"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jimmy B Martinez is seen hitting the IKO, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Sanchez Cano, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Hell's Bane"

Ninja K The crowd was ready for iNtense to kick off after its usual pyro display when all of a sudden then lights in the arena cut out to darkness and then faded into a crimson hue.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The same theme he used at Power Struggle rung up over the PA system... and much like his entrance at Power Struggle, once the guitars and drums hit, Derecho rose up in the middle of the stage in a ring of fire. Sporting the black skull mask and black trench coat, Derecho made his way down to the ring.

As Derecho stepped inside the ring, he lifted the mask off of his head and placed it at ringside where he exchanged it for a microphone. He came back to the middle of the ring as the music died down and the lights returned to normal. The people booed as Derecho stood there and looked around the arena with a stone-faced expression, as if nothing the crowd was saying was bothering him. Derecho finally cracked a smirk and brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Right before the holidays, I decided to give Sayber a precious gift. I decided to show him his place in this world. I showed him the distance between someone like him and someone like myself. Sayber now lays in a hospital bed with various thoughts running through his head."

"Will I wrestle again?"

"Will I walk again?"

"Will I ever be the same again?"

"All of these questions wouldn't have to be asked of he had simply just let the past be the past, but NO... he indulged himself in something called pride.. he walked out here to try and right the wrongs and gain a measure of revenge that he felt was owed to him, but instead... it was that pride.. that want.. that desire.. that ultimately lead to his end"

Derecho scratched the side of his cheek before he continued.

"Sayber was merely another example.. just like Bane Loneheart and Mike Extreme. Just another name added to the list of people who just don't understand. THIS IS MY KINGDOM AND I AM ITS KING!"

The people booed heavily as Derecho stared around the Arena of Champions.

"Sooner or later.. I will reclaim my rightful throne.. I WILL become the Underground Champion and I really don't care who holds that belt. When I come for it, I WILL take it and there isn't a damn soul in the back that can do anything to stop me."

Derecho had, truly, utterly, and completely dedicated himself back to being “The King of Hell”. The last time he’d went to that place, he had been one of THE MOST DOMINANT Underground Champions of all time. He’d left a literal trail of bodies in his wake and many names on that list weren’t just some Indy pushover making his way up to the big times.

The fans could only object with boos and some would throw the occasional slur laden insult. Meanwhile, Derecho only basked in their spite, to the King of Hell it was the same as being cheered. A demented smirk would curl his lips making him appear even more twisted and in a way almost inhuman. It seemed that no one in the back would appeal to Derecho; to try and make him see the proverbial light, much less challenge him because even though no one would admit it? They all feared at least taking a few years off their career stepping in the ring with him when he went to that place.

Again, though, it seemed that way. To show Derecho the proverbial light the literal lights in the arena would shut off one section at a time with an eerie “Thoom” following each area powering down. Flashes from camera phones would twinkle like stars but nothing was happening. The Arena of Champions, along with The King of Hell, would sit in utter darkness. Derecho began to audibly shout until the PA drowned him and the murmuring fans.

“Miracle" (Pale Horse Remix) by Nonpoint

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw.
And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
Was death.

And hell...followed with him. ”

The entire stage exploded into a completely unadulterated and blinding light. The entire arena had to shield their eyes from the magnanimous blast that had hit like a nuclear bomb dead center on the stage. Only fans seated closet to the main entrance could actually hear the frame rock a little from the sheer ferocity.

The light had died down and in its devastating aftermath stood the figure of a man. The only lights in the arena were the strobe beats of jOlt’s hues of blue and white yet they were a bit off to be the exact jOlt blue. A scan of the Arena of Champions would show all eyes on the stage and a shot of Derecho, the light playing off his face, would be shown looking as well but his malevolent grin had been wiped away only to be replaced with a sneer.


Blue flames shot up rapidly across the stage burning blue with a hint of white at the tip.

The King...

The figure stepped through the flames. It was a symbol. A symbol Derecho knew all too well. It didn’t only symbolize walking through the proverbial fires of hell, no; it was a proclamation that only worsened Derecho’s mood but the fans? They erupted so loud the arena’s roof could be blown off because it was now in pieces scattered all over Orlando. Why? Well the why was easy enough since the flames and lights worked in conjunction to show who exactly had stepped out from the back. He was a legend in his own right, a man thought gone, a man that knew jOlt, that knew Derecho, that had learned to call him friend through blood, and it was the last man Derecho ever expected.

It was jOlt’s own juggernaut. It was the former jOlt Champion; twice. It was THE King. If you hadn’t figured it yet by now you either weren’t paying attention or you were just downright thick because staring down at Derecho was the Legendary SuperBeast – Sylo.

Sylo wore street clothes as slowly let his eyes open and emit their haunting yet hypnotizing tint of blue. As he did this he let the smoke from the blast and the following flames release from his lungs through his nose.

“My God! It’s Sylo! The SuperBeast has returned!” Buhrman could be heard shouting from the announce position. Powers opted the more…shocked/silent route.

The fans wouldn’t be silenced though as the one chant that could drive Derecho bat shit crazy broke out almost drowning out the music.


Sylo didn’t look at all like when he’d retired. He’d been so fragile but it seemed the rehab had worked wonders because Sylo made his way in great strides down the ramp, extending both arms to slap the outstretched arms of fans, but never took his icy gaze off Derecho. Sylo reached up from the floor and to show he was still as spry as ever he grabbed the top rope and almost landed inches from Derecho. Sylo was handed a microphone as he never took his eyes off someone he called his friend.

The tension was thick and things were at a fever pitch as Sylo and Derecho exchanged visual daggers. Sylo waited for the fans to die down and raised the mic yet would not look away from Derecho. “Power Struggle…Crystal Nightmares…” Sylo began. There was a pop at the mention of both. “You and I set the stage for what 2014 is, Jason, it’s THE YEAR OF WAR!” There was another pop. “You stand out here and rant and rave like a lunatic but I know the real Derecho or Jason or whoever you want to be called because if you’ve lost your ever loving fucking mind I’M the one that knocked you out of this King of Hell bullshit! You even thanked me! So what the hell is wrong with you?” Sylo didn’t scream but he remained stern as he stared at Derecho without an ounce of fear. Derecho, in kind, wouldn’t show an ounce of fear on his part either. Instead he raised the microphone as everyone went silent.

"You know.. I don't OWE anyone an explanation. Not to these people and ESPECIALLY not to you, but since you want to be so insistent on coming out here and raining on my parade, I'll be nice enough... "Friend".... to clue you in"

Derecho looked away and began to pace around the ring as he talked.

"You're right.. after Power Struggle, I thanked you for lifting a curse off my shoulders. For taking the Underground Championship away from me. I thanked you because I felt I had reached my true goal in jOlt and that was to become its champion."

Derecho ran his fingers through his hair and then grasped at it, getting a good fistful. Derecho then laughed a bit to himself as he faced away from Sylo.

"Heh... my true self... jOlt Champion..."

Derecho turned around and faced Sylo with a bit of a hysterical look on his face.

"JUST WHAT THE FUCK DID THAT GET ME!?" screamed Derecho.

Before Sylo could even say anything, Derecho cut him off.

"I'll tell you what that got me.. it got me thrown into a match with the deck stacked against me. It ended up costing me MY well-deserved championship. It caused me to go soft and to buy into this whole "support of the people" BULLSHIT. It caused me to lose TWICE to Aran Thompson.. it allowed me to fall prey to some childish prank of his.. and it caused one of my most bitter enemies to step in and make me realize that I wasn't cursed to begin with.. oh no no no... I wasn't cursed.. I was blessed..."

Derecho walked up to Sylo and stared at him in the face.

"That's right.. you heard me... blessed."

Derecho stepped back a step or two and gained a little bit of distance.

"Blessed to understand that as The King of Hell.. as the pinnacle and crowning achievement of the Underground Division... that I had, after 16, going on 17 years in the business, had finally reached my full potential.. to ascend to my absolute zenith. I was never better than I was as The Underground Champion.. as The King of the Underground.. as the KING OF HELL ITSELF. So I simply, of my own free will, embraced the truth."

Derecho laughed a bit.

"Oh my dear.. "Friend"... make no mistake.. my mind isn't poisoned like it was before.. there is no curse this time. This was a clear as crystal decision that I made by myself. This is of my own free will, but I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand."

Sylo ran a lone hand through his black lion like mane. Hell, the only blue he had at this point were his eyes. Eyes he would close as Derecho finished his response and rebuttal which had been laced with quite a bit of venom.

“You wouldn’t expect me to understand?” Sylo had to pause as he let out a chuckle of disbelief. “Here’s what I understand, Jason,” Derecho seemed to twitch every time he heard his real name. “I understand that I had to put you through mental and physical hell just like you did me. I understand I had to damn near beat you to death to get that title away from you. I understand that the taint of that belt isn’t a choice, it’s a curse, a curse of mind, body, and even spirit. It’s a curse that, mind you, that’s been documented. It’s the same exact curse you yourself warned me of before heading to war with Kenshiro!” Sylo belted out a roar as frustration began to show.

Derecho went to say something but Sylo was quick to stop him.



The SuperBeast let out an exasperated sigh and turned around moving away from Derecho, pacing, calming himself down. He closed his eyes for a moment and his massive chest heaved in, held for a moment, and contracted before he’d even look at Derecho.

“Just listen, I’m not here to fight, I’m not here to argue, I’m pleading with you. I know that curse and I know what kind of man you are and it isn’t this. What would Samantha think?” It wasn’t meant to be a shot but if you caught it Derecho’s eye twitched at the mention of her name. “I mourned when I thought you were gone. Aria mourned. I talked to Samantha,” her name…again. “I talked to her every day from a hospital bed, so did Aria, trying to console her as we all mourned as one. Then you come back! We all were elated. I kept trying to call, Jason, and you wouldn’t pick up the fucking phone. I was here for you the whole time yet instead you decided to shoulder this all by yourself and you’ve already educated everyone on where THAT road took you…so for once just listen.” Sylo let out a huff of air as he stared at his friend hoping somewhere he did hear him.

Derecho shook his head and grinned as he brought the microphone back up to his lips

"Trust me.. I'm listening.. your words are not falling on deaf ears.. but just because I hear what you have to say doesn't mean a DAMN thing. I said that I don't expect someone like you to understand and yet you stand there and you claim that you do understand. You stand there and bring up Samantha who isn't even family anymore. There's a reason as to why she's called my EX-wife.. EX meaning that I am THROUGH with her. EX meaning that she is NOT family by any means whatsoever."

Derecho then cracked a wide grin and walked right up to Sylo and began to speak in a low tone.

"Say, Sylo... Mr. family man. I heard you had a baby not too long ago, right? Born on the first on the year, am I right? Must be REAL nice to know that joy.. being a father and all for the very first time. It comes with a lot of responsibility. Being there for your wife... being there for your child to give your love and support."

Sylo didn't like where this was headed.

"I mean heaven forbid if something happened to your new born child and you were here wasting your time in a wrestling ring, wouldn't it? I mean, what if there was some birth defect the doctor's didn't catch? What if your baby.. your child.. the very thing that you created, exposed to the air of this world for the very first time and it got sick.. and Aria... still recovering from delivering that precious gift to the world... couldn't do anything. What if Aria needed her big strong hubby to come to the child's aid? What if? Because here you stand.. away from the thing you shouldn't be away from."

Derecho changed his grin to a smile.

"Four days as a father and you're already guilty of child neglect.. and for who? For what? To come and try and talk some SENSE into me? To try and set me straight?"

Derecho looked Sylo dead in the eyes.


Derecho stared like a wild man into the eyes of Sylo and smiled as he backed off.

"So stop wasting your time. Go back to your newborn child and just try for once in your life to be a responsible human being"

The last bit made the muscles in the blue eyed leviathan’s neck twitch. Derecho was playing with fire that shouldn’t be played with by any man that enjoyed breathing, walking, eating solid food, or any other every day activity. Sylo may have been retired but he was still the same beast that had ended more careers than anyone could count. “You’re right. I retired for my family. My beautiful wife gave birth to my healthy baby boy,” Sylo was cut off by the mention of his son’s birth.


Sylo waited as the fans died down. The chants, the arena, the fans, hell even Derecho…he’d missed them all so much but he had a purpose and couldn’t lose sight of that.

“But my family is in order. My house is in order. Look at yourself. Really, Jason, just look in the fucking mirror. You talk about family yet claim to have none but here I stand. I don’t stand here for praise. I don’t stand here for nobility. I stand here…for someone I call a friend in the hopes he snaps back to reality. I haven’t and I won’t give up on you but let’s make something crystal clear because no matter how crazy you get…no matter how far over the deep end you’ve fallen…” Sylo stepped dangerously close to Derecho. The air was ripe with impending mayhem. Sylo went to speak again, his voice low and gravely, laced full of reminders of who exactly stood in front of Derecho. “Don’t ever forget who I am and what I can do. Don’t, for one second, forget what happened at Power Struggle. And remember who it is you throw half-cocked threats at. A little nugget of truth, from your own mouth, you’ve never taken a beating in your entire career like the one I gave you. I pray, Jason, that we can remain civil.”

Derecho put the microphone to his lips.

"Don't forget what I am capable of, either. Don't forget that at Power Struggle you didn't walk out a double champion because of me. You want to keep it civil.. then... "Friend"... I'll throw you a bone. Shut up.. turn around.. and go home to be the family man you should be. Leave me to my vices and everything will be civil.. otherwise... all bets are off.. and trust me... if you want to take it beyong civility, then daddy's little boy won't have a father for much longer."

Sylo balled up both of his wrecking ball sized fists, knuckles turning pale from the blood being forced out, veins popping, and he was holding back a snarl as he didn’t move staring at Derecho. He was a family man, he was a father, AND YES he was retired but underneath that persona lied a much deadlier one, a beast, no, THE Beast. In some unfathomable fashion Sylo managed to calm himself as he raised the microphone one last time.

“You’re right, Jason. I’m a family man now. I’m retired. Just remember one thing for me…just because the word family comes before man now doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to be a REAL man, no, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how to be a monster, an animal, THE Beast. The God…Damn…SuperBeast…this isn’t over. You can have your little charade but I’m not buying it. I’m not giving up on you that easily.” Sylo turned to step out of the ring but stopped and turned toward Derecho one more time.

“Oh and there’s one more thing you need not forget…all…” Sylo held the microphone toward the fans as Sylo stared a hole through Derecho. Meanwhile the fans, not Sylo, would deliver Sylo’s shot at “The King of Hell”.


Sylo, still staring at Derecho, his friend, the man he wouldn’t give up on, let the corner of his mouth curl into a smirk before dropping the microphone and flipping over the top rope. “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold would blare as Sylo backed up the ramp staring at Derecho who just seethed as he stared right back. Meanwhile, the fans just continued, even after Sylo took one last look before leaving Derecho to the deafening masses.

Jonathan Conpsiracy vs Dallas Griffin

It was now time for Jolt Wrestling to kick off 2014 with it's first match of the year, and this match is one that would not have been expected in 2013.

"Looking For Trouble" by Kanye West featuring Pusha T, Cyhi The Prince, Big Sean & J. Cole started to play which brought out the faction known as "Trouble" sans it's new leader. Duzza stood front in center with microphone in hand flanked to his left and right by Ali Khadafi and Statuz Quo respectively.

The track would come to an end as Duzza raised the mic to his mouth.

"Jonathan Conspiracy, you should have never returned to the Arena of Champions at Wired boy. I knew all along you didn't have the balls to lead 'Trouble' to the promised land playa. We put you in position to be king dingaling here in Jolt. We got you crowned Relentless Champion, and set you up nicely to be Jolt Champion; and what do you go and do, you get beat by a fuckin' bull, and go sit on the sidelines like a little bitch and let Aran Thompson become Jolt Champion. Speaking of which I kinda like Aran now, that boy is cold."

The Arena of Champions faithful didn't take too well to Duzza's comments and boos rained throughout the arena, as Statuz Quo neared the barricade to mouth off with a few fans who were more than vocal back to him. Khadafi retrieved his partner while Duzza pointed his cane in disgust at the crowd's response. Once Khadafi and Quo were back in formation, Duzza continued.

"But fear not Mr. Conspiracy, because 'Trouble' will complete the task that you originally designed, but instead of you becoming Jolt Champion, a new HNIC has taken up the slack that you created. So all of you undeserving fools in attendance, pay homage to the man that is THREE letters better... MISTA BIG TIME, MISTA PRIME TIME, and no his first name ain't Peter... I give you... DALLAS GRIFFIN!!!!!"

"Excuse Me" by Koffee Black started to play in the Arena of Champions, as Trouble's new leader made himself visible to the Arena of Champions. It was a long journey from being a 'RingRat', but Dallas Griffin was determined to make a name for himself, and tonight he faced a man that in his eyes never gave him an opportunity despite bringing him into the fold. Duzza, Khadafi and Quo all clapped in approval of their new leader despite the crowd's objections. Duzza turned the mic over to Griffin as his music came to an end.

"Happy New Year... losers!"


"This is the year of Trouble, this is the year of Statuz Quo and Ali Khadafi, the year of Duzza and more importantly the year of MISTA... BIG... TIME!"

BOOS!!! continued throughout the arena before it transitioned into a "WE WANT JCON!" CLAP CLAP CLAP chant sequence. Trouble with Dallas Griffin proceeded towards the ring as Griffin continued.

"You want JCON, oh best believe more than anything I want him too. I want that Cleveland Brown reject more than you can imagine, and after tonight I'm sure he'll be headed for another 'vacation' to Vegas, so can you play that miserable song that he loves so much, I want to make sure he doesn't miss his flight. Oh and Jonathan, it's nothing personal, it's... JUST... BUSINESS!"

You'd take the clothes off my back and I'd let you
You'd steal the food right out my mouth and I'd watch you eat it
I still don?t know why, why I love you so much, ohh
You curse my name, in spite to put me to shame
Have my laundry in the streets, dirty or clean, give it up for fame
But I still don't know why, why I love it so much

The crowd got to its collective feet as "Holy Grail" by Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake took the speaker system inside the Arena of Champions.

And baby, it's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you're so cold
One day you're here, one day you're there, one day you care
You're so unfair, sipping from your cup 'til it runneth over, Holy Grail

Jonathan Conspiracy revealed himself to those in attendance with his head bowed and microphone in hand while he bobbed his head to the lead track from Jay Z's MCHG album.

Caught up in all these lights and cameras
But look what that shit did to Hammer
God damn it it I like it
Bright lights is enticing but look what it did to Tyson
All that money in one night, thirty mil' for one fight
But soon as all the money blows, all the pigeons take flight
Fuck the fame, keep cheating on me, what I do, I took her back
Fool me twice, that's my bad, I can't even blame her for that
Enough to make me wanna murder, momma' please just get my bail
I know nobody to blame, Kurt Cobain, I did it to myself

Conspiracy looked up and surveyed the arena. You could tell by the look in his eyes and on his face that he missed this... A LOT.

And we all just, entertainers
And we're stupid, and contagious
And we all just, entertainers

He raised the microphone to his mouth as the song started to fade during the start of its chorus.

And baby, it's amazing I'm in this maze with you
I just can't crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you're so cold...

"It's feels so good to be back in Jolt Wrestling, and more specifically the Arena of Champions... but most importantly home in front of you guys!"

The crowd popped at the acknowledgment.

"Dallas, K, Quo, Duzza... I missed y'all fam, but I get the feeling that you guys aren't so happy to see me. Now maybe it was because my appearance at Wired got misinterpreted and for that I apologize."


"Now hear me out."

Jonathan motioned for the crowd to quiet down.

"Let me explain."

The crowd simmered down as Conspiracy continued.

"I want to apologize for abandoning you, that was a circumstance beyond my control. Getting jumped in the locker room and hospitalized will do that to you. But I see you guys are doing well, you kept fighting and that's the reason why I'm back. I love the fact that you guys never waivered in spite of my absence. I'm not hear to start 'trouble' with you. I'm hear to resume causing 'trouble' for the rest of Jolt, specificially the cowards that cornered me in the locker room at Thieves' Honor, and I need YOUR HELP..."


" do that."

Conspiracy started to make his way to the ring but Dallas Griffin motioned for him to stop.

"You need our help, you need my help, Q's help, K's help, Duzza's help?"


"Well you're not going to get said help. Jonathan Conspiracy is the past, Dallas Griffin is the present and future. JCON is yesterday, DGRIFF is today and tomorrow. Mr. Conspiracy is days gone by, Mr. Big Time is days to come. One Letter Better has been trumped by Three Letters Better. To sum it all up for you, Trouble has nothing to do with what happened to you. You used us for your own gain, your own advancement, and when you couldn't get the job done on your own, we did the job for you. That is not becoming of a leader. Everything Trouble does from here on out will be without you, and if that means a return trip to the hospital, so be it."

"Oh so this is how it's going to be Peter. That's all well and good. I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this."

Conspiracy advanced up the ring steps and stepped through the top and middle ropes.

"Ref ring the b..."

Khadafi and Quo charged at Conspiracy and started an all out assault on their former leader while Duzza and Dallas Griffin cheered them on. The crowd was displeased by the actions that were taking place in the ring. The ref signaled for the bell, but it wasn't to start the match, it was to put an end to this assault, however it was to no avail, as Dallas Griffin shouted instructions to his crew, before he grabbed the microphone off the mat.


Khadafi and Quo brought Conspiracy to his feet.

"Like I said before, this isn't personal Jonny, it's... just... business."

Griffin handed the mic to Duzza and reared back and nailed JCON with a solid right hand which slumped him while still in the clutches of his former charges. Griffin popped him again with another right, and this time K and Q released the former Relentless and International Champion and watched as he crashed to the canvas.

"PICK HIM UP!" instructed Duzza and Khadafi and Quo obliged. Duzza dropped the microphone and pimp slapped the taste out of Conspiracy's mouth. He then pointed at Griffin.


Stat and Khadafi backed Conspiracy into the ropes as Griffin positioned himself in the middle of the ring. They whipped Jonathan off the ropes and into the waiting clutches of Dallas who planted Conspiracy in the middle of the Jolt Wrestling ring for all in attendance at the Arena of Champions to see. He retrieved the microphone and kneeled down beside 'The Attention Getter'.

"Do I have YOUR attention?!"

Griffin mushed Conspiracy in the face and got back to a vertical base.

"You say you're not looking for Trouble, well bad news Jonny Boy but..."

He angled the microphone to Duzza.

"...You found us... muthafucka!"

Dallas dropped the microphone near JCON's prone body as him and his charges exited the ring to "Looking For Trouble". Conspiracy inched towards the ropes as Trouble made their way up the aisle. He brought the microphone to his mouth.


The pain he was in prevented him from uttering a word. He dropped the mic back to the canvas and pointed in the direction of Trouble with his middle finger before he raised it to the rafters in defiance. Dallas started to advance back towards the ring... only for Khadafi to extend his arm to put an end to that idea. Khadafi shook his head no. Statuz Quo did not seem pleased by this display, and started to make his way to the ring but Khadafi blocked his path as well. The look on his face said it all.

The damage was done, and Jonathan Conspiracy had enough... for now.

Winner: No Contest

"My Enemy's Enemy is My Enemy, Too"

Ninja K The scene opened up backstage. We saw Diamond Jewelz and Ruby Rocks Jewelz step into view as Jesse Ramey was lacing up his boots on some equipment storage boxes backstage.

"I heard you wanted to say somethin' to me?" said Jewelz to Ramey.

Ramey took his foot off the equipment and looked Jewelz in the face.

"It's no secret anymore. I can't stand you. I want to be my own man here in jOlt and I don't need to lean on anyone like a crutch to be where I should be.. at the top of the card as a contender to the jOlt Championship.. BUT... I'm putting that on hold because I have unfinished business and surprisingly.. while some of it is with you.. most of it is with something you and I have in common.. and that is we were both played by Mattock."

Jewelz rubbed his chin and grinned.

"If that's how it's gonna be with you, then that's fine by me. I don't care if you hate me or not.. but I do have to agree that Mattock has been a problem. He put his hands and his lips all over my girl. If anyone has an issue with him.. it's me." said Jewelz.

Ramey cracked a smirk.

"Well your business is going to have to wait because I already have a match with Mattock tonight to settle my business. I simply wanted to tell you that you better stay out of my way. After I beat Mattock tonight, I don't care what you do to him because it won't be of my concern anymore." said Ramey

Ramey was about to walk away when Jewelz spoke up.

"Whoa whoa whoa.. hold up, man. Whatcha mean you have a match with Mattock tonight? I have a match booked with Mattock tonight. My issues run a bit deeper than yours, man. If anyone is gonna get their business settled tonight.. it's gonna be ME.. and if you stick your nose in it.. I'll drop you where you stand."

Ramey turned around and stepped right up to Jewelz.

"Any time you want to try and drop me... you're more than welcome to try" said Ramey.

As the two of them look about ready to tear each other apart, Damien Lee stepped in from the left side of the scene.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I'm not going to have you two start destroying my backstage area. I overheard your issues and I'm going to order a compromise here tonight. Out there in that ring, it's going to be Diamond Jewelz versus Jesse Ramey. You two can settle your issues out there.. and the winner of that match can face Mattock next week here on iNtense."

Jesse stares into the eyes of Diamond Jewelz.

"Fine by me."

Jewelz nods.

"Yeah yeah.. I'll see you out there..."

Ruby wrapped her arm around Diamond and the two of them exited arm in arm as the scene faded to black.

"Proclamations of War"

Ninja K

’Thought Crimes’ by Cliff Lin streamed defiantly from overhead draining the luminescence from within the Arena of Champions. The pulsating beams of Red & Pearl lighting danced during the Inogami Clan video montage. The curtains were parted, allowing a set of elaborate battle standards to be displayed before the mixed masses. Cameras 2 and 9 traded visuals of the Crimson Elite leading the parade towards the ringside area from the entrance staging area’s left flank. Both Heido & Takeshi were the 1st Clan Officers to appear, clad in the hues of Crimson & Onyx. The Mute Mountain looked off into the crowd mid stride as The Kansai Crippler retained his stoic demeanor.

The trinity of Eiji Kugasari, Mamoru and the reigning Underground Champion, Kenshiro Inogami, sauntered before the crowd. The championship slung over his right shoulder as Ninja swept the bangs from his face while allowing his clan to physically secure the ringside perimeter. Mamoru held the ring ropes open for the clan leader to enter the ring before slowly strolling the entire length of the ring ropes. The microphone was extended to the clan advisor’s hand before holding it out before Kenshiro. The musical introduction waned as Ninja took a brief moment to scan the horizon before relieving his clan brother of the microphone.

“Konnichiwa..” The champion opened with a notable demographic jeering the ninja & his entourage. “I see there are still those among you whom are still incensed by the inevitable defeat of your esteemed ’champion’, Kayden Paulton...” The jeers continued to clash with the pro-Ninja crowd. Cameras 3, 5 & 8 captured the muted expressions of the clan officers before returning the attention back inside the ring.

“I warned HIM. Just as I had warned all of YOU of any & all who ever aspire to challenge my place as Chief Retainer of this championship. This division wrought & governed by violence. Ruled with an iron fist. Only by the strong & willing to sacrifice everything to retain THIS.”

The Ronin peeled the belt off his shoulder & held it defiantly overhead, much to the mixed clamoring throughout the arena before lowering it to his side. “In spite of your bruised egos & insignificant feelings, what was done was protection of a fate far worse than he had suffered by my hand. Contrary to popular disbelief, had your ’champion’ managed to do the improbable, the very man you praise with an unbridled passion, would be the harbinger of your amassed wrath & disappointment. None of you bear the faintest inkling...the merest understanding of what great a price is beset upon both the bearer & challengers of this sought after ’prize’. Beyond its shimmering pewter surface, the fine & expensive fabric, lies purgatory...unspeakable pain & evil...The lure of power is bait for the foolhardy...”

Cameras 20 thru 25 traded views of the anti-Inogami Clan crowd before returning back inside the squared circle. Ninja nodded slightly in response. “I see the stench of ignorance is strong here. The failure to embrace unmitigated truth is among the many cornerstones of extinction. I know he is listening this evening. I say onto him that I spared him from annihilation. I...”


The officers of the clan each cast a stoic expression to the pro-Paulton mob as Ninja lowered his mic & allotted the people to voice their stern opinion. “While your defiant voices are heard in the amassed support of a good friend, Kayden stands a prime example that neither ally nor foe is above being put down with extreme prejudice in the defense of what remains in my charge. In regards of challengers, Franklin Hendricks...”

The Arena of Champion continued to generate mixed heat in hindsight. “I’ve heard your boisterous presentation of your fighting acumen & unchecked displays of bravado. Let it be known that your arrogance can and shall inevitably prove costly on your behalf. Had you become an avid student of history, Kenshiro Inogami RUNS toward the opportunities to dispel any & all misunderstandings to my abilities & power. Derecho. Mike Patterson. Grendel. The self professed ’God King’, Sylo & a myriad of other have fallen before me. You will be no different. However, I shall credit you with the will to challenge my authority unlike the spineless & ‘reigning’ ‘World Champion’ that shamelessly lurks in the distance. Watching how a proud champion truly leads by example. While his name is not worthy sour my palette by speaking it, we all know of this arrogant cockroach...

The entire arena audibly stirred in the bold challenge of the reigning bearer of the promotion’s top prize.

“While athletically gifted, this sniveling worm...this festering clump of feces has yet to show onto me reason as to why I should respect him outside the retention of the Heavyweight Championship. However, I shall grant him the opportunity to speak on his own behalf of my personal sentiments. HE is not the primary focus as to why I stand before you all. I am here to celebrate to approaching Season of War.”

Eiji, Heido & Takeshi were seen nodding in confirmation as Kenshiro handed the Underground Championship over to Mamoru. “There are many among you who are unfamiliar to the season that approaches. Unlearned by the blessings nor burdens to be had. The heightened senses in the heart of conflict. The Inogami Clan stand before you in celebration of what is all to come. This is our season to embrace the spoils of war & that of what our opposition hold dear. The future stand defiantly before you. Unabated. Hungry & Refined in the tenants & ambitions of promotional gold & legacy. Future champions in their own right. Our battle standard remains unfurled without question nor fear. Our solidarity shall be the envy of this industry as shall our collective sculpting of jOlt Wrestling lore. The Inogami Clan stands ready. Ready to lay claim to our rightful place atop...” The abrupt & infrequent flashing of the arena lighting prompted the clan to casually reassess their immediate surroundings. The defending Underground Champion lowered the microphone while popping the bones in his neck. Knuckles gnarled, Kenshiro visually scanned the horizon for the opposition. The lighting succumbed to the darkness, urging the masses to audibly respond in sheer anticipation...

’Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson

The ninja’s detractors roared amorously as the jOltvision beheld the coming of the enigmatic human nightmare himself; Omega. A quartet of Crimson Elite formed a line of defense at the end of the entrance way ramp as a lone eye filled the jOltvision screens. Heel heat manage to dilute the venom cast toward the clan as the musical theme waned slightly...

KEN-SHI-RO....! I! SEE! YOU!!!”

Maniacal laughter rang from overhead as static flooded the cadre of monitors throughout the arena. Camera One set itself on the stoic expression radiating from the Inogami Clan leader. Ninja seized the belt from Mamoru’s hand before motioning his clan advisor to step outside the ring. Sweeping the hair from his face, Kenshiro held the belt against his right thigh while casually scanning his parameter. Darkness...

Camera Fifteen panned in slightly as the arena lights rose to reveal the mentally disturbed titan, heaving several paces away from the Underground Champion. The audience roared as the entire calmly reacted to the abrupt appearance of the intruder. Omega dragged his tongue across his teeth & lips after whipping his head back to stare at his prey of choice. Both men held their ground for several moments, allowing the legions to respond accordingly to the moment. Laughing onto himself, Omega watched as Ninja slowly draped the championship across the middle of the ring before him before standing himself erect. Mouth agape in a insane fashion, Omega nodded in confirmation while running his hand backward across his scalp. The clan officers continued creeping atop their respective side of the ring, setting Omega slightly on the defensive. Gnashing his teeth, Omega looked about with Ninja holding firm to his position.


After several moments, the lights returned and the entire Inogami Clan had vanished. The hulking challenger spied the championship belt, laid across the canvas by itself. A maniacal smile flashed across his lips as he knelt down to both knees before the belt. Omega nodded proudly to himself before cradling the belt. Omega rose to raise his prize overhead yet immediately, the belt face fell soundly against the mat. The smile crumbled as Omega appeared agitated by the champion’s trickery. Frustrated, he tore the belt asunder before slamming the belt against the canvas. Gripping his head , the behemoth with both hands, Omega was livid. He rolled off the ring apron to unhinge the ring steps & hurl them several feet up the ramp way. Security was on hand to eventually escort the titan out through the back in a no combative fashion....

"Home Invasion"

Ninja K Jackson Cross

Machida Hood

Collectively known as Cross the Hood, have been given an opportunity tonight to prove to Jolt Wrestling that they are beyond "The Hype".

Lately the tag team division has been regarded as one of the best in the business, and tonight's opponents were the standard in the division, contending or defending the Tag Team Championships on 3 consecutive Pay Per Views from Power Struggle to Rise of Legends and just recently lost the titles on in the main event of the internet PPV Wired.

Bringing down The House is no small task, but Cross & Hood aren't small. These larger than life bruiser from the borough of Brooklyn are all about taking what they want, and tonight they are ready to undergo a transformation.

"These tag team got nothing on us," started Jackson as he taped his wrist with their trademark black tape.

"Nothing on us. Each and everyone of these teams lacks what we bring to the table. The Jury, some wanna be gangstas."

Machida Hood pounded his fist into his palm to test his own tape job. He looked to be in a foul mood, one that only intensified at the mention of The Jury.

"Don't make me laugh, The Jury is just taking up space, space on a roster that needs Cross the Hood. They are in a spot that clearly they don't deserve. Why aren't we facing them tonight to prove ourselves?"

Hood didn't know the answer, and neither did Cross, but they both new that The House was going to be tough to evict. Nonetheless the duo felt that nothing would be able to stop them from getting their rightful place among the best of the best inside the Arena of Champions. The duo gets an opportunity to wrestle on iNtense tonight. An arrangement that they intend to make permanant.

"Red & Ted, Heirs of Wrestling, West Texas Terrorists, Crimson Order; Sweet, Sweet, Lovin', The Jury... and any others who feel we don't belong in your ring, watch tonight as The House gets foreclosed."

Cross the Hood took their leave from the locker room area to get final medical clearance for their match this evening as a "BEEPING" sound caught the camera man's attention. He turned the camera to the direction of the sound and revealed Jonathan Conspiracy on his phone. He was still a little wary from his encounter with Trouble earlier this evening, but by the looks of things the pain of the beating had temporarily been replaced by the joys of texting his wife who has been taking care of their son, and did not return with Jonathan at Wired. Conspiracy smirked at his phone screen.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who thanks The Jury should be hung... are you filming me? You didn't see the pictures did you?!"

The camera's motion indicated that the camera man shook his head 'no'.

"Well good, get out of here, don't you have a job to do, like film some actual wrestling action."

The camera's motion indicated that the camera man shook his head 'yes'.

"Well go on get out of here. Get."

Conspiracy pointed towards the locker room exit, and the camera panned from Conspiracy to the door as the camera man took his exit on the hunt for anything else that he felt the Jolt audience at home and in the arena needed to see.

Frank Hendrix vs Reno Davis

Reno Davis was on a roll, winning three straight since his return to jOlt. His next challenge however was certainly an intriguing one. Coming off his introduction on iNtense 85, Frank Hendrix had done plenty to annoy some of the competitors backstage.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera.

The audience cheered as Reno Davis stepped out from the backstage area. He was understandably keen to continue his recent run of victories at the expense of a man who had singled him out for abuse on the last edition of iNtense. His face looked focused, his body language brimming with confidence.

Cue “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold. Enter Frank Hendrix.

The cheers quickly turned into jeers as the man who spat on a jOlt t-shirt and declared that now was his time to shine emerged from the back. Hendrix scoffed at the fans and strode towards the ring, stopping only to grab a microphone from ringside before rolling under the bottom rope. Reno rubbed his hands together, evidently eager to get his hands on the latest man to debut in jOlt Wrestling. The “Wrestling Deity” waited a moment for his music to fade out before standing tall and raising the microphone to his lips.

“Reno…Reno…Reno. Look at what kind of mess you’ve gone and gotten yourself into now. You’re scheduled to face ME one on one? I think it’s about time you sought out a new career because this one is not for you little boy.”

Reno raised his hand in a “bring it” motion to the delight of the crowd, but not Hendrix who simply laughed before continuing.

“You see I look at people like you Reno and I see everything that is wrong with modern day professional wrestling. This used to be a sport of Kings where the toughest men walking this planet did battle, but look at you. Standing there at no more than five foot eight and weighing about as much as a handful of wet feathers. Do you really see yourself as a tough guy? Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that you could pose a threat to a man like me? If you even tried to strike me your bones would snap quicker than you could say ‘Anderson Silva’.”

Reno laughed and then almost dared Hendrix to make his move as the crowd hurled insults towards The Unholy Assassin.

“You can act as tough as you want,” Frank continued. “But the unfortunate fact for you is that I am not here to play games. I don’t have anything to gain by defeating you and thus have no intention of facing you in this match. Instead I am here to make an announcement.”

Davis shook his head and appealed to the crowd who booed loudly in Frank’s direction, not that it appeared to faze him whatsoever.

“I have fought and defeated every man thrown my way all over this planet we call earth for too long and with precious little reward. Inferior men have been tossed in front of the spotlight and heralded as champions without possessing even one hundredth of my ability. I will put that right and see justice prevail where previously there has been none. I am the man who is going to change the world of wrestling as we all know it.” Hendrix paused for a moment, drowned out by the boos.

“And I’ll do it all with a little help…from my new friends…”

Frank stepped back and leaned against the ropes as first a man mountain known as Brone Haggard made his way through the crowd and stepped over the barricade before entering the ring. Haggard had made a few appearances in jOlt last year, but this time looked meaner than ever. His eyes were overflowing with bad intentions, his gigantic muscles even bigger than before. Hendrix began to laugh as Haggard stood by his side, all 6 foot 8 of him.

Before Davis had the chance to contemplate a move the crowd stirred again as another figure made his way towards the ring, coming through the crowd on the opposite side of the ring. This man was not as physically imposing as Haggard but followers of ACW recognised him right away. The short brown beard, the mullet of hair and the long legs of a man dubbed “The Friendly Stranger”.

Henry Dylan.

Dylan entered the ring and took his place beside Hendrix, who nodded like an evil master of ceremonies. Frank motioned as if ready to speak again but Dylan cut him off and requested the microphone for himself. Frank smiled and happily handed it over, giving Henry the chance to talk over the jeers.

“Aaaaah, now I remember what made me love a professional wrestling crowd so much. That sound that so many people inexplicably detest is like music to my ears. Boooooooo…”

Henry and Hendrix both laughed maniacally as the former ACW competitor handed the microphone back over. Haggard simply cracked his neck from side to side, looking ready to engage in a war.

“Mister Davis…you my poor unfortunate friend are about to be the first. The first man to fall victim to our cause. We are The Hands of the Cause of professional wrestling and you…are beneath us.” Frank spoke with a raw callousness in his English voice.

The British trio stood together in unison as Reno decided he had better strike first if he was to have any chance. He ran towards Hendrix in the middle of the group but was helpless as Haggard leapt out…


Haggard near broke Davis in half with a torturous Spear to gasps from the crowd. Henry Dylan saw fit to sit down next to Reno’s lifeless body and cross his legs before running his bony hand through The Unwanted Angel’s hair and whispering him goodnight. Brone stood up and resumed his position at Frank’s side as Hendrix himself surveyed the scene with a sickening smile before speaking one final time.

“I’m told 2013 was apparently the year of hype, as always seems to be the case. But finally in 2014...everything is real.”

The Hands of the Cause of Wrestling had arrived.

Like it or not, the complexion of jOlt is about to change.

Winner: No Contest

"The Circus Must Be in Town"

Ninja K “A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd quickly grew restless and started shouting with booing. The camera got a focus on the man who owned the music and it was a man that won big at Wired over a very game (but also a very injured) Kayden Paulton. A man calling himself jOlt’s Last Real Man and insulting the roster one by one…

“Uh-oh,” Michael Buhrman said. “This is Jeremy Ryan and he’s not scheduled to compete tonight, but he sure looks ready for a fight!”

“You’ve got that right,” Nathan Powers added. “Ever since this guy graduated from The Hype, nobody’s been able to stop him! But this guy just comes out here, throws his weight around and is making enemies by the droves.”

He was dressed in his MMA-like shorts and a detestable glare on his face. He seemed to like telling things as he saw it but hated being here in jOlt.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” ring announcer Carly Rowe said. “Please welcome to the ring the self-proclaimed jOlt’s Last Real Man… JEREMY RYAN!”

She was new on the job and had a bright smile on her face, but the 23-year-old former fashion model turned announcer was ready for the territory. Ryan walked to the ring and ignored the jeers before coming to the ring with a disappointed look on his face. He approached Carly in the ring and glared her way as the music cut.

“Okay, I understand that you’re just out here to do your job here, lady, but unless I need my dick sucked, you keep your jaw closed and you leave the introductions to ME, you got that?”

The crowd booed even louder for the man calling himself jOlt’s Last Real Man while Carly Rowe shook her head, looking every bit disgusted by Jeremy Ryan’s mere presence. He snatched the microphone and jerked a thumb for her to leave the ring and she did so, not wanting to deal with a chauvinistic asshole.


Jeremy Ryan now scanned the jeering crowd and had the microphone in hand.

“First of all… ‘self-proclaimed’? You need to cool it with that bullshit, honey, there is nothing self-proclaimed about the title of jOlt’s Last Real Man… it’s a fucking FACT. In fact, if you look at Ninja K and his dumb-fuck Ninja clan and you look at Aran Thompson and his quote-unquote ‘media appearances’ in third-world countries that I don’t care to learn the name of… it’s the ONLY title that means a fucking damn around here!”

“Oh, come on now!” Buhrman said. “People may not like Aran Thompson’s antics, but you can’t disparage this company’s titles like that. They carry prestige. They’re not some carnival prize like other promotions treat them!”

Ryan turned his head to the announce table. The things that Michael Buhrman were saying didn’t escape his ear.

“You motherfuckers got something to say?” Ryan asked. “I heard a whiff of the shit you’re trying to stir up over there and believe me… I want those Underground and jOlt Championships… more than ANYTHING. But you know what I was doing while Aran Thompson and Ninja K couldn’t be assed to show up here and defend their belts? I was FUCKING PEOPLE UP THAT TRIED TO STEP TO ME!”

Buhrman and Powers just shook their heads with collective disgust and evne when the crowd kept talking, Ryan continued.

“I don’t need a bunch of fucking groupies to fight my battles and I don’t need to hide in some mountains practicing some Kung Fu Muay Thai Blow-Job Jitsu bullshti to get results. I’ve come out here, told you people exactly what I’m going to do, and I did it. I told Graham Youngblood, Adam Lazarus and Kayden Paulton that none of those faggots were in my league and guess what… I was right. None of them were in my league!”


“Why? Why do I suck? Because I’m not trying to curry favor with a bunch of wishy-washy malcontents who jump from bandwagon to bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do? Because I don’t hide behind the anonymity of the internet and spew shit via hashtags and tweets and retweets and poking and Facebooking? That’s why there’s no Twitter handle on my bumper when I come out here every week… because REAL MEN get in this ring and talk shit to the other guy’s face before they break his jaw. I don’t give a s’hit giving some little asshole nerds on the internet their precious line of the night. None of you matter. I’m here for me!”

“I’ll tell you why I’m out here…this place is a fucking three-ring circus soap opera! The REAL men of jOlt are gone! I wanted to be a part of this place because I heard that this was where the real wrestlers go, but I’ll tell you what… it’s all a fucking joke. don’t give two squirts of piss what Derecho and Sylo… oh, wait, I’m sorry, I meant Mr. Mom had to say at the top of this show… I’M the real star of this show now and everybody else is just living in my world. Effective immediately, jOlt, I am making it my mission to bring back some legitimacy to this place! People will hear the name of jOlt and it will mean something again! And if somebody wants to step to me and prove me wrong… go right ahead.”


jOlt’s Last Real Man ignored the chants and kept going.

“Come on, Derecho, you want to prove you’re the King of Hell or whatever dumb bullshit you call yourself… Sylo, do you want to fight somebody other than the teenage boys trying to get with your daughter when she turns fourteen? Thompson, you want to be a champion? Ninja K, you want to test your theory about being an untouchable Underground Champion? Heirs of Wrestling, you going to come out here and brag about your money and make these hypocrites cheer for you? Come on.”

Ryan sneered.

“Give me somebody. Anybody. Prove me…”

“Small World” by Nas.

The music played and the crowd cheered! This was NOT what Jeremy Ryan expected for a challenge, but out came the returning Big Little Italy and Conan The Leprechaun! This was the return of the team called Devastation Inc! It had been a while, but they were here tonight and had enough of Jeremy Ryan’s bullshit.

“Look who’s back!” Buhrman said. “Big Little Italy! Conan The Leprechaun! This is nuts!”

Ryan looked angry at their appearance. He wanted competition and he didn’t expect this. The music cut as Big Little Italy took a microphone and had some words to say.

“Yo, bitch!” BLI screamed as the crowd cheered. “You want to come out here and talk dat smack about jOlt? Our home? Youse some sorta crybaby rookie bitch, ain’t ya?”

Ryan wasn’t in any mood.

“No, no, no. Somebody else. This is EXACTLY the bullshit I was talking about. This place is a three-ring circus full of freaks! Get them the fuck out of here!”

Conan chuckled while BLI looked amused.

“What’s da matter? See, I told ya, Conan… a bitch!”

The crowd laughed as jOlt’s Last Real Man turned red in the face.


It wasn’t even mere moments when Simon Boulder headed towards the ring. I guess this was going to be the match that Jeremy Ryan wanted! He waited and the crowd started to cheer as the bell rang.

Jeremy Ryan vs BIG Little Italy


Sure, Big Little Italy was only three-foot nine and a shade over one-hundred twenty pounds, but he had a lot of fight in him! Conan slapped the ring apron on the outside and cheered his partner on as the crowd got firmly behind BLI in what could’ve been a complete mismatch. Jeremy Ryan didn’t know what to make of this challenge. He was equal parts insulted an angry, but tonight if BLI wanted to step up, then he’d give him the chance.

Italy came right at Ryan and blasted him in the thigh with a series of kicks! He didn’t care. He’d been in the business a long time, even going back to the heralded CWL promotion with a who’s who of wrestling history. He wasn’t going to let some outspoken rookie talk trash about the promotion he loved. He kicked back only for Ryan to pieface him and shove BLI down to the mat!


The Beast from the East Village stood by and watched as Jeremy Ryan started to stalk his prey. He had that deadly Dead Man submission that he’d won every match in jOlt so far and could easily claim another victim, but BLI didn’t give him the satisfaction. He ducked out of the ring and gave the double-bird to Jeremy Ryan and the fans loved it.

“Eat a dick, ya fuckin’ mook!”

Ryan took the bait and ran out of the ring to get him some! He charged outside of the ring and gave chase to Big Little Italy who was making a bee-line from outside the ring. He ducked underneath the ring and Ryan wasted no time in getting underneath the ring to try and find him.

“Where are you, you little puke?” Ryan snarled.

He was digging around the ring and didn’t see what the crowd saw when he came out the adjacent side of the ring and ran on the apron. When Ryan turned…


Big Little Italy caught him unaware and the wise veteran had outsmarted Ryan for the moment, taking him down on the outside! Conan The Leprechaun was cheering his tag team partner in Devastation Inc as BLI got up and started to high-five Buhrman and Powers at ringside. He slid into the ring and waited for Ryan to get back up.

He started to get into the ring when BLI came back with a Baseball Slide that stunned him for the moment. He was intent on keeping him out of the ring and Simon Boulder was continuing to count out Jeremy Ryan. He bit the bullet and slid into the ring where he was caught flush in the face with a Front Dropkick! Ryan was down and now Big Little Italy had the chance to go for the win…


That was going to be it! The Lionsault connected on jOlt’s Last Real Man! The upset was coming!



Ryan THREW BLi off him and the Beast From The East Village started to roll around the ring before recovering his footing. He stood up and prepared his next attack, but a mad Ryan was already up…


He nearly BROKE Big Little Italy in half with the Spear turned into the Spinebuster in the canvas! Ryan had enough and turned BLI over…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid had the diminuitive BLI grounded and he had no choice…


The bell rang and once again, the crowd started to voice their anger for another victory on BIG Little Italy only for Ryan to latch onto the submission. Conan had seen enough and ran into the ring to BLAST Jeremy in the face with a Dropkick! The crowd was going gonzo for BLI’s tag team partner coming to his after the match!

Ryan held his face in pain and rolled around the ring while Conan checked on him, but he took his eyes off the ball for just a moment..


And one for Conan! He was powered up and DRILLED into the canvas with a grisly Spear into a Spinebuster! Ryan let out a primal yell after attacking Conan and now both members of Devastation Inc were down.


Ryan surveyed the damage one last time before he left the ring and headed to the back. Ryan had a message that was loud and clear that he was going to remake jOlt in his image and would have nobody stand in his way. No matter how big or how small…

Jeremy Ryan was going to stand tall.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"I Gave You A Month"

Ninja K For a month Black Faction and jOlt Wrestling had been without their jOlt Champion in action after Aran Thompson and his protégé, Landon Stevens, swerved everyone especially a "Ready For More" Eiji Kugasari and revealed that they had been in league with one another the entire time. After the swerve, Aran made it clear. Landon Stevens is the right hand man, the Commander to his General, but he also tasked his Commander with taking Waymoth Turnbull out for good.

Aran went on a global media tour for jOlt Wrestling promoting the product and doing business for the company that he is champion over, while standing on the sidelines and watching.

Stevens failed.

"I gave you a month." Aran Thompson said in a very harsh tone as the scene came into the Black Factions private Skybox.

Aran Thompson looked refreshed and ready. Wearing a sleeveless hooded jacket with the hood down revealing his collection of tattoos on both his arms. His wife, Laurie Williams, cradled both his jOlt Championship and the Relentless Championship as she has done so much in the past.

Landon stood in front of Eli and Ezra Conway, the West Texas Terrorists, and Mace Williams who seemed non-chalant as Aran continued his disapproval.

"One month, and you couldn't even get a leg up. You've wasted an opportunity to take out a beast once again. First Omega, and now Waymoth. I have big plans for you Landon, but if you can't even Command the troops and take out one ma..."

Aran was interrupted by Landon.

"One man!? Did you not see Maserati, or whatever the hell his name is, and that horribly named Cloyd?!"

Aran shook his head and stared at Landon who relentlessly awaited a response from the Black Faction leader.

"Three men against four. You still had the advantage and you wasted it. But honestly..." Aran said before pausing for a moment.

"I'm not even mad. Waymoth Turnbull is a threat to us, Ninja K is a threat to us, Eiji Kugasari is a threat to us. With me at the helm, with the jOlt Champion running this group we are being watched by the entire world. They're waiting patiently for us to screw up so they can watch us implode and you gave them that. Since I went to hell and back with Derecho to prove that I am the best damned jOlt Champion this organization has had in a very long time I have found ways around maintaining myself. I've never lied to anybody. I said from the moment the gate opened that I would do anything and everything in my power to continue being jOlt Champion and I have."

Aran trailed off and looked at his lovely wife who cradled his championships. He gently ran the knuckle of his index finger down the face, neck, arm and hand of his wife before trailing off to the jOlt Championship.

"They all said I would never be at this level. I made believers out of them. Then we let the whole world in on the secret that you've been with Black Faction this entire time and they immediately said it was a mistake that Landon Stevens would be the chink in the armor."

Aran turned his attention back to Landon and crew. Landon snarled with anger as Eli, Ezra and Mace looked at the two of them.

"You made believers out of them too."

Immediately a look of disappointment covered the face of Landon as everyone looked on. Landon looked around the room and his disappointment turned back into rage. Landon turned around and growled.

"Wait." Aran said stopping Landon in his tracks.

Landon turned around and looked like he was moment away from swinging at the first thing that moved.

"I don't care what they think." Aran said with a slight pause.

"Make a believer out of me."

The scene faded away with those final words.

"The Heiress is Dead... Long Live the Queen!"

Ninja K jOlt’s Wired iPPV was definitely a show for the record books. Not only because of the first-ever main event of the Tag Team Division, but the first-ever Starlets Underground Match took place. The defending champion Charlotte had turned back all challengers including the power-hungry Sarah Winterton on multiple occasions, but when it came down to crunch time, it was “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton that finally pounced on an opportunity and was now the Starlet Champion after a months-long chase!

The camera panned into the ring where an elaborate set-up was just about finished up. Three of the four sides of the ring were draped in decorative purple cloth. A gigantic ice swan was placed on a table in the ring and in the center of it all, The Starlet Championship was hung above a gigantic throne sat dead center in the squared circle. The crowd started more jeering when the theme of the new champion kicked in…


“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

The music played the crowd filled the arena with a big negative response for the woman slowly coming out. A red carpet slowly rolled out halfway down the aisle and stepping out wearing a bright blue dress with a sash that read “Queen of the Starlets” was the new champion. Thanks to a well-timed attack on her arm and the Brass Knuckles placed in her tights, Sarah Winterton had overcome the odds in a match that heavily favored the defending champion in order to win the title for the very first time!

Sarah Winterton wiped fake tears out of her eyes as she approached the ring in a slow, deliberate pace. With each step, she waved to the fans and took hold of a bouquet in her right hand and a scepter in her left. She approached the ring and gestured for a stagehand to move open the ropes for her majesty. The pompous Starlet entered the ring and stood dead center now, taking a bow for the fans as sparks showered from all four turnbuckles!

This gigantic fucking spectacle had the crowd booing The Heiress but she was lost in her own little world at this point. She took advantage of the environment and she had schemed to finally become the new Queen of the Starlets. Her music faded out as the crowd already started chanting.


“Yes…” Sarah stated. “My darlings, Charlotte was a very good competitor in this ring! But as I proved at Wired, there are good Starlets, there are great Starlets… and then there is me!”

More booing rained down on the ring from the Arena of Champions when she looked out to the crowd. Winterton was living it all up now as she adored the ice swan sculpture.

“Tonight, my darlings, what you are about to witness is the crowning of a NEW ERA in the world of women’s wrestling! No longer are you subjugated to the dark days of Charlotte the Harlot coming out here to entice you with her feminine wiles! No longer are you subjugated to the even darker days of Aria Murphy being the longest-reigning champion by virtue of doing nothing with this beloved championship! Things are always darkest before the dawn, but now the first cracks of sunlight will finally shine through! They glisten across the surface of this beloved Starlets Championship!”

Charlotte looked at her light-up tiara on her head and started to remove it slowly. With a pained heart, she placed it on the table.

“I regret to inform you that as of this morning, I have tendered my resignation from The Heirs of Wrestling!”

The crowd CHEERED that announcement! The other Heirs of Wrestling had brought her into the sport but when the crowd actually started to favor the young punks that could back it up in the ring, some speculated that it was only a matter of time before Sarah broke out on her own.


“I will be forever grateful for everything they have ever done for me… but in reality, I never needed them. I am in a class all my own now! I am no longer just an Heiress that is forever doomed to wait for her chance to rise to the throne… the day of the Heiress is no more! However, as I stated before, brighter days are here! I have the chance to finally make something good happen for me and my beloved Starlets and I am now here to unveil a NEW…”

Winterton removed the sheet from the table and now was a full crown fit for a queen! The crowd continued to jeer as she placed the crown on her head to complete her downright ridiculous ensemble!

“My darlings, I have been waiting for this day for a long time! I have fought and scratched and clawed and I persevered! I am an Heiress no longer, but now… I am The Queen of the Starlets! The Starlet division is now my kingdom to rule and mine to take to heights that the reign of Aria Murphy and Charlotte could only dream about! But as you all saw at Wired, I am a versatile competitor and warrior in this ring! Not only am I the Queen of the Starlets, but because of my unbeaten streak in such matches… I am now the QUEEN OF THE UNDERGROUND!”


Winterton’s fake smile grew even wider if that was even possible. She waved her scepter around and held the Starlet Title now proudly over her shoulder.

“I am a Starlet like no other and rest assured, darlings, there is now a sound captain at the helm of this formerly rudderless ship! I will take you all to new heights and I…”

“Madness” by Muse.

This wasn’t Charlotte, but the crowd cheered nonetheless! This was another Starlet who competed and won in her PPV debut over a former Starlet Champion in Persephone. A hard-working Texan and easily jOlt’s most powerful Starlet!

The crowd cheered for Daryn Thompson, the Texan Firecracker, making her way out to the ring to interrupt the festivities. Sarah Winterton looked pissed off but Daryn had a big wide smile on her face as she approached the ring.

“Hey… darlin’” Daryn mocked. “Ah couldn’t help but overhear… y’all must be outta yer damn MIND if yer gonna open yer trap, calling yerself Queen of the Underground! That’s a load a horseshit if Ah’ve ever heard it!”

The crowd cheered Thompson as Sarah Winterton looked flabbergasted.

“Miss Thompson, thank you for coming… thoughyouwerentinvited… but hey! I can understand you country folk are more all about marrying your cousins and having your brain damaged by all that incestuous activity and moonshine, if I am to believe every stereotype.”

Thompson laughed a little bit as she stood on the edge of the ring. She dwarved Winterton when she came into the ring.

“Darlin’, Ah just wanted Y’ALL to know that you can call yerself whatever the hell you want. But Ah’m comin’ for that title sooner or later, Queenie, and Ah’m gonna break you in half!”

Winterton nervously laughed at Daryn’s challenge as the crowd popped. The Queen of the Starlets looked at her scepter and then back to The Texan Firecracker.

“Oh, my darling… you don’t want to do that. Look what happened to Charlotte. That vile harlot will never be the same again after the thrashing that I gave…”


The crowd ROARED to life! The ex-champion had slid into the ring through the crowd and TACKLED Sarah Winterton to the ground! She hadn’t forgotten about what happened at Wired and she continued to bombard the new champion with a flurry of rights! Daryn Thompson joined in on the fun and quickly kicked over the table that had all of her royal goodies placed! The ice sculpture fell to the outside and shattered into a million piece at ringside as the crowd cheered!

It was mayhem in the ring and Sarah Winterton just barely managed to slide out before she headed up the ramp, holding onto her cherished title! Her sash was torn and her make-up had been tattered thanks to a vengeful Charlotte, who stood amidst the wreckage. She was looking uncomfortably at Daryn Thompson. Charlotte still had her mandatory rematch, but Daryn Thompson had her own claim staked at the belt.

Things were more than heating up in the Starlet Division now and it looked like the long-running feud between Winterton and Charlotte was far from over.

Diamond Jewelz vs Jesse Ramey

Mattock had been a thorn in the sides of the two competitors in our next match. Earlier in the evening, while they hated each other, they both agreed that Mattock was the issue. In fact, the winner of this match will end up facing Mattock next week on iNtense. Each man had their own reasons for hating Mattock, but this also served as an excuse for them to beat each other as well.. so it was a win/win for all of those involved!

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle

Out from the back came Diamond Jewelz with Ruby Rocks Jewelz at his side. He received boos from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. Jewelz, always a man who would rather make a quick buck on the side selling off some bling, broke off a partnership with Jameson Lennox.. then later the same with Jesse Ramey, however, the latter was helped a little bit by reVolt's Mattock.

Jewelz stepped into the ring while Ruby remained at ringside. Jewelz struck a pose, but the fans didn't care much for it and let him know. Jewelz snubbed it off and awaited as his music died down and was replaced by...

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

The people cheered as Jesse Ramey stepped out from the back. Jesse only cared about one thing.. and that was putting this entire mess behind him and move on in his jOlt career. He shocked the world coming aboard jOlt Wrestling after the closure of ACW, but his beginnings here were a bit tainted with his partnership with Diamond Jewelz. Ramey wanted to break free from this, but not before he settled things on his terms.

Ramey stepped into the ring and came face to face with Jewelz. You could feel the tension between the two. The referee was about to call for the bell so they could settle their issues when..

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The people booed as they turned their attentions to the entrance ramp. Mattock stepped out from the backstage area wearing a referee's shirt. He also came equipped with a microphone which we assumed he would use for a bit of talking. His music quieted down as he brought the microphone up to his lips.

"I beg you forgiveness for the interruption, but as you can see, I came clad in an attire most appropriate for tonight. For you see, I just finished speaking with Damien Lee and he enjoyed my proposition. In the interest of making things far more intruiging... I decided to officiate this match between the two of you."

The people booed as Jewelz and Ramey looked upset.

"I can tell by the angst-filled expressions on your faces that you do not approve of this sudden alteration... but alas... keep in mind that I enjoy the misery of others. Why do you think I worked feverishly to drive a proverbial wedge between the two of you? Why did I take it upon myself to cause the self destruction of a tag team and ultimately expose Diamond Jewelz for the miscreant that he is and you, Jesse Ramey.. why did I forsake you of fond memories of a successful debut here in jOlt?"

Mattock paused for a moment.

"The answer to your inqueries are quite simplistic.. so much that even a youthful child would have little trouble ascertaining it.... because I simply bored and wanted something to entertain me."

"Diamond Jewelz and Jameson Lennox turned down my offer. They refused to join reVolt. Together we could have broken through these walls and stopped existing like the livestock that we are. We could have become the wolves hunting the sheep. We could have opened eyes and made the masses see for once in their lives instead of living the lives of blinded dreamers awaiting for the moment for their time to awaken into reality. WE COULD HAVE DONE IT ALL."

"But no... you refused my offer like everyone else. I was sick and tired of the refusals so I took it upon myself to send a clear message.. not only to you, but to everyone else who stands in my way. There are many more ways to beat a man down. You don't necessarily have to break them physically.. you simply need to get inside their heads and I have done just that with the lot of you. I have ruined two lives for the price of one and tonight, I will continue that. I will continue to force you to pay upon the debts you have incurred with me as I stand in that ring and officiate your match."

"You brought this upon yourselves."

Mattock dropped the microphone and walked down to the ring. He stepped inside and told the referee to take a hike. The referee shrugged and left the ring and Mattock called for the bell.




Despite the fact that the bell was rung, neither Jewelz nor Ramey went after each other. They both stared at Mattock standing in the ring because little did Mattock know, while Ramey and Jewelz hated each other, Mattock was their common enemy. Mattock looked at Ramey and Jewelz and grew tired of their stalling.

"What are you waiting for? FIGHT!!", yelled Mattock.

Ramey went right for Mattock instead, but Jewelz grabbed Ramey from behind and popped the hips...


Jewelz then looked at Ramey and yelled out to him...


Mattock smirked and then looked toward Ruby Rocks Jewelz at ringside and blew her a kiss. Jewelz became enraged and went to charge in toward Mattock, but Ramey recovered and grabbed Jewelz from behind with a school boy roll up. Mattock leisurely walked over and knelt down. Jewelz had Ramey down for at least a five count before Mattock began his official count.


Ramey kicked away. Ramey stood up and shoved Jewelz. Jewelz shoved Ramey back. Right hand by Ramey rocked Jewelz' head back, but Jewelz fired back with a right hand of his own. Mattock mocked the two of them by throwing punches at the air. Ramey and Jewelz realized that Mattock was mocking them and turned their attention toward Mattock, but Ramey used the distraction to his a lariat on Jewelz that knocked him down. Ramey then came face to face with Mattock.

Mattock warned Ramey that he was the referee and that he would disqualify him, but Ramey muttered.. "Like hell if I care" in Mattock's face and went to hit him, but Jewelz grabbed Ramey's arm from behind and spun him around...


Jewelz went to the corner and climbed up top. He then flipped off with the Phoenix Splash.. the 3,106.75 Carats and it connected! Mattock then pulled Jewelz up to his feet and got under his arm...


Mattock laid out Jewelz in the middle of the ring. Ramey was down as well. Mattock looked to the ringside area and called for the bell.




Mattock sent the word to Carrington, the ring announcer for the official result.

Carrington: Ladies and gentlemen.. the result of this match is a No Contest!

The people booed as Mattock hopped out of the ring and backpeddled to the backstage area, smirking the entire way!

Winner: No Contest

"The House United"

Ninja K The night of jOlt’s I-PPV Wired was a dark day in the history of The House. Perhaps jOlt’s biggest and most dominant Tag Team Champions and their valet, the Starlets Champion … they had all lost their belts in the span of one night. They were now burned by the word ‘former’ as Red and Ted had flatout SCREWED The House out of their belts with a post-match attack and a PRI Tag Team Invitational tag title shot they screwed the previous winner, Ken Kaze, out of.

Earlier on in that night, Charlotte, perhaps the Starlets Championship’s most fighting champion yet had lost her title to her long-time rival, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton, to become the new champion and used a pair of brass knuckles to get it.

Coming in through the doors first was a deflated Charlotte. Gone was the perpetual smile on the red-headed beauty’s face and replaced with a blank expression of what to do next. The next one was her husband, “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber slinging his duffel bag. He was in such a bad mood himself that he wasn’t even shilling any of the House merchandise. No “Don’t Bet On It” or “The House Always Wins.” The showy and goodhearted Huber wasn’t feeling like his normal self.

“Well…” Huber said to his wife. “…At least I blacked out during New Year’s Eve. Griff’s party was a hell of a lot of fun… too fun…”

Charlotte nodded. “Hon, I think I drank so much that the cumulative hangover is catching up with me now. This fucking sucks.”

“Yeah, that’s a pretty apt statement.”

Derrick and Charlotte each embraced and the strongman of the House gave his wife a kiss on the forehead.

“Any chance I can convince you for a consolation b-jibber after the show?” Huber grinned slightly.

With a playful shove, Charlotte pushed her husband away.


The two shared a laugh before Derrick Huber stopped to ask his wife a question.

“Have you actually heard from Adam since the party?” Huber asked. “I called and texted him all week and haven’t seen him. Last thing he said to me was that his flight was gonna be late here, but we got a match against Cross the Hood.”

“Not a peep, hon. Sorry.”

When the two shared concerned looks, the door to the arena burst open right behind them and the form of Huber’s friend and tag partner, “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck. The biggest man in jOlt Wrestling looked even more surly than usual if that was even possible. The crowd cheered in the background for the appearance of the Las Vegas Leviathan and when the Hubers saw him, they looked elated to see him. Derrick got in his path.

“Hey, Roe, haven’t heard from you since Griff’s party. You okay?”

The only answer he got from Adam Roebuck was a snarl.

“We got a match tonight?” Roebuck asked.

“Well, yeah… we got those Cross the Hood guys. We have the…”

“They’re gonna get hurt. We’ve been dicked around long enough.”

“Roe, wait…”

Huber walked off in the direction of the locker room and obviously, the shaft job by the new Tag Team Champions Red and Ted did not sit well with The Big Bucks. He marched off while the Hubers exchanged even more concerned looks.

“Well… that doesn’t seem settling at all.”

Charlotte looked displeased. “He gonna be okay?”

“Not until Red and Ted have their heads put through windshields. We still have our rematch and when we cash in, those little fuckbags are going to get what’s coming to them.”

The House vs Cross the Hood

The tag team division in jOlt right now was by far the best that it had ever been and with it there were many teams among The Hype looking for opportunities to get to the big show. Chief among those teams was the group of Machida Hood and Jackson Cross –known collectively as Cross The Hood. A few weeks ago they had the chance to wrestle away the jOlt Tag Team Champions from the ex-champions The House, but coming up just short.

In a few moments, Cross The Hood had another chance to impress as a win over one of jOlt’s biggest and most dominant tag teams would get them into the picture. The House barely won out against the talented tag team but now tonight was a different story. Both teams had something to prove – The House needed to prove they still had the chops to be on top and Cross The Hood had backing from J-Con, but wanted to prove they could still hang with the best.

“Ready To Go” by David Whitaker played up and the fans turned their heads to the ringside area where the aforementioned Hype hopefuls stepped up to the big show for the second time in a few weeks. They were the six-foot two, two-hundred and forty-four pound Jackson Cross along with the six-foot four and two-hundred fifty two pound Machida Hood and the crowd was giving them a good reception. They had been a very successful team on The Hype and didn’t look nervous at all despite giving up a lot of weight to their massive opponents.

Jackson and Machida each approached the ring and climbed inside where they stood on either turnbuckle to take in a positive reception. The brawlers then jumped off and slammed elbows together in a sign of respect. They were very ready for whatever The House could throw at them tonight.

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite showed no emotion on his face whatsoever – a change-up from at least showing an angry expression. Derrick Huber, his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as Charlotte had her hands raised by her husband.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck only glared at the members of Cross The Hood in the ring while Huber kept focused. These two teams had a close match several weeks ago but tonight was different for all teams involved.

The bell rang and it was Derrick Huber coming face to face with Jackson Cross. The two men started out and it looked like Cross was ready for a fight when he stopped in front of Huber. The Oddsmaker extended a hand and held it out. The House were big monsters, but they fought honorably. Cross looked to Machida in the corner and then back to Huber before he took it and shook it.

After the sign of respect, he grabbed Huber and tried to take the bigger man down with a waist lock when Huber elbowed his way out. Huber wasn’t going to win any contests based on technical expertise, but he was going to win in strength and whipped Cross into the ropes. He came back and swung with a clothesline that missed, but Cross’s shot with a clothesline didn’t. The blow stunned Huber so Cross came off the ropes a second time. He landed the blow against Huber and again he stopped. So Cross then hit the ropes a third time when Huber caught him with a grip of his own and threw him over with a big belly to belly overhead throw. He hurried over to Cross and went for the cover.



Cross kicked out quickly and that impressed Huber. He picked up the youngster and grabbed the arm before he jabbed a couple of elbows to the arm to work him over. Cross fought back and tried the whip across the ring only for him to get reversed and sent into the corner. Huber charged when Cross quickly went off the ropes sending Huber into the corner. Cross hit off the ropes and came back with a running dropkick to the side of the head! Now it was Cross’s turn to go for the cover.



Huber kicked out and the Hype rookies were showing some promise. Derrick was picked up by Cross and he managed to tag him into the corner where the bigger Machida Hood was ready to get in on the action. Cross connected with a seated jawbreaker and Machida followed that up with a big jumping right hook that caught him in the face that knocked him down! Adam Roebuck continued to stay still while Derrick Huber went down from the rookies’ double team. Machida slid right into a second cover.



And another kick out from the strongman of The House. The Oddsmaker was led to his feet by Machida and muscled the bigger Huber into the corner before he drilled him in the side of the temple with a series of punches. He took off to the ropes and when he charged, Huber moved! The big guy had a lot of quickness to him and came back from behind with an exploding shoulder block that blasted Hood right into the ground! The jOltvision showed several replays of the impact of Derrick Huber and the big Las Vegas strongman had a lot more tricks in his bag than just being a simple brute.

When Hood rolled himself to the corner to try and get by, Huber readied his attack. He rolled his fingers together for the cheering fans and he rushed in with the attack…


A big time cannonball senton connected from the three-hundred pounder and nearly crushed Machida Hood in the corner. After Huber recovered from the landing he pulled Hood out from the ropes by his leg and tried to go for the early win again.



Close, but no cigar!

It was Jackson Cross coming to the rescue of his tag team partner and he dropped a boot into the back of Huber’s head. Adam Roebuck continued to stay emotionless and watched the match with interest while Huber went to pick up Cross. Huber pulled Cross off the mat and elevated him to the second rope before trying for his finishing muscle buster that he called The Odds Are Agaisnt You – a move that would’ve kept the tag team titles for them had it not been for the sneak attack by Red and Ted at Wired.

When he tried to lock in the setup for the move, Hood sprang to life and clobbered Derrick with a few solid right hands to back him away from the corner. With his chance to jump into action he propped himself on the second rope…


Machida Hood came out from the second rope with a flying European uppercut to the chin that knocked Huber clear off his feet. The strongman of The House was down and Machida Hood had a chance to finally get back into action. Hood rolled himself over and made the tag to Jackson Cross and the quicker man sprang into action as Huber started to stand again.

He landed a few good jabs into the head of Derrick Huber and then rushed the corner to land a good solid elbow smash to the face of Adam Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan was stunned on the apron when Huber swung, but Cross ducked and kept on moving. He came back off the ropes and landed a big clothesline that rocked Huber. Another run off the ropes had the same result with a clothesline that rocked Derrick Huber and sent him back a couple steps. A third run off the ropes and he finally landed a picture perfect dropkick that knocked the big man back into the ropes.

Roebuck saw his opportunity and he blind tagged his way into the match while Derrick Huber was stunned from the shot. The crowd started to cheer for the Las Vegas Leviathan as he stepped into the ring and mowed right through Jackson Cross with a bear-like swipe of his hand to knock him down. He charged over and just as it was done to him he blasted him in the face with a charging elbow strike that sent him flying off the ring apron and into the barricade!

When Jackson Cross tried to stand he was grabbed up and hooked in a powerbomb position. He roared out loud…


The fallaway powerbomb sent Jackson Cross crashing hard into the turnbuckles! Cross was down and out but it didn’t look like Adam Roebuck was done. He stepped outside of the ring where Machida Hood was trying to stand so he grabbed him and hurled him right into the barricade!

The viciousness of Adam Roebuck was on full display here and the crowd wasn’t sure what to make of his as he stepped back into the ring. Jackson Cross was tossed into the turnbuckle and wasn’t able to fight back much longer. So when Roebuck grabbed him he was kicked and held up…


Cross hit the mat with an extra-gruesome impact and Adam Roebuck nonchalantly went to pin Jackson Cross. All the while Derrick Huber was standing on the ring apron surprised with the outburst of violence from his partner. This loss to Red and Ted had cut him deeper than he thought.




Roebuck stood up after he fell off Jackson Cross and raised his hand in the air as their music played. It looked like The House still had something to prove, but the real story here was that The Big Bucks was showing a new fire in him that he hadn’t shown in a long time.

The referee raised Huber and Roebuck’s arms to signify their victory when The Big Bucks pulled it away and looked at the damage he caused single handedly. Derrick and Charlotte looked unsure of what happened, but Roebuck slapped his partner in the chest.

“That’s what’s coming the way of Red and Ted.”

Huber shrugged and raised his arms while he celebrated with his wife. Roebuck still had their eventual rematch clause in mind and when they cashed in, he was going to take out every last bit of venom he had on Red and Ted. They had been screwed over by the likes of Team EGO and The Heirs of Wrestling only to have it done again by Red and Ted. Next time, there wasn’t going to be any screwing around.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Live Via Satellite... Sort Of"

Ninja K "Cough, cough, cough. Me me me me me," the sound that carried over the Arena of Champions, interrupting the celebrating House. The crowd immediately soured as the recognized the voice.

"Sorry about that, but I take my vocal stretches very seriously. At least when it comes to be an effective fuck off to you boys," rang out the words of Your Willing Villain.

A spot light was set on the stage, expecting the newly minted jOlt Tag Team Champions, but no one ever came from the back.

"How long does it take to set up the video to this feed, anyway, Grady?" Chimed in the second half of the dastardly duo, Teddy Jacobs.

"Alright, hold your peckers, gents. No, not literally, dammit." Yeah, Grady was there, too.

The spot lights cut out as the giant screen above the ramp came to life. It was the shaky camera work of some tropical locale. A bar on the beach to be specific. That little caption appeared on the bottom of the screen: Live, Via Satellite.

"Got it," said Grady from behind the not-so Steadycam.

"What? Oh, you guys look surprised to see us? I thought you would have known better than that. And while, yes, we are not technically in Jack-off-sonville, we still couldn't deprive the jOlt faithful there opportunity to congratulate Ted and myself on a most inspiring win at Wired."

"We're being rude. We'll pause to let you people shower us with the proper respect that two lovable scamps like us deserve."

And Red & Ted folded their arms into their laps and sat in silence for thirty seconds while the crowd booed harder the longer they were made to wait. By this time Huber had secured a microphone of his own from ringside.

"You two little shits think that you are..." he started.

"Wait, what's that?" Ted asked, fiddling around with the earpiece. "I can't really make out what you are saying, hold on." Teddy Jacobs stood up and spun around a few times, trying to check the battery pack attached to his waist, looking more like a dog chasing its tail. "I don't think I'm plugged in."

A dull grunt was let out from the House side of the conversation.

"Actually, I know that you aren't plugged in, Ted. Neither am I," Red laughed. "You see, we couldn't, or really just wouldn't bother with trying to time this thing to be live. This is a recording that we sent up to the monkeys in production with a note on it that said to play it at a time it would piss you two off the most."

Ted leaned over to Red for the knuckle bump.

"How'd they do?" Red asked as the jOlt Arena of Champions re-upped with the passive aggressive noise making.

"Alright, all kidding aside, we just wanted to check in from the world-wide Red & Ted Championship tour to let everybody know we are okay. Not to worry," Jacobs said with a sincerity that just upset people even more.

"We'll be back there next week, if only because our contracts stipulate it. You guys can decide how you want to form the line, but the locker room can shake our hands then," Red flashed his teeth.

"Right now, this cute brunette is swimming in the pool behind us," Ted was stopped by the bikini top flung into the low frame. "Cute brunette, topless in the pool behind me. Red, I've gotta take this."

Teddy Jacobs peeled off his black tank top and ran out of frame. Red simply pulled up the jOlt tag title with one hand and waved goodbye with the other.

The House were leaving the ring, talking to each other. They were made, but they seemed focused by it. Perhaps continuing to poke at these bears was not the best tact for Red & Ted, especially now as they were the defending champions.

"1 Up"

Ninja K A shaky, unfocused video appears on the jOltvision accompanied by the noise of constant ruffling... After After a few seconds of unfocused ruffling, the cell phone quality video comes into focus to reveal the slender, curvy, frame of Ruby Rocks Jewelz standing behind the comparably gargantuan frame of Diamond Jewelz. She fashions a purple sports bra, and massages his shoulders thoroughly; Diamond sports his custom purple #sOdAmnsErious t-shirt. Diamond's face is filled with love and compassion as Ruby compassionately rubs his shoulder. He is completely venerable in her hands. He kisses her right hand. Diamond's eyes close in ecstasy...

“You think we evened the score with Mattock and Cano.... baby,” Ruby asks lovingly.

“Baby,” Diamond responds pausing, as he is immersed in the pleasure of the massage

“We got them bitches.... “

The twinkle and glisten of his gold and diamond grill gleam into the camera as he smiles

“We did more than even the score... We went 1 up on the both of them hoe ass niggas... That glass bottle.. Hmm...”

Ruby smiles in vengeful ecstasy, as Diamond simultaneously takes orgasmic bliss at the memory of the moment expressed in a pleasure filled smirk…

“Seeing that blood was the sweetest thing next to loving my girl right here… If dun nobody mess with my money,“

Diamond, exits the bliss of his massage, opening his eyes and peering into the camera of the phone with a look of vengeance and anger as Ruby adjusts her hair.

“Don’t NOBODY mess with my girl….. Mattock and Cano… I’m 1 up on you bitches… But as long as I live, I’mma always love putting hands on you bitches for what you did to my girl….”

Ruby nods in supporting agreement..

“I ain’t nowhere near done with you Mattock.. You put your dirty mouth on my girl..”

Diamond clinches his teeth together, his face flooding with anger cloaked in the gleam of his grill…

“You got an enemy for life bro…”

Diamond massages Ruby’s hand, cueing her to continue massaging him. She obliges.

“This shit ain’t never gonna be over… Bet that!”

Ruby bends down and gives Diamond a long kiss as the cell phone video blacks out.



The Arean of Champions fell under complete darkness as a chorus of booing echoed throughout the Arena. A spot light lit up the ring and as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and Aran Thompson slowly walked out taking the lead in front of his faction that featured: Landon Stevens, Mace Williams, the West Texas Terrorists and his wife Laurie Williams who still cradled Aran's retired championship The Relentless Championship in her arms like a child. The jOlt Championship was strapped around Aran's waist and he walked down the ring slowly staring at the jOlt Faithful.

Making his way to the ring he ordered his faction to surround the entirety of the ring and helped his wife up the apron as she stepped through the ropes he turned around and unstrapped the jOlt Championship before sliding into the ring and immediately hoisting it for all to see, nobody liked this and Aran was clearly in a bad mood. Laurie asked for a microphone as Aran looked around the ringside area at his Black Faction and was interrupted by her handing him the mic, and he turned his gaze to the Arena of Champions.


The fans relentless booing didn't phase Aran, he continued to look mad and clearly had something on his mind.

"For the last month...."


The booing got louder and Aran shook his head in disgust waiting for it to die down enough for him to speak.

"For the last month, as your champion, I have been on a worldwide media tour promoting this product. I sat from a distance watching as Landon Stevens would lead the charge to take out Waymoth Turnbull for good only to be let down."

Aran looked over at Landon who looked like a wounded child in that while he was clearly upset about the loss his pride wouldn't let Aran's word get to him, he knew they were just words of a prideful Leader upset.

"But make no mistake about it Landon, I believe in you. You went months without a loss and you gave that up for us. For me. For the jOlt Championship. It's not me that you need to make a believer out of, it's them."

Aran pointed to the jOlt Faithful and they both cheered and booed for a moment.

"This people are hard to prove points too. I've proved that I am willing to go above and beyond to maintain my reign as champion and I have. swindled these people, hell we even got Damien Lee and Eiji Kugasari to believe that there was heat between you and I just to keep order where it should stay."

Aran turned his attention to Eli and Ezra Conway.

"You two. You could learn a lot from Landon. He is proof that when I tell you something, it's golden. I don't lie. I've never lied. I came into jOlt to become Relentless Champion and I made history by being the titles first ever multiple time Relentless Champion. I even retired the championship proving that it is truly my namesake! My "child" if you will. You two could need to turn this tag division on it's heels and make people like Red and Ted, The House, Heirs of Wrestling, and Trouble and make them believers too."

The twins nodded their heads toward Aran, agreeing with everything they said.

"And everyone in the back, you have no reason to hate me. Except for maybe that scum, Waymoth Turnbull."

The fans began chanting: WAYMOTH!! WAYMOTH!! WAYMOTH!! And Aran took notice.


"You people love a man that turned his back on you in a business move with me and then he went back to that nobody Cloyd. Waymoth couldn't trust him before, you couldn't trust Waymoth before, and now he is stepping in the wrong direction. Waymoth was fresh on the heels of the Underground Championship! I made the West Indian Obsidian the new SuperBEAST! If it's weren't for me offering him a business arrangement he wouldn't be where he is, he wouldn't be in the jOlt title picture. He wouldn't be feuding with the hottest stable since Black Tom's FACTION. Instead he would be sitting in the back, watching a shady manager take all of his money. I SET HIM FREE! I set him free from the tyranny of bad business choices. I set him free from my own business. And he thinks I did him wrong. So Mace, Eli and Ezra roughed him up. So what? I've been roughed up by Derecho. Look at him now. The King of Hell is back! Albeit a throne without a crown, but I can definitely say with certainty if it wasn't for me getting involved we would never see this side of him again. I was the catalyst to this entire Era of War!"

Aran took a deep breath from his long winded speech, watching and listening as the fans continued to boo him.


"You can stop right there."

Aran stopped in his tracks and he turned his attention to the entrance ramp where Eiji Kugasari stood.

"Funny how you speak of redundancy and how you saved us from it, when we have seen you only defend that championship ONCE in a real match."

Aran snarled.

"You owe me a title shot. You and that peon Landon stole my chance at glory, and I want my championship opportunity. TONIGHT!"

The fans blew up as Aran had just been challenged for the jOlt championship.

"No...No...No. That ain't gon'happen, darlin."

This time Laurie Williams, armed with a microphone stepped in and Aran turned his head toward his wife as he fumed at Eiji's words and the fans chanting for the match.

"Aran ain't gotta face nobody for his championship t'night." Laurie continued.

Eiji shook his head.


Aran looked back at Eiji.

“I would suggest, that if aspire to save face as this promotion’s reigning ‘champion’, you had best put a muzzle on your yapping bitch...”

The audience responded with an ominous explosion as the jOlt Champion kept the animated Laurie at bay before urging her to the outside to address the partially masked upstart.

"You talked about Cloyd being a nobody? But at least Cloyd doesn't step in for Waymoth. Much to his credit, at least Waymoth can fight his own battles."

Aran snarled more.

"You know what. I'll make it simple, this doesn't even have to be for the title. I just want to take a page from your book. I want the opportunity to make you a "believer". I want to prove that I can beat you!"

The fans cheered more and Black Faction began creeping toward Eiji but Aran put his hand up and they stopped.

"You want a match?" Aran finally chimed in.

"Great, because I was hoping I'd have someone to beat the shi--"

"ARAN!" Laurie interrupted.

"Don't listen to him! Not tonight!"

Aran looked around at Mace, Eli, Ezra and Landon before looking down at the jOlt championship and back at Eiji.

"You want a match tonight?!"


"You got it!"

The fans erupted at Aran's proclamation and Laurie looked shocked that he didn't take her advice and began pleading with Aran but to no avail. Eiji was left sweeping the bangs from his face while nodding with a renewed sense of defiance.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Jason Rau & Bane Loneheart

After weeks of sneak attacks, brawls, trash-talking and everything in between with the members of Trouble, the members of The Heirs of Wrestling finally put away their rivals and simultaneously earned themselves some new fans in the process. The Heirs of Wrestling weren’t exactly humanitarians of the year, but they had decided instead of using the numbers game, they let their true talent shine and tonight, it would be on display against the rag-tag team of Jason Rau and Bane Loneheart.

“The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold announced.

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making their way to the ring being accompanied by Mack Brody… they are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Silver and Gallway dapped fists with some of the fans in the front row. This change of heart that they had didn’t have them change much personally, but the fans were liking the talented trio for everything they had to offer.

Inside the ring, the killer Aussie Jason Rau and the rowdy Scotsman Bane Loneheart were talking strategy as their opponents entered the ring. They were ready and motivated for this match and a big win here tonight could put them in contention for a future tag title shot over the former two-time tag team champions.

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 510 pounds… they are the team of JASON RAU AND BANE LONEHEART!

Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were ready to whoop somebody’s ass and get themselves back into title contention also. The Baron of Ballistics Frank Silver was up to bat first while Jason Rau was going up for his team. The vicious Aussie walked forward to greet the Intergalactic Space Cowboy who tossed his hat into the crowd for fans to fight over. Yes, today was that day where somebody would fight for a piece of Gallway’s clothing. jOlt was clearly going to hell.


Frank locked him up in a headlock when Jason Rau headed to the ropes. He launched him off the ropes and pushed him away before trying a tie-up when the bigger Baron of Ballistics knocked him down with a Shoulder Block.

“STRENGTH, SON!” Frank laughed.

Mack Brody clapped in approval on the outside as Frank kept up the punishment. He tried a quick elbow drop when Jason moved, sending Frank to hit nothing but mat! The Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain fell to his side and rubbed his elbow while Rau ran to the ropes this time around. He took down Frank with a Shoulder Block and now took his time to play up for the crowd by raising his fists in the air. He may have proceeded to wave them like we just don’t care, but more on that story in the jOlt iNtense after-show.

Rau forced Silver upward and buried a quick jab into his face. He stunned him with one so he fired back two or three more just to keep Frank on the ropes. He mouthed some more trash talk to Frank Silver before he ran off the ropes when he was caught out of nowhere…


He BLASTED Jason Rau with the Rebound Lariat and nearly flipped him inside out from the impact! The crowd groaned from the shot while Frank flipped the crook of his right elbow with his left hand at Loneheart in their corner before he turned over to go for the win on Rau!




The move nearly spelt curtains already for Jason Rau and he quickly realized The Heirs didn’t come to play. He grabbed Rau and tagged into Ryan Gallway for the first time. He nailed a perfect European Uppercut against the jaw that rattled his brains and held him up against the ropes as Gallway started to jump . Frank held him in the Camel Clutch position while Gallway ran off the ropes. He executed a cartwheel to get the crowd popping before he stuck a STIFF Dropkick to the face of the Rau! The crowd cheered for the awesome double-team while Frank laughed.

THe double-team was excellence by the Heirs as always and now Jason Rau was hurt. Silver left the ring while Gallway rolled Jason away from the ropes in order to go for another cover.




The evil Aussie kicked out after two. Ryan went to pick him up and tried for another big move only for Rau to blast him in the stomach with a good haymaker. Ryan was doubled over and Rau quickly held his ribs with one free arm while smashing Gallway’s face into the turnbuckle with the other. The tag was made to the 6’3” and 265-pound Bane Loneheart! These two men were former members of a stable called the Backbone so they at least had some intimate knowledge of each other’s moves so tagging wasn’t the worst thing in the world for them.

They both whipped Gallway across the ring and tried for a Double Clothesline only for the Floridian to duck underneath. The home state boy jumped to the second rope and looked to come back with a Springboard Crossbody when both men caught him. Rau tossed him up, but Gallway quickly adjusted his weight and snapped big Bane over with a Hurricanrana!

Rau was pissed off but a quick Dropkick to the head from Gallway sent the Australian tumbling from the ring! The Prince of Precision then landed some… well, precise kicks targeted at the knees of Bane Loneheart…


The Headscissors led into the stiff Single-Arm DDT and he dropped him into the canvas! Gallway rolled him over and went to a cover on the big man.




The Prince of Precision charged the move and went to chip away at the arm that he started working over of Bane. He grabbed the arm and flipped backwards into a Pele Kick on the arm! Bane yelled in pain and backed up to the ropes when Gallway rolled over to tag in Frank Silver. The two men kicked a leg out from under Bane and ran off opposite sides to connect with a double-team Soccer Kick to the front and back of the Scotsman! He collapsed to the ground and Frank rolled over to go for another cover.




Rau saved the match for his team by dropping an elbow into the head of The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights before he returned to his corner. Silver shook out the pain and tried to follow up on Bane when the Scotsman drove an elbow into his gut. He peppered Silver with several more and whipped him into the turnbuckle. He charged in only to get caught with a knee from Silver that put him on the ground. When he was kneeled over, Silver jumped the ropes and looked to connect with the big Ye Olde Royale Elbowe…

Rau came over and tried to distract him when Frank took a swipe at him and nailed a big right hand. He scrambled away and when he went to the ropes this was all the distraction the Loneheart needed and grabbed him by the leg to trip him off the ropes!

Frank crashed hard into the canvas and Bane Loneheart ran off the ropes to deliver a big Knee Drop to the chest of Silver! He was hurt now and finally had the chance to make the win.




Silver kicked out, but now finally Bane and Jason had a chance to go on the offensive. Mack Brody stood on the outside and cheered on his friends as he picked up Silver and DROVE him hard across the knee with a stiff Backbreaker. Silver went down in a heap and the tag was made to Jason Rau. Bane climbed onto the second rope and delivered a big splash and as he rolled off, Rau waited for him to move…


A vicious Running High Knee caught Silver almost right between the eyes and knocked him right the fuck out! Silver was down and an angry Rau stood over him, laughing.

“I got your number, prick!” Rau screamed.




Jason Rau was angry that didn’t get the job done, but he was ready to fight back. Rau elbowed him twice in the head and continued to drill him before hoisting him up and double underhooking the arms. Where the Rau Deal was, the Aussie Driver wasn’t too far behind and if he hit this move it was curtains for The Heirs.

He hooked one and tried the other, but Silver fought back and pushed him away. When he came back off the ropes…


The crowd let out a loud groan from the impact of the Swiss Death Uppercut that Silver employed as one of his best weapons. Rau collapsed to the ground and Silver finally had a chance to get over to his corner. Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway were cheering for their buddy and waited as he tried to get to the corner. Rau was on dream street after such a nasty shot, but an anxious Bane waited. Rau had just enough in him to tag over while The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain rolled over…


The Prince of Precision jumped into the ring and started to run right at Bane Loneheart in the corner before FLOORING him with a Running Dropkick to the face! Bane was now drooping over in the corner while Redding tried to cut him off by stopping his momentum early.

Ryan Elbow Smashed his face in several times before trying to whip the larger Rau. He reversed that and thought that would take care of the smaller formerTag Team Champion when he came back…


The slick move dropped him like a bad habit! The Intergalactic Space Cowboy rolled up to his feet when he caught Jason Rau with a Dropkick sending the bigger man to the outside! With him disposed of, a frantic Gallway ran off the ropes before he exploded…


He CRUSHED Rau against the guardrail with the impact of the big dive and the crowd actually cheered Ryan Gallway for his insane antics in the ring. Mack Brody was clapping for his friend as jOlt’s Pinball Wizard grabbed Jason Rau and exerted effort to get him back inside the ring.

Gallway actually seemed to be thriving off the cheers of the fans in the moment just showing off his quick offense as he ascended the top turnbuckle. He waited as Jason tried to get back up…


The Diving Double Knee Strike found its mark! Raubs was down and now The Prince of Precision was close to keeping the belts for his team as Gallway sat on his chest and hooked the leg for dear life to try and get the win.




He kicked him out of the way when Frank Silver came into the fray and ran right at him, flooring him with a Single Leg Dropkick that knocked Bane out of the way to clear the path for he and Gallway. Frank cheered as Ryan lifted Bane up and set him up on the top rope. Rumor had it they were working on a new move and waited to get to him. Ryan tagged Silver and he ran over to where Rau stood. Frank had him up on the top rope… SUPERPLEX! Gallway jumped and connected with the SPRINGBOARD SPLASH!

The move was a take on the old Power and Glory combination. But for the Heirs, this was


Silver jumped on Jason Rau for the cover while Ryan kept Bane at bay on the outside!




“Here are your winners of the match… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Silver and Gallway had their hands raised by the referee and they celebrated in the ring as the fans continued to cheer. The Heirs didn’t appear to miss a step and even perfected a new move to show for it. The three men walked into the ring and Mack Brody celebrated as they each put on their light-up jackets. With a nod to the folks in the production truck, the lights went out…


The crowd laughed and cheered at the awesome light-up jackets as the members of the HOW went to the back. The Heirs of Wrestling were in full effect again and after a spectacular performance, it would only be a matter of time before they went back after the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Return of the Decade"

Ninja K The lights in the arena went out.

Pitch black

All of a sudden, there was the sound of a switch being thrown.. like you would hear at a small community theater.

A lone spotlight illuminated a bar stool on the center of the entrance stage. Facing away from the camera was a man with long straggly hair in a jean vest.

"I have conquered many a meatloaf..."

"I have placed many an orange peanut..."

"And now..."

The lights went out once again. After a few moments of silence...


Pyro blew on the stage and there he stood, sans the stool.

Jon Le Bon had returned with microphone in hand!


The people cheered as Le Bon stood there at the top of the stage. No music. nothing.. just silence. He looked around at the cheering fans, smiling and grinning from ear to ear. After a few moments, the initial pop kind of wore off and Le Bon just continued to stand there.

The crowd began to talk amongst themselves as if Le Bon had become lost. Still smiling, Le Bon brought the microphone back up to his lips.

"I honestly didn't prepare anything beyond that. That's pretty much all I've got. I tried to tell Damien Lee that, but he told me to come out here and fill at least five minutes worth of television.. but I honestly don't feel like doing that so I'm just going to backstage and probably get a Mountain Dew out of the soda machine."

Le Bon placed the microphone down on the stage and did just that. He walked to the backstage area.

Talk about a buzz kill

"You Want Him? You Got Him!"

Ninja K Cameras returned backstage to reveal Trouble milling around in the locker room. The quartet were positioned around a television monitor, and seemed none too pleased by the action that just transpired in the ring.

"These guys were really Jolt Tag Team Champions?"

Dallas Griffin broke the silence with a question. A question that wasn't directed at anyone in particular, despite The Jury, Khadafi & Statuz Quo; being in the room with him. Of course The Jury never won the titles, so in their eyes the question was directed at them. Quo, who was more vocal than his partner Khadafi, was quick to give his rebuttal.

"That's how you feel 'Big Time'? Well, once we reach a verdict on Jonathan Conspiracy, you can be sure that we'll deal with Red & Ted, or whoever the champions are, and bring gold back to Trouble. In fact next week, I'll will personally rid Jolt of 'One Letter Better'. Something that you should've done tonight..."

Griffin and Quo were now nose to nose, and it seemed as if Trouble was going to implode.

"Fellas, fellas... ya not seein' da big pick-cha!"

Duzza stepped in between the two which allowed for cooler heads to prevail.

"You know what Quo, Duzza's absolutely right. Tell you what; next week, Jonathan Conspiracy versus..."


Khadafi who was silent during Griffin and Quo's alteraction, and received a heap of praise from Jonathan Conspiracy made his presence felt with his booming voice. He stepped in between the two, as Duzza removed himself from the situation. He stared down his partner, before he turned his attention to their leader. Griffin's face morphed into one of pure enjoyment as a wry smile came across his face.

"You want him? You got him!"

Aran Thompson vs Eiji Kugasari

’No Association’ by Silverchair siphoned both the amassed lighting & cheers from the arena. The jOltvision monitors began streaming archived footage as the hues of Crimson & White strobe lighting danced about on cue. Jets of condensed smoke belched forth as the nefarious shadow appeared from within the overcast & stood with bat the apex both arms extended at the entrance staging area’s apex. The traditional yet brief martial arts kata was concluded with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Eiji swung his fist toward the grating, summoning a Red Pyrotechnical explosion. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji will ascend to his feet and begin power walking toward the ringside area.

Carrington: ...Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall...Entering First, hailing from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

The highly volatile mixed reaction grew in number as The Blood Raven walked with a purpose towards the squared circle, strode up the ring steps before perching himself atop the turnbuckles. An air of arrogance was cast toward his detractors before entering the ring. Eiji made sure to wipe his feet before taking a quick carom off the ropes before tugging them. Referee Boulder was prompt to inspect the ninja before allowing him to take command of his respective corner as the musical introduction diminished.

Carrington: And his opponent...weighing in at 237 pounds, from South Bend, Indiana by way of Seoul, South Korea! The jOlt Heavyweight Champion! ARAN! THOMPSON!


The Arena of Champions suddenly became completely shrouded in darkness save for a spotlight shining over an eager Eiji Kugasari as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and black and white videos flashed over the jOltvision of Aran in previous matches and hoisting the jOlt Championship and Relentless Championship into the air. Lights of red, yellow and white flashed and cascaded over the entrance ramp as Aran walked out to an abundance of discontent from the fans in attendence. The jOlt Championship strapped around his waist and the Relentless Championship drapped over his left shoulder.

Aran slowly walked down the ramp looking at the fans and some of his rare supporters reached their hands out to him and he stopped and glared at them before shouting.

"You got the wrong asian!"

Aran returned his attention to the task at hand and walked around the ring locking eyes with Eiji Kugasari and cautiously putting his championship belts on the announce table for all to marvel and bask in his self-perceived greatness before turning back to the ring and addressing referee Boulder to allow him safe entrance in the ring.

Referee Boulder called for the bell and the match to start.

Aran quickly challenged The Blood Raven to a test of strength, as he stood slightly taller but had a significant size advantage over the young upstart; Eiji Kugasari. Locking up, Aran quickly slammed his forehead into Eiji who was immediately dazed and Aran swept the legs of his challenger before quickly going for the pin.


Aran rolled to his feet and Eiji quickly followed and Aran once again challenged The Blood Raven to a test of strength competition and Eiji quickly hit Aran with a headbutt in kind and as Aran rock back in a slight daze, Eiji slapped Aran across the chest and pushed Aran away and into the ropes following up with a knee to the mid-section and quickly coming back with a leg sweep of his own and pinning Aran.


Michael Buhrman: Seems, Eiji Kugasari and Aran Thompson are going to try and one up one another.

Nathan Powers: No, it seems that Eiji is trying to ignite a rivalry that he has no business even being around for.

Aran and Eiji were both back to their feet and they circled the ring, waiting patiently for the other to strike and right as Eiji stepped toward Aran, the jOlt Champion rolled out of the ring and the fans let Aran know that his tactic was not appreciated at all.

Aran circled the ring and watched Eiji who stayed waiting, and then Aran instructed the referee to allow him safe access back into the ring and he did. As referee Boulder got in between Eiji and the ring ropes Aran rolled back in and popped up to his feet.


Eiji expertly positioned his legs and feet to miss the referees arm and his boots nailed Aran in the head and the fans leapt in excitement as Aran slammed into the mat and again rolled out of the ring.

Aran, holding his jaw, walked over to his Championships and looked at them and turned his gaze to Eiji.


Eiji slammed into Aran and Aran slammed into the announce table as his titles fell to the floor from their perch atop the announcers table. The referee warned Eiji to bring the match back into the ring and he tried to comply as he grabbed hold of Aran's head and brought him to his feet but Aran caught Eiji in the kidneys with a solid punch and positioning his hands behind Eiji's head he ran Eiji face first into the ring post and rolled back into the ring as Eiji knelt on the ground using the impromptu weapon as a prop.

Aran demanded the referee being the ten count but before Boulder could even get to a count of two Eiji rolled into the ring while holding his face and Aran capitalized with a combination of stomps to Eiji's head and mid-section. With every stomp Aran groaned in anger. Eiji, holding his stomach, writhed in pain but Aran allowed him to slowly stand up.


After driving Eiji back into the mat face first the jOlt Champion rolled Eiji up for a pin.



Aran looked toward the referee and demanded his count faster and rolled Eiji back up.



Aran looked around the arena snarling as the fans booed him and he grabbed Eiji by the hair bringing him to his feet and whipped the Blood Raven into the ropes.


Using the full moment of the ropes Eiji lept into the air and dropped Aran with a strong lariat but Aran bounced back to his feet ANOTHER LARIAT and again Aran bounced back to his feet.


Aran spun Eiji around lifting him up and dropping him on the back of his head with a modified backdrop and kipped up to his feet and walked over to Eiji.

"I'M BETTER THAN YOU!" Aran yelled before slapping Eiji across the face.

Aran slapped Eiji a second time and Eiji tried to block it. Aran went to slap Eiji a third time.

Michael Buhrman: ARMBAR!

Eiji locked in a quick armbar and Aran was on the mat trying to break free grunting in pain as Eiji sinched the hold in tighter.

Aran tried to roll free but Eiji maintained his balance for a moment before Aran rolled Eiji up once more for a pin.



Aran and Eiji were both back to their feet and Aran was clearly upset as he arrogantly charged at Eiji who dropped him with a drop toe hold and Aran's face hit the second turnbuckle. Eiji quickly took the chance to pin Aran.




Eiji, now frustrated a little, began pummeling Aran with a plethora of punches and the referee was forced to try and pull him away as Aran hugged the ropes. Once free Aran tried to roll out of the ring but Eiji wasn't done as he ran toward Aran hit Aran with a baseball slide kick that sent Aran flying out from under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring.

Eiji followed Aran and pulled him up to his feet without regard to the referee again warning Eiji about continuing the match outside of the ring.


Eiji's sequenced combo of a quick kick to Aran's thigh, a spinning elbow to Aran's skull, spinning back fist and an open palm strike to Aran's jaw dropped Aran and Eiji stood over the jOlt champion as the fans cheered loudly and the referee began to the ten count but Eiji rolled into the ring and back out to break the count.

Aran grabbed hold of the ring apron trying to collect himself and get to his feet but Eiji kicked Aran in the back and the fans reacted in kind as the sound echoed. Aran arched his back in pain and tried to crawl free from Eiji's assault and hidden from the referees point of view Aran took a chance..


Michael Buhrman: C'MON REF! YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT?!

Nathan Powers: The Champ is too good to let the referee see something like that.

Eiji fell to the ground and both men leaned against one another in pain but Aran had the less amount of marbles missing for the moment (no pun intended) and he punched Eiji in the skull rocking Eiji back but Eiji returned with a punch of his own rocking Aran back.

The two traded blows but Aran took the advantage by blocking a punch and grabbed a hand full of Eiji's hair and the referee accosted the jOlt champion as Aran pulled Eiji to his feet and then flung him into the steel steps.

The sound of metal crashing against the ground muffled Eiji's groan and Aran slowly climbed into the ring and sought refuge in the furthest turnbuckle.

The referee began counting Eiji out, but by the time the referee made it to six Eiji had rolled into the ring. Eiji used the ropes to pull himself up and he rested his head against the top turnbuckle trying to suppress his anger and before he could turn around to focus on Aran...


Eiji crumbled and Aran fell on top of Eiji pinning him in the corner.




Nathan Powers: HOW DID HE DO THAT?!

Aran looked shocked as he tried to convince the referee that it was a three count.

Michael Buhrman: Not gunna lie, we've seen bigger men stay down from that.

Aran rose to his feet disoriented a bit and slowly pulled Eiji to his feet before whipping Eiji into the ropes.



Eiji hit Aran with a spinning heel kick in a last ditch effort to thwart the jOlt champion and both men were laid out on the mat.

Michael Buhrman: The Blood Raven has quite the fight in him, I don't think anybody expected both men to cause so much damage to one another so quickly.

Eiji, this time, brought Aran to his feet and but Aran swung wildly slapping Eiji across the face.


Eiji managed to side step Aran who slammed his head into the mat hard and Eiji went for the pin.




This time Eiji was frustrated with both Aran and the referee and he pinned the jOlt Champion again.




Nathan Powers: We've seen this man take a urinal to the face and still end up winning, it's going to a take a lot more than that to pin Mr. Relentless.


"Believers" by ¡Mayday! began playing and Mace Williams, Eli and Ezra Conway and Landon Stevens all came running down to the ring and Eiji quickly took notice.

Michael Buhrman: Of course Aran would send his goons down here to do his dirty work for him.

The Black Faction circled the ring as Eiji stood up ready to defend himself against Aran's stable.


Aran hit his finisher on Eiji but the damage had been done and Aran could barely move.


The fans buzzed for a moment before the lights kicked back on and the entirety of the Inogami Clan stood in the ring with Eiji laying down in front of them and Ninja K watching from behind as the Merciless Master waited for the inevitable battle between both factions.

Mace and the West Texas Terrorists slid into the ring and protected Aran who was trying to get to his feet before noticing that the Crimson Order were the ring as well.

Heido checked on Eiji and turned his attention to Aran and in a brief moment of anger charged after Aran as Aran stood up.



Heido dropped Mace with his throat spike as Aran rolled out of the ring and high tailed it up the ramp with Landon Stevens. Eli and Ezra checked on Mace before realizing that they were in the wrong place and quickly joined Aran at the top of the entrance ramp.

Heido ran his thumb across his throat and forced the monstrous frame of Mace Williams up.


Mace was out, and Heido turned his attention back to Eiji who was finally coming too. Eiji looked around and down at Mace and questioned what happened and the Arena of Champions plunged into darkness once again.

When the lights came back on The Crimson Order were gone and Mace remained in the center of the ring.

Aran and company watched Mace motionless in the ring. 2014 was clearly the Era of War.

Winner: No Contest