"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Jayshin hitting a Corkscrew 630 Splash. Gunnar Van Patton hits a massive running lariat turning Mattock inside out. Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by Mattock hitting the corkscrew spear. The screen flashes and shows Sylo hitting the Systematic Shutdown, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Superstar Vince Jacobs, Omega, Waymoth Turnbull, Tyke


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like The Heirs of Wrestling, Red & Ted, Reno Davis, Sven Deadly, Mike Extreme, Grendel, Omega, all in rapid succession


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Relentlessly Rising Coronation"

The fans in the Arena of Champions were still looming from WrestleCade as they waited to see what was to come next. The lights flickered before drawing the arena to pitch black. The sound of television static echoed throughout the building.


The music of Aran Thompson filled the Arena of Champions with cheers and jeers as the fans were still confused about the intentions of Mr. Relentless. The music faded with no sign of him anywhere. The fans were lost as to what was happening. The arena was still pitch black when a screen of static appeared up on the jOltVision. A video began to play of Landon pinning Aran Thompson at WrestleCade to become the new number one contender to the jOlt Championship.

Landon fell to the floor after hitting Aran with a guillotine leg drop with the relentless championship strapped to his leg and he slowly climbed back into the ring holding his leg and unstrapped the retired title before pulling Aran's lifeless body back into the ring and hooking his leg.




Hartman: HE DID IT!


The sound of static echoed throughout the building once again before a second video appeared on the jOltVision of Landon pinning Eiji (insert last name) to become the NEW JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!



The landing led Stevens to tumble over the fallen champion’s body as a fresh stain of crimson remained splattered along the impact area. The Blood Raven remained motionless as Landon was angrily clutching his ankle. The legions were emitting another fecal chant as many detractors were angrily clambering at the crafty opportunist who pushed himself in position to hook the leg deeply...






Darius Underwood was seen calling for the bell as a number of pro-Black Family supporters were heard cheering in certain sections of the crowd. The Rising Star released the ninja’s leg and remained back-first atop of his opposition as Ezra staggered back to his feet, adamantly shaking his twin before heading over to the time keeper’s position. Sliding back into the ring, Ezra happily presented the crown jewel of the promotion to its new bearer. Jaw agape, Landon hungrily snatched the belt away and cradled it with both arms......

The video faded to static on the screen and the sound screeching through the building before quickly going black. The arena was once again pitch black.

“Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch blasted throughout the Arena of Champions. The fans erupted in jeers as the entrance music for the NEW jOlt Champion filled their ears. The crowd stood to their feet to protest the champion.

“...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x).........THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! (Clap 5x)....”

The chants grew louder as the lights turned up and strobe lights in the colors of white and pink flickered and bounced around the building. The camera’s shifted towards the entrance way where smoke began to fill the area as a spotlight shined just in front of the curtain. The camera’s zoomed in just as the jOlt championship was seen coming up from under the stage. Black Faction emerged at the top of the entrance ramp as they ascended from under the stage jOlt championship raised high in the air, a shower of pink, black, and white confetti fell from above the jOltVision. Much to the dismay of the jOlt fans Stevens placed the jOlt championship on his shoulder and made his way towards the ring with the biggest grin plastered across his face. The newly crowned champion teased fans as he walked towards them before stepping away. The Rising Star stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and once again raised the championship above his head; he looked up and smiled before entering the ring with the title draped over his shoulder.

Music faded out as the lights returned to full brightness. The champion made his way towards the corner of the time keeper as he signaled for a microphone. The crowd booed the new champion as he moved back to the center of the ring.


The Rising Star smiled and once more raised the championship belt high in the air as the fans continued to show their undeniable distaste for the new jOlt champion.


“You can chant how much I suck or how I am a pussy all you want, the fact of the matter is you should now all be BELIEVERS!!!! Do you not understand what it means to be jOlt champion? Do you not understand what I went through to get here? Or what I had to prove? I went through a beast like Waymoth Turnbull and “Mr. Relentless” himself to earn my shot at the gold. Hell I battled a majority of the match with blood spilling from my eye. I even went against medical advice to earn this. I wasn’t 100% and I went toe to toe with the two most recent champions, not only did I go toe to toe, but I proved I was exactly what I said I was…. BETTER THAN THEM!!! I went into WrestleCade as the straight underdog and came out the JOLT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!”

Stevens stands there with a smile smeared across his face. He gazed upon the crowd as they stared at him and the glare from the jOlt championship.

“I know, it’s a bit blinding, but I had to get it professionally cleaned just for this evening. I mean I’m sure this thing hasn’t been cleaned since Aran had it. It still had that LOSER feeling to it. The last three men to hold this championship have one other thing in common… THEY LOST TO ME!!! What does that tell ya?”


“Really? Are you people just retarded, boys are you sure we are at the right show? Are you sure you gave the driver the right directions? These people can’t be saying the jOlt champion… SUCKS!”

Eli moved up to Landon and tried to speak but Landon shoved him back.

“You know, why did I even trust you guys? I really shouldn’t trust either of you. At WrestleCade, I took the relentless championship fair and square from Aran and you two fools left it in the ring after some jolt rejects ran to the ring. Are you kidding me? That was simply uncalled for, and because of that Aran has regained his most prized possession. I’m actually pretty sick of caring you guys around. The fact of the matter is, it’s time yall two put up or shut up. We will get to that later. ”

Stevens shrugged back his shoulders and cracked his neck as he once again cracked a smile.

“Tonight isn’t about who did what to cause whatever. Tonight is about the crowning of a new champion, the dawning of a new era, and the re-emergence of The Black Faction. Folks, you can yell at the top of your lungs about how much I suck, or that I’m a pussy, the fact is I AM THE CHAMPION!!! There is nothing any of you or anyone in the back can do about it either.“

Landon cracks a smile as he adjusts the belt over his shoulder.


The crowd errupted as "Onion" by One Ok Rock began playing and Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain with the straps of the Relentless Championship hanging over his shoulders and the main plate of the title rest across the back of his head. Landon, Eli and Ezra all looked on in disbelief as Aran interrupted the coranation and the fans absolutely loved him for it.

"You know Landon.." Aran began.

"At WrestleCade you were the better man. I can admit it. I'm not stupid. You beat three men. You wrestled two matches. You did anything and everything that you could to be champion and you won. Hell, I wasn't expecting that guillotine leg drop...that's for sure." Aran paused as he ran his hand over the side of his head.

"You did everything in the book. Every single detail."

Aran paused for a moment and smiled at Landon who wanted to know when Aran was going to get to the point.

"Everything that I would of done! It's no secret. You're a student of "Mr. Relentless"! You're the first graduate of mine! The first to get the lessons passed on! You became a champion! You ever won a match that had your teacher as the opponent. You tried to take my Relentless Championship away from me, and you failed. Blame the Inbred Twins all you want, but if you wanted to be successful at taking everything away from me you would of saw it all coming. I thought I taught you better than that!? You failed!"

Landon freaked out in the middle of the ring and Eli and Ezra were none to happy about the "inbred" comment Aran made about them.

"You can't take this title from me! I AM THIS TITLE! This title has been around the waist of GREAT MEN! Reno Davis! Johnathan Conspiracy! DERECHO! But it was always meant for me. Without me, this title is nothing. I made it a mythical and majestic as it was meant to be! I bled for this championship! I LITERALLY USED MY TEETH TO BREAK A SUBMISSION HOLD FOR THIS CHAMPIONSHIP! You couldn't do that on your best day! You couldn't think about that. You couldn't have that awareness! Because it can't be taught!"

Aran again paused for a moment and Landon interrupted him as he slowly raised the jOlt Championship in the air.

"I'M THE CHAMPION! I'M THE BEST!" Landon bellowed as the fans voiced their disgust with him.


Aran smiled and nodded his head.

"Sure. Put the jOlt Title on the line." Aran replied non-chalantly.

Landon stopped and looked at the jOlt Championship for a moment and snarled.

"Why?! So you could lose it to a rookie again?!" Landon shot back obviously hitting a nerve with Aran who grimaced.


Aran shook his head and readjusted his Relentless Championship so it was drapped over his right shoulder.

"You're not bright, are ya?" Aran asked rhetorically.

"Damien Lee retired this championship months ago, or I would." Aran continued.

Landon looked around the ring as the fans chanted "MISTER-RELENT-LESS!" over and over again and as the chanting faded and the West Texas Terrorists failed at trying to get Landon's attention elsewhere Landon turned his focus back on Aran.

"Damien never liked you. Eli and Ezra never liked you. Hell it's amazing that Laurie and her dumb ass brother even call you family still. I'm gunna go to Damien and I'm going to TAKE THAT RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP!"

Aran smiled and motioned for Landon to "bring it on" as the scene faded and the jOlt Champion snarled toward Aran.


As Aran and Landon cleared the ring, the cameras switched focus to Mike Burhman and Nate Powers, sitting at ringside.

"Ladies and gentlemen! It seems things are already heating up here on iNtense and it's only going to gett better! Here we are just one week removed from the huge event where The Rebellion has made a mark on the company and with everything carrying over, it makes us wonder what The Rebellion has planned for new jOlt Champion, Landon Stevens, whom we've just seen.. as well as the rest of the rost.."

Lights Out!

The fans began buzzing as Michael Buhrman was cut off in the middle of his adulation of the goings on in the company. The jOltvision, the lights surrounding the rafters and throughout the Arena of Champions summoned forth a blinding white light that caused the fans in attendence to cover their eyes as they began looking around trying to figure out who or what was attacking their vision.

The sounds of distorted metal and vibrations rangout throughout the Arena.


The noise, the bright lights all suddenly stopped and the darkness once again cast over the entirety of the building that housed one of the greatest sports entertainment products.

The sounds of whispering crowded the airwaves as the fans looked dumbfounded, they've all had absolutely no idea what was going on the creepiness was unsettling, the fans looked around and amongst one another for an answer.

"Do you think they've forgotten?"

A question was overheard through the sounds of constant and never ending whispering could be heard.

"If they have, they're fools!"

Another voice hissed over the sounds of whispering and the combination of the fans interacting with one another.

"They haven't forgotten..."

"They can't forget!"

The camera panned throughout the Arena of Champions and the fans began talking amongst themselves more and more as the sounds of whispering could still be heard throughout as well.

"The Rebellion is many...."

Suddenly the whispering stopped and a silence fell over the Arena once again.

"But we....are one."

The lights suddenly came back on blindingly and the announcers Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers looked on quizzically.

"What ....the hell....was that?" Nathan Powers managed to get out as they looked as confused as the fans in attendence.

"jOlt's Last Real Hall of Famer"

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Donny Layne said as the camera cut to the backstage area, “standing with me at this time is a man that came up just short of victory at WrestleCade in his match against “Midas” Mack Brody. Please welcome at this time… Jeremy Ryan.”

The crowd started to get LOUD with booing as the man appeared to the left of Donny and approached him with a scowl.

“What the FUCK did you just say?” Ryan asked.

Donny became flustered quickly. “I’m… I’m not sure what you’re… referring to…”


The interviewer got uncomfortably quiet while Ryan put his hand out.

“Give me that microphone and leave.”

Unsure of his actions, Donny looked at the microphone before shooting a look of concern back to Ryan.

“DO IT!”

Donny nodded and forked over the microphone which Ryan was quick to snatch up. Clearly, jOlt’s Last Real Man was not in the mood after his loss to Mack Brody, a man he had antagonized and assaulted for weeks in an effort to break him down only for that plan to backfire and taste defeat. jOlt’s Last Real Man was now alone with the microphone and scowled.

“Brody… you clearly have the luck of the fucking Irish with you because WrestleCade was a fucking JOKE and I had you BEAT.... But I’m not here to talk about that and I’m not here to talk about that inferior human being, Mack Brody. You see, days before that took place, there was a show to pay tribute to those who people CLAIMED to pave the way for people like me… people from the Hype… people on the roster now.”

Ryan made air quotes.

“These people are ’Legends’ from what I’m told. Eron the Relentless… “Superstar” Vince Jacobs… Brandon fucking Blade… “Kodiak” Vic Creed…” He let out a disgusted sigh as he announced the fifth man inducted. “…Sylo… What offends me MORE than anything Mack Brody, Jon Le Bon, Kayden Paulton, and anybody else that I have kicked the hell out of… is this place CELEBRATING mediocrity and passing it off as anything more!”

The boos got louder in the audience now. Who was this man to just come out and slander people who had worked their whole career in this business to become huge success stories?

Well, he was jOlt’s Last Real Man, that’s who.

“All of those names… all of those titles… and NONE of them even hold a fucking candle to me. If I had been around this business in their prime, I would’ve kicked the fuck out of every one of them. Blade is a joke, no amount of steroids would’ve stopped me from hurting Vic… I’M now the Reason There’s A Show… Eron can be Relentless all he wants, but I am a REAL man with more RUTHLESSNESS in his pinky toe than that fuck had in his bodyh… and oh, don’t even get me started on that big blue tweeting homo. This little techie prick off-camera is telling me to wrap it up, so I don’t have THAT kind of time…”

Ryan continued.

“I made a pact to myself just before this show went on the air… starting NOW, no longer are these idiots going to celebrate these morons in some bullshit pomp-and-circumstance ceremony that doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t need a Hall of Fame ring, I don’t need a bunch of people to fellate me night in and night out, I don’t need anybody else to tell me how good I am… I am no longer simply jOlt’s Last Real Man… what you are looking at before you now…”

Jeremy raised a fist to the camera and showed off his OWN Hall of Fame ring as the camera focused in. A big golden ring with a shiny red ruby in the center. Adored on the top and bottom…

“I am now jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer! Now bear in mind, I said that I didn’t NEED a ring… but if any of those fuckwits can just be nominated Hall of Famers any day of the week and my opinion means more than anybody else’s… doesn’t mean that I don’t WANT one. Bask, retards… because now when I go out into that ring, you are looking at a TRUE Hall of Famer… a REAL masculine influence that people can be proud of! And I’m going to start by curbing that little prick, Muerte, tonight.”

Ryan dropped the microphone and shoved the camera aside as he headed towards the ring. It seemed the self-professed jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer was heading to the ring with a new motivation…

…which wasn’t good for anybody.

Jeremy Ryan vs Muerte would kick off iNtense's action for the evening, right after the commercial break.

Jeremy Ryan vs Muerte

Brad Arnold was already in the ring when the iNtense returned from break.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Brent shouted.

“Caught In A Web” by Dream Theater.

The music played as gray smoke began to fill up the arena entrance. The member of the Widow’s Nest had come up just short of winning the Underground Title against the very dominant and dangerous Underground Champion Omega, but now he was getting the chance to show what he could do in singles action. The Widow’s Nest were vicious people in their own right, but Muerte was about to face off against a man who was well-known in that category as well.

“First, making his way to the ring from Tijuana, Mexico, weighing in at 204 pounds… he is a member of the Widow’s Nest… MUERTE!

The other members of the Nest were in action tonight, but for now it was Muerte going it alone tonight. He did a cartwheel from off the top rope and flipped right into the ring, skulking about ringside carefully as he waited for his opponent.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and out from the back came his opponent… a man who blasphemously claimed that he was now a Hall of Famer worthy of more accolades than the recent class of honorary jOlt Hall of Famers who were recently inducted. The man from Bangor, Maine came out from the back showing off his own “Last Real Hall of Fame Ring” as he approached the ring ready for a fight.

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 247 pounds… he is JOLT’S LAST REAL HALL OF FAMER… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan scowled at Brad in case he decided to deviate from the cue card he provided before match time. Ryan climbed into the ring while a pensive Muerte watched his loose cannon of an opponent climb into the ring. Ryan was a bit of a recluse with no friends on the roster, but he preferred it that way. jOlt’s Last Real Man stood in his corner as the bell rang.


Muerte immediately went on the attack at the onset! He came at him with a Running Front Dropkick that sent him flying right into the corner! He was stunned when Muerte quickly caught him with an Inside Cradle!



Ryan furiously powered out and when Muerte tried to stand, he BLASTED him with a forceful Elbow Smash to the face that sent him flying back on the mat! Muerte came out of the gates with an explosive attack trying to prove himself but Ryan was a ruthless man himself and caught him flush.

“You don’t disparage a Hall of Famer like that!”

Ryan ducked over him and immediately fired at him with a flurry of elbows to the face as referee Simon Boulder hovered over him. The gigantic referee ordered him to back off.


jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer backed off and held up his hands in compliance before he turned attention back to the fallen Muerte. The member of the Widow’s Nest was forced back to his feet before Ryan simply muscled him into the corner and smashed his face into the top turnbuckle! He continued to drill him several times face-first into the top buckle before he pulled him out and THREW him overhead with a vicious Head and Arm Suplex! Muerte went bouncing off the canvas while a smug Ryan rolled over and hooked the leg.




Muerte with the shoulder up and the cruiserweight was getting some props. He gave Omega fits at several points during their Underground Title match at WrestleCade and there was no reason to believe he couldn’t pull out an upset here tonight as well.

Ryan snatched him up by one hand and pulled him right into a vicious Short-Arm Back Elbow to the face! Muerte looked out on his feet after the first shot so when the second Short-Arm Elbow came at him, it rocked him even more. He was looking groggy now when Ryan pulled out and tried for a third, only for the quicker Muerte to duck! He kept running to the corner and bounced right back at jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer, landing a HARD Missile Dropkick to the chest that knocked him over!

Jeremy was certainly not expecting this kind of resistance from the Widow’s Nest member, but he was getting it here tonight as the enigmatic Muerte stood back to his feet. Ryan stumbled around the ring while Muerte came at him again with a series of sharp kicks to the left leg to stun the bigger man.

He fought Jeremy Ryan back to the corner with a series of alternating kicks before a Jumping Spin Kick sent him staggering backwards into the corner! Muerte didn’t play to the crowd and could care less about them, but they hated Ryan that much more and were cheering on the high-impact high-flyer as he tried to whip Ryan across the ring. Ryan reversed that and sent him flying only for him to Double Jump to the top rope and come back with a HUGE High Cross Body into the pin!




Ryan threw him off with plenty of force, but Muerte rolled through to his feet to keep the quick assault going. He ran right back towards jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer only to eat a stiff shoulder to the gut to double him over. Ryan snarled now and LAUNCHED him overhead once again, this time with a T-Bone Suplex variation! Ryan rolled over once again and the cover followed.




“Ugh… stay down, rookie!” Ryan barked.

Ryan’s Hall of Fame proclamations looked like they were going to his head and they most certainly were. Ryan stood up and threw Muerte over the top rope, but somehow, Muerte was STILL coming back and Skinned the Cat to get back into the ring. Jeremy charged only for Muerte to duck under the oncoming boot and when he came back, he clipped him into the Enzuigiri kick to the head that rocked him back down to his feet. Now it was Muerte’s chance to finish this off quickly!

Muerte’s chance to strike was now and he started to climb to the top rope looking for some big move he could pull off to turn the tides… NO! A STIFF Jumping Palm Strike to the jaw knocked The Widow’s Nest member loopy as he slipped off the ropes and barely landed on the ring apron! This was Ryan’s chance to finish him off with something big now as he climbed to the second cable and started to grab Muerte…


The crowd was taken completely aback by Ryan SUPERPLEXING him over the top rope, deadlifting the 204-pounder and DRILLING him with an amazing Deadlift Superplex that he called the


Ryan took all of a few seconds to shake off the impact of his own power move before he rolled over. He had always followed this up with The Dead Man submission which all but one man had been able to fight out of successfully – however, he went for something a little bit different as he powered him up over the shoulder. With a gleam in his eye…



The crowd was shitting all over Ryan stealing the move from one of the men that he had berated earlier in Sylo, one of the five recent Hall of Famers! His Reverse F-5 variation SPIKED Muerte into the mat viciously. Jeremy Ryan looked out to the crowd with a laugh as he hooked the leg of Muerte.




After a hard-fought loss at WrestleCade, the self-proclaimed jOlt’s Last Real Hall of Famer laughed as he stood back up and waited for the announcement.

“Here is your winner of the match… jOlt’s Last Real Ma…”

“NO!” Ryan shouted.

Arnold shook his head in disgust. “… jOlt’s Last REAL Hall of Famer… JEREMY RYAN!

Jeremy Ryan had not only disparaged Hall of Famers, but appeared to be stealing moves from them shamelessly as he laughed at the crowd. He disappeared from the crowd and put his self-made Hall of Fame ring back on as he headed to the back with a big smile on his face.

Yep, no way would this piss somebody off.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"My Old Friends"

The scene opened up backstage. Jon Le Bon was strutting around backstage with a swagger that's only befitting for someone such as himself. As he moved in a way as only he could through the production staging area, he noticed a large group of individuals walking in his direction. He turned and looked at them and instantly recognized them.

Michael Donavan
Cross the Hood
Nate Quartermaine
and Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje

Collectively, they were known as The Rebellion who made a statement at the end of Wrestlecade. Le Bon waved his arm at them as they all stood there and looked a bit confused. Le Bon ran up to say hello.

"You guys! You guys!" shouted Le Bon. "Man.. it has been FOREVER since I've seen you all! I saw what you did at Wrestlecade and at first I was angry because I was in charge of bringing spirit to the event and you crushed all that spirit much like you crushed the entire ring and everyone around it. But then I realized, it was GOOD becuase you brought a different kind of spirit as I know only you guys could! We should get caught up! See a movie.. have some coffee.. maybe try some of my homemade meatloaf!"

Saje stepped forward from the group and stood in front of Le Bon.

"What are you doing?" asked Saje

"I'm just saying hello to you guys.. my old friends. I want to make you feel welcomed here on iNtense!" replied Le Bon.

"That's not really what I'm asking.. but I guess we'll go with that answer for now. I'm just going to offer you a bit of a warning here. We may have been on The Hype together and you were crafty enough to get to the main roster before us.. but that doesn't make us friends. To us, you're just like everybody else at the moment, but since we came from the same roots, I will let you off with a warning rather than driving you right into the floor where you stand. Keep your distance from us... don't talk to us.. don't interfere with us. The fact that we were on The Hype together is our only common bond. Outside of that.. we're not friends.. we're nothing. Got it?"

Le Bon stood there for a moment and then saw Raevynn.

"Okay, but may I ask her one thing before I leave?"

Saje looked back at Raevynn who nodded.

"Sure.. go ahead." said Saje.

"Do you still hate Androids? Because after you broke my iPhone, I went and got a Nokia Lumia.. it has Windows on it and it's very anti-android. Does this mean we can have a second date?"

Saje sighed.

"She's spoken for.. and if you try to get at her again.. you can forget what I said about being afforded a warning." said Saje.

The entire Rebellion then walked past Le Bon.. Seraph gave him a glare as he passed though. Le Bon simply smiled and waved goodbye.

"Failure to Communicate"

The camera’s panned backstage outside the locker room of the new jOlt champion, Landon Stevens. Eli and Ezra Conway were seen standing there looking at the door. The name plate once read THE BLACK FACTION, but the word BLACK was scratched out. The twins looked at each other in confusion, both shrugging it off. They entered.

“What’s with the…” Eli was about to ask Landon what was up with writing on the door, but Landon stood up and pointed to the bench in front of him.

“Just have a seat.” Stevens demanded.

The twins gulped as they didn’t know what to expect from their commander and chief. The twins nervously made their way over to the bench and sat down. They glanced down at the jOlt championship that laid on the bench behind the champion.

“What happened? Did you two just forget to grab it? What the hell? We had it boys. We had everything that mattered to him and we let it slip through our fingers.” The Rising Star looked at his fingers as he questioned the twins.

“There was a minor miscommunication. I thought he grabbed it.”

“I thought he did. We didn’t notice until it was too late.”

“We nearly destroyed him, but now he’s the fucking HERO!!! Aran is beginning to build momentum because he now has hope. He has these people believing in him. He knows I want to take that championship away from him. I HAD IT!!! You’re twins for crying out loud, you two should be linked together. This should have never happened. We need to fix this communication issue and fast.” “What do you mean?”

“You’re a tag team, right?” Stevens asked.

“We’re The West Texas Terrorists.” Eli and Ezra both bellowed proudly.

“Well, last I saw you two weren’t in any contention for any championships. I’m thinking that since you two lost the Relentless championship, its time you bring some new gold to this team. You’re supposed Terrorists. Terrorize these other teams, do whatever you have to do.”

“You serious Landon?” Eli asked a little confused.

“Do I look like I’m playing to you? We need to prove our superiority. I am now the jOlt champion and I expect those around me to want to accomplish the same success.” Stevens bellowed, seemingly ready to give up on the twins is giving them another chance to prove their worth.

The camera panned to the twins looking at each other as if they didn’t know what to do.

“You two have watched front and center the rise of two jOlt champions, you should definitely know by now what it takes to get the job done. ” The Rising Star snatched his championship up off the bench behind him and made his way to the door.

Stevens looked back at the twins.

“Make them all believers like I did. They may not like me, but they can’t deny me.”

Amber Ryann vs Persephone

Coming off of a loss a Wrestlecade, Amber Ryann looked to get back into contendership and tonight there was an exhibition match set up between the rising starlet and the veteran and former champion.

"Infected" by Bad Religion

The lights dimmed low as the song wound up. As the drums and guitar struck up, the arena pulsed with red lights as Persephone stepped out from the backstage area to boos from the crowd. Persephone wanted to get back into the title picture as well and saw tonight as an opportunity to possibly earn a shot as jOlt Wrestling headed toward Breakdown in just a little over a month from now.

Persephone stepped into the ring as the arena came back to normal. She there, a single hand on her hips as she looked back at the entrance way.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The lights dimmed as the guitar revved up. When the drums and music kicked in the arena lights began to flash in blue, yellow, green, and red. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann stepped out from the backstage area wearing her Dragonfly mask and her hair tied around a single dragonfly wing that stuck up and out from the back left side of her head. She walked a little bit down the entrance ramp and stopped just a tad past the stage. She raised her hand in to the air and then fell to a kneeling position, slamming her fist into the ramp causing red, yellow, blue, and green pyro to explode on stage.

She popped to her feet and slapped hands with the fans as she skipped down to the ring. Persephone exited the ring as Ryann hopped up onto the ring apron. She grabbed the top rope and used it to slingshot herself over, pivoting in the air. She landed on the middle rope and then backflipped off to her feet where red, blue, green, and yellow pyro blew from the four ring posts.. the colors matching those in her hair.

She removed the tie from her hair and removed the dragonfly wing. he hair then fell back into place and she removed her dragonfly mask, passing all of her ring entrance gear to ringside. The music faded and the lights returned to normal. Persephone re-entered the ring and the referee saw that both were ready and he signaled for the bell.




Ryann and Persephone circled each other in the ring leading to the eventual lock up. Ryann immediately applied a side headlock, but Persephone backed her into the ropes, shooting her across the ring. Ryann bounced off as Persephone telegraphed a back body drop. Ryann rolled off of Persephone's back and delivered a toe kick, doubing Persephone over. Ryann applied an arm wrench and then a side kick across the chest that put Persephone down. Ryann went for a standing moonsault, but Persephone put her knees up.

Ryann staggered away, holding her stomach in pain. She backed Ryann into the ropes and attempted an irish whip, but Ryann reversed it to send Persephone to the ropes, but Persephone reversed that and pulled Ryann into a knee lift to the stomach. Persephone set up Ryann between her legs, looking for a powerbomb, but when Persephone lifted Ryann, Ryann slipped off her shoulders, landing in front of her. Ryann delivered another toe kick and took off to the ropes.. she came back with an axe kick, but Persephone dodged and grabbed Ryann with a waist lock.

German Suplex attempt by Persephone, but Ryann landed on her feet. Ryann backed into the ropes for momentum and swung with a lariat, but Persephone ducked and quickly placed Ryann into a half nelson, but Ryann stomped on Persephone's shin, twisted and leapt into the air connecting with a Pele Kick to the side of Persephone's head! Persephone went down as Ryann went to the corner, climbing the turnbuckles to the very top, but Persephone was able to shake it off and get to her feet. She charged the corner and gave Ryann a shove, knocking her over the ring post and down to the floor where she smacked against the barricades!!!

"OOOOHHHH!!!!!" yelled the crowd.

Amber Ryann crumbled into a heap as she laid there holding herself in pain. Persephone hopped out of the ring and charged in at Ryann, striking her in the face with a running knee as she was up against the barricades!! The sickening thud echoed throughout the arena.

"OOOOOHHHH!!!!" groaned the crowd for the second time.

Persephone pulled Ryann to her feet and placed her against the barricades before firing off a Knife Edge Chop across the chest. Ryann was about to double over when Persephone propped her back up and fired off a second Knife Edge Chop. Persephone grabbed Ryann by the arm and whipped her toward the ring post, but Ryann reversed it and sent Persephone shoulder first into the post instead! The referee was up to the count of six, but Ryann collapsed after the whip as she couldn't capitalize on her efforts...



Ryann began to get back to her feet


Ryann made it back into the ring but Persephone was right behind her.


Persephone also made it back in right before the referee's hand came forward for the full ten count.

Both of them staggered to their feet. Ryann twisted Persephone's right arm.. the one that smacked into the ring post. She delivered a hard elbow into the shoulder joint of that right arm which brought Persephone down to a single knee. Ryann then hit another elbow to that joint and then released the hold. Ryann backed into the ropes and charged in, hitting a running Shotgun Drop Kick to that shoulder!! Persephone yelled out in pain as she collapsed to the canvas, holding that arm.

Ryann decided to go to the corner once again. Persephone was just the right distance away from the corner for Ryann to stand with her back to the ring. Ryann leapt backwards while flipping forward. She twisted mid flip and landed with a Senton Backsplash!!


Ryann went for the first cover of the match!



Persephone got the shoulder up.

Ryann pulled Persephone up to her feet, but Persephone quickly fell back to her knees, hitting a Jawbreaker on Ryann. That created a bit of separation, but Persephone knew it wouldn't last long. Ryann stumbled over to the corner and Persephone charged in, hitting a running knee that doubled Ryann over. Persephone then hoisted Ryann to the top rope in a seated position. She held her right shoulder as it was still hurting after Ryann worked over it. Persephone then climbed up top and hooked Ryann for a Superplex.

Persephone went to lift Ryann, but Ryann grabbed the top rope and blocked it. Ryann hit a pair of headbutts that staggered Persephone. Before Persephone could fall, Ryann grabbed her by the head and slammed it into the top turnbuckle pad, putting her in a bent over position. Ryann used the middle ropes to stand and leap over Persephone.. looking for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but Persephone gripped the ropes and Ryann landed on her feet, unable to pull Persephone off.

Persephone let go of the ropes and pummeled away on Ryann's head while she was on her shoulders. Persephone went for a Frankensteiner, but Ryann countered by holding on!! Ryann then lifted Persephone back up onto her shoulders. Ryann fell backwards while powerbombing Persephone forward. This was so she could get her knees up and she powerbombed Persephone right into them!!

Persephone bounced off of Ryann's knees and she held her back in pain! Ryann then put her hands down to her side and waited for Persephone to stand. It took a bit for Persephone to get to her feet, but when she did, Ryann went for the double palm thrust...


It connected and Ryann went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up!!

Ryann pulled Persephone back to a seated position and worked over her shoulder again with a pair of elbows. She then brought Persephone back to her feet and twisted it with another arm wrench, but Persephone broke Ryann's grip and answered with a Standing Drop Kick, but she landed on that injured shoulder!

Persephone couldn't get back up as Ryann was down only momentarily. Ryann got back to her feet and pulled Persephone back to hers. She then hammerlocked the arm, but Persephone wouldn't her go any further. She fought back with a pair of headbutts to Ryann's skull and that got her let go. Persephone charged in and hit a shoulder block with her left shoulders, putting Ryann down. Ryann got back to her feet as Persephone hit another Running Shoulder Block. Ryann was back up a third time and Persephone went back to the ropes, this time with a Flying Shoulder Tackle, putting Ryann down hard!

Persephone positioned herself behind Ryann as she got back to her feet. Once Ryann stood, Persephone quickly grabbed her from behind and dropped her to the canvas with a Reverse DDT!


Persephone elected to not go for the cover. Instead, she got back to her feet and watched Ryann, waiting for the exact moment for her to get up. Ryann slowly pulled herself back up and when Ryann lifted her head.. that is when Persephone charged in with her Leaping Leg Lariat...



Ryann spun out of the way and Persephone landed hard on the canvas. She turned over to get back up and that's when Ryann came crashing into her face...





Thre.. NO!!

Shoulder up and the people booed!

Ryann then signaled for the end. Persephone staggered up to her feet and was met with a toe kick. Ryann turned her back to Persephone and twisted her, looking for the Fate/Stay Dead, but Persephone used the momentum to roll off of Ryann's back, landing behind her. Persephone grabbed Ryann in a waist lock and went for what looked like a German Suplex, but mid lift she grabbed Ryann's legs and sat down, nailing a sit out faceplant!! Persephone turned her over with both legs already hooked as she leaned back into the pin...



Thre.. NO!!

This time Amber Ryann kicked out!

Both women got back to their feet. Persephone went for a left, but it was blocked and countered with a left by Ryann. Persephone went for another left, but it was blocked and countered again by Ryann. Persephone went for a third left, but it was blocked and this time Ryann hit a front roundhouse kick into Persephone's right shoulder! Ryann hit a second roundhouse kick to the right shoulder and then a leaping Enzugiri to the right side of Persephone's head!! Persephone staggered off to the side and leaned against the corner to try and regain her equilibrium. Ryann didn't waste any time charging into the corner, looking for a heat seeking missile drop kick, but Persephone moved and Ryann drop kicked the turnbuckles and landed right on the back of her head!

Persephone saw her opportunity and charged in as Ryann stood up and looked a bit loopy. Persephone then hit it...


Her leg lariat connected, but Ryann fell through the ropes and to the floor from the impact!

Persephone didn't realize that Ryann would have gone to the outside from the impact. She quickly exited the ring and grabbed Ryann, pulling her up. You could see the pain on her face from having to use her right shoulder, but she managed to roll Ryann back into the ring. Persephone quickly slid back in and made the cover, hooking the leg...



Thr.. NO!!

Ryann kicked out!

Too much time had passed and Ryann recovered just enough to kick out of it. Persephone waited for Ryann to get back up.. she wanted to hit her finisher again now that Ryann was in the middle of the ring. Ryann staggered up to her feet and Persephone lunged in, but when she was committed in air, Ryann grabbed Persephone, countering the leaping leg lariat and converting it into a Release Powerbomb!!!

Ryann then made a slashing motion across her throat.. possibly signalling for Fate/Stay Dead. She pulled Persephone up to her feet and then stood back to back with Persephone. Ryann reached back with her right arm and wrapped it around Persephone's neck.. like a Reverse Suplex Hold, but just with the two of them standing back to back. Ryann then kicked her leg out front and then swung it backwards for momentum. She fell forward and slammed the back of Persephone's head into the canvas with an Inverted Headlock Driver... This was her new finisher...


Ryann then made the cover, hooking the leg...




Ryann stood up victorious! With this victory she had regained momentum.. perhaps for a second chance at the Starlet Championship and most importantly.. a chance at redemption!

Winner: Amber Ryann via Pinfall

"Seeking Answers"

The scene opened up in Damien Lee's office. Lee was shuffling around some papers on his desk when there was a knock on his door.

"Come" said Lee

Shayne Anderson, General Manager for The Hype, stepped into the office and approached Lee's desk.

"I'm going to skip the pleasantries and get down to business here." said Anderson. "You see... I have a hole in my roster. A hole of about six or seven people. Now, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"

Lee sighed

"I had a feeling this was going to happen. Look, Shayne. I'm not blind to what is happening in my company. While you may be in charge of The Hype, it's still under the jOlt umbrella and therefore, I am still in charge of it. I gave you authority on The Hype so I could focus on iNtense, Pay-Per-View events, and everything else. It really frees up a lot of time for myself to concentrate on that... but, right before Wrestlecade, I had to make a trip down there because you're growing out of control. Your treatment to some of the veterans on The Hype was very unbecoming of a General Manager. You outright showed favoritism to certain individuals and shunned those who had cut their teeth for you. I couldn't sit back and allow that to continue."

"Wait" said Anderson. "You're admitting to me right here right now that you signed all of them to the main roster? You're the one who pulled them off of my program?"

"Yes.. that is exactly what I'm saying..." stated Lee. "HOWEVER.... I didn't know that they would come here, form a group and begin to terrorize my entire roster. My intent was to allow them to come here and showcase their talents to a much broader audience. A solution and a nice gesture turned into a headache for me.. but you should be happy, shouldn't you? I mean... I did get rid of those you were shunning. You have new blood on The Hype now.. it's like a whole new beginning for you. I mean, wasn't that what you were truly aiming for all along... Shayne?"

Shayne stood there for a moment before answering.

"I suppose you're right.. but an explanation isn't the only reason why I am here. I'm also here because I want to know what you plan to do about The Hype Championship. Sebastian Saje is still the champion and you took him away from me. The Hype has no champion right now to represent the brand."

Anderson folded his arms as he looked at Lee awaiting his response

"I'm a fair man. I will allow Sebastian Saje to fulfill his obligations to The Hype so long as he remains champion." said Lee.

"So you wouldn't mind if I booked him in a championship match this Friday then?" asked Anderson.

"He's your champion, still. Do what you see fit.. but just keep in mind.. I'm going to be watching much more closely." said Lee.

"Understood, sir" said Anderson as he turned and exited the office with a grin on his face. One could only wonder what Anderson had up his sleeve for Saje on The Hype.

"Home Sweet Home"

Arena of Champions was jammed pack to its capacity. Fans where on there feet cheering and holding up signs supporting their favorite superstar. Intense opened up like every other show did. To a barrage of fire works and this week's theme song. Just than the camera cut to the backstage area as we see Landon Stevens with the jOlt championship slung over his shoulder.

Just at that very moment a hooded figure is seen walking up the hallway at the same time Stevens, is seen walking down the hallway. The two men bumped into each other. The force was so hard, it caused the hoody of the hooded figure to fly back off the mans head. Landon Stevens quickly got on the offensive and began to lash out at him.

"What's wrong with you? Don't you see me walking here. Next time say excuse me." Stevens screamed out at the man.

The man slowly turned around and face Stevens. His eyes just widen in shock as if he had just seen a ghost. The camera slowly panned around and got a fixed image of who the man was. It was none other than former jOlt flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez. Arena of Champions erupted in cheers of excitement to see there hero back. The question was, what for. The two once rivals just stood in place and stared each other down. Martinez finally broke the silence as he spoke over the cheers which rang out the arena.

"Ha! Look at who it is. If it isnt Landon Stevens. You were the last person I would expect to see here still. Looks like you've been doing pretty good for yourself." Martinez said as he patted the jOlt championship which laid on Stevens shoulder.

"I would of never thought you out of all people had what it took to become jolt champion. I guess I was wrong. The Stevens I remembered was a young whipper snapper, who was still wet behind the ears. Claiming to be better than I was. I see you finally stepped your game up. It was about time." Martinez told Landon Stevens as he began to chuckle to himself.

"I believed I have proved I'm better than you. I mean being known as the former flyweight champion holds no weight anymore. The only thing that really means anything is being jOlt champion. That you would know nothing about. Maybe you can ask ya boy Sylo? He knows a thing or two about it."

Landon flashed his devilish grin at Martinez.

"You think you can even hold a candle to me? Think again, get yourself a contract and work your way back up and maybe one day we can finally settle the fact that I am better than you."

Stevens slapped his hand onto the shoulder of his former foe.

"Good luck."

Stevens flashed the jOlt championship at Martinez and smiled as he walked off.

Martinez stood in his tracks and just chuckled to himself in disbelief. Did Landon Stevens, the current jolt champion just brush him off. He asked himself. It was Martinez turn to get brushed off. Jimmy was reminded of the days he was flyweight champion, and the times he brushed off Landon as a rookie. The tables were turned this time around.

Landon Stevens was right. It seemed as if holding the flyweight championship meant nothing at this point. Martinez shook his head from side to side and began to walk up the hallway. As he continued up the corridor he passed the general managers office. He quickly stopped and looked at the door. He smiled and and paused as if he was thinking weather or not he should enter. He brushes the thought off and continued to walk up the hall but quickly stopped. He suddenly turned back towards the GM's door and barges inside.

Jason Rau vs Kayden Paulton

After losing to Jesse Ramey, Jason Rau looked to get back on track, but so was Kayden Paulton who had won back to back number one contenderships in less than a 3 month period. Paulton was #1 contender to the Underground Title, held by Kenshiro Inogami at the time, and #1 contender to the world champion, held then by Eiji Kugasari. Something about Paulton and ninjas...

Nevertheless, both could use a win here to perhaps start their own path to a contendership!

"Passive" by A Perfect Circle

Out first from the backstage area came Jason Rau. The fans booed the man from the land down under, but Rau didn't care for their admonishment. He was focused and ready to go. He wanted the win here tonight more than anything and his demeanor reflected as such. Rau stomped up the ring steps and aggressively entered the ring.

Rau simply stood there and stared out into the crowd before turning his attention to the entrance way when his music died off and was replaced by..

"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop

The former two-time world's nicest #1 Contender, Kayden Paulton, came out from the backstage area with a spring in his step and a smile on his face as always. The fans cheered for him as he quickly made his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way. Paulton slid into the ring and pointed at Rau, giving him a wink as he briskly walked past him and ascended the turnbuckles where he raised his arms high to a pretty decent pop.

Paulton pivoted as he hopped off the turnbuckles and that's when...


Rau ran right over him with a massive lariat!!




Rau immediately stomped away on Paulton while gripping the top rope. The referee counted to four before forcefully removing Rau off of Kayden. Kayden pulled himself back up to a vertical base, but Rau shoved the referee aside and charged back in, hitting rapid forearm shots to the upper chest and jaw, pinning Paulton into the corner. The referee told Rau to let Paulton out of the corner and Rau did just that with a harsh irish whip. When Paulton hit the opposite side, he fell to his hands and knees.

Paulton tried to get back up to a vertical base, but Rau charged in and hit a running kick to Paulton's chest that put Paulton onto his back. Rau then stomped on Paulton a few times to make sure he stayed down before stepping over him and grabbing the ropes in the corner. Rau leapt to the middle rope and jumped off backwards, landing with an elbow drop into the mid-section of Kayden Paulton. Rau made the cover right there in the corner with the leg hooked.



Paulton kicked out.

Rau brought Paulton up to a seated position and then locked him into a rear chin lock. While Rau wrenched back on Paulton's neck he shouted out "Where's your smile now, mate?" at Paulton to add insult to injury.

The fans began to rally behind Paulton that fed him some much needed energy. Rau shook his head "no" as Paulton battled back to his feet, delivering a pair of elbows to the mid-section. Paulton then leapt into the air and nailed an enzugiri to Rau's head, sending him tumbling through the ropes and to the outside. Paulton took a moment to collect himself as Rau staggered up to his feet. Paulton then got a running start as the people in the crowd rose to their feet, but Rau saw the dive coming and jumped up into the air...



Paulton's head poked through the middle and bottom ropes.. he was looking for the Happy Smiles Dive when Rau used his tremendous leaping ability to nail a drop kick to the top of Paulton's head!!

"OOOOHHHHH!!!" groaned the crowd

Paulton was hung out to dry as Rau hopped up onto the ring apron. Rau then took this opportunity to back up to the turnbuckles and ascend to the very top. He took aim on the draped Paulton and leapt off, looking for a leg drop across the back of Paulton's neck when...


Paulton recovered and moved out of the way and Rau came crashing down on his tailbone right on the ring apron!!

"OOOOOHHHH!!!" groaned the crowd again!

Rau flopped to the outside once again, holding his seat in pain. Paulton stood back up and shook off the effects of the drop kick he took and noticed Rau was getting back to his feet. Paulton decided to go to the well once again and built up some momentum. This time, Rau was in too much pain to do anything about it. He turned and saw his imminent future play out in front of him as Paulton flew through the ropes, connecting with the suicide dive!


Both men spilled to the base of the entrance ramp, but it was Kayden Paulton that got to his feet first. Rau was trying to get back to his, but Paulton was nice enough to help Rau to his feet. He even patted him on the back before throwing him back into the ring! Paulton then climbed back in at the count of four, making the cover and hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Rau.

Paulton went to the corner and ascended to the very top, but he took a bit too much time and Rau was able to get to his feet and knock Paulton off of his perch. Rau then climbed up and hooked Paulton for a superplex, but Paulton blocked it and hit a couple of stiff forearm shots to the face that knocked Rau back down to the canvas. Paulton stood back up on the top rope and took aim, leaping off with a top rope elbow drop that was driven right into the heart of Rau! Paulton made another cover, hooking both legs this time.



Rau kicked out of it.

Paulton stood and brought Rau up to a seated position. Paulton then took off to the ropes and went for a running front kick, but Rau leaned back to avoid it, grabbing Paulton's leg in the process. Rau was looking for a Rolling Single Leg Crab, but he knew he was too close to the ropes and used the same motion to cause Paulton to fall throat first across the middle rope!! Rau stood and then took off to the opposite side, coming back and nailing a double knee strike to Paulton's upper back. Rau took off and nailed a second double knee strike and then went back to the well again and found the double knee strike for a third time!

Rau then pulled Paulton off of the ropes and placed him into an inverted face lock. He lifted Paulton up and dropped him with an Elevated Reverse DDT! Rau made the cover and hooked the leg!



Paulton kicked out and Rau pounded his fist onto the canvas!

Rau stood up and signaled for the end. He wanted to put Paulton away right here, right now. Paulton staggered to his feet and was met with a toe kick to the stomach. Rau then tried to hook Paulton for the Aussie Driver, but Paulton countered with a back body drop!

Rau staggered up as Paulton got behind him. He tried to hook him for the Bundle of Joy, but Rau floated over and landed behind Paulton. Waist lock by Rau, but the German Suplex attempt was countered by Paulton when he landed on his feet. Paulton backed into the ropes, but Rau turned around and met him with a Running Knee Lift!


Rau quickly grabbed Paulton by the head and pulled him up to his feet. He shoved Paulton between his legs and hooked him for the Aussie Driver. Rau quickly lifted Paulton up, but Paulton shocked Rau by riding the momentum and wrapped both legs around Rau's head...


Rau flipped over and landed on his back! Paulton stood up and grabbed Rau as he tried to stagger to his feet. He lifted him up with the Gutwrench and then flipped him onto his stomach, slamming him down to the canvas...


Paulton made the cover and hooked the leg deep...




The people cheered as Paulton stood back up! Jason Rau looked for redemption here tonight, but found defeat once again. Meanwhile, Kayden Paulton secured another victory after coming off of a loss against the former world champion, Eiji Kugasari! Paulton's momentum was building back up and maybe it was only a matter of time before he would regain a contendership and try his hand at another championship.

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"From the SuperMan to the SuperBeast"

“My Way” by Limp Bizkit comes over the PA, leading to a mostly positive and loud reaction from the crowd, but that can be explained as Florida was the home of the X Wrestling. Blazer appeared on the jOlt stage wearing a rather lavish suit that once again shows he is not here for a fight but to be heard. He is handed a microphone at ringside before entering the ring and his music faded out.

“I had not planned to be here tonight in Orlando” Which leads to the traditional large cheap pop from the crowd. “But Damian Lee extended the invite, and after I was impressed with and really enjoyed watching and being a part of WrestleCade, I figured why not?”

The crowd cheered.

“So I get here and I’m handed this note… well I’m pretty sure that most of you have read it, but let’s put it on the big screen anyways.”

“So let me clear the air for a second here. Sylo, I have nothing but respect for you as a Hall of Famer; and as a man. I have never heard bad things about you that weren’t coming from people that you had beef with. What you have done in this sport is to be commended. However you only went on to prove my point. I’m not a hard person to find. Hell the jOlt offices have my number. You have something to say to me, say it. Hell it doesn’t matter the method.. phone call, letter, e-mail, telegraph, carrier pigeon, JOLT TV….. I don’t care. If you have a problem with me, come to me. This beefing on Twitter shit when there are so many ways to talk directly with someone…. It reeks of high school girls.”

“But I’m retired, you’re retired there is no reason for any of this, if I offended you, well I guess I’m sorry…. Sylo my intent was never to call you out, but to illustrate a point.”

“But if you can’t understand that…..”

“Then well.. Fuck You, I suppose”

Blazer fans cheered, but those pure Sylo fans booed.

“Wait! Can you hear that? if you listen really closely.. you can hear the sound of Supertweet’s giant thumbs tweeting away another challenge or threat that will amuse the masses, but be the equivalent of a punished child asking to leave his room.”

“Understand this, I’m not looking for a fight, hell that’s reason I’m retired, but if a large stature man like yourself comes to me looking for one... I will turn said man into a midget. I’m unlike any person you have ever dealt with…. I was Derecho’s greatest rivial. He and I had a war that spanned YEARS. You were a speed bump to him. You let Derecho beat you for the world title and tried to take pride in a consolation prize. I set that man on fire, and you lose the benchmark of jOlt to him.”

“Ninja K, a man that you respect beat you for your little consolation prize… Underground Title. I have nothing but respect for Ninja, hell he is probably my best friend in this industry, I helped bring him to the states, but every time he and I have wrestled, I won.”

“I’m not everyone else you have faced. If you ever come at me I suggest that you better come at me from behind. That will be the only way your big ass won’t be shitting steel and glass for the next few weeks.”

“By the way… You’re welcome for all the Twitter followers you may have gotten from this.”, Blazer said with a smirk on his face. He looked around the arena as a loud “X-Wrestling” chant break out from the Florida fans. Blazer dropped the mic, his music keyed up, and he left the arena as iNtense went to another commerical break.

"Worldwide Influence"

After being treated to a barrage of commercials centering around Chef Boyardee, Beer, and shameless plugs promoting upcomging events, the camera panned back to the ring, the ring itself was… well… how do put this delicately?

It looked like somebody from Buckingham Palace had barfed all over it.

A table was laid out in the ring with various Hors d'oeuvres for guests to enjoy. The ring was decorated with a large purple-hued throne chair in the center of the ring facing the hard camera at ringside. At either side of the throne were three women on each end dressed in elegant evening gowns and matching faces. The girls all had sparkling purple masquerade masks on and each looked more beautiful than the last. The six girls in total had pearly white smiles and princess waves. In the center of it all, a well-dressed and somewhat portly woman in a bog-standard business suit glanced out to the crowd with a derisive sneer.

“Ladies, gentlemen… and destitute citizens of Orlando, Florida…”


“Please bring your attention to the stage. At this time, you have all been requested to stand up… please put your hands together and make the appropriate amount of noise so that we may follow city ordinance… Arise for a woman that knows no peers… a woman that shines brightly as a beacon of leadership within a fog of disorder… a woman that continues to hold the reign for the longest-reigning active champion in jOlt today… a FINE representative for all woman and Starlet kind… she is YOUR proudly reigning and defending Starlet Champion…”

The woman pointed at the stage.


“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

The music played and the entire arena was quickly enveloped in purple and peach-colored lights. Stepping onto the stage in a blue designer long-form evening gown (the ones with the poofy bottoms), the outlandishly arrogant and deluded Starlet Champion stepped out from the stage with a bright smile and a wave to the fans who were jeering this garbage presented before them. The women in the ring all slow clapped in unison as Winterton had the Starlet Championship carried on a pillow with the help of a well-dressed stagehand. Slowly, Winterton took to the ring with a deliberately slow gait in tune to her entrance, making the crowd grow restless.

“Thank you, my darlings, thank you, you are the reason this is all possible… well, I did this all by myself, but you BELIEVE in me!”

She stopped as the stagehand brought her precious title into the ring. Sarah Winterton slowly walked up the steps and waited as the well-dressed ring announcer pulled the ropes open so that The Queen of the Starlets may enter. Sarah stepped into the ring and circled once while raising a finger into the sky. She was gloating after she had outright CHEATED “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann out of the Starlet Championship in what many had called Winterton’s toughest test to date. She was handed the microphone by her ring announcer and looked out to the crowd as the music stopped.

“Thank you, my darlings, thank you! First off, I would like to thank my new ring announcer and lovely assistant, Desta, for not only that wonderful entrance, but for delivering that speech that I spent mere minutes writing because I am also a master of the written word!”

The portly woman now known as Desta took a bow as Sarah Winterton glanced at her title being placed on a purple pillow now resting on a bright white pedestal.

“At WrestleCade, you saw me go through what I will admit as my toughest challenge to date! A woman… a Dragonfly… nay, a rainbow-haired GNAT by the name of Amber Ryann tried her hardest to STEAL this title from my possession! That little thief used every dirty little trick she could think of in the book to try and take that belt from my gorgeous waist! She hooked my tights on a pin at one point in that contest, she came at me from every which direction with strikes that should be downright ILLEGAL! She treating this ring… the STARLET ring… as some kind of jungle gym meant for children. But as the successful fighter and proud representative for all Starlet kind that I am, I persevered! I fought the good fight, I overcame her cheating ways and I RETAINED this title you see before you!”

The crowd got even louder now because they were jeering at the fact that the deluded cheeseball had used the same customized brass knuckles that she used on the previous champion, Charlotte to keep the title. She found a blind spot with the referee, whacked Ryann unconscious, and kept her title. The arrogant Winterton continued to smile proudly. The girls on either side of the throne continued to clap proudly for The Queen of the Starlets while Desta wiped away fake tears with a handkerchief… of note, it was monogramed with S.W. for the initials.

“But as great as it was to show the citizens of that coffee-sipping, rain-soaked, grunge-loving Seattle my greatness, I decided that after WrestleCade, I would treat myself to a ten-day backpacking trip across Europe! Other cultures need to know about the greatness that is Sarah Winterton and the good things that I have done for the Starlets of present and future! After WrestleCade concluded in Seattle, Desta and myself took on a ten-day backpacking trip through Europe in order to spread the influence of all Starlets! We have even taken the time to prepare… a SLIDESHOW!”


“If we may direct your attention to the jOltvision… and please, hold all questions until the end for politeness!”

The first picture was a slide of Sarah Winterton walking through the streets of Paris. Of note, Desta is dragging three bags behind her while Sarah has only her royal clothes and her championship slung across her shoulder. It was edited horribly to show a bunch of stereotypically-dressed Frenchmen following her.

“When we set foot off the plane, the lovely men of France were hounding me for autographs, baguettes, and I’m sure… well, something more. The City of Love, of course. And can you blame them? Women like me exist only once in a millennia and being that I am not covered in smoke or reeking of their inferior wine product, they drew to me like moth to a flame. To the next slide!”

The next slide appeared on the jOlt vision – the beaches of Greece. Winterton was wearing a modest bright orange sun dress. Desta was chasing a frightened half-naked man right behind her.

“The lovely citizens of Greece welcomed me with open arms and I actually inspired a bunch of their citizens to shave their armpits. It was awful… body hair as far as the eye can see! Now they’re smooth as a baby’s behind! I also started up sixteen orphanages simultaneously and found work for the majority of their citizens in a nice work training program!”

Another snapshot of several women in a… sweat shop… and more booing.

“I do NOT endorse child labor, but I will have you know that these kids were compensated handsomely when myself and Desta paid them… with the gift of my stories wrestling and defending this title when I was in Italy!”

A snapshot of Desta and Sarah posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Of note, the picture is clearly altered so that way it is not in fact, leaning anymore.

“My trip to Italy was great! Not only did I defend this championship against the masked woman La Italia La Magnifique or some such name… I convinced those people to fix that awful tower. I’m fairly sure there is some horrible violation of safety. So you see… my influence has even been spread to other countries! I have successfully defended this title on numerous occasions and I have given the Starlets of jOlt a role model worthy of this belt… not Daryn Thompson…”

When Winterton was facing the ramp with her rant, one of the women she had in the line threw away her masquerade mask.

“Not Charlotte the Harlot…”

And then a brown wig flew off, revealing a familiar rainbow-colored hairdo…

“Not my former ally, Persephone, who was clearly mooching off my name for glory…”

The dress came off, revealing her rather colorful wrestling attire underneath.

“And most certainly… not…”

She turned around and saw a face she didn’t want to see holding a silver tray.



Amber Ryann let her have it and SMACKED Winterton across the face with the snack tray and sent her tumbling ass over teakettle! Desta tried to stop her, but Amber saw her coming and swung at her, too. She just barely missed, but Winterton’s new associate DOVE clear through the ropes and outside of the ring for her own safety! The women in the dresses all scattered at the sight of an angry Dragonfly! The otaku had ENOUGH of Winterton’s games as Sarah hightailed it out of the ring!


Desta stood in between Winterton as she and her title headed back up the ramp! Winterton was EMBARRASSED that her party had been ruined by her WrestleCade opponent! Amber took one of the leftover sandwiches that hadn’t fallen in the ring and shrugged before taking a big bite.


Ryann’s only retort was taking a good look at the throne with a mischievous smirk. With a little bit of effort, she took the throne and tipped it over which sent The Queen of the Starlets in a fit of rage.


She stomped her feet on the ramp like a petulant child while The Dragonfly had a good bit of fun at her expense as “Antinotice” by AKIAKANE played loudly while the fans cheered! She had scored a big win over former Starlet Champion Persephone but she had also spoiled the party for the Queen of the Starlets! There was no way that she had forgotten about WrestleCade and sooner or later, she would get her rightful rematch against the cheating Starlet.

Jesse Ramey vs Araknis

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood at the center of the Jolt ring once more ready to announce the forth coming match, “the following contest is set for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.”

Standing in the center of the ring ready to officiate the match was Mike Hunt as “Caught in a Web” by Dream Theater began to resonate throughout the arena. From behind the entrance curtains and onto the stage emerged the masked Araknis. He stood at the top of the ramp for a moment before darting toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and three and hailing from Parts Unknown; HE IS ARAKNIS!”

The reaction from the fans was pretty lackluster for the newly remerging star to the main Jolt roster. Araknis slid into the ring on his stomach and bounced back up to the center. He then made his way to his corner as the music was quickly replaced by the sounds of “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown, which caused uproar throughout the arena.

Bouncing from behind the curtains came the reason for the now ruckus crowd, as the Anti-Star emerged with a huge smile on his face. He stopped at the top of the ramp, beat his right hand off of his chest, and pointed to the fans before rushing toward the ring.

“His opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANIT-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his right hip and bounced back up to the center of it. He then made his way to his corner, climbed the turnbuckle and pounded his fist off of his chest once more pointing toward the crowd. Ramey then turned from the turnbuckle, dropped to the mat and nodded in the direction of referee Mike Hunt. Hunt signaled for the bell and the start of the match.


Ramey and Araknis both came closer to the center of the ring, and began circling each other. Araknis jumped in first driving a boot into Ramey’s knee causing it to buckle and him to drop to one knee. Araknis darted toward the ropes, bouncing off, coming back through and catching Ramey in the face with a falling dropkick. Ramey fell backward to the mat, and Araknis jumped back to his feet.

Araknis went back to the ropes, but when he came off of the rebound and looked to do damage, Ramey rolled onto his stomach toward Araknis. This caused Araknis to leap over Ramey’s body and continue his momentum into the opposite ropes. Araknis bounced off of the ropes once more and came running back toward Ramey, who had now made his way back to his feet. Ramey leapt into air and leap frogged over Araknis, Ramey landed on his feet and Araknis came to a dead stop.

Araknis turned; Ramey grabbed him by the shoulders and drove a knee into his midsection. The move caused Araknis to stumble backward into the ropes. Ramey grabbed hold of Araknis’ arm, pushed him into the ropes, and looked to whip him off into the ropes, but instead held tight and pulled him back in snatching him up and dropping him over the top rope with a massive belly-to-belly suplex.

As Araknis was flying over the top rope though, he grabbed onto the rope, and swung himself onto the apron. Ramey saw Araknis and just as he landed on the apron Ramey came twisting around catching him in the side of the face with a forearm blow. The move rocked Araknis, but he didn’t drop from the apron, Ramey took a few steps back and rushed toward the ropes.

The Anti-Star dropped to the mats and slid out of the ring between Araknis’ legs. As soon as Ramey’s feet touched the mats outside of the ring he grabbed hold of Araknis’ feet and yanked him off of the apron. Araknis fell to the ground landing on his feet, but his head smashed off of the canvas. As Araknis turned around Ramey drove his shoulder into Araknis’ midsection smashing his back off of the edge of the ring. Ramey then grabbed Araknis by his hair and his tights and rolled him back into the ring.

Ramey climbed up onto the apron, looked around that the fans, a smile adorned his face as he leapt to the top rope and planted his feet. Ramey then sprang off of the ropes and came crashing down to the mat rear end first as Araknis has rolled out of the way of his springboard guillotine leg drop attempt at the last second. Araknis rolled back to his feet, clinching at his back, as Ramey began making his way back to his knees. Araknis drew back and drove a stiff side kick right into Ramey’s temple.

Before Ramey had the chance to topple back down to the mat though Araknis locked his arms around Ramey’s neck and brought him back to his feet. Araknis threw Ramey’s arm over his shoulder, still locked onto his head, and lifted him into the air, twisting before driving him down to the canvas with a brainbuster and the hooked leg pin attempt.


Hunt dropped in to make the count.




Ramey shot a shoulder up off of the canvas just before Hunt had a chance to bring his hand down for the three count. A smile shot across Araknis’ face as he slowly lifted Ramey back to his feet by his hair, grabbed hold of his arm, and sent him flying off toward a corner. Ramey’s back hit the corner, then Araknis took off running toward the corner, just before impact Ramey slipped between the top and middle rope.

Araknis ran chest first into the turnbuckle and stumbled backward out of the corner, Ramey once again went to the to the top rope this time catching Araknis. Araknis was turned inside out as he flipped backward with a springboard clothesline and Ramey landed on his knees. Ramey then quickly made his way back to his feet, grabbed hold of Araknis’ legs, and shot him over into an elevated Boston crab, placing his right knee in Araknis’ back and holding his head down with his right shin.


Ramey had the hold locked in tight on Araknis, and with all of the weight he was pushing down on his body, and the angle it was misshapen to there was nowhere for Araknis to go. A few brief moments in the hold and Araknis had no choice but to smack his hand off of the mat wildly.

Hunt quickly signaled for the bell and Arnold rose to his feet, “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout via submission, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey released the hold as soon as the bell had sounded as “I’m Not Alright” began to blast throughout the still excited crowd. The fans continued to cheer as Hunt raised Ramey’s arm in victory, but then suddenly the sound and the lights in the arena went black.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Submission

"Hush Little Baby"

The commotion within the arena continued, until the hiss of the tron sparked to life much like it did at Wrestlecade. The familiar glowing eyes began to shine on the tron and then the vocalizer infused voice began to speak.

“Despite my allocations,” Citizen began, “I still continue to hear the fans that fill these arenas continue to cheer for the hypocrite standing before them in the ring. The school boy who stands for the American way, peace, and justice; the common man who conveys that he is no better than the people who pay the admission of a ticket to come and enjoy the shows put on before them.”

“Week in and week out, he puts on his little song and dance like a monkey before you in the ring, all the while deflecting away from the fact that you continue to line his pockets with money.” Citizen paused, “This man is no different than any other man who steps foot inside of that ring, despite what he would have you know. He has left a man crippled inside of that ring because of the frustration that another man made him feel.”

“He has turned his back on the people that he praises the most more than once over the course of his career.” Citizen paused once again, “Yet, you fail to remember all of those times. You let it go like and he draws you all back in like a thief in the night. Jesse Ramey has called men out throughout his career for being what he so aptly titled them as being ‘puppet masters’.”

“Those vile enough dictate circumstances in their own favor to gain the ultimate advantage,” Citizen laughed, “when in reality the fan standing before you is the greatest puppet master of them all. He has been making you all dance to the tune of his own song for the past thirteen years, and you’ve never caught on. No longer will you continue though, not without the public knowledge of the great evil that you harbor within your soul Jesse Ramey.”

“Your end is coming…”

With those final words the tron went to pitch black, and the lights in the arena slowly kicked back up. Ramey was left still standing in the center of the ring, but just like at Wrestlecade something rested at his feet. It wasn’t a baby doll this time though, instead this time it was a children’s story book. Ramey reached down and grabbed the book making it more visible for the cameras.

A growing confused crossed Ramey’s face as he held the book, and from the look seemingly had no clue what the significance of the items Citizen had been leaving meant as the scene faded.

"Golder Pastures"

After the commercial break finished up showing you a bunch of good-ass jOlt merchandise that you BEST BETTER FUCKING GO OUT AND BUY RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, the hotter of the two interviewers for jOlt Wrestling was standing in the ring getting ready for business. Dawn Cassidy waved to the fans with a bright smile on her face.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dawn began, “we are just days removed from what many have called one of jOlt Wrestling’s biggest nights! We saw the World Championship change hands after a grueling battle, we saw battles waged and we saw grudges settled. One of those very grudges had to do with my guest at this time. After a grueling few weeks that saw words exchanged, beatings handed out, my guest overcame all of that and defeated his opponent, Jeremy Ryan… folks, please give a big welcome of the Heirs of Wrestling member… Mack Brody!”

The crowd cheered and applauded as she directed all attention to the entrance where two gold-hued spotlights started to spiral around the entrance ramp until they met as one…

“What You Know” by T.I.

The crowd’s reaction became much more positive for the arrival of SuperMack himself! The arena was bathed in a pure golden hue and the arrival of a man in a big golden cape made the crowd roar. He walked up to the top of the stage and threw the hood of the cape back…


The golden pyro exploded on the entrance ramp in a big show! The man called Mack Brody was on his way to the ring now and took in the positive reception from the crowd. The former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion had been working his ass off in the ring and that work was being more and more respected by the fans with each passing week. Most recently, Mack Brody had scored the biggest win of his singles career in jOlt by defeating his constant antagonist and jOlt Asshole Jeremy Ryan at WrestleCade! Brody was in action tonight but for now he had an audience with Ms. Cassidy.

SuperMack took in the reception and the big man slapped hands with the fans on both sides of the ramp. He came to a stop in front of the ring and glanced to both sides before jumping on the ring apron, sending explosions of golden pyro from all four turnbuckles! Brody smiled at the reception from the fans before climbing into the ring. The somewhat vain, but still lovable SuperMack raised his hands for the fans before the music faded out. He stood next to Dawn and smiled for the fans with his freakishly bright pearly whites.

“Mack, thanks for this time tonight,” Dawn said.

The big Mack Truck had a microphone of his own and took in the reception.

“Now, I don’t mean to come out here and sound like I’m pandering to the fine people of Orlando, Florida…”


“But after that stay in the Pacific Northwest as awesome as they were… it’s great to be catching some much-needed rays… with the fine people of Orlando, Florida!”

Cassidy laughed while the crowd continued to eat it up. Brody also couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he continued. He cleared his throat for a second.

“Okay, time to get fucking serious now, Ms. Cassidy is trying to give me some time here to speak…”

And now a sheepish grin.



“Well, let’s get to it, then,” Dawn said, “Brody, after weeks of Jeremy Ryan taunting you, calling you out and questioning your manhood, it’s safe to say that at WrestleCade, you proved him wrong.”

“He did all of that… he orchestrated attacks on me using Mike Extreme and the Hands of the Cause… who by the way, got SOOOOOOO fucking lucky at WrestleCade. Frank and Ryan aren’t here tonight, but rest assured they WILL be back next week and I know they aren’t going to stop until they get those Tag Team Titles back!”

A cheer for the Heirs of Wrestling erupted from the crowd as Brody continued.

“But back to Jeremy Ryan… that bastard did everything he could to keep me down. He attacked me, put twelve stitches in my pretty face, he insulted me, called me a roidhead and told me that I was a faceless meathead that comes out of jOlt like a dime a dozen and that I didn’t belong in his world…”

He motioned to Dawn Cassidy as he pointed.

“Let me ask you something, babygirl… do I LOOK like I don’t have a face? I’m pretty sure I have a face… in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s like my third-best feature.”

She looked back at him with a smile that was a little more on the flirtatious side.

“But as hard as I work to make myself look as good as I do… the most important thing that I do is bust my ass in this ring. Whether you’ve loved or hated Frank, Ryan and I, you damn WILL respect what we’ve done in this ring. All three of us have made it no secret of our upbringings – products of Hall of Fame athletes, but I’m not going to sit here and just coast for the rest of my career. With Ryan and Frank’s blessing, I’ve gone into business for myself with the intent to prove that I can be the BEST. I went ten rounds with Jeremy Ryan and I PROVED that I’m more than just a pretty face… that fight with him brought out something in me that I didn’t even know that I had… a side that I didn’t know I had where MY back was against the wall. But when push came to shove, I fought, I clawed, and I MESSED HIM UP!”

Even more cheers erupted from the crowd as Brody continued.

“I know I have a match against Khadafi later tonight, but I wanted this time because after WrestleCade, I proved to myself that I am ready to step up! It’s time that I had some GOLD to go around my sexy-ass waist. You know the history that the Heirs had with the Crimson Order and Clan Inogami and there’s no love lost between us, but I see a guy like Eiji Kugasari who was looked down on by people who were higher up on the food chain than him. What did he do? He took an opportunity, kicked that door down and TOOK the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship. Now, granted, we saw how WrestleCade ended, but the bottom line is he MADE something of himself. He made something of himself and I want that, too. I want that singles success and I want to prove that I can be the absolute GODDAMN best. That’s why I wanted this time to officially open a challenge to…”


The crowd reaction suddenly grew negative when Mack Brody turned around to the ring to see none other than the manager for Trouble – another group the Heirs of Wrestling had violent run-ins with in the past – Duzza. Flanked at his side was Mack’s scheduled opponent, Khadafi.

“WHOA… ya need to back that noise up, ya big gold retard!”

Brody didn’t look amused at the interruption of his time, but Duzza and Khadafi didn’t care. They slowly walked down the ramp as Duzza glared a hole right through Brody.

“Ya think you’re just going to come out here, breeze past my client, Khadafi, and make challenges to whoever the hell you please? Nah, it don’t work like that, son. You and I both know that Trouble were handin’ The Heirs their little entitled bitch-asses towards the end of 2013! But ONCE AGAIN, these fans back losers and overrated pieces of shit like the Heirs and like YOU, Brody. Since you’re in the mood to start puttin’ people on blast, then we’re pullin’ YOUR card, Mack. You’re dressed for a fight… Khadafi’s dressed for a fight… we ain’t waitin’ until later tonight because we want a fight RIGHT. FUCKIN’. NOW.”

Khadafi did look ready for a fight against SuperMack who glanced at Dawn to leave the ring for her own safety. She nodded and did so as he waited.

“First off, Duzza, you CLEARLY don’t remember how 2013 ended for Trouble at Wired, do you? The three of us BEAT Trouble and then we went out later that night and got ourselves lit up like Christmas trees! Gallway stole my mistletoe beltbuckle and GOD HELP HIM, he got it to work!”

The fans laughed at his awful joke but Brody continued anyway.

“But I agree… my challenge can wait. Khadafi, if you want a fight right now, you’re ON. But like you and unlike me… it won’t be pretty.”

He dropped the microphone as Khadafi entered the ring…

We had a match!

Mack Brody vs Khadafi

The final scene that we saw was referee Antonio Jones running down to ringside for the scheduled match. He slid right into the ring and called for the bell immediately. Khadafi was looking for a fight tonight and Mack Brody was trying to continue his win streak. Brody and Khadafi waited…


And off they went!

Duzza cheered on Khadafi (and he would be the only one) as he came right at Brody with a series of big elbows and fists to the face, trying to get the bigger man off his base. Khadafi was no small man himself at 6’5” and 252, but Brody was 6’6” and 312 of muscle. The Hawaiian Headhunter continued to fight and kicked him in the gut before trying to whip him across the ring…

Mack didn’t budge.

SuperMack looked at him with a smile before he LAUNCHED Khadafi across the ring and into the corner with a great impact! The shock was enough to send Khadafi back when Brody caught him with a rather stiff Clubbing Forearm to the back of the head! The Headhunter doubled over in pain as Brody Irish whipped him to the other side of the ring. The member of Trouble kept on flying and when he came back, he was caught and taken over with a MASSIVE Back Body Drop that nearly sent him flying into the rafters!

Khadafi rolled around in pain and was hurt badly from the landing. Duzza barked orders at his fighter to roll away and he headed to the ropes. Khadafi tried to sit up when Brody came by and tied him back in the ropes. He flexed an arm and waved to the crowd as the reception got louder; the forearms were coming.


The crowd booed when Duzza walked up onto the ring apron to distract the big man.

“Hey! You big fuck!”

Mack let go of Khadafi long enough to swing at Duzza but that failed when he ducked off the apron and headed back to the floor. Khadafi started to stand when Mack Brody turned around before The Headhunter grabbed him by the neck and dropped him off the top cable! The man called Midas stumbled backwards while Khadafi finally had his chance to attack. The fighter from Hawaii now charged and bulldozed Mack into the corner before unleashing a STIFF flurry of elbows to the face! He stunned Mack and even caught him with a straight headbutt to the face! The crowd was all over Duzza and Khadafi as the manager for Trouble started to bark some trash talk.


Khadafi was all smiles now as he landed a few more good shots. He then tried to whip Brody across the ring and when he tried, SuperMack reversed that and sent him sailing back into the opposite corner. Brody charged only to eat a big knee to the face from Khadafi. He charged right at Brody…


With some effort, he managed to drop SuperMack onto the canvas and finally stopped! He rolled over and laughed as he hooked the far leg.




Brody thundered right out of the cover much to the shock of Duzza and Khadafi! The Headhunter glanced at Jones and slapped his hand three times frantically to tell him he fucked up the cover, but he only got two out of it. Khadafi continued to drop more elbows into the top of Brody’s head and tried to finish off SuperMack for good only for him to suddenly burst to life and THROW him with all his might into the corner!

With a head full of steam, SuperMack rushed right at Khadafi and this time he LANDED the Corner Body Avalanche that rocked the hitman of Trouble! The crowd was cheering now as the member of the Heirs of Wrestling waited for him to stagger out of the corner. He scooped him up and planted him with a HUGE Front Powerslam!




This time, it was Khadafi who powered out! This match wasn’t going to win anything on style points, but Brody and Khadafi were already throwing bombs at one another. Mack was back on his feet and the Bronze Bomber was waiting for his opponent to stand. Slowly, Khadafi rose back to a vertical base before Brody tried to finish him only for Duzza to stand on the ring apron once again! He started shouting at the big man with some more insults as Khadafi charged only this time Mack caught him. He chucked Khadafi right at him and the two men collided, sending him crashing back to the floor! The Headhunter recovered and turned around only to see a charging Mack Brody behind him…


The Running Body Block MOWED right through Khadafi and the impact nearly sent him flying halfway across the ring! The crowd cheered as Brody beat on his chest like a proud gorilla, hyped up in the moment. SuperMack had just struck again when he pulled Khadafi back up. He grabbed him by the body and hoisted him up…

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex nearly THREW him all the way across the ring that time as the crowd roared with approval. This new side of Mack Brody where he came out to dominate with tremendous force was coming out and the fans loved seeing him destroy whoever was in the path of the big man. The proud and powerful Brody slashed a thumb across this throat before pulling Khadafi back up. With one more burst of strength, SuperMack looked to finish this…


One Fire Thunder Bomb later and Khadafi had crumbled into the mat! Brody rolled over and hooked both legs of his opponent as the crowd counted along.




Khadafi had put up a good fight, but right now it seemed like Mack Brody was on a whole other level! Brody got to his knees before the big man fully stood and had his arm raised.

“Here is your winner of the match… MACK BRODY!

SuperMack won again here tonight and an angry Duzza shook his head on the outside with one of his boys coming up on the short end of the stick despite his best efforts. Khadafi rolled out of the ring and was helped to the back by a scowling Duzza while Brody walked over to grab a microphone.

“Hey… that was a good match, Khadafi… thank you for the fight…”

Brody huffed after going to work while the crowd cheered.

“But I came out… because I wanted to make a challenge to somebody…”

The crowd was buzzing as the heavy for the Heirs of Wrestling was about to drop some knowledge.

“As I said, we’ve had some beef in the past with this man’s group. This man has done anything and everything in this business. Hall of Fame career, World Championships, he’s gone toe to toe more recently with a newly-inducted Hall of Famer and won the Underground Championship from him…”

The murmurs got even louder as Brody continued.

“I have one man in mind that I want to test myself against and a man that while I don’t know on a personal level, it’s a man that many in this business have respected… revered… and some have even feared…


The crowd reaction was loud now. And if Mack Brody truly wanted to take the next step in his career, he was going right for the upper echelon of jOlt. A man that main-evented many shows, defended various championships proudly and established a resume as one of wrestling’s most talented and well-rounded performers. Brody glanced at the camera before he continued.

“I don’t need an answer right now, but I want one SOON. Ninja K, I’m challenging YOU.”

SuperMack dropped the microphone and raised his hands for the cheering crowd as he made his exit. Tonight, Mack Brody had made it a point to make the challenge for everybody to hear. Now the ball was in the court of one of wrestling’s most decorated men.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"On the Mend"

The scene opened backstage. Sanchez Cano was there going though his duffle bag. The crowd could be heard cheering in the background as Cano sorted through a couple of his belongings. All of the sudden, the people could be heard booing as the camera pulled back a little as Mattock stepped into view from the left. Cano, sensing someone was behind him, stopped and turned around.

Cano's expression changed to that of someone who wondered what the other person wanted. Cano didn't have to say anything for Mattock to pick up on this. Mattock took a moment to look down at the floor, letting out a sigh. Before he could say anything, Cano spoke up.

"I appreciate the visit, but unless you are offering an apology for everything you've done and said, I don't want anything to do with you." said Cano as the people cheered.

Mattock scratched the back of his head before he looked up at Cano.

"Historically speaking, there has been a constant, miniscule possibilty of this ever occurring. The fact that this rare gesture is about to be bestowed upon you should come with the knowledge of the difficulty I am sustaining in granting it, but nevertheless..."

Mattock reached out with his hand. He wanted Cano to shake it. Cano looked down at Mattock's hand and then back up at Mattock.

"Let me guess.. Your ego can't handle the fact that I beat you at Wrestlecade.. so you decided to come in here, spout some fancy words to try and lure me into a false sense of security and then you jump me when I go to shake your hand? I've seen that pulled off so many times, anyone would be completely stupid to fall for something like that in 2014." said Cano.

Mattock retracted his hand.

"I assure you that there is no fallacy at play here. My intentions are genuine. If I really wanted to cause you any kind of physical harm, I would have jumped you while your back was turned to me. Having your back to your locker room door always makes one an easy target for any carnivore to prey upon. The fact that I am offering this gesture to you is an apologtic notion. I have come to the conclusion that we haven't attained much success due to my disregard for your ability. What I'm trying to relay here is that I've been handling our situation in a less than respectful way and I wish to amend the gap between us and start anew. Not as a master and a lapdog, but merely partners in equality." said Mattock.

Cano grinned.

"So.. what you're saying is that you've changed your ways? That's another old excuse. How do I know that I can trust you?" asked Cano.

"A fair inquery. In the beginning... my mission was to break the glass ceiling in jOlt. Offer sanctuary and harborage to those who wanted to break through and become noticed. As you can see as it is only you and I standing here conversing, that plan didn't exactly materialize as I had hoped. I also never took into consideration any viewpoint you may have had on the matter so, as an act of contrition, I'm here to mend the wounds and offer you the opportunity to carry out our plan. I will leave things in your hands and I will trust you rather than trusting myself. I believe the world may grant individuals a second chance. I am here to ask that of you."

Cano took a moment to think about it.

"If I do this.. we are equals.. we do this legitimately." said Cano.

"Of course" replied Mattock.

"Fine then" said Cano

Cano and Mattock then shook hands and with that reVolt was back together.

"So.. now that the matter has been settled between us.. I am a man of my word. I would like to know how do you propose to proceed with our original goal?" asked Mattock.

"There's an old saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I have a suspicion that given the events of Wrestlecade, that we may be better served in aiding someone else's cause. If we show that we're willing to side with them, it will gain their trust." said Cano.

"Seems like an admirable plan, but there's one fault in it" said Mattock.

"What's that?" asked Cano

"The individuals. Have you decided just who you wish to offer our services to?" asked Mattock.

"Actually... I have. Come.. I'll explain it more detail." said Cano.

Cano and Mattock then exited together. Could it be that reVolt has truly turned over a new leaf? Did getting kicked in the face multiple times change Mattock's attitude and outlook on jOlt and reVolt as a whole? More imporantly, what is Cano's plan and who is he targeting?

Crimson Order vs Sweet Sweet Lovin

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith


The Arena of Champions opened up with a favorable roar as the entrance staging area became awashed with rhythmic hues of light radiating against the entrance staging area and along the cheering legions. The jOltvision screens lit up with a vivid barrage of party footage accentuated with some over the top effects when the former jOlt Tag Team Champions were seen dancing and strutting their way out from the back. The overtly charismatic duo were led by their infamous manager, who was adamantly playing to the crowd...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following tag team contest is scheduled for 1 Fall....Introducing 1st...Being accompanied to the ring by their manager, Jon Katz, Jr....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 554 pounds! From Harlem, New York & from Las Vegas, Nevada...They are the one-time former jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions....The team of LENNOX LOVE & SAM SWEET!!! SWEET!!! SWEET!!! LOVIN’!!!!

Preening with his bright feather boa, the plump pot of passion, was seen proudly winding his hips to appease the ladies as his sinewy counterpart was brandishing his Black & Yellow matching vest & wrestling bellbottom tights with shimmering diamond outlined hearts. Sweet was busy egging his brother from another mother on as Lennox Love continued was briefly dancing in front of some female patrons before physically interacting with the crowd. Referee Darius Underwood was seen holding court in the opposing corner near Carrington as Jon Katz Junior was seen rounding the nearest turnbuckle post. The slender Lennox dove into the ring & started dry humping the canvas as the portly Sweet would quickly ascend the ring steps and strut along the ring apron. The former tag champions would soon commandeer the squared circle by standing atop opposing ring posts and basking in the adoration before their musical intro waned in short order...


‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin acoustically banged its way out from the PA system with the jOltvision screens offering a cadre of foreboding footage to briefly dance across them before the intentionally brief silence siphoned the limited light away. The smoldering overcast beared the rhythmic hues of Red & Pearl, revealing a quartet of clan affiliated silhouettes...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied by their manager Mamoru...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

The promotional newcomer in Shoji was seen casually scanning the horizon as both Heido & Takeshi slowly ascended to their feet. Mamoru was seen popping the bones in his neck before leading his entourage toward the ring. The hulking Mute Mountain Splitter donned his foreboding Kendo mask & Kanabo as the Kansai Crippler stoically advanced down the ramp. Both Shoji & Mamoru stood at the end of the rampway, allowing the Order to part ways to climb their way into the ring. Both Sweet & Love were nodding while Katz began offering instructions to his team as the ninjas stood before the opposing ropes, staring vacantly at them. The musical entrance eroded, giving the Arena of Champions the floor to clamber audibly in the first meeting of both teams. Takeshi carefully removed the Kendo mask and cast it aside for Shoji to retrieve it as Heido followed suit. The former tag team champions climbed onto the ring apron. Both nodding to themselves amidst inaudible exchanges amongst themselves before Love stepped through the ropes, reassuring his comrade as Takeshi was seen rolling both shoulders before assuming a passive combat stance. Hopping about, Lennox Love would eventually bait the Mute Mountain Splitter to miss the intended grapple.

The nimble aerialist playfully shifted his weight, further agitating the bald behemoth. The massive powerhouse shifted to cut the ring off, cornering the nervous Love into the corner. Again the shifty Lothario ducked underneath and drilled the giant with a stiff Jaw before hopping about in his pugilistic stance. Takeshi shifted his jaw before creeping after the overconfident boxing afficionado. The crowd got behind Love as he mimicked Muhammad Ali’s Rope A Dope style before having the ring cut off once more. Love attempted to slip away yet was seized by his Afro and flung him back soundly into the corner. The Mongolian Chop was adverted with Love forward somersaulting to his feet. Love with a Drop Sault to execute Single Standing Back Handspring to his feet rallied both his comrades and the fans as a seething Takeshi shook his head before lumbering after the charismatic pest. The titan missed with the Clothesline before eating a trinity of Boxing Jabs followed by a Leaping Back Kick. Staggered by the wily Love, Takeshi caught Lennox’s Front Kick which led to him executing a Standing Back Flip to his feet. Love executed a swift Split to duck underneath the Running Clothesline.

Crowd cheered as Lennox briefly did the Running Man dance before ducking underneath the charging Takeshi. Love vaulted off the middle ropes and was swatted violently hard against the canvas with a searing Open Hand Chop to the Chest! The audience continued groaning as the bald giant emitted a prominent snort in starting at both Sweet & Katz, Junior before gradually dragging Love by his Afro to his feet & flooring him with a stiff Headbutt! Again, the massive ninja pulled Love to his feet yet hurled the limber Lennox across the ring with a Biel Throw, crashing near his partner’s feet. Takeshi nodded and motioned for Sam Sweet to challenge him. Tagging himself in, the Las Vegas Love Machine passed through the ropes with both managerial figureheads barking orders to their respective leads. Sam was readily rolling both shoulders as the opposing brawn girded themselves up for battle. Sweet broke the momentum by playing to the crowd with a motivating howl.

The crowd responded back as Takeshi soon collided with Sweet in a mutual Elbow & Collar Tie Up. The Test of Strength eventually sent Sweet tumbling backwards into the opposing corner. The Vegas Strip Brawler swept his hair back before eventually tussling with the Mute Mountain Splitter. A show of strength was displayed by Sweet with a swift Side Head Lock Takedown. Takeshi gradually powered his way back to his knees before shoving Sam to the ropes. The Running Shoulder Block led to a disgruntled stand off, leading Takeshi to promote Sam to try again. The burly brawler strode to the opposing ropes, ducked underneath the Big Boot, pivoted and drilled the giant with a trinity of Boxing-style Jabs. The crowd rallied as Sweet fluidly pop locked before connecting with a Wind Up European Uppercut....

Sweet Tooth - A Jawbreaker

Takeshi was reeling from the impact before the streaking Sweet would finally ground his opposition with a Running Cross Body. Cover...1! Takeshi pushed Sam off with authority. Sweet readily made the tag to his slender comrade who reeled back while holding the ropes to briefly wind his hips before passing through the ropes & aided in burying Takeshi with a Double Team Suplex in the middle of the ring. The energetic tandem caromed off the opposing ropes, paused to do the Nay Nay Dance, clasping hands & delivering a Double Team Elbow Drop! Cover...1! ...2! Lennox was abruptly shoved off yet the slender aerialist quickly recollected himself and laid in several Forearm Strikes & Stomps on the recovering leviathan before securing an Armbar. Mamoru was verbally willing his young muscle to reclaim his bearings before Love hit his with a Headbutt. Lennox briefly crossed his eyes from the impact before trying again yet the blow left him shaking the cobwebs free. The towering Takeshi fired back with a reeling Knife Edge Chop. A 2nd Chop would leaned the Love Machine against the ropes before Lennox lashed back with a Front Kick to the midsection. The Irish Whip was quickly ground to a halt by Takeshi. Love tried again before being blasted across the Jaw with a Forearm Shiver. Takeshi’s Clothesline missed as Love vaulted off the middle ropes but was swatted violently hard against the canvas with a searing Open Hand Slap across the Chest!

Crowd: OOOHHHH!!!

Mamoru was heard dealing out orders under his native tongue, leading Takeshi to drag the charismatic former tag champion by the hair toward Heido before making the tag. The Kansai Crippler whipped his hair back while passing through the ropes as his partner hit Love with a Textbook Backbreaker. The ninja was quick to perch himself atop the middle ropes as Takeshi hoisted Love up once more...

The Japanese Holocaust - A Combination Pendulum Back Breaker Hold\Diving Knee Drop across Chest

Heido promptly hooked Lennox’s leg deeply...1! ...2! Sweet with the Running Stomp to make the save as Referee Underwood quickly ushered the former tag champ to his corner. Heido quickly locked Love into a Grounded Inverted Facelock. Love was working his arm while Underwood was checking on him before Heido initiated a set of Gator Rolls toward the middle of the ring. Mamoru continued barking out orders along the outside as Heido switched to a Kneeling Side Headlock. The crowd was being brought to motivate Love by Katz, Jr. Feeling a swell of motivation, Lennox gradually arched himself back to his feet. A tandem of measured Elbows loosed the ninja’s grip, managed to land a pair of Overhand Rights before being floored with a swift Over the Shoulder Throw. The audience groaned Heido blasted Love between the shoulder blades with a stiff Kick. Holding onto Love’s arm, Heido tagged his clan brother in. Takeshi briefly pointed at Sam Sweet before crushing Lennox with a Running Canadian Back Breaker Rack Turnbuckle Smash! Given some running room, Heido initiated a Hammer Throw. Takeshi with the Reversal and angrily sandwiched Love into the corner with a Running TB Double Knee Strike! The Kansai Crippler cast a vacant stare back at Sweet as Heido ripped Love off the turnbuckles before making a cover....1! ...2! Love managed to get the shoulder up as Heido dragged the groggy Love to his knees before staggering him backwards with a stiff Backhand Uppercut. Leaning against the corner, Lennox would eat a pair of measure Knife Edge Chops before being hurled to the opposing corner with a Hammer Throw. However, Love drove feet into the incoming Heido’s chest to perch himself wobbly atop the turnbuckles. Heido Rose to his feet yet was crushed by Love’s Flying Cross Body!

Both Katz, Jr. & Sweet began rallying the fans for the quickly crawling Lennox made the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Heido shot the shoulder up, leaving Love to shake his head while rising to a knee. Standing the sinewy ninja to his feet, Lennox staggered him back with a pair of European Uppercuts before Heido was leaned into the corner. A flurry of stiff Forearms Strikes set the lithe risk-taker with a Drop Sault! Staggering back a few paces, Love soon connected with a Running Enzuigiri Kick! The crowd cheered as the ninja stumbled forward and collapsed face first before Love made the cover....1! ...2! NO! Cinching Heido into a Side Headlock, Lennox eagerly pointed to his partner before leading the ninja into enemy territory. Tag made with both Love & Sweet leaning Heido into the corner before careening the ninja with a Running Double Team Hip Toss near the middle of the ring. Love ran past Sam to careen against the ropes and allowed Sweet to Hoist him airborne and crushing Heido with a Gorilla Press Slam! Love rolled to his feet and out the way as Sweet made the cover...1! ...2! Mamoru was heard slapping the ring apron as Sam was steadily backing the ninja away with a pair of measured Head Butts.

Leaned against the ropes, the boxing acumen was on full display as Sweet blasted the ninja with several Jabs before connecting with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Sam pushed up, smiling to play to the crowd before making the cover...1! ...2! Heido extended his hand outward as an Inverted Facelock. Balling up his fist, Heido soon set himself in position to drill Sweet flush against the teeth. Heido dropped to an Rising Knee Strike as Sam staggered back a few paces to recover. The Kansai Crippler lashed back with a stiff Back Elbow. An Open Palm Punch leaned the big man against the ropes before knocking Love off the ring apron with a Spinning Back Fist! Katz, Junior was quick to aid the fallen Lennox as Heido was humbled with a stern Knee to the Abdomen. The Gutwrench Power Bomb attempt by Sweet was quickly countered by Heido dropping to a Knee followed by an immediate Fujiwara Armbar. The Vegas native quickly clung to the ropes with Underwood finally forcing the ninja to break the count at 4. A hail of hardened Stomps on the big man’s upper back & shoulders as Love was seen scrambling through the ropes. The referee quickly wrestled Darius back as Heido pulled Sweet to his feet, grabbing the back of Sam’s tights...

The Hateful Haiku

A methodical barrage of bludgeoning attacks dropped Sweet on all fours Heido bundled him up in a Le Magistral Cradle...1! ...2! Kickout by Sweet. The stoic ninja ensnared the stout superstar into a Dragon Sleeper as his cohorts began clapping their hands to rally the masses behind him. Felling the power of the people, Sam willed himself up to use an Arm Wringer to transition with a snap Fireman’s Carry Takeover. The stoic ninja scrambled to his feet only to be ran down by a Clothesline. Another Running Clothesline would allow Sweet to initiate an Irish Whip. High Back Body Drop by Sweet led to him point to his partner before making the tag. Lennox sprung over the top rope as both men led Heido away to the opposing ropes. A Double Team Back Elbow connected followed by both men shooting toward the opposing ropes yet Takeshi was on hand to pull the ropes, allowing Sweet to go tumbling wildly to the outside. Lennox Love with a Diving Plancha on the Mute Mountain Splitter! Love slithered back inside the ring and was quickly bundled up into an Inside Cradle...1! ...2! Kickout by Love who began trading Forearm Shots with Heido who stole the momentum with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep Cradle....1! ...2! Lennox jerked his body away with both men scrambling to their feet. Heido’s Left Hook was countered by Love’s immediate Back Slide Pin...1! The ninja rolled to a kneeling posture and blasted Love with an Sweeping Open Palm Punch...

The Archangel Suplex - A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex

Both Shoji & Mamoru watched from a respectful distance as Sweet & Takeshi continued brawling along the outside when a perched Heido sandwiched Sam against the barricades with a Diving Senton Attack! Takeshi quickly peeled the fallen big man to his feet as Heido measured up the opposition before hitting Sweet with a stiff Leaping Roundhouse Kick. Takeshi immediately destroyed Sweet with an Release Overhead Straightjacket Suplex!
The Fragmented Sentence

The Crimson Order promptly reassembled to their corner with their brethren’s approval as a groggy Love sought to reclaim his bearings. Lennox was soon floored with a Double Throat Thrust Jab before dropping several measured Knees atop Love before grabbing him by the leg & tagging in Takeshi. Katz Junior was seen attending to the woozy Sweet along the outside as Mamoru ordered his brethren to finish their opponents...

The Oni Destroyer - A Combination Double Chickenwing Face Buster\ Double Knee Lung Blower

Takeshi watchfully rested his hands on his knees as Heido covered Love with a Lateral Press. The rest as academic...




The bell had sounded with both ninjas staring forward for several moments. ’Thought Crimes’ - {Extended Version} by Cliff Lin soon rang out from overhead, drawing both Shoji & Mamoru onto the ring apron and inside the ring to celebrate with their brethren. Takeshi would soon peel Love off the canvas and knock the recovering Sweet down with a Gorilla Press Toss to the outside! Bearing a notable chip on their respective shoulders, The Crimson Order soon shrugged off Underwood’s hands away to approach their adjacent ring posts and stand brazen before the masses. The parting shot was with Mamoru chomping on the lit cigar while gently clapping his hands in victory....

Winner: Crimson Order via Pinfall

"What's the End Game?"

"What's our end game, hon?"

The scene opened up to Laurie Williams standing next to Aran Thompson who sat in a chair with this feet propped up on a bend and smiled a this wife.

"End game?" Aran replied.

"Why worry about such a trivial question like that, when the funs just beginning! Landon is out there somewhere trying to get the Relentless Championship reactivated but the fact is, even if does manage to convince that two bit "boss" he will have to fight harder than he ever fought in his life! Aran Thompson the jOlt Champion is a bad man to contend with, just ask Derecho...SVJ...hell even Sylo got to catch a glimpse into what I'm capable of putting my mind to. But Aran Thompson The Relentless Champion! MISTER RELENTLESS?!"

Aran smiled a sly smile.

"That guy...that guy will face the hordes of hell with broken bones and a blood brow to win."

Laurie closed her eyes and slightly shook her head.

"Hon, Landon's good. Face it. Ya' train'd a winner. Then ya' taught him and Eli and Ezra exactly what'd take'tuh stay a winner. We need a plan."

Laurie tried to maintain reasonable and logical with her husband and then Aran stood up and looked down at the Relentless Championship that lay between them.

"You know what? I just realized. Retired or not, the stipulations say that the Relentless Champion can cash this championship in and get a title shot."

Aran looked at Laurie and smiled before lightly brushing her cheek with his hand.

"You want a plan? I say we watch Landon, and at the more opportune time...."

"We cash in."

Laurie Williams smiled and nodded as the two of them just realized that Aran has the upper hand if Landon makes just one slip up.

"Brothers on a Hotel Bed"

The scene faded into the backstage locker room area, the Anti-Star sat in his locker room still holding the children’s book that was placed before him inside the arena when the lights had gone out. Ramey opened the book, and inside the pages had been weird drawings on them with black chalk, but each page had a different word written on them. He began flipping through the pages revealing the message left behind.









Ramey closed the book shut, sat it down on the floor in front of him, shook his head, and then ran his fingers through his hair when a knock on the door caused him to jump. As the door slowly opened, he was thankful that a friendly face emerged from the hallway as the Colossus entered the room.

“I was expecting something a little more cryptic to come through that door, but thankfully it’s only you.” Ramey smiled as he stood to approach Saunders, and the two embraced in a handshake. “Come on in, what’s on your mind man?”

“Look man, I know we’ve taken our share of beatings over the decades. And sure some screws may have come lose over time. But has your literacy really reduced to that of a little child?” Saunders pointed at the children’s book on the ground. “If a novel is too much for you I wouldn’t recommend The Iliad yet, but maybe a comic book, such as Deadpool #27? Deadpool got married! Pretty cool one and even got them into the Guinness World Records; or how about some Manga? Fairy Tail will rock your mind dude!”

Saunders grinned at the confused Ramey.

Ramey ran his hands through his hair, and looked down at the book on the floor, “This,” Ramey pointed at the book, “isn’t exactly what I would call quality reading at the very least. I don’t guess you’ve been following stuff outside of what you’ve been doing here, but this isn’t reading it’s a message. A message that I can’t figure out for the life of me; first it was that baby doll at Wrestlecade, now this book, and the inscription on the pages within it are weird as hell.”

Ramey reached down, picked up the book, and handed it off to the giant man standing in front of him. Saunders flipped through the pages briefly.

“Relax. It’s called breaking the ice, clearing the air, dusting the wind.” Saunders paused and tossed the book to the side of Ramey. “Okay, so maybe I’m not sure what I’m trying to get at here. Point is this isn’t the first time you’ve had a loon in a mask after you or stalking you. You realize what you were doing just moments ago means that he’s winning, right?”

Ramey paused for a moment, taking in the words from his friend, and rubbed his beard. “Maybe,” Ramey continued to stroke his beard, “but you can’t tell me if this was happening to you that it wouldn’t bother you to no end as well. A loon in a mask or someone stalking me I can deal with, but these little hidden messages about how I’m a hypocrite does bother me.”

“I’ve never been anything except up front and honest with anyone who stepped into that ring with me.” Ramey paused, “I’ve never been anything other than an open book with the fans that come into these arenas either. I’ve done some bad things in my career, but I’ve owned up to every single one of them, what in the hell can this guy have on me that I haven’t already brought into the open to begin with Spike? That’s what bothers me.”

“All the years we’ve known each other, I’m sure I’ve told you about my past with those things…” The Colossus shrugged and looked at the book once more than back at Ramey. “Truth is even if you bare all to the fans, your co-workers, and family somebody somewhere is going to claim they know you more than you know yourself. We of course know the truth but it won’t change that fact. Look at Wrestlecade; you fought a long and tiresome battle with Rau to come out the victor in the end. Perfect cap.”

“It should have ended there Jess. But you know the way our business is. I honestly have no idea what that guy or woman wants with you. He may have some sick fetish with child playthings. Or legit knows something that you yourself have forgotten about. Unlikely but hey...”

Saunders set his palm on the shoulder of Ramey and looked down at him.

“It’s our job as entertainers to put the nonsense aside and not let these younglings looking for their fifteen seconds of fame without putting the work in, get that time. Go out there and defy expectations and throw caution to the wind. If I can revolutionize the aerial maneuvers of a giant, then you may as well take a page from this guy’s book. Get cryptic. Get him to be the one trying to figure things out. Besides what he had to say would have more sense with some other guys back here.”

Saunders pulled back from Ramey and smirked.

“Like Derecho, bastard, five seconds… Just needed five… Bastard.”

Shaking his head to himself Saunders held his hand out before him, “Five.”

Ramey hung his head in shame, knowing that he was being more melodramatic about things than he should have been and putting himself before the feelings of his friend. Ramey lifted his head and patted Saunders on the chest, “Let’s go get a drink.”

Ramey grabbed his bag full of ring gear, tossed it over his shoulder and exited the room, leaving the book on the floor. Saunders stood inside the room for a moment, took one last glance at the book on the floor, and then exited behind Ramey, the scene faded.

"Counter Culture"

The camera would return to the ringside area with the entire arena overwhelmed in sheer darkness before ’Dawn Awaits’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin brought the legions to their feet. The jOltvision screens continued streaming before the acoustic apex was reached and the former jOlt Champion eventually saunter out from the back in Japanese B-style civilian attire and a stylish backpack, slung over his shoulder. A stoic expression radiated from his visage while scanning the horizon before making his way toward the squared circle. Sans the company of any Inogami Clan influence, Eiji Kugasari took a moment to pause in front of the ring apron before walking up the ring steps, along the ring apron and passing through the ring ropes. His jaw occasionally shifted as a bandage was set atop his left brow. A mic was already in hand as the music waned, allotting the Arena of Champions to clamber about nosily for several moments undeterred. The Blood Raven slowly swept the hair from his brow before beginning his public address...

“I am quite sure that there’s a lot to be said from this year’s Wrestlecade...” Kugasari opened. “Seeing as that I stand here before you all no longer the jOlt Heavyweight Champion. A salvo of heel heat rang out before a lingering ’bullshit’ resonated for several moments. “Oh, you have no fucking idea as to how right you all are...” The ninja replied as the crowd cheered in response. “Now with all due respect to my clan brethren, to the young fans in the audience & watching at home, there always will come a time where political correctness nor civility does nothing but outright obstructs & hypocritically hinders genuine expression as to how an individual truly feels and that time”

“So without further adieu, boys & girls; it’s story time with Eiji Kugasari...”

” A groundswell of ’Eiji’ chants reverberated as the ninja inaudibly leaned over the top rope and motioned the ring announcer to enter the ring before Kugasari tossed the bag at Dean Carrington. Shortly after, Eiji began tapping the microphone with the palm of his hand.

“Allow me to ‘shoot from the proverbial hip’ as I take you all back to a memorable pay-per-view dubbed ’Unlimited’. You all remember when it was The Blood Raven. The Prince of Puroresu, at the main event to challenge ’Mr. Relentless’ himself, Aran Thompson for arguably the grandest prize this promotion has and that is jOlt World Heavyweight Championship...” The masses offered a mixed reaction in kind.

“2 young lions. The youngest representatives of a rising generation of wrestling elites, going head to head for the top spot. In this very ring, we bled. Sweated and even in Aran’s behalf, he began cursing & swearing in sheer frustration in our fight to determine as to who would become or remain the World Champion. Championship opportunities will always expose the true nature of an individual. No matter how suppressed we tend to set upon ourselves, it is common place to expected the unexpected. This is what we do and no matter how athletic gifted my opponent in Aran was, it was the Blood Raven who inevitably rose to the occasion...”

A warm response followed in kind before Eiji continued. “It was in that very moment I became your jOlt Heavyweight Champion.” Kugasari continued. “That moment was epic. Surreal even as it would be for any. As many times you are told or seen from the sidelines, I am among a select few who can tell you there is nothing. Absolutely nothing like it. However, it was more than just my moment but a testament to the sacrifices of 2 individuals from very humbling beginnings. Both willing to do what ANY passionate. Devoted. Wrestler should and could do to not only represent themselves. In this nor any other ring but to stand before the entire wrestling universe as the very best that this or any promotion has to offer.”

“Without question. Undisputed and with all of that on the line. Bragging rights and the opportunity to permanently & personally etch your name into the annals of wrestling lore, you cannot help but to expect all out war for that limited opportunity for some. For others, once in a lifetime. A lifetime. Now I will say this; if there is anyone in this building, especially in the back, who is not willing to give any and everything and beyond to be the best in this business, be it the ring crew, a ring announcer, referee, color commentator, ring assembly crewman whatever, do yourselves a favor; pack your shit and go the fuck home...I have...”

A noted pause was granted as the legions rallied behind the blatant degree. The crowd was egged on further as Eiji fished inside the bag, briefly shook a small stack of bills before hurling them over the top rope into the crowd. The ninja sought to dampen the crowd for several moments in order to continue his conversation.

“I ran ramshot through the competition in the defense of the championship. Every week. Energized. Motivated and ready & willing to personally pave my personal Road to Wrestlecade with the bodies of my opposition. Prepared to take on any and everyone. Even Lord Kenshiro himself. In this very ring for not just the opportunity to defend my belt but to represent this promotion on the grandest stage this company has to offer as its champion. So there I was; entering the main event with a slight advantage as my opponent was injured...”

A cadre of heel heat arose breifly as Eiji fanned them down. “I knowingly I entered that match expecting a war. Needless to say, that’s exactly what took place in that ring before the eyes of millions. Strong Style versus Strong Style. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. However, setting aside the expected distractions in a set of out of shape twins...” Eiji paused mentioning the Black Faction influence. “I inevitably lost the jOlt Heavyweight Championship.”

The crowd responded in kind before Eiji continued. “Now contrary to popular belief, I was greatly disappointed at losing in the main event and not just any main event but the main event for the biggest pay-per-view. I have to bear the memory of losing my 1st Wrestlecade as World Champion. I pride myself on being the best and having Lord Kenshiro tell me and show me by his accolades and actions, I prided myself on being bigger and better than him. We discussed this. He foretold me of possibilities like this yet I never expected that my downfall would give rise to an empowered shadow faction that calls themselves The Rebellion..”

The legions angrily rallied against the upstart assembly of unified & disgruntled wrestling army.

“Now even having my ass kicked, being left bleeding along the canvas, without my belt, was still not quite enough to set me off. I’m a competitor and as much as I expect to win them all, I occasionally fall short yet it was in the aftermath, that set me the fuck off. Laid up in Seattle hospital, having suffered a concussion & a bruised collarbone, I was medically cleared several days later only to find out that I have to sit back watch the very individual I beat for the jOlt Championship take or be given my spot against the very individual who beat me for the jOlt Heavyweight Championship.”

Another salvo of disgruntled chants rang out as Eiji rested both forearms atop the ropes. If my memory serves me correctly, I’m the one who made Aran tap. Just as I made the ’Rising Star’ bleed. Now the company brass to congratulate yourselves. You sons of bitches have truly outdone yourselves. Now, I want for both your new champion and appointed ’challenger’ to bask in this moment. Now let me be clear; Thompson, is a credible opponent. An excellent choice. Even though I have and can kick his ass, he’s very credible. However, I need for your ’champion’ to do any and everything he has to do in order to hold onto that championship because he’ll never get a moment’s rest. I promised him and & anyone else in my way a literal war in the defense of my belt in my abbreviated time as champions but you can’t even begin to fucking imagine what I am going to do to take back what is rightfully mine.”

“Now, personally and legally, I’m still the Number 1 contender for the jOlt Heavyweight Championship. I still contractually obligated my rematch clause. Now I don’t know exactly what the fuck is going but since apparently some brass feel the same, let me show you how less of a fuck I give right now...”

The Arena of Champions opened up with a raucous uproar to heighten the post-Wrestlecade iNtense atmosphere as The Prince of Puroresu peeled the backpack from his shoulder and allowed it to land near his feet.

“Now inside this bag is exactly 100, 000 dollars of my hard earned money so knowing good & damn well that this will likely be spent on fines or whatever disciplinarian measures to compensate those with sensitive ears, egos and feelings...Here’s a down payment...”

The Blood Raven began unbundling several stack before angrily casting them out into the crowd, much to the fan’s delight. His backpack was seen sailing several rows back behind the announce positions into a hungry sea of promotional patrons.

“Now; Like any addict, I am in dire need of my championship fix. I am admitting this not for the sake of 'rehabilitation' but 'recovery'. Recovery of my property and it would appear that time is apparently on my side. You see, unlike most of my clan brethren, I am not the articulate type. It’s optional. It has its place like most things but tonight, this is Eiji Kugasari. Unscripted. Unedited out for the world to see. More than likely, the company brass are can fine me, suspend or whatever the fuck they want to try. So fucking be it but Stevens. Thompson. The Black Faction. The Rebellion. It doesn’t matter. You name the time and you name the place. I dare you! The Blood Raven’s built for war. Any of you to meet me on the fucking battlefield & I’ll gladly show you why and how...”

The mic was casually cast over the top ropes as Eiji kept both arms & hands extended while back pedaling toward the middle of the ring amidst a ravenous crowd. Dean Carrington was seen passing through the ropes as ’Dawn Awaits’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin abruptly rang out from overhead. A faint expression of release was emitted by the ninja as the arena continued to remain a literal madhouse...

Gotta Take It by Nipsey Hustle

The Arena of Champions quickly morphed into a bubbling cauldron of crowd heat as the jOltvision screens offered a cadre of heelish intent & technical exploits before Diamond Jewelz was seen walking out from the backstage area. Accompanied by his entourage of Latrell Samuel & jOlt newcomer Khalil StraightGully, fanned out to his flanks arrogantly, and similarly like Diamond covered in various articles of Diamond jewelry. Khalil was mocks Eiji by wearing a tilted coolie hat with Samuel wearing a Pikachu Sleeveless shirt with drawn on exaggerated eyebrows & goatee. Jewelz arrogantly smirked at the crowd while all 3 were eating boxed Chinese food. Diamonds shining, the roguish frontman wore a opened Purple Egyptian Silk shirt with Onyx dress pants & shoes. Basking in the sea of hatred, the unwelcomed trio chuckled amongst themselves before beginning their trek toward the ring. Meanwhile, Eiji folded both arms and remained near the middle of the ring as the intrusive 3 would slow their gait toward the ring.

“Ni hao, my nigga,” Jewelz, his smile shining and gleaming, ignorantly jabs at Eiji, as he bows and his goons, in mocking, put their Chinese food filled hands together to mock Eiji with him. Eiji was seen literally seething mad at the obvious jabs at his Japanese heritage by Diamond and his goons. Diamond, enters the ring with his goons, egg rolls, fried rice, and other mysterious bags in hand. Samuel and Straightgully place their Chinese food articles on the ground, and stand closely by Jewelz’s side in anticipation of an attack.

Diamond reaches into one of the greasy white bags and pulls out a piece of crab rangoon. Diamond, flanked by his two goons, gets right into Eiji’s face; Eiji stiffens his body, prepping to strike at the slightest provocation. Diamond flashed another obnoxious shining and gleaming smile at Eiji as takes a bite of the Crab Rangoon….

“I said,” pieces of crab Rangoon fly into Eiji’s face as Diamond speaks, “Ni hao Chinaman.” Eiji lashes out in anger at Diamond, but Samuel and the massive Khalil Straightgully, straightjacket Eiji, and restrain him from assaulting Diamond for his disrespectful display. Diamond laughs obnoxiously as the duo of Straightgully and Samuel known by the moniker of “Them M’fn Goons”, overpower Eiji and hold him up. Diamond spits the unchewed crab rangoon in Eiji’s face leaving a mess all over his face. Eiji strains out of the grasp of Diamond’s newly hired goons but soon, in exhaustion, heaving for oxygen, gives up, and is left in a hyperventilating heap of rage.

“Chinaman… You don’t know how to say hello? Huh…”.

Eiji continues to hyperventilate, but refuses to respond. Suddenly, Eiji thinks of a system of defense; he hawks a massive loogie in Jewelz’s face. This ninja’s head will not bow in dishonor! Jewelz’s obnoxious grin turns into furious rage; Jewelz wipes his face.


Jewelz slaps Eiji mercilessy. “Dumbass,” Samuel remarks, “Stupid, Hold his mouth Gully.” Straightgully jabs, as they continue to restrain Eiji. Straighgully holds Eiji’s mouth, so he can no longer spit.

“Chinaman… Before I lose my cool... Let me get down to business.. Nobody cares about what you want… If anybody who deserves to stand on top of this company * shine as it's champion, it’s me. So what you’re going to do now, Chinaman, is wait your turn… You understand???

Straightgully loosens his grip on Eiji’s mouth so he might speak a few words. Eiji is silent, but then, out of nowhere, Eiji attempts to kick Jewelz in the face; Jewelz barely dodges Eiji’s assault and grins and shakes his head in disbelief at the resilience of the Ninja Clan.

“I know what it is… The Chinaman is hungry.. That’s all.. I can’t think straight when I’m hungry either.”

Blam!! Jewelz assaults Eiji with a box of Chinese food and hits him with numerous stiff shots to the body and head. Eiji ‘s already lacerate head is slightly reopened by the metal part of the Chinese Food box. Jewelz picks up a chopstick from the ground and begins to assault Eiji with it, tearing at the laceration even more.

“So what’s your answer now Chinaman…. You understand??. You got that Strong Style right my nigga?? Huh??”

Eiji refuses to answer… Jewelz picks up another box of Chinese food. Blam!!! .

“Shrimp Fried Rice… Bitch!!!”

Jewelz grabs Eiji’s rice covered face himself.. And gets in his face….

“You shouldn’t be hungry no more Chinaman. Answer hoe…”

Eiji remains silent.

“Fuck it then.”

Diamond begins a viscous assault of punches on Eiji, as Eiji thrashes, writhes and kicks. The warrior spirit in Eiji is unrelenting. Diamond reaches into his pants and pulls out a diamond encrusted pair of brass knuckles. He assaults Eiji with repeated blows. Eiji’s face is covered in a mix of grease, rice and blood. The goons release Eiji from their grasp and Diamond hits him with the Moissanite Tester. Eiji is a writing heap of mass. Samuel kicks Eiji viscously in the head.

Diamond gives a signal to the goons and Straightgully snatches up Eiji, enveloping his comparably scrawny frame in a rear naked choke. Eiji kicks and struggles for a few seconds but then his body goes completely limp. Khalil drops him to the ground.

“Stay outta my way, Chinky! I’m the Head Nigga In Charge up in this bitch. That top spot is mine, muthafucka!

Eiji, laying unconscious on the ground, again fails to respond. Gully manipulates Eiji’s head with his foot to resemble a nod.

“Try these egg rolls, Chinaman.. They hella good..”

Diamond stuffed egg rolls into Eiji’s rice covered face and breaks out in an obnoxious laugh as the Goons reciprocate. “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle blares throughout the PA as Diamond and his Goons exit the building as Eiji lay in the ring, unconscious, his mouth coughing up egg rolls.

Omega(c) vs Wolf Spider

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater hit the PA system as the powerhouse Wolf Spider made it to the stage. He was about to get a one on one match for the Underground Championship. Black Widow slowly walked behind the Widow’s Nest member. Wolf-Spider with his Widow’s Nest stable mates gave Omega all he could handle at Wrestlecade. < br/>< br/> Wolf Spider and Black Widow made their way down to the ring. WS made his way into the ring as he waits for his opponent in the iNtense main event. < br/>< br/> The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Diamond Jewelz stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to Simon Boulder as the fans jeered the champion. Wolf-Spider turned to look at the monstrous Underground Champion as Black Widow also looked on stoically. He stood near the ropes as Omega slowly moved back to the corner.

Boulder called for the bell for the start of the match. Wolf Spider knew that the best thing to do was to take the match right to the monster. WS charged at the champion not giving him a minute to gather himself after his entrance. Wolf Spider started to use big clubbing blows on Omega’s back to get the big man down. Omega took each shot to the back but he never went down to the mat. WS grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes and was met by a clothesline from Wolf Spider. The big man did not fall as Wolf-Spider looked at the monster.

Wolf Spider quickly looked at Black Widow who pointed to the Underground Champion. The challenger raced toward Omega again but the big man was ready with a big boot to Wolf Spider’s face. The powerhouse fell quickly to the mat from the size twenty boot. Omega dropped to the mat and slowly slithered over to the challenger.

“You still do not understand what we can and will do to you.”

The champion smiled. “Pain is in your future.”

The champion quickly grabbed WS by the heads and pulled him to his feet. The champion picked WS up and drove him to the mat with a big slam. Omega bounced off the ropes and dropped a big leg across Wolf Spider’s throat. The champion let out a huge grin as he looked at Black Widow who slowly moved around the floor never changing her facial expression. Omega did not go for a cover on WS, he wanted the challenger to feel more pain. The boogeyman picked WS up and whipped him into the corner. He raced into the corner but WS was ready with a big boot to the champion’s face.

Omega staggered backwards from the corner giving the challenger a little time to gather himself. The champion ran into the corner again and this time WS moved out of the way. WS turned Omega around and started to lay some big right hands into the midsection of the big man. WS pulled the boogeyman from the corner and drove him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. There was a reason why this man was nicknamed powerhouse. WS reached down and grabbed the champion by the hair. He hooked Omega and drove him to the mat with a big DDT.

The challenger quickly hooked Omega’s leg for the cover.



Wolf Spider did not even get a two count as the boogeyman powered out. Black Widow pointed at Omega again giving her man the sign to continue to punish the champion. WS drilled Omega with a boot to the face trying to keep the champion down on the mat. Of course that was a tall order as the champion started to make it to his knees. WS came at Omega again who just shoved him into the corner.

Wolf Spider was not done as he jumped back on Omega and started nailing rights and lefts again. Omega once more shoved WS across the ring. This time however, WS hit the ropes and came rushing back at Omega who exploded from his kneeling position with a vicious clothesline. Omega picked up the challenger and drove him to the mat with a big side suplex that almost shook the ring. Omega hooked Wolf Spider’s legs for the pin. Boulder dropped down for the count.




Omega smiled as the fans gave him a mixed reaction. The champion grabbed WS by the head and hung him in the corner, hooking his foot under the top turnbuckle so he couldn’t move. Omega walked over to the opposite corner before eyeing Black Widow. Omega smirked before racing with a full head of steam into the corner spearing WS. He literally broke Wolf Spider in half as the Widow Nest member was on the mat shaking uncontrollably.

Black Widow shook her head as Omega smirked at the geisha.

Omega finally dropped down for the cover on WS.




Any other person would be on edge that the challenger keeps kicking out but Omega loved every minute because he could inflict more pain. Omega reached down and grabbed WS. He tossed the challenger to the floor. Wolf Spider stumbled through the ropes to the floor at the feet of Black Widow. The champion climbed through the ropes and stood on the ring apron. He jumped off the apron and nailed the challenger with a big axe handle. Omega was now in control as he pulled WS from the floor. The boogeyman picked up WS and whipped him into the guardrail but the challenger mustered up enough energy to reverse the move.

Omega was sent hard into the guardrail. WS tried to gather himself from the previous onslaught from Omega. Wolf Spider walked over to Omega and grabbed the champion by the hair. He drove Omega’s head into the guardrail several times before releasing the champion. WS grabbed a steel chair from over the guardrail. He folded the chair and leveled the champion in the back.







Wolf Spider looked at the mangled chair and threw it to the floor. He grabbed Omega who was down on one knee. The challenger grabbed the champion and pushed the big man into the ring. WS lifted up the ring apron and found a table. He pulled the table from under the ring and slid it into the ring. Wolf Spider climbed into the ring as Omega was still on one knee. WS grabbed the table and propped it into the corner.

WS picked up Omega and pushed him back in the corner on the table. Wolf Spider went to the other side of the ring and raced to the corner. Omega caught the challenger with a stiff boot to the face. WS staggered backwards as Omega exploded out of the corner and nailed WS with a huge clothesline. Omega picked up WS and drove him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker.

The champion looked at the table and pulled it from the corner. He set the table up in the middle of the ring. Omega picked up WS and in one swift motion drove him through the table with a big choke slam. However the champion was not done as he picked the limp body of WS off the mat from the rubble of the table.


Omega hooked WS for the cover.




The match was finally over and the big man continued his dominance over the Underground division. The champion smirked at Black Widow before grabbing his Underground Championship from Boulder. The Underground Champion continued to look unbeatable.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"Declaration of War"

Triumphant in his victory over Wolf Spider, Omega was about to exit the ring. He had one foot through the ropes when all of the sudden it was like someone threw a switch and all the lights in the arena went out. There was silence and confusion as the people clammored about, wondering what may be happening.

After a few moments of silence and confusion...

Lights On...


He stood in the ring, steel chair in hand. Omega still had his back to Derecho, looking at the entrance ramp as if he were expecting someone to come walking down, but suddenly, reality had set in and it caused him to turn around. Omega slowly turned his head, but Derecho didn't give him any breathing room to figure out what was going on because he stepped right in with a home run swing...


Since this was baseball season Omega’s head almost went over the wall.

The sickening sound of steel on skull echoed throughout the Arena of Champion as Derecho just slammed the steel chair right over Omega's head... but Omega only fell to a single knee!? Even after defending the Underground Championship in a match just now, he could still hold his ground after taking a vicious chair shot like that!? Whisperings among the fans of Omega being inhuman began.

Derecho grimaced... almost as if he wanted Omega to not go down. Derecho dropped the chair and backed into the ropes, gaining momentum. He charged in, but Omega got back to his feet, swinging wildly with a lariat, but Derecho ducked underneath! Omega turned around and Derecho scooped him up onto his shoulder showing the fans his strength to lift a three hundred plus pounder up. The people stood as Derecho fell with one swift motion...


Derecho sat there for a moment, laughing to himself. He looked over at Omega as if he were admiring his work. After a moment of taking that in, Derecho stood and looked down at the fallen Underground Champion with a sadistic grin across his face. Derecho then asked for a microphone and was granted one from ringside. He walked back over to Omega and knelt down in front of the Underground Champion's head.

"If memory serves me correct.. I believe I told you that you were sitting in my throne and that I wanted it back. Unfortunately for you there is no Sylo nor Spike Saunders to stand in my way. All that's left for me to do is to reclaim my rightful spot as King of the Underground." said Derecho with a grin.

Derecho then began to pet Omega's head as almost if he were entranced by the vision of Omega laid to waste in front of him. Derecho then grabbed Omega by his hair, pulling his face up off the canvas.

"So from one monster to another... I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!"

Derecho let go of Omega's head, stood, and dropped the microphone before exiting the ring. With a look of interest and satisfaction on his face, he made it about half way up the entrance ramp when he heard a voice that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Wonderful" said the voice breathing heavily.

Derecho slowly turned around only to see Omega grasping the ropes. He pulled himself up with his left hand, microphone in the right and sick grin on his face. As he leaned against the ropes, Omega laughed to himself as a death gaze was shot in Derecho's direction.

"We welcome it" said Omega as he laughed.

Derecho looked ecstatic as if he found a new toy to play with. These two sick sadistic monsters were set on a collision course. God help anyone who stands in their paths.

iNtense went to final commercial


iNtense came back on the air and after the main event had concluded and the ring was bare and empty, the eight members of The Rebellion stepped out from the backstage area to silence. The audience gave them a mixed reaction as they collectively made their way down to the ring.

One by one then got onto the ring apron and stepped in. They collectively formed a group in the center of the ring while Sebastian Saje retrieved a microphone from the ringside area. He joined the group and brought the microphone up to his lips.

"At Wrestlecade, we made quite an impact at the end of the show. Eiji Kugasari.. your FORMER World Champion, laid to waste in the middle of the ring. Your FORMER Underground Champion, Ninja K, laid beside him... the Crimson Order.. who has yet to taste gold.. laid to waste at ringside. Landon Stevens and The Faction almost for theirs, but they decided to run with their tails between their legs.."

Saje paused for a moment before he continued.

"We don't care if the fans love you or hate you. There is only one way in the wrestling industy to display your dominance and show that you have become the top dogs.. and that is to take out everyone above you and since we've just arrived.. the ENTIRE jOlt roster is above us."

The fans still gave them a mixed reaction.

"So why are we doing this? It's the question I've heard since March 30th. For two straight weeks, I've been asked.. "Why, Saje? Why have you chosen mayhem and destruction?" Well.. the thing is.. we all share a common bond.. and that is rejection. All of us were rejected by management in one form or another and quite frankly... every human has a boiling point. When yours is reached, what happens? You take action. It's common human nature that this occurred... and honestly.. are people truly surprised? I mean, you people can't be stupid enough to have NOT seen the writing on the walls?"

That last statement got the audience as a whole to boo them.

"I speak for myself when I say that as Hype Champion, I was underappreciated. I was attacked by a man who loves to beat women.. that man you know today who picked on BIG Little Italy and Jon Le Bon... known as Jeremy Ryan. Yet.. management did nothing but put us in Underground Matches in order to bring out more bloodshed. Then after I've made it through that, I became depreciated as The Hype Champion. Forced to be a fill in for when things went wrong rather than respected. I had my job threatened when I tried to speak up.. I was being controlled and I didn't like that one bit. That was when Raevynn reached out and woke me up... she told me I could be more than what I was and I stand before you today as just that... something more."

Saje passed the microphone to Michael Donavan.

"On The Hype.. I had the first ever five-star rated match on the program with Sayber. After that, I fell into mediocrity.. not because of my own fault, but because management treated me the same as Saje. As filler. They had the attitude of "oh.. he can put on a good match.. when I have nothing left planned, let's just throw some good ol' rasslin' at them". It made me sick. I took it into my own hands to try and leave my mark, but I admit, Sebastian Saje bested me in my attempts. I wanted off of The Hype because I couldn't stomach it anymore. Saje then told me about the letters he received and told me about this grand plan. So... in my rematch, I pulled some punches and I let Sebastian Saje defeat me in a concinving performance. I left The Hype and joined Raevynn. I actually helped her plan out how to reach the other members of The Rebellion so we could bring this all together."

The fans clammored as this shocking reveal came to light. Donavan then passed the microphone to Sayber.

"I know me being here must be shocking to a lot of people, but I was the first-ever Hype Champion. The rules of the championship say that he who holds it has the right to challenge anyone on the main roster. Should they win, they earn a main roster spot. I was a bit hasty, but I exercised that clause immediately. I picked a weakened Derecho at the time and my miscalculation ended up giving me a concussion and it also cost me my Championship. Management did absolutely NOTHING for me when I was laid out. They just assumed that I would never be back and took my belt away from me. They didn't even send me a get well card. Then I got my rematch and yes, I did come up short against Derecho at Wired, but I was injured again and AGAIN not a single piece of sympathy from Shayne Anderson. Quite frankly, I didn't like the way I was being treated either, but most importantly, being here on the main roster means that I now share a locker room with Derecho. It's only a matter of time before I take my revenge."

With that, Sayber passed the microphone to Machida Hood.

"All my brothers here have their reasons.. we got ours to. Fo the past few months. Shanye mistreated us, too. Pullin us outta matches.. cancellin' things... lookin' down on us like we some kinda thugs who gonna mess things up for him. Nah, man. We ain't like that. We worked hard and busted out asses ta get what we got on The Hype.. an' you jus' decided y'all wanna take it away? Nah, dawg... WE TOOK OURSELVES AWAY FROM YOU. Now you and your little band of ball coddlers can do whateva y'all want. WE HERE ON INTENSE, BITCH."

Cross grabbed the mic.

"That's right my brotha. We all up in this bitch an' we gonna show you what a mistake it was ta let us go. We gonna take dem tag team titles, brotha. Then you gonna see you done fucked up, son."

Nate Quartermaine then grabbed the microphone from Jackson Cross.

"As for me... Shayne refused to do nothing when Jeremy Ryan destroyed my car and then left for the main roster. Thousands upon thousands of dollars in repairs and yet, I was supposed to just sit back and accept the fact that I couldn't get my revenge? I took it into my own hands like any man would and I was vilified for doing so. These guys said that here.. it would never happen again. When they told me their stories.. I realized we all shared a common bond. Together there is nothing we can't accomplish and that is why the entire jOlt roster should be on notice."

Raevynn then grabbed the microphone from Quartermaine.

"Speaking of the roster... I want to address someone in particular. I worked hard in bringing these guys together and I don't I deserved to be jumped from behind by Persephone. I'm sure these guys have plans.. but as for me.. I'm here to make my announcement that Persephone is going to be my first target."

Before Raevynn could say anymore, Sephiroth Du Luc and Persephone charged down from the backstage area to a pop from the crowd. They didn't care that it was eight on two... they hit the ring as Persephone went right for Raevynn while Du Luc just threw himself at the masses, hoping to take a few of them down, but it was obvious that the numbers game quickly caught up to them.. but they would soon find out that they weren't alone...



reVolt had hit the ring, coming to the aid of Total Conquest!!

Mattock went after Sebastian Saje.. Sanchez Cano went after Michael Donavan. Du Luc then went after Sayber as Raevynn and Persephone continued to brawl, but it was still four on eight.. but this inspired others to come out from the back...




It was seven on eight.. the numbers seemed more fair now. With two big men like Extreme and Loneheart in the ring, the brawling seemed evened out! The brawl, however, didn't last long as a plethora of security flooded the ring from the backstage area.

A "Let them fight" chant broke out in the arena as security wedged themselves between the two groups. Mattock and Cano stared across at Saje and Donavan while the remaining members of both groups stood behind them.

The final scene of iNtense was these two groups staring each other down!