"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!


As the audience was settling into iNtense, they became unglued when a familiar tune hit the PA system.

"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant

Out from the back came Spike Saunders. Last week, he entered the ring and stood side by side with Derecho when Derecho challenged Omega for the Underground Championship. The sight of the two of them together was enough to cause Omega to back away, but after the altercation had subsided, Spike Saunders laid out Derecho with a massive clothesline and then said nothing.

That was.. until now.

Saunders stepped into the ring and immediately demanded a microphone from ringside. The music cut off, but he couldn't speak due to the deafening roar from the crowd which broke into a "Saunders" chant.

After a few moments, the crowd simmered down and Spike brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Last week I did something that raised a lot of questions. No doubt in my mind many are wondering exactly why I attacked Derecho. Perhaps some don't even care.. some may only care about the fact that I laid him out in the middle of this ring with a Dream Killer and that was enough to whet their appetites."

The crowd cheered that remark.

"But nevertheless... jOlt Wrestling has asked me to come back to take part in the biggest event of the year... Wrestlecade. Even though they wanted me to come back, they didn't exactly know what to do with me.. so I decided that I wasn't going to sit back and let a team of writers pencil me... no.. I was going to create history myself."

Before Saunders could continue...

"King of Hell" by Helstar

Derecho marched out from the back, not even waiting for his music cue. He stormed down to the ring and quickly slid in. He power walked past Saunders and demanded a microphone from ringside. As he was given one he began to speak immediately.

"Turn that damn music off this instant!" demanded Derecho.

With that, the music did, indeed, die off.

"You mean to tell me that you came out here and interrupted my challenge to Omega for personal reasons? That you took away my chance at becoming a two-time Underground Champion simply because YOU wanted to create HISTORY!?", scowled Derecho at Saunders.

Saunders shook his head and retorted.

"Well, no.. there's more to it, but you decided to come out here and not let me finish." said Saunders

"Oh.. by all means.. go ahead and finish then.. I'll just stand here and wait while you babble on incessantly.. go on." said Derecho, sarcastically.

Saunders shrugged.

"As I was going to say... I came out here and attacked you because..." Saunders said before he was interrupted.

"Yeah, whatever, shut up. I'm not interested in your explanation. All I care about is payback right now. You came out here and cost me an opportunity. An opportunity that I gave my body for at Unlimited. An opportunity that I have EARNED by destroying everyone who set foot in my path over the past couple of months. YOU ROBBED ME OF THAT... and I'm not going to sit back there quietly and listen to excuses. If you think I'm going to just let this go.. you're sadly mistaken." said Derecho.

"Oh.. I know you're not going to let this go", retorted Saunders. "In fact, I was counting on this because what better way than to make history.. than to make an impact.. than provoking the biggest hot head in this company and getting him all riled up to the point where he would have no choice but to come out here to huff, puff, and try to blow my house down. Well, needless to say it worked, did it not?" said Saunders.

Derecho cocked his head to the side and cracked a grin. He was almost laughing to himself.

"To lure me out here? To get me all riled up? That was your magnificent plan? You're as big as Sylo and about twice a dumb. Let me guess... you.. a so-called "friend" of mine.. is out here to save me, too? You going to pick up where Sylo left off? You going to try and set my mind free? You're wasting your time. It won't work.. I've been through this already and I'm, quite frankly, sick and tired of having to justify my actions to people like you."

Saunders shook his head.

"Oh no.. I'm not out here to save you. I'm not out here to try and be a friend. I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. You and I have unfinished business and I knew that I had to get your attention in order to settle it. Well, it's obvious that I got your attention, so now, the only thing left to do.. is issue the challenge. You and me at Wrestlecade and we settle things between us once and for all.", said Saunders.

As the crowd cheered the challenge Derecho had a puzzled look on his face.

"What unfinished business? You mean at Thieves' Honor when you pretended to be my friend and then entered the match to try and take my world championship from me? THAT unfinished business? That business is FINISHED.. hell.. that's not even BUSINESS. It's nothing. It's history. It's nothing more than a mere memory that I've so desperately am trying to forget. You want a match with my over THAT?" said Derecho.

Saunders smirked.

"The year was 2006. The place is the company you moonlight in... NBW. You know.. that place where you're one half of the NBW Dynasty Tag Team Champions? You and I had a match... and you pinned my shoulders to the mat. Congratulations.. you beat me."

The people booed that statement as Derecho just played up to the crowd and smirked.

"Fast forward to 2009. Now we're in the fWo.. a company that's poised to return sometime in 2014 for their swan song. You and I had, yet, another match.. and this time, I beat you in the middle of the ring.. one.... two... three."

The people cheered that time!

"Here we are, five years later.. 2014... and the fact that we are 1-1 against each other is just eating away at me. Especially since you came to NBW in 2012 and stated that you had unfinished business with ME. You even went to lengths to try and challenge me at Legacy in 2013 before my Cage Match with Warren Spade and yet you stand here and you forgot the whole reason why you came to NBW? You FORGOT the whole purpose of being in the same company as me? I'm here to remind you of that reason.... and make no mistake.. I've been waiting just as long as you have and we have an opportunity to settle it between us once and for all. For EIGHT YEARS, we've waited to settle this 1-1 tie between us.. what better way than to do it at Wrestlecade.. the biggest stage of them all. Three matches... three companies... one destiny. It's kind of catchy, don't you think?"

Derecho stood there and began to chuckle.

"This is what it's about? Some eight year rivalry between us that culminated in two singles matches? You want me to walk away from my challenge.. you want me to walk away at a chance at becoming a two-time Underground Champion.... and might I add.. the RIGHTFUL Underground Champion... just to settle some petty little score?"

Derecho laughed

"And there's people here who say I'm out of my damn mind. The answer is no. Never.. forget it. and might I add... Screw You.."

Derecho dropped the microphone and exited the ring. The people booing him the entire way.

"Is that what you're going to do after all these years? Is the King of Hell just going to turn his back on a challenge and run? I thought you said that you welcomed all challenges because you would lay them out at your feet and step over them on your path to becoming King once again. Well, Mr. King of Hell.. I'm in your path... if you have the balls you say you do.. you'll step over me.. or at least.. try to... it might just be harder than you think."

Derecho stopped at the top of the entrance ramp as if he were contemplating those words. He just continued walking and stepped behind the curtains to boos from the crowd. Saunders shook his head and passed the microphone back to ringside as the scene faded out to commercial.

"A Chance to Save Face (Part 1)"

Damien Lee sat at his office looking over paperwork and glancing over at his cell phone inbetween papers when the door of his office swung open and all the paper work in the world couldn't distract him from "The West Indian Obsidian" Waymoth Turnbull who filled in the door way.

"Wa'nin ya wan?" Waymoth grunted as Damien nodded waving him into the office.

Damien pushed his papers to the side and smiled.

"Last week, Waymoth, we witnessed a changing of the guard. We have new champions, and we saw Black Faction defect from their original leader, Aran Thompson."

As Damien finished his statement, Waymoth snarled and cracked his knuckles.

"Now, I know you went out there to finally get your hands on Aran. Hell, I don't think anybody blames you and we all wanted to see it hapen. But the fact of the matter is, the West Texas Terrorists want a match with you. Apparently you still have a knack for ruffling their feathers, so the match is happening."

Waymoth stared at the General Manager of jOlt as if his proclaimation of a match should bother him.

"Fine, ah' still got muh bone'n'tuh pick wit'dem." Waymoth said before turning around about to walk out of the room.

"Ahem." Damien cleared his throat, clearly not done with Waymoth who stopped and turned his head and looked at Lee over his shoulder.

"Aran Thompson is here tonight as well."

Waymoth snarled once again before replying..

"I ca'wai anutha' day fuh'im" Waymoth gruphed as he walked off.

Damien smiled as he turned his attention back to his phone.

"I don't think you'll have to wait long."

Sanchez Cano vs ??????

As iNtense rolled on, it was time for Sanchez Cano to come out and face his mystery opponent. Last week, Mattock made it very clear that he was upset over the fact that Cano almost interfered in his match at Unlimited, which would have gotten both of them fired on the spot. Tonight, Mattock has arranged for someone to face Cano and even stated that he was going to instruct Cano how to wrestle.

"The Northen" by Alexisonfire

Out from the back came Sanchez Cano with Mattock following closely behind him. Cano looked almost drone-like as he walked down to the ring with Mattock telling him who knows what in his ear. Mattock ordered Cano to step into the ring and he did so without question. Cano simply stood there and awaited his opponent as Mattock circled around to ringside and grabbed a microphone.

"For defying my orders, I decided to seek out someone who has had the ability to be a thorn in my side. I figured if this individual was good enough to best me on every occasion, then you'd stand zero chance in a quest for glory. Henceforth, you will turn your attention to the entrance way while I reveal your opposition for this evening."

Cano nodded and turned and faced the entrance way. All heads in the arena turned to the entrance as well as the mystique and mystery of the situation got them wondering as well. After a few moments of silence, the tension was broken.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

It was Reno Davis!

Reno Davis is undefeated against Mattock. He has single-handedly defeated him on every occasion that they met. Apparently that caught Mattock's attention enough for him to decide that Davis would be a fitting opponent for Sanchez Cano. The people cheered Davis as he walked up the ring steps and the stepped into the ring. Reno walked up to Cano and waved his hand in front of his face and got no response. Reno shrugged and waited as the referee called for the bell.




Mattock walked around ringside and looked Cano in the face. He brought the microphone up to his lips.

"Now.. you will do as I say. I want you to turn and face Reno Davis and stand there. It doesn't matter what Reno does to you. You will accept it."

Cano did just that. He turned and faced Reno Davis. Reno blurted out "You don't have to do this. You have a mind of your own", but Cano just stood there like a drone awaited whatever punishment Davis was going to dish out to him. Davis simply walked up to Cano and slapped him across the face.

"SNAP OUT OF IT" yelled Davis.

Cano simply turned his head and looked at Davis with a blank stare.

"It's no use, Reno. Your words will not reach him. He is my lapdog and he will bend to my will whether he likes it or not. That is his purpose.. that is why he exists. To obey my every command. Watch and learn. Sanchez Cano.. I order you to lay down and let Reno Davis drop an elbow into your heart."

Cano stood there for a moment and then laid down right in front of Davis. Davis shook his head and refused to do an elbow drop.

"What are you waiting for? Don't you want another victory over reVolt? Those victories came so easy to you in the past.. what's another one for you? DO IT! ELBOW DROP HIM AND PIN HIM NOW" yelled Mattock to Reno.

Reno shook his head.

"No" muttered Reno.

Reno then grabbed Cano and pulled him up to his feet.

"You don't have to do this", Reno said to Cano. "He doesn't have to do this", said Reno to Mattock.

Reno looked Cano dead in the eyes.

"You have unbelievable talent. Are you going to let some radical control you? Huh? WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE! SNAP OUT OF IT AND BE A GODDAMN MAN" yelled Davis before hauling off and slapping Cano accross the face.

"YOU WANT TO BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!?", yelled Davis before slapping Cano again.

"DO YOU ENJOY THIS!?" yelled Davis before slapping Cano for a third time.










Davis went to slap Cano once again, but Cano grabbed Davis' arm. The crowd erupted in cheers.


To that, Cano simply looked at Mattock and shook his head "no". The crowd started a "CANO!" chant that fired him up even more. Cano then turned his attention to Reno Davis and let go of his arm. Cano exited the ring and walked right up to Mattock. Mattock yelled at Cano to get back into the ring, but Cano grabbed Mattock by the head and flung him into the steel ring steps!! Cano then put the boots to Mattock on the outside. Meanwhile, the referee started a mandatory ten count


Cano pulled Mattock up and then flung him into the barricades...


Cano charged in and hit a running wheel kick to the face of Mattock, causing him to collapse down into a seated position.


Cano gained some distance and then charged in, nailing a Shotgun Drop Kick right into Mattock's face!!


Cano wasn't finished. He got back to his feet and grabbed Mattock by the hair, walking him along the ringside area toward the announce position.


Cano then bounced Mattock's face off of the announce table, causing him to stagger backwards.


Cano charged in and drilled Mattock with a forearm smash to the face!


Cano then hopped up onto the ring apron, but that didn't constitute breaking the referee's count.


Cano took aim and leapt off...



Cano then mounted Mattock and began punching away at him down on the floor.


The referee called for the bell as Reno Davis would win this "match" via countout. Sanchez Cano didn't care as he pounded away at Mattock on the outside. Cano finally stood and lifted up the ring apron, pulling out a Kendo Stick. Cano wasted no time in walking over to Mattock and striking him across the chest with the stick!






Cano repeatedly lashed Mattock until the stick frayed and broke. Cano threw the broken stick away and pulled out a second kendo stick from under the ring. Cano then began to smack Mattock with the stick over and over again as well until that one broke! The strikes were so fierce that there were lacerations on Mattock's chest where blood began to trickle out from them!

Cano reached under the ring once again and pulled out a choke wire. He sat Mattock up and wrapped it around his neck! Cano was trying to strangle Mattock on live television!!!!

At that point, security and officials poured out from the back and had to pull Cano off of Mattock. It was apparent that Cano fully snapped and wouldn't take orders from Mattock any longer! We were witnessing the complete meltdown of reVolt in front of our very eyes, but Cano was taking it a bit too far and had to be stopped before irreversable decisions were made.

The people booed the security, but they managed to haul him away. Mattock laid there at ringside in a heap, bloodied, and beaten by a man who served as his lapdog, but no longer. As the officials tended to him, iNtense cut to a commercial.

Winner: Reno Davis via Countout

"Chaining Day"

We return backstage where Duzza is going over strategy with Trouble (Dallas Griffin, Statuz Quo and Khadafi).

"Yeah man, that's exactly what ya boyz gonna need ta do to pimp slap dem bitch ass ninjas and that oreo Joe-nathan Conspire-seas. That clown runnin' roun' her' thinkin' this shit over an' done wit. Now go warm up, so we gon' show dat mutha-FUKKA a thang or two ta-night!"

The trio departed from the scene as Duzza looked into camera and pointed his cane.

"Jonathan, it's gone be trouble! TROU..."

"What you hot and stressing about that bitch ass nigga Conspiracy for big homie!!” Duzza turns to see Diamond Jewelz, his wide grin covered in the gleam of gold and diamonds and his body likewise covered in the twinkle and glisten of various articles diamond jewelry; the scintilating Ruby Rocks Jewelz and her curvy, voluptuous figure flanks Jewelz, Jewelz’s signature silver metallic suitcase of jewelry in her hand

"Look at you young bawy, all out here bling blinging and shit."

If the size of Jewelz’s grin was wide before, it expands exponentially at Duzza’s flattery

”My nigga, you know how I do… Ain’t no shine round this mothafucka like mine.. You feel me… … But eh my nigga….“

The gleam of Jewelz’s grin dissipates a bit to a face mixed with the emotions of care and concern

"Why don’t you quit stressing about these mark ass niggas around here and get like me big homie… Get your shine game up… Ehh Ruby…

Diamond snaps his fingers, and almost simultaneously, Ruby opens up the metallic suitcase, and Jewelz reaches in to reveal a platinum looking chain covered in rubies and diamonds that made Trouble's mouthpiece drop his jaw.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww SHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!" was the only response Duzza could muster. Jewelz handed the chain over to Duzza for him to give it a once over.

"You don't want that costume jewelry Duzza, for all the years that I've known you I would've thought you had better taste then that."

A familiar voice. A voice that was "One Letter Better".

Conspiracy approached Duzza.

"Let me see that, oh nice... nice... what is this platinum???"

Conspiracy put the chain around his neck and admired it.

"Duzz, what you think man, does this chain scream 'The man wit the plan dat gave Duzza and Trouble the backhand'? It does doesn't it?"

Duzza was visibly pissed but Jewelz didn't seem to mind the attention that his merchandise was getting as he put his hand on Duzza's shoulder to prevent him from damaging his merchandise or, maybe even ruining a sale: after Conpsiracy turned an offer for some customized jewelry down on twitter, was he now so affected the beauty of Jewelz’s craftsmanship that he was thinking of making a purchase. Jewelz was looking out for his business interests.

"So you change your mind about my ice game? You trying to get snowed in my nigga… Maybe I can cut you a first time buyer deal my nigga…” Diamond propositioned.

Conspiracy looked up from the chain.

"So Duzza how much you want for the chain? You never got me anything for my birthday you know so really it should be a gift."

Jewelz figured that maybe JCON didn't hear him, so he cleared his throat.

"For you my nigga, 10 stacks… That’s half off.. Make your first time real special and memorable…

"Nah Duzza, this thing looks cheaper then that pinky ring you rocking."

Jewelz was doing everything in his power to keep his composure.

"Nigga, is you even listenin', this ain't Duzza shit, this my shit.. Show me that cash my nigga, or maybe I’mma have to beat your black ass… The black community don’t need no more black on black crime now does it my nigga?

"My bad DJ, I thought Duzza was trying to make a peace offering."

Jonathan took the chain from around his neck.

"This is a really nice chain..."

Conspiracy flung the chain behind him to discard it.

"...but it'll probably turn my neck green."

“What the fuck….” Diamond exclaimed in anger at his prized piece of craftsmanship being thrown to the ground; Ruby blushes red with anger.. Diamond almost lunges at Conspiracy but remembers his priorities, Money over bitches, and goes to retrieve his merchandise. He picks it up and checks for damage.

"The Attention Getter" turned to leave...

"You lucky my shit is intact hoe ass nigga!!”, Jewelz exclaims angrily, “Yeah you’re lucky, that was stupid,” Ruby Rocks Jewelz cosigns.

Conspiracy didn't take too kindly to Diamond's tone or Ruby’s sharp comments, and stopped in his tracks. Conspiracy then pivoted back in the direction of Duzza and Diamond Jewelz.

"What's the matter DJ, you seem a little upset that I don't like the merchandise; when I want some 'bling bling' I'll go to Jared's.

And that's how the fight started. Duzza who took a tumble as the ladies and gentlemen of Orlando in attendance at the Arena of Champions started up a J-CON! J-CON! J-CON! chant as Conspiracy managed to get the upper hand and knocked Jewelz onto the floor. He then reached down.

"I guess you won't be needing this!"

Conspiracy snatched the chain from around Diamond Jewelz neck, and all three men were then stormed by a innumerable amount of jOlt officials. Duzza, Jewelz and Conspiracy gasp heavily as jOlt officials work incessantly to break them up.

"What the fuck… This nigga just robbed me… Get the fuck off of me… This nigga got my shit… Don’t you stupid motherfuckers see that!“

Jewelz fights relentlessly against the officials but they are too much for him, as at least one has a hold of each extremity, and JCon escapes the scene with ease

“You gonna let this bitch as nigga rob me.. What the fuck is you bitches problems!! That nigga got my shit”

“He was robbed, he was robbed. Let him go so he can get his chain back!! Oh my God…” Ruby cries out.

“I’mma kill this nigga.. I’mma get my chain back… This is some bullshit,” Jewelz asserts angrily, his mouth covered in blood from the viscous assault Jcon put on him… The officials let go of Jewelz, and he wipes his mouth off and adjusts his clothes and his jewelry. DJ is disgusted. Like Ja rule, 50 cent, Tyga, Yung Berg, Waka Flocka, 2 Chainz (pun intended) and so many others, he had been disrespected in the most prodigious fashion. His custom diamond and gold chain was stolen. The ultimate diss..

“I can’t even believe this shit… This bitch ass nigga just robbed me like I’m some hoe ass motherfucker… Nigga I’m Diamond Jewelz…..I can’t even believe this… This means war…”

"Car Subject to Change.. No That's Not a Typo"

It was finally going to be tonight that we would see the next chapter in the long rivalry between The Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton and the former champion that she stole that very belt from, Charlotte! Her husband and best friend, The House, had up and left jOlt last week after trying to work out some ongoing issues between the two which left Charlotte by herself. The Queen of Hearts was the former champion and now she had the chance to finally shut Winterton up. Months ago, Charlotte had won the vacant belt in an eight-woman tournament. She had defended the belt proudly when Winterton eventually schemed and plotted. After two previous failed attempts to win the belt, The Heiress won the title and crowned herself the Queen of the Starlets!

The camera caught a glimpse of a nice 2014 BMW pulling up to the arena and the crowd cheered when it pulled up. Out came the Queen of Hearts herself getting a big cheer from the fans in the arena watching. The former Starlet Champion got out of the car and walked to the back seat of the car to open the trunk.

“Hi, darling!”

Charlotte turned around to hear the voice coming…


It was Sarah Winterton coming out from behind the garage area to BLAST her opponent for tonight in the back of the head! The crowd was outraged as she had no idea what was coming when Charlotte jumped out of nowhere to strike her challenger for tonight.

“Sorry to tell you, sweetheart, but our match is off!” Winterton cackled.

Charlotte was hurt as the Queen of the Starlets grabbed her by the arm and led her to the opposite end of the car door. She swung…


Charlotte let out a loud scream in anguish and Winterton let her fall to the ground as she laughed to herself. She leaned over next to a hurt Charlotte and waved a fake princess wave.

“You don’t deserve a shot at MY belt! Nobody does, do you hear me?! NOBODY! You can go on the shefl wherever your Neanderthal husband and his friend have gone!”


Winterton turned around and saw not one, but several stagehands running her direction, including “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann! She was one of Charlotte’s best friends and charged right at Winterton for the crime she committed…

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Ryann shouted.

Ryann tried to get at her but the flood of security kept the two women apart while trainers slipped in between the ruckus. Winterton laughed and vanished into the night as she took the title with her, holding it high over her head just to show it off.


Winterton laughed while Ryann glanced over and checked on her friend, Charlotte. Nobody knows what kind of damage had been done to the arm of the former Starlet Champion, but The Dragonfly wasn't going to let her get away with this.

Jason Rau vs Sephiroth Du Luc

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood center of the ring and began his announcement for the upcoming match, “the following match will be contested under normal rules and is one fall to a finish.”

“Passive” by A Perfect Circle engulfed the arena and from the backstage area walked the Terror from Down Under, Jason Rau. This, however, was a moniker that Rau himself had only coined on the previous episode of iNtense after his brutal attack of his opponent, Jesse Ramey.

Rau scanned the livid arena, with a smile on his face before he started to make his way down the entrance ramp. Before Brad Arnold began to make his introductions the fans went from irate to adulation and this was something that caught Jason Rau completely off guard. Rau was arrogant, but he knew that something was going down right now that he wasn’t ready for.

Before Rau even had a chance to react to the situation at hand he was struck from behind. The Anti-Star had rushed from the backstage area in his street clothes and caught Rau from behind with a massive clothesline. Rau came down crashing onto the ramp and rolled toward the ring, he made his way back to his hands and knees quickly trying to scurry away from the situation.

Ramey, however, was quickly behind him and grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back to his feet, and launched him off toward the steel steps connected to the ring. Rau connected with the steps with a huge thud and collapsed back down to the floor. Ramey walked over to the downed Rau and tried to pull him back to his feet, only to have a stiff punch connect with his gut.

Rau pushed his way back to his feet and tried to make his way toward the safety railing, to make his escape through the crowd. Ramey’s hand clinched to the hair on his head though and pulled the one leg Rau had managed to get across back onto the padding surrounding the ring. With both hand on Rau Ramey quickly twisted him around and shot him into the railing head first, and then snatched him back up to his feet.

The Anti-Star locked onto Rau’s arm and shot him across the mats causing Rau to smash into the turnbuckle post. Rau’s head and shoulder snapped against the post and he fell backwards and down to the mats in pain. The fans in the arena continued to cheer at the sight of the violence. Ramey ripped his button-up t-shirt off, unlatched the belt from his jeans, and pulled it free. Ramey walked closer to the downed body of Rau, who was once again crawling on his hands and knees trying to get away.


The snapping sound of the belt connecting with the flesh across Rau’s back echoed throughout the arena and caused Rau to writhe in pain. Ramey then straddled his legs across Rau’s back and placed the belt around his throat pulling back on it. Rau struggled, clawing at the leather around his throat, trying to get free, but he was trapped until Ramey felt he was sufficiently incapacitated.

Ramey let the lifeless body of Rau fall padding on the floor, and then flipped him over onto his back. Ramey slowly wound the belt up around his fist, making sure that the buckle was properly situation directly on top of his knuckles, then climbed on top of Rau’s motionless body.


The cheering slowly began to die down with each passing blow from the Anti-Star, and the blood began to trick down across the face of Jason Rau. Panting heavily, Ramey raised his fist one final time and brought it down across the skull of Rau, then slowly stood up and looked toward the ring. Inside standing, watching the violent encounter was still ring announcer Brad Arnold. Ramey motioned for Arnold to come closer, and as he approached Ramey asked for the microphone.

Ramey held the microphone in his right hand, pulling it close to his lips, the audible sounds of his panting heard over the loud speakers. Ramey took one knee and wiped the hair from his face with his left hand and leaned down close to Rau’s bloodied body.

“I understand times are rough,” Ramey began still heavily panting, “but I’m sick of people who think they are so sneaky doing whatever they want to me to try and get a boost off of my name and my career. Last week I gave you an opportunity to stand in the center of that ring and go toe to toe with me. I gave you something that no one else in this company was willing to do. I gave you a fair shake at stepping into the center of that ring and showing what you were made of.”

Ramey smiled, “People think that just because I have respect for what I do inside of that ring that I’m just going to sit back and take whatever they can throw at me in stride. Well, let me tell you something Jason, I’ve taken what happened last week in stride, but I sure as hell didn’t forget what happened. You want to leave me a pool of my own blood? All I’ve done is return the favor tonight. As far as I’m concerned, we’re done, and this score is settled, but if I so much as hear my name leave your lips ever again then this is what you have to look forward to happening to you again.”

Ramey stood back to his feet, tossed the microphone back into the ring toward Brad Arnold, and “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown blasted throughout the arena. Ramey began walking up the entrance ramp as medical staff began making their way down toward the ring to check on the bloodied and battered Jason Rau.

Winner: No Contest

"Internal In-Fighting"

The camera opens up to see the darkness and the silhouette of the old abandoned Asylum that the Underground Champion called home for most of his life. The camera continues to pan closer and closer to the abandoned building. The door slowly opens to see a long dark eerie hallway. The camera pans down the hallway and slowly comes upon a room with the number six hanging slightly off the door. The door was pushed open to see a huge hulking figure sitting on the floor in front of a campfire. The man sat in front of the fire humming while clutching the jOlt Underground Championship tightly. The camera opens up to see the darkness of the boiler room. The pungent odor of oil and smoke from the air made the atmosphere unbearable for the normal person however, the normal person would not be caught dead in this place.

“We sit here with our one goal being completed.”

The camera continued to pan on the scarred back of the monster.

“We have everything that we wanted and then some. Our path of destruction will continue throughout our reign as the beginning and the end of the Underground. If anyone dare try to relinquish this title from us they will suffer a fate worse than death itself.”

“Omega understands but she is not happy.”

The big man turned from the small fire and looked at the camera.

She believes that Omega has not lived up to his full potential.”

Omega smirked before speaking again as if it was two people fighting for attention. “We are the catalyst here, she needs to become one with us in order for us to gain complete control. If she does not submit her will to us there will be consequences.”

Omega laughed at the last comment. “She will not comply so easily. She will demand a bigger role or destruction will be her muse.”

“We need controlled chaos not instability.” Omega laughed before turning his back to the camera once more.

“Don’t push her or she will have repercussions.”

The camera faded out as the door to the room closed slowly with a slam at the end and the number falling off the door to the floor.

"Ripples in the Water"

“...The insurrection was inevitable.” Mamoru opened while conversing with the new jOlt Heavyweight Champion, who nodded to himself. Both ninjas were rounding the corner en route to their clan locker room. “This makes matters all the more intriguing.”

“Mamoru; you’re right.” Eiji Kugasari replied while readjusting the weighty championship belt across his left shoulder. “Aran had every reasons to cling to the illusion of power so desperately. He had long fell out of favor with his subordinates. My victory over him sealed his fate. What else can you expect a pack of hyenas?”

The 2 clan elites rounded another corner, led & flanked by Crimson Elite. 4 in the front & back with 4 of them assuming their placements as sentries. The lead guard opened both hatches for both Mamoru & Eji as the ninja formally entered the vast locker room. Both sides of the room were filled with Inogami Clan subordinates and officials. All in the position of seiza with a broad space, leading to the opposing wall, was reserved. The doors behind them were sealed as the ninjas calmly walked up the elevated platform where Lady Akina was set in seiza. Centered before the wall before Mamoru assumed his place by her. The muscular mute Takeshi was seated to the left while Heido was seated on the right. The Blood Raven peeled the championship from his shoulder. Head downcast briefly before raising his head. Back toward the congregation.

“As our Lord, Kenshiro himself decreed, we shall be the undisputed retainers of proverbial power.” Eiji continued. “This championship is but a mere symbol of it. A piece yet a divine piece, held within in our collective grasp. Lord Kenshiro demands that the full consolidation of power must be complete. The acquisition of this belt requires a great deal of burdens & responsibilities. As this belt’s bearer, this is much more than a token of personal achievement. With or without this belt, much is required from all of you as well, as myself. I did not earn this alone for the most important battles were and shall always be waged from within. As your champion, I pay homage to all of you, as well as, myself. My brothers. My sisters. My clan through my efforts to defend our honor and our full adherence to the 3 Oaths...”


“In Lord Kenshiro’s absence, I stand before you. My clan as its current head.” The entire clan emitted their unified yet brief shout, prompting the ninja to slowly raise the championship upward with his Right Hand. “It is imperative that stand together. Now more than ever for our enemies, while great in number, they are weak of heart. Broken by their petty differences. This is what they long for. This is will no doubt bring about opposition to wrest this from our clan. Be ready. Always stand at the ready for war is imminent. Hunger for it. Pray for it. Gird your spirit in anticipation of it for tonight, 2 of our own will set the tone on our behaves.”

Eiji slung the championship across his Left Shoulder before slowly extended his arms outward to highlight both Heido & Takeshi.

“The mighty Takeshi.” The champion promoted. “The Mute Mountain Splitter himself. An anomaly unmatched by a select few. Unconventionally agile as he is powerful.”

“Brother Heido.” Eiji continued with the aforementioned ninja soundly popping the bones in his neck with a subtle tilt. “The Kansai Crippler. Our esteemed clan tactician and our most proficient submissionist. Both of our brothers will send every gaijin outside of us a definitive message. The merest inkling of what is to come.”

Eiji pulled the belt off his shoulder, handed it onto Mamoru’s care before motioning both members of the Crimson Order to stand before their peers.

“My brothers.” Eiji continued. “Tonight, familiar enemies await your arrival. That meddlesome insect Duzza and his band of street urchins seek to redeem themselves at your expense. It has been confirmed that Jonathan Conspiracy is to accompany you both this evening. He cannot be trusted. History does not favor him well as a reliable ally.”

“He is of no consequence.” Heido replied. “Takeshi & I know exactly what must be done.”

“Very well.” Mamoru replied. “Go. Fulfill your obligations. We know you both will do us proud.”

A subtle nod by Heido led both ninjas to confidently march onward to battle...

Jeremy Ryan vs Cordova

The feud between “Jolt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan and Mack Brody had been getting more personal ever since the latter prevented the former from attacking Jon Le Bon and possibly doing some permanent damage to the Rockstar. Jeremy Ryan was on the warpath to remake jOlt and take out anything that he didn’t consider to be up to his standards. The unfortunately victim of his new scorched earth policy was that of the luchador, Cordova. The high flyer was ready for ANY challenge that he came up against, but tonight he was going one-on-one against a very dangerous man.

“Latin Thug” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and out came the high-flying, high-octane luchador by the name of…. Well, let’s let Brad Arnold earn his pay, eh?

“First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 190 pounds… this is CORDOVA!

Doing a full sprint on down to the ring, Cordova ran full speed ahead towards the ring, slid underneath the bottom rope and did a kipping front flip to his feet! The crowd popped the luchador’s antics as he stood to his full height and saluted the crowd before his match.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd started turning their reaction in a wholly negative way. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things fun-loving in jOlt. As became his customary pre-match tradition, the loose cannon had a microphone in his hand as he glared at Cordova in the ring.

“You little fucking jumping bean!” Ryan shouted.


The crowd was already all over a man who was becoming one of the most hated personalities in jOlt today. jOlt’s Last Real Man headed to the ring as he glared right at his opponent.

“This match is going to serve as a warning to that overgrown Abercrombie and Fitch model, Mack Brody!”

Now the Orlando crowd popped at the mention of SuperMack’s name as an annoyed Ryan continued to stand.

“Mack Brody, you got ONE fucking lucky shot on me last week with your little cheap-ass headbutt and I hope that you’ve gone around and told all your friends that for ONE NIGHT, you felt like a big man! I hope you and your little Heir buddies laughed it up in the bar when you were giving each other reacharounds in the bathroom because I guarantee you that’s the ONLY time that will happen! I want you to watch what I do to this little masked turdbullet, Cordova, tonight. A REAL MAN doesn’t come out here and take cheap shots! A REAL MAN handles his business where it count…”


He caught the luchador flush in the face with a nasty kick that rocked him good. The crowd booed even louder now as Ryan flashed a sinister smirk.

“Like that! Brody, I’m going to issue you a challenge after I’m done with this little stain on the hotel sheets of life!”

He tossed the microphone aside and referee Simon Boulder ordered him back off from Cordova! The luchador was scrambled a bit, but he looked fine for the most part and even waved for Jeremy Ryan to bring the fight. That was one thing that jOlt’s Last Real Man never failed to do!


Ryan charged at him in the corner and went absolutely berserk with a flurry of HARD Minoru Suzuki-style Palm Strikes to the head of the former Flyweight Champion as he tried to protect himself in a the corner! A few hard boots later and that’s when Cordova sank into a seated position with Ryan standing over him.

Coldly, Ryan ran his boot over the head of Cordova and continued to grind his boot right down into his throat until the referee ordered him to back off. Ryan did no such thing and continued the punishment on the luchador as he delivered a series of hard stomps to the chest to wear him out!

Ryan jumped from the corner and jOlt’s Last Real Man shot a look of contempt to the fans that he seemed to loathe for supporting all that he opposed about jOlt. He came back to Cordov and measured him out of the corner before hooking him by the arm and leg…


Cordova bounced across the mat with a hard unforgiving impact as Ryan sat up and admired his handiwork. He scurried over and picked up Cordova again off the ground with some impressive strength. Ryan took the 190-pounder in his grip and DROPPED him hard across his knee with a punishing Pendulum Backbreaker! Ryan wasn’t here to play tonight and looked to wrap up his match with Cordova quickly as he covered.




Cordova was almost beat right away but the former Flyweight Champion wasn’t going to give in no matter how bleak things seemed to look. Ryan took the fight to him with a series of elbows to the top of his head before pushing him back to the ropes. When Cordova came back, Jeremy pushed him into the air…


The luchador caught him flush in the face with a Dropkick that stunned Ryan and sent him backwards into the ropes! jOlt’s Last Real Man los this opening advantage as he tried to stand only for a second Running Dropkick to kick him and sent him flying from the ring! This was now Cordova’s chance to fly as the crowd cheered him on. He got some good speed off of the ropes before heading to the outside…


A SICK Headbutt from Ryan caught him FLUSH in the face and knocked him back inside the ring before he could even make it through the ropes! Cordova flopped backwards and crashed to the mat as Ryan slid back into the ring and stood over the fallen former Flyweight Champion. He was hurt in a very bad way now and as much as he tried to fight back, Ryan just continued to drill him with a series of hard elbows to the top of the skull.

Cordova was crumbled over in a heap as Jeremy Ryan started to press his boot down into his throat. He continued to choke the life out of Cordova until Simon Boulder ordered him to back off. jOlt’s Last Real Man did just that, but not before he grabbed Cordova up again. He scooped him over the shoulder and started to run…


Cordova slipped out the back and took Ryan for the ride with the Reverse DDT! This was Cordova’s best shot at upsetting the nearly undefeated Jeremy Ryan in jOlt as he hurriedly went for the cover now!



Ryan threw Cordova off him with a lot of power, but that didn’t stop Cordova for too long. He came right back at jOlt’s Last Real Man with a series of alternating kicks to the chest. When Ryan stood up, he caught Cordova in the temple with another skull-jarring strike and whipped him cross-corner! Ryan came right at him only for Cordova to get both feet up to kick him and backflipped over the ropes to land on the apron!

Cordova’s chance to strike was now and he started to climb to the top rope looking for some big move he could pull off to turn the tides… NO! A STIFF Jumping Palm Strike to the jaw knocked Cordova loopy as he slipped off the ropes and barely landed on the ring apron! This was Ryan’s chance to finish him off with something big now as he climbed to the second cable and started to grab Cordova…


The crowd was taken completely aback by Ryan SUPERPLEXING him over the top rope, deadlifting the 190-pound luchador and DRILLING him with an amazing Deadlift Superplex that he called the MAN UP!

Ryan took all of a few seconds to shake off the impact of his own power move before he rolled over…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid was tightly wound as he continued to crank back on the submission with all the strength he could muster! And after the amazing one-two combination of power move to deadly submission, Cordova was barely able to register. Simon Boulder took his lack of movement as a sign…


Cordova wasn’t even moving now as Ryan continued to crank back on the hold! He was fully out of hit as he dropped him to have his hand raised by the referee. Ryan instead pushed him aside and gestured for a microphone as he went back to the corner. A trainer was there to help Cordova out of the ring following Ryan’s brutal dominance but it looked like the night of jOlt’s Last Real Man was far from over. He gestured to Simon Boulder.

“BRODY… I know that you’re here and I know that you’ve been wanting a piece of me for a couple of weeks. So now that I got that piece of shit, Cordova, out of my way my attention is all on you. If you want to face ME, I’m right here, Brody! All you have to do is come out her and this match is on!”

Ryan waited for the man that he had made the target of his ire since Unlimited and waited for the Bronze Bomber to come on out. A few seconds passed by and Jeremy Ryan continued to look pissed.

“Come on, Mack! You wanted to prove that you’re a big tough guy just because you have muscles and bed your share of fat chicks! You want to fight ME so bad, here I am!”

“What You Know” by T.I.

The music played almost on cue and Ryan had a big grin on his face as the crowd started to cheer! SuperMack was here and he was ready for that fight! Simon Boulder stayed in the ring under the duress of Ryan probably going postal on somebody’s ass, but Ryan laughed as he paced around the ring, waiting for the biggest member of the Heirs of Wrestling to approach him.

“Oh, you bet your ass, I want to fight!” Mack smiled.

He started racing to the ring…


Brody was blindsided when a big monster of a man jumped through the crowd and caught him flush in the face with a nasty kick! The crowd booed and the boot belonged to that of another former jOlt Tag Team Champion and a big monster in his own right… MIKE EXTREME!

The crowd laughed as this looked to be all one big setup by Jeremy Ryan to lure Mack Brody out there so he could put the screws to him. Brody was picked up by an angry and intensely-focused Extreme as he picked him up and RAMMED SuperMack back first into the ringpost! Brody fell to his side and held his back in pain while Mike Extreme rolled into the ring. The jOlt original stood by Ryan, who was laughing his ass off at what just happened.

“Oh, sorry you thought I meant me as in M-E… I DID mean M-E, Mack… I just meant M-E as In MIKE EXTREME! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Mike Extreme looked extra pleased with himself after the beatdown delivered by Mack Brody. After coming close and losing out on his chance to become the Underground Champion over a very game Omega last week, the rumor in the locker room was that the jOlt original was looking to turn a corner in his career! If he could beat a rising Mack Brody tonight, he could do just that.


The chants came out as the Bronze Bomber started to roll upwards. He looked like he was in pain, but he was even more PISSED now as he started to climb into the ring.

“Come on, Brody! You want to prove to all these people that you’re a tough guy? You want to prove that you’re more than just a big homosexual bodyguard for your little Heir buddies? Then fight Mike Extreme right now and SHOW me that you’re worth my time, you pussy!”

Brody was starting to rise now as he stepped into the ring and glanced at the eager-to-fight Extreme as The Man Called Midas looked to Simon Boulder and then back to Ryan and Extreme.

“Ring the fucking bell!”

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

Mack Brody vs Mike Extreme


Just as the action was about to begin while Simon Boulder stuck around, Jeremy Ryan rolled to the outside of the ring and had a seat right at ringside. He had established a perfect set-up and suckered “Midas” Mack Brody into his impromptu match with Mike Extreme – a very dangerous man in his own right and if given the opportunity, could do some serious damage to the man nicknamed SuperMack.

Brody was hurt from getting slammed into the barricade, but from his time in the Heirs of Wrestling they knew he was a tough SOB beneath all the flashiness and machismo. But Extreme couldn’t spare a fuck about any of that let alone give one and that’s why he went right after Brody, burying a big series of knees into the chest of the big man!

Brody was doubled over while on the outside, Jeremy Ryan laughed at his misery. Ryan had shown a real vindictive streak whenever somebody had wronged him and jOlt’s Last Real Man had no scruples about doing whatever it took to right what he perceived to be those very wrongs.

“Come on, Brody, he’s making you look bad!” Ryan laughed from his seat at ringside.

Extreme didn’t really care whatever vendetta one had to settle with the other – he wanted the win over the former two-time Tag Team Champion whose stock was in the rise in jOlt Wrestling since branching out for himself. Extreme continued to drill Brody in the head with a pair of big rights before a back elbow stunned him on his feet. After stunning ghim with another shot, he whipped him across the ring, but Brody stopped that and sent him flying…


A big Thesz Press by Mack Brody actually took the Chicago native down and Brody followed it up with a flurry of heated rights of his own. His power was never in question, but it seemed this new rivalry with Jeremy Ryan had brought out a newfound aggression in the normally superficial, but fun-loving giant. SuperMack got back to his feet while still holding his back and when Mike tried to get back up, Brody floored him with a Big Boot to the face that knocked him right on his ass! Brody slid over and crawled into the cover.




Extreme powered out and proved that he wasn’t going anywhere. When he tried to get back up, Brody gave Jeremy Ryan a passing glance at ringside before he bowled the big Extreme into the corner! He unleashed a series of painful Shoulder Thrusts in the corner, driving the wind out of the big monster with each blow. The crowd was deafening as Brody inched his way out of the corner and flexed an arm while kissing his bicep just to make Ryan angrier. He charged and connected with a big time Body Splash in the corner stunning big Mike in the process!


The chants continued as Brody waited for Extreme to get out of the corner. He kicked him in the chest and started looking for his big move that he called The Gold-Digger – a release Exploder Suplex – only for Mike to quickly elbow his way out! He swung right back at Brody when he ducked underneath and grabbed him by the back of the head. Ryan was irate at ringside now as Brody started to flex an arm before he went for his signature clubbing blows that the crowd loved to count along with.


All counting stopped because Brody actually got caught in the back with an elbow of his own, courtesy of Extreme! The big monster fought his way out and when Mike Extreme stood up, he caught Brody flush in the face with a straight right hook! The blow stunned Brody and what was even worse was the fact that he turned around…


A vicious Iron Claw not seen in wrestling in some time was now trapping Brody in the corner! He held him in place until Simon Boulder stepped in to count between the two big bulls.

“Break it up, Mike!” Simon shouted. “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!”

Extreme backed off and reached a hand out ready to slap the big referee, but Boulder wasn’t going to be intimidated by anybody. Mike Extreme turned back around and the Chicago native drilled Brody with a series of back elbows to the face with intent of wearing him down some more. He pulled him out of the corner when Brody swung back with a Double Sledge to break his grip! SuperMack fought back and hit the ropes…


The ring shook from the impact of over six-hundred pounds combined crashing into the mat, but Extreme got his big power move in and now the tide was in his favor! A smile crept its way across the face as an onlooking Jeremy Ryan counted along with the cover.




“That was three, you fucking asshole!” Jeremy yelled on the outside.

The replays flashed on the JoltVision as the big Spinebuster was shown by Mike Extreme. He connected with the big blow and stunned him long enough to pick another big move. He powered Mack Brody to a seated position and pulled back his elbow pad before aiming a pointed shot right to the top of Brody’s dome! SuperMack goes reeling and that’s when Extreme dropped a simple and effective Leg Drop across the throat of The Bronze Bomber!




Brody gets the shoulder up again, but Mike Extreme stays on the attack. As Brody tries to stand again, Extreme bumrushes him back into the corner and chokes him with a big foot across his throat. He keeps the foot pressed against his neck as Mack tries to remove it, all the while Jeremy Ryan continues to watch on.


jOlt’s Last Real Man enjoys the beatdown that Extreme is handing out and keeps the pressure on Brody. He grabs him by the arm and sends him flying across the ring again by dropping him with a Standing STO that drops SuperMack on the ground. Mike Extreme now has the chance to finish things off so he heads to the second rope with every intent of finishing off the big member of the Heirs of Wrestling. The crowd continues cheering Mack Brody while Extreme jumps…


Extreme missed the big move as Brody rolled out of the way! Brody starts to feel it now as Mack Brody starts to go back to the corner. He stomps his big fist into the canvas into a rhythm that drives the crowd to clap along with SuperMack as he starts to head to the corner now. Extreme is about to get back up and he comes right at Brody with a right hand, only to get stopped and hit with a big right of his own!

The big Chicago native went tumbling back into the ropes and when he bounced back, he was blasted in the chest with a hard elbow to the jaw! Brody came back with two more big shots before getting some momentum off the ropes and connecting with a big Running Shoulder Tackle in the corner! Extreme was stunned so he ran off the ropes and went looking for his big Running Knee Lift when Extreme sidestepped it!

He turned around and tried to scoop Brody up only for the big Bronze Bomber to slip back out behind him. Extreme turned around and gave SuperMack the ability to turn the tables with a HARD Discus Punch to the side of the head! The crowd groaned from the shot when Brody set Mike up for something big. Jeremy Ryan was flipping his shit at ringside watching Brody fight back…


Super Strength by SuperMack was on display as he SUPLEXED the 340-pound Extreme over his head! He rolled over and hooked both legs of the big monster from Chicago.




Mike kicked out, but Brody wans’t finished! He started to stand when Jeremy Ryan jumped out of his seat and came back at Brody!

“You still want to fight me, you piece of shit?”

Mack certainly did and swung at Ryan only for jOlt’s Last Real Man to hop off the apron. This gave Extreme the opening he needed to clobber Brody in the back of the head! He grabbed him by the arm and set him up… he was looking for the Rogue Crusher…. NO! Brody powered out! He pushed him away and when Extreme came running back, he grabbed him…


The crowd had gone crazy! Brody had him up in the press slam position, a 340-pound man! Jeremy Ryan was wide-eyed at what he was seeing in the ring now as Brody DROPPED him hard with a big slam! The incredible strength on display from Brody was amazing and now SuperMack was ready to finish this once and for all. Mack pounded on his chest before pulling Brody up. He kicked him in the stomach and set him up over the shoulder…


He even managed to powerbomb 340-pounds of Mike Extreme damn near THROUGH the canvas! Mack hooked both legs and deliberately turned to Jeremy Ryan on the outside with a confident smile on his face as the crowd counted along.




It was a damn good ploy on the part of Jeremy Ryan, but once again, the young powerhouse had stepped his game up when called into action and was now having his hand raised by Simon Boulder.

“Here is your winner of the match… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

SuperMack prevailed again while a furious Jeremy Ryan stomped his feet. He walked over and took the microphone away from Brad Arnold.


The crowd booed while Brody stood in the ring, wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead while keeping his eyes on Jeremy Ryan.

“No! You are NOTHING! All of your pretty boy muscles don’t put you anywhere in my league, Brody! And I will fucking prove it to you and prove it to the people that you don’t belong anywhere near my ring! You and the rest of this circus called jOlt realize that I’m not playing around… not anymore. No more Le Bon, no more stupid monkeys and no more meatheads running around here in place of REAL talent like myself! You want to fight me so bad, Brody, then I will fight you…”

Ryan was about to approach the ring as Brody prepared himself for a fight. Simon Boulder was about ready to make sure management gave him his paycheck, having to ref THREE matches in a row as Ryan headed to the ring apron.

“…Next week.”


Ryan jumped off the apron and dropped the microphone with a big smile on his face as he continued to play more mind games with SuperMack. jOlt’s Last Real Man started to back off and head up the ramp while Mack watched him go with a pissed-off look on his face. Finally, Mack would get his chance to go one-on-one with the man that had antagonized and plotted against him the last couple of weeks and if he had his say, he’d get his revenge.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"Reaping What We Sow"

The scene faded into the backstage medical area; on the physician’s table sat a now partially cleaned up and stitched up Jason Rau. The entrance door to the medical area opened and from the other side walked Donny Layne, microphone in hand, being trailed closely by a camera man.

“Jason, I know it’s been a rough night so far,” Donny began, “but I’d like to get your thoughts on what happened earlier if you feel up to it?”

Rau moaned about for a moment as he shifted his position on the physician’s table to look in Donny’s direction. The doctor made a motion to continue his work, but Rau threw up a hand, which the doctor took as a sign for him to take a break. Rau gingerly placed his hands on his thighs, and winced a bit, obviously still in pain, then nodded.

“Sure thing mate,” Rau began, “I can understand what happened tonight. I got my licks in on Ramey last week, but at least last week I was man enough to stand face to face with him before I kicked him between the legs. I’ve always heard turnabout is fair play, but I would have just expected a little bit of warning from a fine upstanding citizen like Jesse Ramey.”

Rau chuckled a bit, as the sarcasm spewed off of his lips. Layne looked a bit perplexed at the statement, but continue to hold the microphone next to Rau’s mouth.

“Jesse Ramey wants to call us even now?” Rau scoffed, “As far as I’ve ever known the only way to settle a score is inside of that ring. Getting the big win to really settle the score, and as far as I’ve seen Ramey neither one of us hold that kind of leverage at the moment. It’s just been one big shit kicking competition thus far, and I don’t take idle threats lightly. Your name is still resonating perfectly from my vocal cords, and I don’t see anything happening to me because of it.”

That was when another booming voice was heard approaching, “That’s the difference between the two of us.”

A voice belonging to the Anti-Star, as he quickly entered the medical area with a huge smile on his face. Rau’s face of nonchalant, sarcastic humor turned to shock.

“I’m not going to duck and run like you did last week,” Ramey smiled, “I stuck around just to make sure my words sunk in. Apparently they didn’t and this is your penance.”

Ramey shot across the room and leapt toward Rau, the two spilled over the medical table and to the floor. Ramey landing directly on top of Rau’s as he began driving stiff shots down across Rau’s face once more.

“Separate them!” Another new voice shouted as Damien Lee rushed into the room with heavy security bolting past him. “You two have ruined two matches in the past two weeks and I’m not going to have you destroying my medical area as well.”

Three of the bigger security personal grabbed hold of Ramey and yanked him off of Rau, pulling him toward the door. “I’m not finished with him Damien, not by a long shot.”

There was no need for security to hold Jason Rau back; he was having a hard enough time being able to find his equilibrium to even stand. As soon as Rau was able to stand though Damien quickly dusted off his suit and cleared his throat. “Next week, you,” Damien pointed at Rau, “take the week off. I can’t have the two of you ruining every single show as we get closer and closer to Wrestlecade. I need time to think, so just stay home and stay close to a phone I’ll have a decision made as to what to do with the two of you by then.”

Damien Lee ran his hand through his hair then turned his direction to Donny Layne, “You, get out of here now.” Then he turned to the two security guards still on hand, “You two, make sure he gets cleaned up, treated, guard the door, and as soon as he’d able get him out of the arena.”

Lee shook his head furiously as he stormed out of the medical area and the scene faded.

"A Chance to Save Face (Part 2)"

Two weeks ago, Aran Thompson, lost the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship and a week later his own faction turned their backs on Aran effectively taking over the stable for themselves and now proclaiming that Aran would have to pay for his lying and decit. Aran Thompson stood backstage with Donny Layne and didn't look pleased at all as his wife Laurie Williams stood behind him with his Relentless Championship cradled in her arms and look of disgust on her face that followed suit with Aran.

"I'm here with Aran Thompson, former jOlt champion and now disbanded mem..."

Donny Layne could barely finish his sentence before Aran took the microphone away from him and bared his teeth at Layne.

"Donny..." Aran began as he balled a fist with his free hand.

"This is not the time or place for you to say the wrong thing." Aran looked over his shoulder at his wife before turning his attention back to Layne.

"You see, last week was probably my lowest point here in jOlt Wrestling and Damien Lee just let it happen. He sat back and watched as Landon Stevens and those two redneck...retarded...easy to manipulate...chumps attacked me. Then the world watched as Turnbull came out and shocked the world by helping me! Hell, he shocked me even more especially when he laid me out with that Red Hook Combo."

Aran closed his eyes and breathed in deeply before continuing.

"I have never lied to these people, to the boys in the back to anyone since I came into jOlt. I made my goals perfectly clear and finite. I won't lie and say that I ain't feeling the abused my body took last week. I won't say that my jaw doesn't tingle after Waymoth hit me. I'm banged up."

Aran paused.

"I'm bruised."

"I'm beaten."

"I feel so low that I don't even know how I'm going to get myself out of this hole."

Aran paused once again.

"I finally got bested. Eiji Kugasari got the best of me, and when I was about to right that wrong the people I let into my home and shared my life the best of me."

"But I'm still here."

Aran turned his attention to the camera now with a look that we hadn't seen in a very long from him.

"For months you all have been so against me, everyone. From the moment I walked through those doors till last week, you all have seen me at my highest and my lowest and you have either loved me or hated me. And that is when I am at my best. When you people invest so much of yourself to hate me or love me, I stand the tallest."

"So, doesn't matter. I found a home as the good guy, I found my niche as the bad guy and if my place is best set in the gray than that's where I'll stay."

"No more mister nice guy."

"No more mister bad guy."

"As much as I hate to publically admit it, I have a common bond with my brother Corey that has lingered with me for years and years and years and I never wanted to admit it."

"He was known as being "forever torn"...."

"Tonight, it's I'll prove to Landon Stevens why I am and will always be better than him. Tonight I will show Waymoth Turnbull that not matter how big he is, he can't handle me even when I'm beaten down."


"There is only..."

"Mr. Relentless."

Aran slammed the microphone into Donny Laynes chest and grabbed walked away as Laurie smiled at Layne and then turned her attention to the camera as well.

"Watch yer backs."

Trouble vs Crimson Order & Jonathan Conspiracy

’Looking for Trouble’ by G.O.O.D Music

A looming wave of crowd heat would greet the band of unified miscreants as they filed out from the backstage area. The figurehead of the collective, Duzza, stood at the forefront with a hand on each him. Shades poorly hiding the slight disdain for the masses as both Kadahfi & Statuz Quo held down each flank. The towering muscle of the group, Dallas Griffin, extending his arms outward & nodding before the unruly unit began their trek toward the ringside area. The gang responded poorly to the disgruntled fans during their stroll around the ring before climbing up the ring apron & entering the ring.

Carrington: “The following 6 Man Tag Team Contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing First, at a total combined weight of 744 pounds...Accompanied by their manager, Duzza; The team of Statuz Quo...Dallas Griffin & Khadafi....THIS! IS! TROUBLE!!!

Statuz Quo began jawing with several angry fans before Duzza interjected as Khadafi & Dallas egged the masses on in their own respective ways. One fan held up a pro-Conspiracy sign that Khadafi snatched from her hands, tore it to shreds before throwing the remains in her face. One of the male fans sought to hurdle the barricades after him before Dallas pie-faced him, making him spill backwards over the rails. Security was quickly at the scene to detain the male fan as both miscreants taunted him before entering the ring. The clique perched themselves atop each ring post to further antagonize the crowd as their musical intro waned in short order....

"Holy Grail" by Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

The Arena of Champions responded favorably to the rhythmic pulsations of Royal Blue & Pearl lighting, governed by the beat. The very hues dancing across the entrance staging area landscape where ’Mr. 1 Letter Better sauntered out from the backstage area. Head bobbing to the beat while standing erect with a hand on each him. Raising each fist out to his side, the notably decorated veteran began rolling both shoulders before beginning his march. All of his former allies were angrily barking insults at the cocky stalwart as he halted at the halfway portion of the ramp. The musical intro quickly faded out of earshot, leaving the masses to continue cheering. JCON began rubbing both hands together while flashing his trademark smirk...


The masses welcomed the rolling overcast of smoke as the entrance staging area was graced with infrequent flashes of light. The eerie gleams off the Kendo Mask rose the cheers up further as the Inogami Clan duo slowly rose to their feet in unison. The elder statesman of their infamous clan stood between his protegees with both palms raised slightly before adjusting the lapel of his Onyx tailor made suit ...

Carrington: “...And their opponents; Weighting in at a total combined weight of 791 pounds... From Brooklyn, New York..JONATHAN CONSPIRACY!!...and accompanied by their manager, Mamoru...Representing the Inogami Clan...From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...they are the team of Heido & Takeshi...They are THE CRIMSON!!! ORDER!!!
The Onyx & Crimson clad ninjas were led by both Conspiracy & Mamoru, who kept watch of the opposition. JCON took a few moments to hop in place before making his way up the ring steps and casually walk along the ring apron. The unruly faction were positioned on the opposing end of the squared circle, scowling and venting their resentment. The band of ninjas stood motionless for a moment before making their way up the ring steps. Takeshi calmly removed his Kendo Mask & placed it atop the turnbuckle as Heido plodded his way up the ring steps. Conspiracy continued mouthing off at his rivals as Mamoru cradled Heido’s tattered coolie hat as Conspiracy passed through the top ropes and readied himself. The music had already gave way to the masses as The Kansai Crippler and Takeshi commandeered the flanks of their corner. Statuz Quo was egged on by his squad as referee Ian Nyugen signaled for the opening bell...


JCON & Statuz Quo charged after each other, fiercely jockeying for position via a mutual Elbow & Collar Tie Up. Tussling toward enemy territory, Quo shifted the momentum by flinging the former Relentless Champion with a swift Side Headlock Takedown. Conspiracy scrambled back to his feet with Statuz rushing to drag him deep into the enemy camp. JCON abruptly stopped short & bundled the gangster up within a expedient Bridged Cradle Pin...1! ..2! Statuz Quo quickly rolled to a seated posture where JCON seized him into a Reverse Chinlock. The referee was busy checking the hold yet intercepted Griffin reaching over the ropes to interfere. SQ rose ensnared by the Side Headlock before weakening the hold with a trinity of measured Forearm Strikes. A Snap Fireman’s Carry Takeover led to a hasty Reverse Chinlock of his own. Nyugen was waved off by Jonathan yet The A-Town Assassin reared back and drilled Conspiracy with 4 Measured Elbows to the Skull. The audience howled as SQ connected with 3 consistent Shoot Kicks across the back. Quo quickly caromed off the nearby ropes and doubled the former PIW Champion over with a Piston Front Kick to the Back of the Head! The Gangster quickly hooked the leg deeply...

1! ...2! Kickout! Embittered by the results, SQ quickly made the tag to Khadafi. The Pahoa Punisher stepped in to help Statuz Quo careen their prey off the ropes before burying JCON with a Double Team Lifting Spine Buster! Both men quickly broadened their base, gave each other 2 Low 5's, simulated the rolling of dice before connecting with a Double Team Elbow Drop! Jonathan grimaced from the impact as Khadafi ground his forearm across his face with the Lateral Press...1! ...2! K-Dot scowled at the ref while peeling JCON off the mat staggering the Brooklynite with a measure Headbutt! A 2nd Headbutt dropped the wrestling technician to a Knee before blatantly disrespecting Jonathan with a Hard Slap across the Face! “How you like that, Fuck Boy?! Huh?!” The Hawaiian Headhunter exclaimed as he caught the staggering Conspiracy from behind, spun him about & punished him with an intentional Eye Rake! JCON stumbled wildy toward a neutral corner as Khadafi addressed his rebuke toward both ninjas before resetting his focus back on Conspiracy.

Running TB Clothesline on Conspiracy! Khadafi leaned his opposition against the turnbuckles by pie-facing him with his Forearm. “YOU AIN’T SHIT!” The Hawaiian Holocaust yelled as he reared back for Pump Kick. The attack missed the adept grappler who countered with a hard Capture Suplex into the corner! The crowd responded warmly as Khadafi’s weight landed atop the canvas with JCON laid along his side. Shaking the cobwebs free, Jonathan rode the urging of the crowd to regain his footing & lay a hail of boots on his former oppressor. Duzza was adamantly slapping the mat as Nyugen eventually peeled Conspiracy off of the fallen brawler before Jonathan dragged himself to his feet. Both Heido & Takeshi extended their arms out for the tag yet a spiteful JCON stormed over and laid the boots to the fallen Khadafi. K-Dot was pulled to his feet yet he adverted the Turnbuckle Face Slam by planting his boot against the middle padding & backed Conspiracy off with a Hard Back Elbow. Running Lariat sailed over a ducking JCON...

Co-Conspirator - [Reverse Falling DDT]

The legions cheered as the promotional alum swivled about for a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Dallas Griffin broke up the pin with a Heavy Stomp on JCON’s head before Nyugen verbally reprimanded the giant lumbering back to his corner. Meanwhile, Heido executed a Slingshot Somersault to his feet to help Conspiracy drag the South Pacific Warrior closer to their corner before slipping back through the ropes. Tag was made as Jonathan briefly worked over Khadafi with a few Punches & Kicks before Takeshi hoisted upward as Heido tagged himself in while the Hawaiian Headhunter with a Pendulum Back Breaker! The dexterous Heido displayed his ability to Rope Walk a few paces. Takeshi nodded with confirmation, holding the gangster in place as Heido took the time to point at Khadafi’s allies before nearly decapitating him with a Leaping Knee Drop across the Chest! Jubilant cheers ensured as The Kansai Crippler remained kneeling, staring at their enemies before ascending to his feet.

Khadafi was left writhing in pain before Heido peeled him off the mat to send him to the floor with a Hard Underhand Throat Jab! The ninja clung to the ropes and methodically laid in several measured Knee Drops onto the thug’s person before pulling him back to his feet. Grabbing his arm, Heido sent the miscreant stumbling backward with a Short Arm Open Palm Punch!
The Hateful Haiku

Nyugen was aimlessly reprimanding the ninja’s assault before quickly cutting off the approaching Griffin. Physically wrestling the giant back to his corner, the cunning A-Town Assassin was seen slipping under the bottom ropes and spiking The Kansai Crippler with a stiff Saito Suplex before diving back outside. Both Khadafi & Heido were struggling to recover as Nyugen leaned over the ropes, yelling at both Duzza & SQ, who were feigning their innocense. Vengeance was the order of the day as Khadafi floored the rising ninja with a Front Facelock Knee Lift! Stumbling a bit, the thug dropped a Hard Elbow before literally rubbing the ninja’s face against the canvas. A hail of Clubbing Fists connected, drawing the ire from Heido’s comrades, in which Khadafi provoked all his detractors with an extended middle finger before continuing his assault of Mounted Punches. The referee continued barking at Khadafi before he briefly stood to yell out emphatically at his victim’s teammates before hurling Heido into the corner with a Hammer Throw deep into enemy territory. The Running TB Clothesline connected, allowing Dallas Griffin to Hurdle over the top ropes, caromed off the opposing ropes before connecting with a Body Avalanche Splash! Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex by Griffin, who allowed Statuz Quo to tag himself in and crush Heido with a Slingshot Senton Splash!

SQ rolled to his feet, arrogantly soaking in the amassed crowd heat before making the cover...1! ...2! Shoulder! Statuz Quo looked agitated yet shifted to apply a Head Vice. Both Mamoru & Conspiracy barked instructions toward the defiant ninja, urging the crowd to aggravate the cocky brawler. The gradual Heido comeback was averted as Statuz Quo quickly battered the ninja with a tandem of Clubbing Forearms before sending Heido into the opposing corner with a Hammer Throw. The Kansai Crippler bounced off the padding chest first as SQ quickly caromed off the adjacent ropes for a wicked Lariat as Heido groggily back pedaled from the impact...

Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex

The Arena of Champions rallied as both rivals were slow to regain their bearings. The raven haired ninja crawled back to his feet as the Atlanta native stood himself erect, clutching his head. The Overhand Right was blocked & countered with a staggering Elbow Smash. 2 in succession would back the street soldier further before SQ ducked underneath Heido’s Discus Elbow. Release Overhead German Suplex by Statuz Quo. Heido rolled through the impact to his feet, screaming before charging after the recovering thug...

Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to the Jaw

The 240 pounder collapsed hard against the canvas as Heido floated over into a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Khadafi utilized a Diving Double Ax Handle before scrambling back to his corner. The Kansai Crippler swept his hair back before dragging SQ by the leg toward familiar territory before making the tag. The masses cheered as the Mute Mountain Splitter stepped over the top rope & humbled the rising gangster with a stiff Kesagiri Chop! Dropped to both knees, a Mongolian Chop dropped SQ to all fours before clasping onto him with a Iron Claw! Statuz Quo angrily was pulled up to his feet before stunning the giant with a Front Kick. Frantically clubbing his captor’s arms with Forearms, more kicks to the Stomach eventually prompted Takeshi to pie-face SQ backwards. Somersaulting to his feet, SQ shook his head before stagger the approaching giant back with a Superman Punch! Leaping Side Kick by the ATL Assassin before SQ ran past the bald titan & vaulted off the opposing ropes...Vaulting Hurricanrana...Uh Oh! The ninja clan powerhouse’s eyes & sneer widened as he gradually hoisted the battered gangster upward, warding off the weakened punches before blasting him with violent Kneeling Power Bomb. Amusement shifted to his true aberrant nature, SQ’s level of panic elevated as Takeshi hungrily welcomed the granted momentum...

Spoken Word - A Running Release Power Bomb Turnbuckle Smash

Crowd: OOOHHHHH!!!

SQ was hurt in a bad way as both Heido & an energized Conspiracy moved out of the way of the Japanese locomotive...Running Hip Attack into the Turnbuckles!


Takeshi turned his head, sending the wolves scattering back to their corner before seating SQ atop the turnbuckles. The giant pivoted to display his gnashing teeth at the opposition as Heido sternly pointed in their direction...

Kimon (Demon Gate) Driver - A Reverse Full Nelson Face Buster from the Top Turnbuckle

Quo eerily pushed his upper body off the canvas before collapsing face first. The masses cheered proudly as Takeshi extended both arms outward, seeking a verdict by the jubilant jury. Selfishly, Jonathan tagged himself in. Bewildered, Takeshi stepped over the ropes as JCON connected with a Slingshot Leg Drop across the back of Statz’s head. Conspiracy flipped him over for the cover...1! ...2! SQ somehow managed to get the shoulder up yet Mr. One Letter Better was quick to tag the big man back in. Jonathan clapped his hands together, encouraging the Mute Mountain Splitter onward to battle. Both ninjas looked at each other breifly before Takeshi clambered over the ropes once more. Mamoru was readily issuing instructions in their native tongue, prompting the nodding giant to guzzle SQ with both hand, snatch him to his feet before hurling him several feet across the ring with a Biel Throw! The flexing giant was energized by the masses before motioning Dallas Griffin to engage him. The towering Texan nodded in acceptance as he tagged himself in before sling shooting himself over the top ropes.

The crowd rallied behind the looming encounter before both goliaths collided in the ring’s epicenter. Mutual Elbow & Collar Tie Up. A Massive Shove to the floor angered the kneeling Griffin as Takeshi beat his chest before flexing once more. Mr. Big Time scrambled to his feet and stunned the behemoth with a Front Kick. The Knife Edge Chop reared the leviathan back yet prompted a wry sneer. A tandem of Overhand Punches led to an Irish Whip Attempt yet Takeshi hit the breaks. The massive ninja led Dallas away with a Hammer Throw of his own. Griffin returned with a stiff Flying Forearm, staggering the mammoth back a few paces. Undeterred, Dallas’s 2nd attempt gave the same results. The statuesque athlete sprinted back toward the ropes. Takeshi’s Standing Hip Toss sent Trouble’s enforcer airborne yet he managed to land on his feet, carom against the ropes and topple the giant with a picturesque Dropkick to the Face! Yelling proudly, Griffin joined in the unified display of unsportsman-like conduct before hitting the muscular ninja with a measured Seated Lariat! Cover...1! ...Takeshi Gorilla Pressed his opposition off to land on all fours.

Dallas was shifting in place readily as the clan muscle was regaining his footing. 1 Overhand Elbow Strike by Griffin proceeded several more before a Knife Edge Chop promoted the Ric Flair tribute. Leaning against the ropes, Griffin led the way with an Irish Whip. Takeshi with the Reversal. Both powers collided to a embittered stalemate. Griffin beat his chest with his Right Fist and scream arrogantly, urging Takeshi to lash out with a stern Overhand Chop across the Chest. The masses howled as Dallas turned away in pain yet used a Standing Back Kick to stun the giant. Griffin caromed off the ropes & returned with a Bicycle Kick. Takeshi slapped the incoming appendage away before initiating an Irish Whip. Reversal by Griffin who nailed The Mute Mountain Splitter with a Short Arm Forearm Shot. Again, Dallas sprinted off toward the ropes, allowing Khadafi to stagger the big man with a European Uppercut before lumbering over to the opposing ropes. Takeshi missed with a Running Lariat yet kept going until Mr. Big Time rattled the entire with a seismic Samoan Drop! Both responded in kind respectively as a shaken Griffin quickly collected himself and made the cover...1! ...2! No!

Duzza angrily slapped the mat as Griffin looked about to rethink his strategy. Promptly, Dallas motioned for some added muscle to aid him, summoning an anxious Khadafi. A Double Team Irish Whip into the corner bounced the agile behemoth into their corner. Dallas gladly propelled his fellow crew member forward with an Atomic Whip...A violent Crooked Lariat literally turned the Hawaiian Hood inside out as he steam rolled his way toward Griffin...

Spinning Spine Buster by Griffin

The Texan swept his locks back and loudly ranted about himself while tapping his temple as he arrogantly made the Jackknife Pin...1! ...2! Heido’s Overhand Elbow Strike to the Gut aggressively broke Griffin’s Pin as he knelt away in anguish. The ninja whipped his hair back before passing back through the ropes as JCON barked angrily at the recovering Texan who rose to his feet. The masses jeered him as Statuz Quo was tagged in to quickly scale the turnbuckles while Griffin returned to his corner. Poised & ready, the Atlanta Assassin took flight with a Seated Senton...Sit Out Power Bomb by Takeshi! The audience roared as Quo sailed a few inches off the mat before collapsing into a crumpled heap face first...


Both men were still down as Nyugen began his mandatory count...





Both men began stirring as Trouble were angrily yelling back at the crowd to shut up. The Mute Mountain Splitter gradually rolled over onto all fours from the impact as both camps responded accordingly. JCON was steadily slapping the turnbuckle padding as the rival camp were yelling loudly at the crawling gangster. Quo managed to weakly extend his arm, allowing Khadafi to make the tag, spring over the top rope and land a few measured stiff Forearm Shivers to the giant’s exposed lower back. The bald titan dropped to a knee, allowing Khadafi to apply a Back Mounted Sleeper. Heido & Mamoru urged their clan brother to persevere in their stoic manner as Jonathan rallied the masses behind them. Takeshi dropped back down to a lurched over 3 Point Stance yet was still reaching for the tag...

Crowd: ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5)...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5) ...KUNG FU PANDA!!! (clap x5)

Bewilderment quickly morphed into rage as the Hawaiian Head Hunter broke the hold and delivering a hail of Elbow Strikes to the giant’s head before applying the Back Mounted Camel Clutch. Moments would elapse before Takeshi gnarled his fist and gradually power his way back to his feet. Khadafi shook his head angrily as the giant clasped onto his arms while plodding forward...Hot Tag Made by Conspiracy! The audience rallied as the proud Brooklynite launched himself via the ropes and spiked Khadafi into the canvas with a Vaulting Sunset Flip Power Bomb! The enemy troops were set loose as Jonathan ran underneath Griffin’s Running Clothesline & leveling Statuz Quo with a Running Forearm Smash! A Double Axe Handle from behind by Griffin was the prelude to a Saito Suplex. The agile grappler slipped free and humbled the towering wunderkind with a High & Tight German Suplex! Dallas rolled to a kneeling posture as Statuz Quo humbled JCON with a Clubbing Forearm from behind before crushing his face against the turnbuckle! Hanging Chinlock by Statuz Quo!

Unsuspected by the clique of gangsters, Nyugen confirmed Heido as the legal man by slapping JCON’s Boot before Griffin snatched him off the ring apron to the outside. Jonathan continued to struggle to free himself yet SQ further applied more pressure. A Spinning Back Kick to the Stomach by Takeshi broke the hold, prompting Jonathan to land, stumbling forward into the corner. Takeshi reared back for an attack on Statuz Quo yet was sent stumbling forward toward the ropes by Khadafi’s Running Knee to the Back! A Cactus Clothesline sent Griffin & Takeshi tumbling to the outside! The giant ninja stumbled forward before bracing himself against the barricades as Griffin was lain a few paces near the ring apron. Duzza was adamantly urging his big man to get back into the fight.

Ian Nyugen quickly ran out of harm’s way as the Running Turnbuckle Senton on Conspiracy connected, leaving the former gang leader in a bad state. SQ rolled back to his feet, quickly pulling Conspiracy with him, signaling for the end with his patented Ether - A Modified STO...Heido interfered with a blistering Snap Kick across Quo’s lower back. Conspiracy staggered backward into Khadafi’s clutches. Statuz Quo used a tandem of Back Elbows to free himself from the cadre of Heido’s Suplex director before taking the fight back to the raven haired ninja. A stiff Open Palm Uppercut leaned the scarlet-clad lowlife against the ropes as Jonathan was seen still trading blows with Khadafi. Heido spun him about yet the Hawaiian parried the Martial Arts Strike with a Heavy Right Hand of his own. The Kansai Crippler staggered away from the blow as Khadafi doubled the sneaky Conspiracy with a Front Kick. The masses responded negatively to his throat slashing gesture before shooting off to the adjacent ropes. The Axe Kick missed the mark, leading the Hawaiian to search for Jonathan...


The Hawaiian Head Hunter careened against the canvas while Griffin & Takeshi were still waging war along the outskirts of the ring. Conspiracy was intent upon laying the boots to the fallen Khadafi as Statuz Quo flew into the scene with a Lou Theze Press. Heido rolled through...Leaping Senton! The blunt force of a Vertical Back Splash crushed the A-Town Villain, allowing the Inogami Clan strategist to roll to his feet before stalking after the ailing gangster. Before reaching the ropes, Heido was seen applying a Standing Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard. The camera panned back to encapsulate the crowd cheering as Heido scanning the horizon, resting the heel of his tabi against the back of Quo’s head with Statuz Quo, who was faintly pawing the ring ropes...


Hattitori’s Heel - A Standing Inverted Indian Deathlock Surfboard followed into a stiff Head Stomp!

Planting his foot atop the back of Quo’s head, The Kansai Crippler held his arms outward & slowly nodded as the fanfare radiated immensely. A stern fecal chant resonated as Heido turned his focus toward Conspiracy & Khadafi with JCON in control. The ninja motioned for Jonathan to approach with JCON initiating the Irish Whip. Heido with the Reversal and Statuz Quo was unceremoniously jettisoned off the ring apron with a Baseball Slide Dropkick! Along the outside, Griffin knocks Takeshi on his ass with a stiff Super Kick! The Monster slid to a seated posture as Dallas stumbled forward to all fours. Nodding with confidence, the wrestling phenomenon smiled at Duzza while standing...Conspiracy with an Over the Top Rope Suicide Dive!!


Both opposing managers were seeking to capitalize on the chaos as Mamoru ordered Takeshi after the fallen Atlanta native. A Belly To Back Apron Slam by The Mute Mountain Splitter, leaving Dallas into a disheveled state! Duzza was livid, kneeling by his ailing comrade under the menacing yet distance watch of Takeshi. Meanwhile, back in the ring, both Heido & Griffin were exchanging violent blows atop the turnbuckles. Unexpectedly, Duzza was seen clinging onto the ninja’s leg before being shoved off the ring apron to the floor. The Hawaiian Head Hunter regained the momentum with a tandem of Head Butts & Punches before attempting a Sunset Flip Power Bomb. The ninja held on for dear life. Frustrated, Khadafi swivled about and began battering Heido with Overhand Forearms...Running Power Bomb!! Nyugen slid to make the count as Khadafi arose before hunching over, pinning Heido’s shoulders to the mat...




The Hawaiian Holocaust was beyond himself, screaming at the referee as the ninja collapsed against the canvas. “LEARN HOW TO COUNT, MUTHAFUCKA!” Khadafi exclaimed. “3! GOTDAMNIT!! HE WAS DOWN FOR 3!”

The energized crowd let them hear it as Khadafi literally stomped his frustrations out of Heido before snatching him back to his feet. A Hard Shove against the neutral corner led to Khadafi laying the boots to the clan strategist. Meanwhile, Dallas Griffin was seen hurling JCON over Spanish Announce Table, knocking Carlos Pena out of his seat onto the floor. From behind, Takeshi was hot on Griffin’s heels before staggering him away with a Running Forearm Attack! Mamoru was keeping a watchful eye out of harm’s way as Duzza was busy attending to Statuz Quo. Back in the ring, Khadafi hurled the ninja toward the opposing end with an Irish Whip. Heido jarred his spine upon impact as Khadafi briefly stomped the mat, tapping into his Samoan Rage before sprinting after the ailing ninja...SPEAR! However, Heido fell to the side as Khadafi abruptly slammed his shoulder into the unforgiving Steel Pole!

Left dangling from the impact, a kneeling Heido battered his prey with a pair of Overhand Elbows between the shoulder blades before pulling him away from the corner. The ninja led his victim away from the corner with an Irish Whip before shifting the trajectory to leave Khadafi hanging in a Tree of Woe via a High Hip Toss! A uncovered hand reached up by the ring apron and slapped Khadafi across the arm before falling out of view. Sweeping his hair back, the ninja scanned the horizon before initiating a Face Wash!

Crowd: ..1! ...2! ...3! ...4! ...5! ...6! ...7! ...8! ...9! WHOOOOAAA...!!!

The resurgent Kansai Crippler sprinted toward the opposing ropes yet during the carom, a shadow quickly rolled under the ropes to its feet to abruptly intercept...

ETHER - A Modified STO!

Heido was down with Statuz Quo draped atop of him!




Out of his slightly disoriented haze, Statuz Quo looked into the eyes of Takeshi, from the outside, who intentionally draped his partner’s foot atop the bottom rope. The giant nodded for a moment before he was lured away to intercept the incoming Griffin as SQ lowered his head in disgust. Even the fans rewarded him with a rousing response as he gradually staggered drunkenly back to his feet. Duzza was again slapping the ring apron while SQ peeled his partner from the turnbuckle and helping him back to his feet. Jonathan was seen being assaulted by Duzza before Mr. One Letter Better caught his foot. Verbally reprimanding him, Jonathan shook his index finger at the manager, hopping in place before bouncing him soundly off the floor with a Capture Suplex! The once preoccupied Griffin leapt onto the ring apron, demanding the tag as SQ obliged him. Takeshi was down to a knee when they noticed Duzza was being attacked by JCON. The jackals quickly scrambled after Conspiracy and began working him over was Griffin playfully wring his hands while awaiting the recovering Heido to stand. Annoyed, Dallas snatched Heido to his feet before hurling him toward the opposing ropes yet Takeshi intentional wrapped his arms around his partner’s legs. The ninja was pulled to the outside, saving him from Griffin’s patented Black Hole Slam.

An adamant Griffin displayed his displeasure yet the crowd gave way to the incoming disturbance amongst their ranks. The camera noted the cavalier newcomer, barreling his way towards the ringside area. Diamond Jewelz. Extremely pissed, the Sin City Superstar was seen vaulting off the barricades and flooring Khadafi with a High Flying Clothesline! The Crimson Order would soon inter the fray and a complete melee ensued along the outside! Griffith rolled to the outside to join the fray and the Arena of Champions became a madhouse. The rookie referee had lost control as Jewelz planted both hands along the ring apron, laying the boots to Statuz Quo before being hammered by Griffin. Heido backed Mr. Big Time off with a Knife Edge Chop as Takeshi was hit across the Jaw by Khadafi. Conspiracy was trading blows with Jewelz before being slammed into the barricades. Duzza staggered a little too close to sneak in some kicks before Mamoru flattened him with a stiff Backhand Strike! Heido quickly rolled inside the ring before taking flight with a Slingshot Somersault Plancha on Khadafi!

“WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CHAIN?!” exclaimed Diamond as he was laying hands on Conspiracy yet both Griffin & Statuz Quo pounced on him, allowing JCON to scramble his way toward the timekeeper’s table. Snatching the sought after prize, Conspiracy balled the chain up into his fist before hurdling the barricades. “YO! FUCK THIS BITCH UP FOR JUMPIN’ ON DUZZA” Statuz Quo ordered as The Jury started wailing on Jewelz. With the ninjas quickly, taking the fight to the opposing faction, Diamond Jewelz frantically looked around to witness Conspiracy making his way through the crowd. Griffin was the legal man rolling back into the ring and shooting off to the opposing ropes. The momentum for an epic Tope were shattered as Takeshi blasted Dallas’s Jaw with a Stiff Open Palm Punch! The masses roared as Griffin dropped to a knee, draped over the middle ropes. The Crimson Order clambered back into the ring with Takeshi dragging Griffin off the ropes by both legs. Heido ignited the crowd with a quick throat slashing taunt as Takeshi hoisted the big man upward with an Elevated Double Chickenwing Face Buster. Heido leapt upward, captured Griffin in mid flight and came down with a Double Knee Gut Buster!


Griffin careened lifelessly along the canvas as both Statuz Quo & Khadafi were in hot pursuit after the fleeing Diamond Jewelz. The rest was elementary as The Kansai Crippler made the kneeling cover as Takeshi broadened his stance while watchfully set his hands atop each of Heido’s shoulders...




The bell had sounded, leading the Arena of Champions to be overwhelmed by both the crowd & ’Thought Crimes’ by Cliff Lin as Takeshi stood himself erect. Heido remained kneeling, hand placed atop the fallen Griffin’s body before making his slow ascent to his feet...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; your winners of the match, by PIN FALL...JONATHAN CONSPIRACY!! & THE CRIMSON!! ORDER!!!

The Mute Mountain Splitter lumbered toward the ropes as Heido slid off the ring apron to hunt down both Khadafi & SQ. The defeated faction quickly tucked tail and dragged all of their ailing forces to higher ground. Duzza was dragged to his feet as The Crimson Order stood defiantly at the end of the entranceway ramp. A great deal of venom was cast at the ninjas amidst an electric crowd before Trouble limped to the back to lick their collective wounds. Having order restored, Mamoru led The Crimson Order toward a recovering Diamond Jewelz’s side. “The Fuck Off Me!” An ungrateful Jewelz exclaimed as he waved off Mamoru’s hand. Takeshi took great offense yet Heido kept the giant at bay with the show of a mere hand. Leaving Diamond to stew in his anger, wondering the whereabouts of both one JCON and his stolen property...

Winner: Crimson Order & Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"A New Era"

Last week Landon Stevens and the rest of Black Faction shocked the world as they turned on the former jOlt champion, Aran Thompson just as he was about to recapture the championship. The faction ran down seemingly to watch as their leader once again rise to the top of jOlt only to attack him as he attempted the pin. Just mere seconds away from taking back what was once his, and Landon took it all away. As luck would have it Aran had a guardian angel by the name of Waymoth Turnbull whom charged to the ring to make the save, only to lay Aran out in the center of the ring. What would Landon have to say about the actions of Waymoth and those of The Black Faction?

The camera shifted backstage to Landon Stevens and the rest of The Black Faction standing before a backdrop with the iNtense logo plastered on it. All members of the Faction were wearing black shirts with pink lettering that read #BELIEVE. Landon appeared to be all smiles as Donnie Layne stood by. The fans in the building roared with boos and chants.

YOU’RE A PUSSY…. (Clap,clap,clap)

YOU’RE A PUSSY…. (Clap,clap,clap)

YOU’RE A PUSSY…. (Clap,clap,clap)

The reaction didn’t faze Landon as he stood tall with his chest puffed out and the smile still plastered across his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the NEW leader of the Black Faction, Landon Stevens. ” Once again the fans in attendance booed The Rising Star.

“Now Landon, everyone is wondering….”Layne tried to finish his question as Stevens jerked the microphone out of his hands.


“Waymoth Turnbull!! Last week you decided to get interfere in MY business. I don’t care too much for it when people get involved in matters that don’t concern them. Last week was OUR moment. You lost your chance at Unlimited when I pinned you fair and square inside the steel cage. In just a few moments, you will be taught a lesson about sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Stevens grinned as he looked back at Eli and Ezra Conway.

“Last week was the beginning of a new era. Last week we saw the fall of Aran Thompson. Many of you are concerned with why. Why did we turn on Aran? Why did we cost him his rematch? Have you been watching at all? I joined Black Faction because Aran promised me the world. Aran promised me the glitz and glamour of aligning with a champion. Little did I know that would mean taking out one Waymoth Turnbull and getting beat down just days before the jOlt championship match at Rise of the Legends. I didn’t envision having to help Aran time and time again. I didn’t imagine that I would have to face Waymoth in a cage match. Aran enlisted me just to do his dirty work. When push finally came to shove Aran couldn’t back up his end of the deal. Aran couldn’t even keep a tight grasp on the jOlt championship. It seemed to be slipping through his fingers more and more every week. Without us, Aran is NOTHING! ”


The fans show their distaste for the cockiness for the new leader as Stevens glared into the camera with a smirk.

“Now it’s time to show Aran how it’s done. Now it’s time for The Rising Star to take the spotlight. Eli and Ezra here got my back, but they know something is different. I don’t NEED them to help me win. I don’t NEED them to help me. They know they can count on me to go out there and do what I need to do whether they are in my corner or sitting backstage sipping on large quantities of Pepsi watching me do what I do best…. WIN!”

The crowd once again echoed throughout the arena as they jeered the Black Faction. “SHUT UP!!! You should be cheering me for what I did. Did you really want to see Aran as champion again? Yeah, I didn’t think so. We did you all a favor if you ask me.”


The fans in the Arena of Champions didn’t care too much for his arrogance.

“Aran Thompson needs to be taught a lesson. Aran needs to be shown what it is to be a true CHAMPION!!! ”

Stevens shoved the microphone into the chest of Donnie Layne as Black Faction and their new found leader storm off.


The crowd boo'd as iNtense went to commercial, but when we come back, Waymoth Turnbull will face the Terrorists in a two-on-one handicap match!

Waymoth Turnbull vs West Texas Terrorists


"Believers" by ¡Mayday! began playing as the lights went out and white lights flashed throughout the Arena of Champions. Highlights from West Texas Terrorist matches slowly played over the jOltvision as the twin tandem walked out wearing Black T-Shirts with pink "#Believers" etched across their chests.

Michael Buhrman: Nathan, the changing of the guard has happened and tonight we see these two vie to take out the West Indian Obsidian for good!

Nathan Powers: This is amazing! Finally! The curtain has opened for these two rather than being jerked by the former jOlt Champion. Finally! They get their chance at to make it to the top! And all they have to do is get rid of Waymoth Turnbull tonight!

Buhrman: That'll be no easy task.

Powers: You've got to be kidding me, did you not see what they did to Aran?!

Eli and Ezra Conway made their way into the ring as the fans in attendence rang out with a chorus of discord.

Lights Out.

Flashes or red and white lights eveloped the entirety of the Arena of Champions as "Emergency" by Mavado f/ Ace Hood began playing and the Arena of Champions popped loudly for the West Indian Obsidian who walked down the aisle way disregarding the fans and keeping his focus on the West Texas Terrorists. He checked the integrity of his taped wrists and hands as he slammed his right fist into the palm of his left fist. The behemoth watched the twins as he reached for the middle rope to pull himself up the ring apron.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

The familiar voice of Damien Lee was heard as the fans reacted with mixed reactions.

Waymoth Turnbull turned around snarled as the West Texas Terrorists looked a little taken back by Damien Lee coming out.

"After further consideration, I really can't let this match happen. Two against One is not what the fans want to see. They want to see Waymoth Turnbull destroy the Black Faction one by one."

Eli and Ezra turned their attention to each other and Waymoth looked over at them with a smile on his face.

"So Eli and Ezra you two will have to tag in and out for this match."

Waymoth pulled himself up as the twins pleaded toward Damien to reverse his decision but the referee had already forced Eli Conway into his corner and called for the bell.

Ezra and Waymoth locked up and Waymoth was quick to toss Ezra into an open corner free from intrusion of Eli attacking him as he slammed rights and lefts into the stomach of Ezra. Ezra grunted in pain as Waymoth continued his assault on the body of the Black Faction member.

"Oh and Waymoth...."

Damien again interrupted as Waymoth choked Ezra in the corner.

"You'll have a tag partner too!"

Waymoth grabbed Ezra by the back of the head and slammed him into the mat.

"This man."


The fans errupted with a mixed reaction as Laurie Williams walked out with the Relentless Championship cradled in her arms but Aran was no where to be seen.

Powers: Where is that coward?!


Aran leaped over the guard rail and grabbed the feet of Eli Conway pulling him down and forcing him to hit his face on ring apron. Aran attacked Eli with relentless assault and slammed his head into the steel steps over and over again.

Eli looked around dazed and confused and Aran begged him stand up.


Eli Conway crumbled to the floor as Aran turned his attention to Waymoth and the two of them had a stare off.


Ezra Conway charged after the ropes.


The fans were going insane as Waymoth and Aran seemed to be on the same page for just a moment.

Waymoth grabbed Ezra by the waist catching him and pulling him back.


Ezra fell to the mat and Waymoth turned around to focus on Aran.


Aran dropped Waymoth with his Springboard Fluid Reverse DDT and the fans booed as Aran popped back up to his and grabbed Waymoth's arm and dragged him over Ezra Conway for the pin.




After the referee called for the bell Aran motioned for Laurie to come to the ring and she slid the Relentless Championship into the ring and he looked at Waymoth.



Waymoth began to stir but Eli Conway slide into the ring and rushed over to his brother.



Aran kicked Eli in the back of the skull and he fell on top of his brother as Waymoth held his head slowly standing his feet.


Waymoth fell to the mat and Aran looked over Waymoth and the West Texas Terrorists with a grin on his face. The fans both booed and cheered for Aran as he rose the Relentless Championship into the air and the scene faded as the cameras focused on the mixed reaction that the fans gave Aran.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

"Second Hall of Fame Induction"

Burhman: Last week we unveiled "Kodiak" Vic Creed as the first inductee to the 2014 jOlt Wrestling Hall of Fame. We would like for you all to turn your attention to the jOltvision for the next inductee.

The arena went dark and so did the jOltvision. Then, there were certain words which appeared on the screen.

Pro-Wrestling's Phenomenon

The Icon

The Living Legend

The Ratings Grabber

The Reason there is a show

Then an image appeared on the screen.

The people in the audience cheered as an audio clip played from "Superstar" Vince Jacobs' himself.

"I didn't come to jOlt to be a Superstar...I brought my spotlight with me."

As the scenes continued, the narrator stepped in.

"Nobody has captivated audiences as The Living Legend himself, "Superstar" Vince Jacobs. With a cocky attitude and an aresenal of moves that can immobilize any opponent, Vince Jacobs played an intregal part in the return of jOlt Wrestling. A former Legacy of Chamions World Title holder, Jacobs brought that championship with him to jOlt after LoC's acquisition. There, he battled one of LoC's toughest adversaries in "The Superbeast" Sylo at the first Pay-Per-View event, Divide and Conquer."

"Although Jacobs came up short in that match, his feud with "The Superbeast" helped put jOlt Wrestling back on the map after many years of dormancy and many have said that it wouldn't have been possible without Pro-Wrestling Phenomenon's presence at the events. No matter where he went, no matter where he wrestled, "Superstar" Vince Jacobs is a name that is instantly recognized."

"For his dedication, for his legacy, and for his contributions, we here at jOlt Wrestling are proud to induct "Superstar" Vince Jacobs into the 2014 Hall of Fame!"

A graphic was then shown of SVJ against the Hall of Fame logo as "Hall of Fame" by The Script played in the background.

Hands of the Cause (c) vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

Unlimited saw the crowning of new tag team champions. The Hands of the Cause saw off the considerable challenge of both the House and the Heirs of Wrestling on their way to their first titles in jOlt. Their first defence would be against another pair of former champions who just missed out on a place in that very match.

"Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith.

The crowd cheered as Sam Sweet and Lennox Love made their way out from the backstage area with Jon Katz Jr. by their side. As the trio made their way down to the ring, Katz Jr lowered his shades and took a look around ringside at some of the more well-defined women in attendance. Some liked the attention...others snuffed at him in disgust and looked away as Katz licked his lips, but he quickly turned his attention back to Sweet and Love who climbed up on the ring apron. The two of them stepped into the ring as Katz made his way around ringside.

"Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold

Frank Hendrix, Brone Haggard, and Henry Dylan made their way out from the back. Over the past few weeks, they stated their case that war was on their mind and that they were here to change the complexion of jOlt Wrestling. In gaining the titles they had taken the first step along that path. But what was next?

Dylan remained at ringside as Hendrix and Haggard stepped into the ring as they prepared their first title defence.

Once everything was settled, the referee called for the bell as Lennox Love and Frank Hendrix would start things off.




Love and Hendrix circled each other and locked up. Side head lock by Love, but Hendrix twisted out into a hammerlock. Love reached behind and took Hendrix over with a snapmare. Love went down and placed Hendrix in a rear chin lock, but Hendrix battled up to his feet and hooked Love for a back drop suplex to counter, but Love flipped and landed on his feet and then took off to the ropes. Clothesline attempt by Hendrix was ducked by Love and Love bounced off the opposite end, but Love didn't manage to duck in time second time round and went down after a vicous clothesline from Hendrix!

Hendrix wasted no time in staying on the attack. He pulled Love back up to his feet and shot him to the ropes. He telegraphed the back body drop and Love flipped over him with a sunset flip, but Hendrix rolled through it and went for a roundhouse kick to the head. Love impressively leaned back and avoided any contact, and then quickly grabbed Hendrix from behind and got him with a school boy roll up.


Just a fleeting one count as Hendrix kicked away. Both men got back to their feet simultaneously. Hendrix looked to score with a booming right hand but Love ducked and reached back, hooking Hendrix for a backslide, but Hendrix used his strength to lean forward, flipping Love off his back. Love landed on his feet in front of Hendrix. Hendrix delivered the toe kick and then set Love up for a vertical suplex, but Love floated over and landed on his feet. Love then applied a waist lock to Hendrix, but Hendrix charged forward and grabbed onto the ropes. Love released the grip and rolled back to his feet.

Hendrix took aim and went to grab hold of Lennox, but Love side-stepped him. Love then grabbed Hendrix's head from behind and placed him an inverted DDT position. Love made the mistake of bending over to try and get more strength to lift Hendrix and that is when Hendrix lifted his leg up and kicked Love right in the face! Hendrix twisted his body to covert the reverse chancery into a front chancery and then took Love over with a Northern Lights Suplex complete with a bridge pin!



Love kicked out.

Hendrix went to his corner and tagged in the big man Brone Haggard. Haggard hopped over the ropes, showing some agility for a man his size and charged in, raining down a heavy right hand into the head of Love. Haggard fired another right and another before backing Love into the ropes and shooting him across the ring. Haggard went for a back body drop, but Love held onto the ropes and Haggard looked up once he realized that no one was coming his way. Love then charged in, looking for a flip into a bridge pin, but Haggard stood straight up and launched Love up into the air and then slapped him on the back, forced him to pancake hard into the canvas!!!

"OOOOHHH!!!!!" groaned the crowd! Sheer strength from Brone.

Haggard pulled Love back up to his feet at the centre of the ring and scoop slammed him back down. Haggard measured him up and dropped an elbow across his chest. He stood and dropped a second elbow and then repeated the process a third time. Haggard then made the cover, hooking the leg.



Love kicked out.

Haggard brought Love up to a seated position and hit a stiff kick in between the shoulder blades. He hit a second stiff kick and charged the ropes. Haggard then ran right over Love with a knee smash to the face! Haggard then looked to the corner where Frank Hendrix wanted the tag. Haggard walked over and did just that. Hendrix ascended the turnbuckle pads and leapt off with a highly elevated Elbow Drop which connected with the chest of Lennox Love! Hendrix then made another cover with the leg hooked.



Love continued to kick out!

Sam Sweet was on the ring apron, shouting words of encouragement to Lennox Love. Jon Katz Jr. was slamming his hands down on the canvas, trying to get Love back into this match, but Henry Dylan inched his way toward Katz' position and Katz backed off around the other side of the ring. Dylan grinned and then returned to his regular position.

Hendrix had Love in a seated position and in a side head lock. Hendrix said that Love was going nowhere, but the encouragement from his partner, the manager, and the fans in the audience started to fuel Lennox Love. He battled back up to his feet and delivered a pair of elbows to the ribs of Frank Hendrix.

Once Love broke free from Hendrix's grip, he leapt up and hit an Enzugiri to the side of Hendrix's head! Love then made a mad leap for the corner and made the hot tag to Sam Sweet and the people in attendance cheered!

Sweet came in and drilled Hendrix with a lariat! He then ran to the corner and knocked Haggard off the apron with a stiff forearm shot. Hendrix got back up and swung with a clothesline of his own, but Sweet ducked the clothesline and took off to the ropes. He came back and and flew through the air with a Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked Hendrix down hard. Sam Sweet was a house on fire! Sweet then went to the ropes and nailed a Running Senton Back Splash, driving the air right out of Frank’s lungs. Sweet turned around and made the cover.



This time Hendrix popped the shoulder up.

Sweet stood and brought Hendrix to his feet. He hit Hendrix with a headbutt that staggered him over to his corner. Sweet then hit a huge Open Palm Slap across the chest of Frank Hendrix. He then told the audience to be quiet as he readied for another slap, but instead Brone Haggard popped up on the apron and slapped Sweet across the face when he turned to deliver the second slap to Hendrix. Sweet staggered away and when he turned around, Hendrix went down low with a rolling leg sweep, which caused Sam to face plant into the canvas. Brone then grabbed the top rope and slung himself over, dropping a leg across the back of Sweet's head. Haggard rolled out of the ring as Hendrix rolled Sweet over and made the cover.



Sweet reached out and grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin.

Hendrix stood and then brought Sweet up to his feet. Hendrix tried a suplex, but Sweet wouldn't budge. Hendrix tried again, but again, Sweet didn't budge. Sweet then punched Hendrix in the ribs and then turned his back to Brone Haggard. Sweet lifted Hendrix up for the suplex and used Hendrix to slam his body into Haggard, knocking him off the ring apron! Sweet then changed directions with the suplex and nailed a Gordbuster on Hendrix! Hendrix rolled over onto his back as he writhed in pain on the canvas! Sweet then signed for the end as he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top!

The crowd came alive as Sweet leapt off with the Top Rope Splash..



Hendrix rolled out of the way!

Hendrix then made his way up top with his back to Sweet, but Sweet got up and crotched Hendrix up on the top turnbuckle pad. Sweet then climbed up and grabbed Hendrix in a reverse chancery position.


Both men crashed down on the canvas and neither man was moving. Brone Haggard recovered and hopped up on the ring apron. Both men began to crawl to their respective corners. Eventually, the tag was made on both ends! Haggard stepped between the ropes as Love stepped into the ring.

Haggard charged right at Love swinging his arm forward. The Lariat was ducked by Love as Lennox ran past and leapt onto the middle rope. A Twisting Cross Body Block took Haggard down. Haggard got right back up however, but it was short lived as Love hit a spinning kick to the back of Haggard's leg bringing him down to a single knee. Love continued to spin and then...



A front roundhouse kick to the back of Haggard's head! Haggard collapsed face first into the canvas as Love rolled him over and made the cover!



Thre... NO!

Haggard popped the shoulder up and Sweet Sweet Lovin' was just THAT close to regaining the tag titles!

Love pulled Haggard to his feet and then hooked him for a suplex. He lifted him up, but Haggard hit a knee to the top of Love's head at the apex of the lift. Love dropped him and Haggard immediately picked him up onto his shoulders, possibly going for the TKO... Haggard spun Love, but Love grabbed Haggard's head and nailed an inverted DDT for the counter!!! Love then quickly stood and went to the corner and climbed up top!






Thr... NO!

Broken up by Frank Hendrix and AGAIN Sweet Sweet Lovin' almost became two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions!

Sam Sweet tried to come into the ring, but Henry Dylan ran over to the SSL corner and grabbed his ankle for a moment, almost causing Sweet to topple over and preventing him from stepping through the ropes. Sam turned to stare down at the dastardly Dylan who only held him arms up innocently.

Of course Frank Hendrix was watching. And waiting.

Hendrix grabbed Love and tossed him shoulder first into Sam Sweet as he was standing up on the apron! Sweet fell to the outside! Haggard then grabbed Love as he staggered back and lifted him like he was nothing…


Katz was tending to Sam Sweet on the outside and complaining to the referee about Dylan’s involvement. Henry only looked the other way as if he had nothing to do with any of it. In ring Haggard tagged Hendrix back in, the self-proclaimed Wrestling Deity pulled the dazed Lennox Love back to his feet just to finish him off.


Hendrix planted Lennox with his own take on the double arm DDT. He hooked the leg as the ref dropped to make the count…



Sam Sweet got back and tried to crawl back into the ring to break the pin and beat the count...


Sweet could not get there in time and The Hands of the Cause just stole one here tonight! Jon Katz Jr. threw a fit at ringside as Haggard and Hendrix rolled out of the ring and rejoined Henry Dylan at ringside. The three of them celebrated as the crowd booed. Sweet Sweet Lovin' was just that close and the people were really hoping to see them score the W, but as a man once can't always get what you want... unless you're Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard who got exactly what they wanted: A successful first title defence.

They had been made to work hard, but when the smoke cleared it was the Hands of the Cause who retained the gold. Sam Sweet helped roll his partner out of the ring. No doubt they would live to fight another day, but this day, this match and those Tag Team titles belonged to the Hands of the Cause.

Winner: Hands of the Cause via Pinfall

"Stringing Them Along"


The Hands of the Cause were gathered in the ring just as a disappointed, but very game Sweet Sweet Lovin were being helped to the back by the trainers. However, all heads were turned up at the jOltVision where the forms of two of jOlt’s favorite lovely little rascals. Those two handsome gentlemen who had held onto the jOlt Tag Team Titles twice over, including a slew of other belts in various organizations now appeared on the tron. They were known as Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway…

The Heirs of Wrestling.

And both men had shit-eating grins on their faces as they waved a friendly little hello to The Hands of the Cause who watched in the ring with a great deal of impatience.

“Oh, hello, guys! We just wanted to say congratulations on your tremendous victory in the ring today. If anybody knows how much trouble Sweet Sweet Lovin can be, it’s certainly us!”

Some of the crowd cheered, remembering the various matches that both teams had together in both 2012 and 2013. Frank continued to greet the members of Hands of the Cause as Frank Hendrix looked on the ring with a cross look on his face.

“Now we aren’t here to complain or bitch… what happened to us at Unlimited was EXACTLY the kind of thing that we’d been doing for months on end when we held those titles… we had those belts for a long time and we cut every corner and took every shortcut if it meant holding those things… but unlike YOU three, those belts were never about some kind of obscure power play known only to us and they were never some bargaining chip for bigger and better things… we MADE Tag Team wrestling come alive again and to see you three fuckfaces with those belts is a slap in the face to EVERY other team – us included – who made them worth something!”

Gallway had his piece to say now.

“But I know, we ain’t like you guys! For one, we’ve got girls fighting off our dongs, 24-7! You don’t see us after the show forcing the heads of transients down to give us head behind the dumpster after the show like the Hands of the Cumdumps there in the ring now!”

The crowd continued to cheer and laugh as Gallway continued. Dylan, Hendrix, and Haggard looked angry that their time was being taken away by The Heirs.

“We’re also all about backing up our shit in the ring when it counts, but that don’t mean we don’t know how to have ourselves a Goddamn party! But I know that you guys don’t care about any of that, right? You’re a crew of straight-laced wrestlers while we’re…. Frankie, what did they call us?”

“Uh… I believe laughable and childish? Immature? Something along those lines!”

“Yeah, that! Well, we just wanted you to know that sooner or later, that we’re coming for those belts. As long as a group of assholes who treat those belts with zero respect hold them, then these sexy bastards are NOT going to stop until we get them back! This isn’t about setting up a three-peat for those belts… though I’ll admit, we’re kind of pretty badass when it comes to setting records. But we’re going for those belts sooner or later. But until then, we’re going to keep being those children you hate so much! OBSERVE!”

Frank and Ryan gestured above the ring where The Hands of the Caused looked and to it…


Hendrix, Haggard, and Dylan screamed and struggled in the big net while the crowd had themselves a laugh at the expense of the jOlt Tag Team Champions! The members of the Hands of the Cause struggle in the gigantic net while Silver and Gallway shared a laugh.

“Not that we didn’t want Sweet Sweet Lovin to win tonight because seeing you guys lose the belts would’ve been fucking hilarious… but I’ll take this instead!”

The jOltVision went dark as the Frank Hendrix and his crew continued to shout and glare in their general direction. It seemed that the Heirs of Wrestling were not done with the Hands of the Cause by any stretch and this feud that had started with them weeks ago saw the Heirs finally go on the offensive against them. As security came down to help the members of the Hands get free from the big webbing of rope and wire, the show went to commercial before our big main event.

Omega (c) vs Grendel

“Voodoo” by Godsmack rang overhead from the PA system, drawing the arena lights to their lowest frequency. The strobe lighting danced to the rhythm of the beat as the hulking mass of evil lumbered slowly from the backstage area. Standing at the entrance staging area apex, the titan stood heaving while swaying slightly from side to side. The Beast answered to many names yet one was notorious for sending chills within the unfortunate and bystanders alike; Grendel. The Walking Nightmare, lead by his beloved Angelique, plodded forward toward the squared circle. The cameras backed away as the behemoth slowly turned his head toward them before pulling himself onto the ring apron & stepping over the ring ropes. Rolling his neck, the bones angrily popped in his neck as his music diminished as he waited for the Underground Champion.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Grendel stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face. He handed the Underground Championship to Simon Boulder as the fans jeered the champion. Grendel turned to look at the monstrous Underground Champion with a smile on his face as well. He stood near the ropes as Omega slowly moved back to the corner.

The bell sounded for the main event of the night as Omega stood to his feet. Grendel was as unpredictable as Omega so this match up would be very interesting as he went right after the boogeyman with right hands in the middle of the ring. Omega was a man that loved pain so he took every big shot from Grendel. Grendel continue his onslaught on the Underground Champion in the middle of the ring. We will see if Grendel would be the man to finally take Omega down. Grendel pushed Omega back to the corner as he continued to pound the champion in the midsection.

Omega smirked at Grendel with every shot to the midsection. Grendel looked on confused at the champion. The challenger grabbed Omega by the arm and tried to whip him into the far corner but Omega would not come out of the corner willingly. The champion held on to the top rope as Grendel continued to pull on his arm. The Lord of Anguish nailed Omega in the midsection with a stiff boot. The boogeyman released the top rope as Grendel was able to pull the champion out of the corner and whip him hard into the opposite corner. Grendel raced into the corner and nailed Omega with a big clothesline that rocked the champion in the corner.

Grendel was taking it right to the boogeyman as he knew it was going to take much damage to put him down for the count. Grendel walked slowly to the corner and pulled Omega out by his dreadlocks. He picked the champion up and slammed him hard to the mat. The challenger quickly bounced off the ropes and flew in the air, nailing Omega with a big splash. Grendel hooked Omega’s leg for the cover.




Grendel slowly stood to his feet pulling the champion up with him as he stood. The Beast of Infinite Sorrow grabbed Omega by his throat. The champion nailed Grendel below the belt as the fans erupted in jeers again. Omega grabbed Grendel by the head and nailed him with a quick European Uppercut. Grendel’s head reared backwards as the champion nailed the challenger with another quick European Uppercut. This time Grendel staggered backwards as the boogeyman raced across the ring nailing Grendel with a big clothesline that took both champion and challenger over the top rope. The fans ringside looked on as the two monstrous men lay at their feet. The champion started to get to his feet first as he grabbed Grendel by the hair.

Omega viciously whipped Grendel into the guardrail sending the big man hard into the steel barricade. Grendel fell to the floor holding his back as Omega slowly stalked his prey. The champion stopped and grabbed a steel chair from out of the front row. He folded the chair up and went over to Grendel, nailing the challenger with a vicious chair shot.







The champion smirked as he looked at the mangled chair. He threw the chair onto the floor as he watched Grendel writhed in pain on the floor. Omega picked up Grendel and drove him back first into the side of the ring. The champion was not done as he rammed Grendel into the side of the ring once more. Grendel fell to one knee as he held onto the ring apron with his left arm. Omega was not done as he pulled up the ring apron, looking under the ring for some weapons. The champion pulled out a wooden table. He looked under the ring and pulled out a ladder as well. Omega grabbed the ladder and pushed it under the bottom ropes into the ring.

The champion walked over and nailed Grendel with a big right hand to keep the challenger down. Omega picked up the table and slid it into the ring as he looked around the arena. The boogeyman rolled into the ring and grabbed the table. He picked up the table and set it up in the corner. The champion climbed over the top to the floor. He went for the Grendel who drove a shoulder into the champion’s midsection. Grendel grabbed Omega and drove his head into the ring apron. The champion’s head bounced off the apron. Grendel was not done as he took Omega and rammed him face first into the steel ring post. The champion was now down on the ground as the challenger stood over top of him.

A blood started to drip down Omega’s face from the top of his forehead. The champion felt his head and pulled his hand down to locate the blood dripping from his head. A real evil grin formed on the lips of Omega as Grendel stood over top of him before nailing him with a kick to the face.

“Continue my tormentor, pain only makes us stronger.”

Grendel smiled as he grabbed Omega by the head and drove several right hands into the open cut on his forehead. The Monster of Perpetual Pain looked at his blood soaked hands before rolling the champion into the ring. Grendel rolled into the ring following the champion. He hooked the champion’s leg for the cover as Boulder raced around the ring to get in the right position.



The champion emphatically kicked out. Omega wiped the blood from his face as he turned onto his side. The challenger stood to his feet and set the table up in the corner. Grendel reached down and picked up the champion by the locks. He tried to whip Omega into the corner where the table was set up but Omega stopped him and reversed it. Omega tried to whip Grendel, however the challenger reversed it as well and hooked Omega.


Grendel just launched the champion into the table shattering it into pieces. The fans erupted as the challenger was giving the unstoppable Omega a run for his money.










Grendel sensing the end was near pulled Omega from the rubble of the table to the middle of the ring. He dropped down for the cover. ONE…



Grendel looked shocked as the champion was able to kick out. The Monster of Perpetual Pain was not happy as he over Omega once more.




And once again the champion kicked out. Grendel looked upset as he stood to his feet and looked around the ring. Grendel noticed the ladder on the mat and sick smile came across his face. He looked down at the champion before walking over and picking up the ladder. Omega started to get to his feet still having a smile on his face. The champion turned to see Grendel coming at him with the ladder. The champion nailed the ladder with a huge boot that sent the ladder back into Grendel’s face. The challenger dropped the ladder to the mat as Omega raced over and nailed him with a huge spear. Both men lay on the mat as the fans erupted for the violence that was being displayed.





Both men started to get to their feet. Omega nailed Grendel with a big right hand then Grendel retaliated with a shot of his own. Now the match was a brawl as both men continued to throw monstrous right hands at each other without giving an inch. Grendel took a big swing at Omega which missed. Omega grabbed Grendel by the throat and drove him to the mat with a vicious choke slam. The champion continued to amaze people with his ungodly strength. The champion went for the pin on Grendel.




Omega stood to his feet and looked at the ladder. The champion put the ladder in the middle of the ring. He grabbed the challenger and drove him to the mat with a big slam on top of the ladder. Grendel’s back was already in pain from earlier and now having it slammed on a ladder would not help much. The champion rolled to the floor and started to look under the ring again. He grabbed a couple of chairs and threw them into the ring. Omega quickly rolled into the ring and set the chairs on top of the ladder in the middle of the ring. He pointed up to the sky as he winced in pain. He wiped the blood from his face once again before reaching down to grab Grendel.

He picked Grendel up and hooked him in the middle of the ring. The champion picked Grendel up displaying his massive strength again and forcefully dropped Grendel on to the ladder with a high impact power bomb. The fans looked on in awe as Omega dropped to both knees as Grendel writhing on the mat in pain.





The champion smirked as he looked out into the crowd. He rolled out to the floor again and grabbed the Underground Championship.

“Do you want more? What do you command of me ma ’lady?

Omega let out loud laugh before setting the championship down and sliding back into the ring. The boogeyman picked up Grendel once more. He hoisted the big man on his shoulders.


The champion slithered over to the challenger as Grendel lay broken on the ladder.

“Pain is only a gateway to eternal reverence.”

Omega rolled over and cover Grendel as Boulder dropped down for the count.





It was over and once again Omega retained his Underground Championship. The Underground Championship has seen many men carry this title but no one has seen the sheer dominance that Omega has brought to the division. The man has steamrolled everyone that has been put forth in front of him. Boulder slides into the ring and hands the Underground Championship to Omega who snatches it away from Simon and clutches it to his chest. The champion continued to clutch the championship to his chest unaware of three men sliding into the ring from the crowd. The champion turned around only to be speared by the biggest of the three men.

The crowd looked finally to realize that the men that were in the ring attacking Omega was none other than the Widow’s Nest. Wolf-Spider picked Omega up and slammed him hard to the mat. Arkanis was already on the top rope as he dove off with a senton bomb across the chest of the Underground Champion. The third member of the group was not going to be left out as Muerte climbed to the top rope as well. Wolf-Spider threw him a chair as he placed the chair behind him. He flew off the top rope with a chair leg drop that nailed the champ in his face. Omega writhed on the mat in pain as the three men looked down at their handy work.

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater hit the PA system as the demure geisha Black Widow slowly walked out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

“In jOlt, the only way you get noticed is if you do something to impactful. Tonight the Widow’s Nest did just that. We sat regulated to the Hype roster where we waited for our turn to be called up to the main roster. We watched as Le Bon, KUMO and Geist got their shots at the main roster and we didn’t. So I decided that we cannot sit idly by and watch everyone pass us by. In order to get what we want we are going to have to take what we want.”

The crowd continued to settle down as they listened to the leader of the Widow’s Nest.

“How do you make a statement in jOlt? I’ll tell you, you do it by taking on the baddest man in jOlt, the Underground Champion, Omega. You leave the champion beaten and battered in the middle of the ring. You give the champion what he desires most in life and that’s… PAIN.

Black Widow dropped the microphone on the stage as Wolf-Spider grabbed Omega and hooked him between his legs. Arkanis placed a chair under Wolf-Spider as Muerte climbed to the second rope. WS held Omega up and Muerte came off the top rope… SPIKED PILEDRIVER ON THE CHAIR. The three men looked on at the champion as he lay in the ring. With no emotion shown from Black Widow, she turned and walked backstage as the Widow’s Nest climbed out of the ring and slowly made their way up the ramp admiring their handy work in the middle of the ring.

The champion lay in the ring holding his head as the camera panned on his face and a slight smirk could be seen forming on his lips.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall