crowd started to calm down quite a bit, probably from the lack of interest they had in anything that Damien Lee had to spew out of his mouth.

“The first ever historical Jolt Wrestling Trivia Showoff to decide the stipulation for the Jolt Championship at Death Wish!” Lee waited in anticipation for the crowd to go into an uproar, it did not. “Well, if that doesn’t excite you maybe our special guest host of the show will.”

Lee pointed to the stage as the music from The Price is Right began to blast throughout the arena and sure enough out from the backstage area walked Bob Barker himself. Barker stood at the top of the ramp, feeble as could be, before slowly making his way down toward the ring as the crowd finally did go into an uproar for the former game show host.

Barker made his way up the steel steps, and then through the ropes into the ring, while Damien Lee held the middle rope down for him. Bob then made his way over to the center podium.

“Let me start off by saying what a pleasure it is to be here on iNtense!” Barker shouted livening up the crowd even more, “Now, let’s get to the action! Johnny whose our first contestant on the Jolt Wrestling Trivia Showoff?!”

“Well Bob,” That weird voice from the old television show rang throughout the arena causing the fans to all chuckle, “He’s a veteran of professional wrestling and he will be challenging for the Jolt Championship at Death Wish, JESSE RAMEY!”

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena and through the entrance curtains burst The Anti-Star. Ramey stood at the top of the ramp for a moment, and then bolted toward the ring. Instead of sliding in though, because of the covering, he stopped at the bottom, and then rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and slowly made his way over to the far podium.

“Who will his opponent be tonight?” Barker questioned as the music slowly died down.

“Bob, his opponent for the evening,” The weird announcer voice queued back up again, “is the reigning and defending Jolt Champion, LANDON STEVENS!”

“Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch began to blare throughout the arena as the Jolt Champion stepped through the entrance curtains and onto the main stage. The sounds of “FUCK YOU LANDON!” began to echo throughout the arena as Landon unlatched his championship from around his waist and hoisted it up into the air for the fans to see.

Stevens then lowered the belt and began walking his way toward the ring. Landon only smiled as the booing continued to grow before he reached the side of the ring, climbed up onto the apron, and then stepped through the ropes and into the ring. Stevens threw the championship over his shoulder and made his way to his podium.

“Now, before we get started,” Barker began, “do either of you have any questions?”

Both Ramey and Stevens stood at their podiums and shook their heads no.

“The first to five will be declared our winner,” Barker continued, “we’ll start with Jesse Ramey first. If your opponent misses a question you have the opportunity to steal that question from them. If no one gets the answer correct we move on to the next question until the five points in met.”

“Jesse,” Barker started his first question, “who was the only United States President to not have a First Lady?”

Ramey thought for a brief moment before chiming in, “That’s easy Bob, James Buchanan.”

“That is correct, sir!” Bob exclaimed, “You are now in the lead with one point. Landon, now onto your question; the popular phrase, “The cake is a lie” is derived from what popular video game?”

Landon looked puzzled, “Are you serious?” Stevens questioned, “I don’t know, I thought this was supposed to be Jolt Trivia not some random garbage; Super Mario Brothers?”

“That is incorrect, Jesse now is your chance to steal and go up by two points. Do you know the answer?” Barker questioned Ramey.

Ramey placed his hand on his chin and stroked his beard, “That would have to be Portal, Bob.”

“That is correct!” Bob shouted as the fans all began to cheer even more, “You’ve gone up by two points and the opportunity to do so by even more is yours now as well. What Indiana Jones movie did Sean Connery appear in?”

“That would have to be,” Ramey paused leaving room for anticipation, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he played Henry Jones, Sr. Indiana Jones’ father.”

“That is correct!” The fans all rejoiced at Ramey’s answer, “It’s make it or break it time Landon. If you miss this question and Ramey is able to get the steal and his question you have lost this competition. Landon, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

Landon looked even more perplexed than before, “You’ve got to be kidding me! This whole thing is rigged! I don’t know the answer to that question!”

“Is that your final answer?” Barker questioned Landon.

“I guess it has to be, because I don’t know the answer to your stupid question!”

“Jesse, now is your chance to take the whole thing, do you know the answer to the question?”

“As a matter of fact,” Ramey snickered, “I do Bob. Although Monty Python and the Holy Grail never gave a definitive answer to this question, I did my own research. The airspeed velocity of the unladen European swallow is twenty-five miles per hour.”

Bob shook his head in amazement, “That is actually correct! We threw that one in there expecting neither of you to get the answer correct. Now, you can clinch this victory with one final question, what was the original color of the popular soft drink Coca-Cola?”

“I hate to end this game show so quickly, Bob.” Ramey stated, “But the answer is green!”

“That is correct!” Bob shouted, “Tell him what he’s won Johnny!”

Landon shook his head in disgust and promptly exited the ring, making his way up the entrance ramp.

“Jesse Ramey you’ve won the opportunity to choose the stipulation for your Jolt Championship match at Death Wish. What is it going to be?”

Ramey pulled the microphone from the podium and stood in the center of the ring, “You may want to hear this Landon because you’re going to need to do reviewing of old All Star Championship Wrestling footage over the next few days, because our match at Death Wish is going to be Anti-Star Rules!”

“I’m Not Alright” began to blast throughout the arena once more as Ramey dropped his microphone then made his way a ring post and climbed up raising his arms into the air bringing the crowd to their feet once more. Landon continued to shake his head as he walked backward up the entrance ramp and the scene faded.

"A Measure of Revenge"

In the back, Jon Le Bon was seen with The Rebellion, standing in an alcove somewhere amongst the halls of The Arena of Champions. Le Bon didn't look too happy and The Rebellion members looked like they were dogs about to be scolded

"Last week... Chris Titan thought he was going to be clever. Thanks to this camera crew filming my interaction with Eiji Kugasari, he knew I was going to Damien Lee's office and purposely hid in that damn couch to not only embarrass me.. but embarrass all of us. I am SICK AND TIRED of Chris.. FUCKING.. Titan"

Le Bon gritted his teeth.

"But that's okay.. because in two weeks, I will have him at Death Wish and I will be the one to remove that thorn from our side once and for all. Raevynn will take the Starlet Championship.. and.. well.. let's just say I have something else planned for Death Wish on top of all this.. BUT... before we get there.. we need to deal with Titan and I have a way to loosen that thorn so that it falls out easily in two weeks"

Le Bon grinned.

"Tonight... I'm going to book Chris Titan in a Steel Cage Match against a member of The Rebellion. Now.. as for choosing that member.. that's what I'm kind of torn upon."

"I'll do it" said Sebastian Saje. "Chris Titan embarrassed me at Thieves Honor and I want this opportunity to get my revenge"

Le Bon immediately shot that down.

"I don't think so. You may have had the world championship won in your eyes, but you failed to account that Chris Titan blatantly warned us he would do anything to make sure we didn't get the title. You carelessly thought that since he was eliminated from the Thieves Honor match that he was gone for good. YOU let your guard down and YOU let Chris Titan screw you out of the championship. Therefore, you had your chance and you will NOT get another. If it wasn't for your error in judgment, you would have been world champion and we would have had all of the power right here and right now.. but instead, we're forced to claw and scatch our way into power once again. You don't deserve this opportunity."

Saje sighed and nodded before backing away. After a lashing like that, none of the other members wanted to speak up because all of them failed in the past against Titan.

"Nobody wants to volunteer? Fine... then I choose you, Sayber. Your only fault was against Aran Thompson.. you have yet to do anything against Chris Titan. Tonight is your opportunity."

Sayber shook his head..

"I refuse" said Sayber

"What do you mean you refuse?" asked Le Bon

"I don't care about Chris Titan.. I never cared about Aran Thompson. I don't even care what your goals or plans are. I'm not here for championships or top spots.. I joined The Rebellion because you made a promise to me six months ago. You promised that with The Rebellion I could face Derecho and get my chance at revenge for putting me in the hospital.. TWICE. Derecho cost me The Hype Championship... I made history as the first ever Hype Champion and Derecho robbed me of that... Then he beat me at Wired last year and I've calmy and patiently waited for my chance. You offered me that chance and here we are.. six months later.. and I'm STILL waiting for my chance... I'm STILL waiting for you to fulfill your promise to me.. .as far as I'm concerned.. I'm the rogue member of this group because I couldn't care less about what your goals or ambitions are. I'm simply waiting for your promise to be fulfilled and all I simply want is my revenge.. and until then.. I'm not going to do anything for this group. I'm TIRED of waiting."

The people actually cheered Sayber in the background for standing up to Le Bon.

"That's fair enough. You're right.. I made a promise to you and I failed to keep it. Make a deal with you. I'll let you not be in this Steel Cage Match tonight.. but if you continue to be part of this group, I will grant you your request soon. Just give me until after Titan is dealt with because, honestly... you are Rebellion whether you share our goals or not.. and as long as you fly that tag... Chris Titan will be there to ruin everything.. so even if I were to give you Derecho as early as tonight... Titan will just end up throwing a monkey wrench into your plans for revenge. So.. just give me a little while longer.. once Titan is gone.. you will have your wish."

"I'm going to hold you to that" said Sayber

"Well then.." said Le Bon. "We still have the issue of who is going to face Chris Titan tonight...and right now.. I would pick Seraph, but you can't even handle Mack Brody... which was simply embarrassing.. so YOU don't deserve it... Cross the Hood... you couldn't even handle Rainbow Serpent after Diamond Jewelz paid us handsomly for our services.. so neither of YOU deserve it.. so it's down to Nate Quartermaine and Michael Donavan... Michael.. you were second in command when Sebastian Saje was our mouthpiece and you have been squandered away here.. you haven't had a fair break to show the world what you're capable of. I know that's why you left The Hype and joined The Rebellion. Tonight, I'm giving you that opportunity. Tonight.. You are the one who will face Chris Titan." said Le Bon

"So.. finally.. the day has come where you put faith in me?" said Donavan

"I've always had faith in you.. tonight.. I'm simply saying.. take off your handcuffs.. you are free to do whatever you wish to Chris Titan.. Show the world your true potential."

Donavan simply grinned.

"Consider it done"

Donavan walked away to prepare for the match as Le Bon smiled. Tonight.. Chris Titan will go one on one with Michael Donavan inside of a Steel Cage!

Amber Ryann vs Alyssa Corliss

Over the past couple of months, Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss have been at each other's throats. When Alyssa turned on Amber due to the rage she felt by being dumped by Sebastian Saje in favor of Raevynn, Amber reached out to help her. Alyssa realized he was hurting her friends and tried to apologize, but due to Amber Ryann's not-so-friendly past, she was wary and didn't accept Alyssa's apology. After many attempts, Alyssa finally had become frustrated and lashed out at Amber, leading to a series and matches and backstage brawls between the two.

Enter Tammy Lynn Foster. After seeing Amber Ryann get, perceptively, special treatment from Damien Lee after brutally attacking Alyssa Corliss, Tammy felt that Amber was what was wrong with not only the starlet division, but the company as a whole. Tammy wanted to get noticed and to do so, she took out Amber Ryann. This lead to a triple threat match last week on iNtense in which Amber Ryann pinned Alyssa Corliss after Tammy Lynn refused to accept a tag from Alyssa. Tammy had wanted a tag the entire match, but Alyssa was so blind with rage that she refused to tag out and Tammy Lynn became annoyed at that fact.

While this situation is coming to a head between the three, Alyssa wanted revenge for last week's actions. Tonight.. she gets Amber Ryann once again one on one.. this time.. with Underground Rules in play!

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

The people booed as Alyssa Corliss came out from the backstage area. She made her way down to the ring rather quickly as she only had one thing on her mind: To defeat Amber Ryann once and for all.. and with Underground Rules in play.. she knew that she could do whatever she wanted. Alyssa stepped into the ring as her music died down as was replaced.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

Amber came out from the backstage area, but Alyssa wasn't going to wait for her. Alyssa exited the ring and bolted up the entrance ramp. Amber saw her coming from a mile away and braced herself. The two began to brawl at the top of the stage. Since it was Underground Rules, starlet referee Kim Adams called for the bell to start the match




The two brawled and pummeled each other towards the entrance to the stage. Alyssa started to get the upper hand and grabbed Amber by her multi-colored hair and attempted to slam her face into the steel structure of the iNtense set, but Amber put the brakes on and fired a pair of back elbows into Alyssa's rib cage. She then grabbed Alyssa by the hair and successfully slammed her face into the steel. Alyssa staggered away and fell to a knee as she tried to shake off the effects. Amber got a running start and front flipped over Alyssa, hitting a Snapmare on the stage, whiplashing Alyssa onto her back.

Amber cringed from landing on the steel, but she fought through it and got back up as Alyssa turned over and got up on all fours. Amber darted to the entrance way and then ran in, hitting a running senton on Alyssa, collapsing her down on top of the steel!! Amber stood up and brushed back her colorful hair as she pulled Alyssa up to her feet. She began to walk Alyssa down the entrance ramp towards the ring by gripping her hair and tugging her along. When they got to ringside, Amber tried to bounce Alyssa's face off the edge of the ring apron, but Alyssa was the one who stopped it and countered, slamming Amber's face into the apron instead.

Amber staggered away and turned just to get taken down by Alyssa as she grabbed both legs and tripped her up. Alyssa mounted Amber and began to pummel away at her head with rapid fire rights and lefts. Amber covered up, but a few punches still made it through. Satisfied by her beating, Alyssa stood and lifted up the ring apron. She reached underneath and pulled out a kendo stick. She taunted Amber holding the stick with the intentions to strike.

"Come on you worthless excuse for a human! STAND UP!"

Amber remained down on the ground and Alyssa became a bit frustrated.

"You just going to stay down!? Is the cold hard ground a familiar feeling for someone like you? Spend much time there as a child?" said Alyssa

Those words were enough for Amber to spring back to her feet. She got up so quickly that Alyssa didn't even have time to reach with the kendo stick! Amber grabbed Alyssa by the neck with both hands and began to choke the life out of her. The grip was so tight that Alyssa actually dropped the kendo stick on the ground. The look of pain and anguish on Amber's face said it all. She then lifted Alyssa up off floor with both hands and then tossed her back first into the edge of the ring apron as the crowd let out a big "OOHHH"

Amber picked up the kendo stick and without remorse...






Five times to the top of the head did Amber Ryann strike Alyssa Corliss with the kendo stick! Alyssa was actually bleeding from the forehead after those vicious shots! While in a seated position up against the apron, Amber placed her boot against Alyssa's neck and, once again, began to choke her. Alyssa fought and struggled for air and even referee Kim Adams had to step in and break it up, which rarely even happens in an Underground match. Alyssa slumped over and gasped for air. She felt her face and noticed the blood and looked up at Amber Ryann who stood over her with a very pissed off look on her face, holding that kendo stick so tight, her knuckles were turning white-ish in color.

Alyssa gritted her teeth once she regained her breath and pulled herself up, but as soon as she stood...


Ryann hit her so hard over the head with the kendo stick, it snapped and shattered! Alyssa fell backwards and the ring apron was the only thing keeping her on her feet. Alyssa tried to squirm back into the ring, but Amber grabbed her by the legs and pulled her back out underneath the bottom rope. She placed Alyssa into a waist lock and popped the hips...


Alyssa's neck met cold hard steel and she flopped onto her side as lifeless as she could possibly be. The referee checked on Alyssa to make sure she was okay as Amber simply stood there, glowering down at the fallen Alyssa Corliss. The referee told Amber to stay back as he tended to Alyssa. Amber didn't move.. she didn't flinch. She did was she was told, but the expression on her face remained the same.. stone cold. She just stood there and watched like a hawk as Alyssa held the back of her neck and sat back up. The referee still told Amber to stay back as he helped Alyssa to her feet. He asked if she could continue and Alyssa said yes!

The referee stepped aside and as soon as she did, Amber took a step towards Alyssa, looking for a toe kick to the stomach, but Alyssa grabbed Amber by the leg. Amber maintained her balance on one leg, but Alyssa swung her leg up, causing Amber to flip backwards.. her legs slammed into the edge of the ring apron!

Alyssa hobbled over as Amber held her legs in pain. Alyssa grabbed Amber and rolled her into the ring and for the first time in this match, the two starlets were actually in the ring at the same time! Alyssa grabbed the left leg, the one she originally flipped into the apron, and dropped an elbow across the knee. She stood and dropped a second elbow followed by a third. She stood once again and flipped Amber over onto her stomach. She lifted up that left leg and slammed the knee into the canvas. Amber held her leg in pain as Alyssa began to stomp down on the knee repeatedly.

Alyssa wiped the blood from her eyes and continued to stomp away on the leg before eventually pulling Amber up to a vertical base. She shoved Amber back into the corner and placed her left leg between the middle and top rope. She then kicked away at the trapped leg and referee Kim Adams could do nothing about it. Alyssa walked away as Amber was still hooked in the corner. Alyssa got a running start and hit a drop kick right into Amber's stomach. Amber pulled her leg back into the ring and fell to a seated position. Amber backed up and charged the corner again, this time hitting a Hesitation Drop Kick right into Amber's face!

Alyssa grabbed Amber by the legs and pulled her out of the corner where she made the first official cover of this match!



Amber kicked out!

Alyssa rolled out of the ring and lifted up the apron while Amber struggled to get back to her feet. Alyssa found another kendo stick under the ring and brought it back in with her. Amber tried to stand, but her knee bothered her and she fell back down to a knelt position. Amber tried standing again and as soon as she got vertical...


Alyssa delivered a kendo shot to the back of the injured knee! While Amber laid there on her side, Alyssa jammed the top end of the kendo stick into Amber's knee several times.

"HOW DOES IT FEEL, BITCH!?" yelled Alyssa to Amber

Alyssa then knelt down on top of Amber and pressed the kendo stick against her neck, returning the favor by choking her.

"I'm going to choke the life out of you. I'm going to end your misery once and for all because people like you are only useful when they're dead!"

The crowd cringed at Alyssa's words as she continued to press the kendo stick against Amber's neck. Kim Adams stepped in when she felt enough was enough and had to forcefully pull Alyssa off of Amber. Amber gasped for air, but Alyssa wasn't as patient as Amber was. She shoved Adams aside and went right back to mounting and choking Amber Ryann! The referee, again, had to pull Alyssa off of her and you could audibly hear Amber gasping for air, desperately trying to get air into her lungs.

Amber began to crawl toward the ring ropes to get to the outside, but Alyssa came right back in and grabbed Amber by the left leg, but Amber rolled to her back and kicked Alyssa away and immediately yelled out in pain, grabbing her knee. Amber rolled to the outside and flopped down onto the floor, clutching her knee the entire time. Alyssa stood and went to go to the outside, but all attention was turned to someone who hopped the barricades...


Foster slid into the ring and quickly charged Alyssa. She grabbed Alyssa by the waist just as she was about to step through the ropes. Foster pulled Alyssa back to towards the center of the ring and spun her around. She delivered a toe kick to the bloodied starlet and lifted her into the Gory Guerrero Special where she converted into the Gory Neckbreaker...


Foster wasted no time rolling to the outside and grabbing Amber Ryann. Foster looked at Amber in disgust as she pulled Amber to her feet. Another toe kick to Amber Ryann. She lifted Amber up and too delivered a Gory Neckbreaker on the floor!


Foster stood back up and walked back around ringside to the time keeper's position where she grabbed a microphone.

"I came to jOlt Wrestling wit tha intent ta get noticed. When I saw dis multi-colored wretch get special treatment when she should have been suspended, I knew dat's who I would use ta get noticed. But now Alyssa Corliss had ta go and piss me off last week by takin dat match into her own hands so I decided on something." said Foster before pausing

"At Death Wish.. I'm gonna take the two of you on in a triple threat match. All eyes are on me right now.. and after Death Wish, all eyes will continue to be on me. Y'all can drink to that"

Foster dropped the microphone and made her intentions clear. She wanted to take out both Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss at the same time! Death Wish just got that much more explosive!

Winner: No Contest

"No Touching"

Earlier tonight, Jon Le Bon handled business with Chris Titan, setting up a Steel Cage Match later tonight, but now, he had other business to tend to.. in the form of the Starlet Championship.

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

Jon Le Bon came out from the back with Raevynn by his side. The two of them walked side by side down to the ring where they entered. Le Bon grabbed a microphone from ringside and brought it to his lips.

"In two weeks, many things will happen. In just a short time from now, Chris Titan will by pummeled and beaten by Michael Donavan making him easy prey for myself come Death Wish where I will PERSONALLY remove the thorn from The Rebellion's side once and for all.."

The people booed

"Also in two weeks, Raevynn was scheduled to face Charlotte for the Starlet Championship, but.. I'm afraid.. that's no longer going to happen for you see... there was a clause stating that they were not to touch each other.. and if they did.. then Charlotte would forfeit the Starlet Championship over to Raevynn and last week, Charlotte BLATANTLY touched Raevynn.. in fact, she knocked her down to the canvas, thus violating that stipulation.. so... Charlotte.. you need to come down here and do something that would have happened in two weeks regardless.. you will give Raevynn the Starlet Championship and we will be on our merry way."

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

Glaring a hole right through the spokesman of the Rebellion, he started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She had no elaborate costume for tonight, opting to wear a simply House hoodie and jeans with the Starlets Title slinging over her shoulder. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring to face Jon Le Bon and Raevynn.


“Sorry, Jonny boy,” Charlotte said with a smile now on her face. “Almost didn't hear ya on account of all these people chantin’ for me. I’ll let them finish.”


Jon Le Bon was getting visibly annoyed while Raevynn took the microphone.

“I am in no mood for games, you stupid tart,” Raevynn said with a finger pointing right at her.

“After two weeks of me standing over your unconscious body, you wanted revenge so you lashed out and blatantly avoided Damien Lee’s edict to you. You might as well hand over that championship over because you are clearly not worthy of wearing it.”

Charlotte ran a finger across the bridge of her nose and turned to face Raevynn now.

“Please, you’re a pasty bitch who only got this title shot because you’re out back giving handys to any member of the Rebellion that wants one!”

Charlotte had the crowd in palm of her hand and she watched the angry Raevynn grip the microphone. The Starlets Champion glanced at Le Bon and laughed.

“You know this is the most royal of screw jobs and just because you control matches of Rebellion members doesn’t mean that you control ME short-shit! That stupid prissy bitch, Winterton shoved me right into old pasty-face here because if I lose this title, then she gets back into title contention. If Raevynn wants this title, she’s going to have to do something she’s not too familiar with … she’ll have to earn it the hard way and actually stay off her back.”

Raevynn was ready to strike her for those cutting comments as the crowd cheered again but Jon Le Bon held out a hand to restrain her.

"I see... you're not a woman of your word. You agreed to the stipulation.. contact happened. You need to give Raevynn the championship and you need to do it.. NOW!" said Le Bon in a threatening manor. All of a sudden...

"No she doesn't"

The voice sounded familiar. Charlotte, Raevynn, and Jon Le Bon turned their attention to the entrance way. Damien Lee had stepped out onto the stage to cheers from the crowd.

"Stay out of this, Lee... this doesn't concern you. As you know.. I have full control over The Rebellion and what you see out here is STRITCTLY Rebellion business!", snarled Le Bon

Lee tapped the microphone on his shoulder and then brought it to his lips.

"Actually... you may have control of The Rebellion, but I have control over the Starlet Championship because that still belongs to jOlt Wrestling and I'm not going to have my champion hand over the title to The Rebellion. Last week, Charlotte was blatantly shoved by Sarah Winterton into Raevynn. Charlotte was not at fault and did not make contact with Raevynn under her own influence.. therefore, I say that doesn't count because it was clearly a setup by you in order to get a free championship rather than earning it in two weeks at Death Wish. You may think you're a mastermind, but I'm not going to let you get away with this one."

Le Bon fired back.

"Regardless of how it happened, contact was made.. and per the stipulation, YOUR champion is now going to be MY champion. Charlotte MUST surrender the Startlet Championship to Raevynn THIS VERY INSTANT AND YOU KNOW IT!" yelled Le Bon in anger.

"No.. as the general manager of jOlt Wrestling, I am saying that MY champion will compete and defend the championship at Death Wish."

"As leader of The Rebellion, I'm saying that YOUR champion violated MY stipulation and must forfeit the championship. There will be no match.. there will be no defense... Raevynn is the new Starlet Champion and Charlotte needs to hand it over IMMEDIATELY!"

Le Bon had stepped up to the ropes by this time as Damien fired back.

"Like hell I'm going to have her hand it over. You can book matches, you can't steal titles ona whim!" said Lee.

"What if you made the stipulation and I refused to abide by it!? Huh!? Where's your integrity? Where's your ability to do what you know is right!? Raevynn, by all intents and purposes, IS the new Starlet Champion. Tell Charlotte to hand over her title.. change the website.. update the title history... it should read Raevynn and you know it! I am SICK and TIRED of you trying to protect your pathetic little roster, Damien. This is one time you can't do that! I AM ORDERING YOU TO ORDER CHARLOTTE TO HAND OVER THE TITLE!"

Damien Lee sighed

"Fine.. Charlotte... hand it over."

Charlotte saw Damien Lee wink at her and Charlotte handed the belt over.... slamming it into Raevynn's face, knocking her down!! Charlotte then bolted out of the ring and up the entrance ramp as the crowd was going nuts! Le Bon was losing his mind!"


Lee laughed

"Technically.. the belt made contact with Raevynn.. not Charlotte. Raevynn can have her in two weeks at Death Wish."

With that, Charlotte and Damien Lee headed for the back as Le Bon was seething mad. Charlotte held up the championship and finally managed to get one over on Raevynn. The Vegas Vixen was clearly ready for her competition, but Raevynn was vicious and would not take this lying down.

"Whodunnit III, The Third One"

The mystery as to who attacked The Heirs of Wrestling continued to intensify over the course of the last several weeks. It all started three weeks ago when Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were both found unconscious after several pieces of piping had fallen on them. Mack Brody had been on the hunt for the culprit for weeks and his battles had taken him through members of the Rebellion. A video played two weeks ago after his match with Seraph showing evidence of The West Texas Terrorists – enemies of the Heirs – cutting the rope. Mack beat down Eli Conway to get answers from Ezra who revealed that he was paid by someone else to do it. It was true. The WTT were more muscle than masterminds so that meant somebody was behind it.

To that end, the camera panned to the parking lot area and raring to go was none other than the man being called the Last Heir Standing… this was the Man Called SuperMack… Mack Brody. The crowd POPPED loudly for the big man pacing around with a “GOOD AS GOLD” shirt and Hugo Boss dress jeans. Don’t let the sharp dressed man fool you; he was ready for a fucking fight. He turned to the camera and focused.

“This message is going out to a special someone…” he started. “You know who you are. Whoever paid some fucking redneck hick bastards to cut a rope that led to my friends… no, MY FAMILY getting injured. I’ve been on the hunt for weeks and to be perfectly frank, I’m sick and tired of this bullshit.”

The nostrils of SuperMack flared as he continued pacing.

“Somebody out there clearly has been with the Heirs of Wrestling… somebody out there wanted us gone and I’ve been pointing the finger at any and everybody for weeks trying to find out who. As much fun as it was nearly BREAKING Eli Conway in half with my bare hands or showing The Rebellion there’s only room for ONE dominant powerhouse at the top of this heap, nobody’s paying me to run around looking like a big, sexy-ass Columbo with boulder-like shoulders and who can get a girl pregnant with a look. Time for a different approach!”

Brody held his hands out as if daring somebody to take him up on his challenge.

“If somebody wants a fight… then I’m right fucking here. I’m done looking for you. If somebody wants try and take me out like you tried to do to Frankie and Ryan, make a move. I fucking dare you.”

The crowd cheered The Bronze Bomber as he started to take off his shirt and toss it aside while the females in the audience started to get even giddier. Brody popped the bones in his neck and was getting ready for whoever wanted to fight.

“Come on, asshole… or assholes. Easy target. I’ll even give you the first shot.”

He continued to pace back and forth with several moments passing. The only sound heard in the background was the passing cars out in the distance just outside the doors to the garage.

He waited a few more seconds…

And a few more…

And finally a door opened off to his right.

And Mack Brody glared at the door.


The man on the other side of that door?


“Me,” the bitter man said.

“You… YOU fucking did this?! WHY?”

Ryan held up his hands defensively. “No, no, no. I don’t know who fuck attacked your dumbass friends, but it wasn’t me.”


“I’m out here for a different reason, Brody. I know that you’ve been palling around with that big German fuck, Pietro Geist. You may not know this on account of your own head being up your ass trying to figure out who attacked your boyfriends, but what you’re looking at is the FUTURE of the Underground Division!”

Brody was almost frothing at the mouth after that comment. “You REALLY don’t want to do this with me, Ryan. Not tonight. Or do you want a repeat of me whomping your ass at Wrestlecade?”

Ryan showed no hesitation as he looked up at SuperMack. “Oh, no, I WANT to do this. You’ve clearly got some pent-up aggression that you want to take out. YOU’RE going to be my message to Pietro Geist that I can beat somebody as big as he is."

Mack said nothing and sneered as Ryan continued to shoot his mouth off.

"I hear that big fucker's late to the show tonight due to a hangnail or travel issues or some shit, but if you want a fight, I can oblige. You and me... UNDERGROUND MATCH! TONIGHT!”

That may have been the first time that Jeremy Ryan saying something actually garnered a large ovation from the crowd. Mack shook his head.

“Done… I don’t care whatever beef you have with Pietro; that’s between you two. But if you approach me talking that shit… I know I just brought that up, but well, YOU were there at WrestleCade.”

Ryan scowled for a moment, looking annoyed at his comment but brushed it off with a scowl. jOlt's Last Real Man brushed it off and left as SuperMack put on his gameface.

Chris Titan vs Michael Donavan

Earlier in the evening, Jon Le Bon was furious over getting attacked by Chris Titan last week and after denying Sebastian Saje the opportunity to fix it tonight, Le Bon appointed Michael Donavan to the task of taking out Chris Titan. This time, though.. it would be inside of a Steel Cage! Jon Le Bon wanted to make sure that Chris Titan couldn't escape and that there was a way for Titan to get softened up before his match with Le Bon at Death Wish.

"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss

Out from the back came Michael Donavan.. alone. None of the other members of The Rebellion were with him which made one wonder if they were standing by somewhere or if Le Bon had complete and total faith in Donavan's abilities. Regardless of why he was out there alone, Donavan made his way to the ring and entered as the cage slowly lowered from the ceiling stopping above the ring with just enough height for another entrant to come in. The crowd knew who it was and all rose to their feet.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

The crowd erupted as Chris Titan stepped out from the backstage area. Titan made his way to the ring with a look and determination. He has been fighting The Rebellion since Breakdown, about six months ago. This war between himself, reVolt, and The Backbone broke down to just him versus The Rebellion as a whole and so far, Titan has been that one thorn in The Rebellion's side that they just can't remove, but aim to do so in two weeks at Death Wish.

Titan slid into the ring and the cage completed its lowering down until it became fastened to the ring apron. Once they were inside, the referee called for the bell




Donavan taunted Titan

"Look around you! There's nowhere to go! No one to save you!"

Titan simply stood there like a statue, but then cracked a smile and told Donavan..

"I wouldn't want it any other way!"

Titan then exploded at Donavan, driving him into a corner, pummeling him with heavy right hands. Titan whipped Donavan across the ring and the former world champion charged in, slamming into Donavan with a corner clothesline. He grabbed Donavan by the hair, pulling him up and throwing him face first into the cage wall! Donavan fell to the canvas as Titan stood over him..

"Look around! There's nowhere to go! No one to save you!"

Titan said Donavan's exact words to him as the crowd cheered him on! Titan pulled Donavan to his feet, but Donavan used a quick poke to the eye to regain the advantage. Titan staggered away as Donavan stepped in and put Titan down with a Big Boot to the face. Phantom then quickly turned his back to Titan and hit a standing moonsault.. something you don't see people who were six feet, ten inches, do!


This was the kind of talent that got Michael Donavan recognized on The Hype and Donavan made a very relaxed cover on Titan..


Titan easily kicked out of it, but the cover was more or less mind games more than anything. It was a way of saying "This is what I can do to you". Donavan pulled Titan back up to his feet and hit him with a knife edge chop across the chest. Titan staggered back towards the corner and Donavan followed him in. He grabbed Titan and whipped him across the ring. Donavan charged in and this time it was Donavan that hit a corner clothesline, dropping Titan down into a seated position. Donavan backed up and got a running start. Donavan flipped and twisted so that his back slammed into Titan's head and chest in the corner. It wasn't exactly a cannonball into the corner, but he still slammed into him hard!

Donavan stood back up and gained some distance.. he charged in and twisted into the corner a second time, slamming his entire body, back first into Titan! Donavan grinned as he grabbed Titan by the leg and pulled him out of the corner. He hooked the leg with his second cover of the match.



Titan kicked out

What was once a one count now became two. Donavan was confident that he was wearing down Titan quite rapidly. No one had quite the agility like Michael Donavan has and being that tall, no one would really expect him to come at you like this. Donavan pulled Titan up and hit him with a headbutt staggering him back. Titan fell to a knee before standing and turning to face Donavan. Donavan kicked Titan in the stomach and hoisted him up onto his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry, but Titan wriggled free and fell behind Donavan. Donavan turned around and Titan leapt up, looking for Titanium, but Donavan caught him! Donavan then charged forward and...


Titan hit the cage and fell between the cage and the ropes where he laid there in pain. Donavan brushed his hair back and grinned as he walked over to the ropes.. reaching over them and pulling Titan up to his feet. Donavan then hit a few shoulder trusts between the ropes, slamming Titan's back into the steel cage wall. Before Titan could collapse, Donavan pulled Titan back into the ring and grabbed him by the neck. He lifted Titan up for a Choke Slam, but fell backwards, Flatliner style..


Donavan then made the cover, hooking the leg..



Titan kicked out and the people cheered!

Titan got on his hands and knees as Donavan stood over Titan, taunting him. Donavan even slapped the back of Titan's head and that only pissed off Titan more. Titan got back to his feet and when Donavan spun him around, Titan flat out kicked Donavan between the legs with a Low Blow. Before Donavan could go down, Titan placed him into a head lock and fell foward..


The headlock driver connected and Titan fought his way back up to his feet. He gritted his teeth and made his way towards the door of the cage. The referee opened it, but Titan stopped in his tracks. He shook his head "no" and turned his attention back to Michael Donavan, much to the delight of the crowd

The outside referee closed the door and relocked it as Titan walked back over to Donavan who was getting to his feet. Titan pulled Donavan up and placed him in a front face lock. he took Donavan over with a Vertical Suplex. Titan then took off to the ropes and came back, hitting a knee drop across his chest! Titan stood and went to the ropes again, hitting a second knee drop into the chest of Michael Donavan. Titan then pulled Donavan to his feet and pointed to each wall of the cage, gaguing the crowd's reaction. The side by the announce tables was the loudest so Titan brought Donavan over and tossed him over the top rope, slamming him back first into the cage wall and causing him to hit the ring apron.

Titan got a running start and then hit a baseball slide drop kick into Donavan, kicking him into the cage wall once again.

Sensing that their partner was in trouble, Jon Le Bon, Sebastian Saje, Seraph, Nate Quartermaine, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood all came out from the backstage area to boos from the crowd. Titan saw them coming as they made their way over to the referee, demanding that he open the door. The referee did so and one by one, The Rebellion walked into the ring and formed a wall between the door and Chris Titan with Jon Le Bon out in front.

Titan quickly pulled Donavan back into the ring and when The Rebellion members took a step forward, Titan used Donavan as a human shield, much like he did with Jon Le Bon last week.. however, the problem is this week, Titan doesn't have the leader of The Rebellion in his hands.. he has someone... well.. expendable. Le Bon ordered the charge and Titan threw Donavan into Jackson Cross, Sebastian Saje and Seraph, collapsing them to the canvas. Titan dropped Nate Quartermain with a right hand and was pummeled by Machida Hood, but Titan headbutted Hood and tossed him aside. Titan bolted for the door as various members got back to their feet, but Le Bon stood in his way.

Titan quickly grabbed Le Bon and switched positions with Titan placing his back to the door. Instead of negotiating, Titan shoved Le Bon back at The Rebellion and exited the ring..


Dean Carrington: The winner of this match via escaping the cage... Chris Titan!

Titan immediately shut the door during the announcement as The Rebellion didn't hesitate to chase him. They were about to step through the door by the time Titan had made his exit. Titan locked the door shut after taking the key drop the referee, all while leaning against the door to keep it from opening.

Once the door was locked, Titan dangled the key in front of The Rebellion and then heaved the key into the audience! Some lucky fan just got a nice souvenier thanks to Chris Titan and with the reaction from the crowd, it was safe to say that the lucky fan wasn't going to let The Rebellion out of the cage.

Chris Titan backed up the entrance ramp, waving his pinky at Le Bon who grasped at the cage wall pissed.

"I've got you at Death Wish, Titan!" yelled Le Bon from the cage. "Two weeks.. that's how much time you have left! TWO WEEKS, TITAN!"

Titan simply grinned as Le Bon's words meant nothing. Titan exited behind the curtain as Le Bon and company stood there a bit embarrassed that eight people couldn't take out one person.

Winner: Chris Titan via Escaping the Cage

"A Challenge to the Clan III"

As iNtense returns from a commercial break, the Arena of Champions is alive with the sounds of "Stinkfist" by Tool. With the music blaring and the crowd cheering loudly, the man called Providence stands alone in the ring. As the music begins to die down, Providence pulls back the hood of his cloak with his left hand and lifts up a microphone with his right.

"For the last couple of weeks, the fans of jOlt wrestling have witnessed a familiar pattern on iNtense." As he paused, Providence looked up and eyed the main camera coldly. "The pattern has been pretty simple.

"I challenge a member of the Inogami Clan to a match...

"A member of the Inogami Clan comes forward to face me and defend not only his brothers but Mr. Inogami himself...

"And finally, I defeat said member of the Inogami Clan in the center of this ring."

A loud cheer erupts from the Providence supporters in the crowd, while the Inogami fans respond with a smattering of boos."

"Tonight on iNtense 109, it's time for the third act of my war with the Inogami Clan. In this very this evening, I challenge..."

The Arena of Champions became unglued as ”Vicarious” by Tool promptly siphoned the amassed lighting at a gradual pace, allotting the streaming vignette to dance across the jOltvision screens. The ongoing acoustic build up before breaching its musical summit. Exit C13 would be the chosen entry point for the strobe lit overcast entrance where the Athletic Freak of Nature would stand before the masses. Swathed in the hues of Pearl & Onyx with Crimson trim, Kenshiro Inogami would soon begin his march en route to the ringside area. Camera 1 would zero in on Providence, who’s jaw shifted slightly as the ninja clan general finally walked off the barricades and stared at the cloaked Asylum Fighting veteran before making his way onto the ring apron. A microphone was handed to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation legend who slowly passed through the ropes as his musical introduction concluded. Neither party flinched as the cheering legions rallied on before Kenshiro would formally offer a rebuttal...

“Why am I not surprised?” The aberrant clan leader opened. “As if this tactic has never been seen before? In this ring, you have a nefarious individual...a literal survivor, forged from the long defunct bastion of the criminally insane and irrefutably violent renown as the Asylum. I have had my brief dealings with your kind years ago...However, I am far more concerned in regards of your public ’musings’ about war...Something you need to strongly consider measuring your words and choices with...”

The crowd continued egging on the combative atmosphere as Providence merely rolled both shoulders with a faint smirk and a subtle snort.

“Granted, you managed to beat Shoji. You even defeated the Mute Mountain Splitter himself, Takeshi yet this is where it all in regards of your ’challenge’, you needn’t look any further for I am your answer...”

As the crowd roared at Kenshiro's words, Providence reacted to them as well, tilting his head back as the smirk turned into a wry smile. The crowd noise slowly began to die down as Providence lifted the microphone back to his own lips.

"Mr. Inogami, I'm pleased to finally see you," he said as he eyed his future opponent. "I suppose our time really is at hand then. Now, I've noticed these last few weeks....and again here seem obsessed with my background in The Asylum. You say you have dealt with my 'kind' before..."

Providence took a step toward Kenshiro before continuing, "Well, I promise you, you have never dealt with ME before. I am not like all those other 'fighters' who ran wild under Joe Campbell's control. I am something much more dangerous...and at Death Wish, you will find that out."

The audience responded in kind to the enigmatic brawler’s proclamation as Kenshiro looked away for a few moments before responding.

“Is that so?” The ninja replied. “Well, let us put that theory to the test...At Death Wish, I propose that you and I personally settle this affair inside The Pitt...”

The jOlt faithful opened with a bloodthirsty cheer as the rarely used structure would be brought into play after months of obscurity.

“Unlike most, I am more than willing to engage my opposition in a setting of their choosing on occasion.” Kenshiro continued. “For you see, I find it far more motivating, empowering even, to meet your opponent in the confines they feel their strengths will benefit them most yet I forewarn you; therein lies a heavy price in your personal crusade against established members of my clan. Especially, if you are an inept student of history...and I shall personally take great pleasure in crushing one of Campbell’s sorely misguided abominations with my own hands...”

The two men eyed each other, unflinching all while the crowd cheered loudly in anticipation of their eventual battle. Seconds passed before finally Providence dropped his microphone and gave Kenshiro a subtle nod, then slowly made his way over to the ropes and climbed out of the ring.

Even as he walked back up the entranceway, Kenshiro's eyes were fixed upon him, following him the entire way until he disappeared to the back.

"Making Myself Crystal Clear"

The scene opened up in The Rebellion locker room. Jon Le Bon was seething beyond the point of frustration. He balled up his fist and slammed it into the wall.


Le Bon was actually trying to get air into his lungs, he was so angry. Michael Donavan walked up to Le Bon to try and comfort him.

"What happened tonight is something that won't happen again. I know that at Death Wish, you will personally deal with Titan.. however.. you're not the only one he embarrassed tonight. He embarrassed all of us and while, yes, he did start to get the upper hand.. I assue you.. I had plenty left to finish him off. In fact, I'd be more than willing to seek him out here tonight and finish the job." said Donavan.

Sebastian Saje then stepped up as Raevynn clung to his arm.

"No... I think WE should all go finish the job. As you said, Mike... he embarrassed us all. I think we all owe Chris Titan a bit of revenge."

The other members of The Rebellion agreed but Le Bon gritted his teeth.

"No..." Le Bon muttered. "At Death Wish.. I will finish it for all of us. I don't want any of you interfering in my match. I am going out there alone and I will risk everything.. every fiber of my being.. every shred of my existence to eliminate Chris Titan or I will die in the middle of that ring trying. I will give you all a guarantee that after Death Wish.. Chris Titan will be nothing more than a memory and we can finally move on to bigger and better things."

"Well that's all fine and everything, but do you really want to face Chris Titan at a hundred percent?" asked Nate Quartermaine. "I think it would be better if we..."

"I SAID NO!" yelled Le Bon. "I don't care if Chris Titan is ten percent.. twenty percent.. a hundred percent or a percentage improbably by all math standards. It won't matter because at Death Wish, I will break him down to 0% and keep him there permanently. From this point forward.. Chris Titan is mine and mine alone. Are we clear?"

There we no response from The Rebellion members.

"I SAID.. ARE WE CLEAR!?" yelled Le Bon

There were mumblings amongst The Rebellion members, but the general concensus was that Le Bon was not to be questioned at this point.


Le Bon walked away. The members of The Rebellion looked at each other.. some, perhaps with doubt, others with confidence in Le Bon's abilities. Either way, Jon Le Bon had made it crystal clear that at Death Wish, Chris Titan could be in for the fight of his life.

Mack Brody vs Jeremy Ryan

Underground Rules was the name of the game for the next match. In a rematch of a bitter feud from Wrestlecade pitting one man’s quest to prove himself against another’s quest to destroy all that got in his way, the man looking to prove himself wanted it more and walked away with the duke. But now, Mack Brody was in a different place mentally having been on the hunt for somebody with a clear vendetta against he and the Heirs of Wrestling. Jeremy Ryan was the #1 Contender to Pietro Geist’s

Underground Championship and wanted a fight to prove that Ryan could beat a big man in the very type of match he’d be wrestling in the main event of Death Wish.

Ryan versus Brody II: This Time… It’s Underground.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this match will be contested with UNDERGROUND RULES!” Dean Carrington yelled.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

“Making his way to the ring, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… he is the #1 Contender to the jOlt Underground Championship… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and what he did. He was a cutthroat bastard through and through and possible Geist’s biggest challenge since winning the belt. He climbed into the ring and waited for his opponent to enter the ring. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee with his Real Man Bloody Knuckles logo. Ryan stalked the ring waiting for his opponent.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a frenetic pace.

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!”

Brody was coming to the ring just as he was in the parking lot earlier… shirtless, nice jeans that were probably going to be torn or tattered due to the violent nature of these matches and a pissed-off demeanor… they were waiting…



Ryan came right at Mack Brody with a flurry of punches right there in the aisle! He actually caught Brody off-guard with more shots on the aisleway, but Brody fought back and caught Jolt’s Last Real Man in the breadbasket with a knee that had some stank on it! He tossed him HARD into the nearby barricade, actually knocking it back several feet from the sheer impact!

“REAL MAN, MY ASS!” Brody shouted.

The crowd cheered as Brody high-fived a couple of people in the audience and then took a plastic beer cup from a fan at ringside. The chubby man in the Orlando Magic jersey looked pretty pissed, so Brody made amends by reaching into his pocket and pulled out a twenty and handed it to the guy.

“Thanks, dude!”

The fat man waved the twenty to cheers from the crowd as SuperMack took a swill of the drink. Ryan was trying to pick himself up off the ground only to get a mouthful of beer spit right into his face! jOlt’s Last Real Man backed off and tried to get some distance away from the pissed-off big man as he staggered around ringside trying to get the booze from his eyes. He did his best to try and get away only for Mack to palm him by the back of the head so he could bring him to one side of the announce table…


The sound of skull bouncing off the announce table was loud that the first few rows of blood-thirsty fans could hear such a thing. He was hurt now and Ryan almost started to swing blindly at whatever moved, but Mack dodged a couple of shots so he could fire back with a right hand that sent him staggering. Brody picked jOlt’s Last Real Man up by the back of his head and PRESSED him over his head! Ryan was two-fifty, but Mack made that shit look easy as threw him in between the ropes and put him INSIDE the ring!

Brody walked up the steps and tried to make it into the ring, but the crowd booed as they watched Jeremy Ryan roll all the way across the canvas only to exit to the other side of the floor. The crowd was all over Ryan’s shit, but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t going to give them any favors. He reached underneath the ring to go for a weapon early, but felt a hand palm the back of his head again. SuperMack tried to pull jOlt’s Last Real Man back up again…


A NASTY shot, courtesy of a Singapore Cane, caught Brody in the side of his face and left a nasty gash! The shot was enough to send The Bronze Bomber staggering back a few steps and that gave Ryan his opening. He tapped the cane on the ground like a bat and prepared to go for a home run swing… MISSED!

Brody ducked the shot and before he could turn around, SuperMack BLASTED him with a monstrous Clubbing Forearm that rocked the Maine native. The Philly Powerhouse came back with two more shots and tried for a third, but Ryan went low and caught him in the knee with a stiff kick that was enough to shake the tree trunk-like limb of Brody. Ryan gritted his teeth and landed two Uppercuts followed by a STIFF Headbutt right to the face!

“Fight back, faggot!”

Mack was hurt and Ryan doubled him over to fire an upward series of knees right to the face to stun him some more before he rushed to the ropes…


An even STIFFER shot courtesy of a near knockout blow caught Ryan in the jaw! Ryan fell backwards and Mack ducked over to go for the first cover of the match!



Ryan kicked the shoulder up off the mat, but Mack Brody was still very much alive. He took Jeremy by the hair and threw him outside of the ring looking to dole out some more damage. Ryan was still looking a little punch-drunk after the nasty shot from Brody and SuperMack was ready to fire back. He waited patiently on the ring apron waiting for Ryan to stand. When he did, he ultimately regretted it when he at a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE OFF THE APRON!

Ryan went down and the fans started to cheer some more as Brody stood up and let out a raucous howl that was reciprocated by thousands of Orlando fans. Brody crawled over and tried going for a cover on the ringside floor.




Ryan kicked out a second time! His toughness was never under dispute, but his attitude left a whole hell of a lot to be desired. Jeremy Ryan continued to get yanked up by the arm by Brody when Ryan sprang to life and clawed him in the eye! Mack was stunned again and when Jeremy grabbed him by the head..


A harder thud than before, this one was Jeremy Ryan slamming the side of Mack Brody’s face right into the nearby steel steps. The small gash that was left on Brody’s face from the cane shot earlier was even more red now as the big man teetered backwards. Ryan slugged it out with him again and he looked to whip him into the steps, but Brody stood in place, planting his feet in the ground. Ryan tried again, but…


That sound was Ryan getting picked up in the Fallaway Slam position and getting LAUNCHED into the barricade for the second time since the match began! The crowd winced from the impact and though Brody was a little hurt from throwing himself on the ground, Ryan got the worst of all of it.


After taking a quick breather, Brody was able to get himself back to his feet and collected some more weapons from underneath the ring. Mack tossed a trash can inside the ring and followed that up with a pair of steel chairs and looked mighty proud of himself. If the person behind Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway’s accident didn’t want to show their face, he was happy taking out his frustrations on Jeremy Ryan.

Speaking of, Ryan was now getting forced up to his feet and got himself tossed into the ring now and Brody followed right after him. Ryan was still licking his wounds from being thrown into the barricade a short time ago and now Mack was propping one of the chairs up in the corner looking to use it as a weapon. SuperMack turned around…





No, Jeremy Ryan was not imitating Bam-Bam Rubble from the Flintstones, but he had the trash can in hand so he smashed that sumbitch upside the skull of Mack Brody. The impact was enough to bring the big man down to his knees and that allowed Ryan the opening he needed to rush off the ropes and connect with a Running Knee Smash to the face! Brody was nearly knocked out from the shot and now jOlt’s Last Real Man went for the cover!




A massive shoulder went up and that only seemed to set off jOlt’s Last Real Man. He climbed on top of Brody and landed a series of hard rights to the temple to wear him down some more before he stood up and picked up the unused chair. Mack rolled over onto his stomach and tried to stand up only to get WHACKED across the back with it! SuperMack arched his back in pain and winced when Ryan brought it down across his massive back a second time!

The chair was slightly bent from the impact and Ryan let it fall off to the side so he could do something else. Jeremy slid out of the ring and did some digging before pulling out… the TABLE!

The weapon of choice for all lovers of wood started a big cheer from the crowd, but Ryan shut them out completely. He took the table and slid it inside the ring before climbing back inside. Ryan stepped over Brody and delivered a few more stomps just to wear down the big man some more. He then set up the table up on his own and put it there so he could dole out some more damage.

“Get up!” Ryan screamed.

He planted more elbows into Brody’s face and tried whipping him across the ring, but Brody put the brakes on again and tried to toss him… NO! Ryan caught his footing and stopped himself short of taking a spill through the table, but Brody grabbed him by the head and put him back in the corner. He charged at Ryan only to eat a knee to the babymaker!

The great equalizer in wrestling was perfectly cromulent (it’s a word, go ask the Simpsons) in the confines of an Underground Rules match and the blow was enough to save Ryan from certain harm. Brody tumbled to his side and that gave Ryan the opening to charge over and connected with a STIFF Sliding Lariat!

With Mack down now, Ryan had himself another opening as he slithered underneath the ropes again to get yet another fun weapon. Ryan dug around underneath the ring and pulled out a giant wrench that was normally used to screw together some of the ring cabling. Jeremy tapped it against the ringpost and cackled to himself. One good shot would stop this musclebound fuck in his tracks, he thought.

jOlt’s Last Real Man headed back in the ring while Mack Brody was trying to get back up again. He was about ready to swing…


The Singapore Cane was enough to double Ryan over and made him drop the wrench! He was hurt now and Ryan was doubled over when Mack rose to his full height and BROKE the cane over his back with a vicious downward swing! It snapped in two like a toothpick and now Ryan was in a very painful position as Brody rose to his feet and howled for the crowd!


Ryan was hurt now when he went for a few more shots to the doubled over Ryan and tossed him over the ropes before holding him in place. Mack ripped the shirt right off of Jeremy Ryan’s back and held him in place as the crowd started to count.


SuperMack flexed his arm…



Ryan was in a complete daze now as Mack took him by the arm and tossed him into the corner before ENGULFING him with a nasty Running Corner Splash to the chest! Jeremy was doubled over when Mack hoisted him up…


The Sitout Argentina Backbreaker RATTLED Jeremy Ryan’s spine and that’s when SuperMack crawled over to hook the far leg of Ryan.




The one-two combination of big moves was almost enough to take down jOlt’s Last Real Man, but he still kicked out to the surprise of both the crowd and to Mack Brody. The Last Heir Standing rolled over and forced him back to his feet before pointing to the table that Ryan had set up earlier. Brody sported a big grin on his face now as he picked up Ryan. He exerted a little effort before trying to finish him off for good…


Ryan slipped out the back and landed right behind Brody. The Bronze Bomber turned, but Ryan grabbed him by the head and SPIKED him head first into the chair that Brody had propped up in the corner earlier! The shot rattled Mack’s brains when Ryan wrapped both hands around the waist…


The impact nearly SHOOK the ring and Mack was dumped on his head in a very bad way! Ryan was giddy as he rolled over now and threw his body weight onto SuperMack trying to score a huge win heading into Death Wish.




Brody POPPED his shoulder up off the canvas right before the three-count and now it was Ryan’s turn to be PISSED!


Ian Nguyen shook his head and watched as jOlt’s Last Real Man went at Mack Brody with a pair of hard alternating palm strikes to the face. He fired off a Backfist and then reared back for a big shot to the face only for Mack to get back up and deliver a thunderous double sledge to the chest…

Mack kicked him low again and he was going for the Midas Touch Powebomb… this was it…


A small whistle could be heard whispering over the speakers and Brody snapped his head up to static on the tron. The screen flickered to life as Brody let Ryan fall to face the tron. Mack glanced upwards and a brief message blinked across the screen…

heard your challenge.

i accept.

death wish.

It was almost displayed in a blink-and-you’ll-miss it fashion, but there it was. Brody turned his attention back to Jeremy Ryan…


Ryan took the end of the weapon and jabbed it upwards into Mack Brody’s throat, cutting him off before he could do anything more! Ryan tossed it aside and let out a beastly roar of his owN…


The table FINALLY came into play and now Ryan had SPEARED him right through it! A shower of splinters flew everywhere from the explosive force and now Ryan dragged him out from the wreackage in order to go for the cover.





Jeremy Ryan had done it and pulled out a HUGE win tonight! Despite any extenuating circumstances, jOlt’s Last Real Man had not only avenged his Wrestlecade loss to Mack Brody, but he proved that he could survive and even win an Underground match!


Ian Nguyen sighed and now the referee raised Ryan’s hand in the air showing that tonight he was the winner.


The voice belonged to that of Pietro Geist’s manager, Lorelei Albrecht! Mack Brody had made friend with Pietro Geist and thought he was late to the show tonight, Lorelei was here and tried to check on Mack as he barely moved in the wreckage.

“Mack! Get up!”

She turned her head to Jeremy Ryan.


The defiant Lorelai approached jOlt’s Last Real Man and came face to face.

“Shou don’t know vat you’re in for… Pietro VILL end shou…”

Mack Brody was still unmoving in the wreckage, but the tough and lovely Ms. Albrecht showed no fear of jOlt’s Last Real Man. Ryan had a wide grin on his face.

“Please, I’m going to humble that big fucker at Death Wish… then maybe you can get with a REAL MAN…”


It was more palm strike-esque, but it was a GOOD shot by Lorelai, nearly slapping the taste out of Jeremy Ryan’s mouth. jOlt’s Last Real Man was taken aback by the shot and rubbed the side of his now burning cheek before snapping his head back…



A large hush washed over the crowd in that moment… he just did the unthinkable… he had just SPIKED Lorelei Albrecht into the canvas…


Ryan kneeled over and glanced down…

“That’s my last message to your big FUCK of a boyfriend! Tell him his belt is…”

The crowd started to ROAR! The curtains had parted and finally making an appearance tonight was The Underground Champion Pietro Geist! The beast had been rumored to have been caught up in some kind of travel issues, but here he was now, just moments too late…

Ryan RUSHED out of the ring and headed through the crowd in an absolute hurry. There was NO fucking way that he wanted any part of Pietro Geist tonight! Brody was hurt and just came around to see in absolute horror of what just happened. Geist glanced down at the unconscious Lorelei and Ian Nguyen waved for a bevvy of trainers to come down to the ring.

Not only had Jeremy Ryan sent a powerful message…

He may have just signed his own death warrant.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"The Time Draws Near"

Alone in one of the locker rooms, Providence finished putting on a shirt as he was getting dressed for his exit from the arena. After running a hand back through his hair, he walked over to where his bag sat on one of the chairs and looked down.

Reaching in, he rummaged through the bag for a moment, obviously in search of something. His hands began to move faster as he continued searching until finally he stopped and took a deep breath. His right arm pulled out a small black case...a case that Providence seemed to eye cautiously.

"You don't need that for your clarity any longer. You have me now. I give you all the purpose and enlightenment that you need. All of them will fall at our feet."

Providence closed his eyes for a moment as the voice spoke to him. Letting out another deep breath, he placed the case back in the bag and took a seat in a second chair nearby. Leaning his head to the right against his fist, he thought back to earlier in the night when he and Kenshiro Inogami had met in the ring to set their match for Death Wish.

The time was set for his chance at the legendary Ninja K. Perhaps sooner than he had expected, but he was happy for the moment to arrive. That meant everything would be in motion soon.

"I trust you to begin the mission on your own for now. Your strength will be critical in this time. You must pave the way for it all to begin. How you do so will be your choosing. You know what destiny awaits us."

Providence nodded his head. He certainly did know the stakes and the purpose ahead. He had chosen the Inogami Clan personally for this time, knowing their importance and the history there. He knew it was a bold move, especially as a lone competitor.

But he had a destiny to reach. A destiny that no man would keep from him.

"gOlden bOy Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt arena begins to buzz with fervent anticipation of the next segment; it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational featuring the dual Relentless and gOlden bOy champion, Diamond Jewelz!! Which one of the prized pieces of his custom jewelry will Diamond Jewelz be putting on the line tonight. What rules will jOlt officials have to recognize tonight? Will Jewelz even accept the challenge? For the first time in the history of the gOlden bOy Challenge last week, Diamond denied a challenger the oppurtunity at his gold; DJ deemed the challenging Rainbow Serpent unworthy, and employed Cross the Hood to test the young superstar, before he would even think of allowing him to challenge for one of his titles! Well, the young superstar passed the test, so what will Mr. Relentless do if the Rainbow Serpent comes demanding that his passing grade be recognized? We’ll just have to wait and see

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants trade places find their way in between the raucous cheers of Jewelz’s customer

The chanting is a steady current, back and forth between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; this week the ring apron is pure gold with the gOlden bOy Invitational logo on it; the turnbuckles match the aprons this week with gold, gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine into the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Real niggaz stand up.. It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“It’s now time to see not only the finest champion currently in this professional wrastlin; organization, but the greatest Relentless Champion in all of jOlt History….” O.G. declares..

“ He is “The Jeweler”... “He is “Mr. Twinkle and Glisten”... He is your gOlden bOy champion. He is your RELENTLESS CHAMPION… He is the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions… He is the gOlden bOy himself… Mr. Relentless….. Diamond… Jewelz..

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the “100% pure goldr” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges; He wears unique new ensemble this iNtense; black boots, black tights, all with gOld lettering and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title on his left shoulder and his newly customized Relentless Title on his right shoulder! Ruby Rocks follows behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain, posing to compliment her man’s display of machismo and bravado. After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the blinging, arrogant grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G. Diamond holds up the mic to his face grinning devilishly as the crowd is split, not 50/50 anymore, because the cheers are starting to overpower the boos.

“.You know what time it is… It’s time for me to Shine on these niggas ONCE AGAIN, and issue a challenge..”

“You ducked Serpent” Clap 5X, “You ducked Serpent” Clap 5x, “You ducked Serpent” Clap 5x, The crowd roars mightly.

Jewelz jovial mood is ruined by the crowds chanting for the Rainbow Serpent. Jewelz sneers but then recomposes himself, mustering a half blinging smile

“Yeah I hear you.. And let me adress that... Last week… For the first time in gOlden bOy invitational history, I turned away an opponent!!”

The crowd boos heavily. Jewelz can no longer hold back, he clinches his teeth, evoking speckles of light shining from his platinum and diamond grill.

“Hatin ass motherfuckers… All my customers know… They know that Jewelz is a fighting champion..” Jewelz grins widely, evoking twinkles and glistens of all kinds.

Customer is Jewelz’s nickname for his fans. Jewelz is confident that his loyal contingent of followers understand his move last week.

“The only people that don’t understand is you lame’s out there booing me..”

The crowd hisses back mightily at the jab by Jewelz, but Jewelz’s Customers cheer loudly.

“Listen.. The Rainbow Coalition hasn’t done a damn thing in his time here, and he just expects to come out here and challenge me, Mrrrrrrrrrrrr. Relentlesssss.”

Jewelz grins widely, in admiration of his newly adopted monkier.

“To a title shot… Life don’t work that way… You just don’t walk into the finest orginization in pro-wrestling, and challenge its’ finest champion and get what he had to claw, and scratch and pay his dues to earn!”

The crowd continues to boo.. Jewelz shakes his finger and head simultaneously in a no motion.

“No.. No.. No.. If the Rainbow Circle wants a shot at one of these, boys” Jewelz admires the craftsmanship of each one of his titles. “He’s gonna have to earn it, and when I feel the rookie has, I’ll fight him… But he hasn’t done that yet… So let me get on with my usual routine. Any of you superstars in the back who thinks himself worthy: There’s an open challenge for either one of my belts.. Take it or leave it.. Makes me no difference .”

Jewelz drops the mic and retreats to his corner.

“Down River” by Wilcannia Mob.

POPS! Rainbow Serpent emerges from the backstage area and drops down to one knee. He is dressed to fight. He dances a hand through the air, like it were a snake, before striking it with two fingers shaped into fangs. He bounces to his feet and dances a few beats in a traditional manner, completely enjoying his opportunity to just let this hang over Diamond Jewelz. He stops and holds out a hand and a tech scurries across the stage to hand him a microphone.

“There’s Rainbow Serpent. Last week, on iNtense, he defied the odds against him in the form of Cross the Hood and here he stands tonight with the intent of accepting Diamond Jewelz’ challenge AGAIN!” Burhman announced.

Powers clucked his tongue. “Wasn’t this rookie listening? Jewelz ain’t gonna give this greenhorn a shot at his glory. He’s not on his level”

Mr. Relentless is furious. His lips are clenched tightly together sometimes separating to reveal gritted bling. Jewelz mouths words. “I can’t believe this.. I told this motherfucker..” is all that can be gathered amongst other words.

Serpent made a kill the music gesture and it dropped out, being replaced by the sound of the fans cheering loudly. He brought his mic to his lips.

“DJ, cuz, last week you laid down the gauntlet for the Rainbow Serpent to fight in order to get a shot at that Relentless Title, hey?”

He slowly stepped toward the ring.

“You sent Cross the Hood down to take me out, mate, but it didn’t go to plan, did it? You didn’t expect this kid here to lay them out and escape with the victory, hey? You figured your belt was safe as houses.”

Serpent raised his free hand and waggled his finger, now, half-way down the ramp.

“See, cuz, you underestimated my spirit. And like I told ya, I got HEAPS of spirit, bro. I got my people at my back pushin’ me forward, cuz, and no matter how many of your little pets you put in front’f me I’ll keep comin’, hey?”

The fans cheered as the rookie made his way up the steps and across the apron, pausing to continue to speak.

“So, DJ, have you got the crown jewelZZZZZ to put that belt on the line or does being Mr. Relentless mean you’re relentlessly looking at ways some new kid on the block doesn’t make you look like a fool?”

Rainbow Serpent stepped th, steps foward, both titles resting on both shoulders, and stands tall against the rookie The fans were being worked into a frenzy from the kid’s bravado and they stared down for a moment.

“You again.. Lil nuts.. First of all, I aint your cuz Steve Irwin... Didn’t I tell you that your scrotum had to drop before you ever could step foot in a ring with me again? If you can’t tell, I can… Your nuts is still too little to go toe to toe with a King Cobra Like me…” Mr. Relentless snipes.

“And for your information Garden Snake.. I do have the crown jewelz to face you because I got all the finest diamonds and jewels on the west coast bitch...Stop by Segalowich’s Jewelers and check them out. Everything I’m wearing tonight, came from there..”

Mr. Relentless gives a cheap blinging grin into the camera after his cheap shill, holding one of his many chains up…

“But regardless of that, none of this gold is going to your sorry ass tonight… I decline your challenge again lil nuts..”

The crowd boos RELENTLESSLY at the fact that 2 weeks in a row, Mr. Relentless has refused to compete in the ring so that all his customers that love him and his haters who love love to hate him might get their fill of the spectacle from Sin City; although the crowd is always divided concerning Jewelz. Customers and haters alike are equally displeased with this, and are unified in boos! Isn’t the customer always right? DJ can’t let his fans walk away displeased for 2 weeks in a row, could he… DJ then drops the mic and walks out the ring. His body half out of the ropes, he stops and re-enters.

“Aight.. Aight.. I give in.. I got one last challenge for you..” DJ’s customers erupt.

“What it is DJ.. What it is… I knew you had something up your sleeve.. HAHAHA” O.G blurts out on the outside bursting out in a boastful laugh of confidence!

“I’m about to tell him O.G…. Here it is.. If you can beat my guy tonight in under three minutes.. You get a shot at your choice of my straps at the PPV… If not…. You’ll face The Goons in a handicap match and if you can dispose of them, then you’ll get a shot at your choice of my straps…” Once again boos fill the arena. Jewelz has two titles and has let his customers and haters alike down twice now tonight. Despite his tease, he still will not be competing.

“He’s a real O.G.”

“He is!!! O.G. responds.. I know I’mma like him.. I’mma O.G. to HAHAHHA”

“He’s O.G. Simpson,” The crowd is silent in shock at first, but then erupts at the pleasure of seeing the scrawny, elderly, O.G. take on the young, athletic up and coming rookie, the Rainbow Serpent; their displeasure at being robbed of seeing Jewelz compete is replaced with exhiliration at the prospect of seeing the in ring debut of the gOlden bOy promotions announcer.

O.G’s face drops into the floor. O.G. immediately goes into the ring. Panic and fury are all over his face. The more O.G. squrims, and panics. the more the crowd enjoys it.

“DJ.. You gonna play me like this?? I ain’t even got no gear!” Simpson screams..As his glistening jerry curled locks fling back and forth everywhere.

“Calm down… I got some gear for you in the back” DJ says as he massages O.G’s shoulders. “This nigga ain’t shit my nigga.. You got this homie.. It’s three minutes, and then The Goons come to the rescue..”

“DJ.. Quit playing… I ain’t no wrastler… What the fuck” O.G. eyes are laced with fear. He looks as if he’s about to tear up. “I’m nervous my nigga.. I ain’t even had no time to warm up… I’m a G but shit.. Let a nigga stretch first.”

“I’mma give you time to stretch...You got this… You motherfucking O.G Simpson… Handle this shit like an O.G... Do this for the team… This shit is for the team… I’m trying to show everyone how worthless this motherfucker really is.”

Rainbow Serpent vs O.G.

We return to see O.G., anemically scrawny, and a senior, walking down to the ring in a hilarious slightly baggy golden wrestling singlet. The crowd is buzzing with laughter and enjoyment as Jewelz is convinced that the wrestling prowess of the Rainbow Serpent is pitiful enough that he won’t be able to dispatch of the scrawny O.G. in less than three minutes; O.G., like the original gangster he is, shows no fear in his face, but, as he grabs the rope to enter the ring, his shaking hands reveal his nervousness. Or maybe it’s the Parkinsons from his old age setting in.

Serpent watched Jewelz and Ruby exit the ring, leaving him standing face-to-face with the mean-mugging, but jittery O.G. Getting up in the rookie’s face, O.G. gave him a mouthful of his opinion as he tried to pump himself up, shouting inches away from him. Serpent turned to look at the fans, then O.G. struck with a forearm. Then another. He took him by the arm and whipped him across the ring, into the ropes and was dropped with an awkward looking running shoulderblock.

O.G. dusted his shoulder off, as his confidence began to pique before dropping down with a hard elbow into the kid’s face. The crowd is left silently aghast at O.G’s strong showing against the rookie. The clock is steadily ticking down. It’s at 2 mins and 30 secs now. Jewelz is emotionless except for a blinging grin here and there at O.G’s show of courage and prowess inside the ring. The CEO of gOlden bOy promotions is pleased with his employee; he’s showing the world why The Rainbow Serpent isn’t worthy of stepping in the ring with Mr. Relentless. O.G. bounced to his feet and dropped another elbow into his face. He bounced to his feet again and pointed at DJ before dropping a stiff knee right into the face of Rainbow Serpent, and remained there with his knee in the throat of the rookie as the referee began a five count. If things weren’t looking bleak already for the rookie talent, Them M’fn Goons, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel make their way down to the ring to a heaping plateful of boos of the jOlt arena. With gOlden bOy rules in effect, the odds are really stacked against the youngster now

When O.G. stepped off, Serpent rolled onto his belly, clutching his throat. He got up on hands and knees, coughing and spluttering as O.G. hit the ropes and delivered a stiff basement dropkick into the side of his head. The impact sent Serpent rolling under the bottom rope. There are 1:50 secs left for Rainbow to beat O.G before the Goons are activated.

Them M’fn Goons made their way over to the prone body of the Rainbow Serpent and laid a couple of boots into the rookie before helping him back into the ring. O.G.’s confidence was growing by the second and he pulled Serpent to his feet and man-handled him into a corner.

DJ’s Right Hand Man began wailing punches away on the rookie before he whipped him across the ring into the far corner. He charged, hot on Serpent’s heels, leaping with a splash only to be met by the boots of Rainbow Serpent on the chin. O.G. went down like the proverbial sack of shit as Serpent pulled himself to the second rope and leapt with a somersault legdrop onto the chest of O.G., remaining seated across his chest and grabbing a leg, hooking it for a pinfall.




The fans sighed in unison as the referee showed two fingers to the Australian, who ignored them and got back to work, pulling O.G. up knowing that time was ticking. He was already 2 minutes into the proceedings. Gully and Samuel are salivating on the outside.

He climbed up onto the top rope and waited for O.G. to find his feet. The gOlden bOy promotions announcer slowly rose, wonky in the centre of the ring. On the outside of the ring, Jewelz seemed to hit panic mode and quickly scrambled over to the ring techs searching for a microphone.

Rainbow Serpent launched into the air, hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown and transforming it into a single arm DDT. But it didn’t end there… O.G. was trapped into a Fujiwara armbar and the manager began screaming for mercy as the rookie hauled on the joint.


“Goons… O.G. done… Get that motherfucker… “ Mr. Relentless commands Gully and Samuel over the mic. Serpents 3 minutes to take the easy road to a shot at Jewelz’s belts is up.. If The Rainbow Serpent wants to challenge for Mr. Relentless’ gold, he’ll have to go through The Goons in addition to O.G.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Rainbow Serpent vs Them M'Fn Goons & O.G. Simpson

Latrell Samuel immediately slid into the ring, onto his knees, nailing Serpent with a double axe-handle over the crown of his head. The hold was broken and O.G. rolled to the outside, arm in agony. Straightgully climbed onto the apron and through the ropes as Samuel pulled Rainbow Serpent up and nailed him with a big right hand. The rookie stumbled over to Straightgully who rocked him with an enormous right that laid him out on the canvas.

Straightgully lifted Serpent to his feet with a handful of mask, driving a knee into his breadbasket to double him over before putting him into a standing headscissors. He hoisted the kid up in a powerbomb position as Latrell Samuel came bounding off the ropes, launching into the air; the duo nailed Rainbow Serpent with a spiked powerbomb-come-double knee backbreaker.

The fans gasped in horror before switching to boos. Diamond Jewelz laughed and pointed as the kid lay broken broken. Samuel stood, dusting his hands off and pounding fists with Khalil before dropping over the rookie with a weak cover.





The fans cheered loudly as Samuel’s eyes widened in shock. Jewelz is furious. He was sure that was the end if the Serpent. Straightgully looked extra pissed off. He grabbed the kid by an ankle and lifted it up into the air, twisting him over and driving his knee into the canvas. He did it again. And again. Serpent looked like a ragdoll in his clutches, giving away nearly one hundred pounds to the monster.

“I told you Lil Nuts.. If you can’t beat my employees, you’re no match for me either.. I’m the King Cobra bitch!!” Jewelz goads the rookie from the outside.. Jewelz is making an example out of the Serpent through his hired hands to show him he’s out of their league. Samuel pulled the discarded rookie to his feet and Irish whipped him into the corner. Straightgully took his partner by the hand and whipped him in after him. Samuel leapt into the air and nailed the kid with a leaping knee into the corner. Rainbow Serpent dropped into the corner where Samuel proceeded to try and stomp a mudhole into his forehead.

“This kid oughta learn when enough is enough, Mike,” Powers informed his colleague. “I’m already sick of watching this kid pounded like meat punching bag.”

“Rainbow Serpent has spirit! He has the backing of his people pushing him forward and he’s is NOT going to lie down without a fight,” Buhrman retorted.

“Or a bodybag?” Powers added.

Straightgully pulled Rainbow Serpent out of the corner and into a front facelock. He lifted him up as if going for a vertical suplex but laid the rookie keeping the facelock applied. Latrell went high, looking out at the booing fans before making a snapping gesture. He turned around and flipped off the top with a moonsault right down onto the back of Rainbow Serpent, driving him into a crumpled heap on the canvas.

He rolled the kid over onto his back and this time covered without hooking the leg, but pressed his shoulders firm into the canvas.





The fans were getting louder and louder as the rookie seemed to survive. And the term is used loosely, as Serpent appeared to be barely moving at all. No motion to get up, just laid there with his foot on the rope trying to breath.

Samuel punched the canvas in frustration as Straightgully shoved three fingers into the referee’s face. He shoved the referee out of his way and grabbed Rainbow Serpent by the head, putting him into a standing headscissors again. Samuel made gestures suggesting that things were all over.

Khalil Straightgully lifted him into position for a devastating powerbomb but Rainbow Serpent freed his arms, gripped his thighs tight around Straightgully’s head and delivered a headscissors takedown that sent near three-hundred pounds of man through the ropes to the outside.

Serpent bounced to his feet, Hulking up as the fans cheered loudly. Latrell Samuel charged with a clothesline but the kid ducked beneath it, hitting the ropes on the other side as Samuel hit the ropes on the other. Serpent rebounded, leapt and nailed a calf-kick on Latrell Samuel in the centre of the ring. Both men popped up to their feet but Serpent caught Samuel by surprise with a stiff forearm to the face. Jewelz holds his head in shock and panic on the outside. O.G sits by him in a folding chair attempting to collect himself.

Delivering three more quick forearms, Samuel was dazed in the ring. Serpent raised a hand above his head with the fingers shaped into fangs and spun around, striking Samuel in the throat with those fangs and causing the Goon to drop to his knees, gasping for air.


A movement in Serpent’s peripheral vision caught his attention. Straightgully was on his feet. Rainbow Serpent charged toward him, diving through the ropes and latching on with a tornado DDT to a huge pop from the locals!


He burst to his feet, beating his chest like Tarzan when—


Diamond Jewelz blasted through with the Busaiku kick, near taking Serpent’s head clean off. The referee had been tending to Latrell Samuel and missed the whole thing and by the time he’d turned, Jewelz had left the scene of the crime; but what would it matter?? It’s gOlden bOy rules anyways! Khalil Straightgully was nursing the crown of his head on the outside as O.G., still a legal combatant, was stomping away on the destined foe for Diamond Jewelz.

Finally on his feet, Samuel urged Straightgully and O.G. to send the rookie back into the ring. After a stiff knee from Khalil, Serpent was rolled under the bottom rope into the ring. Samuel heaved him to his feet, waiting for his partners to join him. Once his tag partner entered the ring, Samuel whipped Serpent into the ropes and Straightgully caught him in a ura-nage, lifted him and drove him into the canvas.


Serpent was laid out flat on his back. O.G. shoved Latrell Samuel and pointed to the top rope. The fans gave a mixed reaction, half not wanting to see more injury to the rookie, the other half of them wanting to see the impressive 450 splash.

Samuel climbed and pulled himself up onto the top rope, staring down at the fallen Serpent. He made a toppling gesture with his hands, indicating the motion for the splash. The he launched!



Serpent, seconds before the point of impact, lifted his knees! The sternum of the high-flying goon landed down on those bended knees driving all the wind out of Samuel’s lungs.

Rainbow Serpent burst to his feet, only to be caught by Straightgully to whip him into the ropes at a great speed. The kid rebounded, somersaulted across the canvas and used the momentum to spring up with a jawbreaker!


The fans cheered as Rainbow Serpent took down the big Straightgully with the devastation to his chin. O.G. looked at the carnage around him. He looked from Samuel, rolling around clutching his ribs to Straightgully, flat on his back. Then he looked up at Rainbow Serpent who walked slowly towards him. He shook his head, hands up begging for this not to happen. But it did…

Rainbow Serpent struck a kick into O.G.’s belly, doubling him over. He applied a front facelock and lifted him, driving him into the canvas with a vertical suplex. But he remained connected. He rolled into a standing position, with the facelock still applied and lifted O.G. up once more, slamming him down in front of himself as he sat delivering a Falcon Arrow.


He leaned forward and grabbed one of O.G.’s legs, officially making it a pin attempt.





The fans cheered loudly as Serpent rose to his feet, allowing the referee to take him by the wrist but the celebration would be short-lived.

Diamond’s henchmen have failed two weeks in a row, but tonight the rookie has done the unthinkable and overcome every obstacle the entirety of gOlden bOy promotions threw at him.

Thwack.. Jewelz lays the Rainbow Serpent out in the middle of the ring with a hard forearm to the back of the head and then begins to put the boots to him. Darius Underwood tries to prevent the attack but Jewelz flings him off and begins to further punish The Rainbow Serpent with unrelenting boots to the back and the back of the head. Jewelz calls for O.G. to throw him a mic.

Tap… Tap… Tap… Jewelz tests to see if the mic is on.. “It looks like you’re gonna get what you wished for Lil Nuts.. At Death Wish.. It’s me and you, gOlden bOy or Relentless Rules, according to whatever strap you choose…. You may have beat the odds bitch… But the gOlden bOy… Never… If you haven’t heard, I’m Mr. Relentless.

Jewelz crushes the cinderella hero with a knee to the head and instructs the goons to dispatch of him.. Gully and Samuel subsequently toss The Rainbow Serpent to the outside as Diamond paces angrily back and forth

“I can’t deal with this.. How did that loser… How did he beat all of us… Huh Samuel..” Samuel shrugs..

“Gully, how did he beat all of us!!” Khalil holds his head down in shame not wanting to confront the boss..” Gully’s nonresponse infuriates Jewelz even more..

“gOlden Shower Promotions...... Clap 5x… gOlden Shower Promotions… Clap 5x.. gOlden Shower Promotions… Clap5x..” If Jewelz was angry before, now he’s boiling..

“gOlden … What!!! You know what!! I need to blow off some steam here, and being this my promotion… I’m reopening my gOlden bOy challenege.. The next person to come down that aisle, as much as I wanna bash these haters heads in, I’mma take it out on your mark ass!!”

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Pinfall

"gOlden bOy Invitational II"


“Onion” by One Ok Rock began playing and the fans exploded as Diamond Jewelz looked around clearly upset at the one who accepted his open challenge. Last time this happened Aran attacked The Relentless Champion in an attempt to gain the attention of Derecho the man that knocked him out at Thieves Honor in an Underground Rules match and Aran was clearly disturbed in his attempts at gaining retribution on Derecho.

Aran Thompson walked out with a microphone and Diamond Jewelz stopped him.

Diamond sports a wide, blinging obnoxious grin “Are you serious Jackie Chan?” Jewelz asked of the former World and Three time Relentless Champion.

Aran stopped dead in his tracks and gazed a death glare at Jewelz.

“I ain’t Chris Tucker, and this ain’t Rush Hour.. I don’t do sequels with Asians! You got your chance two weeks ago!! ” Jewelz began.

“I Deebo’d that ass 2 weeks ago; I thought you Chinnamon’s was good at math… 2 beatdowns is worse than one homie.. Go away so I can face a real challenge!” Diamond asked rhetorically.

Aran continued his gaze and slowly raised the microphone.

“You’re not Derecho…” Aran said aimlessly.

Diamond Jewelz tilted his head a little.

“Wordd!!!! I ain’t realize that shit!! Ehh, you been popping X with Wes Welker bro!!1 You talking hella crazy!!” Jewelz shot back.

Aran snarled.

“Derecho the thorn stood in the way when Suicide was mine to be had….so I killed him...Derecho tried to usurp I slayed him….Derecho dealt with the devil and he couldn’ me...Der-” Aran’s obsessive ranting about Derecho was interrupted by Diamond Jewelz.

“Whaaaaat in the fuckkkkkk.. Are you talking about Jackie Chan… ” Diamond demanded of Aran.”You sure you not a long lost ninja homie??? They be talking all that nonsense too… I ain’t used to understand them motherfucker either! You need to go to their dojo and...”

Diamond gives an obnoxious, twinkling and glistening smile..

“Oops…. I burned that motherfucker down…. I guess you gonna have to catch them hiding in shadows backstage!!!” Diamond jabs and the Ignomi Clan, turning into a ball of laughter

Aran smiled.

“The Underground.” Aran replied.

Diamond looked at Aran Thompson with confusion laced across his face.

“You high bro!! I deal jewelry not drugs lil homie! But if you need some of that shit, I got a dude on the underground who will hook you up.. And I get a comission for every referra.. So I’d be more than willing to give you his number if you go the fuck away!l” Diamond shot back.

Aran shook his head and smiled once again.

“High? My throne sits higher than you...You are beneath me…..beneath ….me…..underground….”

Aran’s eyes widened and a demonic smile slowly grew on his face.

“You and me….Underground Rules! RIGHT NOW!”

Aran made a proclamation to Diamond Jewelz that the fans loved and Diamond looked around not wanting to show weakness.

“Just because I wanna make sure these people ain’t got it twisted… And know that there is only one Mr. Relentless… I’mma beat your ass for the sequel after all Jet Li”

Aran Thompson vs Diamond Jewelz


Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel attacked Aran from behind and Diamond finally looked at The Goonz with some approval. Latrell Samuel picked Aran up and Aran was smiling as he held a hand to his face.

Khalil looked at Diamond who told them to bring Aran.

“Bring that son of a bitch in here so I can show you stupid fucks how it’s done!”

Them M’fn Goonz both grabbed an arm of Aran Thompson dragging him down to the ring before Aran stumbled and slammed into the ground and he started laughing. Latrell Samuel looked over at Khalil not wanting to mess with the crazy asian that lay on the ground at their feet.

“PICK HIM UP NOW!” Diamond demanded The Goonz.

Latrell reluctantly picked Aran up and Aran glared over at Diamond wide eyed and beaming.

“Khalil, shut this bitch up!”

Khalil turned his attention to Aran who was on his knees as Latrell held him up.


With a big thunderous strike Khalil swung for the fences but Aran had slipped away from Latrell and Khalil hit Samuel right in the groin as the fans blew up and Aran jumped to his feet and pounced on Khalil sending him backwards and Aran whipped Khalil into the ring steps breaking them away from ring post they rested again. Diamond Jewelz threw his hands in the air as yet again The Goonz were disappointing him.

Aran quickly slithered under the ring and came back up with a chair.




Aran slammed the chair into the legs of Khalil who bellowed out in pain before Aran turned his attention to Diamond Jewelz who was basically begging Aran to get in the ring.

Aran climbed onto the ring apron and tilted his head maniacally smiling at Diamond who was now demanding Aran get in “HIS” ring.

Aran stepped one leg over the middle rope.

CROWN Jewel!


Aran rolled away from Diamond Jewelz attempt at a cheap finish and he popped up to his feet as Diamond Jewelz had racked himself.


Aran hit his finisher on Diamond Jewelz as he hung off the ropes and the fans exploded screaming for Aran to pin him as the referee from the Rainbow Serpent match was still out there but Aran stood over the downed Diamond Jewelz and screamed…



Aran continued screaming for Derecho as his wish was granted.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The arena went dark then it became bathed in a crimson hue. Derecho's music had hit and The King of Hell's arrival was imminent. Aran Thomspon grinned as he looked toward the entrance way, just chomping at the bit to get his hands on Derecho in order to lay him out for the third week in a row, however, as Derecho's music played, there was something missing.. and that was Derecho himself! Aran was growing impatient and through the incessant booing of the crowd, Aran couldn't tell if the people were booing because Derecho's music was playing, or if it was because Derecho had slid into the ring behind him!!

The music stopped, the lights in the arena returned to normal and there Derecho was, standing behind Aran Thompson with a steel chair in hand. Aran Thompson had a nagging feeling, but Derecho wouldn't even let Mr. Relentless turn around to even look..


Derecho free'd the beast all over the back of Aran's head with a vicious chairshot. Aran fell face first into the canvas. By this time, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel grabbed Diamond Jewelz and pulled him out of the ring. Since this was a blatant interference, Diamond Jewelz will retain his gOlden bOy Championship. The Goons and O.G. Simpson helped Jewelz to the back as they didn't want anything to do with what was going on in the ring right now.

Derecho stood over Aran Thompson with a sadistic look on his face. He dropped the chair in the middle of the ring and grabbed Aran, pulling him up to his feet. He held Aran by the forehead as he yelled right into his face..




With that... Derecho hoisted Aran up onto his shoulder and dropped him on the back of his neck..


Derecho sat up and remained seated next to Aran Thompson. He demanded that the referee retrieve a microphone for him. The referee did so and Derecho snagged it out of the referee's hand. He then brought it up to his lips as he cradled Aran's head in his lap.

"Look at you.. so precious... it's like watching your child grow up, isn't it?" said Derecho as he grazed his thumb across Aran's forehead

"And to think.. at Thieves Honor.. my influence did this to you. It made you in a crazed man.. it made you accept the Undergound for what it is.. and watching you trying to adapt is like watching a bird to fly for the very first time. I am envious of my creation... but Aran... I am so happy things turned out this way because things could have gone many different ways, but the fact that you became the way you are because of my influence makes me very proud because deep down in my heart, I know.. that I created you"

Derecho shoved Aran aside and stood up, looking down over him.

"But, that's where the fun begins.. because every creator has a right to destroy what they have created... at Death Wish... I am going to bring unto you a permanent end.. and on iNtense 110, the world will be celebrating YOUR life... not mine.

Derecho dropped the microphone and laughed as he exited the ring, backing up the ramp, grinning at the fallen Aran Thompson the entire way.

Winner: No Contest

"Final Preparations"

The camera zoomed across a loud and energetic crowd before focusing in on Dawn Cassidy who was standing in the ring now with an exuberant smile on her face. She was getting ready to host a face to face between the members of a blockbuster tag team rematch that was coming very soon at Death Wish. The Crimson Order had dominated the tag team division but many felt they had met their match in perhaps one of jOlt’s favorite tandems going today in The House.

“Hello, jOlt fans!” Dawn greeted. “Tonight, I’m bringing out a live edition of The Dawncast to bring to you two big teams who are looking to prove their lot as the head of the tag team division. The Crimson Order have been nothing short of amazing since they won the big main event of Rise of the Legends several months ago, but these former two time tag team champions have had something to say about that. They had one match at Thieves Honor that ended in favor of The Crimson Order, but The House have been on a major win streak and they want to put this battle to rest once and for all. Welcome my guests at this time … The House!

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch injected the gathered masses with that needed adrenaline rush as the entire Arena of Champions became flooded with casino-esque lighting. Camera 9 would casually descend with a broad view of the streaming jOltvision screens before both representatives of Sin City would sauntered out from the back and warmly embrace the cheering legions.

Brandishing their new ’The House NEVER Folds’ T shirts, both men would point to themselves in unison before inaudibly yelling back at the camera. They stormed the ring and climbed inside each man greeting the much smaller Dawn with handshakes. Huber and Roebuck now locked eyes on the ramp and waited for their Death Wish opponents…

“Thought Crimes – Extended Version” by Cliff Lin

A notable rise in clan centric incandescent lighting was displayed throughout the stands as the entrance staging area the volatile crescendo of Red & White strobe lighting accompanied the brief storm of bass before everything immediately fell back into the blackness. On cue, the music centered the focus back onto the staging area where a heavy overcast of billowing strobe lit smoke would complement the ongoing vignette streaming across each jOltvision screen as the Japanese bred tandem slowly broke the plane to present themselves before the cheering legions.

Huber and Roebuck watched tensely as the big tag team champions walked out from the back with their manager and spokesman, Mamoru in a nice business suit. The decorated threesome entered the ring and The House allowed them room to step inside the ring. Roebuck locked eyes with Takeshi just as Huber and Heido had a very unfriendly stare. There was plenty of respect to be had by all four men in the ring, but they just did not like each other and in more recent weeks, what had started as a rivalry had grown into something personal. Pride was on the line with all four men when it came to the tag team titles.

The music faded out quietly and left all four men in the ring with a slightly uncomfortable Dawn Cassidy in between them to mediate a final face to face. The reigning champions slowly unfastened their belts to hold them by their respective sides without breaking their mutual glares at their opposition. Several moments of the ongoing crowd reaction continued to resonate as neither party would give ground to one another before Dawn would readily address the crowd.

“My first question is being directed at the Crimson Order. You two have been cutting a swath through the tag team division and you have already triumphed over the likes of The Heirs of Wrestling among other teams … including The House back at Thieves Honor …”

The fact wasn’t forgotten with either member of jOlt’s favorite superheavyweights as Huber noticeably cringed.

“… But now, The House have promised to come back stronger than ever in your rematch. How are you two taking this rematch knowing that you have once defeated your opponents?”

“It makes no difference in what neither one of these cretins say nor choose to believe...” Heido opened. “...for we granted them the opportunity to be physically shown their place in the championship pecking order.”

Both members of The House silently seethed at the statement.

“Takeshi and I...becoming this promotion’s esteemed champions was inevitable.” The Kansai Crippler continued. “Granted, our opponents have managed to garner undisputed favor with the people as the proverbial ’peoples’ champions’...However, it is set upon us to personally, physically and publically insert reality into this championship opportunity granted unto them...Mr. Huber is a physically gifted athlete...A physical anomaly beyond measure yet overstand that the very strengths that your championship aspirations heavily rely on shall be the very instruments that will be used to ensure that you both fail in dramatic fashion....”

The raven haired ninja slowly turned his attention onto the Las Vegas Leviathan himself.

“...And you; the grotesquely obese one...” Heido seethed as Roebuck’s massive knuckles slowly gnarled with sheer resentment. “Speaking of physical anomalies, you epitomize everything from your heralded place of origin; the physical embodiment of unchecked gluttony. Both hubris and your unsightly level of endurance stand at the forefront among a myriad of reasons as to why you are a most welcomed liability in this contest for Takeshi and I look forward in exposing you for the bloated buffoon that the entire world refuses to acknowledge you of being...”

Derrick Huber turned and set himself in front of his partner in order to keep him at bay amidst the scathing commentary.

“The Death Wish venue will stand as your championship eulogy by night’s end, in spite of your spirited front of a very adoring audience, history shall repeat itself...Just not in your favor. Do not take our opportunity to retain our places as this division’s rightful champions personal, gentlemen. It is not just business but a matter of natural selection....”

* Huber had a winced smirk on his face, taking in all that has been said about them. Roebuck was much less impartial about it and looked like he wanted to fight. He looked over at Takeshi and threw in a barb of his own.

“How about you speak up, Whispers?” Roebuck hissed. “Oh. Nevermind … you can’t talk. What’s the real story behind that? Have your mouth full of Kenshiro’s man meat.”


Takeshi remained still but visibly upset with Roebuck’s own barb. Huber held his partner back and scanned over Heido and Mamoru. Dawn picked up the queues that something bad could go down at any moment so she moved to the next question.

“My next question is for The House … both of you have separate approaches as it comes to the ring. The Crimson Order are technically sound and have honed their skills under the tutelage of Japanese greats. The House, you have made your careers using raw power and strength to mow down your competition. Knowing this fact, how do you plan to overcome the Crimson Order when they’ve triumphed once before?”

“We can’t take anything away from the two of you … at Thieves Honor, you were the better team … on that night. Big Bucks and I have been doing this for a hell of a lot longer than you and we’ve been winning titles in just about any acronym you can put together to spell out a wrestling organization’s name. We’ve been the better team EVERY night for thirteen years! You’re building your legacy which we can respect … but The House isn’t just another tag team. What we have between the two of us …” Huber gestured to himself and Roebuck. “… this is a DYNASTY!

The Sin City Strongman felt himself get a little more fired up.

“You two want some fucking truth, here’s some fucking truth for you … you two have those belts, but you don’t have what Roebuck and I do … that’s called a will to keep fighting, jack! Roebuck and I learn from our mistakes, we regroup, we come back and we fuck people up. You don’t believe us? Ask Team EGO … wait, you can’t because we ran their asses out of here. Ask Red and Ted … who are on some milk carton somewhere trying to figure out when Roebuck hit them. You two ultimately won the match at Rise of the Legends, but it was us who handed The Faction their asses and took them out of that match so you two could swoop on in. You can sit there high and mighty with your belts. Get comfortable with them, boys. You don’t have a will to keep fighting and you won’t have those belts, either.”

Heido casually looked at his tag team partner whom responded with a subtle nod and a brief period of sign language before the sinewy ninja sought to respond.

“It would seem that for the 1st time in this promotion’s history that Takeshi would publically address Mr. Roebuck in his own words...” Heido announced with the Arena of Champions opening up for the historic moment. Both members of the House appeared both slightly surprised yet highly interested in the mute’s first words from his own mouth. Takeshi stoically scanned the horizon and subtly nodded as Dawn Cassidy extended her mic to his lips. The hulking titan slowly assumed command of the mic and held it close to his chest while setting himself before an amused Roebuck.

“Come on, Whispers.” Adam playfully teased. “Let’s hear it. Lay is on me, you big bald bitch!”

The audience continued to antagonize the Mute Mountain Splitter that drew his eyes shut briefly and looked away before recollecting himself. Heido inaudibly motioned for his partner to measure his words before speaking. Immediately, the legions responded audibly as The Silent Nightmare forcibly spewed Red Mist into the Las Vegas Leviathan’s face, sending him into a blinded fit of rage before Heido sent Huber staggering away wildly with a stiff Open handed Jab to the throat. Dawn Cassidy was seen heading for the hills and the Kansai Crippler rushed the ailing Sin City Strongman and slammed the championship belt against his face! Takeshi would stumbled the portly powerhouse against the ropes with a stiff Yakuza Kick before rattling the ring with a seismic Samoan Drop! The audience remained sternly divided as The Crimson Order began beating the shit out of the No. 1 contenders respectively...

Loyalists of The House were heard spewing venom at the reigning champions as they quickly exited the ring to fling the ring apron upward and slide a pair of tables inside the ring. Heido was seen hurling a set of Steel Chairs over the top rope before both men returned back inside. A notable rising volley of cheers was overhead as several members of jOlt lower level security rushed the ring only to be unceremoniously met with definitive retaliation. Most were disposed of with martial arts attacks while the remaining 2 were both leveled by Stereo Open Palm Strikes. The defeated reinforcements clambered together at the base of the entrance rampway when Takeshi hoisted one of the unfortunate sentries overhead and flattened the entire troupe with a Running OTR Gorilla Press Toss! The ravenous crowd rallied to a deafening pitch as both ninjas quickly set the table against the neutral corner where a resurgent Huber assaulted the Kansai Crippler with a Clubbing Forearm from behind. A heavy Right Hand leaned Takeshi back as Derrick sought to fight his way through both ninjas. A stiff Knee Lift doubled over Heido before Huber concentrated his firepower on the hulking Takeshi. The Mute Mountain Splitter was beginning to concede ground before staggering Huber back with an Underhanded Throat Chop. Derrick stumbled away from his attacker...

The Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

A volley of negative crowd heat would resonate from numerous sections of the arena as both champions stood over the fallen Sin City Strongman before Takeshi toppled the rising Roebuck with a stiff Running Clothesline! The Kansai Crippler casually armed himself with the Steel Chair before methodically banging it against the canvas in wait for a rising Huber...


Camera 1 zeroed in on the stumbling Derrick who would struggled to remain on his feet...


The audience groaned loudly as the Sin City Strongman dropped to a knee for several moments before slowly hanging on with his eroded vertical base...


Heido slammed the weapon across the his target’s upper body, prompting Huber to dropped to both knees and fall flat on his face. The ongoing bile from the crowd was ignored as Takeshi signed his ill intent to his partner Heido whom would unfolded the chair in front of his target as both ninjas leaned the now bleeding Huber against the turnbuckles before Heido seated himself atop the turnbuckles...

Genryu’s Grace - A Diving Knee Face Driver

The masses groaned loudly as Huber remained motionless with his bloodied face exposed toward the arena lights. Both ninjas would stoically nod in approval yet turned toward the ailing Roebuck rising slow to his feet unknowingly in front of the propped table against the turnbuckle. The battered behemoth motioned for the ninjas to come attack him, leading Heido to give Takeshi the reassuring nod. The Mute Mountain Splitter sprinted onward unrepentantly...

The Iga Avalanche - A Running Double Legged Tackle into Turnbuckle

A rousing volley of fecal chants peppered the arena as the super heavyweight remained virtually motionless within a pile of twisted metal and splinters. In short order, “Thought Crimes – Extended Version” by Cliff Lin would serenade the jOlt faithful stewing in their open rebuke as the jOlt Tag Team Champions arrogantly stood tall over their opposition. Given several moments of admiring their works, the Crimson Order would slowly begin their egress from the ringside area with their championships belts in tow. The referees would cautiously keep out of the ninja’s way before sprinting toward the ring and coming to the aid of the fallen Las Vegas natives. The music was cut as a number of medical personnel would arrive to grant aid to both members of The House. The crowd responded to a frantic Charlotte rushing to the ring who would cradle her husband’s bandaged head and inaudibly nursing him in his time of need before the cameras cut to commercial...

The scene faded away to the jOltvision where the announcers, Michael Burhman and Nate Powers ran down the card for Death Wish in two weeks, live on Pay-Per-View. This allowed for The Order and The House to clear the ring to get ready for tonight's main event featuring the number one contender, Jesse Ramey, against the former world champion, Eiji Kugasari!


The cameras cut away to a direct feed of the jOltvision. The screne was completely black

Oh, won't you tell me? Please just tell me.

Explain how this should work.

Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?
I'm broken, lying helpless, shattered
Surrounded by the world

And yet, you're smiling bright
Completely blind to life

As the music kicks in, we see, fade into view, very very slowly, a man with short white hair, wearing a mask that bore a wide, sadistic grin, closed by a zipper. The mask also featured a leather eye patch over the right eye. The left eye was closed. As the music kicked in, "glass" shattered, distorting the image of person wearing the mask.

The image faded out and once again there was nothing but black on the screen

My ruptured lungs; they were left this way
For once, I'm out of breath.
The truth I seek, never felt so bleak but,
I maintain my depth


Scenes from Japan's Global Force opened up. The body type.. the mannerisms.. the look. We knew who this was. It was Mattock. We see clips of him walking to the ring under this new persona of his.

I'm breakable;
I'm shaking yet,
Until the day that you find me.

There's a brief pause in the song before the chorus kicked in. The screen shattered and the shattered glass effect persisted as we switched to Mattock wrestling in the ring to various clips, highlighting his time spent in Japan thus far.

I'll stand here,
Existing and feeling wretched* existence
Consuming life-force til I grow distant
Don't bother searching for somebody like me.

A fading no one.

I don't want to hurt you, It's not my nature.
A monster born from dusk to dawn can't be your saviour
Remember the 'me', the way I used to be.

With the final line of the song, we see Mattock in the ring in slow motion as the color faded to greyscale. He pulled the zipper on his mask, opening the mouth. At the same time, the scene faded to black.

The cameras cut away to a direct feed of the jOltvision. The screne was completely black

Jesse Ramey vs Eiji Kugasari

The line up for Death Wish had been ran down and the ring had been cleared! It was time for tonight's main event!

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown serenaded the cheering legions as Camera 21 slowly panned across the Northwestern section of the arena to center its focus onto the streaming jOltvision screen. A vivid collage of high flying exploits were complimented by edited snippets of extreme antics and technical superiority as the heavily decorated wrestling anomaly emerged from the backstage area in his notoriously charismatic fashion. The arena lighting dropped 75% in order to accommodate the quartet of narrow spotlights, sweeping across the entire staging area...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st; he hails from Harts, West Virginia by way of Huntington, West Virginia...Weighting in at 205 pounds...He is the ’Resurrected Anti-Star’...JESSE!!! RAMEY!!!

2 decades of wrestling excellence radiated from the seasoned veteran who would casually interact with the fans along the way to the squared circle. Ramey would stroll up the ring steps to walk along the ring apron to play to the crowd before passing through the ropes, spinning about and extend his arms outward to fully absorb the adulation from the masses. The eager lightweight would roll both shoulders and rotate both wrists to prep himself for the impending contest as his musical introduction gradually fell out of ear shot...

The trademark encroachment of darkness alerted the cheering legions to the inevitable arrival of the Blood Raven as ”Dawn Awaits - Extended Version” by Cliff Lin slowly crept out of the state of the art PA system. Incandescent flashes of crimson lighting would pierce the billowing overcast at random as the former jOlt World Champion slowly emerged with his head downcast...

Carrington: “...And his opponent, from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

An angry salvo of pyrotechnical fury was triggered by the dramatic conclusion of the ninja’s preliminary martial arts katas. The arena lighting would immediately return to reveal the Onyx & Crimson haired clan lieutenant adorned with high tech wrestling battle gear during his casual march toward the squared circle. Jesse Ramey was seen tugging at the ropes, watching intently as the Prince of Puroresu gracefully strolled up the ring steps, along the ring apron to ascend the turnbuckle post to siphon the amassed crowd heat. A stoic glare was cast by Eiji while making his descent inside the ring. A few rotations of each arm was conducted as the Blood Raven prepped himself for war. Referee Darius Underwood was on hand to officiate this initial clash between both promotional rising stars as he conducted his final inspections of both men before signaling for the opening bell...


An ongoing volley of pro-jOlt chants resonated throughout the arena as each generational representative casually scanned the crowd for several moments before intently scanning each other for viable weaknesses. The intense encircling started with a set of cautionary yet active hands, leading both men to briefly break apart to properly reassess their 2nd approach. Stances have been broadened while anxiously testing each other before their fingers were interlocked. A mutual fit of shifting kept each other on the defensive as their respective free hands continued with their assigned research. Eiji turned Ramey’s wrist upward, setting him on his tippy toes briefly before gradually applying a Textbook Arm Wringer. The cagey veteran grimaced from the tension before grinding out of his own before promptly slipping on a Rear Wrist Lock. Steadily checking the hold, Eiji hungrily fished for an opening yet Ramey swiftly slipped on a taunt Side Headlock. Kugasari broadened his base as Jesse locked in tighter before Eiji lifted and slammed his captor chest first against the canvas. Immediately, Ramey would scoot into a seated posture with the ninja latching on with a Rear Waist Lock.

Ramey soon arched himself upward to diligently pick the lock before grind out a Standing Wrist Lock, lowering Kugasari to a knee breifly. Another taunt Arm Wringer would be proceeded by slamming the ensnared bicep against his knee before slipping on a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Referee Underwood was warded off by the ninja as Jesse would transition back to a Rear Side Hammer Lock before seating the Blood Raven into a seated position yet Eiji countered with an expedient Snap Mare into a Gator Roll before securing a Bridging Reverse Chin Lock. The former ACW Gateway Champion girded himself from the mounting pressure before Eiji arched himself back to settle into a controlling Grounded Front Face Lock before the ninja pulled his prey upward. Ramey stunned him with a stern Punch to the gut before executing an Oklahoma Roll...1! ...2! Both broke away yet Eiji missed with the Buzzsaw Kick yet managed to connect with a Low Spinning Back Kick to his target’s chest. A Figure Four Jackknife Pin...1! ...2! Both men swivled back to their feet yet Eiji initiated the Irish Whip, leading the wrestling stalwart to slide to a kneeling stop before running underneath the Back Fist Strike to connect with a Vaulting Flying Cross Body Pin! ...1! 1 ½ as the former EWF Hardcore Champion was shoved off with Ramey being shoved forward toward the opposing ropes.

Eiji’s Hip Toss was countered by Ramey’s yet the nimble ninja floated over and floored Jesse with a torrid Side Head Lock Takedown. Ramey with the Head Scissors Counter before abruptly grounding the ninja with a Snap Arm Drag Takedown into a Standard Arm Bar. Referee Underwood hovered close to check on the slightly frustrated ninja who slowly reclaimed a kneeling posture before drilling Jesse with an Open Palm Punch before fattening him with a Swift Double Leg Takedown...

Red Redemption - A Grapevine STF Submission

In a hastened pace, Ramey would crawl his way forward to make the rope break. Underwood’s count would reach 3 before Eiji released him. Ramey remained seated along the ring apron to grant himself a breather for several moments as the new blood would inaudibly beckon his opposition to return to the ring before Ramey rested his hands on both hands briefly before reinserting himself back inside the ring. The West Virginia native casually rose to his feet and measured his opposition before both men clashed once more. The inaugural transitioned from the Elbow & Collar Tie Up to a Side Headlock yet the ninja bundled him up into a School Boy Pin. The heavily decorated veteran quickly kicked out to be doubled over with a Spinning Back Kick to the stomach before being hurled away with an Irish Whip. Jesse caromed against the ropes and ran underneath the Spinning Back Elbow. The Old School Wrestling alum stopped short and dazed his opposition with a Side Kick. A Soccer Kick stood the Blood Raven erect followed by a Tornado Punch before jettisoning Eiji away with a Float Over Arm Drag. The dazed former jOlt Champion rolled himself upward to a weakened vertical base where he was floored in extreme fashion with Extreme Measures - A 360 Jump Spinning Heel Kick! The nimble veteran was quick to shoot to the opposing ropes...Stroke of Attitude - Rolling Senton! The anxious aerialist swivled back to hook the leg deeply..



The Puroresu expert kicked himself away from the canvas, leading a heavy groan to from the fans as Ramey extended 2 fingers to the referee. Shaking his head, the renown Spirit of ACW Champion locked Eiji into a Reverse Chinlock, allotting the referee to check on the recovering ninja whom gradually ascended back to a knee before the veteran balled the ninja up with an expedient Crucifix Pin...1! The momentum allowed Eiji to roll onto both knees before hoisting his opposition upward before initiating an Airplane Spin yet Ramey propelled Eiji airborne with a Monkey Flip. The Ibara native landed into a brief kneeling posture before bolting to the opposing ropes. Jesse with the High Leap Frog over the sprinting ninja who allowed the streaking ninja to commit to the Running Step Over. Leaping back to his feet, the Squared Circle veteran’s Standing Hip Toss was countered by Eiji floating over and blasting him with a stiff European Uppercut...Tenzo Ken - A Rolling Iron Claw STO! The audience rallied by the back & forth as Eiji was quick to shoot the half...1! ...2! The crowd responded to Ramey kicking out, leading for Inogami Clan representative to quickly control the veteran with the The Burning Sands Submission - A Figure Four Neck Lock. Darius Underwood knelt down to assess the ailing veteran’s condition, leading to Eiji to slam his fist against his thigh to apply more pain and discomfort.

Again, the ninja applied more pressure before Ramey gradually rolled himself over and pushing himself up onto all fours. The agile ninja quickly used a Reverse Somersault into a Oklahoma Roll Up Pin...1! ...2! The vigilant fan favorite kicked out only to be ripped down with a torrid Side Headlock Takedown. Eiji angrily moved his chin to refute Ramey’s attempts to grant himself an opening. Recollecting himself, the technical wrestling stalwart worked himself back to a knee before using a series of measured Elbows to weaken his captor’s grip. A battery of Clenched Forearm Strikes backed the ninja up to the ring ropes before Jesse initiated the Irish Whip. Eiji would return and run underneath the Running Clothesline yet the returning ninja would succumb to a violent Running Cross Body Attack by Jesse! The veteran stroked his chin and nodded from both knees amidst the cheering crowd before making the cover...



NO! Ramey would begin clapping his hands to rally the crowd in order to temper his frustration while pulling Eiji up back to his feet before leaning the ninja against the turnbuckles. A trinity of Ric Flair tributes echoed throughout the arena with each Knife Edge Chop before sending the ninja away with an Hammer Throw. A Leaping TB Body Splash connected followed by a Fireman’s Carry Slam several feet away from the corner before climbing up and playing to the crowd before crushing Eiji with his signature Touching the Sky - A Split-Legged Moonsault...Cover! ...1! ...2! 2 ½ was the count when Kugasari jerked himself free from the mat, leading Jesse to swivel to his feet and flatten the ninja with Culture Development - Asai Moonsault...Ramey hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! NO! The West Virginia native cupped his hands over his lips for several moments before inaudibly conversing with the referee. Ascending to his feet, Ramey would pull the resilient ninja up along with him before again sending him soundly into the opposing corner with a Irish Whip. Streaking after his opposition, Jesse unfortunately ate a stiff Savate Kick that would stagger him wildly away from the corner before the Blood Raven’s muffled scream led to the debut of the The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp! The notorious hot head would stand with his knuckles clenched, briefly scanning the crowd before grabbing both of Ramey’s arms in preparation for the dreaded Crimson Dynasty finisher when the crowd reaction lured the ninja’s focus to the source of the disturbance.

Swathed in civilian street clothes, Jimmy B. Martinez was seen sauntering out from the backstage area. Wringing each wrist, the last jOlt Flyweight Champion was armed with a stoic disposition en route toward the squared circle. The arrival of his enemy would led Eiji to release his opponent’s arms and follow his rival during his casual stroll near the ring apron. An inaudible exchange of words was had as Referee Underwood physically wrestled the ninja away from the ring ropes. A smug chuckle was expressed by Martinez as he put his hands in his pockets in sheer amusement before a recovered Ramey seized the advantage with a stiff Super Kick! The dazed Kugasari staggered drunkenly backwards to a knee briefly before Jesse quickly cinched his opposition into position...

The Attitude Adjustment - Darkness Buster

The Inogami Clan lieutenant’s body stiffened as he breifly sat up from the impact before keeling over onto his side before the anxious West Virginian native quickly hooked both legs for the cover...




"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown ushered forth an audible spike from the crowd as the victorious Anti Star celebrated in securing the upset victory over the former jOlt Champion. Camera 2 would take a few moments to center its focus on Jimmy B. Martinez whom responded with a subtle Kayne West type shrug in amusement of his rival’s defeat before Camera 1 followed Ramey perched atop each opposing turnbuckles. Referee Underwood would be seen kneeling next to the fallen ninja whom was slowly reclaiming his senses. Anger would set in as the ninja’s eyes would center on Jimmy’s shaking head that brandished an antagonistic smile. The referee would struggle to keep the ninja held down as Ramey was seen exiting the ring and was warmly greeted by Martinez with a hearty handshake and a pat on the back before following suit toward the backstage area. The parting shot was a fuming Kugasari shrugging off the referee to lean over the top ropes, inaudibly extending both an extended index finger and a slew of venom before fading to black...

As Ramey was about to make his way through the curtain...


Landon Stevens broke out from the backstage area and laid out Ramey with a shot to the back of the head with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship! The crowd began to boo and chant that ever famous chant.

FUCK YOU LANDDON!!! *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
FUCK YOU LANDDON!!! *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
FUCK YOU LANDDON!!! *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
FUCK YOU LANDDON!!! *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*
FUCK YOU LANDDON!!! *Clap Clap ClapClapClap*

Landon placed his foot on Jesse Ramey and held the jOlt World Championship into the air, towering over him. Jesse Ramey was set to challenge Landon Steves at Death Wish and Landon Stevens just sent a bold message to the number one contender. Would this be the scene at Death Wish with Landon standing over Jesse Ramey or will Ramey unseat the man who has held the world championship for seven straight months!? That was the question to be answered as iNtense went off the air!

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall