"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Damien Lee's Announcement"

As iNtense came on the air waves, we were treated to the standard fare opening. Damien Lee was standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand with a smile on his face. The people were still clammoring with excitement from the pyrotechnics display when the music died down and Lee welcomed us to the event.

Lee: "Ladied and gentlemen... WELCOME to Sunday Night iNtense!"

The audience cheered.

Lee: "Earlier in the day, I sent out a press release that I had an announcement to make about Wrestlecade and immediately the rumors began flying as to what the announcement may or may not be. Last time I made an announcement about the event it was about the location being in Seattle, Washington, but tonight.. it's a bit different."

Lee paused for dramatic effect.

Lee: "Tonight, I am here to announce that there will be a special guest for Wrestlecade. A man who is a former jOlt World Tag Team Champion from the original jOlt era. A man with history in this company as well as this industry. A man who has participated in Wrestlecade in its past forms in a company that used to be ran by.. well.. your current King of Hell", Lee said with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

Lee: "I'm sure some will remember him, others may be new to him, but nevertheless, he will be YOUR official host for Wrestlecade... please allow me to introduce.. a former world champion and former jOlt World Tag Team Champion... The Blazer!"

"My Way" by Limp Bizkit

With that, the fans turned their attention to the entrance ramp and out from the back stepped Blazer. Long time fans of the sport stood up and gave him a standing ovation. The others who were unfamiliar with him kind of went with the flow and clapped for him.

Blazer stood at the top of the stage and surveyed the crowd. He cracked a smile as he saw all the people standing and cheering for him. He almost felt like he had never left the business. Blazer took it all in as he walked down to the entrance ramp, the spotlights in the arena swirling with a blue hue.

Blazer walked up the ring steps and stepped into the ring and embraced Damien Lee with a handshake. Lee smiled and felt a handshake wasn't enough and gave him a great big hug. Lee then handed Blazer the microphone and then let him have his stage as he hopped out of the ring and exited to the backstage area. Blazer took another look around the Arena of Champions as the music faded out.

Blazer: "Damn.. and here I thought I was going to be forgotten."

The people continued to cheer.

Blazer: "It was eleven years ago down the road a bit in Miami, Florida, that I last saw action in the United States for a little promotion called X Wrestling. I'm sure you've heard the name dropped a few times as of late. You would have to expect to since my former boss is running around here dropping people on their heads left and right."

The people booed at the hint of Derecho's name.

Blazer: "Now now.. he wasn't all bad. I mean.. working for him was pure torture. He was an egomaniac who used to beat people with flaming sticks, he would trick rival promotions into stealing our talent only to have them win championships and then use legal action to pull them off their programming, thus killing companies, he also, one time, he went on a power trip and even made himself world champion in his own damn company."

Blazer lowered his head and rubbed his chin.

Blazer: "Now that I think about it, nothing's really changed.. he's still one great big giant asshole."

The crowd cheered and even began an "asshole" chant which caused Blazer to crack a smile.

Blazer: "Memory lane is fun and everything, but the fact of the matter is that on March 30th, I will be truly honored to step into an event that I had tremendous history with. While this isn't X Wrestling, there are a few people here that used to wrestle there back in the day so it kind of feels like home. When I heard that jOlt was going to use a former X Wrestling event to showcase themselves, I couldn't stay away.. nostalgia hit me like one of Derecho's flaming sticks.. it woke me up.. it fired me up.. and here I stand as a result!"

The people cheered.

Blazer: While this will be jOlt's first Wrestlecade, this will actually be the fifth Wrestlecade in history. I've been at all four of the previous events and it is truly my honor to be at the fifth event as its host! Thank you all!

With that, Blazer placed the microphone in the center of the ring and and took his leave to the backstage area among the cheers from the crowd. "My Way" by Limp Bizkit cranked up over the speakers once again as Blazer walked to the back, disappearing behind the curtain.

Mattock vs Sanchez Cano

Last week was a shocking turn of events. Sanchez Cano appeared to be obedient, but after getting some sense literally slapped into him by Reno Davis, Sanchez Cano turned on his partner Mattock and as a result, Mattock and Sanchez Cano would have a match here tonight.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the backstage area stepped Mattock to boos from the crowd. Over the past few months, people weren't used to seeing him come out alone, but he was just that. Mattock walked to the ring with a look of anger on his face and for good reason. His parnter turned against him and, for once, Mattock didn't have control over the situation and that ate away at him deep down inside.

Mattock walked up the ring steps and stepped between the ropes. He didn't warm up. He didn't test the ropes. He simply folded his arms and leaned against the turnbuckles as he looked back at the entrance way.

"What Comes Around" by Ill Nino

The crowd popped. It has been a while since the Arena of Champions has heard that theme song, but it brought out Sanchez Cano from the backstage area. Usually a sadistic individual, Cano looked energized and pumped up as he made his way out from the back. He even slapped the hands of the fans on the way down to the ring!

Cano slid underneath the bottom rope and hopped back and forth to keep loose, all the while daring Mattock to come at him, but Mattock simply continued to lean there in the corner uninterested.

The music died down and the referee called for the bell.




Cano walked toward the center of the ring and beckoned Mattock to meet him, but Mattock just leaned in the corner, arms crossed like he didn't care, but this was Mattock's intention. He wanted Cano to get impatient, but Cano knew Mattock all too well and didn't get himself worked up. Instead, he drew an imaginary line across the middle of the ring and then backed off into his own corner, mimicing Mattock by folding his arms.

Mattock let out a yawn as he slowly stepped out from the corner and cracked his neck. Mattock then went to the center of the ring where that imaginary line was drawn and stepped over it. He then folded his arms once again as he stared at Sanchez Cano.

Cano stepped out from his corner and met Mattock face to face in the middle of the ring. Mattock didn't flinch. He didn't move an inch. He simply stood there and stared. Cano then shoved Mattock back a few steps, but Mattock simply grinned and stood his ground. Cano stepped up to Mattock and shoved him back once more, trying to provoke him, but Mattock simply stood there and did nothing.

Cano walked up to Mattock and then...


A huge open palmed slap right across the face! Mattock's head turned to one side as Sanchez Cano gave Mattock an earful, taunting him. Mattock simply turned his head back to Cano and smiled. That latino temper of Cano's began to surface as he charged in and locked up with Mattock.. or at least attempted to. Mattock side-stepped Cano and dropped him with a Drop Toe Hold, sending him face first into the canvas. Mattock simply stood and backed away into the corner where he folded his arms up once again.

Cano pulled himself back up and looked at Mattock who seemed to be chuckling to himself. Mattock was getting inside Cano's head and this is exactly what he wanted to happen. Cano charged the corner, but Mattock moved out of the way, but Cano was smart enough to put the brakes on, but he didn't expect Mattock to grab him in a waist lock. Mattock popped the hips and nailed a German Suplex with what looked to be a Bridge Pin, but Mattock rolled through and to his feet, pulling Cano along for the ride. Once Mattock was vertical, he got underneath Cano and went to spin him out into a Blue Thunder Driver to complete Gemini's Destruction, but mid rotation, Cano hooked Mattock under his arm and flipped him with a lucha style Arm Drag!

Cano and Mattock quickly got back to their feet as Cano lunged in with Alternating Palm Strikes, but Mattock stepped backwards with every strike and dodged each one. Mattock then hit a knee to Cano's stomach which doubled him over. Mattock was close to the corner so he hopped backwards onto the middle turnbuckle, hopping over Cano and hooking his legs under his arms. He then flipped him over with a Yoshi Tonic and a cover!



Cano kicked out

Mattock stood and brought Cano to his feet. Mattock fired off a knife edge chop across the chest and then fired off a second. Mattock grabbed Cano by the arm and whipped him into the near corner. Mattock took a step back and then charged in, leaping with a Body Avalanche, but Cano moved out of the way and Mattock slammed chest first into the turnbuckle pads. Cano then rolled Mattock up from behind with a School Boy Pin.



Kick out by Mattock.

Cano was first to his feet and when Mattock tried to get up, he felt the sting of a stiff front kick to his chest. Cano hit another kick and then a third before he hesitated for a moment as he aimed for Mattock's head. Cano swung his leg, but Mattock ducked the kick. He quickly shoved Cano chest first into corner. Cano staggered back a few feet as Mattock got under Cano's arm. He was looking for the Switchblade Romance, but when he swung with the twisting lariat, Cano ducked it and grabbed Mattock by the waist...


Mattock hit the back of his head hard on the top turnbuckle. He staggered forward as Cano hooked him in a front face lock. Cano lifted Mattock into the air and spun him down with a Tornado Brainbuster!

Cano pointed to the the corner as the crowd hit their feet. This match was only a few minutes in, but Sanchez Cano had a good shot at ending it early! Cano ascended the turnbuckle pads and measured up Mattock. He then leapt off with the double stomp.. the Sadistic Spike.. but...

...No one home!

Mattock rolled out of the way, but Cano landed on his feet. He turned to see Mattock still getting up near the corner. Cano charged in and nailed a Running Corner Lariat to Mattock which slumped him down into a seated position. Cano then took off to the ropes and came back with a running Shotgun Drop Kick, but Mattock moved out of the way and quickly made his way to the opposite corner. Cano staggerd to his feet and Mattock charged in, hitting a Running Double Knee Strike to the chest that slammed Cano back first into the turnbuckles.

It was Cano who now fell to a seated position as Mattock ran off to Cano's right towards the corner. He hit the ropes and came running at full speed...



Sanchez Cano could be out cold as Mattock grabbed Cano by the leg and dragged him to the center of the ring where he went for the cover, hooking the leg in deep.



Thre.. NO!!

Cano popped the shoulder up and the people in attendance cheered!

Mattock immediately brought Cano up to a seated position and then went to the ropes. Mattock was looking for his Shining Wizard that he called the Vision Shatter, but Cano stood and shocked Mattock by hitting a lunging clothesline, knocking him down in mid-charge. Cano stumbled to his feet and tried to shake off the effects. He went to the ropes and came back with a running leg drop across the throat. Cano stood, went to the ropes a second time and hit a second running leg drop across Mattock's throat. Cano quickly stood and went to the ropes, but this time he finished off the trifecta with a flipping senton backsplash! Cano turned and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Mattock kicked out.

Cano brought Mattock up to a seated position and locked in the rear chin lock. He wrenched away at Mattock's head, trying to cut off his air supply. Mattock, however, battled to a standing position and then fell back down with a Jaw Breaker. Cano fell back against the ropes and staggered forward as Mattock stood, turned, and in one fluid motion, performed a back flip where he brought both of his feet right underneath Cano's jaw!

Cano stumbled back from the impact and fell through the ropes, spilling out to the floor by the base of the entrance ramp! Cano held his jaw in pain as it just sustained two consecutive heavy blows. Cano tried to pull himself to his feet, but Mattock stayed on him as he charged the opposite ropes and gained full momentum. Mattock then leapt to the top rope and with no hands, flipped off with a Springboard Corkscrew Shooting Star Press to the outside...


Mattock crashed into Cano and the two of them collapsed at ringside!

"Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy Shit!", chanted the crowd!

Mattock dizzily got back to his feet and fell against the edge of the ring to try and prop himself up. He eventualy regained his composure and grabbed Cano, pulling him back up. He rolled Cano back into the ring and then climbed up onto the ring apron. He ascended the turnbuckle pads, looking for another high risk move. This time he had his back to Cano inside the ring. Mattock pivoted and twisted off into a Phoenix Splash, but he stuck his leg out and brought the heel of his boot right into the temple of Sanchez Cano!!


Two high risk, high impact, devastating maneuvers.

All that was left was to make the cover.



Thre... NO!!!

Cano popped the shoulder up and the crowd erupted in cheers!

Mattock wouldn't allow this to continue any further, though. He grabbed Cano and pulled him back up. He hoisted Cano up onto his shoulders in the fireman carry position. Mattock then spun Cano off to the side slightly where he was looking for the Quantum Driver II, but Cano continued the momentum and coverted it into a Sunset Flip style rolled up, but Mattock rolled through and swung his leg at Cano's head, but Cano leaned back and avoided the kick!

Mattock spun around from the momentum as Cano kipped up to his feet. He then leapt up behind Mattock and wrapped his arm around his neck. He then pulled him down to the canvas, causing the back of Mattock's head to smack into the canvas!

Cano knew that he only had one shot. He mustered all of his energy as he stood and charged the corner. He leapt up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim, leaping off and connecting!!


The double stomp right into Mattock's chest! Cano went for the cover!




Cano got him! Sanchez Cano just pinned his former partner! The crowd roared in approval as Sanchez Cano had his hand raised! With this victory, reVolt was sure to be no more and now Cano has started a new path.. a path of liberation.. a path of true freedom.. a path toward realistic goals and not the false prophecies of man with delusions of grandeur running through his mind!

Tonight, Sanchez Cano took those first steps and began forging a new path!

Winner: Sanchez Cano via Pinfall

"Grey Anatomy"

The past few weeks have been scrupulous at best for the former jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Aran Thompson. Aran had been on the losing end of everything he has held dear to him: The jOlt Championship, and even his own stable The Black Faction. With a new found and relentless attitude, Aran shocked his former stable mates and followers; the West Texas Terrorists by ambushing them in a match that would see Aran Thompson and Waymoth Turnbull forcibly team up, but Aran wasn't done with just his former stable mates, Aran also took out Waymoth Turnbull who after saving Aran from the treachery of The Black Faction laid Aran out with his Red Hook Combo.

The Arena of Champions was hot, after an amazing Unlimited PPV event and a follow up that was full of twists and turns they were ready to see where the should could take them as the company built to their grandest event of the year: Wrestlecade!

Light Off

The fans buzzed as the darkness enveloped the entirety of the Arena of Champions. Cellphones, Lighters, Cameras all tried with whimsical moxy as they dared catch a glimpse through the shadows when an enormous burst of white pyrotechnics flew from the jOltvision and cascaded down to the entrance ramp.


The typical chorus of booing echoed throughout the hallowed halls of the Arena of Champions as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing and a single spotlight beamed down onto the entrance ramp revealing Aran Thompson who held his retired Relentless Championship high into the air and the reaction changed as a gradual progression of cheering could be heard trying to cut it's way through the disdain shown for the former jOlt Champion. The lights cut on and Laurie Williams stood behind him as he handed her the Relentless Championship and marched down to the ring with a sly grin on his face.

Aran stopped at ringside and looked around The Arena of Champions listening to the fans as they both cheered and booed him and his grin turned into a slight look of disbelief before he walked around the ring and eyed the fans at ring side. Aran put his hand out for a microphone and once he received it he looked around as the booing over powered the cheering and he slid into the ring and sat on the bottom rope to allow his wife easier access to enter the ring.

"Wow..." Aran began.

"It wasn't less than a month ago that you people all vehemotly disagreed with everything and anything I stood for and now some of you..." Aran paused with a slight grin.

"Some of you cheer."

"It's amazing what ridding yourself, albeit unintentionally, of the burden of whining...crying...ungrateful weight can do for the soul. For the fans. Even for the mind."

Aran paused and looked around once more time before deciding to continue.

"You see, it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter if you boo me. It doesn't matter of if you cheer for me, I've been the same person since day one and it took a couple relentless kicks and a Relentless title to the skull of a monster to remind me that I AM THE FUTURE OF THIS INDUSTRY!"

"Sure I've been apart of a set back or two. I've lost my jOlt Championship, I've lost the family that I built with my wife" Aran said as he motioned to Laurie Williams who cradled his Relentless Championship in her arms.

"But I will never lose my relentless spirit. The dirt sheets have made it abundantly clear. Aran Thompson was a guy that lived in the mid-card and got the short stick every time. I came out this ring, for two different promotions and I did everything that I could to entertain you and bring new life into a lack luster industry. I dethroned a self proclaimed GOD. I stood next to a superbeast as an ally! I broke the glass ceiling when a future hall of famer said I shouldn't even be trusted with spraying that ceiling with window cleaner."

"I've accomplished more in a lifetime than almost every single person in attendence here tonight! And I WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!"

The fans began booing him as he finished that statement which caused Aran to flash that devilish grin he has utilized the entirety of his career.

"But there is a new goal. No....there is a new stepping stone."

Aran paused and snarled.

"Landon Stevens."

The Arena of Champions burst in a song of discord for the newly proclaimed leader of the Black Faction and Aran nodded.

"When I was training Landon years ago, did I think that Landon would dethrone me from a position of power? Absolutely not. Because while I might of trained him well. He will never be good enough to best me. It took him THREE MONTHS to do to Waymoth Turnbull what took me ONE NIGHT to do."

"Put him down!"

"Waymoth Turnbull is a monster! I can admit it. I saw it when he came in and that is why I did what I had to do to get him in my pocket. Waymoth Turnbull has the capabilities to take be the next superbeast and if it weren't for me he would be in the same exact position that I was in Legacy of Champions for years! Stuck in the mid-card wallowing with people who just showed up for a check. No aspirations for more. No goals in place. He just wanted to pay his managed Cloyd back and get out of debt."

"I paid that debt! I gave him a clean slate and when he failed me, I tossed him aside for a new threat. A stronger Black Faction."

The fans booed Aran once again and he shook his head.

"You people don't get it! Boo me! I want you to react! I LOVE when you react! That's means I'm doing my job. And I've done it all HONESTLY."

"These little stepping stones in the path of me regaining my jOlt Championship from Eiji Kugasari are ungrateful. The moment that I got a little hard on them, they decide it's ground for revenge. Why not look at the bigger picture here!"

"Landon came in and had an undefeated streak! Never once was he pinned or submitted in a match even against the Underground Champion Omega, and when I came into the picture he lost. Sure it was a tainted victory for me but it was a victory none the less. Now look at him. He is in the title hunt for what we all know is the biggest prize in this company. Because he rode next to me. And the same goes for Waymoth!"

"If it wasn't for Aran Thompson...BOTH of them would be meandering!"

Aran looked around and smiled noddingly.

"Wow." He said as he turned his attention to his wife, Laurie Williams.

"Put that on the resumé, dear. Aran Thompson "CONTENDER CREATOR"."

Laurie gently clapped for her husband and spun around flashing his retired championship belt.

"But I guess no amount of grooming can prepare them for what I have planned. And to put that plan into motion, I asked Damien Lee for a triple threat match tonight!"

The fans errupted in a blaze of gratitude as Aran nodded again and smiled.

"I thought you might like that."

"Tonight.. Waymoth Turnbull and the, obviously still learning from the teacher, Landon Stevens will come into this ring against me and we will put this side of cattle to rest."

The fans began cheering and a camera close to Aran zoomed in as he focused on the camera.

"You two need to a reminder. A reminder of exactly who I am! I am a God Slayer! I am a Superstar Slayer! I am Mr. Relentless! and tonight...."

Aran paused as the fans ate up every word he was saying now.

"Tonight will mark a return of the guard!"

"Tonight...I win."

Aran dropped the microphone as "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing once again and the former jOlt Champion and his wife made their way out of the ring as the fans continued their mixed reaction for Aran.

"Finding Kryptonite"

The Arena of Champions. A building that has been home to a wide variety of imposing characters, men that would be better referred to as monsters. None of which are more imposing, more monster-like than the man that has come to embrace that very term as his own moniker … the monster, Grendel.

He lurks in the shadows. Silent. Only heralded by his beloved Angelique, the voice of his violence. She leads her pet through the corridors confidently, knowing that so long as Grendel is with her she has the power and control. A sadistic smile flashed across her face as this thought an through her mind. She was in control of this force of nature, she can bend him to her will … and she has.

A locker room door opened and the plum face of Sam Sweet peaked out. He looked directly into Angelique’s eyes but quickly noticed the white glowing orbs that follow her. “I, um … have you heard if catering … uh, nevermind.” And one half of Sweet, Sweet Lovin’ gently closed the door to his locker room, a faint clicking sound of a door lock being secured followed.

Control. Power. These are two things that are paramount in the wrestling world. But there is one more valuable source of energy, something that can drive a man to overachieve in the realm of violence.



In an instant the confidence that ran so thoroughly through Angelique was gone. Replaced now with utter terror as she screamed, dodging a ball of flame that nearly melted her face off. It was not intended for her, rather for her monster. And the assailant, the man responsible for such a brutal attack?

Chris Titan.

The former jOlt Champion and leader of the Backbone had returned. The fans erupted, something that rarely happened for Titan in his long career in professional wrestling. They, just as much as he, knew that his heinous action was not unprovoked. It was justice. He stood there, blowtorch in hand, watching Grendel battle with the most destructive of Earth’s elements as it attempted to burn right through his mask.

“GET AWAY! GET AWAY FROM HIM!” was all that Angelique could think to scream. She began to step forward, perhaps to intervene, but when she locked eyes with Titan her resolve quickly faded. She stepped back, not forward, and continued to scream at Titan to stop but the jOlt Original wasn’t interested in her pleas. He was only concerned with revenge.

“STOP! CHRIS, STOP THAT! PUT IT DOWN!” Various jOlt referees and backstage workers flooded the hallway and poured onto Chris Titan, overwhelming him and forcing the blowtorch from his hand. The torch rolled along the floor, coming to a stop at Angelique’s feet. She hesitated for a moment, still unnerved from the attack by Titan. But upon looking at her beloved monster, rolling on the ground and wailing in pain and panic, she took the torch in hand. Power. Control. Vengeance. She had them all now and she knew what she would do with them. She would burn Chris Titan to ash. That sadistic smile again. She was ready, poised to attack, she was … tackled to the ground by security and pinned there. Grendel went bezerk, lunging at Angelique’s captors he inadvertently speared them and Angelique into the nearby wall.


The monster turned to Chris Titan, who was being held at bay himself. Titan began to pry his arms out but he was not fast enough. Grendel broke through the guard and ripped Chris Titan loose, holding the former champion high above his head by his throat. But Titan was not scared, he welcomed this.


The tirade was cut short when Titan’s head found itself smashing into a cement wall. He was down, at the mercy of the monster. But Grendel did not finish his assault. Not for mercy or to prolong the inevitable, as others might have done. Not for a pay day. These were the concerns of men, not monsters. No, Grendel did not finish Titan off for one simple reason … his beloved needed him. It was the singular though running through his sick mind. He sifted through the pile of ailing bodies and plucked Angelique out of the mess. Hoisting her over his shoulder, he made his way directly to the trainer’s office. Titan, slowly coming to, witnessed the pair exit and smiled.

“Now that you know I know your weakness, Grendel, what are you going to do?”

Sarah Winterton vs Daryn Thompson

The current Starlet Champion has been on a complete warpath since winning the championship and doing everything within her power to eliminate any competition for her prized possession. After defending her championship against three of her top contenders, including the “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann, Daryn Thompson and the woman she stole the championship from in Charlotte, the self-professed Queen of the Starlets had done the unthinkable last week…

She had slammed Charlotte’s arm into a car door repeatedly, possibly breaking her arm in the process! Charlotte would be out of action for an undetermined length of time, but the Queen of the Starlets didn’t care! Winterton was becoming more and more dangerous the longer that the belt was in her possession, but tonight she would have a very tough test –the Starlet Powerhouse Daryn Thompson was promising to end her reign tonight. Even though she lost at the chance to become the champion at Unlimited, Thompson had enough respect for the previous champion Charlotte that she wanted to take her belt and make her pay for what she had done to the other Starlets. Had Sarah Winterton created a monster tonight?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the jOlt Starlet Championship!” Brad Arnold shouted for the masses who cheered loudly for the match about to happen next.

“Madness” by Muse.

The music played and the crowd actually went NUTS! Daryn Thompson had remained something of an anomaly among the Starlet locker room. She was by far the most powerful among the women of jOlt and she had her share of fans and haters for her no-nonsense approach, but tonight when Winterton started calling out the women’s locker room, Thompson was the first to step up and challenge The Queen of the Starlets for her prized belt!

“Introducing the challenger, she hails from Dallas, Texas… this is DARYN THOMPSON!

The Texan Firecracker threw up the horns and approached the ring to a nice cheer from the crowd who wanted to see her do nothing more than unseat Winterton for her title belt and take the fight to her once and for all. Thompson wasn’t the one who ate the actual fall in the four-way at Unlimited so many believed she still had a stake at the belt. She headed into the ring and waited for her opponent.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl making her way to the ring! She waved the title high over her head and held it up to the rafters for her challenge!

“And her opponent… from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 142 pounds… She is the reigning and defending STARLET CHAMPION OF THE WORLD… ”THE QUEEN OF THE STARLETS” SARAH WINTERTON!

The crowd was roaring with deafening hatred for the young lady with her championship. She wore her signature sash that simply read “CHAMPION” to the ring and waved to the ring with her fake princess wave as she approached the ring. Daryn Thompson wasn’t going to take any shit from her as he got into the ring…


Daryn was waving for her to get into the ring and when she did, she cautiously did so. The Starlet referee Kim Adams held Dayrn at bay as best she could before Winterton gave her the title belt. Adams raised the belt for all to see before she handed it over to the timekeeper. She called for the bell and the action was about to begin!


Right at the bell, Winterton went on the attack first! She kicked away at the leg of the bigger Starlet and peppered her with a series of big Forearm Smashes to the face to keep her at bay! Another big kick followed and the leg kicks soon after that! If Thompson had any chance of keeping her title intact, she would need to stick and move against the Texan Firecracker!

“You cannot beat me and you never will, darling! Nobody can!”

The crowd was very much pro-Thompson as she got her arms up to defend herself from each shot. When Winterton tried for a big shot, Thompson blocked the shot and IMMEDIATLEY pushed her into the corner! The Queen of the Starlets was on the bad end of a series of STIFF body shots being thrown her way by the big Texan! Each blow went off like a gunshot and hurt Winterton like hell. Daryn cocked a hand back…





Four HARD Knife-Edge Chops caught the Queen of the Starlets and had her doubled over in pain in the corner while a smiling Thompson continued to bring the pain to the champion. She slowly grabbed her by the arm and twisted it around before whipping Sarah powerfully across the ring and into the opposite corner. She hit the corner hard, but that was a papercut compared to the oncoming SPEAR in the corner that nearly broke Winterton in half!

Sarah was doubled over in pain and Daryn pulled her out of the corner just so she could run across the ring and come back with an explosive Running Shoulder Tackle that sent the Starlet Champion flipping up and over!


The crowd was on fire now and they loved every bit of the punishment that she was doling out to Starlet Public Enemy #1. She pulled Winterton off the canvas and whipped her across the ring once again sending her flying halfway across the ring and right into the path of a MURDEROUS Discus Lariat! Winterton was nearly down and out when Thompson finally went for the first cover of the match! She could be closing in on the Starlet Championship!



THR... NO!

Just BARELY did Winterton kick out of the big move! Daryn Thompson looked pissed, but she was more than happy to keep doling out any form of viciousness she could dish up against The Spoiled Queen. She lifted her up and tried to press her over her head when Winterton quickly squirmed her way free and headed out to the outside!

“Get back her, ya little bitch!” Thompson shouted.


Winterton rolled away from her and headed out underneath the ring! Daryn saw where she was going and gave chase to her around the other side where she was ducking down. The Starlet Powerhouse pulled off the ring skirt and did her best to try and get her out from underneath…


That was the sound of the crowd groaning from the heinous action committed by Sarah! The Crafty Queen had grabbed Daryn by her arm and pulled it HARD right into some of the metal grating that propped up the ring! The Texan Firecracker was hurt now and she backed away from the ring long enough to try and create some distance. Winterton had found her opening and that’s when she charged right at Daryn and let out a blood-curdling scream before kicking her with a pair of hard shots right to the arm!


With some effort, she turned Thompson around before pushing her back inside the ring where she could continue to dish out some more damage to her bad arm now. She climbed inside the ring and tried to get back at her, but Daryn was STILL fighting and fired a series of vicious big right hands to the stomach to keep the Queen at bay! Daryn got some cheers from the crowd as she buried a few knees to the chest before tossing him overhead with a big SITOUT HIP TOSS! Thompson crawled over while favoring her left arm as she tried to finish things…




Thompson yelled and got the crowd fired up as Winterton cradled her back in pain. The Queen of the Starlets stood up and tried to beg off Daryn as she walked forward. Sarah smirked before she quickly stopped her in her tracks with a Drop Toe Hold! Once she brought Thompson to the mat she jumped over and applied a Front Facelock. Basic Wrestling 101 but it was effective enough for The Crafty Queen to get the early advantage.

Daryn struggled at first, but she got back to her feet and brought Winterton with her. Once they were back on their feet, Sarah stopped her with another good shot to the bad arm! The Queen of the Starlets turned him around and went for a Vertical Suplex…


The Texan stopped Winterton in her tracks and lifted her up now, holding her up in the air for a few seconds. She fell backwards and dropped Sarah Winterton on the mat with the Suplex! The crowd was supporting Daryn as she went for yet another cover! Her arm was still in pain, but she had enough in her to cover.



An early kickout by The Queen of the Starlets. Daryn Thompson pulled the Queen of the Starlets back and kicked her in the gut before trying to set her up for a Powerbomb early, but Winterton twisted her way free and grabbed the arm before executing a modified Dragon Screw to FORCE big Daryn down to the mat! Sarah quickly squirmed away from her and headed to the ring apron for safety to buy herself some time while Dayrn writhed around in pain. With a free chance to dole out some more punishment, she grabbed Thompson by the arm and twisted it around the middle rope! She held the submission in place while the hurt Daryn started to shout in pain! Kim Adams had seen enough and ordered her to stop.

“Back it off, Winterton, now!”

She was using dirty tactics as had always been her MO in the ring and it led her all the way to the championship! The longest-reigning current champion in jOlt listened as Adams ordered her to back off otherwise she would be disqualified. Sarah backed off and smiled at the referee before she grabbed Daryn by the arm again.

Winterton twisted the arm and continued with the Arm Wringers to weaken the joints. Thompson tried to fight her off but Sarah ducked a forearm only to drop down with a stunner-like move to soften up some more. Daryn yelled again while Sarah sat up and waited for her next attack. She rolled Daryn over into a snapmare and delivered a kick to the back. Thompson arched her back in pain while Sarah went to the ropes before a Dropkick to the back of the head…


The Queen of the Starlets calmly sat up and waved another fake princess wave at the jeering crowd.


Winterton ignored the crowd and the current Starlet Champion went for another cover!




Daryn kicked out at two! The Queen of the Starlets was wrestling a smart match so far and twisted the arm back before she rolled and BRIDGED over into a modified Bridging Armbar. She was rolled over impressively while Daryn was trapped in the confines of a deadly submission by the technically-sound Winterton. The strong Texan tried her best to free herself from the hold, but Sarah adjusted herself into a seated Armbar variation now to wear her down some more. She looked out to the crowd and smiled again.


The Queen of the Starlets continued to put the pressure on Daryn, but the young Texan started to get back to her feet despite the pain her arm was in. She quickly got to her knee and delivered two powerful Forearm Smashes to the face of the Queen of the Starlets to make her let go.

Sarah rubbed her cheek in pain before she tried to attack Daryn again. The rookie Starlet was ready this time and caught her with a modified Flapjack with her good arm!

The crowd in the Arena of Champions cheered in support of Daryn Thompson as she tried to get back to her feet. The Queen of the Starlets followed shortly behind her while she was out of breath. Winterton tried running at her and instead she was clubbed with a big Clothesline from the Texan.

Daryn ran right at The Queen of the Starlets and nailed a second Clothesline and started to get some momentum back on her side. When The Queen of the Starlets was busy staggering back to her feet Daryn hit the ropes and she came back with a very impactful Running Big Boot that knocked her right over! The Texan quickly hobbled over and went for the cover.




The Queen of the Starlets kicked out and was almost left with egg on her face after all her self-hype. Daryn Thompson continued to fight and tried to whip The Queen of the Starlets again, but she stopped that with a sharp elbow to her bad arm. Daryn flinched and the move stunned him long enough to hit the ropes. When she came back she was caught quickly with a Scoop Powerslam!




SO CLOSE! SO DAMN CLOSE! Thompson thought that she had the match won, but Winterton was still very much in the game and would do whatever she could to keep her title belt. The one-armed Thomspon picked her up by the hair and started to pull her up. She was looking for…


Winterton flipped out behind her and landed on her feet! When she stumbled backwards into the corner, Thompson quickly charged only to eat a pair of feet to her bad arm! Thompson was in pain now and fell to her shoulder as Winterton cackled. She ran of the ropes behind her and tried pushing her to the ropes…


The Starlet Powerhouse hung onto the ropes with her good arm while Winterton rolled backwards and landed back on her feet. They had reversed each other’s big moves but Thompson continued her push towards her first championship. She kicked her in the gut and pulled her up into the fireman’s carry when Winterton kicked away. The Queen of the Starlets frantically kicked and screamed until she nearly caught Kim Adams with a kick, but the referee moved! She took advantage of her line of sight and clawed away at her eye! Thompson fell to a knee while Winterton shifted her way into the submission…


The move was locked in! The modified version of the Christo submission was locked in tightly and this was a move that Winterton didn’t use a whole lot, but it had served her effectively! Thompson’s arm was all messed up from the frequent targeting and she continued to struggle…

“Tap out! Tap!”

The Queen of the Starlets continued to shout and scream as Thompson fell to her knees while trying to squirm towards the ropes. Her arm was burning in pain right now and she had given Winterton everything she had, but she was nearly out of it…


The crowd JEERED to all hell as referee Kim Adams called for the bell! Sarah Winterton continued to keep the hold cinched in, cranking back on the move and trying to do whatever she could to damage the arm of The Texan Firecracker!

“Here is your winner of the match and STIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL the Starlet Champion… ”THE QUEEN OF THE STARLETS” SARAH WINTERTON!

Finally after Brad Arnold announced her as the winner, Winterton rolled off the fallen body of the injured Winterton and she laughed her ass off as she was handed her belt! This was a very, very tough test and it took everything and the kitchen sink to finally keep Thompson down, but Sarah had done it. She raised the title overhead for all to see.

“Your Queen! Right here! Bow, my darlings, bow!”

And it looked like she was not done with what she had to say.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Submission


Daryn Thompson was hurt now and she continued to nurse her arm in pain while Sarah Winterton stood over her with the title in her possession. The Starlet Champion had already put out Charlotte last week and it looked like she had intent to do the same to the Starlet Powerhouse.


The crowd was in an uproar as Winterton dropped her title on the ground and rolled out of the ring. She shoved Michael Buhrman aside and took a steel chair from ringside while Thompson was too hurt to defend herself. The Queen of the Starlets folded it up and prepared to do some much more lasting damage as she took the chair in hand.

“You see what I have done here tonight? Do you people see what I have done? I have made this Starlet Title mean something! It is not some prize to be won by unworthy hands! This title belt is mine and no one else’s! Charlotte can’t have it! Daryn Thompson and her big hooves can’t have it! “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann can’t have it! Nobody! No one in this organization, nobody in The Hype, nobody in women’s wrestling today can touch me! And I’ll make sure that NOBODY gets this belt!”

She dropped the microphone and fastened the chair around Daryn’s arm! The Starlet Powerhouse tried to fight back only to get shoved backwards, so Winterton kicked her in the face several times to keep her down. She had bad intentions with the chair…

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE.

The crowd ROARED! They had more than enough of the Queen of the Starlets and without any more prompt, jOlt’s lovely little Otaku Starlet headed to the ring! Winterton turned around and ate a BIG Dropkick to the face from The Dragonfly!

While there was probably no love lost between Daryn Thompson and Amber Ryann, she wasn’t going to stand around and watch Winterton try and injure another one of the Starlets on the roster! Winterton took her title and rolled away from the ring as The Dragonfly picked up the microphone of the mat that Sarah had dropped earlier.

“I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” Ryann yelled. “I’ve had enough of your entitlement, your attitude and quite frankly…. You’re kind of a BITCH!”


“You take that back, I am no b-word! I am YOUR Queen of the Starlets! Your one undisputed queen!”

“No, you’re nobody’s queen!” Ryann fired back. “You’re nothing more than a poser who cheated to win that title and cheated to keep it! You injured my friend, Charlotte, and I am not going to sit around here one day longer while you come out here and lord over your empty victories! If you want a fight and you want to prove yourself, then I’m challenging you to a match at Wrestlecade for that Starlets Championship! You and me!”

Winterton fumed as she shook her fist in the direction of the Dragonfly.


The crowd booed as The Queen of the Starlets took her title and disappeared up the ramp and out of sight behind the curtain. A fuming Dragonfly stood in the ring checking on Daryn Thompson while keeping one other eye on the young lady. Of course Winterton would duck her challenge since that was the kind of champion she was, but Amber Ryann wasn’t going to let this rest. Not until she accepted her challenge.

"It's Been Eight Years... Yo"

Backstage, we see Derecho leaning up against a wall, checking his cell phone. He was mouthing things to himself while he scrolled, obviously reading what was on his phone silently to himself. Then, suddenly, from the right side of the screen, he heard a voice.

"Hey boss!"

Derecho turned his head and then he came face to face with one of his greatest adversaries.. The Blazer. Derecho instantly put his phone away and faced Blazer as Blazer just stood there and smiled.

"You disappeared on me for nine years.. not so much an E-Mail.. a phone call.. a letter... nothing... and now, I arrive at the arena and find out that Damien Lee was in contact with you.. that he named you the special guest host for Wrestlecade and you couldn't even bother to tell me?" asked Derecho with annoyance in his voice.

"Well... to be honest.. after everything we've been through, would you have even responded if I did notify you?" asked Blazer.

Derecho cracked a grin and chuckled to himself.

"Of course I would have responded. I would have told you not to show up and to stay as far away as possible because if there is one thing I cannot stand more than anything else in this world.. it's you." said Derecho

Blazer smirked.

"Such warm words for someone you haven't seen in nearly a decade. I was right to say that you haven't changed at all." said Blazer.

That statement plucked a nerve with Derecho as his facial expression clearly showed that he didn't appreciate the remark one bit.

"Haven't changed? I can understand that being dropped on your head in Japan back in 2005 could have clouded your judgment, but in order for Damien Lee to select you as host for Wrestlecade, you had to have been up on current events here, at least, I would hope and assume that you would." said Derecho before he paused briefly.

"You should know that I am not the same person from 2004 when you last saw me. I have evolved beyond my zenith and have achieved a level that only I can reach. I have taken this miserable promotion and flipped it on its head. It was because of me that the Underground Championship is seen and revered as a championship that rivals the world title. It's because of me that the Underground Division has become what it has... a landscape that represents hell itself and even though I do not have my championship title back just yet... I assure you that I stand atop of hell itself as its King. Where you walk.. where you stand at this very moment.. is inside of an arena that I helped build."

Derecho stepped in closer and lower the tone in his voice. It's about as serious as we've ever heard Derecho in some time.

"If you think for one second that I would welcome someone the likes of you into my arena... into my underground.. into my realm.. then you have another thing coming. When I walked away from X Wrestling in 2004, I walked away hoping to leave you dead and buried in the past.. and now like an unwanted spirit that wants nothing more but to haunt, here you are standing before me."

"Take some one-time advice. Turn around and walk away because if you don't, I won't think twice about putting you through this wall. I guarantee that I won't even allow you to make it to Wrestlecade."

Derecho stood there and waited as Blazer backed away with his hands in the air.

"It is pleases "your majesty", I shall go. It was lovely seeing you, too, Darky boy." said Blazer with a grin on his face as he turned and walked away

Derecho stood there nearly at his boiling point. Blazer was the first man he ever had an epic feud with. To say there was bad blood there was an understatement.

"I'll Make Sure You Niggas Eat"

“Ehh yo… I’m over here young boyyyyzzzzzzz,” the voice of Diamond Jewelz bellows out from behind the dark tinted windows of his dark purple Porsche, at 3 casually clothed gargantuan hulking figures, the headlights gleaming brightly into the darkness of the parking lot the arena. The figures quickly make their way over to the car. The dark tinted window rolls down a little more to, from the distance the camera is at, pick up the glimmer and gleam of Diamond Jewelz’s custom grill platinum and diamond grill.

“So you youngins up for the job?”, Diamond enquires.

“Yeah we up for it..” one voice, replies, “Yeah, Yeah…. Let’s get this money my nigga… You good for it,” another chimes in eaglery.

“That’s whats up… That’s whats up… You Cross The Hood boys is obviously wet behind the ears.. Take a look inside the car and see how good for it I am yourself…..

The three men peer into the car.

“Damn… Straight cash homie?? This shit is really real my nigga,” The voice of Jackson Cross echoes through the parking lot.”

"I’m great for it lil homies!!! I got an empire out here.. What you expect?? Get my chain back from that bitch ass nigga JCon, and get this money… I know you young boys is hungry… That Hype check ain’t paying too many bills or buying too many bottles… Big hungry motherfuckers like you boys need big chops… You young boys gon eat good with this money right here… Who’s this young boy you got wit you..”

“Ahh, this big Bryan,” Machida Hood answers sharply.

“Big Bryan Williamson. Yeah I heard of him… You ready to get gully out here Big Country?”

“Yes sir.” Bryan Williamson of the Hype answers…

“Aight Big Country… I’m counting on you niggas… If you can get the job done before somebody else does, this money is yours..” Diamond Jewelz remarks.

“So do we get $100,000 a piece or do we split it…” Bryan asks inquisitively.

“Split it my niggas.. But you never know.. Diamond Jewelz is a generous man… Worry about splitting that fuck boys head first… I’ll make sure you niggas eat real good after that…”

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Total Conquest vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

This match had everything riding on it when it comes to the Tag Team Division. The Hands of the Cause – Frank Hendrix, Brone Haggard, and Henry Dylan – had made nothing but trouble since they had won the belts at Unlimited. Word has it that they would be defending the belts at Wrestlecade, they would be fighting against one of three teams:

The former two-time Tag Team Champions, the Heirs of Wrestling. The team that The Hands had some beef with in the past including sneak attacks and other assorted schemes to keep the former champions at bay. A tag team who had the chance to become champions last week but fell just short against the current champs – Sweet Sweet Lovin, former Tag Champs themselves. And the team of Statuz Quo and Khadafi, also known as Trouble. They had their share of troubles with Jonathan Conspiracy and decided that a big win here would turn their luck around. Three teams – one shot at the gold – who was going to get it?

“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! This is a triple threat match and the winning team will be crowned the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Championships!” Brad Arnold shouted. A nifty little #1 Contenders Match graphic populated across the screen to show exactly what was on the line.

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

The music played and the lights flashed in shades of white and blue before pyro EXPLODED all over the ramp! The crowd started to ROAR in approval for two of jOlt’s biggest stars and among its best tag teams! Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway appeared at the top of the ramp with flashing robes! Red for Frank, blue for Gallway and with their back turned to the camera, they flashed with little LED tickers that read one loud and clear message…


“First, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 442 pounds, they are the two-time former jOlt Tag Team Champions… from Seattle, Washington, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Frank and Ryan smirked before each taking a turnbuckle to pose and soak in the reception from the fans. They each hopped off the top turnbuckles and the two discussed strategy before they waited for their opponents.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

Up next were the\ perennial fan favorites were about to make their way out, that's why! A couple of party animals looking to have themselves a good time were ready to hit the scene. And quite frankly, there were a few hoochies screaming in the audience.

“And introducing their opponents... being accompanied to the ring by Jon Katz, Jr, at a combined weight of 554 pounds, they are one-time former jOlt Tag Team Champions… the team of Sam Sweet and Lennox Love... SWEET SWEET LOVIN!

And sure enough, the tall and lanky Lennox Love and the fat lothario, Sam Sweet, were being led to the ring by the charismatic Jon Katz, Jr. Sweet Sweet Lovin had been stepping up their game immensely in the last couple weeks with a near-miss of the Tag Titles last week against The Hands. They had been winning on Rock The House and on more recent editions of iNtense and fans knew the rivalry between The Heirs and Sweet Sweet Lovin, trading those Tag Titles for a while. The Heirs politely clapped for Sweet Sweet Lovin as team number three was about to come out.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The lights in the arena began to flash rapidly in shades of red and blue while imitation sirens hit and one by one, the group known as Trouble made their way out. Duzza was out first followed shortly by his charges, the cocky Statuz Quo and the vicious Khadafi. Each man stood on top of the entrance and raised their hands for the crowd before Duzza pointed to the ring. Trouble had one goal in mind and that was to win this match and go on to Wrestlecade, the biggest show in jOlt history!

“And the final team in this match… Being accompanied to the ring by Duzza… at a combined weight of 492 pounds, they are the team of Khadafi and Statuz Quo... TROUBLE!

Khadafi and Statuz Quo – former LoC Tag Team Champions in their own right – headed to the ring with Duzza behind them. The two teams headed into action as referee Ian Nguyen tried to keep the peace. The rules of this match were simple… two men allowed in the ring at one time, anybody could tag anybody, but the first fall or submission would be the new #1 Contenders for the Tag Title belts at Wrestlecade!


The match was going to start off with Frank Silver and Khadafi – the interesting part being all three of these teams had a lot of history with one another. Trouble had many run ins at the tail end of 2013 with the Heirs as well as Sweet Sweet Lovin earlier in the year. The heated Tag Team division was just that – some of the best action there was today. Any one of these teams could get the win.

Frank and Khadafi locked up and it was Silver who had the first advantage! He slipped behind the tall Khadafi and kept the Hawaiian Headhunter trapped with a tight Hammerlock switched up into a Headlock quickly. He kept the big man of Trouble trapped while Duzza shouted words of instruction from the outside to his partner. Khadafi ran to the ropes and used the momemtum to shove him back into the ropes only for Silver to leapfrog over him. When Silver came back he FLOORED Khadafi with a big Dropkick!

Silver was a very agile big man in his own right at 6’3” and 252 pounds, showing himself to be an effective all-rounder in the squared circle! Frank stood over him and absorbed the cheers from the crowd before he took off to the ropes where Quo tried to sideswipe him with a cheap shot… Frank ducked and PLASTERED him with a big left hand that rocked the A-Town Assassin and sent him flying of the ring apron!

The Baron of Ballistics didn’t come here to play today but when he turned around… BIG CHEAP SHOT FROM KHADAFI!

Duzza laughed while Frank was down in the corner just as Quo started to stand. The vicious Khadafi quickly fired off a series of Back Elbows to the head of Silver in the corner before he tagged into Statuz Quo. The two brawlers each headed into the ring where they double whipped Silver back-first into the corner in a hard way. When Silver bounced out, both men double toe-kicked him and followed up with a VICIOUS Double Lariat combination! Trouble didn’t come to play today and that’s when Quo went for the cover.




The kickout by Frank Silver pissed off Quo a little more, but the A-Town Assassin wasn’t through yet. He picked up Frank by the head and fired some elbows to the head of The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights! He set him up and looked for a Powerbomb of some sort early, but Silver ducked and grabbed him by the leg to block. He twisted his way free and charged right away, putting Quo into the corner of the Heirs of Wrestling!


The two men were going to show off some of their tag team prowess as Silver dropped Quo near the ropes with a big Front Powerslam! Immediately, Gallway then slid into the ring with a quick Senton Atomico right on top of the A-Town Assassin! The Prince of Precision rolled over and hooked the far leg of Quo.




It was a close one but Quo wasn’t able to get free. Duzza was pissed off watching his man get picked off by the members of the Heirs now as Gallway rolled over in dramatic fashion to make the tag back to Silver! The two men whipped him off the ropes and connected with double kicks to the legs to bring Quo to his knees! Gallway ran off one side and landed a stiff Running Soccer Kick to the chest of Quo while Silver ran off the ropes and landed an even harder left-armed Lariat to the back of the head! Quo was down now and Frank winked over to the corner of Duzza and Khadafi, pissing them off further!




The bigger half of Sweet Sweet Lovin came in and pulled the leg of Silver, pulling him off Quo in the process. Frank shook his head with a half-smirk on his face, knowing that’s how it was going to be. He understood the rules of the match and wasn’t going to let go. Silver tried to get back to the corner of Quo and set him up early for his finisher, the Stay of Execution. The Cradled Clash was coming but this time, Quo sprang to life and got away from him before shoving The Sovereign Superman away…


The team of Sweet Sweet Lovin finally had the chance to get into the action and he charged right at Quo with a flurry of big right hands! The Love Machine was on fire tonight and backed up The A-Town Assassin to the ropes! He charged with a series of big right hands and whipped him back into the corner of Sweet Sweet Lovin! The big tag was made to Sam Sweet and he charged off to the ropes as they went for a double-team of their own. Sam came into the ring and Lennox whipped his own 330-pound partner into a CORNER HIP ATTACK! Before Quo could hit the mat he pushed him off into a big Flying Forearm from Lennox! The Love Machine rolled out of the ring so that way Sam Sweet could go for the cover!




In a rather violent way, too! The volatile Khadafi ran over the ropes and dropped a big kick into the back of Sam’s head to break up the cover! Ian Nguyen ordered him to go back to his corner and he did so under duress. Jon Katz Jr. was cheering on his men and the crowd cheered when Sweet rolled over to make the tag back to Lennox Love!

He tried his best to get over to the corner and grab Quo, but during the ruckus, the groggy Quo rolled out of the corner so when Lennox tried to get at him, he caught him and dropped him throat-first against the ropes! Love was hurt and that’s when Khadafi ran off the ring apron and SMACKED him across the face with a big Running Knee to the face!

The crowd was all over the members of Trouble as Khadafi jaw-jacked with the crowd and Duzza followed suit. He felt this was the time of his men, Quo and Khadafi, to get their first taste of gold! Inside the ring, Quo stomped away viciously at him before he ran off the ropes…


The Running Double Stomp caught Love in the chest and Quo laughed at his misery while Lennox rolled around the mat in pain. Lennox rolled over and the big tag was made to Khadafi! The Hawaiian Headhunter quickly ran across the ring and dropped a HARD Knee Drop right into the chest of Love! Love twitched around the main in pain while Khadafi forced him down and went for the cover.




It was a very close one, but Khadafi kicked out! JKJ looked worried at ringside as Khadafi picked up Lennox Love by the head and tossed him into the corner face-first before he tagged in Quo. The two men went to work on Lennox Love, each twisting an arm before they kicked him in the face. They hit a double gut punch and a pair of HARSH Axe Handles to the small of his back! The Love Machine was in a very bad way now as he writhed around the canvas.

Statuz Quo was now in control as he lifted him up by his afro and buried a couple more knees into his gut before he dumped him hard into the mat with a vicious Exploder Suplex! He remained prone on the canvas as Quo bounced off the ropes and connected with…


An INCREDIBLE Triple Jump Moonsault! The crowd was all over the Trouble member while Sam Sweet watched on, worried for his tag team partner. Lennox was forcefully pulled back to his feet again and was tagged again by Khadafi. The two men launched Love into the ropes and when he came back he was lifted and SPIKED hard with a Double Flapjack from the bruisers. Khadafi turned him over again and the cover was attempted.



THR... NO!

Love was somehow able to kick out! Khadafi growled to the referee before he continued to clock Love with a couple of big right hands. JKJ was clapping for him as the fans got a “LOVE MACHINE!” chant going for the charismatic high flyer. Again, another quick tag had been made to Statuz Quo and the two men launched him off the ropes where a Double Back Elbow put Love back on the canvas, followed by both men dropping a hard series of Elbow Drops to the chest. And Quo with the cover again.




Lennox Love got the shoulder up, needing to fight his way out. Quo stayed on the assault and tried to pick away at Love as Sam Sweet remained on the canvas, the big man ready to come out and strike at a moment's notice. The Love Machine stood back up and Quo popped him with a right hand before he launched him off to the corner. Love leaped over the ropes, sending The King of the South crashing into the corner. The quick-footed Love used the ropes to shoot over…


Lennox Love was hurt now, but he caught Quo flush in the face with the big kick! He was stunned and tried to get over to his corner while The Love Machine was groggy and had no idea where he was. He rolled over to a corner. Khadafi was into the ring w

With lightning-quick effort, Gallway jumped and connected with a big Springboard Missile Dropkick that knocked The Hawaiian Headhunter off his feet! The crowd was on fire now as the Prince of Precision started to light up Khadafi as he stood with Shoot Kicks to the leg in an effort to wear down the bigger man.

He went in for the Quasar Kick – A Springboard Gamengiri – but Khadafi ducked it at the last moment. Gallway quickly landed on his feet but he was stopped in his tracks with a big kick to the chest. Khadafi quickly whipped Gallway into the corner, but the cruiserweight quickly jumped to the second rope and came back with a bizarre Arm Drag variation that he landed right into a roll-up on the big man!




Khadafi muscled his way out, but this wasn’t stopping Ryan Gallway from going back on the offensive. The Hawaiian Headhunter charged full speed ahead towards Gallway when he slipped sideways, sending Khadafi crashing into the corner.The Prince of Precision exploded in the corner with a Running Corner Elbow Strike that stunned him, but he wasn’t done!

Gallway ran all the way across the ring and sprang right back out of the corner before connecting with a HARD Front Dropkick right to the face! The Hawaiian Headhunter fell to his knees and stumbled out of the corner as jOlt’s Pinball Wizard quickly slapped a turnbuckle. He was ready to head up to the top rope and measured Khadafi carefully…


The Flying Double Knee Strike landed and now Khadafi was down and out! Gallway sat down and hooked the leg, trying to put and end to the match and go for the win!




A big kick caught Gallway upside the head and Quo looked proud of himself... not so much when Frank came barreling right at him and connected with an EXPLOSIVE Flying Shoulder Tackle that sent Quo clear from the ring! Sam Sweet decided to take some action himself when he made his way over to the corner and CHARGED off the ring apron with a Somersault Apron Dive! 330 pounds had just taken Statuz Quo right out of the equation!

Gallway picked up Khadafi off the canvas, but the big man buried him with a knee…


The Running STO out of nowhere dropped him into the canvas and that’s when he went to the cover!




The Intergalatic Space Cowboy still got his shoulder up! When he tried to run off the ropes, Lennox Love tagged himself in! Khadafi turned around and was pissed off at the blind tag, but Lennox pulled the ropes down and sent Khadafi flying over the ropes and out to the floor! Lennox saw that Gallway was still down and took the chance to go for broke! The crowd cheered knowing what was next…


Ryan rolled out of the way and sent him crashing HARD hitting nothing but canvas! Gallway rolled over to his corner and kicked Lennox Love upside the head with a BIG Shoot Kick before tagging into Silver! Frank quickly headed into the ring and the two men set up Lennox Love! Both members of Trouble were down and so was Sam Sweet which gave them the opening they needed…



Gallway rolled after the big Springboard Splash and kept watch as Frank Silver went for the cover on the fallen Lennox Love!




An incredible triple threat effort for the #1 Contender to the Tag Team Titles, but on this night it was the amazing Heirs of Wrestling who had just punched their ticket to jOlt’s biggest show of the year! Gallway jumped into the arms of his tag partner and they shared a bro-ment for the roaring crowd!

“Here are your winners of the match and the NEW #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles at Wrestlecade… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Jon Katz Jr and his boys looked crushed and Duzza was pissed off, but inside the ring the real party was about to be had! The Heirs of Wrestling had sealed their chance and finally had the opportunity to make up for Unlimited and walk away with the chance to become the first-ever three-time jOlt Tag Team Champions! Gallway and Silver cheered in the ring and celebrated with the crowd…

“Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

The reaction quickly changed to BOOS for the three-man tandem making their way out right now. Big Brone Haggard, “The Friendly Stranger” Henry Dylan, and the ringleader of the group himself, Frank Hendrix. They raised the Tag Team Titles over head while Frank and Ryan each looked to the ring.

“You want to fight, fagbaskets, we’re right here!” Silver shouted.

Frank Hendrix had a smile on his face as he watched the celebration get cut short by their mere presence. The Heirs promised revenge for what happened to them at Unlimited when they were cheated out of the titles. The Hands called them immature which the Heirs retaliated by embarrassing them via dropping a net on them in the ring last week. The Hands may have been out for revenge now.

“Frank… Ryan… congratulations on your victory. But I want to remind the two of you of something… that all YOU have done is win the right to lose to us at Wrestlecade! You two childish, immature and dare I ad… UNWORTHY contenders are the past. You’ve won a lot of tag team titles here and in other organizations and we can’t take that away from you. But when you mess with US… and you try cheap, chilidish tactics to try and humiliate us like you did last week... you need to know that payback is coming. Payback is coming and whether you know it or not, we are fully capable of hurting you and the ones you love.”

Frank dropped the microphone and just as quickly as the Tag Team Champions had arrived, they left the ominous warning and the three men simply left the ringside area, leaving Frank and Ryan confused. They were a pair of juvenile delinquents with a love of all things money and glory, but they were respected athletes first and foremost…

What the hell did Hendrix mean?

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Third Hall of Fame Induction"

As the action continued, we are interrupted by commentator Mike Buhrman.

Buhrman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. as the weeks roll on, so do our inductees to the jOlt Hall of Fame. So far we've seen "Kodiak" Vic Creed and "Superstar" Vince Jacobs announced. Tonight, this man joins them.

The heads in the arena collectively turned their attention to the jOltvision screen as the lights dimmed and the screen illuminated to show a graveyard. There was heavy fog in the moonlight an in the distance, the slihouette of a figure could be seen. Then.. the familiar words hit the PA system that caused the arena to erupt into cheers!

"And I heard.. as it were.. the noise of thunder...
One of the four beasts saying "come and see"
and I saw and behold a white horse
and his name it said on him was death
and hell followed with him

"Miracle" by Nonpoint

The figure came into view and it was "The Superbeast" Sylo

The music faded away as clips of Sylo's time in jOlt was shown. His matches with "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, Chris Titan, Derecho, Ninja K, among many others. The narrator kicked in.

"Not many in this business possess the size, power, and speed that "The Superbeast" does. He unmercifully carved a path of destruction throughout his entire career. From Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, to Legacy of Champions, to right here in jOlt Wrestling, this former multi-time Underground and World Champion has ignite a movement like no other."

Sylo was seen letting out a classic bestial roar before a montage of Systematic Shutdowns was shown.

"Sylo... the final LoC Legacy Champion, a two-time jOlt World Champion, a two-time Underground Champion, among many other accolades, takes his place among the immortals as jOlt wrestling is proud to induct him into the 2014 class for the Hall of Fame!"

The scene switched and we saw a graphic of Sylo next to the Hall of Fame logo with Derecho listed as the man who will induct him into the Hall of Fame!

Jonathan Conspiracy vs Kayden Paulton

The crowd waited in anticipation for the next match to start. They began to cheer when a familiar theme song hit the PA system

"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop

The Softcore Messiah himself, the The World's Nicest Man, Kayden Paulton stepped out from the backstage area. Paulton made his way down to the ring all smiles as usual. He slid in and waited for his opposition to arrive.

"Holy Grail" by Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

The people continued to cheer as "Mr. One Letter Better", Jonathan Conspiracy came out from the back. JCON himself had bested Trouble and thus ran into another issue in the form of Diamond Jewelz. The proof of that is around JCON's neck as he sported Jewelz' thefted and prized chain. JCON even stopped in the middle of the entrance ramp and gave the chain a kiss as he admired how good it looked on him.

JCON then entered the ring and posed in the corner, taking the chain off and lifting it high into the air. He placed the chain over the ring post in his corner as the referee called for the bell.




JCON and Paulton locked up in the center of the ring and immediately JCON went with a go behind into a waist lock. He then hit a forearm shot to the back of Paulton's neck that dropped him to a single knee. JCON walked to Paulton's side and then dropped and elbow into his lower back, causing him to collapse down to the canvas.

JCON stood and pulled Paulton to his feet before whipping him into the ropes, but Paulton reversed the whip and sent JCON to the ropes, however, JCON grabbed onto the ropes and stopped the whip. Paulton charged in, but found himself being lifted up and over to the apron where he landed and nailed a high kick to the side of JCON's head, causing him to stagger away. Paulton then grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard shoulder block which took JCON down.

Paulton stood and dared JCON to get back to his feet. Paulton charged with a clothesline and knocked JCON down. JCON popped back up and Paulton hit a second clothesline. JCON popped up and staggered back as Paulton backed him into the ropes and shot him across the knee. Paulton telegraphed a back body drop, but JCON stopped that with a stiff kick to the chest. JCON then backed into the ropes and went for a clothesline of his own, but Paulton ducked, turned, and caught JCON with a deep arm drag. JCON got back up and was met with a Japanese style arm drag. JCON staggered to his feet as Paulton charged in and clotheslined JCON up and over the top rope and out to the floor.

The crowd came alive as Paulton measured JCON up and got some momentum. Paulton was looking for the Happy Smiles Dive, but JCON leapt onto the ring apron and knee'd Paulton right in the face! JCON then hit a springboard clothesline that put Paulton down and went for the cover, hooking the leg in deep!



Paulton got the shoulder up.

JCON stood and then stomped away at Paulton to keep him down. JCON went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads, but Paulton got to his feet. Seeing this, JCON hopped off the turnbuckles and landed on the other side of Kayden Paulton. JCON turned around and hit a knee lift into Paulton's back which drove him chest first into the corner. JCON then placed Paulton up on the top turnbuckle pad and ascended the corner behind him. JCON hooked Paulton for what looked like a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Paulton twisted in mid-move and ended up falling down on top of JCON with a Cross Body Block!

Paulton rolled off of JCON and waited for him to stand. JCON staggered up to his feet as Paulton got behind JCON and tried to lift him for the Bundle of Joy, but JCON countered and landed behind Paulton where he hooked him in a half nelson and took him over with a Half Nelson Suplex, dumping Paulton on the back of his neck!

JCON then pointed to the corner and the crowd cheered. He ascended the turnbuckle pads and looked for the Conpsiracy Theory.. the top rope leg drop, but JCON crash landed as Paulton moved out of the way! Paulton stood and hit the ropes and came back, nailing JCON in the face with a Shining Wizard! Paulton stood and he then looked to the corner!

Paulton climbed up top where he took aim on JCON and it was his turn to try the Leg JAM!, his variation of the top rope leg drop, but JCON moved and this time it was Paulton that crashed and burned on the canvas! JCON quickly grabbed Paulton's head and pulled him up into an inverted chancery. JCON then fell backwards...


JCON hit the inverted DDT and made the cover, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!

Paulton popped the shoulder up! JCON then stood and pulled Paulton to his feet. JCON nailed a knife edge chop across the chest and then hit a second and a third which caused Paulton to stagger away. JCON then grabbed him from behind with a waist lock and went for a German Suplex, but Paulton landed on his feet. Paulton charged in as JCON turned around, but JCON was quick to think and nailed a Tilt-o-Whirl Backbreaker! Paulton was on the canvas in a seated position, holding his back. JCON immediately pulled Paulton up, hooked him in a front face lock and then dropped him with a Spike DDT on the canvas!

JCON quickly rushed to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top, but something caught JCON's eye. The crowd booed as their collective heads turned toward the entrance ramp and there he was...

Diamond Jewelz!

Jewelz stood there shirtless with a baseball bat in one hand and a pair of brass knuckles in the other. While gripping the knuckles harshly, he raised the bat and pointed it toward JCON, giving him the death stare at the same time. Just a few days ago, Jewelz posted on Twitter that he offered a $100,000 bounty to anyone who could retrieve his stolen chain. While JCON locked eyes with Jewelz, Paulton got to his feet and in a feat of incredible athleticism, leapt cleanly up to the top rope and then up onto JCON's shoulders...


"Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!", proclaimed the crowd!

As JCON tried to pull himself up, Paulton grabbed him from behind in a reverse face lock and spun him down to the canvas...


Paulton nailed the rolling cutter and made the cover on JCON, hooking the leg...




Kayden Paulton just pinned Jonathan Conspiracy! The people cheered as Paulton celebrated the win, but then took off when he saw Brian Williams, along with Cross the Hood from The Hype run down to the ring!

The three hit the ring and immediately began to stomp away on JCON while Diamond Jewelz stood there with a grin on his face. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross pulled JCON up to his feet while Brian Williams kicked JCON in the stomach and placed him between his legs. Williams then lifted JCON up and clasped his hands around JCON's leg before spiking him head-first into the canvas!


Brian Williams nailed the Cradle Piledriver was Hood and Cross said they would get the chain. They were about to search JCON for it when from the crowd, Dallas Griffin, Statuz Quo, and Khadafi hit the ring!!

Quo clotheslined Hood up and over the top rope while Khadafi hit a drop kick on Jackson Cross causing him to hit the canvas and roll out! Williams went for a clothesline on Dallas Griffin, but Griffin ducked and then nailed a super kick to Williams, sending him out of the ring as well.

JCON took this opportunity to make a dash for the corner where the chain was still resting on the ring post. JCON grabbed the chain and rolled out of the ring, stuffing Jewelz' chain in his tights. He then stumbled over the barricade and made his exit through the crowd, taking this chance to escape. Diamond Jewelz yelled out a pretty audible "FUCK!" at the top of the stage as he watching JCON stagger away through the crowd.

The members of Trouble simply stood in the ring and watched JCON walked away as they, too, looked a bit disappointed. It was clear that Trouble didn't come out here to save JCON, they were here to try and get JCON alone and to try and claim the $100,000 for themselves!

With a bounty on his head, and with the events that just transpired, how much longer can JCON hold out before someone cashes in!?

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"We Got Greedy"

Diamond Jewelz, shirtless, wearing a fitted pair of jeans with brass knuckles on his right hand where a plethora of diamond rings would usually be, stands at the gorilla position backstage pacing back and forth, hot as fire..

“I can’t believe those motherfuckers... Trouble….. God Damnit… I had that bitch… My goons had him cornered and then here come these motherfuckers”

Diamond begins to slap the bat in his hand repeatedly “Nailz” style, as he continues to pace angrily back and forth.

“I was supposed to get my shit back tonight.. And…”

Diamond stops pacing as the members of Trouble, flanked by their manager Duzza, burst through the curtains huffing and puffing..

“We had that mufcker.. Damn,” Duzza screams out loudly.

Diamond shoves Dallas Griffin out the way and swings at Statuz Quo and Kadafi to fend them off and then drops the baseball bat and goes for Duzza grabbing him up by the collar.

“What the fuck was that Duzza,” Diamond demands.

“Calm down young boy,” Duzza replies.

“You in on this shit.. Huh.”

“Nah playa”

All three members of Trouble grab Diamond Jewelz from off Duzza, restraining him against his will.

“It’s like that huh… Ya’ll bitch ass niggas gon jump me like this.. Ya’ll working for that bitch JCon again huh, Ya’ll back on the payroll” Diamond charges Trouble.

“Calm down playa…. You the one that got this shit kicked off, ”

“Well then what the fuck… What’s going on..”

“Listen, we was just trying to get that money like errbody else out here yung thundercat…. We was trying to eat my nigga!!”

“Let me go… I ain’t gon do shiit..” Diamond demands with anger in his face and tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Let him Go,” Duzza concurs… The members of Trouble follow Duzza’s command and release Diamond.. Diamond gets into Duzza’s face…

“If ya’ll ain’t in on this shit, why ya’ll cost me me shit twice in a row… Them 3 rookies had my shit in their hands and you came and rescued JCon.. I’m beginning to believe you and JCon squashed that shit a while ago and are working together against me,” Diamond roars full of emotion, the glisten and gleam of his platinum and diamond grill twinkling through his fury.
Duzza adjusts his collar
“We ain’t rescue that fuck boy.. We was trying to eat…We wanted them big stacks. We got greedy.. My bad my nigga.. “

Diamond is about to make a statement, but his rage overcomes him. Diamond attempts again to express himself to Duzza but his rage and unbelief overcome him again. All that is expressed is the magnificence of his craftsmanship by his partially open mouth. He storms off into the night.

"Even More Reasons"

The Arena of Champions clammored with excitement over the night's events thus far. Their excitement would turn to hated when the lights went low and that very familiar crimson hue basked the arena in red.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

The song kicked up and out from the backstage area came Derecho. He wasn't dressed to compete, but he came to talk as he had a microphone in his back pocket. He walked down to the ring and stepped in. The music died down as he pulled the microphone out from his back pocket and brought it up to his lips.

"Two weeks ago... Spike Saunders came out here and blatantly attacked me. He then had the nerve to come out here last week and state that he wanted to settle our unfinished business. He wanted to settle the score between us with a rubber match at Wrestlecade."

The people cheered the thought of a match.

"I can see that all of you wish for that match dearly... it is rather unfortunate that I said and still say... NO"

That drew some boos from the crowd.. but those boos would turn to cheers when..

"No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant.

Spike Saunders stepped out from the backstage area. He stopped at the top of the entrance ramp with microphone in hand. Before speaking, Saunders applauded Derecho a bit sarcastically until his music died down. Then he began to speak.

"You know.. I kind of half expected this. I thought what I had said to you last week got to you, but here you stand as defiant as ever."

Derecho cracked a smirk and retorted.

"If Sylo couldn't use words to "save me", then what makes you think a simple insult would move my mind to the point of change? I see no reason nor do I see a valid point to fight you at Wrestlecade. This isn't NBW.. We're not on your terms.. this is jOlt.. this is MY ring.. this is MY realm. I get to decide who I face and quite simply.. to fight you for the petty reason of settling an old score.. is a waste of time."

Spike Saunders shook his head.

"So is that why you defended your Underground Championship against Ninja K? Because settling a ten year old score was beneath you? That's why you fought Tyke? Because settling a score that dated back to 21st Century Wrestling was beneath you? Or how about when you took on Sylo? To settle the issue that you never beat him cleaning dating back eight years to 2006? To me, it seems the only excuse around here that's petty is the one you're giving to avoid having to face me because we all know that if you were to face me, you wouldn't be able to beat me... after all.. you, technically, couldn't beat Sylo at Unlimited, could you?"

Derecho was seething at this point. He gritted his teeth and brought the microphone to his lips.

"The difference between them.. and you.. is that I had history with them. History that had spanned from five years to over a decade. You and I have had what.. all of two matches? What kind of history is that and don't try to answer that question.. it's rhetoical, but if you so should desire an answer.. it's very simple.. the history is paltry at best. It's barely worth noting therefore, it's a complete waste of my time."

Saunders laughed.

"Why don't you just admit that the reason why we've only had two matches is because the last time we met, it was in the fWo. Why not admit the fact that you tried and tried and tried for YEARS to get into the fWo because you always looked up to that place. Then you finally made it.. you finally made your big break, you lived your dream, you got your wish.. then all of a sudden, I walk in and I beat you. That must have been embarrassing. All that time you waited. Since how long? Since 1997 when you made your debut? You waited twelve years to get to the fWo.. you finally made it.. the world finally took notice of you.. and what happened? I beat you in your ONLY match in the company. You're just afraid that I'm going to do it again."

Derecho grasped at his hair. He didn't want to hear those words. Before Derecho could even speak, Saunders pushed one more button.

"You stand there every week in that ring and you call yourself a King.. however, what you're doing right now suggests that you're missing certain parts that would qualify you as not only a King.. but as a simple man." The crowd even felt the sting from that one as Derecho actually pulled a lock of his own hair out of his head.

"Make no mistake Saunders... You didn't push enough buttons to force me into this decision... however, what's frustrating me is that I know you're not going to shut up until I accept.. so therefore.. fine.. you want your historic match at Wrestlecade? I'll indulge you.. BUT... know this. This is the biggest stage... the brightest lights... the number of eyes in the world watching will be staggering..this is where I am at my best. If you thought I was nothing more than hell incarnate before... you're going to soon realize...."

Derecho was cut off.

"Whoa whoa whoa.. Before you go off on your doom and gloom rant about how my life is in peril.. it's not going to be inside your little playground that you call a kingdom. There will be no weapons.. no chairs... no blood.. none of that. If we're going to settle this.. we're going to settle the score in a way where there will be no excuses. It will be nothing but raw talent." Derecho stood there a bit confused. "Our match, Derecho... will be a 30 Minute IRON MAN MATCH"

Saunders dropped the mic and could be seen mouthing the words "you already agreed" as "No Rest for the Wicked" filled the PA speakers. Derecho simply gritted his teeth as he now has to face Spike Saunders at Wrestlecade WITHOUT his weapons! The King of Hell no longer has free reign to do as he pleases! Saunders knew that and Saunders smiled as he backed away behind the curtain!

Could Spike Saunders have found the kryptonite for The King of Hell? Was it really that simple? We will find out on March 30th!

Mack Brody vs Jeremy Ryan

After several weeks of back-and-forth with one man challenging the other’s manhood to that same man attempting to prove him wrong, the two men were finally about to face one-on-one.

“jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan had been causing problems for weeks with a newfound fan favorite in Heirs of Wrestling member “Midas” Mack Brody. Brody interfered on the tail end of Ryan’s match with Jon Le Bon, preventing him from doing permanent damage to a man that had caused him problems before. Since then, Ryan had been calling out Brody for weeks for things such as being a tag team wrestler, calling him a pretty boy, and a failure with muscles. Brody thus far had been winning matches in the last several weeks and proving him and every other doubter wrong that he can have a successful singles career. It was now time to put up or shut up for both men.

“The following contest is a grudge match and this is scheduled for one fall!” Brent Williams shouted.

“What You Know” by TI.

The crowd’s reaction became much more positive for the arrival of this man! The arena was bathed in a pure golden hue and the arrival of a man in a big golden cape made the crowd roar. He walked up and threw the hood back…


The golden pyro exploded on the entrance ramp! The man called Mack Brody was on his way to the ring now and took in the positive reception from the crowd. The big ladies man headed to the ring with a confident smile on his face.

“Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 311 pounds… this is the man called SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!”

Mack Brody slapped hands with the crowd in the front row and headed into the ring. He was wearing a new shirt he had made up just for him with “Mack Brody… GOOD AS GOLD” on the back. He took out a silver pen and autographed the shirt before tossing it out into the audience for a lucky fan to catch. SuperMack jumped into the ring and looked towards the entrance ramp, waiting for his opponent.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd started turning their reaction in a wholly negative way. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things fun-loving in jOlt.

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 247 pounds… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

He was a man who took offenses seriously and now he was ready to prove once and for all that what he was saying about Mack Brody was all true – that he was nothing more than a company poster boy who couldn’t hack it in his world. Ryan approached the ring and looked ready for a fight…



Both men exchanged fists with one another in the center of the ring! There were not going to be very many technical points between the two men who were throwing bombs at one another! The blows kept on coming between the two when eventually Mack threw a knee into the chest of the smaller Ryan. He whipped him across the ring and charged right at him, CRUSHING him in the corner with a big Body Avalanche!

Ryan convulsed in the corner after the impact and a heated Brody took in the major response from the crowd! He pumped a fist before he brought it down right to the top of Jeremy’s skull, firing off big right after big right until referee Mike Hunt got in between them and ordered him to break it up! Brody grabbed him by the arm and whipped jOlt’s Last Real Man cross-corner and tried to rinse and repeat the splash only for Ryan to get his boot up into his face!

“Not gonna be that easy, fucker!”

jOlt’s Last Real Man charged at the big man with intent to hurt… CAUGHT…. BIG RIB BREAKER! He STILL held the 250-pound Ryan in his grip like a small child and simply threw him to the mat with a hard slam! crude, but effective!

With a BIG thunderous slam, he brought him down in the middle of the ring! He was hurt now and that’s when Brody charged off the ropes and connected with a Big Splash! The three hundred pounder was on fire now and he hooked the leg of Ryan quickly!




Ryan got the shoulder up underneath the big man, but the crowd was completely fueling Brody. He set out to prove that he could have a successful singles career and so far in jOlt, nobody could argue with results but this was his first true test as a singles star.

SuperMack pulled Jeremy Ryan up by the body and drilled jOlt’s Last Real Man upside the head with a series of big rights and stunned him at his feet. Brody ran off the ropes and tried for a big Clothesline only for Ryan to duck. When he came back, he ate a big Jumping Knee to the face from Ryan! Brody was stunned by the stiff shot so Ryan headed off the ropes himself and came back with a VICIOUS Shining Impact-esque Running Knee Strike!

Brody was finally down as Ryan laughed at his well-being. He stood over Brody and delivered a hard flurry of elbows to the back of SuperMack’s head as he remained down on the canvas. He continued raining down the blows to the top of Brody’s head and laughed.

“Where’s all that fight now, poster boy?!”

Jeremy Ryan pushed him over and went right for a cover on the big man.




Brody powered out of the cover, but that didn’t deter Ryan at all from his impact. He picked up Brody by the head and connected to the jaw of SuperMack with a series of stiff elbows to the jaw in order to disorient him. He headed off the ropes for a big move of his own…



The BIG Release Exploder Suplex tossed him over head and sent Ryan flying out of the ring! Brody fired back with a big burst of energy and now Ryan was on the outside! He headed to the floor to finish what he started on Jeremy Ryan.

SuperMack picked him up and elbowed him upside the skull and continued to drill him until his arm got tired. Brody then whipped him hard into the barricade and sent it rattling back a step. Brody backed up and charged with his Gold Rush…


Ryan moved and sent SuperMack crashing hard into the barricade! The fight was getting fast and furious between the two men and they weren’t showing any signs of stopping, especially when Jeremy Ryan started to get back up! Brody was holding his shoulder in pain when Ryan came at him with a big Knee Strike to the head! As the fight was going on inside, the referee continued to count both men…


The fight was STILL going on! Ryan was throwing headbutts into the face of SuperMack, but Brody fought back with another big right of his own. He fired back in the temple…



The crowd had come here to see a fight and that’s exactly what they were getting, but the referee had to cut the match short due to the countout! There was some very bad blood between the two men and they were not going to settle anything tonight it seemed.


But the announcement fell on the deaf ears of the two men who were STILL brawling at ringside! The fight continued as Brody powered up Jeremy Ryan over his shoulder and SLAMMED him against the ring post! Ryan crumbled and fell to the ground while Brody shouted to the fans…


An UNBELIVEABLE Spear caught him courtesy of Brone Haggard!

The crowd booed and it was the rest of the Hands of the Cause coming out! They had promised the other Heirs of Wrestling earlier today they would exact revenge on the Heirs for their childish prank from last week by attacking the one they love… their fellow stablemate and best friend, Mack Brody!

Henry Dylan and the leader Frank Hendrix followed shortly behind Haggard and the three men rolled up Mack Brody and threw the big man into the ring! Like a hungry pack of wolves, the three members of the Hands of the Cause pounced and delivered volleys of fists and feet, trying to put a hurt on him!

Brody, much to his credit, was STILL trying to fight back! He fought back with fists of his own and tried to take on all three members of the Tag Team Champions all by himself only for Jeremy Ryan to jump back in…


A HARD shot to the back, courtesy of a Steel Chair! He swung and continued swinging with over half a dozen shots to the back! The other Hands of the Cause backed up as Ryan continued to swing…

The other Heirs were here! FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY!

Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway had seen enough and they charged at the Hands of the Cause! Frank went right for Haggard while Gallway slid in and went for Dylan! The crowd cheered on the former two-time tag team champions, but it was too much because of the numbers game… and RYAN JOINED IN!

The Hands of the Cause and Jeremy Ryan looked to be in cahoots! Frank still fought back until a chairshot from Ryan caught him flush in the face! That left Gallway…


The very SICK Double Arm DDT dropped Gallway into the center of the ring with nowhere for him to go! The Heirs tried coming of their friend but the four-on-two situation was just too much for them to overcome. Hendrix, Dylan, Haggard, and now Jeremy Ryan were still standing over their bodies, but it wasn’t enough for Ryan. Brody was STILL trying to stand!

The big man was on his knees and STILL wanted more of a fight, so Ryan obliged…


One VICIOUS Chair shot to the top of the skull caught him good and finally dropped him! Brody’s head was split open from the shot and now Ryan laughed.


Silver and Gallway were hurt and now the Hands of the Cause, the jOlt Tag Team Champions, were standing over them. Silver and Gallway won the right to face them for the Tag Titles at Wrestlecade earlier tonight, but the Hands proved that they were ready for whatever the Heirs wanted to bring their way. Meanwhile, Ryan laughed as he had finally spilled the blood of SuperMack! The foursome stood in the ring in a sign of solidarity.

The Heirs of Wrestling had been taken down by four men who all proclaimed themselves to be the here and now of jOlt Wrestling.

Winner: Double Countout

"Caught in the Spider's Web"

The jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness of the boiler room the place that few care to dwell but one man calls home. The pungent stench of oil and smoke from the air made the air insufferable for all who would dare step foot in this underground haven of the Arena of Champions. The whirling sounds of a generator and a furnace was peace and serenity for the Underground Champion, Omega.

The perplexing madman, Omega sat in the shadows soaking in the aroma of the boiler room with a slight grin on his face. The Underground Champion slowly rocked back and forth on the floor with the Underground title lying on the floor in front of him. He started to slowly hum a strange tune as the crowd from the arena looked on at the confounding champion. Omega pulled his locks back from his eye and looked into the camera.

“They say that pain only makes you stronger. The pain that we have endured for all of life has made us into what you see before you today. We suffered in the Asylum because of what society perceived us to be. We suffered in life because you people want to pass judgment on what you believe is a normal individual. We suffered through everything imaginable to get to the pinnacle of where we are now.”

The crowd jeered the Underground Champion as a slight smile formed across Omega’s lips.

“We went through hell and back to become what this division needed.”

Omega paused before speaking again in a softer voice.

“Omega had to go through more than you all could have visualize. He had to face terrible disparagement in order to maintain a semblance of human dignity. This is what brought him to me.”

The champion looked down at the title that lay in front of him.

“You did not guide us here, we took it upon ourselves to lead Omega out of the confines of that place. We took it upon ourselves to make him believe that he was more than just bewildered soul because of the crimes he was unjustly accused of. Omega is a beacon of pain and all these people here have felt what we have bring to this organization. They have felt the anguish of this man. They have felt the aloneness of this man. Many people gravitate to this man because he is what they fear.”

A soft murmur is heard from the crowd as the jOltvision continues to illuminate the boiler room. A slight chuckle is heard from Omega.

“People fear this man because of not what we can do but how much he is alike everyone in that arena. You people fear what you don’t understand. You fear that deep down inside of you all their lives a man like this aching to get it. A man that has been scrutinized by society and what’s to show the world why he is the way he is. You people fear us because deep down inside of you all there is us. There is an inner struggle within us all trying to control every aspect of our lives. We have no internally struggle, WE ARE ONE.” “This leads us to three men and one women that are controlled by their fear. Their fear of not be able to make it out of the Hype roster and onto the jOlt’s main roster has caused them insufferable damage. Their psyche is damaged by the inexcusable attack on us. Last week the child, Black Widow expressed that a statement had to be made in order for her nest to be noticed in jOlt. Now we do not fault the message from this group but we do however, fault the delivery. The message was received but you all never gave us a chance to respond.”

“You never make us into a statement. When that occurs, bad things usually happen. We are the Underground Champion and the Pain Bearer of this domain. We will not stop until every single one of you have been righteously eradicated of all life as you know it. You all will beg the devil to take your soul after it’s all over.

Omega smirked as a shadow was seen lurking behind him in the boiler room. Suddenly the camera was knocked to the floor as three figures started pounding on Omega in the boiler room. Omega tried to get to his feet as the Widow’s Nest continued their assault on the Underground Champion. Wolf Spider grabbed Omega and drove him head first into the side of the furnace. Arkanis grabbed Omega by the arm and pushed it against the hot furnace as the flesh of the boogeyman started to burn. The smell of burning flesh was now around the room.

Meurte nailed the champion with a side kick to the head. The Widow’s Nest continued to stomp on the champion as the small geisha, Black Widow made her way into view. She knelt down next to the champion and grabbed him by the chin.

“Do you know why we chose you my dear Omega? I know you have a lot of personalities inside of you so can you fathom why I decided to choose you. No, you can’t guess. Well let me tell you. It’s fear Omega. See no one feared Aran Thompson and no one currently fear our new champion. But everyone feared the boogeyman, Omega. Fear is a powerful motivator and also what keeps us from achieving that pinnacle of power. We want to taste that power. The nest knows that if we take out the man that everyone fears than there will be no one left to fear but us. We want that, we need that. My dear Omega, heed my words, YOU WILL FALL.”

Black Widow let go of Omega’s chin as her Nest continued the beat down of Omega again. The champion sat in his haven as was being dismantled by the Nest. The three men stopped as Black Widow waved her hand. The entire Widow’s Nest walked through the boiler room and faded into the shadows. The champion spat blood on the floor as he held his head. He smirked as he licked his lip.

“We like this child, however she has been very rude. She has not let us respond.”

Omega started to laugh as the lights in the arena started to shut completely off. “But we will respond, oh we will respond.”

The lights in the arena come back on as the jOltvision shuts off to the murmur of the fans once more.

"A Golden Challenge"

PA System: Throw up your rawkfist if you're feelin it when I drop this. Show 'em how we blow the spot, Let's make it hot, Let's shock 'em with the body rock 'til the party stops. It's time to take it up a notch, and keep it locked, for all the head bangers in the parking lot. Here we come, if you're ready or not. No time to talk. Cause we on the clock bringin that Uhh, Uhh, to your block. Let me show ya where we're comin from, it don't stop, from L.A. to New York. Show me what you got now!

’Rawkfist’ by Thousand Foot Krutch continued to ring out from the PA system as jOlt CEO Damien Lee strolled out before the masses. Hidden behind a custom made pair of Aviators, the promotional figurehead adjusted the lapel of his Black Suit Jacket and Royal Blue Shirt Collar before making his way toward the ringside area. The Arena of Champions offered Lee a very warm response as he casually interacted with the fans before walking himself up the ring steps, along the ring apron before passing through the ropes. Dean Carrington personally handed him the microphone before removing himself from the ring, leaving Damien to nod to himself quietly as the musical entrance dissipated.

Lee: "I made one blockbuster announcement earlier in the evening pertaining to the host of Wrestlecade and now I have another. I have signed a talent to jOlt Wrestling and when I asked this talent who he wanted to face at the big event, he could only mutter one name. I checked his schedule and that one man seemed to be free. That one man.. is Ninja K."

The crowd cheered as the former Underground Champion's name was revered throughout the Arena of Champions. Lee smiled at the reaction and brought the microphone back up to his lips.

Lee: "Now that we know who my newest signee will face... allow me to introduce you to his...

Before Damien Lee could continue...

"Vicarious" by Tool.

The crowd hit their feet in excitement as Ninja K appeared from behind the black curtain. Apparently, Ninja K wanted to be out there to witness the announcement first-hand! Lee looked a little surprised, but was still fine with Ninja K coming out for the announcement, in fact, as Lee thought about it, he smelled an even bigger impact now that Kenshiro Inogami had made his presence felt.

Kenshiro’s detractors were smaller in number yet noted as the former Underground Champion stood halfway up the ring steps to survey the horizon before entering the ring. Mic in hand, the ninja sauntered past Damien before standing a few paces away from him. The musical intro gradually gave way to the jubilant masses, savoring the return. Tilting his head to the side briefly, Ninja swept the hair from his brow before speaking.

“With all due respect, Mr. Lee.” The ninja opened. “My intrusion here is necessary. As you can see, I am no longer a member of the Injured Reserve list. I am officially back to not only compete in this promotion’s inaugural Wrestlecade experience. I am back for retribution.”

Damien nodded in kind as Kenshiro continued.

“Now, in regards of this individual who seeks to challenge me in an event that has galvanized the careers countless others, myself included, I only see it fitting to address this challenge personally.”

Damien nodded and displayed his hands out to Ninja K in a welcoming gesture.

"Fair enough. This is an important announcement and it does involve you so I think I'm going to do something different. You see... your opponent is here tonight and I was simply going to just drop his name and call it done, but since you're out here, I think it will have a much greater impact to have him just come out here so you can see your opponent face to face. I think the fans here would like that too.", said Lee

The crowd cheered as Damien Lee looked around the arena while Ninja K kind of just stood there with a "get to the point" look about him.

"So without further hesitation.. may I introduce you to your opponent. He is a former Ring Rage Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion and Ring Rage Tag Team Champion alongside the legendary Erik Rave.... a former Tornado Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion.. former fWo three time Cruiserweight Champion.. a man who has competed in 21st Century Wrestling, X Wrestling, and everywhere across the globe..." said Lee

The crowd clammored over the accolades that Damien Lee just mentioned.

"He is "The Golden One"...... GREG DAVIS!", proclaimed Lee

The lights in the arena went low. They then began to bathe the arena in a golden light as "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor hit the PA system. The crowd hit their feet as Greg Davis stepped out from the backstage area to a thunderous ovation.

Davis looked around the arena as he made his way down to the ring, acknowleding the fans along the way. Davis then stepped into the ring and shook the hand of Damien Lee, but Ninja K was all business. He stepped up to Greg Davis and just stared at him. Davis took notice of it and cut his celebration a bit early.

The arena and the lights came back to normal as a hush fell over the crowd to these two icons staring down.

“I need for all here in attendance to know exactly who this very individual is.” Kenshiro opened. “This individual, without question, has singly-handedly set the standard from many legends in this business. Myself included. This same individual has bested many of this industries’ greats. Heavily decorated. A locker room leader personified. Among the elite ring generals of our time.”

The masses warmly responded in kind as the ninja paused briefly to sweep his hair back before continuing.

“With all accolades aside, this individual right here, has successfully managed to give me pause. Enough incentive to consider delaying my intended hunt for both vengeance & my Underground Championship. So with all due respect, indulge me with both your intentions & terms.”

Greg Davis simply grinned as he borrowed the microphone from Damien Lee. Greg Davis then brought it up to his lips.

"It's quite simple, Kenshiro." said Davis. "You said it yourself. I have bested many great competitors. One of my greatest rivals in this business was a guy named Crusader. We've had a feud that spanned many years over several companies and truth be told, I thought he was the measuring stick."

The fans cheered at the sound of Crusader's name.

"But over the years, a new measuring stick was created. While I came back to this business, I didn't find that one person I could really test myself against. Sure, I went through a couple of people during my time with High Octane Wrestling, but none of them measured up to the bar that you've set over the past ten years." said Davis with nothing but respect.

Davis then walked up to Kenshiro and stared right into his eyes with zero fear.

"You are the man I wish to test myself against. The one man whom I've never conquered... my intentions are simple and are driven by competition. My terms are even more simple... just you and me.. one on one in an epic clash on the biggest stage provided to us. Nothing more.. nothing less. No cheap shots.. no underlying story... no motive.. just pure wrestling incarnate.. you and me in a dream match for the ages."

Davis then lowered the microphone and waited for Ninja K to respond. The Athletic Freak of Nature softly nodded to himself as he jaw briefly shifted. The audience began clambering as the ninja quietly ran his index finger across his bottom lip briefly.

“Mr. Lee...” Kenshiro opened as the promotion’s CEO looked at the ninja’s direction. “You’ve got yourself a match.”

The Arena of Champions opened up as Greg Davis drew his jaw taunt. Nodding with a faint sneer. The stoic ninja shifted his jaw once more.

“Mr. Davis.” Kenshiro opened. “I stand humbled before the masses upon your recommendation as a competitor. Indeed the words of a proven legend bear a great deal of weight...However, with all due respect, you are most likely to fall on the wrong side of history.”

The audience responded as Greg smirked once more to himself as the ninja continued.

“You’ve openly shared your preconceived notions of ’conquering’ yet while admirable under the context of competitive spirit, overstand that I am nothing like your aforementioned competitors.” The ninja replied. “As much admiration resonates from within, expect nothing short of it being tested. You & I have our respective contributions & legacies, stemming from the Wrestlecade experience. I have earned the moniker ’The Athletic Freak of Nature’ on this very stage. 2 Legends. 1 Ring. No excuses.”

“At Wrestlecade, you will be granted more than just a mere test. I respectfully advise you to study earnestly for your final exam.” Greg’s eyebrows raised slightly before furrowing. “Your endurance. Technical acumen. Abilities. Your will. Everything you are or aspire to be will be tested like no other. I shall spare no expense to preserve my bid for victory nor my word of honor. As both a competitor and fellow promotional legend. I expect nothing less on your behalf.”

Davis grinned for a second before he processed everything that was said.

"Kenshiro... that is quite warming to hear you say that. The fact that you want me to study you and come at you with full intent is flattering, however, you make it sound like I'm the only one who is going to have trouble in this match. The last time you saw me in a wrestling ring was some eleven years ago. I've changed and evolved as well, but the funny thing is.. the last eleven years are not documented so i'm afraid you can't study up on me and that's where I have the advantage. While I can look at tape after tape after tape.. you're going to be left alone in the dark and THAT is what's going to make this match that... much... more.... GOLDEN."

Lee stood back and grinned as it was a done deal. Ninja K vs Greg Davis was set for Wrestlecade on March 30th! iNtense then went to commercial break!

Aran Thompson vs Waymoth Turnbull vs Landon Stevens

The lights within the Arena of Champions flickered as they dimmed down and strobe lights of Landon Steven’s logo flashed down the ramp way. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch blared throughout the building. The fans immediately began to boo The Rising Star. The fans grew louder as Stevens emerged from behind the entrance way with Eli and Ezra not far behind. The Rising Star stopped dead in his tracks as he reached the top of the ramp. Stevens smiled as he looked around the arena, the fans booing him didn’t faze him. He was about to make another statement here in jOlt and what they all thought, didn’t matter. The spotlight is now on him and he is ready to take full advantage. Stevens continued towards the ring as the fans began to chant.




Once again the crowd’s reaction to him didn’t faze Stevens. Stevens slid in the ring as Eli and Ezra entered the ring through the ropes. Stevens taunted the crowd as the music faded out. The lights returned to full brightness as the crowd awaited the arrival of Landon’s opponents for the evening.

A plethora of red and white hues enveloped the Arena of Champions as "Emergency" by Mavado f/ Ace Hood began playing the Arena of Champions were hot for the West Indian Obsidian, Waymoth Turnbull. The camera zoomed in on the massive frame of the big man as he slowly marched out from behind entrance curtain and the fans were ignited to new life as he twisted and wrenched the tape wrapped around his wrist and hands with no regard to the fans only toward Landon Stevens who he was ready to put down early and finally destroy Aran Thompson.

Waymoth grabbed the middle rope and pulled himself up as the fans continued to chant his name and referee Boulder held Landon Stevens back from being able to get a cheap shot.

Lights Out

The fans began buzzing as white lights began flashing throughout the Arena of Champions and a vast collection of action clips of Aran Thompson slowly faded in and out with intertwined clips of Aran standing next to his wife Laurie Williams as a camera pans around them when a huge blast of white and red pyrotechnics exploded from the jOltvision and the fans went insane in reaction to the unsuspecting blast.

So You Wanna Be A Champion!?

Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain with his retired Relentless Championship strapped around his waist and his stood at the top alone as he listened to the fans both boo and cheer for him. Aran watched the ring as the lights dimmed down and a solitary spotlight focused on the ring before Aran dashed forward and slid into the ring without with a devil may care attitude and popped up to his feet thrusting his Relentless Championship into the air and turning his attention to both Landon and Waymoth who both snarled at the former jOlt Champion. All three opponents looked around as the Arena of Champions could not contain themselves, these three have a sorted history and the fans knew it as they all prepared to go to war. The fans began chanting at the top of their lungs as they awaited the war that was sure to ensue.




The official called for the bell.

All three competitors circled the ring. Waymoth quickly went for Aran and forced him into the corner. Landon quickly followed as he attacked Waymoth from behind pulling him off of Aran. Stevens quickly took his shots as he connected with several kicks to the midsection of the former jOlt champion. Eli and Ezra Conway were cheering on The Rising Star on the outside as he slapped on the canvas. The tides turned as Waymoth turned Stevens around and laid him out with a hard short arm clothesline. Turnbull quickly turned his attention back to the man he has focused his revenge on for the last several months. But Aran was too quick as he snuck out of the corner and pushed Waymoth back first into the turnbuckle. Thompson connected with several shots to the kidneys of The West Indian Obsidian. The behemoth threw back an elbow that staggered back the former jOlt champion. Stevens was moving back to his feet as Aran staggered into him. Landon whipped Aran back towards Turnbull where Waymoth hit him with a ferocious power slam. The fans fell into a frenzy as Waymoth slammed Thompson to the canvas and went for the cover.


The fans started to boo as Stevens broke up the pin. The fans were intense as they expected nothing but a war here tonight. Waymoth moved back to his feet and shoved Stevens back. Stevens quickly responded with an enziguri to the right side of the head that sent Turnbull to the canvas. Aran quickly followed with a sneak attack on Stevens that sent him to the canvas. Aran then moved over to Turnbull and started to kick him very strategically around his body. Waymoth grabbed onto the former champions leg and pulled it from under him.

The fans began to cheer as all three men laid in the ring. Stevens was the first to his feet and he grabbed the downed former jOlt champion and pulled him to his feet. Aran responded by throwing a punch in the direction of The Rising Star only to have it blocked and Stevens connected with one of his own. The two former allies exchanged blows as the fans grew louder and louder. Stevens ducked under an attempted at a clothesline and connected with a swift dropkick that sent Aran over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. Waymoth quickly attacked Landon Stevens as he connected with a forearm from behind. Stevens bounced off the ropes that were in front of him and Waymoth connected with an uppercut. Stevens laid against the ropes as Waymoth stepped back and moved towards Stevens attempting a clothesline.


Stevens countered by pulling on the top rope and forcing Waymoth to fall to the outside with Aran. Both Eli and Ezra Conway ran to the side of the ring where the two men stood. They didn’t attack the two but they just stood guard as the two of them quickly began fighting on the outside. Waymoth slammed Thompson into the guardrail and then into the ring apron. The former champion tried to fight back but Turnbull seemed to be too much as Landon Stevens stood alone in the ring. The fans began to chant.




Stevens stepped back and bounced off the ropes behind him before running full speed and leaping through the ropes tackling both Thompson and Turnbull into the surrounding guard rails. The fans once again started to chant.




Stevens was the first to his feet as the official was counting all three men out. Stevens slid back into the ring and began to taunt the crowd. Stevens then signaled to both Eli and Ezra. The twins looked at each other before they separated and surrounded the former Jolt Champion and The West Indian Obsidian. Stevens then stood in the ring at the ropes. Both Waymoth and Aran were unsure what was going on until the twins went in for the attack. Aran and Waymoth worked on fighting off the twins as they each threw them into the railings. The twins never actually laid a hand on Thompson and Turnbull so the official chose to not call for the bell.

The fans cheered as Thompson and Turnbull took down the twins.

Stevens looked on in amazement as both Turnbull and Thompson re-entered the ring and went straight for Stevens. Stevens coward into the corner of the ring as both men stood against him. Stevens quickly gained a smile on his face as both Eli and Ezra entered the ring and came up behind Thompson and Turnbull and attacked them. Thompson went down but Turnbull stood tall as he shrugged off the attack and turned around.

The fans began to cheer.

Stevens quickly came up from behind and attacked Turnbull and out of no here Turnbull’s old friend Cloyd climbed over the guardrail and entered the ringside area before sliding into the ring. All five men began to throw punches and fight it out as the former Jolt Champion slid out the ring in the midst of chaos in the ring. Thompson grabbed the arm of his wife Laurie and the two left the ringside area as a war started in the middle of the ring. The fans noticed Aran leaving and began chanting.




The fans drowned out as Eli and Ezra Conway battled Waymoth’s longtime friend Cloyd inside the ring as Stevens and Waymoth once again exchanged blows as they have several times in the last few months. Eli and Ezra made quick work of Cloyd as they then moved their focus on helping their new leader Landon Stevens. The Black Faction dismantled The West Indian Obsidian before they sent him to the outside of the ring with a dropkick from all three of them. The fans in attendance boo’d as the camera panned to the entrance way showing both Aran and Waymoth outside the ring looking on as Black Faction stood tall inside the ring.

What will happen next for these three as tonight did not pan out the way Damien Lee had envisioned? Will the fight between these three ever come to an end or will it continue until the end of time? There can only be one that stands above the rest in the midst of this war and right now it seems Landon Stevens is the one left with the smile on his face.

Winner: No Contest

"A Proposition of Epic Proportions"

The scene faded to the backstage area. Damien Lee sat at his desk, leaned back in his chair, and placed his hands together on his chest.

“Thank you for making it in.” Lee began to address the individual in the chair seated directly across from him. The camera panned around revealing the Anti-Star. Ramey nodded and continued to listen.

“I understand things haven’t been exactly ideal for you since joining the company,” Lee continued, “and believe me I understand the whole eye for an eye thing. I can’t say I honestly wouldn’t have done the same thing you did last week if what Rau did to you had happened to me. I probably would have reacted the same way, but I’m not in the same position that you are right now.”

“You’ve been in my position before,” Lee continued, “you’ve been in this business a long time. There isn’t much you haven’t done, so I’m hoping that you can see things from my perspective. It’s not all bad for business though, the fans have been entertained, but essentially we’re costing them matches out in that ring when you and Rau decide to take things into your own hands like you have been.”

“We have to put this to an end,” Lee got a little excited, “we have to give them something worth all of the drama that has been unfolding between the two of you. Wrestlecade is coming up and neither of you have been placed on the show for anything else yet. So, we’re going to settle this little quorum between the two of you in a match.”

“I have no problem with that,” Ramey finally chimed in, “but you know as well as I do that if we’re put in the middle of that ring like before it’s going to end the same exact way.”

“Then what would you suggest I do?” Lee questioned, “The ball is in your court now, how do you see this matter being resolved finally?”

“I’m not afraid of running away from a challenge like Jason Rau is.” Ramey stated, “If he wants to play dirty I have no problem fighting back in the same manner. So, what I suggest is that we make this a fair fight, the way he wants it, and we do this Falls Count Anywhere. No more excuses, it’s put up or shut up time.”

Lee continued to lean back in his chair, and a smile came across his face, “Consider it done, but I have one more favor to ask. I know this isn’t an area you’ve enjoyed so far with the company, but hear me out at least.” Lee paused briefly and leaned forward, “Next week I need you in a tag team match.”

Considerable amounts of groaning could be heard coming from Ramey’s direction, but before he had the chance to say anything Lee continued.

“Just hear me out,” Lee smiled, “this isn’t going to be like before. You can definitely trust the man you’re going to be in the ring with during this competition. It’s someone you’re actually very familiar with. Next week I want to see Jason Rau and Derecho teaming up against yourself and Spike Saunders.”

It was at that point that the groaning ended and a smile struck across Ramey’s face as well, then a voice came from the darkness in the room. “That sounds fine to me.”

The towering frame of the Colossus stepped into the light, and the smile on Ramey’s face grew even more. Ramey stood from his chair, walked over to Saunders, and patted him on the chest. “Consider it done.”

The two men shook hands, everyone in the room left happy at the prospect, and the scene faded to black.

"The Return"

Eiji Kugasari (c) vs Reno Davis

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; IT’S TIME FOR YOUR jOLT WRESTLING MAIN EVENT!!!”

The notable ring announcer was seen standing proudly in the middle of the squared circle. Mic in hand and dressed in a tailor made Royal Blue Suit with a complementary White Shirt. He took a moment allow the cheering masses to respond accordingly to the announcement...

“13 Steps To Nowhere” by Pantera

Dean Carrington: “This contest is scheduled for 1 Fall and it is for the jOlt Wrestling WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT!! CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

The Arena of Champions cranked up the volume as the jOltvision screens began streaming an edited collage of high-flying & submissionist wrestling mastery. Strobe lighting assaulted the staging area with hues of Orange, Red, Pearl & Gold before the fWo Survivor alum himself strolled out from the back. The cheering legions motivated him that much further as both fists were balled up. Chin up and scanning the horizon, the diminutive grappler nodded to himself while wringing the tension free from his extremities...

Carrington: “Introducing First; Making his way to the ring and weighting in a 178 pounds...He hails from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada...He is ’The Unwanted Angel’...RENO!! DAVIS!!!

The Blue Eyed Antihero was casually walking up the ring steps, along the ring apron before perching himself atop the distant turnbuckle to physically acknowledge the cheering masses. Rolling his neck briefly, Reno swept his hair back before entering the ring. Running his hand along the top rope, Davis looked out into the crowd before taking his position into his respective corner. His musical theme diminished yet the cheers continued to resonate. Simon Boulder was seen conversing with Reno breifly before conducting his initial inspection before stepping back.


’Dawn Awaits’ (Extended Version) by Cliff Lin

The Arena of Champions opened up audibly as broad hues of Crimson & Pearl pulsated slowly with each reentry to brief darkness. The jOltvision screens flickered to life, dancing vividly with a fluid stream of storm clouds, peppering the turbulent sky with random flashes of lightning. The cluttered sky quickly drew red before the screens went black. Jets of smoke were belting out a thick overcast across the entrance staging area with a light from behind, revealing the ninja, standing in its midst before being turned off....

In short order, the Blood Raven unfastened the jOlt Heavyweight Championship from his waist & gently draped it along the apex of the entrance staging area before stepping back & initiating his trademark display of fluid martial arts katas. Ending them with a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick, the entire staging area became awash with activity. Hand planted along the belt’s pewter surface, the Inogami Clan lieutenant pulled the belt off the grating to stand brazenly before the roaring legions...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; weighting in at 195 pounds...He hails from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...He is the jOLT WRESTLING HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD!!! EIJI!!! KUGASARI!!!

Championship slung over his left shoulder, The Blood Raven walked boldly toward the squared circle with an air of brimming confidence. Reno was patiently hopping in place as Eiji was standing along the ring apron longingly before entering the ring with a Reverse Flip over the top rope. An emotionless glare was cast toward Davis en route to the opposing turnbuckle where he raised the championship overhead. Holding it by his Right Thigh, Eiji casually surveyed the sea of humanity before climbing down. Simon Boulder was promptly handed the championship belt before arriving in his respective corner, tugging the ring ropes several times before loosening himself up. The entrance music waned, allowing the legions to open up for the pending clash for the promotion’s highest prize. Boulder promptly displayed the belt before the cheering republic before handing it off to the ringside personnel.


2 Submissionists. Both diminutive stalwarts in their respective schools of grappling mutually walked casually toward the ring’s epicenter. A brief yet inaudible exchange was extended between them before they mutually stepped back 2 paces before encircling the ring. Both meticulously assessing one another, Davis deftly leapt back to avoid the Feint Snap Kick by Eiji. Reno quickly tilted his head before carefully closing in on the champion. Reno’s preemptive Double Leg Takedown was easily thwarted the attack with an Aerial Cartwheel! The nimble ninja ignored the crowd while pivoting as cunning Canadian somersaulted to a knee. Eiji with the Step Over on Davis. High Leapfrog by Reno yet Eiji hoisted him up for a Saito Suplex. The jOlt Wrestling stalwart slipped free, landed before balling the ninja with a swift Roll Up into a perfect Bridge Pin! ...1! ...2!

Eiji jerked his body off the mat, leading the agile Canadian to Handstand to his feet. The challenger pounced on the rising ninja from behind with a Standing Rear Side Waist Lock. Eiji sternly broadened his base, gradually prying his captor’s hands free. The ninja humbled Davis with a measured Standing Back Kick to the Stomach followed by a Double Arms Over The Shoulder Throw. A Standing Surfboard by Eiji. Simon Boulder intently monitored Reno’s vitals who continued to display his resiliency, leading Eiji to apply more pressure. Reno was seen gnashing his teeth while willing himself some leverage before gradually arching himself upward...

Crowd: OOOHHH!!

A Standing Back Flip Double Legged Kick knocked the stumbling ninja to the mat with Reno taking a brief pause before hooking the leg deep...1! ...2! Kickout! The masses were overheard was Davis used the momentum to roll into a controlling Grounded Side Head Lock. Kugasari took a moment to suppress his frustration while checking the hold in making his gradual ascent. Holding onto the taunt Rear Side Waist Lock, the jOlt champion loosed Reno up with several Forearms to the lower back. A stern Knee to the exposed Rib Cage was a prelude to a swift Ground Cobra Twist Pin! ...1! ...2! Reno jerked himself off the canvas as Eiji rolled back to his feet. Front Kick by Reno followed by a Snap Mare. The champion swivled to his feet & countered the Soccer Kick meant for between the shoulder blades. The Crooked Lariat sailed over Reno who spun to a knee before seeking to seize the advantage. A stiff Back Elbow by Eiji staggered the challenger backwards. Irish Whip by the champion. Reno, seeing the anticipated Back Body Drop, flawlessly somersaulted himself along the ninja’s back before hurling the ninja with a Vaulting Head Scissors Arm Drag!

The audience let the hear it as the ninja rolled to his feet, stumbling forward before draping himself along the middle ropes. The Blue Eyed fan favorite pumped his fist & yelled briefly before sprinting forward with a Tiger Feint Kick. Eiji knelt down as the diminutive aerialist spun about to gain his bearings. Reno ducked underneath the Spinning Heel Kick yet was foiled by Bridging Back Slide Pin!! The Canadian veteran kicked out at 2!...Hammer Throw by Eiji with the returning Reno knocking him down with a Running Shoulder Block! Cover! Boulder couldn’t get a 1 as Eiji quickly kicked out. Davis with a Hammer Throw of his own. Reno’s Standing Hip Toss allowed Eiji to Float Over. Davis mirrored the ninja’s counter yet Eiji snatched Reno to the canvas with a torrid Side Headlock Takedown! Head Scissor counter by the challenger and the Arena of Champion roared amorously at both the kneeling champion and challenger!


The Prince of Puroresu nodded respectfully as he rose to his feet as the Canadian native rolled both shoulders and nodded in kind. Pounding his fist into his palm, the fiery red-head was amped up...


Both wringing out the tension from their hands & arms, they interlocked fingers in a mutual Single Armed Test of Strength yet Reno landed a Front Kick to the champion. Davis buckled notably as the ninja fired a stiff salvo of measured Buzzsaw Kicks to the Thigh! A Single Hammerlock Northern Lights Suplex by Eiji...1! ...2! Reno leaned onto his Left Shoulder before being forced back down...1! ...2! A loud grunting could be heard during Reno’s arched body rising to rotate & loosen the ninja’s grip with a tandem of Head Butts. A Hard Knee to the Right Rib Cage led to punishing Gargoyle Suplex! Cover! ...1! ...2! Eiji jerked the shoulder up, leading Reno to cinch in a Figure 4 Arm Lock! The jOlt Champion quickly scissored the bottom ropes, urging Boulder to force the break at the count of 3. The Blood Raven scrambled to his feet, leading both men to jockey for control with each man breifly driven to a single knee in succession. Reno’s Snap Over the Shoulder Throw left the ninja in a seated position, who blasted the challenger with a Reverse Somersault Back Kick to the Face! The Blood Raven, holding onto Reno’s arm, rolled to his feet to cinch in a seamless Step Over Arm Bar w/ Neck Submission!

The smarks in the arena were heard clambering as Reno gnashed his teeth while warding off Boulder’s inaudible warnings. Eiji urged his opposition to submit yet Davis ignored the ninja’s rantings while shaking his finger to the ref in defiance. The masses responded audibly as Eiji quickly transitioned into a Deathlock Octopus Submission! Fingers clenched, the challenger gradually muscled his arm under Eiji’s to eventually grant him access to drop a stern knee flush in the ninja’s stomach! Eiji rolled over onto his back. Arms braced against his midsection. Reno swept his hair back, spun about, quickly assessing his target’s placement...

Trampled Underfoot - A Moonsault Double Foot Stomp

The jOlt Champion howled in anguish as he rolled away from the impact, covering his chest as Reno Reverse Somersaulted himself to a knee. Nodding with a broad smile, Davis cradled his arm across his midsection before wringing out the pain and initiating an Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! Reno shifted his jaw while resting on both knees momentarily before bracing his knee across the ninja’s head and applying all his body weight for added damage. Davis quickly laid the ninja out...Corkscrew Senton by Reno to a Lateral Press...1! ...2! NO! The challenger ran his hand over his mouth briefly before pulling the ninja up to his feet. The trademark howls were heard as trinity of Knife Edge Chops leaned the champion into the corner followed by an Irish Whip. Reno barreled after the ninja who careened against the opposing corner...A Rolling Koppou Kick flattened the New Brunswick native. Eiji shook the cobwebs free while rolling from a seated position, pulling himself back to his feet via the ring ropes. Reno was dragged under the bottom rope, along the ring apron before Eiji crushed him with a Slingshot Double Foot Ring Apron Stomp! The ninja casually scanned the horizon before executing a Slingshot Somersault back inside the ring, rolling into a dead sprint...Reno was jettisoned away several feet onto the floor soundly from Eiji’s Baseball Slide Dropkick! The Blood Raven stood himself erect before shooting toward the opposing ropes...

The Screaming Eagle - A Running Arabian 1 to an Arabian 3/4 OTR Corkscrew Senton

The masses were steadily rallying behind the brazen ninja as Reno was left sprawled out along the padded earth. Fists balled up, the ninja nodded before the cheering populous before grabbing Reno by the head and shoving him toward the ring apron. Tiger Wall Flip by Reno as Eiji began barreling toward him...A Drop Toe Hold by Davis smacked the ninja’s face against the floor, leading Reno to retreat several paces before delivering a Running Kick the champion’s head! Davis peeled the champion off the mats before resetting the ref’s count at 8. The challenger used an Irish Whip to slam the ninja spine first against the ring apron before flooring him with a Textbook Snap Suplex! Eiji grimaced from the bone-rattling impact before being shoved back inside the ring and being covered with a Lateral Press...1! ...2!

Eiji got the shoulder up, leading to him being peeled of the mat & hurled the World Champion into the corner with a Hammer Throw. A Running Senton crushed the ninja, allowing Reno to flip himself over onto the ring apron as the Blood Raven staggered forward to a single knee. Reno readied himself to pounce as Eiji sought to regain his bearings before Davis soared with a Springboard Dragonrana... Falling Power Bomb by Eiji! The impact rolled the champion sideways few paces before seeking to regain his bearings on all fours. Crawling after his opponent, Kugasari gradually rose to his feet before committing to a Prawn Hold Pin...1! ...2! Reno jerked his body upward as Eiji held on to draw his prey away from the ropes, hoist & spike his opposition into the canvas with an Alabama Slam! The masses watched Eiji step over to roll Davis onto his stomach...

Red Redemption - A Grapevine STF Submission

Simon quickly knelt by Reno’s side as he gnashed his teeth from the accumulative pressure. Eiji continued to wrench back tighter yet the reluctant Reno willed his way toward the ring ropes. The audience rallied behind the diminutive challenger as he dug his fingertips into the canvas briefly before inching his way forward toward the ropes. The cheers kept growing as he pawed the bottom ropes before latching onto them with a literal death grip. Simon Boulder yelled at Eiji, who refused to let go before setting Davis free at the count of 4. Reno collapsed face first, panting from the damage applied as Eiji peeled himself off the mat, grabbed Reno’s leg and dragged him from the ropes. The champion attempted a Single Leg Crab yet the challenger kicked Eiji in the chest twice. The audience groaned loudly as Eiji landed a stern Stomp on Reno’s Ear before the ninja turned him back over for a 2nd attempt at the Single Leg Crab. Reno landed a trinity of Heel Kicks to the champion’s Jaw before The Blood Raven soundly slammed his foot against his foot on Davis’s ear twice before turning him onto his stomach...

Hanzo’s Final March - A Single Leg Crab followed by Multiple Stomps to the Head

The malicious hail of Boots to the Head continued until Reno’s arms went limp...


The masses roared as Simon Boulder signaled for the bell as Eiji landed a few more stomps before the champion released him and dropped to a single knee. Sweeping his hair back, Eiji kept his head downcast several moments as Boulder knelt down by the fallen challenger’s side.


The ringside personnel handed the victorious ninja back his esteemed prize before standing himself erect and slinging the belt over his right shoulder. “Dawn Await (Extended Verison)” by Cliff Lin continued to serenade the masses as Eiji leaned against the ropes, staring down at the slowly stirring Reno before passing through the ropes, standing along the ring apron and raising the championship over head with one hand. The parting shot remained fixated on the Blood Raven as the affixed Wrestlecade logo was set behind the ninja at a distance....

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Knockout