"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"I Gave You Power (PRE-RECORDED)"

Cameras went backstage and revealed the lovely Dawn Cassidy in the parking garage with microphone in hand, as she awaited the arrival of Jolt grapplers.

"This is Dawn Cassidy, I'm here awaiting the arrival of some of the Jolt performers that you all know and love, well some of them you hate, but that's not the point. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few words from them as they prepare for tonight's iNtense."

It was at that moment that a silver BMW arrived on the scene, with music blaring.

"Here comes someone now!"

Dawn and her camera man approached the car as the driver pulled into a parking lot, as the music came to an abrupt end. The trunk popped open and the driver side door soon followed. A black pair of Timberland boots followed by a black jeans pants leg was revealed and soon a black hooded figure exited the vehicle. The man stood up and the hood was revealed with the slogan "Brooklyn... It's Where My Story begins..". The man removed the hood...

Cheers were heard from inside the arena as a familiar face gave his trademark grin to the camera.

It was Mr. One Letter Better himself, The Attention Getter...


"Jonathan, Jonathan, a few words about your plans for the evening," stated Cassidy as Conspiracy moved towards the trunk to remove his duffle.

He gave Dawn Cassidy the once over as he removed his bag from the trunk and shut it.

"Sure I got a few words Dawn, walk with me, talk with me."

The history between the two had long since been swept under the rug, but you could tell that there used to be something there.

"You know when I first got the offer to return to Jolt I had a plan. That plan was to become Jolt Champion. I assembled a group that I felt would have my best interest in mind. A group of guys that I thought would protect my investment. I was finally able to get the Relentless Championship around my waist, and just when I thought I was going to finally reach the mountain top, I stumbled."

Conspiracy stopped dead in his tracks and took a moment to reflect on the opportunity lost.

"But no matter, you live and you learn."

"And what did you learn Jonny?"

Jonathan looked like he saw a ghost when he heard her call him that.

"Dawn, ummm... no one calls me that except Veronica now."

"And where is she now?"

"She'll be back, she dropped the baby weight and she's training hard."

"I'll be sure to congratulate her when she gets back, Jonny-athan."

"Thanks Dawn, but like I was saying, what I learned is that a person's true colors come out when you stumble. I'm not mad or anything, I actually watched the progress of Trouble while I was away, and I understand why they never came to my defense at Thieves' Honor... the only thing I couldn't wrap around my head was why they decided not to give a fellow Troublemaker a helping hand once I returned. I'm actually proud of the way Dallas Griffin took up the mantle in my absence, and I didn't come back to wrestle control of Trouble away from him. I just needed one little favor, but I'm guessing that was too much. Now once I'm done with Statuz Quo tonight I'm hoping that will be the end of it, and then I can focus on finding out who iNcite is and give them a piece of my mind, and maybe a fist or two, an Attention Grabber, a Co-Conspirator and wrap it all in a nice bow with a Conspiracy Theory. But tonight Mr. Quo will get my attention."

Conspiracy stopped by a door marked JCON and started to open it, but stopped abruptly as Dawn asked one final question.

"Do you think they'll show up at Unlimited?"

Conspiracy gave one final look towards the camera.

"I hope so Dawn, otherwise that'll be a waste of two tickets; even though I know someone who would probably benefit from them more."

Conspiracy entered the locker room, as the scene faded to black.

Diamond Jewelz vs Mattock

For the past two weeks, Jesse Ramey and Diamond Jewelz have tried to face one another in order to get their hands on Mattock for driving a wedge between them. The first week, Mattock continued to screw them by being the special guest referee. Last week he was banned from ringside as was Sanchez Cano which allowed Diamond Jewelz to pick up the win over Jesse Ramey in order to face Mattock here tonight.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The people actually gave Mattock a neutral reaction. There were some cheers and some boos in the crowd as Mattock walked out from the backstage area. Mattock didn't really care as he still felt that he had Jewelz and Ramey right where he wanted them. Mattock hopped up onto the ring apron and walked to the far corner where he leaned up against it and cross his legs and folded his arms as he awaited his opponent.

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle

Diamond Jewelz walked out with Ruby Rocks Jewelz by his side. Diamond turned to Ruby and told her to head to the backstage area as he didn't want Mattock to get his hands on her again. Ruby agreed and waved goodbye to Mattock sarcastically before she left. Mattock pinky waved back at her and gave her a wink. Diamond saw everything and charged the ring in anger. He hit it with full speed and charged the corner where Mattock was in, but Mattock pulled himself between the ropes and dropped down to the floor.

Jewelz was about to step out of the ring when the referee held him back and said that Mattock needed to come back into the ring before the match could officially start. Diamond argued with the referee as the referee pushed him back toward the entrance side of the ring. Mattock took this opportunity to quickly roll back in and charge at Jewelz. Jewelz shoved the referee out of the way as Mattock leapt in and started to fire rapid rights at Jewelz.




Mattock backed Jewelz into the ropes and whipped him across the ring, but Jewelz reversed the whip and sent Mattock into the ropes instead. Mattock front flipped against the ropes and came back with a handspring elbow, but Jewelz nailed a forearm to the back of Mattock's neck and caused him to stagger forward. Jewelz quickly stepped in and grabbed Mattock in a waist lock where he popped his hips and nailed a Release German Suplex, dumping Mattock on the back of his neck! Mattock rolled back to the outside and took a moment to regroup, but Jewelz wouldn't have any of it.

Jewelz got momentum and front flipped out of the ring with a Tope Con Hilo and wiped out Mattock on the floor! Jewelz quickly mounted the fallen Mattock and opened up with heavy right hands. The referee started his mandatory ten count at this time.

Jewelz stood and pulled Mattock up by his silver hair. He lifted Mattock up and dropped him chest first across the top of the barricades and then leveled him with a close ranged lariat. The referee was up to the count of six when Jewelz pulled Mattock up and threw him back into the ring. Jewelz rolled back in at the count of eight and pulled Mattock back up to his feet. A pair of knife edge chops found their way across Mattock's chest before he was whipped into the corner. Jewelz then charged in and nailed a running knee strike to the stomach to double Mattock over. He took a step back and nailed a lifting knee strike to the side of Mattock's head. Jewelz quickly grabbed Mattock by the head and charged forward hitting a bulldog out of the corner!

Jewelz was on fire as he made the cover, hooking the leg!



Kick Out!

Mattock was then placed into the seated position as Jewelz drove the point of his knee into Mattock's upper back several times. He then knelt behind Mattock and drove the point of his elbow into Mattock's forehead three times until Mattock fell over limp on the canvas. Jewelz stood up and then leaned over Mattock, yelling out to him.

"How's that payback feel? Huh? You want some more you little bitch!?"

Jewelz went to the ropes and came back with a knee drop across Mattock's chest and another cover.



Another kickout

"Oh you want more, huh?" said Jewelz as he stood back up.

Jewelz went back to the ropes and went for another knee drop, but Mattock rolled out of the way. Mattock used this time to stagger to his feet and stumble over to the ropes on the far side. Jewelz got back up and shook off the missed knee drop. He charged in toward Mattock, but he soon found himself being lifted up and over the top rope. Jewelz altered his weight and landed on the ring apron. Mattock turned around and was met with a vicious right hand that echoed throughout the arena. Jewelz then waited for Mattock to turn around as he grabbed the top rope, looking to fly.

Once Mattock turned around, Jewelz leapt up, but so did Mattock!


Mattock hit a drop kick and Jewelz fell to the outside, smacking front side first on the mats at ringside!!! The crowd let out a huge "OOOH" as Jewelz held his abdomen in pain! It was Mattock who now grabbed the top rope and waited on Jewelz to stand, which he did, albeit slowly. Mattock leapt up to the top rope and twisted off into a Springboard Corkscrew Shooting Star Press!!!



It was now Mattock who landed stomach first on the floor mats!! Jewelz took a few steps back and measured up Mattock! Mattock staggered up and Jewelz charged in!!


The Busaiku Knee strike smacked Mattock right in the face!! Mattock was then tossed into the ring by Jewelz who got up on the ring apron. His abdomen still bothering him a bit, but he was able to manage getting up to the top turnbukle pad. Jewelz went for it all!! 3,106.75 Carats....


Mattock avoided the Pheonix Splash and grabbed Jewelz by the head. He lifted him up for a vertical suplex, but Mattock released Jewelz backwards as Mattock hooked the head and fell forward into a modified hangman's neckbreaker!! It was the Athiest's Blessing!!! Mattock staggered to his feet as Jewelz was positioned perfected in the corner. He ascended the turnbuckles with his back to Jewelz. Mattock then twisted off with a Phoenix Splash of his own, but at the end of the rotation, Mattock stuck his leg out and dropped the point of his heel right into the forehead of Jewelz!!! PHOENIX CLEAVE!!!!




Thr... NO!!!

Jewelz kicked out!

Mattock stood and signaled that he was going to put Jewelz away. This match hasn't gone on for long but these two weren't holding back. They have gone all out since the before the bell even rang and Mattock wanted a quick and decisive victory here and now.

He grabbed Jewelz and hoisted him up onto his shoulders, but Jewelz elbowed Mattock in the side of the head and slipped off his shoulders, but his head was reeling from the kick to the head and he stumbled back against the ropes. Mattock turned and charged in, but Jewelz stepped into Mattock and hit a stiff forearm to the face that knocked Mattock down! Mattock tried to get back up as quick as he could, but Jewelz stepped in and grabbed Mattock by the head. He hooked the leg and swung him...


Jewelz hit the Lightning Spiral Suplex and had the cover!



Thre... NO!!!!

Kick out again by Mattock!

Jewelz stood up and shook off the remaining effects of the kick to the head from earlier. He grabbed Mattock and went for the Iced Out.. his cross faced chicken wing, but Mattock did a standing switch and got Jewelz into a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by Mattock, but Jewelz landed behind Mattock.... that was a mistake because Jewelz was right where he wanted to be!


Mattock struggled to get out of the submission hold. The more he struggled, the tighter Jewelz cinched in the move. Mattock, didn't give up, though and Jewelz knew that he was going to do something Mattock wasn't expecting. He popped the hips and...


Jewelz scrambled to his feet and climbed up top! His back to Mattock. Here came the Phoenix Splash and it connected!!

3,106.75 CARATS!!





Mattock was simply too close to the corner and was able to get his foot on the ropes. Despite the fact these two men weren't well liked by the crowd, they knew a great match when they saw it and start up a "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. Jewelz didn't care about any of that. He just wanted to kill Mattock right here and now.

Jewelz dared Mattock to get back to his feet as he backed himself into the corner and crouched, ready to strike. Mattock staggered up as Jewelz leapt onto Mattock's shoulders...


Jewelz hit the Frankensteiner and sent Mattock face first into the middle turnbuckle. Mattock held his face as he stood and staggered out of the corner. Jewelz then charged in...


The Busaiku Knee strike hit again! Jewelz went up top and went for it all again!

3,106.75 CARATS!!!!

Jewelz made the cover and this time HE put his feet on the ropes for leverage, but the referee didn't see it!!




Jewelz immediately rolled out of the ring and looked back in...

"FUCK YOU" yelled Jewelz to Mattock as he gasped for air and held his abdomen in pain. Jewelz staggered around ringside and walked to the backstage area probably more pissed leaving this match than he did coming into it. Jewelz didn't care. He finally had gotten his hands on Mattock and defeated him. Even if it was with the assist of the ropes.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"They All End Up Believers"


After a quick repetition of knocks, Aran burst through the office of Damien Lee and Black Faction followed him. Aran looks more than upset at the current state of his Black Faction, Eli and Ezra couldn't follow through against The Crimson Order and he hadn't seen Landon do much in the way of handling The West Indian Obsidian, Waymoth Turnbull.

"Damien!" Aran gruphed.

"Straight to the point, I want a match. I want that Crimson Giant, Takeshi and I want him tonight!"

You could hear the faint cheering as fans wanted to see Aran get decimated by the Inogami Clan's powerhouse and Damien Lee looked confused and intrigued at the same time.

"Apparently .." Aran continued momentarily trailing off.

"My guys need to be shown what I expect of them. So I want the biggest baddest member of Ninja's clan to step in that ring with THE CHAMP. My guys seem to come out strong and end up short, and they need to be shown the type of aggression that I expect from them day in and day out.

Aran turned his head and looked back at Eli and Ezra who had their heads hung low, and Laurie glanced over at Landon who simply shook his head toward Aran.

"You got something to say?" Aran turned his attention Landon who balled his fist in response but didn't say a word.

"I've stood by you since you came here, you've been apart of the Black Faction plan since day one and all I asked was for you to give up that undefeated streak to prove to me you wanted this as bad as the rest of us."

Landon grimaced at Aran before slowly nodding his head. Landon knew that no matter how much he hated the way Aran had been so hard on him, that Aran was just in a mood. Landon looked at Eli and Ezra Conway and then at Damien.

"I've gotta match I've got to get read for."

Landon turned around and walked out of the office and Aran turned his attention to Ezra Conway.

"Don't you have one too?"

Aran just continued his glare of anger at the twins before they walked out of the office of Damien Lee.

"Make the match Lee." Laurie Williams demanded as Aran now turned his gaze to Damien.

Damien looked at the two of them and slowly nodded his head.

"Alright, you got your match."

Aran smiled and turned around but Damien stopped him.

"But..." Damien paused.

"If Black Faction comes out for any reason, you're disqualified."

Aran grinned and slightly shook his head.

"You just worry about making sure Takeshi gets the message."

Jonathan Conpsiracy vs Statuz Quo

"Holy Grail" filled the arena, and here we are again in the Arena of Champions, as Jonathan Conspiracy made his way from backstage to appear before a ruckus crowd. The former Relentless Champion and leader of Trouble returned to Jolt to settle a score, but little did he know the score he would settling was going to be with his former Troublemakers, The Jury, Duzza and Dallas Griffin. But that's the way the world works, friends become enemies and enemies want to be friends.

"Looking for Trouble" started up in place of the Jay Z/JT collab, and ushered out Dallas Griffin, Duzza and Khadafi. It would then fade as "Serial Killa" hit the arena's sound system, and Statuz Quo appeared behind the trio before walking towards the ring.

Once in the ring the ref signalled for the bell and the fight was on immediately. Quo and Conspiracy exchanged lefts and rights as Duzza, Griffin and Khadafi looked on the entryway. Quo caught JCON in the midsection and took the early advantage in the match. He grabbed Conspiracy and backed him into a corner. He kneed JCON repeatedly as the ref attempted to get Quo off of him with a 5 count.

Quo would finally back away as to not get himself disqualified, but no sooner did he back off he charged into the corner and connected with a clothesline. The impact sent Conspiracy down to the canvas clutching his ribs.

Statuz Quo turned to his crew for approval, they hooped and hollered their enjoyment of the early beating that Quo was administering to "One Letter Better".

Standing Dropkick!

Quo had spent too much time running his mouth and ate a mouthful of boots from JCON. Conspiracy went for the quick cover as Trouble advanced on the ring.


Conspiracy then went to lock in The Attention Grabber, but got distracted by Khadafi who had climbed onto the ring apron. Duzza nimbled into the ring and tried to swing his cane at Conspiracy, who ducked it. He then grabbed the cane from Duzza and attempted to swing it but Dallas Griffin took hold of the cane and nailed a swift blow to the head of Conspiracy. He then whipped Conspiracy into the ropes and dropped him hard to the mat with a blackhole slam.


Seeing his opening Statuz Quo made the cover as Khadafi pointed for the ref to count the pinfall.


That was it. Trouble had got one over on Jonathan Conspiracy and walked away with a victory that to them finally ends this thing with their former leader, and they can concentrate on capturing gold, as Quo and Khadafi both made the gesture, possibly hitting at the vacant Tag Team Titles.

Winner: Statuz Quo via Pinfall

"Queen B"

In just mere moments from now, it was put up or shut pup for the new champion, “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton as she would be defending her Starlet Championship against the previous champion and one of jOlt’s fightingest Starlet Champions ever, Charlotte! It was the Queen of Hearts versus The Queen of the Starlets in what would be the third confrontation between the two bitter rivals. Words had been exchanged, sneak attacks had been committed, evil plans had come to fruition, but if it was in the name of glory, then Winterton would stoop to any low she could to keep her belt.

Dawn Cassidy was backstage now getting ready to interview the young lady who would be defending her title for the first time since winning it.

“Hi, jOlt fans, thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight!” Dawn smiled. “Joining with me tonight is the NEW Starlet Champion who will be defending her title against the previous champion, Charlotte. Please welcome at this time… Sarah Winterton!”

The crowd let her fucking have it with boos and hissing as the royal pain in the ass appeared in full view, decked out in a peach-colored wrestling outfit. With her “QUEENIE” sash around her, a sparking crown and the fabled Starlet Championship draped over her side, Sarah greeted Dawn.

“My darling, I am going to have you do that introduction again. You did not call me by my proper title.” Sarah said.

“I’m… I’m sorry?” Dawn said, confused.

“I accept your feeble attempt at an apology because I am in a fantastic mood, my darling. I told the world two weeks ago and I told that rainbow-colored trollop, Amber Ryann, that I am to be addressed as the Queen of the Starlets!”

“Um… sorry… so… Queen of the Starlets Sarah Winterton…”

“Yes, darling?”

“You have been through one hell of a rivalry with Charlotte over that very belt and many are claiming it has taken the belt to new heights. In previous matches, you two ladies are at one match a piece and tonight appears to be the rubber match for that gold. What’s going through your mind as you approach this match?”

Winterton let out a little chortle that was more of a laugh that a rich person would have for an orphan chasing a dollar bill down the street.

“Oh, Charlotte… yes… Charlotte the Harlot! Despite my technical upbringing outclassing her in her own match at Wired, it appears that this ginger-haired streetwalker continues to be a thorn in my side! I’ve tried my darnedest to make her a better woman! I have tried to buy her new, conservative clothing that she refuses to wear. I tried to make her see that her ways are wrong! That silly little pole dancer thinks that she can wrestle this title from me? She is sorely mistaken, Dawn… see… people like her… people like you…”

Dawn looked a little offended by her comment.

“People like these hideous Floridians here…”


“…They need… nay, they YEARN for a lady such as myself to bring class and dignity to this title. I am not just the Queen of the Starlets, I am a shining beacon of light in a harbor of mediocrity! I am a woman who will change this industry and be a stand-up role model for all womankind! It doesn’t matter what that big blue whelp, Sylo, has to say… IT IS I who is the Queen of the Starlets, not his silly fiancé who held this title for a long time and let it collect dust while she collected weight! I proved that I am the Queen of the Underground when I defeated Charlotte in an Underground Rules match! I am the most multi-faceted Starlet this roster has and I am exactly the person this belt needs. Not Amber Ryann, not Daryn Thompson, not Aria Murphy and especially not Charlotte the Harlot!”

Winterton rubbed a hand on the belt.

“Charlotte, it will be my pleasure defeating you handily in the middle of the ring in a TRADITIONAL wrestling contest! Tonight, I will defeat you once again and make jOlt a safe and prosperous place for all womankind! No need to thank me, Dawn.”

The Queen of the Starlets tipped her crown before she walked off to get ready for her match later tonight. Dawn shook her head at the clearly deluded Queen before she addressed the crowd.

“Thanks for your time…”

Landon Stevens vs Mike Extreme

The lights in the arena flickered before fading out. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch blasted out through the arena’s PA system. The fans in the arena jeered as they knew this could only mean one thing. Strobe lights began to flicker and camera flashes flickered in the distance. Landon Stevens emerged at the top of the entrance way with his lackeys, Eli and Ezra Conway. “The Rising Star” made his way to the ring with the boys behind him. Eli and Ezra stopped at the ring steps as Stevens entered the ring. Stevens climbed the first turnbuckle and looked around at the fans.


The crowd didn’t care too much for his arrogance. The music faded out as Stevens leaped off the ropes. The lights flicked back on. Stevens immediately asked the official for a microphone.

“Waymoth, I hope you’re watching tonight. Tonight I’m going to make an example out of someone. Tonight I am going to make you and everyone else a believer. Tonight I asked Laurie to ensure me a very special opponent. Tonight, I asked for the chance to prove a point. Tonight, I asked to face…” Stevens was quickly interrupted.

"Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth blasted through the arena speakers as Mike Extreme made his way from behind the curtain.

The crowd cheered as they believed there might be a chance Stevens could lose. Extreme made his way towards the ring. Extreme entered the ring as the official talked with Stevens. As Extreme entered the ring, the official signaled for the bell as the music faded out.




Stevens immediately went in to lock up with the much bigger Extreme. Extreme looked as though he was taking quick control, but Stevens took early control as he connected with a hard knee to Extreme in the stomach and followed up with a knee to the head. “The Rising Star” planted Mike with a hard DDT. Stevens taunted the crowd as he raised his arm up in the air.

“You thought he could beat me? Do you not believe in me?” Stevens shouted towards the crowd as they jeered him.

Landon Stevens grabbed a handful of Extreme’s hair and pulled him to his feet. Stevens went to whip his foe into the corner only to have it countered. Extreme sent Stevens into the corner turnbuckle with such force Stevens shook the entire ring. The fans cheered in excitement as Extreme took control of the match. Extreme moved over to Stevens and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Stevens connected with a hard right as he moved to his feet. Extreme returned fire with a hard fist of his own. The two started to exchange blows.

Rights and lefts swung back and forth like an intense ping pong match. The crowd cheered as Extreme bounced off the ropes and connected with a powerful clothesline that sent Stevens rolling into the ropes. A stunned Stevens laid on the canvas for a moment before reaching up to the top rope and pulling himself up to his feet. Extreme once again went for a clothesline only to have Stevens duck under pulling the top rope down with him.


Mike Extreme flipped over the top rope and crashed hard onto the floor outside the ring. Stevens leaped up to the top rope and waited and hunted Extreme. Stevens lurched until Extreme moved back to his feet. The crowd began to chant to warn Extreme.


As Extreme turned around Stevens leaped off the top rope and connected with a flying cross body. Stevens slowly rolled over before moving back to his feet with help from the guard rails. Fans booed Stevens as he pulled himself up. Extreme was trying to get to his feet when Stevens ran up and punted him in the midsection. Extreme dropped to the floor once again. Stevens picked the downed Extreme up by his hair. Stevens attempted to whip Extreme into the ring steps.


Extreme countered and whipped Stevens head first into the ring steps. Mike stumbled a bit as he made his way over to “The Rising Star”. A dazed Stevens rested with his back against the steps. Extreme kicked the steps from behind Stevens and grabbed him by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Extreme attempted to whip Stevens into the ring post.


Stevens countered and sent Extreme head first into the ring post. Stevens then slid back into the ring. Eli and Ezra Conway made their way over to the downed Mike Extreme. The two of them picked Extreme up and rolled him back into the ring. Stevens then went for the cover.





Mike Extreme managed to kick out just in time. A furious Stevens slams his fist into the canvas and moves back to his feet. Stevens grabs a hand full of Extreme’s hair and pulls him up to his knees. Stevens goes to kick him only to have Extreme grab his leg and move back to his feet. Extreme spun Stevens around and connected with a vicious clothesline only to have Stevens leap right back to his feet. Extreme attempts another clothesline, but Stevens ducks under and connects with a fury of kicks to the back and the back of the knee. Extreme fell to his knees. Stevens then bounced off the ropes and connected with a devastating kick to the head that knocked Extreme out cold. Stevens went for the cover.





Just as the official was about to slap the canvas and call the match Extreme got his foot up on the ropes. Once again Stevens pounded his fists into the mat out of frustration. Stevens moved to his feet. Realizing Extreme wasn’t going down without a fight, Stevens continued his attack. The Rising Star connected with several kicks to the legs and arms of Extreme as he attempted to move back to his feet. Extreme pulled himself to the second ropes.


Stevens connected with a hard boot to the side of Extreme’s head. Once again Extreme fell to the canvas. Stevens picked the unconscious Extreme up off the canvas and set him up between his legs. Stevens backed closer to the center of the ring. Stevens hoisted the large frame of Extreme into the air in a crucifix.


Stevens connected with the fall of ideals and quickly rolled over Extreme and went for the cover. ONE!!!!



The official signaled for the end of the match. The bell echoed throughout the arena once more. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch screeched through the speakers as Landon Stevens’ arm was raised in victory. Eli and Ezra Conway slid into the ring to celebrate with the victor. The fans in attendance were not too pleased with the outcome.


“Survivor” by Mavado suddenly pierced the noisy banter of the jOlt universe, sending the fans into a frenzy. ‘The West Indian Obsidian’ Waymoth Turnbull stormed out from behind the entrance way. Stevens stood in the middle of the ring as he looked on towards the man he attacked last week. Stevens began yelling at Waymoth.

“Come on, get your ass down here. You come out here, you better be ready to go.”

Eli and Ezra grabbed Stevens and tried to force him back, Stevens shoved them both off and moved towards the ropes closest to the entrance way. “The West Indian Obsidian” began to run towards the ring. The fans in attendance went crazy as it looked like “The Rising Star” was about to get what was coming to him. Just as Waymoth approached the ring Eli and Ezra grabbed Stevens and the three of them exited through the crowd.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"A Super Carat for A Super Beast"

Sylo leaned against the wall dressed in jeans, boots, and the new “SuperBeast” t-shirt ( only – cheap plug!). In his massive hands was his cell phone which he stared at for a moment before uttering “That’s fucking bullshit”. A quick shot would show he was playing Angry Birds and one pig laughed through the screen. “I swear…I wish I could kill you as bad as the Duck Hunt Dog…” THE Beast snarled.

“Ehh yo, big homie”, the voice of Diamond Jewelz bellowed out, unseen. The camera quickly switched its’ focus from the hulking figure of ‘The SuperBeast’ to the in comparison, slender, athletic build of Jewelz, whom approached Sylo excitedly. Within the twinkling and glistening of Jewelz’s various articles of jewelry, Jewelz’ smiles gleamed electrically at Sylo as he came face to face with Sylo, he reached his hand up, expecting his gesture to be reciprocated in some form of the urbanely modified handshake.

“What’s good my nigga… I hear you back with the company!!!”

Jewelz interjected as Sylo reluctantly accepted his handshake.

“Technically I’m just here to deal with Jason, otherwise still retired,” Sylo muttered turning back to his phone, shunning Jewelz’s interaction. Despite Sylo’s disdain for Jewelz’s presence Jewelz’s smile continued to be as radiant and bright as his grill and all of his various articles of jewelry.

“So… Bro… Why not celebrate...Get yourself something nice… Baby!”

Jewelz shouted out to some unseen portion of the locker hallway. Within a few seconds, the curvy and vivacious figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz graciously interjected herself into the scene, opening the signature wooden jewelry box of Jewelz to reveal the blinding twinkling and glimmer of all kinds of articles of diamonds and jewelry.

“Check me out bro! Get you something. I know a legend like you got dough bro! You been making money since back in PIW,” Jewelz asserted! Jewelz took a silver watch lined with diamonds out of the box; “Yo, check this Rolex out… Tough!”

“Tough,” Ruby agreed smiling flirtatiously at Sylo; “You’d have the ladies all over you rocking that! At least, I know I’d be all over whoever wore that!”

Sylo locked his phone and dropped it in his pocket with an exasperated sigh before actually letting the eerie blue glow of his eyes fall on Jewelz and Ruby. “Nah, no thanks I’m good… homie. Obviously you’ve both been living under a rock otherwise you’d know I’m married, happily, to Starlets Legend Aria Murphy, and we just had our first child. Apparently the side effects of having so much jewelry in your skull is it doesn’t leave much room for common sense,” Sylo sarcastically replied.

Diamond continued to beam at Sylo. “What’s wrong bro? Too rich for your blood! I know you out here balling my nigga! Why not shine to prove it? You snort all that money you made up over you hiatus, Charlie Sheen style?"

Sylo eyed Jewelz for a moment. Obviously he knew some of Sylo’s history but it seemed he didn’t realize he was cracking jokes at a monster that had decimated world class Superstars in his career. Sylo decided he’d give the guy a pass…for now and instead opted to throw a quip of his own. "Yeah, because, even as rich as I am I can't afford a knock off." He'd take another look "and not even GOOD knockoffs. What the hell’s a Bolex?"

Diamond’s smile dissipated into an angry scowl at Sylo’s insult. Ruby’s radiant smile, still planted firmly, but underneath her professional decorum, anger revealed through a blushing face boiled underneath gritted teeth.

“Ain’t none of my shit fake bro. This is obviously a Rolex.. See,” Jewelz points at the insignia on the watch. Or maybe you’re illiterate, and the stereotype is true.. The bigger they are… The dumber..” Suddenly through the thick cloud of anger over Jewelz’s face, the hustler in Jewelz makes him swallow his pride…

“I’m kidding bro.. About the Charlie Sheen thing too.. I know you got cash… I’m just saying… Why not ball out!”

“If I won’t come out of retirement to kick Derecho’s ass you obviously have nothing to worry about. Besides, the jOlt roster is protected from me thanks to Damien Lee but, how do I put this, the parking lot is awful dark and you never know who’s waiting to throw you a “curb party” if you catch my drift…bruh,” Sylo pushed himself from the wall he was leaning against letting Diamond and Ruby both get a glimpse of how large Sylo actually was when you were dangerously close.

“But we know it doesn’t ever have to come to that. So while, no, I’m not interested there are quite a few people here in jOlt stupid enough, excuse me, there are people here in jOlt that do need some “style” so to speak.” Sylo pulled his phone back out and leaned back against the wall turning his attention away from the duo.

Jewelz’s smile dissipates and he looks disheartened.

“Frank Hendrix could use some help, he already looks like a crazy homeless fucknut. Sarah Winterton would buy a piece of literal shit as long as it at least had Dollar Store sequins on it. Jeremy Ryan is looking for a real man or something. Maybe you can help him pick up a good man with the right accessories. Oh and there’s Derecho or should I say “The King of Hell” but he’s beyond saving. The guy should start a stable called the Trench Coat Mafia,” Sylo glanced up from his phone at the two. “So thanks but I’m good.”

Jewelz places the watch back in the box realizing the finality of Sylo’s rejection. “Your loss homie!” The obvious frustration in the face of Jewelz at Sylo’s rejection of his proposal dissipates into a gleaming, blinging smile… But ehh… If you ever need some bling… Whatever thing it is.. I got it.. Take my card big homie… “

Sylo grabbed the card, watched Diamond and Ruby walk off, and just threw the card behind his back.

Sarah Winterton (c) vs Charlotte

Both champion and challenger had a chance to say their piece before this big match but now the time was here. Sarah Winterton was now going to defend her championship against the woman that she stole it from, the valet of The House and defending former champion Charlotte. Many things had happened between the two including the theft of clothes, verbal tirades and everything in between. Sarah Winterton beat Amber Ryann in a non-title match last week and the Starlets Powerhouse Daryn Thompson made a play for the belt two weeks ago when interrupting Winterton’s coronation.

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the challenger! Charlotte had was wearing a tight pink bustier with hot pink tights, dressed for the occasion. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The former Starlets Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring!

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl as she had a tough challenge successfully defending her title against a woman who defended the title with seven successful defenses of her own before finally dropping the belt due to questionable circumstances in an Underground Rules match.

She was brought in by The Heirs of Wrestling and shared their outright arrogance as noted by the ridiculous fireworks and hype she’d given herself, but now she was no longer the Queen of the Starlets, she was now the Queen of the Starlets. Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. The Queen of the Starlets was ready for action and she was ready to become champion.

A nasty right hand caught the Queen of the Starlets in between the eyes! The crowd cheered for the Queen of Hearts as she reeled her back into the ropes with a sequence of right hands before sending her off to the ropes. She quickly took her down with a nice leg lariat that nearly kicked her head off her shoulders.

“That belts’ comin’ back to momma, bitch!”

She fought back against the Queen of the Starlets as she took the fight to the champion early. A pair of uppercuts caught her on the tip of her chin and knocked her backwards into the corner. The Queen of Hearts kept on pummeling her into the corner until the referee ordered her to back away. She kept on swinging until the referee had no choice but to forcefully pull Charlotte out from the corner!

As they struggled around in the corner, the crowd turned their heads and out from the back was Daryn Thompson. The Starlets Powerhouse was walking down to ringside with a determined look on her face and the big Texan was watching this match closely. She defeated a former champion in Persephone a few weeks ago and made it known she wanted a crack at the title belt.

The Queen of Hearts broke free form her grip and tried to get back into the ropes when Sarah poked her eye and tossed her into the corner. The Queen of the Starlets was all smiles now when she tried to fire off a pair of knife edge chops into her chest to wear her down. The Queen of the Starlets swung a third time when she ducked and pushed her back into the corner. She jumped to the second rope and leaned over to lock in a submission in the process…


The Tarantula was locked in tightly and the Queen of the Starlets had nowhere to go! Charlotte only had about four seconds of the referee’s count to hold onto hit and she kept on holding all the way until she heard the count before she let go. As she let go, a weary Winterton headed to the floor…

Charlotte wasn’t about to let her go and she quickly started to climb to the top turnbuckle. The ill-tempered redhead perched herself on the very top and waited for Sarah Winterton to turn around before she jumped with an incredible suicide planch all the way to the floor!!!

The crowd was fully behind Charlotte as she launched herself at her rival and now both Starlets were sprawled out across the ringside floor in front of the announce table.

After a few seconds of rest, Charlotte grabbed her by the head and tossed Winterton back inside the ring. She then headed to the top rope a second time when The Queen of the Starlets tried to get back to her feet only to take a diving cross body!



And a big kick out from the Starlets Champion! Charlotte was completely on offense right now and wasted no time in picking up the Starlet Champion from behind. She was setting her up for the Queen of Hearts neckbreaker when Sarah suddenly grabbed her by the arm and slinged her over. Charlotte headed back to her feet when Winterton grabbed her by the tights and shot her backwards into the turnbuckle!

She collided with the turnbuckle and after a brief rest this finally allowed for Sarah Winterton to get the advantage. She took notice of Daryn Thompson who was now seated near the announce table, looking interested in what was going on, and waved right at her. The Queen of the Starlets swung and continued to land several chops to the upper chest area before whipping her across the ring. She followed up with a running elbow in the corner and followed with a twist before she turned around…


Finally with the advantage, Sarah Winterton rolled over and tried to close out her first Starlets Championship defense!



Charlotte got the shoulder up!

An angry Winterton slapped both hands on the ground before forcing the Queen of Hearts back to a standing position. She was looking for a neckbreaker set-up when Charlotte came out of nowhere in order to take her down with a backslide.



Winterton escaped this time!

The Queen of the Starlets stood up to meet Charlotte only to eat a low kick to the stomach for her troubles. Charlotte fell to her knees and actually socked her in the jaw with a nice uppercut that sent the Queen of the Starlets tumbling through the ropes. Charlotte reached over and was about to pick up the Queen of the Starlets from the mat when she saw none other than the other woman that Winterton defeated and disparaged last week, Amber Ryann.

“Stay out of my business!” Charlotte yelled.

She took her eyes of Winterton for just one second and she grabbed her by the head in order to drop her with a hard faceplant on the ring apron! Charlotte was stunned from the shot and was knocked back into the ropes while Winterton took a second to make sure all of her teeth were still in place. She climbed up the steps and gestured one of her princess waves to the crowd before she ran across the apron and landed a nice running dropkick to the side of Charlotte’s head! She frantically crawled into the ring while Persephone watched as Winterton went for the cover and the win.



Close, but no cigar!

Once again the Queen of Hearts was proving to be more trouble than she was worth so Sarah Winterton decided to go on the attack once again. She sat Charlotte up and ran off the ropes before landing a running uppercut to the back of her head. She was learning tricks from the Heirs every week and putting them to great use.

Daryn Thompson was on one side of the ring focused on the match while “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann continued to watch on. They had both been wronged by Winterton in the past and now things were looking even more volatile than before.

The Queen of the Starlets stood up and pranced around, walking a little walk across the ring as Charlotte was down holding the back of her neck in pain. Once she was finished with that she walked over and put the boots to the Starlet Champion in the ring before punctuating her combination with a double footed stomp down to her ribcage.

Charlotte was in pain now and was in a very bad position for The Queen of the Starlets to capitalize on as she walked over and picked her up to set her up in the corner. Persephone watched as she remained slumped in the corner and watched Winterton fly across the ring to connect with a hard flying body press in the corner.

The Starlet Champion fell to her knees while the number one contender was now standing on the apron to give the fans another wave. She crawled back inside the ring and placed a foot on the chest of Charlotte…



Charlotte slapped the foot away and it was clear that Sarah Winterton wasn’t taking the former Starlets Champion too seriously as she had tended to do during the course of their budding rivalry. Daryn Thompson clapped for Charlotte to get back into the fight.

“Get in, Charlotte, stomp that witch!”

Winterton ignored her and again she tried to take Charlotte back to the mat with another move this time in the form of one of her suplexes. She hooked her for the vertical suplex and leaped off the ropes only for Charlotte to roll her up from behind and caught her with the schoolgirl pin!



And another kickout from The Queen of the Starlets! The number one contender was almost caught unaware but when Charlotte tried to stand she was booted in the chest before connecting with a fishermans… no a fisherwoman’s suplex!



“NO!” Sarah yelled.

Charlotte had kicked out yet again when it seemed that things were bleak for the champion she managed to kick out time after time. The Queen of the Starlets started to slap the back of her head and continued to ridicule her.

“Somebody like you doesn’t deserve to be the champion of all Starlets!” Winterton yelled before she hit another slap.

“You are not worthy!”


“You are worthless!”


“You are not a role model!”


“And worst of all… you are nothing more than a jezebel…”

The last slap never came because it was blocked by Charlotte! She grabbed the hand of her opponent and tripped her up by the legs before letting a fast flurry of fists fly upside her head. She had heard enough trash talk from the Queen of the Starlets and was intent on making her pay for all of it.

Ryann and Thompson both liked what they were seeing as the crowd gave their full support to the yound lady. The former Starlets Champion stood up and shouted to the fans with a lot of energy behind her. She grabbed Sarah Winterton by the legs and then catapaulted her right into the second turnbuckle in the corner! She was hurt now and stumbled out of the corner right into a big back elbow to the face.

Several more elbows to the face from Charlotte continued to pummel her in the corner just damn near until her arm went numb. She charged off the ropes as Sarah went staggering out of the corner and connected with a flying back elbow to the face. Charlotte was on fire now and the crowd cheered as she watched and waited for the Queen of the Starlets to get to her feet. The second that she stood, Charlotte charged…


She connected with the running one-armed neckbreaker and dropped Winterton in the middle of the ring! She was looking for the win and looked to become only the second Starlet in history to be a two-time champion!



Close, but no!

The Queen of the Starlets’s arm went up just before the three count which surprised Charlotte. The valet for the House wasn’t giving up that easily and started to head to the ring apron one more time. She was about ready to climb and made it way to the top rope when Winterton stood up and stopped her with a jumping uppercut to stun her on the top.

Winterton maneuvered her with a fireman’s carry from the corner and tried to turn her around when Charlotte squirmed out the back. She was elbowed into the ropes by Winterton when she came back…


She went down with the discus big boot! She was closing in on the win!




Another kickout by The Starlets Champion and this time Winterton had the bearing to roll out of the ring to keep Charlotte from doing more damage. A frustrated Charlotte Huber rolled out of the ring and went over to try and pick her up only for Sarah to shove her away. She backed off from the corner and noticed Thompson.

“Get away from me, you silly redneck!” Winterton barked.

She grabbed a bottle of water off the desk and spilled it all over the Texan! She dumped the bottle all over and laughed, which got a bad reaction from Daryn. She grabbed Sarah by her trunks and SLAPPED the ever-loving taste right out of her mouth!

“NO!” Charlotte yelled.

Daryn looked stone-cold pissed off and Charlotte glanced back to the referee as he saw the transgression. He called for the bell! The crowd booed the shit out of the end result which meant that not only did Sarah Winterton win by disqualification, she retained her title in the process!

She was seeing double after what happened but she was handed her title and raised it high above the air. Charlotte stepped over her and confronted Thompson about what she had just done.

“What the hell were you even doing out here?!”

“Watching this match! Free country!”

The two Starlets got into a fight now! There was no catfight here – this was a total fistfight between the Queen of Hearts and the Starlets Powerhouse here going toe to toe. They continued to brawl with one another on the floor, throwing right hands while Winterton had rolled into the ring, laughing at what she caused.

“Ta, Darlings…”


The young wrestler from The Hype that Winterton wrestled last week didn’t take too kindly to being humiliated as she did so she took the fight right to her and kicked her square in the face! The crowd exploded at the fights going on now as The Dragonfly was ready to finish off The Queen of the Starlets. She grabbed her off the canvas when Winterton pushed her away and quickly scurried up the ramp!

Winterton clutched the title belt to her chest and walked backwards up the ramp while Ryann stared her down and Charlotte and Thompson were continuing their fight. Winterton shook her head that now these challengers were coming out of the woodwork…

“Hey, Hey! Sarah, up here! All of you, stop!”

The voice belonged to Damien Lee appearing on the jOltvision for all to see. Charlotte and Daryn Thompson’s fight stopped for a moment while Winterton looked on.

“Miss Winterton, I expected more from you. You’ve been talking for months about how you are a fighting champion and how you want to defend your title, but the manner in which you just defended was conduct unbecoming of a champion. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Charlotte… this will not count as your rematch. You will have another one.

Winterton protested and shook her head while Charlotte had a grin from ear to ear.

“However, this feud between the two of you has been going on for several months now and we need new blood to step up and fight for that very belt. Daryn Thompson, you had a big win at Wired and you’ve been on a roll since. You also deserve a chance to compete.”

The Starlets Powerhouse nodded in agreement with what Damien Lee was saying.

“And Amber Ryann, you’ve been impressing with great performances both on The Hype and during your most recent matches on the main roster. So here’s what I’m going to do …”

He held up four fingers.

“Four corners match at Unlimited for the Starlets Championship. Sarah Winterton, you will defend against the former champion Charlotte, against Daryn Thompson AND miss Amber Ryann!”


The other three ladies all looked content with the announcement as Damien Lee continued.

“And I’m going to do one more… next week, as a big preview to that match, I am making a tag team Starlets match. Winterton, you will be teaming up with Charlotte … and the two of you will be teaming against Amber Ryann and Daryn Thompson! We’ll call it a preview of past and present champions versus future champions!”

All four women now shared uneasy glances at one another as the announcement was made. A big title match was in the works and along with that a big tag match with all four for next week was in on the deck.

Winner: No Contest

"What Now?"

Backstage, Mattock was with Sanchez Cano. Even though he had lost to Diamond Jewelz tonight, Mattock still had a smile on his face. He cracked a grin as he sat there in his locker room.

"Isn't it fascinating the amount of mental abrasion one can inflict through manipulation?" asked Mattock as Cano simply grinned.

"Diamond Jewelz is what I refer to as a lesser man. Intellectually, he is the equivalent of a modern day Hellen Keller. Blind.. because he cannot open his eyes and see the reality that encompasses him. Deaf.. because he refused to hear my words of enlightenment.. the words which bring salvation to those who choose to follow and believe them. And Dumb.. because he rejected my offer. He stood against me and what does he have to show for it?"

Mattock stood up and looked into the camera

"One paltry victory. A victory that is as empty and as hollow as your mind and as your heart. All you did was go out to that ring and released that pent up frustration, but where did all of it come from? It came from me, Diamond.. it came from me.... FOR YOU SEE... I have tugged at those proverbial strings and made you dance like the marionette that you are. I am the one who exposed you for who you truly are.. nothing more than some common peddler."

Cano nodded in agreement.

"Look at what happened just a few moments ago. You acted like nothing happened. You didn't gloat about your victory.. you didn't even acknowledge it. Instead, you sat in the back and pandered to Sylo. You went back to being a street urchin looking to make a little bit of side cash doing the only thing you know how to do. You immediately left the world that I put you in and went back to your comfort zone not so much even batting and eyelash over tonight's events."

Cano shook his head no.

"This is why you are nothing more than a moden day Hellen Keller. You are the incarnation.. the epitome.. and the absolute in the realm insignificance.. and you always will be."

Mattock laughed to himself for a moment before he continued.

"And then there is Jesse Ramey. A man who had dreams.. who had aspirations. Who thought that teaming with someone like Diamond Jewelz was the answer.. that it would be his meal ticket into fame and stardom. This isn't ACW anymore Jesse. You are not the Anti-Hero you once were. Instead.. you succumbed to dealing with Jewelz. He is a curse.. and the plague of that curse fell upon you. Faced with temptation you took that sin in your heart and it broke the world all around you, Jesse. Now what are you? What have you amounted to? You've been here for nearly three months and the splash you made was the size of a single tear drop in an ocean."

Mattock sat back down in his chair and extended his arms outward.

"I am the one responsible for that.. so I ask you. Will you focus your hatred on me like Diamond Jewelz? Will I play the martyr for you as you sit back and play the fool? Will you, too, wish to garner an empty victory over me just to quell the rage and the demons with poison your mind? What will you do, Jesse?"

Mattock stood back up and grabbed the camera, pulling it close up to his face.

"What will you do?"

Mattock placed the camera back down and exited the locker room. Sanchez Cano merely grinned as he followed Mattock out. The scene faded to black.

Waymoth Turnbull vs Ezra Conway


"Believers" by ¡Maday! began playing as the fans errupted in a plethora of discontent and Ezra Conway walked out accompanied by his twin brother Eli. Ezra disregarded any fan trying to get under his skin by way of jeers but Eli was more than happy to respond, actually raising a hand to a man wearing a Waymoth Turnbull shirt.

Before entering in the ring, the brother convined amongst themselves, clearly creating a game plan for the match against the West Indian Obsidian. Ezra nodded at Eli who looked around trying to avoid letting the cameras pick up on what he was telling his brother and then rolled inside the ring. Eli took a seat at the commentators table.

Michael Buhrman: Well it looks like one half of Black Factions own West Texas Terrorists has decided to join us.

Nathan Powers: Finally, a guy I can actually agree with!

Eli Conway: Thanks Nate, it's an honor to sit with you and endure the whining Michael Buhrman.

"Emergency" by Mavado f/ Ace Hood began playing and the Arena of Champions screamed in joy as Waymoth Turnbull walked out from behind the entrance curtain and tested the integrity of his taped wrists and hands, staring daggers into the soul Ezra Conway. Waymoth walked around the ring watching Ezra and then quickly turned his attention to Eli who sat at the commentators table.

Eli: Your opponent is over there! You don't want both of us big man.

Powers: Uh, Eli, normally I'd be agreeing with you but I wouldn't tease the bull.

Buhrman: Waymoth Turnbull is a man hell bent on revenge after Landon Stevens abducted Cloyd and I'm willing to bet, he doesn't care if it's both of you that he takes on!

Eli & Powers: Shut up!

Waymoth stepped over to the table and pointed at Eli Conway. Eli stood up and pointed behind him and before Waymoth could turn around Ezra Conway had flung himself through the ropes and hit Waymoth with a hard Suicide Dive causing both men to crash into the table.

Both Ezra and Waymoth stood up and Ezra tried to trade punches with the monstrasity known as Waymoth Turnbull but was quickly averted. Waymoth blocked a punch attempt and moved his hand behind Ezra's head and slammed his head into the table before pushing him away into the ring apron.

Ezra looked staggered as he tried to escape Waymoth, but Waymoth was too close and too strong and he grabbed Ezra by the head and waist of his trunks and flung him into the table with a sickening thud.


Eli & Powers: SHUT UP, MICHAEL!

Waymoth looked at Eli and smiled before kicked Ezra in the stomach. Finally Waymoth realized that the referee was nearing the ten count to disqualify both men and he rolled into the ring and back out to break the count. Waymoth pulled Ezra up by his hair and the referee warned him of the illegal hair pulling and Waymoth flung Ezra back into the ring. The referee checked on Ezra as Waymoth slowly stalked the ring and Eli who was still sitting at the table trying to be as professional as he could be watching Turnbull man handle is brother.

Waymoth rolled into the ring but was met by a slap to the chest from Ezra who had some how also made it to his feet.


The fans marveled at the sound of the slap.


The marveling grew.




Out of absolutely no where, Waymoth Turnbull leveled the Conway brother with his Left/Right Hook combo and had finished it up with a strong left uppercut. Waymoth looked at Eli and pointed at him.

"Is best yuh mek sure dat both Aran and Landon get the message!"

Eli stood up and took off his headset clearly about to defy the rules of the match and join in, but Waymoth dropped down ontop of Ezra and pinned him while watching Eli.




Waymoth quickly averted his attention to Ezra as Eli cheered him on. Waymoth picked the West Texas Terrorist member up and flung him into the ropes.



Ezra returned the favor and kicked Waymoth right in the jaw using the pure momentum of the ropes and Waymoth crashed to the mat.



Powers: WHAT?!

Ezra looked at Eli who shot a gaze of surprise before he looked back at the big man who was pushing himself up to his feet with his fists on the ground. Ezra with a strong right hand followed by another and he contiuned punching Waymoth in the head causing the big man to rock back into the ropes and Ezra this time flung Waymoth into the ropes on the opposite of the ring and grabbed the referee.

Eli Conway took the quick second to pull the foot back of Waymoth causing Waymoth to slam into the mat face first and the fans errupted in another round of booing at the dirty tactic.

Buhrman: Oh c'mon!

Powers: It ain't illegal unless you get caught!

Ezra shoved the ref aside and quickly pinned the big man.




The brothers looked startled to see Waymoth still able to kick out even after his face had been the targeted area to take the man down. Ezra rose to his feet and looked at Waymoth before leaping and dropping a knee on his face and once again pinning Turnbull.



Ezra sat up and pulled his hair back trying not to let the cheers of the fans get to him and he stepped away looking at Waymoth. Waymoth used the ropes to raise up and Ezra smiled.


A second Superkick but Waymoth just leaned into the ropes and tried to collect himself. Eli shouted at his brother telling him to take Turnbull out.

Ezra nodded and charged after Waymoth trying to clothesline him over the top of the ropes.


Waymoth slammed Ezra down with his Uranga/T-Bone Suplex and Ezra crashed to the outside with a sickening thud. Eli looked shocked and Ezra wasn't moving, the fans were going insane cheering for West Indian Obsidian.

Waymoth collected himself and slid out of the ring but enough was enough for Eli who slammed his foot into the side of Turnbulls head with a THIRD Superkick. The ref called for the bell and the match was over.

Waymoth had won via disqualification but the damage was done, Ezra looked broken and Waymoth was hurting too. Eli quickly attented to his brother and helped him to his feet dragging him away as "Emergency" by Mavado played and the fans complained about the ending of the match. Eli told near by fans to shut their mouth helped his brother to the back and the camera quickly moved over to Waymoth who was on his hands and knees.


Buhrman: I don't know Nate, but it's clear to me Waymoth won't sleep until all of Black Faction is put down. I don't think Aran has thought about the ramifactions of messing with both Waymoth Turnbull and Crimson Order at the same time.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Disqualification

Omega vs Reno Davis

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera. The audience cheered as Reno Davis stepped out from the backstage area. He was ready to do the unthinkable and take on the craziest man in jOlt, Omega. Reno is a savvy veteran and he knew he was going to be in for a fight tonight against the undefeated Omega. His face looked focused, his body language brimming with confidence.


The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Reno Davis stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face. Reno Davis backed up toward the ropes with a worried look on his face. He stood near the ropes as Omega slowly moved back to the corner.

The bell sounded as Omega stood to his feet. Davis feared no man as he went right after the big man with right hands in the middle of the ring. Omega was a man that loved pain so he took every shot from Reno. However, Reno was not going to fall into the trap of everyone else who has face Omega. He knew Omega was a dangerous man when he was upright so he started to stomp at his knees. This was the savvy veteran trying to get the bigger man off his feet even though he was outweighed by almost two hundred pounds.

Davis tried to kick at Omega’s thighs to chop the big redwood down to his size. Reno ran toward the ropes bouncing off giving himself a running start at Omega but was sent to the mat with a big boot to his face. Omega picked up Reno and whipped him into the corner. The big man picked up Reno and dropped him face first onto the top turnbuckle. Davis fell to the mat as he was in trouble now. Omega reached for Reno who jabbed the big man with his thumb. Omega staggered backwards as this gave Reno enough time to get to his feet. Reno started to climb to the top rope as Omega tried to get vision from his one good eye. Davis jumped off the top rope but Omega looked up and caught Reno by the throat.

The big man drove Reno down to the mat with a thunderous choke slam. The crowd jeered as Omega reached down for Reno and threw him outside to the floor. He slowly and methodically climbed over the top rope to the floor himself stalking the veteran. The big man grabbed Reno by the head.

“We will make you feel pain.” Omega said as he rammed Reno into the steel steps. The fans were eating up the violence from the crazy bastard. He slowly reached down and picked up Reno before ramming him into the guardrail this time. The fans at ringside stepped back as the guardrail moved inward about a foot. Omega wasn’t done as he picked up Reno onto his shoulders. Omega raced toward the steel ring post, but Reno moved off Omega’s shoulder and pushed the big man into the ring post to the delight of the fans. Reno tried to gather himself as Omega sat on the floor near the ring post. The big man grabbed the ring apron to pull himself up slowly. Davis raced across the floor and nailed Omega with a dropkick that sent the big man right back into the ring post. Darius Underwood looked on as the fans erupted in cheers for Reno.





Davis grabbed a steel chair from under the ring and drove it into Omega’s head. Reno watched as Omega fell to the floor from the chair shot. Davis hooked Omega on the floor in a cross face. Since this was an Underground match falls counted anywhere in the arena. Reno being the submission specialist he was, tried to wear down the big man on the floor with submission holds. The problem was that Omega was not down enough to keep a submission hold on him. Davis tried to keep the bigger man down but Omega was just too strong and was able to power out of the hold.

Reno got to his feet quickly and nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee. Omega went down on one knee and was quickly nailed with a shining wizard that connected right to his temple. Reno rolled into the ring to gather himself as the big man placed a hand on the ring apron. The ring veteran waited in the ring as Omega pulled himself up to his feet with a smirk on his face. The number one contender to the Underground Championship pulled himself up and rolled into the ring. Reno was waiting for him and nailed him with a stalling dropkick.

Reno grabbed Omega by the head and drove him into the top turnbuckle. The big man was still groggy from that earlier attack but this was something that he enjoyed. Reno was garnering support from the fans as he continued to take it to the monster. Reno hooked Omega in a front chancery before driving him to the mat with a snap DDT. Reno went for the cover.




Reno slowly made his way to his feet as Omega turned over to his stomach. Davis grabbed Omega struggling to pull the massive man to his feet. He whipped him into the corner, shaking the ring as Omega barreled into the corner. Reno raced into the corner but Omega bolted out of the corner with a huge spear that almost cut Reno in half. Omega sat on the mat as he looked down at Reno writhing in pain. Omega started to suddenly shake violently as he moved around the ring.


The loud yell from Omega sent scintillating chills through the spines of anyone who was in earshot. Omega looked around the ring as Reno slowly started to move. The craziest bastard in wrestling rolled to the floor. He pulled the ring apron back and pulled something from under the ring. Omega pulled out a barbed wire wrapped steel chair. The big man smiled as he climbed into the ring with the steel chair. Underwood could not do anything as he watched the big man step into the ring with the barbed wire wrapped steel chair.

Omega looked at Barb for a few seconds before nodding. The crazed man held the chair high in air as he drove it down across Reno’s back. The barbed wire ripped Reno’s flesh as the fans cringed at the sight. A slight smile started to form across Omega’s face as he drove the chair across Reno’s back once more. This time the pain sent Reno Davis to the mat. Omega held the chair in hand as Davis lay on the mat in pain. The big man pointed to Underwood to administer the count out.










The fans got behind Reno Davis trying to will him up to his feet.







Reno started to pull himself up slowly by grabbing on Omega’s jeans. Omega looked down at the fight that the veteran was showing and continued to smile.

“We have no problem administering more and more pain if you continue to get up. You are a message to the chief retainer. We will continue to cleanse the weak and Davis we have concluded that you are one of the weak. Heed our warning and stay down.”

However, Reno did not stay down and continued to pull himself up. Omega threw the steel chair down on the mat. Omega picked up Reno and took him down with a big power bomb on the steel chair. But Omega was not done as he picked up RENO again.


Underwood started his count.
















Omega continues his onslaught on the jOlt superstars. The monster is working his way to the chief retainer of the Underground. Omega smiled as he rolled out of the ring looking at the destruction of Reno Davis in the ring.

Winner: Omega via Standing Countout

"I Did What Was Needed"

The ending to last week’s Intense was one full of mayhem and one that fans would soon not forget. The now former Tag Team Champions Red and Ted, along with their manager, Grady Patric, had been assaulted during the final moments of the broadcast. They were made to pay for their crimes against The House after weeks of ridicule and torture which culminated in the theft of their belts. After another video played, ridiculing the champions, Red and Ted were dispatched by the giant Adam Roebuck.

After viciously chokeslamming an elderly Grady Patrick on the entrance ramp and powerbombing Alexander Redding into the guardrail, the vicious acts of violence carried out by The Big Bucks ended with him press slamming Teddy Jacobs off the top of the entrance ramp and into stage equipment. The injuries of all three were severe enough for all three to be released from their contracts for the foreseeable future. As far as Adam Roebuck was concerned, the punishment fit the crime but his tag partner Derrick Huber and their valet, Charlotte, weren’t so sure.

All three members of The House were now inside the office of an angry Damien Lee who was seated behind his desk waiting for somebody to say something. Charlotte and her husband, Derrick Huber were watching an angry Adam Roebuck dressed in a zip-up fleece (big and tall, of course) and jeans.

“You can have a seat any time, Adam,” Damien finally spoke.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Roebuck said through his teeth.

“Oh, no, you’re not fine at all, Mr. Roebuck. I’ve got enough going on my plate right now with Sylo and Derecho at each other’s throats, and then you had to go and do what you did last week. Now after everything those three put you through…”

“Good fucking riddance…” Adam said.

“Adam, you aren’t helping yourself,” Derrick said, trying to be the voice of reason. Adam largely ignored his tag team partner.

Charlotte’s turn to plead her case.

“Damien, you saw everything those assholes did to us, hon. I can’t say that they didn’t deserve it, but you’re right … Adam screwed up big-time.”

Adam looked at Derrick and Charlotte with a visibly annoyed look on his face. Damien Lee nodded in Adam’s direction before resting his arms on the desk.

“You really should listen to Mr. Huber. You’re lucky as all hell that those three didn’t press charges. In fact, we had to settle out of court and deal with them quietly. But as for you … I am fully aware of the things that they did you three and the fact that they robbed you of your belts at Wired was a joke, but they had the legal contract. They bamboozled Ken Kaze out of his guaranteed tag team title match when they beat him and they cashed it in. But that doesn’t mean that you go around injuring and maiming our roster! You’re being suspended this week and you’re going to be fined for what happened with an amount disclosed in the paperwork I sent you earlier this week. Do you understand me?”

Before he could open his mouth, Derrick Huber spoke up.

“We get it and we’ll take care of it.” He glanced over at Adam Roebuck. “This shit isn’t going to fly and if we beat somebody’s ass, it’s going to happen in the ring. Right, Adam?”

“Small price to pay. I’d break those fuckers in half again if I had them standing in front of me.”

Damien Lee glanced back to Derrick Huber.

“You need to keep your partner in check. I had to pull a lot of strings to keep your match in check. You guys were owed a tag title rematch and that’s why I granted it. You are already in the triple threat elimination match at Unlimited for the vacant Tag Team Titles.”

Charlotte tapped her husband on the arm.

“Hon, I need to go. I need to get ready for my match tonight. You guys are going to get your belts back and I’m going get mine. I’m done listening to that stupid hooker, Sarah Winterton belittle the roster.”

“You got this baby, whip that ass,” Huber said before he looked at Damien Lee’s disappointing face. “… But keep it in the ring.”

The Queen of Hearts rolled her arm.

“My injuries from Wired are cleared now, but I’m going to hurt that bitch and take my belt back!”

Charlotte disappeared from the office and left Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck to the ongoing wrath of Damien Lee as he jerked a thumb towards the door.

“Adam, security is going to escort you out. Have a good day and see you next week, you’ll be in action.”


Adam Roebuck sat up and left the room but not before Derrick Huber stopped him.

“Man … I get why you did what you did … lord knows those sons of bitches deserved it, but we still had our title rematch. We can beat them in the ring.”

Roebuck let out an exasperated sigh.

“I did what was needed. You don’t see it, but I did this for us, Huber.”

The Oddsmaker respectfully moved out of the way of his tag team partner and watched him go. Things in The House seemed to be tenser than they ever have.

Derecho vs Kayden Paulton

Derecho wanted to carve out a path of destruction like he had previously done as Underground Champion, but Derecho was being intervened by The SuperBeast Sylo who made his return to jOlt two weeks ago in order to save Derecho, but Derecho doesn't believe he needs saving. To prove that, he's looking for some revenge on an opponent he faced before.

Derecho hadn't forgotten that Kayden Paulton pinned him back on iNtense 81 after hitting the Upside Down Frown on top of a steel chair. Derecho would love nothing more than to put Paulton down here tonight.. especially after he came off of a hard fought match against Ninja K just one week ago.

"Less Talk More Rock" by Freeze Pop

The man who would be hailed as the Softcore Saint.. the former World's Nicest Number One Contender, Kayden Paulton, stepped out from behind the curtain to a pretty big pop from the crowd. Like always, he was all smiles and filled with excitement as he made his way down to the ring to face the task at hand.

Paulton stepped into the ring and warmed up. He looked ready and prepared as the lights in the arena faded to a crimson hue.

"The King of Hell" by Helstar

Out from the back came Derecho clad in his black skull mask and black leather trench coat. The boos filled the arena as he walked down the ramp, focusing on Kayden Paulton the entire way. Derecho entered the ring and took off his crown and jacket, passing them to ringside. The arena returned to normal.

The bell would sound and the lights would almost completely go out? Wait

"Eulogy" by Tool

Stage hands would rush to set up a plethora of wreaths and various other arrangements. Derecho had an idea of who was behind this and that made him sneer out of sheer contempt. Kayden on the other hand would just smile and watch, happy to wait to start the match with Derecho.

From the back to a roaring ovation would step The SuperBeast dressed in one hell of a fine suit. Dare it be said THE Beast looked pretty damn sharp. He casually stepped up to a podium that had been placed dead center of the stage moments earlier. The lights would only rise slightly as Sylo stared at the ring and waited for the fans to die down.

Ladies & gentleman... Your extinguished guest, Holy Diver himself, whos joined us all after being down too long in the midnight sea, Sylo beckoned toward Derecho who wasn't amused at all. The fans on the other hand decided they wanted to join in on the fun at Derecho's expense.


Sylo just shook his head trying not to laugh.

"Thank God that joke worked, I wasn't sure if the majority of the crowd would get it, and to those who didn't get it I suggest when you go home this evening, hop on Google or Youtube, read up on a man by the last name Dio, and listen to the song "Holy Diver". Also, Killswitch Engage did a pretty good version of the song. Yet I digress from why I've come out here this evening. Tonight we have the true eulogy of Jason Roberts. Sylo looked back to the ring as Derecho's sneer widened.

The moment could have been tense, it was supposed to be serious, but the fans had started a Dio chant.

"Hey, c'mon, I said Jason's eulogy and while I hope Ronnie James Dio is resting in peace, this isn't about him. I do admire the fact you'll chant just about anything," Sylo stopped, almost in contemplation, and then smirked with a slight laugh. "You know what? I've missed this so before we get to the eulogy what the hell? It's Sunday! We're LIVE! And this is mother fucking iNtense!" Sylo was met with a thunderous cheer. He was also met with undistinguishable dialogue from The King of Hell.

"Oh shut the hell up! We'll get to you, Roberts. In the mean time why don't you come up with an explanation on just how in the fuck Cher and Count Chocula had a one night stand and through some unimaginably disgusting form of creation they had a hermaphrodite love child that just constantly reeks of sun baked shit that grew up to become a professional wrestler with a shitty title and an even shittier sense of style?" The fans laughed. Burhman stifled a laugh. After Kayden got the joke he laughed, but Derecho was furious.

"Now, where were we?" Sylo asked looking back out at the fans.

Their answer was in the form of a chant. That chant was for none other than Count Chocula.

"Really? A Count Chocula chant? Fuck, you guys, if I can get you to chant Count Chocula at a live wrestling show that makes me," Sylo paused thinking.

"He's not about to do what I think he is... is he?" Burhman remarked still trying to keep his composure.

"What? Waste our time?" Powers sneered.

Unfortunately the only time being wasted was that of Powers and Derecho because everyone else was enjoying themselves.

"Okay, here's one, Mike Hunt! It's good to see you again, buddy! Everyone, did you know MIKE HUNT IS FUCKING AWESOME!?" Sylo looked out at the 17 thousand plus... and yes, they chanted "MIKE HUNT IS FUCKING AWESOME!"

"Okay okay this is way too much fun. Let's get serious now," There was a collective objection. "Fine! One more... two if you're good." The fans cheered at that.

"So there's been a lot of news about me going on over on the dirt sheets. A couple unparticular ones you may have heard of... eWscene?" Sylo looked back out in the crowd.


"As well as," And again...


"Even if "Superfan" Awesome Andy Gibson doesn't particularly like Derechode."

The broke off into to chants... which went a little like this:


"This is what happens when I let you all have chocolate near bed time." Sylo just shook his head again stifling a laugh.Derecho meanwhile was so mad he was coming through the ropes. Sylo quickly took notice.

"Whoa whoa whoa WHOA!" Sylo yelled at Derecho. "We're getting to you. Wait your damn turn! No, you're right, this is about you so let's just go ahead and dive in shall we?" Sylo didn't ask Derecho, he asked the fans, and it seemed they had their fun and urged The Beast to continue with his original plans.

"Ahem... okay then... Jason Roberts... what can really be said about him? He was a failing business man, a whiney bitch even if he could wrestle, he was even married to the beautiful Samantha Roberts which, I think I brought this up before, and he constantly beat like his name was Chris Brown." Sylo stared right at Derecho who, by this point, had climbed out of the ring. Senior Official Mike Hunt began to yell at him to get back in the ring.

"Yeah, your majesty, get back in the ring. No one cares what you have to ramble on about while having a crazed look in your eye and foaming at the mouth." Derecho slammed the ring apron and pointed at Sylo yelling something.

"You know you're starting to bore me. Anyway, Jason is survived by..." Sylo looked down, looked at Derecho, looked down, looked back at Derecho, and went "Really?"

"Says here Jason Roberts is survived by... nobody. God damn... bad life choices eh?" Derecho was livid and Sylo knew it. He was pushing the right buttons to send Derecho off the edge.

"Ohhh Derecho's shouting insults everyone! Watch out! Seriously, you can't hit me and you know it. I had the same conversation with Lee, dipshit. What do you care anyway? You've already lost this match." Sylo pulled the microphone from the podium as Derecho could be heard yelling "I'VE LOST NOTHING!"

"Oh? Mike Hunt, best damn referee in ALL of wrestling, would you like to settle this argument for us?" Sylo pointed to Hunt as Derecho turned around to see him flash ten fingers and yell "ten" meaning Derecho had just lost the match thanks to Sylo's distraction. The bell rang and Derecho had become so angry there isn't a word in the English dictionary to do justice to that kind of anger.

"I don't wanna steal anyone's job BUT allow me. Ladies and Gentleman! The winner of this match! You know him, you love him, and he's one hell of a nice guy! KAYDEN PAULTON!" This was met with an explosion of cheers as Kayden smiled, waved, and yelled "Thanks Sylo!"

"No problem but you might wanna get the hell out of the ring. He can't hit me but you know... The King of Hell currently has some weird "I'm going to rape a man... look in his, y'know, run." Kayden was quick to respond making a safe and hasty retreat.

"Well, guess you slipped a bit from being Number One contender for the Underground title, eh? Since you won't be getting a shot any time soon how about we discuss who you will be seeing soon? See I'm going through the candidates with a fine tooth comb so I make sure I get it just right. There was some potential, I won't lie, but ultimately I had to say no to them. So far the list of at least jOlt guys are..." Sylo paused looking to the fans and completely ignored Derecho.

"Waymoth Turnbull but that guys busy wrecking someone else. It's a shame; he probably could have given you a beating." Sylo paused again staring at Derecho.

"Of course there was the jOlt Champion Aran Thompson, while Aran is wrong in the assumption he created the next "SuperBeast" since there's only one in existence, he did tend to have your number... more than once... what I'm saying is he kicked your ass a lot, fruit loops," Sylo continued to stare at a beyond pissed off Derecho.

"Then I thought what I need is a REAL MAN to kick your ass. So, I thought about it, and I thought who better than Jeremy Ryan since he's apparently the last real man but then I remembered he'll be busy waiting at his mail box for the newest issue of Playgirl so he can see some "REAL MEN!", which by the way? Ew." Sylo mocked gagging and the fans decided to interact as well.


"Hey!" Sylo turned to the fans. "What that man does at the end of the month is his business... and... well now apparently everyone who sees this. Whoops. I'd say sorry but... Ryan, I know you're in the back, let's clear something up, if you ever speak about me, my wife, or my son again then I don't know what kind of "real man" you're looking for but I can introduce you to THE Beast." Sylo snarled a little as the fans cheered.

"Also while I'm on the subject of the roster let's get a few things clear, shall we? You should listen to this as well, fruit loops," Sylo gestured toward Derecho. "There's only one original. There's only one king. You're looking at him. I didn't adopt the name, the name was bestowed on me for being undefeated while competing in nothing but Underground matches so while there are plenty of imitators both in and out of jOlt keep in mind there's a reason I'm THE standard. Oh and to the newly appointed "Queen of the Underground", that would mean I'd have to marry your skank ass, and besides my wife was kicking men's asses while you were earning a living licking men's asses you dime store trick," Sylo spewed venom to the pleasure of all in attendance sans Derecho.

"In all seriousness," Sylo turned back to Derecho. "You won't know who your opponent is until you're standing in that very ring. I can't predict the future but I'm usually pretty good on my promises and I promise you this, your opponent, will be someone that doesn't give a shit about you. Your opponent won't be obsessed with titles. Your opponent won't care about winning or losing. Simply put, your opponent is coming to Unlimited to straight up give you the single worst beating you've ever suffered. That's a promise." Sylo stared at Derecho before shaking his head. He let the microphone bounce with a thud on the steel stage before his music kicked up.

Meanwhile Derecho seethed at ringside. There were so many questions left without answers. What was Sylo's plan? Would provoking Derecho turn out to be something he regretted? The biggest question though was simple; who exactly would Derecho face at jOlt: Unlimited?

Winner: Match Never Started

"Oh Me, Oh My"

The scene faded to the backstage area, standing in front of a black back drop with the iNtense logo plastered across it was the Anti-Star.

“People like to run their mouth,” Ramey began, “talking about things that don’t have any clue about. Last week I lost to Diamond Jewlez for a shot at Mattock this week. Jewelz actually got the job done tonight, and despite the fact that Mattock acts like it doesn’t even bother him I’ve got a feeling that deep down inside it does. Jewelz beat you at your own game tonight, neither of you have any respect for stepping foot in the center of that ring, that’s why you cheat to win matches.”

“Those who have no confidence in their own ability in that ring,” Ramey smiled, “those are the ones who will do whatever it takes to win a match. The fact that you would bring Jewelz up after your match Mattock and be so upset at the idea of him not even gloating about beating you, so a twinge of disdain for the fact that you lost.”

“Three months with the company,” Ramey scoffed, “you think I expected to be at the top of this company after only three months? You obviously have no idea what my past has been like. You want to bring up All Star Championship Wrestling, and tell me that this isn’t it? It’s exactly like All Star Championship Wrestling Mattock. You think I climbed to the top of ACW in three months? I never reached the pinnacle of ACW in my entire time with the company. I didn’t get a fair shake with the company until I had already been with it for over four years.”

“That’s what you don’t understand though,” Ramey smiled, “I’ve been doing this for so long and I know that having the strap around your waist and being in the main event week in and week out isn’t what makes a man. It’s about paying your dues and being respected by the people who write our paychecks every week. Just because at the top corner of your pay check it reads Jolt Wrestling, doesn’t mean this company is who is paying you. If it wasn’t for the fans in attendance every week, and paying for the pay-per-views that we appear on we wouldn’t be getting paid.”

“Those big nifty contracts that you all have,” Ramey shrugged, “would only be an afterthought if it wasn’t for the fact that people continue to flood the arenas we come to. So, if you think for one second that you’ve ruined all of my dreams and aspirations because I’ve had to deal with you and Diamond Jewelz for the past three months. You’re the one who really needs to get their priorities in line. I’ve been dealing with individuals like the two of you for the majority of my career.”

“And that’s all fine by me,” Ramey smiled, “as long as I get to continue going out to that ring and doing what I love to do and what the fan’s love to see me doing. So, you just keep pulling your strings oh great and powerful puppet master. Because the only dance you’re doing right now is the dance of, “Oh dear sweet lord help me to find my Thesaurus so that I don’t end up having to use a word that will make me look like I didn’t go to an Ivy League school.”

Ramey quickly tossed the microphone to a stage hand and exited the scene.

Ninja K (c) vs Bane Loneheart

It hasn't been since Rise of the Legends that Ninja K has defended his Underground Championship. Prior to iNtense, Ninja K sent out a message throughout the locker room, telling the superstars that he's giving someone a free shot. Bane Loneheart stepped up and said that he'd take the shot and here tonight, we will see "The Athletic Freak of Nature" take on the man who has a bit of a pipe fetish.

"Sur Fac Ing" by Slipknot

Out from the back stepped Bane Loneheart with his trusty pipe in hand. The people booed as Loneheart cockily walked his way down to the ring. Loneheart, a former member of Chris Titan's Backbone, has been rather quiet, but he looked to possibly score a win here and take the Underground Championship for himself.. but if he did, he knew that he would have Omega waiting in the wings for him.

Bane stepped up to the ringsteps and tapped the pipe on them a few times before he stomped up and onto the ring apron. He stepped in between the ropes and looked around the audience for some praise, but found none. The music died down.

“Vicarious” by Tool

The people cheered and rose to their feet in a standing ovation. Out from the back came Kenshiro Inogami... the jOlt Underground Champion He looked poised and ready to take on this challenge tonight. He knew that this wouldn’t be just an ordinary Underground Rules match. This was going to be a statement that he wanted to make to a man that has been gunning for him in Omega.

With that in mind, Ninja K headed down to the ring and slid underneath the bottom rope. He then perched himself up on the turnbuckle pad and looked out into the crowd as they all continued to give him a thunderous ovation. Ninja K then hopped down and stood there and stared across the ring at Bane Loneheart. What kind of message was Ninja K looking to send? We were about to find out as he passed the championship to the referee who held it up high and then called for the bell.




The bell sounds as Ninja and Loneheart circle each other in the ring. They go to lock up, but Ninja baseball slides between Loneheart's legs. Ninja stands up and quickly hits a standing drop kick to the upper back of Loneheart. Loneheart stumbles forward and Ninja charges in, grabbing Loneheart by the forehead and nailing a running bulldog, putting him down in the early goings in this match. Ninja then rolls out of the ring and walks to the entrance ramp, walking along side it, grabbing the dumpster, filled to the brim with steel chairs! He uses a small ramp on the side of the entrance ramp to wheel the dumpster onto it. Loneheart slides out of the ring and starts running up the entrance ramp where he meets Ninja at the top, decking him in the face with a haymaker punch. Loneheart clubs Ninja over the head with a forearm shot and then lifts him up into a gorilla press slam position. He then tosses him into the dumpster! Ninja landed on the pile of steel chairs!

Loneheart then starts pushing the dumpster down the entrance ramp, picking up tremendous speed. The dumpster then slams into ringside, ejecting Ninja through the ropes and into the ring where he rolls about three-quarters of the way across! Loneheart grabs two steel chairs from out of the dumpster and he tosses them into the ring. Loneheart then climbs back in, picking up both steel chairs and wedging them into the corner. Ninja stumbles up to his feet, a bit dizzy. Loneheart then picks him up onto his shoulder and then charges at the corner! Loneheart dives and spears Ninja up against the steel chairs and turnbuckle pads at full velocity!!!


It didn't take long to get the first fecal chant of the evening! Ninja collapses to the canvas, like a lifeless doll as Loneheart goes for the pin, looking to put this one away early after a wild start!



Ninja kicked out.

Loneheart slides out of the ring and pulls up the ring apron, pulling out a ladder and sliding it into the ring. Loneheart rolls back in and holds it in his arms as he waits for Ninja to stand. Ninja K is getting up and when Loneheart charges him, he leaps into the air and nails a drop kick into the ladder and causes Loneheart to crash to the canvas! Ninja heads to the ring apron as Loneheart lays there, trying to recollect himself. Ninja grabs a chair from the dumpster and leaps to the top rope. He waits for Loneheart to stand and springboards off, swinging the chair into Loneheart's back. Loneheart loses his balance and falls to a single knee. Ninja goes for a cover of his own!



Shoulder up by Loneheart

Ninja gets up and walks around the ring, steel chair still in hand, waiting for Loneleart to stand like a wolf stalking its prey. Loneheart rolls over onto all fours to get up, but Ninja charges in at Loneheart. Loneheart looks up to see Ninja skateboarding the chair dead on into Loneheart's face! Loneheart is down on the canvas, holding his head in pain. Ninja K then goes for another cover! One...


NO! Loneheart kicked out again, showing his toughness!

Ninja K grabs the ladder, sets it up and begins to climb, perhaps looking for a high risk move off of it. Loneheart is getting up as it seems that there is no hurting this man. Loneheart walks over, putting his back to the ladder. He reaches up, hooking Ninja by the waist, placing him into a powerbomb position. Loneheart then walks, turning towards the ropes. He then powerbombs Ninja over the top rope, causing him to fall and slam into the dumpster filled with steel chairs!!!


Loneheart climbs out of the ring as Ninja is draped over the edge of the dumpster, in pain. Loneheart stands on the ring apron. He grabs one of the lids for the dumpster and then slams it shut, bouncing it off of Ninja's upper back. Though the lids are mere plastic.. the stinging effect has Ninja in pain.

Loneheart lifts the lid to the dumpster up and once again, slams it shut on Ninja's upper back. Ninja is in pain as Loneheart lifts the lid again, but Ninja tosses a steel chair at Loneheart's face, but Loneheart catches it. The lid falls back onto Ninja. Loneheart steps onto the bottom rope and readies the chair to slam, but Ninja K, from his back, kicked Loneheart in the gut between the ropes, doubling him over. Ninja shoves the dumpster lid off of him, which smacks into the steel chair Loneheart is holding, which in turn smacks Loneheart in the face, causing him to fall into the ropes where his leg gets twisted and caught!

Ninja stands up, grabbing another steel chair from seems like an unlimited supply from that dumpster. Ninja grabs a hold of the top rope, with chair in hand. He slingshots over, quickly turning, placing the chair under his legs, nailing an arabian face buster on top of Loneheart's face! Ninja gets up as Loneheart is now bleeding from the mouth as he may have knocked a tooth out! Ninja stomps on Loneheart as he is helpless with his foot there scissored in the ropes. Ninja then heads over, climbing up the ladder. Loneheart asks the referee for help, who lets Loneheart free, gaining a tremendous amount of heat from the crowd. Loneheart staggers to his feet, wiping the blood from his eyes. He then walks over, shaking his head, to ward off the pain. Ninja is about half way up when Loneheart folds up the ladder with Ninja on it! Loneheart then lifts the ladder straight up, but Ninja is squirming. Loneheart is losing his balance, but he falls backwards, the ladder hits the ropes and the recoil effect launches Ninja off the ladder. Ninja lands back in the dumpster but bounces off and down to the mats at ringside!!

Crowd: OOHHHHHH!!!! A steel chair falls out of the dumpster from Ninja's impact and conveniently lands right next to him. Loneheart waits as Ninja K squirms on the ground in tremendous pain. What was an idea by the Underground Champion at the start of this match, completely backfired as Ninja K ended up landing in his own creation twice now.

Ninja K tries to get up, but is slow to do so, but he finally manages to. Loneheart sees his opportunity and gets a full head of steam as Ninja is staggering back up to his feet. Loneheart launches himself over the top rope, sailing over the dumpster with a flying shoulder block, but Ninja picks up the chair and swings it into Loneheart's head, knocking him out of the air, causing him to fall down to the floor mats in a heap. Ninja then takes the chair and slams it over the lower back of Bane Loneheart. He does it again and again and again and again, finally stopping and yelling out "How does it feel!?" Ninja finishes it off with another massive chair shot to Loneheart's lower back.

The crowd cheered Ninja K as he just sent Bane Loneheart a painful receipt for tossing him into that dumpster twice now, but it appears as it was only half a receipt as Ninja then flips Loneheart over, taking the back rest portion of the chair and jamming it straight down into Loneheart's sternum. Ninja does it again, completely snapping. Ninja tosses the chair away and pulls Loneheart to his feet. Ninja then whips him into the side of the dumpster. Ninja waits for Loneheart to stand. Once he does, Ninja charges in and spears Loneheart against the side of the dumpster once again. Loneheat falls to his knees, but Ninja grabs him and rolls Loneheart back into the ring where he goes for a cover, feeling that it was enough to put his challenger away.



Three..... ? NO!!

Loneheart kicked out!

Ninja gets up and grabs two of the three steel chairs already in the ring and places them in an "X" fashion near the turnbuckle pads. Ninja grabs Loneheart and places him into a front chancery, backing up into the corner. Ninja spins off with a tornado DDT, but in mid move, Loneheart reverses it into a sit out powerbomb on top of two steel chairs!



Shoulder up by the Underground Champion!

Loneheart then drags Ninja towards the center of the ring, pushing the ladder out of his way Loneheart then gathers all three steel chairs and lays them all down on top of Ninja's chest and stomach. Loneheart heads back to the corner and climbs up to the top turnbuckle pad. He jumps off and nails his Frog Splash on all three steel chairs and Ninja underneath! Crowd: OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loneheart is indeed holding his ribs as he may have injured them from that splash. He goes for another cover, nevertheless!



Thr.. NO!!!

So close to a new Underground Champion!

Loneheart pounds his fists into the canvas in frustration. Both men were beat pretty badly in this match... many wondered how it could get any worse, but as we all know.. when you start wondering something like that... it usually does...

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The people turned their attention to the entrance ramp when Omega.. the Number One Contender for the Underground Championship marched out from the backstage area. Bane Loneheart knew that Omega had an issue with Ninja K and a smile lit up on his face when he saw. Omega charged down to the ring and climbed in where Bane Loneheart applauded his arrival.

Omega walked over to Ninja K, grabbing him and pulling him up to his feet. Omega stared at Ninja K, turned and LEVELED Bane Loneheart with a massive lariat!! Omega quickly pulled Loneheart to his feet and grabbed him by the head.

"NOBODY is going to take the Underground Championship away from him... EXCEPT ME!" yelled Omega into the face of Loneheart.

Omega then lifted Loneheart onto his shoulders and spun him off into the the neckbreaker...


Omega then looked at Ninja K and backed off into the corner. Ninja K was holidng his abdomen in pain as he stared at Omega. Ninja K cautiously walked over, knelt down and pinned Bane Loneheart.




Omega just handed Ninja K a victory, but Ninja K quickly stood up and backed away from Bane Loneheart. The referee handed Ninja K his Underground Championship and it caught Omega's eye. Omega walked over to Ninja K and stood face to face with him in the center of the ring. Even though he was injured and beaten from this match, Ninja K showed no signs of backing down.

Omega looked at the championship and grinned. He looked back at Ninja K who looked down at the title belt and then back at Omega. Ninja K lifted the championship up to face height as if he were challenging Omega to take it right here right now! Omega simply nodded and slowly backed away, but when Omega took just one step, he grabbed Ninja K and hoisted him up onto his shoulders, but Ninja K slipped behind Omega. Omega then hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring, laughing at Ninja K.

"That close" said Omega as he pinched his index finger and thumb together. Omega then walked around ringside and backpeddled up the entrance ramp, smiling all the way to the back. Ninja K leaned against the ropes and stared him down as Omega made his exit.

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall

"This Week or Next Week?"

The backstage scene opens up and we see Jon Le Bon stretching and getting ready for a match it appears.

"One.. two.. one... two.. hup.. hup.. hup..." muttered Le Bon as he did squats. "Wait.. was that one or two hups? Was it three? I lost count.. oh well.. One.. two... one... two... down.. up.. down... up... A.... B... Start... Select..."

Le Bon stopped doing the squats for a moment.

"Or was it Up, Down, Up Down? Or maybe Down, Down, Up, Up? I can never remember these things." said Le Bon.

As Le Bon stood there and pondered life's toughest questions, Jeremy Ryan walked up and spun Le Bon around, pinning him against the wall. Ryan snarled as he looked Le Bon up and down.

"Hi! Pleasure to see you again, Jerms!", said Le Bon with a smile on his face.

"The name is JEREMY.... RYAN... not Jerms... and I'm not here for pleasantries. It seems that you didn't learn your lesson last week so apparently I have to send you another message this week."

Le Bon smiled bigger.

"OOOH! Is it anything like those messages Sebastage Saje is getting on The Hype? Or is it like one of those messages I get on my Twipo from lawyers telling me to stay away from people?" asked Le Bon.

Ryan gritted his teeth.

"SHUT UP!" snarled Ryan. "If there is one thing I can't stand.. it's a three ring circus.. and that's exactly what this company is. From top to bottom it's nothing but freaks. Midgets.. Leprechauns... Imbiciles like yourself.. and whatever the FUCK that is over there..."

The camera pans over.

The crowd erupts into cheers as it's ZaC the Monkey!! He sits up on his hind legs, sticks his tongue out, and leaps off to the floor and scampers along. The camera pans back to Ryan tightening his grip.

"See? This is a complete and utter circus and I swear that I am going to be rid of everything that could be considered a part of it... and that includes you. As a matter of fact.. next week, I went ahead and got us a match together... you and me out there in that ring. That means you have one week to contempl....

Before Ryan could finish that thought, Le Bon stepped in.

"Next week? I thought our match was tonight? That's why I was getting ready!" said Le Bon.

"No.. it's next week... who the hell told you that our match was tonight?" said Ryan.

"ZaC did" said Le Bon.

"Who the hell is ZaC?" asked Ryan.

"He was the monkey just now!" said Le Bon.

"The... Monkey?.... told you?" said Ryan with disbelief.

"Yeah.. and he also said that you lost your girlfriend to the Hype Champion a few months ago.. and that it was a shame that you did because you didn't score with her and that the most action your penis has ever seen was when you hold it to pee in the bathroom." Le Bon said with a smirk.

Ryan pressed Le Bon has hard as he could up against the wall.

"OW! Those are my precious innerds you're crushing... why me? The monkey said it.. IT WAS THE MONKEY!" yelled Le Bon.

"You know, something? I'm just going to let all of this slide.. because next week... I'll just take out all of my frustrations during our match. Sound like a deal?" asked Ryan as he extended his hand with a grin.

"Wait a minute.. I've seen this. You're feigning to be forgiving and understanding and as soon as I grab your hand, you're going to punch me aren't you?" said Le Bon.

"Hell no. I would never punch you." said Ryan.

"Oh! Okay!" said Le Bon.

Le Bon grabbed Ryan's hand and Ryan pulled him in and decked him with a clothesline that knocked Le Bon down to the cold hard floor.

"Hey.. I said I wouldn't punch you, didn't I? See you next week, ringleader." said Ryan as he walked away.

Aran Thompson vs Takeshi

"Heavy Metal Machine" by Cliff Lin began playing as the flights flashed in cadence to the music and a huge burst of crimson red pyro burst from the stage right when the bass line kicked in. The 6'10" Puroresu Powerhouse walked out to the admiration of the fans that knew he would be going up against the jOlt Champion in just a moment.

Takeshi took a look around the Arena of Champions before centering his attention on the ring and making sure that his wrist tape was tight and he was prepared for battle.

Before Takeshi could finish his way to the ring...

Lights Out


"Champion" by Grinspoon began playing as a solitary spotlight shined down upon Takeshi, whose massive frame created shadows that looks like he was wearing a black robe, and Aran Thompson came walking out with the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist and the Relentless Championship in his right hand.

Takeshi turned his attention to Aran as the fans began booing and before the ref could even start the match.


Takeshi's massive body rocked back into the ring apron and his arms barely held his frame up as Aran got in Takeshi's face and slapped him.

"YOU THINK YOU'RE BIGGER THAN ME?!" Aran demanded Takeshi to answer but to no avail after getting 16 lbs. of ornate metal slammed into his face.


"HUH?!" Aran again demanded a response but nothing.




Takeshi wrapped his hand around the throat of Aran who looked genuinely surprised at Takeshi's reprisal. Takeshi tossed Aran to the side into the ring ropes and Aran dropped the Relentless Championship and even some how managed to lose the jOlt Championship that was strapped around his waist and began to back up in shock.

Takeshi ran his hand over his head and shook it trying to recollect his thoughts and it was apparent that his counter was an act of pure instinct. By the time Takeshi collected himself, he noticed Aran in the ring demanding the referee officially start the match.


Aran looked around the Arena of Champions and everybody was booing him and for once since he turned on the fans he seemed taken back.

Takeshi looked at the referee and made sure that Aran would have to allow him in the ring, but Aran was on the attack with a quick dropkick to the right knee and shin of the massive Takeshi. Takeshi limped to his side but Aran was back on his feet and feverishly began kicking the targeted knee of Takeshi before Takeshi finally buckled.

Aran snarled at the big man figuring he had him at this point and placed his feet at an angle where it was apparent he was about to try and kick Takeshi's head off.


Takeshi had ahold of Aran's leg and slowly stood as Aran pleaded with the big man to not do anything to him. Takeshi use his pure strength to pull Aran in by his leg and slammed Aran into the mat with a vicious sounding Belly To Belly Suplex and Takeshi made the cover.



Takeshi sat up and held his head still realing from Aran's prematch ambush and then he turned his attention to Aran who looked as if he was at a loss of breath. Takeshi's massive hands wrapped around the head of Aran, directing Aran to stand up and Takeshi slammed his knee into Aran's body and Aran quickly bent over in pain.

Takeshi saw the opening and leaned back into the nearest ropes and used the moment to kick Aran in the head and Aran flew across the ring into the ropes. Takeshi wasn't about to fall for another trick and he decided to pick Aran up again but Aran raked his fingers acorss the big mans eyes momentarily stunning him and referee Boulder admonsihed the jOlt champion for his devious actions.

Aran stepped back with his arms in the air telling the referee he didn't do anything wrong but Takeshi recollected himself faster than Aran expected and charged after Aran. Aran side stepped the big man who slammed into the turnbuckles once again began kicking the right knee of Takeshi over and over again. Takeshi was forced into a kneeling position and this time Aran used the space and his speed to charge after Takeshi.


Takeshi leaned his head back with a look of pure adrenaline forced Aran to his feet and slammed Aran's head inbetween his legs and the fans errupted as Takeshi signaled the end of the match.


Aran used the moment of Takeshi trying to powerbomb him into the turnbuckle and rolled through the lift and quickly jumped at the ropes and when Takeshi turned around...


Aran hit Takeshi with his fluid motion Springboard Reverse DDT. Aran took a brief moment for himself after dropping the big man and quickly sprung to life as his kipped up and the fans were going nuts trying to revive Takeshi and booing Aran as he kept screaming for Takeshi to stand up.

"GET UP!!" Aran shouted.

"C'MON!!" he continued.

When Takeshi slowly stood up, Aran positioned himself behind the behemoth.


Aran superkicked Takeshi in the back of the head and Takeshi was lifeless on the mat. The Arena of Champions echoed in defiance of Aran but Aran hadn't heard a thing as he smiled at the downed Takeshi and used everything he had in him to bring the dazed and confused monster to his feet. Takeshi staggered back after Aran finally got him to his feet and Aran locked in an abdominal stretch.

The chorus of boos had got too loud to even hear the commentators cheer for their favorites as Aran wrenched his entire body back slamming Takeshi on the back of his neck with...


Aran kept his Crucifix Driver into a pin and held the lifeless big man down.




The bell signaled and Aran rolled back up to his feet and looked around the Arena of Champions and back down to Takeshi and began stomping on the side of the head of the big man.

"No Association" By Silverchair began playing as Eiji Kugasari rushed to the ring and pounced on Aran with a flurry of left and rights before screaming for Aran to get to his feet. The Blood Raven had seen enough of the assault of Takeshi and wanted Aran for himself.


Eiji went after him.


Aran stood over Eiji Kugasari with the jOlt Championship in his hand and smiled as Eiji was out cold.

"Eiji?..." Aran said toying with the unconcious man who tried to usurp Aran after his relentless assault on the down Takeshi.

"This is the closest to this title that you will EVER GET!"

Aran thrust the championship into the air and smiled as the scene faded to commercial.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Cross the Hood

As was covered on the jOlt website (go read that shit, now!), due to severe injuries to the former jOlt Tag Team Champions Red and Ted, the titles had been vacated and now two qualifying matches have been put in place crown new champions in three weeks time at jOlt Unlimited. The House – the team of Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber, the previous champions – had a rematch clause they were never allowed to use before the injury so they were automatically qualified for their rematch. This left two openings. One match this week and one match next week would crown the two teams to come.

Tonight’s match would pit the Heirs of Wrestling - one of wrestling’s most decorated tag teams and two-time former jOlt Tag Team Champions – against the team of Jackson Cross and Machida Hood aka Cross The Hood. The team had some great showings in the past against The House and while they came out on the losing end, the two men were still tearing it up in The Hype. With this massive opportunity ahead of them, could Cross The Hood pull off the upset and get a crack at the jOlt Tag Team Titles?

“The following is a tag team match set for one fall! The winning team will be added to the Triple Threat Tag Title match to crown new champions at jOlt Unlimited!”

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making their way to the ring being accompanied by Mack Brody… weighing in at a combined weight of 447 pounds, they are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!”

Silver and Gallway dapped fists with some of the fans in the front row while Mack Brody brought up the rear, pumping his fists for the crowd. The Freebirds-style tag team had been on a roll since defeating Trouble at jOlt Wired, but they were attacked last week by the likes of the Hands of the Cause, Frank Hendrix, Henry Dylan, and Brone Haggard. The HoC would have the chance to qualify next week, but tonight The Heirs had the chance to become the first-ever three-time jOlt Tag Team Champions.

“Ready To Go” by David Whitaker.

The fans turned their heads to the ringside area where the aforementioned Hype hopefuls stepped up to the big show for their third appearance in several weeks. They were the six-foot two, two-hundred and forty-four pound Jackson Cross along with the six-foot four and two-hundred fifty two pound Machida Hood and the crowd was giving them a good reception. They had been a very successful team on The Hype and didn’t look nervous at all despite giving up an experience edge to their opponents.

“And their opponents, from Brooklyn, NY… weighing in at a combined weight of 496 pounds… Jackson Cross and Machida Hood… CROSS THE HOOD!

Jackson and Machida each approached the ring and climbed inside where they stood on either turnbuckle to take in a positive reception. The brawlers then jumped off and slammed elbows together in a sign of respect. They were very ready for whatever The HoW could throw at them tonight.


Jackson Cross and Machida Hood took turns trying to decide who was going to start first for their respective team and it looked like it was going to be Gallway starting for his team. Gallway and Cross were about to lock up when Ryan extended a hand. Jackson didn’t know if he should actually shake it or not knowing the Heirs were known to play dirty if they had to – yes, despite now being cheered. They weren’t above a little bit of chincanery.

They slapped hands out of respect before they locked up. Gallway grabbed the left arm of Cross and turned him around with a Hammerlock. The Prince of Precision tried to get back to the corner and hooked him with a headlock until Jackson pushed him away. Ryan looked at Frank Silver and gave he and Mack a thumbs up while Hood looked determined. The two locked up again and this time it was Cross that slapped on the Headlock to try and control the high flyer. He tossed him off to the side only for Ryan to come right back and BLAST him upside the head with a Leaping Leg Lariat! The shot got him in the face and Ryan quickly covered with the lateral press.



Jackson Cross kicked out and Ryan Gallway picked him up off the mat. He pushed Jackson back towards the corner and tagged into Silver and the crowd cheered as the two men busted out some quick double-teamage. They each kicked the knee of Jackson and brought him to his knees before they each BLASTED him in the chest with a pair of stereo Soccer Kicks! Jackson hit the mat while Frank went in for another cover.




The tough Jackson Cross kicked out again and The Baron of Ballistics stayed on him. He picked him up and blasted him with a pair of European Uppercuts that sent him back into the corner before the tag was made again to Ryan Gallway. The Hipster Heartthrob jumped over the ropes as Frank lifted him up with the Deadlift Gutwrench. He spiked him on the ground and Ryan immediately followed that up with a Slingshot Senton! Cross was in a very bad position now and needed to make the tag, but the expert Heirs of Wrestling were executing Tag Teaming 101 – keep that sucka in your corner! Gallway rolled him up with a cover.




The Intergalactic Space Cowboy continued to stay on the attack and drilled him with a couple of Forearm Smashes to the face to back him up in the corner again.

“Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

The music played and the crowd reaction turned highly negative for the three men that attacked the Heirs of Wrestling in the melee of the Tag Title match last week.

Frank Hendrix.

Henry Dylan.

Brone Haggard.

They were the Hands of the Cause. They’d attacked Reno Davis and the Heirs of Wrestling last week, even verbally berating the other power stables in jOlt Wrestling, proclaiming they wanted to change things up. Brody and Silver glanced at the three men paused on the ramp as their music cut out.

Cross was sent to the ropes when Gallway waited and tried for a Jumping Spin Kick… Cross hung onto the ropes but he didn’t see Hood creep up from behind and blasted him with a Running Enzui Lariat!

The distraction by the HoC was enough to give Cross the Hood the opening they needed to take advantage. The shot caught him good and knocked Gallway to the mat while Frank Silver showed some true concern for his tag team partner. Mack Brody watched on while Machida Hood crawled over and hooked the leg to the corner.




Quickly, The Hipster Heartthrob shot his shoulder up off the mat, but now Cross the Hood found the opening they needed in order to take control. Machida Hood grabbed onto Gallway by the hair and set him up in the Backbreaker position before walking over and letting the groggy Jackson Cross to tag in. He started to slowly jump to the second rope and he raised his fists for the cheering crowd before he jumped off… SIDEWALK SLAM ELBOW DROP!

An excellent double-team from the Brawlers of Brooklyn as Gallway bounced off his knee and landed hard on the mat! Silver shook his head as the HoC continued to watch on top of the ramp with a vested interest in this match. Machida rolled out of the ring to allow for Jackson Cross to go for the cover.




Another good double-team maneuver by the brawlers who were now in full control of the Heirs of Wrestling! The crowd was shocked by the skills shown by Cross the Hood, but they were showing a lot of promise against former Tag Team Champions.

Cross pulled Ryan off the mat and while the dazed and confused Ryan tried to fight back with a pair of somewhat weak shots, Cross fought back with a straight Headbutt that send him bouncing back into the corner. He unloaded on Ryan with a series of chops, elbows, and forearm smashes in the corner, committing something he liked to call…


The crowd was impressed with the aggression from the promising tag team as they continued to control the match. He tossed Gallway from the corner and landed him on the mat again so that way he could tag back into Machida Hood. The bigger of the two long-time friends went to the second rope and carefuylly measured the dazed Prince of Precision as he tried to get back to his feet. When he stood…


The Diving European Uppercut caught him underneath the chin and sent Gallway tumbling backwards again! He was down and out after the beatdown again and now carefully rolled Ryan over so that way he could go for the cover.




“Ho-ho, almost got you there!” Hendrix chided.

The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights ran in and shoved Machida Hood off of his tag team partner! Both teams were fighting with a true sense of urgency! They wanted that coveted spot in the triple threat match to crown new Tag Team Champions at jOlt Unlimited. Frank was ordered to return to his corner by referee Simon Boulder and that allowed Cross the Hood to bring more pain to Gallway.

He slapped on a tight modified Sleeper Hold submission and was now working to completely snuff otu the fire that allowed Ryan Gallway to be as resilient as he was. Frank Silver slapped the turnbuckle to try and rally the crowd behind his partner.

“Come on, Ry-no!” Frank shouted. “If you lose, you’re out of the family!”

The… er, words of wisdom, I suppose, they started to get Gallway incensed and he tried to stand again but Machida wouldn’t give him an opportunity. He elbowed him in the chest again and when Gallway fired back with a Shoot Kick to the leg, Hood BLASTED him good with a pair of nasty Clubbing Forearm shots. He continued to wail on him until he could fling him off the ropes. He charged at Gallway who then got his legs up and kicked him, simultaneously backflipping over the ropes to land on the ring apron impressively! Jackson Cross tried to stop him from going anywhere on the ring apron when Gallway ducked and kicked him for his troubles! Machida came out of nowhere and clipped Ryan with a shoulder between the ropes before flipping him back inside with a Back Body Drop in between the ropes!

The Hipster Heartthrob was hurting now as Machida hooked him by the side, looking for some sort of STO-like move. Gallway furiously elbowed him in the back of the head to free himself and finally landed before he took off to the ropes…


The Headscissors into the Single Arm DDT caught Machida Hood and planted the big man hard! He was nursing a sore arm now and now Gallway had the chance to make the tag. He hurriedly started to get to his corner just as the downed Hype star Machida was getting over to his. He tagged into Jackson Crosss now and he tried his best to stop Frank…



Just as Jackson tried to get to the corner to halt The Heirs’ progress, Frank Silver jumped over the ropes and connected with a Sheamus-style Slingshot Shoulder Block that knocked the brawler right over! Silver jumped right into action and the crowd was cheering on the Heirs of Wrestling now!

He charged right at Jackson as he tried to stand only to knock him right back down with a very hard Clothesline. When the brawler from Brooklyn tried to stand a second time Frank bounced off the ropes and came back with a HELL of a Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked him right down!

The Baron of Ballistics was on fire now and the de facto Heirs leader was now ready to end things. He whipped him into the corner and charged at Cross and followed up with a Corner Splash… MISSED!

Somehow, Jackson Cross was able to move at the last second and send Frank Silver flying hard into the corner. When he charged off the ropes he was caught by Silver with a back elbow to the face that knocked him down. Silver jumped to the second rope and held out a pinky as the crowd cheered. The move that used to antagonize the crowd was now ready to… get cheers? This is still weird to me, too… He flipped the bird to The Hands of the Cause and had a defiant smirk on his face before he flew…


The Driving Elbow Drop caught Jackson Cross in the chest and now Silver hooked the leg to go for the win.




Cross kicked out despite Frank’s best efforts, but he still had a few tricks left up his sleeve. He raised a hand off the mat and waited for Cross to try and get to his feet and when he did, he tried for the Stay of Execution… no! Cross fought his way out and caught him out of nowhere… FULL NELSON SLAM! That had to be all!

“Better kick out, my friend!” Henry Dylan shouted from the top of the ramp.




It was very close, but Frank Silver still kicked out and was still in the game! Cross quickly tagged out to Machida Hood and it looked like the brawlers were about to finish things off. They got Frank up in some sort of double-team move in the Fireman’s Carry position, but Ryan Gallway broke that up by jumping into the fight. Frank slinked his way out and shoved Cross off the ropes…


The Springboard Gamengiri was right on target and took out Jackson Cross from the equation. Machida Hood kicked Silver in the gut and tried to go for some sort of Powerbomb or Piledriver only for Silver to rush him back to the corner before he landed a STIFF Running European Uppercut in the corner! Silver shouted to the crowd and they cheered the Heirs as they set him up on the top rope. The Margrave Digger pulled Hood to the top rope just as Silver tagged out to Ryan Gallway. The crowd knew what was next and Mack Brody was egging on the cheering crowd. Brody was ready for a fight with the Hands of the Cause and looked to head that direction while in the ring…



Frank rolled out of the ring and the crowd cheered the amazing timing of the double-team as it connected! Silver ran over and stood guard, never taking his eyes off Frank Hendrix and company while Ryan Gallway went for the cover.




That was it! The Heirs of Wrestling would be heading to Unlimited to wrestle for the chance to become Tag Team Champions for a record-setting third time!

“Here are your winners of the match… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

The crowd continued to cheer as Frank and Ryan high-fived one another and celebrated in the ring. After a failed bid to become champions last week thanks to the interference of Adam Roebuck attacking Red and Ted, The Heirs turned it around and before they had a chance to relish the victory, they hadn’t taken their eyes off Frank Hendrix watching things at the top of the ramp with Henry Dylan and big Brone Haggard. The Hands of the Cause made a statement last week by attacking the Heirs. Were they going to do the same tonight?




Silver dared for The Hands of the Cause to come into the ring and pick up where they all left off last week, but it was not to be. Hendrix offered up a slow golf clap. The Hands of the Cause would face former Tag Team Champions Sweet Sweet Lovin next week for their chance to qualify. Perhaps they were out there studying their opposition.

Either way, The Hands of the Cause and The Heirs of Wrestling were not done with their business by a long shot.

Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall