"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Things Change"

As the smoke from the pyro cleared, the fans instantly booed when "Machine" by Downstait played over the PA speakers. One after one, the entirety of The Rebellion stepped out from behind the curatin and made their way down to the ring. In front was Jon Le Bon, behind him were Jackson Cross and Machida Hood, the jOlt World Tag Team Champions. Behind them were Sebastian Saje and Raevynn who captured the Starlet Championship.

The nine of them entered the ring as Jon Le Bon grabbed a microphone from ringside. The booing continued as the music faded away and a smirk fell over Le Bon's face as he gazed out into the crowd before bringing the microphone up to his lips.

"First off... thank you all for this warm reception. It's truly an honor to stand here in front of all you wonderful, supporting fans!" said Le Bom

The crowd's booing intensified and Le Bon simply smiled. He had every right to be happy. For the first time since Breakdown, The Rebellion had been hugely successful on worldwide Pay-Per-View!

"The past seven months have been a turbulent journey. I admit my mistake of letting Damien Lee be my proxy and make decisions involving The Rebellion. When I relieved Lee of his duties, I came out here and I swore that I would take The Rebellion and put them back on top where we belonged and I have done just that at Death Wish!"

More booing ensued as Le Bon paused.

"Cross the Hood have finally been recognized. After clawing their way through The Hype, being squandered by Shayne Anderson, and making an explosive impact at Wrestlecade, they finally have what they truly deserve... championship gold and recognition as the greatest tag team to walk the halls of jOlt today!!"

Cross and Hood hold up their tag team titles for the world to see which was met with a not-so-friendly reaction.

"Then we have Raevynn who did something no other Starlet could.. she dethroned one of the two goddesses of the Starlet's division and became the Starlet Champion!"

Sebastian Saje gave her a kiss on the cheek as she held up her championship, met with even more boos.

"And lastly, I made good on a promise. I stated that at Death Wish, I would permanently remove Chris Titan as the thorn in our side. I got inside of his head and I defeated him in the middle of this ring. We then climbed in... one after the other... and we unleashed seven months of frustration upon him. Needless to say, you all will be lucky if you ever see Chris Titan in a jOlt wrestling ring again!"


"Chant his name all you want, he's not going to come out here tonig..."

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera.

The crowd EXPLODED!! Everyone hit their feet as Le Bon and The Rebellion turned toward the entrance ramp. The people were on thier feet cheering as loudly as they possibly could! The Rebellion started to look around the arena, preparing for a sneak attack at any time. After a few moments and nobody coming out, the music cut off and Le Bon began laughing into the microphone. The crowd began to boo.

"Hahaha... puppets... every.... single... last... one of you. Oh, this is too precious!" continue Le Bon as he doubled over laughing. Nate Quartermaine smiled and patted Le Bon on the back.

"How does it feel to be manipulated? Ask Chris Titan that when you visit him in the hospital because I'm sure he knows exactly what it feels like!" said Le Bon


"You all flatter me.. really, you do, BUT the time for flattery and praise have passed as we need to get down to business. I am here to state that we are NOT done taking the top spots here in jOlt. There is a little matter of the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship that still needs to be addressed. With Chris Titan out of the way, there is NOTHING that can stop us from taking that championship. Jesse Ramey couldn't get the job done at Death Wish and I will pick up the pieces in his stead. I will be the one to defeat Landon Stevens at Wired because when jOlt comes back from Thanksgiving, there will be a battle royal to determine who faces Landon Stevens at Wired... as a man who has booking authority for all things related to The Rebellion, I am officially entering myself in that battle royal, and just like when I won the last one for Thieves Honor, I will repeat and meet Landon Stevens one on one at Wired and take that world title for myself. You all come out here and show your hatred for Landon Stevens.. well.. he will look like an angel compared to me when I take my place among jOlt's greatest and elite."

As Le Bon smirked at his statement, Sayber walked over and pulled the microphone out of his hands.

"Before we dance around this issue all night, I'm going to get straight to the point. You told me that if Chris Titan were defeated, then you would grant me my wish. I need to know... are you a man of your word?" said Sayber.

Le Bon sighed as he took the microphone back.

"You know, Sayber... I understand your reasons for joining The Rebellion. I know you feel as if you have your own agenda and you're only in this group to fulfill your selfish desires, but when you are in The Rebellion, you need to be IN The Rebellion and not just be some warm body filling a spot and, honestly, what have you done since you've been here? You've barely wrestled, you've barely said a word. You show up when it's a group effort and barely contribute, yet, you demand my wishes and my blessings to make this match for you? How about you start pulling your damn weight and MAYBE I'll think about it."

The people boo'd as Sayber grabbed the microphone right out of Le Bon's hands again.

"That wasn't what you promised me... besides... what has Nate Quartermaine done? What has Michael Donavan done? What has ANY of these guys done except fail time after time after time again? Yeah.. we capture some gold at Death Wish, but what about between Breakdown and then? How has ANYONE contributed to this group? Let's not forget you... you hid in the damn shadows for six months and just because you decide to reveal yourself you think you can just claim that it was all your efforts? We were the ones out here getting our asses handed to us and being made to look like fools when all you've done was play dress up in a cloak and threaten Damien Lee. You're just as guilty as the rest of us and you're choosing NOW, after we won two titles, to pull this "you've been useless" card out?"

Le Bon angrily ripped the microphone out of Sayber's hands.

"You need to watch your tongue. I pulled us out of The Hype. I brought us all together. I planned EVERY SINGLE STEP and have created The Rebellion. If it weren't for me, ALL OF YOU would still be on The Hype, squandering away for Adam Lazarus. You owe ME. I don't owe you ANYTHING!"

Sayber then ripped the microphone away from Le Bon.

"The only thing I owe you... is this."

Sayber dropped the microphone on the canvas then flipped off Jon Le Bon!!!! The crowd went nuts! Sayber then exited the ring and walked to the back. The other members of The Rebellion were in shock! Le Bon picked up the microphone.

"If that's the path you're choosing you ungrateful prick.. so be it... but know this. You don't just walk away from The Rebellion. I will make you regret your decision!"

With that Sayber disappeared behind the curtain!! Sayber has left The Rebellion! The rest of the members begin to exit the ring as the scene transitioned.

"A Match (Not) Made in Heaven"

The scene switched over to Damien Lee’s office. A light flickered on and opening the door was none other than the man said office belonged to, Damien Lee himself. The HNIC of all things jOlt walked in the door going over some paperwork in one hand while sipping a latte in the other, carefully trying to do two things at once.

“Damn, these are great numbers. Loving it.” He said aloud.

He was going over some of the buyrates from the Death Wish Pay Per View and looked pretty happy as he set the papers down on the desk. He looked up…


Damien Lee nearly jumped out of his skin and knocked over his coffee, spilling it all over his floor. The camera then panned over to the opposite side of the room where his sofa was placed. On said sofa?

jOlt’s resident muscleman himself, Mack Brody!

“Jesus, take a Xanax,” Mack said, dryly. “I checked in the cushions before you got here and there’s no Chris Titan boogeymen here.”

Lee shook his head. “You’re here to get me to change my mind on the whole Orphan thing, aren’t you?”

Mack only offered him a nod in return. Lee sighed.

“I already told you, that loose cannon isn’t coming back here. Lord knows that I have enough on my hands with Jeremy Ryan piledriving everybody in sight, Derecho and Aran Thompson tearing each other apart and the Rebellion… well, you know how that’s been. You won’t be seeing Seymour Almasy or Orphan or whatever he’s calling himself anymore. You’ve heard about what he and Keith Scott Zimmerman did to All-Star Championship Wrestling. They participated in acts so destructive that they lost their TV deal and eventually went under. I don’t want that thing happening here.”

Mack held up his hands defensively. “I don’t need you to change your mind, Lee.”

“Oh? What, then?”

Brody stood up from his seat and now stood at his full 6’6” height, pressing down on the desk with his bare knuckles.

“Don’t press charges against that little fucker. Don’t let him back here. He needs to ANSWER for what he did to Frank and Ryan. I need ANSWERS from that little fucker. I need to know why. Let me make something happen. One fight. That’s all I want. I WOULD’VE had that at Death Wish, but you and your rent-a-cop goons got in my fucking way. ”

An irate Lee shot a death glare up at Mack.

“Those GOONS as you so eloquently put it… those guys were not from here, they were a security vendor that we went through for that show and I had to compensate them because you wanted to play King Kong and throw everybody around. You’ve got yourself a $50,000 find coming your way, Brody. Ten thousand for each guard you laid your hands on.”

“Fine,” Brody said. “I’ll cut you a goddamn check. Now how about it? I get this little shitbird to sign off on this?”

“The answer is NO. Now you can go out there and do the job that I signed up for you. You’re a wrestler, so go out there and wrestle the people who ARE on this roster. You’ve got Khadafi tonight.”

Mack said nothing and instead reached into his wallet before throwing a crumbled up five-dollar bill to the desk.

“That’s for the coffee. Or take it out of whatever I own those stupid rent-a-cops. I don't care. Like I told you, Lee, we’re not done and I WON'T stop until that piece of shit answers to ME.”

Brody slammed the door and left an irate Damien Lee shaking his head in disgust. This was most certainly going to be a fun night.

The Crimson Order vs India's Import

Jormungand by Taku Iwasaki unexpectedly briefly caught the entire assembly off guard as a new trinity of wrestlers stood at the apex of the entrance staging area. A notable pop was heard as the unlikely pairing proudly basked within their moment with the presumed ringleader of Indian descent slowly extending his arms outward...

Carrington: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st; making their jOlt iNtense wrestling debut...Accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard KHAREEM! ...weighting in at a total combined weight of 406 pounds...the team of Prince Samir & Ryan Raysor....Ladies & Gentlemen...They are INDIAN’S IMPORT!!!”

Camera 3 would follow the Hype veterans en route toward the ringside area where Raysor would dive through the ropes as Prince Samir again played to his ‘royal subjects’ as he kept his arms outward from atop the turnbuckles. Khareem would stoically fold his arms over his massive chest as the diminutive pair of wild cards would continue rallying the people as their entrance theme music gradually fell out of earshot. Prince Samir motioned for the microphone to formally address the people...

“Good people of jOlt Wrestling” The regal incumbent opened. “This great moment is your to behold as Indian’s Import is here! Here to stake our claim as respective authors of this promotion’s history...Here to compete and lay claim to the 1st of many championship endeavors such as the jOlt World Tag Team Division Championships...”

The audience responded warmly as the mic was handed off to Raysor whom would briefly gauge the crowd before speaking.

“The future of tag team wrestling is here..” Ryan voiced. “...and tonight, we are here to make a statement by calling out any tag team on this roster out in order to...”


The incandescent lighting spread throughout the stands as the entrance staging area was assaulted by a volatile crescendo of Red & White strobe lighting accompanied the brief storm of bass before everything immediately fell back into the blackness. On cue, ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin would serenade the masses from overhead...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied both by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...From the Kansai Prefecture of Japan...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

The former jOlt Tag Team Champions carried a shared resentment along the way to the squared circle sans the jOlt Championships as they stormed up the ring steps and through the ropes. On the opposing end of the ring, Khareem, Raysor & Samir were standing along the outside as the ninjas angrily seized claim of the entire ring. The Mute Mountain Splitter silently lumbered back & forth before India’s Import as Heido cast aside his tattered coolie hat before assuming his place along the ring apron. Referee Hunt would be on hand to eventually convince Takeshi to stand near his assigned corner. Cautiously, the unscrupulous Raysor reentered the ring before sprinting after Takeshi and unleashing a consistent battery of Punches, Chops & Kicks to immediately summon the opening bell...


The bald titan weathered the offensive storm to sternly shove Raysor to a kneeling posture before missing the Short Pump Kick. Ryan spun about and connected with a stiff Basement Dropkick to the midsection, humbling the giant before leaning the massive mute back with a Spinning Back Kick. Takeshi parried the High Buzzsaw Kick before swatting it away with his forearm yet the high flyer connected with a Dragon Whip Kick! The titan was lurched over on all fours before Raysor pushed Takeshi back with a Soccer Kick...Flash Step - A Feint Shining Wizard transitioned into a Reverse Roundhouse! The impact dropped the giant on all fours before Raysor scrambled to make the cover yet Takeshi Gorilla Pressed Ryan away before the count of 1....Samir was seen pacing about as his partner was back on the attack on the recovering ninja as he continued his assault. An angry Takeshi would hurl the Florida native airborne into the nearby corner before charging in after him with a High Lou Theze Press. Takeshi quickly countered by catching and hurling Raysor spine first against the neutral corner before barreling after him for a stiff TB Avalanche. Ryan nimbly side stepped the attack, allowing the 300+ pounder to stagger backwards while tagging in the Prince. Together, they would topple the titan with Double Team Basement Dropkicks followed by a picturesque pair of Stereo Moonsault Sentons! The Prince was quick with the Lateral Press yet he would also be jettisoned airborne by Takeshi after a 2 count...

The Royal Aerialist would quickly keep the suppression on via a Kneeling Side Headlock on the rising giant whom would attempt a Back Suplex. The New Dheli Sun Dancer would nimbly land and stumble Takeshi forward with a precision Dropsault, landed and strode to the opposing ropes...

Kakute (Bladed Ring) Strike - A Press Style Elbow Smash

The audience groaned as the Prince crashed & burned with Khareem scowling from along the ring apron. The Mute Mountain Splitter knelt down breifly before wrapping his massive hands around his prey’s throat and flinging him soundly against the turnbuckles. Heido slapped Takeshi across his shoulder blades before passing through the ropes as his partner connected with a stiff Overhand Slap. Takeshi with the leading Irish Whip to allow Heido to follow through with Raimei Nage - Thunder Throw. A Kneeling Inverted Headlock kept the royal target suppressed before he began arching his back upward. Heido initiated an Short Armed Clothesline, laying the Indian Icon out before quickly locking him down with an Anaconda Vice. Samir would frantically flail about before readily working his way close to the ring ropes and scissoring them with both legs. The referee’s hard count made Heido break the count at 3 before turning him loose. This esteemed bodyguard would aid his liege off the ring apron with a private meeting before Samir made his way back through the ropes. The Kansai Crippler granted his opposition room to maneuver before The Prince seized him with an expedient Waistlock. The ninja floored the Prince with a hasty Back Elbow/Spinning Leg Takedown followed by a prompt Waistlock of his own. Samir adverted the German Suplex with a timely Heel Hook followed by a stiff Back Elbow. 1 turned into several, breaking the hold before The Prince responded in kind...

Respect Royalty - A Harsh Slap

The audience groaned as Heido slowly turned his head back toward the Indian Prince who looked toward both Khareem & Raysor for help...

Respect Royalty - A Harsh Slap

Again, the Royal Palm careened against the Inogami Clan strategist’s jaw. The consequences led Samir to quickly reassessed his exit strategy before ducking underneath the measured Forearm Strike. Samir caromed off the ropes, strode over the Leg Sweep Trip to soar off the opposing ropes with a Vaulting Phoenixrana! ...1! ...2! Heido with the strong Kick Out yet Samir would scramble back to his feet, seeking to bundle the ninja up into a La Majistral Cradle Pin yet the raven haired ninja rolled through, broadened his base before blasting Deadlift Samoan Drop! His Highness would grimace sternly from the impact as Heido would sit up and stare at Raysor before pulling Samir upward by his hair and making the tag to Takeshi. The Crimson Order would soon make short work of Samir with a Combination Wheelbarrow Suplex/Falling Neck Breaker Attack, allowing the Mute Mountain Splitter to flip the Prince over and hook the leg deep...

Crowd: 1!!!!



A notable pop arose as Raysor made the save with a timely Sliding Elbow Drop! Takeshi angrily stared back at the retreating Floridian upstart before punishing Samir with a Delayed Vertical Suplex before again floating over with a Lateral Press....

Crowd: 1!!!!


The prey triggered the trap as the incoming Raysor prompted the Silent Nightmare to pounce yet missed with the Running Clothesline. A Flying Leg Lariat would stagger the bald behemoth yet failed to know him down, leading Ryan to try a Dropsault. Again, the titan was staggered back a few paces as Ryan quickly pulled his partner back to his feet. Both men would duck underneath the Double Clothesline, allowing the returning Takeshi to eat Stereo Dropsaults! India’s Import would stare are one another as the Mute Mountain Splitter staggered against the ropes, shook his head and gnarled his fists. The pair would again duck underneath the Running Lariat and doubled over the giant with Stereo Front Kicks yet their Double Hip Toss was easily blocked by the titan whom would send the pair up & over with one of his own. The agile pair would wow the crowd by landing on their feet to sprint together toward the opposing ropes. Double Onager Shot! and down both high flyers went as the Mute Mountain Splitter responded with a flexing taunt before snatching Samir up to this feet....

Burning Knee Strike - A stiff Leaping Knee Strike

The attack would send Raysor tumbling over toward the adjacent ring ropes as Takeshi hoisted his regal victim upward....

Hanzo’s Hammer - A Leg Hook Belly to Back Suplex lifted & dropped into a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver

Samir’s body guard clambered up the ring apron yet quickly leapt off the ring apron to avoid Heido swinging on him as Takeshi hooked Samir’s leg deeply...

Crowd: 1!!!!



‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin would stream freely from overhead as the ailing team of newcomers unfortunately were left to recollect themselves in the wake of the former tag team champions. Both Heido & Takeshi would remain kneeling as Khareem would hover over his fallen master and comrade. A subtle yet noble gesture by Heido was received by the bodyguard before The Crimson order made their stoic egress away from the ringside area....

Winner: Crimson Order via Pinfall

"Meet and Greet Before Somebody Gets Beat"

The camera panned backstage and the fans were cheering when the appearance of a gorgeous lady getting ready for a match later tonight. Tying up the last of her laces on her pink boots, the crowd cheered when they got a look at the now former Starlets Champion, Charlotte, adjusting her top. She ducked down to finish tying her other boots up when a pair of feet came her way.


The Vegas Vixen was finishing up her shoe when a pair of black boots approached her.

“And who do we have here?” Charlotte asked rhetorically.

The camera now panned up along with Charlotte and appeared the form of a woman wearing a black half jacket, camouflage-style leggings and a dark blue bandana holding her grungy hair back. The woman in question was garnering a reputation for herself of being a real tough SOB inside the ring – evidenced by the fact that Death Wish she had scored the biggest win of her career by laying out the longest-reigning Starlet Champion in jOlt history, Sarah Winterton.

Callie “Scrapper” Scott.

“You know who it is, chick,” Scott said, adjusting the right elbow pad with the sparking skull on the side. “Just came by to see how you’re doing.”

“To be honest, hon … I’ve had better. Somebody’s getting beatdown tonight,” Charlotte said. “Those Rebellion assholes fucked over my husband and best friend and they fucked me over, too! I had Pastyface right where I wanted her when her little whipped bitch boyfriend came out and stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.”

“I can’t imagine they’re happy with how things turned out.”

“Oh, don’t worry, hubby and Roe-by have something planned for tonight. They wanted me to worry about my business.”

Charlotte reached into her bag and pulled out a bottled water.

“Want one?”

Callie politely declined before reaching into her jacket pocket to pull out a flask. “Nah, got my own.”

The Vegas Vixen smirked. “What about you?” Did you get enough of Prissy-tits at Death Wish or is there gonna be another sliding elbow in her future?”

“I’ll give her as many of these elbows as it takes,” Callie said. “Maybe I’ll lay in one or two for Raevynn just for you. And hey…” Callie looked at Charlotte. “I want you to know that I feel for what happened to you out there. You got dicked and not in the good way. But if I get a chance to beat Raevynn and get a chance to put myself in contention for that Starlet Title, you know that I’m going to take it.”

“Sweetie, I’d expect nothing less,” Charlotte said with a pat on Callie’s back. “What do you say we go out there and start kicking some ass and show Pastyface and Prissy-tits how real girls get it done?”

“No wonder your husband loves you so much… let’s do it!”

Callie and Charlotte shared a laugh before the scene faded elsewhere.

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Amber Ryann

At Death Wish, Amber Ryann was cheated out of a victory and later in the evening, issued a challenge to Tammy Lynn Foster for tonight’s iNtense. The challenge was accepted and now these two will get a one on one confrontation!

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

The people booed as Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out from the backstage area. She was victorious in the triple threat match against Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss at Death Wish and she looked to ride that momentum into another victory here tonight. Tammy climbed into the ring and warmed up as he music faded.

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

The crowd stomped their feet to the beat and cheered as Amber Ryann came out from the back, stopping at the top of the entrance ramp. She held her hand high into the air then slammed her fist into the canvas causing four pyro explosions on stage, each a color represented in her hair. She then made her way to the ring, sporting her iconic dragonfly mask. She rolled in under the bottom rope and passed her mask off to ringside when starlet referee Kim Adams called for the bell




The two of them circled and locked up in the center of the ring. Foster used a go behind into a waist lock, but Ryann fired a pair of back elbows to break the grip. Ryann pivoted and began to hit some quick kicks to Foster’s thigh, slowly backing her toward the corner, but Foster blocked one of the kicks and stepped in close, hitting a forearm to the face of Ryann. Foster shifted the momentum and it was Foster that was driving Ryann backwards toward the opposite neutral corner. As Ryann neared the corner, she blocked a shot from Foster and fired back with a knife edge chop across the chest. Ryann fired another knife edge chop, then a third as she was now backing Foster up to the middle of the ring. Foster countered a chop with a knee lift and then hit a clubbing blow to Ryann’s upper back, dropping her down to a knee.

Foster grabbed Ryann by her colorful hair and pulled her back up to a vertical base. She then quickly scoop slammed Ryann onto the canvas and took off to the ropes. Foster went for a running elbow drop, but Ryann rolled out of the way. Foster stood and tried for it again, but Ryann rolled out of the way a second time. Foster went for a third attempt, but Ryann rolled under the bottom ropes to the outside. Foster stood and had a disgruntled look on her face. She exited the ring, but when she hopped off the ring apron to the floor, Amber stood up and kicked her right in the stomach!

Foster fell to a knee as Amber gained some distance. She charged along the floor and nailed a Seated Drop Kick right into Foster’s face!! Kim Adams was up to a count of four when Amber pulled Tammy back up, rolling her into the ring. Amber then got up on the apron and grabbed a hold of the top rope. She slung herself over with a flipping senton, but Tammy put the knees up and Amber crashed down hard on top of them. Foster quickly went for a cover, hooking the leg…


Only a fleeting one count as Ryann kicked out almost immediately!

Tammy quickly sat Ryann up and placed her into her patented Surfboard submission hold that she called Hogtied! She wanted to wear down Amber Ryann in the early going and keep her grounded as she knew that Ryann could take to the air at any time and that would spell trouble for Tammy Lynn if she did. Amber started to build up some energy and the crowd clapping along helped fuel her. She fought back to her feet and fired a mule kick behind her into Tammy’s mid-section. Amber spun and leapt up, kicking Foster in the side of the head with a Gamengiri!

Foster staggered back, falling against the ropes. She tried to shake it off as Amber got back up to her feet and charged in. Foster lifted Ryann up and over to the outside where Ryann landed on her feet. Foster turned around and was met with a forearm to the face that caused her to stagger back. When Foster turned and faced Ryann, Ryann leapt off with a Springboard Huracanrana, but Foster caught her and countered…


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!!

Amber Ryann’s head slammed onto the canvas as she never expected a counter like that and Tammy Lynn Foster looked to capitalize with a cover!!



Amber kicked out!

Foster brought Amber back up to her feet where she was still dazed from that very harsh powerbomb by Tammy Lynn Foster. Foster tried to whip Ryann to the ropes, but Ryann lost her footing and fell to her knees. She held the back of her head as she tried to get back up to her feet, but she was on spaghetti legs. This didn’t look right and Kim Adams even checked on Ryann to make sure she wasn’t out on her feet. Amber audibly said she could continued, but when she turned to face Foster, Foster drilled her with a vicious lariat, knocking her onto the back of her neck and head again!

Foster quickly went for another cover, hooking the leg in deep.



Thre… NO!!

Kickout by Amber Ryann

Amber was really on dream street after that. Foster stood and said it was over and that this match was going to be wrapped up rather quickly. Tammy grabbed Amber and placed her between her legs. Amber was lifted into the Gory Guerrero Special position, but she slipped off and landed behind Foster, stumbling a bit. Foster turned around as Ryann leapt up with a Spinning Heel Kick and knocked Foster down. Amber tried to stand, but she got dizzy and collapsed to the canvas. She tried to get up again, but had to stumble quickly to the ropes just to hold herself up.

Amber dared Foster to get back to her feet. She did so and Amber kind of zig zagged over to Foster and grabbed her by the hair. When she pulled her up, Foster jammed an elbow into her stomach and then whipped her to the ropes. Amber leapt up onto the middle rope and hopped over Foster with the Mega Man X Wall Jump, however, when she landed on her feet, she lost her balance and twisted down to her hands and knees. As she stood, Foster quickly grabbed her from behind in a waist lock and rammed her front side first into the turnbuckles. She then rolled through with a Rolling German Suplex…


After hitting the German, she held Amber down in the cover…



Thr… NO!!

Amber kicked out again!

After kicking out, Amber remained face down on the canvas. Tammy stood and placed her foot on the small of Amber’s back, stepping over her and gloating to the crowd who gave her nothing but boos. Foster grinned because she felt she had this one in the bag. She pulled Amber up by her hair and to Tammy’s surprise, Amber began to fire away with punches to the mid-section. She then drove Tammy back into the corner and hit her with repeated shoulder blocks, doubling her over. Amber then switched it up to vicious forearm shot after forearm shot until Tammy fell into a seated position.

Amber stumbled out of the corner and turned towards Foster. She charged in, looking for a running knee strike, but her accuracy was a bit off and she missed her head entirely! Tammy quickly spun out of the corner from the seated position and tried to capitalize on the mistake with a schoolgirl roll up!



Kick away by Amber Ryann!

Ryann staggered back to her feet when Foster charged in and nailed a Running Knee Strike to the side of Amber’s head!! Amber just corpsed on the canvas and showed no signs of movement from that. The referee went to check on Amber, but Tammy shoved the referee aside!!! Tammy quickly grabbed the lifeless Amber Ryann and pulled her between her legs. She lifted Amber into the Gory Guerrero Special position and then nailed the Gory Neckbreaker!






You could count to 100 at this point and Amber still wouldn’t have kicked out. It all began when Tammy nailed that harsh powerbomb. Amber’s head hit the canvas so hard, it gave her a terrible whiplash effect. The lariat dropped her on the back of her head and then that knee strike pretty much sealed Amber’s fate. The Trailer Hitch probably wasn’t even necessary, but Tammy Lynn Foster didn’t care one bit. To her, this was just another victory under her belt and her second dominant showing in a row. The starlet division should be put on notice because that impact that Tammy Lynn Foster wanted to make was made over the past couple of events.

Foster exited the ring and headed to the back as Kim Adams checked on Amber Ryann who wasn’t moving or responding at all. Adams was pretty concerned and motioned for a medic to come out from the back, but instead, Alyssa Corliss came running down!!!

Corliss entered the ring and grabbed Adams, tossing her out to the floor. Alyssa grinned as she finally had Amber Ryann right where she wanted her. Alyssa pulled the lifeless Ryann up to her feet and hooked her in a front chancery…


Not this…

Alyssa lifted Amber and dropped her right on her face with the sit-out gordbuster…


Amber hit the canvas with a sickening thud and just laid there. Alyssa simply stood over Amber Ryann as the medics finally ran out from the back and slid into the ring. They all forced Alyssa out while one of them checked on Amber. They signaled for a stretcher and one was brought out from the back. There was some concern among the crowd as they all stood and watched what was going on in the ring

The medics rolled Amber onto her back and then slid her under the bottom rope, placing her on the stretcher. Before they could strap her in, Amber jolted as if she were startled awake. The medics tried to hold her down, but Amber refused their help and got off the stretcher. She took a moment to hold her head and tried to walk forward. She made it about three steps before she fell to her knee. She tried to stand back up but she almost fell backwards. Thankfully, the medics were there to catch her.

The medics helped Amber up the ramp to the back.

This didn’t look good for Amber Ryann.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"The Best Laid Plans..."

“Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch began to blast throughout the Arena of Champions and instantly the fans within the arena all stood to their feet and began booing. Before the Jolt Champion even had a chance to emerge through the entrance curtain the chants started to echo throughout the arena.


Finally Landon Stevens stepped through the entrance curtains with a huge smile on his face. Stevens had both of his hands behind his back as he walked out to the middle of entrance stage, then pulled from behind his back the Jolt Championship and a mockingly shocked look came across his face. Stevens lifted the belt up into the air a bit, looked at it, and feigned fainting.

The chanting from the crowd began to grow even louder with Landon’s antics as he tossed the belt over his shoulder and started making his way toward the ring. Despite his actions there were young children who didn’t care on the way down toward the ring who had outstretched arms across the safety railing hoping for the opportunity to touch the champion or even get a high five from him.

Landon took the time to antagonize one small child as the camera watched. The child had his arm outstretched and the smile on his face only grew as Landon stopped in his tracks and turned to the child. Landon outstretched his own arm in return, but he made sure there were several inches left between his hand and the child’s hand. Landon leaned forward a little bit, but still keeping the child at length laughing the entire time.


The chants began growing increasingly louder as Landon laughed hysterically at the child then turned his attention back to the ring. Stevens quickly jumped up onto the apron of the ring, stepped through the ropes, and made his way to the center of the ring where a microphone was waiting for him. Stevens grabbed the microphone off of the canvas, adjusted his championship on his shoulder, and folded his arms.

“First off,” Landon began, trying to break through the outrageous sound of the crowd, “I just want to say how sorry I am to any of you here tonight who lost money betting on the idea that, that washed up never was Jesse Ramey could beat me at Death Wish.”

This only caused the crowd to get louder, showing evidence that there were several members of the audience on hand who had actually placed money on Ramey winning the Jolt Championship at Death Wish from Landon Stevens.

“The odds were stacked against me at Death Wish.” Stevens continued, “Ramey had been given the opportunity to go against members of the Jolt roster who I had previously beat, and he was able to manage victory as well. Not to mention the fact that he was allowed to choose the stipulation for our match after winning that bogus trivia show, and guess what?”

Landon allowed for a long pause as he waited for some kind of response from the crowd to his question in typical prick fashion.

“It doesn’t matter how many people that put up against me in the middle of this ring, or if they put me up against a challenger in a match with rules that he defined in some other promotion.” Landon slipped the Jolt Championship from his shoulder and lifted it into the air with his free arm, “I’m not the longest reigning Jolt Champion in the history of the new era because I’m not some push over!”

“Now, I know at about this point in time you’re all waiting for someone to step through those curtains to cut me off and show their integrity to challenge me for this championship.” Landon’s demeanor changed to a more low tone, “It’s not going to happen. There isn’t anyone on this roster that I haven’t stepped toe to toe with that have put their first foot forward and been dropped at my hands. It’s just not going to happen, no one and I mean NO ONE is going to take this championship away from me until I decide to relinquish it!”

“You’re right about one thing, Landon.” The familiar voice of Damien Lee rang throughout the arena as he slowly emerged through the entrance curtains, “No one so far has been able to unseat you as the Jolt Champion, and at this current moment in time we do not have a number one contender for your championship. On the iNtense before Wired I am going to host a Battle Royal to determine who will challenge you for that championship at Wired.”

Landon chuckled, “It doesn’t matter who wins your battle royal Lee, the results at Wired are going to be the same as they have been every single time I step foot in the center of this ring and I put my belt on the line. I’m walking out with the championship still around my waist!”

“Good,” Lee continued, “keep that confidence up Stevens. You’re going to need it because whoever wins the battle royal isn’t going to challenge you in a pure wrestling style match like Ramey gave you. At Wired you’re defending that championship in a ladder match.”

Stevens looked a little miffed at the idea of having to defend his championship in a ladder match, but he shrugged it off as Five Finger Death Punch kicked back up within the arena. Stevens hoisted the Jolt Championship up into the air as the scene faded.

"A Welcome Burden"

Since his introduction on The Hype, Pietro Geist never found himself in the situation he was currently in. He found himself alone. His beloved Lorelei was still at home recovering. It didn't help matters that he had distanced himself from the few allies he had. The Underground Champion was in a dark place. A new side of the uberkreiger was unveiled at Death Wish. A monster long kept chained deep down inside of Geist was unshackled and let loose upon the world. The monster got him the revenge on Jeremy Ryan that he so greatly desired and kept the Underground Title around his waist. There's just one problem with giving the monster a taste of freedom, getting it back into its cage.

Geist sat garbed in the same blood-stained military attire that he wore at Death Wish. A white respirator with red biohazard symbols on the filters dangled from his neck, while his blond hair covered the upper half of his face, allowing only small glimpses of the features underneath. His eyes were focused on the ground in front of him, as he sat in a metal folding chair, and they never moved even with the sound of the locker room door opening. Dawn Cassidy made her way up to him with a camera man in tow, a little cautious in her approach. She never spoke with Geist since he normally had Lorelei in the forefront with a microphone in hand.

"Good evening, Pietro. Can I get a minute of your time?"

He slowly ran his fingers through his hair, removing it from his face and in the process, exposing his heavily stitched forehead and the myriad of stitches painted on to match. The Todesengel looked as if he was patched together by Dr. Frankenstein himself. Dawn took a step backwards with Geist rising up to his feet, his eyes nothing more than spheres of crimson.

"Spare me shour pleasantries. Make shour vords meaningful or shou vill be disected for all the world to see."

That made the intrepid reporter's eyes widen and she gulped with the German monster stepping towards her.

"Yeah... so... let me say congrats on your victory at Death Wish..."

"Shour time is rapidly growing smaller. Get to zhe point, shou wretched parasite."

"Well, after your match, we witnessed the return of the former Underground Champion Omega. Even Helen Keller can see that he has his sights on the title you carry."

"And shou are here to do shour duty as jOlt's top interviewer to get mein feelings on zhe matter."

"Uh yeah..."

Once pulling it from the door of his locker, Pietro threw his title down on the floor before the interviewer.

"Zhat title is zhe bane of zhis promotion's existence. After shou capture it, it does one of two zhings: it brings unbearable pain und sorrow to shour life or it causes vhatever good lies deep inside to vither und die, leaving only zhe evil behind. In spite of zhat, it draws people to it like zhe proverbial moths to a flame. Omega is just zhe newest moth hoping to once again feel zhe varmth of zhe fire. I know vhat zhe others zhink of him. He is jOlt's... how do shou American's say it... boogeyman. Zhe trainers und veterans used to tell stories of him during mein time in zhe Hype. Zhey hoped to strike enough fear in zhe rookies to make zhem urinate in zheir beds at night. Believe mein vords, Fraulein Cassidy. I have great knowledge of the sociopath named Omega."

While many would think that the uberkreiger was nothing more than a beast with Lorelei doing most of his talking, the truth was the polar opposite. Dawn found him to be well-spoken and she hung on his every word.

"However, do not let mein vords und respect for him be seen as fear. It is no secret zhat the loss of mein Lorelei has had some unepected and dangerous results. Omega may be the monster others claim he is, shet vhat stands before shou now is truly a monster in its own right. Lorelei was zhe only zhing keeping mein rage und bloodlust from engulfing me. Her love countered mein fury. Her love quenched mein terrible zhirst for blood. Zhe night Jeremy Ryan injured her, he unwittingly allowed a monster to come forth. He was zhe first to feel mein wrath, but mark mein vords, he vill not be zhe last. Zhe monster hungers for blood und it vill not stop until it gets its fill."

Dawn watched him closely, feeling the rage boiling within him.

"You said it yourself, you got your revenge on Ryan. Can't you let the anger die?"

"It is true zhat mein hunger for vengeance vas satisfied. However, I must now use zhat rage to fuel me, as I make sure zhat no one else suffers due to zhis title. Be it poor luck for the past holders or zhat zhe title is truly cursed, no one else vill suffer from it. It is a blight on jOlt... a dangerous burden zhat no set of shoulders can carry. No shoulders... except mine. Zhe Underground Title brings out zhe vorst in zhose who carry it. Derecho lost his sanity und became addicted to violence, fiending for it like a junkie. Everyone's beloved Ninja K became a self-satisfied bastard. Sylo lost control und zhe infamous Superbeast reared its ugly head. Zhey were and in zhe case of K und Derecho still are veak. Zhey lacked zhe villpower to keep the demon in check. It vill not dirty mein soul. Let its curse amplify mein fury, as it vill do nothing more zhan give me zhe power to protect all others from it. A hero vill sacrifce for the greater good und I vill lead by example. Heavy is zhe head zhat wears the crown. It is my burden to protect others from zhemselves und zhe horrors zhe Underground Title brings vith it. For jOlt's sake, I hope zhat any fool insane enough to challenge me vill hear mein words and zhink better of it. Unfortunately, everyone knows zhat it is inevitable. So, moths flutter shour vings und come to zhe seductive light of the Underground Title for shou vill learn zhat zhe light is nothing more zhan zhe fires of hell ready to scorch your flesh."

Geist scooped up his title and gave Dawn one last look.

"Do not pester me again."

With that, the Todesengel made his exit, leaving Dawn and the camera man to their own thoughts.

Charlotte & Callie Scott vs Sarah Winterton & Raevynn

This match would be a rematch of one that occurred back on Intense 108 and would pit four of the many talented and hard-working Starlets in action tonight. Three off these four women have been to the top of the division already with another one already on the way there. Raevynn, the new Starlet Champion, lorded over her victory over the talented Charlotte at Death Wish.

Sarah Winterton was now free once again to chase after the title now that Charlotte was no longer the champion. Charlotte wanted to rip Raevynn’s head off her shoulders and Callie “Scrapper” Scott wanted a win here tonight following the biggest win she ever had against Sarah Winterton at Death Wish and looked to cement her place for a future title shot.

Four lovely ladies ready to fight for our amusement… let’s rock that shit.

“The following contest is a Starlets Tag Team match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler who was coming off a very successful PPV debut. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting a new black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“First, from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 138 pounds… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

Callie took off her black leather half-jacket and hung it on the ring apron as she waited for her partner.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion Charlotte!

“And her partner, making her way to the ring from the City of Sin… weighing in at 132 pounds, CHARLOTTE!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring in a getup that had her dressing like a sexy nurse in a pink get-up! She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts! She reached over and shook hands with Callie Scott before the two ladies waited for their opponents.

The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the former Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing from the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and meet a woman… a woman who was ROBBED at Death Wish thanks to this little… that, that STREET URCHIN! Meet the woman that will walk down to this ring, teach both this red-headed harlot and this knuckle-dragging menace that there is only one true queen of the Starlets...”


“She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area with a very cross look on her face. Winterton was quickly tired of the nuisance called Callie Scott and had been upset by the brawling Starlet looked to prove that Death Wish was nothing more than a fluke. Both Desta and Winterton stopped at the ramp as the final woman approached.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Tempation.


As loud as the booing was for Sarah Winterton, it was even louder for the Rebellion’s Starlet contingent. She had pulled off the unthinkable and she had pulled out a major upset over the two-time champion Charlotte in order to win the title for the very first time!

“And her partner, from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 120 pounds, she is the NEW Starlet Champion… representing The Rebellion, this is RAEVYNN!

If looks could kill, the one that Charlotte was giving Raevynn as she walked down the ramp would’ve left a smoking crater where she walked. Raevynn looked smug as she held the championship in the air. Charlotte wanted to jump out there after her, but Callie Scott kept her back. The Starlet referee Kim Adams was in the ring as all four ladies got to their corners. She called for the bell.


Things were going to start off with the Queen of the Starlets taking on The Vegas Vixen in another battle of their year-long rivalry over the Starlet Championship. Winterton locked up with Charlotte and took her down with a Single Leg. Taking Charlotte to the mat game was the sure place that she was able to take her down so that’s where she was going to put her. She quickly went for a lateral press.



Charlotte kicked out at one, but Winterton crept up behind her and went for a Schoolgirl pin trying to disorient her.




Charlotte kicked out again, but for old time’s sake, Sarah was clear…


The crowd cringed from the slap that took Charlotte over and knocked her silly. Winterton and Desta both laughed and as much as she didn’t care for the Queen’s antics in and out of the ring, even Raevynn smirked a little bit at the former champion getting her hands dirty. Charlotte checked her lip for blood, but then jumped…

Charlotte immediately went for a Double Leg Takedown on Winterton! The Queen of the Starlets was unable to defend herself form the wrath of the fiery redhead as she continued to smash her head against the canvas in vicious fashion! Desta had limped towards ringside, still holding her side as she protested.


Mrs. Huber gave her the old double bird from inside the ring and the crowd popped major for it! Charlotte continued to bring the pain to the current Starlet Champion as she drilled her in the head with some straight-up punches to the face. She backed Winterton into the ropes and launched her off only for her to come back right into a hard Leg Lariat!

After the impact of the move, Charlotte was back on her feet standing proudly as she once again grabbed Winterton by her hair. She quickly jumped and stopped her in her tracks with a kneeling Jawbreaker. Sarah led her by the arm and Irish Whipped her across the ring into the opposite corner. A groggy, but angry Winterton charged and went looking for her signature Cross Body in the corner only for Charlotte to get the elbow up, catching Winterton in the jaw once again!

Charlotte was dominating right now and continued this as she turned Winterton around and snapped her over with a Suplex. The crowd continued their strong support Charlotte and Ramey as she started to climb to the top rope. The former Starlet Champion waited for Winterton to stand up before jumping down on her with a big Diving Cross Body! She went right into the cover!




Winterton kicked out, but Charlotte picked her up by the hair and dragged her over to the corner where the tag was made to Callie Scott. The crowd cheered the brawler for getting into the ring, but Winterton quickly ducked away from The Vegas Vixen to roll over and made the tag to Raevynn.

The new Starlet Champion looked pissed off that her partner forced her to tag in, but the Starlet Champion did not show any fear of The Scrappera s she got into the ring with her.

Callie got into a fighting stance when Raevynn shoved her away. She turned back and speared her down to the ground before tackling her and throwing punches right to her face.

The very physical Callie Scott threw more hands into the face of the Rebellion representative. She tried to cover herself up from the brutal shots and had to get to the ropes to do it. The referee had to make Callie back off and she eventually did by counting. Callie rolled past her and pulled her up by the arm before pulling Raevynn into a HARD Short-Arm Clothesline. The fans cheered for the Scrapper as she went for a quick cover to try and end it quickly.



And an early kickout from Callie, but The Scrapper was already up and she hit Raevynn in the mouth with another big elbow. She backed up against the ropes and tried to grab her again when Kim Adams had to step in to keep her from getting attacked some more. Callie attacked her again in the ropes and this time, started throwing a series of hard knees upwards into the chest and face of the Rebellion representative.

She then charged over right towards the Queen of the Starlets and tried to pull her into the ring. Desta ran right to her queen’s side and held onto her leg trying to keep the Scrapper from getting her in the ring where she wanted her. She turned and got kicked in the face by Raevynn for her troubles!

The Scrapper went down quickly and Raevynn quickly landed a series of hard knees to the face to wear her down. She finally stood up and jumped a big knee drop to the top of the head before rolling her right into a cover.



Scrapper kicked out.

And true to form Sarah Winterton stood there and wanted the tag so she got it. Now that her new rival was incapacitated, The Queen of the Starlets was happy to get her hands dirty now. Raevynn pulled Callie up by her hair and allowed Sarah a free shot by flying off the turnbuckle and landing a big dropkick from the apron. Sarah waved to the crowd and hooked the leg.



Close, but no cigar!

The Queen of the Starlets sneered at the referee for what she perceived to be a slow count and went to attacking the brawling Starlet. She lifted her up by her arm only to drop down with a double knee armbreaker that brought her down to the canvas! She was hurt and Winterton was looking to soften her up for the Ermine Cape armbar submission.

She turned over and while Callie was hurt, she twisted the arm around and dropped her into the canvas with a quick arm dragon screw. She was in a bad position now while Charlotte watched and waited for any chance to tag in and get her hands on the hostile Queen.

Inside the ring she pulled her up and rolled Callie over with a snapmare. A huge kick to the back followed and then she finished off the combination with a dropkick to the back of the head that she called…




No way! The Scrapper kicked out much to the shock and dismay of The Queen of the Starlets.

She rolled over and made another tag to Raevynn who arrogantly stood over the wounded Scrapper looking as if she had no care in the world. She started paintbrushing the back of the Scrapper’s head and continued to talk trash. She turned over to Charlotte and held out Callie’s hand.

“Get in here, ex-champ!” Raevynn shouted in her ear. “Nah … I would just beat you again!

Charlotte was flustered and wanted in, chomping at the bit to get into the ring, but Callie was too far. She waited for the chance to go on the assault so she pulled her up and whipped her into the corner. Before she could get at her completely, she charged and elbowed her…


Raevynn felt the wrath of the superwoman punch and went down hard, but now Callie needed the tag. Charlotte was fresh and needed to get in the ring right away. Callie fought towards her corner now and reached over so that way she could make the tag to her friend. Raevynn was laid out but needed the chance to get to her own corner as well.

Raevynn crawled over to the corner where Sarah Winterton was waiting to make the tag. The Starlets Championship tagged to the former champion and now both Winterton and Charlotte were in the ring once more.

Winterton and Charlotte met in the middle of the ring and the Queen fired some knees into her chest. Unfortunately, Sarah’s attempt at an uppercut was side stepped and Charlotte fired back with some elbows to the face that her husband Derrick Huber taught her.

She continued to fire the punches now and scrapped with The Queen of the Starlets before she powered her up and took her down with a snap suplex. The athletic champion nipped up to her feet and headed off the ropes…


The springboard moonsault found its mark and now Charlotte tried going for the win over her fellow former champion.



Raevynn to the rescue!

The Starlets Champion broke into the ring and elbowed Charlotte in the back of her head. She pulled her up and was looking for the chance to finish off Charlotte when The Scrapper came back into the ring and landed a shot gut style dropkick to the chest that knocked her down. Raevynn rolled out to the floor and she reached over to pick up her Starlets Title from the ringside area. Winterton was crawling towards Raevynn, but the first lady of the Rebellion wasn’t wanting to get involved any more.

“Hey! HEY!”

Raevynn had enough of this match and now Charlotte watched the new champion hightail it out of harm’s way. Winterton tried to catch Charlotte offguard with a backslide pin!




Charlotte kicked out of her attempt to steal one in the match. Winterton shoved Charlotte into the ropes which allowed Callie Scott to make the tag! Charlotte came back and she landed a spinning heel kick to the Queen. She was down and laid out which left an opening for The Scrapper …


The crowd cheered as the sliding D elbow found its mark! Callie Scott rolled over and covered Sarah while Charlotte watched Raevynn make it halfway back up the ramp with her title.




For the second time in a few weeks, Callie Scott had just pinned Sarah Winterton in the middle of the ring! Callie stood up and celebrated the victory along with Charlotte. The Vegas Vixen gestured towards the Starlets Champion Raevynn watching her hold up her belt.

Callie Scott was doing the same thing when she patted her skull and crossbones elbow pad and pointed at Raevynn.

“There’s one of these coming for you, too!”

Desta attended to the fallen Winterton in the ring again but now the story was that Charlotte and Callie Scott were now both with their eyes set on the Starlets Championship. Raevynn was the champion, but how long would her luck last?

Winner: Charlotte & Callie Scott via Pinfall

"Last Chance"

Rainbow Serpent stood before Vinny Zahorian as a medic checked the bruises around his throat. He turned around, looking at the Head Trainer and shook his head. He clapped a hand on Serpent’s shoulders and left the room. The rookie sat in a chair, pulling his t-shirt up off the ground and just sat there in silence. Zahorian took a chair from the otherside of the room and placed it in front of Serpent.

“Listen, kid… I got a lot of respect for you. You got heart. Miles and miles of it. Hell, you got more heart than most the guys in this locker room but they got something you don’t have,” he explained.

Rainbow Serpent looked up at him, letting the trainer continue.

Zahorian sighed. “They got experience, kid. Buckets of it. You’re the greenest guy on the iNtense roster. Everybody here has earned their dues. Yeah, you paid some of those in Australia and being from Australia seems to have a bit of weight in America but it doesn’t get you over the line inside that ring.”

Shaking his head, Rainbow Serpent sat back in his chair like a little kid being scolded. He folded his arms across his chest, probably pouting behind his mask.

Zahorian continued. “All those matches you wrestled there don’t seem to measure up in comparison. There’s a reason the whole world comes to the States, kid.

“The best are here.”

Bursting to his feet, Rainbow Serpent turned his back to Zahorian to remove his mask and put his t-shirt on. Then he tugged the mask back into place.

“I don’t care, hey? I got what it takes… I know it!” Serpent argued. “The fans, cuz, they’re lovin’ me. They’re gettin’ behind me and cheerin’ me and I just KNOW… I KNOW!... that I’m gonna get my dues here in jOlt.”

The kid attempted to leave but Zahorian clapped a hand down on his shoulder.

“Serpent. I’m gonna have to recommend to the bookers that they relegate you to Hype.”

Vinny’s words carried weight and you could see the blow hit the rookie right in the chest. He almost had to sit down again but then desperation kicked in. He moved up to Zahorian, hands together as if in prayer.

“Vinny, please. Please don’t do that. I got it, cuz. I got what it takes, hey? Gimme another shot, mate. C’mon! Please!” begged the rookie.

Running a hand through his hair, Zahorian was caught between a rock and a hard place. The kid had vim and vigour and wanted to be great, but the truth was when it came to the big guys, he was a long way off. At Thieves Honor, Orphan systematically pulled him apart, leaving him injured and off the card for a couple of weeks. Then at Death Wish, he bit off more than he could chew again, after overcoming adversity, and was choked out by Diamond Jewelz. Now here he was, being attended to for the bruising around his throat with the medical staff not ready to commit that kind of injury back to in-ring competition, out in the cold.

“I dunno. I got a responsibility for you and your career,” explained Zahorian. “I just don’t know if letting you stay up here with the big dogs is the right solution for you.”

Shaking his head, Serpent grabbed Zahorian by the shirt front. “Don’t do this to me, hey? C’mon, bro. Just one more chance. ONE more chance. I can prove it to you. If I lose at Wired… you can bust my arse to Japan even. Just gimme another go.”

He let go of Zahorian’s shirt and smoothed it down before looking back up at him.


Zahorian, hands on hips, sighed heavily and smiled at the kid. “Last chance.”

“You won’t regret this,” promised the rookie. “I got your back.”

"A Humble Request"

The scene opened up backstage in Damien Lee's office. Sayber walked in through the door, but stopped. He almost forgot that he wasn't barging into Lee's office like the old days anymore. Sayber then knocked on Lee's open door. This caused Lee to look up from his paperwork.

"May I talk to you?" asked Sayber

"Sure.. come in. Have a seat" said Lee.

"I'll stand, thanks. I know things weren't always great between you and I because of who I was associated with, but I don't have anyone else to turn to now and I..." said Sayber before Lee held up his hand.

"Stop. You don't have to go any further. I saw what happened out there earlier and I have to commend you for your actions. Leaving The Rebellion was a smart decision on your part and, honestly, you never really fit in with them. I understand why you did it.. it was your ticket for revenge. Personally, I don't know if I would have done the same thing, but after being cost the Hype Championship, after being robbed of having a lengthy reign as its first-ever champion, and after getting sent to the hospital twice, I understand that you would have probably done anything to get your hands on Derecho." said Lee.

"I am only glad that you understand. I was blind to have trusted Jon Le Bon. He made a promise and broke it right in my face. At that moment I realized I was going to continue to be squandered and detracted from my goal.. to end Derecho for trying to do the same to me.. so I decided I'm going to take matters into my own hands. Damien.. I am asking.. can I have him tonight here on iNtense?" said Sayber

Lee lowered his head and sighed.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but Derecho isn't here tonight He's still recovering from nagging injuries suffered in his match with Aran Thompson at Death Wish. They tore each other apart and after seeing that.. after seeing what Derecho did to Omega... you still want to go through with this knowing that you could very well be hospitalized for a third time? And what if it's the last time? What if Derecho beats you to the point where it ends your career this time? He almost did it twice, you know." said Lee.

Sayber smirked

"Things are different. Before I was a simple rookie with a big head and no game plan. Now... I see things clearly and I've seen enough of Derecho to know what to expect. This time, it's going to be different. Derecho will not walk over me for a third time. If he does, I'm going to make it the toughest battle of his life. Just because I'm a rookie the eyes of the world doesn't make me incapable. It just makes me all that more dangerous." said Sayber

Lee nodded his head.

"I see you're prepared. Fine then. Since the last time you were defeated by Derecho and sent to the hospital by him was at Wired last year.. then this year, I'll give you a night for redemption. It will be you versus Derecho at Wired again this year. Symbolic and fitting, wouldn't you agree?" asked Lee.

"It couldn't be any more perfect! I accept!" said Sayber


Sayber turned around and Jon Le Bon was standing in the doorway.

"The little outcast that could got what he wanted. That's cute. Congratulations Sayber... since you're not part of The Rebellion, you went to Damien Lee and got your match. I figured you'd come here, but I'm afraid that there's still a little tiny matter of you leaving The Rebellion and earlier tonight, I told you that there would be consequences. Since we're all having a good time booking things.. I'm going to use my power of booking to book you in a match against Seraph. We'll just see if you even make it to Wired for your precious match. Oh... and your match? It's up next. Ta!"

Le Bon grinned and walked away. Sayber clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. He was ready for anything.. and tonight.. he had Seraph!

Sayber vs Seraph

We are back from commecial break as the camera pans around the crowd.

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

The people stood up and cheered as Sayber stepped out from the backstage area. He knelt down at the top of the entrance ramp and right when the heaviest part of the intro kicked in, he stood and stretched out his arms. Two diagonal red pyro explosions went off behind him, symbolizing tiger claw slashes. Sayber walked to the ring for the first time since The Hype as a singles competitor not affiliated with any group. The very first Hype Champion entered the ring and the crowd was pumped as they, too, respected his decision to leave The Rebellion. Sayber paced back and forth as his music died off.

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica"

The lights went out and pulsed to the opening drums of the song. Out from the back stepped "God's War Machine" Seraph. Seraph earned the title of The Hype's True Monster during his tenure there and while he has been rather timid since coming to the main roster and being part of The Rebellion, we have zero doubt that Jon Le Bon ordered Seraph to unleash nothing less than absolute hell on Sayber here tonight. Seraph made it to the ring as he grasped the ropes and pulled himself onto the apron before stepping over the top rope and inside the ring.

The arena returned to normal and the referee called for the bell.




Seraph merely tilted his head as Sayber readied himself. Sayber inched himself closer and closer to Seraph as he stood there. Sayber faked a punch and threw a kick, but Seraph saw through it and grabbed Sayber's leg, trapping it against the side of his body. Seraph then reached out and grabbed Sayber by the neck and lifted him straight up into the air, but Sayber slipped out and landed off to Seraph's side. Sayber quickly hit quick kicks to Seraph's leg to try and get the big man off of his feet, but again, Seraph grabbed Sayber by the leg, tapping it. This time Seraph picked up Sayber and drove him back-first into the turnbuckle pads where he opened up with heavy right hands to Sayber's mid-section.

When Seraph was satisfied with his damage there, he smashed his face right into Sayber's with a headbutt! Seraph hit another thunderous headbutt causing Sayber to fall to a seated position in the corner. Seraph then pressed his massive boot against Sayber's neck, choking him. The referee started the mandatory five count and Seraph took all of it before he released the illegal choke hold. Sayber pulled himself up, but Seraph went right back to the attack with a knee lift in the corner. He hit a second knee lift then a third and Sayber doubled over and landed on his knees, holding his stomach in pain. Seraph then grabbed Sayber by the top of his head and rained down heavy haymaker right hands to the top of the temple.

The referee got Seraph to back off as Sayber used the ropes to pull himself back up. Seraph briskly walked back to the corner, but Sayber surprised him with a back elbow to the jaw! Seraph staggered back and then got a full head of steam, but Sayber moved and Seraph rammed chest first into the corner! Sayber then began to unleash rapid fire kicks to Seraph's lower back! Seraph turned around in the corner as Sayber backed off. Sayber got a running start and nailed a Drop Kick right into Seraph's face! Seraph grabbed the top rope and hung on as Sayber got some distance again and hit another running Drop Kick to the face of Seraph!

Now it was Seraph that fell into the seated position in the corner. Sayber returned the favor and hit knee strike after knee strike to the top of Seraph's head. He also took an entire five count from the referee to back off. Seraph, however, sucked up the pain and immediately pulled himself up to his feet! He reached out and grabbed Sayber by the neck with both hands and threw him back first into the corner! Seraph unleashed another series of powerful headbutts that dropped Sayber back down into the corner. The referee had to step in, yet again, and get Seraph to back off. Sayber shook off the effects and pulled himself up, but Seraph shoved the referee aside and charged in, hitting a body avalanche in the corner. Seraph then grabbed Sayber and tossed him to the center of the ring with a giant hip toss! Seraph crouched down in the corner and measured up Sayber. When Sayber staggered up, Seraph charged in, looking for a Running Big Boot, but Sayber side stepped it!

Sayber unleashed a knife edge chop, but it didn't have any effect! He unleashed a second and a third, but with each chop, Seraph just stood there unphased. Sayber switched it up to a forearm, but he only got one in as Seraph grabbed Sayber by the neck and lifted him high into the air with the Military Press. He then let Sayber go, but Sayber was quick with his reflexes and was able to land on his feet!! Sayber then grabbed Seraph in a waist lock, but he couldn't lift the big man. Seraph went for a back elbow, but Sayber ducked it. Seraph went for another and again it was ducked by Sayber. Seraph went for a third and Sayber loosened his grip, causing Seraph to spin around from his own momentum. This is where Sayber hit a knee lift to the stomach, then a club to the back of the neck, followed by a European Uppercut! Sayber repeated this trifect combo! Knee Lift -- Forearm to the Upper Back -- European Uppercut!
Knee Lift -- Forearm to the Upper Back -- European Uppercut!
Knee Lift -- Forearm to the Upper Back -- European Uppercut!
Knee Lift -- Forearm to the Upper Back -- European Uppercut!


After the fifth Uppercut, Sayber spun and nailed a Discus Forearm to Seraph, but it only put him on wobbly legs! He didn't go down! Sayber went for another Discus Forearm, but Seraph still remained on his feet! Sayber took off to the ropes as Seraph shook it off and tried to counter with a clothesline, but Sayber ducked and stopped short. Sayber spun around with two full pivots before nailing a third Discus Lariat with momentum and force and he finally knocked Seraph down to a seated position on the canvas!!

Seraph quickly backed into the ropes and hit a running kick to Seraph's chest. He went to the opposite end and hit another running kick to Seraph's upper back. Sayber took off a third time and this time, delivered a Shining Wizard to Seraph's face!! Sayber stood and looked out to the audience...

Front Flip into a senton..

Standing Moonsault...

Standing Shooting Star Press!!


Sayber had the cover as he hooked the leg...



Seraph powered out of that cover before the referee could fully administer a two count! Sayber stayed on him, putting the boots to Seraph, but Seraph shoved him away and got back to his feet. Seraph charged in, but Sayber countered with a drop toe hold, sending Seraph face first into the turnbuckle pads. Sayber then got a running start and leapt onto Seraph's back with a knee strike! He bounced off Seraph and gained distance once again. Sayber charged back in and hit another leaping knee into Seraph's back! Seraph stood up and staggered toward Sayber. Sayber then caused the entire audience to stand up in shock as he cradled Seraph in his arms.. he then swung him out into a Uranage Slam...



Sayber made the cover, hooking the leg...



Seraph kicked out!

By this time, Jon Le Bon and the rest of The Rebellion poured out from the back and began to walk down towards the ring. The people booed as they all surrounded the ring as Sayber looked around and noticed he was helplessly outnumbered. Sayber readied himself as they each climbed up onto the ring apron... all of a sudden the crowd exploded!!! Eiji Kugasari! Takeshi! Heido! Shoji!! It was the Inogami Clan!!!

The members of The Rebellion hopped off the apron and Seraph rolled out of the ring. The Rebellion scattered over the barricades and through the crowd. All the members of the Inogami Clan hit the ring. After losing the tag team titles to The House at Death Wish, The Rebellion swooped in and stole those titles. However, Eiji Kugarasi and Jon Le Bon have had some words over the past few weeks and tonight, The Inogami Clan made their presence felt. One could say it's also been seven months of frustration since The Rebellion made their debut at Wrestlecade at The Inogami Clan's expense.

While all this was going on, the referee was counting since the match hadn't ended. The referee reached the count of ten and called for the bell!

Dean Carrington: The winner of the match via Countout... SAYBER!

The Inogami Clan remained in the ring as Sayber thanked each of them. They exited together... could Sayber be entertaining a thought about joining the clan? Right now, they're not togehter, but after the clan decided to interfere, could something be brewing there? One must wonder...

Winner: Sayber via Countout

"The Key to it All"

Ruby Rocks Jewelz, dons scintillating tight jeans and a flannel shirt pulled up to her breasts.. She walks through the hallway with a rose, and a box of chocolates and bounces with the exuberance of young love. She goes up to a door marked “Diamond Jewelz” over a golden star, and “Relentless Champion/gOlden bOy Champion” in bold golden letters below it..She pulls on the door but finds it locked…

Knock.. Knock.. Knock.. She gently bangs on the door…

“DJ baby!! Open up….” She whispers gently, hinting at something wonderful for her fiance with her soft soothing voice… She places her ear up against the door. Knock… Knock.. Knock.. She knocks harder..

“DJ… i can hear you in there.. Quit being dumb… Answer the door” She says, annoyed that her surprise of flowers and candy is being spoiled.. Knock… Knock.. Knock.. Kick… Ruby is furious now.. Ruby places her ear up against the door and gasps in shock.. The camera moves closer to pick up male and female moanings and groanings..

“If that’s you Latrell and Khalil, banging some groupie, quit with the games… Is DJ in there sleep.. Let me in guys.. I got a suprise for my man I’m trying to leave before our wdding..”

Knock… Knock.. Knock… Ruby pounds the door again..Her face is blush red with anger. Then she blows out in relief.. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a key. Her bouncing joy againreplaces her anger immediately. Smiling, she jams at the door eager to get in.

“Wait till I tell DJ, that you two idiots where in Here… GASPPPPPPPPPP”

Ruby’s face is flooded with shock and fear and turns blush red again… She drops the flowers and the candy as the camera rushes over to see what she sees. Diamond’s genital area is englufled by the head of some unknown woman and Jewelz has his head back in ecstasy… Just as she jammed the key in and out of the dressing room door to open it, the face of of some mistress is being bounced in and out of the genital area of Diamond Jewelz...

“Oh my God Ruby screams.. Oh my God.. You bastard!!!”

At the screamings of a furious Ruby Rocks Jewelz, the woman pulls her face away from the blowjob to reveal Hype Starlet Vogue Gonsalves… Vogue, hair disheveled, looks up in the sky in disbelief that her tift with Jewelz has been discovered. When Vogue removes her mouth from Jewelz, he leaves his euphoric ecstasy, and holds his head down in dismay,,,

“Baby, calm down..”

“Calm…” Ruby begins removing her apparent engagement ring from her finger. Vogue, full of fear, butt naked, begins to put her clothes on as Diamond puts his exposed penis in his pants.

“Fucking calm..” Ruby tosses the engagement ring. at Jewelz whose pants are falling down tries to catch the ring but instead focuses on holding hi purple drawers up..

“Baby… Baby.. I’m sorry…” Mr. Relentless pouts, showing an unprecedented remorse in his voice.

Ruby charges Jewelz and begins hitting him with kicks and punches… Vogue only in a bra then jumps into the action.. She can’t stand to see Jewelz hurt even if he was just caught in the act of infidelity... The fiance and mistress of DJ are back and forth all over the floor pulling each others hair and clawing and scratching.. Jewelz tries to break up the tift but can’t.. The love triangle is in a dog fight… Jewelz tries his best to break the girls up, but can’t keep break up the catfight and keep his drawers up at the same time.. Finally Them M’fn Goons come running and and are able to pull the girls apart.

“Turn that God Damn Camera off…” Jewelz barks as he places his hand over the camera..


The camera returned to the ring and when it got there, there was already someone inside the ring waiting for a real opportunity on a big stage to climb. The kid had stringy, greasy shoulder length hair, a nice tan, blue trunks with white boots. The crowd gave this kid a positive reaction going for what was about to be a contest.

“This is a tryout match and this will be for a fifteen-minute time limit! First in the ring now from Miami, Florida, this is JT Quinn!”

Tonight he was getting to go up against a member of the roster in a bid to earn himself a jOlt wrestling contract. JT Quinn raised his hands up and received a polite cheer from the crowd who wanted to see some action. Quinn anxiously waited to see who was taking him on.

No music played but when the curtains parted the crowd started to applaud for not one, but two men who did not have a great night at Death Wish. jOlt’s athletic superheavyweight tandem, The House, stood on the top of the ramp and each had a steel chair in their hands and Roebuck was lugging a fold-up table under one arm. “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck stomped down the ramp. JT Quinn looked confused because neither man was coming out with music. They were both dressed in street clothes and their favorite “Don’t Bet Against The House” t-shirts instead of being dressed for wrestling.

The big men climbed into the ring while Quinn leaned back against the corner wondering what the hell the meaning of this interruption was. He heard he was competing against a member of The Hype and not against either member of The House but here they were now. Derrick pushed his chair down and Adam did the same along with the table. They both had a seat in the middle of the ring.

Huber pulled a microphone from his back pocket and a deck of cards. JT Quinn was flabbergasted at this turn of events. Adam seemed to pay him no mind but Derrick Huber was a little more sympathetic to the kid.

“Kid, real sorry to do this to you tonight. I know this is your moment to shine, but I’m afraid there ain’t gonna be much of a show anymore until we get some answers.”

Quinn could not be heard, but he was obviously upset and shouting in their general direction.

“I’m sorry about what’s happening now, kid, but I promise that we’ll make it up to you. We’ll put in a good word for you with the Hype and make sure that you get a fair shake. Right now you need to leave. Things are going to get real ugly real quick.”

Quinn furiously shook his head and left the ring with a offended look on his face. He disappeared behind the curtains now leaving the members of The House in the ring with a cheering crowd.

“I hope that you guys have had a great time so far … but I’m sorry to say that there won’t be another match here on iNtense until we get what we want. We’re doing out here is a little sit-in protest … House style. See … I don’t know if you people saw what happened at Death Wish, but we broke a record in jOlt. The Big Bucks and I did what we’ve set out to do for the better part of 2014 and we finally defeated The Crimson Order to become the only men who have held the jOlt Tag Team Championships for a record-setting third time!”

The crowd was cheering for the two big monsters and their momentous occasion but then got sour real quick when Huber continued.

“But then we saw what happened after the fact. Jon Le Bon … that little fucking pimple on the ass of life stepped in and booked his little bitches, Cross The Hood against us in a no disqualification match. He had his cronies jump us and just as quickly as we won them … we had them taken away. Those little fuckbags unzipped their pants and they PISSED all over the hard work that we and the Crimson Order have been putting into this division! ”

Roebuck took the mic from Huber.

“Sorry, folks. Until we get our rightful rematch and we get to fucking hurt somebody, we’re having a protest. We aren’t going to be having any more of a show until Jon Le Bon marches his midget ass down here with Cross The Hood and we get our rematch for those titles right here TONIGHT~!

The crowd was cheering and they wanted to see it!

Roebuck pulled out a cigar from his back pocket and started to light up in the ring, producing a case of poker chips from his pocket. Huber motioned for the crowd.

“If you guys want to get in on some of this action, we’ve got some more cards here. This ain’t gonna be no bitch fit protest where we pout and complain all night, we’re gonna have a little fun in this ring before things get a little bloody around here!”

Huber motioned for security to let a few fans in the ring and a small pocket of about seven or eight fans were chosen at random by Derrick Huber while Adam Roebuck started to cut the deck. The fans were starting to gather around the ringside area with Huber cheering them on.

“Come on, stand up! Let’s have a fucking party before things get a lot more tragic for Cross The Hood! Let’s go!”

The fans started to climb into the ring and two men and two very attractive women had themselves a seat around the table. The fans then started breaking into to a loud chant.


Huber nodded in rhythm to the crowd’s chanting and clapping while Roebuck thundered his hand down in tune to the chants. The girls started to giggle a little and Roebuck started passing out cigars as the show went to a commercial.

The show had just returned from break and instead of the men and women of jOlt wrestling in action there was a live poker game going on. No this was not Poker After Dark or World Series of Poker or any of those things, this was The House commandeering the show after being wronged at Death Wish. Unlike some protests where people like to piss and moan, the former three time tag champions were at least making things fun for the crowd. They were having a protest until Cross The Hood and the Rebellion’s leader, Jon Le Bon, accepted their title rematch tonight.

“What you got, Bobby?” Huber asked.

One of the male fans in the ring frowned.

“I fold.”


“GO FISH!” The attractive brunette put her cards all on the table. “Do I get to take something off?”

Roebuck rolled his eyes while Huber smiled.

“May Charlotte forgive me … but yes, yes you certainly can.”

The crowd was cheering when the brunette started to undo her buttons. The crowd wanted it and the fans wanted it, but …


The crowd started jeering loudly because instead of paying attention to the hot girl taking off her shirt it was a very annoyed Jon Le Bon and on either side of him were the new tag team champions, Cross The Hood. The Rebellion members kept their distance on the top of the ramp while the party stopped. The crowd started booing the Rebellion’s appearance and the party stopped inside the ring. Huber and Roebuck watched the two of them make their appearance when Huber rolled his eyes.

“Oh, shit the fun police are out here,” Huber motioned for the people to leave the ring. “Party’s over … for them.”

The boos got louder when Roebuck stood up to help escort some of the fans from the ring for fear of what was about to happen should things get physical. Jon Le Bon looked annoyed by the intrusion.

“What a pathetic and feeble display by men not fit to carry these jOlt Tag Titles!” Le Bon said. “You think that this disgusting display is going to force our hand and give you this match? You were beaten at Death Wish by better athletes.”

Jackson Cross nodded when he took the microphone.

“You old pieces of shit have been holdin' worthy teams like us down for far too long!” Jackson roared. “Nobody wants ta see y'all, The Crimson Order, The Heirs of Wrestling an' any other sideshow acts holding these belts any more. For once they belong ta a team that got recognized fo' everythin' they busted they ass fo'.. and that's us. We will represent the future of jOlt Wrestling proudly.”

“Fuck no!” Roebuck screamed back. “They belong to a pair of little bitches who couldn’t win anything without Papa Le Bon holding their hand and other Rebellion members attacking us from behind. You may hold those belts, but how soon the two of you forget that we and the Crimson Order both have rematch clauses! If Heido and Whispers don’t get to you first, you’ll be looking up at us when we maim your undeserving asses and become the four-time tag team champions!”

The crowd was going wild! Machida Hood held up his belt and started talking trash, but Jon Le Bon remained collected.

“You and those stupid ninjas may have your little rematches, but you’ll get title shots when I say you get them. In fact... tonight, Cross the Hood will defend their belts against Sweet Sweet Lovin' simply because they're former champions... just like you! How about that? Something you two teams have in common! In fact... you’ve been wrestling for these belts long enough and to be blunt we’re all a little bit tired of watching the same wrestlers oppress real talent. Besides … I have a feeling that the two of you may have a lot more on your plate than you think.”

The superheavyweights turned and the jeers were getting louder. Out from the crowd were the remaining members of The Rebellion. Sebastian Saje, Nate Quartermaine, Michael Donovon and the giant, Seraph! They all started to swarm the ring when Huber and Roebuck jumped into a four-on-two fight!

Jon Le Bon motioned to Cross The Hood and the tag team champions entered the fray as well. Huber was swinging fists at Sebastian Saje and Donovon while Roebuck was standing tall against Seraph and Quartermaine … however, the numbers game was too much even for The House when both Cross The Hood members swarmed Adam Roebuck in one corner. Derrick Huber still had his hands around Saje’s throat not forgetting his part in costing his wife the Starlets Title to Saje’s own girlfriend, Raevynn, but soon Quartermaine and Donovon beat the hell out of him and brought him down to the mat.

The six on two attack continued relentlessly while Jon Le Bon calmly walked to the ring. Huber looked up, but more boots found their way to his jaw.

“Get him up!” Saje screamed.

Donovon and Quartermain did that and Saje followed through with LIGHTS OUT~! His version of a sick double knee facebreaker dropped the Sin City Strongman! Roebuck was in the corner laid out and that allowed Cross The Hood to hold up the tag team titles so they could lord them over the ex-champs.

“If you stupid Neanderthals want a tag team match so badly then you can have one next week. You will be taking on Michael Donovon and Seraph!”

The crowd was standing on their feet and jeering The Rebellion while they left the ring in unison. They had asserted their dominance at Death Wish and it only seemed like things were getting worse.

Mack Brody vs Khadafi

It had been two weeks of emotional hell for Mack Brody since the revelation of who attacked The Heirs of Wrestling came to light. The man called Orphan – formerly known as Seymour Almasy – had been the man behind attacking the Heirs of Wrestling and putting them on the shelf. Brody wanted a match with him earlier, but due to Damien Lee more or less ousting Orphan quietly from the company due to his volatile history in helping to close down All-Star Championship Wrestling, that wasn’t happening. To make matters worse, Orphan remained quiet as to why he had attacked them leaving Brody in the dark. Earlier, Brody went to Damien Lee and asked for a match, but Lee remained focused in not letting Orphan back into the company for fear of a repeat of ACW’s much publicized closure.

With no reasons and nobody to take his anger out on, Brody was left to do his job. He would be in action tonight against one half of Trouble – the man called Khadafi. With Brody’s mind elsewhere, would SuperMack be able to put his focus on action or would Khadafi take advantage?

Let’s find out!

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced for the cheering audience.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The music played and the crowd booed for the appearance of the thug from Hawaii making his first appearance in some time. With a mean look on his face and his manager, Duzza, accompanying him, the man known in many circles as the Hawaiian Headhunter meant business. If he could beat a man the caliber of Mack Brody, he could make a statement here tonight.

“First, making his way to the ring accompanied by Duzza… from Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at 252 pounds… KHADAFI!

Khadafdi and his normal tag team partner, Statuz Quo, had beef with the Heirs of Wrestling around this time last year, so there was already no love lost between Brody and Khadafi. The Hawaiian Headhunter stood his ground with Duzza barking instruction at him from the outside as they waited.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a frenetic pace.

“And his opponent, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

The man called SuperMack climbed into the ring and slammed a fist down into the mat, sparking four huge explosions of golden sparks form all four turnbuckles! He knew he had to shut out what was going on and had to focus on Khadafi. He wasn’t somebody that you could take lightly. Referee Antonio James called for the bell.

The brawler Khadafi charged in, but Mack Brody SHOVED him backwards and sent him flying to the corner. The crowd cheered the surge of strength as he rushed in and fired off a hard series of right hands to the chest of the Hawaiian Headhunter. Mack was in no mood to be fucked with tonight and was happy to take out his aggressions on a man that he had history with.

SuperMack unleashed a rather stiff series of Shoulder Thrusts to the chest of Khadafi and looked to vent his frustrations on his overall situation. He pulled him out of the corner and LEVELED him with a Short-Arm Clothesline and immediately followed up on the attack with a Running Elbow Drop off the ropes. Brody went for a covert quickly.



Khadafi kicked out quickly, but SuperMack now loomed over the Hawaiian as he waited for his next chance to attack. SuperMack blasted him in the face with a back elbow and a Headbutt that sent him back to the ropes. Khadafi bounced back into the grip of Mack Brody and now the Philly Powerhouse held him in place…

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex sent Khadafi flying across the ring hard! He bounced off the ropes and the crowd cheered as Brody crawled over and went for a cover on the brawler.




A much closer count, but now Brody was on the warpath. He pulled Khadafi up and kicked him in the gut. The crowd cheered when he went looking for the Midas Touch Powerbomb, but Duzza reached in and grabbed him by the leg!

“The fuck you ain’t!” He shouted.

Brody was not amused by this and simply DRAGGED Duzza in the ring with him still holding onto his leg. The big man reached down and grabbed him by the arm, but the distraction allowed Khadafi to BLAST Brody with a Big Boot, sending him staggering back into the corner. Duzza got the hell out of the ring as Mack now stumbled around. Khadafi jumped to the second rope and came off with a Diving Clothesline that took the big man off his feet! A winded Khadafi rolled over and hooked the legs of Brody.



Only a one-count off the big move, but The Hawaiian Headhunter continued to stay on the attack. He dropped a quick succession of three short and sharp Knee Drops to the head and chest of Brody. With SuperMack worn down again, Khadafi resumed another cover.




Another quick kickout from The Philly Powerhouse. Khadafi went to work on Brody by dropping a flurry of elbows right into the top of Mack’s head. The last Heir standing was trying to do just that and tried to shake off the blows, but Khadafi was a good brawler ni his own right and threw two good Headbutts of his own as a receipt from earlier. Brody fired back with two good right hands and rushed to the ropes for something big only to get stopped by Khadafi with a big knee to the gut. This followed into…


The Running STO swept the legs out from under Brody and brought the big man down! Khadafi now had his chance as he went for what would be the biggest singles win of his career!




“That was three, you piece of shit!” Duzza yelled from the outside, frantically slapping the ring apron in frustration.

Khadafi shot a death glare towards Antonio James, but the junior referee held up two fingers to tell the Hawaiian this match was still on. The Headhunter wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead before he went back to work on Brody with a few good knee shots to the chest as he tried to rise.

“You ain’t SHIT, you hear me?” he said with a slap to Brody’s face.

The slap only seemed to PISS off SuperMack and this was evident by the fact that he was now red in the face. Brody popped the bones in his neck, but Khadafi paid him no mind and continued to fire off some good shots to the head. He maneuvered Brody into the corner and tried a whip, but Brody turned the tables and sent him shooting into the corner HARD!

Khadafi was shaken up by the vicious impact of simply being lobbed into the turnbuckles and Brody was now trying to shake off the pain he was in. The crowd cheered as Brody started to use the ropes to help him stand before he zeroed in on Khadafi trying to rise. He charged at him full speed, but Khadafi got his knees up to stop the Mack Truck in his tracks. He staggered backwards and Khadafi charged trying to take him down…


Mack Brody ROARED for the crowd as he threw Khadafi in the air and DROPPED him damn near through the mat with such a powerful move. Duzza was in shock as he watched his charge get taken down in one big move. SuperMack was on his feet and waved for the crowd as they cheered. He remained focused on Khadafi as he started to rise….

Which was probably not a good thing…


The EXPLOSIVE Running Cross Body nearly took Khadafi out of his fucking boots! Brody rolled through and got back on his feet as he yelled to the crowd.


It seemed that a bit of Brody’s confidence was coming back to him after this whole ordeal with his best friends being injured, at least in the moment. He pulled Khadafi’s limp body to his feet and set him up in the Powerbomb position…


The Spinning Powerbomb almost broke Khadafi in half and now Brody went for a cover.




SuperMack rolled away from the cover and landed back on his feet now as he had his arm raised by the referee. A big win to get him back on track after the tumultuous weeks that he had laid behind him. Duzza buried his face in his hands, furious with his charge’s quick defeat.

Meanwhile, Brody backflipped off the ropes and landed on his feet outside of the ring before he walked towards the back to celebrate with the cheering fans. It wans’t the man he wanted to face, but this victory would perhaps put his focus back to the very jOlt Heavyweight Championship that he wanted.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"The Aftermath and a New Beginning"

Tne announcers were discussing Mack Brody's victory over Khadafi and recapping the events with Orphan at Death Wish as the ring cleared out.

Once everthing had settled, the Arena of Champions crowd erupted in cheers as "Stinkfist" by Tool began to play and darkness fell over the arena. As the beam from above followed him down to the ring, Providence was obviously moving a little slower than normal, his body still feeling the effects of his "Pitt" match with Ninja K at Death Wish.

After climbing inside the ring and grabbing a microphone from the ringside attendant, Providence stood motionless for a moment in the center of the canvas. His eyes were trained down to the mat, and for a moment many of the fans wondered what was going on. A few seconds later, Providence finally lifted his head up and looked around.

"There were a number of brutal encounters at Death Wish. I had been told it was typically jOlt's most violent event of the year, and I must say, those warnings proved to be true."

He paused for a moment as many in the crowd let out a cheer in honor of the exciting pay-per-view.

"For my part, I can honestly say that the Pitt match I participated in was one of the most painful fights of my career. And that's coming from someone who experienced dozens of bloody battles in the Asylum and in underground fighting clubs all over Europe."

"I went into that match expecting to prove myself against a true bring myself closer to my destiny. But the man I faced in that cage also seemed to have something to prove, and he definitely arrived at Death Wish with his own grand visions to carry out."

"And in the end, it brought out the best in both of us...and perhaps the worst."

"So what I'd like to do right now is ask Mr. Inogami to come out here so that we can settle things in a different way than what we tried at Death Wish. Mr. Inogami, please."

”Vicarious” by Tool warranted an audible spike throughout the Arena of Champions as the Midwestern Mauler would casually scan the horizon in search for the renown disturbance. His eyes would narrow as his Death Wish opponent was uncharacteristically seen standing at the apex of the entrance staging area. A faint yet notable grimace radiated from the ninja’s visage as he walked gingerly yet stoically toward the squared circle. Providence was seen slowly rubbing his thumbs against his index fingers to compliment his wry smirk as Kenshiro was seen holding his ground along the ring apron before carefully passing through the ropes into the ring. Mic in hand, the Inogami Clan patriarch would maintain a respectable distance as his musical intro gradually elapsed.

"Mr. Inogami...” Providence opened. “I started this war with you and your Clan because you are among the very best that not only jOlt but the entire world of professional wrestling has to offer. What we put ourselves through in the Pitt at Death Wish...I think it proves what both of us are really all about."

Ninja K took in what Providence had to say and nodded. Providence then continued, "Your status in this ring is legendary, and my to one day reach that status as well. That's why I had to take you and your Clan on. That's why I needed to wage this war for respect."

At that moment, Ninja K lifted his microphone to speak.

“Respect....” The ninja replied. “Having served well over 10 years as a willing contributor within this vast industry, I have witnessed many men like yourself have use that claim to further their respective agendas...on numerous occasions, myself included yet there are a minute few whom are capable of earning it. You are highly proficient without your craft. I will give you that yet in regards of having ‘earned what you are so desperately seeking’, you have far more ground to cover, in my personal perspective... "

This time it was Providence who nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Inogami, I am well aware. And that is why I wanted to invite you out to this ring tonight. After what we put ourselves through at Death Wish, I now have a better understanding of things. And I want to show you the proper respect that you deserve."

With that, Providence stepped forward toward Ninja K and extended his hand. The Clan leader looked down surprised and glanced out at the crowd. Providence nodded his head toward his hand and Ninja K finally reached his own hand out. The crowd clapped approvingly as the two men shook hands.

A few seconds later, Ninja K dropped his mic to the mat and started to walk toward the ropes. Providence stood for a second in the middle of the ring and looked like he was about to drop his mic as well before he suddenly reached it back up to his lips.

"Sorry, Mr. Inogami, there's just one more thing I wanted to address..." he said as he walked toward Ninja K. As he did so, Ninja K stopped at the ropes and then turned to walk back toward the center of the ring.

"I just wanted to..."


Before Ninja K could react, Providence grabbed the Clan leader around the neck and shoulders and drove him as hard as he could into the mat with the uranage slam. The crowd was stunned as Providence threw the microphone to the side and knelt down to pound away at Ninja K's head with fist after fist. Then, as he stood back to his feet, Providence glared out at the stands, as the fans who had cheered him only minutes before were now raining down loud and angry boos.

Already near the ropes, Providence dragged Ninja K by the arm until he was underneath the bottom rope and then slid out to the floor. Once there, he pulled Ninja K all the way out as well and whipped him head first into the steel steps. Ninja K crumpled to the floor. Like Providence he was still banged up from the Pitt match and now this sneak attack was making it worse.

Providence stood over him for a moment, shouting "MY DESTINY" over and over in Ninja K's face. He then pulled Kenshiro away from the steps, laying him flat on the floor, face down. After doing that, Providence walked back over to the steps and pulled the top layer off, tossing it to the empty area of the floor on the other side of the ring. The bottom was the larger and heavier piece of the steps and a devilish smirk etched across his face.

Providence grabbed the lower half of the steps and lifted it into the air, turning back toward Ninja K's motionless body. As he stood near Ninja K's head, Providence lifted the steps as high as he could and then threw them straight down.

The steps landed with a vicious thud on the back of Ninja K's head before tilting over to the side. Some in the crowd gasped as the ninja's body involuntarily spasmed upon impact. The boos were now deafening as Providence stood triumphantly over Ninja K's body, again shouting "MY DESTINY."

Just then, a cheer began in the crowd near the entranceway and Providence looked up to see why - Takeshi, Shoji, Heido and Eiji KUgasari were sprinting from the back!

The Clan reached ringside as fast as they could, but Providence was already gone, having leaped over one of the barricades and disappeared into the crowd. Takeshi started to go over the barricade after him, but Eiji stopped him, motioning for him to stay near their leader. All four men then turned their attention and concern to their fallen master.

Cross the Hood(c) vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'

It was their first official defense since winning the tag team titles at Death Wish by mauling the newly crowned champions, The House. They basically stole the titles, but tonight, they wanted to prove that they were move then just thieves... that they were victimizers. It was their plan all along on The Hype when they proved time and time again that they were the best tag team on The Hype, bar none... now here on the main roster, they look to do the same.. but with one difference.. this time, they wanted to rub it in everyone's faces that they were the best and nothing less.

"Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith

Sam Sweet and Lennox Love came out from the backstage area with Jon Katz Jr. by their side. Katz lowered his shades and checked out the lovely ladies at ringside as Sweet and Love entered the ring. It's been a while since we've seen this duo, but they have experience being former tag team champions themselves and they've fought Cross the Hood before at a few of the old Rock the House shows. Sam Sweet and Lennox Love were already familiar and if they succeeded tonight, they could be two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions!!

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker

Out from the back came Jackson Cross and Machida Hood to boos from the crowd. They wore their tag team titles around their necks like expensive pieces of jewelry. They walked with a swagger about them as they split at ringside, Cross going left, Hood going right. They hopped up onto the ring apron and turned to the crowd, lifting their tag team titles into the air before stepping into the ring where they met back to back, all while still holding the belts up high. They passed them off to the referee who held them into the air before calling for the bell.




Lennox Love and Jackson Cross would start things off. They went to lock up, but Cross hit a knee lift and clubbing blow to the back of Love, dropping him down to a knee. He lifted Love's head up by the chin and shimmied a bit as he hit some quick right jabs to Love's face. Cross was proud of that as he reached over and made an early tag to Machida Hood. Hood wasn't as colorful as Cross... he was more about getting down to business and he did so by driving a heavy right hand into the temple of Lennox Love

Hood pulled Love up and whipped him to the ropes. He made Love eat a back elbow before charged in and laying him out with a lariat from behind. He walked over and quickly tagged Jackson Cross back into the match. Cross came in and grinned as he stomped down on Lennox Love's back.

"That all ya got, homie?" yelled Cross to Love.

Cross stomped down on Love's back again before grabbing a fist full of his afro, pulling him back up. The referee admonished him, but Cross didn't care. he socked Love in the face with a right hand and Love staggered over to the corner. Cross followed him in where he went for a big haymaker, but Love ducked and Cross spun around from the momentum and found himself back first in the corner!!

"OH SHI--" said Cross right before he was cut off with a forearm to the face!

Love fired forearm after forearm into Cross' face before whipping him across the ring to the opposite corner. Love charged in and went for a running back elbow, but Cross grabbed Love in a waist lock and walked him forward. He then placed Love into a half nelson and nailed a Half-Nelson Suplex into the corner and Love landed on his upper back and neck!! Love flopped to his side as he held the back of his neck in pain. Cross walked over and tagged Machida Hood back in.

Hood got a running start and simply hit a stomp on Love, keeping him down. Hood pulled Love up into the corner and fired away with heavy boxing-style punches to Love's stomach. Hood twisted Love's arm with an arm wringer before whipping him back to the original corner he was in. Hood charged in and hit a running body avalanche in the corner collapsing Love down into a seated position. Hood took off to the ropes near his corner and Cross made the blind tag. Hood continued to charge at Love, hitting a running knee strike into the corner. Cross wasn't that far behind as Hood moved out of the way, alllowing Cross to his a running Drop Kick into the corner. Hood stepped out of the ring as Cross pulled Love out of the corner and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Love kicked out.

Love needed a tag, but Cross placed Love into a Sleeper Hold. he positioned Love so that he was looking over at his corner and Sam Sweet who was reaching out for a tag and shouting words of encouragement to him.

"Ya want that, eh?" said Cross to Love. "TOO BAD! Y'all ain't gettin' that!"

The crowd began to rally behind Love as Cross told them all to "shut up". Love fed off the energy and got back up, only to drop back down and hit a jaw breaker on Jackson Cross! Cross stumbled back against the ropes as Love darted for his corner and made the tag to Sam Sweet! The crowd cheered when Sweet came in and clotheslined Cross down!

Machida Hood came into the match and Sweet had a clothesline for him as well! Cross got back up and tried to hit a lariat of his own, but Sweet ducked and hit the ropes, coming back with a Flying Shoulder Tackle, knocking Cross down! Hood got up and grabbed Sweet, spinning him around. He kicked Sweet in the stomach and hit the ropes, looking for an Ax Kick, but Sweet side-stepped it and kicked Hood in the stomach, spiking him into the canvas hard with a DDT! Hood rolled to the outside as Love stood up on the apron. He saw hood getting up near the corner and ran at the steel ring post. Love grabbed the ring post and used it to swing his legs around...


Love landed on the other side of the apron as Hood staggered back against the barricades. Hood took a step forward and Love moonsaulted off the apron, taking Hood down to the floor!!

Back in the ring, Sweet helped Cross up and sent him to the ropes, but Cross dove through the middle and top ropes with a suicide dive, wiping out Lennox Love. Cross then helped Hood to his feet, but the crowd was on theirs with all eyes focused on the ring...

No way..

Fat man was gonna fly!!

Sweet hit the ropes and grabbed the top rope as he approached it, launching himself over with one of the ugliest vaulting body presses you've seen in your life, but he managed to take out Cross and Hood at the same time!!!


Even Jon Katz Jr was holding the top of his head with his mouth wide open! He then hopped up and down in excitement because he realized that Sweet Sweet Lovin' were in position to tag the titles for a second time in their jOlt career!

Sweet stood and grabbed Cross, throwing him back into the ring. Sweet hopped up onto the apron and then climbed the turnbuckles!! He had Jackson Cross in his sights, but Machida Hood got up and tripped up Sweet on the top rope! Lennox Love came to and grabbed Hood's leg, yanking off the apron and causing him to smack face first against it! Love then whipped Hood into the steel ring steps.

Back in the ring, Cross got back to his feet and walked over to the corner. He climbed up top and grabbed a hold of Sam Sweet. He used all of his might, but he took Sweet over and the ring shook from the impact of a Superplex! Hood slowly turned and made the cover, hooking the leg...



Sweet kicked out and the place cheered!

Cross pulled Sweet back to his feet and hit him with a knife edge chop, followed by a quick jab, then another knife edge chop, and another quick jab. He went for the chop again, but Sweet blocked it, kicked Cross in the stomach, and then spiked him with a DDT into the canvas. Sweet turned towards his corner where Lennox Love hopped back up onto the ring apron. Sweet crawled over and made the tag!

Lennox Love climbed up onto the top turnbuckle pad and took aim on Jackson Cross as he staggered up to his feet. All of a sudden, Machida Hood leapt up onto the ring apron and shoved Lennox Love off the top!!

Love saw it at the last second and adjusted, landing on his feet, but Cross kicked him in the stomach when he landed. Hood quickly got off the apron before Sam Sweet could pull himself up. Cross turned his back to Love and picked him up into the backpack position. He dropped down with the Backpack Stunner...


Cross made the cover, hooking the leg..




Dean Carrington: Here are your winners and STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions.. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross... CROSS THE HOOD!

The two of them collected their titles from ringside and regrouped at the bottom of the entrance ramp. They were all smiles as they backpaddled up the ramp to the backstage area. Sam Sweet came into the ring to check on Lennox Love. He shot the two of them a death gaze, but Cross the Hood was too full of themselves to care.

First title defense was successful and The Rebellion looks to be continuing their dominance here tonight despite a brief interrupt from the Inogami Clan earlier in the evening.

Winner: Cross the Hood via Pinfall


Sweet, Love, and Katz exited the ring to the backstage area. As soon as they stepped behind the curtain, the arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. "Now what?" said Nate Powers on commentary

The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are free

Now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face and holding a microphone in hand. The former Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena. The madman slowly put the microphone to his lips.

“We look out into the arena and see the look of shock on the faces of you people. All you people believed that our stay in that hospital would be permanent. You people do not realize what you see in front of you. We did not lose our mind to the curse. Omega let her taint his mind which ultimately led to the slip up to Derecho. When we were in control we were the most dominate force in this company. No one came close to putting us down.”

Omega continued to pace around the ring with the hoodie still covering his face.

"When we were in control, Derecho was a shell of his former self. Once Omega let her taint us we lost that control and the result was losing the Underground Championship. You all thought we lost it even further when the attacks on Providence occurred. Yes we knew exactly who we were attacking for those few weeks. We knew we had to get back control because Omega had lost it. We knew attacking Providence was the way to point Omega back in the direction that we needed him to be. However, we didn’t expect Providence to do what most people were afraid to do and that was to send Omega home."

The fans cheered with the mention of Providence. A slight smirk formed on the boogeyman’s lips. Omega pulled the microphone back to his lips again.

“We will deal with Providence in due time but the real reason we are back is to get back what belongs to us and that is the Underground Championship. At Death Wish you people saw a different side of your new champion Geist. He let the curse cloud his mind in doing the inhumane things he did to Jeremy Ryan. Some people call it revenge for what Ryan did to Lorelei but we see the true nature of your German warrior. He is a monster that you people get behind but you are doing nothing but feeding the curse. Geist is not equipped to handle what the Underground Championship can and will do.”

The fans started to chant for Geist.




“You can chant all you want for your champion but he has something that belongs to the only destructive force within jOlt and that… “

Omega was cut off by the lights dimming except for red strobe lights atop the entrance ramp. With the sounds of marching bouncing off the arena walls, the crowd knew who was coming and it was just what they called for. The song kicked into full gear, replacing the stomping of boots with the adrenaline rush that is Rammstein taking its place.

An eruption drowned out the music, as the Underground Champion's massive sillouette stomped through the darkness and started down the ramp. A red light engulfed the ring, as Pietro Geist stood before it. His glare burned a hole through the newest challenger to his title and he climbed up onto the apron. The lights came back up to normal with him climbing into the ring. He was still in his blood-covered gear and he violently tore off his respirator before firing it to the outside. A stage hand tossed a microphone into the ring for him.

"Ah zhe Kraken has once again been released. Shou vant zhis title, monster?'

Geist held it up and got right in Omega's face before laying it at their feet, drawing the battle lines, which had become one of his trademark gestures.

"Come und take it."

That's all it took for the two beheamoths to come to blows. Massive right hand to the jaw was met by one in return. Security knew that it was only a matter of time before the situation would escalate into a full-scale war, so they flooded the ring in hopes of quelling the violence.

That was not going to happen.





One guard was sent soaring over the top rope to the floor by Geist, while Omega simultaneously did the same to another. The Todesengel gorilla pressed one onto the developing herd on the outside, toppling them all. Omega took advantage of the opening and started clubbing away on Geist. Omega looked to rock him with a right hand, but it found nothing but air with Geist ducking under the strike. A blast of the crimson fluid that dripped from the champion's mouth blinded Omega.

That surprise attack gave the security team the opening it needed. They pounced upon Omega and it took every ounce of energy they had to drag him out to the floor. Assisting the security task force, several wrestlers joined the fray. Jesse Ramey, Mack Brody, and some of the young upstarts of the Hype kept the champion pinned in the corner, while security ushered Omega up the ramp.

"We will once again have what is right fully ours," Omega roared.

Geist just glared back at him through the human wall before him.

"I vill bath in shour blood," Geist snarled.

The first shots were fired in the Underground Title's next great war. Listen for the sirens.

Jesse Ramey vs Providence

As the early beats of "Stinkfist" by Tool begin to play, the arena darkens and even before the jOltvision screen lights up with PROVIDENCE the crowd is roaring with boos. As Providence walks out from the back in his familiar hooded cloak, he pauses to look around and take in the negative reaction from the fans who cheered him earlier, before his vicious attack on Ninja K. As he slowly walked down the aisle, Providence looked from side to side and behind himself several times, obviously wondering if members of the Inogami Clan may look for revenge. Once inside the ring, a renewed flood of boos rained down as he removed the cloak and sneered.

But the crowd's mood was about to change drastically.

The arena went completely dark again but this time the crowd exploded with cheers as "I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown cued up. Lights flashed around the entranceway and Jesse Ramey stepped out into the spotlight focused down upon him. Ramey stood still for a moment in the lights before striding with a purpose down the aisle. He high fived a few fans along the way, still maintaining his focus on the ring. As he slid inside, Ramey immediately leaped to his feet and raised an arm to the air to generate another round of cheers from the Arena of Champions crowd.

The crowd was obviously amped up for the main event, and Ramey could feel the electricity as he leaned over to adjust one of his boots. Unfortunately, what he felt next was his opponent's knee ramming into the side of his head as Providence launched a sneak attack. The referee called for the bell to officially start the match as Ramey was knocked backward into a seated position against the turnbuckles. Providence wasted no time following up with several boots to Ramey's chest, using the ropes for leverage. As the official yelled at him to get out of the corner, Providence backed away and then circled around to gain momentum as he ran forward looking to hit Ramey with another knee to the head.

This time, Ramey was ready.

The Anti-star rolled out of the way at the last second, leaving Providence's knee to crash into the corner. As Providence reached for his knee, Ramey sprung to his feet and connected with a high kick to his opponent's chest. After following that up with a couple of forearms to the head, Ramey grabbed onto Providence's wrist and whipped him across to the opposite turnbuckle, where he slammed back-first with a jolt.

A second later, Ramey was following the same path, sprinting toward Providence and leaping into the air, cracking him in the jaw with his knee. Providence staggered forward holding his jaw, giving Ramey time for his next move. He hurried up to the second turnbuckle and leaped off, driving Providence face first into the mat with a bulldog. Ramey quickly made the cover as the crowd cheered...



A kickout by Providence halted the early pin attempt. Ramey rolled away for a moment, but as Providence got back to a knee, the veteran was right back on him. Ramey backed Providence against the ropes and looked to whip him across the ring, but Providence turned the tables and sent the Anti-Star across instead. As Ramey came running back, he ducked a wild clothesline attempt by Providence and jumped to the second rope and flipped backward, hoping to catch Providence off guard with a moonsault.

Instead, it was Providence who caught Ramey over his shoulder and immediately charged toward the nearest corner. Before Ramey could try and work free, Providence slammed his back into the corner turnbuckles and dropped Ramey like a sack of potatoes to the mat. For a moment, Providence winced in pain while shaking off the effects of Ramey's offense before resuming his own, dropping an elbow down across his opponent's throat. As he stood back up, Providence pulled Ramey's head off the mat and layed him throat first across the bottom rope nearby. Again holding onto the top rope for leverage, Providence put his right foot to the back of Ramey's neck and pressed down hard, leaving him to gasp for breath.

Providence finally broke the hold when the referee reached a count of four and then glared at the official before turning back to Ramey. He watched as Ramey pulled himself up using the ropes and then wrapped his arms around his waist and tried to lift him backward. But Ramey fought the move, hooking both arms around the top rope and pulling it to his chest. Providence responded by letting go and pounding away at the middle of Ramey's back with forearms. That did the trick, as he once again wrapped his arms around Ramey's waist and this time was able to slam him backward with a German suplex and bridge for the pin attempt...



Kickout by Ramey this time. As he rolled over onto his stomach, Ramey held the back of his neck in pain. Providence pulled himself up nearby and stood over Ramey for a second. He glared out at the crowd, who responded in bind with loud, passionate boos. Providence then grabbed Ramey by the hair to lift him to his feet. But before he could do anything, Ramey caught him with a stiff elbow to the ribs. A second elbow staggered Providence a step back and after a pair of kicks to the ribs and chest, Ramey had his opponent backed against the ropes. He whipped Providence across the ring and connected right to his chin with a perfect dropkick. The crowd cheered loudly, sensing Ramey about to go on a run. For his part, Ramey got back to his feet and felt the energy as well as he turned back to Providence.

Ramey pulled Providence up and hooked his arm around the opponent's neck preparing for a suplex. However, Providence used his strength to halt the move just as he barely made it off the ground. Then, he tried the suplex, but this time it was Ramey blocking it by hooking his ankle around Providence's. Suddenly, before Providence could try it again, Ramey used his leverage to roll them into a small package for a pin attempt...



Thr-kickout! Shocked by the move, Providence barely managed to kick out in time, leaving the crowd to "oooh" at the near fall. Both men scrambled to their feet and Ramey's run came to an abrupt halt thanks to a vicious clothesline.

Providence took a few deep breaths on his hands and knees as he thought back to the near fall just moments ago. Ramey was on his stomach, again holding his neck in pain as Providence moved in. He dropped a pair of elbows to Ramey's back, driving all of his weight down with each attempt. As Ramey arched his back and grimaced, Providence pulled him up again and lifted him up on his right hip.


Providence drove Ramey's back three straight times across his knee, driving the point of his knee into almost the exact same spot as those elbows. Rolling Ramey over, he hooked the leg for a pin attempt...



Shoulder up by Ramey! The crowd applauded as Ramey stayed alive, while Providence slammed his palm against the mat. Frustrated, he stood up and stalked over to Ramey, who was up to a knee. Providence pulled him up to his feet and then locked Ramey's head between his legs in a powerbomb position. A second later, he was lifting Ramey up for one of his signature moves...


But as Providence lifted Ramey up, the Anti-Star countered, locking his legs around Providence's neck so that he could stay atop his shoulders. Ramey rained down punches to Providence's head as he balanced, while Providence staggered toward a nearby corner. Once in the corner Ramey slid off Providence's shoulders to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. A quick kick to the side of the head stunned Providence and gave Ramey his opening. He hooked Providence's head under his right arm and the crowd cheered in anticipation of what was next...


Pushing off the turnbuckle, Ramey executed the tornado DDT perfectly, spiking Providence's head into the mat as the crowd cheered even louder. For a few seconds, both men were out on the mat. The referee counted both men while the crowd urged Ramey to get up. Finally, he rolled over and draped an arm across Providence's chest...



SHOULDER UP! The referee confirmed the two count once more as Ramey rolled over toward the ropes and looked at Providence laying on his side. Now it was Ramey having a chance to catch his breath, as he considered his next move. As he watched Providence get to his feet, Ramey knocked him backward with a European uppercut, pushing him against the ropes. He stunned the bigger man once more with a high knee to the chest and when Providence doubled over, Ramey grabbed onto his neck and charged forward, planting him with a textbook bulldog. Grabbing Providence's right arm and leg, Ramey pulled him closer to the nearest corner.

After doing that, Ramey stood for a moment and grinned at the crowd. He then charged toward the corner, leaping over Providence and then leaping toward the turnbuckle...


The split-legged moonsault caught Providence perfectly in the midsection and Ramey wasted no time hooking the leg for the cover...



THR-Kickout! The crowd again let out a groan at the close call. This time Ramey looked at the referee as well, thinking he had the pinfall in hand. Again, the official held up two fingers. Ramey shook his head and pulled Providence up once more and backed him against the ropes.

This time when he grabbed Providence's wrist to whip him across the ring, Providence managed a reversal, sending Ramey bounding across to the opposite ropes. As Ramey came back his way, Providence tried to take his head off with a clothesline, but the Anti-Star ducked and kept going. As he came back off the ropes, Ramey had another signature move in mind...


Unfortunately for him, Providence saw the move coming, and ducked the spinning heel kick. Before Ramey could get back to his feet, Providence grabbed him by the hair and trunks and drove him shoulder-first into the corner and smacking against the ring post. As Ramey stumbled backward out of the corner, Providence spun him around, landed a hard boot to the midsection and placed Ramey's head in a double underhook.


Ramey's face went crashing into the mat with a painful force. Providence quickly rolled him onto his back and hooked a leg with both arms.



Thr-NO! Fans were yelling for Ramey to kickout and when he did, they erupted in cheers. This time Providence slammed both fists down to the mat, his head trembling in frustration.

Once he was back to his feet, he walked over to Ramey. For some reason he was moving slowly, not attacking right away. He stood there as Ramey managed to get up to a knee, helping to pull himself up using Providence's trunks. As he looked up, Providence finally leaned down and grabbed Ramey's jaw with one hand, squeezing tightly as he looked into his eyes.

The delay proved costly, as Ramey took Providence by surprise when he suddenly hooked his opponent's ankle. Rising up, he knocked Providence backward and swept his leg up, causing him to fall backward to the mat. Ramey now wrapped his arms around both of Providence's ankles and again the crowd cheered in anticipation of Ramey's patented submission hold...

But before he could lock on the Original Attitude Adjustment, Providence fought back. Each time Ramey tried turning him over for the Boston crab, Providence used his leg strength to stay on his back. The two men jostled around, neither one gaining an advantage. Finally, Ramey leaned forward enough for Providence to lift himself up and break the hold with a well-placed head butt.

The move stunned Ramey enough so that Providence could kick his legs free and then knock the Anti-Star backward with a double kick to the midsection. Providence then climbed to his feet as fast as he could and decided it was time to end this battle.

He moved toward Ramey and grabbed him around the neck and shoulders...meaning THE FALL was coming.

But Ramey had one last counter up his sleeve.

As Providence lifted him up for the uranage slam, Ramey found a way to slide his body to the side and float behind Providence. As Providence turned, Ramey stunned him with a high knee to the ribs. That was all he needed. A second later, it was his arm hooking around Providence's neck and lifting him into the air...


The crowd exploded as soon as Providence crashed into the mat. Ramey paused just momentarily before sliding over to cover and hook a leg...




The crowd roared its approval as the sounds of Shinedown filled the arena once again. Ramey sat up on his knees, a slight grin coming across his face as he looked out at the audience. As he stood up, the official raised his right arm in victory, and he lifted his other arm to the sky as well after the hard-fought win.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Be Quiet and Drive"

Tonight was most certainly a mixed bag overall for the man called SuperMack. He pulled out a very impressive victory over the brawler Khadafi but he was once again denied any chance that he had for retribution against the man behind the attack of the Heirs of Wrestling; the man called Orphan.

Kicking open one of the doors towards the parking garage, the show was just about over with the exception of the main event so as far as Mack Brody was concerned, his night was over. Brody nodded to one of the stagehands and was dressed in street clothes with his travel bag lugged over his shoulder. SuperMack waved to another of the parking attendants backstage.

“Thanks, Jimmy, have a good one,” He said.

Brody headed toward his car – a black 2015 Chevy Colorado – and clicked the unlock button on the key fob. He opened up the back seat and tossed his stuff in nonchalantly before shutting the door…


The scream came from Brody! He’d been struck in the back with a weapon of some kind and fell to his knees in pain! He could feel three more shots to his back and side!

“heard you calling for me…”

Mack was in pain, but he turned his head up. He knew that fucking voice…

“you want answers, don’t you? You want to know why I did what I did… but you won’t get them; not that easily anyway.”

The low, raspy voice was the very same that claimed responsibility for doing what he did to Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. Brody turned his head and still managed to reach out, grasping the attacker by his throat, only to have the tire iron brought down on his arm! The attacker slammed a boot into the side of Mack’s head, knocking him to the cold concrete.

“i will mull over your little challenge… just you wait, my gargantuan friend… all will be revealed when I fucking feel like it…”

The door ajar alert in the car continued beeping as the man in the hoodie now identified as Orphan tossed the tire iron down at the ground near Brody and disappeared into the night just as security rushed the scene to attend to SuperMack.

He pulled himself to a seated position against his truck and SEETHED in pain.

Just when he thought that Orphan was long gone…

He had struck back in a bad way.

This was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.