"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

Shi no Ryu & Jensen Todd vs BADASS

With the opening video and pyro completed, things turned to the ring for the first match up. Tonight, some of the Hype's finest would be given an opportunity to show what they could do in hopes of possibly being offered up a lucrative spot on the main roster. Would they be up to the task? Now, that is the real question.

As it always does, the sudden playing of music caused everyone to look towards the entrance ramp. "Asshole" by Dennis Leary was the first of many themes to grab their attention and much to their dismay the duo of BADASS stepped through the curtain. "The Bad Seed" Davis Bloome and "Wise Ass" Tripp Wise started to the ring. One had nothing but utter distain for the mass of humanity filling the arena and wouldn't lower himself to responding to their jeers this evening, while his teammate had no issue telling them exactly how he felt.

"Is that the best you can do?" Wise mocked the crowd, intensifying their hatred for them, directly making them boo lowered. "I don't feel the hate, you scumbags. Yell louder."

Bloome slid into the ring under the bottom rope, as his ally scampered up the steps and through the ropes. They each took a corner and climbed up to the second rope, so they could posture with the crowd displaying how much they loathed the duo. The two stepped down in unison and slapped hands before choosing a corner to stretch in. Their music slowly faded away and with that, they looked to the entrace ramp.

Now, the original gameplan for the evening was for Bloome and Wise to square off against the newly reformed team of Shi No Ryu and Jensen Tood. However, as every jOlt advertisement says, "Card Subject To Change."

For BADASS, things took a turn for the worse.

The lights in the arena went out and red strobe lights flickered at the top of the entrance ramp. They were immediately joined by the marching of troops. Bloome's eyes widened and Wise took a step backwards when "LINKS 234" kicked into full effect and a massive frame could be standing atop the ramp. The fans did just the opposite, as they nearly took the roof off the arena and began chanting the name of the man interupting the scheduled events.


Like a man possessed, the reigning Underground Champion Pietro Geist came stampeding down to the ring. He dove into the ring under the bottom rope. The waiting duo wasn't sure what was going on, but they knew that him coming out was nothing but bad news. They pounced upon him before he could fully vertical, clubbing away at him with all they had. However, it had no effect at all and he violently grabbed them both by their respective throats. Bloome was shoved harshly into the corner. Wise, on the other hand, remained in the uberkreiger's grip. That was surely a place he didn't want to be. He was gorilla pressed into the air and it was apparent that "Wise Ass" was about to be handed his.


Geist nearly drove Wise through the mat with that spinebuster. Bloome raced out of the corner, ducking under a right hand, before ricochetting off the middle rope for a cross body attempt. He was easily caught by the German and in a show of great strength, the Todesengel tossed him up into the air only to catch him on his shoulders.


Never releasing his grip, the Underground Champion pulled the lifeless ragdoll that was Bloome from the mat and proceeded to position himself over the fallen Wise.


It was apparent that the monster was completely free in Geist and it was hungry. Bloome was out of it and was unable to put up any fight, as the German dumped him rather unceremoniously from the ring. Geist turned back around to find Wise vertical, but definitely on wobbly legs. Wise launched a wild right hand, only to have it easily caught by the uberkreiger. A right hand smacked Wise in the jaw and in the blink of an eye, he was tossed up into a fireman's carry.


Wise had his stay on his feet abruptly cut short and he rolled out to the floor from the impact and motion of the move. With both victims lifeless out on the floor, Geist headed right to the timekeeper's table and threw him out into the crowd. That got the Underground Champion three things: a hefty fine, a microphone, and a metal folding chair. Back into the ring he went with weapons in hand. However, tonight, he was not looking to use the items for anything besides their intended purposes. He positioned the chair in the middle of the ring and sat himself down upon it.

"Omega, only zhe dead vill ever see zhe end of war. Come und let me show it to shou."

Geist brushed his blond hair from his face and glared at the top of the entrance ramp. The rage in his eyes told the story. He was in no mood for diplomacy. War was his only desire and he was hell bent on getting it. Several moments passed and still no Omega.

"Zhis show vill be on hold forever unless Omega comes to zhis ring. Damien Lee, shou know I am a man of mein vord. Shou either send zhe boogeyman out to be exorcised or zhis show vill go no further."

The Underground Champion gave the situation a few more minutes before rising up to his feet. He began to pace back and forth like an animal in a cage. He couldn't control his fury any longer. The metal folding chair was suddenly airborn and crashing into the entrance ramp.

"Vhile I have resoluteness in abundance, patience is a virtue I lack. Mark mein vords, Lee. Should I leave zhis ring, mein first stop vill be shour office. I hope shou are not fond of shour arms for I vill be tearing them off und beating shou into a bloody pulp vith zhem."

That was enough to get Damien's attention and he raced out to the top of the ramp.

"Now, hold on for just one second, Pietro. Let's get a few things in order. Number one, there will be no tearing off my arms and using them as weapons to cause me bodily harm."

Though, the crowd loved that idea.

"Number two, don't kill the messenger, but Omega hasn't arrived to the building yet. If he was here, I would have told that whack job to come out here so you two could beat the shit out of eachother, saving the security team and the rest of the roster from bodily harm while simultaneously boosting the buy rates for Wired. The problem is that the loony bin's favorite patient isn't here."

Not exactly what the Todesengel wanted to hear and Geist was about to go all Leonidas on the bearer of bad news. Lee's spider-sense went off, sending him right into damage control.

"Whoa whoa whoa, calm down there, Pietro. Because I'd like to keep my body in one piece, allow me to give you something I normally don't offer to champions around here. How's about you take the night off? So, how about you head on out, maybe hit the bar, and enjoy the show from your cushy hotel room?"

Lee got only a hate-filled glare in return. He tried his best to hide his fear with a fake grin with Geist slipping out of the ring and marching up the entrance ramp.

"Just let me go tell everyone in the back that you're calling it a night early."

Damien hurried to the backstage area, knowing that the Todesengel was coming to tear him limb from limb. Geist kept his brisk but steady pace, exiting just moments after Lee. At least Lee got a headstart right?

Simon Boulder was seen cradling the back of his head while still signaling for the bell yet the ravenous War Machine proudly stood over the crumpled heap of Eiji Kugasari. Jeremy sent Boulder heading for higher ground upon his approach before inaudibly teasing his crawling prey to stand. A haggard ninja would weakly low crawl his way up to his knees, seeking to reclaim his footing. However, having grown impatient, Ryan would set his target in position to briefly play to the crowd, telegraphing his full intent upon spiking the Blood Raven skull first into the canvas with authority!

A Real Man's Finisher - A stiff Piledriver

The audience roared as 3 plumes of abrupt flashes & smoke erupted near the ring apron, alerting the Bangor Bully as Eiji’s reinforcements would quickly storm the ring. Ryan would quickly shove the ninja aside and made his escape to the outside. Both Heido & Takeshi would form a perimeter around the clan lieutenant as Shoji perched himself atop the turnbuckles, pointing at the retreating brawler. Inaudibly, Jeremy Ryan was pointing back and spewing venom at the clan of ninjas as the crowd openly cheered without restraint. ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin loudly serenaded the gathered legions as a pissed off Ryan picked up and hurled a Steel Chair at the squared circle that would bang aimlessly against the ring apron before careening against the padded floor. Undeterred, the Hokota Holocaust and The Crimson Order would acknowledge the frustrations of their enemy before he lumbered his way through the crowd towards temporary obscurity. Heido would inaudibly gather his brethren to aid him in escorting the ailing Kugasari away to far more secure surroundings....

Winner: Match Never Started

"Rallying the Troops"

We open up backstage where The Rebellion is gathered. Jon Le Bon stood before them as if he were a general addressing his troops.

“Last week, as you are aware, one of our own decided to bite the hand that feeds him and walk away. Sayber is no longer a member of The Rebellion and as such, he will be branded a traitor to our cause. Sayber is what you would call a selfish individual who was misguided by personal vengeance and nothing else. Simply put, Sayber used us as a stepping stone to get what he wanted and that is completely unacceptable. I don’t think I need to tell you what needs to be done about this. I will say that what will happen to Sayber will serve as a warning if you think about putting your personal needs ahead of The Rebellion’s. Just keep that in mind.” Said Le Bon.

“Now tonight… we will continue our dominance over the jOlt roster. Raevynn, you have a championship defense against Callie Scott, Nate.. you'll be taking care of Eiji Kugasari.. make sure he gets the message that The Rebellion can and WILL break his clan if they get in our way. Make an example out of him for that... and as for The House… well.. they’re little poker game last week was cute, but it’s not going to get them a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. I’m giving Cross the Hood the night off tonight as a reward for their victory over Sweet Sweet Lovin’ last week. Besides.. if The House wants us so bad.. so be it. Tonight, The House can face “The Phantom” Michael Donavan… and “God’s War Machine” Seraph.”

Le Bon laughed to himself.

“If The House wants to walk the path back to the tag team titles.. I’m going to make the road a very difficult one. You all know what you must do tonight… do NOT fail!”

The members of The Rebellion nodded in agreement and walked away. Off in the background there was a woman in a black dress, long black hair, and piercing blue eyes who looked on and then disappeared behind the corner.

It was a woman no one has ever seen before. Who was it and why was she listening in on Le Bon’s conversation?

Le Bon sensed a presence and turned in the direction where the woman was standing. When he saw nothing, he made a suspicious look on his face and then exited off camera.

The scene faded to black.

Eiji Kugasari vs Nate Quartermaine

Camera 18 would casually offer a rising pan of the northwestern sections of the arena. On cue, the crowd would hungrily vie for television exposure; cheering, pointing, etc. All adamant in their respective expressions before the Arena of Champions gradually became enveloped with intentional darkness. The ensemble of adulation was overhead as the vignette dominated the entire screen; well edited footage of Japanese prestige leading to Puroresu symmetry being implemented to overwhelm and defeat a legion of opposition before Camera 1 centered itself onto the middle of the entrance staging area...

’Dawn Awaits - Extended Version

The acoustic built would compliment the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion who was already into his seamless martial arts katas before leaping into the air with a Spinning Double Roundhouse Kick before slamming his fist against the meshed grating. The act would promote a vast plume of Red pyrotechnical sparks into the air behind him, drawing the arena lights to full brightness. Swathed in the hues of predominantly Crimson with Black trim, the Inogami Clan lieutenant proudly stood himself erect before the cheering assembly before casually scanning the horizon...

Carrington: “jOlt Wrestling fans...the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall with a 20 minute time limit; Introducing 1st...Representing the Inogami Clan; ...from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!”

The aerial assassin would seen pointing and interacting briefly toward some members of the crowd along the way to the ring where he would scale the steel steps, wipe his feet along the ring apron before entering the ring via a Slingshot Somersault to his feet followed by hunched back pedal toward the adjacent corner. Arms extended outward, he would bask within the showers of civilian acclaim that would soon be proceeded by a brief shower of streamers from the front row. The public display would summon ringside personnel to quickly rid the ring of the debris as Eiji’s musical them began its gradual egress, leaving the crowd clambering in its wake...

"I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne

The high pitch opening guitar riffs signaled the coming of a grappling god as the arena lighting began flickering in hindsight. The jOltvision screens would begin gracing the crowd with numerous edited shots of a technical wrestling blitzkrieg being unleashed upon the unfortunate and unwary alike before Camera 1 zeroed in on the muscular individual lumbering out form the back, rubbing his hands before hopping in place. The entire entrance staging area was lit up by strobe lighting that accentuated the bass laden track...

Carrington: “...And his opponent, representing The Rebellion; From North Bend, Washington...Weighting in at 223 pounds...NATE!!! QUARTERMAINE!!!!

The crowd reaction remained very turbulent as a stoic glare radiated from his visage. Quartermaine began rolling his head and loosening his extremities during his advancement toward the ringside area. Sporting his trademark wrestling singlet, the naturally gifted blue chipper would slide under the bottom ropes to remain at a kneeling posture before wringing out his arms and shoulders once more. A mutual scowl would be exchanged between both Kugasari and Quartermaine as he soon strode over to the adjacent ring post before tugging away at the middle ropes. Nate began hopping place before assuming an offensive wrestling posture. Referee Simon Boulder would motion for both men to convey their respective level for readiness before signaling for the opening bell...


The audience rallied behind the opposing ground specialists maneuvering about at the ring’s epicenter where Quartermaine pounced after the nimble ninja. Eiji quickly shifted out of the way, leaving Nate to briefly slide to a knee before resetting his offensive posture. The young ninja backed him away slightly with a Feint Snap Kick before eventually being cornered in one of the adjacent turnbuckles. Holding onto the top rope, Kugasari broadened his stance before vaulting over the pouncing Quartermaine once more yet a determined Nate would swivel about and remain in hot pursuit. Eiji’s Spinning Roundhouse Kick sailed overhead, allotting the crouched grappler to lunge forward for a Single Leg Takedown yet the deft assassin would utilize a Single Handed Cartwheel to seize the advantage with a Grounded Rear Side Waistlock. However, the North Bend native quickly rose, broadened his base before stealing the advantage with a Whizzer into Full MMA styled Mount. Eiji carefully warded off the suppressive technique by pushing up into a bridge. Quartermaine wisely blocked the Kimura Lock before transitioning into a controlling Side Mount. The ninja fiercely batters his oppressor’s ribs with Rapid Fire Elbows before Quartermaine leaps back into his original crouched wrestling posture, maneuvering about cautiously avoiding each Grounded Heel Kick sent his way. Out of sheer annoyance, Nate would motion for the ninja to challenge him. The Blood Raven would windmill himself into a kneeling posture before engaging his opposition with a Head & Collar Tie Up. Nate would counter with a Wrestling Chop to lunge forward with a swift Ko Uchi Gari - A BJJ style Leg Trip. Eiji desperately cinched in a Figure Four Armlock, leading the grappling specialist to fight to free his arm. Eiji sought to maintain control with a taunt Body Scissors, leading Nate’s Forearm Shivers to force a mutual break.

The audience were overheard cheering as Eiji carefully reclaimed his footing and readily engaged his opposition with a mutual Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock. Both men dug in deep, angrily tussling for control with Quartermaine gradually driving Eiji to a knee before Kugasari sent the former Hype competitor up & over with an expedient Monkey Flip. Eiji with the Kip up into a dead sprint toward the opposing ropes. The Blood Raven with the Step Over to carom off the opposing ropes only to eat a stiff back Elbow by Quartermaine, followed by a Lateral Press...1! The former jOlt Champion kicked out yet Nate retained control with a Kneeling Side Headlock. The young ninja’s legs kept churning to lean Quartermaine against the ropes before initiating a Shove toward the opposing cables. Nate would quickly grind to a halt yet Eiji used the shift of momentum to bundle him up with a stiff German Suplex Bridge Pin! ...1! ...2! Quartermaine rolled away off his shoulders while retaining the Side Headlock. Eiji broadened his base while wedging his palms against his captor’s jaw. Nate countered with a Snap Side Headlock Takedown yet Eiji retaliated with a Head Scissors counter, leading both men to scramble back to their feet with Quartermaine following through with an expedient Fireman’s Carry Takedown into a Reverse Chinlock. The deft Japanese native gradually arched himself up in position to rear back and haul off with a Short Armed Forearm Strike yet the Washington native ducked underneath and slipped on another Rear Side Waistlock. Kugasari blocked each German Suplex with timely Heel Hooks, leading the grappling strategist to fall prey to a pair of Back Elbows. A Spinning Leg Takedown drove Nate face first into the mat, allowing the ninja to lock in a textbook Dragon Sleeper. Referee Boulder would kneel down to assess Nate’s condition when he would eventually gird himself to gradually stand upward and bounce Eiji onto the canvas with a High Snap Mare. However, the Prince of Puroresu stymied his opponent’s momentum with a stiff Overhead Kick to his feet to pursue the back pedaling Quartermaine...


Eiji's sequenced assault of a Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw would leave the dazed grappler open to be dropped via a Double Leg Takedown before locking in a Catch Wrestling styled Indian Deathlock. Steadying himself , the Blood Raven grabbed the Rebellion affiliate by the head before steadily drilling Nate with measured Punches. The gritty grappler would respond with a retaliatory salvo of his own as the crowd openly rallied behind each exchange. Quartermaine won the battle yet the ninja reared back with a bridge, promoting Nate to sternly gnash his teeth while trying to inch his way toward the bottom ropes. Finally, Quartermaine would latch onto them with both hands to force a standing hard count. Nate would pull his upper body past the bottom ropes yet Eiji arched himself upward to break the hold by drilling Quartermaine with a Slingshot Ring Apron Leg Drop! The fans continued clambering as half of Nate’s body dangled off the apron as the Blood Raven proudly swept his hair from his face before using several measured Crossface Punches to daze his opposition before resetting the referee’s count. Flipping Nate over onto his stomach, Eiji would batter him further with a pair of Forearm Strikes before granting himself some running room...

The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp

An ardent bloodthirsty chant echoed from the stands as Quartermaine collapsed into a battered heap along the floor. No rest was afforded to the weary as Eiji dragged Quartermaine upward before leaning him against the ring apron and blasting him with several Knife Edge Chops. A rush of adrenaline would lead to a Standing Switch where Quartermaine would begin belting the young ninja with Punches & Forearm Strikes. A stern Front Kick allotted Nate to reclaim his breath before dealing out a series of measured European Uppercuts. Quartermaine would whip the ninja back along the ring apron before crushing him with a stern Elbow Drop across the sternum. Eiji recoiled from the blow yet the relentless streak of Nate Quartermaine climbed back up & used the ropes for leverage to choke him with his Knee before passing through the ropes to break the count. Quartermaine would promptly steps back out to engage the ninja with a mutual battery of Punches before humbling him with a stern Knee Lift. A quartet of Clubbing Forearms, followed by a stern Headbutt led to Nate battering the Blood Raven’s spine with a Ring Apron Drop Suplex! A proud smirk formed across Nate’s lips was he basked within the heavily mixed response while an ailing Eiji reeled from the impact. Kugasari gradually staggered himself upwards only to be force fed a stiff Ring Apron Penalty Kick to the Chest! The Washington native merely measured his crawling opponent before punishing him with a Diving Stomp! Eiji would slowly struggled to reclaim his bearings before Nate delivered several Stomps on the fallen ninja before shoving him back inside the ring for the Lateral Press...




The masses cranked up the volume as Quartermaine calmly slapped on a Cravat Facelock. The ninja remained on all fours, fishing for an opening to free himself when Nate gradually stood himself erect and sought to nail a Swinging Neckbreaker. Eiji would use the momentum to swing out of the hold yet missed with the Short Armed Forearm Strike, allowing Nate to make the Prince of Puroresu pay with a stiff German Suplex...




Eiji managed to jerk his body upward yet the unrepentant grappler would maneuver about before drilling the ninja with a brutal Dragon Suplex!




Again, the defiant Blood Raven would jerk free from the canvas yet Quartermaine would pull him back to his feet before battering him with a barrage of Clubbing Forearms across the back before hoisting him airborne...

Three Quarters - A Falling Blue Thunder Bomb

The North Bend Nightmare promptly hooked the leg deeply while bridging himself upward...




Again, Kugasari jerked away from the mat and remained on his side as a slack jawed Quartermaine cupped his head with both hands. An ongoing rally began to swell throughout the stands as Nate briefly argued with the referee before reclaiming his vertical base. A recovering Kugasari would get to all 4's before being flattened by a measured Elbow Drop across the back of the neck before driving several Boots to the ninja’s exposed rib cage, driving him toward the neutral corner. Nate would hold onto the top ropes and repeatedly bury his boot heel into his opponent before being pulled away by the referee. Feigning compliance, Quartermaine would briefly keep his hands up before initiating a brutal Face Wash. Fueled with sheer momentum, Nathan would execute a dead sprint toward the opposing ropes yet his intended strike was countered by a violent Ring Rope Clothesline Drop! The impact sent the choking grappler staggering backwards before hitting the canvas. Still grimacing from the accumulated damage, Eiji dropped down to secure a Double Chicken Wing Pin...



Quartermaine would advert defeat with an angled bridge to keep his shoulders off the mat yet Eiji flowed with the momentum to land in a kneeling posture before blasting Nate with a Buzzsaw Kick across the back of his neck! Left cupping the back of his head, Quartermaine would soon succumb to an expedient Lotus Lock! The technical smarks were overheard as Simon Boulder monitored the ailing Quartermaine whom was seen gnashing his teeth. Using the back of his own head as his base, Eiji would arch himself upward to further torture his adversary. Gradually, Quartermaine would ball up both fists and fight onward before Kugasari released him to eventually shoot toward the opposing ropes...A stiff Sliding Yakuza Kick would flatten Quartermaine briefly before he slowly sat up, leading Eiji to shoot toward the ropes once more...

Blunt Force Trauma - A stiff Shining Wizard

Quartermaine’s anguish was left frozen across his visage as Kugasari promptly balled him up with a deep Cradle Pin...



Eiji displayed a brief moment of frustration as Nate kicked out, leading him to blast him with a stiff Kick across the exposed ribs. Another Soccer Kick would elevate the hunched over Quartermaine back to his feet before a heavy Front Kick drove Nate spine first against the neutral corner. A chorus of Ric Flair tributes resonated from the stands with each Knife Edge Chop before shooting toward the opposing corner and pivoting...

Red Solstice - A High Tiger Wall Flip to Hurricanrana Take Down

The Rebellion soldier careened against the canvas, leading to him stumbling forward before a streaking ninja strode past him to bounce off the ropes...Tenzo Ken...Unfortunately, the Washington native caught Eiji off guard with an Exploder Suplex! Both men were down as the crowd continued rallying in hindsight while a dazed Quartermaine slowly sat up and staggered over toward the far neutral corner. Fanning both arms out in one swift motion, Nate signaled for the end of the contest as he began stumbling his way up to the top turnbuckle. Marking his target, the North Bend Nightmare would readily take flight..

No Quarter - A High Top Rope Senton

All 220+ pounds careened against the canvas as Kugasari managed to roll away. The young ninja managed to pull himself upward onto both knees when jeers from the crowd began to swell in abundance as Jeremy Ryan was seen lumbering down the ramp. The Blood Raven was still recollecting his bearings as the Beast from Bangor quickly entered the ring yet was intercepted by Referee Boulder! An infuriated Ryan would forcibly shove Boulder aside before leveling Eiji with a Running Lariat from behind! The hulking powerhouse would arrogantly scowl at the hateful legions as he stood over the stirring ninja’s frame with a set of gnarled knuckles before inaudibly ordering his prey to get back up...


The Arena of Champions continued booing angrily as Boulder signaled for the bell before being snatched up and flung over the top rope to the outside. Sensing the looming brutality forming around him, Nate Quartermaine was prompt to begin his escape from the squared circle as Ryan inaudibly yelled at Nate before kicking the bottom ropes. Quartermaine was seen favoring his lower back during his moderate retreat towards the back. The Raging Bull himself would then center his focus upon his dazed target whom was staggering himself back to his feet. Teeth gnashing, Jeremy was more than ready to wreck further havoc on the former jOlt Heavyweight Champion...


Man Down! - A Vertical Suplex Backbreaker


Simon Boulder was seen cradling the back of his head while still signaling for the bell yet the ravenous War Machine proudly stood over the crumpled heap of Eiji Kugasari. Jeremy sent Boulder heading for higher ground upon his approach before inaudibly teasing his crawling prey to stand. A haggard ninja would weakly low crawl his way up to his knees, seeking to reclaim his footing. However, having grown impatient, Ryan would set his target in position to briefly play to the crowd, telegraphing his full intent upon spiking the Blood Raven skull first into the canvas with authority!

A Real Man's Finisher - A stiff Piledriver

The audience roared as 3 plumes of abrupt flashes & smoke erupted near the ring apron, alerting the Bangor Bully as Eiji’s reinforcements would quickly storm the ring. Ryan would quickly shove the ninja aside and made his escape to the outside. Both Heido & Takeshi would form a perimeter around the clan lieutenant as Shoji perched himself atop the turnbuckles, pointing at the retreating brawler. Inaudibly, Jeremy Ryan was pointing back and spewing venom at the clan of ninjas as the crowd openly cheered without restraint. ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin loudly serenaded the gathered legions as a pissed off Ryan picked up and hurled a Steel Chair at the squared circle that would bang aimlessly against the ring apron before careening against the padded floor. Undeterred, the Hokota Holocaust and The Crimson Order would acknowledge the frustrations of their enemy before he lumbered his way through the crowd towards temporary obscurity. Heido would inaudibly gather his brethren to aid him in escorting the ailing Kugasari away to far more secure surroundings....

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Disqualification

"Taking Aim at Destiny"

The scene opened to show the backstage area, with stacks of shipping cases and other assorted gear all around in the background. Looking ahead toward the camera was Dawn Cassidy, a nervous smile on her face. As the camera panned out, it became clear why she didn't appear too comfortable.

"As tonight's iNtense rolls on, I'm joined here now by a man who sent shockwaves through jOlt Wrestling on last week's show," Dawn said as she turned to the man to her right.


The dark-haired brawler's head was turned slightly to the side, his face partially covered by the shadows from his hooded cloak.

"Providence, after your brutal attack on Ninja K last week, I think it's clear that the fans of jOlt Wrestling want to know why you would do something"

Providence turned his head toward her. ""

Dawn looked uneasy but replied, "What I mean is, you asked him out to the ring for a peace offering and then ambused him."

A faint smirk could be seen on Providence's face as he peered into Dawn Cassidy's eyes.

"Miss Cassidy, perhaps you need to go back and watch last week's episode of iNtense again. I never said I was inviting Mr. Inogami out to the ring for any kind of peace offering or anything of the sort. What I said was that we should settle our feud in a different way than what we tried at Death Wish."

Dawn furrowed her eyebrow looking confused, but as she started to lift the microphone to her lips to say something else, Providence reached out and held it in place.

"You see, Miss Cassidy, Mr. Inogami made the same mistake that everyone here in jOlt wrestling - from the talentless brutes and spineless officials back here to the meaningless bodies in those seats in the arena - has made since I arrived here. He underestimated me. He thought after our fight at Death Wish that I was going to come out to that ring and bow down to him, beg him for a little respect and then go away to rot like so many other faceless wrestlers he has encountered over the years."

Again, Providence smirked, this time almost smiling. As he did so, he turned his head again, this time to face straight into the camera.

"What I did on iNtense last week was about so much more than Mr. Inogami and his minions. It's about a greater purpose...a higher calling that I am here to fulfill. This has been the plan all along and all you have seen thus far is a glimpse. Trust me, there is so much more to come before we reach the destiny I have been sent here for. A new day is coming and the old guard like Mr. Inogami will have no choice but to fade into the night."

After Providence was finished speaking, Dawn stood there silently. It was as if she was debating in her head whether to ask another question. She decided the answer was yes.

"Well, what about your matchup tonight against Omega? He's returning to action for the first time since you had him committed to a psychiatric hospital many weeks ago."

"Omega..." Providence said the name with utter contempt. "Yes, tonight I face Omega, a man who seems to instill fear in so many people around here. They see a vicious monster, a beast capable of all manner of violence, someone who could tear apart anyone on any given day...

"But you know what I see, Miss Cassidy? I see a sick, broken man. I see a sick, broken man who is begging for someone to put him out of his misery once and for all. Perhaps tonight I will be that someone who brings him to meet his omega. After all, in the future I am destined to bring to all of us, there is no room for sick, twisted, broken men."

With that, Providence turned and walked away, leaving Dawn to sigh and shake her head.

"All In"

The House had fallen on hard times ever since they had been dragged into the ongoing war with The Rebellion. The group of Hype graduates took some time to get their momentum going but when they did, they had cheated both The House out of the Tag Team Titles just moments after finally defeating The Crimson Order followed by Charlotte losing her own Starlets Title to Raevynn.

A loud chorus of cheers rose from the crowd as the camera closed in on The House and Charlotte walking towards the ring. Huber, Roebuck and Charlotte all had their game faces on with The House’s match against “The Phantom” Michael Donovon and Seraph coming up. They were close to the gorilla position when Donny Layne stopped them.

“Derrick Huber, Adam Roebuck, Charlotte … I was hoping that I could get a few words with you before your match tonight.”

The Sin City Strongman looked down at Donny and stroked his moustache.

“Shoot, Donny.”

“Needless to say, it’s been a trying few weeks for the three of you.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes. “Hon, that’s pretty observant of you. We’ve probably all seen better days.”

Donny continued to ask his questions.

“The Rebellion have seemingly targeted you as evidence by the fact that they schemed to take away both the Tag Team and the Starlets Championships away from you. Last week during your protest, it ended with a big six-on-two assault. What are your thoughts regarding this situation?”

“Well,” Derrick began, “my thoughts are this … Huber and I have a combined thirty-plus years of experience in this business and we are no strangers to this game. We know that things like this happen where the young blood feels they need to prove a point. The Rebellion came together at WrestleCade to prove a point and now they’ve been making it. They’re as dangerous as they’ve ever been, but the problem that we have with all of that is that they’re thinking it’s going to come at our expense.”

Huber’s voice carried more weight with it; far more than his boisterous and showy personality had ever shown.

“Good men like Ninja K, The Crimson Order and Eiji Kugasari have been screwed over. Damien Lee got twisted in their web. Chris Titan is MIA and they kicked that Sayber kid to the curb once he woke up and detoxed from the Rebellion Kool-Aid. Jon Le Bon, you and your group made the biggest fucking mistake when you fucked with us and tried to take us out at Death Wish. To make matters worse, you assholes had two chances to take us both out and both times you FAILED.

The threesome exchanged nods of respect and Huber turned back to Donny to make his point.

“Tonight, you can put this message out there: The House are all in. What I mean by that is that myself, my lovely wife, and this beast of a best friend and tag team partner are not stopping until we tear through every one of these little shits to get back what’s ours! Tonight we’re going out there to BEAT> Michael Donovon and Seraph, I’m going to get my fucking hands on Sebastian Saje for his part in screwing my wife out of her Starlets Title and then we’re gunning for Cross The Hood and you will be looking at the FOUR-TIME Tag Team Champions of jOlt!”

The arena filled with cheers at this bold proclamation as Huber shot a look at Adam Roebuck.

“Big Bucks, you want to sum up everything I just said?”

Roebuck grabbed Donny’s hand, scaring him a little bit as he pulled the microphone closer to him.

“The Rebellion are dead.

Charlotte cracked a little smile at Donny Layne and the three headed for the ring with a mission to complete.

The House vs Michael Donavan & Seraph

A bold promise had been made by The House to go through the Rebellion to get back titles that were stolen from them at Death Wish. Now it was time to see if jOlt’s largest tag team could make do on that promise or if The Rebellion seemed to have their number. After an in-ring poker game protest ended in a six-on-two beatdown of The House by members of the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon made this match happen. The House were taking on the two largest members of the Rebellion in tag team action tonight.

“Machine” by Downstait played and the crowd’s reaction went heated quickly for the members of the Rebellion. The two giants, the six-foot ten Michael “Phantom” Donavan and the seven-footer Seraph stomped out and stopped at the top of the ramp to take in the reception from the crowd. They nodded at one another in a show of unity and then made the long walk down to the ring.

”Making their way down to the ring and representing the Rebellion. They weigh in at a combined weight of six-hundred and sixteen pounds… MICHAEL DONAVAN AND SERAPH!

Donavan was tall and pushed about two-sixty five but he had earned his place in the Rebellion as a big man capable of athletic feats that someone his size should not do. Seraph had been the heavy hitman for The Rebellion and the three-hundred fifty-pound monster and crushed anyone who opposed the group openly. Seraph and Donavan both entered the ring by stepping over the ropes and they waited eagerly to beat their opponents.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Charlotte posed in between her husband and best friend with a sexy Native American princess motif in honor of Thanksgiving.

“...And making their way to the ring; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as the Hubers began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. They were ready for a fight tonight and when the bell rang, that fight was on!

Donavan started first with “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and the two stared each other down as they circled. The Phantom fired off a quick barrage of strikes to the head and stunned The Oddsmaker before he looked to build momentum from the ropes. Huber shook off the blows and ran right into the six-five two-seventy-pounder with a shoulder block.

The crowd was impressed by the show of strength from the power man as Donavan slowly rose back to his feet. He got into the face of Huber and was slapped across his face for his troubles! Huber was in no mood to play around tonight. With the Rebellion member dazed Huber ran off the ropes himself and looked for a big move when Michael caught him flush in the face with a big lunging kick. Huber hit the ground and Donavan leaped over…


Whether people liked him or hated him, Michael Donavan was an incredible physical specimen in the ring with moves like his low moonsault! He covered Huber quickly.



Huber kicked him right off with a big burst of energy! The Sin City Strongman tried to stand, but Donavan cut him off with a forceful punch. He tried to suplex Huber, however, the Oddsmaker fought back and threw some upward knees to keep him from attacking. He boxed his ears in classic fashion. He charged him into the corner and unleashed a series of shoulders into his gut before he took him over with a belly to belly overhead suplex! Donavan crashed hard to the canvas and the fans cheered for Huber when he turned over and hooked both of his legs.


2… no!

The second that Michael kicked out, Derrick punched him while he was down and forced the tall monster to the corner where Roebuck was waiting to tag. The Big Bucks tagged in and they both took turns raining down headbutts to the face of Donavan. The House were a lot more physical tonight if such a thing was even possible!

Roebuck picked up Michael Donavan and dropped him with a delayed scoop slam into the mat that rattled his spine. Roebuck then pushed himself to the ropes and came back with a flash elbow drop to the chest of the Rebellion member and nearly caving his chest in! He stayed on top of him for the cover.




The House were keeping Donavan on their side of town and wouldn’t allow him the chance to tag out to Seraph. Roebuck scooped Donavan off the mat and he landed some shots to the head of Roebuck, but the big monster pushed him with a shove so forceful he went flying backwards into the corner and ran in with a body splash that almost crushed him. Roebuck made the tag again and he and Huber were back to the grindstone, punishing The Rebellion member for costing them the titles and beating them down the week previous.

They both shot him into the ropes and knocked his ass right over with a double shoulder block to loud cheers from the crowd! Huber yelled to the crowd and celebrated loudly before he crawled over and tried to pin him.



Donavan was able to kick out again, but that didn’t deter Huber from wanting to punish him some more. He stood over The Rebellion member on the mat and repeatedly slammed his head back to the ground. He surprised Seraph by charging at the giant in the corner and struck him with an elbow to the face. Seraph didn’t fall off the apron, but the shot did rattle him.

The Sin City Strongman turned his focus back to Donavan, but he clipped Huber in the chin with an uppercut. He threw in two more for good measure and tried to pull him up looking for some type of slam, but Huber kicked his legs and landed behind him. Donavan turned around and Huber used all of his strength to push him back to the corner yet again.

Another tag was made to Adam Roebuck and the Las Vegas Leviathan got into the ring. He charged first at Michael Donovan who was trapped up in their corner …


His signature running hip attack crushed him in the corner which left Donavan dropping to a seated position in the corner. Derrick Huber was next and he came charging after him behind him.


The cannonball senton in the corner caught the Rebellion member! Michael Donavan’s innards were probably reduced to a paste after having two of jOlt’s biggest and strongest men crushing him with tremendous force. Roebuck dragged him out the corner by his leg and tried to end this match.



He almost kicked out when Seraph climbed inside and dropped an elbow into Roebuck’s back so he could break up the cover. The man known as God’s War Machine turned back to the corner and Roebuck sat up and went after him. Seraph ducked off of the ring apron to avoid any contact. Charlotte tried to warn Roebuck about what was waiting behind him but all he got was a desperation superkick for his troubles!

Donavan fell to his side and held his ribs, but the kick was enough to send Roebuck crashing through the ropes and to the ringside floor. Donavan reached over and finally tagged in to Seraph and the big enforcer of the Rebellion was ready to launch an attack on the Las Vegas Leviathan. He posed for the attack and waited when Adam tried to stand …


The charging double axe handle to the face was more than enough to ring Roebuck’s bell and left the bearded monster sprawled on the ground. The Big Bucks was left in a vulnerable position as Seraph and Donavan both exerted some effort to get the four-hundred plus pounder back inside the ring. Seraph climbed back inside and he tried to pin Roebuck right away.



And a kickout by Roebuck!

The Hubers both showed great concern for their friend as he forced himself to try and stand, but Seraph towered over him and delivered a straight punch to his face that put the Las Vegas Leviathan on the ground. He stomped him and pressed a boot into his neck while reaching out to tag in Donavan again.

The Phantom climbed inside the ring and both giant took turns pressing their boots into Roebuck’s neck to choke the life out of him. The official wanted to get in between them, but was very hesitant to do so. The Rebellion were just about untouchable with Jon Le Bon having the power to make all matches related to his crew.

When Michael went to force them back to his feet, Roebuck threw some stray fists into his stomach in order to try and wear him down, but Michael Donavan punched him right back and threw some good upper cuts to send Roebuck backwards into the corner with a nice dropkick – amazing from the six-foot ten Rebellion member!

Roebuck was sent stumbling backwards into the corner and Seraph had the chance to tag in again. He picked him up and charged with a clothesline that squashed Roebuck. Derrick Huber walked along ring apron trying to will on his partner to get back to his feet, but Seraph was putting a boot in his throat. Again, Donavan tagged back in and they went with a big double team of their own. Seraph charged in with a big splash and Roebuck was brought down. Donavan snarled before he ran at the corner…


The sideways cannonball splash in the corner caught him and now Roebuck himself was forced out of the corner. Donavan shot a snarky look the way of the Huber clan before he reached over for a cover.



Close, but no cigar!

The shot nearly caught him, however Roebuck kicked out! Donavan went to wear him down with a gator roll type of hold and maneuvered Roebuck around the mat to disorient him. After using the move, he changed it up to a tight side headlock to wear The Big Bucks down some more.


Charlotte was running across the ringside area and led the crowd with their chants while Roebuck was struggling to fight his way out. Donavan had a tight grip on him, but Roebuck stopped him in his tracks and got back to his feet before he pulled him up and dropped him with a back suplex that shook up the ring!

The big monsters were down, but Donavan was still coherent enough to roll over to the corner and tag into Seraph. Roebuck tried to get over to his corner when Seraph stopped him by grabbing his leg. He turned Roebuck over and managed to get him with a TREMENDOUS body slam! The crowd was shocked, but amazing that Seraph had taken the Las Vegas Leviathan up and make it look pretty easy! Seraph covered him now.




“That was three and you fucking know it!” Donavan protested from the outside.

The official raised two fingers, but Seraph was not done with Roebuck. He was trying to stand when Seraph clutched him by the throat with both hands. He was trying to go for Divine Destruction, when Roebuck exploded with a surge of life. He broke Seraph’s grip and clutched him by the head before driving him down with a DDT!


Charlotte frantically led the chants as the three-time tag team champions were left scrambling. Roebuck rolled over while Seraph was trying to get to his own corner. Seraph’s head probably felt like mush as he reached out. Because he was so tall, he didn’t have too far to go and Donavan tagged in. He tried to stop Roebuck, but now he was over.

Huber was in and like a ball of fire, he charged right at Michael Donavan to deliver a big shot to the Phantom. He went back to the corner and Huber charged at him delivering a striking spear in the corner, firing like a bullet that knocked the wind out of Donavan. Huber grabbed him out of the corner and took to the ropes that he ran right into …


He was beating his chest wildly and the energy from the crowd was feeding him. He gestured at Michael Donavan and pointed at him, stomping his feet. When he started to stand he grabbed him and threw him with a powerful T-bone suplex!



Close, but no!

The Phantom kicked out, but Huber was fired up and ready to finish off the members of The Rebellion. The crowd knew that he was meaning business when he took his sole strap and brought it down. Charlotte looked a little bit charged watching her husband start to beat people up and cheered him on as he put him on the top turnbuckle. He was setting him up for his muscle buster, but Michael stopped him with some punches.

Seraph climbed into the ring, but Roebuck had his partner’s back and nearly took him out of the ring with a misdirection shoulder block from the side that took down both men!

Huber and Donavan were left alone and Donavan fired back with a kick to disorient Huber. He climbed off the buckles and set him up for his version of a double underhook piledriver. The move was called the Phantom Driver, but Huber used his strength to power him up and drop him with an air raid crash! Huber pulled both arms down and gestured as he took him up again…


Donavan’s head was drilled into the mat after the muscle buster! Huber watched for any signs of Seraph trying to interfere, but Roebuck was keeping him at bay so he could go for the pin.




Huber was back on his feet and Roebuck and Charlotte all paraded inside the ring. The House got some payback tonight against the Rebellion and more importantly, the members who had attacked them leading to Cross the Hood stealing the titles. Huber and Roebuck celebrated with the crowd as they were announced as the winners …

A slow golf clap from atop the ramp stopped all that jubilation instantly.

Sebastian Saje came onto the ramp as Michael Donavan and Seraph were recollecting themselves on the floor and Huber, Roebuck, and Charlotte had the undivided attention of the ringleader for the Rebellion.

“Congratulations on your victory, gentlemen, but what you fail to grasp is that waging war with us is turning into career suicide. You alluded earlier to Chris Titan and where is he now? Gone because we took him out the game. If it’s a war that you want then I can oblige. I heard that you wanted to get your hands on me earlier so next week, you will get a chance!”

Huber popped his neck as Saje smiled.

“… but it will be Adam Roebuck that does it!”

Roebuck was willing to fight and nodded with agreement at the match being made.

“Next week I will be on Adam Roebuck and to ensure this contest will be kept clean, this will be a lumberjack match! The lumberjacks will be the following … Raevynn, Nate Quartermaine, Cross The Hood, Michael Donavan, Seraph and our fearless leader, Jon Le Bon!”

The House’s collective jaws dropped at this announcement which was meant to be an obvious plan to divide and conquer. Despite this, Roebuck put on his best brave face and still looked ready for a fight.

“This will be to make it fair and ensure no interference, but just to be on the safe side … The Hubers will be banned from ringside or they forfeit their rematch against Cross the Hood!”

Huber was protesting, but as the match related to members of Cross The Hood, he could get away with that due to his ability to control the matches for any Rebellion member.

“I’ll be seeing you next week, gentlemen.”

Michael Donavan and Seraph retreated up the ramp and though they suffered defeat tonight, they had the last laugh with this turn of events. The House had won this particular battle but the war was just getting started and The Rebellion knew all about playing dirty.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"A Rough First Day on the Job"

Earlier tonight an impactful return had been made by none other than “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan. The Bad Man from Bangor had ruthlessly attacked former jOlt Champion, Eiji Kugasari after their match – all without saying a word.

The camera focused in on Jeremy Ryan walking backstage with his signature black hoodie with his Real Man bloody knuckles emblem. After recovering from injuries from his brutal match with Pietro Geist at Death Wish, he was fully recovered and ready to pick up where he left off – destroying ANYONE in his path.

“Excuse me, Jeremy? Jeremy, a word, please?”

Ryan glanced over at the voice belonging to an unfamiliar face. The man was a reporter in training and could make his career with the first words that Ryan would have since Death Wish. jOlt’s Last Real Man stopped in his tracks and glanced down at the reporter in the blue dress shirt and tan dress pants.

“Sir, I’m Raul Zapada,” he said. “I’m one of the new interviewers here and I just wanted to get your thoughts on earlier. Why did you come back in that fashion earlier tonight by attacking Eiji Kugasari? Were you trying to prove a point or make some kind of a statement?”

Coldly, Ryan glanced at the young interviewer and said nothing. Deciding this wasn’t working, Raul changed up his line of questioning.

“Okay, then. Let me ask you about Death Wish. You came closer than anybody has yet to dethroning Pietro Geist for his championship only to fall sho…”

Suddenly, Ryan GRABBED him by the throat and pushed him up against the wall! Clearly what happened at Death Wish seemed to be something of a sort spot with him. Zapada looked like he was about to pass out when Ryan dropped him without incident. He dusted off his shirt and patted him on the head like a child, all without saying a word.

Ryan cracked his knuckles and simply stormed off while Zapada rolled his eyes.

“Oh, well, I tri…”


Raul Zapada hit the ground hard and looked like his nose had been broken!

jOlt’s Last Real Man stood over the interviewer and as he did earlier, picked up his microphone off the ground. He glanced at it before he simply dropped it on his chest and walked off about his business.

It was clear that Ryan would talk when he was damn ready to do so.

"Chips in the Hope Diamond Serpent"


The collective footsteps of an Inogami Clan scouting party would echo throughout one of the numerous aisle ways within the Arena of Champions as Mamoru would casually turn his head and attention toward his bodyguard’s.

“Shoji..” The clan chief advisor replied.

“I believe we have an opportunity to gain retribution on yet another one of our enemies.” The Hokota Holocaust implied with muted anticipation.

“It's not even been a full day reunited with the clan and already you stand brimming with ambition, I see..” Mamoru quipped. “And what of this ’opportunity’, Shoji?”

“I have been monitoring the turbulence stirring within the Diamond Jewelz’s camp, via social media outlets...” Shoji mentioned yet Mamoru merely scoffed at the notion.

That cretin...” Mamoru interjected. “What of him and his troubles?”

“It would seem that the infamous tramp has allowed his lurid urges to get the better of him as his whore has caught him with another woman.” Shoji mentioned as Mamoru slowly raised his eyebrow with intrigue.

“Hmm...” Mamoru was heard in response. “Interesting...”

“Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned...” Shoji quipped. “According to said scriptures, am I right?”

A brief moment of silent contemplation was granted before the small party rounded the corner.

“Alright.” Mamoru replied. “This may prove interesting, if done correctly. Be mindful with this endeavor, Shoji.”

“Thank you, Sifu...” The ninja mentioned with a wry smirk as they continued onward en route to the gorilla position.

Mack Brody vs Statuz Quo

It was not a great night for the man called Mack Brody last week. He had a successful outing in singles competition against Khadafi only to have his night ended with a sneak attack and a tire iron courtesy of the man who had assaulted the Heirs of Wrestling – the man called Orphan.

The former Seymour Almasy hadn't been seen or heard from since the attack and Mack Brody was not approaching this match with the best mental state, but in moments Duzza would bring out Statuz Quo’s tag team partner, Statuz Quo to take on the Bronze Bomber. Could Quo do what Khadafi could not last week and defeat SuperMack, especially with his mind seemingly elsewhere?

“The following is a singles contest scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington said. The camera panned over to a focused Quo and his manager/cornerman, Duzza, out here giving his charge some last-minute words of advice. “Currently in the ring from Atlanta, GA, weighing in at 240 pounds… he is accompanied by Duzza… STATUZ QUO!

Quo had a smirk on his face and looked ready to try and capitalize on the mental state of one Mack Brody. Speaking of the giant…

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a steady pace. He was still visibly pissed from the sneak attack with the tire iron and was wearing bandages on his rib cage tonight, but he was given the green light to compete tonight.

“And his opponent, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

Brody entered the ring and right on the onset, Quo attacked!


Ian Nguyen was calling for the bell as Quo rushed at the big man and bumrushed him with a flurry of right hands – more than enough to send Brody backwards into the corner. The ribs were a painted bulls-eye on the big man as Quo went on the attack with some shoulders in the corner, knocking the wind right out of Brody! While Brody was winded in the corner, Quo glanced out to the crowd.


Statuz Quo was all smiles now as he landed a few more good shots. He then tried to whip Brody across the ring and when he tried, SuperMack reversed that and sent him sailing back into the opposite corner. Brody charged only to eat a big knee to the face from Statuz Quo. He charged right at Brody and brought him down with a HUGE DDT to the mat!

With some effort, he managed to drop SuperMack onto the canvas and finally stopped. With that out of the way, the A-Town Assassin lunged off the ropes and came right back…


He brought down a VICIOUS double stomp right to the ribs of Brody! SuperMack yelled out in pain and Quo turned around! He could pull out the big upset tonight!




Brody kicked out much to the shock of Duzza and Statuz Quo! The A-Town Assassin glanced at Jones and slapped his hand three times frantically to tell him he fucked up the cover, but he only got two out of it. Statuz Quo continued to drop more elbows into the top of Brody’s head and tried to finish off SuperMack for good only for him to suddenly burst to life and THROW him with all his might into the corner!

With a head full of steam, SuperMack rushed right at Statuz Quo and this time he landed a HARD knee to the chest that rocked the hitman of Trouble! The crowd was cheering now as the member of the Heirs of Wrestling waited for him to stagger out of the corner. He scooped him up and planted him with a HUGE Front Powerslam! Brody stopped because the move took a bit out of him but then maneuvered into the cover.




This time, it was Statuz Quo who powered out! This match wasn’t going to win anything on style points, but Brody and Statuz Quo were already throwing bombs at one another. Mack was back on his feet and the Bronze Bomber was waiting for his opponent to stand. Slowly, Statuz Quo rose back to a vertical base before Brody tried to finish him only for Duzza to stand on the ring apron once again! He started shouting at the big man with some more insults as Statuz Quo charged only this time Mack caught him. He chucked Statuz Quo right at him and the two men collided, sending him crashing back to the floor! The A-Town Assassin recovered and turned around only to see a charging Mack Brody behind him…


Brody then threw Quo over the ropes and started to hang his arms in the ropes. He cocked an arm back and wasn’t playing around, but the crowd counted along anyway.


And a middle finger to Duzza for good measure before he punished Quo…



Brody was sucking wind, but he muscled Quo over the ropes by throwing him in. The proud and powerful Brody slashed a thumb across this throat before pulling Statuz Quo back up. With one more burst of strength, SuperMack looked to finish this. He hoisted him up and THREW Quo into the corner viciously with a Bucklebomb! But that wasn’t all! A furious Brody powered him up again. This time, he was done…


One Revolution Bomb later and Statuz Quo had crumbled into the mat! Brody rolled over and hooked both legs of his opponent as the crowd counted along.




Brody held his ribs as he stood up still. Quo had a great gameplan, but Brody had fought through the pain to come back and make a big victory here tonight.

“Here is your winner of the match… MACK BRODY!

SuperMack climbed out of the ring without even bothering to look back at a pissed-off Duzza and a laid-out Statuz Quo on the mat. However, the flickering of the jOltvision managed to catch his full attention…

the following is a proh-proh-proh-MOTI-ONAL announcement from orphan. his viewpoints in no way reflect those of jolt wrestling.

“of course they don’t. if they did, i wouldn’t have to had to buy airtime on intense, now would i? sometimes, i think wrestling companies think their fans are even stupider than I think they are.”

The man himself sits in a chair in an empty room, with a single bare light bulb illuminating the scene. The self-professed Spirit of ACW wears a shit-eating, MILESwide grin on his face as he rocks back and forth in a chair not meant to be rocked in.

“jolt’s hell-bent on not letting me back in its halls, and for once, a wrestling company has made a very wise decision. there’s just one problem, really - i’m the sort of asshole who doesn’t need to be in the arena to cause havoc, as poor widdle mack brody discovered last week.”

The fal’Cie, of course, doesn’t seem to much care about said poor widdle gigantic death machine.

“mack wants to know why? he wants to know why i disinherited the heirs of wrestling? three letters, macky-boy: eh see dubya. i’m on a mission, y’see, to make sure that i’m the last man standing from that hell-hole. so i took out your former tag champ buddies, and, well, you’re the last guy of the heirs left! sure, no one but me remembers the sons of anarchy, but as ruben ross will attest, if you can find him, i’m nothing if not thorough!”

Shrugging, Orphan continues - iNtense airtime is expensive, after all

“soooo, i’ve got to deal with mister brody’s challenge. there’s just one problem with it, of course, i’m not allowed to compete in jolt. too bad, so sad, mack. well, there IS one way it can happen, i suppose, but i guess you wouldn’t be interested in meeting me off jolt property in a contest with no rules, right? both of us sign a waiver and jolt airs the match liiiiive from an empty arena. just you, and me, and some cameramen. how’s that sound, mack? good to you? it sounds amazing to me.”

Orphan stands, and extends his arms out - JCP? Yup.

“let me know, big guy. i’m always watching. always.”

If there was one look on the face of Mack Brody now, it was RAGE. He slowly turned his head back towards the ring where Duzza was tending to Statuz Quo. He then marched towards the ring again with Quo dead in his sights. This was not Orphan. This was not a man who had anything to do with what was going on, but all he could see now was RED…

Brody grabbed Duzza by the head and THREW him right out of the ring! Quo himself could barely stand, but he managed to try and get a right hand in. SuperMack blocked said right hand….





Brody sat there in the ring after dropping Quo with a second Revolution Bomb, but he didn’t care about anybody’s well-being any more.


The chants were loud for the big man, but he didn’t hear anything. All he could hear was Orphan taunting him endlessly. And at this point, he would do ANYTHING to end his taunting once and for all.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"Things Only Going Half As Planned"

In the backstage area, Seraph and Michael Donavan were approached by Jon Le Bon who wasn’t looking too happy.


“Hey.. what happened out there was…” said Donavan before Le Bon cut him off.

“And just what the hell do you think you’re about to do? Give me an excuse? I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that there was to be ZERO failures tonight… and what happens? I send two of my very best after The House and you two couldn’t get the job done! The two of you just disgraced our name once again! Hasn’t it been dragged through the mud enough thanks to Damien Lee? Your failure is MY failure because I said we would dominate this roster and yet.. here I stand as a lion before a couple of lambs instead of a lion in the middle of a vicious pack.”

Seraph just stood there while Donavan gritted his teeth.

“What? You have a problem with what I’m saying? Does the truth hurt? You failed on The Hype.. you couldn’t even beat Sebastian Saje for The Hype championship…. I RESCUED you from The Hype and what do you do in return? YOU STILL FAIL” said Le Bon to Donavan.

“And what’s your excuse? “God’s War Machine?” A man who was, at one point, called the true monster of The Hype not only loses in a tables match to Aran Thompson several months ago.. ironically with this screw up to your right… but you managed to fail AGAIN alongside him tonight. Is that what you are? The Hype’s Biggest Screw Up!?” said Le Bon to Seraph.

Seraph however, wouldn’t take it like Michael Donavan. Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck and slammed him against the wall to a massive eruption from the crowd. Donavan quickly got between them.

“Calm down, Seraph. This isn’t worth it. Just let him go.” Said Donavan.

Seraph looked at Donavan for a moment and did just that. He let Le Bon go and walked away off in the distance.

“you know.. you’re luckier than you think you are. If you were trying to awaken him… congratulations… you succeeded… but just be careful what you say from now on… otherwise, I won’t hold him back for you.” Said Donavan to Le Bon.

Le Bon looked at Donavan as if another one of his “pets” were about to bite their master. There is definitely some dissention between members of The Rebellion. Once Seraph and Donavan were out of the scene, Le Bon grinned as he looked over his shoulder.

“I know you’re there.” Said Le Bon.

The woman from earlier in the night walked out.

“So I’ve been spotted” said this mysterious female

“What business do you have eavesdropping on our affairs?” asked Le Bon.

“Let’s just say I have a special interest… that’s all” said the woman.

The woman walked by Le Bon and ran her finger under his chin as she walked off into the distance. Le Bon looked at her with distrust as the scene faded to black.

Shoji vs Khadafi

"Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg rang out from overhead, triggering a notably negative response from the crowd as the streaming vignettes displayed the unsightly glimpses of the Hawaiian criminal underworld. Numerous glimpses of the Hawaiian Head Hunter’s seedy exploits before Camera 2 would follow him power walking away from the backstage area. Inaudibly, he would voice his resentment from the gathered masses before extending both middle fingers into the air...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st from Pahoa, Hawaii...Weighting in at 252 pounds....He is the ”Hawaiian Head Hunter”...KHADAFI!!!!”

The disgruntled islander would continue onward down the ramp en route to the squared circle only to briefly antagonize the fans before storming up the steel steps, pass through the ropes and raise both fists toward the heavens. Arrogantly praising himself, Khadafi continued to patrol the southern half of the ring while Referee Underwood would inaudibly bark orders at him. The loyal member of Trouble was seen tugging the top rope sternly before rotating each shoulder as his musical theme music ebbed away...

A few moments would elapse before a prominent pulse of light flashed briefly before the silhouette of the Hokota Holocaust was seen penetrating through the billowing overcast. Upon the 3rd impulse, the hulking ninja would execute a rhythmic regiment of striking katas amidst the ongoing barrage of dancing lights where his manager would soon walk past him. Carrington: “....and his opponent, making his way to the ring...Accompanied by his manager, Mamoru...From Hokota, Japan...Weighting in at 285 pounds...SHOJI!!!”

Donning the hues of burgundy and Black, the masked anarchist would follow suit with a gnarled set of knuckles to the theme of ”Pyrotechnics” by Cliff Lin. A unstable mixed reaction resonated in hindsight as the hulking ninja would nod coldly toward several fans before walking up the steps, along the ring apron before ascending the opposing turnbuckles. Khadafi was seen inaudibly pointing and ranting at the ninja whom was staring back at him before making his descent inside the ring. The Inogami Clan outcast would soon be intercepted by Referee Underwood to keep the warring parties at bay. Along the outside, Mamoru would continue walking near the ring apron with an attentive eye on his bodyguard before extinguishing his cigar. Cameras 3 and 1 would trade glances at both combatants who were wringing their wrists in preparation before the musical theme eroded out of earshot...


Each representative of feuding camps would patiently assess each other’s respective attack postures before fully engaging each other near the ring’s epicenter. Khadafi managed to back Shoji up with a 1-2 Punch Combination yet the staggering ninja would fire back with a stiff Hooking Elbow Strike across the Jaw followed by a Spinning Back Fist before sending Khadafi tumbling forward with a timely Throw. Forward somersaulting to his feet, the Hawaiian Head Hunter would quickly recollect himself before parrying the Overhand Palm Strike and humbling Shoji with a Right Hook to the exposed rib cage. A stern Headbutt backed the ninja up before a Sweeping Left Hook leaned the masked assassin in place to be knocked backwards with a stiff Knee Strike to the teeth. Khadafi’s intended Running Lariat was upended by a stern Over The Shoulder Throw, allotting Shoji to drill Khadafi with a Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades! A precisioned Elbow A strike to the crowd of Khadafi’s skull set him on the defensive yet the thuggish islander would fall prey to a stiff Double Underhook Suplex! The Hokota Holocaust with the Lateral Press...1! Khadafi grimaced sternly during the kick out yet Shoji maintained the pressure with a battery of wild Crossface Punches before the referee moved the ninja off of his target. Shoji would arrogantly wave the ring official aside yet Khadafi doubled him over with an expedient Shoulder Ram into the stomach, followed by a Double Ax Handle Uppercut! A Clenched Forearm Strike would stagger the ninja away before being driven into the neutral corner by Khadafi’s Running Yakuza Kick. The unrepentant brawler would go to work on the muscular ninja before Referee Underwood forcibly pried Khadafi off of him. Khadafi slammed all 250+ pounds of his massive frame atop of Shoji with a violent TB Body Avalanche before launching the ninja with a High Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The angry Hawaiian would quickly drop down and make the Lateral Press...



Mamoru was briefly seen slapping the ring apron and barking in Japanese as Shoji shot the shoulder off the mat. The hateful Hawaiian put the ninja on the defensive with a battery of Mounted Punches before springing to his feet. The heavy Stomp missed the Hokota Holocaust’s head, leaving him open to be staggered forward with a High Overhead Kick to the lower back. Shoji utilized a swift Windmill to his feet before doubling Khadafi over with a stiff Sole Kick. A stern Bell Clap produced a notable yell before Shoji followed through with a Toe Kick...

‘The Tengu Plex’ - A Pumphandle Fall Away Slam

The Head Hunter’s farme was violently spiked into the canvas, drawing forth a noted response as Shoji shot the Cradle Pin...



Somehow, Khadafi kicked out. Shoji sat up to shift his jaw breifly before reclaiming his footing to stagger him backward with a stiff Knee to the Face before applying more damage with a Double Throat Chop! A Front Kick of his own would careen Khadafi against the ropes before punishing him with a Fisherman’s Suplex!



Shoji seamlessly rolled through before crushing his prey with a Deadlift Fisherman’s Suplex! A muffled scream bellowed deep from within as the ninja briefly flexed before shooting toward the adjacent ropes and connecting with a Shining Elbow Drop followed by a Lateral Press...



Again, the seasoned vigilante kicked away from certain defeat. Mamoru was seen barking instructions to his hot headed bodyguard whom would gradually recollect himself and hurling him away with a stern Irish Whip to the far neutral corner. Shoji granted himself some running room before sprinting in after Khadafi only to eat an extended Boot to the Face. The Hokota Holocaust staggered backward and briefly dropped to a knee before standing. Immediately, the groggy gangster would retaliate with a violent Crooked Arm Lariat! Left on all fours, Khadafi would shake the cobwebs free before standing himself erect. The pissed off hooligan pulled Shoji up to both knees and drilled him with a stiff Forearm Strike across the back of his neck. Khadafi would hit him with 2 similar attacks for extra measure before battering his ribs with a Textbook Gutbuster. The hulking ninja remained folded over Khadafi’s knee before being flung away with a heavy Gutwrench Suplex! The ailing ninja braced his midsection with Khadafi pissing off the legions by extending his arms outward before digging his fingers into the ninja’s eyes. The referee initiated his hard count before Khadafi released him on the count of 4. Immediately, the Hawaiian Head Hunter would inaudibly taunt his prey while applying a Head Vice. Referee Underwood would check on Shoji whom was weathering the pressure before his captor quickly flooring the ninja with a Front Kick between the shoulder blades. The confident brawler would waste no time in hooking the leg deep...




Shoji’s manager briefly applauded his liege’s escape before urging him to reclaim control as Khadafi used a Hammer Throw to bounce him against the corner. The gangster strode toward the adjacent ropes as Shoji staggered forward from the impact yet countered the Running Pump Kick with a Spinning Back Elbow to the lower back...

‘Dark Genesis’ - A Swinging Leg Hook Belly-to-Back Suplex

The audience responded in kind as Shoji remained laid on his Left Side catching a brief breather before executing a Gator Roll to a Front Chancery. The desperate Khadafi would fight his way over toward the ring ropes before scissoring them with both feet. Underwood’s count to 4 granted him his brief release, allowing him to slither to the outside. The masked hunter would immediately follow suit where he would initiate a hard Hammer Throw, forcing Khadafi to careen hard against the barricades. The vengeful ninja followed up with a Running Kitchen Sink Attack followed by a prompt Standing Hip Toss against the padded earth! Mamoru’s native tongue would encourage Shoji to telegraph a Arm Twist Barricade Walk Chop. However, the cunning street jackal would counter with an Oklahoma Stampede sternly against the far ring post! The bloodthirsty crowd beckoned for blood as Khadafi intentionally reset the count to punish his masked adversary further by walking along the ring apron and belting him with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp! The unified venom from the crowd only fueled the arrogant brawler as he extended his arms outward briefly before delivering a hard Front Kick to the midsection. A trinity of measured Punches led to the ninja being bounced off the ring apron with an intentional Irish Whip before shoving the ninja back inside the ring. The elbow braced against the ninja’s jaw line complimented the highly disrespectful Lateral Press...



A pissed off Khadafi scowled at the referee in having been shoved away, leading him to snatch the ninja by his head and shove him toward the neutral corner. Several Turnbuckle Thrusts led to another Irish Whip to the opposing ropes, leading to a Bicycle Kick. The athletic ninja spun away from the attack to stun Khadafi with a Underhanded Throat Chop...

‘The Earth Spire Kick’ - An Inverted Stomp Face Breaker

The crowd volume rose as the Hawaiian Head Hunter fell lifeless against the mat while Shoji was slow to reclaim his footing...

SPEARBUSTER!!! - A Running Spear into Spinebuster)


Jeremy Ryan would snap to his feet and yell amidst an highly disgruntled crowd as he arrogantly swung his fist in celebration. The Beast of Bangor stood over the balled up ninja before spying a low crawling Khadafi using the ring ropes to pull himself upward. A stiff Over The Top Rope Clothesline sent Khadafi spilling violently to the outside, leading Ryan to hungrily snatch off his Black Sleeveless Shirt and reel the Hokota Holocaust back to his feet...


A Real Man’s Finisher - A Jumping Piledriver

The Hokota Holocaust collapsed into a lifeless heap as "A Man” by Cypress Hill coronated the return of a pissed off tyrant. Mamoru was left to scowl at the defiant brawler who was arrogantly raising both fists toward the heavens. The Arena of Champions was filled with shared resentment as he slowly began his egress from the ringside area before the scene faded on cue...

Winner: Shoji via Disqualification

"gOlden bOy Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational. Diamond Jewelz is as loved as he is hated these days, and growing more beloved by the day! This segment is all the more interesting because the last time we saw Jewelz, he was not in the ring competing, but instead in the mouth of jOlt start Vogue Gonsalves, and in the disdain of his now apparently former fiance Ruby Rocks Jewelz. Or at least, this is what we know from twitter. Although Ruby gave her engagement ring back last week, she is still in the possession of many of articles of jewelry owned by Jewelz and Jewelz has threatened to “sic” his team of hitmen, Them M’fn Goons and take them back by force if she does not return them.

How will this tift between Mr. Relentless and his now excommunicated fiance affect his focus for the gOlden bOy Title Invitational? Or does he even care? Was Ruby just another cheap thrill? Is Vogue his new manager? And most importantly who will be the challenger tonight? It’s going to be an interesting night tonight for sure. “gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth, between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings. “I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. It’s now time for.. it’s about damn time I’m able to say this... Not only just the main attraction, but The MAIN EVENT of the evening…. The gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He is jOlt’s mVp… A champion of champions...He’s the one, the only…’ That nigga….’Mr. RiseandShine’ himself,” The cheers and boos escalate!

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz “

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening “Blinging” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense as he does every intense; purple boots, purple tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy and Relentless titles. This week, Ruby rocks is absent from the entrance lending all the more credence to the rumeor that the couple is over and done with. There’s no Vogue Gonsalves either, so maybe she was nothing more than a one night stand. Diamond Jewelz strikes his usual pose, sans Ruby Rocks grabbing his chain, and then tapping each individual title on each shoulder..,,, After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. The literal million dollar grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Diamond, without Ruby holding the ropes for him, grabs the mic from O.G.

“I can’t do bad by myself!!” Jewelz proclaims taking a jab at his new found freedom from beau Ruby Rocks Jewelz.

“But I tell you what… Bitch better have my money you feel me”, Diamond asserts “Shoul betta” O.G. chimes in…. “I want my shit back.. She can keep her pussy!!” Diamond reverberates.

“But onto business… It’s now time for well… you know the gOlden bOy Invitational program by now…. Whoever think they’re man enough to take on Diamond Jewelz, and challenge for his Relentless or gOlden bOy Title, bring your ass down here and MANUP and get your ass spanked by the Rainbow Serpent!” Jewelz grins widely.

“MANUP my nigga..” O.G. blurts out..

"Sexy Girl Anthem" by Roscoe Dash blares out of the PA System and the crowd pops as the buxom Ruby rolls out of the backstage area with a fury. Is Ruby Rocks answering the gOlden bOy Title Invitational challenge? This would indeed be a first for the series of challenge matches. Anger floods the face of Jewelz and his million dollar grin disappears. Jewelz is a pit of rage in the ring. Ruby reaches the ring quickly, not dawning any of her usual purple get up, but instead a red jumpsuit.

“Where’s my shit bitch?? You better be coming down here to return my shit..” Jewelz demands of Ruby.

“Fuck you DIAMONNNDD… Fuck you… Ruby screams.. I’m here to answer your challenge..” The crowd goes crazy… A female is indeed answering the gOlden bOy Invitational for the first time.

“What?? You don’t have my shit?” Diamond says confused..

“No I’m here to fight..” Ruby screams as she stomps..

“Whoop his asss”, “Whoop his asss”, “Whoop his asss”, “Whoop his asss”, “Whoop his asss” the crowd chants. The crowd is hot for this…

“You’re answering my challenge?” Jewelz asks taking his shirt off as to oblige..

“Yesss...” Ruby screams blushing red with anger.


“Get the fuck outta here.. Pimps up.. Hoes Down..” Jewelz hit Ruby with a thunderous slap sending her tumbling over the ropes. The crowd boos thunderously at the act of cowardice by the dastardly Jewelz… This is indeed a new low for Mr. Relentless

“Make sure you return my shit though bitch.. I don’t love you no more… This is about business..” Jewelz proclaims callously over the mic. Ruby holds her face in pain on the outside and then begins to run to the back crying. The first female challenger has been denied an opportunity to challenge Jewelz for his gold.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Derecho

As the lover's spat came to an end..

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The lights in the arena went out and then became a Crimson Hue. The King of Hell himself, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area and made his way down to the ring. Jewelz was now going to face his scheduled opponent for tonight for his gOlden bOy Championship! This could be his last night holding that title! Derecho stepped into the ring and the arena returned to normal. Jewelz didn't care that his opponent was Derecho as he stood there and grinned. He held up the gOlden bOy title and told Derecho to come get it. Derecho grinned back at Jewelz and the referee called for the bell




Jewelz and Derecho being to circle each other in the ring. They lock up and immediately Derecho goes into a side head lock and takes Jewelz down to the canvas, but Jewelz battles back up to his feet and hits a pair of elbows to the mid-section, not allowing himself to get grounded. Jewelz breaks free and heads to the ropes and puts Derecho down with a shoulder block. Jewelz cracks a grin as he looks down at Derecho before heading to the ropes again, but Derecho flips to his stomach and causes Jewelz to hop over and hit the opposite side. Derecho gets up and goes for a hip toss, but it’s blocked by Jewelz and nearly reversed until Derecho blocked the hip toss as well. Derecho hit a knee to the stomach, doubling Jewelz over and placing him between his legs, looking for the Vortex Powerbomb, but Jewelz sensed it coming and shoved Derecho back into the corner before taking a step back and pointing to his head to show off his intelligence

Derecho grinned and taunted Jewelz to bring it, feeling the competition starting to brew. Jewelz shook his head and told Derecho to bring it instead which Derecho gladly did by charging in with a clothesline, but Jewelz ducked. Derecho quickly stopped and turned, catching Jewelz with a kick to the stomach as if he anticipated the counter. Derecho hoisted Jewelz up onto his shoulder, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Jewelz slipped off of Derecho’s shoulders and landed behind him. Jewelz then leapt up and brought Derecho down across both of his knees with a backstabber! Jewelz went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Derecho kicked out.

Jewelz brought Derecho up to a seated position and placed him into a rear chin lock. “I got ya now, nigga” yelled Jewelz as he wrenched in the move, but Derecho started to battle up to his feet where he turned and got underneath Jewelz, hitting a Back Drop Suplex. Derecho stood up and said “Enough of this shit” and exited the ring. He walked over to the time keeper’s position and grabbed his best friend, the steel chair. Derecho brought it back into the ring with him where he tapped it on the canvas waiting for Jewelz to stand. Derecho lifted the chair up, but Jewelz was quick, catching Derecho off guard, kicking him in the stomach and doubling him over. Jewelz took the chair out of Derecho’s hands and slammed it over his back, bringing Derecho down to a single knee.


Jewelz struck him again… this time over the head and Derecho was laid out on his back! Jewelz dragged Derecho into position and climbed the turnbuckles in the corner… he was looking to deliver the 3, 106.75 Carats, but Derecho popped up and knocked Jewelz off his perch! Derecho climbed up the turnbuckles and hooked Jewelz for a Superplex, but Jewelz fought back. He shoved Derecho off the top, but Derecho popped back up to his feet. Jewelz went for a diving clothesline, but Derecho ducked into the corner. Jewelz saw Derecho ducked and adjusted, landing on his feet. Jewelz turned around, however, and Derecho laid him out with a vicious lariat!

Derecho grabbed the chair and placed it right beside Jewelz. Derecho picked Jewelz up off the canvas and placed him in a front face lock. He wanted to DDT Jewelz onto the chair, but Jewelz twisted out of it and kicked Derecho, doubling him over. It was Jewelz that looked to DDT Derecho onto the chair, but Derecho lifted jewelz up and hit a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge pin!



Jewelz kicked out

Derecho stood and pulled Jewelz to his feet. He laid into him with a knife edge chop across the chest, staggering him backwards. Derecho stepped in and hit another knife edge chop. Derecho then whipped Jewelz to the ropes, but Jewelz reversed it, sending Derecho in. Derecho grabbed the rope and held on causing Jewelz to charge forward, but Derecho lifted Jewelz up and over to the ring apron. Derecho turned and hit a quick snap jab to the side of Jewelz face to stun him. Derecho then took off to the opposite, but Jewelz recovered and grabbed the top rope. Jewelz slung himself over, catching Derecho with a flying shoulder block, putting him down. Jewelz went to the outside and lifted up the ring apron, looking for something underneath the ring. He pulled out a table and slid it in, but Derecho recovered and drop kicked the table, sending into Jewelz chest!

Derecho then grabbed the chair off the canvas and waited for Jewelz to stand. Derecho got a running start and flew through the ropes with a suicide dive, driving the chair into Jewelz’ face, knocking back onto the announce table!!


Derecho got back up and grabbed Jewelz off the announce table. He then rammed Jewelz back first into the ring apron not once, but twice. Jewelz crumbled down into a heap before Derecho slung him back into the ring. Derecho got up onto the apron and waited for Jewelz to stand. Derecho leapt to the ropes and went for the Straight Line Strike.. the springboard clothesline, but Jewelz caught him mid-air with an Ace Crusher!

Jewelz went for the cover...



Derecho kicked out!

After a few moments to recollect themselves on the canvas, both men got up. Derecho, on more wobbly legs than Jewelz, swung with a clothesline but Jewelz ducked. Jewelz hit the ropes and ran into a flying shoulder block on Derecho. Jewelz rolled to the outisde and lifted up the ring apron for a weapon. He took a bit too much time because not only could he not find what he had been looking for, by the time he gave up Derecho got up, recovered, hit the ropes, and flew through them once again with another suicide dive! Derecho was down for a bit, but eventually he staggered to his feet and slid back into the ring. He stood and set up the table that Jewelz tried to bring in earlier. He placed it near the corner and exited to get Jewelz, bu Jewelz countered and low blowed Derecho!

Jewelz then grabbed a chair from the time keeper's position.. perhaps that's what he was looking for under the ring just a few short moments ago. Jewelz then turned and went to hit Derecho with the chair when Derecho returned the favor and hit the low blow on Jewelz, showing that Derecho was not above stooping to Jewelz level! Derecho grabbed Jewelz and threw him into the ring. Derecho got up on the ring apron and took aim as Jewelz staggered up to his feet. Derecho grabbed the top rope and went to leap up, but Jewelz, somehow, dug deep and stumbled toward the ropes, hitting a European Uppercut and dropping Derecho down to a knee on the apron! This allowed Jewelz enough time to recover and gain some momentum. Jewelz charged in knocking Derecho off the apron with a running back elbow, sending him chest first into the announce table! Jewelz then went to the corner as Derecho was using the announce table to get back up. Jewelz took aim and…




Derecho is a heap on the ground and Jewelz rolls off and collects himself after putting Derecho through the announce table. Jewelz, huffing and puffing, sits up and reaches into his tights, pulling out a pair of brass knuckles. As if the damage wasn't done enough, Jewelz had more sinister things on his mind! Jewelz looks at his brass knuckles and gives a blinging smile and a nod to his luck. All of the sudden, the crowd, calm at this point, pops… Jewelz continues to collect himself, but the pop is for Ruby Rocks, a huge red mark on her face, who runs down to the ring… Jewelz lifts Derecho up at the same time and begins to sinch him up for the MOISSANITE TESTER out on the floor. Before he can hit it though…

“I told you I wanted to fight, now fight me…” the voice of Ruby pierces through the air. Diamond subsequently drops Derecho and turns his attention to Ruby. Jewelz could have hit the move, but Ruby has obviously preoccupied his mind.

“Shut the fuck up bitch…. Shut your fucking mouth…” Jewelz walks over towards Ruby, and she backs up against the apron, one hand behind her back… Jewelz continues to make his way over to Ruby and then,


Green ninja mist to the face, green ninja mist to the face. Did Ruby secure that weapon from one of the Inogami Clan??? Brutal… Devastating

The mist didn't hit Jewelz, though... Jewelz knew his former better half all too well and ducker her assault! The mist went right into Derecho's eyes!

"Thank's bitch!" said Jewelz! Jewelz rolled Derecho back into the ring and rolled in after him. Derecho staggered up to his feet, digging into his eyes, trying to get the mist out, but Jewelz kicked Derecho in the stomach... he placed him between his legs, lifted, pivoted and...


Jewelz then went to the corner and climbed up top..


Jewelz had the cover...




The crowd was stunned!

Ruby Rocks Jewelz covered her mouth.

Jewelz saw the damage and immediately capitalized on it as Ruby looked on at the results of her error in horror.. All she wanted was a little revenge on her boyfriend.. Now she had pulled Derecho into this crazy love triangle.. Ruby was in tears and Diamond could do nothing but exhibit a million dollar grin, ten times bigger than usual. O.G. handed him his Relentless and gOlden bOy titles and then both men quickly headed to the back… Ruby looked at the encasing that held the green mist, eerily similar to that of the ones the Inogami Clan uses, and wept in a panic! Did Ruby steal one of the Clan’s mist weapons, did they give it to her or was it something she doctored up herself from the Anarchist Cookbook? Remember that the Clan still has an eternal grudge with Jewelz for burning down their dojo. Nonetheless, Ruby goes over to try and aid Derecho. Ruby began apologizing profusely to Derecho as she checked up on him. Derecho sat up amongst the rubble and looked around. Jewelz was nowhere to be found and the fact that he just lost settled in. He then looked at Ruby Rocks Jewelz who was still apologizing and stood up.. then...

Derecho scooped up Ruby onto his shoulder...


Derecho rolled out of the ring pissed! He marched backstage, holding his ribs after taking that Phoenix Splash through the table. The referee checked on Ruby and called for help out from the back. jOlt medical staff came out and helped Ruby out of the ring by placing her on a stretcher. They brought her backstage quickly to attend to her.

Diamond Jewelz didn't even bat an eyelash. He didn't come back out He was completely gone. His absence sent the message that they were, indeed, through.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"The Ties That Bind"

The scene opened within the sacred confides of the Inogami Clan chamber hall where the clan officers have gathered together in order to fully assess their clan strategies. Eiji was seen cradling the back of his head while both Takeshi & Heido would stand to his immediate flanks. Mamoru would be seen halting Shoji at the main hatch before entering the chamber hall...

“Everyone needs to be here now...” The Blood Raven opened with a stern grimace.

“Everyone that needs to be here is accounted for...” The elder statesman replied.

Casually, the clan lieutenant would brush the clan advisor aside in order to motion for Shoji to enter.

Lord Kenshiro will not be in favor of this.” Mamoru warned yet again, Eiji would motion for the excommunicated clan member to stand among his brethren once more.

“Then you allow Lord Kenshiro’s wrath to become my personal responsibility.” The Blood Raven retorted. Slightly hesitant, Shoji would look at the pair of Crimson Elite sentries whom would step aside and grant him full access to stand before Eiji and his fellow officers.

“As you can see now, Lord Kenshiro is currently not here.” Kugasari mentioned. “Providence is the 1st of many enemies that will become emboldened by his actions. You all stand well aware of what these jackals are both conspiring and ambitious to ensure what happens next; the complete decimation of this clan and every member in it. Everything we stand for...”

“So what now, Eiji?” The Hokota Holocaust inquired. “Lord Kenshiro has been injured and this business here is not for an exile such as I..”

“We need to close ranks.” Eiji replied. “As Lord Kenshiro himself has made evident; this indeed is a literal battle of attrition. Without question, I have assumed full command in his place. This is for the preservation and the embetterment of our clan. As of now, you stand among us. However, only you will determine as to what you will become with this 2nd chance; a viable asset or a costly liability...and with my reputation being placed on the line, I strongly implore you to ensure that you do not become the latter...”

Shoji casually looked into the eyes of his renewed peers whom would offer no significant protest before proudly resting his fist over his heart and saluting his superiors.

“Takeshi. Heido.” Eiji continued. “I understand your resentment in having lost control of the jOlt Tag Team division. Rest assured, we will do everything to restore your both back into your rightful seats of power...”

The House will doubt share similar ambitions.” Heido replied. “Moreover, The Rebellion have and will continue to complicate matters further. We must be precise with our countermeasures and maneuvers from this point forward. Neither will remain unscathed. Not if we have anything to say about it...”

“Good.” Eiji replied. “Mamoru; be sure to send the word to the others. Their reports are needed immediately.”

“Consider it done.” The elder statesman replied with a subtle nod.

“In regards of our overzealous opportunist...Jeremy Ryan is a fucking dead man...”

Raevynn(c) vs Callie Scott

Coming up next would be a true test for The Rebellion’s prize Starlet and the current Starlet Champion. The dangerous and conniving Raevynn would be putting her title on the line for the first time since winning it against a women who had scored consecutive victories over one of the Starlet Divison’s most dominant stars in Sarah Winterton. Callie “Scrapper” Scott had gained a big following in a short time due to her no-nonsense attitude and hard-hitting style. Could Raevynn combat the striker and make it long enough to keep or title or would there be an elbow in her future?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this will be contested for the Starlet Championship!” Dean Carrington yelled as the crowd cheered.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler who was coming off a very successful PPV debut and a HUGE victory in a tag team match last week with Charlotte as her partner. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting a new black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“First, from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 138 pounds, she is the challenger… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. Her lethal finisher was the Sliding D elbow that she called The Scrap Heap and she had cut a swath through The Hype on her way to the main roster. She had twice laid out Sarah Winterton and pinned the Starlet Division’s longest-reigning champion and now she was about to look to beat Raevynn. Could she do it here tonight?

“Where is the Edge” by Within Tempation.


The hatred was loud for the Rebellion’s Starlet contingent. She had pulled off the unthinkable and she had pulled out a major upset over the two-time champion Charlotte in order to win the title for the very first time at Death Wish! Now this was her first defense and to her credit, seemed very confident in the face of a challenger who could end a match in own quick swoop.

“And introducing the reigning and defending Starlet Champion, from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 120 pounds… representing The Rebellion, this is RAEVYNN!

Raevynn held the title up and yelled to Callie Scott that she would never get her hands on the belt if her life depended on it. A confident Callie only shot a smile back at her and reared her elbow pad back, pointing at Raevynn.

“Got one loaded up just for you, bitch!”

Referee Kim Adams was the Starlet official and raised the Starlet Championship over her head as the bell rang.


Without warning, Raevynn lunged right at Callie Scott with intent to attack the challenger! She shoved her back into the corner and tried to catch her off-guard with a big shot, but Callie blocked it and turned her around so she faced the corner! She fired off a HARD flurry of elbows in the corner and continued to drill her hard across the temple. Callie pulled no punches in the ring and perhaps Raevynn had made a grievous error in judgment when she went on the attack.

A few more stomps caught Raevynn in the chest until the challenger backed off from the corner, not wanting to risk getting disqualified for kicking too much ass. The crowd was firmly pro-Callie as she kneeled over just slightly and waved at Raevynn to make a move.

The rattled champion was already wearing one or two welts on her side from where Callie stomped her, but Raevynn was already back up and waited for the chance to fight. Scott jumped forward and grabbed her before sending her flying across the ring. She was right on target with a big Back Elbow in the corner and she turned around to connect with a big Suplex! She went right into a cover on the champion!



Barely a two-count for The Scrapper, but Raevynn had yet to get anything going against the champion. The champion wisely rolled away from her and got back to the corner trying to keep Callie from doing anything more. She grabbed her by both legs and pulled her up, but Raevynn showed some nice agility and landed on her feet prior to landing an elbow of her own across the face of Callie. Raevynn bounced off the ropes looking for some sort of springboard maneuver, but Callie rolled out of the way, sending her crashing off a failed cross body!

Scott picked her up by the hair and rolled her over with a Snapmare before CHOPPING her hard in her upper back! She then laid into her with a kick and then finished off the combination with a hard Elbow Drop right to the chest! She then went for a second cover!




The champion escaped defeat a second time, but Callie was in full control right now. The Scrapper picked her up and used an Irish Whip to get her all the way across the ring. The Scrapper charged, but the champion used her speed advantage to slink through the middle and top rope, sending Callie crashing hard into the ropes. Raevynn took her by the head and DROPPED her across the top cable, sending her jetting backward and hitting the canvas.

With a chance to strike back finally, Raevynn crawled back into the ring just as Callie grabbed her neck in pain and she followed up with a hard Running Swinging Neckbreaker that brought her hard into the canvas! Callie was finally down and the Starlet Champion ducked over to go for a co… nope, nevermind, she landed some good shots of her own, perhaps as a receipt from earlier.

“This title will STAY mine!” Raevynn yelled at her challenger.

She pressed her advantage now and pulled Callie up from the mat to pushed her on the ropes, putting a knee into Callie’s back and pressing down to choke the life out of her. She kept her down for as long as Kim Adams’ five-count in the ropes would allow, but chose not to get herself disqualified. She was out to prove that The Rebellion were here to stay and that they could beat the best that jOlt had to offer. With Callie down, Raevynn kneeled over and went for a cover.




Scott shoved her away and saved her chances of winning the Starlet Championship, but Raevynn hovered right over her to deliver a flurry of hard kicks to the ribs of Callie. Back to the neck she went and the technically savvy Raevynn applied a Cravate submission in order to wear her down. Callie gritted her teeth in pain and tried to break the grip of Raevynn, but instead Raevynn threw up a few knees to weaken her. From that position…


The Front Flipping Neckbreaker out of the Cravate position PLANTED Callie Scott into the center of the ring and now Raevynn hooked a leg!




The Scrapper kicked out, much to Raevynn’s dismay. The Rebellion’s Starlet representative continued to go back to the Cravate again, locking Callie up and then using a leg to tie around Callie’s own knee to keep her from crawling away. The modified submission had Callie trapped in the middle of the ring as the fans started to clap.

“Callie, do you give up?” Kim Adams asked.

“Just give up, Scott, this belt will stay with me!” Raevynn shouted in her ear.

Scott shook her head in the negative and Kim Adams continued to watch for any more signs of a tapout, but Callie wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction – especially with the Starlets biggest prize on the line! The Starlet Champion continued the pressure on Callie and continued to trap her. She maneuvered her backwards and changed up the hold into an Abdominal Stretch pin!




Raevynn rolled back to her feet and even though her neck was in pain, that didn’t stop Callie from using a Headbutt of all things to stop her in her tracks! Callie then bounced back to the ropes looking to gather some momentum, but Raevynn snuffed that out quickly by landing a hard Dropkick to the side of her head! The crowd continued to boo Raevynn and rolled over, this time stacking her up for another pin!




An angry Raevynn pointed at Kim Adams and protested that she was not doing her job, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Adams held up three fingers and in turn, Raevynn looked back to him and kicked Callie in the face. She then rushed to the ropes herself… BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD SUPLEX BY CALLIE!

She caught her with a move out of nowhere and sent her crashing hard into the mat! Callie was feeling the pain from the last several minutes, but she had the chance to fight back now that she had cut through Raevynn’s technical game. With nothing fancy to it, she grabbed Raeyvnn by the back of the head and threw her into the corner face-first to the turnbuckle! Like a speed back, she started punching away at her without holding much of anything back.


The Scrapper yanked her by the hair out of the corner and drilled her with a hard Short-Arm Clothesline to bring her down. She then rushed off the ropes and came back with a Front-Flipping Senton across the chest of Raevynn! The cover followed!




A very close one, but Raevynn would not relinquish her title so easily. The Scrapper then picked her up by the arm when she reached her arm out and clawed at the eye of Callie! It was no doubt dirty, but anything to keep her title. Raevynn tried to head off the ropes again and may have bene looking for her Seconds to Midnight move, but Callie ran past her and used the situation to confuse Raevynn. She turned around…


An EXPLOSIVE shot caught Raevynn and nearly turned the champion inside out! Callie Scott pumped a fist in the air after that and she hooked both legs of Raevynn!




Just BARELY getting the shoulder up in time to save her title, Raevynn kicked out again and was proving why she belonged at the top of the mountain as the Starlet Champion.

Raevynn held her ribs in pain while Callie tugged on her elbow pad, getting the crowd firmly behind her. She was looking for that Sliding D elbow and if she could connect with this, the title was going to change hands for sure. She cocked it back as Raevynn started to sit up…


Raevynn ducked down and Callie slid from the impact just as Raevynn quickly headed to the second rope. When Callie managed to recover…


The crowd about cringed after the impact from her signature Flying DDT connected! Callie’s head bounced off the canvas and now Raevynn turned her over onto her back. She was hell-bent on keeping that title.




That one genuinely surprised Raevynn that Callie had kicked out of such a high-impact move, but The Scrapper was proving her toughness and that she belonged at the top of the division as well. Raevynn picked her up by the neck and slashed a thumb across her throat waiting to finish her off, but somehow Callie had enough wherewithal to elbow her way out of whatever move she was trying for. She turned…


The Superwoman Punch caught Raevynn flush in the jaw and dropped her to the canvas! The move was usually the first to set up that Sliding D elbow and now that Raevynn was in a vulnerable position, Scott sat up. The crowd felt that things were about to change as she cocked back the elbow…

But a hand grabbed her by the leg!

Desta, the portly assistant to Sarah Winterton, grabbed her by the leg! Kim Adams should have disqualified Raevynn, but Winterton herself was on the other side of the ring standing on the apron to get her attention. An angry Callie lunged at her and she ducked, but didn’t see Raevynn creep up behind her…

The Tears BREAKER!

The Elevated Inverted DDT DRILLED Callie into the canvas and Raevynn just barely had enough to crawl over. She was sort of glassy-eyed from the punch, but she laid across Callie and hooked the leg.




She took her title and got the hell out of the ring, holding the Starlet Title over her head. This was a very tough first defense for her, but the Rebellion member had successfully held onto her championship!

“Here is your winner of the match and STILL the jOlt Starlet Champion… RAEVYNN!

Raevynn smiled as the jeering crowd continued to voice their opinions of the Rebellion representative, but tonight she proved her own mettle and thanks in part to a minor distraction from Desta she had overcome to retain the title.

Meanwhile inside the ring, both Sarah Winterton and Desta now stood over the prone Callie Scott with what looked like bad intentions. Winterton forced her up and PLANTED her with a vicious Double Arm DDT! As if Raevynn’s own deadly finishing maneuver hadn’t done enough, Winterton had something extra to make sure that she stayed down! Winterton motioned to Desta and her assistant. handed over a bag to The Queen of the Starlets. One by one, she began to empty its contents…

A tiara.

A pink feather boa.

A stick of ruby red lipstick.

And of course, a microphone.

“Darling, darling, darling…” Winterton said as she ran a hand through Callie’s hair. “You think that you belong in the same ring as me, but I’m afraid that you’re mistaken. You will NEVER be like me… but you’re in luck! Tonight, Desta and I are going to give you what you so richly deserve, you homely little urchin… the very first Sarah Winterton royal makeover!”

The crowd was all over the two as Desta held up the laid-out Callie. She sat the brawler upwards and placed the tiara on her head along with the boa around her neck. Winterton undid the cap off the lipstick and started to draw something across her forehead…


As this was going on, Desta pulled out her Galaxy Note 4 and started taking pictures on her phone! One of her on the ground and one of Sarah Winterton taking a selfie. Winterton had been humiliated twice by The Scrapper, so this was her way of getting back at her.

“There! Now you look a little more like a respectable citizen, Callie! Applaud, you simpletons, applaud! Now Callie looks more like an actual woman!”


“Pageant” started to play as both Desta and Sarah Winterton started to make their exit from the ring. After weeks of getting shown up by the hard-hitting Starlet, Sarah Winterton had gotten herself a measure of revenge in a big, big to show that she was not done with Callie by a long shot. Scott was still laid out in the ring, but when she came to, heads were certainly going to roll.

Winner: Raevynn via Pinfall

"A Request Fit for a King"

We open up in the locker room of The King of Hell himself, Derecho. Derecho had his shirt off still with some rib tape across his mid-section from the splash he took through the table earlier. The people boo when they see him and as Derecho was going through his phone and checking his messages, there was a knock on his door.

"This had better be good.." muttered Derecho as he was still in a foul mood from losing his match against Diamond Jewelz

Derecho walked over and opened it and on the other side was Jon Le Bon. Derecho immediately slammed the door in Le Bon’s face, but Le Bon opened it back up.

“Is that any way to treat someone who is here to make you a business proposal?” asked Le Bon.

Derecho scoffed back at Le Bon.

“I’m not much one for business proposals.. especially after I basically take whatever I want without question.” Said Derecho.

“Well.. I’m here because I’m asking you to take anything.. more or less, just do me a favor” said Le Bon.

Derecho laughed.

“A favor? Let me guess.. Sayber left you.. you’re butthurt over it.. and since he challenged me you think you could just walk right in here and work something out where I get rid of him for you? Is that what you were hoping?” asked Derecho.

“You saw the tag match out there… I can’t possibly trust any of them with this so I figured I’d come to the person who has already defeated Sayber twice in the past. I’m not saying do anything special for us.. but I was going to offer an incentive in the very likely scenario that you get rid of Sayber for good.” Said Le Bon.

Derecho laughed again. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Let me clue you in on something. I am Derecho. A legend in this business who has been making impact after impact since 1997. I have won championship gold everywhere I have been and since 2006, I’ve been grand slam champion of three different companies. I’ve hurt people, I’ve injured people, and in some cased, I’ve ended people. Everything I could ever want from this business, I take whenever I feel like having it. If I want a third Underground Championship, I’ll go call out Pietro Geist. If I want a World Championship, I’ll go call out Landon Stevens. If I want a tag team title, I’ll go out there and hand Cross the Hood their asses by myself. That’s who I am… that’s what I do… so I don’t need bribes or motivation, or.. what did you call it? An incentive? To get rid of Sayber. “

Derecho paused.

“I accepted Sayber’s challenge for Wired because it amused me. Here’s a man who, one year ago, thought he could get his revenge and I sent him to the hospital for a second time. He can sit back and claim he’s ready for me now.. but the fact of the matter is he will never be ready to face someone like me because as long as I’m still wrestling, I will ALWAYS have 17 years on Sayber in experience. If you have a problem with him leaving your little rag tag group of greenhorns, then that’s your business and your business alone… don’t come in here and try to make it my business. My business is to deliver a message to Sayber so potent, that he will never be able to challenge me again. If that means having to end his career… then that’s what I will do.. if you’ve done as much research as you claimed to have done, you will know that I’m not above ending people where they stand. “

Le Bon smirked,

“That’s what I like to hear, but what if I we’re to…” said Le Bon before Derecho held up his hand to cut him off.

“What if I were to drop you where you stand right here right now?” said Derecho and that actually got cheers from the crowd.

Le Bon looked a bit pale.

“Let me make something clear. I don’t want The Rebellion’s help because I don’t need The Rebellion’s help. Word to the wise… stay out of my business and stay out of my way… otherwise, I will not hesitate to rip through your ranks and have them wind up next to Aran Thompson in the hospital. Now get out of my locker room before I have you use the other exit.” Said Derecho.

“what other exit?” asked Le Bon.

“The one in the wall I’m going to make with your body.” Said Derecho.

Le Bon swallowed hard and backed off. He exited the locker room as Derecho stood there giving him the death glare.

Providence vs Omega

It was finally time for the main event of the night which featured Providence and his new found attitude against the resident mad man in Omega who returned at Death Wish to reclaim his throne. Providence and Omega have much history as for weeks Omega attacked Providence at every opportunity but Providence got the last laugh by getting Omega committed to a mental hospital.

As the early beats of "Stinkfist" by Tool begin to play, the arena darkens and even before the jOltvision screen lights up with PROVIDENCE the crowd is roaring with boos. As Providence walks out from the back in his familiar hooded cloak, he pauses to look around and take in the negative reaction from the fans who were still shock by his actions last week against Ninja K. As he slowly walked down the aisle, Providence looked from side to side and behind himself several times, obviously wondering if members of the Inogami Clan may look for revenge. He knew his head had to always be on a swivel since he brutally attacked the leader of the Clan. He stepped into the ring as the boos, continued to rain down as he removed the cloak and sneered. Providence was about to step into the ring with the man he had committed over a month ago but he showed no fear of what he was about to get into.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are free

Now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face staring at his opponent. The former Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before backing into the corner.




Providence’s new found attitude will have to serve him well against the boogeyman of jOlt. Providence was not a small man but he looked like a cruiserweight compared to the massive frame of the former Underground Champion. Omega tried to grab Providence but he moved out of the way as Omega grasped for air.

The maniac smiled as the two men circled each other in the middle of the ring. Providence went for a leg takedown on the bigger man. It was a smart move to try to make it an even playing field by getting the monster off his strong standing base. Providence tripped Omega with a leg sweep and grabbed his massive leg in a single leg lock. Providence tried to keep the big man off his feet but Omega used his massive leg to push Providence off of him. Omega quickly tried to get back to his feet but Providence went on the offensive with a big chop block.

Providence drove a few big kicks into Omega’s right thigh. Providence looked around the arena still looking for some type of retribution from the Inogami Clan. The problem is he should never take his eye off the monster in the ring. Providence turned around to grab Omega but the former Underground Champion exploded from his kneeling position with a vicious clothesline that sent Providence to the mat and then quickly to the floor.

Omega smirked as the fans continued to jeer the two men. The big man rolled under the bottom ropes to the floor looking for Providence. Omega slowly stalked Providence on the floor near the ring. The former Underground Champion reached for Providence but he grabbed Omega by the waist and drove him face first into the guardrail. The fans enjoyed the action but did not care if these two men destroyed each other. Providence made it to his feet as Omega lay near the guardrail with a smirk on his face. Providence knew the mentality of his opponent and did not want to give him any breathing room. Providence raced over to Omega and nailed him with a running knee to his head. The big man’s head crashed into the guardrail with a thud.

Providence reached down and pulled Omega up by his dreadlocks. He whipped Omega into the steel steps. The force of Omega hitting the steps unhinged the steps from the ring. The fans continued to cheer for the violence at ringside. Providence looked down at Omega who was on his knees. Providence reached down and grabbed Omega by the head. He hooked the big man on the floor and drove him down with a huge double arm DDT. Providence slowly turned Omega over onto his back and hooked his leg on the floor for the cover. The ref rolled out of the ring to the floor for the count.




The fans ringside witnessed how Omega tore through the division for over a year and knew he was not going to stay down that easily. Providence knew as well as he grabbed a steel chair and folded it up before driving it into Omega’s back. The loud crack echoed throughout the area as Omega hunched in pain from the shot. However, Providence was not done as drove the chair into Omega’s back once more. The fans gasped at the sound of the chair echoing again throughout the arena. Providence still was not done as he wanted the last shot to be the biggest shot. Providence reached back with the chair and drove it into Omega’s skull.





Providence looked at the mangled chair and threw it to the floor. He looked out to the fans and flipped a few off in the front row. The fans ringside started to chant for Ninja K which made Providence smirk for a quick second. He grabbed Omega and slowly lifted the larger man up and rolled him under the bottom rope back into the ring. Providence slowly rolled into the ring as well. He stood in the ring soaking in the boos as he was on a roll by dropping Ninja K last week and putting it to Omega tonight. Providence dropped down and went for the cover.




Providence couldn’t believe that Omega was still in this match after three chair shots. Providence went for another cover on Omega.




Providence sat up and was a little annoyed as Omega slowly moved over to the corner. Providence slowly made it to his feet as he watched Omega crawl over to the corner. The former Underground Champion pulled himself up in the corner as Providence looked on. Omega was now standing in the corner as Providence raced into the corner. Omega caught Providence as he was coming in and drove him to the mat with a choke bomb. This gave Omega enough time to gather himself from the earlier onslaught.

The boogeyman reached down and grabbed Providence by the head. Omega hooked him in a front chancery before driving him to the mat with a stalling suplex. The big man quickly got to his feet and reached down for Providence. Omega grabbed Providence by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Providence bounced off the ropes and was taken down with a huge power slam. Omega held on with the cover on Providence.




It was now Providence trying to stay in the match as Omega smirked from the kick out. It was as if he wanted Providence to kick out. Omega rolled to the floor and pulled the ring apron up. The former Underground Champion reached under the ring and pulled out a wooden table. He yanked out the long table with one big pull. Omega picked up the table and shoved it into the ring. He rolled into the ring and picked up the table and propped it in the corner. The boogeyman grabbed Providence but he jabbed his thumb in Omega’s good eye which sent him reeling back into the corner.

Providence was trying to buy some time and keep the monster at bay. Providence got to his and was quickly sent back to the mat with a huge boot from Omega. The monster grabbed Providence and whipped him into the corner. Omega stalked Providence in the corner and started to nail Providence with big clubbing forearms to the back of his neck. The boogeyman nailed Providence with a big right hand that sent him to the mat. Omega looked down at Providence.

“Don’t think you did something noble by sending us to that hospital. The only thing you did was made everyone in jOlt’s life a living nightmare. You are the reason we are one. Now it’s our time to thank you properly.”

Omega grabbed Providence by the hair and pulled him to the center of the ring. He hooked Providence and slung him overhead into the corner with an overhead belly to belly suplex throw. Providence crashed into the table that was set up in the corner by Omega earlier. The boogeyman looked like he never left the ring for a month and a half. He was still as destructive as ever. The mad man sat up and started to rock back and forth in the middle of the ring. He started to hum silently as the ref started to check on Providence who was not moving in the broken rubble of the table. Omega looked around as the fans started to chant.





The former Underground Champion slowly stood to his feet. He made his way over to the broken table and possible a broken Providence hidden under the rubble. Omega moved the mangled table out of the way as he grabbed Providence by the arm and drug him to the middle of the ring. The boogeyman dropped an elbow onto Providence’s chest before hooking his far leg for the cover.




I think that kick out by Providence shocked everyone in the arena except for Omega who had a sick twisted smile on his face. The boogeyman rolled over to his knees and slowly made it to his feet. He grabbed Providence and set him up in a power bomb position. Providence dropped down and nailed Omega with a low blow that sent the mad man to his knees. Both men were down now as the fans started another chant.





Each man laid on the mat writhing in excruciating pain. The fans loved the main event for the evening as both men started to move slightly. Omega pulled himself up and looked to be back on the attack again when the lights dimmed except for red strobe lights atop the entrance ramp. With the sounds of marching bouncing off the arena walls, the crowd knew who was coming and if anything like earlier in the night this was going to be another volatile situation. The song kicked into full gear, replacing the stomping of boots with the adrenaline rush that is Rammstein taking its place.

An eruption drowned out the music, as the Underground Champion's massive silhouette stomped through the darkness and started down the ramp. Omega smiled as he didn’t give the champion the chance to make it all the way down the ramp. He rolled out of the ring and raced up the ramp as Geist made his way down the ramp to meet him. It was like to Mack trucks going full speed at each other in a head on collision. Both men were going to tear each other apart and possibly take jOlt down with them.

The two behemoths continued to land heavy blows in the middle of the ramp and the fans loved every moment of it. Providence looked on from the ring and kind of took in the show as his match was now done because Omega’s sights were now on Geist. The two men continued to battle up the ramp as security was nowhere to be seen ever since being manhandled by these two last week. Geist nailed Omega with a knee that double over his new challenger. Omega had just gone through hell with Providence and going after Geist in his state may not be the best idea.

The mad man didn’t care as he smiled with every clubbing forearm blow by Geist to the back of his head. Geist picked up the monster and showed the world his strength as he dropped him on the stage with a body slam. Geist knelt down and started to lay big right hands into the side of Omega’s skull. The fans loved every moment of seeing their German warrior destroy Omega.





The German warrior showed no emotion as he picked up Omega from the stage. The mad man nailed Geist with a head butt then a chop to the throat. Omega slowly walked down the ramp and jumped off the side. The fans erupted in boos as Omega walked on the floor near the bottom of the stage. Geist held his throat but went after the boogeyman. Geist ran down the ramp and raced on the floor after Omega. Pietro nailed Omega in the back with a running knee that sent the mad man to the floor. Geist reached down and picked Omega up from the floor. He hooked Omega in a headlock looking for a DDT but Omega showing his inhumane power back flipped Geist on to the floor.

Omega down on one knee turned to see out of his good eye that Geist was started to get back to his feet. The boogeyman stood up and turned toward Geist. He raced toward the champion and speared him into a big box with a bunch of electrical wires. Both men was down as sparks started to fly. Suddenly a loud noise is heard in the arena.

The screen went black.

Winner: No Contest