"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"A Little Less Confusion, A Little More Action Please"

The wild cheering of the raucous Arena of Champions crowd turned swiftly to wild booing as the arena darkened and "Stinkfist" by Tool began to play.

Providence stood soaking in the boos for a moment, but instead of walking straight for the ring, he remained still in the entranceway. The music died down and the lights began to come back up as he pulled a microphone out from under his cloak.

"I understand why all of you have the urge to hate me," he said as he began to walk slowly toward ringside. "I know the love all of you have for Mr. Inogami and his group of self-proclaimed warriors. And I know it must have hurt all of you to watch the way I put him down two weeks ago." At that, Providence smirked as he stopped just a few feet from the ring.

"Well, perhaps not as much as it hurt him."

The fans' anger was even more intense after that remark as Providence finally made his way to the steps nearby and climbed into the ring. He let them vent their anger a few extra seconds as he glared around from the center of the ring.

"But, as much as I understand that feeling, you need to realize that your hatred is misplaced. You see, I am not your enemy. No, I am your liberator. I am the man who has been sent here with a purpose...a mission of the highest order. I am here to rid you of the false idols that have claimed jOlt Wrestling and this entire industry for far too long." The calmness in Providence's voice from minutes ago was now switching to a rising passion.

"I am paving the road for the salvation that is coming, the only true salvation that is possible. Tonight, that road continues in the battle royal, where I will take another step toward the ultimate victory. The unfortunate souls who stand in my way in that ring will be mere stepping stones on the path that can only lead to the destiny that awaits us all."

Pulling his hood back, the wide smirk was even more clear on Providence's face as his gaze around the audience met more shouts and boos directed his way.

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulse into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening “gOlden” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; he wears his signature purple tights, knee pads and boots with his yellow sOdAmnSerious logo on each; his body drips in the shine from the gold and silver of his jewelry, and the many numerous speckles of light that line them; chief among all his pieces of jewelry are his gaudy gOlden bOy and Relentless titles, which are each around this waist, the Relentless title at the top of the showcase near Jewelz’s sternum.. Diamond Jewelz strikes his usual pose, clenching his custom DJ chain and and then flaunting his craftsmanship by tapping the titles around his wait..,,, He then pulls a microphone out of the back of his tights as he starts toward the ring..

“What’s good lil homie…”

“I remember you… You the lil homie that beat me a few months ago at Rise of the Legends… “

Jewelz smiles to bite back the bitter taste of defeat that creeped up out of his bowels at the thought of the loss to the young superstar.

“Yeah.. You beat me.. But the irony is, since Rise of the Legends, I’ve gone on to become a double champion, and you, well, look how grimy you looking.. MWAHHAHAHHA”

Jewelz bursts out into a condescending, highly exagerated bout of laughter

“Look at how I’m shining out this motherfucker.. And look at you… Bummy as ever… No Gold.. No shine.. What happened young boy!!!”

The smirk that was on Providence's face before was now gone, replaced by a cold glare as he eyed Jewelz carefully. Although the tensions seemed to be mounting, all of that stopped when they turned their heads to the entrance ramp.

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

Out from the backstage area came the leader of The Rebellion, microphone in hand. He was slowly clapping on his way to the ring as he had a grin on his face. Le Bon stepped inside the ring as his music slowly faded. Le Bon shook his head at both Diamond Jewelz and Providence before he began to speak.

"So touching... the two of you having a bit of a spatfest out here. One person talking about paving the way to salvation.. the other trying to weigh his own self worth against the world. What you two fail to realize that I am the two of you combined and then some."

The people booed as Le Bon cracked a smirk.

"You see, I've paved the way for guys like Sebastian Saje... like Michael Donavan.. Seraph.. Raevynn... Jackson Cross... Machida Hood... Nate Quartermaine.. and even Sayber, despite the fact that he found his own path that will one day cross back over ours. To those individuals.. I am their salvation.. I am salvation incarnate. I took them from the bowels of the RingRats Academy and I made them into the most unstoppable force in jOlt today. Tag Team Championships... Starlet Championship... and next... the World Championship. Tonight, I do what I did not that long ago... I'm going to win my second battle royal, but this time, it's not for some spot in a multi-man sideshow attraction... no... it's for a one on one match with Landon Stevens at Wired. You better believe that I am going to win this match tonight and I will bring the championship home to The Rebellion.

Le Bon then turned his attention to Diamond Jewelz.

"And then we have you.. the man who looks to prove his self worth every single day of the week. Customized championships, more jewelry than Kay Jewelrs and a crowd of lackies that could, for the most part, be passed off as nothing more than urban waste. You wonder why The Rebellion hasn't come after the Relentless Championship.. well the fact is rather simple. People like you just aren't worth the effort. You're probably one of the biggest disgraces to the jOlt roster.. let alone humanity. It's almost as if I wished you were the victim down in Ferguson.. then I wouldn't have to see you standing here and have to look at your disgusting face.

The crowd actually went silent. Was that line a bit too far? Diamond Jewelz has always pushed the envelope.. perhaps Le Bon wanted to see his reaction when he pushed it back.

"Make no mistake. I will win this battle royal tonight. Whether the odds are in my favor or not.. I'm pretty sure that you know by now.. I always find a way to tip the scales in my favor... so don't try to stake a claim about how you're going to win, how you're going to be the champion and forge a path or how you deserve it because it's all wasted breath. When Jon Le Bon is in a match, let alone a battle royal.. anything uttered by anyone that isn't myself, is just the equivalent of blowing smoke into the wind. It looks impressive at first, but then it fades away into nothingness... the same nothingness that symbolizes the hollowness of the reality you so desperately yearn for. The reality that only I can live in and create."

Jewelz and Providence looked at Le Bon, gritting their teeth.

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown.

Another man who would be involved in the ten-person battle royale tonight! And a man who wanted more than anything to be the one standing across from Landon Stevens possibly more than anybody else in the ring right now. Le Bon, Providence, and Diamond Jewelz all turned their heads to the Anti-Star himself, Jesse Ramey, walking out from the back to a LARGE ovation from the crowd!

With a microphone in hand, Ramey eyed some of the contenders involved as he headed towards the ring where now the other members of the Battle Royale had been occupied.

“Since the three of you have already talked the Arena of Champions into a near coma, I’ll keep this short and sweet. While the three of you wave your goddamn dicks around, I’ll be the one winning this battle royale tonight. NOBODY deserves this opportunity more than I do. NOBODY is hungrier than I am. NOBODY needs this as badly as I do. NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE OF YOU.”

The crowd was growing louder with its cheers as The Anti-Star continued to head towards the ring.

“No master plan is going to save your ass tonight, Jon. Jewelz, you can sling all the fake-ass jewelry you want and Providence, you can hock all this bullshit about destiny and salvation, but there isn’t ANY deity or belief you can muster that’s going to stop me tonight!”


Ramey was about to say something more…

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

Another entrant was making his way out from the back now and wore his signature bloody knuckles-branded hoodie as he parted the curtains. The crowd started booing as none other than “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan made his way out. He was heralded as one of jOlt’s most dangerous men today and made his return last week, attacking both Eiji Kugasari, Shoji, and one of jOlt’s junior reporters, Raul Zapada.

“What the fuck do YOU want?” Ramey asked.

Ryan had a microphone in his hand as his music faded out and he climbed into the ring without so much as a second thought. He shot a glance at Providence who retorted with a scowl of his own.

Then to his old rival, Jon Le Bon, who folded his arms and looked unpleased with the appearance of the loose cannon.

A stare at Diamond Jewelz was returned with the most blinged out smile that Jeremy Ryan probably ever had flashed at him.

And one more for another arch-rival in Jesse Ramey…


Ryan jumped on Jesse Ramey as Providence took a chance to fire a shot at Diamond Jewelz, catching the Relentless and gOlden bOy Champion upside his jaw! Ryan rushed at Jesse Ramey and fired off a series of right hands, but the Anti-Star blocked a shot and fired back!

Le Bon had seen enough and he ducked out of the ring and retreated up the ramp. He was far too smart to exert energy that he didn’t need to when he needed to save himself for the Battle Royale in tonight’s main event…

Diamond Jewelz and Providence were on one side of the ring taking the fight to one another exchanging blows while off on the other side, Ryan and Ramey picked up right where they left off from a few months ago in their heated feud and the blows kept on coming between the two! Ryan tackled Ramey through the ropes and the two had rolled out to the floor. Neither man was stopping their fight…


Damien Lee rushed out from the back and with him came a whole swarm of security rushing towards ringside to try and break up the ruckus before these guys killed one another before their chance to face Landon Stevens in a Ladder Match at Wired!


Security rushed at Ramey and Jeremy Ryan trying to break up their fight while a crack team of security had come in to hold off Providence and Diamond Jewelz. Jewelz own security team, Them MF’N Goons of Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel rushed to the ring to provide back up and get their boss the hell out of dodge while the fights continued to ensue! Providence was being restrained by multiple men as he watched jOlt’s only double champion slink away with his bodyguards watching his back.

The final scene was Damien Lee shaking his head in disgust as members of security were trying to hold back Ryan and Ramey. The two were eager to tear one another apart and later tonight, these men along with five others would have the chance to do so with a shot at the biggest prize that jOlt had to offer... all on the line tonight!

"Where the Hell Were You?"

Serpent closed his locker and turned to face the owner of the voice, a man who’d become somewhat of a mentor to him over his short tenure here in jOlt. Vinny Zahorian. The Head Trainer stomped across the locker room and stopped before the rookie, folding his arms across his chest.

“What happened to you last week, Serpent?” Zahorian snarled.

Rainbow shrugged at him. “What was I s’posed to do, cuz? Wasn’t even booked to wrestle.”

Zahorian shook his head. “Sometimes, kid, you gotta chase what you need.”

“How do I do that when this joint don’t even wanna book me, hey?” Serpent growled.

“I told you, kid, there’s pressure on me leaving you on the roster. I can’t force them to book people they don’t believe in,” he informed the kid.

The weight of the words forced Serpent to sit down. The reality seemed to be crashing down on him. Two big-time opponents at the last two Pay per Views and the kid barely put in a showing. He’d proven his heart but when it came to the big stage, the opportunities, it didn’t look like he had what it took.

“Whoa,” he muttered. “Brutal, bro.”

Vinny sat down beside Serpent, grabbing his shoulder to get his attention. “Kid, I know how bad you want this. Don’t you duck out on me again, right?”

Serpent agonised over the comments. “I didn’t duck, hey? I told you. I wasn’t booked.”

“You can do something about, kid. This joint is full of egos, and you’ve seen some of them firsthand. You can push one of these prima donnas to the brink and FORCE them to fight you,” he told the kid.

The words seemed to linger on him. “Yeah, right. Never figured that, hey?”

Zahorian couldn’t help the grin which spread on his face. “Listen, Serpent, I got something for you tonight.”

“You do?”

Zahorian nodded. “Nate Quartermaine.”

Serpent drew a big breath, trying to expel the stress that was coursing through his veins and weighing the world down on his shoulders. “Sweet, Vinny.”

“And I’m comin’ out there with ya,” Zahorian told the rookie.


“I’ll tell you why,” Zahorian warned, “coz it’s not just your ass on the line now, kid. It’s mine. I’ve earned my place in this company because of my pedigree and my judgment. And all this stuff with you is forcing people to question my judgment. I believe in you kid, whether you believe me or not, but you gotta come to the party. You gotta back me up here.”

Rising to his feet, Zahorian planted his hands on his hips.

“I hear you, cuz,” Serpent responded, feeling a whole new weight push down on him. “I won’t let you down, hey?”

“No. You won’t,” Zahorian told him. “That’s why I’m gonna be out there pushing you further than you’ve ever been pushed before. You can’t lose this no matter what, kid.”

The words resonated with Serpent. He didn’t even notice that Zahorian had left the room. He was still pondering on it. Now it wasn’t just his career and livelihood on the line, it was Zahorian’s, too.

Sarah Winterton vs Desiree

Sarah Winterton had twice suffered defeat to Starlet Callie “Scrapper” Scott on back to back shows – once in a singles match and one in a tag team match. Last week, Sarah Winterton got herself a bit of payback on Callie Scott by costing her a chance to become the Starlet Champion and then painting her over with what she called a royal makeover – painting her up sloppily in a feather boa and lipstick across her face. Following that, Winterton challenged her to an Underground Rules match at Wired in a week’s time and was subsequently accepted after the show.

Before that, Winterton was busy tonight with an old rival in Hype upstart Desiree. When Winterton was a favorite to win the eight-woman Starlet Tournament that saw Charlotte win back in 2013, Winterton had bene upset in the semi-finals thanks to Desiree. These two had met multiple times and even though Desiree won their first meeting, Winterton had won the last two. Tonight, Winterton was looking for a big win, but if she took Desiree lightly she could fall victim to a defeat.

“The following is a Starlets match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced as the crowd cheered.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue.

The curtains parted and for fans of The Hype, the crowd started to cheer loudly for the likes of the young woman standing proudly and posing on the top of the ramp! She headed towards the ring with a look of determination.

“First, making her way down to the ring, weighing in at 129 pounds… she hails from Enfield, Connecticut… DESIREE!

Desiree raised her hands to the crowd and climbed up the steps to get inside the ring. The Hype Starlet was ready for action. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the former Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing. She was getting ready to run her mouth… that meant fans were ready to hit the bathroom until she was done.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… better hair than Michelle Obama… and the woman who will utterly DESTROY this urchin, Desiree…”

Desiree rolled her eyes while she was stretching. She waited for her opponent.

“She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area with a rather smug look on her face. Clips from last week’s embarrassing little display of Callie Scott had her laughing. Winterton stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approach the ring and stepped inside while Desta clapped on approvingly of her boss. Winterton entered the ring and took the microphone from Desta.

“Cut my music, please!”

The music faded out quickly as Sarah Winterton tried to hush the crowd with a wave of her hand. When they did no such thing, Desta shouted into the microphone again.



The Queen of the Starlets shook her head and fumed.

“I will keep this brief. Callie Scott, you were embarrassed last week because you do not DESERVE to be in the same ring as me! Your little illegal fluke victories over me because of that clearly-loaded elbow pad of yours will not stand! If Damien Lee will not strike them from the record, then I will take matters into my own hands. Next week at Wired, I am hereby CHALLENING Callie “Scrapper” Scott and I will even stoop down to her level because I am undefeated in such matches… I challenge you to an UNDERGROUND RULES MATCH!”

The crowd cheered for that while Desiree made a “hurry up” motion with her hand.

“It will be the last time anybody hears from you, you little knuckle-dragging urchin.”


Referee Kim Adams watched and with that, Desta immediately jumped on the ring apron to try and swipe at the pink-haired Desiree. She ducked away, but it was clearly a distraction to allow Sarah Winterton to FLOOR Desiree with a cheap shot! Desiree was stumbling around when Winterton immediately rushed at her with a few good shots to the jaw.

“You’re trash, do you hear me?” Winterton screamed.

She pummeled Desiree in the jaw with several hard elbows to the face. There was no technical wrestling from Winterton tonight. She was in the mood to fight. More boots found themselves into the chest and ribs of Desiree before she pulled her up out of the corner and floored her with a quick Short-Arm Clothesline!

Winterton wasn’t bothering to go for a cover right now – she was going to punish Desiree and show her exactly what she would do to Callie Scott at Wired. She elbowed him in the top of the skull before lifting her up and throwing her over with a Snap Suplex. Winterton rolled over, but instead of going for any sort of move, she threw right hands with the quickness. Kim Adams reprimanded Winterton for the closed fists, but she ignored her.

“Come on, break it up, Sarah!” Kim yelled.

Sarah ignored her and Kim Adams started counting.


Winterton backed off at the count of four and stood up while Desta clapped and cheered for her boss. The crowd booed her as she pulled up Desiree by her hair…


A shot out of nowhere absolutely rung Winterton’s bell and with that, Desiree fought back by grabbing The Queen of the Starlets and unleashing a series of alternating knee strikes to the head. A pair of elbows led right into a nice Double Underhook Suplex! Desiree rolled over and she went to pin Winterton.




Winterton kicked out and as Desiree tried to get up, The Queen slinked out of the ring and rushed right into the arms of her faithful lack… er, employee. Desiree had enough of this shit and slid out to the floor. Winterton hid behind Desta and shoved her in the way of Desiree, but she slipped past her. She turned only to get BLASTED with a vicious high front kick to the face!

Desiree nearly had her lights dimmed after the brutal kick to the head and now Winterton stood over her proudly like she had already defeated Callie Scott. She grabbed her by the hair again and rolled her back inside the ring.

She continued to kick and kick and kick some more until Adams forcibly told her to back away or risk disqualification. The Heiress turned her attention back to Desiree and dropped her in the ring with a Snapmare. She then followed up with a kick to the back followed by a nasty Dropkick to the back of the head…


The sequence of moves finally put Desiree down on the mat once again and now Sarah Winterton had an opportunity to end this…




The crowd cheered Desiree as she continued to defy the Queen. She stomped down at the head of Desiree some more before pulling her back to her feet before trying for a Neckbreaker. Out of nowhere, Desiree had managed to twist her around and catch her with a Backslide!




Desiree almost got the duke but Sarah kicked out. Desiree tried getting back to her feet again only for Sarah to catch her by the head and kick her down with a nice Spinning Neckbreaker. From there, Sarah segued right into a submission attempt by holding her neck over her shoulder in a modified Cravate submission.

“Desiree, do you give up?” The referee asked.

“No!” Desiree shouted.

Desiree gathered her strength and she fought back to a knee. She tried to get back to her feet while a surprised Winterton tried to stop her. She quickly kneeled and turned her around before PLANTING her down hard with a DDT!

The big DDT had turned the tide back in her favor and after that, the referee was starting a ten-count now after neither Starlet moved.






Desiree started first and went back to his knee. Meanwhile Sarah Winterton was trying to get back to her knees again while holding the back of her neck. She ran right into Winterton as she got back up and nailed a few more forearms to the face. She kicked out again, but when she started to stand, Desiree landed a HARD Back Elbow to the face that stunned the Queen. She then pulled her into a Short Arm Back Elbow Smash! And then another! And now she followed up with her own Northern Lights Suplex!




It wasn’t meant to beat her, but finally Desiree had bought herself a little bit of time. She crawled away from Sarah Winterton and used the nearby ropes in order to get back up. She noticed Winterton start to stand again and the groggy Queen charged at her by charging, but she rolled to the side and caught Sarah Winterton out of the corner with a Schoolgirl pin. This was how Desiree beat her in their first meeting!




Winterton kicked out and shoved her away to get a little breathing room. Desiree was already on her and took an arm before pulling her into a Short-Arm Clothesline! Desiree stepped over her and picked her up a second time before flattening her with a second Short-Arm Clothesline! For a third time pulled her up and she smacked her with at third Clothesline!

Desiree charged off the ropes and when Winterton didn’t see it coming, The Hype Starlet went for a knee to the face herself, but The Queen Of The Starlets ducked underneath and rolled her up with a Schoolgirl pin, right into the bottom buckle!

She hit her head hard and collapsed to the mat while Winterton stood over her proudly. She started to drag her out of the corner when the crowd started getting louder. She turned around where the angry Callie Scott came out of nowhere…



The Queen of the Starlets was going to take this one via disqualification, but the story here was that Callie Scott had just KNOCKED her the fuck out with a Superwoman Punch! Winterton was down on the ground while an upset Desiree rolled out of the ring, nursing the back of her head. This was her opportunity and it had just been ruined by Callie Scott who had her own beef brewing with the Queen.

Desta’s jaw was agape at ringside while a loud crowd continued to cheer The Scrapper for laying out Winterton. She pulled out a microphone from her back pocket and looked down at Winterton.

“I accept.”

“Octane” by Burnos played over the PA and with that, Callie Scott rolled out of the ring and headed back up the ramp, raising her fists for the crowd. Winterton had won her Starlet Title reign by winning in an Underground Rules match over Charlotte, but Underground Rules played right into The Scrapper’s wheelhouse. This feud had become very personal and now it coming to a head.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Disqualification

"Them Ninjas Ain't Got Nothin' on These Niggas"

In front of a door labeled with a star titled “gOlden bOy” Promotions, the muttled and cluttered chatter of indiscernible voices goes back and forth. The camera goes into the room and it is a chaotic scene… Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel are in each others faces screaming while O.G. tries to get in the middle and break the fracas up. Jewelz, his neck and wrists draped in many, innumerable pieces of jewelry, and his waist dripping with the gold and diamonds of his customized gOlden bOy and Relentless Titles, stands with his arms crossed, apparently angered by the tomfoolery that he is witnesing…

“Enough. ” Jewelz shouts.. His arms remaining folded and his stern countenance unchanged Immediately, all three men cease, paying hommage to their employer and commander and chief.

“One at a time.. Khalil first” Jewelz speaks calmly to his employees, the only thing changing about his demeanor, the speckling bling and twinkle of his grill that emanates with each word.

“Listen… I know… I know we’re in the battle royal to make sure that Jewelz wins and gets that title shot… But what about those ninjas.. That green mist last week tells me that ol’ girl dun put a hit out on you Big Homie…”

Both O.G. and Latrell burst out in condescending laughter. Khalil’s light complexion blushes a bit in anger, at his conspiracy theory being rejected so vehemently. Jewelz gives a small blinging smirk but does not react.

“Ninjas…They don’t want none of these hard hitting ass, gully ass niggas after we burned down their dojo… These niggas is what them ninjas worried about… Not the other way around” Latrell says emphatically.

“Yeah them ninjas can’t fuck with these niggas” O.G. says laughing with Jewelz.

“But I tell you one thing... That bitch is up to something… Ninjas ain’t what we should be worried about… The Rebellion is what we need to be looking over our shoulders for. Le Bon is up in that motherfucker tonight. We need to be in that motherfucking ring making sure this title come home to the Big Homie..” Latrell says.

“I’m with my nigga Trell on this… The Goons need to be in that motherfucker wrecking shop and making sure that world title come home.” O.G chimes in, jumping on Trell’s side..

Jewel remains stoic.

“I ain’t worried about them ninjas… Khalil… And I ain’t worried bout that bitch either.. Trell.. But the plan is this… You niggas guard my nuts tonight in that motherfucker.. And if them ninjas do come in that mug.. Crush em… A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush my niggas.. Outside of the ring.. You in the bush… In that ring, you can handle my opponents, and anyone who might decide to run in...”

Jewelz laughs to himself and begins to rub his hands together deviously...

“I’m the general of this shit my niggas.. I make the final call.. You niggas gon have me back in that ring against anyone inside or outside who decides to come against us. It’s 7 men in that motherfucker besides us… We the only ones in that motherfucker deep like this.. That gOld is mine fo Sho’!”

"Wish Fulfillment"

Damien Lee was already dealing with a whole mound of shit on his plate what with the big show, Wired, coming up next week. The iPPV would be the final show of the jOlt calendar year and with it, a lot of things coming up…


…Lee had barely gotten around to looking over Hype contracts when he saw a pair of mammoth hands on the table.

Familiar hands that had been pleading with him for weeks to make a match.

Mack Brody’s hands, to be precise.

“You saw it, Damien,” Mack scowled, referring to the message that was played by the mysterious and dangerous Orphan last week after his match with Statuz Quo. “He offered. Empty Arena match. It takes place away from your precious show, I get my answers and most importantly, I GET MY FUCKING PAYBACK.”

It was clear after two previously unsuccessful attempts to convince Lee to let the fired Orphan come back for one match, Brody wasn’t playing anymore.

“I saw it, Mack…” Lee said. “I even got some papers Fed-Ex’ed to me during the Thanksgiving holiday to make this match official, shall we say for Wired. It’s a hold-harmless agreement that Orphan or Mr. Almasy or whatever he’s calling himself signed. He waives all legal rights, it takes place at a location of his choosing that isn’t in the Arena of Champion and he only wants a cameraman and a referee there. You sign it and it’s yours…”

The second that he dropped the papers on the table, Brody jumped and stole a pen from the cup holder of Lee, but the CEO pulled the contract away.

“Do you know what you’re doing. I mean… REALLY know what the hell you’re doing? I understand that you aren’t going to let this go until justice has been served, but you need to understand that I have the well-being of my stars to care for. You sign this… and you’re on your own.”

Without any hesitation, Brody snatched the contract out of his hand and slapped it on the desk before signing it so hard, he might have left burn marks in the paper.

“I’ve been on my own for two damn months already… nothing changes here but Orphan getting bloodied underneath my boots.”

Brody dropped the paper and turned without even looking back before Lee cleared his throat loudly.

“Yeah?” Brody said impatiently.

“Just because you got this one match don’t mean you’re off the clock tonight. Omega wanted an Underground Rules match, so you’ve got him tonight.”

Mack’s only response….

A smile?

Not many would have that reaction when being told they would face possibly the Underground’s most dominant force, but in the mood that Brody had been in wanting to satisfy his own need to hurt somebody…

Brody silently left while Lee spoke aloud to nobody in particular.

“Uh… good luck with your match with Omega tonight…”

Eiji Kugasari vs Citizen

Camera 15 would train itself upon the energetic eastern section of the arena before the intentional encroachment of darkness would promote a resounding response. On cue, ”Dawn Awaits (Extended Version) - by Cliff Lin would trigger the edited footage, streaming across both jOltvision screens to compliment the infectious theme playing from overhead. Camera 3 would assume visual command to encapsulate the strobe lit overcast, billowing forth from the steel grating of the entrance staging area. The familiar silhouette would break the plane, revealing the ninja clan lieutenant general that stood all too eager to silently engage the crowd and the would be challenger in short order...

Carrington: “The following contest is schedule for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit; Introducing 1st...Representing the Inogami Clan; ...from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!”

The pyrotechnical eruption would culminate the intricate martial arts kata with the Prince of Puroresu casually standing himself erect to scan the horizon before making his way toward the squared circle. Swathed in the predominant hues of Pearl & Crimson with Onyx trim, Eiji would briefly hold court atop the ring steps before walking along the ring apron and ascending the distant turnbuckle post. Perched up high, the former jOlt World Champion would gnarl his knuckles with a set of hungry eyes that sifted throughout the distant stands before making his descent. Referee Mike Hunt would patiently watch the ninja patrol the enclosed perimeter before he allowed the in ring official to inspect him before the musical entrance ebbed out of earshot...

Again, the arena lighting would retreat to draw the focus back onto the entrance staging area. "The End is Coming" by Sevendust bellowed loudly from the overhead PA system, triggering a complementary barrage of strobe lighting to dance on cue. An eerie pair of piercing Crimson eyes flickered to life, drawing forth both awe and foreboding throughout the crowd as the hooded figure would stand brazen before the billowing overcast. On cue, the arena lighting flickered to life with the enigmatic vigilante slowly looking from side to side before slowly making his way toward the ringside area...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; rumored to hail from New York City....Weighting in at 255 pounds...He is the man renown as...CITIZEN!!!”

Adorned in Onyx tactical battle gear, the masked madman would stoically plod onward around the northwestern ring post. His reddened glare would remain trained onto the agile ninja’s frame before making his way up the opposing ring steps. The crowd remained jubilant for the rare sighting made by the New York native who would hold onto the top rope, casually staring back into the crowd before returning his focus back onto his opponent. Having passed slowly through the ropes, the calculated risk taker would subtly nod to himself as the referee cautiously approached him to conduct his preliminary inspection. The musical entrance theme ebbed away, giving the crowd free reign to cheer aimlessly for the pending clash set to unfold as The Enigma coldly shifted his weight in front of his assigned corner. Meanwhile, Eiji would briefly rub his hands together before nodding at the referee to start the match...


Citizen would roll both of his sheathed wrists as his mutual approach toward the ring’s epicenter led to him passing through the intended Elbow & Collar Tie Up to double Eiji over with a stern Knee Strike to the abdomen before battering the ninja with a trinity of Clubbing Forearms. An Irish Whip to the opposing cables was upended by a counteroffensive Reversal. The expedient Fireman’s Carry Takeover led to Kneeling Side Headlock yet the rising Citizen would respond with a pair of stiff Back Elbows to the stomach before missing with the Gamengiri. The Prince of Puroresu would immediately capitalize with a staggering Buzzsaw Kick across the back of the neck! Notably dazed, the kneeling enigma would wobble upward before the Blood Raven assaulted him with a precisioned Switchblade Kick. Eiji would coldly stare out into the crowd briefly before peeling the groggy masked man back to his feet slamming him spine first against the corner with an Irish Whip. The Watcher would extend his boot outward yet the streaking ninja hit the breaks, shoved the boot down yet was staggered back a few paces with a stiff Spinning Back Elbow across the Jaw. A Right Hook leaned the ninja back whom would retaliate with an Open Palm Strike across the jaw. The masked man would fire back with an Open Palm Strike of his own, leading to a measured & mutual exchange between them. The audience rallied behind the brawling duo where Eiji had seized the advantage with a battery of Rapid Fire Slaps to the face yet Citizen doubled Kugasari over with a weighted Rolling Sole Butt to the Stomach. An expedient pivot by Citizen would soon jettison Eiji away with an Overhead Release Belly to Back Suplex!

The Alpha & Omega would swivel to a knee and silently bask in the crowd ambiance before immediately shooting toward the opposing ropes and delivering a Flashing Elbow Drop! Lateral Press by Citizen...1! ...1 ½! The ninja shot the shoulder up yet Citizen would quickly initiate several Mounted Punches on him before stoically standing over the fallen Kugasari. Grabbing the ninja by his hair, Citizen would stand the Blood Raven erect before hampering him with a stiff Toe Kick. He quickly strode to the ropes behind the fallen Kugasari before returning with a Enzu Shining Wizard to the back of Eiji’s skull! The ninja was left clutching the back of his head as The Watcher remained kneeling for several moments. He would soon stalk after his ailing prey from behind and held the ninja’s legs, looking out to the crowd before ensnaring Eiji with an Inverted Boston Crab! Referee Mike Hunt would diligently kneel down and assess the ninja’s condition whom would gradually make his way closer toward the ropes. Citizen would promptly pull the ninja away yet he would eventually manage to secure the rope break. The count of 4 by the ref led to Eiji’s release as he rolled onto the ring apron to recollect his bearings. Citizen would promptly cinch the young ninja up for a Vertical Suplex yet Eiji blocked the maneuver several times before vying for one of his own. The Watcher would successfully counter the attempts before being drilled with a trio of Clenched Forearm Strikes. Kugasari would rear back for a Shoulder Ram between the ropes yet the cunning masked man would sidestep the attack and stunning Eiji with a stiff Knee Strike to the exposed jaw! Citizen would wisely sprint to the opposing ropes before blasting the former jOlt Champion with a precisioned Running Yakuza Kick through the ropes! The Blood Raven collapsed into a heap several feet from the ring apron as the calculating masked man waited for his target to start pulling himself up to his feet before shooting toward the opposing ropes. The masked aerialist soared over the top ropes...

Over The Top Rope Seated Senton!

The audience was overheard cheering as the stoic Enigma stood himself erect to casually look to each side before turning around and slowly dragging the young ninja up to his feet. A stern Front Kick would stumble the ninja backwards to careen against the ring apron before dropping back to a knee before Citizen would lean the ninja back with a Back Fist Uppercut before shuffling back and lunging forward with a Running Bike Kick. Deftly, the Blood Raven would slip out of harm’s way before delivering a stiff Soccer Kick soundly against the back of Citizen’s thigh...

Tenzo Ken - A Rolling Iron Claw STO

The Watcher was angrily cradling the back of his head upon impact as Eiji quickly snatched him off the floor, rolled him back inside the ring and hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! Kickout by Citizen yet the resourceful ninja would transition from the Grounded Front Face Lock to a Bridging Arm Triangle Choke. Referee Hunt remained prostrate as he was constantly warded off by Citizen before Eiji pushed off his feet to face The Watcher and deliver a Basement Dropkick to the face followed by a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Again, Kugasari would shrug off the urge to get pissed before pulling his opponent back to his feet and staggering him backwards with a series of measured Strikes. Having been leaned against the ropes, the former jOlt Champion would utilize a Textbook Monkey Flip to send his opposition airborne yet the agile enigma would easily land on both feet before breaking into a dead sprint forward. Kugasari would kip up only to be flattened by Citizen’s Crooked Arm Lariat! Left recoiling form the attack, Eiji was starting to slowly low crawl his way toward the ropes when a watchful Citizen remained perched atop the 2nd ropes...

The Answer - A Guillotine Leg Drop /w Opponent Face Down

The crowd groaned loudly at the sight of the ninja’s head being sandwiched against the canvas before again being covered with another Lateral Press...1! ...2! The Watcher remained unfettered by his opponent’s resilience as he opted to pull him to his feet and attempt to slam him face first into the turnbuckles yet the agile ninja would use a Tiger Wall Flip to reclaim the advantage by using a Japanese Arm Drag to transition to a Double Knee Theze Press! Kugasari was still clutching the back of his head while reclaiming his vertical base before dragging the reeling Citizen upward and staggering him backwards with a High Kick across the brow. Left leaning against the corner, Eiji would begin landing several consecutive kicks before Citizen dropped to a knee exhausted. The Blood Raven subtly played to the crowd before standing him back up and battering him with a pair of Clenched Forearm Strikes before Citizen began firing back. The aerial specialists would fire the crowd up with a passionate exchange before Citizen began imposing his will with a trinity of stiff Headbutts. However, the 4th Headbutt would be quickly countered by a swift Side Headlock Takedown. The Xavier Cannon protegee would gradually fish out an opening to roll the ninja up for a pin....1! ...2! Kugasari would roll his shoulders off the mat and rear back on the hold before being rolled back into another pin attempt...1! ...2! Again, the former jOlt Champion would roll away off the canvas yet Citizen would used the momentum to swivel to a knee before spiking Eiji into the canvas with a Deadlift Back Suplex Pin! ....1! ...2! The audience began cheering as Kugasari jerked away and collapsed onto his side. Citizen would shake the cobwebs away before reclaiming his footing to punish him with The Question - A Snap T-Bone Suplex. The impact immobilized the young ninja to allow Citizen to slap on a Crossface Chicken Wing Submission Hold. Referee Underwood would diligently assess the ailing ninja’s condition as the Blood Raven’s will refused to be broken. A Millennium Suplex garnered a hardcore reaction from the crowd for the kneeling enigma whom would casually survey the crowd before eventually shooting the half...



2 ½! The Watcher would subtly nod to himself as he breifly assessed his immediate surroundings before flattening Eiji with a Scoop Slam. Hading over to the top rope, Citizen would nimbly shimmy his way along the top ropes to measure his recovering target. The Leaping Knee Strike was evaded, leading Citizen to forward somersault to his feet before bouncing off the cables. The Watcher with the Step Over before soaring back with The Beginning - A Springboard Roundhouse Kick. Somehow, the Blood Raven would drape Citizen across his shoulders to stumble briefly to reclaim his balance...

Event Horizon - A Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Back Breaker

Both men were down with The Watcher feeling the full brunt of the damage yet the Blood Raven slowly reclaimed his bearings before hooking him up with a Cradle Pin...




The Prince of Puroresu sat up and inaudibly pled his case to the referee amidst the ongoing crowd chatter before ripping Citizen off the canvas and initiating a full on assult with his patented Crimson Sword Dance; A Snap Kick to Thigh. A Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. A Spinning Back Fist followed by an Open Palm Strike to Jaw would rattle the enigmatic risk taker before Eiji would angrily drive his opposition into the mat with a Wheelbarrow Dragon Suplex! The jOlt faithful were overheard rallying both challengers as Kugasari sat up briefly before balling Citizen up with a Figure Four Pin...




The resentment radiated from within a nodding Kugasari as Citizen continued stirring about. The Prince of Puroresu would stand with both hands on his hips over the crawling Citizen, briefly looking out into the crowd before pulling him up to his knees. A methodical salvo of Buzzsaw Kicks & Knife Edge Chops would quicken before the ninja briefly reared back and unleashed a screaming Buzzsaw Kick across his target’s skull. Opting to forego another pin attempt, Eiji would casually scale the turnbuckles and motion for his target to stand. Weary from the abuse, the Watcher would wobble himself upward before the Blood Raven launched himself airborne with Hanzo’s Comet - Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round)...1! ...1 ½ as The Alpha & Omega would roll through, hoisting then ninja upward and delivering a spine-rattling Buckle Bomb. The ninja would stagger forward as the enigmatic Citizen knocked him off his feet with a violent Super Kick before falling on top of him and hooking the leg deep...




The Arena of Champions continued to resonate with ongoing cheers as Citizen sat up briefly and landed on his side for a few moments before struggling to reclaim his footing. The masked man signaled to the crowd that the ‘end was near’ before pulling his prey up into position for Merciful Judgment - A Double Underhook Brain Buster. However, the groggy ninja would counter by dropping to his knee with each attempt before Citizen would seek to loosen his prey up with a set of Underhook Knee Strikes yet his 4th attempt of his patented finisher was blocked once again. The Inogami Clan officer would nimbly push upward and slam his calf against his captor’s skull to free himself, sending Citizen staggering backwards a few paces while struggling to reclaim his footing yet a returning Citizen would send the ninja reverse somersaulting backwards with a Thrust Kick to the Chest. Eiji would stagger backwards to his feet with an incoming masked man sprinting forward with a intentional Cactus Clothesline. However, Eiji would use a High Back Body Drop to send him crashing and burning onto the outside before dropping to a knee. On cue, a disturbance created a notable stir within the crowd as a burly figure bulldozed his way toward the ringside area, revealing the dreaded ’Beast of Bangor’ hurdling over the barricades. The audience replied with a rousing wave of negative crowd heat as an armed slid into the ring, urging the referee to call for the bell. However, his intended Steel Chair Shot sailed over the recovering ninja’s head and leaving him prey to be met with a stiff Dropsault to the Chest. The maneuver knocked the weapon out of his hands yet only infuriated him, leading him to initiate yet another charge. However, several alternating Buzzsaw Kicks to the legs kept Ryan on uneven ground, further hyping up the crowd. A heavy Shove to the Chest sent the ninja rolling backwards to his feet and landing against the corner, setting him as a prized target for the now angry locomotive. It would be Eiji whom would sidestep the incoming TB Avalanche and sandwich the Northeastern Brawler against the corner with The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp!

Left dazed and confused, Ryan was at the mercy of a pissed off ninja who spied the prone Steel Chair. Immediately, he sized up his target and leapt onto him to deliver The Shinobi Sunset - A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver. However, Jeremy wisely held onto the ropes and left the ninja reverse somersaulting over the chair before picking it up and charging after his would be assailant. The muscular bully would barely avoid being crowned with the chair as he dove through the ropes and gained some distance from the squared circle from his angry prey. The young ninja hurled the Steel Chair at him, causing Jeremy to duck out of the way and the chair bounced off the rampway with a metallic thud! Camera 3 would catch Citizen kneeling near the opposing barricades, quietly watching the events from a safe distance before cutting back to Eiji seeking to keep an eye on both respectively...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; by the referee’s decision, the following contest has hereby been deemed a DRAW!!

The notable anger radiated from Jeremy Ryan’s visage and gnarled knuckles as ”Dawn Awaits (Extended Version) - by Cliff Lin flooded the arena form the overhead PA system on cue. The Prince of Puroresu would take a moment to watch Citizen quickly become enveloped with a familiar gust of flash & smoke before disappearing from the ringside area. An angry Kugasari would mount the nearest turnbuckle and inaudibly challenge his assailant while pointing. In turn, Jeremy’s jaw drew rigid as he gradually back pedaled away the backstage area before the scene would fade to black...The battle lines have been officially drawn en route to imminent war at WIRED or beyond...

Winner: No Contest

"Right Where I Want You"

Citizen was gone... Jeremy Ryan just finished walking through the curtain to the back. Cliff Lin was still playing on the speakers as Eiji hopped off the turnbuckle pads. All of a sudden..

"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash"

Jon Le Bon came out to seething hatred from the crowd. Earlier, he was out here making a statement about tonight's battle royal. What else did he have up his sleeve.

"It seems Jeremy Ryan has your attention, Eiji, however, Jeremy Ryan shouldn't be your only focus. As a matter of fact... in case you just so happened to forget, you and I have a little bit of history as well. It seems you're still a little upset over the fact that we used you to jumpstart our rise to the top here in jOlt at Wrestlecade last year. It was quite evident when you and I bumped into each other backstage. If there is one thing I do, Eiji, is I deal with problems justly and swiftly. Just ask Chris Titan!" said Le Bon

The audience booed heavily.

"That is why.. right now... knowing that you just wrestled a match.. I think I'll do Jeremy Ryan a favor and make sure you don't even make it to Wired."

Le Bon looked to the entrance way as the jOlt World Tag Team Champions, Jackson Cross and Machida Hood stepped out alongside "God's War Machine" Seraph. The three of them headed down to the ring while Eiji braced himself. Just then, Takeshi and Heido charged past Le Bon and clobbered Cross and Hood from behind! Eiji got a full head of steam and flipped over the top rope with a Tope con Giro to the outside, colliding with Seraph, bringing the big man down!

The three of them hit the ring and stood their ground side by side while The Rebellion collected themselves on the outside. Le Bon was seething mad as he gritted his teeth.

"To hell with this.. I'm using my power to book The Rebellion and I'm using it now. Cross the Hood and Seraph against you annoying ninjas. Cross, Hood, Seraph... DO NOT fail me...."

Le Bon stormed backstage as The Rebellion regrouped. They all climbed up onto the ring apron and stepped inside the ring. The referee stepped in to make sure that this didn't turn into a Pier 6 brawl... he wanted a designated starter for each team.

Seraph cracked his knuckles as Cross the Hood both patted him on the back. It was clear they selected the heavy hitter. Knowing that speed can outdo power, Eiji Kugasari volunteered to start despite the fact that he and Citizen just wrestled and had to deal with "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan. With the teams set, the referee called for the bell!!

Crimson Order/Eiji Kugasari vs Cross the Hood/Seraph


The silent masked man would hungrily assess the quickened pace of his nimble opponent whom would immediately test the his defenses. Seraph was left grasping nothing but air, allowing Eiji to land a stinging Snap Kick across the exposed lower back. The masked juggernaut would briefly shake his head before shadowing his agile opponent. Aware he was running out of real estate, The Prince of Puroresu would nimbly gird himself for the clash yet wisely extended his upper body between the ropes. The in ring official would begin a mandatory 3 count that led Seraph to back off. Eiji would cautiously move back inside before quickly slipping away from Seraph’s 2nd attempt for a Elbow/Collar Tie Up. The audience responded as the Crimson & Raven haired ninja swept his bangs back while breifly hopping in place, leaving an annoyed Sayber to recollect himself. Wringing both wrists, the muscular powerhouse would again pursue his target whom would wisely use the opposing corner to grant him a brief reprieve. However, Seraph would immediately seize the advantage by delivering a heavy Boot into the young ninja’s midsection before grabbing him by the back of the neck and dragging him away from the turnbuckles. A methodical battery of massive Clubbing Forearms would garner approval by the current tag team champions as he glanced over toward the Crimson Order before hoisting his prey upward for a Powerbomb maneuver. The Blood Raven would slip free, landing to briefly grimace from the previous assault before humbling his target with a stiff Spinning Sole Butt. A battery of Open Palm Punches would alternate against Seraph’s jaws, backing him up a few paces before missing with a 3rd grapple attempt. Kugasari would drop onto the canvas onto his side to deliver a stiff angled Thrust Kick to the Stomach. A Starfish Kip Up to a stiff Back Fisted Uppercut would be followed through with a torrid 540 Kick left the muscular masked man kneeling as Eiji side rolled off his shoulders into a dead sprint toward the opposing ropes. Eiji seamless strode underneath the extended Back Elbow before flattening the returning young ninja with a powerful Standing Shoulder Block!

Seraph was seen shaking the minute cobwebs free from his head before using an Irish Whip to the enemy corner. The hulking locomotive would follow suit yet the agile assassin would use a Tiger Wall Flip to avoid being sandwiched against the turnbuckles. Staggering back a few paces, the Inogami Clan lieutenant would reclaim his bearings and connect with a Running Dropsault to apply further damage onto his massive foe. Wisely, Kugasari would utilize the opportunity to tag in the Kansai Crippler. The audience roared as Heido slowly stepped over the top rope, engaging his opposition with a mutual stand off. An illicit tag was made by Machida Hood that would garner a mixed reaction as Seraph cast a stern glare while reluctantly stepping through the ropes. The New York native readily shifted his weight in his approach to engage the sinewy Aikido expert. On the opposing end, Eiji would be seen conferring with Mamoru while the embittered tandem in the ring began encircling the middle of the ring. The initial Elbow & Collar Tie Up led to Machida successfully grounding Heido with an expedient Side Headlock Takedown. Heido with the prompt Leg Scissors counter, leaving both men to carefully rise to their feet before clashing again. Heido would jettison his prey with a Tomoe Nage Judo Throw, leaving the brawling Brooklynite to scramble himself back to his feet before he missed with the Running Pump Kick. The raven haired ninja would spin his target about and use a swift Fireman’s carry Takeover into a taunt Side Headlock yet Hood would slip on a Rear Waistlock before bundling the ninja up with a Roll Up Pin...1! ...1 ½! Heido would roll off his shoulders yet the opportunistic Machida would quickly counter the Back Elbow attempt with an Inside Cradle...1! ...1 ½! Heido with the Kick Out yet the relentless Hood would deliver a Short Armed Knee Strike to the midsection before following through with an expedient Gutwrench Suplex to a Cradle Pin! ...1! ...2! Heido shot the shoulder up to further infuriate Machida who briefly slapped the mat in frustration before initiating a Gator Roll over toward his corner, extending his boot outward for Jackson Cross to make the tag...

A Slingshot Senton would crush the grounded ninja as Jackson continued onward with a dead sprint toward the opposing ropes. Machida would Gator Roll away from the ropes and allow Cross to connect with a High Big Splash before hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! Again, the Kansai Crippler would shoot the shoulder out to anger an passionate Cross before being pelted with mounted barrage of Punches. Hood would pass through the ropes as Jackson snatched the ninja up to his feet and began wailing on him with several Clubbing Forearms before Heido angrily backed him deep into enemy territory. An awaiting Hood would slap Jackson’s shoulder as he endured the battery of midsection strikes before wailing on a battered Heido. Together, Cross The Hood would connect with a Double Team High Hip Toss Slam before Hood strode off to carom off the ropes. Jackson sat Heido up with a punishing Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades before a streaking Hood returned with an unforgiving Yakuza Kick to the back of the ninja’s head! The audience groaned from the impact as Machida quickly ripped Heido down onto the canvas and shot the half...1! ...2! It would be Takeshi whom would connect with a Running Stomp atop Machida’s head to break the count before slowly making his egress back to his corner. Cradling his head, Machida would soon stagger his way back to his feet before standing up and landing several hardened Stomps on the ailing Heido before peeling him upward back to his feet. A battery of Clenched Forearm Strikes would back the ninja into the neutral corner to land several methodically measured Punches before briefly yelling out to the crowd. A Short Armed Front Kick would bounce the ninja against the turnbuckles with each impact before Hood hoisted the ninja up and attempted buried him with a Running Oklahoma Slam. However, Heido slipped free and countered with a Falling Arm Drag. Both men would scramble to their feet yet the Kansai Crippler would connect with a stiff Forehand Chop followed by a heavy Front Kick to careen spine first against the neutral corner before leveling Hood with a Rolling Koppu Kick across the back of the neck!

Jackson would yell angrily from The Rebellion corner as Heido relentlessly pummeled his fallen prey with Forearm & Open Palm Strikes before Referee Underwood physically intervened. The Kansai Crippler waved the official off to pursuit his prey yet the crowd openly jeered the retreating Machida as he slipped off the ring apron to recollect himself. Jackson Cross & Seraph both gathered to protect their brethren as Heido remained perched atop the turnbuckles. The stoic Seraph would silently motion for the ninja to try his luck. Wisely, Heido would drop down and motion for Machida to return to the ring. However, a sprinting Eiji Kugasari would make his way toward a kneeling Heido...

The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp

The sight of the masked titan being ground soundly against the padded earth briefly froze the reigning tag team champions before they began their united assault onto the former jOlt Champion. Immediately, the audience would rally behind the imminent charge of the Crimson Order, sending the unrepentant duo scurrying away to safety. The recovering giant would reluctantly use the barricades to reclaim his vertical base before a mutual standoff was sustained along the outside. The referee’s standing count had reached 7 before both parties managed to reenter the ring with Machida & Heido ready yet cautiously encroaching each other’s personal space. The Head & Collar Tie up would leave both parties tussling about before Heido crushed Hood with a Ippon Seoi Nage - Shoulder Throw before slapping on a Step Over Toehold Double Chickenwing Hold! Machida would gnash his teeth while enduring being stretched out while refuting the referee’s suggestion to submit. Several moments would elapse before the Kansai Crippler would gradually transition into a Double Chickenwing Camel Clutch! Puroresu enthusiasts would openly celebrate in the current tag champion’s suffering before Jackson Cross intervened with a Sliding Lariat from behind to break the hold before grabbing Heido by the lapel and tossing him to the outside. Referee Underwood was among the growing numbers to openly reprimand the bald Brooklyn native whom would respond with a slew of curses and a pair of middle fingers before returning to his corner. Having caught a breather, the grimacing Machida would stagger backwards toward his corner where a energetic Jackson Cross would tag himself back in to measure the recovering Heido from the ring apron before connecting with a Flying Stomp onto the Chest! The angry brawler would breifly taunt both Takeshi & Kugasari before using several Soccer Kicks to the ribs on the recovering ninja. An hard Hammer Throw into the corner of barricades was the prelude to a Running Avalanche Attack...

Street Level Violence - A Flurry of Chops, Punches & Kicks in the corner

A Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex would add the exclamation point to the assault as Jackson overheard the referee’s count drew close to 7 before he intentionally reset the count. The trinity of Knife Edge Chops kept the clan strategist weakened before shoving him back inside the ring. The Lateral Press to follow was abruptly broken by Heido, leading Cross to cinch in a Reverse Chinlock! The ninja would gradually wave off the referee while willing himself to work his way back to his knees. The Back Elbows began to weaken Jackson’s grip before he resorted to a Hair Pull Takedown to shatter the ninja’s momentum. The referee got into Cross’s face as he feigned innocense before locking the ninja into an textbook Abdominal Stretch. On occasion, Jackson would apply an Iron Claw onto the ninja’s hip before resorting to using the nearby ropes for illegal leverage. Twice Cross would manage to make use of this advantage before being caught by an alert Darius Underwood intentionally kicked the top ropes, allowing the Kansai Crippler to upend his captor with a timely Hip Toss. The ninja was left reeling from the maneuver and the accumulated damage. Dropping to a knee, the recovering ninja would gradually reclaim his bearings before making his way closer toward his clan brethren. Extending his hand outward, Heido was held back by a resurgent Jackson Cross Waistlock. The intended Back Suplex was upended by Heido flipping out, landing and countering with a stiff Release Dragon Suplex! The audience rallied behind the opened window of opportunity when Heido was abruptly blind sided by a 350+ pound locomotive driven Lariat! Flattened by the masked behemoth, Heido was unceremoniously dragged away back toward the middle of the ring before Seraph returned to his corner. Both men were down yet beginning to recover as the rival camps were urging their representatives to make the first tag. The ascending pair would begin trading Punches from their knees before Jackson was knocked back with a European Uppercut, leading the brawler to careen off the ropes to haul off with a Running Mafia Kick...

Yonkeru Nage - The Fourth Kick Technique

The maneuver left Cross clutching the back of his head as Takeshi & Eiji extended their arms outward. The Rebellion were seen pacing about along the ring apron as Cross gradually crawled over and latch onto his rival’s leg. Heido would immediately push himself upward to address the lingering issue as the pair began exchanging blows before Jackson’s Discus Punch left him to be trapped in an expedient Gory Special! The angry Brooklynite began kicking at the ninja’s lower back to try and free himself when Takeshi was seen stepping over the top ropes...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A Double Team Gory Special Complete Shot

The crowd volume began to elevate as Jackson’s face was driven violently into the canvas with authority. Heido gradually sat up as Takeshi peel Cross over onto his back before he slithered off the ring apron. Taking a brief moment to assess his options, the ninja would drape over him with a Lateral Press...




Machida Hood would make the save with a desperation Sliding Elbow Drop across the back of Heido’s head before taking a cheap shot at Eiji. The nimble ninja quickly fell off the ring apron with the Mute Mountain Splitter taking a failed swipe at a ducking Hood. Machida’s Running Punt Kick was seized by the rising Heido whom would counter with a Yonkeru Nage - The Third Kick Throw Technique, driving his head soundly against Jackson’s lower back! From behind, Seraph would use a Clubbing Forearm to drop the sinewy ninja to his knees before jettisoning him forward with a stiff Kick between the shoulder blades before grabbing both tag team champions and dragging them by their legs back to their corner. Seraph would abruptly tag himself just in time to see the Silent Nightmare slap his partner’s shoulder and the masses would openly clamber for the impending clash of each clan’s titans...


A mutual approach toward the ring’s epicenter led to a outright charge into battle with both men reeling back a few paces from hitting mutual Running Clotheslines. The masked Rebellion behemoth merely shook his head before sprinting after Takeshi ducked underneath the Running Clothesline. Seraph would careen against the ropes to stride under the Open Palm Thrust Punch yet managed to stop short and stun his prey with a stiff Back Elbow. A pair of alternate Punches forced Takeshi to concede ground before a quick Parry would allow him to fire back with a stiff European Uppercut followed by menacing Headbutt to the Jaw. A stern Boot to the Face would careen Seraph against the cables to stumble forward into Takeshi’s awaiting grasp...

Silent Hell - A Spinning Full Nelson Hold

The signature maneuver would be shattered by Seraph’s brute force and countered with a retaliatory Headbutt to the Face. His intended Belly to Belly Suplex was upended by a violent Bell Clap followed by a heavy Front Kick to the midsection. A Mongolian Chop was the primer for another Irish Whip. Seraph with the Reversal yet he missed with the Spinning Clothesline. A sprinting locomotive would return yet was hoisted upward for a Death Valley Driver yet the massive ninja churned his broad legs to slip free, land and land a massive Knife Edge Chop...




The united assembly rallied with each Chop before the masked juggernaut was led away with a Hammer Throw toward the opposing ropes...
Katute Strike - A Press Style Elbow Smash

The impact against the mat was resounding with Takeshi quick with the hook of the leg...




Seraph with the strong Kick Out, leading Takeshi to pull his opposition off the mat and humble him with a Knee Lift to the Face before charging him spine first against the neutral corner. A battery of Shoulder Rams would be proceeded by another Hammer Throw to the opposing corner. The Mute Mountain Splitter soundly beat his chest briefly before hoping to a dead sprint after his prey...

Divine Divide - A High Elevation Spine Buster

The squared circle rattled angrily from the impact before the masked powerhouse would in turn, hook the leg deeply...




Both giants were rattled with Seraph managing to began wailing on the Silent Nightmare with a trinity of Double Axe Handles to the upper back before initiating alternating Punches to the face. The Front Kick would stagger the ninja against the turnbuckles before charging in yet the Silent Nightmare would retaliate with a Standing Boot to the Face to back the masked monstrosity up before careening him awkwardly with a massive Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex against the turnbuckles! The towering 7 footer would struggle to reclaim his bearings as Takeshi would stagger himself back to his feet. However, Cross The Hood would flatten him with a pair of Stereo Missile Dropkicks! Both Heido & Eiji would sprint into action with Jackson Cross being sent spilling over the top via Heido’s Cactus Clothesline! Eiji’s Leaping Roundhouse Kick was countered by Machida’s quick Back Slide Pin. The Blood Raven with the immediate roll through before crushing him with a Double Knee Theze Press! Referee Underwood was desperately seeking to regain order by aiding an ailing Hood back to his corner before witnessing Takeshi peeling Seraph upward before bouncing him off the mat with a heavy Scoop Slam. The Mute Mountain Splitter looked out into the crowd, creating a rising stir while holding his target’s legs before initiating a Old School Big Swing!






The ongoing exchange along the outside between Heido & Cross was intentionally interrupted by Eiji Kugasari sprinting into action and blasting him with a Flying Leg Wheel against the barricades. The Kansai Crippler would center his focus while rounding the ring posts before...





Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The Burning Kanabo!

Seraph’s body careened against the canvas after eating a Running Dropkick to the Skull, leaving The Crimson Order reuniting in order to peel him off the canvas and led him back into their corner. Eiji tagged himself in as both members of the Crimson Order would connect with a Belly-to-Back Suplex/Neckbreaker Combination before the Blood Raven followed through with a high Phoenix Splash! Cover!...




Seraph with the Kick Out and the hot-headed ninja would sternly slapped the canvas yet Heido would grab him from behind and privately confer with him before allowing the young ninja to scale the top rope before starting to reel the ailing giant upward...

Hanzo’s Comet - A Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round)




Again, the towering titan kicked out yet the nimble ninja sprung to his feet to attack the incoming Machida Hood. Several martial arts strikes would keep Machida off balance before being led away with an Irish Whip to the neutral corner. However, Hood used his foot to push off stagger the unaware ninja with a stern Back Elbow before quickly reseating himself atop the middle ropes and taking flight...

Time To Get Free - A Diving European Uppercut

The Prince of Puroresu crashed and burned along the canvas before the angry opportunist would snatch him up and immediately slam Eiji’s shoulder violently against the opposing ring post! Referee Underwood would readily reprimand the reigning tag champion as he back pedaled toward his corner and through the ropes. Meanwhile, the ailing ninja would remain kneeling against the ropes while favoring his shoulder as Seraph would lumber after him and send him sailing across the ring with a Biel Throw! A Delayed Gutwrench Suplex would further damage the ailing ninja’s shoulder upon impact as the hulking masked man scowled toward the Crimson Order before grabbing Eiji by the back of his neck and hoisted him upward for a Muscle Buster. However, the limber ninja would slip free yet the audience groaned as Jackson Cross flattened the young Kugasari with a timely Super Kick! The referee would chase after the retreating Cross as Seraph committed to the Lateral Press. Referee Underwood turned around and quickly slid to make the official count...



Heido would make the save with a Running Kick across the masked monstrosity’s jaw, rearing him back onto both knees. Cross The Hood were overheard with their open rebuke of the rival ninjas as Seraph reclaimed his bearings and peeled his prey off the mat. A throat slashing gesture forewarned the masses of the match’s end, setting Kugasari up on his shoulders for God’s Destruction. However Takeshi would shatter the giant’s equilibrium with a Running Bike Kick to the face, leaving Eiji to maneuver about and lock Seraph down with a Hanging Iron Octopus Submission Hold! The ailing giant would stagger about before dropping to a knee with the referee watching each end before focusing on Seraph’s condition. The opportunistic Heido would be seen hurdling over the top rope before drilling the juggernaut with a stiff Flying Dropkick, urging Eiji to spike the monster with a Crucifix Driver! The Blood Raven held on for the Crucifix Pin...




This time Machida Hood would break the pin with a violent Stomp onto the young ninja’s ear before whipping Eiji up and through the ring ropes to the outside before starting to brawl with the incoming Heido. Both Heido & Hood would draw the referee’s attention as a kneeling Seraph was knocked back into the corner with another Front Kick to the Chest. Careening against the corner, Jackson wisely tagged himself in by slapping Seraph’s shoulder as Takeshi pulled him away from the corner and punished him with a Butterfly Suplex! Cross would scale the turnbuckles and measure up his target before flooring Takeshi with a Flying Shoulder Tackle! Coming to Seraph’s aid, he would lead him back to the corner before stepping out onto the ring apron and knocking Heido down with a Flying Knee Strike! In one felled swoop, the resurgent Cross would team up and punish Heido with a Double Team Uranage against the padded earth before whipping Eiji back inside the ring for the kill. Cross The Hood would work in tandem to overwhelm the brawling Takeshi before Cross stunned him with a Enzuigiri, allowing a streaking Seraph to finish him off with a Cactus Clothesline of his own. A screaming Mamoru would urge the ailing Heido to get back to his feet as both tag team champions were reeling Kugasari up to his feet...A Double Team Hammer Throw to the neutral corner led to Cross crushing Kugasari with a TB Running Clothesline before Machida connected with a high TB Body Splash! Together, they would set the former jOlt Champion up for the coup de grace - A Powerbomb/Avalanche Shiranui when Heido leapt onto the ring apron and began wailing on the perched Machida. Seeking finality, Jackson Cross would stumble forward for a Running Turnbuckle Powerbomb yet Kugasari would fight back with a battery of Punches to weaken his captor’s vertical base. As both Takeshi & Seraph were still brawling along the outside, Heido’s Clenched Knee Strikes to the Face would leave Hood hanging in a Tree of Woe posture before struggling to pull himself upward...

The Japanese Death Sentence - A Diving Double Foot Stomp to a Tree of Woe hung opponent

The Arena of Champions roared in unison as Machida remained lifeless along the canvas as Eiji bundled Jackson Cross up with a Sunset Flip Pin....1! Cross rolled through, stood to his feet yet missed with the intended Stomp to Kugasari’s face as Heido rolled off the ring apron. Latching onto his leg, Eiji used it as leverage to blast him with a Upward Kick between the shoulder blades to stagger him forward before wind milling himself to his feet. The tactical assassin in Heido led him to dive back inside the ring to stun Cross with a Top Rope Guillotine Attack before aiding Takeshi in warring with Seraph...

The Shinobi Sunset - A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver

Jackson’s body would bounce soundly off the mat, wobbling briefly before his inevitable collapse. The Blood Raven would low crawl his way around before pushing his target over and draping over him with a Lateral Press...




An ailing Machida landed atop both Eiji & Cross yet was unable to break the count in time, leading to the referee signaling for the final bell. The Arena of Champions roared as the Inogami Clan struck a notable blow against The Rebellion while ”Thought Crimes” - Extended Version by Cliff Lin began streaming from overhead. The Blood Raven would promptly shove Machida Hood off of him to stumble over and through the ring ropes to rejoin his brethren as Seraph was seen reentering the ring, standing with both hands on each hip in muted disgust. Together, the Inogami Clan officers would huddle around Mamoru during his stoic moments of praise for his brethren...

Carrington: “...Your winners of the match....The team of EIJI KUGASARI & THE CRIMSON ORDER!!!!

In unison, the victorious ninjas would begin their egress as the trinity of dejected Rebellion members would remain licking their proverbial wounds as the scene drew to a gradual close....

Winner: via Pinfall

"Something Off My Chest"

“Sabertooth” hit the PA system and the crowd popped pretty well as Sayber made his way out from the backstage area. Sayber, who freed himself from The Rebellion on iNtense 110, had taken matters into his own hands, challenging Derecho for a third and final time. Derecho accepted the challenge, but the two hadn’t interacted directly. Sayber wanted to do that tonight because he had a few things he wanted to get off of his chest before heading into Wired next Sunday.

Sayber entered the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside as his music died down.

“I’m not going to stand out here and state my history or anything. I came out here for one reason and one reason alone…. I want to see Derecho face to face because there is something I want to get off my chest.” Said Sayber.

Sayber didn’t have to wait long as the lights in the arena went out and the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida became bathed in a crimson hue.

“King of Hell” by Helstar

Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. He wasn’t dressed to wrestle as he didn’t have a match scheduled this evening, but we was sporting a black "Forever" t-shirt as well as dark blue jeans. He stepped into the ring and stayed a decent distance away from Sayber. Derecho elected not to take a microphone. Instead, he simply stood there and gestured to Sayber as if to say “Well.. here I am” After the arena returned to normal, Sayber brought the microphone up to his lips.

“The amount of time I have waited to say this to you has almost been unbearable. I’ve waited an entire year to say this and now that the time is finally here, I’m going to make things crystal clear. As shallow as it might be for me to say this… I hate you. I hate you with every fabric of my being and it’s not just some generic hatred people say to each other over a petty argument… no. … I genuinely.. legitimately hate you to the point where I wish Aran Thompson’s rumors of you being dead were actually true.”

The crowd fell a bit silent after that remark. Derecho just continued to stand there with his arms folded.

“You legitimately tried to end my career on two separate occasions. The first time you robbed me of the greatest accomplishment of my career. You took my Hype Championship away from me when you put me in a hospital bed. “




“…I waited for an opportunity at revenge. I waited for my moment. Then it came at Wired last year… and yes… you beat me. I fully admit that back then.. I wasn’t good enough to beat you. I am man enough to admit that… but you…. You couldn’t simply just beat me and move on, could you? No… you did what you always love to do.. you took it too far and as a result, I was back in the hospital AGAIN… wondering if I would have a career… AGAIN… wondering if I could provide for my family… AGAIN… all because you made the decision to try and fuck with another man’s life for your own self pleasuring.”

Sayber paused for a moment before he surprised everyone and took off his mask!! Sayber threw his mask into the crowd and stepped right up to Derecho.

“Under this mask is a human being. A human being whose heart pumps blood throughout the body… the same blood that’s pumped through yours. The fact that you have not a care in this world for something like that makes me sick to my stomach and ever since Wired last year… ever since I was given the chance to come here to the main roster at Wrestlecade… I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for this moment… this very moment where I can look you dead in your cold, soulless eyes and tell you that you are the biggest fucking piece of shit I have ever met and I will stop at NOTHING… do you hear me!? AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING to pay you back tenfold for what you have done to me. No longer am I going to idly sit by and let this go unsettled. At Wired… I am going to face you in an Underground Rules match and the me that you knew from a year ago.. that younger, more naïve me… it’s gone. It died inside of me when you decided to try and end my career for the second time. What that young, innocent and naïve spirit has been replaced by is something that could even frighten the devil himself. It’s is rage and hatred incarnate and at Wired.. I am going unleash every… single… last… bit of it… on you.”

The words were harsh and direct. Sayber poured his entire heart out in the middle of the ring… and Derecho did what he did best to someone’s heart… he denied it of any empathy as he simply shrugged his shoulders and turned to exit the ring to massive boos from the crowd.

“So that’s it? My words mean nothing to you? Is the so-called King of Hell really that much of a little bitch!?” said Sayber.

That stopped Derecho right in his tracks as he was about to step foot through the ropes. Derecho stepped back into the ring and came face to face with Sayber. Sayber brought the microphone back to his lips, but immediately dropped it on the canvas. He swung at Derecho, but Derecho ducked the sucker punch as if he expected it to come! They turned around and Derecho kicked Sayber in the stomach. He quickly hoisted him onto his shoulder and in one fell swoop…


Derecho got up and looked down at Sayber after hitting him with the Emerald Flowsion. Derecho began to take a step toward the ropes when Sayber grabbed the mic and pulled himself up to his feet.

“Like I said….” Said Sayber as he was in pain.

Derecho stopped and turned around, looking a bit surprised for once.

“…I’m not the same!”

Sayber charged in and slammed the microphone into Derecho’s face, knocking him down!!!! The crowd went nuts as Sayber quickly pulled Derecho up to his feet. He hooked Derecho in a front face lock, lifted him up for the suplex then tilted him off to the side with the Sideswipe Brainbuster…


Sayber stood up and now it was he that was looking down at Derecho. Sayber bent down and grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. He hooked Derecho into the front face lock again… lifted, tilted and nailed it again!!!!


Sayber looked around and grabbed the microphone. He walked over and crouched down next to Derecho.

“This time.. you can’t kill me”

Sayber flipped the microphone on top of Derecho as “Sabertooth” struck up over the PA system. Sayber backed away and exited the ring as Derecho continued to lay there motionless! Would this be the scene next Sunday at Wired? After a full year of waiting, will Sayber finally get his revenge?

Callie Scott vs Tammy Lynn Foster

“Octane” by Burnos. The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler who is in a very heated rivalry with former Starlet champion, Sarah Winterton. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting a new black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it. She was about to step into the ring with a woman who has recently had a change of heart and is very dangerous.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson

The people booed as Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out from the backstage area. She was piling on victories as she took down Amber Ryann two weeks ago. She was looking to grab another victory and make her mark in the Starlet division. Tammy climbed into the ring and warmed up as the music faded.

The bell sound as these two brawlers went at it in the middle of the ring. Scott had a boxing background and Foster fought men in back alleys for extra money. These were two of the toughest women currently in jOlt and they were showing this to the fans as they continued to throw shots at each other. Tammy was the bigger of the two women but that didn’t deter Callie as she had no quit in her. Callie started to get the advantage with several quick shots that took the bigger Tammy by surprise.

Callie Scott pushed Tammy back into the corner and nailed her with a big back elbow. Scott grabbed Tammy from the corner. She hooked Tammy and drove her to the mat with a big DDT. Scott quickly climbed to the second rope and sat there waiting for TL to get to her feet. Tammy got to her feet and turned around only to be nailed with a second rope back elbow that send Tammy through the ropes to the floor. The crowd exploded in cheers as Tammy grabbed the guardrail in frustration. Callie stood in the ring raising her arms in the air to the cheers from the crowd.

Tammy kicked the guardrail in frustration as a few of the ringside fans started to yell at her. She flipped off a few of the fans as she slowly made her way back into the ring. Tammy slowly climbed into the ring as Callie moved backward to let her in. Tammy made her way into the ring and raced over to Callie with a clothesline attempt but Callie ducked the attempt and nailed Foster with a standing dropkick. Tammy was down on the mat again and was definitely frustrated. Callie did not let Tammy get back to her feet as she quickly nailed her with a swift kick to the back. Tammy in pain as Callie nailed her once again. The fans winced in back as Tammy lay on the mat writhing in pain.

Scott quickly grabbed Tammy’s leg and placed it in a single leg lock to keep the offensive on her bigger opponent. The bigger woman tried to kick Callie off but the Scrapper continued to hold onto her leg. Tammy moved toward the bottom ropes, reaching up and grabbing it. The ref told Callie to break the hold as Tammy pulled herself into the corner. Callie quickly got to her feet and raced into the corner where Tammy pulled herself to her feet.


Callie fell back as Tammy gathered herself in the corner. Callie grabbed her jaw and turned around and was drilled with a big clothesline. The big country woman from OKC reached down and grabbed Callie by the hair. TL hooked Callie and drove her to the mat with a big suplex. Scott lay on the mat writhing in pain. Foster drove a big elbow into the chest of Callie. Foster reached down and picked up Scott and whipped her into the corner but Callie reversed it sending Tammy into the corner. Callie went to pick up Tammy but TL jabbed her head into Scott’s gut. Callie doubled over in pain as TL stood to her feet. Tammy Lynn grabbed Callie by the hair and pulled her into a front chancery. She hoisted Callie in the air and drove her down with a very impactful brain buster.

TL quickly jumped on Scott’s back and cinched in for a camel clutch. She was aware of the war that Callie has with Winterton and you don’t know if Sarah may have paid Tammy to injure Callie. Scott tried to fight for the ropes but couldn't reach them. The ref continued to check on Callie to see if she wanted to give up. Callie continued to fight the pain as she started to drag TL over to the ropes. Foster continued to apply more pressure to stop any impeding advances by the Scrapper.

Scott started to drag Tammy again as she was closer to the ropes again. This time she lunged for the bottom rope and was able to grab it. This prompted the ref to get TL to break the hold, which she finally did as Callie writhed on the mat in pain. Tammy went over to Callie to pick her up but Scott quickly caught TL with an inside cradle.




Tammy was able to break free, as she was the first to get to her feet. She quickly grabbed Scott and whipped her into the ropes. Tammy was looking for a back body drop but Callie held onto the ropes. Tammy Lynn realized what happened and rushed at Scott who back body dropped Foster over the top ropes to the floor. Callie slumped to the mat as the fans cheered her back to her. Scott struggled to get to her feet as TL pulled herself up with the help of the announcer’s table. Tammy slowly made her way into the ring. Callie caught Tammy Lynn with a knee in the gut as soon as she stepped between the ropes. Foster fell to the mat as Scrapper went down and started to nail her with right hands. The ref saw this and he administered the five count.





Callie stropped the punches as the ref was able to get Scott off of TL. Scott went down and dropped several elbows onto Tammy’s chest. She smiled before moving the ref out of the way and driving the point of her boot into TL’s midsection, knocking out what little air she had. Callie bent down and grabbed Foster by her hair before sending her into the corner. Callie slowly walked into the corner and nailed TL with a spinning back elbow. Callie picked up TL and set her on the top rope. Scrapper went to climb up the ropes but Tammy Lynn fought back with rights and lefts. Callie was not able to get up the ropes as TL kicked Callie in the head trying to break free of what would be bad intentions by Scott. Scrapper staggered away for a moment. She came back to the corner and TL hooked her and took her down with a Tornado DDT. However, Tammy could not make the cover right away.

TL slowly started to make her way over to the body of Callie Scott. Foster continued to crawl, as she was able to reach Callie and hook her far leg for the cover.




Tammy knew she didn’t get over to Scott in time. She rolled off Callie and stood to her feet as Scott did the same just a little slower. TL grabbed Callie and drove her to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Tammy knew that wasn’t going to be enough to keep Callie down, so she picked Scott up and whipped her into the ropes. Callie bounced off the ropes and was caught by a deep power slam from TL. Foster hooked the leg for the cover.




The crowd gasped and so did Tammy at another Callie kick out. Tammy Lynn picked up Callie and whipped her into the ropes. Scott bounced off the ropes and was caught with a back breaker. Tammy continued to focus on Callie’s back. She dropped a couple of knees to the small of Callie’s back. TL picked Callie up again and clasped a bear hug on her.

TL continued to apply the pressure to Callie’s back in the ring. Scott tried to break the hold but she could not as Tammy kept wrenching into the hold. Tammy continued with the hold as it looked like Scrapper was almost out on her feet as the ref checked Callie. The ref went over to raise Callie’s arm but Scrapper grabbed Tammy by the head and nailed her with a head butt to try and break the hold. Tammy staggered but did not break the hold.

Callie drove her head into Tammy’s head once more as the grip started to loosen but not completely break. Scrapper nailed Tammy with a shot to the temple that broke the grip but Tammy was still back on Scrapper. The two women battled toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Tammy got the upper hand as she nailed Callie with a big right. Tammy grabbed Callie and hooked her in a front chancery but Callie spun out of it and whipped Tammy into the ropes. Tammy bounced off the ropes and both women nailed each other with a clothesline. They both had the same idea on that move. The ref looked down at both women before he started his count.







Both women started to stir as the ref continued to count and the fans were unrelenting to will Scrapper to her feet.



Both women grabbed the ropes to pull themselves up.


Scrapper and Tammy both made it to their feet before the count of ten as the fans erupted. Callie went for a dropkick but Tammy moved out of the way. Tammy grabbed Callie and took her down with a HAVE A COLD ONE. That rolling German suplex nailed Callie as Tammy went for the pin.



THRE--- NO!! NO!! NO!!

Scrapper kicked out again. Tammy was visibly frustrated, as she couldn’t keep Scott down for the three count. Tammy knew how she could keep Callie down. She signaled for Trailer Hitch. Tammy reached down, grabbed Callie, but Callie continued to fight. Callie spun and flipped Tammy back with a bridge suplex. The ref was out of position. He finally made it around for the count.




Scrapper sighed as she was on one knee trying to gather herself. Tammy however got to her feet quickly and went to charge at Callie.


That was the sound of right hand hitting face as Scrapper caught Tammy running in with The Battle Ground Blast a Superwoman punch that came from out of nowhere. Callie slumped to the mat as Tammy fell hard to the mat. The fans erupted as Callie slowly made it to her feet. Callie bounced off the ropes and nailed TL with The Scrap Heap. The fans erupted again as Scott covered Foster for the pin.




It was finally over. Callie Scott survived this match with Tammy Lynn Foster. She was tired and her back was aching but the win she got here tonight would amass all of that. The crowd cheered Scott for her efforts against a very good opponent heading into her big matchup with Sarah Winterton at Wired. Callie held her arms high in the air as the fans continued to cheer. Suddenly Callie hit the mat hard as TL nailed her in the back of the head with a big forearm shot. Tammy picked Callie up and drove her to the mat with a vicious reverse DDT. The crowd’s cheers changed quickly to jeers as Tammy looked around the arena. Tammy picked up Callie and hoisted her in the air TRAILER HITCH. Tammy had a wicked smirk on her face.





Tammy rolled out of the ring to the hate from the fans. She turned to admire her handy work before turning and walking up the ramp. After Tammy Lynn Foster had dealt the final blow to Callie Scott, the Beauty from Battle Ground was laid out on the canvas. An angry Tammy left the ring and stormed as Sarah and Desta moved to the side, not wanting to get in her way. Winterton was nursing a bruise on the side of her face from where Callie Scott had laid her out earlier tonight, but now she looked ready to get some payback.

Callie was hurt while Winterton stood over her. Desta ran hurriedly across the ringside area and grabbed a chair before sliding it into the ring for her Queen. The crowd was booing when Sarah picked up the chair and waited to strike…


A SICK shot landed across her back!


A second one!


A third shot!


A fourth one finally brought Callie down and the crowd was all over Winterton!






Winterton rolled Callie onto her back and opened up the chair before she put down right over her, pinning her to the ground. Sarah glared down at the Scrapper with an evil gleam in her eye as Desta came in with a microphone and held it up to her face so she could talk some more smack.

“You are far more trouble than you’re worth, you little knuckle-dragging hussy! I will TEACH you the meaning of respect at Wired, Callie!”

Winterton sat up from the chair and she and Desta took their leave of the ring, getting themselves payback of their own from the Queen’s attack. Winterton blew a kiss at the nearly unconscious Callie while Desta waved right behind her.

At Wired, somebody was getting hurt.

Winner: Callie Scott via Pinfall

"The Price of a Woman Scorned"

The echoing of footsteps rattled off a rhythmic cadence that was growing louder by the second until a notably slender yet curvaceous woman was seen breaking the plane of shadows, apparently in haste to attend a private meeting. Given the partially opened view from one of the numerous doorways, the female’s identity was a familiar one; Ruby Rocks Jewelz. The former beau of the reigning Relentless Champion, the aura of simmering scorn and retribution would keep both uncertainty and the fear of the unknown from besieging her. Adorned in the high-priced name branded women’s fashion attire, her naivete in the art of covert operations, were questionable. However, her feminine lust for revenge was enough to compensate just enough.

“Where in the hell is ‘this dude’?” Ruby muttered as she kept her head on the swivel. Having seperated herself from the lavish confides and security of his former peers, she radiated an aura of nakedness inside a realm completely foreign to her and her sensibilities.

A startled gasp escaped from her lips as an unknown figure was seen standing before her, highly unrecognizable due to the combination of devoted shadows and distance. The whispers from the individual carried a heavy yet hushed tone if nothing else...

“You really need to warn a bitch...” She muttered. “You scared the living shit out of me...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“Look; I appreciate you coming and helping this far but what you gave me was not enough..” Ruby replied quietly. “That sonofabitch needs to pay and I am going to need you to make this happen...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“No..” Ruby replied. “What I need is a direct message sent....Something that will literally knock some sense into his arrogant ass...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“How much is it going to take to make that happen?” Ruby inquired.

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“I don’t understand...” Ruby replied. “I have $10000 in cash right now and can get the rest from...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“Ok....ok...if you say that’s enough but this had better be worth my money...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“Well...I can’t argue with that..” Ruby replied while adjusting her Mink Coat. “Just make sure you fuck him up...and I mean good...”

.... Incoherent Whispering...

“Fine.” The lovely Canadian replied. “Then I guess that’s it....wait...did you hear that? I know you heard that...”

Ruby was seen barely breaking the plane of shadows to visually assess her immediate surroundings for would be eavesdroppers. The search proved fruitless...

“Hello?!” She whispered. “Hello?! Shit!....”

The sounds of heels hitting the concrete floor would soon grow faint in the distance as she continued peering about, en route to rejoin society with a secret agenda left churning within the darkness. The next step was to wash her hands of noted deceit and deception....

Rainbow Serpent vs Nate Quartermaine

“Down River” by Wilcannia Mob boomed over the speakers and the Australian rookie emerged from the back. He stood on the stage and drew a long breath before dropping down to one knee. Behind him, Head Trainer Vinny Zahorian, who just stood behind the rookie with a keen eye, not even acknowledging the fans.

Serpent began to dance a hand through the air-KRAK!

A big boot hit the rookie square in the back of his head before Zahorian could warn him. Nate Quartermaine snickered to himself and took the kid by the scruff of the neck and tossed him down the ramp. Serpent tumbled all the way down until he hit the apron, causing Zahorian to cringe while Quartermaine dusted his hands and sauntered down to his victim.

Serpent rolled in agony on the ringside mats, clutching his spine when the hands of Quartermaine took hold of his head, heaving him to his feet and under the bottom rope into the ring. Visibly rocked, Serpent got to one knee in time to see a second boot from Quartermaine come through the side of his head. Down again, this time with Quartermaine coming off the ropes and dropping a knee into the small of his back.

Zahorian smacked the apron in frustration. “GET UP, KID!” he urged.

Clutching the ropes, Serpent leveraged his way to his feet when the bear-like grasp of Nate Quartermaine wrapped around his mid-section and dragged him out of arms reach of the ropes’ safety. One belly-to-back overhead release suplex later and Nate Quartermaine sat up, smirking at Vinny Zahorian. Rainbow Serpent was folded up like a concertina in the corner trying to figure out which way was up.

“You made me get changed for this?” he asked Vinny. He got to his feet and laughed as he made his way to Serpent.

Pulling the rookie to his feet, Quartermaine’s knee double him over and he was pulled into a front facelock. Up-and-over with a vertical suplex, Rainbow Serpent found himself sprawled on the canvas again. Quartermaine dropped onto him with a lazy cover.




Quartermaine dropped an elbow across the masked face of Rainbow Serpent and applied another lazy cover, just to force the kid to expend energy unnecessarily.



And again.



Pushing off Rainbow Serpent, the All-American Athlete smiled at the fans, who let their appreciation for the Rebellion member known with a chorus of boos. He pawed the air, disregarding their feelings towards him, and pulled the kid to his face again. One rope whip later and Serpent was bounding across the ring with all the power Nate could generate. The All-American Athlete jumped with a dropkick catching the chin of the Indigenous Enigma putting him to the canvas once more.

Quartermaine set off for the ropes, bounding off and leaping into the air, landing back first with a senton that had the fans cringing. He was quick to his feet, leaping and dropping with knee into his chest. Rainbow Serpent sat-up, clutching his ribs as Quartermaine set off for the ropes behind him before rebounding and somersaulting over him with a neck snap.

Rainbow Serpent found himself in a familiar situation of staring up into the ceiling while the canvas beneath him thundered beneath Quartermaine’s feet. His head was spinning while one of jOlt’s technical experts continued to put together a plan for his demise.

Zahorian was using the apron to keep him upright. The kid got blindsided, and so did he, and now here he was with his reputation lying flat on its back inside the ring. He pounded the apron with a fist. “Get your ass up, kid! Get your head in the game!”

The words seeped through the fog and Serpent recognised the urgency. He rolled over onto his hands and knees only to put himself into the clutches of Quartermaine. He was lifted and driven into the canvas with a Falcon Arrow and he held on for the cover.





The fans cheered loudly as Rainbow Serpent rolled out beneath the bottom rope, clutching the back of his neck in pain. Zahorian rushed him, catching him by the shoulders, shaking him to sense. “C’mon, rook! Don’t let this ass get the best of us.”

“I’m trying, cuz,” Serpent wheezed.

“TRY HARDER!” he demanded.

Nate Quartermaine, standing on the inside looking out, tugged the top rope and launched himself over the top to the outside, catching both men with a high cross-body. The fans cheered momentarily before realising they should be displeased and quickly reverted to boos. Quartermaine, despite hurting himself with the move, was the first to get to his feet and grinned wickedly as he looked down on the two men ringside.

Serpent crawled over to Zahorian, shaken by the impact. “You okay, Vinny?”

“Kick his ass, kid,” Vinny urged.

Nodding his head, Serpent willed himself to his feet, only to catch another knee in the guts. Quartermaine took him by the scruff of the neck and shoved him into the ring under the bottom rope. Serpent managed to stagger to his feet as Quartermaine stepped through and caught him off guard with a forearm. A second forearm had him reeling into the ropes where Serpent sent Quartermaine reeling to the other side with an Irish whip.

Mustering his energy, Serpent leapt and nailed a calf kick grounding Quartermaine and the technician hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring.

Serpent, on bended knee, looked up and saw Quartermaine standing on the outside and then to the fans, who popped knowing where this was going. Charging forward, Serpent leapt and dived between the ropes, catching Nate Quartermaine in a front facelock and twisting tornado style downwards into a DDT that drove his head into the “cushioned” ring mats.


Zahorian fist pumped before getting his composure, smoothing his hair down like nothing happened.

Rainbow Serpent pulled himself up with the aide of the crowd barrier. He drove a boot into the small of Quartermaine’s back and yanked him upright, rolling him back into the ring. Laid out, on his back, Quartermaine was vulnerable and Serpent took advantage. He heaved the top rope and sent himself sailing over with a moonsault, bounding to his feet with the impact while the fans voiced their approval.

Serpent hit the other side of the ring running, rebounding off the ropes before nailing a baseball slide dropkick to the fallen Quartermaine while Vinny Zahorian pounded a fist on the apron.

“Finish him, kid!” Zahorian cried. “End this now!”

Rainbow Serpent pointed to the corner and the fans approved the decision. He dashed over and pulled himself up to the top in one move, turned around and- THWACK!

Quartermaine found a burst of energy and charged the ropes, leaping to the top and spring boarded an enzuiguri into the side of his head that sent Serpent toppling down to ringside. Quartermaine landed without a shred of grace flat on his back with the wind taken from him but rallied his oomph to head to the outside.

With a handful of mask, Quartermaine dragged Serpent to the ring steps to drive his head into the steel. The referee gave warning of disqualification. Quartermaine ignored him and pulled Serpent back to drive his head into the steps again.

Zahorian intervened, catching Quartermaine’s arm as he went to drive skull into steel. Nate let go of Serpent and shoved Vinny back.

“Keep it in the ring, Quartermaine,” threatened Zahorian.

“Or what?” Nate enquired. “What are you gonna do about it, old man?”

Zahorian never bit back. But Quartermaine did. He drove a knee into the belly of the jOlt Head Trainer, took him by the scruff of the neck and the belt and drove his head into a crowd barrier to epic boos from those in attendance.

With Zahorian out of the picture, Quartermaine took it back to the ring rolling the rookie under the ropes and clambered in after him. He dragged Serpent to his feet and into a standing head scissors with a snarl across his face. He lifted him up for the Three Quarters but Serpent managed to shift the momentum, twist his body and drag him down to the canvas with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedown and into a single-arm DDT. The fans roared their approval as the rookie shifted his body and locked Quartermaine into a Fujiwara armbar.


The hold was locked in and the fans were cheering loudly, urging Quartermaine to give in to the move. Serpent’s desperation was obvious as he rocked his body maniacally trying to shift in closer and gain leverage with every movement. Quartermaine cried out in agony, still dazed from the DDT.

Zahorian rose, clutching his head, realising the sounds from the crowd. He turned to the ring and his face lit up, rushing to the apron and leaning in under the rope.

“THAT’S IT, KIDDO! WOOOOO!” he cheered.

Pure grit and determination forced the rookie to leverage any movement he could to tighten his grip. The pain surged through Quartermaine’s elbow and shoulder and was becoming unbearable. The urge to tap out was rising as he tried to reach for the ropes with his free hand. How would this look to the Rebellion? Losing to this green kid without an inch of pedigree to his name?

Rage began coursing through Quartermaine’s body as he flopped his body in frustration, pushing himself closer to the ropes but not close enough. His hand was rising to tap subconsciously and once he realised he clenched the open palm into a fist.

The Australian could feel the fight in the trapped Quartermaine surging and falling with each breath. He could almost taste the victory.

Quartermaine pushed his free arm underneath him lifted his body up before flopping forward once more, managing to shove his hand toward the rope and wrap his fingers over it, forcing the referee to break the hold.

But the damage had been done.

And Nate Quartermaine knew it.

As soon as Rainbow Serpent broke the hold Quartermaine rolled out of the ring and started heading up the ramp, shaking his head in disgust whilst nursing his now pained shoulder. He never looked back and despite the referee starting the count, Quartermaine was out of there.




Rainbow Serpent was on his feet, hands out asking the question, but Quartermaine never turned to answer it. He slipped through to the guerrilla position and out of the arena.



Vinny Zahorian took a few steps toward the backstage area, still rubbing his head. He shrugged and turned to Rainbow Serpent giving him a thumbs up.




It was all as good as over when Rainbow Serpent climbed the turnbuckle, fists up, celebrating with the fans.




“Down River” by Wilcannia Mob boomed over the speakers with the fans appreciation echoing the music’s sentiments. Zahorian applauded from ringside as the referee raised Serpent’s wrist in victory. Rainbow expelled a stressed breath and relaxed in the moment.

The camera angle captured the referee raising Serpent’s wrist with the stage and jOltVision in full view. Emerging from the back, steel chair in hand, came Nate Quartermaine. He charged down at full speed, one arm noticeably favoured in his charge. He slipped beneath the bottom rope, up to his feet and- CLANG!

Down goes the rookie.


Insult to injury.


One for good measure.


Alright, that’ll do! Zahorian slipped in behind him echoing those sentiments exactly only to have Quartermaine swing wildly at him. The Head Trainer dropped to the canvas and rolled to safety. Quartermaine demanded a microphone.

“YOU don’t DESERVE to face me! You’re nothing but a snivelling OXYGEN thief who doesn’t deserve to be in jOlt! Your old friend stuck his nose in and your INCOMPETENCY has injured my shoulder! I DEMAND RESPECT!”

Zahorian paced back and forth ringside, fuming with the situation. Serpent was laid out as Quartermaine paced back and forth inside the ring, turning to speak to Zahorian.

“Did you even CLEAR this with Jon Le Bon? I’ll tell you what he’s going to clear… OH YEAH! A submission match! At WIRED! Me and this bag of bones you call a wrestler, old man. The challenge is laid out and I bet this little worm wriggles his way underground and out the way.

“Coz he knows!”

Quartermaine turned back to Rainbow Serpent.

“You know you don’t even DESERVE to lick my damn BOOTS! Let alone be a jOlt Superstar!”

And with that, Quartermaine threw the microphone down, hitting Serpent in the face before he dropped to the canvas and rolled out of the ring. The cameras stayed on the fuming All-American Athlete.

He stopped in his tracks as someone coughed into the microphone.

The fans erupted as Rainbow Serpent was helped to his feet by Vinny Zahorian. He wrapped an arm around the shoulders of the Head Trainer as he raised the mic to speak.

“Nate, mate… You think you got weight, bro? Got some sway, hey?”

Serpent coughed again, with it visibly hurting to do so as he clutched his ribs before speaking again. Quartermaine turned slowly with a look of shock on his face.

“You can’t keep me down, cuz. Can’t keep me down here… Can’t keep me down at Wired!”

And the fans erupted again as “Down River” boomed once more over the speaker, leaving Quartermaine staring wild-eyed in shock as the rookie defied his attack, albeit he struggled to hide the pain.

Match set.

Nate Quartermaine versus Rainbow Serpent.

Submission match.

At Wired.

Winner: Rainbow Serpent via Countout

"Many Fingers in Many Pots"

The scene opened up backstage as Sebastian Saje, Raevynn, and Jon Le Bon were seen standing next to each other. Le Bon looked a bit deep in thought as he had his hand scratching his chin while looking slightly downward at the floor.

“We’re at a time, Sebastian, that we have many of our fingers inside of a multitude of pots. Raevynn has her hands full with the Starlet Division and practically has Charlotte and The House breathing down her neck. Cross the Hood also has their hands full with The House and The Crimson Order. We still have a turncoat in Sayber that we need to deal with, Nate Quartermaine is showing some intensity and could very well bring the end of Rainbow Serpent at Wired, giving him a very short tenure here in jOlt which would be another feather in our cap, and I… well.. I’m going to pick up the pieces where you failed, Sebastian. I’m going to win tonight’s battle royal and move on to Wired to dethrone Landon Stevens and bring the jOlt Championship home to The Rebellion. So many things are happening at once… so many issues… but yet… here we stand. Despite the trials and tribulations, we stand atop of the jOlt roster where we belong.”

Saje gritted his teeth for a moment and was about to say something, but Raevynn tugged his arm. Le Bon caught wind of that.

“Something you’d like to say?” asked Le Bon.

Saje went to speak up but…

“Just don’t…” said Raevynn.

“No…” said Saje. “It has to be said”

“Oh?” inquired Le Bon. “This is interesting. It sounds like you actually have something to say!” “I know I didn’t win the world championship at Thieves Honor. I get that, but I’m getting pretty tired of you making it seem like it’s my fault. In case you need to be reminded, I was in perfect position to win the championship. I cashed in the Thieves Honor briefcase at the right moment and re-entered that match legally. Chris Titan, on the other hand, didn’t. He came down when he wasn’t supposed to just to screw not only me.. but the entire Rebellion out of that title. You know damn well that if Chris Titan wasn’t there, I would be standing here as the world champion and you wouldn’t even have a battle royal to compete in tonight. So I would appreciate it if you would stop making it out to be my sole fault.”

Le Bon smiled.

“The dog finally grew some teeth. I’m happy you’re angry. It shows that there’s a fire lit underneath you and that’s good. It is a fair request and I shall grant it. I won’t bring it up anymore… but… you need to make sure that you take care of Adam Roebuck tonight. You have the entire Rebellion at your disposal in that match so I am expecting some desirable results from all of this.” Said Le Bon

“Don’t worry. After tonight, Adam Roebuck will fall... I’ll make sure of it. That’ll be another monkey off our backs.”

"I hope you're right, Sebastian... because after Cross the Hood and Seraph's failure tonight... I don't think I will be able to tolerate any more mistakes. Am I clear?"

Just as Saje said that, the mysterious woman appeared once again, walking right up to Le Bon and seductively ran the back of her hand across his cheek. Saje and Raevynn took a step back as did Le Bon.

“Sorry, am I interrupting?” asked the mysterious woman.

“As a matter of fact, you are. In case you can’t tell, we’re having a conversation here.” Said Raevynn.

“The starlet champion, eh? That must mean you’re Raevynn. That’s a very pretty championship you have on your shoulder. I wish you the best of luck in retaining it in the future, but don’t worry.. I’m not interested in it… I am, however, interested in The Rebellion… one person, in fact. I really hope I get to speak to him, soon…. He’s been chained up for far too long… and I’m the one holding the keys to his shackles.”

“Interesting. I’ve already ran the simulations through my head. What do you want with Seraph?” said Le Bon. Saje and Raevynn were taken back a bit at Le Bon’s quick judgment.

“I’m impressed” said the woman. “I heard his name and couple help myself. I had to come over here and see what the fuss was about. However, I wish I could tell you what I wanted with Vance, but that’s just something between me and him.”

The woman grinned and walked away. Le Bon, Saje, and Raeynn looked on in bewilderment.

The scene faded to black.

Mack Brody vs Omega

The following would pit two of jOlt’s largest and strongest men on the roster against one another. And to make matters more fun, this was Underground Rules.

Omega had a dominant reign as the Underground Champion that had ended thanks in part to Derecho. Before he had the chance to get that belt back, a battle with the enigmatic Providence ended with him being locked away in the funny farm for a good chunk of time. His return had come at Death Wish and he had his sights set on the current title holder, the dangerous Pietro Geist.

His opposition was no small mad and had his share of big match experience recently. The Last Heir Standing as he had been called, Mack Brody, was standing in Omega’s way tonight. SuperMack had been engaged in his own war with the mysterious Omega, responsible for injuring his friends and stablemates Frank Silver and Omega Gallway. Brody tore through the roster for a month only to have Orphan reveal himself at Death Wish. Since then, Brody had been begging for a match with the perpetrator of the crime and it was a done deal at Wired – An Empty Arena match away from the Arena of Champions.

Making this more interesting was that Brody had been a friend to Pietro Geist. Could Omega have wanted this match to try and send a message to his Wired opponent? Which big man was going to be the one to get the precious momentum heading into their respective encounters? Let’s find that out.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington said.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“First, making his way to the ring, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 303 pounds… this is ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

Brody showed no fear of anybody and may have even been thinking ahead to his match with Wired at Orphan, which was a mistake against Orphan. Both men had signed a hold-harmless agreement which waived both Orphan’s and Mack Brody’s right to sue for any sort of injury that occur. But if Orphan was luring Mack into a trap… he had only himself to blame.

“Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are free

Now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face staring at his opponent. The former Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before backing into the corner. Brody was ready for a fight, but shuddered a little bit.

“Well… that was fucked up.” Brody said to himself.

Referee Simon Boulder called for the bell.


The two big men threw big bombs at one another right off the bat! There wasn’t going to be any technical points in this match where your objective was to throw somebody through a heavy piece of breakable furniture. The former Underground Champion got the better of the opening salvo early and threw a series of right hands into the stomach of Brody to back him up into the corner. He slammed even more rights into the head of SuperMack in the corner and then pressed a foot into his throat. Referee Antonio Jones was helpless to do anything other than watch the match unfold since the only rule was a to break a table.


Omega let out a guttural roar as he backed Brody into the corner and stood his ground. He had a run-in with Omega several weeks ago and was much more volatile after his brief rivalry with Chris Titan ended up with Titan on the shelf once again. Omega turned around only to be greeted with a HARD Elbow Smash to the face!

He turned the tables (tee hee) on Omega and slammed him hard into the corner before unleashing a series of Shoulder Thrusts into the stomach of the former Underground Champion. Omega fought back STILL and fought through the pain of more shots to the head, even throwing a headbutt or two to rock Brody and send him staggering backwards. When he continued, Brody was also not going to stop and ate a punch from Omega only to throw three more into the side before he slammed him in the chest with two more big Double Sledge shots. He whipped him to the ropes and ducked down, but the result ended with Omega catching him in the chest with a wicked boot. Omega charged at Mack when he ducked and used the momentum to TOSS him over the top rope and onto the floor below!

The One-Eyed Nightmare had taken a nasty fall and was scrambled while Mack Brody stood tall in the ring for the moment. Mack climbed to the outside and looked to continue throwing more shots at Omega only for The former Underground Champion to catch him and slam him violently backwards into the barricade! The barricade was actually moved back a few inches from the combined force of six-hundred pounds thrown into it.

SuperMack was down for the moment now as he reached over and grabbed a table from underneath the ring! Shit was getting serious right off the bat between the two monsters. Nathan Powers and Michael Buhrman backed away carefully as he picked up the table and let out a scowl in their general direction. Omega set the table up in between the ring and the announce table, but caught a golden blur out of the corner of his good eye…


Mack Brody PLOWED right through Omega with a Running Cross Body and took a second to laugh his misfortune as he knocked The One-Eyed Nightmare over for the moment. SuperMack was ready to put this thing away early as he motioned for Powers and Buhrman to move.


“You heard the man!” Powers said.

“Me first, me first!” Michael shouted.

The incoming object was big Omega getting picked up and THROWN into the announce table head-first! The impact almost toppled it and it wasn’t every day that Omega was outmuscled, but if there was anybody on the roster capable of such a feat it was the man called SuperMack!

Mack Brody watched the table that Omega was trying to set up earlier in the match and finished the job that he started. He propped it up and reached over to pick up Omega over his shoulder. He was looking to Front Powerslam the monster through the table and perhaps end him quickly, but The former Underground Champion slipped out behind him and tossed him into the nearby turnbuckle post! He was hurt now and this allowed Omega to get the drop on him by picking him up and throwing him into the ring.


The One-Eyed Nightmare quickly assaulted Mack Brody in the corner with a vicious series of big closed fists that stunned him into a kneeling. He pushed Mack Brody out of the corner and turned him around before he threw him aggressively into the ringpost. Brody hung there clutching a shoulder so Omega could head to the floor…

After taking a quick breather, Omega was able to get himself back to his feet and collected some more weapons from underneath the ring. He tossed a trash can inside the ring and followed that up with a pair of steel chairs and looked mighty proud of himself. He would take out Brody and show Geist just what he was in for.

Speaking of Brody, he was trying to stand with Omega holding a chair…

This was not good…






Nearly half a dozen shots collided with the back of Mack Brody and a huge dent was in left in the chair he used. The impact was enough to bring SuperMack down to his knees and that allowed Omega the opening he needed to rush off the ropes and connect with a Running Big Boot to the face! Brody was nearly knocked out from the shot and now The former Underground Champion went for the cover!




A massive shoulder went up and that only seemed to set off The former Underground Champion. He climbed on top of Brody and landed a series of hard rights to the temple to wear him down some more before he stood up and picked up a Kendo stick. Mack rolled over onto his stomach and tried to stand up only to get WHACKED across the back with it! SuperMack arched his back in pain and winced when Omega brought it down across his massive back a second time!

The stick was BROKEN in two after the brutal shot. Omega let the pieces off to the side so he could do something else. Omega slid out of the ring and did some digging before pulling out… the TABLE!

The weapon of choice for all lovers of wood started a big cheer from the crowd, but Omega shut them out completely. He had his devotees, but he was out to sate his own need for violence. He took the table and slid it inside the ring before climbing back inside. Omega stepped over Brody and delivered a few more stomps just to wear down the big man some more. He then set up the table up on his own and put it there so he could dole out some more damage.

He planted more elbows into Brody’s face and tried whipping him across the ring, but Brody put the brakes on again and tried to toss him… NO! Omega caught his footing and stopped himself short of taking a spill through the table, but Brody grabbed him by the head and put him back in the corner. He charged at Omega only to eat a hard Spinning Sidewalk Slam! Omega rolled over and hurriedly tried to finish Brody.




Brody was proving to be more trouble than he was worth. However, Mack was still down. Omega had himself another opening as he slithered underneath the ropes again to get yet another fun weapon. Omega dug around underneath the ring and pulled out a giant wrench that was normally used to screw together some of the ring cabling. Omega tapped it against the ringpost and cackled to himself. One good shot would end Mack Brody

The former Underground Champion headed back in the ring while Mack Brody was trying to get back up again. He was about ready to swing…


A shot with a fire extinguisher to the gut was enough to double Omega over and made him drop the wrench! He was hurt now and Omega was doubled over when Mack rose to his full height and landed a second shot to the chest that brought him down!


Omega was hurt now when he went for a few more shots to the doubled over Omega and tossed him over the ropes before holding him in place. Mack grabbed Omega’s arms in the ropes and cracked his knuckles with his free hand. He held him in place as the crowd started to count.


SuperMack flexed his arm and threw in an extra shot for kicks…



Omega was in a complete daze now as Mack turned him around on the ring apron and backed up before he SMACKED him upside the head with a Running Knee Lift that teetered the giant in the ropes. Brody grabbed him by the neck and pulled Omega through the ropes. He led him into the corner before striking him with a nasty Running Corner Splash to the chest! Omega was doubled over when Mack hoisted him up with some effort…


The Sitout Argentina Backbreaker RATTLED Omega’s spine and that’s when SuperMack crawled over to hook the far leg of Omega.




The one-two combination of big moves was almost enough to take down the former Underground Champion, but he still kicked out to the surprise of both the crowd and to Mack Brody. The Last Heir Standing rolled over and forced him back to his feet before pointing to the table that Omega had set up earlier. Brody sported a big grin on his face now as he picked up Omega. He exerted a little effort before trying to finish him off for good…


Omega suddenly surged to life and popped Brody over onto his back with a Back Brody Drop! The Bronze Bomber was hurt and tried to stand, but Omega grabbed him by the head and threw a SICK Headbutt between the eyes! The shot rattled Mack’s brains, but the worst was still coming as Omega clutched his throat…


The dented chair even more warped after the impact and now Omega had a clear path to finish him off…




Brody POPPED his shoulder up off the canvas right before the three-count, but Omega had a smile on his face as he was enjoying this.

“Prolong your misery… we enjoy this…”

Simon Boulder shook his head and watched as the former Underground Champion went at Mack Brody with a pair of hard throat thrusts. He rushed off the ropes and tried a Spear when Brody got his knee up and stunned him. Brody was hurt as all hell, but took the chair and smacked him in the gut with it.


The chair was down and once again, Brody was setting him up for the Revolution Bomb that he called The Midas Touch! The crowd was cheering as it looked like he was going for it on the chair. When he turned, there he was… The attacker of his best friend all because of their ties to ACW…


The crowd turned when Orphan appeared through the crowd and stood on the ring apron! There was no mistaking it, he was here to antagonize Brody. Brody charged when Orphan tried to run and he grabbed him by collar… He threw him into the ring and kicked him several times, but he didn’t see Omega coming…


Omega caught him with the Spear and doubled Brody over! Orphan held his ribs and he had his own beef with Omega – also of ACW – and knew better than to get in the middle of this. He held his ribs and left the ring just as Omega forced Brody up…


The very chair that Mack Brody tried to use was his undoing, but Orphan smiled from behind the barricade as security came out to give chase. Three times now, he had trespassed on jOlt ground that he wasn’t supposed to all to settle some grudge with Brody. Omega didn’t care for any of the extra-curricular stuff, all he did was go for the pin.




The crowd let out a loud mix of booing and cheering as Omega sat up and howled. He had been given the fight he wanted and in the process had a big win heading into his showdown with Pietro Geist for the Underground Championship. He had been barred from the building per orders of Damien Lee, but somewhere, Geist may have been watching this match.

The music cut out, but Omega wasn’t done.

He climbed out of the ring and tossed the steel steps back inside. He was going to not only try and beat Mack Brody, he would send a message to Pietro Geist by making sure he put down Brody.

Brody was one of jOlt’s toughest men himself, but after being laid out on a chair with The End, he had yet to move. He took the steps and threw them in the ring…

With a cackle, he propped them up in the ring and was about to look for something big coming. He had Brody grabbed by the neck and looked primed and ready to attack him again….


Brody scrambled away as Omega was kicked square in his face, courtesy of… PIETRO GEIST?!

The Underground Champion had been barred from the arena by Damien Lee, but Geist didn’t give a shit about the rules – not when his friends were in danger and especially not when he had something to prove against a man many called the Underground’s greatest champion. Omega was BLASTED with a second boot that knocked him from the ring!

Omega bounced off the ropes and landed on the floor in an awkward fashion, but as he sat up… he only had a smile on his face. Pietro helped his fellow big man up with a hand and carried him up to his feet as he stared down Omega up the ramp.

“Are zhou okay, mein friend?” Geist shouted.

“Better than that fuck, Orphan, will be…” Mack scowled quietly.

Omega had disappeared from sight and while this madness continued, the scene went to a commercial.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"The Right Question to Ask"

The camera was backstage in the locker room area where “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck was taping up his wrists before squaring off with one of The Rebellion’s top guys, Sebastian Saje. The big guy was doing his absolute best to keep calm despite their particular predicament. At his side, “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber and his wife, Charlotte, were both pacing frantically.

“Roebuck, you know this a fucking trap,” Huber finally said aloud. “You know what’s waiting for you out there.”

“Hon,” Charlotte added to her husband’s voice of reason, “you know this whole thing is a crock of shit. A lumberjack match against Sebastian Saje were all the members of the Rebellion are the lumberjacks!”

Roebuck chose not to say anything and instead, the large monster continued to remain focused on getting his tape all finished on his left wrist. He started on his right now while Huber continued to grill him.

“We’ve been talking about this for a week, Roe, and this is a fucking no-win situation they’ve got us in. They’re going to keep playing keep-away like a pack of little chickenshits because they know that we can beat Cross the Hood and get our tag team titles back! There has to be another way than to play their game…”

The words seemed to be falling on deaf ears. Roebuck was still taping up his wrists. Charlotte finally had enough and grabbed the large jOlt superstar by his arm to get him to stop.


Adam finally looked Charlotte in the eye and his best friend’s wife tried to plead her case.

“Are you sure that you want to go through with this?” she asked. “We’re banned from ringside, so we can’t help you at all. You’re the biggest man on this roster, but it’s still one of you against seven of them at the end of the day.”

He let out a snort.

“I hear everything that you’re both saying, believe me … but these fuckers need to learn a thing or two about who they’re dealing with. I know what’s waiting for me out there, but the question isn’t going to be about how I’ll hold up after this …”

“What?” Huber asked.

“It’s going to be HOW MANY of these fuckers I take down first before they get to me.”

Roebuck finally wrapped his tape up and stood up from his bench as he nodded at the Huber clan. Derrick patted him on the back.

“If those fuckfaces try anything, man, I will be out there the second that match is over.”

“I know.”

Charlotte hugged him by his massive arm. “Be careful out there, Roe.”

“I ain’t promising shit.”

Roebuck offered a nod to his friends and headed out the door. Derrick and Charlotte gave concerned looks to one another knowing full well what their friend was walking into.

Sebastian Saje vs Adam Roebuck

The House and Charlotte had both been pulled into the middle of the raging war between The Rebellion and the rest of the jOlt roster when they had won and then shortly lost the tag team titles in addition to Sebastian Saje helping his girlfriend Raevynn to win the coveted Starlets Title. The House had defeated the powerhouse team of Michael “Phantom” Donovan and Seraph only for Roebuck to have been placed in the following match.

This would be a no disqualification lumberjack match. The six-foot seven and four-hundred sixty-pound “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck would be taking on Sebastian Saje. The kicker was that the members of the Rebellion would surround the ring as lumberjacks. It was a clear ploy by Jon Le Bon to keep The House away from the tag team champions Cross the Hood and a no-win situation for Adam Roebuck, but that didn’t stop the Las Vegas Leviathan from accepting the challenge.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the large Nevada-bred three time former jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area. The rare singles match was coming up for Adam Roebuck as he walked to the ring with his focus on the large hill to climb.

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp and nonchalantly held his hand out for fans to slap. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes to stand tall in the ring. He was ready to take down as many Rebellion members as he could.

The sounds of "Rescue Me” by Coldrain played next and out came one of the top men in the ranks of The Rebellion in Sebastian Saje. At his side was his girlfriend, the Starlets Champion Raevynn and the two shared a kiss meant to mock Roebuck and perhaps even the Hubers themselves. Saje and Raevynn walked to the ring and one by one, the members of The Rebellion slowly surrounded the ringside area.

Nate Quartermaine …

Michael Donavan …

Seraph …

The jOlt Tag Team Champions Cross The Hood …

And of course, the leader himself, Jon Le Bon.

There was one member inside the ring and all seven other men and women of The Rebellion at ringside. Roebuck still kept his focus locked on Sebastian Saje. If Roebuck could somehow fight the odds and defeat Saje, it would be a crippling blow to the Rebellion themselves.

The bell rang and Roebuck lunged right away at Saje right way, but the former Hype champion sidestepped the giant quickly. He reached out and threw a couple of kicks into the legs of Roebuck to chip away at the big monster. Saje swung with a right hand when Roebuck caught it. He shoved him down on his ass and sent him rolling away from the ring to a massive ovation from the crowd!

“Get your ass back here,” Roebuck commanded.

Saje took a step on the floor and reached out so he could deliver another passionate kiss to the Starlets Champion Raevynn. This was clearly a stalling tactic to try and throw Roebuck off his game, but that kind of stuff didn’t affect Roebuck too much. He’d been there and done that in this business for close to a decade and a half so he knew what he was doing.

The former Hype champion climbed up the steps again and headed into the ring where Roebuck was waiting for him. The Big Bucks tried to grab him again when Saje ducked and kicked his legs again. Roebuck caught a leg again and threw him away to the ropes to knock him down with a shoulder tackle on the way back. Saje looked up at Roebuck …

And Roebuck looked out to Raevynn and blew a kiss right at her! That was something left more for Derrick Huber to do to psych out his opponents, but Raevynn looked grossed out and Saje was gnashing his teeth together. Roebuck dragged him up by the arm and goozled him with both hands before he launched him into the corner. Adam trudged forward and threw a couple of shots before reaching his hand up. The crowd buzzed knowing that his Four of a Kind chops were coming up, but Saje reached up and jabbed a thumb into his eye.

The crowd was booing as Saje threw a few more shots in the left leg to weaken him, but Roebuck fought through the pain and pushed him back again. This time he pinned him to the corner and yelled out to the crowd …


The large and devastating chops came at Saje rapidly and he was left doubled over in the corner with several large red welts in his chest. The other members of the Rebellion showed some concern as Roebuck picked him up again. He backed off a few steps and came back with a big corner splash that rattled the former Hype champion. Roebuck tossed Saje out of the corner by his hair and bounced off the ropes to deliver a bone-crushing elbow drop to the chest. Roebuck laid across his chest with that elbow and tried to pin Saje …




Saje had been in a few main events himself and kicked out. He was a tough man individually, but Roebuck was a big, nasty monster that he had not been in the ring with before. Roebuck stood up and backed off the ropes to land another big move, but Nate Quartermaine already grabbed him by the leg! Adam turned around and stomped on his hand!

Nate was hurt and the crowd continued to cheer when Saje was getting up and trying to distance himself from the monster. Roebuck was charging at him again with the ropes when Michael Donovan pulled the ropes down, sending him falling out to the floor!

The vultures that made up The Rebellion started to swarm around Roebuck and launched a flurry of stomps and kicks to the big monster. As a testament to his toughness, Roebuck was already back up and swinging at anything that moved, managing to land a couple of shots on Machida Hood and Michael Donavan, but Seraph was the difference maker and the big seven foot heavy hitter landed a hard kick that turned the tide.

Roebuck was on a knee when both members of Cross the Hood and Seraph worked to throw him back in the ring where he was easy pickings for Saje. The former Hype champion backed off and landed a running front drop kick that was right on the button, dropping Roebuck on his back. Saje wasted no time in crawling over to cover the large member of The House.



But with a huge surge of power, Roebuck threw Saje off of him! Saje was no small man and was close to two-hundred thirty pounds himself, but Roebuck dwarfed almost everybody in jOlt Wrestling. Roebuck started to stand again and made it to the corner where Saje started to run at him to catch him with another dropkick in that corner. Roebuck was staggered and that gave Saje another opening to run off the opposite corner to gather speed for another attack. The Big Bucks got a leg up, but Saje saw it coming and grabbed it over his shoulder before dropping straight down into a stunner-like move.

Roebuck’s already fragile knee was jarred up by the move and that gave Saje another chance to strike. He jumped to the apron and was already on the top rope when he launched a nice looking springboard dropkick that was more than enough to get Roebuck onto his back!

Raevynn ran over to him so she could give her man another sickening kiss, but the precious seconds were being wasted as Roebuck was already starting to stand yet again. Still with the members of The Rebellion all along ringside, he remained confident. When Roebuck was trying to get to a knee, Saje cut him off with a big kick to the head. He repeated this about two or three times before another kick to the back of the head stunned him and allowed Saje to drop him with a snap DDT on the canvas. Saje used some strength to roll Roebuck onto his back and followed up with a springboard moonsault off the second rope for some extra damage. With Roebuck down he now rolled over and another cover was tried.



Another large kickout by Roebuck!

It wasn’t as strong as his previous kickout which told Saje he was wearing down the large monster. When Roebuck was trying to sit up, Saje grabbed him by the head and locked in a sleeper hold with the intention to wear the monster down further.

Outside the ring, a big smile was on the face of Jon Le Bon. He had led his soldiers effectively since stepping out from the shadows of his self-imposed ignorant façade to lead them to some gold.

“Finish him off, Saje!”

Quartermaine was still rubbing the hand that Roebuck had stomped on, Cross The Hood remained confident, Michael Donavan and Seraph were motionless and Raevynn looked pleased with her boyfriend as he continued to drain the life out of the big monster from Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Leviathan was starting to come around, much to the dismay of The Rebellion and started to rise to his feet again. He got up to a knee and rolled Saje around before he finally managed to throw him forward, dropping him on his back. Roebuck was back up and watched as Saje hit the corner. After taking a few seconds to recollect himself, Roebuck made another charge at the corner when Saje went low with a dropkick to the left knee again, sending Adam careening into the turnbuckle. Saje grabbed him by the head and went to the corner, landing a huge rope-assisted tornado DDT this time around!

He had landed the last move of the Sebastian Special Mk. II combination but it may have been enough so he could defeat Roebuck.



Close, but no cigar still!

“Will you just stay down, fat boy?” Saje shouted.

He went back to the sleeper hold again just as Roeback sat up and this time, the giant was looking a little bit worse for wear. Roebuck hissed and tried to fight his way out again, but Saje had a tight grip akin to a pitbull clutching onto a leg with its teeth. Jon Le Bon showed a little concern now watching one of his best men in action as he tried to wear down Roebuck.

Machida Hood and Jackson Cross both leaned closer to the ring apron like they were ready to do something as Saje continued to fight Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan finally started to get back to his feet again and snatched Saje, dropping him with a big back suplex reversal!

”LET’S GO, ROEBUCK!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, ROEBUCK!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, ROEBUCK!” clap clap clap clap clap ”LET’S GO, ROEBUCK!” clap clap clap clap clap

Roebuck and Saje were both down and they were both now trying to stand as Saje held his back in pain. Roebuck popped his neck to make sure everything was still in place before he also got back to his feet. Saje was a lot quicker and tried to get the jump on him with another right hand, but Roebuck grabbed him by the head and fired a headbutt that knocked Saje back down.

When Saje tried to stand, Roebuck fired himself up and he leveled Sebastian with a big clothesline that dropped him to the ground. He snatched him back up a second time and threw a second shot that nearly knocked his head clean off.

Roebuck was back up and shook his leg to try and shake off the pain. Saje was snatched and thrown into the corner where The Big Bucks launched a successful corner splash to engulf him. Saje was rattled and sent to the other side of the ring and he was again crushed with another corner splash. Jon Le Bon was now showing a lot more concern for his soldier as he was taken down with a shoulder block again.

Adam was now feeding off the energy of the loud crowd and pointed at Saje as he tried to sit up. Roebuck grabbed him by the neck and tried to go for a chokeslam when he saw Michael Donovan stand on the ring apron. Instead, all he got was Saje launched at him like a projectile, knocking The Phantom off the ring apron! He kicked Saje in the stomach and completed …


He dropped Saje with the fall away powerbomb, but Cross The Hood had seen enough of this and swarmed the inside of the ring now! They both put the boots to Adam Roebuck as he tried to sit up while Le Bon motioned for the other Rebellion members to get in there.

It was only going to be a matter of time before the Rebellion tried something like this! Saje was sprawled out in the corner while Machida and Jackson tried to hoist Roebuck up. The giant fought back with elbows for each man and wrapped one hand around both of their throats. He was going for a double chokeslam, but once again the numbers game was too much when Seraph ran into the ring and connected with a spear that brought Roebuck to the ground!


Jon Le Bon was done humoring Roebuck’s chances of survival and now all the other members of the Rebellion were inside. Cross The Hood, Michael Donavan, Seraph, and Nate Quartermaine were all stomping the fire out of Roebuck now as he tried to get his hands up to defend himself, but it was all in vain.

Cross The Hood pulled him up by his arms and Seraph hoisted him up…


With a little bit of effort, the three-hundred and fifty-pound Seraph nearly sent Roebuck through the ring with his sit out chokeslam finisher. The Rebellion was far from done as Roebuck found himself powered up again only to get dropped on his head with a sick double DDT from the members of Cross The Hood! Le Bon and Raevynn watched them pick him off some more until Saje finally picked himself up.

“Let me take him … Get him up!”

The match was technically still going on which meant there was still no interference allowed by Derrick Huber or Charlotte. They were doing this to make Roebuck suffer and Saje licked his chops as Donavan and Seraph held him up in place now …


His version of the codebreaker was more insult than injury at this point as the damage had already been done by the other members of the Rebellion. The referee had no choice but to watch all of this when Saje rolled over and put a knee down on Roebuck’s chest that would count as a cover.




No one man, even the large Roebuck, was a match for the full force of The Rebellion and because of that, Sebastian Saje walked away with the victory. Saje stood up and Le Bon patted him on the back like he had done something, but the crowd quickly started to cheer.

Derrick Huber and Charlotte were both true to their word and rushed down to the ring with chairs in hand as the members of The Rebellion continued to stand. This move may have been stupid, but Huber continued to land some shots!

One for Seraph!

One for Michael Donavan!

Charlotte had swung and just narrowly missed Raevynn, but Saje came to his girlfriend’s aid and tackled Charlotte to the ground!

Huber swung at Le Bon, but Cross The Hood had stopped him with a double dropkick to the head! Soon, Charlotte was being restrained by Saje and forced to watch Derrick Huber try to fight the odds himself! A VILE chair shot from Seraph connected with the top of Huber’s head and sent him down to the ground … and now, he was bleeding also.

Once again, the two super heavyweights had been left laying by the combined numbers of The Rebellion, but Jon Le Bon wasn’t done yet. Charlotte was forced to look at Jon Le Bon as the master manipulator laughed.

“You see what’s happened to your husband and his friend when you keep trying to attack us?”

Charlotte’s only response was to spit at Le Bon, which got a huge cheer from the crowd! However, hew was not amused as Saje kicked her in the stomach and brought her down to her knees! The crowd was livid as Le Bon wiped the spit off his shirt. Huber was barely conscious and wiped blood from his eyes, but Seraph pinned him down while Cross the Hood and Nate Quartermaine held Roebuck tied up in the ropes. Raevynn whispered something in Le Bon’s ear that brought a smile to his face.

“Grave mistake, Charlotte … but If you want your chance for vengeance, then you have it. But it will come at a price …”

“Saje and Raevynn want to be rid of the both of you pestering us when we have other plans for this place. Since I control the handling of The Rebellion’s matches, I will announce this here: Sebastian Saje and Raevynn against Derrick and Charlotte Huber at Wired. If Saje and Raevynn win, then the both of you forfeit your respective Tag Team and Starlets Title rematches!”

Jon Le Bon dropped the microphone and nodded to the other members of The Rebellion after dropping that huge bombshell of a match and stipulation. They cleared the ring and Charlotte went to check on a mangled Roebuck and the bleeding Huber.

The House had been willing to fight, but this was clearly taking its toll on them. Would they even be ready for a match at Wired next week?

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Pinfall

"Quell The Rebellion"

”Gentlemen...Gentlemen...” exclaimed Donny Layne as the camera zeroed into focus while trailing him. “Can we have a word with you at this time?”

“But of course, Mr. Layne.” Mamoru replied while casually elevating hand forward to halt the wrestling journalist’s forward progress. “We have a few moments to spare.”

“First things first...” Lanye opened. “We extend our congratulations to you and your peers are you all managed to emerge victorious in your 6 Man Tag Team Match several moments ago and aruguably, you both have earned the right to challenge Cross The Hood for the jOlt Tag Team Championships at WIRED in 2 weeks yet what message do you gentlemen have to convey in a match that will decide the fate the jOlt Tag Team Championship belts?”

The Mute Mountain Splitter did not hesitate to gently rest his hand against his tag team partner’s shoulder and shaking his head in refusal to reveal their shared intentions. The Kansai Crippler replied with a wry yet faint smirk before addressing Donny Layne.

“I happen to agree with my clan brother that this is not the proper time to reveal our full intentions quite yet...” Heido mentioned. “There is nothing beneficial in affording our opposition time to prepare for the inevitable; the reacquisition of our rightful place as this promotion’s tag team division champions. The ones whom have managed to hold our property hostage managed to connive and slither their way past one of our most ardent rivals renown as The House...”

The scene cut back into the highly animated Arena of Champions interior where the cheering legions rallied behind the mere mention of the heralded Las Vegas duo in question. Rousing chants for both Derrick Huber & Adam Roebuck peppered the aisles as a noted scowl radiated across the Kansai Crippler’s visage. The Blood Raven merely visually scraped the ceiling as Takeshi snorted in silence before looking breifly off to the left.

“...As I was saying..” Heido continued. “We, The Crimson Order, longed for this opportunity to amend the mistakes that led to our championship demise. In 2 weeks time, we shall march onward...reassured and emboldened with shared ambition and a mutual promise of our redemption as the future 2x jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions...”

“Very well..” Layne replied. “And not to be outdone, Eiji, you have become the chosen target of many. Particularly centered within the cross hairs of the ’Beast of Bangor’, Jeremy Ryan so with the WIRED pay per view looming on the horizon, how will you address this recent threat to your own aspirations for a possible 2nd jOlt Championship run?”

“I have to be very mindful in my dealings with this ‘beast’ that you speak of...” Kugasari opened. “This individual knowingly prides himself as a self professed ‘alpha male’ yet given my personal experience with this miscreant, he is but a walking contradiction in every facet. He is a male of questionable principles, refined by sheer cowardice and devoid of testicular fortitude...especially in his approach to gain my attention. Just as I have displayed tonight, here I stand...out in the open to declare my acceptance of this ‘beast’s’ challenge...”

The Arena of Champions were overheard embracing the cemented match up for the advertized super show.

“I openly welcome the opportunity to set this hulking opportunist in his rightful place...personally....” The Blood Raven conveyed with a level of tempered resentment. “I have battered and bruised this promotion’s reigning world champion on the grandest stage that is Wrestlecade...I have shattered the ‘Clown Prince of Cubic Zirconium’ himself renown as Diamond Jewelz and have ran off the fallen promotional coward who regards himself as ’Mr. Infamous’ so you needn’t hide nor cower from the shadows anymore for at WIRED, you and I will finally go one on to ‘aspiring’ man...”

Mamoru would again extended his hand yet sternly before Layne in order to abruptly cease his seemingly endless inquiries.

“Now if you will excuse us..?” The elder statesman closed while ushering his brethren away from Layne and deep into recesses of the vast arena...

Participants: Providence, Jesse Ramey, Brian Williams, Jon Le Bon, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Khalil Straightgully, Latrell Samueal, El Tigre Verde, ??????????

As iNtense returned from commercial, the Arena of Champions was buzzing in anticipation of the show's main event. The ring was packed with jOlt superstars preparing to take part in the battle royal for the chance to become the #1 contender for the jOlt championship...

...the man of destiny, Providence...

...jOlt's last real man, Jeremy Ryan...

...the Relentless and Golden Boy Champion, Diamond Jewelz...

...Them F'n Goons, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel...

...the leader of the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon...

...the Hype Champion, Bryan Williams...

...fellow Hype star, El Tigre Verde...

...and the man looking for one more shot at Landon Stevens, the "Anti-Star" Jesse Ramey.

All of the men stood tense, readying themselves for battle. They all eyed each other warily, seemingly deciding what their first move might be. On the outside of the ring, Dean Carrington lifted a microphone to make one more announcement.

"And our final participant in tonight's battle royal for the jOlt Championship #1 contender's spot..."

The sounds of "Less Talk More Rokk" filled the arena as the crowd cheered even louder at the sight of Kayden Paulton making his return to jOlt Wrestling. He smiled brightly all the way down to the ring, waving and high fiving fans along the way. Once inside the ring, he raised his arms to the air to the salute the crowd.

However, just as Paulton put his arms down, the fist of Jeremy Ryan cracked the side of his head. A second later, the bell rang and the battle was on.

As Ryan connected with another blow to drive Paulton toward the ropes, other wrestlers paired off as well. Ramey hit a back elbow to Le Bon's nose, shoving him back into a corner. Providence and Diamond Jewelz began trading rights and lefts in the center of the ring. Them Goons went straight for the two Hype stars, but Williams blocked a punch from Samuel and knocked him backward with a European uppercut, while Tigre ducked a clothesline from Straightgully and sent him sprawling to the mat with a standing sidekick.

In one corner, Ramey blasted Le Bon in the ribs with a pair of high knees. Then, with Le Bon doubled over, Ramey wrapped his right arm around his opponent's neck and charged out of the corner, driving him into the mat with a bulldog. As he stood to his feet, Ramey prepared to do more damage - until a large pair of arms locked him up from behind and lifted him in the air for a full nelson slam. Now it was Ryan standing over Ramey, smiling at his handiwork and laying in boots to the Anti-Star's head. The crowd booed but Ryan responded with an animalistic roar and flipped off the front row.

Meanwhile, Jewelz reversed a suplex attempt by Providence and instead executed his own snap suplex. Jewelz also took the opportunity to taunt his fallen opponent, but it would prove to be costly, as El Tigre Verde snuck up from behind. First he softened Jewelz up with a kick to the kidneys, then drove him backward with his knees impacting DJ's back with his patented Borneo Pack Breaker.

Seeing their main man in trouble, Samuel and Straightgully charged forward and double teamed Verde, clubbing him down with kicks and forearms. Then they turned to Williams, who was getting to his feet. The two men whipped Williams into the ropes, but the Hype Champion ducked their clothesline attempt. Instead, he came leaping off the opposite ropes with his own double clothesline to send Them Goons down like bowling pins.

Ryan continued to lay the boots to Ramey before pulling him up to his feet by the hair. He immediately rushed Ramey over toward the ropes and tossed him over in an elimination attempt. Ryan turned around to gloat and not only did he miss Ramey grabbing onto the ropes and landing on the apron but he didn't see Paulton rising to his feet and executing a perfect dropkick, landing it stiff on Ryan's chin. The big man stumbled backward and Paulton wasn't letting up, driving his shoulder into Ryan's midsection and pushing him back toward the corner. With Ryan dazed, Paulton began trying to lift his muscular body over the top rope using the corner as leverage.

Back in the center of the ring, both Providence and Le Bon were making it to their feet. Le Bon was the quicker man, stunning Providence with a pair of knife edge chops. But when Le Bon went to Irish whip Providence, the brawler reversed it and instead sent Le Bon into the ropes before catching him and driving the Rebellion leader hard into the canvas with a spinebuster. As Le Bon rolled away in pain, Providence turned his attention to Ramey, who was recovering from Ryan's attack. Providence laid Ramey back against the ropes and re-arranged his face with a pair of back elbows to the nose. With Ramey leaning back, Providence put both hands around his throat to choke him, knowing it was perfectly legal in a battle royal.

Across the ring, Straightgully had taken control of Williams in one corner and was pounding his chest as he shouted to his partner Samuel. Looking to finish off Williams, Straightgully grabbed him for his version of the uranage slam - "The Luxury Tax." Instead, Williams elbowed free and steadied himself against the ropes. After shaking off the effects of the elbows, Straightgully turned and charged toward Williams for revenge...but the Hype Champion was in the perfect spot and ducked down to back drop Straightgully over the top rope and outside to the floor below!

Carrington: "Khalil Straightgully has been ELIMINATED!"

Williams had no time to enjoy the move as Straightgully's partner Samuel and Diamond Jewelz rushed him, pounding away on him against the ropes. As they did so, Tigre Verde came out of nowhere with a fury. First he dropped Samuel with a leaping knee to the back of the head, then he sent Jewelz crumpling to the mat with a dropkick to the knee. As he stood back up, Williams patted Verde on the shoulder...then just as suddenly dropped his fellow Hype member with a vicious clothesline.

After trying to get Ryan out, Paulton was now staggering backward thanks to a stiff forearm from jOlt's Last Real Man. Seeing an opening, Le Bon grabbed Paulton's right arm and drove him backward into the mat with a single-arm DDT. With Paulton out, Le Bon pulled him up and pushed him toward the ropes, hitting him with punches as he tried to push him over. But Paulton fought back with punches of his own and hooked Le Bon for a suplex. But the Rebellion mastermind felt it coming and slid free. He turned around and reached back to set Paulton up for...


Again, though, Paulton wasn't having it. Before Le Bon could execute the move, Paulton shoved him away and just as Le Bon was turning around, Paulton went for his own patented move...


The impact of the slammed Le Bon hard into the mat and he was a goner. Paulton hurriedly brought Le Bon up to his feet and before he had any time to recover, tossed the Rockstar over the top rope and out.

Carrington: "Jon Le Bon has been ELIMINATED!"

The crowd cheered its approval loudly. As the referees helped Le Bon up on the outside, he was left to smack the apron in frustration. Back inside the ring, Jeremy Ryan was looking to work out his own frustration. In one corner, he saw Jesse Ramey slumped back against the turnbuckles. Ryan charged forward at full speed, but Ramey saw it coming, side stepping the big man and allowing him to crash chest first into the corner. As he backed away slightly holding his chest, Ramey leaped up to the second turnbuckle and wrapped his arm around Ryan's neck in a front chancery. A second later, Ramey was driving Ryan's skull into the mat with "The Hangover," his patented tornado DDT.

Not far away, Bryan Williams was still pounding away on El Tigre Verde in one corner, trying his best to push the masked wrestler over and out. But Verde kept fighting and Williams thought it was time for a new approach. After crushing him with a forearm, Williams set Verde back into the corner, then repeatedly drove his shoulder into the Japanese wrestler's midsection. Verde clutched his ribs and Williams stood over him, yelling at him to give up. Trying to finish him off, Williams then pulled Verde up and steadied him for a powerhouse finished...


But before he could hit the cradle piledriver, Verde worked himself free and elbowed Williams repeatedly in the ribs. Verde went behind and looked like he was trying for a dragon suplex, but this time it was Williams who reversed it and doubled Verde over with a boot to the midsection. Now Williams lifted Verde up for a powerbomb but Verde countered with punches to the head as he was perched on Williams's shoulders. The two men staggered toward the ropes and went careening over top...but while Williams went crashing to the floor, Verde managed to hang on and stay alive!

Carrington: "Bryan Williams has been ELIMINATED!"

As Verde rolled back in to safety, all he found was a stomp to the head from Providence and a new danger. Meanwhile, Kayden Paulton was in trouble as well, being double teamed by both Latrell Samuel and Diamond Jewelz. The two landed crushing punches and kicks before Jewelz waived off Samuel for a moment. With Paulton nearly out on his feet, Jewelz grabbed him around the waist and tossed him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Both Jewelz and Samuel celebrated as Paulton held his back in pain. Jewelz shouted for Samuel to lift Paulton up and as the Goon held Paulton in place, Jewelz grabbed the returning star's chin and yelled in his face. Then, Jewelz backed up and called out for...


Jewelz hit the baisuke knee perfectly and Paulton hit the mat with the lights out. Jewelz stood over Paulton again, as did Samuel, and the crowd was obviously at odds on whether to cheer or boo, as some obviously loved the Golden Boy. Valuable seconds passed before Jewelz picked Paulton up and started to toss him out. But before he could, Samuel grabbed his shoulder and motioned to let him do it. Jewelz looked puzzled but Samuel insisted and Jewelz finally relented, turning to look for another victim. As he did so, Samuel continued talking trash to Paulton. All the wasted time finally caught up to him, as Paulton reversed an Irish whip to hip toss Samuel over the ropes and outside!

Carrington: "Latrell Samuel has been ELIMINATED!"

Again, Paulton pumped his fists in the air as the crowd cheered his second elimination of the contest. Meanwhile, Jewelz had stopped in his tracks when he heard the announcement and was stunned when he turned to see Samuel on the outside and Paulton standing victorious.

But Jewelz would make sure Paulton's excitement would be short-lived, as he immediately ran up behind Kayden and was able to easily toss him over the ropes to the floor below using the element of surprise!

Carrington: "Kayden Paulton has been ELIMINATED!"

This time the crowd was upset to see Paulton go but cheered him as he exited ringside. Turning back to the ring, Jewelz saw Ramey and Ryan fighting in one corner and closer to him he saw Providence working over El Tigre Verde. Jewelz had no love for Providence, but he knew eliminating another man would get him one step closer to the #1 contendership.

As Jewelz approached, Providence saw him and stepped back for a moment. But instead of striking Providence, Jewelz laid in a series of boots on the already beaten up Verde. Jewelz stepped back now and motioned that it was Providence's turn, and Providence cautiously moved in with an elbow to Verde's jaw. He lifted Verde up and grabbed his left arm and as he did so, Jewelz grabbed his right. The two men sent Verde into the opposite ropes and then crushed him with a double clothesline. The two men still eyed each other, unsure of a potential double cross. Providence motioned for "one more time" and again they sent Verde into the ropes. This time the Hype star ducked the clothesline attempt and leaped for the second rope, sending himself flying back toward the two men with a double handspring elbow.

Verde got to his feet and Jewelz wasn't far behind. Jewelz tried a punch but Verde blocked it and tried to toss the Relentless Champion toward the ropes. Instead, DJ reversed it and used his strength to toss Verde over the ropes. But Verde managed to hold onto the top rope again and keep his balance on the apron and stay alive. Jewelz charged forward but Verde countered again with a kick to DJ's head that sent him falling backward. Unfortunately for Verde, he didn't see Providence coming from his left and the dark-haired man caught Verde with a vicious lariat that finally sent the Hype star flying to the floor and out of the match.

Carrington: "El Tigre Verde has been ELIMINATED!"

On the other side of the ring, the war between Ramey and Ryan had been back and forth. Ryan was currently in control, bear-hugging Ramey in the corner. After a couple seconds, he releaed the hold, tossing Ramey back first against the turnbuckles. Ryan then pulled him out of the corner and lifted him high into the air for a vertical suplex. Ryan held Ramey for what seemed like forever...and for what proved to be too long. The Anti-Star caused Ryan to release the hold with a thumb to the eye and flipped to land on his feet. Before Ryan could react, Ramey leaped in the air...


The spinning heel kick put Ryan down and Ramey finally had a least until Providence clubbed him from behind with a double axe handle. Ramey's head lay back against the bottom rope and Providence shoved his right boot into Ramey's neck to choke him, grabbing onto the top rope and leaning back for leverage. With Ramey gasping, Providence released the hold and backed up, arms raised in the air as the crowd booed. Now it was Providence feeling in control... least until Diamond Jewelz grabbed him by the waist and tossed him with a release German suplex. Jewelz pounded his chest and then turned back toward Ramey. The Anti-Star was up to his feet now, but he couldn't stop Jewelz from attacking him with lefts and rights. Jewelz went to attack more but Ramey fought back with a kick to the shin. Ramey then set Jewelz up for an Irish whip, but the Golden Boy reversed it and went to take Ramey's head off with a clothesline. But Ramey saw it coming and ducked before springboarding off the opposite ropes with an asai moonsault.

But Jewelz caught Ramey on his shoulder in the air and charged straight toward the ropes looking to toss the Anti-Star over. The veteran Ramey had one more counter in him, though. As Jewelz prepared to toss him over, hooked on tightly and the momentum brought both of them over the top rope. But while Jewelz fell to the floor below, Ramey held onto the top rope and was able to pull himself up and back over the top rope to stay in the match!

Carrington: "Diamond Jewelz has been ELIMINATED!"

As Ramey turned back toward the ring, he realized it was down to just three men: himself, Providence and Jeremy Ryan.

All three men stood in opposite corners, eyeing one another closely. For a few moments, no one moved, only their eyes darting around. Ryan and Providence slowly began to move closer to Ramey, who looked side to side as they neared him. Finally, Ramey decided to fire first, lunging at Ryan with a right hand. The move proved futile, as Providence pounced on him with clubbing forearms. After a moment, Ryan regained his wits too, holding Ramey's head down and driving a knee into his jaw to send him to the mat. Providence immediately pulled Ramey back up and moved him a few feet away, then whipped him toward Ryan again. The big man knew exactly what to do, catching Ramey with a lariat that caused him to go head over heels to the mat below. The crowd was booing the double team effort loudly as it appeared a matter of time before the battle would be down to two men...

...then, the arena darkened and the boos turned to an explosion of cheers.

"Vicarious" by Tool filled the air and the crowd was on its feet in anticipation of one man....NINJA K!

As the lights came up, Providence walked to the side of the ring facing the entrance way and clenched his fists, readying for his enemy to come down. Ryan looked confused and walked over near Providence, but Providence ignored him. He kept eyeing the entryway, just waiting for the first sign of the leader of the Inogami Clan. Again Ryan said something to Providence and this time Providence turned and shoved Ryan away before turning back to the entrance.

While Providence remained focused on the potential appearance of Ninja K, he was oblivious to the mistake he had just made. Ryan snarled as he looked Providence's way.

Ryan grabbed Providence by the shoulder and pulled him around. Providence reacted by trying to hit a clothesline but Ryan ducked it and before Providence could react, lifted the dark-haired brawler up and used all his strength to toss him over the ropes and to the floor below!

Carrington: "Providence has been ELIMINATED!"

Providence yelled out in anger on the floor and shoved the officials aside. All he cared about was getting to the back to try and find Kenshiro.

The whole battle was now down to two men and as Ryan turned back around, Ramey was pulling himself up. Both were tired but the prize standing before them was enough to push them through.

Ryan charged forward but Ramey rolled to the side to avoid him before springing to his feet. He landed a couple of thrust kicks to Ryan's back, then used his advantage to hit a quick suplex on the big man. Pulling Ryan toward the nearby corner, Ramey charged toward it for one of his signature moves...


But just before he landed the split-legged moonsault, Ryan got his knees up and left Ramey rolling on the mat clutching his midsection. Ryan got up to one knee and shook his head, then stood all the way up to move in. He pulled Ramey up and used all his strength to whip him into the opposite corner, Jesse's back smacking hard against the turnbuckles. Ryan then charged forward, splashing him to inflict even more damage.

Ramey slumped over to a knee, but Ryan picked him back up and leaned him against the ropes. He then lifted Ramey up onto his shoulders and dropped him back with a samoan drop. Ryan then stood over Ramey and signalled that it was over.

Lifting Ramey back up, Ryan had him set up for the move that has put away so many...


But as he lifted Ramey up for the piledriver, the Anti-Star slid down behind and leaned back against the ropes. Ryan thought he was dazed and charged toward Ramey looking to clothesline him to the outside...

...but Ramey dropped his head just in time and back dropped Ryan over the ropes...

...only Ryan was hanging on just enough with one hand to the top rope. He was clinging to life on the apron with his shot at the #1 contender spot still alive...

...until Ramey's superkick caught him flush on the jaw and send him to the hard floor!

Carrington: "Jeremy Ryan has been ELIMINATED...and your winner of the #1 contender for the jOlt Championship...THE ANTI-STAR, JESSE RAMEY!"

The crowd's explosion of cheers was deafening as Ramey held onto the top rope with one arm and raised the other, a mixture and excitement and exhaustion at having won the grueling battle royal.

Winner: Jesse Ramey