"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Clan Consolidation"

Ninja K “It is high time that we strike.”

The impetuous Eiji Kugasari emitted as the scene abruptly unfolded. The Blood Raven was seen pivoting near the door before facing his fellow clan officers.

“We need to send a message. A stern message that we are never to be taken lightly. A reminder that every slight. Every wayward utterance, set against this clan, bears a heavy price.”

“Respectfully, I beg to differ, little brother...” Heido mentioned stoically. “Our enemies are indeed great in number for it is not just those whom are bold in their opposition toward us publically yet those nestled in obscurity. The very ones we must account for.”

“Of course, you would.” The Blood Raven interjected. “However, both digression & patience are both double edged swords in and of themselves. Especially in times such as these.” Takeshi breifly stared at both Heido & Eiji amidst their civil dispute before looking toward the clan leader himself, seated at the opposing end of the clan locker room. Elbows resting against their respective knees. Chin resting against both thumbs. Lips set against his left index finger. Eyes calmly looking on.

“...You are young, Eiji.” The Kansai Crippler rebutted. “You have yet to learn how to properly temper your excessive appetite for power nor recklessness...”


Eiji took a moment to retain a frigid stare toward Heido before assuming the posture of seiza, set in the direction of the reigning Underground Champion. Kenshiro was seen cocking his head to each side to audibly pop the bones in his neck before resetting his head against his hands. A light hearted sigh sifted through the ninja’s lips.

“I have a great deal of confidence & fidelity into the respective leadership views & stances of my esteemed clan officers.” Ninja opened. “In your respective ways, both of you are correct. Something will be done in its appointed time. Rest assured in that, my children.”

Kenshiro slowly sat up to formally address his audience. Left forearm rested against his knee while his right palm covered his right knee.

“This clan bears no need to compromise itself for the sake of public appeal. They know we are here. They notoriously fear both the unknown & uncertainty. Allow both civilian and opposing rivals to wage war with assumption at their leisure and peril...”

“My Lord...” Mamoru interjected. “Public Opinion is a vital tool. Once we sway that back into our favor, much can be gained with that measure of momentum.”

Kenshiro was seen slowly turning his head toward his clan advisor as he continued. The elder statesman slowly rose to address the clan in its entirety.

“There is no doubt in what measure of power that in and of itself yields.” Mamoru continued. “Unlike other similar arenas, we needn’t rely on deception of the masses to further our goals nor purpose. Number account for a great deal. Especially in the promotion and defense of not only this clan but what we aspire to acquire & retain. Your place as Chief Retainer can benefit greatly from it.”

“Mamoru.” Ninja replied. “You are great politician. However, we cannot afford to ‘campaign’ openly for public approval. I have always granted the masses more than enough respect to make their own decisions more often than most. There are those loyal to our cause. Others honest in their disapproval of it. Even the opportunists, who intentionally waver at will, tend to thrive on that same extension of personal liberty.”

Ninja made his gradual ascent to his feet.

They are the very least of our concerns.” The champion continued. “My officers have championships to ascertain for themselves on the behalf of this clan. I have future Tag Team Champions in both Heido & Takeshi.

An flattened out palm was extended toward the duo, leading the entire court to set their focus onto.

“The epitome of team chemistry & the devout symbols of profound communication. Brotherhood. Solidarity and Tactical Prowess. You two shall set the tone for Tag Team supremacy in ways rarely seen. In this industry & beyond.”

Kenshiro stood before Eiji, who lowered his head in respect. Ninja gently placed his hand onto the flyweight’s left shoulder.

“A powerful aura radiates from within this one. Now here lies the true test that you must take for yourself, Eiji.” Kenshiro continued. “I need for this entire clan to heed my warning. You will all bear witness to either the ascension or destruction of the Blood Raven. The road to promise or purgatory is yours alone to behold. This will be a test, among many, for us all.”

Ninja removed his hand and casually returned to his place before the clan. Eiji was seen, notably contemplating the omen set before him.

“I need to speak with my clan officers. Alone. Afterward, I need for my officers to properly disseminate the information per my instructions. Leave us.” Kenshiro ordered, leading to the orderly dismissal of all subordinates.

A hint of arrogance flashed briefly from the corner of his eye in feeling the watchful glare of Heido. Kugasari gently pressed his lips together with the looming weight of clan responsibilities & expectations...

"Mission Statement"

Ninja K “If I can have your attention for a moment…”

A gruff British voice emanating from a microphone backstage boomed through the arena before the man holding the microphone emerged from behind the curtain and slowly made his way to the ring.

Frank Hendrix.

He didn’t come alone either; with new jOlt signing and former ACW star Henry Dylan and the monstrous Brone Haggard behind him. The newly assembled “Hands of the Cause” were making their presence felt on iNtense. Hendrix spoke over the boos that were aimed his way and continued.

“You people paid good money to see some first class wrestling tonight but I have to disappoint you with some terrible news. That news is that no member of The Hands of the Cause of wrestling will be in action tonight.”

Sections of the crowd cheered mockingly, though that did little to deter Hendrix as the three men climbed into the ring simultaneously.

“It turns out that rather than book I, Frank Hendrix in a main event match befitting my talents the powers that be would rather see mediocre tag teams competing to determine which ones are not quite as bad as the other. Instead of giving you people the chance to see Henry Dylan for the first time in a jOlt wrestling ring they are giving you a cheap jewellery seller against a man who could never make it to the top due to lack of ability, Jesse Ramey. Instead of allowing you to witness first hand the destructive capacity of Brone Haggard they are giving you The Heirs of Wrestling against Red & Ted yet again. Did you people not suffer through that enough already?”

The crowd booed and cheered at the various names dropped by Hendrix, no reaction being louder than the cheers for The Heirs of Wrestling. Hendrix seemed surprised by the crowds response but carried on talking.

“It saddens me to think that you have been led to believe that this sub-standard wrestling is anything other than that. I told you this was my time to shine and though you may jeer my every word for now once I am through I will have turned this entire world into a believer. I will personally show you the light as I seize control of this company and this industry as a whole. With these carefully selected men by my side, men who have found themselves in the same position as me for YEARS, it is finally time to take our rightful place at the pinnacle of wrestling. In a world full of locked doors the men holding the keys will be King…and you had all better be ready to see me in a crown.”

Hendrix paused to chuckle to himself before turning and handing the microphone to Henry Dylan as the crowd hurled “Boring” chants in their direction. Dylan brushed his hand through his hair, slicking his thick mullet back behind his ears before addressing the crowd.

“Some of you might not know me, and for that there is only one good reason.” Henry started. “My name is Henry Thomas Dylan and it is my pleasure to meet you. Throughout my tenure in ACW I was overlooked, treated like garbage and all because I don’t possess the right image the company was supposedly looking for. Pretty boys like Christopher Moliano were pushed to succeed whilst I waited patiently in the background waiting for some scraps to be thrown my way. I may not have the immaculate physique but I have something all the male model wannabes in this industry don’t even understand. I can actually wrestle.”

Dylan paused to gauge the crowd’s reaction to his words, which hadn’t altered one bit. The sound of his voice was clear and almost menacingly polite and well spoken. It was clear however that he and the people in the arena were not on quite the same page.

“Where is that company now though? ACW is dead and buried all because they couldn’t maximise the talent they had. In due course you will all come to understand the truth about professional wrestling. 2014 will be the year that the pretenders are dismissed from the throne. You can hate us for now and scream and yell for us to shut up and leave this ring, but soon it will dawn on each and every single one of you simpletons that we are the people really worth seeing. This monster of a man on my right,” Dylan extended his arm in the direction of Brone Haggard, who as always looked as though he was about to break someone in half. “This man terrorised small time promotions all over the globe waiting for a shot at the big time. Finally someone in jOlt saw the ability and signed him to a contract and what did they do? They stuck him in a tournament full of nobodies for him to PROVE himself? It is short sighted thinking like that that threatens the very existence of this company. You’ll do well to remember my name because soon…you won’t be able to forget it.”

Dylan slicked his hair back once more as he handed the microphone back to Hendrix. The self-proclaimed Wrestling Deity was quick to continue making Dylan’s point.

“Do you really think this company is thriving? Does dropping one weekly televised show sound like the sign of a thriving company to you? Warriors is no more and without us riding in to save the day this entire company might follow suit. You can all go on cheering people like The Heirs of Wrestling, making out they’re special but when you realise the truth it will set your minds free from the propaganda. We are here to initiate the change and SAVE THIS COMPANY FROM EXTINCTION in the process. Even that big blue steroid freak showed up last week using MY music because he can sense the change is coming.”

Parts of the crowd popped for the Sylo reference whilst other parts jeered at the way it had come about. Frank continued unabashed.

“Even he can see we are the future of this company and the future of this business. We are NOT the enemy. We come with only the best intentions to make right in an industry full of wrong. We don’t want to destroy everyone and watch the world burn; we only aim to aid this company in being the very best. Now that we are on board that ascension can finally take place. Soon you won’t be able to spell Main Event with M.E.”

The three men each raised a hand into the air in unison as Hendrix issued a final rallying cry.

“Forget your Black Factions, your Crimson Orders and your laughable Heirs. We are the Hands of the Cause of wrestling, offering life support to jOlt before it is too late. Now hit MY music before that overrated blue imbecile can steal it again.”

With those words Hendrix tossed the microphone to the ground and “Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold began to play. Hendrix wore a serious expression, Brone Haggard cracked his neck from side to side and snarled as Henry Dylan tilted his head back and laughed loudly like a madman for the entire arena to hear.

The Hands of the Cause were here to stay.

Like it or not.

Jeremy Ryan vs Sam Sweet

After making his debut several weeks ago and throwing his proverbial weight around, the man calling himself ‘Jolt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan was getting people talking by the week. After torturing and defeating Kayden Paulton at jOlt Wired, he’d been on a real winning streak extended by one. After making some unflattering comments about the organization as a whole, comparing it to a circus, he quickly dispatched of jOlt long-time star “Big” Little Italy. He was on a one-man crusade to change jOlt into his own image, but tonight he would be taking on an opponent that was larger than him and he wouldn’t be able to bully. Tonight, Jeremy Ryan was set to take on one half of the former jOlt Tag Team Champions, Sam Sweet!

“The following contest is your opening match of iNtense and it is scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold yelled.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

The music started to kick in through the PA and the crowd gave a nice ovation to the fan favorite as he parted the curtains. As always, he was accompanied by the fun-loving dopehead called Jon Katz, Jr., dancing at the top of the stage!

“First, being accompanied to the ring by Jon Katz, Jr… he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at 332 pounds… this is SAM SWEET!

His tag partner, Lennox Love, wasn’t here tonight but Sam Swet had JKJ with him in his corner. The corpulent ladies man high-fived the fans and winked at some hot chicks in the front row before he walked up the steps and climbed into the ring. Sam Sweet was ready for action and as a former champion, he did have some credence to his name. He was Jeremy Ryan’s biggest opponent yet and was looking forward to shutting up the self-professed Last Real Man of Jolt.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd quickly grew restless and started voicing their displeasure with the former Hype competitor. The camera got a focus on the man who owned the music and it was a man that won big at Wired over a very game (but also a very injured) Kayden Paulton.

“And his opponent… from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 252 pounds… he is JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Sam Sweet paced the ring and JKJ looked on carefully. Jeremy Ryan was quickly proving himself to be the very definition of a loose cannon, swearing allegiance to nobody but his own personal agenda. As always before his matches, he had a microphone in hand and already the crowd was tired of hearing his bullshit.

“I told all of you last week that I wasn’t going to stop until I’ve removed the dreck from jOlt Wrestling. Starting my way from the bottom and working my way to the top. And when I ask for fucking competition the last two weeks, who steps up… a fucking Italian meatball by the name of Big Little Italy that I mopped MY RING with… and now when I want somebody to fight, who do they give me? THIS FUCKING SCRUB.”

Sam Sweet balled his fists up while Jeremy Ryan continued to look on unimpressed.

“Oh you didn’t like that, Sammy? Well, too fucking bad. I’m not here to impress you or anybody else for that matter. I’m here to shake things up. I’m here to grab this place right by the scrotes and twist it around. This is a fucking joke and the fact that you’ve held gold here is an even bigger farce. You can come out here, pretend that you and Lennox Love are God’s gift to women when in reality, you’re a pair of fucking rodeo clowns that are only destined to get trampled by bulls like me!”

“Get in this fucking ring and try to gore me then!” Sweet shouted.

Ryan dropped the microphone and slid underneath the bottom rope…


…Only to get trampled by Sam Sweet! Guess who was the bull now?

The crowd was firmly in the corner of the big bruiser called Sam Sweet as he pulled Jeremy Ryan to his feet and pushed him in the corner. He buried a series of body jabs into the chest of Jolt’s Last Real Man and continued the flurry until Simon Boulder ordered him to get out of the corner. Sweet shoved him away and continued to unload on Ryan with a flurry of big fists to the face in the corner again!

Sweet was all fired up in the corner now and when Ryan stumbled out of the corner, he was dropped with a big flurry of three Bionic Elbows to the top of the head! The Candy Man continued to drill him before he hooked him up…


Jeremy Ryan was spiked hard into the canvas now and the crowd lent their support over to the former Tag Team Champion. He waited as Jeremy Ryan started to crawl away from him and started to pull himself up in the corner but this was turning out to be a big mistake because he charged and connected with a big Corner Splash! He pushed Jeremy Ryan down to the mat and went for the first cover of the match!




“Stay on him, Sammy, stay on him!” JKJ yelled.

Sam Sweet did just that as he continued the attack on jOlt’s Last Real Man. He pulled him up to his feet only to pick him up and drop him hard with another form of the Suplex: Vertical Edition! When he dropped Ryan, he stood up and held out an elbow for the crowd before he ran off the crowd….


And a big Elbow Drop right to the black heart of the vicious Jeremy Ryan! He was left in a bad way now as he rolled him over and once again tried to get him back into the cover. The lateral press followed.




Sam Sweet wasn’t finished with him by any stretch. He forced Jeremy up by his arm again and tried to whip him across the ring. He swung across with a wild Clothesline only for Ryan to duck and keep moving. When Sam Sweet turned around to greet his target…


Out of the fucking blue, Jeremy Ryan fought back and with incredible strength, he powered the 330-pound Sweet onto his shoulder and DRILLED him into the mat in one fell swoop! Whether they loved it or hated it, they had to be impressed with the strength and unique style of Jeremy Ryan as he stood and let out a guttural roar to the booing crowd. He flipped off JKJ on the outside before turning his attention back to Sweet.

He forced the big man up to a knee and unleashed a STIFF flurry of Minoru Suzuki-style Open Palm strikes to the face, blistering up the former Tag Team Champion. He continued to drill him with each nasty shot before he nailed a Headbutt of all things to finally drive him back down to the ground.

After his immense flurry at the start, any momentum that Sam Sweet had on his side was now gone as Ryan stood over him. He turned Sweet over onto his back and unleashed another series of violent-looking Crossface Punches, landing each blow to the temple of the head of The Candy Man.


Sweet was in a very vulnerable position now as Ryan continue to soften up the back with a series of three Seated Sentons, each working over the back in preparation for his finishing submission that he called the Dead Man. Ryan then ran off the ropes and connected with a HARD Double Stomp to the back of Sweet! After the wind was knocked out of him, Ryan turned him over for the cover.




“Count faster, you faggot!” Ryan yelled at Boulder.

He made his way back over to where Sweet was leaning against the ropes and spiked him in the chest with a series of nice knees. Each blow looked stiffer than the last and Sam Sweet needed to do something quick to turn the tide back in his way. Sweet was given no opening so Ryan pulled him up and TOSSED him overhead with a wicked T-Bone Suplex! Just as Sweet had done to him earlier, he was ragdolling the bigger man now. He turned over and hooked the far leg of the Candy Man.




Ryan was shocked that didn’t finish the match, but he was having a ball picking off Sam Sweet slowly but surely. He pulled him up into a tight Rear Chinlock that more suspiciously more like a choke and continued to shake the life out of the big man. JKJ started to slap the ring apron in rhythmic fashion in order to get the fans behind him. Kayden Paulton notwithstanding, Sweet had almost lasted longer against Ryan than any of his previous opponents and his toughness was on display here.

Sweet elbowed his way free and started to make it back to his feet before he pushed Ryan away from him. He ran off the ropes looking for something big and caught him…


The Seated Jawbreaker stunned Jeremy Ryan long enough to give Sam Sweet a little bit of recovery time. Ryan had fumbled around in the corner and was looking to where his surroundings where when Sam Sweet came running at him again. He whipped him across the ring and when he got to the corner he connected with a big Body Avalanche! And it was off to the other side for Sam Sweet as he charged at Jeremy Ryan…


He turned him inside out and when Jeremy Ryan came tumbling forward he was caught by the big man and planted into the center of the ring with a nicely-executed Samoan Drop! He stayed with his body weight sprawled across Jeremy and hooked the leg again.




That was a very close one by Sam Sweet, but no! The big man was close to pulling off the mother of upsets tonight, but he wasn’t deterred. He picked up Jeremy Ryan by the hair only to shove him backwards. When he charged at him, Jeremy caught him good with a good old Greco Roman Thumb to the Eye!

The referee was shoved aside by Jeremy just prior to the move so he didn’t see the foul committed. Ryan cracked his arm back and ran off the opposite side before he charged and BLASTED Sam Sweet nearly out of his boots with the mother of all Lunging Lariats! He was turned inside out and upside down before the big man came crashing to the ground!

The crowd continued to boo Jeremy as he stood over Sam Sweet’s fallen body. He slashed a thumb across Sweet’s throat before he went right in for the kill…


Sam Sweet caught him with the move and twisted his neck around before cranking back on the Camel Clutch/Katahajime submission! He pulled back on the move and as much as Sam Sweet wanted to fight back…

He couldn’t…


The Dead Man had claimed yet another victim and he let a very game Sam Sweet fall to the mat. He looked out to the crowd and stood over his opponent as he laughed in the face of the jeering crowd.

“Here is your winner of the match… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan left the ring and watched a disappointed JKJ slide into the ring to help his charge. The former Tag Team Champion had gotten in his fair share of licks, but Ryan was the victor tonight.


Chalk up one more win for jOlt’s Last Real Man!

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"A Not So Friendly Reminder"

Ninja K The steel doors leading from the parking garage would slam open as “The SuperBeast” Sylo would show up on iNtense for the second week in a row. It seemed his vow to help his friend had been sincere as he’d yet again flown from Atlanta and more than likely had to fly back that same night. He had the phone pressed against his ear as he moved down a silent hallway.

“Yeah, baby, I just got in the building. Of course I miss you and JJ.” Sylo paused listening. “Trust me I know. He’s not going to give this up easily but even you said it Aria…if anyone can help Jason it’s me. I’ve at least got to try.”

Sylo wasn’t paying attention to much as he moved by an assortment of equipment, various backstage workers, the occasional Superstar he’d nod to, but other than that he was focused. It seemed the beast had really reigned it in, especially after the restraint shown not decking Derecho a week prior, but getting the fans to chant at Derecho a phrase that was like nails on a chalk board left more of a lasting impression.

“If he what?” Sylo let out a half-assed laugh. “Then I’ll put his ass in the fucking hospital. Simple.” Sylo listened again and scowled. “I don’t give a fuck. Contract or not, I’m not about to be punked out by anyone. Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean I’m not the same man that waged a bloody war and won.” Sylo’s scowl deepened, not because of his wife’s words, but because standing in his way was one Damien Lee.

“Listen, baby, I’ll call you on my way out. I love you and JJ both but I have…business apparently. Yeah, him. Okay. Love you too.” Sylo locked his phone and dropped it in his pocket before crossing his massive arms across his chest.

“You know you really surprised us last week. It’s really good to see yo-“ Lee didn’t get to finish.

“Shut up.” Lee scowled himself as Sylo told the current ruler of jOlt to shut up. He went to object but Sylo beat him to the punch…again. “I said shut up. Listen, I don’t need you buttering me up. I sure as hell didn’t fly here for the second week to listen to you spew out a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit. So what do you want, Lee?” Sylo’s expression was all business as he stared at the man that he, technically, made the sole ruler of jOlt.

“Well I’d like to remind you that you declined a contract extension. We’ve allowed you to come and go because of everything you did for jOlt but I must remind you that anything between yourself and Derecho MUST NOT become physical. If it does, I can’t protect you from this one Sylo, the board will have their team of la-“

“Their team of toothless puppies barking up a storm. Yeah, I know, and I’m telling you to stay the hell out of this. Since when did retiring mean you weren’t the same guy that beat a Superstar…twice…broke a backbone…walked IN and OUT of a nightmare made of crystal, almost flipped an armored truck on a FUCKING NINJA, oh and least we not forget,” Sylo leaned down toward Lee.

“Made a tyrant a cripple eating his food through a Sippy cup?” Sylo snarled as Lee began to sweat a little. It was true, it WAS the monster standing in front of him that had done all those things, and he hadn’t retired because he couldn’t fight. If anything he’d probably let a few careers continue and saved jOlt more money by retiring.

“I’m just asking you, please, don’t let this thing become physical between you and Derecho. If it does…just think about Aria and your son, okay? I’m looking out for you.” Lee was being sincere. Even Sylo knew that. Didn’t mean he wasn’t pissing him off though.

Sylo reached down feeling the fabric of Damien Lee’s expensive tie before wrapping it around his fist and jerking him forward a little. Lee went to yelp but Sylo tugged just a little harder as he leaned in to where only Lee could hear him.

“First off don’t think about trying any shit, I haven’t touched a hair on your head, yet. Second off don’t you fucking ever utter a word about my wife or my son again. Thirdly, this between Jason and me, as I said before, is personal. I want to remain civil, Lee. It’ll be Jason that decides whether or not it stays that way. Finally, this is the year of war, something I know a lot about and you know very little of. But if you ever try to pull rank on me again? I’ll snap your fucking neck and leave you where you lie. Now, as I said, it remains civil as long as Jason keeps it that way, do we understand one another?” Sylo flashed those elongated canines.

“Yeah.” Honestly it was all Lee could choke out. Sylo released his tie and smirked as if nothing had happened.

“Good. Oh, Lee, my locker room still here?” Lee straightened his tie and pointed with a nod.

“Very thoughtful of you,” Sylo replied as he stepped past Lee patting him on the back a little harder than necessary. Damien Lee just watched jOlt’s Reckoning walk down the hallway as one single thought was at the forefront of his mind.

This isn’t going to end peacefully.

"How Dare You?"

Ninja K We open up backstage as Amber Ryann was standing in the hallway, looking through her cell phone. Walking down the same hallway was the Starlet Champion, Sarah Winterton. Sarah clearly wasn't paying attention when she walked right into Ryann.

"HEY!" yelled Winterton until she realized who she bumped in to.

"Well well well.. if it isn't the multi-colored freak show. What's the matter? The Hype not paying you enough? Here begging for a main roster spot like all the other little rejects on that piss poor show? I don't blame you. To want to be on the same roster as The Queen of the Starlets would should be every starlet's aspiration."

Sarah looked Ryann up and down as if she were measuring her up.

"However, there are always some exceptions to every rule... and in this case.. you should be that exception. The main roster isn't a place for a freak show such as yoursel...."

Before Winterton could even finish that sentence..


Amber Ryann hauled off and slapped the Starlet's Champion right across the face. Winterton held the side of her face as she had a look of shock upon it. She couldn't believe that someone like Amber Ryann would dare lay a hand on her.

"If you don't think I belong.. then don't just stand there with a look of disbelief... prove it. I'm going to go out to that ring tonight. I'll show you that some multi-colored freak show has what it takes to not only be on the same roster as the Starlet Champion.. but to also show that she can BEAT the Starlet Champion." said Ryann.

Ryann walked off as Saran Winterton gritted her teeth and shook her head.

"Oh Darling, you have no idea..." Winterton said in a smug tone.

Winterton flicked her hair back and replaced the look of shock on her face with a smug look. She even cracked a bit of a smile as she knew that tonight she possibly just had a free win land in her lap. She then walked off as the scene faded to black.

Jonathan Conpsiracy vs Khadafi


The opening lyrics to "Holy Grail" meant it was time for Jolt to become "One Letter Better" as Jonathan Conspiracy made his way to the ring for his match against Khadafi, a man he singled out upon his return to the promotion in hopes of getting assistance in his quest for revenge against his attackers at Thieves' Honor.

Conspiracy waited in the ring readying for battle as "Looking For Trouble" blared throughout the Arena of Champions, which alerted the crowd in attendance to the arrival of Trouble. Duzza, Dallas Griffin and Statuz Quo appeared before the crowd in anticipation of eliminating someone they thought was long gone. Dallas Griffin produced a microphone to address the disapproving crowd in attendance.

"It seems we have a little problem. Jonathan Conspiracy wants some help in finding out who attacked him at Thieves' Honor. He left us high and dry, and is now expecting to rejoin the fold to fight for HIS agenda. "Trouble" was formed under the guise that we would rule over Jolt Wrestling in all aspects, only for the truth to come out. We were put together for one man's gain, and that man stands before you in the ring, having been revealed as a selfish, good for nothing, out for himself con artist. But no more! Mr. Conspiracy I could've ended you last week, but unlike you I give my men what they want. So for all the haters in the building, I give you... KHADAFI!

"Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg brought Khadafi from the back to join his "Trouble" brethen. He dapped his Jury partner Statuz Quo before he and Griffin engaged in a staredown. He then marched towards the ring with a purpose and slid in. Once he got to a vertical base the ref signaled for the bell.

Conspiracy and Khadafi locked up, as Griffin and company looked on from the entryway. Statuz Quo started to make his way ringside but Griffin motioned for him to wait. Khadafi backed Conspiracy into a corner and the ref started his five count. The two grapplers were still tangled so he went in to get the two apart. The two separated but as Conspiracy raced his arms for a clean break his midsection was met with a strong strike from Khadafi's knee. Khadafi pulled Conspiracy from the corner and looked towards his new leader for approval but Dallas Griffin didn't like what followed as suddenly the referee was slapping his hands against the canvas.


Kick-out by Khadafi

Conspiracy had shocked his opponent with a school boy roll up. Khadafi who had in a sense volunteered to be the man to take JCON out would not have wanted to return to the "Trouble" locker room had he not been able to escape the pinfall attempt.

Back in control, he took Conspiracy up and over with a suplex and a quick pin of his own.


Kick-out by Conspiracy

Dallas Griffin didn't look too pleased by the developments in the ring, but Khadafi pressed on. He whipped Conspiracy into the ropes and took him down with a clothesline. He followed up by bringing Conspiracy back to his feet and body slammed him to the ground. He quickly covered.


Kick-out by JCON

Unable to put away Conspiracy as easily as he thought he would, Dallas Griffin allowed for Statuz Quo to go down to ringside, and followed closely behind. Khadafi put the boots to JCON before he brought him back to a vertical base and irish whipped him into a corner. He charged at "One Letter Better" but ate turnbuckle as Conspiracy managed to evade the airborn Hawaiian. A staggered Khadafi would then fall victim to a standing dropkick that put him at the mercy of the former two time Relentless Champion.

Dallas Griffin distracted the referee while Statuz Quo climbed onto the ring apron to distract JCON. Duzza slid his cane into the ring which Khadafi reached for successfully. Conspiracy managed to kick Quo off the apron but was on the receiving end of a cane shot. Khadafi dropped the cane to the arena floor for Duzza to retrieve as he hooked Conspiracy up and brought him from the top rope down to the mat with a superplex. He covered Conspiracy. One... two... three.

But the referee was still preoccupied with Dallas Griffin. Finally Griffin dropped from the ring apron, which allowed for the ref to return to the match. Upon seeing the cover he started his count.


Conspiracy managed to get his shoulder up. A frustrated Khadafi looked to be staring a hole through Griffin who was barking orders at Khadafi to finish him. This could only mean one thing. Khadafi turned his attention to Conspiracy and brought him back to a vertical base.

"I'm going to break yo' neck!"

Khadafi whipped Conspiracy into the corner and charged in to spear him in the corner, but his shoulder met the ring post as Conspiracy sidestepped the charging Jury member. He pulled Khadafi from the corner and locked him in a Canadian Crossface.


Khadafi struggled to get the ropes as his fellow Trouble makers looked for ways to assist him. Griffin, Quo and Duzza all climbed onto the apron but the ref was already calling for the bell as Khadafi couldn't withstand the pressure of Conspiracy's submission hold.

Conspiracy released Khadafi at the sound of the bell and quickly bolted from the side of the ring unattended by Trouble, and the referee followed suit to raise his hand in victory as "Holy Grail" started back up.

Statuz Quo was none to pleased at the defeat of his partner, and shouted "ME AND YOU NEXT WEEK!", to which Conspiracy seemingly responded by simply nodding his head.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Submission

"War is Inevitable?"

Ninja K The arena goes pitch black as an eerie noise is heard throughout the arena. The fans try to look around through the darkness but can hardly see their hand in front of their face. Suddenly the jOltvision starts to light up with a black and white picture of a dead tree in front of an abandoned building. A little girl's voice is heard as the jOltvision pans in on the dead tree.

"Come one and come all to witness the inevitablity of war. For the monster shall punish the meek for their inequity."

The scene shifts to a little girl on a swing set as the fans in the arena continue to murmur from the chilling video.

"The chief retainer of the Underground the monster cometh like a thief in the night, to claim what others have failed to relinquish from your grasp."

The scene suddenly shifts to a padded room in the abandoned building.

"You and the Order have become unjust, so destruction will come upon you and you shall not escape."

The scene shifts again to a tall figure standing in front of the dead tree.

"The monster is on the hunt for you chief retainer."

The little girl starts to laugh as the jOltvision cuts completely off.

"Are you afraid of the boogeyman?"

The lights comes back on as an uneasy feeling was now felt throughout the arena.

"Step Up"

Ninja K The Black Faction Skybox was stoic at best. Aran Thompson and Laurie Williams sat in to recliners place in front of the enormous Skybox window and they seemed to be lost in a world of their own, watching the fans reactions and the action in the ring. Landon Stevens sat alone, also in his own world of thoughts, but his vision seemed to be trained on the jOlt and Relentless Championships that Aran had resting on the table in the center of the room; while Eli and Ezra Conway, The West Texas Terrorists, stood in a corner talking amongst themselves.

"We all know that there will come a day where we have to take a bump for the boss." Eli said to his brother Ezra.

"I know, and I ain't mad at him...that damned Heido should of just stopped when he hit that damned D.O.A" Ezra replied.

The brothers instinctively turned their attention to the whole room and Landon was the first to notice them after they cleared their throats simultaneously. Aran turned his head to the side acknowledging the brothers.

"Got something to say?" Aran said, obviously still harboring the same ill will he expressed last week.

Ezra stepped forward.

"Last week... What happened to Mace... We want the Crimson Order to pay." Ezra blurted out and Aran's attention perked as he stood up and casually walked over to him.

"How do you plan on doing that?" Aran asked.

"We want a match with Heido and the Crimson Order." Eli Conway said stepping up this time, and Aran turned his attention.

"Yeah, I figured. But what are you planning on doing when you get your match? You come out to the ring, and the first thing these people here is the word "Believers" bellow throughout the arena and you have yet to win an actual tag match. So, again, what is the plan?"

Both of the twins stepped up to Aran this time snarling.

"Step up!" Both twins said at the same time, not backing down from their leader.

Aran nodded his head.

"Laurie..." Aran began waving her over and she complied.

"Go talk to Damien, the boys want revenge."

The twins smirked simultaneously and Aran turned his head to Landon.

"And what about you?"

Landon stood up and left the skybox behind Laurie and the West Texas Terrorists, not saying a word and slamming the door behind him. Aran walked over to the table where his championships rested and he ran his finger across the jOlt Championship.

"They fired the first shot, now lets see how good my boys aim is."

Fade to black.

Sarah Winterton vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann

Earlier in the evening, Amber Ryann and the Starlet Champion, Sarah Winterton, had a bit of a verbal exchange and the result of that was this non-title match between the two of them. Ryann who is a member of The Hype has an opportunity to prove herself to try and not only have a good enough showing to earn a roster spot, but possibly propel herself into contendership with a win over the champion!

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The crowd stomped their feet along to the beat of the song. On stage, a wall of multi-colored pyro.. fuschia, light green, yellow, and blue exploded, each representing a color in Amber Ryann's uniquely styled hair. She came out from the back wearing a dragonfly mask and then charged the ring. She hopped up onto the ring apron and flipped over the top rope, landing and rolling up to her feet as the four corners blew with the same four colors of pyro. Ryann then ascended a turnbuckle and fired up the crowd before backflipping off to the center of the ring once again.

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois"

All the excitement turned to boos as the former Heiress and current jOlt Starlet Champion, Sarah Winterton made her way out from the backstage area with the championship over her shoulder. Calling herself The Queen of the Starlets, she set out toward the ring in hopes to get her first singles win away from being affiliated with The Heirs of Wrestling. Sarah circled around and walked up the ringsteps slowly, keeping her eyes on Amber Ryann who was removing her dragonfly mask and tossing it to ringside. Sarah stepped into the ring and looked at her championship belt and smiled. She then passed it off to ringside and the referee called for the bell.




Ryann wanted to get things started off quickly as she circled Winterton with a quick pace, but Winterton side stepped her and simply walked away toward the corner. Winterton was obviously trying to control the pace of his match as she leaned in the corner and even beckoned Ryann to come attack her. Ryann, being the rookie that she is, took the bait and charged into the corner, but Winterton moved out of the way as Ryann leapt into the air. Ryann, however, used her cat-like reflexes to land on the middle turnbuckle and twist off with a Cross Body Block, but Winterton simply walked away and caused Ryann to slam down into the canvas.

Winterton simply laughed at Ryann's attempts to harm her before she walked over and helped Ryann to her feet. Winterton then lit up Ryann's chest with a knife edge chop that staggered her back into the corner. Winterton stepped in and hit another knife edge chop and Ryann walked out of the corner, holding her chest. Winterton backed Ryann into the ropes and shot her across the ring to the opposite side, but Ryann front flipped against the ropes and came back with a Handspring Elbow, but she was a little short and Winterton caught her in a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by Winterton ended in a miss as Ryann flipped out and landed on her feet.

Ryann rode the momentum and backed into the ropes, lunging forward with a clothesline, but Winterton ducked underneath, reached back and nailed a Hangman's Neckbreaker. Winterton immediately went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Ryann kicked out.

Winterton then sat Ryann up and placed her in a Dragon Sleeper submission. She wrenched back on Ryann's neck, hoping that the rookie would tap out, but Ryann made use of her amazing flexibility and kicked Winterton in the face! She did it a second time and Winterton released the hold. Ryann then kipped up to her feet as Winterton ran in from behind with a clothesline, but Ryann leapt into the air and landed on Winterton's shoulders...


Winterton landed hard on the back of her neck and she wisely rolled to the outside after getting hit by a move like that. The crowd rose to their feet as Ryann looked to the outside and measured up Winterton. It took a bit of time, but Winterton staggered back up, holding the back of her neck. Ryann then charged in at full speed and leapt to the top rope hitting a No Hands Springboard Shooting Star Press to the outside!!


Ryann ate nothing but the floor as Winterton dodged it at the last possible moment!! The crowd became silent as Ryann landed hard and was visibly shooken up after the bad landing. The referee even slid out of the ring to check on Ryann to make sure she was okay. Winterton would have none of that as she shoved the referee out of the way and slammed Ryann's head into the announce table. The referee told Winterton to get Ryann back into the ring so Winterton did just that by literally ramming Ryann back-first into the ring apron!

The referee continued to admonish Winterton, but Winterton didn't care. Nobody mouths off to the Starlet Champion and she wanted to drive home that point by making and example of Amber Ryann.

Ryann was down on one knee when Winterton grabbed her by the back of her neck and threw her back into the ring. Winterton then hopped up onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Winterton then dove off the top rope, driving the point of the elbow straight into the chest of Amber Ryann! Winterton then made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Ryann kicked out and the fans cheered!

Winterton wasn't frustrated.. in fact, she smiled at the notion that she could do more damage to this rookie. Winterton grabbed Ryann by the hair and ignored the referee's warning as she pulled her up to her feet, but Ryann countered with a pair of elbows to the stomach of the Starlet Champion! Ryann then leapt up and hit a CCS Enzugiri to the side of Winterton's head that dropped her down to a single knee. Ryann then backed into the ropes and charged in, looking for what looked to be a Shining Wizard, but instead, she swung the leg over Winterton's head and stopped dead in her tracks. She then swung that same leg backwards and kicked Winterton right in the back of the head!!

Winterton fell face first into the canvas as Ryann staggered over toward the corner. She was a bit slow, but she climbed up the turnbuckle pads with her back to Winterton.. which wasn't a good idea because she took a bit too much time and Winterton knocked her legs out from underneath her. The Starlet Champion climbed up and got underneath Ryann's arm. She lifted her for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Ryann twisted in mid-air and landed on top of Winterton with a Cross Body Block!

She couldn't hold the pin as the momentum caused her to roll off of her. Winterton staggered back up as Ryann was already back to her feet. Ryann quickly lunged forward and there was no black magic this time.. it was as blatant and as clear as day...


Two vicious shots to the head back to back and Ryann found herself on top of the Starlet Champion with a pinning combination!



Thr.. NO!

Winterton just got the shoulder up and the crowd sighed in disappointment.

Ryann grabbed Winterton by the head and pulled her up. Irish whip sent Winterton on her way... or so we thought. Winterton grabbed Ryann by the arm and sent her to the ropes instead. Winterton, however, gave chase, but Ryann sensed it and with no hands, leapt up to the middle top and used it to leap over Winterton!


Winterton turned around and Ryann shoved both palms right into her chest, knocking her down!





Thr.. NO!!

Another close nearfall by the rookie from The Hype roster. Ryann stood up and signaled that she was going to finish it. She pulled Winterton up and then turned her back to her. She hooked the arms and twisted her around, lifting her up for the Fate/Stay Dead.. aka the Vertebreaker, but Winterton rolled off and landed behind Ryann. She grabbed Ryann in a waist lock and turned her to face the corner. She charged in and rammed Ryann front side first into the turnbuckles. She then pulled her back into a roll up, but continued the mometum up to her feet where she tried for a Dead Lift German Suplex... the Beauty Queen Suplex, but much to her surprise, instead of being able to lift Ryann, Ryann simply dropped to her knees mid-roll and had the Starlet Champion in a pin!



Kick out by Winterton!

Both girls got back up to their feet. Winterton swung with a clothesline, but Ryann ducked underneath and hooked her with a backslide pin!



Kick out again by Winterton

Both back up once again. This time it was Ryann with the clothesline, but Winterton ducked and wrapped her arm around Ryann's neck. She then fell back and drove Ryann face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Winterton quickly stood and grabbed Ryann in the waist lock. She then nailed the Rolling Waist lock into the Bridging German Suplex.. the Beauty Queen Suplex and the referee made the count...




Sarah Winterton released the hold and stood up as the referee raised her hand in victory. Amber Ryann gave it her all tonight, but the Starlet Champion was just a little too much to handle for the rookie.

Winterton was given the Starlet Championship and she slung it over her shoulder and smiled as she knew that she truly was The Queen of the Starlets. Amber Ryann staggered up to her feet, holding the back of her neck. She then extended her hand to Winterton to acknowledge that she was, indeed, the better starlet here tonight.

"D'awww.." said Winterton as she extended her hand out as well, but...


Winterton immediately retracted her hand and slammed the Starlet Championship right into Amber Ryann's face!! Ryann's nose was even busted open from the stiff shot. Winterton noticed a small streak of Ryann's blood on her title and she cringed at the sight of her championship stained with filth. Winterton then leaned over and rubbed the title on Ryann's clothes to wipe the blood off from it. She looked at her title once again and smiled she saw it all nice and clean. She then stepped out of the ring and walked to the back with the title on her shoulder, holding her head high.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"What Do You Plan to Do?"

Ninja K Backstage, the scene opens up as we see Jesse Ramey in Damien Lee's office.. and Ramey doesn't look too happy at the moment.

"Last week, I already had a match scheduled with Mattock. Because YOU couldn't keep your damn bookings straight, I ended up in a match with Diamond Jewelz instead.. and then YOU allowed Mattock to guest referee a match and screw both me and Jewelz out of an opportunity to face him this week which, again, is something YOU set up! Just what kind of circus are you trying to run here because if this is the kind of crap I'm going to put up with from the management, I'll go back to ACW because I'd much rather wrestling in a dead company in front of nobody than be exploited by the so-called "biggest wrestling company in town".

Damien Lee didn't like Ramey's words one bit. He stood up to retort, but just then, Diamond Jewelz walked into the office as well.

"Good.. I see you two are already in here spittin' some venom back and forth. Allow me to add to all this. I had a match set up with Mattock last week.. and then that sumbitch goes ahead and hits me from behind. What kinda crap is this? Why did you send him out to be the special referee anyway. You think it would have made for great tv or somethin? Well I tell you what.. if you don't fix this.. I'll show you good tv when I tear this place apart and find and beat Mattock my damn self"

Damien Lee slammed his fist down on his table.

"ENOUGH OF THIS" yelled Lee. He then turned his attention to Ramey. "First off.. I don't deal with threats. If you want to leave.. fine.. I'll just sue you for breaching your contract." He then looked at Jewelz. "And as for you.. you so much as destroy one piece of my arena and I'll make sure you spend the rest of your life paying for it."

Lee cleared his throat.

"Now.. if you two would be quiet long enough for me to say something, then I'll tell you that last week, I didn't appoint Mattock as the special referee. He did it all on his own. I've already suspended the referee in your match for allowing it to happen and tonight, my solution is that the two of you will have a rematch against each other.. the winner still gets Mattock next week. I have added the stipulation that if either Mattock or Sanchez Cano interferes in the match tonight.. it doesn't matter if it's just one of them..they will BOTH be FIRED on the spot.. no if's... an's.. or butt's about it."

Lee then lowered his voice, but still kept it in a blunt tone.

"You two have any issues with that?"

Both of them just stood there, silent.

"Didn't think so. Now get out of my office and go get ready for your match tonight.

Jewelz looked at Ramey and hesitated for a moment.

"By all means.. after you" said Ramey

Jewelz cautiously walked out of the office, keeping his eye on Ramey the entire time. Ramey did the same and then exited the office a few moments after Jewelz and the scene faded to black.

"Trash Talk One-Oh-One"

Ninja K The camera went backstage to the jOlt Interview Area and standing by was…

No one? Donny? Dawn? Anybody?

Nope. There was somebody else, though.

A sexy beast. A former TWO-TIME TWO-TIME jOlt Tag Team Champion to be precise. Nope, The House – jOlt’s only other active TWO-TIME TWO-TIME jOlt Tag Team Champions – were not here. So that eliminates the guess.

It was the leader of the Heirs of Wrestling, Frank Silver, dressed up in a very nice three-piece Armani suit with sparking $500 D&G sunglasses.

“Hello, I will be your intrepid, dashing, ruggedly handsome and overall BAMF interviewer, I’m Roberto Franklin Silver and standing by with me tonight are two of the three badasses who are going to march into tonight’s Tag Team Title match and stomp all over the blank, fucking stupid, and clueless faces of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs… please welcome at this time… MACK “MOTHAFUCKING MIDAS” BRODY AND THE FACE THAT MAKES THE HOT SPACE CHICKS RACE... for his dong… “THE PRINCE OF PRECISION” GALLWAY!”

And on either side of Frank…. Sorry, Roberto, was Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody, the chosen representatives to go after the Tag Titles tonight. They made an open challenge to Red and Ted earlier on in the week and because Damien Lee probably hated our current champions, he decided to make the match official for later tonight.

“What up, R?” Mack said as he dapped fists with Roberto.



“Oh, what?”

Ryan glanced over and saw that the person interviewing them was indeed NOT Donny Layne who requested not to do this on account of The Heirs of Wrestling messing with him on purpose any time they appear on screen with. Even though they could be considered playing for the “good team” as it were, old habits died hard.

“Oh, shit, sorry, Frank…”

“Roberto, ass-face…”

“Sorry, sorry! So, make with the talky-talk!” Ryan shouted.

Roberto Franklin Silver nodded. “So tonight, you guys have the chance to set a record in jOlt Wrestling tonight by making us… sorry, you guys, the Heirs of Wrestling the THREE-TIME THREE-TIME THREE-TIME Tag Team Champions! You guys have the chance to shut up a couple of peckerheads who think that they’re hot shit when they’re at best, lukewarm gray piles of dried-up dog doo-doo clumped together on a children’s playground. Any words for tonight?”

“Yes.” Mack said.

Roberto stood there blankly.

“I said ‘words,’ Mack Truck.”

“Oh, sorry,” Mack said. “Box… toaster… aluminum… um... paint. Sorry, I can’t say that I am well-prepared for this journalistic endeavor.”

“Huh?” Roberto asked.

Ryan filled in the blanks. “He’s too pretty for this shit.”

“Ah. Well, let’s move on. Red and Ted. Your thoughts?”

“A couple of faggots who’ve come to jOlt just to jock our steezy. The whole “Steal Red and Ted’s Title shot to win the belts” was cool, but the only original thought these two homos have had in their entire lifetime. They come here, they talk enormous amounts of shit… but WE did that! And we did it better! Then they come into here and get under people’s skin… but they have none of the flash and flair that we do… or the charisma, the riches, the talent, the skill, the resumes… they’re one-trick ponies. They had an original thought that one time and it died of lonliness. If these two were any more vanilla, they’d be served up in a cone with sprinkles.”

“Also they kind of blow.” Brody shrugged.

“Well-put. Now to my next question, earlier at the top of the show, some mongoloids came out and proclaimed themselves the next big group… how many of THOSE have we had in jOlt Wrestling? Your thoughts on the Hands of the Cause?”

Ryan raised a finger. “I’ll field that one… I just checked my phone and… wait… yep. My give-a-fuck-a-meter is AT zero! The Backbone, howvever many groups that fucking idiot, Jim Johnson tried to lead into here and Legacy of Champions… The Black Faction is Aran Thompson surrounding himself with groupies and The Crimson Order, as good as they are… well, they’re not us. It don’t matter if you cheer the Heirs of Wrestling, you boo The Heirs of Wrestling, but you WILL respect us! Respect, son That includes the Hands of the Cause and if they want to start some shit, then we aren’t a hard group to find. Ask Trouble how that went a couple weeks ago!”

As a stagehand walked past the camera, Ryan mean-mugs the poor guy as he walks by.

“Go on! Start respecting, asshole! Respect!”

He runs away when Mack pretends to jump like he’s going to chase him down. After the guy starts running, Mack shrugged.

“I was just gonna say that guy needs some serious beauty tips, dude. Salmon shirt and a blue tie? Are you trying to dress like a negative pregnancy test?”

Roberto shrugged.

“You see that? Good-looking, cunning linguists, lots of money… ladies, I know you’re all excited right now, but why WOULDN’T you want us as your Tag Team Champions. Thank you very much, gentlemen and we look forward to seeing you kick some Red and Ted ass tonight.Powers, Buhrman, back to you both at ringside… Powers, hands ABOVE the table. We don’t need no fines and shit.”

Jesse Ramey vs Diamond Jewelz

Last week, Jesse Ramey and Diamond Jewelz squared off to determine who would face Mattock this week, but Mattock interjected himself as the special guest referee without Damien Lee's approval. As per Lee's orders, there will be a rematch and if Mattock or Sanchez Cano interfere in tonight's match, both of them will be fired on the spot!

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle

Out from the back came Diamond Jewelz with Ruby Rocks Jewelz at his side. He received boos from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. Jewelz wanted to get this over and done with. Despite hitting Mattock over the head with a glass bottle at the iPPV Wired, Diamond Jewelz was not satisfied with that alone. He wanted to get Mattock in the ring and make him pay for putting his hands.. and lips.. on Ruby.

Jewelz stepped into the ring while Ruby remained at ringside. Jewelz struck a pose, but the fans didn't care much for it and let him know. Jewelz snubbed it off and awaited as his music died down and was replaced by...

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

The people cheered as Jesse Ramey stepped out from the back. Jesse only cared about one thing.. and that was putting this entire mess behind him and move on in his jOlt career. He didn't like that Mattock manipulated him from the start by exploiting the issue between Diamond Jewelz and Jameson Lennox.. causing mistrust, and leaving a sour taste in his mouth for his first impressions of jOlt Wrestling.

Ramey stepped into the ring and the tension between these two could be cut with a knife.. just like last week. The referee wouldn't make us wait any longer and called for the bell!




Jewelz and Ramey immediately charged each other and locked up in the middle of the ring. They both powered around the ring, looking to get the upper hand, but neither man could get it at first. Jewelz, being slightly bigger, used that advantage to eventually get Ramey into the corner. The referee wanted the clean break and Jewelz refused so the referee started the mandataory five count..

One... Two... Three.... Four....

Jewelz finally backed off before being disqualified, but he quickly struck Ramey in the face with a big right hand. He then fired off more right hands in succession before grabbing Ramey by the arm and whipping him across to the other neutral corner. Jewelz charged in, but Ramey put the boot up into Jewelz' face, staggering him back. Ramey quickly hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle, leaping off with a Missile Drop Kick, but Jewelz swatted him away. Ramey got back up on all fours when Jewels flipped over him and got Ramey into a pinning combination!


Just a fleeting one count as Ramey kicked away. Both of them stood and stared down each other as the crowd gave them some applause. They kept their focus on each other and locked up a second time, but Jewelz feigned the lock up and, instead, drove his knee into the mid-section of Ramey. Jewelz then twisted Ramey's arm before sending him to the ropes. Swing and a miss with a clothesline by Jewelz as Ramey ducked underneath and bounced off the opposite end. Ramey then twisted in the air and hit a spinning back elbow that knocked Jewelz down. Ramey took off to the ropes and front flipped into a senton back splash before making a cover.


Jewelz was next to kick out only after one, but Ramey quickly sat Jewelz up and placed him in a rear chin lock. Ramey didn't have a chance to lock that move in for long as Jewelz battled back up to a standing position and fired a pair of elbows into Ramey's stomach. Jewelz went to take off to the ropes, but Ramey grabbed Jewelz by his hair and yanked him down to the canvas! Ramey then hit a leg drop across the chest... stood... hit a second leg drop... stood once again.. and finally nailed a front flipping leg drop! Ramey with the cover.



Kick out by Jewelz

Ramey pulled Jewelz to his feet and then sent him into the corner. Ramey charged at full speed, but Jewelz moved out of the way causing Ramey to collide chest first with the turnbuckles. Jewelz then gained some distance and charged in and as Ramey was turning around, Jewelz leapt up and nailed Ramey with a leaping double knee strike! Ramey staggered out from the corner as Jewelz kicked him in the stomach. He grabbed Ramey in a front face lock and then hooked the leg. Jewelz spun and nailed him with Moissainte Tester.. the Lightning Spiral Suplex! Jewelz, however, didn't go for the cover as Ramey was now perfectly positioned in the corner.

Jewelz hopped over Ramey and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He had his back to Ramey and then he flipped off with the the 3,106.75 Carats.. the Phoenix Splash.. but Jewelz ate canvas as Ramey was able to move out of the way just in the nick of time!

Jewelz laid there holidng his stomach. Ramey saw his opportunity and grabbed the ropes in the corner. He leapt up and for the Kiss the Sky.. the Split-Legged Moonsault, but Jewelz was the one who moved out of the way this time! Ramey staggered up to his feet as Jewelz was already on his. Jewelz charged in with the Busaiku Knee and connected!





Kick out!!

After that exchange of misses, Diamond Jewelz was able to hit his running knee strike, but Ramey had the strength to kick out of it. Jewelz gritted his teeth as he grabbed Ramey and pulled him up to his feet. Jewelz fired off with a knife edge chop that staggered Ramey back into the corner. Jewelz grabbed Ramey by the arm and fired him off to the opposite side. Jewelz charged in and leapt into the corner with a forearm smash, connecting with Ramey's face. Ramey fell into a slump in the corner as Jewelz took off to the ropes. He came back and nailed a running face wash to Ramey and Ramey looked to be out cold!

Jewelz grabbed Ramey by the leg and pulled him away from the corner. He stepped over Ramey to go for his finisher again, but Ramey rolled to his side and grabbed Jewelz by the leg, preventing him from climbing the turnbuckles. Jewelz kicked away at Ramey and got him to release his hold over his leg. Jewelz then flat out kicked Ramey in the side of the head as the crowd cringed from the sound of the sickening smack of boot to skull. Jewelz looked back to the corner and shook his head, as if he knew that it wasn't time for the Phoenix Splash again. Instead, he grabbed Ramey and pulled him back to his feet. He placed Ramey into a front face lock and then lifted him up in a suplex, but he draped him over the top turnbuckle instead while holding the face lock still.

The crowd held their breath as Jewelz then fell backwards, nailing a Spike DDT from off the top turnbuckle pad!!

That had to be it as Jewelz made the cover!



Thre... NO!!!

Ramey kicked out and the place erupted into cheers!

Jewelz pounded his fist on the canvas and yelled "STAY DOWN" to Jesse Ramey, but knowing Ramey, he wasn't going to do that. Jewelz was still agitated though and slapped Ramey across the face as he continued to lay there. "YA HEAR ME? STAY DOWN!" yelled Jewelz once again. Jewelz continued to lean over and yell at Ramey and Ramey took advantage by pulling Jewelz over into a Small Package!



Thr... NO!

Jewelz almost got himself pinned! Ramey staggered to his feet, but Jewelz was already back to his. Jewelz charged in and...


The sickening sound of knee of flesh was heard as Jewelz nailed another Crown Jewel knee strike! Jewelz quickly got to his feet and climbed the turnbuckles in the corner. He twisted off and this time he connected...

3,106.75 CARATS!!!

The Phoenix Splash connected and Jewelz went for the cover.




Jewelz stood up and smiled as he just defeated Jesse Ramey, earning himself a match with Mattock next week on iNtense! Jewelz knew that he could finally get his revenge against Mattock for everything the he had done to Ruby Rocks Jewelz at Wired. Jewelz hopped out the ring as Ruby joined him at his side. The two of them walked up the ramp to the backstage, but when they got to the top of the entrance ramp, they stopped as they heard a voice on the PA speakers.

"Congratulations" said the voice. Jewelz and Ruby turned around and there was Mattock standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. After they had left, Mattock had come in through the crowd. He stood in the ring over the fallen body of Jesse Ramey.

"Next week you have a chance at deliverance as you fulfilled your wishes and obtained a match against myself. However, a display of gratitude is on order because at my feet is someone else who shared the same desires as you. Someone else who wanted to enact on their savage impulses and physically harm me all for what? For exposing the truth?"

Jewelz looked ready to hit the ring, but Ruby held him back.

"Remember, Jewelz.. this is all on your head. Everything that has happened in the past three months has been because of you. I extended you an offer to join reVolt... and you turned me down. Then because one of your shady little deals went sour, you took out your own tag team partner and we haven't seen nor heard from him since. Instead, you picked up a man who just wanted adulation.. fame... a chance to shine in the spotlight.. this man right here laying not in a spotlight.. but in darkness. You took him and you kept the truth from him. I decided that I wasn't going to let your rejection to my offer go without due punishment.. so I manipulated him and I broke up your little reformed tag team."

Mattock grinned as he looked at Ruby.

"Then I took it a step further. I decided to indulge myself a little at Wired. Do you know how soft and moist Ruby's lips are, Diamond? I'm sure you do.. you've kissed them so many times.. I became jealous. I wanted to taste them for myself. They were so sweet... so delicious. I surely wouldn't mind sampling them again."

Jewelz had had enough. Not even Ruby could hold him back anymore. Be bolted down to the ring as Mattock bailed. Mattock hopped over the barricade and exited through the crowd. Jewelz rolled out of the ring and gave chase, but by the time he hit the crowd, Mattock was half way up the stairs. Jewelz looked on and clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. Mattock stopped at the top of the stairs and simply grinned as he looked back at Diamond Jewelz. Ruby came over and tried to calm Diamond down, but he was beyond livid.

Next week wasn't going to be just a match.. next week could possibly be Mattock's public execution!

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"Make Me Laugh"

Ninja K The scene now followed backstage where somewhere within in darker areas of the arena, a set of thunderous footsteps could be heard. When the camera focused in on the cause of the commotion in the area, it was the larger, surlier, and brutish half of The House, “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck looking at the card in place for tonight. He scanned it and did not like what he saw:

The House were not booked tonight.

“Fuck this…”

Ever since Red and Ted had effectively screwed them out of their titles with a rematch clause they scammed out of Ken Kaze and George, he had been a changed man. What was supposed to have been a contest between the former two-time Tag Team Champions and up and comers Cross The Hood turned into a one-man feeding frenzy where Adam Roebuck not only defeated the talented rookies, but also went out of his way to dole out more punishment to them after the match.

The temple in Roebuck’s head was almost visibly throbbing. He wasn’t always known as a patron saint of patience and kindness, but the salty veteran was especially boiling with more fire and venom than he had shown previously.

“Hey, Roe…”

His tag team partner, Derrick Huber, walked up beside him and a frown formed on his face when he saw the full card for tonight. Behind them was the former Starlet Champion Charlotte holding her husband’s arm tightly. The Hubers looked at Adam Roebuck who wasn’t saying much of anything.

“Saw the card, huh?” Huber said. Roebuck remained silent so Huber continued. “Fucking bummer. I don’t know how the hell the Heirs jumped ahead of us in the pecking order since we have our rematch clause still, but I’ll be watching that match closely. We’re gonna get our belts back, Roe.”

Roebuck was still quiet as he balled up his fists at his sides. Charlotte decided to take a turn to try and calm down their ill-tempered friend.

“Adam, come on. I’ve known you a long time and I hate to see you like this, hon,” she pleaded as she approached the giant. “This isn’t like you. You don’t stew – you go out there and lay a beatdown on somebody. You can watch what I do to that prissy little bitch, Sarah Winterton next week. We just got back from Lee’s office … I’m cashing in my rematch next week and I’m taking my belt back. I can’t take another week of that stupid princess talking shit when she’s got a silver spoon lodged so far up her ass, she’s coughing caviar when she does it. I know you want me to silence that witch, right?”

For the first time since he stopped his tantrum, Roebuck creaked his neck and looked down at Charlotte.

“People are forgetting.”

“Huh?” She asked confused.

“These people … this roster … they’re all forgetting who we are. We’re the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions. We’re the guys who ran Team EGO’s fucking asses out of here, we put the Heirs in their place after months of messing with us.”

Huber raised his eyebrow. “Roe, you’re not saying anything we don’t already know, we’re with you.”

“I know you two are … but I’m sick of this. We’re THE HOUSE and we have dominated tag team wrestling everywhere we’ve gone. We’ve been to Mexico, Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, and everywhere in between. We’ve won more tag titles than I can remember … but people think that we’re going soft and I’m sick of it.”


“Somebody needs a fucking reminder. We’re the biggest tag team here in jOlt in terms of titles AND size, but we’re still getting overlooked by these little peckers, Red and Ted. I’m not playing games anymore.”

“Trust me, fatty, nobody’s overlookin’ ye, lad!”

The Big Bucks creaked his neck and looked over when Bane Loneheart was walking their direction. He was one of the two men who lost to The Heirs of Wrestling last week but was still cocksure of himself as he approached The House.

“Shame what happened ta ye fellas … losin’ yer belts like that … but I gotta say, that was pretty funny what those Redding and Jacobs guys did to ye. Brilliant!”

Huber and Charlotte looked at one another and then over to Roebuck who was starting to turn red in the face, being reminded of their most recent failures.

“Maybe me and Jason will win them belts soon! Not like you big fuckheads could do it anymore!”

He was about to walk off when a big bear paw of Adam Roebuck grabbed him by the throat. Bane Loneheart was no small man but he might as well have been a dwarf compared to the surly mountain that was Adam Roebuck.


The crowd that was watching this on the jOlt vision gasped when the mother of all right hooks caught Bane Loneheart in the jaw! The big Scotsman didn’t see it coming and Adam Roebuck jumped on him like a bear picking off a weak animal. He mauled him against one of the walls and let loose a big flurry of fists. They didn’t care about Bane Loneheart, but Derrick and Charlotte continued to watch.

“You want to laugh?” Roebuck said as he delivered a stomp to Bane’s ribs.

“Go ahead and laugh, asshole! Laugh!”

Another stomp.

“Can’t hear you, Bane!”

Another stomp.

“Come on, Bane, make me laugh! You think that we’re jokes!”

Another stomp.

“Here’s a joke… A Scotsman walks into a bar… and I end his miserable life!”

Another stomp.

This beatdown has clearly become uncomfortable to watch as Derrick Huber shielded Charlotte from what was happening. By now, Bane was a mess on the ground and sucking up wind but Roebuck wasn’t done with him. He grabbed a big lead pipe off some of the scaffolding nearby and raised it.

“Come on, tell me a joke, asshole!


Huber grabbed the lead pipe and took it away from his partner before something really bad happened to Bane Loneheart. Roebuck tried to take it back only for The Oddsmaker to play keep away with it.

“Roebuck! I wouldn’t piss on Bane if he were on fire, but even he doesn’t deserve this, man! Get your head in the game!”

Adam glanced once more to the whiteboard and then at the fallen body of Bane. He was barely moving by now and may have had a broken rib after what Roebuck had done to him but the Las Vegas Leviathan didn’t care about any of that.

Instead of replying to his friend he cast a glance at them before he stormed off just as a pair of trainers had come by to attend to Bane. Charlotte shook her head in disgust and looked up at her husband.

“Hon, what’s going on with him?”

Huber was also taken aback by his tag partner’s actions.

“I wish I knew.”

Omega vs Mad Morgan

Mad Morgan stood in the ring awaiting his televised match against a man that not too many people want to step into the ring with, the enigma Omega. The Hype superstar was about to face nothing he has ever seen before on Hype. A man that enjoys receiving pain more than he loves dishing it out.

CUE UP: "Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Mad Morgan stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here.

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face. Mad Morgan backed up toward the ropes with a worried look on his face. He stood near the ropes as Omega slowly moved back to the corner.

The bell sounded as Omega stood to his feet. Morgan tentatively walked around the ring not know what to make of the man across the ring from him. Morgan decided he was going to dive head first into the match and that may not be the best thing to do. Morgan went at Omega with some right hands to move the big man. Morgan was not a small man at six feet two inches but he was looking up at the monster who towered over him. Morgan drove a boot into Morgan’s knee trying to get the big man off his feet. MM took another shot at Omega’s knee which made the monster smile.

MM grabbed Omega by his head and took him toward the corner. He rammed his head into the top turnbuckle several times. The monster stood to his feet and looked at Mad Morgan with a smirk.

“Strike us Morgan. We need to feel pain.”

The Hype superstar had a shocked look on his face as he listed to the words from Omega. Omega pointed to a steel chair on the floor. Morgan was a little perplexed by his opponent. He rolled to the floor and grabbed the steel chair that Omega pointed to on the floor. MM rolled into the ring with the steel chair in hand. Omega looked at Morgan and motioned for him to hit him. MM obliged as he reached back and nailed Omega over the head with the steel chair. Omega stood his ground as he looked at MM motioning for another. Morgan nailed Omega with another chair shot that sent the big man staggering back to the ropes. Morgan dropped the chair on the mat and grabbed Omega by the arm. He whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a standing dropkick that did not take the big man off his feet.

Frustrated, Morgan grabbed hold of Omega’s big, ugly, bald head only to be met with several straight punches to the midsection. Omega grabbed hold of the arm of Morgan and sent him flying off into the ropes. Upon the rebound Omega grabbed hold of him like a rag doll and brought him smashing down to the mat with a massive swinging side slam and a pin attempt.




Morgan managed to get a shoulder up before Underwood could bring his hand down for the three count, but Omega was quick to continue the pain. The End brought MM back to his feet by his hair and tossed him off into the corner once again, but a quick flurry attempt and counter saw the tables being turned on Omega which caused a smirk on the monster’s face.

Morgan now with Omega trapped in the corner dropped to a knee and began driving his shoulder into the monster’s midsection. Each blow looked to be delivered with the force of a man out of ideas on how to put a monster down, and when MM felt enough damage had been done he pulled back letting Omega drop to his knees. Morgan darted across the ring and upon coming back through drove a nasty looking big boot into the side of Omega’s skull, dropping him to the canvas. Morgan grabbed hold of Omega’s legs and pulled him back to the center of the ring for the pin attempt.




The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling pushed Morgan up and off of him with a massive display of power. The showing even left Morgan a little astonished because he has never seen such power before. That astonishment though quickly turned into frustration, and frustration soon turned into anger, as Morgan attempted to mount Omega.


A large hand wrapped itself around Morgan’s throat and a fuming Omega made his way back to his feet. Lifting MM into the air and dropping him down with a monstrous choke slam. Omega was not finished though as he once again yanked Morgan back to his feet by his hair, and quickly drove him back down to the mat with a massive body slam. Morgan tried to make his way back to his feet as quickly as he could, but only ran into another explosive body slam; followed by another, and then another. Omega really looked to be kicking things into the fourth gear as he took a few steps back and attempted a leg drop that could have spelled the end of Morgan, but the Hype superstar barely rolled out of the way of the attempt.

Morgan twisted onto his knees, clutching at the nap of his back the best he could. The flurry of body slams that Omega had delivered to him, had definitely taken quite a bit out of the young superstar. He had to find what inner strength he could muster to take down the man known as the boogeyman. For his first televised match he was trying to give it a go against the undefeated Omega. MM managed to get to his feet at the same time Omega was getting to his knees; Morgan dropped Omega quickly back down to the mat with another running boot to the face. Back to a strategy from earlier in the match Morgan tried to pick up the steel chair. He drove the chair into Omega’s back once then he was relentless with four more down upon him in succession.

Bringing Omega back to his feet Morgan caught him in the forehead with a spinning elbow smash. With the fans behind him the kid was trying everything he could to muster up something that would keep Omega down for the three count. Morgan twisted Omega up, looking to set the big man up for the Cookie Cutter. Omega twisted out of the move, kicked Morgan in the stomach and then lifted him up onto his shoulder in a reverse fireman’s carry.


However, Omega did not pin Morgan in the ring. He rolled to the floor and grabbed a microphone from the table. He then started to drag a wooden table from under the ring. Omega shoved the table into the ring as he watched Morgan still on the mat. He rolled into the ring and moved closer to Morgan on the mat.

“The time has come chief retainer for you and us to finally end the charade. You have something that we want and we are not going to sit idly by and watch you and your Order continue to make a mockery of the Underground. We had laid a path of broken bodies in jOlt in order to get to you.”

Morgan started to stir a little as Omega stood to his feet and grabbed the table and set it up in the middle of the ring. Omega picked up Morgan by the hair and positioned him in a power bomb position. Omega picked him up and drove him through the table with a huge power slam. Omega still did not pin Morgan as he reached down and grabbed the microphone. The big man looked at Underwood. Count him out. Underwood shook his head and was going to start counting when Omega grabbed his arm.

“Count to fifteen”

Underwood started his count on Morgan in the ring.













Morgan still had not moved through the rubble of the broken table.




Marilyn Manson began blasting throughout the arena once more as Darius Underwood pointed to Omega as the winner of the match by a standing fifteen count.

“Mr. Chief Retainer, you want a war, well you will become a casualty of this war.”

Omega smirked as he rolled to the floor he grabbed hold of the black satchel from under the ring, and crawled back into the ring. The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling pulled the bag open slightly, looked inside, and a sadistic smile crossed his face as he dumped the bag over top of MM. Luckily for Morgan though, the EMTs had rushed to the ring in just the nick of time. The two EMTs had grabbed hold of Morgan’s arm and yanked him from within the ring as the contents of Omega’s bag spewed onto the canvas.

At least fifteen to twenty deadly black scorpions had been unleashed upon the ring, and what would have certainly spelled the end for the young Hype superstar. Omega didn’t look upset in the least though, his message had been sent, and received very clearly by the look of concern on the faces of everyone in the arena especially a watchful eye of the Chief Retainer himself who happened to make his way onto the stage with title in hand watching from afar. The lights went out again as everyone started to look around to see what was going on. Suddenly the jOltvision lit up with a little girl playing with a doll in what looks like a graveyard. She stood near a tombstone that had a replica Ninja K mask on the top.

The little girl looked at the screen with her sweet innocent voice.

“You’re not afraid of the boogeyman, are you, chief retainer.”

The lights came back on as the jOltvision went black and Omega was nowhere to be found. Ninja K stood on the stage stoically before turning and heading backstage without utter a word or showing any emotion to what just happened.

Winner: Omega via Standing Countout

"I Found the Ringleader"

Ninja K Backstage we see "jOlt's Last Real Man" Jeremy Ryan walking through the backstage area. Ryan turned and entered the catering area and what he saw simply appalled him. The camera panned around to reveal Jon Le Bon at one of the tables nearest to the door. They were serving meatloaf in the catering department today and Le Bon wasn't just sitting there trying to eat it. He was standing on the chair itself armed with two butter knives, staring down at the meatloaf with a look of contempt.

"Of all the things they could have served today. Why must it be you, my old nemesis? Do you know what you put me through? Do you know the ramifications of your actions? My colon... my esophagus... every orafice of my body leaked something because of you and your poisonous meaty substance! I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN! I WILL...."

Le Bon realized that he wasn't alone. He slowly turned his head toward the door with a wide-eyed expression on his face.

"Are you here to witness the sacrifice?" asked Le Bon to Jeremy Ryan. Ryan stood there for a moment, but he cracked a grin.

"Yes... I am here to witness your.. ehrm... sacrifice", said Ryan.

Le Bon hopped off the chair and walked right up to Ryan. He grabbed Ryan by the shirt and stared at him crazily in his eyes.

"Did you bring it?" asked Le Bon?

Ryan had no idea what he was talking about, but he decided to play along anyway.

"Yes... yes I did. I brought it with me." said Ryan.

Le Bon looked around the area of Jeremy Ryan. All he saw was a many and nothing else.

"Well if you brought it.. then where is it? We must have it if we are to do this properly. We can't let these meatloaves run free. First it was me... next it could be YOU. They try and tempt you with their meaty deliciousness, but in the end.. all they want is to poison you. You'd think that you'd be safe when you sit down to eat them.. you'd think that the meatloaf is unsuspecting.. that its job is to be properly digested within the acids of your stomach, but the meatloaves... they know... THEY KNOW and we have to stop them! So I ask you again.. did you bring it and where is it?"

Jeremy Ryan removed Le Bon's hands from his shirt. Ryan put his hands up.

"Hold on hold on. Let me just go get it."

Ryan turned his back to Le Bon, but then sharply turned and decked Le Bon with a big right hand! Le Bon staggered back as Ryan hunched down.. He measured Le Bon up and charged in...


Le Bon had to have been out from that. Ryan stood up and grinned as he stood over the broken Jon Le Bon.

"Last week, I showed the entire world that if there's one thing I can't stomach in this world.. it's idiots who don't fit the mold. As far as I'm concerned.. jOlt is filled with nothing but circus freaks. I thought I had seen it all last week when a midget tried to prove he was better than me.. but after seeing this.. now I know I've found the ringleader of this... this... freak show."

Ryan walked over and knelt down next to Le Bon.

"The difference though.. between an italian meatball and you is... I'm not done with you.. not by a fuckin' longshot."

Ryan grinned as he stood up and walked away. It appeared as if Jeremy Ryan has a new target in his sights and if BIG Little Italy was any indication of things to come, Le Bon might want to re-think about avoiding the meatloaf

Derecho vs Cordova

Last week, Derecho had an unsuspecting visit from Sylo. No one saw that coming, but Derecho couldn't let that bother him as he had an Underground Rules match here tonight against one of jOlt's premier high fliers.

"Latin Thug" by Cypress Hill

The fans cheered as it has been a while since we last saw Cordova in jOlt. Cordova has a huge opportunity here tonight to get a win under his belt and make his return huge. Cordova slid into the ring and soaked up the cheers from the crowd. The ligths then dimmed to a crimson hue.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The intro was skipped as it went right to the good part of the song. Apparently this had become Derecho's permanent theme song for the time being. Derecho walked out from the backstage area, donning the black skull crown and the long black trench coat. Derecho walked down to the ring, keeping his eyes focused on Cordova the entire time. Derecho walked up the ring steps and stepped inside where he removed the crown and coat and passed them to ringside. The lights returned to normal and the referee called for the bell.




Derecho immediately charged in at Cordova, but Cordova had seen enough to Derecho to know that this was coming. Cordova immediately dropped down and hit a drop toe hold that sent Derecho face first into the canvas. Cordova then went to the ropes, came back and planted both feet right into Derecho's face with a shotgun drop kick! The place went nuts and even chanted Cordova's name as he made a pinfall attempt this early in the match!



Derecho kicked out and he looked a bit surprised that he was almost pinned within the first 30 seconds of a match!

Cordova noticed Derecho was in a seated position and continued to stay on him with a stiff kick between the shoulder blades. Cordova hit a second and a third kick, but Derecho still got back up to his feet, but he was wincing in pain. Cordova went to the ropes and came back, looking for a Satellite Head Scissors, but Derecho converted that into a Tilt-O-Whirl Backbreaker instead. Cordova stood up and held his lower back in pain. He looked up to see Derecho simply run over him with a massive lariat!

The momentum carried Derecho all the way to the ropes where he grabbed a hold of them and flipped his hair back. He turned and faced the downed Cordova with a disgruntled look on his face. He quickly grabbed Cordova and like a lawn dart, threw him through the bottom and middle ropes to the floor at ringside.

Derecho stepped out of the ring onto the apron and waited for Cordova to stand. Derecho leapt off and hit a Double Axe Handle between Cordova's eyes. Cordova dropped to a single knee from the impact and Derecho quickly went right to work by grabbed Cordova and throwing him shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Derecho then gained some distance and charged in with a knee strike...


Derecho missed as Cordova moved out of the way!!! Derecho held his knee in pain as Cordova hit him from behind with a drop kick between the shoulder blades. Derecho was sent up and over the ring steps and down to the floor. Derecho staggered up to his feet as Cordova charged the ringsteps and used them to propel himself in the direction of Derecho, taking him down with a flying cross body block!

The people cheered as Cordova then quickly hopped up to his feet and got up onto the ring apron. He waited for Derecho to stand and once again, Cordova launched himself at Derecho with a Hilo, but Derecho side stepped and Cordova landed on the floor ass-first. Derecho then lunged in...


Derecho had had enough as he lifted up the ring apron and pulled out his best friend in the entire world... the steel chair. He tossed it into the ring and then grabbed Cordova and pretty much did the same thing with him. Derecho then slid back in and grabbed the chair, setting it up in the middle of the ring. Derecho then grabbed Cordova and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. It was evident that Derecho wanted to hit A Forever Reminder onto the unfolded chair, but Cordova had other plans as he slipped behind Derecho and hit another drop kick that sent Derecho toward the chair, but Derecho grabbed the chair and used it to brace himself so he wouldn't fall into it.

Derecho turned around and Cordova hit, yet another, drop kick to the chest of Derecho. This one caused Derecho to fall into a seated position on the chair. Cordova then charged forward and front flipped over Derecho, grabbing him by the head with a Neck Breaker. The momentum took the chair with him causing Derecho to fall out of it!

Derecho held his lower back in pain as he got back to his feet. Cordova backed into the ropes and charged in, but Derecho countered by lifting Cordova up with a Flapjack...


Cordova just fell throat first across the chair which was laying on it's back. The front portion of the seat is what caught Cordova right in the throat! Cordova gasped for air as laid there and kicked his feet into the canvas. Derecho grinned as he grabbed the chair and then placed Cordova's head in it, scissoring it between the steel. Derecho then went up to the top rope and took aim. He leapt off with a Curb Stomp and slammed his foot into the chair!!!

Cordova rolled around on the canvas, writhing in pain and gasping for air! Derecho could have just crushed Cordova's throat!

The referee slid in to check on Cordova, but Derecho grabbed the referee and forearmed him right in the face.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY" yelled Derecho to the referee as he laid on the ground in pain.

Derecho pulled Cordova's head out of the chair, grabbing him by the mask. he pulled him up and looked at him dead in his eyes

"I... AM... KING!" yelled Derecho before he scooped up Cordova onto his shoulder. He then dropped him right on top of the unfolded steel chair...


Derecho then grabbed the referee and threw him over toward the middle of the ring. Derecho then made the cover on Cordova as the referee began to count..






Derecho pulled Cordova's head up off the canvas!

"I'm not done with him yet" said Derecho.

Derecho lifted Cordova back up onto his shoulder... looking for a second A Forever Reminder. Derecho was going to yet again diminish the light of another Superstar that did nothing wrong to him except step into a match he was booked in. To Derecho this was a meaningless fact. To Derecho, it was eat or be eaten, kill or die, but the line had become so muddled it wasn’t that simplistic. As Derecho set Cordova up he’d take a pause to soak in the boos. Bad idea, probably should have just done it then, but no.


“Miracle” (Pale Horse Remix) by Non Point

The fans exploded along with the entire stage. Sylo stood in the remains of the blast as the lights began to come back up. Derecho didn’t share the same elation as the jOlt faithful since he had a mean mug going on that could kill a man.

Sylo called for an end to the music and pulled out a microphone as he slowly walked down the ramp toward the ring. He never once looked away from Derecho as he began to speak.

“Before you do what I know you’re about to do, I need to share something with you, a revelation I had just moments ago in the back. A revelation that was brought on by watching you, by thinking about the past week, and also reflecting on years of being around you.” Derecho yelled something in protest but Sylo stopped and held up a hand as he reached ringside.

“Shut up. I’m not out here to fight you. I made it clear that I will not fight you. Not now, not next week, not in a month, never. I’m retired, Jason and there’s a word in retired which would be tired. That’s what I am. I’m tired. I’m tired of the fights, I’m tired of the blood on my hands, I’m tired of the never ending threats, and that’s one huge reason I’m now retired. My family was the biggest, granted, but that right there was in the back of my mind the entire time. Otherwise, last week, when we had our little eye to eye and heart to heart? It would have ended a whole lot differently because I would have left your ass out cold in the center of the ring.” The cheers would rule out Derecho’s objection to that statement.

“Again, shut up. You know I could, I know I could, but it seems you and a lot of people have forgotten just who I am. So believe what you want. Hype yourself up to be a God again but…wait…what happened when you ascended from King to God again? That’s right, Aran Thompson became a God killer.”

Low blow…but true. Derecho sure as hell didn’t like it and it was more than obvious.

“Let’s go back before we go any further, Jason. Let’s go back all the way to Legacy of Champions. You took my title off of me but you did it with help.” Derecho seemed to perk up a little as he grinned at that. “Now let’s flash forward, I know we’ve covered this, but it’s all for a point. Right here in jOlt you beat me not once but twice. The first time was with help from SVJ the second time? You did it by yourself for the biggest prize in the company after the Underground title and the curse you, yourself, have admitted to was lifted from you.”

“My point is, Jason, Aran had a small army backing him and those are odds not even I favor. Go back and watch the entirety of my war with the now broken Backbone. If it wasn’t for luck and thinning the ranks by various injuries do you honestly think I would have won?” Sylo shook his head no.

“Yet you blame Aran Thompson, you blame being human, you blame everything except the one thing you should be blaming for,” Sylo moved his hand up and down at Derecho. “This, whatever this is.”

Sylo stepped up on the ring apron and climbed in the ring so Derecho could really look in his eyes and see the words he spoke had conviction behind them.

“What it all boils down to, Jason, is you can’t blame the fact that underneath all your bullshit banter you’re just hiding behind a veil, clinging on desperately like it’s your mama’s skirt, because you’re nothing more than WEAK.” Sylo watched Derecho who was none too pleased being called weak.

“What? The truth hurt? Let me say it again, Jason. YOU. ARE. JUST. WEAK!” Sylo emphasized each word as Derecho’s teeth began gnash.

Sylo chuckled to himself before scoffing and turning his gaze back at Derecho, shaking his head a little, and almost pitying the man before he would continue.

“Right now, you’re right, I don’t see a man. All I see is a scared little boy. My God, how have you become lower than a snakes ass? It really doesn’t matter because I know all too well about having another side. See you hide behind yours where as I have battled mine for countless years. I didn’t need the Underground Title to give birth to mine because mine is more than a moniker, Jason, mine is very real. Of course it’s easier to give in. Hell I know that better than you but that side I battle has ended more careers than I can keep up with. That side doesn’t distinguish friend from foe. That side is wrath incarnate.” Sylo’s words rang out filled with truth and knowledge of countless years.

“So if Jason is dead and Derecho is technically dead and all that’s left is really The King of Hell, well, wrestling mourns because it actually lost someone worth a damn. Then something came along, wore Jason Roberts skin, and walked around looking like some shitty villain from a 1980’s metal video.” The fans had a laugh at that one. “So, wanna prove me wrong? There’s only one way. Put Cordova down and end the farce now before anyone else gets hurt. Otherwise, Jason, you leave me out of options. I won’t fight you, friends aside, there’s two people back at home a hell of a lot more precious to me. I admit I have everything to lose and you have nothing but that doesn’t mean I won’t get someone I think is bad enough to kick you in the fucking skull until you either snap out of it or go brain dead.” Sylo was dead serious staring at his friend.

Derecho, with Cordova still on his shoulder the entire time looked Sylo dead in his eyes and grinned. He put Cordova down all right...


Derecho then looked up at Sylo as he made a cover on Cordova... it was an Underground Rules match. The referee had no choice but to count the pin.




Derecho continued to stare up at Sylo, still in the pinning position. He cracked a sadistic grin as Sylo just shook his head in disgust.

“I really didn’t want this, Jason but you need an opponent at Unlimited. No, it won’t be me as I’ve said more than once, but trust me I’ll bring something from your worst nightmare. You’ve got until then to think on everything I’ve said. If you can manage to see the light by being strong enough to pull your head out of your ass then great but if you can’t or won’t, then at Unlimited I’ll have something for you besides just a contract to sign. We’re done here, I’m sick of hearing you get off on the sound of your own voice.” Sylo threw the microphone aside.

“Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” – Nonpoint. Sylo flipped over the top rope and landed on his feet heading up the ramp. He’d stop before stepping through the curtain, turn toward Derecho, who was still on top of Cordova in the pinning position, and just shook his head with disgust before vanishing backstage.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"Not So Fast"

Ninja K “Survivor” by Mavado suddenly pierced the noisy banter of the jOlt universe, sending the fans into a frenzy. ‘The West Indian Obsidian’ Waymoth Turnbull had finally made his way back onto an episode of “Intense” after defeating ‘The Rising Star’ Landon Stevens in what was described as a very competitive contest between the two former team-mates.

If you could really call them that.

Waymoth made his way from behind the curtains, taking just a moment to pose for the crowd as the flashing of their cameras went off wildly. He was swollen with pride. To him, a rung on a ladder had been climbed and it was time to reach up and grab what he desired.

As the Caribbean’s Prodigal Son walked towards ringside, he continued to show his appreciation for the fans, taking the moment to slap a few hands, and grab a couple signs that showed his likeness. One quick walk around the ring also gave the opportunity to grab a free microphone and slide under the ropes and into the ring.

“WHA’ GOOD!?” He shouted into the microphone, the crowd responding kindly.

“Ah can’t say dat dey has been any udda time where ah honestly can say that Ah glad meh body ah feel bang-up right now,” He continued, “Lawd have mercy, dat boy Landon try to put meh tru’ ah ringah at Wired. He try to geh one ovah on me! But I is a man that had ‘drive’ on meh side and it didn’t even mattah how many ah’dem Faction member come down to de ring – It was no way dat I would’a leave de arena without puttin’ da man flat on he back for a tree count!”

The fans roared with more excitement.

“Now de funny ting is dis,” Waymoth began to pace around the ring as he continued to speak, “As ah sit inna me apartment and watch last week episode. Ah watch Landon geh scolded by de coward who gah de nerve to call ‘imself champion. Now, de last ting ah’d wan’ do is to give anybody inna de back de idea that ah rootin’ for Stevens, but ah will say dis, unlike Aran, Landon had de balls to step inna de ring wit’ me! Him had de tenacity to tek me to a limit! All de while, Aran ah tuck he tail between he leg dem anna’ run every chance he ah get!”

“Well, Aran,” Waymoth leaned over the ropes, signaling for the camera-man to zoom a bit closer to his grizzled mug, “No more runnin’. No more hidin’ behind dese pissy tail minion yah ah call Black Faction. Fi’ too long meh wait pon’ you to bring ya rass’clot down to de pit with de Lion and I ain’t gon’ bodda askin’ no more – dis time meh gon’ come and drag yuh down ‘ere! In fact -- ”

The screeching sound of static echoed throughout the arena as a snowy screen appeared on the jOltVision. The snow continued until Eli and Ezra Conway were seen holding up an incoherent Cloyd. The crowd gasped in disbelief. They couldn’t believe Stevens would go to such lengths to get the attention of ‘The West Indian Obsidian’. Stevens stepped forward towards the camera and laughed.

“You and I both know Aran isn’t going to come out there. I don’t even know why you bother. Aran isn’t the one you should be worried about right now anyways. You see Waymoth, I publicly asked nicely for a rematch and you denied me. Actually you were even a little rude. I told you the war wasn’t over. You did this to poor Cloyd. Do you need a closer look? ”

“The Rising Star” grabbed the camera man and pulled him in closer to get a better look at Cloyd. The close friend of Waymoth appeared unconscious with cuts and bruises all over his face. His white undershirt covered in blood. The fans looked away in astonishment that Stevens did this to a defenseless man.

“I guess I really don’t know my own strength. I think he may need medical attention. What do I know though, I’m not a doctor.”

Waymoth made his way out of the ring and up to the top of the entrance ramp when he was stopped by Stevens.

“Ah, Ah, Ah… “ Stevens voice echoed through the building.

Waymoth growled as he looked up at the screen. Stevens was obviously playing mind games with ‘The West Indian Obsidian’.

“I wouldn’t come back here if I was you.”

Waymoth ignored Stevens warning and darted towards the back. Waymoth dashed down the hallways and came across Mace. Waymoth stopped and grabbed him by the throat and threw him up against the way.

“Where dey at?” Waymoth growled.


Out of nowhere Stevens comes up from behind with a chair and smashes it into the back of the knee of ‘The West Indian Obsidian’. Stevens took the chair and slammed it into the knee once again. Stevens then attacked the arm of the beast. Stevens stood tall above the beast and raised the chair in the air in the middle of the locker room. Stevens looked into the zoomed in camera.


Stevens threw the chair to the ground and kicked the downed Waymoth before walking away with his head held high.

"Collateral Damage"

Ninja K The scene opened with the reigning Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship division was viewed, seated in his backless chair. Quietly, the ninja allowed his female subordinates to continue the final preparations of his wrestling attire. The sounds & feeling of tranquility manifested within the Inogami Clan locker room. From the corner of his eye, she spied one of the young female geisha openly enamored by the championship belt. She gently ran her fingers against the smooth fabric of the belt...

“Careful, child...” Kenshiro spoke, abruptly startling the nubile servant. She looked back toward his direction before dropping respectfully to her knees. The majority of the other subordinates halted their respective duties. The head mistress adamantly bowed on her disobedient workers’ naivete before raising her hand to discipline her...

“No!” The clan leader ordered in a calm yet authoritative tone. The head mistress quickly looked toward him before dropping to the position of seiza beside her subordinate. Ninja rose to his feet and calmly stood before them both.

“Don’t ever touch that belt, little one.” Kenshiro ordered. The young teen nodded fervently.

“Forgive my failure, My Lord.” The elder chambermaid replied. “She is easily distracted. I will correct her...”

Kenshiro raised his hand to halt her excessive pleas for forgiveness.

“It’s beauty & the array of responsibilities as its bearer, are very bittersweet burdens to behold.” Ninja mentioned while noting the child continuing to nodding. Something was peculiar.

“No one, without my permission, is to lay a hand on that belt. Disobedience will be met swiftly & with extreme prejudice.” The ninja bellowed, garnering full understanding from his subordinates. Oddly, one of the Crimson Elite, rose from the position of seiza. Knuckles gnarling amidst an infrequent pattern of excessive nervous twitches. Kenshiro looked over his shoulder to see another Crimson Elite, hunched forward on all fours. Trembling angrily. Another one its knees. Fists clenched. Head reared back with the pitch of a rising metallic scream filling the room.

Anger arose within the ninja as the remaining subordinates reluctantly succumbed to the madness. Moans of sheer anguish flooded the room, prompting Kenshiro to look about before noticing the girl who originally desecrate the tainted belt. She was still nodding until it became more eerily rhythmic and more pronounced. Nose bleeding from a rhythmic drip to notable seepage. Trembling. Rearing her head back, a set of clenched teeth became drenched in blood. Crimson was violently spewed into the air. The elderly chambermaid reached out to embrace the girl before being abruptly strangled by the possessed. Kenshiro grabbed the girl by the back of her neck and flung her back first soundly against the wall. He quickly pulled the elderly woman over to her feet and ordered her to flee yet one of the possessed Elite hurled her through one of the tall vases near the door before dropping abruptly to its knees and steadily slamming its helmet soundly against the hard carpeted floor.

Unsettled, the reigning Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship, quickly assessed his immediate surroundings to see the fallen girl rising back to her feet. Mouth agape with both eyes rolled to the back of her head.


The voice is far from human nor compassionate.

Three of the possessed Crimson Elite stood each to the ninja’s left flank as he turned about. Fists were all clenched with Ninja readily trading glances with both threats, who began speaking in unison...




Quickly losing ground to retreat, the clan leader was drawn to the shimmering surface of the championship strap. Without haste, he seized the belt by its strap. The sight and sounds of bodies collapsing around & before him along the floor, left him agitated beyond measure. The clan locker room was abruptly forced open with Heido leading the charge. Both Takeshi & Eiji followed suit to order several Crimson Elite to secure the room & immediate perimeter.

“Lord Kenshiro.” Mamoru opened while slightly disturbed by the unsettling scene. “What happened here? Are you alright?”


The ninja was obviously mentally elsewhere.

Lord Kenshiro!

“...Wha....I’ll be fine.” The clan leader replied. His aura did not solidify the confidence of his officers as the assorted band of fallen subordinates were being tended to. He lowered his head to look at the belt, hanging within his grasp.

“What on Earth happened here?” The clan advisor asked. Kenshiro slowly shook his head in response.

“Tend to them.” Kenshiro ordered while slowly stepping away from his 2nd in command. “Secure this place. Ensure every last one of them are medically treated. Send word to Lady Akina that I need her here. Now.”

The clan leader quickly pivoted toward the main hatch & swept his hair from his visage, ignoring the remainder of his clan officers en route past them out the door...

Red & Ted (c) vs The Heirs of Wrestling

Tonight would be the first televised defense for the brand new jOlt Tag Team Champions, Red and Ted. After antagonizing the House for weeks, a scheme was pulled off in grand fashion that allowed Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs to steal the Tag Titles from the powerhouse tag team. While The House had their rematch clause coming to them, Damien Lee heard the rumblings that the Heirs – other rivals of Red and Ted – had challenged them and the match was granted. Brad Arnold was here with the in-ring introductions.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall… this is a tag team match and will be contested for the Jolt TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!”

The crowd popped for the action that was about to come. These two teams fought in two matches and were each one a piece. The winning team would be see either Red and Ted keep their gold or see the Heirs win the belts for a record third time!

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 515… they are the team of MACK BRODY AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Frank nodded at his boys before he headed backstage to allow Mack and Ryan the opportunity to compete for the belts. They wanted to earn the belts and since this version of the Heirs never fought Red and Ted before, they could be at an advantage.

“My Reward” by Hail the Villian.

The crowd jeered and the fans started to shower the troublemaking trio with a big negative reaction. One by one the men that comprised the tag team tandem of Red and Ted made their way out. Grady Patrick was out first with his cane and tipped it for the audience. Behind him was the lecherous party animal Teddy Jacobs and bringing up the rear was the arrogant and joker-like grin of Alexander Redding.

“Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 472 pounds… they are accompanied by Grady Patrick… they are the NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions… Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs… RED AND TED!”

The two men entered the ring and were ready for action. They flaunted the belts that they had stolen from The House and handed them over to referee Ian Nguyen who raised the belts in the air to show what was on the line. Grady Patrick slapped the ring apron and watched as his men started off the match.


Ryan Gallway was in the ring first with Alexander Redding who didn’t look impressed at all with their competition.

“We’ve beaten you fuckers before,” he said. “Can’t you just go away and die or something?”

“Nah, but you can suck my intergalactic nines, asshole!” Ryan fired back.

The two men locked up first and it was the smaller Ryan Gallway getting the advantage first. He rolled out under Redding and tripped up the Tag Team Champion on the mat quickly before rolling over and slapping the back of his head! The crowd laughed at Ryan Gallway’s apparent hotdogging as he popped up and laughed at Redding.

The Tag Team Champion was red (pun intended) in the face before he charged at The Prince of Precision and locked him up again with a headlock and switched it up to a kick. Redding and Jacobs were usually experts at antagonizing their prey, but knowing how dangerous any iteration of the Heirs were going to be, he was all action tonight. He buried more feet into the chest of Ryan and went to whip him across the ring. He charged at him, but hit nothing but turnbuckle as Ryan ran up the ropes and backflipped all the way over Alexander Redding!

He kept on running the ropes just as Redding turned around and when he did, he got caught with a BIG Running Gamengiri Kick to the face! Ryan rolled over quickly and went for the cover.




Alex powered out of the cover as Grady Patrick continued to cheer on his men. Teddy Jacobs yelled words of encouragement as Ryan picked up Redding and led him over to the corner before tagging into Mack Brody. The big Bronze Bomber got a big round of cheers from the crowd (and yes, many more from the female contingent in the crowd) as he took his shirt off. Ryan ran Redding into the corner and connected with a Forearm Smash just as Mack Brody followed him in with a BIG Body Avalanche! He fell over and Mack went for a cover now.




Jacobs frantically jumped on the ring apron while Mack Brody pulled Redding up and popped him upside the back with several nice Clubbing Forearms to the back of the head. Alexander collapsed to his knees while Ryan reached over to make the tag again. He held Redding in place as he jumped off the top turnbuckle and connected with a Double Stomp to his arm! Redding flinched and fell to his knees while Ryan stood over him. He landed a few good Round Kicks to the chest of the jOlt Tag Team Champion and continued to unleash the pain. When Redding was near the ropes, he ran off, but Teddy caught him with a big knee to the back. Ryan stumbled forward long enough for Redding to recover…


He took him down courtesy of a Running STO! They could take no liberties here tonight if they wanted any hope of keeping their belts so Redding hurriedly made the cover on Gallway.




Gallway got his shoulder out underneath Redding, but he unleashed a flurry of Elbow Smashes into the face of Gallway as he was down. After beating him down sufficiently, he made the tag over to his brawler tag team partner. The 6’1” and 240-pound Teddy Jacobs absorbed some more jeers from the crowd as he proudly stood over the fallen Gallway. He looked over to Mack jealously and flexed his arms.

“I’m the only pretty one around here, asshole!”

He scooped Gallway up off the mat before he took him down quickly with a Snap Suplex to the mat! He wasn’t finished there and rolled through before chaining right through into a Back Suplex! He was down now and Redding clapped for his tag partner as he dropped a very calculated Knee Drop to the top of Gallway’s chest! Ryan flinched across the canvas while Teddy Jacobs pointed at Grady Patrick and clapped for his own handiwork. He casually rolled over and went for another cover on her.




The Prince of Precision was out again but Teddy Jacobs rewarded him with a flurry of stomps to the chest. He pressed a foot down on his throat before tagging into Redding again and the two men kicke the living shit out of him during the five seconds they had for Jacobs to leave the ring. Teddy left after Ian reprimanded him and allowed for Redding to get more of his stomp on over Gallway. He blew a mock kiss to Mack Brody and the big Bronze Bomber tried to get inside only for the referee to stop him. This allowed both Redding and Jacobs to get back into the ring and stomp the life out of him some more!


Jacobs left the ring again and rolled over to hook the leg on Gallway once more after he was down.




Brody came into the ring and buried a boot in the small of Redding’s back before walking over to the corner. Redding cradled his back in pain after the kick and took a second to shake it off. But he didn’t get back up in time to see Gallway limp back up…


The Springboard Gamengiri kick landed on the side of his head and knocked him nearly out cold! The crowd cheered as Gallway finally landed his attack and waited for the crowd to lend their support to him. Midas was waiting for the tag as Redding started to crawl over to his corner….


The other half of the Tag Team Champions jumped into the ring and tried to stop the tag…


Mack Brody was a big, golden, well-manicured HOUSE OF FIYAH!

He mowed right through Teddy Jacobs with a running Double Sledge that caught him right in the chest! When Teddy tried to stand again, Mack Brody knocked him down a second time, this time with a Back Elbow to the chest.


The crowd cheered the big monster as he picked up Teddy Jacobs off the ground and whipped him all the way across the ring to the opposite corner. Brody charged like the truck which he is named after and SPLATTERED him in the corner with a big Splash! When he caught him he grabbed him…


The Release Exploder Suplex sent him flying across the ring! Jacobs was hurt now and that’s when Grady Patrick went to full on panic mode as Mack Brody went for the cover…




Redding to the rescue with a big kick to the side of the head. He ran over and grabbed the Tag Titles from ringside, hobbling over with his cane in the process. Redding had recovered on the outside and before he forcibly rolled Teddy Jacobs out of the ring! Re and Ted were taking their shit and leaving.

Brody just started to get up while he and Ryan Gallway were each looking on and by the time they got there, they were already they were halfway up the ramp.

“So long, fuckwads!” Red laughed.

As they backed up, the referee had counted to ten, signifying the Heirs as the winner of the match. Red and Ted were taking their titles and leaving, everybody else be damned…


The beastly roar belonged to that of “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck… and he did not forgive their transgressions. When Red and Ted turned around…


Red and Ted wen back down HARD with Double Clotheslines! Roebuck paid the crowd no mind as they continued cheering at first while an angry Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway watched on. Grady tried to defend himself with his cane when Adam Roebuck grabbed him by the throat… CHOKESLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!

Grady wasn’t a wrestler, but Adam didn’t care. HE was out for revenge and by God, the big monster was going to fucking take it.

When Redding tried to stand, he was kicked in the gut by Roebuck and lifted up before he, too, got DROPPED WITH THE TURN ON THE FLOOR! The vicious Fallaway Powerbomb DRILLED him into the barricade!

Adam Roebuck was in full monster mode now and was single-handled taking the fight to the jOlt Tag Team Champions as the crowd started to cheer for the monster.

Shot from behind by Jacobs!

Jacobs fought back and sent the big man flying back up the aisleway a few steps. The two men were now fighting on the stage as the brawl continued to intensity. He continued to fight back and blast him with right hands only for him to grab his arm. He headbutted Teddy in the face hard and now pressed him over his head as he waited…


Brody and Gallway were still watching this all unfold up the aisle as both Charlotte and Derrick Huber were out there to try and keep Adam from doing something he shouldn’t have. Granted, Red and Ted were certainly not on their Christmas lists after all they’ve done.

“Don’t do it! Don’t!”

Roebuck didn’t hear any of it…


A shower of sparks and equipment exploded into a thousand pieces as the crowd went nuts! They had just witnessed the destruction of the Tag Team Champions thanks to Adam Roebuck, who finally snapped. The crowd was a mix of cheers and boos for The Big Bucks as he yelled loudly with a passionate roar. Weeks of frustration built up to this and now he was done.

“Now we’re done.” Roebuck snarled.

He pushed his way past Derrick Huber and Charlotte before he walked back to the locker room, not even turning back to see the damage caused to Alexander Redding, Grady Patrick and Teddy Jacobs. Far as he was concerned, he was done.

As trainers attended to Teddy Jacobs and the fallen Red and Ted as Derrick Huber and Charlotte ran after him to try and keep him from doing any more damage.

Winner: via Pinfall

"Everything is Real"

Ninja K Back inside the ring, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway were still in the ring as trainers attended to what amounted to the remains of Red and Ted, helping them away from the scene. Brody and Gallway had won the match by countout, but they were still no closer to becoming the Tag Team Champions and after this turn of events, nobody knew what would become of the champions…


OUT OF NOWHERE, Mack Brody was levelled with a devastation shot courtesy of the heavy of the Hands of the Cause member, Brone Haggard! He was down now and before Ryan could react, he was taken down and locked in the Stranglehold, courtesy of Henry Dylan!

Frank Hendrix, Henry Dylan and Brone Haggard were all in the ring now and had the three-on-two advantage over the Heirs of Wrestling! They had some scathing words for each other earlier in the show and just like they had on Reno Davis, they were sending a message to the Heirs of Wrestling!

They had just had a match with Red and Ted so they were no match for the numbers game that the Hands of the Cause were exerting on him. That’s when the crowd started cheering…


“Spell ass-whooping, asshole!” Frank yelled.

He rained down fists on the head of Frank Hendrix, but Brone was back up as Hendrix kicked him away… TRAUMA TO FRANK SILVER!

Dylan released the hold on Gallway and now all three Heirs were down and out. A shaky Frank Hendrix started to get back up to his feet now with Henry Dylan’s help as he glanced down at Frank Silver only to deliver a HARD kick right to the ribs for his trouble.

“That’s for laying a hand on me.”

The crowd continued to boo the new group who had made a powerful statement here tonight. Hendrix had warned jOlt that change was coming and now the winds of change had just blown into jOlt…

Taking out the Heirs of Wrestling in the process.

Henry kneeled down beside the leader of the Heirs, Frank Silver, and wiped at his hair just as he had done to Reno Davis the week before Brone stood by silently while Frank Hendrix scowled. The group left the ring and looked back at the damage caused.

Crimson Order vs West Texas Terrorists


“Believers” by !Mayday! rang freely from the PA system, leading the gathered legions to respond with a spiteful rebuttal. Led by the enigmatic Landon Stevens, The West Texas Terrorist arrogantly appeared before the embittered public. Ezra Conway was seen on the right end of the entrance rampway, antagonizing nearby fans as Eli Conway was caught extending his arms outward, radiating with sheer bravado...

Dean Carrington: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit...Introducing First, accompanied by Landon Stevens....Making their way to the ring...Representing The Black Family...Hailing from Houston, Texas and weighting in at a total combined weight of 490 pounds...This is Eli & Ezra Conway...THE WEST!! TEXAS!! TERRORISTS!!!

Landon & The Twins continued to further agitate the crowd while making their intentional rounding of the squared circle. A band of internet smarks began exchanging words with Eli, who promptly extending his middle finger before both twins passed through the ring ropes in unison. Eli & Ezra commandeered adjacent turnbuckles to further fan the flames of resentment as ‘The Rising Star was busy promoting his allies from the outside. Both twins cris crossed the ring with timely caroms against the ropes as their musical intro disappeared. The disparaging chant of ’Broke Back Mountain’ drew the ire of the South Texas natives who inaudibly barked back in kind. Landon Stevens was seen waving his hands to dissuade the chants from continuing...

‘Ultraviolence’ by Cliff Lin

A favorable yet volatile pop arose during gradual fade to arena wide darkness. All eyes were set upon the smoldering overcast overwhelming the entrance staging area. The infrequent flashes of Pearl & Crimson hues revealed both ninjas, slowly rising to their feet within the strobe lit smoke. Stepping forward, with a lit cigar, the elder clan statesman stood a few paces ahead while adjusting his lapels of his suit jacket. On cue, both ninjas stood erect before the audible sea of humanity. The clan advisor extended his hands outward, silently ordering the arena to illuminate...

Carrington: “...And their opponents; Accompanied by their manager, Mamoru...Representing The Inogami Clan; From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting a total combined weight of 605 pounds...they are the team of Heido & Takeshi...THE CRIMSON!!! ORDER!!!

The Texas Twins adamantly voiced their resentment toward their approaching stoic rivals as Mamoru inaudibly dealt out words of instruction to his team. Standing firm at the end of the entrance rampway, the ninjas stared back at their mouthy opposition as Landon & Mamoru remained engaged in a cold stare down. Takeshi quickly leapt atop the ring apron, sending both twins retreating from opposing ends of the ring. The Mute Mountain calmly removed his Kendo Mask & set it atop the turnbuckle post as Heido sauntered his way up the ring steps. The bald titan raised his fist to further stir up the crowd & piss off their competition as The Kansai Crippler slowly handed his coolie hat to Mamoru before passing through the ropes. Both camps were exchanging inaudible unpleasantries as the musical theme evaporated. The crowd volume reflected the anticipation for inevitable tag team gang warfare as Referee Simon Boulder, passed through the ropes & inspected both teams. Ring Announcer Dean Carrington made his egress from the ring as the in ring official motioned for the opening bell to sound.

Eli & Takeshi would start the match with the young Texan engaging The Mute Mountain with a Collar & Elbow Tie Up. Takeshi soundly hurled the twin away with him rolling backward, sprawled against the ring ropes. The bald titan beat his chest with each fist before flaring his clenched fists outward, taunting the Black Family soldier to get back to his feet. Eli ignored the roaring masses to complain to the referee before circling his opposition. Another Collar & Elbow Tie Up with the twin sent bouncing back first against the canvas. Using both momentum & frustration, Eli reverse somersaulted himself into a dead sprint. Takeshi missed with the Angry Man’s Clothesline. The giant turned about & was staggered backward with a stern Flying Forearm! Undeterred, Eli garnered a Ric Flair tribute with Knife Edge Chop before shooting back to the ropes. The anxious Texan quickly found himself the victim of an Overhead Gorilla Press Drop! Eli was seen slowly rolling away in anguish toward his respective corner as the Inogami Clan enforcer intensely flexed his muscles to ignite the clan loyalists.

Landon Stevens angrily slapped the ring apron as Ezra, the physical anchor of the team, tagged himself in. He briefly stood along the ring apron before stepping inside the ring. Both rivals measured each other up before colliding with a Collar & Elbow Tie Up. Ezra quickly cinched in a grinding Side Head Lock. Takeshi was checking the hold as the twin broadened his base for added leverage. The Mute Mountain leaned his captor against the ropes before Ezra countered the running lead by sliding to a kneeling halt. The giant gradually regained his footing before weakening Ezra’s grip with a tandem of Forearm Shots to the back. Takeshi hoisted Ezra overhead for a Teardrop Suplex. The wily Texan escaped, landed to quickly carom off the ropes to humble the giant with a stiff Chop Block! Takeshi unfortunately stumbled closer toward enemy territory as Ezra grabbed the titan’s head and slammed in against the extended foot of Eli Conway. The tag was made & the Texas Twins rattled the ring with a Double Team Suplex on Takeshi! Ezra swivelled to his feet as Eli blasted the giant with a stiff Kick between the Shoulder Blades before Ezra leveled him with a Sliding Bulldog Lariat! Eli with the cover! ...1! ..2! Kickout!

Both Stevens & Mamoru were heard barking out instructions to their respective teams as Eli cinched in a taunt Rear Side Chin Lock. Takeshi continued fighting against the hold before solidifying his base & shoving the Texan toward the opposing ropes. Eli ducked underneath the Clothesline, allowing his twin to tag himself in during the carom. Eli was sent airborne with a High Back Body Drop yet exposed the titan to eat a stiff Yakuza Kick! Ezra quickly hooked the leg deeply for the cover yet Heido immediately slingshot himself into the ring & delivered a precision Elbow Drop to the Head! Landon promptly escorted Eli back to friendly territory as Mamoru & Heido encourage Takeshi to tag himself out. The Kansai Crippler kept his arm extended out to his approaching partner as Ezra staggered about while cradling his head. Immediately, the Texan sent Heido spilling to the outside with a Running Forearm, preventing the tag. The audience responded audibly as Ezra relentlessly laid the boots to the ailing giant before motioning his twin to help him. Mamoru was busy aiding Heido to his feet as the Twins were seen dragging Takeshi toward their corner before making a Ghost Tag, sending Eli in. Eli arrogantly stood atop the top turnbuckles & taunted the crowd before connecting with a measured Flying Forearm Drop! Cover! ...1! ...2! Shoulder!

Conway was pissed off, accusing the referee of a ‘slow count’ yet to no avail. A Grounded Front Face Lock was set in as Mamoru began the rally the masses behind him. Eli was frantically looking around as the Mute Mountain pulled himself onto all fours , gradually willing his way toward the awaiting Heido. Struggling to stave off the ninja’s momentum, Eli signaled for Ezra to aid him. The incoming Texan streaked past his twin to attack Heido, who sent him careening soundly against the padded earth with a swift Hip Toss! The rising giant erected himself & countered with a Bear Hug Submission. Landon Stevens angrily pounded the ring apron as Eli fought the urge to submit. Takeshi tightened his grip, forcing the twin’s arm’s to extend outward. Eli boxed both ears of his captor, stunning the massive mute before a measured Headbutt weakened the hold. Set free, Eli missed with the Back Elbow, allotting Heido to stagger the twin backward with a stiff Open Palm Punch! Arms rotating to retain his failing balance, the twin turned about to be draped across The Silent Nightmare’s broad shoulders as Heido made the tag. Running Fallaway Slam by Takeshi! The Kansai Crippler stood himself erect from the middle ropes before taking flight...

The Broken Promise

The Diving Forearm Drop connected before Heido hooked the leg deep for the cover! ...1! ..2! Ezra with the Diving Save before scurrying away to his corner. Heido glared at the fleeing coward before whipping Eli into position with a prompt Snap Mare into a grueling Chin Lock. Referee Boulder knelt to assess Eli’s condition when Heido quickly reared back, grabbed the cowboy’s hair& driving a stiff Knee between his shoulder blades! The twin howled as the sinewy ninja reapplied the Chin Lock. Taking his index & middle finger, he tortured his prey by pulling his nostrils back before beating the 4 count. Stevens remained livid from the outside as Heido shared some choice words with both Ezra and Landon before crowing Eli with a stern Elbow! The ailing twin tried to crawl away yet the relentless submissionist trapped the Texan into a Half Nelson before methodically pummeling him with Single Arm Crossface Punches! Ezra’s sprint toward him prompted Heido to shove his prey to the canvas. Ezra quickly scurried away to the ropes yet as Heido turned & grabbed Eli, the opportunist stunned the ninja with a swift Knee Lift. A tandem of Clubbing Forearms humbled Heido before using a Hammer Throw to his corner. The momentum allowed Heido to send Ezra flying off the ring apron via a Running Forearm Shot! Eli sprinted after the ninja. Heido shoved him toward the corner yet the twin retaliated with a Vaulting Tornado DDT!

Mamoru was seen pacing in slight frustration as Landon Stevens happily motivated his soldier to regain his bearings. A grimacing Eli dragged himself over toward the ropes before his mirror image dragged him off the ring apron. Landon Stevens rounded the ring post before helping the twin back into the ring. Attending to the fallen twin, Heido shook the cobwebs free before rising back to his feet. Staggering after opposition, the twin quickly balled him up into an Inside Cradle! ....1! ...2! Heido jerked himself upward off the mat, making Ezra immediately attempt a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Shoulder! The twin slapped the mat in frustration before dropping a hail of repetitive Elbow Drops before finishing with a Leaping Elbow Drop! Ezra hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! Kickout! An agitated Ezra sat up with Landon shouting instructions before the twin peeled the ninja off the mat before hurling him away with a Hammer Throw into the corner. The Flying Corner Body Splash missed, leaving Ezra to begin staggering backward. Landon yelled angrily as he watched her was spun about by Heido’s Open Palm Punch across the Jaw...

The Archangel Suplex - [ A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex ]

Mamoru celebrated in a reserved manner as Ezra collapsed in a heap. Heido slowly covered the twin with a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Eli broke the pin with a Slingshot Senton atop of the ninja He quickly dragged his mirror image several paces closer to his corner before passing thru the ropes. Simon Boulder angrily reprimanded him yet Landon Stevens redirected the ref towards the action in the ring. Ezra extended his arm outward & tagged his brother in who leapt over the top ropes. The audience clambered for Heido to make the tag yet Eli connected with a Sliding Elbow Drop on the ninja. Negative heat resonated throughout the arena as Eli began punching the Kansai Crippler relentlessly before extending a stern middle finger at Takeshi. The Mute Mountain angrily reached for the bothersome pest before being spat on sent him into a burning rage. Referee Boulder immediately interceded, allowing Landon Stevens to slip into the ring to help crush Heido into the canvas with a Double Team Wheelbarrow Suplex! The crafty Stevens quickly rolled off the ring apron as Mamoru’s complaints were shortly waved off as Eli made the cover...1! ...2!

The legions cheered as Takeshi made the save via a Running Kick to Eli’s head! The Silent Nightmare stepped over the top ropes & extended his arm outward to his clan brother. Both Heido & Eli were struggling to reach their awaiting corners with both managers encouraging their respective representatives. Ezra tagged himself in & sprinted after Heido who tagged the titan in! Ezra hit the breaks & begged for mercy before being ran over by a Takeshi Clothesline. Eli was sent sailing off the ring apron via a massive Running Forearm! A dazed Ezra balled up his fists yet was quickly knocked down by a Double Handed Mongolian Chop! The bewildered cowboy was staggering up to his feet yet was sent Ezra away with a hard Hammer Throw, reversal...Kick to the Stomach & the masses roared as he silently pointed to his appointed destination...

Iga Avalanche - [A Package Fallaway Power Bomb into Turnbuckle]

The Texan lifelessly collapsed into a crumpled heap as Takeshi proudly beat his chest with each fist before covering with the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Landon Stevens propped his soldier’s leg across the bottom rope to break the pin. The referee readily was on Stevens’ case who feigned innocence as Takeshi was rising back to his feet when Eli blind sided him with a Running Double Axe Handle. The Mute Mountain was not amused as Eli frantically looked for a means of escape before sliding underneath the ropes. Ezra was pulled off the ring apron for the trio to regroup as Landon believed the boys had enough. A tsunami of boos were heard as they began rounding the ring steps en route to the entrance way ramp when The Kansai Crippler ran over Ezra & Stevens as a 300+ locomotive floored Eli with an Diving Tope! The brawling continued as Heido led Stevens with an Irish Whip. Landon with a Reversal that bounced the ninja against the barricades. The Rising Star rushed in & a Back Body Drop sent him soaring over the barricades, disappearing into the crowd! Ezra stumbled after Heido and sought slam him face first into the steel steps. Heido hit the breaks before allowing Ezra to eat cold steel before being shoved back inside the ring.

Fragmented Silence - [A Ring Apron Power Bomb]

Eli Conway was ‘dead’. The unforgiving masses rallied behind the ninjas as Heido & Ezra trading blows in the ring before the cowboy countering with a stiff European Uppercut. Heido staggered back a few paces before Ezra led him toward the ropes with an Irish Whip. Heido somersaulted underneath the Back Elbow. The ninja caromed off the ropes yet Conway missed with the Discus Clothesline. Heido hoisted him up for a Teardrop Suplex which Ezra flipped out, landed & was abruptly spun about by Takeshi...

See/Hear/Speak No Evil - (sequence)[2 Consecutive Short Arm Clotheslines + Discus Forearm Shot to Face]

The Crimson Order stood over their fallen prey before looking out into the raucous crowd. Heido nodded with affirmation as The Mute Mountain initiated a ‘throat slashing’ gesture. Snatched up to his feet, Ezra was physically battered by being Irish Whipped into the corner by Takeshi. As the giant shot toward the opposing ropes, Heido pounded on his opposition before jettisoning him airborne with a Monkey Flip...

The Tokyo Train Wreck

Takeshi literally obliterated the cowboy with a Diving Shoulder Tackle out of mid air! The audience roared as Ezra collapsed into a crumpled heap! The Mute Mountain made the cover as a groggy Eli was quickly knocked off the ring apron with a Running Knee by Heido. The rest was academic...




‘Ultraviolence’ by Cliff Lin rang out from overhead as Landon Stevens was seen cradling his head while kneeling by Eli’s side. The sprawled out carcass of Ezra Conway was left on display as the victorious ninjas knelt in Mamoru’s direction as he passed through the ropes to join his team...

Dean Carrington: “Your winner of the match by way of Pinfall...THE CRIMSON!! ORDER!!!

Placing a reassuring hand on each ninja’s shoulder, Mamoru celebrated in his typical reserved manned as Takeshi stood erect & nodded to the masses. Heido swept his mane back and patted his brother across the chest, sharing a congratulatory conversation with his kinsman. Both Eli & Landon were inaudibly barking at the ninjas for access to recollect their fallen comrade. The Mute Mountain was all too happy to oblige as he & Heido pulled Ezra up to his feet. Eli motioned for the ninjas to release him when Takeshi fling him into the corner with a Atomic Hammer Throw, prompting Ezra to conduct a Ric Flair bump off the turnbuckles to land vertically along the ring apron before Heido send him bouncing off the padded floor with a Running Thrust Kick to the Jaw! The Black Family soldiers radiated resentment as the knelt down to collect their brother at arms as The Inogami Clan officers basked in the ambiance of assured victory....
As the scene faded the black, the unified expressions of the losing team cemented the notion that this war was just getting started....

Winner: Crimson Order via Pinfall