"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Crown Jewelz"

Later tonight there would be a big tag team Starlets Match was set to take place with major implications heading into Unlimited. Not only did the current Starlets Champion have to defend her gold against her hated rival Charlotte, but she would also have to defend it against the Starlet Powerhouse Daryn Thompson and Starlet hopeful “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann.

“This cannot be happening,” she muttered aloud. “I’m… I’m a champion. THE Starlets Champion! The woman above all other women! I… no.”

She took a few quick breaths to regain some composure.

“I can do this… it doesn’t matter if that troglodyte, Daryn Thompson, is my partner. I will persevere!”

With a newfound confidence, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Starlets continued to walk. As she rounded the corner, she bumped violently into the cut muscular figure of Diamond Jewelz. He stumbled a bit backward into his fiancé Ruby Rocks, who almost dropped the wooden box holding all of his custom pieces.

“Watch yourself now girl!!!! You almost damaged some of my goods! You lucky… Diamond Jewelz has a ‘you break it, you buy it policy’,” Diamond Jewelz asserts as he rearranges his necklace and watch, laughing arrogantly, the gleam from his platinum and diamond grill blaring into the camera along with his various other articles of jewelry. “I know you ain’t good for it… You’d have to be made of money to do that,“ Jewelz remarks presumptuously.

Winterton blinked at the couple like they had just magically changed into an eight-headed monster before her very eyes.

“My good sir and madam, YOUR QUEEN of both the Starlets AND the Underground is walking! Remove yourselves from my presence! I have better things to attend to than to decipher your foreign dialect.”

Ruby Rockz and Diamond Jewelz shared their own confused glance at the arrogant Starlet Champion before Diamond spoke up.

“Why u so up tight lady? Wait a minute… You’re Sarah… Wimbel… Winterton….. Starlets champion Yeah…. Way back on Warriors u put a pretty good beating…”

Ruby Rocks face blushed in anger as she punched Diamond in the arm for his less than flattering description of her loss at Warriors 22.. He winced not so much in the pain from the punch, but instead from the embarrassment of the verbiage he used.

“I mean u got the win over my girl Ruby...You’re a real tough bitch…”

Sarah face contorts and crunches in anger. Jewelz smiles uncomfortably and quickly corrects himself.

I mean… You’re a tough girl… Yeah.., I was reading your bio... You like the finer things in life. You look like you’re in a bad mood. Let me brighten up your day… Ruby… come over here and open that box up.”

Ruby gave an uncomfortable “Hello” to Winterton as she, her face still reddened from blushing, opened the jewelry box for Winterton. Upon opening it, the shine and glimmer of the various articles twinkled in the face of Winterton.

“The finer things baby girl… Check em out,” Diamond chimed in as Sarah peers at the jewelry.

To her admittance, Winterton seemed to be a little mesmerized by the overall… well, shininess of Diamond Jewelz’s box of trinkets.

“Well, sir, you are correct… I DO like a shining diamond…”

When she was finally able to overcome the glow to look inside, her heart sank.

“What… what IS this…?”

Diamond Jewelz looked even more confused.

“Uh… the fuck?”

“These are not the trinkets that a Queen deserves!” she barked. “There are no crowns…. There are no scepters or ermine capes that ROYALTY would wear… Things like this lovely belt! THESE are the treasures that a Queen like myself needs! Who would actually WEAR this rubbish anyway?!”

Diamond Jewelz, like the true salesman he is, stayed poised, and kept a stone faced poker countenance despite the snide remarks of Winterton, Winterton’s question did not go too long unanswered; it promptly arrived in the form of the Starlet Powerhouse and her reluctant tag team partner for the evening Daryn Thompson. The crowd cheered for the powerful Texan Firecracker as she approached her with a polite wave.

“Sarah,” she said with her confident southern drawl. “Y’all ready for our match?”

“Oh, darling, I am ready to…” she stopped when she noticed something around her neck. “What… what in egads is THAT?!”

A big diamond necklace with “DARYN” written out in platinum and diamonds was around her neck. She waved at Diamond Jewelz to his great pleasure and he grins widely, revealing in full his platinum and diamond grill and he reciprocated in an upward head nod of “What’s up.” He looks over to Winterton and mouths, “See, there’s one of my customers!” Daryn then turned to her reluctant tag partner for the evening.

“It’s called a chain, lady, all the kids are wearin’ em. And as sure as Ah’m gonna carry yer little prim’n proper ass, Ah’m still Dirty South at heart!”

While everybody else shared in a laugh at Winterton’s expense, the Queen of the Starlets was not amused.

“Ugh! You people are incorrigible!” She then turned to Daryn Thompson. “I’ll see you out there in that ring. Try not to trip over your two left hooves on the way out there.”

The smile quickly faded from Daryn’s face and the powerhouse wasted no time grabbing her by the shirt. She went from zero to I’m-gonna-fuck-you-up in about two seconds and snatched her up off the ground before getting in her face.

“And YOU need to watch yer tone. You get outta line and these HOOVES are gonna stomp a hole in yer little ass, QUEENIE.”

Daryn tossed her back about three steps before she greeted Diamond and Ruby Rocks with another wave before leaving. Winterton turned to the couple before shaking her head and simply walking off in the opposite direction. This left Diamond and Ruby Rocks by themselves as Diamond shot his wife a glance.

“Y’all be crazy, you know that, right?”

Jeremy Ryan vs Jon Le Bon

This has been an issue that had been brewing for the past two weeks. Jeremy Ryan is on a missing to rid jOlt of all things ridicululous. He succeeded when he defeated "BIG" Little Italy three weeks ago, but since then, he came across and has been thoroughly annoyed by "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon. We were about to see how "jOlt's Last Real Man" is going to handle all of this.

"American Idiot" by Green Day

The people cheered as Jon Le Bon walked out from the backstage area, but he wasn't alone! Holding hands with him was ZaC the Monkey! It looked as if the two of them were talking strategy with one another as they walked down to the ring. Le Bon walked the monkey around ringside where he hopped up and plopped himself down on top of the announce position right in front of Michael Burhman and Nate Powers.

Le Bon then rolled into the ring and ascended the turnbuckle to his right where the crowd gave him a big pop. Even ZaC gave "The Rockstar" a good round of applause. Le Bon hopped down and waited as his music faded.

"A Man" by Cypress Hill

The cheers turned to boos as "jOlt's Last Real Man", Jeremy Ryan, stepped out from the back. He looked down toward the ring at Le Bon, shaking his head in disgust. Ryan pointed to Le Bon and mouthed some inaudible obscenities in his direction as he walked down to the ring. Ryan then climbed in and walked right up to Le Bon, staring at him face to face.

The referee backed Ryan up and then called for the bell!




Ryan protested to Le Bon to start out this match.

Ryan: "Are you freakin' kidding me!? You brought the damn monkey to your match!? BE SERIOUS!"

Le Bon simply grinned and it pissed Ryan off. Ryan charged in at Le Bon, but Le Bon side stepped Ryan and gained some distance as Le Bon looked to be playing a game of keep away from him. Ryan didn't like that one bit as he turned and charged Le Bon once again, and again, Le Bon moved out of the way and even yelled "OLE!" as Ryan passed him.

Ryan hopped out of the ring and kicked the ring steps. He looked back into the ring with a look of murderious intent. Ryan quickly slid back in and walked straight up to Le Bon, pressing his forehead against his.

"COME ON! HIT ME! I DARE YOU!" yelled Ryan

"Your breath smells like my grandma" replied Le Bon.

Ryan took a swing at Le Bon, but Le Bon ducked out of the way. When they turned around, Le Bon then opened up with quick right hands, rocking Ryan's head back. Ryan stumbled back against the ropes and Le Bon went for a Haymaker Punch, but pulled it at the last moment and grabbed Ryan by the nose and then ran away yelling "LOOK! I HAVE HIS NOSE!"

Ryan exploded from the ropes and went for a vicious lariat, but Le Bon ducked out of the way, turned and nailed a CCS Enzugiri to the side of Ryan's head! Ryan hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring. Le Bon stood and immediately took off to the ropes. Le Bon charged in and vaulted up and over the top rope with a corkscrew body press that took out Jeremy Ryan on the floor!

Le Bon stood up and yelled out to the crowd who started cheering him. ZaC the Monkey even applauded and did a backflip on the announcer's table!

Le Bon pulled Ryan back to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. Le Bon went to the apron where he grabbed the top rope. He launched himself over with a Slingshot Senton and landed on Ryan's mid-section. Le Bon then turned and made the cover.



Ryan kicked out forcefully and pulled himself back to the outside. He walked around ringside, looking back into the ring, stopping mid-way on the side viewed by the hard camera. Ryan spouted off some more insults toward Le Bon and then spotted something out of the corner of his eye... he spotted ZaC the Monkey sitting on the announce table. Ryan then began to slowly walk over to the announce position as Le Bon knew what was going to happen.

Le Bon darted out of the ring and stood in front of ZaC. Ryan walked right up to Le Bon and told him to move. Le Bon refused to do so when Ryan grabbed Le Bon by the neck. Le Bon then stomped on Ryan's shin and broke free. Le Bon hit a pair of forearms and went for a Discus Punch, but Ryan ducked and grabbed Le Bon in a waist lock.


Le Bon's neck hit the floor mats and Le Bon folded up like an accordian. At that moment, Ryan felt light tapping on his back as ZaC the Monkey was on his hind legs, beating on Ryan's back and making typical monkey sounds. Le Bon tried to pull himself up, but he was struggling after taking that hard bump on the floor. Ryan turned around and saw ZaC the Monkey sitting there. ZaC stuck his tongue out at Ryan and Ryan grabbed the monkey by the neck.

"IS THIS YOUR FRIEND!?" yelled Ryan to Le Bon.

"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LITTLE FRIEND" yelled Ryan as Le Bon reached out and begged Ryan not to do it...

Ryan wouldn't...

He couldn't...

He did...



"Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!", chanted the crowd.

Le Bon grasped at his hair as ZaC the Monkey was laid out on the announce position. Ryan simply just laughed it off and taunted Le Bon as he laid there on the canvas.

"GrrrrrrrnnnnnnNNNNNOOOOOOO!" yelled Le Bon

Le Bon exploded from the downed position and speared Ryan up against the barricades. Le Bon then pummeled him with body blows. He then took a step back and clotheslined Ryan over the barricades. In the meantime, the referee wasn't even counting, he was at the announce position tending to the fallen monkey.

Le Bon leapt up to the top of the barricades and flew off, connecting with a Flying Clothesline to Ryan! Le Bon picked up Ryan and tossed him back over the barricades to the floor. Again, Le Bon leapt up onto the top of the barricades and hit another Flying Clothesline! AGAIN, Le Bon pulled Ryan up, tossing him back over the barricades and into the crowd. Ryan staggered to his feet as AGAIN Le Bon leapt off with a Flying Clothesline, taking him down!

Le Bon.. you guessed it... pulled Ryan up and flung him over the barricades once again, landing at ringside. Le Bon.. once again.. leapt up top, but this time, when Le Bon flew, he went to the well once too often and Ryan side stepped and swatted Le Bon out of the air! Ryan took a moment to shake off what had just happened to him before pulling Le Bon to his feet. He rolled Le Bon back into the ring where he made a cover, but the referee was still checking on ZaC.

Ryan yelled for the referee who turned and saw the pin. He quickly scrambled into the ring where he made the count.



Le Bon kicked out as epxected.

Ryan motioned to the crowd that he was going to end it. He rolled Le Bon over onto his stomach and went for the Dead Man, but Le Bon stood up with Ryan on his back and drove him back into the corner. Le Bon turned around and hit a series of shoulder thrusts into Ryan's mid-section. He then raised his head and pummeled Ryan with a series of right hands. Le Bon then ascended the turnbuckles and began to do the classic ten punches in the corner.. the crowd counted along...


Right when Le Bon got to eight, Ryan grabbed him in the Powerbomb position and charged forward, but Le Bon hit a Huracanrana counter and Ryan flipped over onto his back. Ryan staggered up as Le Bon charged in and nailed a Shining Wizard to Ryan's face! This could be a knock out shot as Le Bon made the cover!...



Ryan kicked out!

Le Bon then mentioned that he was going to finish it and taunted Ryan to stand. Ryan slowly pulled himself up. Le Bon went for the toe kick, but Ryan grabbed Le Bon by the leg! He lifted Le Bon straight up into the air and then dropped him across his knee in a modified version of the Man Down!!




Thre.. NO!

Le Bon got the shoulder up in time!

Ryan then quickly rolled Le Bon over onto his stomach and tried to set him up for the Dead Man, but Le Bon scampered backwards between Ryan's legs, standing behind him. Ryan turned around only to see Le Bon taking off and running past him. Ryan turned around again and this time, Le Bon had already rebounded off the ropes where he hit a Headscissor DDT on Ryan!





Thre... NO!

This time it was Ryan that got the shoulder up just in the nick of time!

Le Bon pulled Ryan to his feet, but Ryan quickly grabbed Le Bon and deadlifted him up into the Vertical Suplex position. He held Le Bon up there for a good thirty seconds as Le Bon kicked into the air, trying to get free. Ryan then decided to showboat by walking around the ring with Le Bon and even showed that he could hold Le Bon up in the air with one arm. This proved to be an error on Ryan's part as Le Bon kicked harder and got free, falling behind Ryan, but landing on his feet! The two of them turned around, Le Bon the faster of the two.

Kick to the stomach by Le Bon..


Ryan didn't take Le Bon seriously in the end and he just got dropped because of it! Cover by Le Bon!




Jon Le Bon pulled off the upset and pinned Jeremy Ryan!

The crowd erupted in cheers as Le Bon celebrated in the middle of the ring! Jeremy Ryan's first official loss since joining the main roster came at the hands of a man who epitomized everything Ryan wanted to stamp out in jOlt Wrestling!!

Le Bon rolled out of the ring, completely forgetting about ZaC the Monkey, who was still laid out at ringside. Le Bon walked to the back as Dawn Cassidy came out. Le Bon stopped at the top of the entrance ramp where Dawn was looking for her exclusive interview.

Cassidy: First off, congratulations Jon on your victory here tonight. What was going through your mind when Jeremy Ryan choke slammed your friend, ZaC the Monkey?

Le Bon: What are you talking about?

Cassidy: You didn't feel any surge of emotions to avenge your friend when you saw that?

Le Bon: Oh no.. you're mistaken. ZaC the Monkey isn't my friend.. who the hell would be friends with a monkey? No.. I rented him from the animal facility he was sent to after he lost control of ownership of jOlt some decade ago. I merely got pissed because now I'm going to have to pay the insurance fees and vet bills. Anyhoo.. there's a soda machine that ate my change earlier that I'm going to go have a rematch with. It owes me a Mountain Dew.. BYE-CHI~!

Le Bon then walked backstage as Dawn Cassidy stood there a bit dumbfounded.

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Pinfall

"Follow the Leader"

For weeks, Aran Thompson, has been surrounded by proclaimations of war and revenge. He had been on a path of anger and ferver. The personalities of his Black Faction had began to show, while they choose to follow him his relentless mental assault on his group had created strain and all he seems to want is his team to win.

Black Faction stood gathered in a circle with the exception of Mace Williams who had been previously injured at the hands of Heido. The jOlt Championship and his Relentless Championship sat on a table in the apex of the their bodies had created.

"Last week.." Aran began as he looked toward The West Texas Terrorists and Landon Stevens each individually.

"You all showed me what I knew the entire time you were able to accomplish. Destruction."

Landon looked over to Eli and Ezra Conway and nodded his head, even though Ezra had technically lost his match against Waymoth Turnbull, the damage was done as the brothers hit him with three Superkicks in one match.

"Waymoth's stubborness will be his downfall. Eli and Ezra showed the solidarity that I expect from all of you, no...all of us."

Landon looked at Aran with a confused look on his face almost looking for the kind words that Aran has neglected him for the last three weeks.

"Landon, you put it out there that if Waymoth thinks that the game is over he needs to think again. You rallied the troops and that is what I want from my General. That is why I want you to stay fresh to face Waymoth at Unlimited. I believe in you."

Landon nodded his head and smirked for the first time in weeks before Aran redirected his gaze toward his tag team.

"Eli.. Ezra.. Laurie and I have a surprise for you."

Aran turned to Laurie who smiled at her husband and then at the West Texas Terrorists.

"Ya'll are gettin' a rematch against tha Crimson Order." Laurie spoke up.

Eli and Ezra looked at each and nodded, knowing it was going to be their chance to prove something.

"But tha's not all." Laurie continued.

"It's gonna be a six man tag match. Damien Lee approved it, an' it's gonna be ya'll two and Aran versus Crimson Order and Eiji Kugasari."

As soon as Laurie finished the twins smirked and each put a fist out and Aran smiled before bumping his fist against both of theirs at the same time.

"I dealt with Takeshi, tonight we deal with Eiji and the Crimson Order. Tonight we prove that Black Faction is better than The Inogami Clan."

Six Man Tag Team Action Tonight!
Aran Thompson & The West Texas Terrorists vs. Eiji Kugasari & Crimson Order

"The Importance of Saving Face"

“He will pay for such insolence” Mamoru opened while leaning forward to the seething clan leader. “Retribution must be had and expediently.”

“This is without question, Mamoru.” Kenshiro rebutted. “He intentionally attacked Baneheart publicly as a definitive means to wound my standing as a leader & my reign over the Underground Division. He deliberately sought to cast the perception of weakness onto everything under my influence.”

Mamoru leaned back to ignite his cigar before slowly expelling smoke. Both can figureheads took several moments to contemplate matters in virtual silence. The Underground Champion rested his right index finger against his lips. Elbow rested against his knee.

He is not the only matter I find troubling, my Lord.” Mamoru continued. “I personally had the hand servants questioned since that incident...”

Kenshiro’s jaw shifted upon mention of the subject. “The medical examiners’ reports were inconclusive. As expected, my Lord.” Mamoru mentioned with a concerned tone. “Something is terribly amiss. Something my Lord believes should not be shared by his officers. Something that has the potential to corrupt exponentially.”

Kenshiro cut his eye toward the elder statesman before looking forward without a word.

“As your advisor. As your trusted ear, I am at your service, My Lord.” Mamoru voiced amidst a billowing expulsion of cigar smoke.

“I overstand the intent of this ‘Beast’.” Kenshiro replied. “I know what needs to be done.”

“My Lord; I don’t question your ability to defend your place as Chief Retainer. I respectfully questions the measures you will execute to do so.” Mamoru continued after taking a brief puff on his cigar. “Your challenger had many stand in his way. ALL have fallen. His approach is similar to yours yet dramatically different. Your respective methodologies stands at opposing ends. Especially in the environment that the two of you both seek to gain or keep under your respective influences.”

“I shall deal with Omega myself.” The clan leader replied. “Noone is to interfere. Noone.”The ninja slowly stood to his feet with the championship held firmly into his left hand. “This accursed belt will not destroy me. This clan nor my influence. I shall overcome this burden as well. In due season, this too, shall pass.”

Mamoru sifted smoke between his lightly pursed lips before gradually standing himself erect. A faintly smoke filled sigh escaped his lips as he placed his hand onto the ninja’s shoulder.

“As you wish, my Lord.” Mamoru responded before removing his hand and heading toward the door. The clan advisor paused in front of the door for a moment.

“With all due respect, Lord Kenshiro.” Mamoru opened. “Do take earnest consideration on the wages of key decisions.”

The Underground Champion was seen with his back toward both his clan advisor & the door. Shoulders raised and fell while breathing silently. A solemn nod was followed by a gentle opening & shutting of the door behind him...

Jonathan Conspiracy vs Duzza

"Holy Grail" brought Jonathan Conspiracy out for what looked to be the 2nd match of the evening, when he produced a microphone.

"Duzza, you and your boys got own over on me last week, so here's what we're going to do this week. I want you one on one... TONIGHT!"

"Looking For Trouble" took to the airwaves inside the Arena of Champions and out came Duzza, followed by Dallas Griffin and The Jury, Statuz Quo and Khadafi. The boos rained down on the quartet as Duzza started to speak.

"Listen here playa, Duzza is not a wrestla, Duzza is a motivata. So as much as I want to bitch slap ya boy I have a betta idea. If you can make it through them then ya get me, homeboy."

"Quo, go get you some!"

Stat Quo made his way down to the ring, as JCON waited in a crotched stance for his first and possibly last opponent of the evening. As Stat made his way through the ropes, Conspiracy charged at him and knocked him off the apron to the floor. Conspiracy then ran to the opposite side of the ring and came rushing back and launched himself through the top and middle ropes onto his foe. He rolled Quo into the ring and climbed in himself. He started to go after his opponent, but the ref backed him off which allowed Statuz to get to a vertical base.


The match had now officially started and Conspiracy charged in again at his opponent and let of wild swings. He peppered Quo with lefts and rights leaving Quo with no other option but to cover up while backing himself into a corner. Quo would then push Conspiracy away from him, giving him the room he needed to operate. Conspiracy charged back in but was met with a boot to the face which put JCON on his back.

Quo then emerged from the corner and brought Conspiracy to his feet before he body slammed him back to the canvas. He stomped at "The Attention Getter" and went for a pin attempt.



The former leader of Trouble was in fact in trouble, as Jury member Quo got Conspiracy back to his feet and lifted him up for a powerbomb. Conspiracy managed to lift himself off Quo's shoulders after a couple of shots to the top of his head and managed to sunset flip him for a pin attempt.




Conspiracy held the pin long enough to eliminate Quo. Statuz Quo wasn't pleased however, as he got back to his feet and mauled Conspiracy as his Jury partner Khadafi made his way to the ring.

Khadafi would join in the fun, as Quo brought Conspiracy back to his feet. The referee was tried frantically to get Statuz Quo out of the ring but wasn't successful. The Jury whipped Conspiracy into the ropes and dropped their heads to double backdrop Conspiracy but Conspiracy hooked the top rope. The Jury both looked up and saw that Conspiracy managed to save himself which led Statuz Quo to charge at Conspiracy who ducked his clothesline attempt and sent Quo up and over the top rope. Security then rushed to remove Quo from ringside as Khadafi sent JCON into a corner.

Jonathan Conspiracy had literally backed himself into a corner and Khadafi was sending repeated knees into his midsection. Khadafi backed off at the count of 4, but was immediately back on the attack giving "One Letter Better" no room to breathe. Khadafi then whipped Conspiracy into the opposite turnbuckle and charged at him. Conspiracy managed to sidestep his former ally and Khadafi crashed into the ringpost. A schoolboy attempt later and Conspiracy had Khadafi pinned.



Conspiracy then took to the top rope as Khadafi staggered to his feet.





Conspiracy then got Khadafi onto his stomach and locked in his Canadian Crossface.


Khadafi started to tap as the ref signalled for the bell.

Conspiracy released the hold and Khadafi rolled from the ring as Dallas Griffin and Duzza made their way to ringside.

It was now time for the former leader of Trouble to finally get his hands on the faction's current leader, and Conspiracy motioned for Griffin to enter the ring. Griffin walked up the ring steps but stopped short of entering the ring as JCON advanced on him. He demanded for the ref to back Jonathan off. Finally "Mr Big Time" entered the ring, and the ref stepped aside to let the two go at it. Griffin took advantage of Conspiracy having already faced Quo and Khadafi, and displayed his power with a series of body slams.

He would attempt another body slam, however Conspiracy blocked the attempt and elbowed himself free of Griffin's grasp. Conspiracy then ran the ropes and connected on a cross body.



Conspiracy brought Dallas back up to a vertical base, when Duzza got up on the apron to draw the referee in. Conspiracy released Dallas and advanced on Duzza. Griffin took this opportunity to grab Duzza's cane from the corner. JCON turned around in time to see Griffin with the cane as Duzza continued to distract the referee. Griffin swung and missed. Conspiracy kicked him in the midsection and Griffin dropped the cane. Conspiracy grabbed the cane and nailed Griffin in the head before he tossed the cane. He then dropped Griffin with a "Co-Conspirator" Reverse Falling DDT and took to the top rope as the ref turned his attention back to the in ring action. Conspiracy leaped from the top rope and nailed his patented legdrop.


He then covered his fallen foe.


Conspiracy got back to a vertical base and pointed at Duzza and motioned for him to enter the ring. However it would be Statuz Quo and Khadafi who would re-enter the ring. They attempted a double clothesline but Conspiracy ducked the attempt and slid out of the ring under the bottom rope. He motioned to Duzza and Trouble that he was "this close" to getting his hands on Duzza as he backed up the aisle to return backstage. It was announced that Conspiracy had defeated Duzza by disqualification.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall


iNtense came back from commerical break. The crowd was hot all night, but it was about to get even hotter..

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

The former Spirit of ACW.. some could even say now the Spirit of jOlt... Jesse Ramey walked out from the backstage area. He marched down to the ring and climbed in with microphone in hand. Ramey was dressed in his ring gear as if he were ready to go for a match. The crowd cheered him on as he paced around the ring and awaited his music to die down.

"Last week, I stated my case in reply to what Mattock had said to me. This week.. I'm not here to engage in a battle of words. This week... I'M HERE TO FIGHT!"

The crowd cheered as Ramey paused briefly.

"Mattock... Diamond Jewelz got his.. and now.. I want mine. Drag whatever's left of your ass out here."

There were a few moments of silence.. the people in the crowd were starting to think that Mattock wasn't going to show up. Ramey did as well as he brought the microphone back up to his lips, but before he could even utter a word...

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The people as Mattock and Sanchez Cano stepped out from the backstage area, standing side by side. Mattock had a microphone in his hand.

"Well, well, well.. if it isn't jOlt's resident hectopascal. The insignificant spec of dust floating through jOlt airspace, seeking for that one golden place to land and be noticed, but you carry yourself along the wind, starving for that attention, but find none...."

Mattock paused for a moment.

"It's only natural that when no one gets noticed that you would only come out here and make a little bit of noise, hoping to become a blip on someone's radar.. however, I'm sad to say that you're not on my radar. Not tonight... not ever. That is what if you wish to sate your ravenous appetite, then I will afford you the opportunity to take on Sanchez Cano."

Mattock said he was offering him an opportunity, but didn't exactly give Ramey the option to decide yes or no as Mattock nodded at Cano and Cano immediately made his way down to the ring. Ramey simply tossed his microphone to ringside and taunted Cano to come at him.

Cano hit the ring and the two collided. The referee called for the bell and we had an inpromptu match right here on iNtense 89!!

Jesse Ramey vs Sanchez Cano




Ramey and Cano pummeled each other in the ring. Ramey got the upperhand and began to drive Cano back into the corner with heavy right hands. Ramey then whipped Cano to the opposite corner, but Cano reversed the whip and sent Ramey into the corner instead. Cano charged in with a Leaping Double Knee Strike, but Ramey ducked out of the way.

Cano grabbed onto the top rope and "velco'd" himself to the corner, but Ramey ran up behind him and nailed a Backstabber which drove the air right out of Cano's lungs! Ramey went for the cover as Mattock grabbed his silver hair at ringside!



Cano kicked out!

Ramey sat Cano up and let loose with stiff kicks between the shoulder blades. Cano winced in pain with every strike. Ramey then took off to the ropes, but when he bounced off, he found Cano back on his feet and leaping into the air with a Twisting Back Elbow Strike that took Ramey off his feet. Cano immediately went to the corner and went up top!


Ramey rolled out of the way and avoided the double stomp! Ramey quickly got up to his feet where he met Cano with a kick to the stomach that doubled him over. Ramey then hopped over Cano and hooked his legs under Cano's arms, flipping him over...




Kick out by Cano!!

Ramey wanted to end this quick to prove a point. He got back to his feet and dared Cano to get back to his. Cano did and when he turned around, Ramey tried to scoop him up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Cano floated over and landed behind Ramey with a waist lock that he converted into a full nelson... one pop of the hips later...




Ramey kicked away!

Both got up and charged in with lariats.. both hitting them and knocking each other down in this high octane match since the opening bell. The referee started his mandatory ten count...







Both men began to stir...




Both men got to their feet!

Punch by Cano! Punch by Ramey! Punch by Cano! Punch by Ramey! Back and forth the two traded blows, but Ramey picked up the velocity of his punches and gained the upper hand. He then ended the series with a toe kick the doubled Cano over. Ramey took off to the ropes and grabbed Cano by the head, twisting him down to the canvas with a Swinging Neckbreaker!! Ramey then stood slowly as if he were stalking his prey. He was looking to put this one to bed...

Mattock hopped up on the ring apron and tried to get into the ring, but Diamond Jewelz ran out from the back and pulled Mattock off the ring apron!! Mattock's face bounced off the edge of the apron causing him to stumble around and hold his face in pain. Jewelz took a few steps back and charged in...


The Busaiku Knee laid him out!

At the same time, Ramey grabbed Cano and scooped him up into his arms. He tilted him and dropped him right on his head with the Northern Lights Driver...






Jesse Ramey picked up the win and immediately rolled out of the ring and got in the face of Diamond Jewelz. Ramey shoved him in the chest and yelled at him...


Jewelz put his hands in the air and went to walk away, but he stopped short, turned around, and decked Ramey in the face! Jewelz then hit Ramey with a takedown and began to pummel him, but Ramey rolled over on top of Jewelz and fired rights into the side of Jewelz' head as well. Ramey stood and began to stomp away at Jewelz on the ground, but Jewelz blocked the kicks and tripped up Ramey with another takedown.

Eventually a voiced boomed from the back.


Damien Lee had arrived and stepped out from the backstage area with a microphone in hand. Jewelz looked up and immediately backed off of Ramey. Ramey wiped the sweat from his eyes and got to a kneeling position while Mattock still laid there, out cold from the knee strike he sustained earlier.

"This has gone on for far too long. Three months it's been Diamond Jewelz.. Jameson Lennox, Jesse Ramey.. reVolt.. EVERYTHING. If you guys can't settle this on your own.. I'll help you. At Unlimited it's going to be Jesse Ramey... versus... Diamond Jewelz... versus... Mattock in a triple threat match. Oh.. and since I know Mattock's mentality.. once again, Sanchez Cano will not only be banned from ringside.. but the entire arena. If he steps foot onto the premesis.. both members of reVolt will be FIRED on the spot!

The crowd cheered that decision.

"Now then.. with a level playing field.. we're going to settle this. One fall to the finish... settle it at Unlimited and stop causing issues in my damn arena!"

Damien Lee turned around and disappeared behind the curtain. Jewelz and Ramey looked at each other and gave each other a nod.

"See you at Unlimited, bitch." said Jewelz to Ramey.

"Don't worry, you'll get yours, too" said Ramey.

Mattock still laid there.. Cano was out in the ring as well. I don't think either member of reVolt knew that this match was going to take place.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"One Or The Other"

The scene opened up backstage. Derecho was in his locker room dressed and ready to go for his upcoming match later in the evening, but still, the audience didn't know who his opponent was going to be. Last week, Sylo tried to intervene and stop Derecho from claiming another victim in Cordova, but Derecho ignored Sylo's words and simply finished Cordova off right in front of his eyes. Many wondered what Derecho had to say this week.

"Last week, I continued to do what I said I was going to do from the very start. Leave a trail of bodies in my wake and I have done just that. Bane Loneheart... Mike Extreme... Sayber... and now Cordova. Everything so far was expected.. except for one thing.. and that's you, Sylo."

Derecho shook his head as he let out a sigh. He then looked up at the camera.

"You can't just leave well enough alone, can you? You walked out on stage on iNtense 86.. much to the SHOCK OF THE WORLD" said Derecho as sarcastically as he could. "You came here with the goal of trying to talk some sense into the me.. to try and straighten me out.. but I told you then and I'll tell you now... I am straightened out.. This isn't some fabled championship curse.. THIS IS MY OWN FREE WILL."

Derecho gritted his teeth as the though of Sylo's intervention last week angered him.

"Then last week.. after I explained everything to you.. you still came out and interfered in my match. You still believed that I could be saved.. that somewhere deep down inside of me, was a glimmer of light that contained the very fabric of what being human is.."

Derecho paused for a moment.

"Then I showed you... and the entire world that you are dead wrong. Anything "human" left in me is dead. All that remains is what you see before you. A man who has eclipsed his former self. A man free from the burden of being champion.. A man set free from the binds that bound him... A man who is free to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. This freedom is what I have sought. I don't have a target on my back anymore.. I don't have to cater to the flavor of the month trying to hunt me down and take my championship away. All I have to do is step into that ring and watch whoever is opposite of me fall. To not only watch them fall, but to stand over them and bask in their anguish.. to enjoy their misery and suffering."

Derecho smiled at the thought of that.

"Aran Thompson and Tyke showed me that I was simply weak. That reverting away from what I had become ultimately led to my downfall... not anymore... I will not let myself slip away into obscurity like this again.. and you, Sylo... not even you can do anything to stop me."

Derecho began to smile once again.

"I know you've tried to stop me on numerous occasions. Your little eulogy was cute.. but I think that your efforts have gone unrewarded. Afterall, I know your true goal is to try and "snap me out" of whatever state you think I'm in... and you have failed. So since this is America.. where everyone is supposed to made to feel like a winner.. please allow me to show you your prize for your annoyance."

The cameras then switched to the locker room of the former Ring Rat Graham Youngblood who was seen applying wrist tape to his wrists.. as if he were preparing for a match. Unbeknownst to Youngblood, Derecho was watching him and Derecho was commentating.

"So here we have Graham Youngblood. He should look familiar to you Sylo.. I mean, he IS one of your protoges, isn't he? It would be a shame if something were to happen to him.. like say... a match with me tonight.. wouldn't you say....? ...."Super Beast?"

Youngblood sat down and began to lace up his boots.

"Take a good look at him, Sylo. Take a mental image of your protege because this will be the last time that you see him in this state. The best part is, though... is that all of this wouldn't have happened if you had just stayed at home.. if you had just stayed retired and stuck around your wife and kid like a good little father.. but instead.. you didn't.. and now, I will shatter the bonds between you and your protege."

The scene switched back to Derecho's dressing room.

"Tonight Sylo.. I'm going to make you choose... will you try to save me... or will you try to save him? You can only save one of your friends Sylo.. who will you choose?"

Derecho simply laughed as the scene faded to black.

Sarah Winterton & Daryn Thompson vs Charlotte & Amber Ryann

Since winning her Starlets Championship, Sarah Winterton had continuously stepped in it deep. She made a powerful enemy not only out of her rival Charlotte who she stole her title from at Wired, but she had also earned the anger of both the “Texan Firecracker” Daryn Thompson, but that of the Hype’s own otaku “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. Her first defense last week was against Charlotte who cashed in her rematch only for Winterton to get herself disqualified and cause a big fight among the four of them. Damien Lee came up with the perfect solution – the first-ever four corners Starlets match for the Starlets Championship!

Before they got down to the money shot, though, Sarah Winterton had to team with a big Texan that didn’t like her against a woman she bashed in the face with her belt and another she hit with brass knuckles. Needless to say she was up shit creek and she didn’t look like she had a paddle at all.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The heavy beat kicked in as the lights in the arena flashed blue, green, yellow, and red in that order, the same colors found in the challenger's hair. The audience stomped their feet to the addictive beat as "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann dashed out from the back, wearing a dragonfly mask with a black hooded sweatshirt, the hood pulled over her head. Ryann nodded her head to the beat and then charged down the entrance ramp, and up onto the ring apron.

She flipped over the top rope into the ring as each corner of the ring exploded with pyro.. one blue, one green, one red, and one yellow. She removed her hood to expose her multi-colored hair. She removed her dragonfly mask and passed it to ringside and awaited her opponent as the arena returned to normal.

"The Jack" by AC/DC

The cheers kept on going as "The Queen of Hearts" stepped out from the backstage area. Charlotte stopped at the top of the entrance ramp wearing a bright sexy blue bustier and a blue short top hat and cane. The two Starlets seemed to have formed a bond between them and they shook hands in the ring. Charlotte wanted some payback for Winterton and on Thompson for costing her shot at the Starlets Championship last week. Ryann and Charlotte at least looked like they were on the same page.

"Madness" by Muse

Daryn Thompson came out from the backstage area to a pretty nice pop from the crowd. She had defeated Persephone a few weeks ago – another former Starlets Champion at Wired and she had been racking up the wins on Rock The House. Daryn was about to get tested and she headed to the ring flashing the chain that she got from Diamond Jewelz. The five-foot eleven and one-hundred sixty-five pound Thompson was the heavy hitter in all this and the most powerful Starlet.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dis Moix played next as the lights began to change in shades of pink and pearls. The final piece of the puzzle that was the Starlets Championship picture came out from the back and raised the title over her head. The Queen of the Starlets flashed her crown and cape and set those both aside before she approached the ring. It was now time for these four talented women to try and get one last attempt for a big win before they all headed into action.

The bell rang and both teams discussed who would be starting first … well at the very least, it was actually Charlotte and Amber Ryann who were all on the same page. The former Starlets Champion and The Dragonfly were in the ring watching Daryn Thompson and Sarah Winterton talk about who was going to be in the ring first.

“You do it!” Sarah yelled. “I am your QUEEN!

“Get yer pretty little bitch ass and wrassle if yer so good queenie!”

Ryann and Charlotte both nodded to one another before they each ran off the ropes. Before Thompson and Winterton even knew what was about to hit them, the action started early…


Charlotte came diving right out and crashed onto Daryn while Amber Ryann aimed straight for the queen and didn’t miss! The Queen of the Starlets was taken down by The Dragonfly and she picked herself up and slapped a couple of hands in the front row. Winterton tried to stand up and scrambled away from her attacker while Charlotte picked up Daryn Thompson into the ring and followed after the Texan Firecracker.

The bell officially rang and the action was going to begin with Charlotte going after the strong woman that cost her the title last week when Winterton tricked her into getting disqualified. She came right at her with a series of forearms to the face to try and wear her out early. When Charlotte tried to whip her across the ring, Thompson stayed still and she wasn’t able to move her so she pulled her right into a hard short arm clothesline. Charlotte was nearly out cold by the big shot from the powerhouse and she ducked down to go for the win.




Charlotte kicked out!

She pulled the former Starlets Champion to her feet and kicked her in the gut with a good shot and then whipped her to the ropes. She elbowed Charlotte upside her head and stunned her good.

“You picked a fight with the wrrooooonnnnngg girl, darlin’”

The Texan Firecracker picked up The Queen of Hearts back to her feet again and looked to try and suplex her but when she got Charlotte upwards, she squirmed and twisted her way out from behind. Daryn turned around only to eat a jumping knee to the face! She was stunned now and that’s when Charlotte went on the attack for her…


The one-arm swinging neckbreaker caught the big Texan and that’s when Charlotte turned her over to go for the cover.


2… No!

Daryn Thompson powered out and even though Charlotte was tall in her own right, Daryn was the most powerful Starlet on the roster today. That didn’t matter to Charlotte as she continued to stay on her opponent with more elbows into her face. She kicked her back into the corner and she tagged into Amber Ryann. The Dragonfly and the Queen of Hearts launched her back into the ropes and when she come back and went to take her over with a double arm drag!

While Thompson and Winterton didn’t get along, it looked like Ryann and Charlotte were teaming together just fine. She rolled off the ropes and Charlotte hip tossed the smaller Ryann across the body of Daryn Thompson. She rolled away while The Dragonfly tried to pin her.


2… another no!

The Dragonfly tagged back into Charlotte and tried to drag Thompson back to the corner before she pushed her away. She rolled away and slapped Winterton on the head before she walked out of the ring.

“All yers.”

Before Sarah could even protest, Charlotte came right her and blasted her in the head with a quick elbow to the head that sent her out to the floor. The Queen of Hearts climbed to the outside of the ring and tossed her away before she ran once around the ring. She jumped back inside and Charlotte went back to the corner but she was lulled in…

Kick to the head by Winterton!

She caught her in the head with a big kick to the head and stunned her long enough to finally keep her rival at bay and backed her away. Winterton rested along the ropes waiting for Charlotte to get back to her feet and when she did she got knocked down again with a perfect running dropkick to the face! The Queen of the Starlets caught her good and quickly went for the cover.



Close, but no cigar!

The Queen of the Starlets shrugged off the referee and pushed her back to the corner back up to her feet. She dropped him a few knees into her head and continued to do so before she backed up and waited to the corner and dropped a big knee drop into her chest! Charlotte yelled out in pain while Winterton went back to the corner and tagged into Thompson.

“There’s your chance to do something, finish her.”

Thompson didn’t like Winterton, but she also didn’t forget about how she attacked her from before so she headed into the ring. She was standing over Charlotte and picked her up by the arm before pulling her into an elbow smash to the face. Charlotte was disoriented and it hurt even worse when she did it again connecting with another shot. The Texan Firecracker pulled her into the suplex position and got her up again … this time she nailed it! Thompson rolled her over.




That didn’t get the job done, but Thompson was going to continue her attack. She wanted the win over the former champion and make sure her place as a contender was solidified. Daryn Thompson picked her up off the mat and whipped her off the ropes again and when she did she was spiked hard into the canvas, courtesy of a nice looking scoop powerslam. The Texan Firecracker went for the win again.



Close, but no cigar!

She kicked out again. The angry Thompson was about to set her up for something else, possibly looking for Dust in the Wind only for her to flip backwards and land on her feet. She went to the ropes when THe Queen of the Starlets caught her from behind with a knee! Thompson shook her head at her unsports-womanlike conduct and tagged back out to her.

“Yer up

Happily, Winterton was back inside the ring and picked off Charlotte with a pair of forearms to the face before twisting the neck around. She necktied the arms together and went for the move…


The slick neckbreaker caught her good and after she got planted, the Starlets Champion rolled over once again and this time, hooked both legs to try and defeat her rival.




The move was close, but it didn’t get the job done. She growled at the referee and rolled over to the corner where she started to make her climb. The Queen of the Starlets was about to get to the top rope – a place where she wasn’t there too often, but when she was up there…



Charlotte moved at the last second and the Starlets Champion hadn’t landed the mark at all! The crowd cheered for Amber Ryann and she hopped up and down on the ring apron waiting for her chance to tag into the match. She waited while Daryn Thompson continued to watch the action unfold. Winterton started to get back up as Charlote crawled to her corner and tried to finish things off when Charlotte rolled her and kicked her away.

The tag was made to Amber Ryann!

The crowd cheered for the Dragonfly getting the chance to go on the assault as she caught Winterton right on the button with a charging flying forearm to the face. She ran over and also connected with a running leg lariat that knocked her off the ring apron.

When she stood The Queen of the Starlets up, she caught her with an uppercut befor she whipped her to the corner. The Starlets Champion charged The Dragonfly hit the middle rope with no hands and backflipped right over her, her patented Mega Man X Wall Jump!

The crowd was wowed with the show of agility as she kept on running. When Winterton moved she tried to catch her off the rebound with a clothesline, but the lightning quick Dragonfly moved…


Sarah was doubled over now and allowed The Dragonfly to go up top. With the crowd in her corner she started to climb with no effort and waited for her to turn around…


The same combination that she had used against the Starlet Champion before to put her down. The Dragonfly rolled Winterton over and tried to go for the cover.



Ryann moved and Thompson dropped the elbow drop right onto Sarah Winterton! She crashed right into her but didn’t seem all that concerned that she had hit the wrong Starlet. When Amber Ryann tried to attack the much taller Thompson, she kicked away at her with a series of good shots only for Thomspon to shove her away and send her crashing into the corner. Winterton was back on her feet sucking air, but pushed Thomspon.

“How dare you touch your Queen!”

“Fuck ya!”

She shoved her back so Winterton shoved her. She turned around to see Charlotte charging at her… SPEAR TO THOMPSON~!

She speared Thompson and that took both ladies out of the equation so Winterton went right after Amber Ryann. She caught her with a good kick to the back of the head in the corner and rolled her up!



Close, but no!

Ryann kicked out and was sent flying into Thompson on the ring apron, knocking her off! The crowd was cheering the Dragonfly for her tenacity so she rolled out of the ring and grabbed her title belt as the referee tried to break up the ongoing fight on the outside with Charlotte and Thompson.

“Say goodbye, lady!”

She charged with the belt and tried to swing…


Amber Ryann ducked and caught her right on the button with the kick to the chin and stunned her making her drop the belt. Amber Ryann then turned her around….


The move that was a play on the title of the Fate/Stay Night anime was a big move, the Kudoh Driver! She SPIKED her viciously into the mat! She rolled her up and she cradled her up with the cover.





Thompson had taken out Charlotte on the floor with the slam and was still angry over getting knocked off the apron. She saw that Amber Ryann had scored the biggest win of her career! Ryann held the Starlets Title in her grip and looked at it closely. She had made her way through the Hype to the main roster and finally managed to score a big win, putting her right on the cusp of winning the championship….


Thompson had been nailed by Ryann by accident and didn’t see what happened! She had just blasted Amber Ryann in retaliation for what she thought was a cheap shot and now she stood over all the laid out girls with the belt. She raised the title to the crowd to a big mixed reaction, some not liking the cheap shot, but some liking the fact that Thompson was also poised for big things. She raised the belt over head before dropping it on the unconscious Winterton.

Charlotte was a fighting former champion and Sarah Winterton was a devious champion now, but with Amber Ryann getting the win and Daryn Thompson standing tall, the future of the Starlets Division could already be now.

Winner: Amber Ryann & Charlotte via Pinfall

"The Heirs of the Cause"

The camera panned backstage to the interview area. In just moments, Donny Layne would get to have a few words with one of the teams that had already qualified to participate in the Triple Threat Elimination match for the vacated jOlt Tag Team Titles. Layne greeted the camera with a professional smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like for you to welcome my guests at this time, two of the men who already qualified to compete for the vacant jOlt Tag Team Titles at Unlimited… they are Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver… the Heirs of Wrestling!”

He smiled and waited for his guests to arrive…

He waited…

He waited…

He waited some more…

“Well… apologies, everyone. We were expecting the Heirs to arrive and share their thoughts on their upcoming match and…”


Suddenly, “Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold is heard in the background. Fans recognized this as either the theme of The Heirs of Wrestling’s new rivals, The Hands of the Cause. Or Sylo, depending on who you asked. Either way, the music only grew louder and Donny Layne looked confused before he turned and there was Frank Silver… with a fake red beard and an angry scowl on his face. In a badly done… VERY badly done British accent, Frank approached Donny Layne with a big CD player/boombox combo over his shoulder.


“WHAT?” Donny shouted over the music.

Frank clicked the box and turned the song off.

“Sorry, mate. I mean... you tosser! I’m no Frank Silver! If you look closely enough, you’ll see that I am an inferior, fifth-rate athlete named Jimi Hendrix… wait, no… I mean Frank Hendrix. Sorry. All that purple haze in my brain and shit.”

The crowd was laughing at this obviously… VERY obviously-done bad parody of The HoC’s leader. Donny looked up.

“Um… well… so your team qualified last week for a chance to become the new jOlt Tag Team Champions and you’ve been squaring off with your rivals, Hands of the Cause. Do you think you’ll have a lot on your plate having to not only deal with them, but trying to get your titles back?”

Before Frank “Hendrix” can get the question out, another man appeared to his left. It was very clearly Ryan Gallway dressed up in rather professionally-done make up… like he’d been sitting in a chair since 6am this morning just to do this bit. He was dressed up and looked rather disheveled.

“I’m going to give you a hug… then eat your face.”

“Um… what?” Donny said, worriedly.

Frank “Hendrix” cleared it up for him.

“Sorry… that’s HenRyan Dylan. He’s the Friendly Stranger and apparently, he was a big deal for five minutes in ACW… maybe… hopefully it was a quick five minutes. That guy SUCKS.”

Even more laughter erupted from the crowd as Donny Layne just shook his head at the two men before he tried to bring it back home to some more serious questioning.

“And I noticed that Mack Brody isn’t here right now as he’s getting ready for his match against The House’s Adam Roebuck.”

“Yeah, he’s going to fuck Roebuck’s world right up…” Frank said quickly before getting back into character, shitty British accent and all. “Oh… did you know that you can’t spell main event without M.E., Donny? And you can also spell DIX with my name, too! Did you know that?”

“Ahem…” Donny was trying SO hard to steer the rudderless ship back in the direction of a coherent interview. “Okay, I’ll bite. So if you two are supposed to be Frank Hendrix and Henry Dylan… why isn’t Mack Brody going to play Brone Haggard?”

Ryan… no, sorry, HenRyan elbowed Layne in the arm.

“I’ll take this one, Donny… and I’m also gonna wear your skin to my birthday party.”

He made fun of the off-putting demeanor that had made Henry Dylan infamous in his wrestling tenure before he reached off-camera to pull out a big wooden plank.

“I would like to introduce to you… Brone Haggard… he gives new meaning to the phrase ‘so wooden you could throw that piece of shit on a fire! …And also, I’m going to dance naked in the mirror to ‘Goodbye Horses’ when we’re done here.”

Layne rolled his eyes before Frank continued.

“Okay, fuck you, Layne-brain! We came up with this like five minutes ago and we’re doing the best we can!”

He ripped off the beard and tossed it down on the ground before he spoke up in his real voice.

“See, those assholes have messed with the WRONG Most-Decorated Tag Team DYNASTY in Wrestling Today! While Frank Hendrix is trying to spell out main event, we’ve MAIN EVENTED shows with those jOlt Tag Team Titles and defended them successfully. What you are looking at in me and Ry-no here is THE ABSOLUTE BEST team, bar none. We helped to drag the words “Tag Team Wrestling” out of the muck and made it MEAN SOMETHING AGAIN.”

Ryan finally broke his bad attempt at a character and raised his hands with a Hallelujah.


“We haven’t always done things by what people would call ‘the right way’ but Goddamn it, we love doing this. The Hands of the Cause look at us and see that we may be some immature kids… and they’d be right. They may look at us and be jealous of the opportunities that we’ve been given… and they should! But those guys have fucked with the WRONG group and believe me, if they qualify tonight… we’re gonna fuck them UP.”


“And we haven’t forgotten about who else has qualified… The House are as dangerous as they’ve ever been. We’ve won some and they’ve won some. We hate each other’s fucking guts, but at the end of the day, we respect those titles because that’s what we’re here for. We aren’t just going in to stick it to Hands of the Cause, though that’s a big bonus. We’re here to become jOlt’s only THREE-TIME Tag Team Champions and prove that we are without any doubt the best tag team in this business! This is the Dynastic Duo! The Kings of Kicking Dat Ass! The Sultans of Style! Kings of a Million Nicknames cause we’re just that BAMF. That’s what those belts mean to us, Donny.”


Frank and Ryan each nodded in a sign of solidarity before they each walked off in opposite directions. When Donny was about to greet the camera to sign off, Ryan came back in his disheveled make-up.”

“He’s lying. I woke up at six this morning to get this all done…”

Gallway frowned before walking away, quietly muttering about eating somebody’s face.

"Anger is a Powerful Motivator"

We switched from one locker room to the other and if the crowd wasn’t cheering before at the Frank Hendrix impersonation, they certainly were now. The camera panned to the outside of the Starlets locker room where Charlotte was just finishing up snapping up her bright blue bustier. She checked out the finishing touches to make sure that everything was put in place and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

“Oh, hon, I look hot tonight! It’s time to do this! I’m gonna smack that prissy bitch, Sarah, upside her head and get my belt back at Unlimited!”

Behind her was her tag team partner for the night, “The Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. The two had been opponents before when the Starlets battled for what was Charlotte’s belt at the time. The rainbow-haired lady finished fastening her gear as well before she turned to Charlotte.

“I hope you know that it’s every Starlet for themselves out there!” Ryann said. “Tonight, we’re partners, but at Unlimited, we’re going to dance. And she had payback coming after she hit me with her belt two weeks ago.”

Charlotte laughed.

“You’re good, hon; real good, but you’re not the only person that she’s wronged. She took that belt from me and I’m not going to stop until my belt comes back to me. But that’s Unlimited. Tonight, let’s stick it to that shrew.”

“It’s a date,” Ryann smirked, “I’ll see you out there.”

The two Starlets shared looks before The Dragonfly headed out of the locker room to attend to business elsewhere. Charlotte started to head out of the locker room when she bumped into her husband, Derrick Huber. She shared a kiss with him and she patted him on the backside.

“Where’s Adam?” Charlotte questioned.

“I haven’t seen him,” Huber replied. “He disappeared earlier today and said he had some shit to take care of. He’s got his match with Brody later tonight and I told him we’d go out there. You good with double duty, baby?”

“Of course. Gotta watch his back. People like those Heirs, but I don’t trust ‘em as far as I can throw ‘em, hon.”

When the two were about to share another kiss, the sound of a clearing throat interrupted them.

“Hey. Almost game time. Need you guys to watch my back tonight.”

Adam Roebuck appeared from down the hallway and creaked his big neck.

“Roe, where’ve you been?” Huber asked. “You have that match tonight and we’ve gotta focus on getting our titles back. This is our one shot.”

“Out. And I know, I want those belts back as much as you… that’s exactly why Red and Ted got what was coming to them. Nobody’s going to fuck with us anymore.”

Huber was about to speak.

“We never had a real chance to talk about that, Big Bucks. About what happened… they deserved what they had coming, but…”

“Yes! Yes, they did!”

Roebuck, Huber, and Charlotte turned back to the hallway where they came face to face with the men who had been antagonizing the three members of the Heirs of Wrestling since they debuted. Frank Hendrix was flanked by Henry Dylan and Brone Haggard – they were the Hands Of The Cause. Huber took a defensive stance while Charlotte hid behind her husband.

“I apologize. We didn’t meant to intrude on your little spat here, but I don’t believe that we’ve been formally introduced. I’m Frank Hendrix, these two gentlemen are Henry Dylan and Brone Haggard.”

“We know who the fuck you are, boy,” Huber said. “We’re not idiots, we know who you were, we’ve heard what you had to say about jOlt and what you and your little posse here need to do is get to fucking stepping or we’re gonna have a problem. You hear me?”

Hendrix raised his arms sensitively.

“Whoa, we didn’t meant to offend,” Hendrix said. “We know that you and the Heirs have qualified for the Tag Title race and after we defeat those clowns, Sam Sweet and Lennox Love, then we’ll be standing across the ring from one another.”

“So what the fuck do you want with us?” Huber threatened.

“I want nothing more than to make your acquaintance. What your big friend did to Redding and Jacobs was nothing short of a masterpiece. They wronged you both and plotted to take those titles so you did something about it – there are too many weaklings, cowards, and pretenders among this roster, but you three … you are monsters. You destroy whatever is put in front of you and you don’t look back. I can respect that. Anger is a powerful motivator when used right and you three ought to think about joining our cause. We can always use more hands in this war on this unjust organization.”

Derrick Huber was about to step in again as he walked past Roebuck to confront Frank.

“We haven’t busted our asses this long in this business to be somebody’s patsy. You should look in the history books about what happened to a little group called Team EGO and see what we did to them. I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you and if you guys beat Sweet Sweet Lovin’ tonight, then you’re going to wish that YOU never knew US.

Hendrix had a scowl on his face and clearly didn’t like being talked down to … then his expression changed to a smile like he was in on some kind of joke.

“I just wanted to say good luck out there against Mack Brody, big guy,” Hendrix told Roebuck. “People like them don’t deserve to share our space. They should be ground up and kicked beneath our feet.”

Hendrix and company each nodded and took their leave as Adam Roebuck’s eyes turned.

“Well …” Charlotte whispered. “That guy was a creep.”

“Yeah,” Huber said. “Fuck them, let’s go out there. You ready for business, Roe?”


The two superheavyweights nodded before they headed out to the ring. Their match was coming up next.

Mack Brody vs Adam Roebuck

Out of three teams that were set to face off in just a week’s time at jOlt Unlimited, two of them had already qualified. By virtue of never receiving their Tag Title rematch before Adam Roebuck put former champs Red and Ted on the injured list, The House had automatically qualified into contention. Their rivals and newfound fan favorites, The Heirs of Wrestling, had won their shot last week over a very game Cross The Hood. In a bid for last-minute momentum heading into the PPV, The House’s Adam Roebuck would take on The Heirs’ own heavy hitter and a man he was no stranger to – Mack Brody. In fact, it was months ago when Mack Brody had defeated Roebuck in a singles contest. Could he do it again or would a newer, more dangerous Adam Roebuck get the duke in this battle of superheavyweights?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold yelled. It was time to GET IT ON!

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway, weighing in at 312 pounds… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

The man called SuperMack took in a big round of applause from the crowd who were clearly on crack for liking this gaggle of idiots, but they were popular nonetheless. Brody flexed his crazy awesome guns before he jumped into the ring and posed against the ropes. The Bronze Bomber waited for his opponent.

"Aces High" by Iron Maiden

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the former Starlet Champion Charlotte had her hands raised by both men.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager CHARLOTTE and Derrick Huber...From Las Vegas, Nevada...weighing in at FOUR-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT poundssss ADAM ROEBUCK!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Adam Roebuck had an even surlier look on his face in recent weeks, if that was possible. The 42-year-old mountain of a man came into the ring and glanced right at Mack Brody.

“I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to us, pretty boy,” Roebuck snarled.

“Not gonna apologize,” Mack said.

Roebuck shook his head with a disgusted sneer. It was true that despite their newfound popularity, the Heirs made no secrets they took shortcuts to get to where they were, but they were here now. Mack Brody and Roebuck circled up and while this match probably wasn’t going to win any points on style…



Another chapter in the long-standing feud between Heirs and House continued tonight as the two powerhouses quickly exchanged big right hands between one another. They continued the fight until it was Mack getting the better of the older and wider Roebuck. With some effort, the Bronze Bomber backed him into the corner with another flurry of big right hands in order to stop him!

The crowd was on the side of SuperMack as he continued to drill the big man with a flurry of awesome rights to the temple and followed those up with a series of Elbow Smashes aimed at the face of the Las Vegas Leviathan. Derrick Huber and Charlotte watched on the outside for their partner’s safety as he fought back with a pair of Headbutts aimed at the chiseled jawline of Brody.

“OW! YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Brody yelled.

He didn’t take kindly to having his features touched in such a manner so he reared back and BLASTED Roebuck in the face with a stiff Uppercut to the jaw that had him teetering. With a bit of effort on his part, he lifted Roebuck over and DUMPED HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR!

The crowd cheered the raw power of the Philly native as he roared with approval from the crowd. Frank and Ryan each nodded on the outside, cheering for their tag partner and friend as he started to climb out to the floor to finish what he started. When he got there, he was caught with a BIG fist to the jaw from the Las Vegas Leviathan!

When he was stunned, he grabbed him and turned him around before he BARRELED SuperMack back first into the steel steps on the outside! Nearly eight hundred pounds collided with the steps and knocked them over with ease, sending him tumbling backwards to the ground! Roebuck let out a loud shout that earned him a mixed series of cheers and boos from the crowd. He had managed to single-handedly run Red and Ted out of jOlt for the foreseeable future, but his newfound bloodlust didn’t appear to be sated; he was hungry for more.

While Mack tried to shake out the cobwebs from being tossed around the outside area, he grabbed him by the head and tossed The Bronze Bomber back inside the ring. Roebuck followed him in and landed a MASSIVE Leg Drop across the throat of Brody! The former two-time JOlt Tag Team Champion winced and coughed while Roebuck went for the first cover of the match.




Brody kicked out and an angry Roebuck continued to bring the pain with a few more pointed elbows ot the top of the Philly native’s head.

“NOBODY is going to fuck with us again!” Adam shouted.

He now stood over the groggy Brody and this wasn’t a position that jOlt fans had ever seen Brody in before. He was almost always the dominant one on offense but tonight he was being overwhelmed by the newfound fire that Roebuck possessed. The Hubers continued to watch on carefully while Roebuck dropped all his weight across Brody’s back with a big Seated Senton! Mack shouted in pain and cradled his back before Roebuck dropped a massive Elbow Drop this time around. His offense was not pretty by any means, but when you were almost a five-hundred pound beast, you didn’t need a whole lot.

Roebuck picked him up off the mat and grabbed Mack by his hair before rushing him back into the corner. He unleashed another nasty flurry of Headbutts to the chest this time around with intent to wear down the Bronze Bomber again. The crowd was surprisingly behind the heavy of the Heirs as eh still managed to fight back with a couple elbows that stunned the Las Vegas Leviathan, but when he ran off to the ropes, he was caught and now trapped in the confines of a very tight Bearhug!

Brody did his best to try and pry apart the arms of the bigger Roebuck and to his credit, he just about did it! The crowd continued lending their support to Mack but Roebuck blasted him again with two more headbutts to the chest to wear him down. From there, it was back to the Bearhug!

“Brody, do you give?” Simon Boulder asked.

“Hell no!”

Brody was full of fight in him and unleased a classic Ear Box taught to him by his daddy, James Brody Sr. He continued to hit two more three more until Roebuck finally released his grip on the tight hold. Mack took off to the ropes a second time, but Adam still anticipated the move and before he knew it…


A ring-shaking Fallaway Powerbomb DROPPED Mack into the canvas hard! He was hurt now and The Big Bucks knew it as he rolled him over and went for the win and some much-needed momentum heading into Unlimited.




“Come on, Roebuck you got this!” Huber shouted.

Roebuck glanced at his partner silently, still clearly thinking about the conversation that he had with The Hands of the Cause earlier tonight. Adam Roebuck continued to punish Mack Brody with a flurry of big elbows to the head of his opponent before Brody fought back. The muscle man of The Heirs struggled to get to his feet only for Roebuck to catch him with a knee to his chiseled abs. Now that he was in control, Roebuck slashed a thumb across his throat… now was the time to go for the Bad Hand, his Torture Rack Powerbomb…


Brody knew what was coming and elbowed his way fucking free of that. If Anybody was getting powerbombed, it was going to be this big fuck, not him! He got him off the ropes and turned to face the Las Vegas Leviathan before he pummeled him about the head with another series of clubbing forearms. He continued to drill him across the ring and blasted him some more! The crowd started a nice “BRODY!” chant for the big man as he continued to land more shots. He backed Roebuck into the corner and the fans knew what was coming next as he set him up by the head and leg…



He had just summoned all the strength he could and CHUCKED the big monster from Las Vegas overhead with the Release Exploder Suplex! Brody let out another roar, feeding off the momentum from the fans as he rolled over and hooked the leg on the big man.




Roebuck powered out, but now he was in a very bad position for more punishment as Brody pulled the straps down… well, he would’ve had he been wearing straps. But he had a big chiseled physique he loved to show off. He was too pretty for that shit!

The Bronze Bomber waited for Roebuck to start getting back to his feet so he charged off the ropes and came right at him like a missile with a Diving Shoulder Tackle that put him back down on the mat! Brody stood up and stood over Roebuck before he held out his hands. He flexed his bicep and let out a grin before he rained down the forearms…


Brody stopped at nine and kissed his arm again….


He then ran off the ropes and came back with a nice Running Splash of his own! Three-hundred pounds of Mack Brody came crashing down on Adam Roebuck and now he was trying to end the match.




The Big Bucks was extra groggy, but he still managed to kick out despite SuperMack’s onslaught. Brody held up three fingers to him and thought that he had the match won but it was not to be. Brody glanced out to Frank and Ryan who continued to watch the match with a vested interest. Adam Roebuck was starting to stand while Mack Brody was ready to finish things. When Adam turned around he quickly caught him with a big kick to the gut. He was obviously looking for his Midas Touch powerbomb and there was no way he was going to get it… Or was he?

He tried, but Roebuck fought his way out and landed a solid Double Sledge to the chest! He whipped him across the ring only for the muscle-bound Mack to reverse it and send him shooting to the corner! Mack came over and tried to pull him away from the corner when Roebuck held onto the turnbuckle padding, trying to keep Mack from finishing whatever move he was going for. He tugged him and ripped off the turnbuckle padding as Roebuck caught him above the eye with an elbow!

Gallway jumped on the apron and protested while both Charlotte and Derrick Huber ran over to come to Adam’s defense. While the shouting match was going on between all parties on the outside, Mack tried for his move, but Roebuck shoved him backwards, sending him CRASHING face-first into the exposed turnbuckle padding!

Roebuck may or may not have meant to it… but nevertheless, he turned Mack Brody around and with a bit of doing, he got the heavy of the Heirs upwards…


The crowd actually started to boo for Adam Roebuck as he turned him over and went for the cover! Silver caught what was happening and shouted at Derrick Huber on the outside, but the damage may have already been done!




That was it! Roebuck got the duke over Mack Brody and earned he and Derrick Huber a big win heading into Unlimited for the belts that were stolen from them!


Roebuck stood over the fallen body of the hurt Mack Brody and had a smile across his face. He had never truly forgiven The Heirs of Wrestling for the months of torture they’d put them through in the latter half of 2013 and he’d earned himself a good measure of revenge. The referee held his hand up and Roebuck took off from the ring, motioning for Derrick Huber and Charlotte.

“I got that fuck. Let’s go.”

Derrick and Charlotte each looked at one another and shrugged before they headed up the ramp, but standing in their way…

Frank Hendrix, Henry Dylan, and Brone Haggard, aka The Hands of the Cause. They were now clapping and cheering for Adam Roebuck as they had tried to sway him over to their side earlier in the evening. Roebuck didn’t pay them any mind, but he didn’t bother stopping them, either. They allowed The House to pass by without incident while the Heirs were inside the ring tending to a sore Mack Brody. His complexion was ruined and his pride may have been a little hurt.

But the more important question between these three teams…

What in the blue hell did this all mean for jOlt Unlimited in the hunt for the vacant Tag Team Titles?

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

Hands of the Cause vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ made their way out to the ring more than ready to earn their spot in the upcoming tag team title match. Both Sam Sweet and Lennox Love appeared in good spirits as they high fived with fans at ringside and danced their way into the ring, but the mood was about to change.

“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold. The Hands of the Cause of Wrestling had arrived, and you could tell from the crowds response that they would not be rooting for them in this one. Frank Hendrix walked out in front of Brone Haggard and the dastardly Henry Dylan as the three men were certainly not dancing or high fiving their way to the ring. Hendrix was not competing in this tag match, and he called for a microphone before all three men entered the ring simultaneously from different sides. Their music faded out as Hendrix began to speak.

“We all know exactly how this is going to go down.”

Hendrix paused as Sweet and Love looked at one another and then back towards The Wrestling Deity who continued.

“That bell is going to ring, we are going to dominate you and tear you apart before picking up the victory and advancing to our deserved tag team title opportunity. I know it, you know it and all of these inbreds in the crowd know it.”

Cue the loud chorus of jeers from the crowd as Henry Dylan laughed loudly.

“So I am going to make you a very generous offer. We are going to give you a chance to escape the inevitable pain that’s undoubtedly heading your way. All you have to do is lie down on your fat arse and allow Mr. Dylan here to pin your shoulders to the mat for the three count. Save yourself the beat down and move on with your pathetic little careers. There will no doubt be other battles against far less talented men where even you might stand a fighting chance but this match…this ain’t one of them.”

With that Hendrix stepped back as Dylan strode forward and gestured for Sam Sweet to lie down in front of him on the mat. Big Sam took a second to think it over with his partner…


A big right hand to Dylan sent him sprawling, much to the delight of the crowd. Hendrix cursed and rolled out of the ring as the referee called for the bell and the match was under way.


Sam Sweet followed in with another right hand and glanced over at the massive Brone Haggard who took his position in the corner. Frank Hendrix slammed the apron on the outside, not at all happy his “generous offer” had been refused.

Sweet went to work on The Friendly Stranger with some stiff looking strikes before pausing to try and start a disco clap from the crowd. Lennox Love on the outside did his bit to get the clapping started and before you knew it the crowd were clapping along and Sam Sweet was jiving.

Big mistake.

Sensing the opportunity to strike Henry Dylan did exactly that with a knee to the midsection of Big Sam. As Sweet double over Dylan dropped to one knee only to deliver a devastating uppercut right to the mouth of the big man.

“THIS AIN’T NO DISCO FATTY!” Yelled Hendrix from the outside as he applauded Henry’s work.

The Walking Obsession grabbed Sweet by the back of the head before pushing him as hard as he could into the corner chest first. Sweet was gasping for air when Dylan followed in again and slammed him face first into the top turnbuckle, maintaining his grip and then grinding the facial features of Sam Sweet into the buckle whilst holding the ropes for leverage and wearing a sickening smile.

The ref began his count: One…Two…Three…

The referee stepped in and Dylan let go and then watched Sweet as he staggered backwards gingerly, shaking his head to try and clear the cobwebs. Pouncing like a predator Dylan dropped to his knees and delivered a chop block to Sam, knocking him down to the mat before getting up and kicking him over to his corner.

“Tag your boy in. Let’s see what he’s got.”

Sweet was dazed but heard Henry’s voice perfectly well and responded by crawling over and tagging in his partner Lennox Love. The Love Machine was quick to enter the fray and he and Dylan circled the ring, eyes locked on each other before engaging in a good old fashioned test of strength.

Dylan seized the early initiative and dropped Love to one knee, but with the crowd behind him Love began to fight back and was soon in an upright position again and looking to take control.


Dylan heard the cry from Frank Hendrix and responded by sweeping Love’s leg out from under him, breaking the test of strength just before The Love Machine could drop Dylan to the mat. Hendrix laughed on the outside as Dylan rolled over to his corner and tagged in the big man. Brone Haggard.

Big Brone showed impressive agility by leaping over the top rope and charging towards Love who was just climbing back to a vertical base…


Haggard near turned Love inside out with the force behind his clothesline, before he pointed towards Sam Sweet, beckoning him in for a clash of the two titans.

Love slowly rolled over and made the tag. Sweet entered the ring immediately and without any intention of jiving this time, not with the monstrous Brone Haggard spitting feathers to unleash his own brand of pain on him.

Sweet made the first move and charged full steam ahead but Haggard showcased his ridiculous strength by lifting him clear off the mat as he ran, spinning in a flash and plating him hard into the mat.


Haggard roared, as did Hendrix on the outside. Sweet did not know where he was as stars raced through his head. Acting on instinct alone he managed to climb back to his feet with the aid of the ropes.

He would wish he hadn’t.


The incredible spear took Sweet off his feet before driving him into the mat again. Haggard stood up and backed into his corner again where Henry Dylan tagged himself in.

Dylan dropped to his knees and crawled over to Sam Sweet who was flat out on his back. The Friendly Stranger brushed his fingertips along Sweet’s forehead almost lovingly before climbing on top of him for the pin.


Lennox Love stepped through the ropes looking to break the count…


Brone Haggard stepped forward and motioned as if to charge The Love Machine, which caused Love to stumble backwards looking to protect himself from any impact.


The match was over.

Love looked somewhat embarrassed he had been faked out by Haggard as he stepped forward again. That’s when Haggard charged for real…

TRAUMA! This time to Lennox!

Frank Hendrix slid into the ring like a serpent and congratulated Haggard on his destruction of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’. Henry Dylan still lay on top of Sam and closed Sweets’ eyes with his fingers as if declaring him dead before standing up to join his fellow members of the Cause.

Dylan and Haggard each raised a hand into the air simultaneously to a hostile reception, before Frank did likewise.

The tag team title match was set for Unlimited.

The Hands of the Cause had earned their shot at the tag team titles without breaking much of a sweat. Make no mistake – they mean business. Somewhere in the back the members of Heirs of Wrestling and the House were all watching with interest.

Perhaps Adam Roebuck in particular.

The Hands of the Cause just stole one here tonight! Jon Katz Jr. threw a fit at ringside as Haggard and Hendrix rolled out of the ring and rejoined Henry Dylan at ringside. The three of them celebrated as the crowd booed. Sweet Sweet Lovin' was just that close and the people were really hoping to see them go, but as a man once said.. you can't always get what you want... unless you're Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard who got exactly what they wanted: A tag team title oportunity on Pay-Per-View.

With that outcome.. the match at Unlimited was set. it will be The House versus The Heirs of Wrestling versus The Hands of the Cause in a triple threat match to determine the vacant tag team championships!

Winner: Hands of the Cause via Pinfall

"Two Dews, One Real Man"

When the jOltvision flickered to life, the crowd started to actually cheer their little hearts out for the likeness of “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon. After several weeks of bullying by the likes of “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan, he managed to actually do the unthinkable – Ryan had messed around with him and his fellow former Hype star pulled out the unthinkable upset and defeated Jeremy Ryan!

Granted, ASPCA was probably going to be up jOlt’s ass on account of the whole “He chokeslammed a monkey” thing, but that will be settled another day.

The camera cut to Jon Le Bon who was strutting around backstage like he was ten feet tall. He managed to stick it to Jeremy Ryan and come up with a massive win in the process! True to his word, he was backstage now shuffling through his wallet. After everything that Jon Le Bon had been through in the last couple of weeks, he earned this.

“Man… after the last couple of shitty weeks I’ve had… I’ve earned this…”

See? Told you.

Le Bon rifled through his back pocket and pulled out his wallet before shuffling out his money. He produced a bill and slid it into the machine, hitting the button for Mountain Dew. After a couple seconds of whirring, two thumps were heard in the machine… Could it be?

“Oh, fuck yes!” Le Bon shouted.

TWO Mountain Dews fell into the tray.

“Man, my luck around here is tits!”

He reached over to grab his prizes…



No, that sound wasn’t Junkyard Dog coming back from the dead just to hit his finisher on Jon Le Bon. Nope, instead, that was the sound of skull greeting vending machine, courtesy of JEREMY RYAN! He just palmed the back of Jon Le Bon’s head and SLAMMED him head first into the machine! A furious Ryan continue to violently stomp away at The Rockstar the very moment he hit the ground.


The crowd voiced their hate at Jeremy Ryan as he continued to drill the defenseless Le Bon with a flurry of violent rights to the head and chest! He snatched up one Mountain Dew bottle and popped the cap of and emptied the bottle over the fallen Le Bon!


He took the other bottle that fell out of the machine and as Jon started to rise, he SMACKED him upside the head with the full bottle, sending The Dew gushing every which way as the top busted open. An angry Ryan was pissed off that he’d tasted defeat for the first time in jOlt at the expense of a man he blamed for a lot of what he felt was blatant stupidity. He kneeled over Jon Le Bon and pulled him up by his hair before looking him dead in the eye.

“If your eyes aren’t TOO far in the back of your fucking head… at Unlimited, I want you in a match! We’re going to finish this when I say we’re finished, you funny little fuck!”

He let the Rockstar fall lifelessly to the ground before security started to finally swarm the scene. Ryan carefully backed away from the carnage as the trainers showed up to check on the fallen Le Bon. The camera caught one more glimpse of jOlt’s Last Real Man as he walked away, but not before yelling one last warning to Jon.


Derecho vs Graham Youngblood

Earlier in the night, Derecho revealed that his opponent tonight would be Graham Youngblood. Right before Sylo retired back on iNtense 80, Graham became a disciple of Sylo and was trained directly under him. Tonight, Derecho decided that the best way to enact his revenge on Sylo for sticking his nose where it didn't belong, was to decimate something near and dear to him.

"Riptide" by Sick Puppies

Out from the back came Graham Youngblood. The people cheered for him, but in the back of their minds, they knew that it was simply a lamb being lead to the slaughter. Youngblood still basked in their admiration as he made his way down to the ring. Youngblood stepped inside and warmed up as the lights in the arena went down low to a crimson hue.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

Derecho stepped out from the back wearing the black trench coat and the black skull mask. The people booed him as he made his way down to the ring. Derecho walked up the ring steps and then stepped into the ring. He removed his coat and mask, dropping them over the top rope. Youngblood knew what he was in for and charged at Derecho, jumping him out of the gate.. something Derecho didn't expect!




Youngblood pounded away on Derecho as Derecho covered up in the corner, trying to fend off the strikes. Youngblood then switched to lifting knee strikes that doubled Derecho over. Youngblood then shot Derecho across the ring to the opposite corner, charged in and nailed a Corner Clothesline that dropped Derecho down to a seated position. Youngblood then ran back to the corner he came from, got another full head of steam and charged in, nailing a running drop kick right to Derecho's face!!!

The surprise attack could actually work here as Youngblood pulled Derecho out from the corner and made a cover early in this match as the crowd was red hot!



Derecho kicked out and the people booed

Youngblood stayed on the attack, though. He sat Derecho up and dropped the point of his elbow into the top of Derecho's head. Youngblood stood and repeated the move, then stood up and nailed a drop kick in the same spot! Another cover!



Another kick out!

Youngblood grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him up. One scoop slam later, Youngblood went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. Youngblood was looking for it all right here as he leapt off...



Youngblood smacked hard on the canvas after missing the Frog Splash as Derecho rolled out of the way. Derecho staggered to his feet as Youngblood did the same. Derecho charged in and nailed a clothesline that knocked Youngblood down. Youngblood got back up and was met with another clothesline. Derecho then pulled Youngblood up, shooting him across the ring. Derecho pikced Youngblood up off the rebound and slammed him into the canvas with an Anderson-style Spine Buster.

Derecho rolled out of the ring and then hobbled over to ringside, still feeling the effects of that sneak attack at the start of the match. Derecho grabbed his best friend, the steel chair, and folded it up. Derecho walked up the ring steps and got back into the ring with it in hand. He tapped the chair on the canvas as Youngblood got back to his feet. Youngblood turned around to see the chair swinging right for the top of his head. Youngblood put his hands up and blocked the chair shot just in time!

Youngblood and Derecho fought in a tug-o-war with the chair until Youngblood was able to yank it free, but as soon as he did that, Derecho kicked him low between the legs, much to the hatred from the crowd. Derecho snagged the chair away from Youngblood and then jammed the seatback of the chair right into Youngblood's throat!!!

Youngblood collapsed to the canvas and held his neck as he gasped for air. The referee stepped in to make sure that Youngblood was okay and apparently he said that he could continue. Derecho then shoved the referee out of the way and slammed the chair down into Youngblood's side. He did it again for good measure and Youngblood squirmed in pain on the canvas as a result.

Derecho then unfolded the chair and set it up in the middle of the ring. He grabbed Youngblood by the hair and pulled him up.

"SYLO! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!" yelled Derecho.


Derecho then hoisted Youngblood up onto his shoulders, but Youngblood wriggled free and landed behind Derecho! Derecho turned around and was met with a series of right hands by Youngblood! The crowd got fired up as Youngblood backed into the ropes for momentum, but then...


A Super Kick from Derecho knocked Youngblood out on his back!

Derecho quickly grabbed Younblood and hit alternating knee strikes to his stomach. He then set up Youngblood between his legs. He lifted Youngblood up to shoulder height, spun about 160 degrees to face the chair then...



Derecho didn't even bother going for the pin. Instead he walked over to ringside and grabbed a microphone from the time keeper.

"SYLO" said Derecho as he was a bit short of breath.

"What's your answer Sylo? Will you come out here and save me? Or will you come out here and try and save your protoge.. because I have a forty five minute time limit on this match and only about seven minutes have elapsed. I have a long way to go!"


"Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)" by Nonpoint

A white light exploded on stage and out from the back emerged "The Superbeast" Sylo. The crowd cheered as Sylo charged down to the ring, but he stopped dead in his tracks at ringside when Derecho grabbed Youngblood by the hair, pulling him up to a knelt position.

"What a wonderful pose. A peasant kneeling before his King. A truly fitting scene, wouldn't you agree, Sylo?" said Derecho which got under the Superbeast's skin. Sylo went to climb up on the ring apron, but halted when Derecho spoke once again.

"Ah ah ah.. not so fast. One more move toward this ring and I will snap his neck right here on live television."

Sylo got back down, but he did grit his teeth.

"I told you that there was going to be a price to pay for sticking your nose into my business. You claim that you have someone for me in two weeks at Unlimited.. someone that was going to ruin my day and make me realize that I'm not who you think and believe me to be? I'm sorry to say Sylo.. that I AM MY TRUE SELF. YOU are the one that is blind. YOU are the one that is confused. YOU are the one who is unable to accept reality.. and now look at you..."

Derecho laughed.

"LOOK AT YOU! Look at where it's gotten you. Stuck between a rock and a hard place because now you're in a situation where you're going to have to choose. Are you going to choose me? A man who you think needs saving, but doesn't? Or are you going to choose your little protege here by stopping me from ending his career right here on live tv. What kind of choice are you going to make... ... Justin?" said Derecho with sarcasm.

Sylo didn't like being called by his first name once bit. He knew that Derecho would injure Graham if he took a step toward the ring. He paced back and forth not knowing what to do, but before Sylo could figure it out, Derecho spoke once again.

"Since you can't seem to make up your mind.. I'm going to make it up for you."

With those words, a team of security came out from the backstage area. They walked down to the ring and stepped between Sylo and the ring itself.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?" yelled Sylo at Derecho.


Derecho simply dropped the microphone and hoisted Graham Youngblood up onto his shoulders and in one swift motion...


Sylo charged the ring, but the six men in security outfits held Sylo back, grabbing his arms and forcing him into a kneeling position.

Derecho stepped out of the ring and stood in front of the kneeling Sylo. He stretched his arms out and laughed.

"That's right Sylo.. KNEEL BEFORE THE TRUE KING"

Derecho laughed and then turned and walked away from Sylo and around ringside. Sylo struggled to get free, but six men holding him down was a bit too much to overcome. Derecho grabbed a new steel chair from ringside and rolled back into the ring with it. He unfolded the chair and then placed it around Graham's head and neck. He then laid his head back onto the broken chair and then headed to the turnbuckle, ascending it to the very top.

Sylo could only watch as Derecho looked out toward Sylo and gave him a wink.


Derecho leapt off the top rope and stomped his foot onto the chair!! He could have broked Graham's neck!!!

Sylo struggled with all his might, but the force of six men were too much. He couldn't break free. As Sylo got to his feet, they simply just forced him back down into the kneeling position. Derecho then dragged Youngblood closer to the ropes and laid him out right in front of Sylo. Derecho simply knelt down and made the cover, staring right into Sylo's eyes.




Derecho stood up as Sylo shouted obscenities at Derecho.

Derecho simply grinned and exited the ring, but he didn't make his way to the back. He reached under the ring and grabbed a sledgehammer. Derecho rolled back into the ring with it and dropped it dead center. Derecho then pulled Graham up to his feet and threw him into the corner. Graham simply slumped into a seated position as he couldn't even stand on his own.

Derecho removed the chair from Graham's head and then wedged it between the turnbuckles in front of Graham's face. Sylo became wide-eyed as Derecho then walked back to the center of the ring and grabbed the sledgehammer.

"Do you like baseball, Sylo?" asked Derecho. The crowd even cringed and held their breath. Even they couldn't believe that Derecho could go that far!

Derecho then held the sledgehammer up like a baseball bat, looking at the chair as his target. A surge of energy went through Sylo as he let out a roar and broke free from the security. Sylo bolted toward the ring but knew he couldn't get to Derecho in time so Sylo did the next best thing.

Derecho swung right as Sylo grabbed Graham by the leg and yanked him out of the ring.


Derecho hit the chair so hard, it folded and bent around the business end of the sledgehammer, but right at the last second, Sylo managed to pull Graham out of harm's way. Graham's head just barely missed getting hit at the time of impact.

Sylo pulled Graham out of the ring as the security guards surrounded him. Derecho simply sighed in disappointment. Sylo looked up in the ring as he held Graham in his arms. The fire that burned in his eyes was unlike we had ever seen.

Derecho exited the ring and walked right past Sylo and the security guards. The guards made sure that Sylo wouldn't attack Derecho as he backpeddled up the entrance ramp, grinning at Sylo the entire way.

The final scene was the two of them staring down before iNtense went to commercial break.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"Traces of Vermillion Lipstick"

Deep within the unsettling recesses of the arena’s underbelly, the enigmatic mad man renown as Omega lurked. Rhythmically, the unbalanced psychopath, was seen standing erect yet slowly swaying from side to side. Eyes fluttering, accompanied by a peculiar display of facial twitches on going with baited fits of breath. Whispering incoherently onto himself.

The basement harbored the various clashes of both winter drafts & warmth of the tandem of furnaces. The shadows danced eerily yet gracefully as the titan’s fingers twitched infrequently. Slowly, his head reared back. Trained toward the concrete ceiling with his jaw drawing agape. Lips quivering. Nostrils flaring with the hints of a sweet yet unfamiliar fragrance drew the monster out of his deep trance. Eyes slowly rolled forward before he cocked his head slowly to the left, tongue dragging against his lips. From behind, a curvaceous figure, stood at a distance.

“We question your presence here, ‘child’...” The giant responded as he kept his back toward the expensively swathed intruder, who was seen gently running her fingertips across skin, prying the robe aside to faintly expose her right breast.

“Some answers needn’t be uttered.” The woman replied. Omega flashed a wry sneer that quickly evaporated. The monster lowered his head, allowing his dreads to drape over his left eye. He was seen rubbing his thumbs against his index fingers.

“I believe you are horribly misunderstood.” The woman continued as she cautiously slithered her way toward him. “You are a force of nature. A symbol of power. Authority. Finality.” The woman gently stood behind the walking apocalypse who drew his eyes shut with a stern ingestion of her fragrance. Through a set of clenched canines, the beast was becoming enchanted.

“A man with your gifts is, without question, intoxicating to both the fearful & admirers alike.” Her fingertips gently caressed his scarred epidermis across his shoulder blades. “All of that pent up rage....and every outlet used to release it has been temporary or has outright failed...yet, has ‘every’ outlet been exercised?”

Omega hummed warmly onto himself as she gently kissed the scars across his shoulder. “How long has it been? How long has a indestructible force been able to have his will unleashed upon a submissive vessel?” The massive monstrosity nodded subtly with a uncommonly warm smile forming across his lips. “Does this ‘vessel’ have a name?” Omega uttered as the strange woman brought her lips close to his ear. “Yes.” She hissed.



Abruptly, the maniacal demon swivelled about & seized the geisha by the throat with one hand. A look of outright horror radiated across her face as she was slowly elevated away from the floor. A sickening chuckle wormed its way upward with hints of muffled laughter from within.

WE....cannot be controlled...”

WE....will not conform...”

Kasumi’s eyes narrowed as saliva began dripping from his clenched teeth. Squirming against his might, she cunningly retrieved her hidden kunai blade which her captor quickly caught her wrist. The blade hovered dangerously close to his neck...

WE....cannot be conjoled...”

The monster moved the blade close to his left cheek & hung his tongue out as he dragged the tip across his skin toward his eye, drawing blood. A sadistic chuckle danced throughout the basement region.

OUR lust cannot be sated by the whims of our enemies’ whore....” Omega continued before sadistically chuckling onto himself. “Your master’s a LIE....An egregious fabrication that must be torn asunder...His time is at an END....HE......WILL....FALL!

Omega flung the female ninja airborne and her body slammed against the door, leaving her to slide several feet out into the hallway. Coughing loudly, she struggled to regain her bearings when a massive hand grabbed her sternly by the back of her neck. Her swift Backhand was parried before being forcibly shoved against the wall before spinning her about & sternly wrapping his hand around her throat once more. The startled female Kasumi sought to wiggle free as she found herself being raised upward and suspended airborne near the cool concrete wall surface.

“Your Master was once enamored with scattering lotus petals as a foreboding message to his enemies.” Omega seethed. “So what shall we do with such an alluring flower...”

Kasumi planted left foot against the wall before driving a stiff knee into her captor’s jaw, setting herself free. A trinity of Martial Arts Strikes to the face was concluded with a strong Leaping Roundhouse Kick! The Unstable One staggered back a few paces before eerily turning his head slowly back toward her direction. The shadows could not obscure the maddening stare of Omega.

“...She loves US....”

The psychotic chuckle infuriated the female assassin, leading to several strikes that ended with a Spinning Back Fist that sprayed hints of crimson along the off white walls. Omega could be heard slowly licking the blood from his lips in the fleeting shadows.

“...She loves US....Not....”

The hulking menace had her cornered. Meticulously stalking after her before he spied her focus was set onto something behind him. Jaw agape, he paused before turning toward the disturbance. A Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick bounced Omega against the wall before sliding to a crumpled heap onto the floor. The hastened footsteps of Kasumi quickly fell out of earshot while being replaced by the weighted yet padded approach of another. An all too familiar one.

“Be careful of what you ask for, demon.” The figure lowered himself to a crouched posture near the slightly dazed titan. “The shadows betray you. I long for our inevitable encounter so that we can quell the posturing. The subliminal messages will serve you no further. The Underground division serves under my rule. Mine.”

Kenshiro Inogami slowly stood himself erect as Omega raised himself onto all fours. A crazed chuckle arose from the deranged figure. Standing over his challenger, Kenshiro gnarled his fists before blasting Omega across the teeth. The impact slammed the giant’s skull against the wall, leading him to slump into a seated position. The blood ridden smile never left as Kenshiro slowly backed away before pivoting toward the distant exit.


Omega was left seated Indian Style while starting to rock back & forth in the flirtatious shadows.

“......Hush....Little Ninja.....Don’t Say A Word....”

Aran Thompson & West Texas Terrorists vs Eiji Kugasari & Crimson Order

The ringside area was displayed before the eyes of the world with Referee Mike Hunt, standing in the opposing ring corner. Arms folded behind his back & nodding solemnly onto himself. The masses were casually murmuring amongst themselves when the arena lighting abruptly diminished. An audible spike was heard looming in hindsight for several moments...

‘Dawn Awaits {Extended version}’- Cliff Lin

The jOltvision monitors ran a myriad of edited vignettes as the smoldering overcast overwhelming the entrance staging area. A sinewy figure stood several paces before it. Arms slowly extended outward. Palms opened toward the ceiling. Infrequent flashes of Pearl & Crimson hues revealed 2 kneeling figures. One at each flank, drawing a crowd response as the ninja initiated his trademark martial arts katas. The simulated punch into the grating summoned an angry salvo of pyrotechnics & smoke, revealing his brethren, standing erect in their battle ensemble...

Carrington: “...Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest is schedule for 1 fall; Accompanied by their manager, Mamoru...Representing The Inogami Clan; From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting a total combined weight of 800 pounds...they are the team of Heido & Takeshi...THE CRIMSON!!! ORDER!!! ...and the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!

The quartet of Inogami Clan officers began their proud trek toward the squared circle. Leading the way was the ambitious clan lieutenant, Eiji, who swept his bangs from his face as he rounded the corner. The tandem of The Mute Mountain & Heido proceeded to casually remove their battle attire as Mamoru began issuing orders to his team. The Kansai Crippler swept his feet along the ring apron before passing through the ropes as Takeshi was seen stepping over the top rope & readily patrolling the vast perimeter. The Blood Raven perched himself atop the opposing turnbuckles and slowly scanned the horizon before dismounting inside the ring. The musical introduction soon eroded as the ninjas were loosening their extremities respectively before the referee began his routine inspections...

Lights Out...


’Champion’ by Grindspoon rattled freely from overhead, luring the masses into an immediate audible revolt. Standing underneath a lone spotlight, Eiji Kugasari began rubbing his hands together as the reigning jOlt Heavyweight Champion had officially arrived on the scene. A set of Taped Fists gnarled intently as the Twins slithered from the backstage area & stood at their leader’s flanks. The championship shimmered proudly from around his waist as he arrogantly basked in both the moment & the amassed display of resentment....

Carrington: “...And their opponents; Representing The Black Faction....Making their way to the ring...weighting in at a total combined weight of 732 pounds...From Houston, Texas Eli & Ezra Conway...THE WEST!! TEXAS!! TERRORISTS!!!...and from South Bend, Indiana...He is the current...reigning & defending Jolt Wrestling Heavyweight Champion of the World!!! ....’Mr. Relentless’...ARAN!! THOMPSON!!!

An overconfident sneer formed across the lips of the champion as his challenger quietly seethed from a distance. As the Twins began pointing & spewing venom towards their opposition, Thompson peeled the belt free from his waist & slowly raised it overhead for display. Eiji ground his knuckles into his clenched hand while enduring this fit of grandstanding before Aran walked up the ring steps & perched himself atop the turnbuckles. The disciplined ninjas held their ground as Thompson reinforced his championship standing by posting atop the adjacent turnbuckles. Eyes trained toward his enemies before stepping down. Both Aran & Eiji stood nose to nose with the champion raising the belt overhead with one hand. An inaudible exchange of words were given before the referee separated the two with Aran chuckling onto himself....

Aran slid his jOlt Championship into the corner designated for The Black Faction and leaned into talk a game plan while Eli and Ezra kept a watchful eye on Eiji Kugasari. Aran slapped the chests of his fellow Black Faction members and turned around only to be stopped by the fact that Eiji and Takeshi had switched places. Takeshi snarled as Aran looked around in a bit of awe.

Michael Buhrman: Sure, Takeshi wants a bit of revenge after what Aran did to him last week.

Nathan Powers: Aran didn't do anything wrong, he walked out there to prove a point and he did just that. Aran should have nothing to be worried about.

Just then Takeshi charged after Aran as the match officially began but Aran side stepped Takeshi and pushed him into his own corner. Aran relentlessly attacked the mid-section of Takeshi with a flurry of punches and the twins took turns holding Takeshi in the corner as the referee tried his best to reprimand them. Aran stepped back and allowed Takeshi to stagger out of the corner as Aran pulled his fist back with his sights set on the head of Takeshi, but Takeshi countered it with a knee to the gut and he shoved Aran into the corner of the Black Faction where Eli Conway made a quick tag before Takeshi could turn around and notice. Takeshi stepped in toward Aran and wrapped his hand around the back of Aran's head and tried to set up Aran for his signature Spoken Word. The nimble champion quickly slithered free to land in the kneeling as The Mute Mountain stopped short and pivoted about...


Just as Eli had done last week to Waymoth Turnbull, he had hit Takeshi with a super kick that caused the six foot-ten inch Mute Mountain crash down into the mat and Ezra Conway tagged himself in this time. Eli took off toward the corner of the Inogami Clan and launched his body hitting Heido with a hard lariat causing Heido to fall to the outside and Eiji Kugasari to step into the ring. Eli and Eiji began a brawl in the corner of the ring, as the fans booed maliciously at the Black Faction. In all of the confusion, everybody but the referee had seemed to forget that Ezra Conway had tagged himself in and he stood atop the turnbuckle and leaped forward with a hard Elbow Drop to the chest of Takeshi and followed it with a pin.




The fans cheered as Takeshi was able to kick out. The match wasn't over and the referee had gained some semblance of order in the ring. Ezra stood over Takeshi who was holding his body in pain and he kicked Takeshi in the gut while he was down and Aran began clapping for Ezra from their corner. Ezra nodded and kicked again, over and over before stopping for a turning his gaze over to Heido. The fans knew that The West Texas Terrorists were after blood from Heido after his vicious attack on their mentor and Aran's brother-in-law, Mace Williams. Ezra, now completely turned around & facing both Heido and Eiji Kugasari, pointed at the other member of the Crimson Order and charged after him just as his brother had done moments ago. Eiji Kugasari saw his opening to stop this and spun around kicking Ezra in the face and making him stagger back holding his face. Takeshi rolled up Ezra...




Takeshi looked at Ezra and then turned his gaze to Kugasari and tagged The Blood Raven in the ring and the fans went nuts as Kugasari quickly ran to the side of Ezra and kicked him in the gut causing Ezra to roll over trying to get up he managed to get to his knees before Eiji kicked Ezra in the chest.


The fans cheered.


The fans cheered louder.


The fans went nuts as Kugasari positioned himself and the fans seemed to charge Eiji up as he set his sights on the head of Ezra.


Ezra out of nowhere counter Kugasari's kicks and slammed the ninja to the mat. Managing to wiggle himself to his corner he tagged in Aran who rushed over to Eiji and kneeled down beside him punching Kugasari in the face over and over again. The head of The Blood Raven snapped back with each punch.


Eiji had caught Aran in an armbar but Aran slithered free of the hold and jumped to his feet looking down at Eiji with a bit of shock once again.

Buhrman: Aran needs to stop trying to think Eiji Kugasari is a push over!

Powers: Michael Buhrman needs to stop trying to think that people care about his opinions!

Aran stamped on the hand of Eiji as Eiji tried to get himself up causing Aran to smile and point at Eiji who held his hand in pain. Aran locked Eiji in a headlock and wrenched backwards and The West Texas Terrorists cheered on their Black Faction leader. But Eiji wasn't out by a long shot. Eiji grabbed the back of Thompson's legs and pulled his head back using the momentum to trip Aran up and slam Aran's head into the mat. Eiji, still holding the legs of Aran, flipped forward pinning the jOlt Champion! ...1! ...2! Kickout! Both Eiji and Aran looked shocked for their own reasons. Eiji got back to his vertical base before Aran could, but oddly waved for Aran to get up too. Aran rolled to his feet and the two stared each other down once again.

Buhrman: Eiji wants Aran to know that he is still mad about getting screwed out of his chance to be jOlt Champion.

Powers: Nathan wants Michael to know that he is still made about him voicing his opinions!

Aran disrespectfully pie faced Eiji, who staggered away before sending Thompson rolling backwards to a knee via a 2 handed Shove. Aran began complaining to the referee with both arms out when Ezra impatiently tagged himself in. The Twins breifly reassured the champion before Ezra inaudibly challenged Kugasari to fight him. The clan lieutenant looked over to his peers who motioned for him to tag out yet the ninja welcomed the cowboy’s challenge. A mutual Head & Collar Tie Up led to Ezra seizing control with a Standing Wrist Lock. The ninja cautiously checked the hold with Ezra sneering after driving him back to a single knee with a Standing Arm Bar. The Blood Raven executed a quick Single Hand Front Handspring to his feet & took the Cowboy over with a Fireman’s Carry into a Step Over Arm Lock! Ezra was rhythmically flaring out his fingers in anguish as Eiji methodically applied more pressure. The ninja quickly dropped to the canvas to secure a Grounded Crucifix Armbar. The Houston native struggled against the pressure by clasping his fingers while slowly regaining his footing. The Texan wedged the ninja’s shoulder against the canvas as Hunt dropped for the count...




Eiji arched his back to try & pry his prey’s fingers apart yet Ezra shifted the momentum onto the opposing shoulder...1! ...2! Shoulder. Angrily, Ezra displayed his underestimated strength by hoisting the Blood Raven up vertically who quickly landed into a crouching posture before sprinting off toward the ropes. Eiji returned to eat a stern Back Elbow to the Face! Ezra arrogantly extended his middle finger at the fallen ninja before shooting off to the opposing ropes. Ezra with the Step Over before Eiji soared over the running Cowboy with a picturesque Leap Frog! Eiji quickly set himself ready to jettison the Texan upward with both feet when Ezra stopped short yet missed with the swift Elbow Drop! Both men swivelled to their feet with Ezra with a Textbook High Hip Toss. The agile assassin landed on both feet to counter the swift Side Head Lock before shoving the Cowboy against the ropes. Ezra missed with the Running Yakuza Kick as Eiji caromed off the opposing ropes yet was driven soundly into the mat with a powerful Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Eiji bounced several feet toward the opposing corner as Ezra quickly slapped his left breast arrogantly before yelling inaudibly toward the Crimson Order.

Both Heido & Takeshi scowled as Ezra snatched the Blood Raven by his head to his feet and whipped him deep into enemy territory. Eli was made legal as Ezra & Aran held Eiji firm to weather the full barrage of Forearms & Kicks. Eli continued stomping the ninja into a seated posture before pissing off the masses briefly. The Twin peeled the Blood Raven up to his knees, began taunting the ninja before belting him with a trinity of measured Punches to the Forehead. Eiji was slow to regain his bearings as Eli played to his cohorts before connecting with a precision Knee Drop across the shoulder blades. Eli quickly hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! Kickout! Pissed off, Eli back pedaled to careen against the ropes & deliver a measured Forearm Drop before bracing his Forearm during a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Eiji got his shoulder up, leading Eli to slap the canvas sternly in frustration. The ninja was pulled to his feet, setting Eiji into a Front Face Lock to further taunt Eiji’s brethren before hoisting hip upward for a Vertical Suplex. Eiji countered with a stiff Knee to the Skull, landing to a crouched posture before connecting with a tandem of Buzzsaw Kicks & Martial Arts Strikes. Kugasari sought to shoot over toward his brethren when Eli sternly grounded the ninja with a Hair Whip to the canvas! Cover! ...1! ...2! NO!

Eli quickly ran to the ninja’s corner and slapped Takeshi across the jaw, prompting the Crimson Order to seek retaliation. With the referee interceding & Eli egging the ninjas on, both Ezra & Aran dragged the ninja by his extremities over toward their corner before Ezra made the Ghost Tag into the ring. Ezra hoisted the ninja up as Mike Hunt sought to make sense of things before bouncing Eiji soundly with an Alabama Slam! Ezra extended his arms outward before scaling the turnbuckles. Aran & Eli cheered the Twin onward as he preened atop the turnbuckles before taking flight with a High Elbow Drop! The masses cheered as Ezra crashed & burned. The opposing factions rallied their comrades to seize or retain the advantage respectively as Ezra crawled after the crawling Eiji. Mere fingertips away from making the tag when Ezra dragged him away from the turnbuckles. The Cowboy snatched him upward by the leg yet the deft ninja flipped to his feet, pivoted...

Snap Kick to Thigh. Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. Spinning Back Fist. Open Palm Strike to Jaw = The Crimson Sword Dance

The masses cheered as Eiji collapsed atop the fallen Cowboy for the loose cover...1! ...2! Shoulder! Kugasari shook the cobwebs from his head while resuming his crawl toward his awaiting clan. Heido tagged himself in & executed a Slingshot Somersault over the top rope into a dead sprint to knock Aran off the ring apron. Eli quickly dropped off the ring apron to avoid further harm & aid his leader as The Kansai Crippler captured & blasted Ezra with the The Archangel Suplex - A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! Cover! ...1! ...2! Eli quickly saved the team with a Sliding Elbow Drop on Heido, who seized the Twin by the back of the tights & humbled him with a stiff Headbutt to the small of the back! Ezra faintly reached out to his faction as Heido intentionally cursed them in Japanese before battering the Texas native with Hateful Haiku. Ezra was yelling in anguish as the stoic tactician dragged him into enemy territory & tagged in the Silent Nightmare. Stepping over the top ropes, Takeshi stormed over toward the ailing Ezra who quickly staggered over to tag in Aran.

The titan nodded readily as Thompson glared at Ezra before cautiously passing through the ropes. Takeshi rotated each shoulder before reaching out after Aran. The slender champion slipped by & landed several Kicks to the giant’s leg before hammering Takeshi with Punches & Elbows. The giant shoved Aran backward yet Thompson was quick to pester the massive ninja once more. Aran landed a Front Kick and a stiff European Uppercut before sprinting over toward the nearby ropes. Aran cast a bewildered look as his Leaping Lariat merely staggered the giant back a few paces. The Relentless One’s 2nd attempt was met with similar result. An Open Hand Slap reared the behemoth back & drew forth the brimming anger from within. Takeshi grabbed the jOlt Champion with a Two Handed Choke and flung him back first soundly against the turnbuckles. The audience howled in response to Aran melting to a knee being the recipient of a massive Open Palm Slap! Takeshi with an Atomic Whip to the opposing corner yet ran chest first against the corner. The wily champion staggered past the back pedaling giant before scrambling up the top ropes & soaring off with a Double Axe Handle. Takeshi flashed his gnashing teeth as he caught Aran before hoisting him upward...

Silent Hell - Inverted Full Nelson Guillotine Drop

Aran’s frame eerily arched backward before he eventually collapsed against the mat. Takeshi breifly rested his hands against his thighs before covering the fallen champion. The referee spied the incoming twins looking to intercede, allowing Takeshi to peel Aran off the canvas. The Silent Nightmare angrily crushed the champion with a Running Argentine Back Breaker Rack Slam into the corner, allowing Heido to tag himself back in. The giant held Aran’s legs leaving him to be crushed by Heido’s Rolling Corner Senton! The ninja rolled back to his feet as Eiji tagged himself in as Heido hoisted Aran up before both ninjas devastated the jOlt Champion with a Power Bomb/Double Knee Back Breaker combination! Eiji readily made the cover yet both twins broke it up, leading the ref to keep the warring parties at bay. Ezra distracted the ref by attacking Eiji as Eli dragged the wounded faction leader closer toward friendly lines. The Arena of Champions let them have it as Eli positioned himself to eventually be tagged back in. Eli hurdled over the top ropes to swing at Kugasari who parried the Overhand Left & blasted him with a hard Forearm Shiver! Eli’s 2nd attempt was thwarted in a similar fashion, leading him to be led away with an Irish Whip. Reversal by Conway. Eiji’s Lou Theze Press was abruptly countered by a torrid Spinning Spine Buster!

Eli used the momentum to hooked the leg deeply! ...1! ..2! NO! Keeling over onto his side, Eli slowly shook his head in disbelief as Eiji weakly raised his hand toward his peers. Resting briefly on all fours, Eli lurched over & grabbed Kugasari by the hair. A trinity of Back Elbows weakened the Cowboy’s grip before ringing Eli’s bell with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick! Eli wobbled in place as Eiji leapt atop the twin’s shoulder. Rallying the crowd with a ‘throat slashing’ gesture, Kugasari signaled for his patented Shinobi Sunset finisher when Ezra clubbed the Blood Raven from behind. The Twins soon leveled the Prince of Puroresu with a Electric Chair Drop/Falling Neck Breaker Combination! Ezra rolled off the ring apron while arguing with the referee as Eli crawled & made the cover...1! ...2! The masses cheered as Takeshi forcibly flung Eli aside with a timely Karelin Lift! Both Thompson & Ezra remained slack jawed as Eli’s brow furrowed with his mouth agape. The Mute Mountain scowled at the opposing team while stepping back over the ropes as Mamoru & Heido beckoned for their brother to their side.

Aran, Eli and Ezra collected themselves just as The Crimson Order did and it was apparent both sides were trying to map out an end game. Aran broke away from the twin brothers and stood in the middle of the ring and began taunting Eiji and The Crimson Order to get back in the ring. Eiji, not taking the taunts lightly, quickly slid into the ring only to be met with the boot of Aran who slammed down on the back of his neck. Aran quickly wrenched Eiji to his feet and whipped Eiji across the ring and charged after The Blood Raven in return but he side stepped Aran and whipped Aran into the ropes before they collided and Eiji Kugasari fumbled to the outside of the ring and Aran was planted on his backside on the ring mat.

The was a breif pause in the jOlt Universe before both Aran and Eiji got to their feet and Aran jumped to the top of the ropes closest to Eiji twisting his body a bit and springboarding off.

Aran had hit Eiji Kugasari with his springboard fluid reverse DDT to the outside of the ring and the two laid motionless on the outside and Heido charged after his brother in arms as he slid into the ring briefly forgetting about Eli and Ezra who stood in the ring too. Ezra kicked Heido in the gut and bent him over and he raised a solitary fist into the air as signaled for his finisher. Takeshi has climbed onto the ring apron about to step into the ring as Eli Conway dashed toward Takeshi.


Takeshi crashed into the announce table from the ring apron and Mamoru checked on the Mute Mountain as the fans were going insane. Ezra lifted Heido up and planted him with his finish GET IT DONE. Ezra followed through with a pin as the Arena of Champions began cheering trying to will Heido through the pin.


Buhrman: Listen to this place, Nathan!


Mamoru grabbed the referees attention to break the referees count!

Aran and Eiji were both to their feet trying to climb into the ring and hit each other at the same time.


In the brief second that this all took place the referee saw Ezra still pinning Heido and decided to ignore Mamoru.


Heido began struggling to break the pin.


Heido may slip through - Ezra grabbed the tights of Heido sinching the pin in deep.


"Believers by ¡Mayday! began playing as Ezra, Eli and Aran all quickly retreated up the entrance ramp congratulating one another and taunting Eiji and The Crimson Order. Takeshi was in the ring checking on Heido who was clearly upset that Ezra used his tights to secure the victory.

The referee ran over to Aran handing him his Championships as Eiji was forced to watch them make their leave and Aran raised the jOlt Championship high in the air, much to the dismay of the fans in attendence. Aran pointed at the title and back at Eiji telling him he will never be able to take the title from him.

Eiji, with a head full of steam, tried to charge after the jOlt Champion but Mamoru stepped in front of him and talked him out of it as the scene faded away.

Winner: Aran Thompson & West Texas Terrorists via Pinfall